3 Haziran 1864 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

3 Haziran 1864 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. NEW YORK, FRIDAY, JUNE 3, 1864. ' ' PR1CE THREE CENTS WHOLE NO. 10,122. - ^ GRANT! Secretary Stanton's and the Herald's Army Despatches. Details of the Battle of Tolo patomoy on Monday. Derisive and Brilliant Triumph of the Fifth Corps. Cavalry Engagement at Coal Harbor on Tuesday* Fitzhugh Leo's Troopers and Glingman's Infantry De? feated by Sheridan. Teuag's Rebel ?*?*lry Rented fry General Wilson. Heavy Battle Near Coal Harbor on Wednesday. The flnemy Driven from Their Worbs, which Onr Troops Still Bold. Bepeated Assault! Along Onr Line Repulsed in Every Initanee, fto.. fte. THE OFFICIAL DESPATCHES, Secretary Stanton to Major General Ola* Washington, June 2? 12rl5 P. M. Major General Drx:? A despatch from General Grant's headquarters, dated yesterday, Jane 1, at ten A. M., has been received by this Department. It states that abont live P. M. yesterday (May 31) General Sheridan, (erceiving a force of rebel cavalry at Coal Har bor, which proved to bo Fitzhugh Lee's division, attacked, and after a hard fight routed it, together with Ciingman's brigade of infantry, which came to Lee's support. Sheridan remained in posses don of the place. He reported at dark that he bad a considerable number of prisoners, and that thero were many rebel dead and wounded on the fleld. He was ordered to hold the position, and ^ at ten P. M. the Sixth corps set out to occupy it. We have not yet heard from Wright or General Bherldan this morning, and do not know whether the former got his troops to thoir destination, i Smith must be close upon Wright's column. This morning the enemy are also moving a heavy j eolnmn in the samo direction. The order has just gone to Warren to fall upon their flank. Wilson had a fight last evening near Hanover Court House with Young's brigade of cavalry. He routed Young, killing and capturing many; but thero has been a good deal of artillery firing in that direction this morning. Wurren reported last night that in his fight of Monday afternoon, near Bethesda church, Colonel Tyrrell, Thirteenth Virginia, and Colonel Williss, commanding Pegram's brigade, wore, killed. Co1 Christian, Forty-ninth Pennsylvania, was wounded and captured; so was the assistant adjutant gene <al of Ramsey's brigade? name not reported. 'Ten ather commissioned officers were captured and . osventy privates. Sixty rebels were buried on the leid. In our centre Burnsido reports his advance line as being this morning (1st) within a mile and a half of Meehanicsville. Mo other military intelligence has been received fey this Department since yesterday. EDWIN M. STANTON, Secretary of War. TUB MCOND DISPATCH. W ib Dbpabtusnt, ) Washington, June 2?9:30 P. M. J To MWjor General Dix:? ? despatch from General Grant, dated this ?orning (June 2), at Bethesda church, seven O'clock A. If., has jnst been received. It stateB that yesterday afternoon an attack was ordered to be made on our left, at Coal Harbor, |jy the Sixth orps and the troops under Smith, Warren, Burnsido and Hxncock being held in readiness to advance in their respective fronts. The attack was made with spirit about five P. M., Continuing until after dark, and resulting in ?nr carrying the enemy's workB on tho right of ? the Sixth corps, where we still hold them, and also the flret line in front of Smith. The latter, however, were commanded in tho rear, which Made those carried untenable. The enemy made repeated assaults on each of the corps not engaged In the main assault, but were repulsed with loss in every instance. Several hundred prisoners wero taken; but I v cannot say what number, nor estimate either our's or the enemy's casualties. During the night the enemy made several a* rttalts to regain what they had lost, but failed. I \Vo despatches from any other quarter have ytfr&bed tbe Department to-day. ED WIN M. STANTON, Secretary of War. , the herald despatches. IBTAJLS OP TAB BiTTlSllMrOLOPATOllOY. Mr. It. A, ,1*ndrlek'i Despatch, lJiu "orABfias, firm Amrr coum, > J* rno*T or h. **7 30?9 P. U. J ' tn? ATTACK fro* <l*l?.'*At tMoors. - ft* Firm eorus tuts bad ut.iu* isdemndsni battla-the Nortb Ann* battle repeated? sudden, sharp and Mvera. Bat oar y^topa wero aa steady and unflinch log aa there, and tbe crowning triumph to our arm* as decalve and brilliant. Ewell's oorpa fought against aa. Never did rebel troopa fight with mora desperation? nover wera rebel troopa more severely punished. To nlgbt tba battle field is oocupied by our troopa, and tba discomfited enemy baa left many of bis dead and wounded la our bands. BSFORB TBI IITTU. Before writing my account or this battle I will briefly recite tbe events preceding It, Early Id tba morning the corps advanced about two miles from tbe position we occupied dorlng tbe nlgbt. Very slight resistance was met in this advanco. This forward movement brought tbe entire corps across the Tolopatomoy crook, on tbe ?oath bank. nwsswa m tolopatomot. -The creek is winding, narrow and shallow, with preel pltous banks and marshy on either side. It Is surprising so little opposition was made to our crossing, for, had thoro beeojany thins like vigorous resistance at this point, the crossing could have been made a difficult one for ttf. BEOONNOISSAHCB, Safely across tbe crook, Colonel Harding's brigade, of General Crawford's division* was shortly ordered forward to reconnoitre the position of affairs on the Itocbanloavlll* pike, close In oar front. They came npon Stewart's cav alry, evidently intent on the same mission and supported by Infantry. Borne skirmishing ensued and Colonel Har ding's brigade fell back to tho division line. General Cutler's division followed after General Crawford's, and Captain Mink's battery, Company B, First New York, aided the reoonnolssauco by shelling tbe enemy where* ver be showed himseir. Till REBELS ATTACK CRAWFORD. About two P. M tbo enemy attacked General Craw ford's division, still In advance, upon which, in com pliance with orders not to bring on a general engage ment, he loll back to oar main lino. SKIRMISHING. From this line, except occasional skirmishing, every thing was very quiet. There was almost a porfect lull for an hour. Then came the attack? the storm? the day's battle. TUB GKNERAL WGAOEMENT? TBB BATTLB tWS. It was six P. M. Our corps wu In line or battle? General Griffin's division on tbo right, Genoral Cutler In the centro and General Crawford on tho left of tho army line. General Ournslde connected with our right. Tbe enemy assaulted our line. It was a general and sudden attack. They advanced In two lines of battle and heavy skirmish lino. Simultaneous with their open ing volley of musketry eau3 solid shot and shell from the angry mouths of a score aud more or hostile cannon. Firm and unshaken as a wall of brass stood our men. In their hasto the rebel assailants shot too high, and harmlessly whistled their missiles over our battle line. Schooled to sorb sudden attacks and ready for It, our mon coolly waited to return tbe flro. It was a most murder ous volley. Tbe assaulting column wore staggcrod and fell back. Lieutenant Rittenhous' battery, Company D, Ftfth United States artillory; Lieutonant Richardson's, Company D, First New Vorlt artillery; Lieutenant Wal cotUs, Company C, Third Massachusetts artillery, and Lieutenant Bucks, Company L, First New York artillery, i which have been In position, opened responsive to the enemy's cannon. UNTIL AFTER PARK TOE BATTLE BAGED. I Assault after assault was made by the desperate foe, but carta tlmd our troops hurled him back, bleeding and discomfited. (Jpon General Crawford's division the assaults wero more repeated and more fierco. Tbo enemy songht to turn bis left, but bere each time was handsomely repulsed; and more than special glory was won by tbe men, meeting and oxpelllng tbcio agf nulls. Tbo Pennsylvania reserves behaved magnificently. GENERAL LOCKWOOD'S TROOP*. In tho division, and holding the extreme loft , was Gen eral Txv.ikwood and his troop? ? most or them to-day (or the first time under fire. They behaved yko veterans Tho post of dangor and havoc was theirs and they held it with unflinching tenacity. lieutenant bcck's barest. In preventing tho turning our lort Lioutenant Buck's battery did inestimable service. The battery was posted by a bouse near General Crawford's headquarter*. Most persistent effort was made by the onemy to silence It. Tho robel sharpshooters essayed to pick oil tho can nooiors, and throe rebel batteries turnod thoir fire upon It. So hot was tbo firs that tho house was buraed and all Iho outbuilding adjacent; but neither battery or mon yielded their position. An Idoa of tbo severity of the coutest at this point may begathcrod from tUO fact that after tho light one hundred and thirty doad rebels were found In front of Goneral Crawford's headquarters. 1 at all the batteries did well and so all the divisions. Colo I nel Kltching's brigade of heavy artillery ? as yet novlcr3 I in the field? stood their ground with tho rosolutonoss of I veturan campaigners. This brigudo alone caotured eighty prisoners. GENERAL WARREN. General Warren seouaei to be omnipresont. One mo ment found him at ono end of tho lino atd the next at the other end, and always where tho battlo raged the fiercest. It is unnecessary to say that Gooorals Griffin, Culler and Crawford, commanding divisions, handled their men with their accustomod skill, and by personal daring, coolness and gallantry Inspired their troops with the coolness and courago also esseullal to successfully resist and beat back tbo enemy. TUB BSgrLT? OCR TOSSES. The contost closed with our having driven the enemy, as stated above, and occupying tbe battle ground. O'tr lonsos are estimated at two hundred killod, wounded and missing. Among the killed was Major Elliott, commanding tbe Sixteenth Michigan regiment, lie was shot through the body. Through all the battles or the |>rosent campaign bo had participated, and there bad bad bis roglmcnt. He was a young man of One talents. A splendid military career was opening before him, bat be is one ol thousands who bavo fallen sacrifices to this cruel war; but whose bravo deeds will make Immortal their namos Id history. A NARROW KSCAPE. Major Roebling, of Genoral Warron's staff, at ono time found himself surrounded by rebols. On every side bo was grooted with summons to surrender. He had no notion of complying wltb such summons without at least a struggle, and It was woll ho did, for at this moment our column pressed up, driving the enemy and opening to bim an avonuo of escape. THE ENEMV'S LOSSES. I have referred to our losses. Those or tbe enemy were very much hoavl?r? probably not less than fllteen hundred, if tho dead found on the field after tbo fight Is any oriterion by which to Judge of tho number of wounded. Wo took two hundred prisoners, among tbom ton commissioned officers. A RFIIEL GENERAL AND TWO COLONELS RILLED? THE REnEL I CO* HAN PER. Among theli dead are eaid to have been found a rebel general and two colonels. Prisoners all unite In say'-if that tbe whole of Ewdl'i corps was engaged against us. CKNRKAL Lrs SICK AND GENERAL EWEt L IB COMMAND. The corps, they say, however, Is commanded by Gene rsl Parly, and that General Ewell is In command of tbe army, General I ce beinR ick In Riohmond. A rumor bos prevailed that General I.oo was wounded la the leg at Spottsylvanla Court House, but it is not authenticated. There can bo no doubt, however, of the fact that be docs not oommi.nd tbe rebel army at present, whether his absence Is tho result of sickness, ss alleged, or from , bolng wounded. QCTBT RESTORED. Everything Is quiet as I closo my despatch, excepting occasional tiring between pickets. Our wounded have all been removed from tbe Oekl, and are now In the corps hospitals, which, however, (or seme unaccountable rea son, are live miles In the rear, thas precluding my send ing with ibis a list of their names. I send tbe following gathered on the field during tbe fight:? MB CARTALVIBSk A <ii<* Major Robert Elliott, l?lh Michigan. , . WounifA John R?n, Co. 1, 23<1 Massachusetts, right knee. L. I>. Evans, Co. K, 22 d Massachusetts, right elbow. 8. Claypole, Co. D, ?2d Pennsylvania, right leg. S" 17"?* ? ?" ?. Wd Maaem hiisetts, ihlfn n ? '? "d Massachusetts, bead, Corp. J. F. Wnshbnrn, Co, F, 22d Massachusetts, thigh. Horgl J. H. Abbott, Co. [J, 23d Massachusetts, cliesli, VSP * JJrowell, (>v a, 22d Massachusetts, breast. J. f idling. <-0. I, aad MaAacbuwrtta, bead. Onrp. J M_ Note, Co. I, Mil Massachusetts, cheek. Lieut. N. Kerning, <?. K, 22<t M#B?achusetle, arm. TVm. < are*'. ( o r, Mb Nrw Yerk artlller- finger Jas. . rhriick, to. B, l.Mi United HiatM uxautiy, arm, Titos. Unilm, Uf, C. WU iew>sjlvat?ia. IN FRONT OF RICHMOND. The Battlei on the Tolopatomoy and at Coal Harbor. I <TLEES STATION CHU&GB l fUM? \bEU?AR C3VRCH ? \\COAL ffARBOa f/3 ><?? ? T0N n Mllh^ W~ li ? K>\ A / ?? klALLEYS TAVERN entry '? '?-HHi'MN'.Vit 1 I 1 V"" ? r AIR OAKs\ V0/?/r /?/ >a ? ?//>/ :^BmJCKEJ'TS hS\a* fl^uBay hill YOH V A/vrwcH _ ^BURNT CHUVIN SEVENPINES na w n Nos^' ??- D. 44 tb New York bar If A FnMnfi?Cr' 92' ^ Massachusetts, arm WaMCrtO,' 8FdflOHa)i?achn8?!tts' Moulder. C0- F? 62d Pennsylvania, cheek. THB BAI1U GBOD.VD. pr^tiM m !!lgrTJ r0<,UlreS D? leD,thy d?scrIption, ? usual realures of th0 Peninsular region, and too wtli known from doscrlptions.imhe old Peninsular campaign to neod recapitulation The JlZ. n TV tbe mat? and *>riI>?'P?l?r wooded with SomBs;;;ytoDco,nour 'ro" - - ? - gen. wimjumioy m gen. grust. Our Armjr ?orre?pon<ieace. C*X?l'!jTriT** Stba*? UoBouAPTrr, -t WniTH Uoi'BE, I a.f May 30, 1S64. j Tim TSlKSFtR O? TTI15 FORnEJ. ? llLVnlT^?0.? ?rtl10 authorities to send ? largo portion of Major General Butler's Torres lately ! t?n*.'Te 'D th6 f?r,lfl6J pIaC08 ???>dtog from the .tames S5l??T T rirCr* ru!,jr dotfr"11n?J upon on Tbursda ,, the 2cth day or May. This determination r? tn nT'di'l<lly acted upon, prevised the trans! fer to I.leutonant Oonorat Grant or a part or ih? ^hteenlt? *rmy oorps, and of General Quinoey A Gill more a Tenth corps, thus ne'ossuating a new and iade pondent organization of Butler's troops. tbe pabtui ^iCWTTW or T*n roannre mats occv r?D nv ra* rtNrn conrn. 0<Tr tb^ffLr,'ir;,h\27",of lU7-tho or<,or"M the offtel that such troops of General Oilimoro's corps as l? "* compin0(,e<l respective!? by Brigadier General A. Ames and Brigadier Ge.eral j w Jn'riw""' to tuo Eighteenth army 3'al "mith r ^t0Tih th8 c 'mra'"5'' ?* j General Sm.tb. Goncral Am<?j wa= ordered in the aflcr mTia f rback from lh0 ,n?*>?diato Una of tho intrench menls at Foster's plantation, about one thousand yards from the spot whero the oueray wae knrwn to bo In Torre ,, *hcro ,|J? aevcr* engagement of tho ?0th or May ; rsl" '??!> ' tatloa and our base at Bermuda Hundrei. OKXKHit iKsrEcrrioir. ?on" TnSi?8 lb<! I"1"1 ?f "*?? be,We3n Pl?tV tion and Bermuda Hundred, the troops were turned over n??t ?' .h' "th ?f MAr' t0 ,b0 orps of '"Pcet" rr'T?""9 pr0b,bl" b,,n? trH0 ?' a:: (he selected ?nH Fm,th s army? for a genera! Inspoctioa rr arms and acquirements. and. on the part or the doctors, of tho then sanitary condition or the men. All this bolnff accomplished, tho line of march was taken op for Sf ^3rr .*\BrmU?a RUndr#d ,a,? ln,he ?temm or ellni^ ^ k UerD*med P0"* ,Mc "> ??>? evening. The embarkation or tho troops was. by reason the oxacting mothod obserrel and tho wiso en'irn aa e.)|yinaUor 10l?c^~f^ withstanding tho darkness or the hour and the neeeseitv of relying to a great orient upon tbe common ?ense aa'i decorum of tbe men, wb'rh qualities they displayed In (rrent amplitude. Al! being roady, the st"fi-n tr*?* ports-many or tbom haying barges, beavllr ioado.i w th m?n, ordrifneo an 1 supplies, in tow-set rail on Sundar tholr pro its po.nt.ag down tho grand old James, or. who^o past history" *? ^ ^ ? our THft TRAWSIT Or TROOPS. _.^an^ ,i'n# " 'r'P <1own ??>* historic .fames and up the Plaold York and tortuous Pamuokfly rirors is by no TrnTh." ?nvnUonk] or commonplnre trip; but when "mighty fleet or rossels. beario^ armed men, proce.ding ? SUte bo renowned in American history as is Virginia ZZZ'Tr*" one whose habits ars reflective, all ordinary Invell n- ??? stupidity. The war tourist here passes thro.ifb a senior or oonntry ?hore is to b. seen lho slto of anctnl jTmi? t"wn, the ooriiest of tbe early *h;io setn>mn , Ihls continent, and the spot whsro Is llke?- Iss seVr'o chlmn-y remains only of tho first me.tin ; ho?g. m L . rica devoted to the worship, by th? sturdy men of th,', Primitive ora or onr national onlc-me and jro^th or th. luflnito in malcsty, wisdom, powor and holiness ?? All a! ng on either si e of tbftso murnificent marine by ways may be seen the ruined mansions an i hr i ncros of tho opulent Virginia aristocracy wh^oSr . ! Peerage dates well from the aS^'e? Z World .!own tn a period when, rejecting ail i,?h(. nf past and gtiaranlees for the fniure thev rf?.ni '! electod to destroy tl.smsslvos in Ihclr destruction TT Amoricsn government. d??tructlon of ,bo ins arrivai. at wrsr romt. Ibis' desMlcTtho ,b? mevem,lt *?"?">* tho basli or ?dis despatch the common rradezvous wns to h? ?r .? Point, where tho advanoo of the troops under ^ of tbo gallant Colonel Cyrus J. Dobba' or tho ? i.nday ovening. The debarkation of the rorr?. immediately commeneed. under tbo ablo and inton* 'Ito 'T"nZ? C0,OU<" ^>0hb", Colonel .?onn McConibe, ocoupying nearly the ??.: . . destroyed the dock, or wharf 1,11. 7 . ibe occupancy of tbo -Point" some three week!' a .Th ford's brigade. Soon after the debarkation of th'^ portion of the lroopB h.? b#en accomplish^ Ames reoeiyed news of the safe passage of Oranc ' over to the south .ids of the r!muS? l' ? T "r:rmr,:,r r" sr irrrr wiwit/ 01 tbe Rtohmond ffcrtlBoHkm, ""Prewre Tfci.. to re em bn rk ^ l'm? for '"^-"arked fhrees <Zbr '0r,'rtUrnM/ lhil "f iIm' |r<?i|jn iOllTSoMfc^lZ l"0 "aCrtCd he-.r.r ! or,Urcd u ?-h ?? >vh?e /?awtader or }be comqjana f tuj on tbo myi I proceeding oa ibetr way by water. This march was a sever o ono, mado as 11 was over tho Met of a used up Virginia railroad, on an Intonsoly hot day, with acci dentally scanty rations, and little facility Tor the procure ment of wholesome water. It was handsomely sccom pllshod, however, beforo fall of night, and when the wearied, footsore soldier laid down to bivouac rest be was amply nonrishod with choice rations, and he slept tho sweet sloop of the Onion defendor. TUB ARRIVAL OK Simo'S COICMN AT WHITE nOrBB~?TH* 9<*WI. Tho scene on tho arrival of tho troops composing Major GenerarSmlth's column at White Douse, all this day, was Indeed animated and exhilarating in tho extreme. For a long distance down tho sinuous Pamunkcy gayly decorated vessels, bearing troop?, mingled with tho etoam transports of that Christian and humane enterprise, tho Sanitary Commission, aod barges loadod to the water's edgo with ordnanco and ammunl j tion d03tlncd to pierce the enemy; and high over all rore tho splondid strains of our national muslo? "Colum bla, tho Gom of the Ocean "Tho Star Spangled Dannor, .and "liail lo tho Cblof "?imparting to tho gallant soldiery a new nod zeotful sense of the maxim, sightly para pbrasod, "It Is sweot to Qght and to dia for one's coun try." RMROANMtATlO* OF T1TR RIonTXPVTn ARMY CORPS. Tho Eighteenth Army corps, as roorganlzod under ttr nnsplces of Lieutenant Genoral Grant and Major General Smith, will consist of portions of the old divisions that compof'4 it In the late operations again3t Richmond from tho south side and a part of Ceoeral Gillmores corps, as already Indlcatod. General Brooks, senior bri gadier, and Gonoral Havens will each- havo a dlvlmon, wbllo an Important command wlli ho glvon to the talont ed, active, wary and able Am#'. I do not learn what disposition is lo bo mado of General J. W. Tumor. Mr. John A. IJrnrty'e Despatch. Headquarters, Eights**? At.mt Corps, \ In tub I itu>, May 31 , M'34. ) Once again at tlfc Wblte Bouse. Two years ago. when, with the army of McCloIIsn, I vlsltel this place, U was teomlng with 11'?; the meadows of mud were densely err wded with tonts.and sutlers and purveyors were doing a jrlvlng b< sit oss. When I looked out upon tho place ys'terday morning I could scarcely recogmzo It. The wharf and rnl'road bridge woro hclh destroyed . the old, familiar trees eut down, and the boundless ocoaus of mud converted into plains o( waving verdure. ws i.BAvr roRTHses monrob. An hour after midnight we etartod from Fortress Mon roe, without any knowledge of our destination. Many were tho shrewd guesses hazarded by veteran guessers, whoso throo yoars' experience in the army lias male their oplni >n> almost Infallible; and beforo wo retired for tho night tho opinion had become almost unanimous that our destination would prove to bo White FIouss. Tho Melamora, the flagboat of General Smith, tn^ktheal vam a up tho Che?apeako, and at daybroak tho fleet bad cngrcgatcd in front of Yorktown. rr THK RIVSS. I Horo Ihe gunboat Morse, Captain Babcock, toolc the ' lead, and, followed by tho entire expedition, commenced ! the a?cent of the river. West Toint was reached In a ^ few hours, and, a force bc'ng landed to proceed overland, the remainder of the expedition moved up the Pamnn Key. The rooming was beautiful, and the scene upon the winding rlvor, as boat followed boat, lo single file, like Indians upon the war trail, was oce that has seldom been surpassed. There were many ruined and deserted 1j mites along the bank?? sad memorial of the old Tenia q,;lar campaign, nere and there, however, a house eould ?till bo found occupied and apparently In good order, and tut* appearance of a lady at a window or on a balcony would be the signal Tor tho levelling of every field glass la tho Beet. wnmi noi ss. White House was rea< hod at noon; hot e*sry facility far landing wns found to havo been completely destroyed. Oa nrooks' flagboat was run op to the ruins of what had h#en the wharf and made fast. A detail was landed with difficulty, and was soon engaged in replanklnj the bridge with railroad ties. The railroad bridge, which had been rrossed by Sheridan on his late raid, was found to have been completely dostroyed by tho rebel', and the corps of engineers were Immediately si work upou lt,a.sis'ed by the Oao Hundred and Thirty ninth Now York. Three hours after our landing a groat change was elToot'd In the appearance of the r'ace. It again boom* the Whito House of McClelian, with tho scene of busy life and its Innumerable bathers. At night the railroad bridge pre sented one of those fascinating scenes In camp life that look so well on canvass, but which are too disagreeably practical to please the actors. An enormons Are lighted i p the sad of the bridge, sod the men working with axe and i lever In its red glaro presented an unearthly appearance. Ono or two who stood In water to their waiste attracted attention by tbeir unique uniforms, being clothed in cape and fcrlarwood pipes. coMjroxicAno* wrrn osaut Sh nly aftor oor arrival heavy cannonading was beard In tho direction of Hanover, giving evidence of Grant's vicinity. At dark three orderlies arrived at tieadunartors from General Meade. They reported that General Grant bad been flgbtlog the rebels all the morning, and that his advance was within nine miles of Riebtuoud, alter having driven Lee seven miles. ptATS Of UIPTIWAHT nrxt . Lieutenant Hunt, of Huut's battery, Fourth United States artillery, was drowned night before last wblle eornlng down from Hermuda Hundred. The l ieutenant, with his battery, was on board the transport Spauldlng, end walked overboard In bis sleep, when a row miles bo low City Point. His body has not yet been recovered The loss of this gallant and popular oOVoer has cast a gloom upon tbe whole corp*. _ Rspertt of Rebel Prisoners. II.LNBPS or lilts KKBS1, OKNBHAf. ItWItl.t ? QRNRRAf. K.tni.Y iw OOvmanB or ms conr*. Wasiiinior, Juno 2. 1 Ml | Nsrih Carolina eeUldl* wounded aad fciwugJU U>? i ei of General Grant's array on Moaday fast report th j rebel Oeneral F.weli sick lu HichuniuJ, tod UiMteral fcarly la comuuad of bit corpi. Casualties la the Oae Ilandred an ft Six teen tn PenaiftvaiU KegtmenC. Tbe fallowing 11 the official report of the killed, wounded tod missing of the Ono Hundred and Sixteenth Pennsyl vania Vomnteera la the late battles in Virginia, com* mencing on the 6. a and ending oa lUo lata of May, 1864.? Wounded? Ool. St. C!alr A. Molhnllanrt, wounded In head. Mutiny? Liout, Col. Richard C. Dale, Quartermaa ter Sergeant George McMabon Company n. ? Killed ? Kdward Fagaa WoUndei? Jobn PoUey, both tegs: Wm. II. Brown, shoulder; Joseph S. Havener, loft sido. Jaa. Davis, Samuel Rich mond , Wm I.ittin, Thoa. Paisley . Omnpant > 0.? WonmUd? t-'ergeant Jacob Oarl, left lag, slightly; Charles ftrenmer, right shoulder, James Mo Granghan, left side, slightly ; Joseph Klully, right hip, ?lightly; Francis D'Rcmrke, nock, slightly, n?nry Wilt, left arm amputated; Henry Wdaaicy.riijfit arm, slightly. Musina? Robert Fulton, Jos. L. Jones, Robert 0. Uiaugh nesgy, Henry J. Tulley, George Ponnld. Company D.?JCiluJ?Jw. Wbelan, Frederick Hllcar Woundnt ? Sergt. Bernard McCahoy, nock; Corp. John H. Curry, right leg amputatod. David Lawrence, huud, Ed. McGorern, leg. Muting ? Wm. Smith, BouJ, llruwiii. Company E.?Killeil-Vhi\s. tlfort, Richard Barker. Woun<UI~? Corp. Jao. Cassldy, breaet; Silas Yuukins, face; Petor Gogglna, wrist; Thus. Murphy, hand, Sorgt. Henry Kcil.bod/; Potor Stuck, leg: Jas. Ulotefalty. body; V'ibia.i Lithmau, head; Choi. Ludoro, arm; Patrick Weko, tUlgli. ifluliii? Corp. Juo. Murray, fid, W. Dasher, <3#o. Adams, Maloiioir Znng. t'rmp > ?v f.?Killid ? 'arae? Whft<\ WowuUdi? Sorgt. F. 3. Kline, loft hand, slightly; Sorgt. Ge>rgo Itebr, log, ("lightly; Corp. Win. Motor, leg, seriously ; Corp. l>an|.;l Kranor, leg, sertcusly; Corp. Johnnthftu I?hmo. tthou'dor, slightly ; corp. Jos. M. Johnson, bead, slightly, <'orp. Jon in Uelnoacb, faco, slightly; Corp. Cyrus Knapp, I lea; eeriously; COrp. W. Wollis, shoulder, X'rfwsly; Charles Reichert, leg and baud, slightly ; ' hnniaii Bel chort, head, slightly ; Henry Report, Ick, bIIj. hti; O'.nib Rskm.iu, hand, el ghlly . 1 rancnj Kranner, fcot, i.i^utly Amos Heppert, arm, slightly . Miffing? iSerjf'eut bam i Moyor, Svrgeaut Henry Berger, Corporal WHIiaia i.at^r lck, David Crumor, Iionjiimlu Uerk.ha.ier. Morguu Puau tier, Martin M. Wagner, Churl ea Moycr, Krai.itl;:) Rebsr, Charles H. Uoyer, William Weber, l iv'd Ad irua, Danloi Lcnn, LHun Derulf, Louis Batnbaob, William Aikman, Ellas Deiizler, Corporal Adam Warner. Company G.? Killed ? Francis l'oifcnborger. Wounded? Llentenant 3. VanJaheimer, Sergeant ixraei Selt/inger. leg, forlornly; Htas Uoyer, wrist; Thomas Miller, loft tec; Frank Kober, loft shoulder; Ilenry fhttelDger, side, seriotrly; Henry Deitaler, both arms; Corporal Abraham Faust, arm; Henry From bolt, right side; William B. Helmhack, arm; John Sherman, arm; L tils D. Long, side; Jacob Schll thorn, shoulder; Edward Harron, hand. Musing? Adam Bucknor, Peter Snyder, Wm Hoi m back, Frank R'arnor, George Windermutb, Famuei Smith and Cyrus lluch. Company II .Killti? Corp. .'olin Wert a. H'putiM? I.eut. Robert J. Alston, left band^rgo nt Henry W. Case, shouldor; Corpiral Henry Mertz. lett leg; John A. Gray, right arm and shoulder. WouniUd ? Michael Kolly, right Bhoulder; John Bellsbartz, leg, sllgtitly. Stephen Mclu lyre, head, slightly ; Wlntleld S. Millor, left leg ampu tated; Ale*. Maul, right arm. Mtuinp? William Fence, James Bouser, Calvin J. Laiovor, Alex. Marshall. Com; any I? Killed? Hannibal Hatchc, Patrick Flam ing. Wi 'undtd? Corporal John Jardlne, log , William R. Cowl, thigh; John McManus, leg , Win. A. Saarlght, anklo; Owen Gallagher, hand; Wm. Dee, arm and breast, ifti sing ? Jos. W t:iaich . Edw. Shoa. Company K ? Killed? rarka A. Boyd, Geo W. Hatinn, Milton Kntbbum, Jos. J. Smith, Wm. N. Conn, Corporal Daniel C. Crawford. Wounrttd? Sergeant Warren S. Kil gore, hand, slightly; Cor)?oral Robert J. llrownlleld, arm, severely. Corporal Richard A. MeCloan, arm amputated; Jocob Allainon, arm, aoverely; John A. Bagshaw. I05, severely; A. W. lioian, band, slightly; Wm. P. Hrioker, arm, rovarely; Robert Glendanning, head, slightly; John R Haydeu, laco, slightly ; Rosa Morrison, bund, slightly; Henry 0. Neil, eovareiy; Datiiol Siottle?, lei/, se verely; Edmund Savago, head, slightly; Thomas B. Wil liams, foot, scveroly. Atiumfl? .fanion Smith, John tier nan. fjAVIP W. MEGRAW, Captain Commanding One Hundred and aixteenlb regi ment i'orinsyivan'a Volunteers. Official? I. sw'is J. ^AfRisTB, Adjntant One Huntlreil and' Sizteeuth regiment Pennsylvania Volunteers, IMPORTANT FROM MEXICO. JTttaroz'a Government Installed In Mon- I tercy? The Mbernli Preparing to Itlarcti on Potost? Tlitlr Army More than For ty-Seven Thousand Strong? Tho French and ImprrlalUli llrporled Completely Routed In Jonuta? Great Enthusiasm for the National Cause, die., &c. OUU CAMl'BACQV OORRE8PONPENCB. CiMPiucfir, Kay 15, 1804. I nave rocclved letters from Monterey dalcj on tho 12th ultimo, and with pleasure scad job extracts of choir contents, wblsb may prove Interesting to roijr readers, as they give, from a vory roli ib!o scurco, an Insight Into theststoof affairs at the seat of the national government of Mexico and tho present and future condition and move ments of lis armies against tbe French Invaders. Tbo supremo and legitimate government of Mexico his been perfectly well installel tu Monterey. Tbo Cabinet bas not been changed, and *!e<wr?. Lordo, Negrcte and Ygleslas still bold their offices as Secretaries of Foreign Afluirs, War and Finance. Mr. Frieto has been nomi nated Postmaster General. General Doblado, with threo thousand well organized mea, keeps tbo Important post of SalMlo; three thousand more garrison Monterey; and evory day heavy reiu'orro ments of infantry and cavalry are being jent to the former place, whouco a division was to leave ocslntt San Luts Polos 1. Mejia had retired from Matohuaia to Potosl, closely followed by guerillas. The recapture of Tamplco had been resolved on, for which purpose a body of four hundred troops had been already assembled la Cludil Victoria, whore tho quotas of volunteers from the States of Nnevo T?on sod Tiimau Upas would so-n arrive, and the olTunsivs be immediately assc.med. lbs qnota fr?m the State of Coahulla w;ll bo for tbe expedition against San Luis. In the three frontior Statos, Nucto Leon, Coahttiia a id Tntnanilpas, there is an extraordinary enthusiasm in lav >r of the nut ion.it cause, and the bitterest hatred njpinpt the > ranch Is daily increasing to eu' li a degree th.it It will sooner or later be letliooae with unbounded lury against that pftrt or the population of Mexico which onco aPU before this unjust and onproYoked aggression on the | art of Napoleon had all the sympathies of the Mexican | 'Kf 9. Now there ts certainly more resent ment, ill -si.) sud profound hatred against the Freti h residrnt) thai there has ever been against the farmer flospottc rulers tf tbo country? the Spaniards This, at least. Is what has beon conquered by Napoleon for bis subjects. Nobody talks uow of the so; aration fr .m Presi dent Juarez. He Is loyally obeyed, his measures putictu ally ranted into effect by all the ommanding oillcers, ctvtl end military, and the financial department ts in the host order. Iho groat activity prevailing made all pre sume that by the end of April military operations would be commenced the fellow ing is a textual paragraph from the Io'. r f my corrwpou''<:it at Montereyt who Is au diicer in active service:? " It is customary to hear people talk or en auxili ary force of from ten to flfteon thousand An.eneans, who will soon come to join us agstn?t those f'ron< h rascals; but m all th?re Is mere gossip than reality. It ts true that in New Orleans there aro many who w >uld be tilt* willing tj do it by way of specslaUou, but it Is alo a fact that Prefti 'ent . uarc/ has tn ule known hi-? resolution to defend (Mm etr to tha last Inch of ground eoleiy witii Mexicans, t'u the other baud, iu tbo constitutional arms tli. is predominiU' s ti e notion not to admit m its rauks, cveu under the Mo> lean (log, au international array , (or ovtry OM knews too we.l how dearly Mexico has to pay for foreign a d. The resolution of the President and the geotrsl leeiln* among our troop* give the lie to certain speculator-i who believe that Mexico la predestined to rail as s booty into their bauds." The ?'ofl rial org-m of tho constitutional government of I'm r^pubiai of Mexica" is published in Monterey, nndar Hie (Urcction of Duu Ciulu''rmo Prieto and D. Pe lro Santu sllia. I bftvti soon the fifth number of suid puVicai .a, dated April 10, ultimo, containing tho very tm| omit In telligence that the Permanent Commutes (fnprriacton Ptrmdrmtti) of C?-ogr< e? had assembled in Coahulla, and that ??eueral i'litonl h id left Monterey for Ualtiilo eti the 9lh Humors were circulated io Monterey to the effect that the French forces wb ch left Guadalajara under General I 'on* I, agr.inst General t 'rugs, bad bocu completely ro ted by the latter at Ateaqolque. On the :i(db of March lard four French gunboats bom barded tlio port of Ma/stlsn, snd one of them was sunk by tho artillery from the land fortifications. In the vicinity of Yguslft, Chacon (imperial lit) was routed by PUiron (guerilla chief). Such is the state of ufTslrs in the Intorlor of tbe coun. try, and you wHl observe that PrMldant Jusrei Is t>< w lit s butter capacity than ever to faco llie invaders and Ibilr traitorous allies, who will vory soon Ond out, to the grsai disappointment ef Napolucn III. and other schemers in old Kurope. ibat it is a harder ob than they thought to subduo a republican and freo peo;>lo in young America and reduce tbeia to tbe abject condition of subjects of ft would-be emperor. Mexico has held out for above tw? yetre, end. thank Cod, we have cow the moat,s, and, above all, the decided will and Arm resolution, to hold out to tho laM man. t. eueral I raga s Oom??nd. In tho Suite of Jalisco, amounts to twelve thousand mon General PorOrio lHaz's, in ttajaca, to ten thousand, there are, between SulUllo end Mor.terey, under Iiohlado and Qon/.ales Ortega, abaut an thousand: tne quotas of the fct?tes of Oofthotla, Nuevo Le< o and Tamatipilas wilt come approximately to Mx ihossund men , Tsba?oo ard (Titapss hsve musiereil shout three ihotwaud, which sro rsa<ly at any momsnt't call, and tb.ro Is, through tho Matee of Mexico, Puebls, Sun I .tils I'otosi, Guanaiuato and lol.ms. whose capitals and principal nilias are occupie<i i>y ih?> lionetl, a srfttterfd l"te? o( guerillas, which, If colleeisd, w uld number ahove ten thiiMinrt mea, and w hit It si e iftitlriuslty hwra' r* theecetny, I et ns hold out hut oi ? ? en 1 t k i ind N i;<> ? n -.vilt not be able to Bureau ^uv mute froiu rroucto pscplehu 1 terrible vuM of Mood and treasure In hia Quixotic ... paauioii. New (0 local affair*. This City and its district bav? been declared by the so called Regency to form, it they itid before, a dfetinct department of Ybcatan? the Governor or Lbe latter to bavooaJy mibUry Jurleaicttoa over lUa former. On the 19th Instant tbo ast.->nnd<ng now* waa received here tbat the Frem;h and Imperial sU bad b*en onmpMe ly routed in Jonuta, by tbe constitutional forceu from T?> basooand Chiapas. Tbo place hiving oaen abandoned, the French bare I net their lastftxthold In Tabvoo, and tbe frontier of this State (Uun peachy) |g left opon to in vasion by (be Mexican* , wbo In tbia pai l of tbe eeuutry bave ?bn.vn no lack of spirit and activity in driving oat tbo invaders. , CATASTROPHE AT .SEA. CollfsttQ if the SUM Traaiytrfft City ef Bath and Peca hontas Off Cape Mays , SINKING OP TBE P0CA1I0NT13. Forty of Hci Passenger* and Cr?;W Carried | Down Willi the Ship, a?* The United RUt<* stoam transport City of Path,<>pt Lincoln, l.cuce Junol, at oloveu o'clock A it , bound to Washington, D. 0., returned to port lost m<bt, baying t-9en in collision with the steamship Pocab. uUs. from Now n-K'n?, near Cape Wayi baviiW her ? , o, ,. c,*i awtiy. Tbe l'oc?lionta? aunH in twenty. crryij down with her about forty of be. pasecngiirs and orcw . CAPTilH LINCOLN'S RBfOBT. the nty Of Bath left Now York Jnne 1 . at AM., bound to Washington, P.O. At toll paet e*r? <vri >ek P M raado a steamer's light ahead, put our b SSl'iC- a?? "?? lh? was pat to starboard, and the two boats came l*?,l?r? the City of Bath Striking the Pocahoutaa about the for# uluu Mtr. t?ro?li>? 0nrw.ra c.ww ber forward. ?.! ? -?"0' ? > ?*?? IV bv the Place antll daylight In hopes to And more ot bor people (a large onmber ba vlng alroarty ^on^^ onboard,, but picked up only one. At the * ? ooltlsion Oapo May lightship bore southwest se^onlee i mUM' xoTrmowiL *AWr!OTLMW. The passengers lost were soldier*, discharged or on fur , * ThVt ocahontas a sorew steamer, of about Sdfcrsx 5rrr.=-^?j~ ! Baxter) wt* in feeble health. With the eonseut of Ser Quartermaster oT the Department of thejlulf.bo Uad placed In cbsrge Captain Samuel B"^' * 0#rtoa an efficient officer of much a l0Mant r ? 2 ? 'T " \? C""K yards ot me lookout. Soon our wblstl# ofllcers wero tinw The Pocahonts? stoam and a heavy I L . ,R,lor but by sotnO Ibips came ta coUl8,0D- ' rM iuU) it* Poc? rrr.st::?- - * a I) lift tto? Core nfliflMfgyf ?I h.la^ no?rly oidvon o'clock, rao?t of tno p kad retired to their berths, mauy of whom so ? started had reilrt capUUM POt-n discovered [r.u'oTeTel was sinking. The boat- wore ordered IW be lowered immediately. Tbe ene.no w? ? .W11 vcssols remalnod thumping c ich other for a row ??? rvn r.? Z e,rlt?m'0t wa- camped and th? othor two did wbai tbey oonld M save the poor souls already a(l5"t, for lh? p v- ihorlis went down in about twenty minutes. PlanW RD.t ladd rs wero thrown overboard, ?i?l Captain LJn watery prave suta<l Army. an Invalid oa ,-C ofai'souce to hie ^ r by two n? wattr out at the boat, the chap "" ??? ?*??""? n" JSt1' whlrh was under the charge of Captain ft>m?el naa tor', did g"od service by picking up many a sold>er noar ,hoio o! "thoToMlers saved hsd but one arm, having ttie other In tho battle of Ploasant HH1.U. H?? m?m>M temlson, and ho belongs to tbo veteran Second New Yorle ^Tsurv Ivors were very kindly received on ^ board loC the City ef llath. Captain Lincoln was compel led to throw overboard murb of his cargo, to keep bis own sb.p fro? ?inking IIo remalnod neev the spot until morning, and Z I rt. sallsfarnon Of saving one poor f^low, Who bad bneced up to a good plank all night. TbVsoeae is heyocd ascription. Miny bave bceo a -Ithout a imt or a sh<ie. losin? evrythin* bet their .??? W?? "<*> ? """ T???? '"i'l^r.h. <??.?? Christian and Sanitary Comm.-^ne to * good. T of the soldiers have not any m.ans to reach tb. ir b ?, in comfort. Many ot tbe destitute may be fou.d on ?jf the City of B.ith for a day or two. The Knnnwliu Ki pnlttlon. Ma.u>ow Rum?, W. Va, , May #1, 1964, General Crock's cmrnand hss started, in floe spirit#, "? second expedition. The Strrrt tlf#nlnj Contract. TT*o Msyor, Onmjtmller nn4 City Inspector met yeo icru.if at twelve o'clock, at the City fn*p?clor'? offce, for the purpose of opening snch proposals n should bo reeelvod by them as commissioners for awarding the contract for cleaning tho streets. The tlrno for opening tho bi ts was ti<Tf-pii? ItoIvo o'clock. The Mayor ?m appohtod chairman of the commission, and on oponlng tho bo* II was fonsd that only one propo sal vn contained In It. At fifteen minutes after twelva o'clock another proposal was handed Id, which was, on rnetion of tho Mayor, admitted. At half past twelve o'clock tbe bids wsro opened, and found to be those of Patrick Doylo fo( $676,000 and of I). D. Badger for $64)0,000. The Mayor stated that neither bid could b? cor?idcrod, tbs legislature bavins limited tho appropria tion lor that purree to $a00,000 per annum. Ha also said that several parties who desired to Did re# fusod to pot In proposals unless tha spcdcatlons and terms of the contract wers m^dlfled Th*y objected. Brat? Booanse the epetlP.catlons give the City Inspector power to determine ths character of ths boats and s?nwfl to be used by tha contractor, which renders tbs cow tractor subject entirely to bis dictation. fecond? Thai there are no damping grounds fixed an<! prepared: so that tho contractor wc>al<r bo obliged to g? to tbe (ummon Council or to the Comptroller to have the same aa*i*ned, which bp 'ghl cause an Inconvenience In hie fnliHiing tbe ooctraet. Third? Th cutrsct calls for two sureties, to justify in tho sum of $600,000 e*ol?, whish It might bo Tery difficult to obtain, when, if tbe verms of ihe contrael admitted of a greator number to jola in toe boud.tbls wuid be avoided. The Miyor expressed the hope that the eemmlssioo would m"*i rft an eiriy dav and asree on sucb m. drttea U<>n? <>f th? cortrnct * o ltd rati ly purine ?n<t enahlo th'm to bid intellgetiMy sod wiib.*it prejudice to ihaif lulrrfjl" , Tbe aommisru'O then adjourned to meet ?* the naror s utile* w* ikkutoaj Vsolve M,

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