4 Haziran 1864 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

4 Haziran 1864 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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?! T v km ? l v Ml. THE NEW YORK 1IER WHOLE NO. 10,123. NEW YORK, SATURDAY, JUNE 4, 18C4.-WITII SUPPLEMENT. PRICE THREE CENTS. OCWUSTl A WD AV Rf MTU. jQnifrnw, IMPAIRED RItJHT, Moisiis imITie iibao, CATARRHAL AfTBCTiONS W TNI IIIRiAI'. CHRONIC CATARRH, CATARRH or THB TYMPANIB N UCV Ufi~HKM0R A K B. OBBVBUCXION Of THB RUST AC HI A* TUBS. CURED, CROBSKTB " 8TR A (OHTRl?Bt> in ONK~iii7NirrE, wm4 every ?nuc of t he Rye ??4 Bar requiring either ? pff ??I or aargteal aid attended to rr OR. VOX KI8HBBEBO, Author of "Radical no l'rsetleal Observations on the Die. aaaaa of 4he Kar, with ?ha New Mode of Trealaual" at Ma Re. ?KOAntTAT. uTTia BROaOWAT. ?TUMORS ?T THB MBIT TORI PRBSR iWrmm tha Journal of Cammeeaa.) CATARRH CURB P. CATARRH CORED oatamkh cur hp, *** CABB OB HbTCMIWUH. THB "LIGHT* 1 WO OAL. CULaTOR." phbltahed In those aoinmaa a few daya slnea ' the remarkable cure of HtitohhTga. tha "Lightning Calcula tor." ao wail known to Ike public daring the maay yeara ha ?ahibiteB hie wonderful arithmetical power* at Baraui&'a Haeeuns, by the tKebrakm Oculist aad AurIM, Dr. Von Bfarnhrr^ of th licit/. Hulcbiuge la rapraaeatad la have beea al tha poiat of dentb, and but for tha timely later ?erence -of tha d'<eter. w>ald now ha mating la hie crave. Thla li a remarkable ease, and worthy of tha aUaatiea af parson a similarly afflicted. ' Wa tWak it la but Jim to Dr. Tan Etoeabr)-* to can VabllcaweeUoa to thla a se.~Theta ara buadreda la tha ?Mnmiialtv Buffering from catarrh, who. ilka tha "Lfgbl alng Cahulator," II not aetnal'y prnylag for death, aro ready toaeoeptof aii)thtou' that premise* to rallera tbaia Bam their dletreeies To aueb wa would ear trifle not with teeiperieaeed men, but consult. without unneceasnry delay, Br. Ton Klaenberg, who, at Ira*!. ha* tha honeety la aaaura hie pattenta whether It ia within hia power lo make them ?hole or not ~ DBArNE88~0PRRO. DKAIf.KHrt~CVRBD. I Prom tne Tribune.) EARS To"lHB DBAf. Rver j man. and especially every woasaa. beilerae la hla av her phtaiciaa. Thar* are~ah>?-^tT_^ : r 1' ... i 4p?7?.T< t. - -*ophloal minds which kMi Z an abatract faith la_ Allopathy, ar Bameonathy, or ?ydropaihy. ar tame other form of eeleatlfie cure; but with world at large tha belief la ant In the intern, hot In tha Batter. EapeelaMv la this true aa regard* audita and oea ?* The patiaat who baa recovered bla ilgat or hla bear kg ta ear* thai tha bleaalng oonld have been restored to him ^ aa other practitioner than that particular one by whom Ma eyea or eara ware opened. Dr. Tea EKeuberg la ? ? ? ??' feeit knows aurlata. Ha haa not lent ua eara aa a brother praetltloaer haeey7a. aad la whaee (kill, there ?we. wa behave above all ntuera, Bat we bear of blm Ran thorn who eiteem him not merely a* a surge >n, but aa ? benefactor A recent eaeehae been re'ated la ua, for tha trwlhf ulaass af which we ran vouch, thoaah we can name no ?aaaea Tha patleat waa a lady whrf had been deaf from latency, aa a consequence ol acme of the allmenU to which ?BOdrea ara liable. Latterly the dlaeaae had takea aa acuta ?wan, aad tha patient waa attract la lateaaa suffer'ng. Tha daatnesa waa rapidly becomlag eomp'ate. aad the geatral health break lag dawa andev the physical exbauatloa attend Ml a pea eaoatant pala Ordinary raanadlea aad ardlaary ?W* ueolea*, and Dr. Von Bleenberg waa oalled In. Rf aead act repeat hla dlagno*la; far that won Id beanlpa MM of head aamee la the general reader. But he delve tad al Mgfctth* aaat of dlaeaae. Drat in one portion of the organism, Aoa la aa other, aad wHh manipulation aa akllful aa hla (Might waa aeoarate, ha removed the eanaea. and a be who, Ikoaa Infancy, had heard with dlffloulty. and latterly hardly BlaB. waa raatwad, Bret to perfect hearing and then to per *M health. Br. Tea Biaaabarg-e advertleement reaafndi na af Ibta eaee. ?Meh wa thm brieftt- relate, though not at hla ?"^latln Let hint that bath a at eara hear. I^rem the Chriatiaa Tim"*.] BIO-NT RF.gTQBBP. SIOnT RKSTORBDk ?OBBOBBNIMU BvrITaND OCULISTS. ?f the frre ?enae*. that which we call aaeiag le the moat tap n riant aad meal valued. Ia proportion aa tbla aeaaa Ma uA?a ara reduced to~heipleaaneaa If entirely deatl taaa of-alght, how alow watfldjM oar pragree* la knowledge, ?ad how limited our aphere af action aad Bsefulneai. En Bowed with H, the naiveran lieeomee a new creation, clothed wt*h beauty aod dlveralBcd by that Infinite variety whloh ?avai falla to attract the aiind aad hrarl Par acveral m on tha pant tht* ha* been a practical anbjeot N? Aa In darned oaadnioa ef~ thaeyaBda. eommunlcatlng ?aelf -ta the pupil, rendered the dleobarge af daily daUea ?ataoly painful, bat dantt?n<a*. Attributing Ittetheef dbato/ aaaM. wa aadwrad jfaTrongh tbe spring, with the ftapa that wUh tha retura af warm weather It would aa ?p a:r iMaappear. But In thla wa were doomed to diaap B^ataraNL fciewer iwurnedThut not oar wanted alghl. What might have heea tha eaault. either of further negtert mm/ lavwapatrnt trvatnaent, we oanaot aay. Btaajii? oiir ca aa to* friend, he aaaured uathal a almllar m? la hiaaatn family had ra?iea*ly beaa treated with entire ??eeear by ?>t. Von Eia?ib<trg, of ihiaa:ty- fia'lal/iag our -taore particular lt><iuiri*a that the dorter la no em frta b?B a aatantiOo a. ritat and -aarlat. we oaaeluded to ?aai the hmaa.lt* of bla taaatment whirb we har* now rea mm to aohaawleda* ? very g,?at Tho tgh but a few week* ??dor hla a, Aa appearance of aur area has totally ?an^d. The ^ua Mejhll aad etaar, and th? :>#. are **tl re y rnti tmm InWammatloa. Tha doctor eat* 4h?l ,h# ??"10 w?.kaaed and the aaaumad a *'^'? lanaInB..t*J AMtlag mora ar laaa all "th, Mfr nn[l ^ aM dhraatotl^i. tf nagteefed. taond in Aauuroeta Optfutimiiu ?re helteva, ia the term which onilute apply t? eyea alTec led B> were o?ra UaTla|obUii.od the muru daeirad relief, wa ?aho great ,p>aa>Rr? ia aeknowl>dglng our Indebted aee* le mm tAlaat of frr. Tea Blaenhcrg. and of railing lo II the at~ leakiaa rf othea ? atia m\y be aulferlrg frota a attullar or ?van weave ooaiiUna of th .ir eye*. It ie said that Pravl daara proeldei a-a^aaBde'e for eve rj bare II la certain *at the era |?. in th*ae tVaea anbject lo severer trial* than Ihrmerlf. Let aa he tk*?kiei. thaa. that aa wa lucre aaa >he da?d*rwi?i which daat<ap tha argaa of viaiea. the pri?taaa af Bleaca kee^ w th ivm ten %nolaa, if not !n a I iQffhem. orncR ihTbroaowat. GRANT! Succes?rul Advance of Gen. lttriiejr's Division Agaiuit Breckinridge's Corps. RETREAT OF THE REBELS Capture tt Fitzhagh Lee and Five Hundred Rebel Cavalry. The Attempt to Tarn Our Left Defeated. h I * f0<M1=> ?a V oa*n &*aVn*><it2 Considerable Lose on Both Sides. 4 BiTTLB IN PE06REI&S ON THURSDAY, 4^ Jfc&g SMk ?MHtarjr llkmtm to Major General DU< Wan Dbfahimkit, W amnuroit, June 8?16 P. M. To U*|or tienerat Dix:? Nothing ko km beard from Gain) (nwt ninoe bta desi'Moti, da>ed at MVH o'clock yeetordoy morning. Telegraphic wawotaitlon baa bean delayed by a violent aiorna on thu Peninsula yesterday evening and Inst night, and cannot be rt- stabltobed beloro some , time to-morrow. EDWIK U. STANTON, Secretary of War. I ! Th( Waaltlag'oa Telegram*. WaaniMUT?N, Junn 3, 1M4. A despatch from the Army or the Potomac, dated flro o'clock luesday afternoon, ?ay?: ? This m rvine Oew?-r | >?triey'? divlr-n advanced agal at a br okiw rk hold bv Hrr it ? r iige'a corp?, on the south sd* i f folop ioaioy ere ??, on a big t eminetce, ? very strong position, and one which m .lit have been eawiy held against a vastly superior force. The nsesiy, after ftrtog a round or two, and se^iag a d < termlaatiun to Mo the vlaoo, tvacuated nod retreated to the we da. y', ., \~ Onr loae wa* ii^nn Hf/THy-fira. W* took about fifty pr aonera. mostly belonging to Breckinridge's command, some o: whom said tboy w e in the v alloy In ibn fl^bt ? lib General St gel, but did not have to flgbt aa stubborn ly at they did here. Captain Kowe, if the Sixteenth Maaaechusetts, and Ad jutant Jackson, of tbe BecoO'l New York, were among the wounded this morning, tbe latter having bad his lag Am putated. The attempt made to turn onr 1 ft laat night, and to cut 1 us ofl irotn toe fTftltc- H >ure and our new base or supplies waa defbalert, wltb considerable loss oa both side*. A deopaioh irom tfce Army of tbe Potomac, iated on Tuesday nlgbt. says ? Tbe day before lb* F fib corps, advancing from TTawe'a store towards Betbeoda church, drove tbe enemy about two alise. At sunrise, while our men were engaged In digging rifle pits, Rbodee' and Early'a dlvlalooa made an attack oa Warren's right flank, causing blm to fall back from hie flrst line. Tbe enemy tbea advarced and charged the second line. Kitchen's brigade of heavy artillery waa poeted there, and op. n ?<! a heavy Ire In conjunction with battestee on both flinks, which nearly demolished tbe rebel celumn of attack. Tbe enemy fell back la ter rible disorder, and left tbtir dead and wounded beblad them on tbe flerf. ' Wahiiigto*, Jane >? Evening. The i tee me r Keyport arrived thta afternoon, having loft tbe White House at noon yeaterday. Partiea who came up on her ft tale that heavy cannonading wis heard there wben they left, Indicating that an engagement waa In progress. A cavalryman, who camo In from tbe front to tbe White House, reports that tbe Sixth c>rpe was eo gaged, having brought tt on by a rapid and auddea movement from tbo left to the right. Peroral regiments of negro troop* ? doubtleas a portion of General Butler'a forroa ? were being loaded at Mm White Rouse *h? tbe Kay port loft Tbe boepltal steamer Connecticut waa engaged in taking oa the wounded, that had baas brought doom fram the front Hffortad Captmr* ?t TlUkafh L*? t?d riT? H?adrt4 Kckrl Oavalrf. Fostrsss Momtoa, June 2, ISM. The ?t?*mer George Washington , from lb* White Boom at Mr en o'clock thla aaornlng, has arrived hare. It ii reported that General Kltztiugh Lee tad five bun dred of bis command (cavalry) warn captured but Dlgkl while attempting to make n raid In tbe direction of tbe Wbite Houm. General Smith's forces made tbe capture. nr. Jaaaea C. Flttpatilck'i D*ipatrb. Nnra Aktrr Caw, May 31?9 A. M. IRK CAVr OK Sl'XDAT AWT> BOM'AT. Aft. I -a on Sunday remained comparatively qilot. A few oannon abets were keard on tbe front; but otberwiie tbe day aeemed aa sabbat blike m at home. On Monday, however, the buatle aod activity every where gave token of a forward movement. Troops mo red bore and there, and long linen or train* came for ward from the tbo bank* of tbe Pamunkey. ins.f.ON ?r riii trooi a on mj.ipat. The ruth corps look portion upon tbe left, with the Second In the centre. Our corps came la tbo roar and support of atw between both. Tbe Pixth corps are on ibe right. in attack ox ran mm count. The Fifth corpe late la afternoon were attackod la their Intrcrchments. and fell bark some distanne. To nld the Hrth in driving the rebel* onr corpo wero now thrown forward In such a way as to threaten the flank of the rshels, while tbe ssntn attack was saado ky tbe Fifth. si:a]>?mk'n ?<? a o? ami*? imivTwo ran nmnrta. Onr line of bstUe was formed with Wlloos's division on lbs right, CMUendon's on tbe left, and I'ottar's In tbo centre. The adv:in<:? of rach division consisted of one brigade, the r.'St In reserve. The rebel* were driven over a mil* and a half beyond arrsek, the rime of which Is iisoortaln, some calling It lte.?vor cre?k, wblin on the nip It Is laid dowa aa tke Tilopatomor. Oa a kill beynad tMs oroek tbe enomy had a line of rllta pita which attended beyond the gene ral front of tbolr line. ? (TiAiwa dp nn saan. we**'. This sslient portion w>* gallintly cnaiged by otunpa nies A, D, I and F o. Ilia Kortyu-igiith I'sutiaylv.uiia, ' T. Untenant Colonel Ploasaut* eomsiaadtag, and narrled with alight loo*. Tfcera was slight SttnntThlag during tbo r?at of l!ie day in tlie other dlvisloe*, snd Col< u?l Curt in, in tatting Into p% ltloa with his brigade In Ibe evening, had soms sharp Irjng. iiwar anvaMw? ssavt rmivti. la I ho nig.1*' "ur linos wero aonsidnrsbly aJvufled. Today It Is qi*.'*t ?a tbe front of tbl* corps. Onr boys have istronoho* aad are awamag further orders It m tbo general Iffprev"** ?bet tkere will ba no engagement nn'll fv?nrrow. avert mum o* TVS > Wi no ma sr?it nia Itnaiy firing wap hsard O.' i^g toe nigtt, t-u o r (a the .-'ec.nd coru*. llwro is onto cannonading in lbs | u'.uij Hfi .mn aft I wi'iu', no 1 * i'H k o* Ktmaoin I'y (be road wo r u w ahou 1 waive mlm fjum Kith - amed iboiuor, to ad Jlr Hi , noweror. is .oo.it eight nil'os only, to nil, so .ml o our canon um*t be i>e*. d ui i km mom ai by t> a oalz> of tba dooms I cl y. 'tho roid oecui>ied by i ur o- rp- Is its U> Rie.bmond vl ? the Mc.tdow bn.i.c, Tba atll r l>. ? Roiium's Naw and Turupik. ? .i iamoux n toe 11 st Ptfinosular campaign, are in Urn hunt of the other c<>ri*. mo?k A"<icr r.K a1 al liw. A do-erler, who c-'iU'i in yesterday moraine, ro porta thai Caneral Im is sick in Ricnm >nd, aao ttial lha arssy ??< o mrn?n<i<Hi by Gaaerai Ewall. Nome dwm this cm llrmatory of the ori*in?l i p t of Lse's death, because the rebels, Knowing tho conildenca reposod la tiuneeAl I co by bis tr?ops, wold for the con- q ?nt demoraliza tion of the ?rmy If tho real facta were known. Ueuce he is reporiad V * ui Richmond. kiu nt At d wnvKvm, may 30 ? rosrr ?i<iotii rt* asTivima. A' tiled. Ifeury McCsnn, Co P. Wit tin<i?4 Jas. Boner, Co, I, b?th I*?*, flesh. Harmon 'hints, fio. I, in left arm. Bcrgsant Richard Uopkins, Co. F, right hand. ileury Diltna i, Co. F, leit arm I'Atrki f>>ian, Co. r, mrtnliy, David Kregter, Ca F, rlgni Itaod. 0>?rl*? Pl'rleh, Co. v. right side. Henry Mayer, Ca, D. body. Lieiiienuit S. N. l'?ik 'i?, Co K. Thirty-second Uaine, reoelved a flash wound of foot through the accidental discharge of a Basket la camp. Mr, B. Qadwalladsr'i D?*|?at?h. Hud ,'Vartkrs, Abmt or iws Potomac, "l Nban Hawss' tiHor. Va. , May 81, 18*4- J BSAVT SKlRMiaHJNO. Heavy skirmishing began along our Naea yesterd>y at M tar|y hour, and did not cease till long after darkness bad vaded the neons. The Fifth eorrt occupies a no allloa on Ute left; the 8acond In the oeulro, and thn 8l*th Is on oar right. Far a number of hours the skirmishing tras general along our entire line, tba enomy using more artillery than ban been i?t# custom oeretofore. Thn rebel earthworks in froat <af Hancock were very close, nod his an. ;it wera 0r?d with a one second ruse. dbath or caitaln obist, or naw ron*. Captain I) vid Crist, of Ciim iauy H, O-ie Hundred and Twenty, ourlh Now York Yolootoers, was out between the two llnea of riflo. pit-*, ma k >g iba place -or anew Una of intrencbasonts to be thrown np when ha fail. Bta body bad not been recovered last evening. tub nun. rosinon The enemy Is on the opi>oslte bank of Tolopat/nnoy ere- k In conslderablo forco; but 11 Is not auppincd tbat be mteuds to moke a staud at that polatonly loug ouaugh to strengthen the Chlckanomtay for ? ur rcceptlcn. the BOUSE nABnrs. Between our lines siands a house, known as ibe 8h"rl den Bouse, in which are quite a largo family of worn- n, ono of whom Is In delkyila health. Gs eral Han cock haa sent them word to coma to a place of saiety inside of our lina, volunteering at the same Unio ambulances their conveyance; bin tbey bave <l?cl ned icc pt ng bis oflers thus f r, plead ng th?ts%ih ' wre m<-m -'s of tho church, an i in .'Ol -la din*, tna bad impl o t tr et in Provt' tn ?. Fi tv? a abulia w.ro s ut ibr ufc'h tho nous iyesterday, but n ue of the women, were I, jurisd, tiicy itavtn . tak n refuga In tha cellar, This morulPg they havo nv.ra ci nfldenca In lha protect <ag <~are nf Pi?vM< n<;e tnan evar, sinija tbey escaped so we'll yciterday. ' < HArc.s rPOB Tin! annn. i.ws Just beforo dark last evening ticuerals Birnay, Barlow aqd rtibbon, w.th their several 1 1, is ions .charged on tba rebels, and drove them r?ni the crest of the hill In front a ahort dlsiai ce. but no ?M<n l I po nt was gained. In *h. rt, all that was done yesterday amonoied to nothing mora than a series or at'.' nt.'ts to ascertaia the anaoay'a tatalhv K.ont, C.?neral Sheridan's cavalrj bad a akarp flght yaatarday afternoon. Our cavalry are now at Coal Harbor. Balow Is a list of yesterday 'a rAW ALTIBB n THB COBTS. f "am e! 8barpsb<?Un. Corporal A. 8. I*?th, 28th Iiidlann. ^ Philip llartoong, (X>. C, 74tb New York. James uuinn.Co. K, Wth Pennsylvania. Ezes Minett, Co. E, UmtaJ States Sharpshooter*. liorenso Jonea, Co. F, 1st Msasacb.wettt heavy Mtlllery. Stanley Ryder, Co. F, l?t M*aaachuseti8 heavy arttllary. John M Bruce, Co. K, 105th I annsylvaata. liu?_ Joseph 8hortsleev?e,Oo. H. *th >.aw York heavy artillery. Henry Ltoyd.Wih ienn?? vai.la. abdossan. Matthew Baboock.Co. H,1!<4lh New York. Li'Ut. Fred. A. Mooray.Co. O, IJUtli New York. Jamas Willi 'ms. Co. I>. 6i!d >few York. BUir McNeill. Co. C,l4?h Verm at. T. Waltn. Co. !>, 8?th Saw York. John Henratby , Co. C, 88m Naw York. AH>art Burbot , Co. K, 3atn Nsw York. A. J. hady , Co. K, 12?th New York. fieor*e Ty ler . t o f>, l'2?th New York. Patrick Ualger, Co. <i, 126th Naw Yark. Lieut. Peter Hunt, led loot Norman Schermerli'>rn, Co. !?, 125th New York. Ed. Briatle.Co. F, 125th New York. Sergeant M. Ryan, Co. K. MMh New York. A J;i ilahon, Co. (i. 126tb Now York. W Wilsua t o. I. 63d New York. 0 Parry ^o. ti, 8th New York baavy artillery. T Matlack. to. F, 18Md I'eonaylvanla. 1 i?<i tenant K. M. Dudley , Co. H, illtb Kaw York, f). Fox, Co. K. llltn New York. t orporal W. J. Fdwarda, t o. F. IHSd Pannay lvanla. Captain John Umman, Co. 11, 18:td J*annaylTanla. Jerome Cornell, Co. B, 7th Vermont. Charles Fenton, Co. F., Tth Vermont. Joseph I'e ItnmU. Co. F, let Vermont cavalry. woi!?i)?i> is ms rmt roars, hat 30. Captala TVatera, Co. A.ath Ponnsylvwila Raaarvss. ci tain J. alien, Co. F. otb Kaw York. A. Richard, Co. II . 1st Pennsylvania Reserve e*pa. Corpt r^l L. B. Vct^lumm , t o. )>, 1st Peaasylvanla Bes I C. Carper, Co. D,15tk New York. I SergeanTj' if llay!' (V.^'fat faansylvania Rarer vs oorpa C. Herman, 16th h?.avy arttllary. J. K hmith, Co B, 1st I'ennayivanlar flea. ft. R. miliar, Co. C, 17th isvplry. (V rga nt S ktarsb.f*. II, loth l ann-ylvanla Raa. oorja. M Tu>yc?, <?? M, fitti New York bo ivy artillery. H. Kelly , Co. 11, 1st PeunsylviiMla Rwerva our pa. Bergaaat J. N. Iannis. 1st I'eon-yivanta Reserve corj?.| W It. Walker, 1st Pennsylvania reserve corps. N. (Jarwovd.ro. D.Wd Pennsylvania. C Hatton. Co 1, 8tb New York be. vy artillery. t orix rai J. hb<>de?, ?th New York heavy artillery. H Harden, Ath New York heavy artlllerv. Corporal J. Van IVignel. Ce. A. mb New Yark heavy art It. r. Parka, Co. B. 11th Naw Tork. torceetit N. C. Coleman, ' o. B, llUi Saw York J .?> St?i ley, to. tl. llth New York. t I I la" Co |t, 11th N.w Y'ork. ?. Jones, to. I. lltli New York. j. W. Brinton, Co. (I,lltk New York. p Rrouion , < i>. U, (ith New York heavy artilisry . Captain I> F. Wi:teu,(? M. lttli New York heavy art. Cni'taia J. l.cwls.?'o. I), I2lb Unpsachuaatts. J H l.lnsey, Co. K, 10th Peaaaylraala Keaarva aorpa. Corp D. Craig, Co K. 10th Pennsylvania Reaerva corps. H. Watson, Co. K. 16th Naw Y-rk heavy artUlary. w. H. Worden.ro F, I'uruoll'a ijftglou hergt. II. K. (.Hioit. c ??, Wb Naw York heavy artPlery. A lllack, Co <i,r.;h Nnw York heavy artillery. W. W. Orath, tA>. H. Ne V York baavy artiiie-y. H gcarkenbush, Oth New York heavy artlitary.# J tJlllotl. cm N. W tori, htavv artillery. M Afa-tiliua* Co. L. 8th New York baavy artillery. P. Mwrktaliurg. Co I", ?'h New York heavy artillery, p. Itinkltt, to K, 8th New York baavy artillery. F. I'Msk, Co. H . 6th New Vork heavy artillery. Ciptam L. Wolaser, Co . MU Naw Yark heavy artillery. II. < '.arl., Cf 1 . tith New York heavy artillery. O.J. llvgover.Cc K, tih Wsw York heavy artillery A. < onrkm, IHii New Y.*k ha.v? arUllery. J ItobmiMfn, Co M.?'h New tork heavy artUlary. J Croti>, Co. 1>, l .'li >ew Y'*k ttaavy artillery. c. rp II ''a'l, 1 "'li ?'i v* Vork b? .vy artill ry. Adjutant M I f.' ' lMli N-w Y rk boavy artilisry. C "l riis.to. 1, 16 N>w Y"rk h?*vy arttllery. I. Rhode. , t e. K, Ui New York raivy arti.iery. J. Straub, (.<> C.l 'lliNrw ?->rk n. avy artillery. j Martin. Co. M lf'h Vow York heavy artillery, r.to WellK, Co. ??', eth New York heavy -niiiary N. Uoom o. 11, tit U Naw >i rk neuvy . t.iiory. J liioinpCms, t o M, 8th Yi rk lir-.vy artillery. W. A. Ifetaiiey , Co. A. Cth Naw Y .rk l. avy artntery. t orp. 1. H. i-?.v>a,Co I. t^h New York heavy urin ary. J W >baavrr, ? ? . M, tith feu V ork henry ari ttary t .,i i. J . 1 af an, Ctli Na? Yerk li-?v? art Hi ry . T. Bu< kels, Co. ; , t.iu ? w lo'k u-avy artlllerv. j c. i|i.pn.r,C" V , litli New Yora heavy irttl aiy. J M Martfi, 8tl> New T Leavy sitiuary. J. ; holier, to |., tth x>* Yuik t^.ivy artiiieiy. N Hickett atii New V -k lioavy artillery R. Witnar, to. A, 8ili New York f. w y art IHev y. r. ,-trauli. to 1?, Otli Naw N - rk hvaa* artillery. P O. Sullivan, Co. F, flth New Yoik asavy sit llnr. ?. Arrisoo, Co. T.. irth New Vo k li'avy n.'tlPtrv Corp L hrbariarrf.Co. 1. 15th Naw York haivy artlVsry. J. Weber, t?i C. 1 Ui New \ <.tk haavy nrtnlrry. ?ai UidW.Co n, l.i ll.sew Iwk lisavy arilllerj B ln?t*. I'o B, U'u Neiv v,^ iiosvy artii ery. J. ?"inaii . 06. 1?, l?th Naw York heavy arto ary. Oipt. U hbaiclnag, Co. L, lilh St. Y. Inavy arn :arr. t h .s ML 1 aimer, o. K, luth .?ow ' ora h* .vy art, .srjr. it. Br- os*. do. r. fltb N-iw Y??rh avy ar .ii*?rjr. t! Mi iim, ?<> af , Wil l-h* nfp 1 -.aav m il'K'ry. J. I) b? n!? .t. i. ,l*h ll^-iyiv^iiti ?.,?rves. K t ls?|. if. ?it l'M?i**l. -nta r"w Heri?| Jn tit vty , U>< '? J'b .v0*f \"flt Ptaff sttl'iJf) Wni. fools, Co. E, fith S>w Y rk b-'ayy ?{tHt*ry. | .1. llWWf.Cii. K, Willi Sow York heavy trl I1 T?ry. J. W iloyct, Co. U.diU N?s* Y"r^ uojvv ar'll ?ry, K. !<?(',r, i o K flili Xtw York ho ivy ?r'tll>T . Sortfi 0. McKnlor ii i;.i. Utti ..iw York Heavy artillery. J Mn di .io. II, tun Now Y<"k heavy irtllierv. J. Ifki err, Ob. I,. I6lb Now Y K lie ivy nrtitlery. <. >r i'. ' . linger i o. l) Li ill N> w ?' ? rk iii'ayy artillery. V, H Pa'inar.Co ?, tbib N. Y. bo.ivy artillery. e<> I.uko (X It. Tft- li New Yoik heavy artillery. E vv. Pbiii|w, ro. K Bin New York n uvy a Hi orv. k. J. hi. inn u. to. lo ti !few Y' rk ue-ivy artillery. W. Ujr.sk'> luin sow >oik hi<iii) .m?liy. K Kluuiuu, I'o. 1), t.rtu Np?v V> k iteivy rtillory. sergt. vv llo.ve, C . VI rt;b New Y .rk beavy artlliary. C..?rlfht,6ih 'ew York '.navy rtilh-ry. C. CtoiiBo.i o K.fltti Vow York no ivy artillery. C. B Hum. IhI I'tmuiy Iv trl-i r< g?i ve o r j?. Our*. H. W M.Ou. vi. Mb \?><v York b i?vy ?rtlliary. Sergl. li. W miter, ?>), 't, I III Xew Yoi k heavy a: tillery. H. H. Slim toe* i '> vl, i. ih , -w lork hoav / artillery. E. i\?-l(io. <i>. I), iiiti . avlvaiiarenerve ?orp* ;argt. VV. l? Uoi'ly. ii. iVhn ylv.una re-orvoeorps. >. 'Ai. i, | Hi I'MlikylVAul* rl.i ?. W. W. Well*, i o, K, fim ivnimyivaut i resorvo o->rp*. UBT OF WolNUKD IN MM MTU I I VISION, MITU OoRTf, MAT 30, O1! T 'LOI>.\rOUO'i (THUt a". Jee. Howe, Marta-ni, i n. li, hit WirvUixl. boweia. tfo. W. Intra 4i, Co. U. Ml M iry'Hnil, baud. J. J. Utrbrt* k. Co. ii, |?i M wylaml, arm. H. MoHuman, Co. K, *Hih l anna* Ivanm, arm. J, l-agan.co. ii, 'si m , lyl.r.tl rrn. I>. Sb n, O). 1, 10 h No* v'ork lianvy ir'lllory, thtgb. A, I). Urav.Co H. I Hi Mn<u>nrhii*eii'' . *eg W. B. Kan eh. Co. fl 4 Ii Vl-ry and. thtgb. W. A. hburuni. Kir?t t.?.'iit. O) I, fltti Pennsylvania, am. J. K Kay hs, 10. If, Mb \Uryian4, arm ,1. Val-Dilno, ? o K , f ; i >i i'onn?ylviiot >,ebMt. 9. W McDoniilil, Cort nl Co. I) 71b Maryland, breaat. U. Peel 'r, Co. U, vtb V?w Vnrk, (hlitlld 1). We* rail, o. O, IU7tn P<>anay lvanta,lMfMli liUM dead. J, i*. 0?i?, Caw C, mill New York, bind. J. Webber, Co. C. 04' h New York, hand. * J W. Barry, Co. B. Puroeli I Otffcm, letc. ? W. F. Hurlord. Sergeant Co. K. Purnell Ijifkm, heM. W. H. Gilbert, Co. II. I07tb reunxylvania, bfp. F. U Howurd, Corporal Co. H, 9<Kh l eunijylvaaU, back. W. H. Cole, Co K, lat Murylanil, band. P. II Monro, O). H, tfth Now York, arm. Uonfi Mccormick, < o I, 224 ftUs-iecbasetta, tblfh. A Revere, Co. II. 82d Vtas.??r.hii*elt?, breaat. Jaa fnakoiper, 0>. U, 32d MaBiacbumetta, hinds. Jbo 8bitrer.li F. <2d I'eunnylranln, ebeok. W. M. Clark. Co. R, ?2d i>nnsyivunia , arm. Jbi>. McMnney, Co. II. 18th MiiaaarhiisettN, arm. c. W. Frflncn Co. K. WM viBHuachuieita, aru?. v R c, Morton, Co, I. 02<l P?ntt?v)vania. arm. A, R. Poutii, Ti<i Mai^acbDBoiia, sbiulder, C C. l^roietto. ?2>1 tl?uaclii)*t>tM, band*. H^jor R. T. Klliot>, ltttli Mlnbltian. mortally. Optkka K A Naab.44tn Now York. Lieut H. >). nilaoik, 82 'I Mng-achu-ottd, blp. Livut. W H. Hurra. HWh Mlcbliian, iblith. A. Mf.Klroy, Co. B, 3"tb MiiHH.ichnseU.?, arm. C. F Melnuan. CO. I, aflth Masaacb-motiB. thigh. M. It Uti'otmi. ''o. 1, 36th !\in8'iichii*etta, tbighv. P. Cwlai.Co K, ;i?tn V'a^oiK hiwolts. arm, J. I^aoitard. <>) A, lith Michigan, arm. J. I). Day. OX I, Ml Mas-aehusetts. hVp. Corp. J. ? am?, iMH. New t'ork ?rtiiUTy, wm. cl Brown, Co, cjifittt MichiKan, thigh. Cori?rn< W Ln>'l, Co . , ixth Mnssitchiifietia, thigb. A. Tbomueoii, Co l?, aotb M.v?ichuie?t?, shoulder. B. I hoi y . I o. K 62d viaH>ai:hoaotia, arm. S. O. Sheen, Co. K . 324 Ma?a ifll'iMtta, arm C. I'. WtMson Co I''. d>M M 'BuachiiBettR, hand. M. 'Hi*, co. K, I8ib MuB-i'iehnaetts. ?ho tiler. E. t e'rigan. Oi. I :Vld Vlai-B'ChiiMitH. ?rm. Kor. earn II. Unrr, Co. K, 3d Ma iachi'eetui, sboulilar. Corporal A. I ane. i o II, 8 I ViMHHOlHISetta, Ride. C. \Vu?#rt, CO. D, 10 h .VOw York h*<vy nrtt lery. John Hn'|ior. < o. 8 32d Mum icbusetts, tblgh, II. Ibl't: 4Hi M saisilppt. Corix rni T". M ?r , Co. K. S2d MiMiclioselta, leg, F. W. Ah t>?tt, Co I, Kill M^mIhikUI), hMi Soivetoi J. A. i'iack,'"o. ii 8iM Ma^nRhusetta, leg. A. I). Smith, Co. B, 44th V?* York wrist. T.J. Vetnn, Co. E,t2d Mm-a burWia, bir*. C W. Austin, to I), k34 I'eiinavlvMiIti thtcb. W onki n. i o. K, Olh .Vow York lio^vy art lory. W. Pi n ogion, Co f , Sow York hear . arti.ioiy, leg. I. lout Win. A. Kotm. ;Vld Vlrrtnia. bronfit. R. Ii. l unlap, Co. A. 52d Virginia, nhoulder. C. W. Allen, Co. K, 6'Jd Vtrgluia, h> atl. .Samuel Mttcbel(Co. N,6Mib Virginia, band. Eiiglncerl Dcupatvhcd to Grant'i Army* Waauikimon, June 3, 18M tieaeral Baraard, accompanied by a number of engineer oil Leer c, baa led Washington (or General Grant'a army. REBEL ACCOUNTS. The Rebel Army o( Northern Virginia. [Correspendooco of tbe Richmond Kuqulrer, Hijr 30.) Ammv Of NoRiUKU.* V'm .:iu, May 2 1?, 1H04. n*vin?' Men on lh?- marob lor n mgbt and two uaya, opportunillee to write have boon limned It la no aec ret mat (Jruut hue made hia im, a cbange 01 b*ee. wulob baa nereenlMted a corresponding movement en our own part ; and both armlca ngmn con r ot eaob otber in the vMmlr of (be memorabio fceoee of IH?2. I'be pfeclfl Jocalrtf of the enemy 'a linen are not yet clearly developed . but according to our beat Information tbi? iimrnhg, bin right reel* not far from llaweo' an&p, and extend down in the i d it Oct ton of tne rainunirey river, a-poriion 01 his pirket line being about three and a ball allea from Atlee'a | Elation. 11 became apparent Thursday nlgbt that the Yankees did not lutein! to give h<ttle on the line of the North Anna and that tney were moving to our leit and down that river. This impression ?ai confirmed by the sharp skirmishing In (root of our cootre the mme night, with i he (tMmI dee he M reel oar iinee, whirh wag rapaatad early Friday morning while their army waa already on the move The order waa given and our army oat In motion, preceded bv the wagon tram*, and, baring the Inaide track, pursued Ha way leinuriy until It arrived at Ita present position? Anderson's division bringing up tbe rear. Tbe mareb won undisturbed by any ungual incident, and tbe Tro<>|*, wboae heroic forti tu??o la aa impressively eibibited tn their eaduranee of bardatilp aa In tbe fesrlensness with whKih they brave death oa tbe battisKIeld , l>ore it uncomplainingly aed cheerfully Kverythlng given ?rtr?ad fuf note of preparation?' for another bloody conlllet, and tbe proglmlty of the two boalile armies warn* us that a collision may now oceur at any day, onions Urnnt not liking tbe situation, should decide to in ike still another change of ba;e About twelve o'clock yeaterday a severe cavalry fght occurred near Ha we"' abop, between detecbmeiiU of noveral brlgnden o: Kltzbngb I ?e> and ila-ui.t.m'd <llvi> aiona and a cot pa of Yuakee cavalry .supported bv a large brniy of infantry, eatlmst*! at two oor|* Tbe enemy were guarding the road leading from ttiat point to the Peninsula. Their eevalry were d? mounted during Ibe tight and c mmwl Uriog oa ua at a dWUoce. H in parilos advanced, and the enemy repeatedly rhaigeil our line and were handsomely repui-ed in every e# rt. Their centre waa driven in or tell back. and. bciag la iiu ?It tout danger el belag surrounded un liotb danka by tbe largely superior and combined forcea of both oavalry and Infantry, we ware compelled to retire a ebort dkMeuoo to avoid It, the enemy a artillery plaving on our ranks coo tlnuoualy. Tbe muaketry was very heavy, and ss Inces sant for a time as the voile) a between infantry ia regular line of battle. Tbe lose ou both allies was heavy and a few prtaooers taken; but it la imnoiutble now to give ot?io aa approximate estimate uf our own or that of tbe enemy. Amm.g tbe uisiiolttas were Colonel Mllleo. oi Ceirgia, killed, and Colonel Dunnavant, of Houtb Carolina, wounded by a pistol shot through tbe left band. Moot of our loss is attributed to tbe >aet that nearly ail tbe force engaged on our part were aew men, wbose only Idea waa to go in and i.gln, wbicb they did do moat gillai.tly and crcditably. The tight continued at lutervala until aeuriy Ave o'clock P. M., without de olmve reeult,save the ascertaining of tbe enemy 's poai tlon and strength on that part of his llnes.|jg Tbe youthful and dashing O 'ueral Voupg, ?>!' lieorgla, bad been iom;orariiy aasigoed to tbe ci>D>tuan<l e tbe brigade of \orih Carolina cavalry of General Sot'tJoB, wouaded In the late flcht belo# Kiclim nd. Tiie first ration of t bicoo, under lim act of Congress , was isaucd to tbe amy on Friday. Don Me rations of hacoa have been Ineued tor several days, with the addi tion of Irish potatoes, whioU is renewed by the it ..?iw aa noevltenre of tbe ability of I ho government to feed them, as well aa aaulher indication of tbe interest mam fasted i or tbeir health aad aomiort. Pi* o'(.!o< ? l'. M. Tbe llnea have been very nunat w" morning tie d>y having been oecnpMd by thaetiemy in asan?-uveriog and I fueling onr poeitioa. lie ivy clo ida of smnke b^ve been j rising from tbe flire ttaa of their line* for several h nra They are rer>?ed to be advarleg the r right wing la. four columns from tbe diret.ilm of flsnover Cv?>ir? House,' aooompenied by rivalry, anpa>eetly with the design of torn itig wor left fl ink. Their adv^nrw la betwveo three sad foar allea abova Atlee'a Nation, aa tbe Ceatral Railroad. The opinion pre vara la rme eeartors that tbia a a?ve taent oe onr lert is a fatat. white the mam ??.'<<v will t Jove down towards tbe river on our rlgbt In either eviftl, II la aot probers that a gecevat eqfagvment will oeour h?ro to-morrow K It depee4a oa the enemy, who gen. -ely ooneume two or tbrea <tays Hi aiaao ivartng and e-pi^p I tn mag the Situation of our linen. Mtti.tiwe you wnl he ad v and by telegre|ib of auy obafljte hefotv my aeat ecn> MiMaHsa. A Pollrsaaaa us the Rampage. TO TBS KDiroR or TUB n?tw 1 1 D. l lie autemaot ta TTiarrday a f ibi'A hedged "a iviicamaa oa the Raoipeme," is wwrrect, and does great miaaMe* t.? a 'laeetvug and reatiecled < mcer. Pfcirr.m-a Kr nk, wb? wan hfld to lell^y Juatloe Connsliy I r a." a^uituig He'# ? 't rhifHr-a, of the Twelfth precinct, b? tv?ir h?ep j>.tifl>!grn?' a man of auimp^artiable char rter Uj lh? eltirore c* th>? \<ard. aad U now only anxlo ;i to re> , UIU h ioo*1 I ?> 1 *SM for a auapei.Mofl of puWlo ri.liim- ?it BLtll tilt r.<?? h*? her e a tauiil ci hy Km I aatbor t;ai. A UTOTCN I.IK 1V? ttrhl W'ABXJ. I on Oi *!??? !??-?>?? 0. ibtwb Horn sii - Tua 8 ?Mon - ti;,.! id U-e off# rs of the lions ?a U< ?.' waa robi>e>i >' an ? < <-b In Fleet hi reel la?t mght. It wee allerwardi re Snvrrd hy tm . oi 'fat.aleln who ?Heirt <1 the ttq?vi#ii ^. istn ai i i t > t'i? v."s. l llie sai'n*<< of tb^ ileet le trovd a very ai^d > *aio^ew Vor*. ?inm ot them Iwiug ImiK'i'e a j y ?m??I.'"I in ll?>U i'iiv hy aBoi^o- 1 ?> n -11 h ??. nil t >? y ?e tow w.cjow.* J I it, a r they *,(?>?? wrflr i?a'? > hro re 'b'?v arrived i* ? Is ii.Hi'i'l ? ?hT . |-> a liave Imrg v?.ri to ?>r suy \ .? i. ia n. 1 >y lay i ur hImu r. ay ?nu<i ?I'i-.g v.r ii ? 'i .iiy n vo <? i ?! ""i* lii tilvnnioi >.iei of ?tf i' >e?t l li.? ?.* i'. ? . . .fj". T';? v ? ! a u 04 v.. i t v >y f It e-r Kith tt.o i(*k 1> ?i?t'ai', St I " 1. SHERIDAN ! Gallant Achievement by the Cavalry Under Generals Torbert and Merritt. The Rebel Cavalry Complete ly Routed. Additional Details of the Conflict. CAPTURE OF RESEL PRISONERS* General Wilson's Victory on the Bight. THE CASUALTIES, i?n *?? a* M*n If. DavlUionN D?ip?t?h?i, HmiXjUa'WKHS ' aVSI.RT fil?HP8, I AltMT or Tim Porr>M A< , May Si , 1804. J UUI0V4L or HKAJXjtJARTBRi. Yesterday morning, ibiut mo o'clock. >hese hoaliuar ? tare ware rem ivod to tiio house of Edwa.-U O. Kuitln, t!io ?M rebel who flr-d the tlrst gun In the present war upon the steamer Stir of the Wee', and arterward* tbm upon | F>rl>umtor. Thoiitu itlon Is .1 bomtrul one Tor a r<-si | donee, sud lb.) pi iu latum, 01 1,700 teres, M no* pretly j | well tilled. T io hou-e Is dese-isd by -be family, b it tho remain* of the library Indicate thai it was formerly wall Stored with agricultural wo.ks. Having gotten wall ' settled In the^o coinf triable q iariere, we were try tng to eoj' y ourselves and rolrosb with a little fileep? lor uatlog end drinking oas beon a rarity wltli the array during Ibe laM month for both man nod beast? wben all at once musketry SIC RWIIINd OOMNKOKD j within a baifmllo.on Devm's fr nt. General Torburl and stalT wore immediately in t??*i hllc .tnd riding i'c.r | wai d to sea wtiai th i 'U'l War II ?r-io" was about. I4u foond that m aiuinpilng to form a picket lino our bo** discovered some of Ibu S>>u?b Carol in* boys engage I iu tlio sa ne landabie purpose, on this side of Mittadcqul i cre>-fc. Devln objected, and wlie rssult was a pet to. TUB KB KLS DH I \ K.N HiC*. General Merrllt and stiff, follows ! hy ih.i reserve bri gade, followed Torhort linnvlUt'ty <i?nvn to Old Church, aud thcuce by the Coal Harbor ro:id towards tbu crei B. I>- tio and Merritt pitched In with grnst /oil, drove tho rohels to tbo lirst woods, theu dumounif d three four tba of their men, leaving the others In charge of tba horses, and oa foot pr< ssod them through the woods and across the ravino and creek, and over lb* uoxt bid lulo Ibe woods. U was a pretty sight . Aa i bey were going up the hill Wliliston opened bis ; tun* on them and hastened thuir footstep*. Ibe plooes wore admirably served, under the direction Of Lieutenants Wliliston, Chapln sod Fitzgerald. Having reached Ibe woode lbs rnerny made another stand, sup ported Jy their reserves Uorritt and Devln maintained i their ground, bowover, most slubb truly, and contested every iueh until tbe liuea were witbin eight rods of each other, neither yielding and both suffering great slaughter. FHMIDAN O.V TH* HKI D-Wun OSbSHKIl I F. General Torbert, who was clear up to the front, now ordered up General Custer, wlih his demoralizing eeveu shooters, to aid In running them out of tbe woods. Meanwhile Genorsl Sheridan bad gone out and placed himself In a conspicuous place by the side of Wiiii'ton's gens, wbore be cmld observe matters and give direct una Whoa Custer reached tbta point ha halted and dismounted his meu, who moved forward on the double qolck, and In leaa than fliteen minutes we cmM bear toe continuous crack, orsck. crack, of their Rnencer rifle i. The Klrvt New York dragoons, Colonel Clbbs, chargeJ la with tb< m, and the enemy doubtlees thought ten thousand men at lesat bad reinforced their opponents, for they fled precipitately for two or threo mile-', leaving tbeir dead and severely wounded on tbe Quid. General lorbori r 1 lowed lb m up, snd spent tbe night four mile* in ad vauce of Old Chur<.l>, The woun lad were we'l c tr*d for by Doctor* lease, Magill, Rmison, Rosen, Curran. MoGsogbsn and otbera. 1 uuclose a list of tbe wounded sa far sa aacertaioed. tub hkmclsrs r* tbr ii<.iit . As Merritt's br<gade were pressing on toward* CoaJ Harbor this afternoon they camn ui>ou tbe enemy's cav II airy, reinforced by lUree rsglmeut* o ( .Vortb Carolina In Mmtry, Merrltt pitche<l mu> them witb hi* regulars, and waa strongly supported by D*\ in and ( usrtr. The tight was eveo more desperate thau ye?tord?y. General Sbarl - dao galloped to tbo front to supervise the movements tie* eral Torbert, however, waa whipping ibem beautifully, uiasrs in om rai The First regulare had Captain HcKee and l.leut. Hover, | and two other officers wouoded, the former In two plaooe. I.leut. Murphy,' of the Sixth Pennsylvania was killed. CapUm Craig Wadswertb bad bis horse shot under him, being tbe third ca*s of the kind wblob be has eulTcrad. H* ia a s n of the lata General Wadsworth and A. D. C. to Geoeral !>>rbe-tf a bravo and elTioieul offloer, with, por bapa, a spiuo of recklessnees In Ina diring. The K?e uid United Stales cavalry, Captain Ktxlouhnugb, eiptn ed a large number of piisooers, one hundred aad two of whom have Just arrived at headquarter*, Ther? are foor officer* among thrm. Tbey ,r, ch)tfly J < I North Carolina reg.ment of Goosral Cilnginai.'s brigale 1 AS, '.Ml battle orrurro4 all mile* away, I must do.'er further partleSlAr* till to morrow, VStr? OF TH* mwTBBT. This action glv* u* Coal Uarbor, and If I.ee la at M* chsnlcBVills, a* I* supposed, very nearly larva hi* rlgLt flaak? a great point gained. ni KriOT Hori?t ?y si-io p, u, ruRKBT'a FlUHTH I There was h?svy rannunadin* thla afternoon oa o?r left, la tbe vlcinliy of c el Herbor, or Seines' Mill. I bavej i?t le.irne.| that It proeesded from forbort's divi sion, who *ere engagiog the reb la In tbit vicuity. We bave our bendip artera still <u Ibis pl-ce, but Oeuerai Sheridan hi In tbe Held person .lly aupcrlr tem.lng th* tb(n-emei!\a end cperstions >f toe forces under bM chb? ?Wit, AM.no t i* um There has also been tlgbtiug on General Masde'a right thla mort.ing, and near Mejitsai svUle; but a l ia 'fuiet n>w You wll'. doutMeee, learn full particular* from jour other correapoodeits. Haii> (i tarrss. f'svsijtv Court, J Astir ot ink 1'onutAO, 11 .y N|? laldulgm. j wilmo*'- vicrvar on ma ac, irr. Gei sral Wii?on, Who Wi'h the third oavalry division has bven pr??rotki;. fhe rear ef the erwir and guarding Its trains during ibe l*?*. rew da/*, took Cl.ai-m n's trf. t;ad? arm want up <ei tlte ritbt wing of nt?r amy. tovarde Hm er?r, 1" da/, wf>*re bo met Wade llamptna'a tow msnd end .le.eetel ilea ihimugbiy a*Torb*rt did Pita l^e run the t?ft. two Tti-To^iM iy one vat. The oavalry baa we* two v Utorlee to day. o* *Ub*r wing of Wen <1* ? army, and IS ready to p*r*m (?e to Bid tbr-eigh rtiehMoutl. Ifthe Ir'sntry wlliot.iy start him fi in Iberentre. Glory e.i > i*l. for tlie U-t u ly if May. ton ca*"si.Ti-A { H. T Rr?'im?.i?i, P, 1st I.mted latea csvn'rr. Ii .servant. t W*<\. I'. relrlmnb. I, 17tl? I enuay ; . aotn. M ? ? el M :i >i ? V , A, '*t Ne?* Y" '? ? f.oitM ' t ls?e) w rn ew York i . spia o 'A T,i ?,? . 17 d i' n < yivsnla II. nrv . r ?;.(?. , ?,t S w V' k I bet Jeirt'D wli m Ul'.rl, K. ttt? Nut ?'%, khr/mfto Wishhn Olb frarir York. ?ttttJdl. H. D> 'J *y, I'. Xaw V?wlri l>mi1<l ?"iilUl. i , MlU \*v* V tt*? ft 'j UU'tl M* NQrk. . < V v IT. Wi N V" o k. 1'eior i liidiK ifortr. k Jt x .^Vaimck . H, lat I nlU'J maim. . ; Paul Hiktiivfi, K. J*?w V'jr*. w ii tit* >ia ''Mm (I, ??'* \aw York. Jam-a K <"ta N?# Y'Trk John M.inhy, K, it] libit* ? Miai'?. John K,?il rtnmaa f*n<\ O '.M Culi.id Jix'.Ob k. Iloi lter. 6th fwiwf ?inh. s?r<?.iui Juim II. 'VmHiuaa, )l, lib Panu?ylv?IllA. |i?v|d SUIiiimii, L, 2d |]ii|H HU'k CurpAi ?; r.itMtb !!. hiiloo. F. M !'?itad Elata*. Muivin M. lo.- tln, u. Ji| I'tiUml r>taUM. ? orp.rul < Imm. B. Ovue. K. dtb Patiuaylvaalft. Joha it. riar???. tl, i*t MVbuau. J<**. iv. Mc"r?. f?, dth viMMyiyanla. Jam Curl, 11, Ul MMI>t*ao. X. K, -J l IJnl.wl 'Ium (. -tnlUlter. II , Int \li?tlif?ii. Cbrirt. (lias/, K, Uth r*Nri?ylvaota. Vradlc. <:ag - K . 1st Mtobu'un. ?.'oraornl John K. Wm.in?r,l 1*1 lull*! Htatat riragOOIMk Wm. fHaKar, K Ud : aiu?l M iu*. *4eo. I-Julr> , M, Int t;ai;?-l stalaa. Wm. V?. H. ?l. r", <?t Vigil win. Oarporal .'oiiii Krlrkauit, I., mh ivunuylvnnia. ' oi p nal John sir' Muiin, i\.iMfi Pennsylvania. Klrat l.l?ul< imi.i Wm. H. luK"r?wil, il, lei t> im ao. A I. I'arwiB, 1, Ihl MtcbW iit. tJecr^o t V SricLtivitl, \l,l?t Uicbt*?u. ('?i t 'In otmuaulmn ' bu I., l^tlpar. fltb I'ennaylTanii. ?'ai biia tj#tir;;e R. rai user, l{, OtU Sew York. Jam t scraoii't.'f. I?, I .'I ijuiufi vata*. Wm Uwlln||. I,9|k V.w I'ork. I ."?or | M rul leioi llittf' ot, I. 21 I .unci SWIM. TbooiMH Bruvu. I , 'ill I'iijlnl . uiiis. (iDof. u a?i'i:hor, II. til) t'Auuaylvaai*. Joim Uaukejr. A. dili .si-* i or*. R. H. Wanwr, K, fib No* Ya?lr. Haraaani J?hn T. Sma:I. H, 1st United iUUi. Win. Heady, ?; , tub IVusylvaaia. HhiuclI Ulii teii-y . A. 17:li r'enutylvanta. Ueoi *a 11. ? Uitcoaib, i- , J?l United Mala*. <>?'ri(o Ainlr?*s, K. < >tf\ N#*r V?jH. Joim .UiuvBt, 1^ Sib Patiuajrlvft.il* at' n wo n ?*". William 11?>II, K . 4'h Soutb Carolina -.av.?I ry. Juidom li. 4ln ^ulii ''moltua earalry. .l?>hu Snur.?lerr, >ib -nuib i^r?luut our* try. Carp. r il Ruha. t Adama. K. lib ;~)uib? rarollau aaralff. I.. B. |)air, K, 7th ~<mth farnlMva cavalry. ? J? I). I'. . irotr)?y, 1 , TUi " 1'illj i .irinMia cavairjr^ J. K Murray, A. "tli rioulU Cirolluu c Tairy. ' 0' 1) .^."'nlarH, J tl? Soutp Cnroi ipa ta\ klrjr. y. W Jie.-iUVicfc. , t", &iU r>Milb,carvltaa caa-lrjr. H. \V ikhbiTiB, a. ?iti Kh' tn CarnilUk Cav iliy. K. I. Bayk.u, h . ;tb :"a-itll 'Mrolina rivalry f h .1 :?? U?m, II, t?h .SwilU 1'iirnMna onvalry. I?? 'Hill IT.'Ctor, C, 7tb Pihiih I'liriHina ca? airy. <"3;iUiii J. .1, Me Uea, ii'i >h?iUi Uiirvlliin ci- alrr. ThoniH.1 II??:!?y, I), tlh "nulh i -if >linJ civolry.. S. I'r US'", K , 4th SiMitb ('arnllnt "tvitlry. J .1 i'ar-iuill, I. 4il> Stvilh Carolina i:i??ilry. J. B. 1 rsal, ii.Jlii <>11111 itnmua cut airy. t'apt iin l/iiucr, oil> I'aupvylv.inU, v.aa w i.uJ il la lUa W.anrt Is rtoli i? >v?? ! I rim r. i'i o, r,(h root lyWaiifct, wum wonU'lfd in tha a Ida. ihgKuy iJou Aunni Ajtln i, Q uriermv :rr 1 Jib I'ouiwylvaum, wnif nli. >t itfuif ?hr''ttjrh ihn tiack nt thfl llr*t voif*y. Ha wiifi i br.ivn anil ? .: uat wllianr, ami waa Mi' il l whl!a lit tba lina nr b:-i iliuy I ii iion nit M i iu. Aili iUait UU !'iriu?> l.nnk?, wui ahoj dond ibi'imuh i !.?* lmv?. ISTFOATANr FROM THE MimSIPPL Eng-dgtm nt w -'i th-5 Rsbel Hattories at Gaiu s' L lading. The Steamer L banon Cap tured and Burned. Uardauello T-k a by (ha Rebel taeucr&l Shelby* D?stru?Mv ^ Tir* Air.injgr the Ship _)Jfi at JfJr-w Otivan*, As.. A*, Mkmihi* ?.Uv 3!. 1NL Til : ?IOIT Al 0?1M?' I *-*i: >0. Ill# (lo clad' Mormorit, J me and I'rairlo Hlr.l recently ci(iik>mI the robot ballot ?<>"? al *1 Hooa' I.tn " %nd t :c cae'led id driving tu in *wiy. rin Pri ?i Bird wal ?truck thirty Iiiiiim tuid ilie ..mo {frigid* Uo.t ila.ta b >d her donkey eu^mo <U l ovn.'o u I uud tlio au.l m*jr klliod Murmitd.ike, whit la roportel to H" in OMivutid of lb* rebult, liuH takoa twelve iile ei of * r 1 . 1 1 nry . He o*ti>iure<t and burned the ?tetmur l/rbtnoo nod cirri d Mm ciew and ;>-U??ii^i'rii ?H u prtomier*. He bunt* frou* til* Wbito river roport il.o robe* to ho tlm*; but the btad are aut iaoi*?ted. A h?avy force oi rebel* W re,*ir'?l t?i >? ?itlilo twontJT ttvo mliM of Dovill's H'ii I, mrdtHi t <to tto*t plac>). Ihey ?i* auitpured to numb ?r flflivo t <ii<uid. CAiTViiB 'if iiakimnki.i k lie in.; n iitv? li >r.n nunt The rebel i;eneriii ftbolby aaptiirod Dirdauullo Iml Monday, taking two hu drad pri ? or*. Alter Abe c*p tnro bo urot-ed the Artn.ii u rlwr, .in I it wa? a i|Ht> sod Hut ho i&teuded to airiko the Uti!.- K k Ritlrnai. fcuoriiho ?ro r?praMi<4 u< i.uui"Mily ac iro la Arkann >1. 11 aprca * to bo Ibe intent on f tba rebel* to fori'* tu? Uulou t.iH)|H to e.y.iouuo alt tua Stale I.itiie Ktfck arid Helena. J i k-ouport and lute-v tev( teen ovaouuod by our lorooa it!M, JuM 2, IBM. HMV muxana no-^ ? nv wum Ibe offlcora of the ivtuiine <%rrt>i|, which baa ' Just arrived wit';. ^ cw Ufirmm j4l<i tu tn? 27tb nil.,, report that <V(kao ?omo <iiat tor? irom the cltr tboy niitioo a larno Itjrhc . iuppoa?d to be New Ortoono. Ok ftrrivloK at Hatoa itougf tney learned tnat a dvafAtcb b*.l Ihwu received atitlug that elKbt etearaoo.ua bad boon burned at New Orleans. No part cuinra bad roocbtd Baton Kougo. tmo ormtjr Attn uinnm. Favorable news from Now York bad give* ao upward tondoocy to tba Vow Vrloana cott.ni rn.rkef, rt>* lupply waa li^bt. and tbero waa uot much d Nf. -mnr w ta dulk and driKvinc, wuh Rniali gileaof fair to good at ITo * lt?c i and fully fair at Ifc*. a '20c. Nothing 4otug ta bwj? las.9< *"* 'I'WVitiQDS nuwlnal. Tin i>orii"?i of ibo E 'tl^'tb li inota refimt<a wblck hit* not io oiuieiod haa arrived from Litt.o Rockt r# -omtt to Sfriinfloid, W t'C R>4?Ur<:d out of tbq narvko, by ce dar o( Cenora. Caoby. AiTivirr ix th?l QriKiKBMivrKH'a nrntiytirf, * Capiam J"bii 0. Kuuek. 'otln^ Qi iiorai.^ur, feao boon iMl)iDe<l ft duiy aa reneral ?u|.?rinn> det t uf (bo land and water truuai-ortati ? wftbia tlie UirUiOn oC Weot Miaaieah'i'i Tbe oil>cer* an I o > ooro ? ail etejni bnala pfjrlnf on tba Mi?*wa>|i|>l rtrer and tta tribat<rl?? ?oath Of Cairo are ordered to report to bin at be.i .q iar tert, which are *l Natcbec, ?ad give tbe names or (fnl^r boat* an I Uarg.-j m every d-<nr pnon. their MHkfo, duactlptMo, o?ii?.r?, and tba trade io which tb?y a r? eumed. yoijncif. A ronrcntloa of uucoudi'loii*! Uoumlsta h -?toel Anlo. aat' a to the naitmoro O>or ntun from tba Wan term die- . trtn nf Tei ue<t'?d ut< mblod at N< nipblA oo the 30th Mt , M-i rotoli'tioM were ?J pie I eii'loralna too ?dinink'tnu tl>n. and |>ledtfiOK tbem-e.yw to aupinrt Abrenam Mooohi lor i'reatdeut aad Audy Jobnouo fur Yloo KroeK dotil. ROWI from California. Han Fa vxnrc >. June 1 , 1M4. Another largo Cbrlatlaa OoohdImioo aneotmc waa bolA last olgbl. Tbero waa a lar^e gathering of Aiumol at rtak'md fm ? W l?y, o?i tbc <ne*aWH? of the yrarloaiion of lh? ftm1 clHu of t n CMNse of caitToroia. Mw.trd rt*?ly , Pr. Hollows bi d Uooorai Wright wora pre^nl an< tpoka A HroAf Union looting prevailed. A lart , 4 mn tit y of oonlHcaloJ CbloeM oplnm, wbteb waa imiif(iMi Inlo ibis port, a to bo told by tba ( uKed Matt* MarflMi Ktc-k or all kiodi* aucb depreaood General trad# dull. Tbe otilp Seeuan la now diarbarring Tour gfnoo l??l? and two InHtan yino for bo?b<>r datouro. tb 'a b^re a*0.: ?.?? ?rrt",>H or dopartureo of oof*. Tii( Piil^iaw I'rreOYot. I ???*??. Jun* I. INi I Th< l<ij??ao fr' ?to lorofroW b?? '''W r?r

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