4 Haziran 1864 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 11

4 Haziran 1864 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 11
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SUPPLEMENT NEW YORK, TO THE HERALD. SATURDAY, JUNE 4, 1864. T?T ?ooos. DBBSSBS Aim CLOAKS? V BOND STREBT? MRS PARRAlN.Trom Paris, offers to ladles who wis houei Bar with thetr patronage, tan yews' experience M ooUer la toe Srsi iiwiHii eetablishmeuts of Parts. BXCIjCSIVRLY FRENCH FLUTING--ONB TO TWEM ty Inches wide. All materials (luted to an onaurpaxaad meaner, at Mr?. GULDEN'S French Plating Betabilkb ?sonts, 18 Amity street. (B. B? A |biock and a half from Broadway;) IfTBIeecke retreet. below Wooster atreot. and K1 Pulton street Brooklyn N. B? No machinery u.-ed la aba genuine Prcnch fluting. T AD 1 18. HAVE TOU BBBN TUB BBAUTIPUL JLi French styles of Dresses. Cloak* sad Bonnets, in tho June number of be Boo Toaf It ia the boat and ehenpeet towaal of fashion. Subscription one year, monthly, Afl single onpiFH (SO cents. Pot sale by all newsdealere and B. T. TAYLOB. the Importer. 811 Broadway. W. T. EH. MAOY. . NOW OPEN, OCR SPRING IMPORTATION OP KID OLOVE& BLBUANT SHADES. BBBT QUALITY, AT LOW PRICES. SM and 300 SIXTH AVENUE, TWO BOOBS BELOW FOPBTBBNTH 8TBBBT. mO UNION LEAGUE LADIES. ?THE CHBAPKB1 A Dress and Mantilla trim mi up is Preueh Fluting, not irn. ported, but made here. All material fluted, without machi nery, at J. DARTU18' French Flut'ng Bstablishment, Ml Broadway. CLOTHIHO^ A SURER PLACB.? AT 2?3 SIXTH AVKNUB LADIES and gentlemen will And the Air and honest dealer, B MINTS, to whom they can dispose of their Cast Oil' Cloth Inc. Carpets, Furniture and Jewelry. at 80 |>er cent mora than by other dealers in the city, i promise to pay the fol lowing prices:? Silk Dreaaes, from $8 to >45; 'oats, $4 to Blfl:Paats $1 lo $ 7. Also for Woollen, Delaine and Mils' nn Dresses the highest cash prion will be paid. A eall or a note by post will be punctually attended to Ladlee attend od toby Bra. Mints. Remember the original B. Mint* and Ike number. 2H3 Sixth avenue, near Eighteenth street. Or. ?emlroin Brooklyn and Jaraey City punctually attended to ATTENTION.? AT 212 SEVENTH AVBNUB. H. ROSEN BERG, the California and Western agency store re ceived large ordura to purchase $76,1100 worth Of Cast Off Clothing. These orders muat be fulfilled in a very short tune. Ladies and gentlemen. I wiah you would take parti cular netioeand look over your wardrobes, and see if you h;i?o?uy clothing you do not need. For your sati faction I will mention some of the prices. Silk dresses, tmm $0, tofoO; eoaia, from $9 to $25; pants, ifroin $3 to $7: also, woollen and muslin dresses, carpets. furniture, jew-lrv, Ac. By calling or addressing H. ROSENBERG. 21! Seventh ave *}??', Indies attended to by Mrs Rose iberg, in and out or tkovity. 4 TTENTION.? AT THE NEW STORB. NO. 114 THIRD -A avenue, ladies and gentlemen are gaaranteed to receivo the highest price* for each article of Cast Off Clothing. Fur niture. Carpets, *c., for the Southern and ?>itwn markets. Please remember, and try C. MISH, 114 Third avenue, near fourteenth otreei. Ladies attended by Mrm. Miab. Orders from Brooklyn and vicinity attended to. > ATTENTION!? THB VBBY IDENTICAL PLACE TO get the full value for your Cast Off Clothing. Carpets. Pnrnlture, Ac., is at the new store. Ml) Ninth avenue. ABW18 MAKER. Ladies will be attended by Mrs. Maser. AT '363 BOWERY.- H. ROSENTHAL HAM A ORE At desire to purchase a large quantity of Caat off Wearing Apparel. Furniture, Caspeta, Jewelry, Ac. Bv calling on or addressing him ladies and gentlemen can obtain the utmost value for each article. Ladies attended to by Mrs. Rosen thal. Please remember, and try 353 Bowery, opposite Great Jones street. T CASBBERG PAYS THB HIGHEST PRICE FOR XJ? ladles' and gentlemen's Cast Off Clothing. Parties waited upou by addressing L. Cashberg, 48 East Twelfth street, near Broadway. Ladies waited upon by Mrs. C. ^ __ MKDICAJL. k ^ AFFLICTED RESTORBDI-IONORANCE EXPOSED!? Fallacies Unmasked I? Highly Important to both sexes. Married or single, m health or disease.? Dr. LARMONT'S Paris, London and New York Medical Adviser and Marriage dimde (Kith edition, 400 pages, 10 > illustrations), upon De hillty . Urinary Affections Bladder and Kidneys, the author's ?nequalled Paris and London treatment. Ac All should purchase this work of B. WARNER. No 1 Ve?ey street, for ftl. er consult the Doctor. 173 Broadway, up stairs, New sork, from 10 A. M. to 5 P.M. "We concur with other papers In recommending Dr. Larmont and his work."? sViirrier des Etuis Dnls, German die Reform, Dispatch, JMaataZeltung. Atlas. Medical Review, Ac. _ A DVICB TO MARRIED LADIES.? MADAMS RES A TELL, Female Physician and I'rofessor of Midwifery, ?an be consulted as usual at 163 Chambers street Bat one Interview will be necessary. No charge for advice, liar in fallible medicines can also be obtained at 127W Liberty desire board and j or by mail; price $5. Ladles who (behest medical attendance during confinement can be ac ?emcnodAted. Her French Pills, No. 1, price fl a box. or Bo. 2, which are four degrees stronger thsn No. 1, and ian ?over fall, are safe and healthy ; prtoe $6 a b?x Can be sent by mail, with full directions. N B ? Madame Restell deems M her dnty to caution ladles against imitators of her adver tisements, who not only rob them of their means, but their Bealth. ADVICE TO THE AFFLICTED.? MADAMB DBS PARD'S Female Pills are the only medlctne ladiescan depend on with safety and certainty. Can be *-ent bv mail. B. Ladles who desire to avail themselves of Madams Mespard's valuable, certain and safe mode of treatmont, can AO so at one Interview. Relief warranted la 24 hour*. Beside n e 101 Sixth avenue, opposite Bighth street. Ladies ~ Ion during eonSnement, with the belt medical attendance. ~ i hours from 9 A. M. to 6 P. M. B Advice to ladieb-Thb fribnd in need. dr. POWERS, 81 Franklin street, the never-falling doctor. Anxious patients. Immedhitelv use hi- French r>rope. Re lief sure In twenty-four hours. Beware of Imitations. B WISB IN TIMB -APPLY TO THB 8URB PLACB i for a speedy euro without mercury. I nfortunatea wBI find it to their advanUge before applying anywhere else. Advice free, at Dr. WARD S ofliee. 61 Prsnklla st. DR WATSON. AN OLD AND EXPERIENCED PRA<: llttoner, is enabled to guarantee a cure In all cases, by aafe remedies, and without change of diet or restriction from business. Dr Watson's book, the "Cause and Cure." Illustrated throughout by anatomical plates, Ac., contains valuable Information for such as are suffering from either disease or debility, or who ooulemplue marriage. Price BL Sold by Miller A Co., Post office. ?22? Broadway, and by the author, 630 Broadway, next block above the Metro politan Hotel. DR. GRINDLE, FEMALE PHYfllCIAN and ac ooucher. No. ? Amity place three doors from Amity street. mak*s It his special practice to treat all female complaints, from whatever cause produced. 1s sure to ?ve retlef t? the most anxious patient In twenty -four hours, legant rooms for ladiss requiring nursing. DR. LEWIS' MEDICAL AND SURGICAL INSTITUTE, No. 7 Beach street, three doors from West Broadway, New York, is the only place where ladies will receive proper medical treatment and speedy relief. Separate rooms for the especial accommodation of lad es. Open till 9 P M. DR. COBBKTT. NO. 20 CENTRE STREBT. BETWEEN Chambers and Reade street-, can be consulted with confidence on diseases of a private character A practice of thirty-four vears, three of which have been in the hospitals ?f New York and London, enables him to treat with success nervous and general debility. The victims of imposition can eall on him with the certainty of being radically cured, or no chanre N. B.? See Dr. C 'a diplomas. In his oOlee. as member of tho New York University Medical College and Collage of Surgeons, Lon i <o. DR. LEWIS' CELEBRATED REMEDIES ARE MILD and effective In their operations, reuulre no restraint in diet, loss of, time or bindrsaoe in business, possessing tho power of oradiratlng every symptom of the disease in Its worst stage. One trial win convince the most skeptical of their surprising vmportlee. Blight cases cured in twn da vs. or prevented It appicatlon is made In time OiHee Bo. 7 Beach street, between Varick and West Hmadway . Rooms arranged so that the patient sees no oae bul the Doctor. Established In 1940. DR. WEST'S MONTHLY TONIC-TUB GREAT FE male monthly regulator Re; ef sure In forty-elghl hours. Oflloe 27 Duane St.. between Chatham and Centre E|R. CULVERWELL, OP LONDON. AUTHOR O* 1 "What to Bat, Drink and Avoid." "Marriage," *< .. ng called to the United States professionally, mav ho oonsulied for one woek only on all cases of Nervous Debili ty. Spermsterrh'ea, Ac., on and after Monday, Junes. For particulars address Or. Oulrsrwel1. box 3,313 Post oBoo, Btw York. rVK ABDBBSON, 31 ELDRIDGB STREET, NEAR MJ Cana;. gives ad vice free. Female troubles speediiv re moved. Hto treatment is aafe and certain. No humbug. No humbug. AU communication- strictly conBdeutiai. Da POWBBB. <1 PBANKLIN STREET. CAN BB CON. suited gratis with unparalleled success on all female com* plain ta Hm Periodical Drops. $2 per bottle, eipreniy for obstinate oases. Beware of imitations. DR. RALPH, AUTHOR OP TnBl PBIVATE TREA Use. 80 Amity street. Tho?e who apply in the early atage of disease will bo surprised at the ease and rapidity or the core. Those, however, who have suffered long will best appreciate his servtoes. B. COOPBR, 14 DUANE 8TRKBT. MAY BB COB _ suited en all diseases. Thirty years exclusively dsvotod .4 diseases enab'ss him to warrant a cure In all cases. The victims of misplaced confidence In mediant pretenders au, can with a certainty of being radically en red. or no pay. /100D NBWS FOR THB AFFLICTED.? DR. WARD'S VJl Speciflc and Preventive cures the worst cases without msreory or change of diet. His magioal Invigorating Pilla, S3 p*r package, art a lure cere where manhood has been Impaired. B1 UNDRBDS ARB RUINED BB*OND REDEMPTION In this life by not railing on Dr HL'NTBR at first; he fbr thirty years conflned his attention to diseases of n certain cla-s, in which be hascered no less than fl i ty thou nand cases Ills remedies are mild, and there Is no Inter ruption to builnesi or change of diet. l>r. Hunter is In eon. atant attendance from A In the morning till I st night, st his ?IdoBce. No. 3 Division street, New V ork city, aluce 1834. Charges modeists and a Onra guaranteed. Separate rooms, ae thai ths patient sees no nne but the Doctor himself Hie wonderful msdlral discovery, known as Dr. Hunter's Red Vrope. euros certain diseksiv when regular treatment and ^'1 ether reme lie* fall; cure-" without dieting or restriction i the habits of the patient: cures with'<ut the disgusting and slnkenlne effects or all other remedies; eur?s In new eases in lass t baa six hours; cirss wtlisut the drea.lful con ee?iu?j,t etrects of merrury. and imoaesses the peculiarly va *bnlhllatlna the rank and poisonous taint Vk . ii J^r,WLlMl'.'2.i#r',,!.nr' "nl*' hl? "emedyls esed. sivvVn^r *nd "h*t no other will accom. pllsh. Itrcents will secure by return mall his medical work PERSONS SlIFFRRINO FROM RHEltM ATTsim nie eases of the Lungs. Throat, DlWK.rf l nrlvate character or otherwise, will do well lo ralton Ilr ANl'EHHOM. 31 Bislrldge street, near Canal at ^. w v A speedy cure guaranteed. No humbug. Advice ' trails! Charges moderate. arans. llADANR ORINDLB, FBMALB PHYSICIAN." NOS Jvl Amtly place, three doors from Amity street, ean tU oeosolted on all diseases Of f> malea Her medicines ar* ui. eadcertaln Convenient rooms for ladies who desire mm and medlaal attendance during conflnemsA. MADAMB PARSBLLS? FRMALR IMrTSIClAlT^in m dwlfe. Is no% ready to receive all lady invalldst remfertshle rooms eipressly for Isdlee during confinement. Call at 741 Greenwich street. SHnATTRRBD CONSTlTl'TIONH RP.STi I RP P BT ?n*T guaranteed remedy. Dr. POWERS' Bssenee of Life, eflirnfll Franklin stri-et, in less time than any other medl. etna. All person! contemplating marriage should take the reniedy. 331 IB LAMBS1 PBIRND IN NRRD^DBT LEWIS CAB . be soniiittod on all dissasee of femalse with unparat led sue ess, at his odlce No. 7 Resrh street, between iiu etrwt end West Hew lark, I >. ?ABTRBKBinr. 4 rorm wantrd-m a Lmnumi otfhj* A bastaeoo; no fortaae uroualsed, bat really the very heel qftgrfy *? ra*tan?aU luMUntlMt $1,000. Appij at A YOUNG SOUTHBRN LAST, ABOUT TAKING A destrehle beucf, furnished. desires ta ?Mt wttk a partner u> leia bar fa Ike eaterprlae; beet of refereuoas aa to respectability aad qualification* Aa honorable, niiieeM aad reliable pereou Bead not beeltate to eaeloee oorrort addreas to Balk If eaters, station D. JIU8INB8S OPPORTUNITY. -A WBLL ESTABLISHED 9 bouse in tkta city he* concluded to epea a branch of elrbuslneae In a neighboring city, end will give to e cona pelent person having from ?2, UK) to $3,000. an opportunity of entering Into a very profitable, aafe end pleeaaat a rrange ment. for particular*. oal) on er addreee GREGORY A CO., 609 Broadway, np stair*. NO. SI WALL STREBT, NBW YORK, MAY SI. 1864. EDWARD DODGE baa tkle da* retired from toe e? perlnertblp of CLARK, DODOB A CO. LUTHBB O. CLARK, BDWARD DODOB. JOHN D. MAXWRLL, DAVID CRAWFORD, J*. The uaderatgned, reraair'ng partners In the said flm of Clerk. Dodge A Co., ell reeldlng in tke City ef New Tork, will. In accordance with the provision" or en Act of the Legieleture of thle State of New Tore, continue the nee of the name CLARK. DODOS A CO. In their futnie bumnexe. Mr. Edward Dodge la net liebte or reapona.ble for any debt*, contracts, or llabilitiet hereafter mule or incurred. LUTHBB C. CLARK, JOHN D. M AXWBM* DAVID CRAWFORD, J*. NEW TORE, JUNE 1. 1864 ? THE FIRM NAME OF SMITH A BROTHER, h re were, la changed I mm thin dale, end will hereafter be known bv their Individual nefiea. MACPHBRSON SMITH A DONALD SMITH. Brew era, West Eighteenth street, New York. PARTNER WANTBD-AN ENERGETIC BUSINESS mao, with from $1,000 to $1,600, to take e half interest In an established manufacturing bonnes*. with ready tale* lor oath, paying 100 per eent profit. References exchanged. Address Jamee Walker, druggist, corner of Pearl aad Naa eau streets, Brooklyn. No egents need answer. Tub coparinerrhip heretofore existing under the urm of Jamee M. Drake A Co. 1% hereby dis solved by mutual consent, Mr. James M. Dntke retir ng from active buelnees. Ruber jiertner will eign in liquida tion. The current accounts on the books ef J. M. D. A Co, will be pieced in the hands of Drake Brothers, their suc ee*ors. .JAMES. M. DRAKE, Nkw York, June 1, 1864. A. A. DRAKE. LIMITED PARTNERSHIP. The undersigned have formed a limited partnership. pur euant to the lews of (be Bute of New York, for the purpose ef continuing the Stock and Exchange Brokerage business, under the style of Drake Brothers, ee successors to Jaiuea M. Drake A Co. The partnership to commence on the let of June, 1864, Una terminete ou the 1st of June, 1H66. Jamee M. Drake has contributed fifty thousand dollar* In cash to the common stock km special partner. The membere of the lete firm take this opportunity to tender their acknowiedgnrfents for the very liberal patron age they have heretof ore received, and to eollclt for the new finn a continuance of the tame. ? WILLIAM P. DRAKE, ALBERT A. DRAKE, General partner*. JAMES M. DRAKE. New Yob*. June 1, 1861 Special partner. THE COPARTNERSHIP HERETOFORE EXISTING between Keed Kerrls A John G. Ferris, under the ttrm Of R. Ferris k Co.. is thie day dissolved, bv mutual consent, John O. Ferris retiring. Reed Ferris will Men al i bills, iq liquidation. REED FERRIS. Mat 30, 1964. J. O. FERRIS. THE COPARTNERS HI I* HERETOFORE EXISTING ketween the undersigned, under the name ef Rothen berg, Salomons A Co., Is this day dissolved by mutual con sent. Creditors will present their claims to M. Salomons, 419 Broadway. THEODORE ROTHES BERG. MOSES SALOMONS. JUv 28, 1864. CLABA BRUCKNER rPHE COPARTNERSHIP HERBTOFOBB EXISTING X between Andrew Parker end Reuben Bcekman, under the name of Parker A Bcekman. le thle day dissolved by mutual consent The hotel business will be oontinned by Reuben Beekraan. at BiK". and Broadway, corner Twen tieth street, who will discharge all the liabilities of the lata firm. rnO CAPITALISTS. -AFTBR MANT YEARS' EXPERI X ence I am desirous or obtaining a partner, with capital, to reenme the mennfactare of varnish, which I am known to be perfectly familiar with. Address P. B. Smith, Herald office. nnn -A PARTNER IN a MANUFACTURING ipi/.UUU. business, with cash orders unfilled; an ex traordinary chance. Also one with $600, to travel ; a reli able business man. In a legitimate, pleasant and safe enter prise. MILTON A CO. , 208 Broadway^ <61 H l\f\f\ -PARTNER WANTED? MANUKACTUR ?1U,UUU, . ag articles not effected by trade sales; In dispensable and unlimited demand, wholesale far cash, al Immense profits: factory at It arlena; costly machinery and everything complete. Apply to GEO. P. OVERIN, No. $ East Houston street, near Broad we v. NEW PUBLICATIONS. JUST PI RL1 SHED? THE LITTLE JOKF.R. FULL OF Wit and Humor. Sent in sealed envelope on receipt of five cents, or with an exquisite Photograph tor cents, ky F. G. WATSON, Publieher, N. Y. Letter of advice for ladies FIFE ANATOMICAL ENORAVINOS. Has Information never been published Sent free. In a sesled envelope, for 10 eents Address Dr Ssuford. box 4,6M New York Post obce. VBW BOOKS. CARTES DB VIR1TE TOO DIFFEEENT Tsrleties, and Spoi ling Good* of every desortption. Trade supplied. Sena for catalogue to D. J OOMPERT'S Purchasing Agency. 73 Nassau street, New York. R"TO GROPING IN THE DARK -EVERYTHING AS J.Y clear as tbe sua at noonday, on reading that popular Illustrated medical work. "Human Frnilty, ' by Dr. II. A. BARROW, l(M Bleecker street, four doors from Macdougal, New York. Price 25 cents. Mailed free everywhere. T1HE THEOLOGICAL WRITINGS OF EMANUEL SWRDENBORO, disclosing the mysteriiT of HEAVEN and hell ?od the spiritual sense of ? THE HOLY BIBLE. For sale at room 20 Cooper Institute. Those peculiar books? publish sd at hi ann street. New York, by CALVIN BLANCHARD. Send address >.n a stamped cnvelone for circular. You can get the book* by mail or b> express. The marriage aOOMMR the celebrated author aud lecturer. K. Uollick, M. D. ; the most extra ordinary book of tbe kind ever published; two hundredth edition now ready, all married ner- n* should have a ropy; all young persons about to marly of t>otb sexes shou.d con suit this book. In which marriage is so fnlly explained and curionalv illustrated by numerous colored plates. It con tain* over 4)K) paxes aud Is neatly bound la cloth, with gilt back. Sent to ativ .iddrrsi post paid, oa receipt of price, 91 23. T. W, STRONG, l'ubllsher, W Nassau street. N. Y. AJTROLOOY. AB. MAURICE. i.KEAT AND REAL ASTROLOGER. ? Tl-e advice of this real Astrol >ger. A. B. MAl'Ril'B, is bas*d wholly on nclentiiic' print iplet and was m ir known t<> fail. The hand of falo lias mtrked out the path af cacti Individual, au<l the planets are hourly pointing out me dee Hut of mankiad. Pro'. Maurice has a profound kno.\ -dge of the rulea of the science of the s.ars. mJ cau beat the world In the a)>ov.> science in regard to telling all met re laiea to the happiness er misery of oue'a whole life; and with several aecrete that no living mortal ever knew before, he will linng suoc.- out er almost any uadertakmg. In causing tpeedy marriages be never fails. He descnbei the Intended husband or wile; tells the very iav you ?i". marry and shows a likeness representing the true complexion of the Intended. He describes vour friends, points out your enemies, and ararns you of all future danger: good l iek la obtaining etiuauons or in travelling by sea or laat. and the kest of health, long lile and prosperity to all who consult him. Thoae at a tistan' e may send their age and $1. and addresa A. B. Maurice, box S.SaiS New York Post office, and get In return the outlines of your whole life. All houre until 7 In the evening. Oflloe 126 Bleecker street, near W nos ier. Ladles, SO oenta. Genu. $L Abetter astbologist is not to be found in the United states than Dr. L O. aad Mrs. S. D. BROUGHTON. They auccee 1 In giving aetiafartl in whea all otbera fall. They can he consulted on til affairs of hu man life, auch as couruhlp, marriage, travelling, pemevale, lawsuits, okisiaihg situations, welfkra or absent frlenda. Ac.; also sickness. If the sick party will recover er die of the present sickness, if reoover, the time they will begin to amend; what part of tbe body la affected, end whet treat ment and medicines are beet ad epte i te the elck persona. Lad lea so centfc gentlemen ftl. y uestmns answered by let. ter. encleeing ft aad time of birth. Alan, phrenological et amlaatlons made OM. 1)0 Oreene street, below Frtuce. ~jk BONA FIDB ASTRO LO J I ST , THAT EVERT ONB A ean depend OS Is Madame WILSON. She talis the object of your visit, and bringe success out of the most iierlloua nndertakmgs Al 1B9 Allen street, between Houston and Stanton atreeta. ever the bakery. Prion 50 oenta, A~~stonishing.-badam mobbow. seventh daughter, with a natural t*ft of foreeight. tells how eeen and often fou win marry, even your thoughts. Maoe Image In full operation. Her equal la not to be feumL Showa a llkeneae of your intended hu sheet an t absent frtende. Mo. 1M Ludlow street, near Houston. Oenu not admitted. ObAIRYOYANT.?IF TOU WISH THE TRUTH OO AT ones te Madam ROSS. She show* a likenese t future kuabander friend, aad never fella to bring those aeparated together. No 94 West Twenty-seventh atrnet. between Sixth and Seventh avenues. Ring the basement bell, Houre from 9 la the moratag till 7 In tne evening. G~OOD NEWS.? MADAM HOPS. RBCENTLY FROM the South, can be consulted on all the affair* of lire, and unfold the tmsteriea or the future. * palmistry, at 158 Sixth avenue, between Eleventh ui Twelfth atreeta. La dlea jAcentx: gentlemen $1. Vf ADAM STEVENS CAN BE CONSULTED ON ALL in the event* of life? t>aat, present aad future. If you wleh the truth give her a oall at her raaldenoe. 65 Thompson etreel, near Spring. N. B ?Lucky number* given. MRS. MARION JAME8, INDBPENDENT I AIRVOT ant, 101 East Seventeenth atreet, corner ?f Third *v. enne, Irene* loet and sto eu property, absent frl?nd* and buameea affair* generally, detects ind treats all fenutle die lea. References given, nentlemen not Admitted. Madam WALfi r. Ill VQttO renowned clair volant, ha* removed to SB Canal street, where ahe le prepared to reveal the mysterlsa of lhapaat, preeenl end future with auch accuracy that It will aaton.ah even uq. believer*. ADAMB ROSA, THE GREAT NATURAL Cf.AIR voyant end Spirit VI?lonist, reveals your whole Uf? frem theoradle to the crave; ahowa your future partner in a dream. Office No. 6*) Third aveune, near Forty aecond street. Consultation $1. WHO WOULD NOT OO WHERE FOKTUBB IST-GO ye. *ee Miss WELMNOTON, the great Bnallsh Pro. pheteee, the best of all. and cannot be excelled Can be eon suited, petwnally or by letter, oa all affairs of life, concern Ing law an it*, imirneye, ab'-^nt frlenda. love, courtship, mar rfcasi. health, wealth, and who ean reclaim drtieken and un. faithful husHend*. Mlf* W. la tbe only person In thla cltT Who ha* the genuine Rmnan and Arabian Ullsnian fnr love, food luek and all business affaire, and are guarantees for life. Delay not to nonsuit tht* naturally gifted and beautiful young lady. Lucky number* given. Highly rej>i>ectable cite reference Oaa be seen at har rsaldsoee, llll tilth avenue. fPVMti* KUUtlk >U|?H P ARMOR BACBB.-rOOLS PO R THBBBRBY WlUfc ha Mid ll Lafayette Hall, Saturday eveatag at elghl srsa?,"" ?? rt ^jBisr DOOLB ?K TBI OKt AT DIM* UO-IO COM* X off olPalofaen, Raw Jeraey, Jaaa7, MM. will be *oM at tka St. Clair He use. 784 Broadway, aaraar af Slghtk street. aa Saturday evening, Jane d. Batting Ml will lad Una a faveraklo opportunity to invest aa taia mat J. HACIIW, OPR1R4 RACB MEETING. O PATKRHON. E. J., TUESDAY 7TB, WEDNESDAY NTH ADD THURSDAY fTH UP JUNE. Virat Da/? PPR8R $200, mile heats. THB JRRSEY BRKBY of 11,000, $40 eat., p. p., lfc milt daah, S3 antrla* POtiT STAKE of $800, ilOO ant. P.p. two ml e lieaia, 1 aoVf. Second Day? THE UNDBBWOODGIPT of $306. mUa dawk. THB NURSBBY STAKES af $300, $100,T.alf fV, 7 enlrlea PI'BHK ef $400, three mini daah. BELI.ING RACK ?I $800, ?ll? and quarter daah. Third Day? TH B KEy ITaL WAKES or $300, IliJO eat., half ft, kwo mile dash. IS ootriea. POST STAKE of $800. three mile heats. $100 eat., p. pi . 4 sub'*. PL' BSE of $300 for beateu horses, mile and a quarter daub. Bxcelieat accommodations for lad<ee have beea provided N. B.? No (ambling will be allewe?l on the eaurae. Bo liquors Hold, and no intoxicated person admitted an tho mu4*. Madge* entitling tbeiholder to any of the Clnb Stand*, and Quarter Stretches, $5 for the meeting, or $2 for one day. La<l tea' tickets to C ub Stand isold only to memborsana kade* holder*), $1 each day. Y ml tors can reach the course by Erio Bill way train", fool Of Chamber street. The BXTBA train at 11.48 A. II., rune direct to the oourac, returning immediately after the iwm each dav. R. B. CHISWEI.L, Secretary, HI Main street, Paler son. ^ KTAALION8. JUPITER, TROTTING STALLION, WILL 8TAND AT Snedlker's. near On on Course. Long laland. at $50 iho aeason. in advance. Jupiter la tho Hire of (Jtdy Emma, Major Anderson, Jupiter, Jr., the Pearsall Colt, Ac. The thoroughbred stallion wild inrsu man, by Glcncoo, dam by Hedoc. will atanitat tha lia ble of Charted W. Bathgate, Pordham, Wcatcheater county. 8PORTK1TQ. A8L00I" YACHT FOR SALK-35 feet LONO, 19 feet beam, built to order in the moit perfect manner; everything complete ; fasi, beautiful and aafe. Apply to P. MrOEKH AN, foot of Tan Vorat street, Jeraey City. A BARB OPPORTUNITY AFFORDED TO ANY eporUm&n wanting a bargain.? For sale, the fast sail ing and beautiful Yacht WILLIAM WALHH, twenty eight feet long; everything tn complete order; boat nearly new. Will be aold cheap; sufficient rea*0D?given for telling. The boat ran be teen at the foot of K now eighth street East river. For particulars apply to THEODORE TOOKER, Herald office. DOGS FOR SALB.? A PAIR OF HANDSOME NKW foundland Hogs, well trained and good watch doge; handsome Bull Terriers, Spitz Dogs, a pair of small Italian Greyhound*, small Black and Tan Terrier*, small Scotch ami Skye Terriers and -mall Black and Tan Puppies. Trtfene Ter riers are good ratter*. One handsome Newfoundland Pup. Apply to JOHN GRAY, Nol 11 Roosevelt street, first floor\_ Francis butler, no. a peck slip, has all the choice breeds for sale and stock. Butler's Infallible Mango Cure and Flea Exterminator. 75 cents per bottle. Butler's new Work, $1. Dogs boarded, Uaioed, Ac. Medi cine* for aJl diseases. FINB NEW YACHT FOR 8ALR; JUST FINISHED; about 25 tons bnrthen; very fa*t nailer; the jackt can be i-een at Nvask. Inquire of ISAAC P. SMITH. TTtOR SAI.E? A FIRST CLAS8 8AILBOAT, MEASUR r ing 21 feet keel, 8 feet 4 Inches lieain ; is well found in every respect, and will be sold cheap, aa the owner has no use for her luquiro of H. PRESTON, second bridge up Newtown creek. WANTED-A MAINSAIL BOAT OP LIGHT draught, 24 feet keel and 11 feet beam, or thereabouts. Apply to Mr. Rroadmoadow, 113 Bloomiield street. Hobo ken, N. J. WANTED? A CAT RIGGED SAIL BOAT. BBTWBEN 16 and 20 feet keel; must be fast and stiff. Address, stating price and age ot the boat, FX, J., boi 2,796 New York Post office. WANTED? A BOW BOAT, ABOUT TWENTY FRET long. Must he very light and in good order. Address hoi 3,342 Post office. Yacht for sale.-the sloop yaciit fanny : ? feet on de-k, draws A!^ feet, roomy cabin and well found; In perfect order. Mav be seen at anchor north of Hoboken ferry. Apply to E. If. WHITE. 1U3 Broad strset HOKSRS, CARKIAUES, AC. A SPLENDID BAY nORSK-POINTS ALL BLACK, no whtte, full 16 hands. 6 years old this spring, flag tail, very sty U>h and good driver; sonud and kind Price 580. Apply to John Thiunln, coaoh house, Greene street, corner Washington place. A PAIR OF 8TTLIBI1 FAMILY CARRIAOE HORrtF.fi IDnys). sound and gentle, about ststeen hands, will be sold cheap for want ot use. together or separately. In quire at the private stable No. 3 East Twenty-eighth street, near Fifth avenue. A DARK BAY HORSE FOR SALE? 14.U HANDS high, handsome under the saddle or in harness, kind and sound; a eh lid 10 vears old can drive him. also Top Wagon, Harness, Blanket. Whip, Ac. The whoio will be sold for $.130, a" the owner ha* no further use for (hem. Inquire of C H. LYONS, Fifty first street and Third are nue, for two dsya. A GREAT VARIBT1 OF NEW AND SECOND HAND foirr and aix seat Bockaways. top and ao top Wagon*. Bretts. Jagger, Husine-s and two seat Wagons, and one De pot Wagon, one a ne *eat Rookawav. Harness, Saddlos. Bridles, Ac ; two good Work Horses. 1.401 Broadway, uear Forty -first siroet. F A SPLENDID FOUR SEAT PHAETON, NEW THREE second hand Phaetons, one Kreiv-ter Road Wajon, four top Waguus. one full spring Jagger. one set of l.ght Harness, set of double cornred Harness two sets of stnicle Harnese. one set of Truck Harne?a, one Side Saddlo arid one rich Saddle and Bridle. Apply at 27 Wooster street, near Grand. A LARGE ASSORTMENT OF FINE BRETT'3 <\\ lamies. Rockaways, Top and Open Biizgie-. Biisino*! ?ad Depot Wagons, and secondhand Wagon- of all kinds. This Is the rh?ei>eM and beat assortment in the cit> . No. 10 Nevin? street. Hrooklvn. A GENTLEMAN WISHES TO PCRCBASl A SPAN ot Hor>es set of Harness, and a si i seat Rn-ka vay, or some other convayan e capable of cari vtng at least six peraon v Apply to or address II. B. K., 176 Blceokf tlrcet, giving description and prioo, CARRIAOF.S -SPLENDID SIX mE \ T RorKAWAY Park Phaetons, Vict nas. four seat Rock awa. s, Top and no top Buggies, Dock Phaetona, Ja^a Wagons. Depot Wagon* and an assortment of other Carriage-, rail and see the stock l efore purchasing elsewhere. No 64 ?lelar street, oppo-lte the Post office. Fast trotting horse for salk-seven vears old. sound and kind never been tra ned: ran ahow a natural gait of 2 4<l i*r mile. Sold onh for want of >:se. WM I TUKRKL, 403 Broadway, from s to l: A M. 708 SA LB? BRETTS, TARE PHAETONS. rOP AND * no top Buggies, iRorkaw ays, Koad W kgom. Express Wagons, Harness and Saddles. i> W IV Kri A CO , 39 Li'jer'.y *tr?et. XpOR SALE-TWO nORSKS. CARTS IIARN8SS. 1? The work of sererai stoies an t of a steamslop i.ne cao also bo obtained Addresa C W , Herald office. POR BALE-KOl'R HORSRS, JUST ARRrVhr? FROM the country, one pair of heav\ Bay* I61 j hands h.gh, fire and six years old ; also two brown Horses, :6 hands high, alt and seven vears old These hor-es are sound and kind. Can be seen la l'ortiand avenue, near Myrt'e. Brook y*. P. TOMAN. FOR BALE? Al THE OWNER 19 GOING TO El'ROPB, ? apleudld pair of Oorr age Horses, dark ha>s, 1$ hands; very tree and stvtlsh drivers Price $1,*". ^an bo seen before 1 arid after $ P M at atabie rear of 'j6 Retnsea street. Brooklyn Heights, oear Wall street ferry. FOR HALB-A BROWN HORSE (HfcNKT CLAY stock). 151^ hands kigh, flag tail, of great end iranee and power; travels In less th*n three minutes, and. a tao igb very spirited. Is perfectly aafe and reliable in e ery way. Call At ALFRED ABRAM8, 153 Bast Twenty fourth street. OR SALE-A PAIR OF YOUNG SORREL RORSF.3, _ five and all years old, fine, livelr, stylish Jrtvsrs. Ac Any per?>o wishing further information or to seethe horses will please apply to the owner, Mr. MILLER. No U Pearl street. New fork Prloe $1,500. ________ For rale-a fast -flying cloud* blacr Mare, raised by Jack?>n, Ore years oil. soutiri and kind, cao trot In i 86 without training. Can be -een al Club ?tables Thirteenth street, between Fifth anl Sulk avenues. Inquire for Waldron. FOR 8ALE-A SORREL HORSE. 16 HANDS HIGH. Can be aeon at Miles stable. M West Nineteenth st. For sale-a double truce, team and har. mm; Will oetl separately or together; truck willcsrr M or 90 hundred. Inquire at 106 Tooth avenue POK SALE-ONE OF THB HANDSOMEST DARK grav Mares In tho city. 8 year* old. iv? haalshuh, warraaled perfeotly sound and kind. Also a h?nd-om? F black Mexican Pony, I1H hands high, with two Saddles sn<! Bridles fa bov's and miss ), looether or seisrmtr at O'Connor's livery stables, 82 West Blxteeuth st. POR SALE? A SPLENDID BAY MARE. STARR stoek, ill years old. fifteen hands high handsome snd stylish, suitable for a lady or gentleman . can trot la three minutes. Warranted sound and kind. Apply at 155 First arsnno. For sale-two finr road horses, isv hands high long talle. sound and Kind; one a e -estnet, seven * ears old. a -plendid saddle horeo, cm trot In three minutes; the ether a bright bay. O'ght year- old, can irot a mile In 2 80. Can be seen at private stable to Svdney place, be tween State and Livingston streets, Brooklyn. For sale-a dark bay, long tail m\re, gentle, sound snd kind; can trot In 2.(10 loa rua.1 wagon: also a no lop full seat full spring Road w ag >i. city make, bm little used; they will be sold separately or tigeiher. Ap ply at Jewell's, Mercer street, one door from Amity __ Fob sale? a handsome gray mare, u hands; long tall; has been rode and driven by a girl of 12 rears for two years. To bo s?en at private ?able, w Welt Thiitr first street. Prloe $178 I^OR SALE-A GENTLEMAN'S COMPLKTE ESTAB ? lisbmeut. oonslstlngof a large stylish bsy Hnrso, lf-H hands high, six years old, sound and *ind. togother with ? Park Vlctor a an l Harness, Brewstar'a make, nearly new. Can t>? seen at Oaaaia h Teaney's, 44 and 48 East rtrieonUk ?treat. ?ORIU. F??.J??r*, i5ftS? fSSS ? ?/ OltM. 4'u. a Tgkt V> IW * 1**'.? ^ . - Jefferson BROWN, 1M Heary HWH. between ???*? J**e ^ CtOl' BALB.-A FA1B Of 'f' JP Ctir aff BorM. ****}. 9 J*?!j? VSr For foriher kind, geatle and good *rV#i}%?LllJn* Aboard lieanir PirikQlAfi inquirt tf W. B. BMB*? 2"""? ?>/ fiiry Powell, foot at J *3 Btieel, *** betwaea U6 and 3fc o'elook nioa saLR-A LIOH* SHIPTIRQ TOP WagoM P w th silver mounted ahafta w"1 *?tj "?iXvl? !Lv7.2?&r rag -?jr*-*- ,ubw,> Porty aecoud mwt M< *"*** ""** TinR aiic TWO WAOOR8, ORH LIOHt F?WSICTW rtSvSW?jr** 7 Brothers. Ca? bo ?? at *** Poarth avsane. PO* 8ALB -A WWW1MD Sgh '?? wy jssa *l Wk ?Utle, Pourili avenue and TwenU-w?11 ? "* . C*OR BALE? A VERY HANDMWB BAT MARB. P tennd. kind aod ifS^'aMS -^.2^* tn her Value. the trot In 3 minute*. Will be f hs\rsa tbt? do y only, ut owner having a? uM'orfcer- u?' "? ??? yUtwn avenue, Bnediker a stable, Boerom atreel, near *u*w? Brooklyn. ? - fnd set of single t^roeee, a" oS& ffii-re 'tsev%2snsst? ?... Thirtieth ?lreaL VinK HALF? AN BXCELLBNT LIOHt SHIFTING TOP vote atable. ri^^swria'.iWf Apply at 162 East Porty- nfth street. . Twenty eighth street. _ . ARBKfS. ,1 ARN R88.ll A RN^H9rTWO BBT FINE Hioglo and two ?et line Double IjarnrM, y^ . harness belore . treet, betweof bread, way and Fourth iTifliW. ? irvNM PAIR BLACK HAWK HOB8E8, OF BTtLB AND 0 beauty unsurpassed; Tory speedy. Mand wd kind block, with beautiful long talia and manes. May be aeen J6I11 atreet. near Tenth avenue. S.K ssas?W& ,& ??? ?s KHaSS^ffeswsss B. H. CUDLIPP. 119 Naaaau street. _ ?**g rsTanrir TO LET? TO LET, POR POUR MONTHS, A STn!w brJkS.aSI; wTSftur 'stalls and plenty^.! ??? room, near the corner 01 stables 1 237 Broad rent $80 a month. Apply a* Graham * *taoieo, J,?< Dru*u way. _ _ _ ? ST?K5w5 "" Office, next door. W *WSt S8 k,nK ?ent^L Add ^ ^?Mo{ Poet office, ?tatlng price and part.culare, or call at No. 4 Liberty etreet^up itHlr*. t betwoon aT?nuo? B and O. _______ " military and naval. ^ gAfe "jsc TVUJS2 pf*fj:\XPLlfl^wl"?10? SSfi^S *m?W ioVTLTo^T'cLAMfS'/r'1 m Broadway. ? C? 4 floor, front, near A?U>T Hoaae. . TRI8HMEN. GERMANS AND ENOLI8HMBN WANTOD, X ?? nubatltniea. Very hiirhe?t ''?"jjj y (^OMHS 60 to call. - ? r-iirnijTITrTFS AND VOLUNTEERS WANTED? IMME SdtMrty. lowborn lh 4siBrt.?K. * -? ber* trect ? ? ti iktithtfs fiUBSTlTUTKf*. SUBSTITUTES.-? OJW ssssi^*a^^?a3r?a,sss near Bowling Oreon. ? rinHK NINTH REOIMBNT JT T. B; IL O^IB BBING 1 roor?ani^.-An?yo?^?meno re P^(#nd & bV tend. Membera ol other re^^ w TERRRTT, Captain. E Mli t??. Lieutenant. yev ?BL'BSTITUTBB ALWATS ON anent'cauTt the Vnlted State. Genera: RerrulUng Ag.ney, Ko. I Qreeawlch *tre?t. ?p staire. ? tttiVPlD fMMRDIAtB&T. 80 SUBSTfTti TBR. THPi WA?5 WK?lll be paid, rr.nc^, can b. SSSSwSsr E^B3^?5M!IS?%5 ?% qtr^titi'TR^ WANTED ?FOR OBtfTUBMlBN WBO (UBBRBBSHUBB Catharine 1 1 reet, N. T. ? fioo sSSSSr $400 ? 8CB8TITUTES t4<X) CASH IN HARD; R8< > rruitatlOO. with Htaie hountlon. PULLER. JOHRBOV A CO . y> Waihlugton itreet. Boitea. rtirnn CASH I* HAND POR KOt'R HOOD MBN AS JpOUU subititutoi. wh) arc aot liable to draft, MOO for the city. Apply to C. M. NOONaN corner of Bow?ry and Canal ? treet. ander the CIO/en?^Sa*llnga Bank. a> rtAA-CASH in hand por bix substitutes JlOUU an noon %h ac e|>te4 by the enrgeoa. Apply M 71 Cor tlan it atraet. i n nn/\ recrhitb and bubstitutbb wait lv.UUU eil? Tor army and navy; $Jk) haiM money paid to ninnera or broker*, and $M4 paid to recruits. Ap ply at the I'nlted State* Kerr't ting and Bithetttut.- Agency, a?7 Broadway, room U. N. B.? Bubatllotea ftinilahed. ItAVAI. PRI7.? HOUIY. *C. A^ HOT I? I'RIZB money to bailors? BOUNTT aaoney to eoldier* <l:tohar*e'l for w >unda re^ei'ad In battle, Ac. Discharged Na?y or Army odlrera. aallora or sol rtiere, their widows or heirs, PROIBPTLT PAID their PRIZE and BOCKTT moneys. BACK Pay, *e.. by EDWARD KlKdBLL, Army and Navy Banker, and late Purser U 8. Nary, Z71 Broadway, corner of Chamber* ?treat. New York A LL PRIZE MONEY. NOW PAVABLB. Csn Im> oktalaed at on r*. Bj ri?.'nifi? .. .. _ KEY A OO.. 112 Broadway. New Tork. M SNYDER, .IR. (LATH OP THE UNITED STATES ? Treaaurt Department', Army and Sjary Agent, S# Naeaau street, opposite the Post office. Now York, is now pat tig the prl/e money due the following U. R vaasela ? Cone?tog* and Ot*f, torc?tlon, Ac. Hranite City, f?r Anita. Pawnee, f>r Jtnaan lane. Ac. Kantlago d? Cuba, for Blla Warley, Cemet, Ac. Seminole, for L dla and ( harleston, Sute of (Janrgla and Victoria for Naaaait, A e. ERIZR MONET OPKICE. POUR HUNDRED PRIZES PAYABLE N. B.? $100 bountv to soldiers discharged for wounds. BRaYNARD A KOWINtt; It Nassau street. PRI7.R MONBT IB NOW BRINO PAID ON THR POL low ng res>el?, namely ?Bienville. $1,5.^ *9, P oca lion las, %b?3. I.snkawanna Weehawken, $9M: Clmer n?, ?SSI; Nahant. f.MS: Connecttcul. $4*0. < ananda gua. $vt?, M<>ntgomes7. $:?i; Mlnne?ota, t.UI . Hendrl* Huifaon, $1*". and De Hot". $l,Mt>. Apply la REUBRN YOSK A9 Wall atreet, aad Seamen s Bank. 193 York street, Brooklyn. WOUNDED SOLBIEKS CAN HA VR TURIR $104 bountv promptly paid them: widows and halra of deoeaae 1 seldleraoan hare the pay and bonotv c*ile<-ted aad pensions procured; sailors oan receive their prlra money. All can receive information and lastrsctloos bv applying to BIOHAKD O. ELLIOTT, United utatea Army and Navy Office, ?7 Bleeekcr street. lilne'! t V,1?n?T52^? -"ADAMS WILMa?? BHfjq SHiii&OV gabdbn.^^^^^^^^^^^^^H m-rn* fcttz**v.rrt?#&'***nn ?f M NMiiM lyrle artiMe . w MLLB. VKBTYAU, f k? kM won tba bigbaat aaeomiuaa for bar aoat wmw M delineation of AWOILO. Witt I Um mm of "Tw are Um Star" < words by 8 . R. Data IN ionn bboVghaW's grand bpvctaculab DRAMA IN FIVE TABLEAU*. entitled DEL DKMONIO. Sensbly crowded abd dblighybd audiences AND TUB PRESS UENBRALLT. A SUPERB ABO PERFECT PRODUCTION, SPLENDID BBW SCBNb'rT,"" GORGEOUS NEW COST C RES. . _ ? NOVEL MECHANISM. B10H FURNITURE AND APPOINTMENTS, . , ? COMPLETE (IRANI) BALLET, Original Mnato, under lha diraallon of Hmu B. Dodworth. uO*AHD TABLEAUX, With Auxiliary Md numbering over TWO HUNnfttD PERSONS, ?ad tba following talented artuta ? Mew-ra. J. N unan, J. W. Collier, 3. P. Bum, J. G BnP Belt, J. W. Blaiadell. B. B. Hoi met. Mlaae* Rom Ev tinge, Mary Welta. Hkerrcti Boom; Milan Katarlna, Ella, Kruger, THIOLLUMINATBD GARDEN OPEN BV8RT EVENING* Santa aecurad tlx daya la advance. WALLACE'S. SATURDAY. 1 FT Door* open at half paat aerea t vrartum comaaneaa at a quarter to el(ht; curtain rise- at fta conclusion. FOURTH NIGHT of the entirely original drama, of aovel eoaatructlon and peculiar alTecta, la three acta, written by G. H. Lewaa, Bag., an tilled CAPTAIN BRAND, with new aceaery, costume* and appointments, inoldaalal Mueic, dance and mobl eioellent caet. Captain Bland Mr. Leetar Wallaek Peter Perkina. a lawyer Mr, Young The Earl of Chlillnghams Mr. Daly Surtay Joe Mr. Norma Lieutenant Hlake Mr. I' of*) Mr* Bluster Mine Mary Gannon Margaret Leigh M. a Madeline Henrlquea Mary Bi?a Mary Barrait Monday? TEE WIFE'S SECKKT. Tuesday? ilaet time ttla eeaaou)? THB SCHOOL FOB SCANDAL. Wadaeaday-LONDON A88VRANCB Thursday ? (tout time thi? heason)? BKNB8TINE, and A PRETTY PIECE OF BUSINESS. . Friday? AMBRICANB IN PARIS and RURAL FBLf- ; cittt" Saturday? ROSED ALB, FOX'B OLD BOWERT-SATURDAT. THHliB PIECES OP ORkAT ATTBACTIO*. SR. .I. 8. JONKS' NBW ENGLAND DRAMA. O. L FOX'S COMIC PANTOMIME, AND TRH GERMAN PHANTOM PLAT. Mr. O. L, Fn*. Mr. J. B. Studley, ? . Him Funny Herring. Miaa B. Den** And tbe lolWompany. MOLL PITCH ER. THE PORTUNB TBLLBR OF LTNN. Maladln* J. B. Studley | Moll Pitcher. .. .Mra. R Danvft Overture by Tba Orcbaetra THE FOUR LOVERS. ? ? Q. L Foi, ftnv Denier. Mile. MartlnatU. TB E FLYING DUTCHMAN. Yandetdeoken M>aa Fanny Herring A Kunming the character* of Caplahi of tha Phantom Bhip and The Flying Dutchman. Von Buramel O. L. Poi I Toby Varal?li?....C. K. Foa Broadway thbatrb <I>ata Wallaek'*), Center at H roadway and Broome a treat, SECOND WBKB OF Mr. K. 8. CHANFRAU, 1UCCBHB ""?"?"""'""SSSSSS'r.m. and tbe moat _ LAVISH APPLACSB. 1 1 will be^^atedy ^ BVebv BVBNING, until further notice. _ Lord Dundreary and Brotbar Sam Mr. Cbanfraa WOOD'S MINSTRELS, Alt BROADWAY, W Oppoalta St. N icholaa Hotel. Henry Wood .. Proprietor, An. MONDAY, MAY 80. and ever/ eveniM during tba week. davb-and-bpoRt brothers. OOIBO TO FIGHT MIT SIGKL. THOUGHTFUL EMOTIONS, STOCKS UP, FOUR CROWS, REVIEW OF THE PAST, BROADWAY BELLE, BLACK BRIGADE. COMIC BANJO SOLOS. Ac., By Frank Moran, Fox, Beyce, Bud worth and the entire troupe. Door* open at 7; commence at 8 o'clock. Ticket* 16 ceata. XJIBLO 8 SALOON. Xl Fourth appearance of MISS LOTTA. TUB FAIRY STAR. Saturday evening, June A, OUR JEM1MY. Our Jemtmy Btaa Lolta Mtea LOTTA ** Top*?>\ j THE MAID OF BUNBTBR. 444. ? AMEBICANBTHRATBB^ Grand Afternoon Performance THIS A FTE RN OON. MATINEE, MATINBB, MATINBB, SiflS'l: Si?, SSI iiilSSt. AT 2U O'CLOCK, AT O'CLOCK, for tbe ipei-lal aoeommndatlon of : LAD1BS AND CHILDREN. BILL OF RARB EXCELLENCE will be pre*fn ted, arranged with special care, which mu at | pieaae anr caet af mind. ALL THE GREAT COMBINATION TEOUPB ALL. THE GREAT COMBINATION TEOUPB will appear In their different acta, Ac. Last two performance* of PROF. TOtTNG, the great Magician and Necromancer Tbe intereatlnc drama, THE PEOPLE'S LAWTBB. Solon Shingle, an o'.d Yankee . ..... Jaa. S BafflU Robert Howard, the People'* Lawyer Arry Lrnn Charles Otia .. Tony Paator Mr. Winalow ,.W. A. Burke Judge. T. La Thome Mra Otia. Mlaa Julia Melville John Kllealey. .Jaa. Wambold Traj per ,...J. A len C'<natable J. Byera Orac? Otia . . Llula Wheltdey TONV PABTOB, The world renowned Comic Vocalnt. The beautllnl Fairy Dlrertltement, arras gad by Mona. GioMl.aiit.aad Tng lgLE vnnK Seiina. Ml** Little Schultia I Hcgia Mlaa Millie Flora Alfred, a hunter Ml?? Mary Btace Alberto, an artlit Ml*< Annatta La Point Nrtnnha of the Ida b* Mtaae* Ida Roan Little Whelp ey. Klorenoe Welia Lottie La Point, Emma Boa*. Ju'la Me rl'le. Jennie Loraiae and Coipsile Ballet. Door* open at I ; to commence at o'clock. Evening performance! commence at T)i o'clock. New oriental music ball. 0.V Broadway ^2 above l. oecker street. The gmatect attraction in tha world. A PALACE OF WONDERS. AN ABODB OF BEAUTY, Magniaccnt Painting* by the Old Maatan. 30 BBAUTI?UL maidens IN fancy costdmbr IN FANCY COSTUMBA THIS 18 THE MONARCH OF ITS CLAS& Tbla U the enlr one place of It* kind worthy a rlidt, Ai. other* are taata^a, mlaerable Imitattoaa AdmlMlen free. FRANK BURNS. Wanted, 20 Lady Walterai Apply between 11 and L Davenport brothers _ GREAT CABINET TBICK wintbragardbn, TONIGHT. F, a CHANFRAU In hla great Impersonation Of BROTHER RAM, At tbe BROADWAY THBATRB to-algbA. MAT,1 ""MATINEE MAOlyfB, MATINBB DBM BOBEBT HBLLBB, TO DAY, AT 1 P. M. AFTERNOON PERFORMANCE by SOBBBT HBLLBB. ai tha Salon DlabeMque. 6? Broadway^ Over la Una for tba auale at Central Fark. N ATCRB VNYBILED AT THB NBW TOBK MU8BUB OF ANATOMT, 618 BROAD WAT. PATHOLOGICAL wosnER> at tua BBW TORK MUSEUM OP ANATOMi; ?18 BBOADWAY. WONDBR OF WONDBRS _ TO BB BREN ONLY IT THB NEW YORK MUSBI'M OF ANATOMY, 6IH BROADWAY. FIRE SIGNOR SeSSto COBB. . K,RK THE ITALIAN SALAMANDER; Or, Conqueror of the Mam**? will appear agaia. THK Flf TIBTH NIGHT OF HELLER. Oik 5 d'K Vl'T F I C A TT OB FB8TIVAU Doora ojien at T'^ ; commence at S. ___ IORD DUNDREARY t AND BROTHER SAM At Home to n ght, at S o'f?ocli, At the HROaDWAY THRATRB. CMOWOK BUONO CORE 0 The Inc m^uitlble Man, or Fire King, WtLL SHORTLY APPEAR. IMMENSE BUCCES8 OF TIIR .^RBAT PAINTING, EVE IN THE BOWER OF BDBN. Open dar and er. mug Cra on Art Oaliary, 7M Broad Way. aornar of Bighto itra*t. Aiao a flue coii*< t on of Paint ing' on flaw. BANTO INSTRUCTION -I 1CARANTBB ANT PEB arn a perfect kaowi'iga of the Banjo in one course of threa month*' loitrurtlon. with er without a pravlo'ia knowledge of tba Instrument My method la new, aora) and arlftnal, whleh anr pertoa raa leara m Rfteen nlnutea. S*n ? ?> of the moat brllllaut tono fqrnlahed the aupli far 1 ?-? " i . UOHBt'N il'M- M^ay. near h ,ghth ?t Banjo iNbtri"' tiav-pv a new and easy method, which aff r.le the pnrll t roflolency aftar one quartet's le?*on?. It I* not Use 'edidu* ayst?tn of notes, but ean be rUUfy aiPlained la Ate miauteA BanjoaaAda to order and furntxhad forprietica. OfiO. C. DOBSON A BBU. , KX Broadanjt, afar Amity li S555S **22?55?3L rim** VZ^Kam BRILLIANT BUCC ? ?TSfe & i: ??2fPi 5& and m ks vr. j. pLorbsce, . Jf AMD DIUOT. uccbbs or HMkfMtrnir; eghtln Which la now drewlag crowds ?e great aa thcaeU M tee the "Ticket ofltirt Man"' sod has bam hjrAala^ll^o^^r oK Qr -ugI|1,gP^ F?.tD_._. T ._!*. .f mC"1I. xPLOBBNCg Beppo. a periicuiarly hoary ruffian. not troubled with the fainteet oatllae of a conscience. or la sted aaytkleg but the boereenesa pewliar to meNvdramatle brlgenda ...Mr. WTI FlflBBWeB UnpHti i?| by Mitsara. TMi| Bower* A. H Dejenpoffc T. B. Mori le, Bbarle, Kile/. Da an la. a. Mra. Chaafran e*4 Mrc. rioyd. MUBI0 INCIDENTAL. .. Opening Ohonie, "Peuat" Lorenzo, M*ueo and QirblMert Descriptive Hang and Chorua, "Theie'e a Moo ?Mr Who Lire*" Lerenso aad Charua Aria. "I'm In a Dreadful Suite ar Mind". Drinking 8<>ng. from Puritan 'a Daughter Pra DtavoM Duet, "On Yonder Rock Reclining.' _ . r ra Die vole end Ecrlin* ong, "Ah Key Uf" _ ? _ong, "Oentlc, Zt-rljoa" . ..... BerMaB Concerted Piece, "Hoopen De Dooden Do," . Zerllna, Dlavolo. Beppfe Grand Chorea, "Le Kerroeuae" Faust . . . Hoei, "JJerk Girl dreeaad In blue" Pre DlaieM Bona, -let ma klaa him Yankee Doodle" LordM Finale- T?. 8. Q Every bodf The performance will commenoe with ? _ THRICE MARRIED Mra. PLORRNCR w Carlotta a Bal Masque Coetume* With Bongs? "Captain witli hla Whiakere," and "Young Keoruit," Ud aesumlug the character* of TJCTOR1MB, LB PAOB. an Opera Singer. wltB PREKCO SONQ. "Lea Yeu*" and GERMAN BONO, "Del Federa em hoot1* 8 KB OK A PEHEA NENA, A Spealsh DHnonr, with Spanish Dance. LA BA<JUA I>ILI?0, And MASTER ODHTAVdM VOSA DM VERB. ? Cadet of the Polytechnic School of Zouere. _ ^ Mr. PLORBNCB aa VIVIA* BIPPLfl Doom open at 7 Vi ; ferforaiauoc commences at 7m. Carriages may be ordered for helf pant lea o'clock. N BW BOWBHT THBATRB. . _ Sole proprietor .....Mr. J. W. Linger# BENEFIT ? MR. EDWIn'bLANCHABD. _ MAMMOTH AlTRAt TIONK-KOUR ORBAT DRAMAS. MR. O C. BONIFACB. ? Mra. W. G Jonno, Miee Kate Newton. Mlea Hathaway, Mn Harden. Geo. Brooke*, Mr. O. Llagard, Mr. Qlaaafard The drama ef tba WATCH DOO. Mr. Blenchard and hie dog Carlo, TUB POACHERS, ? Mr- G. C. Boniface. Mra. W. 0. J-nee, Oee. Bnokee, MM| Kate Newton, Mr. Mardee. valentine and obsom. _ Mr. Blanchard aa the _ WW Mil TUB CABTILIAN BANDIT. m _ ____ On Boeder evening the dlstlnffiilehed actor. Mr. B. BDDTj who la envaged for a limited perioe. will meke hie Bret ap pearance In Bouclcaulfa drama of the POOB OP NBW TOBK. QLTMPIC THBATRB. 022 and 694 Broadway. Leseee and Direotre?s Mra. John W?e4 Btage Manager J. B. Selwrt THIS EVENING. the highly anoceaaful coin o play entitled THE PET OF THE PETTICOATS. reetired nightly with BOARS OP LAUGHTER. _ _ Mra. John Wood aa Paul, the Pel After which, BAST BHAVING. Mra. John Wood a a Ninette, the Pretty Berber ef Isiiagteo Supported by THE BNTIBE STRENGTH OK THE COMPABT. MONDAY EVENING. JUNE 8. _ after months of careful preperatlua, the greed roaaantic ea<| apectaculer drama, entitled ALADDIN, In tvhick MB8. JOHN WOOD Bnd the entire company appear. Doors open at 7 W ; performance nommencee el 7%, Seeu aecured three daya la adTanoc. TJ ARNUM'S AMERICAN MUSEUM POB THE LA8T TIMBI LABT TIMBI LA BT TIB? THE SPLBNDIDLY RUQCEBSPUL DOMESTIC DBiUUB BT DION BOUt'ICAULT, JAMBT PRIOR. with new end elegant ecennry. ceattimaa and propertlee. Characlera hy Meeara Nagle, Hadeway and Jamleen ; MML Prior Mia* Alford and the entire co-npauy. m APTBRNOON A5D EVENING, AT i AND 7V O'CLOCK ENTHUSIASTIC AND CONTINUED APPLAU8B ? ORERTB TBS BRILLIANT, BBAUTIPUL, fASCIMAflNO MLLE. BBNBBTINB. MLLB. ERNESTINB, who epeeara every afternoon and evaeing PriN NEW ANI) CHABMINO DANCBa _ t ___ ILLUMINATED POUNTAIN OK BBAL WATBA BETWEEN THE ACTS. COLOSSAL GIANTS AND .OIMINUTIVB DWAy^ Phrnnoloelcel Eliminations hy PBOr. LIVINGSTON. TBBBB ALBINO OHILDRBN. .. ?n? a JAPANBSB MASB1N HQ(B TWO IIV..O 'T^k\?rO<ITO BROOK T.OI* THB MUSICALLY BDUCATBD SEAL. . , MONSTER SEBI'BNTS and other OorloettUM Admleclon. 36 oents; children under ten. 16 eente. ? ? - ? ^1 BBYABTS'. MBCHANICS' HALL, 473 BROADWAY, MONDAY, MAY ?>. and every night during the r BRYANT*' MINSTRELS MONSTBB CONCERT THE HBRIOUB PA MIL Ye BUPFALO BOYS. BLACK CHBM1ST. __ THBBB 8TBIBEBS. NANCY PAT. MAC'S BSSBNOS^ LE8 MIREBaSLBH. New Bongs. Dances, aeylnxs Bufierioes. Beceetrtclllea, *4? PLANTATION PB8TTVAL. U S. O. Doors open at 7 Commence at 8 o'oloek TlokeU ii eta. , HELLER'S MATINBB-TO DAT, AT TWO O^OLOC^ HELLER'S SALLR DIABOUQUB. Ht BROADWAY THE SEVENTH MATINBB TO-DAV. PIKTIBrH NIOHT TO NIOHT. ROBERT HKLLBR'S EXTRAORDINARY PERPORMANCBB PBOGBAMMB No I OP ILLUSION. N. B.? I'ragramtne No. 2 le preparation. Doors opea at 7H: commence at 8. Orchestra stalls should be secured a day beforehend. MATINEE TO DAY, AT TWO P. M. Over In time for the Concert la Central Perk. BBOOKLTN ATHEN.BUM. ^ POSITIVELY LAST NIMHT. SATURDAY, JUNE 4. AND SPBCIAL MATINBB SATURDAY A fTBBNOON. THB OKI'lINAL AND ONLY CHRISTY 8 MIN8TRBLB. J. W. Paynor Proprietor end Mai First appenranon in Brooklyn at nee their return from E lend after an ah?enoe of serea years ThleoMand et brated eotnpaov '.a<-e the hoao. to *' nounce three of Ih sele t E*UI'>PIA* BMP ' '.1MBNT8 on thn above named erenlngs will be preeentrd pf gramme rep ete with a.l ib< gems ef mlestrelsy. T1 management la happy to enootinae an engagement with t great comedian, ? CHEIRTy who will appear n<ghtl? le connection with thl s company. Admission U oenU. Parilcula^^n^pr >^ram_mea JOHN P SMITH, Baolaeae Agent THB Last cindkrblla matineb !<>-?**. hi last cindbrklla matineb to day. THB LAST CINDBUELLA MATINEE TO-DAT, THB LAST CINDBRBLLA MATINBB TO DAY, At S o'clock. At 3 o'clock. At S o'clock. At A e'ol>?k. MBS. H. HOLMAN SAOADBMT OP MUSIC. MBS. H. HOLMAN'S ACADEMY OP MUSIC, 720 BBOADVAT, 720 BBOADWAV, directly inwoelte the New York HeteL POSITIVELY LAST TIME OP CINDBRBLLA. POitTIVKLY LAST TIME OF ClN DBBBLLA, POSITIVELY LASt TIMK. o F C IN DBBBLLA, AT g AT 8 THIS BVBNINO, THIS EVBNING. rnn BBOADWAT, MELODBON. M BBOADW^H OOO MELODBON. MELODBOV. MBLODB^H NEW Bi BNBBY. Niw DBCOBATIorfS, NBWTaLeI^H The immense amount ekpended te refltting and redecerjH lag the MELODBON le amply reoald by thethousaeda vSt U alghtly to eee thla aiagmfloeBt hell of muale. atrM and aoeg, and hear the grand eoatMaatiea ef Meet esMifl eipreaely far the MBLODBON. Tula night, the newWM leeqneepere ef The Lae? StmggW of the Leag I edier.^ which Meesra. Solomon. Oolea. Letimer. Labeee and Self Howard, Bitty Steele, with the entire aireagth ef the ce?H Adm I ^on *?roe! ^ Admls"too Pree. AMmlMrtom fr4| ? QBOBGB B. HBTDON. Direct?* MS bsta pronoue<wd*BAT ,pccgBg. F B. CHAMPBAU Impersonate* both LORD DrNDRBiRV AND BROTH BB SAM, although a majority of be audleeee taiek It ImpeeMble. CJTBRBOPTICON? AT IRVINO HALL, S BVBBT NIGHT, AT % O'CLOC*. Ml) " SATUROAT AFTERNOON AT 3 O'CLOCK. Ntw and brilliant p?OORA|I|(M BEAUTIFUL ftt enert, STATU ABY. STARTLING MOONLIGHT EFFECTS AND LOCAL VIBWS. Tk-keta. ? cenu. fami y tickets, admitting sn, $1. Gaietif.x-?i? broaowat, UP BTAIRS. Grind inauguration of _ . INSTRUMENTAL AND V0> AL TALBNT. THE OREAT FRBB AND BAST OP THB CITT. THE EDWARDS BROTMBBS. J. B SMlfB, OEO. M. SWIFT, JOB ALBX. LEVI. JOHN U and % host of others In ne<v and popn ar BailadA Qleea aaf Comic Song*. ADMISSION PRFR. _ _ THIRTY OP THB PRBTrlKsr WAITERS IN THB CIT^I Plrat aless U'ent may apply for engagement, Rememl er the ^ BROADWAY, UP STAIRS. OAlfcTiu^LD QM d^cK. THB BIPPOTHEATR0N.-NOTIt;B -THIS SBW AN? aiieiisat huiidtog win be rented, frem and day nsft. aad dnnng the months of Jane aad Jaly, public meeuaga, eonnerte. or any rw^^a^ eatertaini^aw for terns apply at tNa r>et omce deiir. fro" ? to i? a. m. AMWA-Pr.RASB TAKR MB SftJSMf 6 J Mstmea to-day t know where It la Oppealte ? trcpeli tau. It la at J e'oioek .

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