4 Haziran 1864 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 5

4 Haziran 1864 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 5
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AFFAIRS AT^ NEW ORLEANS. of a Dttural Jawrnal? Fwl? livtttlun 01 l(cb?i P??l?lWi?l? ? Cavalry Openatloae In Mil H?d lll?tr Caatpulvii, *?? KB. ?U. TOr*G'<* PRSrATCH. Kb* Ouium, U?y 25, 1941. Tbe rMfHI Marih'l yesterday suppressed (be New Orleans i'eurrirr .fVaacsu, a dikluyal pap?jr printed en tirely M Kr?s<h. The grsatrttsxoltemsut was created it the cily <n ibe announcement ? f the suppression of 1*10 Pfl < Tbe dem-.nd waa eo g.cat for oop e* >r tVe ia*t ptbiica tfen thai extras were ao!d at Ally ccnts sad oco dollar I nih ?t?nr?TW> mi to rrw.iSH reski. mw*. TU Provost Marshal yesterday sent a eireuWr to ths aswspepsrs of this city requesting them to refrain fr^ns eepytng military Intelligeuoe from papers published within ibe Hues of ibe enemy. MIIITART EKOS.JAMZATIOB. IV First Indiana heavy artillery !? to go Into the Held Be Mm Twentjr-llrel Indiana iofantry. Tbo K|r?l Michigan a> tiuery m to ?<? into the Held as an lufunlry regiment. The Fourth Wisconslu mounted infantry t? to l?e dismount e<beod H s<'rvo as tnfauiry Theso reulmeots will po tato tbo Second brigade, Third division, Nineteenth urmy oorpe. Colonel Keith Is the ranking coluoel la tbe bstgade. Tbe ??ventb Vermont regiment, tbe Twenty sixth and Thirtieth MB^sacbusetta regiments, and the Fourteenth Now Hampshire and One Hundred and Teutn New Y?rk regiments will serve as Infantry in tbe First brigade. Third dlvisioa. Nineteenth army corps Colonel N. A. M. Dud fcy. of the Thirtieth Massachusetts, Is ti.o ranking colonel la tbls brl/ndo Tbe division will be commanded by Brigadier General T. W. Sherman. Several of the rest men is named have re-enllsted ns cavalry, and the ordor to servo an infantry will -llHBppotnt them In some men Mr*. Ii Is understood that the cavalry is to be rsdnoed,. at the suggestion of Geuerai Canby. COINO HOVB TO RF1 RCIT. The Fifty sixth Oblo veteran regiment, which has re. ?ells led, and Fullered considerable loss on its passage down tbo Rod river on the John Warner, will leave on the steamer Cabawba this afternoon for New York It is going bo nip, under tbe command of Captain M. Manner* tag, to recruit. MAOJt CBAgl.ES F. Al-IKS, ?f the Thirty eighth Massachusetts, who has beon Pro. Teat Marshal at Baton Rouge for a considerable period, ?s<t lor heme, to remain during a sh irt furlough, on tbe iImbh Merrimac, which sailed yesterday. a moosihiht iter as ion on ins Mississippi. Two or three evening* since Captain J M Robinson Quai term'ister of Marine Transportation . and I.ieut Robin eoa, Assistant yuurtsrmaster of the came bureau, with a party of friends, made n moonlight excursion twenty-Bva Miles up tbo Mississippi on the steamer Laura, ckntain Pell? a small blockade runner that was eaptured last December, sold as a prize, ana purchased ror the govern ment. Tbe Laura it now handsomely fitted np as a des patch boat; sbo Is only two hundred and forty tons Tbe Laura was built iu New York; her engines are from the establishment of Shatter ft Curtis, of your city. Her first trip was to St. Johns, New Rrimswick; from there ?be proceeded to the Bahamas, and tbence to Havana, whence she rsn tHV blockade to m Southern port with sn assorted carco. sbo returned with cot ton. On another trip, from Havana to the Sn wnnee river, tbe l.aura was captured off Cedar ?eye by tbe naval steamers Stars and Stripes and Hen drik Hudson. Ai ?ho lino of ber capture sle had fifty Ave pounds of steam on: but her port wheel bccamn cdr i ft and was tearing vip tbe paddle box. Though disabled, she waa making greater headway than tbo Stars and Stripes, ?nd could have eluded her bad m t tbe Hendrik Hudson CoiM io the assistance of the other blockading vessel. Vie erginecr of the Laura wag Hank Jones, or Balthuord, who baa been captured four tliuea on blockade runners mad released. Tbe Laura is fast for a small steamor, and baa made twenty-one miles iu an hour and five minutes. 1 HE RECORD OF OCR CAVALBY-. To complete tbe record of our cavalry in Ibe Red rtver tnmpal*n, a more extended notice of their operations on the march irom Alexandria totbc Mississippi river should la justice be made. Colonel Lucas, with his First cavalry brigade, an J Colonel Robinson's lliird brigade, under the command of Lieutonant Colonel Krebs, had the advance; ?eionel Davis, with bis Fourth cavnlry brigade covered tbe rear, and Colonel Gooding's Fifth cavalry brigade Covered tbo IlanWs of tbo army. WITHDRAWAL OF TIB UCKIT8 !1MM U tTANPRtA. Colonel f'oollng covered the withdrawal of tho Infantry pickets whi n t*i) army moved from Alexandria, nnd af Wrwar 's put bis brigade in position to protect our iofant ry liauks There was snmo skirm'shlng in tbe rear and eti the Hanks us the army was retiring towards Marks vbie. PlPaitin TUB ENEMY. When Locos approached the Avoyelles prairie with his Iwe cavalry brigades be struck the enemy, and, skir aU'liiug sharply, pushed him eight miles through Marks TUie, aud held lb* town until the main army camp up, ?amlay evening. Purine Sunday afternoon tbe whole or tbe rebel Ceneral Major's cavalry line charged on Lucas; bat they were gallantly repulsed and driven back. Beyond or Ibis side or Mark'ville the First Louisiana cavalry . under Major Badger, behaved handsomely in a splendid charge upon tbe enemy, who made a stand. Ebveral other dashing chargcs were made by tbe Sixth ?laaouri and other regiments. HtK FIGHT AT MORROWVILl*. Tae fight rt Kormwvllle, Msnsura er Avoyelles prai rie, by whichever name it may he known, on Monday, tbe leib. (>ve tbe cavalry another opportunity to diatin aalsb themselves The enemy had twenty Ave piece of artuiery in position, and, la addltlea to tbelr whole oav alry torre, bad l'oNgnac'aiaraatry (Mouton'sold division), PaUfnae being in command of the entire foroe at tbe Mint I -ocas, with hie own and Krebs' cavalry brig Hf, was *a the front, aud did ble doty spteadidlr, while Oeaerai Arnold, with Oevie' aad Gooding's brigades, pro tected tbe traios of the army, In conjunction wltb Law- ! tier's division of tbe Thirteenth corp. OK Tlta NA*TO AOAIH. iXtar tbe enemy was drivsa from his position, and i compelled to retire towards Cheney vllle, and onr i of march was a gala taken up. Colonel Luc**, with b? two brigades, etui held tbe advene*, and neneral Arnold, with Davie and Qoodiog, waa guarding the rear and (tanks. Colonel lis vis onetaatiy akirmishod with tbe enemy, who, naturally enough, endeavored to ba< thu oar reer. tse taossmo or iiatoo i>a cilak-b. At tbe last oroesmg of Baycn de C.laloo, on VTedaeeday, tbe enemy succeeded to slipping two pieces of artUlery aad quite a foree of cavalry botweea Davie and tbe rear of our infantry a >1 una a, attacking htm at once in tbe front, ttaak and rear. By throwing Into tbe scale Gooding's brigade, General Arnold In person directteg the civalry movements, and Geoeral Mower's divkuownf infantry, Davis was relieved, aad tbe enemy wes driven off wltb considerable loes. an vwst'i ' awFi'i banks caAaos. During tbe dey the Third Maryland cavalry made a spirited ssbrs charge on a portion of tbe enemy's lire, wbicn was uusnty-esaful only because of the unfavorable aatarea the gnxind. Captain Moore, of tbe Third , fell, was left dead ea the stubbornly contested ground, and three or lour other offlcers and thirty or forty men were wounded. ovsa nm or ths roairma Ltnnr CAVAUtr ?iwo. Oa the afternoon of the ISth instant Lieutenant Colonel Stryker, of tbe Kighteeoth New York, or Corning light PbtbI ry, took portione of Oomimnles B end I, numbering Mty-eigbt men, to bold a eide road m the line of our re treat. They were cut off, and have not sines been hesrd from. It is suiiKaed tber have been captured, tbongb Ouloanl Ptryker will extrleate himself and bis command tt tbe thing is possible. tvb amnrr nauN FKKvjtnrwn r. Daring tba whole of Wednesday tbe enemy took poel yn frenuentlv wltb their batteries, and amused them asives by Indulginglo tbe agreesbl* paetime of dropping a shell occaslenatlylnto our cavalry columus. A PSPI'S* ATTA'-E. While Davis aad Gooding were marching towards even tag. with their right flank on a bayou, they were sud d> nly attacked bv tbe enemy In front and by a flanking ?re froaa acroas the bavou. General Arnold, command tag the cavalry dlvlsloa, had his horse shot under bin. t> m attacks of tbe enemy wero handsomely repuleed foawimt in ubb or sattu Near Yellow bayou the cavnlry retired through Gen Mower's lines, aad formed a line of battle to receive tb? enemy to w b?m oar artillery attached to I he cavalry administered a doee so sev?se that they gave uo futtber trewate tbat evening. thb se% bbb ntniaa or ran cavai.rt. Ibe duties of the cavalry throughout tbe entire cam nalga were very eevere, pertlcularly so on the with drawai of tbe army from Alexandria to Morgan r*. They Skirmished almost hourly during tbe march with the mtmr, who was menacing our front, threatening our flaaka, and hanging on eur rear. When the day's march was done p rtlons of ths cavalry, without unsuddllng, were sant out on tedious and His agreeable picket duty. The result Is tbe horses weie nearly exhausted, and tbe Mea require a few days recuperation before they can eater upon a new campaign. mammi nuar, af tba Corning light cavalry, detached on the eavalry division staff, came down from the army reeterday quite IIL but he will probably eeeapeeerieus slcknees, and fully recover in a fsw days. TBS TSlitn KTOBT* BAm AtWCSBTTa Captala Julias If. lathrop, Cosspaay l. Thlrty eightb Maaaactiusetts, wounded at Cane river, died st Alsxaa JSr^Ws. Cora pa. y w- bilM at JAns rtw. Private gampeon, Oompaay G. slightly wounded at Cane river, died of lockjaw at BaU? Rouge. Corporal Sherburne, Company K, mortally wouaded at Oaae river, died on the Oeld. ?everaer Rrsmlrtte's Sapprasaarl Adtfrsss. (from tbe franklort (Ky.) Commonwealth. J To %a Panru or Kbsttcet: ? . . ra?*ow CrrimsBB? In view of tbe dlsturbaece of tbe popular atnd, peadnaed by tbe eareimeet and draft of starve for tbe array, it le deemed prudent to makn the pillowing t'iggeaitons, lor the benefit and guidance of the l iypl peotf# of Kentucky Tour j?st Indignation at the measure should not movs you to eotamlt aeta af violeooe, nor to nnlawful rMHItMH Ald.ough tbe act for tbe enrolment af staves Is a mid* blooded , oaleuiatlag act or those wboee disloyalty in tba begtaaioK of tbe rebellion was marked by a wlUmgness to "let the union slldo," end to ??|>aTS the era? or the se sedlng states with geld," vet their act of treacbe'y to tba loyal men of Kentucky should be met. ea you be re stwaye met grave Issues, as amn who have and will svsr stand "for tbe constitution, the Union and tbe enforcement of the laws." We must quell the ertiris of rebellion to overthrow tbe government, by our gallant soldlera In the field, and aseot and eorreet unjust aad unconstitutional legielatlon U legitimate appeals to the constituted tribunals of the government; and to tbe ballot box to displace, in tbe con stituted modes, those who pervert or* abuse the trusts oammitted to them. Ibis is the only true mode of main laioUig " tbe constitution, tbe I aloe and tbe enforcement ?f I he Isws." No ctWsen Is nndsr my ebltgstlon of duty ta give la formeusu or aid la eaMtmeni of bis sisvss. It rsn only be a voluatsry set to glvd Information, as the lsw doee not and ran not eons'rnln siieh serrlec Ths mere act of aermimg the names of sIstsb. ?' of sflbss itieaily writing the names upon tli^a and drawlt?#ithem, doed not affect c?< W>y rlKfct of the olUzeO. He n?w) OOt, IW*W be ***' gtv* hi? aasiet irjee or cors#nt IbWtn. Waeu Uw?lkiri l* wade to iak > tbe your riiMdy ?tUi be*, and jour rlgr of action will ao?. ?o. W Ikki your Maya M i?be o.or enticed or p.'nmadod to ieuve yoo, or K b?rber> d by eHlee s and 'iiMiere to pre vent yon getting Mm, the courts arq open to yoo for a c vii rented* mhIimI *11 *ko eommuii, advise, aid, pr rn to or ad pt the aot. You hive your <rirolnnl code and pr?io"*? against those who commit anr vln'oroo to your ?? person or properly, ageta?t wt of the mown lows of tb? land;" and by taking the step* reiirtfc-d t>y law, bnve not only fbewbote {lower of the ooni'iKinwoalth at your c?mm md to enforce your rem* tie* ihro ^h tbe c l\ II trUMHMtoOf law, but you have Ibii uui?*ralire re 'luircnvnts of renceee prescribing regulat ors for fbe vm" ? kuewn as the Article*) ?f War- on all officers of tbo army. t<? aid and sustain yo i in the porsa t uf your rlg'its hr lepal node. Tlio balance of t' o nddrc?s lay* down tbo modo of re dre'swhkh cltiznns are bono I to n?r?ua through tbe eor.rts, a-id ? u ls wlib the follow ing clause ? Fr>ho!d and maintain your gove nmot.t a* constituted and obey and '?utorre IIr lust demands, as the only bo pa of perpetuating free institutions THOMAS E. BRAWI.FTTR FHiMiiW, March 16. 1864. Arrival of tbs Revenue Cotter Way anda< The Taited Stvea stoam revenue cutter Wajraoda. from Washington, 0. O, on tbe 28lb utt., via Newport, R T. , oo tbe 2d insL , at six A. If., arrived at this port yesterday morning. She fa tbe first of tbe sis new vestels contracted for by tbe Secretary of tbe Treasury a year airo, delivered. She was built at Baltimore, by J. T. Fardy & Brother. Tbe following is a list af ber officers Oa?j(rt?M? .1. A. While. Kerf Lu.utenn>'f?W n. Tomokine. Se-otid l.ieuttnnnt ? 1). B, llodgder, Tiirii Limtrnant- ? Thomas Siy. Kiginerrt ? Chief, A. M. Cwmmlog: Flrsi Assistant, Frank Putsi'er; Second Assistants, Thomas Mulbolland and J. K. .letfors MARRIAGES AND DEATHS. Married. Achtbon? Mbao.? On Wednesday, June 1 , at half past three o'clock P. M. at the Memorial etiarob. corner Ham moud street anil Weverley place, by tba Roy. Edwin R. T. Cook, Mr. John C. A rmwo* to Miss Emilt A , elites I daughter of Wfasrles (. It logs too Mead, Esq , all of this city. Breakbt? Baimr ? On ThurHday, June 3. at tbe rest dsnee or the bride, by tbe Rev. Chauncey P. Murray, I.-aiahO. Rriikkt to Saraii A., daughter of tbe late Capl. Win. Baltic. Belfast (Ireland), Ardroesan (Scotland) paper! please copy. * Bin kt? Pktkrkiw.*? ?m Thursday, Jan* 2, by the Rev. Samuel J. Knapp, Charm* H. Baii.bt to 11 art E., daugh ter or J bn Paterkin, Esq. Chamberlain ? McKinlbt. ? In St. Luke's church, Brook lyn, by Rev. .1. W. Miller, ('run Chamberlain, Jr.. of New York city, to Reoina, daughter of William McKinley, o.' Brooklyn. ? Downing? Coira.? On Thursday, June 2, at St. Paul's churcb. Glen Cove, L. I., by tho Rev. Mr. lfullaby, Mr. Downino to Miss Flikaretu, daughter of Samuel Coles, Esq. , of tbe Conner place. Dk Witt? Rrtts. ? On Wednesday, Junel. by the Rev. Wm R. S. Belts, John W. flu Wirr to Maria Apsi iks, daughter of tb? officiating clergy man, all of Olisvllle, Or ange county, N. Y. Bonn eli. y ? Fgri>, ? On Wednesday, June 1, in the Ca thedral ol Baltimore, Eoward <\ Donnei.lv, of New York, tn Eo?a Korp, daughter or tbe lute Dr. Joseph Ford, of SI. Mary's county , Maryland. Fisko? Goodrich.? At Stockbrldge, Mass., on Wednes d iy, June 1, at tho residence or Mie bride's father, by tbe Kev. N. H. Eggleston, J M. F'Skk, Esq., Deputy Collector or tho port ol Boston, to Isabella l?, daughter of lion. J. 7? Goodrich. Hail? Lord.? At Harlem, by tbe Rev. Geo. B. Braver, of St. Audacw's cb irch, Mr. H. B. Hall, Jr., to Miss Emma J Lord, both or Morrlsania, WeBtchesier co -nly. Jodnstox ? Rapklyk.? On Wednesday, .lime 1, at tho Church of tbe Holy Trinity, Brooklyn, by tbe Rev. D. V; M. Jobuson, W. R. T. Johnston to Miss J. M Rapki.vr, youneest daughter of Jacob Kapelye. Esq . , ell?r Brooklyn. Ki dhw ? Barti.kn ?!?.? On Tuesday. May 31 . at tbe rerl dcnco of tho bride's mother, Claremont, N. J., by the Rev. Stephen H. Bnltih, Mr. John E. Klumfp to Miss Nh.l:b N. Bartlkmam. ail of Claremont. Lraoh ? Phitcharp. ? On Thursday. June 2, at Grseo church. Brooklyn, by tbe Rev E. A. Hoffman, Gsosrus B. Lkacii to Cabolim C., daughter of lbs lite James W. Prilchard. Marrkn? Ai.ten ?On Thursday, June 2, by Rev. Get. A. Hubbell, John E. Makren to Mi^s Sabab S. Alien, all of this city. No enrd*. Macrut ? Tii.i/visoir.? Atnaek?ttstown,N. J., on Patur dav. May 14, bv tbe Rov. George P. Bush, A. MAP?CR,of New York, to Fasn is C. , daughter of Daniel 1 lllotsun , Esq. , of New Orleans. Stewart ? Crawford.? On Thursday, May 26, at tho residence of the bride's father, by the Rev. J. Croft, Mr. I.KONARD D. STBWART to MkSS J INN IS CRAWFORD, all Of tblS city. St. Gboror? Hprar.? In Brooklyn, on Thursday even ing, June 2, at tbe South Presbyterian churcb, by the Rev. 8. T. Spear , T>. D , assisted by tbe Itev. 8. P Halsey , of Rockaway. N. J.. I- D. Rr. Obojmjb to Miss Jemjub U. SriAS, only daughter of the ofllclating clergymen. Thomprob? Oaelbt. ? On Thursday, June 2, at St. An drew's church, by the Rev. George B Draper, J. Atwood Thomson to Carrik, eldest daughter of Walter Oakley, Esq. , all of tbts city. DM. Andbroo*. ? On rtldav, June 3, after ? long and painful Illness, Mart, widow of Andrew F. Anderson, a native of Plymouth, England, aged T2 years and 27 days. Dearest mother, l ban bast left us, And thy laas we deeply feel; Bat 'tis God that bath bereft ns, . He can all our sorrows heal. Tbe relatives and rriends of the family are respeot fully Invited to attend tbe funeral, on Sunday moil ing, at nine o'clock, from tbe Bedford street cbfWrcb, cor ner of Downing and Bedford streets. The remains will fee interred In Greeowood Cemetery. Dover (N. J.) papers please copy. Riatc BTORn.? On Friday morning, June 8, Sam pel M. Blatcwoiw, In tbe ?6ib year of bis age Tbe funeral services will be held In the Madison square Prysbyterian church (Rev. Dr. Adams'), on Sunday after noon, at tire o'clock. BaxinrrT. ? On Thursday, June 2, at Bay Ridge, L. I., loiiN Javbs Bs.nnvtt, in bis Mth year Tbe relatives aud friends of tbe raroily are respectfully Invited to attend tbe funeral, this (Saturday) afternoon , at three o'clock, from his lato residence, at Ray Ridge. Charlrs.? Suddenly, at Newark, N. J., on Friday. June 3, of heart ilUaass, Miss IxtutSA C. Charlm, sged 26 years. Tbe funeral will take place from the resident s of ber sister, Urn. Stevens, 137 Madison avenue* on Monday af ternoon , at two o'clock. Philadelphia papers please copy. Callaiian. ? On Friday, June 2, of consumption, Roiihit Callahan. His remains will be conveyed from his Iste residence, No. 6 Morris street, to Calvary cemetery on Sunday. Dola*.? In Brooklyn, E. D.,on Thursday, June 2, John Dolan, a native of tbe county of Westmeatb, Irmlnd, aged 60 years. His relatives and friends sre requested to attend the funeral, from bis late rosidenoe, Morton street, c rntr of Wythe avenue, this (Saturday) morning, at balf.past nine o'clock. Frvton.? Of cnsiimption. on Friday, June 3, Jaxss Fbrton, In the 82d year of bis sis. The relatives and friends of the family arc Invited to attend tbe funeral, on Sunday afternoon, at oneo'ctnok, from bis late re^'denee . 135 Fist Twenty-secord street. Trie remains will be interred in Calvary < emeterr Goaooa ? On Friday. June 3, I-oi iss Vuns, only child of William and Hannah I,oueoa Gordon. Funeral services oo Sunday afternoon , at half-past one o'clock, at the revfTence of Stepben Viele, 194 West ' Twenty nlntb street. Oi'ion.? On Wednesday, June 1, at Middletown, New Jersey , ?'-oiNEit a H Gcion, second daughter of Frederick A. arfd Elizabeth M. Gutoa, formerly of New Rochelie. Tbe friends of tbe family aro Invited to attend the funeral, from the residence of her unclo, Phillip R. Under hHt, at New Rot-belle, on Sunday afternoon, at two o'clock, or at Trinity church, New Rocbelle, at half past two o'clock. Glass ?On Friday, June 3. aftor a sbort illne-s, fonsA C. GiA'*, second youngest daughter of David Glass, aged 18 years. 1 ho friends of toe fsmiiy sre respectfully invited to attend i be fuueral, from the residence of ber father, No. 08 Third avenue, corner of Thirteenth street, on Sunday, at twelve e'eiook noon. Her remains will be interred In Greenwood Cemetery. Hast? On Friday. June 3, DoMrvtrg Hart, a native of the county C'van. Ireland. In tbe AMh year of bis age. Tbe friends and acquaintances of tho family are re spectfully Invited to attend tbe funeral, from bis lato residence. S16 Kast Thirty serood street, on Sunday after neon, at two o'clock, without further Invitation. Jsnwinos ? On Friday morulng, June 3, Jambs W Jm NiBcs, in the 76tb year of his The relatives and friends ef tbe family sre respectfully Invited to attend tho ftmorsl. wttbont further not ce, rroea hie late reaideace. No 147 Lauraas street, oaSan-( day afterneon, at two o'clock. KivNwnv ? On Friday, June 3, C?r*BsniB Kbnnwpt, the beloved daughter of Nicholas and Mary Ann Kennedy, aged 8 years. The friends and acquaintances of the family are ro spectfsily invited to attend tbe funeral, from tbe rest dence of her porents, No. 88 West Thirteenth street, on Sunday afternoon, at two o'clock. I.vnnon On Friday, June 3, at bis residence, Bulls Ferry, New Jersey, Laprewb T ssnon, In the 62d year of his age. Tho friends sad rslatlvss srs respectfully invited to at tend tho funeral. t? Sunday afternoon, at one e'ciock, without further' not loo Lvncii.? at Carmansville, on Wednesday evening. June 1 , Mart, relict of Francis l ynib, In tbs 03d year of her age. Tbe relative* and friends of the famllv, and ibcee o%)er sens, lefao, .lames and tbe late Bernard l.yaob.are reaper t fully Invited to attend tbe funeral, from St Patrick's Cathedral, this (Saturday) morning, at hair-past ton o'clock, and from tbenee to Eleventh strset Cemetery Martun.-Ou Friday, M >y 18, st Cornenty . In Ireisnd, Fabric* Marrib, sgrd 88 ysers, late a reeldent of this city, a native of CDrnaasaeaanaugh, county of Mosaghan, Ireland. Mh.? ? On Tburslsy, June 2, Pkwa*w J. C. Muss. His friends an?^ acquaintances are reapeclfull? Invited to attend the funeral, from No. 20 Umarline place. West Twenty ninth street, this (Saturday) morning, at half-past eight o'clock. MeoAH.? on Friday, June 3, Khtah. Mora*, aged 33 years. The relatives snd friends are requested to attend tho funeral, oo Sunday afternoon, at half past two o'clock, from l be residence of his father, Thomas Fo?, 198 Frank Un avenue, East Brooklyn. Mtrpht ? On Friday, June 3, of consumption, Mart Mi RrwT, step daughter of Michael Casey, aged 83 yoars ? The frioudo aad acquainlaacss of the family are respect fully Invited to attend the runeral, on Sunday afternoon, ot two o'clock, frtm bar Into residence, 121 West Broad iflHRMorf. ? Al Washington. D. C.. (apt. J as. J. McDao mott. of ?*.0?|>M7 Ijl ftevaotv third New Tork VotoaieeM, from wounds reoetWd at the bm'e of tbe Wilderness. The rel-iti** ?M fi Wtds of iho famry. ?*?<> tha mem* berw of Enpina Oowip*nr No. 63. ami ibe F?re Deportment la fWii.c?l are rMpMirnitr Invited to attend the funeral , (rout tbe nijr Hal), oa *u?d*y afterooou, at OM o'clock . PimtMoK ?On Thursday morning, June 2, I^j'/-a?*tb Pattcuk>*, widow of Ateamrier Patteraon, lata of tba county Cavan, Ireland, to the 63d year of bar age. May bnr soul rest in peace. Her Monde and reiatlvee and tboae of bet mm, Jaaaea, John, William, Alersnder and Rowland, nre reei>eclfully Invited to attend tbe funeral, from her late reeldenee, 178 Bust Thirteenth street, ttiia (Saturday) afternoon, al two o'e'ot k. Powrn.? On Wednesday events, Jon? 1, at the Pt. Denis Hotel, Hkvnictta K. , wt>e & John II Power. The relatives ?o<l friends of tho family are reapeftfolty Invited to attend the fu' oral, without further notion, from ->t. Ann's church, KUIitb street, between Hroid* ay and Fourth aveouo. Hits (Saturday) morntnf>, at tea o'clock Platt ? On Monday, May iU. in the Field Hospital, fifth army corps, Arrov of the Potomac, at ?pottsylvaali? court Hmi'o, of woond<i received in tbe engagement of May 19. Lieutenant IIortov K. Piatt, Commandant of Co. I fifth New York artillery, aged 29 years, 9 months and I days. 11 id rotative* and friends are respectfully Invited to at tend tbe funeral, from the Presbyterian church , White Plains, on Suuday afternoon, al three o'clock. P ai.mkr. ? On Friday, June 3, Pstkb 8. Pit Mm, In tbe .1flth year of bis age. Tbe re'sttves and friends of the family are respectfully requested to attend ibe funeral on Rundty morning, at half post nine o'clock, from bis late residence, No. 102 East Fourteenth street. The remains will be taken to New Rochelle for Interment. Stbvkhs ?On Friday morning, June S.Raraii Fit*. only daughter of Wm. H. and Sarah M. Slovene, aged 8 years Tbe friends and relatives of tbe family are respectfully requested to attend the funeral service, on Sunday attar noon, at six o'clock, at the residence of her parents. No. 103 South Nlntb street, Wi'lhinisburg. The remains will be taken to Rye for interment on Monday mnrninp. Tuonan.? On Friday, June 3, Eu.ax RASCi.tr, (laughter of John and Jane Thomas, aged 1 year and 11 month', Tb# friends of the family are respectfully Invited to attend the funeral, from the residence of her parents, 102 Madison street, on Sunday afternoon, at half past two o'clock. The remaiua will be taken to Greenwood Ceme tery for Interment. Tract.? On Wednesday morn In?, June 1, at. hlR lale re pi'lence, No. 8 Fast Twenty third street, or typhoid fever, FRRnrmcK Tract, in tho tOtli year of his age Tbo funeral services will be beld al the Church of the Asccnsion corner of Fifth aveone and Tenth street, this fSatnrdiy) morning, at ten o'clock. His friends and tbo friends of the family are respectfully Invited to attend. The body will he taken to Tarrytown for Interment. nuttum ? On Thursday mornlnir, June 2. after a short illness, Jank, wife of C. V. Truphaecn, and daugh ter of the lata Dr. Daniel Proudflt, or tbe city of New York. The relatives ond friends of the family are re=pectfnllv tavited to attend the funeral, from her late residence, 174 Pavonia avenue, Jersey City, this (Saturday) afternoon, at bair-past one o'clock. Woona. ? At eight o'clock, on Friday evening, Juno 3, of of ensnmpttn, Marcakbt Au.im. daughter or Alice and tbe late John Woods, nged 12 years and 7 months. The frlenda of tbe family are respectfully Invited to at tend the funeral, from 224 Ninth atrcet, on Sunday after, noon, at two o'clock. Her remains will be carried to the Temetcry of the Holy Cross, Flatbusb, for Interment. SITUATIONS WANTED? FEMALES. A NUMBER OP1 WELL FECOMMRNDF.D GERMAN . \ fcmsl.?s want situations as rooks. chambermaids and laundresses. nurses. girls for uciieral housework, Ac., at Mri. LOWE'S German lustitme, 17 Staulou St., near lb* Bowery. A young woman (thr wire of a soldtebj wishe s to take washing to Her own home. Call on M.s. Hettrich, 133 Division at. A FIRST CLASS LADY'S Nl'RSE IS NOW OPEN (or an encasement References if required. Call on or address Nurse, 101 Ea?t Rrondway. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A WELL EXPERI ? nccil girt, to rook, wash and ir in. Call at 47.i 7th ar? between 39th and 40tli its. A8TTUATION WANTED? AS WET NURSE: QOOD reference. Call at 214 Chcrity st., flrst floor. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG ENGLISH GIRL WISHES a situation to do ireneral housework, in a s na'.l private family: has no nb ectlin to do chamberwork and lake i are of children. Call at 201 Ea t 9th at. As governess or n Of SEE re per.? a l\dy who i- fuiv 'Onnetent desire* * ai tun lion In eit! ? r ca:ia rily. or would take t'ie charge of a houre during the f?m y's absence for the summer. OonipeiisAllin not so in ch in object as a home. Address Mrs. Lee, box 2U0 Ileiaiil ol'.icc. References exchanged. ASITUATrON WANTED-TO COOK. WASH AND iron. Good references. Call at 12IJi West 27lh it A SITUATION WANTED-AS CHAMBERMAID AND waitress. flood referenda. Ca'l at 1-1 *4 West 27th st A SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG WOMAN. TO do ehambsrwork. Reference if required. Call at 111 13th st. AN AMERICAN LADY WISHES A POSITION AS housekeeper. In a srr a! I family or hotel. Reicrenoes If required. Address for three davs E. R.. Exchange Ho tel, Slfi Greenwich St., between Reade and Dunne. A YOUNG WOMAN, WHO IR A GOOD OPERATOR on Wheeler * Wilson's machine, wishes to hire out l?y the month in a tarivatc famiiv ; would bring her own ma chine if required; no objection to the country. Address M. O., 48 Woodhnll St., Brooklj?. A SITUATION WANTED-BT A NEAT, TIDT GIRL, to do general housework, or hs plain cook, wssher and I rone r. Best city lefersnces. Call st 18? East 39th st. TTT ANTED? A 8ITL'ATIOIf. BY A RESPECTABLE M vo ngt rl. as < hsmbrrmald and waitress or to attend to children. Can be seen it her present place, 11 Unlyersity place. TITA-NTED-THE WORK Or A FEW PRIVATE KAMI VT lies, by tbc Uav: understsnde till k'ods of famty sew ing: has a knowledge of dressmaking and understands o; or al rig on Whee'er A Wit on's sewlnjr machine: tlrst class citv reference. Apply at 158 3d aire , between 16tb amd 17lh sts, In the fancy store. WANTED? A SITUATION. BY A SB AMSTRE9S. WHO can be well recommended by her present employer. She can lie seen between the hours of 4 end 7 P. M. at 216 Madison ere. WANTED? BY A YOUNG AMERICAN LADY. A situation as coirpsnlon to an elderlv ladv; would hare no objection to travel References exchanged. Ad dress U. M. W., station E, New York, stating particulars. WANTED-A SITUATION. BY A RESPKl TABLE person a-. laundress. Call at 120 Boreum si., cerarr of Dean >-t,. Brooklyn. WBT NURSE.? A YOUNG AND VERY HEALTHY married woman wlabes a situation as above: Its', lost her own baby ; references, Ac. Apply for two davs at JtCS West 26th St.. second i'oor back. WANTED-A SITUATION. AS CHAMBERMAID AND waitress, by a respectable rer.ng woman, flood re ferences Csn be seen at her last place, M We?t 37th st., to day between 1(1 artd 12 o'clock. YKTANTED-A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG PRO S' v testant girl, to lake tare of children and mate ler eelf generally useful. No objections to the court v. tan be seen at her present place, 112 West 12th st , between 1 and 3 o'clock. WANTED-A ilTUATION AS HOUSEKEEPER, HY A hlghlv respectnb e and re:. able woman; wages not an mnch an object as a good l ens; host reference g vru snd required. AJ tres Integrity, Union square Post oOlce. nrsr ISta st., Broadway. HELP H'AKTF.D? FRIHALEA, A YOUNG OIRL WANTEO-TO TAKE CARE OF A bah., seven months old Weges *4 Appl' st 211 West 21st st . between 8th and 9th ays., from 8 A. M ., till 4 P. M. this day Dressmakers wantrd-at 78i rboadway. i e!b. wilkfr j ri IBLR WANTED-TO PACK TOBACCO, AY NO .1 I vT Bealu ina St . three blocks Irora Hamilton sv. , down Van Brunt st , Boirth Brooklyn. pIRLS WANTF.D-AT 71 BARCLAY ST.; SIX OIRUS vT wanted. In a pre erre factory. Those accustomed to tne business preferred. Sundress wanted.? a "good place can be J secured for s frsl rate Isundr.'-s. The best references will be required. Apple at 24 West 32d st Milliners ?wanted, first clam millini-rs. to make and trim bonnets, at Madame Ball's mlllinerr and pattern enp riot*. No 3 Catharine st. Operator wantkd-on fine custom shirts; miirt make and fold bosoms. A good ham! aril fad steady work b; srpli Ing at 71s Broadway. J? SHOUT. QALESLADIES. -FIRST CIASH BALIBLADIIS I0R a? our hos er> ami n'.oves. and lor o-.tr dreaa tr.n.miog da partmeuts, wanted; n? others need app-v: good wa;es and permaaeat place; good refersnqas required. FREDERICK LOEW.i: A 0> , 277 Fulion St . Brooklyn. QBVEBAL OOOD DRESSMAKERS WANTED - 41 SO, k? Improvers and one apprentice. Apply at l&l 9th St., near Broadway. I <PAN0LBRS WANTED-TO PUT ?PaNOI.EK 0* L .1 the aew duplex el llptto skirts. To Mod hands steadv ' employment all the year, at J. I. A J. O. West's sklit man ufactory, entrsncs Ml Readest. WANTED-A L*DT TO LEARN THE ART OF coloring phot' graphs After two weeks* instruction ef ooe hour i.er day, work will be given out, or sltifktlon will be givea. Call at 713 Brosin ay , room Ilk, a KONTGSBBRil^ WANTED-A FIRST RATE COOK. WASHER AND ironer; alee chambermaid, la a small, uenteel private family; the* must be neat; none oee1 apply tin es', liiey can cime highly reoommended that thev tboroufhlv un derstsnd their husleess and are iwrfeetly trusty. Ai pl) fer three da> a : rem 9to 11 A. M. at6l East I6th at. WANTED? IN A VERY SMALL FAMILY. LIVING IN Brook 'yn, an elderly woman, teas 1st with the house ?oik aai# mind two amsll children, Aav person <|?bllfled Rail wlahtnga gnod home mav address, with references O. I., boi Itt Herald ofli^e. mating where ahe san be seen WANTED? TEN GOOD OPERATORS. TO MAKE shirt i. on Orover A Baker's machine* Apply (?me diate) r to James Taylor A Son. did Grand st WANTED? YOUNG LADIES OK PLEASING AD dress, to wslt on table*. Applv to day at the Reveille Baloen, HM Broadway, from 1 te S P. M. w w ANTED? WAI I ER GIKIJ; |t A WEEK API'LT at Orpheus Hall, corner of Pearl and Chatham ais ANTED? A OOOD COOK: WILL BE REQUIRED to asaist la washing; at Ml Amity at, Brooklyn. HB>LI? WANTUP-.rKMAE.Efl. WiXTln-i omr, to do rrp <?t'aiib wont ANr> ??? n*. Tint n-?i of ritf r re<i? m l. Aptly at 13 Earn 24 hi, ci kal irdju , iuM 4, !<? t\re-B ibe bvtil ?f t8and II A M. WANTED-TWO OIRLft n> TACK *1 A l*fl ON HOLIr ?n. Apply ?t 38 Corn. licit M , up Matr* WANTED- A RKHPBCTAHIB WOMAN TO t4)OK. wash and ir n. Apply >1 II Rait 2<th at. WANTKD? GOOD DRESS *AK RR8, AT Hl3 BROAD w?>. Come prepared to w.iek. M. McK KB. WANTED? A r.RRMAN UtRT,. TO TARR CARR OP ehlldi m, iJ.i np stalri ? ?rk end if*; o one who can ?ut tno til Rood w jges will be given. Apply at ISO 5th are.. In the Mom. WAN I'KD ? A KIRitT CL'?S HOOK. WAHill'RANl) and toaer; one who ihjae'i. hly understand! her huel ness aiid can bring. the tx-afeef ?u refercu ea. luquire for two dn)? at IM Went 44ili if WANTKD? A GIRL, COMPETENT TO COOK. WASH an<l haa, and, when required, assist with reonral housework, la a small private family. Hucb, wtlh good tllf referen en. can Inquire at 71 "d av. ?V?ANT,Kf)-A OOOO OIBL, to dooenbral house. TV work, in a mt'l family : one wio haa no objection to go Into the country. Apply at (07 West 'i3d st. WANTKD- A 8TRONO ANO A0T*VR OIRL, TO OO icener.il housework, washing tad Iroa.og, App J loon at 219 nib av w w WANTED.? A LADY, FIJLLT 0?MPET*ND?T0 TAKE the charge of a first alass hotol, would like to maVe arrangements as housekeeper; either m or out of the city ; small coinpeusaiioo required. Address M It Clarence, Herald ortiee. WANTED? BY A GERMAN FAMILY, LB A VINO SOON for Furore, a neat and dill :ent Engl ah or Irlah girl, who is willing to gn to Germany and take rare of two ebtl Iren ; mum be a good reatritress and well recommended. Address Mr*. Brhmld. brn 1HI Herald oil'ice. WANTED? A OOOB COOK, WISHKR AND IRiiNKR: alio a chamber ma d. who understand tl eir work and are w lling to make themie ve< useful and obliging; good city reference* required. Ao;>ly at 193 Wcat 4'th at., be tween <) and 12 A. M. ANTI'D? CHILDREN'S NURSE.TO GO WITn A WA. mil* In the country lorihe eiiminor;muat be thoroughly ?ompetent. Apply, with written reference, at 27 Em'. War ren *L, South Biooklvn, t WANTED.? tilRL WASTED. TO DO GENERAL houiework : wane* $7 per month; mml be a goo I wash er and Ironei sud come wail recommended. None afraid to work need app!y at ??'> Broadway. ANTED? A KIRST RATE LAUNDRESS. CALL AT IS Wcat 27th at., between 9 and 10 o'clock A. M. WANTED-A FIRST CLASS LAUNDRESS AND A chambermaid; one who can mangle and under-tand dating. These who are willing to go Into the eonntry for the Bummer n enths may apply, between 10 and 12 o'oioek A. M., at 101 Weat 14th at. WANTED? YOUNdT (LABIES, FOR DBESSMAIINO, at 19 Henry at. WANTED-A GI RL, FROM 10 TO 18 YEARS OF AOE, for light chamlierwork and lo make herself generally uaeiul. to go a ihori distance in the country. Apply tbli day at 449 Broadway, flrst Hour, from 9 to 1 o'clock. BT NURSE WANTED.? APPLY THIS DAY (BATUR day), at 12 o'clock, at 8J Weat -Cih at. WANTED-AT THE ALMY HOTEL, A GIRL TO work In the kitchen : one who li accualomed to the work and can come wall lecommnndod will find a good home and good pay. Apply from 9 to 10 A. M. In atore IS Wcat st. WANTtD-TWO YODNO WOMKN TO ATTEND AN ice cretin) and oyiter ,<nloon ; mn-t be Rood at making ctinnge . Rood reference required Call for twodayB at Wtn. 7Taiiicld>. "d av., n-'?r2uh st.. Ure nwood Cemetery. Ful ton terry cars, Court st, flop at door. eon WOVEN skirt HANDS WANTED? TO WORK i;UU on J. W. Bradif^'i ne v Talent Duplei lor double) Elliptic Spring Skirl*. To experienced woven akirt hanila Soo-1 pav and > teadv er^plov incut all the year. Apply at, I. . A J. O. Welt's akirt manuf.ictorv. Eutr.ince 81 Keade at. w HELP WASTED- MALES. AT THE COMMERCIAL ACBNCY, 297'; AND 209 Brnadway? DrtiR clerk, asMlit;int tiookkeep-r. entrv , dry goirt* dalesman, bartender, travelling agent, timekeeper, aolicltor for n Br^-t ?'i>ibonw, hardware <ale.man canvan era. trher aitunliana open. Rc^i cctable men can alwa;i fi ?.<i employment at our office. oscak a CO. A T THE MEROANTILR AOENCY-WANTED TO-DAY, J\ lio ei clerk, dry goods aaleiman, dfug clerk. aMamer e'erk, timekeeper, condui tor. bookkeennr, waitera, conch no>n Other iHuations oiien. Reacaatable meu can ?Iwj>* llnd einplovinent hv calling enilv. jucrchulu and othern ?npulicd with help free ol ciiar^e MONOOMERY A OO , 2C ? I r adwoy. Aoentrcan make $2.i in a tk\y hocrs selltno our great new urnl wonderful estra lar^in -lie Frlte Packages. $10 per day guuianieed. Everv dollar Infciled move than douti'ed. A splendid aolid gold or silver lever u Mich praaented frea lo each igent. Smart men wan'ed to e tuijilMh apen' lei in every town and village. County rights free. Sale immeuie; demand Increasing, i.verybody buys them. Send for our great new circular f r I8?'4, containing eslra new premium inducements, free. S. C. IUCKAKDS S CO., 102 Nassau street. New York, original, largest and I oldest prl/e package l.ouse in the world. AOENTS WANTKD-TO SELL THE LARi.F.BT As sortment or Lithographs of the Oreat BatUes, plain and nolored l.ilhoriaphio l?o trait" of Oenerals. a splendid Steel Rngrav ng of Aoivtbain Lincoln, a v.e 2"i\M ; Oems tor the Albums, new Huh ne-a Signs, the Uuited Ktstes Army Diploma. Ac.: a'soalarge asanitment ol I'rl/e Vi<ksgei'. Send for circular lo JOHN GIBSON, Sf BeokmHn st? N. Y A CJENTS CAN MAKE MOKE MONKY SRLMN'O Ol'R 7V Stationery Frl/e Packet*, Bteel Engravln :s. Ac , than in any other business, flold and Silver Watcbei given to all lurafrnti. Send for onr new ciionlar. U. 8. II4HKJN8 A CO 36 Beekman aireet, S. Y. k BOY WANTED? TO OO A SHORT DI8TA NCR IN 1 \ the country : wai,?i SO per month. References re quired Apply after 10 A. M. at 1?1 Dose y, up staira, to Mr. H. W. Smith. A SMART. ACTIVE YOCNO MAN WANTED? TO open evitere and make himself generally useful In a restaurant; best of wanes paid to one who will suit Id quite at Clarke's 857 Rth av. AN ACTIVR LAD WANTBD-AROUT 16 TEARS OF age Salar,' ftrit year >154. App'y to James A. Ileum A Ren ,715 ^Iroadwav. ' A BOY IN A LAW 0FFIC8-X0. 8 CITY HALL place room No. 1. A MAN TfANTED-TO ATTEND BAB, AT *0. 229, corner of 3d ave. ami Wth it. ; Boy wanted-in a wholesale fancy dry good! store. One who writes a fair hand. I- smart and active will find a permanent situation. Address, elviog age, reference, Ac , K. It. D , box I .ft. 7 I'ost office. BOY WANTBD IN A DRUG STORE-A LAD WITH lomc eioerleaee In the bua'ness preferred Apply at S63 Bowery, corner of 4th st. D Coachman and laundress wanted -tro le-tiat* prefrrrd ; man and wife, they nnni both on deratanri their bttsinc** thnroughli; the man mini m derataiid the i-ura of hora*a and harnen. Ac. , jood recom mendation! from 'a?t place, hi to their capabilities, will be neceaaar* ; none but Hiom perle.lly competent newl make appMcut oo. Apt ly from 12 to 2 P. M., up ilalrt, at W Maiden tana. (1 ARM AN WANTfcD? ONE WHO CNDRRSTAN PS / ?!< i|ipi ok and can brinn ^oo- 1 referencea at (he Ureat American Tea Company. 85 and 37 Vwy etrcet. RUO CLERK WANTED? AT 14 ALLEN STREET. Call for three dav*. D*UO CLERK WANTED.-A OOMPtTENT MAN mar aw>iy. "Hit reference, at Centre ?L, la tbe ?tore. Alio, an apprentice wante.l rAKM HANDS WANTED? TO OO A SHORT DTfl. tinee In the eountrj-; wage* Trom $20 t $27 per month and f< und. l>o wanted, n.ea lately landed, a* la'.orern. A |'p" > ;.t Employment Hou<e, corner of 6th a*, and 11th it CTAKLB ROY WANTED? li OR 18 TEARS OF AOE, *7) t ???!?t inn private atablo; one who hie experience wlili horiei and l? faithful and reliable, will Und a good ? Ituat.on bt app'yion at414 Water at. CHlRTcriTRRS WANTED? OOOD WAORS AND I ' permanent employment will be given t'.i well eip rlenred alilrt ruit< r?. Non? but thoae who thoroughly un dcratitid apttlng white md fancv flannel ?h Irta need apuir at No 2* Murray ? TEN DOLLARS A DAT CAN BE MADE RY OOOD ibiita ?er?. in aelliug Walki-r'a Pocket Cl' tkei IU k. Tlil< in an enilroly new an cle. j uat out ; wante ? ere ywl.ere and by everybody, and azemi cannot h t d>> well Willi it. A. J. WaLKKR. No 1 Piatt atreet, TETANTED? BY A LAWYER. A CLERK OK STEADY TT bahlt?. who wrltti a ?nod hnud nnd l? capable of managing ordinary bnilneia: eltintlon permanent Add real L. K . New York Poat ollire, kot .No. 2.Si'.?, atatlng tige, wintry, whether Married or aiogle, anil what eaiary ei pe?ied. Wan i km? immediately, men who wish to engage In a legitimate hunineii, lo which the. ran make from $23 to $0u tr?r\ da by a email InTettinent, from $20" to ???!. HOWARD TILDEN, 609 Broadway, room Mo 4 ll/ANTBD-A SALKSMVN IN A LIul'OR K-t AR TT lnhment: one wbo would mike Mmtelf generally uae ful; none need anawer nn!ea~ thej have coii ctt\ refoienee. Addrrn K. D. D , Herald ofllre. WANTED? A OOOD WAITER FOR AN TCE CREAM ealoon and reataurant; eonuant employment and good wage.. Ooe who epeaka 1 renrh will be piefeue I. [a qoiro at ill Cth a*, rorn-r of l.'.th *t. IITANTKD? A ?OOD STOUT BOT, TO HBI.P ON ICE TT crcim and make him ?eii' general ,y u eful: aUer man preferred. App'T ?? K a 4I? 4th ay. WAN I Kit? A SMART, ACTIfi TOUNO AMERICAN", 1r ?n 20 to it yeara of age, lo aaelat in a botanlo drug atore; none nea-f appty w|ifirJUt c d le ommehda Hon*; to i no not afrnd or work a ^of?| home ann go< d wa?.e will be oflered Appl? at No IM ar.. thle day. be tween l>ant; 11 A. Mi , WANTBD-AS SERVANT to AN OFPK'KR in 1*HE army, a youne man from ift to an ? eare of age, who to MM to tea I a nd ? rite, kae aon.o knaw|ed(0 of . oik ng. nn t la not afraid "f haid work, and out of dixirllto: wat't tin per m .ntb, board and cloihea. Addreee bom SU New York Pnat offlco. WAirrn MAN wanted? to OO a SHORT DIS lan e tn the<*iuntrv; mint uaderataud earvlnc if married, hie a Ife will i bn engaged ae ci?ok ; good wagee paid. Apply at tho Large Ktnyloy meat Houee, corner or tit h er, and 11th eL ANTED? FOR A Q^NTLEMAMg EaMILyT"! coachman, a man and hia trlfa. a r ok and a (bam bormald: good ?a artae wi l be pa d. Call at 57H I th *v WANTED? IN A CUSTOM ROOT AND SIIUR STORf*. a man to a' < an a^lea < an ko*p ac.-ounta and make hmmelf generally useful. Addreoa A. 11 , Her..ld olt o?. tat ? ng eiptclenrej la iry muat ho moderate, refer, m -ca re qnirod. WANTED-A BOT. ABOt'T 1$ TEAM OLD, IN A bnker ? W w*gn $3 per week Addreie In hand writing bot A MS foil nn.ca. littliP WiMTKU-HAItU. | V(f ANT^'D? A MART. ACTITB MAM. TO 0RIIF4K 1 f? I'Ab >M Ukn mm A irjan 111 | earn good AUiresa for Mnba't'L *" '? o? [ 2,374 Kw Torn I'Ml veto* ? onni y traveller^ wanted I'M | MjuimuiiMiuu; gouti U0M le. WANTED? A VOi M?1 MAN AHAMM|MrA*T "A?*Ki R; a m twnMoul boj i fir WML A; ply tl 21 Coitiaadl | *?., up Stairs. WANTED? A ?MAFT KRRIND BOY, II TO U VKAKH Of age. Call it "71 B. oat way. WANTED -TOOK ? M'iN WISH!* ! TO 00 ON H E \ voyage. to all p?M< of the *or|.t !n h'i p< ani s'es*' ere; aliki wanted men t"f Mi i?( *n I whs"nj ??**'* 'Pd llin Unfed SWIM N?. ?. Aon / to H \ O i I.L A I uUKT NP.Y, )W Wesi >l , co-tier <t Ret t?, up stnlis WANTBD-TO CLKAN OKKIrR. RUN FR^ANDS ?rut make hlm-elf gene' sl'y utefnl, * re?p< ? I il> w. well r ?ooiMiiii"uii<J i> w of II toll rear, Ap? y ?t -t VV II lain si , often 24. W?ges Up.1 fur A3 5*> |iei *en<. TVAMTKn-^IKN FOR SHORT SOUTH Kt *ll*|,. 11 !ng vovages; Ontlit and advnnco given. AUo fiuhull lutes for the n??i and army H'gheet bounty pai I. fall brfoir engaging elsewhere *1 87 Weet ?t.. earner of Albany, np stairs. II. JaMES, A goal WANTKD? IM A LAW OPFICK, A CLF.BK, WHO write* a g io I h.iiul. Address bo* g.O'K Peat office, ?tattne *al?r< e 1 p.'c' - t WANTED TO D AT? I'l kTBBN MBM FOR A WHALE Ashing vosa ?i of su months; will be home b? Novem ber. The voyage w it pav men Iro'n S3iKI lo SAW foi ih? lilp and found. RAVi'AI.I, A CO I' ItTNEY, 180 Went ?!., turner of Heaiie^op - loir*. WANTKD? A COAOHMAN, TO GO A *HORT DfR taa<'e in the country. An indn-trimi* man, wilting to make him-elf generally useful, i cm at S4 Nassau at., room 29. WAITBRS WANTBD-IN AW IOB CREAM SALOON at 1.121 Broadway, corner of SBIfc at. YTTAIfTED? A YOUNG MAN. FOR WIGHT WORK IN VV a billiard room. Apply to O. O'Connor, AO and M East Ulb <1. \IMNTK1>? AN ASSISTANT RARKEKPBR. AFPI-t Vt at iift W?al at, corntr of B?aob. WANTED? A GOOD SMART ROY, WHO CAN WRITE a 1.00 I lian l and "iH'alc the (itrinan. Kretiah And Entc l ah languaKna, well hc^iialniml with tlic cltv. Apply front 10 till 12 oVIo1!*. at 'ii wmI llaii^ton at., to Jamra Conner WAN TED? A STOUT, ABLE YOUNG MAN FROM lite nonntry, who U willlnn to work, to drive a wa;;on. AddreaaS. B., Herald office. WANTED? A GOOD WAITER IN A DINING HA loon. None but Iboae w ho iind'TRiami llialr buaineaa aoed apply at 227 South at., after 9o'clook A. M. WANTED-A YOUNG MAN TO ATTEND A LIQUOR atore. Apply AtS36 lat ar., earner of 20th at. SITUATIONS WANTKD-MAI.KH. A SITUATION WANTBD-BV AN ACTIVE, ENKR getlo tounit nwtn. un Ameil^an, twratv.ili yearn of aae. to K0,t0 South or Centr?l Autorlca. Mexico or the Wcat Indiea: apoakqand writpn French arid German fluentlv; haa eome knowledge of Mpiimdi. la oxpert nt Cunrcs, a ^oud aalentnan, well acquainted with ntcrchandNc uonfrtllr! and ready to devote hiinaelf unreservedly ?o bia emplnyer'a Inlere^la; la accustomitd to the inanaeoineut of w.nkine m?a, or would enja;o In a nholoaala bu lue-a In this city at u low aalarv ; goo I city referent ?. Addreis. for two weeks, G. B. F., ho* 174 Hera!<l o!He?. A GOOD CARVER OF MEATS WANTS A SITUATION at carver or clerk In a first class hotel, city or country ; Is fully competent aa bookkeeper, or tn (til any position, navinit bad considerable experience in hotal busineta. Ad 1ics? K. B S., Iiera it ofloe. \ MIDDLE AGED GERMAN M VN WANTS A 8ITPA tnn aa Ught porter Inqn'ro n the -store corner of Bcckinan and William ata., or Mr. Uaker, betweea 10 and 12 K. M. A SITUATION AS ASSISTANT BOOKKEBPER. EN tr clerk or ?!>l|<pln< clerk wanied. by a v un tman of Ihorouch education and a good prnman. Bent references. Addrc?a for three dnya W. 11. H., 241 9th av. SITUATION WANTED? BY A MAN AGF.D 29: F.Sfl . II h: a good iwnman, qiilok af Qgures and willing to work. Aridities A C? Herald ofllce. SITUATIONS WANTED-FOR THOROUGHLY TOM petent coa;bmen, waiters, tmrdenera, farm hnti'ls. grooms, porters, servants. Ac.; men Intel* 'auded and help of every description. Apply at CARPKNTRR'S larifn etn. plovmcnt bouse, corncrof 6th av. and lltli st. A ?<>, female ?halp SITUATION WANTED? IN A BANKING OR MRKCAN i ? til a bouaa or oWce af a railroad eptupaAv, by a gentle man of lonjj experience in nil t! c duties nf a coontlng room ; he is un excellent penman an I a T^un^aiit and can bring the h ghe-t testinmriials u< to character, copa^ ty and in terrltv from his pre ent emp'o- ers and ot'n Kor further psrnc.ui.trH udilrusa Win. K ileum, 21 Nassau *L, N. ?., room So. a ? rpo WHOLESALE DUUtitilSTS -WANTET?. BV A 1 young man who haH been in the drug bnslnea? for the pa?t 1.1 ? ear* in thia and other cit es, a vlinatlo.i a< retail cicrk in a wlm es?le house; be t ?f refcronces g ven tor hones'*, capability and moral character. Address Chemist. :u& WaMliington et , Brooklyn. TO NEWSPAPER PROPRIETORS.? A LITERARY gcntlciiiaii, who has I'eon connected with the press in l:nt;land, is desirous of olita niiig an sppointment an editor or assialant editor of an American Journal. Addrea.l. W., Post oiroe. WANTED. -A TOUNO MAN. In YEARS OF AOB. DB ?net a situation In an clBee, a* aa light porter tn a I wholesale house. Best of reference given. Addreee W. F, box 30 Jersey fitly Post office, WANTED-BY A YOUNG KAN. A SITUATION AS bookkeeper or assistant, or entry olerk, or slipping r.lerk. Can give Ibe beat o( reference. Wa^ea moderate. Address for ooa week Mercantile, 200 Broadway llf ANTED ? A SITUATION AS SALESMAN. IN A JEW Yv elrv house or aa bookkeeper: has been In the employ- i ment af one ef the flrat housee in the olty and can furnish the best references. Addraaa W. II. ii., box 134 Herald I oil co I TTTANTBD? BY A COMPKTENT MA*. A SITUATION if as bookkeeper: has had practloal experience: Is a good penman. Ac.; can correspond In Uerman. and furuish uoex reptiouahle cltv reference^. Addren C. K. II., box 4,41,1 New York Post uirica. TITANTFD? BT A COMPETENT MAN. A SITUATION m as foreuian In acme niauutactory: is used to repairing machinery, keeping the time of hands, Ac. Addres H. Kitrldsa, Poslollite, N. Y. WANTED-BY A BOBEB TOUNO MAN, A SITUA Hon as uorler or driver tn a gotxl at ire: la ab'.e and wlllins to work. Inquire at 4ST 84 av , for 0. Minn WANTED-A SITUATION. BY A TOUNO MAN WHO has had teu ye ar*' experience In the grocery, irlneand spirit business In Ireland A rn-p?ctab e house inor? an object tbuo high aalsry. Can give New York reference. I Address I. H J . llfi t'edar at. WORK WANTED-BY A SMART. ACTIVE TOUNO man, from the old country: ts not alrald tn work and o(f ere bis services in any capan ty where confidence and alifl'ty mav be combined. Beleri to Mr. M. Arthur, Cj Gold it. WANTED-A SITUATION IN 80ME STORB (STA llonery preferred), to learo the bn-iinesi, by a younn man, aged 18; amount uf wages imtnaterial. Reference*. Aditress O. ilntiiin A WANTED-A SITUATION AS BARTENDER; COUN try or city. Address.). II., Herald oflice. WABTBD? RT TWO TOI'NG MEN. SITUATIONS; one as bartender and the other in a hardware spire; good references. Addrria Hardware, Herald nfllce. djin BONI S WILL BE OH'F.N BY THE ADVKH ?yl U t ffiPT to anybody procuring him a situation in a lumber yard aa c erk. Ac., or in a produce ofllce or store. Address P. U., Mercantile ageacy, 166 Broadway. TIIR TKAUKI. AN EXPERIENCED I* HOMOGRAPH BR OR SHORT hand writer, can report le-timony, eermoaa orapeerhea. I- de rou? of obtalulng a altuaiioa ?* reporter, or ?- an ainannen* a. Addren C. J. 8m tb, care or B- Carpenter. 13 Chatnoera at. A* BITUATMN WANTED-AS ENGINEER. BY A young roan, to run a et:?tlonary eiitiinn. Reference glren. Addca r. II. C., t> t l>|2 Herald office. BP.AKs COCK MAKERS. -OOOD WORKMEN WANT ad; *teady emplni uu-at and good watr*. NEWKIKK k KENBEDT, 24<". Canal at. DRAUGHTSMAN wantrd-at smwbli. * CAME ror a maoh tie aliop. 22.1 at., corner of 2J are. ENOTNEBR, MACHINIST AND DRAUGHTSMAN.? Wanted, by a competent engineer. * aitnatlon a. fore man or*?prrintendeat of any workln hla proteaalan: l.aa ?omt knowledge of mining machinery; I' nit afraid of work, and im ob,ectl n t<? out of town. Addreaa M. B.C., Stereo* Uoueo New t .rfc First ci-ars ri'R cutters wasted? to work b.r the week Apple at 47 Riet'lwa*. nv atalre, GUN PNOBAVEftH WANTED-ON PI9TOL WORK App'y at the Brooklyn Arme Coiujau*. cornti of Bridge and John it*., Brooklyn. Gold pens ? tt a n ted. a good orindp.r. Apply to Le Roy W. falri hid k Co., 110 Wllliau at Gardener -wanted a situation, iit a first < la-a man. we I ao'toa tiled In nr. wing hothnaae and freenhome urarea; al-o botl/ixiee and grc-nhooe p ante fin V" and rota al>le*;Ki.od propagation!*!. Be?t rekranoa. Addrea* W. H.. boi 130 ller% d office. PLUMBBR AND O AS FITTER ViRTfl IMMBDI ately ? Call on or addre** Ohadeayoe A Brother, Youk ara, N. Y . for four day*. CtWC-WANTfcD. TWO RIBBON WEAVERS. TO O work on ribbon t e<. Thoee ju t arrred from Kiiglaud or Orrraaay preferred Apply al W. C. Peek A Co -, $6 Raailaet. rTHD TRADES.? TO CONTRACTORS, RUir.DSRS Or Capitalist* rntajj"'! In Hui d ng or Iiaprov og? A* an ?i officer of tUe army, ?ut Of employment a true. prac tical. theoretical ami rr*;on?!ble ir.anj builder, ar hitact andriril engineer dr*liea a fili ation to aiippori hi* laiaiiy, a- a foreman or *in>erl?t?nd*nt of hulldln**, or any branch tif the ?a me (being enaaueii for tbo laM l* ani? year* on hla own aciount); liberal term* for aieadf employment; ao on.eriionto the countrr. or nnaufarlPrV* mill", yard* or nuarrln >. atone rutlnr, maaon aru) carpenter work*. Addreaa. for eight dar*. P. t R. . WBlro Herald iM ! mo ttWKtitBKs -wanted a toc.no man in a J Jeweller'* wore who i* a g>-oi ealciman and uml'tr *tin<f rapalriBg Jewelry and elocke, and I* wll ing to maka hiiuteif getiera'l> uaefu1. Mu-t <om? wg'i recommended. App'y at IM Grand at , nll|IM>bai|, ,, X f|tO Mm BTAINBRS .-WANTED. A OOMPETKBT J color mUer. who l? alao rapahia of tal ng entire charge of a paper l.anglnge tnanufactarf. Apply by letter to a / , Hera i olire. J WANTED IMMEDIATKLT? A PLOTR. SOFT 4SD f?o< y hat manuiarturer; one wh ? lliorougbly uoder ?lamia tl<e baataeaa, who <an furniah good releien< ee a* la rharart- r ntid oapabiiuy, ami i* wllliat to take charge ol an e?:al>liahntent or t hla kind A i.ood aalar/ will be given. Sen. I reference* With *|>pll all >n. Addreaa boa 4, *7? New York l'n*i offli-e. |V ANTED- A TI?OBOtMnr<Y roMI'I'TRNT AND EX T? feilenccd ,ourneyman French nnl-<tird maaurarlmsr Addre a. anting wa:n required, an I icler- nc-i, with rani nanii' and a<ldre?*, II. P B.. Herald offl i' II/ANTED-4 MAN TO ERAMftb MARMiR A M? Y> ?lale; one * hi umleralandf t'm ktieitieta Utor iiighlr In all Ita hr*m he* ma* hear al a geo I aituatloii, wltli pat. by uppl infi to Kobfrl Vo iug, #9 Htsl IVIt> lu Ui? ? v?it na, ? tiik rmnM, \V J'x woi i.nxuH. apply W 'A^Vt ' tp . , ??!' " ? "?who? tii An' Ir 1(1 (.-I. *a nil e n Ija loho *o1 tvilrt* ?j H (ihTT. Matii'ft'.vii) N Y * I \7 AH r KD? A KIR T ITS'* CIJIfKK IN TUB CI'N " imn ?Mpartiaeet. Addie?<C. m , lleraid ?tcj with ref?i-?nee*. U'Antro? ?l? BB1HUMRN0RB y k co T' n on w''o thoroil h v ouderslvi 1 his fcim'navi \0 34her n?.*d ijip.;. < all tl Si Hrwi Iway. jioumi : nor W*NT"I? fw Willi li'KI.V ? 'iTK il'WI^ p. mil, I ra mi1"*"* irin In ic'r il ar, I St w ,rtun St., Wllllamhbuirf. N V. Lri?ral wag-'* pa'd. WAX TED? o'lJV ,Or>L Wl'Ctffl'. NH'i B"T FIRST clan- workmen IMIJ l A <|>W at 111 Afeal 21th 11, up ?I All. Wot' ii-a rMMiMAN nr rtriiiim tri'lv, te go lo ? distant dir. A so a I*,.- keeper of eiperlenee and lutegrlty. Addri sa ll?m>ver, Herald ntw, Immediately. Wantrd? fifty noon minkr.*, to ?io to lfwis countv. NY Apple At lh<? o'l of th" M#ri'n ilitira Lead Mining Company, 30 1'iee street, room 22, l>etwe?e II A. M. and 3 P M. ANTPH-AM EXPERIENCED MAP YARKIriHEK Apply al 73 Corllaudt at., up sLi'ig. VRK.NCII ADVKIlTItKIIIUm UN JBUNB FBANCA1S DR8IR '. >:K PI. u'BH R'lMHB uareon de labia dan* tin* f ainl la prlvaa B'sdresaei obex .VI me. Orualdy. M Lnp*n trd ai. w 8PKCIAL IfOTIOKS. IJHSHRRMKN, AHOYI? BLI B FISH. Bl.t'K rWH, ^ Blur Klati. ? IM Blue Fuh eau:(ht off Rbeep's Haait Rat la OfM hour and a lislf. Boata fan ho hud al Frana Llndeman'a Hotel. where halt and all will be fnrn ?hed to ?>#? nr? peril##. ciiaiu.rs fiiwi.kh Captain. Notwi t i bom and mm rumuu ot ollv of New York.? Tlial on and after M- ndav Klav 0, all the aWormu man amp o od b? thatn wtU demand Iwe dollars and tvventy-flve eenti n-r da* JAMES RIIEKIDAN, President. Martik Qooo, Secretary. S SPECIAL NOTICR.? SUBSCRIBERS TO THE MRB 3 chant#* Gnlde will piem;# iib*erv? ihal Mr. J llarf- rd l? our only dii'v author. /ad afi'iit He la tHfipliad with ? cepyrlikt of Ilia hnolt. < I ? t' ? ? I lannarr (1 ISK M. U H ARFO't I>. 2ll-i W lllam atraet. Kaaidanco 137 Newark avail ua, jeraay riiy. THB 'LONORirOHKMBN'R UNION PROTRCTIYR Afl iorlail. n. No. 3. will hold a meeting on flatnrdaw even lot, Jiin 4. al 8 o'rlnck, T>r the elmtl >u of olTVara %l .lank ?en Hall, corner ?t Horatio atra^t and Oretnwlrh avenne. All the memb*re are r?'|iiealed lo altend punetuallv, ?nd thme wlihlnii to baoom? uiemlk'ra aleo. By or ler of iha commute#. P. HULU VAN, Trealdanl. P. Ot'"ir*. Peorelarr. Tammany booibty, or oomjmrian ord";b ? Hroth-ra ? A regular meellng of fie natltullon wl I b# hi' d 111 l!i? cotinoll ohamher of tha Urea ' Wluwam on Una day evening th# ?Mh Initant, al half an hour after the aot iiiitf of tbn sua General and uum-iual alUunlaune la re qui aled. By order of KI.I.IAil P. PURDY. Orand Saoliem. CaupmC Onii.n^. *" relar?. MAMfATTAN, Reaaon of H'ma.ima. 8l*thM?on; Year of Dl romry 37 1st, of Indopendeuca tlie 87tb, and of th# Im-IMu lion the 75th NDSICAk ^ AHPI.KNIIIII PIANO FOR?^.'. ?f? k II. HARMORR, tnantif.iclu*ar?, 318 111,'ecker street; 17 ttret prlre med al : warranted for lire year*; without excptfnu ibo lieat ? Piano made. Tmtimnnlals trim mini dlatlniititahed artlata. A QUITE HKW ElVB DCTAYB HOIBVOOU MBM) neon fnraale eb*kap l?v Ihe nianufaet irer, 103 Seventh avenua, between Iwcniy niuiU and Tmruelh alreeia, ??? ou t M*. _ A FAMTIjT, WANTlVfl MOWP.Y. WILL DTSPOSR IkP ,*\ a iragiii!'.i aul r'i I'wo.'d I'luiwfiirte. full *U# lor le ? lhan $2iil), Il applied for immediately. A f33' Irtatrumcnl, mo rem inprnvemeiil-. Iron franri, ?ool a* now. Apply al 7'* K vlngton aire#i, near On-hard. AMAdTIFH'B\"r SEVP.N ASH A Ol'ARTKR rif'TA vR rosewiwd I' ano ortej inailo to order for present own er: hn? all nioleiTi Imororenieula roun I in- ner<. el'-gailllr uarv#d lega and eat*; ooat SW, for B'*Q 'i a'#o Parlor Snlta, envered wi ll limeade, ooat $IVi foi $-'J3; Kia '"r'-a. Carpel", 1'iilril n?-, A<- ; In utn hut e-ren montha; will ha a dd a* aca-Hflee Ttn|ulr? at II') Went Twenty third alreet, near HlitU aviau#. BA.KJAIN FOR 0A8II-PRI0K $2H? SPM'VOID ini'ire roaeivund 7 oetave Ptaooferte (nil iron p'ate, ro'ind C'l'nera and all- ?-t tim-- need; enat $;l'll Iiu htI new. w r U kno? o eh V luiikera. I?ie-t Imprnvemenla and lu pei lcot orilcr. l.'a I ai 2.1 Third ?lreet. near Berond avenu#. "I tJST OUT? "FAlIST"? **A PKICR DK CONCBRT BY el Robert Ooltl"-<-l; "It la the p eee of the ??a?'in.' ? Mil* ral Review. Wl!! lie aent to any |wri of rlty or i?nntrf In i-nel*ning (I .VI t) Mr. CII.VKLKS /.lit iM. agent, tar# of Sttlnway A Bona. 71 an I 73 Kaat Fourteenth atreet J P. RP.IOIIKNR It'll, P1ANOFORTR TL'NBR ANO ? repairer, 15 Weat Houaton atrent near H roadway. New York. Now' and aecond hand Piano# tor aal# aoMo lcl. _ . NKW PIANCIP, OVKRSTRITNO BASK AND CARfRO lega. to let for $r> ]?-r month if appiiad for lmm#<IMkt#ly at the Mimical Academy, ZM8 Bowery. li. A. BBNJAMIW. OKtl ANIRT WANTETI-TO PLAY TWO OR TIIBEB month* dur>nc the mimin-r and oecaalonally alter warda Apply to Mr Cook, VI Kaat l.'nh at., between 10 and l'J or 4 and (i Q'#l? k to-ilay. PI VNO-\? SEVEN OC r A YK, ROSRWOOD PIANOB. rarvrfl tega overatrunK ban. Iron frame, a> IHll. war ranted f#r live veara. nt th# manuf ictory of KVAUFF A Strifwinr. KM Thlid nv#nu#, between Twentieth and Tweo tj -llrvt atrectr PIANOS? NElY ANt) HKCOJfD HAND cn*API!ST In the rlty: Harmonium#, Metodenna. Watehea Jew elry, valuab.e Palntlnga Ac. Caah advanc## on Planoa, Melodeon#. VYalrhea, Diamond#, Kefara. Rafea, Paraltnr#. Dry Oood?, Hooka. Ac , or bought for uatdj. JONES, n Ann atre#t CF.OOND HAND PIANO, IN OOOD ORDRR, $49: NEW O aralc. roaewood. aeren octave Pianoa, $'i75; roa#? ood , carved, aaven octare Plano->, |>e?r| board. A<-..ftM. OIJ Pianos taken In airhang# Melndeona at t*i. %JS and IOT. FRRDERICK BJL.CMB, *3l Bowery. SOPRANO BTNOKR? A LADY WIBHINO A POBITIOlf in an up town i-liurch. w here the > alary muat b##mall. Appl -, Itatlng terra#. Ae., OrganUt. elation B. 10LIN KTK1NOS FOR HOT WBATHRB.? OtIITA3, Ua'i o and ZHh#r Siring# U centa. Dial #4. Piano and Dulcimer Wire Mnmi-al Inatrunieiit# of nvnry llm ilnil#a_ Price ll#t aent on rece p e i.riee I KKi KKitMC RLC MB. :<H Bewery, inn NEW ANn "ECOND HAND PI4NOS. MCLO i"W deona. Aloiandr# and Oabln#t Organ# to l?t an<t rei.t a!low#d If p .rcha?ed. Munthlr payments received f?r thaaame. Secondhand Piano# at gr#at bargains for oaah ; briee rrom |W io J.tKl New -even n?Ui a Piano# at %OA. t"*>, ?27ft and IO.ftK? aheeia of rnna o. a little aatled. at le. |?r page. IIOKACB WATBItS, *81 Broadway. V INSTRUCTION. AT 26' BOWKRY, (TOWBBRKD'S ACADEMY), LA .'V dl?. and Oeatlemen have e-er faellltv for aennlrlng a comnletii kn -wledve of Ilookkeep 112. Wilting. Arithmetic, Algebra, ?pelting, ilummar, Ac. Thnae wlahlng lo receive private ln>triii.-tioa may now engage separate apartneata. AT PAINE S-BOOKKKBPIBO. WRITISO. ABITII* metlr 8pe lln*: a Utia'neas raurs# taught: (If* per quar ter; nt J81 Fu ton alreet, Brooklyn Ladles' >1 Writing Lea. aonatl. Strictly private rooms for dav or evening Instruc tion at l>2 Bowery, comer #f Canal sireat N#w Vork. A MBIUt AN HOMK -MRS F DANSK WILL LKAVB J\ America at th# #nd uf June, to open her ae' eol lr? Csrisruhe. Oermanv Parent# and guardians wlahlng their daughter# to be under her rare a e r->qusm, d to -end notice before i he 2.'ith ef June, cither to Pro reader a. Dan##, Pltt< b'irg. Pa ortoWm Hahn. broker, Exchange place. New York, a: which plaie circular-" >ati be had. Boys prepared fob bubinbhs at doi>rbab*b Commercial Ansdemy, (b><? Broadwev, can alwa's ab lain good plares la storea. oflli-es or banks. They hi quick at Ogure#. rapid buatoaas writer* and nractlaal ke,-peia. Oentlenseu can secure private rooina. French LANOPAnE? BY pbofebsor PARiurit, Oraduale of the Catholic ITnlrer llv of Louvaln, f.i.-en t at# of th# Normal School of Paris (T#acb#ra' Bohool) : tui tion warrnnt'd in three month#, a-rommodatlon# for #ev eral scholars nt 27 Bond street. LOAR OWICBK. At 77-MONir lirkkai.lv adkarckd at ti OS DIAMONDS, WATCIIKi, JKWBhHT, PIANO*. H KNITUKK. *C. ALSO AT 77 PAWNBROLEK8' TICKKTB W AKTKD AT 7T Of Diamonl , W*t< lies. Jewalry, Ar , and I25jier c.nt iinir-* pan! than ca? lx oi.u.ned at My other fNBM in the lit, ?( 77 HleecVer atroet. up Main. AT RiP-MORKY L1RKRALLT ADV ASTRO O!* DtA uionda, Watchaa, Jewelry, Silver Plata, Umi, Plxtola, Ac, Also Pawnbroker*' llckai* ?amnl of Dlamonda, Walchea. Jewelry, Gtina. I' ?tola, Ac , loi which I will par 1MI ner rent more than can bo ontalned at iit other plaae m theeui li p Hr?d?ay. coraar of llauaton ?treat, up ataira. room No. .V a DVANOM MA DR OR IF tTCIIKR, DIAMOND*. A Jewelry, Dry U?<>d* and Prisonal I'ropan* ml eeerr ie?. Hntlon. roRKI'li A. J ACKBON. Broker aal Com m a aloa Merchanl, 111 Orand atraat, tan doora weat of Hraad wav O'nc" hour* from 0 A, N. nmll tt, P M. AT 45 CHATHAll RTRF.KT, PAWNRROKKRS' A Tlol.eli h-"i* it of O ami, ula. Halohea. Jawelry, Bitter rial*. Uiina, riaioU. Hi Ik ? A<* am! the full <alue paid far ?II Tickela oaim'U at *S Chatham atraet. ruan A ?*?r tna hat atore. a T2HPR(?ADWAr-rRRrii>pa iRwrr.s, watchrr. Jx. Plate, Ac. -The hlaliaat prlra p*W for IHainonA*. Watebea. I'lala. .tewala. Opt eal Inatruniaiita, A? . Mr. at I, la nr.rnta raotna. Lll>?rai adranaaa made. Tvckata of Ala aionda, watihta. Ir . booflit. J II. RARRINOKR, 212 Broadway, room 13. up ataira. gpraer Pnltoa. f^AL?i Am flJ V^5t! rw "h ?w ti'to*- Rt'? ??"'* *Rr> - t'?0?aT s r?i A1*" ? $9 50 ;? TO, *? nA*J **n **o RKNT AORAlVTte i)B8TADRANT ?SOFT SHELL CRARB, JOfT 8IIKLL V l' rata raceleod fieah ?ter< 'lay, at tha Whitney line e?taurant. Wt Rroas**' 0?al>-r? Chop*. Kie?ka, Va*. ? tablea of all kinda, Ac . aerred at all houra Hoi Jotata and Rotipa every day. al 6 o'c *-'* A few gentlemen will lie a ?omraotatod wlib Board by the week. If de<irad l.nnrli ?vary day and evening tJROltilR IBOM. fltewa d ~ "WINKR, LIUVOIU, A?0. KENTUCKY BOCBRON WIIIBKRV. I<t) barr>-l? Kentnckt itlptiar lialltle I W Make?. Id tor-t and for aal>- lo el<>ae i conaigDiueot, t>y H.NODDV A HOW ARD 71 HiOJt at reel. nil, i,i a hi)*. jf lAllOMBOLBAKOfl I' A rio\ - ( tRi'M BOI.B ARUHTA VV Hon. Fo irtnfri fn I cjte f t arMe ' I ti^lea. only Ten Cents a ?<tuia. at It I lio? ei > t'uu-ea l<? and pin cool. U. W. HMH U,

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