4 Haziran 1864 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 8

4 Haziran 1864 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 8
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. . n(n^R?, noani, ?o., to law**. An p.ibo sti.t n amjsukd f? ut spirt u us*; h I. i to i c >b- I in v l.p >1 r? ? >>i ! h;mrfO T i. a aad <>!?? J<-0' ? au t , . a uilva><> i? ..in i>m?. .Vol 1^1 t?i uuii? t. u. iaVlom XtjriM trc^i. APAKLOR floor to l.?.r-roNSH*;sd of th.ee Mum*, iii a brtswa mm n.??a?? m* bee md mmm, i fi?>fn Tlum n-fnh mil Thirty eurtilit ereet*, uau<i"l era au i fiatmea; rem |n r ui' ?.*.!? only te inuiM wife. w.ih no u.nre thau one child. Apply a* above or to A. ELY. comer of fourth ?i jouh and Fort y A*at lllrtt A HANDftOMKLY Kl'KMSIIKI) HOl'8l TO lKr? /i 1*3 acie* ol land te:> iilln .it laid out, ant ubb-'ry. ?awe. a fruit ?nj * d ciii len, ? flue \*..ii r new * miles ?nxu O tv lia.l an I enir , mlnnie* f.om depot. Apply to JOHN POi IS It 1U>\'. S 113 I t.ifi ureeL A store to i.f r? i, Alter. si>b. no isit broad. m between TacoQ ninth and Thirtieth street*. Hint **rj l*w. AP ULLT Fl'KNlSHKD HOD1I TO LET? IN NWk uw.iu atrf :?t. Cor *b* e or six ...onthH or Ion i,*r. Ad Area* C C , Uumd square F<>?1 olllee. A BoU-R TO LET? THRKK BTORT AND ATTIC, -A centra If located, lu a firtt class neighborhood; no eb jait u io a private b.*i.l ug house: none but reason* ble rrtiea uee.1 apply. Ad.lroaa l.ir two day* T. la., aUktion Blb.e 11 turn. TOVRMSHED HOUSE TO LET? FOR ON R YKAB, TO J* a rr vale family onlv leu roon*, gas, bath water a*o all n. ><lern oiproveui-nla urerbly furnished through out. I- 'cat K>n arar i <Kn>f r lustitaie. Apply lo B. F MIL LKR. ssCtiatou -treei (oihee), New York. |7>URNI8'IED HOCSR TO LEf AT YONKERS-11 F rooms, garden pantel. fruit, do,; Baa view ot the Hudaon, $I6J per monlli for the auininer A lao out with t room*, at >iOo. App.y lo 18. YOUMANS. Yoaker*. FDRNTSHFD ROOM TO LET ?A OBNTLRMAW. DE ? ir.ua of ac luiriug lu a abort time a complete know tod*- or the trench language, can have a Bedroom In F ro le aa<r I'arrama bou e, 21 hond atraet F PURNIKF1KD ROOMS TO LRT? TWO LA ROB ROOMS, on aeri n<l :-o<>F hatolaomeljr fwrmatiod. with gas. at ?fc cer ureek eacii al o two Urge Kooma, on third floor, at $> per we k, to ain|l? teotieinan. Inquire at No. dO Birluaion Kreet pURNISHBO ROOMS TO LET -TWO FRONT FAR. lor* and pauirr, w tb eonreaience lor oooK-n*. to in, I agrniiemao and wife; bath and gaa. Apply to r two mmj* al 104 Writ Twenty bftb atreet, near Seventh arenue. Houses in Brooklyn to rent-? new threk ftory and I'anemrnt brick Hodm, earner of Fark a?e ? uc and Canton alrret, fronting ou City Fark. an Iron fenoo ?round the park ia contracted for l>? tlx city. Tber hare all ?aoderaooovenlenca'<.lQclud>ug bath t.iha.aodwill be let only to prKale latmliea. Apply lo Mr. VOORHKBS, on prenlaea, ?r to owner. ot:c: No. I, over Fulton Bank, New lark, be tween 11 and 2. __________________ KO ys ORBBNE STRBET.-VBBT nioklt fur niahrd Kooma to small famlliee or gentlemen, with all the cotiTeiuABcea fur boiiankeeplng in aa economical mau ar> lia* ana Croton water In Ibe room*. OrriCB TO LET-ON NASSAU STBBET, BETWEEN K .It n ft-U'l Beekman. aecond floor; tlze 16x21); rant ?300 a - ear Artilreia boi 4 529 l ost office. PLEASANT. AIRT ROOMS TO LET? FUBNI8HBD an l nnfiirn.ahed. wlt'ioat board In alrnuae ivlth tnod ?ra Impriirmtuts a Hail Koom. furol-bcd on second Door, WHh waier. g ia aud cloaat, at $3 per week. Apply at 1M Wateriey place. Rooms without boaro-furnirhsd to suit or unfurr.ifthod. to let. to alncle Kmlle:?eo on'y, iu a atnall private family at 17<) West Twenty flrat tieet, loca Moo good and couvement tocaia and aiagea. Teimi mode rate. STFAM POWER TO LET -ROOMS, WITH STEAM Com-r, well Hjjhted the power eloa ly, to rfat, in bol d Ibk Mos. 'Vf and 65"K.|z?b*t'i street, corner ol Hestt-r street. Applv to the I nvmcer on lh? |<t*ml-a<, or of IHOMaS MORTON. No % Mulden lane, up ataira. gTEAM FOWER. One to twenty bone, on Canal street, near Broadway. A ad a Itpht Paartnent. Inquue of Mr. 1NELEE, engineer, MU Walker atreet. STEAM POWER. NEAR BIIOADW AY ? NOS. M AND M Phticc iiri-et. To lei, l*r^e Keon<s. witb o?tra b-ht, Fo? ei MicHiii, 1!.. 1st wa r imd Heating l'lpra A larae Ha e aaent in uiine building. .VtilrO feet, lighted with sky tigbla Ayply to K C MOOitE. ou the premises. SMALLXT4?K TO I.BT A NO FIXTURES FOR.SALR atAl laMTWSink AMI UK twest of ilrosdway; ?cc<ip .'J .s a lad ea 1 txi-lniig stoie SUMMER RiCSIDE.NCE TO LET? A LA ROB. IIAND ao.nr Dwelling ilouoe, conUiunig 13 r.touiM. with car rlage i.onse and ?tai.i~. auiiHtcJ iu the bcauiilul v llagc of Pa***:.:, N J . 1 1 uiilca frotn Ko* York on Ihe Erie Hailrond. W ill b? r< ni -d for the sum ner ?e muti. or longer, if rwiulred. Tr?inn atup Jti u:ue? da. I.. < sininotalion tare nine cents aacn way A|-]-ly to .IOI1N P. PAI'LISON 4'i Hm strret. SKA TEN lit .AND.-A KIN ELY KURNISHED IOOU lo let for the season, al New Hr thlon. with Stable. Lot 6ii?.'i*i !eet, bi-aniiiuily located Hoe view near the lerry. Aloo a C dtage lor Hie >ear. and lhr.-e lot* of gnmnJ. I). K HITCHCOCK A SON. No. 6 Wall at , basement. rLKT-A ; i; !' back room, WSMIBHBD, on first floor lit a plain private faml.y, to one or two gen Uemen Terms very in od a rate. ln<inire, after b P. M , al BO Builivan street. rLFT-UNFDIlNISHBD, THE FIRST FLOOR OF house '/7 We-t Hie\enth street, near Uatvanft* place, ?aen prising from and baik i>anor aud arnall aide ro.'in. fro LKT?A Sl'LENDID CORNER BASEMENT, PLF.N X ty of light, and suitai'li: lor any business Will not be tot for a drinking place. Appiy al Uie corner of Tweoty tbtrd street aud Hraadwat , ea.t side, lu tbe fi ml store. ?|V) LRT? THE HANDSOME, SHOWY XTOKE NO. M JL S"li:li a?ci.a". for jiaiKciilars la . ilreal Si Haskingtoo ?quare. third door from h ourtb street. mo LET? FOR FIVF MONTHS. A COUNTRT RBSl A d nee a: Spring Valley. Koek land county, N. \ ; a lar^e Modern House, and ahaded with fnilt trees about live ?luute- walk frotn depot on Ma'n street. In .uireol L A. ?UKNK/? Spring Valley, or C. S. HOAULAND. Ily West ?Ireet. Netv York, up stalra. r LET-ON TUB SEA KHORE. SOI Til SIDE OF Staten lalsnd. a House, with iwlve rooms; alo rar ctage ho'is* tables and Cm- garden made. Parties wishing ? ae Igbtful residence, where lhe> oan en ioy sea batlntig, ?aalng. yacht ng. ic , at the door, wl 1 do well to loo* at Ikia place The on ncr wil. cj. er the iloora * itb mat'ang if desired Pel >. its of A. JOCKNKAY, No 8 Pine street. r LET? AT CORNWALL. ON THE HUDSON RIVER, a very convenient Hooae, lurnl-bed. beautilu Iv s i . a tod near tiia land ng; a uuant.ty of fruit tree and eo -d garden ground; rem $HX) for tbe aeaOon. Applv to C. J VBSPaKD. 3 b Wall atreeU or at 70 Wcat Tbluj-fiist street (TO LBT-1II POrOHKKEPSIR. N Y.. A Ft KMISMP.D A Co.taga, lor the summer or ledger; thirteen rooms, large lot and garden aiable: a rl\ ?r and tnennla n view; for ?Iwa tnwjth Adthtsa tliawer .No. 2 Pott oU:ee. Cough Raepeie, Ni w York. ?Ml LET? Fl'RNiSH KB ROOMS. WITHOUT BOARD, A to single gec'leTiien. in a ^oo 1 neighborho ,t<. Apply to i. F. WILLIAMS, 442 fclgl.m avenue, curner af Thirty fourth sireei. _ _ ^ '/ . ' . \ , ^ ^ LKT-I1ALF OK A FURNISHED HOUSE. IN BAST Thirty th rd titeet, '.etweea Leilngioteann Third ave Suae a, to a small fa.u I . Apply at luft East "ftirty-tb rd st nx) LET? A central rLACE. dkliohtfclly X eltimied two aai a hal in Ve? Imn Ne:\a:k Hoe. e eleven rooma. genteel and r. nveinentiy ananeed; l.tai by car and omnibus; uuthiiiidiiK* in good c o.d l.' n it$<iai. Apply lo WM. K. WAIIO, i o1. U2 Newark Pae( ?po ?jpo rpo LET? FOR THREE OR FOI'R MONTHS. A PAR X llally furnialiel lions'" lu Thirty fourth Mreet, >te ig!.t fallv s tuaied. with al the moJern iiWBTOvements Reut f7I (H ' inMiib Apply to W. U NICHOLS, ?*? Nassau street. ?po LBT? THE SMALL BROWN STOJSF FRONT X H< use (lour stories h nh. with b . s-m-L and iinii> r eel lar), 73 Kaai Thii tv firth *ir?e( tf.lstiiy. Apply to FKAN rt* MYKNK. 132 Nlua'i 'lr< el, third star y. TO LET? To A PRIVATE iLY. * FUUMaUBO House with all the modern Insi iva nen s: tbe rent 'O ke taken out In boarl. Apr y at II At> u.j u a luare, fr^u 4 to 7 P. M. rpo LET-AT A LOW RENT. A WI LL LIOHTRD X rtiup entire ae< ei,d Floor, 11 Clar* eteeet. brtcn build tog. between Broome and Spring atree;s ret I $lu per Month. Imra' dlai pos.essloa Apply to A. Jol'RNIiA Y, B? H 1'iae atn et. ; ^ t ?no LET ? FURNI8HBD AND UNFIWISBFD X House des.ral ly located on the baaka of t' a Hudson ?l ou staten 1- lsti.1 n".<r '.e landing and In tbe Inter or. rmitsof A ."Ol ItM, AY, >>o bPlnealrett LKT? T1IRKK ROOMS AT Ij WLST ELEVENTH atieet lour uo ra ?a?t of Broadway, f urui^btd. ? aa. ?tat aud co d waiat. LBT? A FCBMSHED i LO"R AND B*'4EMBNT, (or hoii>ek' epiug. iu liauae No if. J West Fart ? th st. ?|*0 LET? A DOCTOR'S OFFICE ?AN OFFICE (FRoNT X haseiuentj on tifth avwaue, hetivees fc gklii and Nln h atiwei*. very auit?lile fur a doctor * on ee. i'oa?ea*.ou itnm ?? dlst -i . Api?y ti^ ' BOPPEL WK. I J H liliS. 'i . t ^uUou atteet, ^ast of flroa '-.vav. ' . rLKT OR FOR S^LB-A LA ROB. COMIORTAHLR House, r ??ii?,nmg n'ne re >-n?. all :n eaee'letit con>H |.on wltl. bam and large gardxn attached, situat' d near :h? Ma- a: Vernon de|?>t ot il.e .New V urk and Ne?r Haven Railroad Price $ Rentf**'. Jn i'i re a the Mu .ot Teri.ou llote.. Mo .ut Veino'i. | TO Kl NT? FULLY AND KLBOANTLT P' HMKHKD, In N:ne'.eenth atreet, betv* >*n Fifth and Km'k a emo a ? 1 rst eJasa Hi use. lo I i.e order, nitla poi aesa on la: July. Api-i t. r. H. LUDLOW H CO . No. S fine stree" TO RENT? PABT OF A WHSB. CENll Kfi-Y LO ta e.i I.ea i. S.jiiaie l.eli, tbe emu ? ad Floor ?f a pr>v? . ,i,e !. ndaou.el furui i.e1. 1ii.? li h go d ?pp.. i t inttt to n.:en.*n living B? i libs or to liraugera In the city. A .p f0 to B H. Lt I'LoW A t O.. > 3 Pine atreet. To ?HBjr-M'R THE sP.a-ON, A Fl*RNJSl Wj BM. liarrl Hoo-n, %h r imp m, i i,?w at J* C*|pl?r%te<l mftT iU'i*riA'T Kor P*rt " 1 'art :u'juir* ol W. H LRU t* iTii, MS I - a ??!* ?:. N Y. rl RKNT-TO A SVAI.LPAMtLT flf ADI LTR ONLY. I e two Ufa** Ml. or* a? a ral e lour story b own , ?tone h<jii?e, u Ith ? I .* madern l*..|..*ve uewtv |g ago id ?e gt.borl njd. Add *** 4. C . fcot 1. 171 p.?t office TO MANUFACTL'KhKS -To LET Wl ril STiTaIM p .aer 'he five stoi v Bn.lding No, ?? liaite' atreet i *l*i Fl'K.rs In N 1 1 . a I ioIh ? . '. .I 'llni i;,e i tem *ea l.a a beer, long o. upled ami aie weil adait?il for ih< ilrtui-e I fvaine an-i mli'net ware luislne ,? Apt 1 > 'olIKis i.pnu-s im AHorne street TH<?M II BEY MOl'H lu Uoaich ?tieet, Of . I. CASS1N. C*tMT*f 8| r.ng and WaostarMs. j n- TIlOfE TIRKD or BOABDINO.-I0 LET, ~A I X band awielt furnWhtd Parlor and liudrootn, <? ti.e tlret ?oar aad liont . .. <e-i.e,nt : ?.as and water and eye.y coioe ?tet.oe f -I .ouseaaepiu.;. Call al li?' Wett Houston street B**> Hudson. Dpnm PABT OF A COTTAOB HOUSF, WITH praas plot In fi a i to let. lo a *ms'l family. A pp'y on ihe premise* *4 ? West Forty ninth *tre*l, near Ninth av. ITII STKAM POWER -lo LBT, THE FIRST ANB Second Lotta of hnl dl'.g W and /IM seventh avenue, #ft? I0<l ' e.'t ?tai| lighted and tea l* puwei. Inquire of tt h -TON CO KL A PCHJWCHJINO. WO, 2W a-d :toj ?eaei. a a<r? ia. or 1SI Oraad tree*. w J nnrsE*, noon?. j*c., wawtww. I ijoi'sk wAiiTBr ? * cod Portable I 11 H?>w r.urtf.'fcib Mr ? t, aullatle K-t ? ! la i t , h.ili from ei?Bl to twelve iici . rr nl i <??'? 84 ' o in 0 sserrdiutf 10 l? alilj ?iiduui.vc?li.k.tAe. Addieaa nonce, i o ?'?*? HOl'.vR WtSTID-Kt II! Rt OH LMA*B FO'I A private fa-tnl? uafnret a? b"t?ea SVnth and I hrthMi'MK ?ud Tbl d au.i b*v Bill avein MS'? .-ri" ) 9 *? tof. AddrrSa atli.y to BlCh. Lll ABB A i. O., <1 Para pa ? nOUSE WANTEP-THltEE STOHY MODE** NO!!,? Hi h in ?h acil or Brooklyn Prise Iro ufi, <o to $,*>0 '? AU re J for throa dava H. L II., HoifcM 0 ?. eta l og :srat>o?, proa Ac. OFFICII WANTED -WANTr.D, IN' ^IH.IA* 8TB*. B1 ?r iho >iuiiir...?tc nelirbu.rlWd, one or two go'*! ? >ed Itnnma, anltabie for an eichauge second uoor pre f.p.d Ad I rnL L. I)., HiflMo'in PART OK \ IIOlJHE WANTED? BY A SMALL KAMI Iv. nocMitrm in t private home; sllher ' *??* ?* n<*?i fbxvr with kltchcti aeooinmodationa. ictwe.-n B ?wi ai <uid twentieth streets A 4 J rasa orenanor, Herald o.i es. \Af ANTED? BY A GENTLEMAN. WIFR. TWO WRLL ft behaved liltle glrle (lh? oldrsl litre* years) and ser vant, part of a modern h imc, mi'urnished. for honaekeep Ing; tint o aas oca.loa and convenient to Broadway and Tu eoly-etglilb atreel; Iberal pay for gentoel accommoda tion! and agreeable faraliv; have euBblent elegant fornix. re tor a medium susd bun aa. Address lisnrade', elation O. WJ ANTED? BT A SMALL FAMILY, FOR THR SUM Yv mer month*, a small lurnt?bed Houae, in Brooklyn, lonveuieot to the Fuluxi r?rry caia. and jplea?anl!y situated. Addreaa, atatlng lama, X. B , Brooklya l'oai otiioe.^ _ WANTBD-A FURNISHED HOUSR IN HOBOKBN or near Raw Tark, far a am all (ami); : would hire or Curc.l.a e the lurnlture. Addreaa for three daya w. U i>., oi 206 llerald office. WANTED? A FURNISHED PARLOR AND BED room, between Foortii and Twentieth alreeia, and Sixth and Third aveuuea; use of bath required ; references sxekanged. Addreaa box 1,404 Foal office. WANTBD-A OOTTAOB. I?OOATBD Il? BEDFORD or F1atbu?b; front alsht (b ten rooms; two lola pra ferrad. Addreaa. with price, J. H., Herald offlea. WANTF.D-A SMALL SKAT HODBR, UWFDBN1RHBD, with modern ronrenienrea; rent not to exceed B35C; 1. nation from Fourteenth it reel to Harlem: posaenatoa < waaied immediately. Addreaa K. F., box 4,538 New York I'aot MDce. WANTED? AN DNFURNT8HRD ROOM, WITHOOI Board, by a alngle gentleman. Tarma $2 per week. Addreaa Allen, Herald offlea, for two days. TXT ANTED? FURNISHED f OTTAGB, IN TI1E COVH TV try. for all months, by a small, reaponalble fatally. Prefer It on the water, naar Now Fork, eambletelv fnrniah ed. Moderate renu Addreaa Adams, MS Broadway, sear Tweutj-lhlrd atreeL TIT ANTED? AH UNFINISHED ROOM AND BED *V room l>y a family ?T two adnda, between HpHng and Hubert, Varick and Greenwich atreeta. Terms mual bo moderate. Addreaa S., Broadway Poat oSlct. TXT ANTED TO RENT? IN OR IN THE NEIGHBOR TV hood of the e ly, Lola and Buildings, including good ce'lare, for manufacturing purpose*. Addreaa A. S.. box 216 Herald odlce. TfTANTRD TO RENT UNTIL HAT NEXT- A FIRST ?? cla-a furnished modern Houae, medium Mze. Ua queatlanabie reremncea aa to ca*e, io ; family of two; no children. Addreaa 8., box 2,436 Poet office, N. Y. a PERSONAL. ~ ANT INFORMATION RESPECTING ANNE THE daughter of Dr. Humphry*. Phlllpeiovrn. King's coun ty. Ireland, would be gladlv received by a near.relatlun ; waa In Oawego when la t beard of. Addreaa W. H.. Z?J Bowery, New York. Oan ?go ]>apcra plea e In ert thla. Bm? e 9? FIND AT STATION E A LETTER directed as uaual; pleaio *nawr Immediately to ad dtsva of yoar laat letter' 1 am very aailoua. A* ever. O"*" S 9. D1 11 SISTER SARAH. -I HAVE NOT HEARD FHOM you lor manv yeara. G has gone W^at; answer through ' P'Ts.maia" *bcn aud whers 1 cau bee j ou. Dear Fanny, I am a one and heari- l roken. L. Cl'Rl lS. D OM1NO WANTS TO REE SOMRBODT ON SATITR. day, at 12 o e'. ?k. nt the usual place. L> tter received. L OR ADOPTION? A HEALTHY MALB GKbli TWO " mtfntha old. of rrspertable parents. Apply lor two days, at 180 Mulberry ?treet, in the rear. ' LOUCE8TKR. HN'ilf. AND.? SHOULD THIS MPET the avo of Hilton Oliariea Ureen. lie la ea: s"*tlv He aired lo write liouie and ad ire * a eti ir tJ "A Kr end. box SW Poet o'li e. Ne>v lorn," who will take caro of hiin. ''Ail -hall be well." II. 0. G. INFORMATION WANTED-OF PHILIP BBADY, ?"HO arrived in the -hip Jeremiah fh' mpaon, at Ca-ile (i*r den. on t'riday. Mav 27. If thia me la bla eye ha may ad dreas TLeodore F. Pienoti. Newark. N. J. t Formation wanted-of francis harvet 1 or Mary )lar;ey (?ho came over in tlie ahlp Uinler wrlter. about two week* ago i. bv tlie rhiHt?r. Ann Sweeney. Any iiiformatiou of t'uem will be ibanklully received at 76 1 Broadway, Albany, N.. Y. INFORMATION WANTED? OF WILLIAM RUFl'6 J Cliilda. Wlien la>'. lizard fr .m waa In 8. n Franel*'-. Calilorma paj>ers please copy. Addreaa Francea A. Cbtlda, N ew Tork Po>i o : ce. IF .TOHN MACE. WHO WAS FORMERLY IN THE emp o.v o' Dr. Clarx, at Wliite riatoa, N. Y.. will rail at Iheo^ice of T M. Clark, til South a rest, op Malta, h* wdl hear tometbing lo lila advantage. XF THIS SHOULD MKET THE EYE OF rATHARINM" Thavdea, ?lie can Lnd her mother, Bridget Tlikj den, at Stockton, CoHitubia eouBiy, N. Y. MISS BMMA M. DK LAITTE, FORMERLY OK BOS ton? T: ere :s a letter tor you from au old friand at station A. Spring atreet. ED HAVE FOUND A SICK QUIET p ace nod v. lil move on Monday METROPOLITAN N The gentleman who saw the little boy ? 1 o nai wo liud J liurt. run orei.'b^' a m ilk wagon oa Tiieula morning last. May M, r rner third avenue and Kourtei'nth street, and who hold t .e I orae aud made a rre mura'idum of t> r trauaaction. w.l< ei nfer a great favor upon I e fat -r of tl.e bo l?r eal! tig or aen l ni Ma adtlre** io Meoka' cu onel furniture warci.o .as. Noa. 3 and 5 Win Fourth street, corner Broadway, N. Y. Thomas itIgan, of kings countt, irf.land, wiio left tbt rs about ten \eats ago. aat heard o! a; West Twenty eighth street. New York, will p'enae address a noie tn or <ab on hit couatn Catharine llagan, at fj Sixth avenue tliiid lloor. rpilf. GENTLEMAN WHO S AID 1IE WA8THE HERALD A Reporter and wl.o -aw the occurrence atCa-il" (iurrten Hat i'ridsy afternfion, or anv other pe-?on w ho saw It. wilt pleaie i mm nu ate v. : u J. A!< K-e. I..* > niton street. W* ILL IIARKY M. A. (VP 11IS ADDRESS AND It iliataf bis frisi.d. M. B. <>., luvhar le? REIilGIUVB NOTICES. AT THE TWENTIETH BTRRET I'NIV ERSALIST A church, near Seventh aTetine. Re*. E O. Hroo^a presrhe- to morrow m-'rotng ana aflernson Ssrv'.ce* at 1 H aud 31 , o clock. 6trangers cir, '. ally Invited \I.ErTTRK ON CHRISTIAN UNITY AND THE the u.eau* of Its reeo^err, will lie rt?livere? by R?v John 8. Davenport, n t'je Catholic Apostolic church, lu S xteei'lb a'.ieet. t.etween Slu'.b and S-^enth avenu a. on Sunday evening, at 7H ?'< lock. The c'.argy are parUcuUrty invited. Anew efispopal crorch.-oivine service will be held by the Church ot the Holy Trinity, In Rutgur* Inatltule. llfth avenua, between Forty 6rl I and Forty *econd -> reeti. no Sunday at lii^i A. M. and 1 P. M. Tbe Rev. Mephen II. Tyug, Jr , will prsaoh in f.S altar no )?. At tiik laight street iArnsT church, tor. nerofLal^'hi aid Varu k strse??. St .lohn'a P?rk llei. J. W Buckland will preach hun iaj morniag aud cvsalng? morning at I'.M-^, evening at 7X*'oioek. All U?n< protpstam episcopal churuh, fori.er of Henry and Sea'nn si street* ?On Ptinr'ay, June S 'he recior. B?v. ?. ,?. t'oroeille. w.ll preach IntUS iiv rtiii g at hslf paat ten oVi.ck, and In the evening at half. pa*i ae cn o'clock. Strangers cordial. y luvited if attend. BL> P.i KEK STREET CNITBRSALIfT rilURCH ? R.'T. Mt.ae- Ba l v. presrhe* to moirow Tr.brnlng snd ?vsning Supject lor the evening? "The Fear of Panltli meat In Reat-ammg the Wrong Doer." (1AMP MEETING TO. MORROW IN LEFPKRTS PARK J Tompkin* and Oatea avenues. Love fea t 10 A. M. l'reach og st 3, by Rev. Dr. Smyths, from L? ndna. De Kalb aveaue car 4, from Fulton ferry, near the grove. / 'RER??Pf'INT I'NT VERBALIST CHI RCII. NOBLE IT mr. er ? Past r Rev. F. Ma;ntre will preiu li at So'cio k p. M.. n -'Menn-rj In the evening at7>? o'c.oek, "OdI i ers?;lsiTi In the Fir?t < eitunea ' S".', ? "1 IOW TO SAVE THE COI'NTRT PfUJM IMPENDING 11 Danger ' wi l b* the aubject of an addreaa h . M, 1>. Hti'V a nt the t all !ft Huth avenue, on Suntlav, June conimroclag at H P M 1'iatfarni tree. 1MPOET INT -TlIC MES8ENGRR WHO, VANT year* ain.e, j roi a tne l thla mighty and cruel war, w.'l prevh In lion- t hajie!, 7W Rioa 1e ?? on 8'irilay. a: P. M Stibjetl? "W hat wdl Ik the F uai Keri.l"" Seaia fre?. MR*. CORA L. V. HATCH WILL SPRAK IN BROOK. lyn. in C'linto', Hall, corner of At'antlc and Clinton s ree.a, lo-monow i Sunday :, at 8 and 7', o clsck P M. Subject cbossn by the au Utnra Seats ??) cent*. KEV. F L H. WIM.IS SPEAKS AT EBBITT I1AT.L &A Waal Tbiuy third ?U'>et, Bear H road way every Hun dhv. a' I0t? A. >1 and 71, M Subject for .tie motuing ? ' Tlie V' t e <?f bummei subject for tl.e ev'ea rg? "Ood'a Worta tici Failt.rs. '' beats free, Tnc public are iuvlt* L r>PV SI DM Y A. CORKY WILL (PREACH IN THE I ?'.;rra? Hill Baptlat church, co: nar ol Tiiut evenib atreet and Lcvington avenue, lo-ui rrow morning and ev, q. lag HE V i. H. CAMPBRLL WILL OOCUPY THE DPSK . of the .veiond I'niver1 adat Soc.ety, cornsr of Kcetind avem r and I 1' venth fctreet, Sunday morning and evening next a' the i.anal hour*. ST STEPHEN S EPISCOPAL CHI Prf'lf, CORMRR OF flro"tne and Chr *tie aire. ta. Ksv. Dr. Piles recior.? Om 8'itidav eretilnt? Beil.JnneS the Rev, Dr. %fa an, I'to. fea?'>. tti the oerieral nholngleal Bemlaary, will preach. Service* commence at 7>? o'clock. enilE Rl'.v. SAMUEL BOOKSTAVER BRLL. D. D. 1 w II preach (D. V.) in the F iftieth street I'reabi ler.an S'ntr l> , between Uroadwav and E ulilh avenue, m Sunilav, jane It. at lb^ A M and TV P. M. Subject tl moinlng ae-ioon? 'The Sunrtav Schi>or" Of tlie evening to be an iioouoeil In the mninlac. '"I'llP. FIRANCIAL POLICY OP MR. CH ARI." mU 1 be tl. s subject sl the pe p'e's meeting, at lw7 Sowe ry. on Bnndav. June 3 Platform free. To commence at S P. M. FfHA't to 3? "Taxation '' TTKIOK HALL. CORNER OF BROADWAY AND Tventy third street. ? Sunda.-, etperlenee me?tti g?st 10 and S'i o < lock, where all ear tell ?hal I lie. know of thetr apltlt frlense At 7*, C Uaruea will explain In their pieaeaee the Davenport phenomena VHE LECTURE IEAIOK* Important LSCTURP.S daily, for oentlemrn onii at the New YorS Miiaeinn of Anatomy. SIS Broad way Partiea nnaMe to a'ten I the?e lectures nan hare lb"m lor*an1? l OU re eipl of ten centa bf a<l>lr?????? Beetwleey Of New York Muee im of gnatoiwe \ tiOARUIRO JWD MI0G1WO. .. TtTIIB illANKFvJHT HOC* K. 0?K1JL0(' * * \S{, A of the Cite Hall. -writer of fr*nkf?rt ?o? t[ , l Houoo ) '?* Sx*- |>?r J*'? ?* awli^erw ! all titctol _ * T 174 ir? *wr? 17" BkBRCRBB BTBKi!T. SI* A \>io--fca wr I ?U SiWt Room?, with Ul Mount. .-ffly lM- ? *+ ?<** \ >?0, ?i ? htr? <>od ?04?? K?yp-*t il. ^fTtof families tr-o. .Ungiy. Flue apwodld tea fclld tUfcbllCi^ ??' - ? ? -Vr ^K^r I'iai.oit floor ih" W'J" vc y fln?* llncni, ?n ili? iliir<t f ^.^<0 ii? Mn'.lt rim Hoar I, *n Kreneh and < ?rttiftn ^tvlea ?t ?n ni,f "."etJMtween e> l ?%r? MMJ? ^en.-oe. A ? -T ihJWuheit respeclitlllily kee^e tl.e bouse. I> fKr>ftn|K(l. " _____________ ? ~ Thivatk pam/lt HVVB w wwo A men oaly. wituoul board *V,r?' h(luM) vny Knoi a. with 1 ?i and use ?' ?'?J* ? '*? ,".1, .1 II K**t i?n ral.nadeonvehleultoeortaod stoaea. Call at * Twenty-fifth -treat. . 0?NTLBM*N AMD WIPE 0*r*0 ^MOtR^ GJJN A t'eroen can find Board wl,**2. ef^o. Ji,?n aad house to r< mUr wbe b-me a ??!' ?^ '0Tm r'v'""n? wffth ?"> Referance. ..changed tkrt plbababt noRT and baob furnl hed. on the eecsnd gnor, With c'^**U' ^ ,iloui .Ltoaether.r s.-parate'y. to ?rngl? gentlemen.* thout five, aud required. Appiy at ?> * Mi Snieteeulh street, naar Eighth hVttU?> , . ? 7 LA KG P. BOOM 05 8BC0N D ?WR ^ att^rta oUhe ST.' bvcaran ? stage; in the house with a small family. Address 339 Fourth avenue. ? . nRMTLimit AND WIFB OB TWO OBNTLBMEN A m!?ftud a desirable front 1 K^.WnUS^~i ' l?2 ???! Tw.ntT-lh.rd atreet. opt^?IU ?^9Da2" m tl? ' Uod, family and l?ul? upe?teptto?ab.>. TTH>a?io. LADY WISllliB A COMF^RTASLE ROOB. W^J'H Board, bflow Foartwirth atr?al and *a t of 1 itii **v or we taf B^xth ar*nue; ierm? modaraW, wrt'en *. AdAwaa *. W.. .tatton C, fourth a.^t S",S5?" SSittJfSS with full particular*, Wlnalow. atatton P. _ changed.^ ? abova Ktof strtet. Baltrencca eichangad. "? anirnt FDBNIStlBD BOOMS, WITH HOT AND A c<Sd^w^ter,^>ath?. *c- , *Hh priTat* table^f r<'^^f0^j tagra of both city and country. ? . BEAUTIFUL front PABLOB, ON BECO?v? !".,U Furnished Par ora, with Bedrooms. 00 the 8Ui) Sixth avenue, near FourteentB street. . . trwnT 1>I,EV8*NT PBONT AND BACK BOOM OK A aecon't Uoor, witb all molern lmprovements to let. m^her or separately; lefcrcuwa eichanaed. Apply at 116 Wast Ninth .treat. niirR II ALL ROOM TO LET, WITH FTTLL BOARD A Sf il'o a Room, suitable for two 6eiit!eiu?n or a ?en, ilrnian ind w.fe. House baa all toprovemeBta-^ West Ki^bioeDiii ^trcet. * r mrVR FRONT ROOM, TWO PAHTRIEB, HOT issfessss and Th'rd avanuaa. - A SESS BBo?a?dMfo?beL.Uy~In?,A \\7t at 74 Cro-by siraet. ? a T NO 122 NINTH STREET.? A GENTLEMAN AND A .,!(,? or two a< 11 iite ?ntlemen can bo ac-oin-nodated ^th p . a?nt Boom, ai d Ho ird. The house conti.ua the ni'j'lt'i u impr^remeuta. A ^ ^.Tufrr.JK,fm? nv,i Ired. /enacts an i children uot taken. ? riT rn mil KD I' A I LOR AND HEDf.OOM. WITH L as?& ?. nea^re sr. , Booms lor gentleman ; raferencca c-xcbang d. . APOTTPIjV OK GENTLBMEN CAN BK ACCOMMCk rt6t?*d wtth irood Hoard and p ea Htit Room- at Sixth Street WimLm^mrc. wltbtn two inioutei walk ot ihe Rootove t and Grand ?ireeiferne^. HFTOHD STORY FRONT BOOM TO LET? WITH SoYrr^a^ nJI-nao and w;re - 'w, te?,r??. with w?'bou?V..Jfir varttat H^rd. at 'ol^Ba't Thlrt'outh alwe t. Ooud ..frran^ rag u trad. a TaMILT OWNINO AND OCO^VMO ^ HOUSE Acfe"e.f. Va' Amlred APP'.va^' ^?1D? ro; .?mte, third house abova Ta.rty elgfitt^aireau "a T IB WASHINOTON PLACK, NBAS BROADWAY Li-^rixp.'pi : sj-oken. Ptfcrencs? eicbanijea TTrTvaTF FAMILY OFFER SUPERIOR ACCOMMO; A,Hinz^x^rfsa?sa.st? : S?,i, He Vni .a ^uare. Ke.eranees excUamjed. ~\~Z ,, rilAltlTON STREET. NEAR MACDOt'GAli? \ viMiiuilv I*'urat?hed Rooms to let, with e_xc I\ tlcgauu> t iirui jw? vi..u Ml ,hi or -.ood unei? Biard. uigentlemeuand their wn as, oei.u ?r eept f.nahie. Terms reasonable. AJIkltfllfD LADY. WHOSE lll'SBAND 18 MTBI .^ . ha inVinorr ro .in ihan ehe reimrei, "0.1M let A Appl* at r.<7 West ihirt} second ?.ieet. TT"tHE GRANT HOt SR. 44 NEW BOWERY BE A tween Oll*lh*? ^^e^eaMtnUo'b" -tne?* and re*u iTrb^rffimWS 66 ce"nts per day. ?l?t. per wee*. Open all n<f <U ? 1 ? nevr riUS AND WIFE WHO DERIRR BOARD A in a pri?at* fam , ai H ? ? bo ?-a n *1^ 1 a^ P?r ei^ " ih Sevtnth /ud uM arm ne*. T" 111 NO LB GE>TLBMAN DP.8IBB8 BOAED WITII t on \J. A A SMALL PBIYATE FVMILY, OCCUPYING A NEW modern ion f. In Thirty seTenth aireat. will let, with Board, two targe, airy K o*s witb PM rie<. martile man tels rhaodell^r. Ac. ; one handsomely furnl?lied. Terms moiera:e. Address J. W. B , box 1.3w Po.tolioe. A FEW UEKTLbMEN CAN BE ACCOMMODATED wl"h Board, where few boarders are kept Terms from $1 to %r. per week. Apply at 118 Char ton street. AHANDSOMKLY FURNI9HBD PARLOR AND large Bertroo in to let? 'n a prlrate hoiise. for gentle men. with gas. eliisris an l prirate bath iooui Terms mode, rata to a steady iierson Inquire at Mo iKagt Kieventbat. ADJOIN1BO THF. NRW ST. .1 AMES HOTEL, MADI ? on S(|iiare, Ho , ins for geotlamrii at r*a?oiiah e pr tea. AIM a Pa-en. ent, amtahlc fur a first class restaurant. Ap ply at 1, lit BroMway. A N ELBOANTLY FUP.NTSHED SUIT OP ROOMS, J\ w tli all trodi rn Improvements and superior board, at the first can house 6.' We-t Tbirty-alxtli Mi eel, i>i tween Milk and Mix.h avenues: also single Rooms. Keiareucea exchanged. nOAHI).-A LARGB HANDSOMRLY FURNISHED D third story Kroo* Ro?:n to e\ to a centleman and lady, nr one or tiro gentlemen, with or without parti*! Hoard. Apply at l<3 West Twenty see >ad street (ucw No. 11.'). fOARD.-GOOD BOARD AND I.ODdlNO I'AN BB week at 13u Thouipaon etreet. BOARD.-GOOD BOARD had Iron M to $:> per \ near 1'rince. Al-o Furnish?; B OARD ? A SINGLE ROOM, AND A HUT OF ROOMS, with Bonrd. Ai p'y at 81 We?t Twenty second atre.'. Board? a nbw and commodiouh h<ics? at Katannh. upou the New York and Hailem Ral'read, and neat Croton rlrer, Is now open for Itoardete. Rooms large and vrell furnished. Refei ernte* exchanged. Addreea J. 1! WUHIe-k. Watunali. N. V.; or K. .1 Koltiionre. Eai|. S.H f ultoii street; or A. A. Cm tit. Esq., 1.1 Diane etreei BOARD-TWO pi'LLARh <BI) PKB HAY. AT Till l.'nioa Hotel. (ieorgeioH n. D. i als hou?e has been tknronghlf cleunsed for the summer season, and la now raady l'?r me travelling public. Car* running to and Ireiu tl.e f.altiuiore depot every two m nutev dl.?ot to the door. BOABB -POBBMHKD ROOMS TO LET, WITH OR wuhO'it Board for the lady only; gaa, bath. Ac. lu quire at IP* Blee.ker street, went of Broadway Board wanted? in a small private family, or w itb a w'rtow ladv who underatau da nursing ; mual be up towi. not below Koitieth atreet. Heat of leferenro gneo and requ.ied. Addiee Mrs. Sumner. Heral l ufl. e Board wa>tbd-pob rwo ladiks. k i rsr and babe, in a J>r1\ate f.? nllv Terms must be moderate. Ad'lreis, statlDK part citlars, F, Bdllman. ?3 Kaet Fo .rie -.itb etieet |>0/*KI> W ANTKD-WKHT fP BROADWAY, FOB a II la 1 y an 1 i,T'iIIb uaa, where tNerc arc few or no mher bojiders , hoard litr the lady only. Addresr, witb full par I'i'iilaft L. R., Ileral l odlee. Board wanted? in state* island, by two keollemeo; w all one lur?e or two a nail Bojme A4? graa box 7, 4*m 1'ost mine. BOAI1D WANrlD? IN Til K C0UNTBV, ltY A GFN Hem 'in and wife; must beeae< of a. aae to ttieetiy nnd aear the water Addreis atattng tarma, ao<oinmod*> lion , ac , K., h 1 .">30 I'o t oUive Boarding -a large front room on sreqab twior. With Hall He<:rnom "?nmunliMMing to lot, Win Boairl, al Kn 70 living place, ma* Eighteenth street Hoarding, two single obntlkmrn can ?b aocommivltted with good Board at dill Wist Fourth street between Bank and Wo-l Tw?mh atiaela Befvrenoo eofvlfM. B B BOAKDIKO AND MIDOING. ^ BOA RDI NO. -HOARD III W 1 I.LI A MSHURG. A OKI* tie .ai? and t-.s wi.d i.r a f w a ua>? geBii?i?e? tan bfl accommodated with a ilei-unl kImti tmil B'*i iljn ? private la oily, *t No. i'J Hum, I Miii:i ali"?-ei. llMM Dl" III the modern im; ron lunula. 11 Odsveuenl Co earn and ?lln:n on v :hrn. minutes' nk from l ?? fttHM. Kefere.iees flwiiHtd BR'>OELYV_A GENTLRMAN CAN BE ACCOMMO doted with parlia' Boar In a iirvil! private French lau ll at IMt Uiin.ua itreet: w luln a few inlunlee' walk ?f Sou In aud W*l?:i? Ifnru, Oermau |ir(lcrrei. ROOKLYN ?A LAHIIK BACK PARLOR. BRDROOM and D.mt) a mi. I Single Rooiu?, with Hoard, for adults y be obtained hv a , '.find at the aouthweat eHD?r of C Ho ton and Carroll nrni-'u The h.niho n p ea-nnili ?Itu a I' d lor .? Bummer re Idroce kn i t. an a gurdcu attached. ROr.RLYN ROARD.-PrRNlHHKD OR UNKIJR ninhed Kooii^, .viLii Hoard, at -I ScberunThorn nrwl, e?nv< i>lcut to Wall and South ferries, Refcreuets ex changed.# Board in Brooklyn -two GENTLEMEN can be aoooininodatc T with l.ao ni amt Houril at No. 'J2 Clint .11 e>re,-t. ten mi pates' wnU 10 Wall sir. el ferry. Board on brookltn iihioiits -two of.ntlr mrn c-tu be ar.-moiuo ia'ed with a nicely furnished ?eoond i-tory Room, uaa of Bathroom, with Breakfast; strictly private (anillv ; ten minute*' walk of Wall or Aton ic ferry. Inquire at 4 1 Sidney place. BROOKLYN HEKIIITS? T1I RBE MINUTES' WALK fnim Flerrepont House aid live minutes' from Wall ?r Bouth ferry. One or two gent emeu may have a autt of large, nnfurniahad Koons. on second floor, iB a pr vaie house, for $3| i!r week, without board. Board may be bad Addresa T. Moor, Hmald office. DEBIRAHLE APARTMENTS, FURNISH KD OR UN furnished. may be had by ganilemen of respectability, In a pr. vat# houfe. Apply at 40 Irving place. I^LKOANTLY FURNISHED SUITS OF ROOMS. WITH li bathrooma connected; alio two single Rooms to let, with or without excel ent Board, In a private family. In a Oral claaa liou.e In Second avenue, near Fourteenth itreet. Appiy at 8&2 Broadway, In the it ore. FRENCH BOARD-NO. 10 ONION BQUARE.-LARGH and small Hwn Tor faini'iea or single persona. Alio a Basement Office to let. French language. References. FORNIRHKD BOOMS TO LET-TO BB8PBCTABLB faminea or gentlemen. Apply at 210 Elm atreet, near Spring. Furnished booms to let-with or with out Board, to a party of gentlemen. Terma moderate. Apply at IDS Clinton place, between Fifth and Sixthavs. Furnish bd booms to lbt-at no. ws broad way, near Fourth atreet. UUBNISHBD BOOMS TO LBT- A FRONT AND X1 Back Parlor, neatly furaiahed. with gaa, Ac., separately or together, in a private family and respectable neighbor hood. Inquire at 132 Monro* street. Furnished front rooms to lbt? with gas and all other aoooinmodaiioM, In a private house, for ou or two gentlemen. Address 323 Sixth avenue. Gentlemen can bb accommodated in a flnt claaa home, one block from Delmonico's, with Room i : breakfast if desired. Apply at No. 2 West Thir teenth street, Brat bouse watt of Fifth avenue. Handsomely furnished double and sibglb Rooms for gentlemen on first and third floors at 20 Fifth avenue, with breakfast. If requested. Large, airt rooms and' bbdbooms to let. with Board and home comforts, at U Grove street. Cra lon, gaa, baths, Ac. Terms moderate. Newly and handsomely furnished rooms toleU? At No IS Bond street, with or without Board. House has modern Improvements. PLEASANT ROOMS TO LET? WITH OR WITHOUT Board, to single gentlemen, or to gentlemen and their wives, at 67 East Thirty first street, where there are not many boarders. References exchanged. Rooms to let-neatly furnished, for gentlemen and ladiea, wth or without Board, at IS9 West Twentieth street. Religious persons, tho-e respecting the Sabbath, preferred. Rooms to let-with board, suitable for jent'emen. at tbe la-ge moilern house 8> White streei, one d?or east of Broadway. Price $7 per week. Reteronoe 10 (Hired. Rooms to rent? a very handsome suit of Koonis. w th or w.tbout full or partial board, will be rente i, at 28 Uiiirers ty place, together or aeparately. Good rcl ere uce required. OUITS OF Fl'RNTKIl RD APARTMENTS, WITH i) Hoard (prlv.-iie uh e), to let, con^iaUut.' of First, Secon I and Third K.oers, with all tho improveWeut* Appl -atAtf l-.a^t Twentieth ftrect. noriheant cornej ol Fourth avenu N. )l ?These nnartmaati wiii |.e let to famii ea. with private table, or to e-'nCrmtu. wiih breakiast. for tbe Hummer sea son. Itetercuces eichanted. tJINQLR GENTLEMEN OR GENTLEMEN AND 0 tueir wives can gel thiec larite, alrv Rooms, good Bo^rtl. gaa. Mk, J*., at 61!) 2d av., between 37th and 3*th ats TWO FINE LARGE ROOMS CAN BE HAD, WITH excelleot Bo wJ, at 220 Second avenue; alio oue or two Rooms for stugle gentlemen. TWO OR THREE GENTLEMEN CAN BE FITRNI8IT ed by a private fnmUy, wl;h roinfortable furnlshnd Rooms in a n<iw house in Jersey Clly. Addreea box MS Jersey City Poj? office. TWO OR THREB B1NGLB GENTLEMEN CAN BR aecon.modHied with a pleasant furnished Boom and good Board. ?t *06 Henry street. TO LfcT-WlTn BOARD. A LARGE. HANDSOMB front Room, furnished or unfurnished, with Bedroom adjoining ti required, to a gentleman and wire, or two single ger.tl, men In a first claaa house, with all modern iinnreve mcnta. Dlaner hi 6. Inquire on the premiies. No. 64 Seventh street, near Seoouu avenue. TO LET? A SUIT OF ROOMS, CR SEPARATELY, ON aecond floor, with Hall Bedroom, with Board, alao to a gentlemau and wtfn, or two aingle gent emen. a niceh fur nished Kaoin on th rd floor, at ho. t>4 Bast Twenty seventh itreet, between Lexington and Fourth avenues. TO LET? A Sl'IT OF NICELY FURNISHED BOOMS, On second and third floors with or without board, with all modern improvements. In a private family. Beferonce* required. 129 Ninth meet, a few doori west of Broadway. TO LET? ELF.OANTLY FURNISHED ROOMS. WITH or without Bonrd, In the tirat class house No. 67 Went Eleventh street, one door ?a*t of Fifth avenue. TO LBT-YKRY PLEASANT SECOND STORY ROOMS, furnished, with Board, at 107 St Mark s p'.ae*. TO I.ET-A SRCOND BTORV I RONT ROOM. NEATLY furnished, with Board, to a gentleman and w fe. in For t etli streei, -iear Broadway No > tier boarders. Address C, W Stuart, (Mix 2.<S6 Post oflioe. rpo LSY-FURNISHBD ROOMS, FOR ONE OB TWO pessana; a l-iout I'arior and a Fiunt Basement In I at l:l Wooster street. MACDOUOAL STREET. NEAR BLF.EOICBR. IS new opened as a private family Hotel, lor the racep. tlon ef ali ble ueotieinen or small fami'les tired of boarding. Parties desirous of housekeeping can find every ccnveulenco at the abo-. e eatabhshT-ent. , ? ??. : 19QI:AST STXTEBNTH STRBKT NEAR IRVING la-iO p'ac<-. ? itimms. on the oecnnd floor, to let for tba summer, with i'Oird. Rcferencra raqulred. 1 t (t TWELFTH 8TBSET. NEAR SECOND AVE.? ItO Large Haorr.s on aeci.nd Hoor, with Board. Oen tleman amt wife $14 perwejk; two geallemen $13; Hall Room an it able for a single gentieman. References given ana required. 1 PEINCE STREET, ST. CLAIB HOUSE. -ElC 1?)U gaut y furnished Rooms, with Bedroom* attached, with all the conveniences for housekeeping complete, in cluding gas and Crot a water, to let. to resi ectable famlilca or aingle geniiemen lOO PRINCR STREET, { ORNER OF THOMPSON 1 UIJ street ? fnrni-he t koo u- to let, to gentlemen onl^ by tbe night wee* or month, on the ino' t reasonable terms. Everything new and kept in the best of order, bntrauc* in Thompson street. 1 t*A WEPT THIRTY F01BTH STREET, BETWEEN S'xth and Si venlh avenues? Hatoteomeiy Farnlah ed Rooms to let. with or withe it Hoard, in a first class boarding hoi;fir ; br i e has al the modern improvements: hot and co d water In every room , hnuee just opened, ao that a choice of loomican bo had by apply ng immediately. * - - . ,lo If dOSt! " quiro 110 References exchanged. Private table if de-Mred. CODfTBI BOARD. A STRICTLY PRIYATE FAMILY, RBStDING WITIIIN fifteen vninutes' walk of the Tremont depot of the Har em R<i Iroad, will rent to a gentleman and wife, or Ino slngb' gentienien. the best Room in the house, with Board for two, at $1.1 per \> eek. Sis!. If accommodation If required. Address Ho:ue, Treraont Post oglee, Westchester county. N. Y. Board in the country -a fbw persons or a family o! e.ght ni tea ran be accommodated with Board in ? quiet p-tvite fami y. tn the ples^sot town of Walling ford. Conn., twelve miles Irotn New Haven; aisoatabilng for tv o or three horse . t'ommuoicslion In the New \ oi k aad Now Haven Railroad several times adav. Reitr to R. W. Seymour, 7? Warren atreet, oi to J. W Can mgu.tt, A?to rte, L. I. JjOSEPir HALL (lOt'HTRY BO \RI?. ?TWO GENTLE OR A ORN J tletnan and wife can have Iwo Furnished Rooms, con noctlng; pleasantly located, nenr Harlem br dg?; lugh ground ;$ moment to steamboat or cara. Address V. L.. b.'t 114 Herald ofTiee. T (1O0NTRY HOARD.? FIRST CLASS HOARD. WITH J large Mn ?rn for adulta. can be obtained at Westport elation Conne i'e<it two h' ura ride from New Yoik, vii Now York and New llavea Hallroad; good bathing, fishing and boat eg. \ddres i.o? Sj|>S amoe. hew York CVOUNTRV BOARD -A GKNTLEMtN. OWNING A ONE ) hiimtrod a- re la n a'^ont font milna froii Long Itrint1 , wllkac on.tn'.dale a le? parties with Hoard tor the season. II' hsi i line man?l.m, elogant v furntsl >-d nod first class ?i/romnn islions Bi ever resi'cct. Itl?one..f I lie most de HgM(nl WsldeiMN a In the . oiintrjr. oxtwedinsl* ?'esinslde for flist cla s | arfic. Arra igements for horses and <?rr sqes t-au be maiie. or for siap lnu if required. It?f. i n. ohanged lor f uller |*r:6alsrs Inquire of JAMES It BIMV aKDS, m West Twentv third aire t ClOUNTRV B'lARI) AT LONG BRANCH. ?. J. -THREE / or fone tami>i"S pan h? acrom noda'ed at n fjpui iioiiie near tiie f ?ceao ; h>lMn< on our own ground: l.s mlniiies walfc from deiot. rfw .ire of W. H .lAI^KKOiN. rnoin No. 4 SO Wall atre>.| ; or of C. T. JAt:KSON,*on the latinnsns. / 101'KTKT BOARD AT 8IAMK(?RO. CONN.-IRN \J njtn ite?' wjiik from depot House very Blea-antfv e tuatrd. and tat>|, attached. For purtlcii ar- lii'inire of Mrs. Nr.ah kn-ipp, st Statnloid, or A E Knapp. 161 Cbaui bei a street \ Y /lOUNTr.Y HOARD AT 81NO RtNO.-HOl'IR PLt'.A. \J antlylo aled, with plenty of grouilds: ahum ten M in utes from d pot; can iwnnllHiidl Wit Ml ait pnrsin . Horses and < si rta. es can be had oa tbe pramlsrs Addre.s J. J. Wlsso*. ttOUNTRY BOARD AT THE RINGGOLD ItOCSB, ) Bergen Point N. J. line alrv R .oma and good Board Bathina stid flahtair villi n one httnd^d reds ol the house Ai-rese from Neiv Vera b? b.*?l, from pier No 1. lour snd S\e time* a rta?; alao lir < ars from Jei oi <'ity evaiv hour. For particulars iaqatre oti ti.e preaiiaaa, or at ll.LL'S. 2 1 Fon th avei ue. New York city, ClOrNTRY BOAitD AT TtRRYTOW\? LOCA1 ION / onn 01 the eooleatand moat tna;?lficent on the Hut -on for a sntomer re-idatiee with f run la lis sea' on. veaeta kles. miik and al?n t v of g. aaa and treea . gt mr.ai um r'r.v In* and fooi r#e courae and salt water twtlilair; four fur nlahed Rooms with good ?uhetnntlal Hoard: |u?f the p'ace for a pari v of eeven or e ?hl gentlemen. Or oilier pai-ln-e who are looking for a delightful, health > . happy sum ner home, i owe and see It Address hoi 19* Tarij tow n lost -iboe. New Vnrlr. ! CODHTHT BOARD. pOI'N-mY AND CITY BOARD W A N TED-TO M ERT d;?ilv c* hi nt the Boird H'irwi. 71.1 H>t.im|wsv K,h d re -lions to desirable buar.iin i, eitv or coujtr. , for families Or siugln gewtemeu. JONES .? CO H Bureau sod Directory, 713 Bio&dway. P?OUNTR* iiOAilD IN A FARM HOUSE? AT BTAM " foid, Conn . In e mites north at thn dvuot. A retired and bet thy locution Apply to ?1LAS DAVENPORT, lit Ormanti street, buaemoal. (COUNTRY BOARD WVNTKD-IN A PLKASANT LO \J cat, on w lib: II one hour a i ide. fron ibe city, for a Km. llemsu. w fe and one child. Two fooma connecting re. ?juirad. AUdtess, Sitting terms* Ac., Country Board, box .'17 Ilera <1 ofl:c?. r*OOimif BOARD WaNIBO? IN A FARMHOUSE, W a qu et, respectable wotnaa. Address tiarub J. 11 n muu. New York Foil offloj. rJOI'NTRY BOARD WANTED.? A OENTtRMAN AND wife, w lib nurso and chili. wisb to obiu^n Board lu tha vicinity of Now York, withta 33 minntei of tbe oily. Ad drea C., box ?.<.ws post o:itoe. Good oountry board-with labor, airy spartmciiu, nnv be had In a private family living on tiie sbnics of the Sound. For particular* addrsu box 67,' Perth Aroboy, N. J. Good, plain farmhouse board wanted? wltrln one hour aud a half of Now York, for a gentle man and wife, with infant and nurse Ee'erences ex Address, atating lull particulars, box 2,tjt) New Yoi It Foal oflioe Good country board may be bad, bt a ?mall family, without children, la a private family living on tlie Hudson. For particular* apply at 66 1 Broad way, near Prince street. ORANGE, NEW JERSEY.? BOARD IN A PRIVATE lamtly , for a gentleman ; the houae la delightfully altu atbd and aear the depot; distam-o from city only three ?u?rters of an hour'* ride. For particular* Inquire of A. F. 'arbnrton, 117 Nassau street. PERSONS DESIRING OOUNTRY BOARD CAN FIND (Ad nc ommodatlons on the bnaks of the Hudaon. two hours from the ety by Hudson River Railroad; line view, beautiful drives, tine shade trees, plenty of fruit, milk aud vegetable*: good stabling for horses. Terms fr m $7 to $10 par week lor adult*, half prl< e for ohildren. For further particular* a<1 dies* A. J. Hunger, Carthage Landng, Dutch es.-. county, N. Y. SUMMER BOARD? OENTLKMRN AND A FEW FAMI llea oau he accommodated w th good Board and com fortable Apartment* by the bayalde, on reasonable terms. Apply to WOODHULL RAYNI-'R, Bavalde Houae, Sayvllle, L 1 ; or HENRY OX LEY, 4$ Fulton atreet. N. Y. Reached br rail twice a day. N. B.? Good accommodationa for horses; also aafe bathing and fl*hing. WOODHULL RAYNBR, Bayalde House, Hay vlile, L 1. \\T ANTED? WITHIN ONI HUNDRED MILE! OF TT New York, at a well shaded farm house, Board, for a lady, infant and three ohildren (aged twelve, ten and four years) and nurse for the summer. Address, giving name, location, terms and accommodations, H. P. T., Jersey Oily Pest office. v A' ll'MMER RE SORT S . T CLIFFWOOD HOTEL, KEY PORT, N. J. \Y% . hear from New York, by steamers fool of Murray street at 3>? P. M . good board from $7 to f 10 per week, famlltea accordingly. Fine groves, splendid sea bathing, fishing and stabling. Apply at 176 Bleecker street, or at tha hotel. I BRIGHTON HOUSE, PERTH AMBOY, NEW JERSEY, ) is open for tbe<*ea*on. The location of this hoiel I* un surpassed for beauty, salubrity and comfort; the room* are large and airy, grounds extensive and well shaded, good bathing, boating and fiahlng, bowling and billiard saloon, amp e stabls accommodations, together with all the appoint ments of a first class house. JOHN 0. TPLLY, Proprietor. COZZEXS* WEST POINT HOTEL IB NOW OPEN. The examination at the Military Academy commenced J une 1. Three cottage* to rent COZZENS BROTHERS. CLIFF HOUSE, RYE, WESTOH R8TER COUNTY.? Families desiring to letfure Rooms will please apply at No. 9 Great Jone* street. Heath bouse, scboolevs mountain, new Jersey Spring*.? -Heath House, Schooley's Mountain Springs. New Jersey, will be open on the lit day of June; distance t'S miles; it is reached by the Morris and Essex Rail road, leaving foot of B a relay street. New York, at R>? A. M. and 4 P. M. Information may bo bad by addressing t' e sub scriber, or by calling on nlm on Wednesdays, betwnen 12 an# 1 o'clock, at tbe Astor Hons", New York, H. B. COLEMAN, Proprietor. KEYPORT PAVIMOJf, KBYPORT. N. J. -WILL BE open on the 1st of June for the reception of boarder*. Splendid batbinr, fishing. Ac. Two steamers ply lially, leaving foot of Murray street at 4 o'clock P. M. and foot, or Hare ay street .it o'clock P. M.; Ke.j; oit. 7 o'clock A M. For further particular* apply to R J. BO ITIMORE, 219 Fulton f-trcet. or 'o Commodore JONES, 144 Kultun street, or to the underilgned. GEORGE J KIBI1EE, Proprietor. Lake house, islip, long tsland.-pleasant. ly situated on South aide, near tho bay and o ean, 43 mile# trom New York, via Long Isliuid Kaliroad. Open for transieut or permanent gue?ts. AMOS R. STELLBNWERP. Lake pehqi'enn akonck house-near cro ton Falla on the Harlem Railroad. Country hilly and healthy. House s tuutrd pleasant It on high grounds, over looking the lake. Room* large and alrv. Families wish ing Board for the reason may Inuuireof S. B. UUICK. at (Olamr.re's 479 Broadway; BAKER k VAIL. 172 Rends atreet, or address the proprietor, T. C. VAIL, North Salem. N. Y ~ -WOUNTA1N HOUSE. SOUTH ORANGE, N. J ? THIS XKL delightful summer res rt having changed han te, bai been thorouithlv renovated and newly furnished, and will l>? opened for the reception of guest* on tbe 6th ef June. Trains leave Bat c ay ftreet by Morris and Esset Railroad, almost hourly. S. A. TALI AKKKKO. MOHEGAN L AK B.? MOUNT PLEASANT HOUSE. near Peeksklll. Is now open for the reception of boarders. Apply to W. JONES, Peeksklll. VTEPTUNB HOUSE? NEW ROCHELLE, IS NOW i.\ open for tbe reception of gaeels. WILLIAM J. FISH. POCUMTU0K HOUSE DEERFIELD, MASS. This bouse <s now open for the reception of trsnstent and permanent burders. Tbe proprietor hope*, by *trict atten ? tton to the wants of his guest*, to receive a continuation of the liberal patronage he ha* al eadv enjoyed Tbo adv*a tagea of a location in tb- Connecticut valley for a summer retort are too well known to need any farther mention. Address Geo. B. Kimball, Doerfield. Mass SUMMER BOARD.? BAY VIEW BOUSE, TOMPKINS* ?ille, 8. I., is now open to receive transient or perma nent boaider-; thirty minute* from New York by boat every hour; Rooms singly or ia suit. Terms moderate. SARATOGA SPRINGS. -TWO SUITfl OF SOOM . STT perlor sccominodailoas, can be secured by early appli catloa. ^Address H L. M . box aio Herald offica. The riverside house, red bank, monmouth eonnty, N. J , will be open for the receptioa of guests on the 1st or Juae. Parties wl-hing to secure rooms will piessa addrei* C. Q. A W. A FRENCB. Proprietor* Thr latocrettk "hotse, pTmn T ^ON th* "kills.*' New .Terse v. is open for the season. Regu lar communication by ateambents from pier 2 North river, and foot of Oey tre< t Time. 13 minutes Also by steaoi rs'trna t from 'srsoy City To partiee engaged in business In Kew York this house offers euperior Inducements for a summer home. It being situated la a delightful locality aod easy sccess to tbe metropolis. WESLEY W. BILL. Proprietor. The sla wioiT house, at lake mahopac. will be njwyi for Boarder*, permsticnt or transient, 'una IA Said bousTi* pleasaatlv situated, overlook ag tbe Iske. No palas will te spared by the proprietor to TBS FORBS'rtROvF HOUSE, SCHOOLEY'S moun" tel. Springs, New J^y.t* THOMPSOnT ATLANTIC PAVILION, HIGHLANDS, New Jersey ?-The proprietor announces to hi* ffleads aad pstrons thai this healthy and po;?>lar resort will bo opened by the I2tli of Ma< for visitors, and since last sarn mer has made a large addition, with other Improvsmeats; snd bv strict attention hoi' a to give general eatlsfactioa. B ats will leave the loot nl Mur.av street daliv. JOSEPH J THOMPSON, Proprietor. IIOXEliK. AT DRVOB HOUSE, 10S SLEETKER street, only two b ock* from Rioidwiy. Furnished Rooina, single snd suit", for gentlemen i.nd families. Transient and permanent guests will find t.rst class accommodations at rnodetaie price ' CCIDKNTAL HOUSE. NOR 022 AND ?2I BROAD way.? Cool and pleasant Furul-hed Room*, single and doable, to let to peotlemen on y. rf(,P. 0 UEORi .K F. MAYO, Proprietor. NER OF i 1 ?On the ? WHITNEY HOUSE. BROADWAY, CORNER Twelfth *lreet (entrance on Twelfth atreet' ?Or Enrope*n plan. Meal* foratsne I by tbe week. If desired. Poru-r a attendance all nifht. S. t. MEAD, Proprietor. De^TI8TIIY. "331317 A SET OF TEETH MADE IN ONE DAY BY 01 R i new steam process, on gold, silver, ptatlna and rubber. I We I II teeth at verv rexsonable prices warranting all our work. We alsoadmlnister clienilcatly pure ether, ehlorufi rm and the nltroua oxide. No extra charge fnr temporary sets or extrsritng where artificial te?ih are Inserted. Teeth in sorted In the belt manner over the roots. Dr. R. G. Di'RK IN. .173 Canal street. M SET OF TEETH IN THREE HOURS. ENTlr.E SATISFACTION OR NO PAY, I A' No. 1.19 Sixth avenue, iietween Fifteenth and Sixteenth atr?"ts. A* One dental ope rat lob* and ss flne work as In t m partef the world, on Sixth svenne, Iietween Fifteenth ? and Mxteenth tieets. Na The aheapest wor* ever made^ strong and dnraoltv between fifteen !i and Smeeuth streef*. riiln fa^ee made full an l round, as mat b# ile eired, at .'in Sixth avenue, short, broad facvt made grat e Pi' and classic, fiei'ornied faces nxe.| to an It. Fine Gold Fillings: Nitrons Oxide Gas; no |iain. Krajllhlil war- 1 rant?a a* r?|ire rn;ed. Don't forket. between I ifteibtli and Si-.'eenth street*. No v.19Sixth atsnne. A NEW AND IMPORTANT IMPROVEMENT IN ABTI final leetl, ? (Ifte .el Jn"!* a tlfeilrne. SupOlled st half the ustiai coot th 'i springs, wb-es or fssteoings require.', tlierefo-e avoWliiu ell sk\rp edgee. At 37I> Niith avi tine, between Twenty ihlid and TWentV- fourth slieets , Single Teeth sud I'aitia Sets Inserted at equally mode rate charges ?Inly one eMt required from rounlrv patient* lerth filled oi ekiraeiad without paiu and nilruus 'Mid* ??s given alwti llfttii a'enue, beiweao Twenty third and weuiy fiwirfh ^treats Consnltattone fret*. /"'OLTUN DENTAL AS^OriATlON -flltltK THERE VV ha? never been an aertdent, it tsl ute to produce in set, sib.iit* lo pain, lite pesfoiinance fwl'j lb* prmni-e. I?r. OOLtON a imlnister* the ess. OMoe 'It Bon 1 stteet. | II' YOI? DESIRE THE PR-T FITTING, LIGHTEST. 1 in (MM eonife, 'sl-le. natural, asi-vieeabte and clieapeit Ariltl. ial Teeth, an to ihe Aioarisati froth t'oinpuat l>en ti?t< SI Es?i Foiirth l!r*et. near the Bowery, Inserted on their Improved s.tctlon piste Warranted the best, and tti n o months' ti la' sllowsd to eve -y set. X| H. GRIFFIN A BROS., (W GRAND STREET, NEW fl ? York, snii F'?Hon street, Brooklyn, are < ktrieting Tee<h postti.eiv Wtlhawt r?tn b? the n?e of nitre* oxide gns tC* eliarse for extracting wbsn srtnlclai temb urn to ba marled The* aie ai? > ihaertlltg full ,;et, of feetu on gold, $26; platlna $26: ?Hver, $l?; inblwr. $10; parlial sats on gold. $i siler. $1. mirsi ting Stents. Teeth mititim ?xhlactbd winiotfT pain ' and wuhout ehaig* for all |ieri.ons requiring Artiili Isl Teeth, l?est fltMng. lightest most omfortahl*. nsltita1 aud serviceable Teeth at half the us 'al prices; futlj' war anted and three mmitbe trial allowed. AMERICAN TEETH CO. ?RNTIHTH. 61 Baal Feurib atreet. aear Bower* LI'IT AND 0 1 Vt*0. D'Vi UMT-fH KK.VAKD.-A KKF.YiLOOND, OBBAJB >lor, * bi e I r.-^t fit i< eg b oiru rtie et>'-o - rowarf Will be i*ld ou leNjrniof Mm t'> i .- Si. J?uie- II c 'I' ll t*. of I <*cut> auilh stiee; and ttroad way, or V3 Br ?ad?a;/, room N>'. 6. 1 OST OR Ml-L \!l>? OMR 1 1*1 'A fK NO | ji.j, Kt) 1 lj ICO shares ol the T?dert-> ?n t W atM?h It,!lw%y 4<o?n?. ny, eoiiution siouii. in oaxueol tieor^e >i*u ey % C >. , n,*ot lOrlti.L'ate No 1.3 ??, lor .Vu ?tt?rsi i uird . nal Waba.u it* it' war C'ouipanv, common ?l ck, in name ? ( Lwkwmi l A Co. Aiao con fl-a'e No. H7I, lor HVi *har"? Toled" anil Wabash lta lw iv Company, piefei red Hto.'k, In the o?ne of < >m. mann i. Co. AUo. I >?? or m < i d, in the an ue pi im? $3 1 (to 01' the Tolfd'i and Wabi?li Ki:ln?y Conpanv ?e o-.? ii<erif.i<e Honda, v r. ?Kim. ?W and 9t.t, l\>' eacii. 'e-ued b> Toled.^nd Watnudi Kulwav Oo ;i:i.iu. j No. ld2. Jl.tHO, l?. sued bjr Tol' In a.ul WabaiU Itailariv Company; Bion. I,37t and 1.251, t:5.l.-ach, l?iued by TcUlo and Wabiah Railway Company; Nn. 1,1 o. ms'ied I>t Vnba?u iud w f ??r# Ra laity Comnanv Thi* iranafei of *a d otoek and piiy menft ol coupn ta to iuid honda bare but i stopped. and all i ersone see U"t t ed not io n '.,ot a s? d ?l?ci or bonda. Applicn* t on n il, be made for new oerlHotMi Tha Auder la re. qneated to return the aa.ua lo CAMMANN A 00., M Wall street. IO8T-?I0U RKWVItD? A VALUABLE CLUSTER DIA J raoud Ring. The Under will receive tha above reward' and the thank* of the owner by leaving tha ansae with lien* r.r T. Moore, 301 ilreadwav. LOST-ON WEDNESDAY KVENINO. I* GOING PROW the South ferry, in a Twenty third street and brondvay atage. a Pearl PorienioiiDale, ronlaln.ug $4A In money. ThC> tinder will be libera 1. rewarded by mavlng i| with Mr*. Wkealer, 49 Kan Thirteenth atreat, New York. _ LOST? I'BORABLY ON A FOURTH AVBNUK OAR, between the Axtor House and Union square, ? Bafts' Ear. No 9,169 The linder will be sultabl ? rewarded by leaving tha same with W. A. Crock -r, 10 Spruce at, up (la ire. ___ LOST-FBOBABLY BETWEEN QRAMD AND CAN Ala streets, a small pocket Wal'ot, coalaming a lum or money and allp of paper on wh eh a name la written Ontf third the cuntenta will be gives to the Under, at 100 Pearl itreet, up stair?. Lost-a small black and tan blot, in piptt.' ra"ond ?trect near Becand avenue; anawera to thd name of Nelly, and bad nn a leather co lar. Any one rw turning name to 3J7 Klltli avenue will be liberally rewarded*, Lost? $35 reward? last bvrnino, bbtwbb* Canal atreat and St. Nicholas Hotel, a amall Pockeb book, containing va.uabla papera. notea. An . not belnt oi value to anybody but myelf. The Andcr wll rece vein* above reward, alao confer a ftvor, by leaving the eame at Ihe Ueruld odloe. R. K. COX, ja. LOST-PROM 851 BROADWAT, A WUITB PRKNCB Poodle Dog; anawera to the name ef Part Hour. Tho Sndar will he liberally rewarded by leaving It aa'above. T OST-ON THURSDAY, JUXE I, A 8TABOH BOiZ, 1j containing aome good*. Any peraon finding the aain* will pleaxe return It to 1,?6 Broadway, where tney will bd ? ?uitably rewarded. LOST-IN BROADWAT, BELOW BLBECKBB, JVHU 2, a amall wooden B<>x. with aerew cover, contalalna ?old roll. Five dollars will be pnid f?r the recotery <it said box and contenta, at tho odloo of Wheeler A Wilson, ?U Broadway. IOBT? ON FRIDAT, AT 3 O'CLOCK IN THE AFTER J coon, a Gold Bracelet, In Greenwich avenue. Tho finder will he rewarded $10 by returning it to Mo. I Ferry street, to Mia. Eeiemen. $5 RK WARDS. a t trvraTi RKWARD WILL IK PAID FOR THE A "ren of the body or William Brwtn, who ' wm dro^no* Sf","!r V"1:'.1'. V'rlS "d ? ' i"irV ?np <1 u ?? ??"? street, N. Y. . ? ? I ^mmn t ORT OS THE EVEN1VO OP TBS $2 JdTosf. on t o Jeraey City A lady's morocco ^ alisc. Any one icum _ Cltuton place will recc ve the reward ol t" >> place will reoelve the above reward. . ii?~r?~RP WARD ?LOST. OR MISLAID. A BLACli Ribon A Munai, B llu* ? TOWARD LOST, ON FRIDAV. MAY 87, ON THJ llemr.te?d J^eTwfJ^ceiV0. tVe'^ve r^ w^m'taMliV B ?t 38 l'"'? basement, with .s 8. RicUai'ds. ? Z^"hrWa RD^-TAK EN PROM BOBBECK'B OFPIOB, (J l'.EWAltUf l Ar r.. City, two weeks sinre. o cord street. Bioo*ljn. ? ? ^ _ rdipaRD -L08T. ON WKDNESDAY EVI'lJ'NO, SSBaSfS '! ~ ? ....nn _ TJ1KT FROM 14 BBACH STREET. A lb* reward. SiJSSSISggiiaSf y?^^ ^Ji^p^r?<ri? Mrtriruln* th^! ?me to the above nuot. Si^Jil reoeirelhe reward ?o ??o?tl? aahed - , _ reward -I.08T. 0N LEAVING THE CAB? $15 ffom Ho'ton, at the rourtli avenue and Twentyj Tburidai. j'une 3. a #w?'t-'Ok, oonUloIng klure. ^ sw^r^St a co , sa Ku Ih itreot. New Y. rk. and . o queat ?ns aaoof. /etiir REWARD.? LOST OR MISLAID. T^? $25 States 5 30 boads ?5) cautioned agalnet nejotlotlwf the ?*yoHj, jjoOLKWSBT.^ t Borthoif, IM Boot Fonrteonth treet. , DB W A RD -LOST, ON THRSD INST., A LADY'B $25 ^rwajch. rii rowi^d applj to Provost A Fiabar. Auorney, eor iTojou^vtnth *ud Fir* etreets. WUlUasbof.. . ? f. RltWABD-POB A BMALL BRBABT FfM. W.TB SoO aevainl amail diamond* at the round and dbuira. wbicb was lost yoaterday, ^QlugJromJUAan a ree? ca hw- tsjsrizr.'&.vi'iu Immediately. ? " i ib* ,,,n M ?;"8' 0 Clark, Dodi* 4 Co., M W ? .THE PARTY W1IO TOOK A TOOMO HOB8JB $250 ,1 ram Rye. on M*d.ynljt?it ~ WrXiW*. H bor?roHofflce, White Plot... WeaW cheeter connty. W. Y. $5,000 0*.nl*Rtao"?T^ ^fcul?^tJu.T20 Coupon Bond. Forth BerlM, s UBiuSi Vi t".V? Ct'opon Bo-di; r?urVh Borto., Letter ^ n ? ? Uu,r we. MlU* ^J?i?CoSSSS; Fourth Berloii l?tter ^ ? SuSTJmmM 5 B?oid.8,7+hT4 'NTH ? ^nlte*d^.r?i' 5-i'V bonds.' Tiilrt ' Series. Letter' a! No. ' ^ ,iLrtVu^V"V>o^..^ Signed by former oflieera or tne Bana. ?> ? ?hree'yean. ^'V^S'of 'u./^n^Tver bee. P,The public are herehv captioned against tho purchase of or a dt?? proporli?n for any CaaHter. bu rgla rt. . , * , ? ? ^ VkATCHKS.JBWKl.IiTt*0* A t 77 BLEEOKEB BTBBKT YOU CAN OBTAIN A per oent iiumO lor Dlamou-ls. W alcl^j. |.awn Plate Ouna, PI?lols. 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Original U JAtOlli W Pr^aaway. W ATCHKS AND JEWEI.RT OK ALL DESCRIPTIONS i or ?? I '* bt GEO. a ALI<BN, 41 ? Broadway, ooa door bolow Cautl street, iorsnerly 11 Wall etreet. U'ATCHHH, CH AINS AND JBWki.RV na> ' J rletv i.nd stye, worth from ?' inl? ? *" Wl" be sold for $1 eaeh snlrle ('er'"T."?i2J !SP *'^rh artio'o, lie os staling whai eaeh can bare " ILl^ *" ,h* ,r ?ealed ani u ' s. d and wlisn ordered ^J'T!.I *nrBl,'|wS rlio ee, and sent hr mall f..r 2<v wlthnur Address Spenrer A Co., 84 Broadway, ?orV'# $200. diamond r|?uddod E**Sw\t?*A??,A'no txz: su irJxr*1 way, room IS. up st air* ^ ?POl/iag at l|j nr,,ad BKUAMB ABO TOBASOO, ^ I 500.000 v!SA(lM r?'? S AI.R ? AT THR NKir ?e?M P"r?' "" I'arile. f!'' M?!n ''UrU ,lr^t- *17 *?11 Uoallot Mm Aaeixiy. * J. y 0aI?^lw?>"'4 "

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