4 Haziran 1864 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 9

4 Haziran 1864 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 9
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?ALn at arcnov. _ ^ \ LTAW 0 BAKER * CO* AUCTIONEERS A aubbki havwood, auctiobbbr. Sich amottmewt or hoitsrhold kubnitvbb ??UM1.HIS, STATUARY. BROBZBS. *AHB VXD COSTLY WORKS OK ART Ac.. to. OB THIS OAT SATURDAY), JUNE 4. At tUe elegant main au It Weal Sixteenth street, between Ktfth and Slith avenue*, B&lecomnt*nc.iigal II o'clock precisely. The auctioneer ?ojld ta 1 the (Articular Attention of blf Tn-ndsaud the puolic t'> tbt aaie; dialogue cjoiprUina a etperb wwriintut bi' l'?r?m?re. Plaaoiorte, Paintings, trench Mirrors, Ac Catalogue* at the hO'tac. Bale peremp tory. Drawing Rtoma-Ruperb Belt* of Furniture. covered w".h or -cale. 01 li< l?e-i do-'irivtl.Mii ele^Ani ?<Jl Of Window Car Mtiui io match lite auita; Ktager??. Plate glu-s door*; Kn wi iiur <*, Secrear. and HooEnaciCentre Tables. statuary warble t#p; llrou.'e an. I Ormolu Chandc iera. 4'ab neia to Ri tub crmou M l Dresden China Ornaments, marble fc ?iu?r?, Itronae Figures, Oil Paiutla(<i, by eminent artiat*; Ku m a l.lue Ku-jravinnii MAtlNiKIOR.VT 7 OCTAVR ROSEWOOD PIA POFOBTB, lulli guaranteed by the maker*: Stool, biocade Cover, Mualo Stand, Heokr Ac. ; llataunl, Chain to match, oak Buffet, Hxien- ion Table. Chairs. Sofas, Cut and Kngravgd Olaae Ware, china D nnrr 8c'a tnpor ed from Parl^ lor pre*?nt Owner; Stiver I? oner and Tei Service Caalora. spoons. Forks, Urn. Coke Ha-fceta. Oyater U.ah, Turreeu. Table Cutlery. Linen, nsewOod and waluut Drcaaiug Bureau*. Bedateads, Armoire a < <Uce, en a. lie; Hair and spring Mutressoa. 21 pair* I,lnen Shcts, H pai.a Pillow Oaac*. lli palra French Blankets Towel*, Counterpanes, Mar aelllea i.'nl'ts. Freuoh Toilet B*ih, maho ;anv fiofa*. Bcd ?Vail a. Chalra. R.eki'i*. Ac. Alao KnrtiUure of ?ervanl'i' apitrlmoola. Partes wishing to attend this aale take K fth or Sixtu avenue c.tr* or *ta""? from ilia Aalor St N rbolaa ir Ui'trnpo Itau hotel, Icav .og at Slxtoeuth street, few doora from Uouae. AU?'TIOV MOTIOB ? POSITIVK AND PHREMPTORY SALK OC MUrnKrt HOUSEHOLD FUKNITURK. MAUNIFMKN T HtlSKWOOU PARLOR SUITS, RICH FKli*CH PLATB PIKR MI.lROKS, l'LRUANT RU8KWOOD PIANOKOKTK, SICH CHINA. OCT (.LASS 8ILVRR WARE. 1AKLB CUTLERY. ItRUriSBLS AN O INGRAIN CA.RPKT8. AC. 11ENRV R. WKHTCOIT, Auetlotieer. will will, on account ?I wh?m It tuny ron<*:o, 111 a (Saturday* afn:ruooii. At 2 o'clock, tbe entire content* .of the elegant real denoc Bo. 15 'I Weal Twenty llrat ftrect, near Seventh arentte. cnn?iatmg of ei-^ant rofwo' d and walnut !*arl >r hut*, in broratel nod rt t< ; Cun'.re and 1'ier ratih a. l-.i? Serea. Tinkigh Lotincea and Chatra, Daiuaak and Luoe Our taina. Uhadea. Ac MA.QMK10&MT BROB7.ES, l'ARIAN AMD BIdljUB EH.IJREH, LiAVA ORNAMIJNTrt AND VASES. D1MIBO ROOM, CH \MBEKH ANO MIRSBRY. Foaewood BedKleadH. Burcuua, Spring Keat Ohaira, Sprmg and tlalr Vattra ran, rtock^t k, Il d-anJ KKdUmg. Tapeatry And Iuuralu Carptta, par-? lien tier * Ke.itlier Heda, weiuh IngTi' ll>a each : Sofa* and ?'?fa Redaleada, oak Kxteual in Tanlo Bulfet Cbaira rioh Ktenc.li and B'lhcmian China and Glava W*re, Silver Ware. Gutter?, ir., with a larae rarleiy or mahognny KurnltiCK n^t enmncratad, .Man will be ia attendance to cart, (wok orwli p good* for purchasers. AJOiTRKEAr. ArrrlOSKKl'. OFFICE Bf). S 1'TKR ? i.ircftV ? Aiut.ou aale ul beauui'u! i'rulitH i* At (Jlut*. wurth, WcatLliunter couuty, B, Y. A. JODRXEAY. will m<II on Thtti'.-nlav. June 2i, at 12 M., a', the Kxclian^e aa tea room. No. Ul Broadway, About 4ou aurca of Laud al fliata *ootlt. Tlila valuable propcrtt , formerly owned l?v P, II, Munroe, Eax, aud Uie Hon. J. Rooaevelt. aituate^l between New R.xibefia and Mam.troneck, ea the lino of the Mew Haveu Railroad, will Vc offered for aa.1 in plots of tliree to Leu aerator more. It haa aevurat lullei of ro <d jAtd out and* worked, a depot built, at w.Mch Uie trains will stun wh :a buaineas warrants. Itaclo^a proxinitr to tlio city (beta; only twenty mliee from City HdESTth the Kew Havn Railroad running throtigh It), aud this uumerou?ro.nmand fn? building altas, witli a view of long Island Sound and the I'allRAdea, make It a dnairab'e investment far partlei wishing to get A choice location, and have control or aur rounding lmprovemantA. Map* an I furt'ier jiarticular* at (he oil:ce of the au< tU>neerr A. JOURNKAY, No. 8 Prne at A JOUBNBAY, ABCTIONBBR.-OFFICB NO. 8 PINE J\ . slreet. Bala of desirable rtty Tenement Property, at public auction, OB Thtirsdav . June 16, I8M, at M o'uba'k M , at the K.iohange Salesroom, 111 Hioadwa?. I?y A. .IOUK HKAV, the tour -torj brick Bulldinir, '??'*} i art Thirteenth street l*t?eea a\-<-nues A nod B; each Door, excepting lir-t, arranged for the acconimo'lation of lour families, two etorc* on lir t floor : Huil* rT5?42, Lot Km foet. fait of the purchase money can remain on mortgage, at Mm option of purchaser. Thli property la woll worthy the attention of partial seeking Investments. Map* and other particular* at the office of the auctioneer, No 8 Pine litre rt. Auction notic;*. JUNE tf AND POLLOWIN'l DAYS. BIHLIOTHKCA AMKKICAN A. Catalogue of the ent re library of Andrew Wi?'ht, of Pliilade'pbla. cpecla'lv rich in rare book relet ng to Am*rl ea, comprising genera!, tr at <? and local Hlstorl'*: State papers. Ac ; a very select series of Urge Pape>- and early orlnted Books. Including "ver two hundred by Romanln Franklin an I other early American printers; also a superb collection of books lu general literature, b.bllograpliy and the fine arts, mostly In the finest pos> hie condition, many ?incut the whole ot which will be m> d bv auction at tbe liadr Bale-rooms, No. t!>* Broadway. New York, by J. B. COOLKY. UKO A. LBAV1TT. Auctioneer. On MONDAY, June 6. 1 8 "4. and following data com mencing each dav at 4 o'clock P M. For particular'- see catalogue*, now ready, price 6 J ccnts, aud l>o<As on exhlbi On. Auction notice.? laboe sale OF OYER $I5,<NJ worth of HOUSEHOLD FURNITI'RB, YELVKT. BRU88BLS AND TQRBK-PLY CARPETS, MAGNIFICENT ROSEWOOD PIANOFORTE, made to order; cost ftiW; three lieeutllul Parlor Suits, cover ?d with rlih satin broflntel and French reps. E. ROTn, Aue lloneer, will sell thts day (Saturday), June I, at 10; 3 o'tlock, tbe property of a family going to Europe, at their resHer.'*. No. 119 Wast Eighth street (CI nton pl>ice), west ? f K:fth aver jc. ooa-letlngoT ceor fir'Q tots of Pari t, pedrooro and Dming Koora Furniture. H a s, China and 8 lver Ware, CuHerv, Hair and Spring Mattresses, Rcddiug, Chandelier?, Oliolotli.se. 8a e positive. N. B. ?Parties wishing to attend lliia sa>e wUI take Hit th avenue cars or sujae, leaving at Eighth .treet, uear th e house. A j. l. SMITH, acctiobf.fr. will srli, Tnia ? day. at 11 o'clock, at t7 Stu.y vacant place (Ninth atraetl. between Second and Third aveuue-. one Piano. of splendid toue aad llnish; coot (AM; three Parlor guiu, ro-e wood and mahO(;anr Bedroom Kelts. Rockers, Look ng G aases, mahogany and maple Chairs. 'aides. Urua-sl- and . iBgra n Carpet*, aod everything that belongs to a first class house. A T AUCTION.? A FIN* COLLECTION OF FLOWBB J\ Harden Plant* embracing soma Una varieties of rose*. fucli*i?a, Ac ., at II o'rlork thl- day. A. H. DOCGlirt. Auctioneer. No. 3 Park row. G BO. COOK. ACCTtOVBBR _ CABKi AUBS. NEW AND SECOND HAND. OKO. COOK will sell a> store Hi Broadway. this day, at Oae o'clock, a varlotv of Carrtage*. com pricing Couuea, Roekawaye, Family Carriages. Top Baggie*. Ac. Bale post tro. without reserve. HENRY H. LBRDS. AUCTIONEER. HHNRY M. LEE ltd A MINER will sell at auction, on Sotufdejr. J mm 4, et 13 o'clock, la front of our store. S3 Libert' street:? A vary tine pair of brown Horses, eight aad nl no years ??id. ftH bands high, long natural tail, sound and kind; cold -only for waat of it* Alas a rery superior mat'-h pair of bar Horses, 16 bendc hlgti. 7 years old. Morgan stock, warranted perfectly kind and gentle la all haraess and believed tube uerfoctlr eound: . qu te ?t - Itsh aad a vary desirable pair of family horses? s. >ld only for waat of ase. Also, a carman's Cart, In good order, srith A aat or Cart Barnes*. Saddle. Ae. Also a rery floe pelr of dark bar Horae*. 15M handa high , are perfectly gentle and kind in ail harneas. are relia. Me and healthy; warranted la aN reapecfe and cold only on ?eeouut of the owner having no farther u*e for them. Aie?a rerv fine four seat rhaatoa, mado to order and In good oondlt>en. A>?< a rerf good Rookaway Carriage, made by Wood Brothers; will aoat aix perxoos; ta la complete arder, aad wail suited for country uae. H ENBT D. MINBB. AUCTION EBB -BALES ROOM >7 Mssaan street, opposite tho Post olllie.? 8aLE OF . INK ORiaiNAL MODERN OIL PAtBTIN'OS AND ?TATUARY.? MINER A BOMSRVILLK will sell at ane ilea Fr day, Sd, aad Raturdav, 4th of June, at II o'clra-k oach day, nl their salesroom. S7 Nassau atroet, a fine oollac - tloa of Original Modern Oil PalaOngs, of the Dutch. Oer siaa, French, Ragllah and American soltowU, compelling work* be lh* follow ng emfnaat arUsts, vie ? -Adrten De Bmckelear, Zacharie NotUman, J. Caaabala, P. Kru-eman, David tiolt U. A. Koek Rook. ? . Harry, P Van Severaoack. Sydney Cooper. J. W. Cas lenr, H. Seharp. Von Rabeo. Carol us, Lilly M. Kpenoor, La l "roll. T^emineBs, ?andcr W cardan, Van Iu*en. and "there of ce ebrtfv. We would cioecnily invite tbe at Mention ol th* art public to this sale, as It comprise* * uim of th* Gneet works or tbe above arti ta, most of which are Aat under guarantee of originality. HI IBNRY D. MINBR. AUCTIONEER? SALESROOM 17 N.tseau street, euposlte the Peel olBce ? M1NSR A 0OMKRV 1LLB wri sell ct auction on Saturday. Jnne 4, at 12 <> clock. In front of their ea tearoom 17 Ne*eau street, Hereei, Wagon* Marness, Me.? A rery fltie patr of dark liay Horses, fiftesn and a half bands btgn. fhe and six years old, olcselv matched fr. e aod stvllsli drlvsrs. can trot together in three and c half mlnulee, warranted ound and kind in 4 ngle or double ha-nes. or under the eadd a and free from all tricks, sold en account of the owner leaving the c ty. A pair of gray pony built Horses, llfteen bands high, sevea yeare old or fine etyle and act on, warranted cound in every rartlcu ar and free from b emlsh of any kind' woll hroko to ?male or double harneas and excellent under tbe asddle ; eery etylleh and free end perfeetiv well need to city dr. ring; oold only for want of u>?. A superior ba< coupe llor e, six teen hands high, kind and geatle In e agio or double harneso and under the saddle; very stylish aod free driver, of mat endurance and can trot In three minotec A > ay lady's sad dle or pheeii'B Ilor-e, lllleen and a half handa higb. six years old. very stylish and of flao action, perfectly sotted aad re labia la everv particular; hrokeo to alug e or double harneae aad la sn ewelleat saddle an mal. A Park Wagon, fhittlag tof> and sent. ImiR to onler bv Miner A Stovane. baa been but lltt'e tissd and e In perlect order m ever respect Set of INxiMe silver piatcl mounted naroeea. made to order by oae of the beat c'ty makers; hasboed uaad but fonr tlmea -?nd Boat 9VSS Al'0 a very fine pair of Bay Merer I4>i hands high, aia years o d. of fine style and action, tree and plea-ant driven aod ran trot together In jumtnutea; warranted sound and kiad in every part'cuar. well broken to cither alngle or double harnoaa, and nre boih tine coddle marea. A leo a Y l< teria no lop Wagon In fine order; waa built 01 nieest* for thoproecot owners by one ot our boat ally miu TaFturbra, aad cost ?t7X P. ^ BULXLBY. AL'CTTONBKR? WILL SRLls OS Toe-da, , Juae 14. at 13 o'elock. at the Bachanga aaleo III Broadway, the elegent oouatry roctdaaoe. owned ??MMpJed by the Wfenuel P. Afrn ?ltna(od at New Reeheiia. Waste heater, of a mile fnom the depot The b?uee M about Mxa. with larfs extensTon. Ic hsudsomely s isatad and flneiy shaded. There en a very floe garden, jardfVJ^ hcuee, oarnage bouce end eieMe. ehd W Scree oi fas lacd. Also tear Lota, eoathweot corner of MBd etreot l>4 Kifth ftwaiM. Fot imm SkfL. inly |# ik? ftuotkoDMr, n Wail ?r?%. Jmnoo W ' p. vaas.^'g'fflKrgfcaa'.a jKt u ar and co etoennt country Rosfdoco*, el Now Rocheilo. West ehester eouaiy, WMh mem of iMd, near the depot ? houcc bos all tbe Ira pir>ve meats, ia flret oSoe la every neaaet. aad J lis re an ahedC and rrult la abundance, with gardea ear cage hou-e, cleblc. Ao. Per mope, Ao , apply te the auo iloeeer. 43 Wall street. Jauncey coert Aleo a aoat ogiiatry tHaoa at Boeodaie, of ee ea ecroe, and e Sac Lot. corner of Bsfayetto evoouo end Fort Oneee place, Brooklyn. D FABMBR. AUCTIONEER, WILL SELL THIS DAT, JV. el 1 o'dlock. at 444 Canal atreet. marble lop and oihat lures 1 1 a. race wood, ma bogs a, and other Bodstcada, Wa>h Sisods. Chairs. Tal4oiL Wardrobes, Velvet, Brussels sa l la | grsia Oarpete. ' Oilcloths, Mattiag.'Pailor an ? ColUgfi Suits, ktoves. Heir, Husk and Straw MhthnH^U|ni^2^^^H fetlreecoc, Pillowc, ie. C A J. MOOARt, AUCTION BEES, WILL BBLL THIS D. day et 1UH o'elook A. M . ei their auction rooms No I North William etreot. Hon?*hoW Purnltun, Carpets. 011 rloth. Oa* Chandeliers. Ae., eoeoletlng of Parlor and Cnea her Halle. BeTee Lounges. Feather Beds and BoMing, Hair itstmaeco, mahogany High Post and Cottage Bodetsadsj gne old Oil Pale Unge, Freaah plate pter Olcsses, Loot lag t sss Kiaraea larje Oae Chcndcllere and inttnrec; kegs rlilt" l-ead. aruall IiClhs. Iron Hetstands, one Mangle, r raking i Sto?cvEiteheu fureilure. A'?o t'irae gala tingle I l&LU AT ACCPBW. If* T. WILLS. AUOTlONREH. " 7 'J. Auo. on aotioe.? Urn ana peremptory kaleof Rart?en War*. Pntaburg Glut, Parian a"*>d* Ae.. Wedaosdajr, June B. at 11 u'alock. at TS Mur.ay street, vli:? orates of Earthenware. WO hoie* Ulasaware 100 Barr?U ILeroeena Obtain*; i. large far An Vaaaa, Hilvor i'latod win aad Table Outlnry. 4c. Catalogues do tbe 6tb. TRUSTEE'S SALE OrVk.LUA.BIi* IRON ?0!tK8 by virtu# 01 a decree of tUe CircuH Cwi ?f WMhlog ton countj, m a Court of Bqutt*, tho uodoi^gnad. Tru*le?\ will ael_i, at publ.c sale, la float of th" Court lioue. ta H**OnVuRSDAY TRK I4TU DAY OF J UN It, 1864, all that valuable KKAL. ESTATfc. ? ttiate u Washington ponnir, Mar?land. known as the GBRKN BPRINO FURNACE PROPBBTT. which wa for many years owne4 aud carrietl on by J. T>i* on. Unman A Co. anil la now for 'ale on account of the death of one of tbe i?rtnera Uai<! property conU ua I SM ACRES OF LANI* MORE OR LESS, of which atxint 200 ?'* el eared and lu an excoileut (tale of oulUTat.on.tUeUlanc|jben|tR ^ Tbe furnace oo said lan. I la tlrrtv Ave feet high, wiih an ell lit foot boab, casting liouna. coai hotiai! aud brlrl ;o house, and la rut by an oreraliot wheel forty feet h jn, It Ih la Sood repa r au.i the water powur uufa.ling aud a I autllciuat. .ild furnace U on'v one milo from tha Cbeaapmike and Ob <> canal, and u about the Mine tkr Ruoe fro'u I on Ore Bank d Tue re U a'ao ? A GOOD DWELLING HOUSE near the furnace, *i*o a large bam and oil ei outbuildings; and oo different fart* of said tract of lan.l wt| am 4 uuiu. bur of tenant houses? In al! 18 or 20? In p ? ? I ripilr Tbe ahove property will bo o d entire or in i>aroels to suit piuohaaere, aiioti parrel* to be made knowu at the aalo. The undersigned will alao aoll at the aama time and place about FIFTY TlttlEE ACRES OK LAND separated from the ab?vr By ibe land* or Geo Fetdt Also a MMESTrtNK OUARRT, ?n said canal, near Wot'oy'n fnfrv. oont.i nine iriKI'V Syl AKt fKKCUKS OF LABD. The terms of sale. as prescribe I by ilia ilacree, are One third of tho piircha mnae. in cash on .lie ..?y of sale, or 00 tke roitticaMou thereof, and die ba'ancg fn two e uia an nual Id*' a Inept* of one and two yearn from tbe (lay of sa'e, with interest ftom that dav; the i>iwoiin?i?r t<> Itib notes with approved uecurily for the deferred payhMMK Mind on pa Dinniuf Ute ouuro puroitaao .uouu> Uia tumiee will ojm cute.a deod ta tbe purcliawr, a? remnrea by the aecree V. 31. DAitBV. Imsne. TOAFFNEY. AUCTION KER, WILL SELL ON SAT ? urda.. June i, at 10' . o'clock, at his salesroom, !tft6 E Khth avrr>ue. one roan MuriC. out bay Horse. SM eo\ ered Wagouau.l bus r.en Wagun, tvro anuof Harmnn. one Hay Cutter, one Rar amt Hbelvlng, two glass Cam.-*, furniture, Tutabler?, DacauU'is. Ac ^ A1TILLIAM WITrEltS. AUCTIOBEKR, WILL SELL yf tins d.jy. at -?:<.> East Kroadway, at I0\ o'clock, all the coniael Vumitiiro oontaiaod la tUe above bouse, oon sUtltig of I'arior Suits, Plnno.ones. Mirrors, Bfiissuh and Uthnr Carpet.*, Mi'tUuu, OUrlotU, marble top Kuiullurc, iu yailft ; Palntlnga, Kngrarlngf an I Mantel ornitmfntt, Curt.- 101 ;i#d h.uden. ma^ogaa) and black waluut Ued ste.nl , Ilatr and oilier Mattresses. Feat' or tieila. EnUiumua iai'U-J. together with -thr i tiiuiliu* coutaiueU in h above four -toi> Uousc. F11VAVCIAL, pet thii TTllirjID KTATES TKHTASURY. IJ Rnr York, June *. IBM. IJadnr lostructions from tbe Secretary of tho Treisury, notice U hereby ( Ten that Interest, at the rate of tf oer emit r anoum. will be paid on all deposits made on and after "? date on account of Tetapotary loan. JOHN J. CISCO, Assistant Tre, barer. Mew fort TTBITRD STATES TKEASURT U V -w York, June S. 1M1 ' Notice Is hereby glyen fiat I*.m prepared to pay in ad vance the coupong of Interest aocrnlnc on the 1st of July next, lu gold, on all the pubi c debt of the United State*. JOHN J. CISCO. Assistant Treasurer United States TVVIDEND NOTICE. -AT A MEETING OF TBfE \J frustees ?f tbe Itoble Well Oil Company, held MtlV 24, ISot, a monthly dividend or one i?r tseht on the capluI?t<Kk was declared for the month of May. free of government lax. parable on and aMer June 10, at the on c# of the Com pauir. 137 ltruadway. Transfer books will be closed June S, and reopened June 12. JNO. E. LEFFINtiWELL, Treasurer. INTERNATIONAL FliUl INSURANCE COMPANY ^ 01' NEW YOBE. Office. 11S Broadway. CASH CAPITAL, OKlTIuLLIOH DOLLARS. The Internatloaal 'fire Insurance Company, haying a cash capital of $1.0(10 1 W all paM in and seenray invested, la now prepared to insure every kind of property". Including ships In Port and tbelr cargoes, against iosa or damage bjr fire, on the most favorable tnrma. WII.LIAM E. WARRl.N, President HAMILTON BRUCE, V lea President Gkori.k W. Sataqe, Secretary. MINING STOCKS? AS WELL AS ALL OTHER KINDS of seourities bought and sold at all the Stork Hoards In New To k, Boston, Philadelphia. Ac., or otherwise on commission, by ALBERT II. N1GOLAY. No. 03 William st Monet to loan on bond and mortoaok-on Brooklyn jiroyertr Apply to WAOKB& A SMIW1. Attorneys, No. V Willoughby street, BiOOkJyn. Notice to siiarkholueus ok the pittsbi bu. Fort Wayne and Onloaxo Railway Cominnf.- Tlie nn. derglgred commissioners, authorized to sell tlilrt" fivo thou, ?and new (ham of the capita! (lock of said company, by joint vote of the shareholder" an I bondholders. for tit n" oar pose ef coustrui ting a double trsck, procuring additional equipment. Ac., now propose to Mil thirteen thousand share* ot the saute as fol own;? They propose to issue to the shareholder*, who stand re gtslercd as such on the books of tho coinpan v at 2 o clock 1*. M. of the 1Mb of this month, one share for each Ave shares then standing n tlieir name at the par va'ue of $100 forsa.h -hare Books of sub-crlptlon will be opened at the o files of Wins lew. Lamer A (Jo.. U Wall street, oa the lltb June, and kept often until the ?Otb June, at 3 P. M.. where each share bolder can call and s'tbscnlm. or signify his wishes by let - ter, addressed to J. F. D. Lanier, Chairman The uew shares thus subscribed for wlli bear dividend from the 1st July proilm i ray menu will be required as follows ? One fourth on the 21st June, on notification of aoesplance; one fourth on the 15th July ; one fourth on the lAth August, and one-fourth on the ISth September. . Transferable slock eerip will be leaned, rrdeemable in fall share certificates on teal payment o( the insmlmena. Non compliance w>th anr of the conditions of thU sub scrlptlvjo Kubiects to forfeiture say pannem* made thereon. This a lock is mainly te nay for iron rails, rolling atock. Ac.., already advantaceon ly purchased. The high price of labor, and the great diDculty of procuring the ?ame. aad the eohaneed rates for all materials. In the opinion of the chief engineer and the chief executive ofilcera of the company, render It altogether improbable that any further amount or the stock wUlbe ortsred during, the present year. If a further amount can be economically extended In >n ereae ns the eapaclt es of the line Hits year, the com pan/ will probably hare other meaita to meet the same The commissioners reserve the right to eitend the t me of nhscrfbleg to non-resident shareholders who may da sire tit avail thsmselves of the benefit* of this notice, on such terms and conditions as tha oommlseioners may lm MM. Ths tvmm ssiesrr< al?? reserve the right to dispose of, at their discretion, for the benefit of the company, any of tha shane not taken by shareholder; under this notice. J. P. D LANIER, S. J. tildkn. J. EDO AR THOMSON. SPRINGER BARBADOS, L. It METER. Naw Tom. June 1, ISM Commissi oases. N ORTH CLEAR CREER OOLD AND IILTRR MINING COMPANY, Gilpin county, Colorado Territory. TRUSTS SS. Hob. JOHN A. DU, Hsa. EDWARDS PIRRREPONT, JOSEPH FRANCI8, Esq., T. B. BCNTINO. Esq., A. a. BODF18H. Esq., Colorado. rusisqt Bob. JOHN A. D1X TSSASUatR. JOSEPH PRANCIS, Bk OQVMSL. CHARLES P. BLARE, Esq. eacBBTAKr. CHARLES H. SWORDS. Esq. This eesspaay Is formed for the pur|>ose of purchasing a?d working 3.HIH feet on the Ground llag, Gregory Ho f. S niniuni. Concord, aad other oeiebrsted developed geld bearing lades. In the best Mining district or Colorado. Also the Henderson Mill, with twelve (IS) stamps now running and la eicellsnt order. The coinpam has the refusal of this property, auj will purchase ths Mais for 9300,900 In cash, and 27.800 sharss of stock at par. The oapltai stock of the company will be $1,000,000. Whole number or shares, 10 MKU. Par, $10. Plftv thousand shares or tbaatock will be sold at par only. A large portion of this has been thken by private snbecrip Uoa. Buoks will be opened on Wednesday. June 8, at 69 Beaver street, where the remainder of the 50.00" shares can be subscribed for by applying ts ths treasurer Oi the com pany. between the hours of 10 A M and 2 P. M. It s needlsse to s|isak of the immense advantage of haT Inga mill and machinery on the stnit already working With the facl.il e? the comrem already has Immediate re tu ns may be looked for. Twelve (II) men can mine fifteen (19) tons or wre per day. aad sig hundred and ninety (690) men can be worked to advantage, or thlrtr (SO) men to each hundred fte?. It Is proposed to push ths work with the ntmo?l energy, and the di-e?"ors have svery ooniidsace that their effort* w.ll predtioe satisfactory and immediate result-. Copies ef the prospectus csa be obtslned st the oflce. THE INT BREST DOE OS THE BONOS OP TflE NEW Tork and Haw Haven Railroad Compear, June I, l"?t. will be paid oa preeeatatlon and surrender of the ooupons at tha olBi e or the company. ooraer of Pourth avenue aod Twenty seventh strsst, oral the *?nk ef the Republic W. BEMENT, Treasurer. NION FACT PIC RAILROAD OOMPANT. ? Nt)TICE Is hereby given ta the Bubecribsrs to the Capital Stock ef the I'nlon Pari tie Railroad Company that a call for n far ther paymentsof ten per nent upon tha amount of their snb scrlptloes has been made thle day. payable at the olDee of the Compaay . U WUllam street. New Tork, on or before tha Vtb of Jane nest S,? r"S? ?.0? I l?S%M t DIX, mMwt Job if J. Cisco. Treesnree. Ii* Tons, May 10, Wt ?n AAA AND $9,900 TO LOAN-ON RIAL I STATE 9?>UUU la New Tork. nareaaaeaUs st g per eent la tarsal. ID WARD A. PRASEB, 903 Broome etrert. BNTRAL NATIONAL BANR eea deetgaated a TUl.TresMeaL ? rtuuvrruM. KaRR CHANCE POR ilRSEEEEPBRSL-SnPRRI I Bousphold Puraltnre f.realeai a sacvisee -A family deeMn ag hotisekeeplag will sail, in lota to suit p^irihsssis, all Ue Furniture oaatainwl la thsdr reo denes, 113 Weat twenty thtrd street, near Slith svenas ? Plaaofsrts, Parlor I Suits, Window CartaJns to mslcb. ItAgeree Mjfim ?rontas, Carpets, Bonbon*, Mlrrora, Dining loom aad Chamber fgralture sa ?ulte; In uee seven months. KMMMMOT MMMW rVRRltVM OP a PRI vote family far sale at a great saorinos ?A beaut fnl ?tor Suit, eovered w ?h the richest r rear* sai n broeatel, I made to order three months ago tcoal $iiO>. M be sold for $171, one da. for ?1*, elegant rosewood Pianoforte. Alee, I two marble top Tables, rosewood Etagerea, two Partor Car ? ?^?Turkish Raiiy i h. r and Ununfe. Iv. KmmsoiI M B. Bureaus, Spring asd Hair Battreesee. Loiraaea. PTbslrs Rookers. G leeks, Mtvreis Ae lnq .fre si 1 1? West Eighth etreet, between fifth and Slfth avenuee. ?pORMITHRR ?POR SALE CHEAP, ONR HUNDRED F aad twenty yards ef Tslvet Carpeting, eae reeewood Bnrean. blfcek walnut Sofa, flee Preach Clock, Mantel Or nemenU. Ae. For particulars addrses or epply at the fbua* dry oflba. W Oreeae st . ixfRiNM, _ _r; _r IOHRMIAM t FURNITURE BXPRBltlUitURNHAM'S JJj ^iirulture E ? press _ B u ruhaai's Parntture Etpress 11)1 West P'erenth C're?t, tMtaeen Fifth asd Sis'h avenuss. ? Fnrniture siere4. 41' ki*4g ?| junti^io ?w$|||4s^fs4 < UAL HVTfcTH. A KuE?iIrW* P^0K-1J0 oV7? A OR KM. ilTillLBS H? k?n ..T S^?y> lbnM' "?lautea' walk Irani dap-*, near *? ?Lfc *ifU ?ore AUo Wt ncr-a IS mitt from ViYrrini ,L ?? 'V*'' One water front. bnlldiogs nu^,1. ,rr <>???? ? MMk??-?l ?18,uA. ?uu aoo?e are Worit > of uotio?. _ W. H MBLIOK. 421 Broadway A *^U! OHEAP-ON OUT INLAND. <ini~ ?V. m '?* /r*m S"w *??*? b? steamboat da;l . In tarth atmet lM?f 0r ?r J- W- v- UAVIS, 189 East A 5.fdBllnIiI "*TJlE K0f*"?"r?NO HOUHES BUST BE rii?0 o".?ooo>U aveuuo. four St ),/ an i basement. , 5,111 n T:i r,T u,th street, fo r b23T<m7stJ . 5?. ; Prl<* ? ' ?0U- Auply UiWK |>EYT. ttliTlH, 15, fce->t Thirty sooond street nvar .Second avenue A 7uNfi PI,!Af(CK F0H BANUFAOTCBEBB.-#OB full Loia on Leonard atreel, Widiainaburg, u? i Fi ' ? #c" Ui* whole lot g MM. No lu ouuibrauce; title perfect. JOHN KOBtilB. Bo. 5V, I'mc sl eet, ruo'n IS. A desirable farm foe salb-im wk?Vchks~ "our from the citr by ra > I road. I-W 5f 7r . i "V*!16 ' " ? 6?" ' bulling*, pleutv MurSiyttwet "n' Api l> 10 11 r*,0?. K?q., Vi AOOOD HOUSE AND TEN ACRES OK LAND 8ITU eteo ihi the plank in* I. fi mile* Irom .Ixrwf Till ll? irom' Bergen |'?u,t and rronU on tlin Nowark Hay. For oar", tloular, Uimili* ob ilo prem.aes. JACOB A.JTAN HORN. A VERY VALUABLE FARM FOB BALfc? FOUR nil-.rafrom Chicago; eevent . -five acrvs o: lil,jh, roll H rioa prairie land, all Under best cultivation tence, end or dec; abuudauco of fruit; offered at a ge at baifiun fiOUTllWICK ?V WOOD, lb i'ine street. A)U.\un!,i, OOVIITRV nit Pom BJkLMjmOV ea y tei m?, in onb of the moat pi-fixHnt plaoen oti tie W<ui ?n; great vmiety of fruit, Hhrubbery, s.iadc trcej and id good order | MOUTHWTPK A WOOD, 18 Pint ?tree!. AN blkoant country residence FOR salk? , ob 1 rig Islgad. with forty a -res or luad, in a : igh ???'?of o illiTRt'on 1.1 ml f* from ft rry by p ank road, I in ofr >m railroad dt>pot, with alovk. rro|?n and farming uietiKl *. ilt-nty of fruit ami ? ado; |irico $IJ,liou. Call I rout 1U 14 I al W Naaaau (irMt, room No. 8 QEO. SBIDMOBB. A alt N TLB KAN, ABOUT LEAVING THE COUNTRT, will ke'.l hla Kann. of elxly acres, wuh all Ibo atnek and cr p?? rye. c to and paliiipts? o giouml; I'M Delaware ' and Hue Preach rrtrit lw??i, eood bou?e, tiara and other outbut dlngi; ronvvol?at to railtoad depot: twenty luile-i. Longlaiend FVioe f?,OUU _ JOHN FoiUflL. No. 6tS I':ne street, room 18. A SPLENDID KABM AND COCNTBV SliAT OF 1B0 jy. acron on tl?e Rariian rlv>r; tiro fln - ?eti of bnf?dtii,-?, abundance ol fruit land, under ltub; culUvatlon. flue view. Ac ^ t. 8 PITRMUhoN, Iff Nn'nau mrort third Moor. A FARM OF ISO ACKHH OF GOOD LAND FOU SALE lu hultou couniy, I Uijo.b. WlI be *aU at a Mrejt.Uai Bum. AI?o n large mnnfier of Finfia on Long uland, at Vl'rj low prir-ea. W. U. MlTtUKLL, 77 Cadar strML lotn. between UliiUop anU Court streets. Krookiyn, bout* feet wide; >ar!dr^ and ha It frescoed; would l>e sold AwijtoK KtL Aliens, mbcii.inxcs and otjiers vcjbhimg to aecure themiclrea a Hove, your Atteullon ta oxlled to Kliubc'thpert. New Jeritcy; perxons not nam rained can holt and rontrtv real estate In New Jersey, wblcli they can i'iV;dc>'n ^ew ^*u|r'l? lot* for auks at UliKabclbpiirt, al from $aw to SI (1 caoli, on very caai terms of "pay uiant. Apply io J. B COOLKV. nx'?nt. Blt/abelbport, or B. B. KKLloUU, owner, I3? Pearl street, !*. *. ' A LOT ON FIRST PLAOB, BROOKLYN, FOR 8 ALB. between Clinton and Henry aireat- , lot fflJUkHUK feet; also .'4x1333* fset, on Beuond place, between Clinton and Henry street*. B. B. EELLOQU, IS il raarl street, N. V. A CHOICE FABM FOB SALE-OF 105 ACRES 35 miles Irom New York, by New .lertey Central Hall road; hixlily cultivated, choice frt it. 8U0 young beaftng S-ach tree.; convenient house and outbuildluos Call at :>6 outh Fifth street, Williamsburg. Adirondack ibon mountain lands, unkx plored, lu Hamilton coauly, and Timber Lands on both aides en Indian river, near the lake, for sale cheap, at 28 at Marks plaoo. 8. W. l'ALLMADUB. AOOOD CHANCE TO SECURE A LOT -LOTS ON ISUteu Isiaud for sale. Price iiil esch; SIO at the time OT^No'.?N^7?ro$i? BWDU AWy 10 T' W" A OOOD INVESTMENT.? PROPBRTT FOR SALB; 1 oca ted down town, near Chatham street; in excellent orJer and usvlng fifteen per cent on the price a*ke l. Terms wjsr. CAftTJiE A ; UKRTINK. TUird avenue and Twtnlv flf?h street, Bull's Head llaok ouUittaf. OR1CK BUILDING? 40x112. WITH ? LOTS, FOR SALK. LJ tm Brooklvn; has been u-ed for an oil refinery. l>ut is suUttb e for any mannfacturing purpose There Is an auslna and engine housa, an ahundsnt supply of good well water: ? .TUh or wl'hout *11 Is. Apply to II. A. WaTI I- Old slip. BEOOKLTN ? FOR SALS. THE CORNER O^F NINE tee nth street and Firth arenue; two stor\. brlek, with faajxtures, stables, Stc.; cars pass three ferries: street traded, paved, Ac : good business place. !*ri<*e $1,v60; one aif cau remain on bond. Apply oi the luemises. BOOKLYN PROPERTV.? 1(10 ELKHBLK BUILOINO Lots fo? **le. in the ElghteentU uard of the city of Brooklyn. Apply to J. A A. M. si: Y DAM. corner of Ever green avenue anj Magnolia Street. COTTAOB ON 8TATBN ISLAND FOR SALK-A VERT bandooma place, suitable for a gentleman's residence, located oil ihe north xlioie, 6 mlnutea walk from the ferry; neighborhood unexceptionable ; houaa ronatlns uarlor, recep tion ojoiu. Iibrai y, dining room. kiU-hen aud cellar, aud |?ur ctiamtiers; cariiace boui<e and j>tatilo, plenty ol fruit, l oWei-s and shrubbery ; al.o Harden, planted: all lu perfect order. Possi-saion immedlntely if desired Terms accom modating. 1'rlce S '-W1. AlA another plaee at S2. -V)0. Ap ply t>> HENBI A. DaRKI.n, corner of Whitehall aad Slate atyet-. COUNTRY R KS ! OK W< ,K~AJ?h FARM FOB 9ALB ? Forty acres of choir* land, large and modern House, wltb all necessary outbuildinga, atoek and crops; dellffht fu ly situated beureen Summit and Orange, N. J. Also m sp endid pair of black Pooles, haiitfi high. For par* ticulars nqulre at J. Taylor a carriage repository, 66 Codar sir. et opposite the 1'ett slllce. COUNTBV EESIOENOB8 AND FABMS FOR SALE Looated w thin twenlv m le- of thu city. Prlree from $2,009 to SM.0IU each. Apply to PARSONS k WARD, 81 Cedar street. COUNTRY SEA T. OVB RLOUKIN t> THE HUDSON, on SpUyten Duyvll Height*, for sale, or to lei furnbhe<l. Ootb o House. U rooma; l'i acre; carilage bouse. Ac Price $12,9110; rant $1,20.1. Recently repaired. Apply at Si Plue street, coal odco CORNER STORB, aT ELIZABETH PORT, N. J.. FOR sale or to lot? Has water, gas. -helving. Ac., suitable foragrocerv or other bnsineas Apply to J. B. CttflLhT. agent, Bll/abcthport, or E. B. KBLLOOO, 199 Psarf street. New 1 ork. Farm fob sale? in sullivan county, n. y ; 123 acres; good land, 25 cleared and weil fenced; the balance woodland; a new two story ft-ame house, with eel lar; good barn. fln? well ; orchard containing an assortment of choice fruit trees, vis: apple, pear, plum, reach, Ac. . Ac ; sit sied on New York aed Erie Ballroad, 107 mi as from N?< York c.ly. 6 mile* from ahohola depot, and fro* Ha f>? sy Bi 'Ok village, containing schools, ahuruliea terss. Ac Said farm has s front i f half a mile on Bagati pond? a ?p endid sheet of pure water, 3U a< res in extent; good tlsh l? . bunting. Ac. Apply atthe prliulns oOlcoof D. McADAM, ili Eighth arenue. near Thirty first street. Farms and country seats fob sale.-a modern House, tarn and twenty acres, at Orange. N. J ; $10.flw> A House, 25x40. with barn aad thirty acres, .n the town of Yonkers; $S Ot). A large Hnuie, barn and eleven aeree, at Tarr town: $14,000. A neat Dwelling, barn snd about two acree, near Klngabridge. In Westchester county: $I0.0"0. U. A>KI?ftAM.Vl Pine street baaemont. Foe sale-on ekboen hill, one or two Dwelling Housa* on Academy street, one block from home rail nod. Terms easy. Inquire of .? AMES DO RAN, corner of Academy street and Palisade avenue FOE SALE? THE BLEOANT THBEH STOBY IIIOH Stoop brisk House No. sr. We?t Forty fifth sti??t. In perfect order; 30 feei front bv half the block. Price $16 WW. ??' c?h No mortgage Apply on the premise*, or to J. A. PAOB rtt Broadway. Poasaa-ioa immediately. FOB BAbE-YERY LOW, A PLEASANT OOUNTRT Seat of Farm, srith good buddings, at Oyster Bay.-Lonr Island. Addre.s Wm. Knight, Oyster Bay, L I. JjpOR SALB-A HOUSE AND LOT SITUATED ON THK r northerly side of 13M aireet. :'50 feet esaterli from Second avenue. Vtpp v to LEWIS MATHEWS, Eiecutor of the estate of Susan Degraw, deceased. 182 Klghth avenue, eorner of Eighteenth ?lreet. If not sold before the 1 5th day or Jane Inst., It will be aeld on that day at auction. rOB SALE? A NEW HOUSE. WITH TEN BOOMS, attic and cellar. In etoeilcnt order; grouud ISO feet bv 100. c ntalning 40 cho ce fruit treee. two line grape arbors flower and vegetable garden, barn, hennery and good weli of water; within tea mlnutea' walk of steamboat landings P*l?nrtiC''l?r? epply on the premUes, to ALEXANDER BURNtt Mechanio- avenue. Port E chmoad. Suten island OB 8 ALB? AN_ 1 M P BO VR D FABM OF NINETY aerea. with half a mile of water front, leas Hum twenty miles from New York, on south aide ot Look Island; stock and Implements; trows In For partteu'ars apply to TH08 M. FBAwELlH. 54 William Street, oorner of Finn. ITOB 8AJ.E-AT MOUNT KMCO. WESTCIIBSTBE * coun^f, about 36 mile* from Eew Ynrk. oa Harlem BsilromT; four mlnutea walk from atatloo, a vary desirable Residence, beautifully located, with about three acree choloe land; house .ItaSS. with kltcken attached ; good carriage al new and In good order: choice variety of nrult, gbod ws'er Ac. Apply to B WBldHT, ITS West >tmet ' DtOB SALB? IN HOUSTON STBBET, NBAB BBOAD r way. a lour storj , attic, basement and enb eel Lar brleB lot 10' feet. Apply to THOMAS M FRANK LIN, *4 William street. COR SALB-OBAY-S SWIMMING BATH; IT HAS been thorough Ir rap* rod aad ready fOFImnsedlate aao. luira at Fulton ferry bathe, Brooklyn. |i*OB BALB-AT POUOBKBRPSIB, r A Country Flbae, oontalnlng 12 acraa of eboloe lead an the eouth side, and jast beiond the eltr Hmlte of the e ty of Foughkeepelei the bones la large, two and a half stories hMk; has water. blUlard room, Ac., a plana la front, 75 by ISTeet, aad commands an aiMoslva viaw of the Hud on rtver, Flahhill aad Cat* kill Mountataa. aad the adiscaat eeenery ; the gardens are vtrr productive, the nlaea well etecked with fruit and shad* trees and shnibbefv, aad tha s tables, Ac . new and com modi sue, ? nddltieaal scree f " * ?? * - - ? "* "for for1" street. B >ry; the gnrdens are very productive, the aiaea well ed with rirult and shsde trees and shr lea, Ac. now and rommodioua; ? add land will bo aold with the plsoe If desired. For further par "^Ifw VtV CLIN YO N JONES, Mo. 3$ Phte street. E H. LUDLOW A. CO . No. .1 rlae street, or of HBNBY W. Ill AW, Market street, Pon^koepm, M. t. rOM SALB? VILLA IITM, ON THE NBA SKOBE, $H nnd 4 W aeree, delutMfullr located on tha eouth eldao^ btatea I alas it, near Kiting- itls Ballroul depot, ffont la? oa tha lower bay. bathing. Sakleg, yachiMLy at tha door. Maps and partltulars at oBoa of A. JO0ENEAY. No. 8 Fine straet, CB SALB LOW? A NBW HOUBB AND TWO AGBES ar land, finely laid out; garden ntaatad; aaw fence, and beanery ftmllon (.W nslautee) from from Maw York via Brie Bailway. 12 trains each way dally, 0. BLAKISTON, SA Waahtagton street. IJPOB SALB OB TO BXCMANOB-FOB A SMALL FABM r or Beeldeaoe, near the city, the brawn stone Heuoe 1 48 fcet Thirty -third street; posoeesioa immediately. Apply oa fta preesiaae. IFOR SALB OB TO LBT-WITB IMMBDlATB POS?IJ? r stoa, the tbrea story brown atona House, with all tha medera Improvsiwoats, freeoeod aad la aerfect order, it# Best Thirty fifth atroel Ihquiia of ? fT ADAMS, Mr /. FANOBUEN, Mo. $ Flaa St real 1POB SALB OB TO LBT-fN HUDSON OTTY, N. J , A . fins' - ? - t t tAW or KK?, nTATI. rrowHBH row balk-with roMuiiiM. ?1 ?lh il . D l4ila?t>in |?c, 4 siory, brown itipae.f 10,000 4v'tliet.. a eilh ??<? . 4 ?torjr nruwu Winn, .. ' 6Mh a?reet, *Mr Br.*.* war. S nor br.ck, . I2.?kW Stb at.. n ftUi eve. 4 (too bru* u atoue ft) 6t 2x\Kt 22. 1" h ere.. ue?r l.th St.. 4 alory brown ai m* 2AvMi lift 4Z.O0 tKk hlrwl. nf?. 21 ??rDuB. 4 ?lor brie* . "A>* tHil* i) K.fcjO S7ta Mmr 7th Menu*. S taory b'cg. I? H*60a#S.?.. 6.80' O A. kIriSAM.au rill* street. basement NBAT. 8* ALL NEW COTTAOB* IN BROOKLYN l?i haIc uu t ? ini?t 9AAy tar mi, very pleasant Iocs Hop. I'll.n B 'HIIJ for small a ngle fa m I Mas Apil? W U. R. KLBTOHKR, corner of Fourth ifftuua and 8cv^ii(muIa street. near the bouses or SOUTHWICK A WOOD. 18 Plia virael. Rock oocinty, wihoonhTn, land* *or balr B* auttioa ? V> ul t ? m>'4 by public auction, uu I'liural.y the --Jd dar Of ,Iuu? uoxt n ti.e eilr of .Tune-tvlUe, Roc* ro inly, WUnnniiti. thlru elftlat una 're l and tarty (?t,S4?i aorra of the llue.t agricultural JLauda In il.e but.-. Tlioy arc* aatueted abo it l^n mill ? liuui i*up*>'I .r. a'ul art o n n / lha fllla.a of hiatrl la. ?M thr lit on and Maiibiw Ui' rued runuiug throuau ncu ami the Muwaukw mi I south rrn Wl-u-onnu ituiiroad on their b -rder, 'and am composed of aW).:t an e ,u*l >jiiaiut of henry limber anil puire. l h iy mi' re wine led fo? the r pre i?nt owner for inve tinent nearly tbKtv years a -o, aeth-- b -nl (anile In all re* *Ltn la Roca'eountv, and ihiM-ouiily. it l? wuli known, u On n*r deltof Wiacon n 1' .ry will b? M> d lu faru> paioels and the ptircliase moiier, lpas tivenljr or twenty -live per ceul whlrh uu. mi be f?>l lu taati. may remain uti mori ate at murn per oeiit Interest Isaev-unr ten ream evcepUng tlmiwr i iin, wiiieh niiiHt l>.< told for caeli. There w.U in; Bold at the .nam time and pl?< noil in tlx- itmt inauuer, but w'u >lly for rath, tweu' two Itundrfll (2.?m) kttm of pfun* l<?nU? in Ukr^hou oiuDty, uear thp town nl' VVauaau, ?ntovUrd about eit'il ?"*' ? ? o. a mori; eligible ofipnrtiiult for farmearato a >?iie mail .V?)mbi?* faroia or for the Inveaunnit of eapltltl VowUl uol be o.Tared. Kot /urthor p?rl cujara up ul*. pertona ly or by letn r. to Mr DA IVfOlt. Phenti Kann, Wall (least. New Vork, who will he In .laneiriile Ian daja before lite ?4le Ukca |>la i>: to J. K. I'EaSK. K?h? o-.un Bi>ll r.?t lnw, .faneivlUr or to Mr JOHN HOWK, on the prop^rtf, Mfoatviil*. milK FOU.OWINO HOUSES AKE VOR SALE? WITH X ImmadlitH u? ae ? on 2 th *t.,l?i > ' ? > til ?f. ? Tliree ?toHe-. 2Tt?5.'i feel. 21! I at , *ear It. '?rlway? Kura lair .* and p etant llonaa. 2Jd t., ti<*iu' >.<?UI vn oua Ow>t>npeii()r Uoiuae, with tt wiUiont the Kiit nllure. 25lti st., near Frtb av ? neKul fUl Hi. ii e wilh auM?. J.'il ?l, iiattr I* l ib ar ? Paur atoriea. ??6l>foat t 11 LUDLOW 4 CO.. N . aftueati-ecl. rno SPHCULATOttS.? A KAU.il OK 9W ACRKS. IS< I Hi Ip from Nrw York; can be all out up in < itr lols: liirri: rirllrond ilep m* on the farm. Apply to 0. W. KKAH N It 1, 216 Waali lugtan at i eat. Two bOTH Wanted? to purohasr ob lbahk i t>etweeii WooKler atreel aim tliu Muwr.. Adilrim* autlac price and location, (loloka A Knee.and. Herald oftice* VAJ-UABIiB I' ItOfEBTY FOR SALE-AIL OYSTU4 HA , ItOni: fd and, ruiiniatinii uf 2^ acre' oPlaoil. with uood iImc line l otine. nru i y now; gnat mill, arnraad pti.n. Inr mi I; ?!>"> wlmrl. on wli rli n, a gooil br.t'k alien, .mU about two liun lr?d feel ?1 tlied room, enniaiu ni! ? suwk- of tamber; now do ngag.'Od ouitti bnaineai For further par titulars inquire ot W A. 'lUoKKR, 91 Unambera hlreot. VA'-UABLB WATER POWKB ANJ) BOILDINOS FOR T aala aUW. 2K houra from New York city 7 wraa uf good l.amt ; tlie biilldluM la 1 (III 10, andHur ^lortei hl;h; wltli.tha capaMt/ of 2W hnrne power, uover falllt.i; w :tor powar. ?t??ri?l dr.' n< liotneit. barna. ?bed?. and other bulldinga; 0|?raHve< in the Immediate ueiahboihood for any buatDeaa; ohurohea, acboula aca<lemle>. tt. ' ailuaied la , t lie oountjr of Oianie, N. Y. Will be sold on very favocublo U'.'iaa, Ad lre-a N. it. Beede, Nawbury, Orange Ouiinly, N. Y., or 102 Water atrial. WEST0HK8TBR CODNTT -FOR 8ALB, III THB b?*utiful and growing villan?"f Waat Mount Vernon, asubNtanilal Houae. near lh>- il put ou thu Harlem Railroad, 60 inlnute* from New Ynrk; house (1.1x80. with wing 44*14; llirsa Cvtlagca lu rear, suitable tor boarding : chooT. liotel, Ktor# or f>r private family: half acre of zoOd garden, find fruit, aorlnA Ao 'llie vihola In :'?d or (Mr Title perfect. PuMeaaion niiraeillately. Terma c.'iiy. Price $t 00t>. In qalrc o' Mr. EDIV AltDS Ticket Airent. Weal Mount Varooa ?tattoo. Fire train uu tiunda; each way. WANTBD-BT THB SrBSORTBERS. FIVE BMALL Farms, wi'hin fifty ml 'ea ol ihe cit~ ol New York, no?r mltroad or Hteambnat eomiiiiiai'-allon. Also six Houses and IiOta In eligible siluatlona in New York. Brooklyn or Wi llamaburg, iur wli oh fair prices will be given. Apulr la or address J. H. SCHUL7! & Co.. real estate agents aud bro kers. No. * New Chambers street, Nnw York. $1 00 WII L BlTf A BUILDINO LOT. WORTH $_t?, JrA"" 0,1 """ avenue In the ?i lage of Wlni eld. L {j ^I'l'l/ to JOHN II. MORRI 8 k CO., 172 Centre stree', OA/1 PROFITABLE FARMS, COUNTRY SBAT8, VIL Li\ IH lace Remdenoea, In erer- loc:iti n and at . le. price, fruit asd <iua'itv; ?v?"-r rr .ntaau 1 privileges on rallroadit; Wahteni Karma and Lands, new buildings, ft to $10 per acre; owner* ami. us to -ell. WALTER W. WETMORF.. 36 Pine street. a?9 r/W|wTlX BPY A NEW TWO AND A HALF story frame House, with basement, cellar ami two story addition, on four lots of ground, well laid out wlb fruit tree* "nd nil rubs, situated in Wreemield. < u the Coney la and plank road. Inquire of ?. IIONSI.OW. Me chanics' Buildings, Montague street, near Court, -ttronklyn. VOR NALR. A RESTAURANT AND BARROOM FOR StLR cheap, in the ha t location m Ihlscltv. A!n?a llakery, doing * biiHinrsanf J > barrel- per woek Also Hole, a, coi. nvr Liquor Store*, Groceries. Meat Maiiet? Ac W. II. MTTCHRLL, 77 Cedar street. Bakery for sale? with fixtures: now no ing a good hu ttieva; atiafactirv reumi.< u von fur i-ellnt; Apply Immediately at 14 Downing itreel, la the liquoi ftore. Bakehv ani> confectionery.- for sale, a hr-l cla*? ltaier , Confectionery ?ad Ica Cre.un S*. loon doing a goo<i bualneaa; ting Ir- n e-t:\blt<!iel for live yeat*. Applv at STEER'S, Fulton avenue. near Claaaon avenue, Brooklyn. No agonta need apply. / Hi AL TARO FOR IIAI.1t Utt TO IjF.T ? A FINK VARI?, V doing a Rood hnenwa. lane establiahed. with lloraes, Carta, Scalra, .%?. Inquire at No. 5 Ttlnlty Building. POPPER KBTTLB OF 1,000 GALLONS CAPACITY V ) for sale, cheap. Alan nun large and valuable Faint Mill. Apply to II. A. WABBKN. U OKI alip. RUG STORB FOR 8ALE-FfNKLV LOCATED, COM P'eiely fitted up. well atocked atnl doing a rood bust nea pr r? $4.(10(1 raah. For ueriieiilais Inquire or GEO. O. ? IDOES, ? ? ' " D BRIDGES, M William street, N. Y. DRUO RTORR FOR SALE-BEAI'TIFt'LLT LOCAT ?d, oomplutel . fitted up, well mocked and do ng a good ba.inesa. 1'mnlae* can be eased or purchased. A rare op. |M>r:umtv. Inquire to Tli.rd avenue, near 120th street, oppo kU>' Haclea park. DRUO STORK IN BROOKLYN FOR SALE.? IS FULLY nocked. and doea an eicellcnt bunluena. the average sales be: tig from $1.1 to (10 a day. Addreaa J. M. 8., Herald office. OR hALB-A DININO ROOM, WITH BAR AND abu'it fifty Lodging Rooms attached, in the Ijtrer part of tbe city and doing a good trade. CHARLES P. BUCKLEY, S9 Nas?ati street. F FnBStLE-A DESIRABLE, I.AROR AND OLD ES tabllalted Grocery Bturtne.s. aitnatcd in one of Uid lament Weaiern ultlea. It haa been eajsMIUcd over twenty yaara, ib doing a very eitenatve and aatisfactnry trade. Iieing done eicluelvely for eaab. For one or two energetic veung men who wlah to go into a bo?lness already made, thta ta an onnortunltv ?eTrtoin offered For particulars apple to BARcLaT A LIVINGSTON. Bearer atreet. New York. PUR H A LC.?S LOO P JOHN COCK. 110 TONS Bl'R then. Can be aeen br calling on the owner, J AMES, tit Eaat Thirty-third atreet POR SAL E? FOUR MARBLE TOP IABLRB, 8 PERT -bv i , coat $40; will be (old cheap. luqulre at 291 Broadway, upitaira. F'UK SALE? A FRUIT, CONFECTIONERY AND ICE Cream Roamae: beat amine in Bronklvn; rumns fur a family : rent reasonable; bualneae lout; established. Call at 226 Fallon aveaita, Uruuklyu. ? tlOB SW.E-TME GOOD WILL, one VBtiTS LH tsP, r Stock ami Kl it urea ef the grocery and li'jnor store lOi Ce-lar atreet. Fine ale and coal vault*; * good stand to nisketnoaev. Nineteen fhmlliea lirlug ill the building. Sat iaia :ery reaaoaa given for ~ci ing. H'OR 9 ALB? A SMALL LOT OF DEANS SWEET Corn, in papers, by J. Mc'COLLICK M CO., Waah Inil'ia ttreel. JflOR HALE? THE LEASE. STOCK AND FIXTURES 1 of one of the beat Dry Cooda Store* in the city; the pre ?*nt proprietor retires oa account of fll health ; capital re qn p'il from <12,01X1 to |li Ui4). Kurtlier loloimaUoa given S's addreumg X. Y Z Herald office^ liM>R SALE? THE STOCK ADD FIXTURES OK THB T Furalah ng Store No 11 Park row, or the Store to let and Fixtnraa tor aale. Apply aa aboveu L'Olt SALE -FOOT LATHES, TOOLS AND COUNTERS, r Apply at 107 Tenth avenue. FlOR KALE-AN EIGHT H0B8B ENGINE, WITH Twelve Uorae Boiler, all in good order. Apply at S3 Join atri-et. KiOR 8 ALB? THB STOCK. P1XTURRB, AC., OF A r flrat o'a-a Sa.ldlenr and Uarnesa atand. sttuaieil on the New York and Mew Haten Railroad. milea rrom New York; bu^Jaeaa lncreaaing and > erv pro J table , no r.mioat tton ot ani- kind In the neighborhood. Apply to urataiena R ft . hMIKI EN, I'ort cheater, N Y. b'OK SALR-THB LEAS 8 AND FURNITURE OP A Hotel, wlthla 15 miantea' of the Poat -.(lice. In thorough repair, with ail modern hnprovementa; satisfactory reasons for selling; the houee la fiUlaf bonliMas. Addreaa N. T., Herald offlce. 1-t OR SALE? THB MACHINERY OP A FIRST CLASS 1 tloerlng mSI, ceasistlng of three rans of Stone, Smut Machloe. Baits, Jkr.. a t'oti Cruaher, all m gaodoidar with the shafung aad Gearing. Sold In consequence of a obaaga of tut* neaa. Also owe fortv hi rae power Strain Englue. nearly new aad In parfect order; four Breast Wheels, aooul e giit feet la diaaeter. and two iron Turbine Wheele one about forty, the other ten hor-e power. AppW te tlie MSI Klver Woollen Manuracturlng Compan , Stamford, t ona. Fob ralb^an oybtrb and dining saloon, with a Bar attached, and doing a good hnaiaeea. with three veara' Waae; will be dliposod of at a moderate prtoe iBquIre at 143 Themfiaoa street, aaar 1'rlndk. YTH>R SALE-AN OLD BSBABLISVBD MBAT MAR. f kst. will be sold oheap. aa tae owaer w shea to go ia the country. Far partleulara inquire ef WM. A. CAMP, 10R SALE? A HORIZONTAL RNGINB. V) INCH stroke, frame 17 R. Ac at! iL et by S raet two Bollera, i. aearh aew Addreaa hoi 6,U? Past eOkce For sale-^onlt a small capital bbbdbd at a great aacrliee, one of tbe beat pay I as Bars aad KeMaaraota la the ettf. altuatad appoa te o aeef the mala entrances of the Central Park, earaar of Fifty aiath atreet aad sigMh avaaue. Apply al Caloa OailePy, mi Caaal street. BVeryreaeoa given roraal'lag. F~ OR BALB-A LA ROB LOT OP BBCOND HAND BELT log, a face Lathe for bar lag m4 lurnag whrelaand paUey* lat Shafung, *o. Apply 1a the foaadry office, S? Oreaaa atreet. For balb? two rbctipyino tobb, *oo oalix>nb each, aad twa large Caaka, M gailena aaah , aB te laed order. App y al 77 J a?aa street. ________ r^OB SALB-ON BBOADWAT, LBABB (BOB SO MB IJIOR SALB CHBAP-A SUPBRIOR MAMMOTH D Cal*ra : alea aatne helf aad faartev at aa Ta?trnrtioa* la rhi'iocraph . on low teraia, for lad*aa aad saallaiaa. hr Iionr to . with arm *1 .ear*' ?ipariaa<<?. Applr at Im Gam ga ?t? W B-oadwa# , rua iaue. L'O* sale or to lbvC-a' shall soap FA<rronr X with all the utensils aad htturus, ?t<-aui holler la |T??d .W**T"r- A'" trade of the business. Apply ?< IH K?*t tarl) 4ftit Urni _____ MACHINISTS' TOOLS KOI SAl.R? TIIKEB FIVE foot PUUii-re, Km lue Letlies. Ito lr.-t by ZJ inches, and ny.S? m Nn, 3 li eke' Power Pitni-b end Bh>-ars; Aktfaf Visas iitnif Anvils and otuer supplies ?mi? far WoM 4 Maun'* Portable Kb iaea. IIOAU A HAMPflON.tM Hat Aon lane Nl Wmai'kk hob SaLB.-THE L N UKKHIUN * D Proprietors of the HaLTIUORK nOl.f AND WEEKLY CLITPK.it demrnna to retire from (be arduous Autiai of conducting a Dally Taper, are will n< ' i sell the KVHKK NKW8PAPKR Kffl AIII.ISiIM F ST The Material couwusof am. tmb usm isiT?j- f ctrrting on aad pul'l ehtni! a OaiU and Weekly Newsi aper. c mist intf ul aaplendld laat DOUBLE t'TLINUHR HOK I'itRSH. Capable of printing S,6<*i *he?'U per hour, together wtlb a -iimlo r Under FAST TAYLOR PIIKBS AH IB ?nod order, Hteam Kn^ns. two Bnl'i ra Ac. The BALTIMORK CLIPPER w-? cstal* l-he I in l*W, nearl l>. eaivdie year* a^o. by the iindrrsloi.id-la a ti H?'ilar I'KOri r'* r<r*n, lias il?a * hf'en consldeied tie (li Inn paper of Ha taore, and In cnergi-t^i bauds cau be u 'df one of the l*?dlni? Newsospers o Hie Ktntr. TUo particular aiteutivn i?f the Nations' i osvenlloni for the nuniluAtma ol fie ciiu ii Intel lor Pi enuli ut and Vlee Tree de'lt ol the u otted to be held In M-'ttm >re nevl mouth, is must reaped- iiiW < .illad 10 ft is a?lvertiaemS'ii. Kstisfau'ory ret*on? will be glveu ?for wmUiog to dispose of Un- p?i>er. Application can In made in u?rwn or b? letter. Addisss Bl'LL A TIMTLB, Oil poor <>!tie?, No. 131 Baltimore street. Patent Kir ?i r.?ro* balk. state imuht for a valtuaMe patent re?.nilj introduce. Apply to M , 4'JS Broadway. Patent for sals-tub article op universal m-ucssliy end demand, very chenplr tot up .inditr fording e*?V?m?K lor|r? profits, or will lab. pai U^Fur Mar^n In a e Jtu |iAny jy^n*u^i totii re A WOOD, 18 Pine street. PRUSS KOR OALR ?A. LA Hi IK. DOUIiLB HI'RKW PreKh. amiable lor Any huaiueaa reuu riug biavy pro ? tare, At 17 Cedar afreet, up atalra. PUOTOQRAriJlC ROOMH FOR HALE? IK tVI.M STB f>, r C'inn., flteed lr|* In Ike l>eet etyle and doing a good bu?lnt?? Thnse wiih'aj to pnrn'iain wnul 1 do welt to ap ply iianieaiAtely. lonuu r at tbe Otarke Houso. RARB OPTORTL'Jf ITf TO RIDING MASTBR^, LIVTS ?v (tabl*Ke?peM atufolhera.? fur aale, tlie Len-e und (iood will nl a flrnt rlau LI veer ?n4 Kill Hit firhul aitunled In ottf <>i Ih". tin ef oltlo-. of Uaaatia. held on a lonu lUM at t'te love i ent of $J1U per anjum. Xi.e pieniiaea ciwiiti i of a Rmall. hotel with liandcomi'ly fltqd U?> . klubUun for -t hor^nf. Mini loo>e Iioxbm; i , dn~iru CiArrl'.ge ilieun. au.l pii 0 IIUII Ridin't ofliool; the e^fii'fc fltt"d np ID t)l* tnoV <?.??? " " ' ' it* bnelneMA al ucmt vwnio". ;<rrnurn?. tlami'M rtadiiieiL. *?., ikm being ?? boua title cwauei u, evAr/ opportunity will lie a lur^eil lu |.ro.u t(i? ^enuliiniMi?i> of tlie biiHinew To i artlen laving the means la'nout ' I Canada i urreno ). and Ufniriiat of fii vesting in Canadn, for rurtlinr partloulare of whleh applies* oti eai?rbe mad i to T. A. tOWLKR. K?q , lit Broadway, B*ciiaag? Salesroom, NewVort. ..iilete pinuner, and doing ^ >1 ^1qrk.oofii| ri**< 12 Ilor p .. Cm ?ntl'lijtbft heel cond.tiou. ik IPO 'WATCIIM A KERH AM) .tEWHLLKR^.? FOR KALK, X an u d entalihi-heil buaine.<i. in a good IocaUou, ektab llslici uvei 16 ynars; doing a good cash trade; ?(<*?* And Vixtiirea; |1,MW. M DOltlN, ; S5 avenue O, near Tooth street. moR accon ts rs, atvbntion.? kok sauk. onk or I Kogern' Cutting Ihirbiaea, la complete orlsr. Cau bo run by band or a team power. Apply at 2U? and 209 A nler streot. NISCBI.LANBDOS. Airll'ICIAL HCMAM BTBS MADE TO ORDBR AND inai-rlnd hy Ore. T. RAUCH and P. OOIIOKLM A SH, (foisieily employed by Botaaonnenu, of Parts), a I. Willi road - war, N. *. AI IRM IN QLASiJOW. HAVING A. CONWKCTION among wholeMa'e provia on raBrchants. *ih Ioih;ij. t ale with a New Torlc bouas for ounslgumenls of ppoduee. Kirat oUaa rererencea. App! to N. ? Co., care of Ueorge Maclarlann. Bsq.. C. A., lilaagew, Scotland ANY PERSON HAVING A COW IN THE NEIGHBOR, huo l or Murray llill, ami who wnu'il lie willing to aup Ply two qiinrw of M.Ik dally for children, ran bear of a liberal ouaiouu r by a id ream 114 R. P. C., box 1*0 Herald oflloe. \H IMPROVED PORTARI.B BLRCTT RTC1 AL APPA ratim. fur profenaional ami private u^e, with ftHl In atrucUon-i. einl>ra<-iuii the lateat discover e- In tbia import, ant branch of tu? beatintf art, by en eipnrienced practi tioner. Cures gitarnnleail. Address hot W* Post o.lioe. N. V. BLOOKAOl Rl'NNKRK.? .TOfllf WHYTE'S IS THR place where the byat variety of French, Knaliab Scotch end Ir eh blockade runner Hoot- and Shoe* can In- found in Ibc United StMtei. 31 Montgomery street, Jeriev City. C10RBLKR STRAWS.? PARTIES HAVING FOR SAM > atratra suitable for hotel or saloon me may And a Errheser for a Urge quantity by eddreaalng W. b. B., ?re d ollice. DIVOIUJK.? HAVING M ADR THIS A SPECIAL atii Jr du>iag ninny yeara' practice, the undersigned hold* private consultations on the subject, either personally ?r Uy letier. F. I. KINO. Counsellor at Lew, .1*5 Broadway. D1VOKCK MUTiCS.? TUB UNDBKSIONED WILL ?t;i rt <>n the Oth In t. for Indianapolis, Ind am. Cl'enis Inteiested in ceeee there pending wl ? cnll before raid date. V. I. KINO, S3J Broadway. DIXORCRS LFOALLY PBOOITRRD FOR PERSOWB fmnian. State or co.intr\ , without publicity ar ehantta of realilence. taeampatlbtlttv, deaeruon, non support drunkrnnc.a*. Ac.. auU-ient eauae Suocesa uunranleed Advice free and cnnlluentlal. Apply to It. BaTKMAN Counaellor at Law, 37 Nassau atreei , opposite the i'oat ofllce |i>t'ER AND A QUE. -DA NAM*** TEORTABLB r Km er Powders, tbe oaly certain, safe and apeedgreure for chills, farrr and ague, and bllioua ferere. The Dio.t ma ligna nt cases permanently cared. Apply at the oflloe of tbe proprietor, 'JJ'J Broadway, room Id IMMRRSB PRIORS PAID FOB OLD BOORS -8 <**1 standard Works. In half calf, half the retail prloe; I0,'<C0 orkeen Chem'str.-. Steam Rnrhie. Ae., aheap, LEOUAT A BROTHERS, 119 Raa?au street near Beekatu, Manhood and tub yigob of tooth hrstorrd Id four weeks by Dr. RJCORD'S Eoaeuc* of Life. Thla wonderful agent will reat-ire mahond to Ilia meal skat te.red eonstltaPoea. whether arlainf from sxrasses, self abiue. the ellecM nf ellmate or natural eanana The "me required to cure tbe meal Inreterate caae la f?ir weeka Failure |s Impooolbte. Dr. Blcnrd'e Eeaenoe ef Lift la aoid In eaaea, with lastrustloos fir nee, for U, or four ^oantldea la one fort). Shot, carefully packed, on receipt of reinlt tan-e by hie aceredlted weal. Circular sent free on receipt of four tt'ampa. PHILIP ROLARD, 1*0.447 Broome street. Mew fork, one door west ef Broadway. MARtBLK MANTELS -A FIMB 8RLBCTION OK MAB ble Mantms on hand, and offered cbaai>er than any. where else, at S. KLA BEE'S Marble Yard. M First avenue, near Third street, New York. Call aad examine for your self. M MARBLE MANTRLS. ? THR BEST PLACE IN THB I citv to purchase cheap aad well gnlehe 1 Msatels Is at A KLABRR'S Mantel Manufactory. 10# East Eighteenth streot, near Third areaue. Now Tori. Cut this out. XTOYEf DUFF ATX) BILL FUBNISHIRfl RRTABMSH 1* ircnt ? Mill Stones end Mill Machinery ; Turbine Water Wheels, of the most approved pattern, made entire I* of kni; portable Flouring aad Floatation MIHs. Tha Brooklyn Citt Mill, of Riuitli A Jewell, waa furufkhed eutire fiom t i> Is eatalfUalnneut. For Information or catalogues address J no. T. Noye, Buffa'o, K. T. Remnants of cotton dock, from onr to IX yards leng and .Id to tt Inches wide, suitable for havet sacks, trunk cov?rs. nose bats, shelter tents, Ac. for ?ale cheap l.jr WHITR, 8HBPKIKLD A CO.. <3 end tiS BeeK-aau elroet OPANISR OLIVBS.? JUST RE < "RIVED. FROM CADIZ. O another eaak Of lho?o splendid Queen's Ml res. BK.N.I V. MOISE. Importer and Dealer la Wines, Teae an t Pamllr Stores, ll >1 U roadway, between Beronteenth aad Kigbteonth strena. TlPh MRTAL AND OLD LP. AD WANT* D.-OARH will be paid for a few hundred weight of Type Metal asdold Lend. Apply at ibo deik of tbio oiitce. Tub town th.k. TUL B Ofl OTA BTR4WS, at W IIITK * *10 H eadway m i.-r Xainum ? Muaeura. fpO HOTELS. RALOOBB AND RESTAUR A NTH -THR A a.tb?"rll>er w ill ?.i, |> > I r?m Afty t" fl . e hundred 'tuaria ef puie m Ik da )y. ?? hour from milking, at ait ceui* p< r qu.irt. M' * warrenl??l pure. Address EDWARD IIaV WOOD, 9t^p s'on, H aten Island. rfO sciBMIflC MEM.? GREAT DISCOVEKf.-WllAT A the great Hullon. the Frtuch natorallei, ir>a<lemned. Bvsry kind of sijakc carr . I114 letta an bo aeon at 4t> Thump eon aireet, New York, in tbe baaement. In'iuiro for 1'h.tHH AUDf IN, the French grinder, tne dlacoveier. (1^ ANTED? SIX 1'OWRR BILLS. FBR ORINDINO Vy pamte 4n oil. Addreaa, statlsg fall particulars, box 175 Herald otiioe. WANTEU-A COPPER TARE. ABOUT SIX FEET each *ay; m ilt be tight aad In good ardor. Addreaa box 17S Herald ollioe. ^ dtn LrOB 91 THE IUBSCRIBEB WILL SRND TO ?P^M* an addreaa lea Invaluable recipes f'<r naakln? a for tune. Address Henry B. Carpenter, Clinton atatloa, Hua tar don county, R. J. 7 CENT* PBB POUND PAID FOB OLD ROORS. Newspapers, Ac. Call before yon eell elsewhere, for wo aim continue 10 pay more (as we alwsra hare doae, re ganJIese of adt ertleetnenu) than any other houae In the Sir. MANAIIAN A MILLAB, WholMalo Paper Ware hongs, 10 Bpruce atreeL nnn BBOB, HORB OB LBSR. AMOBTBD CUT Nails wanted? for sbippbg, at a m-derate flguri Addreaa Cut Nat la, Herald oflleo, for retir daya ?ILUNIRT. M ADAM MRNAOB HAS f BB IB'NOB OF ANNOUNO log bar iadr ou-tomere that as u-.ua 1 towards the cloee of the seaeoa. aha has'greetly reduced her prtoea. Her aa; Hirtiraat of Ban nets for summer wear are In tha beet of (V ete and atyle, aad la now complete. Bbe requeata all. w1>? havo not ret made their purrhaeee.r le eaM and examiaa bar steck. Ma Jam MKNAOB, W Flfl* area ne_ N. It ? A few good drees makera caa ind steady a s^ tor ment CtOTHHB. (1HRAF AND FASBIOBABLB CLOTHIRO -OBO. J LRVIR, Alt Broadway. Black Freeke. na? 9<te9W Buaiaeea Coats, ftngllsh aad ether St) lee t to It A. para aad Llaen * to ? Caeeiinera Psate, rarlelf Jto 19 ?eats and Paata to matea Age 14 Foots, variety I to 4 CQPARTRBuiuiP. CIOPARTNRRBHIP ARD Rl'tlNEBB ASflOCIATIORS / foratOrt*? Parties wanting oapltal or buaiaeaa of reputa ble character, where capital or business asrrioes are ra miired, addreaa W W. Wetmora. M Plae streek Ao agency Wasted, where |N.M can be uaad oradraaaed by tba abora UTARTBD-A pabpt wtth asout t'o.on? ff U take tbe ooatrdllng Interest In aharilw faeturiag eo f?ny. Addrtae be I A,T?Pa?l ?fl whtr* aa tal#t?law ssay be bh4t . IHippnn. For UTiirooL-TiPtoom limb Ship KBAMOI S H 01 TOJIO Ml la ? ? Hlill) HO. IRK * HIKKN alia Wtiip AN I AHOl ll'. ? laJuo# 11 KOR LUNDON-X LINK 8b>p DaMiKI. W Mlhro.it MU liaaH For paettagr to or from the oil or dra'ta ? loweat p?w Me r?tea apply to TAPhCOTr UH*?ruitM ii Co , *> Mouth r' ? ' F?r IhlpplBf ?ad ?'ttarr AdvrrtlMntaU Hca Nlatk and ttaik Cam. lBAVKUKHN' MOilMlBO 1.1*11 r?n PEKKHKILL.-THK A iTkORA l * f ~n : ? v Hire*- t liter dall / (without .nr-i ti?n) at I A. M. , u . ? <1 ? at Thlrt eth -irwt, Vonkera. liaattui- honva terry. B ao*. ting Sing, lUtoritt*. ilra*ay foal M VeipUeclce. Leavea i'oekak.'l at I 111 P H . r~ T ~~ " ? ? nXCHKMIONt. AUKt.K KIIIR W II B EL I' A SS K N i i K K HTKaMHOAT, ?Im> hi. .? ! 1 riieambuata. ivltli nn.v douMa laca. ii .rge^ In ol arb -r t"> eii i ra Also Hldd,e'a end Diidlar'a <ln>rag aid v'? ortJbrnlKf I'oA. N.? p*r-^>n. *r- authorized to leg til" aliern groauda eicent 11 V. UON.NttLL A CO . ao ? fr? pr.eier*, I fJ Kruot eireet. I OB CRK ? M HTBAWM-.ltKV FESTIVALS, HI'NDtY BCHOOb i:xt uk?ionk, *o, mupplikd, a* u.ugl, mill Ire Cn-am. On tu mm', of ti.e In r wl dw maud, urutu aiu ionucaxi.1 a lew <lave in arivnace. M H A LL'h tuaiii leu i ft atu t'o , l.K> Chati am a^iutre. NtV Turk. SI'OKTl*?. IttST IMPORTED FROM KUBOI'E? A KIN K C!(Jb ?I iint on of Hart' Mninti n I .,n "Tea, Quid t?kM, Lia nela, Ifcriiniat and Larks, wli b'i ["Per fur sa> at the alB stand, 16u WaaU.ngtua ..reel, oorut ? of Lih . t> . | II. ivF.ST.NBR. VrA0HT KOR H ILP? ItllILT TWO YK VRH HIN'cK BT ? Mctllnhan, Ol' Joraey Oltjr, 3i. by 1.1, feat, \er-r la4 and Uum U, htm all tin- modern rO'vpii en. ? a, ta.ily maa a ???! >.? una person-, baa larir roomy cabin. ii e?lv littod '.p{ jii-v barn tiimo f<i.tv i a..tl<;d audtt<>* rtail lor a t:riil?e? Aii'tv tn Oapt Wl UI. (a NT S, of tim Plover, o'l' liobotea lloL ia, IlobuLen, wheia tUe ) aciit can be Met. iion^Ks. CAiiRi&ons, ?tc. a A N OPKN COACn. TFiAK OP HOKSBW. WKW HAS. A nesa. Ilajr O'tllter Ac , a') C'unpb'te Pr e* for alt M??t tin Hold, t'a 1 bptnrn ^ o'clock tu tba uioinng at 17 1( Wtlt I'lilrllflli strret, in cxchaDKti ollce. -?FOB PjU.1v. A LEATHHK TOT WAOQB, MAOR b r ??? ?''??'I u Of*, and a atk nf aUvav monnlnd (inrnns*; ?lao ? Orocer'a W ipm. c ?av>. and Ua^ n?*s. | Apply at Zll H'ooatei atrnet. N, U ? .~-Ui;n lo I 't. BL4CK ROUt FOB k/LI:? III < IIAVDH HIUH. ? Otarinld. lon? tnU, very handaotun and ?t>!Uli drwe*. aoui.il and kind ft hrtmi"* and ill ?tary r*?|>eci, can t re* \ .a.- lo tlin'e iiiIiiiiIhh: ran t be auipas'-ed undi r the wad (If. Api'ly t i UKO. W. IIKOWN, Wo. 8 Pme atrert. a.coo4 tioijr. ,, t TTO* UAI.8-AH HAXDOONB A PAIR Of BAT J " iijat' hod Jliiren aa go on CiMitral Park, 14.^ hand* high, n,ii?.| m r v i" r . reapect. Worth SnM liemnan the oariiMr.a ffAUl> Uaa to lbs conutrr. Itxiulre far B. W. SMI I'h "11 Korty-llrnt itri:et, between Madisoa aud Ka irtk. avehiii't. at Klng a ll?e?y "table. ?' * ?' TjlOB SALK-A IIANDDOMB KBTaBLISHMRNT FOB r a . o' n4 grutlenian. Hnrea, Wagoa and Harneea. alas l.ad 'a tujd lieuUeinan a Saddle* and Hrldlea; aJeo a a?t of D.'iible liarnesa Horse can Cmt la !'!?>. Can be aeen a* Kelly'* 1 1 ?er> aiable. 18 Welt Yhlrteeatk atreet. tetaaw Fn tli and Bixth aveuuea. sat.b-vbbt stylish pour and six sea* huetona, al ocoaI tiox Wacona, a.uaro boi toil and ae Call at WIKOBb i if?L top Whcoii*, Hccond hand Biit>gi?n. (Jal CAKKt 'S, Sti West Twenty-foiirtti treet. L>OB SALB? A HOBSK, H VKAHS OLD, LlllllT WA P gun, no top, and Haineaa; price fluU. Inquire at nf Frmnklio atreat. near W.-at. Ij-'OB 3AI.R-A DOITBLB BOOKAWAY OARRIAOB. r (nkiab <c for ivlDter or aummnr. city or country i al a a light Tioltlim Wagou; wl I be ?old l'>w for waul of uaa. Ap> ply at Horn-.' ataulea, 1 18 Clinton plaoe. Fobs a lk cheap? a hplbndid pair op black I'onlea. 1(^4 handa high, faat anil atyllah drlrera Pea partlou ar Iti'iuire at Taylor a carnage rnpo.itor/, 6<> Cedar atieet, opiioaitethe Poat otlloe TAROK A8HORTMKNT O!'' MEW AND SECOND HABB J ('nrriagea. Park f haetnna, fnor and ?l? ?eai )>epa( Vf?;tini, lout aod alx neat Reckawaya. Doctura' I'liaetent, Jiiinp Scat*, alnltlnj; top Wagona. Harneaa, Sc. TAYLOB, CioCmlar atreet, 0|ipi>aitc the I'o-t oillca. c ADDLE AND HBIDLE.? FOR MALE. A FIRST CLAM t? Seville and Bridle. In goo I order, at alowprtee; alaa Mare, Wagon and Haroeax. lira' claa?. ClIAH K MILLS, 31 Cedar street. WANTKD? A OOOD TOP WAOON, BH1FTIN0 TO^ one tlmt liaa been very little uaed. Addreaa box 1,M Ke?? ?urk Poat olllce. atatlng pnee. JIIJLITART AND NAVAL. A? TWO BltBMTITUTKS WANTP.D-TO TABETTTB . p ticea nf two tvraona drafted out of the eitr. A fata iirli e p ud N. II - Only good, aound men need a^ply a4 SU Wno?iter t., in Ike Itrery atable. CrBSTITtrTES -TIIBP.R MK.il (FOREIQNKRR) WILfc O go ua fi?lwt nitea tor a fa r pi tea. App'r In-day M Army and B irr otlicea or H. A S1M0B50N, 82 White at, ni"ar llrntdiray AHP marine artil iw.i 7 7^1, men wanted - now do n:; carrteaa 'i 4 .,0h ubi;.4:rai ? ^llutf"Pn aTn2^an.",ilS" PA"L *tt4 B^UNT' ^ ^ " ? Chalham AAVAIi FBIZB BURKT, AC. _ All pbizb honbf kow payable can bb obtaxnkb AT OBOE B* APPLYtBO, IB PEBSON OR BY LKtTr.K. TO , Waldbn a willabd. latb u a naFt. 188 YORK 8TBEKT. BBOoKLTB. BOUBTf BS. BACK PAY end all other elalma ADJCSTBO WITHOUT DBLAJ^ T7LLA WARLKF FOB 8ABTIAOO DB Ct'BA. LAD* JL Maria for Itr floto, Leda for Seminole, Naaaaa fer t nfUeorgia aad Vlcuirla. Prlre rauaey arnr ready. Ai to W ACDEN a WILLABD. 188 Y art atreet, Brooklyn. bUt* PPIZE MONET FOR THE KLLA WABLBY, CAF tured by the ?anlla?a ua Cake, aad fer erery * eaaal now payable eoliaotad at mn by MAHC'BL M. CLAAAbTm Pine atreet. New York. ?1 fVA BOUNTY COLLBCTBD FOB HOLOIBBB charged lo omae^ncnee of wounda. Back C'|. nna, and all mltilar. a?l na*al elalma enlleeii MUKL B. CLABKB. 34 1'ine atreet. Mew York city. HATRIHOH1 Al* AYOlWc. OKNILBviAJt IN ALL RESPECTS FAVOE. ably alluaied u llf vwma llfb la common y e*ll?*led. but hlill wanting the e?a*nitfcl ei?>n?ul >.f happiaeaa; or pre P' ea-iaiag api>eaiance and ntaanera eleraud alma, aad. ha triiata. no ordinary capabltltiea and attainment., Independ ent In thooaht aad actlea; en arged. liberal ad cl<aritoble In riewa; to whom all modee (if lieaoy atile) are a'ike. ao they achieve the dee red eaai deapta ug tba narrow bigurt and n>n?eatloaallt'aa ef aoc tty wUtch, by In'.erpoaiac barrirra te the fita Intercourse af the aeiea and thue llmtuag oar ebe o?e, coudema aaultltudee of evea the moat favored to Urea eC er'.lbacy and miwry ; regarding ibe world aa hla matrlnt*. a . I liefd, and bellevtni that It o?ntetna anmewhera the eoa. genial "pirlt? the 'bright particular ?.tar' ? the light blei boae bleeeed preeenre and tweet tnfluenee hl> c-iilUnea, evlenaive a- contracted .oul. woeld onieidat them, have ehnt htm out frnm; adnpta thla aa at It ml. aa the unl> one nuea to htui, of testing the r? altty ef hla faith nod hope. He ina.e. worlA ly adrantagea (be end un<|iM>etlonable reapertabg'ty) no rondJtlen, but none who. to an agreeable pereon. etprae al?e race, and eotcaglnc uiannera? In ahort. aa attract: tout enaemble et taraall i ? do oat unite brain, and head (the latter o.ueda 1 r > or nnmrnmon order, nec4 rrpl-j aad none anch. hn? Wr kiifb their poa tlona nee.l rear to do aok fur t .elr lncoaal<oe wnl oi raw e remain in iheir owa keeping ahould aAt A onrre.pnndence lead Hualnteaoa, In whiea aaae the world will bo nana tli.- wl ?er aa to the meana. He la no wife eeekee oa eaey terma; he tntenda tki. fur no hu.l.an l ^-ker. <4 the aaiae elaae. bataaly tor thoae wbn. w m reaenroea ef ao I and wealth ?( atr. t un greater than ihelt on?i innlHee, hiwever rreal, nan. jat lea.t la aa e*ceptiatial caaa. aa thu elalma to be), rlae abaea the prejudice nf mode and tyranny or ciuiom, in the aeach fnr happln??a. and In (he hope or ear aping the re eat eaa naclai oon.U Ictlne which cruahaa our beat ae piratlon. within the folds of Ha 1 e>rc ea" and thua dooiaa ua to become the heteieaa alrttme oT mere mauifaoalai chance or accident, fill lettera, (iurludlng d?-rrlpt oa, peraonal aad mental), aollclled, aa Ind cat ire i.f character and capacitr. Addreaa Bertram. bo< l?J Herald oglce. AYOUNa ORNTLBBAN OF COOD FAMILY A^B eduratiun let present la the Union armi ). would like to open a o?irr?p?ii tence with a wealthy youag la*v nf all r .ar Hi'al hoaltone. with a view te matrimony Adan aa Haul Mi III eten. CompatiylO. Draft Rende/roua 11 art' a " Mew York harbor. N. Y ATOUNO MAM, A MBBCIIANT IN THIS CITT, OF conald rable wealth, dea ree tn co-rea:oad with aoaw ynnag iady from I* to 30, at prepoaaee lng aapearan a, with a view to matrimony. Addreaa J. B Lawrence, Herald young lady from IS to 10, nt prepoaaee lng appearan a Ti? office A TOl'NO AMERICAN WIDOW LADY. OF IIIOB BB ape. lah lit and ataa llnir In aoe:eiy. aud.len j throw* upon her awn reaonrree. wlahca to beconie a -'inamted w to ?oma middle aged gentleman, who would aaal t her la her preeent aeed, for wh eh gnail eeeuiUr wonl I be?1r*a:er would eorreapoad with auch with a view to oaatruaoay. AA dra a m7p. ?., alatloo D ATOVMO KNOLI.SH WIDOW LADY. MUSICAL ABB Intipilertual. wiehea lo f rm the acqaa ntaace of a gea lien an, ahoit M with a view io ma tn moor Anawera oaiaag at. m time and plaae for iatarriew. Addrea. Mn BradrlfBt ataOon A, flpr.ng atreet. A *> A pi lady of RE^PBCTABLB FIRST CLASS MKi'll AMI 0. ? yeara of age. wlahea ic rorat the ar<vmlataaee af a iaay of good dtep.eitloa and an table age, with a view to matrimony Caa learn further particulate by addreaetaa Lytnaa Daaa. etatlen B. Oraad atreat Tnro TOCRO OKNTLEMBW, OFFICBM IB THB nary, age. reepectlvety (I aad 3, are da Iraua or eater* Ing lata a enrreaponlaa'je with two youag lad lea. wiih a* ultimata rtew to matrimoay.' The ra.|ula1lea t at we r+ quire are relnemeat beamy aad gealla diepoatnoa. Ad dreeo, with ounadence. Wan. Oarald aad ilea MlUon. Umlad gutea ?learner ftagamere, Baal Oulf Mqiiadroa. Ke Weet. TWO TOONO MaYAL OFFICERS, OF FAIR L(?0KB atalloaed <m beard a gunboat la thla N^iadreo, gea re to corroepend with e?ma <aung lad lea. with a i li'dB maJrt mony. Thev anet be good MUBg, aocerrHi rted lPfl (>TVa amtab e dlapneltioa. Sana but thnee to earnaet need .ga and tooee who da will pleaaa encloaa card da nana to either party, which will ha returned, If ddied. Addn a. in una eerily. Acting Maaler P. T. Huntingt '!? U- A N. A?ta# Rnaign B. P Weatfl e nl . U S N , l o- oltlcc. Key Wav^T a. rfHBBB lOUBO UBMTLBMRN. WITHOUT 1 bran caa (not area greaa?ac<?) dee re to fnrm the ae. qaglatanea WT three yoitag :adl?? of rern^l leellng. and ?ga table dli pa at lien a. ' willu a V* i f 'V. ft! wiwiliSeir ? ^4 ?:> at^a D^ibia ?.'-a

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