6 Haziran 1864 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 3

6 Haziran 1864 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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waited? malksTJ JAflOS WANTED? BT AM AOTIYB, ENER ) go to South or Central America, Mexico or toe Weal ; tpteki and Wrliea French aud Oeruian fluently; baa inowUdte of Spinlsb, is expert at figurea, a good *h. well acquainted ?ah merchandise guuurally, and _ to devote himself unreservedly to hla employer'a Itereets; t? aoeustotued to the management of working Baa, or would engage Id a wholeaala business In thla city a low salary ; goo 1 city reference. Address, for two tofca, Q. B. F., boa IT* Herald office. . SITUATION WANTED-FOR A BOY. ABOUT 19 I- years of age. ju?t from Sllgo, Ireland: haa had mtieh perleuce with horses. and la capable of taking care of A . them; 1a willing to make hlmaelf genera ly useful. Una tt e pest of references and will be found moat trustworthy. A ^ate adi!re.-atd to (>. 0., Herald office, will be attended to. AN EXPERIENCED PHONOORAPnER OR SHORT hand writer, can report te-Umony, Harmon* orapee. hes, esirpus of obtaining a situation as reporter, or as ait ftmanoens a. Address, C. J. Smith, care ot B. Carpenter, 13 Chain Dei a at. A BLSPP.CTABLE PROTESTANT KARRI I'D WAN A. wanta to vrori on a farm ?A farmer, hav.uc a small kouso for his family, may address M. F., 2 S.'-4 Clarke at. ?ear Newburg pieferrsd. Be t leferencc given. A SOBER, EXPERIENCED YOUNG MAN WANTS A altuation as ooaobtnau; thoroughly understands the eare of horse* aud la a coed driver. Call at 591 2d ar., be tween 3Jd and 33d sts , from 8 A II. till IP 1. ATOUNO MAN, ABOUT EIGHTEEN YEARS OF a*e. would like a altuation In am respectable employ ?Milt; la willing and not afraid of work; has been iu ih? iro' ery business for aeven years. and has reference from present euiployera. Address S. H. Wllaon. Herald oltUe. A81TUATION WANTED-AS CLKRK, SALESMAN Or light porter, by a competent, reliable man, of eevcal years' experience In business; unexcept onable elty r. -fe re uvea. Address B.C., box 1US Herald office, for three ttjs. A YOONG MAN. WELL ACQUAINTED WITII CHEM Jtl tatry, wishes a situation. Address B., box 206 HeraM ?Cite. A TOUNO MAN OOINQ TO CANADA WEST, AND Jt a- having a good bus. to as eonnectlun, would ltite lo nego Hate with some tirm having business to transa- 1 In that lo cality. Keference given. Address Canada, box 109 Herald office/ AN ENERGETIC YOUNG MAN DESIRES A PERMA nent situat on aa advert Ising clerk, where lie cau make fete emp over s luterrs'.u hU own; would devote his whole attention and energy to writing, publishing. Aj. ; Is lami.iar with all the dITerent modes and requirements; willing to go to any oitv in the Union. Address for one week U. H. P., ko> UU Herad oihco. ARBBPECTARLB GERMAN YOUNO MAN WANTS a n tnation a- e -ac'.i u.au or to take care of horses. Ap ply at 24fi West 47th st. A YOUNG MAN. WHO SPEAKS ENGLISH Attn Spam-h, wants a situation aa clerk ,n a aegar or ?lothing st re; wages no object ; can givefi^pd reference. 1 Address F. R , 22S liie-'Cter at. i A RESPECTABLE YOl'NG MAN, 1(1 YEARS OP AGE. | _?V who has been in a funcy and gentlemon'a furnishing , aiiurA wight-. ? situation in audi a bu> loess; can give best . of it:e., r, a 'itiiiw ' O , box 121 Herald office. ACTUATION WaNi^D-t^Y k Yot"*a bartender; chu give goflq j-efereuce. Call at f>7 Coerck a tret i. SITUATIONS WANTED-FOR THOROUOIILT C<"W. petent coachmen, waiter*, gardeners, rutin liaude, Brooms, porters, servant*. 4c., men lately inndrd and he!|i Of every description. Apply at *JA RPENTER'B Large Em ployment House, corner of 6th av. and 11 tb ft. Also female IfW) CLOTH HOUSES -WANTED, By A man of ex A perleuce. a situation as salesman! Ar would sell fmtn S, mules; or would ltke an engagement In a wholesale cloth g house; be t of reference as to competency and charac flr. jAddresa George, Herald office. mo WOOLLEN MANUFACTURERS ?WANTED, A A situation aa mauager In a woollen mill The advert hi baa had roanv \ ears' practice as workman and manager. Can furnish the best rcferenees from his former and pres ent employer. Ne objection tognany plare, but wlsho* to make a change. I* thoroughly acquainted with the recent Improvements in m.tclunery Address J. S., box C8i N. E. Ban- Pest ofilee, Philade'phia. Pa. TO IRON MANUFACTURERS.? WANTED, A SITUA t on as mnnager in an iron works. The advertiser ha9 bad manvyeais' practice as workman and manager in rill iaserlptlons of iron rolling and roll turning, three high rail mills, puddling, Ac. Address Mauager, care of F. Lauamau, W Water sW, New York. WANTED-BY AN AMERICAN MAN. A SITUATION as porter in a wholesale store or In a bank. Good references. Cail at i 07 West 2'Jtb st. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG MAN, A sltnatton as sales clerk in a store, or Itwmranpe clerk. Bpeftks HnglUb. French. Herman, Hollandlsh aud a little ?panicb. Address S. Enlab, Herald office. WANTED-BY A GOOD SALESMAN, WHO IS WELL acquainted with Pennsylvania couirry trade, a situa tion In a dry goods and notion ho use. Addre a Hurry , Her ald office, tor four days. WANTED-A PERMANENT SITUATION, BY A YOUNG man, as >.mry clerk, aai-istuiii bookkeeper, or general Klerk; la a qub k | enman and accoiiutnni. n/l can give good references moderate salary required for tbe first year. Call Btor address B. M , 177 Uran4 st,, N. Y. \STANTED-A SITUATION AS BOOKKEEPER AO TV eounlant or clerk, lu thn cltv or country; Ueatol re lerences given Address B , Hersld office. WARTI'D? SITUATIONS, BY A RRSPECTABLE MAN and his wife; the man undnrstanda farming, the fare ft borne* and drlviug The wife underatands general Musework. Can be seen for two daya at 2U& hast Slst st. WANTED? A SITUATION AS HOU8B Fl'RMSH er'a managing or hardware clerk. Address J. IX. Herald office. WANTED? A SITUATION IN SOME STORE, 8TA tlonery preferred, to learn tl?c business, by a \oitng pan, aged ih; amount of aalary immaterial. Relerencca. Address O C., atatlou A. ^ SPECIAL NOTICES* AC> RD. All perrons that don't ivant ti rote far me for ConncIV ?an this fall nerd not cnme to my fountain to ape the thus ?f da; on mj e.ock, drink aorta water or toot beer, (NKVER NO MORE.) tut can go and vote for that oilier fat Qiao, 'hat bold* fort; sr more cllkes, FRANK Dl'FFY, Importer of and dealer in root beer and aoda water, Ac., earner or Bowery and Graiul street. a MEETING OF RETAIL BOOT AND BIJOR DBAL ?\ era will be held at room 3<l. Co->|?r Instlluto, thli Monday. Juue 6, at 8 P. M All cmp'over* will attend it ih ?at I all. JOIINC. GKAIIAM, President. Coach painters' association -trb members are re^ueate I to attend the regular monthly meeting, en Tuesday evening. June 7. at their rooms 187 Bowery, to cons 'ler the desirability of jetllnp up a picnic eicnr-too and other mattera of interest to the trr.de. GEORGE BROWN, Pre Ident. T^OTICR TO BOSS MASONS AND BOSS PLASTERERS J.1 of the c ty of New York. Ilat oa and after thlsdity (Monday), the Cm Inat, the labor, ng men empojed by Ike in will demand $2 '.'5 per day JAMES SHERIDAN. President. Martin Good, Secretary. SBGAR PACKERS' PROTECTIVE TRADE UNION. A regular meeting of ?l U I'nson will be held at thell room, LT2 Ileatrr sire' t, on Tuesday evening, June 7, at 8 ?'clock, when n'\ the members entitled to carda can receve them By order. M. DE ME/. A, President. Gboror 8t?v*k*o*, Secretary. HuMMa'nY BOCl K r Y, OR COLUMBIAN ORDER ? M. Brother#? A regular meeting of the innttutlnn wl I 1>? M'd In the council chamber of the Great Wlqtvam an Won Say avenlng. UieCili inalant, at half an hour after the ae: tol of the aim General and pun lual attendance la re quested, By order of ELIJAH r. PUltDV. Grand Sacbem. CaspBBU. Cnit.pa, Be< retary. ? ANBATTAf, Seaaon ol Bloa-'oms, Si*th Moon; Tear of JMwovery 371st, of Independent* the 87th, audof the JiKtilu too the 76th fTHB RBGCLAR MONTHLY MEETING OF THE NBW A Tork Liquor Dealers Bnelrty will bo hehl at the Metro Milan Hall, I AO Heater atreet. on Tuesday erenlng, V'tb Em., at 8 o c ock. N. B.? llie report of the committee ap pointed at the laat monihiv meeting regulating the measure St ale and beer In hoj^heada and barrel! v. Ill be made. A full attendance la particularly reaucstei By order of V W. ENtSS, President, John Rockbs, Recording Secretary. IJISTIit'CTlOIf. A FRENCH LADY WILLOIVE LBS60NS IN FRENCH, Mpnnsh and lierman at her residence nnd that ofher Bpila. terma inoaarate. Apply to or addreta Miaa L. E. Y., Ninth atreet. ABB D DRESSED TO LADIES OF KEGLEOTRD BDUCA Hon ?A competent voting lady to,.' ii r will give privata Instruction n the Kngllah brani hea at her rosidence or that af the pupil If preferred. Caret ul attention | aid to penman ahip an 1 cO'i'Poaillon. Call on or addreaa M. Dcvereail, n Thirty t.rat atreet, nc.ir Fourth arrnue. T TOWNS KS D S COM II E RClAb ACADEMY, ?fl Bower>. below Honaion atreet, nerwus are prepared for a'l del artment* of liuaineaa, including banking and bro kerage. I, ad lea or gentlemen preparln* to leaclj are care fu'ly qnalltied for any giaaa. I'm ate Instruction given. Open day and evening. ~T THOROUGH COOBSB OP INBTRUCTION TnYln" A manahlp. Bookkeeper Arithmetic, CorTe*|?n<1ame, Ja. may be obtained at Goldsmith's Inatltute, 7M Broad* way corner of Eighth utraei Inatructlon privata if dailrad. Separate .ipartuisnta lor adies OLIVER B. GOLDSMITH. AHp~MA]irCHA*l. 413 ~CANAT< BTBKET, STI UBNTS ree- ve a thorough in miction in Il' Okk' et'lng and Ar'thmntic for $?< per quarter. Writing, twelve le?aon?. f I. JUadlng. Spelling, Grammar, Ac , lunitlit prlvaielv. Indl nduil in*!rucllon given. Separata apartment for ladlca. Open day and evening. A- IIUSI NP.HB fTo""l ? R ? K. ? BOO K K F. EP INlTT W HIT! N(T, Aritbmctlo. epk.lina, Ao., taught for $10. PA INF. | ton it.. Brojklvfi. Linla^' ?* Wruing Ler<nn? t.' Strictly ?rlvate ro.una, far day or evening, al PAIME'S, (U llowerr. Algebra, U-amelry, Greek and Latin nramrr.ar Uugbt. A( ADF.MY OF PRNMAMRIIIP AND BOOKRERPING, Ml Broadway, corner of Amity atreet.? Open day an 1 avrnlng Vo elaaa-a Tkorongh praet^al Inatruetlon. with ?anMft earful ?ttantlon. ^Mrata r?oma for private In atructlon. W. C. HUOGLAMD, for man; yaari with Gold aaiitb. Bookkheping, AC-MR. dolbbar,~?09~^road way, gi?#e private leneona, and preparea gentlemen Eticallv for head bookkeeper* In any buaineaa .he alaoir*. ea atllTneii, cramping or trembling rrom tba worn I, and makea eaay, atyiiah buiineai penmen. * French and gbrman languages.? professor E,? TbLLKRING. 81V Bmadway, corner of Tivelflh n^reet, will receive appl oatlona for prlrala leaanna la French tad Herman Convocation, aa alao in Lailu, and L'Angiala aei etran^era. Batahllahad alnoo 1852. WANTBD-A OBRMAN LADT, AS GOVF.RNtSS; ONB competent to teaon the ord.aary Kngllah branches and mm ale. Apply on Toaadar, 8tU Inat., at M West Mth St.. be iwe- n lu A. M, and IP. B. e=== WINKS. Kbstpoky bourbon whibbbt. 1,10 barrela Kentueky.>op|ior dlilllied Whiskey, In snrsi Md for aale to close i consignment, by SNODDV A HOW. ABD. 71 Broa (Pit reel. ^ UOAIll AWD TOBACCO.^ irnanan (MAM FuR BALN? > T TUB BBB OUU.UUU York Wigar Agency, ?l Libert? street, |li viwm1 HUTAmir AMP I1TU>? ATTINTION. AUEN8-$?00?8BV?ll ALIBN8 wanted u aabailutiu this mom In* . i1? Military Law ofllee of WASHBURN A WABBALIi, itfl Broadway, naar Chambers street, up stairs. Drafted persons in ant of thb states will bs furnished Substitute* and eertltloatei of ex. emption procured for the drafted parties from the United States author uea here, and duly reported to the Provost Maraba- of the dUtrtot where the drafted partlea reside. Apply at the United 8 latex Becroitln* and Substitute Agen cy, 217 Broadway, ruom 25, by mall or otberwue. DRAFIRD ?An CAN OBTAIN BUB8TITPTBS BY addressing Captain C?iul>*. SO Llnp^narl street near Broad u ay He will attend to all orders promptly, witli des patch, and uo loas of time to the drafted parties. Draft. -those wishing to avoid the next draft by furnishing substitutes. will do well to call at 43 Fulton at.. Brooklyn, where uood onci ran be procured frotu responsible parties, at reasonable rates. w. h. Mcdonald a go. I WILL PAY TITI? HIGHEST PRICE FOR A GOOD man to go a? a -ubstltute. Choice of heavy arm ery, c.tvalry or infuntrv. Cash In hand i?s soon a- vou leisi tlio doctor. Apply at 93 West street, corner of Cedar, up stair*. IRISHMEN". GERMANS AND ENGLISHMEN WANTED an rnb-t tu'es. Very high ca?h bouutiei paM. Be?t ehsnre erer offered. Apply fmmcdialely to E. COMBS, M Lispenard itreMi m ar ;ir adway. Agents p'easo call. SUBSTITUTE WANTRD-FOR A IJRArTED MAN. Inquire of Jo eplt VVeber. at Mr. Sauer'a. corner of Fourth a?en :e nn I Twentv-slxth street. on Monday, -J\tne t<, between 9 an.l 3 o'clock. $3Ju will be paid. SUBSTITI'Trfl FURNISHED FOB DRAFTED MEN' and a'so lor men euro leil aud liable to draft and iftt yet drafted, at low rate* aud on short notice. Apply at 4. S Broadwaj, New York. Substitutes wantbd.-ten good men wanted I mined atoly, to ?',nm extra i.ricai will be paid. Apply at 4.'8 Broadway, New York. Q0BSTITUTES.? ON PAYMENT OF $10' I WILL BN O ga e ?o furnish a limited numl>er o substitutes for men now enrolled but not yet draftod, the sui stltnte* to be fur nished wtili uiiruy fuitbcr chttrge; should auv of the men's name* be drawn at the next diaft In the ('liferent districts in which they are liable. App y at *28 Broadway, N. Y. QUHSTITU'PES, SUBSTITUTES, SUBSTITUTES.-GEN O t'e 'iien waiting Substitutes can be furnished, on reason, able terms, ami And honorable and reliable parties to deal with, by applying at the now Recruiting uIQcc, 17 Broadway, near Howlmj, Green. QUBSTTttlTE* WANTED.? HIGHEST CASH PRK7.S n | aid. Subatl lutes furnished drafted men at "ina'l ei m mission. Best (located ofl^ee |n the c ty: well furnished; rent $2.1 a month; price of Furniture 9100; posse* Ion fit. oere; owner go'ii*; to Canada Addle** A B. C., Herald office. SUBST TUTES.-lfO WANTED. HIGHEST CASn iiounty paid promptly. Best chance yet i ffered to alien?. C oire of serr ce siren, and all t!<e privileg"* of reorulis, including government bounty. A^ply to E. COMBS, .10 Lsjenara street, near Broadway. SUn8TITUTB OFFICE. -SUBSTITUTES WANTED and furnished, si 34 South .Seventh St.. Williamsburg. Persons wishing substitute* who cannot call durln:; the day may call In the evening, at No. 8 Ains'le at., tour doois above Union av. C1IAS. HILL A J AMES M. M. DONALD. TTHITBD STATES NAVAL RENDi:zvous.-$4<3 U bounty, c'sh in hand, for men golug on blockade steamers: the highest premium paid for men at thi'i office, B* this is the last week of the bounty. P. GALLAGHER A CO., 174 South street. ?\VANTEP? AT THE OFFICE R7 WEST 8TREET, COR \\ nei" Albany, men for substitutes in the navv, short whaling voyage* to Souib Hea, and merchant ships?, Call beiore engaging elsewkere, and see for yourealve*. H. J A M K3, Arnt. WANTED? THREE GOOD MEN (ALIENS) TO GO AS substitutes, to whom a high figure will be paid as soon as parsed Apply before Qto o'clock P. M. at Puvonia Hou'e, 1S2 West street. 2 SUBSTITUTES WANTED? FOR GENTLEMEN WHO l.ave been drafted; $500 cash paida?soon a1! tlie.v have passed the surgeon. Tliose who are liable to draft need not call. Apph at 1j0 Centre street, corner Walked SUBSTITUTES WANTED? THIS DAY, FOR $400. _ _ cash in hand, after pasting the doctor. Inquire of THOS. LAFFKIITZ A CO., No 6 East Broadway, corner of Catlmrlne street, N. Y. ??A VETERANS ARE MUSTERED OUT AND MlT8 DU terrd iu the service, retidy to be placed to the credit of anv county, ward or district in the State of New York that will pav the large- 1 bounty. Appl; to B. W. BUHNET, 6F William > tract, room 18, Onn RECRl'ITS AND SCBSTITUTES WANTED-AT iiVlU the Sub-t tutc Agency. No. 29 Centre street. New Yerk Hlghent l ounty given $.r>0 1 and money to runners or brokers. Call before tolng elsewhere. -SUBSTITUTES $400 CASH IN HAND; RE i iruitsilUO, wiib State bountio-. FULLER, JOHNSON A CO., 3' Washington street, Boston. C/l f:ASI1 F0R FORTY VOLUNTEERS FOR THE country; also one hundred subst tutc*. to whom the bluhest prices will be paid, st tba General Agency. Office, 1'iOK Greene Rt .corner of Prince, New York. Branch Agency, 231 Spruce street, Philadelphia. CAS" lfi "AND FOR FOUR GOOD MEN - 1 \J Ati y number of substitutes furnished for drafted men In this Stale A| plv to C. M. No nan. corner of Bowe ry and Canal street, under Citl/ens' Savings Bank. ACAA ?SIX Ml T WVNTEI) THIS DAY AS SUBSTf stutes. SSOU In hard as soon as accepted by the surgeon. Ap;uy at 75 Cortlandt street. 10 $400 ?rvnn CAS" IN HAND WILL BE PAID TO GOOD myn not 1 ;ible to ilraft. Drafted men f urnished with substitutes. Cn't:d Sta cs General Substitute Agency. No. 1 Greenwich street. "Aft CADD IN HAND. AS SUBSTITUTES FOR JlD'JUt/ armv or nary. $t'X) for recruits Apply at tba Atlantic Hotel, corner or Oliver utreet, 63 New Bowery. csnn CASH DOWN TO VOLUNTEERS AND SUB Wji I stltute*. Call at the office of the Eastern note'. No. 1 South street, near tha South ferry, and ask for Spencer. CASH PAID FOR TWO ALIEN SUBSTITUTES. iPOuu Applv between 11 and 12 o'clock fo day to STEVENS, 1ft) Greenwich street. Must be over 18 years of ago. QQfWl FOR TWO GOOD MEN TO OO AS SUBSTI <E)0'*U tntes for l wo rlr'.i gentlemen. $00 baud tnonev cash in hanl. Cho ce of regiments. Ac. Call early at 93 West street. <.oruer of Cedar, up stairs. Captain WALLACE. BOUNTY? WANTED, TWENTY MEM TO | 5j5?JU" All the quota of a country town ; also, ten Anb st tu'e*. to whom the h price will be paid. App v to Capta n KING. Dcy Street House, No*. M, 50 and M Dey street. New York. in nnn REcnrrrs and substitutes want JV/.UUU ed? For army and navy; $8") hau l money faiil to runner* or broker*, an J $3CU paid to recruit". Ap p!y At the United States Recruiting and Subatltute Agrncy, 2i7 Broadway, room 23. N. B.? Sub-tltutea turmehed. PRIZB MOSEY. AC. HOY t? l' R I Z EE MONEY TO SAILOBS-BOPNTT money to soldiers discharged for womds received In battle, Ac. Discharged Navy or Army officer*. tailor* or *ol diera. their widows or heir*, PROMPTLY PAID their PRIZE ai d BOUNTY money*. BACK Pay, Ae.. by ?? - F.DWARD BISSELL. Army *od Navy Banker, anil late purser U 8 Nary, J71 Broadway, corner of Chamber* itreet, New Toik. A1 A LL BOr.DIEBf DISCHARGED FOR WOUNDS RE celved In battle, cau rece ve the $100 bounty at our oTIce Pen* on* and 'lountles procur d for h?lr*. Bub* l? tute wanted at *0 >. WASHBURN A WARRALL, Mili tary Law oTce, 260 Broadway. ll mi* mok.t row M M 0>TA1,gl, AT ONCE BV APPLYING. IN PERSON OR BY LETTER. TO WAlDlN A WILLARD, LAtH U S. NAVT. 188 YORK RTREl'.T BROOKLYN. BOUNTIES. BACK PAV and all otiier claims ADJUSTED WITHOUT DBLAY. A Ella warlf.t for santiaoo db rrBA, lady Maria tor Dn Soto, Leda tor Seminole, NaMau for State of tleo.-cta and Victoria. Prize money now readv. Apply to W ALDEN A WILLARD, littler* etreet, Brooklyn MENYnnn, JR. (LATE OP TUB UNITED STATES . Treasury DapAttuient), Army and Navy Agent, ?s> Nauati *lreet. orP"s1te the Po*t office. New York. I* now pa> tig the prl/e money due the following U, t?. Couenoga nud 0*?ge, tor cotton, Ac. (iianite C.ty, f?>r Auita. Pawnee, for Susan Jane. Ac. Santiago da Cuba, for Rita Warley, Cemet, Ac. Hem nole, for L dia ano Charleston. Htnle of tleorgla and Ylc'orla. Tor Na?*a i. Ac. The heir* of the rrew of ihe brir Ha abridge can hare Jhelr clat.us prompt!.. ad usted by applying to me. The iibirs ok tub orkw of the united STATES BRIO BA1NBRIDUK, CAN HAVE TIIKIIl CLAIMS PROMPTLY ADJUSTED UY APPLYING TO M L. TABH A CO., ARMY AND NAVT CLAIM AGENTS, 108 YORK STREET. BROOKLVN. w OCNDKD SOLDIERS CAH llAVK THEIR fioo ?? boun'? pr mp' pa'd them: widow* and heir* (>t dec?aaci! add "rsran hare the pay and bountv co ierted and peuMon* procured: tailor* esn reoelve thelrprize money. a I ran i>-ceive Information arid ln?t nctinu* bv *i>p'\ln? to RICH A U O RLLIOTT. United Ktate* Army and Navy 0?i*W Bieecker strcst. DEXTISTQV. j i ski or riBTH in mil boom ENTIRE SATISFACTION OR NO PAY, At No. 2 t9 Sixth aveirte. between Fifteenth and Sixteenth streets A* One dental opera'ion* and n? flu* work a* In rnv part of the world, on Sixth *venue, between Fifteenth and Sixteenth tieet*. No. 2-T.i The cheapest work ever inn !e *trong and durable br>tne*n Fifteenth and Sixteenth atieet*. Thiu faces made full and round, a* may be de sired, at Tl'J Slith avenue. Sh'>rt. bro* 1 fa"e* ma le grace ful and cla?*lc. Deformed face* Died ta inlt. Fine Oold Filling*; Nitron* Oitde Oa?; no pain. Everything war ranted as repre ented Don't forget, between Fifteenth and Kilter nU *treol?,' No .'3J?l?th avenue, Anew and important improvkmest in arti fle.al Teeth ? Onn ?et last* a lifetime. Sunn! -d at half the usual coil Ne ther *prtng*, wire* or fa?tenlngj requ'red, therefore *voi ling ai' *h?rp edge* At 879 SUth avenue, between Twenty tliliM a-. I Twenty fourth *treel? Slnde l^h and Partial Set* inaerted at e tually mode rate char<W Only one vMIt required frnm eonntry p^tleate Teeth tlllMfor eitraetod without pain and nitrnui otlde fa* glvei^RS79 PUth avenue, between Tw?nty third and wenty^Qurth atreete. Consultatlone free. eem lOLTON DINflL ASSOCIATIO?-WHRRB THKRB J Ua* never been an aecldent, or fal'ure to oroduee lu ?'JuUt '? The performance fulllls the promise. COLTON aduiatatern the gai, o;llc? 22 Bon l.*:rcet. NB. ORIFFIH A RROS., MS ORAND STRP.KT. NEW ? York, and /IV7 Fulton etreet, Brooklyn, are eitraellng Teeth positively without pain by the u?e of mtromoilde fa* No charge for attracting when arttSclai teeth are to be nuerted Tlier are alSJ in*?rtlng full Set* of Teeth on gold, $29; pi all a a, $??; silver, 910; nihb'er, $10; partial seU on geld, $2; silver, $1, Kitraotiug 20 cents. TBtTH POSITIVBtT RXTRACTBD WITHOUT PAIN and without ohatge for all peraoti* requiring Artlflolal Teeth; best fitting, lightest, most comfortanle, nature' and serviceable Teeth at half the usual prlcaa; fullv war anted and three months trial allowed. aMKRICAN t BHTU CO, U3I48TI. M eteW- Bawat^, ?HiPPlwa. CTBAM WBBKLY TO LIVBRPOOL-.TOCCHINO AT ?J Qu*en*town (Cork harbor). The Liverpool. New fork *?d Pbljulelphla Steamship Co.iip&iiy Intend despatching S'helr full powered Cljd* built Iron steamship* a* follows ? ?A Saturday, June 11 DIMBURO Saturday, June 18 city or Washington satmduy. Juno 25 river***' ,ucc#e^'D* Saturday, at noon, fiom ptef 44, North RATES OF PAI8AOB, Payatde In gold or Its equivalent in er.rrency. FIRST CABIK $*1 BTKBRAOB .fSO Do to London 83 Do. to LonJou -14 Dn. to Pari* VS Do lo Paris 40 Do to Hamburg SO Do. to Hunihurv 87 l'a*aen^er8 also forwarded to Ua re, Bremen, Rotterdam, Antwerp, An , at equally low rata.s. From Liverpool i >r itu.onstown ? -F r*t OaMn, $75, $85, SI ft Steerage, $35. Those who wiah to aeud for their tr ends e.in buy tl ket? here ;it these rates. These steamers have superior acoommodttlons for p iisen geis are stronglv but t In water t tulit Irou K-irtionn an I carrv patent tiro auoiUiiatura. Experienced b ii'.-c,.u* are attached to each -teamer. For i'tirthor info-m.ition apply In LI verp> ml to WILLI All 1NMAN, sjent. 22 Wati?r street; In (1!i??kow to ALKX. MALCOLM. No ft St. Luocli * iu*re; In Queenstown, to C. A W. J>. SRYMOt'R ,t CO.; In London, to RIVES A Ma. CF.V. fl Ttlcg \V,lllar? ?treet;in Pails, to JULES DECOL'B, 48 Rue Sotio Same des Vioto res, Place d? la Hoarse; In PhlU.ie phia, to JoU.\ G. DALK. Ill Wa'nut atreet, or at the company's o:hre?, JOHN <J. DALE, Agent, 13 Broadway, N. Y. NOTICE.-TITK STEAMER ATALANTA, CAPTATN Win. IT. Plnkham, v\ til leave pier 21 North river, Saturday, Juuo 11, at 2 I' M . precisely. for Loudon direct. JIOWLAND li ASl'INWALL. Auents. THE BRITISH AND NORTH AMERICAN ROY AT. MAIL STEAMSHIPS BETWEEN NEW YORK AM) LIVRKPOOL. CALLING AT CORK HARBOR. I AND BETWKhV BOSTON AND LIVERPOOL. CALLING AT HALIFAX AN L> CORK HARiJUR, ASIA leaves Boston Wertne?dar . .Tune 8. A I "Tit ALASI AN leaves New V, irk Wednesday, June 15. t *1 1 1 N A leaves Boston We Ineaday, June 22. SCOTTA leave* New York Wednesday, Jnne 29, AFRICA leave* Huston Wednesday July 6. mow new yorh to i tvuBrrioi.. Chief esbin pntsage $1S? 50 Eeoood cabin passnne 80 no rnoii boston to lh Mirooi.. Chief cabin mamw $112 80 Second cabin pa*sare 65 00 payable In jrold or it* equivalent In United States currency. Berths not secured until paid for. Ai experienced aurgnon on bo%rd. The owners of thrse ? h ! ; ' s w ill n. t he accountable for gpe elo or valuables unle** bills of lading haviug the value ex pressed aro flcnej therefor. For freight or pa: ease apply to K CUNARD, No. 4 Bowling areen. THE LONDON AND NEW YORK STEAMSHIP COM pnn.v will des itch seml-'nnni.hly their new und lirst Hum Brit sh Iron steamship* CP.LLA. B!-:LI<ONA. ATA LANTA, IOWA, INDI \VA and MANHATTAN, e.irh 3,0,K) tons burthen, between Loudon and Nov Yotlc, oal lnn at Havre on the vovbko from Londio. Rates of passa :<?, pnyv h'e In United Riaten eurrenev Frona N?w York. First Ca bin $90: Seennd Pahln, fW: Storage. M?. From London or Havre First Cnbip. S H'O Fur p?*?*se apply to CHAS. A. WHITNEY, at No SflBroadwav. For freight apply nt .11 Ffiuth sired. Advances made on merchamlise condoned to the London ageuts HOWLAND A ASJ'INWALL, Agent*. British and amkrican steam naviqation COMPANY STEAM TO LONDON DIRECT. The f!r-t cla^n Iron ste mshlp LONDON will *ail.June 11. Pnvs.iRe payable In c,:rrenev. Cahln SKttl | Sieerace S'W Paatongers forwarded to Havre, Paris and Oerman ports, at very low ratea. A np! * to WII.LIA.MS A OPION, 29 Broadway. STEAM FROM AND TO QOEBNSTOWN AND LIVER POOL OONARD LINK. From N?^ York, ?)5 currency , to New York, $33 gold, or equiva'cnt ;n iiio-ency. _ KEDAR ^a Is Wednesday, .Tune?. SIDON sa Is June 2 1. Fo,paWga '"'"Williams a ?uion, 29 Broadwgy. THE HAMBURG AMERICAN PAi KBT COMPANY'S IKON MAIL STEAMSHIP* From Southampton. From New York. TEDTONIA May 17. lfo Tune II, 1804 SAXONIA May 31, 18r-l June 25. I8*t BAVARIA. June It. ISM July 9, ISHt GERMANIA ...JuneiS. 1?64 TulyZS. ltVl-4 BORl'SSIA July 2 18fi4 AiU. fi. 1SH4 From Hamliurj pier, loot of Third ?treet, Hoboken, ta?lng pa i-enger. for Hn't'.iurg Havre, London an,! Southampton at. the fo'lowlc^ intes ?First Rabin. $10">; seeoud cahln. $02 01. ; steeraee, ?37 BO. ravaiile In gold #r tt? equivalent For freight apply to KTNHABDT A CO.. 45 Exchftnge plaeo. For pa?sago apply to C. B. RICHARD k BOAS, 1S1 Broadway. Steamers to France direct.-tiie general Transatlantic Company's new I nn of first class sldo wheel steamships, botvrpeo New Vork KMd IUvre. The fir.n fve -plcndld vesM la intended t'> bo put upon the favorite route for the Cont'ncut arc the! following: ? WASHINGTON . . . S.2nl tons CMhorsepowor LAFAYETTE 8,204 tone 9,j0 horse powrr EUGENIE AUo.it 900 lorae powrr FRANCE Building 9C0 home power NAPOLEON II! Building 1, 100 hone power Until the completion of the entire lilt the departure will be mouthlv, beginning with the Washington, captain a duchesne. from Havre to New York, 13th June; fioat Ne.v Vork to Havre. C.tnly. Rates of paafiafc money, Includlns laWe wine.? rnoa ii a v r i to Ki w tour. First eibln 7H0t'if. Second cabin 490 fr. rRO? NEW YORK TO ?l*VRr. FIra' cabin $I3:> Second cabin. . . $70or8S3 Payable n gold or its equivalent in United States curreucv. Medina) attendance free of charge. For freight or r>a*?Ate apply to GEO. MACKENZIE, Agent, No. 7 Broadway. National steam navigation company TO OUELNSroWN A M> LIVERPOOL. Cabin, $120; Klecrace. $S5? parable in curraacf. VIRGINIA nulls Saturday. Juno 18. PENNSYLVANIA Kails Saturday, July 2. For passage appk to WILLIAMS A OUION, 2.1 BroaJway. For LivicnrooL D'bect.-cuv \ro steamship K EDAR.Capialn Miilr. will sull on Wednesday, JuneS. Cabin pasnage $-0; gold or It" equivalent. The OLYMPUS will Ha l Jime2J. Far Ireigbt or passage apply to E. CLNARD, No 4 Rowling Green. Ij^OR CALIFORNIA VIA PANAMA. J? A first cla * steamer will leave New York on the 3d, 13th and 23d of each month, evcept when (lies- da'ea fall on Sun day, when the day of departure will be on the Monday fol. Ionic For freight or passage apply at the onlr oHlce. No. 5 Bowl ln>* (iroet). U. 1!. ALLKN, Ajjent. yOR NEW ORLEANS D1 HRCT.? THE UNITED r Hntes mall Uearanr MATANZAH. Wm Liescgaog commander, will sill as aboie. from pier No. 4 Norih river, on Wednesdav. the t>th of June, at 3 o'clock* P. M. For freight or passage apply to THOS. ASUNCIO A CO., 17 Broadway. i;OI! NEW ORLF. ',N:' DIRECT. ?THE UNITED STATES I? mail steamship OEOROE WASHINGTON. Captain E. V. (lager. will lmvc pier No. 9 North r vcr, on t-aiurdiy. June Th, at 8 P. M. Passage f'rst eins* S,;|. For freight or passage apply to U. II t'ltOMWELLsA i.'O., hiWr-.t t'. UOB HAVANA DIRECT? THE UNITED STATES F mail sic.nier HAVANA. XJ. R. CJreenc commander, will aa!l as tbnre, from id"r No. 4 North rtvec, on Wedne-. Jay, the ?tli of Jin,e, nt 3 o'clock P. M. For freight or paa lage apply to THOS. ASENCIO & CO.. 17 Broadway frtuR M v KUPOOI.? TAPSCOTTS LINE. ' Ship FRANCIS fl. CITTING sails June7. Ship ROGER A. I1IKKN, nils June 9. Sit p ANTARCTIC, sails. lima 11. FOR LONDON-X LINK. Ship DANIEL WEBSTER aa Is J une S. For passage to or from tue oil c mntry or draft* at the lowest possible l ite i apply to TAPSCOTT BROTHERS A CO , HO South atreet. \TEUTRAL FLAG? AUSTRALIA PIONEER LINE. Carrying the Untied Stales mall .?The Al British rllpner shp CENTURION, Oaomwell, mastar, la now rapidly loading at pier No. 12 East rlv.tr. and will clear for Melbourne on the 10th ofJuue. TMs s'llp lias room for about six more second rabio pasamgers, a' a low price. The bark WESTWARD HO for S) ln?v, Williams master, at pier 10 East river: and Hie ship HERMINK. Wilms master, loading at pier No. 9 Bast river. fo? Dunedin, Port otsgo, Newn-laiid, will also clear aatne date, as above For freight ind passage apply to R. W. CAMERON, 88 Beaver aircet. IPOR LIVERPOOL ?THE CMLFRRATED CLIPPER 1 i-hlp ADBLAIDK sails June 7; the UNIVERSE June 14. Foi London? The PATRICK HENRY, on June 15. For passage applv to WILLIAMS A GUION. 40 Eulton atreet. For balk at a discount-two first class Passage Tickets for London, i er steamer AlVanta to sail June II. Address X. Y. Z., box I'dl Hera d oil.ee TRAVBLLF.RO' GtlDK. JJinSON RIVER R A ILROAD? TRAIN 8 FOR AI, at 7 and 10 A. Ml aud 4. ii and 1 > 40 P. M., aud oa Sundays at 6:22 P M.. treui Thirtieth atreet. Imnv, Troy, the North and West, leave Chambers street d 10 A. Ml P. M., id .Y IORK. . . For Albmv. i'rov. North anil Weat. leave Tweatjr aiith sireet depot at 10 A. M. and 3 P. M. Sunday train at 5 P. M. j^TEW IOKK. HARLEM AND ALBANY RAILROAD? F^OR POUGHKEEPSIE? STEAMKR WM. KENT AND bargca R R PC B Lit' and DUTCH I MS. one of which le i\ ei Franklin sireet pier on v (Sundays evccpted), atio tioik P. M lor pis?enge.s aud irelght. 7?rnikg poat por albany-? hangkofpier - The DANIKL-DRBW. Captain John F. Tallman, will, on at 1 attor Wednesday, Mav 4 leave from .Drsbr street at 7 A. M., stnpping for passengers at Thirtieth str. et, on Mon lays Wednesday a and Fridays, lan ling at West Point New. nra, Pongfekeepsle. Rhlnebeck, Oat <k III and Hudson On sal sfter Tnasday, May 10. the ARMENIA will run on alti - iitite days with the DREW, forming a daltj line Tickets sold on board au 1 baggage cbecltad ta poin.s Wa>t and North. Morning bovt fi>r poughkeepsii,? TnE new and slrgiint steamboa; THOMAS CoLY KR will co n mence her trips ti Po ghkee; ?le. laavlng oiar foot of Jay Street Tuesday morning, June 7, at o elo-k Latldlnz a' Tlilrtleth str.'et, N Y.. Tonlara, Tarryiown, West Point Cornwall, Nawbttrg and Milton. Returning, laavea Pough leepsie at U'.oyi'Vk. CTEA"FR BROADWAY WIM. LEAVE PIER FOOT O Jsy street every afttrnocn at 4 o clock, for Yon'<er?, Hastings, Dobb s Ferry, Tarrvtown, Sing Sing and Haver itraw. ? ? * =rrr - IXCI R9IOKS. Ii-K CP.F^M STRAWBERRY FE3TITALB, SUNDAY SCHOOL EXCURBfONS, AC, SUPPLIED, as t'?ual, with Ic? Cream. On acconnt of the Increased 4a in and, or l?rs ire raquaced a few daya In advance at 11 ALL'S Steam le- Cream Co , 11(0 Chatham aquara. New York. PICNIC, PICNIC -BATONNS GROVE, SITUATED hs f way between ,'er?ey City and Ber<^n Point, N. J , Is now open for the reception of picntos and parties. Thia grnve i~ situated but a raw atapa rmm New Yotk and New ark Bays, is unsurpassed for grandeitr af scenery and leca lion, an I Is provided with every accommodation and co?ye alenca. The dummy cars leave Jeraey City o\ery half hoi*. I- RANK HOW EN. Proprleto' . TO LET-F01% EMURSIONB. A LARGE SIDE Wheel Steamer. w'tW saloona. Also, the naw and large double decked Baraes Walter Ssnds and Mayflower and tna new and splendid Orova near Chalaea. Statan Island. Ap ply to W k B. MTLHS A CO. ob board of the bargaa, fool of Morton street. EXPRESSES. "DURNHAM'S FURNITURE EXPRESS? BURNnAM'S .1) Fiirnlliire Btprees. Bumham's Furniture I'.ipreas. lift W eat Rleventh atreet. between Fifth and Blath avenuea Kurnltnre atored. I'tanoaand furniture boied and shipped. foxaUura ?f ?a?iUpBMV?4 Ut? oiu ?r W UU s?m?Uf, niscBiunooa. RTIFICIAL HUMAN KYEH MADB TO ORHER AND __ Inarrted by Drs. f. BAUOH and P. GOUGRLMANN, (foniijerl^ employed bjr Boisiuuueau, of Paris), at siw Broad ClASH PAID FOR R AOS AND OLD MKT A LI; J white Hag", ID.; colored nod woollen, Sc. per lb , Bo .k<?nd Newspapers 7c per lb.; old Braes, 22o. ; Copper and Pewier, 24c per lb -? *? *" ? " ? - ner of Roosevelt atreet. A DIVORCE? HAVING M ADR THIS A SPECIAL ?in lv duiliiK many ream' pra< tlce, the undersigned bold* private consultation* o'.i the subject, either personally or by lette ^ j KISO, Counsellor at Law, 335 Broadway. DIVORCE NOTICE.? THE UNDERSIGNED WILL start on the 9th ln?t. for Indianapolis, Ind an*. Clients interested in cases there peudliig w I e*ll before said date. iDiere.re Jf. l. KINO, 335 Broadway. "|\IVOB('B8 LEGALLY PROCURED FOR PERSONS J ) from aov Stale or country, without publicity or oh anna of residence. Incompatibility, desertion. nou mipnort drunkenness, Ac., sulujlent unaa Suecesi guaranteed Advice free and confidential. Apply to 11, BaTBMAN Counsellor at Law, 37 Nassau street, opposite the Post of!l:a THB BEST."? DEALERS SRND STAMP FOR \ T circulars, 30>\ for sample of Album, Gem Package ; 3i'c for H kinds <>r Mbnm i 'aid* lu 7 oil color-. New York Agency, "(7 and 89 >A?*a i strtet. N V. IN GREENWOOD CEMBTBRT? WANTED TO PUR chasu. u }f, or V. Lot. Auy person haviug one to dispose of can bear of a cash customt r by addressing f. Part.or, box 205 Herald olllce, for oi e week. IMMENSE PRICES PAID FOR OLD BOOKS -?5 OHO standard Works, in half ?alf, half the retail price; 10, < 00 Work* on Ohemstrv, Sieasn Engine, ,lc., cheap, LEGGAT A BROTHERS, 119 Nat au street. ; : near iio?:>man. Manhood andthk vigor of toi ru ue j tohed In four weeks by l)r. RK'OKD'3 Essence of Life. Thla wonderful ajjent will restore tnahood U' the iiiimi shat tered const ltutins. whether arisln;* from excesses, self Bbiif>?, tiie effects of climatc or natural eouse.| Tlie time reunited to cine Hie most lureteiate case in f nr week*. Failure I* impossible. Dr. Rlc id'a Essence of l ife Is aold lu eases. with Instructions for use, lur $:i, or four quantities inonefortJl. Sent, carefully pae'eei. on reeelpt of remlt tanoe bv his accredit" I lucnt. Circular H?nt free on receipt of four stamps. PIIILiP ItOLANI), No. hj BroOiun street, New York, one door v est of Broadway, MARBLE MANTEL*. -THE BKSJ PLACE IN T1I3 city to purchase cheap and welfnnlshed Mantels In at A KLABRKS Mantel Bt.nufaclory. Iu9 East lilghtcentb blrret, neat Third avenue, New York. Cut this out. MARBLR MANTELS ? a FINS SELECTION OF MAR. ble Mantels on Imnd, imd o.Tere 1 cheaper than nnr where else, at S KLABKR'S Marble Y ird. 54 First avenue, near Third street. New lorn. Call and examine lor your self. NOYT 8 BUFFALO Mli.L FURNISH ING ESTABLISH ment. ? Mill Stones and Mill Machin ry; Turbine \\ atcr Wheels, of the most appron d pattern, made entfrclv of Iron; portable Flouring and Plantation Mi is. The Brooklyn Clt* Mill, of Smith & Jewell, was furnished entire from this estftbllshnieut. l or information or < u'ahigiica ad-ire .-s J no. T. Noyc, Buffalo, N. Y. PRKSS WANTR1).? WANTSD, A LARiiE OR SMALL Cylinder Prlntiiis Press; si/o 36x54 or SltW. Any per son having one for ssk- niny fliul a purchaser b? applylna linmedUii.ely, ether pers mally or by letter, to J011N SCOTT, 13 Bproce street, New York. THE GREAT ENGLISH REMiiDY FOR GOUT AND Rheumatism.? All suirercrs from the above complaints, either of receutorlmig 'lau Ku :. are advised to use BLAIR'S GOUT AND RHEUMATIC PILLS. They can be relied upon as the most safe and eileclunl remedy ever offered to the public, snd lime been univei sally used inEurojofor tnnny years with (lie cr**- test success Prepare 1 by I'roiil .i ilarsant. 2.1 1 Strand, London, En? land, and ?old by tlicsr agents, WKLLS A CO., Franklin ^t^eet. New York Her Majea'v's rommissioners hare author zed the name und address of 'li.oinaa I'rout, Strand. Lon ton," to be lmpresseil ui ou llie government stamp alllxed to none but the genuine mediums. 1'rice S5 and 75 ccnts per boin nE TAPK WORM _ tJunses the ileath of thousands whom the most skllfni pliysicisns t re it for dyspepsia and consumption Dr NOi.II kl.NDALL nevi r lulls to etpcl the Tape Worm Wonder ful c.ih A tupe worm 42 fee! exj ellfd in 15 hours from a lad 14 yearr, old ; another, 11 feet, irom ITenry KlngsHtnd, I->j . (Jt-S IHgh street, Newark, N J.; another iroin a i*dj of New York, 50 left ionx. and ir.any hundreds beside*. References will be given at the Doctor's ollice, 3'-!7 Broad street, Newark, N. J. N B.? The medicines are harmless, and. If needed the Conor lias ;hc best Clairvoyant iu the wor d for medical purposes. TlPt! METAL AND OLD LEAD WANTICD.-CASH will be paid for a few hundred weight of Type Metal anilold Lead. Ap?jly at the desk of tins o:li?e. "11 /"ANTED? A TWENTY-FIVE HOR8R TUBULAR }) Bol er, Locomotive or Hor zontal. Address or lui|ulre of BAYLEY ,t HILL, 5S John street. 7 CENTS PER POUND PAID FOR OLD BOOKS. Newspapers, Ac. Call beinre you null elsewhere, lor we Still continue to pay more (as we alwava have don.t, ie garuless of advertisements) than anv other houx:i in the cltv. MANA11AN * MILLAR, Wholesale Paper Ware house, 10 Sprite street. IfWWt CORDS RED OAK AND ROCK OAK BAP.K ,U"U warned? For wnl -h $20 per ton will be paid at our wharf, we havitic scales on onr o?s n pccmises. Thuae t av.ng bark will find this a more satialnctorv in- de o' sell. iujj lhan by the cord. 1! WARD A 1 O . Spriu^ street, First block a- ove the M. and E Railroad, NcwaiU, N. J. CLOTHING. T APOtilTIVK FACT.? H. HARRIS, OF 1M SEVENTH avenue .nki ? Hit* oppo: lunitv to iiimiimto 'o l_e Mm nv.tn ty that lie !- ti? advanced 10 nor cent ou ih" nsuST prices forcaai oil Wearing Appaiol, Carpet* Furniture, Jewelry, Diamond*, Ac. A* li? ha-i n gri.at den and lor th ise articles for the Ne .v Orleans market. l?i? uii i .rnt'etnen hav rg nny of the same tu di*po-e of canito fill by ca 1 i q c on or addressing II. Harrl.', lilt Seventh avenue, near i wcnly aecond street. wheio toii ran depend tmon rree v n;: a h gher pr.eo than elsewhere In the city. Wo gu.irante to pay the utmost value lor cach artl ? and not uombtigglt U as I rnctlsei! by a good mauy oilier high oflere; a. and thru ticui'diui; to pet them for lia'f the value, Ladles wni'fd upon by Mr-. 11 ilarfta at their own residences, In and out ol the city. Tl i N'ltoV? A t' ~2Zl 8EVM.VTH AM.Ntll NEAR Twentyllftli n'.rect- l.adlts and Lentlcmcn, 1 have the pieacure to riiuo mice aza'n that I have received a large order fr >:u Ca Ifo na ana t tin Western ntaiket* to pay the highest prices ler ladies and tciit'.emi us Wearing Apparel, Carpets, Fnruiluie, Jewelry, Ac., bv paying ftl per cent moi-o Ih.'i'i anv ot'ii^r ilcalpr in ihe city We guarantee lo pay trr la lies' 8l:k Dres-ics from to ? H ; Wool en, from S>! tn $10; nl*o C*'lro. Delaine, Muslm. Ac. Ueut e nc:i * Coat?, from $5lo $20; I'antt, (roui $2 to $7, in. Indies in 1 g?nth 1 ion .don't forget t'.e righl number. M. MARCKS, TH. Seventh uven le, near I wer.ty-fifth itreet. Bv . * lin.: on or addressing me you will lie ilealt with honestly. Order* will a tended to from Brooklyn New Jersey, Holioken, Statcn Isiniid, Ac. Ladle* punctually attended to by Mrs. Mjrck*. A SI 1 1 !?: It PLACE.? AT 2+5 MM if A'-l.. ' K l.AIHlTs x\ ami gentlemen will tlud the la:r and h neit dca! ?r, B. MINT/., lo whom lltey run rii>po*e ol their fait Oil CI 'h luff, Carpets, Fiinllure and .lewc ry. at 5<1 por cent more than bv < llier dea'eta tn the city i promise to pay the f >1 lov ing prices:? S.Ik I? e*?e', fro n $S to $??; Coat*, $4 to Sir: Pant* fil; o s*7. Also tor Woo len, De alne and Mue> lin Drcsaea the highest t ash price will be pB; I A oil or a note by post will be punc unlly a ton to.l to |,*die* attend ed toby Mir. Vititz Remember the original B. Mint* and the number. 2tt Hixtb aviine, near l'.T|bteenth n'r -et, < >r cemfrom Brooklyn and Jer?*y t;ity punctually attended to Attention.? at 212 seventh avbnite. h. rosbn hhltil. the C.illtorn. i and V> ? ite. n :<gency (tore, re ceived lur^e order* to purchase $".'? <*( worth of Cast Ulf Cloth lot; These Older* must lie fu. tilled in a very short time. Ladle* and gentlemen, I wi*li yon would take inrti Hilar noiicean l look over jour vardrob"*, and *-ei: vou have any clothing voi do not need. Kor your eat' faction I will mention *ome of the prices Silk dresses. fr.mi fS lo $80; coa s. from $1 (o $35; pnnt <. ifr m S't to }7, also, woollen and miis.ln drcsse*. r,irj'?ii furniture, lewelrv, Ac. bv calling or adilrerflun II. ROHENBERrt, .'I 1 Seven'n :;v.? u :c l..i liea attended :o by Mr* Ro?f! berg, .n and out of the city. ? TTENTION ? AT THE NEW STf'RB. KO 114 TIIIRO J\ avenue, iadli-a and geiillemen ai ?? fcuarant e I to receive the hlgbe*t pricra for each ? ?? ? 1 1 c ! ?? of Cast Oil' t.'Iolhlnp, Titr nit ire. CariH''*, , for the Southern and ? e-itern mnrkel*. i'l a?. r. Ill ember, and try 0. MISH. Ill Tl: id avenue near Koiirteeiith etrcet. Lartn a nttended by Ms*. M th. U:der? fr en Brooklyn and vicinity attended to. GREAT PKMAND FOR CLOTHING -LADIES AND gentlemen having any CiM Off Clothing, Kurniture, CarpeU and Jewelry will receive the h Wheat p '* hy call, lug on or addrrsjiug A. HARRIS, Ul Third avenue, lie ttvren Thirty eWhth and 'lhiity ninth atrec'a. Ladie? at (ended to by Mrs, llarrl*. At TITK NEW STORK. Bti CARMINB 8TRKET? LA die* and genilemen csn receive 80 per cent more for ('ait Oil Ciotlilns', i'urnlture, Carpet* and Jewel; y by ralllngcnor addreiiinz H. HART, at thr above number, will l e punctually attended to. Ladle* attended tobvMi<. Hart 4 T IM SEVENTH AVKNTE, BETW'eRN NIV!? te nth and Twentieth treet?. Indies aud gert emen will rrcci e tbe hi;l,eai price f ir their Ca.-toff c o h ,ig, ^.rpett. Ftirn tnp??. Ac. by cal .?ig on or addre-dng 1.. .Mil, Lfc.il. Ladle* attended by Mr .Miller, ? t;RR A r DEMAND l*OR Ct.OTHrN'r-LAbiB* AND ,\ i, ntlemen having a.iv Cast Oil c, th mr. Puni t ire, Carpets, and , lewelrv, will receive the hlijheit priie* b; rililn : on or addreMlng II COIIN, JiJ t>r enih avi u ie, uc?t Hie dr .* *-ore Ladiea attend' I to by Mrs Coli . AT 117 RIXTil AVKSI K.? LxDIFS AND CESTTR nu n. ii yon wl?h to receive ll.e klghest pr ce lor your C.ist on Cloth ntf. Cat pet*. Furniture. Ac., the i>eatjr<m >an tj, s to rill on or send a not# to B. M I N TZ at No l iT 8t\tli avem e, two doors from Tenth *tro?t, |jt I e* att'iuled by Mt?. Mint/, l i ne, you will lie deail with to >our ?ati*fac. tir.n and bencll. _______ _________ nil CA'' AND I'ASHIONAItM: CLOTIUNO. t 51.' Itr.iadwa% Clothing ator*. O. LBVIR. Hn* nest Coats Kn.' l?h ami o, her style* f t to IS H nek r.?-< Coot-, tlnn 8 to 20 \ |? a and Llnrn Coata ..J to ti Ci-s mere I'antaaud Vest to match tl to 111 Satinet an' L n-n Panta ^ 2 lo ft Viiii* a vaile'.v I to 6 ' IKNTI.KMKSH S KW__AND JLRI'T Ol K CLOTHIN<? /IBNTI.EMUN'B .VI. V? A.-SU bl'.l I >.'l r uu'/mnvi IT pud aaed for the West. The fu I value w II la paid * :hout seeking to Impose, t'all at the store. ..ra-ldress Tints D. COSUOT, WM Pearl street, between Cen t re and Cm! ham. . , It casiirbro t\ts the hioiiest price for 111, lailiev' and gentlemen s Cast Oil Cloth it I'iri ? t IV'i t"d upon by adilre#atng L Caahbcrg En at T?elith *t eet, near Brcadwa . Ladles waited upon by Mr*. C. cinnnn WORTH or'cLornmo wanted^! Ol"'."'*'" wi'l l'tT Hi* higtieat price for t ast off i loth ng Caipe's. Film lure Ca'l on er a'tdre>a II. R STRAI NS. w> Seventh avenne, between Thirty third and Thirty fo irlh street*. l<a liea attended b. Mr*. Btrauas. WATCHES, JlCWEIiRV, AC. AT 6ua. VATOIIE*. DIAMONDS. JBWELRT, SILVER Plate, Otin*. Pintols, Ac., bought. ? I will pay 1MI per rent mot than can be obtained at any other pla> a tn the titv N B ? A!*o Pawnbroker*' Tlcketa wanted for the ai.ove artls'es. at the name rate. Alt Broadway, corner of Huittton mi eet. up *talre, ro#m X % AT 77 BLEECKER STREET TOU CAN OBTAIN 125 pei e?at tpore for Diamond*. Watehe?. Jewelr* . JH'ver Plate, O ins, PlstoU. Dry Good*, Ac. N. B.? Alto Pawn broker*' Tl' kits bought for the above articles. OLD GOLD AND RILTRB. P#r?0?* who wl*b to*e11 Diamond*, *nM Gold, ?liver, or any kind of old taahioned Jew*'ry, go lo LOUltf ANRICI1.7J3 Broadway A positive tart be pay* 30 per cent more the# anyot hi r person. Kstabllthnd in New York a nee thr at ?mnittrstion of tbe lato Martin Van Huren Make no ml# |#kp? 721 Broadway, under the New tork Hotel. w ATCHKS AND JBWELRT OK ALL OUOIirflOM rorsaleby oEO. C. ALLBN. 4IS Broadway. M? *ant balow C?MI lUMl, fermerly U WaU atr??t thb vymw. w CI KI.NU HACK MBBTINQ. 0 PATKB80*. N, T , TCESDAT 7IH, WEDNESDAY HTH AND THURSDAY VTII or JUNE. First PaT-PPRBB $2011, mile heat*. TI1R .IERSKT DERBY of $l,UW. $30 ent.. p. p., It, mile dash. $2 eutrlee. POST STAKE of $><i. $100 ml, n. p . t?o ml e heats, 5 ?ub'<. SecoudDay-THK UNDERWOOD OI FT of $200. mil* da?h. TUB NIR3ERY STAKES of $JiH). $100, half IV. 7 entries PI RHK ol' $400, three mile daah. SELLING RACE 01 t'l'W, mile and quarter <tns.) Third l)av? TIIK SKUCAL STAKES or $300, $t? ent.. half ft , lira lniied.sli. !&? eniriea. POST ST Ah E of $*?'. tin en mile h*ats. $ 100 ent , pi. p.. 4 sub's pl'RSE o! $'J>'0 for beaten hone*, mils and a q artei <in-h. Excellent aceomm dationa f- r tad>- hav.1 hern provided N. H. ? No gambling will lie a lowed on t lie caurse No liquors sold, and uo Intoxicated peiaon admitted oaths (round". Badges enlifl n? Ilie'Uolder to snv 0r tlie Club Stands, and Quarter Siretchcs. $.1 f.ir the n eelfng, or for on# day. Ladies' ticket* to Cult Stand ^old only t i meinhersand ba<l e holders), $1 each day. visitors can reach the c >ur?e by Erie Railwav train*, foot of f'hamber 'tieet The KX TBA train a' T1 45 A. If., runs direc'. to the course, reluming immediately arter the races each lav R. B CHISWELL. 8eor>etarr, 111 Main street. Paiert>on. s r A Jupiter, trotting stallion. will stand at Sneliker'a, near Union Course. Lou* Island at $50 the sei.son, in advance .?u;>!-r la the ?t n of Lady Emma. Major Anderson, Jupiter, Jr , the ivar-all Colt Ac I OTALLION OCP.AN-riRRD HY LOSfJ ISLAND BLACK ki Rawlr. dam by AbdaHah, Is standing for mares at $ o to insure, $12 so the MM, at Cedar Swamp, near C.en Cove. Long Island. Addie * Dr. Lawrcnc-. No, t Rlvini; tou street, New York, or for sain ai 44.; 0'. or exchange. At. EN*. TOWNSKSD, Cedar Swamp. I,. I. 1 CJTt'D .' VCK HERO? IMPORTED. MM HANDS bIoR. ^ Htt'k, la ntaudltig for tnarea at G. O. Vandewaler'a Hotel. South Oyster Bay, L f. Si:, to Insure. $10 the season. Accident*. .tc? to marcs at tholr owner's risk. F.irta i for 9 1. AIM). Addre=s Dr Lawrence, No I Rlvlnetou street, New. Yo k, orG. c. Vaudewatcr, South Oyster Hay, L. I. TR'iTTINd STALLION WILLIAM !M. PATCHEN? HE is a mahi'ginv liav, 15\ liiniln blab, tire years oM, aired by "eorge M. ruti hen dam by Abdullah, out of a Llh ert? mare? will serve tea i larus, at tli<- prein scs of the sub acribor. l>im? $50. to in ur -. \V:d. WALTKKMIRR. Fifty fourth sired and Fifth avenue, New York. SPORTM Oa AHORSB AM) WAOON FOR SALE.? A COMPLETE establiahment? vi/, a gray Horse, sixteen hands high, e glit years o:d. rei y gentle warranted -ound; con trot in lets than 2 60 of wonderful endurance. AI o a Shifting To)> Wagon, v ith pole and sliait-, nearly new, made by Stivers .t Smith, with lln reM, Illmket', ttobe, Whip An, *e. The lowest t i lee Is Address G. U. 0? box I'ost olllco, Neiv York, DOfiS FOR SALE.? A PAIR OP HANDSOME NEW found!. iiid I'o^k wi'll irul ied an I Kn? l WMtoh >lo;s; band>ome Hull 'i'crrl r?, St) t' Ooi:*. a I a'r of small Ita bin Greyliounds. situ i KUck and tan Ter.t- rn, small Scotch and ?kye Terriers and ? mall Hlack and Tan Puppies. Tnese i'er rlers are good ratter*). Ono hniiilsome New round land Pup. Apply to JOHN GRAY, No. ll Roosevelt streat, first floor. TJIRANCIS B0TLHR. NO. S PECK SLIP, HAS ALL I Hie choii e breeds for Hale ntid stock. Butler's lnfalMlile Mange Cure and Flea Exterminator, 75 ce uts per bottii. Hullcr's new Work, $1. Dogs boarded luiued, Ac. Medi cines for all diseases. Fine new sailboat and rowboat for sale Both new, just finished; sailboat 19 feet keel, S feet beam; row boat 13 feet keel, copper luitcned and well found in ever, respect Cnn be foeu at S ug S ng. luqulieofMr. BNIF.NER, boat builder. For sale-upwards of bo dogs of all tub choiscst I reeds; Setters and Pomteis. well broken; Setter Pups I ehallence tnc world to show belter. Pointer Pups; c*traordinsrv uood Hal Dogs of the Scotch and lllack Tan breed; Italia. i Uonnd", the f nest In the ?. iitnlry. H. GaKDNKII, l.'l Laurens street, near Canal street. N. Y. J 1ST INPORTID FROM I tTROPE? A PIN B COL leet on of Hart/. Mouuta n Can iries, (loldniiches. Lin nets, Thrushes an I Larks, wh ch 1 olfer for sale at the old stand, 15C Wash tialon ?ircet, eoi ucr of Liheity. 11. KESTNER. HURSB8, CARUIAGKS, Aouon AND RELIABLE HORSE FOR SALE Fi!ll> warranted, dark bav, I5t? hands, 6 .vear-i o'd, and very st lisii. Can be seen at 114 E?-t I'll rty ninth street. A LARGE ASSORTMENT 0? FINE BRBTTS. OA iaslies(, Kockaways, Top and Oj>en Hii^gle=. Business and Depot Wagons, and .??econdlinnd Wa?on . of all kinds. This is the ch"aj"'st and b -st assortment In the city. No. 10 Ncvins street. Brook!., n. A FINE RAY HORSE FOR BALE? BOUND AND kind, a good family or sad lie horse, and sulta le lor a lady to drive ; only reason tor selling want of use. the own er leaving for the West In a few days. Apply at #D Vtall street it to THOMAS CONNOLLY, ."579 Cherry street. Also a one.seate 1 Phaeton, s 'conJ hand, Harness, Ac , complete. ACITT MADE ROCKAWAY' CARRIAGE. IN GOOD ni-ilcr, ler sa'e ch( an A.'ply at Seym mr's stables, cor ner Sixth avenne and I'orty-tliird a'.reet. ATAIR OF SI'IU.RIOR AMD PERFECT HflRSES, well broken to double and single I: a i urs-i and ex cellent under taiJille. 7 yearit old ; will be sold separatwor together at prl. atu stable, ^0 I a t Filtventh street, coruer of Broadway. A FIRST CLASS THREE QUARTER SEAT P.OAD Wit, on for sale < heap; used only a few t.me ; nood c t\ tinker Apply el Lexington Slab'.cs, beiweeu Lexington und Ibrd atcnues. Brsnstt VAooRs of itii kind comstaktlt on baod, made in tho best manner. You will laid thin p'ece as favorable as any that can he tound, and every article warranted as represented. S'lHW.VKt'M Wagon Faeiorr, Fifty ?thud street, betwesn Broadway aud Eighth avenue. DOtTBLK HARNESS FOR S* LB.? TWO 8KTS OF nearly now city mado Doubla Harness; al^ second hand open B"(ey, wit'i pole and ?hsl * To bo seen f pr|. v.ae utahles .>o. 7 Eleventh street, opposite the St. Denis Hotel. IilLEOANT SORREL MAKE, I4>i HANDS, LONG TAIL, j ti years old. ?;?>?; ah sound, kind and fast traveller; also light Hui:;y, full spring, and Harness to match; av rv neat e*tabi><:mfiit lor a voting gentleman. Can bo eeu at Kcl Ij'a stables, IS West Thirlc- nttt strict. IU>R SALE? FOR WANT OF USB, THB OWNER GO lux mvar. a pa>r of sp endid Carr'aM Ilaraes, one six, the otLi^r te\ en yeiiss old. a>iind. kind an 1 gentle, very sty llsh drivers, an I both excellent 'addle horse-*, on-i the finest lady's sadd.e horse In the city; the other very fast. Will lie Fi, d very cheap . price $ >x>. Can be seen for a few da\ s it 121 \inity street. LtoR f \le? a nANDsom: d\rr nw mare is P hand* In li. 7 years oM RO.:mt an I con tie; amy free goer In hjmi1"' or :nder noddle ffumnw I "> trot !n thr-e minute*. Pi .-e $:<*>. Also, two ladies' Sudd .e . Apply at il Last fiiirty se -entli alreet. fOR SALE- AS THE 0WNKR1SGOI.Ni: TO EUROPE. jl sp endld pair of Hurt's, dark ba>(, !?} hand'; x pry free and *t> 1 1 a li ?' i Iri r?. I'ri c ^ 1,20 1. < au bo D'pii before 1 and sft'r 6 P. V at slab e rear of M Kcuisou stitet Brook hn Mel hi*, nra:' Wall Street ferry. F'on ?ai.e-a sorrel horkf ii hands high. Can tie ?"?en at Miles stab s, il We?t Nineteenth at. IjlOR SALE -A FAIR OT WELL MAT. I1ED RAT P Horses. 17 hands e yea:* old, >0110(1. kind and gentl*; vr 11 ? e cli 1 WO lbs ;i : ?lrl?e wel together, and < nsv - te: per*. <:?n I ? sen at tlnedeker s stables, 12 and II Loerutn street, Broofcltn n?ar the tMv Hall. 1J10R 8 ALE? A VERT HANDSOME AND 8ITLISIT, " all bia k, >artd!<" Horse. I>'. bands li gli. rl-lnr nmo years old. cund, unusuall. heattliv *nd of treat endnranco and activity, bar n.; can ;r.i a si 1 officer through Hi ce bard campaign* without t e'tig unfit for nsis more tban a month In all during the lust tbreo ears, Mdd only because the nwrer ran not atford to keep him. Al o a del of MllUnry K i ipu.etil* App y nt Pclten A Mc I. wen's a tables. Twenty fitst stieet, near I irilt avenue. IjlOR SALE-A BROWN* HORSE, 15\ HANDS HIGH. . a (.ood trnre ler and very *ti llsh; Mun i and kind in stn tie or il.inb!" harness; sul'able for n toupe; alfo Do iliie Harn'*' , B anket, Skeets Ac-. Appier m K A. KNAPP (for the owner;, .leflcrson stables, SI Cimetopher trect. ITViR SALE-A ROAN" HORSE. 10 II \SDS niOR ; 6 r years old ; njl ,li and cute; I r.tnb e :?>r a coupe or e?t>r?"P. A so a i glit 1 , seat Wa^on. Infinite of <JL'). J. BROWN, 1M Henr.? atreet, l>et>v?eu Oilnton and. let) ei sun. OR SALE-A VBRV Niri' BAT V > I-, IMND ' hljh 6 >ea^ old. ?>< tii.i ?ud geotV, a-id .von 1 n akr a very good alv's snMIe borr.e Apr'' *t R. t'o'-rtney s slai'le. in Pe i *tr"*\ oo? door from the corner o: Mutt, or al I j > Clisibain -treet. I^OR SA1.I -A gPLBNIHD B * V ll< II HANI'S P bljli, 7 year* old. inrtr.'t' v soon I kin' an I gi-ntlf- a i-piendw 'Mure or f?rr r.fjit horse. Can be ? eu ai t'i,ney' stable, Love Ian", Brook.) n. f^OR SALE? A DARK BAT, LONG TAIL MARE, P fen.:e, ?o w<l anil kind, ijin t.ot In '.'.VJ toa toad siso a i.o lop full *oat lull spring !!o?d Win ? i, r.tr t. ?k? i u! lit t !o spiI; tb"y wi:i l.e sold te|iaiati'iy oi toa-tber. Ap CI nt Jew. if-. M' tC'ir sluei. one ?Kor from Amity F ?OR SALE? A BEA ITTIKL'L GRAY II I! -'I' 0 TEARS old, ? ? ?nil.! a d kind iii sll hnrii"?s; splendid tioi*.- for n enupe, oi l lor .-a: ' of n ??, uriee 0. In ntire. at !fA> ?>?t Kiit.'-nMi ?tre?'t. Initi'eu 1 and 'J A. M. or 'Jan I 4 I*. M Mors" i/>l? bands li.,:n. 17 OR 8 ALE? A SMALL BAT MARE, Sl'lTALE KOR I ? J:; I? 1 eipr.ssuor . watra itnd to bo s.aind and kl?d. liii|iilr.' of II. U DOBSON, liS Vatlok stri" I. li'OR S \ LR? V BLACK IIAWR, COLT. f. VEVR-' ?>I.D, I bro<e thl- ?p ln , mid ean Ir ? In :? <<v li i .? i-atn n ? warrant' f sound anil kini. Also a t?e*v Su k v n l KoaU Wa on. Harness and Bl nken Iminlreel No. .Hi .tHiuc-.st, JJpOR SALE-A EIVE YEAR OLD STEEL URAT MARE, r lln 'on an ato it, lr>ng Uil end malne. I#.li hand . h :;b, perf< ' tly aonnd. end gentle in all liirn'ss; I ne s' i* end ?et'un and olfers to b" fast Hold on r tor ivn t ul u?e. Can be s?-en al N* Ke t Nineieentb street near Third aren ie. IfOH SAI.I-A srvLisn SI BSTANTIAL MAHOGANT P lay eo'ipe Mors". Can b? i:?''d slu?;!e or double; weighs 1 .101 to 1.2 11 Warr anted s und an.' k ml. < a:i bo *r?n at ti e pr r.itf s' >!'le 2 W<-st Thlrt s- coud etree'. M n d,?y and Ttieaday. J ii'ie ti and 7 ; price f KO ?pop SM.R-4 PAIR Of TROTTIKO llOK^i. || I bauds I loch l.igb; onf dark brown, the O her oaia ehe tnut The. lenlrot in 2 >' together with aa?", aerrn aud citlit %r?rs ml. Warrsnted sound and k ml. robe ?een for tliiec days at pnrale stah e fa Woo-tersnrcet N T, For sale-a bkai tiki'l dai-plt- grat mare, Id bands hi?U, ii ..earn o'd. warranied sound an I kind, e lier In sing e or double harness; al o a top Wngun and Harneae, Whip, Blanketa, Bridle and Sad ie Prlexfortiie wt.i'le $J 0, *? I '<? owner has no further use for them. In quire at IS Ci.eiry street until sold. L OR SALE-A IIORSIC BIGHT TEARS OM>. LIGHT r Wagon, no (op. snd llarni'?s. Iniulre at -17 I'innklln eireet, near West, in ihe e<>pp<>i smith sh p. Prl eflSJ. T7?()R SALB-A PUR OK MATt'tlKD BAT IIOIiSRS P ??|. brnki'ti Iti slii(i% and double barue s. very sMUli and klrnf; will be sold single or toother. In |tilie, between 9 and 12 o clock for three any*, at 2S Pecjnd avenue. I.- It 8 A T K? v I ; K STYLISH FOI R AND SIX SBAT r Phaetont; elso Coa' Bot Wair ns; ?;n?rc bo*, too end no top Vi a^oti*. aeioiid hand Biikgu'*- Cab on W IKuI.L A CARET, WfSt Twenty lour h street BM)R PALE-A TWO IIORSR TRI'CR, II GOOD 1 order, will carry three ton* weight; moat be sold; price f too. In<i ilm at W West Twenty ninth street IfiOR SALB-A STTLI8IT, DARK BAT ROAD MARB, P 10 hands b:gh. e y -are old| souml end kind; a vert i lea sar.t driver, hsslretle.l In 2 00. Impilre of JOHN RKOOAV, ?I Wiie?B e stab.e. cerntr o t Bleedter iwl C'roeiir euesia, ac. ' fjjlOR fllLE? A 60RTIIIL UOflAB 14I/ (TAW DA nTrtrr ariwTs^ai.'r*"^*" ?^s Fob salb.-a pair or stylish, light bat Carr age Horses. about 9 years old l*n hands high kind, gmitle and good traveller*, Prlee < ?> Kor further psrtlcu'ars In -juir* of yff. H. ELMKK. on board ?!<>??,, Marjr Pen-ell. toot of Jay street, an/ Oar between iU an! 3H .? 'elixir. F^OR SALE-A LA Ri IE BAT HOSB. lit H\Nf>H HIOH, sn>earsold perfectly .oiinl and kind: al?> r\ Victorl* and set of singe Harness. *11 having been but little u*?d ; will hi? sold togetner or separately; victoria mad* to order bv Lawrence A Co. Apply at Keeler * stables, 61 Wait 1 li rtieth ? ireet. For sale?an excellent light shifting top Wagon, Silvern A Smith makers; newly done up, with po e Apply to M. WARD. 112 East Nlatli *trc?t, pri vate etalue. For sale-one bay horse. 15 hands high, prlre $75 a'o one sorrel Horse, Ifi hands high, pr :<^> t' '< ? au be aeen at 21 Christopher street, la th* black imlth 's shop. FOR SALE-A fine cor'PB rockaway. one set A of Hlu.< n llarne-s. n very line Bav Mare. A year* old, 15U hand! high, sound and kind, aplendtd driver very ?O.lish : 1 shifting top Read Wagon. I ne*- set of Double Harness, 1 Kiv Slare, 5 rear* old. sound and kind, li'i lmnd* lilgli, n[ stipcrier stock and nromlsea to lie vi'ry fast. The u'jovo will be sold very cheap. Apply at (522 Seventh avenue F AST TROTTING MOUSE FOR SALE? SEVEN YEARS old. sound ami kind, never beau trained; inn show a natural ra't of 2?> per nrlle. Bold ool Inr want of use. WM. L. TUBBBL, 4u3 Broadway, from S to l i a M. Horse, dark brown, kearly black, for sale? As Hie owner is leaving town, for $225; 11 hands, ?tjllsh In a ngle harness, lon^ tstl, warranted perfectly sound by a re<tpon* ble wirty ; would match well for * pair, io be Been at 1 -5 Kaat Twem'elU street. OMNIBUS LINE FOR BALE-KNOWN AS Tim Spring treet line ir not sold by the 7th ot June it will be so'd t'< the h best bidder at II <> clock at the stub es. Seventeenth street and Tenth avenue, to clnsn different In terests, For further particu sra apply at the stu , 'tables. PAIR OF SUPERIOR C A R R I A ( ) fi HORSES, OVER It ban Is high, ba'. . black points. long tails; enn beat 3 minutes. For Bale nt atahlC3 II West l-orty second atre 't. SI'LliNDID BLACK OB DARK BROWN HORSE FOR sale forhalfhis value; very showy, I.'1* hand". perfectl;, kind and gentle. single or double; can trot fa t, but hat never been a needed ; perfectly sound, and has nntasiu In defeat of any kind, ana will be ao warranted; will be aold for fiuo cash. If purchased on Monday or Tuesday, a* the owner leaves town. Apply immediately at 72 Beaver street, rooui 14. Qlx SH AT ROi"KAW*Y, NEARLY NRW. FOR SALE O cheap ? (.'an be seen at Coudwin's carriage factory, 114 Ell/abeth street. rnwo VERY IIANDSOMK AND FAST (BLACK CAR JL i lnge Morses for sa'e e ther together or *#ifarately; may be w>?n it Maiden's Llverv Stables, #3 West Twenty fourtU street, nrar Sixth avenue. WACON.? WANTED, A LIGHT SQUARE BOX ROAD Wagon. In g od order. Address, stating lowest eash price, King, Herald office. WAdONS FOR SALE.? ON F" SQUARE BOX ROAD Wagon, with Pole and Shafts, nearly new; also one Yacht Body, With Pole and Shafts, as good as pew, only helnit run a few times They were built to order lor the on ner by Parker A Co. Apply at TruemlsJI's stable, Broadway, Uetweeu Forty-iocond and Forty-tblrd street?. COP A RT N K rtSIIIP. A PARTNER WANTED? IN A LITRATIVE OPF1CB business; no fortune uroml od, but really the very best and safest Investment. Must have about 94i(l00. Apply at 335 liioadwav, room 17. Aoentlemab. iiavino a TnoRouon knowl edgc of chemistry In Its application to metallurgy and manufactures, ?vlshn< to connect himself as partner with some prominent manufacturing establishment; best of ref erences gh en. uud li rail lied, some capital Invested. Ad dress Cncml?t, Herald office. A PARTNER WANTED? WITH ABOUT $.500, IN A pleasant, genteel bu~ln*ss; a wideawake mtn, with fcoud aldrcss, will find this a very good opening; rolerencea Liven ah i required. RICHARDSON A PLATT, IBO Broadway. O. fil WALL STREET, NEW YOBIC, MAY SI. I8UI. EllWARIJ DODUE has this day reil>-?d from tha no. psitueislilp of CLARK, DODiJE A fvO. N LUTIIP.R C. CLARK, EDWARD DO DOE, JOHN D. MAXWliLL, DAVID CRAWFORD, .fit TI.e underslifned. remaining partners In itio said iirm ef C'srk. Dolge * Co., all residing In tho City of New \ ork. will. In wctordanee with the provisions of an Act of the Legislature of this 8ta:? ..f New Yorg, continue the use of the name CLARE, DOHOI! A CO. in their futme business. Mr. Hdvvard U oil?e is not liable or yspons ble for any debt*, euntracls, ur liabjlltles hereafter mrfrte or incurred. LLTI1KR C. CLARK, JUllN D. M AX W K.I Jj, DAVID CRAWrORO, J*. \TOTirr IS MKREBY OIV'EN THAT THE ACCOUNTS I\ of the !itn II r in of Parsons .t Magialn wilt be settled by Merrv W. I'ars ins, No. 8 Myrtle avenue, Brooklyn BWWM.n, .lune I, I ? ? PARTNER WANTED? WITH $2 ?'0, IN A LONO AND well < htalillsl.ed casli business; a nood opening; tl-e bost o' refereii.es and every other ai1 si action given. Address, With real yauie, Kxtuml, box HI lleiald utiles. PAKT:inP.8HlP.? Tit.: ADVEIITISBR HAS A CON tratllk'lj n)0 a to ccnrorer one hundred t'nnsivnd dollars. 11" dtisire* to "ell n part on inoct ad\ antag?ous terms. Addle** J. W. Wiilters, Post nHlee. ri HE COPABINEBSHIP IIKBETOPORK EVIrtTINO J under the In in of Jauie* M. I'riiKn A Co. I> hereby dla aolred hjr mutual eonsonl. .Mr. James M. Drake retlr og frim a ft f? o bus aes'. Ellhr partner will alga In liquid* tlon. The current account* un the books of J. M. D ICn will bo jr. i od In tbe bands of Diake Hrnther*. their suc rioii. JAMF.H. M DltAKK. Sew Yumr, June 1. 18S?. A. A. DRAKE. LIMITED PARTNERSHIP The udders g.icd have formed a limited partnership p-ir ? uanl lo tbe laws of the Mate < ?f New York, for tbe purpo ? oi ronilinilii.' the Stoik and Kx chance Brokernije buslnea*, iiikU r tli'- N'vle of D;.ike lJrother*, at lucreaaora to Ja.nea M. I>rakr A 1(1. Tlio j>ni tn-ishlp to commeneo on the 1st of June, 1804, and terminate oti t!io lat of June, 1*1)1. Jiiiiv h M Drt.ke lias eon t .it ' 1 fifty thousand dollar* lo ca?!i tn t' e common stock a ? ?> ec i>! partner. Tbi tn"'iib' ra of the late linn take tht? opportunity to trnder their a<kuowiedi;menta 'or the rcrr I beral patron ate they have heretofore xc< ? vod, and to aoUcit for tbr: new l.i il. u cuut uuai.ee of tbe ame WILl I AM F. DRAKE, A1.II1.I.I A DBA ICE, General iiirtsi'rfc JAMES M DltAKK. Nkw Yorca. J me T IS1)!. Special partner. OTANTED? A PABTY WITH ABOUT tlO.OQQ i ' A l' I r A I#, II to take the controlling Intrust in a hardware mattu f i' turnic cuoptny. Address boi 3,730 i'o^t o.l.ce, stating wl.cie au mtei view iniy bt had. WANThD? \N ACTIVE PUR HON OF CAPITAL. TO In* est frotu $'l t>tl to JVUuO In an aitinU now In t.ene ral ??a'.e throughout the htat"i? aud secure I by lett rs patenl of the t'nitcd ? it ? a -? ml tlrea- Hi tain. No sgsuM need ap ply. A4dw a it. w. M.i llermM afli.a. ?ANY OFNTLF'TAN IIAVINO THT AROVH ?pds-)U> tun ' n< can pur ,ia e half In arest In e:,a of tha beat i a v , n;; I. mih f?< s in the country, No e.ut* nte?| a; ply. 1 -r p-ft i. r^ call at 4'J', T.entj -eighth street, cot ncr of S Atlt ..von it. Cf-rfHI ?ON K ElfllTTII OF AN INTEREST IN AN ? 7c/' '"J, oi W .-il about lo bo ta re 1 to. tbe oil regtttia of Pf au o .van. a < an be bought I r the above amount l.. IK.VoE, :.7 M? ???!?. igil "treat. el rtn/t -^ANTliD, A PARTNER WITH THIS OA>" )'''/? aniotint. t'l go to Europe and *'t aa treasurer In a thoi.ti I. .tl Imslne- - tliat will yield a positive proUt of S -i t**) within si* months. Address fjr tbrua days, L M. Siknei 2C St. Mail. > )>'ac?. Near Vork. C;l/> linn -PARTNFI* WANTED-llANUFACTrR. O L''.'n'l/. :ni< iii t.c lea not eire. teil b* trade saiea: In ilupenaiVe and utili ulted ileniatid, ?v bol^sala (or < as'\ at Itiiiiieris * profiis: lartory at Hiirlem: eosily nvi'-hloery an<t ever tl..n,- ompleto. Ap(> y lo (iEO. F. OVKKIN, No. 8 Eas: 111 iihton street, neat Broadway. nuaictiit ASl'Iil NDID Pf ANO FOR $S2% -O. A H. BAR Mult, munn a itrer , SI. "J Hit-acker strfet (seeen taen iir- 1 | rt^e n ? a. si: warranted for Ave years. ?ith< m ex ept i n t ,e ?? Pi..no mu-e. Teslimoulala : iota most dlttinnmsbed auMs. NI< E .?rV OCTAVE PIANO FOR $?3, AT 4I9X 1. 1 (ted street. A p KR(1 MN TO CASH" PL Kt7uA8?*? ? PRICB S300. iV Mn 'unit r "nivood seven octuva Plsnolorte, larga routi ' o.l.',-a li in trn,ne, ona nsl prlre $5.V; k ? I as new; baa la1 -t Ian roi- ncnts, ap en ltd t ne . well known city makers. Apply at the r>il<1eiice, ;?.? Third street. k FAMILY. V.-ANTINU MONEY WILL DINPO|K~OP 2\ their Pi.'nofnrte l?r leea than >2WT a $ ^<i Itistrunient; lull sl/e i oli tn Improvements, full Iron frame, round i-or tier , rot m?oo1 ras-. tut assort tlmo used, in perfect or Ji r. C'i I nl 7'.' Rn ugt>n street. ~i MAONIFICEN.I' BO?KWt)OD pFaNOFOKTE FOB i\ sie coal SliS ', lor Jt'W ?. Pa lor Furniture, eorerd with broeae Kti r-1 Mirro.s, l'.<lutinj?, hrtm, a-t. f'taluar*, Cbamlir. 1 . i ii 1 1 1 < i " I It it 7 uir nihs, lo h? ?old at a ?ae r em Imj'ilre at 113 West Twenty third street, near Mith avenue ___ A.V AONHICI MT 7 OCTAVE RnREWOOD PMXcJ fur:? of *er rHparlor tone for "ale. at a r(CM sarrl. liee, foi s- i has iron fra tto, Kret.rh arartd acflon. Ae ; Hiinliatn s celebrateJ n.ake. Aijlyst 10 Alliu st eet, near Canal. i m /H ITAR \M> HINOINU -NAPOLEON W ilOt'LD, IT Si. 0 i l.irisiatid T> aor, en il?-s fus p iplla, lu a few iet on 16 acromiMiiT ?onift aud j Isy efTeeiireif the most adiiitn d< "i.p j.-it oas. H64!, Urjad ^ay. see nd block aboT? Vaiou squKto. 1 f REICH knh * 1 ' h pianoforte tunbk and fl . t epali er, I *. W'e.t llo uton street near Broadway, New Tork. New and second hand Pianoa for aala and w A MHITNIC.-IN.trRI criON O.N TUB PIANO ATIB2 PRR iiionth. alili i rTTllege of daily practice No 7*? Waah rTngi n sti eel '.neat Hank, also ;0J Thlrty-aliHi street third d or west of Beventli avenue. ?l?* MR C. OTTO Ml'I.LER. TEACHER OF THE MiiJ I low and (llti/inc (es-ahl shed In ml, hi" varai?. ft* vrw 1 riv?i* i"??? f?r mta'.!! roo n No 10 'r,hn**l cornor of Twent. flrst straal, T>r ANOFOHTE FOR HA LK. ?A N E'rl F V i; N 77oT A f B .1 * * ?*"' roaawood Piano, rlh car red Itg* eontainlnc all Ihe ateit impr'?Tctr.er\ta, overstrniK Iron fraiue Ae ; city abaidatB, warranted in etery raspes. Prloa ?*_Vfc . 'Apply at l"i Third a?enua betnaen Bli teenin atid 3uveut?B.,tli treets CIONOEA IILIEA VALENTIN! P A RAVALLI? PRO j re'toro' Ningln^ind Piano, tesches at har private real, aence, .9 West h fi ieenth staeft lc ?e?n Ki f tS and Hutfe aveuiies, wh?r > she ca:t be seen every day, fr >rn 1 to 9 P. M. CEVKN OCTAVE KOtEWOOD PfANO* FOR SALR-* t'arve I |<Jg?, roitn led c jrn- 1 s r -nlraTie, ever ?truna bass aud all the modern Improvement* Cost $"JW. and will he aold for $j:>\ casn. Apply at 'Ml B o intttalJ street, Uoboken. Shhven octave pai:i? v p Rioitr piANorukra far sale ehoap. ? Han lsnm<- rosewood ease, fl^teuea and tone; wl 1 ?t*ti t in tiiur, ami Is lu narlae! orlei^ Prlc? |l9ti. Apply at li. >Ve?t Houaton siraet, near Macdoufai. VH lOLIN STB1NOS FOB tlor WBAIIIHt -illITAfL Ha i n ?u l /ithar Airings M cents, msi al Piano an4 puleltr -r W re Musical Instrument* cf aeary daacriplla% ? l'fica list ssntoa receipt of *tamp r Halt mi GH iblMM. KM X?w*ry.

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