23 Haziran 1864 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

23 Haziran 1864 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 10,142. . NEW YORK, THURSDAY, JUNE 23, 1861. PRICE THREE CENTS.., SHERMAN. UTELLIGEHCE TO THE 16TH UST. The Grand Movement of Our Lines on the loth* BRISK FIGHTING. THE ENEMY DRIVEN BACK. MoBherson Captures Four! Hundred Prisoners. vwwwwwvy^ywWA Reported Capture of a Rebel Brigade by Hooker.^ Sherman Sees Marietta from Pine Mountain. U8T OF REBEL OFFICERS CAPTURED, I BOW POZiS WAS SZLLB9. INTERESTING INCIDENTS, As, *?? bi DcB. Randolpw Krim'i OaipMib. In in Fijilj, Judo It*, 1304. lte latest detailed Intelligence to the Herald from th's contained tnfoimatioo up to the 12th inet. On the ?, owing to the rain which fell during the day, our i Mnea kept their positions, and there was compar* ' lire quiet along their whole extent, perhaps an o.-cisioail feat passing between pickets or Are from a battery filling ftp ttio day 's work. On tne 14th lbs artillery of the two tunics tired with loaio rapidity; but no me rente at * were Made iu coa*equeace of the heavy ooadit.ua of the coeds, ormutiotia o.' t. e IOib?u'rasaees. The morning of the 16th dawned amid in Irregular fire Of artillery alssg the flDe, and met with a corresponding bra from the batter,hi o! the eaaaiy. As the day ad wanced the fire became mora heavy, aud musketry was weed by the pickets of the two armies. Our lines at nooa ?osmuenced moving uto uaw and more adviuced pos Mona. MoPherson, who hat the left this morning, in ?bad of the aiiUt, as upon thecrois.ng of the ktorsh, Mwttnued on the left, though making some changes la the position of bis corps. When the mo rem out or the army iMgan the Seventeenth corps (BUfr'e), from its place m the right ot MoPherson'e line, moved forward obli'iue. lag towards the loft aod tlx railroad. This corps soon became engaged with the onemy. Aa a support to the ?sveateanth. Harrow's division of the Fifteenth was dc. ?ached and placed upon the extreme left, white Osterhaus', at the taiat corps, foil, wei as a reserve, the other Cpri of Mcpherson's army swung around, fiil o; in ou i right of the Scventeemh and participating io the fiBlrmlshmg which wa- go ng on continually. 3eturc iho Movement commenced Mci'heraon's commamt ranged bom the right to left? iareateontli, Sixteenth cu t Kif Mouth corps. *Aftsrwards this order was reversed, piac Mg the Fifteenth on the right. In this arrangement the troops advancd, the thrre ?Brpe engaging the enemy iu fran;, while Harrow, vdu bis division, wheeled to the right almost tn a complete ?1 rule and soon found himself in tho rear . an out'.;, mg ?etacbmeuioi tbe eaemy, oon?;*tio* of two regiments, ecting as a tupport to his picket line. Harrow iatne ?lately opeuea a alight are upon the troop? be had cot off. ?ad soon nbitvd them to surrender. They wore the Till.' ?y-flrst and Fortieth Alabama infantry. The other corps at llcPhcrson's .army, whil? tlaia w?* going on, u;ion the left, succeeded tn forcing the enemy book, Ukuig o small ?amberof prisoners. Harrow, bar ag ad* aocod further than wo3 intended, foil back with his prt? ners and gave eur ituo the intended ditectioo. Wh.it pes.tio i Mcl'bcrsvn |eek after the success of bis rftcrnoon'' work I am u t sk liberty to stats; tot it be aufiioient nt present to sty ?bat lie Li some distance from Iho petition hche.dou the Uttb. bootsr i orsRottoxs o.v tub save pit?a.no rttc oiuer corm. Simultaneourly with the movement of McPhcrson's ?rc-ps, the rest of the corps we-o advanced?i's'mer ?Meeting himself towards tho enemy's position on Kaneiaw Mountain, Howard at Pico Mum tali, 'he ether corps Alllo? up tho geps end participating tn the general actions. llooUef during the dty mode one ef bis maon,flcent assaults ur<on the enemy's works at the base of Lost Mountain. Hi soon carried thoir outer line ef rtfle ptte and charged wilh such 'mj?etno*;ty that ho ems not Ion; In d-lving the enemy completely out of bis Brst llDe of fortifications, forcing h m up the mountain. ( Iu the position taken from the enemy Hooker remained, and after liltie labor placed it la a sate condition of defence. The enemy made some efforts to recover the loot ground, ?r, very optlv, Lost Mountshi, but wai unable, being re. ?wised each timo be undertook it. The troops of nit the corps took their rcnoctlve parta M the progTAfMinCi tilth tbctr usual willingness, lOSSM. ffcir losses, of emirf#, aro not as yet positively known; bet aa far as Icon learn Mol'bcreoo'e army lost about see bututied killed and wounded, and probably Hooker (be >ame. The o1lv>r corps tost loss heavily, being less ?apo*ed Upon the whole 'ho movement wan eminently ?eoueesfut, with very little sacrifice. s.inm or oiikt.h.-i nrrvr.m ot the 16th. The pillow lug is au accurate list or rebel officers dap. (?red by (tenets! Harrow tn the actions that enrucit from ?be movements of our troops on The 16.U ? Cokwcl It, It Hunicy, Tl.-I Alabama. Captain I, tv. Vlck, rut Alabama. Captain K. r. Thompson, ,!??' A'ubans. ?eroni l.buieoaut G M. I'Uglt.ib. "1st Alabama ?ecoed Ltniiroaci r? (;. Zeo.ue, Mat Aiahai a. End UeuiensuL J. T. Adam". .'flat Alubusn.. mi t l"uti n-icljC. L. Brown, 3UI Alabama, nd l.ieutrnnnt I. p. Rridtord 31st Alabama. ami Lieutenant J a. Wright, filet Alabama, nd ijmmdmI ft K Hod, ce, ni t Alabam... (Jat-isln Wm. M. Waynes, 40th Alabama. Flras l.ieutsnaut II Hiioii, eotb Alabama first |,|Cutsaant P.. k. H llkks, soth Alabama First I.MMenant W. P. Binybam, 40th Alabama (Second l.leuioaaat W. ft. barer. 40th Alabama Befond l.lontenaat K. ft Ward, 40th Alabama Naoend I. en ten an I B. B. Sanders, -10th Alabama ??d Lie<ilenant W. N.Ocio, 40lh ALabvna. e were aim four serge .uls .md two corporals. TM Provost Marshal ? list shows eighteen oncers, Tour ?ergasnts, two herporhb aod Hires hiiodred and si try. ?Brae prtvatss. II Is also npartsd Chat Hooker, Io his assault upon tbs fW work? at Lest Mountain, csptmed an antire Of this I have been unable, op to the proMat writing, tn gather any very ntfiuble information. Ily ?owie H W aatf wo have captured no less than twenty, '?vo hundred prl.mners from the lgih to the date of OTWUg. Of those of whom t speak positively I am cer. ?am, loth Worn tha fiact ot having sscn the prl ..inns aad marUlM the I "roves* Marshal rontamlng thsir names. , iohi rasariovs wtm ratv-ovras. I hsitestsashre asavorsalloM with the priionsrs taknn MB hut OU0U*Ud wwa Cram them. *>uis ray tbn rebel soldiers ere In ai food spirits as ever and just as willing to tight ?s ever; others do uol put >ti such a bright col -rh g. Its captured oolonel was lurmoriy a lawyer in Chicago, and a sho-t timo boioro tto war re I moved to Huntsvllio, Alabama, where bo prosecuted bis ' profession, ad at the eauiO time carried on a suit for the poeecwion of the heart of a fair Southrou, which he won, ard ur.itod to b-uaself matviiuorially. Oae very lingular observatiou was ma It by several of the men In relation to tbo fighting of the two armios, which struck wo as very true. They say that our men 1 do ?~t eland up and sacniiee their hves as freely as they do. Oor won have coumuu sense enough to kuow when llioy are^unnecessarlly exposed, and ant accordingly. The rebel anuy 1? move-duly by tbo lutelllaonce oi' Its lead ers; our army act', through the intelligence of the whoie mass. The prisoners say our ofilcers do not sacrifice their men usilcssly, h'nt always consider tbo cont before they undertake a inuv me at. They think that their of ficers have little regard for the lives of the soldiers, and are willing to sacriUco any number to accomplish their purpose". But tLe most important Revelation m the minds of the Southern soldier is the commencement to se . r: t bolicvo that ih-s war on the part of tlia South is design' 1 merely to gratify the ambition or tha loaders, and not tha improvement of their owu condition. This feeling Is be>. uuiutt to circulate freely amongst, them, and tho eucct will so u be seen. From my own obtcrva tiou 1 think the eotim/iasm of the mas3 or tho rebel sol diery is daily growing less, and thoy appear decidedly indiiicrort as to who wins, only suit bringR p-sco end prosperity to theniS'ilver, thoir .amilies anil thoir homes, j nit-EirnoN or .*?* ksttre coupaxy. On the 16th a enpttiu, three lieutenants end rixtv men made their apw-arance on Mcpherson's front and ad vanced within a Short disUnca of our pickets, where they halted. Two aerceant* of their cumber vero de toiled to approach tho pickets nut make ku-iwn tho rca- 1 son of the unuecouotublc moycmeois of tb-ur ojniades. , Thoy stated to tto p; ikots that the entire parly on their front were dertrcu? of boiug admitted within our liars. As the officer ce.uiuandtagiho post had uo authority to act, the two : rgc i.its woic scut to he**!', iiriors under guard, while the rest war s .uforrced to remain until their return. Up n reaching headquarters the servants were | examined, and. after giving a natlsfaotory aud consistent account ol'the oh elves and their oompanious.ouu of the two | was sent back to the post ..'tid informed liow to proceed, ^ while tha otnor was held as a bcstaE" for the sincerity and fulfilment of desired desertion. Reaching tho past, the sergeant was permitted to communicate with tho rest of the party. In a short time they, jtero satisfied, and in a short time alter wero ss.cly admitted within the pickets. Tbo officer? and u>e.n give as a reason for this action that tnsy had served faithfully for throe y .?iu, una were tired of fighting, that toe/ had left the army, and were conscripts 1 atni o 1 ?;u* 1 to again o.^tsr the armv. which thoy had determine l not todo, hut, fin ding object iou u e- ; less, roturusd, and hi J Iou/ looked lor tho preieot ojipor. tunny of escaping rcooi tyranny and niisgoverinnont. Torhaiis there never were a set oi men inure thoroughly dlsg.ir'eU and penitent Thoy report, however, that the spirits or Johhston's men are good and hopeful, and think there is no doubt about their ultimate success ih rorciug Shiruiaa back. TOPOCaaraicai. Tbe nacherked pro-re?" and lnvariab'.7 successful re coanolssance? o-. Siierroin's army hive at list a.rao3l brought ua out of cue mountainous regions of Georgia. Having practu-id u? j ipuiar ?' lank" orivemont upon J dinstoa ut Da too. aviidod tbo bold and dofeuaible range or tho Chattosgata Mountains; having Diced tha oaemy, with hardly a skirmish, out of taa Allatoont Wmiu tiin , there rem tin? hut oao strong point left at which to maw t goot d- en ?. and that i? tha po- i.on ho noty oc ?:u de?. tt? had indeed suppoasd tti it the Allutoona range wax tho las' oh-ucle to a debouch ?i;?oet the opaa C'lintrv oi toe ' ai'.uboochee valloy: but we s .ddi.oiy tiul ourselves opposed by another b it sniiuler ra.-gn of hill?, though ey.o'... an formic. ibio, tho most proui-uo.it o" which are Kencaaw, i me and Lot moutrta.n *. It is here the en amy bun auccaasfully stood tor a week, do'ylug tbe ability of our army to move him The operations "f fho lifh. however, tpaugdratod the movement which wi'i sou tut us .u position oi this Important atrongb dd. S.n,! trir arrival at Big Sjoutj our army ?M3 by no means been idle; every day there have been r evou no usances and I'liion at ,ons leoiA.og to the discovery of the enemy'* weik point? 'fae map which arc mi nuo.ea ihu despatch, auJ points out the proau* n -of feature? of interest m th'.i section, is a tracing of the military map made at Chattanooga, 0 I i- or great accuracy Tarfioa? of it consul a frotraelrn or the tuivvys oi tUe Cherokee , ijo'.d mine reg-oa, vta'.sn ws3 o. i^inaliy la.'J out In ?oc tion-s snsi thus so t. W.th tbe_o facilities Cipt. ?.'? K. ilorrpi. topogr; ihl.il engineer of the A rosy of the Utim. berMal. wastnabledio coaipi'c a? excellent and Uit.V worsby map of the country ibro i;u which our armlM "oavo beou aud are no* o, .aiiug. it will bo e-'ea frcm the map that John ton a iiue now cx'.cu^J thro;io l.o't, I'ino ami Kcnoiair Mouutatus, oxtoudiug in a southwesterly direction, or rather almapt d.rectiy trctu c-t^t Co west. The mcunisih:; aduded to ire peaks in the raugc, and aid vrstly to Its de lonsive strength, an t ne ignifv the diulonit c? lis 'at way <>t our army. Prior to the movement detailed in this os.-patch tbe cnem\ b d .vorks at tha base oi l. e ringe. The oi'eraiiooi f the loth a:id Idth resu.ted in driving tbem irom these prMtloss to another lu.ee! works rdtiuia? aloag tbo summit of the range, ibe captureof this Ikie will m?ure he passeasiou of the eu tite raoge, and wilt proo ibly be tuo Sceue of ths uoxt set iou. rusRMji:. m -io"f or jjir.trrrA. A surgeon who ailed on General Sherman tost night inlorms wo that tha Gcaorat retnailcrd that be uid "counted t ie bouses oi Marietta" ihatnitortioou. Irom an elevation in tho vicinity o. ITue Mountain. This indi cates how close w e arc to the Im-t footholil o! lbs iohei3 this side oi tho ChattaUorcbcs. A lew hays will probably fiud him dr.veu atr?3a tbe river, and the mouutaiaous rcg oh cUarai by tur jrnjy. II .rictta It a emaif but pretty plate, about twenty miles from Atlanta. uovr GUN'uaAL laji.'. was kii.i.Sf. From rebel pr.soncrs v.s learn ftro highly iatoii; .lug particulars Ov-ucctiilftH the manner of the death of Bi-hop General i'oik. Oo She aflertioou of the HlU a part, of rebel gen?ral?, cot. istiu; o: Jnhs tr-n, "oik nod Hardin., rrdn to Pine Moouta'O, lor the purpose of making n-uae leicrcoplc obacrvat.dns of our iioet. At tho lime a brisk strti.lc.f-fiie ?ti*. got./ oo bctweaa the tivo aim-e ?ut on - ngagcuiiat of t. ? lui tn.ry. lae rulel genera.s weio uu fi-ot at tho time, hat ing lelt their uorrc* out oi range. Tne arlillei ul? of thu Fourth onrpr, ohs. vlag tha party, f.rnd at them, but fulled of their mark, as th.-y were j>ro tectc l in a mearurs. Aua'i.er lattery, 1 undor-tand, of tho tamo corps, imt sumo dist iuco on tho right, got range oti the party and pnvo them \ discharge. One of the rOjCf1'10" "tr '*.s.?ystny informj' t. General l'oik ou tbo lclt arm, iho a the eiuovr, passed ibrougfi 'us t) >dy, c uiride. bly mangling 11, aud carrying <>it' tbo ri, ht arui. fb. '.ncxpectsd circmujluuce ocoasioncl groat excitcm-nt and cnstorualion amouj tho general* and rebels in ti e vif. aity, as cnul-l bo plainly seen by Mme of o ii'tr s | s, tboufh the eauao it tho conlusion was not known to tbem at tha mcniont. A short time a signal offlrer by tho name of Fluke, if I renaeinboi tho n mie rightly, i^gcovred ibu prlmlnio 0 the rebel ryrtetn of signif", which enr h..^ tf.m to io t rpret what war transp nug along tho enomy 's IIoor. The discovery and koy to ths uyiicm were made know n ta soma of our aignal o'.hcers. aod ottan thr.'Uk'i tbom and by this moans v.alvt.ihii .farm itlon has bean acc ired conceming the dcngnt of tho coomy. On ths alt of noon 01 the 14th. after tne death of Geuerat I'oik, it seem? tha fact wai announced sloog tbo enemy a line? by stg uala. One of the aignal ofiicera of our corps tead uud inierproted tbo signals, and at once made tho uuoxpocUd nnnouiK.omaut to our oulcors. An editor tohs mo. when we drove the enemy btek on the following day, that a pole with a piece of paper fas. tened at tbe end was found standing against a atnmp. One o( tbem secured tbo paper, cpon which were these word? ?"You damned Yaokaea have killed old General Polk.-' Whoo the first news or his doalh reacbeJ ss there was soiuo doubt whether it was Lieutenant General Polk or ? suboi dinato gcoei at of tho same name. 4rom tbe facte aloes aeourcd, however, there seems to he no doubt ?bout its being the veritable UP t?e > ceeerai l.etmida?. I made aome Inqntrles ee^to the offset hie death will probably have upon his troops. They ate of the opinion, though moeb MMnsed, b4e 4ee? wtfl net aof Wty dletnrb thq nwi-qJs of hid arny 1 bp faji tfte Qessrai was got SHERMAN'S OPERATIONS IN GEORGIA. Scene of Our Advance from June 12 to June 20. very popular. The successor of General Pol!; will be either General f.onng or General French. The former, I understand, is tbo senior, ami choice ot the two. Loring b is been idoutiQed with tbo Army of tbo Mississippi for some time, and at Champion's Hill experienced tbo de lectable sensation or being cut o!T from the rest of his command, and only saved himself by rare exhibitions of pedistriambip on the part of bis troops. Loring took part ta the ovacualory op'rations of Polk's army during the Sherman raid to Meridian, Mi3S. He will now have a rare cba ice tu perfect himself in this favurite practico of dlscroot generalship. Stli.IT ART CHANGES. Py a recent order Tom the boatlquartoisof tbo military division we learn that the "District or-NashvUle" has been changed into tbo "District of Tennessee," extending to Lookout creel;, a few miles north of Chattanooga. Out ot th* new teiritory occupied by Gen. Shorm - a another district, known as the "District of the Etowah,'' ha3 been created, and placed under command of Gen. J'teodman. Tb.smoi.nng I succeeded in securing u copy of Gen. Steedman's ordor, assuming command. 1 embody tbo order itufull, a? It is important, and designates what con etitute3 the new district? J3V DISTRICT OF T'lTI ETOWAI?. Gtn'ral Orders?No 1. UwjqL'MtrKKH, Dmrnict or the Etowah, I Cbatta.no at is, June 1* ISM. f f Pursuant to paragrm b 1, Special l-'ie Orders, No. 22. Biliary Division of the BLssissiopi, dated .lime2, )(i4. tbo undersigned berebv nssurae- command of the Dk tr ct of tbo Etowah. comprised as follows:?Of the country from Bridgeport to Allatooua. lncit.OloxUievoland, lleme and the country cast ss far as controlled by tbe teiiera! troojis. li. Tbe rop 'Tts and ret:.rns of the effective and n<rpro galo Ptranetu of the uevcral commmids nud del ichtnonis uow-g.'.rrw .uin:: tbe district will be made to there liuad qoarters, as required by existing orders: lint this outer will not relieve such conimap ling officers ironi making regular r> tiroa iua reports to tbeir respective superior commanders ?? heretofore III Captain S. ti. Moo, Assislsct Adjutant General ot Volunteers ojiuur.bcod as Assist nt Adjutant Gccornl on duty at tueso headquarters. H? will bo respected ac cord ,iy. u. .-iriiDJiA:., llajor C enseal. ADCITIONS TO M'PTIR SOS'S STAFF. A short time ago I gave you in full tbo staff or the gene ral commanding tbe Dopurtment and Army of the Tenner see Several days since tbe followtug officers, by goneral order-, wcro assigned tu staff duty in Hie positions below dssigua'.eJ:? G aural Orders?Xo. 9. ?HKADCtnARTOtS, T Oi-tasgmcst and Akmt of thi Tknsi fi t:, n B.u Euaxtt, Ga., June 11. lft?4 I Ths fobow "ng officers uro annm ncvi ss members of'tbe stilt corps ot tir s department and army. They will be oh' v?.i ;m i r -per'.cd accordingly:? (i,.ti,n George C. Norton, Twelfth Wisconsin Infantry Volunteers. Aciing Aftl-uut Inapoc'or General. (H'taij Daniel IV. Vi'h'.ppl. -evenly- croud Illinois Infantry Boiuntiieis. .Vv: slant. Prove.-:t Marshal General. Capt iin u. il. Howard. United Mates Army, Chief Mgjal Officer. Gapmin J. T. Gonkllo. Assistant Quartermaster. Assist ant t aiefQ i.irterruaster. '< order of Bin i-r General .TAP. n. McBBl P. ON. War. X C ark. Asustaut Adjutant General. : eoixTBENr or orovahc* on: tra. The enlarged duties of the Ordnance Deportment, in ccnsopioaco of tbe great activity o: the armies in the lioid. have necessitated the appointment or additional offl ? r for thvt po?itiot'. The following General Order indi cates lii. i appointment* for SbTber.ion sariuy :? General Ordoi?Xo. 10. llF?!>,|tTARTFllO Pr.TARTMKNT AvD AR.UV OF HTK T!.- "? .Eg. B:i; s'UNtT, Ga., June 11, lstU. I The fo; wing nar, d o Ikicrs arr uotacbod from t teir companies and tegiun-nts nu?l a-signed t" I'tifj ?? art.ng oidnaru ?"IP or.. They wpi cot lie relieved except by u:dur fro: i tau-.o or superior ? adquarters.? Fifteenth Army Corps. first T.lenlcnsnt L Ii. Ii-tcheil. Battery H. fir t Illinois I.-gbt Artillery, Acting Or lnanu?' Oflicer "of rur,r. I st Lieutenant P. >??:< ahili, ( omi any G, Twenty sixth Iowa Infantry Volunteers, Acting Otdnaa.u odicer uf 1 list dir. .oe. Scnnd Lieutenant C. L. Puriuton, Battery B, First lili nois T.igtt Artiliory, Acting Ordnance Otrteer oi fecund division. (apt tin TV \v. Bishop,-rrmpauy A, One Itun.ired and Third Illinois Infmtry Volunteers, .Jotlng Ordnauce OIL cei of l'uiirtb division. S ileritlh Arn>>) Corps, Per and I.ieutenaut N i\ I nrk, Gomj ;.ny I', Blxtr-iixth Il!ino,? Imautiy Voluutcers, Ac* .ug (irunaucc Oi -i* of li.-lt wing. First Lieutenant O. F. Hall. Company C, Fecond Iowa Infantry Voluit, jrs, Acting Ordnai ?o Odlca.* ol .- . nd division. First I.ieuienaat P. .1 Smith, Gnrnpany I. sixr. ' ill Illinois tui'aotiy Voluutcors, Acting Oriii.aitce o or ?l uurtb division. .Vrr?n'een'h A ? Captain W. W. liunr.i.n, ton, '-v 'l ie- nth Illtr"l.s Infantry Volunteers, Acting Oidnan . o ? ?r nf u.irp -eeoiid Lieutenant V. t\aru *, c nip y ; .- '.fl'' IBh s Infantry Volunteors, .'.ct.'ug c.; O i Third division. iv-eond f.iontenanl X.PKiaei, i umo nv i?, Tiurly. i u"i 1 lllmois Ir.rantry Voluoico. < ?. !? u.u ot . I I'ooMb divWiou. By order (4 Major Goner :f *A - foPnnr. 'ON. W*. 'i. Ciark, Assistant ? irrsL D!' " 'A!, or ? Tbe incesttnf and active epara . ns of the ct*u al a di unt prerlntle the t'.cntt u ?)' 'be r ?: niar.dl" * c * ral to t-.s disniplino of liis oomimnd. T.iu fo. ??. p order has be u recently publi. bjd : ? C'et.otiI Ort.eri??V>t *. llKAW.r 'BTXR , 1 DrrARTU'NT Am Arm? tllK T R, V Pi.? SlUNIT, G ! , Juno 11, ' II ) I. Tor drimkeonrss am' dH. be die e ol orders wbllj In the face uf tbo ouenry, Captain Wiii xtn H. s,. tin, (' " it psny 11, itiuly i.Uli resilient No.v Icroy Voler.m .?.| unleers, is, snbtect to the approral of the Prrndeut, hereby dlainHsed tb s-rvweot ihe I'all'd Ft Met, with foriell ore oi ail pay and ullowntires. II. For dr.'orttnt; h i command, while in scv - at Res sicca nud l*altcii, '.eorgla, aud fordloot.odiCLie t nlrrs and neglect "I itv m tbe face of the enemy, < am Joseph Divis, Company C, Thirty second repirient V* S"uri Infantry V l intee. ?. is, Fiibjeot to Iho sppruval of tt e President, lici ? dlinnsard the service of tbe liai'.oil State.-', wtfli Inriaitumof all pay and allowances. III. For babltiial drunken:...-a while on duty, and for leaving his coir.maud nnd abundonlug tbe a.rk and wounded men of bis regiment, weile on ae arnre cam paign and in tne face of tbe enemy. Assistant Suue >o i* (.ompton .-niltti, Kirrt regiment Alnbam Gnvalrv Voluu teera, Is, subiort-to tbe npnroval or the Pi '?nt, hereby dismissed tbe service of tfo United States, w i.h forfeiture of all pay end allowances. Bv order of M?|cr General JAB B. Ur,PBIT.Sl)>f. nisi. t. Class, Assistant Adjutant General. orsRATTOHt or ths 19th. Since the anccets of tbe movements of yesterday no further advance n is taken place. The dny was spent in shaping our lines and correcting defects. Tne untie! artli lory fire between tbe armies was continued st uit"rvals, but without riamsgn to either side. A great and flnv on. gasemont may be looked for st any time. It Is unavoid able, and every one it anxious to have II over. ? WRAIdKR. Tbe peal few days have been the first of a genuine stimmer warmth. Tbo sun Is now certainly commencing tn eerneet. The region, however, la which the army is ?poretlng is decidedly healthy, ami no unusual unhcdlthl Q*M U BXPSStSd' EUROPE. I Thi Africa at Halifax wifl Two Days Latsr News. American Enlistments of Irish Emigrant*. Lords Cliarlearde and Brsagham Declare It a Cause ef War. Earl Russell Offended at Cabinet ^Son-Attention" to Lord Lyons in Washington. The Banish Question Unsettled and Dangerous to the Pal? inerston Ministry. RAVAGES OF THE ALABAMA. The Spanish Admiral in the Pa cific Relieved. The Emperor and Empms of Kimia Fisit the Kins of Prussia, h.i h?i *? Hamfax, Jane 22, ISM. Tlii steiajsh'p A'rfia, Captain Stone, Ironi Liverpool at uooaon thelltli, via Queenitowa oa tft? 12lh iusiant, art vod here at half-pa,;i one o'clock this afternoon. Her dates are two Jay3 lator than thoot already ra ceived. The Africa has forty-three pae'ea^ers for Halifax and Gi -three far Boston. TLo Afr.waroports:?Experienced str >ng weste'ly winds up to the Ctb it ?t. On thi nth passed the ship I.nsttlSd oJ Belt buoy, bound in. On the X2tU, in tho afternoon, oil" Loach's point, passed the eteemihip City of Limerick, from hew York, bound in. On thi 11th )?s. ea tho steamship Peril*, oil Cell buoy, bound into Liverpool, Oa ,he lTtb, in iatiludo 42, longitude C't, pa- ?ed the ship Caprera, bound cast; also the bars Aun.e Horns, bound east. Anions: the passenger* by the Africa are Sir Richard Jtlci'onueil ana lady and suite. He is the aewiy appointed Movcroor oi tuo province of Nova Scotia. The sto-iujhip Persia, frotn New York, arrived at Q nslowu at sis o'clock ua the moraiug of the 11th in st. It is reported that the Persia - machinery wis slightly datnngpd on her outward trip, and that ;.ho had to ute one onglco only. Iicr news caused a fall of two per cant In tho rebel loan The Arabia was to take the place of tlu Persia, and sail from Liverpool on tho 18tb instant for New York. A Cabinet counc.i was held in London ou the atternoon of tho 11th lnst.* The. fT"?i?e of Commons unanimously a.-oed to bestow cn t..c Countess of Klgln a pension cf ?1,000. T'.i proceedings In both houses of Par'.iF.aent, oa the lJtli were unimportant. /.t Bin,hay, Julia, Hay 24, cotton goods dull. Cotton 14 ruptea lower. rsrhango2?. Id. Freight* unchanged. At Catr la, May 2a cotton goods inlet. The aoconnls cf the Indigo crop are more favorably, Excbuugo 2s. Id. f'ri ,}h to Loudon i'Oe. l . o May awl's frr.ia tbo dfen Coast cf .mica ha t been tt.lived iu England N'aws nnimpertant. Tl -? i jg of Llaboniej's f...ces bad a^u.a bcee repulsed at Aheoputa. , 1: idc generally was dull. . tleamrhlp (.ermHnh, from N'ow York, arrived at Couth ,>ton on the tith lost. Tfie Alabama, ST'F RTDJtTR MANY Pfllt** l)F.HTKOY1CI> AND MANY oris nkra 'iakas ".r sf,.vmr-<. Tho ship Kent had arrived at l/>adon ripe renorts. In addition !<? the burning r f the ship Urn ktngh'irw, that > boarding pTTiier from the A'abama'tatod he had bur "d a r. Mt many other Am or lean uip.s and bad a .r.at umnhcr of prisoners on board of her. Bui la t men te of lr..h flmlgranta. PEDPTlAt, RBCTtlftrMKNTA fN PORTLAND AND BOS TON?LORD LYONS' M!'.M?lNSTR AXLES NKOLKC'f KD?18 It A CA3l'S ? BSLLI??INTERVENTION IliTfcn roR. lu tl. H ue of Lord* on tbo Otb Infant the Marquis or Clnn%c.rdd moved'or the caper?- rolalive t> tho pro i ?edlng/5 at Wash In" ton n|x?n the subject of imtn'grauin also tor 'he papers respecting the rnli?tm?nt of Irish emigrants a P?rtiuv! Do.ten to V.areh last, and alio ? lK>*e it .acting the enlistment of Canadian subjects in the fcd'-rai army. Tim Marquis of CUoricerae charted the federal government with tx inr parties to the systematic re cru.tlng of British subjects, urged a vigor mis rmnon strnnre agatnrt xuoh proceedings, and decloreq that non aitcntldu to eucb a remonstrance would be a cause for war. lie bo; e,l that clrcu&stanro* would so n enable European Powers to tab rpoot and slop the dreadful oar nag? now aot'ig on in America. jL. rcrllronthair acendc I the motion, and ssld that lb? federals were Inveigling poor IriabTieu into a breach of law. and po'ntod (other, npia.ntsor the Americans when England emploved Hassans and flermane. Ho deeply deplored that his old friends in Amwica, in whoao cans'# ho iu<tato?d so rnuiA abueo In bv gouo years had allow e-l them -eivos to bo drawn into a so sangutaarv and no cUrtstlanllke war. Ho slnrcrelr and earnestly hoped that pear? would soon ho restored. Karl Russell *i?entod to iho prodiKtlos of the nepers and reiterated hi* dplence or Mm c- ndnct or Lord Lyons and blmeejr. He asserted thw hu1 don* ?tH tb'y couH in rt~ Hfljr of r-vr'inftnfucf, and thought It highly diicredilahlo to the Auicncau authorities at Wash* Ingten ihat th?y had not Lilly lnvcetigat-d Uie rrpresentetl ? s made ly lord I.voue. He coeid em go so fag as to ?ay th it nun ?Mention to the rrmchstraeeothat hnd.ineo wuuiw waa a usm tar war; but he must admit that the t? ? imi one of it ilatt tha' tKHUen'.in U+ii to ka. lie baliavad that England had Just m much reiwon to complain of the Confederate* as of the federals, lie assured'the Ecus* that the ropre sen lotions already mad" would bo outinusd, und, he hoped, with sucoeaa. but the war iu America was bruit; conducted w ith auclt fury and reckioasuts* that ait re monstrances appeared to bo unavailing. AMERICAN UECRrmih.NT" IK SCOTLAND. The Mar nne of fTanriearde saiil that it wan notorious that federal recruiting was going on in If laud. Rirl Russell replied lh.it if lie would turuiob the proof the parties engaged iu such business should bo furthwith prosecuted 7ho motion of tbo Marquis of Oanticarde ws* then ag.sed to. THE LATEST NEWS. Liverpool, .Tuna 11, ;sfl4. The I.oudou Tiws to day has nn editorial on tbu mderal eu.is'mciit debate in the Mouse of i,ords. It says tho unai. tr lias o n o-.aggeraied, arid believes the ft .lis h've obtained but un insignificant portion of their tig'.ting ui an rroui the i't it i hi ies; and if they obtained twice the number, England could not refeooablyauake it, under the circumstances, u causa otwvor. We comedy stop gncn proceedings as are illegal; tmft is to say, enlistments oul not emigration. II omigratlon ends ui euliaftaent alto, wards, that Is un event beyond our control. The Dmi t?li War. In tho Ilonse et Commons on the lOtii or .Tune, Lord l'almerstun, in reply to Mr. Disraeli, said that a lurthur susoensioii ?>f hostilities In Denmark hid boon agreed to, without conditions. It was the longest, extension to which Denmark would agree. Tbo ConfereDco was m session three hours and a half ojthoQ'h met. The armistice lisc been extended a fortnight, and will terminate on the 26th of Juno. Tho Loudon papers o.treo that no p; ogress has been toade m settling the matters in dispute. The Danish plenipotentiaries are saul to have placed tbeinEeU-es in complete acco d with tho neutral Rowers by accepting iu Its integrity their proposal tor a com promiso with tho line of the Kcbley for a frontier. Tho Hermans insist on the line proposed by them, and will bear of uo modi ileal ion. Tho banes show a determination to recommence the war rather than nmko further eon cessions. It is therefoio regarded as very possible that the campaign will reopen on the i!?th inat. Tho London Time* tbinltw that if the. neutrals press their scheme tor a frontier t-ottlen.out, such a settlement may be uindo ? Tbo London F->st says that great hope IP In tho pros pect that England will lake up u decided position, and let Austria and Drus.->a understand U need - but little more to urge her on a course which, however repugnant, to ber, wi'l be dictated to her by a strong nonce of honor and interest. Tho London He-odd sees no ebancs of agreement unless Fngland adopts a dei isivc attitude, and thinks thai Par liament should prompt the government to it. The Confercoco has adjourned till June 10. The London Auverietr aaye that :n care tbo armistice bad not been prolonged Mr. Disraeli was tire pare J to movo a resolution of censure against tbo Cabinet, anu that Lord PalmoKton was prepared, In such a contingency, to dissolve i'arlt imt-ut and appeal to the country instead of resigniug. The idttrllw, however, thinks that Mr. Disraeli may even j et bring forward such a motion. The Rurls pajiers also oaSert that the couaervutlves have determined to bring Lord Pul mors ton and his Cabi net to an account. The Augsburg Garble publishes tiie text of the proposal made by England. It concludes by suggesting that if Denmark consent t to the aacrittue demanded, justice re quires that the independence of tbu kingdom shall ba guaranteed by tho great Rowers. England ha ; also proposed that South Scblcawlg should not be annexed to llol.-te.a without the consent of the In habitants. The Rnris Mmitmtr says that the representa' Ives of the belligerents at tao Lontoronco had agreed to meet, in order to come to sonic amicable settlement uir'cr the auvpices of ooo neutral representative, and that the French Plenipotentiary had been aulectod by them. It Is reported that tho Third division of the Austrian fleet will be sent forthwith to jibe North t-es. The Briti'h I'hanuel squadron is aga.u about to Isavo Plymouth for .-pithead. RUSSIAN CLAIM" OJt HOLTEtN. \,yt. Ditkp.uiue'i, June It, 1884. tertbtan 7*Ui The Deutsche P*tcrtliHf(i 7t Unrig of to-day. Mu nnunimc ing the trani-for in the Mraad Dulio of Oldenburg of her claims upon uolstoio, say a:?By this step of Russia the succession question between the Houses of,Oldenburg and Augu 'teuhurg is made an essentially interna; question of federal right, to be set! ed by the IMC. Prince uortscbakoit ieit yesterday for Berlin anl Ken sibgtoo. Copsmhuee. June 10, 1864. Tito Dabtadet of to-day says it is aseeMed that Daron Von Plessen, the DauUh Minister at Rt. Petersburg, has left lor Copenhagen. Me is the bearer of a proposal ou the parlot Russia to ro establish Rchleswig aud Hoist oln w if Inn the Danish tnouitcby, thereby pie*er\lag the in tegrity of the Llugdaui. Rranre. The monthly returns tho Hank of Rianoe show an in crease in cash' midland of ttfty.two million* of franos The murderer of lot Rommerats was exestiled? a the 9th Inst. French military operations at Algiers were progressing satisfactorily Tho I'aris Hours? waa 6ff. 06c. Prussia. | The fmporor aad Empre's of Russia arrived at Tot.*. 4am. on a visit t . the King of PruMU, <>n too fltti instant, I and would tea.c lor l acm.st^di ou the 11th Mutant. Kaula. Ac Word saya that Res-la will not Mad n new minister to Rome, arei tut,; tb?- ooiiispction between tne two cruris will ho (.unfilled simply tr> the do?, ulea at h islnosa, hav iug no political character. <*pntn. Admiral Perez repl-was admiral rinzoa on the P?lfi? MMioa. A iler ta.ton from Cuba bad arrived at Madrid fo peti tion lor the right of u -mauling depot lei to tiie -pam-h C'ortLj Turk*;. Prince Conri bad arrived jt < wutiatfnople. V:j? P'-rVi la 3.*'d to li iv" no..Hod h::u tlut IVr consi der Ui- rtte tneaeiue in thePrincipalities ax nu.i and veld. At "gram from Constantinople rat" ? that F;e Prince Cm * had be?n received by tho Sullsn, .">od that in con xoquutv o ol t:i ? vie i tl-: concentration ui Turkish troop* on the 1'auiib.' ha.I been couutermand.-tl. The Circassian emigrant* were dyin^ by httndroda. t'ommrn In I Intclll|;rner. top. London uonet M/u:*i;T. The EaylUh fundi were Ivavy on the lO'h inst, aid con >!.- dec. mod d , ov. ::>?[ * i tb" au"-.>tl.?'a"?ocT i '[*? of the Cootorcnty and tue reuoweil demand lor money. The demand for discount at tMUDatik of l ine land waa again heavy, aud lu the "pen{iuar^et rates advanced 10 6V a 7 ; er com, u-idcv the i.iiprefston that the bank rata w ill uol br reduced yt t ATuortcan ?c uriilt* (June 10) iiw.llve, at unchanged rate roneoli cl03cd Friday (June 10) at 90 , a 90'.; for money. London, June 11?P. M. Onaols 90!.,' a 30,',* for money, ll'inois (Vuirnt abare*, u SO discount, trie rhare* 00 a jj. I onpon, June 12 - A. Jt. Cnn*o!s, after the ofHciul hour* y icrday, claetd at 90,', a OOji. Titr. MVURPOOL POTTOS MARKKT. [The weekly report of the cotton market wa i received by the NoT'.li Ainerioiii.?Tin. H .r..\:i>. j TRADE REPORT. I.ivmtrooi, .Tuns 11, ISM. The Manchester mrr.iet la tinner, but quiet. t.ivrnptior. citraPSTtrpps mahxec. Wakefield, NvshJci >. and lilglund, A (byu.fr. ("o r*. port:?Flour flat. V. brut dull and Id. s 20 ' ? *er. r<d V.', stern. 3d. a " ?. ic I .Southern, hs. M. a (to At. ? w'ute tveitern. "a. ? d. i ?* :: 1. lorn?No at.s, bit murk at eas or mixod, 27*. 9.1. a 2*'. itvKuroot. piroTi to\ market. P.lciisrdaoo,-Spenco Fo .and ?ordesi, Itruco kCo. re. port:?I of i.niet and rtiw 'v. pork full and >;ncbafi^> I. fbu-'in firm tod Od. I. ,uor for tUo' utter qualities. l.ir.t teuvy nr.d 64 a 1*. inl. lower: sale i ? 4C . n 41a. but ter dull an I urn imn.?d. Til low dull, hot etoady. t u x' t ooi. rrt >pcci; n ? rcc r. Tho Profc r-' t'.ri ui.tr roporta a he ouxicr. rules at .51 ? for |*oti? and 24'-. Cd fur penil*. Sujar triar.ug upward. Codoe flrm. k;ce? utet and steady r?i oil- N'e *?!>??. T lnw '. d oil ?|utei and i'ea Iv. lluatn quiet. ,v"|i ru* o iur j'rtoime, tint, trench. Tlx. u<l. p.,nil, fcoi;lwh k I roudeu report ?retroloum tusellra and nominal, rnd 2s. 2d. aeked i ,r raiined, and ?1* tOs. Iur crude. LONDON MARKITF. Barlng't Rlrcolar report' Rrc.i' tul*^ very dull; rod *>-|eru wheat .10*. a 4'."'. Iron d'II. Suvar tond up ward. ? jfToe steady. Hies firmer. Tea Ihm. Spirit* or turpentine?Smuii s ilec at 7> Pstroleum *to. dv. at ?19 for crude, and 2s. .7d forfr. 'in i. Sperm oil?.Smalt *hIo-i at C72. Cod oil 214 t.insced oil quiet at t;3a. Tallow flat at 40s. dd. (trores k Tool r?i ortf? rroyialoiw tending d nvnwa* I and lar l caster. K *ia ar,.i Petrolo im 3rmer. Rrtrtttua, erode 220. Till ttrur MAiiKrrs. laiKurooi, June II?P. M. Cotton?ci'cs t ? by lo.ntiii t> it. , ... ad in:* 4 >onio' *:>*.'iil*tors cid etn'-rior- iwark*t H'me*. snu tha pr*-?a oi American slifbtly higher other Emua uncbaogei Rreudxtuifs dull and steady. PrueKlons dull and uuchiuged. Produce quiet and steady HAVRE MAEErrS. Ua*M, Jons 9,19*4. Cotton flat and prices weak sals* ol tho % bal.M ?New Orleans tree ordlua re. .1391 do. t>?? , SaOf. Stock. 62,000 bale* B.eailalufla qmet, wdbau upward tendency. she raais divi't , ? Paeis, June tl, 1J64. Bourse lint reatea closed at 6Tf r Personnl Intel I t|grrice. Among tho wouudod wl?<> arrived si Waablngtou on Tueailav las' trooi Hi" Irunt Is Maj' f lewresoe Kip. ot the Unir of Major Oensrat SheriUan. lie wa.' wnuudrd Ita j the recent cavalry twin at Treetlan staiem hnl we are Kla I to he?' the mpiry Is not wvorr. alttinugb a painful wound. He goes Uotue tor a few w?ek* to reoeer hto health. Conn or Ap|i?alt. Atr.AST, June 22, 1*61 The calendar In the Court of Xppcsls forThurwtay, dune 29, 18"4. I< a* follow*.-Noa. IIU. 120. It, 136. 10,, 139, 13d.1iO.142.HO. THE W?T; Dsspatoh from Secretary Stan ton to General Dix. No Fightht? Before Peters bur? Yesterday. Reported Attack on Lynchburg ^by General Hunter. DESPERATE Fi&HTIHG IK GEORGIA. An Important Position Gained by Howard's Fcrcc3j tla| ftl.a A3. Secretary Sfuninn to General Dlx. ? XVat Dr mhtmknt, > Wi^UlSUTOV, .iuuo 1"-'?if) I'. M. / To Major General Dit ? Despatches fio:n City Point, at btlf-pait four o'clock tUis evening, report no lighting to-day. Movements are iu progress which are Dot now proper for publication. The Richmond papofs report an at tad; ujK-a I ynoh burg by oouetal Hunter on Saturday, and that, ho wus repulsed. It is believed, however, that ihrro wag notbiug more than a rceonuois sauce, and tliut, bavin? ascer tained the plana to he -tioauly defended, General Hunter withdrew, on J is i perming "pun the enomj's oammuni cation* at other points. A despatch from General Sherman's beaduuartore, dated yesterday evening at half-past eight o'clock, slates that "it has rained almost incessant.y, in spite of which our iines have been pro sod forward steadily, and an important position has bc?o gained by General How ard. Tho enemy mado a deeperato attempt 10 rot.ka this position Isst night, malting c.evon distinct arsaults on General Wbittsker'g brigade of Stanley's division, and losing not lese then coven or eight htiudred men. Two hundred killed were Icit on Whl'.taker s frout. The assault was followed by a heavy Ore of artillery, under which the noe lion was fortlTed and is now safe. Our cavalry w across Noonday crook on our left, and oao brigade* of tho Twenty-third corns Is across Moses ere ok on the right; hut the rebel I- ft n bonind s swamp, end tho rains prevent any advance. Tbs fighting has been'iiiite severe st all point?, the enemy resisting stubbornly and attempting tho oilensive wlieu ovcr he can General Sigel reports from Martlnsburg t > day that "there Is no truth ta tho Htctcniotit t.f the I'Uila ielphla Inquiicr of tha 2lsi in relation to ; rail of Mosey. Winchester is sot occupied by the ei. my, nor art tho telegraph wires cut between this placo ami Harper's Ferry." No ra.litsry Intelligence from any ether nu titer has bcea received to day by the Department. ^ EDWIN. 11. STAN"ION, i^crotary of War. THE PRES!DENCY. Tlic >lfetln(t of tlic Chiiu^u Cbnvcntloii Fontponid Till Aufinti -ill. AT a meeting of the l-'r-r.uttvo I'w.uiUtee of tLs Na tion!- 1 Democrat.': r immtt'eo, bold In Xcv York on ibe i/d day .Jen". l'fcl, .1 w j voted that, ia deicrooco to lho deolru <>f .1 ver ? large enni'i (?.' tb ? Hading member* oi lbe cousorvativ: (111.11 demcr-MC r>.nv throughout Ibe ."ittbtry, 'h> moot in.' of :ne Di iau-f.'.:' Notional t J?v *n !?? i? -';i -."'I t 1 M , Ai J . IS>I, al 1*6.VOO Ci'Klk tiuOu, ?t Ctj "I/O. m n :i.mon"T, Chairman. I aantruK O. rviif "cct ?i y. 1 he *ie\v \ o'.nnlrcr I. nan. Comptroller I! ???a: a ha* op? nod guoe .-ripucn to lea fir the f'j im "> l?'> a itwri/oit ly Cm.. diinocoo! the Hoar'! ut J" ..?? v to proyl.lo !'*? the proenretuaoi 01 volur.teei lor ibo irttti or the ?? ? jwrt and i a ?:?' of tin" 1,???'/? ? 'li conniy under ? bo anticipated call of the Pro dent tor rv .0 ro"t . Although tbu b<"'K.4 ol eunsiii "rn bare tvcri open ?iiiCe Ni'urday, a .. el !t? ; I1i.il avo th.'i . ar?<l deilarff h.<e been oile. eJ TheComptroller h?o b"w prepared, and will nt on<-e lul u !?' the cap.talisia of iho city, a circular inviting cooperation to carry 011 the patriotic pun ? ? of trio 1 Uosid ot Suf'trr: "f, by anb*mb g t" tjo pro p red la. 13 He atb'iiinea that It M believed by the cuuv.tlow hav :hn Nj. ,f * p, charge that the wtio 1 lumber or uir.? retired front fun . ay u the oa! of tto 1'rc.inleni for morff nu n Iqr t.;o irtsy, eoon to bo made public. r?u be obtai. i-U v.dtlioul reuortin^ to [ a dn?i.-ft ho requisite meani ar- furoieticil In aeteoo, and u It* acknowlcdgmdnt *f Ibe commun ication If tho re I cip eot 1 J j .* " I to i d Ibe of Jot tc otf up ited. Kvery [ jor-t clt r^n jI ouli Co- '|it" v, .lb tho Hoard of .dupcrv* jurt In tuo boa ulcnt o- ?! patriotic p rp 0 < f *opp|yin| fbeqocu l men (rem thi* ecunty. Aud an *-tio.i wii not bo t-ikeo to .* t ?e vol int-en; under the o- din moo nntil a sciTlcont am. it 14 t?cr!' d t > wnrrnrit fl " ? mtnltici !b i ror -cfltii u tbla luatitr, it Ittc lal :Ut alt m (!i*;? * d t-bouM rubecrihe at <>i-r<?. Tim liaatich 01' tUc I'nriian to t*k? I'lit'e 1'u?d?y. Ti.e launch of Uir r em Ir 'a I rm?itor i'urltan will take piece Una ruan.iv. hue*n tie f 'uje? of run and tarelr# e'clock It i* lim general opinloo of hlphutldera that If tb<* arraagrr m!? or > ??t".day in rung bud te?? been inter ered wait oy 'h.. dc -./a , wn?i \t not a prac tical rill h :r and a .'10 : w -r ta ?! a v.. ??(, the I'uriUn woci.i ha*? 'toon in tbc ??'"r yv?ie. ay. ' T#ry. tMng on rea ly lo In tni > iu-r abu-it b 11 iwrt eleven ltd m.bi, but it vrai p > :ed in*:T to-day. fbd Netr llartti tral, wbi 1 would !???? ai t .at tin *, and the frrryboat?, w?re BC.Ucd.a I everr nruraitl* takea to p.cv .it ao'idetu". Th'iuran.i ? wore dlrappoletcd feater* day, and e?er a tbo"- a I 1 > is wore proeaot lo *n tier tan ebed Uat m?ht. Vr I r>. <m. buwerer^fea'inr thai ?omethioytll ght go a?, ordirr I u?? wurg to e.iae for ibe night. There i^ no (auit in the waya, ?- Ury ire acltnuwleljcd to be ihr beat eel ever laid du" ' tn 1I1N1 rountry. Aiiplla ir"* Uave bean p!a< ?d in {. ,oa to force bcr off t?d?y Oblfnary. ACTif? AfinTANT at noto.w .nutv a. naafiff'-anoo*, CNtno erara." ahht, Tb 1 geef 'emao d ed at Ri?*h narr?c??, W*<bioaUm, D? C., ?* Monday alibi. In the ?i?iy ?*"?? ' fear of bla age, of typhoid f-JTW and dyientrry. Contracted while In the diecbeue of Ut* Jut at t?uTerlurr ikupital, Aleaan. dna. Va Itir.e* ><?> iU"0?? be wm ottended by biff aoat. .John A H?r '*?br?"k and ttouteoent 0. C. HerdoO' bre-.a of ta- v? *" Rr* r** :ta'J by^arfreune Harvey and **eryr. r H eroa ol the Kfli -fcrriewker pio. a an I aan not >f tb- old-at pbyit-'ah* <x Vow Torb. 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