1 Temmuz 1864 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 6

1 Temmuz 1864 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 6
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not stint, iumjna, &c? to lbt. u i\D A riMf AND liASLMSNT 4 J Fe .an i .em t. b. ? d i are*; ?|f? ttva IVjou.t oa mciH a d i u i .1 ? 'is ??<?'.*ie; .?e 11 ?* A pt n i ?!? ? ? cr t L, ELY. comer ot Fat ? NlK^-i "I.A-S ! 1< ?* N STONE f RONT HOVSB TO j\ ??( i rftr i t. tu ar and. we*l of 1 fib ? 0 Ta *>?! mid* and imir slori s. p:g'i Stoop and basc ?r. o . ? -n II Ml1 * * h?a?*' J* t. r h-t i ? i '"it Apply to B. L?. I AW. R:.; i'. a ? ,.rt>.t, I;.I street AWK1.1 Fl'KXlSHED Z".i'VN STONK HOIST! TO i t U-; 1 Hi.- ! ? ; Or Wr or too ;< r, * male 1 on Vert ? -j e v, ? *11 -#v h ho J iJeieuib avenue*. In ,u r at' > "".??I TueuiyniBUa etrwet. _______ ATF1R3 HfOBT RU'K ROOM TO LET TO JBNTI-B it. Ow .l-ir.bir location H ?[? Voir r r .n tr Hi few Al? 1 the ?*?? i?a -"iivU Al.o ..... , , yn? ii to let for o I cr or wrr room. rt'K ???!? FARIo'i TO LET-WIT!! BEDROOM in , .< ... el lo<-? ton, near the p. tnciual 'f n - Ac . wni modrrile Apply af Ci'ertv ? t -in-i'v, i,--ar o.?t . a*?au?. .. A.,i.v;.hII) GOTHIC STONE COTTAUK TO . r lit U ch. - r 15 m lea from New Tork city, on | *, , i i i ?? from tbo Ui i-'l; tunc or . about 1', acre if lead, ?., ; a",i ?i it I r tho m a? n r balance of year; w,'j' '.'liW t.ilJS !77 Tett Twenly-tbir.l street^ ACOUNTRY PFMDF.NCE TO LET?AT MORRIS trT :t s* J . :imi itlna of a arge inooer.' house, part 1, i nuit'i . acre* of Jand. lata out wi ll K ant .?ei'ra. a J ?haded with croemen at Jr.. . ? abtmfence f fr.it: garden uiad? and i e ku -ti..u war ^R0X)r ?0 p Pine etreet. J.\- ?: STOLE AND CELL AH TO LET-ON THE vie i n. rof W.-si T nth and Irernwloh .Uoetra. a TAT'LOri, opt) iiia. |>R V? HEIGHTS.-TO LET, THE Ylr HOLE O" J ) . I'urn ? *d Hi. .re, for tv.ree month*; t; t , . n V , ,t | M d utnut nt ?'..<? ruu Apply at oi . r i . i piar atreel, ae-vr Cc.'.umbi g^^, v KlUDUIOI TO LET? Fi itMSHBO: t ? Hdu.O w to lit' .1 ail a., Iir.d. ua.l lil.OUKu gnlt ? II i >1. I nlc, groan da w lit Mr-iam running tlil-ijik . 1-. iktlfia.n .0,. , A'. ; Wilt b- 1-n* i lo. I no e i.,1 . , r.M ' c I'o.t one itil o lionr c*ri? autt ktesin t? . "1 l T.iri) wwb, on t'ic Endaen: n' ii'tiv *l ri i.onth. Permi t from 8. LM . i ! :hill a anue. ( "TTl'N i Rl SIDKNOFS TO LET?FURM.OIKD will immi 11a ? fjaaoeelon. loea ed a ?noit care A. . . . >na"ui?. at XarrriiKU. ot? tfie Hi f .I c.-.rrtai;? hniiio. ..ii. 'et ti.r lie ' j the ; oar. iteut ;?;??..? ?!.?? to ftiOi tier 3 EM11F.R80N. 121 Eighth aveuue^ /AiKNTfV PLACE TO RENT?THE ?iiOI.U:;,9 I i ,??..! j* u.:>'d, ilet'i-elilre oouniy, JCifi. wi.l r,'.. ? a ,,n| ; ?ji ;.ir one or live vear? imn.-.r1, r ... . in k. fine ulate ol cultivation ? ? J luB In . ., i,l iiuUe ?ic ,u a good i-mnlitK,P. a , r far i ii.- : v occupation. In.ilitre on the n ...,? a. ? .. . ?. PLUNuIifT, auorney at Law. rUU vi-iu F ' r.Z D RSI RING FIRST (LARS ACCOM MOD ] ... i { ?a .t , . , . rt.rv Ko-i mi *?ii 'v ot t n su.ic. Hi I .? ,!\ Kt 3 <iven sua rc'i'itred. fiACL> sni.D 1! u'SK TO HKNT.-A K1 OWN STONR r 1 . * ?; ibrw(itori Ho 4 : tlsomoly *wroio 4-j j- -a? ? ?,!' Mr i? 0 : ? t Nin^tretith Ftrrol .ic fat i c..u . ,i^ c* three kiin''. vlll. if?f . lube purl ?, i n' ? it in beard. Fn a. ^?1on ean be g.eea ImmeJl at> ly i in L?- -ee.i irnm 11 till 2. fMJ'tXISHKD KOOM8 TO LBT?SVITAF.LE FOR m 1 ? inj. ? it ii all the modern Imprcwnente. Aiao I. bed, >ii;3 fur i .c! 1 gcnt'i.men. * uvoi cut lo car . H: Apr y at 141 Ka?t Thirty-accrad alreet, une duor fn m Lexington avenue. ?MjlURf I-IIltd COCVTRV RESIDRNCE TO I.KT?FOR i v ill I.r fill ii; u the Vl.legM of V ct Van.n . , .i.th, : ? t'g Ac , c ru ge house., Icn h< u e ( II ? ?. I, t u:. i .die' 'u r. ..iV.uk'c, line garden, A1U0 j.cr ffiflpj'l ;t . ..lllti'.il&t ' I 'pi Oil ' 15. U. TAYLOR, Ro. 8 Pine street. TJV RNI. HF.D HO"SE TO LET?S7 8KVESTH STREET. .J1 . i. . t d av? 1.1,i, I?.r cue year, t ? a i ?. ? ate i..u-i.y only. ? iiaini g tac.ee rourne, ana. h.ith, water and all nto'cru tmprov?:mtini , houne in vdc? *dVirit ^ iu > ? . it mprov? ? ?uu? i *? ? '? ?? r ?- - ., ? Jnr..i- ? vl iap'.ignt.dt. Apply ???ttthe pietuU'a from U ?o 6 p r. F JtUKclS iKD HOFPF. TO LET?IV WLST" T',VEhTV V l , r. ..'.reet. l e'ween > nih and Tenth avennei. fur tvaV'd roinulete. wlih lniineillate p si-eiislou, Irout tiio l--t ol j jl ... t c el of Ma .or r u Lt n, Ji.y to the let cr Mer I" baa all ton. *rn 1".. rovcineuts. h p r.eri .wdrr. IU-r ye*r. JL^tiriuit^ from fc>. LMBceRSO^!, 4-1 K'g?'& ftveauo. F L'li.V ill u IIOrSR TO RENT OR FOR PALE-IN' Tiiirtj seventh etreeu In pje'ect order for fmme dlateoc .iprmrv ; fuflv furiviabca. including plauo, Ac. AJ aoi ni u. o amenta Term? moder'.te. App y to BiE FuEN A. VIEBOB a CO.. 17 yasvan street. FURMSUFP ROOMS.?A NEATLY FFUNfnr.U a ill o fve Rvni - to let, for hourckeepini;. nli a R? ? B ?? in, in an Engll'h b??enirnt liou-et ter."? roodi ?i y ?'??r tw ? dayg at lOt VTeet Tvvcnty.flf lb ?If* near fc'cv^ntb avenue. T FI RNI8HKD HOlJfE TO I Pi?J-0** TV 0 JW ti rntf, t eiiulfttlh ;oeutert in lrvlueton, on the FmJ. Icq ? \ - ?? u le-* ita k from im.'roa l depot . s a'-.e r.ad car ace! hn ap cfoss kpo fiUu gar ten an I fruit, hiqulrt f7s HUO-'i N, o ;,ce Se w'f.- u fc Friend Society, \>a Bt. XT oil E i J BO^RDKRS.-PEHSOMS CAN OBTAIN J^l pur*: country htr by hiring furniahed Hocrni op Fiitn t eou/ eojr-r Severtv r.ixth ittcel. opponlte Central Park, de tgkil'i r 'front ro ?m o er-t 5ktii*r the Park, becro m asi kt cber ? ..e u cr. only $1 per O rnoE TO LEI. A' S5 Rioadway accon 1 story. Oimcoi.uss 15 by 10. RaSTAl ? ANT AN1> I'.ILtlARD ROOM TO LET? tier i .ere: corner of Bror. :ray And Oanrl sfreet. In.the Club Ri-'.aaraut. *1 BKRNI1A8DT. ST1AM PCWBit TO LET.?BOOMS, WITH S.'K M p. cell p.ghtct; the t wer eteudy. To mot iu fc.ifl fin. s ?S utvl 5 1 eb-.U ?f ;dt, corner of H t?Jer. Ap'I xilv ? !. encoder cm the proinlees cr to TL05. AS MOR. TON,fi. Mallien lane, up stairs. TOR'' TO LET -iif CANAL STRLBT. NEAR VENIRE, I .?? ? arl 'a !I ?! - >,*( of store a:.<l b;.?9.i.ct.l Ht3S.' Ii. ,nff ou the j.-e.n!?ca ? TO LFT-a KL'.tNIFHED HOL'hi . AT SIN 'I FIN ?, gu i. si i'ru. l,in new of finds n rf' ? r, pleasantly s IU ptet: \ . , '. low for wim i ct r*r 1 _ at ply I ' fc POTTI '"re .1 nre*.l. cr R WlLLl.'.Mb. ljJ Chun, hers st . N *. I Hi I.FT?THREE BOOMS. ON 6KOONI) FLOOR, A1 . <j'f A eat Fourth street a-ar Ferry. Kent b2 b To LET?TO A HKAl L, HESTBCTaBLL TaXILV, IN; v ...nil Mr, lOBteinlag five Rooms. Tiih ??tr and h d I rei R.voms. on the third f'.oi r. with pi ti l 6-" of Rati nom and sepsraie ga= mcti.T. of the !.ou*e N Last H.ifw.i- id -1reel, otai Second avenue: reift$3.-per monfh. ITfO LH.T-A nOCTORS OKU. E. FURM8HED. IN flu iu at lonUr^adway. room No. V. TO tl/f? A RRICK 8T ABLE ABOVE GROUND. Wf.'H l?.,e o.i . i.vj; in Z' x 0 naa A* Let of yar ' In : r. -W.lL . . t ?i.y, lu SivweiUu swrn. ?.?" nvn t i", WW mar.s' . ould suit for a Workshop. on.-* b:?* r of U^sbw markat Be AppU u tue store Ul Last Ko irieeut'. slreei. TLF.T-A CORNER STORK. 2'7 AVEXCE R. FLIT a I. ..j a grocery; alto the storee ?">< and Jf.i arenne V miti. !. f<. any kind cl buer ees. Inquire of M. UODIN. IC avenui. C. ' T?C LET?\ FINFLT LO A 1 UP OOFNTRV SEAT. AT ri _ I . II, ; Ml- gsrdtr. la.gf anuui.- ? of 1 r i t w.vea en' tc lioet and earn. VV.,: be rented low fur the ?ea*or. S. Y. IRKLAN'B. Nil 5JJ Fine street I0"3. 11 TO L T-TVVO rARLORS FCRNINIlEP, ON FIP?T fleur. it. Thir-y ft :id nrm:. be'wr,.D Kl'th Avenue and Jiiotiisa. Apply ti L D. LAWRKNC8 ?'-?! ertaie brcter ; Writ Thirty third aired. TO I.ET-AN OFFICE, Sl ITAULL FOB A COBM13 s on ?ne.vhan .it 5 Wa ren tireet. Rie nd :tiF, ?lt Morago or. ib.rd la ft, !'? requiree JJimeu*. ins of ch.e. 21 fcv 1A TO LT?A FP. INT AND BACC BASEMENT. VTiril on ier Celier and hark Par.o. ua J one llo on thud Rw ot it i.io* ton ?? n a go d nog- : ,ooJ Lo, to t lee M'rr, * ii.t*. I at i and xratvr tP m'U. with prii lege sii lis h' JO 0. API ly at N . ?27 ffi s. Fiftecclh st.csh TO LK r?Tf!IRD FLOOR OF A BBOWV FTOKE HOCSE with ad m .'err, troprc. ei .mis In itre a; gru Filly Becuml s.rjtt ,?iweeri Hroalwcy and L gi. Vtnua. TO LKr-THL LidWF-R F..RT OF Uol'SE 1ST RES I Th n* Hi rxl s'rt -i. w!:b all mod. rn nil roi errients _ ? - ca?, u h, ?C. J (. vrhoi ? r I vrt of tba 1 . railuie. Ctrpets .L , ri 1 i-i ? t ;.f?, ' a. '? pit * I'o .eiv'.on r?n ' tunned. An' y ou l'ie pie-.ilsce : i h ue o'clock A. M. i/,ori i M. DOVOIITT. 7". w alter live f 'J.orfiM. DOI'OIITT. 7f JUseautlrect O e'l ? 1ST FIF1 i' SBCOM) BTRPKT To LFT- VT 10. f'l H ?:VT I'lfl i hF.COND FTf-.i'l'.l Fl'x rs fogetit ct email famlllea at tl ? per inoi:'. i. A ?*i ? 'lout-si jv: r.i, *. r ' n?, :>?ri: asd gar.Ian: will a<, ssdib 7b aeees, e.-sp. Bin k.yu Lnts, !?-' V 1 j J i.'. Apyly to UA\l:-!?N if 5ohn strert, _ fro LIT-FA AT or TUB DWELLING UOCFB. UN J fntt, -t ,r sin u- sv?i r. ????, seat*r cc ? - 4 Ltf I'rlnc-?truct to a twuill, of a. fi< In ulre on the pre w e i. jtflftreuM r<*|?UMd. K ? b.M on tbe Louee. rro L t-a Ft bni*hki? office suitable for J > ii .( . i ?r ot'.erl gut hi e n<??. Apply a: IK Bread Wsy room No 9. nH> LRT-A IRONY BAFKMRVT OFriCB, Sf ITABLE for a | h> s an; t t?* a I*-,-: Front it on i ur l oot furolAicI kt 1. Wfsf Eiflscp'.b airtn four dorr, w#?t of ?roadway TO I/TT-U tNM'OMB TUBRP STORT HOl'82, ft CO 1 . . , as., et, I'.r. oai e II* pen ?. ? n l u vi-w new:y ?a'etAd snd T'J Ihronfbeut r.ss all ln.;unfetneni.". wnis live m i if'v lien eltf *r fui* < ?n be seen from 12 ce j u ri . k An* mjiroreu ent e.gge.tfil m gLt tie dune. ????An/ - Apply to A.) MS Pi?. Broad \s II.I-PATIL'JR AND BEDROOM, WITH 0A8. niknom tsitMtli All adf'ilulbf, M eemnd Hour, W's aiei'fur tog'ther, rent t A' i?fi w itb: prv .is'atnfly, ply at 111 <!*?"4 ? reel tbird he ?? wet nf Pr is 'way ft .j !Bf-?Nt '?, NIt'R LIT3L1- lIOFfit WLKT RIDE, Jl own tiiwii rer.'Ah Tus F'urnMurs. all nice y ftti-d An hsVis-r f.?r rale, pries shunt ft i?x>: WUSt Pa pur* c- ail lo gi i f - hixiso. IDA? i CO.. ?' BiuaCwxy. TO LET-FOB T !B hF ah'lN. \ NEW I'VO SJORV Per ri ft ?' nli a anf ? taeawl o Pawlt": K T . f'? as le fr< p iro llarieu p> a-vr uepnf llfHIr: tfeartt -nt. s si'.as, carr.aga rooin Ac Ad<i esa J. W. TVutK 7n*Kmi I roadway. PO LET- k T'1 KB IS* THIRD HFSIT AND Fl^ I i iret :or eg.*. Ilant BlS". In tit at 191 Last Ii> ''?? - kird afreet. Vf|i(, |.?-T-iiK" FD FLOOR IN FlRNT ' LARS J svith moden mpr tomants, IDi fast Tulity l'iirdat> I TO ft a LET A BOHS*, BKTWttB FOURTH AND Mil* ? e'-Bu. win a) the l-rn aapi aflmenf ??'?? np in s Ms 'briI at $tpi pry anmnt firmt irri hs ? id is uc pr ? at ;?iutnl Is let. ma 'or E ir'tie VoeseosWH a ven at any - ma. Ad Iross at but I - Fa t a in., New York. *rc> gt'O I KT?11> a FIJtflLR OBMIENAM W TIIO! F | jl t-.is ' a ?< II F t a i Hail fiojia oa the le rlh hour, Bnply at JTo Vaaf B xHsef' afreet ftH> HAM ! m'TURERN.-TO I-FT WITH ATBAM A BB?e. the fl?e s in y Ri. Id *t< No 9 D' t'ef a ri e'. will lei In I >? I slur* if de?i'#t. a so ?. eoad Ffi'or of No If ad. ill to hn. una Kr^J u lbs sngfuwi ' oa Ibv ?:rr?K?, rooms, xr., to i-bt. WlM ' " ' " " V-u/? ' J&" i?** ml ' '?< If I' m,i nod wfti'i '1 >( 11 i ?n f?i out ^-wc 90*1 tl H?i hh4 t>* u *t ha f * f . ooiu? ?ia * Vv,V' ?', ?? ncof accenwaod t#r 7o- ? ? lis-#. Fcrut. t?n IW licr*U ? ? \s is Ob" hsc.vl rc->T \tf.. . ootJNTRY K&tl'>EHt.'H FOR SALE?AT KINGS A 'i i,' i- i' r>n nv ,-S. n*? of land. wl'H f?o<J < ut if, ., . r i IUU.I r.inmental trees of the H?- -',11 or H.t-Ucm-Htver Kailrood. luiu?roofW H. rt HIVUtHN. K nyrtds*. N. T. 77/W THIRP AVENUR- r.RF.BNHAf IIS T/ ilE ? AT A Hih t*e dollar tu ?*ch9ng? f?jr <?>>d b^lck and lsrown NmreH,m.ftft.* a" *??".?,ro! ????? J^Vowf b mgtoM. Per full jMggW spt)l> teWS HOWE. ? r v.NRi PA ? rorit FIRST CI ASS HO'-- ? ST I - H -\ sal,- *t ? > . ' -rate price*. With ad th# Oiodrrii Itupro.#. -t?- ii anundamto of frutt, green and*3 Jlf V ii m V ft i r?i?Oi HO Hxtol. AW J toJAMBb YOLMANS, Yunlets. _ a O OOD CH A NCR FOB IN VESTMENT.-FOR 8 A LB, \ '-,*o first i-'<-s t.-ucmcnl ileus**, Jo t(c*I 5 ?; .1? north si '? "I Msiooath lueol, Nos. ???' ? tO. on* h ? I r,-.i 'act what of ?v'? :? B. At o Mis sail '? ? : M>tu av.mn-v Thl la Tftr d'",lr^hlr, Tw.-iVv r d -'7 Ser.-ntb a-eno . between Twenty l.i'f ant. Twenty, f .,irth streets Also two frown stone Ho'ia-* :.,it I-,-, a sttue. Is-twsn 120th and 1:5 th ?tr?*liR at *nf!j. A).,, two ?!?!???? ?> Itlt Hit** lot# of ground to V^.l'vui wi sire-l I eiwnen Hlsth and Seventh ?>*aues. Apply to WM. V SKY 1I0UK. 171 Broadway. , I OT ?? OUND AND ill ,'LDINO MACEI A fo?L*.- AMereelU. opportunityfor any ouo dea^rlng to build In he ty ?f KUaabelh. N. J. Ap.lJ to U. LALL, No. ti Wall Ktrent, baseineut._ ? FHiM F"ll SAU-0 1FJ ACRES; 46 WOOD. tWj A. tost under eolV.vn.tlon; pood bona* ..nil inii utii llu^s. aUiniWuco of in- t, situate 1 Si mll?a from New Vmk. . _ drew J. And yr, .Taaocsuurg. Mid(U?MX county, Ntw Jerae;,. ? ? a VBKT TRRTTY COUNTRY PL ACE YT MORRIS AN A A f s ,e by th*depotot the liar , ? the UoliSrauJ'grottnd*' are 'in'oomplete orJer ^d -uHabl* i '?!.g-?iflfflpfi srffiStSUKIttilm i Aiio.iiwny ? ? i 4 SPLENDID MTTLK BKICK FRONT nOUSB, CON A lam t- n rrK?u>s and all the modern improve men la. in I r u r-n-l-n of the city, :or aal*. Frtco Tertaa e.. y. '? -I , at i;:> Broadw.n, room No. a. i lh)'-r'i and lot FOR PALE^N DOVER BTREBT. 1 A If ? f -I i r- et. ttv 'in Rlvlngtonatre.it tno In T.i ,r-l. two in HVtayth trcet. two I S"'nt,'" fouiuisir i.vol.. TwoaVy-tttuihsLroaB, one lu Bldrldg* and one in Bayard atrott* t"> r. ; fCLlU. 1- Ccnire nil-tot. f YP.M FOR SALE OR l.vc;-ANGE-FOR CITY PRO. P Iv i e-illiv a . ounty, N. V,, Ul a . es, oi w him b Itj,. . t vati lit ami s ... a with rye. eortJ. oata, pot* ,o. ? t ? ki-'i a i.l ft "1 hay mea-h-w: the a"n^.'" .. ,,-1. o . s #Mx i ra. iti hous^, baru, wajjon a'?d co?. ?n?nse? a ir u: 'vuj; a a orchard aidant er (ailing *"riaa; une tie -tt fit vol Apply to or mler-ms CtlAS A. W . js HOi i'A !?:: lirJa.lway, Oveide.u,ul Lo-tae. not' S . " - ? VALUABLE PIECE OF PROPERTY. I at 1 mt Le" 'L ,1 . haviti: . n the prem *e# ? h?t?l. I?.np (nnn i iter, tend conl yatd. all In a tlout ahhig i ; i . n M- -n. ?>!>: rb-.tuna E. Ilulre ma..c tour trips a [ y\r . a taefo... of Spr tig street. Ian ng within five?lu. the prop rty. For .ale <?^he?P iii.1 L t a pronu-cs, or JOUN CON\> Ai, ijurNyi OOB R4LS?A COUNTRY RESIDENCE. AT flit' r l- i-' I i,- lsitn-1?Gothic him e. with ah the mod, in imp"... n- Ilia, P7.e;uer wll'-i fourtce.i act. t of 'a*"? p: i(&' ^r,si',. ffSffes^ac ss p el. ulaiaUiqu)'? o! JOUsN LL1PEKTS, F.atbuah. fUOR a 4 LP ?HOl'SE AND LOT 147 NORFOLK STREET. F An ?:< > !!?ot lo in .n for a lctutmt.nl Uou.e. Lot MBIO t. ?PI on t;'e pretnUca^after 4 r. M. iT-ZvTlCARLE KILL PROPmKTY IN ORE i< Via, Lewi* e'.unty, N Y. A Saw and m. r 1 -a for s une; at o a tlruoui Handle la^.ory at m liod .oml atm viu rrrea of valuable Timber L..i d: ft'so aFareaofaboutlM acres, und.-r good autte of ciimratlon. i.a* the Tillage --f Boonrllle, Oneida cotniy. N. V. In , ' *??r' r ) %T AC KSO>\ room 1H Cor'.aurti b-i? < t ..ot, ., i ' .v and Ft I;o r f this wet-It, from lialf-paat '-no o three'V flock 1'. M.,*w audreaa 3. K. Jaci-ew., Boouvnlc, Ni.-w York. ? - lV0r. RILE-I VAT "ABLE STOCK FARM, IN STF.U It ., n count..; New '. orh- containing about .2.) atrcso, land; ibere ^ro thre dw.-.l nslnusea. five barreanu four . , <? of -i.ts. -i fruit on lb." pr?'EQlfiGS; also *a foe k of >, .,p w'i..ch wtit t'C sold with the above. Imiuire of WAKRi-N HAK JENBEltOH. 6S VYall street. .,np mi,-.. FINE THREE STORY DWELLING F 1! -i V .. id Gnrdvt'. w'lb a fine Orchard ol Fruitlreev. r- v ,;he Kiuia "*<>??? -'V i;^^? p.ncU.ng a floe coumrv reaidcnee wo" d do wei t" clvr a rail. Inquire of 1 brfcK SCHNU DE R I' 7 Canal ureet T -nr. s vLr-uN north suoee, btatbw i?land, k. Vs? .rtiSiSUi-aa j ? - ? ' ' 1 S' ' -'v"t I FVXfr-W. ?' T Tffl fa r",s h . 00' outi.u Idings rod ctopa; fruit ,n a; van ri vr a- : pnee ?I.M boll ra<h Th- - ?ai>;->t ' ?? jtiif.Jeiae h present ou market At i?v lo J, Ii. SUIIL* A CO.? Kj -t N*>v C'btmbera ?treet, >. T. I 'OR SAL' -A BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY RhSIDr.Ncr It ?ViV tV ft tea of I and: wall vock-hand the ho;-?* eel'- ni - ad I'or i . t - i'.ar? aj p.y to L. LL US, corn ot llarie-o iane -n1 llOth ? reel. F. n u?rF_? FOUR STORY HIGH STOOP 1IOCSB ?Twe-J.7.aVo ml 1 out HlJ '. all modern im, -ovc n-rnlV iu -ooi order A great bateau. PoiMsamn Imme dik'ry. "s F lKELAN'?J^?>JB^re*l:.room_iL_ rwnil MALI-ONB OF THB FINEST FARMS IV WKST F . h.ire' ri. nil v ->? over I 'd acres m tuMt-d at Poreheeter, h.','. n, w llftven R.t -oiJ. In a high state of cultlvatl - it , food ft.- ".rift * tru ll The home I. ..crl/ new, wl c i iiiiiidiutii or.ilwt.diu2-. all in complete order. Will b* ft,.-.I nlft great b .m-ti Willi ftUwlc. crop*, Ac. App.J 10 h. 1. I HE LAND, 5H Pitse Ptre?i. room II, T "aLE on states island, a farm op . ? Er.r^;a?ras'jar sa&sru;* .To.if. etrest. tSSSSsf& }?W r,.nngHa.t> ?; YvtB f:.e ab?r- U M flr--l ctae [."Vi-.V -7 ? ''"miller !i?l -t ci-.aor?Cd it. M'. LI 11. ; t-ftfttr'a .-e -.' R**t New Tart n \ , rO PURCHASBi A i rce <tot y br - * l!o?? b kH stoop, la a r.>\ut>ih b irbojd A .',1 W. h term, at, I lo allty. a R Morgan. S ;?. b ErekiUHii ?t'ect >? T room 1* - CT7AKTKS?A FARM OF FROM 190 TO 230 ACRES, Wwitn goo Imwrevemeotc o bard bu '.-a A ? . I fu.isr UU o- -ear f . looatad W thin - U- n lied . ' ^ . m some lailr iad b ud - c Into New Y^k* iV4?rt depot AJ-.es ?. box 5.WS Puat offlct, ktating pries. Iuc.i'.i0u. Ac. - - - C'OPfY WILL BUY A FARM OF IB ACRES. FORTY S?")(5'?rli on LO - tft'.nl. near depot I loam to I and i'Zi* Ld Uad VT Jl'bVjI Cfc " No. y.'bamb '/A'tV^. for pale. a M * POEM - A! V. I >R BALL-BAB BIER UUB \ ftrue ca.t l VI10 .MU I be ; price S3 -. Apply to MILLER A OAlUl, i.i Pearl street. a REAL SACRIFICE?PRICE ??3'-Ff)n THE STOCK A ol i a r w if If ke-' Wool and \Y ill" > Watt-. In cUdiot Flti-itt r , - :-hi o i v on are 1.1 cf ?. eknoaa; teat h>w A. p v at t- .'6 ?Ul *'? avenue, near Temr-.ua avenue. Brook ) ' ? a RAHB-CHaKCE.?A B 'SINESS For. BALK; BF. A quires ' t * ftinn'. por-re ol each day Ic. lon-lui t I'Hri-1-rge mj: I ? ar.-l tior.,6> 1'r.re JtM huh It.. format >* ? v n o ft idrec u-? wl'.b n?tnc anu roa.Uence, "bo* f-.s7? P-? ' i ce. 1 rlKKRT FOR SALE CnEAP-NOW DO"NO A A cee-i b- '? Alw alUata rant ftndDrl-rv-ugth-;0i . ioal.-lOn w. |n-?tlo;i A no an. old ecibll-htd t <J?I IT a.tt A if' !?' ^*r -atoi"-. 0r^i?r*t9, Ba crict bruj t? ? A ?c a K- car I-'. Oi ^ MfTCJELL. 7rCc'ar Nre t.^ A" R?hV CHANCE.?FOR SALE. A RKKTAI'PA1IT ft,. 1 UT.-e Satoaa in a coo,' loretlon > t.d no tig a good b'l- aftae. In (Ulra 3'. J0?2 R1 S.tON. 2.a haambc*' fttroel, N T. ?? 1 LIQUOR |"ORE FOE SALI.-OX* OF THE BEST A ? , ii 1 is F ur vec'b ward, /gyly at 11, Mu ber t strict. ft *tit tiftcl ftjfp '? I>AKFHV -A '?0 dp CHASLE.?FOR SALE, A YYBLL ! Y ratal she 1 Br <i an 1 Cahr uakei v and U?i-f#-t o-t-rv - ih 1 r r ea- "ah > ? no of tH? beat tandt it. thertty, A i-va ?-, i t n--? ore- t'.o ro-inter. wita long L ta ? ,,r 'hn , art hi 1 re on i icurotiiiMC 14! Myrl.r a'sr. e, r-iinT: or O'-Id atreet, Biook n. ri-R'u"- . ?{ , '-E FOR SALE-IN ONB OF Til? ica'.lnr.ftln the city, P h*' a . th# Mdan tape 1 - I , t ? tan oi-l waier, water clo?-ta no * ? s a - .ceut forty boarJere. A.-py at tt Fift.i B BARf ?? ro'n KYLL-A DOUILE DPI k bar ,f.. M 1 ;U.|I1 lati'l til go >d or ler now ua ter .1 boo l ehar ? , ,, - utsc rot -ti -li ?> 1U1'.he ihar,." Addita fcr'tUrt* daja A 1.. boa li? IL.rald ott.ee HAH V*- 0 lif ' RESI1M1NT PRTVILEOKS vOR HALS n harre Mel a end Geraldlpe on Foortlt Of Jnly pi-nr. a on h Idle'- 1 trove aim 'it that da> and the aeaenn In r Mu lUr ire R. V BONNKLL A Co., 1W Kroat? reel. FN AN ADA LCMBfR TARD, LUMBER DI8TSICT, AL l> l,any N. Y -Theaut- tibera are now r>--* r nil irg# ,10 1 ,ne *'id It .-I-wood Lumber wth-h tl-ey ftrft're t- ue 1 lo pell to the ii-?de at maikmi t ricec. Hv' t'jr rent off JOMM A CO TiY.OINB AND BOILER FOE SALB ?TYFELVB Tj iioiftp power. Apply at if: Wasblriv.njlreM. 1M' ! il.l. -AS OLD E8T.A1ILISHBD I,I yUOR STOPK [' ?,h ;.t,.dl--,j atr-et innitluu o Grand, aatabl ah#d r>n#??--r? a'war' do of * ins lutaiosa* Th* owoe,-. ro ? t-rtag fto 1 me b itme a, itnlli bvaolJeheai Apply eo lb# 1 p'ftrr.iaea IPOE > ft I.''. -THE LMIKE STO R (if 11 V R f, |ft looit f .aim ?? and Lea.# -f tur. Stove Sto'e 4IU tli an d M' roet, i? , -ere e-tHbltabed, aud doing a pintlUibtc bdaloii##. In iiu- o 1111 pr#u?ia#?. Fob sale?a first (Lahs orocbey and LI nu.ir Si'MO. with ? *oa 1 fttnea or llqunri and 11# ?uer# liacWw ann over one li -o<lr#t fkmtiea llrina --n ?h# p. enil e*. tor further part citi tra Inquire at 71 Henry * i. it. m the u.j-ior atom. IdOK bALti-A YrRT ELRGANT BET OFS1LVFR. /t ft, h i n.ake. Pal- more. Addrt-a T. O. B., bus Otdl in, ' oihi-, __________________ ,.v it}. A MR T CLASS BARBER HIIOP. Wlrit Ja ? will -Mat fi?l?t#e loqutreof JOHN HBNlftBRKON, J]$ i,?lift*1 firdrtwuy. t ii,R SAfftE-TBH NT'KJB AND FIXTURnR GF ONB I1 ol I wo- u " ' o, "*r gruoiry fttorea en Hl,.ith k . I 1 - ? 1 rl,>,l r.Cft eti/Uj,|'fll '. 'Of ntrt-en -?"*#*? ?" ran - o ?' I -g. r<fr F*?'" I MAN, iva t t Ijrt.be'a ?ir?ef -Ineft* It, ' en carried 'in anoaeo-fol Ith of fl? tOf tli<5 Of 'fy\If k Hl'b ",ALB1 OK Rt|AI< KSTA^TB. __ 1 TNOB RALB-. v PAIR OP CKNTRTFUOAE I m j -i J sbaft ?? I ''oil *r c? Jr" i 'n ? ?' - ? ? r 3 ? Kefin'rj, loot of South air ?! '?? I IA- -blllg. _ ? LMMl SALE? V DRro STORB, X-OCATFD AT THE S . , : n . f thf t)--.t'.hor a; faiee tn th'i city, trade s ( x V 'Nit Reel Be'nt* Ayrt, t-'? Sl*ih areeite^_ j r.'of r-TTir ht '*'v'D fixtures of a gen f ? - n'? liirntshlog e?cro,0?UA a s"^i n trade ?M I : - f.e 1 :u Hit oaf b* ;?*'<? "to. iw?y, will he am t I > V fir r ah, n? lbs o rner haiQih'rbutui-M eugaucmeuM loslteft* to. Address Joe#., ba* M? ller.ld t 1)0 CO. TNOR SALN-LEA8E. STOCK. F1 *TU C W.itof itn old e.titblUhed retail Boot ?nd ShooStore, duin;; it k r. tila01r .ash but..whs. RewsonO. tUo ?"'Jjl Itf other mis ne h to at ?.?rid Tor particulars 1n ,uln5 at So. ..>0 I Court street, Brooklyn. 1D0R SALE?ENTIRE PATENT RICiilT FOR. 0*^ h In-.'. Dion tor .'in k for Carriages ant N ?rjn*' P1rl*? fT(V J. ore of the most Arable tdvMtmenU we hsve ey t tiiercd the |)it> io A[y'y to SNYDER A WALI..R. ? Broadway, New York. . I tor balk? a first claps corner liquor p "or?, with or without Stock, -a a leading ????, ?? favor.ib ts i~rm?, tiua is .a chance seldom met with. Appt., at 4tL Hudson street. Tfton P?.LF. ?A FANCT SOAP AND r Manti jchirf. Fs'tbHshed three years. Puce >2.1 J. Address bo? 171 Hoi aid office. ?? I.AOIt Htl.n?THE LEASE. FIXTURES AND BALANCE 1 1/ of siocli of i nod jl. jiior ou oro?.?iv\aj? , in a gpo l '? ?t or. a Irooo t. Q. 0., BoraM?iaQR I inoa SALE?ONE OF THE MOST POPULAR PATENT r M'Ml'-int i>??s:n r#rH ia ' ? country. I^ bustnesu of ov. r :?3 O.eO i per year, ar.d -an be extended to almost ar.v amount. The rcaron tor aelitng the party !* ah to to carv it en on account ol poor health. A rarichaiioo. f.r a .nan to a.o a fortune. Apply at or address 575 Broadv.tty, before 10 A. M. or f'wUtai, ij^TPItLISO POR RALE CHEAP?AM OY3TER AND I1R1NXINO f Kr.'ooo, In a c . l plane for 1 mints). A good alandJor a laser t>ci r <n dating . coon. St. J a. .t.u oirtini ia going to tbe country. Call for three days at - IS svgnue p. 7 1. R p.AI.K 'It 1 ) LLe.hK-.IN 11E0:)KLYN, J V ERY ll dc rabl" Coal ..id Wo id Yard, sltuio d "? ai rti If tn lomty au 1 dO'tii; ? la-j.e and extens.ve bu.-iueoo. | a 1 !m? Coal Merchant. Brooklyn l ost oilier. / T ROCERY. PI XT U KB 3 -AND AVVN1NC. PORSALE (jr 1 ip ?T> e neat at in the dty and 'AW ?'M. Address im sediatc y J. Hubert, Herald oOlce. nufflug place of in tervievt. Hotel for sate chbap-on easy thrms: mi .11" th tv-t, tooot de. iKh.v located In the city, hands' :ue ?* f. rn:-1 e , avorab'e least, in Boc4order.ai.il eotos. tud . - : TlkWOOO. 18 PI ?? otooet T " ''COE El ..8 F E PALE?1ST FIRST A\EN1 E ? | r K ... . u ,i is n ?. .in,: from bustoe.- m nonaeqtteneo u ,n v...a'l'i a. v ihc i io it.i| use of h s business at a lalt v.i'.'it itiou Local, on t. good to .uako a good bndoeM for I J) > ? ? y y. ? , aU'i - to cn .it*' In t ll?H tiliC Ot DU810CSJ. ; - I) 1 r'* M M1 40 A AC?I!N!STS TOOLS FOR BALK. } r;i. .iic L ith-*, i-i iovt bod, *4 iiicli sv?lo2 screw cut* 1 do. 8 do. 30 do. o. 3 Ilaod La.iies, I Hi ,P)' ri'th hack gear cg, B do. 15 no ha.k cearing. 1 .'n 5 do 15 do. 1 1 foot' Vert Id# Car \Y; ael Bo', er, with *r-l ui.ng atuchment. 3 Line ^ liodlcy's Powor Hub ilnrtfeer), srith wheel bjb 1 i' v V'l'.'dr (??>.'? Foot M'.rtti t. 1 \Vor 1 b otne Tcuouinz MaCitno. 1 0 I' P. cer'e A Co.'a lllind Riot ami Door Borer. 1 rair'sl.vcrsmith'e Rolls for rolling go d. stiver ana other k utr'e aire Portfthle Hand Shee?' for cutiing 3 1C to }? iron p.at?. 2 etntill U.c Portable Hau Shears. I McCorutlck s Reaper. ? ^ ] ^ f 1 Stare Mach.ce. l SI .At Handl.atl?e 3L' loot 1: t l:inch airing. i,c? Hr'nl Pa.v B Bd"s. Sp itting Saw Blades, Lathe Chucks, Planer da?-; Ealter'y Balances, .rc. "lE'V YOltlv SiCA.li F.NUiNc. ..ORES, TERMS CASH. Foot Of Haet Twenty-third v. To Tin IKY EOF. PALE?L YTH CS. R? * FTI NO A. P i.h; h ItanwrA ActI'.b. Vises. Bsllows. tour foot B'ower Circular Pa >s. Bottinge, dlonldi j Machine ? -?d Cuttarn, a il Hand Planes, Apply at 2ti Last Houston street, of < JAS. JultDAN. ? riLLINLRY.-A PERSON HAVING A FIRST CLASS L rrlvaie Mi ltn.-ri business, of PCfernl yenrr standln;, v.-1-lil:' to retire, ? uld aeiU.utloa ca?ti customer <m la v- terms. ACilress iuiLiiicr, box 1-0 11 cruld o>i 'c. acnOONER FOE SALB?CARRIES EIOHTV TONP; C*) m oodorJoraal light draught. Appiy to B. BLN KBIT. SOl Wert street. rrtO LIQUOR DEALERS.?FOB 8ALE. THF, LEASE i rnd Ftxfrei of an eld ost?bl)ihed Porter tousp.tc.it Bled br the ate dames P. Green for the last fifteen years; the leas" lie. die) e<i ? to run tram last Mav.at the low roiit ot f "i r.- ar -tu- f. price for t mwl.Mo ISM. Apply to Mrs. ORKF.X. aeiotc'-siratrix, oa tho promtaes 16 WiUett otioet, near Gran t. . i rrTTPRINTERS.?FOR PALE CHEAP. FOR CASH, AN 1 Ada'i* i'rets .tixl Fi Gurui, .6x11, in good order, lobe 1 teen a', iu".' N .ssau sir ct. M BORSB POWER ENGINE, BOILER. MA frvF c* .. trT' tc., anil w five story brica Dtjiluini;. al in e ode.. for aalo -Prica $'.5;? 0 About oi? half can rm .. n'r. < n Loti t an mortgage. Ar'.df to C. DORL'tJ. No- oS boucry, room No. 8. _ S250.000^JiTno 1~T ^ 'ielecte*Goods nr.d In u rx, all nir. for -.it- cheep ->r will trade tor Weatr n Lands and some c vh. Be , 1 - i.ow.^u* a.wais. iii mu | >? atiou in t e heart O t ttt'J ; rciut ?? , 1. m p dettolte "rnlv a rarecban. o. Keasans?Pref-rund toii.aii tfaclnre r G o trade. Andrcts or call ou J. d. A 100 S rlngstre't. N. V. LOAM CFFICBfi. tT?MONEY LIUKP.'LVf ADVANCED AT 77 ON DIAMONDS, VfATiGiER, JKV. BLUT, HANDS, FURNITURE. AC. AT 77 PAtVNPBOKER.-V TICKETS WANTED AT 77 Cf D.ainoods. tVat. he*. .Teuatrv, Ac., and 166 per oeut; hi r- t ?? ? u can be obtame i o. on? o..,e. 1 'ace in '.he 'fJ-. rt 77 Bh c v. r t reef up stairs. x co.i?MONEY 1,1 Hf RAIXV ADVANCED (I* W; \ n. ir..), W. ' :??>. 'v.- v,r P<? ' -? * i, i,. aNo p..wi.b"oi m" Tick - wan. d o. i)ia'i."u v.- . Jewolry, O ??-. Platota. Be . for whlcfcl wttt pay S iTpsrcent ?mc thanean b" '''frtr .1 at nnr rth.v p ' the' t 6 v Broadway, corner of Houston street, v.p stair , rt oui No. 8 CLOTIIItO. a SURER PLACE - ?.? .-T '-Til AVBBUB LABI US A and sectiei. n find the lilrt- J lnniea; < catei. r>. M vTZ to whom thef can diaj.oaeo! ti e i Cast <>'i lllo.li ma ??a-|.ei*. I ntt.-re nn I Tew c ry, it : ! tv p're th uer; t'li- V ' ,h'. ' '( I pr Ttise t > pat t e o low , i _s k D... ? . t -r l - t ? $1 >. 1 at?. SI to kit- Pa'.s t t *7 A <. ! Wool ion. I), a ne end J-us tin Dr..?'e the hl.h'st rash \ n cs wi. hepa'd. A l. -ir a r.-?? by tot v-" he in : i.alK alfand ?> 1 to. I adiee at teti U i to ' v V ? M it Please ret .? .?* C.n orl-lna! ' . Mini' an.! ??-? u " hv't a. iuy. near higlitrenth atrsct. <ir' ro tro.n Ilrooki) n a id Jeracy Lily punctually at ten'led to. _ i tt! nr*r,y ?at 2:: hkvesth avrnue, m ar ,'\ Taer.tr ! ' 'reef. L - . c' and gentlemen, 1 have ihs i cisuie t*> h* i uuca Cn til hat *? r> '-e ?e>. n I a > . 7? rm'.. f altfo-i i. an.: tbe V.'e-tern mt'kets to pat lui ' t-h? t rr ft- fsir W" s and rci.t e- Ca'a Wen "t A; p.r. I. tar ta, ?' n re. .'m ? r . A v.. h lai'tn 5U ?wr Oral ?cn than anv <i- r i t ''/''J. jDf crentac to is tor tne 'I'l It Drcs - Hem B5 WftO; Vt?oi.o?. Irom ? i'to 810s ODO Oalk?. I'D- Kystln .'o flfit h; men's i'oata. 'Mtn -f.t. t'a- i . L ' >- ? e.-A;, Lad e-.?nd , , ?'T'lf'Ti, 'iOii't { 'if I '?? b.'i. AE? ? K ?*, : 2 ; Teiitii avnit.e. near Vwcn v-fifth st-trt. "F c illirc cn r.i t -ifo rn ' .u vr It br dealt with hone' t. Or-lor, vi i' h- at ten :<?-! ti fro u ITtook" ? New -'cr-c. . IJo.a u, fit .CD lslou ., A La ilta puoc.u-sUy Alteuocil to by Mrs. Man ka. . 1 n NTKj;..?All did SiiVBNTtI AVKNUI5. H RO \ yf's'TipRG. tkeUa 'on.I,-, nuk We tctu a?eu':; i ( V. t iam' or.tcrc ta J. . cha e G worth <>? ? ? ' Altf t io ? nr u ,ier? o in,at ho Oltet In a veri a. -t times Ledlo and r*t.-'tu ! wish .ou tro ild ta :e. par ?ici rr t cU.-<! ord .of)' over jour warci-ol.e-, ami wa tou I % . aur i st iiog ? -to not n?ed. Fi your ?%*?? "ctiun I , I I nt .a soinn'u'' .? flc' ?Silk Drc?cs from % to Lv'i ? f-n" i*. : ? *?. Pants from to *7: a no. v Lit : Iicotan. C-iri ID rotture. Jewelry. A,! kv ?iltr.g on nr oddrasmug H ROSBNHF.RO 2.2 y,<v .iti : ? ti v La ' ? tU* ida*! to Mrs. Kj.eibci ' 'n nlo .-t vr th?? o tf. t x .n sixrn a?tn' e?ladie.u and grntlb A roCL ft n i * h t? recuiin the 1 cD i * . e I. r t o r e r r illii'V C if ? f F) t :re he. t m h.?t voc rr, roc- J i r A ' 1 ? - C b Ml SI X a: No 1.1 s lit. Smo* two Doors from 1om*H B'S'I Lodte.-. a.i-.i, Mr.' At atr yc . tviO t?o leal' wit . to your a* slac tiOd ?"Oil liw Kflt. a rr-rjftV >'->T IIS NPWRTOP.l- Ml TlllP-D AV ? A nil.-. *!<?? .? ?nl *og -uK-M or. k metni u . i , r; . -? - tfte i--. .cat t? t I"- ' , Voe' pare, K trir' orpe.a ? ?-. "l jf, it r< it..?rkpln i ? ' 'p re*n*nib f - ? ? ??* ? r , uttr t\ t eulbiiJ.tjs st'enc?xl io l?- Wib. ?? mmmmmmmmmm "~T <M~?~FNirir AVRNUE CORNER OF I A F.N .. J\ , , I.' v'.oeV 1 i\ AHf t . pr? h.k? ? ?- prr n I i d , ??).?!?' .. in-? <> ?t?T Omwh Corpota. Font !VrJ. V!V?a .',,g Sr A WrMalOg a ? he U I "? ?tl-n to4 to b? Mr*, - , m 11 y,7imos-LAi.il) ' M-.'i.'r.'! J\ lot the I.iotbs dc '.io- y or a r es. w..I par ou what tooy #r* * "mr ftr mnn. it c c 1 I!<t St van'N ?*t?Bo.^oe?i U..e Omg ato.e i-"! .r o, ? ? if 1 r.;t j , ISA GREAT I'fc "AMI X I .'I i'lrT' ir- . J La a a s and eentiOBt'it. ri.ur aura (X a .11 - a - UisiOuOiot l g, i . et> will toc-iro lh? . .. . "r in,, at or r td-.i.slng Ml fi rnit.ii'., Jgg r\. An.. ' n * , Mr . . n Ti.itd avenue. Ladlea w..lbO?tt\ < ?? it A tMNti.?LADIES AND A v.nt';xzv MILLBHUliH V Mm M "U1 TnuitteiA ??!*' t*. LtdlOS I't'-ndAd It THE Ffcrf H108F 56 C A ""l mort'foi \ d ?<i and .nil e i en ^ .|rw,|ry. Faat Off < .i.ihi.if I cnlP i ? ' . , re n i' ,1-r ti.'nn-r or nd'rryslng H HART. jA * to by Hra wi. be pi. ict ialiy attended to. La4iA)",,ca a r Sal DOWEBT.-iL ioBBBT.tBJ^gB^A^glAT \ ciesi'eto pair hut- ? JjIfVi** CaMns on or Apparel. f J.,.litre Cy,ieta J?watw. . |bo lllm#f, Brtd.e?,!n> h m ladies an t gent emett ? '? r 0 ! r r,.G, ar c e La-fl'i ?VxTo?i.^o^).:.0r*st thai Plea,c ruin'ai'iei, aad try JiJ Howe..V Jones street. ? . ? /-Til! AP AND FASHIONABLE CLOIIlll*'" ?', fofi-Ft \J IPs ok Ftook 0.uis (Ere) Irom............-r'Fj r u m ( oate, English and other styles, Iti/ii.?? ?? J ^ Libcn Du*t?rsir?.u g u, lu Ga??ltrere Paoti nooa from T I ^ g fiitloeta from t i? . Toole, variety, from.,.. ? ?u ? Ilf.u LLVIF, ?U iliosdway and i'27 Bicma i ? | ' t?UltF.R0 P*Fd Till'. IIIflflRTT^RIC ^ i J. lei ea and O<-n11-inn t t'a-l O'l Cl 'tb na on bv 8rUlr>'*? ?!(? L I'Afhbrrg, 'A Kt^tl T'J[?n fi?ttr Broadwty b/ Mr? L. % tP I /? (\C\l\ V7 JRril OF CLOTH!N J 'VA ?v JJTjV */'lv" will pay the hiuhc?l pr-ew tm ? lothli : Carpets, Film lure t'atl on or ad '? *? RTRAtlRB, t ) fieveuth avenr e. hetweiui 'fliti ? Fi,uty lour.h Hliccts. J-h t eaattended b? Mra BOAIUUffCl AKD UODQINO* AT THE FRAlfKTORT HOUSE. ONE BLOCK EAST if tko CM) Rail, ooma* of Frankfort aud wl th? ?"*it> Hall, corner of Frankfort aud William street*, 'AO n-ayy fam;?ned. light Ho.'m-. A r vn to ooo ranaoB. ??. tiMe. per day; )1 9 to f I perwut Hoaaa ope a ali b get. A I n"rS AT 21 WEST FOURTRKNTH STRFKT?A LABOR, hftndv>m?lT turn'ah*! story Room. ?itu ampM rvxntr:ei, la lei. wliu Ilomi. Alio liveral pteaaaut a uglo Rooms amiabie for geniiamen. ? A SUIT Or U \NDSOMEL* FURNISHED ROOM9-ON the second ticor; also an enure Second F oor, ronui cumniuulcailng: Boonsfor aiug.e gentlemen, w.ib Would, al 7n and T2 We?l Thirty e ghth streA A?HANDSOMELY FURBISHED ROOMS TO LHT TO a lady and gentainsa (full Hoard for lady) In a private family, <-onsl*ling ,,f two rooms, will all modern Improve, menta large pantrlea. .ic ; neighborhood >|utein'i i genteel. A liberal eumpei -?uon expected for stipe, la-acoommo :a> i.uua. AJdreas A. 9., sUtiou D, lllhle Hon e. A PLEASANT. COOL PARLOR OR THE FIRST FLOOR to let, m liU Board, on very reasonable terms, -.uttable for a gentleman and ??lf? or two single senile nen. Family a in all. Dinner al 6. Apply at U2 Weil Thiny se ond street, between Eighth and Ninth avenues. AT 174, 178 AND 178 BLEKOKER STREET, SIX blocks ureal ol Binadwuy?Pleasant, cool K mii wllA excellent Hoar.1. I rom IS to Id p?r week. Families ncord lnjfly. Breakfast 6 to l>, dinner l-'X and 6. Alio at Odd wc.ru HotrL l ine giotes, tulenuld sea bat. inp, flatting, Ac. At 3d BAST TWBNTY-NINTH bXRUET, NEAR MA dtauu avenue, two large Kooma and one small one, .'wnrnuni'Vit n , to let, with Board, In a private fantl'y. Relereutaa r*,u.red. A T 18 AND 20 WASHINGTON PLACE. NFAR BROAI). 'n ^ '*Qlci (ir t cluu* house. b^\cr:i! nicety lur niihtd Pariow, Booms and ha:. Bedroom? to let, w>ih Boaid ?t moderate price?. French >roken. ReCerenctfl excluoKcd. attention 13 called of those living in ^ hOatiUin^ aoiiBea. to an catHbliahuient ooeticU ?t no NacJouffat *tre?n, and furnished with eveiythlnc tie reascrv .or hotisrke.iiUij, in order that a family mav Save a complete u juvo. - AM FINE SUIT OF ROOMS TO LET, FI'RMBliED ? Also singe lion .a lor gentlemen oti.y; bath and water closets connect i j; fumily small and yr.vate; con ve.nnnt to ?'l tbo I'r t class hotels. singo*. Ac. Apply at 18 Rant Eighteenth atml, tbtid door from Bi adw.iy. A LYRGR FRONT ROOM-HANDSOMELY FURNISH ft rd. I., let. ui a pin ate luuillv, ivuli or without Board; hiu - new, ioiitiou for bu 'ues? men excellent Keler cacex ex. uan^cd. Apply al 1st Blsccker street. \ NB\TLY FURNISHED FRONT ROOM, ON THIRD ft iiui. . to lid, iv th Rabid, to u penUetnan and wife or live sin?le -ui.eajBit sou Hall Bedroom, on reasonable terms, ui .4 li s at Twenty-seventh .'treet, between Lexing ton ann Four; avenues. ^ FEW PLEASANT FURNI8IIRD ROOMS TO LET, inatirlaio lu.id ..with raa and privilege of bath rooia, w.t'v Lot aud oiild water, u a very aomstblo -tn.i do alrable ,ooation, No. Hill We-t Thirty fourth street, corner of Broadway. Sixlli avcn.ie and Tlitrtv fourth -tro t. A FROM ROOM i'O LKT-TO TWO OR TRllKE GEN t.emeu or a sent oi.tan and Lis w.-o, with or without Board. La 1 at S4 Macdongal a. u-eu * PRIVATE FAMILY DESIRE TO LIT A FEW ft It a*, i. a, cither -a suit or acuarately. to geut.emen, with or without Board. Call at 33 Ra t Iwelftu street, a lew doors west oi Broadway. A NICELY FURNISH ED FRONT IIALL BEDROOM ft on second tloor to let, 'o one or two gentlemen or jm tlcmar- aud lady, with or without Board; cen ral ocation; one bio k from Grace church; family private-, good neigh ist Elsve bo hood; lerina iow. A ply at 15 East Eleventh street. AN AMFRICAN widow, having a brown stone hou-e. with a 1 the modem improvements, v-ould let a few nicely FnrniaheJ Iloou.a. with Board; terma modera a. Cull al 13.') Wert Thirty-third s;iael A PRIVATE FAMILY, AT AS WEST TWELFTH . r.rcet, between Filth and Slxtu avcr.ues, can ac nin module a gent i imui ana wiie and two slnyle gentlsii.en Willi Furnished Booms and tirst class r.osrd. ltulerences roqnlrcd. t'ei vama and chtldreu not tasen. A rURMHUED ROOM TO LET-FOR A SINGLE gent.email. Abpiy (or tl.rtc day I ?t No 7 Amity place. r 23 EAST TWENTY FIFTH STREET. TO LET, A . P, i lor and Bedroom, with urate' ass Bowd. A OR NT i\ private family preferred. Uslereiices exchanged. A t drcss 1. 8., box Ao.'h Foil oOUe, slating leri&i and i all par ccul.trs. A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE DEsIRK BOARD, WITH a good ize I Room, in a cheerful faintly, located above Thtrtv lourth street, west side; price must not exceed 914 per u'iclr. A tore a, w.th full parlicu'ars, Good Cheer, box 4.3IU Po t oil co. A FINE OPPORTUNITY IS NOW PRESENTED FOB a choice of Furtu "ed Booms eu suite titled tip eiptess ly lor I'.rst cars gentl-unen only. Call at V3 West Twenty, ninth street, bi iwucu F.Ith avenue ana Broadway. Break fa-,! If desired. A FEW BOARDERS CAN BE ACCOMMODATED FOR the season hi a private family, lit Inc I'nll ty-elgbt mi'en A L \ :?f', bAlkhUH Gl ? 1 lltdtc lltuil . ?!! ??? ?"?! ?y v t*a. x-> from Ne v York, en the ivest side or tba Hudson, two it: lea b c< from the village of Haverstraw, In a line, hea thy, uioiid a:uatt3 rouotrv. Cyajmunl.ut on nR.i the city motn lug una aft ino n, by bo,(F Good stall ni for two or ttirue hor .-i. For furt' vr t-iit.culara address b. A. Mt, Haver atraiv, Rod . and Co., N. Y. a PRIVATE FAMILY. ItESIDINO NEAR HAMILTON l\ lo ry, Brooklyn, tto;t:d let to a a ngle gcoticuiau a ;u?e front tnnithe'. Rmni, for $3 per tu-nth; Rba'kone f, r $0, or n h ill lie'.loom lor 9t. References urchange't. AUd;e s l >r tniec days J.. E. M., -arc J, W. & b., tex3,s 1 Post office. FURNISHED ROOM lO LET TO A Gh.X IT-EM tN. L wllbo-tt bonr 1. Apply at 4!Sixth atreet, brst do-r it oi beccud avenue. FURNISH CD ROOM?VT K SIXTH AVENUE, WITH lioatd for a lady n y. ST IS CHARLTON bi T.F.ET, HLAFt MVCDOUGAL? il An e'.e.tii. furnished l'arior tu let, w ltd lir t rias j t Board, toe, geatiemau an 1 wife; neighborhood uce-tep. UuNa' ic. Terina roatooAblc. La at ;9 Clinton atro. t ' ar0, ?''*'? one on tu.rd 11,>o A LAI K AN > WRLL FUUNISIIBD IIOOV. WITH p .nitvr and bath room atiae.ied. to I-t, .-.'n Board, at 1 ii ?i:.t 181 B cvcot-r atioet. Ai 3 smaller Roaiua. Terms u-odeiate. TTFNTION 18 CALLED AT 1,12.1 BROADWAY. NF-AR to let, to g. M - men, fr > ti to $2 per w -k. very do ?;cable h a-.tlon; next to the St. ,'a;nea Hatel, Mania m rousre. BOaP.P?tbN'K OB TWO HANDSOME ROOMS TO let wiib Board to a gentleman and his wife or sin;;',a centtemen I a intra tt 23 Last 1 welitb etrect, a few doors w cii of Broadwnv, Board.? perpona sfekino first clafs board. \> ;t.i ?.hu-h " c -ell" ' of home t< i.ix -p-r?b>j can |,n I pie isnnt Souior lu thai dee lven.it.., 4b West Twenty-fourth meet. nOARD.?\ DOT'IILR ROOM AND ONE OTHER AD in:n rg to let?'o gentlem-n t l-.t1le?. wltu or wllho-t Board; al <> a tront H? neni to el I it|Uire at 193 Blcevser street, ?e t oi B.otile y BHOARD? A i'O UN 0 1-ADY. TEACHER OF MUSIC. des res Board r-ow or I i fi-otr -iber, v hero Inatriu!:on o-i tin nauu would 9 tasen in lull or psrt.al pa-men!. The boat of rw'ei-ances and a B? t?oad ptifo fur?li>t?H If des:red. Ai: iress Freato. Ilera.d o'tlce. Holho-two on tiirme oentlbuf.n or a gen t eu.au r id wife can be arcomm Isle i vr th Board and a plcaxant P.- in, a; No. I New Cndal x'r^et cjraor ot E. it H.oait', a . Dinner at 8 o'clock. Gas an l liatlt In ihe house BHOARD AND LODGING W ANTRD-PETWFT. v K ?'ith and Twetulrtli streets, ind Hocon l and Fourth avenues, he a man of butlnes*; bath tieilrable. AJdreas luimedlat?ly, Mr. Johitfon, statidu 1' Poet office. HOARD AND ROOMS TO SUIT ALL-LARGE AND J> Etna'1 eeptrately or la a to p^ntl-men ant v.-ves and slnx;c gsnt emen. Now hotisa, just opened; tialh, gav ami every co n eulchce. Hodsrake churgci. till West T lr j e ghtli atreeL Board wantkd-by a you-vo lady, in a farm Lj re up lbs North river; would prefer o few in.l?? umn terms mtts* be moderate A-hircss Miss Curtis, iox' ' gb;n avenue, stating lei ma and p.-rit ulsrs. OABD WANTKD-IN TilS COUNTRY IN THE VI iinltvof Rl-.-erdale. MountRcVlneent or 8pu>t?.i Duyv l by u inly, son na l dauj ter. AdJrcs* with fui. psrtlcu lartand iirloe, C. A. B.. Herald office, IS ?OAR!> WANTED?IN A RESPECTABLE PRIVATR ? l?m ly. for a bo?. agsd 14. Terms must be reasonable i Ii il . Ueraid oilici }>OARD VANTKn?FOR A LITTI.R GIRL. RiOHT y-ars o il. wheie she would lie kli.liy mk -.i core o' l ? s e la In thy not Inte ilgtat. A.ldrcsa. stai.Dg terms, I;. liera U Office. T P.OOKLYN BOARD.-GENTLF.MAN AND WIFE 13 oi I J I or s i.i e i entle.rien cs:i ohta o goud B?ar I with II mi. ' at No 4 Wl! ow slrrel, three inmutas wa s from FuV.ou 1 terrr. Lale dt'incr. I ?0AR1> ON BROOKLYN HEIGHTS ?TO LEI HAND ]> sunety lump''-- I, wllh or will nut Boar 1, the who e : "c n I Floor a ah ?: ?' In an exmllent ne-fl hori o?<l on aikl.m He g its, ivl.hln tlu-c min-reo' wa k ot Fu ton ferr-'. The fam Iv t* a n? i and privale. The ho i?e !>a? ili? i>i?rn nprore nents liatproom on the same fl<or, with pamrte'snd diawert in earb larve room. A part? of foi r ? ?i.ib-.unu or two r-nt 'Pirn and ths'r wives would fto 1 a o iimo i?. ' d? ttry p ixsaut and conveu ent In ii teat I Poplar at-eei ITOAT'.D ON BROOKLYN HMO UTS-THREE DI St 11 ra'da Kno.r.s at I t> Piarrepont sire s, rornor of C intoii, sra em.; ra a'-d to day by a gen leu an going to Ruropo HOABD ON BROOKLYN IIF.IOHTP -TO LP.T. AT 79 Col itrt.ia -'roe? one arvr Room on drat floor rod una on th? to r.t. sn'tibio for families or a.agio genilcnisti. He ferences regu red. bvUHNtaHKD KOIWIF TO LBT.-triTH HRP.AKFAsr r if dedred. in the <? (gam browu atono liouee II Abiug don ?'|iiaie iEighth ?vetins). VCRNMHRD ROOV3.-TIYO OR THERE (IRNTLR men ran bear omm da el srlth fine Rooms en a.iita oi elnje. In a i rivals Itmi y residing on (he n-u;h aide of Ws hiosion *{usre. Addiass A. B. IL, Uengid offi '0RNI*U I'D ROOMS?FOR OKN ri.tiV" .< WITH Hreakfaet If reaulre.i at 41 Fast Tneutlatk street, be tween Bieadwav and Fourth avenue. (JtrRNISIIKD ROOMS' AND BOARD.-A P\IY4 L fao it van .lo-oiiuno lafa a rent ema>i nod wifwwir t single ci-iilnmen with Board, at a moteraus prhe; w prtrtiere o' -leini blplard lae|e and pstlor* lor rrisK' For I i'tt-ei parttgu its iii'pilre at the house, Xo. 5 Cuafl atreet, near Kitlh avenue. ID URN 111 IIF D ROOMS 10 LFxT -IN RUITS TO F A MI Urn ard el i-.l? Iloons to gnu: emen , mcftU provi i< d in the li'tuse tf re I'red; al Isree ore Miry house No. b < . u lot- plate, Eighth air-el, a few s'eps from Broads ay. li-UHSDOirin OR ORFURNIRHBD ROOMS TO I.RT, I With oi without I ard, al 44 Wi-.it Twrnty-fiinrtU t treet. ? ?thin a I,a f a b'otk or lite I Iltli Avenue llmol. lerma 1 eaeonabia. AtORNlFIMPD AND URFURf ItOIED ROOMR TO LPT JFitls Of W Mb Oil! UOh'd. at flJ West ftrenlv n utb siren | BOABDIH9 ATTTJ LODGING. 5'U RN18B EI) ROOMS TO LET-WITH BOVRD, TO I? ladles ouly. Inquire at K V est llrcadwiy. FURNISHED ROOM'" TO I.BT-TO LADIES AND GSM t'cnicn. with lua-.J for toe lilies only. Aupiy ai OS Fourth avenue. AJICBLY FURNISHED ROOMS TO LET-IN A PHI Is vote freach lan.t j. Qaa sad bath iu ?l,a housa. Be feronces exchanged. Inquire at 181 West Ninth street, tliroa doers from Broadway. ROOMS-IN SUITS. HANDSOMELY fcrkiskbd. A'.soslurlc Rooms, to let to gsutlemon, wllh iut boar 1, Id the convmiettl/ lacatod bouaa 24 Weal Sleruuia .iticei, coar Broa Iwa--. R OOM TO LOT.?A WELL FURNISHED SECOND i storefront Room will be let, tu a lady and gentleman, with Board tor the lady and part'sl board for tiio jonuaman if required: good neighborhood. A;,dy at 77 West Nine teenth street. SINGLE OENTLEMKN WILL FIND NICELY FDR niahed Ko ms, with a small pleasant family, at 1'iKJ Rust Tenth sirrei; Bouthorners preferred. Also one vary chtap upper Room. Location desirable. House modern. TO LET-TO SINGLE GENTLEMEN. TWO FINS Farlors. on lirst floor; a'so Parlors with Bedroom*, on e-'cml and tti rd floors, *11 handsomely furnished, with Breakfast, e*.2i Ka t Thirteenth street, near Fifth avenue. Keterencer given and required. rPO LET?HANDSOMELY FURNISHED ROOMS, WITH JL out Boar 1, to singh. gentle men m i Joslu _ . ; able location. Apply at Pi We?t Fourth street. near Broadway. TO LF.T-TWO OR THREE FURNISHED ROOMS, ON List floor, to single gentlemen. Pleasant location. 121 East Twenty-eighth street, near Third nvemte. Mrs. ANN SANDERS. rpo LET?LARGE AND SMALL AIRT AND VERY A bandlmmeiy furnished Rooms, w.ih excellent Board or without 11 No. 15 Bond street, near Broad way. TO LET-A WELL FURNISHED I! ICIC PARLOR AND Hall Bedroom adjoining, on ll e second l!*or, repara'e. ly or together, to a party of gentlemen or a gentleman and wife, with Board. Hcu<e has the modern improvements, and Is In a fl ret class locality. Apply at 106 vnew No. 160j West Thirty-sixth street, near Bt jndwsy. rpO RENT?TO A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE OR TWO JL gentlemen, a square Room, adjoining bathroom, on second iloor, furnt?hed or unturnished, with Board, a*. 187 East Fiftieth street. WHITNEY HOUSE, BROADWAY, CORNER . OF Twelfth street.?Rooms for fami los and single gen tin men to let, wl li or without Board. Meats famished In the restaurant at all hour-. WANTED?BY A MARRIED LADY, A MEAT ROOM. ?t in a healthg-hr atioo, with Board, between Yorkr.lle and Harlem. A duress E. 13., Herald olUce. WANTED-BY A YOUNG LADY, A NICR BOARD. lng p'aeo, in n private family; where there are no other boarder.-! preferred. Address W. II., Herald olHcc I DEPAUPLAGB, SECOND HOT SK FROM BLEECKEB J street, stogie Rooms lor gonCamen; also Rooms suit ab'e for married couples or parties who would room to gether. two suita of front Rooms, two euch id olulng, f r fami has, with Board. D.niter at six. Terms reasonable. 'J7 WEST THIRTIETH STREET.?TWO FAMILIES ?? I (first else*) and three or fo irgentli tlenen can obtain rood Board, with suits or slnglo Ko .tv.. One beautifully furnished Parlor, wi-.h Bedroom attached. Situation de lightful, between fifth avenue and Broadway. r<) ST MARK'S FLA^B?NEATLY FURNISHED tt^i Apar'.meutv for a gentleman an 1 wife or two siugla c-tniietuen, on s-eond floor, front. Terms $20 per week. No children ur servants tak-n. 93 GREENE STREET, ABOVE SPRING STREET.? Eieiiintly Furnished Suits of Rooms; g*j, Cretin ami every convenience for housekeeping ooonomlcally. par ticuiariy suitable for small, respectab'o families. ltent low 11 Q WAVRRLBV PLACE HAS BK5N TAKEN BY A xLO lady from Washington. A gentleman aud wife, or t o a ng'e gen lomen, w siting the refinements .inJ comforts of a it me,-an he accommodated with a neatly tarnished Frou: Koom, second hour. 129 OIlRYfiTIE STREET.?TtVO ROOMS ON SECOND floor to let, with or without Board. 1 Zl* PRINCE STREET, ST. CLAIR liOUSF.. ?F.I K J.t)U g.-uitly Furn.shed Rooms, with Bedrooms attached, with all the ourciiienie! for housekeeping complete. In eluding g*a and ('roton tvalcr, to let to respectable fair, lies or single gentlemen. Ol f\ ELM STREET, NEAR SPUING STRERT ?i-'UR jUlKJ lushed Rooms, fur immediate occupancy, lower rates in the citv, containing the conveniences for h, usekecp. log; hest bedding, furniture and cooking utensils; gas and Cro'.on. COUKTRY BOARD. II ELIZABETH, NEW JF.RFET?BOARD CAN BE it obtained in a hfqliiy respectable faml'T; a large house, with modern uipmvemenls, three minutes' walk from Hie depot: liberal termi to permanent boarders. Re!touci re tired. , . quired. Address box 7t El'rabuth Port oSice, N. J. A SHADY, ELEVATED, RETIRED "SUMMER BOARD Ing hottMt." at Coytesvllle, N". J., one mite north of Port Lee, and directly oppo-itc Foil Washington, now open for tha reception of guest*. A -'onvcvsn e to and from the boat. Mtuitnum price Slu per weok. iLlliurd renin nttac icd. .1 COTrE, Proprietor. APF.IVATR family, owning a HANDSOME place In oue of tha pleasantest parts of Elisabeth. N. ,f., would fr.vo i-na or two small p-tHies t? Boatd; house handsomely furnished, go* throughout. plenty of "bale, ex cellent lablo. wiiit nil the comfort? of a home. For part e :? ars a.ldro s W. W. \V? bov4stf Post oflloe. Board at fordham-fiftbbm minutes' walk from the depot, for t\\r> geutlem a; a mge. airy Room. Tcrtrs, f,'> a week each. Apply to Mrs. Cross, o.; the West Partus read ;SL '~nr? >'? m.Tr* "-Mstes ;vir Board at west haven.?a new house, situ ateti un tl.e shore, near S.tvirt Kc. :t, its just been op-nod fc- * q-.'it h.>a"luitc house. T'j.- | mprletor wild etert h mse f to luake tht? house such an one as shall nuu. t the npt-rubath n of tho^e who wi h a quiet hum* and brinlliu! tab e. h> the -ea h! ore. through the warm teas in. JEROME NEWTON, \Ve*t Haven, C r.n. BOARD IN THB COUNTRY.?A FKW FINK ROD MB, ntthgood B.-srJ, can be secured in (he piersmt v sit i.ste ' farm I on e of WILLIAM H. PIBin.KE, Strawberry lf ill, Btamft-rd, Cots. tO NTRY BOARD?ON THE ERIE RAILROAD, IN trangeeonnt ,lnaflt?': asi kousc, having s ..clo is t ab* t ar.ers and rooms we furnished. Location d> light* ful and li. ithy. F >r itsr- -u'ars Inquire at GODWIN ,t BAKER'S over the TiIn .ne ofTloO. flOUNTRY BOARD.?TWO SINGLE GENTLEMEN CAN ' V t. k.-couintodatcd wuth goad Boom, and j! ar.l, at Builh Orau.-e, N. J.. Oue bu :r * time bl lal'. fro. I the city. Ad frest B box 1 New York Pi-st cfl.i e. /torNTRY BOARD.?DESIRABLE COUNTRY BOARD * J r. in be had In a private fam! y. residing in tbo village of Fordham, Wes'.ohes'.er county, N Y . only A." mio ites <r -m City Hah and loss than ten tn utttc*' walk from railroad depot. Appll to Mrs. WllYTE, Fordhatn. /NOUKTRY BOARD?A NEW AND COMMODIOUS * 1 Inn *s, at Ksiona', up n tuc New York nnd lf*rlom Ra iroad and near i rcoo river, la now open for boarder*. Rrx-ms lvgo and v.ei' furttMtrd if ore >te.* eiriiasged. Addrc-s J. B tVliH'-j k, Kutoonh, N Y , nr It. J. Bu'tlmoto, i Esq., 2TA Fulton ?*t- -i or A. A (Juris, Esq., 75 Ottano CIOUNTRY HOARD.?A LAOV. HAVING A LARGE J 1im.?-, desirably ioc*tad.en tbe Hariairi Knur .ad, un orcommodate a lew boarders. SitM*'l<>n unaurpa sod I t hi-sltti and beauty of lo at'on. Frttii, shade stabling nud bne lines A l ire s Mra. L. Celding. Dover P.Slav, Dutch ess county, R, Y. ClUU.Si'RY BOARD.?FIRST CLA.dS ACCOM MODA ) Hons can be had iii * prf-Ale fhmt y, within one nour of Now Vork via Morris and Essex Hatlroud. Lueatl u beautiful and haa thy. Choice cl?.en of several large and a-r r. oms. For particular* adureri J. Q., box 4,1'.'" N. Y Test ofih-e C10UNTRY BOARD ?WANTFO. BOARD, FOR A ORN. J tlo'i.uo, wife and two children (gu . in a quiet far.n house, healthv neighborhnod. d.-daut nut ever two houri from (tew York. Addrota P. T., 711 Water street. COUNTRY BOARD-IN THE TILLAGE OF HEMT stead. Lung It.sod.?A few penning can be au-m.ino ctaicd '.vltn firs: clans Beard, In aprlvnAa fBtully; Room* large sod alrv. with private Par.or and fine toned Piano: the hou-e Is weil shaded br large trees Ioq ure al tha Ilcmimi'sd depot, of BICHA.'JD TKTLKY COUNTRY BOARD AT TARRYTO'.VN. CORNER OF Main rtreet and Broadws? ; beautiful gro.nl*. flut v.ews. plrnt. ol frint and dowers; ftorniamodal;an foreir riagea and l.mscs: first class uelgkbori.oo i; everything I m*KO the stimtnei' agreeable. K N. BKDE/.L. (10UNTRY BOARD-AT NORTH BERGEN.-A FEW J Rooms vatsnt In a large airy house, five ml e* front Jersey City; North'-rn New fersev Kalirna.l ,-ars piss th* hoi.so four orlvn times a day. Inquire of P. M. GRANT at 140 Fui.'on street, up slstrs. riOUNTRT ll-'ARP.-A FAAIILY CAN BE AUCOMMO U dst'd with a p'ei ant Room, in \J dst'd with a i< ?si ant Room, in a pr v .te fanllv. Terms F7 f er week. Add ess box tS rustcace, Peaktk.U, HelVrcnrcs etci sugirt. /VOl'NTI'.Y nOAItn WANTRD-ON THE LIVE ON TIIR \ ) Nee Haven Bx.iroad preierrc l . four or five room* re quired. Address 9. W. F,, box 2,471 Post olive. N. Y? s'at* lug terms for ad,ills, children and aervsnta, with desi.riptlon oi j>iace. pouxTRY board wanted?for a family of \o/ three or four pnxi.it. n ,;'i s-rront, good roit.is a.v 1 pie ;ynl fruit, vegei-vblcs uud milk requite! Adtlte.is fl o,. bn 1,9 5 Post oillrc. New York. c OITNTRY BOARD YYANlF.D ?AT A I-ARM HOUSE, J wlt itn art hour* rife of the rlty tup th? H -Ison r ver preferred), for * kcutlemsn nnd his wile. Au-iirvt L. Brai l itis L. Bra nsrd, 16 Nasi.i-t strtet QODD COUNTRY fit>AK2J CAN LB HAD AT A FARM I ou?? near Nnrw*ik Conn where thoy f*'s* sli theli o rn veji tables hsve nlr-ity of ritlk and Hi* p'*> e t- ro d and rourent-at to toe cars, AdJress H I 0? Herald UNO. Hl ffliinElt KKStHtTfi. At cLirrwoon hoi el, cliff wood. n. j.of . poelte Ke-pTt, 1'^ iigiir from N'?w Y->rk,bv tteamet font of Mu rat sircot, at 4 P. M.: Bare!** street P. M t Huudav end fourth of .Till v hosts at 8t% A. M. tmegiora-, spies ft I sen h*ti ing, lisbttftg. tiosutifcl n enerv, Ac. Apply at 176 ltleecker street, er at hotel. ALLBOUANT HOUSE. Td)NG BRANUH. N. J ?THIS hotel, ha-tng rhsnge.1 hand*, ha* been thoroughly renn voiet.l now op,-.i for the reception ol tian lent anu per manent ImtrUers. Terms F2 psr dav, |12 per waok. Bo uus csu be engage i for tha season. I.TPPlNCOtr A WOOLLEY, Propilolets. L.MGNT HAM,. Schooler's Mooatala, N J. Will be oreited for vintura .lime I. I). A. t'ROWRt.Ii. Heath HOtlsR, schoolkt s mountain springs. N. I , I. tin ? npcu to vi filors fur l!>e eearon Heiicbed h? Mm rls and Esse* Railroad, fool Of BarNut street. New Y,ork,at8XA Mi and 4 P. M. * K. II. L'OLPYf A*. Proprietor ONt*1 BRANCH. N. J.eeTIIE CLARENDON rtOTFt, IS ih,-'cl(? it nndnsd, l?rgue-i* I bo Fourth of Jn > an av fr , th# t ,lr< ru * of '.'"a?,,joying Rind sr. hath M. ran r"tehtM o thecftv. Av",,Vjtinhi?*i f.-*aelloyt,fuotof Mnriay f-trosl, p-aviitv'sH l? I'v f ' VbnHINSON. Pmwktor. ?VKKER nEIOBTB. MOHEGAN LAKE HOV6R-FlBA8aNTLV*^81T% ate I, four mli< ? mi' of Keekaktll. 1m now open (tor >U> tea on F< r further part.ru!ara address M. A. Bur dick, PeeksklU, Westchester Bounty. New York. MOBMGAN LAKE?MOUNT PLEA8AN* HOUSM, near PeekakUl, is new opon. Addr.-.-a wm. Jones, rcekskiu, it y. MOUNTAIN HOU8E. 81)070 OPANOE, J*. J.. NEA? Llewolljn Park.?Th a de ightful summer resort hit* inn changed hands lias K-ea than ighly reoovad.1 mid to?** ly furniahedj tsth to every room: billiard aud bowling roou.s: go'd r tabling. W.;i bo npru Jure 8 for rev.tptloo of eaUct fan As. Trans lea re Barclay street by Morris an u Es.cx Rai'road almost hourly. B. A. TALIAFERRO. MANSION IJ0r?B LONG BRANCH. N. J.?THI? rioted sea bathing bouse Is no* open It can aceoramo date six huodrod masts. for further lutormAlion apply tQ 8. LAIR P. Proprietor. j _ XTATIONAt HOTEL, LONG BRANCH, N. J., IS NOW Is open oo tlie Europoao plsn; Booms $1 to 03 per day: Meals aul all the dehcAoicS ol lbs season obtainable at all hours. . RBMOND'8 H' TEL and frknch restaurant? Long IKbiich, N. J., i'. KKMCMPt Proprietor.?Tlx above 'r-.tel will lie opened tor the reeeptleto of v el tore on Saturday, June 26. This ertab ishme?t will bi kept aa first e'-i?3, a superior French cvoh has been e urloyed. Parting oesirlng private dinners can be aocooainodated with all the d ;! eanies of tlie season. Every ellort will be made to plaosc ail who will lAvor us with patronage. SURF HOTEL, ? 8URF HOTEL. SURF HOTEL. KlRE ISLAND, , Is tow open w.th cxtotislve I u, prominent!, Curs leave dally James slip at 8 A. M and 8:31 P. M. PBS. PAMHIS, Proprietor. CDMMBR RESORTS.?THOMPSON'S ATLANTIC PA 0 vlllon, Highlands of Neveivlnk, N. J., Is noiy open (07 t'.io reception or traiii'eut and permanent boarders. ThnsS wl-lilnj to pst'onl.e tins healthy seas ,le resort can take th! steamboatsMetaaud llclcr. from the font of Mu- rav street twice daily. JOS. P. THOM PdON, Proprietor. SKA BATHING.? CONdRUSS H L. LONG BRANCH". New Jtrsev, Is now opnti foi ibe season -, Person wNhing to nrcaga Rooms v.lll please address Woolmano Stokes, proprietor. SARATOGA 8PRINOB.-T,ABOE, PLEASANI ROOMS, wrltl. drst n r. a Roar h in a ntlvate family, in a <lel jjht* ful location, cr*u be obtK'nej at H2 Broadway, south of Con gress. sired. Accommodations for horses and carringos. fT'T *1 L\ TO- KI ??ITU HOUSE, BE HORN POINT, OK 1 the Kill Von K 11!!. New dors y, is open for the season. Porta leeve pier No. 2 North r ver at P IS, I24r>, dAO and 6:80; from foot of Dey street at 101 A. M. and 4K B. M.; ;.lso I railroxd from Jorrny City Part! ? en; a,; :>l in busi ness In Nov York will find the La Touiette Hon an as easy ofMivi *.3 the up town hotels in the c ly, and more dealra ble than the far oa' water ?,. pi tens. W Kb LEY W. HILL, Proprietor. THE PAVILION HOTEL. PORT WASHINGTON, N. J.j ou the Shrewsbury river, 1* n w open for the iccomrao. dallon of permanent und trans cut b-ardors. Ti e bathing: ia pleasant and eafi, tin h i: ., and fishing good. Tb? labia will b? 'ways ao for-. ' e I that none wi I touvo disss Hailed. Dtata leave the foot ot Mtrto. siren daily. A. U. UAGOERTY, Proprietor. mHOMPEON S ATLANTIC PAVILION, HIGHLANDS, A N. J. !? open lor the recaption <f transient a:rl pcrma nent b-ar'er.--; terms mo:ei <te. tPcimh atMI'.TA leaven tha foot f .Vmrav street on Pr Jav an . Saturday, July 5 and 2. at S P. Jl., on 1: day, Jul-3, Ml A. M.; 011 Moa day, July A, at ",'i A. M. J JOSEPH J. THOMPSON, Procrletor. HOTELS, A M ERIC AN HOTEL?IlKOADWAY AND BIOHTQ J\ sires', New Yoik, on t o European plan; Rooms ec auile and ?ingly; open all n'yht. Atlantic hotel, Chatham sjuarh?newt house? i'no rnmlaood Rooms, with K, 11 ? a pntenf rut lug feather beds, by the day, week or month, open thai? and n:ght B. BRBDSB, Proprietor. Bath hotel, l. i.. is now opfn for tge sea.' von Accessible hour.y b. Oreenwoifl, Rath and Cotiej" Island Ral'read. " GEO. SHIELDS, Proprietor. P. O'Umoi.v. Manager. TjVASTERN HOTEL, NO. 4.1 CENTRE MARKET, BALTT \i moie ?Pt rrnnnent and lra:i8:en' boaro-r-eci:ommo? dated on teascnable terms. MRS. B SHANNON. TT7HITNKY HOH8B?SOUTHEAST CORNER OP ? T Broadway and Twelfth street (eutrati e ou Twelfth street) ou the European plan. Accommodations for tran? ate it as well as permanent boarders. Meals furnished to or-'er by the. d:iy or week, at the opt.on of the guctd Ileus? open alt night. 3. L- MEAD. TV ALL HOUSE ?WILLI AM SBC RG CORNER SOUTH Tt Kiflb an I Fou-t'n atresia, is tipen for the ar-ommoda. tlon of summer boi;rd?rv. Rnumn largo, coo', uud pleasant, the house standing on high ground and good neigh borhood. 1IOU8BS, ROOM'S. VJC.. WANTED,. ^ APIRdT CLASS FOUR OR FIVE STORY HO USB wanted; loootlon must bo only one block from Brcsd way, and between Eleventh and J'w. otjr-lhlrd i'leets, wets side preferred. Address A. C., Herald o3ic?, with rartlcu lare, for ono week. ^ A FURNISHED HOUSE WANTED?87ITH LINEN J\. end everything complete fir housekerp:ng by a re* sp ns bio parly, with good sccuilty; local on nut abovs; Twenty-fifth street; p.s esslon laitnedlattlr. Address, s'tu:ng all particulars. House, atalinu A, 8pring street. TI/ANTED?THE WHOLE OF A SMALL HOU8B, OR t> I'poerPartol a two or three stotw Bu ldlok sltuatad between fh rd and Sixth avenues, not abo e /ortleth strerk. Audi ess lloury Urco,. 313 Bast Kit by-third sti eel, for Ua days. *V ASTKD-A SMALL HOUSE OR PART OF A t? itr.io.r -; mu-t have a'J modrrn imprn. cl ients; If fiirnl?hed. f rnPurc will lie bought. Location, Too U ward. In iniru at e.'cf, Giaud strwt. - WJ ANTED - BY OCTOBER A SMALL HOUSE Olt tr pert of one, for a famllv of three adults. Location west 01 Hro.idway fr im Bank to Th rty-tourih streets. Ad die t box iji'll Poet olhce. 1X7ANTED?A rUBNlSHKD HOUSE, WITH 1 MMB t 7 dlalR piiswrasliin. eoutaiiiing fiom etglu to t"n room?, with all t'.s modern imiu .v. mams; line tt and tow serv o? lit llsiien-ulPo; rent paid In a 1-anee 111 n'.lily; rent not tor e\ . d $l.'Ai per uun nri. Address, with ful. pai ticulars, J. I). bt . 88 Hi a! I oflh 1 . \l/" A N't'ED?BT A GENTLEMAN AND WfFE, A PAR * T lor and Bed room. w- tb l'-oard. In a first east house; lo: at1', n between 1 hlri.entii and Urenty-tbird *1 reels, no! more ilian one block trum Broadway, west side preferred. Addrets C. flTatson, bU WI ite K'.ri e. xieur Broadway. TXT ANTED TO RENT?ASMALL HOUSE, WEST OR it Bread wa an b? ow l'urtteth street or would reo'' the lower part of ahoo e; family very small. Address VY, S., '. ox 1$J lie.aid oillio. VTTANTED TO RUST?A HOTEL OF MODERATE V? ?l e, we Sit late.' fur bus ncss. In auv country town. Address C. 1>., Herald o!Hee UQrANTED TO REM?A BISTBIT OP THE OA tf jb'-i" of Com twen'y to t .irty imtre ,. fi r wh'ch r fat - pr o ? v III I? paid. Call at or address room 3. fc) Kas! Thirteenth Street. PKilHUn At.. ADOPTION.- A UIOBLT HR8PBCTABLR AND ? al wealthy fa-n.ly, without ehildit i. is de irnus of adopt ing, ss the r o> u. a little girl from ear to th ee years old. A ires, for two weeks Mr E II. A'Utns, station a. Spring street. DF. JOHN E OIT HAS RETURNED FROM TIIE s:mv with III" wounue i Irlend, aud ni..y be found at 23 Gar...'ii street. UrookljD. L'OR ADOPTION?TWO 0IRL8. FOURTEEN TEARS A of site, are rrtpoeUhie and educated; a mWd'e ayed or el '-rly lady pre errs I. T!:c best of reference p ,ea and ret,litre I. Aduresi Inr one week, slaiini: whe.e an In terview may be bad, Mini Laura Li. Weelou. elation O, Nsw York. TNFOUMATION WANTED?OP JCLTA MrDRRMOTP, .1 wh'? landed in New Vi rk the 23lh of Jdurcli, from ship America, and was Isst seen at t'ssil, cardao. Anv infor mation enneern ug I er will be thankfully reic r.d by ad dre sum her husband, 1 ho nas tlcDerm >11. Noilh Eighth street ltetwecn First and gerund streets, W IB.auisburg. INFORMATION WANTED-OF JOHN 8PILI0R A N A tlve of the b wn of Tripl on.i In the islsn I of Metylene, in Turkej. who emigrate! to ibis ooontr. sam^ tl iriy \ca.s oso Any Infiirmatlon leading t> h's dscor- v will bo il.ank ulfy receive? b; one or Ins relatives at the Greek Con sul's olOce, <7 Exchange ptai e. INFORMATION WANTED-OF IIONORA OR MARIE Lsrit. who arr.vtd at ("ssile Garden In this ettv uu Wed nesday, June 29, lafiA. In the ship Albert Uailst ti. I.elt Castle Garden In searrli of her ri-ler, Anne Lsi.e Wlirn as> esii was with a poll'eman on Kiitb avenue, > orrer of Nineteenth atiret. Informal,on of liar whereabouts will be gratefully rvenved by her- a stay, Aune Lane. 141 Fifth are. IF JIBE. NELLIE MARSHALL WILL CALL AT BTA 1 Hon a she witl find three i-tters tbaro for her. I hope she will en there, asltwsskcrown re-jucst, without delay, I have not forgotten yon >et. hi icere'y, W. J. M. Lr.FT HEP. HOME ON FRIDAY, THE 2ITII ULTIMO? Kara 11 Wil on. aged It yenrs; daik gray eyes, baireut shoii, 1,nd on when she left home a brownpeptin dress, ehsi k cat 100 ??ark and black list sti.iw but. Am Hnormatloa pt i,er wi.. b" thankfully received by he> mother, ai 10 Rbu' v ;cs street. New York. v IS8IN0 -IF F.MIL MAJOR, VYHO LEFT HTfl iVI tia'lve 0'iiintrr (Norway) some years apt), will apply at 72 f.eaver slrent he wll; Item of aofnelhlng to Ills a 'vanlage. Anvl >d- knowing his present wheresunnts will bo re oaided fo giving the necessary Infoi inalion X I R JUrill'8 PDWARD8 D> REQUBBTRD TO ^KND jxl Ms address immediately to IV. I)., box 2,0C-f> Po't o.Uee, New York. Up,NET W. MdCUNF WILL HHAR 80MBTIIING TO h i l ueresl by ealllbs at. 3} Canal street. CiRAYBD FROM IIOMK-A HOT. AN ITALIAN Cj 1. ,ip pinver aged A'out It yorrs; light hair $3 lewsr t xiillbs paid, wtthoin axprnces. to Bay poraoo wkoom glvr inforiuaiian concerning him at 11 Crosby street, roar build ing. AKTKD-A RRPI'BCTABLK lady to adott a tut e g.H twelve yea ra to hi smart and Intelligent: harp i mi oBiection 10 thsconnlrv ? ?!' > n or address foi two or ' turae da:' Eraubufy. 123 Orcba-d st. TilK LECTURU HEASOt. WJ IMPORTANT LECTUHE8 DAILY-FOR GRNTLBMRN nn'v at the New York Museum of Anatomy. 61M iticad way. I'.irtles unab'e to attend lh"?e Loe.turaa can have Hum foinarded or. re ?elpt of ten cm b, by eddieealng Score tary of New York Museum of Anatomy. MATRlMOMtAIs. A FRENCH GENTLEMAN 28 Y R ARB OF AGE. P08 aessii g pient' of in mas an 1 a good knowledge of the F.nglish langii.ii-e, II leslrons ef forming Ih-sei|nalntanoe or ?n am able ami *( romphshed Amsrrnn lady, from Id to 28 veai sel age. w'lh n rl?? to matrimony, truly well edn ? eated ladles o>'Sd answer this advertisement. As ha In tends making a pies sure t >ur throtigjMrat thn Mntel, nd disss wllh' ut delay aud send car;* de rlslte to A. M , rl th Avon-is Hold TWO BEAUTIFUL YOUNG LA IHEfl (A BLOND AND bfiinen"; Soli lithe ? I .tlulvn oof I wo g?ntlcn>> n of r.>e?ns, wlih n y|*w m tnatriniouy. Oil! on pr atldreaa ltlanehe and Kl.a, MM Croati) slnst, nrar Miami. TWO YOUNG GENTLEMEN KIND AND AFFECTION at?, atranger* fit th? uity, ib ire the aoniiniBtnne? of two young ladies, wtih n view 10 Matrimony, whn er? he twee? Id and IB years or age. true nnd d?rote? and where Idea- of IVug 1 rs not 10.' Clirav 111'. Address Ncls -n nr MHI -0, box 13<l HcraM u.licd

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