2 Temmuz 1864 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 2

2 Temmuz 1864 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 2
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FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. Fkpat, July I?# P. M. The Mock market was dull to-day, and prices con tinued to fall off. Compared w tb the tales at the first ?board yesterday, New Voit Centre! declined 1 percent, lrte Railway Hudson Hirer 8, Heading 2, Michi 'an Central lttf, Michigan Southern 2^, Oev land and Iltta fcur|t i Cleveland and to do 4, Chicago and Rock It land \ Viltaburg an>k4ort \Y vne )(, Chicago and North western Ji, Mis.-ist-ippi and Missouri 8, Cumberland Coaj J'a, Canton tompany 6V. Q ilokailvnr Mu ug 2*., Man pusa 8, and Ohio am! Mississippi certificates l!f. Chi- ( capo, Burlicgtoo and Quiixy Railroad, l>elaware aDd Hudson Canal and Illiucis Central sold the same. 1'ecu nylfaaia Coal Com, any advanced 1 per cent. Abetter feel'ng prevailed in tho afternoon, and the market assumed a decidedly buoyant tone. 1'fco 1 o.iowing ?were the closing quotaiions:?New Tork Central 1.4*4, Erie Bai'way 1I54J, Erie preferred 112, Hudson River ? 1S7X, Reading 139, Michigan Southern 94, Illinois Central Cleveland and Piti burg lllV. Chicago and North vestc o UK, and the preierred stock 87.?g: Chicago and jtuck Island 112,1K, Pittsburg and Fort Wayne U2,S, A'tou and Terre Haute preferred 15, Quicksilver Mining 'Xf. -4 and Canton Com.ran' S3 Government liv'-twenties, rvbio'erod, clo-ed ut l< . K- tbo coupons at 103, and the one year certificates att; 1 "f. Prices o i ailro. ami iriMMllaneoua shares at the first tees on i f the Board of Bn leers t > day compare with the ti.gbc.t cash sales vu liiday of last week as follows:? Ju ? 24. Ju v 1.1 > mericat' grid 220 2'5 ?Ali^u .-re Haute Railroad ta 60 1'iadftirtkn-: ' ;v ?' 112 t'levelouuvBb ... 14-1 135 t ocag! and n ? Is . 1 113 112 rmr. g. ti ? ibwiitirn r.?. 6ilj 1 ml>or! . i 1 e 71 65 ^ Camou Company 8ti> jk-iawar. ? .??li' u Canal 2-15 239 I cie leu d 114 ^ 113^ I'.rietuo! red 112>i 118 Hudson Rivof 3 41 136 Harlem Raili id 235 285 Illinois Central 129 13t}? Jrt.chigRn < oniric ltd 137i; N clugi.i routl a 95 ?->5 Milwaukee aim . rairle du Cbiea 67^ 63 Mariposa Mining 50>4 <i8 New York Cential 134 133 Cnio and Mississippi certificates 61 81 J'acNlc Muil 270 269 Pennsylvania Coal 205 215 Pitlrb'iKg, Fort Wayne ana Chicago.... 114 112i? Quicksilver Mining 73Jf 74 Reading Railroad 140 123 Tho following were the quotations to-day for govenyi ment aecunt.es\ Five twenty coupon bonds, Interest on 102 frive twenty registered bonus 100>i teven and three tenths Treasury notes 104 logtstc-cd 6's of 1681, interest eft 103,V? Coujioo ti's of 1881 103)i One year curre- cy certificates State stocks were quoted as follows ? Missouri 6'=> 67'^ North Carolina 6's... 57 Ueuue-aee 6's 58 California 7's 163 Indiana 5's 87 Ohio6s,1881 lo8 .Virginian's 52 There was considerable excitement In the gold market to-day. After opsnlug at 243, it was carried up In the foreuoon to 285, without any apparent cause other than the unsettled question about tho appointment of a suc cessor to Mr. Chase. After the announcement that Sena t irfe-aondcn had been nominated by the President and cou firmed by the Senate, tbo pries went down to 255. I.ale in the afternoon a rumor was put afloat that the Cold bill had been rope ncd by Congress, upon the faith of whtch the premium dropped thirty to thirty-fivo per cent. The tluotuwi ons during tbo day ranged between 225 and 235. Sterling exchange wis unsettled, and after the bills drawn by the government had been disposed of at 275 the street rate varied between 230 and 300. The uuiett.cd condit- in of themonev market keeps up the rate of interest, ai d borrowers are compelled to pny t to It; per cent c >mmiss:oo m order to obtain accommo* da!nc at the legal rate of interest. No doubt the true cause of Mr. Chase's resignation Is located in the diversity of opinion between the President and himself in regard to tbo ap;K4ntment of a successor to Mr Cisco, tbo Sub-Treasurer in Ibis city. Mr. Chase s register of p9r30r.n1 Cr.ends and advisers, ucfortunatefy ' for the country, did not contain the name of John J. i Cisco, for tbo roison that mauy of bis pel sshemes ] were ol>,octed to by the list named goutlemaa, whu could not make bis practical ideas of linance conform with the v;j' nary an I runoas schemes of the Secretary Mr. Cisco was opposed to the Issue of the five per cent Interest bearing legal tenders, acd be bluutly t tld Mr. Cha-e that their tendency would be to lessen the confide re f the people lu the government credit, und that they w uia be v ry uupopalar with the baukior i .st.iutkus a:.d capitalists of the country. His Ideas kubseqamtl? proved cirrect, and Mr. Chase was forced to ackuoshvi^c q.s error by announcing his do termination to re:ire t e one hundred aud seventy mi! tiooc that had' been .ssued. Iln next mivemeat waa to replace them v> ith s.t p r c nt cumpouud interest notes. uls" legal tender*. Mr. Cisco considered ibc Dew i-. tie fully as obnoxious bs tbo old, ? d could n.t be induced to endorse ice Secretary'* pi, . but, on the contrary, entered bis pr teal against any fn: ft. r Inflation of the currency, :o whatever etape it might be presented. These objections naturally ra -? d the ire o Mr. t ba.-e, and he wag dole. m.i.el I" p.:: tr. Mr. r so '* ii'a-i a tnau whose iGoae he c ild fee 1 us-u i \ id not r .11 ri mler to Dm owe. I 011 tl ? 1 no! no 11* .ippolu'inert to the import ant and res;- ? o ? on 01 but-T e.isjrer id N?w "ioiL:'. l'rc. icat u.u a,e . .rcn.--.jry Ottered, and henca the di?ri., t o . 7h c cMtii'CDtc me iron, WaIttngbD to-day that Hon Win. I'i.t ii-. ; . t K-d t-'-.atea boomer trim J:sinew.1 1 b, to- !, h-;ro Ai.C'.-e. Mr. Fan n-tid-v, i c).aiin... t 11' i c, t ii.miuee of toe Senate, 1 ...* n< o . t f. , .nod s? me knowledge of jd ne 1 ary 61:a rr, CLd o : 1. , l.iue to uod-rrUi.a the v >nu? -.c i.t :? diw tt i.try. Lot we uevcrtbe lew arc cf ion tti ? ai eapori'." oenb en IB he. ir) to ( Ibc 1.' auce.s ot the uuiio: i. o J r ci 1 t? ;4s. tha trying ordeal up, u wLirh t'.oj to.ve .u-.l colored, uud to save tho eret cf lit,' ?' uuiry tnio tlio itupcodiu,' run. T ? recti ? tl <? c 1 ?? of the y ->pie, b- iuih Inaugurate a policy urent rotu ttat which hag been yitfiHl !?? bm I-' .,1 he must take a b id 1 .and ir : avor eft X -l ? u .:?? a reduction 0 ttu- amount <>; c y, tcgaio e- -.. <-' ?? 0 prole*(ntton# of rtocic Jobb.- s ?ad the w ,ih ? I ? 1 1 > una and sbodly coi.tra' t us it ir i ts 1 ,. ? , ? it ? .1 u.nvly as a in 1 s t the late {Secretary, h# w ill lime r>-a*on b lore the closeo I U term t' re ret toe ?t , he bay tat.cn V hit the oslimy bow re, ,re is ? ,0 1 >r ten of tiro cocftdenoe of the poopio. W'j twt I, d .ut rMv.n-cs sol Imtnanre ve Itli u; )3 tr! v u 10 . . v .-id if Mr. Kcs '-odeb b,? ?? change of poii*y, ci ! ij 11 ecis.miag ite 10 , ti den e . : nor. re uire-t, he wilt at If i?t a iye uh f'/a tine from thi irci e t is of t?,.udt.? ti m. I be A7 trtar.l 7rea. r*r re > to-day aa follows ? Receipts Itom ?nstoms fto.ooc Tots' ' 'i-ipts r . '' t l"avrr 1 tits 2.1 "?7 r inlaticti ls,700.t>77 Tbe tnovMMDtt Of f ? gn dry gnod-. at tbto p Tl dur ig ttie week cud,Dg Jul* .'J arc exhibited lu tUs kl.owing II tile.? /fntwf for fo'tnmr'.ion. P&r'<"m. rv?tu?. J'aniifart'trca of w ol ; ? ? >1 >'auuf? turps of cotton . .. 71.714 s :iu lacturaa of a. a...... 1714 l' :.si'. ? uou'acture, Of tlax ii. 'i' Mlaoe.iai ,<ous 3,u n Tout $g. t.twd H'.fAdn/WAifj. * V?on art ir>.t 'f vroo' r, 4 f 14 ,v>" 4 Vanu'ai/ur of r " '0... 11 7.7- ' llntioia' tor'-- "f ? lit 81 47.445 Xaaw' icti retof flax in 86 fln Jk.lt .? 1.IUC Hit ? 2,843 Total |??,800 ITureh' ttawnfarttr- of wot. ... 4'17 fn? 822 JdaDufactunm of e tot) .. . fl fla/'AI 4 ? ? . Jdaou'actu w ot h i 7 "1 1 htxiCel Mat) SOUS P7. ? ' Total . 4, "? fi'J i Wfwck i lirebnn-(?i 1. r at 1 I V 1 ? JO SO A M. fj*.',-) f re-, -gt g ? ' abi iv a'tin* t.il . I I ?mil 'a. bi c n.eci tM *.- "H ' do...... . ''m " ftou I Wal *ta rii'i 111 I1*) do Site >>| 3' ah) d" . .... ' , , ?' M, d < i.l,,. r.V.IJ 1.II do.. i'.vj0 do 1 to d?i. .... . to Vo'in do . ; . m, ?" 4 n 1 it? t' s 1000 Ira S IOO?A ? If.' t .le i?. 4 mm do . .. 1 d "2 eoyi' 0 u i j' <?- < dj. . hr 'i pV)Rr,wtlib aii llj I? 4 i'Tlfprtf..r 1 lo*j 1>nii t?. yo v.-? . ? ? a t.i ? i.oei ?t foot Miipu .ri s . #7 , .'I.idu.iRK i fvO "I Utiio tUn ei b U it: Ueo MKaci p Ii *.??** do !?0 V ?'?' '!?? I>'\ WiW do 61 * ? W? . PVWC.BA'l ? no ei 1 if. 1 ' do If! > 00 Chi l*t .nt l>? hit I 'M it" I l k* <)jf de-.ft^.... e l? i?*i do -in Iw>J ImJWK'bir 6 H W ml in I 8 o 1J1 tnokt I* loRO N?i M o land |. <4 I mi do I-, IM ft. aha Km ISiofa Hi... ill ./ rename B?l .'06 S3 MeiropelBao Bk.... 115 500 Ctov A tttts RR-? J }K SOU i.wwWOe e mt MO d. ? S i:*? l'sua Coal Co 116 lij do IIJA 400 lumb Coal pref M MO d*_......... ?? ljrjj Wi do... . lOOChlc AH W RR ... 6* So Pel A Hud OanalDo 239 100 do 61 A > AmsrtcM Coal 0* . #3 500 do SOO WuickHil MtalfifCo 74 80 do......... .... J1'?! *w do ... 7** 60 Chic * N W pro! .. Jfl ?n do 73 160 do O MU do 73V MO Clove A Tu'edO KB. IS* iihi do w 7?i* 600 Chic A Rock III UK II * 1000 Mari)?MoMiuiDgCo 47 :m? do 1 IK SOU do 48 600 do Ill ]J5 N TOO KK e 1XS 100 do M US 660 do 1S3S loChlc.Hur A WulnP.R 131 100 do bIS 1.16 100 d> blO IB ?M do bid l '.?S 100 do blO 1JS 100 Erie HR 1I3?. SO do.... 1M 4l?? do 11U4 60 Mil AP do OhieuRR 88 260 do US'. 60 MAPduChte lotpf.o 170 21)0 do Ill1, 100 PIIU. Ft Wu A Cnio ll-'H 10" Hudson Kir RR e 135 1U0 do UI'I luO do 1S6 110 do lj?i IdO do c l>6>; 109 Alt AT Haul. BR.e 0U SECOND BOAUD. ? 11ALF I'ART TWO O'CLOCK P. *? $2*010 V 8 fi'o. S XT* r. 101V 100 Ml,? Reading RR.. 139 500 U S 6 s. 5 'JO's. cou 10IV 800 Mich So A N 1 RR .04 6k?> do 103 300 111 Central RR .crip 132 Co ?*? U S 6 s. 1 rem ccr 04V 4uU do do 131 Is I W Missouri 6 s 6Mj 600 do 13 M lt*l Us i'liuion Co 33 H00 do 13U? 2b" Ukcilv rr Ms bowk 76 100 Clov A PilU RR.U10 11SV 100 do .'JM 75 500 do Ill's 200 do 76 V 200 Chi AS ff RR 63 400 6 T Centra! It It ... 1 15 4 0 do 6lX 100 do 134V 30i do biO 6'.", 60" Erie Kit 116V lOOChlA N W nrwf ... 87"* do lift*. 100Chi A Rk I KB .... 113 Shi) do 115*. 100 do U?i 60 Erie ureierred 1'-". 2"? d" it/1*3 !!! ? 1* if. 115 20 Pitts, rt W A Chi 113 200 Hudson Riser BR. 137V 4iK) do U?)? 3JO tU-Ad-us KR U9t? 101 Alt A T Haul. pref. 761b CITY CONNEUCIAIi REPORT. Fbipat, July 1?6 P. H, AFtws.?Receipts. 7 bbls. The market it vary firm, ml $12 tor pots Rud $14 60 a $14 62 V for pearls. BRKADSTUrm.?Receipts, 31,143 bbls. floor, 722 bblj. and T67 bags corn meal, 163,313 bushels wheat, 49,OS# do corn, and 2,993 do. oats. The flour market was in cited, and 50c. n $1 per bbl. higher, but, at the close, the extreme prices were not sustained, aud there were no buyers for immediate delivery at our reits.de quota tion;! Hie traductions re tolled 40,000 bbls. Mate aud Western, including seme 15,000 bbls. extra State ior.luly and August delivery, at fll 50 a $12. with one purchase reported as high as $12^0. Of Southern 2,000 obis, changed hands and of Canadian 1,500. Kyo ilour was in good request at adrauciug prices, iruios 500 bills , at f 7 75 a $3 35. Corn meal was quiet hut very tirm. We quote ? SunerBne Slate ana Western flour $3 00 a 8 35 FlxlraState 10 50 a 10 75 Choice State 11 00 all 40 Common to medium extra Western 11 45 a 11 50 Extra round hoop Ohio 10 00 a 11 50 Western trade brands 11 00 a IV 75 F.xiraSt. Louis 11 90 a 12 50 Common to good Southero 11 25 a 1' 00 Coed to choice extra do. II 25 a 12 00 Common Canadian 12 20 a IS 50 Good to choice extra do 11 00 a 11 60 Rye hour, suporflne 7 00 a 8 35 Corn meal, bois _ 7 50 a 8 00 Corn meat, puncheons.., 34 50 a 35 00 ?Tlie wheat markot was also excited ard prices ad vancod ten cents, closing dull, however, and in favor of the buyers. The sales loot up 160 000 bushels at $2 35 a $2 45 for Chicago spring, $2 37 u 9'. 49 fur Milwau.ee club, f 2 45 a $2 61 for amber Mitwau'.ee, $2 50 for red Jersey. $2 55 for red Bute, $2 45 a $2 51 for winter red Western, and$2 60 a $257 V furls mber Michigan. Included in the sales wore t;.,uoj bushels Milwaukee club, to arrive, at $2 48 a $2 51. Rye was scarce aud held at $1 95 a $2. Bailey was inactive and prices nomi nal. Corn advanced 3c a*4c., with sales of 70.000 bush els, at $1 5f> a $1 60 for now Western mixed and yellow, $1 02 a $1 05 lor old do , and $1 63 for round yellow. Cats were a shade firmer and active, sales at 9sc. a $1 OoV. Conos ?The market was Arm and prions tend upward, with sales of 1,700 bales; stock 7,000 balos Wo quote ? UpianJ. Honda. Mobil*. 2V.O.<* T. Ordinary 138 129 140 141 Middling 153 154 IS 4 156 Good middling 158 158 159 IdO Cantilbs were quiet but firm, at 28c a 32c. for a da mantlne, 45c. for plain sperm, and 55c for patent do. Comm.?The market wiis quite active and flrtn, with sales of 700.000 lbs. lake from 50c. a 54c., 60,000 lbs. Minnesota at 54c , and 200,OoO do. Baltimore Irurn 47>;c. a 50}cc. Oii'iM.?The market was qqlte active, with (f>Ijs of 0 OOo bags Rio lor export, on private terms, and 200 bags 6t. Domingo on term., nat transpired ? Cocoa was quiet and without material change in prices. J-kmubts were ? shade fit ?er at th? i >';*e. with rather more doing. To Liverpoo'. per Anunrau vessels, 85,000 busheU wheat at 3d. n : , . . - ig a! the higher rate (tlour nominally 10,Vd n d veght I'M); per neutral 21,000 bushels wheat at 4 .-<<1., in hags an I 100 hhds. tab low at 15s To Londoo, per \mmcM. 2u0 ions oilcake at 1/M. a 17s fid , 1,000 bbls.flour at U TV'd., aud per stosmer 10 too* sailed hides at 25s. To Glas gow, per steamer. 2.500 boxes cneese at 40-., and 59 hhds. tallow at 27s. 61. To Antwerp 25 hhds. tnbasco it: 35s., and 600 bbls petro loum at 5s. 3d To Bristol 2,900 bushels wheat at p. t lo Marseilles 500 tierces lard at 65 fraucs. A British bark w.<s chartered to Iaverpool with 600 tons sugar at 20s. an Ttnltsn birk, 12,080 bushels wneat. tu Brisiol Channel at 3s. l.Vd.; a ship to Aspiuwall,Oal, at $> a foreign bug to Stucktiolm, tobscce. at 37s 6d for hhds :ind 4<M for seedleaf; a BruUh brig, 1,900 bb.s., to Matamoros. at ubc i-or bbl., gold Fut .t.?Thore was a fair request f->r raisins, silee 3.490 b-xe-at $5 for layers, and $4 20 a$4 2 lor bunch ( urrants were quite active, sales 050 bbls at 1'Jc a lb'jC.; also 70,0(K) Ilaracon cocounuts at $45. 20."'K) nut me; pinoapplesjut $10 a $12 per hundred, 2,OOO buncoes bananas at $1 25 a $1 75, and OOO bbls dr ed currants at 10?ic. H.us were quiet. with si'os or2T." b iles a 6c at 14c fur interior to fair, aud 20c a 29c. for good to prime ll:i>???Tne violent fluctuations in gold unsettled the market, an 1 there wns hut little disposition to ope-ate umoog either buyers or sellers. There was c-msidi-ruiilu in-,uiry from outside capita,-is for invesiment, and Hie prineipsl sales were to tiem at an ad van "<ii or. i 4c. pi-r !b The sales comprise 7.000 dry < ali'orina on p. I . 6,f 00 Buenos Ayres at 't3c ? 30c , cash 450 damaged it :". .? Avreson p t.. 1,5qO dry Matim'-ros at .12. . jud l,:oo Central American at 27 V'. 1 1! >Tt?lhc market w?s evlreme'y act ice, and rites #sa;ii a?lv mo t. lVf quote iiuchog A; ra? ui.iiJ.e, *?<; a 4UC Lit tv, 41 ? c. a ?1.'ati.l 41c. a 4Jc I?I orc-su w?i la active demand, with ra . of o:5 tons lr tu 1-4 ;4c. a iuc . uu'l 30O tons domestic in baud on n t. ? I ? m vk ? KaMirn s]?r c.s and pmo o .ulinues i" a.r de tn u) with ail ?- <?; 4 > i. ? /> fee: spruce at f_2 a ,2j, an cording to >n :iI)k and - M ?: *'??y ??'.?- quite active ami firm, wtth saleu if hlidr. l orto ilico on private ip-rns We ,110:0 UinaijjuA c vado t too a 9!c. 1 'lye I 77r a 20c.. I'ott > Kico. v'-ic a f 1 0 and New Orleans die. a ft 16. II ?i.i reed was mora active at hi.tier prhe- the ? ?..-s were'-.'>,"00 gallon- atfl ?>') a $1 To. closit11 >ru ? rial, and 1 ,000 do tor au* i ' delivery at *1 (if., Crudp wnaie was in lair re j 1 ?t, wuu salt- 0 .,.10 tui\ ut 4,1 .1 ? in) v. .a. cr 1. ,142 12 a g. 1 j, and h.'J on ??: on.'.'e 1 pJri$i 2 latd 0.1 was ft: 10, w.ih Kalce fit 7. bid- al VI ? ' I': ? lT-cei'>lg. 30S IdTe-po-k, 45 1/33- beef 41 d-> . ut meats nnt 4"S do !ar,1 lue pork market vr is iu:?t ui Q w ifcout decided marge. ibe sal.-* .??-re, ,.u tbo spit, e.OO" a- *.1 t ?r 1 e??.*44 a 'or 0ew do. cl.-f hk at $ib $: 3 >0 a ?31 lot o d ind new in 1 na, in :, 50 a-4' 60 for prn.v r.?-r- a ? o 500 t>l ..a new : l> ?, at ';4'4 to atid&OOd'i same trrma an t delivrry, ota. no k ind wbd new. J,.'y 1, ls-i4 IT* ,t.?v t> The 1 "e! market win fl*nt. "'villi a i.n, u ? m :jl r.ii s l.lX't) this, at $lt) a SIS (or cr.i atry mci-a. $? a Jlt> ' r ? out try priue. ti'. 1 1 {-'? I t reia-aod mora, ?t*s a %2 > M' or"" a Total ? ??.? old in: new, Ju y 1,1864. 37 313 i.'ih JV.rm- rnew boot wi n juici *nd unchanged. '>?'. hnnm were dull mid 0 ' ndnai lilt inea ? * to iu:et b :t Urn w tli sales ut 14 ,c. i 15* lor tho'lU' " ?. 11 i JTi.e. 1 id for fiam <? 11 t?a quiet, b'.tl firm Hie lor: inu-K?- wis tlrm, vrt.b 1 m d at" del. :Od s (? 2,Out' '1 ,, it 1 ' ? 2 -Mutter was firmer, at 2* 11 3sc tor Qbrtk. nod ib ,c 1 2w. for siute and chens -was in lair request, at ,3< a 22c tvr r imnioo to pri:pp iVtlniMW?Rei'ei t ? Mi'- Th* market v ?r cop.;, ute v 11. ? l hy ih ? irreat . 1 a >.? 1. 111* r . ?? ut go,<:, and qu ?luliou ? were eat t v notri) sit ? red" w 2i*. n b alt' i and re. m o 6". tiqtner. al s'ih 11 1 ? 1111:0. -t ??? m al -be :.'p? e 7 1 a? bbl*. ' 1 ,t aoc.ii . on . 1 m ,t and.'-- k 6.1) lid .1.1.' A: ? t hi 1 v;ilenl)"i ' 1?. ? re' red at !l 1 a '' ?r bonded, it. ti e ?;-et . lor ail lb ? iiuait !??? .? I ||I|. c wCi* 1 }l . - letisw l iwlr.il: ?:. ti ? to: -inJ |i oa 1 fl lo >r a i tt. mot ib At th* ClO" ? |)MCea v e c 6c a 10c. iower 260 bbta. bnutue- mild ut 4-i*. h 42 ';c Jti. >. w.l.- IIM't but firm, "v 'b ?.Tc* ? i'>-J t-e^e , in jo t. al ra'.c . .ind /s) do Anuranla on n 1 .?rise.?; .r ti th gnat ami >er tne tu.itai-. an , 't h !a?r* hi-i<it.'?- more for their Mvokalbaa mauwtac.utti < iTl will n,i t > |.?y. -oak id !iv acifte, but firmer, with sail" o iw lioita Iiaviitiu i jt export im ir.kiito ;c. ai.? lie, ae ! .. n ?ju'.ct, t> .1 firtu . " m were i'.t ta active, witb ailae.o'7.50 hi' ?r.l ra ut ? ,r. a C e , l'O cures nt:tm"2* at I: ? al ,, tilate cesra nl a.'ic. a 86)40.; also amah mo us ol fto^ar ut i-.t , tin co $1 53 a {1 00 pcy, t -ma rs pimento at 3S". ? f.r a Si.etiao was qui .4 at 15.., sol mat. sale.- . f .-?'i ;.!i at it I.e. *<i ..?The marlal 1 ? *? rj acti ? a' f ' pro ? . Sties 1 .r44 libdn. K? : 1 .1. i>: 1 ?,< a 4j 1 I <**?* aooitlea: ut p ' " ? teil-w 1 it. hi th'i aUluuiatit ol uwckai 1 tf.iaoU-ti to bar 00 ? " rrfo.t, It?. ]v: 3, fa ' ( tt'/IA, 1'ltra, it 16 n "k, Juy 1 1361 .4,171 177 205 P. c ivd etnee .. 4 4' 5 ? ? T til .. 8,r."o 177 20 6 IteMverod atr:c8 2(407 fid 49 hi nek. July 1,1*04 . "~P V27 re 173 1?v --The market , , ? le . .. h ;l firm V* tone ibles of 6,000 ?lnb?5trails at cOc , 200 do. at fije., i 40 do. al Wlic." flfic. w-ne inrked i n^liab wag quiet. : 1 r*o c ilee 10 1 .?i.t >.? ti >w nei.i at 1 le .'.u u'a.ii dturi , v till fu.i'4 of i20.0ot.Ibi. al ?> , Miv 1.itter an eitraiic price lurucoilcear t. . Mi.? I- ?rk3l ?-a? unite act re for all k t.d- am' 11 v ure very 'inn. aalee i.uOu half clie-i- jre ??, 7,20<> <1 o ., <jl. Japuti a c 30* yi'iug fi>Nuu, all at fut price. Wins >v _n?i etj ts. 2 428 bbl* The market wro a (hade ?.ar or under an a-iirt-lieoet n that a tu p. to be imto>ed ou *t ? t on n w 1 stlea 2,000 bbta , at |1 72 a tl 77 I r State and Western Aooi ?> 1 tb an active market among dealers, we report a d. il *?*? <rom first In.nds. 6orei|rn w.iola cm not be n<w sole when remilUnees h.ve tuba made, nv> iiuider* d ?ciinad ailing eicept at gold prices wbtcb c.iunoi balmd Thei"lideney Is still upvra'd Kile- re ported are MW/WOadbe fleeoo.Mo. a t: t.J 1'.0 pulled Tic afl 0 . |0i> i#on f u Iforr ie, ?K:. a 80. 1SJHD) Hshal, 52%" 2.0 < M* mat in. 42S' a 46e 20 bale* enured < apu, fl b6 4'w ha.ea Cane, 650. a Osc., if JO bale* Mca ti/.a. 60ti. a 60a FAMILY MARKET REVIEW. Business It very light jaat now at the various markets. Finances are so unoertala that dealers do not know how to set, fearing to make largo purchases on account of the extraordinary fluctuation in prioee. Butter hat taken another rise, Belling at 40c. a 42c. per lb. The following prions ruled yesterday:? Uaan.?K asiing pieces of beef, 20c. a 25c. per lb.; or diuary cuts, Inc. a lac.: porterhouse steaks, 00c.; sirloin, 20c a 25c.; oorned beef, 12c. a 20c.; veal fore quarters. 10c. a 13c ; hindquarters, 16c. a 2<?o. , mutton forequartcrs, i>o. a 12c ; Uiud juarters, 12c. a 15c.; lamb forequarti rs. lfc.. boms, 24c. a 30c.; shoulders, 20o.; bacon, 20c., pork. 20c.; sausages, 18c. r. I'oucTuy and i.asi.?I'rime turkeys, 20c. a 32c per lb.; Chickens, 30c. a 32c.; ducks, |1 60 a $2 a pair; broiling chickens, 88c. a 61 25 a pair; tame Squabo, $4 a dozen, wnasquabs, $2 55 adc/en, wild pigeons$2 60 a dozen. Fish.?Stri|>cd baas arc seiliUK aUKc. per lb.; eels, 12c. 'slf>c. por lb.; sturgeon, 10c. per lb.; frceh macke rel, 16c. a 20c. each; porglos, Sc.. per lb. sea bass, 12c.; codtlsb, Se a ) 0c., Iresh salmon, at 40c. per lb.; flounders, 8c.; blue fish, 10c.; halibut, 18c.; lobsters, Sc.; oysters, 75c. a (160 per 100; pickled oysters, at $2 per 100; soft clams, at 40c. a$l. hard clams, 75c. MiS' M.LAtmu Prime new State butter is soiling at 82c. a 42c. per lb.: cooking, 28c. a 30c. |>or lb.; cheese, 20r.; English dairy 26c ; eggs, (eight (or 25c. Vbortahlss?Green pews are selling at 20c a quart, shelled; In the pod, 40c. a peck; new potatoes, 80c..a peck; new odious, 20o. a quart, 10c. a bunch; turnips, 8c, a bunch; carrots. 6c. a buuch; parsley, 5c. a bunch, radishes. 8c. a 6c. a bunch, asparagus, 20c. a 30c. a bunch: rhubarb, 10c. a bunch; cauliflowers, 25c. a 50c.; lettuce, 4c. a 7c. a buuch. string beans, 50c. a peck, best tomatoes, 50c. a quart, oucumbers, 5c. s 10c. each. FuciT.? tberrios are selling at 26c. a 35c. a |X>und; raspberries, ltic. a 20c. a basket: gooseberries, 18c. a quart; white currants, 10c. a 15c a pound, and currants, 7c. a 10c. a pound. FINANCIAL.. PROPOSALS FOR LOAN. Thsamihy DkfarwkiR, .Tun* 25, 1851. Sealed offers will be received at (hit Department, under the net of March 3, 1863, until noon of Wednesday, the 5th of July. 1851 for bonds of the Coned Slates, to the amount ot thir'v three millions, lieing the amount of unaccepted oilers under the uniKc of Proposals for Loan, dated Cth instant. The bonds will bear an annnal interest of sx per centum, payable semi-annually lu coin, on the Aral days of July and January of each year, aud redeemable after the 85th of June 1881 Each offer must be for fitly or oue hundred dol lars or gome multiple of cue liunured dol are, and must stale the sum. including premium, oifered for each bun dred debar, iu bun.!,, or lor fifty, when the offer is fur no more than fifty. Two per cent of the principal, excluding premium, of the who e am nnt offered must be deposited, ae guarantee for payment of subscription it accepted, with the Treasurer of the L'niiod States it: Washington, or with the As-lsunt Treasurer at New York Bosmn Philadelphia or Si. Louis, or w.th the designated depositor- at Bali.more, Pittsburg. C.nc nnati, Louisville Cbtcaeo, Detroit, or Buf faio; or with any national banking association authorized ?to receive deposits which may content to tran-act the bnai nesi without charge. Duplicate certificates of deposit will be issued to depositors bv i e otfioer or araociat on receiving them, kite oriuins's of which must be forwarded with tne oifers to tie: department. At! tep si s should lie mad in time for advice of offers with oerilllcates w reach Washing ton not later than the morning of July 6. No offer not a-: com earned by its proper certificate of deposit will be cou Side red. The coupon and registered bonds Issued will be of the deoom nations of (itu. $100, $ 00 anl 51 Oik) Registered bonds of $5.JOO and $10 nd will also be is,tied if required. At offers received will be opened on We Inesday, the fi'.h of July, by the Seeretarv or one of the assistant aeerotariea. The awards wi'I b-> mad" by tbe S?, ivlarv to Hie hiuhe- t offerers and notice of acceptance or d-'o'ination will bo immediately el1 en to the respective o fereis; and. in case of acceptance,'b m Is of :he descriptions uml denominations preferred willbc sent to the subscriber s st the cost of 'h" department on final pat uient of instalments T.ie original deposit of eo per cent will lie reckoned n the last inst il, nient pad tir successful offerers and will be immediately ret '."tied t those whose offers may not be accepted The amount of accepted oilers tnu-t be deposited with the Treasurer or other o"..re- or uss.(ctathin authori'cd to act unterthis notice on a'.rice of accet-iaace of offer, or as follows?One'third on or before the 10th, one thirl oo or befiorethe I5:ii; and the balance, including the premium sad origina' two per cent deposit op O' before t' o 20th o!' Jul -. Interest on bonds will begin with the date of deposit. Pur ties preferring mav pay the accrued interest frute date of buud. July 1. to date of deposit. t illers tinder thi? notice should be endorsed "Offer for Loau.' and addressed in the Secretary of the Ticasnry Nfi offer wd be considered at a lea-rale of prem'um than four per cent. S. P. CHASE. Secretary o"" the Treasury. Notic# to officers receiv'ng deposits under this advert se men t ? Tiie pro unitary certificate of deposit of two per cent must not uec; Jitad uiiotTyour accouuta curreut. asut is to be iu eluded m the liti.il deposit. ' Atlantic sav:no* bank. No. 185 Oil ATI1A M SQUARE. OPEN DAILY.! SIX FES CENT INTER",Sf ALLOWED. MrORITS MADE NOW OR ON Oil BEFORE JULY 2U, WILL DRAW INTEBE8T FROM JULY 1 M. D. VAN PELT, President. OHARLI'.S D. BAILEY, Treaaurer JosxPn P. Conr*R, Secretary. TJALTIMORS AND MARYLAND FUNDS WANTED AT low rs-o*. New Orleans bsnlc note-" also purchaaod at best prw WM. H. MARSTON .% CO . Bsnlcore, 17 Wall street. qitxzens* savings bank, Bowery, corner of Canal street. Aeset* $1 028 6'n H A ; mnuav deposited on or before'.1 uly 2i) will bear luter e?' from J uly I & x t<e- l eut interest a!< 'veil, : re? of a ive-umerft tax. on a'l Kiiin* o! vOOO and nnler, anil live p?r rent on larger s urns Batik open dalle front 9 to X and oi Monday, Wednesday am! K: nlr > even ngo from 5 to 7 ita-k books In Ki a sli ijerntan aud French. Hxrao ;u A B -.'i:* rife GKO. I'O'sSO.M. President. /UlATHAM BAbo DIVIDEND.-THE HOlRD OK D.r tors have ".Is la; dee tared a hvdand of tire per e. nt free of k iverumen! tax. pa ib ? on ist .1 :U ue The rhe transfer book vrill retnata '' ,.e I iro n " I instant to ?'d Jn v O. H. 8 HRKINKR. Cashier Nrw Yc- a. J'tne ijC4 u:. ? vvautijd-sto fay dotihs. tub uiuhlst (\o;. ? w T price v iven st -I ! Krotit atreet New Tork pjl iiSOS COUNTY BANK.?TUB KiiARD O" DdltKC (Jut d ? t.a.e I a aerni a' n al dl 'ideo t of .01 i p n. and an ?? xtra <1 v dend n. -u per cent, payable on and alter July a, ft -? ! mt u?-\ -e ut-it- tax a ,\ If ARDRNBRRQU. Cashier, Jkhskt cnr, Jttue Yi lAH TOLII.'^ AM) r fl h'AOO U AILROA I> COM PA N V'S O Sto ?. \r<- o'4 ? ' r a* n ' ? Pr! q i "otof ih'* Hho. ?* af->rk. T .?? ro* * ^ rn* uoui'U :ng a' Joliet. in 11 iI, en?l tT'-ninatiiu ?. * hi ;igo a b- ?????*: & o .nto r i h* ??f ? 'orri;?rtay ia ${ ,rniO 0 the tjrt part o? which Ua# ? * \>'.7 p rxhatf.d bjr C*r Ha'itUt* II T>p;v*. m**tlf i r* \ T Th? rf???) h * t in } <?" ?v bv th?? Chicmgo fcni A tfri K i ir. a?l 4'otii ? as vc , * ? ? hy trr ??haro r ol tatii ??,1 from t: ?? I." i?la: ?iro of WiriM y uti i^r ivhtca tliat Com* pan;. * ,i o>geni;e?<' .? 'iatrrev > d? fhe (esse ??|U re. . . ;av: .- n- ot a rent nonthlr. to the t't ted S t s lrust C c ; an. , in t. ?? y of N ? York at 1 .cent (e j.st * mar cr'til'v ' ?? >1 C t( ,,r y j,?r {.#, annum live uf Unite ' r'ta.ca u ? -r.i . u*. tmpiadd ad to be impose p Aa an add tions a?. .it, for tre !n>tr.er- o'the ??onf, 3" .'o in? 1 sm reivpts ot t r ? .it ac t A-."ii lis. roar ?'e rrev mbtv tileuced ortbit :. . [sis,' v.'e reromwond t is ' x-atepatie. kmq a safe-Invest ment For fti litc pa ? lars apply to K K fKNOP A .'.i Ex ;l. iuge place. ^ Riv YOKK AND 11AKLEM It MLR' tl> COMPANY ? Y t . i . 1 t g&GOND MOt'TGAiiR BON b! , j>: i*? i , No'lite Is ' "n't r ::i 'b . rhe ootid ' tin sbo' r i.sue wl I lie ps. . at t| r m . .- >v v. *11 - So' i,i in" offline sf tin- co'iitian co.-.iei ol I'm r;u aventm 'n Twentt b d thai ' r Inter,-- *? *: ? , ? .v cos ? frotn Knit date >. M. 11 fl.YOf.KH .1 ' ?? Piesi rn SI <S-MS WKI.r, A AI,!. OTHER KINDS ? . d ; ?? -s'o-ik Board, lilNe s Yn . i< m.iri j' ilelnl , . ,, other ?? ? on on . t ?? c.i, by ALBKlt" II Mct'l.AI No Wlitrust. \J sr.!! Ell A BAVIN, .>? BANK I THIBtl if": fR ?? C Y'o" . ? joe 20 110, Dtvtnas i ?Ti e - n a , .a It i- f rom v ivnrx: e "ti I t , i 1 ? r i > i f t-r; j ? c ' ar. :i'.tn Of. sons f. SfitnfNt at, I Hid ]te- ? ? , ? .. ov ??? J ?? ?? I be paytb." oil a I'i| .. d ?' 1 ?' .4 flank onen a y ?t '-it' A. tf il' v, ant a Monday, Wmlneiday and Hit -..lav i",'i t u ; tritn - - to- o ? Ti'G? l> hTILLKAV Pren lent Is t 41 1 se-l , " -rets ' VTOKTII CLE VK "!. I. K ,NI? -?I.L"RR M !'?IN G > vj ??,? OtLP'N '0 NTY ?- ?.wo iRRRITOtT '".?l.i A 1 J\ !?'. t'tl's I'll, !tl 'OFT n n: ,.N st., FN I Nil. Iv- t ./ ?? 1 I ? ?r jf,r . ,. v ' x JU'i I'll I BANcib K a f ! Attf P ? i'luAUP Tb" ro: be ' runnd ilok. Ir e-.r So ?> ,.,r i. I ?ti." I. *br* -I i ? -el . te.j g< ) ? ?,na t . .: s in rnnuMit ail In et'-a'ieut It t??, D*1 ? >.iai -s ?) irt Pi' $i i i, of th> f k lis :l i , ? l' ol t ie i.i'| A M an ! - I' M i n,es.. -xllbe n ' Ol ti "? OB pan*. V 0 I-' f- H',! r :tv I, v a ri'A : r 1 ts on *' u.i ot s :i thf >' n ?t : y .-trt' t, i i n?i' ' mart n,. sr. .' I, the Is ,1. oi.ic . c i, si, bo I 1 in. : * -? t a p- ? s ? t o* tu? cot p us til 'I i X. 'i Vi s fre .s i -r. / l! jri, WLI.L-1. falblO A i i h BHflADVi A*, f ' ' .. ?> r ., , , , r 1 . ? _ r i ,\ e?n > -m . e.' t" -s-i <n ', ,;n| e 'pons of I nd? if K' ,-e ' > a t'onis an a <. of 8k.t i- .. ic?atre?. ??tnab.i rates 0", If pt" "rrej Wl' n T' , r j bnm WELLS, ! * GO A CO. OPFK'B f.F TU i"'.T,!Np?I8 fRVrP-.i!" J xIlI^iI) Ogmpady N, Toik .1 o e |j peg rdau,-* ?-itb a re., lutivnof the Board of Directo.. o' ihef:! ,. '? ? 'en'rl RaBrosd Coti.i *o' ont're is i, ie|jj elj,-n to the bo'dersof the cancaUed bon is . ip to uresenl llrtli re. at ? a- f . olc oi ihe a .:n> "y, 81 Ifaaana 1 atriM, for copt-eraion Into tin a'rlp a n"k c' ?' r"..t"i i v L A. t Al.MN, be?,rtar.' /JI KIOH i.ARIETTA AND OINOIN.VA ft P. P. CO. I ?lMtOOTlh, Old' J l-T.e 13. IS 4. To flt"cltito,'l"ra -Thr trai.,,'',r K,#i(i of ibis Gsmpany V ill be Closed from fbe Ist to the IMht'J,,', li,"lnY - , ,.t ttii*on ia, gnd at the {up-nay (the Patm. s LoaBMdTi?ei Companr. in Naw York/ p'optrainry to tli? aeoii-an ual dividend*. W, B. WaTBGN, 8e,.refkry. QWM.5t.T"l AIIT BK'A n brpikind company, tt Wllllan atreal mom lie. I. N, m Vr^as .luOV 8. 11Bt. N0TII?B-TD OOLD IflNfNG OtfM lU N!H* AND MANUVA(*runRR? OP MINING MaCHIMKH* -The Ameacan Ref.n,n? fbimrtaor hereby elves n tth-e thel It is Uie nwnar of cert.tln paienia for the a?i?!miuail"n tnd re doctor, or told and ail-.er ores, and ikat tba psn* being used pa ler the nametol Pr#|lterg Psna tr I other* of rmMar cbarsete, are Infringements of said ptient, The Company , Is prepared to mske liberal arrangem-nta with *n?b nrgsnf vat.on* or parties aa msy have ourcaaeder ordered such 1 tnaohlneiy ; and it will be found to the loletest of an kjtar- I U?* to give 'his mat'er pinmpt attention, so M to kirai on t I ?or (knoa'.ivo ef|thg4r QtUnod 'parol ou* ? flHARCfAli. OFFICE OP TUB MARIPOSA COMPANY. 54 WALL street.?Notice U hereby given that at the drawn* Ibis dav had of twenty five Bonds of this company for redemp. tionout of the sinking fund, the following wore drawn, viz -Hue. 13. Its, 63, 83. 88, 83. 99. 129, 188. 218. 234. 429. 439, 134, 394. 637. 772. 816. 891. l.OdB. 1.187. 1.335. 1.357, 1.364.1.489. and that the sauie will be paid 10 gold, ou the 1st day of July next, on presentation at the office of the company. Bond* muai be pre**-a led for payment within ten daya after the let day of July ueit, under penalty of forfeiture of the ri(ht of_ redemption under this drawing. Nkw Yoke, June 6.1864 JO lilt WATT, Secretary. OFFICE OK TflE CHICAGO AND NORTHWESTERN Railway Company. June 26. 1864 Coupons due July I, 1864. from bonds Issued by the Oa Coupoos due July I, 1864. from bonds Issued by the He lena and Chlease Union Railroad Company. Will be paid upon preeentauoo at tho office of U. H. Boody ACo . No. 8 wall atreel, New York, on and after that late. JAME8 K. YOUNG. Secretary. OFPICP. OP THE JBR8ET CITY INSURANCE COM pany. No. I Mnntgomorv atreet. FIFTEENTH SEMI ANNUAL DIVIDEND Jicsssr Citt. June 21, 1664. The Board of Directdra of this C uupany luive this day de clared s semiannual dividend often 118) percenl, free from government tax, payable eu and afier July I. J. PaULMLBR, Secretary. 0 FKICE OP THE HABMONY FIRE AND MARINE insurauce Company. 80_Wall srsiirr, I Ntw York, July I. 1864 20th dividend. The Board of Directors have this day de clared a aemi-annual dividend ot five per eent. payable on demand, free of income hi. By order of the Board. DANIEL D. GAShNKK, Secretary. pROSPECTUS ^ COLUMBIA OofcS'MINING COMPANY OF COLORADO. CAPITAL 120,000 SHARES. NOMINAL PAR, $10 EACH. SUBSCRIPTION PRICE, $5 PER bIIARE. Stock full paid, and not liable to assessment. TRUSTEES JAMES W. ELWBLL, Esq., of the drat of James TV Blweil A Co . No. 67 South stre?t JOHN 1*. YELYKRTON. Esq., President of the Bank of North America. THOMAS 11. FOSTER, Esq., late of the firm of Poster A ... FISK, Esq.. President of the Marino Bank. JAMES L HATHAWAY, Esq., Mercliaut, No 171 Pearl street. ROBERT P. PKRRIN, Esq., Casluer of the Butcher's end Drover's Bank. ? RKM8EN APPLKBT, Esq.. Tobacconist, No. 133 Water (feel. President, THOMAS R FOSTER, Esq. Hankers. MARINE HANK. Secretary, SAMUEL K SEYMOUR, Esq. Mining Superintendent. HENRY A. COOK. Esq., Centra! City, Colorado, Sol citori. Messrs I.ORD, DAY A l.OKO. New York. Mf-am. WAKKLBY A RlsAl). Central City, Colorado. MINES.?The celebrated Bobtail Flsk, and other well known Lodes; including also a "Tunnel Claim ' ol 6,ink) consecutive teet. or nearly a mile u ength. directly on the Flsk Lode, commencing Immediately opposite H uck Hawk Point, ai Black Hank City. The whole property embrac ug 8,700 feet, of which l.TMO are developed claims, and 1.800 leet opened, and fid**) feet Tuuuel claim, with a valuable quartz mill now runn.ngand n bucre sful operation, the Bobtail and l'isk Lodes are considered the richest aud best lu the Territory, having yielded larger amounts ol gold than any other in Colorado, wliica the following assay shows, made by Edward N. Kent, Esq., Cnemist, United States Assay office. New York ?Mint value per ton of .',000 pounds. Bob tail Lode $711 46, is e itiai to $5,716 (58 per cord: Fiak Lode, SJ11 21, IS equal to $2,729 06 per cord. Besides the above, the company own 167 feet of valuable water power, having 21 teet fall, on North Clear creek, half a mile below Black liawk Citv. lhe great advantage possessed by this company is In having a tntll now in sticoereful operation, aud in a abort time the company will have additional improved ma chinnry. capable of working lorty eight tons, or six cords of ore per day. lro-e the Bobtail and Fl>k Lodes, which are yielding fiom $100 to $1,2(10 per cord uniformly. The com pany I'oiiliaeiiljy expect to commence paying'at an early day's monthly dividend of one per cent in goid. Ti e stock can ouly be had lor a limited period at the lirst subscription price, and judging from the constant demand to obtain it lor investment, it niii t rapidly r s> in value. Theaitention of capitalists nut others is called to this company, believing that no stock has been ottered in the market that possesses moie itistrinsii merit or is entitled to greater c- ollden e In the community for apro.itable, safe and permanent invest ment. Subscription books of the company for ouly a limited number of snares, are now open at the office of ALU RUT II. NICOLA Y. Ksq., 52 William street, at tile price of $5 iter share. $3 to be pa d at the time of subscription, and the lia ance ,$2) pay able on call, when the certificates of stock are ready to be delivered by the eomptnv, or the whole amount can be paid at the time of subscripuoa, at the option of the subscrilier to the stock. Parties who are J?? rou of securing any of the stock at the above low price are Informed tli.it the company Intend closing (he hooks shortly, alter which time uo stock will be sold less Uiho par PUBLIC NOTICP. 19 UBREBY GIVEN?THAT THE Treasurer of tbe State of Illinois will, oo and after the first Monday of July next, until the 2tlth day of said month, lie rfx'ly. at the Amen att Kiclmnge Bank, In tha ctu ot New Turk, to par the interest maturing oti toe first Monday of Jttlv IdtiS, on the publio debt nf the State of Itli. tio.s. fhe iiitereat tlieti due. and not called (or prior to tbe ?Juth day of July, .vtl! thereafter be paid only at the otllce of ih? Tre*?itrer of the Slate of Illliioi-., in the cltv of Spring field. Holderswl' Illinois and Michigan Canal Bonds, whose coupons are exhausted, are requested to present the bonds. ALKXANDKR 9TAUN. Treasurer Slate of Illinois Twenty fourth divdknd?hanover fire m. sui slice Coimiauy.?'The Hoard of Directors of this Com pnnv have declared a seuii annual Dividend of six (to ;*?>? cent free Irom government to*. payable on demand at their oihee, 45 Wall street H b. WALCOTT, Secretary. Nkw Youx. July 1. It's. fTIBIRO A V K N ' F. SAVIN-IS BASK. A Comer Third avenue and Twenty-sixth street. CHARTERED HOI IUNK Oi'KN dailr from" lit A. M to 3 V. W-. and on MONDAY WEDNESDAY aad SATURDAY EVENINGS, from 'i to S P. M. SIX PER CENT titer, at a lowed on all sums from ftl to Jl.'SW. A i mone s deposited 00 or 'Wore July 10 will draw inter e> fro.:t the 1st SFENCKR H. GREEN, P.-oMdeut. BtcuaRo Kat-t.y, Secretary. O "ITIf DIVIDESIV?THE NATIONAL FIRE INSUIt ? .ince I'.uvnauy has da>- ared a semi-annual d vl '.end if 11 >. r . 111 pa sole an and after Saturday, Ju>y 'J. at its oil e, 52 Wail si.eet. HENRY T. DROWSE. Secretary Nut York. July 1, lTH ?>rrit/t WAN TED?OS A NOTE SECURED BY A 0?/" " I chattel mortgage for live times the amount. Ad dress L. A . bin 1,92.". Posi ollioe WC/tn Op. $830 WANTED TO D\?, BEFORE 10>? A. ?7?)tlt" v . till the 7ihoI duly. The best of secui t) for it, v.: 1 three te>r 'cnt as brokerage Add. ess Henry Ben it 0, Jr., Post o ce. (WlA LOAN FUR A FEW DAYS -IN OHDF.K to 1 nam.' nt of goo . -. .ought for ?ih, a r-a?,wi?li> b-.11.et ,c wit tie gt en I he Investment is M r ist ' [ i " < to whom the co ids are *0 d wl pay the is1 it !? i .e 1. fhe "ioney n eiu- k rot auo .nt pni- he ready hi li A M retards? at leaat. I'sri . u.ars gnen py ,ntni ;w et the pla * o! the loannr esi y ,n the morning. Andrea* K a, S box 2. ) >7 Beat o.lice, in paste. CJWHOO WANTED ON FIK81 CLASS BROtlK vI.?<?''UU 11 i ..11 r t; worth du ibl 1 ? aniomt, lot at'ia. f ear a oH | < eut No eot.iuii * on. all. wed. ..dJre.- T ft h. .os lh." Willisiorl.irg Pus; oil< c OfWt -Vance 9TEW ART RD 'K oil com ipOUU.'IU'J. pa. .luruji taivtl Jnue ih? HI CAIII'AL ?UiO.' I t)..?.'.i,tw hllAC - J-i A Ml ARE. l'AR .'.i- -t; uou f* *s .1 snare to - r K.uul s' s.: >er. mr 5) - s'i i:e? table $1 ri. doivn upon an 1.scribing. and ?!.. ?: -? "l! of $1 ea piyable on ttio fuihjuiy an 2 to An. 1 "It resort- vel 1 11 .00 .. . ie?-1. er t<?neflt o." th ? r.unpen ? l:ta Ian | 4 e I by t..e I 'll ?? ??' 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X, s nt wr.i 1 w o IF ? .iiiie to I ? bo ed e..,," proporl' 11 o" " rtn-vn the river, where, h .w vnr iher? wo..11 noeeeexrin I t.ie iris' pe-ioai? ?t*t and a n eli sirete. supply and-'.peilu.'urn enthslyors .- e of It ? oeri* n t.iai sco am wells on tbo river in 4I1. mi 11. dt.it ' vicmity of 1.1s .and h* e .tintl iued proouritig dm 11 g die ps?'. t r?e or toor yesrs an in vav;rtsg au ? t ?.!. Uil.v j rt 0/ oM A ; an- ? v toe inapwid deni'nstrate tha fact tha; the .'.'over Two Mite i' uandti icr.vk are on toe same s -ai ht 111"- a'ft ot, v d j ant on a con ..'tatloi. tf toe identnal un? ire ge v 'nr. u the "snge ?" bills, from e*cl ot -r al,out 11.ri-e miles apart In prncia- v fhe san e 're"' on it wo .1 I th"i .jf not is- e4? raomtuar .11 ?? loiiniTwe1' ou th irsilof -ti "c nt dci 1?o' (s-rhsps MI feet-tnsf : e romps . nv toon r vs those of <n in II ? pi' 1 Mildreds of ar Is of t. tav , vol 1 ? o 11 prw ' ? Wo-. I (.? he too fi rt iuai0d' ?u t to t ie s'jnre huld?-s of this "01 p-. i ? >,u atoi tir'i ,1 uaitoflai 1 there has been let on >i e for VI,'. n-iavTl i"'" p'utiplni' .4 ? ? or p- i tli n < f 2 o ! . a''.10 ji Its ile- U o bor* scoo-llrrd quite In u ? civil t. im us i-rgaiioi. Fidr l-vr venl of th-oil si this we 1 s no. ,t re,,-ned as a rc a ly to the former iisutt o' the .0' 1 tr al 01 ?" sru e to th? I .u-St f tbe Oonipain. 1r.i ar- a ?o 1 40 otbvr w.'.,- lord a lew b ... cm fest r ,1 'iiTyett: e bull 'lieatng a (Irai rat? show c k - rei a itsv vin en r 1 .v be * ori|e ! out ..f ti""n, a mi do id s aiaa to exi t tba i.ia will ? th prove btghlv r ? ? ?' e W I-' II re ar iavi' !e depth Abotbtr ?i 1. l oti'd and pro'Tiisra a at'.Uf .i-tor jnud ysmr. 'S>t id Procured fr n ti.cee we.hfran be se?n at ti - . ' II P? ? ' N'? I- hi", or of I.a l arsa. ... / r * < o , UTok '1. >u ? * ?.! street see md li 11 I el>. it 1 in i,ii< 0' in' ooinpr,? ng one hundred aol'l' i ar 1 inc' liugi ? -.i.?ii o ??!?> 1 eat of oil ,0 ? fia eii, u.iv u tmpwg. and ths entire rlgf.t ef the thf? w ?!'? rtf'ial'y dST'op i. Is p ? ,1* eg h" th- "O 11. or ft n 1 - own-r for toe aio ieraf pri-i 0 . V 111 a 0 ' Nti; la line orda. a au .g House, 1 -e .4, il vio- y i* : pa, ca h lor the and In f*.II md lei ve li,( sum 0' 11. ?i ' <- mi Wurkii g capita1 in; he nil with w's htncoin, fitli' tlirv udnel' an, also toborotwn n ? welts with five riexm e glsc* *r . to t in ru lining ore \ it or a Irw ni a mrs'o hienta w| I be inadete . osipllsii these ot, ets wi hp it > e si No avasirlpii ns w 11 b" act'j/te 1 for ess than fJt? a.'sr?s Id', vast for ur.?a lenne 1 by re r. on eomps-t ci ei'at'lal. od Ill s una e a?Jr'.ere srr nolo o . The .1 tesd* Is yel in lis Infancy, mi I tbe dema.ii'. tons ant,y ncrrasibf Its prl" s uuw $12 por ba-rel a! the Wr s mouth, axotual g of lie ca?k Lai " well" wi'.t aeubtl'SS be rtrp'* at the dep?h of $10 f"i t. ic as t * rsa 'k the th ru aan ) a o ie ipck. W?lt. have b" i) bored heretofore t tiir depih 01 onl hint Mi' feet lB thy vlcloity It 1 prop-ard t ba. e tts-enis weila on th s ar'p*rt daring tbe piesoet rear. The a Is tooin fin net liundr-l walla. A perieet title clear of a I nncu ulrancra la ronlii>atly ansiirrd in the co-nptlny. Lie's af subx 1 ip"on are now oiwn nrtil th# rgi.H u a: urea are sum Ib'J patsl le $| pe vharr to the or 'er of ths ireai'-rer sif tha oomjauy, X' the <? ? ' of L It I'AOK ee Faidea laae ar LA,PARO'-:. OOW l-.K A CO., broktra No 4 Wall itreei, aacond lloor, New York. The public are luVileTk ti uAH for a proapectua. POlilTlCAts. JMOHTH WARD-AT TI1F IlKUtJLAR MP.ITINO OF j 'he li gtith Ward Derroi rsttr AkS'cistlon I.e. laiNo. 1 i Vandam street, or the ereamg of Tanrsdev, June .tn. IdCt, the fo tawing named grt.l eta?a ws e do y elected ollloeri of lb 10 aeeotiatloti for the ensuing .est. via ? Ur.oROK li TYLKIt, PfOsideiit, JOHN B ACRRIt, lay 11<? Tree,dent. It F.N kv F iirarLkr m i> . 2d vice PrtaMeftL P.nstTiNt' M Pit a, Iter udifg Herretety. Jubr Postseai.t a, Itraimrrfng decretory, AOPBbS KtbblMAb, TfOMuicr. TW'ATIOW WkNTKD-VBSALRI. A JUMPER OP WELL RECOMMENDED OBUMAlt A females want situations as uooka, attain bermalda and Uundrasaea mimes and p'rlu for general homework Tic,. at Mrs. HOWE'S German lusuiute, 17 sunton st, oiar the Bowery. A MIDDLE AdKI) WOMAN WISHES EMPLOYMENT in a private family, lo do washing and ironing by tUa day or we< k, or In a laundrv; rau cim the beat city refer ence. Call at 14 Essex at., >.e ood floor, in the roar. AREf-PHC"TABLE TOUNU LADY, WHO HAS BEEN lending a confectionery store for two yean, and who al i-akb German and good English. wleheea initiation in that business. Address M it., lierald oUico. A YOUNG WOMAN. WITH A FKBBH BREAST OP milk, wishes a buby to nurse; good care will be given. Call at Sit Monroe at., tear house. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOUNG MARRIED woman, as wet nurse. Apply atiitld Jay St., Brooklyn. AN l.NOLIHH LADY ?WISHES A SITUATION AS housekeeper and governess in a private family; ooun try preierred. Address M. A., Herald oitioe. AN AMERICAN OIRL FOURTEEN YEARS OLD, wouid like a situation in a genteel family to tase care of children. Apply at S7 Pitt St., second floor, back room. A situation wantkd?by a respectable you'g Ctrl, a. saleswoman in a fancy or uilllinery store, or t > learn the la lies' hairdrcsalng or wig making. Address, stating terms. Saleslady, 46 Orultard at. A SITUATION WANTED?BT A GIRL OP PIPTBBN, to niind cLiildr. n and make herself useful, best idler eure. Call at 210 West 25lh st. A GERMAN WOMAN WISHES TO TAKR TN WAS ! lug tor men and families. Can g.ve goad rOTeicuce Apply at lii Clarke t, rear, tirst (tour. ALL SUMMER HOUSES, WATERING PLACES, boarding houses and lamlliss wanting com;'"lent house keepers, cooks, chambermaids, waitresses, laundresses, sramslresie-, nur.,oa or other help are prompt!'- supplied at Employment House, corner oi (UU ave. and ly l: si. Also nisle help. SITUATIONS WANTBD?FOR THOROUGHLY COM petent larm hands, eoarbnieii. waiters, gardeuers, grooms, porters, servants, laborers turn iaielv landed and lielpol every description. Apply at CARPENTER'S Large E inpayment House, ooruer of tith av. and IUU st. Also le Male help. IVTANTED?BY AN ENGLISH GIKIi, A SITUATION ?? a-, nurse or Chambermaid. Can be seen for two davs at 31 East 7tll fit. \lfANTBD-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE Vl woman, (o cook, wash and iron. Cal lor two day- at 83 Weal 44th 4t. W ANTED?3Y HER OLD EMPLOYilP.S, A SMTJA v 1 tion lor a lira: rate waitress or chauiberiuuid. Apply at 491 6th av., M. Y. TV ANTED?BY TWO RESPECTABLE WOMEN, vv situations; one as first class cook, t ie other as laun dress: have no objection to go in the country. Con be fieco at '.'IP Wo?t 25th st V\rANTED?A SITUATION AS COOK~ WASHER AND ? > ironer. Good city reference. Call ut 64 West llltk St., from basement. HELP WANTED?MALES. AT THE MERCANTILE AGENCY?WAN TED. BO-DAY, bookkeeper timekeeper, drug clerk, hotel clerk. con ductor, coachman, fane aoodg salesmen, dry goods sales men. waiters, and 10.1 lueu lor the New York an.I Eric Rail road. Other situation* open. G MONGOM EUY A CO . 'dob Broadway, room 4, up stairs. Agents can m ike $35 in a few hours selling our great new and wonderful extta Urge size Prim racltayu-. $~ per day guaranteed Every dol ar inva-led more than dotib cd. A spmudid solid gold" or silver lever watch presented free to each agent. Smart men wan'.ou to establish agencies u every town and village. County rights free. Sale immense, demand increasiug. Even bod ? burs them. Send for our great new circular for 1664, containing extra new premium inducements, free H. O RIOKaKDS & CO.:*102 Nassau street. New York, or.giual, largest and oldest prixe package Uo r?e In the world. At commercial agkncy, 297K and 299 kroad way, up stairs, wan ted todav, paymaster's clerk, hotel e'erk. bookkeeper, three machinists, steward fur a farm, three trimmers dry goods clerk, porter, timekeeper, entry rl-rk, hipping cletk. agent for insurance compsn . Other ?.luaiions always opeu. Merchants and other< supplied gratis with all help. OSCAR <lt CO. Assistant barkeeper wantbd-at 15 wood hull st , South Brooklyn; to reside with advertiser, not over twenty years old An active young man wanted in a GROCERY and commission store; also, a man to do the heavy work in a dry goods store, a man for a Hour end feed store, and a man for a ihpior store. Addre-s Johnston A Co., II L'hamberset.. up suitra. A BOY WANTED IN A LAWYER'S OPFiOE.-IIB must be well recommended and able to write Appt/ at 707 Broadway, mom No. 10, natiuday morning, between U and 10 o'clock. A SMART, ENEROF.TIC YOUNG MAN WANTUJb. who thoroughly understands th 1 tish and ovster liisi nhiu. None need apply who cannot giye the beat of rqfer encos as 10 capacity and rhara tei'. Apply at market, cor oar of Court and Union *18., Brooklyn ' AN OFFICE BOT WHO IS WhLL RECOMMENDED will find a altuatioo at 442 Pearl at A YOUNG MAN WANTED?IN A HOTEL OFFICE; $1>W and board tor lite drat year; he wl I lodge vrlih in* paueuta. Addro a ilotei. llcrald olbcc, A BLACKSMITH S HELl'ER WANTED ? A TODNO .\ man who understand tvuMini: ?? hcirae auoes. La go i a abort d man < in the country, to tire bv the month or yaar Oatt at 327 loth at , hetwaon ave. A aod U, Boy wanted?a smart, active nov, is on 17 vears uf age. to lake home parcels and malt- hliise'l n-eful ubonl a gentlemen's furnishing ?toie Call at Ct/7 Broadway. " (ioacuman Wanted?to take charge ok a ' Xj pr. ale cirrmce nod hoises; must be to'ocr, wil'iug and ospaWe Apply at the Morgan lion Works, toot of I'll) at.. East river Chuck it>ys wantro.?apply in the bbtait department-to Lord A Taylor, 4rfl to 4?7 Broadway, CLFPK WANTED?IN RRtLBY'B BOOK l-.IOBK 10 lid av ; on ? with aouie >xpcr euca preferred. None need apply without the best ol referenced. Drug clerks wantld-thkkb thoroughly rompe'ten". dritsguts; also a junior clerk at Brown's drug btoie, 542 Ptli av., corner 4-d at Apply immedi ately. BOO OLNEK?AN HONEST. WILL1NO BO I. FKOM IS to JS n-ara of a, e, IB a di if! more 0110 with ?><me knowledge ol the buetne a pr -ieried. Apply al dot It id son at VARJi "pANM WANTED?ALBO MEN LATELY I" rinded to gn n 'hor! dl lance . the r UDtry nap'* $M In 1 per in nub an t I 11111 Appl.nl the L ,rf? 4s.nl ployun-ut 11 1 inc, i #rnei ol dth nT. and litli at. I Alton* IS WANTED? AT WoW)LAYYN ChMRTEKY; tin 0 ifamiaeu Gam: wages. Appty on the v? a to Mr. D0'.?laas I A BOB K WANTED?WA JUS $2 TO $ ! PER DAY, II ti- ? ? 1 lind e ynent a! U.( farm age i .y. Id* th Greet. AdpU imn eli rj II '[IT IMItTER?TRUSTY AND INTELLIGENT, J w*'i ? I, he h; i.irter 0 ly ? ? lothos washers tj th "-k'lino *1 . , i*'iu -i. in Oii.1,1 BOY WANT.J-t)N Willi:'. IDEA VI rift 1 - ) f.i" ?.'' ?* Ol.. ' IS. AD! wr IP R lAr h it ml naiiir $1 hi) i c? week \. i * r ?*, ,u .. ? owu liau r .:iu? 1 far;iWHr?*, i o* 1 *4 Hera J ft ' iV 'ii.% win w;mi# to tOdiRf* from f>. to }s?'? p#r Jav hv x -cuh'I ii . notii f.a, .<? is? f: j ' . j, t i?- mv.vitmn u*l n ??vetll "ri'oii'in.u t> it. .<? uiSi.oy, t iihftr h* travelling o. Ioca iLg in ( ii; orovui.il> HOW AH I) Tl?0?Nt (ti't? 1'joa.lft ny. . th") v iTor-; u ,; n, rVl TionT >1 vi'?. J-ii ^ ti i ?.? $ ' *r to ,i,i ? v14, lie jtj. j to efft* -'at mt i. Ap,i. lor i. -i.i-j* iriaittoii a*. Ihc iia;terjr iios VV if' T CI.YFSXALE.sM4N N A Mi* TS'ANT". t-A \l ' ' . AN . N aCUNTLEMEN n PI it - * n. i ? - in * c* . f: i i ? n i ii i .in ! en .hie " * - eh' ir c 'i/1 i"' v it hire is, #t?u n i refei *'ii ea "?I ? .ir 'Vipi red to aili?r.n. i ben n '1,1, o U. HciaU nice. \\"A "fTED?A VOUN3 X IN Wl- *,L I? !? COM VENDED, YY to take care o itor-es. help cn a faun nn l make mm aeh' i,e- .. API ly ctwen 10 nnd 11 o clock a :Ui 4*but at -A V O I' \ .. Mr TO , TA END A v 01 JCR Vine a f.O"d l a d. Apply Yt I'lCaj'. st W\1 V*7 ANTED A I.li.rr ABLE I. ED MAN TO ACT t ' a j?i let. 11 ; ii,.",,. .in ai UTANTED-A NOOKKKKPF.R IN A NHIPPINO AND '? c mmi t ? t*?? a m tailnj; r^fcrrucit ftod itufiuat o ftnlnr. ro j tired, l>oi J'o*i urtio -. ilfANT'D?THKKE OK 8 MA I V MEN, A8 ?v wslt'Tt Non - o i a nee i ipu at Taylor * iiotet, .irrae ?, 11 p PANTI l'-VOI".i ; v. , ,;nw to OOOWSI.A v ifii e? in * iinnnera ?.. shies ind at"anieni to all pals Ol the wo ; ?>??? i ? .. green I t I-. OOOka and Stew a .1 HAsD/ ,L .v COL'KiM.l', lS-> West ot., corner of Ke .de, up siaira r the srrny a. A ooly to tee e. o; Albany, up iMira. A IT D?A YOUNQ MAN TO AlTI ND.BYR GOOD "? refei ",iee re.piired Aipi' to M. Bennett, I.iib'iab sv . mm 'i of .'ith a? Bi >oklyu let ?> oon .? and JAM. tA'ANTl D-\GOOD WAlYF't T<? WAIT ON TABLES '? . l.iil'ig n.oun. 00B< but those alio IIBde. i Hid I' ? r h h.? need ???? iy Also ? bo . to work In a k.tct es AppW at 22; douth it- _____ VV anted AN HONE fit AND IJfDtfBTRtOfll MAN. Vr >< ,i, yi in f.i in, to act as treasurer el ii n hrst clans H i cl.i'i ii i.atrst UssapS. Ap.' b?t*?- o 1 A M audit 1'. M. ? olC tlroa i war I V TED-A VAN FOR Till'. BUTOHERINO RU->f It ii ., n* who nan ootne ?>g rteommeaiei Appiv to Thom - ?tnhell, S42 ColumbiASt,, eerosi ot VVai ren e nth Broiklyn. ____ _ _ Wanted?a km art active office ?or, 14 or it 15 yearn of ??' Ii * *" imts lol l"ie- Wsre .i.n. Addresa. In b?"'.wr I ng of apf^m. boa 1,7*4 I* p t oftiee 1ST ANTED?A COACIIVAN WHO ON DBHRTA NDB Vt how to manic* a go >d t"am an I I* fatr.lllsr e ith the drives In ihe ruy. I n ; 'ihmi n prr wrred. Iiuptlrc at Nd 2 Ih'SrmAB plane near eih.ae?. ^ ___ \1TANTM)-A LIVE NOT, 15 OR Ifi VF.ARs OF AGE. VI ua co'leelor. Due who can write and lives wlih re eneetab'd vareot* can ha>e e |aOd tiluatoa by addreastug, ,n hia own hand. Wide Awake, Herald oiKcep Yl ""ANTED?A COMPETENT L?W CLERK AND TT iithcc boj, Apply to-day (-Mtll tli from lb to II oitoik Vi'RD A BALDWIN, 84 Broadway. WANTRD-A BOY. IN A CLOTH HOUSE ADDRKM b'>* 2,19ft l"iwt nffloe. Ytr aNTRD?A M SfWlR BOY, TO (|PBN OTSTP.RR, Vf .me wlie iidshi id nrper ??ne preferred; must hard good rnfrren'w t all at 484 Id avd. Wanted?a young man to assist at tenoing bar. Imp tire at 37b U'tdn * W>. ?uru?r of ti?UTMrd?ur. H*l* WAVTlD.IUliBI. | W pStt^USSff retail liqaur trad* ia this c t.v, u ??, "T.j".""!! ?I.J ctDTMUpr for ? work devoted to ?? T,<r,l!.t. business. l'o ? competent persoa ? Mb^r^^JL , be given, or, if eg t eesb ? ? salary Mid "Hey,, |r ?I No 9 Spruce it., room No. 6 ' *# WANTED IMMEDIATELY, A TODNO MAS, \ M to UuuaIw, South Amends. He mud be sctse j*j with pharmacy business' None need apply without EJ reomtnetidsuon One whS knowa how to ai>e*k a KT Spanish preferred. Call at 02 WlUlaui at., between loE 11 A. M. T. HKKNANDB* WANTED-A COLORED BOT, FROM 14 TO 17 TEA of age. to go la the country. A good home can be I taiuej. Inquire at luoand 1<?7 Reade at., In the atore. 1J7ANTED?IN A LAWYER'S OFFICE, A LAD OT " from 1,1 to 17 years of ago; one who h;ia bad ao?B?d? per enoo preferred. Address 8. 8. 11., Herald otlice '?ANTED-A BOY TO ATTEND BAR. API'LY A* 4.t Hudson iv., norner of Piymoutii, or corner of OoM and Watersla., Brooklyn. w WANTED-A COACHMAN, a SINGLE MAN. SOO'WNR German or English; one capable of taking care of &?? horses, carriages, Ac.; none need apply unleei fully oeaa p tentan l wiiliag; wageB $26 per month and board, refer ence from last p!a<o re mired. Apply at 96 Maideu lano, as aUira. from 12 to two o'clock. r\? AbTI D-A YOUNG M AN. TO TAKE CHARGE " wagon and a biead route. Must b, responsible. ^ ply at the Scotch bakery, 1H Pulton avenue. Brooklyn \\TANTED?A BOY WITH GOOD CITY R8FEREK0% * t ? us-i*t m t' n.rug bar. Apply Una day al ICIarkn llotol, lib I u:uhsm at 50 P BlJLE!!S, WITH CONVEYANCES WANTED-TR sell cordials, syrups btle.s, Ac., manufactured at em new eatabiiahincnt, an i warranted superior to any in Use market sud at lower puces Discount allowed to the trad*. I'KIDI.NBEKG, RANK A CO.. Whole salt Vino and Lipuor keichants and Manufactures^ tl>) Fulton S'reet. K1 LP M ANTKD-FKNALES. A NIJRSR WANTED?WHO HAS TIIB KX PUUIBMfflL oi a jMil c ous ? lirlstlun mother, about thirty yearasf ail" iv I, f on health, pitierce ami skill in the care of ItttLa children, in sick n v* or health, and who?e highest ruottvs would bu the d ? ;.re to do rood to the motheries*. Applf al No 32 Bast 30lb si., after IP A M Fi AMI LIES SUPPLIED WITH TUB BEST SERVANT!, as cooks, chambermaids, laundresses, nurses and far genera, housework, al Mrs KURZTS' lately eataldlsl German servants' util e, 2(i3 Elizabeth St., near Houston. IjiEMALR COMPOSITOR WANTED.?APPLY AT . Broadway, between the bo na of 9 and 12 o'clock. YX7ANT! D-A LADY TO LEARN TI1E ART OP v* coloring photo graphs After two week.' instruction, of one hour per da . work will be given out or a siiuatiM will be given Call at 713 Broadway, room Id U. li.ONIGilBF.R0h WANTED-A. WELI, RECOMMENDED GIRL POE general housework; must be a good washer awd iroher. Call at 31& Washiugtou av., Brooklyn. VyANTED?A NEAT, TIDY GIRL, TO OO IN TBS VT country, on a farm, to do genera', housework, milk, lug Ac ?fall Saturday, July 2, before 12 o'clock, at Ml West 46th st. Vtf ANTED?A FIR^T CLASS VEGETABLE COOK, Yr four waiter girls, two washerwomen au<l two kilcbea girls for a summer hotel neur tlie city, this day. Oso* wines will be pa .1. Apply at 103 West 36th st, near 6Ui a*, "TKf ANTED?A GIRL TO COOK WASH AND IROVl v? ran.I have good reference. Wages $10 per moath. Inquire al US Bast b Ah st AIJ ANTRD-A respectable woman, to do Yf washing. ironing and ohambe-rwort in a private f'anaM Iv; wages $D per month. Apply at 48 Weal ,19th si., betwam 0th and nth a.s. WANTED-TWO FIRST CLASS TRIMMERS IK A lead ng inllltuery liuuse tu Philadelphia; liberal uala rie* and permanent slttiat mis. Address E P. Gtll, Earls'* Hotel, Canal St., New York. WANTED-A NURSE WITH A FRESH BREAST 0# milk. Call al 117 East 40ih st. TXTANTED-A GOOD LAUNDRESS. TO 00 A SHORT YY distance in the country; none but those posseaatag good reference, need apply. Apply between 2 and 3 o'clo tut, day, at331 4th avenue. WANTED?A YOUNG GTrLTaS NURSE AND SBAl? Htiese- she iiiutl be siesdy, and kind to ohlldrea; is required to go with the family in the coautry forlheeui? iiit r. good recommend,Hons required. Apply at 143 Bast Did at, between Lexington and 3d ares. WANTED-A FEW LADIES TO DO JET AND . ?T w mi who are quick w ill the needle. Apply 2.1 eve., between 2'.>tii and 30th sts ; ring middle Inii., door. iiraR ' at<p laaiEs w ANTED-A FIRST CLASH I'ASTRT COOK, it Washington Hotel, No. I Broadway. X\f ANTEU-A GOOD Gi RL, FOR GENERAL HODsS Yt work, to go In the country; wage* $7 per month, Ap ply between the hour* or 9 and 12 at 220 Earn 50th at. iiTANrED-A cook. inTa frTvatb PAMILY rood " to tun seaside loi ilic aiimmor, must bare good reodaa> meudatlon*. Apply at !>'> 9th it., before 12 o'clock Y\.r ANTED?A RESPECTABLE YOUNG LADY. IX* OQ YT n short distance in the cocntrv, to keep accouuia au Apply Tor one week at ICS SuLivan at., N. Y TT7 ANTED-A FIRST CLASS MACHINE OFBRAtoS tl one accimto ed t? stitching dre?-es and cloak* mam apply inime-liaielr at Madauio Dcuore.xt'a Emporium Fasti I ,u, 473 Broadway. am? urn m SITUATIONS WANTED-R^V, A YOUNG MAN. OK STEADY 'HABITS, DBS IRKS A tutuat on a* sn rpaian In a clothing store (wholesale <? reta il, or a cloth bouae. The Item of citv reference etwee. Is ra|>al)!c of speaking.the English and (lermao language* tluentiy, A l ines H. B. H., Bweeoy'a Uotol. A Voi?NO MAN, UK STEAt)V HABITS, DESIBBB A /i ellnalion as a sisiant bookkeeper, or a eltuaLon as ?aleaman id a hardware store The be-t of city ret era see H r ti la capable of speaklnff the Kngllali and >iarrn?% Ungi-age*. Address C. C 0., Sweeny's Hotel. AN ACTIVE. nmUiIURVl, BNRROBTIO A NO A steady gentleman, of 27 y ar< oiler* lua services M bookkeeper, rr' tic i e rr- spun eni. or In whatever rapacity. Would go anywhere; best ul i ity refer-in e Address, n?tR eurplo. ed, J. Gerard, clatiou D, New \ork. A YOUNG man (ITALIAN) WOULD LIKE IO OB taln a aaoiitloii in ii aloie or counllnp room Us ?peak ix tawgunga-i llneatly; I wining to worn ?i any ra> spec-table blW Deta. Ini lie *i or sddri *?. 1 '">7 Bomvy.Me boa did* AH KM Oil MAN, OF MUCH EX FPKI ENOR,. desire* e np meat in a whnlaaa.e eoianii* ion *? l"i.f? lriation P is ne- , as bookkeeper, or to liaee i'h?rgr aa toe Ften ? i eot .e,p.,ndenee. Good reference. Auiires.i iA J, I . stat on D Font o lioe. a SIT' ATION WAN'TE!' ?AS rORTER, BY AM 7\ hone.- s >er an i r limtrlotn yonntt man, ?t _? nara of an- ean yiec the lieu ol releienoe Address T it . tlerald Ollice, lor '. .vo tin; s. ( to, TING AND MAKING UP ACCOUNTS ?A RATIO V p-nmsn and irool ?c ? anient, is willlng to i.ndcrtaka. Ia\- copying or i . up act ,ntit . either after bu incee buns .itany o'bee In toe citv or at Li? own reside joe. Ad d- ** Co,- , Herald o e New Yort /tCACh yf ? i-'l TU ATI ON WAN I ED?BY A VOUNB ' ' met,, v ho th? too. 1. y i nde.rs'aads the care and driving o'linrse* ami vanl irpo, which hi reference* will show Address Co.. Iini.ui, box Hi Herald *Qice J/ivPI OVMF.NT WAN TICD?IN A BROKER'S OR MBR. JUi rhant'e o ee bv a gent email ;7 years of a e, whw I lotouehlv understands Hasi In it i produce liavin j htd up. Wat,, ityear t-v -net! e in Loudon And ln.na Andrea t it , box ii;' It, raid odice. OiiUATION WAN I ED BT A YOUNO MAN PF DOOM U I, i -e? b'-.i i- i i '? mo who,ee i n lionet n l okerfg inline: i-an fwrttl -i, ? ? ,?;? .y t?'? r, n es , s.i i,ry a ? olijeol A In,OS* A D , ST High St., Brooklyn. WAN'TI II-I V A MAN WHO CARRIED ON TIIK RM In l norr bu-iur atrnyeais. a it at.on as u ivnss, t. 10 a .?t Ml I 1It'll ol r; ??lenr'- * to ? uaratsUr t.nd rap pi ity An ire 11. F. It., on e of M. S Owen A tJa., I'.'l Du.me sL > YVT'ANTI D?A SIT I ATION 48 OUTttlDB CLKRI 'I of a <> ii*-'"* ? -iihou-. tht be I of rcuotnirer attona I ri n I an h. s rloui eoliet an i reil?iotis yo'iup man. a 1 , ? i-tnpio ? I .1 -,' l i 1. Add t S i-'-O <11 ? Mint,i, rat bai it. Uaitliiitire MX A" II I- HY t \0 NG MAN, ?t YEARS OF AGR ,, p sit r.ri ,i. i i':" i" , ,-,nim s Ion or c -unri ? on pra pi- ' ? ? '' a'ii. . , toe anaie b-isinese ?ro 'lei: ?< a s <Js uau nid Pre nr., ai -? w >nM ' e ? to t, ,vel i'ii-! or i-ge lituiac aim solicit bo* Ai dr.nF. 11 i' , h ral I i-ihee. AN1HD-RY A MfUMtF. AG I'D M a v NOW OUT l ?i ,iit- ?>o-i' ,!e clerkship , here airiet ta (? '.'id ? ' at ?o wi,. toe n ftlr rnmnnera Pin ad u i- ti '.'iiiumm etal Afn t, . No? a,,, ?ad M w w D TUB TKUIim. IlOlpiKBTNDr.RS.?WANTED A FIR r t I,Aris staMF l> er. also iw, ,, to ., ? ; n' III I,mar bavin* a know-l?i*?e of the b ? iir* p.cferrel Arp i ?t Gi-ea'a b ndery, t>2 and Ct Pat rut at IE CUTTER.?A FIRST CLASS VVOKKllAN WAN! ed, by Ailing. Bro's A Co.. I7b iirox ltvjs. Machinist wanteds-wi; i a ? ?.r,i, caVitai, also good referMce. In p in: >1 ilow and 2s and fk Centre ?t., corner of Knade, Coiint-r's bull .ng rpO RIANO MARFR9.?WANTED A FINISH! ,t ANM 1 rase maker To sond workman neady warfe dM kigb wstf-s 24' Weil Twen y eiglno street be tire rai-n - leutb avcuuw. To machine rnitters ?wanted, ivmfoiatb J If 10,'mO pur. or nor* band* knli I'ysin" fat (iii-?-ar boitom-i Von wii. he turn,alied a Mr iioi s hAI Peat on e N V I'O I'ROPF.RTY OWNERS AND OTHERS?A FIRM I i lass painter In y. ? i-ral would I ?.? to orli for any oI C i ?i , r wjstiinr In tied ill" - n p ,i- !?, i-.it, ,? we the beaS nf rni' rre. e !nr anpily and hooesly. A<1'trees r*IB'#r, bos IS' llrrsi, ii.;. e llf ANfl Ii? GOOD I'AttsORo TO \\t>RK Ol I INR ?' in tomri. Aiplv ,.t 120 CbtirMi et. up sleirs, be tween Thomas and it i* I? Al,FI'-l Jt'H Kit ONR WHO THOROUGHLY YY who ran come well ? ? iuneod?d, i aa l.raroi etrad. worb by ad*r*aeiag a. IreiKs, Watertown, ??>* W'ANTtn-A FIRST RATR FILE GRINDER TO Yl whom the best a wa*u? snd steed e pottnent le (i iv rn Appl to Ileo. Nsnder son 1.1 Oeltl s. or J, AW. Re u'eity, Maupswao, N. V. \lrANTRD-A GERMAN KNOfNERR ONR Wutl 18 Y? riii'ipatent and .latlers'aode engliii*iinK in ycneraL and "so nti ami write English Apply at leu o'ekorfc A. ? at I W ?th at , ART ANTED?A FI.W TIN PLATR ANDNIIEHT t ROR FT workers, wn* tfroiglily understand their I "is:-saw Apply to .lAinrs MoNlece, 810 Water at 7ANTBD- A BRAIN M lOIsDBB; Ai.fit) TWO MM buys N<>" ' ii '"I ? i I 1T '"ii tlio-e (ifllf COdlpeteat .IOIIN.pON. BRADY A DO, I.W l-Hm *L WANTKD-A I'HOfOGKAI'llIO PRINTER AND aiataaC o(i?ra1i>r, App'y at 144 Uiand *L, Willi bW* YY'

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