6 Temmuz 1864 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

6 Temmuz 1864 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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TI1E NEW YORK HERALD WHOLE NO. .10"- NEW Y^'iiK, WEDNESDAY, JULY 6, 18G4. PRICE THREE CENTS. THE ALABAMA. t. Naval Action Between the # Kearsargo and the Alabama. The Alabama Defeated and Sunk. Bemiwes Picked Up and Taken to Cowes. Slxty-EIgSit Rebel Officers and Crew Captured. The Great Sho\f? of the Alabama? Seamen from the I?r.lti$]j Navy. ?? r 1*-V - ? ? ? ~ Bight Millions of Francs, Forty-five Chro nometers and Other Spoil Left at Cherbourg by the Pirate, Hew Semmes was Rescued from the Water and Concealed in the Yacht* THE KEARSARGE IN PORT AT CHERBOURG Another Vessel Reported Ready for Semmes in the Thames. Excitement in London, Liverpool, Manchester, Paris and Cherbourg. THE HERALD'S SPECHAL DESPATCHES, fa* fa.. &e. We have received by the New Vork tod City or Belli more at this port, the following Important despatches rel -live to the light between the rebel steamer Alabama, Captain Semraes, and the Caitod states steamer Sear aarge. Captain tv nslow, off the ooaet of France, which resulted tn the staking of the pirate vessel, the killing, wounding or capture or most of her officers and crew, and the eaespe and arrival of Semraes in England. ?. . ? ? T 7* . t THE HERALD DESPATCHES. Oar Cherbourg Correspondence. CasREOtsii, June 21.1394. If aval Battle Between tts Kearearge and the Alabama?It Lattf One Hour and Pice Minutee?Ike Alabama Sunk? A Humbtr of her Crtw Drowned and Irounded?Va; t. Betnmet Bicares in an Ertfliih Pacht?Bad Faith of the Tack'nnan?Fn-e Rebel Offic ri and Sie'f-two Men Taken rri^ntrt?Tke Pritonert Paroled?Incut nil of the Figh'?Iti Berate, Ac., Ac. ??Uncle Sam's web feet," In the persons of Captain Wlnaiow, her oommander, and the brave officers and crew of the United States sloop or war Kearsarge, have won for themselves Immortal glory?names that will livslong and ?blue brightly tn our naval history. They have rid the ocean of a scourge which has too long beau permitted to extet. Tbey have eunlc the Anglo rebel pirate Alabama, which now lies Just outside this harbor, in at loast forty fathoms of water, oot a trace or ber being left in sight. This glorious result was obtained In a fair light, which took place just off this harbor, between tba Alabama at. 1 the Kearsarge, on Sunday last; and, tn order to arrive at a eonsecutive relation of the events connected with the destruction of the rebel pirate, It w II be uoc^ ea-y for we to go back a little. I was tn Paris on Sunday, when lb* first report of a naval battle botweeo the two vesee's arrived there. Brer since it wo* known that tho Alabama was lying in the port i f Cherbourg, sod tbe Kearsarge cruising oil it, H bed boen genera ly supposed tbet a naval oombat would ensue, but uo one suspected Ibat It would take place at so early a dale. Tbe Alabama was said to be very much out of repair, and It was supposed llmt it would be somo weeks ere ebe would be able to loavc port. On Sunday afternoon. June 10, about four o'clock, tbe news reached Parts that tbe Alabama bad been sunk In a flgbt with ibe Keamrgc. Among tbe rebels, to whom d tc'egrsphle dwnatcb v?. sent, about tbe e.n.e lime as one was forwarded to nr. Dayloo, Colonel Charles Carroll flicks, weil known la New fork, was tho favored nv rtal wb"> reolvcd tbe first n. t id at ion of th* sad event Tbe terrible newe was speedily communicated to the emwd of secessionists who make tbe Grand Hotel tbiir beadqu. i Uis, aud who ha 1 been for several diya talking very lenity about the superior skill and bravory of Captalu .-'emmet and hit crew, nod bad been rejoicing In advance at tbe "nOAt and bandy'' way In which the Tankee captain was to be whipped. How tbey reckoned witboit their host the sequel wi!< show. There was mourning n tbo rebel cr.oip In Per s on Sunday evening, ant an equal meseuie at Joy among loyal men. Mr. Dayton rocspved tho news at an early hour tn a telegraph c despatch from tr? son, who had gone to Cher* bourg several days before, and who was one ?f Ibe form nale wltncses of the tb hi. 1 took tho lirst train yesterday morning, and arrived at Cherbourg last evening at ten o'olork. 1 have been eu* (aged all oteht lu gathering what particulars 1 could cf this important and Interesting naval battle, it is now Its o'clock In the morning, and In order to reuob you by tbta mail this letter wiii ud fsMtoti to Paris at ball p. i ?eve t o'clock. Tbu will thorefbre see that it will be im feasible for rae to enter Into detain aa fully as 1 hope to tn time for the next mail. That which I do give la authentic and reliable The Kearsarge, under tbe ooramand of Captain Jobn Wlnaiow, is ? United States steam strop of.war of tbe third otass, carrying one hundred and sixty three officer ? and men aud seven guns, of ibe following description and nalibre t?Two elavtu-incb Drdilgreoa, ooe ride thirty two-pounder, and four broadside thlrty-twoa. In ton ?age the Keeraarge measures 1,081. The Alabama woe a larger vessel, but of about the earns tonnage, and tarried eight gune?-one a hundred pounder jrlBe, one etxty-elght aud six thirty twos. Ike Alabama reached Cherbourg on Saturday, tbe lltb ST June, from Oape town, witb thirty prHnmera, the eruwa at two Amerloaa merchant vessel* which she tied cop. tared and destroyed on the passage, and which tba leaded immediately .upon arriving? Bis enters * the hir. few otkeosibiy f?W the parpen* of making rrpatrs, hug u wee generally supposed tnai ebe was ? an uaaeaw tlby eondtiion. During bar Slav berg a considerable sumber of mm ? poKiCu r?* the crew of the Rappahannock, lying at CHa's, cam" here, Her officers, who have beeu much of the iiiho ot> shore, h ive (re iUeutly boosted of the prowess of the captain aud orow, aua asserted ihat ibey could wulp any \ an tee vessel which dared c>mc against them. The Kearsarge arrived off the port on ibe Hth of June Since iact March ?i,o nos ho it eruHiOf la and about llio Channel, looking mom particularly for the Rappahannock thuu lor any thin o cliO. She lay lor Bom? tl no last winter In Brest, watching <hn Florida. The Kear i?rpo, gmco her arrival oil the port, hoe never been meido until after the battle, having been lying sp am! on at a distance of fron three to seven miles of the CMIt, Tbo fight look place on Sunday, tho 19tb. On the ISth, the day alter the arrival of the Kearsarge o.T the port, Captain Wioslow rocoivod from Mr. I.hiie, the consular ogont of the United States hero, a nolo containing an ex tract from a letter written by the rebel agent at Cher bourg, and purporting to quote from a letter of Captain Famines to the rebel agent. Captain 'amnios gtatod that he coneideru i the prosonco of theKearsargo In tho vicini ty of tho port an insult to him and the robel flag lh-the was de-irons or don so and Intended giviu - her a right, and "begged that the Kearaargo would rom .i'n off tho port, whore ho hoped not to dolain her long?no longer than to morrow or uext day at farthest." To this boasting irony of courso Captain Winelnw made no reniy, but prepared his ship for the coming combat, apt iln Homines, however, did detain htm two days longer than ho promised. It would probably have been better for Captain Sommes and bis vessel had he even "waited u little longer.'' Nothing more was heard of tbo Alabama until Sunday morning, tho Keorstrfo in the meantime continuing- her cruise off" the port. suf?hiures*bbath"n, ?'clock ?.n tbis beautiful, bright, ''Briers Tha n3fiD wore immediately beat to quarters, and every man sprang to iTi* nlace p.?, r?, th? commencement of tho fray. piace, eager for In to put beyond the shadow of a doubt any question atu. ' a T.wiatlon ot neutral territory, Captain Wliislovr, 1mmedl:ite.7 UF0U 'UiC'vcriug the Alabama, headed his vessel out to serf, and steamed away from the port until he had reached a distance of about seven mile., the Alabama following bj her wuke, at a illaishAe Of a niil and a h.V.f iba r?u-i 3^ * ?? . t flaunting BHuoiiy m the "breeze of morning." U? Sl ' I ier re1,uh,B.8 an offlng or about seven miles, the Kear sarge slackened speed and turnod her port side to war J the Whden>brin*inLJr'haL ?B lbo latter t0 Rl'Pr<>a<b her. ri\!?i?A ? WtoM* t0 b*ar?ipon the Alabama, for the purpose of fighting tho battle on that side tho valiInI? on' hnVr'a* "g be. tlre' aud a de?U>like silence pre. Ii h^.2 board, permitted the Alabama to approach hi t n "C<>1I twelve hundred yards. The Kc.arsarge on .h?f fi"8. iWlt? wUiob sh" fougbt 'be bittle. mounted wor^ihfl-hm!' ciew not b?t"h' sufficloatly large to work the whole seven guns upon one sine. When the Alabama had arrived within the distance Rid?Vnr,nf"n?0!?h f-'10 opened the oombat with a broad of h?I . . 'ri?re<' The Alabama fought sevco of her guns, two nioro than wero used by tbo Kearsarge ?Ln.ok starboard side. None of the shots fimuff tori ff'r? "l'wo 1"l3Sin? ovor aud lbe rest if.i ?i L-if Jbe reverberations ol tbe cannon and the wicked, whizzing sound whleb tbe shot undo In passing through the air, however, excited Hie mou who wore anxious to return shot for shot. ' Captain Window, however, deemed It wise to allow hi* antagonist, evidently fluWd wi.hihe hope of. speedy aud an easy victory, to approach still nearer, and a hi!* "Ppc' achltiR sloray, tired a second effect l^rSde: noue of tbe however, taking effect, before tho Kearsarge returned a shot 'b? I>r<'Per distance seemed to be . btaloed Can tain V1 Insl -w opened his b .tterios upon the robe: and poured broadside after broadside Into her as ranidlv ai tbe gunners could load and Ore rapidly as A lively scene was now exhibited. in.A8,,?0.Tonl il w??lrBown that the Alabama was leav i. people of tbe towu, who for some days h id boon on the qui mV, began to flock towards tho e ,. trance to the port, ana beiore tho flrsKgun w us fired liua dred. were gazing frm the high cliffs and ,?0 ? which surround the port. The first sound of cannon she? wnmn r bear(1 lu tblg l0WD ? brought out all who had bcoil waiting fur a certainly, and a crowd of excursionists lnm ''aria, without the remotest Idea h? .1 . ? prettiest naval oontests of tho age wa= to iboei^d? itonf.n'V" amuaemout. fu a few tniiiutea tbousaads of people were gathered u;>on tbo hilltoos looking out upen the open sea. where the oout"5' mi s were euigaged m deadly strife. oouies.ants AU the military and narsl authorities of the tort were assembled there, with spyglasses In their hands, md wit neseed tho flgti with gieat sitisfactioti Even wiih tlie naked eye the combat oottld be duuimdly observed for the day was particularly bright and clear ^r,r"a' ror After thf K-M?rS? opened b5r batteries nnoq tbe Aiabamjt, a rap,d and contlauous fire WHsic'ifit un from both sides. Each vessel of course kept hor steam up. and etrb wne sniline in a circle in a direction opposite to tbo an nisu'Ug lhe it!irboard battery bearing upon ber Fpeoiators describe the manreuvri ig of both the ves. scls as beaurifaL They continued approaching enr-h other uotil, towards the end of tbo light, a distauoo of but about five bundled yards separated them. I ho Alabama fired much m<>re frequently than the Kearsarge aud wasted a great doal more iiowder ami bill Geceiany her sh'ts wore ovldently badly aimed wild and high. Evidently ber forte was to attack wdlie into sjrrendet unarmed merchant vessels; but from the first tbe firing from her showed that sho was not com petent t< rrapple with tbe tralced and disciplined crew of a vessel of-war. Many of the sh ,ts, however, strurk and out the rlc giog o' tho Keirsargo, withoui Inflicting, however anv serums damage?the shrill whistle or overv one 'as It lnw ovor their beads exciilo'g the crew or tbe Kearsarce and reudoring thorn more than ever dotermiuei to conquer. 'Ibe ilfbt commenced at twenty minutes past ten 0 clock, aud lasted hist one hour and five minutes. Dunne this lime four shots loJgvd in tbo hull of the Ivoaryar?(o I igbt shuts in ell struck her hull One rifleshot rthsned entirely through her emokosiack. another rp's sbe'l through Urn starboard side, below the mam rigging near Ibe ilienr plank, bursting and wounding th ee men causing tbe ouiy casualties to Ibe crew of tho Kearsarge during the light. ? O.10 Of those, a man named Pcmpeey. had his arm taken off, aud She others rerolvcd fractures of tbe legs. Another ritle shell stiuck under the s'ern and lodged in tro rudder |>ogt without exploding, another carried away the starboard life buoy; another scratched the hammock nettings art. Throe thirty two-pounders passed tbe port ride on po Ite the wardroom batch. Another carried awav one of the cranes over the wardroom hatch, and, taking a sltnling direction upward, passed through the bottom 01 the oi.iter on tne |*>rt side. Another riflo shot struck tbe top of tno engine room rkTllght, cutiing c'oar across it like a saw, aud Anally passed through tne Skvligtu Window. Several struck the starboaTd Hint; b .1 1 beir forte was broken by chains bung on the side to cover and protect tbe boilers. These, then foie, caused no damage. Pliou were co itlnua'ly wbitzing through tne rigging like hallsiones, fti,u seems almost a miracle that mois cns uiltle- did not occur. The first shot noticed ss producing nny effect upon the Alabama struck her amidships, but in ber upper works making a perceptible gap, but doing little or no serUvs dam.ac. About halfway through the fight an eleven hmh ahell exploded on the Alabama'e deck, near one ol the divisions, killing fl'tceu out of the nineteen men. and s. aliorlng bouea end ficsli in ail directions, and out tiag onv iroui cnHrciv m two. One ol the Alabama's crew says tbe 'coprers IHerallv ran b:u d." Third I.leulcpsnt Vifron, also taken prisoner, say he was kcccked down fojr turns but efc ipeit with ut s wound. From the dcrk of the Kearsarge it could be plainly seen that her elective nmt desirnctlvo Ore w as verloc v n.ur.ng the Alnbama, aud a* esi-h shot slrnuk her f|de lou l h ors went up from the crew of thr Keertarvc. moie than ever ?iitai.sia.tlc by a greedy roeic. ? o' soccer During the rathe (Uhl the moh fwiwie fi-st a,'. -in with fire this waa) acted w th tin greatest r4 'V v:"""' L0t ? 'joeoi thorn sttO'% <0# tho "wuilg fcith<?r. ? One hundred and seveuty four rourds were fired dnr Inq the light in I he liearfarge, and H Is r toputed I tat tlie A shams ! rid at luast twice that mini her At n quart r i ??l o eien it w?s observed that 0.pi:,m Pemmes bad slterod Ins optmon in relation to the iwow r* 1 0 ,r* 1 ?nkee autvgontsi, ami arrived nt tbe 1.. uclusi ti 11.si "di rulMi was the b illtr part Of valor;" had, in ihoit, as our smtahle lieddeni .w o elegauily ?\prs?.e.i it, decided to "turn tail v,n m i " lb vceied r nd and rorau.eiiced steumtDr In thedti.'c Hon m the French ev isl, evMratlv d, sir. us o' rlsring him'ell ?s spoertity ns pes* h'e within the limli* <>f t'm ? (11 wi ins l?atk?'' wJjK'i marks the boundary belwesu ITen.h ternt. ry and the emotion occap. ibe Koausffe immediatoly followed, the Alabama e.on thiuii j ? ? IfT li?r sU. 11 gull Kind ug llial tbe siwmd . r'th# Kearsarge, wli wan rap'diy gnjniug on ber. wasauiwrior tu beta, tho Alrl.atnt *i?ckoue#Vpeed, and It was rsported Hi d al e had strncg h?r iisg and aoemod to bo rauiing blither t>oai( wore not lowered, bwaiMe, ?* was sftor' ward learned, tbey had been shattered by the abut (rem tho Krars .rge No while flag being seen rom tha / enr ? irge, she delivered i.uoti er final nroadrlde, wrhli", iw more dau)"gs ibaa all tbe prei ious ones. 1 he whit Mm was then run up from tb^ z.iabaipa and a boat ft cm ber appronbed tho Kouriaige ' The firing thee finally reused. Ine'hn.l was nnder the ciimmuid ot mi rng'ieh oiic.ef, bsi,?,gtng to the Aian. ma. wh.. loiormeo On pi. WitViOVr that the l?lter w*s ma sink li a oiiditloo, and rir Imat* to rescue the men. All ibf ??Allan fc boula of Ibe Konnrrc W?rf< flow lowered sin) t? mned but helO'e a sjny'e one eonhl reach ber the Alkbsfha went down?d. jid olrar and straight to the P'tb Di Of the ocean Mm *s? at tins time about six mfles tiuu-dc ;bs pert, md shout five hundred yards uts , tan 1 irum ibs Ksaranrgo it omen, * ?b? was sinking. Jum|?d overboard. Many I were diubtb^t denwne I -how msny U not yet known, 1 Kbc ha.l uhout the a.itne slwrt crew ss Ibe Kesrsurge, I snd *a\nuv w. re all that 1 or# navert by the srellsh'e boats in ths Alabama ml taken front tbe water bv tho^w of tha Km.serge. Ifrteen of thora they saved were "funded. l'w? of these died s'ter being rescued, and the c rfq-otcr of the Alahsma, one Rol l..sou, "a* picked up rimil ?nd icrfrotly twked. a new -np*r.nMr now anpeared upon ibe sce?e. An I"ncli?h yaeht steamer nging to the Pnyal V. ht tkiuailron. Dam^d the bcerhnuud, and owned by a gentle' man in Liverpool. c*mo It. sight of (bo he,re .rue tiicue disiely up n the dUuppeai i-ice of the Alabama. It mteins she bud heea al anchor during tho early pari "f tun a'* I ton but towards it* slope weighed anoliir an^ floor.c.i uway outside of the K?ar?argo, nttor ?,rd Pois ing under in r stern i a; tain \Vi--Mqw hailed and :n Krd her H8sisl.ni e Id resaiag the drowning men <>r tlio Alabama. She prooeedod toward ibeai, lowered her boats, which were Recti to pick up a lew men, and then, without uppr. acting the Kearaargo aghln , sleuued away, and, spreading Iter canvass, healed toward the Cnglish onnst Among oiherB rescued by hor were two !;ngh?h oncers who came on board tbo Kearsnrge to sui ren tor the Alabama and several other otllcers who had boon per muted to leave with their boats to rdsn ? itodr own crew, but, who it appears, deserted them ?nd sought riff fugo on board their Kuglish teuder. It is generally sup posed that Captain Remittee escaped In tbiw yacht, al though among the officers of the Kearsirge thn. Is by no means considered positive. Oner of tbo meu taken prisoner aaaer's that tbo last he saw of the Captain, just bofure the ship went down, he was going down Into his cabin, while another aeacrta that bo saw him alongside or him In the water. Ft is proven that Mr. Kell, the first lieutenant and executive officer or the Alabama, did escape in one of the boats of the I'eerhouud. It has eince been stated, and le believed, that the yncht, which had beeu two days In port, was alongside the Alabama shortly bo:ore her doparture, and that Cuptnin Kcmmea put on board of her his chronometer and other articles of value. It Is (bought she might hove saved a dozen men altogether. These, In pood faith and legally, should bave boon delivered to Captain Wins low. When tbey wore taken the Alabama bad struck her flag auu surrendereti, and those men wore tugltliubtu ly prisoners. Captain Wlnslow would bavo beeu per fectly juRltflcd in flr:ng into tho yacht. H is probable tbey had remained at Cherbourg expressly for the pur pose of aiding in the escape of Semnaes in case, as he did, he Rbould get the worst or the fight. Anotberii.it uco of tho fab' aud honorable dnaltug of ? ;iAlt ion ? A few souttoeing men wore nicked up by gome French pilot and Ashing boats, and taken Into Cherbourg. Aftor saving all th- men she could find, the Kearsarge took a pilot and camo Into Cherbourg, arriving hero about two o'clock, without, it is believed, any seri"iis d images, although It will require her some two weeks probably to repair. Capt. Winslow, giving ns a reason that hn had no rtom to keep them iu, immediately paroled tIiej>ri;ouers ? five olhcers and sixty two men?Aria they went on shore. The i ffleera thus paroled were Purgeon Call, formerlv or the United States navy. Third Lleuteuabt Wilson, Third Engineer Fundi, Chief Engineer Frremau and the bont swai:*. Several other Ulcers, whose nauics I have not yet been able to ascertain, were picked up by French boats. It Is do^j-Qj vvfco'tlier iho action of ''apt. Wipsiow In paroling the prisoners will meet with the approbation of ttid government. It Is equivalent, sojar as li s act can make It.toarocognitlononty'j^ll'gerontr'gMs' o? (his British plrato, who line never yet oniere'i a rebel port. It may have the effect to soriously complicate the ques tion ol claims which our government will nuke cieii Great Britaiu lor property destroyed by this vessel, built, armed, equipped and manned In an Engli-h port. It was cortainly in opposition to the in -ructions or Mr. Dayton, to whom Capt Wmslow applied a* to whether or not tie should parole tno prisoners Mr. Dayton's answer by telegraph, however, did not arrive until alter the men were paroled. It Is certainly In opposition to the feelings snd wishos of bis officers. As to the mat ter of room, Mr. Day ton Informed roe before I I.'ft Paris that lie bad telograpbed to Capt". Wins low that the St. Louis would arrive at Cherbourg in a lew davs from tbe Mediterranean, and could take most of th" pris. oners on board. That Capt. Wluslow believed he was act ing for the beet or course I firmly believe. Suil 1 think he acted very uDwIgely and injudiciously. 1 he (i'teen wouii lod moo are in tho hosniUl, and are attended by the snrgoon of tbe.Keorsarge and liv the sur geon of the Rappahannock, who csme over from Paris yesterday. I have not yet seen tbeni, but sha'l do so to. day, and by Dext mail will give you much further par ticulars Some of the paroled officers have gone to Paris to day, and tbe men are loafing about tbe streets. Oue of (born told me just cow thai be ha I lost all taste for prating, and knew of no Inducement, oven had ho not glveu his parolo, whlsh would make him roebip In a rebol cruise-. I met Captain Wlnsluw last evening. In company with tbe surgeon and Purser 9mitb, at tbe American consular agent's. I am greatly Indebtod to all these gent.emen, and particularly to the nur-or, who has setup with -.no iioarly all uight detailing the particulars wU'lcb I have given you The officers are of course all in high spirits Coptaio Winslow Is evidently as modest as be In brave anil do terminod. In response U> my "G>,d bless you; you hive made yourself immortal," ho simply replied that lie wai> glad to bavo beeu instrumental In ridding the ocean and tbe world of such a peat ?r ;lie Alabama. He is a short, thickset, good nature,1 looking mac, of about fifty, an ) Is looked u|>on by the i>e >plo hero as a ureal baro Tuus ended, with the destruci no of th" Alabama, one <' the neatest lift's naval battles which has no, ur. ' during the war. Let the country rejoice. and render homage to tho gallant follows who so ga iantty fought ni d won it. The Sight from.the Deerhonncl. TO THE ED1T0H Of TII8 NEW YORK HERALD. Ok thk Dirk or nut Dkkrhockd. > ei Cown, June 19, lfiMa / It Is seldom that an Amorlcan abroad baa tbe oppor lunity of sending borne such glcrious news as It is now my rortuoe to narrate. Tlie Alabama, othorw Ise known as the "29.),'? hag at last mot the fate she so rirbly do son e l, and at tbe bands of a l ulled State* tfunbwt. which Captain Semmes, of his own choice, had challensed to mortal combat. l ast woek tho Alabama arrived at Che rboure for the purpose of repairing, preparatory to another cruise of destruction; but ow.ng to the absence of the Ktoperor, who was at fontalnebleau, there wis a mo delay io procuring the necessary permission. In the meantime Captain Winslow, of the United states sloop Kearsaige, re eived Information of the Alaba.ua - arrival, and Immediately left the vtclntiy ef Dover to watch, and, If possible, t'> oapture the pi rite. Ou Saturday Captain Semmos went on shore. where be hal an Interview with a gentleman connected with the Arm of Saundera k Otely, and with whom he letth:; journals aud other documents ivnnectod with the Ala bama, saying that "Ho would not hive that damned Yan kee Caunilng blaflag before him, but 'vouldgn out and fight him" This of eoum oaoaed conrlderab'o talk as well as exritomont at Cherbourg, gome believing thit Semmes would keop lne word and <*? hers not. Ihe English ?toam yacht Deerhound. owned br Mr. L/incarter, wa?- at Cherbourg, having on boi'd Mr I... hi-' wife and family who determined to witness the ongsgome it. On Sunday morning, the 19th of dune, 'ho weather being cear] with Tuht Winds, the A'abimi w ? Cb**rved to be preparing to cart I og ? from th ding, evidently for the purpose of going to sea This Humid, atelv enured ll.o I'eerhound to got up Mearn ami io'.v# Cherbourg at utne o'clock A.M., followed bv >h? .via bam i at h ilfpnst ton o'clock A, M , aud air 1 ? lie . reo iron-cid i jnronne, winch ship took up a peel tun W'i tin three ml os of the laud, to prevent fighting In neut.-i waters. Tho Kear'arge at this time wis sb?ut ten m o? off shore, and, observing tbe tn ven.ents of tb.'Al.ib im ?, Immediately got on full steam, boat to quarters acl i steered towards tbe pirsto When wi'hln a distance of j two thousand varrls the Alabama re mm .cod the 9 1 by flnog a bronds'de from her atarbcard battery, j the Kcsrtirge Immediately replyuig with bor starb i. t guns. A sharp and most spirited fire w*? now kept ip 1 between ihe two vessels, tlie Alabama flrmi prxoipOy solid shot, and Hio Rears .rge using moia sue'; , o:u '.;r . eleven Ineh eolumbiads. lu mauo uvr ng they made seven eompl' 'o or tbe , Alabama endeavoring to ke-'p at long ratige, h t m? f j cesefutly, ou acoouat of tho superb r ;> v. ? a ?arge. /t't write W. tb- firing from the a i.rutt , and she waa s? u to make head sail toward* In !< escape,bov ever, was got > er mitt? I h i'i K ? ? u . who kept up ? to (lv fire, an-1 a' h(i'r p ' twelve'! | Alabama had her stern ui. ic. wiier ami ? r b flylag, and at fifty minutes post twelve eh* ?.? to her port ei-'e aud sink, thus Milk g her i ? ? sfnetien under ttie guns of the fir?t wsr rhi'> she l.? ? vc,'luted toenconnter. And may thus e. d ui ?? < to of tho United State*. Ihe engog> merit lasted just ono ho,' rro:n t)? ? t:mo j Ihe two ves el. c?;no Into tango Ti e filing < . < ' bauia wis much moro rnpd lb*? tm tlto Rear* it ? ? e ? < Alabama) firing time to her <me at the begin ? ?cttoo, bet gradnelly dlralnlsLiar, thus shosriB; n i ilor mmner In vtliteh theg'ias o." II ? nv wt e ?er ed. A fibort description M -hi Al ' in. ro.y ?? e .?.tn'.-*, Ihsrifstsl tin ire H?IbeAl bsm?,*u i ???.' waa launched frrni the building yard of the I aird, of Birkenhead. obe was a baik n .1 wn. 'e i peller, l,rCO tons register, 210 feel ? gtn f ? ' lost leug'h over all, I'd lee' beam end 11 fee' depth, llcr enftnea were btult hv I.ilrd V Co , md wet t two h'ri/i iitni noes, three hundred horse |?.iter th' hj with stowage fT ttenilv fnnr hundred tons W e< >1 He" s ai d lUDdP.g rigging si sll time* svsil?bl wore - ' lows:?lore, forftopmnet, staysailjib, tw> ? ? ? i?> sails, the usual f|?aro sails on furo or tin n, .vtih the ev.epii.iii of mainsail, which was a liyieg one, sp n' an>' gaff topsails, all tne stsndlny rigging was Wife, fhe slaw bed a double wheel, and ihe motto, diet* I f, ?' I' u #t?r?Irre. she csrrlod flug brats, *it ? uter sad laueeti rmHsbbs. gig sod wh.<teboatdifietoetu lb* tes'i ?ad nilren mans, aud dingy astenT ntlren marts, snd dingy saterlT 11k- tus'n d"'k *M ptaffird tor twelve |?a* ellllpttc atera, fiti'M bird, l i n Wh time rite left Vifirb "wg Uer ?u i numbered ofe hmdeil iifo lifrf |? tsoua, )r arlled from Liver, ool en the k9th of luiy, lk-.j ?n I ,i i r pioy lesfflf fiesfly two ye>?ta noon near met mei'ihauttfie". Stid having pvrfWrtifd hethtng m re worthy ?< ?* bo.alud | rot or* than tbe destruction ef ihe itotter*?, 11red by the display of Mire rhhMs within range vl ' -t ore, abe he* 'ought her flr-tand Igitb 'ltn. Cue y truly t>v ''-die baa been aeeu in th< light ft'of mrr t he bus klnd ed ?n thecceau, but uever It the rod g'a o! buttle " It ts mmatmr toaee the wry faeea th't .Icl n Vv ii iuakcs oy- r the news h^r dee'vuetbai, rape-dally altei li>ving n*" Je au much ten o' tre Amenrsn navy. Tl. ? . t> s - - oil! ..I hard to gwa!b>w-tbat a Vi.nkeeg'."U'it, U ."I a i rew of one hundred men and light uunr, ghouKl Iteve * <0 only utterly destroyiuI, hill acina ty ?ob?, In i ne t on h?ir, a man ef war built, armed, equi iped end mest'i d by Rigbeh ineii (who sing "fhrtte?n! i)f<ilee tho wave")? In fact, i.olhtng hot a regular appointed ItTU' h nn i "(? war, nnly si.HInf eoder dutereet eokrv*. Among lliuee who svmoaihue with tbe South there mi au evideul Isol log or it! appointment and ^pon^ney; tor It was U ..X- I (^out in or_j^n on Saturday evening that tha u no.iiu S'XIT, have caure to reel proud of hrr a. iiiav^ ,?tjw jjovy hitler muit be thoir di-ap P rft'tii til 1a't *1) true patriots re'oica that the Alabama I* no mure, and let I- ngiund take not only a le?ou, but a warn, in?; ? for ihe win surely have to pay lu fall for the damage dune by the "English pirate." ti. A. It. Letter fruiu tlie Owner of (He Yuclit, TO THE liDITOK OK THE LONDON TIMES. Herewith I rend yon a copy r.f nay log respecting the engagement between the Confederate steamer Alabama and the federal steamer Koirsarge:-^ Sf~T'iT, J??? 1??9 *; Vl ? (flit nu "t?"S?a?d pyocaaAail out of Cherbourg harbor. 10 ISO?ehsorved the Alabama eteamlng cut ut the harbor towards the federal steamer Kearsargr. 11:30?the Alab una commenced tiring with her start. aril buttery, the dnlnnco between tho cuti. t iidiug y. ssels being about one mile. 1 lie Kearsargo tn. mediately leplisd with her starboard guns; a very sharp, spirited lb lag was then kept up, shut sometime* being varied by sheila In the msirinivntig both vessels nia.le seven complete circles at a distance of from a quarter to I half a mi'o. At twelve a slight Intermission was observed | la the Alabama's ilriup, the ^labuina malting head sail, ' ami shaping her course lor ihe land, distant about nine nil'es. At tiulf-past twelve observed the Alab ma to be doubled and in a sinking state. We Immediately ruado towards ler, and on passing the Ketirsartte were re oUPBtu(Mo"i siBt In saving tho Ainbamv s crew At ten minutes tc one. when within a distance ot two hundred yard-, the Alab una eunk. We then lowored our two boats, and. with the assistance "f the Alabama's wholo, boat and dingy, sttC' ended in -aviug about forty men. In cluding ('aptair senimes and thii :eon ofllcers. At cne-lf. M. we steered for Southampton. | I may stuto that, l efure leaving, Ihe Kearsnrge was apparently much disabled The Alabama's loss, so lar as St present asc irtalccd, in killed and wounded, Ac . was ! us follows, viz.?One officer and nue man drowned, si* men git ed and one oiip er and sixteen men wounded. (apt a in Somraes received a slight. wound iu the right ban.I. Tho Kearsarge's bouts were, alter some do! iy, lowered and, with the assislanco of tt French pilot boat, succeeded >n picking up tho remaining survivors. JOHN LANCA8IKR. Sibam Yanrr I'kehhovnd, otr Cowks, Juuo 19, l8ul. Onr London Correspondence. I.osdon, Juue 22, 1834. A .Veto Privateer tiding Out for Nemmt; in tho Thames? England More Malignant Againat tn* Union, Mc. Tho sinking of tho Alab una on Suu lay morning has been the tb me of every tongue, and tho gossip o! every eotcrie. Captain Seratues Is the hero of the hour. As one of the daily papers expressed It, he "Is the guest of Jirtgland." And Wore hi bad boon 6b shore forty-eight hours arrangements were made for furnishing him another ship, more swift and pnwerful than the Ill-fated craft that has just mot suoh a righteous retribution ia Cherbourg bay. A yen llama n loU me yesterday he had St n 'fie steamer that was note fitting out for Ccy.'.'iii Semmes here in the Thames. Anl he added ,hat she would be pu' under his command in such a way that pit go ernni-.nl cautd not possibly interfere. I believe every word of this Is true. There Is a malignant spite In this English metropolis, coupled with a love of gam that would rig eut aud arm a hundred Alal . maa, utterly regardless of public morality, uati-aal right or public policy, A gentleman of mv acquaintance had a loug con versa lion with the stcond o.llcor of (he Alabama, aud he gave him these particulars Tne arrangement was made ut ( horbourg with tho captain uf the yacht Deerhoumt to go out anil witness the light, and rescue b'emmes If ho were defeated The oillcer also said they had only four or lite days pr visions on board, and tho French govern ment hnd'forbidden the tn ? supply: so they bad to go ou aud meet the 8 earsargo or have the ship sold and the crew disbanded. Trusting to that luck which had ever attended h;s craft, the bold buccaneer sallied out?ks meet more :hnn his match. If Capt. Wiikes exceeded tils duty in taking Mison and shdel. 'rout tho Trent, then Capt. Wins ow Is somewhat to blame lu showing semmes to esrapo. But soma of bit apologists mav reply that he inquired after Capt. Bemmes of the Urn boatload of wounded and prisoners that came on board, and was told be was drowned. loaf w day's u new Alabama, and part of a new ana part'of tho old crow, will be rutting tue salt sea fo*m ?t a speed if .sixteen kn its so hour, sinking and burning w hat for naerchaot vetaels "yet remain under the fttrtpaa and Stars, 'and titled out as holore with Hrtilsh gold, mounted with Itritisb guns and inputted with British shot and shell, and accompanied by the malignant joy of ninety ulna h Hiiirodtba ot b.Qgiiahiuen. Four American sailors wlin were captured by the Ala bama on one of tho last shipetbat she burned have lately landed id c gi.iud. lltey describe uhe Alabama a; a porlu-1 ho.i j.i . a.'.b." iiiey say tberb was not a imr ttele ot disoiphue ou board, that tbey considered their lives in jeopardy "very hour, und that they did not believe .-euimcs himself if a asy personal security against his lawless myrtnittuus. SEMITES' OFFICIAL REPORT. Losooir, June 33,1%4. Mr Muson. tbe representative of tlie rebel government, lut sent a copy of tbls report to tbe London Titnt -? ( aplain fc'cmnus tare that In an hour ami tea mioutet (lie Alabama was found to be lo a sinking itato, tbe one my's shells having exploded ou her siJeo and between <1- cleg. l or a few minutes be bad hopes of reacbiog the French coast; but tbe ship filled rapidly and tbe furnace 'tree were extinguished Ca >tttlu temnies says:?I now battled down co'ors to prevent tbe fuMbor destruction of life, and despatched a boat to inform the enemy of our condition. A'thnygh we were now but four botplred yards from each other tbe enemy fired at mo five times after colors bad been ?truck. It ts cbsritable to suppose that a ship of-war of i CtrMi.'D nation could hot have done this Ibtootlnna'ly. .-'<>a.e iwei.ty minuiea alter inv .urnsce fires bad bceu extinguished ,u d 'he ib.p being ou the point of (inking, each tnati, to obeO.oui e ti a previous order v blrli hai been given to the ciew, jotuped overbear I and en eivcred to save himself, ib io was i v appairence or any boats coming from the ??nemy a'ter the-nitp wout dawn 1 wns fortunate my. <eli m is ap.n^ to the *ne.ter of the neutral tla g on boat a Mr. iMkcastcr's yacht leaiboaud, t _,ether a ib orty othera. THE VESSELS AND THEIR OFFICERS. The ships wore well matche I In every respect, being near y of tbe same tonnage and number ol guua. If there was any liXareuce it wns n favor of the pirate, tvbo car ried i battery of el,-lit thirty-two pouudeia of fifty s x b udied weight, one mo hundred pounder rile,oue sixty, eight-pounder aud ot-a t ? anty-four-pouDder rife. Tbe Kearsnrge carried t >attery of eight guns?vis, two eicvm-inch gui.s i pivot, four thirty-two-pounders in bioadside, one twenty-pounder rile and one twenty-four pounder bow trer la the action, In all probability, tbo K:ar-arg? did not use her twenty-pouuder , homtt/or. We give n the follow ng table e com puritcn of lbs weight of metal tbrowu by encb ?hip. It will be M J tbit tbe diflfcrunce ts very : sii.all prob'bly two ship' never t.te* bet!cr matched io gi.ns. In men tbe esse was diferoct; the :row of the .'.i .bams were gnd is tea of bor Britannic MsjC'v'e ;ua- i ntry ah p Fauci out, the prl' ? of the Prltish iiavy, wuile i ihai or tiis Kewsirg* was :nado up from the Inland tuwnsuf the lolled ~ tales, a re rained in a guorery i ii nnv o'her ?blp. Thgunnery tra ning of tbo feingl^hmen j avallJd tbom notb ng. aa w.'.i nil tholr firing (ot e hun- 1 Irul an i 1 ty rouod-?. tboy man ted on.y three Yankee . and i imaged be Kearaargo but litis, wink) tbo 'no ' tradird'' Yankees ?vuk the pride of tbe Brit be:- end re bois. The following It a table of tbe a raa n? ts < f iho re ffect.vo vessels ? tMiiint of m* .tttnawt. IF- ?.'/>{ t-f W-ilM tf fife. 'a- Shall, IU skM, :?*. a 3J pounders, each 2S 3d 1 TOO |iO"? r rills 101 9t?"?' 1........ 43 oour.dor .ttij 1 'it -t under ri3e W 11 (ISI... .Total weight 371 t' 4411, Wenthl >f broa l Ide metal oven gun >, aiiell 27* ?; | lbs. Bhn,3l8J^. IHMAURM Ot THl IFAMAEOl. iv ?' ?r ;"ef ! X". nnn i/tf!', 7. . ,N V IM. | 3 Il hmn "aeb I'" i 4 3C ikMPdors, AT cwt., oacb tt -i3 I 1 .... SO-AMidSt rifle |s\ nony. ? \ .K.^inedor bowiiiti.' Jt) a'or 1 S^uhs .. ,.Ten?! weijiti tu\' 4W Weight of bi'Midiile metal (SltgUli*), rboll, 382 .b.; slioltfll. sh.-v, "j. yv ,?>?. Kesrasrge-i bmedlMo 41 Atabami " l>r. iSa.do . ">ls't ? W, 16 fedn -t from Kae-'-srae 1 for bo* il tr. ; 1 e -|. 44h Tbe*-t facta anT figures ere woriBy of "bo nt veiiuncf ottr Iratis-Atlanllo neighbors, Toe-' woul I do well intake it iueno'i fr'-m s 10 t'mo Tho English have Always cLluied-a -rr.h rs'fi ef rp*"* fei thoAUbatnA,ao4.es she r """til tlit??r> al r?u?i. sits in nwvet warfare, M nmrso -ha bfvl tbe:idVadt.iMu ol hor opponent. Ilie K?'raarge het b ? r, r.rol?lng for th? Atat-sme f-w iwo years, and U?? been o.-nied eotranee to pnrta for the shMN Of reoaim to bar ball mm! asaotlee rv. Thorefoie II ti fair t"< praumo that me was In 00 tlrsi class condition to g?> Into au action. While the Alabama, being holll, maimed ?nd armed In England, tin? had opportuBillos to relit umuolwlrd, and ?;u in a prime r. .milium Tor an adieu, or ffie would never have courted a oonteat with the Yankee With the bare exceptions of tlie Irifliiq; weight of metal and the skilful evolutions of the kearauge, the Alabama had everything in her favor. The remit prove? abut we have at wave said?when there ve-relu mot the piratA would bo the sufferer Now that wo bare noticed (be vessels It becomes our gratifying duty to speck of the gallant men who bowed the British and French spectators, us well e? the world at lame, what imerleans can do. The following is a list of the officers <>r the Kearsarge:? Captain?John A. Winslow.oi Massachusetts. LI.".Vrcrtf r ?ma?ti?r?Jamoe 3. Thi rntou, of New Hampshire. .sVjntt?John M. Brov.n, rf New Hampshire. i'a' ma<t*r?Jos eph A Smith, of Maine. Mcutort? then M. St ddard, of Now York, David II. -htwuer. Rhjui* u?Chief, Wm. II. Oishman, or Pennsylvania, gecind Assistant, IVra. II. Badlam, of M issachnseiiis; | Third tr-imaoU Fred< rick I.. Miller and Sidney L Smith, I of Ma . ach. eetts, Henry Mcfonuell, of Pennsylvania. J Ac/mo Matter'* Mat*?Win. Harper Yenton, | Hwnojin?Tames C. Walton, of Pennsylvania. Acting Gunner?FtaukUo A Graham, ot Pennsylvania. i SKKit'H OP CAPTATM AOUS A. WtNRLOW, O. 9. w. | (apl.ua .film A Wlnidow entered the new on the let or .laumiry, 1837, having been appointed rrotn North Carolto", nltboogh a citizen or Maaaachusetta. He loined the sloop of-war Falmouth, then attached to tho West Indtu squadron, where he rem-ptoeu until 1831, when ho was sent to the New York Naval school for a few months, when he was warranted es a passed mid ehiptuan, hearing rtato April 38, 1833. Ho was then ordered for duty at Boston. In 183(5 he was on tho coast of Hra7.il in the shop Fre. Three years after ho was at the rendezvous at Boston. On the 9tb of December, 1^39 he was promoted to bo a lieutenant, in 1841 bo \vn?'ord?roil to the steamer Missouri. In 1849 be was niiech?d to" the shiop Saratoga, on the H"tne squadron; from that Unto until 1853 he wua waiting orders, tboti ho was ordered to the Ingaie St. Lawrence, flagship, where be remahied along cruise. On tbe 14tb of September, ho was commissioned a commander and ordered to the rendezvous at Boston In 1859 ho war relieved and awaited orders. In lodl ho was appointed lighthouse inspector. Iu 18?3 ho was ordered to the Mississippi llotillu, and subsequently ho was ordered to Portsmouth to comma id tho Koarsarge, which position he has fli'ed with credit attd honor in tho pnel us well us in the action with the Alabami. He has boon at Sea one year and ten mouths in tho Kearsargo, being a totei of nearly cigbteon years, lor over eight years he performed shore duty, and for eleven veare ho was unemployed. He hae boon over thirty-seven years iu the service of his country, ani hi? last act will over be remembered in naval history. SKBltn OF LIF.UTINAST commander JAMKS 3. THOKNTON, U. 9. N. Lieutenant rommmder TUointou, the oxocutive officer of tho Kearsarge, is a native of and was appointed from the -dele of New Hampshire He ontored tho navel sort me on the 15th oi January, 1341. He is nue o! the[ mont pro mising officers in the service: he was the exe? alive ? -'cer of the cagelup Hartford when bearing Karragut? broad pennant she gloriously passed tho forts below Now Or leans "tin this occasion" says an eye witness, -he displayed unqualified i ootneet and bravery; ariJjAdrtilral Parrngut oompllmented him in the highest terms Aftor a series of engagements on tho Missisntpvi fie was ordered to*command the gunboat Wtuon*. aud in bor he was the first to tire upen the rebel privateer Florida as she ran Into Mobile. He afterwards shelled a rebel ilea in or lying under the guns of Kirt Morgan. Subsequently he was ordered heme to appear before a curl ot inquiry relative to Charges made against bira by a young officer who claimed to lie a relative cf Secretary Welles lite court found tne charges groundless, and Lieutenant Comma .dor Thornton was hoDorablv acquitted. He wits then ordered cn a foreign station, so that be should not lie able to gain any more glory, and as a punishment. But he has .alien Into the best of good fortune aud into a position .lust such sr- be would have asked for. He has soon over thirteen years sea service, two years shore duty, and for seven years he was unemployed. For over twen^-throe years he has served his ti 'g with fldfi-'ty. lie is just in the prime of life. OFFICERS OF THE ALABAMA. The Alabama has, as near as weoan learu at the present timo, the following list of officers:? Cartain?.tapbasl ? emmee, of Maryland. r.u<"'iian!s?i. M. Kill, of England, and John Low, of Fr;;";n?David Herbert Llewellyn, of England. Lni'?nd _ _ , Ni&A.pm.t-W. a ?' Nfl2t?ta lock, of Georgia; E M. Anderstm, ef heo'EU Waaler's 1/ae?George T Fullutan, of Lngland. Kna n?ri?i. McNalrand other*. all F.ugltahmcn. Batlmaker? Henry AllcoU.of Ln?laud_ Her now consleted or a l?r6e number of traced gt.u nere from the royal naval gunnery ship Freedom.. SKBtVO nv CAPTAIN 9"il?ll?, TUE P1RAT3. fsiUHtii'Kui iwoi -emmcs. e' ?ho rebel navy was orlg! oilly nil officei of tho lotted dUton navy. He wasi born iu Man land and as a citizen of that Hate w?e, on April , 1S39,appointed a mldsnipmsu of She Uhited euteenavy ma t\ft4 flr%t ;itliicbfi(l lo aloop o(-wi*r I ^xingioo, eighteen guus, wlHch Iu 1327 was added to the.Mejiter rnrean suuadron. Ho bus altorward uttactied to tho ctnon Krle tugfileen guns, on the West Indian squadron. Iu 1830 ho served on the schooner Porpolre, belonging to the iast named squadroa, and next year 40 \aral School at Norfolk for examination, lie ? | as>?d nn tho ?8t!t cf April, 1832, and wss all"w#d loavc of ab son o *llo wac during i-<J3 appwintod mi i<*isUnt it rha-ve of tuc cbtonometers, Arc IHtilng j is?*, he was appointed Acting Master of the frigate ( on , ePM'a^'oo! Hitrtv-slt guns, Uagslilp oftomnvdore Dallas t.ii tLio We?t Iiiilia H'liiodron, ocrnpylog this pinion about I two yenre Do tbe 9th of February. 1837 he wuipro mnieit iiauteuftut aud during 1S*8 wte senl to the Nary Y?dVtNV^" t.. setvelSf the receiving ship, stay log Hrre t' 1840. when he wss attached to the brig Cm *??? \ e'tgagii on the surveying service aiong the coast of tii? Cu t Lt v'cx'co He wa? next planed on shote duty at li t virv T rd' it Pensscda and In 1 >43 c mtnanded tbe "learner i oicseit. onangcl In the survey of Tampa Bay. ? -n her'mil April, 134A He was next ordered to the brig p.-rpo ee, ton gone, acting with tit i,octtaw.enow ^-'-"dxnr' ?'ay1tour guuarb^^'i'V't" f& & me^qu'dro *. . S.-'ai.e we*dw nod left ner la June, 1848. when he was "appr In I c1 d I nsq' e" t or, AC , at Peosacoli After leav- | ma thM P* el Hon he went on a ehort cruise Horn whW b ing in ? \ totu tiA \ uoem* 1 veverVi on the U?h of. C ;.amber 18 he wa promoted Ct.mtnanfler ai d i d wing 18'P bv wax appototexl l.H'b'h use lnwi?w tor at Aiab.-oa. During 18-.8 ho bee.mo f teusry ol . ih? I.lKttt*1'r,,lie wliich ponill u he held *i the broaia- | Vbe -j'tthoVMareh, 18411 be .mined the rebel service, I an v. a. made commander of tne .ebel war . e-mrr amt I ESSSffSE, i , l.-iir ef Hi - rebel n VJ, beirg ?ppomt?. OS * clt'/so of , \tih nn with commlwi u I'et'ig from .fij/ ?? iVe w is 'ltw ordered to the . mmnnd of the etaemsr ' Otb ima or ? J.wy with v-hlch he o^rated agalatl ths i-ammeiea of the S'orlheru StnUS. Ssmmes.le the Alabama, h.i Inflicted u- on Mie com me re cf the United Mates a series of piracies br which ive have tost about one in ndred veesela, valued, wlib u . , r.r.fM at abort e^n non.noo. The career of the r^-rb^^ ? t . close, hut iue pirate la ,tT> his bou rn frie da In Tngland. a great mnu ' r a time no rral v Ims been enly the tigent "? a BrltWi prate. ..ru'cd wl'h Brlttib Kuns. manned by llriilMt nob i t ? otbi vrtd bv her Mai-etv a gentlemen p.ratoa, b-trn q - Brit.sh <*1, eating Iritteh beef and bre-d a.irt ceiv mf I'ntisb gold as tbr pr.ee of their Infamy, and Die n" i.t wlinesaavl by auxl u s ItaiiU * ; a cot,,, hiv between * Ihitisli pirate and a true blue Yank e kt.n NEWSPAPER ACCOUNTS. Rng)l*lt Wf|tir??, T'TR A I. SPAMa'* Rl'DLRlt IJ.'.tABT ED. IScMhaaiptH (.'itni 'iO) corre?pou<truceo' L/indin Tlioe-< I At length ?bc AIa' aibu'a milder was diealt e(| by one <>t b?>r M'b iivul't heavy : bolls, and tlier hoiced m but w ?- r> n rop ried 'D ft'tnlo t*r mint* By > coi '1,1. mil cera.ihnt hi* ?hlu v. as riukii.u. Wltb rror heaverv tbogus w?/ok?pi p-?rfe>l till the ??u/.aks were ?iIna <y '-tiler water, ami II.* I i.-t nhr l fivoi the dnome ' ship w i tlrad as ate was muling down. iriK I'lllATP. eiKKlN'O?SBMRts' OROKUH fo fi:f* vipv Av ti; u her eirrn .p.,s imniuotcly under vralertapi u Ecnun ' gav? onion :or me n en lo ? ne '!>? r.itelrri as bi'st they < uld, t:.il every'-mi ) n.pi 'l ,ut" 110 m and i aw im in I'pi' b if n-lilth he ! put " r to tlielr rd*riid i rhn^e 1 f litem mbo mere wo odrd were orlerftl by I (apti a tte.inpis to be Heced iu lb ' lalianta's b>*ta and I tSK?o onlined !ho Mariarpo, *t ob w?? (8 fhr en pesti h'O obeyed T II. WOUMI'I' OM Tyr TACBT. The worn 1 I met' - b aid tlin l"'ji bound w-re 0>tre- ; ritt? aM?nd?'i to ..mil h>!f a. i ivel I.e.'#. wini tbey were l .bon in the Rutim-r home, In Hie (entile retid. Hey rel | 01 the uk'u ""re tr re nr b e- era r. d, mil Itey ate e l out . nine t t!i? ? *n lo ay.fnd tl.e only notion "Mo rsse Is Ibvl Al a ntiij who wai woundou In tbe gro 0, acd that tmtslfbiy. ^ Ai.tri#?' aiuif ha np'mu-rattan sr*- t sinai.. Captain henimea And bit nftt l|?tit*Ru$(, MP. J, M. ;{lli, ar# audit g At Keiwey e Hotel, la Queue'* terrace, | wio i# tbe gi>li?M eommender w under tbe cure <4 Dr. Wire. A nio.AK nl gontlctnee "t thin towe hurxyKil* ! tsso* ?'i<jA'ly epUnhrrtf by A shell ArrHAIIAVCr! up th* RVRRt. 81'AMI.V. When ibe nio'i ceme on bomd tbo iieerboninl tb'V bad nothlny eh bit Iboir diarprannj wtitrt ?, bavin? been strip I'd In Rah', nut nee "f tbe i (*u, with a ml or'* dc mit-d, , i:i?i? od i ii ?oemg bit i plain, who mas then lyin* in t'"- T sot ,tt .ft rabiR in a veiy ofbautled state, ?? Iu- be I been letbnsieit b* ? aotaia -< miiies wi'n Ibo ?.uip't ;>n> ? tu ; i ? o ? t .? e -e wont* ho five ihem op. I he Bleu mac v y sb'!? seont ll alr' Sldadl, atnl I VI, .11 10'. I It I II I no "J,I been ??V il 1' ? *" i Mhfr.l to b? * ol o fl ft r'to 'el uWk , and I" ' "t well II o'Ihc Di (Wttct lure >u.dv tha mo 1 Ift'if ream* . ? tehee#. . CI/ AN V ' I' A l>H"W ie I' A '. I 1 In cji'.tu' ' i,f lb? I*' t on l,ofir' t' " ai ?' m a, ? No, ye,? -i t;, tm' C 'h^we |o ill* m'lor ho was I Helton, br abest IfTM lh? !fA*'vS'ga,'?rrtl .a hern, ro.l nt n I and we'll save v In whtoli I d replied, fcWooer inliw I id#, I lie keep it" fi r ball an hmr yet In** AiWh-e-Rfe ' wb* jra eearot ill jwfi'OT (Ron I R?R.? lie tbOO tRRdf f away for Ilio Dcarhoucd, 11 auk'ag Owl that he wa* under English .! lors. opinion op the owner opthr r acmt rocRnnouND. lb on*bo.t Use action the i'eerhound kept about a tuile to wludward of the couil.utuule, uud wan eiiai'iw.l to wit ntiHn tUo whole of It. Tho ktar-argo va? Pernio* Newcastle cul? noil the Alabama tVeluh coals, tbe difference In the amok* the north country coal yteldiug to notch more) a .ubiiag t e movements 01 euob ahlp to be distinctly trawl. Mr. Lancaster la clearly of opinion that It woe'ho KearsTrge's eleveu Inch shells which gave her the ad vantage, and that alter ?bat be has witnessed on this occasion wooden sli ps stand no chance whatever ugaln-l ?hells. Ho:U veesols llrod well into each other's hull, anil (be yards and masts wore not much da ringed The main mast of the Alabama bad been struck by shot, and as the vessel was sicking broke off und fell into the soa, throw ing some men who were In the maintop into the water. Rome treinendnis gaps were visible IB the bulwarks of tiiMiearsarge, ami I woe believed that some ol bur boats worn disabled. 5he appealed to be temporarily plated with Iron ( bains, ,kc. As iar as could be seen, every thing aprenred to be well planned and ready on board the Kearsarge for action. Great pluck teat shown on both Met during the action. On board the Alabama all the hatn mocks were let loose, and arrangements had beeu mitdo for slokmg hor rather than that she should be captured. SKMME8 THROWS ITTS SWORD AWAY. As far as Is known, not a relic of the Alabama Is In tho posaeaaVou of Bar turceaaful rival. When she was sink ing Captalt. .-icutmea d oppod bis own sword Into tho sea to pruvont tho possibility of Its getting Into their bunds, and the gunner madn u lioie in one o^he A.ubun a d boats and suuk her (or tho euiue reason. TESTIMONIAL KKOM HEMMK9. Before 'caving the Becrhouid Captain Semmns pre rented to Mr. Lancaster's mn one of his offlcer'H -words and a pistol, In remembrance of ibo occurrence and tho kind treatment he and his men had received on brant the yacht SIR. M.V30N AT SOUTHAMPTON. Mr. Mason, the Confederate agent, t'nptaip Bollock and Hie Kev. Mr. iremletl arrived by the four .o'clock train this afternoon from London, und proceeded to Kclway '8 hotel to meet Captain Seinmes. MEDICAL TREATMENT FOR THE WOt NDKD. ' Captain Homines and all ibe men are now placed under tho rare of Mr. J. Wiblin tor such medical attendance an uiay be repnred. I HE SHOT WHICH FINISHED THE ALABAMA. The abcll thul did the mis hiof to iflo Alabama struck her just above the water line, knocking h?r bunkers n> pieces, the water almost immediately pulling out her Ores. HOW 8 KM MRS WAS IlKSCURD FROM THE WATER, i From tho London News . June 21 ) When the battlo was at an ond tho Puerbound steamed over 10 ihe Kearsargo, and Mr. Lancaster win asked by the officers o: the federal ship to try aod pick up ibo scores of tho Alabama's ciotv and officers who were floating and swimming about, lie lowered his yacht boats, uud one of lliem, commanded hy a man named Adams, was steoriug his boat mto a group of a do/en struggling persons v.heu lie passed a drowning mau at some short dlctsnce with an "officer's cap on. _ One of the inon in the boat cried out "That s Se n?i ?., and the drituning matt called out "J am the captain, tats mt; I cannot keep up any longer." _ . _ Adams worn and dragged him Into the boat. Heinmcs then said -?"Per God't take don't put Me on board the Keartarge, but put mt on board pour yacht." Adams promised to do eo, and laid Semmos down In tho bottom, end covered him with a sail to conceal him from the h'earsaraa's brats, which wero evideutiy auxioiH.y atmrchluB tor hu.i. When Adams hail saved a bo it load he took i hem on board the yacht, and trainee was at once placed below. Ah soon as all that wore seou in the water were picked np, Mr Lancaster was anxious to gel away, and began to steam out to sen. He expected that ho should have been brought to by a shot from tho l oar earge but she was too disibled It appears to go aftor the Deerhound to overhaul ber, aud thus bemmes escap<-d being mado prironer. CAPTAIN SCMMRH' APPEARANCE?WHAT HE SAID IN SOUTHAMPTON. [Southampton (June 20) rorrcapou lence of London News ] Captain Seinmee in h thin, wiry buIR man, with a stern aud determined alr.eHe is a'out flfty years of ago, with a small rod po'ntod face, und a beard and mouataohe in the Amei lean style, lis had OB a very old i aval officer's cap, and an Paul oh naval lieutenant's locket _ Uo de ciined to see any strangers atjh Is hotel. Ilia first lieuten ant is a tlno looking voun; man. In answer to questions, (aptain Nomine, said that he left ail the property ho ponseeeed, and opwardeof sixty chronometers which no ha>l takeo from captured federal merchantmen, In Cherbourg, previous to going out to fight the Kear urge He rays that bo was completely deceived a* to ihe strength and ai mament of the tederal ship. ?< hat he roc dlected of the Koereargc was that sue was on or d v.sloop <>f war. It be hud known that she whs an . ii r.'x i.and much more heavily arm-d than the Ala l - 'i would not have fought, as It was madness to do f ([? -II ttiat tho light between tho Alab.iua and i , r. o hoe taught anothor lesson In naval warfare, l .. I -bo nsele-sncas of ordinary ships of warlike tho Alabama o.icmr.,taring an Ironclad aod heavily armed sUL like tho i\e <rsargc. lit does not know tho cat^ul of ifljiaage he did U) the enemy's ship; all be kuows * that bs has lost his own. ANXIETY TO Bf'E 1MB REBEL COMMANTKR. lleeerH. Emmanuel tapped soveral bottles of port, and treatod their costomer. bis lieutenant, aud "J" camo to see ihem with much hospitality. - anxtoulv a-k-l what the people or Knglacd thought of the South 'dd thai slavery llieru existed but In name, and that the North and South would never sgaiu bo un ttHi lie said, moreover, that he had enJeawred to do bU duty to hi < country When he lelt the "hop A crowd had clleced round lite door, who mado way for him . h i treated him w th much respect. He l? he 1 ib ir n? vndet mm at anguish, and to M m st <*?"'?? V Z cZrdeZ defeat he had esper,tared, and the death end sulleritgs which that defeat had caused. HKMMKP' SPABCH CO IH9 CREVT. (Paris fJune 21) ??orrflspnuilhuoe of I/udou Pcstj Is i apt'i'o Scnimes Is In England, you will get bolle' acciunts of the combat than reach us in Parts. A French ata-auul ? yr that beh.r0 leaving Ctoerb ?rg be called hU men, and. addressing them.exclaimed- 'We must cooRuer or i el" low... b the cr o? .spiled (I live the words in Kroneh) ?"Hurraii |?ur le Sod I Vive Icet Vive eon armor ' Vivo la France I Ih cation genere. se ,,UI s,;tlle pratip.e d'uua maoiere Impartlvle U neu tral lie 9 INK AT THE D tUHNfl DOWN OP THE M?L T'.M? I From the Ixu don star -fecial report), Jimc 21 1 Captain Semmoe dlr^tod the Mrsl lleotcn.ut Mr KolK to below nod rcjH.rt ihe ??** o' tLe 'hl^. ho n retn-ocd. snv.ug she w*- in a sinking state andJ he ca- t ii <1 ? i "ed on triking hn Msg. Tim Hag bad beeo alrcu.'.y three tin.' thot .way, but rep-teed A large number ol the cr-w ro?h?d uf. cnrjnrttiv the ceptein not to sir ke anil exprosslug tueir readme* to sink in hei end .HoVtt honor: md -me of th' ?e?.u.n, named Sm th ctr-o t :n h'nd, Hi rod by the Hag and declared ho world' no' .ii -v H to he lowered. The caplam levelled hi- r! v ..ver, uud iUe.atrd ihi its being dialed down, which was doue, and a while ag hoisted N' W.N CONIRcT OP TUB rtUr?lR"N DP I It* ALABAM\. il mim the *'.! .(I) It and dr jty.ihe only two boats uniiirii'l, wer. Peered and the wo .oded pecrd in th. m Mr. Enh .,o br.nK sent In charge of ittorn the Keeratrpe When the Imule wo e lud a man who waa liOwooided endo tvorsd P rnler .ne, but was hot II ark by the surgeon ol the Mr _LP.;we.l>n j. n e. tM rector of i. lailsh iu Wilt-hire. "M, he tald, I w?n to sa^r me llto hi ii.ut n ut vou d.i. but let H"' wounded meu beer e?t Urst." "D^tor, sa,.t tb. ; ;r J" he bo.-t ' wo cat: P.Iko ro.,11 ' .r yum "I ?? ' "<* P*r 1 tfe wounded men.' was bis reply. He rmmned bed ? and sank with the ah p-a IcsH muoh do^rcd uy all toe officers a. a moo tie m the <>a!y oh.eer known m bo Ret. ilg -AOB l-liDM THE t'AH'Mt TO THE ****'*'*? Wiien Mr Fulhatn ronch-d ihe Kearsarge be btd hie swU; by nm sMc, >? f '?." ???? ^ ^VrTbS come to mtrrcOdor the ahl,'. He rani that tie h'jl so v,r' order- b'" ws- ontt.i sSifnr a stslarce, ?? theY r b-? ir ?"; xi cmt'rrlvc t to readb thb I'? erbonnd, where bs In (id > ao Oiher office'., md Tout twenty. eigbl meu. HKROI ,t OP H.'Mo or THE ??.?'? \iini. .1 >s i p ol aliantrv s-e related as r< c? ng c. eurred on set I tie .tleb-nt' daring the fight, "?? or i .,1 ? ..re ? rut >-o ?*? ?r t,!?v ?hV"p, vv n v , -ir i ? by a -hnl wblcn shattered fhe 'ws bart 'fl' h i srm.leavlb'; It bonyiug I y r.evb p. iborttely t'** cut his kniie, cut o.i the i . ii,a nii.i n. i.,iuucd aervmg hlejun. xn ^ v'O < > i I which fr "> Ce- k was ,u 'bro ' c ver-aeid I vm?' de, by two i T/m |ue il , f | fi|; it" t .W Ol '' " A ? men -r mix hi'vmV! m a heavy sea and e.ved the life of a "'Am1'.) .md,.'.Utsare,'?r ?*??? - ?u*\,1!h*V,,n.O ' ro-wrd to clear the (Kb ?m rtjdeR, winch tiad been damaged; he reeetved a tnc . woutd -.vblrh was mortal, uoiwitnatAbd'i'B wh".e etod the *wt and returned to the dvck,wn..e ancihcf abut cut him In two. wouBde<, refuel to art miMtiVur h!.d lU? struck, an l cuovinued to do b.e work 'itr t uo \mW uoinl oo fc. IfitlitH Rfportl# ? ivipinlAL OFVlClAfs ?T4TW^Nfa tvoni th#* ll? ftUwift lt?] . -rrtssswKSSS ?jsrxi, ":???: "rr a :?r "nrar U iL AU.ham?. erd accn.ponied bar medeb ie order t . revenl h^tlhlie. i rom ^^^^el o^-ck. iovU lujurme ibe Iwl euetelovsl to r .agc loi -herhourf? ^ but ? the Keer-trge t"y nwaa the m >pn te trier the l # #f mrarern MO Mt. .DC Jir .ncb.re.! In the , ,:,rt et'irii'd to ehetb^i' rSTcvetfllevsee and three course Of <'? gaxoo to the Cher I leuma Ht?'luu were IS' " [ coMtUHTin ?? irnwfli pao*

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