21 Temmuz 1864 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

21 Temmuz 1864 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLB NO. 10,169. NEW YORK, THURSDAY, JULY 21, 1864. PRICE THREE CENTS. SHERMAN. j The Advance of the Grand Army of the Southwest. . | THE SERELS TAKEN BY 8URPRISE. Opirations ol the Union Cavalry Be tween Atlanta and Augusta. Interesting Description of the Rebel City and the feuntrj Around It, a*, &(?! a#* Tb? Waiblagton T?legramt. Wasiunuio*, July 20, 1864. The l&tesi officii! information from General Sherman is Dili bis arm/ crossed tbe Chattahoochee la several dif fered t placos norta of ito railroad bridge. Tbo move ment was made with such celerity as to take tbe enemy by surprise, and, therefore, tbe resistance to bis advance waa feeble od tbo part of tbo rebel cavalry. Oar cavalry was at onoe Ecnt to operate on tbe r&ilicftd ?sat or Deoatur, one of tbe objects'toing to cut off com MWlcatiog bttvvetu Ailaula nod Augusta, thus prevent kg tbe removal of stores io IbeTatttr p!aw and the rclo fcicemenv of Johnston, Oar main army was within tcu or twelve milt# of At lanta. All tbe operations of our army w ere progressing Ik tbe highest decree favcrabiy. \ -- * Tbe Cincinnati Telegrams. CiMouman, July 2$. J6t>4. IfebAveidvices frcm Ctnert.1 army to tbe jetb tastanl. -r. Near?# Cii vvwifc force b?.d orceaed the Chatuboechee ttoer and occupied a position on tbo eouih tide. A portion of our troops bad advanced two rollee le? waidB At'auta; bet they ftoco miestii Lcihicg but small bodies or rebel cavalry. . ? General Prixtun Bragg bad arrived at Atlanta, and would, It was supposed, exercise a personal supervision ?ver tbt movements of tbe rebel army. Tit* Kaabville Telegram*. NasBViiLB, Jul* 1?, 16?i. The reports of tbe capture of Atlanta, ua. , by our (trees are all premature, the ugh oar wbole city la la dtotkm, and we expect to bear of lie capture >o a few ?ays. REBEL ACCOUNTS. Ipeenlatt?aa Rup?ctl?g Sherman** Po sition. BUIBY SMITH TO OTftKATB OK THE BEAR ? COMF1* WC* m J0HK?r0N'8 plakp, wro., etc. [From tba M&ocn Confederate.] WKirty Smith has cmssel tba Mississippi, na was rumored some day* ago, and which received confirmation worn tba Naw York llitaitn tba 4th, which says that Btaoton Bad telegraphed Dlx that Kirby Smith was cross Blba river, the position or Sherman in Georgia grows a hazardous every hour. It may be tbat tJeuerai oaten has been for some time aware of- tuts in tended Move, and has been manoeuvring bis foroe Id aoch a mas ter aa to delay Sherman until Smith could strike his roar, Am troy bts communications, and place ha army at the Mercy of the Confederates. H te said that the highest MEccrs under General .lohn-tou sro not made scouaintcd With hia plana; and M is not "n^rohabie tbat this wily Master ?f tba art of war has been iwing tor tome time pts ?M? powers of c-mbinitloa and strategy go as to place tts auiagoaiet in such a position Ih&t , should the fcrtsMt of battle go against bun, h? would not only be Sef?ate<!, but antHhilatoi. Should Kirby .?mith reach tbe rear of Sherman the Amy of the Cumberland will bo in a decidedly bad <??y. la tbat event Shermau will be compelled to do one of two things -altn< k Tobu-t a at on. a iu his fortilicatfons, or ?end Immediately a l..rge portion of bis fcfrcei to Intor Mpt Smith, au<' preserve Intact his long lice of ootnmu ?Icationa. In the former event Khartum will, beyond a Soubi, bo asrrlbiy beaten. The army of Tenue-iisoe, br. Clnd its loi tlllca'ioii?, and free frum nil causer of befag Mttkod!w;ll he invincible. Should the Yankee Cc rwul teterulao to stradil!* the inttor i.orn of tbe dilemma the fuault wilt be equally bm?r.-jlal to the Confederates. His Mrcea will be *o weakened ts to enable Gonerni .tuhnston lb rally from hia works m 1 drive tbem, routed and In Mafttr.on, from tho soil of tieorgta. Tbe prospect brlgutejw. Street corner generalship to not abie to Found w>lh it* short plummet the of ?SMral Johnston's ( lau^. l et tbe people remain impe nd, remeinberiiig tint fa th u often aa ? weotifti t - national M to Fpirilual Kiivatiun. Above a'.l, let tbem cherish ia Melr heirt of hearts, tho Arm and unalterable deierrat* ?at Ion that, come what will, they will aid aud nphjld to Mm very utmost of their power tbo arm; aul itovem Bllll the cruel and insolent invader 1* driven trom rn soil, and tbe Independence of tbe confederate be Kratly established. Sherman!'* Position. Tba Atlanta Appeal, confident Of tbe success of onr ?fay, aays ? la >1* work on military sconce, General Ralleck lay* 1 Aown as a principle tbat "deep lines are dungeroun." san's is Just such a line as the author must tn.ve I bts mind's eye. It may be said to extend frum rule to tbe Chattaboo- l>?e river, though Nashville i bH proper base His movement bo Cm Into tbo in terior of tbe Confederacy la-oertaiuly (be boldest, not lo mr the stoat reckieas, oa record, not excepting svsn tbe atvanoe of Napois n uj> a tbe city or Moscow. Bb an opportunity tor destroying or annthi ng an army ha* nrver Veu <>il<?rcd to an apposing loe, and if something is U"t now done tn tho ??gobbling op" bu-itu"**, so much U ?ed of during the ra -are ahull ibluk the ro is a sad want of combtnatioa cu >>i ermlon hiii'iiik our BiilUsry lenders Vherman > it war*, In a net, or i>ul dte sac, and if tie ai d i whole army are not brought to grief It -vtil certainly I be for the wont of .temerity on bin part. 8a Inviting a Held for military enterprise was never ?roaed to *w opposing enemy, and we <?, snoot divesl ?are** of the ronvlctiou tbat advantage will yet be taken a* U With wiiermcna army destroyed, not only Atlanta, but Richmond ami Vet?TSbnrg are at Onco relieved. In 4MCh an event Giant would neoessarlly be compcllsd to lalm the sie<oef the two lalteroltta* at"! move to tbe AeTeuce of l*nus?09a and Kfnticky, both of wtiich Mates wo?iiit be put la ba/ard of rooociniani'v by our mtuj. Su.'b a stroke would strike tho war party of the *ww with gloom aud dee pond?m -y, while the bunds of gfcap?vemon would tie corie!<(>ondiiiiily sireiigthoned, aad would go far to hasten the U'i m nation or husli.ities. Wa da uj* t>oi|ev? it would he wlthiu tiie power of Liu ao'u to rsi o another ariuy for the ?ubjiik,aiion of Ibe ?*utb,ao'l he wo ild neoetJ/irily he oompei ed to treat Mrpewi on lb? tafts of separation and our tmlopen . commnnic itlons cut for a few daya or week*, ?aertuaa-weti'd be oroed to retreat, whicb, in view of M* imk.a*or.iati?d con iiiiou of the countrv behind bim, frmtd prove a* 4lUaBtniiis as it further advanoo. V*. ore b? oouid reach Nashville bts army n ???ifally destroy 3d and he niinht Lai .iod itnfo to rerua ii even on Uiis side or tho Obto. fr pjgplo are giirelv ss hravo and as iistrlotk: as ware and t aaacVs of KueeU. by whom the nugniO fat * ?"?/ "f Napois m wag well nigh nnlhllated on Us tail aat from t?>eir bnmlng oapiui. Wo slm erely hops Mat a?#n*?o opportunity for a m**ter stroke will not W p. laa'"*1! t" P^w by unimproved by our military ?fcleft This is certainly a time aheve all othara arheti , a^ou^lw of ev?ry klud should he laid naide, and frben It *ro ?boold uisl a saaious and cordial oo.opera> Mm a*t a# ?? our leaders, both in the ? ahiuet and the ?eld, for *>? common good and general welfare. Pi?w? from Ihermaa*! Rear. A geotlah n*o < "ays the Apprai, who left Carters villa, ?aargia, en la?*. reports that the federMs were Mdnpiug ofT ti ? *nd wouod?d and hoapitala from tbat h iat towards ChatUnoiga, and all who had am'iated pitta tbo Yankee * "?r? railing off their personal efTeotg. lis, m connect i. * ?'*?> the biirnlng or rm lories and itlle, Ktiicals* * n. 'arjment either forward or rearward r HlMrmao's army. Th? feat i- ma* also state* ibit had " o*|na remain*'! tl> 'of gar si Kenesaw Maun iMhero'Hii >vn'it<l ba\ H ratrnaiad. The ie<leiaJ* IM they have :?al tt?* b- '*.tlur 00*' H.poMert OTf 'Oial ttaroHT ? '*oa jounstoh. tTrnm the RinHm. Md K. N'HW, Jmy Ifl.J Attn Juiy id, ifiM. H*a ?f aaothvr ?twi?s? l>/ *?? W Ul U)?, ? <ss^ .^C. A COVE/UW& tW pww /y WINFSWPQ rhVATD/TY. AWU MACJ:fi? iMOJi\ fiWN/rr/OVS? A H2*\ MACWA/G SHOJ'S.Q | &4?f?. ?u WN DEPOT c. S , Gdi/?/?NM?MT& LAJpoj&iTQfiX * &eop^sjzeA Adwtiky fi'MACB/JVSSJiOfi IS WHITE 01 V105C A7/L?&'lfl ''ii i > i _^i " ' * 4dMUT4T ^tfOLJNP ATLANTA AND ITS VICINITY. The Workshopsj Foundries and Defences of the Principal Military D&pot of the Rebels in the Southwest ? The Country fot Five Hiles Around the City, with All Its Railroad and Turnpike Communications, &c, J ?J>MALyj*+-E Wert Point Tlailroad are In circulation , )>>jt tolbing oer tim or ttw movement II yet known. The following official report was sent. hy cotnmmd of Gen. Johnston to headquarters last ut^ot:? Hudqca* Hi**, is tub Fimt>. Since the fa'"are or the enemy to cut tho West Point lUllroed. neor Newuan, both armies have horn quiet and occupy their tanner position. Ours Is much improved b> rtst and Valuing, and all nro id fine (pints. ATLANTA ANDjITS VICINITY. The wintry around Atlanta le now became of hbtorio tctorest, and the following description of it will clfar up many erroneous itleaa reel ection the localHies heretofore unvisitod by our advancing urtnles:? Torootumi.-JL. Pursuing the rallrcsd south rrom the ftowsb, the las* rango of hills aro th* Lout, Pine sud Kcnesaw meua" taius. Hslow this begins an immense almost level sur fsce, often thickly covered with forost, and with a soil of less fa. itity than further north; in fact, some portions of the surface In the vicinity of Atlanta are absolutely stert'e. As we sntcr this plain we soon reach the Chattahoochee' river, a atrsana of corsiderable^slie, inwtap in a south* westerly dlrrcllon, and possessing, In a military point of ???*, few of the requl'ltee of a strong defensive position Seven milM suulb of the t'hattsh.xiobe", ami at tlis ter' mini of several railroads, Is situated Atlanta, t'wninio.f or -irtjisTx . This town, before 'ho war, was Important merely as a flourishing business and railroad centre. H trie tho coun ty town of Fulton county, Georgia, The Inhabitant* of tho surrounding plantations O-tne there for iuf-ti -e and for trsde. quantities or cotton and grain round here ?liber a market or ihlpmsut for the seaport*. Ttt people wore active and Industrious, ai d met wlib ? merited growth in wealth. Them ate throe railroads wbleh terminal* at All mt%? the Georgia r..rul, connecting Atlanta with Augusta Hie Mien an I Woitcrn road lo Maooj), and til/* W -?torn and At??ntkJ road to < bstiannogs, i>r,n. A few mi 'ci south of AthnM brsnchi!# tho I .gringo Railroad, fx n. nect.ng Atlanta wi>h Wast Point, on MiACiuvtr'jooebeo river, at ths Alab.im* 1 ne, seventy two miles dlst nit. Uy rant's of tli fro railroads Atlanta Iti f.rmnr times was connected with all parts of the lTnited States, and until Mo> nt'y wr i greatest rsiiroid poiit la lbs bauds of the ouenr.y. 1b? city was laid out In 1MB, and hss now berime one of ll?o m< st populous -n Georgia. In 1900 tli popu'a tloo consisted . f about twelve tt'iussod rssidout lnh?'i|. tanls, and since the war has Increased to almost double that r.'inilier, rho surplus being m ido up of government oft .??ls and employes. The olty loutsias several hotels, a tourt bouse and some flue blocks of buildings. >in?e tbo war it has bsoorao an sitsnslve government depot an l m tnufactorlng centra. Horn ars located the prinol pal shops of tha rmlrjads Joining - here ; tbs most extensive rolling roll! In tbs South, foundries and mscbuis shops, pistol r actor/, shops far tha manufacture of mieteiUneoua government artic'as and two iabera t?rK?. 9 m* eoTvssBfirt wokm at jtmwta. Of these ws win give some details. Many of the works are owned by private individuals, hot fo? tho past two years have been etoloslvely sagsged in supplying the wanta of the rebel government, They are In coneequence generally luelwded nndsr the hssd of government works. One mils below the passenger depot, sad on the west strieof the Georgia Kaliroad, la sltnatsd the AtUnta Roil ing Mill. Thin Is the nroat extensive sstsh'lahment of the kiivl n the f*mth. ft was built in IMS, and owntd In itjflfl by Bchofleld k Marktksm. It wsa at one time pn re based by the South Carolina Railroad Com pany for six hundred thousand dollars, exclusive of ** f?f'oee brlmying to the mill, whivb geld for u a4d> tlor.al gum of |75,000. The mill has employed one hundred white bands end a like number of negroes. Tliis m il Is the only cne in the South with accommoiia. tlona lor rolling railroad Iron. Of tbl? work, however, It bm done little, !t? Hill capacity being used !n tee rolling of gunboat plates ; and so great has beon the demand for iron for that purporo that all unused rails from the dif ferent roads of tho So ;lh have been brought here to be turae t into armor for gunboats. Kven roads not part of a chain of communication between two ImporUnt points bare been torn up and tho inn ap propriated to tte purpose mentioned. Ttls mill famished the Ircn for the Merrlmac, Arkausas, '.ha b>>at* in Moliilo bay, and In fact nosrly all the iron bjsts that the rebel fovernmsnt has ever built haTo re?"tvd plates from tbet-e works. Ibis fact alone rendered Atlanta ? good point f?r <lr*lructlon. But Its usefulness to the Souih did net end hern Krnm tbo rolling ml1), following the railroad towards the depotland but* short (118111000, is a foundry and msehino shop for the manufacture cf shot and shell exclusively. Further on, and on the saine silo of the railroad, Is a pistol factory. This establish ment Is ownod by Spiiler k Burr, end was reconstructed In ls61 Jt la a ler.o bc.ild lug, Ave stories high* and was formerly used s? ? grist mill. ft was built by'Ulchard I'cti rs, of At lanta. The machinery used for tbe purpr-se or manufac turing pistol* was rem are.l frcm Holly Spricgt Eh^rtiy before Its capture Uy our forces. Th.s work Das given copi rrucut to nearly three huudred bond,*. Op the -itber side or the railroad, near the piFlri fac t ry, Is a government er*er?'. Hits haa been htllt since the war, and tan been In vigorous operation over rltiCA r^palriug and makiug aret*. building gun carriages, and also has a macbir.o fur roiiii g out eb-'et copper, Tor caps Tills ostab'lebmctil ?m<>loyed about iwo bmulrvd hinds. A short distance fuitiioi up tho railroad, on the west aide, are tbo machine *hops, round bouse, kc., of tho i.'eor 'ia Ka/road and ranking Company. lbt.ee work* are very extensive, and have d< ac thv repairing of ei- glues and oart of tbo Mocuu roed. Near tho depot, on one ?>! ir.e main streets of the town, Is tho military Morctingre. Jlaro n 'erge stock of amail artless used by the government was stored, and Issued as ordered by tbo proper autii rltlee. Tbr*n miles o.mi of the city Is t'ie governmert lai'ora tory. fiere wera ran-oifactored |<*re..r?h n capt, lu'mlnet log |m;? Jnr, fusts, a?cnbot, chemicals, Ac. In tbt<* cktab Itwiimont a large number of both sesea and all scs end ?<lris ? ore employed. North of tba depot ?re the loarttine abepa act round houeti of tbo Western srd At lant.e U-i'lrcid, sud i'|i|<os ts s tl'e Naval l.^ncrai iry Hi,ihrr up and on ttie *< st ?ide of the railroad sre Mod sbip i 'ou.-idry and m^' htoa turps. IMS sstabii lonst-l bae i i'c! some of tbo >rgesl goveru'neat oonir in*, and kept in constant *nij li yr.em a large number of hinds. ?n tho other slds of the raliroad ar? several shops of different kind*, all re<*?ut'y engaged in th# maoe scuce of supr'lles for the rebel government. There urn, i?eeid?a tbo works unmerited, a large i.um her oi pork packing and oil eeisbli hmeots also a but ton factory. Many of In* building* in tbe town wore n? d > by lb* raiie's tor different porpoe"*. anoh as cMnog, tboe, artillery fcainra*, kr.. m^Sufactor es. nis Ofri'-fca is (Siarrts. Major M. IT, Wright of Nash* ills, Tenn ,ha ! for some time been In cbnrco o| tbe worse at Atlenm, as 'S'ed by s number of suborttoat# otiicere, who wercie d an sutbority end severity over the employee ?f the shops whlob eon only be fourd in men unaccustcnici tc at control of otliv i s. <w?ait. tsms , t The railroad shops of which we have spoken sre bo Inferior to any m the south, i he occnn > tion of tso road* north sod west of Atlanta drove sn immense number of !o<xonotlv?n end ears to that point, .ind there wars re ccntiy thoussuds of them Mile . tod there. After the surrender of New Orleans I here was stowed swey, It le eaid. in Atleota as much specs ns three lo comotives c?ni4 draw. There was s grsat queatity of nnemptoy^i machinery In Atlanta, Usto there at d'tMrent tonus, upon tbe evacuation sf ditlereiit towbs a. a titles. ths o.u-rnas o* aft.asfs. tl will he seen, in aiidltlon to Its Importance as a ksy to tne network of railroads emending to all portions of tbo tinll Pl ites, thtt Atlinta has had a reator f nuo n ae . "iint of it? in mni lOtnries. I ho very nstatenro of the Routhern irmfes, an such, has been .srgely doioiolnnt it pnu th? prnds<;te of ibo uteohlne shops, fi nnories end tufc'reiorlen of A'tsnii tf( when the opportunity lor ineriy oilorsd, a strr nx solumn bad been pu?be?t Inrougb tbi? ceuMf^i as ft sew being dote, sad Atlanta had less captured and destroys], there j? no doubt tbe rebellion would now uardly?exmt. oinsit im onuiit ronrre in c*nKci*. Atlanta !.? by no mcaoa tfco only point in Georgia which poetesses a manufacturing importance. Wo aio enab'ed to extend our narrative to include sevrral other placea, the drr.trnct'.on of which, though tliey are not bo larjjoiy engage*. must some time bo <!lT?a< ted. It neiw the 'sWa tioia or Georgia? l&r in'aud lit latlon? haa mado hor the c.entro of the greatest Industrial oilorta of tha South, In providing themselves with ibe material of war. AV1VBIA, OA. TblseUy Is situated on iha Savannah river, and la the ser.t of the powder mills tbo :-outb, wblih are Paid to be th? largert la the warid. ibey are located <*no mile from lbs town, and the ;r machinery is propel !e 1 by an im met "ti double e k':ne uken Ti > m a cotton n.lll. The mils tire <:ivi'led into apartments', with w.iier tasks to ar rat.gcd to prevent the spread of an explosion, and, tlio igb several have taken place, they hare nover neon or a iTioua niture, la ou'wineoM of tlio sudden del ug In; of the adjoining apartments 1 be woriu were planned act ereclr'1 by Col. Geo. W Qalua Tticee mills are the on?y eeUblisbtagnta of tbe kind In the Sooth, It ia saia thr.t lu tho event of tholr deaoll tioo the Southern arm OS could not kocp the fteld four week*. Kven with IM topples of powder ob talned fr<m Knglard, thoy have nover been able to kocn a lariro supply "n bnnd. and without powder v.cr If) an Impossibio tlilrg la tltoco days. It la ?trange, indeed, instead of idling noosths in naolesa extravagance of ecer*y tnd material* at Charleston. and aloeg thecon?t , that ron.o gigantic eombl.ied naval and land attack lias not been made upon the city of Rivannab, from wt h point to Augusta, up tbe river of (ho same name, Is but a ! ghou d'tlanca. Th.j r-auti of tbe sews of such an . pr-dnii n may easily bo se.u. A> iriwta I* tnt near tbe ' aoial oa?e be' ii ro unparrionabfr ne?lcetci?. i lure# rei:.i from vie tsta is loe.red tho old Ukjlfed I Ptates ai.??nal. cnptu'cd by (Jovernor Hroan. Hnce the ! war (treal ejieOflcBS have been roa^e to tbe old works, r< nd?nr.(( them eery oonraodioita and capable of ac ocmp'ishing a larfe amount of wo k Machine wor.s hi tbe lown bave been convefsod Into a man ifVtory of ali >t and shell; ai'O ad 'it'om bave been made fur the easting of twelve posuaer hrenw gn?e. fhere arc also lo Augusta large car works . and mrco fMROrfoe, all em p ofod 'or n.ilitary p irposea In ihc warebcuaea f Augu?'.a are atorcd tbrce hundred and m.y thou> u?4 i ,1*4 of ">tlon, worth over one hi i dr'd minion doltarfc If the Mis^itaipal rlv?r n.ity.nr rjih*r ?hit MttN reoeniiy ojwi atjfic up the Re t rhwr, cool ' bo t<-nua orred to li ivannsh rlvr, wo feel a> s ived Auf :j! ? nxuld (all a prlic in Icrs than uo time. Or conrf t *oi:'d be oeees nn ?} to have an army atneg to do all the il^hiit.g. ft * oily has an arsenii There 1 atTilt^n *>irs are m u iiK' tur.-d. .?a< l ine and r<.."0.:r; Nli e J m below lfcoon U a pieM fa- 1 ry. ? ?tr win a, At tbie paint te ao ar.wnai -or ih? mnc >fa tnre of ni i giads of government arnr. The sreea. em;" js ib r teen h"udr?d ban Is. There are se^tra nanvractVHee | cesr >r wtlhto tbe tewn. ?*artn* At ib.s point wat a lartc gr at m*'.. kwiwr as tt? "K .e* .* Mi !." The Yankcei are probably now famil. tu'f l ' udit>a upon tbH ??uhli* inw I. kMwRL ib's r a vi : >p? nlno mUee north aet of Mar its has It O"'- Hundred tnbtb^auls, and is fMOuuS l r tbl CuBit snd stwicetarel eoiton and woo'len ni Ms t i 'ieorgia. ib? t*o rotten mills are owrcd hy <he ltora*el tfian ?o ti.r'i'g I'ompany, Mr King preslomt At I brae ?lib the reb> ' <iv.,rnrvi*!nt hn? nmn"'act' "1 nearly all ma Wfl?l or ' nis, kt , hesidra M;e jan e 'r. homeepuD* *'?* largely mad* he *, Pier* i?j alno a 'erg* paper n *1 at He ??w?ii. No 'foui;? all of th> <e m "a have ^)e^ n de? ' atroyed b?r'.i? this, ai 'hey muet b ite been *l?b'T a few ^ 'be left ef our line as they ocout cd Marlitta > wrtfvttoit Wa do not, frot-?# to er'ar .Iiic fy e'oweot ape., ila tt' I'l npon tbe facts we fmc lU4l b, ,rr|c tljr ?ta'?d. It if ev'^s'-t the enemy have always eonlkieftd Oeurgia ttfll tgoni uivaeioti, and eousoquentiy b.>re 'iwud u,e maau< (a -.t r!4f r?r their arutv au[>|i' ei. The lotermtCv-J pyo sition that Sherman hji o*;"?r?rr'*'J in hit south Wif4 m ir o mto the heart orceomia mdlCitH tha Imiwrtaace thcyattaib to holding tho State. t| IS true tbe lailroad* are ab;o n incentive, b'it it li nu lees una the govommrnt ehofia ire sieo worth a urge ariay for their protec.tioa. Thu opposition waa no? axpericme't in Wsei Ken Vickr, nor. in Teene?aae. nor le Mississippi, ?or in T^miMii?"?i bnt me holding of (isoraia la lea "pera'tvo stvl nec?**nry to iho Ufa <fl the incnrrcntloftary nana*. Tlie vm ral etle .t of the Ciptu. e or ric bin nd will no doubt b?t Imincaaa, but t ho mate r >i eltevt of tne c.ipturo of AtlaatA, Ancaaia, Vai.on and OoiumtHis. rta , will he death to the rebellion. vuiaoe owvaman raoM *ti ?jrr* nv eatt The ronow mg 'e m ???????? of ?tf<iiu?',ee fr?? Chattanooga to Atlanta, thTce to the moat prominent tcwos of Georgia:? tr<m Cha'lanofMi to A Uanta. Mar*. Mart. Boy* 6 K'oglton... 79 0>vkr>m*'iga station.... 10 (Hps 80 .Johnson .-. 19 Cartcrsyi'le i'l Ringgold 28 Kto T.ii l/J I'atO' ra 25 Allatooni 1'i Tunnel Hill 31 Ackwortb 100 Da! '.on ns RtsStjioty 1(W TUtgn 47 MarlotU .....118 Ressaccs * M Ruff's 1 _~2 < alhonu tio Vl-itng's 1 <o Adairivi'u* CD A llama l-.i AHau'a io Peeatnr <1 (ireoushj&ro *7 Sirne Mountan H> Tnion Point US Mt'ioo'a 21 Cruwfonivil.o 106 ronycr'f 30 Camming J1U Cnr'njt"o 41 fan alf 124 Sooiai Circle ... 61 m ospeou J.13 R'ii'.oil;e .... t'?8 I>c 142 Madiera 67 BcrzeiiR.i... l.'O Cjckhoad 74 BoMfr lflO Oconto 82 Augusta 171 AUau:a to Mactn. East To'nt 6 tJoggm..., M Rongh and Ready 11 Colter's 72 J'jnmlxno 22 Forsyth? 71 r.ovrjoy's 29 Snvir-'s 87 Fsyeiie . . (6 Crawford's ss Critlin . ...? .43 Howurd'a 99 Ihcrntou's 49 Junction #8 M'l.n r 54 Urcod 103 Buoetviile 61 A laruto W>t' Pot'n' f>>'t Toint tf Bogae>Titt? ?'???? 39 Kairbi m II l,ij-rarcs 72 r?lmetio xb f/iui! < ano 78 Kewinsn ...... ? 40 Wortl'oint 87 ttriuivida C2 jf.rcr n ro Savatinch, P r.ri Hrnlr from Allan/a. Gt'snold 'i Sc.irhofo ICO (iordon 20 ow Hie 128 Melt tyre -S ( atn.-ron 126 Toonil H>ro 30 I'n ryond It0 140 1,'Ccnee 44 Olive 1^5 'iS l.'.tf l>?Ti?b<'ro 61 Brow#- If# Sbieis 70 <;reytco..? l'O Ho?lw.cir H7 Mtlow 161 .c ?twstouol 91 Men 17" ri'.ri.ioo 10>) Pt m!r{;d"o 117 ? *?: -h i grille 1?T 1\j ler 181 Miller H4 ttavnaaab lit* Tin Hvsnsaigr ( IiaIh Armor. Tf* OMtrtixaum, cmikk knu.nktk j. w. uoonr, I'WttRC Sra?e8 NAl Y--W llfc; K rr WAD nut nr.a, ttc. ro tbs wifin o> iss nwmr?. Frfjo'-nt mentoti > <u> MM m? '? l??rl> of tl>e rnettio<l adopted on Poard the K'aresr'e to j ret eel I?t boilers acl nsjebicery from Injury from ?hot ac<l tbo.l; li.it ffi'tl)lr< bat been said vf tbe origin of ?h.? style A ir n plutinf. Tbe *?s?? f>'SK Hmat.o <>f tbe 10th '?isl . unrlor the he <d Of tbe " ron platinj >f tlie KeaT<ai-Re," men tl< t)? Hint (ap >i.< then ixuinDAur ITarmo- y and others, Ir. |lio nival sttiek >ipc is Now Urleeiu, a<t<i|iu<t torn a?.jtb'?l to strengthen tbolr ?ioo?Hn ?i^ee." It wns not for tu? I'uryoe# ot sirongtii thet tbe f.lnins were m plied to ll? st('?e i>f me ilai ford, Rlrhmcnd, Brooklyn. I oosa oola, Iroquois and Our da nut simply to protect the m*> oblnery of then* ve-uiela wbilo unifc-rtb^ terrib e dr?t!iey cp ountersd from ?>rt? .lackeon and ?t. I'bilip. Tie cr 'g.u?tor of tb s pi <nof de ?n<-? Cbicf Fnsineer lobe IV >i<ere. tlnitee #i*?oe Narf.one of tbe nfflaere of thi I Rict;mr nd , wno?e e?r**ces in tli's perl -snlsr Admirsl Fan sent QeBt)?ke4 m bis vOlc.al rvpoM to tba Nary i I'.-p.rlM'nt tl?velisof Mr Moore's plan of using ch?in armor I n, !ie . !g. <1 'r ti tho r-p >u of tuptmn v.ravcu, ot tbo I ttrook'yn to Admirsl Tarrsgut, 'ii eblrh. sp*j*r'g of iho ram Meoa*sM, be says "bif effirti to "?e were c in >le.siy rrustrated, our cbain armor pr irinn a mleet pr >t** tlon to uur ?|d' s. ' B'>ih tbo liartfuid atd Riwbs Bionit w^re ?' i k w 1 1 solid sh 't, ^blobibid " e'" I**1 1 for their eHetv srmor, w^uM l??r? t, one l?to ibeir "n^'ne roowe, ?nl prolsbly diseb od ihe 'eecb'oery of MM sbip*. The Is'.e ?ogs^emeot betweio ibe Ke'?r?si?* an A'ah imn will l orthe? prer i the nfth ienoy ??! this system. Mr. Moore also erignsted the to?* <?* o*?er?nf ?o? yes seia of the ?.<ets ef xdmlreie ?'i>rrei;oi an I I'or cr wiin a inilni ms4o fccin tbe mud <W' tbo Mn?#>??ipol rlrer.tbe fcoitor to siweea ?h?n> from stew wbllo >nff?n eg ana i?>(wi?g tbo nkoro moiHioneO lyr'i a color wb.eta ??? tuny HH ?*liMsaii ? ^ a THE INVASION. Desperate Fight with the Rebel Raiders at Snicker's Sap. Hunter's Forces Overtaking the Enemy. Caplura of Three Hundred of Theii Wagons Laitoo with Grata. General Wright also Moving Against Them, ARu Ac, a At. Harhisbubg, Pa., July 20, 1M4. Important despatches were received hero last nlguf, . from which It is iDdioito l that iur ."orces iro iteaJiifl and successfully pursuing the wbc'3 recently ravaged tUo eastern portion of Maryland, aud mat tba purs'itrg party a*o wresting largo amouota of plunder from tbe rebels. General Crook, who emman la the atlvanc# ol Gone al Hunter's forces, embracing General Galilean's division and bis own, while in the pursuit on lion lay lusf, overtook tbo enemy at Suicker'a Gap, wbese a-wtwjp, aid for a time, a torriilc cnounter took place. The rebels fought like devil*, anxloas to save tfcc grain and cattlo tiiey bad succeeded in carrying that fur fret* Maryland. Geueial Crook, however, was as determined that they should not escape, lie whipped the reb"'n thoroughly, capturing over three hundred vogena, heav,ly iaden witb grain, and took many prisoners. A3 usual, tbe enemy left bis dead and wounded on tl>* Held, to be buried and cared tor by us. General liuntor, with tbe balanco of his command, Including General Averiil's cavalry, is co-oi er tting with tbe forecs under General Crnok, and good results may be hoped for 'i he forces of Major General IT. O. Wright arc a's* active in another direction, and between the converging columns of Wiigbt and Hunter, the weary and worn out raiders may soon find thomsolves betwoeu tho upper and nether millstone. I.urge numbers of tbe light country wagons which they seUed are breaking dc.vnover th* rough roads from tbelr heavy burdens, tod bave to b# set on Ore and abandoned. WUHWfiiojf, July 90, 1804. It Is reported- this evening, on what appears to be good authority, that the pursuing force overtook tbe retreat* log rebels at Snicker's Gap, and captured tbree hundred wagons and Ave hundred prisoners. Ho particulars ol tbe alfalr aro yet made publia The Raider Harry Otlmor, General Wool replies to the assertion of the Baltimore papers thut ho re! wJ Harry Gllmorfrom Fort McIJcrry In the following word*:? Captain Harry Cilmor. called Major Gllmor, a prfecnsr confined lu I'ort Mollenry la 180'J. was released from con* flnernent by tbo authorities at Washington, una alter* wards, it U presumed, exchanged as a [.router of war* Tbe Bgltlmore papers will please publah. Rebel Accounts. THH CAFTOHW OF WABHJNOrojf JfOT ACCOM* rLIPHSD? I)ISAPPOINTMR*T TO TBI SANGUIN* rOATlON or 1UI COMMUNITY? ANOTHrfM SAID INTO PHNN'SYlVANtA TH UKA rKNKD, KT.'. [Frcm the Richmond Enquirer, July 19.] The news frou vf*ry;and, ss leund In tbe Oftrtnid* Of the 14in, gave muca disappointment to tno sangufne por tion of the community. Whether tho capture oC Wash ingtou was the object of iiiu expedition or not, its (all wasnvst anxiously expected l-y tho community until last Saturday, wi.en tho telegram troui Petersburg bro'igbt to t tie know)- -Ige of tto public the fact t bat, acc filing to tbe 'hriu irb. of tin Utb, the "rebels" ha<l withdrawn ficro <u frsnt of Washington. WhIH dlsap pointed in not hoarin,: ol tho capture, M was nevertbe'igf voiy gratifying to kn- w bow oadiy ec?r?4 ilreoieoi/ wore, and for U. w rlJ to see bow eosilj tf capital of Vanlteeland ran be rriehtem-d out or its wire, it is F?IU that a lucky Occident al-rno bbvcJ Washing* ton. Can by 'scoi i??, from New Urloeus, arrived at Jfnrtresfl W^rroe oil i iltii-'ay nlgnt , :b? rery day on which tl e bat I i le of Mocc-cy v ?? fought, i.ud which fiftalM to tn* Memy the magnitude or (be danger tbat threatened V?n blngten. Otdeird by te'egraph i->tU.?tcUy, itairived there o'.i Monday in timsto ifeitiii tho capture o( th# etty i and le h'>>d its defences until tho arrival of ariddl tlo .ii corps trim Petersburg nso reedere-t the storming ef tbowc ikft unlets 'loe a. ..we t?| arrival ol Canby gavidtlie iiy. I! :d be posted tip to flrsut or boon do lay ?d te his arrtv il cnoduy longer, W shin^too wouM btve been c-ptnred. Jlowever great the <1 sappouit hient miu be, yet m.icb nas aire uy bi.en, and much mo'o win be ao oniyilshed by tb so ?rniy ?. rps now, sj to believe , *UI1 nr.rih ol tbe I iterti'O. Tinnsyiva' nil iiSN be.ure tkuee corps, art InvUes imaging on th? largest scaie. .' raid by lotty odd ttioueaoi mon, sweep ing though th .i sta'e, destroying railroads, seizing h r es -mil cj;tle.. and enrr/lnR ret llati in to the very be rttMtmies ol '.he pet p'o ot l'eoosylvnula, wculd culti vate lulo a moet fruitful harvest the already sown seodM Of peace. We krow o thiug of the order* under which that army .s eetiog, ind the serre?y obeerttd nmong enr people, wbub ho* dented to ill toe least knowledge of the or. pc?i t It ii . c.inti t be too highly coaioietid< d but II would l>e portlc .larly rr*tif?;iig to our irjurea nn<l jdua il-r d pe^'ple U> know thit tho eoemy "s sv ?tem of W.irrar* had been tarried to their-! ors.aod mat mey wor<j betog made -o el some of t l<e l:.jur??e they h?vo wu'ioted upon our r ii try. l?.:a ??!! he the case, urtees I'enrsylv.inU is ma- ? to r<>ei the fTstMl of vrariire lostitute-1 au?t carrMKi ent by tbearrnlea of tho t riiied sitatee. ibejt are entirely InditT -rent t* the losses indicted onMmy !aod, Tcr tt-iv re^.^r i her as .if us, if lot with u->. ibe "act of vauda'ijTi" yvhlch hurnr-f tbe rewldeeee or Mnnt g mory HUir did n- 1 inflict my ?r.? iu>i injury than mat of tbcridsn's tncti m\un th?y burned th-> meicniftcenl mldenee of Mr. rooi vsre, or tno Inmb e gettageeof m n y hundrtiie of our poorer people. Tbe meni-m-miiy tnat spare-l the reeid- uce of T I'. Hialr wua eiiwrely tbrrrwn awsy epou a oronture as deeply dyed with the biooj or th's f sr as any other ff bis re llow scoi:.idrele. All ihn "Hi.t-pltslity" ?nr en, yed from lis owner ha* lung since been wired out In tbe red bl cd of the brave, wo eanuot set rtciate such magsanlmity to fich ? wretch. - * HarsrftrU lellrge Ceaimcneement. B eras, July 39. IM4. The rlly liaoks, lnsnrs"oe offloex and board at broker* srapoc led tuini eis to>day on eccoont of the Ilarvar4 College cornmaecsment. The weath 'r was very warm. At the c inincneemcnt the -tegreu -?f Doctor of l.asrM was conferred on Reutwn Atwater Chapman, of Mas?a? cb sttt; Willi m l ilt le* eucon, ot Maine; Chariea frai.cls Adntns, of M sssct'i. jetts, ar.d tdwar4 Iib".ilaye, of France. The lolloving received tbe decree of Master of Arts:? Will ?n Phillip* llldcn, of Boston; Frederick I^w Oimstrsd, of Califoroloi James Alfr?<t I'ago, of Boston; Hall Tram Higelow, of Cambridge. William Mor. Is Hunt, of Hoe-on, and Georfl* Nathauiel fcaton, of Baltnaore. Among tbe graduate* who received tbe decree of HacHeler or Arte was Rofcert fed-l i !ee?l?. Kdward K?er?tt was "elected to deliver * coarse of lecture* <m internet looal law dorian the ensuing ac .'eniloel yrsr at the Isw school. Mr, Kverett saade * very earaest end elojuoot addreee la honor to tbe lat* Jonifh guliicy, re*u utions r gard eg wboin were oaauV n. .ailjf ad. ; ted. The %.tt*?lg on Mobile. a'vrviL CAVBY'S MltTtmON? ' TBI THn?ATIJ?-? n*t<rj*w, nrc. [from the tiobllo Tribune 1 (Jener.i rsnhy ts rspi.||v prerarl.g ao eipsdltlon !? w> ve oo this O'ty > nor wh?t w? tw ar, it wi'l number seoie fifteen or twenty thoneaod men. Whet dirioiioa it will take <? pri>>-.?oiv '-o> eo well known, bet it is likolw tim llwiU ni-r. efu ui the o- e?i, and ^e supported by th4 ge et of 1'errag-ii , se fa? ? tbst on giro I' support It is a< t ii>'e. ?n4ry 'or t lie e tlfoe to he jyy thin ammiui' ? r?, , but r e neoe* ->ar y 1^' lnJ be itakb.g teadv w> h all promi ijj ^ gg temHoig. th -at red * * r. >d,"Ws ??e ^ tftsgenerel^ iy cbaring the . ??ruut ?n# W ^ ?M*?aa*d,

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