31 Temmuz 1864 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 5

31 Temmuz 1864 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 5
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SHERMAN. Anothflr Attack Upon Our Uses on the 28th. THE REBELS BAOU REPULSED. u AdditiorijltfUtails of the Bat tfwof the 22<L f' The Severest Fight Ever Had In the West,'9 Sir. W. F. CI. Sha?fei' Diipatfk. Nahkvill*, Tenn., July '49, ISM. ?Ht mi atiack upomd. General PMhimi'i ariay WM again put In motion ttrdij to aoooor>ita* aa Important operation looking to M early laveetmeat of Atlaot*. Tit* enemy yesterday attompted to tntirrupt UM movement by attacking the fifteenth corpa; ft were badly repalaed. Dulng the ?notest we took (root the rebels four or six regimental lw. there are ne other detail* that can he made public; but DV> public may reet Manured th?t every thing baa been ino e*Miul. in removal or jomnroir ' Tour epeclat correspondent with General Howard's CPrpa thua explauia the recent removal of tbe rebel Gen eral Johnston from bis command. It appears that General tragg came to Atlanta from Richmond , and at a council ?f war, heM for the purpose, stated that Atlanta 'Host and should be held at all hazards. Xhnston >oplied thai to do no it would require tbe sacrifice of Rfce whole army, to which he would not consent, and fc'mroforo resigned, ihe command was then tendered to (Hardee, who refused to aocopt It on any terms, and It <J?a< given to a k d on the condition that be would defend the olty to the laai. ma WORKS At ATLANTA . The rebatfi are said to h ive constructed strong works at Ctlanta, and It Is not at air unlikely that they may Keep ua I hay for a few days loader If they remain In their (preeent position, hut even If they do. Hood can scarcely nave the remind of his aruiy. tub noHT of Tn 23o. No further details of the battle of tbe 22d have ?? '"f?t come to hand. A letter from a general officer, on *iuty at tbe from, describes It as being tbe severest flight Aver had In the West. We bad, at the time be wrote, uiready burled 2,200 renels aad had 1,000 yet to bury. 'IHE BATTLE OF THE TWENTY-SECOND. [Correspondence of the Cincinnati Gazette.] Kbar Atlanta, Ga., July 23, 1864. > -Again have tbe grett armies met, tested tbeir etrcngtb and displayed a valor seldom witm-t^ed on the proudest ft >ti!a fields. a splendid plan of tbe enemy to disiroy Abe Union armv has been frustrated, by tbo belpof God, ?Qhe sagacity of our iienerais and tbe bravery of our Jroops. I bob k advistiii/ in attributing the reault to jtbeae three agencies. as the reader will eee by toiiowirg Uieee lines To gam a cUarer view of tbe position let tjs go back lo lbs T-*wrrr-n?!"T ikbtabt. On that day nn advance of tbe Twenty tbird corps, Soined by Uw Fifteenth and Seventeenth corps, was made lii line, until the piwitico g.iosd was little more thaa two oilesTrom :t.o city. Gene al iilmr fonnd no important KMition in bis Trout, called Ha d Hill, an eminence to tbe i'mth ol' tbe railr ad, which he deemed necessary to oc ttupy He cha if-d tne position and u> it it, though with at loss or seven hundred. I- rum this tbe main works and $bs building* or uinuis could be plainly seen. At ulght on thai d w . the Army .of the Tsnnesaee was (Bntrrached in line running nearly south, facing weal, and ???cbiut: troin scb"tieid'R le't a balf mile north of the Railroad to a point nearly or <|uite two mtlos south of tbe feaiiroad, It; .'he toll in* order:? Sixteeuth corpe on tbe Sight, Fifteenth in tbe cemreand Seventeenth on **" "* i ne lino at the extreme Jeft ?u igiiard tbe ilank .*?weil back to ' i PTHAxau fcovrmBiT. r >ti t?*? 21st tbe iebi is werd fcssy building ftOras tn our ir iul. At divilgbt on the 221 tbe picke?* discovered tbtm e a. ui.ted, and the rebels all within ?Tlhelr r.ia.n une ' of ktrrrifU liue was at < n< o s.lvencod, t?,od preiiarstions made to hive tbe whole Ime adrauce to iiut |bfn?u im by tbe rebels. Scbolleid's corps ?>of*d up tirst H W J*vsr?? I he work*, [be movemeut *w carried on toward iu4 Ihe Fiftoentb 4orpa joined to tlo I *etiiy thud. wbnj Sixteenth "ass ordered to ibu extreme ie. t. Various opinlom. '*<:re gfitoC.t <iued at to I be meaning of this b ekw,.rd tuovc. <n part oi the enemy Could It mean the ?ovacuatton of IbO city? l'hat was tbe concurrent teeti Bumy of scouts ami dtwyters. Or could they ?>e gclng to <$ry tbe virtue* ol a siege? That waa the can out wish of <$vsry Lui'>b soldier *? * Tsw liv-? Apr*irr .*o. ffrlr lo the d 'T f. li Held and l,of?r hud reversed tbo frrbel Work* in their fionl .>ud adv . Deed their main lli.o %ithtn three usrters of a mile >f tbe eiatu de enoes of Atlanta iiiair hud sent out working parties t > complete Stie woik; It h's r nt, while Dodge, who waa to take po OitKin od Piair's left, a<ter be got into position, waa busy fcevoanoitermg hla p sit Ion. xy invwruxiini salt-th. From the poslti. n as?<gned lo i eaeial Poitffe tbe Court Douse nud oilier buildings of th.> city coul.i be plainly n>-en, sc^rcelv a mile als'ant, while the frownintr torts feorutd up mucn nearer, Md unpleasantly ferocious In Opprar.ince. t\liile the tieneral wan coolly survnying fy ? of theso wor jir ml e nearest pickst post . aud en dearor rig to i" rn,u their strength mid nrmament. a <9liiid of white *m< ko arose fr"m one oi tbo embrasures, t*nd a screaming shell came flying at tbe Utile party y*>h>'red ar< rod him, and buried Itself in tbe erotird net iQweniy foot hetore bim wiib?ut bursting. Tbe Hensrai ?!.d p* ?v ? it:, j row ttiougb not without receiving tote .ml more compliments of ti e same sort, fortunately Without injury A COOSBVD. *tiu ?ai about twelve o'clock. Geo. Blair's troops jbrera tut >ot in positioo, a id, with the exception of Btr?ns W' rking partlee, were ot cupving the line raide pt>e preview" d.iy. ( en. Fuller, wltb t'oi Merrill's brigade 4Finil l/. ftudo, Konrih division Sixteenth army corps), %ai iu i aerve In roar of (ion Giles A. bmi:h'a division. She le i ol Uiair'a corpf. Uen. Sweeny's division had Jbeen ordered tip, ai>d h <d baltod for orders In tbe roar of (Boa. miter. It was this accidental posltioo ot tbe Six* teen lb cor, a at tbie partiooiar hour wnicb proved a g d mead to the Unloa army? wliioh, In r%nt, saved it from a flsrleus disa^ier. Juat at this time too Gen. I'odge re li.raed frrm the skirmish One, and while seated at din pier with (>?a. Knlter was first apprised ol the presence of Khe enemy In unknown .orca along our ieit hank. He im Eatel.v gave orders to Gei . Sweeny to put bis division ?it ten to protect tbe flank aad roar, and rising from half <1 nit bed dtnuor, he r<xle at once to see tbe IM. m omonomr. Tke mystery of the fal'i g back Into ' o > "'o works fty the rebels *n tbe m rnrg waa anu^ solv..i. A tali ?oraa (Har?*?'S) hatl m do t ie cirn It oi our *t flans, pad ware aixmt to attack us in the rear. '? bai Hwrony ftad been eiso where? Vi i. caa ted wb .1 n.igbt have ?esa the reault f mi Lms n.sintt la a abort space of .time General Hwoeny's line waa ?urmid. Co!o,.al Kice's brlga la faced to the rear, east Wrurdir , and Colonel M^rsy's rroattng south, tbe Four. Aeeoth ttble batferv at the angle or tbe two liner, and (Jfelker's battery (First M ssonri H) iu the c titiv ot it.ce s trigHda Finding from the dklrmisli tiring that this line i too short, Ueuera! Dodge first ordered out une regi It* from General Fuller's dlvUim. aod then tbe wh >le ede (Morrill's) to be formed ou the right of Col -uel laray. The remainder or General i uller s division bnd ?eat to Deoatar oa tbe aist to guard tbo wi>goa AT'ACW 01 swsainr. I Geaeral Fuller'* brigade waa Lard y in position when Bhe few skirmishers of ttia Mevsnteoutb corps wbo L <d fteen in tbe front were driven lo, and ch>?? after them, at She edge of tbe woods, not three bundrad yards dutaat. Prsd the mala rebel line General I'odge at the time t tbe yoorteentb Oblo ba'tery and ordered It to open >m la a mem nt th ? aiieil were tlying with d?ndly nty Into the r bel raaks. It sioppod for a qiou imt, steadied liself lor a blow and cms forward. The (gu ck aye of Geoarai ln?dge al onca ssw that tbe line was IpUl too long roi hie three brig idea, and l( lt%wb not Bbeoked or driven back would turn bis le't and work nn fiold misohM. Rldit'g amid tbe etorai of ballots to tbe bommaadnr of the klgiity-Qrnt Ohio regiment, I.iaut, Col. ^d<ms, bs directed him to cbasge wttb .agiment. fast mg bo to tha next regiment (Twelfth Illinois) he garn tbe mane order to Lieutenant Cokmet Vaa Hellar. Ingptred fby the pfesenot aad nravery of tbair Ci rntu mditig trend jral. those two regtmenta moved oat with a shout, and, Ipnmiag sround the |<oint of a ridge unexpectedly oa tbe Kabal force, si-lightered tbem terribly, end oaptured a ?arte num?er of prnemsrs, with twostaads uf c dors, waver since ttie battle of Corinth hsva I witnessed a ?rander battle seaae than waa here al this cUlVge. The FbaaaaroC beauty and glery" li aavar hall ao baautiiul IM whaa borne by brave hearted men through the battle ?wfce of an advanoe oa the enemy. ^ . Lieu tea aat laird's and Captain Welkar a bitterh s oilevs into the. ranks now plain before Mas la the open fields and in the woods tayocd. Meanwhile Color. r. Morrill's impetuous brigade, oa the aht, charged aod drove tbe enemy ae'ore It to the etfge h tha timber, in thta, poeitioa it waa without support | tbe right aod was Mmpeilsd to f ail back? a most ?mrdoas movement, yet by ao maana damorantlag. as ?llaa waa MM refhrmed attlta original position, ?again started to drlva tha rebels hack Onea ?nilsot brigade crneaaf that Maody ?d, sad onaa ?NMIMiMN to fall beak nnder a galling fire; bt, aavar deapatrlag. ?h* weakaaed Itae bravely rallied jn asooad tlma sad bald tMMitlM. Bevareiy it luMred I tbeee movemente WW Morrill. Its oommander, ?aeverelr wooeded in two plaaM LiOut. rat Cbarch Mtha Twent) sevsntb oblo, received a ball oc tbe ^?meSal batt?o ? f hie vest, dieabllag him for a t'ma. |ht tha ?hgaga? *at GMeral Dodge had ml to (towel OMas A. Mik to *nKf MM ef the hut iwr, hit l?eiug Um Mi diviei* eu to* Mu?, aad w him to thr*w hta reserve at rig hi saute wiih hw ur%. He had m tiNrm The mmmy mm prsMBd ? Ma ttoufc Ml nw, ud compelled his to head ???<*. 8o<? tbla beoame itbp< actioable, ??? his bm, altar ksd la rear, jumped over toair works ana feughl hi inverse. Hardly dli they reputes ah attack of this kind saiil that' mm rear weald ha attacked, aaa agaia they would have to change pid'-mr the werks la tbla wav portioas of Ceae ral Smlia's division changed elz ttiuaa. Of eouraeell thia wea act daae'witb >ut kiaa. PartloM ?f two ??*?? meets were cut off, aad astae two handred ef them oap? lured. Here, too, Murray 'a batter*, ifeoead (Tailed fetalis artillery. temporarily detached from the Hixteeoth oorpa, Maa captured. It had haae ordered hack to Gene ral Fuller at the beginning 1 the aotioa, aad while oh the way waa cut off and the pieces capture. Over one hundred of the man have ainoe reported. Lieutenant Murray waa oaplured. omasa! M'f? aaoM killsd. The event whicn will cast a gloom over the whole ooantry occurred about <bM time, In front (late rear) of General O. A (toilth'a division. At the baa Inn log of tbe.| battle witb OeoeralOodgd, General MrPhereon had visited him, and, having looked at the ground and dee patched *v?ry one of hta aiaC on various err an da, aald he would go and eee the left. Away, he galloped ajone: plunged tola the timber, where be met the rebel Una of battle. Toe cowardly in reaped the bravery of euch an officer, the rebels fired a volley at tbe Geoeral. Fit* hc?e pmaged aai ta, the lifeless rider fall to the earth, aud the Army of tbe Tenneaaee waa without a leader. Oh t why ta the tata of war an cruel ? Why waa be, tbe pride of the army aad tbe nation, out down? Mcl'berson, the humb est soldier in ail hta army had learned to know bun and to Itvo him; tbe hUheat offlor in bla command coveted I: a oompauioiitblp. denial without fam> liar ity, digniiied without stiff fornjailty, he maintained the pro founded t re#, eel and won the war meat admtratlou ef ail. liurvaAL loo as asscuu commanp. It waa a dark hour wheu a staff otlicer dasbed up to Genera! Logan and whispered to blm the aad tidings. for it w. a thought heat to not let the army know, ao early in the action, such bad uewa. The designs and atrength of tbe enemy wer? not vol developed. Precisely where A look for a b nw no one knew. The Sixteenth corps bad repulfed tbe uii uk oa us position and bad bravely held its ground. Ibe Sevei teeath whb being pushed in, though btbtiog wit a the stubbo nnees of veterana as they ?v?. ttoneral Logan's first order was to aend a div'isio#on General Podge's left, to guard against a rear attack. Tbia was taken frem ths Twenty third owns, and the Flttoenth oorps had to lengthen out to fill the spam* CK.VTRl BROKKIC. The force oame on Korean I- Smith's division, and after one of tbe severest debts of tbe campaign they drove back bis division, capturing tbe artillery, aumn*; wb ob was the famous Ita Graa battery, a genuine artlilertst'ls always a* tender of bis guns m he would be of bis children, and it is said that Captain De Graa wept at the loss of his guns. THK CBNTrtB RTMMTABI.iaHKI >. General Lojran repaired In person to General Dodge f> get assistance In retaking the Hue and tbe guns. General Dodge sent up (V?|r>uol Mersy's brigade. It had already touxht a severe battle and had endured tho fatigue of a day's watcbruluesa, but at tbe sound of danger it moved off without a word. Arriving on the ground, tbe brigade wot In with a yell, deploying as It went up. Company officers vied with each other In being Orst to reach ttio wortos held by the enemy The line was triumphantly carried, and with it a large number of prisoners. It w to Hood'a corps whloh had made tbe assault there. RESULTS. The loss of the Sixteenth corps wil! probably reach one thousand Tho Seventeenth lost fi'teon hundred, whl'.e tbe Fifteenth did Dot lose more than Ave hundred, mak ing a total or three thousand. Judging from the front of the Sixteenth corps tho robeis lost at least twice aa he.vily aa we. They loft their dead and wounded In onr hands everywhere except where the Seventeenth corps yielded. Ilardee's corpa made a desperate effort to ?aln qur rear, but fortunately waa met by the Inde'atlgable com mander or the t-ixteenth corps ana waa hurle<l back. Only with the left of tbe Seventeenth odrps, which was cut off be'ore It could manoeuvre, did be gala any'auc cesa. Hood tried to break our centre, partially succeeded witb heavy loss, but was, by thettmely arrival of Colonel Moray's brigade, driven back with greater low. Alto gether tbe ai'ioiidid achievements which were expected to be accomplished utterly failed. colon ri. sru*QDB'a pkkskci or dbcatcs A part of Hie plan consisted In sending Wheeler's cavalry to destroy tbe trains In our rear, Tbe only guard we bad for these was three regiments of Colonel Sprugtie's brigade, |iosted tn Decatur. Of hta aeveie en gagement ar.d ? ucressful defence of our tr?lod too muoh cannot be said In bis praise. His loss was over two hun dred, yet a!t unaided be withstood the onset of two dividual ot W heeler 'g cavalry and saved our trains. CASIALT'KJ. I send vou accurate lists of killed and wounded of some ot the raiments of tbe Sixteenth corps. General Fosce and Cbiouel Fry, Twentieth Ohio, of tho Seventeenth corps, wore wounded. Lieutenant i'-olouol Brown, Sixty-third Ohio, was woundod. Th# Adjutant of the regiment and Captaka Thorn were kliied. Colonel Mersy, la going into position to retake tbe line of the Fifteenth corps, was slightly wounded by the fall of his favorite bor*e, which was shot. l.leuii'uaut Colonel Howard, Second lowa. waa painfully, wounded. Ma.;or Campbell, Sixty -sixth Illinois, was SS-' rlously wo'inded. Lieutenant W, H. Peters, Sixty -sixth Imllana, aud Captain Heaton, Second Iowa, wet* wouMjqd. ?' iruceW* burying the dead waa had to-day . /iflrlhg which the rebel oltlcors reported tbat General '.lardee is wiping. We have ^i captured hU?. iiule^ he to dta gulsed. . )?_LZ? ! rebel accounts. - . i Rrpuiu fcefor# At Th? Alleged """ Ornnl? l?nt?- Mltormaa ImlUt,., Shelling of ctia Clif-Aadrtll mt 0??. erul lloud to Hta Troops, ?Ssc. (From the Richmond Examiner. J^|? jr l Tbe telegram from Atlanta etta?- fc.J again boeu ropuUod iu simrrmi to fetlt ^ ' fl7u?*r? >i?i 7" attempt to break our Hum. It ' Imliaiiou of Grunt, com metier stw ? llh0lItJ vmK no-Ice of hid internum, iIiiih ex^ ^ ,, , es ,0' jomen and children to danger, iu ever/ reg|p?v. latikoas violate tho UKiigea of civilised wirf to, ul 11 'Teach n<?0 combatant ktllatS at i* ml lour prisoner* ought ?? puffer death. Tho address of Goner*! to bis troops Is spirited and to the point; y?t some trill perceive, to it a slight re Hecilonujoa the polity of tbe laW Commander of tbe Arn>>~ of TenDosxee. TRB ATAWTA TTMOTWAHS. [From the Richmond Dispatch, c-aiy 2T.J ' Atlaxt*. July 26, lfrd. Tbe enemy mjrfe no Attempt Inil right to braak our I'Deg; but waaYepulfed by Ctieatham after a conflict of one boor. During the day quiet prevailed around tbe city, tbe only demount rat ion Imng occasion*! picket flriog. At tuidiay t day toe Yankees ope'ed with nh*ii avaiu upon the city, shelling it one hour with some vigor. No notice or bis Infeotloo to shell the otty w?* given to en .bio tbe women and children to bo removed to p|*cea of safety, nia hnrli'troi.'a violation oi tbe usages of civillzod warfare only enabl.d bitn to murder a raw non-combatants. Moat of the abeiM came froto tweuty pounder Ptrrolt unn* tn position <>n the line of the Weateru Atlanta Rallrond, with occ*<noni; >u I ->si le? fri ru anottior gun e?sl ot the city. The Kalitait operatic:'* of Wednesday and Friday aeem to bavn improved th* Ynnkees with a wholesome desire to strength ia their dank*, which they are now dolug Their dUMUv of rcclcel signals bas been Uiilllant, inUi eating nievement on their part. The fulioK ng addroes to tbe troapa waa read ibis roam ing? BiADQtTAitma, A mit or Tnnmi, 1 If >i>-> rnut, July at, 1884. I Po-nrvKV-Mperlenre bas proved to you tbat safety to time of battle o ustau In getting into cloae quarters witb Iba eofiniy Gunn ai:d colors are the only unerring Indi cators or victor?. The valor of troops la eaatly eatlirated, too, by th j number Of those received. If your onemy be allowed to ovjtinu* tlio operation of flanking you out of positiou, oar ?ama la in peril. Your recent bi iiilani suc cess proves your abi'lty to prevent It You have bot te will it, and God will grant us tbe victory which four commander and your country so confidently expect. 1 B HOOP, General Brigadier General K. A. Phonp baa been appointed Chief of ?ta3 of this array to day. Tbe Vnaaral of Otatral HcPhsnsa, SainrawT. Ohio, July 29, lSOt, Tbe fan*r?t of Ui,|or Cet era! McPheraon, at Clyde, to day vu very Irrgefy attended. The earaoioniaa wtre exceedingly '.ran. esrvo The body waa a Headed by roar of hi* peraooal staff One company of the Thirteenth Toiled giatea Infan. try, thb Twenty -fourth Ohio battery ,irom this city, and th* Otis Rand- ad and Twenty-eighth Ohle Yetersn la fantiy, from Tohaann'a Is'and, formed tbe.funaral esoort Thr Rev. T. F. flildroth, of the Methodist Episcopal church, dellvero' tho funeral addroee, which waaliataned to wltb breath .sa l!itara*t. Ammig the grief ?tr(fken mourners ware tba mother, graurissothar. two alslera. two brothers and other rela. \lv(*i oi the dfceAjed. U ? o\im?>er of pert one preaent waa Mt'mated at tan Mouaand. Itisao Ball. OKAMt> Msrcnan AT PRff.AimtPBIA. artn.n.c,o* rsiiunaLrma, va. nwurra, ov mooxLnr. A verj Inter e*tiog ?ame or baaa had waa played an the otyinple ball gmtwd, Philadelphia, as Thursday af ern.xjo Ir the preaen.# ^ a very numerous a^aem bl ik* m tbe adm'rer* M the game, among whoa ware quite a bfvy Of tie fair ones A the onaker Ctr. Tlia co cieet ante !n the /srne ware the Reaolnte Cloh, of nroak ijn. utio bave selaoted h trip U I lillaoelpbta to play a aerieN of gamee with tba leading associations or that city, sa an enjoyable mothod of paeslag a pertk* or tholr usual summer vacation from husiaeaa. Th# ewteat prer?d to t>o a cre<!itatle display a( the attractive fea ture* of tbe gnT?, and re*uHe<,-io a wad earned victory Ibr the rblladf-iphian*. ?cna ? Innirat 1*. 3d. td ilk tfh. ?A. TfA. Mb. tfb. Resoiaie 8 0200*0# 0? It Athletic 3 4 ? I I ? ? ? *?'? ? Umpire- Mr. f Knight, of the rawden Club. Tlaeof game, three hours and IWty tnlnutea. Ibe matches on Friday between the Csmdsn and Re lute ami th* Kayataae clnbs of fhlladalphia, rataltad fellows ? camdiw va. ?ma<>i.trr?. In w not 1,4. td. 3.1 4iv t>\. tUK TO. Mb Mb Camden 9 ? 0 4 ? 0 # 0 %? 11 Kaeolaio ? ? ? ? 2 ? S S V? Id 1'mpire ? Mr. Berkoaatprk ef the Athletic club. Ttnse of gam*, two hoars and thirty minutes. Leu ot th* Barb lehra Oraebsr. Poanrtuan, Mo., inly M, ltd* The barb Sabra Orooker, captain Map lea, from Ma^aaa ft* Portland, with a cargo of molasssd, wao wrarfed tba isssad day out from Mauaaaa.es th* r?r* MMb . Crur dared. Chrgo laa vrad p t?\s Oily THE POLITICAL lffARTTKT. | T*? Official* u b* BietM this PalU> j i^lvlly aad Uirl|an at u? P*H Srldln* R?|lm< j ItbtMO '*? HlMajr Ubkf-Vta Chlc?|? r??Ti?il?? >ai U? raaiUu to b? RtprM*^'*4 T??r.-Tb* Maatpa Ullai rciUUlaas tt* ?*????? ??? U< ??CUIIaa D*aioaatr?vl??i, At., orrioaai ra ?? ilIOTCD. At usual, th? approach of (ha dog day* kw agala found oar pollttoitaa busy at mortals wall oaa be. What oara th?y Cor tbe baa tad tarn, wbta tbera ara aa Mao/ prtaaa to ba* ooataadad far at Ua November alaeUoaf Tba business meo ? our marobaata aad maaafMturars? may aaek tba cool abadaa of soone rural ratraat to raat tbelr ovar taxed braloa aad Invigorata tbalr bodlaa for tba busy scene* of tba fall and wlntar; bat tbo politicians bate on time for tbte. Tba preaaat is their hour for work. Aside from the P residential elect loo there la a Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Canal Oommtaaloner aad Stata Prison Inspector to be eleoted tbls fall oa tba Bute ticket. Tbara ara also thirty-one Congressmen to ba cboaan by districts In tha Stata, and ona hundred tod twenty eight members of tba lower, or House or Repra gent stives, la the Albany Legislature. The present Senate bolda oyer. These ara prisas aot to be overlooked by tbe politloiaua, consequently they beod not tbls bot weather or any other ebataole tbat stands la tbe wsy of their uanlpulatlen and plpelaylng. But tba above era not all. The fact of the election of P residua t, Governor, Congressmen and members or the Legislature Is om<ugh to keep tbe politicians In a feverish stata In preparation for tba nomination; but Ibey nave other incentives in this city. Ibero Is to beohoaen at tbe Novnmber elociioo In tbta city a county bberlff, County Clark, City Judge, two Supervisors and Coroner. Al though the county offices to be Oiled are cot numerous, tbey are enough ta give spice to Iccal politics and furnish additional opportunities for bargaining away tba manipulations of the numerous factions. We are tald by some of tha leaden of tbo political cliques that we are to have no corrupt bargains between tha dltvertmt halls this fall; bat tbls, we confess, doos not precisely tally with the movaoienta of some of the operators. Ex tensive efforts have been made nlre?Uy to trade and barter tba offices to bo chosen In tbia city. Tba advances made by the Mojarters thus far bava boeu repelled. In fact, those wbo look to wards combinations from that source, are all told by the other (action, "Whan we want Mozart strong lb we will buy it outright of Wood, wbo carries that concern In his pooket.' Tbis Idea is uot relished very well by tbo?e who have bee* spending their time, drains and money iu that, concern. The result Is tbat there Is a muss in that organization, and plans are being laid ao cordlngly. Wood does not know to-day who in hia party Is for and who against him. HEW MOZART RAM.. Whils moat ef those who are lo the organisation aad are dissatisfied witn Fernando Wood's course remain tbera to defeat his scheme, If possible, thare la also tba second organisation of Mozarl Hall, already prepared for work, In which are a large portion of tbe original men of Mozart nail number one, with others wbo have, at dlderent times, i>nd even at tbe present are, oonnectcd with tbo old conccrn. They have tlready nearly perreci?d tbelr organization, rented their rooms at the Stuyvesant Institute, and will throw out tbelr banner some day this week. However much tbwe opposed to this may sneer at tbe movement, It looks like a formidable and import ant move against Wood, and will give him serious trouble lu tbe ccmlng campaign. Tbolr precise line of policy, furtber than opposition to Wood, has not ss yet tr&n ?pirsd. in what way or manner tbey will conduut tlioir opposition We are not apprised, and av.-ait the develop ments which are to follow In due eeaaon. MONSTBB BOMM FOR TUB ALBA.NT LOBBY The Gridiron Railroad patriots of tfaia cttjr? those who ?agmoerftd through the Legislature of l%rtfli the numorons railroad schemes of that a ass. on ? ere industriously maul pulatlog the ? ires for the election of members of the Legislature. They have another grand Job nearly batched out to enter the Albany lobby with text winter, and are taking the preliminary steps, Id hopes that tt\oy oan avoid publle attention through the excitement <,f the Presjdenttal canvass, and secure the e'er.tior^ ^ men,t)er? I who will be pledged to their scheme or at least, will be samclcntlV pliable to he made '^i|r j^ts at the ne*t session. Thlc taonster ifthem^ tonalsU In a oont?"j[lla ted grant for a railroad, and lo/fcch other streets In this City Vn which r* 1 roads. tan be made to pay , to be put ttiro?? ^ (!uder 'one (.onA/natlon, m m 1060, and, on to? - a Button or c>?use rofevinj I^mMoOI on ?h? fg>, which *W ?Jvejo gjg Ow in th^cltr cbsrtored by u.e Legislature the right t ? raise thefr ?*."!" ,0 ton C0ct? per passenger. Tlie poblio ranf ?*2,War ,hls 0iat>lbas arrangement so monstrous in its formation " w'" r?U. as it outfit to, by its own wtffjtbt. But they oC iS?Ubt remember the j | reels lew legls'atioa at Albany la I960, W jvhicff po at ton Mod waa paid to lb* indignation of ths p6op!e. This scheme Is managed io tbe main by tilo nms rccfclesa patties, namely? Law, Eerr, VVted at) d ? Company, and tbe public, ther<*f^re, cm Jtdjo wbat ef fort! will be mtit te pal ft through. The only way to deOat It hi to t>? wart.o C it time, and meet I bom at Iks convention wfcxti nominates members o' the Legislature, aud at the poila Tbe scheme enter* largely Into th? manipulations of the local politics In this city, and la brought to l>ear on all tbe.candulatea fur nomination for ct'nnty offices, at well a a tbe Le*iaiaiiire. it baring been ceminer.ced at this early stage, it la probable that tbe effort will be mad* to draw Into ti e combination numerous other jobs which are alwaya cooked up by tbe lobby as wett <** ir thu city, and tbe fortunes of all these ?cbemea united to gether, and thua a combination forowd, compoeeil of ho rn.my Intorost* that it will be able to override all opposition, like the glaciers that desoeod from the Alps to tne valleys below. Tlicae DiovemobM Indicate that tbe preparation*. for a grand plundering expedition at Albany next winter aro larger and muro formidable lhaa ever before. Are the peoirie of this ' >ty prepared to rest In quiet asdics ib'ji plan carried out/ CHlCaf* CON VBNTIOH. Tbe exc'.tamnnt in regard to th? Chicago Convention increases as tb? day ui it" meeting draws near All eyes are turned in tbat direction The developments of tbe last three weeks, commencing with tbe recent raid on Washington, which onu.aod a reeling of disgust towards the officials at Washington on all side*, bss, upoo other developments, rapidly i:<creaced, nntll now republicans anl those who ooe month ago al most' worshiped lJooolo spoak llglWly of him Ken who wers tbe first to sntsr the republican ranks now say tbat tbs.r arc losing oonddsnoe In Lincoln's patriotism, that his opposition to "^ipooln* tbe Ball! more C< nvenlloe. viewed lathe light of receat events, looks as thong b be cared more for re election than be does for the interests of tbe country. la short, It nas t>eoome a common tblag to bear nsa , who bars heretofore cbergcd thcae who criticised Ltaeoin'e acts with being traitors, .openly state that they were afraid tost Lincoln's re feiectioa would lasara the recognition of tbe South and dissolution ef the Unloa. To bear republicans and heretofore extreme Linoolo men talk in^tbla way Is certainly significant. That sush is lbs case no man who will tske the Itoubi* to converse with the rack and file, oatstds of tuoss who are tinder the m Oueace of tbe shoddy oontrsotnrs and eflteeboiitars. can ' very long doubt. To snob tbe truth of the above elate meat a seed no further proof ef the fact that the g?"?ral public, avc'j republican!*, now begin to lock upon Die tie teat of Lincoln as the only hope for the restoration of tlin Union. There baa beaa within tbs last three weeks the most as ton inning revolution la the minds ot the people la thin rsepeel This Increasss the carioally Id regard to the events of the Chicago (invention. Aside from a small bead ?f trsdm# and huekvering politicians here and there, the opposition element appear* to be aettllag down into ths Idea Of no platform at Chicago Let tbe record of the man nominated be tbe platform, and be a men upon wboee JnJumert the people can rsly to earry them safely through the national storm and threatening d Mas tar banging over oar beads. As re gards toe pisiform, the feel lag seems to beibecocsll tntlon sad laws aader it. and opposition to its aibitraty and despotic acta ef tbe ednaialstrattoa of Abraham Lincoln. imtuma mown At CIITOAOO. Prom present Indications there will be ons of tbs largest gatherings at Chicago aver known al an? national con reatioa. In the tint place, there m to be a large oat side force for Prsmom, beaded, It la sa"t, by Senators Wads, Bomner, Wendell rhllllpa end other shining lighi* in that peculiar faith. Vitl la lure will be % large delegation of Cbaae mea from all part* or the country to press npoa tbeOooven tloa the anmiaatlon of oraai Thsn will soms ths Tallandlgham-Wood peach at any terms faetioa, or, ss It is generally termed by tbe rank sal file of tbe demo cracy, tbe Wood Llaeoln fact lea la addition to this tbsre will be atllt another large olaaa, who will urge the Conveattoa ie nominate a known La tea man , pledged (br tbe reeteratloa of tie Union aa tbe first sod forsm st object, whatever mea as It ma/ be necessary to resort to to accomplish It. Bow all of these coadtcttnp elemsets will banioalss remalss yet te be ssea. It la to be hoped that snob steps will be takes as will secure a union of et'osgb of tbe oppostag elsaisass to Lincoln to ssenrs Old a so"* defeat at the peita, tbe early eatings* el tbisrs bsinoa sad the rsstonwtsa of tbs Oalo* nil ol? aonoot, or rot mew. It aeeass tebmpard werb fee the old ptpe'sylng sad manipulating pOfUtotaaa te ssasprebeod tbe reel pnsuioa tbat wa are la JuM sow. Ike; seem to imagine tbat they bare ealy to plot for the aoaslaallsa of tbiaor that maa aa frirstefora sad averytbtog la aeaompMsnsd. wbea tbe verf revarsa la the esse. They fbrget tbat Ibis ssaa palga la te be ens of IdeM. fka laboring maa, tbe meehaale aad aaaa of aM gra lea have become fMittaiaaa. They watoh aloaelr tbe eve** ef tbe time end decide fee IbMMflra. Tbi talaw >?f,r ataksstblAsecamyy, H If (hay vmN. 1MT butter >ra at ??*&? I oof ku<t cl Uslug for Itimnaeivee ul tbelr little ikim C->oi|Ml them to m4 m4 4eei4e. AM the oer?ea art?a *f life are rmpdly I?ihmI?| W prw* u4 iwr 4t increasing tketr aalMy fWf d> d<H look at the abmr*/^ '<!??? of ibe maalp?l?Ui g poMietaas: but tbry m? ia tb<? r<tl knU lriiaflrli| Ui U>? oouuiry Cr? In gr *u priov'iplee, and MiagBlaa lk? ?Ma wbe rawreeent them If tb? v.a>cago OoaraaUoa w aav other make* iu record In lb* ooat^atloa of Ita oaa did >u ooiucid-i ?Kli their utiit. i| ideas it tl" wllb tbe aupiwrt or the maasea. U aot, thaa M faopl# viU repudiate It. Taa i* tile demand new aad lit* maa. They have ? id eu<?ugb of tba old school of makip?lMlt;ff potitlciaoa; and If any suck are a nliMMd M Chicago tba Idea of Nitctih** anil record their ds'eat. Toa ramora of tba tiniu utnoo at tba Filial or aa, Florae* Md otter old fofiea only cauee a nulla of ooalampt. M'OMH.I.AN DKtfONkTSATION IK KBIT TOM. During tea la-t week tbera baa been one oontlaoal atraam of dewioneiraifew lo this olty for OaMral MaCM lan. The MClHIan nlubs b?ve heon active us tbelr pre Iterations for tlie mut meeting to be baid at tba Cooper liiatlluta durii g tbe onmtng week, wbeb promle?e te be oae of tbe lergiut gatherings knowo in lata city aiooe tbe great Uui.ie spare war meeting Id 1881. It la aomewbat Hingular that, let tbere be any puoiio gatber lag. whether Ita obieot la reform to the olty government, working re en '? association, war democracy or peaoe meeting, which tho masses are permitted to atteud, or area Fremont gathering, fcnd there is certain lo he oproarloua demon strations and the wildest enthusiasm munifested for McCletlaa befora the assemblage break* up. Prominent men from the Weat, wtio hare been in the city In tbe laat f iw weeks, state tnat the g:ime ibing exists lu Wtscousm,. Michigan and other Western Hives. These gentlemen da .clare mat, In addition to the i?eriier nil n? o: Moneliaa by the* admitilstrat .011, the tact tb.it tbe Vtiilandigham an I Wood peace men are w >rklna ataiott btm baa increased tiU popularity lu tho Northwen | In addition to the trass meeting I* this city this week there Is to lie a groit gathering at I'eoris Ultnoia, on tbe I 4tbof August- probably < f pe<oe men? with a view of t operating upon and Infiuon ing ihe Ch caso Convention. 'Villi tlits developments of tb&se two gnthorioes wo may j be able t" ssoertain fomMlim-' sboul tbe O'lture of the contort that we are to have atfti'caito, and, p<>rka a. in a me isnrc, divine llio it'sults. 1 b'is aro nut>onal mat.ers rapidly drifting to a crista of some kind. \ | Military Atrial ra. | Recruiting at tbe Battery dopot shows that ? good d?kl i of patriotism still oxlsla among tbe yovin^ men of New Vork ? tbe type of the men who wert with Ells worlh. and Brewster, and Puryee? or that tbo efforts of the Recruit ing Hoard and of tboso who are too well off to submit th -m^e'res to tbe ordeal of a draft nre succeeding won derfully. Thope who faar the alternitlve In tho latter ciiyo, howevor, ou .bl not to bo to backward iu coming forw ird. II tbov had not so tuucb dc;>eudacoe in olty, and county, and t<tate bountiM, there would be more of tbera allowing tbelr hands? or tbelr pockets, full enough In all conscience to ioduoe them k) do more M patriots and leas an speculators. LINA3HY ILCtS. OKI HU<4D!tSD AND ??0t?50 HROf ? MR*T. 'iKtaRti. vHnsk? no T Hcaix^tuKiKR.*, Mkb< kr Hvic.su, July 30, 1414. Csmmandnuts of companies are ordered to assemble their commands at lhe*<> beadipmrterson Mondsr, Anruet 1, ail 1*. M , preparatory to cncampment at Fort Hamil ton. All enllfttotl rner. not uniformed will report to their respective couipauioe iume<ltsto'y to receive tbalr uni forms. Detail for Moaday, August 1 ? OG'cer of the Hay? Captaia K. S. RiCb. Officer of the Guard? I.leutonunt R. M. T.aka. By order, JOHN N. WM^fT, OoK-nal. Bv>nr J. Wfura, Adjntant. TBI riPUT-8IXTR RKOIMSNT. KrsciAL oaoKa ? no. 44. Ukadquabtbrs, Fin' -flits RaoiMurr, > Brookltm, July 30, 1804. j Tbe offioors, ucn-oommlssionod oflioara, members and ?11 enlisted men of thin couunand are hereby notified to immedlate'y report fur duty at headquarters, For* Rich mond, bUteti Island. J he command will report Cor mus ter Into tba United Btatoa Mr vice on Monday, fet two o'clock P. M. All members fkiUBg lo rapurt will bo ooa elderod as deserters and dealt with Accordingly. By order, Colonel J. Q ADAM8, Ccmmaading Fitly -sUtb r?nimeut. Taaa. H. lawLiK, Adjutant. rR?An,n? C'#r miwon Of CMdldati' fron? the fng wm tlto result-? . ?^nool? the foMoir* &i ?#? ^ i I a K M- ?!. \ ? f } I:::::::;::; 1 ? I x l;:-::::: * 1 8::::::::::::*! ? IS:::::::::::: 5 8::^::::::: S 1 u.. ' l ~p... a ? 1 I 14 J 0 40 56 .i is...* ???? ?? a 41 J J 2:::: ? j 81 I o si ! ? i m , 1 Q 46 !t? 6 S 4 ?H 10 a S 1 4t> 1 0 ? 1 ???????? ? 5 t ' 8n?Priwirn^/ iail .h > r?ira r>f ?g*. i ??ffl}eOjM nol'l ^OMtf ftflMft ^(.rd,y aflefDOOB 00( f? WM >?? th0 ?f found tyiae tneeiifllble' ?"* Nluih Ptroel aod avenue 4* ?WCOV -n* heat. The police convoyea ^'fn Belle* ?apilal. Ta? Riuut Kwj) or a mS^-Welte, *STg0 4 , barejuat received front the Rar. Pr. Bellovta, * ."""dant of tbo luited 8l*te? Sanitary Cumin ist 'on. four tea vf ?*r* of allvor, Muo'iLiiog la tbe etogaie tox$8,708 in ralud. They arr'vetf by the Coata Itlra, wblcb i garbed hare a few da yg ego, uud ooe of tto bara, vaJu 'H at ? as bro'iRh* to itila otiica yc?Mrday for our .Hjspectlon. tbia Filrar w\ a Via raault o' the aala of n Uitr pviVid sack oi flour. i>re*eiited\hy tbo cltif >na or Auatiu f'ioavaa fiver, Nevada Territory, u> Iho ?tt.ailary Cnmnilliiou. Good For Win 1'u?V ? A poor woman rosiding In hw Thirty sixth street liu t>een safety delivered of tbre* boye and ore k irl at oueVslrtb The mother and children ere gitid to be doing ao? itt'Tely as well, but butter ttun i:gbt to beexpectp.il unrtortihe drrittn tanac. Tut Vtri*iu\? or im Vi'jlAo r ISM ere about to hare ?a nxoursloD, Md all are :nvitM to call at the oft cn No. 4 City Hall t'leoo, to sealii Id mS^'og tbe arrangements, brth mate sud female, dally, t^otn <nu is live o'clock. A I30 a regular monthly meeting will be held at the Mer cer Honao 'ii Friday evening Cffxt. August ft, it half-peat c.oven o'clock, and ercy momoer is reqnaeted to be pre-xiot. It is alfc important. H HAYJtovr*. Prl-adi?rGeneral. APKN DA1.1 Y, Colonel. tern: M. Parra, Adjutant. Diauoftttir 1>. Masnc-..? A few evaumgs since, * Memsstlc in the employ of Mr. J. Yf Pen k, ex-Presldout o f the Board of Aldeimen, left suddenly, and immediately after ward* diamond* and Jewelry to the amount of $660 were inumed. A new nervaru wiwt hired tbo next day . but tlie fallowing evening she decamped with a dumber of ?:!k d reuse* which Mra peek bad arrange* far her aumwor toilet at the seaside. Police Intelligence. FXT1VHVK fltCPHTtittS BY A CUhtK - ? I AR1B AtfOOWT or OOAM BTOI.W AM? BKOOWtED ? ARBHST OP TBI fHtBT AMTD AM.tOCD KIOflTIII , Par la# tbe last tlx or seven months tbe Am ef Messrs. Povllo k Co., cloth in| merchant", 469 and 401 Broadway, has loet large qaaotitlee of good* la a manner, till a day or two since, quite myntertoes to then*. They sat a cloae watch over their cleika, but made ao discovery of a satis factory character, although their goods oootinued to dla appaar la tbe aame onaoceuntabie manner ea before Mr. Per I la at length consulted Chief Young, of the deteotlve force, la relation to tits loatee, aad detect tree Keleo and Radf< rd were detailed to unravel the mystery concerning the missing gooria. Iter aerera: days and eights of close watcblug and rb:ev d management, tbe ofleor* became fully snwlv' that l'euhan Pecker, a young clerk ia Mr. Devlin's employ, wu the guilty perty. Bnbee<jo*ntly pecker was oaug I. in the act of tell leg a new suit of n.othaa, wtiici. be bed taken from tbe store, to a couple of Frenchmen named Peter Maroeelr and John Itogio, whom he liad met at a lager beer saloon ia Broome strret. The deiectivae then entei ed the place and ar reeled Decker aad the allegud receivers. Peokar, It then appeared, had long beea ia tbe habit of soiling stolen goods to Marecler, whioh they T>*w?e<t or otherwise die p?ed or. <?n searching lacker's rooms, in Morton jt-eet, in doteotlvea touct a Urge oumb#r of rawn tickets for a variety of clothier, valued at II, AN. which be had stole* frnra his employers and afterwards pledged at various atiopa throughout the city. Pecker alee bad hia ward* d? well stocked with cboiee clothing, whieh ha bed 'alonmusly takea Irom bia etrployera store. Mr. Tievllt. of the Impression that l?rker had robbed him or ebo .t $4,900 worth <>f goods Ail tbe accused parties were taken ke ore .'net lee Oowllng aad ooaamlttod to tae Tom be for trial with at ball. RgCAPTOU OP All MCAPkB C0WT10T. About a year einoe a man named Oarrett (tenders, who then lived at U> asMagton street, fatally atabbed o^e Joan Kane. Headers waa arretted aad auhasyieatly c nvici^dof ne-slenghter, when tbe Court rentonned Aim to tbe Ptate prteor m? three years. Boon afterwards Maoders exhibited symptoms of tneaalty, whereupon ho wsa traaafortod to the State Lnnatio Asylum at Auburn. Oa the l?bt in it. be made hie eaeapo from that lostltn Una aad oamo to Mew York General Superintendent Kennedy directed Captain Ueltne, of the Tweaty-eoveotb precmct. to m?ke search rot the convict, and, teeming that ae bed gono to work la th* it< no quarry at Phomlx viile. Pa., tke Uaptaia sent omcer Reed, of fete force, to that f ace to arreot bias. The officer returned with San ders on Friday evening, ami yesterday morning started back ta Auh irn with him Peraommt latelltgenee. Brigadier General James l. Klerean, former I e surgeon of the Hlxty aiBth Mow Tork. Volunteers, de. liver ing e number of lootoreo tbrougheat the Weet upon the Kenlaa BretharMood. Mr. M. U I, ud Ing ion entered upon th<ydntiee of tbe ottoo of sppratssr of tbie city ea Monday Hit. Comssodoith veiardo, fr. Oa Alton, Uapuia A. Crowe, Of the huaalna army, K W Vaowet (o< I. or den***! Baoka' ataff; jodgo Duffy, of chlcaoo. nod t.teo'onant A. M- MeaaaMT, Vaitod SUtoe Bsvy,sre gr.es ia at the Vlfia AveaoO Hotel. General Spregae, Dotted irwir. is H'tifUii a? Ike M. Nlchoted Uototj NEWS FROM THE PACIFIC. Bjl* ruraMO, Jiff ?, 1194 Tk* Karate Ooaat National OmtmUm kaa a4j? r? <. ?fUr pua lag aa ordlaaae* sakssJUklf lia week It tka The UnN ir? wry tell la Karate to la Miar?4 that tk* proposition to araol the terri tory lata a MUia will ka yM WmM. Tba ?Tarlard mall U now making quick trip#, teattag Ut steamers ragalarly . Tkere is a large movement la io|u going on. Flva th uaaad k arrets of orusbed we 'a (old to-day lor ISK oonta. A now reflnary In, Imh started. The o**|w Oregon are good, ud shipment* of floif ara being auto froaa I bar*. Tka CkabU'BB CammlHlaa la Callfar* ? In. Paii-ADBLimi, July rr, 1*64. A despatch from *.?* Francisco. rucaived to day, mates that tk? ageou of tke Christian Commission itra meeting wllk great su<-cem Ik California. Tba Pnolfln < hrtatiau Couimiaaion kaa aeot Jk 3',W6l. their scoond remittance, to tha Christian t'ommisAon at Philadelphia. Dal?gnt?a fr >m tba Paciflo Cftr Utlan Ommlsaioo arr I vert bare to da y from tea fraaclaoo, on l be ??/ to tba Arm/ of tba i'o toma*. Bxploaiwa al two a? Dnpont'i Pawdat About hair past aim o'clock an Saturday arsnfnf hat the citizen* <>r Wilraioctoo wei a at irtied by a stunning report, ro**mt>!lng that of tlie discharge of a bandrad plecae of onnnon. Ao''omi>anfi n* tba report a dense ?(flume or smog* wan seen to riao u the uattfbhorbood oC D'.poiit'a I'owdcr Mills. on tha ^mod/wine, abont four miles from the city. It was at oaoe conei?'l?d that tho report proceeded rrora tho place design ited. A large boiicourne of perauns war* soon toutul wemlmtf their way In the direction or the mllla. On tu riving Ihera it wis round t but two of the mill* *?a<l been destroyed by tha exnloMun, aad thai aaveral ier? .ua dad boen more or loss Injured. Among th a number w at a lab'iriu ; man, living In cto?e praxiraitv to tho gcei.it or tho dtnialer, uamed Josanh Hthy. he had juat la\'t a store la tha neighborhood, aad waa pasting tnwu-di Vita b<>:na on tba opposite nido of the Hrnndywiue creolr, when a large piece or limber from tho mill struck bvi I.-rt near the thigh, causing a sorlou* fracture and la.v \og open the fle*u ah mt ton Incuea in length. Re was found lying on tho rnadsldii, sutrorlog intuiisoly from the wound, and was carried to his residence by acme or the meu employed la tbe mtlla, where r>r. Tracey attended to bis wound. Tba cause of iba expiovtoc waa attributed to noma dts arrangement or the tnaohiticry, by which it i* supposed a spark m emitted , U?u* tfbituti tlM po * dor. The mill* are ubout twenty by thirty feot in dimension*. ai d about fire stories high. Al the time of tbe explosion tho mills O'ltitalnud. as tear as could b? asi.oru.uad, about live tons 01 powder. Mr. frtby, ibe Injured man, baa a wifs and six children depeudiog on klnri for support. The mills bavo haea guarded for savers! weeks by a company of drilled men, who keep a strict watch over the factory In order to prevent the Intrusion or any one after tbe cl uing of the gales It 13 tbereiore beUered that the expl <eion of Saturday could not have boen oauscd by any designing person. It is thought thut tbo ions wilt reach about sl.ity thousand dollars. The bulldinga are almost tolallr destroyed, nud It wi'l be some time berore tbey can ne put into a condition suitable for una. I<arge pieces of timber and barrels were thrown by tU? force of Ui? explosion entirely acrriss Hrandywine orees. and for a gieat distance et ideor.es of tbadisMter were viaiole. The Orart Old Mnrylsailtr, IihmMl Day. The l.'al'lu oro American publishee lUa follow .ug'leiter Troin Ishmael L>ay ? Having a?\? recruited ? little, ud got things a ltttl* Sxod, but still weak aud rouble, I bog leave, through four valuable paper, to reply to t be letter or myvo;y kiwi uJ sympathizing friend, dtted I'hiladelphla, July 14, and *n the name of the people, and over the aigna tunvtrf '-One of Man/,'' and say wltli all my heart and ?" il, T thuok him in >at atncerely for b?s kindness and f> /cr, but would lis i-e been much more thankful could 1 '.vivo doservod mure of Ma kiudness, u* well art Ms fol low oiiiMrm whom lie represents, by giving to th'/ other rebels auch a deadly (lose an I gwot'ja Drlt, and as many more, could I liaTo doue ho. 1 fuel tt to be tboduty^>( every Amorioitn clllven, borne and tbroad.old and younir, to make use o. all ways and pnnaii3, aod at all Hm and tm/ardp. to crush this cursed hi J uncalled tor rebellion. At tbe time ! shot thtrebei 1 did not tbiuk ror a m?. meut ot poverty or c?n5e<iuenoo*, but kept toy oye on the traitor and oar glorious old 8tar? and Strip*), wMch God grant may ever ivavo over all onetnioe of every laotl and aatloi* as ?oll as iraitort of this one: bappy laud. I baro lost by (his set ard love nfniy country all my prop erty by Are, by ibe hiaOe of tntitors. excopt two small outhouse", all my booka and valuable papers, bousetaMd mid kitchen fi.rnllure, bay, wheat, ?Vo , leaving alono n*?jf-'lve ar.ros of land, wy I'-ss bo ng about nlu? thou isatid dollars , my family etotheslesn and- bometeas, oon Rialin? of solf, wife, aud throe daughU-rs, ono of whom Is much afllicted. and income tor tlioir support being now aboet $400. Rut notwit'.itandlug, with my trust in an all-wise I/ rd, and coottdeixo in my Slut n nnd general government in making good ruy losses some diy , 1 bone to m<ko out to support my family for tbe lew daya I uay j yet live, ami my family alter. And now I any, Ittoocolu bioii. tbi't any little otljye >ultab!o for aa old man In bis I ? vaDtv.thiril ronr wouid at tftl B time be very acceptab^ inJ thankfully recevort from any u larter whatever - With many thank* anil well wlnhe* for my f"*' d for ' tU? >?fttMt tiiUon in my b?.tiaf. I teowl* nj0!,l o4M) i rti?nt and v?>ry |Winttl? ser van' , d " j haY ' I A^aftuU ?p??n ? ?'" alfir bT^T Slob? A. He M Ibe Convention eta nominated Voorhee*. beld M (irtei?l a?ileofi Uedn^aflat- ? near being u my nenotii) occurrea wu?,u ? ,, t6e F >rtjr third Indiana wax . 'Wenteoaut C on.ir, f?r ht'.a, who ciaia to Jim and 1! ** bv " rowa> eo;>per -K.-U hv fkm?n}( r-cwu/xt for .Tp.rr. Osrli, ? *?*?*r fcnorfcln* the r?li<>?r dWn~wUh'; can*. ihe I^m. H ""??rod by a acore of bntternuta. art.. sjt nJedt.m woaponn One fellow lire.l at the oft,, er, . ' oopor ttieo c'rotr Lil* revolver and abut it, the broaif, In/liotli.j a severe wound. lb?M. ?h, r Incroased, and the iieulenmt and a few Irien-i. " , ChJ id !-o hi" relief, vrffft compelled to retire elowly * hotel |a'.0 ffjuurea off, followed by forty men Scon afle. eateri^g tt':a taou?e, a Mi*1 Walt, daughter of th? Ir.nd lady, aru?d iVreelf with a sx'bra and went to the door to resiat the eotpiccfl of tbo taolf. Mid abo w.oided n?c aword with Pilch force ?s to wenntf ^"aral slightly. The mob now retreitof, l>ut earna hark urn'* ?fter ibout (our h'.n dretl elrot j, tuaded by ttie notorious judge Ixlticn, who litd Jsct befit nominated fcr.l>i>l{k.'. as 8polr.winaii lor the tno'?. He leniandoa pot> f the lieutenant in Ike namo of tbo peoplo, that, bu mfgfe ' be lianzed. Tim <?ae refilled. The al*;bt or m ntirrBerVf Knfle'd rifle* lo Iht' hands of Hip eoldiera and cHi/.mia, aO\' a run>or freely circulated toat troopj werco<m::,g from IV<Mn> polle and Terrc II ,'iK caua?d ilie mot la owporse,*!^ with lie uie portion the or.\ eoiion alio med. PtllllM la 81111117 coocmlMloii to Tfin xorrou or thk irbttAiP. tlnri-eu 8r /???*? Omi twmsan, ? No. 823 UaoeowAY, Nkw \o*?, July 'M, Ml j A ttnmgbita<? un tbo part of auriood of the Sarntiry Comnmnien, vtho hail tha k'adut** eren'nj not inof nine* t?> arrtlo for the 1 ty pr*e* ? paragraph eor.oert ing cart ala ricwi doiat* of tu? Sac)*!? Coaata ?iot, forth from yo?i *a 1 ?.oo or mora titer of tba daily journal* ?m? critical r enter U? roare^tlng tba aavo.opM u-mi to eo?nr ilea noii>? iboo addrew.ad to tba ?ana* a pup?"?. It wa* r-roirke*! by y >u likes eddrosead it* your oiu'ra vara aaciaeed u> ' \d alac ilor earing errrUjo* (or I.iooin ar,d Jchuton." Tbla la orira, uad tba ArcTdent >?o<]rr?d In thia manner Tta g?a. i(Mb>a wbo andrrrook to peo tho paraarapbe for the raoroiBs |i?pori! (whkrb woia cwraly mt?<r.d-d ttalrato IDa public tu/ortaa4loa raapretlng (hi dialrirxjtloa bv tba agoaia w the Cnaamuaion of vogatabian ?od other upanal ?to n to the Army of tba I'otomeri, halnf *1 tba lower part of tba cHy, wrote what br bad to aay ta tba office ot the *1 i? itnr, that balcg Ibe aoat oouraataot plaoe than acoeeatbla Harla* aaaa 01 tba earalopoe Kiapii "Sanitary C?a ?oiaeloo," be wea c ?el rained to tike aaab aa were at buil, acd whlah etianoed lo ba tba "Llaoelo rod Jobn aoa doauMDt," which la tba eubjaot of racr articia. No alaatloriaaroif aoreUipaa, or dowaMntnor aaypailt aort , bar# r ver been aaal fram tba office of tba Uaitad fStataa .Healtr.i y C'mrolMrton. Koch a lb lac wauld Indeed ba atarcely feaalble, for tba raaaaa that tba ate ni bare of tba I'omnMaaloa are yeana ?w wbo probably repreaant almoet erery couce treble 1 ba le o> palttlcAl opiataa ; aad do oaa 01 '.be in woo 14 UUia motMotery tdnatara of Ola poettlun ta a anew bar of a laadlag ooaraltiaa af a aoble obarlty to lailct bis political coaeletlaaa'apon tba world. Vo??h?f gir, baaaaorod thai tba wbola tramaodeaa Nora of "Falttiaal nperettue by tba Saaltary LVamia iloa baa baan aaaalfted (ram tie alight and uaiaapori tat aoaMaat a bora daaarlbad. Yaara, Ac., THE CARStBM OHE. Ta Papa* Naaafaatarara. Caab wHl ba pe'd far 10,000 raaaaa of food fonrAriatar Papar Mae. I&4A-4S tba Apply at tbla < sssas:? tratea the fniaa. (tree a pure aad bralvbr ieo? ?? tba MWIMMM oeautlfee end pretrrrea the taetb aad 11 1 deaap. Sola bf 4rua<<??< ?array, Bddy *>Oa.-Cayla?lea, Kjr. Kan Tver*. Iitu Clam 487? Jul r?. MS*. la. 1, |6, IS. ?, 5, 10. 18. 69. 6. 46, 13 iHtim, cum 4M-^luiy sc. its*. i, 31, ?7, 13, ??, 71, 43, II, Oi, 40, 61. 23, M. B. llamaaa A Ca.?Vavla|laa,Ky, 8>at.aa, Inaa Cuia MIWu.j SO, ISM. 27, SI, (TIP. 87, 3, 6?, 14, 6b. <4, 83, M. fraara, bllia *.Ce,-Maaa?ra. Uaatar. liru'Ciua luT-'uJr 30. 1*4. ' 4S.3D- 76. 62. <13, 17, 3."., 37. ft4, 34, 67, 71. Or.** M daty SO, 1W4. 68. 39, 35, 47. <3, 74, 6?, M, 73, 33, 41, 4, 17. OB?lal Ctrcalara la Sbrlbv Catlaaa Let> lery f-.miabad by btMMOXH Itiio lU A CO., Maw tart raair Prlaaa Caehart In alt liafalli?4 teofta Vaa, aad lafataaUMdvu J c'LIjTB ntokafa ? ea. ITS Broad* ay. Prlaaa Caaha< ><?. Alt LtaaHwl Oot* ter.ea. aad laformailoa a? ?n. OaLLAOIIBR A lltf j a *111, Brobara. 910 Ubaata it alraat, rbtladeipbi*. Latlary Tinkata C?ab?4.->lnmraalW? tlvaa JOBCril SATM, Broker II Wal. e'.rt,et, roa<a.1. At William ft. Htdieya, AOKNT foil CRONOAVp mfPAftXO UORI ft*rTRKai?i ?. warrrruom and o/rioa. mu canal rtrrrt. All klada of yurnMiird, Iron Rr.|ate<4?, Ae. II"1*1* "v^rtlna houeea^ priraia dwull ar,* e .amry 'a?t<. ?la?a aeata, nana Adk. i uraiabad at *>,ot \ aoifc>e I iatrlMa ArU IT! AWm ALTTTVDr A bt joni rftAMKCNHTiia, tr?awi <M)? Hi "atoo Ml aav." ? I If 4 MIA Tkia (tun Il>t*rib>? il? I.iui Ouui'i MImm. Alao tho |n4 Looo'a "Hoi a?r?r apriioa Of Blaeare~U* daott Wby (Uli am wlldl/ wteked your reraH" "Whati wbft aae Ouiijf pleaipo of koaeat 1^ Rnnliif ha! kat kai kai the robe' pnu bofit* bobof What whyt kuf Ouuir, bow wnW Ml f Ioto ho pu Doo 't think that we are ill b aolumarde. door Br Saa< Unoola'i a Weetera 'bar,* can't bo poll l? A* tf bo won a pniiakod Oothamllei' " "Bat m aking ?pray tpd'e* of Wiagar*? W* jeta your kai kai ha! tenia! bat Bal" Satire now pnhllihadkT the Anther aoi for mis bf J rlcaa Maw* Uuapauy . III Naaaou awooi. Wow fork ofty. Aa Indliponaakle Toilet Arllelt. Madame LBWBNBRBa'H f aBTILI M Og KLOBBMB era a dellgbltul, eno'lna ?ubadtmo f r ?>*n retnorlaa toZ ? unburn, rednr?e, plmpl?e *0. s renu.vlni a*> fro? the eMB (i>a ?Uy appearance. thereby avoiding tb* ??? ?f ohalfe ?* powder TSe* h?a nlf? the o?nnpieiton b? l'i,(,i\rtin? to B % hailthf nnd freetilUe appnaraoee HnU b, .ftteta o?Q p rfu'rer" and at MO Rrotiivar. Caution ? Nuue aio ?*?? la* without tho *14 nature (J. Lf.VTKNBt.IUi. A?Mro?a to ?moktri.-Palla'c A Boa. Meenrhaam Manufacture's r?r?o*od from flr wa* Mom tn ?h>2 liro.id way, near I'ourt'i atreet Wboioau.* and rota* npa* out to ordar and repaired All Hammer Com p? alnM, Dliordtrf ?tiblect to fama'ee. die?o<-oe of the nflm?t*. rhifla, frveia ague-, eea ?irkne?a. diorrh ea. dyv?o??ry. ehoUe ???! cho?"* nmr ne, ran be ci> -'-d or pre enterf hv tho >??"< of IBS ritBNOH COON U! HITTKRH Imported OOJ/ kf I BTiilNFUL,D, bole Agent, 70 Na**?q street, M. T. Dlokro?o la a Bejurenator of u?iapnr .a< habiew*? lalmitaiiloeeeaS lance. For all oerrou* dlaea** , no not tar kow prodimB, It mult bo conaldered an Infallible apaoWa. It la alao a out for afVtotlon* centering In til* llrer, atomtok arbroln. Ms million l* to be*"><* strength, vitality end ^kyaloel akBBflb One do'lar per bottlo 9eM by DBBAB BABKBB B 0O ? 37 Par* row. Crlatadora'i tlnlr Dire, Pr*H*vatln and Wig Depot, wbel*aole and retail, No. ? Aaior HmH The dye applied by skilful ortlita Carni, Baaloni, Knlarf*d JolaM, aa4 all dtxeaae* of tbo loet 011 red by Dr. ZAOIIABFB. NV Broadway. ______________ _____ Blokrcno. Tbe Dj upeptlo oaa kere all hi* woo* boulotioU U be wOk Mt use tbla excellent Toalo. Weak atoaoach. feeble dlfMt tl on, dUtrew after a*t<ng, costive bobita, bl k>u*ne??, low ?piilta, will Had a maatar ia iha abor?oompo<Md. On* Mfc lar par battla. HCTCHtKaa 6 UILLYKR. Proprioiara. SI Cedar rtmlt N?r Tort ChtTtlUr'i LIFB. FOR TUB HAIR Reatorea *r?T hair to Ita rVlriaal color, atona IU l^lltaf Ml In three dajra, keeoa the c ?an. cool nod healthy wSI (u?t >lil? the .kin or -oil ? whit-nt falirfo. The heat baft treaalng e?er oflrni*4 M t *a pnblfo Oiatm uaad .'reel? : on a taltia nothing In iar'nu*; atr<<,i7thene anil promolaa Ik* rowtli of the weak ??t Aalr. T? recommended and naadl* the Aral roeilloal a-iibr**, in New York. All ara froal? If* Tiled ta axamlnathla , wandar.NI triumph of aclenoe. flan at the drug ato??e, a Ad at mi a flee 1 ,113 Rrondwiw. whoa* adrioa aa la tcatlm aat af the hair will ba iiratiiltofla barah a. chkxali kr, k. A DttffMii, Impaired Night, HOrSBfl IB THE HBAO. CATARRHAL APKR.JTIOH3 15 TUB TH KOAT, CHRONIC CATABBff. CATARRB OF THR_TVMPAJf fO WtTfOO* ' MKMBRAHR.OHSTkUCTIOV* OF TUB BU&TAOHf AN TUBS ? cuttiTo. 08<^?l8 BTB ?TRAIOHTWf^KD IN OH* MlNOff, . * (i<jB?err di?e*?eof the Rye and Ear r*n 1 'l Jff ^ilcal orflitrsi'rtl aid to by Dr. VO N R jfv at hlao"neultlng roonaa.816 Broadway, near Tift' , fth atrHL Bl*kr*n*> The weak will raselvs new ktrengtii from a nnoderata m ot that etoeUect luT'.^oranV. It U healtliful In all IU oper*. llona. Aa an Imrtgorant it baa no rqual? rejuvenating tM tjiad aad woakly w;li wonderful colarltj aod parmaaaad ?I! Wit. , Sold by H. B. F wv/u?, Ml R'Oftdtfi* "* ^aanof I**? W.yr nn l r?ufnf? #P*? Dlira, **- r a_1>i"."EiJ.( 34 CUnton placa (Blgk* dally treated by u. ?treet), fr?m J to 5 J T fiMJPK (a*rT',^a"'" *n i . ""???I I'?ad. r|Vo*"'*iJn .|*?rrg*i1?imT"<!y ,for ' a" and*? ba'i'el !ef "lui "a ?" You'll dr, ?A * o'o ?afc. H.icet. Store ciojr Fire, .^otgUr ??|' Oitmp Proof Pow^BR AND^^irRo^AB proo? The rep?.iA|ir.B (h?a? the Al ?,> tent 8%fe? bmvr en <r~.M for manr yean, of ,vr e-t i:npeneinbilitr b iJro amuZf fiaednni fro dampnea? Uh" k'?*i Kr\: n rrorr nth-V ,?frL onmirend lnam to tb? t|"ct!?n f n'l n-rs ji ? re ^13 prot"oti,.D fro-,, fir* ard h.:VAr. Thela aa". ?? oDea omiatriictel of h?a^r b.^Io ir n and ? ??.? which rano it I- c"t s'i. Hanker, and arl.Vnflil7.0r b"r* *r rf"'' d'-'Mf -nr,B4. or ,)0(h c..?.o,na< 5T ? i. the "nr.'I'Tjena ? our ?l .r? or a' ??!* fa torr, where thar can r?ad'l them?e r?< nf tsJaw aupariorl 4/. Ta(.FVPI5>: a Patentoea an 1 a ??> man ifacturera. 79 and 30 uraoC TrftkUi, r?ln?T"??, T-*n. RuntUoi, Ac. v.rfi 1 ?.y OOl-RACOa ITALIAN MRUICATSW BOAT- 4(9 Broadway . BIMrenti Iadlra m<1 akMy r latltitlona ibtfuht Uk? lfc? BTOKRRK3 It will make yon atroas, hoaltby sad happp, ?ad roitorl itM Maom af h?a lb to tha alok'y (net ?nl?l aaraoora faoa So d by all dru agltt*. For Oar DaKar-Th* January, Vekrw* Oaaraa<'i PMdralabtlia ('iirowti Rait from low fovhrada tr aay part of toa Kj. TarranV*. 91. dMSiratJwar^ _ Hlfkaal l??a f,or1a Vtltafe Rtwlaf Maafcl m WHKBLBB A FILBOX. dM Broodwajr ImpnHrd Praaak ? flora.? A Lot off Maak fit ? |I^T"1-*' fcr watar auaoaa watar JtTClrf Wltrk??,*(*ll Ikerty. 1 tlena. for aa!e fcr UBO. O A I. LIN. *i& mm Imi baiaee Oil* elreet (form art/ U W*U ttr?l) o>->? cloaai ?a Saturdaye at S o oloek. *" re. WlKtlow'i *oaihlnf Mf?mp tmm Chwrirao earea dyaentery aad (HarrhtMt. rwculatee the *t? mack aad hawele. euro triad eolle aad earrlea- tha Infta* I eafeiy through tba erttiMl period ot talk's* lt*w r?at M tha mother, eod relief and health ta>the ehi'4. We w liyle Whit* rtaok Tiita, WalkiacCeat, $13 ; Hacks M to $>5. 0r4?r wort. CUAttK, lit add 114 W Jliaa 1 TfrmXtrnx mmm ?.' 2 0^n? '*?m Ca-n??? l*e?e a*4 r?. r"p?*u of ">? Ai>"?uU? Vw Au f an - elnuee fts? jf i)> |f a J !? ?? Pe. ?reet, PhiMelpbia, p^w1"* **oeielov 1e 18*11* *t*4? Par alp Vtgatahl* and Mmnottm*. SIUKDrTt ill PILLS HIW qaallUee ofcleh adaJtTaeaee ?re la the reeto^eOea la keallh of K| dieee-' 1 orgen or iieeue mf ihe human ?o4?. Thia rmirbiVe adapui'ee (>?? teee th* aieaae ?f rieto? ??? _ ^ MILbiONS OrTlCMAR SUNOS la healUk aken e?rry other 'o*ane had utterly railed rrlao*?i adaa. ?KAWPKITJ HOUSE. Raw Tart. ?*M kr?U?nolala. iea"?. Sraadieth" aa iavara?*eni t<e?a Oalw< ?!*??? ItlM ?* lint, ta We. uw* ?*> ? *** l.SS*a. for M l kf Wl|t, Tesseet, Mstf Dye, Halt Ontsf Kwaasi^ - ""te IM* I I

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