10 Ağustos 1864 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

10 Ağustos 1864 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. ' *- 11 _r_. - - I WHOLE NO. 10,189. NEW YORK, WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 10, 1864. PR1CE THREE CENTH F 0 ST E R . Rews from the Department of tlie South. Tbe Placing of Union Officers Under Fire in Charleston, GENERAL JCSE8 BB0UG3T TO TEB18 Mutual Exchange of the Erisoneis. Capture ef Baldwia, Florida, by General Biraey, fte., &c., fto. The United Statee eteam transport Fulton, Captain Wotton, from Port Royal on the 5th, via Fortress Monroe ?n tbe 7th init., arrived at this port yesterday morning. On Wednesday, the 3d Instant, an exchange of tbe ?rty rebel priaonera in our possession for tbe fifty Union officers under Are at Charleston was effected , tbe point or meeting being tbe buoy off tbe site of tbe old Moultrie House on Sullivan's island. A number of escaped Union prisoners had come into ?or lines within a Tew days. The officers who came by the flag of truce boat on Wod ?ssday report that a blockade runner wont up to Charles ton on Wednesday night. Since they had been couflncd It Charleston five blockade runners bid gone in. The firing on Charleston and Sumter was still continued. Mr. Samuel W. Mason's Despatches. baTOif Hbad, S. C. , August 2, 1894. A'ter a lull, following tbe last expedition, there is ?gain much liveliness in tbe department, to 6bow that it la aot a dead one? if anybody needs proof that General Poeter will keep any department that be commands alive. ?XCB1MGB OF FIVB GKXSTULS AND FORTY-F1VB FIELD OFFICERS. The most exciting event of late is the arrangement of aa exchange for the Union ofticors now under firo in Charleston and the rebel officers now in this harbor awaiting a similar disposition at Morris Island. The ar rangements have been made by flag of truce at Port Reyal ferry, and are so far consummated that Major Anderson, of Geoerai Foster's staff, will go up to-night, II la expected, with the rebel prisouers in charge, to deliver them over and receive our officers. The ex change will take place at the mouth of Charleston harbor, and will bo according to the terms of tbe established ?artel. By the appended lists, which you have before pcbllsbed, but which it is proper to repeat in this con nection, it will be seen that we have two major generals aneng the general officers in our bands, while tbe list of Dblon prisoners includes no higher rank than brigadier generals. The rebels propose, I believe, to "throw in" a couple of Union brigadiers to make the bargain a fair one. Major Anderson will, I am informod, make an effort to ?Main tbe exchange, in some manner, of Colonel H. M. Beyt, of the Fifty-second Pennsylvania Volunteers, who waa captured in his brave attempt with a handful of men ?a Fort Johnson, which would have been successful had ?at tbe boats carrying tbo bulk of the force got aground. Ibe time fixed for the meeting is ten o'clock to morrow. Tbe follow iog is the list of cxioy oFFirwn ?riC. General Seymour, Lieut. Colonel F. Alcott, Brig. General Wensolls, Lieut Culouel J. l'otsley, Brig. (.'client! Scam moo, Lieut* Cblonel A. F. Rogers Br* General Stealer, Lieut. Col J. II. Burnbam, Brig. General Heekiuao, Lieut. Colonel C.H.I laid win , Colonel T. G. Grover, Lieut. Colonel \V. 0. B.irtliol Colonel R Hawkins, tnier, Colonel R. Harrlsmon, Lieut. Colonel W. R. Cook, OoloDel J. H. Lehman, Iv.eut. Col. C. I. Dlckeraoii, Colonel U. H. Legrauge, Lieut. Colonel J. T. Fellows, Oatonel W. C. f?e, Lieut. Col. G. A. Fairbanks, Colonel R. White, Lieut Colonel W. Glen, Oatonel H. C. Boiinger, I.ieut. Col. T. P. PpoTord, Calouel H. L. Brown, Lieut. Col. W. W. Stewart, Colonel K. L. Dunn, Lieut. Colonel F. W. Swift, Oolooel ?. Fardell, Lieut. Colonel A. W. Taylor, Lieut. Colonel E. S. Hays, Lieut Col. W. r. I.asceile, Liaat. t olor.el N. B. Hunter, Major C. H. Bnres, Lieut. Colonel F. M. lllggen- Major F. W. Baker, botbam, Major R W Bates, lieat.ColonelW.E. McMakin, Major J. E. Clarko, Lieut. Colonel D. Miles, Major I). A. Carpenter, Lieut. Colonel W C. Maxwell, Major W Crandall, Kut. Colonel J. D. May hew, Majcr H. 0. Grant, nt. Colonel S. Mortttt. Major J. Hall, liaat Colonel G. C. Joelin, Major J. N. Jobnioa. Tbe following are the , RtniL officers. Major Gen. Kdwd. Johnston, Lieut. Col. W. M. P ilseley, Major Con. Frank Garduer, Lieut, f'ol. A. L Swingley. Brig. Gen. J J. Archer, Lieut. Col. Joseph T. Tucker, Brig. Gen. Geo. W. Stewart, Lieut. Co). 1). 11. L. Martz, Gen.M. Jed Thompson, Lieut. Col. A. flupree, CoL W. R. Carter, l.lout. Col. Y. O.Jackson, Col. M. Cobb, Lieut. Col. M. J Smith. ? OaL Basil Duke. Lieut. Col. W L. Davidson, | Col. M. J. Ferguson, Major l?. W. Anderron, Vol. j. M Hanks, Major J H.Caldwell, Cel. R. C Morgan, Major J. T. Carson, Cat James Pe;i, Major W. T. Emmett, Cel. W. H Peebles, Major J. C. Grooe, OoL A. S. Vandeweotftr, Major norace A. Tligloy , Col, Wm. W. Ward, Major Cbarlee Henry, Ool. Wm. M Barber, M\or K. A. Nasb. Cai J. N. Brown, Major L. J. Perkins. " Ool J. A. Jscquos, M*ior (.oo. H. Smith, Ool. B. E. Candili, Major K. J. Sanders, OoL W. H. Pornry, Major T Steole, Lieut. Col. J. F. Brewer, Major Tbos. B. Weber, lieat. Col. P. h. Dtirant, Major J. M. Wilson, Lieut. CoL J. P. Fitzgerald, Major W. H. Manning, Ltaut. Col. C. L. Haines, Major T E. Upson, Lieut CoL O. A. Patten, Major F. F. Warlej. BamnmoN bt (hcskral rirktt? canvas or Rilowix, n.i. We bare good news from Florida, efsnerll Blmsy has been on a sucoessful expedition, resulting in the capture af much of tbe ground we lout after the battle of Oluetee. Bis forces le:t Jacksonville on Saturday, Sunday and Moaday, tbe 33d, 24th and 2Mb, and proceeded up tbe river, landing at Taylor's ford, on Mack creek. At Wbltevllle, on the south lork of Biack creek, a skirmish was bad with the enemy, in considerable force, routiug ?bam completely. One column, under Lieutenant Colonel Morgan, of the Bsventvflflh Obio, went in a d life rent direction to within thirty miles of Whitesvllte, cut a trestlework snd de Strayed a bridge an . then re'urned to the main column. On Monday morning a party under Colonel Harris, of the Seventy fifth Ohio, chargcd on the enemy at a lord aalled Clay .Hills, on tbe north fork of the Black creek, defeated ibem aud then crossed over and joined General Wraey's mam column. Tbe force then marched to Trail bridge, on the cedar Keys Railroad, destroyed two trestle works and then took the old Alaclnis trill and weut to Darby's Still, on tbe lAksCity Railroad, live mi es from Baldwin, where there was anothor successful skirmish, and a w.iter tank and IrestloworK were burned acciden tally. Tha flames from the lauk communicated with a storehouse containing two thousand barrels of rosin, which was destroyed, with its contents. On Tueeday morning tbe whole column moved from Barby's Still to Baidwlu. The enemy had evacuated It goring Monday night, talcing tbo Brandy oreek road. They were pursued as fy aa Brandy creek, when our fbrces returned We now hold Baldwin, Camp Milton and other In ?nrhed positions of the snemy. At Baldwin a quantity of sabres, guns, forage, a rebel saail and other spoils were obtained. From ons of tho captured letteis we learn that the ens asy's force at Baldwin consisted of tbe Second Florida aevalry, Scott's battalion, four companies of reserves Villopigue's artlllerv and Dunbam'a artillery. Thenars are now running regular!} over tbe railroad llrom Jacksonville to Raidwlo. The Inirenchmi nts built during General Glllmore's earn wsre fouud intact, and will save our troops much KS her Rntoanmn oSNxaaT riRnst Bee received orders by the Delaware, wblih arrived hers from New York yesterday, to report at Forties* Mon roe. MRioantm oRvtRai. rati p. ?aw oommandlng this district, will succeed him In the command of the Dietrist of Florida, a p< sit lea wbicb he Beid from the time General Seymour was relieved till he wee ordered to Succeed General Glllraore In command ef Ike d?partm?et. His leas will bs severely ;elt nere where n - b? aoquirsd deserved popularity and respeei aa a faithful and skiifnl officer. loss or tii* at.ina riwin. The tlniled Statu* transport Aline Pries, a small char. ~~?d ateimer, was lost In N*?**u creek one day last ?k. She ran aground, broke In two amidships , and ?I to t'lecca So Jivss were lost. Site was an old rteamer, getting wm worthy, and tbe lime for which ?be vriut chartered bad nearly expired tier lo** m al leged lo b.ive beeu caused by culpable miscoaduci ou tbe part of ber muster. Vi*rious motive* are aaaigued. bet u 1 do not know that any are oorreot I will sot elate them, as I do uot wish to misjudge in any case. Mamma are constantly coming Id, and all agree la their main re port*. one batob, from Savannah, represent that Lee baa scat large reinforcement* to savannah and Char lee too. raoa morrw tM.Ann comes tbe aame old story? a corns tan t lire on Snmtsr; tbe shelling or Charleston slow but steady ; occasional returns from rebel batteries, and that Is all. CHARLESTON FIPMS of tbe 30tb oootuin no news. Tbey deny that Atlanta la captured or in immediate danger. A Savajflsan FOLIOSMIM la oo* of tbe deserters recently arrived. Oar Beaufort Cerr*ipead?ati< BsiDFoar, 8. C., August 3, U04. bscapi op two c.iio* omens pbom dixib. This morning two Union officers, Captain Hunt and Lieutenant Jacquett, of tbe One Hundredth Ob to, for a leaf time prisoners in Dixie, escaped from durance vlla. This was Captain Hunt's sec ond attempt. Tbe first waa when be was being conveyed from Richmond lo Maeon. He tella fearful tales of the treatment of Union prisoners , particularly tbo enlisted men. You remember about tbe Otb of May our prisoners were removed from Richmond? tbe offloor* to Ha con and tbe soldier* to Anderson, Ga.? so that about 1,800 officers were confined at one place, and 3OjQ0O eel 1b ted men at the other. Tbe soldlsrs bad no 'barracks, no tents, not even a shade tree. Tbo lot confining thum is about eight acres. At one time it rejoicsd in a few trees. An effort on tbe part of some of tbe men to escape brought into requisition some limbs or tbe trees, when rebel magnanimity and humanity ordered tbem all to be cut down. The tales or tbe prison ships of the Revolution bave lost some of tholr horrors by comparison wilb this age. All the Union officers bave now been removed from Macon to Cbarlostoa. on tbo train from Savannah to Charleston , when near Pocotaligo, the two officers above named leaped from the cars, bid themselves by day, travelled by night*, negroes secreted tbem, bloodhounds wore put on tbe tiack, and some oiflcers were rearrested. Fortunately Captain Hunt and bis lieutenant escaped bloodhounds and rebel pickets, and reached tbe ferry. Tbe Lieutenant was exhausted and could not swim. So tbe Captain waded tbe marsh and swain the river, and was greeted by the sentinels of the Fifty-sixth Now York Volunteers, Colonel Van Wyck, doing picket duly at tbat point. Tbe Captain asked fur volunteers to cross the river and get the exhausted Lieutenant. No time could be lost; it was already daylight. The gallant men of tbe Fifty-sixth rcs|K>D<ied promptly, jumped into a boat, steered lor Mie mainland, and, under sight of rebel soldiers, bore away the almost lifeless Lieutenant. They go North by ibis steamer. Their story should be writ ten, and read by all men in tbo North. Arrival of the (Jnlted State* Ship .of-tlie Llnc Vermont. The United States ship-of-tho-lino Vermont, Commodore n. K. Thatcher, United States Navy, commanding, ar rived at this port last evening, from Port Royal 2d inst. Arrived off Charleston bar same day at half-past two o'clock P. M., where she received on board, for passage home, tbe men from tbe various vessels comprising tbe blockading fleet off that city, whose terms of enlistment bad expired. She sailed tbence the samo evening, at six P. M., for this port, andarrivod off Sandy Hook on the evening or tbe 8tb and aacbored. Annexed is a list of ber officers Cominrtore? Henry K Thatcher, commanding. Lvu'enant. Commander ? Groenleaf Cflley raymatlen ? Frank K. Crosbey, Cbas. W. White. Acting Amitlanl Surgem?J W. langley. Acting Maajrs?C. W. Pratt, F. F. Usury, Alex. Meln tosh. Acting Kntign ? John L. Vennard. A Lino Assistant Kag.iHer?Geo. S. Geer. Boatswain ? John R. Hartlett. Ou,nn*r? Henry W. Fitzoiborne. Sailmaker?G. J. Gallagher. Crrp-nttr ? C. W. Babbitt. Com nto fore's Cltrk? ilonry T. Rivers. Acting Matter's Mate ?J. A. R. Wftlmuth. Ctast PilU?Viva. C. Edwards. News paper Account*. [From the New Soutb, August 6.1 Acting under tbe direction or Major General Foster. C.enerul Biruoy bas recently made a series of suraessful raids iu Florida. About two weeks ago General Blruey despaicbe<l front JoclfsouvUIo a force or troops to laud at tbe mouth of Trout creek, a stream which How* Into ths St. .lobus river, about twelve miles below tbe tows. Tbe lauding was eflected quietly und without tbo least opposition r/om the enemy. Tito foroe then marched to one of tbo forks ol the creek and destroyed two bridges, alter which tbey pushed forward to Callehan station, on tbo Fernandina Railroad, whe-e tbey captured and destroyed two cars, a telegraph office and otbor public property. Tbey also captured and brought away a couclderabio number of horses and a quantity of small arms. A little skirmish took place at the sia- ' tiun, during which two of the enemy were killed and one of our men w?s wounded. From Callehan station tbe troop* returnsd to Jacksonville, and joined another ex pedition which loft tbat place ou the night of the follow ing Saturday. 1'be force comprised the three branches ol tbe service, and embarks 1 on transports wblcb were laken to Taylor's ford, on Hlack creek. On account or a scarcity of vessels the entire expedition could not got off on Saiurd iy nlgut, and a portion ol tbo troops did not reach the rendezvous until Sunday and M"nd ty (Every thing beiDg In readiness, a column star:* 'a Sunday, under command ot General Birney, and proceeded toward WhltesviIIe, a point ou the South fork of Hlaok creek. At this place the enemy had made arr.ingemouts to dispute tbo crossing. He bad planted two piece* of artillery on tbo opposite shore and placed bis ineo behir.d bushos and trees. To meet this force tieneril Birney sont forward two colored regiment? as skirmishers, a portion o' whom bad waded to about midway of tbe stream wlion tbe enemy openod wilb his artillery. Tbe first shot passed harmlessly over tbe head6 of tbe men: but tbe second shot was aimed lower, and did some execution. While ibi* artillery practice was going on a party of skirmish ers took a^.osiliou at lb* right *ud where they c<^!d $et a good radio of the enemy s gunner*. The skirmishers used Lhoir pieces with such excellent e.Tect tbat In a short time tbe enemy was obliged to take bis pieces to the r?ar. Ibis movement was followed by an advance of our troot'S; bat when the bank opj^slte had been reached none of tbe enemy could be seen, lu this brief skirmish tbe enemy was hsndsomoly beaten and rouL'a. i on Sunday night a foroe ofwvalry, under Lieutenant Colouel Moj'agj ;^,,vaea a distance ot thirty miles to a f.olnlr&n" tho south furk or the St. Mary's river, and twelve miles in ths rear of Raid win. Tho object was to destroy a trestlswoi k, which, it Is needless t > add, was satisfactorily aooomplisbel. Be.-idos cutting tbe trestle work, a bridge was destroyed, and a number or horses v. ere capiuiod This coluiuu did not meet with any large bod. os of the enemy. On Monday morning a column, under Colonel Harris, proceeded od tbe road leading lo Clay Hills, at which pl-ioo tbe rebels had a portion of tho second Florida cavalry, undor Major Scott, drawn up to opposs the cross lug ot tbe ford? Clay Hills being an arc or the forks of Black creek. Colonel Harris led a gallant charge on tbe rebels and duporsed thorn. Our loss was trilling. The enomy left their dead oo the lield. Ibe entlro column then crossed the lord, a temporary bri.lgo or relied tre*s baviug(been first constructed. Everything was paS'ed over i ho stream In safety, although tbe water was quite deep, and at timjs tbe guus were completely submerged. Raving crossed tbe stream the column proceeded to Trail Ridge, on the Cedar Keys Railroad, where tbey destroyed ten tretlloworks. 1 bey then pushed forward on ttie old Alarhua Trill to Darby's Still, ou tho like City raWroad, and five miles In tho rear of Baldwin. At Darby's lite cavalry blvouackod, the Intuutry taking a posi* tion a short dlsi ance in the rear. The cavalry doetr >y ? ed at Darby's a trestowork and a water tank. Cuior- ( luualely, whilo tho latter was burning, the wind sud denly veered and communicated the Hamos to an old j sbed co taluing two thousand barrels nf rosin. An effort | was made to avert the progress or the fire, but all to no purpose. The sbed was *oon euvc?ped in llames, and Itself nnd i ' on leu is were consumed The imtvense vo'uine oi docs*, b ack smoke caused by tbe burning indicated to the rebels the position of our force, and that portion or them who were al Hallwiu toW advantage of tho circumstance by evacualiug the town, and rtxrettiug oo the road which crosae* Brandy creek. I his move ment, however, on ibo pari of tbe rebels was oot discovered by us until ine advance on Baldwin the following morniug. They were followed to Krandy creek, but It was nut deemed of sutbclent importance to cross our m?u ov*r tl. at me. in. At Baldwin our men opt tired a large quantity f sabies and other small urms, al o s <ofHl y surp y of fnrsgo. Officers' aud o'hi-r lug gage waa also secur*!. A rnjel mail was taken fiom the depot, which contained a letter dated Baldwin, July 17, giving the force then in tho town as tbe Second Florida cavslry, Seoit's battalion, four oompaoies of reserves, Villopigue's artillery and Ic.uium's artillery Our troops Dow not on y hw B?ld win, but also Camp Mlltoa and the whole Si lion of country between it and Jacksonville The earthworks constructed ro:iMlBald w n nnd Camp Milton at the time of Ueucrs! Seymour * expedition are preserved and in a good condition. Car* run da'iy betweeo Baldwin and Jacksonville. Tbe rebel* by boidiug Baldwiu wore enabled to send to their armios In liooigi* sud si^ewhero large dr> vo< of Iteoves. Ot course, this simply win now in a srest meas ure be cut oil. The mbe'.s bvi also been using the Cedar Keys Railroad to transport tbe cargoes of h!ockader? into the Interior, that tra lie Is also stopped. As a military point Baldwin i* a rery important poiut to bold. ISTSS. Pince writing tbo above, a.nhentlc informstlon ha* been r*c*ivea of the capture *u the railroad between Haidwin and Fornandms of a loc ??motive and seven oars four box and three platform. All the cars Ire lo go< d condition. The locomotive wss slightly out of order; but It c.in be esaily an I roadily repaired and put Into ueo. This la decidedly an imi>ortsnt capture, and retlecls credit upoo those who hid tho metier In charge B?*a Ball at Phtla?telpbl?. PRii.aum.rau, August 0,1444. Ths Atlantic Club, *f Brooklyn, a*d (smdenCiab. of l'hliadelphls, playe<l her* on Monday, the score standing, Atlantic, M; Camden, 10. lb* match on Tuesday with the Keytono (Tub was woo bv the Atlaotlo hv a *oore of Cj lo 10. FARRAGUT Daring Bicraiiiigance tf the Retol Fl?el in Mobil* Bay, to. to.. to Mr. Thootu M. Cooh'i Otipkleh. Pimioou Nivt Yard, Florida, \ .'Uly 27, 18fl4. J New* in Ibis region la or trifling interest at present, aa compered to tbe stirring events transpiring la Virgi nia and that vicinity ; and yet wera all told that might bo much of a deeply interes ting nature oould be given to the publlo from thia direction. I loft the blockading fleet? off Mobile yesterday noon. ] Tha health of IQe squadron was good, and all ware on the ifiti vtve for pr Iz.-i, On Monday nigut Lieutenant Watson, or the flagship Hartford, and llr. MoKluley , tha- AdnalraTs j private secretary, made a reconnoisaanoa of the SStM to Mobile Bay in a small boat for the flagship. Uhdar cover of the darkness they pulled quite Into the harbor, and moved about among Buchanan 's^eet of throe Iron* dads, which lay cloae Inside Mobile Point, with Impunity. Much valuable Information oC the nature of the deioncea, the disposition of the rebel iron-clads and the bearing of tbeir forts was obtained by this daring adventure. The boat returned to the fleet at its leisure, aet having been discovered by the rebels, though frequently In so close proximity to them as to bear conversation ameng their officers and men on the decks of their vessels. The Monitor Manhattan has arrived, and is stationed within easy range of tbe rebel forts, watching the move ments of their Iron-clads. The rebels seem perfectly In different to ber presence, or else are averse to disclosing their weight of metal, as they bavo tbus far refrained from firing a sbot at her. She ha? also been satiliscd with being let alone, and has not troubled the enemy with her guns. GENERAL M'CLELLAN. Xh? Recall of General McClellan. A petition is being numerously signed, lutended to be presented to the President, asking blm to again eel General McClellan Into active service, it boiug the uni versal Impression that this popular general could rally nt'ur thousand volunteers to his standard This, If ao oc<&d to. would render a draft unnecessary, bcbides meeting all pressing military exigencies. Meeting tn tlie Twenty-?e?onrt Ward. A public meeting of the Twenty-second Ward Union Oi ub wob held at Its headquarters, 086 1 ighth avenue, last even in;. In the absence of the President, Mr. J. . Ferguson presided. Mr. John P.. Holley, Secretary. Eo nuent spe ohes were made by Mr. Ostrander, of Brook lyn- Hon. Eli P. Norton and Mr. John A. Hammond, of Westchester county, urging '1P0^hellI^[,|e0!h,Chrp"S'cnyi notion to wrect from the hand* or we prcnoui. *d ministration the reins of government, by deposit. ng fb^r votes for GeOTge B. McClellan on .he 4th of Novem ber next. The committee of arrangements appointed for the proceesion from this ward to tr?a?? iinaLinff ibis evening reported tutu arrauk&incin _ srsx, . Mr. Hoi den the meeting adjourned, with three times three for "little Mac." McClellan Meeting in Hatlson City. A very large and spirited mooting of the frieods or General McClellan was held last Monday evening at the County House, Hudson City, at which a largo number or gentlemen enrolled their namos as members or the club. A very stirring and eloquent address was delivered by r.eneral E ft. Wright, anl a series of resolution* were read and unanimously adopted, recnmm -nding f onerftt McClellan as the proper and moat popular candidate receive the nomination at Chicago . f0r The meeting, after giving nine hearty cheers ror Georno B. McClellan, adjourned to meet as. n In at tin same rll^ o neit Thursday ev^nln?, at eiaht o'clock, when Im portaut business will be brought boiore the mooting. Bumori of a ?et?e$ on BnlTalo. Buffalo, N. T. , August 9, 1864. Rumors are rife or a rebel raid on this city by secession ists and their aympjtbizers rrom Canada. Details are not known; but it i. understood that the government is informed or It. The military of this city are l.eld iu rcadU ness for any outbteak. . The Comm'rcial A<Uxrtii? or this afternoon has Mrtber particulars about the reported rebol raid on this city. It appears that the Pfovost Marshal of this city, from various reports, was led to believe that the vebsft in Canada had organized an expedition to burn Buffalo and destroy the canal locks at Lockport. He laid tbe matter before Maor General Dlx , win ?tatod tbal he was aware of tho existent of such a plot, but was unable to provide any means to defeat R; but be advised that measuros be taken here as the exigency or the rase might require. The public are unadvised of any means or defense hav log been taken a3 yet. It is reported that Mayor Fargo ha* protested igilngt tbo romoval or the Seventy -fourth regiment from bore, which has just been ordered for quo hundred days' duty. Collision on the Uadton Elver. THII S TEAM BOAT VANDERBILT SUNK ALL HKIt PAS SENGERS RESCUED ? REPORTED DROWNING OF TWO CANAL BOATMEN, ETC. ALBANY, August 9, 1M4. The Troy tteamboat Vanderbilt was coming up the river this morning just berore daylight, and when a short distance above tbe Kinderhook upper light she ran into a tow of canal boats, sinking three of them and damaging her own bow so much that tbe water was soon several inches deep in her lowor cab;a. Her steam pump* were Immediately set to work, but a. tho """To h r gain upon tbem it was round nccessary to run ber ashore, and it Is feared that ber bull has sustained ^ ad dltional damage thereby. In the meantime the steam boat St. John, which was a short distance behind her, ran aloneslde and took o(T ber passengers. No one on board tbo Vanderbilt was injured or lost; but It* reported that two brothers who were forecast* of one or the canal boats were either kill er drowned A proreller and barge were sent down rrom tb<s city this morning to brtug up tbe freight, which has sustained but little damage. Ibe air has been fllled with smoke from the burning woods, which bangs in thick tolds over the river, and to this circumstance tbe accident Is attributed. Personal Intelligence. Hrigadier General < baric* A. Hcckman was among tUs fortunate Uolo. officer, who were recently ?c banged from the lire of both aides in Charleston, S. C., and is now at his homo in pblllipsburg, X. 3. Ho tarried for a tew hours at the Merchants' Hotel, la Cortlandt stroet, yesterday, and was tho recipient of cordial coogra tnlv tions from his fellow citizens or New Jersey, as well as r, m numerous friends m this city. General Herman was ready to make h"> entrance into ( harle.-tonavear Si,' r. .to ? M '?? h*li U; " Tne Most Rev. John McCloskey, the Archbishop e.ert '^Captain James, of r.eneral Grant's staff, *'?? Kenstrv . or si. I,ouls. Ma: r John lieanofM^ >un to >th.-r with (Jolonel K. I., (irober. lolonel r Gr v ? . Co'lonol H L. Brown and several other late Charleston , are stopping at the Metropolitan lioter ,T M Wlehtman. of Boston ; C. C Alger, ofn.W ti,,n J. H. Stephens, of Canada, and ( . W Wboolsy, Cincinnati, are stopping at tbo St. Nicholas Hotel. The Albany Knickerbocker or Tuosuay s**81"",,*8 Riaht Kev. Bishop McCloskey. of tbia city, ?na,A!^. blfhop of New York elect leaves this city to day Jo take up his residence in New Yorx. and make arrangements ior Ms installation and as-iuming tbe duties or his nsw office. His dofiarture will bo deeply regretted, not only by his own people, but by all classes of citirens W ednesday last a grand dinner was given In honor or the Rlsbop, at the rosldenre of Fatlior Cooroy. Abou seventv clergymen from different parts of tbo Sla^e present. A largo number of leading citizens ?^*o tendor ,.d tbe Bishop a pnbllc dinner before bis departura. ? ? tbe worthy prelate was obliged to doeJiBo the honor lis men kre more honored or esteemed by all claas than mshop McCloskey, and no man will be more mis?ed. Oeaeral Stannard is now at bis home In W. Alb?o?, Vermont, on sick leave. He la suffering front ? sin wonnd in tho band, as well aa from the eTOcts of other wounds, and Is much reduced In flesh and itren*tu. honor Joaquin Mosquera, of Popavan, the '"5.-- 'iTr ?outh American stat?aan.in and plilianthropUt, baa ar rived In this city on his way to Knrope. ?eneral J. Hobart Ward's petition ror a court of Inqn ry into the chargea on which he was lately dismissed service has been granted by the War Department. General K ll patrick has so far recovered I rem bi? wonn? that he was enabled to resume his command In t?? Army ol the Cumberland ? SHE RMA N. Mr. D. P. Conyngham'a Dfip*!**' Nsar Ati-anta, Gs., August 1, 1804. TBI S1RCR or ATLANTA. The lighting around Atlanta has Milled down to a regu lar siege. We are pounding awny at tbe beleaguered oily en every aide. You bear now continually the rifle's crack and the sharp fu&ilade of musketry. A stream of shot and ahell are raining down upon tbe key city of tbe South, which will Boon reduce it to ruin should they per sist in their mad attempt or defending it mncb longer. THK hKUKLB KKINFOBCED. Encouraged by tbe reinforcements tbey bad received? Tot Stephen I). l,e? brought up three thousand Ave hun dred of tbe Trans-Mijslstippi army? these, witbsomeoon ser I pta, convalescent and Georgia militia, have swelled their reinforcements probably to ten thousand? encour aged by these, they made their tfesperi\le fcseauR on Howard's rifib* , In which tley" w4re so signally repulsed. DISPOSITION Of 1HB RKHKL TRO?PB. They have garrisoned their forts and Intrenchmenls with inliilla, and have kept their veteran troope on hand to operate when required, their line being so that they are able to move these from point to point and mass with great rapidity. GENERAL W1IUAM3' DF.MONSTItATIOW. There was a general demonstration along our lines yes terday, extending from Sohofleld, on the extreme left, to tbs Twentieth corps, on tbe right centre. Williams' divi sion of the Twentieth corps advanced tholr lines, meeting with serious resistance. Tbey strengthened their skir mish lines aud engaged that of tbe enemy, forcing the latter back to their intrenchmenls, and gaining posses sion of their rifle pits aud capturing the picket reserve, numbering one hundred and twenty-live men. Tbey ran up their lines to the base of a bill on tbo crest or which lbs rebels havo tlicir lino of works. General Knipe com manded the division, General Williams being at present in comuwnd of the corps, OUR MMKS are so close at some points that the men cannot raise tholr heads above the works without being popped at. A tierce artillery fire followed this fight along tbo skir mish lines. There was oue regular, coutlnuous roar of artillery all day. Tbe rebels revealed some very largo guns. We webbed a projectile from one of them which paid ns a noisy visit. Tbo shell alone of tbo gentleman weighed sixty-four pounds. Ho was of an elongated sh:?j>e ? a pericct littlo barrel, and said to bo of Kngliflh extraction, and made a noieo l'ke a miniature volcano. KU lCI ON THK ClTT. While the shelling was hottest I got on a hill Trom which l h d a view of its effects. Pomo poured luto the town. Others barsled over it, leaving balloon like ciouds or smoke floating around. I could count several housos in tbe sub urbs of the town and viuiniiry on flro. A smol bored kind of smoke first revoalod Itself, then alnrge volume bnrstod forth, and soon a pyramid or flame and smoke rose to tho heavens; then the different batteries were shrouded in canopios of smoke. THK COUNTRY AROUND ATI.1M1 is desolate; scarcoly a house Is standing, except where 1 soma general took up Ms headquarters, l'iles of charred timber and ctiarcoal toll the talo or ruin. Tho people have fled, I don't know where, but are likely to perish of neglect and hunger somewhere. Tho domestic animals we oomo across look woebogone, and seem to appeal to us for protection and pity. I havo seon some rude, rough soldier fanning himself with the elegant ebony fan that lately graced the hand of some fair belle. Mr. L. haB a parrot whleb call.* several endearing names, particularly "papa." Where now is tbe lov^pg child that tangbt It this le-son? Ala1", all is ruin and desolation, wint and misery. TH* situation. The rebels cmnot onatiuue long lo Atlanta. If they persist in butting up against our works they will soon weir themselves out without hurting us m'ich. Ihe tables are completely turned on them now. Bctore, wo had to assault tuern, now tbey must oome out and attack us, or suffer tlielr communications to bo cut off. This is pretty well dono already, as thoy^avo but tho Macon line, upon which we aro operating. Indeed, it Is said by good authority that wo have succeeded in destroying It. If so, they are completely hemmed in; and, as it Is well known they are short of supplios, tbey will foonbe starved out if thoy cannot suceood in bursting through our lines somewhere ? a gamo which has proved very disastrous to them lately. They were very spiteful alt day yesterday. We thought th?t this wa3 a ruse to cover an attack on our lines; but they did not attempt 1t. lodoed, we are so powerfully intrenched that a single line is able to hold our works against any assault. i OUR nOSPlTAIA I took a walK through tho Third and Fourth oorpe hos pitals, by the kind permission of I)r. Lyon, Medical Di rector, atd. though there were about ono hundred and seventy patients In them, tho cleanliness and comfort of the Inmates reflect great ureilit on the medioal gentle men in attendance. Indeed this IB the caso with tbu hos pitals In general. This is the more meritorious when it Is considered that, on account or our onward march , the hospitals had to bo reraovod so often. I miss one thine very much. Wo have no lady nurses to soothe the pa tients by their pleading atteudaace aud cheering words of hope and comfort . The Christian and Sanitary Commissions are doing a great deal of good; but It Is restricted on account of Ihe limited transportation at their command? not near as much as they would wish. THE INDIAN WAR. Font Kkasnv, August 8, 18-14. One buudred Indians attacked a trai*>f nino wagons a mile east or Plumb creek this miming. They killed aM the men with tbe train, burned the wagons and drove off the stock. Two women and rour children, it is supposod, were taken prisoners. Tho Indians afterwards attacked another train three times, near the same place, but were driven off Tiiey also burned twenty-seven wagons at Point Ranch and drove off tho stock. At dusk this evening a small body of Icdlin* attacked Boyd's Kancb, nine miles from hore, on Wood river. There seems to have boon a ooncerted plan of tbo In dians to make a dash ou tbe places around about here at the sarao time. Colonel bumner, with eighty mounted men, started for this place, where a train was burned, snd Major O'Brien started from Cottonwool with a corapauy of troops to co operat#with him. About noon another band drove off some stock from Dayton. They were pursued by a small number of troops to tbe blufT, where the Indians were found to bo in force, and after a brief skirmish our mon wero com pelled to retire, with the loss of throe men. Passengers by tho stage coming east this morning counted eight dead bodies, aud others are supposed to be hidden by the grass along tho road. Kcws from (jnton Prisoner# of War. Privato advices from south Carolina Inform us that there wsro thirty thousand Union prisoners In An ler-">t? ville about the 3d or August. Nearly two thousand eight buudred prisoners died there during the mouth of June. Captain Betger, Rhode Island artillery, who was rep rted badiy wounded, was In Charleston on the 2d nst., dolog very well. Lieutenant PbIPp Clayton Rogers, Aid-de-Camp, Third brigade, First division, Secoud corps, was thero at the same dale snd well. Lloutenant John A. Goodwin, First Massachusetts cavalry, of Rb id ville, Mass., was In the Cbarteston pruon de/ot, well. Untenant T. If. Stewart, Fifth M?rylar.d In fantry, reported dead, wlshos to inform No. t.tsi North Sixth street, i'hila laiphla, that he atul live* and Is well, although a prisoner. 1 eulenant Frank H Lay, Ooe Hundred and Sevsnteotitb Now York Volunteers, Westmoreland, oneida co'in'T. N. Y ; William Crom irk, Oswego Cltv. N Y , O. W . Simpson, of Mauch Chunk, Carbon county, Pa. , H. J. McDouald, Kingston, N. J.; Georgo K. King, Mlddleport, 111 . Isaac A Coootor, writing to Mrs. K A I la, n ek. No. toa Gold street, Brooklyn, N. Y., on", writiug I" Mrs Julia E Chambers, Warotown, ocean oounty, N' J. ? with their Ir ends at borne to know that ihey are prisoners in Charleston, and alt well. A line to Mrs. 3. Madison Drake, Rial Iront street, Trenton, N J , say?, " Macon, Ga., August S? Well." Reports from other prinoncts convey %ho Information that me* are well treated, and express the hot?e that their friends will spare no enoriii to secure their early exchange It Is earnestly urged 'i* all the prisoners that a system of prompt exchange win be ad vantagious to all. A Propeller Lost by Fir*. Chicago, August 0, 1814. The propeller C. Mear* was destroyed by five, ofT Mat* keg?n, on Munday. No lives wore l< st. Ihe vessel was valued at fctf.OOO; Mured 1 Vr JUilM), GRANT! Order of General Butler Regarding Negro Enlistments. A llegre Newspaper Ctrrespe odeat Ob Ibo Field. 1 Union Soldier Married to the Daughter of { Bx-Pri?ident Tyler, ! lit, M?i Ifc THE SEIOND COUPS. Mr. Flaley Andirun'i Oc?patch> Amv or Tna Potomac, August 7 ? Ivvonlng. TBI! SABBATH baa been observed id tbe usual manner throughout the army to-day. Divine service haa been held in several or the camps. In some Instances the chaplains were assist ed by the members of tbe Christian ComrolHSion, and in others, where there were no chaplains, tho services were conducted by members or the Christian Commission themselves. TH* COURT or IKQC1RT appointed by order of tho President to inquire lnt^ the facts and circumstances attending the recent unsuccessful assault on Petersburg, will convene at the headipiarters of the .Second corps to-morrow morning. tits Tuoore in the Second corps are bow in One condition. The brief period of rest which they have enjoyed since fhclr roturn from the recent brilliant expedition under Gen. Hancock across the Jnmes river has proved of great bo eflt to them. Through the exertlon-i of General Milo*, who is oemmand'ng the ?rrst division during tbe temporary absenco of General Barlow, the division has been fur nished new uniforms complete, and on) dre.-s parade tho troops present an elegant appearance. General Miles i? an olDcer who invariably looks after tho health and com fort of his men. ins rocn-rn nr.Avv artiltery has been ^sslsned to the First division. General nnnt, Chief or Artillery of the Army of tbe Potomac, Ins Issued a special order c itnplimentine l ieutenant Colonel AllcocW and the regiment for important services performed in the recent operations before Petersburg. The Fourth heavy artillery is one of tho finest regiments in the icrvlce. TIIK CO BP*. The efficiency of tbe whole command Is being con stantly increased by the return of louvnlo^centu, and o; oll'.cnrs- and men who were wounded in various battles during tbif c im; sign. Ammg there who b.ive Ju.it re turned is Colonel Mulholland, of the 1 11th Pennsylvania, I who wa3 wounded on the 1st of June at Tulo;utoiooy orcek. lie is In command or a brigade. * TBE FIFTH CORPS* Nr. Li. A. Hcmlrlck's Despatch. llnAix}l'AHT*;iH, Fipra ARMYi'onr*. 1 Bkh kb l'tr< rmucrg, August 7, J COLON Ft. WlXTitROl*. Capt. Wlnthrop, Twelfth Untied States Infantry, has Just been promoted to tho colonelcy of the Fifth New York regiment? tho regiment popularly ki.own as l>ur yoo's 7/>uavc >. ?uch a splendid r?v'm?ni Is worthy o'. a nod colonel, and It b.is one in its no v c mmandor. t'-apf, Wlnthrop crime out in the throe monihs service as private In tbe Seventy. flrat New York State Militia, and shortly after received his comm^sion as captain in tho regular army. Ho has served In the Army of tbe Po toraac through its entire campaigns, and his gallantry and brilliant qualities as an ollicar bavc alone procured his preseat appointmojt. A cousin of Major Wlnthrop who fell at Big Bethel, he Is possessed of like Rterllu# courage, patriotic devotion to country, and th .re high scholarly and soldierly accomplishments so gloriously illusuated in the uobie life, writings, and more glorious death of the author of "Adnm Bode." narrjAniKR orxicRAL nix. cm, commanding tbe second brigade, Third division, whose iilce^rl mentioned in a recetft despiub, has bcem com- < polled to go homo to recuperato his hoaith. He took hts departure to <t\y bh twenty days leave of absence. Col. Wheelock, Ninety seventh Now Turk regiment, com mauds tbe brigade in his absence. shot. A private of the Fifth >-ew York regiment wits killed this morulng by a solid t-hot thrown from one Of the j enemy's guns. I have heard of no other ohsualtios to day. THE SM'H CORPS. Mr. Jai, C. tMtzpatrtch's DMpatelt. Nixrit Army Corps, Bsroas PrrrnFTrnn, Va.,\ August 3? A M. j great cm , The rebels, becoming yestesday afternoon sud lenly ani mated after the late quiet spell, openet from their mor tar batteries and pourod In a rapid sucoes:>lon of bombs Our batteries responded, and tbe duel continued till near nightfall. Turing the firing Major Chtpman, of the Twenty-ninth Massachusetts, but temporarily command lug tbe Fourteenth New York, left bis bombproof to converse with an officer, when a shell burst in the air, one fragment of which struck him aod laid opnn.bis skull behind the right eye. Though malady wouadM he I* still alive, but in an insensible condition. CrJIKRAL I.KDUS has received leave of abeenoc for twenty days and bas gone North. The First division la now commanded by General While. A BIT OP POMAXCW. Jnst before the army crossed the J vmes river, and wbl'a our corps was in the vicinity of Charles Clty'Conrt House, private John Kick (not a very romaotic name for tbe hero of my brief romance, but "what 'a In a name?"), of tho Second New York rifles, was taken sick and was leTt at the house of tbe late ex I'reeident John Tyler. An aged relative of tbe family and Miu Tyler, tbe President's daughter? a lady young, good looking and withal strong ly rebellious? were the occupants of tbe mansioa, which, I should say, en ptuanf, was ransacked to some extent by our soldiers before a guard was stationed to protect It. The srmy, in course of time, passed away, and the sick man languished in the luxurious rooms of his fair young host, in whoio breast pity' an 1 sympathy soon emerged Into that stronger passion which "rules the court, tbe camp, tho grove." Forgotten was the bated blue of the federal soldier; forgotten the vandal wotlt which still left Its trsces be hind; forgotten the anger with which cf yore Vlrglula'i foomen was wont to Inspire ail true (f j daughters of that State. She loved tbe Yankee, and the young rifleman re turned her love, as the novels say. 'Y course the next proceeding was matrimony. A minister was found, and they were united in the bonds of matrimony? more fortumte, lu this respect, than the prototypical Romeo and Juliet. PORT OF ROCK*. Mr. tV'm. II. Marrl?m*a Despatch. Poijrt op Roots, August 7? Evening, a co team coaRn-poNDsir?. Tbe chief topic of Interest at headquarters to-day was the arrival in camp of Mr. Chester, a colored gmtleman, who prosented his credentials to Gen. Butler aa the autbo* rUed reporter in tbe field of tbe Philadelphia (romey's) Prm. Riding up to tbe tent tf the Commtndlog General he dismounted and entered. Upon announcing bis busi ness he was asksd to be seated, and thereupon presented his letter of Introduction from Mr. Young, managing edi tor of the Prtu. General Butler read It and endorsed It, directing thst Mr. Cbeeter be permitted to pa** every where within our Hoes Ho ittjigeatH l?k? up bis quarter's with General rustic's (iv^red) dtvi sien, in front of Pstereburf?, and flvt M;Yi g4G#T*i j and approprlnto instruct iooh touching bis duties *s a military correspondent; whereupon bo remounted his borne nd rebred? not, however, he; ore asking General , H itler to famish him with a borSO, to which tho reply > ?a ? Uiai the (iuartetpMittis 1 4 the um ware ?]'?rKed with the awx'.itllnj of reus aper correspondent* of tho vmy, Then ho woiit away. I uotibt if there iivii been % ye w ?l engagement to-day within my department whether I rbotild Lav* chronicled it la a concurrent despatch. It is better to r?l fkiiui-* ta one's hold upon the 7tb day of August, 18<M, with the mere atatomer.t of the akove fact. man to write the his tory of a gentle battle. Mr. Chester is Introduced. FOR TRUSS NO* ROE. ^r"",w H. Riln?t'i Dcipateli. Fort it as Muxaoa, Augu-t 8, 1804. or* raiitt.MTOif pkipos?rj who were exchanged by Major General John Q. Foster, arrived here yesterday, on the steamer Fultoo, Captain Wotten, en route for New York. Having been advised of their expected arrival by the United States (tunboat Ad miral, everybody was on the qit vive for their appear arioe. As soon as tbe Fulton earns to an anchor the ma* jorlty of tbe offloers, who were ef tbls department, cams on shore and were Tory cordially greeted. All tho gene mis? Ileck man, Seymour, Scammel, Weasels and 8ba> ler ? were on shore, as well aa colooels, I lou tenant oolo nelf, major*, 4c. Towards evening tho Fulton left' again for New Yorlt. RRTJtTTVl TO NRC.no III isrrmtMTJi In tbls department, which , according to an act of Con? (cress passed at the last session , provided thai States art authorized to send agents to tbe States In rebellion to re cruit negroes, Major Gcnoral Ilutler bus issued the follow* log:? (initial Or'ltrt?Mt. 90. HRAnqrA WHS, pBPARTMKHT Or VlHOIRIA AMD I North <)ai?u.ina, In thk Kibi.ii, August 4, lmu. i The recrultmeot of colored men ua soldiers, to be eonnteit in the i|iiota? of the several Hiatus, is aaeltled ru e or actum by i lie government. There are unfll ed regiment! in this department sufficient to absorb all t tie colored men In the department not other wise in the military service. Most of the colored men of an a-re for military duty have either helplea* parent* or fami lies dependent upon thena, woo, In the absence of the labor of the soldier, must be supported by the goveroment direct ly from the Treasury, All the State* provide in some form by law. either as "Stale hid'' or by ho 'nt e<i for the families of their soldie?*t or nt worst they mutt he supported In county or Slate alms houses This harden of supporting Hie families of colored soldiers by the act of enlisting men 'n this department Is thrown directly upon the Uuite.i Suites whose wards and charge by tho notion of the war the i egroes have become Tho military adailnlatiatlpn of this department In enlist log colored recruits has heretirfore umlei taken to aae to It ? that Iheir families shall not sti ler and this aid Is thus made a part ot tho t?iy ot the soldier. But these soldiers nave en? listed without bounty. Now, however, tlui Slates en'lst the recruit and throw th* bin -.en. which Might io have be n home by themaeh an, upon the United States, ana are at the same time pivi.ia lar o bo int.es to the cull-ted mail, and In some cases, la fact i 4> nig him as a sulihiilutc What i:uarantetn shall the United States hare for the gorxt of the service ot' the recruit obtained bv largo rewards oe that his family -hall be provided for hereafter.' To show that this Is no nrorndd'-rabl* a matter It is nee s. eary to recur to a lew ftallatics seen in the report sf the Su perlntenuent of Negro Aifulrs lu thisdetinrtme.it. Thera are row 71 ,2*8 negroes In this department, of which 20 431 draw la'loa* lu whole or in part from the government, of wl ich one third ('<) are In the families of colored soldiers, 8,343 of wh*m have been en'i?iel in this department. By a who regulation iho bounties paid by the government to wtilta Soldiers have been put In Instalments to assure. First? That a recruit sl all not. be swindled out of till bni'.ntv by the broker, as only one third ('ji is paid when ha can set h Id of it. , beoond? That the whole bounty shall not be paid If not fairly mined b.- the oldier. and '1 bird? To enable the soldier to provide for his fsmtlv, by payments from time to Hum of the instalments of bounty. All this is lost by the -ivsteni of recruitment ot the uogr et I or tbe Stxte quotas. With all tbe til trds which the ubnost vigilance and cara have thrown around the recruitment of white entitle rs, It to a fact t'lal.as lamentable a true, a lar^e poriion of tho rcrrutti li ivc been swindled of p^rt If not all of their boun ties. t!?n It he hoped that the oolored man Will bi better ?- 1 ' to pro'ect lilu.se if froiii tho infinite ingenuity of fraud than the while? Therefore to provide for the families of the colored re cruits enlisted hi 'bis department, to relievo tbe UmLed States, us far us may he, from the burthen of supporting the families, and to Injure that at le it a portion of tb? botintv pa! 1 to the negro, shall be received lor ins use au4 that of his family ? it soiilercti? 1. That upon the enlptuent of any negrii recruit into the service of the Unit' d States for three years, l>y any State agent, or oilier |ieraon uot enlisting recruits under the due< i authority of Hie War Department, a ?"m of one hundred rtellara or one third of he sum agreed to 1)0 pad as bounty, shall l>e laid, if the amount ejeeeds thre# tir, that sum. Into the hands of the Sutierinleudent of Ke? en tiat, or an olicer to be designated oy him; ami In the same piotiortion for anv le>s time. And no mustering oUU cer w ll give any ccrtlfldite or voucher lor mj negro reciult mustered into the service of the United Mate* si thai he ma, lu* credited to tho quote of any Slate, or as u substitute* luitil a Cert Rente Is Bled With htm that the amount o ilicd for by this order has lie?n patd to tl?' satisfaction of the Supee. leieudent of Eecriiiting of the distie t wherein tin recruit was collated; but the mnaterln/ i ticer will >n ?' -fault ot su'li payment, con fy upon tin roll that the reerjit l i not te lie or< llt"i! to the 'p'ota of aey S' tte o>- a- a substitute. II. The nmosnt a? paid lo Die tsuperloiei) lent of Kecrult? lng si. ail bn turned over on the iatt day of eaeb month to the Superintendent of Ne^ro Altnlrs, to he expended .a aid of t<.? families oi negro Midlers In Ibis department. The rertifWates tiled with Utr OouinaissHiv of Jduslers will lie returneil to ra'd S iperinten leiit of N ? rro A^a r> Oh the first ila v of even montb. so that the Su ierlntendent may vouch i!ie acr iunt ' of Hie Supcrluteudeut of Uecnuiing ful the ainoiills received bv hlin. Ami the Superintendent of Kegro AfTairs will account monthly to the financial ateni oftbls department fjor tho amount- r. co red and exp?nded by hlin. III. Asthercare nuQlied co ored regiments In this depart* inent sitl' cien' to peco ve all the ne^-ro reCruila therein no 'le^ru male persoii above ilie ageot ? iztsen^lO) yeurs shall Ik' tnken out 1. 1' attempt to l e t.tken Out Of ibis ue.parUneutj c.thei a- i re.irnli, a< o'heers servant or otherwise. In any nisnner whatever, without a pass iiom tliese head'tuarterv Any officer, master of tiatisp< i latioo. provost inar-ha'. of other pereuii, who ahull aid. awlst or i- rn it an r male ncmro of the s^e oi sixteen ( :ii< yearsor upwards, to g > "Ot of ihlfl depirtmenl. In eontrsveutlnn of this order, will be pan I. . e l. rn ? nncil.jn tliereol b 'lore the Frovoet Court. Ijji n"l less than si* t8) loontns tmprisonn.Mit at hard tet oV under tbe Superintendent of FrUoi. Labor, at NorloH. And If this oiTenco Is committed l.v. ? i; with tbe connivance of any nias'er of steamboat sehooeer or otViei* vessel the s*e.im ? at i* other \ 4? *1 .1 tulisici oil im. ?>.tl. agH till proeee ls paid to tho Super'. iteu !flut of 5e ; \ tlr ' for iho uae oi the destitute negr e? s*inporti-d bv 'he sovernuient. ?Y The several recruiting i n<:?/vous .u this department will be camps of in iru lirn and ills? p ine. Hix-r"lta wti; be Instructed .luring their continuance to e-mp in the school oflhe s >'dte- and of the company ana Wiii i.0 forwarded from time to time upon requisitions to sucb regiments as they ma> be ordered. Weekh- report s w ilf he made lo theee hend<|uartera, br the Supori:iten.!en'. of tne number of men in rump Ot lot duty, and the States to which thcr si v credited. Wherever delal's sre made to Join reg ments the men loagest In camp will ? sent. On ecrs wl'l be detailed frnm time (r? lime, npon apriilea. Hon to thye beadqiiart rs, therefor, for the purpoae ol instrtiet'uc these recruits. _ ? By com i and >>f Ma or General B. K. RDTIjKM. R. s. Davis. Major and Assistant Adjutant Ucueral. iboreure at present upwards of seventy recruti'.ag agents nt Norfo'k stoae, boeldes tViso In otb;r |ortione 0' this doparttnoni, rill! UOSPlTAt. STgAMVP. BALTIC, Tapialo .TeT. Maury comntaodtng, arr^re I here on Sat ir day from Kotr York, and will take a load of sick ami wounded t?- Philadelphia this afternoon ()apt?le Manrjr reports a singular phenomenon. On tho ni^bl of Tbur'! day, tho 4th inst , at half p,ist ten o'clnck. the lights Absecona, Cape May, Mve i'athom Mghtshlp and fapo IloDiopsa were distinctly visible from the deck of hie steamer. Ibo atiuoephere at tbtt particular :uuciure inns' have been very ciuar or thie strange vis. ?n oould not bevs been seen ooMMrwiCATjoir wrrit mxie MM>r John K. Uuliord, Assistant Commlssi.?ner tf F*. ohan(fe, arrived here at a.ilf pest nine o'clorit ibis morn ing with bis ting of truce st"sm<?r Hew York, ("apt. ft. W. i hieb Im, from Philadelphia, where ble vessel had been undergoing extensive repairs, lbe Major exusote to go up th<3 river either this afternoon or to-morrow. A beavF mall for tae fo ith awaits the departure of tbo Oaf c| true* Tho Prres Despatch. Fomrx-s M< uroi, Augntt 8, 1804. The United Statet tteamer* Eutaw and America ait rived in quarantine this morning fr m Peniacola. At well. They report three ca <st of yellow fever tber* when they left, on the 3d in't. General Grant arrived ftom Washington thlanooo o* the steamer Diamond, and after remaining three hour^ proceeded up tbe James river. The flag of truce steamer New T^ k arrived thlsfnorn ing from Philadelphia, wbere tbe baa been some weeka nn lergo'ng thorough repairs, ^bt tailed this afternooa for Aiken's Landing. Thete i* no news from City Tolnt. NEWS FROM NORTH CAROLINA. ffroni the Newbern Tlmee, Augo?t S. J An expedition from Norfolk traversed tnroueh tb# Aloetrinrle coontics on Saturday an t Sumiay last, fo 'ow. ing closely up a t'ae heels of one frtm Nowbero, clean iij out blockade tuuners and obiaining iBjpvrtant luiorma The rebel ram Albemarle le now commanded by Main t, formarty of tbe Florida, and m in tbor .ugh repair, and lays abreast of tbe Oust' m House at I'ly mouthy Another rebel ram .? n ihs ponrsoOf ^mptetloo II Kdwards Forry, and they are ..fT?!? . If Ouish it and bring It down oo I iU( ' r'*" * hLi^e.'mnlMed* A diamond khaped lloat.tig hatteiy a ore n inaieu |e"i?n . Forts ?rar and W asset Is h.tvs been totallv demolished Attempts are heiog m?de by the rebate to raioe lb? Shaken Soutliflcid. Rev. 1'rofeajor liberty, of thlt city, formerly, previ ously to tb? occupation of NesWn by the federal forest au tevenior of o- m k.sI bullets for the rebels, and promoter in general of Amtiiern nianufacturee, has been appointed aptain and Acttig guar terminer In the I'nltfd Plate# t'ervoe. Newbera la oow full of acuta from tbe I <yal Mites re crulting for Uie several quotas. Wa bei.eve old chi setts as yet oflfcr? the largest pile, and the col r,'<t men (kx k to her standard w th alacrity (the hat gained quite a reputation la being the pioneer in the recruitment of colored toldiera and m see ng that they bad ail e{ tueit right*. It ewe from Cairo* * Caibo, August I, 18fl4. There It oo news tram the Pouth. 0' e haotlred a id forty b v'beade of tobacco have aft fiftU ksrt trvw since Saturday for New Yoefc.

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