10 Eylül 1864 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 4

10 Eylül 1864 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 4
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NEW YORK HERALD. ? MUSI tlOIU>a? BK\.XKXft unoi and rum KiKtva. ovrioi v. w. ootaim or fclton axi> na&Bajj Sts. IKRUb va-h id twlv.-mc*. Money seut by wall will bs ?I tbe risk of (be sender. Neue but bank bills current in Near York taken THE DAILY HERALD, Foua coats per copy. Annuel eubfwriptiMi price bid. Veione XXIX. .No. 234 AM CSKtltNTS THIS FThNlNd. PIRLO'S GARDEN. ?rondwny.-Dtia.*# Metro. TOOnuM^ 0kKD**> D'OOdWAT.?IVBIiYBODr'S Fkix.vb? THKATRE, Bicdwar.-Sliniv'i Cuiml'? OoatCAL Corneal. WB BOWKEV 1HEATKK. lloivar..*!.* i* Kte?lien TOOoiik?i bo ill Ars Tii.'bh? It t. i:i i~rn> Diricim a*. MVKJIY TiiKATAK. Be?rery?camr Excosstos ?1>T, OnriK or Scon?Rorsar -Mjchkx?Iua 8\sc rmOru^s)LAWtp.IUEATtl1" 4iS B,0*dvr*r.?Yict" k? Mt'BEL'M. Broadway.?Ton Tbomb?Twa A,"*oa. ?A.r??Vkc" "Tt Magt. Mew (Mta Lai-Ls?Jocko?Ai 11 A N., UADdl'i wS2??,'P HJUA+ ?* Broadway. ?Ktaioc ia* ?OKCA, Oieoak. AO.?Tus ie.tHA5A.VM WkfBEUi MINRTRBL3. lt? and 201 Bowerr Vidhd aio> Emitlso NWLAB?a o? bTHioriAM Ooomia. 4Blk-> DIABOLIQUK. 685 Broadway.?Rosxnr Hellee tttssssr^s^ ffsnzf""* ec?* _ B*" TORN MCHEi.'M ?/f AN ATOMT. CI* Broadway ? Ovtiosmxs am> Li-ctchu iroin 9 a. M. till 10 P. M. ^?OOIiKT*8 OPSRA DOCJS, Brooklyn. ? Xraiort AE Boson. Dancai, bintLBAatiKb, Ac. "** r#rk< SHirtay, September 10, 18M. THE SITDATIOIV. The news from the war to-day is not very exciting: bet, If ae can judge Iron the information which roaches ue from different quarters, the present calm only Indi o*tes the coming storm. General T.ee is said to have obaitfod his headquarters from Richmond to the vicinity of Ream's station, on the IVcidou Rttilroed. A battle of a terrible character is expected to take place there at any moment The some intelligence comes from Bermuda Hundred. From Harper's Ferry we learn that auilieutio accounts reached them to the effect that all the guerilla companies in Northwestern Virginia, including M- sty's, bave been ordered to repair forthwith to Richmond, to take part In a giuud attack which U now hclog prepared against General Grant's army. It is said that part of General Hood's defeated Georgia army bag already arrived at Richmond for the same purpose. Cet oral Butler has returned to his commicd at Bermu da Hundred. The coulbi rs papers are still discussing with much 'oil terne..? ihc abandonment of Atlanta by General fiord. The Richmond ExSMiaer nays that re pour of the cap lure of M' sby, the prince of guerillas, were flying around, but it cannot trace thena to any isiia'> e so iree. ??he strati, transport >*igutmgale, from io?y 'iTast, Which ?rrivrd bore yesterday, report-that on ti e Cth Inst she was followed by a Clyrt.. 1 aft side-wbeel steamer, supped to be a rebel pri-. ? er; but she out Balled her. The Erotiioc Star, from >.;w O.ic. ns, wi.h dales to the 2d, arrived here early ih - mora,tig, and re ports that all was quiet it, Mobile n .v. fifiEriTI AKJOT'S XKV78. , Wc Bod ine mum a i notice in U, J.v.t r.f New Orleans, j end, as it may be 11 service to the fat y of the patf tic : President of Mvrico, ??e gl* liy republish i!:??'c?ur j / readns ?ill rrti.ci?her that a lew days ago the faintly ol Prer'd.nt .'uaiex, c. Mexico, ? rrived in U.i* ci y | Ye.icr.taT nan nine our* o' li s sor> left the htuta ? here I thej ar: staying, unci Lad uot heru heart iroin up to a j late i?ou. Ium night. Tlis name L; Renin, .T,jn:; he la ? htx-ut twelve years of ?*?, and of a d*r? complexion I lie Sjavikg noihlug but the Spiti.rh Jineuare.'' Another of t!? series of n . tr.ootiu ?* of t' c various ; trades organisations, bold ,u .er ih* aucpices ?>f the' i'l I ???.ens' Acsoci?(ioa, toprocn.de r*f>., ;u lc the > liy ,,, srn- j met*, took place lc tlio O per In tttute l?st ever.ir.' ' T ? scg. i makers ami workers m t..bae- vc i the tr. de ! repte fLtaU. "on e of these or; a. /..tion- mi.robot in | I?r ccs*i o to the hall, prc - .le t y tp. ! ?cd ef the i Seventh rcgioieot, cp tlist when toe me- tl ;? . BL d the bulldlBi.' was crowded. Sir. Ji.ht, t:. \V. .irti I rue. aided. A long "cies of resolutioos pcrtiorm to iLe ob- j J<H l r.| tl e m^etin^-v rrc adontr.i, amooc vticb v,aa oue j ?oodemcti.g tl cti!;?Ututlon of convict lab. r on Blm V- , will's Iclmd lor tlio work cf the :.oo -t r.o.n. 8' caches were m.cio hv M. sr*. Willi..- ..o-.c . otb which w.re loudly applauded by the ? ud ^ Anpus'nr V r? r.,aa umieilaker, v, *d ,1 o Pual'.cAl ni;iiatr?lor recently botnro dud-;* HutLeil dlnrtliafu nc d eT;urnsoi. of a Polish c n ut, name I N., ua.. ntz, who died middenly at Fr-m h Hum, 0 r u r a, ,.n authorised the uudertakor to ,m up a ? ur t funara), wbicli Involved ao c ."sy ! S-jc-- bit the Public Admit inral.T, wh to . tli . f ihc ?statp re'u sd to ysy the hill, o., tl r r : t t ? il it w,.: ?xo bitaht. The ca.-o cams up y. ?. . -i < a m iiou t> couflrm the report or ?bc re c ee, wit" lc rd in t* rof ..f the platuiiif. I.ertsi'.n refarved. In tbo General .sessions yorlerdoy /or T' rns , T'lUy 10 stEaiiag a po< k-.l?ei.oooiamir * tfebtv oTe dollars, from (utharine l'.,r,o,i. ?, ?.i ? t it ?Iroet.oo the loth ol Aug.: t, and wa* -? nd-d tor se-, ence. Jod, -nent was vupcdwl k. : of ViilNmi iobosbn. who'.leaded c ilty c " ' t.. as ?aulllug fredcri.-ic B.r'hvid:. n.e cot pit, ,t:.i raving ?af'respcd a dc'.ire to wHtod:aw the ch Mac Jolt:: P'ms. 0"n.icted at the June term of .-tsaau't and bstierr, was ?cot to tbe Pcslteutiar? for six months. It appears tltwk 4b* party is noted foe hie rowdv i?m u tiierc sre pareral lodietawnts rsudirg sgalnst t.im Hvreti i -a-ed ; guilty to grsnd larceny in s-edin*; from itcderirk Sotiraldt, EOT front etieet, forty e ght dollars worth of 1 waarirg appurei, aud was sent to the I'eu.tcntiar? f r bix m'Aiks. Abu McTaddcn, nrbo was cm..'it n ti act f , Atealtog a piece of ctnlb, w> cth seventy dollar?, from the protr as of Usury D. Af r?, Wc t Twnifth i atreet. on the : 1st ol Anpnst, wis sent-*, ed to two yaars ttnin-nasiwoul in the f. tc I'rt o->. Mur.a V,'<? d rod and l?ui*a I'syoe wcra charged with committing a daring Urcacjr >.,. >q Be ru.n Ho<>ker. While h? was passing through w n t ta the night of tho 221 ?t July be wa.? i?:*u:t.'d i>t i;lW women <4 'he town and robbed of a g.u?t ??c< l kod ib.y dollsra In m< noy. They were each etut toil * -1 * tw i'rivou 'or twoyeatf. ?grab Hagermaa,charged witlk steal:,.g a r'lk drat and other property bciotigiug in crc .tx ,bs. s,itr.'<>i :,cr pull! ead was r,eot to the l'mil-obary f?r ?.x . Kd weed and Juliu# Weil V .1 g.-ilty to v t?..l ng % larga quai'tliy of segarifrc the ?tore ?I Peter 1. ? i rio? berg, 117 Forty tb stre't, OA the SAtfi of June, aoc. were remaoded fer eeeteucc, as was s'eo Tbemaa Foley, who pleaded guilty to piefcieg tbo pocket of Mrs. tadao ,n ii,? I'erk, end Tufooe Hti*b, wto was rlm*gf 1 by h.tern pteyer, FAward Mullen, with embe^ ttfc eichty Uolurs to ?oeey. Tbe Grand Jery present, d a number cl Indict ??eta. whleh will be tried next week. Tbe enn'tmied declioo in g Id for 'orortl succc- lve days baa oompieic .y upset tbe cetrolations of commercial ?be, and all kinds of merctisndiso, for< gn nud domestic, lbs bwsiaiwt yatietday tn t miBslly anull, dou no in dSbetdershie part of thcvaalec wore forced. Ihe iitcreas Bf probabilities .,f a ?p- ?-,iy inoe t.-twneti ti e North and t)tr Booth, wbidi i -e Indi -sted by ths rnien -uc e" er ,u All ^IrtciNi, Ipti ?tet tad t widcrpresd tnfu mee an l IN* mrcl.ants gmsra.iy arhiftad termirstl .c to sail as ?fcr tbe wind ee t?oa?ir :e, in .ider to gv*r?t ci aiost ey. ry Mtlitwtf The omao-jersial lran--actiuBs now * .lays ?r? tberefoee email. Celt' s w. c lower. ?rocerif? pc. HNSdm, bo , were non.mal. On GUmgo tV (I ur in ir ket wag awettied and 2bc. a 25-. lowor. IVbrat was heavy awl K a 4a. loear. ion w>? without deotded et.aege in prlee Oatt were dufl sad drooj ing. porv v. as |ses aMIvw, and new nt?M wns iowrr. R? f g?n ,.n, lard was n trifle flrm-r, with a fstr d?-Ti wiiP<ry 9m wMbbnt decided rd. at" Frci.ua* nsr? g14j|, TM UM Ltak Ik lk? C?h4mH m? tk( W?r-R?btl RtiosrcM la Cvtton to too ? Cat o*. Now that the armiea of the Laion, at nearly ?11 tin; leading points of rebel attack or defenceu 5r'P on *ke tin out of tbe rebel-*] lion, nothing should be neglected by tW govern- J meat which can stop every remaining leak and help to cripple every source of pecuniary as well as physical aid from which tbe confede racy ban the least chance of obtaining it. The military situulion at the present hour is most prosperous, and forboden speedy ruin to the cause of treason. How standi It ? Grant, even with his comparatively small force, holds Leo in such a position that he canuot make a move, lie is literally checkmated. With-ut force enough to attack Ms adver sary with any prospeot of : uecess, and not dar ing to reinforce General Hood at Atlnnta, even when that place was In Its direst peril, Lee is chained down as It were with his whole army until the last pound of bacon and the lu-t barrel of flour in Richmond is devoured. Sheridan stops the mouth of the valley so effec tually that Early's portion of the rebel army must also be fed from the supplies at Peters burg and Richmond, thus rendering desperate the case of the array in Virginia. By the-captnre of Atlanta, and the possession of its railroad communications e-ut and south, Georgia may almost be counted out of the ouletidar of military difficulties against which the forces of the government are warring. Our land and naval forces holding the forts ?ad wator approaches to Mobile, under Farra gut and Granger, the captuve of the commer cial capital of Alabama may be regarded aa eertuiu. It is quit* probable also that, with proper energy on the part of tlio Navy De partment, Wilmlngtan will very soon bo in the hands of the government. As for Charleston, it is so locked up that the guns of Sumter may '?Jove's thunders counterfeit" until the crndk of doom, but they cannot save the totterlag cause of the confederacy. It is thus evident that the rebel condition is hopeless. The last ditch has Indeed been reached. The physical power of the rebellion is almost exhausted. While such is tho state of things east of the Mississippi, wo desire to draw the attention of the government to the necessity of using every means in this important crisis to exhaust tho pecuniary resources of the confederacy?to cut off its supplies everywhere at home and break down Its credit abroad. There Is a great leak to be stopped ou the frontiers of Texas. Cot ton to an immense amount is finding its way into Mexico, and thence to Europe, .to meet tho requirements of th* rebel loan and purchase material for the war. Large quantities of munitions and supplies arc pour ing into the rebel States by tile same channel. This channel should be obstructed by the presence of a competent force on the border under an able general. Wc aro In formed that tho rebel govemmeut has a depot for cotton at El Pgso which covers ten acres j of ground, and several more, containing from five hundred to two thousand bales, a few miles in the interior from the Rio Grande. The cotton crojjin Texas, Arkansas and many coun ties of Louisiana this yoar is abundant, and over/ bale of it v.ill go into reb?.l bauds if this frontier line Is not protected. The agent* of the rebel government in Texas (done hold now the hundred thousand bales of last year's orop, and they estimate the present year's crop at two hundred thousand bales. At the cur rent rate of cotton in New York to-day this would amount to 000,000. Within the rebel lines in Arkansas there are, brdh in store and in the fields, or e hundred aud fifty thou sand bales more, worth, at the same standard. $lfift.000,000, while in tbe parishes of Louisi ana lying ou the Red rivor it is estimated that t or.' are ono hundred and fi'tv thousand nio-e, giving a total o'' ono million bales ot c d!ou at the disposal of the enemy. 01 tho frontiers of Mexico, wherewith to obtain mp p!and maintain their credit. It is clear, then, that the government ught to t.?ke infant measures to prevent ths cotton from going o>R of th. ?onfedevaey. Now that tbe j b Ilioa i-, crippled t Virginia. Georgia Ma buu. i and i' e C.:i<i',!r ... Us military strength bi.-k-'n, Ma ulv- tbi- .ed out and disheart ened. i's capxJty to recuperate them ov inias I'll, thiii .?? leak, in t' e Southwest, wh' reby r- -oarcm of paramount value stilt ra in a in to i e enemy, ihould be stopped. An I army .?i ?vent;-five thousand men could do it I in three a: litre. I, mm uMc r illnre of Political Otat rnti on lliiill Sldu. j Our I: 's only glance at th?- rei o'ds of the i -v .. to b vi.; : dinfied that political gsneral-?, 1 .: c a ??, L ivo proved lamentable failure* in both the I r.ion nod rebel armies. Tho men wl o, by their loud mouthed harangues rpurrcd on tho peonlo of the South to the d"?;?eratc al ternative of war to avenpe cv.eoived wrongs and to aceoupliTIi .?n impossible independence, wire, it is true, among ihe first to socept the wage of battle: und re. el br'gH'ilers sprang I Into existai.ee under th" .v-nd of Jeff, rtwwis as j if by mag'o. The w'. ard Davis had only to j iuvokti tbe prc-.anoe of a fi.st class lot- vivaid as a brigadier general, ur.d Breckinridge obeyed the call. He ha ! only to require a rampant advov.de ? f inoaiie?ivab1e political prrblems nsa hr'gvd'. r, nod Henry A. Wt.-e ai:sw. ed the summons. II ? called for a speci men <?f enthusiastic nonsense as a brigadier, and Boh Toombs made bis appearance. He de manded a sample of a true cracksman a* a brigadier, aud Joi n H Floyd responded. He called for a jolly and ".'estive cuss" aa a brigadier, anil Humphrey Marshall waddled forth. Ho required a woman 1 inatigner as a brigadier, and Roger A. i Prvor promptly and fiercely obeyed the call, i lb va led for a barrel of whiskey as a briga dier, and Wigfall was rolled out. But It is unnecessary to follow tL.il entertainment of , rebel dhbft, ie any further. Jeff. Davis bad | only to touch the shoulder of any pothou*e political lo.ifer wlio roared for secession, and be was Instantly transformed info a rebel brigadier. Now. It is a curious fact that, out of all tbe politicians Jeff. Ruvls called upon to act aa chief stewards in the mo stious csruival of slmgl t*r and <le,*th he bad prepared, net one hoe risen to any distinction. They have nil proved egregious failures, Breckinridge. Wise. >lar* tail, Too:ub*, Floyd. 1'iyor. \V g fall- to s?y nothing of such in-n as Pillow, R'.elt, Kcitt, Cobb. Hladasan. Buekner?were all t:^i a ftqut cirjl. or uncivil, life to com mand armies, an.1 they all spluttered and blunder# J, and L id m"ti mifrdt red sod bouses burned and lands laid waste, and uooonijfllehed nothing In behalf of the gicat purpose they pretended to hare in view. If I ono has risen i to tbe "el of s Wvgt <??;. ;-i'j?t j aLi uj 5* knowledge or capacity. How different la it { with another rl.t** of rebel officers who, tiam-'d 1 for war, ami, with a military education, im parted to the rebel cause all the tespecta bility that was once attached to it. These the vrell knowu names of Lee, Johnston. Sidney Johnston, IlaMeo, Longatwet, the Utile, Hood, Early, Ewell, Lovell, Jackson, Ripley, Cooper, I'olk, Price, Evaus, G. W. Sirtith, Elzey, Magruder, Hick Tuy'ar and others, whose names wo cannot at l>t ? recall. These are the men who bi > the rebellion to .the proportions it o. -ssed4 endPto them cau be attributed wiv >f military orodlt the rebels may be on' ' ' ? luring kb? progress of the war. j Now. now is it on the other side of the line' The wizard Lincoln, at Washington, waved his wand, and such men as Danke, Duller, j Cassias M. Clay, Dick Bustued, Bchenck. Neil j Dow, Jini Lane, Carl Scburz, Dan UII maim and j mauy others wore called from tholr more con genial employment of brushing the cobwebs from unused law books, to assume the com mand of posts and to issue the fiat of life or death to thousands upon thousands of human beings. As generals they have, like their rebel prototypes, proved complete failuros, and aro not of. as much service, as mili tary men in our forces, as a livo graduate from any military institution la the North. It Is true huudreds of men have been taken from civil lifo who have been made leaders in the war. and have covered the nation with glory and themselves with imperishable honor. It is only necessary to mention a few names to establish this fact. There are Logan, McClornand and Palmer, of Illinois; Geary, Negley and Wistar, of Pennsylvania; Curtis, of Iowa; Rousseau and Greene Cljiy Smith, of Kentucky; Heckman, of New Jersey; Lew. Wallace, of Indiana; Dodge, of Iowa; Steven son, of Massachusetts; 8ickles, Sweeny, Ward. Weber and others, of New York, and v-jry many others. They have all done their duty well and faithftilly. And now let us glance at the brilliant galaxy whloh the national military institute has furnished as leading spirits in the war for the Union. These are Grant. McClellan, Meade, Sherman, Thomas, Rosecraus, Hancock, Sheridan, Hooktfr, How ard, Sedgwick, Gillmoro, Foster, Granger, Can by, Ord, Warren, Wright, Hunter, Porter, Kautz, Kilp itrick. Jeff. 0. Davis, Naglee. Hero are a lew of the fighting leaders of the Union armies, and those who are in retirement only await a summons to the field to leap into the saddle and with renewed ardor and vigor fight in the blessed cause of the Union. Turks Letters from Tubes GnvBiur.9.? We published yesterday morning a letter from General Grant, a letter from General Sherman and a letter from General McClellan. They are all terse, vigorous and patriotic. We ad virc politicians to study them and learn how to write. General Grant's letter was written be fore the Chicago nomination. General Sher man's letter was written after the Chicago nomination, and General McClellan s letter oc cupied the Chicago nomination. All three of t'uo letters were aimed at the copperhead peace party, and between these three generals tho ll'oods, and the Seymours, and tho Vallandig Lams, are completely annihilated. The Park fc'onecrl. fh# Par* Couirai'iaiouers announce thai there will ba mujlc on the Mall at the Park this afternoon, com mencing at four o'clock, by ibe Park band. uiiUor tUo leadership of H. B. Dodworth, if the weetbof b# floe. Ibe following is tba programme:? VJlKI i. Park March 1?Oveiture. "Dicker ucd Boorr' ......Supp* 2? Sony, "Die Schwaltcng Ab'jCtiwid" Kuclrer 3?l rcnirlcb's & todliScU Kuliser cist It 4?I.rand March flreni the new o>eraof Ortega, ifnoonofPaha <?ODOnfl 5?Oveioireto VUhn'inoar sight's Dream.. Mendelssohn 6?ApolloQuick Man.h.. Kotbkel'er 7?Pelect Ions from lUJbert le D able ikyurbecr iART III. 8? Parade March .Bartho'.emcani 9?N?tt'.ruo, "Green Hill"..' H. B. lodworth 10?H.bcraian QtMtrlUr .Jplllen 11 yutck h-tep "Good Health" Haunn Natural rot-lvurrl. Mroirat.?Handel's Treat oratorio, the ?'re?tlos, which was nnneiiiK- d f u.e time s-nsd to be g.vcn at Jones Woed by an immense nt,ruber of porloruier* (four htm d-cd w.th cHur uii.c '?l feature* of great Interest, will take n'aca on Sunday next. We -elor to ttio ad ret the me nt for the details of this great event. Moss.t. ?'?rl Ausch .17 and t-arl Form<j? aie the directors of this great muaical ft0. Tim T oii-auo Boat.?lb* i?" v torped ooal la uchoJ at Now Haven it called too New lira, and wa? christened by Mr*, thai. Ensign, of Rulfclo, a a.aier ef Engineer J. I, I ay. who superintended her construction. i on HHt of Authority In KrslviXy. PROC t AM ATI OS. Govac-: WSAt.ilo Kwi?irr<r, > I .i.C! ?i?I DwAaiaaTr, 1 Sin, :r>Rr,Sei<. A. 19,;J. I Vy attention liav ?m been ca led to an order (No. 30) of Hrigadter General High T.wiog 111 thewoida and iwurae following, viz:? _ _ nseMOaarOrtv Sk?o*i> D.vi'ion, Di t. KtsTtvmv, < I.ociiTU.1 a, Ai.-'iil Isrtt. t 0>..N*n? onnsitt? \'V ??; The .'ndfcV Of Ike V'dirMily ?Jo':r- tin cnbCf-waty ef Mill distil '1 ta reoutiid to n.1', tocsther :he .Tusfidc* sempe^a! th" Curt wit o lea an:* afiei t'i? re-eli: o lei* order m d w..?n <u ?mt.. d, ?%T? Court ?v all !??? naou ?e laxca-ersof arid . nly a > n. ? Rlrtcnt M arm. mount and nar flf(v n in be ra iu d ?Ithiu ?'r h conntv, aod maia Buoi unT further .v.l.r . Alter bel... org-nurd the tin. will "tort to Uu-te !u?'nuartera bt? | retmratl. a to- du.v Tlie Caplain. ? bore duty it will l>e to ar/nnue the troot'-a wi 1 be rnr'tluled i?y the Court. aul?:?ci to tne approval of ue drc-t-. Irnlce. If be can be roaewjently roa .idled an I win h-It olhcr i'?UU the oonumny set HI to i-levt a Nucc'.aaor. Ry eonuuaud of m-na imvn MrigwdieT U'-aeral UtOH IwISO, f , rt U iei tf?. Lie enant iad A. A. <?. t vs the Chief I so' utiva of the Commonwen'tb ef Ken tucky. do beretn warn the Judges and Justices or tns se> erat co irts embra'-ed in aaid order that Brlgadirr i.'e'.eral Itngli I wiug ha? no power or authority undar m* known law, civil or mllMafy, to asautne control Of tlte i Tidal acttou of the civil oflmrg of this t'omm-m Mr , tt, a,.(t i iitrlber de tare Uie iatd < rder u> he In dero ' 'turn of tbe laws ol the oUtc, auil In conflict with the r'urliH aud liberties of a loyal peep't Vou cannot <>bo ? toe < raer wttbout vi datlns the laws w uich >ou are rworn to irUUats'i, and proetitottng the civil powers with which y?Hi ar> intrusted to nnlawittl aud ovifessivs tiacs, thereby uhioctlrg yourselves to the mat penaittsfc de nounced by law against ttwiiea-aiu e o( etTk#. It \* tbo i'uij ?'ich our* to anil to bis country to refi'se < beilie ca to 1U*L or I ers or Immediataly re sign and let the office be ailed by aumr nut who will leer les?l\ meet the rosr?fmH'>li",? dulJr hT fcfddteg obe. dteaod t" oideis which abh* ?>?' ua the tvaa of the land, the duties of the officer and tho rights of tbe ciltr-m. Too ore therefore hereby wn ned V-t ' ?t rnaklnf any a-ich levy <>f tuxes, and icilsiilden t.> d i so . Pt ihJf.Ave.nor liKlS. I ORAM LIT TS. | ) 1? Tin Wiaai.a, Secretary of Stale i by Jaa R. Paov. A ostant Fecialary. Coroners' Inqurati. Fatai Bars view CaHaltv.?Crooev Nn.niaaa was ye?. tordar notlfldd to hold au it iuesl oo tho body of Thomas o'Brlm, an Irish InboroT, forty-ntis years of age, who was sl'mort Instanlly killod lo coniaiuance of to i-:t hw rooetyed by tho premature explos.on of u blaet, rorner of tjo'ot.1 avsr.u* and Seventy-second strest. Mr. O'lirtcn lived si ?.'? Ta? Hfly oinh street. F?m no lmo? vsr ?the remains of sn unknown man were ff .ud in the d.-c* nt pur IS North river l?--eased ra* about Iblrty year* of age snd a flrem V? badge, \o Brooklyn, F D.? was found m i w poo?os?i"n. ire woe'stodtly b 'ilk ?id had aandy tiair, gnatf and nn'vto UW drc. cns.sUd of a brow. coat, hind istts and tl.c oritii.aty undsj- otothing. O roner Nau tJa'nn wae uolitled to hold an lucpiasl a man. whose name is unknown, was found 'n the 'wi'er at of Thirteenth dr?ot North river. IVccnaed wae about tort;- fits year' of age, 3V* feel ten o-tohi stout ? btillt, Ildht com; e?i'<o, I ght sead.i baif. ?al^li l b wiidmc'i, ?ud w is drc s<.4 In black oloih an" It coa? v?t end" sotd. wolldto elm ?h rrwVlte-enico ?BV-Tdmwert,Vl.fk par. i. s.lk < rt-.al ' ledvy i noo's Otito Politics. CiNOtsaAtr <ar?t. f, l*W4 llsmyf l/u I let ode the damoornWd ndtmuat To' r<w> rs*e n tbe iVcond dle'rift I'Vfrt y. it >*Sc wa.i Db. ii V-1 I !.t.? iid-tlg HEWB FROM WA8HIN8TOB. W *Sui?cto>, loot 9, 18G4. ll'dSI LAN1? LETTER OF AUUSPTAHOK. The leller a( acceptance of General McCtellao has en grossed jmb'ic attention at the capital to-day. Tbe *u democrats apidecd it, and ere greatly relieved from lb* ?i>pr ehenglai'B MUien taey (sat Umt be wonld ac cept the Chicago platfoim pure bed simple, while the 1 eace democrats reoelve it with curses cot loud bi t deep, end say they oen so bu eboioe be tween MoUelian and Lincoln, except ibsi iu esse the for mer should be removod by t ktnd Fiovideece, or kh4t?l by ? ru b o office seekers, in cane of eucoon, they would havo su out ? d out peace men in the Presidential chair in the p rhju or l'cuuletoo. NO NAVtL ENLISTMENTS FOB IE 8 THAN TWO YEAH?. The Nevy reptrtuieai to day issued orders that aT<er Ide 10th tust. uo person shall bo enlisted in the naval service for a le?a period than two year*. SUBSCRIPTIONS TO TUB TEN-KOltTr lOtK. Sub; criptior 3 to the tee-forty loan today amounted to $42.l>09, and the ee'-on-thiriy loan to $63ft,ilC0. SUCOK9SKUI. scour TnBOCOU LOUDON VALLEY. Major lAidtow. with a detachment of ttio KtfihtU Illinois cavalry, returned to Muddy Branch yesterday, alter a successful scout throuph Loudon valley, by way of 1-ees burg, having proceeded ay fsr up as Purcollvtlle. They heard of no force of lbs onemy to Loudon valley except Mosby'stnea. Major Ludlow brought in four prisoners and nine horses, captured In T.ccsbnrg. Theso prisoners .were run down while nttenal ting to escape, nod one of them was severely injured by his horse falling upon btm. BX0HAM1K OK INVALID PRISONERS OF WAB. Jo n few days (our hundred invalid rebel prlaonert will be forwarded, uuder il>g ef truce, In return for thai mint bar of skeletons o( Uulou prisoners sect down this week by the rebel snlhoritlcs. It is Impossible to make the exchange In kind, as we have ne starved prisoners for that purpose. THE QUOTA OF TOknlNS COUNTY, It. T., FILLBD. An agent of Tompkins county, N. Y.,who was sent here to endeavor to obtain subatltutss to apply on its quota, has received notice that every township in thy county bu filled Its quote, end is out of tbg drnrt. m THB NUMBER OF BKISKL OFFICERS IN OUR HAND3. There wore In confiDemeot nt the different military peats, forts and catnps, within the Union lines, on the 1st lost., four thousand lour hundred and forty-live rebel officers, ptisooers of war. MEDICAL S OBES AT ATLANTA. A letter from Atlanta, received here to-daw, states that there is plenty of medical stores there for tbo wounded mew. but that thore ib a groat want ot snti-soorbutioe. FORCED DRAFTS ON THE UNION CONCKBSSIONAL COMMITTEE. Forged drafts, purporting to be signed by Hon. James 'Harlan, Treasurer of tho Union Congressional i ommittee, are being presented to postmasters iu the West by dome swindler, who claim? to be duly authorized to collect for the committee. So draft baa been drawn on any poet master, and no agent employed to co'.Ioct from them by touator ITarlan. The Bids for the ?31,900,000 Lean. : Washington, Sept. 9, ISM. I Secretary Fesaeuden c mmcnced at noon to-day tbe 1 Oi onlng of the soaled offers for bonds of the United States to tbe amount of about $.71,600,000, coDSiatinR of ' the unaccepted oii'ers coder tbe not.ee of proposals for a loan dated June last. lbe?e bonds bear an annual interest of six per centum, payable sorai annually in coin, and are redeemable on tbe 3!lh or June, 1881. A large number of gentlemen were pro-rent, luclndirg Mr. Bend, representing Liver more, Clewes It Co., of New York; J. N. Orvis, Nlmth National Bonk of Now Ycrk, John Thompson, First Na tional Bank ai d Mr. Culver. Ihtrd National Bauk or New York; C. H. Clark, 1 ir?t National Bank of Philadelphia; W. S. Hunting! n, Cashier of the Fleet National Bank of Washington; Mr. Kot< hum. representing Ketehuin, Son A Co., and tbo Fourth National Batik ol New York and Homy I). Cbok. Tbo number of !ott*rs sent to tbe Treasury Department was r-bfvit eight hundred, or one hundred and sixty-five more than wbou the loan was licrotoforo in competition. Those opened to-day re |Uircd live hour- and a half for their declaration aud notation, though but little ovor hnlf tbe number Tbe business to to be returned to morrow. Tho bide open.d to day i-bow an aggregate of $-.i2,000.000, or twicekhe .umouDt of ihe loan. Tho oiTers between four and !lv? per ceotuin premium amount to $26,000,000. There v.-re proposals from various indi viduals to take 1o tho aggregsto about $1 ,000.700 at par The b'ds ranging between .ire aud six per centum did n t amount in all to more than $40,900. among tbe moat prumineut biddors who severally olleredfor various sum* at 'llflerent and higher rates ot prnsiUDi, tbe To >wing:? Hid J ST A'MuM* Premium. Fir.t' Naiionaii'aiik,Portland,Me $310,000 lOd.Qo A 1"4&6 E. T. lill'yer, flartford. Conn.... 00.009 ? a 104 01 First Nattrcwi Bar a Bu I?l .Nj, 66,000 104.30 e 104 G.6 Huntington Tnai ..NorwLb.ti lOO.OOfi lf>4 00 * 104 Tfl K' stN illoiiatnM/.,li rtf. rd.Ct. 176,c-00 Ibl.00 a 104.60 V' i. -- r l.dK V ... Gc.OOO lb! 01 a 104 0'> i m^u Frank ' o > V UOJKW W .00 a 194 60 Bank oi i unia.aioe, N. Y ?!!!!? ?'{ * ro.g.ite A,llofln.v N. Y. .. . 80.000 104.G. A , First National Bank. N- Y. d.OOO.'tOO 104.0--a So'Ci-d National Bank. H stun.. 4,'JoU 000 104 03 a National itank, f'recuse 1W OOO 104.'OR a W aslow. incur A Co N f. ? 2WJ.OO0 V, msiow, 1 Abler Jt Co.. V Y Thud National Bank, N- Y 5?0,T)00 \e, nllye A Co ,N. Y 1/Wo .000 104 03 a -w Now Y >rk ft ,dOW'?A?d orphan's l'cnefit Ufeluauranc- ('?> yoo.OOii 104 08 a ? Ninth Nffiiooal Bank. N Y 600.000 l&l.ldg a ? w" n Hunt5r.gto?w Casl.ter flret National I'er.lr. Wnsblnmee. eld for $1,000,00b *nu f 4/1.000, the 'liter at 104.1ns, and the former at s lea? premium, also ild.O'KJ at lOu 'jO nod If. ,000 at 104. Liveriuore.t ?w>s 8tC? . ... 2,201*000 IDt.lOS a ? Liwrmure, Ciewea Ar C> SO.OiXi 101. a ? First National !!?:><, I'hliTde'. pbla. >ud for la-go am ? ats for various pnri'.e*. (rem 2 to f. P'craii.m, end f r esif.. . .. 'j.ion.ooo lbt to." a ? Sltwui Br<s-, Thll*'falphia ? 200.000 104 10.T a ? fbe-.eUv tv> .Philadelpli* ?0o,i oo tbl.103 a ? Kwrmers at.t Mechanics 3ank, i'lrlA lelphia.. 186,000 K'4.00 a 104.60 Hwighi and tt> , ITiVr.de'ubM..,. .>0n,(J00 104 00 a Cen'r.il rjnlc New T ork lOO.OOO 104.Nl a ? Plttsion L.uk 190 bOt) 104 08 a 10-4 80 K. W Clarke A Co.,Philadelphia, Am'O.uO-i, a'.ft tbe I'bl'.adclphia S-iv.rg* I nrd .*> 'lety .. 200,9C0 104 103 a ? J. Cia ke A (o . WMh.Ujfton. .2,710,000 104 103 a ? The iair,e fr-r Cia-k "o, k Co., rhi.AdeiT'liit 60,000 101 00 a 104.26 Phelps, Tkidg* A Co ,. - . 200.000 lOI.Hbia ? Ce-n Excbaage Bank, N. Y'nrk 310,000 104.10* a 104.163 WilliamKlichen, rres denl... 8*;> 000 lil.OOO a 104161 Job-i J. Cisco, Now Yark. lun 009 103.106 a ? Sri ca*<ie to i.rnrrsi Andersoff at Tianton. Tavvros, Sept. 9, 1M4 A 'args sad etiihua a*tic impnumntit meeting as sembled thls^ rtning at Iho hcuse of Mr. ( harlee Hawilt loaercasde Oen era' K'-!iert Anderson, tbe here of Fort Sutnier, who arnn'd unexpectedly In this city by the evening tram. Between four and five hundred pe iplo f-era (he Trenton Iron Work? end tbe citizens of Trenton, lice fed by lilt Trentin Cornet Band, marched in the residence of Mr. Hewitt and serenaded tho general, who in vie hi* appearance ?nd s|g>ke feelingly to tbo as ?emblvi crowd. It was a rcunhn between tbe workmen of the Trenton Iron Company and the General, who a?kcd for the 'avor of auaklng evury man by the ban d bcfiie separating, wblch was cordially granted with great cheering lor the old hero Blew York fonrl of Appeals. We are requested by the Clerk of tbe Court of Appeals to rept.NUh rule *9, adopted January 92, 1864. Here tofore rule - repea'ed by rule go. required the notice of argument to be filed with tbe Clerk olght dare before tbe uorameaci-minl of tbe January tarm, to en title a ca ise to be placed oe tbe gefifi tl calendar ror the year. Notice ot arnumect, with prOof n* admtss'oa Wir ssFvtse, SSVSt now be fltnd olth the Clerk on or before tlio.firti ?utb day of lieceiaher in eeeh year. R'.-t.v 19? Honrs or A nr,v?kNT(? Hither party may brine en the arpment on a notice to be eerVwl on II,e opeoeite nany a ropy of ml,1<-h not oe, speolrvlns the judtoiel ?Hstrfri <n whirh '.be cause enginaied. shalipic filed with the Clerk or this Uonti on or belorn ihe flfieentU dar of l)n comber le racb year, which n,??ire, except In criminal eosee, shall ror the first ley ot the terms, and Umfeigbib rule le hecebr repeated. F. A. TALMADCnt. Clerk Cricket. rnii ADitFniA vs. new tor*. Tbe return mulch between tbe Aral elevens of ihs?t famou* cricket clubs wss coicncocsd it Camden, N. J., en lbureday, and the rosuilnf that day's play was in fsvor of tbo I'hi'adalphtana by a snore la (he first innings of six' v nlnsfur New I ork omluskot.e hundred sad six for Philadelphia, the play on b- th sides is s?*tod to be of Ibe highest order, earcciilly its steady batting and i wif ket keening of Mr." Htgtiam. ot the Now York Club. ! ll?e PlitU-le'rh.*ns particularly boliugni*bed themselves | in Oe'ling Personal Intelligence. It Tl. iBewarl. of Bait nora: s. II. Ca.ef, U. h. A.; 1 ticu W. W ec.-li 0 Cchneitlcat Lieutsntoi (Oleoet I > oiiert -, of I m 4on ii T. Veii, of Tfioy, srd .'nnies I T?r o d-- -i, of Now Yo, *, are clipping at the l utkAvt I nuie II ;tel i*eacrai% f. > ,\,.w York, Uencral Oeorge T. ; -.1. ?in?,d, ti h a .' o|one? M R '-ogggMi, of Ph'Tadef 1 phi>,Imd F ( 4e;'ows m tyr?0"?? *rt smyfiing at tjs I U.dt".^#sit U.'ka 104.08 ae 104 86 a 104.0.1 a NEWS, FROM MEXICO. Ad?ttiaa?( Particulars of tkc Tic tarr of the Mexican General Cortlaas, &?, Havana, August 26,1864. No news of particular Interest baa transpired sines my last letter. General Oortlnaa, leaving one thousand Ave hundred men at Mntamoros. under his brother, by forced marshes reached \ iotorla oitjr, which bad been oaptured by the French, under Col. Dupln. Cortinas recaptured the city aud put the French to flight, with heavy loss. Geo lortlnaa, la an address to bis soldiers, stated that in u few deys hs would lead thein against Tampion; also tii it he would soon be joined by loroos from Huasteca. plain Meudo/.a, lesrniug that a party of imperialists bad gous toTulanctogo to plunder, secreted his forces, which wore smaller than those of the enemy, along the road and, Ukiug the Imperialists unawares, put them to ,S ' w ' 611 keliin<t t^om one hundred and Alteon rl. ee, asventy.three hon.es, sixty-six killed and twenty seven prlsouora. rapt. Mendoza aud three others were ki.lod, aud six of hid men wouodod. Wo have dates trom Valparaiso to July 1, and from i enc-xuela to the 23d of the saiua month. News unim portant. At St. iK.mlugo there was the usual military Inaction and coutlDued arrival of tick. 'ihe censor of the press here, Apoliaar del Palo, has been removed, mid the Marquis lam brans appointed In his stead. Ihe yellow fever is making considerable havoc. There huve beeu numerous deaths lately. Tbe captain, secoud mate ard all the crew ol the G. B Hamilton were sick at one time. Captain lilckford nnd his brother, the male, died after a short siokneaa. Some of tho crew also died, the 8teamor Frances, that came in lately from I'bila. dolphia, b is boon sold for Xao.uoo. Her ca?in and into rior are belug taken out to lit her fur running tho block nde She belongs batonsibly to Messrs. Caro, VVstsou 4 Brog , of tnis city. the Iwcotuh would have purs'cd the same'buslDeBsor bl i k.xto rur.i ing if she had arrived, and may yet if stilt afloat. * * Tho Anglo rebel steamer Susans loft yostorlar morning (or tiaJvertoo. The rebel steamer iicnblgh has cloarod for Bermuda and will probably tail to night, uUo for Oalveatoo. JMstamoroi Lost to Jaarei^Oerttaai De niamds a Forced hoaa?A Filibuster Desects Ju.irci and Joins the Rebels oatd Vrench^JHtJIa Advancing on 91at? amorot?Cortlnai Preparing to Evacu* ate?Occupation of Monterey by the French?Juarez Gone to Chihuahua-. The French Ignore 1'hrslr Ally?Juarez Triumphs ou the Pacific Slope?French Seizure of American Cargoes, dec., dec. CUB MATAMOTIOS COIiRKSFONDCKCK. Mataxoros, Mexico, August 26, 1864 The French betj Boca del Rl?> uiih a force about one thousand atro g. Ad communication in that direction is cut off Cortina? declares his purpose to ds.'ond MaUmoros against the 1 iccch force advancing upon him. The Iowa it, however, without fortifications, and it will be difficult Tor Cortina? to nold If. Coriin.m demands of the merchants or Mat morra a fcued loan of one -hundred nnd fifty thousand dollars in s|o. io. Mexicans of tho libei.il party as well as others hive r 6s is led the demand, since money car not procure I ho defence of llatamoros. Messrs. Zurm and Kurd acting British and Prussian Consul;?, havo hem thrcv n iuto prison, togoiher with others, for resisting this de mand for money. It is reported that the citizens pnd rorelpn residents of Matamorof, Kurupoon nnd Awerioan, bavo asiced tbe is* terpuoition i f the rebel forces nt Brownsville to prevent tha oxsction of the lorccd lotn. O'li'lo 1 I i.-t;er, a Trnues6tv.ni, l-ite!y aa officer in the arniy of Juarez, has left hie ifrvice nnd gone to Browns vil'.e. Tie is attempting to o: n negotiations from thence w ith the French, at tbe motilh of (he river, tor the cap ture of llalitworus by a combluaiion of rebol and French forces General llejia, at tbn hend of four thousand men, was advancing on Uatamoros from San Luis Polos, by way of Tula and Ciudad Victoria. !le had aircudy reached San Fernando. 1 Corlina.1 will probably retire to Camargo if Mcjia or tbe French aud confederates approach h:m at Matumoro3. If hard pressed he may pr'cei d to the more distant set llement? in tbo north and wivt, frcro thence to conduct a guerilla warfare an Inst tha French. ll>e Fieach fi.ieos noticed Hereto.ore aa inov'.ug in that direction havu reached aud taken possesion of Monterey Prdsidont Juarez medo no resistance to tho advance of the trench, and on luetr approach left for Cnihuabua. with his lores! and the officer* or his govcrcmect. F I, oel Qulroga, commandln; tho forcoe of Viduurri, asked the French to allow him to iuk< Mcntercy in the nemo of tbe Governor; hut they ignored him, his master ami his master's office. Man'/anlllo U atronglv fortified, and lu al! the northern region ca ibe Pai ific elope the cause of President Juarez triuin, !is. Arsirtunce cf the grt-atedt imp >r lance was comiug from f'nlifcrifU, nnd a heavy immigration friendly to Juarez wa.; reaching Suurrn. OUR KKW ORLEANS COHUKSrONPENCK. Nt w O.-ffXiX-t, Sept. ;t, 1304 SltSNCH >-E It PX OS AMHRiriX CAHm'Xi". ?he'nest arrivals Irons Brazos Santiago bring reports tlut several veeec'a, which Mailed from New Orleans later dor Matamoro?, with c*rg" ? Intended lor tho Carina* povernment, or for ? general market, hare bum sei . d b, toe Freuch at the mouth of the p.io Grar.de 1Ue Nee- Orleans merchants will make a bad rpeculaticm in iU. ,r adventures to Matmnoroe. colonel M tt, lormcriv ot ihe v -..uneenih New Vork cavaliy a PRSMUfigL-r ou ibe \i, \. <s ilium atcarnsr, may cot linJ r ready ' o-oiieratiuu !.-oia thu Frei-ch by t'-u timo ho gets to M 'mnori h. The 11.e lutvt- s'.oaiuer, twice si -ad by govrr n.ent auiburtties. I?, crhaoa. h-iter off lying al the levee in New iirteaos thai, -ho would ha 'a '.he hands of I no French. Navrapaper Accounts. ARM V A1. O? OBN'KltAL COM' ll Al M4TAM0R03 ? Kl I'ONS ?IHSAN( 8 TO VILI A 1>R (,'OltTINaS MATA M ;.Os TO BR URLD-?FOIMtD LOAN OP ( Nil Iff y !'? A I> Pll- fY THOUSAND Dl'LLAltN, AV.D WflAT ji a* a - ro:i. i.aner .l Juan N. Corlluas, afi-i h.? ;a,t ii, ht w,tb and Vict ry ovir ih? traitor ibijlu, loiruc l that a large forco of.rcrch had lauded near the m 4,th ol tho Klo Grande ami w.ie making prepiraliom- to occupy Maumorus. Taking all of hi* cavalry (OBu thoueind tlirre hundred) and giv ioc orders to the ii r-ntry t follow ?s rap iNy as poAribio. lie started for Meta- ktoi. - h?ro he a rlvcd on Ihe . vonlcg of the 24t!i. (M the 2oth be sent a lorce of throe hundred cavalry a a reconnaissance n Uis d ?>?<*?. li<ui 01 B aia del itlo, i r tho |>nrpvao I" ascertaining (he exact position of the French, aud where their advance 1*' Ino squadron preceded within three miles o: Bag. 1 dad. -.d ascertained that the oremv otCii| icd the town m 1' i v?, but ware m.ikiug no pre, ura.ious toaiiamithe river. Ganeral rcrtma-'iufnntry was c rpectcd to arrive In Mafamoros on the kath or 2?tb, >u which ntse there is no doubt that he will atl.vk the Frenuh'ot Villa do' orlinns early lu tbe present mouth. C rtfua' Un; a.tpres'sd his ability to hold Malamo,os against the combined iorc.es of the enomv. ft is reported tint Mcna |, ! olio wing Oortin*."' lu.'gwtry, hui at a reap rtublo dlstanco. ? (irllntt, it is said by tii so in his coufldetice, intends to al ack and destroy the I r ?* -t tic mouth of the Klo Grands, then turn on M- la un I glvo him a more -evcro pun, hincnt than Fe Inllicted ;>n nim a lew days ago There was a flatter aracag the srecilators and rebel mor- bans in Matanioi\.s,',ocl.<ivi by '^rtinas levying i a ti \ ou ibouitlzena lor ore hundred and fifty Oio'isurid ? dollar-!, for the purpcro of paving off iiistrtong. Some Of tlicni got finite wrothy, and Fircmtened to cult i.n fWoLcil I orrt, the rebel copimandaut a! Brnwn*vTdo. But Cortina* wa? rot to l>? intimidated, and gave them to underctaud that the itro"p; trial had protected and defended thorn so locg must be paid by ih?sc who had received tbo benefit of ihelr protect loo; and fituhor that tho Mexican treasury was now in tho pocket? of the people, and that whenever his soldlor* were penniless auc dc ditete lie should uot hesitate to draw from the callers of it s people to \my Ham oil Grnorsl Joe lluckm-N 9ucc??ta oia tho Wnr. T lie t eoplo i f Watertown, Mass., where "I igbiiog Joe"' Hooker is making a brief sotourn, celebrated th- Atlanta victory ow Monday night. A procassimi wab formed, and mari'.ed to tbo re?i<lence of O. V. Br al card, where the General * stopping, end tbe hero of Lookout M nuiaie roa?lo thorn iLo following pointed ana charoctarisilc uddrtM.s ? Fr.r.izjw ntistut? Vhu have come hers to reprice at the iacccs of the Colon arm?, in wbloh I am ready to Join you ho rt ai d band. My business I* fighting, not sp?c< h Making: b"t let me tall you that tbe si my of Sherman is Mvli, iblf, and cannot be disheartened. We must treat ihl? rebellion as a wise parens would n vicious child lis must whip !i,m luto rul ccllon. No milder discipline will aristvar the purpo.-o. Some are crying peace; but there r?o be no peace as long as a rebel can be found with arm? in his hands Woe be to those who cry pesce wbeie there is so pfiace. This Lmoa must be pre served, and there is no way ef preaorvmg It but by the power of our arras?by lighting tbe en "Piracy to death. This rebellion Is tottering now wbltg 1 epoak; it is going down, down, and wilt sous tumble Into ruin. Politicians may talk to you about the cause of the war, bat I say, put down tbe re bellion, and then, If you choose, Inquire Into tha causa o< It. But first pat down tbe insurgents?first whin them, and then talk about the cause If yon have nothing elae to engage your attention. I believe m treattog tbe rebellion a? General Jacks'* treated Indie he?whip them first and treat with them afterwards. Tbe Culco oaon"! be di vided, 1st politician* talk aa tbey may; for if division commoner?, where are yea to and! First the Sooth would go, then Ihe Pacific flutes, then New Fnglsnd, and I bear that one notorious politician b-u advocated that the tdty of Now York should secede' from tbe Empira State. In suoh case there would be no end to rebellion. Cent lemon, every Interest you have depe nds Upon tha sucrose of our cause, every dollar yon pegrem |g at stake in the preservation of this Ueioo. It fciil Better accord wlib ray reeling* to see the tlfhsltn of cur glorious country encoded, rather than rircnmtoTibed. end rtq they reel It a fintlonal tie wssiiy tu euldjgt our h trdcra st no dlataui day. This uoloh, gefttlBrtiin, rennet V* oiseolvei, al Int'g a* the army hnv* gtine to fight with. Fttralah mel and inuekata and tha I'nfou I? secured. < apt are of the *ol-Disaat Jessie. I?pi?vii.tR, ?ept. 9,13M tv?|f ocl iTolmvn, of t+ia KKvoolli Kentucky cavalry, oaptured Ibe toi dim'U Gelcnei Jessie and one hundred *b l fifty ne u yesterday afternoon They were egeamiiefi ae - 01 cot, and on beibg lurrontided by CFonet fte'nnaa re i.o Is jU wti.'i'jt fir n*g .a *? -4*. ? ml wmir mmUl m But ?mA C1i??pMl !?**????? Iki Coaatryr. Tbe Wmtr Hssuld, for tbo pr ascot waek, ready lw morrow (Saturday) mriiif, will give ? Full and interesting accounts of Sherman's groat too com at Allan la, Ga.t with details of tbo Baltic at Jooes boro, resulting (u the.complete Detest of tho Rebela, wltfc a Map showing tho rout* taken by Governl Shormao to outllauk Atlanta, and why Ilood hud to leave his dofaoooa Tbo latest despatches from the Army undor Lieutenant General Grant near Petersburg, Vs.; Full accounts of She rldun's Movements in tho Shenatutuah Valley; Tho latest accounts of tbo Operations of tho laud and Naval lor cat in Mobile Bay,' and the latest Mows from the Union A?> mice iu different ports of the country ; Late and important Intelligence from the Rebel tilite<, containing the newest per groans oyer the Fall or Atlanta; Tbe important speech .ift Mr. '-ccrctary Seward to his fellow citizens at Auburn, N. V.; The Proclamation of the President returning thanks to our Soldiers and Sailors; Th- Letter or General McClellau accept In;; tho Chicago Nomination lor the Presi dency; Lata and imporT.nt Nows from Europe; Puotrjri Tbo ioteresting story of "A Blow to tbo Prof oar ion;' Interesting Literary, Sclcutillc and Artlstio Items; In teresting rending for Farmers und Agriculturists; S( art- t log Intelligence, r icetiie; Valuable reports of tbe Money, Coniuierci.il, l>ry Goods, Horse aud Cattle Markets, and accounts or alt imjiortant events of the week. Tmim??Single subscription, $2; Threo copies, $5; Fire copies, $8, Ten copies, flf>. Single copies live cents Otto A limited number ol advertisements inserted. To Paper Wanntnctiiren. ^ ^ Cash will be paid for IO.OUO ream* of good FourdrlaMr Paper. Size, Wtdti-Mlbs. Afr,y tt thl, 0Ora A Celeliratcit Piino'cr Beeently Pshl a high i-ornpllnieiit to PHALON'8 NIGHF BLOOMUtO (T.ltl.l'S. lie wild ihr.t although he was in the habit Of iteiug it, lie rutin ear it wa< not a puu geut article. Why I. PhaUm'a Night Blooming Cereus like a fine tsd> tloa from Mlll.-u? Because it ia a glurlooa extraet. l'ltr Word "Sozndo??f," Which is fart Becoming a lieusoiiuid word, la derived 're<W the Or- ok. and ruiui osed of.two words, Bozo and Odouie* "So'o." translated means to preserve, and ' th enles thf Troth?' Swmlont, a preserver of the Teeth. And ?? true to 'ti name. For bcaiitllyln* and preserving ?>?????<? hard-unit: and invigoretiog the gums and correcting all HOr purities of the breath, it Is without a peer In the world. So d by druggists Viiztt Cashed In All hegnliznl I.ottW , rles aud information giren. JACOB. Broker's OOlos, 170 UrOMWftft H. Prints Catlied its ssll brgslUed !*??? terlefmC. WEST, 5 7 Pine stseet, .oom No. 5, N. T. A. Ksjini scv. Sect, Hat Ptantsfaetarjw and teadei of i-shiou for Gent'eu ea's Hats, lntraduooa the style for lhi? sf-i on till* d*y. At Old Prirm-WidlUng Cards H?fl jlotj j. Papers, 1.1 KYBRDF LL's elegant tylea, only at 302 Bros* way, cor it Diane street. At 9 Bi cittdwnjr?Ml tors, Fowlsr 41 WELLS. PhiSnoU-fjMs, make Examinations dally. A Prrfrct Hislr Uyt-ttlUlei't-SO CentSi Better and mots in -pnntlty than any $1 dyo add by drt# glals. _ Are To is at moot Dying from Heailaeha Tool!-.ache. Neura'gia rr Catarrh, Wo'.eott'a In,taut raid Antt.h.hvor l crrnauenCly cures von. Sold cverywliore. A Beautlf"' t-omi isxlon. ?Laird's Bloom ot Vouth, or L.<|?l;t pearl, ft hat .no'R0*' serving ai d hevi'.lf' tou the coini 'etjon And btln. Bold W all drtKBia' . aud by JAMBS LAIRD Bole Proprietor, ?? Broad we;'. \ sure Cisrr?Rene's African Power and Ague Or rr. It tsercr fails. Pep-'. :W Liberty street, stairs. ___ Balrlujot's ilali Dyr-tlie Best In |b? world. Hartnleaa. reliable, Instantaneous The on'y nerfM # dyo. gold by a'l druggists. Factory 81 Barclay street. Bro.i litre's One Di ease Renie.lv - veuve-' Ne.trJg a, Norveua RheumellMf S1 li-ivi 01 nil Partly". Umbo. 1 or "aM whole?aiw and re-alt by HABNK3 A CO, ".'l I'aik row, N. a. Crleta ilorn's llnlr V ye, Pi.?*rr'v^*'T* aud Wh-i'epc wb0 -.a'e and ratall, no- 6 Aalor Tbe djc .lupbc I b? skillulartists. Com,, nrtnlmto. Valla. Knl?*T"> JwtntAU nll dbw. ?? *f the feet cured by Dr. ZACIIARIK, Na T* Brcadwa; . Citizens snd Mrnngrra "*F private lmWutllnn lu pctttnanshlpor bookkeeping at utaw SMITH'S inotitutn. 7;-d Broadway. . Csmpbrll, Apothfcaiy n*-? Chrtelaty cornet of Kiaht'u avenue and Fwenty-clghth etreot.?wowwr ino Medicines dispensed n ith care. Dr. Bennett'i GBKAT LIFK RROI'LATUB ?fa pressed from a healing root and ihe iufm- trout delicate flowero nnd medioal fcude. ... . f loo' dues II r ,!(.!?? the freb e hoc v to lifer All ??' '<nesa or pain of evnp net ie, pro. reds from a ?ton ticli !I.I? " in ? l e fout 'v.mn from rhenoa tfie t it made, "t ? d?. i.'-d r.i.-t.ci wlthlr. ibeawu-. Is taaen up hv .he bi.-od, ari'i set es in ti e weakest pert^ thr. irtti. S ' ?1 n. ? rutt'ter of. t in the ibroftl. '"M?i hp. ri ihi*n the Mtr.iua. h. .ivor aod kidoe>? w 1U all thl CA1 to hell! m?M?. l?v I v til i.nrr nor# U>in'Urf rc i?vf ti.e-; f r ?* dsnre.??? nod thos do* cal to row n fcrir DKnn'NNhirs grKj lick rfgulator. A hnlf Kpo.vn til never falls In going right 10 ??? fesscdop.it I. Wt v'ci.itJO the ihw-at. It ? I - tkOMS c.- if of iho Im g". anil All Ihetn with fresh air, H wth fOPOJ ant pur fy ?k ? hmoj to s beatvlfnl olearaoae. JW?1 auriiu, i u ilu ueai t; ti.e lung ? will b.eathatn thankrra praise, and si i. e organs wllutn ibe l-ody Wfll QQoad ahojf blithest notes in <n? nltnuaiisong or Pja ;si toth?i riwdf an ; strength of 1'.. IlhNNBrrS.lrtBAf Lit*? 1, lIGilt** TOn- WASTING AW AY-NO AVDBTITB. I'M 'ttovYINi. t'OLH. JT. BENNETT - ORG AT LICK KKGULATO*. The ?tbe tig o i of t rder. < o;.^e.| etitiV yod bar* oo a?t- 'to Th i.hii., b... in us s. ant veins in a iwaeera flr,? . uo wai mth lu ire no ly. ^ Mvar.aa* aS t' bf pa's lo * ' * 1 d>11 01.. ..p I re re uDU o. the w.rai dee. . ij lor., v . ollew b-1; ?. g wood v h s rood draft ' "'l0\ , ** w." p t ?? In a w -I! vei.t ite-T ??8 make, plenty of waim blood; an- " , ? *w, the p. Um.! ' ?>'. S 'fb i. niiu " ? 'h" SV t-? a d no r?-1. >?, so p>t 'S ol w"fr,nJ'' pVn V'TT S .Trk'3 a t ? r e a tiny, of Dr. BFNN ?? ? '.;Sb?j I.in Hh.11 /. v :<>R. ? iimo an. .. -...i.t-c-. iu ?? .v t.iroo" tlie dnc I u; v ? ?. and lb ' '-t b'.o.t no * ' o*ing thra^, the bod' nauri h'-s and warms up your rod llr. M. SMJ | bo.lv. whir;' I f.?i. hid from groat ?tborlr ; uee.i _0 rOM an lf .aetir , now becomes lively, fttil of aet.rity and ItfS, I'rlrr J1 bo'tie. <i:der? bf mail n'ten 1-d t'? nwvwBTT H,ala. Dree Al. It Iter* to Dr. OtORGB PRNNRTT, NSW ren, Conn. DKMAS nvRxKp * ro.. JlJ'ark row. Cesera'. acuta loy Now Tut* ew^ David's Viall Mjll of O'itlvin**'! Haits. now r-ady, 2 < r-roAtftray, oenr Duane atroot Dcafn'sv and IHsraseaof lh? F,f? Ib'a c'ally treated by Or. <t All WALL. M Gllaton piaeo. IifMA street, (roro 9 to 5. ^ Deafona, Impaired Night, NOfNES THB HBAD CAT A BRIIAL AFFKOflONB IN throat, CHRONItTcATARRH. CATAllHIf OF Tfl7TYMPANIC MDOOVB MFMUKANB. OBSTRI/OTIONS OF tBM Bl HTACfllAR Tt'BB . CCfTED. 0R0S8F.TS STRAIGHTRNBD IN OMH MIN9TB, And every disooM of the Bye ejd Ber e^i or miralrai by Dr. vim at hit comu tinSi Urondwar, noar Tirolftk nnC ' DiiTivstlf. pn..Jun? 8. lH08.-llr.<Fm| B (fitio ?Dear N.'r?in f'etruari. IF11. iVaeeffl rtei wBB siii-ar dlsbrte*. ee l ror f.voi months f pa??e,l mere then Il?ra getiona of water in iwentv^ottr hour*. I woe nbUsod I* sot up as often is ten or twelve times d.irlng the o ght and ?| five months 1 Iflil about lifts pounds fn ta?l?nh DwM ?| mi nth of lulf, INil. I pro' a red two bo't-eo yf CeestlI .ally Wairr. end e'er tAklng twe ho,VV.2ih*^? trJit ! soon after i-ga ning my nauel goed hesjllly 1 Fold wbole-.'e hy MORGAN A ALLBN. V 01 ?el?m Aud All l?rng:pata. Drtssmaklngi Milltnenr, "AntlllsinH Frru'h silk--, at Madame BBNKDlOT'S. 18 Wavcr.ey finara Nevr Yerk. Deflanes FlreF"< Huriflar Proof *?*% Aleo Stdelmard and Fnrlor Saf.- fbroHm Plata. at ? Murray atraet, eoruar of College place. ^ ^ monil Rlnyra?Of all Drirrlgllena rrntr nee .h ilars to-tren hniulrwd dellepa each, ?# IIF.O C. Af.I.F.N. Fa 4IA Brou.lwnv, OS* deef b? ? at street, formetly Ne 11 Wall street. r Itlnigs and Piae, Mow ?twlosu 4MR d?Three, five, aeroa, too, twelve. BReeii. tnolC nly-flre dellars o set For ao'e by OBO. O. AtLIM adway, oa? door below Ceael sire*a w t Throat Dlirasti and Affo?8loa? aft at Brown's BroneblnlTroehes. or Cougb Lotsng^ groat value. To omnia. Irdtat'.on of Bto llrq| hy cold, or ncuinal oaortlon of tho reeel orgao^ tklng to pnblio, er allying, thAy prodnoo Iho MA lal rooulta toklM. Plmplsi, Tap. Pl??h Wnrara ' b* GOl RAV9*8 ItALTAa 0ATI.D k5^)j. a ?i3 Brnadwny. _ *" r tlto Hair and Bkla? Uarry'e Tola ?no Tho boot sod oBHpoot arttofo. feoW by to# _oltllnjr Msrhln^wl BoWi MAC illNB ' -'T - - ^

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