18 Eylül 1864 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 2

18 Eylül 1864 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 2
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FINANCIAL fKD COMMERCIAL. | Pa iraoav, .*"*P' 17?? P.M. J TV. stock w.riel ripened without epirit tbi* mori.iog, hDO tl Continue'! KitUgiab and irriigu'ar HIE the C a. of j s. (UI (?rrd ?nh tbe lateui eecncd t><>ar<l ! p m es ni ye eruat, ii i* fw laM at the fl;>i bivd s> 11 dsoo hirer V Kr.j.in s |,"r? ??JW flvaoced t?, | Claaai.oU ami iMfbur* i? Naw York Centiai li.ctu | gto coim-ei*. UniiiM* Central and Chitagu ai d N?ft i we ten; war* variation. la toe min r tuoeuus 11*1 O'.J" .ad Misei.sipiu certificate* dvclturd >,, au<l Cum b.rUi d Coai ? ' W ?> km-ver arte unch Uged. M.r)|K?a end allaatic Ma a -id ai Friday morning's *1Plait -tis lo gi'vertuuotii * cut ttlea lliria area not otu b acltvt ty, but it., ui.raat w?a on toe whole brtn. Tbe ibt f trsiiaacm.na were in the six p r ca> t ben ds act cetiio date, o indrb-ieuu-ss. KiVv-tweV.es icouu u)advanced >4 and sold ?i lm\ * \\ coupon eiksa, ls&l, 108 a \\ one ye r ceni.ica n. 04>4 a Hi teo-lorlit-h advanced Si, selling ail?7y,, -even and tbreo tenths Tr auiry noies ad*, noed i d n d *\ . 10'4 a lit fc'.a s t o ns ?a e toll, nod tl'o iloa.ua b.dv were made:?la^u'i?eo ft, 69, Vlfgioukti, oO, -Su. .b I'wroltUi O'a, til, kiUsourl d's, "X llallroad b ad. ana firm and coal stock* eii.blEy aclivo, but bank >ud turning ? hares aara without aciuia tioa. AM usual ou Saturday (bare waa do *eoond board. Tbe dr.iiilu^ u-nue cy of railway and misttlla e.iua Bom a ao i ibe gitnrsl stagnation which bus pre*..ii*d on toe So ck i t. bau.e meteor lea* couimcouijiy eic.e Use ?weeping panic oi ia.-i spring, are likely to continue tor a>iue lib.a kaa.r, and, therefore, tbe majority nf tbe brokers ieau lo toe bear aide, and a.criflca ibe buda pettyrui ibai ir oan o .-ue i nd r tuoir m tnipu tattoo tbe market le ilabia to occaaioa it cpemsiic acti a, auu . te.y >|a.iu teadoeoy. guaietimau itn out aid# operator may hava tbo luck ta maka by ooo of thane uh * emeu's. but where be make* once ba w 11 ba likely lo tuae twice, for ba works complete ly ta the dark, and the odda are, therefore, beamy agxmat torn, tiniest, be if content to make riot* lurni aud baa el. en gin enoukb to carry hia own Block for ao tauenotia time dunce wotcu, oo a maiket lu* tbif, tbe pro?|ieciiv.. |iioni? would be eateo away by Ida interest nun Commisaioba. The** uet are vert bcuvy, and foria * large pe.ee ia?* o whatever game there m.ty be. Tbe govarnnit-oi t.x of a tenth of one per ceot at par on tbe Btle <>( every .bare of stock, making Ore dollars on each hundred, a oow added to toe o'diotry c> m-i.l<fi"n of two.rc a. d a bad dollars on tbe puradare oud the same outiiesalo aud tout tbe operator baa to pay thirty d d lore, ext .utive oi tnteraat and stamp lax, oo loans, for every tranvaction of a hundred ebaies. Ike bro ? kera might nod it ttore to their own icteiest ' to pay me tax out of tbelr con m.ssiou, for ; area then they aoutd pr.bably make m tbe .tutg ' run far more than ibatr cuiuoui rs, and tbe iticrcaieu bust .ear lo wbtcti it wo t,d be t kaly to lead ml^bt he a tiieo.ed to itau>l in m >re than futkeieoi extrn lueses on toa part ol tbe cusiomera to counterbalance tbe direct I oca produced by taking tbo ptyment of the tax upon themseives. And, by ibe by, when the government la ao much to need ol mi oey, ck<w is It that no collection of this at.d many uiner uiet ba. yet b. en made tu tout city under lb. new tawf Stuckorokera tn particular ourbt nt t lo be cegiectod; lor they collect Ibe lux trom then customers irutn day lo day, and there is ao rer.on f. r m.kng them oejiositarteg of public lu:;d? wbea we have a mushroom crop of national banks to perform tbit u>efiil aervtcc for tbe government. Tbu machinery lor ttie coheciiou of rrvunue, not only here hut ail over the con try, t? ridrculoueiy delec'.ive, and but lor ibe p trmti di of tndivlduHi i tu makiug it tbnr bus: nr-s to pay ttii'tr iaxr? the rice.ids Irutn ibis I'dirce would be ciuiaiuerabty lesa Ibaa tuey are. I s ect ra an.: a be aopnu ted lo go about like poixetn'n, and aeo that iho noticea ar. served promptly, and that da au.tera bobs promptly applied to, and, II necessary, suel At pietsecl II a , arson liable to laxa'ten does u t hoove to trouble bimaelt about the matter be enjoys practical im munity frotn tt, aud we know ol hundreds of crises where fiersout ilao.e to b tn income and hctruse taxvt under tne Oral l?w b-va rrvor twiid a dolUr towards tbem. or c. en t?ra iba.ly appuea lo. or eveu peremptorily eal ed upon by ooitoe tn pay. Ibe gmd inarkni, arcordlng to tbe ladicuttoua of yes terday, uxbibnad its tm reasing wortknass to lotrer .Ota. tioaa. The opanmg price a<u> ix! followed bv an ad vance of %. it ibaa uacittiatl tc raouvernd t? 2^3 and fail hack to lfkl tg. Aftor advaueiog lo 223 again it dropped lo kki.iroin wbtcb it neudiljr rosw to 223;,, which was the auoUttou at half-paal foor o'c'nrc P U. Tbecf p(lad ?'b,n" ciopje ta empioylhg every efltirt to ! auatal the premium; hot it |s mtpnt ml to prevent a lur- j thar d ci.oe, aa too quotations next week and aubac- i quently witi go to p uv?. ihr g rmhiora. tvbo*? aympa. tbiea are witn tbo rehota, are iikrwtae Ioibt tbotr i-ast i to bud; u; the siuktbg market, and It la lo be ..oped (hey j will aurier accordingly. Mear.wLtie we auieest. aa tbe vrbuieaale trade ta roteiga merohaudiao It ! little better tb.u at a t'.aoi'tfili, and aa prices j for goods of all descriptiooi are falling baavtly tb?t the retail dealt rs, w th whom the pa.ip'e ' are brouybt directly in eoatact, abould reduce the r j pncee, N-ine ? .uwancv if ot course to he made for the stmt oa baud , jrch-u-ni at tt.a hn;h price*, hut even ;:uw ' sum* abatou dm rtb and i (ju-lice ongbt to ba m id* in j view nf Irwcr pn-.w in the wi.o'cssie mvri ot There, i nilo.Ti n wais m <de a rate of profit by fir toe h gh on ttielr aai- s, ><uu during tke laud twelve mo the the* -lave, ' Ir many caees. nearly doubled it. This is nnfiir to tbe ' public ai d e!.o Id bi? severely ditc .uragad. Tb gre it j maas ot tin people have, lo real It/, received tea* and had ) to pry more mr everyth og dir-c the last three year* j Ibaa belorc the rerpeaai-.n. and ibeie is no riuaon ?vny a | email eecli u vf than -intnunil) hbouui be suileted to p ay j ? he harpy ut> n all the 'est The money market is easy oa call loans at eat -n p i ' sent, and tu- enppiy of comrvorcial paper oflcr.q for 4i?. j count it d mir.i-n ng under trie uflcultle* wbleh n?v* j Islet* alt- nd-d it- i.< a->t stl -u. ib*' ?' -ni ou i tv iuag*S 'root oie* to ?w?!ve per caot. but a few *?et Cut na-u*j | are taxe-i a* c . Ll Vi-relgr. excln jgs i bict .v ? ? *ual ' a Saturday. Ibe quotalux s lor lerlmg for Pink s oil's ?r 109 a Iff; ?its a downward tendency owing io tlw I mi ted droiaak. francs are q iod al d.ut 9.10 ,, * ith oo buaice-? d ung The buataeai at tbv heblreasu y today wa* a? fo'- ! Iowa:? K?cwlpts 'ar eostoms ... fl dJ.uCi : K.?ai;>t* for goeeri.uieiit io?u h.'.O'Hl i Tout ra<?ipi* 1.9*21..1.4 1 Payuion.s x.kv ;,m>3 I Btlaecw The sb'omenta of spac|? t?>.'sy amounted lo$f-S 7".. , ' trak n4 lor the w?r, ift. ii.75. If we add 10 tire the ? i*i : meo.e pie*>ouaiv r-.^rini we find the toko: r;o e t -'vottary 1 l'M .tobv fS2 ??*" ? <1. Th# I. U laapurte at Nuw V a fcr Ilia week ? mpin ; aaleilowa will fnrnier relurc l.a- x., f. 14 . I Aeo. A' . It. ) ? rxcis StikhSU I.6T.66 1.46-. "4 l.lM.di1 !.'? -<7 a ??d- .<M2 ??/ t. I.',ai8 1 9J7.W3 7.-J4.777 1.740 3u4 lot. 6X.?;a,((M Airu.a.'vt .^im ? .,.,d7u,.l./ 2,04.1-4: | To? N w lurk imparte of dry poods co*n;Tara as f d- ' .owi. with livinar return.:? #*.v IVvn-k, IS? tVdl IVk. j till*. "I at r-i. - rt |I,..-.7 f-'*2 l.kCl ??? U''- *? Thrown mi r-i.rkrt l.4(>7.4flb 1/21 .lib 1,4 .,M? 1 .*?i.? - J mail. >. I. Vi.ierelattl.vp.il 41.?4. .677 OS 0 7 414 '2-7- 4*7 TP few a on maiket . ?f..7,S,t*7 1< C6.',2d0 66, iS , Tb* foiiowioa ao?t:?ct o' the l-naayivaau covupau* re;s>ru ab- w the tor ? ,wr ilia tart * .nd ! aaaan. a. cum; arad witu the ? ctiw.,-: i.d.cg partrcl isat i'aaon ? Oewtj.awrs M-rrk y a, ti ????<?? hem , 1 Kea-'-nr ?? T7,:.ad |,a. - .g ^ ycibuUt I Nnv Oit.oto ?7 > * 6SP,? 120,4Tn fsibb b Nav,.. 2H.7UO 4? ./> 4c. :1 |-Blgh V.I KM. St 7Pk 1.0.V 111 V 1,411 in *ia 1 lx-1 * lack 30,170 lot*j su s:| -::o 7* H?: At U0.1 27 if 19 12 164 .>g, ;*? | fete 1 *1 .... 64 MT nil ' ft 41C?/u 10.1 1.7.1 bh.mok a ?.Mb V07,*"a 17: 44*; 31 * ;w froad iop. . T,I0t STa' . 4: *;i I l.vksui ' alcy 4 '/Mi ISO.Or-i 11416 2* Ir.varten . . 674 65,J1? 4?,6I4 1*. 17 1 Tnt.i 2?r>,33? t :M< r*.:. : 1',-7 The enihraeii. eo.! lot nag* for ihs| cat week s hwiv that c* tbe He.dmg R-.lr wd I'e largest of thw a?aa n. The w**x y i. nnsg. by .'I tb* r*'" ?P*' e*f u* !? w ?664*9 " ? m.k'iig an aygfe. e fr r li year Ik ir ?ar of T.Stk.lTt ma. agamrt ?,pja,366 In 'or Mia c?wr ? ponding km. nf ?.t year? ehuw.tg ao tscifaae of Tlt.lW taae Conner'* 1 lirxi taiea en 'fc.* 4>' a .o-l leather BaaTr Of h#w York kr? la i rt .? t 1 h* * urterfe t S Ih graar t ol, a- tb.t la elrru ki e corns time ego w tb 1 red tint A* tbi* u'untcr'rsi i* well eaicnui*'1 to de ?eles. (be betik bM eehea le a III* |iu* ecus ard I bars are oatetandlog only four gea-i a. mim tt,.,t dsDem ta tin* ntatiM noiaa aiiisauir, Kiabaagea 171,117,91 M Baaaeae 3.27! .241 "? tarhangt< far tbs week Mo.11 & Is n ?Pally ar.rvg# * 111 I 67 tiencee :or the wee. . ... 17 Mt ti3 "4 ftp avereg* I . *< aai at % lelfgieib I* here, i .mytlar k be , dsiet! 7an Iran el*e?. '4 mining irlocV? wore qito'od a* fol low U Inf. Kill ,.?t loot; llou d M uir?,?l,lJ* par f.ot, .*a? pe, fi, <K> iwrt.nl; l'"U<s>. $8 o i?r int. Tne olio wing la lbs tragic of the Atlauilo and Great W? tero Br?*d i;uu,;i K.iod ttoce January 1, 22i nines ban g opened ? i'a*tmpen, dh. AVeiiuM. TVfoi .iaou?rr Je.nlA 1?S. hJ 207 a-8 *??*" >r? 6ii I at 17?,^1 Si ? 4! M 'r' " # ,Mf Id SIS Sir, 3 : ?',r" ?3." 1 1S:I ii| lv?:,*T *':l> 67,1 13 157 411 SH.HT9 J Q,? 7 ,i> 4 2-10,*07 811,521 Ju'? 82 014 S4H.43J 882.008 Aigiat. 96.077 810 0 ?!? *06,0.9 The Ctnc go r iuwir o' IU ifdny re infU:? | TheMih.it pm* of ilia t?ld market to a*r inna-ted to i ttio ia.a ur *imO' lama additional emuMirusuim-iii, sod , too re-ull *m tinner and in >re active markets >-11 ; tbr naU. TIip dem-nd i--r tnoop* *?u ? ccxeuueot'jr g P?l?r than ever, anil at theeu V (" currency ia aim : ral ici tl, ?o,l ua n OpC utiutf cio? r, i iir nnukrrs ur re ; uu-be i p oytltp ae,ii mil* maue no them by Ihuir r-guiar rn-iom- in. flu alter tl iy too tlrato ou lin-ut It i I in-' rnuie lie i e ?. d h- fvi ices ara Coar t>pa. uu llm*# at ttit ? mm ibe aliii-nipi.t- arr very will tag and i in ii i a r.-dei t< exnarle ce I in Hi.it .vav. Ol e'Urve ihi-mi.t j tt" ? - me tiinp, but His tear U ton hni.ie< m n: ? nature mil keep nnlui g, tattler (nan meet a moderate lo?i, |i I tuey ai a -iwept uv.y by a panic, wblub ia turo to c u.e ? o or ia-er. H i Hi n ate ttt aff.tiw it trim not O'lty of ilia predict I' . a b lor nearly ad ti'O ciit-a ?t itmrrt aide bneinr-i ? i r ?b tss le boiee , Instead -i louerior loeir prices to co-roa >iiii(t at b w npcliim ot g dtl (i n lue aa i a princi ple ibat ib*y ratted tbi in when )? :d went up to 1 wo tin j men .ii d eigt vi.are iHnf die antnd prlcot, tt< d Hel'inc bu- i tie, lor our ?-c-n-otry ceunnn" all undvrrtiud itilt m?' -r o tri #? tio ? at iliori ughly aa tbe a"a:e->l n i ker In < no street, and ;hev n .ee to buy tiaices tbe q> t.iiMiut are lOWe - d witli I d Id t:.ia ur ay bus t ?? id a I kind* Ig retarded. Produce c ntii.uea 11 rooie in eelv, ui.d ibe mnuey fur Ibie goon to 'tie country and On 'a il* way back very How: v. Tn ro ia no ooanpu in th? rum if ai.-rount. wiicb Is l-u per cent: but outs ue ?vbtrka" aro earning 2 aS per e a. per montb with tbeir capital. Coleman's Sao Fraactsco Circular ef tbe 22<t of Augu t bas tbe following:-? 1 be m<vt interegtlnr feature of fbe nwtt week In flo.an del and bit men* circdjn baa been the decision ef tbe Kit pruiiie Court anrtniiig tbe vad-iity of tbe -cine Coo tract hw or Caliiornia. A go d deal of aj>|irobeonb>n bar tinned in the pS'lol no mo m regard to toe uotiatilutlon alitv o." thla a. i but tbiv-e ears are now bn'ipily ret at teat, and the va^dtiy of tbe taw amioy vindieat'd by tbe bkLirt tribunal ou Itus roaat. l'he doprt>Ci?':on o: the nan nil etirrrnry, a (t tbo doranyflniert of ureal u tilers ger rad>- ud tbe ? toer euie ot tbo c- ni'BCPt, growteg out o tl.p redundant pnoer lavua* have fiirn.alicd iur \ euplr wub good aic ' i b-iantial rtiaaona ft.r ngidly udhit .eg u gold end nivor an reocfniae l eln: darda of value ml tbe a jtnctiU ..nd aultiorilieu cited hy tbe fiupreme' ouit in ' augiaiDinp tha tororceuient of onligrntoue riido ur :?r the : b pc lie ? ontract aer, will tend to eptablisii more 3rni y I timo ever ifi?t eeBii.ience in aU business tr iaeru fionr a i I r?ootml to a free a?e o capital in conducting tbo iriua triai and ctber eh-.er|irieea >.f tb? country. Ibeetlnct of lh Uct i :oti i alroady felt ta givmc greater e?:ie to tire , mm eyrc rkeL Knd . toehog of security nouog b-t?!neM ! men A larye amouot u'n unry hitherto liiierv 'nye'! w.i: or>w s < k un outlet, and it is thought by eom.. ttiit tn?d llberitl'Ti of capita, may have n tendeucyt- lower the ! cnrr.'bt rates of iDtercst. TTiemioiog sl.are tnurUel hat been very active daring J the p.'.st tec tiavs, und meat ienflag trnckr as well as a n.itnber if fpacuiat.ve ebares. bite been largely detlt n , nt echsreed tates. Tbe sgfre:sl? salon exceed $CW,(kiO. I at tt.e close the ecocra' in?rl;et is buoyant ant pr.res are well maintained ffce riceipis of htiu'on from a ( nuinber if clilmi 'in the Conostuck ara larger tha. fu ) a me time pM-t, aod recent dcvuiopuirtite ate hj.-..???? to ' indicate better results in fti'u.rs. In order to show tbe necessity ot convoyiag the 'laiifue- ] nla stttamers oo both nr.eaa?, if the gold sow sh oped front sart Kranrisco to Engtaad is to be diverted back to tbi* pert, we may mention that fro? ono-tb?rtl to a half only ot tbe shipment* of specie aod bttliion by e oh sieatner ts c cstgccJ to New fork, lhi. rise ofcapi re by rebel privatoera deterring ejtpnera acrt ?-n? ?so?? fr. m following tfc? ueca! course. The returns of tbe Bank of > opUrd /or the v.eeic -ad j mg September 2 show a sliybl uuprnvemeot .n t- ? idi- ' It.?. There o> sr. ia< rea'e tn tr.o not ot iasitcd o: ?!47..pK) , rett. ?216.009. public deposits, ?527.000 rer-.n day nnd j otbe: bill? ?14,800: other securities. ?19*,8'.1" bu lii.n I and coin iH-.fOO active rlrceUtias. ?227,400. t cvero j meut st ur.n-t are tjiialtoreii. Olbet deft *.:? #ti w a ! Orc-ea-.e of ?040,400, and revert e i f mite* ?80.009 i lte P-o .? M... remarks no tbe Bank statement The-uha:ante of the return t* much what w- led <u<? S readers a?i week to i x: ?, t We told theoi that pr > R i ca-se rrrti in on-r.t rentier.' g .-!??. etout-v .a ' like y kntl impoestble. Tbe : reseat w-ak bet bad *?"< *r adva >tag?? :u? tbe ar.c m alien *.r .*?h.?r tt. tie'lco. 1 whi.-h the French cud ratiit neuv b*-with acme view- i | to tte saie of bill* .it: t'er . t-i tbe amouoi of ?;i sue tu'S ! or m re. bas ipw reached Utto, Bet even etiii the ! ; account o: the Batik ie u t very sa'-factory, it rtaud r UlA. il. 1.4 Ot *? xJ8U !At1 ? MlUkT 4lw\.. Pnbii' Ceioiit- fr, ^15 i friv-te der*?ttd i j;., i Seven day and other b is Wt.'c.i ! Tot.,l ?49.440 717 I ?an t the rev> ?? <s ?6.0v?l,925? a mere trifle ebo ? m ' third?aod witb the erpeciati. n m tbe cenrsa of ,rmt , week., of an unfavor th a c-xebaoge. T/ta Idea o. oipj.(> , noor.y. hastily eaterroiu 1 by e itee oer* -ns r< c* ? moott rM?ed to be leutifni is lombard aireet nrav i therefore b?- certainly dt aarcKd The etsteir.etit of tbs lb-rk of France tor the w??k ettd.cg Seplem'our 7 showr no imp i-tant rbacyc* from J Ibai of the pretPmS week, litere m a urereavc in the bullion of ?f. j,t4t, and tat tbe advaeee ?20,000; and, on . tne othut banu, an increase ih tl.e nctea in clri :'ati n of j tM,700 trea?c:y balances. xici.ttOO. turribt accwuurt, J f4f'",700 Tii" weekly pir-nicr of ite I.tverpool Cstten liri.kera' j /a etlon of September 2 saye ?le the early part af fho w-< k rutluo was in ta. rtuvd demand acd advanc u ? prre# verv paid, parttcalariy for .' mer: an, but -ime j lnc Ua? lue btisibese hw beet. <-iy :'.-j?.teU antl tbcqoo ! fst'UD* t eh?rally are new barely a? h.-jb a* nt> tsat Frt ' day ia American a c ttCt.i' .i bt.siBo-s b-s h?a d ae. partly I><r e.vp- r? tu Vew Votk and | ricea close fully \ if per iwir d b(,-n-r ihitt ?? Friday I ?*? Tne | ?al?-s lue ne*C at < of f .> f ikii tncuufiOg ..fbiO os *p?r ?! a* ,i9. ane, 10 AO Uet,areu for sspnrc, icavug 2S,9'?* balei t ibe trad.. *?a teu-d war iju fnd at uSd a '.ipf. up'..: d. if j4d. a bud.; Mobile. '*n. a Jl?l., New ffyleati*, 2fi*J a 22a. be a l'-iwme atatejies t ab jws Ike ntoverw*-fj o' ret ton at Liverpool up to .Ae, tenet . t tt utfxt*. ri*osvf. "f>s?cw to-*, s-n , IFil , i?l-wi ? ft*t Ji r~ ' Ayi' a iwt,, Jan. ' ? ' ? e-l.I f" 'fa.. 2. 1st.. 1*44. 1881'.. l?u. i f)?rry?h ?r ?-t - . / /#? h<rl'. , Am*' can 70, .A II" 2W 82,80'. .It r'i0 KrtAit -gvpt. /. : IPS ,7Vs 4u ,m> ii,M> dl MgC I Imtia i let . ar.d Ja;ain.. 8.5.766 Pofl am 22i//-0 2m* f.72 ' ; T'l'l 1,020.:tJS l.i(?] 00. ift, sou 88541., J dfw* .Vjl-W?rv. W ; t%.T S.?.RuO | l't>4 26'' *00 I t'wtuttf.iM fun ,/su 1 f/?.'2 h<> ". i i IF " *-7 '-To I" 4 1.162.14V Moela tlfhance. .s*-. *o??. brv 17?IV IA. V. S:.fl j0 I" * 6 *. '81. oom. lt> lOOaa* t.'ui ant' Mia kt , li'-lj 0-. fus JV> i re . . c% ?' t A '>, ? * 11 i i I .- J ii.? riosa .tfm.r ," 41 . -IV lb' O L"C 9 . I ?! !-. 1:1)4! v?a?i S< o IsJ | ".it ?* <t. !? ? v; , . ?1. \ i 'ami a I KK l.n - .??* T.-7 ' ' a UAAj! l'u in d-> u. it II o Co .... , iir , /, i. hne lift o tin. t itA/ifi ..?> ...... ill ita uo... |i 4 j * ??> i : a, t y ?? "i, d 11-4 , ! 4? I V ' Us W. I?4" I <?> * ? *F' | ll| j ?'<*? i . an c ? l*."l '? ..4 i|i..;.a kcrKi jl", | J4S*: . If, . ..?? 't 10 .16 " | . 'O'U! At VIlM. CT 4 11* l!t, ?'0 , t?.ag ; 19e no.. 44 ate r.eaU og 38 o b .3 ? !? 'A' U I)IV 4 .0 12V , !?' N V ? -atra H? , ? 4ii 8 ?. As'l ft It ? U Si>- | Pi ill -'i !a ii i?. 4i*? an . . ... ?0'. ' 4 ? ' JW 5 8 tit n V/ s ' ca . 8 ! , | llili* Ill'.ft l? f."? ? p'. t> o olRil. I >5 > 1 ?? I > ? a . >?i ii.. ??> u h . .er.p i-o;{ I ?Nii.-'p.- ? I- i. |.(> .>o . IJ'? ? I 0 i e rt ' ?? I a ft .V:< i!i . b 10 1.7 If d Wy..(a Vai ' as' n. 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' ' '?>??'? the rr^r "? at.loncii ro, on ihn i ' 9' ' > ? bn bu: >d ?U military boner* n | a. a i.o. , ..iv lvt!, myuinl. i Tne - ?>.nli r - -ot, ( ,| ojc, ftark, will a'l as i fUhera -a irtwilM ve.wti '1 y - 9 I ,rnt I>??:?) t|, nt or fhe ' ity H?:l at tkre ' o'clock r V. pra< tich . My oMm '?f * U " \T HAN'i^OBl'a ?;?arr?). ^ /.riijfjw lu.y ? . T>. \v. K*. OS. -*f. I.I I r-wwnn ru URutit aitaa , Sinai i ..unBtoi N. T s. !8. c.. V 1 fipt 17 T*i 4. " f I Til# aboae n er - fccrahy .-muMma*. |, and ii ,ru,. i pl?? e flier'" tii U.? n i aVt a; | a:n/>ry, at half r* t t,e a . Tl. ?u kvadvy. tbr , IF tb instant, ft.'ly if iiotmej. . bard m-d 'Irum ryt w'li ri|<'ttothe Ad < tant at ' the armory at tbt? sums b?> r. i Field ami ? ta.' w.il y .; e' d'*r.osntcd. Officer! will wear lien uluai b*dg - > : it ursibg. Cotnmuy II, >?| iain >.> tt r^iitb, tr hervity i-. te.ied *- uuarp i el v e rl.aiiJ w"i uremi'ia at * Fir *r't.' rr a; t: on u < "Tl ". M. on ':iri'J*v, Istb IH*8. : By : rct'-r ' ' snmei FUMiih.s i f *ru. i J. U UttMl. AU.iiiait. If??? from J.. mitten, \V. f. Tbe Pf* British itinil Hte uicr .Mou ixutiia.from KIdiii loo, Jauu.Icu, ou in? 8ilt iiiMm.i, irrivwj at this i oe| yesdeid-y. ine iu<utau<) brlugstsol )0 maierrai im p tauca lbf? (jbi i?;uo of ill? McrcantiU ituuuoeuur thus euu ? op lias tuuKiii o:? lb? dilute*? i eporlcri iU our ia?l continued to prevail | d rm* iIip ? hot* 01 the past loiiniKbt. In avy clock. *..ii | Urge supp u s of iruiis and ground |>roviai..u? ociivmiII V v c?u 'tin kIimiuh M it? don,.,to ?,r ?It Ov-c. i ? Uaiiaoi ore.ds.u.a .11,1 imported prnvict. o?; t.i.d ii-ioes of ma' y h i ,'i*s ag *i I i? two iiv our revls* n \e been Oep/eivod to cousequcuce of lite very iimutd da n. oil. We h?vc had several hesvy ahowe-e, accompanied by consider . !>io breeze*. *n,c<- our 1*81. uo Ihe laoil. *i d 2D10 ultimo we Bad very never* mp. lie. tree* atrutUu d ?o ki ll port. u? of r?eta carried away, lihih wloo* and ralna are raid l?i have deetrnved large qu u nth-sol iio pin ei iu bi< a*om iu M. Auu'a, auu toe crop mart l exported lo ul! ah rt 'ibe ~word i It-ti, Imm listu iOues, arrived bere on tha 1st ins?. t, lumping oue buudreu aud fliiv iouui,grama trim thtroadwe? A on ct of tbe ah*rebolden of (be Dank of .lamaict Wa? brio op the ?iu u *t ut.'MO U PS dor ai d iiei nuiue on aoollof Ii.ade by tbe Coloutiil Hunk o( a b mis t ie tiro Ir- m o noes- ui.d wtud up ibe an?|re ot ti.e hank " itio b pub, ? 10,000, wee ncci'pieo utid ilki "ink at ,ia oiaicw will be cooed at an ear > day. rmoacia' leiquouts. Tira Lara 8icaa fk i. r.u y isu.sk.k- PoeiroMnmrr or nu lavaariOiTi '* ?-Coroner Coiiio was yerlerdat notilietf to bold an inquest at tbe Now Vork Hospital oo tbe lady of .laones Doyle, the pilot ot tbe steam tugboat B. B. Sin dora, who died from Injuries received oo Friday muramg connoqaenl upon tbe explosion of ibe ateam boiler In the Eval nver, as reported lo yesterday's Hitsald. Owing to the unavoidable absence of several material wit ues ie, twiwevor, tbe investigation was postponed tiM t.u o clock ou luevluy morning next. Toe eumoeer * t.n* it -luted Pantlera Is In Neirark, N. ,1 , Buttering .mm ? alda received at the exploeh d but. if able to be nut be Will be cmlcd to give bit. testimony before tbe Coroner. Afier tbe jurj ricwvd the body mo retnuius wore cou veyed to Newark for interment. iua Snooiiau or Roots .Iplos ?Roger Judge, tbe man wh? was ebot lo tbe rigot broast a: an e*riv boor ou Friday moroing, by tne acc'dcatai discharge of e pistol id his own limits, at bis late residence. Aft B .yard street, din,I yo.tcrday ufloirn in t!.e Sew Vork Hiwuiiel. (Joruutii- Naumatin wui bold an itque^k A Wiiii i-f urr llamunra. | f <Treapoocionce of the t'tioe MemM 1 The toll wing arc tlm leading particular., of an occur rci.fo in ik m i.hhnriB? town in < heuanga cm-nty ? www lTn " y' ac;n w'r*Mr ? ? P'OII.IP0Dt el't ron I.I ti ? vt'legn o Mew Derlio, rei.Hin d, to n asblonu h .I wuicn corn to tin,'."-into 'or byfinp.thfc tre tmeni of Lai aoj. y uilmcot , leaving Iter auaband at h mo with u.i.'.tv women m. i.. bou'cktepcr in tier abi once. It wii* ne J ?o -I'l f"0 oi Mrs.at ibe wator t:t:re, It* m. m>:vi r? o! ono <?; the rnw, *hos? mmo wea J. - nili;. M Wotiire. M a v, ,.,oc vrai- large ? c,'rWu! *Bt|. u'picr hor kind mloistra ? loi. 'lr-, /.. ii rhrovo iu beslto that sue w<?? .be tiii.iiKio lutuk t ? New itorlin in a lew months. c?s?olia Iv to", r -'i id Mi. tu.rs, sp(. brought I*? mo with be'r tbo ? .itbai t .rse, who eonfinoei! to h.itbc and imek and | doiraeher to bernwu bnu-e. Mlaa Hunroe M.io, upon ( the rceorr.wi.n'intton of Mrs / , rendered simi'ar ecr ? vlwa s tiur.N^ if (. vrmer euro wuv to Rov^rn'. rc? , epectabl.' imi.-os ;n that vi'lag- ar.it was" un rn e^tremed I for liar skin and ursaruloess. lo a few week Vr* r d's "1**^ ? n her nuearo at the euro, bar hosbatd ha.1 he ii uhi.riouu of his oMlgatioc.* n ib mat"" ' m-.uts; inleiitp. and she rortbw'ih t:.iii/mui * c9Sl. mcnc-n. ; i (crvdir e? agMnst blui f..r a divorce Mr /, | wu?a nice, .ood rna:;, *? the world goev, but not b0j?j | abe, itnf rt-.i atety, to denv this particular mper.cbtnent beuade rn.le.i-.ce, *:?-! permitted her, ut. .pr. >0d, to obi'.. ? a bill o. una' separation. Vm. /. was consoled "Ting ten pny rnsof tbe divorce suit by tbe cmp&ih en ber's|ru?',lller '"ane- wUo ww 8C4rw ev< r najent iruin But br nrd by Mir* llm.roe went awii"tr, MVw York upon bt?iii< ?. She return* I egaio to M. n Porliu this roi .'c?. n.?'t iir.crpho-:;rt *d.| disgnued (or rather ubiMp guise'l. for ?h? wku ulothod iu tbo lic.biiiiueut" of ;* tn ji tbrongnout, batted, bno-ci. i rcecberj ;.n,| brxr lodi lock.hp, ?i :."g and lv'u;' a vrrit?"le man. ?'lie wns i"-w' Dr. y.,.nrae,an? her rare* of bunuoir ar^t of vfiitlm* war. M. Muoro JW. i). In cr'.lanaM.ru n ibtsgnut ??preato. cueiige,' w* |y nileyei tb.il ,t ocly-li.r n? ii w kt.?" ,o New * ris i itv that, ber ?nn?cn';rv of ne? as ; been urn k ..wn to fcerf<. tfci ngb tb .v ? ? tiflc cx. iumaiii/'ix .?f i si.imbibed surgeocs. Sl.o bu I ;>t.rr a itip.b aP ucs h c Without knowlc jt. >?*. jj. jj,..,. roe, k! |i.,' at oucr t sanncuf pay bonorth'u alien11oi.i te Mrs Z. r a io,-er, fie *ii accepted, tne* w-r<; t. n cid by a clergyman in the vii!a?* of town, end are cow regular man asd w.fe in the Christian uwl of >???? Cert-n. file e v.e,p rj!ue good v.um.u at tbe'. v.au r <-;re. and smut gout warneb at New rjrl n vihsfv liao, wbn Birrtcii h little wbeu "#iiy , trauefevm kiloi a- .inn, i-iic?wt. vir. y .'.ontemplate", tinder ii.n ruf'. ic? T couos 'n* >n: cj to o- co tb.: divorce < ve auJ to kc the b:,! *vs. Pdolic f"eli'.'" tiiv? a I'Jored i? rev J tin. a i ? i, now holly on his si-Is. it.- is WC|j and favt rah y known II) t'ticr. in redible a- tbit si ry lo. it ?* ti-.'ve.ti j?. Ami -ii aninb?r retl rulion ?f the wmarl, ' irt.tb ta stranger thur fiction. Bietkadr I'rteea a( the Noufb. hrmn ihe f:-. i. i.d ft L.g, >*|it. I? TU - r|l. ? g *rc s .u.c -,f the ieaii.ei, (.cu o oh n r.rd ?!?f',k-tfl?ii.. c, ;i I ?"H, ml mo.*, -....iu i"jsoi r? t-iv jj. in,. $:? er .-??* .? .-i g craiid.- . ir * ?< c,.r ,jt ... g< ?, p.gj f. ' nki .tr. Dil i i.JJ i. ?p kiu.glOO c.'ttoi) '.iris, witlwot h'iCk!., and witb back-!'. Jj. to *aI. w.\ I earrfa, IJk to it?i >. >21.i per k?i ? re e at'-kii-, g: fi II,2*f. per tiO.eui extra kiptkiua, t wtiiuu C??nel. ! |< o ? ;? }f '. t ?a? 't?. S' c?r pair; 'on?, c'ofb . SV .'.0 I per yiir.1, cvrairi HtsU* lilt yer pa ? uiet a Knclieb gait'TV. $Mi; itu'fl >*rt ?n .. iris J.ltu. p.r ,n ?. I Sii< per tUou'anu iht'ing carda, ! ?."> ;>.?<- t?re-s?'; jis*-' | tcmb.vrs, >UT i Cierdojet '- ad peucii', S*0 f.er 'ti<?j | pe-ibo.iie:*, $2., pcr gross; .wmpher.$3/ rer pound. Up- 1 somrat t. ? :.<** . k7 V . at.-i rh, $ : . i ciniiat. a | ui i?ard, i'i t.-ili biKJt? r.oaiva, |6; cbioraie not | erb.V r? i. eoi .. 2' (??)?:.-a crmtlng u:'.'|4 iilat a pep'tr. I c.-twi SSb in S?- A) p?r do en, taUe cm erv . ' I ? i* ? , ?: uittoc yaros, |S > to V-o cot tou wadd : a S'ue iiwjVi, ivbite .lajiuer, |li ^r vara Mriicn i iu>b. : T'cvri r?lo? livrkst cloth, |t? per vard a. pa t g.' 7.> t . flli j?> . r>r-vt.-., |47 per par licet, caiabue bat okvi iL f a. |>.? to Ji-7 .41 incriito uadvi ah.rta 122" ivr dn ,c sus.pendecr. f 120 pnr j en ii- ysi batf bote. $se IwOiw.*' Uos ftlo t, $!20: note paper, |T0 } to |4o *i dies ar.? cjuH-uieo.fjtH.- uaeU- mW-e--' hiip- j p.i*,|i-j? ek c. rii.idtto t sUces. d niavc-t tl&.,0,vr i pair. ' Hvminailon mt Tlr. kci.ftrlri. Ke.a, sept. 17, ISM. G W. ?iofi?id wa? unavimocslv riseomi"ai'd as rrp.iiiltc.n .laui.- sie to < oagree* iroto tin Nitficertu district 'il ( tLCaylv?o u. MARRIAQCS AND DEATHS. ~ -Mikrrlcd. !>*vaif r* !..? ?*ir-.Ua 1 rulay, "ei'lsaauer If. by K v. tier j MartiO, Mr. *m:t? Da. am - x, t.; Mui ?l N. lo " *? Ac. i? ? itornr , of tb,-city. M'o car-ie! i.?k' r-1 ?to ;oi"?u>y. .Aepicuiber lit. bribe J:av. ? ha'" f s?y . Timuae I. 'as ?o .liifums. urly daughter of Uie tale (l iver . IXweli.all ot New Vork " Dava'.'.?-'n I'r- oklyu, -?u Wntl..a .!:?v. rep temc-r 14, t tb? rcaioeuce < tb bride's ui'dher. by t. rRcv ?smce. m 'leeckcr, t'r. (Koat a IV. sew ynrk t.i> toMia-i.iwaa t. f avPL*. or arovkiro. t. I?. Tovca nr I.ar*?rtoti eg -mi TueedtT, September 6. by ll.e l?Oc . ? kackier, Rnalor. I'oie. a ua l.tor. of tuba, lo ? an -e U., sc.. od uaugfifer of the omoiafui clergyui.iii N.? c:.rJ* r..i i'? t n K a s.? Vt Was.field, Mas*., no Tneeday, .?"eruetn'.or I". attbc re?i-'e0cBor Heury C. Ila*he, r2eq., by ;.,? l ev. an.'rew Ma. ki* j. Abf.rain -ojiTiiiwoera. of !'? "sijivt, v. >., to I trail, itai-* cf tbe fn.-n.ec pla#e. " u.n ? V'u'owg*. t lfor.day, reptamker li.br the Her. !>r. fltcfcardaoo, of rt. .rohe'* ihnrcb. Iw. Q. H. fc.kf vp end t!lea * W:, iw?a. h .U? <ir New Vork. .'iost/ij and hi.adelnh a faperr please cope w :uavt?Biirwgiaa.?Ou .-vaturdty evdh.ng. .-er'etn b?r 10 ai t i.e reddegee . r rb* cdfiois-ing r.'erj. mr u, the Hev. How,a it T. .itaa. Mr. y.M.ia ft. A uaas* lurroer'.? of nab ?<?, Pa, io Mit? Miaaaua Mitts BKrvrsyaa. ef * ?w Br inswirk New .Teraey. 'v ? ?a ya-wr will piaaa* copy V * *e I'. SLtiw nu rburadar. faviemtsr V.. by the f:?v. f>r Carl I . Huhloutxin, !"?? Wg icm tp Itisa f iti,. e< A. A. bik.au, boil. v. fit bicgt it |?. c. Ne caidi Died. "rnvwt ?lo ProcWre. ro I rider, JUpiember is, "bra rec* B ba?.-ar. ageu -A veei? me funeral ?.II tawc place on Vor.Ua? a'larncwi, at l-oo'c! icg,from bit iste r aideni.a. tiuk?stml It c*!yo - lo Pn.'trfsiphia ua M?4ns dey, Jep<aeiber 7, C.utit if , Ban of ? ?utuel aid Iguee C Vow en. a, ea i years end:; tu-''UI a. R flbinnwd. Vs.. ji fe-a pt atno- s for tbe bei efi? of ( a?r ?? >. ;>!re aun ifli.'V. fia.w?f.3 raiurilsjr. ?cptember 17. 7i u.oonr Rtiw. ?/*? d 4 . fears and ? months The fnta il will (aso -lacs oe Vtndas'afteniomi.at mo o-'!" it. 'ron the re- .-ir e of h a unci*, ,t r.n |< Ar rcxix. 310 att 3 wenly 'ourifi ai. ai ioe iriei.d* ua.d j I e, ?t,vi>; ate miiecUolly lov.U'J to ati. aii, wLbuut far ' II er not. ?. wp ? Oo "f irdey. -e"t?myr 17, afferent ri ill ; H'M, .huCvsis Ih'f s. widvw 1 f Arnoui Crowe, iu tbe trill scar cf her are i.,e rolatif-ae-d fflentle >f themlly are inn adli tl'erd |S0 tm i*1, .'It Votffa ifmn o-.r , at half p ;?t one 1 Oiuck, ir.un b*.r late rcSi.iiiuie fi? V,-et r 11? ? -Bib ftreet | HBcWkf.?Oi s?fnr<lay, Pa iemb?r 17, lout R, ?wta w .low f 1'Ilnr ilrv >?r The friends of 'be aut lr snd of fjer s g* .tawend| Prower and llcnrv '? Brewer, sod id nor .ou'iulaw, i ( ?;?0 Ii.r.inw artd Horry tv darptow, arc .anted to ! Mi H.'l lbs lurcrat, from t&a inuae of ibe latter. No. id : tt.,n . 1 ahevt, Bitaiki/p, 00 Moi.uay aftertmoB, at ibite o clock. i cn. v.- n -'in SstorJay mom rc ikipiemter 17, wif t?i I' ter <Tsvar Ibe f' rdeof the ferahr *?d fboae of tbe late. Willtnm B v.J at a .Mid Crevar are reepr Aiully lorn?-: to ntn il tl>. "ut r c, cu Mond.i/a :crao.>o, at two e'clotk, fiom No. 2 Hubert ttiMt. ri ?*.?Sll'et! toa'JBtlr, on Thurgd y. Aufcet II, le an engagement on the Wfid n Dadr sd ta?\(s? B. M. ( iana, 0 ik? 1Mb y, ?r o: h<''age, of r.impeog A,biith r? " tn?n?, Ihirvec's Zocar?*,/>iily < hurt 01 iu.-1 <te firvon ai d vcen ' te.ik, and irpBc v o. lira Maria An_rvliio (iiaPreav ?In .le aev ? ity. on 1 ru'^y. -api 'iDhnr lfi, Maai.aan '. CuaynikT, wiie 01 Dcu,>ain cbampuey, aged 40 year? an ! ".'.3 i1a>s. The r"iawve:' and frteuda of the fcn.ily ere reapect'nily ( levcad to aitcnd tbe f, Leral, tb. (kiimlay) Alter men, et i thrruo c'iric, frvm the Hcddlig Mcibviliat uburcb, In 1 Mctigomory a're"t. Ho-Ion ant Hittaburg pspcr* I'leaaT l Opy. Cluia?on Baiurdey, Cepltaibgr IT. |Ul. Abb T. B. J ( l.r'? wrifi? of J rflfc p 'In ? -oil rt'iutbur of tbo lata let * Mo i iv, it I ? ? d i f'i f t>rr *?? I oc ii lire ii uii? ?' ?r" v,.a l.i. V |.iinT? in i s rihu-t I- V , lull*, Bi'O Of J' bn and liny .x.ui il.?f -Mi v.h o 'ii- C? Tin-Tie i- tiiir . ul i l>i* i'ii!' ?'(? rmiK* "f'li? Inviif i I ' a lend iti t< .. .rem ? a >*to r*Mtleuca, Ntilk 6t' t*"t, .Su ti ?Jr t . (? \ . V INiii if.?,i| ihf le-ion ' imi hi? 'ran 1 mother K el John kit e< I. U as ? * nih "ij.i, oii W due-cay, Ju.\ 27, HOK'K) I 'dliPlK. ?iMI '.i i * i IronOKit.? ?Hi HitlU'd y fflilMHW IT NaVCT, w dO* III J toon H"U*Ii"M V, III to* i rt " "I ? ? Kf Hie d*. ml ih -r of tier ?? *. William ? d .'oho, are te-iecl ud? Invit ? ?<< hii*n<1 ll?e ??? \'? n I y a I rn> on, m h >h . ml n <r "'0 in'i irnm tier Idle real* liciiie, VIVl M di-nii ei en. tie* M? y l itVfii'.-On Kr< 'li S-fiiemher in ? haih ice Aoi'tthV. in ?n' ? o 0 ' lie f?? Aubrey *< d Merluda I e >1 41, "fed I u.rii'li .ied 13 i -i 1 tie riei'it* ol 'bn "Km" y ST repoerlltllv inv t'rt 10 Irrrt th-U e*t.?h'(- nJev . ant-moon ?' Unn-n'co k, fri'in i lie resilience Utiii rd ail.er. lISliarilAMi avouun, I r ow lyu. I'w kx. Oi1niimiisy.ee tarn'or I\, HakiiIH FtJ a la* ?ife o DedUle Dwyer, ? O'l'vr o' hi lartiej, count? ol Ken.v, lieieiu 4? yearn Hie'iieude ami rti ' ve* o ibe family, a ?o "h-ee of lier hiwlier. .lobn i on I it. ai'd b"' If ulber in la ? . .l"be (C-iiil H an are te-fiei t iillt iinii'd' tin d I' e meeral, irom tier late reeid> i re, So Si ( her y a root, 'hi* (tiuu ti?? ) a lernoon, ?l I wo "'ol c.k e ec i v. Eiv On S-torlrv morning, -ei ember 17, of coa buui li II.OBIMIB Kir.?k'e<l 6ii?yrg Ilia Iriond* ami relali'OH ere invited to attend ll>6 fuixval r m 20 Hxib avenue, inta (-mud >t> aiieiuouo, al too o'cb ck. Sow I. turno p*ror?fiesne p"t'y Kolev - On Friflny,-ei'temb r 10, T'OUAb Foi.sv, B'ed 23 iems, a native 0' Oioic um. oouniy ol Cork. Ireiai d. Ti e fn oral will like |i are rum toe ro-ldenoe o bis f art"'B. 118 Hmt avenue tola fSn nayl ?ilernoon -t one o'clock Tbo relative aod It-lends o the latnliy are resir ctiully In vied to ?itend ?i ai tJ" I'd ?On tridey. S< ptotnber 18, at nta late real dei oe, 277 ave ne A, Jacks Cau-aohkii, In toe 29th vear of i la age Ha was Imro in toe u urn land or Koe-ne, connlv kermara h Irel nd lore* ?d received hi* in juries on Ibe 2Sd of Auetiot, in the Vmeliy Iron Worka. Tbe relative* aod fneona "re raaiier.ti ully tnvil d io at lei d tbo lti:.e< al. ihis ( ni dnyt Hfierno m, ai two o'oieck iirecivoiy, from rtecewad a laio ritrtdauoo. H'oioa*.?In uau l'rancieo'i. Cat., on Monday. Aneu I 16 a rer a lone nnd oa ulul {iioeea, wbicli aht-bore ?|ib CtirHtian forntnda, Mm. Atnot a liOKOA*, a nullve of court? tork, Ireland, aged 87 >e ra. M V ber a "in reat In nenee. Amen. 1"n Iburadnv, fepiember 16, Jairan A. Jaok *>* n native of pana?rtier, Kings coum?, irel.nd, aged 2d > ears. Ttie frienns aan acqnilrtsores of the f imi!?, the mem bers i f1 (imp my I. feisty-nlnib roi'lim*' t Katl?nal Ouar t, iilvo the members of the ' air-el Pleasure lub a-e respect m'ly Inv ted to ntti-ml tbe funeral, irom his lale real Iience 21)3 lax MutKsiraot. tbto (Sunday) a.lernouu, at tiAOO'cock. . .. ? .IcriCK.?Suddenly, on fautrdav, Soi tomber 17, Rr>c.KR Jroc.it, .lr., a n live or count? fcilijo, parish of Scroon, lrelarul. aged 2d years. Ibe 'elH(.tve? H'?d fi tends ot me family are respectful!? inyiiedtoattr.idthefuuorol.fr tn tbe ror'de co if bis parents. No. 70 Molt a treat, on Monday altorooi>n, at two o'clock. The retnal a will be Interred in Calvary Cemetery. ? Kins ?On Frlda?, Hentrmbor 18, Mast A*s Kiht, rtaegbterof Jan??~ and Ellen Kirk, or imnah liednno", t vrr.iand of Cast!? Dartajh, count? Tipperary, Ireland, aged 1 year. Ibe tricDrts an) acmialntaacex ara respectfully Invited to ruiend the fuiiern!. this (Sunday) atierooon.at two c'clack, from tbe rcwtde-oeof her parcuts, No. 206 Fast Tnlrty 8 tn atreei. _ L'sbi-UAXs. ?i n Saturday, Feutember 17, B*ttt Balixa t-'BPHT.sA l.i*bsmai?w, tbe beloved wife of Alitor IV. l.lu demnno, r.grd 40 year* sod 8 mouths. the rohitives utid frl"tid? of tbe family are respectfully Invited to attend tbe (unerml, from I2S E"St Fifty-third street, this (Sijcdiy) afferuooti. at one o'clock. 1,1*1?.?At Glen Cove, on Saturday morula* Septem bi-li.Kr.BA F. Lttwis. tn tbef.'Jd yar.l his ace. I ha rc'atives and frwoda or tbo fain I v are re-pocifull? iovttedt " attend tbe funeral, from the residence of bU fatb?-, 174 Henry siroet Krooklyu, on U uday aflerooon, at three o'cl> clt. .... ,v w. On Fridiv, Seatitctiiber 16, MARfJAirr, tne bo Jnvcii wife Of rt.owvi T^ico, io tbe 29th year o' borage. ibe tcl-livcj a: d triends of ibe fatni v are rospeTlully inv itcd t " atteuii the luooral.from twr isle reaidooee. 3i'0 Cherry tlrert, tbi*('-iinday) a iertooa,at two o'clock. Pbllndelpb!? |iS' orx t-louae C" i J. Mttrn..? On Fat rd-iy, flepteotber 17, after a lopf aod severe Means, Jcua. the daughter of Kiloc aud tbo lite Oeois linrpuy. acutl 2-1years and 3 ruoa'ns. " Tbo frlsdd-t of tlin family and o ber r>r<uh?'S Patrick anu no c. e laspactfullj iwiucsted to attend ibe ruoeral, tlttf (FunUav) ?it?ri.r. n. atone o'clock, Irom her lata iendear*), No 3 Bridge street. Mi SI a veil ?On .-.a'utdAy, Sei'tember 17, of mjurlaa r."-?.vei! by being tbrnwit from " wag<n. A'.darmau Jas. >li >iAaoB,'iu tbe 36th y fir ol bis age. Hu rain uus will l-e taken from bis late reelileuce. No. 46 Hr ii v Ntnet. to St. Jatnes' cbe.rch, on Tce?daf ncraiog', At baif-p xt ten u'clock, wliere a retpiletn high n-.a-u* w.;i bo eiebrat rd tor the reposo of bw aottl, and fr-m t!. rce to utlvarv < ameter? tor lntoimuot. His friumli and those of iba family a/a respectfully invited l0J?nU";.t*v.?On KatcrCay. Septimber 17, Jam* He Kt*i kv, -trad 4-1 yoant, 2 mootbs and 10 days The cuttves and I'neuti of tbe lamily ure respect fully tcvitwi tn attend tee funeral, on Monday afternoon, at two "V.ioek, frosrt hi* lata re*rdeace. 133d Vurk atirel, jarsov Ciiv. # _ McfwB*!fv?kT.?On Tbnnday, P^ft??b?P 16, trl#r ? pa.a.ui iii'c- ?. Hainc ?* Ml lusaMiar, iu lbs 2Zd year ci bar yf A 1 ne raU ivrs and friend" of iba fAml'y are reap-cthilly Ipvited l atl-nd the funeral,from hor ia?? rc.-blt'Uce, No. tt Ro.e etrert, ints t-U'idxy) alternt'on. at two o'clock. Ifet teuta us Will kt 'akvn t*. Cal\ jxj cotcsltry fur Inter tarn'. . . N. ^ot 'i.?tm Thnrsdav. September if,, Joan Nrcao?. V/v.ittsttve of tbe paruh or I rumctiff, couuty Sligo, Ireland. ?? th? 26th vesr f h s ege His. ri-Utives and fr ecu*. a.ul vhose of htc urothe", ?7. 1~ aad P. Niotk ieon ??ul the friends of hi* t.uc * rbnnias, a -r the ? embers or toe wadls'.,o .-"a-rial Club, aod ?f the KtHh;!i Wird V..nae M-m'a nocinl t icb. ire ^>*3. ?> t fuhv mviteu toattrno thetiinarsl, iL'iiSuoda*)afteiDo<io ? t aai- . ant una o'cinck. from hi* lata raaidonva, 16 City H?'- ulsce, t t'aivary O-uieiaiy. 0 Nr.im: ? sterility nx>rui>>k, Saptembr 17, at tall pafl on" .ulixk Hhid tkr F O'Ntita, in tbe 4'd ye'--of iter rge. it.e irie-^ds and those of the fam 'ya.r- raspectfuliy ,t\ .ted to attend the runa.al, Ui' (Sends?> alt irnoou, it rreo'rl. '.*6.1,111 her lu'a r-sidcuii . 4r" Umr-cs .treet. linr tcmaina ??'! be trkeo to Calvary Cemetery lor ls iortnet.'. t . ft, ? _f>* pndAV. "aute nbe- Ik, J,r< v J?va, eldeet I'-atigttier ,?! J P. ?od Jano Purdy, a.;oi' 14 jeare, i> mo-ith.' and 21 day* I be reiatl." ? nud fnaods ol tbe (atoiiv are rt?.iert ?? r Pivite-i to nttend tbe lureral, with '.it .rtberioe. fun. tb<? ra id -tn e f her parant*. .'o 120 Uinjjfctreei, thte (Kni'd'y) aftoraron, at twoovlock Uoraa.?In rronklyit '-n raturdav. September 17. hi fant sou of IViiiiant aou aub Koclie.ared t j aur aod 17 dsy?. the'i ler.dv of tlie 'sm'lv are revrertfi l'V Invlt-d f attain! 'be fuaerki Iroi i tin- te?:iteor,? of tie parei.t ., No. 10-t Ibi.'son avenue, th c (Sunday; aftemocn, at half pa l two o', lock U?v?r?vr. -in i ivrrc 1, Fortvnd, <~>a s'onday, Aiignat 21, I'w; P.?*f caw atr-t 4M Wirt. 11: 'del .la ant! Roatun snart' pie-.ve r>ipy. Ur c: ?flu i.ttrcay. .-rpteniber 17, Ra a-.isa, Infant la-i-fil-r of Ji.trma and !Um nna ltallly, aged 6 iponthw and 1.. day*. The frieni-'a t?' ?Le fatnlly. wilbant further notice, art iMpectr>dlf iavll.4 to pttfud fbr ftnaral, ibis (Sue lay) alter..oon. at < na el"tk, from the rmudctsre of her iar?ut? lv? I rankiin atr->?t. Stakes uct -Un Unlay, Srplamber Ifi, Mabia. wifa m *au,i^l H -Txtibrmtk'b. and eS'eaf 1a:i;-l tor of 'ohn A. aod Marv Halm, n tl.? '13d year of ber age. fht ir.rn.K an?i tBOuiv ar# ftlfftruilf iuvtldtl to atlrnd '.bo fnnaral varv oen this (Snnday) aitermon, a'vts o'clock, *1 ber Jala renideace, No. 88 Cltarlee -treei. Newbiirg aud futeftaa* county panare plea*? copy. f.-r.Ais ? At A, t'tns, or? SHturdav. St tdembar IT, re-A?- ;> -ns'.if v Tr-PAM . tea of Jata-a aod Morgarel Anu 1 iadal*. m the iatn war of ol? ag". The retattve, and friends of b'a t imilv ara raapeeirully mvfad to At'emi iho funrral. thia (Sunday) affraear, at halt pun (Iva o'ciot k. from tbs raaldanon of his rather, without forthe* iavitstS?. Warn?Oa i-rulty. Sept*mt?ar 16. aa Kim ra. Wis. H. Wool , old**! son of Otlbart Wot-d. of tbia city, i(M ?7 reara tbo 'rtanflpsnd reta'ivaa aw raara-tfhliy h:v!l?d to at tend U - tut cral. tb'v (Sunday) aftamtxwi, at two o clonk, fretn tba re"tdenw rf bta pareafa Highly a-yenth aires*, near third tvana Witspk.?r?? '-'aturday. ->iSamhrr 17. Aura, the yoti'ir mi mild of Richard and Margarst friieoa. aged ? nuwiba and 7<) day*. The rslat"va? ?no f-Ht-da are raanactpilly invited to ali- hd ibe fnnrral, Tnitn tbe r-aldrtuia o! her parent*, ?t itnnroo Atrret, on M uiday afiarooon, at two o'olfnk, lor iut< rmeot .a (irraowood. HiitoasH of Oavaa ?Saawsara. aaost anaora. Msita a*a rai ward'tl hy awry ta the i ?y ' It a a# Tbaa'ea ee?f? er 'raw U.'eraea* salt ai<4''?a teal >C? rt>atAn lla*. whlali aal! at loaitanAaTv The aiaa* ai ? fa ar ' am the ' at beSak aa'l at la- taair i ma. .V, ... I?"., fMu. r -. Olivet Da'u'ia i.ivarvnut Feot 7 New Jerh Olvroj ? ki.vrpap- Sept '? .fewler ?ten * a Han'nan'ptaa Sef > ? Oik ? Uir I v?i ? ?i . Sa?)t '? PA < pet* a Ltvareeal ea,?t It' New Tora *< a kt'hora. ao.'ta Sen Ta-i seo?. 21 f.tteraaat Fri.a^f an'a X, a Virt. H p'. .1" r?'d I'll. A ae.a SawTon .. -*etx 3t. .ti ?arna?H A.,"?-!'**. N"?-V"iV .... .fcert 7*... ?" - A'e.va .ikitlav He I'll .Mverpaet O .ii-'ie. New Vori ... 8-pt '4< l<Ha?i" p I *? ? See ?"?< .. . Or. I .Heme f? C l. "i Ir'tHtL# Sew V-rS t? t I Urerp-al par atttrefivtA Nar'm t ?2thl New Vara.... . Sept 2* . Ara .wait 11den l.i ? s?e,Ve"S ..kept S4 4?uJ' >n >.ir.i star hawVart Oct ?seie--a tie-In It ? a ..Sawf.rt O" M... AS?i? wall 8i*c til. ttortca. itf-.-e. ?! i" f-1 i.i, (!.? New Tors Rist'.n ft ? e.' t - - ? ?ava- a. " a?'Att. riKfieTOs, ja . a*-# saw oat.r tn?. Pun 1* >a?AO a ?p R i vArt?ktaamPt'lp Carttra rrvia fta.r Tart.. O IP! . IH K i-eiaro- ~6teainih!c Jama'ca Rai V"' fram New Ta.k Sat" ? I,,,. i ?, a ' '*tri ' 1-- P.PR e, )e.,.n New To,k Kepi e . . .....i.- I.. ... I O l" N.-vr Vnr? ."SI"' - 11 . ?, . "in W \ orli Ke|,, ? ,itn hrw Tori t Pit ill). Ip i .ii un w i on wi"' ?. i,.<eh'.p IIhvhim I >r> ?e Vork Kep' ? , >aw He ? t"-8te?mahi|i Veso fr> ? HI I I'ii ,ir hip Hut" Wada ftmn New York R?p? III. itiiimiiL A ot it. Aioi." lc *a. Trom New tor, ?ert 11 n uabll" ti'-.'.ri ? ("rorneail. from Nre Y? ra bcpl 10. smrhlt Crt"'.le. frotu New Tork He11 - amabin ? mt.y H ft*, der fnm f ew Tork 6apt e'tiabip Ati"l. from New Tork Srpt 71. a ' ??>ii welriila. from Nee Y ,rk ?> ot ? acsabip l.vauiog Ktar. from Haw Torb. Sepl ?. shipping news. tivtttc rdii Nr* tor??THtk BAT er?nr?Re 6 4l|vo<?? wees eve 7 *? at e *r? t U.> I uiotl ?.'??*? mom 1J 1)4 I'tiM of >en Vorit, Srpitmbei Ht ISO!. I lAAKKU Suumu-bip CHv oi Wn.Iiiiijpoo (Hr), Hrooka. Queenktewo Mill 1. vn pool ?John O Dale. >u? ?-tiil> Bulling mar. 1? L N?< Or o?n?- J.ruM A R.?i or. H.-. ...hi). P,-4re'. Parle H?*"rort ? V ir-*> * Nei hrw. z-t-awwhii' i nriairtiin. Wilteiia. I wtlaad?M B Orom " II ? u?. H.ia Kri.Rii* loon, LlTeriRP'i?Wtlli.nio I (J-i'oa B m I Ir, an H-iini ihrl. vt eld ? il?v?ua? W W husaeil. Bin .1 I-ii ? Brig h eanora (Br), MeMnstrm, Antwerp-Bn-d A fliock Oil Hr-g Helmuts (I'rmi, Htori-r, Fumhel ? Kiio-h. Mrmfie A Wei, ii Hr-* .Vi aracaiho > |ir| gcaniteita. Ma .cum? K Pavrnale-it A I'n. Brig C F O Hrioo iBr), Met'retry. Alatamorps?Sinltk A D - ii n i r* o.. B ii : - ant) inn (lir ? tar kin Am i'i ??? Rr?lt Son I Co. Brig >.i* n ( r )\ i on -I H.:o?.i K Ward v Co Bl l( kei.m Iw-t h- iy li ?ro Hi, ? HloekWiy 4 baker. Bi g ki i i i rr Ki.-wr, I, n in-Ill1'" . Honfiio i. > n* Colon (l<ri, Tn'tn SiJnhoH. N * P I H-vms 1 Sob. k'lJ H k ntiHtl Cni: I. H>i i i'hk? v Strut hers \ (Jo 8- hr li-of, i) oi ii t Hi 4ri ?K l> Hii n il A <'o B?- r I'reil ri k 'lo rn. Il*nu??J H vn at 1 A Co. Ki-h' N to ? Cbl.ho II. I'll" llai?F Talbot A Co B< hr Kinu tiJri, Mclluire M Htephan. hi? Gorbam A Co 8,-nr K M Oy-r, Kieh Fnrnrroo Mniimo?CmwiM A ''moo. fi tirii B Rnuth IHcbee. t-iirirea* ?itzaroe?F .) Cambelt. S<- r Nogotrch I'Mlfm, Fort'ess Mnnr.'O?FJ CauiUill hk-hr Ann Overton. Wot) H:ICII-A A hh.it Si-lir Mieau NciaiiPHt, Harvey. Washington?II b kacketl A S i. Brhr 0 .(*? nr. Rnwiond, Wnrhtnutnn ?L Kmny HhrHW Caipenter. I diu-ml., Phtla-ie.ptila?Bailor A Mnrnll Nrhr Mary T'cr, ("ho-oor, Pa?Rentier, Smith A Oct Srhri-en Vnole. llitu lot?? I'mo-irnkO - Frke Briir F Ar tiitmn* .'.oil n Pembroke? II (V Loud A Co. 8rhr Mi.ritor, Kmilkin-r, Bunion? J 41 no,ti n Rdir v-oroh Kohlnann Bo' .-r. ?11 W (. -1111*001 hch 1 H hblrl'ge Brrbr. Nr v l.-mton?II - Ho keUA.Hng. B'hr Mary fr altera, Jnrh Nr* llaven?11 S Humeri A Sua. Bclir Knle Thomas I rr.inn south O'artenbnry c'L Hi l.r R 'O' llrrr-h r Nihiii nrd. Klnopji: Mr. t-rri-mi Cnlrlr Vork Rirrr? F J Com'irll. Blnop II B M.irpnn. I?nrket Tnrk Hlirr?K J O* b?IL Rli |. P linl-r Hi hurt York R|? r-k 1 Cmrbell. t-loop J C C?n Nomr t'nn Tr't Yn k Hirer?K J Ckuiboll. Bt on irr K onklln, tonne Rklllrnni*. Biootne. bkroa. Jonok, rhilrwinohio, ARRiYKD AlromtMp Miintoriimo (C.n, Cbnikhk". Kinrttoo. J?a?, Sri'l - ? iih mhiir. u> llo ? Ikml k Aoinnn* I. r-lOAiimtiln 1'urihi iilo < I' H iroiuipnri 1. B'-ornr Newborn NO, -rpl I i u Knrirein ll i.r h-. with pa-"?ngoro. to D 8 OiiArirriiinritrr, Sinamkhip UbiIho Moore (U 8 trnoeporl). Winter*. Wnab lnri"ll, to V 8 Uniirlrri'dUiter. So'}' Ih*i rl Allrn Nr. Ot'rani, 20 d?v t to Siorhm-k A Co oib ion Iki '< Ion ?* .mkr hrl* Lt Kouhl. f rear* port, fniri Hnvank for I'nrtiand ?ni*'e itlrrl of ,elln* frrer ?nd wit* buried the day prrvinun; wanted n nnvtgnior, but t* I *d none t ? kp*re. Bnr.r .)Twy A L nl?o, Glorer, Fort Plekem. Fin. Hrl.; It. 1 mnni I Dnu 1. Ue-aen H10 Janeiro 02 dnyo, with cofle to Kunch. Mei'icke A Wi ndt i'.ilt Buwinoe, McCobb. Trluidad, 27 d?yi, with to Mete*If A D11 neon 8rhr Z I'm no. Mayo, Llneen, 9 rinyn, with cool, to 0 B B- nla. Nchr Hrnndrivlne. Bn?h rh'tarlelphio Tor Fn I Kltror. Nrt.r S I lloyt. . I'bl snlnuol* for New Haveo. Bchr Lorhiel, tla?ki-ll. fcll/*lirthi>nrt for 8*lem. Sihr It II Nash. Driako, Ki 1 ratioiliportf or Newliuroport. Schrll A Harden. Smith. F.n-t?* H br n B I'rew Clark. Bi lderoirt. Kchr l? O Floyd Pnckett Crernp >rt far PhllndolpMn. Stearr.or John Hrrmka (18 tiuoaport, Loiield. Wnnhlneton to U S Quartcriiiaatei'. The brtg reported reatordor u the "Pino" should hare rroh P 1ro 8 The ?rhr rrportod yeatrrday aa the "l'rl-1." from Mlna tit'KD, ahjuld have read the While, fro-n Utilln. RrTnHNKD? Berk Klha 1 H*r?). ftardnn. Iirnce 1*1 tnat for nambnra. cleared by Knnanrdt A. tin rrturneh eak'.w'.tb c'arpo shl'l-il. Hod aoTere K y?!e? from 3d to IH'n mat} en the 7lh *;'i'n 11 e aleak. 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State off New Vork The ueit regular meeting will be be d et |fm Hixmi e. corner of Meventb Atreet und Plrat avenue, ew ana ev -oinu. sept. IP. e' 7Vy n i lock. Toe friendu tm . ,itt v>? ? . u lte . . a';, ud end e. rol th*u a traue. or.le'Ol CGKNKLUIB BlfKN.s. PiiaiM W? Koi'iir. B'euieut.. N"' M'KCial ? r:cit.--vr hkpbby certift that wb wru o >e .*ka*erthi for ao? Jehta eontraried by the ni ibe LieainaJun Nonte.-.iuna JOS .Ptl II vMoH AW. Maxter 11(?W MM) A ASl'IN W ALL. AgeaU. N1 A v (11 ATI ON. ?TMOrtft WtBlllNQ TO I'AHg THB narei rvmi'ia n* ?ht(iir>A*tere' board* of eiAmlnet on. . an reea.ve the oec-aeerv i.iAtriH-imw etthaNRA TOMJa NAC(!? AL KCUOOL, (J Med .oo AU*ut. B BRQtTb LOW. PrlaefpaL PI.BL.C NOTIOli ?ALL Lbn tCKS , (in AONiSSlO* * or tr*stre n a: lb* "?t*;e Ctlaical Uo pltal H . MerkW p ecs-. iw for meji dnes. advve er unau let'oa. nud be ?Inr. I* 1 to tke i , i. .nit n* rpj.iciea. ? fK.PP. M. U.. IM Bt*l Nlu'.Ii A'reet. New Terfc. STONE <: fT RS. VaBONK. PLARTKKKRS. WORK, e-e in *. u'hle.?Hume one erd ell uv I9T Bower. (MIM ur HalJ u*. (.ids ( Uoud*> < #? eniuv. at Bo c..*-k, to beer a'*'.' tie p. n )'??? t a pond <:,t> tnrarotr.'<ul tba' "UaS or ..re eheap i-ti *. ferirer*' it erleie, e'n.n -treUla lad ??.) v*i.l aird iie.ie * met, Pallj f?r rnnr right,, buue* Put o.-..er. C0KM1TTLE Or AKRANCEMEMflL DAKCIM ACADKRIM. ' ADOOTOKTH'K rVAsCI Ml AC A OK VII KB, , No. ZIH Fifth at eouU. New York. No 1.7 V.imtpvu rttret, Brnoklfa, Co*rarerre n Mew Vert as SetrirP?T, ( nit,n.oorw n H.. ok:?a "n Tneader (J lobar A Venn.; Ia lie* *nd ctibiieo et 4 P. M. Oenucu.ru et (. For la true. ee.. ee!l for a cf \ GRAND OPRNINFG AT Ki.'ICK F RHOs'Rr.R IlAUa . KfLLOguTRS DAVCfNO AO DPR Y, 4/7 Wart "wroi lli rA ah-ml vurner ?t B ghih arenua. The a bore at ? * 1011 Bi1elrrhatmaTnew.il be epea for the re ipttae of pnrilr on Mnudev. Oetaber t Cle*nue tn meet on MeM deje end T'l'irriUye e'lurneiea gi.d nfeiugj. alee aw Wednwdrr end te'i/nla.' aflrraounr Prlvtle o-'aaeta OW Taeedar* end Fridays. gfitRR': FTbiRT WBDNFRDAT KVBRING, enfr irene.lug b l iber 5, !WH N P ?Tn* abd-- rr.' ma SM# He r* utsd for arutA baila, eulreue. An Aip.v ae above* BRfX.KR'B MAMCING A AOBMT 361 BROOMS ."rive ?tl ojmn on Tt.BKDAT, Feci. yC, iBCt. fee I'll'., W ' PK "OAT Nrnu JI or rbudtm. I.A DIM* friny C'e*-e? leAtretu. nt M ? Bear* It.r.eeegawt r. .rrI, fo ae *rt lade e-.d *.**?., a oi FNTbr po nrr. wfdnfhdav rvbmng brft jj BAI t.PT ?f?s IKK DUMAR * OARCtNO AC'ADIIHT. Y ev..fh ?*i.s ?.?, m. Tul*re*nih atievi. C .** vrers ?e< k gree e/alU aog I.J 'eenleseb ' lUeees ui (bl per feetiy Ir en Weave a J OloarSON'H PAW 'I t? AHAPRMT It NOW *7, ?i**n rr UiB fs orpt np of pn,* m, oe fuse leva ae# !*- 4av?, et 775 1 Hvin eui el B- no# ou Moudey 11 en law the frit. I I! SBMUNO'B FRIVaTK DA THING ACAPRMV. ? I . X' P iivil erent.e near fwert, th' d ai-eet. will ie i pun in U'."her en unuei rer term* a, pi* at lie veal aettvw, at abeve v t i niK oaniino acadkmt. *,;i and .'i fci? ? t . tue Mreei. 10 Ci|v lien. Broekl; O, la ON*v opew fo? fhr rnrai.il..e ef implla Clr "ilova wl4b ferlbarpa^ ta aiere. ean tw ebiained el tbr AaaJeeay IlNC'F W e FNTTS PaSC'NG ACAr?BN'". V7 riCDk I ? . Alrr*i ( "bwwa for lediea ei d genlleniea Tnnnda* ard rtdevviee ug* A'er a a'eee (or ladme n wea and d v*'-'i vt> re-rter aid he?o-dei afternoon., front 5 to ? e t..e t Private taaari * given at el lia*ee le tjiltb* pup.,, bv apply tg et the ateAamy. LJRNP riiiRTT < F.N TN *10 ft I'd MVS KAMCD ML i^ KAKI ? Nan teg* fluid*; *)?' Fb A?*re* If White w/eel N V AtTROLOUf, AH MAI RICF. THE URAL ANTRDLOnNR. NMATE , the wertd ta rnvecliag ae-ste r.e hrtug in or la. ever **? w. W*e th. h?e th goad lu g anu im; uir to ell whu wn*uli bprv. Las'.** Ml ceiHO, grata |l. Ne Hi Bleoebao Atiev . netr Weortfr. A jt-rONIBFtlNO-MADAME MOItMOW, BRVBNTH ite 'gb'OV. telle bew enna ran will marrf, end ebotn the iig?o?e . tens font ib'-uglilh 5e IM Ludlow atieae ? sate hot hdinlltno MRS MAEION JAMB)!. INDBrLWDRNT clairvot eaf. 101 Kem bg ran teen th atreet, ear net ef Tblid age nun, treres net end *Hil?n rrep*rty, b?ent Irvrnde. lewgults and biitineea affaire gen*reilv, deierie Bail treat* ill fnasttg diieeaee, BeftrrecM ovwe, OtatiesDth eat admitted.

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