21 Kasım 1866 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 10

21 Kasım 1866 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 10
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MEXICO. SITUATION IN THE NORTHERN STATES. Pi-widen! Juarez'g Progpects for the Winter laipiifi. The Troubles of all Absoonding Eiaperor. Hew Maximilian Wat Prerenlrd from Icav iug Mexico. DETAILS OP THE ARREST OP ORTEGA. Hurrewder o* Mazatlan to tl i Liberal*. Sc. Sc. fee. SITUATION 111 THE INTERIOR. 014 SALTlLLO correspondence. Hulthxo, Mexico, Nov. 1, lfeM. rUU KIT lKII I OK THh ?A* LUW CAM r All IN. The whole of Northern Meiioo la alive with the moei. ?active preparations for the campaign of the next nix months. The country appears to have but one occupa tion?war Chihuahua, from the extreme north, ie organizing her warlike population for a march into ?outheastern Purango. From Saltillo a force of one thousand men tva? sent a rew days since to operate upon Zacatecas. Colonel Martinez, with a considerable force, has thrown himself between Matahnala and Han Luis Potosi, cutting off the retreat of the imperial forces at the former point They will probably be captured in a few days. Two hundred French and four hundred Mexican imperialists form the garrison of the place. On the 2Mfi of September they made an attempt to cut their way through the force of Martinez, but were repulsed wdth a Dumber of killed and wounded. The liberals, in this combat, were armed with Spencer rifles, ami' fought bravely against superior numbers General Trevine, now at thin place with a choice eorpe of Of teen hundred men, will, three days hence, join his command U> that of Martinez, and. after the cap tore of Matahnala, commence operations for the fall or Han Luis Poloai?the great ofpect.re pomt of the winter campaign. THB IM PRIMA IJttTg OH THB HEMVSITR. Along the whole northern line the imperialists are acting on the defensive. It is confidently expected that there will be no attempt on the part of the Fiwnch to make any offensive movement before their departure; and the reasons urged for this by the liberal leaders ap pear to carry some weight with them It is argued that the French troops?in number aboat twenty-eight thousand?will be barely sufficient to bold their line of eommunieation from Vera Crux to the city of Mexico; that, in troth, tbey cannot afford to make an offensive movement; that they have so desolated the country that It is now necessary to take with them large supply ? iiiDB, and encumber thereby their celerity of movement; that, a Victory over the libera I fob es will virtually weak en the French, for it will encumber them with slclr and wounded, and leave the active guerillas to out off the Use of communication with the coast; that, with the force tbey have it is almost impossible to held open that line without frequent interruptions, and, therefore, they are unwilling to open another offensive campaign; that, the French have, moreover, been promiaed that they shall return borne from a war in which they have reaped nothing hut dishonor and hard work. To change the programme would be to demoralise the army. These are deas advocated by the leading Mexican generals, and from than may be Judged their course ol action. Were the French to advance again into the country they might perhaps by superior force disperse the small lib eral armies, but to-day If they are fought and dispersed at one point, they reunite and strike some detach ment of the enemy to-morrow who may bo posted sixty miles distant and in the rear of the ma.n army. The French have found it absolutely impossible to sns fatn tbs stings of this active wasp-like warfare that strikes on front, tlank and rear, all within twenty-four hours. Four years ago tbey threw themselves into tbis I hornet ? nest, and thare is not a man to-dav in (he French army lint will be ten years younger when he treads the deck of a homeward bound French transport Generals and privates alike share in this feelicg THE WAS AfiADIST CAXAUX ET000" whlch ??eral Fsrubedo has exercised against Matumoros has bad its good effect tieneral Tapla, the authorized Military Governor escaped to the Brownsville side of the Rio G?ande tleierafft? ?obedo will now instruct him to assume command of the forces which be may collect from the escaped wilder* ?tih XZr? 10ff,rc* "*?*of Cortina, and number of troops which will be Immediately eent to him from Monterey, to attempt the complete ' which for a few weeks I*"* slmoet ruined Matamoi os. As near as I can laam >" d.^*P*r>do element of the Rio Grande is really the only dissenting on# In the country All the old civil war element, which existed before the invasion of the French, has boun completely absorbed into the one grand of freedom from inriaion aod a coimgIxUumI ^"emSTiSt .til'C1M| "*r sieoi ton's norx or tr.rrauu, HIS nanr News reached us that on the 15th or September a p.nta by Maximilian to consult on the best method of preserving the empire. It is raid that Baxaine, according to Instructions froui Napoleon is working, in event of the final Overthrow 1 th.emtHra to pltoe opon the Presidential seat some loader wlio will I ro> ogoize the French debt ?ud the whole net ?f ** f.?*""11 ""'"'on- Hiiir. has been nppn-H- h<K wrth thla view; but it it even talked ihat if the Juarez Fra^ hl,lrur0m*llt wU1.w,a? the coat of this war, tlie ? utZT*","* u,",K?v*??*ot. as the leg.nmale lill'rau J!n >*? "8Ur* y?- however that the id rals will make no such conewwion. The enthusiasm ZELNSLSPlb,y w,n mBk"no u,rm* w,th th? the nineteenth cen ik |f ? laadpr* with whom I convert* inform me Stab* wo!^0!?'.? hundreds of million* of French wa; m.il?i2l r0'n 01 ,belr w>un"T; for it would de n ra wh^h ^r0?n,"?n of n? 'be acts of Die Isuuard em f-i?la- - --b torn 'be ountry id piecemeal in prodigal 7, i A. conceseieos, with the faTse hope of binding n. ifhVn X'i.K "0,m",Dt '"tcrest to conwididate s iiower throw "? nn*"le to completely over throw. In thit part of Ifaxli-o, ther*ior*. Hie lil*r*l londom J? * "T* determined to make no term. They say m n0'1 ,h"y ' r,,hfr ",nk tnotr country than to purchase Ireedom Irom I- renrh in. vasion by acknowledging 9500,000,000 ol d-nt tor the cte*?? difference of opinion. As in "he es'riiei*part*of''DDa'cea' tory tbey throw every element oi religious and nvil ,iw ..ord Into the one great rrnoiMc of rovolulto?, no now Jh"!^r!s2fMn',nm'Kl rru"h <">* grea^aL Zl longed eflbrt, ever/rurwe that t rance baablottTuE^ the land wherever ibr shadow of her t.nner hs- resm!, IIWItTlOX AMOMI TBS larlMo ictn. News cornea that the French portion ,,f the garrison or e*n Lois Potosi has entirely manuaim the pis. ,. i?r.iu, '' ?? be defended by tbc nat.ve r,iit;e? uno-r Oenetsl Fot?r l?undrfH| ImprriAliiet nr?o rigr, Mr?N ? mg to reinforre the strougbold. In llumrigo ihcra ??lit three hundred French ft. / # there are one hundred, and on the lina l-i?,4ii these two capitals there are distriliaied but twe hundred French Tiiese FtA-m-b detachments ?"? ante I by several humSred native imperial-st? f,,, whom the liberals have the utmost contempt, ^hev know uiat these imisriallsts have no lioart nor yst courage to tight In such a disputable cause as that Into which they have beer itupreaaed. and that they are ready, hi wsin as the French forces leave tbem to j.tiooae Hides, to luro over cnUiuaiastlcaliv to the Usual l-aener. * Tiis un-vm iBirrvu, irom nuios |sirte ot tiw oowntry within the hneaof . rnt ??v* re?-b"d Hi se h-ailipiarters . ? . * "bole itinotrr is readr to rise as rapidly titern. .-'i* !?** c*? <*dv-mce to aid them it is .-shi. n -I'-y- * Wbln two month* there will he V ooo ir.1,^! '? lb,, "*,<1 <* l?jnosi infantry and test tr, flefctHr. l>r*D ? booted in the late con torce. aTrancTth'i 55"?* lh* ,OV?dor U" ''"crnl I ?MIW .11 rf,rT m,,rh ; lor thev 1 uppl,? ara ,*r 1-rtTWJ-teKl ,wsrt ,* Metmo, -here aZ5es caT iT "*",v ?"?< where larger tese effbrt uh! fa'titalned in ,he fl,w kept (ogetlier ' S^n|7 ""'Ii beertOtOfs been t (ft* fev tbc "1'h- U" Wr. <>v Governor Aiida?- so, *?'1 #TmF *""? '? making the military authorities snTi? ^ ^ <"vt*>*al of I fln.l Gorernor^VMerea io^he ,me rrf' ITZJ,? Hn rounlrv wiiii a u. _ ^ MfMlliif tn**n i>f development of brain Tn^ vrns rspuidiranism a worthy son. rWeod, sed I _ vwmvt. srtosn avtuwiMo The Frmoh constricted some vsrv ?si -.i.,. . , t-oos ..round ffsltlUo during their^uy^ioS? ZJr'ZZr ?t.o roods which approach the city from the"I?B^ UT55 -Id. I - roveteiaonlo. and have tn,eb ?5d ~T^if" ot . rts tine of them to located where Genera " ' r;,fl bs* ? Mould Stand bvt n?Uo chaner from ' ?"'Ihkt.nec total try tamo it it s,,d4l? a.,f7b? / .en. If never counted Raltillo m oh of ths'r eveC '/ wad, ?eI auyV -a % |fl|| fortify wh.ch they took ?o?iw?H? ???? ?? Why MuiaalllM U11M W Rroe?o?-Co?. trMilM wf ltlo immUm ?? ?*??! Awny Hit Tkrwr-Tkr Iwdleerellww ml (h* UiiHudor mf ikr AneCrlaw ft-ifolt Defease Ilia ftroJ*1, Wiimtutoii, Hot. It, 1MB. Minister Homeni bu received the following: ? Vuu Owe*, Not. 1, IMft m.. .?,*?? tum not sailed yet, nor ? it likely ho win will not allow (lim to leave until ?"* ? ' r- , bo s.giiS"8_?oraiHl abdication. A tittle indiscretion of tbo commander of the Austrian frigate Dandalo lias been the cause of this. Wben Maximilian left Mexioo Genera] Baralne thought that he raire to Orizaba merely on a little excursion, as be had before gone to Caernavaca and other places. Day before yesterday the ooratutuider of the Dandolo ro- j ceivad ai midnight a despatch from Maximilian, order ing tbetn to have his frigate ready yesterday at five P. M., at which lime Maximilian expected to he here, and wanted to sail at once. A* -oon as the Austrian commander received this de spatcb, he called on M. Peyron, the French commander, to take leave of him, communicating to him the despatch he had received, and asking order-' for Trieste. M. Peyrou sent at once ibis information to Funeral Hosaine. who despatched instructions by telegraph to the French commanders at Orizaba, Cordova and Vera Cruz, not to allow Maximilian to escape, and addressed himself to the Archduke, stating that he knew km plau to fly from Mexico, hut that he could not be permitted to do'so unless ho wouid formally abdicate. The reasou of this conduct is, that should Maximilian leave without a formal abdication, the position of the French would be very difficult and ridiculous, while, If he abdicates in their favor they will be released from their engagements towards him. It le said that Maximilian will be obliged to retarn to the oily of Mexico and submit to Bazaine's terms. THE ABKEST OF OBTEGA. OUR BROWNSVILLE CORRESPONDENCE. Buowksyiixb, No*. ?, JH66. A* you have already be?n informed by telegraph the ateauiship St. Mary arrived at Braroa Santiago on the afternoon of Saturday, November 3. having on board ?General JesosG. Ortega and the following gentlemen, hie adherent* and members of hi* atafT, via:?General Ortega, Governor of Pnebla; General K. Hunrta, Gover nor of Morelia; Colonel J. Togno, Colonel Joaquin J. Ortega, Major Carlo Ortega and Captain V. Uuiliagar. Before leaving New Orleans a brother of General Sheridan came on hoard bearing an order from the latter to the commanding officer at Brazos for the arrest of General J. G. Ortega and hie whole party on their arrival at that port. The order was communicated to Brevet Lieutenant Colonel W, T. Howell, Supervising Quartermaster Sub-District of the Rio Grande, who was on board, but otherwise no allusion wae made to it. Arrived at Galveston the distinguished party went ashore and remained several hours, returning a short time Wore the departure of the steamer. When inside of the bar at Brasas, Colonel Howell re aueeted the Captain to anchor in the stream uuiil lie coold communicate with the shore. This was done, and soon after Captain John Paulson, of the One Hundred and Seventeenth United States colored troops, command ing at Brazos, came on hoard, and calling the General into the Captain's room, there informed him of the order. He received the statement with his accustomed dignity, simply shrugging his shoulders snd requesting a copy ot the order. He wae Informed tbst lie could remain upon th? stonmor if bo cho?6 to do so, tb? officers of which tendered him their hospitalities; but he de cided to go on shore, and after the passengers hail left be did so, with his party, going to an inferior hotel, tlio only one on the island. The order wae immediately forwarded to General Sedgwiclt. commanding sub district of the Bio Grande, who directed that the self-styled President and his suite should be treated with the utmost courtesy, and allowed such privileges as the officer in command should think proper, but that they should be held under strict sorveiilanoe. Tbe.v were also to be in formed that they could return to New Orleans if they desired to do so tbk. wwt om run Rio niuiisa Tlie matter has not created as much excitement here as would naturally he supposed. The letter or General Sheridan to General Sedwlck. of October 28, bad been published in the local papers here, sod bad in a measure prepared the public mind lor what followed. r NOV. 8, 1806. A protest from General Ortega against theactlpn of tlio military authorities in arresting him, appeared in the Klo Grande Courier (a paper published here) of this morning. Also one from the members of his suite. I forward no.ii documents in full, without comment, as the river stoamer is about leaving to connect with the St. Mary, at Brasos Santiago. bSssssL su? ribah's ounrn to pktai* obtvoa HKAPursKTBHS. n?.rABT??.ST o?; rue Gn.r, . Nrw Ori.kabm, Lb,. Oct. Zfi, UNA 1 Tb the Gosmaxdim: OmcFK, Hrnzoa Santiago:? KiK'-ShimM Genera) Ortega, with <*011111 partisans, 1? over <>u ihe at?amer St. Vary, or auy other vessel, arrest li m ami hold him 111 custody until you can cnmmuulcaUj with Brevet Brigadier General Sedpwlek, at Brownsville, endtheij act according to his orders. I erv respe 'Ifully, your oliedleut servant.^ ^ SHERIDAN, Major General Gonnuiandlng. Hkaxos. Nov. A 1866. 1 hereby -lertifr thai upon my arrive 1 at thin port wltli the steamship 8t Mary, and after.* mliig to anchor inside th* harbor, the officer roinmandlng at this port came on hoard with orders from Major General Hberldau Ui ueUin General Orteaa and party, who were pasaenvci'S on hoard, until the commanding oBlcei at Brownsville should be made ac qu.io.ed with the.aetoKo R Ht. Hiuiuiiiif TiiRw HimDummT or >hb Rio J Hhow*a*i ?*??*. T>.uu?* Nor. 5. 18?. % Captain Jons Pari.son. One Hundred and Sevoiitemith United 8tales Colored Troops, Commanding Post. Brazos ^rvACT^-The'colonel commanding dlrcts that yon hold Oeucral Onega, togeiher with hla partisans who accompany him. In custody until fnrther orderi from these headquar ters, or, if Geiieral Or lege and hla party so flrtlra.ytra will allow them to rettiro to New orloeu*. U., by return ?trainer You will use them with the utmivt ?wirte?<y. irrantimi them ?neh pri?U*n?? i.i you m?T deem proper; bni at the *tame tnn** you will keep them under clone *ur\?" ,an. e. Very respectf,,,!,. your First Lieutenant and V A. D. C., A. A. A O. uMwraTt. HraouPARTSBs, l Post OS Bb? bo* Ha vnai;0. Teias. Nov. 4. 1WI ' om. <sl cup, furnished General t'sptain On# Hundred and Seventeenth Volled Pistes Colored Troops, i 'ommandlng. OBTEl.A TO CAtTAIM PAULSON. ? t Bbsbob Bartiaoo. Not. h, iree Capiais?I etnlerkeil on board the United States steamy Sc Maty, with sit other Meilcan < ltliens, vi? ?General Bpl tadu Huerta. formerlv Governar of the State of Mlchoaran. timers I Keinando V. Ortega. Governor and Military < otn inanger of the State of Pueblo: t'olonela Juan Togno and loaqum G. Ortega, I'onunaudant i'hiIo*, of the last nsme, ni "I Captain Francis*. Gulilaza. .... . ,. I came under the protection of the flsg of the United States, because irsTelling In a steamer carrying the starry Han and on the waters of the same nation; I mine under ihe safeguard of the guarnuteos which the oonstltutlon and lews of this republic estend user strangem who tresd Its noil.'Mure. 1 brought with me the guarantees and Immunities which are arenrded me by the respectful protest that, lu oBlclal docu ments, this government has msde In respect to non-Inter ventlon In Internal politloal questions of Mevleo, sntalnlng that oountry In resolving them Itself eic.luslvely Guarantees which In their scope taaitly admit ?t proper political character aa ..institutional President of tl.e ?est. ran republlr, which title I hare obtained through the me dium of Ihe fundamental law of that country and hy the spontaneous and free suffrage of the people ^ , I I scarcely think It neraaasiy to say In this place that the prase of the United Htates has occupied itself intensively with this uialtci, and that I base publish*! In English oltl rial papers girlng all neccssare light on the question. 1 sup pnae that no authority in this country Is Ignorant, of m, political and military stadia on local or foreign questions ralatlre to rat country. On arriving at ihte port and before landing you presented yours..It, and In the preerure of Ilia captain of tl.e steamer pshlbtted an order signed by General tthrrhlan. commanding Department of the Gulf, hy which I am Imprisoned, and also those accompanying me. without assigning any reason, and still l>sa. having any-hreauae ! had violated none of the neutrality laws of this Slate: and If I brought with me polttlnal Intention*, tor the purpose uf reducing them u> practice in Well*. In the fulfilment of my dutlra etui to save my country 1'ioin anarchy, that mono: afford a reason tor my apprehension la a country which has already pro test*! agsins* Intervention In 'he politic* of others. You compiled with the order and rotM*l m<' of arrest yielded to 'be force of the violent ptwceding common s frequent In a despotic monarchy, hut to > u-mmsrv In a pjblh- like the United States, conflnlnr l?.? *11 In request.ng of you a copy of the order. In ->r*ler to -test against tin s'' which copy yon were pleased to fin h me. | Yon olfureafo glvo Immediate iHitioe ? . out acta to g oral oc.taw Ick, couuoandlng the lino ?t ?? Bravo. auJ ri nt In Hrowns. Ill", in order to carrv ? mur instruct!"., a- do. t*l in the lefo.e cited order, a' ?' to Irarn, by Una | means, tity Anal destination. lu the copy of the noi.1 that yon Just sc til me, y. B'riicted to keep on In pris. u until fur her orders, lu the event 'ha' we did pot wish to retort to New tirlenns by the I eemc-teamer hv which ire earn*. If wa would so return, 1 Ihen we should he permitted so tn do. Nothing lataM In Ids note- of ihe cause or motli e ol i p i niim tn. althuuali I ran he ? oiicelved 'hat a polltlnal aai .1 aunt It, in unler to prevent, against all ngbts and Wt a't Illegal maimer, my en'ran1* lui" Muvican teritU'rf. for lesaons whl b, although 1 do u it cmprchcml today the snlisf '.iieut march of events will doubtless reveal. I d" not Iwlisvc lbs* either the (ample of the Un'ted St iles or the supreme government of this grest ration idtr tlclpa'id In this sc. From hnih I hope for reparation, I -howeii to you. in a verti.ii rsMtpii'V. that th'1 ronsl't'i* lion a'd law* of the I nl1*l Nlalea *vuee.ted n ire certain Individual guarantee* which were violated by the violent set everciasd agsio-t my perano. and r*,nested of vou pr. ? tvan on, in tb*naiur of 'he lawa, you iwiiig In actual com maud of Hie Amerrisn lories lie?r Vou rcled that, a* a soldier, you 'OOldonly ..lay the afil'.r* eomuiuiitcatcii loyoil Pv v#ur s'lpeiior*. J'toM you that I was th* legitimate ronsutullnnnl Uveal, dent of to* Mr ileal, republic, and that. fmiu the political eharacter invesied In me Uy that naihui tny arret signli.ed a marked partlalitv. au<l was equivalent In'* def?,( ,d ||,e premises mad* hy the United Mates aninNMSt for reasiina p"llt|e*l aid <uaveulent, not to luti rfi-re the in tervial araire of Memvi Your replv to 'hi* was the sams a* iwfor*. Finally I ?old yon thai It was an ad of vtotruna to my per son lo fore* o.e pi return In Nrw Or.can*, and "ply to that plai'S, M being equivalent lo forelng m* to P-sids m the United Slate* against rat wilt and thnnigh the msdlnm of sintense. I alw lofnrmBd you thai, granting It w is an id doll* under foe* and wlkhoul the henetll of The piar?iil*e> and hherty that Ihe law* eooceded m* 1 w."il.rreturn lo New OrUMM a? a prtaoner, or that you might dispose el my nereos aa vou deemed eonvaaietit. In 111* p oasnee of feroa right snd reason natnrady Is silent, but right and reason are great powers tn this rer?b lie snd right sod remwn are wflh me and will soon make the nisei res heard. There lo ao other resort iban tn make pretest against the violent set of the military fores M*rrlffi<k1 atfftifitt rny p?nw>?. ?pt?r#hi?fnJin(| m? on toard lh? ."Tier uTvary. a.fd koetuog'mo imp.iooood uMll u. do,, wflhoul say irnsnn lo jus'Jfy thls.vlrltnt act, thereby disre gnirrniforivcuh, l,? Cwt of rats whoa* t woSrarciBO AO FrosldOBt thereof. agMnil thm SnSd' hnrJTre ? -4e 'te.? IS4?V? UGArhiep.* It tM mbn Itr?w ot Ut 17tiled Stele* m ike solution gf lecal Mfikii cfucctt#du TMrJ-Notwltbataadlag the fine belief I have la the Ctoervua end loyal sympathies of U>e American people In U?or *f (he Mexican republic end the pro ssr.jrs.-sjk, SawwBfasws cove my oouatry'e Indepe ndenee, which le to be atta&ed by a mean* lu which I belter* the American people will uot in termeddle, 1 alto proteat, ae President of the Mexican re public, agalnet every act, direct or ladlreot, which, through force, attempt* to impose upon the people of Mexico th? faotional government of Don Benito Juarsx, Who <?asM to eifrels*. legitimataly. the power of the nation from the day A coimtttutlon. Captain, la the social contract of free na lioni; It la the act by which the people manlfejit their ?oyerei|u will, and the only brute upou which republic* rest. Otic* ?- '''"MS 1" exlet, cfcuoe and anarchy of ueoeselty oom mcnce. SB the name of the tame nation, and In the fulfilment of duty, I a!no declare ae treasonable act* against the, Mcxi cao people the act* which hate bcru done una arc being done by Don Benito Juarez und his Minister in Washington, Don Manas Romero, in ecekiug by iutrigue, and other equally to be reprobated measure*. the aid of a foreign foroe to eecure usurped p6\ver, aiprerlfttiag thereby republican prin ciples, and impeding my entrance by auch mean*, in order that the people, having no legitimate head, uiay of necessity accede to the deetrucilou of their constitutional principles, to obtain which and resulting peace cost tbla eame people ihouaandM of victims aud ten year* of bloodshed and contin uous warfare. You may make such use of this note as shall pleaae you. Accent my appreciative regard for you personally. Independence and the Constitution. J (1. ORTEOA. To Captaiu Paulson, miliary t'ominandor, Brazos Santi ago, present. moiVXT or outwia's sta*t. Kbakos Hantiaoo, Nov. 6,MM8. C-nais?Some of the subscribers have been fighting aguimt the French aiiny of Intervention up to the emu. mencemcnt. of this year, and having been exhausted by (heir more noweful enemy they came to American territory to recuperate; others returned from 1m irisoriment, suffitred in France, through the same war, vrtuoh ha* at onetime or other of the contest caused our <i>patrbition, but uli stanch in their resolution and cruras*: to return to the naUhosl eoiubat. We came to the latui of Waahinrttu, where liberty has made ita -eliouen ami splendid al lding place, to the fear and admiruJloii-of the world, v here a great nation lias shown her positive sympathy far the good cause of Mexico, whose, liberty aud sovereignty it has pro claimed aloud, and where we <?oulei prepare to return to our patriotic task. W hen wo returned to Mexico, crossing the seas in the steamer St. Mnrrv, under the protect ing mill* of the laws of the United stales, whose wisdom attracts emigration from ail ouarters of the, globe, a military order detained the vessel at the entrance of the harbor of Brazos Santiago, and we were made plisrfner*. What Is out crime, Passing peaceably to our oountiw r In what country are we, where lnoHVusive travellerrare detained and Imprisoned f Let the author of the order, whose acts are scrutinised by Ills countrymen add slrauger*. reply. How much further vloleoce menaces our liberty? When shsll we know the motive for our Imprisonment ? The people and ' the government of the Uultod tdates reply, "Not to n* be long this matter;" hilt, nevertlu less, it Is with the nation to which the author of the military art belongs, and which we d'uoiince, the responsibility rente. Against him we rale our voice* in protest; a proteat sounding through the length and breadth of the frees wise and just republic of the United hi ate# tor reparation for tho outrage committed by one of ita sods, and of wttch be has made us the innocent victim*: repair, also, the evil* and damages which he has caused. Be good enough to transmit this Holographic communica tion to nnv interested. In ord?r to accomplish its proper re sults. and accept, at the same time, our es'eem and consid eration. Independence ?nd Constitution. El'ITAClO 1IUEKTA. FERNANDO M. ORTEGA, JUAN TOiiNO. JOAQUIN G. ORTBOA, CAKl.OS L. ORTEGA, FRANCISCO UUIL1A2A. To Capt. Jo** 7'iti.Mia, Commanding, Present. NEWS FBOM THE WEST COAST. SPECIAL TELEGRAM TO THE NEW YORK HERALD. Surrender of Jtlazatlnn to the Liberals UtrmciiiMloa by the French-Two War Vea sel* Ciurry Away the Harrison, dfce. San Francisco, Nov. 20,1806. On the 16th of October < orona passed the outer French lines in the rear of liazatlno, with four hundred men. He held hi* ground for six days, when the French sent in a flag of truce requesting a cessation of hostilities, promising to evacuate on the 24tb. Corona agreed and sent the remainder of hie foroe, three thousand strung, north and south along the coast. On the 24th two French vessel*.of-war left Mazatlan, having all the Imperial soldiers who declined to take service as Mexicans under Maximilian. Corona has given orders to capture General Vega if possible, and send him to Magadan for trial. Vega is now in Chihuahua, making towards Arizona, The Americans who left here with Vega in Jnly have de serted him, be being outlawed by the Juarez govern ment ? The government of Lowert'aiifornia has again -'hanged bauds. Redvino, formerly governor, bad marched upon l.apaz. Xavarett evacuated without showing fight Seizure ?f a Hex Iran Brig by French Huerlllitn at Cape St, L-urn*. Has Franoh<?>, Nov. 20, I860. The Mexican brig Basco, having as passengers Captain John B. Urmy and others, was boarded at Cape El I.ucan, October 23, while on the way from La Fez to San Francisco, by Gai-tori li'Artote and two others armed with pistols, who demanded the captain's paper*, and at tlie caese time declaring the captain to he a Mexican pirate, and themselves authorized to search the vessel for articles contraband or war. When D'Artols was called upon to produce authority for the seizure of the vessel, he showed them a copy, purporting to bo from Corona, and said the original order was left on shore. Four more armed men suh'-qnently joined D Artois, wheu the captain aud passengers were robbed of ovcrvthing valuable, and the vessel plundered. The ling was re leased the next dev. after gi\ log bonds for $10,000 and arrived here last night. THE TURF. Trotting; ?? Ur Nmlonnl l ayiinl -DeMur Another Kxhibltion mf Nyrnl. Washi.wion, Nov. 20, i860. The trolling match 10-day at the National Course was well attended, much heller than the race of yesterday. Quite a number of distinguished men were present, among whom were tieneral Omit; the Marrjul* de Mon tholon, I'rcnrh Minister; and Hit Frederick Bruce, Brit iab Minister; the Secretaries of I.cgation, the Fnstniater General, General Kilby Smith and other prominent riti ??na. The entries were aa follow* ?Br. g. Dexter, by B. Poble; a. g. Ki!a* Bicii alia* tleo. Kawrcett, entered by Cavanagh and Dlmmiek, utile heats, beat three In lire, in harnest, for a puree of $1,600 to winner, and $100 to second bent. The race war won by I tester Tlte follow ing la a summary ? ? R. Doble entered br. p. Dexter 1 1 1 (.'avanaghandDlmmlokentercrit.it Silas Kich. 2 2 2 TW*. Quarter. //?". Mil# Kirat heal 36 1 -16 2 -:to Second heat 34', 1:10 2:21 H Third heat 37'i 1 14 2 '.'7', A COLBBfD MEACHER SHOT. Rlttwija, Va , Nov. 20. lane Km. Jacob J.tm< t, a < olorcd preacher, was ahot last night by another colored man named Thornton Holmes, and died this morning, llolinrs also shot his wife, who, however, will recover. He was arrested and acknowl edged the deed, tml aayr he found Jauiea and hi* wife in Jltgranlt drlii tu. PROBABLE SUSPENSION OF THE C6H0ES WOOLLEN FACTORIES. At bast. Nor. 20, 1MB The woollen lactone* at Colours will totally *nspeod ii|h>rations at the clone of tbh month Tncy arc runtime now at a loan and money, It. in "aid, will he made by a stoppage. AN AGED LAOY MURDERED BY THREE NEGROES. [From the Nashville (Tenn.) Wapateli.J A shocking outrage vra* petpetroled at Bowling tireen recentle in tho murder by three nc;roes of an old lady named Mr*. *11! On tho preceding Saturday -.he * lalted a Inwyer'n office In thot town, and while there mentioned to the lawyer in the hearing of three negroes tone unmed Isswl*) tlii<t she ha.l $tlA in money at home, about ;i mllo trom town. tHi Monde? morning the widow's son, a little fallow, went into the field and alter s little the weather hemp cold, was compelled to retnm for his shoes. tin entering the lion^e he wae horror struck at finding his mother lying upon the floor dead and lettlld with her own blood. Her head had been split open and ber Ixxly fr.glitfully gaaho i lo\artnu? ports by aa axe By hi* outcries h< aeon aroused the neighbor', and immediate ?oar h Was made for the author* of the terrible crime I he sround being soft and yielcy f?*>m the iMna, human tracks were anon dkasbverml. It wis noticed thai one track was made by* "hoe run down at the tide, and having three heavy nail* and a break across tho middle of thi shoe. These pe ctillarltlc" aeon led to thedetai tlon of at least one of tuo porp-drsior* of the awfnl murder. The "tartling nev < -ped to BowIIng tireen on lightning wtnzs. and when it reached the ears of the lawver whotn the munh red lady had visited on .Satur day. b? gave information of the' presence ol the ihr. e negfh men Tliey v ere at Ottt apprehendtwl. and upon the negro Ieerie foeud * aline . orrespomhng pre i i i. ly ?itb the lr:u'Ks le ,.llag fnim the ]* or victims'a hone i'he wrei. in are now In .tail at Ho ellny lire, i, A NEW TEXTILE. (Fnim Mm I'hiladelphta fiszette.. ihr Icri diMWvery which comes to us irom Nevada Is apriuultural rather than mineral, hot t cry imporiant. It i? of a new textile, juch as was eagerly sought when the rebellion broke out, but unsuiy e stully. Ihe plant now discovered has lie home in the Humboldt Valley, where it grows in large ipiaatities, and can, of cour*<. lie mxdctii grow more thrftt'lv hv cnHlvstlon, while, II u lias the values which are aw-rlbed to It, It will soon he re moved to other field* and propagated HDiong reg ular < rep* The plant is said by the dUrovelwn to he superior to any textfl,' now in use. Though siyl"?t hemp, it Is M called on sccotint of It* closer stmilnrHy to that than 10 any >nhcr growth. It has a stronger and liner fibre than (be proper hemp id I a much Inngc gtnpic. In proportion to mm wood, too. the fibre m mu< b more shuuiiam. It can be more easily separated than flat or hemp, and ran he siiippod clean fmw the stalk without preparation. Nevada lien between thirty-seven degree* and forty two

degrees North. This curreeponds with the latitude of Nortlurn t all fore la, of fan Francisco, Salt leke City, Indlat Hpolte, Columbus and Phlladalphia. The Hum hold! river. Along which the now hemp grows, rune from the mountains of that aamo weetward, through a mouulafnons country, if, therefore, experiment proves what is now claimed for this textile, It can be prolonged in He cultivation from its original habitat M onr own doom, ami wui enhance the raise of the nemp harresi in thom flats# wbdry t lr aft ?? !*fl|rifl?t fcwmt CITY 11TKUJGJBICX. Oil Lamr Kxrumom A Woma* Fiuui Bnnn,- _ Ob Susday evening Mn. Susanna Teoll, who uvea u No. 011 Ninth avenue, woo terribly burned abor t bead, face and body, by the explosion of a Br ftj>| lamp, wbicb she vaa in the act of filling at ^ Tbe usual remedies were applied, bet with ^ M40MS) as Mrs Teoll died some hours afterwr ^ ^ lt) effects of the burns. Mr. Teoll, busbr d ' in attempting to strip the clothes fro- ?_ T ,, J thus save ber life, was also scverelv * WMdey held an inquest over the r WMdey held an inquest over the r T? and the Jury rendered a verdict e' ,rt th fton barns eel cidenuily received. Mrs. Teoll ?earsof age and a native of Germany. *"* tWBnt>1"* Jt*" of Saved from Drowsing.- curie;, a soldier from Governor's Island, tr ^ overtx>ar<l fron the south end ? ? *' .emdayevenmg, bui was saved from drowning by tw ^fficare of the precinct police. RrN Over.?Ah* jy BUnea Daniel Maher, residing at Na 247 West Fo- street, was knocks! down and run over by a ? vragou driven by Benrj Vomer, on Eighth aven between Forty-second and Forty-third streets. 1 a? bey was but slightly injured, Cosvsr .rrojr or Life Insurance Comfaniml?A conven tion of^telegater. of tbo various life lnsuramo companies will meet in this city to-day, at tbo rooms <f the Cbam bGr of Commerce. The object of tbe meettig is to de vise, if possible, some wise and practical unon, embrac [ ing all tbe companies in the country, to preserve the life insurance business from abuses, internal or ex ternal. A Prisoner Attempts Suicide m Hia Cill.?An in telligent looking German, about thirty yara of age, named George Rhelnbardt, formerly a stewird at Bella vue Hospital, was arrested yesterday morning by Detective Bennett at police headquarters, oi a charge of having been engaged in n robbery committed ut West chester about a year ago. Rhelnbardt, in mmpany with his wife, applied at headquarters for some documents appertaining to the birth of one of his wires children by a former husband, when he was recognised, immediately apprehended, and locked up In one of U? cells In the basement of the building. About two o'clock the door man, happening to go down to tbe cells, sod on looking Into the cell In which Rhelnhardt was confined, be saw Uie prisoner apparently In the last ttiroes of strangula tion, having a pocket handkeroblef _ _ tied lightly around bis throat The doorman called Detective Bennett, who entered the cell, and with some difficulty inserted tbe blade of a pocket knife between tbe necknnd kerchief, cutting the latter off, and thus undoubtedly saving tbe prisoner's life. Doctor Pooler was called d?wn, and after a while pronounced Rhelnhardt ont of danger, although he had had a very narrow escape. Tbe prsoner was re moved to a room up stairs, and bis wife was permitted to remain with blm and watch him durtsg the night. Inst be should renew the attempt on bis life Rhelnbardt when arrested denied ever having been In Westchester, altbougb he was fully Identified as tbe penen suspected. Tbe robbery is supposed to have been committed by Rboinhardt In company with a young wonan, who bad previously been engaged at Bellevus Hospital, and bad gone to live with tbe ramlly In the boose where the rob bery was committed. Parade or the Metropolitan Fire Department.? The second annual parade of tbe Metropoltan Fire De partment will take place this afternoon, and tbe most strenuous efforts have been made by the officers and members of the force to make as fins an iDpearanoe as possible. The force will be divided Into eight divisions, each commanded by one of tbs assistant engineers as marshal, and tbe entire force will be commanded by Cbief Engineer Kingsland, with Engineer Perley as assistant aid, and Engineers Bates and Orr as special aids. Tbe line will form on Fourteenth street, right resting on Eighth avenue and extending toward Brood way, at a quarter before two o'clock, and will proceed through Fourteenth street to Broedwey, to and through City Hall park to Nassau street, down Nassau street to Maiden lane, to Pearl street, to Wall street, to Broadway, and up Broadway to and in friint of the Astor House, where tbe band will halt and companies file off and proceed to their respective loca tions. The department will be reviewed by Governor Fenton, Mayor Hoffman, heads of departments and prominent citizens from the balcony of the Metropolitan Hotol. Should an alarm of fire occur while tbe proces sion Is moving, the Chief Engineer will detail tbe com panies to leave tbe line. As the department has been considerably increased and Improved since tbe last parade, there can be no doubt that tbe review to-day will be one which will in every way do credit to tbe management of tbe department. Dki-artubb or Tsoors.?Three hundred and fifty re cruits from tbe Osvalry Depot, Carlisle . Barracks, Pa., under command of Lieutenant Colonel Thomas E. Devan, Eighth United Slates cavalry, embarked yesterday on board the steamship San Francesco, en rnutt to join tbe headquarters of the Eighth cavalry In the Department of the Pacific. Majors Campbell and Price also accom panied the detachment Chamber or Commerce.?A special meeting of tbe chamber ot Corn mono will be hold to-morrow, at one o'clock P. M.. to hear a report of a special committee on the subject of considering the expediency of memorial izing Congress in favor of tbe abolition of the Internal tax on cotton. Ths Police Mutual Benefit Association.?The Mutual Benefit Association recently formed by tbe voluntary action of the men of the police force gives a practical evidence of its great advantages In tbe case of the late In spector Carpenter, who bad joined tbe association, and it happens that his family is the second to receive the ad vantages of it. Mrs. Carpenter will be paid In a few days the rum of about one tbou-and dollars. Tbe money will lie vollectod from the association on the 1st of December by tbe treasurers of the precincts. Uahovic Faib.?The building at the corner of Grand and Crosby streets. In which the Masonic fair?the pro reeds of which will be devoted towards the erection of a hall in this olty and the support of an asylum In the Interior of the State for the maintenance of aged and distressed Master Masons and their widows and or phan*? was opened on Monday night?to assign space to the various lodges which are to take pert In the cuter prise. The building, which was formally a church. Is commodious, and under the management of the Ex ecutive Committee. The Interior has been very well ar ranged. and much beautified. There will be three floors In Hie building, the galleries having been floored over. A temporary building has also been constructed on the eel side, twenty-four feet wide and one hundred and twenty-four feet long. The fltlr will open the first week in December. Ahrvst o? as Ah rum Mraosaxx ?James Dougherty was arrested yesterday morning on suspicion of having caused the desth of Walter Wesrott la an affray which occurred In the oyster saloon or Michael Myers, at 448 First avenue, on the night of the 3d inst. The circum stances of the case are as follows:?On the night of tba occurrence lour men entored the saloon at a late bonr and demanded drinks, which were refused by the land lord. The men began breaking the furniture, when the landlord called upon Wesrott to help eject them from the promises. It is alleged that during the afl'rar Dough erty drew a knife and thrust it inio the abdomen or We rott. inflicting a wound from wbieh the bowels pro trudeil and causing Ids death on the lllb to n. The ae rnaed will be held for examination. Fnorscnvg Wan Cunt AseotiiTio.s. ?This association was organised daring the war, under the auspices of the itale government, for the purpose of preparing and filing applications for pensions, arreera of pay, ptixe money, and giving general Information and advice to soldiers and sailors gratis, thus saving soldiers and the widows and representatives of soldier*, the usual fee* ?f claim agents. The Ana' report of the s soc ction, from ??su'iary 10, 1883, to November 1, tSflfl, at which date the remaining business was transferred to the frilled Mates .Sanitary Commission for Anal adjustment, nay lie briefly recapitulated as follows:?Claims allowed, 7,052; claims prepared and filed but si III unsettled, 2.(28. total cash value of claims. (2.470,878 68; expenses. (38.878 78. less amount expended for Bureau of Employment snd Soldiers' Mes-ienger corps. (0 100 52, or one and a puar ter per cent. Euw-no.v or Gkvrbai. von Tamo Bitmaps S. Y. S. N. 0.? An election for General of the Third brigade N. Y. S V. O. was held last evening at the armory of the Seventh regiment, comer of Bowerv and Seventh street, with the follnwlox result ?Colonel .Tosiiua M. Vartan, Vigtitti regiment, eight votes; Colonel Clarice one Mgfnr Heirioit two, S!a:or Wll-nx three, and Colonel Hewku* one. Colonel Varian was accordingly d?i lured ebi leu. and on being notified of the laci announced bis willing ness to accept the petition. This concluded the beat* nest of the ryemng Parvus ?\o T?susr Ex< i ? The sixth annual parade of the Old Filibuster guard cauie off yesterday, when ibe man, to the number of idiom two hundred, luoceeded on a target excursion to Die Hotel ground . at Bull's ferry. The altalr passed off pie i-nntly. and en the return of the guard to the oily a cestui flanrv <lr"?s sn l civic bail was riven by the c.'impanv at Palace Hall, on sixth avenne. AiimriauAi. Rxuxi roa virsTtrra's IstiMi Sen nanus ? The followiag la the tmcwirer'a report ol the fund for the reli-f of the safforers by the lata hnrrtcane at Turk's I# la ie I ?Pmvlooatr reported, (4,508; Falls A Co., *100; Wood. Niebuhr h Co., f'iO, Brett, son k Co , (26; flovd A llincken. (26; J G. Molt A -on. (23; F. ? Hoard, (28; F W J. Hurst. (SO, Walsli A t amer. ("O; S. W.- fowls * Co., (25; i hands rtain, Roc k i o , (122; Kemp, Day A Co , $26, F.(astns Tttus. $26; Wm. S. rtTiitlock, (25; a. 8. l.ow k Brother. (25, Peck k ''buret, (26; It P Ru'k A Co , (26?total received, (6,126 THE PACIFIC BAIL STIAMSMP C9MPAN7. t oitlran With the Honolulu Gsitriiwi nf, My the terms of the contract juai connlddad between ?be kingdom of Hawaii and the Partite Hill Company the government agrees to exempt the ilupt of the com panv from the payment of elt port due* and cnmpul aory pilotage, to grant them free wharfage and water from the government pipes, agree* to build a wharf with three hundred and sixty fleet frontage on the water front of Honolulu, to ho need fee* of ibarge by the company, and grants a water let of two hundred snd forty by three hundred and sixty fleet. The principal condition required of the company la to cany I Ma Hawaii matt at the prawest pattaga rates The osetseet ta for ifcnr jevrs. sod is medq iipnsflwWe mi rs>sws?K i EQUAL EIGHTS. The Black aai Taa Convention Re vived in Albany* SUFFRAGE TWADDLE IN TWEDDLE HALL. Cady Stanton, Lucy Stone, Lydia Mott, Parker Pillabnry, Pred Douglaaa and a Meteoric Shower of Leeser Lights on Exhibition. LUCTr STONE IN THE CHAIR. Mrs. Stanton Deftndi Her Old Opponent for Congress, James Brooks. RACY DEBATES?STRONG RESOLUTIONS, at* at. at* SPECIAL TELEGRAM TO THE NEW TORN HERALD. Albany, Nov. 20, 1808. No sooner were tbt vote* canvagued i(Uf the recent election In this Siete, far enough to see that the people of New York had ordered a Convention to reform the State constitution, than all the elements of that peculiar radicalism which mark an agitation era, and for twenty years has marked the agitations of the day, as If by a galvanic shock sprung into action and at once convoned themselves in this capital to make a programme for the new and forthcoming constitution. Noah's ark, in which there was said to be "a very few men, and a great many beasts," seemed to be freighted again for another voyage, as I looked in upon the Equal Rights Women's Conven tion at Tweddle Hall this morning. All the isms of the age were personated there. Long-haired men, apostles of some inexplicable emotion or sensation; gaunt and hungry looking men, disciples of a bran j bread and white turuip dietetic philosophy; { advocates of liberty and small beer, professors of free love. In the platonio sense; agrarians , In property and the domestic virtues; orators of the human race and standard bearers or woman's rights transcendentalista; lnfldels, saints, negro worshippers, sinners, and short-haired women, without waterfalls or boons, ground down In the dust by man's inhumanity to woman?all greeted the eye. Long geared women in homespun, void of any trade mark, and worn to spite the tariff and imposts; women in Bloomer dress, to show their ankles and their independence; women who hate their husbands and ralbers, and hateful women wanting husbands; women who cannot vote, but who want to be voted for; women who want women's rights, and are determined to have them; men and women, altogether the most long-necked, grlm-visaged, dyspeptic, Puri tanical, nasal twanged agglomeration of isms ever as* sembled in this or any other State, not excepting nigger devoted Massachusetts. ? ^ , ^ ^ . Among the notables present were Frederick Douglass, C L. Remond, of Massachusetts; Elizabeth Cady Stan ton Josephine S. Grilling, Susan B. Anthony, Henry B. Blackwell, Lucy Stone, Edwin A. Htudweli, Antoinette Brown Blackwell, Parker Pillsbury, and others less prominent in the movement. The andlenoe other than the Convention was in its composition a oomplete reflection of the convention it self, and was made up wholly of the most amusing human elements, inoludlng races and color. Tweddle Hall was two-thirds (Uled, and the proceedings through out were tame and spiritless, betokening little of a pros perous and advancing cause. ? Mrs. Vice President Elizabeth Cady Stanton in the ab sence of Presidentess Lucretla Mott, detained from the gathering by sickness, called the Convention to order, and announced that Mrs. Doctor Lucy Stone Blackwell would occupy the chair as "permanent temporary Presl dent.99 That great aeitatrees, Mrs. Susan a Anthony, at once raised ber woman's rights voice for the appointment of a business committee of Ave. which was made to consist of Mrs. Elizabeth Jones, Parker Pillsbury, Elizabeth Cady Stanton. Frederick Douglass and 8usan B. Anthony. Lydla Mott and Emily Jones were constituted the Fi nance Committee. All this being accomplished Lucy Stone Blackwell made a speech recounting hastily the early struggles and triumphs of the advocates of woman's rights, urging that the cause was one In common with the lately tri umphant issue of the blacks redeemed from thraldom and made free, but who must now, with the women cast the ballot Sbe mid that John Brlgbt'a efforts In England were dimmed in their otherwise matchless lus tre because they were put forth for and in behalf of men alone. Mrs. Blackwell hoped that Mr. Bright would aid English women to gain the full and unqualified right of soflrage. She also held that this country ought to lead the van on this great aad absorbing question, and lo win the sufltage waa tha foremost ob.iect of the Convention now in session, Inasmuch as flv#-el"hths of tbe Ameri can people ere disfranchised, Including all the women and nearly oil the negroes, ahe earnestly hoped that In the existing Convention there would be no distinction of race, color or sex. efrrtuN B. Anthony followed by reeding some ex. tracts from the several newspapers, among them the New York I rid (rndmt, embracing endorsements or theobjecis of tbe Convention, and complimenting tbe papers qnotod from. Mrs Slantcb most strenuously objected, adding that the democratic partv was olwaya most liberal to the women of the country. Sbe Illustrated this assertion by saying that the only defence of woman's rights in tbe last Congress came from James Brooks. Mr Fn*n Dowlas* followed, disputing the last asser tion, and was followed in the same strain by Parker Pillsbury and Mrs. Blackwell. The subjoined sre ibo resolutions reported by Mrs. Jons*:? Resolved, Thnt If liberty and the pursuit of happiness era natural aad inalienable rights, so sl?o Is the right of suffrage astbelr onl? po.ilbl' security; and we hold, also thst the dlstlnetlon of rights Into civil and pollti.-?l It without war rant and without recognition, only es a consequence or ?lavary and caste engendered of It. Resolved. Thst we hold with l.smsrilne that universal suffrage U tbe first troth and the only basis of every na tional republic. and with lion. Cha?. Stunner, that "the ballot Is the only eufliclent guarantee of rights to ihe cftl rsn, to which we sre liound by ever* necesalty and every reason; the one thing needful lo wb.ob all other things shall be given, protection, oppovtunlty, education, homeetend and rtvide of every kind; nor do we snip to Inquire whether these declaration* npplf to men only. -Inre women are com pelled to the burdens of. me well sa obedience lo, the govern "whereas. In the language of lion. William Beech Law rence. in his letter to Senator Sumner the State < onstiiti Hon must originste with, and be assented to hi a majority ol the r-ople. including ? w-ll thnee whom It disfranchises *< those whom it Invests with the euflrege; therefore Resolved That We recommend the election of women a delegates to tbe approaching UonvtHutlonsl Convention, there being nothing in the pi event constitution o. >awa of the Slate to prevent Iheir being recognised and treated In alt respoets *HR?MTved*TUntrtiie present limitation of franchise In ihe United States to the els-* known as white maleelUseus veals government In a minor ity. because It efelude* Women one half the Ainenoau people and in [arsons.of color one-eighth, thus reducing Bvro.it of every eight adult Ameri can rmiens 10 peimancnt political subjection, and eo our present Stole and national g-vernmrnts, thus limited thr -eighth* of Ihe adult cltf/sns. are not In fart ir public, even in form, but an oligarchy of s*v and race. Pr-rttv-d, That HO ruling class ever did. ever wlfl. or ev*t can legislate vvlse.y for a disfranchised cl?.?; and thai <h MMt uiid only itimat* human gora^irryMit 1* ?el.*i;ov/?rii. ra^nt; unci uitir^r^al miffraU* H lh? only road to ana lift mm of ttnlvtml Jtntlw. . . f . IhMt rwpsdftlMjr the Leri??aitire, n ? rrnnfiiiK the condition* for the CouHUIutlonal Un?Kiiion, to imS? Mil eimetment thnt there may h* at 1*.. -t women el.- ted as candidates at large, lo sit us member, of the . m venllon. on the same conditions and with ihe svme rights a- o i i olb-rs; and 'bat a enp* or Ibti and I n ol rexduilon 5o. \ lev furnished lo eaeli member ,.f t.ie ron vnntion it tb-- opening of Hs session Mr Blvtcwi-ii offered Ihefollowuic iWsolntions. which were ->rd?>icd Pi remain on ibo table for oonldemtton ? K,.,used. That 'he iwpilhliean party err In frying to -vale lov.,1 gorei i oie-it" In the smith li]Mll?.rnii< Mlsing th r? fourth# of tbn m alte fmpulatson n?te.?d of ny mmr.?urh the tuvnl free-linen therein, 'hat by applvlng i.-.e -erms ? iiu par la I suffiafe. ? eo .1 rights. Ac . onlr in -,.e questions of isee. thrv forgot ibelr own e lie* aud daughters; that in their nrofe -en .ynipalhy Ibr the ewifettng frradmcn. sine right* tbev hi*.-ten nj-e-l II.ej neat morea- mated by pony eilgeiirle* th vii animated bv m< ral1 "Mb lions. U -lived. Thai lb* demnceatio paid* are t?i?e to the r principle . while llie* profess in re-reel the voice nf Ihe ia-,.1,1.. and vet disfranchise their own wire- and slsiers*. while thev firnfe-s regard for the laborer and yet would subject the laborers of the south Mia ' rue! srl.tneracy. whfio thsv prnfrsa Pi lore the Union, yet -ympathis" only wllb rebels, wbil- toey pWifea* to halo i <moi>.ly. and vet alutt out Ave eighth* or lb- American pwifwe irom nil par ti.-lpatlou In lh< govern nioiil. Rosidve.l Tb it we-her-foee n-gr the . rgj.s.yatlnn of a new pan* ton* .-ailed "the suffrage party," making the hast* of li.i poll.?relacttoti t ie evten-ion of Ihesnffitg- to all adult ritl/eo* ?e-king Pi g?IB lor It a halsnee of power netwren tin two old turtles and to sm to these eompro fii??#?> ? of hummi "I'oumi up htgjbff I'ssieo ITt.D*bt *y took ?b* floor ofter the reading of the resolution* niid rwvfowwl the action In regant to the dlbrimlnatlon of eariatn law* In dlff-rent Mialo*. He i-vuilml th* denwKVpric partv lor llielr fuvnrabl- *ehl? ve. merit* In this Iraivirtaiit Imlialf, h'ddlng that the port* onlydld it* dutv Th* an-en of all parlim:, inelitditig tb* womni.'s right* iwrly, was alot r dlelutfd hv earililv policy. Mr. lUutiond and Mr Hougless then addrmse.1 th* Convention, and afWT th-v had lenlHa'cd their siib jnrlg auflp'iently ? r**-**w was taken. ArrznsoiiN swskiy. The aftcmnoD eta-siort wne devoted to ut-rooiun. ?ir M1KH*I.\S, of Rochester, doniande.1 womab -oflrage na th* earn* ground* that d is enjoyo.1 by men. Rev divan A Brpvwg followed. ffh? denounced as swindling reformsni sll who claim to he the friend* of pragmas and yat would deny the right of suffrage to woman. She rag relied the frivolity ind love id drae* eharmctertsttc of her eex. attributing It to a lack of mtel leetnal eat plot taent. which she argned would be for ntsh-d them by admitting them to tbe enjoyment "f eaaai pat I Ileal rights ahe aaevrt-d that our pnhlte ui*n are jgjp'T Iphawnlt. dvtiplran scs*. and mid ihnt for tfce wke of lemperanor ud all Ml should be endowed with the ballot Mr Biumwax offered a resolution In favor of intelli gent suffrage, and that (toe achoob and the ballot ought to go together. He remarked DM there are > no ftew school* Tn the doath. Mrs. Btahtox opposed the edu itlonal teat t here are no free schools South, and bow s the negro to become educated If he has not the ballot to provide him with schools, and when can be vote if bo must teat attain a certain standard of education wlilput schools V Fkmdciuck Douglas* round gre* difficulty in applying any qualification to the right o" snfltaga oeyond that of oommon humanity, llanlsod or womanhood la itself education. He was opposed to any edu cational or property test Thert are men who regard our republican institutions as i failure. He wiahed (hat there was leas reuson for tie opinion. Executive usurpations, bitter hostility betreen Congress and the President, the difficulties at M??>tiis and New Orleans, and other grave events gave uncii cause for the fear. The only safety for republican Iwntuuons is to be found In the ballot when placed in th< hands of all, without regard to color or sex. Mrs. RfAXMS remarked that tie uneducated negro of the South had remained loyal, Wiile the educated M est Pointer had betrayed the fliig. The Convention then took a rircss until evening. THB aVKNIVG SSSION was devoted to speeches. The ifst one of which, oe I ho subject of "Bread and the Bailor' was delivered by Mrs. Stanton. Other speochee brialilng nothing new wero delivered by Frederick Douglis*, Charles 1-enox, Mr. Redmond and Parker llllsbury. There was a large tnot grell attendance, but nothing tnnsDlrcd of interest. ARMY BUlUSTDf. ? -V. ^ [ j-l ^ Mt'STUBO igj>. Captain E. K. Chase, iwontusecond Veteran Reserve Corps; Captain Leonard J. Whnioy, Fourteenth Reserve Corps; Brevet Lieutenant Coloiil Edward 8. Allen. Cap tain and Assistant Quartermasfrr United States Volun teers. DIKTRARttD. Hospital Stewards Samuel Jonson and E. H. Packard. ANltOUXffD. Surgeon J. E. Summers, a .Medical Director, and Brevet Lieutenant Colonel J. I. Oilman, Cotnunvsary of Snlisistence, aa Chief Ooramisnry of Subsistence of the Department of Dakota; Breve Lieutenant Colonel Va. S. King, United States Army, as Medical Director of the Department of the Lakes. PROMOTUN. Paymaster General Benjamlt W. Brice has. under the new Army bill, had conferred upon htm the ruok ol brigadier general in the reguar army, his former rank being that of colonel and brent rajor general. NAVY BULLETIN. DKTACIIID. Not. 13?Lieutenant ComiBtnfcr A. F. Crctoann, from temporary duty at the Nivy Yard, New York, and ordered to the Ossipec. , HONOSAHLY IHCSaRCHD. Not. 13?Acting Third Assidant Engineer, Alexander I). Kensbaw, from November I ORDER RKTHKO. Nov. 13?Acting Master JolnV. Cook to the Tacony, and placed on sick leave of abieico; Midshipman Robert jt Barry to the Susquehanna, aid ordered to the Sabine. THE PACIFIC mAaDROS. The United States steamship hue-aster amre?l at Val paraiso on the 14th ult. and suld on the 17th for New York, going around Cape Horn She expects to arrtvw at this port in February. Mot of her officers visited Santiago during the stay of tbeshlp at Valparaiso, end enlivened society oonsidnrabtyoy their participation in entertainments given to thetn ly our Minister, General Kilpatrlck, and bis friends at th capital. Tb? Tuscarora remained at Viparalso October 17, our latest data, and the LackawanoiwRi dally expected, hav ing sailed from Montevideo sods time before. TUB WaST INDIA huADBON. The United States steamers be Soto and Mackinaw were at Aspinwall on the 13th net. TUB SOUTH ATLAtcrt SQCAnltOT The United States steamer N'tslc had arrived at Rk? Janeiro from Peroambuco on tp 6th of October. The Lackawanna sailed for ill Straits of Magellan and the Pacifle squadron. .. ^ ? . The Shawmut was to lsave 14 the United Stoles on lb# 10th of October. . The United States steamer lonocacy arrived at Per nambuoo, Brazil, on tbe 10th il. EXAMINATION FOB ADHStON IN THB HAW Tbe Secretory of the Nak bag issued a circolat providing aa followa:?' vtj persons who have served as volunteer oners in the Halted Slates Navy for tbe term of two veers, and who desire to be iRmlned for admission to the regular navy, as proviW in the act of Congress approved July 36, 1866, will i once make application addressed to Commodore S. f?,Lce. Hartford, Coun., who will notify them when to Ifpar. Those who do not present themselves when Milled will be considered aa having waived their claim lr examination; Candidate* will toko with them whan WD-moned their official paper* ?bowing their naval record. CUT JUTICS. CoNSERVATiva RbfubucaI Exxrmva tiomnvBB. - A meeting of the Conaervattd Republican Executive Com mittee was bold last eveing at their headq isrteiw, corner of Twenty-third stred and Broadway. A call for the election on Friday eveffig next of delegates to th# nominating conv-ntions ffllComptroller, Aldermen ana Councilman waa presented y tbe Executive Committee, and unanimously adopted. Couxctlmamc NominATtof. ?A meeting of the McKeon democracy of the Fourth ounciimante district was held last evening at the corner >f Oliver and Henry streets, for the purpose of nomitoing candidate* for council men. On tbe first forma) (allot the following candidates were unanimously nomtated:?First ward, James Cherry: Fifth ward, Ttadiaa M?rr?n, Seventh ward, Michael Carroll: Thirteen! ward. Hugh E. Reilly; HIs teentb ward, Hugh O'Briq. A committee of five waa appointed to notify tbe cndidates of the r nomination, and the meeting then adjarned. ANOTHER Candiiiate rU Ooartroli.fr. ?Charles L. Fleming has been nomipted for Comptroller by tbe Federal Union Assoclalioauxl tbe Union Taxpayers' As sociation. Tbe new notlnc coroes before the pub! e with a clena record, nefr having held public office. His supporters Include a Irge nntnlier of the irlluential taxpayers, who have *eh ted biro aa thair atondanl bearer in tbe approaching-barwir contest, ?????i | " MISCKILAMulUiS. ACTRESSES- OFIHIONfOK tor great A BEACTIFCLEICOM,^x\<?N ' "' M"'r *H)T* Uniting in crtmmendNilonvlih M1HR MRS D P. BOWK KB RI.LE. VKhTVALl. WISH v *i'i-IP MITCHELL tttfi. I*.Mit A WALLER, Mlslt i ircii i k WKSTBBN M.f: ponist. mis* hfi.RK wVkTRRM MLLE Nil" I h DB MAROUKRITTES, MISS LUCV EU8HTON lit* writes of JARED H EMAIL OK PARIS:? PniLAnaLPMlA, Aprd ^ "'V thank you for rour "ElW# d? Pari.," ever. I wa? already thoroujfiy ajspiainlsil, the rnnatniit habit of u.in2l In I art*. I bavefoind it ad mirahle lu pre?erving Ihe Tsahni-aa of tb?*ki?aml in re moving all trace, of "teat a>r lh.| exertion. whieh, aa I uever u*? painter pu? der, I. mmt dsairatue Your obedient aenrant. LUCY RURKTON "FMAfL OF. PARIS" ^j^i.-ireekles, P'WjJ* DKHA8 BARNES A C*. sn?l I. ? WilM A <???, General Agent*. \ ?THE HOLIDAYS THE LARGEST ASSCMTMKXT IN THE Cflt'Nt K V RICH DINNER vND TF.A SETS. PARIS CliOCIS AND HTkTVSH\ And FINE PaNC* GOOH-" oar own ImporlAt ou OV1NOTON BROTHERS. JJ|?-. -as. tWand 'W Pulton tn-et, Brooklyn . ..W-A. -A.-A -DIOOKATED DINNER. T!'A AN|? A . To-let Seta, In great arl-iy . J-tlver Plated Wa-e. f.ble Cutlery. Kli.lien IVuwlA' .it." ?o.t t,la*?ware. EDWARD l> BVlBFOIDS Grout J.mpon.nn Cooper In.tlllle and A'lor flaie. eornc: at-eel a CBBTktltcrRK K?R PILES. Bi RRR.CORN ,;l "? A 'on?. Chilblain., oil '"?! .? f'kln Dwe*** ? IaI.LFvn MAGICALPAI> KE'RACTflR Sdlil bv all dru-Cl.l? a<j:i eeni. Ity ma.l .IB oeoto .lure-w De|Kit, to Ueutro *treet, lew xorh. TATSPEFSIAI ctliojic It.-" PR1A1. P7TBB FAIL 1) ure ha. hitherto atend.Nl d .e.u.wl 1^"^"*'. have preu n led lo euro lid- d Nature e from plant, have now rwiu'l.. .1.. S..t. c ? ur- i-r ? mtv clronlar one at..np Advf. - *r*'e. W* K t KIM Flushing, N, Y. DrvonrFj* TjF.oaIaIaY ohtmvki> ilr wrvv nikd o;hrr .suu?- urthoul p. m 44 ' airon.e granted: . . nanltit 'ia. ff . ,i^. t M. litltVP.A t .inn*'itor. A".. Pa*" " TvfVORCF.8 OBTAINED At ' 1 IHIIINIt TO *-I G rF X.? frfiffiihecwiiitiflfil*?ttlfrTpnt?? i:oe?lselrMi#r for emry HtaM1 qm nrt iD.w'tf K.I KINti, C.uu.ell .r ?l taw, XI-n pa>t i tfht year*. Sold evertwher .. . itREENWIt >t *>l? fin TO TlfttMAS II ,'ind Tsae, Ut.re. 1 *t>. U Murray atreet*. "her* rV" no any .tare i New Flour and everything ele. ibvape man y Turk ?? r iia pi) DO AS HP ? Money *kt; bxkd 1^, ^ .nmmended and rie,t ladt and ?i*rtb e man J tiro. Sumetblr.K th? ;v?7,>r ^ RAU H Oolite n R-io. miiat, nsn and will ha, . ?.nt, au.| |) pe- bott;. Ad ily. Sent brVLnll Now Vol a Prot niNee. HaM h. 1r-g dre-* Dr. t P.LPKAI . . * |,P M .S H ALNI > Agi SL gist. rnHK SO'-O'K n" ""IVSS-I L'tiM' l)KtPnA"K Kl A^l H% fl MKL\ tfJIW _ 4\g s. sTKf'flRSH, will he uuhlu-.e.i ?>? !i?V N IT XT and be fur ?i'e Icall Bonkae'i-id -n ^ and etery when-e'.e l-rl...?l U< tu pap* Addrew all ordrr* ?-d r ru't'ai.-e* for it In the . . , I Kit*' t> A BROTHER . i 'b*> it. a afreet. Phllad* t" rro OOliLRUTl'MK "F '-HIWO STATP.S Pns-IAliK 1 anddtber Stomps ? A .metal iirwa will be I-"?' iaaltwHsetkat "t rgnrelied I fnted *Utea pe.b g's. Anita* ftami - rtw l?r fWC ?* ,b* ** s< "tbefu l.toit* Af? ?? to kvx 31* Few *ty? T^\ <