21 Kasım 1866 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 9

21 Kasım 1866 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 9
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FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. tmroav, Kov. JO?6 F. ML Tuera ha* been a rather dill although steady town to badness on the Block Bxchmge to-day, but confidence after the abook of laet week's being giadually realored, and the railway (bare marbt aeema to be ripening for a eharp upward turn, which Mil mark the resumption of activity. Prions have fallen i much'thst a fresh basis for a rise la afforded, and one ctnao of the hesitation which the market Just now showi Is to be found In the (act that strong parlies are buykg, and Ut the meantime wish to prevent prices frog advancing, while being already large holders they equally operate against a decline. Nevertheless, and vith the bears still ham mering, the undertone of tie speculation for a rise is very firm, and considerable amounts of some of the leading railway shares are yelag withdrawn from the street by private capitalists, inder the impression that they are cheap ea Investment^ which the large earnings of tha leading raUwaye go faito Justify. The bears continue their dTorta to give tha money market an appearance of motility and to exaggerate tha eomewhat gloomy feeling witch prevails among mer chants, In consequence of thidulnesa of trade, Into one of apprehension. Practically, however, the dulnees in mercantile ohannels is more gvorable than unfavorable to speculation In Wnll street. | But even supposing there Should be commercial fallufs of Importance, an the bears would like to make beliffe, there Is no good rsatoa why thsy should reset upon is Stock Exchange. Dur ing the panic of last spring in (England the oommarclal community fait Its Influence 1st very lightly. It was a a stock and bank panic aa dlslkgulshed from a general oriels. The following official returns of the export trade of the Called Klngdm for the first nine months of the present yes aflbrd complete eri denoe that, however much monetary Institutions may have suffered, the tneas of tha mereaatlle body escaped without serious Iffjui), an inference sustained by the absence of more then ? very few failures among merchants at tha time and sufawqusntly January ?14,354,7to An February 16,116,063 Aly 14.9.',7.834 March 17.820,354 Aigust 17,450,156 April 15,366,414 September 10,671,078 May 16,870,131 Total 1 ?141.936,898 In the same period of 1865 tlo total was ?119,717,377 and in 1364 ?133,404,101. If, theiefore, a financial page like that referred to failed to Involve n commorchl evulsion, it is easy to see that bad the panic been t ?tu mercial one it might equally have (ailed to prodnri a .financial crash also. Tno argument holds ss good ttsfis ss on the other side of (.lie Atlantic, and a panic *mhg merchants, if It took place, would by no mentis be |kely to Involve depres sion on tha Stock Exchange, ndeed, the very contrary would probably bo tha case. But ws are assuming a very remote possibility when we apeak of a commer cial panlo at tha present time la this country. So [long ss tha currency re mine at any thing Ilka Its present high level, and irredeetable In specie, there can be no rsvuietou. rbe comment and trade of the na tion are now resting on n safetmsls than aver before, because the volume of curreucgu circulation, alike with Its being irredeemable, acts as (safeguard both against n tight money market and n forign drain. The mercan tile community are, generally spaklug, prosperous, and trade la only dnll now so far aa | contrasts with previous activity. In solitary lnstance^fallures may take place owing to overtrading, but tbeii is no real dau/er fore shadowed In thin Moat of the ilk about a gloomy feel ing among commercial men Is tk Invention of the bears on the Htook Exchange, and liatco foundation In fact The money market was easynt six per cent, which rate all tho banks are now ssfag, with one or two ex oeptlona at aeveu. At tha tamo!me eome of the banks hare five per cent loans still orstandlng, and first clars borrowers can In most rases suply thomselvee at Ova per oeok A fictitious activity Um parted in eome quar. tore by borrowers themselves oI ring to pay seven per cent upon narrow margins of tw or three per cent; but this rate is too exceptional to Is , as it would attract capital In large amounts from oeton and other cities erhere mouoy la with difficulty lo icd at fivo per cent. These who build their hopes upoi Congress reducing the voltime of the curroncy are III ly to M disappointed. It will moat probably curtail the jwer of the Secretary ?r tha Treatsry to reduoe It by lifting tha reduction of legal loader notes to n rate no exceeding tlitcen or iwenty millions per annum. At the open board at too a'clot tba market was Urm, ?ad Rrto (sales 4,100 shares) 4d st 78X a70. Norh sweaters 62V ? X?<1?. preferred '3X a X- At lbs drst regular board prioes were a shallower, but the iipacu lative fooling waa eonOdent, aotjo say buoyant, on a portion of ths list, Erie and New irk Central being the strongest of tba railway shares, New Tork Central elnsed IX higher than at the aamgime yesterday, Ens aX, Heading Xs Michigan Central J, Michigan Southern X, Cleveland and Pittsburg X, Cleveland and Toledo IV. Rock Island X, Northwester preferred X, Toledo, Wabash and Western X. Ohio and liaslsslppl eertlflrstes X, PaelOo Mall X, Quicksilver V Canton X, Western Union Telegraph X? Atlantic Mil I, sailing at 11X Thirty four Anna and Individ unit holding twenty-one thousand nine hundred shares f the forty thousand shares of legally Issued stock of Ibllatter company have ?tads a declaration that they did tot rote at the recent election because the slock had notatood la their names for thirty days en the books of he oompany, and un derstanding that the election hid on the 18th of Nov i tabor Is being contested by some of the eld Board of Directors, the say thsy hare adopted this method of testifying thair belief that lbs interests of ths Atlantic Mail Consany require that the former board of directors shouli be superseded, tod, they further esprees their spproal of the selection of ?he new board, composed of Maura Meigs, Harieon, Jsalya, Butterfte 14 sad others, an J trust tbst their right to the offloe of directors msy be qtlnlaioed. In addi tion to tboee holders who did nd vote, ten tbouaaod dour hnndred and forty eh arts wen voted upon for the new board, and the company bold In Its treasury four thousand three hundred sbarae ?ttch cannot be voted upon. A balance of three thouearf three hundred and sixty shares remain of the capital dork of the company which has not yet been represented. An injunction, re wtrelamg the the new directors lr<>) taking possession of tbs property, has been issued bythe Supreme Cuur, ?nd the case will shortly be argued h Chambers. Thure ess Increased firmness shorn in the demand for government securities, and coupon jve-twontles ,jf '"'?l closed V higher, iss .eof 1844 X, iS'ie of**"1846 X< ten forties V. -even-thirty notes of tbe fht ser e* ?coord ??line X- Among the Sute stocks >krth Carolina sues. s??, advanced X, Missouri sixes V At the one o'clock sessions tbe msrket wse s'eody but dull. At the half past two txtrd It was w.tiioet material change, except for New Ytrk Cent al, which ?disncnd to 110X- New York Centnl closed 2X higher than at the first regular board, Readlig X. Illinois Cen tral Northwestern preferred X. Wayce |g. Erie was X lower, Michigan Southern X, Cleveland and Pltte b"rg X. Nonhwssiern X. Toledo, Wtbaek and Western X. Ohio and Mississippi certificate* j?, Western Cnmn Tele. rapb V- Government securiii* eootluued firm, ?nd coupon flve twenilee of 1842 doled at an advance ?I v, ts-ue of 1846 X. seven-lhlrty niiae of the eeeond eries X'. At the open beard at lalf-peel three the volume of fsiiaartions was very light New York tea Ural sold st 110, Michigan Southern fludsoo 123X. JUad.ng lltH. Cleveland and Pi ltd org 64v. Fort feyne 10T, Bock Island 10?X. Norhwestem 62V? jt vi erred 73X Af'efwafdntbe msrS* toon tin ued dull up 4n lb* "tone oftweiueax and at half past Ive the follow ing q oiatiooe * ere current, tbe market closing steady N?? York (astral UOX a X, Ert* '? V S V. Beadlsg 114V. V. Mich gen jiu there Nag, III.not* (antral 829 a X, Cleveland and Pittsburg SAX a X, R?ek Island a X. Northwestern 62X a V?yreforrcd 73X a 74, Mori Wayne ll?X ? iVf- Western I'ntou Telegraph 47X x. Compound Interest notes were quoted as under by Uiie dealers :-June, 1844, 1I6X a 114. July 116 a X, As M'tst u?x a 116, Ostohsr 113X a 114 December 112 V a 111. May, 1S44, 111 V a 112. August UOV a Septsas er 110 a X. October 109 X a 110. Ths Pernio Mall Hteameoip Company has declared its ?i*ual quarterly dlvldead of lira per -*nl payable on the let of Decern or, and also a stock dlr .d'bd of 68 1 3 per ?ent, payal>le ou the 2d of January next The gold market seems to have touched bottom, and ?t the decline It le firm The open lag price was 141X, followed by aa advenes at V end a decline to 140Y It mtbeaq ently advanced to 141X. ?> fnor 0 lock at 141X n X- Tba tepply of com continues abundant, sag loaas wars made "Oaf and at 1 44 par east per diem la fever W the lender. The foreign imports of jp>id at this port from the cemmenaement of ibe year to ?bar sad of Oeiobnr aggregated *9,428,994. while me re ?etpta from Oaltferala were |86 427,244, (be total receipts >eing $44 064 844 TVs exports durtag ma MS perisd fro. this port aaonatod is 864,44a. 744, skewtsg a lam pane tke lit 4f January 1 f 11,489,447. fhp Amiga exchange ?tw oantlnua* ddl an 4 asms what deprtsasd lar the Una being, Owing to ?' Sbngt" ?alee Intended to weaken gold sympathetically. Bank' era' bills oo England at sixty days ware quoted at the does at 108% a 108%; at three daya, 103% a %; com mercial bills, 107% a 108%; Francs at aixly daya, 8.17% a 5 23%; at three daya 8.13% a 6 18. Bills on Berlto, 71% a 73%; on Bremen, 78% a 78%; on Frankfort, 41 a 81%; on Amsterdam, 40% a 41; on Hamburg, 30% a 88%; on Antwerp, 8 20 a 8.18%. I Consols and American securities were quoted as under in London on the dates mentioned : Nor. 14. No*. 18. Nor. 10. Consols .... 90 90 90% T'nlted States five twenties 10 69V 70% Erie 61 49% 60 Illinois Central 78 77% 78 % Mining stocks are quiet. At the second board Gun nel l Gold closed %o. higher than at the same time yeeter tarday, selling at 97a; Oak Hill, 8a, selling at $1 18, Walkill Lead, 10a, sailing a%gl 88. Nys Gold was 81 lower, sailing at 18a Corydon was steady at |8 88 (a 10). Articles of association hare been Bled In the Secretary of State's office at Albany, organizing ?' The New York and Albany Railroad Company," to build a railroad on the west side of the Hudson river. The San Francisco money market has undergone no decided change since last report The Mercantile Qatttte of October 28 soys : The movement of coin to and from the interior has been as follow* during the first nine months of thi* year as oompared with the same period In 1888 : 1901. I860. Coin received Den the interior. ..fifi. 783,380 $4,119,888 Coin remitted to the Interior 8,728,888 9,484,207 Added to interior circulation $4,983,489 $2,384,609 The exports of treasure from October 1st to date have been as follows:? October 2?Per Galileo to Hong Kong $303,488 Oo'oher 8?Per Bihno Allen to Honolnln.... 80,000 October 10?Per Golden Ago To New York 728 888 To England 208.222 To f'nnama 5.U00 October 13?Per Clara R, Sutll to Hong Kong 267.088 October 16?Per Gaiaten to Hong Kong 389,107 October 19? Per Golden City To New York 884,840 To England 85,371 To France 86 744 To Panama 20,080 Total *lnee October 1, 1866 $2,598,807 Previously this year 34,888,432 Total since January 1, 1868 $37,288,039 Corresponding period of 1885 38,816,898 Inrream ibis year $470,643 The following statement shows tbe condition of the Philadelphia banks yesterday, aa compared with the previous Monday:? Nor. 12. Nor. 19. I'f>?ns $81,199,217 $81,084,808 Specie 817,458 882.098 Legal tenders 24,671,398 23.482,468 Depart ts 44,217 .108 43.489,098 Circulation 9,688,010 9,673,238 Annexed is the Philadelphia Clearing House statement for the past weak :? November Clearingr. Balance* $8,294,910 $593,172 J' 6,202,284 824.824 6,867.502 402.486 2? 4,809.865 418,995 2* 6,849.602 714.425 " 6,782.123 742,629 Totals $35,806,286 $3,496,231 Tbe Chicago Clearing House statement Is as under:? ft?- nctinps. Balances. 22 $2,654,921 $220,677 25 1,975.938 278,863 }} 2,287,115 182,783 2? 2,238,982 195,358 2" 2,281,088 284.160 17 2.157,619 24ii.902 Total $13,593,659 $1,408,703 lest week 13,823,487 1,300,162 Tbo total value of exports from Boston for tbe week and ng November 16, Including specie, was $388,701, against $216,972 fcr tba corresponding week in 1886. The cash balance In the hands of the Assistant Trees nrer in Boston at the close of business November 17, was $12,499,140?$9,952,482 of which was In coin?showing an Increase of $27,484. ascomparad with tbo close of tbe previous week. The lower house of the Georgia Legislature has paiced an act giving the endorsement of the State to tbe bond* of the Macon and Ceorgi* Railroad. It I* presumed that the upper house will concur m tha measure, la wblcli esse the enterprise will nndonhtedly be pushed forward rapidly to completion. Referring to the above, the Macon (Oa.) Journal, says:? 7 here la another line of mil way, which, If it la sue. eerelul, will b? an mean tributary to the trade and wealth of Macon, and to the prosperity of tbe read la Brunswick. Via refer to the Grfflu and North Alabama Railroad, the grading of which was completed from Griffin lo a point seven or eight mile* bevoud Newaan, five yean ego. Griffin, Ga, and Decatur. Ala, are the contemplated termini. The line passes, most of lla Isagth, through quite a productive part af each Slate, j and. where tbe lands sre not prodectivs, It Is n rich mining country. Wbsn tbe routes were first surveyed, It waa estimated. If oar memory serves n* rightly, that this way would he at least on* hundred and et*ven < miles shorter from Memphis, Tenn , to tbo aoeeoast than any that than axlatad, or now exuta Tho sarvey of tbe Richmond snd Newport News (Ye.) Railroad has bean completed end the work of grading begun. Tbe whole length la sixty nias miles, with a maximum grade of only twenty .two feet. It will be nearly a straight line, and there will he but ewe bridge, wbleb will be across the Chtrkahominy and fifteen hun dred feet long. The tnnoet for the connection between tbe Rlohmoad and Fredericksburg and Richmond and Petersburg railroad* Is progressing aanefectorlly. Tba Ceriatb (Mies.) Newt states that a contract has baea completed for building e railroad from Corinth to Hamburg, oa tbe Tennessee river, a distance of about tweety miles Cart are to he put on the road In eight mnntbe The New also slates that the railroad from Hainourg to Nashville has been let. out, and that laborers will soon be at work on it. I'rem Hamburg the road pares* Mount Pleasant, and will intersect tbe Decatar end Nashville road at Colntaii.*. This road, when cum I-1) ted, will greatlv anorten the diranm lietwren Nash ville and Memphis. Rv this P'Uto It will be about two hundred ami twenty miles. The present travelled route via Decatur le throe hundred snd ten mile*. It Is propo-ed lo build a railroad from eholburn* Fall* 10 TVIIti.m.tun, Vt., connecting the new line to New Have i with the We tern Vermont line, thus making tbe moa. (M route to the ttonr.4. T'i# Ctcrinuetl Commercial states that en additional raiiea> route frem Cincinn* i to the Kaet ha* been In ? wrureiMl, to be known as tb* Cincinnati, Oaytoa and Eastern Railroad. The company has secured i perpetuil I'tse, and are now operating the old Pendc-ky and Dayton road, und r i lb" nunie of the Clnclnna i Dayton ami Eastern Rail- ' road. Having *? ured the randuskv and I anon road, the new company join* hand* with tha Marietta and Cin cinnati, Wilmington and Zanaarllle read, to secure the r glit of ? ay aad build a new rued from Day toe to ' irv ciunail, and frem Morrow town, on the Una of the Uttia M ami road to MedHnovil'e, on the Marietta and Cincin nati read, thereby opening an Independent route to the city, In order that the chain mev be completed, and three road* that have heretofore barn kept out in tha cold, may have a chance to compete with other road* leading to tb* Kaet and North. It is expected that the road will be completed and tralae running through lo Sandusky by tb* it let of December, 1?4T. SALES AT TK tw TOKK STOCK EXCHAWE. T?m4w, M?r. 'JO lOiriO A. If. |vino V R ?'? 11, im? iiil jgoaht AtUn M Kfl. hlo ill ?*? <l'. ill' no d. Ill SU'? r ??'?.& 31 c, Ci IMU IU) PmIIc Mail ud ?*> t*<% via o u H d'a. ft JO c. M lt?S 4?W do J?N *W# do l'jJJ |0 do MlJ 7"? Dl ???.???, (ft |imJ |?i V T Cm Kit .... Id.!, 7?l?? do |ou2 do ill lux ??I liwi; y?i rt . iio , ??> I- Hi a. I0??.... luut. ftuu do |u?? kWTrftTlW. Ml 10*V XM do li1, lot 70 f ftOI fti . .MwruHlSH IffO do .hill Mi *?.? tn r?n?i bd?, m 101 ?? r.ru kh .* ftinliaiit i. m??? 7n M do 7* 111 do xiv in * T A h IU?-n RR I17< IllllUroliu I'l... 1? (ito KmIIb? KK .....114 ?MJ 4? ... 7* louu do MP 114 IMM X C I'a. at coop.. (I 4tUI do.. WW 114 *?)0 X I'da, near wu hw Hmo ?i??ouri d"? Wit WP ???? 1 da, 74 M Inn i ? '?> v r B L. r?t. lira luam Ohio J mim m' aoid n*> ltuaota Cammi rr i; MM KB I ? _.. ,mB Mlehlaaa On RR tllC NiebH A N lod RR WV _ . Itllaola Caalral RR. MO AroRrtaMmVa- Mj] 100 do 1IIM All AT II Id m or *4 100 do... ff? 0?X A*J honS.HR toOClrro ATliURR M? ? fiWAC Ma Tr i (KRoul Id m M JWHI-IU fiWA'Ma P tun do. tin a R?r??i in ? ii mo do. enorhX A <M Rial a 7? ?* dn.^, ? ? ??*? eta a hii ki a.. m d? novo. ? w a Cm nr iir A??i i. A kl A P KHi'a MW *00 UhMaao A N? RR-. U 10 -ha *n?.r Ki Book 114>J iO) to. ... 40, lip Rdtrupolltea had. ISO lit) d'' M" ? A t Boot .in at do.....?.,.<m 10 r .ortS No| BookMRU m Chlaoo k b w1 rmt 100 I 'onioa Oa KJOHpnnd M V:?ai'..'"' ww Tgga S' '.hi* lug W Mt.ra l.afcm Toi. ?"? MP do ?;? A. ?? an Z::" .... . . btf W Bstfftlt.:::: IU do Ma la (a. 10rMulak.lt rNlaOabl* 4PM IMTol WitAWxi da rng m |nd. ACtadUnul $ fo ;. V.V. ii* r gr ftlr aTTmRr. ' ? AdHIM Raproaa .'. 8| B jE.'^V','. hi* AMrtlao B? Co ".I u ftWHMAn! Pm! RR P li gu Mori poo* Mia < o. M ha a* 1M Mor^oao p'Of MM 1BH 101 do '? ' COMMEHCIAT, REPORT. Toupat. So* f. E. Bmimi'inRroclpU 2,7 49 b!)l?. 0o?r, 87* do. *n4 * hag* Porn owl, 11.400 bo.heU wheal. IT.7lt do. ?*rn. t :p? do. uata, IE 4a. rye, nod M.4S do barley. Th# market for |laU nod Weeterm Cour ruUd alto gether more aleidr, kid though price* were In Kimt cue* 10c. nl5c. lower, bolder* generally rofueed to grmnt any eonetgwton, while ?ome of them consummated a fair hualreas at atom yesterday'* quotation*. There were I * good many buyer# In market, and e diapodtlon to make purchase* a* anon at price* ahall bare "touched bottom wn* ma lifeat. There wl* *om* export Inqntiw. and among the trana-u'tlnn* waa or# lot lake* for abtpment to T.ondon. The aaleacomprlaodph'd'hla. at the appended quotation*. Smith em (lour waa. In tMmaln. withoutparticular change. thoueh aome ho'dera ?rant*d alight ooneearton# In order to dtaooee of their offering* Hy? flonr waa Jnlet at our quotation*, with aalea of 2*1 bbih. mainly at 88to a 37 SO. Torn meal. 1 In the abaenee of fr demand, waa dull and nominal. We 1 CT*;. and Wegera Kxtra SUte .4 ?'? * ? 19 2{ rnoloa State J 11 an Common to madlulextra Weatarn 9 80 a J1 ?> Common Southern!?! " ? '? ? Fancy and extradf. " ?> a 18 3 Rye dour (enperflnfc f 52 I _ Coin meal. Jeraev.to. 2 ? ? Corn vn#nl. Brandf^ine J jj J Com meal, puncbefns *7 w ? .r~ ?The Inquiry for wheat wae rather more artlee, yet the market continued W rule heavy, and a concession of ?e.a V per bushel wae -enrtored neoaaaary In order to tnawre purnhaaae. The demand continued Jo ho confined to I be mi'lera and the (Xitwlaa Ijwdr. The sale* were hufthel*. Including] No. S it |2 S No. S (Ijk ? 12 13, and uoaoun^do. at SI *. and amber Stat* at IB Id Corn wae In moderate demand, and prion* again favored the btiver to the extentof Ira Sc. per bushel, the market olo?ln? firm at the reduetlo). Tbe eaiea coinprlae 7a<*? buahala at 11 34 a *1 25 for ahltplnff mixed Weatorn In itore and ngont, and $1 22 for yelloland white ^"hJJL to 5*7 .^'.Ttt leasi^ lr pw Tb2 transaction* comprfco M.flJO bushels, *t a iSl dmJi mo and WlwavlN* and ?7cafor ?tate. RfS wee dim and hoary, with no solos of Importance. Barley, jt Suction or lr. a 3d perhnahol waa dllBeull to -ll. Tbe tranaact'ona only cakor 4O.O0Q buahal*. at 21 ofi fer Canada Weat, In bond, andjl 82 all O for Canada Weal free?tba latter price an extrjne. Barter M?,t wae very dull, and price* were alto-eihtr nominal, thara being no bualuoaa M cent in vary small lots. . H km wax.?We halo only to report sales of 1,800 lbs. at 4,ftSrww.-The a*lea lo day amount to about 2 800 balaojn Binding eoiialderablw for fulnre delivery and to cover oon traeu The call froa ahlppar* and spinner* waa vevy mod iraia. ffrlce* wer* |rm the market clualng on a baaia of 24c. * Sfic for mtddllfig. Or oana Inoludod. . Comm. Rio was quiet end nominal, In the absence of hiietneia. Of Manictlbo SUObaga were dlapeaadof ou.gf^ y it* term*. On nag Arden ? Co. aaUmato in the United State* ?* '""?''?'?r*'" "TnL New Orleans. ?J?fibige and Baltimore 2.000. Coil.?The Phll*4elphla iedpar. of to-dry. **T";? There la Juatno-ra slightly better demand for anthracite roal The Sehuyktfl region cent forward for the w*') lor M9 ion nf which 72 008 ton* were by rail, and 88 904 by ?nS? r ASln U. mreral anthradU CO.! Sel l, the amunnt coming o., the market during the week waa 2W.474 t-.nl. aga,n*l93 ,n "orleapondlog woek '**t J J" 1???" ?ate tonnage Tor the ?? on thu* far la 11 403.T7X tona?-ahow log an Increase of 8M2.0IB. The reull demand for coal quickened eonalderaMy during the few day. of eold weath er hot during the ndhler weather alnce then the demand haa slackened off, and the tmda ta now yery dull. . . . CAWiuga.?Adamantine were lesa actiro. though ateady and arm *t 2214c. a Be Spam sad patent wore unchanged ''nmoa'awn'urgii.-Tjie market for chemleal* ha* nih>d dull and price* have e*onr*lly favorrd the p'tn-haw Th* avle* were 878 tona aod* aah at 8S.0 a 8%o.. ohlelty at tha Inalda price; undo. t*l *od? at 2?0..4 lotiaoauattoanda at ?i/c . gi'0 280 keg, ffewcaatle hi carbonate aoda at ?lloa'd nrloaa- 1011 he,? do. at 9!^e , and 80 ca?k? t.ltacning Jnwdcra at 7 V- ; al*> 178 tona aod* aah. 8U0 kega bl carbonate anda. and Hioiruma caustic aoda bare and to arriTc oo prl "jInwMM -The market waa dull and we heard of na ^?aicimr-Th* offering, to Grant Britain .how amae In orraa... but to ContnenUl Europe but lltlle merrbandlae Is off ring, and the procoe# of Bllttig up I* tedious lo th# e*. treuve The dullness In the petroleum trade !i sorioualy felt *hPiping ln?er*ai. where the check In exports tif eorn I* also aerioualT fell. Thedem ind for re-eela for charter la exceedingly l'ght. and but few tonnage engagementa arw recorded. Annexed ar# lb* eorrent quotatlnnai -Sor Ufwr pool?Uilton. per lb.. Hd.; flour, par bbL, la. Sd.. pa Kleura. 4a. ?d.; henry goods, per t;n. 10a; oil. 58. ; corn, bulk and bags, per bu?hel, 4d.. "beet bulk and bag*. 4d.; beef, per tierce, 2a: port r-r bbl la At.. To Idindon-H-ayy good*, per ton. 17*. W . nil 28a.. floor, per bbl.. I a 2d. I petroleum. 4*. M.. beef^per toe , 8*. ai ? tJhrir n?tr bbl 01.; wus*la per bushsL 0n., corn 51 The cngag-inema noted were:?To Liverpool. 24.2U) bushel* b-rleyVs'fd. * 4d.. 9,t*J0 do. rjn at 3d.. ?*) bales cotton ut i;d. a J.821 aid. pe- aloamec. 84.000 buahela beriey ai' 4d^ 80 hhda. tnbae-o at 80*., 4.0)2 boxes cheese *! 20a *nd MO bales ootton at Xd. for enmprcased. To loindon?o,O)0 bush ela rveatmd.. and per steamer. l.Otff boao* ebseaniat 28a , ? igxf hiS,*u lie?e atMfid .OO balaa hop* at ?.d 20 bule. fr.uti?an buahaU barley at ?Xd. To Uremcn p"r itoamcr JWI b,loa cut on at 1c , ? ?aea ^uhacco at l?t (ia m?,ft rosin ?t ts u. Th# #?hsrt*r* wtrt ?? Two vea'ael* to t .ondon with hariey at 6Xd.. turn t*rk* to fnr order, 8e Id. If to the imminent, aart 8*. 3d. If to Ps. rf.ilad otni' .m- ? brig, 4.000 hl.la, 8*. iwr bbl. for ?4! to G,hm"t^tor id?" to the Medtt.eraoeau add b?k. $4 to) fro-n -l-liv wltt: fruit, and a y?**el from the eaatto north a da Cube aod hack. ?ugor and molaaae*. on private te'noa. i.*i,u ?Dry oal r vottouod dull hut steady, at 8* a 28 18 for ni n";.ai /n which price, l.?0 quintal* hare been aold. Vvnk^ero unchanged at 38 M^kerel nited doll, tho .gb "7'-."^e"dvri2d mate-tally 11, m.otc No 1 b*r. 5lh 80 a 2'B- ho. 2 hay. 217 80 a 812: I tfif. 820^ and ; IB7 flerrlng wore qulel. but steady, at " Og\T?rf-Tha* ~r^. to^h cloth end bag. ha. nded mil 't and wa herd of no tran-ac tona the former being nil lied at **t. end the latter at 28Xo a llcvy.?tfanlta ooatlmmd firm, with a falrd-mand, Ik* rale* rearh'i.g *!-?? 8.U00 hole*, per learl-aa. otUXc.JI'.ld S\a? waa inTitr jobhtag l*u. currency. Wher kl|tor7w?^to*?mall demand for conaumplion alprerlou. prh-e,. with ..Ilea of 90 baUa American at 24? a 87c.. a* lo *7hl.xa-Th-market "I'd r-ry qutot. but jwerloue price* were Kuatiilned; aetoe. ! iM*'l *ult?'l Rto Grande cow 40 to* etIOc cold We quote -Huron* Ayrea. 38 to 27 lb*., Li" ? . L| . w) jr to*., iln. a 33c Moatrrldao, 30 to 22 lb,., jfir a 20r Corr ento* HX to O lb* . * ' Kio JTr.od. TO to 22 lot 1*Xr. : Ortooco. 21 to 3 lb*.. I& : t alt --Mo ifilbi. 19c a 38r : ? cnlral Amertean 10 to 31 lb* 18""* lt>Sc.: jil'tamorua, S2 P- 34 lb* . l7Xc. a 18c , and Tax*, a to Tfi lh*. 1> a 18e -all gold quotation., t ?Twa ? Moderate *o!ee of Raatem wer* made at 24 fin uJZ-W. u?T~l sale* of 1.700 bbta. at 81 70 for eorn "L^tite'-TheTOriJm for hamloek baa ruled qiil?t, and ',L|".o Arm. O k continued dull, though price* hare ISwI.ted eaeentlally. We on ,te!-H"mlnck. ltu?n-.? Ayrw*. SSTttrrBK; mldd 1- dm.lto.aMSe-.lightjto, 8JI OallfwrtSa. !>??!? S8c. a 2?r ; middle do . 3*. a -as J's7a--k i mhldla do a t>..'aod light do 84. ,4*.. nidtdl# iW1c?^i?5d re, bolder* - i a? I., thelV'lew* end th# ?mall demand that or Tmtod ? Upplted a' pgerio,,. pne... ordin.ry tormgn '"lloi i*aa*lwa**alow'of**afe anfnomlnaL tber* being no de^',<f"l.7"? f77m tb, u.ual trade Inquiry. Price*. If .?y,hmr (aro^- ?>^- ^ ,r , . ctoeb. 8Ve ; f.^"h^ ?T;.<^7V *24., ; yVlow metal. 83".. ""NtrivL srifai '.?Of ertid* terp*nUn* ? eale of 21 bbl. waa ?T-ited al 87 71 The martat for ?plnu tu-penuaa oonunued dull, derre aed and yery IrmguUr: a *m .'1 lot wa. reporiml ?oi l at TV The ro*tn market ruled very qu'et e.neeially ih** fiott?r frkiM*. wblsU, howtfif. r^ifi4l"H pf#.idy ?tDit* Tlrnis prtr^E Tli# oul* **f Irntwriih### w#r# ?l mit bbto limm and good do. at fS I#,'. In Ur w* heard of no "niillSBit m? rkot f .r l(n.*-d Untied qu et. ?nd we only h/aPfo7l#to. of atom' SoOO galloea Knglfah. et IV . mid. rru7era pTlce, ring, <1 a. irmTjl 44, all 4d l-.r : oil waa n.,t.i hut ilea 1, ?t pr ce# ranging a* frnm gl 44 ? II no. as ?"m^illt'. t'ltv itlaril ad red waa atoady, *r.lh a mud-rate I'ao's mo?irr-ff'ia r*ty wae the principal feotnr# of tho port market to-toy, and th* ueu.ul liietuarloo* were ago o tn JTder At tba opeolnr the market waa qoml but Orm .1 ATI fi,r nit" but ptrleoa ilecned d.i -r a pr-aaure to aell in SJ2, 1 f.t, huar i* betrr lone *1 the ? ?ncewluo. A The a,lee wr e Mat) t'hia, ciah an 1 regular, at f U 13'; a $3 tor new __ . . nd 8 ?(? ? U" *? !"? I riaie for fntu-e deltrery sale* cf .V0U b! la. we-w laid*, fcjiudlsg tola lur tbe Utter J art of ii.i. mn ill, at 171 S7 ?" ler * nptton. and all January Liber al 33 a ?-l <* Tf'i a* n-glccel and SriLw* ruled lifer The aaiea w?* **) bbi. at Sis ? k** V fW ? for ??w sura PoOf hart* were Tnncri," an-l n mtnaL wera frooTv offered at from 2* a 8-* per bhl Rae -n was mTi " ,a 7 ,1 meat aw,, a l,e,?y at W. a He. tor Ji3dM? .Ml* alt" for ham-, with mice f inwv* 11D tne range iireaaed bnys were qnlto n .ralnal; & Vci? IW* wo > Smhed RaU at fnm ?V-II 1* t., q tal' y l-ar t oontimicd heaeyand dull, prime r.'iVI.e'.^Vwn. lr.-ly offer^ leearm r4int uldfi TV ftt'S ?fWlM ftt ihSt \AT ?* BtIN KibTrfiK how,err. t| abwwe",).* . wh ch may jwTngpeUlerrd the rioml jl (Iripf ; lb* 0 amTufmel^ PI P . ? 4"I caeeae were quia and raOier Mai# at pgeriow* JllfllaUogg. I rraoi (t a ?Tb' Bi.,rk#t f'W rmd* r .ntlnuad aleadr ?hi > eh nnlet *t 2IWnt wtib h price moderrte ?*|e. wr-e ?ffee'ed' The denii.??4 '?f bunded - a# eteeedmgly Itnilled In 1 lnwee p?kw. wereVweptod. the market rn'lng eer, Irre Jiilll XLe" reto rtedof *.?? bbta at ?e a 8V for avae laftl white c.hi#2y *1 the Inside prPe; the fur prima PM'MStpk^rmb? ^.-"m^.'f't'win'tto" ?^KieVwJa dmi, norilaally uachaaged. So aalee at ram * -rr'rii'wti qul?t el d nominaL A tot of 28 tow* *11-Ma* wL"?"IlV g.ll-S'.c . geld, wae gen.raUy lb. ?k.og prk"?. firirm w#r* 4*il1 *?? 'inHtaiifM. daniand from roloil biyaro, tnaro ?u n<i aall for any dimrlltlw. Sin.an oontlritwd -n U a downward panda. and ihaoffar. Ieg? worr ?rnrrallt at p'tr-a ladlmllrf ana dar.Ma waab naoo on tb? port f nailara Th* rloalng quotation ?-ro aotnloally Mt,r a |n V 'w fair tn load rodamg r.iho. Tbo ulao wore oonSnrot to abut t 71 hhd?. Cuba af from Nr. to llr and J14 hnna alk ? lOtfo. kodnad awpar waa hoary at 14V f..r for >'><1 wblla, aal 14%'e for aiaadard barda Moma. ?(t ot mn'lourd qo'at, .ut prtcoo warn anUraly nominal. Aaloo Ik bola? Porortaa on print# tormi Pop ? ? wa. r? .mm. >d. an t pirn arrr ? on M ??? rhangad W# fi -tr ?tioat. Tampion. Hr a Nr.. Mat.momo MUt. Pant' ra? Mo, huonoa Ayraa Mr a?*> Par la Mr ado.. I'uraona Mr a Ma . and Capo lilp.all|t. Door, Hoodu'MK Va. a !>? ? a?4 rantral Amanoaa. br , Mn J<iaa IV . dlaal 4. H. Vrg tlur. 44c. and Para Wa , all gMJ quota " Hraar-af ?Wa not too aatao of MOM I bo. al 1IV ? 14 V , and K?M 1M mat 01 ?e a Na. boar ? ModaraM aala* af I aatllO vara aada al Nr. ?akfta.?rial wao .nebaagod al U Ida?> M. CVrar waa ttaatty bat qolat at lilac, far now, and llo. for old. timothy wao a rady at M ? > I* *1. oa la quality. Of Calcutta Ua "ria'aroo^ho Xr*kT-tng tiadaalrabta offarod llttho IS. daramoat to auyttro, rnaaaquantly Iba bwMnaaa In piagraaa MM oar laol baa iwoo nwdorato Tbo oolaa amkpftaa IM bl.de Kaetuaby alfnaa tr. a Idc Maaufaetarod black work bad a downward laadanay. _ Tim wao quid but owady Wo oaloo of aoaaaqnanro mora board of Wa quota - P? >oa Mr, and MtralU III, gold. Kagbah la tbo a boa am of auvk woo nominal. 7 atcow wao dog a. abort yrodowo prtooa Tba oalao woro ootitaod to ana at! Ma OMMoaUg M MO Ibo. ol IIV o 12V.il IV autir ?karatow. ir? bbla 1 bo markol ooo 11 o nog own Jfo ooloa of paaoriontto woro Modo to,day rial ilPM oaf MM row rt Ifco aaaraoi for diiiaabl go, wa boo bora Mwaotflood by aitrmwa dnlnaoo and da. araaaloa. aod oaoa Inrar aobwo ibqa bormfaaa or.nko* kara book aaot nlad Ik gfov Hrouoroo. Haanfartaroro, Ik a of tko nfclMMlllii otalo of Ma wool aod waailok aarwat tba i twMog aoMMMM of Mo Tortf Mil. to. galbor wMk ? otaabkaMoa af oUor enalrolMa* alataaata. Ut ahaoai on'-oraa fy raaotaad to nwtol bwatpaoa oar. Urilaaty Ibo bill try Oada. dartag Ma MM Mgly 4aya aKar tba lot af Itoaaaobar oast .11 to pcodle?od tbal Lb a moaw faatkroaa of aaMbMbka aud taanab wffi olao aal oaaorMag

N. Tba aaiaa oaaMwad 4|4MIba Mkwiki lian at Mo. a Mr la, to org w^kb'l Woatom It KIina Vvilgaa at BROOKLYN INTELLIGENCE. Damauwi Rnoovtcann son Biuoa or C'ernui v.? A cam of this nature ooroo up yesterday la the Supremo Court, Circuit, before Judge Isitt Tbe pi slat Iff, Andrew Jack son, brluge the action ag.it nit Lou It Audeario d and otbore to rooover $.1,000 for breach of controeL It appear* that aa agent of the defendants enured Into a contract wtlb tbo plaintiff In May, 1863, agreeing to deliver twenty Ave cargoes of coal at hla dock, In Astoria About three days berore the eirplrat'on ot the limit <* tlmo sl'owc.i for the delivery a freshet took place, which flooded the m'nes and bcuko near a tour mile leeel of the T.ehleh Canal, therebr preventing the fulfilment of the agreement there bel ng no other route of transit available. The de. fence waa that the execution waa prevented by a dispen sation of the Almighty?a freshet; and, besides, that their agent bad no authority to enter Into such contract for them. The Jury rendered a verdict of $1,400 for the plaintiff, under charge of tbe Court Fatal Rndlt or a Brwcivo Aonomrr?A woman named Mary Richardson, residing at the corner of Ken eau and Pearl streets, was severely burned on the morn ing of the 0th Inst, by her clothes taking Are while ahe waa in the act of raking over the eoala In n grate, when It suddenly fell, scattering the Are la her lap. She Uneered In great agonv from that time until yesterday morning, when aha expired. Coroner Lynch held an in quest yesterday afternoon, whan a verdict In accordance with toe facts was rendered. ffcAvrnfonta m Tkoobul ?Joseph Humal and Jacob Meyer are both (raven(ere. At two o'clock yeeterday morning they wars arrested by tbe Forty-fourth preclnot potloe for dumping night soil at the foot of Clinton nvenne, which la contrary to olty ordinances. The dumping of euch cargoes In that vlolnlty ta decidedly detrimental to the health of the neighborhood, and It ts hotted others will take warning by the fate of Joseph and Jacob. They are held to await the pleasure of Jus tice Morehouse. MALLS FOR THE PACIFIC. The steamship Rising Star, Captain A. 9. Gray, will laave this port on Wednesday, tor A spin wall. Tbe mails for Central America and the South towlAo wilt close at half past ten o'clock on Wedneaday morning. The New York Hnnai.D?Edition for the Paciflc?will be ready at half -past nine o'clook In tbe morning. Slngleoopies, In wrappers, reedy for mailing, alt cents. MARRIAGES AND DEATHS. Married. roimt*-ro(?T?F.-Oo Tnaaday. November 2MjT ?? ReVTs. Huntington, D D, Cnnwjm Jcmm to Mm. F'/'TSR, both of this city. No . MHJ'*Kr-A?rwnH.-On Tuoadav. *"??$?'??;,* tha Rnv. r. 0. Hm?, SAtnai Haw.it to Mian sa?ah Monday. Nov.mbor 19, .?tb. rwndrnreof tbo brido'H parent*, by the K*y. gomary, Jfwttt & RirkAan to Btmi BOWM*, both C'?MTrr-rnTrmoT.-In ralneavtll*. Oblo. onTtartdby, Y.. to Mr* Lutein R Cki'iitos, daughter of Pri beakey, E?q., of Rnlneavlllt. ?,Wl* , V A. Artjmc ?At Newark. N J.i on Suodav. November 1*. MmK?a aWATuno/afttW ? abort Ulueei at the raal dance of bar brother, Samuel Withers ssssTtSr.rsu-w ?. ?*-. ?s? L. Bll'lTo, late captain commanding tba ablp I*aa Webb aead U rear*. n, SSlS* K. hrnll. ?. ~ ?"SSSwSSSSa ?" county Cavan, Ireland aged ? ?TltM to -a?^.S!2?^-2KKtr ? pT?.,n^*m-At ^ryto?.?. o.Olons1.T evening, Novem gs^.ns??sr?2?? ?ainful lllnoea. of cnaumptlon. Java KU/a**th a. , > rssisf 'i" sr....??*' ? "la:sr.sysr ?s:' ""*? formerly of I ortemoiith. N. H > ** ? M respectfully The relative aod frleud* o. the remuv are r Invited to AfFrnooD, it two o r.locK. irom n? 3~3s3^W?=? oTlo It. from Ufa?tie, N J. wi?" "a?" Weal meats, Ireland In the 59th "'^ .'' thoee of ?T.n rolattvoi ?i??l friends of tlio fi,n /? . .? SagS wbtiC0.reqnlem mnm will be offers for the repoee of bor euul Ta^(Ur Sovember 20. P'H.v?^ ?^1^^^^ PVil^OnPTue.d.y morning. November 20. J.nm J. r7ueT'e*d.ToMI.? family are ^^"y lurtled to attend tho fumml. oo l?lvl-ion fe Iftnfa ?2it ? ??"''? 'h"'0"' (jfmtt4 November 20. of dip'.tern M.v OA^uT^O^OSHter ..fJamo. and CetU.r.n. hnlf-I'Wt 000 o'clock. ..miwff 20 J??*? ?.i any. m??. i-.l:r. * of the ^ Kr^^mrMd^Tr^l^tbi. , Wndaeedayl ^^lun'^'wuy"- Sovember 19. f. 'a, n?ma ? The'ml.rv^^n'r'-ut^ faml'y are xom re SSWS lTi.-n^ cam-try. Urn (W-nraday, ?liernoon. at t*""^ ?,Tn, 4tT momlnr Sovm h^*8!4Ka aca?A?i.. younga-t daughter of the I.U Cacti Huh'>nrd _ rlf4;,y i,vl:"1 to Tha iriait. a and M? ?? ?, of' ,..r uar|e. ? - T? ^rrt'irv^r >?. ?<*?: * f;n,ji ,l,!^a^Mk. v'2?f<lr..u,n ^ Sweet tu .lher, thou in heavn, I a wanderer on tba ? art j, Waiting. *ai'Ii -a f,'r ' J it<ii| now in hcayenly b.rth But lAnoa the', tbon Mt kepi-f. ii... n? to lay new found l"*e Tlnn w. .'at could????? itaiivi ihfitt aludiMMl not ?lw?v?. , . Thn relauvea and frten-1. '"a'iuur. attend the fnweral. from 121 Ham-ond a-met. on mora nafler.o.^?i.ne'''l.-olt llaiooat K? man, arwAji.?On fueeday, u. iiuial tn tba ?l-t y?m -d h* ?m " Mf .'""""Ik^end. .d^i'e laanly ar# levlted W? The rialnitaea m.d Ir vte?t Ihirty flretatrent. Uta attend thn funeral, from 112 *"? ??'"? "'** (Wedneedayl nfterme-^ at tw-' ?? ^ [|A?n. Km.Lt. Kaw-t t-On TurrUy, Nov ..oat *, ^ etdeei eon <d William and Kilen heily, agei ? ?> months and ? day a. (h# ?f hi. ?J's: ? .t. * k iovemher ?. tuna^T. Dt am. Leewn, In the Md yenr of fual|T in mnal re The retellvee and (..herat a ibaw further epvdf.illy malted "> fnma ber notice, mi Tbnreda. m^ ag. at ? ?? ^?'22J!r^N*k^y^UIbm 19. Jowe I.yw ? LVIMB. ? v/ll M'lBMf, " ? ,i?i Und M VMM anuvaof oeunty ^^TtkaTi-rH Krlaade and relativae ara 'b*' . ?t? the esrs'aisr&Sa? 5rri~. painful lllneaa, wbirn ana eorr ^ m 4,., mad v^aatma. KedM yearO^ MMri>>rl ,4 Ml Me 1 tba fneada of the family, eije ra*ma?caf ull r tmeli-^ rtab l/?lge He V '? /ptmopei LawmsO Manna. ,'J^g tbeenef bh brethe* Tba ft lands of tbe fam'T , M|| f.M bla lata Thomaa are Invited te attend t. at T??A. r.. ? hat 19, Mm mrtted U Tha reMlren and frteada ' f^J7llaub thmch tDf "wioStr'X tSSSW. ^ ^ 1 ?CgSsK&ar-iTs-". - ?? bta brother. Wobnol.V* r?opoetlVil?r ?? atu*i ma fugeral. on Ttiur*?M afternoon, nt bnlf Pmi ouo i'clock, from hU lata raeideBoe, So. <31 Warn lorty. in on.I atrrat. ? . Pavateo* ?Ob Tuvediy.Virverahac *V ?aroMdanee cf Win. RrWee, taq , of Peam'^ N. X, O I ana aw, wlfoof Kobart W. PeiemM, of New York, In Uit El l year of her age. Tomato (Canada) iwpaia ptaaan crW Kathhikki ? in Brooklyn. on Mokiday, MoacmbOf It, Patau )'i/amkth, onljr child of fharloa L. and ICIiiabatb 1. Kalbhonia, aired a month* ami 1 dar. Fun *?l thi* <W*dne?<;.*v) a.ternooa. at ba'f part I area O'clock,from Franklin avenue. corn'r of Pumatu. Mnai roa. ?lu Irvlnytun. S. J . at tha reeldenoe of bar bmtliwr-ln-law, Joaanli Will*. Kent, wife of Jama* Hhel Ion. of tbla rlty, and daughter of I'Milp Partridge, of ?rtvlley, Knglaud, tfred 21 y.unt and T dnya. Tha ralallraa and friend* of the family or* reapectfUlly In iled to attend Ilia funeral, from the < hrI alien rhuroh, at Irtfagion, near Newark. N. X, tbla (Wednesday)aflar ?"in, at two o'clock, without further notion. Knglleh paper* pleaaa copy. KreioiraT ?On Monday evening, Novmber 10, Kuaa arm. widow of Uanlai Manburv, In tha tlal yaar of har age. liar ralallraa and friend*, and thaaa of har ana, flan tat SUnbury, and Mna-ln law, Captain John Wlllard, da ce?*ed; J H. Mumfnrd, 1). C. Hlodtetl and John Wliaelar, are Inrlted to attend tha fan-ral, on Thnndav af ernoon. at two o'clock, from har laic raatdem a No. 70 Ra*t Twenty-enventh Mraat, without further nollo*. Tha ramaiaa will be taken to the family vault, la 8t I.uka'a oburrb yard, Hudaun aireet. Vam IlKuaaR.?At King*ton. N. ?., on Saturday, No vember 17, Jamu B., wife of Jacob B. Tan Uauacn, aged SO rears. Vaaia!*.? On Sunday, November li, at Moahotn. Weet cheater ronnty, Jon* Jacob, youngest aon of Maria and tbc late Richard Varlan, In the 24th year of bit ago. Tba friend* and rolattvea of the fbmllr are Invited to attend the funeral, from the roeldenoe of R r. Iawta. No. 28 We?t Twanty-teventh ttreat, tbla (Wednaaday) after noon, at half-paat two o'elnrk. Wiu.iiira.-rhi Sunday, November Id, Ruga Jart, wife of lame* William*, agsd 2* yeara and 15 daya. Tha friend* of tba family are Invited to attend the funeral, from her lata reeldenrc, m Rlghlb avenue, thl* (W*daeadayl afternoon, at ona o'clock. 1 SHIPPING NE W S. ALnaaac roa aaw voaa?vat* bat. ana arsat, 4 54 i aooa am morn 5 75 ?UM am ? 18 I a ion waiaa eve * 74 PORT OF NEW YORK. NOVEMBER 20. !8M. (tlaarad. S'-am*'. I" ? rat * (Br), Walaon, IJrerpool rla Qunene tow., ?K Ctinart H'ramabip Hub Fraarlcen, Pahai, Haa Joan --M O Roberta. St-itneilti Cnhnro, Knlmnri. at Jam? M TnylorA Co. ttt-amabtp Virgo. Bulkier, Kareunab?Murray, Perrla A On. Ht-?mahlp Raleigh, Maribman. Charlietoo?Urlngitnn, Poi A Co Ht.-amchlp Pmtncthmu, Bei-kntt, W'lliufnglon, MO?O Gnodilioed Ht.?mvhlp Hantaa, Bberman, Wilmtnrtnn?O II Platoon Hinutliip Veteran, Hponner, Haul.Turk?Murray, Ferric A Co. 8l.li> Orph.ua, Crowell. Pan Frattelaro-Button k O?. Bark Oarl ilaara (RrwnC. Ar't-apu, QuMUloiri rla Ba rannah?Fnneh. Mnlnoka A Wendt. Park llarrnat lloiun. Kerry. llavr??Uoyd k Mlnckrn. Ilria Anyoatnm iBrrm), (.oarkman, Antwerp?Funch, M'ln.tke A Wendt. Brijt .1 Tltua 'Br), Lorojoy, Barbed'* rla Norfolk?Brett, Hon A * *>? Brig 1.1{ Oola (Bri, Hampton 8t Jean? Warded A Co. Hriy Willi. Smith (Br), Grant. Kt Jobna, MF?M K Uraana A Currle. ll-if Omnia Iran < Br ', l<orwae. Cow Hay?Moea A Wart. S hr I'lartaaa Ann (Uri, Uarabnaan, Jncmel?II H Da Wolf A On. Snhr Spray 'Bri Proctor. Rallfai?B F Small A Co. Knbr J W Hatfield (Br). Potter, Truro, NS-ti R DeWolf A Co. Srhr Amhrn (Bri, Brawn, Kt John, SB? F I Nartua A San. 8<-hr F T KiOf Ctet.dnnln. Caletc -.led Frya A Co Hrhr K I, Th.tiip.ou Hiuith. New Ilavrn ?G K Karkatt. 8l"OpOrc?on. Rlindrc Frnynlaiir?-G N Klrannhau. Htecm.r F W Bjunr. Foatcr Balllmnrr. riicaiucr Vulcan, Morrlaon. Philadelphia. Arrived. KtcamahlpTartfa (Br), Iwoglatide, Ltrorpnol Nov A. and Qiic?r,atown Kill, with uulac and VaS oa.annum, to B Cnuard. Nur 9. 40 mllra W of Faatnel. evrliahge.l night elgnel* with ?inanxhlp Unlit, hence for f.lventnnl; llth, lat II 17. Ion Si <J7. paeaed a lirta rla*-d aicawiar boo.id K; IHth. lat 41 U, In? ojint tchengr.1 night elaiiala with atn.iiiialiip llanaa. hn?aa for Bremen; aim atcemah't ? Bbglbsd an<l I'.lli.burg. baara far Urai-pool, and ona ahoniugoueiucaet ami oae blue Ughl, Hiuno P. Kleamihlp Green Queen, Gray, AartowaB Boa It, W11A ?aaila imaaorr, mdaa and oaaaangora. la the Peciac Malt Ktr ,m?hln Co Nor Ik. off r?i? Nary, >|?lia ataamahlp Art. ion a, he noa for Aatdnwall; liib. Frank Hhykoff itted, and ran buried at ana l?th. paaar t ntennmr Villa Clara, hound H. MaamaMp Han Kalrador Atklna, Haranuah, 73 houra. with m lan aad peace ogee, to Carriann A Allnn 8i?amahl|. Maragnaaa. Crownll Chvinaion, KB honra with ua I?? and paccengerc, lo Arthur l?earr. Hot l? I I'M, lal I; 4J, Inn 75. paaaed a hark, nam# unknown, allowing blu? Aa* with whlta letter In cnnlrr. hour I 8 Hmaoiatilp C C leery, Fimmona ilo,ton. Htaauiaiilp Fairbanks Hunter. Boat/in. Ship Great Wcctern. Cunnlngha.n. I.tcnrpoit tjrt IK. with mdan .md 111 paaaangrra. to t! II Mnrahall A Co. Get II Ml I * onnell iramani fall frotn thr ?ne.iilo|i*itllaiil ynrd. while furling aall, In the devk. ami ?n lovjinUy killed HI,It. Nureua. Kkikela. Newport fWalaal 37 daya. with rail me i Imn. to llrarhorn lima, flaa hud vary atrong galea r .in Urn N and H thn entire pacvagc p Hblp Vera Crtu lAueti PerDaa, Trfea'.e 7? dar?, with md-n. in Hlocovteh A Hmilh Nor I. lal 70. Ion 47 35, apokb bark Kuoml (I'riiai, from Cadi* fur Srw Vork ship Herman Hrcr. Kulilmauu. Oi.griill fSialiy), 30 data with fruit and aulpl.ur, to Cbaa I.ullng A Co Had valinS nod light wlnda moat of thn pa man <irt in, lot 31 S, Ion 17 IZ. apokn ?Mp Hniitghy (Dutch, In.m Nnen aalle for Bt*. irla. 31 data out llalk A lei.-I barter of Potion . Rldrlifg?. Malaga. 35 daya. with fruii arid le.id. lo maaiar. Had onUnual galea fi in the * Itnd hi f?r the Ural 15 daya eut; haa bean If daya W of thr Ha' ka Hark Morning Star (of Turk* 'alanda . Waugh, At J ago ? daya. with auger >nd r iga. to Wardall A Co. Hark l.?m|,u?liier Hahrn Hilton Head. SC. g daya, with timber and entton. to F M Ullby A Co Mid In company with brig Media. Hng Veteran 'Bri, Mnnw Irtm, >0 daya with wine. Aa to 0 Wheelwright A Co. Had hoary we.ttner. aprung main. ma>t. B.ig Chnrlaa Albert (KG, Marty. Alienate. 3Sdaya, with fru.i go, to Brett Hon A Co. Brig Mnraraybo (of Hi Mltlai, BoMnen?. Malaga. 40 dara with Trull, to ft W H ood A Mob Mad heavy galea frwm MnK aud NN W for Ital 10 daya Brtg Kunico , Bri, He twllh. Naaaau, NF, ? daya, wllh m taa t > li K DcWolf A Co. Il'lg Charlotte Mr I loo aid (Br), Raadelt, Glare Bay, CB, II daya. with real la G II Brewer Brig Cllrn Bernard, Hurgeae. SaodwtoA Hrhr Filneaaa Aletaadra of Bilkbami. Bovey. Fatraa. 74 dara, with rurraota, to G F Bulla/. behr iaahella (of Lawna. Dal). Hur on. Caere (Braoll). 34 daya, w.th r<>gee aul a ijar. ta L K amatouk A Co. Ilaa been Udava aoilh of let 5?. with a'nng N and MM wlnda. ?pill aaila rnaeel lealCn*. G?? 9, lal 1 S Inn 4k U aaw brig Vntaai, ateartog HHW. !l..r It. >%t li JS. ion 57. opoka brig So,lib Boat,in, front Balbnrat WCA for Naw Y'lek. H'kr Elaaa (Bp , M aria hang Caidonaa, ti daya, with mo tad oa, lo maafer. Kr?r I tjey. I epp Wlndaor. Nd. for Fhliadelphla Kekr Veto of new Havent,Tuthlll, Ind.ahutrte Bnraannh. II dnya. with rotlon. Ae to J II Wowiaouaa Put Iota Ha vanoth In dlatreas, nerlag loaf main MM migte? maeta fore, maal bead anljlbbocrn, with avrrythlog m aohed aad vaa ael leaking hidly. In ihr heavy g? e of f*e.t t. aame Use, B S Millar iM tT*'*, of 1',iief1 a r'tfe I I. w.| waah'T ?tr?r bvinrd ?i 4InlL' IjAA' I Twrw "fiSfr-* K.tt 9 -"A* U ,4{, ?||, ia, Bto ,ar. JackeoarllA Fig: Sarah Helen. Bert, Temp?. R' hr ftaat; Muorr. Bra, I ford. KnraBnaa Ifhr W m Flln1, rovt Dorian, tie. 6 .ley, Hrhr I trolike Cornel a. Devl>, Gao *eioeu AC. Kchi Buntuo, Hmilh. <t*rf .Ik hrhr J C Wright. Virgtnu. 3 daya. H'.hr foar It t era, dorrr, Gxeraetowa, DC far Fall H; ?r ? ? ??, ? vitri II Cou..nr. W,l? rt. Port J oho eon. Si. f?r Bvaton H kr Jul;a I'u.aana, In,ugiaaa Uloucatar. 8 Vr K H Half, wr HtDealer. Beif at Rr|r Frank IDrlw t -owcli. Hoauot K *Vr II ,ae narrfwti Ink Prvw ,W.?Vo th hr Porto itueh Wan'.wm'b Pr,?r deo.e H kt titirpriae I'eM'ta. I*nvr..8in"e i, , Pktladnlphia. > tr A Ldkooin II. alley. Fcvid-mn f.,r Troy Kckr M .i v Ana, ?. nktl4w.'? for Albany F< kr < ..tnf, l i .lnplu. MufWIrh 8. kr ianny Itanb.er Vittbart. Hart'ord 8'kr F. 1, ifammottd, FI itaw*. h-w llueen. 8> hrV?n?a, Herany, New linen ? for II<tdena. celtr Horak Fl.a.'c t?, Hen a hew llav-n 8r'ir C J Fire a -n lie via, Hov.li vet far Holttaeoea. Hakr Bedouin, .tonub, Mondoul fur fioatoa. ftrlutr. Kbit Rleoml Walte , from Mrerpool | . tlarlue lllnneiera. I ? ? > *?? >l'ii from u ? Boa' f -a war owned by 'IrKar A Aldua. of F*aal Boa. ? ved Tan F la fudr laaurad. Tlieh.w.. i .11 ravga of t?a chip ( aaoca at Bo too from Ifk Ortoaat aaometlng of ??ur la bod If uio|>4 aba h v.ug aad three few of water la bar bold at one ume. Mule l.aarron lata Br? from HavtanH f y Naw Tort, put mm I orume M *rna IF *> la, t, .eak.i.g tmd.'y Baua I Ctoaa. fro? Pan .Ira for Haaipa.au PDwda. pva> 11 ci. v rv |, ited an .1 K. , Jai.e.,v ia ...ntrcaa laywiul aad aa h d for 1-aU? .1 oai ropi SI Bank fviana. at B-rbadoa flat till from Ph ladelpbta, en n OH In ed, *e|,| ?, a tt< ' " (M < K M ?? Wl I to ? ! I'M ? rwo.rlev due,, f Gy t'r ?. -??, ?V n ,? 1 telle*, lee t (per deed neve aider wa'ne 4- ka ewayf of Mi liace etm,aaw aa] III jma ,k y.ght ton we .1 8 .en rvi red aud fovwmaet hadlr etral?'4 aad aeirtv aa aatira anil of mii- ulowa lo ahr-dn frwm the gaaaeta. Woteid r* pair aad aall for Mali more *ta Va ,-aoo ua the Mat Beta Hvwrt-aan, fr,m Saw Torb at Bar i to Dl id l ot 1 tounai: ? guiantaai royal rraiaatyaad. ,10 aad dwrg imd M thn 4Ui 4a mi lat 54 V toa M Kaia Ina c frwm Am, tbw. I'M. lot 31. a' Balklmoew Iklb laat. bad baavy waatwar. aad baa bwav wh vi la < haiapcako Bay Kr?a Clear fewaa Charlatan few Fhnadw^wUla. wblek put tain Ik i, wnrgtwa BC, Waay. repaired and at-a rod for dwati ?attoa Ibl .net H- aa Ft Itwaaaa, C.Hoa from Www Twe* ?f and far Ma. rkma fa imlaet raa npna Cauyback ?? lea ..owl nwlcv far aiu-ntog Tbw vwww, fwo# la aoaatwe. wwm taken off b* the t* let hunt Drag ae at day ureal fee eaeaal la a torn I wmek. Tba aaiia. Gggtag aad aa eeeba* awl abate warn eared. V as Awowt-rw? Tan taa? faf PrwGAi|?1 ckhl waa driewn aabnew mi Ibe k ia at Appaoaug. 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(hi 4 "o*IT l*V' 'oop-tar, ?h Ualrtaa WhalMiri. *14 ,row "*? ?*,,roM Cottle arrived at Moo tt?ll?r.l lath ? ?Hant?i> itoun rta Newport. sW"kni ?Vc. for *"? lat" Hmlth), 49 iter a from llerllfc thai the el,,. 17 i ? ?! II B9, loa 74 dk. Tlia m <to rrp.rtad H, l aUUti '?''on the hold aoma lima prerlotu *M*? .V0""' rru,n *?? "iloana lor < libra! tar. Hrlir.i Ma4tht.fi 11 i ? _ A J* Hern!ft V N';n.'V fr?'" r;..,','>rt '"I- N'w York aa4 . ,. |.. . w., _ ?'urelon Porta. ??IWK6S&SKE&We Mai: wfc. barks A<t? ('irtar, K?onry a ; > .* ^ oaa Ka?l.. ID.Rord <lo " n' Am**1 Aatrioo, PR. Ocl 91? In port aahr ?M for NYork natt dar. ?" Davtaoo, MaDos Moaair Oo. 19?In port ahlpa Canrera r nr) ?? for NYork. Ida Arabia. lllnrkUv.Tw.ifn, E222?: Pradarlak Tudn?. Bra4fori; Ball uf a, ?i t'rfirtao, Dunbar; Fll.o foalar. Robl?? ?d"Tkabili (Rrr. Boyd, ur.c; h?rk I ?l Icvlrart W-ti, for M, HaaaADoa. on ???la port bark Llada Ileum ..." * ... Mat. tofciad for HaJUmnra. 1 l#r Cti.ntat Oel ll-rl.l ah In Btinbeam. fhalu'rh vi?ea??n. Caiman Ocl II? Arr abloa timed well <\,n,?r land aid 1Mb for PraoooliBM. W H IMnem or* Proemii ,?J land aid fur Oerotaay): Flora'la. Faabnd*. do land aid Mah f .r Untied Btaloa). Alan arrlrad mmolnua ..> jm, .r: Wbampoa iBr). Carter, Ilonolalu: Fnraal Klt>< Bn J,.n^ Monlartdan land both aid for tlhtaahaal, Rnvklifht Wll llama. Chlnthaa land aid for Hamburg); Weatern Oeaaa. Iif llf\l III Al\ fm n<4 aid f.ir i AI Koal iaot ? baak f'aaUia. t> _ a_ tlrlBtihi, do land aid for wlbrallari: bairh I'arlolu Cook. ?? land alrfforOhayaRhlll. Bid 1Mb. ablp P O Hlapohl ?nl Noa ton, Mantra. Alaoaid prurloua to Mb. ablp Week. hlftnn tlfWit t. Uao.n llklnakaa tnrton Booth. Bryan Cklnchaa. In port Or*?, ablp Iranboo. fTarrlman, chartered for ?i air.; berk IiaiKirab Ponnoli, Dunning, from Cbmobaa, oar *M. (of United Steloa. Dun mm, NZ. HciftlArr Frederick, Wotbelm. NYork. Ilnaoi m.r, Kepi &-.*rr bat k Cap-Ring Moon. Ixtdara. flofc Franolanu land aid aama dar for Bono Rom). lAjcuaoan, OH. Mor ||_4ld brio OlallakTBr). Oano (from U'ea^j*. harbor repaired). KTmi *U??-*"?'>'P? OoUoa Bonaot, Baa fraa. Olara. Hoot I, Detroit, Thrnnaa. I. on dun; Ulh. a Iiaiail Hfc ,,*ln ,,f ,h* ?<**n. Prticbard. Mrort Hid Hopt Ik abtp Dalfthavra, Preoac llaliao. a pr- ' ? -In P,rt "hr W * Aloaandar, Bow dnln, for Turka lalanda. to aall Iflb. r fMW|'. HM'l * "lo port borfc A tear Ida Rrltfci for Han Frnnrdaoo Idg. Hid bept I. .hlim ZulaU.Jonoo.lCi franrtaro; W. Dublin. Maihew do; dh bark BlUt Ftafc. Brand, do. lOtb. ablp At John. Yt'ilu.ma, do. I ifiu, Kor IB-Arr Ilaainahlp Montana. Bradbory. Ban rrarmim*! eld . 1 *1.. aleamahlpa Oniden I'liy. Walklna ?a f rar.rlacu. Halrador llalbbnn '.entral Anterlnan porta. Km Jiaaia.i, Kept Sb-Ar, brig Kranrla Jane Norrta Bat. tlruo" ()et H arbr I'aMara, llealb. hVork Hid Dot ? knrB BbmV'NTorkP**B" ,llh' br,?? Farorlla, and Harp lv*V!LfT NS? Arr h,rk 'M"'''" Phrlitlan. Bnfc Franrlaoiand a!d Kept ? in return H?r.i7, ablnDar Dawn, d? Idui. brt* Dar or.it do IDl. hark Tul..w, do Hid Mep| U^VrrVte^p^*00 ^ ?h,p c.ro,do(K: l>rfjr-ln ja.rl hrlpa Blanrba iBrl, Hardlnn. fn? lloaton lUdaiia. MnonlUht. HmolL dodo; Botliai B* for dnlkiUya llnnndlnr Billow, for do. wif Hid ITih bark A df?L. m...n TarhttS'ia Cktonnr H#Niu?n. Co mm " 1,1,1 ,hlp K,,Mh'lh Kimball, Front, tiaumuToa. MZ Dot t-Mo A mar loan rear* I la Don MA Ocl |. kbln II II WrUht. Park. CalTo ^ 14 fFon Braanantr llitaaniaa. a* Fr.art.aon 1 _ Arr from.MTurk. Ilarry booth, at lieuuo; Madallno ah Palermo, I hi a, tt| Hambury An from Now Urinaria Kata Dareaiarrt at I.lrarpnoL Aaaerlraa I'orta. BOTTOR. Nor IB -Arr ataaourn MoUlplDa. Iloaroa. MB mnr. Bomao Baker I'hlbda'ph a tahUal, Notpm AnX> frrrd Rudolf, and Warrior. Keaae. NYork able l anora B Dolt, NUrlaaoa, barka Ada (Bn. M.irphr Ardron. aan, Robert, PaMar. ROrfeana; Rphraliti WlillamoL perry, Daorceuwu. DC; brlaa AaU Hrr (|a(2 JSM"lv "'?mPj" (*<??? wr-fht Turka laiaedai rpwd BHm, Htiirmin, ntisrV*?t<or> C'Hmsi. O?orgi* town. IB"; Taorteot, ('handler Klllabethoort wbra TA W.rd, \Vet,l,ar iTcrraa. Amoa Kdwarda Hor??ra. Sarannaht ''nton PI**. Mahnoay. Rallfmore. Wm Walton, ItaeraoL I hlladeiph.e; rtllrer Mafttak Perry. J Burley.kkntr.t7fc l.oreprit Cannon. A?on, Baker A Hammond. Paine U D t rar met. Cranmor Nan P Hndaen Boell; RNFraf man. Ilooea and Ann H laaoen. Cobb. PbUadaliihUa CharV.IV Hhaw. Reerca R |, H-ntrh (mllh JiriM I Horrra. Mlckefaon? Maffia Fan Dnaan Coroon; Jeaale t. f^eerh ICudluotl; J C Thompa n Van 7,andt, Dartd itolllna Hon k Hon hie Wilton. Vow all II A Rojera. Prambea avi r Hi Clair rdurante, Ireland, roll iMdIiV ao' " flrk, fil#r#D'?fi? ._ _a.. ??n ? *r? *-r?' ? Ann* Mr AlramdrhXtfhl'J^^^hln^T cb^a.^lVTI^ ? v w"" v"ipn?ij b inn. rmw> man Kllubaihport. Hon I.atn Ll?ht. Ilarpar Unof ITtpi Warrior Keena. bnlh k Tlodraon. Behh. A York. BMoW a Duloh bark 'frhepa lha A Farlatrm frota Karl nam I 014 a Union bark 'perhepa lha A Tarlapm from Bonnanit OM aleatnera JUher. a < Ifdo. Hurler, Milium P Clyde. Pewotll MUtrtinnle Breaker, and IDanena W.I.Dn. MYork. Biu -Arr (learner MinneUrnka. New Orlanno: karka ' Tt poldlre, Banar Zebu, Aor.rlU, <1 .newheri liantkea Ank w*T. Pe'Ha l^ra'rn Alice Tart Ion Hurtnam; Dak OafcB llajr-leo. Ma rr <3 Pat. Card owe. brut Cuba. Ilaraani N ul.and. HatetinaH, CUra Brown Philadelphia. HM.TIVOnN Nob IB Arr barki WlnlDdd'Br>, MafemA Rio Janeiro; J I, Thiernan iHrmi, MordonboU. Bromoai A'n* Miner a Bremen, br ft Prairie Viewer ffcrjb Dirrey Rio Janatrtr: Faenie. Tfider Fa)ar4?. PR tlndtfci (Mr . M'-l.ennaa llnan'adaina. Jiniaa Carey Caalo. Nplk. bar. l!lo Jnnelro Ida tl <Bri. H fart. Arordbn PB; acNrw leiret Peawirk. Neapati. Havana; Baaer J Hraytnfc, BfiBfe k' B I'rurllenna; Mr?ed#e|d. I'rirwall. PnrtUri'f fnd Irr&i Anir?e!lo(Br) M.rah Aaplnwa'l Ida (Rri. 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