27 Kasım 1866 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

27 Kasım 1866 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 11,040. NEW YORK, TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 27, I860.-TRIPLE SHEET. 1'ltIOE FOUR CENTS. PERSON All. A-IP J. ALB*. WILSON WILL CALL AT f* I, a aliwet, he will be oonvtnood thatno letter* have been rmoetvag from charleaton. Newark, N. J., paper* plena* ?FT Amy person knowing tor address of j. f Hulltvaa, K*q , Mlnlater of Work*, Victoria, will oQnf?r i*or by oomiounlcellag with A 0. Tlchborne, Baronet. tRarendoa tlotei. Alt.?IMPOSSIBLE THCBBDAY. TUB SAME TIM E, . acme place. Tueaday, LOU ISM. tjarolay btrkkt and perry boat, hohoken JD Saturday 8 o'clock. The geutloman to whom the young lady with blue roll *inlh?d would be ?ery pleaaed to make be* acquaintance. Pleaeemldreaa Barelay. Herald office. Yj?REDKRJCK?I OO TO WA8HINOTON TO-NIOHT; f return la a few <Uya. Look for aumiuon*. ALF. TH FORM ATI ON TV ANTED?OF CATHERINE CHAKMZ, lawfcfMMjoe. hy ber Hater, at Mr*. Wewendorr*. MU M?t* at, Now York. IKFORMAIION WANTKH OF MR. AMD MRS. JAMES CoaWllo, who left Wool* ieh. EaglaaA. ?n IBM, and nave jaaee bred In Port Kennedy. Pennsylvania, by tbelr alater, lira. Vloiey, 12 WoodkuH (treat, Brooklyn, New York. rFORMATION WANTBD. OF EDWARD FURLONO.? When la I beard of waa In tha fifth New Jersey Volun teer*. Any Information will be thankfully received by bla Meter, Jell* Flannery, No. 10 rtlman street, Brooklyn. INFORMATION WANTED?OF JOSEPH ADAMS. A A eon of Onptatn Joseph Adam*, late of Now York city, Mr* t'eptember It, UM Ho loft Mow York In June, lb A, and waa laot heard from by letter written by htm dated Cora Worm It laud*, December !?. IttRdn which he ? la ted that he waa then In a veaaet loading gnano for Eugland, and hoped M be In Now York In Augnal, and reqnested to be addressed at the Sailor*' Heme. Liverpool, ears of Caplalu Ciublug. i W. W. Do Foreet * CoT, Mow York eiiy. YF RICHARD OR JOnN DCOAM. WHO WERE IN 1 Californiaebont the year MHO, will aridreea Wm. Mul S^ar, corner of Howard and Franklin etreet*, Baltimore, they wlU boor of oomothing to their odrantago. TP MAE* MAIMER WANTS YO BEE HER RUSSIAN friend oho will pig* no nddrooa A. Buwaroff, Union aqua re A frl Ml rTHB LANOUAOE OF TBB "IMMORTAL" WEB ?ter, my paroootlll liven. J. M. tl. JOHNSON, ELLSWORTH * PR ALL.?EITHER OP the above firm, who occupied an oflice In Well otroel, MOOT Broadway, before tha war, or any person knowing the nddrs** ft either, will confer a ?neclaf lavor by leaving the , directed to Patentee, boi 2,7*0 New York Foot office. MB BACK TO YOUR ANXIOUS FAMILY. MCBtEUS. ^?AJQ^?CO u w w _ H w AY-LETTER RBCBIVRD; BTIIX AT TUB OLD >Lae; will go We?t If woU. UlsiiLEK. ANTED TO ADOPT?A FINE, HEALTHY MALE ohild, about two yeure old. Inquire for Mi*e Hart, IflS M eat Fourteenth at., between 1U and 13 o'clock A. M. ANTBD-INFORMATION OF RODERICK ROSS, who left New York In the spring of 1D&7, In Ibe *leam. OpeloAae*. bound for Halve* on. Toman., Any person "Wring hi* whereabout* will pleaao addrcao'T. F. H., box Heuld olllce. ANTED TO ADOrT? A l.ITTLB BOY, TWO YEARS old. Apply nt 160 Ludlow alreet, sccoud floor, back ffil/l WILL BE PAID rOR ANY INFORMATION ami U that will lend to the wheieabouta of Mary Jane Myrne (prevlou* to murrlnce Mnry Jaue MiLon) married by* Nov. Ira Steward. Hantint nil ilnicr, about September. IM, divorced aa on record, at city ll>ll hew Yoik, ubout the tpontli of August, 1RY7. Addrer* Iuformolion, llcruld ofllco. LOST AMU fc'OKMU. LTOtlNn AT TIIK METROPOLITAN HOTEL. TWO Fulls* Addrel.R.?m^ J>o? Herald o#c?. ?HOUND-IN AVENUE P. A BUM OF MONEY\ WHICH J* the owner can have by proving property. Apply lo L m. Hhartdun. 26 l>?fitra ulivet. New \ork. ngUHD-A POOKETROOK, CONTAIN!NO A 8MALI. J; quantity of money which the otvu.-r can haio by ' l'ru*. Eg nrupeity on appHctiloo to the Market bavuigi liana, Saeaau klriiet, New Yurk. JOST-$5 BF.WARD?A SMALL, FLAT HRaSS AND J iron-<nfe Hoy. the Under wli rec-ve tho ub -vo t.. ard by li-av.nn it i t \ uh-iiiiuo A BUl.or a, Rttfo rnaiiufaL lax err -,8 and HO Walber atreet T OsV-lWI SATURDAY AFTERNOON, A DIAMOND 1 iStin.l TO- tinder will bo liberally rewarded by return CftbR Hume io 83U<?Ul ntreet, L~~ OHT-ON SATURDAY, MTU 1NHT., (IN THE EX preaa train between Hartford and New York., a ^ ?'''*? eenlatni'ip ? memorandum I ook and a. ?eral ?"[*?] at oo uae to any perai.n lint 11.0 owner. A libera^ reward Will bo paid K returned to Tb.uua Dunworth. 40 V,otmrewi maa?, Nnw Haveo. Ooun., or lo *t. Kelly, oo .->?* ?.,Dum fcgflrtei. New York. ? L~0?t1a CERTIFICATE. NO M.flNH, 1SSII D T<> H P. | Hall, for twenty enaree atouk No./ York Cculril Kal. ?AAd conifMtny, ?ni1or?*d with p^mNir to tf*u*for Bame to If. ClUUjhaBk. The wrblieare oaatloned ttet lo puirbaao the Mae, ae the (render ba? been atopped. ?WjOBT?MONDAY MORNINO. 2STH INST, A BLAf K 1a and tan Dog, braaa coilai with Ditto on it Sward given for bta return to Fordhani A Wheeler a, to Jehu turret. __ * OBT -A GOLD TABSBLL, ON SATURDAY LAST. A rJL literal reward will be gleen to ihe finder at NO William grant, baactacot. V OAT-ON SATURDAY KVBNINll, OOIJ> SLEEVE IjBuim* Initial I I. ETadet will ue rewarded b, .rlurn Sf Nto Mm. Halt A Bew, Hi Broadway. . AT?ON MONDAY MORNINO, TAN COLORED Poodle; anewera 10 the n .me of 'Zoo. fT rewaid be given If returned to 43 Eaat Twenly l'lth^etreel. OPtIonTiXTII AVENUE, BETWEEN TF.NTtl AND Ouurleeoth afreeta. on Mondty aftart ann. a J- '-ow Oer Poekelbook. with ttower on bark The bunk l" '?l jC , ?,n and ti.e Bade imy keep the ooo'eata and no gaeatlona will be aaked If left or aent to ? Wbttalndl elreet. rkwardm. IfeK REWARD.?LOST. ON MONDAY, FROM USMAPT Bo auu aveaua, a Black and Tan Slut had on a rad A1 ,i RKWAKD I BETWEEN KiUPTH AVE ?10 nuo, on Twi nly ninth atreet, and latil igton ave 2m to Tblkuirth atreat, a Pair Gold Eye iilaaaea. The above ET be paid en leaving thaw at M F.aa* Twenty- nlatb atreet. mOA REWARD -STOLEN, SINCP. SATURDAY EVEN. ? 20 Ing, 24lh Inat . fron the anbacrlbera. two barrela Krto Rfco Motaaaea; nlJl barrela. will, new he 'dir marked fa. C. In White rhalt. no othar mark. If returned the {*v. reward -.11 be -pM aad no ygg^g*. ,t,?t AOR rkwahiT-loht, in lapaykttk place OR BZO In Blahtb aireet, near Fe.ii lb avenue. a k i d sha*' ?iq in foi m of s whip. Tho Und' .' Will r*H,#ive th? above toward by r?wrni??ir H to & Ijalayette hU". *50 RE W ARD?LOST, ON SATURDAY NIcHT ivy laat at tba i-orm-r of Klevenih atre.-l end Sit ih me a valuable monoamm, diamond art. Amethv-t Ling Ina a nr-aeatalicn ring It la more valuable to the t* tier S to any upa else. JOHN MoDKV I I T. 18BMirth a?. OhlB REWARD.?LOST YESTERDAY MORNTSD IN the can irotn Wn?hingtrin city or hatwaen .laraay ? uy ot and Wi Itanrv et.. Brooklyn, or In a (lra.-nw.iod ? ar from ion ferry a Pap^r Par^l ??nUu0n? a ?r."mora??d?im s Mverul letters ao<l $100 In gr* rnh-< m or bunk not** KTibova reward wll bo ) ?M on delivery of dm aama tol JbAo K. Biimeuu A Co., In.unrtioe Brokera, ij Wall aireet. ?loan OF Kit KM. TR1 BROADWAY-! PAY THE III.IHKHT PRICES for Diamonda Watrhe*. Jewe'ry, A'" or advance .on the e ISAACS, Tiii.mi ml Br- ker. oppoaiie Walla-k a theatre. t HYMAN'S, ?S BROADWAY. CORNER <H BOND atrael Wll. ha paid Ihe hlyhact prl.-ea for Diamonda, aD4 silverware, or will advance on the above ertb e-> * - A T Ml JL for n I 1 T NO 0 WEST TWENTY-THIRD STM l>T .FlPTE K. Avenue Hotel I. the I. gheat prb epald fur Dlamonde, 'ateAea, Jawetry and arttclea of value, or advanrwa made on , DVAN' EH MADE ON WATCHEM. DIAMONDS, JEW L wr, Dry Oo?ida and Peraonal I'mperty of Ae4ton. J A JACKSON. Ill Oraud atrael, two deo-e Han' Bread way. ? - >AWNBROKRHSHriCKETN PURCE AARD OF DI A ? monda. Wale hew Jewelry. Silk*. < l-lhing. A' Ad RiR msdi (>ti thii ?ukft.H or vouch I si the tunb??*t cs* h its, at inf. nranti ntrrwi ? . Mulberry. _ JAWNMR' ? KER N Til hl'.TH PC ItCil ASF I ?-Of Dl\ mi.oda, Walchaa. Jaw.lry. Hllka, Clothing dc^or the ,e b-.u?hl for oaah, at the old aland 1J0 B-iwery. Brat ^(NHN^Uliln I , DBNTIITI(V< AHEb" ktomT WONDP.RH'i- Dl^coYEBT?TKPTil b* traded witliuut pain Wn yaara tlnglnal tienumhiog acelt.Vilion (Nairotigatlon) Laughing < lea fieeh -U; y Heaj^ gful Taeti. (I J. JAY VTl.t.r.Hrt, HA tlraad a.rwej V Bb aUTIU'L MET ??F TE IK |t to flk AlX A operwUunaof Danfatry akllfully neti r.ned. Allw 'rJ Wa rrai tied Dr. MICH ADD. French Dwntut, ??J Sl> hi avenue, near TweaW-etShtS FMaaC I It . , .ill run. PROCESS."?BINK TP.RTII RX x\ tr.cted In one minute, withmil the teeai pain, through M Improved method of breathing pare gaa, at VAN V, ..nu avenua. CiAAUilFVl. POLL NKTH OP CONTINUOUN OUM RL B" Km., raeih with t'lnmpera to realore youthful aptoa.au.a. p w IH 'ora" lug Without pa I a, with laogbiag gaa. 110 Zrand etrve.t' r jcioiTON DENTAL ASSOCIATION ORIC.lNAtKD AND \TmCke a eoee-alty Of the wae nf Nlteoue OHdw 4t*a. and ^TSJur ItTske balF way "hb h an.fu. mty 4~.tr..,. pain. wTtumTgl?-e " l? ever IB.bOO peuema. Couta to headquar earn. Ollua lb1 ...,-r l- .titma, ykNTFdiFI as-TC ITM-lNtlS r2*,.-!!"Jlih'mtv^r V ) neukan teedi and r.ota. and reatnrleg !n ' et-qja e.r .le-ay to their pcimitly ahatm, .oa aeav w.-lioel Pala 1A (kg .gaUMate la. Pr.peietora rooma " eLeet. _TirTrn? tTVIffCw. .? . V A*^" fnankpTrld A go.. jkiYkllim. tat klXTii # av.-ei.a, earner Feurleenlk atreet. and *14 Eighth^ave. An?. rorner Tv.-un .uik auaet, reeouimend the r Una auw? Of Wgrnhwa Jea ekry, Silver end Plated Ware DtemondO end ether predoea Htoaee ?We are pelentaea and aole,raaiiu!a? tare, a a# *pertm? t.'ueAoe Oljcaa WaidhM wult aw ret lot kata f?r bkeneaeee. AA A. FKAMnPIRLD A CO XtAJKJ I*1ASBLRIBKD SLATE MANTELS?SUP FRIDR M aptearae.-A n?we durable, half tha price el mei f, B nlV.W ARr 8t?e'Bth avenue, between Thirty Sfth Yatrt, kiilh tireets - IN SfthaM IN8TROCtHm. A BUSINESS EDUOATtON.-TOWNSENDR COMMER clal Aoidrm*, SM> Bowery. Private Instruction, day and evening, in Bookkeeping, Writing, Commercial Arithmetic, Rending, Hpalling, Grammar, Ac. Apartmeula for ladies. Ho rlaiara. A^m ?VlBlTlNt) GOVERNESS. ADUI.T PUPILS PRK I ? ferrad. T< rata reasonable. Common English branches. Mathematics, Composition, Correspondence. Cunveraatlun, Criticism. Reading the Poets, Hutory, Euglhib Literature, Piano. Bloats*, Drawing. References, flrat faiutUea ur Hew York. Boa 79 elation D. AM GRADU ATE OF THE UNIVERSITY Or CAM bridge, England, prizeman and ex-scholar of hie eul lege, aire# private Instruction In Classics Matheinatlca, Phi loanpliy, Engliah language and liter,i'urc Gentlemen pre pared for the NAVAL AND MILITARY ACADEMIES, TH ?- UjnVRRBITIBH, Ac. Highest reference*. Addror* or apply to CANTaB, ltnom No. 0, Unlveralty Building, Wash ngtou square, New York. GERMAN LADY, THOROUGHLY EDUCATED, epeakln* Preneh. with a knowledge of English. under stands music. doalrea a poaltlon ax gnrerneea. Address Mlaa Peter*. 397 Jay street, Brooklyn, or 049 Eaat Tenth street. New York. A^m FRENCH YOUNO LADY De.8IRh8 TO GIVE IN atruction In her language or In English lu exchange for Board. Address Mlaa E Artaud, station P. A^B YOUNO LADY DESIRES AN ENOAORMF.NT AS daily or resident governess, to Inetruct young children In Engliah, French and mualc. Addreaa P. L. 8., Herald odlce. Bookkeeping, writing, ac? for business. Mr. DoLBEAR. 009 Broadway, teachea Bookkeeping practically, aa naed In the beat New York houaea. He ulao remove* stiffness, cramping or trembling Iroiu the worst hard, and raakea elegant bualneaa penman. ?? HEVB'H NEW MUSICAL INSTITUTE. 1,179 Broadwar, entrance 60 Thirty-fourth street. Stgnor HOHKA will give all Leaanna gratulloualy, to show the auperldrlty of Ua at stem of teaching. Lorera of mnaleara Invited to call at the Institute Imme diately far claaslfleetloo. Flrat lesson. Wednesday, 2H. La dles from 9 A. M. to 8 P. M. Gentlemen from 8 to 10 P. M. IjlNOLISH LANGUAGE.?PRIVATE LESSONS IN J Engliah Grammar and tiooreraatlon, by an American lady, who apeaka French and Spanish. Call at 200 West Twenty.fifth streat, near Seventh avenue. French in sixty lessonh-sa per month.? Prom the first lesson pupils read, translate mud answer In French to the questions addressed. Prof. JOSEPH J. URIKRKE, No, OS Fourth avenue, near Tenth street. FBENOH AND GERMAN LANGUAGES.?PROFBSSOR Tel laving, 807 Broadway, favorably known In New York since Ml. Also Latin grammar, Aa. No Illusory classes with beginners; all leaaona private. W^HANTED-A TEACHER FOR THE SAVANNAH CATll olio Krre School. No one need apply unless ivimpetenl to lea h the classic* and the blrber branches of au Kugllsh education. Salarv, $1,301) (or the scholastic voir, often mom ha. Applications lo be forwarded to the Right R"v. A. Varot, Hlahop of Haianuab, JOHN A. FOW/'.R, Secretary. F THE TURF. AKHION COURSE, L. L-TROTTINO. TU IKDAV. NO . 27, at 1 o'clock P. M. Purse and ? take SSOtl For gontlemeii'a horses from A. Ilynard'a atal la, Bauk atraet, boat three In flvs In harness. A Patterson, b. m. Ne.ly. Owner, h. ru. Kel] Owner, hi g. Chat'ey, JOSEPH CROCHERON. Propnetor. ?LTABIIIOV COURSE. L. I.?TROTTING?ON WEDNRN P dr.*. November >. !'<U. at 2 o'clock P. M Mil* hrsts. 11 lb ft to lim ners. Mutch for $10). Owner uaiuoa b, g. Gen eral Earlv. Owner names hr. c Rebel JOSEPH CROOURRON, Proprietor. ruF.HON coithhr.iibrntn. Tnank?vnt?- n ay. ??^VS^ttsUBSS 'kCOND RACK -P?w ondoUko WAinR# V^Kon. t in ft A C WMtmn nam*** h. H Niciwii ? ? < r... rf tr^rk .1 II Wfiltiwn name* '? 2 4 lar^nce ST,* >,T;:;'';r?,T.'<' *?ff.nsrAtiSrSSs~i.??????? bad wmi>> mid will cme'?? at ? 1 * ? Wrd'i'Mltvf.ciWUi. ? JTR10S .COCRBE. b. V. Urtalnnitnt I l?ur *7^ f t w?non oml drlrrr ond .Ul*"/ ,f173'"V?,i"lu In 4rl??. Tl" r w?tfh i>?3J Ibj r.ptoln, b. I-Core >. jjf; ITl.rw MWtKTlSO. atf vM PROrr-I l-EU YACNT fOK ?AI'K"~^,,!'Tn. At - M : - of K.v T"iith .urn* ('11 r?? ?nl H? K itr rm! ?i o 1<S, T5 r,BU Modletoo. for .11 dt#?O0r?. . ? ditti Kit NO a PF.I'K HI.U*. HARAIXTHB Ki. $T u^u.'iriT; f-?? "u re?rSSiS And Nowfouollonl .w wuilom ?Arrr?. B?tw?'?n ? umyna"* FmrMtrrolo. * r-. -JORNOM4Y 11 If; "KM ' ;,,:l,l<':", "?S fcjffS aomll ItollAn Orottairiod.? ?- j MrsuT3s S? at?7 SrV? Fortr-nr.! .t?K-l. Jtooi ^"n h a*'n HORAE9. < ,\RBHGBI. *C. T^Nli.lH m WFKI-IAM.T OALl.ED TO THE A -???? '"Vi'stn i wSfrRViu.B. ., Tr-lon K?Vr,TSriSAr ? ? Partlcnlw* uod*r aufUofi haad. ^ 7r'? mWv . ' ? . .:-VAV1 7 sSwttS "v,n ?? "" SMSS 7 onauL a-hoet^oV^amiaoiw. ha* Ad ^.nWioM^ wt-. .t ta Aon a I. lew. mm'. :?? ?troo?. .?? ? . ionwur"*k'lK,.y'".d"!1'!??^rXTrIi7 A ".O. 11H 0'* - )n Of . .nod lUOd K3^\!u* v? o?ot . .??w. *? ?> ,i""' Brooklyn _ _ ?~ A WELL ENOWN TJ^OMnoMJf WlijIT- ?? AdXh^W.rd. bo. trolt-d - 137 U.t Appl? illWHrii .took. A FAIR BAY HORJIfH Y' K " *17 * ***,"^' IVl'l A ...4 Ofht ??rT , ' Jo. ?.r' *r. <'?" b? ?^n.for <w?,.rrt! ?,Lni? ?l?d Ihtrtj ..Abu 1,30(1 Brood*.;, botwoo.. Tblrl; ' ,u - ? ?? ?1 ' '" y? .IM*S * T**;, ^..!no?'n?t<?< Bw< A Obw. to in.prrt tho'r ' ? ^ t'.uiro., rl.M -It; b"'" i n'iTii' rr.." I? oiMl?.p?n ? >? I AWUATH CO At IIK- w r tth?|f mod' Of th?- b?.l motorloU ood *T o*n n??ruf?<-tory - ?? A -IN.Jt.F, ANI> A TWO -FAT -I.KI.III f'-ll^Aljf - A B?olf..ll? I.rh .1 ?.,rd.od.M??t' ?? b?f?r" W*1no-d?r 1ti ?or?-t'iOtioo or rein >??. . 1..-1 '?"QQH *1*"*. , . ? a i?F.Nri.EMAfH ii ?'v"' ' .'I F.jV"ii!hAtHJ A or U?? ? TyZ.JlS. h'lH k fl?r.r. I.OM t.,1 T fooro old !? r%-'i? . t'.rt 'T .Hboit V'"*1* . i .,h ., no' .Ul. '-. ?f??r?IT rtf Fb.Moo ll*to?.? ?l filth ?" fO'irt' .nwt ?i,d Fifth ? ?' ' - - . A ?tnnin M.MP. FOR BAf.B?WARRARTRD i BPI.FBDHl ?*" ? ft f,? sn; bin I of worb, Wind .nd kind FrieoflY ? { BRABBAB. IK *tn?? ?t dimMo h.rr.1* APP'? Vl V >..,n.i.nirth ?it?>t ?Bd Brmdwoy. "a t A ?AORiriCR-A 171 \ "R* ^.I' llVflOT lf ? .??? Third A BAMAtW-THRFK CV2f^i ^ *b?2.Afi? A -f lb# bet r.n*1'?n P-(V;'?'^1 m^d b- oTd. oil fomtl; or f.rm l-.-t fJwofjA"*^. WRrraalA'l ? 4 * ** L> 1 "?? C~1 ARRI AO EH CARRIAOKb. j (Mir.AT iKUOi.TIOB* Hf f MX) FOR "Al.F l?l bl,BlOH?. ?" MARBFb F. , I.WW BTRAFd BI.RfOll M ' v* ?,,, c. Winr'b I .rrtwr froroo A Broad#.; or ,r #?*__ JTl7rfbob ooacii mi* aTTi nAHFh* h. Atii'in ujolol. room; ?0d |i|AI. At no B1AUim. .FY ? KSdwo; ?od Thin '? /'miV PR, f.'tlH r AND*" PAollIUWA??.R,_Fm^_*?0 L:? ??"3ssi 4? s C4 uw ? o>l?b b; R11KK A B"n KR LU'M _ /TOCPE for dX I.R-AT It "RARfoR iTIifcEtj T?? RR C wM ?M*F boMF** ?? ? |WW HORN KM, CARRIAGES. AC. DOCTOR'S PHAETON (NEW), also a fine bet 1 hirers* end IOP Buggy will I* Hold it a bnrgaln ftl pri vate aifttile VSi E?<t Thlrlyfuurth street. near Third avenue. F F FOR 8ALB-A LIGHT RUNNING OOAOH, IB GOOD order; will be sold cheap, as the owner haa uot room to keep It. Apply to JAMES GONNOUD, 67 Elfhtfc avenue, la the ooffln store. For ralk-at the private stable, w east Twelfth street, a brown Xirr, I5tj? hands liltfh, C yeara old, perfectly sound, and a good driver In single or double harnesa; also a very superior bay Hamlet Colt, d years eld, perfectly sound and well broken. OR SAI.K (SPEED) AT ONE HALP THEIR VALUE? Sli trotting llorscs. One black Mare, 16>d hands high, __,n beat 1:40; one brawn Mare, all years old. van beat 3:50; one ?uy Mate. <au lwat three m'nutas. live yeara old, one black Horse, aeven years old. can beat l :i5: ouebsy Horse, nan trot in 7 'H. autan years old; one gray Horse, alz yeara old, can beat 7 S0; one pair Blnckliswk Marea. dye years old, nan trot In S:10. All of tho sbovo horses are warranted sound and kind. Call and naming for thia week at 1,967 Broadway, corner Thirty ninth street. For halh-a handsome dark oray HORSE, 16* bends high, dyears old; | irfectly sound and gentle, and a free driver. Can lie. ?een ut Cogswell's stable, Lexingtoo oreuuo and Thirty third aticeL OR HALK-A BAY IIOK.dK. SUITABLE ROB AL m >sl any purpuar. Price 6140. Call at bttd Third ar. fitOR SALE-A sttlihh RAY noRSE, 16>, HANDS' 1 long mane and tall, perfeclly sound and gentle for the ban.sag or under the saddle. Can ho seen at private stable ho. Ill Weal Eighteenth street any time before 1 A. M. T.10R SALE?VERY DARK BROWN UELDINO, HAM r lltonlsri aud Morgan, 16 hands I Inch: trota In I'M. and very beautifully and powerfully, with great spirit aud en durance. BN"k I'rtrale stable rear 2113 Madison avenue, be tween Thirty-si lib and Thlrty-eeventh ?tr??u>. I NOR HALE?A V SIZE SIX POCKET BILLIARD 1 Table, In private uaa. Address Empire City, 103 Broad way. _ FOR HALE -A HANDSOME new barouche car rluge. made to order In the beat manner, will he sold far below Ita value fnr want of use. Anv person wanting a superior article, at a bargain, can call at private stable 1 8dH Hroadwev. between lhlrty-vevcnth am! Thirty-eighth streets. Price |l,(BO. IROR SALE LOW?POR WANT OP USE. A PAIR OP hands-one llorses, a Breweter Phsalon end Buggy, double aud single Harness. Apply at H6 Ml lb avenue, cor ner of Seventeenth street. FdOR SAI.K CHEAP-ONE BROWN HoRSE. IS', hands high, sound, kind and gentle, about H years old. Also one light top Mngon and Harness Musi lie Sold, in quire of HENRY BOLAND, 10J Wet Twenty-Bret street. For saI.E^-a mark, spring carl and har ne,r. altnnwt new: the itiaiw 1m 6yi-:in old. 151,' hand* high; the hi rue 11 out fiV) two month* ?c>; t?M on w^tint fit')- Inquire til the r-rner of T- nib itreatund Third avenue, in the grocery atnre. Separate or together. FH>R RALE?TWO HAY HOR81S, Id ?f ANHIGH, ? year* vld, unliable for a ruaeh; one brown and on" fjnj Horn*. r uiuMe for coach or wagon: nil Bound ami kind. Aliounf light Wa.'on ind one two ??u do. (UogOart). Ap pl? at 711 Ninth amiiM*. FIOR SALE?A STROWG TKAM OF HON IBS, WITH A new Tru' k and Harur*a; truck bttllt to ride alitf him. dred. AtaO thra? young II ?r>en. one of thexn very itflllh All to be*aold cheup. 61 Watt* it reel. fAOR KALE? A VKRY IIANWW K A Nl> VERY ?tvlf?*ii pair of blA' k iforee*. Hl?'k lliwk?t*ek, long, full laila, ?lv and "l ;hl p*iri old. 15 hand* 3tnehee h i? i. ?otind and kind: ran trot In tour minute* together. Ano on?- pair "f fin if trilled hay Iforr.**, ? l ?fit and nmo year* old. aotnid and k??d and r-rr atyMeli, lft hand ?.1 Inrhe* high: good traveller* The on If rt nron for railing la on ru'i'dwnt of th?? owner hiuriy no further u*? lor them. Inquire lor tltia week at HaltV v t '.atral auth'ea i,4ou 11 road way, earner of Thirty n'ntli street. EV)K SALE- AT BKADLFYw H fAHLRR, NO 13 KAMT I Thirty flrwt street a blnek Home. Ox year* old, wound and a atvhsh dr.vej Sold * lhe owner U rlead TaToh sale-five vert handsome snroNn mvn 1 Koaii Win? f! rliy null ; ?!??? ' ? ? top V got. 'ut Mt'le natd, at low |?n pi Tall it the Wavei, ? Co.u "iin a-u alahlew, 1 3*17 Rnradway, e?/rn?jr of Thirty-ninth rt;?'e?, for one wecV. pOSI |AldK TWO ItAtJTim XtTJ il1 ? 27ft At eal f w 'Il ill aire TjTOR IAIA OHtAP-fOf ETHER OR KRPARATEe A r fine pair of brown Ifor*. * will iHf" ?!' l* ?? 1 thle, and very wivtlah umler th* ddle A r t' y t it' old ?'M ne.v Dumber, Fulton annul. ltro<>klvo nt H. ^i,1atiia' bwery Wlahlo, or at Ul John aire*!, N? w Vi rk, op iUir* t?on salt: riu \r \ trivatf. ti rsopt, ros I atattng <?f o??? dooHfo If am m made by I'u-.ec on ' , ae* limitt Rinuie llarite*r, rhifting lop Wairoi . AJV *? y hk lsrh, Itobi?* llnnkd m, and Hel|?d? all In iwrf.-r- . nler. Hold separately oi i goievir. Inquire oi WM /AKVJd, N? g. hand 11 lloyi atraet. Rmoklyu. JaTOK SAI.K ('HEAP?A CHKJTNI'T If'MMF IV (dK)I? 1 rendition; 1& i.anda, ? ery gentle, feqalrn at 4.C5 K mrMi / IfiVJi KNMHJb f JJUJUhK HI. 4NUI. i"H, Nf H ?V W> ! T Wajfom AifihuUiM^N, Wi|nn C*?v#rn P.wbht r ?*.)??r?, Kft*r>?A<kM. Army ?:iotbii)|r, Ho via. W. A ? AKThli i?i CortUnul ?tr? ?t, n*i?r eh. II ORHKS BOARDED KOR TIIE WINTER Apply lo JAMK- K wjf i.ltTA. R.-yn, / . I. lata year* ui^hdnda, war ranted every way. wld ? ?j.erete ml pilar, at i mill* At Mf 1'onrtn ilieel, I w HORHKN KF.PT TilR'ltJOII THE WHITER ? ADI>RI?S Oecai I,in,Mr* tlreon Village. M rri* ?.i<ty. N. . ur Moreno A I'ariirr, ly) W r?t atncn, N Y. IR PORTA NT TO I AHTMK.V OR TRI'i KMRN.-- EOH rale. ? aplendld bay llor-n ait ?'ir. . Id. Mil har t* ht|th. wngba ? . It i?l, alone built. faal * kar. warranted wnn.I ami kind In ?.<? r> reapaat. A good ltd' ('ran. Apply at ii'i Moti itreet. POSITIVE AimON SAM: THIS DAV IIV MIKKKA Souiarrilv. (M I ?ai fourteenth etreet, a ??ry flna Na poleon *?irr*l Horae; wind. kind and genu* etrry arert lira Iron, <1 t'i |> ile imt; liaa laau lived laa* yeai lor Tamil* uae, and <*JOi training irould rnaka a r#t* fa*l and enduring h'.rar; anld mlj a* hi* owner la leaving tka roiatfy; ni*o Pliart.in, llama**. A". Ran auction bill. PRICE RED! ' E!> TO $*? FOR A FAIR PI RK blood *orre! Marm. lire ?.ar?, IS huprt*. beautiful In ? ly.n at d aplendld driver* Apply Immediately at MM Hri.lg,. at ran i. Brooklyn Road waoov piano root. rt'lA rpring city make, lateal elvle and llolah mill t>a anld at n bargain in.|Ulraal I RANKR'H, eornrr of Nrade and Hod*/)- *tr'eW STABt.K.-PARI OF A NEW 0P OROCND STABLE pi lei at It? Kail Tar a Math atrrri room for two hnr?r? ami una ari.agr Apply el 7K Eaal Nini i? rriik ?Iraal after t r " fflHFCK*, IIORBRA, HARM J AND WORK FOR NALU 1 'brat . ? " arr.Minl ,f other bnainr-a. a g?? d oppur tonlty Itiipilra at 110 Kron' alreet rpwo TRI ' K CXPUEK* OK GROCERY HORMM ? _ "? ' ? *-J? aold ari?rat< t.aar t l.arlea r|*,P HI (M.Y AND NO TOP WAOON fog Ml H AT A 1 great an. rtAce at M< Ma' n*< itAMt o A|,,nio* nrrrl, near Market. ANTED A ATARIF WIIM A<*? OM MOD ATKINS f, m, bortee an I a carriage Addr. ?? dteble, boa No. I I'a-l ? tlirr. UfAMI D TO HIV OFT AN K. 'TABI I' III II LIYF HV Ftabl", in a gi-od lore tint, Addrraa Lurry. Herald ogtn* ______________________ WANTED A CIRCULAR GLASS I R<iNT < AHHIA'.K, It m prl nrOri, I nr.p al Ihn prior a?A'd. Ad-lrraa II la F aUllini A ??" WILL ttff A MOO HHAY MARK NKVER j ? I yra'a old a ,'jrid and kind. At f 't any buor.aaa, ?UM fir ?aat of oar In I irnlturr atorr tftl Pearl atraat (Jil I ft FOR IIORKE. Bl HINENH WAtitiN AND HAR ?pi I ?> MM, all In r" I orilef A -n a ,laat abnn-.g Coarb bai lly aollrd. m ial ba a id before 111 Denembor. Call at Ik, I .a at Seven'.ernlh ?irrrt. r -brown horse, i?i, iiandr, NIT tfark ). I.Id; brown Mara tia yara old. (KM, tha nf a grntlrman; lull oarraale a.oat be cold. Seventh avrnue. diiion -Nt'dT RR SOLD TIIIR WERK. A COM. ?rO' Mr. p rf TumotH; a bay Mar* Svr vearv old thai apiing. ,?n ti d mud- Of Ibrer tnlnu'ra Idl.aoda k gb. eery etynah ; eevy mad*, of W, rgan atnrk e.th a hand a,n,e piano b-? Hind Wagon Oty ma<|e, full aeal nearly new Harnraf Hlar.ket Ml.rrt, Wllp, oai fLXk) two rn mh? ag Can be arm al Ike Watrrlr* ( lomiealoa autblrv I Jk.' Broadway, oornrr ,,f Thirty nlnta atrrrt. tini< I A I. AIITIt KM. VMEETIN'i OK IMF. FIRST WARD I.FMON NWEBT brvlal Ctab will lie t.eld ? a tAadoeaday avanlng, No vember 3P at id W'at'i'ngioii atrrrt, at * ovtort All men. her* ar* r*'|'ie*t-d to nMead. ?a lenin'*a of Iwporkana* will be lirowght Ware loa ? rdttng R, or'rr at JANK.d IKXTON, Preeldrat. Miroaai. Raooae Re ordmg re-otary OrncB or the ati.antic mail htlamnhir t ompaey No S Bawling nr"n Ow *? ri. Nov Id l*?n Hvoririof |be Bar) of plierinr*. am ire la fcnruy llrrt! Uial In , Oi.aeotienre of th* ri-rtion apftdnled In luiva krrn held on Ika nib ? I kovmliar inatanl, not having beeo bald leirvuanl ui tie b appointment to al-Mlon or nine dliert.. ? ol lb ?orrtr,|.*i y and tbr.e l-.vner' ira af the neat ?aeeeadtag election wiU i>e held at lb# olf ? a of tb* eera| any or, Friday the 11 Ah day of January, ltd? at II a'rl>Kk \f Tba lran?|er I noar at the nAee pi tM farmer*' |,*n and Trmt I omt any w II be oioae,! from the Hlh lo tka Itlb ol January lee. The i-ella will ha open from 12 to I o'clock INANKI.IV A 1.1 RN. eerrtlary Tiir mkmrfrn or thr chitr< h or tub re deir pOoa, I aat Pourteoalk atreat art lovltrd In inaei in Ibe reboot r?ioin en t jeaday avei.lng, November if, al S o'rtoea. _______ TUB MERCANTTt.R AOBNCT -PARTIBB COBTRM plaUag aha fee In thrlf toialneaa al lb* nenea maul of tba nr.* year, who d-*lr* M have ih? r timaa and rating* 1 neerta I in lb- forth coming Mim?? H,?,l to i ? piibiiehed In of January will gie.iiy aMlge t y eommual awtlng with th* underaigoa-l aa tally aa pnael'dr R. o lirNN A <:?? UH and ill itmadway. $22 pruprrty if. bevel Ft HMTIIIK. PI IMPTt iN rr.i HFTAr'-V BK.D* I K A I) P'lR B A I.B ? rr'r-t .fin >e*,. ,*? | bill a lh -1 I ma Apply to am In perfr-i odd' baa* u*r. A RKoV. N ||1 l.ibrny al e.t Ijtl'R v ITU It R. C A RPR In, Oil.' IrOTHR, PARI OR AND JT Madrono, suit* I an ' ri't An., al IDDALli A f' OTT'N, ATI and ill llutwm atmet. anroer of t.anni. Paynirr.l rwaairad la weekly or monthly iwymeat* tf pro* iWied. ___ roYAwMT kto'rauk.. ntoIaob. imsAni, ifc; >, apwage f<?, faroHure M,e, y ?.*I o* Fon.l arte wagnaa for w, ivirg I alnli ire - ty r eeweur. I Fwvanlb atraei. a*or ruth aeanaa aS FINANCIAL.. /T SCHMIDT A CO, NO. 1 CHAMBER* STREET? "T. Kum|.ean Bankara and ..Ideal aatahttahed Parcel Kl pieaa b. Oerraaqv. Sight lirnfia leaned >??? !*H attira of Ru rope. Holiday Preeeota for Herman y inuil be delivered to ui before tbe let of December. Vf ONE Y TO LOAN. AT 7 PER CENT. WIT HO I'T DE ill ley. lu large or ainell amounts, on houd and mortgage ou Orel -Leva property In thle city kINO A CO., No. V Weet Twenty-third etrert. Fifth Avenue flotel. 0 PRIOR OP PACIFIC MAIL 8TKAM8UIP COMPANY.? New York, Nov. I#. 1 at*. Notice la hereby given thai the Board of Dlreetora have Ihla day declare.! a dividend of Ave ner oeot out of the net earntuga of the quarter ending October III. payable at the OBI.-.' or the Company on Saturday. December I. The tr .nafer hooka w 111 he cloved Tuesday, November MO, Atlfo ulockP. M.. and reopened Monday, Deoetnber 8. By order of the Board of Dlreetora. TilD<>. r. JOHNSON, Secretary OFFf R PACIFIC MAIL HTKAMSIilP COMPANY, Now York, Nov. I#, I MM. NOTICE TO NTOUEHOLDRMS. Notl e la hereby given Ihnt tbe Hoard of Dlreetora, havli.tr lncrc?-ed the capital Block of the company ptirauant to the art of May I, IhjR, to fNAO'Jo.QflO (of whtcti AdtkW ahar.-a re. main to he iHaited I, have reaerved g.YOUUkkl In oaah o il of the oroQu of the foui-puny for the oligemia* ul the bnaln. a-, and bate declared lnatea.l tliereof to the poraona holding Bin. It on the hooka of thle company at the dosing of tbe trai.af. r bonks dn Tuesday, November 3U, IN>d. at.J odlo, k P. M., a dividend of aut h fib UUU shares nl the a look of thin company aa full paid Block, being noeahareof new atock to every three shares of eviatlng Block. The r<'rttheatre will lie madr fnr delivery on and after Wedoeaduv, January J. lhe/7, at 111" office of the o nnnanv N. II -llu'.deia entitled lo frarttona In llie above dividend will receive a memorandum for llie fraotlnna to which they may be entitled, not carrying lulercator dividend, for which

fraction-,, when prevented IU auOtrlenl amounta, < ertlllcaUiri of atonic will ho la.ued By order of the Board of Dlreetora. TilKG DO R E T JOHNSON, Secretary. fpnn m thai, i LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY ? IK NEW YORK Office oomer of Broadway and I.lberty street. F. S WINSTON, P real dent NOV. I. I Win CASH ASSETS, ?17,3I?,001. HB. Thla.mnpany laance f.lfe, Endowment and I'Ald-i p Polt ctea lu varl ciy forma, avd at rate* aa favorable aa la -onala ?ent with aecunty. DIVIDEND* ANNI'AL AND IN CASH, which may be used lu payment of premium*, or on pnld-iip pollriee aaau animal CASH llfl'OMK TO TIIB ASSURED. Attention escaped b> tile INSTALMENT FNSTUKE, aecur.ng lo :he heneflcla.tea unnnitba fur any number of yeara aKer the death ?f itic aaa-ired HIC HARD A. Mt-Ol ROY, Vice Preeldeirt SflUPPAHD IMMaNM, Actuary SlN-lNUKKH'K MIN1NU COMPANY.?A PIYIDFND of J pet C'tQlvn the capital ilock hai been drclired by the irii ftom lb net ??f the ml'#-, the month ? ? o lober pnvahle Deeenibcr I t>* the ollce of tho cmpnav. Treliefer bonk* cloned from November 26 ft !>*? eeuWrfli l my if. A. RliERKU.L, Ireneurcf? 10 Hi >*4 utreet j, fAllin#* doc tn the city of New York on the tat of r>< ertifo IhOi, w?ll bo | id In Hold by DKKM A VV A t I J ft 33 Fine *tic?" f. No inter* *1 ? au be, allow-d after n..u my of bond. NofWiri 12. 1MW. I] NIO 4 NAVTUATU'N <OMr\ANY. No 9 ,')l!lll Wll J bam <tivei, ,\> .v York, Nor ??> tab ' -Nn dee le hereby #t?en th it Ui? Hoard of bic.tot* oi tk.H company h.ie* thin d.ty d(v[ i.'?l . quarterly dividend of fWo per , ?nt, j ay . do At th? >i v of |t<o . otnp.fcftv ?n and nftai December i> Inn tran'fef bo ?ko will be cliiwd Monday, Uift 2tii < lit*1! nu i remain? .^..,1 until December 5. lb ?nl**i of the Itourd of iMntetM-v Jt>H. H. ill Al'.MAN ."secretary ItANKPP I AND DP! A DRUM OUt F KN VI I. S T fiTOHKX AND ?'oMl >VXl) INTKIU>m I' NDTRH 1 UMNO I'KliT.M. Nmr Son*. Nov, H* Paffjut I Buy iNell ! in*# i Inn iHWl'I'j'n' Inno, UW K N <\.i,|>- i ?i :ta*. ii 5-U1 ltf*l (ami. ?<, I-?> * 0/ .. 1 ,mg i ( Noi?,'ill j, I'M. v.no.tmn. <? i ?? I'liii/, 4.1. .'M ma -it* : f yi<". ipori fti ir ,io. . a...;. ?!. ... m ii ,ii4i: St*-' '<??{ ? ? (A i. '17 I'l.i, .In i,i |i;- . Il'?2 MMV <V>. ?.?? l-w pan, l|?. do, .ill. ||. 7 in* hn*-,?i"rr.i | ? in ,,-i.,/. .i.i i>.,in . in", lOfilaOpon ???', I'l '' t i ' <7,i i' ; | ,ii ' IH.' <!?-! I 140', |?k l-(.|i, .1., '1*l| I'XK,' 110 A , *1. t .1' .1' . . ,11 df, ^ - pm , 7 'niMOWiAi on MoRTuvn. i nt a TI:um ?PI.i'I'O ofya.rr I. ' I I lHIII'lt, HA'.! l.a.t II. umoii tfcoo 4>iu\ i i Mi-iMorsrv hhi s iiR.Kvr ^?)?) ?H"f, Bounty Hoods; $! W and $1 fU>, ? it. f*/4 am. lUfc); coupon* dun Mart! 1. For *4 ?? ly TllOMAH *1 WTl/N,** Broa.tway <&1 7 1 Hi Mfc l4> *-<>** ??N HONT> AND VORT V I j;ife on real cub* In *hbi "ity or ID< * lyr. .JOHN k ? ??NPI.V na U'atl utroot, room So, fj, I A/Ufc TO f ?i A N rs NIMH r<> HUT. f)M V* " " " * New York ical estate; **j per ? a/it of tab uatloi r? r md r?o i ? ho. ? lUkl.M I W fM IM, HI rina atic#*, b.%4rr. ?n* KIIMK I VN AUfVK OK r ILK NT I AKTNl R WiTII Iboi, fO ?ako a half Ir. A re? v ia' ? pat-td ! profitn, many order a. A J?i i j f. fkk HoKu'wii", nwm \?.kvru;*MN M'ifontH miom %!<'?#) ro$i4iiH at hp* cootn 'id wmh'* a?tb? r ? s pariurr or I <Hb*rwf?** tn a ??f' ?*n<9 profitabta n ? i>i?iy anawara } from pro. lp? % a > ; h aa < . . prodn o ??trta<ly ' mi. laas i*fa?? n ? ? will b? (lottaad. tdd?"*n< np!ff*ii ?, iD rald "ffl? ?? A PAKfsUt vt ,NTFt> IN r?lh MAKKKf HI *1 iiM*. wl'h a ? *?#)i ( i*j itai ? f f M* AdPire?# for three I Jaye. Wa-kr? ?f?ra d f. e IOM 2HU I. 1HA r|9K tWDRJUU INRD fIA V K -.1 1 rm*' 1 a < f ortoerabip *? r ibe pur( ?**? if trn',M?> Hop a bank If an bat ee and . ? rtntaakfi l-ueitie^a, no.ler tha linRof 'MiiM M 1 in A i' i , Si. 1 ?nd ft K I'arir. Fran r J A M f J W. TU? KFH BIlWAHII ii ANDHFWb VUpreaei.tad t f I nA^N W ANDKF.W P, Wafttilnptoii alreei, Hoaton. PAHTNF R WF.rH> IN A h AWb. Ah l> V KUV PHOF'T | AU.?o*t?h me' fartti'lnp f. .ilf.ni aJri .idy e?*ah1Uti#<i. A *"han^e nrld *n ff'-red A| j.lf t'iMUf)DI A ' fl . 4A l'?ne New V *k ? .o ' 1 ?o |r, fthtaF. at tlie ?kferi.au. '2MQ Fulton itrw l, Iff"*.# lyn |>ARTWPK B anTFD WlTff f ROM ftIO WW TO fAO AUU I nuptial to ?'*> ??t a boil e*? Jr, which tl.er. i? no rtab of lr.a? ?nd who h f) -rtafie* n; t wh#'i yfeto r%i b **'ne?? Ja dapreased kddr. ?? S h *** . Herald oflf ?? * OARTkMH WA ? r f IV IN IMF. NPWNPAPKK PHI Ml X lop ii.d f*ib! "'.'f.K bu* '.***, An eipewi?<ed man, with frwn $1 A o o. may addr* ?? Ret rlnf Par inn , l-oi IfiXi Herald pAItTNKI ft^TRO-m A WAT,I I" T WM! PAT I llif ofHfe Mtaineer Addree H.- n, (V Frankfort Houie. Frankrori ?r TIIP r,ATf FIRM )F WARD AO ANTON in THI* DAT J ! ll? f .tHre boe'ricet will b# tamrd ??n by | tho timlermpi.ed, t?i whom ad de* ta dti* ?M firm m ill ptM ?' * --y Nbw Tout Kortmtaf 21, H'AMTIIi an FNKRHKTK? VAN with NO MR ma"i? ?? a M?e pirtfwir In an eat^bttahed boaterm Apply to I it Ml H* 11?>N, W4 Broadway, r m No. I WAMTPD A PAKTMMR. WITH fWr? To f 1 Bin 11 A liant ?? . ufw* '?ric,tf tai?me*a; onteft mabnt, tarfa Apply to hi -Iftl.D A ' ?? l"i *lK ?? t*?or? ?%"+%. ?h?ra the art . ie tail, be al.oarn and bualneoa eipialaod llTAMfn P? tTKMBM?Afl PARTMFB, fS/IB Tti fl fd far !*i It, or taari ifaetarltm or n.me otb#f food pavroi| liti?l-.n? ? ? ?'ef t-man e raferen ea ?i?Uft|? |. A?fdrea? atat of p-?rtk tare K W II lleraH "fli?a. WAMTF.f> - AMP APABTMRIi, IM A DIN IU ? i? * ? la Ui III HM NH OPPOHTI MITIKM. A Lb OOpT> OPPO MTU MITT FOR AMY PARTY WITII ??iMP *ut m-hMt '?> J -id the adrortfaer in Ui* manufa* t?ir# of a r.ew pater.' b>t*era it'rw ready for cfr*u(atu,n, a ?ore fort" ' ifi or adireaa HiUera, 76 Ma*?a<i atreet, room Mo. 4 rear b Jidiof AW V IT \ P. ARM Fin KtF.Ni P |V |l tat and r^au rant b- aineaa. haetnt a cNipBti aet ?,f Hotel Turn lure, A ad h?w wtahea to meet with a fetill# m?*r? Lat.ng rneana and ? me otperten<e ir? hotel r 1 , rd Iftf hum 4,1 WH ?. n(, *,jdr?M T II B , b", 13* Inff..? f'.r tbfgg <(?,? 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NOV ?7 MAOAMR OTTILIR tlKMHR In four different chamoici a' ? lii Nan der Tanti'iitcliU torn New York. In Kabale unil l.tebe In der Theater Oafderobe. In Ornwmiuttarolien nnd I'nknl. In P.wel Ill-ante, odcr Audi nnd Land lobe. In lehdariuil, Hulwer'e Knaeud Aram, irniialuted by I. Re I la tab. /WURMAN THAI.IA TIIKATItK Ijr BU ItIU)ArHV%Y OFPO-HTK NT. NIOHOLAH HOTEL, TUP-DAY. NOVKM BP It ft, lRWh DIE IIOOHSIKITHKKIMK. RATAPLAN. KH. K H CONWAYR I' MtK TFHfATRF, BROOKLYN. IIIIM P.V KNINtl, MUN. 1). I'. HoWPItN aa LAOY AI'PI KY. aaalalad bv MR .'. I' Mit'OLlAIM aa ROBERT AI'PLKV TIIWRKDAY-OltANO WAT1NRB?ICR WITt II DOOtVOIirn HALL MM BROADWAY. THHKHD4Y, NOV. 'Jd iTIIaNRHII I VINO DAY I AT 2 P. M. BSTRA PKIttORMARCK OP TIIK KB NOWNRD lLI-l'SluNIHT M. HART* "THE MYHTF.RV " '? THb MYRTF KY " A 111 M IN HE til FLOATING IN THR Allt, Aeit oilier Mlrarlea will he performed. TOMORROW, WKDNKHDAY, NOV 28, BUI STY KIOHTII HKaN'R Ne.ita aeenred ali dava In advance at the Rnll, from a till I ??TIIK MVhit .IV." TIIK MYNHHY ? A IllWsN HEAD FLOATTNO IN THK AIR ?tint other Mliaolea every nieht. TIChKTH MV It'lhERVI (I HEATH 81; can I* aee ,rwd al Ihe FlrlF from ft till 4 Dnore oiwn at . 'A ; ? nmnn- - e -t H. SATURDAY. MATINKEATS CIHLPBRR 1AI PRIOR /t'iiaRL IV WIIITK'R TKOI'PK \j NICHTLY rilKONOKIl WITH HKAIFTY AND F .SIIION. The fa lira Milv NC'IptM WITH DH.UIIIT al tbla Reaiitlfol ' 'o in Moat Ion of Si hi rnnenl at Hry.aut'a Mi ? ha no a* Hall, 4".2 Hroadwu*, near flrand r.lreet. I.aHT \vI 111 ?f PKMAf.K ' I i li I.AHT tV Pi K of F'b MAl.i: i'I. Pits - l.aSTtVKKK of I PMAt.K l.'I.KKK-t. Tlie ynien or ?on*. KVA It8T NT, The One.u ,f H.... IIIK 0 It If AT IT II lOI'I A N i onhOLIDaITON, hi ... ta of Pun. I HANRHOIVf NO DAY- MAflNRK At TV O'CLOCK. TH ANKHOIVINO DA Y-M ATI VP P at at^ D'OLoi K K I.I.I V A l.tnlfH MIN-TM 'tf.M, ?)*i BROADWAY Tiiori-od a aor< i * ?>' the nen hill. I he won lerfnl I. con. T>? .(.nnttvrla The wonderful I.I- - >V T. r( a.idinrean ait t The woniti... f ol I.K' N Trajpe i.rtiat. Th. i. ..i I a ? i on.. too hl'itlN K LI. FY, l8?peii. to I.I \IHO. anil bnrli a i'?, In lial.et PAH lip I. AI ft. iiimI ti.i?. In TAMINii T'lK BQTTRRPT.Y. fti.il I IIIK 1'iilH OHM AT ilOVKDIANH, and A i nio oy of Mo.a'rela un. qo.tiled. SA VI I" - i' PI; If A UAI'RR?r ATK ODKOV B'o'o Do. il It. Ilotl-lar week Onaii'l ehnnfM of [Ih*r.... phtal i 1 . i - - * Mrih Horn, ii, I *v Mi and Mr foe,- - ? Qnei-n Wh h N..rtnn. iri . I. .1 1 of i .? ? A'la. Ilao.aa, Ae tfntlo'e Thank.firing o at 1 o'i rpoNY PA 11 ON t OPIIIA Lot i'I.', 101 IIOWKRY. 1 Itrtloanl. .1* oleo n I nnni-tOfre.} en he-- nf in i it I UN OK YHIPHI'IIBoR Pn.tin ' j.-than a- i dohi. 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TIIP llll aTKI'.* (il'l.kAM form-ta Ard plana* rf I.?n >r,ii,l f.,r ? r a. .1 cr< >ia-l (or ai r I P*t II. ?.train* al I'.n '? * A - x?n a '1 a uri-iKi in Kirr oppf>i it' 'birk'-rlfiA A a., x' a f..*i,., *ai. ai* AI.U Pf .*4*ajr, (riamn H.n*. a?r a. 1 11 y r Ml ?ll Up. < THE rni T H? Of' Ala % 1 T 4 1 N M ? * T ?? ? ?? ? % fr # rr; .ro I'll" I' 'r ft"* ?d.i#f ? ftlhtwUnri ii? ? f. ?% ? fftaltimrf or ni? r?ftr*?'i * h l.pu i ?}r#4 A tJUir -? m ?r . n? i ?pCa*. \l IIMI' AMU I AM* 1A A V OP I.I tMMI*i| T1IP rianofmla Plfli rnl.la a ia-a t A4-I'*ia Km Mtalt'.i. A. 1| nit all art \rn f I unit Alio OR AI to |a At MRP HIT TO P.MTP It I lain an ri.iaf*ir>aM a'-h an t .*'?*'. ,*l l.|A? jn I I. ,nrt. I k'. l A .ji.ia ? Il .1 1tal. l1 * 1| <14 r i?M A A T THE n AffOff Aid c<?**imY4T<?m or * *l?\ <u V a? * I a ' ! * * -? I t ' ?*' t#n&ft $10 i 0?i ?#rt? r/ leturi j ? ? 1t*+ J iUb iiU ! i*W ofNTi hia* wiLtdOiTK imiTftCf 1 to* os mr ftl t for $IA '1 l*U' Uf t!'*? 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