1 Aralık 1866 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 2

1 Aralık 1866 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 2
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imtTiom w AWP-wiy*^' ? ~pRB8SMAEEH wants sbwino fob TOUR PATS (o Ui wwk in private families. JjllHN A YOUNO LADY WIB HHSAM TUhTIOM I*> gtpzzsr 7 B. B.. station F. OOLORRD OIRL DBSIBKS A SITUATION AS chambermaid, mwiirmor plain cook. Call at S8 i at., eeoood floor 1 A OC A eh A WIDOW LADY WI8UBS A SITUATION AS HOUSE kaepar or to attend upon an invalid; no objection to so In the country; boat of rofarenoo given. Address'? Waal 90th at. . 171 ATOUNO WOMAN WISHK8 A SITUATION TO DO general houaework; good city reference; no objootion to tba country. Can be seen for two day* at >1 Charles at., IB tha rear. a SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOU NO WOMAN, AS A ohamberinslJ and seamstress: oan out and flt chil dren's dreaaaa. Call at 111 39th at., bet wean Broadway and Tth ar. RKSPBOTABLS YOUNO OIRL WANTS A 8ITUA . tlon to do general houaework In a private family. Seat t referanoea If required. Apply at 180 Kaat SStla at., llrat A BBS PBOT ABLE OBRMAN OIRL WI8HE8 A SITU A A. aa chambermaid and waltreaa; re/erenoe given If re quired. OallatSdS Boat Honaton at., aacond floor. A first class dinner oook wants a situa. Uon in a hotel or reatauranu Apply at 41 Suffolk at, Hoar Grand. A SITUATkoK WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE QIBI Iron in reapeotable family;m A to oook. wub nod Iron in ? reipuctitbu riXDilj; food Hfarenoa If required. Call at MS Waat 64lh at., between 8th ?iid tth are. M LADY OF BZrBBIBNOB DB8IRKS A SITUATION aa housekeeper; ezpeotatloua moderate If tbo comfort, hoa^a oan be raallaad. Addroaa Mr a. Louisa Gordon, BIOHLY RESPECTABLE YOUNO LADY OF BDU cation and roflnemaot (Germau Jewess), only n few aa lndy'a o oaths Tn thla oountry, wiabea a alt nation aa lady't. ulon In a reapeotable Jewish family; would make heraelf rally useful; aal >ry leaa object than a good homo; refer i given. Apply at P. Stein's, 67 Warreu at. SITUATION WANTED-BY A OERMAN OIRL, IN a prlvata family, as good oook and wasbor and lroner; I reference. Apply at No. 9 Stanton at. In the roar. A SITUATION WANTBD-BY A OERIfAN OIRL. AS class _ (Imt olasa oook tn a private family, restaurant or ho ; good reference. Apply at No. 9 Stanton at., In the rbar. A RK8PRCTABLB YOUNO OIRL WANTS A SITUATION J!l,e* chambermaid or waitress and to do plain sewing. Can be seen at present employer* a 196 Weal 18th at., near 7th av. SITUATION WANTED?BY A NEAT. TIDY, PRO _ tentaut young girl, to do general housework; Is lond ?hlldren, Haa good reference. Call at 306 17th au, be m Oth and 10th ava. RESPECTABLE OIRL WANTS A SITUATION A8 cook, washer and lroner, or tu do general houaework, WV?. WtMUUI RMWI et 110 West 17tb at. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE WO J\ man. aa oook, In a prlvata faintly. Has good refer enda. Call at 10 Clarkaou at. SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE . young woman aa cook; understands all kinds of Eng land American cooking; beat of olty reference. Call at West 16th at., In tba rear. A WET NURSE'S SITUATION WANTED?BY A ft healthy young married woman, with a freah breaat of hllk. who haa lout her own baby. Can be aeon at 36 Stan on at., second floor, front room. SITUATION WANTED-BY A HIGHLY RESPECT able young woman, aa nurse; can take entire charge rromlu birth. and feed ft by the bottle, or would growing ohiidreti; la a good seamstress; good Call at 3)1 Wast 38t!i W., top floor. pOPYINO WANTED-BY A LADY. WHO WRITES A ~tlaln, bol 1 "? ,A street. V plain, bold business band. Call on or address Copy, 19 Loroy atrei fi^OUBE&BEPER.-A MIDDLE AOED ENGLISH L widow lady desires a situation with a private family; uld not objeol to take charge of a motherless family. Ad droaa Housekeeper, boa 4.6*0 Post ollloa. tJOl OU8BKBBPXR.?AN AMERICAN LADY 18 DB alroua of the above position In a-boarding houee, hotel IVate family , hus_ lou? experience and tfrst_olaas city Venose Address Mrs. L. S., box A, Herald office. SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE OIRL. P aa Laundress; no objeotlon to oook, wash and Iron; call far three days at Ml 16th at. Beat of city refersnoe given. SITUATION WANTBD-BY A RESPECTABLE MAR. rted woman, aa wet nurse. Haa a fresh breaat of milk ?Rd lost bar baby. Call till suited at 630 Waat Wth at. QITUATION WANTED?BT A RESPECTABLE YOUNO p woman, aa wet u'.trae. Call at 198 Jay at., Brooklyn, tor two daya, between 13 and ? o'clock P. M. w ANTBD-BY A COMPETENT PERSON, A SITUA Men aa aeamstrtsa and chambermaid, or would take obarge of au Invalid lady, or young grown ladles; haa no ob ?to tba oountry; baa tba bast of referenoo from her i?oUon Mai plaoe. Oan be tees by calling at 149 Waal 4th at., third Poor, front room. w ANTED?BT A LADY OP TEN YEARS' EXPE rienoe, a situation u nurse to an Invalid lady or gen a. Bast of references aa to ability eud character Would A4dw"for on' f*7 ANTKD-THB WABHINO AND IRONINO OP A YY reapeotable ? family, by a highly respectable young svoman who can do up all atyfaa of gentlemen's linens and ladles'floery: oily rafsrsnoes; will do the above at her own residence sad Will perform work welL Apply at 931 7th av., third floor. ANTBD-A SITUATION AS COMPANION TO A JfAjj to ronutntaUha city or go abroad, br a young " 4- ? ? 4- " * * li Boston ' wbo U iaccu atomed to tbo boot society In Boston?one who la highly adueatsd and oan apeak aeraral languages; tha boat of reference given and required. Addroaa E. M. W., Boston, Mass ANTBD-BY A BESPEOTABLB SCOTCH PROTEST YY ant girl, a situation to oook, wash and Iron; no objec tion to do general housework; la a most excellent house gper^Christian family preferred Oood olty raforence. w East 13th at, between av. A aud 1st av. ??r ANTBD-A SITUATION, BT A BBSPFCTABLK girl, but seven months In the country, to do YT young girl, but aevan months In the coui general housework In a small family, or to do up stairs work In a private family; la willing to make herself generally useful. Call for two days atl97 av A. ?ya WANTED-BY A YOUNO WIDOW, A SITUATION TO do the general work of a house, < - ,whera aha oan have with her her lllUa girl, aged Ave years; wages no object. Call at bar present employer's, 13 Summit St., Brooklyn. TXTVT BURSE.?A LADT DRSIRBP TO PROCURE A TT situation for a wsl nurse. Apply to Mrs. U.. No. ? Wil tew st.. Brooklyn, whsre lbs nurse on bo sscp this day. flrAKTED-BT A TRUSTWORTHY WIDOW, WITH NO TT our*, s sltustlou AS rook or houaekeaner In s hotel or boarding houss. oan superintend a large place. In city or luntrr. The eery best of rsrarenos. Apply at No. I Union mrt, university place ? r ANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, A PEW nUWen's Sr femill is' washing; the W ftnll&idn't Fr famfllu' washing; the best of (Ins washing and French fluting iloue, and best " Can be seen at her home. DUO East 2Uth it. HELP WAHTKIN-FKIHAI.RI. AT THE female employment office, dm third arenas, eorner of Hlrty-flrst street, girls wanted for general house wort; also cooks, sanmeireasoa, laundry and ohatiibermalds. Nono need apply eicept well recommended. a family livino in the country, want two As. Protestant women; one at oook, washer and Ironar; Ui* other as ohamberutald sad waitress. Apply at No. I Ferry St. A LL FAMILIES WANTINU GOOD 8ERTAMI# AND A first olass cooks, laundresses waitresses, Ac., Immedi ately. slso good I lei men help. At the Nations! Employ, mont Institute. 106 ttth sr., near Sthst. ? FIRST CLASS MRAT COOK WANTED?FOB A hotel; good reference required. Apply et US ldth it., weet of Broadway. YjMRST CLASS DREM AND CLOAK MtKKRS WANT. P ad Immediately None hut g mj hands need apply at IT Cllaton place T aDNDRESH WANTF.D ?SIIR MOST TtK FlRST CLASS. ,1J None other need apply ai !Ot Woat rid et, between the pour* of t and II A. .M. Balm day. tl'ANTHD-A GOOD COOK. WITH CITY RRFERRN TT cee. Apply at lM West J6th st, near Broadway, from Flo 11 ffAlyjr-A TOUSO^RENCII OR OKBMAN UIRL . . ? ? light ohamberwork and lake oare of a boy Are Fears old; no objection to a widow. Apply at Leiingtuu nr., our door* from (Md et WANTED?A TOUNO OIELTO DO OENRRAL HOrgR. work; one that can oook, waah and Iron. Also a girl to do ohamberwork and take oare of a baby. All el hit) ;w it WANTRD-A NURSE AMD CHAMBERMAID; CITY refcreooee required. Apply at W Waal Illh st, from ID to II o'olock. WAMTFD?A WOMAN WHO CAM WASH AND IRON and do plala family oookh*. Apply at 1W>? 10th ar . near Md et, brown front Ten ttth st ED-FIRST CLAM WAIT1EM: ALBO A OOOD stress and toaeaTst la waiting, those understanding other need apply. M w ANTED?A ? IIAMNF.RMAID AND LAl'NDRKrtft; one who thoroughly tto<j4?rat*n<l? bar builnaia, non# mMr ** Htf rafareocaa ra^lrad Apply |t M wett from In to II A. M. JANTBD?BXPBRIENCBD MUFF FlNtSBBRS, AP ply to A I Stewart A Co , Broadway, entrance on Mtu'.h street Vi'ANTED-A PROTESTANT OIRL FOB LIOHT tt ' hern'ierfrork siol to laSectre of a child, on# who oan do p ain sewing preferred Call at MP West Mlb st WTANTED?A FIRST RATE jrOMAM, 0OOE EOI wssa ? ?' " Iboroughly understands lbs b sPD1* at L S. Rsataursnt. coraar Fulton W A"R,M*" OIRL, TO COOK WAS1I A f '??*?' Apply nt IM 1 capable ano INTELLIGENT ui ?f Et tfi Ptiw?ii t end 12, Una tn tralng. Oorotf WANTED-TftM SERTICRS OF \ MIDDLE A(? raspootabls woman, id a prW faliur m lady In taking charge bf the heme end genre, willingness and uapteeptlonabl* r? Address bog S.WD Post oMoe, with nam ?Does, Aa^ an IntwTlaw frful be girso. wagss and IATKMH WA1TTKP? alTWATttMMM IMC Ebi I nonblect at first haaflret class referenoe. Call oa or I Employment, 1? Leroy street. OITUATION WANTED?BY A YOUNO HAN, AOKD M, S uMdar to a wholesale store; can write, understands ?sure, the oara of horses, Ao. Would make himself saner afir useful Best reference. Call for four days at 111 Var tok ,"?top floor, front room, for J. Rotlly. rtrrUATIONB WANTED-POR two youno Germans S onafarm. Apply to or address 0. A A. Lauge, 100 Bar play st. TTTANTED?BY A YOUNO MAN WHO UNBKR8TAND8 TP his business, a situation as bartender Good recom mendations. Address J. 8. bartender, box 807 Herald oflloe. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG MAN, AB barkeeper; understands his business thoroughly: can sire good reference as to honesty and sobriety. Address Palter, Herald ofloe. OOACHM]BN AMD GARDENBRI, A COACHMAN WAI?W~A8I'r0ATION; THOROUGHLY A understands hts business and has the best of olty ref erence for sobriety and oapabillty. Address B. 8., box 810 Herald eMse. CLERKS ANI> SALESMEN. A N EXPERIENCED SALESMAN WANTED FOB THB J\. hat and fur buainosa. Apply at MM Grand St., WU Uamaburg. A YOUNO MAN HAVING A THOROUOH KNOWL A edge of dry goods, now acting as a bookkeeper, would ttko te oonneet himself with a Mo. I house. Address Safety, hog 188 Herald offloe. A N INDUSTRIOUS. COMPETENT CLERK WANTED J\. Immediately, in a quirt offloe business; must take #180 to $880 Interest) salary (1W per week. Apply at IU td ar., room No. 1 SOOKKBKPKR OB CASHIER.?A COMPETENT young man Is open for an engagement now or on the of January. Beat of references. Address Bookkeeper, station A. Spring st. 2RUO CLERK WANTED IMMBDIATELY-A BE npnetnble. competent and well educated young person, st give good rsierences. Inquire nt 4M Grand sit, Wil llamsburg. PUBS.?AN AMERICAN LADY OP EDUCATION AND oulture. with sums ssperlenoe In business, would like n position as saleswoman In n fur atore; good references given for responsibility. Address L. Hudson, station P. Hosiery, yankbb notions and white goods. An old establlahed house, newly organized on n more extnnalre scale, will make liberal arm ugements with two ao ttve talesmen who oau poaltirely oontrol a large trade of their own; uons others need answer. Address box 4,448 Post ofllce. THE LEATHER TRADE.-WANTED, A SITUATION as salesman or bookkeeper; has an aaperleooe of 14 rp> years, and an extensive acquaintance with tanners, manul facturers anil dsslern In Pennsylvania and other,Slates; Brat oiasa refereuoo. Address Excelsior, box 8,8^8 Nejr.York Post Tw, W. O FIRST CLASS DRY OOODS SALESMEN WANT nd?At 843 Greenwich st. "MFANTED-A BOOKKEEPER AND THREE TRAVEL Tv ling intent*, well recommended, for a bouse In Phila delphia. Adores*, enclosing red stamp, for this day only S. B. A Co., Herald ofllce. WANTBD-BY AN EXPERIENCED BOOKKEEPER, a situation in a banking house or broker's offloe. Ad dress R., box 1108 Herald ofllce. YXTANTRD?A SITUATION, BY A YOUNO MAN, IN Tv some wholesale or retail business, as elerk. or any other oaparlty where by attention to business he may gaiu advancement. Address J. K , box 190 Herald office. YET ANTED?IN A WHOLESALE YANKBB NOTIONS TP house, s first class Ohio salesman. Address, with re fsreqoes, Dowd, Baker, Whitfield A Co. WA.MTED-A YOUNO MAN WHO UNDBBSTANDS Tv double entry bookkeeping, to take assistant oashier shlp. Ao., of aoountry bank. He should be able to deposit ?S.OOO or 84,00011 required, Address In own hand Banker, Herald offloe. WANTBD-BY A YOUNG MAN WHO HAS BEEN ohief olerk In an offloe, a situation aa oterk In an In surance. real estate, express, or law ofllce, bank or commis sion house, or In any similar capacity. Can deposit security. Address T. B. B., Herald olllce. ANTED -A OROOERY CLERK AT 188 1ST AY? COR Mr of lltb st. w HELP W ANTED?MALBS. AGENTS WANTED?IN ALL PARTS OF THE UNITED SutM, to sell "The LI res of the Presidents/' a new work, by .'ohn 8. 0. Abbott, the greet hietorlen. The work te floaty Illustrated, complete to one volume, end reed/ for subscriber*. The author, the theme, end the elegant et/le la which It ie Issued. combine to render It one of the beet hooka for Agent* ever publlahed In this counter. Reclusive territory mar be secured by eddresslng B. B. Russell A Co., Tehllshcrs, Boston, km. Agents wanted. For the Unld Medal Sewing Machines, In every elty end count/ In the Union. The least complicated two threed me chine In the world. Address A. F. Johnson A Co., SM Wesh Ington St., Boston, Mess. Agents wantbd-a new article, kvebi mer chsn. Is e buyer; smell eepttal required. Address, with stem/, boi ISO flernesrllle. Ohio. A GENTS?MALB AND FEMALE. ftO PER DAT A eeslly msde. la e dty or travelling; nay pert of the world. Samples Dialled 96 cents. PONBONBlctf. 78 Nassau Street, oflloe No. 8. AN AMERICAN BOY, 14 YEARS OLD. WANTED FOR en officet must reside with hie parents or friends, end ooine well reoommended. Address bos 4,669 Post oflloe ? All desiring situations call this day at 61 Chembers street. Bookkeepers, ooprlste, grocery, dry goods, drug clerks, porter, welch men, oonduotors, brake men, ooechmen, welters, bertenders. Boy wantrd?17 or is years old. to one who oan sire the beet reference e good end permanent situa tion 1* offered. Address M. B. J., Herald oflloe. B or wanted-who understands photographs, et 110 6lb sr. Canvassers wanted?to sell tub improved Folding Poeket Lectern. Very light, strong end durable; oan bo folded end carried In ibe pocket or trsrellng beg with safety end convenience, occupying Ibe space of e cigar case, end are opened end closed as readily. They oouteln (whether open or ofoeed) matches end extra oandlea, end, being always ready for use, ere moat appreciated In the greatest emergen eiea. Prices:?No. I. $1 eech, (Including two csndlea;)No. S, "t cents eaeh, (Including three nsndles. j Additional candles, (pure sperm.) No. 1, $1 per lb.; No. 3, $ 1 S6 per lb. Liberal discount to daalers and oanraaeers. Send for samples. JULIUS IVKH A CO., 49 Maiden lane. N. Y. Manufacturers of Ires' Patent Lamps end dealers In Kero sene goods generally. IJNBROETIC AGENTS WANTBD-TO INTRODUCE AN U article of rare merit and Urge demand; exclusive sale tuaranteed for towns and onuulies. Great Inducements. IS Naeeeu St., room No. 7. HO FOR DIXIE.?AOE NTH WANTED SOUTH AND North. Rotutlful Works of Art. Commission or salary given. KELLOGG A HTONKR, W Beekmau street, M. Y , suit 154 South Clark atreet, Chlcego. rrwn OR THREE SMART MEN WANTBD-TO HELL A 1 new article for looping np ladles' dresses. To men with front $14 to $*> (for security >, good Inducements will be given. W. KMOHT, Jr., corner of Second uvenue and Twenty-second all set. WANTED-CANVASSERS TO SELL RELIGIOUS and nstlonel pictures: good wagas and steady employ ment; good reference, inquired Appljrat 3U7 Hudson St., N. Y , or et S10 Atlantic at. Brooklyn. WANTED-AOENTS, $160 PER MONTH, EVERY where, male and female, to sell the genuine Common Sense Family Hewing Machine, the greatest Invention of the age. Price fli Every machine warrauted thtee years. Addiese Bcc.imli A Co , Cleveland, Ohio. TXTANTKD? A FOREMAN IN A RAILROAD STABLE) TV none need apply unless thoroughly oompetent.. Ad dress A., but 1,497 Poet office. TXTANTED-A YOUNG MAN TO MAKE HIMSELF TV useful In e bouse luralanlug store. Apply at INI 6th avenue. WANTKD-A STOUT, ACTIVE YOUNG MAN. WHO understands the care of horse* an 1 lo drive; must know the any well. To aave trouble nana need apply with out the heat oily reference at .161 Grand st. WANTED?A MAN (MARRIED) TO TAKH CARE OF herena sod oowa. Apply to J. Myers, before li loou, at No. 6 Astor House WANTKD-A BOT TO HOLD IIOR9E AND DRIVE, do errand, and mako himself useful. Apply et north west corner 60th ?t. end 4in i WANTBD-A YOUNG MAN IN A BUTCHER'S SHOP; on* who undersiande cutting up meat* end la willing to engage lor moderate wages, may apply el 176 Myrtle nr., Brooklyn. WANTED?HOTEL PORTER. THREE SMART WAIT TV er*. time-keeper, skipping olerk aud e good penman. AS R. oadwsy, room S'u. 6. WasTED.-A STEADY BUSINESS MAN WHO UN TT darttands the lobbing trade and can loan hi* employs* $1 MO ?i $4,000 wall secured, can have a euod altuaMun aud good ?> at y Address Situation, Her- Id floe TVANTRD-A Bot, ABOUT 14 YEARS OF AOE, TO TT wait on s labia sod make himself useful. Cell at north east oorner of lid at and IQth av. WABTID-TWO YOUNG MEN; OUT DOOR WORE; |I6 per week; timekeeper end oolored waller. Ill Nas sau *1.. room No 9. WANTED?A SMART BOT, IS TO IS YE A IIS OF AOE, Who understands opening oysters end waning en table; a Gsi man preferred it* , ? ANTED?AUK NTH TO CANVASS RELIGIOUS AND national MMNR Appiy si -hiu lludaon at w WANTKD-A MAN To ATTEND TO THE OR NTS' water sloeeteal the Fifth Avenue Hotel, en elderly men |>refeirod. Inquire of the need porter. Fifth Avenue WANTED-AN AOTIVB SORER and INDURTRIOUi man to drive a horse end wagon and keep simple as counts. Address, with tret elaee reference*, Monk, Rsrald office YXTANTED?A FIRST CLASS OY6TRRMAN; BEST OF TV rsferwnee required. Apply toil Perry, mi Aveetie Heiel. between 10 end n A. M. W*'?T?D-A TOUNO MAR TO ATTEND ON TaBLEB TV in en oyatw atloon. Apply Mite elock ei ?; Oieeaf M4?|23^ el v?rv low prleee. Is et A. I Beet Btghlsielh ttreaa, near MMarxst.First. ttt.All S^Tart'ATStxH 3!i POUnOAL. if a. special mrrtW of' A, Union General OoaStiNe* held m Broadway, on WsdneadM avenlng. mm I^Ts-uggraB^- j*. for Comptroller u one that commends Iteelf to the support of ell (food cltizena, end we earnestly cell on voters of all claeeae and organisations who (ever municipal reform to gtre him their hearty support. _ AMOK J. WILLIAMSON, Chairman. Ww. DavnaoKo, ( ... Cuxj. 8. dntoao. j > C11A8. 8. BPBNOBR, _ I vies Chairman ROBBRT L. DABKAOH, I T1?* "halrmoo. SufClAia Touibt, Treasurer. WALDO HUTOHINB, Chairman Ex. Com A NTI-RINO AMD TAXPATBR3' CANDIDATB. FOB ALDBBMAN, FIFTH DISTRICT. WAKD. At a mertino of tub mozart hall convex Uon, held at 48 Monroe street, on Friday evening, No vember M, THOMAS SHIELDS was unanimously nomi nated as School Trustee for the Seveuih ward. EDWARD KELLY, Chairman. Jeans Hirrua, Secretary. ^rd bvtt "no ff-UMl, endoSt,'oUS^ln5 ???<* ZStduZZ? ? laOMAtUwLMtM. Seon^UryR,<H' UaVI?AM, PrMdi^*' At a meeting of thk united democratic Club of the Slzteenth ward, held at Heller's. 191 West Seventeenth street, ou Friday evening. November 80, the following candidates were unauimoualv endorsed:?For Comptroller, Rlohard B. Connolly; for Alderman, Ninth Al dennanlc dlstrlot, Sixteenth ward. Wm. W. it wens; for Couneilmen of the Sixth CounoUmanlo dtstrlot, eom prlslng the Eighth. Ninth, Fifteenth end SUUenth Wards, Patrick lllbney. frm. Lamb. Pater Culkln. Captain John Flyn, Miohaal Smith, Thomas Learv: School Commissioner, Fourth dtstrlot, Benjamin B. Morrill; SchoolTru tee,Henry V. M 04dL By order of 7 JACOB 0. ZABKI8KIB, Preaideni. Jong A. KlllSiX, | Uaeretarles Pat. J. Haw. I Sionbtitutional union nomination.?for coun / oilman?Seventh dtstrlc' " array. Stephen Roberts, Julius Jobnaon. DAN11 Oxonoa C. Nawnair, ( l-hm Coabuu L. Thatobxa I UiUSion nuainAiiun.?runuuun* i dtstrlot, 18th, 19th and Bd wards. Uanrv oberta Mllnor Iinlay. John W. Bennett, DANIEL B. NORTiiRUF, Chairman. Constitutional union nomination.-for School Commissioner?Seventh dlstrlot, 19th, 19th and 82d wards, RICHARD L. LARKEMORE. HENRY LIEBBNAU. Chairman. Jambs 8. Patoooc, and Riomabd Bbsxtts, Secretaries. CIONSTTTUTIONAL UNION J CANDIDATE , FOR COMPTROLLER, ? RICHARD B. CONNOLLY. DANIEL B. NORTUKUP, Chairmen. H. 8. BtHKKK. ? o??tartea 0. L. Thatches, i >"*>re'*n6? Down with the rinoi vox courrnoLLXA MICHAEL CONNOLLY. Public meetings of tbe clllxens of the respective wards OPPOSED TO TUB "KING," Which has for years fastened Itself like a leech upon the City Treasury, and domineered over the people with despotic away, and which la now striving to avoid the effects of Its crushing defeat'In November, end secure a new lease of Eiwer by running another candidate outside of Tammany all; aud of all others wbo are in favor of the election of JUDGE MICHAEL CONNOLLY as Comptroller, will be held at the times aud plaoci, and be addretsed by the speakers named below. Let tbe people now rally and make the November victory final and ooinplele. NINTH WARD. Saturday, December 1, 7M P. M. Greenwich Hall, oorncr Christopher aud Hudson streets. SrKAKKBS. Mtobael Connolly, James M. Smith, Oeneral C. O. Iialptne, Edward J. Montague, Nathan Nesbtt, Captain Joseph Mitchell, Augustine B. Costello, John A. Thompson. TWELFTH WARD. Saturday, December 1, 7)j P. M.; Washington Hall, Third avenue, near 195th street SFBAKKRA Michael Connolly, John H. Anthon, James Gibbons, John J. Duffy, PatrlckU. McAlear, Major Wm. <3. Hart, John M. Harrington, Aubrey C. Wilson. FOURTEENTH WARD. Saturday, December 1, 7)4 F. M ; Union Assembly Room*, oorner Grand and Elisabeth streets. SrXAKEH. Michael Connolly, James M. Smith. Oeneral C. G. Halplne, Dunlei M. O'Brien, Philip J. MoGulre. John J. Duffy. Captain Wm. H. llogan. Patrick J. McAlear. TWTiNTY-FIRHT WARD. Saturday, December 1. at 7)4 P.M., northeast oorner or Seoond avenue and Thirty-third afreet gncAEIM. Mlobael Connolly, John H. Antbon, James Qtbbons, Daniel M. O'Brien, Philip J. MoGulre, Edward J. Montague, Nathan Neablt Major WUlImm O. Hart. By order of Damooratle Union Oeueroi Committee. ' JOHN Y. SAVAGE, Chairman. Democratic citizens' nomination. FIFTH ALDKRMANIC DISTRICT. FOB AI.DBBMAX. SAMUEL J. MONTGOMERY. ? D. 8. PAIGE, Chairman. Edward Oiloh, Secretary. Democratic union and citizens' Nomina Uon, Second district?7tb, 10th. 18lh and I4lh wards.? For Commissioner, OTTOII. COOP, Grocer, 74 Columbia it Fifth aldermanic district.-for alderman, ISAAC ROBINSON.?At a meeting of the friends of Iaaao Robinson, held on Friday. Nov. 80, Colonel Daniel E. Delavsn was called to tka ohslr and Nelson W. Young ap pointed Keoretary. Colonel Delavan, upon taking the chair, addressed the meeting, adverting to tbe elllolency and con sistency with whloh Mr. Robinson had represented his dts trlot for the past two veara In the Counollmante Board, and to his Urm end unyielding devotion to the beat Interests of the city. He predloted e glorious triumph for Mr. Robinson over tbe false friends who had betrayed htm. The speech was reoelved with great applause. Mr. Young aald he oon curred In the remarks of Colonel Delavan; but kind words will not elect our friend. He was a poor young man, who was faithfully and honestly laboring to support hie family and an aged father and mother. Uollke Ids rlob opposing oandldatea, he had no bank aeoount upon whloh to draw to defray the necessary expenses of the canvass. Let Us prove our friend ship for Mr. Robinson by tendering him the material old with which to ray hla printing and other bills. Mr. Balph Bogert moved that a Finance Committee of five be appointed. The Ohaii named aa such committee Messrs. Ralph Bogert, Jamee PurcelL Oershon Cohen. Nelson W. Young and Wooleey H. Lamb. Mr. David Underbill offered east of highly complimentary resolutions !o Mr. Roblueoa, after wuleh the meeting adjourned. DANIEL E. DELAY AM, Chairman. Nkliok W. Yoowa. Secretary. 1 FEDERAL UNION NOMINATION. 1 For ComptroUar, CHARLES L. FLEMING, Taxpayers' and People's Non-partisan Candidate. biiOR COUNCILMKN?EIGHTH SENATORIAL DIS 1 trlot?Twelfth, Nineteenth aed Twenty-second wards JOHN D. CHIMMINH, JAMES A. OOFFEV. IjlOR SCHOOL COMMIRSIONER, J) Seventh dlstrlot (Twelfth, Nineteenth and Twenty-see OQd WUdi), COLONEL JOEL W. MA WON. Ci RAND MASS MEETINO OF THE PEOPLE OF NEW X York In favor of RICHARD B. CONNOLLY, For Comptroller, Will be held al COOPER INSTITUTE THIS (SATURDAY) EVENING, DECEMBER I, At 7)4 o'clock. The following eminent s;>aekers will positively address the meeting:? , Hon. JOHN T* HOFFMAN. Hon. JAMES T. BRADY. O. OTTKNDOKFKR, Esa., lion. A. OAKF.Y HALL. Hon. ALBERT CARDOSO. Hon. JOHN K IIACKKTT. Rally, clllxens, for our honest, energetic end competent candidate. By order of tbe Executive Committee. CDol.FHO WOLFE, Chairman. Oxoana W. McLean. Sen-alary. Grand democratic rally FOR RICHARD B. CONNOLLY THIS (SATURDAY) EVENING AT COOPER INSTITUTE. J JON. JAMES T. BRADY H will apeak at the Retlfleatlnn meeting THIS (SATURDAY) EVENING, At COOPER INSTITUTE. ON. JOHN T. HOFFMAN WILL KPKAK AT THE RATfFTCATION MEETING TIMS (SATURDAY) EVENING at Cooper institute. JOHNSON A DOBSON WILL SELL POOLS ON THE Comptrollershlp. al lotfayslte Hall, Broadway, en Fri day, helm day aud Monday evenings. M' M RS O'REILLY AND JUDOR DURFF.K WILL PO , el lively apeak on Saturday at the greet Harrison meet lug et Hammertley square. Houston street. On Saturday be there lor Robert llarilaon. VfOZART UALL DEMOCRATIC CANDIDATE COMPTROLLER. RICH ARD B. CONNOLLY EDWARD B BKRIll AN, Chairmen Lorn B. Maters, i Ed B. ("?''"ta'm^ Ninth aldermanic district (sixteenth werdl?Regular Union Republican Nomination. For Alderman-DON ALONto CUSHMAN. H C. WAN DELL, Chairman J. H. Lxtexexc. Seerelary. Regular i nion republican nominations. EIGHTH CO0NCII.M aNJO DISTRICT, l .hh, 1Mb end 93d Wards STEPHEN BOB PUTS, ANDREW SPRNCB. GEORGE W. CRKGIBR. IIKNKY C. I KRI.KT. PR FRANCIS A. THOMAS. pBGI'LAR DEMOCRATIC RRPUBLICAN NOMINA IV Hon.?For SeSonl Cnmvnteelnnar of Common Hrhools, of Seoond eahool District, comprlamg the 7lh, 10th, ISth sea 14th Wei da, PHILIP P. SMIIH. J. H. ERMNAN. Chairman of Ceavnattea. Wiu.ua C. uovxa, i n Oeoaa H Bouanr, t """ lYBOI't.AR UNION NOMINATION PO* OOMP IV TRULLBR?RICUARD ERLLY. ANTHONY j. BLKKCZER, Chlrmaen Tape. E. Swirw i - ^ k A. JaraaoN 1'i.caa, t Rubber rings por ballots, at 188 Spring street, el nay hoar. fe of exaeUeal character, sound ? > jcpori of en koeeel stlTnene Qlt ? Jsaae Ear Lie, See*y. ? tbe rt Hn^t roll S'XTIVllrU8MQA* umOf NOMINATION. (jjLR.gRTpgFOIPMA tW/SlTcottltNT obifee election far Comptroller, oa

Monday urnolB^fc rTHB ELECTORS OF TUB TOM. ?*e'}^* ""^"'?"??'t'dRpeyers, merohantaand business men or the ell/of New Tort, irrespective of party. oordUUr recommend to our fellow olttxeus MB. RICHARD B. CONNOLLY for the reeponeible end imports at office of COMPTROLLER OP THIS CITT. Bred to commercial Ufa. and for many yearn dlaeoni with local polities, and engaged In the discharge of exten sivefinancial trusts and dtitTee, Mr. Conuolly la practically qualified for the odloe beyond comparison with any other nominee now before the people, while his public and private character la above reproach, and iaof ltawlf a guarantee of an honest, faithful, conscientious aud economical adminis tration of the financial department of our oity government. We therefore believe that It la the duty of all lax paying oitixens, without regard to party, to devote themselves to ae MringMr.RlOHAfiD B. CONNOLLY'S election. Pre el- "JK^.-V^.coumitorof dent Central Hank, Charles O. Landon. Jamea Redmond, Owen Byrne, Uherles Fowler, Peace A Seaman. N A Bsld.ie, J. 8. Hawkins aW. ? W ?bSj Uarthwalte, Lewis A Stuart, * *? Woodward. John W. Cox, 5' C H. Bowmen A Co., Oreen A Lasher, S.ihurobHl. Jenkins A Baboook, Bdey, PurmoreACo.. Oeorge BurrUl, Jh??" 8- Negua A Co.. JohnY Harris, 8. Wllthelmar, FtUilan A Co ilsr-Ao sw/flto Burdatl, Jones A Co., Jooeph W. Bobb. Plum A Lamoot. 8. Munn. Son A Co. Wnt Bradhurst A Son. A. Bsnaura! ' Dutx>U, Vandoyoort A Co., Connolly A Co.. Beebe, Fox A Co., Wm. Kdptr Bird A Co., Warren, Mil and Son, Ueorga WMoLenn, S. Mann A Boa, James Hoy, Klrtland, Bunson A Co., Tefft, Grlswold A Kellogg, Carter, Ktrtlaad A Ca. Dunepaugh, SUUwell A Eastman, Blgelew A Dayton, PsarsalL C. H. Bowman A Co., Cox A Smith. ^. Morris A Co., Anthrap. Taylor A Co., Wrjgnt, Brlnckerhoff A Co., Campbell Maghee A Co., 8. D. Bradford, yy. 1. Hatch I Son, Bowers, Beeokmau A Co., Kobbo A Oorlles. Lycurgua Kdgerton, William K. Beloker, WlUlam Young A Co.. D. M. HllUreth, Balllna A Btraua, l5*V ? Benjamin Babooek. Csrbart, Whltford A Co., Dowd, Baker, Whitfield Wm. H. Black, Co Palmer A Co., Kltxlnger. Boaenbaek A Co., VI eekes A Hlgblo, Solmsoo Meyer A Co., 2'0?na A Basil, Parker, brooks A Co., Fuhian A Co., P. L. Taloott, ?X Hunter, President Peo- Matthias Clerk, J*??*'* A. C. Pol lion, yot'otineKlrby, John T. Yalverton President Udolpho Wo;fe. Bonk 0f North Xmarloa, White. Morris A Co., Wm. J. Peake A Co., Garner A Co., John P. Seymour A bo.. bpraguo, Coop#r k Col- Bernhelmer Brothers, , torn, Babooek Brothers A Co., John Urayes, p. j. Rink, ?aTW fi*111?' Pattee. Burbanka A Drew, Rogers A Bamber, Meisr A Schmld, Wm. J. Schwab, J. h. A J.iT. Edwards, J. l.athron A Co., TAB. Hsrtow A Hons, 'loovor, Calhoun A Co., A. Baldwin A Co., ?' J!' {Jyadstreel A Co., John J. Hannahs, L H; Woodward, Edgar Bktnner. {?? "-Howe, Alex jr. Oroeer, Wm. H. I ock, Johiraraves, David Pringle, John Buck. o* ?"">"? Joh,> O. Steupon, Klob A Huell, A. H. Van Pelt, KU?",4 80a?1"1. Wm, O. Breuning, A- "aidwin d Co.. Porter A Hlgbv, J. b. A W. Urowu, Demarcst A WyganL A. Frailer, L. Welthelmer, And over 6,000 where. IJ1HE INDEPENDENT DEMOCRATIC OITINENS1 AND Constitutional Union Nominations. For Alderman Firth Aldermanlo Dlstriot?Robert Har rison. For Conneilmen?James MoVeeney, Henry Oberle. John Devlin, Dr. Abram E. Cox, Michael Smith. TWENTT-SKCOND WARD. Union Bepublloen Regular Nomination:? FOB SCHOOL TRUSTER, JOSEPH CUDL1PP. TO THE MEMBERS OF THE DKMOORATIC UNION Convention of the Eighth Senatorial dlstriot, comprising the Nineteenth, Twenty-second end Twelfth wards.?For the purpeae of effecting e union on the Oounollmenio tloket. 1 hereby deollae the nomination for \louncllman for this district In favor of Henry Murray. Respectfully, New VQua. Nov. 80. 1MB. I1UOH 6'bOORK. TO THE DEMOCRACY OF THE EIOHTII 8ENATO rlal dlstriot.?For the purpose of creating harmony and hsalliigjup the division In our ranks, I hereby deoline the nomination for Councilman, tendered me by the Tammany Hail Committee, In faeor of Mllnor Imlay. Thanking you for the nomination, I am vary reapeotfully yours, Ac., New Vonx, Sow. 30. lMfifi JOlty F. ULitlCH. THE PEOPLE'S AND TAXPAYERS' CANDIDATE FOR COMPTROLLER, ? RICHARD B. CONNOLLY. UDOLPUO WOLFE, Chairman. Ononoe W. MuLxah, Secretary. Tammany iiall REGULAR DEMOCRATIC CANDIDATE rOK COM PTROLLKR, RICHARD B. CONNOLLY. _ _ K B. HART. Chairman. Wm. nrrcnHA*, j Beeretartno. 8. T. Wi UN I TED DEMOCRATIC NOMINATION- FOB SCHOOL Commissioner of Hitlh dutrtot, oomprlntng Tw an Lath and Twenty-first wards, PETER H. JACKSON. KNION REPUBLICAN NOMINATION. FOB COMPTROLLBR, RICHARD KELLY. ' S"?,""0"0' ) Oil AS. 8 SPENCER, J ax. M. MoCabtam, J Secretarial. Chairman. Cmai. 8. Stromo, ) UNION REPUBLICAN NOMINATION. For Alderman, Fifth dlstriot, SCdENh WARD. CTH WARD CITIZBN8' SCHOOL NOMINATION. O At a meeting of tho ctUxens. held at the house of S. S. Wyckoff, Esq.. 17# Franklin strait, the follow lug named gen tlamen were nominated:? For Trustee of Oomnaea School, Z1MRI WEST. For Trustee to Fill Vacancy. WILLIAM H. JOHNSTON. Tuonan IiuoA*, < S. 8. WYCKOFF, Joh* Tstlob, j recrstartaa. Chatrmen. 1 ha above nominations ere endorsed by the following, via ? Democratic Union?J. Y. Savage, Chairman. Moaart? Michael Madigan, Chairman. Republican?Jaeeb La wall. Chairman. Conservatiye Republlean?A. Jaakaoo Plumb, Chairman. Citiaen and Tax Payer*?John II. Welsh, Chairmaa. German Democratic Club?H. Haas sidle. Chairman. 6 TH DISTRICT SCHOOL CONVENTION, TWENTIETH J and Twenty.first wards?At a mseli ng of the delegalea Of the Democratic Union Aaaoeiatlon, held at Mllleman'a Hall, corner of Twenty-sixth street and Beveetb avenue, on Thursday evening, Nov. I#. Mr. PKTKR U. JACKSON was unanimously nominated for School Commissioner. M _ WILLIAM II. K1RBY, Chairman, llmnr MoCaix. Secretary. I OTH ALDKRMANIC DISTRICT. XOTba Only Regular Democratic Nomination for Alderman. JOHN 8. MA8TBBBON. "I OTH WARD.?TAMMANY HALL WARD COMMITTER ivy will meet at Lludbelm'a, 415 Oraad sir set, this tSaiur d:>y) eveuing, et ? o'clock. WM. H. TRACT, Chairmee. nTil WARD AROUHB.?THE TAMMANT HALL nurd oonirotitwf! mid citiieut nr? ro<iu?wt?d to m semMe to night at the grand mass meeting at (be Cooper In ?t.iute. In f.xu of KlCltVRIi B. CONNOLLT FOR COMPTROLLER. By order of Abraham D. Ruseel, Henry Marshall. Wm. H. Mnniiield. .1 vines McKeerer, M. C. Gross, Anthony Ilartman M. J. McCarthy, G. N. Ilerrinaa, of the 17th Word Com umtee. TQTH WARD UNITED DEMOCRATIC AND UNION 1L7 Itenubllcan Nomination :? For School Trustee?JOHN N. HATWARD. Menrlco llsly. Chairman Democratic Union Convention: Michael Cneeldy. H-crsUry. Henry Boenv, Chairman Union Kepubllcar Convention; K. J. Salmon, Seeretary. hT WARD UNION DEMOCRATIC NOMINATION. For School Trustee. MICHAEL UEIIKtiAN. 21 2^)D WARD.-AKOUSB. DEMOCRATS. AROUSE I MARR MKKTINO. The democratic electors of the Twenty, second ward, rrien.lly pi regular nouiluaLone and usage- of the party are requested to meet at R1 KADKLBERGER'fi HOTEL. ON SATURDAY KVhMhd, AT ? O'CLOCE. toratilfy ih? nomination of JOHN H. MAmIEKRON FOR ALDERMAN, and all lbs Tammany liall oandldale*. By order of the WARD COMMITTEE. THE THADRR. A FIRRT CLASS JOB COMPOSITOR WANTED?AT W J A John et. Nooc other need apply. Also e rounx men who has a knowledge of Jobbing. * A CIVIL AND RAILWAT ENGINEER LATELY AR rived Dom Europe, who has graduated el the I'olytech ? lc?1 1 tie * l tttte nt t'atlsrobe end e?n furnish the beat of Kit ropean and city references, desires to find sn engagement. Address C. Ilablchj care of A. Dung, III Bowery. Mferanoe, Ac. Address Baker, lleraTl ofltoa. ("ION FECTION F. R. -W A NTK D, A GOOD MAN TO Vy make ice cream and work at confectionary; e aieady s.tuallon to a good workman at JAU Fulton at. Brooklyn. SAWS.-WANTED, four go#d saw MAKERS, on long and circular work; good wages and steady employ "'?n? Apply to John Scut, T? Hester el. To photograph err.?wanted, a fbreottfi operator, et the gallery 407 Broadway. Call nl 10 A. M. WA?VviuG?"8 co,,PO,,1IO,W' APPLY AT HO. w rATCHMAKER WANTED?GOOD WORKMAN. AP plf to J. J. Day, Franklin si, Greenpolnt TEAVLI.KEfi; OU1PM. HCDRON BITBR AMD HaRLbM RAILROADS - Trains far Albany end Troy, connecting with Northeri end Western trains, leers Raw Terk. vie Hudson Klver Rail road. Thirtieth street and Teeth ereeve, 8 and M A M and! 4#, ? R) and 1 IP. M.; and via Harlem Railroad, fwaa m"4 araaua. at II A. M. andTl* F. M "a 4 JO P. M. traia via Rndaen River will ran ea Sanfiefa _ keeping vara aitaehed to 0 ? end II F. M. trains. Oa II ) F- M. tryle ta also attashad e sleep!ag ear every lay c? >WM AND tl oIm, 378 FmM ?ar FulWJb T ONDON AND^RV TOR* RTBAMBHrP LINK. L p22.V*lo.>4'>?. ^^w^KSLf^,*,30' o"rr8Be" Passage from Lon,. ??_,?72' ? CRT,La. CapUln Olea,'*?' from N?wT^rk. Dae. 8. WM. PBNN, Caputs Bli.s?jr>. from New ^^rki.D??- >*, ATALANTA. Caputn PlnkN;'". fryn HwSt?*. Deo. 81. BBI.LONA, Captain Dixon. i>?5 Vow York, JvT- w;? , The British Iran steamship i^SLLA, 8,880 toni; xw'll Imw 1 ? at U* forth rlvar for London>Qlireci, on Malurda,*, Dec. I Freight will b? taken, and through iNlla of lading given. e? ! "Ju*' Antwerp, Rotterdam. Amaterda.Xtund Dunkirk. For paaaage apply to CHAH. A. WHIT>'EY, IS Broodwav. ?r freight apply at 84 South alreet HOWLANP A A8PINWALL, AgwtU. Tub Hamburg American packet company's Iron mail ataamahln ? ? ? . teutonia. oommander. currying the United Butea mall, will sail on Saturday, Deoember list 11 M. for ... _ HAMBURG, ?? 3'* PM55n?*ra for Hambutg, Harre, Southampton and n&iu ,,0!l: Moon'1 oabln, $oj 60: Moorage, ^rhJfipu!w,Piinr?S! ?<l,"r*'e?? irSwiiawrlt f f?Uow December 8. E!oJll??L*.C0' C- B kichard A BOAR. alt v. ?. General Passage Agents, dS Kaohange place. S. T, Mo. g Barclay itreeV N. T. Q8W dirbct linb to prance. RT^ASmM* R*Tww?WATJ^TI^SSMPAWr'fl *AIL ^,Kn"YtbrbbtBEN "bw vork and hatrk The splendid new Teaaela on thU favorite route for the vtl VjT DR"pARIA? pl,r 1?' 101,0Bh rtT,r' " follow*?? ?omfR'lSHI trrt:~.y.isag' KffiSI .J sssrl PRICES op paraaor in oold. Plrateabln $136 | Second oabln am Inoladlng table srlne In either ctasa, ' d0 I"1 r-enr eteerage paaaengera. Medical attendance frae of chares. Peeaengera Intending lo land nt Brest can be furnished on board with railroad ooupon tinlcaU, and their baggage checked ?e Parte at an additional charge of $6 for flrSt, and M for second olaas. OBO. MACKENZIE. Agent 88 Broadway. CRAMER .TTLLE DR PARIS, FOR BREST AND *p Havre, will leave pier No. 80 North river, foot of Morton street. on Saturday. Dee. 1, at 13 o'clock. Paaaengera are requeetefl to be on board at about 11 o'clock. THK N?H? "*,R1f,AfI LLOYD'S HTEAMSUTP 1 , "? A- Noynabor, master, SMTTTi^. ? rcn,l!r1.RU,.*\r>illL wln *?" from the Bremen pier, foot of Third street, Hoholten. on Saturday, December t, roa ERFMEN TIW SOUTHAMPTON, takino passengers to MNDON.HAVRK, SOUTHAMPTON and BREMEN, at the following reus, payable In gold or IU equivalent In currency ^"Jjth. flrat oabln, $108; second oabln, $8160: steerage, To he followed by the sUamshlp AMERICA, J. C Merer, maflter. on Decembor IS. For freight or paaaase apply to OELRICHH A 00.. M lipoid street. OTKAMTO LIVERPOOL. CALLING AT QUEENflTOWN. ITntlZd HuSSf nJ.lla. ' "'1,Q4 "rr"?? <he ?!II JJP HA8HINOTON Saturday, December I rrrv 9? SAnir ... .Saturday, Decembers 5'.!IX 95 ?95?; Weidneeday. December 13 nrmv 9,5 vi'.e Saturday, Denember 16 CITY OP NEW YORK Saturday, December 23 J"<L"*,ch Saturday and Wednesday, at noon from pier 46 North river. RATES Or PASSAOK. PIRST ttB,Un7r^ERRTtOEt0rdA.r' $m I M0" 25 . ? _ Payable In gold. Paeaege br the Wadnasday atanmers?First Cabin. M0 Steerage, $86 Payable in United States nurrencv. a. *. .'""i'ed to Harre, Hamburg, Bremen, Ac., at moderate rntaa. ' Steerage paaaage from Liverpool or Qneenatown. $30 gold, or the equivalent. TlckeU oan be bought here by persons sending for tbelr friends. ' ^ for further Information, apply at the Company's odloea. JOHN O. DALE, Agent. 16 Broadway, New York. STEAM TO OLASOOW AND LIVERPOOL, cj'UngetI/ondonde?y to land paaaengera and mails. THK FAVOKITB PAKSENOF.R STEAMERS OF THK ANCHOR LINE BTBvnsTi BAIL EVKI?y SATURDAY H'EERNIA sails Saturday, December I. i(,VVA sails Raturdai, December8. RATES OF PASHAIIE. PAYAiBLE IN CURRENCY To Liverpool, Oleagow and Derry, cabins, $80 and $70: ?t60r&(6. J no Prepaid eertifloatea from these ports to New York, $38. To Hambnrg. Havre, Antwerp, *o., $100 and $37. For furtherlnformaUon aprdy at the company's oMeea. FRANCIS MACDONALD A CO , Agents, No. 8 Bowling Grean, New York. National steam navigation company, (Limited.) STEAMERS WEEKLY TO LIVERPOOL, CALLING AT QUKENBTOWN. Leaving pier 47 North river as follows:? SCOTLAND, OapUIn Hall, sails Saturday, Denember I. THK QUKKN, CapUln Grogan, sails Saturdav, DeremberS. DENMARK, CapUln Thomson, satu Saturday, Decem ber IS. VI RUIN IA .Captain Prowee, sails Saturday. December 83. PENNSYLVANIA, CapUln Lewi, sella Saturday. Deoem Cabin passage, $160: Steerage. $00. Steerage passage UrkeU. to bring parties from Liverpool or Queenstown, for^M In currency Through paaaage to Perls, Antwerp, Hamburg, Bremen, Ac.. at low rataa. Drafts issued for anv amount, payable at any bank In 0 real Britain or on tba eenttnent. Por freight end eabtn passage apply at the office of the company, 87 Broadway. And for steerage tickets, at the paaaage office of the com. pony, IT Broadway and 376 Pearl street, near Pnlton. F. W. J. HURST, Manager. STEAM TO QUEENSTOWN AND LIVERPOOL. The Brat class Iron steamship MANHATTAN, aaiu WEDNESDAY, December 11, Prom pier 87 East river. Paaaage la cabin $108 | Steerage $30 Payable In eurrenoy. For passage apply U WILLIAMS A OUION, 18 Broadway, STF.AM TO QTTKKN8TOWN AND LIVERPOOL. Prom New York every Wednesday end Saturday. Steerage paaaage $30, ourreney. Passage to New Tort and remittances to Ireland, England, An., at lew ratea wlLIJA||i g o01OWi m Broadway. TAPBCOTTi LIVERPOOL AND QUEENSTOWN STEAMSHIP PARSAOE OFFICE, 88 SOUTH STREET AND ? BROADWAY. Nfew YORK. Prom Naw York arsrr Wednesday and Saturday. Steerage Passage 8*> currency. PKDM LIVERPOOL or QUEENSTOWN, $38 currency Drafts for ?1 upwards payable on deaaand, at the lowest possible rataa Apple to 1APSCOTT BEOS. A CO. 88 South street, or IS Broadway. The sTEAMsniP htbernia, or anchor line, ?alia from pier 38 North river to-day (Saturday), at It o'elork, with passengers for Oleagow and Llvarpoul. Steamers araoo and fulton for sale. Proposals for tba purchase of the above vessels will be received at the office of the oorapeny. No. 7 Broadway, until Ihe 11th of December, Inst.. at 11 o'clock M. Any Information desired will be given by tba officers of the eompanyat this office. The ARAGO will make her neit regular vorags. leaving New York'on the 23d Intl. Deceases I, 1888. No. 7 Broadway. N T. American European extern. 73 Broadway. ArsTIN, BALDWIN A CO., Proprietors. Ship Parcels, Packages, valuables and goods by mall steamers twice each week, for all paru of Europe, at low ratea. COABTwTflB 8TKAM8HIP*. PAi 1FIC MAIL STEWSIIIP COMPANY'S THROUGH LINB | TO CALIFORNIA, CARRYING ItNirKD STATES MAIL. VIA PANAMA RAILROAD Steamer* leave pier 43 North river, foot of Canal street, SI 18 o'clock noon, as follows:? Dereml<er I?OCEAN QI'FEN, CapUln Maury, eounsct. Ing with GOLDEN AGE, C*ptaln Laptdge. December ll-HRNRY CHAUNCBY. Captain A. O. Oray, connect,ng with GOLDEN CITY, CapUln Watklns r Deccml?er 31?RISING STAR, CapUln T. A. Matrle, con necting with MONTANA, CapUln ?. All departures touch at Arapulon; those of 1st and fist connect at Panama with steamer* for Sooth Paolfle ports; 1st and 10th for Central American porta, and thus* of 1st touch at Mantanillo. Depart,ire of 10th each month ronnerU with the n?w ?leans line from Panama lo Ausrralla and New Zealand. Steamer of December II. ISSH, will connect with the first steamer of the company's China Line, leaving Saa Francisco January 1. IS87, for Hong Kong. One hundred pounds hsggaga allowed aarb adult Medl olne* and attendance free Fornassag* tickets and all fnrther Information spptv at the office on the wharf, foot of Canal street. North titer, Naw York. S K. HOLM AN. Agent. pACiriC MAI VIA PANAMA A >ACinC MAIL STEAMSHIP COMPASV'S through Line to iVAN Bfp 'china, t,,r Steamer HFNRT 0^15^8:^^111 Uave pier No M North river, foot of Canal atrsat. Naw York, at 11 o'clock aaon on Tuesday, Deoamba* ll. fsgg, onnnartlrtg via Pan-rnVRal? read wfth ateamar Gol.DK* CITY for Sau Franciwy, J&L paaaengera, malls and fast freUhl wlU be transferred m the Company s splendid steamer COLORADO, to leave that port Ho^ir icong ''t ?'??"?rt L 1887, for Yokohama and Through tickets Issued from Naw Tort, adding to reenter prices between New York and San Francte a :l,e full,,* ris rataa, payable la gold or IU equivalent:? ? 1st Cabin 3d Cabin Steerage San Prsnclann to Yokohama.... $280 g,ro gti Ban Frsnrino to Ilnng Kong... 308 111 "(V, Duo notice will be given or subsequent voyages FREIGHT received and "through tolls of lading" signed per o,wen Queen, De,ember I (slowi, and pet Henry Chauncay De cember II ffast). connecting closely as above. For freight tl,rough tirkrla, and all further Information apply at the office on the wharf, pier U North rtyer foot of Canal street, to B. K. HOI.MAN, Agrnt. f?OR CAI.lFflRNlA VIA rA.VAMA f The Paeffio Mall Steamship Company's stssmrr OCEAN Ql'KRN will sail aa Saturday. Deeetaoer 1 at IJo'rloehM. Fr sight r SOS I red aa usual For rates Ac? inquire at freight office on company e p sr 43 North rtyer, root of Canal street Sola Freight ApsJiffi ??t om,"ay. ATLA,,T,fcVtt mRsr ismK Regular CnlMd autea Mall Huamara. anlling oa the 131 or tfirf fDOfitk:? . OUllHNU STAR, CapUln W C Barry. Der ?. NORTH AMERtCA. Cgpuio ?. fjlmmertmah. Jan m. Tte*%^ WS,bSJ.itoUalrdr"iio'ndd.,*JUa^ \mm '^wri po R8*N-ra3p DBOUBA, V?A MUMWfAa The lint class rut selling I M.,S BATURhAY. December 1, 18M, at Io'clock 1*. M. P*V<Hael/, for th? abuve port. - . . Ail letters miut paas through tha Foat offloa vb! For freight or paaaage, barlog aupartor stale room Moooa modatlooa, apply to _ W AYpELL A CO., Ifll South atreet, oorner Dover. TTNITED STATES MAIL LIKE TO HAVANA. U ATLANTIC MAIL STEAMSHIP COMPANY. CHANOE OF SAILING DAY The regular departure* of this liua will hermfter ha Thur?dav*. at noon. , COLCMBI A.Hlocum, Thursday, Paeamber A MORRO CASTLE. Adams, Thursday, December IS. EiOLE, Oreene, Thuraday, Deoeinbar X). From plar No. 4 North river, at 11 o'clock noon. t GARRISON A ALLEN, Agents. ' * No. 6 BowHng Green/ n!y. If VNA. 8I?Ap and vera cruz. Tmh1,<iawheel steamship MANHATTAN will sail from pter No. 5 VrJ&/i!?rv ?? ?K2},22,the ,uth S! "*ch "???* <f*tAH. A. WHITNEY. Agent, 88 Broadway. Texas line. FOR OALV^8TON TEXAS DIRECT. CUTER rE, Bldridgv-Commander, Is now loading at pier 10 East river, sad will sail without fall on Saturday. December 1. apply ?""* ?f Texas steamship line. Tor OALYBSTON. Teias, Saturday, Doc. L Pint cabin. |7? I Second oabin, |t) Apply to ALLEN t. TMOMAb ACQ.. No. iBmrUmOrnnm RKODLAE WNB FOR OALVKSTON. TEXAS. Di rect?The fast and favorite steamship TTBEH, D, Caulklns commander, will leave plar No. 4 North river an Thursday. Daeambar A at 8 o'clock F. M. precisely. Pay frelgh t or pan*.. ?+* W Broadway. FOR NEW ORLEANS DIRECT. Tha new and first class steamship GKOROB WASH INGTON. Captain E. V. Oagar, will leave pier No. ? N. B., on Saturday. Deo 1. at 8 o'clock P. M. For freight or passage, baring unsurpassed aoonmnes datlona, apply to H. B. CROMWELL A CO.. 84 Weat streak The GEORGE CROMWELL will follow December ?. NEW ORLEANS BTEAMSHIP LINE. For NEW ORLEANS direst, Saturday, Deo. L Cabins, >JM and 145; .teoond class, 124. Apply to ALLEN bTtHOM AS A CO., No. 1 Bowling Orson. STAR LINE TO NEW ORLEANS.?THE NEW YOU Mall Steemahlp Company's fine ocean steamers wll learepler 46 North river, at 8 o'clock P. M., so follows:? MERRIMACK On Saturday, Doe. 1 MARIPOSA, On Wednesday. Deo. | MISSISSIPPI On Saturday, Dee.) MATANZAH On Wednesday. Dae. It All bills of lading signed at the offloa upon the pier. For freight ormaaaage apply to C. K. GARRISON, President, No. 8 BowHng Green. ATLANTIC MAIL STRAMSHIP COMPANY. EMPIRE LINE FOR SAVANNAH. Every SATURI) \Y, from pier IS North river. Punctually at a P. M., The favorite sldewheel atenmahlpa SAN JACINTO, I.ovoland, commander, sella December I SAN SALVADOR, Atkins. commander, sails December!. Through tlokcls and bills uf lading to all point*. Elegant passenger accommodations F Elegant passenger seoomraod.il Ions OARRI8QN A ALLEN, No. 6 Bowling Oreeu. N. T. OR SAVANNAH. OA.-MURRAY'S LINE. EVERY TUESDAY. The favorite steamship VIRGO, K. M. Bulkley, commands* will sail Tuesday, December 4, at 8 P. M. precisely, frern pier 16 Bast nver, foot of Wall street. Through hills of lading and passage tickets given tn iM points In connection with Georgia-Central Railroad. For freight or passage apply to M jjRRAV. FKRRre A CO.. 61 and 61 South rtreot, OR SAVANNAH, OA., EVERY THURBDAT-THM Atlantic Coast Mall Steamship Company's side wheel F eteamahlpe FLAMBEAU, Captain Everaon, sails Thursday, I ber 6. GENERAL BARNES, Captain Morton, sails Thursday, D seem ber IX From pier 86 North river, at 8 P. M. preolse'y. Through passage tickets and bills of lading to all paints In ennneotion with the Central Railroad of Georgia. For freight or passage spplf to LIvrNOBTON. FOX A CO., Agents. 86 Liberty street. FOR CHARLESTON, S O , TRE FLORIDA PORTS and the South and Southwest.?Regular U. 8. Matt Line?Wednesday! and Satuidaya. The elegentand popular sldewheel stesmnhlp. QUAKER CITY, W. H. Wert. DeMi mender, la now receiving cargo, sad will tail THIS DAT (Saturday), Deo. 1. at 8 P. M.. From plan 14 Beet river, eert nacting at Charleston with the rteamer Dictator for thn Florida porta. Passage tickets and through bills of lading given to all points In oonnection with tha South OarottnA Kail I end Having yet oontlderable room, freight Will be (M oelved up to hour af sailing Bills or lading e<gnmLon boar! the vessel. ARTTIUR LEAST, 71 William streak The ANDALUSIA wffl foUow Dec, k IflOR CHARLESTON. S. O.-THE PEOPLE'S "maS ' Htesm-hlp Coin pan v. The regular and popular steam. Ship EMILY B. HOLDER, Captain Lock wood, will leas* on Friday, December T. at 8 P M , from pter Wo. MNertR river landing freight on Monday morning, at Charleston. Through tlcksU and bills of lading Tanned to ell peg South In conneetlou with the South Caroline Railroad. LIVINGSTON, FOX A CO.. Agents, 98Liberty i FOR WILMINGTON. N. 0. POSITIVELY BVBRT FIVE DAYS. EXPRESS STRAMSHIP LINK. The 6ne steamship EMP1RR. D. PRICK. Commander. This Una of steamer* will leave alternately every Sen dlfj. Tha above steamer Is now loading at pier 16 East Hna Cd will sail on SATURDAY, Doc. I, at 11M., or oooner ? ided. Freight taken at low rates. Fur balance of freight or fjgf REDUCED RATES WaR rtrenk NEW YQ R k NORFOLK ^^AN I) RIOHMOMD CALLING AT CITY FOINT^OTH WATS WASHINGTON. O. CHICHESTER, Commander. AH* ?ALLEY omr. W. H. HNYDBR, Commander. The above steamer* receive freight dally at pier 14 MM river, and will sell regularly every SATURDAY at 18 F. M-. or sooner If loaded. This line Is prepared to receive and forward goods, svMh despatch, by all the Southern railroad rouges. For freighter pmmgeapfatfr HA?p CR RICHMOND, NORFOLK AND CITY POINT. The sldewheel eteamahlpe TP.RaS. Captain Aleiandar .Every Saturday, ALBEMARLI, Captain Bourse Every Wednesday. At 11 M.. from pier 84 North rieer, giving through bills ef lading, Ae . to all points on thn Seaboard Railroad and IM eoaneetlnns. LIVINGSTON, FOX A CO.. Agents, 88 Liberty streak PORTLAND AND NEW YORK STRAMSHIP OD? psny.?The first class steamship* DIRIGO and FRAN CON IA form a semi-weekly Una between New York and Portland, leaving pter M Rest river every Wednesday and Saturday, at 8 o'clock F. M? connecting with tiraad Trunk Railway for Canada and also the International Steamship Company for Easlport and St. John. N. B. For freight er passage apply al the offloe. easier 81 BMl river J. F. A M BS. Agent, pier M East river. - - .... NKjDICAl,. board, pbi ALL I'NFORTrNATBS SHOULD CONSULT DR. GR1NDI.K, .*L>. 6 Arnltv plaee. Sure relief a all spy. ctal complsinH Consultation* free. 4 CURE ATONK interview, with or without J\ m-.il-lne. for married ladles, from whatever oause, by Madame Rl.sTKLL. Professor of Midwifery (thirty yea*# or settee 1.64 tVe-l Thirty-fourth street. near Sltlo avenue. dvice to married ladibs.-madaMk RES _ TLI.I.'S Infallible French Female Fills. No. I. prion ? I. or No X puce t\ which can never fail, safe and hralthy. Offloa 64 Weat Thirty-fourth -treel, near Slilh am BU?* Sent by mall Addreaa box 2.2M. A A BI.KSHING TO LADIES-A LADY WRITKSi? Piiriiignnae Female Periodical Pills rellsved me In on# d.,v. withnut Inconvenience, like inagie Price gA Dr. A M. MAI RICRAU, office 1*? Liberty rireet, or aant by mett. 4 M. MAUEICKAU. M. D? PROFESSOR <)K MID J\, wlfery, thirty veer* preciies, at lit Liberty rtrenk (liisranlees certain relief to uisrrlod ladles, frum whatever oauee, at una lutervlew. A .YOUTHFUL VIGOR AND MANHOOD RRG41NKD. J\. l ae Dr. PnWKHS' Kllilr; e?p.-cially all ooatemplet In* marriage. Offloa ltd Elm Street. All unforttnatbs use dr. kbnnkdvh ouab enb-ed rewedlea. lavlgornUug Filla far impaired man hoed. I?6 Kim atreet. 4 1.1. DISEASE*. FROM whatrver cause pro. A dm cd, lis as rely and tueceMfully treated by Madam# DKSPARD, at ooe Interview. Reeldeece 8M Bowery. Hours ? lok <N0N FMMtNTi AL OOlMObTATIQMR?Dlk R. OOMHfi, J member of N. Y.U Medical Collate and R. O. Surge any London, ean be consulted ea usual o? oertam dteeaane. Of fice MUeetre aunet, near Chambers N. B.?Ho fee aalaae cured He wTirrk all otheRs fail -dr krnnbdy^I I era Bleed Kemediea. UnfOrtunelea, buv I bare awd LUY't luvlgoratora for Impaired manhood. IM Elm^ CH ARLRS Ll-TXR. M 0., m Iroadwat. nbab Tweuty first atreet. Professor ef Obrteirioa. having ovey twenty year*' eueceseful praeilce In this olty. guarantees Immediate relief to every lady requiring eperUI medknl or aurgloal l-aatment. fram whatever rauae, without pata ae eipoaure. N. R -Regulatleg MedMnea seal by mall. nR OOOPRBL 14 DUANR BTMKT. if AT BR COM. anlted on all private diseases Thlrtv ysara etrtuvivaM d#rot<?d lo %umb\? Lim lo wtrraBi ? ?or? la all 04 **? ST HUNTER 8 RRD DROP IS^THR ONl.r RRMtli? thai will root out poiaanuea virus of a certain dlsaaaai ?rt try II in the blood. No S Division street. TV" f'?R HI NTF.R'S BOTANIC CORDIAL RESTORES 1' vigor of yoqib In one week; glvos heelib and strength In ike most debilitated. $6 per vial 8 Division street, Ma* ISM Dr huntrr oan curb worst casks or orb. lain diseases, witeout mercury, la shorter time than any other physician, or ae pay iskeu No 1 Divistou aUeat. elaen 1*M ^ . Dr kino, old frmalr phtsh i*n. has dis. eovered a remedy for rvmovies fevnala ohatruciteaa ay IrregularlUea la II mibaiae, wKbout risk er pel# offloe IM Wart Nlalh street. TMMBDUTR CURB FOR LADIES, FROM WHArRVBII 1 cause isgaerenieadat ana interview by Dr PGWRRS, fTDJB! ?tjrABB.-PUBCNAfil DIRECTkY OF DR. firr.-.. tw" a jfdswar "*?

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