5 Aralık 1866 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 3

5 Aralık 1866 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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WASHINGTON. Burred loteatiiD ?f Secretary Seward to Retire from the Cabinet. Territorial Goreraneats Proponed Tor the Lately Rebellions fllaieg. TbeAdoptien of the Comtituf iofltl Amentlinent by Uf Hoath to be Insisted Upon. Reconstruction Committee to bo Reconstructed* a* ac. a?. Waobiwotus, live. 4, 310)1. ?I ? Propose* Change iu tka Ml ate Department. Rumors are beginning to circulate again of a change hn the State Deportment. It is now mid Urn) Hon. Rev nrdy Jobmtnn is likely aeon to take the portfolio of See. rotary of State. At all events it Is pretty certain that Pome thing lias gone wrong recently, for it la generally whispered in diplomatic circle* that Mt. Sqward will noon retire. Caaros of Uadlnnl Nmatara. lb* republican Senators met in caueue to-day for the pnrpOee of arranging the standing committees of the Senate. The committee who have charge of the matter mere not ready to make their report, and they adjourned to meet to-morrow at eleven o'clock. It appears that there Is some dlflijl'y in arranging the chairmanship of three or four rather important committees. The special committee having decided to depose Doolittle ( rem the chairmanship or the Indian Committee and Iiiion from the Poet Office Committee, and Oowan from the Important committees which he holds, they am casting abeut to gat the proper men to take 4heoe positions, and up to this evening had not determined on the programme to be carried out. The matter will be fully decided In to-morrow's caucus. Th e Senators to be deposed have no idea of what is going on. After th* committee question is disposed of a move will bo made in caucus to bring np th* question of electing a now Vice President In place of senator Poster. It will be oppoeed by eeveral republican (Senators, who are die Inclined to making any change at present. The friend* <f Senator Wade, however, are determined to push the ?satter vigorously, and secure his election at once, so as to guard against accident. It Is doubtful whether any thing can be done now in the matter. It Is said to be tbo intention to bava an alectlon before the tih of Kerch. ksls of (>oM Ordered. It is reported that Secretary McCollooh, anticipating th* action which Congress Is lllcoly to take, has ordered Mr. Van Dyke, Assistant Treasurer at New York, to sell gradually a few millions of gold. It Is pretty certain that Congress will pass the bin which Governor Moot, well submitted yesterday on this subject. There has already accumulated nearly one hundred millions in the j Treasury. Renator Sumner's blows on the Mnbjeef of I Reconstruction. Remoter Sumner will submit to the Senate to-morrow a aerie* of resolutions on th* subject of rooonstruction. Thoy will ansbody his views tn regard to the whole 4WM2B, Il appeajj that bo bu ^bandsnod tltf idea of radodng them to a territorial condition. Ha properea to define the powers of Congress in regard to various matters, and lay down the line of policy which ought to Jbe adopted. Opposition of Bndlml ffMsters to ITnsty I .octal* ties, flpvcral republican Senators could not understand why ?enaton Fessenden, Grtnr.ee, Sherman and others voted ?gainst taking up the bill which passert the House yes tordav repealing the amnesty clause of the act of 1802, giving the President authority to pardon political offenders. There Is a large number of ."coalers and members who are decidedly opposed to adopting extreme nod hasty legislation. They think that this bill and all athem of similar character should emanate from the proper committees, snd not until they have teen fully ?nd maturely considered. Boport of the Judiciary f'emmtrvee on tlia Nelnnre nod Confleentlon of the Property of Hotels. The Houm Committee on the Judiciary have had re. farrod to thorn to repeal a portico of a Joint resolution etptanstoft of an act to suppreM insurrection, to pun dab treason and rebellion, to seise and confiscate the property of rebels and for ether purposes, approved July, 1862. The committee report that the object of the Pill tn question la to repeal to mnch of the joint retoiu ?ton referred to therein as prohibits the forfeiture of the weal estate of rebels beyond the term of their nature! Uvea; that, although by tha first and second sections of ?dd sot th# crimes of treason or sat ling on foot a rebel Hon or giving aid or comfort thereto are made subject to tha alternative of a fine, and which may result in the ante of the reel aetata of tbe delinquent, there la no part thereof excepting the tfth aad aiith sections an* thortalmg the seiaure and sal* of the property of certain #loases therein deeignated or of such other persons as ?hall refuse, after siity days' notice by proclamation of ah* Executive, to eaaao to give farther aid to the win tag rebellion, which can be ooneidered aa Intolving a forfeit ore of re*l estate withl* tbe tec no teal signifies ties Of the manlfeat reference to the oonrtilmn of abings?the state of septal warfare existing at that Mm* end were intended only for the special purpose of bringing it to an end, and that tha same can, la their view ef tha case, have a* prospective operation ntenn 6he condition of things be* bscs determined. Tbe effect if Um repeal of so much of lbs joint rseolulinn ac pro hihlM the forfottnre of the reel estate of the delinquent* beyond tbe term of their natural lives would only be She saastsiant ef an ex pad /ado Isw within the mean lag of th* constitutional interdict, 'by snneilng to a esima that has been already commuted a new and ad ditional pnalsbmeat. The committee for fie4* reasons have been discharged foot Be further consideration of the subject, end lbs bill Hsn on tbe table. foiled Niun Naprta* < pari. Imrltui Juatleo flroor took hlo mu today. Tb * otakoa a tall beach of tha Supreme t.'oart of the I'miod Willt Uoder?the ruje oolf toa raw* oa the do. Lot caa bo nailed a day the ton nailed thin morning wrro of the amy ponding atroothe nommrncem?nt of tbo ro. fretiinn rotating to ."<mthorn liuganta, Fir* of tbom ?row to-day eubmltied on printed ?ripiro?oU, fr ,r wrro continued and on# argued. Nahago la tbo Dlolrlrl. Senator Morrill wil a?it woak rail up the bill to??fab Hob impartial aoftage In the Motrin of CoVimbtt. Coot ml Npprroaioi Indian ilootllltlee. gn official roport front tbo Srcrotarr of War pabtnUod to tbo leooe of Keprooentalteoe to-day In aoairer to a reooWlton, abowa that tbo total amount eapeod'xl for / tbo auppraaplon of Indian heatlllUeo, far tbo yaara lMd aad IMS ? fau.ftW.oOO. ?rprrantatlv* VII no ha to tip aim iko Trwrb of a Popnlnr Kaatar. Roto apt nlallwa llingliaen, of Ohio, emphatically denle? tha truth of a paragraph, tftaaalTiily pnbiHthod that ha oraa proper he erticia- agalatd tbo Franident en tho grow ad of complicity la I be aaanoOnation of tbo lata Proa Moat f,taenia. Oo saya bo aaror had aweb an Id* a, and ifc' /a' m nnrer to Inumatod. tlatar to Abroho o Moraln. IV Lin-elr. Monument Amodation noma timo ago twoliid tn procure a ??at?# of tnalata Pre?!<i?et l.inraln, to bn mor rd Mi front of thot'ity Hall and Orlbid mm fotltorr to tarnntb tnode*. ftnaponaM ba*n Urn Sitdo by Pl?k Mlllk <f tht? c ty, Mr. Park, of Moo York, ant ' Vat. Away an, of HkMObooMr. Pa. All of tbom aro mgietared ar workt of me#t Tt?t of tha loototmi d la ?"W opaa taatuaMnai.ua and tela mou, .cm ror? VUndnwMn Inroad Apprtraarr tn the ISwdtwnnt t orfrnl. 1%n WatPiiar tkaotrn wa? donmlr ar.ierded w? n irht, wd'b a raatxowbM audltary. lorHd'og m?n? ??'?? gutPO-d potornapm, to tKiot RMtoti'p wndiimo Hagy inert, wbiefe wat rent .red w.th marled .'night THTETY-HUIXH COMBES? ?Meond drtdM. BEH ATX. Waoowwa, (ton. d, i* A a. We-wrr BtirVgloa If ??.demon, P ddk% Riavart apd MtadrrM await ymferdey, tppotdnd a t*a r -aio rets aaoonsTECCTiaa gtrawnoN and ni jw??ihctioi? or Mr. Son**, (rap.) of Kmc, gave notice that on to morrow he ahoold lntroduoe reeolutioua declaring tho true principles of reconstruction, tho jurisdiction of Con gress orer the whole subject, the illegality of existing government# in the rebel States, and the exolualon of each Sutee with euoli Illegal government, from repre aentatlon in the Cougwas of the United State? and from ?etlif od coDititutional wnendmenU. iDTIBTWlKl I* TB* PA HERB OF HI* MfBTBICT, Mr. Caw-wmx. (rep.) of Md., offered a resolution calling upon the Secretary of the Treasury for in'orme tton a* to the amonnt of money paid since the 11th ?f May last for advertising in the various papers of the IHs trirt of Colombia, and whether tho lew required the ad vent* nig to bo given lo the two papers hiving the largest circulation in the District. Adopted. NRXK AN AKTAtSH. Mr Oilanpisr, (rep.) of M? h , called up his resolution, offered yesterday, calling for certain information about Mexican affairs. _ ? . . Mr. Si'MM u hoped the rosolntion would he referred to the Committee on Foreign Affairs. Me had doubts as to the propriety of the resolution, aud thought at any rum It should bo deferred. Mr. OuaoLiK said It was a more resolution of Inquiry, and as such there ought to be tio objection to it. Mr. Bacihmry, (dew.) of Del., hoped the resolution would no*. h? adopted. It contained language that one government ought uot to use toward another. It ashed if the French fcini|>cror had given auv apology, fcc. Mr. rfi'MNKK repeated the hope that the resoluti in would uot he adopted. _?.n The motion to take tip the resolution did not prevail. TIIK FABDOMNU FOWCU OS Tllg FKB?ll>aST. Mr Cbasiu-r call oil up the bill pa-ned by the House yesf rday to repeal the thirteenth section or the Oontis cuilon act, whioh give? the President power to Iff*'1 general amnesty to thoso lately engaged in Mr. Mhkkvam. (rap.) of Ohio, railed for the rending the section proposed lobe repealed, and It was rend. Mr. JogNHOH, (duin.) qi Md . did not know wietli.r.if the section referred to was repealed, the I resident would not stlli have power to pardon erory one who Bt.MMl III a Blluutloii to h? pardoned. Over that power < longress could have no control. At any rate he thought tho subject ought P. go to none committee, and ho would move, if nobody elso did, its reference to the Ju die Miry Committee. , Mr Fwoi?^, (rep.) of Me., would exprew iioorin>on on the merits of the hill, nut be was oppo ml to the pas sago of any measure until it bad been considered in iOtu Ulltt06. Mr, Howaro, (rep.) of Mich., said there were grave douht? as to whether the pardoning power vested by the constitution la the President gave tho Preaident the right to return confiscated property. He believed there wa? pres-ing noed lor the passage of this bill, ana ne hoped it would not be referred. Mr Cranolkh said ihal hundreds of millions of confis cated property had been returned to Its original dw mrs by the President, and it was alleged ttiat pardons were for vale around this town by women of at lea-t doubiful reputation, and millions or dollars' worth of Property h.vi leion restored through this channel. If the President had power to do this, under the constitution, In t.?sl a name let him exercise It; but in Cod's Mine let him have no power given him that is not In tho r.onatitu Mr Trpshtil, (rep.) of 111., said he should probably vote tor the bill, but lie ?aw no pressing n-ed for it, and thought there was great force in wha' had been said by others In favor of a reference to a committee. Mr Hows, (rep.) of WK, said he was about to vote to take up tha bill, but should not consider himielf voting under any undue excitement In deing so. If there wad any more Important bu?ine?s before the Senate bo would proceed with It. I lie yeas and nays were demanded, with the following result:? ? ,, ?, Yr??- Messrs. Catlell. Chandler Cannes*. Creswell Pd mund*. Fowler, Frellngbuysen, Ifarrls, Hender orj, Mow aid, Howe, lane. Poinerev. Kem-ay, Roes, frheruian. Stew art, Sumiu-r, Vt arte, Williams and Wilson?31. ^ Rat*?Messrs. Anthony, Hii'kalew. Davis. DlTOn.WKxelt is ..... t'....- Ii. tu e lie, ass asm 1 T m t ? 11 rlf'k s .IflllflF'll}. ?n, Fog; Foster. Urtmes, lfendrlcks. Jonnsen, Kiikwod, Morgan! Scwnith, Rerun, ralterson, Kiddle, Nauishury. Truineull Van Winkle and Wiley?21. Absent or not voting?Meaar* Hrown, Cowan, rag.a. Outline. MeDougall. Morrill, Nye. Poland, Nprague and Bo ihe motion to take up the bill did not prevail. On notion of Mr. W ilm?n the Ssenate at forty-five miuuUB paet twelve adjourned. HOUSE 0^ BEPRESEHTATTVES. Wasitnotcn, Dee. 4, Ififlfi VTA5DCUB COMMTTTSR ON ? RrUIMf.N'S AFTAlM. Mr. Warnsrifit*, (rep.) of 111., from the Committee <jn . Rules, reported a new rule for the appointment at the iomfttaoement of each seseion of a standing committee of nine members on Freed mm e Affhlrs. It wse agreed to. qtjAiarictTTON or a *rw pnrrss, Mr. Hrtrmt, member elect from Brooklyn, N. Y., ap peared and took the oatii prescribed by law. rsfosts or srnsArs. The Sr*?s?s presented a communication from the flecretarv of War, witli reports of the Quartermaster t.euural Pavmaater ffoneral and Cornm *sary (Jcnera,, a* to tbw amounts ?ipwodffd io suppressing Indian hostilities during 1W*?6. It was laid on tha table. Alsoarepor: of the Comptroller of the Currency, which was referred to Mio Banking <Vimmittce. vhk sat. to AMF-tn nt* st tii isa i'ssns'T A err. Tbe hill reported la t ?e*eloii I rom fhe Banking Com mittee to amend the National Currency act came up as the first business in order. Mr. Honrs., (rep.) of Ma e , moved Its recommittal, ktr Kamiai.l. (dem.) of Pa,, objected to its recommit tal, arguing that the cowaalttee had given the matter a full consideration for si* months of la?t session, and that the Hours was as competent to consider It aa the commlt Aflersome discussion Mr Hoorsa withdrew his mo tton, and Ihe bill on bis further motion was postponed till the third Tuesday 1u December. rrpAR tTi nrscAP ros res conrvsoitjr* or m cpasrstT Mr Wiujams, (rep ) of l*a., from the Judiciary Com mltu e. reported bock a old on the same subject, making provision for a taparat- hureau for the Comptroller or the Currency. It was made the special order for Thurs day of next week. north gas jcnicui pi?tkict ov ncnnntivania. Mr. Wti.tjams, from the -ame committee, reported back adversely the House hill to create the Northern Ju dicial district of Pennsylvania. ?i.aia? Adviser rut rs ntn sTirts aso rowstrrrR* or RIAL MT?1R siiK Tllf. i RIMS "'V TRSASON. A bill to authorise tlie cmpleyni' ntof additional conn sel in the i aaee of the cla.m- pcnd.ng agalioit tha gov eroment aud the Hune r<'-olntior. to repeal that poritan of the act-r July IT, 1*?2. wluth limits the forfeiture of real estate for the ? Tn? of treaMin to the hrelime or the owner, were laid on the talile RROtXATm* 0? Tttt. TV!I. SIRVI'W. Vr JsNcga*, (rep of K I , from the select committee on the cl\ 11 serve e, reported a bill to regulate the civil terv ce of ihe United Htaies, Pi promote the efficiency thereof. If was reed twice ano 'ecorr.icltiad The Mrcaata proceeded to ceil tne States for reeo tutlona th?. BQtuuziTun or ?-w r-r? <*d I*f:an4e*n pa la a tan or (AjtMutamnn. Mr. Com, (Tip ) Of Wi? , ottered a preamble and roao lutlnu witling forth that tha ? of tbo art of tart am?tnn for additional bounty to eoidier* vara p*t?r>4 en.i powod in glMt bMto and without daa eiaminaliou, ami fall far abort of I ha o? gallant low of tbo bounty j tbaa tho aactlona of tbo aaa>? art in-maeing tbo pay of roam bar* of < ongraa* vara alao adopted in groat haato and wore of i|na*tioiial In propriety, aa wall in euhelame an In fnrai. .rul referring tbo Brat lag alat on to tha Military Committee fat amendment ami tbo aecood to tbo Ja dtrlarr Committee for repeal. Adopted. rurrto ? ?? w*o wriMcn ro armor dr. Ptroa, irep.) of Wia. off r?d a r?aoluti?n directing tha rtermury of War to rootmontoata Mr* anm*a of aij draftad mra wbo failod to raport to tho proper author! llo* I?id or or oa? day under tbo ruloa. arraiL oaorraa ??n ro* re* or (urn* in arina. Mr Ptu< *, (rep.) of 1 wa. introduced a Mil to repeal ao murh of emtloa SI of tha lateriuei Reyenua art of Ian oaaaloa aa iBipoeee a Inenee tat of $ 100 oa retail urorora wbo gr.nd tholr own rod#a or pptceo. Moad twwa and raforrod to ConnlHW on Way* aad Moan*. iOr*ov*ai< i or wraraaa hirk aa. f>a motion of Wr I ttar, irap.j of Mich , from tho rViliifnttiee on Commerce, waa .n-'runed to tnnulre Into th*aip#di?nry nfmak'nt apt r .; tlm ona for an h harbor* on tb* waatarn eoaat of Michigan a* wrro earvcyed thia year by lb* general gut eminent, re (j. r*oa rna maotar *ra t>?- anitrot Mr. Ituaaaou, (rap i of III, offer-d tb* following rwao lotion ?? Iteaallead, That t'e Preetdrnt of tha Malted Metre la eepeetfo>y rou ioei 4 v afonn the lloore, t! sat i . "n > artta the | I ? ? ? ?' > ' naai the ?-f -.f U?? CO' rainent the preoeru hour r riled a ? or.." ear la at pre ??nf aail If It la aot uaarer merenlrc than he formerly auu pored. ( t-attKhtgr ) Mr Kt.i.ana.c, (daor.i of V a . d*mamled tha ytm and nay*, whi> it wot* refuted, an tbe raeolut.en wa* re jected. Mr t.vnra'iiu. agked 1?are to withdraw it, bat the Hp??l ?r i(.formed blot that tha lleuee bad already ra Jooted It. ra* roearrrcnoii? ouwwrwwnr tea rtra aot'T* Mi WtiTWoarc, (rep) of lit, offerad tho following reanlutloo ? Ke*e>red, In mpmw to that portion of tha rreoldaat'a Hroait' that relet*, to thnee ootnetnnMlwa wb rh rlniine-1 to ho I be ? onf?,lerel* atatr > of A Inert ra, that thla Home ti.it In the many acta of itialnratty which b*?e tr? aplred la I I ? e.ni.iotm lOa, ?Inr* ito la at ad iromeot ?? well aa In n e?i (?( HnnotB tbe loyal t ??. >t.| ,a tor lii< <Mng eo the adep. hi if the pendiee enn-lltutim-al aiimodmrui. befwte II will mnali er too ptopnnty of gltine them i ongte-eiuiial itpiie ntatfon Mr. daiyino, (dom ) of I'a move-! to lay tha roool'itlnn on tlte ubte Loat~yea* 12, any* II", an I dlowa:? T*i*-We*-r*. Anrntu Milt ui, Mayor Camohmt, Can a leg, l?a ? -mn. MOi-Ogw flack, U leefereener. M ?el?eor. Ilala, llaf.oogot by llnya, llwnter o( ft \ Hery, 1411 ham, y hi I(t hiHU t Ni-.)i?lw?u, (Reel PUC pa k. Ull of Pa., kilter, It'-gara Itoaw ti el.anklin -itorreyee Mr ? ioa, Talce. Tayi-r of " y.. nimiib Ward oflly ** Kirn *?, r> Alley ?l'?e# ii.n AmMi. Aahley of fima Halet Ital-iwta P.oAr, pea" 10 lte?;tmin. Hid Wr,,, H ogham. Hlaloe. It low, lb.II' wrll ftrai <lrtf P-n?n. Wei .ft, ,w,Mll Ink am, I'Uik (if illi.a.t >?l ef baaaaa, fi.ih ( k -II ku, li?-lmi f>n? ea IlefMea, Jo nit. g, ftlt?i(?, Itoeye I (on o?l ly, pnhtey, I n>yiifi, fll't, f *rr.a wnnth P>fiji (i?r. Perry I'.nrBtW. Onnaell. f,-iaweio. "lard ay of II- ot la, Hart llraea. M"nO-rein hgtf Mill, If ?I e?, iloener llothnrt ifWm Va., Hot oar Oaf (>?win . II iett g Ohio. ItnlbueO, lnwerar.it Jnnrfum, ionm , Boo I en . Krllg, bet ur , KnowH, h uyknr.fUli lailt n. I e r?ee lup ? 'f <ialO hoar, 1 t ,rh. Wind M org. >etr .lee. MrKon, McKnwt Mer-iir Miller. Wonthead, Wor el Mertte. Monlion. Wreea, Mewell e> Weil, ir'b f e?e Pa.teeeoo, ferhann, flke Ptaatn, PnWMiyoj Praw. He'dell ?f ?e, Jllw o< Maea., hit. of Mnli.e, Rtiilltia, Kewyer. it- her.k. het)Be||A Pi?lutwrger. Monn, *pail<1iiie Harr. "U tena. ktobaa, Ikne.r. Pro tula Tbaroeief M1, f-il n l> Tt'.roer fr , of Wit Trowbridge, i n. n, Van A ernerr, Tnn lloni Wird of H 1, Warwoe. Waehb?,ro? nf 111 . W ,??h b .rne f Irtd. Wewiwortb, Whaler. Wi.limne W laoo of '(.w* t? tie. n of Pa WltiOoan. Woo-nirtOge 110 ; h" -am lotKOi Wee *a?r adopted wit ,ont dlflwea. rn ?a*K at gporrio*?Oarta ***> aey lawti An mrttea Of Vr "?n rrp-i of lad tbo tyoodMX waa requested to oommanl<*?to any eerreepondenee or iafonnatlon relating to th* attempt of Santa Anna and Ortega to organise aimed expedition* within the United States for the perpoee of overthrowing the ?atlonal go? ernnent of the republic of Mexico. pat or A MUSKS. On motion of Mr. Fabqcsab, (rep) of Ind., the Ser feaot-at-ann* was directed to pay to Mr. Washburn**, of ndiana, the difference between bis pay as a member and that received by him as an army officer from the 8d of March, 1866, to the dale of bis discharge. ?QtiAilSATine o* Horrors. Mr. JmjAr, (rep) of Ind., introduced a bill to eqaallse bounties. Read twlra and preferred to Military Com mltlne. rsoiri TiOH or aontr. inner ri*m-- watt TASd roa run UlflK I .ASKS. Mr. Spai.dik'I, (rep) of Ohio, introduced bills, which were read twice and referred, as follows:?Por the pro tection of government piers, breakwaters and other har bor improvements! to the ('aunmittee ?n Cotninorre; to provide for a navy yard at Ih- naval station foe tb upper lakes, Clet eland, Onio, to tbet'oniiotltee on Naval Affairs. thk ivrjtrA-itD rownra-vnov or wmciikbs. Mr. Lawwkncs, (rep.) of Ohio, introdwred a bill to re peal so much of the Civ I Appropriation bill of last reu nion as increases the C'<mp"iiH.atinnof members; to which Mr. Hcmjick, (rep) of ohm, offered an amendment pro vlding for the refunding of the increased iminj>onsat.on received hy inanition. It was read twice and referred to the Judiciary Commit lee. TUB MlUCAOB Qrssnou. Mr. L?w*Htrs, 01 Obio, also introduced a bill to redne* the mileage of members, which was referred to too Ceui mllteo or Mileage. TERRITORIAL OOVKKSWKNTS VOB TUB I ATBI.T RMWI.1JOC* STATKS. Mr. Rrimiuali, (rep.) of Pa., offered lb* following reso lution;? P.-solved, Tha' the Committee on Territories be Inetrnet-d to inquire Into the ajpcdirnrv of reporting a oil! providing Territorial governments for the srs-ml do trie's or country within the jurisdiction of the Colled stow formerly oc- u pied by the unco enisling States of Virginia, North Carolina, couth Carolina, lieorgla, Klorl-U. Mississippi. Alabama, f.niilsluBa. Arkansas and Texas, and riving to all adult maid Inhabitants, horn within the limit- of the i'nltrd Statu. or dulv naturalised end not participants In the late rebellion, full equal political rights In such Territorial governments. Adopted?Teas, 107 ; nays, 117, an follow s;? Tuas. ? M-ssrs. Allev, Allison. Am-a. Anderson, ArB?dl. Ashley of Ohio, Baldwin. Bnks. Hsrker. Beaman Bldwsli, Hlogham, Illow, HoMtw-lL Brand-go- Horn,well. Hrrwunall. Bucklaiid, Untidy. Clarkeuf Ohio. ( !. rk o: Kao Gobi), U,?ig. Cullom, Darling. Defr-ns, Demlng, IMlon, Diiggi, Kekley, RgglesLon, Iflliitt. Ksrnswiiriti, Karqiihar, V-rry. Oarfleld, Orfnnel), GriswoM, Harding of 111 . Hart. Hawkins Ifsy-e. Henderson, Higby. Illll, Holmes, TToop-r. Hubbard Conn., Huhbellof Ohio, Ingersoll. .tencks., ? ultan. K.mon. Kelly, Koonlr. I.atlin. Lawrence of l*a., f.aivr-nceof *?hlo. f-uau, l ynch, Maynard. MetTurg, VfcKee, MrKuer, Mercur, Miller, Monrhcad, Morrill. Morris, Moult.id. Myers, Se.'vell, O'Noil. Orlh, Paine, Patterson, Perham. Pike, Plants, Rumor iy, Price, Rice of Mass., Itlce of Me., R, lllns. S-beocV Mood-Id, Hhellabarger. Kloan Starr, Stevens, Strkc- Thcver, Trow bridge. Upson. Van Aernani. Van Horn of Mo., ttfardof N T., VVarn-r. Waahtnirne, of III., tt a-libum* of Ind Wash burn of Mass.. Wcnlv orth. William- Wilson or Iowa, Wilson of Pa . Wlndom. Wno lbridg- -107. Nats?Meters. Ancor.a. Baker. Ilei?p. Pover,'"ampbell, Chanler, Uaws.in, Hodge, l.ldri lpe. I tn-s tlfoeebienner, Goody.ar. Hale. Hubbard of W. Va. herr. Kuykend.ill, lanham of W. Va.; l,ehlond. Nltilack, Nicholson, Ne-ll, Phelps, Randall of Pa ; Raymond. Kilter, R.?p-i. Shankltii, Mtgreaves. Hpaldlng, Htl'.lwell, Siroiue. Taper, Taylor of M. V. ; Trimble. Ward of Ky.-.T7. rkcoistrpcTMMt ov Tim RrroNsniTv-r'n* rouuirrSK Mr ktivwh (rep.) of Pa., offered a eoncunrtct resc'u tlon fer the appointment of ihe Joint Committee of Re construction, and that the documents and resolution* that were referred to It at the Inst sckhiuo be conaidered as referred to It anew. Adopted. isomRT iv BRtisno to Ttir socrjirR* rViroap*. Mr. Stkvkns also offered a resolution for the apiiolnt ment ef a eommlttee of Eve t > report to the Ifouse nl Its next seueion the past and prevent relation existing be tween the federal yoveremenl and the railroad* la the States lately In rebellion; the amount of money ex pended by the United -tat-a In eon?tru"t ng, repairing, equipping and munag ng such railroads; the umount now due by each of them to the government, Ac., and as to the proper course to be tuken by the government m relation to -neb railroads; the committee to hat e powey to aend for persons and papers, employ a clerk and re port progress at any time. Adopted Mr. bTKVKpa remarked that he did not desire to be placed hlmse'f on the committee as he feared the rI unite of the South would prose rather warm for him. (laughter.) tsroaMATio.v aiQrwrtn rt? BRt.ino* to axKorirs asp rceoisTwasTft. Mr. I)rvio?, (rep.) of Mich.. offered a reaolutioa calling on the Pbitmador General for Information In re gard to the removal and appointment of p mtmsrters, I An , since the adjournment of the last session. It wax laid over for one day under tho ml*. Mr. Mrsss, (rep.) of Pa., offered a resolution calling on the President for Ilka Information lo refer enoe to all officers whose appointment the Heoats Is re ' quired 16 confirm, It ws? disposed of Id tho same manner as the preceding reeolutlon. rsarm ov tit* ggyRwrg. Mr. Daplpw, (rep ) of N. Y., offered a resole ilea I reciting that great frauds are alleged to be dallv prac tise! in the |iaymeot and collection of Internal revenue on distilled spirits, tobacco and cigars, and providing fur a select committee of fire fo Inv l gate Ihe facts, with power to send for persons and papers Tho resolution was adopted. oniliars ros nta nr*Truer or cot mvva. Mr. Dasiran alxo 'ntro*luced a hill to provide for the election of a delegate in f'ongrr-s for the District of f'olumbio. The bill war Rend twice nnd referred to the committee on the District. The bill provides far Impartial snffraye. ranees*n tvrsrasr ov rue s/t.ast nr a rcnoe Mr. Wahssk. (rep.) of Cona., Introduced a bill to Increase the salary of the tin ted State* Judge for tho District ut i onneott-wl to $4,600 It was rsa*t tv.uce, and referred to th" Judiciary fkimmltiee. SATK SAL S"Lii|KSH Asli VAIUISa OS en AS I'CM*. Mr. Basra, irep.) of Miv-r, Inlreduu-d a hill to afticnd tho net to Incorporate the National Holdi-rs' and Haitor'' Orphan Bnnie. It was read twli e and referred lo the Committee far the District of Columbia T?r ivirros tax. Mr. R la ore (ren ) of Me offf^rd a resolution Instruct ing 'he fcmmillee of Wsvs and Moans to Inquire whether ths agricultural, commercial and roanufnetor Ing interests of the country wou>d not be promoted by a repeal of the tax on cotton. Adopted. i.x ni as cuivk Mr R?cw, (rep.) ef Ms., >ntroi1'iced a Mil conferring Jnnsdh lion on the Court of Cla me In casee arlsini* out of treatrles wl*b the * herokee Indians of 1*17 and 18?A It was read twice, and referred tu the Jud.ctary ' stp mlttse. wrxtcAw arrAisa The rssolnt on offered yrstsrdny by Mr IfcRea onil.ag en the Pre* dent for cerrespondence er Informal.un relative to the present condition of affairs lo Mexbio, came ap and w . ? adopted. aAiiMOAn lavn waAsr The Benate hill of last aeeelon, makinv a grant of land for n railroad from "an Francisco to Humboldt Bay, came np. and wae postponed fer two werke tub nrrvancAS satcidav svrvmn CAPtTn?siviava this or sn. aortwni. Mr Bnrrwgij, Laving otdnlossl unanimous conasnt to make n personal statement, raid -I have oheerved in seme newspapers what p rpcrls to be a report eg SOMW remarks mane by me la a caucus of I'aloa numiers of the Route last Saturday evea ng. The report to wl..ch I refer ts In mar.y particulars qailo In' nre?L Waal I aald I SaMI very coolly, and will repeal K substantially to tl.e Hoeea I gave notice to the ?ancus thai It was my pur Ctatan earlr tuna to intends** a resoiuUea rail tag the eorrsapend' nee between the Mau Depart wot and ear M'aiwnr al Hum# in rafarene* to John H Hnr ratt and I espreaaed a desire that my friends should aepporl the paaaagu of the reaeluGan tt there shenid be nay ?p pa* It lew ev dmbt sWonl tt. I then ?d I bnlteve as reetlp as I am speakieg aew, that I had peed rdkeew to beiteve that lie gvscotiv# bspartsaent aad had hnewtcdfa fev many mouthe ef the place wire re Burratl ww*. that he waa amp'cyrd In the army of the Pope of Heme that it bad fer many menllui a knowledge of Ihe regiment and eampanr in which and ef the name seder which he waeeorving, that it tad oh served a report ef hi* arrest and swaps, and that I thought, under all th* r rruw*l*i'Oe, thai it was time that tha eouatry should know wbctaer those fects were so or eui. I therefor* desired that th* reeolutlon which 1 intended to tatrednre yreterdar iheuid be supported by the Pb*ob members of th* ITou** N?w, I *111 eay for myself that I have goud reason for believing, 1 he lms* I have the beet ef rvesees for th ok leg. that so -arty as May last th* Kisoillv* Depart men i uf tne govern ment had kesiwled** of where Harreft wse I d ?' not aey on Haturdny night lest, nor do I a*y r.uw, nor have f said anywhere, that the govt re mem has hesn at fault la not pmcnrtag bia arrest, but when I left thl* '*lty ia*6 Juiy 1 did r?pact that very sooa lb* eouo'.rv would hare knows that the arrest ba>) been made. Bel wsek a'ter weed t raasplred. aad month aft* r month passed away, and tbsre was awpettie iBfnrmatlan that hi arrest had been ?nude I did say in public speech*# thai I had good reason to heller* that ihe government bed knowledge o' the whereabouts of Korean. I bar* now Hi's tesay farther, rorreepundeur* baa h#en rnii* I for Wbvn it appetrs, th*> H'use and the cuuntry will w* w heibs* or n'?l the Rgecnttv* Department ban that knowledge The Hume and enantry will also see whether the government ha* taken sireh mean* *e were In IU power to pn? urn hi* serty arrest On that puial I have no knowledge what ever. If it shall apjwer tbet I here been mistake* w to the fact that th* vorert meni had knowledge, these la no p-fson le th# H'uiee or in the ceue'ry who wll 1 more willingly retract than I shall I have thl* to aay farther, that while I am oppeaed to tha President of tne f oiled Vtate* and to but pelicy, I at,all inako eo warfare ufs>n him which I do not consider fa r and legitimate I shall not attempt Iter* or oleewhere to tr 'represent and aiture h to. Hot what 1 do wi an to umlertok* aad to perfa-m to the heat of my ability a to aw-ertaun whether he had lorn tr i# in the greet office wbtoh It* holds I u.'cod tu bfitu to <Iat Inquiry, aa a rnsmher <A lb* H', ? e j da le* m ad. If it - bail appear that h- ha* been true, there I* en ell ren of ih?> es iruy ?h'' w ll n> e r-iddy rerogti e lb- fatt If. en th- other ban*. Iv sha'' prove otherwise, then, ts a < it iron and as a rei ressalative, I shall psrf' rm my duty to Ui# eouatry. batwival aat11'* so* ,sr??t*?> vitmes SCL#.*S" Mr fawsscg, on tear* of the Howae. ?lr -le" d a - at reaoluu'in to appo nt two -nanagsr* fer tn* Nat.ocai Asylum fer D sabi-d Tptontoss Hoi,here, to fill cena.a i ar sue,-a It waa rsal ib-e* ' wire and (*? il ?rtisa nrr iwaa -r vvu rvvarea Mr ItLAiva offsved a reet'iulien la*>rac|,ag the Jarse tnrr of War to feraieh, oa appltretxre ef tb* Adjs.i at teoeral off any Htate. csrtlfled copies of Ih* mueter net mile ef aoy v*fuet?* r nraaottaunw of aweh i tale ser s ag in the late wnr. It waa rtfsnad to tha u,,?vary i'-ewa ?n Ilea The Ke .se adjo-irned at two o'slock. UflSIl ?/?KI ? MI1N B?to? Ji?? ?, ) 'Bh Jamm W?Krt?, a mwahrr of iM orfuavaa m?r lotjr af Ku<<Oi T<r*. aba M mi???-I ~>J Ma oawolaMu <?? tM n'fhi ?i lha ixmI a?!?<i IMIMl la ihurttr ?"*' 1m "Mm a lar?* mart ??? ..??????hy itx ?j -*.? r.4a?' 10 <tajr, ar raiMt bM la aaa ?! ??? 4aoba la I mat of Iho <??*?. aa4ar ? nr-.mmtntm ai.ich aa*a ao <inr>M Urn M ha* baaa taaily 4*aM ana HI* ?loth a| had b??a all taioa tr*tn la. tba ??^y harir( nnlhlif on ha I *a ?n*#r*hirt IM V?*.--1 |* Waabiaftna. aM ? ?a)yiil< M h*?? taab rHMailnmi *??? im 4Mb. TMS VIRfllNIA LIIISUTIIRC. Oa??nw HaffMi'i Mwmi* Ito fawn the Adoption of th* f'wrU?lt?mal iantaMl, and Pata a l(l(k CaapllMaal u the Kndlral Cminh. RiCnnogn, Va.. TW. 4, IMS. A qoorutt appnertl* m MA branch.? of ihe (VenoraJ Aaeembly D-day, tfcs Ooverasr'* Uawa* *1/ preeentod, partly r ud mod ordered t? ba printed. Ibe Vnua|< shows ibe pmhlle debt of ftrirglaia, with th* interest1 funded, to be over $4.1,000,000 Them a<e <>*?r <410 hundred aid thirty-sit mllltla regiiwnnUi ef the line, of which on in bet on* hundred pod Haven i.are lieem organized. The remain'u* twenty .tune nr* in proreSh 01 Srg.inln?tnui. He recommend* mn ameudganmi to the laws eo an to dhvb the further stay o! execution* upon the payment bv the debtor of the InliTwet und twenty-tie* per tern of lit* penciled within niB'ity days from the let of January, 1801, at which time the preront *lav her* expire*. and a Itkn ?unt tit tlm Internet each <wt -nog y*ar. He amy a the tubject of utter it attract log great aliost.nn in th* Clout. Tit*] ooplo muid tlrat depend itp"it their unlive lataii n<SW tn t'n l otntticniyrt iilth, wbtle uud cfiored. Tbig * to be encouraged by the repeal of opprc>4lv" Uw*. by the encouragement of common whooU, and by lair traces and Uud ire.Atfouit. The nrgrq ought t<> have ? fair chance, and be ehould be triod hope fully. Tit* next hope for labor. he say*. Is from foreign countries. In dtrctiHN.ng the Hoard tutlonal itnecdincnt, he rttnaihe thai the m-opln Of the Hnulil onght tint Hglta to b" RSi'led lit 111* pro. nitsoa nf pmleiaetd allies and fromd .4 the North. The Congressional party la CMOposed oi a 1 ?rui- slain, the ( equals In wealth und intelligence of lite piety of the Preen lent, ft embrace* the flnwsr and strength ef both the eld political parties in the Norihnm Htalev. brought together by tlio late war and now held together by a oumtnon eeatimunt and sympathy. It ve.lf become sti nngvr for m tny years to ? nine. Thin mar lot termed the dominant (tarty, led by the ardent and eultlvated in tellect* now present lu Cong roe*. Tho political qn'>* Hon for your conaidcratiou now I*. whether, by tie r* .loci ton of t|i* promoted Constitutional N'oendmSOt, you are likely to place the people 01 otir State in ? better condition. It th* view* I Imve presented be correct, there ?* BO hope of better terra*. It R urged that It woald bo dishonorable to aurep; the terras ofTonad In the amendment, I thins this objection U uot substantial. Thero uo pol.Ileal power acquired by the amreader or the 1 onfederate ?rati* The terms w?r? to (tin soldier -th* surreo d*r of his arms gp. iny his parol* thai ho would go to his home and remniu liter* peaceably until ex- humid as a prisoner of war or rrtmiieit irwi his parol*. the J ofltcere hail more liberal terms gran Hot them but there j teruis were only such a* applied to u prisoner of war >n a tnlhiary point of Tlow Th'* po-ition 1* fully con timed by th* (act that, after on* ol Hie federal com- 1 wander* hid attempted to ,qtv? e political tMV to a | large dtvieion of tti? In* rgert aruiv, the poi tl- I cat feature of tho treaty watt ordered to b* ) etriCkon nut by the government at Washington. I The people of the late Confederate AletSS, as a con I quered nation, or or Individual* who have fbr;?"l?ed heir ' political right* by .rebellion, are 'til! under the t?ai of the government or In the power of the conqueram In Ibe catte of nation* at war the conqueror dictates ttt* terms of peace; in the ear* of ?t blcets engaged tu Mb I llou, when the rctwj'.rn Is subl o'U tho governip nt eit forces or m t g*t<*< the penalty. TTie terms of t'ut r ra qneror In tins '?%-*, ?,r the pen at ties Aged by the govern ment, are embodied n this prop ' - J amondtiient tu either vew of the ate th t c in he no dlsgr;;i n Incun wi by the -epunc* of the t?rms proposed, bucause they ar* prop iesd by a powerful go? rnuiettt to the people of Stat* * 1! armed and unable to rettltt Its authority. It," dtr quallflcat ona particularly proposed do not go to th* army that surrendered at Appoint!')* ''ourt Hou"?". I tiup|i ?? that not Ave tier c*nl of the Individuals who enmpo etl that army will ho affected by the propound coortit illonat atnetidocof There were, ptrbspe, more ahi* boiled pervitin in the f-'tap** who wcr* detailed or exempted one way or another from rnlhU.ry norvice than wcra bearing arm* on that loy. Tit* dleqtisUflcaUon w ill t?. chiefly on thl* "! wa They ought not to eompia n b*. caus* the* did not e* pos* the r persons in tn> gerytne fo secure victory in a war they to largely mm hut'i.l to in augurate. The document 1* y*ry lengt ? v*l the iborn Is ontr a rvrtivte of its most impoitant |* 1* It was re elvwd with indis?rcnc -n tc iu b' ?s, ke?i a the i.a'*, a:i*r a few iut?s had been read. th. f -ta.u n?i eg era* poet poned. No husir.rN* of importance was ; ae ar'ed la etldei brahuh. ? THE FENIANS. SHOAL TIJCf.fR TO TnE Hf?f ft (?rent Mate Meeting la Nee* (Irlewwe Ae* ported Klttlo? Owt of a Krilae Prlvwtrrr. Nrw Oki.kash, Dec. 8. Hfld. The Fenian* are gathered n m.-va meetlnr ia o >? dienc* 10 the call ol Dr Cleary, District f;*u*r? 0' the ilotierte *r ug. Much enthu laem prevail*, and elo quent *|<eech*e are belLg irwie. Ii ia whispered that toe feet Uvde built .hlo -.gede run ner Heroine hen been ptirclia??<l and i? fltatag nor he-e forth' pirpoee of aiding f-*!and, n?ii, of ro;r*e me leiuan leadera profewt to know n'Ablog at>oul it SSkCIAL TEli! fiAR TC T? lllf *LD Tli? I'ntoarra at Mwrlnltar* Tlietr Trial* ? ? I i wvitmi TihMorruH A biwhl ?? ibr .liti! Aa Im riMllnrf Attempt an Ibr Prium Krna? iralrd - Tralaaa at *M. Albaae Annum Inr Mprrinl arrvlrr. ?iw*wr*?r*n, r V. f>v- ?, The court opened at tea o'oi *.?, a 'A., Jmlkt J.I im. prmtui.af. The court rooai wann *drd w.Ui etrnBg.r* who hare evidently ? jinn here f<ir the purprwe n a ne?*mg the** trial*. It - l>- !ev?d by tminy it?? itrauger* are here for the purpovanf urnnguny p*.-?" of fa dern that may c .me here from the Metre fer lira purpotw of liheratiair the pr**>?i*r* The atter.t on of the court ?an ?k> upnl a'l ?!?v a lb the tr.a of the Pollen murder roe# The pr aon?r Itmery ''hM'.b rim, a <1 'li .r, Annrl en voldi-v, la a-riwrd of the murder of a ytr 'lr*o year* of at* The authoritiea have for <M?u 'lie pr.i i<*m tnokng or chewing lotacoi whi n cuBfody. The Hon It Drvotto, Queen'* ronni lor the pr eoner, h.i? de manded thai (he? h illmrtd ibe u-e of tobveei. heven Of MM pf'toner^ will he aj led and 'rled Rriliah abb, <l < Til* ulnar* a li he nd '*<1 and ir.ad aa American dtttxee*. Two tnorr 1'iiroriaat 1 rown a to To* r??e very ?ud denly dleappeared It I* no ler-toad that lie* ?? <*? bribed ly Pen an* to ieuv* the country and r*ma t> away net I *'t*v the irtefe baee telr*a |< ? *. Tbe autltor'Uaa are very nir-h ?*. i*d n- ?r tbe <fleap[*>'anoe of the** * tu ??**?? an'I are ue -? all lb'- in their p- war to (lad men, Judge Jet naoe anil adfT ra **>, r? ?t four n'mnrk p >i ?eery day h'reafter. It tw uodevetood the tbw< r-ore wae adopted fur f?er of a rad b*o.g made ??. the < ourt Ha eel nMn tue cun-r if B'g't uid Ibe |>r "owe a -art *d over ibe hoi The brand Jure ?r rei baee baaogM in n? h'tle ay ? u?? tbe pneoae-v, ami t v llio vhl "iat lB?y wi'l he aaaiNr tn brine In troe bil'e ayo net two er tl.r*e ef them To. prl-oaere aut l?e ..wayned t . rr or a ard It"'* ir e * will prober, y remm*ace Tbi r-4ay The Peoian tain/* i la h*r., and Orneral a?tr II a *t peeled to arr.aa to morrow line ef the premier* named f'ra*f"Vd wyt ?everely l.ealon he ao ilber named ' ohoro n ibe la i Ihc al *r noon Hie eye en* nearly put out by a at e T! ?? dif ll*0lty are** from a dtepute eV. t f?-iea madter* W|.?n tbe Jailer enter the ward, -ooo -.fler Ihle iipht b> I" k up the prieonere for Ihe r.igM h* fc nit (be d* - 01 en liner c?rnpartm? tit ?I, and on op< nln* t be (iter ?*r-d on* ef ttm pr-on r?. Thome- Ma*den lb tbd aery a t eppvfenlly of vli*.. u,n? In ?et *r* hi he Jnn. Madden ? More l? thai I ~ e- nl* d Id gut h ? p * -depe have *>?'* taken Mi pr vat auch Incml u*> attempt* lb f?t' ire A deep ,teh from St. Alh*r? *aye a t'enian ??? ng woe oe 4 i. " *t T' ^ hai'.rday rraaa n? *a<i lire* ? i dred me* r??rn into ilie?*'r^e fi* ? ?yroai *u>.er taklnf ? lar?e em "let of rmmey wa* *et?rr'twd by the memben to pur b? uiiiro laiUe*, A'. Tbit piAre ? in a great ??*!? f at'io-ment fo* r*ar of a raid (Torn !'?? VeetoO ; .a r II ? *. r.oort Widad* .urn p? Honueai where te- y wi'i l.* m,rfe aontirai. Kent*a fnrnrlra and Mrille In ItnTnlo. A*. htrrain, !?*'. ?, Ibnc, Fanlaa (al'itary rorap.ve* are pa- ? lln, the atroeu with Bauu*- tnd inn* Tlid arm wr.'eb err- *012*4 ho the I'r H %#i*e ?teemcr Mi.n.gao, during tbe raid h at tamradf. it I ?nnownned we to be del re red la ibe ewner* at leu o'rforA lh I aftem em The hood* rn^Uired be lb* VbUe4 "tell- governtneut war* ?.gT-d thie o, o, 1. Fenlai.a i? maviantly In lir.? by >?p?i. ? * m CiC r eat pari* o ttm t.ty aad >*lgbf*?ri?fiod l enlan Anna |(rt?ravd. Ki *r??*., !??-. 4, l**e Thw Fen-in*, after iw "elng Hie a*. . wiirl *ere ?* II ?r?d t ? b?ta Ih'Pi tb* <l*>in*l Mulligan at IVa> e 14"*g, ma I d barb 10 'be otly .ad c>> ,*ey>4 loan, a f . r I*.,1 e eafoma to Ihe ar.a rvtea, nber* it?> Way* deputed I dlaa hfrrllag la f'blieatrlpliia. rnu trmir a. fte. ( IV* AnatlvUrna and #r.:b etavti* h*eea aaeebar eaa held ai Jebro n Hat' thh ever, n* Addra I v*-.A b?Mr??ri ArMad?wro* liibteWW and Mo"ir.m ring I* p*v?a. gr a m hury ?. tpeat, leelm Monde? n bl aiarr.hed ten the reoe* 10 I gr*ai tap A i?v aomhe* ef rerwU w*r* vtde.rle la* rail, ?ad a iafy.aem of money waa banded a to ayap a rep. ii" r 1 r vMt>? net ryv iMi tsr.mmm r.n r? iwtwmi (Tito. Mew Oiutvv, Dew f, l*d A "?ra?t/? . area ta-awrrew to per vn" a pet-u a 10 Cnugieaa v? ad fat Treatr-oaai fwreiaaxmia for iho doutbara -at*e. TV per air a be* tmen atgned by drAi twe tboaawu. ianudia< fkaeeaaov *e.t llK8> AfflAT KM MdM II lm i? lead. 4, ia*e A vane* .Tray eaeerved art a gut la ?+ anl or'e ?? Iw*m ? awa** an . Ibvee aMdier* *f -M K.**eaih d ?Meiov afmiry una *f t'w it tot w? eat tawa aad TIE GITT ELCCT10H. Richard B, Connolly Ov Rext Comptroller. Tk? StercMfkl faidldttm for Aldir* ??? aad ( oancllMM. an* a<* tii The ihertor atectioo peoeed ?v?r eery eoleily jmi* day. Bui It tie luiereei em aieultwitrd. elded to wlik'b the heevy fllorm that provatleh dttrlna tb? peeler per tion <>( the il ty iiixloabtedly pwreuud tu*uy v ot?m lr<>in nter i?iuh the rtyai of Ka fr.it;c. Btnlierd |i Coin oolly, we. elerlwl Comptroller hy ? p) -eHry of two thousand over Kmlierd Knlly, rapohUcee. end newly eight lhci.-u.od over Mk-hael lloimom *!>.. ? ret The rttonorrtUa ehwi elected neitrlr *11 ttp-lr ? eedi d.ilttt for AUmruiuft end Oinucilin^n. 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