22 Aralık 1866 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

22 Aralık 1866 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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MR M wmmraw maxvr*? umn nov ww >ri w S'l | a: E NEW Y< 3 R] ft HERALD. WHOLE NO. 11,071. NEW YORK, SATURDAY. DECEMBER 22. 18?6. PRICK FOUR CENTS. sgnnfCMMUU* AW7UT il-JK KB ?PTf PAB "X." . JB lfE KUI8 QUB ? "tout k voua ^BH ? toujour*." 81 vous me dounetaa too lnttlalaa,ou ?*???.* <l?i?quoo remarque quo Jo reus amtfrR. Jo pagaarelcfeaa vans aaaora. eg rotudHea Hw ABUINUTON?TRUTH, HO WOE, ?Bo wtoo. Road tha poem of "Dolor to bo o true patriot. sTW* T^KOROE T. RtlSRltLL, OP LONDON, ENGLAND, a J who resided la Row York in 1HI7. or hi* heir* will hoar! IHr THIS COMBS l^U^IoTItj^O^IR^EROIlin ? I,. Babe, he will i>leaoe rail confidentially on hlo friend. W. A. V., at Bo. B6 SouthernHotel. INFORMATION WANTED?MR8 BAKY EMILY PAOR, 1 do itchier of tha late Wlllett Carpenter, of Newcaitle, will bearjtfaOBMthing to bar advantage by nondinc her ad drooo to Hannah Corpontor, widow of Gilbert Corpontor, Moweaotle. LHIZZIV-OAN'T NEGOTIATE LOAN ON NORTHWEST; ? muateali gut; wUl tap and hold Brta Uli OAMCEL PORTSR 18 BEQOB8TKD TO CALL AT 1? ?J Laurens ?treat for hlo "Wfh, Jaft tboro by Mr. Kauf. o?*n. If not eaUed for tkiawaak will ba oold to pay LOST AMP ITOPItp. IOST?DECBMBRB 19, A DIAMOND8TUD. $20 WILL _J ha paid by returning R to lW Woot Twelfth street. I' ORR-A WBMORANOOM BOOR, CONTAIMINO A J Promissory Nate, dated August 27, lhfid, payable four won I he after data, for amount of $$M. The honest lliulrr will ba liberally rewarded by leaving It with T. Harris, TV Murray street. LOST?PBOM TUB BOHOOWBB EMILY, A YAWL BoaLon fburaday, the EKh tnitant, between Tin ry town and Rockland Lake, with a new ear In her; built In Baltimore. Whoever elves Information to M. Pleard, 126 Bommoud street, win ba rewarded. LOHT-AT THE BALL OP TROOP K, THIRD REOI moat, In aolag from there through Grand afreet to Canal and West Broadway, A Oold Cluster Bracelet, with the letters "O. H." Any one returning the name wHItm liberally rewarded and receive the thanks of the owner. Apply at Fifteenth street and Tenth avenue or at Fifty ascend street and Eleventh avenue, 1 OUT?ON Tlir<KDAY RYENING, DECEMBER JO, J either on the Mouth ferryboat, or cotng from Mouth ferry In corner of Columbia and Pacific, streets, a Paeketbook con taming about $20 lu bills; also two notes, one drawn l>v Polt A German to the order of Wra. Mctllsughlln forgtfUO, deled November 110, 188*, at three mouths, pay able at the Mechanics' Bsnlt. Brooklyn, and endorsed by Vt m. McOlangb tin; also one mede by Carton A Ce., ta the urder of Charles Ulbbnev for fl03, not indorsed. Any person returning ssnia to t'batws (Jlbbney, at his feed store, Columbia and Pacific street, Brooklyn, may retain the $30. All person are no tilled wot to negotiate the same as payment has been stopped. Stolen?from the premises op joiin hunt. Jamaica. L. I? a small Home, 18 hands and 1 inch high, 8 years old. little hollow back and long tall. $X reward wiil be paid for Ita recovery. ~~ WEWARDB. _ ~ REWARD WILL be PAID rOR THE RETURN to No. tt Weat Thirteenth street of a Black and Tan named Jack. Strayed Irons tha premises Deor,tu rn. a>1 n REWARD?LOST UN DBCBMBKR 17, ON THE m*!" premises of Patrlek Murray, a Poeketbuok, con taining about $6 Above reward paid by leayiug It wlgh Her. Father Woods, Moirislana. Tin REWARD?I.OBT, ON THURSDAY. 2VTH TNRT., LI" lu going from Tenth street and Broadway to H?ven teenth street and Fifth avenue, a Pockethook, containing about $? In hlUa. The finder wilt receive the above reward ?a lest log the same at 17$ Front street. tfjl K REWARD?IP THE GENTLEMAN THAT POUND vpi-sJ the Pearl Opera Glass In a Madison avenue stago. on Saturday. Den. U, will return the same, be can obtain the above reward by applying to W. C. Early, M Front street. ? OK -IP THE PERRON WHO FOUND A MM ALT, WAitl, Bos Ins Blvtb avenue and Broadwsy caryester day, containing ana small gold enamelled wath, with two ?leer watch cases sad a few email articles, will return them to Wm. H. Raskins, No. X2 Fourth avenue, be Will re ceive the above reward, with thanks. ? *?K REWARD?TAKEN BY MI8TAER OR OTHER Vt-d'J wise, from the barber** saloon of the Xetrupo Bun Hotel, on Thursday. P. M., one blaa Sank Coat, large Mir. made by Ltthtcuia A Co.; pockets containing key* gloves. Ac. The above reward will be paid to any person returning Mad coat and coutats taaatd saloon stud no quae $100 REWARD. -LOST, A POCKKTHOOK. CGN tain lag about $feM, at station D Post otfice. or be tween there and Tenth street; one third or the amount will fee given (o the finder by retu rnlng the same to the 1'i.sttnas ^ar, station 0, who wUl more particularly describe the same. *9-A REWARD WILL BE PAID IN ADDITION TO T^GU the money taken, upon the return of the articles ?r Jewelry stolen from tny bouse, 117 Bast sixteenth street, an the eventug of Nov. ltd. K. B. WES LEV. ~~ Ipbcial both km. ITALIAN COURIERS OPFICE, 3H GOLDEN SQUARE. I.ondon, Enkland?Families or single persons iibout to visit Europe are Informed that Ibey will ahrafa find at the above 1.dice eiperlen<-ed and Intelligent couriers, possessing the highest testimonial*. By addressing a teller to the Sec. rauxy J. FO.NllA I t >KI. br the steuiner In advance of the aarly leaving Amertcs. a courier will he despatched to meet thai. ,rrival at Liverpool. For further Information sodress fw above. EW ENGLAND SOCIETY?THE MEMBER* AND goeels of tin* society will assemble at Irving Hall, this Bat.rday; evening, ?l 6 o'ebs-a precisely. The dltiuc- si 1 **rr*d promptly. E. D. MORGAN, Frvsnueiit. I- P UtiaaaHS, secretary, til Wall atreeL N SeriUR OP TUB ATLASTIU *AIL STl.AMSUfP Company. No. I Rowling t.reeu. New York, Nov. 1.1. .?By order of the Board of Dtre.-tore, notice Is hereby atven thai In coueegaence uf the elert.ua appointed to have *0 bald on the 13th of November instant, not having teeu held pursuant ta snob appolutsnent, an elertlon or nine Alrectorvnf Uttacoinpany aud ttiree tn-jiertors of the nest mice ceding electloi, will ue held at ihc oTice of the -oinpsnv en Fndap, the 11th day of Jsnusry, 1W!7, at 1J o'.iiuek M. Tlie tranafer hooks si the offics of the Fsiuevs' Loan sud Trurt Comnoiiy will lie closed from tlie 10th to the Mth of January, Wf7. The poUa win be open from 12 to 1 o' i<?k. FRAN KLIN ALLEN, Secratsuy. Tub j.AkT wei.k BKctBE^rnrR tickets URAND PKESKNTATIO* VKKTf VaI, murrivEU* ro take ptacb at CfJOPF.R INHIITITK BKXT ttATUKDAT EVENING. Tlakat i>?. ? ?U Broadway, N. T Baa adrarliatmant m another mlaan. fro ai.l wirov rr hat coNCERN?wancis in J baraBy glran thai 'ha owitar ar owni'ra of tha iron pi pa 1aa>l?d on tha piar fait of 117th alt oat. K. B , rnn-i rotna iod pay tha ripoaaa on I mm and taha tiiam a*? ar thay will ha aoul to pay tbo aaraa. D. T. W.tNDKLI, l.maa. IMIK MEMBER*! Of IIKNRY Cl.tT I/O DO F No. 277 J. P. A A I , ara h-rahy?iim*u.t.ad to aUrnd tha nan rafolar ? . mraun'-ailnu on WaitnaaUr aranlug, Daiamliar "B. at thai/ room* Mo Ea<t Bnadwiv at ?', P M Bual taaa alartlon of oSoara. JOHN D. CALDWELL. N (PL, Italia, Mae'y. Ml Nil Ala. -T < IIP .IN MIMICAL INrtlTITF., I ITV BK< >A I' J\ way, antraara ?fc Thirty-fourth atrial ? Wgoor Borra'a ?far of ?lt fpaa laaaona in mink will ha notiunua?1 a faw Aaj> loogar, In the hopa that taaoy mora will uouia for?.,id and N ELTKEIKNCEII TEACHER WII.I. OIVK LBN i-r.na 1*1 tha pano to a I'mltad nnml.ar >.f pupil-, attliar *i Mr owa raaldanra or at thair b'xiaaa larma fSS par ooar pr Apply at"* haoomi aranua. itrat Ihair, or at W Eight} aaiABlb ?traat, or addraaa T. B. I 'onaory, llaryd oNna. U'.ENTI.PMAN WII.I, GIVE 1NRTBI CTIOW OB THE P.* no al popll't raaldanra for 81" par .4-in. tar Hr<t of r?'?'?<?i glyan Addraaa, with raaldanra, Taai bar, lat 113 a I TUB NATIONAL CIINBHKVATOIU or *rHH\ 83 J\ u.dlaoa aranua, l-lano, til.Hit, Th .ry and Tonal lii-o larma ?t" Bat nuanrr Cooaorratory fogBMBaa l.tilro "had laNA MIRIMMAN Mt'sl?' - mi.t KB Turn PET!" A* I la ad at RA Tatar ? at Itoma on I'brtatmaa; prlra 80 nta. "Harmony la I'm Imwtaol *? IViafa " SI aanta, FKF.'lh Kid* HI,I MP. Jilt Unitary Ml VoLLRBHArFRU WtWAL ?| IB BERT AT" ?BT, Li -wl ubarth'a limliting. RBI Broadway ?Iaatruoi toaa lo y-alaintl ? . nattia I to. Il'i iprni "HK MIB8K8 Hi"***, THOTEa*.>Rfl (BP tfl'uir, hart plauoand ?lilting, wBI gtta laalroattn* I* Naw ??rk ah,I tha miuly. Adtieea ? H.ll A rm, aua- .Wo t Broadway or Maar A "rhirmar, Bit Broadway. APAN KU IMEEOIATEtT?A GOOD PltVOIftHTE IT tni ar, t< altatid to tha milaMr arid wararoo.u tunlagA pply In John H 11 no ham. III l.aat Ota aA MIAN OEEM Kb. ar - M'inKV I "AM.1 ?DViNCI'.D OB III A 1 MONIIU WATi.IIK.M. ,'pwr 1,1'T, Ar.. OR THE *???: BOLOIIT M Tit f: llli.HkdT KATKi<. ALPHA AWRRKUEEKK' flCEETB Bol i,HT T?llt DIAMOND* 7At' lirA JBWi'LRf. A- . atT7 Hlaa.-Mr. -mat, np "Lara A Ttr IIHOAHWAX, BOO* Bo. ? OVER lABPh' ART fV ".allary,, tho Mglia.- ooah pff a? paid for Dtamonda. * . uaa, 'owalry, nJri r VI *ra. 1 ha. Kara. Ac A DTANOJtB MtliR ONWATOKRB, fMAMoEIH". JEW \ air? l?r* Hood, Par.onal Propar y of orary da. r.P'V i -I A. JA''EBoN, 111 urand N'nat, two doarawaat tf |lr.,?rlw?(r, J tWBBHilKWi* TIChKTB TI Kt HABRIt Of DtA .tnnidfc Walawaa, Mttka, lawalay, nothing. Ar. : or tha ir* * b>"t?i* far amah. ? tha >M atand, l*T Horary, fin* *r '-"Hi, dp Mint. }t*NBia<>K*Rr ti'-rktb rvRTHASEn or or* , ? !. Wataha*. Jwwalaa, (Ilk, t.'loth I rig. A< A,!rat|r-? tha -naaa r hoogfct al'ha hlgh?.t ra.b prlatW, al t, tira" : Wtaat, ooar Buliwrry JAf *"ItOKETln TTf KKTB Tf'Hi'irARRIi t I.AROE V |,.t af . - la.. I:i it, n? at halt" tha^,n.| rXa, "rar a $!? :? ??? B-i?ti-ao " lata. ?? to ?W, Ca?a-nar? ?r ?3 loflu, 1 aau. ?l to |K u/ IroomoV^J mara ?traot itrrwr HEO. A.ET IK. ERNTAVRABT8. ,'OR ? 1'IUhWAIt-RBiJI.lBH BEEP. dAOfUW APIA ?tar J*till atrawf. Baouah MuMaa far ?aaoa 2 nmvcnnr. a graduate or th* university or cam ki%MXUXVT,S&XVS!^ft!& iffliiKjrsa IcmsPa g!ttj%?rs*iersj& loo Square, Now York. A LADY WHO HAW HAD A HAPPY HOME. TEACH A lag the English bra nob M and mask), and taking amtra charge of household matters, dnalrea an engagement with partEw of blab moral aurtb; would giro faithful, indulgent nare to children; heat of reference glean and required. Addreee 1'ne hunne IMle, boa Ml Herald ofllce. Adult pupils or harried ladies prefer red.?Piieate lessons. Common and higher KnglUh branched, mathematics. oompoalllnn. oorreapundeaae. con eeraatlon ? ...... erature. l draaa Mlas BOOKKEEPING, WRITING, AC., FOR business.? Mr. DOl.BKAK. MOB Broadway, leaobe* Bookkeeping practically. us need In the beat Hew York buusna. lie alao remoeea atlffneaa, cramping ar trembling from the wont hand, and make* elegant buslneaa iwuman. French conversation. ac.. tauout bt a well educated and competent lady from Paris, at her rooms and at the reeldence of pupil*. Lesaous private and to classes. Highest references given. Fur particulars Sitdrms or call on Mile. O , 1.137 Broadway. Borne after b P. H. and before 11 A M, DR| inailirUIRH' g, UIW|IVNtWH| WI a v?|>uHHOwm an. criticism. reading the poete. history. English llt >. piano, tinging drawing. Ulgheet reference. Ad ilea Ware, box Tll.tatloiiD. TIO TEACHERS.?WANTED. LADY TO TEACH FRENCH and uiualo In aUy family, $750 to gl.OH); pr .feaeor ?toeu. tlon, $2,UU0. principal fur Western acadnmy and one for hew York; iual* Aointftoi for Rtigllxh brouchen uu tlutl*0|i; al?o other teachers wanted. All who arek positions ahould havej Amonuan School Institute's application form. .1. W. SCHKRMP.KHORN. 4311 B rooms straot. A ffk TO $60.?TEN WEEKS' SOAR!) AND P.NG. 0"xvf llth hranehea; piano $10. under 12; referent* dty patron t. Ad diets Abel Whltlock, Danbury, Conn. HPOKTINO. ABTEAKVROPKLLER YACHT FOR BALK-FIFTY eight feet long, ten feet beam ; about fiv- month* old; built oroek and copper fastened: list uecoiiiinndniinn* for right peri-ma liesuNja the crew; is well found In every re spect. Apply on board at foot of Kaai fi-nili street. YEW CHOICE DOOM EOR SALE?SEPARATELY or together. A pair of Black end Two, mala and i-male, weight 4 Um. and 6 lhs.; 1 mouse colored Italian Ureyhound, futiiAle; 1 mouiw oolored hibwian Bloodhounds 7 Bonlhi r?In# tbalarcniat and fliwwtln the country. wci*b* lift lb*., will, whoa full lP'WU. probably reach 13ft or ihO lb*. b? *1M77 Bowery, neil to Fil th Uxect. CONSTANOK KHI-.HS. FINE Ii<)T <?F bINiiINO t'A.N ARIEH AM? F \ N? 'Y Bird Cages for holiday pre-eot.. BR^T All kinds or ran<iy doc.s and rirds, ac.. for sale?At B. IMlYKY'S. 350 I'aual street, near Churi h. Medleli.es for all caulnr diseases. Prepared food for mocking birds BIBD8.-JURT ARIUVKP FROM BELGIUM, TnE lineal collection of long breed and half breed Canarlea ever imported. Nightingale, skylark-, I.In nets, Uuldnocbaa and all kinds of Hinging Birds, Parrot-. Ar.. alao a large col lection of Mocking dir.la for sale; Food. Bird Seed and Cages for -ale at HI >K1>EU -. 1*- Wc 1 Brnadu ay. OK SALE-THREE YOI Nil MALE LIONS; ALSO me prr.r of Knotty MnnnUia Elks, al CHAM. KE1CIIE A HERS Bird More. 55 Chatham street. LYKANClfl BUTLER, NO. 3 PECK SLIP. HAS ALL THE r choloe breeds of nogs Butler's Infallible Mango Cure and Floa Exterminator. 73 >??!*. Butler'a new work on the I'op, $2. Dogs Itminod, Iwarddl. Ac. Medic ine- lor all die eases. JOHN OKAY. 11 ROOSEVELT bTREKT. HAS FOR MALE Newfoundland Pupa, small Poodles, spin Dig-, email hlark an 1 tan Pupa, a pair of handsome spit* Pupa, smalt Mack and tan lings, Scot h and i-kye Terriers, good ratters. JUST RECEIVED, A FINE LOT OF GERMAN CANAHT8 and oilier European Mngmg Birds. Oil AS. RE I CUE A BROTHER. M Chatham street CNHUEI, CARSIAOBS. AC. An ELEGANT "C" spring clarence?made bt Wood Brothers, a perfect I-m, very light: cost $2,000; nseil hut two or three limes, will be sold at a h.irgaln, M applied fur at onon at their waren-una, tH6 hroadway. A TIPTOP four or SIX HortHP. SLEIGH. A FIR-'T rate Hotel Coach. for sale cheap; alao plenty stuiage far carriages, at $4 Park street. A splendid lot of KKRSFT and STABLE Unr-o Blankets for -ale retail at w holesale price*. Call and -de before purchasing elsewhere at U?" harreee -tore 5JU seveuln eveuue. A {) ?WlienMP BUOGY, ALSO TORN OVER SEAT Wagui.. sold at a graat'.arg-ln. at Cro-amon'a stah'a, Thtrty-reouud ttreat. Iwlween LetlngUm and Tbtrd avenues. ATTENTION IS CALLED TO THE SALK OF FINK BI.OOPEI} HTALIjIoN AND OTHER sTfn'K, BY MINER A SOMERVILLE. THIS DAY TN FRONT OF SALESROOM, IK NASSAU STREET. Partieulars under aunt ion head. COACH FOR BALE-n* GOOD order, and runs hgl.t. Apply to J. GANNAI'D, Si Eighth avenue, in Coffin s'.orr. 13X PRESS WACONB PGR SALE.-TWO NEW 00N !i rord single IVagon-, with lope. Apply to rt. W. WIL SON, W* Bniedwey it SALE-FOUR LARGE NKW TWO HORSE r. urka. Apply to 8. W. WILSON, J* Brumlway. po XPOR BALE-A HAEDSOMi: potr skated clar r -O'w; built by Law reure. nearly new. Can be seen gl ?table No 2 t.ast Thirty-3 rst street aj V?>S HALF.?A PHAETON W tciN. SUITABLE FOR A r pfivalnsn or up Invalid, nearly new. Inquire at stable, No. 14 t'barlton street, ____________ LIOR HALE-TWO SECOND II INI) <1 F.IGIIS. ONE r with pole, one ftna tdark saddle llorae. r-ry auiuhle for a military man, and understands his business. All low for reah. Address < twner, boJ A '.'AO N-w York Poal olDee, or call at N John street. New York, up sa ra FOR BALB-noRBE. LIGHT WAGON AMI 1IARNP.S8 ? Iwap, at GARRISON'S .table, Broadway and Forty seventh stieet. fpOK SALE?A SECOND HAND ? 'Ki I LAK FRONT * I'lareera, In first rata order. BKLWSTER A BALD WIN. eorurr nf Broadway aAd Tenth slrs-i. . HORrpB WANTED TO BE KEPT FOR HIE WINTER. JS tunas tn.m las my. Inquire ..f CAMMIN ATKANKY, 4B and 4H East Fifteenth street. ONE PAIR SORREL HORSES?TROT IN 2 PRICE $1.0011. one teir dark brown hmiurhy Horws. 4 years old. sound and kind lb all harm-as and un-ler aaddle trot In T N One magnlfireht Saddle llor *#? See V ner A Seme I vilie's auction uotiee. Inquive oi Jar.-b, al stables -omsv fhlviy-aereiilh strnet and Hetenih av PH AETON -A BRAUTirt L NBW LIGHT TURN OYER aeat PhasLon. or Ikig ' art >I-g Una ? i of I1anm.a. at Fifth Aveaua arables, corner of Fltih aienue antl Forty fun rtli .tr-et. HIM* 4WAY (NEW., TOP BUGGYi AI..SO A NBW sRr nf^jtih'r 11*fpill. *UkbUl. I-T? f birtt ? four lit 9'rmrt, Tfclrd avri.u**. <JAnr>l.r HORRR FOR HAl K- -14 HAND* HIOH A O piifM aalmal for > li,l,i w- g'il. Apt), a '? Kobrn. at lh? prlrata ? tat,la So. 01 Raat r .ru-ft rat atnikA. SEOtMD HARD COI.TF. K'H KAWAT, OOTID AT utw, of our itwb nivke. awotid b?n 1 ala anal Km kaway, enrond ld?l i ?M rnrv .-rnap Call iminadlatoly uo ADAMS 4 COMM, H.wlaa, S'DTOWD flAX? COfPF.T AND KM AI.I. I I.ARKVOEH 5 lor ?n? or tarn horaaa I'e r'lry for 'arri??>, ' tbl, dowrtpt.nn haa md i - I ? ,J Mr.ilrra to ..Far a limit*! nuutl'?r of tbrlr boat < arriMaa, partnelly u?w, at ? oat. riiay aril! ba no ulnar d ir. * IkmniMr 0*n, ittbalr atrtrnma. !M* Broadway, and aoid at (raat bargain, y>l M..H-AM AMUBfMKSr OF FIWR ft"! TERR, n wu?n vary light far troti.r c aiil ?ooio with pa la a, of my oww mat,of* t ira. a kt,owla.i<. <1 to no iM ir.eat and baat In mark*'. elan a bd r.r Portland in ???, and largn thiaa aaat, |*nt an.1 ?nlliii., aa..t, ?f ti.a Albany atyhaa. K. 1. HTI VKI'.H' I'arnaga Manufacturer. ?t to I'M Lac Thlrtyiirat ?true! Al?r< i wo aai* Una Cl?r. and a laiya atooA ol Bght ami u,p Wag-.na CM.EIOIIR caRRI AORd. i~ Hal hl.RIOUP FOR NAIF EBB STRaFt -i.i iiiii *KU,< f kA ITrYM Carriage Warm.-im. <S* Brcdway, oaar Ilia... ker at, aai. MU<I<1IIN. dI.Flfinn.-MFW LSD KKt.ORII HAND; O I n t'uttara. Foiiia. and ati-aa n..dgua Hall. A. , -all li, at I*4 I niton aat-nuw, Brooklyn ?'ANTFH A WKLL MtTttll M FAIR or BtVoR a a hi* L Horaaa, nf ,tyl- -n I art, in for family oaa not oaar aaaan yaar. nfd. fro will'', a fair miaa will ba paid Addr?-? f ttan .. M Row fork Foat nOaa. WASTED A uooD TKft K IIORFR, OF RAV OR rlt, ?ii.i,t ulor. to a gtk l.bkl Iba. or oaar Apply at aW Broadway. llf ASTFrt-OW WFFT FTDF '?F It t'UDWAT. BKIdiW at I til ton ?fort Vahlr I; ,,m for atl bwraaa ,nd threw rwrrivgea Any ant dating truikuug to Wt t'Mraw dot l,J? Foat oiitaa. Wastro to rntmtwjp * trainedooat. witii Wagon Mid II ,ma- < Adrlreaa hoi a 3W Sew Vark Foat ittm 2HW??,^Udlft. jntARLY SRW FXFHKMM WAD ua<; alao two Top Bugg--? an 1 a Km ttavi, arry light, arltb pola ail. .nana; atl any m. I* and anttabla for thw tmnn try, rary. awry olkwap < all M 1*7 Root <ev?nui??ul, atrrwt. ti'fl kit ?A -ri-FSDlD CARBIAOE IIORRK. BAT. M Co' Ml, ba ida.yi iug.tlnl. fro and pwrftrll. aomd. atyltab, ??.during, good ifug fail |n f?r?i, on at ?? Waat TwaatyBraA a, wet. rtmM ITt' HE. All, who i kb tiikm rnosorsi'K hinder b Hy.d'g Rada oniwOor aai ./tig. Ught. d iraMr cannot gat oat of order or rrtour Magna, aomlnrv lui-try. bold yiybBrw Worw?a?f? ais C antra turnt. _____ A 1-I.IMPTOR REOBRTABT MUMTIAD FOB 4AI.B. JY liaflllri aA* Bwed atrwet ITBHITI'RR, T'ABFFTR, RXDDfVD. FARI.OR AID n a, I" la nor.i,tew. Ail, at HKSIiaLL A I jMrnoni Outia, , , OTT A. M and .11 lluueuo airaat, mraw of Uutl atari t meet la waakly ar moihr pay matu If prafanad IgAPRBITrlbF, MATTRXMKA. MR DDI SO, Look I NO r OlmatWr.. ^ apa.1 at ?. W dSF >RS A t'AMFBF i I, H. MA-arn i?tt r't Mtnin and Hnoaton atraata "powta Wbrranlod danag-wdfow ramntnarwaaary BadWaaOa Hrnay | ROM IIAJWTASDj*. 1 IRON UAlnr tM.'N tM aaateat and abraoaol frn tM Ha. eya a at aa ltd akwrtgaor.t at k-w aaAawa; a a* FIaBo A,*D?iTNiRr. OTOOI" *1 UARDRPR. ?m t ws* imm s?w i?t HOLIDAY VIIUITI. A -MIT TLACR IN BROOKLYN . FOR OY8TKKH. PICKLED on In any STYLE, FOR CHRISTMAS AND NEW YEAR. DOMINICK COLGAN'S SALOON. SB Clinton atreel. near FultOB, Brooklyn. >OYH' (SUNK?A OOOD ASSORTMENT OF FINE twist English double end single (luua for holiday pres F. REYNOLDS, M Chatham street. B ?ntR ftilRISTMAS AND NF.W YEAR PRESENTS. B. MENDER, the oalebrated Chocolate manufacturer, 848 Broadway, will einnse for sale. on Saturday, Md tost. bia splendid stock of French Fancy Hoiee, selected by htm in Paris. from the IS rat houaae; also the fluent and largest aa eortment to Now York of flna Chocolate and French fanoy Ban Bona and Marrona Olacea, Afl A HOLIDAY GIFT. c. 8. BAIT, 281 BROADWAY, COBNBU OF WAR HEN bTKKtt offer* A Splendid Aaaortment of GOLD AND SILVER WATCHES, KINK JKWKLRY, SILVER WARE, and FANCY GOODS, auliable for HOLIDAY GIFTS. AT ORBATLY RKDI.'CED Pi.Xe.N. Flying serpents-flying serpents. This moat wonderful and sgnimtag Toy la made of India rubber and is manufactured by LANS A CO., of Faria and Loudon, where thej have obtained patents. They have baen imported In thle country and may be found :tt the principal ludla rubber houaea and toy atoraa In New York. None are genoloe without hearing LANG ACO.'S noma. GIFT8 FOB THE HOLTDAYS. WATCHES, WATCHES. The mnteralgned have ts-eu Instructed by ibe maniifao turera to aell the balance 1.1 their large atorlt .,f I.aDTKS' and GENTS' GOLD ami SILVER WATCIIES at WHOLESALE PRICES, DI KING THE HOLIDAYS ONLY. Ql'INCHK A K Kl'GLER, Agents. No*, fl and 10 John street, up etalri HA. HA, HA I HA. IIA, IIA I HERB ARE YOt'R OAMI'S. The long evening* are coming The Holidays are coming. Tardea are coming?and TOO will want aoaie of these. Komlkal Konvernatlon Hard*. A Kapllal Komhlnailon of Kurtoualy Koutnved Konveraatioiial Komtkslllie-, Kgm tuiaed. Komponnded and Korapresteil b? Kral*h Kent, K. K,, a Kute end Komlkal Kataeter, of K am bridge Koilege. In a handaoine boa. 110 cents. Til KEF. MBRRY MEN. A new lloueehold Oame. develo|>ing Slrango Adventupta, Laughable Scenes, W itty Savings, <? rotea/ju* Api eai-am es, Hrofl Misunderstandings, Humorous Events ami I'umlcal Transformation*. Easily learned and played by nny num ber, and pri>du< tire of the greatest sport. By the author of Dm "Ruat laughable Thing on Earth." Env. ed. V< oenla; boa cd., flll rente. THE MO?T LAt'OHARDE THING ON EARTH. A game that ran he played by any number of persons; la aitweptihle of hi tv thousand changer. endleas transforms, lions of ?lt and humor, and invariably produce* roars of laughter. Env. ed. IV. Jiui ed. 80c. CHOPPED CP MONKEY. A puetla for children, being a certain monkey who had the misfortune to fall Into a chopping tray and got very much cut up, and wishes t? to picked up and put together. Env. ed, IV. Hua ad, 2Us. Anv of the elmve sent by mall, postpaid. ADAMS A CO. . Publisher*, Hmlen. The trade supplied by A. H SWIFT A CO., 47 Neaaau street, THE HKKT CHRISTMAS I'RIWKNT.?THE RIVER. SIDE MAGAZINE fur 18H7, fi r young people. (Ilaud Miinelv llhtatrated.? Sent to anv address on receipt of t- V Single numbers a? cents each Now la the time to suhsenbe. HI RD A HOCOIITO.S, Publishers. 4.71 Kroome at , V V, r)Y8 AND FANCY HOODS! FOR HOLIDAY PRESENTS. FOR HOLIDAY I'KENKNTS. FOR HOLIDAY PRESENTS. NOVELTIES, new, fresh In endless variety, Panful aud nruainental, at my usual Low Prirea. ARTICLES FOR FAlllb?s good assortment. I ?fl Bnwsrv, near Canal 8AMIIEL D. WILSON. J?I7 Eighth avemte, New York. v HI Myitis avenue, Brooklyn tl'AI CRY IHlLIJi. FfloM FIFTY i ENTS EACH. Yf Toys, Toys. Toy., at half pri-e. W radian Hoods and Montage, vers cheap. Woollen HhcWla and >ksiing larkeis skirls and WhalabdM Cantata, 110 oenla un. During the holidays, at KM ART'S Factory, lb. amISGI Slitb avrnua and SMi H wrry. I)HY <MNI?K. i GREAT III MI AT RoTH HTORKH J\ Auction room* our headtiuartare. for Ml* in I**) Bl a.sktTs. ,1half prico Alao JD.UUn >ar.lA URLS* i.nolttt For cheep holiday |H*>nlt. A 1*0 S3.0UU yard# BUST MUHUNs. It l(h. a yard bolow laat we#k'it prim*. PORTER IIOTIIKHi. Id". Eighth *?., near Btgnieenth It, An* POMTRR HROTHEKIt, 371 Rloeckar ??reel. R. R YARD WIDE WaMM TTaH. 3V ALL THE I ATE PaIIINIaM NoVtCl.TIKS IN DRKMR Trimming* and ? an v ? roods for tbo I otld y* Jtiat ro o*lr*d. IIKNRV PINCIIOW. Ill Illerceer *irwrl A PAWIF V COIN'1 HOt'TH WI?H TO DIMI'oliK OK lh*ir I'>ir? mink ana Puroilurwat roaennabl* ram* Apply ai 137 HUmon place. FOR SALE-A MP EE MUD RISK OAR, AT A RAO riflrr I'ali a' or addroa* IN* i.eiuifb.i a-enud. comar of Thir'y-.e, . i,rl llrrrl LV>R SALE?A HANDaOMK HAIUUAI1 *N'D MIIK. r on mieonahl* i< mia Apply from V U> II A. M. at 113 r?t Tartiii oiii'i atr*ci, n?? numbar. II OLIDAV 0OODH. IPB* ?vn .1 ACKRTHt FOR run IHTH AH A Nil NRW VfcAK M WfCAR. UfO iN'lUirfl. ?*!?*????? ?r>4 Hand hum*. fur HofjuAV r ran Burl All th* n*w ntvl#** *t than B row 1 way pri**"* i 1 ft ii an*) FMJHMUel/#, 311 0th it , hMVMD i9tli an I Vlh *ta. OUT 0W3ID, ISDlA I.OMI REACH SHAWL K"H j rr nt ?1. |i??. rtrhir wo i!i fL-d" AkMAfWT *ften*tV0 far of llnola I ia 'l? a illad for ti la aaaaaa I'vel.igne. fn aol I - -ha ?'ora, W* ft mad way. JAimi J aboah. look at - alioW W T "#DOW, and *aa aar taiee. muu la ika no. lORf'VP. SKIRT. OaTNOR. Imp "ior ?n i Man if*. tore. 7? Broadway, B-lwaan Elf' :t. ?ad Smtu ut**la Jfognnaor-M n wt aM'r- arlih any lr? ?P>m IAI* mty Mai?am>: luHfiii ih vow PHiirAit. n to do DreaamakiP^nt all t? branch? and In a the 'a atylca N o. 7 Ho-i in.rt plena. Tcalh Hr-mi, four do. ra from Broari.ay. w IKIMtVAf MIAD? ?Co. 44'.' BROADWAT, TOR AtoRI ? I or CS> I [.-.VlTK, K> K UWALLIR'ji <?. I.. A J R KRI.TY, Van >f act O'er* mLUHHI, LOIR SALE -A Lot OP IIDVAS II AIR WATKRPALI. C rntfa lot *ai# itl lioecard atra-t third tuar. 2ADIP.it ?IU. DO WELL TO I7AU- AT WOT J LACE'S, 1,141 kna'ta; add Nt nuta *e*0'te a ad buy . f I ret,, i. HMknma and ElowardSI li?if ilia coat of Lac Y'S, 1.141 Rroa'vay add I* Hiitn |ta?i? and i. laomdPr""" ~ ? * ' '" ' RRporlaUon. I13HE33 OPPOBTIMTIK*. VCRIKRdR TIRM DOI.SO A WlfOLKSAt-K AND rctao dry mala fe laliiaaa In PBIIadatphta '? Se.?,r. I tlfrtrflll, of r in $.t? ia? ? alraat noar nam. arc about In retire the .i a-k To an a Uir t a.. ea? ;ni\n a n arrtna mai.t tnay V Api P.ttoua wlfl br trea" 1 enuddci. ,a..ji tijr al:reaa:ng BAH, ,?.? i,lu? Ph lai'.elphla Poet ortho. 4 V EX< I UrKWl HI alxEdS OrPORTV'TITT ? t> RR .A gtran to otio tir ta i |.arti-a ah'? 'o In e?i Jliri. an rah Ptrotloim Ihla amnor.t ran Oa roallaaat Im hrat yaar Ad draoa Victor, liar*id ottee. DKaMRK SCPPLT1I?0 THE PKDIER*' TRACK and alf prdlera ar1P go well WroaWm. o ?ie wltk or call upna ua, at 4 a Broadway RSOWLl ?g O), F'Ok PAI.K-4 POP! I. ?R ROJfTHl.T PI*?r.H*ATIOJf of thliteen ya*r?' ataolir* in tliia dotnif a I ( ray fngbud'iaaa ardrj month ttlneo camptd'O Ti-|w .'!??? I.arg. lo' of pa|-r ?? h ad Thio la a ?|dfil upp- r> nRy for a life >ma am at an Pile' gldi?-) aaa* No tlum "ga or agonta to?d aj ply Addraaa, w'lh r*a name A' ? Monthly, Herald one* T?l" KPO? kh.r DCTBCTOR AS IsoPMOt n |W7paf I tton an I a a r* pr.really* apalaet lom fiom tl eft or a. rld'oUl oaiae. -,f po aagfi.- a a, aao h*a aiid I ? tea' Ho enaairue.e I tnat ti e aiighte.i w, tea ayna |n*s? b book will I?.|trale itl*. unytpi t? at? raey It from th#| kot. I la ae lwn la .imj^? but . ,ra. and it w? n* atla<h*l to any puekaibarik. RetaM Brio* Ida t anra-*- fa wotr.led: lam iwirf ta gua-a'ildad d'.l* and noott rtgt.ia fne aa. ? Apply at the Tail ai laroatora* l.trlai ?*. PA Hroadm.y Atl- WILL START A si P Know IS a dpi KSIU It V*e? f iwfH.tr h ta nit fiota tthleb a f'trtun* -mo no mad In >11 w.i'f.i piodi > .pi* aa Tonr. t ail and >Bv*ai tate at if Piiie Hrawt roam ha 31. IWIil TEA RLE tlloMt < at nr. rp?i.i?' o ?rte".'" 'Ii from an Rtn*at?wea4 of H'** wiia.- rod _ I to* ebon.* m ten'th lataif AdJroaa fur ai*-. .#? bai n.Jtr Rata V'ork P wt -P-? fii'/l iliWl A TEAR rROriT - TWB r.RA*K. t|>aMI?'""' Pumlturo .a,! Tiyruira of a popular ? r?i rTaaa. m*d,' m air?d. ,p intrn II t*< t ' aai* at a fa r prb*. I,ayatloa lAiaypan ad; h'wrm haaattfally faml?e4 .ad la fin* order rieufia ail ligbt. dmtr*Me ao.f lll.ed vRh ftrat r|a*a prr.d ab o gn??ta Pflnnpala *rb? eon oinaot'l Vr aoi p, |ti i|UJ caah may app'y ml i. UllflOl uH, 0 4 Wa d *? BILLIARDS. 4k4 A LAROR RI'MRKR OP RRW AMD *f> ORD HaSD Mili ar I Tatdm witb oar lmaror*d a*a*b4aoMaS *aabbun trhNS baa* h**a pm.ag aad garafWt' i'bi ,r.? oaor mad* Bp* "mnt of *ur uai?a tbot ba?* b**a n. oaaatdat aa* far many yean may n* aa ..... ^ , fl?4?aB I la tha arlndaal k'Kcb and aahvut* ta tail i-tty Waging t? pnrsbaa* mil fad It to thety la'.-oat ta mil aad ?tajnit.0 mr ?f- k arklcb la ta* largml and (naot ta tha wwrtd. Mr T?' i?a far baugay p-eaaau rilPUAV * ? oI.LdRf.RR, *ta m Owty Wwt S T. BflJklARDM-TUI SS At TTft'L TABLE rUPRTTBO to** Maanaie Pair if IATASAOH A PPORRR .It bo dtaamri of by lot at th* 4m* of the fair Prw* >' t .tot* BB An *?*l* loo by Ba'ai.tgb. P< looar# o ayar? ?tl iai* pip? *a Wood oowr aog oa*or ml yoday oigft m w. fivirrim um ppltov #trbpt tin m TT . aa ? a *m*t at4 that of m? at gnawed baa* Tab?, at maaawaa. aotwa u., nt ttauiw Hahedulee of .80) thlrt* or mare Counona <lur January Int. 1MI, will tit now rone!rod for oiaulaatloa at tha United Htilirt Trim i B. ?. TAB 0YOK, Aaststaat Treasurer. ? LBKRT H. NICOLA*, A STOCK RROICBR AND A0OTIONEBX, NO. U PINK STREET, NEW WORK, WTARLfKHBD fIFTEKN YE A UN. Insurance, City Railroad, (iHill^bt, Rank. Tel. graph. Ki nraaa runt Mining Shirk* roorlva special attention, and "U for sale. miiua uf them paying from IT t? * par oonl SILVER OR UOLD STOCKS anted In exrhanft for a cieao stock of Clothe Terms half oaah and the balance la any of U>? above alurka. Apply at Hi WALKER STREET. OF STAIRS. "DANKINit HOI'UK OF RISK 4 ?ATOH.NO. ? JO NaOaao street. Maw York, Daeotnbar Ml, IMA -The roipoua due January 1, UMT. on the FIRST MORToAOK roipoua due January 1, 1M7. On the FIRST IIATC11, Mo. Me-eati street. BONUS of lho CENTRAL PACIFIC RAILROAD OoM PlNtOF CALIFORNIA government ul FINK /pfTIMKNS' SAVINGS BAMK. m BoWXBY, CORNER OF canal fTRMET. MX PElt CENT. CHEK KUOM OOVKUNMKNT TA*. ?lataroat alhgwed on all amnmito from ire to live thor -uud Hills r*. dollars. Open every ilav fr.cn Id to 11. and on Monday, Wed lieday ami Friday ereniiiae t rum S to T Money depoaltnd nuw will draw Interest from Tannery 1 VI0END.?THE DIRECTORS Of THE BI'TT.KR Coal Company have title day dooiared a Dividend from w the profits of the company of four per rent, eleer of taxes, payabtB oa the Mtli Inst te stockholders <>f that date. St'wkJK>lder? resoling In New York will bepald the dlvldrtid at the otli. e nf the Farmer*' l.oag and IriiSt Company oa and after the ?4il, |n?A HAMCEL DITTTON, Trooeurer. CnlLADvl.rMta. lie. it, MM. Ea? INDIA TELEGRAPH COMPANY Chartered nndor a epeetal Charter oa piTAt 7TT7. w*m JOHN C. YKLVKKTON. ProeldtBl. N. NICK LBS, Vine President. F. L. JollNNON. Secretary. GEORGE ELLIS, rr?e?tirer Al'OlM'INK HEARD, JR ., Crowding Director and Ki erntlvo 0timer, Hung kontr, China DiHKOTitRS. J. II. WADP, I'reeldent of the Wretern Colon Tetggraph Company ISAAC MVEKMORE, Trnaeurer Michigan Central Rail road. oa. rlfKTCIll It WESTRAY. of Wa?tray> otbtw A llardeaatle. No. 1 William rirret, N. V. O. II. I'A I. M Kit. Treasurer Wee torn Cnioa Telegraph Company JIOtAC K'IBLKT, Vteo Prendent Weetorn Colon Tola graph CompalK JOHN P. YKI.VKRTON, Prraident National Bank of North Amenta. 1*. Melt. COLLINS, Rueelan Amerlrao Ovgrtaad Tola **NTCBOLAS TICKLES. Viro Prsaldoat Kael India Tele, grepb Contiienr. C. 8. WaSTCOTT, of C 8. We*teott A Co. Cunneotlng ..II the principal .eanoila of the Chlnooe em pire with the Collin*' Lino aoroea Behrlng Straile. with Han Vraaoleeu and New York, and the Rtieetaa government lino to St. I'et. rihurg, and with London, l'arta and all the prle cipal eltira ul I..ti "tie. f tni.OM of Hie etm li only will bo told la the Inlhd Statue at lift)' per cent Silhaerlpuona will he reoaintd at Til It NATIONAL BANK OC TIIE COMMONWEALTH, No. 18 Naarau alreel. tiib national hank of north America, No At Wall atreot. Aad at ll e off! e ul the Company No. 80 Idborty etroet jP")R SAIB-COKTYBErOND STREET and ORASD Street Forry Railroad Ntook at a bargain; also c. nlral Park, North and Halt RBror (Ball) Railroad. Thiol Aveuue Rail road and other eitr railroad doiti. Inauran o, Hank St.- ha, Ac. Ar., at low ratea, fur tuveetmMlL AJ HERT II NICOL Vf. At Cine atreet. New York Monet to i.mxn-at t ckr ?tknt, in large or -tuali aiuiiunta. ?tUioul delay, ou ffral otaaa Cmpnt.y, In Ulla idly. KINO A CO., Xu 9 Weal Twenty.third at, CilU. Areuue lloi-l NEW YORK, DFt FMRIIR ]J, l?hu HAMILTON CIRC. liie?n.JK!e? '.n?iaiii>, Na II Wall .irreL ? I he dlrerptra have thhl da) detlateil a armi aubiiai dividend of It.e |a*r rei.i tree of goveriinuMit lea. peval/le on and after .lawu.iry 1.1M7. JAMES OILMORK, herr-iarv. \rtw YORK ANU HARLEM RAILROAD COMCANT. Jxl fiwaaiiree'a offlea. Saw Yorh. De- I'J, INN. The New Y?r? and llarlem Railroad Company hare de. rlared a dli'lend of four per rent on the preferred and common >A. k. and llm aaine. leae the ?v??ii.neul lav. taill be |?i.| in to' aimrrhnldeia oa kite 3d day of JaauaiT. 188,". at I lie oOa of Ue? enmpawr. ' <>mer nf Cnorth aveaoe and Teeatr afWli atraet I he iraaafrr Inaiha o. All tie rlnard at U P N . De- rmivr 38, Ipr,, aad otdi.nd at 10 A. M un the 3d o.' Januarr 1S87 W. c WtRBSOM. treaeurar. SKMCtf HHII.TTA AVO CINCINNATI HAKLROAU i ouiL?ni, ia rwr|kuliu'l.imJm, l*+r. |ffi JJH ? trtn?f?r hoo \* ut tit ? "utt?uj at lit* *jr u?? hi \*m York Ht/ftrul ?l Uh? <#/!.??? wilt U* ? IcmcU fi .m iU?* Ut la Utft Mfth of* Jfto 'trt |> ".??<*. tiKrla*?*r. W If h W%FH'?N, S'-fUwy. I'ftjile* koltHiw'-ftrtiltafttnft ol wA"*:.k, ?It-stfiarfl frM"? ly^Chlii* ?U?** ?%/? rr?4M^-it?d la snm?i?4?r ilmm ?t tiift V#?w Y"i A ?f*t? y (of "-fnuy Otfoie the ?loa'ng of lb* tfftnaftir ba?*ha. TUT AIIV KKTIHKU, WAVIINU JMlWKY, Wrsfim to an*? mi inte?*?l in mix ??ntn?nii?'u u-gj-t#** ut?4?f ft K'fll |frob?u*<t ***??rfti ?#*rl *#?>? w U aftU lor ft ft* bun<lr?rd dollar* wbftt *IU fe"f'?r? in?nt ??m?h pmaJi/a tftndf. tb+ -* inljf ?? .u?| t?i*Uwitftbte Ahdrftftft lUtf, Un 173 ICrtAlUuflW*. fAloX lltlKjUrnft HA\K j 4JW ?? oof, ' of Va'?S K'fWM' tl?l?n ' 'ii |A toft'Ml fr-? of t?x. Mo-dtp ft tin*. ?l nam wr< it -pppu Iroin r? I A.** -,??.*.>(> I'< K. b Mai unwocr l'r?? MM. U. "l.i noriv T ?. ??r?r. f. X. Ihoi ? o. Src-wtof \rftlllLtt A ? 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