29 Aralık 1866 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

29 Aralık 1866 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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THE NEW"* = WHOLE NO. 11,078. NEW YORK, SATURDAY, DECEMBER 29, I860. PRICE FOUR CENTS. ?4dr?HMilUf ? TVUIT SWAIM?HSV. 8L*. SSERMT, OLHO, 08V, l)~jMb.almg, bif. B?U. ??, rm, arh, Hour. ? Ot%? 'ANTED?OF JOHN CLAYTON TKM light hat r tad Mac eyeei >u last I mVHPMRIVPJVHHra r?ni Aii guat 17, IMC Any infor ?at htm will be thaukt ully raoaivad by bla mother. BrTHale Temple, Philadelphia, or H. W. Wber, Mew York city. INFORMATION WANTRD-OF TUB WIDOW OF JOHN 1 Irwin, of MtHtown. oounty Sllgo. Ireland, or bar two aona. or MmjanW Paiereou: tbar wflJ boar of aometklng to tbatr advantage by calllug on ar writing to Widow Sarah _ i by calllug on ar writing , 14 Proa pact street, Jersey Cltg. TWFOBMATION WANTBD?Of ROBERT WBSTRB berg, formerly of litd-tngburg. Sweden, by bla brother, ?awaddreaa or oall on Johannes Westerberg, 3tH Cherry X ban &T ^?mation wanted.?the subscriber left tba city of hew York about U yeara alnoe. then having a Mr, ooa brother and three cistern, all residing In the city. auf father, John MaUhows; by trade a bricklayer, ?gjmname. William, Slaters', Abigail, Thurato and InfornaaUon of tba aboee-named relaUrae will be ally race!red. Addreaa Iaaao Matthews, Chariton, nroeeter oounty, Mass. Ir JOHN MORRIS JAQUB8 IS LIVINO. OR HIS family. Inform laohe Jaqnea. of BHaahath, New Jersey. JBNNIB?RETURN THE COMPLIMENT. RUT DON'T saa the point L 8. D. N. B. T. 8. In preference. N. TTTLlA-YOU CAM OB* THE OOMIO SNUFFING V Papers for tbe Herman at GIBSON'S, IMS Broadway, onrose of Twenty anoond street ? I'J^ITTLK NIOOE R"?COM B HOME. N(? RKKBR j will be made to tba past Tan thousand par dona are a?ksd, Telegraph to your l'lggle. flYWO THERMOMETERS. LEFT AT HERALD OFFICE, X wlllbe returned to owner oo applying at the Super! o tandent's ottloe. TITALTER WILBUR?M-FARE ROME AND 8EE W your friends, Party eighth street R. A 91'lN ALL and J. GUNDROD. T .4 CEDAR STREET, N. Y?J. M. MAYOROA WANTS 1 r to aes Mr. Yaaala Baitran. natira of Havana, to com municate particulars Interesting to htm. LOUT A1BD FOUND. IiXHJND?DECEMBER 28, ON ELEVENTH AVENUE, r tnree Hogs, whleb tba owner ean hare by proving property and uaylng erpenses. Apply to Thames Thorpe, ' r of Thirty-eighth street and Eleventh arenua. Lost?on Wednesday aFtkknoon, dec. as, i*m, in a Third avenue car. or In passing from one oar to an ether at tba depot, a lady's Portemonuale. The Under will ba ' ' by lear' ~ suitably rewarded by Tearing tbe same with H. F. Oarr. Country Club olloa, 10 City Halt I OUT?ON ( SATURDAY^ DRO. Bt RBNWBBM BROAD 1J way and Brie Railway depot. a Commutation Ticket, Maw York and Turner's, endorsed "To be used by Geo Reiner only." Any person finding tbe same will receive the thanks of tba owner by returning to the Erie Hallway oMce, 'ill Broadway. LOST-DEC. 27, A GOLD BRACELET. BETWEEN Fourteenth street and Winter Harden. Tbe finder will ba suitably rewarded by leariog It at 68 Wast Fourteenth St. Lost?at Wallace's. Thursday evening, a gent's medium sized Gold Watch, hunting case, slight dent an one side. A generous reward will be paid by leaving It at Thomas A Co.'a, No. 7 College place. Lort OR STOLEN-CERTIFICATE of 110 SHARES of Stock of Russell File Company, in name of Dr. G.N Manly, No. DO. Address C. M. jT, Herald ofllce. HEW ARD8. ? O REWARD WIT.!. BE PAID TO THE PERSON WHO 4>0 returns a written book ( Druggist Munualy. lost Thurs day night on the cars, from Thirty-fourth street. Broadway, to Eighth street, avenue A, to F Mesa, 187 East Seventh street. New York,or 8. Cabn, KM Fuliou avenue, Brooklyn. ?1 ft REWARD?LORT, DF.C. 26. A WHITE AND V-l" brown Pointer Dos. Above reward will be paid on returning Mm u>28 West Thirty-ninth street. Atir. REWARD?STOLEN FROM 48 BART TWENTY second street, on Wednesday night, two Coats. Tbe abeva reward will be paid for their return. dbOC REWARD.?A BAY HORSE AMD WAGON WAS VatG lo t nn the 78th of December. The above reward will tie paid for the recovery of the hone and wagon In quire at AI-Mulberry street. In the store, for John t'orkoran . $50 REWARD.AND NO QUESTIONS A8KKD-FOR tbe return of s Gold Watch (No. 13,20*', Chain and a 11 I ock't attached; also a Gold Locket, containing a fcir? I*? am iiaK madwd M. B.; onc-hslf dozen rllvcr Sp Kins, marked M, B. The alsjve reward will lie promptly paid II returned to Mrs. Mary Bird, Htaplston. Stolen Island. $400 REWARn?THE ABOVE REWARD WILL be pal l for the resiovery of the Slivat stolen from the boose of tbe ondors'gnad ou the night of the Jdtb msL H. J. l'ENMM AN, 44 Beat Twenty.second street. xl?K< M(. KOtREII. a merttno or tiif. late orncERn' and mkn .1 ol lha Ul t regiment, New York Volunteers, will ba held In room 24 Cooper IuetttiHe, on Haiorday evening. December 19, at 9 O clock. Lieut Col A.J. 4LLA1RE, CbtlrntD. U. Coi, Company K. Secretary. CYORN RXCHANLE INSURANCE COMPANY, NEW t York ?The annual election lor dlrorlms nf this com. pant will ha held at their uOea, 14" Broadway. New York, on Monday. the Tih Jay of January, lbtf7. Polla open from 12 nuoo to 1 P. M. Oka A. IIKF.KSKK, Kaetnary. CA!*TIOM?ALL FKRBONS AKK NOTIFIED NOT TO pay moury or truat any ona on our account artrhnut a written order limn ue A. Pl'RVEH A HON, youth a,Ml Panu stream. Philadelphia IUOI.DEN HOI.ARE. Els persons about to aiwara and at U,a above once aapcrteueaJ and Intelligent oiunan, p?.??eeeiug the hifcbaal laatiu.-.i.lala. By addressing a letter In tba Hec rotary J. FIITOATOBI. by tba ataamer la advaoao of the " ' I dap patched to moat it. formation addraaa ]? T A T.JAN COURIERS' OFFICE, ? UOL London England.?realitieser xingle | vtali Europe are Informed tltal tbey will ah party taurine America, a courier wtll ba daapatabad to i loc i arrival at Liverpool Por further T AWKENOK * OOI1EN, l*t WILLIAM STREET. JL4 hare now on hand u splendid assortment of "THE OKYHTALUKD PEARL VIM1TINO CARDS," inimitably beautiful and resembling the raal poari almost to nature Maclf. It la a wonderful discovery, nod these gem* can be printed aa readily as on ordinary aside Pftck or TOE ATLANTIC MAIL HTEAMRIIIP Sl-Byerdir ? i* Puerdof Director*. tiuilre'le hereby b3? nunaam to sman a ati i .ton of tan company af Ua nam r vffis 'la^ArgS^^g'.'sarK The transfer I m>a ad lb I i<*l af tba ^rhn? Lean and Trust Omnunny will be ataaad from dm MIA to Urn l?tb of fu?!??* T^^Vd^J&SttulfuRaf vmrnmUdy-mot aoaitnan af n pale. natural eulur. and ?hmdsr a aaplt. vag^u^yftbnBm^g^^NraMat^^ fTOIk REV I. T. BECKER WILL LkCTCKk. I viae Ball Baud* waning. Oasmnbur ML I ?'Lather and the Reformation. ~ . AT IR ?ubjuat? __ Ifft WTCTI. A/ART EMRLBT, MClAltD?JOHN RPKNCKR. at the p?neh charm of mint John, la tba city ol Weotniln ater. England and who la ?uppoeed f> here left Kualnad lur Altai lea en me Urn between the year 17*9 and IBM "r there abouts, If 11?ma. or In case ba la dead, lha cbodtca of lha Bald John Ipaneer (If any), who ware bring on tba 1Mb oI August. I NBA and tba legal personal repreaaataUvm or say swab mild who amy have died Mnaa that day, and all per aoae claiming to ba neit of bht of Mary IImatey, late of No. 9 Urova toad. Mile Rod ranA la tba uonnty of Nlddlaeat. ?attend, wba died In tba month of August. MB), era, by ?batr a'llattore. on or before tba let day of Feb uary 1W7 raa Hired to nur In sad prove their etalma at tba t bam bare ?( tba Banter af the Helta, la I be Bolls Yard. Chancery lane. Mtddleeei. ?fur tea id. pursuant m aa oriar and derma of laa ?lab i onrt of Ubaaaary af England, made In tba matter of tba e.tam of Mary kmalay afatWaald and of two eausea?WIL Items va WllMema. Iveuerra. WHHama. or la default thereof tbay will ba psiemnt?>n>y eeidedad from the benefit of the asto uroer and decree Hated this 2Kb day of Ilovembat. IIBt F H Church, etlef .lark, W J. Barrett, No. ? Bell Yard. Itorter ? Pimm, aa. Lendeo, pbuatMPk vulkitxr la Drue va Wliltemi JOY cot A CO IMC RS LA NT TO A DECRKJI OP TIIR HIOH COURT nf Chenrery In England. made In a cause "WU ?bMama agelnei Harrtat Utoffr (Jlever, tba credit" ?g i Inet Harriot tftorar Ole?ar," tba erudlt"ra of Pelheu Uapletno Tea. lata of Nu M Uoutk etrvet New Tort, m the United Htaleeof Amartoa i wba died ua or about in* ana dav of March. Ml, era on or hafaia the let .lay of Febr uery, IMP to aand by poet. peapald. to Mr. William P,e~|. r < Bourne Rrandreth. of Mo. M I lauds'e Inn Fields, PBMPMMMM i bey MMmmmM rhh baaent of the said deerae t. verr cmdMor botdlag en rtey >a m produce tha tame Wore Urn Master eg ike ???? bie chambers. MtwbM in tba Relle tard. Chaneurr lao*. Mli dhe-et ? 0? ? ?? Frtdnf. tba he. day of TMhtn. 1WT ad II o'etuafc In tba fcteneoo, being tba Uaaa appolatad (ar adludicettng on c.e clelme De'? I Ible let bey Heeern bar, MM Mmn decuall, chief etart W f N Rraadrftb, M Ltasola's lao plalde JOT. CO* A CO. V -c? ?11,1,1 A HIM. dBC. AI.ABOB NIMBER or NEW AMI* AMCO BMBnfd Tbblas. with our Impiaeed a eoahheia. wbtrb bare been Ln.ved taba tba most mil ad aed darable curbmaa scar made. Bpailmiaa of our tahma tba; Savo baao In aansumt aaa for maar veaga may ba ansa to the I rvmtpel hotels and anldons m mis elty. Farttaa in ?ending to pirdbnii wfB flad II to 'belr fniarset to mil and W W wjMfriTB, .1 Fulton trrnnrr otterr JLeaussir* - ' -? iitici?o die a Die it iiui. _ ? -*tk vcnon, 4 T HALF FRlVKH '/OR ONE VERS. A GOLDSMITH'S BOOKKEEPING, PENMANSHIP, 40., 7S6 Broadway. _ SPECIAL NOTIOB. All Wh? ?nUr Dqalr hum during the holidays will b? re ceived at ON'A-HALP THE UHUAL PRICKS tor the tarni b ^ginning January 1 A rare opportunity. A K AMERICAN LADT. AOEO 87. FROM A GOOD J\. Tamily, aiao at a truly religious character wishes a sltu atiua an Movaraam; win laka ehargn of children and aaw; would Mtea la engage In ? family going to Europe. She will giro the beat of referent* and will be a faithful and de rated (arrant or eompaaloa. Address for two dare Vinculo, atatloap, Bible House. A GRADUATE OP THE UN1VERRITT OP CAM bridge. Fngland, prizeman and ex-ecboiar of hla collage, gives private Instruction In Classics, Mathematfca, Pbllosu pby, English language and literature. Gentlemen prepared for the NAVAL AND MILITARY ACADEMIES, TUB UNIVERSITIES, Ac. Highest reference*. Addraaa or ap ply to CANTAB, room No. 8 University Building, Washlng ton Square, New York. A GENTLEMAN. QUALIFIED TO INSTRUCT IN Eagllab. French and innate, daalrea a situation la a prt rate family: best reference* glreo. Addreaa E. Richard, 86 Sixth arenne. A LADT TEACHINO THE ENGLISH BRANCHES and innate, and taking entire charge of household mat, tare, deelree a re-engagement In a highly ma pee table family; oan make a bonnet, cfoek or dreaa: would give faithful, lu ? . AddreeeW. J., box IBi Herald BOOKKEEPING, WRIT!NO. AC., FOR BUSINESS. - Mr. DOLBBAR. Oft Rroadway, teauhea bookkeeping practically, aauaed In the beat New York hotteae. lie also removes alilfaei.,, cramping or trembling, and makea ele gant bualncaa penmen. Gentlemen ean secure private rvoma. Resident govebnf.ss-a graduate french lady wlahea ? re engagement wltb a family or school. Besides French ahe teaches drawing, crayon, uiid English If required. Beat of reference* for ability, refinement, Ac. Addreaa Mile. If. P., 713 Franklin street, Reading, Pa. HPORTIMO. A STEAM PROPELLER YAOHT FOR HALE?FIFTY eight feet long, tan feet beam; about lire inonthe old; built ofoak end oopper fastened; baa accommodations for eight persons liealdea the crew; la well found in every re spect. Apply on board at fool of Eaet Tenth street. ALL kinds of fancy doos and N7RDH, AC., for sale?At B. DUVET'S, 380 Canal street, near Chttieb. Medicines for all aanlne dlseaaea. Prepared food for mocking birds. FINE LOT OF ALL KINDS OF S1NOINO BIRDS and fancy Bird Cages, at store MO Broadway. DAVID VBNTEN. A English game fowls? bintumb, dominiums, Dorklnga, Cochins. Fancy Pigeons, and One 8etter Dog for ml*. Address J. N. L.. bos 3,438 New Tort I'uat olUoe. Francis butler. no. 3 pfck slip, has all thr chnloe breed* of Don. Butler's Infallible Manga Curo and Flea Exterminator. 78 rent*. Batter's new won on the Dag. $1 Dog* trained, boarded, Ac. Medicine* for all die eaaaa. For sale-two superior mocking birds in full song. Inquire at 348 Third avenue, near Twenty seventh street. FIOR SALE?TCIE BF.ST BREED OF KING CITABLE* Puna very small; also all the cbolca breeds of Doge on hand, by B. W. BRUM, 48 Crosby street, rear house, room No. 8, corner Spring street. TOHN GRAY. 11 ROOSEVELT UTKERT?IIAH FOR ?J sale Newfoundland Dogs aad Bull Terriers. Spitz Dog*. Black and Tan. Hcntcb and skya Terriers, small Puppies of dllVcrent breeds; pair of Biaak and Tana, one live pounds, tbe other six pounds. UOIISKN, CARRIAOK8. AC. A SHIFTING TOP BUGGT, CITY MADE, IN GOOD enter, with pole and shafts, for sale. Inquire at it and IS Park place. Price 618ft A SECOND HAND COUPE, HORSE AND HARNESS ?V I or sale, at MS Seventh avenue, between Forty-llfth and Forty-sixth streets. In the tailor store. A BEAUTIFUL TURNOVER SEAT SHIFTING TOP Phaeton or Dog Cart; alao a tine aet of Harness, at stable corner Fifth avenue and Forty-fourth street. AT NO. M EAST FOURTH oTKKK 1 CORNER OK Rroadway?JOHN C. IIAM.?Clarences and Coupes of hla own city make; will sell 30 per cent leas than Broad way stores, and will gurrantee Ihein superior In mau of so lute and Style to any In the city. A coupft for sale-made bv brkwstkr a <o? in hue order, having been run but a ahor'. lima. Apptv at private stable, 86 West Twentv.elghth street A COUPE?i?Rf>9 ) KJfc SALE. AT I.3J8 Hrdadway, Graham stable. A GREAT BARGAIN.-A CLOHBLY MATCHED TRAM of dappb grar Vermont Horses, 18 ksndi. 6 veers <>lrt, sound and gentle. lit for anv nae. pnoalow. in tut Da sold. week's trial Riven. MS Paarl street. SECOND HAND CO&PR KOCKAWAY WANTRD S iltaMc for ope hong; any per*ou having one may eaau cuslulUr Pg applying at tft Waet irtyurst 4, ?taeet. Bay mark, is hands, Horhf., its. fast. both 7 years, and warranted, two second band Bun her Carta, our Lsprese rlleigli, all very cheap at Si I "her lea street Buffalo and fancy robbh-in variety, at greatly red lead iwlcin Hpo-tanten. take notice I oifbr lor -uue a Polar Bear Kobe, taken by Dr. Kane la his Alette -tpeditlon. BURKE, 466 Broadway and 136 Fulton ftreet IMA il lBI WB and BUFFALO ano WNOLISH B Uu Kob??, Driving UIovm. gov#rnme*i| Main *nd w H*i lltVw li*rf?vNi?, Wt\?on*. AmhuUn<M>, MrCIHUn M'tildlM. Army Clothing W. A. ?'AKTKH, fid C'ortmiKtt nonrnrnen* with. / tOCMt FOR OMR HOR-K?VKIIT LI'lllT. ALRO A t .hop worn Cltrraw Ale. a uerond hind llpiil' o.ipe, ??Ado bt Koitjwh'ld. nf Ram'. r*ry hindu.uia. Ail Ibu 4t?n?tn rnrcliMa BREW.- ri.H A BALDWIN, ?uruar Proudway ai.d Truth .irrrt C" A H".1 m:F.> FORBAD* CHEAT-ORB \ KKV HANI), ?out. Dup Cart, ulv. to;> and no '.op Buggy WAgwut; anna* mr'nid band Cirrlapi* una Hur.uii.n mrHmt, Mr fburton onr tvrn arutad tot aud do top R'lut Wagon, all rttr bellipad uorit by prin t famrlieu Apply ?? NrCUR LET, 71 Ea*t TwelfthAram. Em kFKHR* WAfiONK FOR bALB -TWO new con. ?ord uiapia Wapona, apt'. tope Apply to B. W. WIL. POP. -Jm Mm.d?ay. El LRU ANT COTTERM, CDAKKMCER. LANDA1P AMD ..thai vabVloa unltablr far tbr wauon BKKW.*TF,k A Co , 01 Bro.me ? treat FIOR h aJ.E? KOI.'R labor NEW TWO IIOBPR _ Traufca Apply to P. W WfLRON. M Broadway. FOR RALB-AN RLEOAVT DOt'RLR IIA Kb EMU COM. I'lrtr, mad> in Parte. to ? rOnr. in the talari alt la. and and arrar bean ..aad, Aim tan ur Ihrre arte of lltrapaa la g??dorder Apply 10THONA- NRTDPON. M Want7wt? I NOR RALE-rnm PLATFORM DOIBIJ1 Rl'RMRR ' hiadi, naa Lwpfear Bird, douMa mimata, at a mitPtl A (pit to ACE K RMAN A RON. IT3 Hrdaoa utrrat KV)R RA1.K-ONE FIRM LB MORMRTRCCK, IN riR r fKt runniup order, la , nre at Flor 13 had rt*ar . WILLIAM VATRP. fcttlll R4I.R?'TWO ItCOiiPlAID CLOCK COACH BP, F In food ordar laqulrr at <? Weeaath araaaf. t?OB RALR-A RKT OF DotTHLE HARNRBP AND JP Maple Haiua**. ally Made Apply at IP Waal Tfclr waatb atrnai. _ AjfdtlTRT A 'ARRET EV?R PALI I HEAP-FOP WaMTOF CAR. A LOT OP r Iwa aaaapoang an or eight Maaaau tataWn far trtieA nr uart. alio on* rrar Haeoa.Truta la throe mien tea, ISRSsb^rNhRar For balk fob half itp talce-onr road Wapon, llpbt belli. al'lrarry toreporenaa. prtcoBlfB, DO liabtif, man" and rrr f.r ...tirealf. fund ae Mar lAa Br -aea at HP Pirlagloi. atrrrt (NOR PALE VRRT HP AW INAPLR?OMR OR THRBR prtrula rubier, nn P'irrey HtlLweet of In npion ara una or WW ay-hang# for a ??/ ilr fcret claaa Farm. EILFATRICK. B'lil a llaad Park But HICRT-R NOOW1R* FontlRR ' UTTER U FOR ALL pyrpnee* lha boat roller la tbr world >1 bae alewadt lair B pi premium* at at nmny falra. wbaa plarad la aam Slam will Iba beat. o lrra u. lha country. Eaaufhtteeed ? 1>. BtlRliIcK p |?> >*W Hum c.uta Bwnd for a ear - ? r. JOHN TARDKPRILT A PRO., Agenta, Zl I tlu.o atraal. Nrw to t. TTORBR, PINULR TRUCK AND RARNKPP FOR PALR, 14 I" r>"d order Apply la I I'lTOP. Jr . ?? I irat arena*, TJOR'EX BOARDED FOR TIIB WINTER IN TIIK II entintry, !>ni tie tie aad pmuud Roar if waalrd. City rrferrtior gtrrn. C filLBERT I ' iWLIR. Nrwburp. P. T. UORHRM Wan mo TO KKEF FOR THE WINTER. A II abort dletonoe la the country brat af bay.naraaad atablmp. al RIO pa* ainalb inqnlra nf IHUMAP D. ULDUOR. eorner nrElittblnp and Kept baeaaaa. Rrwobl ya Rock *wpat ?khamdrome newrockawat. Tor Bapm aleo a lat af <iauW* Rararua. bold at a bar. ra. at F7nk Aranaa Rul.laa, anruar Fifth anmt aad Far. fourth ttrwrC. SLKIOHP-AN APNORTEFMT OF FINE ct'TTBRP. auwie rary .ight, fur tmiuer and aoma with pnlaa. of my oera maaufactare, artaow'.trnd to ha tba taaal and baat in mar bat. alaa a lat of Far- laad maha, aad larga ibrae ?uijen; aad ahifUua aaat. af tbr Albaay atylaa. R. M. HTITKRU Carrihpa Maeefaelery. IP bad H Real Thirl*, ttret utprot A lad iwn rare Baa rlareaoaa aad a tarpe evwh of UpM bad top Wap Cf 'oUP. CARKU'lRP RoltnEP, PhRIOM RELI.P p aad Karaaan ?Far aala. .?> upupb' bad ( arrtaaaa. ? Huraaa At Balling atf. IptFu.iaa aeaaua aad 10 lee two etraot. Mruotfya QTARI.B TO LET AND LhAPK FOR uaLR-PTaLLP 0 fur 13 baraou ptraiy of raerlaar rnom and large rer 1 Hi tba raar Ibqalrw oa Iba pramitaalu Waal Twraiywtgbik it mm NEW UTRRT PTARLE or RTKKMOR, brown 1 A t?fla It bow r.imptriad aad apoa in lb* pnMIe Tbia aalahl'abmaai nffer* 'tnrqaallrd fnn med.l'ar.e fnr Iba kraplng bf b..r*a* end It eoarealeni Inner an I tlap* rwnloe Tb# aiiaailon nf tboar kaaping boeaaa la rr* parti ally naHed in mi. tuple to.I alt. patradapa eaMtiied "f Utaaa lietag out of taw a act Mcniipll id trire tom lha etir RTERpON RROWN A f?4V|B. lib to Ml Waat Thirty aemnd tlrawi. near Oitib traaaa. rR FAIT TWOTTINO NOWPR "MONRPT FRTER" Will bap tpoaad af by IM a I Tartar. Bowl, J'reey Ml y, aw Nww VeeCeRr* ywalayedy T*. mvll n.T WKBI, A RUT "I AAA J n r,-sa HORIBI, OUUUAOM, AC. WANTED?TO PURCHASE, A PAIR OF HARES: nraat ha young. sound nod wall unload for a carriage. Apply al lit Boat Nineteenth street. TIT ANTED TO HIRE FOR THREE JIONTIIB-A FT Con pa or OarHaga. Apply Apply at lit 1 TO HIRE FOR _ at E Wall street, roar building, room Mo. I TirANTRD-A SECOND HAND COUPE BOCKAWAT. V? Address Mr. T., 61 WoatTsnlh street. StaU prlaa and wbera to be saan ANTED?A FAMILY HORSE (GOOD TRAVELLER), Hantaan. Hock sway or Buggy: prefer paring mart-ban w ? dlee, negotiable pa|?r. piano or carpeta. ippTy to Mr. WEBB. 41 Liberty street, tret loft. Young horse, business, wagon with suirr ing top and Harneaa for aula cheap. 836 Fulton atraat, arSM wyckoff atraat, Brooklyn. PER MONTH-FOR A PEW MORE HORSES, at SARLE'S Boarding Stabls, 64 Xaat Htlth street. APIECE-TWO LIGHT EXPRESS WAGONS. *T''Vr Also a Broadway tnada Rockeway. with pole and abafta, for $inO. Light Coach, with double Haruaaa. |W and three ?et? tight Harness. This property la all in perfact order and mnat he sold, at 117 Eaal Seventeenth street. $30 $00 COPAHTNEKKHlPa, J PARTNER WANTED.-A GOOD RUSINESH MAN l with $StUU0 aaah ean tola tba adrertlsar In the publiea n of a aplrndld monthly, wall eetabllahed and making money; he must be sober and willing to attend to btislaege; one accustomed in writing for newspapers. Ac., preferred. Address, wltb real name, William Martian Herald oflloe. A PRACTICAL HUROEON. WITH SOME CAPITAL, wtahea lo associate himself wltb a phy.lelan of this city basing n fair practice. Address Armadale, station D. MB. P. L. BRAUNB HAS THIS DAY WITHDRAWN from lite lirm of p. W. BECK A CO. Naw Yona, Dec. IS, 1866. NOTICE IS HRRBHY GIVEN THAT THE PARTNER ablp heretofore existing tiutler the nana of Powar A Drnddy Monumental Sculptors. No. 73 Wast Thirty-seventh street, la this day dissolved by mutual eunaam. MAl'KU'K J. POWER. DANIEL DRADDY. New Yoaa, December 38, 1866. PARTNER WANTRD -IN THE BOOKSTORE NO. II Bible House. New York. PARTNER WANTRD?(IN CONSEQUENCE tiE A death), either active or special, with from ?16,060 to 930,000 capital In a largo woollen mill, manufacturing goods which are a monopoly Iu the ineskel and having large rash orders eonatantly ahead. Address G. It., boa 4.106 Post oBca PARTNER WANTED?\t ITH 66>kJ A GOOD MAN wishing to engage In a small neat good paging business may eiamlne such si 74 Bleecker street, room No. 8, corner of Broadway. PARTNER WANTED-WITH A CASH CAPITAL OF 6600 lo $6 .000. a rare cbanee for the right man. CTSHJNG A WING, M ( ortisndt street. PARTNER WaNTKD-WITII $4,000 CASH. TO TAKE one half of an old established hotel In the city. Appiy at branch of TouUns Hotel, corner of Cortland! and West streets, frnm 10 to 4, None but principals need apply VfTANTED?PARTNERSHIP, BY A PHYSICTAN OP vv 36 years' practise, who la ths Inventor and patentee of th? equalizer, forcuttng debility, dyspepsia, neuralgia, weak Cheats, lunge, luck and limbs, paralysis, rheumatism, >m potency, Ac., Ity vacuum. GEO. IIADFIKLD. M. D., Tremont House. Broadway. tDia nnn -PARTNER WANTED UN THE PATENT tPlV.I'Wl/. claims for manufacturing gas at the mat Mines. for the supply of (us for c G. P. Hachenberg, Col suckle. N. BCIIRB8I OPPOKTtMTIEI. AT $6110-A VALUABLE PATENT. THE EXCLUSIVE right of United States, of an article thai it in unlvereal demand. BONNER A 00.. 117 Nassau street. IRON MINK for rJT.E?ORB. MAGNETIC; HIXTY psr'Will pure tmn^nrty foot vein, no phosphorus nor sulphur, near tide watee really worked and self draining Address H. It. R., box I'ost otline, New York, PARTIES WISHING TO DISPOSE OF THEIR BUHL I nesu, or having capital to Invest, or wiahlnr lo procure Birtnera, should rull on the Business Agency, Wi Broadway, ood chaneca for |>artles with small capital. The light house burnkb-kob exclusive Slate or ratinty rights to sell this popular kerosene burner, address Joseph Ridge. Rlchmand. Ind. Tlir. ADVERTISER A THOROUGH PRACTICAL BUST nrss man, desires to meet with a leutlemaii having fmm twenty to lilty thousand dotlan eash eupital to esteb llsh a business In which Ihr advertiser will gusrsnlae sue. cess, and In wM> h there is not one dollar of ths rspitsl risked, and no possibility of Inep. Only earnest and bona ll.lo parties will he treated with. Address a . a B., Herald oftoa. WANTED-A PARTY WITH CAPITAL To EBTAB llsh a manufactory of Linen and Lac? < idlers, Ar., with a young man nf thorough experience and neoeaaary conne lion*. Principals only address G. II. I., box 216 Herald oikee, (ton WILL START ANY PBRMON IN A MANUFAC TwU luring lioaineaa paytag 160 per cent No capital rr Iji/i-i. CM} and investigate, at 80 Unwary, Bank bwUtLtf, room No. 8." ^** ,, . a. e..4? _____ SOAA -AN HONKHT. STEADY YOI NO MAN f'AN ? lull, have an Interest In my bnameas, paying $Hju per week, Ogkee hnnra. 10 to 8 DOCTOR NEWTON. No 2 t. reene street. Oilll Aon -partner wanted WITH TIIIB aniuunt to |oin the advertiser In extending a Uglit manufacturing business Whirl, Uaa been established many years and pays a good proftt, tbaadvertiaer thoroughly nnderstaii.is Uie busnisns In sll Its brsn< hes; has ?rs enough i rderf*d to last one year To anv g>-?l business Jmii w ho tan command the ? ash this can lie shown lo l? a nts opportunity. Ftret class referent* gtvaa ?od required For I urthsr pertaniiara address American, box Ik# Herald olkce. for three days HKLIUIOID VOTIl'KH. A^MfROUIMIBWP.NT.-AMOTllKR LK'TI'KK By Til* Rea Charlea M umTth m MORROW AFTKRNOON HTHM-RlNf IN ClU'RCtlRf ANI> INFIDRLITT IN TIIR SKI ON tl DKOMK, eepemally At UW tnunn.l TtioNithtN ft> 1 lhe M> year, ..irhing aegl'ct rf Mm p>?>r, liMlr^ir im la church. nilmptnm. gambling (Judge Me Uunii.4p.lMn b'>nM of rallwi ungate end kauBta of foWn wn Icn.luciiOJ let lore ua the N iioanree ..f n, Turk, tc. mu> way fo 1 ie? lure oat Ute IneHtuuoea of N< Turk. Ptrtt?"TUB I'Kh.-H. Adm.mucin ba wanun lu-kr:. KmaU Kumu. l.NAS Broadway, Mar Thirty fourth Mrtal m BlkHOr BROW. OK THK ADTKNT CHURCH. WILL U Ufa '? ?? the (.'iiirerelty Waahlngtuo acinar*, cm Huh tky, at J I'. M. HaaU free HubyeeC The Ruiohnw AlfU a OHRfNTf AN CHURCH TWEWTT F.10HTH HTRKRT. near Broadway. UarrMoe Lord'a <tay. Iter Ml at HHg A. B and ;t* r. M. Kreachinai 10 the morning by W K. Head labia Kr-e.di-nl of Bethany College, w V. Canton or thr rkbirrbctior. thirty-fifth ? (treat. Bear Blith ?raaioe ? Bee faeeph A re water, at Hew Harea will preach. BervKea at WM A. ? aad 7% BtpifTH AVE NCR MAFTIMT iIIIRCH OCRRRR or r Kerty aitth etreet. -aei a lea ? by the aaeter, Re*. Thame a And'taga. D l? at In* A- wTaad P. M. Bab jaw for the In#???g.i.umou'e Prerartw eat Human flapftnaae ' the Ala the com re# of tec 1 urea to yowuc am oat the Beck of tntEMCH CHURCH DC HT ESPRIT, REV. OR. Vf R r IMF, rector.-Doing aaratre la French Buaday afleraona M la'iiwB. buaday eraoet et It _ ?'TMaORTALITT THE PORTION OP THR KKDP.RMRD 1 had Reaeaerate alboe Dr Rorrta, of FbilaAalyblo. oilyum ah OS lha almee aebjort 00 h> morrow liuadayi eaaalng. el 7M a'rlott at the Caireratly Balldtaga, Wiablag tM e'r'or* at tt tea gkeare. faaU free. UIM 1MB A HANDIRON, THR RUNgURRT AND 1*1 iaieUt#>at wlum. WtR apaaA at Dodworta llalL ",r,u ^ niVfTAL PKRTIOKA lORNFTM MRTHOOINT RplR. JTV aoaalrhareti. aaar PoiaRm fhe praying hend. B. flak a lead lewder trill nod net the erreVe.e an Ramiay Owe M, ?>an ua at Ny A. W . audi aad 7 P M. *ei . 10* all. frea. Rev. w*. f. morgan d p rRotor or % Tlamai' ea-treb wile neanalt the Ikud of the coyree 1 eeramr.e in behalf of lb# Mom Terk Prcithetaal Kpteeop Olta R? ST. NTRFHBN'e RPItt oral. CHURCH.?REM, inrnpk H fnee, [) D. Rerter. miR held dt*ine err alee et the Freaeh ennr k on Tweeir M-and awnet. betweee ftOh aad With aeaanaa. eaora aeadap. at A If and 'ft P R. Ruwday aahant at ? a R or arm'R free cBimrn. kiomtkanth htrj.pt i~ aaar fiftk areau'- karrtrea to morrow at 7k aad Him A R aad I aad 7U P R , the af?ranee for ami m .wa The Raw. ReefhnM M sv Reayhmte win yraeib _ BARKABAN i ll AFRlr?> PROTERTAirr EPIkt'O O iml) Relhany aereei near Rlaaitar, lw Meefteeaetof N mod way arela trm Bet B. R. MlUmrd ithagAMa. her rbea OnHuudey at MRg A. R. aad 1% P ?/ Tm hr rimr third annitrbnart op thr bab heOi Oeh-iel of the Bnulk D'liee ehnrrb wil. be eel? hr alee la the rVireh. mraer of Plflb area ue aad Tweaty-fcrat alrwat, temorraw < headay I oaanlng, at TM o'rlark. TUK RRV. DB [iPERN wilt, prracm in the Chapel of the I mnralT Weebiefton et|*era leeer rem mnntlag. el 11 o oaeeh Maem frea. 814 1 brtaL , rroaiiwaT HI that rert:n..n nkati# h free At 11'id A M !??? uaetun th> tr ..f L till* H iitma**loe oa the M>w?< Inieettee of Tar.tree" ai ?'t otdaak Rr Oram gtoao Bammmtam aA dreea hefnr* the Fmyawiae CuiMiam, Lerieee ea ae trology aad puklir uetaetery Betu/daf atghL tb ATI IIF? .II.W Kl.llt dk< ~ CrcEfMlOUlCKN, WIIOLEf Af.B AND RETAIL. AT A. f NANkPIRI.ll A CO N. petenleea and note man*Tar torer* Ladtea Walrbaa. with ta rat i.wheta for Nbaneaa, betideaa great tarlety of other Waiekaa, Free b ' uwha. Jewelry ead Ntitwr Ware at A FR AN K f IKI. H At O. "g R# Rltlh arenoe. aarner of pcnirteeoih ? treat, til Eighth aaa tine, cmrarr of Tweoty Rath etreet PltOPO# A I.R. r'MiNTRACtORN-NP.W CANAAN. < ONE lib' ER Ml ? MHk The Rem ' eaaeh Bal'roed ? eatpaey will laeeo# rnaled ua neb Mm the rod'eg aaO awawfeh Pert read noai Tkeaadap. Jen.ery 1 I APT A I C'lHPTOt ? _ 11yrmat lulu Oawmeitea ?amARM P Nlglg. 1-Rnp, F1NAMCIA1*. rNlTKD STATES treasury, Dicawan. IE IM Sjhednlea at fM) thirty or more Coanone Sim Juho ml MT. wiU be now rOMlred for Ma ml nation el the Uul tad ?lalea Treaaury. H. n. TA? DTCE. AnUttnl Treaaurer. A TLANTIO SAVINGS BANK, CHATHAM SQUARE. NEW TOKK. M mey ilcpuaUeJ an ar bafora January 1 will draw lolaraat ntom January I. ?IX PER CENT lolaraat alio wad. fyee ef lax. Banking house or fibk a iiatcii.no. a Naaaau atreet Naw York, Oaranb? 10. 1W*,?The apuixina Sua January I. IM7. on Urn rr*sT MORTGAGE ?ONUS of tba CENTRAL PACIFIC K ItLROAD COM PANY or CALIFORNIA Kill Mi paid ai ??r office. free of gor< lumeottas. FISK A HAT ?, Hankera, No ft Naaaau alraal. CITIZENS' EATINGS BANE. NO M BOWERY, OOK nerof Canal alrwat. Naw Yerfc, January, 1ST ?Ml par arnl. fraa from gr.ruuirni tai 1167?JANUARY INTEREST-Tha rwukr aeml annual Inlereat. at tha rata of SIX PER CENT par annum free from K'verament lax), will ba paid on and afW Monday. Jan uary 21, HM7, on all (una af ore dollara and upward whlek barr Man on dapoalt (or tbraa or all monlhaprertoua to Ua Aral of January. lAtarrai not withdrawn will ba added to tba original da poaa. and baar lnlaraat from lha lat of J nonary. Monry di-poaltad now, or on or bafora Janaarv ?. will bear lair mat from Utl lat of January.

Baab opan every day for tba rncaptton and payment of meoey from 10 to 3. and alno on MONDAY, WEDNESDAY AND PKIDAT EVENINGS, from ft t<> 7. Bank booka In Oarman, Franch and Rngllah. GEORGE rotnOM, Praatdant. Rrvnoca A. Bunra, Secretary Go;tons or bonds or the c ity or ran fran ciaco, duo In Naw York lat of January next, will b? paid In ooln at tba agency of tba Saok of California. No. K't Pine ?tract _ LEES a waller (AONTIM- m \L N ATI i in a I. HANK. NKW YORK, DEC ) If. IHM. Divno an.?The Directors of tha Continental National Bauk Save thta day drolared a semiannual dividend of Aw BTrent, fn o of government tax. payable on and after tha day of January next. The transfer booka will oloae on the 23d mat., at 3 P M., and open on tba Id day of January. 1117 U. P. TIMPSON. Caahlar Delaware. Lackawanna and WESTERN EE < ump.my?General Hflne. M Kielmnge |daae, New York, December 2*. IMM.?Notice -The Iran.far booka of this company are closed until the morning of Wednesday, January 2, 1M7. By order of the Hoard of Manager a. A. J. UDELL. Treasurer. ijlOK SALE ?FORTY SECOND HTKKKT AND 6 RAND Bluet terTy Railroad Stork at a bargain, alao Central Park. North and Kaat Hirer i Bait) Railroad. Third Avenue Kail- and other city railroad stock". Ineuranee, bank Stock*. Ac., Ar . allow ralea for Invrairarnt ALBERT H. NICOLA V v ISPIosatreaL N. Y. NEW YORK AND IIAItl.KM RAILROAD COMPANY. Trmanrar'a ontce. New York. lh-c. If. lege The New York and Harlem Railroad Company have de clared a dividend of four per cent on the preferred and common atock. and the same, leaa the government lax, will bf P?'d to the ahareboldara on the IM day of January. IWf, at the ofl.vc of the < ompauy, corner if Fourth araaue ami Twenty ?l?th eireel. aa_ The iranafer book* win ba oloaad at I P M . December ye. 1MB, ami opened at 10 A. M. on the ltd of January, 1M7 W C EMERSON Treasurer. National bank of tub commonwealth nkw York. Dee,-hil?er 27, ISM ?A dividend of ala ill per rent, free of I tilled stalea tai. will lie pal l In tne nioek Loldera of thla bank on Wadneaday. the it of January next. GEORGE ELLIS. Caahter. SIX PER CENT INTEREST-FREE OF GOVERNMENT TAX. Maaarr SaviKoa IUr? i S3 Naaiut'. mux Foi.tos ft.) Naw You t Internet on new depoalla eominam aa Immediately no tba lit day of tha month following the data of the aetata t. WM. VAN NAME. PreaidenL ninny R. Conn in, Sec retary ^11.t ER MINE IN COLORADO FOR SALE -A PASTY P owsing about 2.0IM feat cf aplendld munng property :?? Biilea from Ceutral city tvauia to negotiate lor woiking eap'tal Address boa t 3n0 Poet ..flue. New Vorb THK annual MEETING or THE STOCKHOLDERS of lha Srbrelbe.r Cornet Manufacturing ('ompaoy for the election of new irii'leea and odtoera for the enaufag vaar will be held at the St NCholaa Hotel on Wednesday the vth Of January, IWI7, at 12 o'clock V The .bak holders are re aoactfully invited to allaod. A. E JIILLMKAL. See fl'u ' A PIT t LISTS.?Ml iNE Y W ANTED. TO LOAN ON I tmptoved fiirma III Steuben manly, and crmntle. ad joining Can rawmive 7 per oeol inlereat. iieat of references given or l>ond if rerpiirno Add re-a MteutMn. ro-m <1. MS Broadway, New Vurk. TTNIoN DIME SAVINOS SANK t'JW Canal alreei, comer of VarVk six per oei.t iiitaraat oo ftft to |tdh free of lax M< nay do pcwltrd now l>eirs intaraat morn January I. A-.ela. gJVf I'* 19 K V II ACGll WOCT IreaidaaL fl. N. Cuartn, Traaaaiar. T s annocs. Secretary ?r wgi i i a " ? * ? ? ytRMMfS k CO . NO 44 WAI L STRFFT DA NKKRH * n'|? DRAIHiH ? KiVEKRMpVt NTO< KM AND COWFoIRD IRTKKKiT MoTT.W ALL C!.A**F.H or i.OVKItRMFWT KI'MDN CKRDITBD, or remitted for, ok ucEirr at mahkht RATIO. KKRK OK A LI rOMMIKMOM CilAMUKM < lorimoTrk K* Art. Voka. Ifar ?. UM Kartilarnd (.'????M.. ?1 y*i ka? ?t ? Ei roup*. ? t> 1U I'rapaa. f'M> Oonprr fr RK'tiup ft ara.lm wnUtaBii It *> i i ???M , KaU- , ? I8J! ii?Ql ? m\ buy Ing. loan, 7 Ml M"d'i luly. 1 ? MM1, lata <? INmaa.'ll lilt , Jaly do ?dd IIM? *'i( . d< , M IU<? fVt., d<t ?d lit'. Dar d. . .. dd IIT'? KaU mi liMS MM1? ii*1: ii??; m\ n?c Iff w.iBh HPBB mad 4a Will III', ?' *?' ?*? *"? *? 9 10 'Mm IM},IE/% > I Rapt 4a Ik. WP't l'?$ I , UM,IAO? om ?n ? lltfe |U?Q #1 eon wanted por two mowthh or i iiat vliUOO Ml m ngafa, on niaohtnrty and "V-I w .nh ?It/UR iloMfr mfrranrna g1?en tddrma V I B. TlarnH ofl.? ?ia n/ui wanted tor nii mom run. OR AT WlWivU" pr> ft aaru'lttaa |l QUO hoa u antiwar, par iwnl Inlrrrai BmArra na*4 not apply, aolf priualpala animal. Afdraaa Bona Flda b>I n ffrrnld oDaa (OC HIUI -W*"TED AM t'lm rMTNtR fill.innl. with Uaa aatuunt. to lata an ?|tiai latar. nal aad lNi u?'.a??ro?rl of a pubUt awl araiar inpanr. now prtM. totap a larfla and I a era nan, f ranlal AMraaa ft II . boa I# Ha York Coat . To Uian ON ITV REAL BFTATB. al T par rani. ? Waii at, Jauaray onnrt J. ROM* rittrkbaTTj i.oak orncu. ?owD-!'VA^^ir^K|-5D ? ft r 77?MO ? MOW ON, R Bot'fllT AT a: iiiR Boi-'liiT at tee ui<.u7"f RaTei aLmo kawrbr' n r rsi ticrktr moi.uht roT uj am or dm TAtCHIV, ^rwTLRTL Ar . at 7711 ana Bar Atranl op mm At in bhoaowat, kmoi ?ni.miMA PATi THE OTMOWf TiLUt ?oR DIAMOND JEWELRY. WATi TIM. JEWEL*. rt.ATE. PEaIIa AT oril'-AL IRRTftL MCNTA. AO.Tf R X-DUMOADA WaTi HEN. iff. MOR BALE iftri' ft hourr prom Ni i Voirr J H. EAEElROtE m Brand way. rtoali ft AMDYARI m made or wattmbb, DIAMONDS. lit airy I"7 Oonda aa4 Prraanal Frawarty of aiai I 4? n rind at J I J A< EAOA III UraaM airaai two Aaara want m Drwftwny A T |I7 THP. HlOHRRT ( ARM FRD'RA PAID FOE J\ dlano t da aawkaa. allaarwarr fa fa. t'lka. *r. R E - '?. wn.-?kr ? i- aa'a kn.gfcl of tha tpaa aritrMa fit EruaA WAR. IMR Ra 4 I>AWRBH)?KRA rtrEETR fi rtiiarrd-op oia I ?<IS4- Wairhaa Jawalrj, MukA rioiAlaA A* ar dt* aaaif kaaphl l.r raaA. ai lAr uid (un4. IB Moo try, I rat Raor, fruai up ataM* 111' EI.I.A M "I a. AHt OIMRREOE'R-POR REW TEAR M DAT ?THE OpMtal aa>! TDIUni < aid naaUaiara a aaar $1 Ml par AaaAml; .? ? waa RA IB and *71 Rraadwap DIToRt'TR I.EO ALI.T FROrf'RFO FOR FF P NOR M fmaa ml Nialr. wltkaat puAtlfitr nr raaai* af mat. datira In- ?apatiMlitjr. draartlna, A anS taut naaa* Iturraaaa*,. riiilMd aArtr* fraa and maldaAUaJ Apply la II EATER t R i:i lr?.'..r mall /'OERLA T 11 Rl'E DB LA FAII FARfR IT amrkonial rEf.AM F>iR .iIaviro FARBl WAAI.F FRRFI'ME* far IN. haadAamAtar. BAO M'?TRALR far tar Aalr BAt DE.OOMMIRR ' prvparailati aprelaj* ) < ATLBT ' Al.MADIRE-THK FOFCLAR FREFARA J Mawla. narpad atia. Far ml* Ay wfVKooF ft MOR IRriM, II Waat llaaatan airaal WNnlaaala H'lM 'MRFI.pp FATTERROR4IO IB WtiHaa. at R T IROR M A TaTA RPR. 1 TAa ar.'aat and HBJNI far tka Ra.idayt. A ay.Ur.dA PIARO AMD *ToRB WTOOI.M WR OARDMBR Nd raaat atraa-. Raw Tart. J ?OMR N - 'X.I.RB Wl l.|. FI.RAMB RRRD III* AD drawn m 'A# adrrftiar. or any paranaa aaqaat'.tad aitA aitkar Jaar II fl?4aa ar Pdaa i^arva Rl durda, Wit Ad ka adarftiar. .1, OBadM ar I aat aA'r rw> .'dad Ay a??a?iwar Rirkarda Mrrald aftaa. J" RIR EIHIRITTOM. Idr JOHR ARTMrR ft in. Rl rwa i a.aaWwnt. AftaaW f lAa Riduaft and Aaaarvwa MdA fa'akliaAad lalrty rtfAt yaara, andmiaaa tn ra paaaaat atA 'tiara Rant aad P.I Aaapa Mw.aa and Patau Aaaala Co- a. aaa. TraaiaW tpaaU aad Wtaa Marataau ??day ad? - atwa (r%u* 13*RIR?I '.FPU t IRTERRATIORAU Rl R RRI'TR di ft (.aaa ? Raary tafarau'ian aradaiuaady, JMtaaWi f 'ortftad. Lifaft' airtABMA ZMR REF' tTIR'l LI'irlT I TAa u i fa? tA'a a?w PaaAri MatrA M al EDWARD IR rdftl- -uy atraat W ARTE I' FOE WRJCIf A I.IAP ft A I. PRICE WILL Pat ?/ ginti lAatama on Pkyaa i-<| Ad iRBMIt Maai'Mta lawn AR-fP.D t ftoop *?' OW0 HARD BVRR RTOHB MB Mil Appdy al IM Raada atraad WB dWTED THE TBR Tip DBA AM OP P REM) aft WAS Aa.a aard ' odtar a Haaaa-ag 'Vaau w adftrp*/. ? PIUlob.OMA idM iiwdARd?Air AMUIKMirW. . BROADWAY THBATBB admimiom ? OMITS. 1^1 .ppea? ajjjj| " * "msttiu> andth. MJ2affiMoM SATURDAY. DEO. ?, TWO PKR*>RMaNCRH. MATLRRR. KVKWIIICI. _ OpntlUti B?f ma at l V open at *V *'JN 8 bahaa pore's i ?*l' Last JV'ilJ/Tl w V & K Katharine and PelnKblo. TUB FtOfU * AUo ibe In which Mr. Owene Will ?p LIYK INDIAN ull?i AB by JOHN K. OWkNR. aa THB LIVE IBDIAB. Manday. Dac. SI tfcadirarUfjj^gwady. AIMim* local burlalta autltled {CIILOKoEoRM. nr HKW YORK INIW'. presenting J. B OWKNR In a NEW t IIARACTBR Sea la may be aerurej at* deya In a4*a'joa^ T"?U<mdayof efdig4 Dae. W, henetti of the "kola French company. U,0IB pK ilABM|..EMOOR. -para. In four aids. br [>onl?euV Elrlre Naddl. Armand. Wllheoi, Wnwjj. Welter BetrtVJ. seats for aalc at the theatre and at Bear A HelMrtnare mu?ir ?torn, 701 Broadway. G KB MAS Tlf A M A TIIBATRR 5,4 Bros^a-fr,DJ?-4''S?sfc,8w DKK HPIKI.BR Drama In lira acta, by A. W. IflDnd. MRU. r. B. CONWAY'H PARR TIIBATRB, BROOKLYN The gorgeous Spectacle, F.TkCY THIKVKK KVKRY RTKNIRO. _____ Hartb'h temflh or mtstjby. DODWi.RTH IIALL.HM MHO AD WAT. RaTVKDAY, bjRC. ?. AT ilVM. HATINI E FOR TUli OOC4KtO!f O.M.T. !>OOIIH Ol r.w A I >S THIS AND KYP.RY KVF.NIhll ATS M IIART* ft NKW PP AT. MTTLTLM IN PARV >. With olbar And the greater! pi.*r.inma era. offered la an ao 'era. Mr A sedgwlch will perform on the Kn^lah ooOderU..' TloktU 60o?nU HflMrvfi fl * hildran half ?? Ticket a for aala at lb" Hall front 10 till 4 "J*" " ' * Tbo 11 bickering Mann la uaad at theee parf.rmnnwe / taltn _M IIART/. IH NOW PKK.PARKD TO BI IM'I.Y Maatrml Entertainments for plicate portlaa dniluf the hoililayaf porfortn111f htmeeb or (Tn l.nff ?latanaa .tualtrted for soaoins Apply itUw Holl , . . _ /MI ABI.FY WHITB'S MATINEE TO DAY tl.AKl.EY WH.fT.rt^ VTINKKTO.DAYTiiii OHRAf MATINKR <?K T1IK hi t.MS FOR I.ADIKH AND tMlll.DRKN TIIIR DAY AT THIS AFTKRNOOII At IM-THI* AETBBWOOB at h . 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