3 Ocak 1867 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

3 Ocak 1867 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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r THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 11,083. NEW YORK, THURSDAY. JANUARY 3. 1867. PRICE FOUR CENTS. A URORA, XIV YORK THBKTRB.-Pi.BA8K 8BHD A. your rnHmmh or else MM. where a eommnnkalton vHU rwbyou.Jtnd oblige a true friend. Address M. V tt, AH BEAUTIFUL SPANISH INFANT AND THREE I M others to besdopiod set at 741 Greenwich street. , | GMENDRlLLON?ir TUB LADT ?>NB OP THRBK; AT ? the New York Theatre parquet, last Saturday afternoon, ?reived a communication from the gentleman in front ^^^?will walk up Pultoa street, lower erae, at three O'clock (Thursday) or the heat fair day, the will aecel her who received efkerHM G| R. Y CAM It BAR OP HI8 WATCH BY CALLING M? atSBI Bi eadway, aey evening, at 8 oVVor*. TTBJtRY SB I PEL, 48 YEARS OP AOS, HAS BBEN XL missing from hta residence since Svwdav. December 90. Aay Infillpalkm of hie whereabouts vy-fll be thankfully re PHILIP KEIfBL, SOS Ninth evenne. TWPORMATION WANTED OP CHRISTOPHER JL Meoeen, who landed here ffom Newry, county Down, Ireland, about the middle of December. Any peryon kno w ing of hie whereabouU will confer a laror by addressing hie eon or daughter, Patrick or Saiy Moonen, A3 Weet Thlr teenta at reel, rear. INFORMATION WANTED- ?P BDWARD CONNOR. OP X- fee parish ef Skerries. Dublin county, Ireland, by hie Mother John, end InformNtttm 'of hta whereabouts (which ?sruete Chicago when Uat Heard from) will he thankfully re ceived bj adJresMeg JoKnOtmnor. care John Smith, Peeks E^?FORMATION WAITBTD-OP ANN O'BARA, OP THE ^?pariah of Jobstoem, Eilnardine. county of Dublin, Ire: ?Twhn came to iMecountry In October, 186*. Any Infor mation will be tbaukfally received by her aiater. Address O'Hara, box *M Herald offloe. RATION WANTBD-OP ANDREW BTRUING ^^?n, butcher, from the city Limerick, Irelaud When i Wat heard rrom was in Chicago. Information roceived by hie wife, at John Lae's, 81 Uuwo^^^^D||^^g , on avenue, Brooklyn. CHeegoTlmoa pleaae'oopy. E^?FORMATION WANTED?OP MILES ELLISON. OP ^?Halifax, Yorkshire, England; left there for America ^?ll or May, 1884. If living he will hear of eomethtng to ^?advantage by addreeelng R. P., box 188 Herald office. r JEFFREY MURPHY SENDS HIS ADDRESS TO hi* friend of the Tsrifa. R. J. R 's, Central office, Chatham (treat, he will hear of aometblng to hta ad K BT8BL?MUST BEE YOU TO-DAY IF POSSIBLB. place, at half-past eleven. Be prompt. NORTON. WJ1L JOHN C. BROWN, COME TO 8EE TOUR Jvl mother at once, before It ie too late. 107 Weet Thirty second street. J. A- B. YfU W. C. PRKSCOTT, FORMERLT OP SALEM. Jvl Mass., will confer a favor by sending hie preeent ad drees to J. W. Bonton, bookseller, 418 Broome street, New SOTICE.?IP STEPHEN A.> DREWS OR SAMUEL Andrew*, formerly residents of Chambly, near Mon ,1?the former now tuppo-ed to be living in Troy, N. Y., ?nd the latter In New York city?will forward tbolr addre sa to box No. 3 Montreal Post office, they will learo of some thing materially affecting their luiereats OWNER OF GIFT ENTERPRISE.?YOU WILL FIND the information sought in Business Opportunities of to-day's Herald. FOKDHAM. SHOULD THIS MEET THE EYB OF JAMES OR ANN Flttze, who formerly lived In MohllL, Ireland, they will hear of something to their advantage by addressing a nolo to Let tie Y., Post office. Buffalo, >. Y. w ILL THE LADY WHO PICKED UP THE NOTE thrown to her at Delmonlco's on New Year's night Joe, liox 4 784 Post oilier, New York. LOST AMD FOUND. EJUND-ON WEDNESDAY MORNING. IN A MADI eon avenue stage, a Pocketbook containing money, which owner can have by prming property. CllAS. BACKM AN, 89 Front street. F jVMTND ADRIFT?ON DECEMBER 81, AT HAKLRM Bridge, a Urge Scow, lo .ded with stone. The owner S??l Dl IU|Vi ** MXRV ?,',ww e " k*" ' '* " " " * ' have tl.e name by paying expenses. Apply toO. F. ' | or, Bridge Cottage, Harlem. IOST ?$5 REWARD. ON SATURDAY AFTERNOON I last, a Black Lane Vail. The aliove reward will be paid It be left at V West Twenty-eighth street. T OST-% NEW YE.All'N NIGHT. IN GOING FROM JU Thirty-fourth to Twenty-eighth street, a Poekntbojk. gut^nhijf>16; the money belong) to a pour fatnlly^vrhe eon Any person returning It to 478 Third _ ene. corner of Ihlrty-fourih street, will receive the thank* of tbe owner, whose name 1* on a ticket Inside the Docketbook. LOST-THB OENTLEMAN WHO ON NEW YKAR'S morning, at Weet Thlrtv-elxth street, by mistake took r overcoat having a white silk handkerchief marked "I. H. " In one ot the pockets, wtu please return the seme In i of the one be left In its ulaoe JOHN D. RAUCH, 86 White street. Lowr?on Wednesday, near eighth avenue end Thirty-Ural street a white terrier Slut. A suitable (sward will be paid for her return to the stable. No. 3 East Thirty-Bret street Lost-ox Wednesday afternoon, while going from corner Henry and Catharine streets lo cor ner Madison end Pike streets, a solid gold Breastpin, with ?oral selling In centre, surrounded with white stone*. A Mbejel reward will be given to aay person leaving it at 38 Henry street. T OUT?ON THE ID INST.. A MINK COLLAR. AT THE Aj Hart em Depot. A liberal reward will be paid for its i to Pollen's Express in the Harlem Railroad Depot. 1 OST?ON NEW YEAR'S NIGHT. NEAR FIFTIETH J J street and Third aveune. a Buffalo Kobe, two Lap Robes, two Blankets, s Cushion and Whip: any person weturning tbe same to 988 Bowery will be suite1,1* rewarded. ROBERT IllWlN. HK WARDS. f C RBWARB -LOST. A COACH DOH. BAY AND ?<J white ip-itled; tuaweri <u ih? name of Spot That (ader will rc.-elve the above toward by <lel Ire ring him at Hjame* street. KRWAHD?LOST. A TAN AND MALTESE BI.UT. Pleaae return to 139 Kaat Sixteenth street. BC REWARD.-TUK AHOVrl ItMWAHf> ~Will,~RE Pt7 paid to any person returning to me a btrtp! Newfound had Dog. Fore and hlinl toe* marked white, with whlta ipot on neeU and white breast. hra-ecollarand leather atrip, tenia Meets, corner Rlvlngtoa and Cannon atreets, liquor $5 111 MWAID TO ANY PERSON RKTOBNTNO TO ?AU th' itrerelt llouie, r?nn 1M. a black Mink Muff, ?Bod with hrawii ellk and tasiels, lost on lat mat., in fwen hy-aoeond street, ? lA REWARD.?Til 17 ABOVE REWARD WILL BR ?iV paid fur the recovery of a Pur Collar, lort Sunday Owning, In Pimricenth street, between avenue A and Vint avenue. Apply to Mr*, llnnneily, iiQ Kaat VBeft00?4h ?t. fin REWARD-8TBAYRD FROM M EAST THIRTY W>JA/ ninth ati-oat, January I a large Pointer Dof. white Bad II rer color, peculiarly marked eve*, chain collar, on which la eeralch-d Kin-; aaaeere to-be name of Duke Anyone ret urn I eg him to the abore number will receive the above mi A REWARD-BOO LOFT-A WHITE OFUMAV splu I>ng rtin away from the house a week arn; Baa loaf, a lute hair, and answer* tfca name Spent*. $10 reward for his return will he paid at DA Mercer ? reet. (Ill r.K wahd wir.i. BR PAID PQR 4> $niSoM ?lv either taken hy m'-take or stolen fi tea tho ptem leea 294 Ynrlck alreet. on January 1. Anyperon returning lk? same tn MM Second avenue win race'*# the above reward and bo ?itM'tloa* salted.' Hy promptly rcturmag it the re ward will he iKIHIBt RRWARD.--UWT. "ON* NEW YE VICS DAY. A $50 Me. ]?, OeM Hunting Caae Watch, IMI-tnyAOo. makers, HLNM. etetn winder, and cna'n at iaeke-1. The above ani will be paid, and no qiieatioo* aaked, oc their return aid Vegan, Js William at root. REWARD?I-OdT FROM LORD'* EXPRESS wagon, on Nrw YrtAr'* are, 1 ante leather Trunk. lOVai oitver. marked ' Ueta w'* on the end. Whoever wtUret irti tlte prepertv .hall receive the abuve reward, and ?e qnetUoa* aaked. 71 < 'nurtlund .tmet. RtMHIOt'S YOTICEd. (JT. STEPMRN'O CHI'KCH.-TO MORROW, JANUARY D A being the anetr*rs*rv of the death of Rev. f?r. Cum aa'-ug*. late pa.- tor of thl* c lurch a anleaio requiem raaea ?Mi* celebrated at tea oVtvk A. M ill* friends are ta nked to attend. MPMMIAI. YDTICER. AMERICA* TK^TrTCTE.?A MONTHLY MEKTINO J$ ef this lr?tlt'ite wtll be held to day (TbnrtNlav), January B. at T?t o'clock r. M.. n< Ha ro.,ui* fn the Hooper Budding. JIRKII BTI-L, Heoordlne Secret-try. The Polytechnic wl'l meet on Prhlay, at 7},' e'elo h P. J*. /NORN EXCHANGE INSURANCE COMPANY, MEW V> York The annual ?WmUoo for d.ra-inra ef thl* com pany will bo belli at 'h"tr Of re, 157 Broadway. Now York, ? Monday, ?bo 7th day ef January, ISdf. foil* open frota boob to i r. M. ?E(). a. nr.KHSER, MMiqt i KRW YORK CITY AMI) OOUNTT LlQt'OB DEALERS' x . r.. ma PiiMottlve Society.?A r-gular monthly meeting of the io ao-k tv will be heel at :h?lr room*. Meaonic Hall, Kaat rteetnh street, nc.-n I' t-i.th avenue, on Thursday even tag^Jann rv H at. ? o'clo. k. W. ,i -ei ? ar? r?'|tic-teil to be atiiwnal in ilvlr iti-iidm-??*. None admitted without their ?tebefyf mcarber*h |> Ry order of the President, niOMAd CASNIM. Para* MoCotuirna, Recording Secretary I rat it & OPFIC* I)F TIIB ATI ANTIC MAII, STEAMSHIP Company. Mo. e R- wi n* Opoen, New Vork, Nov. U. WW.? Br oBlorof the Boaul of Dliwttn?, trntlce t* hvrebf J n t'.at it# oonoauti' oce of the eicWten appointed to have I held on Cie Uiiv of hot mher iitat?at, not having hcto Bold putanui.B <*> *k ib nppoiiititr'itt so o* -.-it in or nine glietotK.if th.O <WBl(BUf and throe In pe-toe* of the neit BaereedingetoeOea witibehei iat the oil.-e of ihernmpiur M Fr'. :?v. the 1 Ifa* ''?f January, Hd7. at ill o'clock u. The., ? ,;(ci luMda nk tha off) n of the |'*vuwra' I oan and ft3*i Coatnanr wlU h# aA'?ed <- >m the l?th lo the Mth of Mai' ijvy, IMT. JI e t oil- w II lie open fiom 1} to 1 o'clock. J KV NKr.l.N A 1,1. I S. "Ofietary. QtTb n OV THi: ARCTIC INHI HANl'E COMKA* ?y, No. M Wall *1 reet. Mow York, D'vmber >1, IBM. We hereby give notko tb'>t at ? recant wealing of out Di rector*, ihey reunited m di*ceutint)o all opuwr buNiueaa, Bad a'l .l?k? taken if,eagoticloi have bet'" 'o the Liverpool and Loadou ?nd ?lb?bo Inanrai, "? fampnnj. Tiv mmMf 'till hereafter drrifltte'fri. |,?.;,,Srt5*?lljr ?wlooo*. J. Ml I. TOM "VITtl, V Titvor, Secreiarr. WIAXES.-THM OlRRlAL COLIioM OP TA*R?T V 'he ?"veraj village- In -he 'Otttity of Weetetieetar la ?Jv- ftT, aigil to re< eire the ??tt e at htaoglee. Military Hall, Ki b-werv, annoatte Hpttng aitvet, on ihe eveaing* ef Thnradej- f'.df? end fcaictoat if thl* week from P to g lOfh. ' mgTEDCTMW. AtMM lady worm like an emoaobmbnt Ii governess m a family, to teach the Bsglish branches an-l male. Address M? uGald ofllce. A GRADUATE OP THE UNIVERSITY OP OAK* bridge, England, prtiaman and ex-acbolar of hia aollega, no Instruction In Classics, Mathematics, Philoso gtvee private Instruction In donates, Mathematics, Philoso phy, English languaga and literature. Gantlaman prepared For the MAYAJ. AND MILITARY ACADEMIES, THE UNIVERSITIES, Ar. Highest references. Address or ap ply to CANTAB, mom Mo. ? UnlTCrsity Building, Washing ton Square, Mow York. A LGEBR-V BOOKKEEPING, PENMANSHIP, ARITH f\ metie.?Young men wishing to mingle pleasure with proSt during the holidays should attend, day or evening, PAINE'SBusiness College. ?i Bowery, or Stt Pulton a tract, AMNOUNCKMBNT.-RSDUCTION IN TERMS. GOLD SMITH'S Bookkeeping. Penmanship, Ac., 71# Broadway. HALF prices will ha charged for a short time only. The attention of young man la especially Invited to the opportunity. Par ticulars In circulars. "DOOKKEKPIMG, WRITING. ETC., FOB BU8INE8S.? D Mr. DOLBKAR. MM Broadway, teaches Bookkeeping praotleaUy. aa used In the beat New York houses. He also removes stiffness, crumping or trembling, and makes elegant business penmen. Gentlemen can secure private rooms. FRIVATK LBRSON8 IN THB ENGLISH BRANCHES, by an experieuoed teacher, at her own or pupil's resi dence; heat city reference. Apply at (new nuxeber) Ml VTe<MTwenty first street. AOS PAYS FOR A BUSINESS COURSE, WRITING, WjJtJ Bookkeeping, Arithmetic, Forms, Ac., at BROWNE'S, 183 Fulton street Brooklvn, between Johnson and Hilary. Unequalled for thoroughness and Lessons unlimited, day end evening. .. SPORTING. All kinds op doos and birds for sale at B. DOVBY'B. SfiO Csasl street near Cbnrrh street Medicines for aU diseases. Prepared Food for mocking birds. A FINE LOT OP GERMAN SINGING BIRDS. 137 Liberty street, Corner Washington.? FRANCIS BUTLER. NO. SPECK SLIP. HAS ALL THE choice breads of Doss. Butler's InfuUible Mango Car* and Plea Exterminator, ftoenls. Butler's new work on the Dog, $2. Dogs trained, boarded, Ac. Medial Dee for ail die* F? R HALF.?A HANDSOME PAIR OP SMALL BLACK sad Tan Doge, 4 lbs. each, and all other kind of Doge. D. POSTER. 18 Roosevelt street fOR SALE?KING CHARLES PUPS. VERT SMALL. Newfoundland and every kind of Dogs on hand by W. BROWN. 45 Crosby street, roar house. J BOHR GRAY, H ROOSBYP.LT STREET, HAS FOR SALE ? Newfoundland Dogs, Bull Terriers. Spitz Dogs, one King Charles Iiog. a Mir of small Black and Tan Terriers, BOOteh, Skye Terriers, Puppies of different breeds. JUST IMPORTED?A LARGE ASSORTMENT OP Canaries and other Oorman Singing Birds of the first quality; also two of the Urg*st Lions ever brought to this country, at C. BANDES' bird and animal emporium, IPS William street, below Frankfort HOR 8KS. C AIIIUA???, A mm FINE LOT OF C. P. KIMBALL'S PORTLAND I Sleighs; also one Htteer's. pole and sham, and* two seated surer* and a tohrtiaet. i PHAETON. DOUBLE WARWR?9 A1* A for sale; all In good order. Apply at Brtgg ? stable. Twenty third street, near Sixth aeenuc. i tc ht top w AO OH FOR fl,^LK*NE tRLY FEW ( . made by Parker; weight B7U JKiundn. In perfect order, be seen at private stable, rear of *87 Broadway^ a SPI.RNDTD FRESH MILCH COW AND CALF FOR A sale; will be sold cheap. Apply at 153 Ban Twenty fifth street. BAY MARl!. 1# HANDS. SEVEN MAM OLD: Uo.se, It'i h?nd?. seren years; both warranted erery wayi twlesecnnd hand Butcher Carts; all at a sacrlflce, at 64 Charles street. __ ?ntXPRESS WAOON8 FOB 8 ALB?TWO NBW CO** it cord single W agons, with tops. Apply I* B- W. WIL SON. 398 Hroadway. lOR SALE?THE PROIHRTY OF A GENTLEMAN ?ij going to Europe?Three dno trotting Uorsc* asfol low*-? A flno Hut stud, good style; ba? trotted In J.83.* rears old; of Kmulrc ond^Abdallah mare, slock. A dark brown Colt (time 8*0). n y earn otd: stock H*'nU*'J^,f7r a lUahaw mare. A fine gray Mare, 6 reais old. sultanas lor nor gentle mail for buamess purposes. The alwre areeU warranted x.rnn.1 and kind and as repreeen ?L In sddUion will he sold a sptoudid English Phaeton, hq?thydnjCs work to order of the pa 'it; a three quarter road W agon. In good oiiler: two new Sulkeya. built to order, together^wltl^Hsr. ues?, Whips Blankets and everything to complete a ?s file man'? first class outfit. Sold only for the " above I'in b" ?een anv day at tha hre.i-y stable ooinei Forty'fourth street nod Fifth avenue W'll be sold or enuaratelr. For C-rm?, Ac., sppfr to the suble proprietor. lr toXODW-L National Eipro.s Stables, King srtecA^ NOR 84LE?FOUR LARGE NEW TWO 1IOR8B 1 Ttucks. Apply to S. W. WILSON, m Broadway. For HALF?A VARIETY OF DOUBLE AND SINGLE Business S'elKhs. at A. T. BRIGOS . 64 Bntgera iltp. FOB SALE?a SPAN OF BL.ACKMARESj CA^N r ten in lies au hour; Phaeton. too r ness Blsnketa, Ac. Apply to G. NOBUKTU Barclay street, or corner of Broadwuy_aad Gates arenne. Brooklyn. r~~R SALE?A BAT HAMBLETONIAN MARE,nVR vear- old 14 W hands high, wairanted sound arid kind, broken to doubls harness and a eery auotrior saddls m*re; would exchange for oue or a pair of ponies. Address W. K. D.. 34 Liberty xlree.l. r%nn sal E?ONB OB TWO GOOD CART OB TRl'CK F?Hojes 1^,'nre P. PETERS'. 0.V) Hudson street. P)l< SALE ?AT A RAIWA'K A MATH'HEIMry.AM OF ?nnfld kind end sptrlled bay Horses, f years oki, is hands high: Ju l arrived from the e,>antr.. f en be seen at Ilrtggt' steble. Sixth svenue corner of loitlelh street. OR 9 ALE?tl" POWBRFUL SEVEN TEAR OLD ? Hor?e half xprl.i* Cart and Hai'iieae. loaelh -rorsepa rate. Apply at 1 he corner of Ratxvteaod New Chart Sti-oet, In trout of the dreg F? R HAI-E?A LARGE TEAM OF TRUCK HOUSES snd two Urge Mares. Apply at 80 Now Chambers si. FOR HALE?SEVENTEEN HORSES: THEY ARE ALL fit for anv bmltiess and In good eondil low AIM ?Mr sets of double ISiroeae. All to he seen at 74 Greenwich arenne. for three days. FOR HALE-ONE VERT FINK SIX HEAT M-EIGH: sl?o one first clan four seat Sleigh, frenl seat Cutting, thill St (W Wrtt Twenty fourth street. For sale-two THREE HEAT SLRIGHS; WILL BR ?..Id Cheap Apply at lirory stable VI Canal street, near Broadway. Milk sleighs.?milk gLRiom for sale. in qulre at 244 Kaxt Forty-ninth street. near 1 lr.1 arenue. P""llAETnN FOR SALE-IN GOOD CONDITION; CITY na.k?. Will be eold at a great batgaln. Apply at stables ef L. D?-toe, 2i? Spring street. _ OLRIOR for RALE?VERT HANDHOMR TWO O ntated Ponv Sleigh, ax good as new Apply at pnraM ?table 213 Men e- jtrnov rxt l-'lOTlH CARRtAOK*. S hi SLBIHGS FOB SALE l.W ? FLI.S C. WIT IT .CARRIAGE w AHKBBOQMB. tm broad waV. NEAR BLEKCKER STREET. SI,KIGII FOR HALF?ALBANY BUILD: A 3FT LITTLE l.-ed: Xtyhxh; painted light eoler._aad ktriped; pries $011 At xiobli M Lafayette pfce. neor Eighth street. TWO LAROF DOI'IILR BUNNER RXFREH- SI EIOHH to >a)e. all In oumideie ?wder; eni'abte for a mareet ger dmer or "ttei ir iaon, doing hnstneaa near Iheelty. Apply to H. 6 PETERS, id* Hud ioo street. TBT AtED?GOOD BECONM HAND COACH IIaRXESS VV for private n?e. Addreee, with psrUotilarx, A. C. X, bet I6> Herotd of"*- ? WA?trd_\ VLRT light BCSINKKS W A^f>*; also s set ef -wloble Pony Hat ne?? snd a bhle Saddle. Addreee, with prioa. D? JeKerson ?Lthle*. 61 ritrtatopoerss. HTSNTKP-a? SMOOTH, GOOD LOOKING HOR***. Vk iti ?hipping prt r s. Prrtte* hsring one or more to Of .1 will addreee Stuart, bol 3)0 flervId cSlce, eUUng prme and wl ore to be eee. _ WANTPD-A SET OF UIO iiakneh*. IN order, at a low pi le*. A pp./at .No. ? Bldge rtreel, Now York. - - TXTANTRD TO EXCHANGE?A GRAND PIANOFORTE, H in perfev.i order, for a good two ?oet^Sle'g^^Dmnt eOM slslhHiary. AddrenaJ?mea 1.. Johnson, 111 Bullhlrteantn street. $9() APIECE?TWO LIGHT KXFR'r.HH WH?yNHj ?B-r\y sluo a Prosdwa* made Rorkiwiy wiih pole and ? nafta. for fHW: light Coseh snd Har^nesa. "Ji! l.gh' llai ne-? and ihree atrepe Belle, $S aaeh. I all at HW Kaat Sevenl'Oiith street. AOGA-A HORSE AND LIGHT WAGON (CITY made inr asle Cost la?t A'lgae' 9Vf>. Apply to ft. II. OIBHON*. 44M Bi-ooine atriwt, for three days. rriK i.K,i 11 HK MBAWMa l III roll THF ?iREEKS?A OREKK A'J J\ wlM 0 Uwar* on CmUUIIa "W*Y?i n Fiiilag-eisnlng, JsnuarT 4. IWI7. s) * o'rlock at the ec una room "h* Brocdwav, entrance in Twentieth Greet. ?n.-^nta. Tnbebrgstihe i>o.ka?ere of Mitchell k Selaas, *11 Brut "war ?? IMPORTANT LECTURER DAILT?TO GrNTLENUN 1 only, nt ih<-New Tmk Vijaenm of Anatomy. *18 Bread wag- r!.oa? unable <o attend theae 14.-1 urea may 'reelre a ??one iry forwarxfHlii ten ceste. Addioee Secretary of N*w YfffU Viiiqetim '?f AnaUiwy, <111 FIinilTtTRR" rtURNXTUIlE OF EVERT llKMCRIPTION-OARi*JKTH r Oiklotba. Be ldlng, Pltuoforto* at BBNDaLU ? fporr*. corner of csns' and H idoou etre-ts. I'syosea.' token by wooUiiy #r weekly paytseme if piefei md. EBl'PvlTl'flF, MATTHESHRfl, BRDDINO, LOOKING Glasaeo, - heseext at o7 W. Sweden A CswipbcH'a, J? revs, between SUutou and Houxton i.treett. flo-ide war rauied deiiewred feee. PaUm feerMary Bedeteada cheap. ,"NOl'HKKKEPERfl, OR PF.BBOWH OOINO HOUSE rf keep,i.g-jii huy ?'*'pets, eorNHufe, Bedding, An., at If.qii'l.L A S?'OT "H, cc. net of canal and H'tds e sirweta "o'lV wfefU p. m< n'fclj ger men ft if ?w?n*4 COPJIHTBHRHHIPS^ * FAMT.NER.WITH ?7W, WANTED IVMEDIATELY? J\- In a respectable busladM, affording good remuneration for Mm*, and security far capital Insetted. Address B. W., box 101 HanJd ogles. A THOROUGHGOING, ENF.ROETIC BUSINESS MAN, il would like to take en active interest la an established bed nana, baa had 11 ye*re> experience In bualaaaa in a neighboring city: would invest from fiiO.OOV to $S0000 la a food business. Address for three day* W. White, Herald BY 'THE WITHDRAWAL OP MR. A. EL A M ROTH, the Area of O. Tallermao A Co. I* dissolved from thia day. Mr. O. Taliennan will eoatlaue the business for hio own account and under hi* own name. O. Talderman, Naw Tona, Dee. SI. 1MB A. KLAMRuTH. COPARTNERSHIP NOTICB.?HAVING THIS DAY AD. mitted Mr. John P. Sohermorborn aa a partner, the busi ness will hereafter be conducted m the name of DEAN * 8CHBRMBRHORN. Iron and Stool Warehouse, W Market ?Up. Naw Yoaa, Jan. 1. MB. /COPARTNERSHIP.?THE UNDERSIGNED HAVE \J thi* day formed a copartnership, under tha name and otyle of Montrose, J one* A Co., and hare taken the atoroo Noa. 78and W Church atreot, whore they wiU continue the Importing and Jobblac of Foreign and Domestic Woollen* for nrn'i wear. WILLIAM MONTROSS, WESLEY W. JONES, WALTER LIFE. ISAAC B. CRANE. Javoaiy 1,1867. COPARTNERSHIP NOTICE.?HAVING THIS DAT AD mitted my brother Henry aa partner, the bnalneao will hjrgffcr bo conductmlht,he nmnoEofMHe^.n Racers Naw Yonn, Jan. 1,186T. COPARTNERSHIP NOTICE.?THE UNDERSIGNED hare this day formed a copartnership, under tha name and style of Erdman, Fox A Co., for the manufacture end sale of Men'e end Beys' Clothing, and win ocoupy on or be fore Feb. 1 the lofts M Franklin street, between Broadway and Church street. JOHN ERDMAN. JOSEPH POX. Naw Yosx, Jan. 1,1867. HERMAN MENDEL. DISSOLUTION OP COPARTNERSHIP.?T1IK FIRM of August k Fox la this day dissolved by mutual con sent. Mr. Joseph Pot will settle all claims due to and owing by sold flr.ii, and will sign the firm name In linuldatkm. GOTTFRIED AUGUST. Naw Tona. Jan. 1.1867. JOSEPH FOX. BISSOLUTION?THE FIRM OF BOSTWICK, 8ABIN k Clark la this day dlssolred by limitation. Either partner wlU sign In liquidation. OLIVER N. BOSTWICK, GEORGE D. SABIN, JOXA8 CLARK. ISAAC P. GREKNTAULT. Naw Yoaa, Dee. SI, 18fl6. COPARTNERSHIP. The undersigned hare thia day formed a copartnership under the Arm of Boetwiek, SabTn k Co., for the continua tion of the lint, Cap and Straw Goods business. OLIVER N. BOSTWICK, GEORGR D. SABIN, ISAAC P. GREEN VAULT. Naw Yoaa. Jan. 1, 1867. Dissolution.?the copartnership hereto fore existing by the undersigned, under the Arm name of Rosenateln A Sellmsnn. Is this day dlssolred by mutual eonaaut, Mr. Hanry Sail maun withdrawing from the lirm. JULIUS W. ROSENSTEIN. HENRT SELLMANN. LEO ROSENSTEIN. Naw Yoaa, Dee. 91, 1806. COPARTNERSHIP ?The undersigned continue the lm ? citation of foreign fruits and produce; also the commission nslness, at No. 329 Greenwich street, corner of Duane, un der the firm name of Bosenstelu Brothers. JULIUS W. ROSENSTEIN. lko r isgxsrsiN. Naw Teaa, Dec. II, 1886. 17DWARD H. CARLE BECOMES A PARTNER TIII8 J!i day with us. In the wholesale drug business, which will be eon tinned as heretofore under the same Arm. Naw Toaa, 1st month 1,1867. CARLE k STRONG. Geo. h. shrevb is admitted to an interest In our Arm from thia date, the Arm name remaining the same. J. M. BILLINGS k CO. Naw Toaa, Jan. 1. 1867 R CLARENCE STEWART BROWN IS THIS DAY admitted a* a partner in our eereral Arras. Naw York, Jan. L 1867. BROWN BROTHERS *00. M VfR. 8IGLER HUFFMAN IS THIS DAY ADMITTED IY1 a member or our Arm. W. H. 9TIGER * CO. Naw Yoaa, January t. 1867. VfOTICB OP DISSOLUTION. IN Omcr or Sraari.ts * Bpoopaood. 12 William street. The copartnership heretofore existing between the sub scribers, under tha Arm name of Stekblne * Bloedgood, te this day dtseolved by mutual aooeent, Jamea H. stehbine re tiring from business. Either parti^majf^i?lg^In^h^til^tOou. Naw Toaa. Jan. L 1867. JOHN BLOODGOOD.' Notice of copartnership ?the undersigned hare thia day formed e copartnership under the Arm name of John Moodgno 1 * Co., aad will continue the busi ness of the let* Arm of Stebbins k BloodgooU at 22 William street. JOHN BLOODGOOD. Naw Tona, Jen. 1.1867. JOHN P. 8LATBACK. Notice?samuel chew, the son in-law or our senior, nnd Henrr C. Heyl. who has hitherto repre ss n led our huusn in New York, are this das admitted te en Interest in our Arm. DAVID & BROWN i CO., 44 and 46 South Frunt street, Philadelphia, aad PaiLAMLraia, 1st mon'.h 1st, 1867. I'd Broadway, New York VTtmCR 18 nSREBT QIYBN THAT THE PARTNER ship heretofore existing unper th<- name, style and Arm of Waaatntton I. Smith A Co., ?! 381 Wnt Kighteanth street, w thla day dlasolred by mutual content, Washington r.aim. Hew Tau. .laa. 1.1IW7. WILLIAM D. STEWART. Thr undersigned will still eonflnue to carry on tho bust noaa of tho lata firm of Washington I. Smith A Co.. at tho aame plain. Ml Weat Eiehteentk atrtel. _ Nif Yam, Jsnl, la?7. WASHINGTON I. SMITH. VTEW YORK. JANUARY I, 1ST.-MR. GEO ROE H. AY Mart in is thla day admitted a member of our firm. _ ___ *_r9^ PARTNER WANTED?WTTn A CAM CAPITAL OF $C30 lo Ra.om: a rare chance for tho risht man. C\)8HINQ A WINO, M Co.Uandt alreeL PARTNER WANTED?WITH A CASH CAPITAL OF from $3.OP* to M.OUO, In a light manufacturing badness, established for sisyrara, with oath orders on hand. Apply for three days at 371 Water street. Partner wanted-with bs.oqo capital, in an* established and profitable Importing house. Offers to be made with lull name iiM.M., hot S.fWt Post Oilloe. PARTNER WANTED.?A fihlil) MAN. WILLING TO lucent fiVX) in steady, clean, fair profitable Undoes,. may ntsmliie such at 74 Kleecksr street, corner of Broadway, room So. 1 , TJARTNKR WANTED IN A HOTEL ?LONG LEASE. I rbrsprent, and lined with fir it class p.?lng gust's.' Must here e ime knowledge of Uin bit Incss. Proprietor hsa other business requiring Eta attention. Address Hotel, bos 117 Herald oShw _ HORKKT 8 ANDERSON HAS INTEREST IN MY business from this rfste, t>W will bo roudn tail under the firm name of W. P. Ltrertnorn A Co . at No. SI Rroed streot. W. P. UVKliMORK. Nsw Yens. Doc. SI. lflt* The copartnership heretofore existing under the name of Hwlft A KehafTbr, Furniture Mann fsntnrors. No. A fleenad srenue, is this day diss.dred by mu tual ronaent. Win. It. Hclie'ier will sign In liquldallou. Tho business will bo carried en by William II. SehsTer. ABIAL W. SWIFT. New York. Ian. 1, IS8E WM. II. dCHAFFER^ IiHE ItNORRSIUNF.D HAVE THIS D\Y FORMED A limited copartnership, nndar the Arm of HKDDEN. INCIt ESTER A CO.. for the transaction of a general stock oommiaaion business, at ? Rrosdway. .TOSIAII IIRDDKN, LOCRK W. WINCHESTER. IMAIAU O. RASCGCK. ROBERT M. IIEDDKN. Nsw Tone, Jenuaiy 1. IM. The undersigned hate formed a copart ncrsblp for the transaction of a general Ranking P.t change and Commission business, at M Nassnn street, under the name of 0. C. PnYor A Co. C. C. PUFFER. A V. DIMOCK. JainiiRTl. 1ST E. D. WE8TUN. WILLIAM P. .1 AFFRAY BECOMES A M K.MBIIB OP oar firm I mm this gam K. 8. JAFFRAY * CO. Naw York. January 1, 1M. YET ANTED?A PARTNER IN A FIRST CLAM HOTEL, TV including bar. billiard, oyster and Ice cream saloon. Apply at W Wall streot, second lloor, rear otSee, room No. A dOAA ?PARTNER WANTED, ACTIVE OR SILBNT: qpOt Hi, budnaa* pays 100 per cent a month. Ample se curity given. Apply at 08 Broadway, room 37, lop door, for throe wye, from ft A. M UD) P. M. tt^^A -WANTED. AN BNBROBTIC BUSINESS ,UUu, man, as partner In a safe, locratlra enter prise. Address, airing real nam* and residence, B. A. H., llernM oglce. so nnn -partner wanted. with the vO ,HUU. above amount of capital, to engage la a diraf cissa and roi-y profitable menu factoring bnaluees. Op portunity lor the strictest iareatlgatton. Address C. C. W., Herald olRce ircMriUk. A GENTLEMAN WILL GIVE INSTRUCTION ON TUB piano, at pupils' realdencee, for $10 per quarter. Best of rtiPMficrt gtron. Addicts, with realdcnce. Teacher, hot U3 Herald ofloe. ______ AT THE NATIONAL CONSERVATORY OF MUBTC, 83 Madison srenue, terms Bid. By arrangement with George F, Brletow, Professor of Music In puhlle sohoola, pu pil* atiep,llna school* fig per quarter. Tho l oaeerrstory in itnicDon boot* free. Adklina path and tub won rem, bistrrs wert taught In Singing and Piano by ELIZA V\l.RU TIN! PA RAVALLI, prims donna soprano, who receive* wert taught in Singing and Piano by ELIZA VALEN PVRAvAI.Lf. prima donna pupils at M Wast Eighteenth ferry. MUSIC AND FRBNCH.-AN ENGLISH LADY, WITH Ions experience, wishes on* more pupil. Terms mod erate. Three rears' reference. Address Alpha, eiaiioa K, Eighth areitua. MUSIC FURNISHED FOR PARTIER, WEDDINGS A*. IN Wararley ptaca. near Slith areatia. T>I A*G AND 81NOINO LESSONS, AT flfi PER QUAE L, , O A L, S-m,D. M do J CHALDRON FOR COR z'Mivrsjsrt rSfan Jt CHALDRON FOR COKB.-MtLIYBRRD note adloo at tlm ?I reel ?ad erennc A. r. SHERWOOD FINANCIAL.. C1TIBBN8' SAVINGS UANiv, No. M BOWBKT, OOK u?r of Canal sired New York. January, W7.-SIJ per oral fier from gnvornmunt UK. 1867?JANUARY INTEREST.?The ragnlar semiannual late?at. at the rata or 81X i'KR CENT par annum ifr?e fro? government tax), wHI he paid ou an J after llonuay, Jan uary II. 1867, on all snm? or Are dollars and upward which hate hreu on deposit for three or six months pretloua to the flr?t or January ? Interest not withdrawn will be added to the anginal de posit, and bear Interest from the let of January. ' Meuey deposited now, or on or before January 10, will bear Interest from the 1st of January. Bank open every day for the reception and payment of money from 10 to 9, snd also on OltDAY, WEDNESDAY AND FRIDAY EVENINGS, xhh ft to 7. Bank books la German, French and EagHsh. GEORGE FOLbOM, President. Snraovn A. Bono, Secretary. EBLAWARB, LACKAWANNA AND WESTERN BR. ^ Comi*n??G^eral_Ofliro. 96 Krchange _ pUee, Now this company sr

Japnary 9,1W7. A. J. ODELL, Treasurer. i-any?General Office. 96 K? change piaee, new somber 28, 1688.?Notice?The transfer books of lot ?re closed until the mornlnf of Wednesday, , 1887. By order of the Board of Managers, R8ALB?A STATE BANK CHARTBH; PRIVIL tea (ranted unusually liberal; everything ready for ettng business. Address, for one week, W., box 3,284 Poet office. MONEY LOANED ON BOND AMD MORTGAGE?MER Ofx chants' and mechanics' notes discounted, Ac. No. 87 Imaaan street, office No. 80, at 18 o'clock. A B. LENT. ? ? I?i MOW 6W m ouu nonoai nomw vmwp^J ae?w? Bared a dlrldend of four per cewt on the preferred and Bssmw stock, sad the same less the governi? tax, wtN |e paid to the shareholders on the 9d day of January, 1867. at theeaioe of the oompany, corner of Fourth aeenno and wcsBnsL will ho closed at IF. If., December B JHttftiBZ _ 1?ember 27, cent, free ef United States . SHBNSBNDRRKRR MINING COMPANY.?THR TRUB. ? lees of this company hare declared a dividend of one per cent on the capital stock from the net earnings for the month of November, payable at their office, January A 1887. Transfer books closed from the IMh or December to January 6,1867. H. A. 8HURIN, Treasurer, 18 Broad street. rrmusTEEs op creditors and stockholders 1 of the Ohio and Mlaehuippt Railroad Company (E. D. )? Office 88 Wall street, New Tork, Dee. 88IM At e meeting of the trustees of creditors end stockholders ef the Ohio and Mississippi Rail mad Company (Eastern Di vision), held this day. tha following preamble and resolution were unanimously adopted, and directed to be published for the Information of parties Interested in the trust:? ? Whereas, the trustees are spoottloally directed by the trust agreement to pay, on the 1st of January, "to the owners of preferred certificates," Interest at the rate of -eren per cent In money In rase such payment can be made "without aeri oua damage or prejudice to the requirements of the trust," otherwise "In further preterMd certificates;" and whersaa, the read and property of the Ohio and Mississippi Railroad Company (Eaatcrn Division) are sdvertlaad to be sold on the tth ef January. 1187, under the decree of the United 8teles Court In the foreclosure suit, lu consummation of which sale there will become due aud payable to sundry parties named ... at as " "" ?* ? in eeltl decree, an amount of monev estimated at MOO U80: And whereas, the rebuilding of the Great Miami Bridge, and the repairing of the other damage to the road caused ay tha flood in September last, caannoi be delayed without perma nent Injury to the business snd Interests of ibnroad; and reiver In peyuaeut for first mortgage coupons balancing to the trust the means whereby they nave bee i enabled here tofoca to pay the lutere.-t on the preforred certificates in igucB? but are now unable so to procure the means for the permeat of the Interest due on the 1st of January next, ow (fig to the imperative demands upon the receiver by the read Therefore, resolved That the Interest duo on prof erred I certificates en the 1st of January Inst, be paid In furtberme. forred certificates to the persons or their legal reptt^^^B fives ou thut dsy owning the same, aad on thou- request, as provided lu the trust agreement; such further preferred cer-e fUoate. lo_be_i eadjr for deltrery on and after the 25th day of .Tanner, 1887; and Inasmuch at the transfer hooks have been etased for an uuu-ual tiino that iiersoos so owning pre far red ocvUhc.,? not already standing in their DSjne. an Ike books Of the trustees be VeqweeMS w present lue - ama la evidenea of the ownership and for record without delay. ALLAN CAMPBELL, Chairman. riHlB 1 of) ANNUAL MEETING OP TUB STOCKHOLDERS of the Schrelber Cornet M.inufaclurlna Compauy for the etsction of new trustees and officers for The ensuing year "" , lite 9th will be held at the 8t Nicholas Hotel en Wednesday, the 9th o! January, 1887, at 12 o'clock M. The stockholders are re spectfully luvited to attend. A. E. JUlLLERAL, Roc. r CAPITALISTS.?MONEY WANTED, TO LOAN ON Improved farm* in Rteuben county, and oounties a>t Joining. Can receive 7 per cent interest; best of reference* ghreu. or bead If required. Address Steuben, room C, 160 Broadway, New York. rfWENTY-NISrra DIVIDEND?HANOVER fire in A luraace Company. The board af directors of this com peny hare declared a semi annual dividend of Eve (6) per ivnt free from government tax. payable on demand at their (.JtcT, No. 48 WiST street. I. REM SEN* LANE, Secretary. Nsw Yoatx, Jan. 1,1187. mo OWNERS or REAL ESTATE?SMO, 000 TO LOAN A on bond and mortgage. Apply to CHAi*. F. CLARKE, A CO.. 88 Broadway. UNION DIME SAVINGS BANK, 4* Canal street, cornor of Tarlck. NIX PER CENT la $8 lo $5,!BU, free of tax. Deposits be fore Januar.-8J will bear latere*! from January I. Assets $2t.*B,l!S8 Ip. E. V. HAt'OHWOrr President. O. H. Cntpm, Treasurer: T. 8. Armour, beorelarv. TirANTKD?SIX SUMS OF $10,000 EACH. ON FULTON II .vvenue .tore property, Brooklyn: worth $150,000 Ap ply la DRAKE k CO., No. liWIllnughby street, Brooklyn. A/? OOO ?THIS AMOUNT TO LOAN ON FIRST sffU.Ul f U. ctaaa Unproved city properly, for three years, at seven per cent. Apply to VAN XANDT BROTHERS, SB Wall street. nnn TO loan?ON new vorx cttt real wOt'.UUU c-tate drat mortgage. at 7 per cent. /. SOUS nrTTERBAN *. 3J Wall at.. Jeun-ey conrt._ * 1 Aft AAA TO LOAN IN SUMS TO SUIT-ON tP'x" 'V*""U Rcril E.stnte. Prompt attention. Large anm* preferred. Apply to CI1A8. F. OILMAN, IIS Broad way. room No. *. dt.'/WI AAA TO LOAN?IN SUMS TO SUIT. ON ?ps.lt "U.t r" F'l city reel estate, M per rent of valuation; prompt attention. C. E. WILLIS k CO., 31 Fine street, basement. XlSt'EliUVKUlA. ^ A notary publics commission for sale.? Eipirea Mar. lktiS. Addieaa Oak Sampson, atatlou O. AT M CORTLANDT STRF-ET?PLATFORM SCALES from 24) to C.0J0 pound* e.parity, counter, among ae.ilca, Ac., warranted. Constantly receiving aeoond nana Scale* for aale cheap. Scale* repaired. 1JIVERY FAMILY WILL BUY ONI OF TBI M*MT 'j l?lt Improved Family (tewing Machine*: paly $SA. Agent* wabt"d. Larger oommU?1ona oe ?*lary paid than on n.ty oilier matlilne. A. 11AVENS, wholesale agent, 2Jd Broadway, rii.nu ?. IMPORTANT TO PHYSICIANS.?A GENTLEMAN JUST arrived from En: >pe wishes to meet with a doctor of re spectability and rood standing. in this city, for the purpose of conferring with him in reference to a new Mho I for curingecrlatn dneintt adopted and nyactla-d with nnnval* led etwees* br s celebrated professor of a foreign university, but ant rat introduced into Itate country. Adores*, In contl den- e, S. J., Herald office. ARIS EXHIBIT!!) NOP IMF. " " Bihibltors and other* are requested to send In-thalr application* for ap*r* In the eighty p.gee of the 'Mid* I <'ata biglie devoted to adveritae-nent* troin the I'idled Ktaiea lo the under* trued, Irom whom all n*co*?ary Inlorraatlon e*n obtained. THE IflTH DAY OF JANUARY will be the latest date that spare can tie secured. CIIAKLK.S L. LAWRENCE, Sole Agent for Mr. F. Dentn, of Pari*. MB Broadway. S~~oMwni tM New.' TIIR VULCAN LOCK. A Lock, to the business pnrlion of the world, has been eonetoe.rd Indispensable. Por year* government*, banks, banking heuee* and merchants, bare beea looking for the best ot these for their security. From the earliest hlatorv of lock* to the present time they all Involve one prludple. and not oue now In n*e perhaps to be found unpiokable by an ei|iert. I.or.gstudy has at le*t performed the work of nnvalty In Loots *"<*h BS the world h is never ?#en, being entirely orig ins'. and totally different from any other, whleh ha* been completed sni seoured by Letiera Patent, having no handle orknoh.key or keyhole, wards or tumblers and presents when siijneted a faoe flush with the door. To enter It, el ecpt i h rough It* own way, Is Impossible. ft can be locked er unlocked wMh ease by one person, though the power of this I.ock ran be placed In the hands of one to twelve persons, and all required lo be present before the door ean be opened. It ha* been subjected to some of our moot expert bends In looks; they, not even the inventor himself, ran make any Impress! m wtthont knowing tt* combination*. The undersigned fully recommend this a* the Leek of Locks, having the security of three or more locks, the heat now in nae. tn one. and bring powder and burglar proof, net liable to get out of order or wear by use. andrkw Rankin, Locksmith, M North Seventh street. Philadelphia. JACOB R. SHANNON, Manufacturer of Looks, l.tta Market street, Philadelphia. WILLIAM H. MERRICK, Master Machinist U. B. Mint, Chestnut street, abev* Thir teenth, Philadelphia. J AMES POLLOCK, Late Director of the U. S Mint. Chestnut street, above Thir teenth street, Philadelphia. N. B ?the United State* right or State* rights for sal* on reasonable term*. Can be teen lor a few days at tJ Dtiane street, New York. M \ < III \ K ?t 1 . tilOB SALE?AT ?? PARK STREET fFIVB POINTS), 1 fltrnm Englgg and B ill \ forty hnrae; mutt bn remov ed; now running. Two Portable and Stationary, ten and flfieen hoi-*". W M. McKRMlK. TLIOR S A IK?FOR giklO INSTEAD OP WW. A NI<~K. F Hand Fire Kii?ine. entirely naw. fnat purchased. The owner want* to sell It Immediately, en account of leering the country. Apply to A. FTKI.LY, engineers' ellice, room Hi. 1W Broadway. H"~ UNTS IIOOSIBK FODDER CUTTLB IS. FOR ALL purpose*, the best Gutter In the world. It lias already taken Al premiums at as many fairs when placed In com petition with the beat cutters In Off country. Manufactured by .1 D. HL RDICJK A <;o.. New Haven. Venn. Bend roe a circular. JOHN VANDKKRILT A BKO., Ag*Bt* XI Fulton street. New Tork. fpORTARLK STMAM ENGINE*' AND ~~ 1 CIRCULAR SAW MILLS. The beet end most complete la tee. Circulars seat on anpl. atlen. WOOD A MAN* Si RAM ENOINE oompa^nt, am! H Mrlden i*ne%?w York. ' rrng GREATEST INVENTION OF TIIK AfiE - J WINTER'S imps ed Potable Circular Saw M il. A m depot of general Machinery. WINTER A CO.. A) Broadway Aad Waohiagtoa iron Rntka. New bur* W. t. AHIMOTMW. _ Broadway theatre. admxssio >? 90 cents. Jioors Itfttu "lb*; begins at '?%, O'ctock. I a?t week but one of the :n-ut co media* Iah night* m<>ai ixtiltMv of VICTIMS and rnf/HtO' FOUR. 01 NEW YOlth in l5W, which must be withdrawn after this week to introduce MR. OWENS in other fresh ghiti'iCtfn, TOM EVENING. TWO 8PECIALTIEN, VICTIMS end CIU.OROFORM, OR NEW TORE IN INT. Another new piece in actiee preparatltiu?TUB VIOI.KT, Due uo ice will be given of the reproduction ( by request) for two nights only of 80Id)N HHINil LK. He member, lust we>k but ono of J. E. OWBN8. 8eeU may be secured alt daya In advaaoo. rflHEATRE FR ANC AIR.?ABROOLAFED FRENCH CO*. J. ediana. gATllRDAT next. January A. 1*7. LBS FILLER I'B MARBKE. (Die Marble Heart) Drama in four aot?. On this ( Mr. ANTHULMB. the favorite Teanr, will slim A CAVAT1NA AND A ROMANCE. Price#?Private So tea, M; Parquet (reeerved seats), $1 M; Parquet (admission), 91; H i Ion r, 76 centa: gallery, 48 oanu. For sole at H. Darduurdlc'a store, 878 Broadway, opposite the Southern Hotel. Thalia tiibatrr. tu Broadway, between Broome and Spring streets. OR AND GERMAN UJPEKA. FRIDAY. JANUARY 4, 1ST, DON GIOVANNI. Rot office open at the ihsolrs daily from M till 4 o'clock. HARIZ'S TEMPLE OP MYSTERY, DODWORTI1 HALL, MS BROADWAY. M. HARTS. THE iLLUSIONlST. OoaMnaad Suoooaa of the Mart Marvaileua Feat of Modem Times?THE WAD IN THE AIR. i and other wonders every evoulng at IL Mnltum In Parve and other wonders every eventing nt I Hr. A. Sedgwick will perforin on the EngUeh amimrllni Tickets 60c. Reserved seals $1. For aale at the hall fr M till A Doors open at 7U. Matinee Saturday nt 1 The Ohlekering piano (a uaed attheon performance* CARD.?M. HARTZ IB NOW PREPARED TO SUPPLY Magical BntertainmenU for private partlaa during the holidays, performing himself or finding aaaletanno qualified for >o doing. Apply ol the Hall. SAN FRANCISCO MINSTRELS. 686 BROADWAY. The trouble oommenoea at a quarter to A THE CREME DB LA C REM ft OF MINSTRELSY. BIRCH, WAMBOLI), BERNARD A BACKUS' SAN FRANCISCO MINSTRELS, wheee auoeeea has naver been equalled by any aimilar organ isation In the world. New and cheerful Burlaaquaa every weak. Mump Speech, I Am Hare. Blaok Othello. 0am hrtnus Opera of Lager Boer, lYnltatlnn of Actor*. Lovo'e R.'rabies or Cupid's FalLjOendrilion. The Screaming Black Cook and African Ballet Troupe. YOHN E. OWENS. LAST MATINEE el of (be VICTIMS, Saturday, January 6.1817. BROADWAY THEATRE, at 1)4 u'dock. STEINWAY'8 ROOMS, CARL WOLFSOHN'S FIFTH BEBTHOVEN MATINEE. FRIDAY. Jan 4, at 3 o'clock. ADMISSION ONE DOLLAR. Bcaaon Tickets $A Great success.?songs of Scotland. 6TRINWAY HALL. MB KENNEDY THE CELEBRATED SCOTTIs'h VOCALIST, will give one more, and the last entertainment, on FRIDAY KVfcNING, January A at 8 o'clock. Tloketa 80c.; reaerrpd seats 80c. extra. Mr. KENNEDY will ring the following pteeee: O, Why Left I Hy Maine 1 My Roy Tammy. There's Nae Lock About the House. My Nannie's Awa. The Flowers of the Forest. The Last Words of Murmiou. Green Grow the Rushes, O. Auld Lang Syne, Ac., do. da. Mlae KENNEDY wUl preside at the piano. 4 GRAND HOLIDAY ENTERTAINMENT. ~A All the people going to the RMVBILLB to spend ftelr HOLIDAY EYBNJN08. EXTRA ATTRACTIONS FUR THE HOLIDAYS. A great COMBINATION OF TALENT engaged expressly ^M?!*NOYSLTTE8 FREsn NOVELTIES. MAGNIFICENT AND EXTKAOKDINARY. _ ELEGANT MUSIC-CHOICE REFRESHMENTS. New and smiling floes, kind word* and pleasant greetings. In atore for all wlmfiomn to aueud their HOLIDAY F.VKNINoR .it the great ItEVEILLB MUSIC GAUDUNS, *17 BROADWAY, up stairs. 037. No CHARGE lor ADMISSION except good behavior. Last mattnek of the victims. Saturday, January S. 1887, Mr. J. 1?. Owens as JOSHUA BUTTERBY. BKOADWAY THEATRE. Great masonic fair in aid of the hall and Asylum Fund, la now open at the Presbyterian uuurch. oomer of Grand and Crosby street a The display of goods will be unusually attractive, and pre Nuts advantages for tbo?e wishing to purchase tot the noh proceed* of this fair are to be appropriated to the erection of an *sv1u*ti as a home for widows and orphan*, the aged and indigent, and appeal' strongly to tbt sympa thies of Ihe charitably disused. The eomm'ttee call addi tion to the Wheeler & Wilson Sewing Machine told by J. T. Kills t Co., corner Broadway and Twenty-second -dreel, which contribute liberally to the proceeds m the fair and efier peculiar advantages to buyers. Admisstnn 81 ennta Season tl-keta $t. ? ? CENDRILLON.?TVtiZ TRANSLATION AND MODELS Of the above xpet.icular piece, as produced by Mlsa Sallle Ilinekley. at the New York theatre, where It Is being crowned with Immense success, can be purchased for pro* durtlou In other citlea. Also, a nnmiier or other pieces brought by her from Paris. Communications may be ad dressed to her scent, William P. Hurd. New York theatre. | Bl'HNKM OPPORTI \ l'i'I LIM. A RARE CHANCE.?FOR SALE THE BALANCE OP A. etoe.k, fixtures and good will of an old established re tail drr goods store in Brooklyn; has done a business of gSUUOU per anutun. stock ou band about $2,0J0; will be -old low If applied for soon: satisfactory reasons for aelliug; terms easy. Apply to Mr. HICKKY, room IS S7 Park row, after I f M. Ant gentleman wishing to make money rapidly, and having AVOW capital, can learn of an ex traordinary opportunity by Inquiring at 237 Hudson street. A sure thing and no humbug. A MAN INVESTING $40), OB PART. CASH. CAN. with hia sendees at paruier, realize dslly from $16 to $60 Private but respectable Indoor manufacturing busi ness. Address O., station G. A GENTLEMAN, WHO HOLDS HIGH POSITION IN one of the ootton States, who bus testimonials from the rerr best sourest of the country an to character, position, bu siness ea|M?rltr An . and who has an extensive soquxliitanoe generally In the South is desirous of forming a bwatneaa ?!? 11 1 lira in the city. Wholesale houses who da-Ire the ser vices of -nch a man. or hotel proprietors on Broadway who may desire to ilapos# of an Internet in their business to nuu who will guai antee a large cnsiom, may address for one week, In confidence, H. Y. X., elation D, I'oat office. Princi pals must reply stone. A GENTLEMAN, WITH $2 U00 TO $6,000 MAY GP.r AN interest or silary In s re-pactaUie, pleasant end profit able business with responsible parties. Apply at Bureau of Information, lilll I'ulton street. Parties wiriiing to dispose or their burl le ss, or ii.it ina capital to invest, or wishing lo procure partners, should call at Uie Business Agency, 4Sb Hroadwav. SEA ISLAND COTTON.?A GENTLEMAN. OWNING one of the mo.t desirable Plantations lo the Month, would offer m-w* liberal terms In a party who would furnish cipl t*I f-r Its cultivation, and eeunpy the re- dunce doing Win ters, or eonttnuuliy; loo<llty perfect BSr benlth; abundstinw of g-<me and tropibsl iruilc; all the improveinents In good repair; laturr secured. The owtiei will remain id Si. Nlcfi.Us Hotel two days, and be happv to coltrer Willi am Northern men who are interested In ootton culture, at 10 A. M. or from 11? a p. m. Inquire of the easltler. Satisfactory inducements WILL be offered a good business man to Inrosi $2,5"! and tlnte to ex teud s profitable business. Address, appointing interview, O. K. Wight, box 210 Herald ohioe. The light martin burnf.r?pgr exclusive State or county right* to sell tills popular kerosene burner, address Joseph Ridge. Blehuiond, iad. rGIPT ENTERPRISE PROMOTERS.?THC AD vsitiser wlU sell the copyrights of two magi.lfieent Cbronaos of superb American works of art. ready far imme diate issue In largo qiinntitles, which would form 'he liaala of a splendid enterprise. Nnue but bona fide honorable parsons need sdil 'ss Fordhsor, Herald o?ce. rOAPITALISTB.-A TERY RARE AND Df.lMRA ble oapait inny la now offered csplt aliats to Invest from $&.?? to fO.OCW In ah Important staple article of oommnee of unlveraNl usesnd demand, and which will yield at least 10fi per cent profit. Full particulars of which will he furnished by addressing, for ten days, Enterprise, HersUl office. ?OA WILL START ANY PERRON IN A MANUFAG ?pill luring business paying 1UQ par cent. No i apital re K" ad: goods staple as wheat Call and Investigate at M ery. room No. X AOOA -AN HONEST TODNO MAN, WILLING TO vO"v. be oorupled ten ho.rs a day, esc, hare an In tereal In my mraineoa. paying nlmnt $76 per week. Inquire of or address for three days, Doctor Newton, No. t Groans street. __ atRnnCASH WILL BITT ONK-EIOIITH INTEREST dltJUl/ In a valnable PaienPtn operation Address Friend, Herald ofilce. dt.-AA -A M \N WITH THIS AMOUNT CAN BUT AN Interest In a good, substantlnl business: every as lis faction given For pet Honiara call ct 221 West street. nnnn ?AW actitn business MAN CAN con. ,UUU. n"ct himself Willi me In the Insnrnnoe and real estate business, already established. Piofits large. Address Business, box 120 Herald offtee. WC/IA - A GOOD OPPORTUNITY TO ENOAGt .?IxM/. In a nice esUbllsbed business, axpertingto do a trade of $20.MU the coming season : S3 per cent [u nfits Address, with full name and particulars, A S. P., Herald offtee. fcO 0|W1 ?AN ACTIVE MAN, WITH THIS AMOUNT, ipO.'/tJ". can form s favoi-shla noniieetlon In s kind ling wood fsetmy fn this city. A oenaln opportunity lo make money. Apply to SHERMAN A CO., 148Chambers ?trcei. (1(1(1 -AN EXCELLENT OPPORTUNITY EON ?PI "?'/x/tF. a burin* I m in lo pur-base one. half In terest in a mauufac. ury of tn article for which there is a reedy cash sale and laige ju ottts. $f> tjt?) to Jlo.osi rc intied. ? Pit MASON. 79 Pine street. IJAlhCI.NU AlAlll ffim. , . MWWORTHW DANCING ACADEMY, {. No il* FIFTH AYENUK. NEW YORK. For days terms. Ac., please call far a circular. TAB OARMO R DANCING ACADEMY. NO. 82 nPTli J.F avenue, southwest corner of Fourteenth street, open TURHDAYR aed FRIDAYR, WEDNESDAYS and SATCR. DAYS. Ladies, I to 4 P M . tnlnsea and masters, 4 to ? P M. Gentlemen, inesdfiv and Friday evenings, at jo'eiuek. NRW ri, tSHRR ARE NOW FORMING, LNRRRKROM DANCINO t OA DEM Y, r Forthweet co.rter Twenty-eighth street and Broadway, t'lasaea R edneedevs and situidaye at 4 P. M. R ANtlNKNENTR. _ ISToKI.-KKIDlY?CA.WMA. FKKNCII iHKAi'HK. Ittwciir id1! Uii':s, J. Una. Liwt but one of the KISTOK1 NIGHTS befuw the do pertniti of Hmr. K slon -ud bar ooiupauy lot the Week FlRhr NIGHT IV AMBIIIOA of CAMMA. CARD.?Mr. UK AU re-pectfuily announces (bet all the necessary arrangements for Uie production of jJuu.ansUi'i celebrated Tragedy of CAMMA are completed, aud IU first production In Aincr,ea will take place on FRIDAY KYF.NING. JANUARY A In announcing the Tragedy of CAMMA the Director on lie attention to the fact tbat this dramatic work waa expressly written for MaDaMK Itl.MUltl, and as produce I lu ALL THE Kl'KOMJA.N CAPITALS, Its success wna autrkse with the highest distinction by the critK-s, tho character of CAMMA being pronounced oae of bar grandest persona lions. MONDAY. LAST RI8TORI NIGHT. THE RIRPORI TICKET OFFICE. T91 BROADWAY, near Fourth street; branch RLinri Ticket Oflicn, lit and 114 Hroadway.. Ueaeral admission, $1 W; Family Circle, 7ft cents; Orchestra, $t; frusta Boies, H and $9; Drsaa Clr Cl6? tit. 'SATURDAY, RI8TORI MATIXEE. RINTORI. JAN. S, TJROOKLYN ACADEMY OF MC0IC. J-J (Onir appearance this season.) THIS (THURSDAY) EVENING, J MARY BTUAKY. ADELAIDE RiHTORI la her great role of MARY STUART. Ticket office, Brooklyn Academy, A lit A114 Broadway, N.Y. RIHTORI MATINEE.?MARY HTDART. FRENCH TilK VTRE. Director and Lessee J. QUAD. Saturday afternoon, Janttarr I. at I o'clock, RISTOiU MAl'INKK, for the LA8T TIV1K. ADELAIDE RISTORl as MABT STUART. Admission to all parts of the house. ?2. Frtrsta Boies will be snaured at their usual prtoe. Madame rihTori at btmnway hall. FIRST GRAND RECITATION OF MADAME RISTOBT, TUESDAY. JANUARY 8, 1887. Mr. L. F. Harrison has the honor to announce that, bar ing effected an engagement win, M. J. Grau mid MADAMS ADELAIDE RI8TORI, He will hare the honor of presenting lier at her FIRST GUARD RECITATION, oa TUESDAY EVENING, January K.wben she win read from the Poets In ITALIAN AND FRENCH. Mr. Theodore Thomas' full Orchestra has also been se cured, and will perform a selection of Classical Music ap proprlate to Wo occasion. The prices of admlaeion will bo ONB DOLLAR TO ALL PARTS OF THE HOUSE. Rossi red seats SO cents extra. The sale of which will commence Thursday morning, Jan. ILat Stelnway Hall, Beer A Kchtnner'a. 701 Ilrond ray, anil Bullman'a ticket oflloe. 113 Broadway. N BW YORK TIIKATKE. Leasees and Manai Managers, Mcpura. Mark Smith A Lewis Raker. GREAT KUUCEKH FAR18IAN FAIRY SPECTACLE CHNDKILLOM. Now being produced with ENTIRELY NEW RCEBEBY magnificent wardrobe. ueder the Immediate super. Lion of MISS 8ALLIE A. HINCKLEY. A COMPLETE COUPS DE BALLET OF FIFTY I.AD1ES AKD A POWERFUL CAST. For aynopats of scenery and Inuideula sec bilk of the day. aJranh ckndrillon matinke, 8ATUr.DAT, Jan 1 at 3 o'clock. Scats secured six d-iys In advance. _ RS. F. B. CONWAY'S PARK THEATRE, BROOKLYN. The foreeoun Spectacle, FtMtTY THIEVES. EVERY HVENINO. M BUDWORTH'8 MINSTKEL3-.VEW FIFTH AVENUE Opera House, adjoining plfth Avenue Hntcl. Flrat weak of ilic gre.it uorclty of the watou, new yT:aj*.m CALLS, With all It* pleasing *nce?i"i-:e?, Snow Storm, Skal'ng To id. Kutlro New 8ou;ts, Dances. Burlesque?, Ac. W. S. aud J. 11. UulwOrth In principal ch icarters. MATINEE EVERY SATURDAY AT V . F. M. ITOOLEY'S OPERA HOUSE. BROOKLYN -A HUB XX rah Trip Around the World.?The Ooftau Vnrhl Rcoe. Naval Combat between the Ken-sage ami AhCwitn t, Ranter la the Sky, Ham Door 'Da, Affair of Honor, iiincng F1'. Dadoy Coiue Home, hlnnuerinit Servant Moene-i ie Veulrh oquLm, Uurleiqiie Cilcux, Comic Inflations. II i ?oou Ascmi slon, Panorama, Ac. rjtONY PASTOR'S OPERA HOUSE. id BOWERY. I'.. I A glovtnua festival programme this rreniug. Ti.e famous list SWo ( ' " ~ ? - - . of the Town. A Night in New York. One liu-i diedth night of HaiiYet. Le? Sabotleres I Ittlo Tein Tuck er. Tony PastorjA hew Song*. .A grand amy of Nuvvl'.ius by the great V.vMt troupe. Matinee every Wednesday t.nd Saturday at Y, j i". V. STBINWAY H ALL.?NEXT MONDAY EVENING, MISS MINA GEAKY'8 ANNUAL CONCERT, A*a,*te<l l>y a mtinbi-r of popular art; "a Programme and o her p.irtlo.ihiaa duly ptth'inhed. IJROOKf.Y.V ATHES.KUSI?TO.NfGHT.?ORAND IX rams*. elegant Piano and other presents C'Y&> an-v. Tickets Stl c-nts; four for 81. WONDERFUL FRUAK OF NATURE.?"flfK Weill 1NGTON TWINS,'' born alive, having two heeds, four ai-ui*. and but one body and one pair leg.. at- ? the head and right arm of Prob-l. tho murderer of ih i De-ring fam ily; together With the magnificent collecihui of objects In Physiology, Anatoiny, Pathulogy auj Natural III lory- all of Whieh ere Illustrated dally by f.ortnrra and Miomsiopio Views, at the New York Museum of Anatomy. 8!d Broad way. Open from 8 A. M. to 10 P. M. SOLDIERS AND 8AILOK8' GIFT FK-'TIVAL TO draw on the 14tb. A faw tickets unsold at 187)4 Bower?, new* odlcs. Newark, n. j. WALLER'S OPERA HOUSE. FRIDAY. JANUARY 4. 1047 Benefit and last night hut oue of the snaressful engagement of the original couiedlan, MR. STUART FOBSON. When be will be assisted by the fainnni comic artist, MR. (.'HAS PETERS. OUR AMERICAN COUSIN. ANA TRENCHABD Mr. STUART ROBSON B1NNEY (his original cli tractor, per formed by him 29) nights at Lanm Keeno'stheatre. New Yorki .CHARLES PEIKR8 HKAT8 CAN HE NOW frBCURKD. ylCTTMS?LAST GRAND MATINKE. Satiinlujr. January 6, 1817, at 114 o'clock. Mr. Owen* as Bt'TTEHHY. BROADWAY THEATRE. Theatre ticket officer. Reserved Sena for nil first clam Theatres, Con-erte, Ac.. Can always be ohtalne 1 at 'Us THEATRE TICKET OFFICES, NOB. 1U AND 114 BROADWAY, AND 1D6 BROADWAY. Sll AKHPEARIAN RF.ADINO.?A PERFECT COURSE of dr>mai'e Instruction will begiren by a wril kn ?? pro'cssor fur bnlf ihr ustisl charge. Address WeB Known, ?UliM O. PIAXOKURTEK. A FAMILY WILL SELL TT1F.IR MAGNIFICENT (tarred rosewood PlMioforte, wmth gut", for let* Mu half; 7 octave, overstrung. Iron frame. Boat sank*, neatly pew. Apply nt M7 Ksst tenth street. A SPLENDID hriVEN OCTAVE RORRWOOH PIANO for'o, at n greet sect ide"; by best makers: all improve ment-.: beautiful lone and Hnieh; mod only three month*; eoat al balf price. 31 Washington pi,ire, neur flmetic aU Am agnificbnt first CLAM WMfOM Flauolorte for enle; mode order; round enrners; elty maker; u*edlire months: r.mt .*dri fo-gBn. Also Par lor, I'Kumlter. Dining Fu.nltnru. a lidMia Imtnuot H West nixuietilii street, between Flflli and Slkth mcnues. A LADY WILL FELL A MAGNIFICENT ROSEWOOD Pi a no forte, a (Ml) Insirnmeat. for nearly bal; price if Wkoa Immediately; aeren octave, oreralrunf has*, oarvod legs; swoct, powerful lone. App.y at 2* Third street. AROAINS-ROSEWOpD PIANOFORTE, LKIdlff A Bradburw inak- ra. fl&j; apUtudld saveo oef.oar over, strung b ias Pianoforte. used nine months, for half price; aevei ?l new .irtd aecon I hand PUaofortaa. Srst t less, Very low. iU Fumth avenue, opposite Cooper Institute. IOR RALE?A NKW 7K OCTAVE PIANO. NO. ? iSecon'l amntie, one High! up. PIANOFORTE FOB FALF.-A KINK PIANOFORTE, In good order, has four rouad corner*. Imi frame, stool and Cover, Ac , will be disposed of foe fgO. Apply Im mediately at UPt* Twentieth Street, sear Third a venue. WATERH1 GRAND BOUARR AND UPRIGHT PIANOS, Melode >na. Cabinet Ofgnna wholesale and retail, to lei. end rent applied if purcbasud. Monthly payments re ceived. Second hand Pianos at bargains. Fries* irom M to $2H. New I oetera Plaooe far flTS and upw irde. Old pianos taken In eichange < ash paid for second I at rut pla nes. Factory and Wait rooms 401 Broadway, N. V. hora6k WATBRS. F LOAN OFFICEN, At nt broadwav, bmox building. DIAMONDS, WATCHK.-t, FRRCIOOR FTONB8, AC. tiiib old established off Joe PATS THE UTMOST VALUF. FOR DIAMOND .IKWBLEY, WATCilhH JEWELS, PLATE, PEARLS. *0. OPTICAL IN8TRUMENTF. AC..A0. N. B.?DIAMONDS WATCHIIS. J*:., VoR SALE. OFFICE HOURS from 10 A. M. TO 4 P M. J. II. RAURINOKR >13 Broadway, room Mo. ?. A T 77?MONET LIBERALLY ADVaNCKD ON DlA A M0ND8L WATCUf'.d. JEWELRY, Ac. OR THB STmk BOUGHT AT TI1R HIGHEST rates. 1M0 FsWNBKOKKRF' TICKETS BiH'QHT FOR DIAMONDS. WATCU1CS, JtiWLLRY, Ac., at 77 Blereker street, up stairs. ATHYMAN1*, ?S BIOADWAT, COBNKR OP BOND street. wBI he pa I the highest prloe for MamondU, Watches and itOrtrWarr, or will advnnoe mi the above arti cles. A nVABCF.F MADF. ON WATCHES. DTAMONDF, JEW. JY elry. f'.y Oo,>d* ind Persona! Property of every de. scriptlom J A. JAt KBON, 111 ttrend street, two doorawael of Broadsyay. AT NO. t Whsf T\V NTT-T44IRLTil llHRT (FIFTH Aretine f'o'.el i the hirho?t prlrt p?M for Plstn tnde, Welches and article* of value, or advances m de on same BHOKP.R AND COMMISSION MER< IIANT.-AD vanroemvle on consignments of Diamond*. Wai'hee Jewelry, Ac., nt ? ?uatham street, or the as me bought aad sold. __ ? 2F. MARKS, so: BROADWAY, ROOM NO. A PAT0 ? I bo highest prices far Diamonds, Watohca Jewell y, OeM and Mrdrt also money advanced on the samn Near Twentieth street PAWNBROKERS1 TICK RTF PURCHASED Ml. MA X mood*. Watches, Jewelry. ( loihtng, Ae. Adtae We made on the *atnI, or bo<t(bt ad the hlgbea* eeab prteH at 1MB Grand street, near Nslt-erry. rVvOTfllMO. At M BART TWELFTH FTRRF.T, HEAR BROADWAY L. ? run REKl> pays the highest Broadway prices hr ladles1 aud gentlemen s Cast OTnaiMag Ladtes waited ladies' aad gentlemen upon by Mrs. Oaehberr