13 Ocak 1867 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

13 Ocak 1867 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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THE NEW YORK HERAED. WHOLE NO. 11,093. NEW YORK, SUNDAY. JANUARY 13, 1867. PRICE FIVE CENTS. ^ PBBSONAL. Any information or timothy mcnemara and bin sister Elian, who married John Louegnaa. woo were last beard of In Westmoreland county, Pa., will be thankfully received by tkelr litter Margaret. Adore** M. X. U. Herald offlee. CAPR1CB.-I DO MOT YEAH TO MEET YOU, BUT fear myself. Uf^VR8IE M?F?TLB" WILL HEAR OF AM OLD iX friend from Walla-Walla, W. T., by tending her ad dress to box 246 Brooklyn Foal offlee. *TBM*Y WINBBB, OF TEMTBBDRM. KENT, BNO XI land, canto to this country ten or twelve yearn ago; was Bill eg a grocery atom on oorner ef Veens street, tain oity, ?sane two months ataee. His frtosd, Charles Glover. wishes to eemraunlcata with him Immsdlately act Isaportant bual etoea. Address Charles Olorer, No. Id Exchange place, Ho chaster, M. T. XT ANN BECK, WHO VOBHERLY LIVED AB COON JL with Mrs. Simpson In Went Thirty-Fourth street, and afterwards at lMJombs' Dam. will call at or address roost 17, Ml Broadway, she will hear of something to her advantage. rTHE PAKTY WHh TOOK A PURSE FROM A LADY la a Fades ferry stage an Wednesday evening about a esanii past7, and got out near Nibiot theatre, will return the papers aid ware laatde to Nr. Rogers, M Barclay street, a rewardsf BM wfil be paid sad oo questions asked. The BapaaStMWf no vakae to nay one except tha ow formerly er Tyrene, 1 I North Oalvnrt street. s, Ireland, srtt write to lie baher by trade, i twenty-tiro yearse Oelvert street, Bsltiwirs. MA. gtv da Infwasailss of him wtn he gleam. OMat tot, below the middle height. TNFOBMATION WANTED.?JAMES f: HUGHES, WHO A left New York fur Philadelphia In May, 1MB. will hear ef aamethtng to bis edvanUgs by addraastng E. I.. Post of dna, WtlMamaburg, N. Y. TW FORMATION WANTBD, AS TO THE WHRRRA 1 hoots of Mary Keenaa, ef Oarrlck Manroaa, county Me nsghsp, Ireland, and who oama to thl* country, abont fif teen years ago, and flrat Hved with bar naeis, Patrick Ma lane, and when last heard from lived somewhere In Albany, M.Y. Cermet Information will be paid for by bar brother, Thosnaa Keenaa, 73 Waahlngtan atreet. New fork oity. 1 ADT IN BLUB AT THE WINDOW RBADINO PA Jj pgr.?la it" to baar not to be;" a bog weak since first iaawyon, and yetatlB I am in anstonadonbt. Haw can I ana ydh atone. In coaBdeace. Strathman. atoUon O. ?BKAKQABBT PATTERSON. A CRIPPLE, DISEASE OF , HBL tha hip, naed a cratch, daughter of William Patterson, and Lucy bta wife, who onoa li red In the rear of 81 Greene York. Her grandfather was James Patterson.I 181 Greene street, front house, and died there lit M^mMsrraret's mother afterwards married a Brooklyn, and moved to Connecti d at 811 Mei assn uahaaai maker In Brooklyn, and moved to Connectl ent (snpposed Naw London ) with Margaret. Margaret U Using, sronld now be 14 or M yean old. information to her pecuniary advantage may be obtained from B latch ford. Sew ard A GrlswolA 98 Naaaan vtreet. New York, who will pay Bar reliable news abont Maagamt or bar daatb. MAILLARD'H. SATURDAY, 4:88 T. M.?WOULD THE "lady in blaok" lika to make tha acgaalntancc of the gMtleman with the red whiskers who Waa admiring her while the waa enjoying her eoLlres and cream? GOATE* ?RJTRS BRIDGET READY WILL HEAR OF 80ME J1L thing to bar advantage by calling on Mrs. Calon, 861 Water atreet. New York. WENTWORTH RICKEBT, FORMERLY AMERt ? eanConsalat Frankfort-oo-the-Maine. Germany, will meat re due taformatkina by apptytag at the undertdgncd. who has been entrusted by him with soma private budn adfalra. AUGUST METTK. Sen Antonio, Texas. MO., STATION O.-A LETTER FOB TOU FROM . J. C. H.. to the old adimae. CWE?T SIXTEEN.?I AM OOINO TO SAIL FOR CALI U ferula next week. Whara can I see yea f Address The lady in the fifth ayencb stage the day after New Yaar'a who saM to the gentleman at her left ??Put it in the Personals," will ptaite send her address to K'W.O., station A. w ILL MRS. JULIA JL OH AD WICK, FORMERLY OF Boaton, please send bar addreaa to bar friend B. G., D? W^HLL THE YOUNG LADY WHO LEFT THE BROAD way err at Thirty-seventh street, abont five o'clock on ?atnrdav. and entered the bouse between Broadway and Seventh avenue, addreaa Rdmewd Dautoa. Herald "(bee. riLL MRS. AUSTIN MARSH. FORMERLY MRS. Wallace, send her addreaa to 181 Want Forty-fifth dyT mm is a* an an me ws n #w ssssatogwtow A mm YOUNG GENTLE MA NWI8HR8TNE ACQC AINT ? a nee of a prepossessing young lady with a view to real - slmii ay. Address W. Williams. I>pi IE) Uarald ufflca. ? young WIDOW WTBHBS the acquaintance of a gentleman, wtib a view to matrimony. Address ^?m.. station i?. I aad Vol Wanton. YOUNG WIDOW WISHES TO BECOME AC qustated with a gentlemen of ample means, cul tore refinement, with view lo matrimony. Address Ada i, 281 Herald offlee. AKD FOl'!(p.^^H WOUND?DEC. 98. A FOCKETBOOK. CONTAINING. A JP sum of mosey, wbieh the owner can have by calling at ?I Prince atreat. proving property and paving expenses. T OST-A LADIES FUR COLLAR. EARLY SATURDAY Jj morning. Any person returning the same to Aifi., tM Grand street, wilt be liberally rewarded. 08T?ON THE EVENING OF FRIDAY, UTIl INST., a Vall*e containing wearing apppareL marked Hiram nay, New York, Any person returning tha above to aha Westminster Hotel will be well rewarded. LOST-A MINK FUR COLLAR. SATUKDAT MORN, jn^. either on Fonrth avenue ear or cn Twenty-seventh j Fourth and Fifth avenues. The finder will ha IBmratly rewarded on returning the Mm* to 166 Bast WMrty-fonrlh street. Lost oe rtolkn-ok the hth of January, a n Orevhonnd. sand color and marked white on the nook. A liberal toward will be paid at 178 West Forty-eight street. QTOLEN FROM HOUSE 81 IRVING PLACE. ON O Saturday evening, Jan. IS. one black and ana brown dbtoftoet. Pawnbrokers are cautioned. A reasonable re weed will be paid for Ihotr return, or fall value for tha coals aad the aatok thief, by the occupants uf 81 Irving place. REWARDS. ? REWARD.?LOST, THURBDAT NIGIIT. A RED dlah half bull Terrier Dog; bed on e braie collar, e small lock. The above reward Will be paid, and no naked, br leaving him at 11 Pliel avenue. REWARD.?I.OST IN AN EIGHTH AVENUE car, Friday nigbi. a Memorandum Book, containing g or value, expect a Soldier's Dls-harfa. The above "will be paid by returning earne to 17 warren street , and no questions asked. ?1A HEW ARD.-I.08T. ON FRIDAT EVENING 91U la at, in going from 32 Weat Fifteenth afreet tn Wal teak's theatre, a lady'a white Ermine Pur Cellar. The above ajaerfl ail be paid for Ua return to lfie. Heuberer, 39 Weat Wliimi etteei Ann REWARD.?LOST, JAN UART A A GOLD chain end (llaaaea atteeked. Tee dbove reward anR henald to the finder by ealttUg At ? Weat Fourteenth $25 ?tnei REWARD.-STOLEN, A PORTFOLIO, CON teletng receipt*, notes, eertlttratea of etock. Ac., ?mMto anybody but the owner. The above reward aaked^en returning tba atme ta Heodarlch A Maaa, 43d Pearl $L000 REWARD. STOLEJf TWO TREASURY OOLD CERTIFICATES, v SAM Rack, / Out of the following numbers . 'e ?n aula* * x? ?tao. a v, ?? ivr n Mo. SCUM: A. No. 23.14#; A, No. 2J.1.V!; C, No. JM.147. hsa been stopped and the public la warne "Sw'etxeeeee above reward of 81.000 will be paid te any one wbo Information which leads te the recovery, and no quae ** ' MARTIN MAA8 A CO., ? Exchange place SPECIAL NOTICES. ?RETBfG OF THE OFFICERS AND DELEGATE , of (he Manhattan,'Brooklyn and Now Jeraey Circle* af Faoian Rrethei hood will be held at M? Bowerr, on Soe ??Ing, Jan. IS, at t% o'clock. a* LBROOK'S NEWARK. N. J.. CITT DIRECTORY.? Prlee SB. Thoer dea'ring the above work for 1067 *>k! ? Aj N?*'Phen Holbrook. No. 3 Mechanic HFNICiLERBOCKER COTCAOK?454 8IXJTH AT.. N. T. A. This establishment having been ealarged and Un pens**. wlU be opened on Monday, the 14th teat.. to lie pat eeee wad the publlr. In the Biltlard Ream are four of dearyV Aae*t tables manufactured by D. ?. Collins. At (ha bar wlB be found a bolce.and aelected ssaortment of SVinen. Llguors and Cigars, and In the Drder all the deilea iftSRAJSStta M?I VKRNOW T AXRO.?WASUTNOTONVILLE, Caatral Monet Vernon, Fleetwood Thapa may ha paid on Monday ant*. Tuesday. January Mtb and itXh, at cm' earner of t trend ?.id Elisabeth ?tre?i_ JOHN 8. YORKK, General Collector. CHRIBT. MILLER. Kchool Colleefer. M-VrrtCK or THE PRESBNTAWON FESTIVAL. NO. W did Brnadaroy, New York. Oars ro THE PtiM ir.?The Dwtrtbaling Committee beg to i to the pnbfie that, owing to fh? great labor atteud illkf the ~ ^ *? ? arising fnoe tl J ? a See was at first eoatdinpMiod, that the dlalrlbutloe that Ami neon preparing the ballots and procuring the additlaaisl gesasels * ' *? arising from the ?ale of a greater number of tickets ?et |MdpPtwdl Waaatxpeoted to tahe nU. a on the Mth irwi.it unsvotdaMy ' nnitl fheSMfc mat., when It will positively'alee ffnWABT TAN YLK1T, FRANCIS C. BARLOW, JOHN 11. WHITE. NATHANIHL JARVItf, JR., WILLIAM ORfOR. . Jan. Id. IS67. ThXW. TAXEH. TAXES WILL BE RKCRIVRD AT the FVWrtreuth Ward Mo*el. rorugr Oraud and E1U A tha FMarteenth Ward Kneel, earner Oraud and Eli/# talk *tre?is, on Monday and Tuesday, January 14 end IB. Bm Iki illla mi of WakeMhl. DllavUle. f/nloaport, Pelhsrn. rel.Samnlle A"sptp*>? IIIUL Falrmom. Mount Uo^e. Mount ?den; Central Jewilaanla. Belmont. Wootheoek, i.iareeiont, Manth Forehawignd Valentine's, Berrfan't Powell's, Crem xeetPejind Flekir'a Feme. OEORUK COOPP.R. CotleMor. Tbensea.lay Byrne, Kchool; Joseph Norton |MM A-BURUIAM 8 FURNITURE EXPRESS. IIS WE8T . Btevenlfte'ree*. near ??th avenue. ?Fur iter* moved, jdtj^erjotie'.i; Per .Rtur* Ftiraltore pecked and INSTRUCTION. i ijftlOPBAN aENTLKMAN. WITH GOOD A ?t\i .01 wiubes & situation iu a private fgmtly or ooliggt French and ltaliau language*, orayaeorrea J^^k ? a n^ntllo houw? term, full ooerd or ^?'^UrT Address F. F- box 1*1 Hcraidoffloe would like to get aiHuitno ?? ho?** t?Jfher Has* aa^aA?B?sw? audiUU?), r M. ? T FAIWE S BrSlMKW TOLLKOES O "?"**? L gaffis^TSJSggjgagigvEt e Seditious." ... . . A graduate of the umivbiwity OF CAM. \ hridif# Eifland. nHteman and ex-scholar of ntacoi A?'lrc*SMJr'apply to Ca^ltab, Washington square. W. T. ARfltYUlU W1KTID-TO TAKE T HIE KXHBE .-^rJanf a voune lad,. 11 rear,old; must be German. -akin, Treoeh aad JmthgL aad understood g'Tt'lK lessons I^TsndWiThe be*? testimonials. Address A. 0.. baa l.dW Hew Yes* Fast oMna. A LADY TBACHER WILL OIVB LJWSOHS IN PEN; fs ?M?r a vs^^Ryssas^g?5 drawing and painting and the rnditOMtt of FIFOS* ana mafic, as well an English branches. Addreaa X. L. ate- j DfmeUcaUy. aa ueod in tUo best Mow York hmaeeji. ??*??? nmofN ?tilfDex^, cramptug or trembling, and tnakw ???? *???. oESSmmi cm aeoure private roon.a day or evening. _ _ CARD.-aTHB REDUCED TBMSJTOE rEBMAXSnir andbookkeeping at GOLDMntH'B Inetl' ute.All who wo?W take advantage of the "^?'""^r*oiil? wTu^e their name* without delay, aa a limited numbei only wiu received at the low rates. 736 Broedway. ? ; pOCKTIMO ROOMS FOR PRACTICE AND INsTRt C BOOKKEEPING AKDS BUSINESS AFFAIRS, Katabllshed and tonduuled by . C. C. MARSH, author of the popular Works on Bookkeop Inc. Sid Broadway. Clrcnla rx. DOI.BE A R'S COMMERCIAL ACADEMY, HIS BROAD war.?Tbla Inatllntlon having juat been offara utiuaual faeUltlea to gutHemoa ina miction in Bookkeeping. ? riling. Arithmetic.,?t.. I upun who enter tbla week can secure prltrate desks without extia charge. SPANISH LANGUAGE.? PROF. A. DE TORNOS.? Classes for ladies at hi* retildeuce. l!SS Ponrth avenue, wlth Ut^BKW COMBINED METHOD, published by D. Appleton A Co. _ , HTANTK1) BY A YOUNfl LADY, THOROUGHLY W educated, a situation either as resirteut or erneaeTSpnile of teaching drawing and rndlmenta ofTranch and mnaic, aa well aa KngUsh braueho*. Addreaa X. L. ?.. station C, New York. " SPORTING. All kinds of hoc* and birds for sale at r ritiVPT'S -M Canal craft, neat* Church street. MedicUiMfor *? Ptopsmd Koott for mocking btnta. A STEAM PROPELLER YACHT FOR HAL^WrfT; Hisht f#?t loni! len feet boom; nbout live month* ?la, |ufotkiD4 ha* art omm?> Uttoo* tor FRt^oi?lc.B?*if!lV PB-aerV3YnPf;n^MaAnn ] Cure and Klaa fcxternunaior, IBcnnt*. Butlar^ ne^JTork on the Dog. EL Doga trained, boarded, Ac. Medicines rot all diseases. A TU8T RECEIVF.D?A I.ABOE LOT ej BlrdttTwith nightingale eong- For .ale by F. MORIS. 43 Chatham signal, corner of R lulam. HORSHS. C'ABEl AtiKB. AC. A N ASSORTMENT OF CLARENCES, OUR A ?dOO less than former prtcea. ^^w <_?rt tags- enu Harness at 30 par cent lea, than Brandwnv s' oe**- . , Harness maryer^ {f jg >)Kirth earner Kroedwey. T OOUFE FOR SAltE-IN nNE OR 1>ER, A buteehort time; btflll by Hreweler A &>* Appyet prirete ctaMe. M West Twenty-eighth atredt. * NKir ROOCAWAY, TOP RUOST. 1,1 GUY TURN f>r#r asat VkSBt 02s. *1*? wM II ' ^ p?? Jt Ftfth 0Qru#r Fifth *vw?e ?*?d l*rty*P?arlb ?tree;. ? a tad jit p a HftOWX YOITSO, IiOKO TAILEI> A. Horse; can trot r)t??e to 2:30: nerer trained; a good pole hnr?e: ^utul and klad: sold only for wantof u*. Ap nly al l? Kami Twenty-! ourth atrel. \^,N TAet5j^?,aiBK^o'elSS|a5wtw|1'"W^y^up^hw Fl'LL C HFr.TXG CLAREKC8 FOR SALE^?-AN" AUs?nt full ilird Cltrano? on C ?print#, ''oat $^.000, i , irr r wwaaeak d ? Tftrv d?iir#bip f#nnl* r*irni|8. ?eon u*fd but three wwi*. i ?"{.? eoi*ner of will b# HOld #t w bairtaln. ADAM? * COTE. c?mer v. Broadwiv and Grwit Jonot itroot. ^ F mn hAI F?ONE DOUBLE TRUCK AND ONE TEAM of Horses, wllit carting buslnent. Address Bros alng, Herald ofllce. nntt SALE?A SECOND HAND NO TOT' NQb ABF. Broadway and Ortat Jonw ?troot. F.vp fl*L.F 1 SEOOXD HAND LIOHT COUPB ROCK *7jXr%Zr*V+mmki." wow MU *rr*n?d for on* ,r PrtU *si>. XDAM A CONE, corner of Broadway and Great ,lone> alreot. For SALE -A HANDSOME WOLF SLKIHN ROBE; aim a string of Bell,. loiuirasl IW Btosdwsy. t,,,p j . r p. VKRT LOW. FOB WANT OF USE. A F palr'of matched sorrel Horse*, sj.und ?nd klnd lit slBgle or double bsrneas, snd good trareUwra. Apply at stable on lliVh elreet, drai house west or Sulh ereno , ?onta tide. Fric# $200. nni ?A1*F?A FA1H Oil DARK BROWN HOBSEH, |T^ wf.]i Bitc^d, l*Vi h???d?? high; ?xwlj'ui c*ru*g# horses ApTTy et the stifle 318 WosT Tht. ty-dflh ctreet. rit BALE OR EXCU aNGE?FOR A I'OYFPED BUO gy with pot. end shaft S a ?ery ???,??. jf and Will adapted l?r a .o.ipe.waiT.u'ed.iuletlns^tle^r double harn??,. Apply to the evable In Eigbty-ierepth itieet. hear Third aeenoe. Good horse, tbuck. harness. and Sn'tle FlkKtres, Ac., at a great bargain. Hares la hands, 7 yesrs uld. Call at 2*t Fout :h ^reet^uesr |Ch?rle-c SECOND HAND COUPE FOR SALS.?A SECOND hind light Coup*. Wood Brothers' task*, wtrh child's seal. |tolo ami ?haits. io very ni>? order: la worth fl.WO: will he sold (heap. Apply to ADAMS A OONK, i oroer of Broadway and Great .tones it real. fRTAGONR-A LOT OP 5EW HEAVY WAGONS. SUIT TT able io -tono and eand trucka. or for changing into Into mrG. Inquire of O. W. THORP, at Ilia government stores on the Batterr. Wanted-buyers for buffalo and fancy Robe-, whirh I am selling at lata than we?leaalc rates. BURKE. 4HS Broadway. bisn.li ISR Pnlton street. WANTED TO PURCHAiK-V GOOD RECORD HAND Cuupe, circular tiont ; also a modern built ClorORM and Huggy. Harness, Ac.: Itnw be In good order and repair. Addressllonest Cash Prior, oo* 1.S3B Poet o!Be#, Hew York. TIIE BALL SBAAOS. EXCELSIOR. SIXTH ANNUAL REUNION Of EXCELMIOR LODGE. SO. IK. P. ASD A. M , IS AID OF THE MASONIC HALL AND AMYLCM FUND. IRVING HALL, TUBBDAY EVENING. JAN. U. GRAF! LA'S SEVENTH REGIMENT I'KOMENADE AND BTRJNO BANDS. TH'h KTH TWO DOLLARS. Fifth annual ball OF CORINTHIAN LODGE F. A A. M . ?a Monday, dan. 14. IK", at the New York AMrmbly Room a, Broadway, hrtween Twoatr-eighth slid Twenty-ninth sis. COMMITTEE. E. n. JOHNSON a. BRADFORD. E. LEACH. la* UK DEPARTMENT BALL. A' The Thirty-Eighth Annnal Ball of the late Volunteer Fire Mepertment will take place at the Academy of Muaie. corner of Fourteenth street ant! frvin* nice, on Thursday erasing February 28lh. IM7. Wekata S? eae.lt, admitting a genUrmna nifi two lallea: ettra lady's tickets, %3 to be proeaned aa usual of the oMeera or any mem bet of the rem mltlee. THewtweeedi aa heretofore srlll be apptle-l to the relief of the wUoawt and orphans or our dr-oaeed aaseelsAes who nohly sacrificed Ihalr Iters in striving to protect tha llvaa and property af i hair fallow oiitnena C. GODFREY OUNTHKR, Freetdwt, _ ? TBI Broadway BJwrrmar, Secretary, Md Paart street. A. J. Dri.arena. Tremrarer, SBSc, Wall street _ PHRSmiHB. AMY ONE HAVING FOR RALE cheap a small handsome 'new or second hand) private Office Desk, planes addrase, with particulars. Doctor, boi 106 Herald L *L^*LlsT i?8P rrrakiho up huuhekehp A toe, OR*' for aala em* very . holce srMelee of Furnl nww: aleeah elenant Mantel MjrrVr, a magolBcent rains Olftner Rat. Marble Statuary, Brumes. Ac.; a vaUiahi* col. taction ofEaoke, whirl, will be sold at a sacrifice Apply for par Danism tw B. A. BROOKS, ?m Broadway. O'l/UKtOF HVERV DESCRIPTION, CARFFTB, !#/}% ?*tL"\SS' Hagranm Sulto, Bidding. A<\! 'DAI '? A BtlOTT M, corner of Canal aa<l Hudson *J>?n by weps'y or monthly payment tALBI AT AUCTION. SON A CO . will Mil at ?uetlon on Tuf,J*T- Vlra^? iuiM liohangW^-O^' In firat rate order. _____ MAM A* ?? CKDAA WEERT. XSSSSSmSSJtCSS&^ fattened Bar* . \L roofer fa?t*ned with with nil har ^?r?- .igygufffoiii U wall adaptad Can ba anan at Robert. Wan "treat atoraa, Brooklyn. a niTiK H MULLBR, AUCTIONEER.?AORIANH AW??aW;a Sigaior Tanollo Banal. R?^?iU|r^iaSKSTro ANCU.NT Oa THURSDAY. JamM^lT^nd FRWAY^Janwg^*. at 7K o'clock each emnii| at tha LRBDS ART waj compriaiog aayrral eery daa old orlgu^pwMro-J"'"???> anTnlrcrTof Statuary by Irea: alaoeome Bne original t it SSi?bTo^arSfMrCfinrte. Adama. now alao an Invoice of Una RuTBgaab Pletntwa, celehratcd ar i lata, among thorn will ba round the rattawdag. vt* ? * ecropean artists. Eng. Varbeeckhoven.W. Genu. OeraMa, ife Sffiu 'a-tssk 8ttK5 MSU ?Tt J8&* ?v r A>^nll^L ^ Ib-. DOtlghiT, $? <*>?? T RMten Reed- J M. Culverhouaa, JWSSmi. SMSS-l ?sr; rjz ?.?!SS,?!!,,-s?; sssrsa tin m p. m. By MIRER A aOMEBYIIXB. AT SALESROOM. M ^^SWSPS&iVi&^S^':?SSn.? Saturday. ? ff'Skr-i's^-ssrsSw?.. ??- ?>??-? AMERICAN ARTISTS SALE. j MINE R A SOMERVILLE^uI aaU at ?AT EVENING. January U. at 7H o'clock, at their new ana i 'pMeUnv* art gallery. s fifth avenue. Southweat corner Fourteenth afreet. I The very (In^Uecilon of OIL PAINTINGS by our favorite I 18 817 ?ud celebrated American artlat. ALEXANDER RUST. i eggsaESS&^tt* ' MOrNTAIN TORRENT I* NORWAY foe which he received tha OOLD MEDAL at the HAOI E S?S^8?BE?^3se ssS iiizsrz assasi&'ssstissysi?. ?ms ?? ? ?? ??? ' f F. M. Besby d. miner, auctioneer. UR OP HORSE*, CAHRIAOES. HARNESS, SLEIGHS. UNION PLACE ST A RLE*. 37 EN*T ^2i?rp RBTW ?sur* vantage. In halloa, ainartcnee and bnajnaaa .ana iiy. w >u. .aaiiw to Viv or deahimg to Mil 1,11 " vantage-". m location. wwn?^v "?? "jy onrtfea wiahln. to bite or dpairing lo aati . . ^^a#a^nmg^eJ^r^?^meM. TTPTSFY D. MINER. ^gBTIOHWRW-aAL***0^ * MINER*' sWk{WLL^.^UVUV SMllMki.? Aetr CARPET. 198 FEB* BY IS FEET. SAME AS NEW. COST Sk'iiv Shawl*. CJoaka. Raananli. Rede. "was T*McUler StfV^t^rS!5lSrfKt W?SuE Sf Me*. Win. ? tM'iSSnE?Kwwk Runin^iK ind dvirooiU* P*ntt, A*;. ?5 ^eV^r' H McAlAnan. 1W Eighth aaaoue^ af'r'Fre'al, b? Grand alreet, Wlllmmaburg. . I ._vOB..V'CRO sale?BY R. FIELD. AUCTION ?3irssT.ruffi^tr-issii'"?''*w | Thuwday. tnen'^and women a Clothing; by order of W. Slmpaan, HI Bowery. . Port, *e. J. Iwyblee, 90 Beymra atreat. iWi'MnCPIW' SALE.?TUESDAT. JAMES AGAR TlrtR lalL at W Naw Rower/, at 11 o'clock. ?? Loi* of order of P. Pullen. Weat Thirty-ninth elreei. ?0..IPM ..> f_ste AMSHIPS AND prRNITURE.? S r?iMI ART! WALTERS, auctioneer will aell on Mon Pumlf.1. ' IW*W. rn-U ^ TiUAV. Vi.rlT ateamahtp*. _ ._ Tnonaa l>e>i^e. Deputy. S??Tkp.?.^ ;rs.v; ;m,?" Jatl*'o?rfBAT. Deputy w^ir-K ,iga& MACHINERY. _ A SMALL lathe for sale?fob $h, cheap, A. Including l>ench and rent wheel. Apply U> J. O. WHIT OOMH, Sd But Thirteenth afreet, two doom weet of Broad ITIMOfNKS AND BOILERS. NEW AND SECOND HAND. U from to 100 hire-power. Planer*. L?lhe?, Drilling Machine., Platform Heatea, Shutting. Fullta*. Anvil*. Vl<*?. Machlnerr of all kind* at HOFFMAN 4 P1NNEVS, Id* Water *tie*t, Bro ,klyn. J'OK SALE?HORSE POWER SLATTING NACHINe! Fool Lathet, Screw Free*. Broaching Machine. Wood orklng Machinery, Belting. Shafting, Pullyr* and Hanger a. (IKO. L. CUMMINOS. 1?TCentre Greet. 1T?0R SALE-A BARGAIN, MUST RE REMOVED. NOW r running; to hor.e Engine, ? home tabular Boiler, Marly new; in iiorae Engine and Boiler. US Park (treat. Fire Point*. UWPS HOOSIKR FODDER CUTTER IS. FOB ALL purpoMM. the beat Cutter In the world. It baa already taken 30 pretaluina at a* m.iur falra whi-u placed In ??? petition with the beet euttera la the oountnr. Manufactured fcyj D. BURDICK 4 CO.. New llaren, Cona. Send for a clrcnlar. JOHN VAMDERNILT A HKO., A grata 31 Ktilioii aireet. New York. IENOIR OAS ENGINES J FROM HALF HORSE TO POUR HORRE POWER, FOR PUMPING, HOISTING. PRINTING. TURNING, SAWING AND ALL SMALL INDUSTRIES. THE LENOIR OAS ENGINE HAS NO BOILER. UHES NO FIRE OR COALS, MAKES NO SMOKE NOR DURT. AND NEEDS NO ENGINEER. APPLY AT Till COMPANY'S OFFICE, NO. IS NASSAU STREET, N. T. StORTABLK STEAM ENGINES AND CIRCULAR SAW MILLS, e beat and mo?t complete In uaa. Circular* aent nn application. WOOD A MANSl STEAM ENGINE OOMPANT, Utloa. N. L and M Maiden lane. New York. CTEAM RNOINBS AND BOILERS-NEW AND IJ aeuoad hand; all ataaa. Machinery of all kind*; Shaft lag, Pulleya and Belti Belting. WILLARD A MILLWARD. 38t Water ataaat '"TUB; GREATEST IRVBNTTON OP THE AGE. 1 WINTER'S Itnaroeed Portable Otrctllar Saw MiU. Alan depot of general Machinery WINTER A CO., du Broadway. And Waakiagton Iron Work*. Nawhurg, XT. YALVELBSS STEAM Pl'MP, STILES' PATENT. FOR aieamata, At miller a, beernra. mis era and general ataa nfa"tnriMpurpnaaa; It la portable, being* Mug)* earning: it . Mtputof order or choka. Come and ana It operate at. HU Green wleb afreet LOAI UPPH BN. ITAMGBD ON IMA THE . _jRTT An. OR IGHEST RATES ALSO --VOIIT FOR DIAMONDS. BlaaaSar afreet up atelA. AND .INDIA SHAWLS Fine, elngie Srllitanta war Lann* negotiated. Valnatione ? par Sent. jrjRmi, Diamond Brtker. St) Bwadway. ? MB 4 .. . mAHCMU ?JJWITKD KTATKH TRE\flrRy7 "" " " * ii*is?v "w^jszsxs,?* '*>fj ?f^'7 SMM-rreuaury. ' 'd " R1TV?** UY* if AaalaUut Tiwi,f?r. BA*"!/(V Uw^ ?9,HAN?E ornoR or rfsss?5, C JtP&J*. " ?on?y, jfs: s^skw^siMti'.?. InWeat. ?t tb? i*t# of SIX per ??**?? annual Siair"'? &?^sasisSixs

Sank hooka is Girnu, Ei?nch aud Knnliah J^O.. A. Bckc., g^Fu?rrR<'* &?58tei^S^ST,S^?4'to'i52S W? AM |Wf?r?. 5S5? AT.BERt II. KfCOLAY. stock B raker and Auirtloneor. ? <3 Piua .treat. Sew j ,?rk. COM. ; aJeasesssiajasapaSar * 1 ? ^^OltASS, ^f?crf*tarv. amount'of indSb^dnSi of f? ?omn.?fv " ? p.? ...... v. ?^vi?.v?.'i^ag-, ! T"p.?"i ?,?.'^, amain roR S3S ?Muml'ijid' ,W#*Dd un<W?' lh< ?* o'- ?!? per cent per piSdpal. placed ,o ,he credit of depoajior, a. J^kajam Nnao*. SeneUrr ? ' 1 r<?Went. , **** 3oo?. Janitai f lo, istfr. IJinO.V DIME 8ATTNOS BANK, orX FSB CENT in ?3 '"ra?T of V?r?* JsyrS SSK5?, Ji^APtTTrea^ure,-;' T.' ?. Ak.'qqT, 8erre.rrr:,ldent- I offw, ?ddre,,5 V^pt 11 nTn t'tri *.?* ?niS?9l' aSila?agg 19.600 ? I i y II Wttl s(fM $47,000 &"&.?? ? *? H. tro^S-wth^ iOW^.OOO ^TP**? *t??T. I/O. U? ettma to ault. from ii m! Vim ,2f. , flr ?cook C<L 16 Wall aVreot. *1,00( to?"?.W. by AimTaX * Mf. ? $100,000 ?,2?*y-^* NgW VORK OITY J. feur juttbbbawi, m $550,000 JlieL^S^Toti^rDxXH? *??"? 0 H A B LBRIT^OI L M AX. J13 Broadwac. room R0. ?. I VA ^?.IK_BB(M.KLrx. rx a Haa no relation in thf7dt?*',b ?,-a"' W^Kejj'v- ?oui tt-SSflES*. ? ?N?&p,:K'0rfte %-: K;<?^?S,xcira^iS' tea i DBS. GEO. UADTIELn * LANSIXO. otmet. NawTnaa, J.a. flwr. BEuw.n ?Ro7?(VRa 4 co N^'^n hh5J55tb?oniT;x, ^,r TJiR ??* .^ail money, _y?M Tbbb, Jan. >.jWT. fj ff$$< PARTNER WAKTKD?IX an KSTaBI NFn 11 r. .Vc^iT'??a,' ? Br?w?r. f|?r?ta ^or MrticuUrit PARTITE* WAN TED?WITH 915.000 TO 9St?.?ft). 19 A wholeaeia Jewelry and lencygood' establishment, to tot-reeae the boaineaa. J. F li.. Herald nibce. THE FIRM OF <\AR TER. HALR~4 CO. WAADIN .?olved on the lal UMt Bp Rg own limitation. Mr. Both W. HmIo rallying. A. CARTER. .IK. AKTH W. HAM. w nowxiNB. DAVID DODD. OOPAR/XP.KS1HP ? I'be naderalfMd have formed a e->. aartnerehla and will continue the manuHature .*i?d sale of of "lewa)ry. under the name of Carter, HowfcJne A Dodd. at No. 3 Metdea ten*. A. Carter, .fr.; William flowttln" and Dwvtd Uodd ate atone authorized te *'gn note*, cheek* and drafta. A. CARTER, JR. W. HOWKIK*. DAVID DODD. 9sar Ton*. Jaa. II. IM7. A. K. RLOAK. WILLIAM P. JAFFRAY BECOMES A MEMBER OP onr firm from thin data. E. 8. JAFPRAT A CO. Naw Voaa, January 1, 1887. WANTED?BT A YOCNO MAN WHO JIA* HAP ?even rear*' experience la the bankiug buaineea, and ran command conatdcnible custom, a partner who nan far nleh fmm 9IU.C0U to $15,000 c?*h capital Raferenoea given and required Adduva* A. R., bag A'JS Pnat r?m. N. Y. ANTED?A PARTNER IN A WELL ESTABLISHED cloak. menilUa aod clothing bimtne-., with a capital of Pom fit000 10 910,000: be*' rile rotereuce given and re quired. Addrcn* A. H. C . Herald ofltoe _____ WANTED?A PAETNKR, WITH ABORT 93.000. IN A tourlahlng and elegantly formatted Oral olaas bathing ealabhabment: a rare chance for anv 0n?|re?? man. eapa cially a pltyaiemn. Addreaa R R Zl Allen atreet, N. T. ? O JJAn - PARTNER WANTED WITH THIS vL.u"'?. amount to etlend a lute ueaa now In euneeae. fol operation; character of bu*ineaa Aral da'* Adilrea* L. Y. D., Herald ofDce. ? w Ann -'OR RALE. THE HELP INTEREST IN _,Ut'If. an aa'ahU*hed and praOlabia Wholeaale and aaufacturtn* Bnalnea* down town, to replace an outgoing partner. A favorable opportunity to a man who can cerate hie whole time and energiea to hualnew. Addreaa P. S. M., |6 Maai ?- nan WANTED.?THE advertiser, por. tj.vHI I merljr of BiiOnn, with three yearn' eucreea eipertenre In cotton ratting. having purehaiied one af tha moat dec I cable plantation* In North Carolina and eipended RlO.Otn In erecting rellla and other permanent Improvements on the mm, .md having a complete ctock of mule', agrlcal lural HbMRM, Ac., reoulred to work the place, la de?i rona af formlnz a ennncction with come partv willing to In veat ?!?.<? *) In the buainca for one veer or more, to whom ao Internal will ha given which will make It a aafe and profit, nble Inveatment. Sella factory Hoaton and New York refer ence given. Por partlculara call on or addreaa N. B. .184 R star -treat. Naw York. ?QA nnn -WANfW>t A PARTNER, ACTIVE OB tPOUtUUl/. ape.uaI. with thla amount. In an old estah lielMNt brewery and malt honae in I'hiUdelphm. to take the plane of one of the partner! who la actively staged In an other bu'lneae end la daslrvua af retiring. Addreaa hot I.MS Poet otter, Phil. ,w PBOPU9AL9. CfeALtD proposals will im retbivbdry tee Q 1 ruMeea af the Eleventh ward at the oStaa Of tha Oark Or the etntkm and completion ore naw primary aakoot htnee on the two Iota of ground on Seoaud atroet. he. and D, In aatd ward. Plana aud epaclflca- > yn? .f?f aald aa^qpljw'uae can be aeen at tha ulllaa of tka Saparlnwndeni of School Bulldlnga. No. M Croaby alieeV Prop)**ki meat state the estimate for each branch ef the palming" rWu rvepnnefble and approved amelW wlU be reqalceilfreipc*ch,.,rcemfu| WddSr, and no propoaal will be wmtddered in which no anrotice are named. I ThO 9*001 Trtialeaareeerve tha light to reject any or all I ef the peapcaela offered, .f deemed mr 'he public Internet lol helrmen. lOfArmjilS^ua, Dated rtvrvHeer ?i laifi amukkbucmtn. B ROADWaY THEATRE. ADMISSION ?? CENTS Doom open a' 0V Beginsat 71, o'clock. The young, bra ,Uful si.U gated WORRELL s[>TES, MONDAY EVENING and SATrilDAY MATINEE, hi Mi eitravsganl Arabian Night* KiiiertaluWeat, in two ?ota, by the Brother* Broujh. entlt'ed CAMAKALZaMAN AND BVDOCRii or, the PERI WHO LOVED THE PRINCE, which haa boon some time Id preparation, la i wil now TOMS 911 wan some time Id preparation, la now produced wernery and Appointments, introducing THE ISTBRS (Sophie, Irene and Jennie; in their of Ballad". Duete, Single ami Duo Dances, J%? HIh with the f*r<W of ? OUT TO NrRSBT^^^^^H Sent* may ha secured Mi day* lu advan.-e ...MISS JENNIE Ttrkete tor ante at tha Tbaatra ticket office; BeerRSchlr. mar'a, 701 Broadway, and 118,114 Broadway. HA?^DVo^V?ira%..ADW,r wi&SMRaiss^? ? Ilia "THE FLOATINO HEAD?' "GROWTH OF FtdJWFBRS,'' and the WONDROUS PAT. pcooewocedI by the; preee and a:? ? ^"aevsisfifa p. I form a Solo on the Wood and Indian Rubber Instrument In vented and made by himself. Ttofeeta fihc., reearre formWUh^lalMroii^ll^ HER. Saturday, at 8. Cbil.lran hair prloa. Tim Piano w used at these Seenees. rHHT PASTOR'S OPERA HOUSE, 801 BOWERY H Immense Httrarltotaa for tba ooaatna weak. A new i IMtriolic nautical draaaa. SAILORS ASHORE. OR TAN Mr. GEO. W. THOMPSON. will make hi* appearance. I New Songs by TOBY PASTOR. A new Ballet, FANDANGO MEXIOANO, and d number of brilllnat novelties. ^m Kelly a leonh minstrels 7ta broadway. MONDAY evening, first time in AmeiVa, The excrnnlattng Fairy Spectacle of riNDER-LEON ! CIKDER-LKON t Not from Theatre du Cbatelet. Nor from A ?tire'*, London. CINDER-LEON! CINDER LEoNl In anprnpriata prlinittra costume from designs br Smyth with a I. CINDEH^LRoN ' CINDKR-LEOKI Promiere Dauaensa! The only t.EON! The only LEON?Kellllante, Scrmournll. AUanali, Priclnl, " BALLET 1 and celebrated MADAGASCAR BALLET TROUPE. SAN PRANCI8CO MINSTRELS. 886 BROADWAY. The trouble commence* *t a quarter to 8. THE CRBME DE LA CREMK OF MINSTRELSY. BIRCH. WAMBOLD, BERNARD k BACKUS' SAN FRANCISCO MINSTRELS, whose success lias never been equalled hv say similar organ ization in the world. New endoheerful Burleeqnee every week. Troubles at the Metropolitan Hotel. Norma and Greasy. Animated Photographs, My Polly Ann, "Ours," Shadow Pantomime, the screaming Blaeti Cook and African Ballet Troupe. OLYMPIC THEATRE. THE RICHINOS ENGLISH OPERA COMPANY Mies CAROLINE RICHINOS, Mm. P. BOLDIN, Miss ZKLDA HARRISON, Mrs. J. ARNOLD, Mr. WM. CASTLE. Mr. 8. C. CAMPBP.LL. Mr. ED. SEGUIN, Mr. JAMES PEAKS, Mr. PRTER RICIIINGS, Mr. VV. PEAKS. Mr. JAMES ARNOLD, with a large and EFFICIENT CIloKUft and GRAND ORCHESTRA, Have the honor to announce a short season of F.NGLI8H OPERA at tha OLYMPIC THEATRE, commencing WON. DAY, Jan. 14, with Fkuow's grand Opera of MARTHA. On TUESDAY EVENING. Wallace's beautiful Opera ot MAR IT AM A. WEDNESDAY. FRA DIAVOLO. Admission, 78c. Balcony Chairs, $1; Orchestra Chairs, $1 fid; Family Circle. 00 rents. Secured Bests for ssle at Keer A Sehlrmer's meslo store. 701 Brosdwny, and at the theatre. gKtTKINWAY HALL, TWENTIETH SUNDAY CONCERT W or SACRED AND CLASSIC MUSIC. SUNDAY EVENING, JAN. 13. AT EIGHT O'CLOCK. THE CELEBRATED BATEMAW CONCERT TROUPE, having returned from their eminently successful tour through the West will appear for THIS NIGHT ONLY.? 'nttfi ?The great Interest heretofore manifested In theee nldreut entertainments will doubtless be renewed oe occasion, probaMv the last, on which the following [reel combination of utlent cau appear at a Sunday Conee t In | |Kew MADAM PARE PA. FRRANTI SHI NOR roRTONA.^^ MM. <L E. MILLS. MB. CARL ROSA. k 4 US J. 1. HiVKML' i ?tor, sad hi* 1 Mr. THRO DORR THOMAS. Oeodector, T7. ? L w' CltVNP ORCHESTRA. Notwithstanding the above extraordinary sttfsetlon Hits prices will remains*ttsusl. Tickets Wcenti. RESERVED ONE DOLLAR. For sale at the deor this evening. r<RMB ^mW.nctngjanuary as. itt, at IONaL SKATING TOURNAMENT. CENTRAL SKATING PARK, PITTSBURG, PA. PRIZI'.S 940U and ?n00 in GREENBACKS, and the Champion Medal, worth about S50. The best gentleman Skater will receive a prire af 9400 In Oreeabaclu end the Champion Gold Medal or America. The bait Lady Skater a prize of $800 and the Ladles* Medal. Three of each to enter to eectire a contest. The wtaoer ef each, If challenged next season, to Skate the contest on this Park. Entries to dose on the 30th. Address THOS. A. SPRNCE. SECRETARY OP CENTRAL SKATING PARK, PITTSBURG. PA.. Box 871 Post oflcs. For entries and particular*. The next boieee or thk national ookskrta tory of Musto will be given to Monday's pupils. Friday essoins. January 18. at the Conservslory, 83 Madison sca nt la. Admission free. URANIA HALL. 187 RIV1NGTOK STREET, CORKER of Clinton.?Concert erery night; handsome girls at tending, with choice urine*, beer, Re. A FIRST CLABR PROFESSOR OF MUSIC, PUPIL OF Llext. at 243 West Twrr.ly-slith afreet, between Seventh and Eighth avenue*. Piano, Violin, Guitar. Ringing, Ac. " - - watson. Lesson* private. No classes. J. J. SCHOOL FOB SKATING ?CHILDREN*. LADIBS AND eentlemen anxloua to perform the graceful motions with ease and asfrlv on Ice will call at 161 Fifth avenue, corner of Twentv-srcond atreetand Broadwav. BURIVBS8 OPPORTUNITIES. RARF. CHANCE FOR A PERSON WITH BUT LITTLR ute 1 my ye binding, album* and other stationery article". The buyer A capital to buy out a Bindery, with steam power; there lit" be-u done for many years a lourlahing bualneee to book* will Snii also a well established city aatl country trade for tko good* Impure of CAMPBELL A ARMSTRONG, *? Ana street. AH MBRCHANT TAILORING ESTABLISHMENT OF ^B 23 yeai.t' standing for sale, with Stock and Fixtures, the same ia atrualed above Canal at rest, near Broadway: )>*a a drat ctaae custom, the canttnuanee of which will be facili tated by the owner, at he intend* retiring from huatnex*; capital af 84.(Mi required. Address C. B. A.. Uerald odiee. A| GENTLEMAN WANTED-WHO WILL TAB* THE ? W''*1 ageney tor fhs American Wtne Press; he will B allowed (SO par cent on all sub*, rlpttoaa ha get" thinugh B> own exertions or thane of *nb agents; a man preferred who has already a anmter ef agents at his command. 14'i Fultoa street, N. Y. A N EXTENSIVE RECTIFYING HOUSE AND ALCQ. J\ hoi Distillery foraale, on advantageous terms. Apply to COOUDGB A YOUNG. 186 Front street. Additional capital rk(,<i;ib'<d in a fancy business, on Broadway, payltij well, and capable of being largely extended; one third of the proflt* Oil be given The fullest Investigation afforded and aeruiitr given. Ad' areas Broadway. Herald oflce. Business offortukity?a successful con cent sad well established It now p. .'partus to establish Its branches in other cities. Good hnatnsaa men with from 98.000 to $6.<KiO capital can make arrangements such as sal. ?torn offer. Far particular* inquire or Mr. WHITE, Ate Broadway. rk HALE-A MANUFACTURING CON. KI N WITH mi established business. plant embrace* Ave tancy lurn. tng lathe*, twenty-eight polishing lathes two taw benches with drill*, toola and flsturas all complete. Apply at 46 John street, up stair*. "KKESPRR. SOUTH MATH A CO., 84 CEDAR nTREET. ATI have several excellent business opportunities, reonir. tng only moderate capital, and which ur? safe ami legl't mate. Rare cHance.?amy gentleman wishing to make money tepidly, and haying 8A.OSO capital, caa meet with one of the aeoet extraordinary opportunllles ever . , ? - ? _ naiy opportunlilee ever offered hy apptpfcag at 237 Hadaon street, fflHB SUBSCRIBERS HAVE A LEGITIMATE BUS! X nets, which. If properly advertised, will return a for tune in one year and then be only fairly ealabltahed; they have not however, the necessary means. A party with a tow thousand dollars end faith In prlntar*'Ink, will And this a cars opportunity to make money surely and rsptdlr. Address 1>. A F , Herald ofloe. 10 MANUFACTURERS. _ A SPLENDID WATER Power, one hour frem the ctly. near a railroad atstlon. e owner wi"heetO engage with reliable parties baring a well eetobliaked business. Address box IX station A. 1'oat oflce. TIT*ANTED?IN A SUBSTANTIAL BUKINRSS. WITH TV large nroflie. a silent or noilvo partner. w?h ftvun 918,000 to 926.U00, a* shall be mutually agreed; good refer ences required and given Address box 6,818 Post office. $2,000 eitehllvbedgj far tow GOOD OPPORTUNITY IS OFFBRHO REUGIOUI HOTIfBB. Broadway. "Lesson* for the nUrey, from a comparison of the Wage, the pulpit and the press. W JERUSALEM CHURCH THIRTY FIFTH street between Fourth and Leslngton avenues ?A discourse on Swedenborg's "Meinorshle Relation*" will he red tbla evenlag. si 'It n slock, by the Rev Chaonoay delivered Giles. Saete free. REV. FRANCIS VINTON. S. T. D . WILL REPEAT, at Trtn'tv ehorcli. on Sunday morning, January IS, the sermon preached by 'llni at the -"cent cecem'st eelsbra tloa ef m Paul's chapel AMURBMB1BTS. New yoke thbatre. I ?Men end Managers, Men Mark Smith and Lewie Baket - OBWUMUI. Jntof prod'ioed wl ih ENTIRELY NEW SCMNERY AND . . MiMUivc^ under the Immediate sitpervl.lon of a ooanArRS.^'flP.trWSWWT LADIES, 0 BAN D C KNIHU LLbs/MRrillBE. Saturday, jam. m. at a oclock. Seat* aeourad six days In advance. epHKATSI FRANCAIS, ^^^^^"noTbonsyi LLAUBOIS. Cemedt.ln If* *et?. bv Vlctorle n Sardou. Kut Saturday, LA PAF1LLONNB, comedy, from the MM "Sfc edtet ?l B. Dardonv!Be'?, 91* Brondway. JfiRBNO^THBA* Ticket, for 53a. from Moadwr, Jen- >??, 1 Beer A S.?hn - Br'l. Nluont, raartareth *Itt' nttr Biith avenue. iomdaTeBbbMHBBH^^H BROOKLYN , Mr. Bateman I At the a bore e?tabll"?hment"oii~tbe evening of MONDAY. JAN. 14. - . The win of performance* drawing to a c!om reader* thia the _ ^ LAST APPEAEAHCH IN BROOKLYN of hi* nne<inalled muatad troupe, who have Juat com BBILLIANTLT 8U0^ES8F&L WESTERN TOUR. MADAME I'AREl'A. SIONOK HRIONOLT. SIONOR FERANTI. SIONOR KORTUNA. MR. 8. B. Ml 1,1.8. MR. OARL ROSA. MR. HATTON, and MR. THEO. THOM AS' cAI'brated arcbe.tr.. Doora open at 7JM. eoncert comm.urea at I, Vox book now open at th* Academy. BL'DWORTH'S MINHTREI-8.?NEW FIFTH AVRNt'B OPERA HOUSE, adjoining Fifth Avenue Hotel. MORS -NOVELTY. UN BALLO MARCHERt. R I N.VINO THE BLOCKADE, LORD LOVBL, DANCING ON THE BRAIN. SKATING AT CENTRAL PARK. ORIGINAL W. S. BUDWORTH Ac MATINEE EVERY BATUKPAY, at Stj P.M. HOOLEY'S OPERA HOUSE, BROOKLYN. The great panlnmlmDt. A. M. HERNANDEZ. In the Night or Adventure: Or, Mistakes In the Dnrk. French Dinning Ma.fr. wonderful Guitar Solo, great Sere nade Scene, a Hurrah Trip Aro nnd the World. I.u|ifr Deal era. Soap Sud*, Shoemaker Johnny, Brian O'LyKb. Nancy Fat, Ac. VALENTINE VOU8DRN REGRETS THAT HE IS unable to proceed wtth hta entertainment at preaen', as he la suffering from a sprained ankle. "TH GRAND SACRED CONCERT-UNDER THE Di li rectlou of Mr. K. ilnnaalez. at St. ColumnoN) chnrcU. Tweiitr-Sfth street, near Eighth avenue, Sunday everrng, Jan. IS. bv several leading ariDla and a grand etiora. o< W .elect voices. Ticket# M>c. To commence at S o'cloc* pre clseiy. GRAND FANCT DRESS AND MASQUERADE BALL or tiiu CERCLE FRANCAIS DB L'HABMONIE, will takfl place at ? IRVING HALL, FRIDAY NEXT. JANUARY IS. NEXT FRIDAY. GREAT ATTRACTIONS. SPLENDID DECORATIONS. grand orchestra, with soli, under Ike direction of Mr. A. Uafte. ASTONISHING SURPRISES. The programme contain*, among other piece, for the I', it in New York, THE GREAT BATTLE QUADRILLE, THE CAPTURE OF PCJlHl-A. At II o'alock preol.ely, the Internal Quadrille of Le it 11'' De L'Enfer., with damme MengaleUe. La Camp Do Urap D'Or. Grand Historical Procession find March in Ogatume SKATING TO-DAY (SUNDAY) AT SYLVAN LAY B, Ilobokun, fool of Seventh atreet?the nearest .katiug resort of any In the vicinity of New York. Banjo instruction by my champion method? B6 course. $0- Sach pupil taught separately n perfect tune a lemon or no?harge. J. K BUCKLBY, WS Ilwtaeo atreet A nanopohtbs. fcNWE ROSEWOOD niUMMM FOB ?t.gaMct and Hegaai; has rdtrn-nSad ?or M?! MMt 4403 M tic front; bea?HMl semes tine bottom; beery rteh raimldtngi; ntnHiMl carved lcgr. overstrung boas; tWl lion pUt?; celebrated dtj makers; Rv# years* warranto*; very neb and powerful tnne; U perfectly new; factory prlca 09UO; svIII be sold for $475 cash. Apply at <tw atltli avenua, naar Fortieth atrret, from 7 A. M. 118 7 F. If. A PIANOFORTE FOR ?*>?4MIO PI AN OK TO LET. at S3. M, St R'. and $8 a month, or for cheapest In the city, by Prof, DUM8DAY, in Grand street. HIGHLY GARVBu HALLKT. DAVIS A Co. PIANO, hut little used (price new SMO), will be s-14 for SHOO, or exchanged: several very line second haud risaoa cheap. Will b? ranted or sold on month It payments. T.S.rfKHRY, UN B toad way ^ A CHEAP PIANOFORTE TOR PALE?IN OOOD order; round corners, earrad lege, city makera; sud Stool, tor $;:> J. BTDDLE. 18 Amity atreet, near Broadway. A MAGNIFICENT seven octave eosewood Pianoforle. made to order, cttr maker, fully fuaraa tecd. used 5 Months, coat $8C0, for SB*. Including Stout aad Corer. Parlor Kttita. Etajerea. Bookcase. Patntiqca, Bronxea. Chamber and Dining Room Kurnlture, China. Glass end SilverWare; a sacrifice. 44 West siiteenth street, between fifth and Sixth avenues. Foe balb-a piano; best cinr makers; cost $80#: will salt for $400; has been need sis month*. Ad dress Russell, station l>. FANOS.-ELEO.illT ROSEWOOD PIANOS. A'.tO Carpets. Oilcloths, riirnltiire, Hedduig, Parlor sn t H' ,J roora Bulls, to.. at BENDALL A SCOTT*K, corner o i 'sn il and Hndaon streets. Payment fcketi by weekly or Mow lily payments If preferred. PIANOS TO LET-AND SOLO ON INBTALMEN IS, AT the manufactory, IMehd 1W East Twentv. first ?t-eet. L. P. CUMMIStiK. WATERS ORANO 8<*IARK AND UPRIGHTPIANOS, Melodenna. Cabinet Organs, wholesale and retail, ti let. and rent applied If purchased. Monthly payments t y tAired. Herons hand I'tanns at bargains. Prmas from I'D to New 7 octave Plsnos for SZ78 and upwards. Old pianos taken In exchange. Cash paid for second band pla na*. Factory aud ware routns 481 Broadway, N. T. HORACE WATERS. . MI'IICAL. ^ Antoxio p.ihav,i.:.i the accomplished Tenor,and hia wife, f use Valentin! Paravalli. uelebreted soprano, teach both itlntlag tnd Piano. SRecrive puptla at M West Eighteenth *t *? rhij with SBiaioseaUi i'. $ Catholic church ? A MUSICAL At AO, ,iv. ,\T Its WEST TWENTY eighth ?Peet, wh'.e pupil- can racatve thorough n strnnttoo HM the phtno at S8 t ?t* per quarter. AM leaaoog > Prtw * AGENTLf*" t.N, HAVING ? GOOD VIOLIN, WO?'L? like to e?>*;iaoge ror a Yi-'odatin or a very Sne Meed Sat*. Addles* N, W. T.. bos tin aid oiBca. AT TUN N ATIONAL OOXMBiiVATORY OP HMC, ? Madison avenue, terms BIO. By nrrangumen' with Ueorge F. Bri?tow. Pru.eeanr of Mus c in public schools. pu pils sttenilnt ecboei* $8 per quarter. The Conservatory in struction books free. A ORNTLPVAN WILL OIVE INBTRIICTION ONT'fB J\ I'lano. t' puptt's residence, for $10 psi quarter; oeat references a rea. Acldre**, with residence, Teacher, box lit Hmaid nfflre. Gt'ITAR \\i) MX .1 Ml.?NAPOLB0N W. GOULD, Sb:C r'st. ?? 4* b - uuplls In a few lessons to aii omn i, , J. ...sv cfiactively. At Hlxth avenue, Ban loUttflf mm,' I ',!?/. . /NtTfTML PIANO TIMLIN. IIARMONT, RINGING. \J Sc.?CWul Normal Mudnal Conservatory. Mi West Twenty.,lii 'i et,e-l, h-i?r?n Seventh and Eighth avail OS. I.e ?ami* nrlvata. No rla??rs. J. .1. WATSON, Agent. MUSIC I PER MONTH FOR INSTRUCTION ON the piano, with privilege <?' practice, by an expciienr d teacher, at .KM West Taontv.aft'. street, near Eighth avenue. MUKIC FOB PARTIES.-APPL'. VT 4ol SIXTH AVH noe. dr, slot'. *" ??.??etuhth atreet; at 73 Third aueuue. n.-sr I ..rtv-aint ? --reel etui hi ISA Canal St., near Bowerv KIltrORI POLK A?A VER IC At Sll I L AND BRIL i liaat conipeslllse. bv Mer*e , .,v.|i.lie.t ?* No. M Bleecker street. Sen'free ol rovtsaa on iw - t ?.| gga. YIOI.IV TM (HIT -tUl.H MOST BF.ALV1 /LI. INRITI?. inenf langht by a new and easy meShou. out rasa of IS la*,un?. thoinugb knowledge guaranteed. am EH (K?RIH)N. -W "tub avenue. WAKTED-A YOUNO LADY THAI V N PUURiRK on the piano and eing. tett.vel with a l.uoiamm Ad drees D. R. Herald oflee. ~Al/? ?MMMl. ' "* At TRRNOR'8 NEW AND 9PLEXDID DANCIV(? Academy. Palat e Hall. It? Klxtli avenue. ?New ole*- eg a1*1 formed on Wednesdays and Ratardava. Palsre Hall ran he rented for sot rasa, bells, He. A DOD WORTH'S DAXCINa ACADLMf. No >18 FIFTH AVBNUS. NEW TORC For days, terms. Ac., please sail for a otreuhur. BHROOEEb' LAN CI NO ACADEMY, ggl BROOME SI ? A NEW CLAM FOR TI K80AV All the fsshtonshle dances In one course of lesson* LADIES meet Tuesdays aad FrtAayet toSIg F. V. OHNTLEMEN. Tuesdnyx and Friday*. 7)4 te 10 P. M. CHILD REN. Wedneeday^n^toturdar^^^^^l HOIHRR?*^ m instructed by Mrs. Rtnuka. IWEDREHDAY KVRNINO. ? Bi AaRMO'S DANCIlk) ACADRMT. NO. SI SSFTIt avenue, eoathsveet comer M Fourteenth street ; open #a^M>AYH and FRIDAYS. WEDNBSDATN and BATOR Ledle*,! to4 P. M., misem and masters, 4 tog P, ~ nentlemen, Tuosday and Friday crossings, at S o?i NEB (I LASHER ARE NiMT FOR ill NO. DUMAR'S DANCING ACADRMT, M WR8T FOURTH street, for cbtMrvn, ladles and geotlnmen. Leesonn even day end utght. Ail Dances taught IB one quarter. Bit lanf/s In Ht InMoae ~ "^r 'T . ... rRRRRRO'k DANCI NO ACADEMY, ? ^ Northwest noroer Tsrenty-alfhth street and Rromtwsv. <'lessee Wedner.lav* and v*tntdavs. at 4 I*. M.