1 Şubat 1867 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 3

1 Şubat 1867 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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WASHINGTON m TARIFF BILL PASSED IN TNI SENATE of the Diplomatic and Military Appropriation Bills in the House. The Boootatioa of lifiiry Into the Motley Aflhir Adopted. v ' lit Bill Traitferriig the Indian Bureau to the War leptrtmcit Panel in the Haute. WamumToa, Jan. 31, 1867 ?HMkmat-Tka JUlelarr CaaiilltN and Ucaml Uraat. n It tMM that U?a Committee on the Judiciary will General Omni Wore them for the pur I rath Information from him. If possible, at will teM hit fealty to the President. Should they And Mat teaaiaf toward hie policy to strongly ea te forWd dh? tept that M will desert It, It ie mid the impeach protect win be abandoned; while, oa the other , if them la reeaoa to believe that ha would not asttreSy Interfere for the execution of that policy, Im peachment will then bo prosecuted. The committee lave other designs la bringing General Grant before them, which will appear in doe time The Nmtion+l Intelligencer of to day give# an account purporting to be the proceedings of the Southern Repub lican Association, held last night, at which twenty rep ressntatlveu of the States took port IA the discussion in fisver of holding a convention at Washington on or about (he 4th of March next, to urge the impeachment of An deew Johnson as the only hope of the South tor speedy The Tariff" Bill Pruned. The Senate has been engaged all the evening in the aoneideration of the Tariff bill. The debate between the merlons conflicting interests wee interesting and spirited, wed, at half-past twelve the bill was passed by a vote or 23 yeas to 10 nays, fifteen being absent or not voting. Tbo Financial Qaeselaa. Pram the most reliable information which can be ob tained on the subject of what legislation may be per fected oa the subject of the flnancee of the country, it appears that nothing more is likely to be done than to authorise the proposition to issue loan certificates to tba national banks in payment for the compound interest notes held as a part of their legal reserves, aad even tbis will ho resisted by a large portion of the House and Stanlo who are opposed to any modification of the lawa oa the subject of the contraction of the currency; bat as the law now stands, the bonks connected wittf the Clearing Houses only can receive these loan certificates, aad as it Is likely that the relief reoeived by some will ho claimed by all, It is probable that the Secretary of She Treasury will be authorized to Issue these loan cer tificates to the amouat of the compound interest notes now hold by the bonks so n part of tbeir reserve*, not to exceed the amount of some one hundred million dollars. There will bo o strong effort made by Mr. Hooper aad seme other members of t he Committee on. Hgpking and.Cprreucy to get a vote on Ilia Mil to stnaad the law regulating the national banks, fee.; but on account of the obnoxious features of the mm the influence of the national banks will probably be sufficient to keep Ibe.bdi .in the opmnutten, and thereby MP it for theaeaslon. The mm# cputsa will prsbaHty be ffawmid wtth regard to the bill of Mr. ftsnAaU, and (ha Aims win probably remain as they now ore on all matters dif currency, wtth the exceptian of the exchange of lean certificates tor compound interest notes. . . Tba hank presidents from the North and last are still fears, using thoir bast efforts sad influence against all fibs measures relating to banks aad Uw currency. Representative Wilson, of loam, will endeavor ie Mtaf up the currency question before die Hosss In the coarse of n few days Mr. Wilson a utterly opposed to any oeetreetten of the currency, and he sxplsmss the i in a majority ef the House voting in ibe The Istersal Bevssne It*. The Committee on Ways aad Manas, at thoir meeting oo-day, while considering the amendatory tax nil), agreed to abolish the tax an newspaper advertwsmesM, Representative Hooper having suds the motion, aad aspported it in * brier argument. It Ie understood that the Mil will bo reported within the next ton days, and ?hat the taxes on a large number of articles will be con siderably reduced, in order to lessen the general revenue Rom internal sources. The UlrlMUlf Appropriation Bill. flu office of United Minister at Rome is finally abolished. The Consular and Diplomatic Appropriation fell was taken up in the House to-day as reported from toe Committee of the Whole, and tbe question eras on toe amendment* to insert Portu|al and to strike out Ike latter amendment was to tbe effect that no appropriated by tbe bill shall bo paid for an legation at Rome from and after tbe 18th dsy ef June, 1807. Alter considerable manoeuvring in ?b toininp a rote, the amendment to Insert Portugal war re dacted, and tba amendment to strike out Rome from 'he Bet of American legations wm agreed le by a vou of h-> to 1% Tbe bill was tben passed. Tbe Military Academy Appropriation. Mr. Stevens, acting doubtless la the tie el that economy should be obeerved somewhere in tie appro gstaUon bills, aafced for a separate vote on tbe clause In Mhe bid soaking appropriations for the support ef the MM States Military Academy at Wept t*M fbr the J?r ending June 30, IMS, which made aoepproprtailee 4to the erection of a fireproof building V N used so a Jatomatoey. and moved to strike It rram to# bdl tbe amendment was agreed to and tba bill fto passed. Tbe Rersearsriles Qwsiisa. Tbe Reneoelruction Committee ere expected noon to eanke e report en the several plsne now before them looking to the rehabilitation of be Southern states. Their views have not. however, yttatren definite shape. There stress to be no doubt that oa* provision will ba adopted by which to avoid the effect of any possible recognition of tbe Southern Sum la their pranent ooa dltioa by the Ceiled States Supeme Court. A Richmond Rdlter'a (MsIn of Nesrrsl liraat an the Hrpt Pari Prater. In cemssenling on an art c) ia the Btsits in regard to the pamag* of a law matog General Omni Acting President if Mr. Johnson la amoved, a Richmond paper at to-day makes the follovtoV remarks, which probably as pi em the sentiments of* large number of the people af tbe South ? With General Grant ir ">? Kxacutlva chair, we know that the present unreMMiable, implacable and deltaot i rebel Sutcs wouldspddl'y realise their true situation, that they would be M-bout difficulty reorgnnired on tbe head* of the amendtk11'. and that with, If not bef ore, the return of Decemberthey would all be reinstated In Con gress, and barmofOQ*'y co-operaUag with the North to carry on tbe worm 'he new Cmon. We are sure that Aha South would , fa" '? with tha new Ideas and saw constiluli<>r"T thian*w epoch, caetiug out all ibe ' remaining dregr and ary bones of that old romdown fabric whose ?yu"r stone, like that of the defuart Jeff V Davis oonledefo. aas African slavery. . Vy Isdlas Adklrt. Tbe Honsftoday continued the ronriderntlen of Mr. Vg uidum's i" 'ar the supervision of Indian affairs, wl en, aftdb >ang and spirited discussion, the substitute of \ Mr Scfock to place the Indian Bureau under the Wa r Depftment aas adopted by a vote of seventy-six to cverf -Hire#. Tho vote for reconsideration sad to lay sea tk table prevailed by seventy seven to seventy. TbgtMlJdi amended was then passed by a tola of ninety ^ gftyand the title emended so as to make It accord Hrtih substitute or Mr. Bcheack. As the act a * aland* 'hersfore, the Bureau of Indian Affairs id to be to ton War Department This diaoiiauiaa Mr. '"ah "u'a Mil bee brought to light many abuaaa In ?he ?aba^amant of Indian aflaha for many years pwd sriph reffekt bet little credit upon tho govern meat, but inurb easier io disaavcr abunns than to corrnrt them, altbengm the admiaistratloa of the hurme was totet when formerly uadrr the War Department, It mar pt be so new.. Indian DsVOgaliaae In Ws?bls|tsn. Delegations frosu ,1'ourteea tribe* of Ind aas waitod upon Coninnrsitiner ReAT to-dar for the purpose of hold tig an interview wltir Mm, In order to ascertain what disposition waa to he thade of the laada ihvy now apeapy, hesidee of certain merest* wMcJi th?y hold ja ottort Ths Commissioner not hping prepared to V*d a business interview with tbefii at present, Mr wshtoned ss> b delegqRop, qgynttoag to , (torn separately Ml mBIm of III vtowk upon tto eubject ef I heir WKM U Wato'ngtoa. Among those preMBl vs* Meokuk, reported to to tto fine* looking Indian to ito country, who ra clod to Uto characteristic cost am* of hut race, and who, after tto termination ad Mr. Bogy'* iiMb of welcome, approached tto commtotooor and, throngb an intorprctor, expressed hi* willingness to adopt such views aa tto Commtotooor bad prasaatsd. Ho stated that to oomtag hit tor, an poor worn tto ftotllttoa employed by tto government for their trana portatioo, that tb* wagon to which to wna sealed broke down, and by this mtatop to thought to would norm toe* tb* pleasure of Basing tb* Commimlon*r. This remark caused much mmilinato. The majority of tb* Indian* prwent could not understand the English lan guage. Those civilised, and who had been educated by the Instrumentality of tto government, were dre***d as citlaana, their brown fenturaa being the only index of their race. ?deception at fhO White House. Quito a large throng visited the White House again to day, seeking an tntrodnction to the President, and the balls and ante-room were wtdl filled before tto President commenced to receive them. During the day Secretory Welles and several .Senators had Interviews, snd at thro* o'clock the President opened his door to a general recep tion. Among thoee who entered were Governors Orr, of Booth t erotica, and Parsons, of Alabama, who re ma toed some lime after the other visitors were dis posed of. Reunion nt Monster Mergas>. The hospitsble mention of Senator Morgan w*e list i evening the aoene of ene of tto most brilliant reuniato I ef tto season. General sou Mist Grant, Chief Juatto* J Chase, with most or tto other Judges of the Ru presto j Court: Generals George H. Thomas. Emory, Hasty, i Thomas KJtby Smith, Sir Frederick W. Brues, BrttMb , Minuter; Viscount Southwell, Baron Holstein, Mr. Evahk of toedso, together with master the diplomatic ? oovps. were asneng tto disrtofeished personage* pratonk The toilettes of the ladle* were remarkable for their elegance, and well comported With the fair form* which , ttoy'adomsd. Mpenkrr CeI fax's Reception. The reception oi Speaker Colfax this evening was more crowded than any of tto previous ones; but if the quality compensated for the quantity this reception, as are all of Speaker Colfax's, was a social reunion ' of the wit and beauty of the federal metropolis, | and if bright eyes and smiling face* am any i criterion, was hssrtly enjoyed by thoee who bed the good fortune to be present. General Holt, Surgeon 1 General Barnes, General Howard. General Geatb, Gene ral Hardee. Colonel l.utldjngton and others represented { the army; Judge Ca-ey, Senators Truraoull, Lane, Hendricks, Morrill, Howard, Sumner, Win. E. Roblu.son, | ef Kings county, N. V.. together with a large number of Representatives, were among the other distinguished 1 MaCillery Fraud*. Colonel Knright, of Brooklyn, baa been hero for Here rnl days. nd bu bono before the House Committee in vest igatiug tbe distillery frauds. It Is reported that the committee has adjourned without arriving at any con elusion except to report the repeal of so tench of the present law aa relates to distilleries, and ux in iU* capacity of their ntills. Work la the Cemeey Hareaa fleeaaied. The work in the currency bureau of the Treasury De partment was resumed to-day, the Board of hiaminer* having completed the count of the current issues, which is fou nd correct. The amount which the examiners h ave counted is nearly gflOB.QBB.W. The report of the ?. a mi a era will have the effect of setting at rest the rumors wbtch wsre circulated respeetmg tbe unsoundness of this bureau. Nominal ten* Went is She Hssste. Ths following nominations by the Pmldani wsre sent , to the senate yesterday :?Hyland 'K. Hntburd, to h? Comptroller eT I he Currency: Colonel William ft. Moore, to be secretary to the President, and Us. dustoe ft** hergar to ha Pay aaakte* is ?hn retfttlar army, with-AM*, rank of mmpr. - 1 . ' Mere iBfernstion Deieankdhrew sfcff ?ff?rfe . utrv sftMnw. In the House of Rcpresentattwes to-ilay Mr. Trowbridge, of hJ-htgas, introduced a reeehulee calling, on the Secre tary of Stale far informawon iihittes to the bills which have become lew. by Means of the failure of the Pre* dent to approve er disapprove of the same. After a lively debate on the subleci tbe resolution was adopted. The Presdsies i* MIsskMlH A report JOxt reoeived by the CommiHeloner er 1 reed man a Ahain Iron Brigadier General A)van C. Gillem, Assistant Oommi wooer or the rreadmen'n Bureau in the State of Mississippi, 'dates that the demand for labor is ne greet that s large namber of freedtnen are coming from the other Stales to Mississippi, whose oontrartn am ?Sri being made for wages from $10 to $16 per month, with quartern, rations and medical attendance The planters are. very anxious to secure laborers, end conse quently treat them with fairness. Seven thousand nine hundred and nine rations were Issuod during tbe month or December?one hundred and thirty-nine more than worn Issued m November. The principal cause* ol com plaint among the treed poopie, he says, are tbe ousting an* prohibiting their carrying ttrearins and of awning real estate. Skat I an Tesrsasient. The Washington Skating Club held their Aret grand tournament at thsir park this evening, nnd a Urge nuiu bar of participants and spectators was in attendance, attracted by the novelty or the affleir nnd others by the desire to indulge in the invigorating sport Mr. Rob ert Fletcher, of this city, wee the succeasfui knight, and oonsoquently had Ute privilege of crowning the "Queen of*l>ive and Beamy,'' who was drown over the pond id n sleigh decked with flags and flowers, and escorted by the unsuccessful knights. The sport was ended rather soon, in consequence of tbe warm weather winch has prevailed aincs yesterday. The Koll of Honor, another roll of honor has Just been published by Quartermaster General Meigs, at the instance of the Mercury of War, being the names of soldiers who died in defence of the American t'nion interred in cemeterien Of the states of Nw* York, Wiecouein, Penney I worn, Iowa, Maryland, Missouri, North Caroline, Arkansas, Kansas ami Dakota Territory, the publication of the pamphlet -over two hundred pegee, containing shorn twelve thousand names?being for the information of their surviving comrades and frlmtdn. He-mhdir.mtl.P.r.vg.msCe.s.l at ?* vonnnh Dvrltig Ike Rvbelllen. A memorial wee prevented to tbe Mnate to day from He nor Joaqu.n de Palnia, vice Consul of Portugal at Ba vannah during the rebellion, claiming remuneration for property token by Sherman's army In the winter of UAl j. He bad removed his family U> Winnnboro, H. C where, as he alleges, they were plundered ef $fl,0M in gold, diamonds. Jewelry end rroerleg apiwrel to the total value or $32,474 He oomplnlns that hie nppllen lion for vodrean failed to receive proper oonrtderntion at tbe Hint* Department. UghikssM Destroyed by Iee>. oAclal information has been received at the ofJire <.f the I.ighlhouse Board of the total destruction bj Ice, on the 2ttlh inst, of the llghtbooee marking Deep Woior hboal, in the James river, Virginia. Due notice will be given of the restoration of this light. O(Octal information has also been received to the offset that on and after the 1st of December, lflflfl. three new light* would bo enhlWted I* the Oort Got, si lite entrance of the Scheldt, on the southwest coast of W ah heron Island, Netherlands. The Vt reek ef tbvi futenmeblp kcotlaod. The Preside tit ha- approved the joint resolution pro viding for I ho removal of tbe wreck of the Iron steam ship (Scotland, now on the her outside ef Bendy Hook, neer tbe entrance to the harbor of New York. One hundred thousand dollar* Is appropriated for that pur pies', the contract to be given to the lowest bidder. The Public l.nnde. The Commbwioner of the General I And Office aa* re ,wived from the Surveyor (teoeral of Cnllfornle rotor ne of aurveya for patent- of the following private land ciamts under Mexican an.l Spanish titles:?Part of ths Ranch- I'seo de Bartoio, Bernardino Oulrndo, ooeflrmer, oorimining ?7,6Bn arm*. Island of seats Cntallna. Jo-e Maria ikvarrnlla*. oonflrmer. 4,5*'J,Ot:i acres; Pnrroehe Dr rioe J >ton 7-otes C'nrrisaltte*. Jelian (J res a and Pedro Homes, cenflnwave Ml.MS wren; lAS Itegaaea, AlK-e Marob. .wnflvmer, 12.aM acres; dsn Jooqoin, Cms Oer (ailes rwoflrwrer, *77,dig ntiroe I mameliee* her* been prepared by the Cemmiseteoer of tMff General landOftca to ftm-rn registers and reeetvers, and s#uita or Motes and corporations In tbe selection of teed" undnr grants from Congress fbr vallrooda There nro Sltadhed Ml toe instruct lone end made port thereof, rermr for pwridaetinnB ?ff Heto. of retentions sod maps of ys-lgnattoR sod pevtnnuent location of railroad*; M?e mois having been approved by tbe Secretary of the In terior are eoW.bsing printed, and copies will be aent to iMvarnor* J* irate*, railroad companies, regl-tors >nd reoetver* of V> al lead offices. l allrf Ktnt.rp Knprewte f'AWrt "Gi. No l?tf. The Hoped of supervLaors of Rock t'snd eoanty, lihoota, ptmtiNifM * error, v* lbe United i ?a Ik* relation of fee 81*10 Book PoiiUo* for Midi BQi UUM IttbOlilUdi No. IS*. Tho Unitod BtaMa, appellant*, r*. Rapeotig ay. Argument continued, **4 will bo aoacludad to Wor VOf. Friday?Motion day. Tho prii* mm* fellow. Coon *r citiM. Johnson v* Unitod States. Argument ooncludad. Tho peremptory call of tho docket was commenced, and will a* continued to-morrow. IflXRTY-HUTH 0QMEBS8. ?AT*. ViaDMna, Jo*. ft], 1MT. PMltfeoe oa vartoue subjects wore prwentad aad re ferred. 0 BUDomG mm mmmiri aaa aimorai arenas. Mr. Ramsay, (rep.) of Mian., from the Committee oa Poet 0 ID ceo, reported feroraUy the b|| to legal! te tho bridge aereoa the Missouri rtvar at St Charlaa, Mo.; alao the Mil to aafeorlw the ooastructioa or a eubnaergod tabular bridge acroea tho Mialsalppi at St. Loola; alao the bill amendatory of the pootal law* The laat named hill make* oeriain modlftcatlona la the Senate report a few daya alnce. TBI ooaamroMDrjtCT ??tw*en tits *tat* DKrAcrmwr iw oca antnrma asiaum Mr. fnon, (rep.) of Ms**., offered a reaolutioa which waa adopted, calling apon the President for repfek of iect of the policy of the admlnletratjoa toward* tho re betkra* State*, aad any inquiries that may have been baaed oa eonrerestton# reported to U*4 Departmoai of Mate. ooarcmiT'o* n* i.otal i inun or k|*t mxawt Mr. PATTRitaoN, (dom.) of Ten*., offered a resolution, which waa adopted, instructing tha Comaiilta* oa Claims to inquire into the expediency of compensating loyal | cli-zoim of Haul Tanae.-wc tor waa lo?an, ia aorord anra with the recommeiMtattMi of a commission ap pointed by Central Buruxitle. ionra\?iTiov ok (3*ii or new- ia tax antaicr or ( OLl-HBI A. Mr. Morkiu, irep.) or Me., introduced the following reeolutloa, which waa cooeidered end Agreed to:? Resolved. J'hat ike Merrriary of the I utovlor he <ttre<-ted te comuiuniCAl* to the i-eualc ihe number ,\nd name* at' deputy Marshal*, bailiff* and criera In the District el Columbia who have received compensation in tha veai IIM, the ratea of eonux-nxatiou. and the amount* paid in each. uoxnmos or trm Indians tn hakota Trseiioav. Mr. Ramsat introduced tb* following reflation. wbloh was considered and agreed lo:? Resolved, That the decretory uf the Interior he and is hereby respectfully requested to report I# tho Senate the ' on dition of the Indian* now loeaied In the vh taiiy ot L*ke Travetar and Port Wad?worth. Dakota Tatritory. at 'ho time of the outbreak In Minnesota in Iptt. the part they took in connection wlih the outbreak the can** of their re wining neur the Minnesota fronltar whan the othor surren dered Sioux were removed to the t>ow Creek reservation in IXtSl. Whether Ihev hove heeu Iriendly in 1 hew re la Moo- with the whites since the outbreak or otherwise. Whether Utey have an* reservation allowed litem, and whether th?v hate beep reriploete fravu the Interior Department, one* lit* uutbreak, ot an null lea of clothing, provision* or agvirul'ural ?uiptomeau. and whether their removal freOt ibelrpteseat location to a point untie remote from the Minnesota "matter is contemplated )>v the Indian Uej arlmeai. nw irno< try with Tea Hawaiian iBtANM. Mr. Cokakbs, irep.) of Cel.. callad up tb* tetolulioti of fered by him yesterday, calling upon tb# Secretary of tha rreasury to koow If, In hi* opinion. It would :td vauce American interests to maka a reciprocity treaty with the Hawaiian Island*. Mr. (iRutaa. (rep.) of Iowa, objected to any attempt of tbo Sonata of the I'nited States, with tb* I'teaideul. to control tha legislation ot Congress through a commercial ( treaty. I Mr. Covmw* said this waa a now resolution eel ling for i information. Il would be time enough to obfoet when ! tb* tiealy t ame ap. Tb* reaolntion waa adO|tt*d. TH* MOTI.HT AFrAIR Mr. Srastst called up tb* raeotiition offered by htm yesterday, calling upon tha i'ro*ideal for a copy of tb* letter upon which tbo Secretary of -hate predicated hi* latter Of inquiry to Mr. Motley. Also the nam* or !h* writer. Mr. Datb, idem.) of Ky., t bong lit tbt* matter loo trivial for Ibe attention of the Senate. Mr. Sottas* thought the country Might lo kaqw whether a my or ea* end topper wax tbo author!*? upon Wbteh the bocretaav of Stole (Mr. W*snwd) hid wrltlan * Lai tea which, jd id great dtahoaor tokbo aonotry. Mr. D.tvi# did not bailor# that a* anonymona latter eoold injure tba fame of Abe great historian ot fb# Dutch republic. Be hoped tb* Maamo would lot the te After paao IftPo oblArion. "? Jfi. IVmumu. (r?p.).^-9bUi, ?Md ha uuffcrftnoJ Mr. cuatner to otnle yaotmrdky that b# bad received a'toller of ai milar.purport to the oae referred to by Mr. Reward. H# would like to inquire Of Mr. Sumner who that letter Mr-Vcn*** reid N wow frem a pagaoa AO ?ttoriy-eb> aeure that he regardod it aa praottrnily a* anonytaona letter. It was I torn a perron absolutely obscure, aad vet oa anuh a letter the Secretary of Fiat* bad baaed act neat ton* againat Mr. Motley. Mr. ItouLrriut?The honorable senator falta to answer the prectoe question. I asked who waa the author of lb* latter ha received 7 Mr. Strum:*?Tb* name waa to utterly oborarp that It baa paced out of my memory. Mr. UooairrLc submitted thet although Mr. Sumner might be familiar with o greet many Mmaa, It did act follow that becauH* he (Mr. Sumner) did not hpou a maa, that maa waa prevkraslr oberur* Ought Mfjakfcjt bo believed or respected, If Mr. ffrttonsr did - 10 aim (Mr. ~ It aoaared to him (Mr. Dooiitsle) that it waaal? to make tbla inquiry. Tb* correapondeuctf an* bolore tb* Senate. Mr. HmraainB, (dem.)or In<L, maintained that upon tba information received from /be secretary of state and mentioned in his letter, the torre*i>odden<-r with Mr. Motley wax justified. He did not agree ibei because Mr. Seward'* informant wax unknown to Mr. Sumner he was therefore en ub-cure person. . Mr. Sens** only wished to know if the writer of the letter was a spy or an eavesdropper. He did not mean u> convey say s u b impression as that beratixe a m m waa unknown to him (Mr. bumnar) ha was therefore obscure. Mr. HunsrcK* resumed the floor ta cnaiintiuiion of bis defence of the conduct of Mr. Seward id writing the letter ot inquiry lo Mr. Motley. Before reaching a rot* on the resolniion Ibe morning hour expired, and Ibe sublact went over until to morrow. th? TAiurr ?n.u Tb# tariff bill cam.* up at one o'clock. Mr. Catthu., (rep for X. J., moved to amend by in creasing the duty ?n cast Iron atesm, gas and wa'er pip# tram ihreo-fourth* of a cent to IJg rem* per pound. It waa agreed to. Mr. Ci.-kswcli, rep I of M<L, moved to amend by in creaeing the duty on eliminate and bl-chromaix of p?>. 1 tassa from 4 cent* to 4j^ cent* per pound. Il was j agreed to. Mr. Wiisoh, (rep.) of Masa., moved to amend tlie para graph putting a duty of 46 renta per pound and 14 per cant ad valorem ou woollen cloths, comprising broad clothe, cloaking*, caasimereo, ladies' cloth, doeskma, tricots and all other ailed or fatted goods or fabrics, wooitew aha wis, flaaaelt. ami xll manufacture* of wool of army description, mada ^RftHy or la part of wool, not herein otherwise apooihed aa fodowo:?Vblood at t> per pound, M cento per pound and 34 per rent ad valorem: valued at $1 and low than $1 40. 10 caatw per pound and 4* psr cant ad valorem ; over $1 40, M eerta per pound and 44 per cant ad valorem. Tbla Wd to a debet#, la which Mrear*. Yalea, Hilton and Grimm participated. Mr. WuaoN said lb* peadiag Mil waa a Waaler* trees ore, originating in tb* brmina and pocket* of the wool gro warm. Mr. (latum said that, on the part of tb# West, which be represented in port, be waa bar* today to daey that assertion. Tbo Want did not want this tariff and would not remain quiet under It. Mr. Wiiooh subsequently modified hia amendment to make the duty oa woollens of laaa vain* than f 1 par pound, 44 cento par poind and 34 per caot ad valorem Tba yarn and nay* ware demanded on Mr. Wilson'* amendment aad it waa agreed to by a vote of yeaa 10, aar* 16. On motion of Mr. r? mtnras. (rap.) of Ma, the sec tion of the bill allowing a drawback on all articles that enter into the composition of ships was so nmaadad as not to apply te steam vess*la Mr. -auRAx. (rep.) of Ohio, explained tha necaaslty for tbla amendment If It was not adopted atoamboais and vessels for aervlen on the lake* and Wvidsrn rlvera would be built entirety of foreign material, aad the gov ernment would not receive any revenue from them. Mr. Brainnt moved to increase the duly on coco* and chocolate from fl to 7 canto per pound. It waa disagreed ta Mr. 8ctnm moved to reduce the duty on Ml paintings from fao on each painting valued at less tban $100, ?*d $80 and 10 per cent ad valorem on all over $100, to IM; on each painting valued at gaou. and en all painting valued at over ?-W |20 each aad 10 per rent ad valorem It was disagreed ta Mr. Hravn moved to amend by adding hooka in for eign languages lo the free list. It was disagreed to. Mr Saunas offered, in n modified form, an amend tavat voted down last nigbt, authorizing any railroad company to Import iron for their road within two year*, any provision of uy law to tb* contrary notwithstand ing. This provision la for the benefit of the Pacific Rail road which, by the aviating law, Is compelled to use America* Iron. Tb* amendment waa agreed to Mr. SrnAdtm, (rep.) of H. I., moved to amend, by pot ting anlmaht imported exclusively for breeding purpose* ?R tha free bat. It was agreed to Mr. Nvraoch moved to amend, by increasing the duty on lien, reap*, tie., over ton inches In length, frem all to eight canto per pound. It was agreed to. Mr. tomAtira moved to amend, by increasing tb* dutr on bora* shoe nails frem Ivs to aevea cento per pound At half-peal four tb* Saaoto toot a reeem until seven o'clock la the evening. Svralag Heooloo. *???? ? **? Carre aa or taaw mv? Tba (Jut* law before tb* flenato Aeaoral Wilson's report of -fee capture of Itflanm Davie, whk-b ordered I* bp printed, - Mr. Ramrbt called up a House joint rmalaMan for the relief of aortmo aotllanoo fee feoaa ami Minne sota. It authotnaoa frnuoa improvement* In tba Stout thna settled at $1 2ft | lo the President. tujTiw o? mres* or ran nor-r or RmuunwTATtrm Mr Tarasnm (rep. > of Pi, oollH ap fee Mil paad Ing laat night to regolate ill* dottos of flark* of the House of Representatives. Mr Bncuitr, (dam.) of ia, doubted wbtober a oaw Roure could be bound in the mode or it* giiimumi i tie law* of o prerioua Cor gro*#. H* tbomdw m?- - I erode maasore of doubtful proprjr- " f ft 0 Mrtoo of mipferm upwwHlhw ha supposed It would twelve the taor Uaa <f tfce majority la the Danta "t. D?*m called the yea* sad nay* There being aa |iwna paaaaat, and m a caff of Um faaa aad nay. I weald Mroa a aaapanaiott of hi>iaa, ?M bi? waa ua- I thaaeahly paaaad over. I rarvafB anxa. I The Senate than prooaedad M ?l?a ahaatderatioa of bilk I of a Wtmm character, from the Ooaaaaiuaa aa Ctaiaks. | A bill aaUMvtmag the wane of $*,ooa in Lnited Mates ***** to the Hemaatiia Mataal faaaraan Company of Haw Yeifc, to make feed a law af thai mm la Treasury r a aiMil at aaa, la Pioaaahar, IMS, Thai forth* tmynmiat of the stream ot Waahing. w? ??n? nu aaa ttkaa op at twenty aalauiao paat aaaaa a'ciock. 11m pending question aaa upon Mr. Hpragoo's iaal aaaat la taoNaaa Um duty on horao oboe naila from to aeWn caala par pound. U1 agreed to. Mr. fcueci and to inoraaaa the doty oa eyelata af ery daaaripMta tea flfly to sixty-8ve per oaat ad

ioram. Dia^reed 10. Mr. artucra offerad aa amendment of tavern! paro grapha tncraaafnc the duty aa ootton machinery. Dta agsaedta Taaal (Mr. Prague), naya 28. Mr. rasuaoatiTaaN, (rap.) of N. J., mured to amend by tacreaaing the duty an skivers or roana pickled or salted from tea ta fifteen percent ad valorem. Disagreed ta Mr. raauauaunifK moved to amend by Inr raaalnn Um duty on morocco, enamelled, gla/ed, japanned, rarniabed and patent leather from forty to Bfty per oenk Die agreed to. Mr. FakuaoBnaav moved to amend by including silk with fur hate at tony par oant ad valorem. Disagreed to. Mr. Suswam, (rep.) of Nevada, moved to amead by striking otu tb? words "not including taggers iron" frost the foliawink paragraphQn abeat or plate irod thinner than No. 24 wire gauge, not including tagger* iron, 2\ oento per lh ; also to strike out Um following paragraph!?Oa taggers iron, not including fourteon ipcbae in width by twenty Inches In iongtlt, thirty par cent ad valorem, The amendment wm disagreed ta Mr. Fowucs, (rep.) of Teno., moved to amend by re ducing the duty on coffee Iran five to Mine came par pound. Mr. Hx.Tne.sos moved ta aMiend life amendment by reducing the duty to two and n ball < aula Mr. ToVlei'k ameadmeat being aa amendment to the bllf before the Senate, whlcb was 1n ' iteelf an amend ment to the House bill. Mr. Henderson'* proposition wae decided by the Chaff (Mr. Deollttla) not In order. Mr. FOtrun called lor the yeas and naya on hie amend ment, which ware es follows? Viae? Meter*. Buckalaw, Chandler. Cannes*, Oegin, lifts is. Dooiiule, Kims ler. Oriaic. Hendemuh, tluwe. .loon .oo, Kirk wood Um. Patterson, Kunuav, Mewert and Y.tee?17. Nare? Maaar*. Cattail. Cowan, hdiaumt.. Fncoinilen, Kogi, Foster, FnTiOMliuy.HU. Howaid. Moreno. Morrill. Poiaed, Sura.tie, Van wiakle. IVada, Will**. Williams and Wdaao-ir do lha amendment waa disagreed to, and tb* duty oa coffee stand* at 5 cents per pound. Mr. Hkvubtmot aaovrd to i-wdnoe tha duty oa tea from 26 cents to lk ceau par pound. Disagreed ta. Mr. Hin dmison moved to decrease the duty aa sugar aot above No. 12 Dutch eUndaid from 3 cent* to 2 cent* per pound. Disagreed to. Mr. FobTXR, (rep.) of Conn., moved to amend by add ing to tha duty of ii aer cent ad valorem oa pocket knives a specific duty of 60 centa par dozen on all pocket knives costing over $2 per do/en. Diva?reed ta. Mr. Hbti)k?m>s moved to decrtus# the duty on salt from 21 centa per 100 pounds io SO par cant ad valorem. Mr. Bikuhicxs naked bow much reduction there was in this. Mr. Hmsdkr.uk said the coat of salt was 13 cents per bundl ed. The proposed tariff waa 24 centa per hundred, or nearly 200 per cent. He proposed to redcc* it to 60 Ccent. The existing tariff waa 18 cents per hundred, i proposed amendment wtu disagreed ta Mr. Hmkdehso.v moved to amend by increasing the uty oa linaaed and flux .aad from 20 to 30 oeutr duty oa linaaed and flux -sad from 20 to 30 oeuts per bushel. Disagreed ta Mr. Hex ore.so. moved to elrike out the twenty-second section of ine bill which allows a drawback on all mate rials uaed in iba construction or sailing vaasala la offering this amendment Mr. Heuderaen made a speech ia tba course of which ha denouac ed tba bill aa appoaad to the Interests of ibe West, and peouliariy favorable to fbe Waster* Male*. Mr. Juhksok, (dam.) of Md., replied to Mr. Hender *ou thai he did not believe *u? such enmity to tba West a* ha tMr. Haademon) had spokm or existed. Ho did aot believe any tuoh consideration bad entered iniu tb* minds or Senator* ia vol? Of oo tha bilL They cer tainty did Dirtaator into his imud. Mr. HaxnaiMDM uooiO aot sea the justice of giving a drawback oa a sleep built to run bet ween Baltimore end -KMiceaa Atourea aad ratuae it an a ateaaatioat bniM to ros'ba UM-MiealMippL ' Mr. Kmekftoioi explained ibe reason* for tba proposi tion as it stands la the bi I Tha building of ships aaa a great interest, which tb? gavernmaot ought to foster, and tha astllaa %- it dandy received the aakntmoan aaaaat of the Finance t ommitta*. After farther debate, participated la by M*?re. Davis, Mandrtrks, KawleV and WiHtema, tba amaadaMnt was disagreed to by tha following vote:? Taaa?Meeers. Itmrtndew, Davie, Doe'UtU. ttrhaea, Hen derson, Hendricks, bene, I'attermn, Mieiuono, I'rumhuli aad Yaws?II. Nzve?Meear*. fiatiel), Chandler, tiennees. Cr?sla. Kd luodi, Fanecnden. Kugg, totter, IT-ellngkiiyeca, Herns, Bavi Moward, Howe, .lohuaoa, Kirkwoou, McUoiiaall, More.n. Morrili, PulenT, tiemsej, bprasue, istewert, van Winkle, Wade, Wtllcv, WlllUms and wlleoa- JS. Mr. Gauraa moved ta amend by increasing tb* doty on dried beef fiom one cant to one and a half earns per pound, also to increase the duty oa cured oMats I ram $2 to gff par bbl. Disagreed la Mr. Gumk* moved to reduce the doty on printing pa per from twoaty to fifteen per caai. l>.nagraad to by tb* foUowlag vote:? A--- Was" Man ea Www,. ascWUKa PmtX. 'Wftbee. nendareon. fleiiAvea, La?, JteAougal!, Katteiaae, Beamy. Iruanuifl gad fawi li. Nin-.ile??r. Buckalaw, DattaM. Dhaudlar, Cooneae, Oragfo, Hdaiund". I'1'eaadea, PV?e(er, Fowler, Kreliagbuyeen, Siarrie, Howard. Done, Jokneon, Mergsn, Morrill, Foieud, Sherman, bprasue, siewert. Van Wlohle, Wade, Wlliey, i sad Win Willume aad W .i?on?Zft. Mr. Uaiaxa moved to amend by etriklns ant lb* entire ms-hod imposing a caty on luuiber. Disagreed' io. Mr. IiBtmkh moved io etrke ah p timber irom the free l.st. Diragreed to. At ten o'clock Mr. Hr vo'ii.-sa suggested that a* lha minority seemed determined to pas-, the hill as it now stood, ft \ot? might *i- well be taken now. Mr. Hkndci.rov wiched to amend the bill ea to the time when the bill should toko effort. lie movxito ctnke out Hie lir?t day oi April and inake it take eO.-ct Ironi and aio-r tbe pa?a^e of the act. The saiendnieet was a,rood to. Mr i*vxwamt m"?ed to rerunddor the vote by which Mr. WilaotiV auieiuimcnt incroa-'iog the duty on weollvu goods was adopted. The vote won reconsidered, and Mr. Wileon'a amend aaent was modified so *?? ie read "Oa all woollen doitis valued at f I Ml per pound and lees, 40 rent* per pound and 26 per ivnt ad valorem; over 81 Mi mid lee< theii $2 per |mund, SO rents p?r pound and 40 percent ad valorem ; over $2 60 cents per pound and 4.'i per neot ad valorem." the amendment, as rood bed, was agreed to. The MM wn* road a third time aad passed at kalf-past twelvwA. M., by the following tote:? Y*i??Me?ere. '"attell, ('handler, tT.mpevy, Trsgn, Kd munda. Kessebden, tngg, I osier. Freliiigh,i)*co, li?m?, Howard, Hear*, .lohn-on, Morgan, Mcimi igali. Morrili, fnlnrid. B-m-nv. Sherman PpeagWe, Stewart, Yen Winkle, Wede, WUIe>, a illiam*. Wiiwe aad Yatee?17. WAV i Maseru. Devi*, HootiiUn, Pawter, Mrtme*. Raadi-w ?en. Hearing. !.***, tftukwuod, FnHsrsaa wad Tram hah?W. Aniuurt *a "-or \ utinc?Me-a.-e. AaUien^. Brown, Bucka , towab, tire?well. Diana, 'loUirm, Teem ilk NnrVn Mjra Kiw?rey, Btddle, Ho?s, Manlehnry aad BameeT' Iw Tha saaat* than adjaturaod. BOUSE or BXPlSanfTATlYlt. - WAflmxemr, Jon. 31, 1KDT. iM inijMo r"wrwnKi* to am n num. On notion ?f Mr. Dawhi, (rep.) of Mm., the Sergeant it Ami m directed to pay K. H. Welwier, lata Member of Congrew from Maryland, the increased cotnpeniiaiioa from U>a commencement of ib< present Congress to iba data of bl* resignation. riNiiii or tub ait. to runn mouuxa. On motion of Mr. Kutrr, irept) of Maw., Iba Senate hill supplementary to iba act of July IS, ISSS, lo prat ml smuggling. war lafcanfram the Speaker* labia, amended arurr or ircaa romrrt, mtt Mr. Hoama, (rap.) at Iowa, on leave, introduced a bill for tba ratiaf of Locaa county, Iowa, wblcb waa referred lo tbe Committee on Public lands. riMAi.i oa too Dirununo iiid oorirui arrnorni atkim mix. The Hoch> procaailad, aa iba regular ortlar of business, to iba consideration of Ibe Couaular and Diplomatic Ap propriaiion Hill. Mr. I * Hioto. (di>m.) of Oblo, callod for a rote on Iba amendment adding aa appropriation for tha mission to Portugal, and a?ae<l for tba ycoa and nay*, tba yea* and nay* wara not ordered, and tbn amondmant wad re jected. Tba next question waa on tha amendment atriklng out the appropriation for tba mieoion to Roma, add pro Tiding tbat no moaay should be paid for tba expanses of tbai mimioa aflar tba preeant Herat year. Mr. Anon* a, ,dem.) of Pa., callad for a rota on It, and aakad for tba yaee and nnya. Tba yaaa and nnya ware not ordered, and the amendment wee agreed to. The othar amend menu ware agreed to la grow, and tba bill waa pawed. PAMAOBOr TUB MLtTAXT ACADBIfT APPBOpaTATlOW SILL Tba Houaa next took tip tha Military Academy Appro priation bill aa reported ywtarday from tba Committee of iba Whole on toe atata of ilia Union. The amend ment* edoptad yaeterday in tba committee were agreed to by iba Houaa, and tba bill waa paaaad. ?iixa mot Bloat* *T run ream oast Mnjtitn laws Mr. Taowmiota, (rap.) of Mich., from the Commute# on Unrolled BiUa, reported a* a qmeetioQ of priTllaga tba following:? Wbeeeaa. tba Mil lo repeal eectleo It af tba act or /ah IT, lSgi, te vuppreaa laanreettoa^ |e depriving tha PeaeWrot ef the imoaely pywara, and tba bMt to imiIM Hm eleattta fraachtw IB tMTerrttpeieapf the United State* were vare rally poeaed by both ftnaaap during tba preaaul wfcdaa af Confrere^.Mdbnrebden rtpanod byjtbs tlomaatttea^n Kni red1 wh*n Confrere. add bale kOea repartad bribe Uammttte* <ja Bnj rolled SUI* t*?ho Freetown of the Waited Motea, tba fre\ on Ibe Plb, aad the latter on tba Idth InaL; aad. wh* be Provident baa failed to notify the Motive that be ; aa, the Provident baa failed lo notify the Mauve that be 1? 1 signed tbe laWO, old bo# oha> fatten to return tba vwn?V 1 lb* Houaa af Mopiiooiiboilioa, In wMah tbwf aHWns*} I with bl* nbjeetloee; aad. whviaav. by aactlon T. article. !_ the eooAUUiUon of tba t nl ted fftatev tba veld bill* bov**T beiame iwwv; and. wbareaa the mum bare mm bar baked aa Ivwa of tba ClMtod SUtea, ? Haenlved. That iba itaeretary of Mam ho dliaawd ?In?'? ibe flmiM whet be/ iba Mid lawb bate bean oeu ? Iba I ? -Of mm Mr. Ftwni, (dam.) af Ob In made ip *."V?t pimu^. .J.1'' mtoki Of order ruling that "Vjes??<?? ?*? rtdUil ta ranort at KW-P "W- ** ???"?* "MM MUX ?!T.rJ*?.b*f?w.Kthat in each cum act* bocam. ^ ?gfL,M . thte ptOOOdoM bare ariaou liSHs2-1- -? SB 2?^ss?rjaaar;5r: -?Wctlos whatever to the Mr Tdmies^* eovm <* tt*t thx WM tbQ am imimco Itn tk hMurv^.h?** thto WM Iho | *ff??rt? objeettene bad boon I hmCTU ^ . _ o?_ *? ? " T""T ?wo ?WW DM P I for the P^Td?H Prwoted, and tbo asSSS?&J=??5"JSf I lished l??h. * u *' lllhou?h bo had pub irottSMSrtirtstt ^ I. . "}' ,?rnnfl hfih. r! T bw?'1???l or re l^f'Syssa&g^* "-*??? JWrfftaTSS^u'y^***?*? not, nod tb? *. l^i!Kgg?*!?" *Mfewftrtaln that/act Hthey I propiMd to follow tbL" m8os VSrgSSET", SSsii?S3rMS5?^? s^tSss&f? ^ ?* #* ?** *? ?i&'SBbMoSSZiift OW*? '?qoir?4 ?h??h? it fw^r?saw snas ggmK^BHEPb w 5 I Th. *._T~ "HP? *?*n^jn) ununon. &3i?5E&BfflU I&nBrs SSLstSkS So *?? B4U"nor#i**? 5 fbankTSTutekin* gyy BnWmore WW duo to Hon Hamilton Want at ? ? &Taut *?%? safe K^iaj$g?5s s^r^Er E=~~S=L?wS5r^? Iho recent act of tbe Legislature of M^laod^vmaed* revolutionary and rebellious spirit, and that tba loval Pbopie or Baltimore are entitled to Drotaction SmSS xevolnli.WSMMiX ll?^?fr?If ud i^Liui^. ura <d bMylttl ReferrrU to the Judiciary Committee. I TH? KLL TmaMtruRiM ra bmm aritjuc ro res wan ioiraeHtmrf px'aao. Tbo Hooao then proceeded, aa tbo buaiaeaa t* tbe morning hoar, to tba copuideration of tbo bill which iNtaartmeat H^UKeyaotoiyiajr, toroorfanlaotbo Indian SS38?. 22?^"?e3?E." " " oft sxigtit!isarjtf&KKas ^assnarSH'sSST favorer h-transfer unroaerrodly in Moaarr Iubu.no, (rep.)ofN..*., Stout fren i of Ww aid Bmo . < re|>., of OaL, adtaceted tha >,ame vhfwai^ ofVn ? (rap.) of Oregon, and Mam (do*I | J*?,?"-' the transfer, bat adracntod tbo .Senate bill aa mp<o':< d front tbo r Hen on .None o1 tl r v-caker* b*m i> . *1 .Lr!!*n present /flairs, a i ?ret era ?? - * " ?"?? Annus "#kera wore m?mvwrot oonMnuintr the dnbato vancloeod by Mr WmooJL '^SP:' . ?? airman of the Commntea m ? "mwwwu uy Mr. WmOOM. ?.. ? airmas of tbyCommnue on Indian ?*. ndvooatod tbo Henaw bill. Heder'are, tbort.ugflb ...a, -,ut will, I|??0 affa^ th^ ?f 1-Hondo ane who (B laror or th* i.n.nn^ meea^ ?* ?' ???? {^U^rSeiTSff?i?3BSi "? pcaintod 1_T._ . ' tbo erpewdsaro of tbe Indian Do. yortmaai, e?trava?Mt aa k .wwa ? , ? amiuiniao b> mi iu,aa a .. t? bo. Avamiit I amounted iSfMMSli I tbe erp ndir I *ne control $l,ubO.O0O, _ poeod uan^er. I a?rk tbnroapos rend front tbe'.jouranl two cJtrJu Bhowine thai am - ? mMWWKXm, ahowlng^tbaTon thll^-'Tr PT?"d**t .""Cbannx notify imTiba Houao that an act (or Uia relief of Haokeda* ai jLJSr ism re ir'T--?no Huuae ^ .?- ^ ? ttactaday * Lefgett having dara It bad baenr t*? d".Ta It bad booame aTi an335ha eiSiwSSaT buli ?^lr? w SaKMf ' ?**' fbooUitlon for n,e wi wHfi n* vBSiin, i H Mr. Wtanos,! trmdoftwm ?, friendly Indiana bptb^RoL sndar Mo agpialad to the Hotse, m siniiiui nnd teat ita epoenihma Car at lannl one snas.^ I Cbtnigton. , to paaetoe Mil ? emeadmenl offernl voeterday hy lfe nknnU* ?. 'SsV - "tsooe. It woe rejected. ?SSStS<z chief clerk to eiecute tbe d ^of.n .. or tb. Uttw la ??pebdM^m?? Tbe *ote van then taken by yeae and uata ion u, gcbeo^e ?y?pdtiient, tran ^fomng tbo control of * u wm i^Laajas $ z^itx reeonsider on tbo table, ,a u,e lirl.amenTa^ in.^ of ? lintbing a tola. Tbe yea* aud naya wera taken and o v^ :?;'0nl^1odrr W" ^ ^ Ubl# ^ ' ^ I Mr. Wianos iheo moved to tay the bill on the tabic I but witbdwwbbo motion au ok tS let the \Z aod n.ya i h K .r*0 biU lo "" r?Mi the third t-.me Ihe hm eaa ordered to be read the third time hv a vote or jn ?vea to 53 naya. The bill w*h then mma-it fc!!'/""1 *"<1 UU* w* amended to a* to KlrtiiSt." " 'he 'nd,W1 Kurwu 10 lhe War Mr. Wiairra soggeeted that the tlUe ahould ba -to nietvncre lntiana and deplete tbe TreiwofV." tkclnl2ilL.?r "n'L,, ?" V"R rari.a npeaaer a table, and dupoied thereof an follow . Ibe iMeagreeutMt of tbe Beuate to tbe Hooae amend ment to tbe Seiiate bill evempting ?ertain Iirniwrtv of drbi<?v m the Dletrtct of Celnmbi. Dom b aMrtm^MUa^hl'T' Th" Boo"e rrrw,M from If* wndment and tbe bHI gee? to (bo PiwaWcat for ph ofCohiSVar'^ET"* iU**? ??????? nitfe. I nbMmrweam,,... The ?aate ameadment lo Hi* Rmiae bill to anVnd th* act of September 11*?, toeaubliah the Court/ or U.? lotted Itlatee. Concurred la. Th? Senate amend meat to the Honae bill, t> pnnl-h certain crime* m raferenc* to the public eec/lnee and MIMO. Mr. wiuto*. irefi I of low*. explained that be amend ment* war* (Imply redutuinaH of peualtie*. ?nd uiipria onmaat, and flue*. The amendment* were qhenfted hi. Senate Mil for tbe relief ot Winona and? Peter'* Railroad Company. Referred to the < dono/ie* on Com merce Senate Mil Of la*t Se'iton granting land to eld In tli* ? onatraction of n railmad and'eicgraplflfle from the bay of San Fnncedo to Humloldt lea < alifornia Vae?ed over wit bant action senate Mil r*i<*Wtin( tb* tenure of mrt/n ri*H nfPi e*. Mr Bate fave lloti ?* that be would trtbnd br up thia bill to n vota to-moteow at fnnroVioelt, Ad a* it \roatd .time >ip to-morrow at unlln*he.l i.ugine* be would yield to a motion to |n Into ncmmltte*. to* reBTinr/rto* enjt, The Kmi*e then, at four /"clock, f motion of Mr. STB*iot*. (rep.) of Pa., wet* into a /nmnntte* of the Whole oo the State offhe'' nlon, Mr Pomeroy In the ? hair, and proceeded h |?e eooeiderjon of tbe Portill raboti Mil. Mr. Bi.?nn, r M* . by direrfloo of ihc Omimit iMnn Milltiiry Affair mored an amendment appropri ating $14?,000 for IMMMMMM of two additional forla in PortbuiO hadri Main*. Tb* appropriating** a?lvooa?? by Mrx?r?. Blaine, I.yncli, Hrhanok, ? 0PPo?*>l by Mr flpaJdlnfr With, otit diapoaini ol tttonendmenUb* commute* roar. rariTiiorf Mr. Van HoajffJP I "f N T., prm*nt?d petition* from 7?ft cttlteo'N,*ff?r* ami Oewego count!** of Now York, ambra- htj"""* 'haw merchant*, hankcra, for warder*, vooaair"*''* ?"<! maater* of rmmlr. arkini an approprtatiimprovement at the barbor at Oliott, Nlajat," 'Ji * r Mr. Mtiatt?*'*/.???> prwnted a petition of the whit* b**r ?7 r,|y <>f Philadelphia xlating that the rot," ? .J*!? of malt IKptont from thS brewery "1 bouling c*u**e It to ipoil, and aaklr atloi of th* ret ?noe lawa in regard 0 k ??wIT""/' U" WBtmaem rowrtirr. Mr i i ai,r '***/ "I., "0 leare, introduced a MM *$t*trtctd?r i" f!'06*' **'? loauran'-e Cmnnany 'jplrr' Beferred to the < ommltte* - .reAT*""", t^oUHoM* taki^' *?*' ?Ugfented thai a'ler to M fp?* eaVww. d<ul' " h*,f P**? '"'.r Mil klT?l'*? oyert*^. , WATPA.IMJ ftPdtti ?!* k.tw^^aJ nrVtreiiTor'the Wftf1"' *?"? hundred Mu?g*r?rnm*n*ndtff* e?V.|l??*,,? * ih* pwwol SUSSTmSmTC?Xt t? Of a prortatotmi ""zT. '-Me* OB Roron. , * tw* rmtr > Mr. Horrwnitw, rep ) of" od lento W Alii to exempt renin pubiio lande Dm tax, a Ci<Swi?wwe' - ?... ???* Mr Mi-Brna (to ) OfChl, on leare introduce', to ttrtnoyta* the rmbl'tbmeai of ocean mail eta?,""; amine between le Called 8tnion and the -au4? P lalaoda ftoforrotto the Poet Office Commute*. "" The Urrn ikon 4 MM- onto few o'ntonh ndi*njm*?i * ? s MEXICO. IKCUl TtUBAll Tl TK mua. 91m ArcbbUbw of Utilra tid LM> ? ?-? Hall to Haw* QaltMd eke Ca?ltaLl|?M ?? TeMie*. inur Eh* C'tillal-Paiuiu* tkeked by IJbetilti Bee. q,, ,4M| Jm b lw, Toot apeeial Hirw correspondent "Ji that a report an circulating to the eflhot that Lady tkaaatae sad tbo Arahblabop had left MSJUoo OB the XOth lust. Ortega la Utara euepaotsd of taring aa nnderttaadiag with the tapertaUaim Teacu<-o was attacked oa the 16Ut (art. by Oarvajai, hot he waa repulsed. Patscuaro WM captured by Regoiea* who Immediately marched upaa Moralla. Palacuafw waa aacked aud the inhabitants aad cnmmnaaliy robbed. Mere About Ortega's Reported Arrent?Roadm to the Ieietior Ope* aad Mafe? ladlaa Depro datlooe Trouble Betwoea tba (t*U aad mi liary Officials at Brawaavllle, dee. kUTAMoaoa, Jan. M, ItdT. The Hooter? Pmmdica Official of the 16th loat pub lishaa a report of the arreet of Geaera) Ortega, 16 Zaea trcaa, aad hta being placed at IbefHspostlloa of tbo aupremo government of Mexico. 'The aame newa baa reached General Berriosabal, oom man ding bare, through official cfcaane la. The Dtfntimi* la Rgbma. of Zaaalrtrth cf the Nth loat., baa the *#*% hot givea bete ef the db tailr. The coinmuntcatloa of Goadral Aura, who mad* the arrest, to the J "area Jtlniater of State, aad?the lat ter't reply are alao published, M rtOIOd.OrtSga aad General I'atoei ware turned over tp Ouhmel Pedro Bar rios to ba delivered up to Jnaaea, On the other hand, a confidential adrtdat of Ortega arrived fat Mstamoroe by the baaie 'ertge which brought now* of the arrest, faflagl*g information to Ortega>a frieods hero and to the aethatn M his autria Browao villtt He was with Ortega When ha eatered Zgcatecae. and great commotion ensued. Tbo General tea* at -tat arrested, but subsequently the garrison araaa and pro nouacad In his favor. The Beermat aays he waa sailed at midnight* furnished wtth money by Ortegas amOdirected to proceed to SalUllo, Mooters? and form the General's Moada of hta CoL Fedro Barrios ia known to ba a el rang adhan nt eg Ortega i this, wtth the entire abaence of drtalh, ha* caused a great traapimea an to the truth ef (he mory _ The frteads of Ortega an ewMwt, aad prortaa to ba believe that the Jaarisla have pubhabed the Stat part at the story and omitted the lart and mart impaatani hews from TOmploo la up to the 18th. Millgi aw quiet. A regular eralem of taxation baa bee* aatahhahadt there. General Gomes la aliU I* command. Caaalcs la at Victoria, Ba baa rapeetad le Gomes and will obey that ohltftaa'a oadara. Ble faiwe la vary The roada an opaa arid travellers a*d asanhaadm era safe. The liberal force* an eeaaiantly ea*oa*4wtt*f aad moving toward the Interior. Their aueoaaa la nrtatat rupted. General Eacobede la in San Lola. It ia thought bo wtu be mode ssesad laaaaamaadroiMas t* the m**b izatlon of tho Mexican amy. Juarez baa Mi Daiwago, aad ? lart aertMrte van moving towards 8a* Lola via Eaoataesa. Local papam I* Brownsville ai*oa*a> ? papaaadm meato by Cortina and a* anUeipotsU attack am Ihrt^cky; but than la ao truth In II. Be la at ttayaaa, up lh* river, and claims to have ordera to awn aaelSmaad a*B drive off the ladlaaa who anrtagmdnlrtg the** Tho ladlaaa recently appeared at Tiarada, am th* Asaoriaaa ride, hilled ana ma* aad drove off a large number of heroaa. The roc*nt killing cf two dUaeaa by ? eagre patrol baa created much MlngTa BrowWrllth. Aa mvimtgi Uoa followed, I* which negaaaa taatrtad. Thoagb mo investigation esUbiiehed gredt cOlpdhlTky o* thp part ef the soldiers porting has been daae'to fbaab The etvtf .!? Idmin ' ?T tho Niaatefatb Colted stalaft colored Infantry, charged with ^diag and abaft tag at Mm 'death of the ana, aad General Reynolds, sub-district, would not permit it. mediately abandoned any further attempt to rtadlcaw the law. lUuaout Jan. 90, Mil From General BerriozabaTa headquarters 1 tears tbat Cortina la disaffected with the present rule In Vaauurts poa, bat pledgee himaalt to do aethlag ta spporttl in a II until ho receives orders direct from Jnaroa. lb the meantime he ia recruiting bis eemnsaad. It m the up at aback. A convoy with one million delta* lh specie raaskic MaUmoroo yesterday. News from the interior through Juarlet source* aa. nounce the arrival of Ortega aad Paten I at Juaraa'a seat of government. It la thought little or aethlag wffl bo doae with them, aa their influence has aaaaad to be dangerous. Hearer of DnHtcliM trmm Jtarm ca tMi? la Wukln(t*?~Or(?|t Brrelred mm ? Prisoner ml Wir-Tk? French Trmmpm ttm ?alital Nfitral. Oaltwtox, Jan. SI, 1M7 The despatch boat Blackbird rm arrived has* and briugs fllM or Browssvill* paper* and (pedal despsbhes imnig ber pasaengera ia Colonel Mlgua Mejla, of Juarer'a arm*, iha bearer of deepst-has u> Washington aad New York. The authorities or Zacateeas have given up OrMga aud Coneral Pa lout to Juarez, who received the a* ai pdaoner* of war, though they expected to be hnn?. The* had travelled from Vatamoro* to Zacateear on borabeck, a distance of seven hundred miles, aad being grutly exhaueted and moreover deceived by a chief. wh< had pro mined Urtega to espouse his causa, they < riurea tbe city reckless of results. he Krenrh have erased to light the liberals, sad do notlntervene when tbe iraperiallrta mud liberate have a liable. the liberals art concentrating In th# valley of Hemes, ant wiir luion number one buudrod thousand anting Knobedu le at San laua I'otsal wttli twenty-ata I hi?a ? men und lifty-flve piecae of artlltenr. Be?rat Pase caromanda the artillery and tiensnd Navtna thsanvatry. I be information about Cortina and Ganalsa la very Timy appear m be robbing pralir?ly Is tho aatne of (tod and liberty. B. a Oaliorue, let# Captain of the Mexican gwabost Bravo, haa been dinuiwasd from the ?vise en em? of bavins djiMfipropristed money, and daaarWie. ttahorae H well known in New York, and served sssasthuom Eldfldgw street Jn.il tat giving inAarmstlsa to the enemy during the rebellion. lie published a card saying that be would appeal o Minister tiomero, aigmsg himsslf Admiral. OrffriiM #f CalMfl rarllU-llarrlllu JtkMl Vera Cm* and th? Capital?Mtarbalag ?/ Fiiviar*. N?? OmjtAsa, Jaa. tl, 1MT Mmi'jh adrtroa "tat* that Colonel Cnriilo, wbo IMr embraced the liberal tide, ha* again changed. ^<lk| hiniFelf and troop* at the command of Ik* htfn of MMk OuartlUa are rery tronbleenme in the neighborhood at of ill* <uty of Motion and Vara Crua. ' Mejia I* organizing a division and would a?t Mini mm; at tfierotaro, wbo ha* eight thouaaud eon Th* cat; of Patzcuaro wan rtoranod by Kegnta*. tbo I U ral chieftain, on the 21m, lasting aartnl bourm While negotiation* for the capitulation won * Off one lag the guerilla* entered tbo town and < omtaittM omnaeoa, burning and doetmyng boueoa, and locked # aa prison or* hearty all tbo malo inhabitant*. come eero released by giving money and otbera by joining the.tbond arm*. The women were hiding m Uto mouutalna dd tbo rhap paw!*, h:** raoa new ouiui. skcui Tataii till? iixil. Political RtrllranM-TlM Conflict the f.ralalaiure and (Uvrmtr Welle, *r. Nnw ()?luA Jul 31, 1M7 It h understood among the Man* of Governor Walla that if tba I^gNa'nrr pnaaaa the Mil tor a new cowl union or or hi* vvto, the Governor w111 hnne a proclaim tins declaring ?oa convention of IBM local and tamtam hllng it The radical* are organising tba Grand Amy of the Republic all over the Slate, and another conflict between iba radical* and aa-coniedaraiaa la not at all Mapwbabta rolltical crriaemaat ran* blgb, to aaaab m ibat bustaam fire Ma are affected. Hie act paraed by tba legislature of UM Maytag a UU of qu quarter par arnt o? tba groaa aaMa and ra caipta baa bean declared by Judge DopMattor, of tba Hixth District Court at unconstitutional. aa It Male* an import* and asporta. and tbna comet in contact wttn tba provision* in tba conatltuiloa. Thla decialon girea groat *ati?raciIon In Nan Orleans. General (theridaa and Colonel Crosby. of hie etb#, lafl to-night for Washington. BISASUI TO TNI IIITISH SNJf ITAFFfl Sas Katamsco, Jan. >1, 1M7 Total edvtcca bare been received op to Oeoewdier'ifl, and atata tbat tba Britiah tblp Sultofdablra pat Into ?tad nort leaiinn. M?e a

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