1 Şubat 1867 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 5

1 Şubat 1867 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 5
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THE PUBLIC HEALTH. >?Mwt mt Ik* HiNHUra4?M-Tb* Um kiln ck fUlMUk MrMt-Tke BmUn Ck?l?ra Hospital?The ^?rlwl ItII. At Board of Health met yesterday aAerwooa, Preai k#t Bchults in the chair. At bupermtradant a weekly report, which waa raad. (ivaa 22V tenement bouses, eighty-nine grivnle dwellings, ?w? manufactories, thraa public institutions, tw* work ?hopa. elaveu yard eo'irte, one aiaa and sixty cellars. The whole number of inspection* daring the weak was dW. Of the twenty orders iseoed last week for the reno vation of bo tidings in aa unhealthy condition not one had bera complied with. Captain Lord returned 210 as the number of orders for the abatement of nuisancer which were iseued daring the weak. Eighty-three tene ment bounce, seven private dwelling! and one manufac tory ware mported by the inspectors an in an unhealthy condition. The death af Dt Fowler Prentice, late an inspector of aha Board, waa announced, and a resolution expresaive e? the feeling of the Board relative to the sail event was Cbaa. H. Reynolds, who has a limekiln In Raw Ftf tneath'street, and who waa drdered to discontinue it by Um Board of Health last summer, and sued out an in junction ngatnst the commission, which was granted in Oeneral Terns of the Superior Court last week, sent in s petition asking the Board to allow him to continue his fcuntoees on Fifteenth street until the 28th of May. A resolution wee adopted allowing bim to continue in Fifteenth street qntil that lime, provided he would sign a contract to remove uis business and discontinue >t at his present place of baainma after that period, not to re- | aaam it in or near any built up portion of the metropoli tan diet Met . The couaael far the owners of the bouse injtroeklyn which waa seised feet summer for hospital purpose* dur ing the prevalence af the cholera, by th? Board of Qetftheent m a communication afflMug to fgibmit the afffestfeaaF psxwtjsr Urn use of pa premAes to arhi wSHom. Ttie aksr waa aaeepted. , Jfr. Brovs. af the Banltaty Committee, repbrti d that (Be eommHteehad net ?* yet fully completed t&air report aw km effects of presktakah lb this city. f>r. Paashtw aatd that the subject maa owe oRtbe nttuost Wnportancc to the public It was not tba intantton of the eommittee to hava tba report refer to tba moral status of oarieiu females solely, hut it would ahow the eflbcte prodnoed on others, perhaps lauooent person?, by the prevalence of the social evil unchecked amrun eurraundad by any legal safeguards. It was a subject to be approached with determination, that it might be shown that what had bean done in other countriee to ameliorate the evd?if such term* could be used?could be done in this country as waH. There were but few persons who could speak aaihoritativalv of the terrible inroads that disease, caused by prostitution, was making In this city aud la fact in the whole country. It was creeping on aotfaalning tn strength day by day, and if something warn not dona in the matter in the way of legislation that would aid In the efforts of the various sociotiee es tablished ?e help the "fallen" and protect others from harm, the s?me state of things would bo the result of the neglect as existed five hundred years ago in Italy, when "nearly the whole country was devastated." Every man in his right mind, every man who had the slightest moral feeliag or sympathy tor hia fellows, and every woman and child who could understand the subject would support any legislation that would go to arrest the progress of the gigantic disease breeding evils. Report at l(imr?silne CawMiwIrarr*. Tbe following is a brief synopsis of the very full and Interesting report of the Quarantine Commissioners, transmitted to the legislature by his Excellency, flov ernor fenton- -The report states that early last year a vessel arrived in the port or New Turk, bearing wilb It the ?eeds of one or the terrible diseases,|to guard against the spread of which quarantine was specially Instituted. Its appearance awakened sad recollect ions of the havoc and desolation which bad attended the advent of the malady in former years, and exctted public apprehen sions that it might be but the forerunner ef a more frightful visitation than any that bad preceded it The prompt action of the legislature in placing means at the disposal of the Commissioners, has tended to guard the port thus far. and will stimulate a greater exertion to sec ore a continuance of that immunity (Tom pestilence which we have enjoyed during the year which ha* just tenon or cononass. The report, rives details of the ection of the Governor u rorreepondhur with ' 'ongreas In regard to the subject ?t a quarantine. The Secretary of War placed at the dia poeai of the health officer the steamship Illinois; also tdoopn-of war -focatoga and Portsmouth. These veneris, tofgrtfeer with the floating hospital, constituted the onlv l>mro? under the oontrol or (he quarsntine autherjUes. * r the reception and rpiw of the tick. Hie dereutlea of dliesn exposed to dine*-*. and the fnnilgaMotr snd elequs u>g of dMtilng and baggage. A part of the time they afforded ample aeootninodattona A* these purposes, hut at sMtave the vessels became pvererowded, aa# more room was required. The ? 'ommt'sionera eadeavoied to. obtain the use of the slemiiship Empire City from the Arcreta'y of War, hot Uiled In making any satisfactory arrangement with him in regard thereto. HMT.TH OPVICKH'e XtSOVT. In speaking of the Health Officer's report the t'otrtnis otoner* sav, " In its interesting details, lie valuable sug gestions. ite stetlsllcs of disease and it* general Infor mation in regard to the working of our quarantine sys tem, it is siieh tliet they would feet that gr a' Injustice wan done htm. and the Lecrislatare sustain a loss, whouid Uiey a'.tempt to prevent in its place any mere synopsis of the fhets and suggestions it contains. mOuKRA. The apprehensions which were predicted a year since in reference to this disease, liare been to a very great ?stent rsnlired. The arrival of the Atlanta, with the terrible scourge on hoard, in November, IMS, was fol. lowed by the arrival of eighteen other vessels in 1Mb, which either brought esses of tho disease into port or had It on board during the voyage from Europe. Out of the whole number on board of thn?e vessels six hundred persons were pro*;rated with the disease on their arriva1, or during the fieriod of their detention after arrival, and out of thm number two hundred and forty-two died. This mortality is much less than attended the disease in wiany places in Europe, sod is far Ice than (bat which ?centred among the pa?scu?ers of the Knclano while ? uder quarantine at Halifax. The*e results speak volumes in praise ef the efli'-tency with which the slight means at the disposal of the Health Officer have been need. Th- floating hospital owned by the State can com fortably accommodate less than eighty sick; yet at one t'tne U contained upwards of one hundred and twenty, while at the canm time over one thousand four hundred persons who had been exposed to the disease on ship board, were to (?? provided lor in some suitable place of detention until time bad demonstrated that they were free from disease. For lack of socfa suitable accommo dations on se> oral occasions, necessity compelled the ' temporary dstntwin of passengers on board the vessels ?n which they arrivod, until, by the discharge of paseengcrs previously detained, room conld lie provided en other vessels, and on one occasion this was rendered necessary by I be temporary withdrawal of the Illinois for purpose.-; of repaint. It will be manifest that such a course tended to increase the morta'ity among the sick, the dieeaee among the well. But there wa? no oilier alternative. The ereat and rich Mate of Now York did Wot own a foot of land where these poor uni'ortnnato beings could he placed. Many of them looked with hinging eyes to the green ami inviting shores of staten Island, but Uiev were told that, the law had interposed a barrier against their )undine there. If they turned to the Meek sands of (looey Island they were met with the same forbidding answer. They could not nMaio a foot hold upon our gboree, however barren and desolate the epet might be. uutif, bv Ippre of time, they had tieen proved to be free from the seeds of infection. Every consideration of humanity demands that (hie slate of things shall cease. The reasons which favor fhe use of ?eating hospitals for the reception of the sick do not -eppiv to the detention of those who bare bean merely exposed to disease. In fact, the experience of the past year shows that, the purposes of such detention cannot he accomplished on hoard of vessel# without great expense and eerious inconvenience an i, in manv eases, an actual increase of disease. In p c.a e can the objects he perfectly attained on the w*fr without such a namber of vcssela as will afford stip e accommodation* for possengsrs. with separate veasslfor hulks upon which to cleanse and fumigate bugfac tnd c.lothmr. Hsu the Quarantine authorities been abb to land such of >hs paoaemreps as went not orosiratfl by do "hue at some isolated poiut on land where thcy/muld on.oy pure air and convenience* for penon*' ?lentjlaoi-. it I* believed the sickness and moitality woifld ha* been less To render effective the pow*r of fhe Commi*?rtter? tn detecting u suitable .-it* for uuiractine they nyst lie en ti iSt d to lake whutm-er land is required by ri>St of eno De-it domain if it annul he acquired bv pu'rehSe, so ihst .private interna* and prejudices may r>oi boMlowed to d lest its objects. A proper tribute Is paid to the nur*es ad physicians and ihoe* havli.g core oi the nick, ind of t>e serviccm of Iir Hwlnb irno they speak in the highest tyms ?* Appro val for his in wearied -md -dee pi ess vigilape In c'larding tho nation from c in'ajions disease. Vt SKixnxe lioaerrst. fprparatinni for the ereriiob of thin structure have m iy t een commWi-d, and the uw of empoftry tacili to-* for tlje -are and reception of ttie #6k must necessa rily he continued for some monibs toioine. The bulks i be contained tor eirav . < v T&FLT& err.roent. should ho allowed to remsif in their tl.e eomjng summer. II 'he geuep government will nut do so iboii the |o>gi .isturt roc si Provide oihsr ves. He's lo i>e used in their stead. w lasnnrsw It is uiged us tbs duiv of the gerral pmernnwtti to provide suitable warcfiou.->es for ftl reception of good* and morviiondisa arming In subject to qiu rai. tuc, end a cession of land on 'cat Bank should be . .. uiionwbirh to erect such mode w th? I idted state*. upon WOW" ? ?""* ?** i... uinvt i hi ? in I set tins ie?n tnrt Congress lias ?lings lllo in -hi s gnu s-i its aocopiasce of tliqj'WU, nor ovine-d .mv dise'Vitioii in perform the due which it owes to the eWe. It i? believed, bowevej I bat a suitablA effort ? jsirt of the 1cffisl.il ire wuld "conn l|,? noccs *"??t n.,i ,i..iMl,r ,n?|,| Zf SI proiwiatton from tJeigprf ?'< *dt.tev?r Hdght Zt toerU'l of such m e?ori h "a " Til"^P^'^ MSI* Sfiev arc n?n . it ?i.ouMi >ms??r the expense la mwi eaireUoa ttiey 'toef ?? PW* <0 Most I'cieeuua <?..-? .?, -? r?r ? ?? the in, i thai laahmg has j't '?"?? dnne towards th" smr X.osof warehonsea io- #ti-ivteeted gixq< in the nfW'r nay piinu.-iitt to the /ct or April 29, jquft, anil sseu'd iberntore reeonunen./tlmt suuh to oct rtiav be pi'Mwrf .?<? riuv he Neetwoar- to can# out ?h? >du''"ts -^? gaeil us b. -ouipl" I d unuer tire *tntuie-bore Me ?moiwhate se. e-cth- pbtoe ved fo. the cmmlrwr i,.. ,,j these and uu d wAhnnom. ate ere toil tony may nrr ? .nstitutmn shomf he self mipp/.rt<og. ?ed (ho-e stio map d? IWH.V.1S -pmd be ma le to apMimc its bur ?eris, put no moddof pwtiug end overcoming the dlf p-ilijl in nut it a mai.nf oe to make this part ef the e. ? e.#s m q>uiraetina W)l mora Mually upon tbomi en ?nstl tn nam a.saw S AsgatoW jWyif tn Utp ?? system sf taxation upon ths oooatiiutienai 1 nod# noft I lag UM Ziffle our, ths pswsr eas'sMbr M sxsrclasd by 1 the general government. Some general eye tern of com-' mutation may be adopted by the SUM under which the I consignee or ahipownsr may pay a fixed nam for each I passenger or sailor brought into port, and thue secure I exemption (Mm liability to defray the expenees of their I oars and support uoder Qoarautine At the oloae of last year a total deficiency of $10,318 waa reported. Tbta amount has been paid out or the appropriation of $75,000, thaa iwducing the actual appro Biation for this year to $55,718. The whole of this sum a been drawn and expended, together with $14,748 as the net proceeds of collections on aoooaot of the floating hospital, after paving the expenses or the ship, includ ing $8,350 for the purchase or the steam ambulance boat Governor Kenton. Of the sume thus received there re mains in the hands of tho Comma toners the sum of $17,836 48; but the Metropolitan Board OT Health make a claim out of this fund to the extent of $7,000 tor ex pa Dees incurred and j?aid by them in fitting up Seguiu's point. In addition to this there are ouUtandiog bllN for current quarantine expenees amounting to about $3,000. If, therefore, tho claim of tho Board of Health is allowed, tho balanoe in tho hands of tho Commissioners will be reduced to abont $8 000. This balance will prob ably be absorbed by April next .in support of the float. >ng hospital, wtdeb experience teaches should be kept in constant readinees for the reception of the sick. UKTROPciUl AS BOARD OK HSALTH. The fommis8loners have to acknowledge the cords! manner in which tbev have been sustained by ill's Board, and the harmony which has existed between them and Ute Quarantine authorities. While they be lieve that they may justly claim that while the quaran tine regulations have been so strictly enforced in tho lower bay. that not a case or cholera has occurred In tho city which could be traced to the infected shipping it port, they believe with equal truth it may be claimed that it is owing to the stringent and wholesome regula tions adopted and enforced by that Board tbat'eur com mercial metropolis bo* beeu spared any extended rava-' gee of the pnstilen<? which appeared to ear midst. If ths aame harmob.v and efficiency shall character)!# their ofltaal acta, ?ur citizens will have no reason to regret the action pf the Legislature in creating the Board. conrunuow. In coucIiihIob. the <nn'nttwuraar* urge upon the Legis lature lh>? necessity of pleciug proper fticiItMo? at their disposal to met a srn-lar vMUiloo of disease to that which we have putt past. Careful observers of cholera iu times pa-t. both in this country and Europe, express the conviction tbat another summer will bring with It a return of the disease. Juould it again make its ap pearance through the commerce of the port, there seems to be no alternative except to treat the sick under quar antine upon hulks and vessels. If the resolution of Comrress shall bs extended, as already suggested, It is probable that no otbsr vessels will be required than those tbat will thus be furnished. Unless this Is done, the appropriation for the support of quarantine must w eearily be much larger than would oe otherwise re quired. CTRUS f'URTIf?, i WM. W. tX)BB. [ f-onimisMionera W M. C, ANDERSON,) Report of ik? Health Officer or the Port ml Now York. The report ol I>f. John Swinboru, Health Officer of ike port, I" a very full and complete rt'ausu of the condition of things under bis control. The improvements contem plated ty the laws of last session have been commenced, bat cannot be made available for quarantine purposes daring the coming season. In Ties of the probable re turn or cholera nen seesou, he suggests the|cominuanoe of tlie use of Gravesentl Bay for the snchorsge of hos pital ship*. iKwnrat. ?huk. The ship falcon, .'lea in-h in Illinois, sloap-ol-war Portsmouth and slonp-of-war "aratogi?the latter for the cleansing of clothing, baggage, Ac?have been in use during the past season, and to tho advantage afforded by these vessels the country is in a great measure indebted for its comparative immunity from cholera Even these facilities, however, were limited and sources of great inconvenience to the officers of the Health Department, and detrimental to the life and health of patient'', as various contagions diseases had to be treated in the same hospital ship in April last, the Steamship Vir ginia arrived In port with 196 sick passengers aboard, of whom 1T3 proved to ba eases of cholera and 23 of other diseases Of K1 cams admitted to the Falcon daring the season, MB were cams of cholera and M other dis eases. Daring the season, while cases of ehelera were being treated in the hospital ship, vessels arrived in port having yellow fever on board; and the impropriety of Introdnciat these eases upon the hospital ship being m<>?t manifest, and having no ether place for their treat ment, >r? were compelle# In the greah injury of com merce u> detain fbeee vessel* in Quarantine during the period of sitfcneca of those on board. Which facts Indi cate the necessity for additional hospital accomrooda lw view of the propound enrir completion of the per laaaent hospital improvements and tbe addition of one vessel, the inconveniences here complained of will be temporarily remedied It will be nnderatood that these vessels will be required fer pnrelv hospital purpeeeu dsiuntiok op wku. rosoum For the accommodation of tbe well, detained for ob servation and cleansing, he deems it IndiHpeasatrie for tbe safety of the public that permanent structures or other facilities should be provided. Experience has de mon-crated tbe necessity of detaining under quarantine surveillance during tbe period of incubation, for proper cleansing, Ac., ail passengers who have been exposed to cholera or other contagions diseases. Tbe attention or the Quarantine Commissioners is expressly called to tbie iwint, and legislative intervention is asked for the par pose of procuring proper tecum modal ions. Ac., for quar antine purposes. The State should assume Its right of eminent domain over sn<-h territory as may bo appropri ate for tb-> object in view, and the sooner it w done tbe better for the peace and health of tbe people. Of course the selection of a location for quarantine purposes should be made with due regard to sanitary laws and tbe icier eats of commerce. smvuw; r.Rorvng. If the present cemeiery on the southwestern shore of Staton Island, near Seguln'a Point, continues to he used tor this purpose. proper docks should be erected fbr ihe sate landing of the boats u*ed in transferring the dead, for frequently tn stormy weather they are obliged to retain the dead bodies on hoard ship for many day*, as no boat conld be landed without filing immediately on striking tbe beach. On one occasion the stoop Four Brothers was swamped, while the 'toatmen are some time* compelled to remain ashore during tbe night, as the inbabtrants of the neighborhood will not allow any body irnm the hospital ships to come noar their dwell ing.-. or even thei r outhouses. ntunnm The mean vacbt Governor Kenton wae used during the past season to transport the sick, answering the p tr ial** admirably, and was a great Improvement on the old mode of transferring mora in open boats exposed to the win her. The st*om tng Hiram Pern', now in use, will require considerable repair* to fit her for the purpose requited The sloop Four Brothers and ether boats u -od in Qusmuline are generally In good condition, and will require hut a moderate amount of repaint. gAIUNK HOMITAL". The remarks and suggestions made in the last report arc afain earnestly pre-sed upon the attention of tbe i oinfilrnon"Mine-tenths of the seamen who are founl snlP-ring from yellow fever dnr.og the quarantine seewi arc ascertained to he Amencan sailors, who. in mow instances, have in the manner stated contributed IJier quota to tbe National Hospital Fund; and it is, tlptefore. eminently proper that the general government sfouid be called upon to furnish factlltioa fbr their relief U case of sickness." The suggestions of last report are /ho more pertinent at this time in view of tbe tact that the general government Is dis|>o*tng of all the marine hospitals in other ports, and yet has made no further provision lor the care ol seamen afflicted with contagions disease* entering the port of* New Vork, and be Insists that the huMpttai fundi- collected from seamen la the port of New Vork shall bo applied to coeh of them aa I shall be found sick. QCA.RVNTCVX POUT*. This force It.is effected a radical change in tbe Queran- , tiue Department, fhc lew lees gangs of sailors, runners 1 am) tlneves who formerly info-led the bay and were a terror to the masters and owners of vessels, have almost entirety di-eppeared. uVtmsttNO. No change has been made in the system of lightering the oas' season, and he has no renaou to believe that a change in thta system is demanded either by the sani tary or commercial interests. During 1966 an attempt aa- made by the then Collector to control the lightering of v*e-*ls in quarantine, but the secretary of the Trea sury directed Mr. Pr*|>er to act in harmony with tbe view* of the Health department. An unpleasant occurrence with Collector Smvihe. in regard to the detention of the Stnamer Kaglc, Is men tioned?that -.entleruaii announcing his determination to control the lightering of vessels, collector Pmvthe for warded to In* Excellency Governor K'nton charge*, direi t ind by implication. against tha Quarantine im fhoritie*. for Improperly detaining vcvei-i and cargoes amviug frorn oon- infected ports, and of improper ind ?Ccgal conduct in rriation to tbalr discharge iiy lighter men These i hargea were promptly refuted by tho Heaitli Othcer. and wore shown to be eutlrcly unfounded, and s writren statement from Csptain Green, of the steamer Eagle, shows the rbarges of Mr. braythe to have b*cn untrue or a misstatement The matter has again lie*n referred to the HecTWWry of the Troaanry. In order Mud the disputed question of aathortty may be definitely settled. wast Rorasa. The views ?xpre-n d m his former rcpoil are en dorsed. tttum, tr.inow rsvan, im. | fa enty-eight tessels have urrlred in port with 104 casessu ibis di-ea*o on hoard; 9,600 persona were liable t ? catch Uils disease, being ; asseogcra on the vessels Inicvied. Two vessels have amved daring the year with typhus or ship fever on hoard. 279 vessele from tropi cal coonlpre have inived with 61 cases of yellow fever, 4? per cent of which proved fetal. < mover. Hie suggestions and si stem cuts made in tbe report for tan* -re reiterated. and tbe rears exprttmil therein were not e tliottvibaiMiatien, and the precautions then Ad vtsrd wen so Ims necesaary. During tbe latter pan of the w Inter, although cholera had died oat in Pan a, Mar eeailer and ether porta of France, it made iu appearance m lownisnf. Holland, and, accompanying the tide ef em rmiipn, lound its way to Uvarpool. where, early in Apnl. several Canaan a, who were about to embark fer ih* I 'uutry. wr?e attnrved and died. The find outbreak of tlie diamai occurred on tbe steamer Fn^ let"', whtuh |wM into Hallfag tor taediral aw'isiance. .Nine <lavr afterwards the etsamer Virgtnis, nf Hie anm* line arrived at thta port and raported 3M death* from ?Imlera during the pomace, with 46 oases op iHietii. and nae vucceodod by others from dtnviant pons, 1* m all, having a total of 9,601 persons on hoard, of whom 604 dlad <m the passage and Ml in quarantine, nr (HiS cures of the disease treated In quarantine 69 per .?M died, ami ol ">00 patient* received on tbe hospital ship Falooo 66 per eont died. The dtseeoe wae reffi fliwd hia'aiy ?o tbe steerage pamwigan, 7,999 in nam Mr, of ^b*n M n im dfti Vf UN raeao ei *1 arrfao*, ail of which were treated on their respective Teasels, M tfiad beforo ikw ovoid to removed. Maay won not reported until m * dying eoodiiivo, while others oooM net to removed awing to atomy weather. Many lives might hare bean saved If patients ovoid have bean promptly removed to proper hospital* aa nearly all oaaaa recovered which were transferred to the Faleon at an early period of the disease. Dr. Blasell, in a latter to Dr. Swinburne, ?ya tbe present location ef tba float ing hospital la little anltad to the can and treatment of tba skit emigrant or the well passengers on their arrival, and proceeds to give reasons at length for eucb opinion. Tba hospital should to oa land or on permanent flituree near the water, where veeaele can at all times approach for the transfer of sick to tbe hospital and wall passen gers to a propar place of detention on shore. While tba employ to of the hospital and receiving sh.pe suffered more or less from diarrhoea, it Is a fact worthy of notice that only 3 were attacked with cholera; and this uircumstauce la more remarkable from the (act that the hospital ship has scooaamodatiaa for hut 90 feck, and yet he found at one time 14) sick and 20 dead on board. Of the attendants on board attacked with cholera but'.'did. Not n single case occurred among tbe wash erwomen employed in washing the roiled clothing of cholera patients At Gibraltar, during the epidemic lest year, the place where the soldiers" clothes ware washed i>ecame a terrible focus of infacliom and all employed were seized with the disease. In IMS but 23 oases of cholera were received into hospital, wbile tboie ware 3.612 deaths in tbe city or New York; in 1849 there were 230 < ases in qnarantine, and 6,071 daatba in the city; in 18 4, 415 cases in quarantine and 2,609 in tbe city, while during the present season there have been 608 cases In quarantine and only 1,210 deaths in New York, with a population double what it was in 1849, and four Urns* greater than in 1832. In reference to the commnnleatiea of the disease, the following opinions of a cholera eonrerence. held at Cen 'stantlnopte in May last, are givenFirst, that thedlaeaae is communicable from the dieeased to the healthy; second, by persons in estate of developed cholera, and by persons suffering from choleric diarrhoea who can move about in apparent health; third, the dischargee of such persons become the chief means of diffusing tbe disease by mingling with air and water; fourth, by exposure of persons to lbs atmos phere of buildings or places which have been occupied by cholera patients and to the emanations from clothes, bedding and other articles. While recognizing tbe eommunltobllUy of cholera they consider that with due precaution as to ventilation and scrupulous cleanliness, tec., the patients can to haudled without undue risk to those employed. The system of purification was carried out, a>- tar aa circumstances would permit, on all vessels arm Ing at New York. The luggage and bedding of all persons exposed to cholera has in every Instance been carefully aired and fumigated With chlorine gas. their soiled lineu washed and the per sons themselves detained lor a sufliciont tune to jnstlfy the belief that they could carry with them no seeds of tbedisoaae. Tbe courted and support of the press of New York city is acknowledged in ? few laudatory para 1 graphs. The question as to whether the discs* can be pre vented from re-entering ih? country ie argued at length, and tbe report says that it can be by an efficient quaran tine. Kxamples are given as to the action of the au thorities at Constantinople and other points to prove the conclusions arrived at Tabular sii.cements containing a wimnmrv of all the vessuls arriving at quarvntiuc upon whifh cases of cholera occurred during the season, with tin* percentage of deaths, are giveu. Honorable mention ie made of tbe medical staff at Quarantine and thanks extended to Dre. B.seell, Bur den, the veteran Dr. Harcourt, Pre. Pprague, Courtenay, Macartney, Dr. Kenneth Read, .Superintendent O'Ronrke aud others. The report, closes a? follows;?'? I desire to acknowl edge the valuable assistance and uniform courtesy which has been extended to me by your honorable Board dur ing the past seesos, and to express to you my sincere coovirtipn that tbe community at large will in lime, if they do not now, perceive and acknowledge the debt of gratitude tliey owe to the Commissioners of Quarantine for tbe almost entire immunity they have entoyed from tbe presence aud deleterious effects of the terrible scourge which baa threatened our shores. "Forewarned is forearmed," should be an axiom for worthy action in every case. If, after observing H In this instance, tbe great Providence, who is thn dispenser alike of lire and death, should arrest the approach of th s terrible de stroyer and turn it from our shores, we shall have vet the ooneolatlou or doing our whole duty; aud if, in Hie wi.sdom, Ha may yet permit it to coma upon us, we shall be at least prepared to de all we can to weaken its attack, subdue its effects and confine its march. Si-am?r I,ent'? Autrntwraii U ike .Urira> I pelitan Hrallh Bill. The advent ol cholera lost year made Ui? mihject of , public hee'th ?m of psramenat importance to every person in the oommanity. The establishment of the Board of Health im tho Crai prevent >re measure adopted. The present Legislature be* again taken up the matter, and below will be found (tie materal per Hons of Senator Lent's hill amending the original b'-alth MIL The first three sections relate to matter* ooneernhSR the organisation of the Board, and the duties and powers 01 the Metropolitan Police aod the Board nt Health. Sections four end flva relate respe? lively to the techni cal a mend menta res pectin* the suburban districts, and to the hotvies of any order by the Board lor the abate ment of nuisances. Section sis roads as follows:? Tbo word nuisance, as ueed in tbia act, shall be be|d to embrace public nuisance as known at common law, or In equity jurisprudence; and it is further enacted, that whatever is offensive and detrimental to public morality; whatever is dangerous to human life or detri mentai to health; whalover obstruots (for their intended or proper use), or impairs the pubii< enjoy mcnt of any public street, sidewalk, place, park, pier or waters; whatever building or erection, or part or collar thoreor, is overcrowded with occupants, or is not provided with adequate ingress and egret* to aod from the same, or the apartments thereof, or is not sudWieotty supported, VcnfUated, sewered, drained, cleaned or lighted, in reference to their or its intended or actual use; nud whatever renders the air. or human rood or drink, un wholesome; whatever business, pursuit or erection con travene' the toga! and proper regulations ot said Board of Health, respecting markets, lodging houses, tenement houses, boarding house*, manufactories, sidewalks, scavengere, butch ore, slaughterhouses, saloon*, or con corning any other matter or thing In re-pee: of whieb said Board of HgSlth is clothed wttn authority, it ea<l distriot; are also, severally, in contemplation of this art, nuisances, and all such uu saooes are hereby d ? elated illegal; and each and all persons and cor porattons who created or contributed thereto, or who may support, continue or maintain or retain them. 01 any of them, shall be join'ly and severally hah e for or toward the ex|>ense ol 'he abau.-tneu! and remedying ot the same, and otherwise, a? the judgtnt nto! i ay or the oroer of said Board, or of any lodge may byitlly declare; but, as between themselves. nny such twr^uir and corporations may enforce contribution or col Kit er fienaes, according to nny legal or eqniialile relation- ex isting between them; but nothing herein cool* no) shall annul or defeat any common law liability ?t re-pon??l?il ity in respect of nuisance* 1. 8a J Board of Health m?v insiitcle and mamta n, n any court in said district (having jurisdiction in suits where tne amount claimedexceeds $1,000'. a suit or ? jit for tho abatement or romedrtng of anv of H.e e' errwod nun-ancm, either completely ?r an fully as i.ar be ptrau ticabie in refereoco to wtabli sited legal or r<tuit?lile principles thereto applicable and the public interests u volved. And said Board shall alao bare, iu s??d OhUmu, all common law rights to abate any anisaj.v-s without unit, which can or does, in this Htatr, baking to ?)iy pee. ?on whatever. X To all such suite the provision* of ' baptars sev enty-fonr and six hnndrod ami eighty---'.* of the law* liM. relative to Jurisdiction, cost* nod Ptn es, siiti. b? applicable; aod tbe eoortr shall, in outer to bettor pro ?? -o?? ?wilo .?taaaetu .ni ftlrorf wnrt 111 Mlu'Mr hltfJ; the public interests involved, and to render sucti ?nil more effectual, allow the pla-iit.tr, at any proper stage of the caee,-to amend, by joining other partie- de fendant; and said Board may. without comm. d s outiaue su b emt as to anr party or part es, or altogether, end no autt shall be dismissed or dsleaied by reason of there tieing other person* Interested therein, or concerned ,n causing, creating or maintain,ug the nuisance cowpifc-nod of In such suit. 3. Any euch suit may berried as an ieaue of 'aw, or by and before a judge, without a jury (thougt issues of fact, triable by a jury, may be involved I, unless in the answer of some defendant a trial by jury -hall be demanded upon some issue of fact, which must be dis tinctly made and stated by such answer, ard in respect of wbirn a right of tery irial shuli exist under 'be <-<w solution And m any case involving any issue of fact sa.d Board may insist on a jury trial aa maiter of right: but wbeu any defendant's claim l or a jury tral If allowed th? issues of fact as to all tho defendants shall be tried together unless said I loan) snail object thereto by its counsel i before the same jury, and UniesK special issues shell, by the court, he formally settled fur the jury, ibe Jury trial shall proceed on the relrvau: at d material is sues of fact made :n th? plcadinss; and the judgo who presided at the trial (or some Judge of tin -ame coufl, if ?aid lodge be unotds) shall, on rec uvlng Uie verdict, oras soon thereat"r a- pantiM*. and at the same term, if pot Hble, witio and iau?o to Iw entered the pru|-or judgment, iu said suit 4. If the judgment lie that any nuisance be abated or remedied ie Whole or ia port, sold judgment ?hall oon tain sufficient directions for Its proper execution, and the judge shall from the pleadings and iroiu theevidencegiv-.t w the trial, nnd and state wliat proportion of the expense of such execution shall oe pain or be borne by each and by all of the defcndantH. jointly or xeverullv. and if, it) the opinion of the court, any part of or all the expends ol ?u< h execution should be '.-orne by said Board of Health, or ths execution of giicb decree should be. mads by said Board, or under its direction, said decree shall contain the appropriate direction* in respect lo such last named payment or execution. And the court may also ad idge tbe Board to pay or advance such propor tion of the expenses of executing such judgment, sh the judgment stall not dlruutto be paid by some one or all ol tbe defendant* Hold judgment, if agaiDst any defendant, ?ball, on it* face. Mate that It will be a lien on tbe real prop erly and incorporeal hereditaments of such defendant or defendants respectively^ mm his or their proportion of such expenses of ossentton sea rationed. or tbe 1MB thereof shall ha atbarwiss dlenharpad according to la*. ? ? s. Any person |?$sdldtBy affected by the hen of aay ouch judgment, map, oa eight days' noMce to said beard, make a mutton before any judge ef the court in whidk I

sakl juiigtnent was redereti, for MB order that the lien .if such judgment be discharged so to all er any spec Ms nropettv set forth; and If it shall appear to such judm, i on the bearing of such meStoa, that sach eight days' notice of neb mot-en has been given to the Bostd of Health, sad that such judgment has been StS cuted Mid the expeoms paid, which tho Men sought to' be dismrgsd was deetgned u> socurs; or if a proper M sufficient undertaking or bend, with mrei-es. shall k* given for the payment of each -xpenses; o* if said Board of Hmlth, throngh Its attorney or ct-uaeel, shall. Is writing, consent to tbe discharge of the last earned M, as to aay or all property referred to, or a? to one sr more defendants, then mid judge may order said life discharged M rdtord by the proper officer, to the rrtVU and ae to the psiMon or perms that the order ehait prut J arty sggstft; sad % m? ba orfer and lb* moving papers *aB be*?"? *? ecutioa of u; Judgment sforueeld, exoept Ittl. W tatfOrenoe to MB PMMKUd Onth theJudge who tried the cane, if no can ho c to the ex _j OOWdltiOM conveniently applied to, or, If not, ooate other Jodgo oourtl shall, on the aeUUng of the decree, Jf? J"** and en four day*' notice to said Board of HoeUh^*^1 with doe reference to the public specially order; end if no such orders shell ho inede, the judgment may be executed, notwithstanding any' eg> ~.fi undorteklng or security, and wtthont any liability on the port of any person (other then in elsewhere provided in rispset of said Board*, by i snrnsi of any daasagee or ooaaeqeeaoe* growing out of the execution of euch judgment, whether the eeme be reversed, or not. All eppesla by the defendant frcm ?T lodgment in the said abatement suits herein provided to be brought by the said board, shall be taken within ten days after the entry of the judgment thereto, and the judge who tries the ease may, in his discretion and without security, but onlv for the period of tbe *a'd ten dam. order a stay ao to the execution ot the Judgment; and within Mid period or ten days an undertaking or se eonty en appeal (to stay execution of tbe fodg ment, as herein provided), must be filed, the Mm. to be otherwise of the form end obligation a* is inquired in, ordinary appeals from judgments, but which shall ale-o be conditioned for the payment of the appellants' adjudged share of the expenees of executing sooh judgment, as the court may have estimated and ?aid judgmeat may have stated, or (tf not estimated In said judgment) as tbe judge, oo application and three days' notice to said Board, shall estimate tbe same, in conformity with the Judgment, for the purpose of eucn security on appeal But. pursuant to any order, or otherwise, the execution of any Judgment against the defendants shall not be delayed beyond said ten days, if within tbat period tbe proper undertaking* securitym sunset, approved by the judge, has not been ?'***, and the appeal perfected, as herein prodded; end" he judgment may state the estimated expense that will have to be mid by any party towards executing said judgment. But Batd Board may appeal in aoy suoh cays, within ten days-after the entry of any judgment end without giv ing aoy security; suob appeal shall be efieotosl, and shall operate as a stay on the judgment, or upon the pan thereof in respect to which said Board appeals. 7. In any such abatement suit said Board may join a cause of action for any penalty or penalties that may have been incurred by either of the defendants, by reason of or In connection with the nuisance wm plained of, or by reason of say omission or refusal or anv defendant to obev'or comply with any order of the Board of Health touching such alleged nuisance, aud have the proper provision in any Judgment therefor against 01' or more of ihe defendants, a* the judgment may properly provide. No motion for > new trinl roali be entertained in eny euch abatement sail, except as a part of and n? arising upon the papers upon s regular appeal to a g-uerai term of ihe court, and to be heard therewith. ?, . ? 8. The indgenent of the general term, if it shall to any extent d.reet any change in the judgment appealed from (but shall direct, or allow or tail to forbid the judgment in part to be executed), sbsil also contain the requbdte specific pro visions, eo that the judgment, en modified, may *>e exce lled, and tbe dae proportion et the ex penses of each execution may be assessed on tbe de feiul-inls respectively, or on Maid board, ar tbe jeueral term may adjudge." Thai upon am' epp-al from the fcCI'i- Min? eMt"i>aw. ? ?'' ?f * ? , . general term to the Coart of Appeals, in such abatement suit, the provisions hereof as to ap ?Strtai cujt/stx r- - - puals from the tudgment ?o the keueral J?rm j and aa to security on appe.d, shall In particulars, including the length of time given in which to take an appeal, apply; ana no change in Ihe code of procedure, or otherwise, hereafter to be made though in subject mailer applicable to said abate ment suits, ahull lie construed to modify the aloresaid or ether provisions of the health laws, as to any nuits thereunder, unless auoh act shall specifically declare such modifications 10 be Intended. P ITpon the execution or partial execution ol any such tudgment (U said board shall, as it is hereby anthoriued to tfu decide tlie public interest to demand only a partial execution thereof)- ? statement of tbe expenses of such CK^cntioo ahall be and such w lien** shall be therein apportioned not contrary to anv provisions of said Judgment; and upon tbe /arue being verified by 'he oath of some person who by duo authority, took part in or had overnight of tbe ex eeuiioa ne partial execution of anch judgment, or by some off'car of saul board, anch statement, entitled in tbe case, may bo 0>d or given to the proper o erk to lm died, w.th such Judgment; and uotice ol such filing or rteliveri and a copv of such statement, shall be given to the attorney* ol the det'endant in the suit, or to the de fendants themselves or to some one of the junt defendants; and natcss within ten day* after aov suc.li notice, such defendants shall give due uoiice, in writing, to said hoard, or to the peieoo who, as a-stgree or by order, exwuted snob Indf utent or is entitled to payment of H?ph efpan?e (in case it was nut executed By said hoard), of a motion, and serve therewith copies of aflVlatita i etatement in perilcnlare to be m' utlonod. gtrdeeparv s'T and clearly staled hi such affidavit, such stalnt^nt *f?? 1 said shall be, in ail anile and prewtgdlnga end wiuonata, .and at all ttanm^daemed and ud^s to be "J*!"* ?lve and correct; and n?> ^ i meat shall in any wise vitiate tbe same. And on any bewrlug of such motion, anv party in mf-rest, or Mid board, may read atlldavlts in support of nj'k original state went; and the finding of any Judgeonthe hearing of nth motion, as to the said statement of snob expenses and other matters In each motion involved or staleu.eni contained, shall be final and conclusive and not subject in appeal; and such finding or statement as modified bv Slib Hiding, when filed, shall be of the an me eflect as euch original statement would have been, had no motion in regard thereto been made; and for the purpose of an execution for eocb expellee, and creating a lien under any judgment, eoch statements and finding or modified statement shall be regarded as a pert of said Iudttmen', and the tlen thereof shall exlenil to any amounts staled in such final statement and finding. 10 For the proportion aud amounts, a- autlPtnted bv such Judgment, and conlaioedl in such ????? or In such statement or modified statement, when either ?r the same shall have become final as store orner o vi??. wtmi -tnm** ?>???? - - .aid. said board or any assignee of such boa* ?r vUlu. ftaitl Duma ?r nuy ? ? tuiv other person who bee oxecuted said decree or has otherwise a right to re eive ihe expense ol ao doing (or the portion tberuor H.at may be due from anv ?lef"nd. ann, shall have execution, on such execution being allowed exparte by a iudge of tbe court in Which ney Judgment wa? recovered (and su b exeeu.ion shall 11? due form be allowed by any such Judge); euch ?ecut!on lo ** any ore or more defendant* or joiut de rcnilanis lor lbs recovery of nny amount due from rich detemtant or defendants, which the perlv claim ing such execution is entitled to ,r**eiv* ? , ,k".<l such ex . .Hoi except as herein especlelly provided, shall two! .ho -ami effect and torn a* e?v >11 iv os .id pur-uiait io any judgment, and shall u<>t le dclav-id er deteatod by anv formal detect hut no exe cu' n? shall us issue, ngainsi any detendant for le* than the * lode sum due or claimed trow such dcten dant or thai be ehall be liable lo pay is sm-b salt , hut any suru a'h'idged agnuist anv derendsntn ordefep.iun . tain ? such aha'eniiml s .rt for i-cm-Hie- tewr for r <??, .t: u.a?; tl-e expense lite rbaieiner.' or rcn.cdyixu of rtic.i nuiasuce. may collet .nl bv -e, ?rate or otic r eve oUous it ban ihOM- a nborlsed for ??' leutng ?"'n ft ta-i; hi. Ml he ' sued in due course of ? ??. ; In anv atonement -oil a'ore said, the couil or s .... .... II -httll J ilt- and enforce an awcopr^ie pm ! ; )U,carv .unci!? o, whenever i? shall iw .m. -d for pur ,uam t< an irdc- ot r*-1 l-srrt of h< slih. a?h! <l?re sl.all appear t?-ucU judge ?o l?e rtssonahl.- .?i se ihcretor mo h i?j;.irclHiti may ?!so tw granted wheuever it | vfial'. t>e made l? appear to the court or a i'"!c* 1 II a se ll III 01.. t ow c nee led lo prevent ao" i'.egu. s. . I o',rdn. tor btaiio-n st.ur-nid or ita ouvlooan. ?, or to ! pre cut eerioj. ?|..?gcr ?n lumen hie or -elt. rr,eni IS i.-..hi., or n-at public ihcoo--i; et>?'? to ..ntnt ; joiv n.stur or Uiiog to wbw ti this ? ' or .n? [ i Afor?-md r^'atc. Awl ?r any *?" H HHIfi r?!M , . ?vv. ? tcy'B'V.idii f iMr ih? ??iMl tnny 1 1 ".?T.. .i Hf.i CT?-t T> or gin-jobs >? ue put u? a coiwhtien that will not be dangerm - >n Hie lde or deirimental to Umi hea Hi of a?. O. . njo.li Iwi'oro Ihe -ame HltaW he lepaed, nr wr. i .rd. <>r before any rent or oompomwt'on ehal. tie clle'-itrd for 't?e retiv or us* of 'he wlmie s' anv nonlen of tbe wine. Hi any ?u h id J in- t.nn order and s.eo u ?ov iudftcepi in sny uliaiernent t-'H', 'h* l"d'e * eouri in. v t<< ' re tb? tenanta, lessees and cwc'ipants ftw nlther or any o; t '.mi of ?5 etch buihtiog. ?rrcd,.m or trouniii 'lo rav lhs rent ihervo' tor comivosation th"^ fori, d .e or to ffrow due lo said board, ami said lamrd to collect ad receive the ainne. and to apply sa-d reni to .be erjMin.ee or pu"ins any Haul iiuildlui erection or ,,round in a cohd-tioii ?nat will pot be dangorou* to the ih> or Ownn?nuU ui fbc Utolih o: any prewnt or fnuarr i#?ii?.nt nr orcnpftni, or of my other |>?rro?H; an V?fwn?, ? """ _ r .. .. . .. ).? taw . ,/rli muling*!- in Iflih fH IglWiro "i wv ?" * ? ?. ?? * ' Hi. I. colle. ,,..rs and itaymonla to tw in > icli manner, 10 f"u' ' " k . '_w. . . ?? ..?*? u.w i. <it?t**r r?r 1)11' 1 ti'H f-arriii i".!l on 1Kb rniMiUioK all ftll'Mi T??ll* I*'**! ?n taw* u * "" * , , . udgiM?ni may idxn.de;ami evory o h |wymMU io.-a?d lioarc end I'"'Mi'lpt of os irtasurnr lor ?u< b rent, or coiommtaUou, shall b.- aoettacti.al to prdtart any wh? who ha- ta i? 'he r.ane. and every sorb twain, h.'ss ? an'*o>* ., nnd all his and thcr righia under *nv ?e"so or -weupat.ua. ? ? -'"'h payment had i^c iu.de I. . and su. b r- elpt had Wen gjven hv ?i pssor or owner, or any pmpor claimant of any .... l, rei t or compensaiion, who had, but tor such order or Idvmcni the r.ght and authority to receive the some. Hut no undertaking or security shall he required or re. e-?arv on tbo pari ol M.d Poard as a i.oaditUm ot or .mint c'lc.h Injunction or tbe same being uiwiual; aml lt env final Judgment in such suit there mar be|en Jd what ever, It about to happ-n or threatened, would ta ibe proper sulij' C matter ot a pre I iinicary .rjunckm. And wheo the pub'" interest s"<im* to tue court to rv ootVa .peedy 'na! or hearing of any such 2oit or ari-wd therein, it si,all he the duty of any m nf nnv court or ol tbe tonrt lo whom application by a.id Hoard may be properlv .neaew'aurb suit or appeal to be bro ight to a aoeedy trial ami hefot it wootd otberwiee be roadbed for trial or .rgumenl In duo oonrse on tbe calendar), ns ? h? n dee or court tnav bv s|MtciaJ order dirceu ?/ l5 ao far ae anv judgment may be directed to be e,"u ^ st 'be?peft*ot .aid Hoard of HealUi.or by 117party der?ndani at bis owu expenae and shall l^T ?Vwartv defendant be so esecuted, tbe ex|-'nse ot Jucbetev ni .np shall not be stated or embraced Jn the afnramid statement or finding of expenses: but if pi the exeeeUon aforeoaid, which any ??tv Jbliild beve borne or paid, shall (by reason Hf the delay, return) or defective act orexw ution of ?n> h mirtv or anv other cam*) I*"', torn# ?r incutTOd bv ?? id'Hoard of Ileal Ui in and about tbo execution, of suck indLmeni then wdd latter oxpomma of said Board may {mwS^aced in ?)d statement and finding, and collected said Beaed of Baahh may in cur it the execution of any Judgment aforcsald^or in mmuPU or in connection with Its own ordert, made la 27* re& or m sad about tbo dtachaipa. In good K?h of "a fidppoeed duties, or l? setlafvlng any iwImiWot iidgment it may have in good (kith incurred M&S W5S. of .ta wtta don. ta good fw* ee ^ or in aotHtfylng a*y ctahn against its ItaJeTS or tubordinetee, arising foein their eete in ?# dtKre in ?<**> SSf ^^oDTOta'A twe. shall, ? far as establiebed. be pald ont .'f iu ruwu 8?ss srfk - ,a tasneot U> tbo etpensM of saM Board; and pkid or recovered under IbU act ihali not be SfhiMtn? ccostdnred ao e phrt ef tfimt ctam of tbo exvouditoros ef tbe Board in reepeot to which them w , "Cy be . i fit member of the Board ahal) IM ImM fm the ?eU of tbe Board, Md DM tlw Beard of Health nv raoorboMMU ia u* propwunmu the "Metrepolitas Boor* of Health." Ttao section* to number fourteee oro many of Una merely tech a teal amendments. Section fourteen rends as follow*.? The *ud Boonl or Health amy, from Ua# to lux*, pre acribe ordinance* for U>o (toreminent of U?e coroner* in the counties of New York and kino*, and any therein fix and doono the mono and order of fa aid tap inqooou and the subject* of inquiry thereat , ib* Dana of retains and reports to be made to aid Board by the coroners, and the feee and compensation to be reeetrod by and the said coroners shall tn all reepanta an to said ordinances, and to tbe directions of Board sad its duly authorised officers. So mosey shall tiercel tor be paid to M d romnera or any of thorn for oerricee or axponsa*. except on the certificate of the president of mid board. And it shall be the duty of every such coroner at once, and be fore holding nay inquest, on being called upon to bold on inquest on any dead body, or notified thereof, to give written notice of such call to said Board er Health, and state tbe place, so far a? known, where mid body is to he found. If nt any time saM Board shall think the protection of the public health so requires, it amy order the immediate removei and bur ai of any dead body of a human being, and cause such order to be executed, or execute the aarae .'taction lifteen is la reference to tbe appropriations and expenditures. Section sixteen relates to a proponed increase ef sala ries, and roads aa follows:? Br reason of tho additional duties to be performed by the several oommlSMoncra of said Board of Health, In their capacity as Commissioners of Excise, the salary of each thereof, except tbe Health Officer of tho port of New York, Is iaoreaeoa by the earn of fifi.Mfi, and a reasonable compensation or salary la addition to what has been heretofore authorised may be paid by said Board to any of its officers or employee whose labor# are for any reason Increased, the said increase of salary to date from the 1st day of December, I860, sad the same -shall be paid from the moneys received for licenses; end sold Board shall not appropriate or pay any portion or said money* to or for nay purpose except to the support or the Metropolitan Police force and to the necessary expense* of executing tho law. Tbe provis ions of the seventy-fourth chapter of tbe lawn of I860, so tar aa the same relate to the calling and holding of meeting*, or n quorum thereat, the dutiee of tho secre tary, the dismissal and control of officers and ageuta, the designation and use of a seal, the authentication and presumptive effect and legality of the records, papers and acts of the Hoard, shall b# held to apply to said Board and the Commissioners named in said act and to their doings in their rapacity as a Board of Exclsa Ha id Board of Excise shall make a like annual report a* is required 01 said Board of Health. Sections seventeen and eighteen infer respectively to the penalties to lie imposed for a refusal or omission to conform to any part af the act, and alse to the uollec tino of moaev expended in the ahatemeut of uuisaucee. .Section nineteen rends as follows:? "Will Board of Health is hereby authorized and di rected to employ some competent pen.on or persons to reduce to the form of n coda all the lawn applicable to said rtocjd, or such parts of tfaom as are deemed ap propriate to be enforced, and to add thereto such pro visions as said Board mar deem needful ; end also to prepare a complete code of ordinances appropriate to he enacted and pnt in force in said district; and also such general regulations, and snob blank forma, as in the opinion of said Board arc requisite in the discharge of tut duties; the samq tn be reported to the Legislature io> early as they cm be jftenatwd and perfected, and not later Uiau the opening of the session in 1861*. and said Hoard roar incur the necessary expenses tor the pur poses afore 'aid. and Mid Board may have such report printed. IITEACIUKIT OF JUDGE HUBPMGEtS. The fall.. ? .rg are the artlele. eiblblled by the Hou-e of Raptwi.'Ulve. of tl.? United State., in the name of them-lvoH of all .he people of ?*? .?ir.t Wwf J! -phrey*, Judge of tbe OWrtctCoert Do-1 . it*.! ?? -or the several dlrtrtcta of the Rate ?f Tento wee. ?t? '? nnd ?"PP?rt * ,,each meet a. ? t him for high .rune. aad mZmon. adopted ?* <"**?* ,0 "? ****> Mt 1 Aanw?1. Thah, "bt. tbf Hnitad " dW?,L?ad ohHyatlon 6f his .?atrial win"*' rtuparitally discharge all p.wow," m JTudJoif U?e lftrtftot jrvg ggg* HunW thenbHoea citV,? ot(tM |M>ln' and qwing a'leg.enee theinto, an ? tor the Judge of the nt^^.^urt uf th. on several districts of eaM *"*v^ld .#w jD Wi<l city of the day end year laet a?"f d(Trr> person* then and KaehVilla, and in the beartt* of?*??P?w ^ inc|u, ?here present, did ?nde?vo' ^RinRt the eon rrvdH and rebellion witbn ., united Stater, and did sttuition and Kovoimment of the J^wie^ right of then an^,h?r* Pu^7 ^ ^ finance of secession, ?o Hie people of said n*a??y V ^lefWnc0 to the govern thereof. _ , ()f his duties as a e,r.- of .^.^5 ?. -y sas ssr? rSzhsz jr?A .ars Uietnr.'a of the Slate ot Tun .iic United Stales dnr raid ?.mcr by the C'.nslit.itlon of t?? ?0^^ 0lf, hi<rh lop good hobaylor only, with RQ<1 subvert ihe Uiint roroeed id bim as -.ocn J K?. ^ , nit<y1 -tales tnwlitl authority a?,d Ro ? Humphreys then within a.id Stat*, the aaid _ Untied State, as hetnt; J?dro or the " *?'c of 0?r ixird IKfil, in raid nh rrsoid to wit. in b*y . ^ 0(her evil minded ,uw of Tennessee. jK^fully rtppor, parsons within saW Stale. ??? (.ornmml,v mlled an erdi advocate and *%rt* to kn ?#?!? of Tennw*$ ?w nance of aecoT'.un. declartua i- united State1. an?l de,,enilent ?r the cm ?rnm*ut of theUD .teu , o longer w.lb.n the .inr^d^liimtherBOh thou.ala?? A-t. 3 Tto I" ?h? eight ?)frht hwndr?<l an<1 Ri*l3 ( njWfj and ?u M-m H. Humphreys, xsi.l fiiate of Tcnn63.ee Md j StaU., ?| tmert. a, th. n owing alleg ance? to th _ Untied Slrte* i" t^-v ,rar against Uwwi. ioc"??, A. H lW-l \RT. 4 T.*t >* 'U* 'r^.JtTat How/within ,.r.i on diver, mhw H. Hnmobrevs, then state of Tenneesee, ^ i ,wted <io'c? is-.ui; Jo lc-of tht I . and .fcnoraon l>uvl?. toal a.J afornt.H '1, how J. ?- ^ ?*tf> oiiimiv<i iF'' Sialea wtlliln raid orjt, nf%n,r covemment ahei lb. his m gross ,,r ihe tuned J?itw ,?i ?rthe IMsiiict Tenrt it 'liafegard of hioduW as n^ m violation of tp? the ITni.?t St*te?. a. *fer^?^ Jhi ?J?d refuspd to h?M hine of tlte I 5 led . i f .! at-i?? m l?V l*w he was ihe |>la?r;M?"ounof the l ? M^ ;rt the Htme 7;i^V J iS?I< the lei day of Jcly. S. P. 1WV ^rnu & srtr,^: v??irof ?or lord l*h., Wlti n . ,, ^ tjl# goeern nmt ? ft imen. |u^eort the a ^ ^ tll) du? m? nt of the 1 n tad Hialoa,, t . d Plat,? nn,| to op e?.e<eiiion of the *??? ?f (J'jtdd state., did unlaw pre-a and injure c.f??? of r0nstitu'ed tribunal l?h* ?* .he J>-trW Uonr'.4-the Ton within sad State. ?Wt?? ? ?f Mul ,rt)U1ml f.der..eSiaPso_Aioeri.a a ^ ?iti, the mtent list rnme.1 .ah' VTr^i H_ ? > . - ^ ?*eirise?l rawer, nior. ??.d, then and one I'er. /. Ii.ila.vtnl 01... "n" riait Slate to h? unlawful'* ur 1'irkinaor. a . V, tee of raid a W ?,ie.laii.lhreorht before h,mu w ) i? ,?rt f?i?jft of "J'd i ?n f?d*tr . an |j?, -tfiided ?,?m? Mm ?? Ptatas rd Aneraa: got ornment et ?-dd <- . hinfon w to do. 0 ? said and upon the wf?l > _ ..|r , ,rll??lRi. est uiilaw Huniphrevs. ?',?dy oppreis aat.l InoWu.rsi. re li'"y- ??' *ih 'b*.Za lmol roniWHoned that while ??>? and re-e.ye rT h ? a ihmo^^ ^ ^oM kf?? the he rhouhl remain , aie.al wlhnnei, and SMsS-^iawsrJsa PS,,:r:2.A5sS'?sw..r? - JS'SX"-*! -iJJ onlawftli* a^""^r^aa S^itTdehiy^ ssr^r^wS&essaa t^rnusr of their tc,e?:?t ?n of ami twniwarn ..Bjnet and aseugaad ajtl.ortt* ef raid . pn.eoe ?. iutani to injirn o.? Wtntwn_ a vttaan ?' lh" lililT ?rT|..ted ind rapil*med Hrownlow to be unlawfaliy arre >#(d with n ?.id State -n JTuami o. the Br .willow aaa^itiren of the United ^ 0f the Untie* ef aaid Han.phretswn J^'r,by UuiiOd bUtew And thThhert* "f oa prnteataUon. aaving to ">'**"!** fortpr- srt.rira or httntii^r at any time hwwfMr ??Jroruj^ ^ other a. eneat on or 'KJJ p, ui. answer* H. Humphrey*, abd ?'T ?L7Jprtte herein preferred wairhl e shall ?nah? *****? ,0 tbe same and ra-ory again* him. .tnd of "Tehng r" Bnwilf aee.uea part theeeor, ?^^1JJTh5Kui be .shlbtmd Vy them t too or remand thai Our said We?t M tbe cadi Khali ^ an?wer the high crimes H. Hdmyhrtya against h.m, and that and misderoetoom^wsiho^^ *?!? and .artpmeiif each prrs eedlnis, *? M may ha a*rreah:e to he therenpon had a?n taw' and i-istica ? nigh'"" ihTah'tttAZ\m ?mm the third story wiadow of ?!? nl? A**** old felToui ^ ?mr Ihtea * hop, ar I* 5^^' wee, hr*MV THE PARK. Ttatk iaaaal H??*rt at the CaaaailMiMtn, laaratmaat af the Drlvee aai Walka-la* craaaat falaatlaa ef Serrenadtac Proper! v Ptariraaat fer Chlldrow?Croeuot Uwa. The PehMe Seheele? Income end Kapenooe. The Park Commiaelonor* have made their tenth .ea rn aal report, for the year ending Slat December, IMC The principal operations at the Park during the year have been thoae oonneoted with Ita maiatenaaee and government. The works of contraction have been very limited ami the amount ef money expended amalL The surface of the Park at the extreaae northeast earner be tag completed the water wee ooelned In the Harlem lake la August last. The metk) atone bridge carrying the road arrow the valley north of the loch la complete. Coder tbia bridge paaxea the walk by the aide ef the rnnntog brook that luppllaa the lake. Pour thouaand nina hundred and arisen feet of additional walk have been completed; one thouaand six hundred and eleven feet ef drain pipe and tile have been laid; fourteen and t?o-th rda acre* were laid down in gram; several urinaie and ornamental fountains ereoted, and new rustic seats , and alludes have been provided in intereellng localities. The Phfk wall bae been forwarded a- far hi practicable: seventeen thousand seven hundred and eight traea and shrubs, and seven thousand three hundred and eighteen berbaotoue plants have been planted. Kim trees have been planted along the Fifth avenue from 8lxty-Aflh te Eighty-drib street. The growth of the trees la seen that they cover and furnish shade to the roads and walks, opeuiug new vistas to the visitor as he proceeds TVS vum r BWrtOTTD. The av erase force employed dnrtag the year waa two hundred and hfly-six, mechanics, enrtmea, labor ers, Ac. Total length of i'ark^ive'now la usa, A AM; thtal length of bridta mad now in usa. 6.503; total length ef walk now in use, A.:>59 miles Nine thousand eight hundred and thirty-three cubic yards of grevel have been required to keep the drives In proper order. The iron areb No. Sit, near the north gate hones of the greet reservoir, is now complete. woo** asn xxrsvuntarn The total expenditure chargeable te ooootruettea during Oxt year was $a50,m one hundred nod one Park settees and twenty-two rustic seats have been built during the year. An additional place for watering horoeo has been arranged near Mount St Vincent, and twe addi tional fountains and one drinking hydrant have alee been provided. The receipts fhr sale of grace waa $8,874. The total coat of tha Park up to this time, Including cost of laud and Improvement, la $10,014.87$. INCRKASXU TALCS OF RRKIHBOKISU I'ROPRRTT. The increared valuation of property in the three wards surrounding the Park, from 1km to 1800, is $58,040,8801 The rate of tax for the year 1800 is 2.30, yielding ou the in crossed valuation above stated an increased tax of $1,238,730, or nearly double the amoaal seceasary to pay the whole interest on the whole cost of the Park.and ita Improvements. ARswrr vou msouDBKLT uonmiCT m ran mm The total number ef arrests during the year was 110, being about one to every 78,000 visitors to tha Park. jrvHHKK or TwrrokA. :t 412,892 pedestrians, M. 757{equestrians and 1,670,80$ vehicle* entered at the Park during the year. The following tables show the number of vial tor. for live years past, estimating three persona with each vehicle 1802 4,198,818 1848 7.808,130 IWl 4,327,409 1844 8,230,073 1404 6,740,079 The largest number ef pedestrians entering tha Park on any one day wn June 24, there being 81.312. The xmaliest number of pedestrians was on February t, when there were only 107. The largest number of equestrians was on August 26, there boing 1,037, and the smallest nnmber on June 3, when there were bat 13. The largest nnmber ef vehicles was on June 0, when I bey numbered 15,(07, and the smallest oa February It, there being hut 188. ?owe, BOATS, FTC. Twenty-three musical entertainments were given during the year. The boats continue to be popular, eighty-three thousand three hundred and thirty-seven persons having been carried in them during the year. XKATUfO DATS. There were thirty-nine 'days of skating on the Park during the year. The use of the piny grounds of the Perk have been extended to the echoola of this elty. auOIOUICAL OARDKBS. The establishment o( n zoological pardon hen long been the subject ef attention, and pleas are now ao Car fines pifte aa to warrant the expectation of an early com mencement. Schedule A altows the aumbae ef living animal* at I be Park, hi echednle C la given e atatosaM m detail of donatiehs during tha peat yew. They as* very amnereus and interesting. wmtxa outbids nut pamk. The works outside ef the Park, vta:? Clredsef Hightk avenue, grading ef .Savegty-sevetith and Ktghty-ftrat sureeta, .Seventh avenue, Sixth avenue, the island above 186th ?rreet, circular place at entrance to Park at Eighth avenue and Fifty-ninth street, avenue tk, Nieholns and Manhattan street, improvements at west aide of cHy above Sixty-seventh street, are all diaoussed and the l?rogro?* made in each shewn. riAYuvxtian run 'urtusra. The reports contain many laota and figures in detail of public iulerost. A structure is in progress for the nuuBC men i atul accommodation of quite small children. A secluded piece of lawn is to be connected witb it, where they van (.lay when the sunshine favor*. The structure is to b-- pari ly covered and partly shaded by olimbing plants. Ttie'dairy. at which can always be had fresh milk Hndotber littia things for children. Is to be new this - stahiUhinrnt, which is so located as to be (Madly ranched through t he protected walks and from all the Southern entrance* to the park, although the drrvec be throuaod with v'-hides The system of archways et the I'ark is invaluable, rendering the crossing* of the reads where these arches exist perfectly safe at all times. The transversa rosd* are much used. The skating has been extremely enjoyed, and numerous (more or less) privet* skatinc pxndv ate living eslakllebed, tbe Park having set the example. vux runic school*. Tiie Ikiv* of the public sbools have been allowed to play hi the lawn*, and a circular has been sddre- sed to the piin<-i|*ls of school*, witb a view of extending this amuse ment to those altcudng reboot, making its sort of reward. <?PIKH.IT aROf.VDS. S'ext year croquet grounds will he sef apart for the girls. There children are the children of tbe people, ami no aJiugjiten or favoritism can be mode If they are allowed ?ucli facilities for tbe use of the lawns as are admissible. TILS HfKIM, XTG. The perrons which were lot out in lb- Psrk several vows ago have Deceased, and may now be found in large nnlM nIhuii the citv and vicinity. some suggealion* are m.ide respecting the praetien bllity of rendering our native bird* le e shy and moss domestic, and n happy example of the success of kind trestrn'nil in this rerjwet Ik given. I tie auimela are in gu? d c< udilion?belter than might be expected from thmr temporary accommodation*. Property still nei m* lo increase In value about lbs Park, and it. charm- an- but tust beginning to develop , hoi order and neatness must cont.oire to prevail to an i urn tiie IngbcV -njoi mint. There *sem* to b? an id< a running through the report to make lue Park a great exemplar aud aid to Inutrue 11.hi. to old uud young; but e*[iee. ally I* tbe eflort dis c-riiiWe to make It auxiliary to our great syutem of pnb lis sohools. A detailed -latemsnt of every Item of expenditure and an nppropriHt- clasMlication of lin es expenditures ere given in ih? Treueurer's report. WINTER IN NEW TORN. Aspect ml i he I'Hjr VcslordwvNio Prosperl of ikr RcoptrIm ml Ha?Ml'Na?l(Uim at Pre ?rM> Mmdv years have elapsed slace Now York ha* boen visaed hy ? winter i" severe and stormy M tha pm*Di Yewtenlar morning another ?now storm mt in, which la*Uxl until lioirK n>ou, boating into the facesot Uta multitude* nrewiug citywards with determined vehs mauce. The tempi taturr wax, however, decidedly milder than Dial of \V.Hioi?xd*y, and towards noon tha xnow changed to tlin tliin. driving rain known technically an a "teilrh inict," Under thin infliction the conntaaaaoaa or the pertivtrtan* wore a more contracted aad d I*.-* titled appeanmca than they assumed during the soft hul driving unow, Tha atmosphere wax full of penetrating dampness, and tha ven dor* of fni'i and other aritcie# at the atrial .tail-In, reminded one forcibly of "Nilas Weff," shelter Ing rtieir commodities rather than 'liemselree, tint moving about riiorn rapidly. no doubt, than that cele braled "liierjiry man a 'h a wooden teg," Rofore two in the afternoon the rain bad ceased to fall hot Ilia r-billtncM ot the air ron'inued and, together with the icy sidewalk m sod the be-lues# of the crossings, - onWi tmieil to maws yeater'tay a tboroaghiy disagreeable day to be oijt in. The liearv atmosphere threw back upon Die city it# olonda of mitoke. and gave It, especially in the more narrow streets, almost tha mist and f<gt ot Loudon, while the peculiar ootBponnd of anow, Just, mod. and dr -et .Mn* In general, which fllla the apaee hetweq the curb -none#, seemed, to tha onrortunales ?'oni oiled to wade through It, like South Jersey sand. Tho footing, both for man and beast, conttnuea fa "scnrc. Severe are trial* of tha poor horses tn these day' of ice and snow snd blocked tip thoroughfare' Tlin ? ott'-n warehouse, at the corner of Albany and \\ushliigton streets, partlv consumed by Bro on Satur doy. le *till smouldering. An engine was "throwing water ninth It during lite greater part of yesterday. It preseats a most wlutry aspect, huge masse* of icicles hanging like stalactites in a ntiht-rranaouK cavern from Its wu? doas. Th-re is will! no immediate prospect of the reopening of navigation in Long Island Round. Shipper* and con signee of K.mtern freight are seriously in- onven er- ed by this nnavoidabte delay, nothing similar to which has occurred since 1R57. In tha winters of that and tha preceding years navigation wa? auapended by accumu lated ice, which on <>tie occasion Closed up this route lor *4* uoaoecutira weeks. The New Yofk and Mow Haven railroad has h?e? over. nv? with freight for the last flaw days. As early a* few P. It. an Wednesday their freight depot waa so packed snd piled with meri htindtw that they were omnpaHad tw r?fu?.' ail farther entries The Hudson and Met nren ape filled wtth Boating lea, hat It is so broken and water ?oaltad as to oppose no obstacle to the passing to and Iro of the ferryboat#. On Wedact day one trip was lost on the Platen Island routw that from twaive to eao. Themerafag host fhoat Aotnoy was alan awing iwoatt aalnataa lata. Raw os i os sgxTss.--The Chicago JhM *kjhjlh* Queen of Tragedy spont o faw honra laat Thursday snor nooa at the Wabaah avonue skating flak, aad eapMMM herself delighted with everything aba mw aad heard thege; she had never seen anything Ilka Ik aba do. ela?W. even In Italy Rhe has accepted aa invitation to Tien the West Hide skating rink this evaolag and join la tha masquerade there. Mm ha# pra. lived the art vary sue eesfclW, aad Is pronoancsu to iw. eg .ally aa acovua rushed a ekatreas as she la a fraW'rsrw