6 Şubat 1867 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

6 Şubat 1867 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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w ?Jf "Whole no. n.m. new york, Wednesday. February ?. 1867. - - - price four cents. A OILA?YOC M R.ICKlVfilk. WRITB AGAIN. W. B 1" P*RH?K KNOWING Till'. WHKRBABOl.TE OP XlOa W^wb -d broker win be tttemily r?w*ra*<l tr xt ??1*W to Wrn jr. hsbnr, fc Xbwn street. ' EORM.ITIOK WANTRO-OK PATRICK O'BillKN, rhftwaasoiae fun nuoe a wsllerst tin St. Choi Urn ? T SBf-? Ir " "??31 ?' K* tr*? r?u!itr SJ"*'**1 'or tt- Green So will Inu of HAnietUiOA to nis P FORMATION TH SOLICITED TIMTIIIND TBW Mo- ?> Utherlaud, D>fM J.ff',1 I vw}!'* lato Ecnrge W Thatcher, "MMMed. Please oddrees Je8ery A 'WReeler, No. U Mooio 1 wiVkT . rRiKNOR OF joun JLwcat 1him t^I.T ."f, />. oouuty Cork. Ireland. HSTlrwffui ' ,,'^?^nUi-tV PH JiniM lua, aolie t?r, ??? Vrv ir.-, ^ *? W on*. a WlflIran .treel, New ylu For anv of hJ?5^' 1 0* SHKBMAV8 ARMY, ?a HlnthiOrrisI K-l *1 TM "I'LeSS ? OOW. u. T. Ar.uond, ?bilged. 1 Tor j?,*U friend T. A. wUl bo greatly GFYB AN INTERVIEW TO lady ho foHowr- gj>?ni Ten-Ifth ilrwl no Third av<> 1 JBr:; itnra T?or.If th airvet up Third arc *W0 WILL PUR ABE CAUL AT TUB v5Swi?a if ** vn Uo^ uh?ic ?lc?*t, tbls Jay ShJiSjfjSZfiLA-r ?' 'A snake the sroeesilary arraiig. ineuts forthe removal of Abe.-* lock And Til tu res in 67 Wacdougat The lady wyun dttlayro dresses at the *"?w 1? 4k week, and MO white bv out s on Kunday, i? * P?1*? of ?Mtfte, wUl pleane address W. 8. Wood, sta r?to^BFGHT. I AM WAITTKO IMPATIENTLY lortoe time. Write toon. Froita ever your own MANSION. TUIULfTHE LADY WITH BLACK BYES AND RED , " ' Jrawl, who changed her seat to the side of the office, ' J?f ruIIOn ferry stage, between 4 end 6 o'clock Mori,ley *,*7* M- 4tb Inst., pleaio etote where end when en inter ?n be bed. Addreee GfUcdr, Brooklyn Toet offiee. VA VIED TO ADOPT OUT?A CHILD PROM ITS birth. Addreee J. A. C., station D, Btblo H-vuje. M MATRIMONIAL. 1 'AfTIMONIAL BDREAC.?ADDRESS OK CALL ON ORIMSHAW A CO., T? Karl Eighth street, N. Y. MPHF ADVERTLvKK. WISHES TO MEET A, LADY. I A with a Tlew to metrtoonr; one poBeceslnr i-etlned hide., '?food looku end eyreeable .nerii.ers. As ho to in earnest, n Ud* equelly so ??y ?eddrtss Lawrence, bo* SlO-Uereid U?8T AID FOb > It. | ftpODN'D?)N A SIXVIT AVENTTK RAILROAD OAR. A 1 Mr Pocketbeoltv itiP'<niii|{ a k'jm of rucu-y and eouio-> v. ' stable papers. The o.'Wr Jen have t'ue same bv applying tit ' the oflwe of the oompscy, lilr'ti av?au>. red Kerty-lbir.l *t. rUND?TN WFHT FORTY-SECOND STREET. BE tween tevenll, -and Eighth e?eu-ae?, oa 2d Inst, a Pocketbook. wlitch 'he owner usr tint* by pftrlnpEi-nprrry Md poyluy coperises. Call at cot Fad ?Fijriy-eeconc" siroo'. T OBT?ON YBRfERDAY, BY A LADY, BETWI.KN A J Fifty-nln lli and aerenty-fouith sire eta, a lndy'r Mikk Fur CoHei-. Tiro c- do. wIV be rewarded by returning sane leW West Fifty llm otreet, near Elevtsntli avenue. "f <MT?ON SirNDAY, THE 3D INST., A LADY'S OOLO XI Oheln. be- iv,<mi See mil arenue. hi lloiPin >? titer, atony Allen street to eore.n-nf Grand. The tinder w,il o MhreliO by r?turr,ing it to Mrs. Uerman, Mo. 6 Second are noe, er to J. J. scalley, tier.,Id oftlee. J OBT?fIN BROADWAY, BETWEEN TENTH STREET ? MJ s?d Tiffany's ten Che -ks; one A" order of TIT.uy k j Co. for $SW, one blank order tro #49. Payment lis vug beer. 1 "* "Wed the lirid?r will plesre lewre them with the drawer, a u-C. Sledge, If Broad streei. * SWT?ON MONDAY KVH.-fI.NG. AT THE WINTER ?Garden, n blue enamelled ripara GLs*. Any one bar. " found i be seine wRI please leave It at III East Two! lie ?Met, and i*oehae*a reward ot RKl. fXMT-A GOLD REAL KINO, 1MB AD OP BOOH PW JUIW rewarddf raturneil to the owner, 48 Beet Fi?ir'?enth . ^ RE WARD.?FROM KW BROADWAY, k fi farrier and a Utile yellow Dog. Any one rcturn to she above place art]! reaclee tie nhcee reward. ?. KKWAItni. )|n kbwaRd.-muayed. trgm ? kabt1'nrRxri ?a) aeeond etroet, a small Malfeee Cat. The above reward ?Ml paid lor her return. - ? RBWAPD.?LOST, ON ECNDAY, FERRU APY a email Black and tan Bint: answers to thfe naroc Piakey. Any pe aon bringing tba i -niH to tB Kpi tnar J in store, will reuetie the above reward. *52?w^ ?week and sh WARD?IiOhl, ON MONDAY AFTER NOON" A ioumUand bint, with a. white etrtak u-'dei- -y?#, ib'iulders. Answers to the name of Monitor, i lie' reward will be paid hi any ue bilngiug tba same lokd V, In the store. KB WARD?LOUT. ON SATURDAY EVENING . Inst, between llklT street sad Harleat Bridge, -a eoptafalna s Coat and two pairs of Paotakione. ran reward wi!' be paid for the reoovery of the same by ?Buaona.firo.jer, corner CorMandt arenas and tk-bey eet. Melrose, Westcnesterer. *4?Q8D!?J tsr tall dark browo Mare, IS hand* hl*h, heary limbed, r with a light leather u<o Wagun, wpinre box. lxi#? 1 ' * ' aruairrrta or aided, runnlnc part ?<rip* 1 eel. PRATER ,% TATLOK, |?l Vallrk (ttreti , <#?? RKWABD.?tOITP A WKAVT GOLD WATCH ?? t U anil l h;.iu. me ir by if'I Lam B. Crtop. London, hit iS,3dl on TU.id avenue, lr fining fromTwen'r arrantk rtre-> .teTwenty-thlv.l a'rrr', or in immediate vicln'ty. The finder receive the -bore r*-vard :iad no quentlone aeke.. 1?* ' [ the tame at .%3 Kiyntb %T?ana, with 11. 1. Stone. AOAA REWARD WILL Bil PAID F >R TUB BE turn of three t aM tVaa'.et and Chelae iMn tarnai Ihn nfn r ill' Mra. f. U. Palaaudi . ..t'JS" lJui.un i t. 12 Cfl REWARD, 1NT> WO Q0R8TION8 ABKJCB,, tjyj tor Di.irnoart Croee ?totec or taken bp nuatake , Towaaeml'e jowe'ry etore. 4Qi\n REWARD.?SHiLEN FROM MR. O.U. TAJ- : VAo' ' ter*<>u'a private*: oh. 37 Eatrt Thirteenth rtrjet. N we Prldev ntRht. Feb. 4, three e'ngntH Ifighmn*. < he one trtt! arktte eeiitre and lie .vj ti oav eoliored border waa * areaaiM t Aton to Mr. PMlWa. and a? .ucn fa i.tehlv reined b> b in. Who ab?r e rewarn will jm p ud and <fc.-e.rtit>"* asked upon k%e return ,.f the three APgeentj or gltfC wilt be giTeu to i the ilft herein .l-vri'" d. NPKCl.tr. NOTK t'.g. f* EOMPTJANCK W*Wt THE RKQCCTT OF MABT wbc arere unable to witpe. e the df | 'ty of r.n la*' l'btt..d?y. 1 have the phrenic: to inform the 1 the pub cjtrnei tily that the Mat tie wtl'.Jiooa n> Mtnwd .y' T nutl yft55sia MMIMl TueerajV n nil B ed nr.. day, IVtti aud <Sth M, -?< P. X. VMVt ?J, C. RrrtT, X* *7 Pitrk row. urnwnsintu --* - l et&icoaMtuw? ?T ArrnoRizro ?* tub - Company, *rbk.B L^n l and ftnbirni ,nr Cu ?*nt to the I "lard .if Cuba, wffou wred by the co? any re*pon?n># party f-.r the print'1 e p- baMMl I w Ptox Of tr.e property eel in-Jn? t0 ?.,;,?e of the nh'.le SSnmnak'.^!* ."''.A1* *Sfegi.tn*!: Line e?&S8*' f',;iT,a ^^raotdTlmr |? V F'7*' S ? *'"1 N? 1-ueu/foJ fr" " , bSSrlperiV.^^ WP"?*l< <ha un Weir:**?. ? ?I Ifll III PM"* mJ*<* !ar 'he eUlm wh eh _ . - *? tha'maji ^enropoaal ibot'ld be C?'.***** **?"? X-jL- jBora. X? toia^wa?ha next thlrty^Jaya to ?noa AMNCAL ELKf 'TIOJt trtp"' , i on of ibe faltlh Avenue Railroad7XRTKBN niRBCT. aft the depot, Mtith arenua. corner of fuAany will ne held Taaartajr February li, from 1- ,o i o'clock, '"rd at,wet, on HR1RY 8. VOORl', . ?PORTIXO. , U. KIKDf OP DOGS AND H1RDH ."OK MAf K At [ B. DOVRT h, 35(1 r*r?al alreat near Ohtirch ?tr?et. foT jjj dla??.ee. Prepared Pood for mocking /THARLRM RBIC IK A BMtlTilKN, 86 CHATHAM v arreeinhere jaet reoehrad a_hH of learned Btlliinehee, teas. la'tre arletjr of Oeraun tr?u?tl?a and 4ihf*r n 81ngiD9 FtnL*. E AMCIB BCTLIiR, BO. 9 PRf'K SLIP, HM? AT.C. the rhotee breedr of IK>8?. BntVe'a Infallllde Many* ra end Plea Bktermlnnlo-, 79 eeta Hntl?r a new work the Ooy, (A llcga traiued. ? rded. At". Medicine* for JlaaaaeA. FANCY POWIA POH PALE?THE /.AST OP TUB " Itmk: Ppaiiiah Al NlteSii t efborna, fl re): Hramn e, I do each; (1 AT'; CMOMe, XI lb, At- ; leitwo tary flue fefaaon Xowle, M C< M Fourth t treat iu>heiear nREE NEW DA MAS C CP BBf ECU LOAD KB POB * Wla: * Inoh, 10 Ito e C.e wear fOit.a to Etnoite; grlaajlilA; to be eaea etMIWUI MfTLl.fN's, U PuJum fwraken Pall LB AND SYO<Ht PrRPOSKS?PAIR ifP TIlE ? jiue-t three Bounue Baca a.d Ta?? In Aate iea. aluterit end Meltar^, -t-ot'h Twt.?r?, Sewtanndland DANIKL POSTRtL A". IH Koowvel .tieet Ml ?3 N URAY. It BOONE V'KLT SIMIKT, if Ad VOf ssntr ?ale haiHUotoe N>wfeun'Jb<..d l)>b<M; hUtk end tan, 'Tan t'ch arid Hktra fetTiere. Me Batter-, .mail Pontile Pupa, til lt"llaa Oraybottad Puts a v>ir ?' BUck and Taa lira. eael|. OTBd.M TL'OBOAT, UOUT BBAUOM t. MTltF. WHEEL, B ID .'ona, In good order lac ea!aA <-?p. Afodr wher ||u )*>fcf ltAi. foot of 114.h e'reet and fla?'*t" il?ev. at Id Hi ,'ona, in i order Urn huf IJa, foot of 114th BTRPUKh.' JBOBRRTS" boat P - -?Pww Mtf. ?4 Hll.I.IdniHL AC. ... b'ill.l;?( al<Of ALo Jl teeond hand ShtpV BdaU for eal". $a p?r i'?ot. A KAKOH NtLNEKB MP NEW ANI? SECOND HASH Billiard Teuled. with ?\l?hV !?.%?* frtMNI f?rr?T^d to be tbe rroet ? '-rewt i mnd rti irable oeehuni ewer made. NNMtaMM of war tebloa I Out h? ?? been la eduetanh i?e f"r atau; raare ' In the tie tnclpai hotel, and rcswu* In lala city. mrnm ? aw ?'? 1 _^ai* daH I* A., thai. Infarae - raara may be ?aaa ilaritf. Parfleeld dandloa t o purchaee wiu 3Ad It tu ihetr Interael to < all -ml examme .sir iwit, whiab la tba hrieat and daaat iathd WorM, Boo,'' Rilli.irl Taolet. _ PHELAM A COLLAMDPB. * to W Croeby P.reet N. * rt _ BAL1C ft'Br. IP-TWO fH.COND HANI) niLLfAltU Tabic*; ana four end .?##?? pot&efe. AIM BroaWe 2 BAM NOW PBEPANhP *0 PCBNISH NEW AND " Hand Cable*, wlllt one imprrrad enebiob. a? m&wntsik. ?WK3Sft MlH ?t?. IMBTHDCTIOM. T^raoSocuH^^?dumb or iNsrgrc/ioN in A AtMfcwrtie. BookkshpUfr, .Cg?K!r I out Oocre*pendeuoe,tlnse ^ " 2v Hi- XtVri ('omuierial Academy, HBOBo wery, between r*luc-A aori MlS Also Peadiiig. *r?!Urg. Oomp. aMigk Oraeh. mar, Ac., taught >tay and e.eutng. In prir,t% l.Kjmt, tf dtrirM). liMttsi1 department. AVOCia FBENCK LADY NOW U?lNO WITH her (omiU, desire* a phvue u !u?true:rc?a or laly'a ?omu'uloii in an Au.erteau 'amity; war eatmated in cm of lb* Srst iD.titu'iona in Eurls; am einer'P'joe s? a tcai her, , nri esn jdre excellent rexerenoaa. Address Millie. I-arroqur, station D. \ LADY. WITH FIFTEEN YFAK8' EXPERIENCE J\ tn Saw England ?enof.la. th.uoughly versed in 'he English brioches. desires a *1101111011 in a school or a' rlilt ing -oa-ninas: references furuUtted. Apply to the National Teicher:.' Institute. SB2 Broadway. 4 Niimo man will give lkssonb in fbfihm?, m .? ??=?? * _A BpariMf end Italltii Unguagra and conversation f r his board. AiV'.wu M. P-lxx 300 Herald odlce. Boys fob Brt?!NE*??.-Mn. dolbear. mb bRoad way, ilynr rpec'nl aitenlion to t roparlng toy* ?"d nrn p' tc'lcany or bdvlneai. They become quick at flgurei, rapid Muiu-.a penmen and gi",ri tyy kteepera. Private dceka r;.i. note be secured without extra charge. IIOOKEUSPING. -D PENMANSHIP - AND BUBINFSS AFFATP". ?? 3Sy^f9^5 Commercial tiiittute, .JO Br. id way. Kslshltahcd JAW. Private Inn,notion. BOOKKEEPING, WRITING ARITHMETIC, ALGEBRA, feoaetry Reading. Hnelliqa, Ac., for $?, at THOMP BON A Ttu-th.e?v College. lib Ilowerv Young men wtehing good situation? In buatiesa will Bail It to their advantage to pursue our ourr# of etude. Ltd'na' apartment separate. Private Instruction. Day and eyeniug. "piiENCH CONVERSATION AND LTTEft ATHRN BY F Pro'earer P ARPAIN, grndu.ee of the Cathollo Untvor alty of bouTain and Nortial riehoti of Per la (teachers' eehaol). Tuition warranted In three raontha. 17 ltocd st. MrSIC.-AT THE RATIONAL CONFERVATORV OF Music, tfi ndlM aroune, nasi- Twenty-ninth street, , Pw.no, V.oRti theory t?l singing. Terms $10 per quarter. The Conxor .story Inatrnotton hooka free. WANT FT)?BY A YOUNG LADY OF OOOD EDCOA ttor. Mid character, a v'tMntinti a? gnvemeW or aomoa* nion to a lady. Aridres. ior three dsya J. B. K., Herat# crane. YTTANTRD?tn a FOUNQ n young lad? to teach the Fnetl part p-ivmcnt lnatrnetlor. tn music. A tor NO LA OIKS' SCHOOL. A teach the Engtt-'b hranchea, to 'recite ia part p-iyir.cnt inatrnetlnr. In muaie. Apply, vrlth roferenee, ai the first brewn aiuna amtse weat 01 5.1 ar., 78th at., after 3 P. M. TITANTFT>?BY A YOFNO LADY OF OOOli ED170A Tr tiou av.d ch .rscter, a situation ss cavern's'. o? cotu pa nion for a Uriv. Salary not so much the object a., a good home. Add'ess G. B.. Her.o'i oflloe. <Tf?fWBrsiNP5f? FOfUSR, 82 BOWERY AND Wri ?Ta^"' F iltou', Brooklyn. ?;rau."tar, Bpelilng and Cor re,|ion<l?ori- ta'igui In pricate room-1. Mr. Puii.'i is ably assisted by Measis. Welie.?r in bookkeeping and Wheeler lu l'uimtanihlp. Open day and evening, iaftirriay incluried. HOM N Kit. CAUKI AO KB. AC A m-.aiFTRR OF BORNEB AND CARUIAGES, AT A private sale, is kepi by SlINFU A SOMERVILITe, et 31 Nassau ?t All pepsmu wishing to buy. sell or ev rh .r.g- Ho.-res or Carrhxea. sltould hare their property, cr the artlc'.is desired regi'liied us above. AUCTION BAUd- AT HOP.SE AUfTION WART. vnon 'iiusre. every Tuesday and Friday throughout the year, and ai B7 Nn.?ao at: jet r.ery ft edne-dry and oatur* ?way. dee auction hnad ? rflUPR AND FTT BEAT fiURMANTOWN ROCKA n way. Tic tor'a Park Pna to n Burgles: a good second ht ini T..i> Buggy ami YiCoria Har-cta, Ac.: one single filclgh. N. MOONRT, 31 Liieidy stree t. t-PAEK, DOOTOR-3 AND EON? FHARTONH, ? Hourc and Oenmantown ifocKiways. Bitggirt, Uar ?fti, Ao.. fid Cedar,stree?, second door below Tost ofiice. TAYLOR A HICKS. ?A FINE HAY NT A RE, 15.^ HAN CP HIGH. FIT FOR ix sny work; will 00 sold . hoi ?> as the ow.tor has gone -hi; el business. 730 Washington atreet. corner of Perry. A EUBLIG BALK OF HOTtSEB, CARRIAGES, TOP ,V and iwtop Aiv,,..., F.apreM Wsrou*. Harness, Uol.ee, NrHe, Mlclgfcs, ilia- kevs. Whips Ac., tl-la day. at l.S?9 Broad way. near Fcrty f-rst street, at 11 o'clock, being the entire s'-,-k ?f a iircrr ftaiiie aati csrnago mauufaototy, bale pcaitive. .see imuthm e*le?. ?. A OOOD BErnND HIND CO ICR KlA ETON, ROCK, WariDanot, Ruad, Tup end Kxtrm* V.nns; Oigs. one -or 0 Tr'JSt. new atngie H.t , ?a. gi' l, Blanbuta. eU sew Plcighe $'A ejci., at ft W-osier ti-eet. *TJAY HORSE, 17 WANDS, 8 TMARH OLD. FINE CoiT J.r dtUor. poWeC..!, for truck, cart er firm, Wartattied evnry way, for gihO. inquire at M4 Four.h atreat, n?ar Chariot. /IOAQJI, IIOR8F.P AND HARNESS, IN GOOD UKOEI s* fob e>>M cheap in <>r,ler to fordone a mmtgage. App .1 I*. Smith's l'aerr raWe, 13$ Graenvrioh alrte;, Venry COUPE - USTft BUT A FEW MONTHS; MADR BY Rrewet r A'Co.; it la In ime order. For particulars Ciil et pri-.te '0' lc No. Jtf Eaal Tlfleenih street. Ash tor John. Bee- wl A. M to lit, and after* r. M. r)Tt SAl'E?SJIYERAL Lit HIT AND HEAVY NEW iml ac.xtiul hand business and express Wagons, and olr.c e two hero Truck. Apply at Outuiaff A Becker s can. j lege factory, sW7 Groeae atreet, ? IFOR SALR-PODlt FAIR" OF WtTLES AND TWO r ritisle onaa, 18 handa high, 6 ana 8 rejk.ru nld, well broke t? any tir?! of co-k. fmi-vrr at ataNca, Fightr-fniirtu ? ar,.l P:shlh MMnt, fffMlli n-eet nenr Fifth are n .e. trof OLOii'l*; c t ULPIiil'Ut Cro'.t>i> f4uarj, Rotunda, i Fr.rk, ??v>R FAML-RLRYKX HoRPEB; AWOWO THEM r there e-e four a? flae bay Ho-i"s o? in the country, ft for Any b.e. U*ewi*e :i?t low lilued Qoraoa; itlun one An K. r?. tvy >n; p-loe for wagon, $1.*. All to la teen At 74 Ore?-n*.';rh vrn'f. IFOR SAU5?"PYIIRAL HBW AMD 5>* DOMD ft ART* I w. ecu*, sueh i F!tt r too it, f>o.-'.or?', light and bun lr. ran Rc-nd ?. at; ma er,?t Aulktea, at FRKCL'S rtr.Uwy, ty Hicra a ieel, Bmn kiyn. I|Htlt S AT.E? K I'M! VP TP AM or ft <>H(C HO USER, 1 amrly 1} ka in < 'liyl ." ,e?i ? a- ? laqai-e e*. AW r ' avenue. cnr.-er ofTrty-eiind utreat, in the 1 hjuor More. For ?ai k?a n o*** horse, henry cla v ?st'i-t, he la ly harja hlyb. trren ?eei" itlil. uoitnd ?nd kind: -?u fit in Ib-ee fr.'mitr* i?nd ui'l f.o (int'er when t . i' ?d. I'neitnt int.il \i*gou, ISO lb? , b??t c-.ty m..ke". ?!i-l oiio ??. oove.? ; Herne-l: Mian me rrocer'* top Waror ?nd u? Rail Wiiauat; la foe-i o-ler. InquireMAH'i'tN tAi'OJt, H ruKoa .-'root Brooklyn. "?FOR R*1 K-A 101 PLA-K HARK WIRE, 18 I ken-la; uotafi.et; a nioei fanlh borre; aold f ir want of oaf. W . A. I VL-'H. lb tV-evt ?treat. fF'Rl PAIS?A TKP.Y HtAMDSORR FAIR DARK II lw ?n hornee, li?S b'lMa Mpti: rtyl.uh drlacra; good i*arollers, end iretreut'd unaied eu I kind in alagf" ordonMe haiut??; vr'oaA' ;'"0. / pply it tie" siubloa, earner ot He.entli ?mud" mm tamy atoofca eareot FOH IULImA r*L(\1BLF FART PACER, IBM lieade; -ta' a Mt-v.idor H.eotc full brethem. all at.4 t jae.i y*ai ?> I". v.'nil' tar a faraar: ulao nr* Marc wlthcfoal, and OMani lrra. t Hoiaor. It New t iiambfre ?t. rm RAfir-Ttro rio.RRPH a* honk ^ncoirnrAMD b ' orraa TYagoa.' Inquire tc 'table CM Wfc'. Thirty fl'fb atrert. pi AAI.E-':Wf; norm,* TRrwjKS, OMR MEW. ? auitAt:! for ootl'i . or'-If Weave work, the other bet little uaaX Apply ?>Ut4 W? 4 HUtoeulA 'treat or M?.a brie ^StWR-da. ?- *il???AT HOW, U\ Hlyfl <i TKARP OLD T.n !iV ih?>i 1:4V, OO'lMA.or tiwww iriil n, irn .u ewih, JJ* U rjimn^d sound *??'1 lerary way. AJ"rr?, lie., Itaraid oMoe. F?*J1*'.fV-T.70 SAW RXt'P.Kds WeOORS. 10 BroeiMMraet iroBPRT RIKLIMO. H.'RNRitA.-FOR MtiR. TWO ntrd or r,T?lWr SIM gle <ic*ie,a. op.cu ll atOuetija; i,i?d# b?M ""anlway ?Mar; perleet.ir raar ?-t <;h-?p Call oa or ed <tron? E. MAR Kb. 8t7 Eaat Tht-'v-ihlrt afreet. li>R8E. WAOOR AND HAltNBad "OR A ALE. -WILT. IXoue^l *?<l or u>f^tia?r. liwairt ?u Hifw rrt toontn e(7| Third hIiumil.Ii ana govon ?- zjv* ' STABfaJt TO I PT .FIBF ?" ? ? - --t i I - ? ? L ??liiiui Tbirty.e2En4n*tCK\ MX) ATI Off *?- wetet. * tTO">om'T \SS??* JtAfloSTy a I'MK^BTUfSL.1; STARt* WAKTED ?nArtWe^TT^T-^* AtaMeiWatabl tent i/.^^'EASB?A LOT RITH tee'ita a'eeuti <u affttbllMF? "****? kaloe Eear a. t. TinrRisK * oo.. in atSfafr... . ____ ':?atb?m ?treat. TWO A'ORB W?TCllKD/TP.AVa op TwK"7 anrn- ? 'a ir Ml Peniat. R yea;* eM, 13 b- nd.a, fit WiN.D o?e; ware iMIa ?e?ry r"peal; prior vary low; amr Da aetd. MM r?*rl atre-t. W\NTP(VA ffimfl) Htxn TABIC rjfABTpir, ?iv lea Mt Adrfre?s ? Meting pru:", William Con ?nlr, H?rv,d oifioa. UrAXfro-a xRcofp n am> vrcnmfA iimtabll vr Tor vua ho,a?, A'Mree, alattiig pr oa, bet i,7l? I'ott w ^ AJifM-A rjonr hi uphs w%gow. *T*o*aMt jtnr thit bM h#?u ?leil? nni f't^fci rcd. Avplj Mett' m Hetiel ?t Fran?v? Votei. WANTr,I??A RTfYRR'R ft ttrNTlMlNttN WlOOff. WRbpite aud Mr ft*. >U e Uiwaat prle... Ad Irea* wagr n, bos RTW Feat antee $"UJ TOR A HORRK BTNB TPARB Ol-D. 18 If AMDS tf*7 hlffh neaMy. ?ewi. wermMed kind m all baraaaa; muatbe#?I'J ea <ranei l*ar? 'haeoj. f?7Seaeatb aranoa. JWU/t e^HERVrT WWl U'l MA*OR; TWO BAY iJOiJ, liiw-k!'. If .fc.l IB V, itaila. lltmee*;.; ? >rrr| liorae, ln'f MWlRi IBaa yerb, old ttSU: eij e>?nd ad klatL ll< Wevl Twauip'Otatb uraet; Din,a iUt*. ~~ ohl ISC At A DKMIf'iH. Aponwoarn's dancino acadbmy. ' " , I1J Kifib aennn-, *ear Yark. jyr Ray-_ji?riiM, 4r.^ ()L*w eel I r?r a aUWnlar. T|r OARHO'R DA NCI NO AOADRMY. NO ? FIKIR IJ iieane. uyaiMt of Fvaiitaeau Mr-el i (pen an TIB'. ?AYR and ?!l(!>AYR,, WEDBUBDa YS end PAIl KHAVf Lerllr ' J In ? P. M, Mimea ant maeter* ? io A p M. steitsfeUrwxfsa"?* ??*?"?? t-OPtRTRICfWH^rH i VA flTNLR WANTED?W1TII $1 ?'f t'nnff innd? and Nnt'on 11' ...BOO, IS A WHOLE nuw at undoubted re ar-er.h.bitirv. Keterencea exchangee Mo ? Kui aariies'aeed ar.awer. Addreu Barclay! bag M H?rJd oflkv. mi?ln. hi m?n who vroul-l fake er.a-ge ?? the B > .aol.il <?e tu.ui. book*. At., preferred- Addreae X. U , tlriqtd ?do*. A?PARTNER WANTED, WHO THOROUGHLY . uaderatandx the whotoeele clo'.hlnf or clunk BMnufM tnrlriy bneluom. and who can fnrolah trom $tt NO 'o $l?),0il>?; unex, option able reference J r.iven end required. Or the <ub acrl'er 1* willing *0 lake a aiinatten lu either of the al-.va httvicae* where integrity and alaoa atteattoa to huainaW willliiourc htm apeedr advancement. Addreae. with real Da'ow and ertflreaa, George M. flureie. elation K. Now York. * N ACTIVE MAN AS PARTNER WANTED IN A -A 1 cat cMatc aud brckerag* Lue.oeae. only a email ainatii-t of <-?p>lat teq'uLod. Adureaa D., boa 1U7 Ueraid odice. A PAWNER WANT?IV-WITH*tM>, IN A RELIABLE cash munufaoteirlug haaioeea; i.r.iclo auila; eelle MMUhlyt no dak wh?teyer Addreae Hoiaca Wiltiauaa, boa i'G ll-TKid .ittiee. i 1QPAJ0XWMMIIP?THE rMDBttlOXM HAVE A > this day rnterod lnf<oopartocral vp. uu.ler ihcflriu tiuao ?f Pranci* A f arice. lor the tr&nea ettou of a genera; Oil uuab 1 cm at So. lift 'Vasutagtoa alien. GEORGE W. FRaNCI*, New To**, Ian. ?, l*ff. fSKORtdl W. PARVKK. DIfiUOUmoil, OP PARTNERSHIP.?MR. JACOB Rich haa retire* ILI? day fmai our in* hy mutual c-"va aeal. Tlw IwMtooao will be continued nu<l?e mm rirm and name or Bluwauer A Ulcb. BLlMilKR, KICU A CO. Nxw Yiikk. Feb. 4, 1667. H. RICH. L. JKLUXAUHL J. RICH. DISSOLUTION.?THE KIR* OF JONF.B. AMI PH. BlMi^ard A <"<>. ta ihia day diaaolecd by mutual een neot. Toe fwcowutr of the dim will be nettled giul the huel ne?? continued by W. L. UeOa'.ileaa N. JOKER. M. R HMITfT V. F fillBPPARft. .favua?*R 1*17. W. L. McCANLRSA vt'>tt(;b.-thk firm of price a mtnn is dis a a eolvert 'bin day by the withdrawal of Mr. George H. Price. Ti ?' CoFoa Brokerage buatnaea will be eonliauod by the emierriber on hie own account. ft. MOSS, Jr., No. S Ha nearer atreeL Raw Ton*, Feb. 1, 1667. K'O. lis MAIDEN LANE. NEW tore. JANUARY M, 1807 Hl -iSnt I'TION.?'The aartnarshlp heretofore e*letlr.g on j drr the Una name of Dc Korea' A Fraud* i? thla day ,11? ' eolved briuntuai content, bilhcr pexiner will a'.bii In liguU Cl-tloc WW. T. HEFOREST, GEO. W. FRANCIS. NOTICE.-'Aftitnlert'fneH will cnrjCnue the oil and can dle bniiaaw at lift MoMea Une. WM. T. JiEFOllEBT. PAR VNRl! WaNTEO-BT A VOCNO M>N PROM TfTE Wc?t. t.> o!r?r a wholeatle lO'llirrrr m-i fancy store In New York, or to enter into urc alrcdyc 'anlir'icd; bae aevea jreara'e-pcr'nnio an 1 ?ta cotumana the rep'tal. A.idreee J. B., cti-eaf Iter. J. Soidet, M4 Greenwich streN, N. Y, PARTNER W4NTU1J?IN CO'Pr??N RAISING. WITH S]ft,niHt 1n 'neutlmenta; vl*ota'1on an., of the meet he/1'hy. predoctlvr ?ud Ttiuabie Irt the H?utk, and all ?t A?t .... - atocketefereneea eiohaujy l. /Rdresa ooe weak H. L. D., box l^iy.i Poet often. PARTNRR W*N'fBfl?IN * FfR.-.T ?HjARS MANIT factu iny bneincM. K rare erp -rloattT. ipplyad No. PI Wall atreei. aecnnd floor, rear nftlcea. room No. 3. PVR'INER WasTKO.-THE AUVHRTHER WOULD mree IHID10 $111,000 In an eatabliahed Vovlalrm lieuso or auihn fiabUahiuawti uaderaMud; the boalneaa: prcpr rttls wHl beOtcoted ? iitfideiHlally. Atkreia, wita real 1 fl. B.. boi Foe 1 i.-t|ce. PARTNER WASTED?IN A MANUFACTURING EN lerrri-e: will pay tin,G0 per intiimt etaplearUole aad a Iner. :. dy; catdial te ia.ted $1.". 000 J. M MOODY A CO, 08 Pine timet PART.VER WAN TED?IN A NICE RAI/?ON B08I nrja, Willi ? ?unloAae: naprequired, $13,000. flood Chance f?' a ut .T. U. MOODY A CO.. ?S Pine Street. -pARTVRR WA*TED?WItff FR'iM IMN TO $?.?? JT ?e?t. to iolu the aiewdlaepin 'he jobStuk end au'.Uoa ' yiua. " awalrfM; Hie tubJieV iMn be doah'e-j m two yeara. AAlresa jJahn 1 leiuy. Itindd ufUcr. PARTS I? R WANTED WITH $l,pflfl-tN TUB AUCTION end ,v>m .il.rioti hu-'ine . in Lhie o*.ty; reference ex changed. tddrcea ?0R 30. Mcreld o.lee. Tiie firm of sKrro* a wmnweiaht. binxeem and Bi?iera. la 'hi* du? dlaaowed by ta.iltta.. cor.aeul, Mr. Morton wJiig l'oiu) buctaeea P- 'bci pnrty w,U elgu in liquid-1 eo. S. SKYTON. _ J. H. WAINWIHOHT. The bur-new of tli-'ale I'rm wfll be ron lnue.l by the un Aeraifi-.ed. J. HOWARD H AlVWBTOIlr, B7 \Yalif?tre-? Kaw Yon*. Feb. I, 1837. ?17ANTFD-A PARTNER WITH fHLOflOH IN A PRO rf fltable *>a>iiifc<'tnrfoc bna'-ees. In ?hi-h an equal al.ioaut la now laieatwl. P.irtic lar??nj roterer-cee at In terview. Audreys C., box 180 Herald efilcr. 11500 _TAKTHRR ^ VNTKD. IN a MOTTT. PLEAS - ant linalneaa; can make $000 weekly, anil will hear the elaeen Inveatijallon. Inquire at 131 Broadway, room No. 7. 1 Ofcl fififl?WANTED, A RRIJAWLK WAN. TOTAK* ?p1 .U< 'U. the pljLon of retiring partner. in a well e?trb Hahed loan '?e? and elo'hl.ig stora. Call and examine at It Prince Ktreet, i oar Bowery. ?1 ? fWlA ?* OFNTLBWAN OF 8KYFRAL YEAR'S ClU'Vi/v, hut'o M etperlrtiee wllb the ? >ov? aafl? ital. wtahav ti -irago a* ?? ilea partner In a troll eitabilrhed manufacturing or ebo'oiwl* jobbing bun!new; baat of ruf O'ri ma flr-.fi.vl required: ii i aoenta no:; 1 apply. A (Ml eat for ihroe d?y?Orlon, box Ml Herald afti -e. RI'IIXBSS (lPTOHTt MTIKS. AN M.D.. H.B.C.S., L.S. A. ANDL.H., LONDON; ALSO an r. A. M., hiring bail an eat-nehre pr-mlce. evpe. rlally Ir di'ea-ea of the eye rod akin. In hanM. dcslm t> meaean eatabllahed doctor or Lrrniit with Whom hla know' ?dee migt t im made araltabla. Addraaa H. t\, boa MO Hei ? ala office. A VAN. wr: n IN CASH, WISHES TO F VO I OF. in :win.e rc-pectebla awl prr.llnble bm.jiera wlli. a Chriitl m man only. Add-wa J. W W.. n?~ild oTre. Air acttyf. Wxfrriencfd wan can secure ar Mtabttahed ggnerrt agency 1n lif? rn l fire lr.anrjuo? In a flr.A clara offox. uu town by a<l<ireaaii.g li. A. P., Il-raiu o??c. A WAR* OTANCK FOK A R1 W'VT:?1 W1NWTTI' flMDimady naali, <b e tgnge In n wine sn.l f u t baal neeg, long and well MttbUgK on Mr-*., way THOMI'H IN. IW Rroa.iway. BEST TWINO Tin FOR AflV.NT*'?UAI.Ii'H PATENT Bnrrrr; can light ur?l ti'.n without r-raovn*nblni; oi ahade. Apply In "?ra>in 'ntw-e. the i.onr* o" '.tan'.., u. by lyiier. to N. H. LOO MIA ag.-ul, S7 Pa k tow, roor.. 32, New Vark Hurrrr; can light ,r.| trim wl'.hont reraor'n* flbtni.u^f B RICK KICK WOO? mUlLrA TW COUNTIES le New Yo"fc atll! uneo'd. Inq-r.-a at M Reekntan ?L Kxt'r.urrvF Hionra i oit half-for the rust , eliM,c , atent -rtMe n> ibr 'eerie*': retail* at $15; far i.Iahad at S- each, at.in No. ?' Su. 4 Pirn alreat. rWISII TO ? FK f WITN *N A'TIVrt W ' N TO JOIN mo In tlm pnr-liaaa of an old aa-abll' bed taaanfapti i wlih whw:'. A am fady nmwriu'. Adgrt a .I.E.. Herat 1 oOhNL $??>? __ ____ PAFTTS3 WITH tail TO $A0n1, CAN I*1N? PATIVO Biuineaa, erith aer- ld??. In Men-fvtnriea, Oraoarla*, Real Katate, Intelligence "(be-* and "llahtne. OHAMP.if.'IN A CO.. 2nd Broadway. KAKE CIIANCK TO WARE PRO* ?M To J'FR cent per a"nu?H, b* Irrea'li g $",(100 to fin,0*9 In the aaanufeotmicr -if an Imported t f. de .f da 'r nan: ne h>? bug. IkJl a raalltr. Addrem T. M . It Or-tiarrl atrer.t. SAFR ANO FROFfTARI.N INirRNTWF NT -A NEW patent of fre.tt ? lllty and gen rrl tiae; Ibeaule rl(M?r Htate and county n<!i'i miv be .ibuunet and a .Till wmi on aitp'.lcaMnn to the palccea for bra* dnya, from 13 W 'o S P. at the Iteery aUlde of Wile on A Ah'clds, 10 Pa at ?ouaton a treat rear Broadway. rFRRP.NOLO?I?TH._AN OFPORTT NITV F??R A nrafeaaor ef reo'ltaiion 'o e?tah|l*h an ?c? a jmblio InatMutlefl. Ap'ily by le-ter 'o boy I.2W Pool ofllee. rCAFITAMHTS -ROO.OOn CAN NF INVEmTFO TO fraaA advantage In aeaurlng a -ontinl* eg Inleraat In a pBRer tnam> firm ring eomrtwar. Any peraou dttaiionaof in vaatlfatlng the matin', with a ylety of prnvka^a. may ad 'Ire? Paper, boy 1.4M Poet oWea. fllHR AOVEnTIBKR IS DRMROHN OF DISPfWINO OF * a pabrut rlebt tu? ? new S?.i Car-Cu'iulin*. Apply to JOSEPH III'ABACII, 264 Seventh avaune. Raw Ye.i. WANTEO-BF INSTAlMENrs. fl.MO, IN A fAKR and legitime!* IwifliWWA rrtamirsctnrlrg to erier for ?aah; prortte and a?l*? will be l.irgc; au-k alw.yt at .pie; "i* party I arreting io barn charga nnlwr a ?alary. with equal pr dlig. Call on ar addraaa I>. ? . ? Naaaau alragt, Br oklyn. SLTANPF.It-A PARTY, OWNINO ABOUT 17 ACRRH N?w of axcellaDl Land, within the limit# of a aron In-: cltf In ayl-hnaurar. only ma hmr'a dta'tc-e from New koi*. arllllog to lurfyaliU a gnnlrmtn of uMiam. wln> wcmld be Addraaa F. B. B , HP. om ey for the ImUdinR ef k?t* Iaiamnt, HaraM olRea. "? e*rt . ul?r*, CapUiu a <k1H 10 ?lo? START ANY MATT"."IT ?V.l vf mannfaidnra of a -upcrlot ll-M oil. ready gnlel l-ioflU large. J. M. NOOOY A Co.. 48 Ulna aUeaL dlQAA WIUL SBCt'RK A FROWINKNT position JWJ?V In an aatablWhed cash hualnraa, pay ng $80 to |H? par weak. Apply at W Bioadwar, room No. 7. ('{0(1 ?JYANTKO, a MAW WITH THIS AMOUNT. " I y.tWM Into real In ? goe-i. a'ibalanlUI and proSlable ^.ine^a Far pariMtlara ea'lat til Weal ttrfol. Et?rr flnMriiftlon inr^o. ?^()0 "A* **K* A RAFF INYKST ^.VJIf.. BP -aa, f y ELL, .FHTBO UN* and StV uanal rmnrta'*'1'tally. -wa aa mi mmiiiMu W^VIRrAFK*t. " For salf?thr >,ff.WN op twn nkn torn rfwo I.wuar?j" 122: Htamatra: com PISAWCUL. f.''' 7,iiir TTN1TBD STATES TRKaSCAV, FEB. 4,1467. U Bchedulee of ? 39) thirty or mora sevcn-thliiy eoujtonw Sua February 16, lt*<7 will a?* ha received for examination at tha Cnttad Statea Trev ury. H7 H VAN PYfHC. AaMatant t$ea?urar. cncaS. S5kasuN a co.. D BANKERS, CORNS* TINE AND NAnSAC 8TEBX&. MEW TORE, laaaa fltaanbr M**aa and leuer* of Credit for travellers. ar&tlabW la all tha prinriiml cities of the world Maraaatite enSlta for net la Kuivpe, CRina, A* Alao nuke traaafM* af msaey to California and Oregon by tele*r?iib. Interest allowed on iepoalia. fpOR BALE?NEW TOP.K CITY RATI. ROAD COM r pant Stock": alio Insurance Rtocts. peTtiig from 10 to 30 per rent dr. lbeod AI.BiiilTU. hICOlAY. 43 1'ine ri. TjAOR SAJ.E-TH1RD AVTtNUB JP Htocfc faying targe ttiidcndv ALtfiiP.T H. *1 RAILROAD COMPANY 1COLAY, 41 Pino street. I iTC.R 8ALB?INTERNATIONAL P1R8 INSURANCE Company Stnok. ALBERT H. NICOLAT, No. 43 P!na xtreet. U>OE PA LB?A CABINET OP CHOICE MINERALS, JC embracing a rare collection of Cold, fiilfrr. Copaor, read and other SptePoen*. which cannot be 4ni 'aaieit at any coat, and a ill bo aold cheap. Apply at Nt U t'.ae at. National bank op north an eric a, tfbruary 1,1867.?Since tha overdraft on ihU bunk by Meyer A Co., and tbe sudden rasuDfa* dr.ith of It* P.'ea'dert, a thorough oar.tulnatlon of its oond'tlon h i* been mode by a committee of tha dl-oc'jrs, and they report ?ud authorise the ntlloer* af the Bank to publish :'.i*t ilia Rank la In a perfectly sound atnl prosperous condition, and not only la (ho capital unimpaired. ant ilurr do not h?i;-ve that the loner* auataliieu w.U rc luce the surplus of the Rank below the rum or $20ii ?*l. CHARLES M. CONNOLLY, Vice President. J. A. Btuiiwi <tt Cashier. Northwestern stater. Banking and CoUaet'on Manse of OB4. P. South A Brta. 49 I,a Sil'e street, CbWifo. III. Special attention given to collections, plain and oltu documents, Draw an DHKXEL, WINtftROP A CO.. and WINSLOW. LA.NIHR A CO.. Now York. Orric* MARIhTTA AND CINCINNATI RAILROAD Compauy, ChillcotB", Jan. J847. The internet coupon* on the dial niortg.'j;e bond* of this company, dne February I, wil> he p.l.i on pietenlaltoit at the American National Bank. New York. WM. ft. WATRON. Auditor. Americas National Rank. Now York, will pay aninortsa* above. A. A. BRADLEY. ITNION PACIFIC RAILWAY COMPANY, *. a ? J Phllade pbu- O'iee 424 Walnut sliest. Pu i tot rim a. San. 31.1*7. THE INTEREST IN dbl 1) on the f rat mor'gago b ok1.* oi Uta CNION PACIFIC RAIL WAY COMPANi7r.ABlF.RN DlVISroH, due February 1, will be paid on preses' iLlon of the coupons at the banking bouse of i'?Hrv Jav Cooke t Co.. he./ Yo-k, on *nd alter th*4d.te. WM 1 PAI.MEK. Tres-ure.r. W 1 CMR -f^-FICR OF I HE lOOO. RUN MUTUAL INRHRANCH COMPANY, INSURANCE RU1LDINOS, <K WAlL STREET. New t n*n .f*n. 8" 1907. The following statement of the ?fl\.i."*of thin Company i* pahltahed In conformity wan tb? requirements of ta? tenth section of the aotof it* IncoeporaNtm Premiums on uaexpire ' risks, Itc-emher SI, 1866.$640,911 71 Premium* recetted during tha year to December 81,1866? _ On marine rtaks fb'JiM 344 07 On inland risks Jli.KB 14?f,606,344 >1 Total $3,836,d6U 10 The amount of earned premium j uurlng tha year. Ins? return prer-.liiin*, was $2,1*0.323 it Losoea paid during the yeur:? On luarine risk* $d.3A' 019 91 On fuland .-isks.. '>*>,749 09 Bxpenae. and ,cLi.uiai.oe -IN,Art 34 Total BlNMAI? 14 The hssuU of tin compui./ on luealst UtABbsr 1966. were a* foQuWa. rl*:? Real usutta and bo. ,1a and -nnrta ige' $4iQ>60 00 United state* stocks, loa>is oo stock*, aocoed in terest oil bonds and ui. rt^age* aud loons, runt* ?f rani Mtate, lariragts, Aa. *Y,.S48 43 Ca*b T7. 41.fit OA Bill* tiarejTaUa 943,664 Prr.miam aoe-iu^Ui not vet ool'oo'.ed 34.346 34 rterlp ot ruudr>mutual yu<ui-ance i <mpaaiea..... 4,10b OU Total. 1 ;.....$l,9?A??t a> The ItUagolag *1*10111*111 baa us-.n n ade to conform StiIctlr tu the retjuircmsnts ef the eUtafMj's nharter. T ae';tceint*i.od etpendlturet ot the eumpany far the yuor eti<1iugllA December. 1966, have oecu ?a followa:? Nvpendl.uree for mortna 1 ??es, rstiirn pre sum expe.ises. Ac. $8*Kn,M0 14 Baootrte frem aarned prem'.'ime, proflta on gold, As 3473.443 31 Eimail of evperd'lur*' m w r????let*.. JMW.W444 Ti e Cecipar. were l.-<b.e at the ??'ill ? of tut /rar to.- unpx'd luat e>, return prsmlumo, oommi. aionu, Ac., esti mate J *t $649,411 0 Less, to he re-Alre* for advan.-e in value of real usts'.u, stock*. Ac., and for su jurj ??|vr.?i, reirturance and othnf i-L'mo .no tbe Cot. pany, esti mated at 413,434 34?$06,196 07 DoflctaTtw $1,146,791 49 Amount o( ontsunJIiia serin eaiiad In aadcaa colled. * 1.161,836 60 In rtnw ef the ehovo result the Boerd or Trostee* havo thl* dav cn-lerr.l ;'p*t tbs oiastandlux ?crip or crrudcotes of proHts heiwtof.iro i?-ue 1 bv the Comieiiiy be reduced th-'r entire amauoi. end the ecriiOcatea iasusit tbouofor called iu and cam-elleu Holders of nsrtlSrati a net herotofore redeemed are 1 sreby notiled of Do action of the Board, ?nd aru ie ;us*:ed to -ur ramler auch osrtiQoaios at tbe office of the Company for can oe Haton 'l be Bosrd 0' Truslets a!vo resolved, Tbnt a subscription of 9.T9 POO of toM In mlvanoe of prcmlntn* be taken up In a-idlUoti to ti e oath capita) o' g&U.uOO already suhtcrlbed and Hut Included at tbi. ancvo assets. No pre risks, disconnected fr tn marine, have been taken by 'Le eompa nj. The company, on the ?1rt of December, 1S66, b'-M cssetiAt above, valued st $1,998,889 99 Ti c top 1 of tu i.sccrtained .?? J eatirnaLvl lie ptlltiet on thai day we a ?vlualve of the rtn.mnt of premtntna on outstanding risks, M39 7<B7?l 1.986.167 69 B8.731 M 0 000 110 Making amount of a??et* remaining with t* flntnpaBjr ;et-l.i?ire of the propose! a'lbacr.p llo.i of iKjte? in adranre rf premium ) $1,132,731 AJ D] order of too Board. T.HAAO H. W VLKCTl, Secretary. TRL'NTKKN: Mosrs H. aBfHKBLi* wv. To ci. MUfli' n H. nKlnnRJutj. n il. ? 'iMi, ItOtjlVKM. HI'ltAO'JK. UitY.4s.DR ANTHONY. JOHN ClUDW t. K. THOMaS J. 61. A t'l. tl I i.K, WILLIAM H. MAC?, JOBBPH OAII LAHD, Jr.. HANUKI. I.. NITOI'ELL, A'.KV M. 1 AW "KNOB. PPBll. G. KOSfKr'., ISAAC JI?;I t? I'P.TiiK I'UITIIKA, U/J'KohU HOBSOM LOOM iOHT PKUCV It PVNK, HAM'L A. NAVVY KK, RAMI EL. M. KOX. F.I IAH PON VERT, JuNRPH V. i.NATIVIA, hIMON I)K VUMK&, EDWARD 8. JACK..AY, JACOB R. NBYIUs, WILLIAM OOWOUf, <?SAAC A. CRANK, * UN EST I'AYJ.tJH, A. VAN AH A URL VAXiLS. PHKBCRICA CHAUNCBT, JOIlR !?. WRIOHT, OEOBtiK L. KlMiSLAND, WA VON MAC US. .IAMBS X. CAMI'ltKLL. MO8E8 H fJRIN .>.Mm Pre ulent. RIMES H OKIN i?LI* Pre.Went BiWALD K. ANTHONY. Vb-s rrasilent. A At! H. WAlP-KR. : KcriUrr. AOIt nilA 70 LOAN ON FIRST BONO AND MORT ?P-(".'/WU gage, on Brat rises city p-opertT, for Ave ?r ..a, 7 per ccni. YYlll k.ju .'n MM amounts If desire!, to ;. .mHilasiona aeked. AflpMranla must state location of properly. Addest* Q. X.. lisraid sGct. $73 900 *? ,/OAH OS >XPROVBD RCAf. $100 000 *** LOAN. I* Mr MB PROM ll.mil) astute In Mcdtf ll^JKA WOOD, M Wafl street __ fSn.uOO, on Ivp.oraii resl aalnte In Near Jerany, worth mora than doubts tb? uutounl loaned. Ad ?I" uuV>* 87# Poet o*c?, Newark, N. .f. (iOO,- iUOi it) LOAN ON BONO AND MORT tT'l-itl.v'fV ??##. In ona ar morn sums, on real estate In tlus aity arTtronklyn. JOHN P. CON KEY. ? Wall atraat. royR . >a(tf an nvir, $ igo.ooo cant of XT5U baaamant rCRJIITI'MK. AHANDHOMM AND COMPLETE HET OP 811riNO It mm and Bedraum Furniture for aala. eheap, lor Caab. Addrawt B. U v., |M A 7* N*w Vork Poat oil a A PRIVATE family is WJLLINO TO DIBPORR OP taatr Furniture, consisting af Had rotwn NnM, Rati din*. Citamlmrware. Sofa. Ac., wd a Host Sawing Machine, all an..at twaire months aid. To ba aold on account of ini.rlng. MASON, #8 Weal KighUsnili Street, between Pino .nil Mi l av.ov.ea, twvataira op. A1 T PRIVATE BALK?ALL TUB RLKOANT AND ooatly Parol torn, . w.ntslnad In the live atary briwn alone bouaa 44 Weet Ml) irenth at., between Fifth and Mvih aeeuite*. Kosawomt Ho?k"a?<s Stage res. Perief Mmu, wvr er?d Kit nak bti va'eL for Ituu, nat |IW. oue to,, $711, rose wood P'anofoita for 89)11, e?dt 88II8, UU Pa.' tltiae, Ar i.tin I'.rotkae, Mlrrnra, Lace Car' itia, Broma Clo k, roaawo-xl Bureau., Wardroltee, Ra.iatan.la, Ma'treevia. Carpets. Ba tanaion TaWaa, H'-iflett *t ta f hair.. China D.ni.ar Set. Nil tirittm. Ruby, Crystal Olaaewara, at half the original < .ft. A SiIVm Wo; Klalitb vtraat, nee' 8'klh aren in. for aala at tt great asrrl8aa r>r anab. A trtgaPi.eiit rakawnod I'lanolorte. ouat 8*4ft, 7.7 gflnb. A roaciiitioeiil rasawood l'i?n?:nrte. oua' #?*? Will bo aoM for $8Ni, itici'id'tijk m vol and Cutei. tero baatall fiijla, JorCTa^ln.f rench falm aii.l_ bri^t?h errit ?asn, wilt iteaoid for $ji#, . tie do, aii'.t, one ble"k walnut Hvalt in fr.'Kti rrpe ..>r $,*; bl.ch walnut Bo"k.*nae. Sideboard, r.i?awood Ktaotarea, t'uruiina; l.na Oil I'aiiulngt. Works of Art, Brobses, (eatrn and 1 lar Teoles, ro'aeooit anil I 'aek walnut R. drnvm Kui .e. Spring mid llmr Matraaa. ?ta, Pier Mirrors, Chsndeliera, ItellMt nd?. A.-. nltslt AND nrVjv'B F1IRN1TIIRK POR SALS,? MA<?# of imk Ij^fl of 8'n>Ci lor ?ty|c %n,\ workmrniMh |.| W.J^barlow. P. 4 l?, W and M CbaAi tNCRRtrURB, MAPriU?d?BS, BH DDI NO, LOOK I NO r fi'.tases. Ac., Cheapest, et (1. W. SNUOKN A CAMP HULL'S. 'J*S Ilowery, hetwran Stanton sod IL awoti rto-eta. tioo.lt a irrsotod; dalltoiaJ f.ea; Patent Sec.eUry Had stasel esp. fMUUHTUBB OP BVKKT DFSORIPriON, CAfffffi r Kad.l.ng. I'srkoraod Hetlrnom Runs. Ae , at UBND vl.L A scmrf, roirer of CuMalSBtl Hudson atieelA Pay men* rocalTed by wea.ly or monthiy ioslaUnaots, If prstarred. EIVRNITI7RP wantfd?bt a party commbkcind hotiaekaejiing; Par ar, t'natniwr, IHnlng ant Mlf-hen ItiHars; Carpats, Bedilina, Mnur??eea. Piano, Aa.; erery Ihmg ffqulrdd to furnish a rawr Km hmiaa. Tbnae wDhlng Mi sell cheap for cash, .amirwt Mrs. L Morrlann, Jr., alntbvA A, tprlug atraat. AKIilKMim. ul_io-.1 r T5BOADWAY tubatkh. admission m cen (*? A* I1traer of Broadway ?nl Broom* air MA HABTX' TEMPLE OB mystery, aw BROADWAY. Tnlervenlr.iiut N. Saturday at t. if. HA HTM I'Htt 1LLH8IONIST. Nora.?The aew llliuuoa* ate performed eutnalg without ippftrr tut. C. KB AT SUCCESS OV THE NEW PROGRAMME, And th# "raoji mvaterloii* wonder of modern Unaea.'' froth-*, pHi)r?tT8, pooteuis. THK BASKET TRICK ?ad FLOATING LUCAD, tn .on eeuuenre of the immnnee niihuvtaem, will ha eontiunad. . Ticket* 30 con(*. Reserved Set la SI- For tela at the II*". from ft till 4 Door* opea at 7'*. MATINEE, daarsopen at I J*. Vh* t'hlokoring riauo la u.-ed at theae aeanoe*. Olympic theatre. WEDNESDAY RYE NINO, Fab. ?. Third night of toe brief of OR*.YD GERMAN OPERA. .. ONI.Y BEPRE tRNTATiOM MOST POBITTVKET of Motart'r charming opera, the MAGIC F1 OTP, MAGIC II l TB, MAGIC FLUTE, MAGIC ELITE. <jueen#l Night, Mile. NADUI: Pwprgena, Mme. KliT TKtt; Tamlno, Mr. GKASCIIKL; Savaatro. Mr. CHA ND'J.Y; P*pageno, Mr. FORMEIL mippurted nf Measta. Uttt HEN. L trio: AN, WISHlOLn/ftc. AU EXCELLENT CHORDS AND GRAlHJeOBCHESTRA, pi*?euLtig an enjeinble ?f thr very fleet standard. Grand toper., tic Matinee on SATURDAY next,at T8 cent* ednitaaion (a all tea la. without antra charge for reserving tn advance. Seats for sale at Bear ft 8elilrmeT*?, 701 Breadway, and at the theatre fioru II A. X to 10 P. M. CHARLEY WHITE'S TROUPE. Lverr night, at Bryant's Me-hanloa' Hall, EYBroadwa*. GRAND t HA NOB Or PERFORMANCE. CHARLEY Nobixdhoy'a Fiolle. WHITE'S. CHARLEY Life on the Hiatlaatppi WHITE'S. CRAItl.l'Y The fwo .fohneona. WHITE'S. CHARLEY O ld- and Ends. WHITE'S. CHARLPV The Blank Actors. WHITE'S. CHARLEY Sever.. 1 New Comicalities. WHITE'S. CHARLEY Near Ballet*. New Overtures. HITIi'S. SAN FRANCISCO MINSTRELS, W6 BROADWAY. The trouble cora?ences at a quarter to g. THE IK'UK OE LA t'REMB OF MINSTRELSY. BIRCH. WAMHOLD. BERNARD A BACKUS' SVN FRANCISCO MINSTRELS, whore ati-ces haa tie.er been -quailed br any sitnlUi organ, izalioo 1n tue world. Nerr and cheerful Burte?juea rvary week. Hilton Head In-iltule, Happleat Coupla Out, Chil dren of f!-prer? Imi-eoohment Committee. Shouts of laughter at the Shad 'W Panl'i'nlme and the Sc-a..mlng BLACK COOK AND AFRICAN BALLET TROUPB. 17"BUY AND LEON'S MINSTRELS, 710 BROADWAY. IV. The nro.te?! lilt e-er niude. C INDBR-LEON. E nthueiaa'.leellj aeeepielby the I rnmeuse aueeeaa. L over* of minstrels* .a the N e'.aa Keymouigall. L Irltig Inipevtonatlona of D EMON DANCK ft HO. Y ounc Afi lean wit, B very body delighted. AND grtaied hj marry B omantio fairy tableaux. L aughing races. T. eon, the Inimitable Leon, B aveeiflliy It xt-..ordinary pi amlaradaaaauae, O f Indite, O n minrtrel rtaga never equaled. N IgliHr. N Ightty greeted by crowded bouses. STEIN WAY HALL. WEDNESDAY. FEB. ?. NIGHTS TO THE GREAT COMPOSERS. LAST FOIIH WEDNESDAY FOPI'LAR CONCERTS. Mr. la F. llanlson !ua much pleasure In announcing that evening (a art apart for a Wallace nigtit, when the we. X* of tbl* well known compoaar will f"i.*\ Ilia prtacipal tVaturc ?f the programme. Medatna PAREi'A, Mr. S B. MILLS. nnft ire aaaed Orubuitra, wlH lata part, making la all an tirayoi luieqaalvd l?lav. Aud ailoemag to the adaftltara of the late Wil'tain Ytacanl WaOaoa an opportuullf of hearing amny ui hut principal aleaaa to the beat potmlUe advaatAgc. TICKfrs ONE DOLLAR. . . Beaervrd seals (Or. extra. r For kalaat Benr A Sublne*-'*,701 Broadway; FaadftCo 's, M7 Iiroadnray; ltullataa'a ticket offlqr. US Broadway, and Stalnway Ball. The above programme will be repeated on Meadftf, Feb. U, at the Brooklyn Acadrtny of Muile. STEXHWAT HAM ? srKtSWAY lULL. A. DE?tSA()K, a. dessaue. A. fll'.SSAUE. riRsr grand ooncrrt, F1 IlKT GRAND O'NCT.RT, FIRST GRAND CONCERT, FIRST GRAND CONCERT, FIRST Ob AND CONCERT. ON THURSDAY, FRBRCART 7, 1897, ON THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 7, 1897, HV Till RHUAV, FEBRUARY 7, 1847. ORCliKNTilA OF MR. THOMAS......SO PERFORMERS, OUOHINTIIA or MR. TROMAS 80 FEKFOItMKRS. Ch<>lr?The beat Slngera of tlio city. 90 slngere. Cbntr?The hesl Nlneera of the city. 80 alorer*. Ticket- for "sle at Brer A Sehtrmer a. 8chuhertS, Forrtena A Martln'a. Pond, Hall. Thaddeno Plrfv. W. DreMior, Doii werth. Rndlger A IIMI, end at Hteinwey UaU. Tlekrta SI nrb. Ku"ervr-I neala f I Ml Ticket" for reaenred veat* nt Reer A SohlrnMl**. Brooklyn academy of Mtrsta SATURDAY. FEBRUARY 9, Flat And only PAR CPA MATTN'iF, PakFPA MATIKEB. WITH AI.L TUB CHEAT ARTISTS. Ooera open at I, to beyl.i .t 1 ouleok. fICKKTt OF P. IMiJX aR. No wire el)?r*e for aenirrd lento. For lAle at the Acaiijtry of Mu.tlc. BUNYAN TARLBAUY-LARUKST PAWORAM i IN the worM. ONION HALL. Broadway and Tweet-, third "treet Op?n arerr n'jbt at 7: c wmerci ,? at TfL A'liniMlon, SO nert*: rhlfilren, 28 oeata. Matinee Wedner day And Saturday, at 3 o' lock. r>2 HROVDWAY.-SKCOND PRF.NCil EXHIBITION Jj' i of Fa.uunga. Open dolly Train 3 A. M. until 8 P. M. TO MASAGEHS-A DANGEROUS tIAME.?A'TB.V tired roplea of the above brtlllnnMy mcoria'ul play, wi'h rlgl t? f | i .i.l'let 11 , ctta on!/ beoblaiucdM applic .:io:? ?o the undi rali;r?il ALFRED W TOUN0, WvT.eVa theatre, N. Y. OLD ARVP. PALSmoS, Rf"" PTUBKS, ? ?HfFSET,. lines, rl"h CO'liiniea. Pipe*. gold t nd Pearl S,inp?! futn buna ef Ar.iatlc "p eneor. OiIg'nalttl"" euprourl.vte for Mr. eeiinna. Elite Ketea, Coitumuea, Dran.atlti", iJntoi.c Artiju. MM Fourth avem.e. rnilEATRR FRANCArH ?I'IlENOIT TIIEA fRE TO LF.T, L for e ver !n?.i and Matinee*. for rtwraa, drama* ennoeru ? - * ? ? ? - i, DRir~ lertnrr*. Ac , Ac. Apply to Mima, DRIVKT, o lb re uf Ire theatre. Bakio and oloo drkiino, jto and iorlf.-'Qpe Dauelbf tanrht by JOHN MOAN. 131 ltaat H^rtalou street Terma $t> per owtree. Rartjoa at all prioee. A TIRST CLASS ACPOR RECEIVES TVriL* FOR _ the a lege, Irt-.truetmjt tb ? n j-lretstyr la the Ivlghoat ee of the drama. Addrea* Manrger, ??allot! F, N. Y. A DIIY IRA?0*. GREAT RUSH FOB OCR CUCAV MUSLINS. Mia.inara wbu bare not Ixc'ehtany of tbem had better dr " ??* aupply it nearly et b a it ited. Yo i ty" "tii* fell lib. a yard, IMMENSE i-"? -uJctJonI MtgUNjL Mas IS>;e. wm "a-ISS"* "*? ? "? IMama LOT, TV,,.,. UlflSR PLANNEI P, BLA NKT.rS, CASHIMKItLM, CLOTHS, PRINTS. DELAINES, ilUWI.S, HuSIKRY. SHEETINGS, AC.. FROM AUCTION. At any price y? u with. FOSTER NROTllFR.-I.lfi7 Eirhth ar., near ElffhteeRfb at. And F(>HTE\l RKOfHERS, TWBleeftter atreer' A LADY WISHES TO DUIFOBR t"1' A PINK 7IVES. In? Dreoa, Jmt received from Earla: aleo a flne War* Laee Pn-nte. Apply to Mtaa ULKNNON 798 Rrt,. liray. /CARPETS.?D. KELLV A CO ABE iirrKRIKO Tl.VIR : la(S-~ end eaMral/I)k.t atock ?,f Ce, |Mti. Drug?et?, Ma; ? ting" ii)>'-;oil!B, Ac , a' greatly reduced rataa. Cor ,i Twenty 8ftli atrcet and Slain areaue QTRAMOERS YIMTlNO THE CITY CAN FIND A b eplrndlo ?rnnrtment of Hoalery. Olv.reo, Cn!rrgarm< ,U. Ribbons. BMRrovOeriee, Dreia friinnlnga Fancy ilo .dtaii'l Ilouae'.erpliij* ,)?.?. We k?"p Uia Rr/c.--. and rbeapcrl .t? ? mi I HI A 111 ,.f T.-lait mfnaa ?? a. .. <\... ? i ? Via _ I'taeiit ?f Trimming" up v.wU. Our L.,d n"' Kid OIoFra $1 ? ate eijnaJ toiitny Import, d. Large lot fine Fi? nn., <we C ,r?ei?, ft 7,9 per yair. RONaLDSON A ?FAKES Word C ,r?ei"* $1 yji per rairT' RONjfLlVst'iN' a"TI? AKlTs, ocrner riiih aver it and N.na eenih itr-'t. an 1 181 Eighiii ayeene. between Ntantoenil, and Twat.t eth atrcta. LOAN OPPILM. T 77?MONKV LliH'.RALI.Y ADVANCF^ ON DIL (i MON OS, tYATCII ".H, JF.WKLRY, jW OH THE ?A IK UOl'HIIV AT HIE HIGHEST* RATES also rAWNBROrERS' TICKETS EOl OHT FOR DIAMONDS. WATi.iTES. JEWELRY, Ac., at 77 Blc< b?r alraet. np ,Uira. A A T MR PKARL STRHRT. BFTWKFf NEW BOWh.RV /?nADd Frrnklin "ijuare. r.KPFHHit A CD.. a1r"i?e lib eratn a< ^,nnble tern," ,n ait yii'iaole property, Waieh-a. ??We'ry, ?" F, nr pureh .ae. A* J1L*AJ*;? gjg J1ROADW \T, CORNER OF BOND iiivot, will >ws mij r*"< ?IghrtH prl f<*> I'Urv ? 4 * of will ?drills Ih'*' atFOfa irticita. ? AT S?l BNOAIDWAY ~I P\y tpB~nttiWS* for Dlot londa, Wah.'ket, JJw,Iry. A-. the tt**. UAA<-* PMMkt I T^r PRicgs . ir adrtnoc on iwaacjf AamoRd Broker. |'|>|'OMv? WaHackVi theatre. A T * NANMAH STItRET, BOON NO. 8--TITE HI'tH eat prior" are pMtl for l.toae or 0"t DlamunJa, W -tcbea and Jewelry, er advanree m%jei ajMSpiWi'M A. HOB It, NAN, T> mood Brnk ' A T713 BROADWAY. KNOT tgilDIXO. A DIAMONDS, WATCHK", PRrtcjii S STONRS, Aa ruts OLD ESTASLlfHRn oFrTclj" FAYS THE UTMOST v A LCB FOR DIAMOND JEWELRY, WATCHItH. JEWELS, PLATP, FRAHrjl, AC. OPriCAI. INsT'lCNEN'Ps. AO. AO. R B.?DIAMONDS. WATCHER, JlC.. l^OR 8ALR. OFFICE HOOKA FROM lil A. M. TO t P M J. M. lA BR lb HER 318 Broadway, room Ho fl> AT NO 9 TWENTY THIRD STREET. FIFTH AYRNrr. Iletnl?i he hisbeet 11 .wanaid foe Dleeioade, WetebAa, ?a. or adraneee owde on the >Ut. AMtV9MMKKTH. ^ Nl W YORK THEATRE. Manigarg Lewi* Raker and Mark Smith PO.-mVELT LAR* KOHK NIGHTS Or THE grand apwtaevlm drwa* Of t?e Bllto OT WIADWI, __ ? wtU *11 In beautiful Sr*nerr Muale, Coatumee, Transfer mat .tin t, A?, FAU'RDaY, ?'?0. #, at 3 f. _ LAST BIRD OK PAKADIBK MATINEE. Ta prapjtutlou, the famous drama by Tom Taylor, ratio.' ' * TV KKTOfLB AYE-MAM. Wal'-hwH! b? pro<tuco<l w*ih ?n TNi RKCEDtSfKU CAST OK CHARACTERS. MRS. r. B. COR WAY H PACK. THEATER, Brooklyn. IB Id EYHNlRO. f I1R Roar. OP AM IK NR. ?HE OCEAN YACHT RACE GOOD FOR NOTHING. rpORV PASTOR'S OPERA HOUSE, 101 BOWERY 1 OMAN!) WATINLK To-DAY AT Stg O'CLOCK. G I' AN O MATINKK TO-DAY AT JJ* O'CLOCK. , A fhoiee. Jirersifted hill, vlaclrd a* aspe.isUy ajx?reprlau> for LADIES AND CH1L0RBN. LADIES AND CHILDREN. The <r??t, etftesMal'il. MmhaLoiial drama entitled TIUS FEMALE BHIGAfiD OHiKK, THE FEMALE BRIGAND CHIEF, Received with Die mat t ,-nlhuaiaAU.: aLtatUa. iONY PAftToJi AND HIS r.KLAT IROri'R APPEAR IN AftPLBMKU VARIETY LNTKR'I AlNMRNt HCOLE* 8 OPERA UOTSE, BROOKLYN.?TUK black ougok. peucvian ballet troupe AND PALACE OK UCtiE DttOPR, DIIOIIALUMP.UA. My Fa.l?er SaulB ChA TLr lliunkiiccU Ad, Paddy'e W nddiua. Court r. .fur',. Visit The IVo-iltlng Ofllce, Fife and Drum Mo,r>r, Tua Wonderful Guitar Solo, rkmbcanoa Biwtva, A".. Ac. GRIFFIN a ( IlHfsTY'S Ml NETREL8, riKril AYENPE OffiKA HOUSE (Adjoining K.Ith A.alius Hotel). O. W. 11. GIUPUS... MANAGER CONUKL'ED RlCi'FSS. CUOYi UiiD HOUSES. DELIGHTED ArDlRNOMj. This P '.see Opera House la ulglitly thronged with *? elite uf lbs city. tiRoROF 1'HRIHTV eonUnua* lh detlght!)'? lOUQ) admlrere. Firai appearui.ee of Mr. CHARLES WINIDICT, t'ouWi in. docoiid week af the gt" .tern F.thtopUn ooatedtan Mrtnr | Mr. CSI'AH BURHANK. GRIFFIN A CHRISTY In MT 4Cll? MUSIC, SINGING AND DANC1WO. IIUEATRK FRANOAIN. COBKDY. ?ATURDAV, FKBr.CAKY * at 7* P. 41., HE tl.e awut-iKe c.f Mile N A DDI. LBS Not . 8 DK JKANRVTE. Comic f'tiera. b. Y'lcior Jda see. | LB MFUETEIKK DB THEODORE, Comedy la three arts Ticket o:U A at >'. Dardouvillc'a, 678 Broadway Hoboken. ODD FELLOWS' HALL. In eompUeaee with num.,runs renueataef faaalUeaaeaieo'1" of Uoaring tue celebrated Prim* huicu, MADAM PARK PA, Mr. UAK1U80N bese to snnminw OrfR GRAND CONCERT, on Friday evening. Fauruary 8, at 8 o'clock, with Iba foll. w Ing great aiuala:? _ _ MADAM PAEEPA, MR. S. R. MILLS. MB. CARL ROSA, and ME. 0. W. COLBY TICKETS, ONE DOLLAR. Reeeired ecata flOaanta ertra. Tiekat offlc at A. Bcnti-ad'a drug score, 188 WaaElngton at.. Grand complimentary' concert. IB be given by the teaehere aad pupile of the Mnrtaal ?ev ?erv.fory. SW Broadway, to Mr. tvdward MeHeahauar. t? Irving Hall, ihi Saturday, February 9. Tlokolagl. Tt> vommeooa at 8 e'oioek P. M. On this occasion the fnUnwiiMi artiiila will appears* Madaiea GA7.Z VNIG V. Soprano. Sltnor MILLEHI, Basso. - " JScutra J. M. FAirisON aad B. BOCKELMAK, Plan lata. HLNRY MOLT^NHAUER, VlolatoalUal. BERNARIY MOr.LF.SHAXRB, Vtollnlat. Ct RAJiJt CtiLLECI lON OF PAINTING*. T N..w c.i. EihtMHoa and for aata, - . atBA. Broudw^op^WatDjB'I*^ , >*ngiiisl norldtrauowaaB < . ? HOUHK PAfE." aadlKTetAer SPLENDID Wnr.KB OP ARE braaUva aad foreign urt Ma^-firmorly ibe asivade ecSleeUr* of W. r. WrigUt, Kni.. af New ferasyi Open dally, from 9 A. M. to 101'. M. Adadaataa age. Por flotaiog uea aud yiri'm upplr, W0NDKRFCL FRF Of OF NATURE?"TBS WaKII IKOTGN TWINS. ' bora alive having two beads, tvn arois and hut ons t ody and "?? pair of leaat else the hen. snil rljht arm o' Prohet. lb* rutjrdeier of the Hearing lam By, togatber whL the 'ttsgti'fkenl on'lection of objects to Pbyrt ' .v, Atiatnmv. Palbnlogy and Natural History; ?!' of ahl.ih 'sre ll'u-nsi-d laliy hy f^.-t'ires and Microsudpl* views at the Nu'7 Tiw: Mu> urn of Anatomy, 618 Broadwat Open frtnu 8 A *. m lb P. M. Ott UK HOOD VlLI.AGEA.-KP.on TUB FRENCH OF Vkt 'Hou amr hi-nf played at Wallaat'a theatre, under the tlth of A Duasorou* llama. Coplee eaa rl eiipplled to mara'jem wlthnut delay by apply 11 If U KAN a lUVFRJ a < o,. Dnuu.Ue Agenta, Bo. ? Wen Uoustoa a'rs.-t New V, ik. AtMND TflE CRY fF STtf.L THKV TOMB. "NOVELTTF.K. NOVELTIES. NOVELTJE8. t>oMKTIIIN?4 N&W AND A MURING. Now beliie jr'rfu.me.l ery nig:., to mwdail hourae T?i? hlalily atiiiiilria and tuterr^ ir" onmatlc iperlwle enliliet TEMPHKAMTT IN NEW Y'ttRK BY OAfiLMIIlT. or THY. MAOtO MPFBOTR Of THB NEW KXOtRE I AW. NBW WBIO*BT. NKW t?OBTt WES. NEW AHTMTH sini-tllii* rlto.ta. Woijdorfai and .imu-iny. Koale ? r Froj'i?*<ir rna'"r. m's c .lebruled Band, Brer* ilgl.t at t!:*?rvat REVEILLE MUSIC OAKlfEli. ?rt Broadway. AdBiliuuup frn*. t niRD.-mR mtrntm** or tkknorb palace lie!'. Mr. Tretiors vlai a *i.<! eolrea halla will Air the rre*fDt be held at h!? olha l*r?e and aplendid roona iff** I'all metier Rrcidna* ???! ' onv ?eveuth streak A 4S-lr?r ih.? Wrdaatller) rvent'ig, Ath intt. ARGC'K U ALL. 4" J 1.t.OAi'VVAi. M'.AR HOUSTON B? t\ ? E.-S I'. M. MlNDli l*i'PLIj.aK LBCTURK RF*\ ft Vfi'V SAfVTH. The "udm! Evil?Its Oarat m r l!e?? K. medy; oral Sunday. friIF ATT'.F. TH'RBT OH "71. I Kr urreJaeafi for .11 theatre*, .iparaa. aanoarta, ball* At., can ba oMjmed at (he /HE ITRE i ICKET office, _11.VAND lit BROADWAY TARAMATtO AND "l.ArN ttV 4 D1 NO -FRTV 4TF! LBR |l > n?. Ih.it, 'lai. to fl.e tM'?ra for I ho rrurie. 4 aji'cjd.il < .,,Miin:, ly for p/ .i r< aitera. Rafaraaaa fiftn Wr pbfi'Ttlafa ??! Ireto Roberts, Herald , ft Ire. PMIIOEOMTRS. AMAflNlFICKNT /SBt'RVIIHBT Or THB FINEST L :u'ir rapaat now a: d eecuad hind Piano* lalbgait* for ?)* ..nd to Kin, at At d. LaNIiIDOB' waieraanaa, b Klcrvlei airool. _ _ ' A'IHI'aT RAROMII.?tiP'iRMWIO 7 OOTATB Ft A NO byoneef (tie teal i.iakere. vmrautad; naed fhorl time' ooai t*>". inii-l be At.a, o-vaer leaving. 343 BlOOeaor ?NN. A LADY wants TO eiKLL HER PIANO. WHICH SHE ha oar :or??r-ra! yen.. 'hartna bogaht inviM fi?i BTtp; >1a .iciar-a; j ..la< t ordci. IJS Waat FortT-?ti4b at ret A FAXILT Wfbf. BETL THEIR HAOMTFIC'KN'i /\ carred m-iirn''I FUnoftiW worth $5W. for leaa than half, aaeen notara, ovarii, uaa iron fraaa. aaarir law. Bp ply at am l.a?t Tenth atreot. A Ma.IN;PIPENT 7 OOTAVB RORBWOOD FfANO forte for able: ci*t Tdo. for 420.'. inaile order; a.iy Parlor, Rhaaty r, Plnlny Pornitnra. tt Waal Rli ^eauth atraat, ne?r Sir ,i arrnue. I VAGBI'ICI'NT 7 OCTAVE ROSEWOOD PIANO .'V i* cipcr.oi irna aut liolah. for-tie at a daatdau t>ar<?ln f. r aeth at ItH nrr id aireot near Motl. OLE AT ft! ANCE?POR SALE, TtlRBBOFTHR ?in'?t ? jj ?? ?!.'? 1 tr I rosewood nrure rt ioo A I e l. Wi t ha boiM f"r ?hlpntng. If required TSeti ~ af ? ? ' ormeitiaiaartaitlonif ihoae la ararrl lit a I >an> ?? "'w * ' ? r?*l bariratu. r "It> POXTTJI EVER OFFERED?VIP, V/ I.?* i *a f.arrfoeia, no.itra 'mprorareaan t, !??*. ?S?| - V. r.w; li.tj- ocUre, ?IW: a*anrtm?nt ?rwf.'. ion. '.nrara pritaa. tt Fourth at* , i i" ., i *i itinHalt. i l?f4>D'- ??'x 'LLPDFOR tonr ANOTOrQLJLT 1 ;? r- 1 ' fcHOOh if. re- . "tn.-a Broadway aad Panrlh areor.e. . . 1>l?N<) At ?NrRD-A OOOD ARCOND HAND BF.VER ,rl ra r led o.-n? - i PDneforte. Addreta, with full p*rt < nlrr* ear >r wati rr er f? ? iat*h. P. O,, liar aid oflke. pnNof.iHVt FOR .t AIN ,-A PINK ROHBWOOIF I foi.o uit# ui w ...u. A Mask'* .Mia; alao a i'lpo (l it ?. Willi four a, r.?:,. .a ...id hat; oadela, auitabla foe a ui ii red. A|-|4*'ai. ad i ,ii) it r* R air Twentieth street pr if wt-tioii. tte hi:- ?; * jo. Qinnf*0* ^ uoort SIX Cl*AAR FlANorORTP ijIU'/ iiid?t ua ?i. I .dt.neui.iiaW. Oaa he area at sa el(iba?aoae, , RVr WIT At.. AriVi: ANBORTMKNT tf HINDS TO l.F.T A'?? ao'i'v i?a inatalnteita. at the ioati ,f -Hory IM ?ad If Kaat Twenty-Aral at! tel. L. P. vUNMIN1 IB ARorniNo Rifown tripiiF'' \ fituatton tn a eliwieh. Mndeisia aalery ra-intred. A.Wreea Sl|r. s.. boa iAT llnratd uA,i a. ?!??laraM<Rr "aWr Yoaehar ne* A d-iRt'RCH Ml-AIi.-W\NfRP r"n- A C do. Apyl. at IFM| Karl "JTSL?? wi^aiit^aiia^gNue Jn OryAn*. ?Wiyb ' ^ ?f ,-~rwaa nU OF CABIN Kf . Where raw of the*

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