7 Şubat 1867 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 2

7 Şubat 1867 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 2
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KiyUATIOW WANTFD?FBMALESi . AlADT OF RESPECTABILITY AND HUSIMiSS habits, speikihg the French aud Lngitsh languages, would like a situation In tome genteel branch ,>f business to eUsua at the Pan* Eipostllou. I,wry satisfaction requisite given snd tequlred nt to principle*. re-ponsibl..:/ "'"l,?8" r rtni iut. Address Kronen, station K, sub-l'oet oaice, hiudelphla, Pa. - A YOllNO WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION AS CHAM il bermaM or (.earn* tress, or tod? g. ueral hm?ework in A very hUnvH family Cell at .1' Kssl 24th St.. basement door. ARKSPEiTTaBLE YOUNG MARBIKD WOMAN with a frrah breast of milk. wUhee* c.iiid to nuree, at hvir own roaidenee Call at 319 V. est 39rh at. a I Al?r SPEAKING ENGLISH FLUENTLY, I\ would like a alttution, as housekeeper la a hotel, Of la A oonfeolionery ?lore. be?t refereuoe given. Address M. V , station D. " AYOIINO WOMAN WtNTS A SITUATION AS t'OOK and lo umvUi with the waili ng. Call for two da/a at dier pruaenl employer's, 203 tV>?t ill it ?t. A HEALTHY TOI'NO WOMAN WANTS A SITUA llon *? wei nur*c, Iia? a fresh bream of milk. C.?n be ne -a for too days at 37 Krankfort at , aecond Boor, back mom 1 KKMPRCTABI.R UIRt. WISHES A SITUATION AS f\ chambermaid and plain sewer, or would take c?re of children and do sewing; good reference. Call at3t4lVe-t 83d at. third floor, back room. AYOUNti WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION AS SEAM strAss; understand* all kind* of Tamil/ sewing, will g > out bv the day or week Address 111 \\ e?i 19th si, be tween 6th and 7th see. _ ABRAM3TRESS WANTS A SITUATION IN A RB spcotuMa private family, hotel vir boarding bouse; to an eicellent sewer; would go oul by the day to work until l*TinMit>ntly Malted, reference Call at 19 11 tU St.. near 4ih uremic AOOMPRTRNT OPERATOR ON WHEELS* A WIL son's and Orover A Maker's machine* de.irea a situa tion; would tike il in the office of either machines. Call on or addrea* Operator. 317 Henry st. A YOUNG PERSON WtSHP.S TO PROCURE A SITU atlou mm nurae and seaniMireae; is fully competent In both; v.'iahos the entire charge of a baby from its birth. Call . nt the house ot her present employer, 118 Wont 23d it. Cnn giro (he highest reference. A YOU NO WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION AS C1IAM barmaid or would do cbamborwnrk and sewing; good oily reference from last place. Call ot 343 Wool 36th St., top floor. A YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION AS CHAM bermaldand waitress or o* nurse and seamstress, or would do housework In a small family; good reference. Call nt 114 West iioth St.. a few doors from Broadway. A VERY RESPECTABLE PERSON. A COMPETENT nurse and plain sewer, wants a situation lu a private family. Beat or reference (ram ber last place. Apply at 337 war., third floor, back room. ABBrtPBOTABLK YOUNG GIRL WISHES A SITUA tion as chambermaid ?nd waitress; or to do general housework for two In a family. Can be seen for two days at 83 Baat 30th st.. first floor A RESPECTABLE WOMAN WISHES THE WASHING of ladles and gentlemen, or families, at her own hnnte. flood city reference. Coll at 1K1 3tfl b at., between 6th av. and Broadway. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL WISHES A SITUA. tlon to do chambnrwork and waiting. Goon reference for four years. Call at station (1 Post olfloe, between 13 and 1 o'clock to day. A RESPECTABLE WOMAN WANTS TO TARE washing, ironing ana fluting at her bouse, or to go out by daya' work; can be well recommended. Apply at 421 East 13th at.. room 16. A RESPECTABLE OKRMAN WOMAN WANTS A 8IT uation In a small fsmily. ss good plain cook washer and Ironer. Call at l'JO 7th av., rear house, between 18th and 12th eta. A RESPECTABLE WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION ae wet nurse, with a full breast of milt: best reference given. Call at 89 Baltic at.. Brooklyn. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE av voting girl, an a good plain cook, washer and ironer; or would do general housework In n small private fannlv; good city refereuoe If required. Call for two days at 372 West 28th et, between 9th ana 10th a vs. A SITUATION WAN TED-BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, 21 lo do chamberwork and sewing, or chainberwork and waiting. Call at .339 East 33d st., betwaen 1st and 2d are. .Has city reference. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE young girl, as a good ro..k, excellent washer and ironer: "has twoyeaia' reference from ber last place. Call at 46 Meek st.. Jersey Oily. A SITUATION WANTBD-BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, as first c'ass waitress; thoroughly tin derrtan.U her business; best of city reference. Can be seen ?I 101 West 19th st , between 6th and 7th avs. AM AMERICAN WIDOW LADT WISHES A SITUA lion as a housekeeper In s gunlleman't family or hotel. Apply ?! 316 6th at., between avs. C and D. A SITUATION WANTBD-BT A RESPECTABLE young woman, to do chamberwork or plain sewing, or would take on re of children: best city reference can be Call at or address MS Baal kOth at., between 2d and Inquire in the store. ?' A SITUATION WANTED?BY A MOST RESPF.CTA Mo woman, aa Aral clasa cook; underatanda her bind neaa In every branch; beat eity reference. Can be seen for two daya at 80 Bast 2Mb at. A FIRST CLASS OPERATOR ON A WHEELER A A WUaoa machine wlahrs a few more customers by the day. week or month In private families; city or oouotry; would take aewtng at her residence Apply at 120 Kaal kdth at , Brat Boor. ARBSFBCTARLE GIRL WANTS A SITUATION AS plala oook. washer and Iroaer. Call at 2tiu let sr., be .wean ICth and I6th eta., second Boor, bark room. 4 BBSPBOTABLB GIRL WANTS A SITUATION AS Aa. ehambermaid or to do general housework; has good -referenoe. Can be seen for two daya at 197 East Uth st. A respectable ambrican girl, from the omintrr would like a place lu a small private family, where she could bare a good home; wages no object; no -Objection to the country. Address M. A. II.. ?13 Washington at, dfoboken N J. * RESPECTABLE WOMAN WISHES A MMUA1ION 71 to take care of children orckarge of an infant; la a good plain sower, would as a.'et in chamherwork and make her aelf generally useful; best reference. Can be seen at her last plaoe, iiP Wr.i ?>d St. A YOUNG GIRL WANTS A SITUATION TO DO CHAM J\ berwork and waiting, or any other light work. Good referenoe Call at 129 HUtb at, between 2d and ltd art. SITUATION WANTBD-BY A YOUNG GIRL, AS seamstress, can do all kinds of family sewing; can Wilson's sewing machine. Can be operate on Wheeler A Wilson's sewing machine. Can be ?ecu for two jajs In ber present {dace, at 19 West 9th at A RESPECTABLE WOMAN WISHES TO TAKE IN some washing at hsr own house, hy the doxen or by the ?nonth. Good refer,-i e Call st ISA Attorney it, between Rlrlngton and Mantou, basement. A RESPECTABLE ENGLISH WOMAN WIMIKS A sHu tli mas <-.*>* fully understands her business; uo Objection to a first class bu.tiding house; or as meat cook in a hotel, la au escelleiil baker. Besi reierencr. Ca'l at 9d Wth ec , lietween Sth and 7th .ivs. AKKoPKcTABLK GIRL WANTS a SITUATION as chambermaid and to assici In washing and ironing, or would do housework In a im..I private family; best' of re ferenda. Call tor I wo ,l*y* at 132 West 2hi h St., In the rear. ARKSPKCTAttt.K GIRL WANTS A SITUATION AS < hamoarmaid and waitrr-s, or would do light houae work in a sin ,11 farudy; lest elty reference. Call at 19 Down ing at . ae< oud II -or, bank room , A RESPECTABLE PROTECTANT OIRI. WANTS A J\ altualt >n as good pistn rook, Or Would do general aouaework In a private family; can bo well recommended. Call at Id Downing at., aeuond Ouor. back room. A SITUATION WANTED?AS FIRST CLAM LAUN dress. thoroughly und-rstauds the business: has the beet eltj, refereuee. Can be seeu at 90 West 19th St., near ?lh av. AOOOD DRESSMAKER WANTS WORK IN A PRI vate family by the day; understands all kinds oi fun lly Mwiog. Oati bo auen for two ,lays at 23S West ISth st Avery smart, intblligbnt girl wants a si'nation as waitress; would be willing to assist with ohamberwVrk Can be eeeu at ber present employer'*, No IS West rill st. SITUATION WANTBD-BY A VERY COMPETENT and In.lualrlous woman, to do efcambersrork and plain aewtng, Is very willing and obliging. Dost city reference. it I? ' ? Call for three daya at I? East 2Jd at. AN KXPKRIENCBD FRENCH DRESSMAKER WOULD like to go nut In private frmllles by the day or week. 242 dth avenue. In tho shoe store. A SITUATION WANTBD-BY A RBSPKCTABLK OIRL, as children's Burse; Is capable Of taking charge of an Infant irom its birth. Best of city reference given. Call at 241 Weal 22d st. thud floor. r,?>m 10. AHITUATION WANTED?BT A RESPECTABLE young girl as waitress or chambermaid. Ha* the beat W city reference. Can be seen at 41 West l*th at. A RESPECTABLE ENGLISH GIRL WISHES A 8ITUA Hon as rook and laundress. Good reference, ("all at 837 w#st NHh st . between loth and lllh are., top floor. A SITUATION WANTRD-BY A RESPECT ABLE GIRL. 10 rook, wash and Iron, or to d-> housework; city refer ence from her last place. Cat. at 44.1 West Mlb st. second floor, front room. A BBBPKCTABLB OIKL WISHES A SITUATION AS t , "I. m.4 ur waitress, in a private fa nlly; has the tori of etty reference. Call for two days at 213 7ti sr., be tween 24th and Kith sla. 4 GOOD AND OBLIO a \?i. , . r,r'' T Jb""?bermahl willing to work and Obliging Call fur two d*>, at sj W*at Washington plftCA, third floor. back room. r * ARXflFKCTABtiB OtRL WANTS A RITtATIOf chambermaid and to assist In ?-?,htrgand Ironing or would do housewurk In a small private fsmllr belt of reference Call lor two days si iw -ih av y referenea Call for two days a, 4.W -th -,v AW I'M- RKCOMMENDKI) WnM AN WlfilTBS A place as eo?k; will assist with li e wa-hing and Ironl tng Can be seen at No. , Esst 31st st. OOOI) OIKL WANTS A SITUATION IN A R1 AOOOD OIKL WANTS A SITUATION IN A RE. ape- table lamily as chambermaid suit wa,ir.-??; is j) yeiraof age. can give be?t city referenea. Apply fur two day* *1 III K*al Sihli ?t. _____ ARBSPECTABLK PROTESTANT YOUNG flIRL Wlahe* a al uailon to lake care of children and do light ?eh am berwork, or to do plain sewing and tike care of chil drao, in a private lamily, has food reference. Call at or added** |7 6th av., fourth floor,lront room. A NUMBER Of WELL RECOMMENDED GERMAN JY ftrla want ?ltuallone at Mra. Lowe'g Oerman Institute, 17 Stanton *t, near Bowery. ARERPRCTABLB OIRL WISHES A SITUATION AS ohanibermaid and to sew; la willing to make MrWMf aaaful. the be*t of ellv references given. Call at SWJ 7th ?v., between 34th and 28th sta , lop floor, fronl room. ? SITUATION WANTBD-BY A RRHPRCTABLR MID tflBf A dla aged wfirain. to oook, wash aqd Iron In a private family, h*a no objection to a gentleman'* boarding liouae; la will,tig to make herself generally uleful; beet of olty rdf erauee AmSjt at 178 Laurens et.. llret door. A SITUATIONS WASTEU-FEMALBS. YOUNG GIRL WISHES A SITUATION AS CH AM I. barmaid mid ?. ? ? s ' ur?-? aiid t-bUneower. .n upe.ik Kr-Ifh nrd Onmsn nrnl give good reference. j App ? at 171 Weal SA1 it . betw??n_7th aud^Mh HI. A YOUNO LADY WHO HAS HAH A HAPPY HOME A teaching the English branches and inn ale and taking entire charge <>r household matiers desires a re-engage ment iu a family or high moral worth; can make a bonnet, cloak or dr as. >r a ika. pica and tellies. References re quired and giren Address A. IV P., box 181 Herald ..moe, A YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION A3 J\ nurse; good city reference. Can be aeen for two days, fiora S tail 12 o'clock, at her employer's, M Weal llth at. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A COMPETENT WO man, aa laundress; l>Oat city reference. Can be seen at -US We it lith at., between 7th and 8th ava. a situation Wanted?BY a neat, tidy wo ,\ man. to go out by tbe day or week; la a good washer and Ironer, ta wll trig and obliging Can be seen at 138 West 16th st , between 7th and Stk ava., first doir. A SITUATION WANTBD-BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, aa wet nurse; treat city refereuce. Call at Id.' sr. A, between llth and 12th sta. A RESPECTABLE OIRL DESIRES A SITUATION A3 a plain ooek. washer and Ironer. or to do general house work In a small family. Apply at 384 West Slet at A RESPECTABLE OIRL WISHES A SITUATION AS oharahermald, oan assist in washing and ironing; or as general servant la a small private family. Apply at 350 8th sr., deer 44th st A SITUATION WANTKD-BY A RESPECTABLE WO man (as tchambermaid In a small family: gool city refrrenoee. Call for two lays at 301 lit nr., between 17th end 13lh eta., oyer drug store. A SITUATION WAVTKD-BY A VERY RESPECTABLE girl to do cfmmberwort sou "-arino cook, wash and Iron, or anything alino-t that is to be-lone alxxit a house; good r.-frrenoe. Apply ?t 112 Anal tP-hst., i?ur7th atr. A OIRL WISHES A SITUATION FOR OKNKRAL housework, is a good plain cook, washer and ironer; the heat of eliy refereuce from her last place, 461 3d nr., be tween S2d and 33d sta., aeooml floor. AYOrWO AMERICAN PROTESTANT OIRL WISHES a situation aa chambermaid. Apply al No. 9 Stanton ?U, in the rear. A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, WHO HAS JUST LOST bar second child. lire weeks old. wishes to take a baby to nurse at her own restdenoe. Call at 348 39th at., between Btli and 9th are., iu the basement. A SITUATION WANTKD-BY A COMPETENT TRUST worthy woman, to do plain sewing and chatnbcrwork or assist with the fine washing and Ironing; understands her business perfectly and has good reference. Call at 104 Weal 19th at., between'Sth and 7th are., third floor. AgSITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE young woman to do light ohsmberworlt and plain sew. lug; best cflr reference fiom her last plnce (four years). Can be seen at 340 West 35th st. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG OIRL WISHES A SITUA tion to do ohamberworic or waiting; best of oily refer ence from hor last place. Call al 142 East 21 st st A RESPECTABLE YOUNO OIRL WISHES A SITUA tion a* chambermaid and waitress; would assist with th<- washing, or would do general housework for a small family. Inquire at 341 6th ay., between 15th and 16th sta., for two days. Best city references. AN INTELLIGENT, KNEROETIC WIDOW LADY OF refinement wishes to meet with one or more gentlemen who would lnstal her as housekeeper in a furnished house. Those who would appreciate tho comfort of a well conducted home can address Mrs. D. P., Brooklyn Post office, for three days. No objection to any part of the Union. A LADY, IN ALL RESPECTS AGREEABLE COM pany, wishes to make the acquaintance of an elderly lady or gentleman and wifu going South; would go aa a com panion to an Invalid or any lady; object merely logo South and avoid travelling alone. Address Lady. Herald omce. A RESPECTABLE YOUNO OIRL WISHES A SITUA tion as chambermaid and waitress; has no objections to do the housework of a small private family; has good eliy references. Inquire at 363 West 36th st. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, to do general housework; best of eltjr references. Apply at 301 West 47lh st., between 7tb and 8tn ava, for two days. A YOUNG OIRL WANTS A SITUATION TO DO housework, chnmbcrwork and waiting. Call at 694 Id ay., third floor, front room. A YOUNO OIRL WANTS A SITUATION TO DO DP amirs work and waiting, or plain sewing; good refer ence. Call at 78 West 2itli st., between 6tb ana 7th are., Ural A8TTU4TION WANTED?48 LAUNDRESS; UNDER ?Wnda her bin ross lit ell Its branches. Call for two days in 85 West I'.U h st. A WIDOW L VDY WISHES A SITUATION A3 NURSE ; fully competent of taking entire charge of an Infant from Its birth; can do plain an wing if required; no objection to go to the country for the nummer months; beat of oily reference. Call-at 69 West 20th st. A SITUATION WANTED BY A YOUNO WOMAN, AS good cook: understands her business thoroughly. Is willing to assist with the washing and ironing. The best city reference from her last plaoe. Call at 96 28th at, near 7th ar. A LADY WI8HB8 TO OBTAIN, FOR A FORMER servant, Roran washing to like to taor mm homo. She to on excellent UundroM. Apply at 231) Madison av. An ACTIVR. THOROUGHLY OOMPKTENT YOUNO woman desires a situation as nurse; can take enure eliarge of a baby from Its birth. RxcoUnnt city reference. Call at 411 2.1 ar? near 34th at., seooud floor. A SITUATION WANTRD AS FIRST CLASS COOK; 18 a good biker. Will assist ut washing or do chamber work and Hewing and take oare of children. City refer ences. Call at 411 2d sr., near 21th si., second floor. A SITUATION WANTBD-BY A YOUNO 01RL. TO DO chainbsrwork and lino washing; has the best of oity reference as In caji.ibitttr. Call at 480 8th sr., between 28th and 381 h streets, room 18. A RESPECTABLE WOMAN WISHRS A SITUATION as plain rook, g ind washer and ironer; the best city reference given. ( all at 123 Houston St., top floor. A RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN WANTS A SITU ation as bun lives and to assist with the chainbsrwork; good city reference. Apply at 186 East 17th St., uear 1st or., second floor, front room. A RESPECTABLE YOUNO OIRL WISHRS A 8ITUA tlon in some nice family as nurse and chambermaid and to do plain sewing. Good oily referenoe. Call at 226 Bast 20th st, near 1st av. A81TUATTON WANTEO-BY A RESPECT ABLE young woman, as good plain rook; Is a good baker and la willing to assist with the washing and Ironing. Rest city reference rom her last place Call at 87 West 18th st,. near 6ltl ST. SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE Amerirsn g.rl, 16 years old. to take rare of children and uo light work. Can bo eenu fo: Iwo days at 216 9th ar., be tween '28th and ftth sts., top door, front room. A YOUNO OIRL WANTS A SITUATION AS LADY'S maid and seamstress or nurse and -eamstress, has the belt of city references. Can be son.i for two days at 122 E i t 26th at., scoo . 1 lloor, room No 8. A FIRST CLASS DHEs.-vM \KER WOULD LIKE A situation a# forewoman in tn establishment either m New York or any other city where a libera! aalury will lie paid; is thoroughly competent t> tike the entire charge Can fntailsh the liest ot rofer.-nc,- in this city and Boitoti. Address Mrs 9. Boston i Mas-.) 1'asl office. A SITUATION WANT.".I?-'?Y A COMPETENT PER sos .?* 'a ly'? tin; I; is a good haTdrossnr ?n| seam stress. best < ttjr refotnuoa. Ci to he seen si 38 Ksat 18th St., near Bro.tdway A \tlEI . ehs rhsmsrwocfc and anelel with washing and ironing, or would d < housework In a small American family , good ref er mce given. Call at 82A, West Washington plaee, first floor, rear. OllKAT NUMBER OF GERMAN GIRLS WANT situ itlons. Apply at 114 East Houston st , near 2d ar. A A YOUNG GERMAN OIRL, AGED 15, DBS!RES A situation to attend to children or to da light housework. Call at 88 Forsyth st., rear, raorn No. 6 A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE WO man. as tlrst cits* cook In a prtrate gentleman's fami ly. has the >ery bust of city references. Can he s -en ut 268 & ay. a " . ' ? ? ' ^ - A FIRST CLANS COt?K WISHES A SITUATION IN A J\ prlva-e family; thoroughly understauda her business In all its hranehea; has lived In the best ?f families; baa the boat city reference. Apply at 84 Weal 3tHu st. Can be seen for two days A SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG AMERICAN A g rl, slx'een yoars old. In a private family, as chamber tnald or wsitrese; would be willing to take care of children or make heisolf generally useful. Good city reference. Can be seen for two days at 289 West tOtii st. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WDM VN DESIRES A A. Situation as plain cook, washer and Ironer In a private family; no objection u> go a short distance In the country. Call at 3JJ West jdth st. Good city reference given. A SITUATION WANTRD-BY A REsPECTABI-B girl, to take ear* of children and do plain sewing; would be willing to wssh for s baby or do chamberwork or waiting, has the beatofifty reference: no objection to the country. Can be teen at 986 West nth st. CIOOK.?A SITUATION WANTED. BY A RESPBl'TA /? hie woman, at first class oook In a restaurant; the best of oity reference. Call for three days at 23 Bowery. In the rear, first floor. COOK.-A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WANTS a situation as cook, understands pastry; has no objec tions to do the coarse washing and Ironing; good reference. Apply at 126 West 27ih st., between 7th and sth avs. COOK.?A RESPECTABLE WOMAN WANTS A SITU A tlon at first class conk; she ts willing and obliging; best of reference. Apply at 286 W est SIst at /NOOK.?SITUATION WANTED. BY A GERMAN \j woman, as flrst class French cook, thoroughly under stands every branch of the art; best of city referenoe. Ad dress A. B., box 176 Herald office. H~ OU ??KREEfKR.-A WIDOW WITHOUT RNCI'M brsnce desires a situation at housekeeper; no objec tion to the country; none but those la good position need answer. Address St. W., stall in D. M~ ONTHLY NURSE -WANTED, BY AN F.KPKRI enc?d ladv, a few more engagements: beat of city referen.-es, would attend an Invalid. Addraas Mrs. Dickson, 115 Allen st., near Delano*/. Monthly nirsk.-wanted, by an ex perl ?nced English lady, a few more engagements, no ob je tton to the oountry or to wait upon an Invalid, best of medical reference Apulv at 269 Houston at., near Hudson, for one wees, from 19 till 4 o'clock. SITUATION WANTKD-BY AM AMERICAN OIRL; O can cook wash and iron. Oood reference. 47 Vandam 44., turner of Vaiieh. SITUATION WANTED-TO DO GENERAL HOU9B V J*?.rk ln * "nail private family, no objection to go a 25s vl-'"?'IJI*'t the country; beat city reference. Call at <4J wMi wHn it. Crrt'ATJnN WANTED-BY \N AMERICAN WOMAN, ?. ? i upon an Invalid la ly and do light chamberwork and ingkc herself gen.rsllf use,,, Apply at or addrMs N groom# SI tsisssn iVoereh aa-l Lew la. STTTTATIONM W ANTED?PEM ALEK. SITUATION W ANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE AMERl i?b woman, to a small ? ? ..;!? of adults where no .ervairt Is kept, and aba oonld h >re (he privilege of having her hi tie girl. three veata old. with her; la capable and wtl.ing to do the work. Apply at 1U7 Weverlejr p'aoe. SITUATION WANTKD-AS LAUNDRESS; GOOD city reference. Call at 183 Weat 11th at, front base ment. SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, aarook; understands her business; best cltv reference from last place: no objeotlon to assist In the waahlne Can N- seen for two days at 87 Weat 18th at., between 6th and 7th avs. QITUATION WANTED?BT A COMPETENT TOFNO O woman, to do cUamberwork and plain sewing, or to t?ka rare of children and do plain sewing. Call at 113 Weat ldtb at. SITUATION WANTED?BY A TOUNO GIRL, TO DO general housework In a small private family; la an ex cellent washer and lroner. Good city reference. Apply at 81 Weat 80th at _ SITUATION WANTKD-BY A YOUNG WOMAN, TO take oars ef a dairy In the country; thoroughly under stands her business; beat of elty and country reference; has lived In one place seven years. Can be seen for two daya at 101 Weat 37tn at, rear building, top floor. QITUATIONS WANTKD-BY TWO YOU NO WOMEN; O one to oook, wash and Iron; the other to do up atntra work; good etty reference. Call at 88 Vendsm at., front basement. SITUATION WANTBD-BT A PROTESTANT WOMAN, to do haiteework In a small family; either city or eoun try; good city reference. Call at 378 1st av., near 16th at. SITUATION WANTBD-BT A RESPECTABI.K GIRL. tJ aa chambermaid and well rdss; can furnish the beat of testimonlala. Call at or address for two days 188 8'U av. SITUATION WAXTRO-BV A RESPECTABLE Y"UNG American girl, aa chambermaid end waitress, or to L,ko care of children; good city reference. Apply at ltddthaL, in the store. Situation wantbd-by a respectable young girl aa cook, washer and lroner; good elty reference, no objeotlon to the ootiotry. Call for twn daya at 181 Vartck at., between Charlton and King sts. SITUATION WANTED?AS PLAIN COOK AND TO AS. slat In washing and Irouing or to do general housework for a small private family; good elty reference furnished Apply at 110 East 11th et. ____ Situation wanted-by a respectable young girl, as first class waitress; best elty referenoe. Call al 853 4th St., between Perry and Charles its. SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG H girl, as chambermaid and waitress In a private family; understands her business in either capacity; good city refer ence. Call at 36 West 30th St.. corner of 6th av., first floor. SITUATIONS WANTED-BY TWO OIRLS, AS RXPE rlenoed cooks: an- first rate bakera; no objection to go a short distance In the country; have good city reforeoee. Call at 833 Weat 31at., first floor. Afre willing to assist In the washing. QITUATION wanted-by a youno woman, as t> nurse or would do chamberwork and waiting. Has good city reference. Apply at her present employer's, 7T weat 46th at. SITUATION WANTKD-BT A RESPECTABLE WOMAN as good cook; iajtn excellent washer and lroner; best of reference from Inst place. Call at 138 West 13th st, between 7th and 8th era., for two days. SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNO woman as chambermaid and seamstress; has no objec tion to do general housework for a small family; Is willing and obliging; good city referenoe. Call at 837 Weat 33th at., between 8ih and 9th are. TO DRESSMAKERS.?A YOUNG GIRL WOULD OO to a first class dressmaker as an Improver-can operate on Wheeler A Wilson's sewing machine. Can be seen at 87 Weat 34tU St., top floor, front room. TO PHOTOGRAPHERS. ?A ETRST CLASS LADY artist, of many years' experience, would like ta-pslnt In oil fancy back grounds for ph otographs. Address for two weeks Angelica, box 1U8 Herald othoe. Two respectable youno women wish SITU tlons?One an chambermaid and waiter, and the other to do plain cooking and wash and iron, or to do general homework; both can be well reoommeoded. Call at 103 West 3Ul b at. for two days TWO YOUNG GIRLS WANT SITUATIONS?ONE A3 cbamherma'd and to assist in washing, or to assist in waiting; the other as nurse and to do plain sewing, or to do walling in a private boarding house or in a private fam ily. Apply at No. 338 East 81st st. WANTKD-BY A MIDDLE AGED LADY, A 8ITUA tion to take care of an invalid lady; bast reference given. Address It., box 443 Brooklyn Post office. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN. A SITUA tion; la a good plain cook; willing to assist with the washing; would go a abort distance in the country; good reference. Apply at 344 West 16th st., between 7th and 8th avs., front basement. TIT ANTED?A SITUATION, BY A MIDDLE AO ED TV woman, to do the work of n small family. Call at 77 Weat 38th at., between 6th and 7lb avs. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RERPEOTABLE woman, ss oook, washer and lroner. Oood city refer ence given. Apply at 146 4(Rh at., between 2d and Sd avs. W' WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE TOUNO WOMAN, A ?ituatton a* cook; uo objection to do general house work; good reference (iron. Can bo aoon at 101 West 10th at., top floor. WAN rP.D?A SITUATION. BY A YOUNO WOMAN, to do general housework for a a mall family; la a good plain rook, good waahT and kroner. Haa the beat of city reference. Call at Hi Weal 3ld at., third door, front room. WASHING WANTED-BT A RESPECTABLE WOMAN. for a email family or a few gentleman, who under stand* it in all ita branches. Call at or addre*e 138 Went 3Sd at., front room. WANTED?BY A UKSPEtlTABLB YOUNG MARRIED woman, a baby to wet nnrae at her residence; haa just I oat her own baby an daya old. Call on Mra. M. l'oat, 313 ar. A. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG OIRL, A ailnatlon aa lanndreaa; ran do fine (luting; or would be willing to cook, waah and Iron in a smell family; haa three veara' city reference from her bat place. Call for two daya at 244 East 14th at , top floor. T ANTED?BT A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, 11AVINO / limt her own baby, a situation aa wet nurse In some good family. Apply for two daya at Infanta' Home, corner Slat at and Lexington ar. Y*7 ANTED-WORK BY THE DA? OR W&KK. BY A VY good fanuiy aeumstr###; can cut and lit ladlat' and cbiMrm'a dreaae*. Addreaa M. B., it i tun I), Bible House. WANTED-A SITUATION AS COOK, BY ONE WHO thoroughly underatan.la her buaineaa m all ita branches, such as meats, so"pa, gmv.es, honing an l lar ling, paalry. jeWte and cream, or anything required in a private family; can coine well recommended from all her employers. CaU at38 Westlflth at. WANTRD-A SITUATION, BY A RRSPRCTABLH girl, as Oral class oook; is aa excellent baker and first rate washer and Ironcr: wishes to go in the country; country preferred; li -at o' eitr reference. Call for two days at 310 Stanton at., between Lewis and Gocrck, In the store.' WANTKO-A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG PROTEST* ant jiil, to do chambertvork and lid# washing, ran come well rccomineudcd. Can be s.ien for two days at W Hndaon at, comer 13lh, top floor, front room. WANTED?BY A WIDOW, WITH A OIRL SIX TEAKS old a situation In a small family. Call for thiee daya at Vi Carroll at., near Colombia. South Knoklyn W' ANTED?SITUATIONS, BY TWO FIRST CLASS girls; on* to rook, wash and Iron th? O'lier as chamber maid snd waltrcsa sud to assist wuii the washing and iron lug; best of city reference. Call at 110 Charlton at. WANTED?A SITUATION AS PIR8T CLASS LAUN dress; underalsnds all kinds of line Trench fluting; good reference. Apnly ai *3 West 17th St., in lite store. WANTKD-A SITUATION, BY A MOST KESPRCTA ble Protestant young woman, in a private (smily. aa nurac. Address for two days J. T , LJ Wast 18th at., be tween fllh and 7th ars. WANTED?A SITUATION AS FIRST CLASS COOK IN g gentleman's family, by a woman who is thoroughly expencnoed and has the highest testimonial* to th it effect; is willing to go to any part. Can be seen at 132 West liih at., between 6th and ilh ava., until engnged: or address A. D. a7ANTED?BY A YOUNG WOMAN, A SITUATION AS Oral o'.a? cook; undersunda cooking In all its branches; II baker; iyllLAU!;l ill tlio w tslung and Ironing; has good city reference. Call at I'D Wast 2ilU It.. third fljor, bock room. WAKTED-BY a RESPECTABLE WOMAN, A SITU auonasPAoki has the best of Hty references; would hare no objection to a private hoarding house. Can be seen for two days at 19 Rest 31st at., between 4th and Madison ars. WANTED?SITUATIONS; BY TWO GIRLS; ONE AS chambermaid and waitress, the other as chambermaid and seamstress. Can he seen for two days at their present employer's, Columbia College, 4th ar. and 4?th st. WANTED?BY TWO RESPECTABLE WIDOWS, house cleaning, washing and Ironing by the day; no objections to boarding house* or hotels. Apply for thro* daya at 4IH West SOth ?t WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A GERMAN GIRL, 13 yesrs of sge. as waitress or nurse in a respectable pri vate family. Apply at 127 sr. A, near tth at., room No. ft AIr ANTED?A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE YY young girl, to do rhamherwork and plain sewing or as waitress. Apply for two days at l&S East Will at, one house from Sd ar. WANTED?BY A YOUNG OIRL, A SITUATION AS nurse or chambermaid and waitress, beat silt refer* ence given Call at 19 City Hall place, WANTED?^A SITUATION AS COOK. ST AN RXCBL YY lent colored woman, with the heat of reference. Ap ply to-day at 33 East S4lh at., from 10 till 2. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A COMPETENT PEE Y r son, to eook and assist with tha washing; understands mtlk and nutter; no objection to the country - good city ref erence. Apply at 103 Weal S6th au, betwtan Broadway and ?th ar. WAHTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE YY girl, aa a good plain cook, washer and troner; or would do general houaawork In a small private family; haa the b#st of refaretira. Call at No 40 82.1 at, between 4tk and Madison ar*., from h) A. M. to 2 P. M. TIT ANTED?A SITUATION. BY A NEAT, TIDY YOUNO YY girl, aa cook, washer end troner In s small private family; the best of city reference. Call at 669 2d sr., oorner of 36tn at., for two daya W*!>i'rRD-BY A RESPECTABLE MARRIED WOMAN, YY a baby to wet nurse; Is capable of taking charge of It from Ita birth; has just lost her own Infant. Inquire, for three day*, at 33 Jackson ai, second floor, front room. UT ANTED?A SITUATION. BY A rROTKHTANT young woman, as wall rear or chambermaid. Call At IB WoaYdfth si, aecond floor, front loom WANTED-WASHINO. BY A FIRST CLASS LAUN. dreas. $1 per doten; fluting eilra. Inquire at IIS West 811th at, top floor. ___ WANTED-BY A PRM ATE EiXMILY, A FKW MORB YY ladle#' and gentlemen's hashing; will do washing beautifully from 73 cent* to tl * dozen; can see a sample or work. ?lao fluting dons neatly. Call on or address Mr*. D.t lit Rest 34th at .MP floor SITUATIONS W ACTED? P^MALEI. WANTED-* PITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE girt, a* chambermaid aud waitress, 01./ reference. Appjj *1 130 Weat 34th ?t WANTED?BY A 80PKRIOR SCOTCH P ROTK8' tant cook, with excellent city reference, e situation u cook tn all it* brancbea; make* ell kind* of pastries, soup* end jellie*. Call at or address 193 Eaet Xlat st WANTED-BY A NEAT. TIDY OIRL OF 18, A SITU allou a* nurae and to welt on a lady who board*, or aa chambermaid and waitrea*; wage* #8. Call at URI Eaet 21 ?t at. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, AT HER

own house. a few ladle*' and gentlemen's washing; can be don* np in the beat style. Call at or addreae 488"8th a*., room No. 2. WANTED?BY A DRK88MAKER WHO IB ABSENT through the day, a furnished Room, with eonreolenea for a Are. Undoubted reference glren and required. Pri rate family preferred. Addreea A. L. A, etetlon 0. WANTED?BY A RESPECT ABLE OIRL A BITUA. Uoa aa oook and to unit with the waihlng, or aa lannd re*a In e boarding house; good reference* can be glren. Can be seen for two day* at No. 434 East 13th at., near dtk sr., top Uoor, back room. WANTED-BY AN AMERICAN WIDOW LADY, erery way competent, a situation aa bouaekeeper In a hotel or prirat* family. Parties wishing a well conducted home would do well to address, for three days. Mrs. Smith, Brooklyn Post office. No objeoUan to leer* the elty. The eery beet of reference. WANTBD-A SITUATION. BY A RE8PBCTABLE OIRL. aa cook; has no objection to assist In the washing and Ironing; Is nest and tidy in her habits; has the best slty ref erauoa. Can be seen for two days at 141 West 96th at., third floor. ' YYTANTED?BY A YOUNO LADY WHO HAB HAD it o insider* ble eiperience, a situation In. a trimming and fsncr store, (fend reference glren. Addreea Oranuiam, Brooklyn Pint office. WET NT'RBR.?A YOUNO 8COTCH WOMAN WANTS a situation aa nurse. Call at Rica's giocery atora, Oreeapoint ar., near Eckford St., Oreenpolnt ~ HELP W ABTED-FEMALE8. A OIRL WANTED?TO DO GENERAL HOUSEWORK; must he neat and tidy. Apply at 118 Id ar., between 9 and 13 o'clock. ' BEADERS WANTED?GOOD HANDS, TO WORK ON the premises, np stains, 168 8th ar. Apply Immedi ately. CHAMBERMAID AND WAITRESS WANTED, AND girl for general housework. 119 Leonard.** Nurse wanted.?a competent woman, as nurse for small children, wanted. atTarrytown, on the IIudson river, one hour's ride from the city. Apply this day between 10 and 13 o'clock, at 40 West 20th at. WANTED?A FIRST CLASS PROTKSTANT COOK. Apply at 937 Msdiaon ar., on Wednesday and Thura fl?y. from 10 A. M. until noon. WANTED?A COMPETENT FRENCH WOMAN, AS lady'* maid, to attend a young lady; ahe must aew well, be able to lit and make dreatce anil to arrange hair; to a person fully capable, poaaeaslng respectable reference, good wage* will be given. Aildreaa until Saturday, L. Y., boa 5.831 Post office. N. Y. WANTED?A YOUNO LADY EXPERIENCED IN THE cleaning and dyeing btisme**, to take charge of an ofllee In this cily. Alao a lady for an nssf.it int. Situation per manent; communications confidential: French preferred. Add rem with lull particular* Dyer, station D, New York. WANTKD-A FIRST RATE OOOK. ONE WHO IS willing to assist In the washing and ironing with elty reference?, can apply at 49 West S31 a* WANTED?A CHAMBERMAID AND WAITRESS, with r;ood city referenoe; Protestant preferred. In quire at 33-' West Kid at., between 10 and 13 M. WANTED-A OOOD COOK. WHO UNDERSTANDS her business perfectly: Ktutffsh or Scotch preferred. Ali i a smart waiter girl. Apply at 73 7th at. ANTED-A COOK IN A PRIVATE FAMILY; MUST hare good reference. Inquire at 176 Madison ay. w w ANTKD?A OOOD OrRL. AS CHAMBERMAID AND nurse. Call from 10 to 13 at 113 West 39th at. WANTED-A YOU!?a WJJHAN, TO COOK. WASH andiron In a ImalI family; muni lie a good laundress, with city reference. Apply after ten o'clock A.M., at 1,048 td ar. WANTED?A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT WOMAN, who U a thoroughly good bread baker. Apply (bring ing^ references; al St. Luke's Hospital. West 64th St., from 1 WANTED-A NURSE. UNDERSTANDING WELL nER diiltcM. to take, care of a young baby. Apply at 180 Lexington av., from 13 to 4 P..J4. WANTRD-A WOMAN TO COOK.'WASH, IRON AND assist In housework of four persons; reference re quired. 9 OlUard place, 46th at., between Id and Lexington ar*., basement door. WANTBD-A WOMAN TO COOK AND ASSIST IN the washing and ironing of a email family; city refer ence required. Apply al Ik) \veat Ilth at. AN1ED-A OOOD OOOK, WASHER AND IRONER. Apply, with good reference*, at US Weal 46th at. ANTED?A OIRL TO DO GENERAL HOUSEWORK. Inquire at O'Bhea's bookstore, 37 Barclay at. w w WANTED?A raw riltST CLASS 8HIRTMAKRK8 who can cut to measure and tnstructioui. Work to ho don* at their own home*. Security required. Addreeo J. M. C. X.. hot 60 Herald offlae. W] ANTBD-A STEADY AND OBLIOINO TOUNO GIRL, H ea seamstress: muat understand Wheeler k Wilson's machine. Apply for two days at 8) Madison ar. WANTED?A SMART. TIDY GIRT. AS SEAMSTRESS and waitress. Wise* $10. Apply, with city references, at 5S West 46tli st. ' WANTED?A FIRST CLASS COOK; MUST UNDER stand French cooking and h tv i undoubted references: a l'rntestant preferred. Apply at 241 Madison ay., before IS o'clock. WANTED IMMEDIATELY?A COMPETENT PERSON to do general housework. Apply at 14") 9th ay., corner Of SOtli si., second floor. SITUATIONS \VANTED?MALES. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A FAITHFUL AND vigil >n! Dion, as police watchman, or as scitoaof any evangelical church?H <piiat preferred: refers to many of om most woi thy and distinguished citlxens; terms moderate. Address C., station I) A RESPECTABLE YOU NO MAN WANTS A SITU A tion as light porter, hs'rtender or grocery cl*rk ; best city reference if required; salary not so much an object as a an nation. Call on or address F. I tola n. 110 West IPtb at AVOUNO MAN WANTS A SITUATION AS WAITER ia a hotel and lo make h!ras?lf generally useful, to at tend to hells, or do anything that Is inquired of him; ran al*> take care of a borae or attend to a sm?II garden; good reference clean. Address Situation, bos US Herald odire. A TOUNO PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON, ARRIVED from Europe, wishes a situation with a doctor, In a town or in tin country to assist him la his praotlca. Ad dress A. E.. Doctor, Ilerild ofllca. A YOUNG MAN WISHES A SITUATION IN SOME wholesale house or retail store or ofllce; writes a good h ind and Is quick at figures; has the rery b -st of reference from last pl?w Address N. S. H., bos 2US Herald ofllce. SITUATION* WANTKD-BT A FRKXCIFMAN, AS cMrkmin In a private family: good city reference fur nished. Ap.dv for two days si 1,100 Broadway, to Mr. Stil lings, harness maker, in the store. SITUATION WANTED?BY A YotfNO MAN i COLORED!, U as tl cman to an engine; nsderst uids tils liiislues-; well. 15- st of r:l"?r-nce. Oail *t N'o 2 West UUh St., New York. SITUATION wanted-bt an experienced kd couple, to keen pons- for a party of gentlemen, or wotihl take o*re of a gentleman's house let out tenant property, collect rents and see to the repairs; have experi ence, ore reliable and will give the beat reference. Address Norman, box it Ml Pose otUee. fXTANTKD?A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG MAN. AS VT entrr or shipping clerk, salesman, kr ; understands the coal business and has a knowledge of bookkeeping. .Ref erences furnished. Address J. M. care A. W Matltson, .M Spruce street. ANTED?BY A REGULAR PHYSICIAN OF TACT and three years' practice, a situation In s doctor's ofllce, in the country, on a ressel. ana place where be can receive w.iges for service*. Address A. M . M. D . Herald w CLERICS AMD SAI.ESMkV. FIRST CLASS PENMAN AND.GOOD ACCOUNTANT i* op?n for an enjtft.foment ma bookkeeper or asiiaUnt. re** box 217 Herald o:liee. MASONIC.?A YOUNG MAN. AGED 22. WISHRS A situation as clerk in a store from the 1st of March; a boot and shoe store preferred. First elssi reference. Ad dress Clerk, box 474 Newburg Post oflloe. N. Y. W ANTRD-A N INDUSTRIOUS JUNIOR ASSISTANT IN the drugste re corner of Bleerker and Sullirsn streets. Apply between 10 and 18 A. M. GooJ references required. YT|TANTED? A COMPETENT BOOKKEEPER FOR A T ? wholesale house; etate age, salary expect ed and where last employed. Address C. H. k Co., Herald ofllce. TTTANTED?A RAPID PENMAN AS POLICY CLERK II In an Insurance ofllce. Address, with hand writing end references, Post ofllce box 4,7*7. _ COACHMEN AND OARDEXRRS, An experienced gardener, who has a fami ly end desires a good home, where he can ?nltiraie a large garden on shares, near s Western city, can hear of a good opening at front room on second floor of *4 Pine afreet. None but one with good recommendations and soma means need apply, from 1 to 2 o'clock, to Mr. Chester. A YOUNG COLORED MAN DESIRES A SITUATION ea coaehmsn. Call or address st his present employ, er a, 828 East 84th at., where he oan be well recommended. A MAN AND WIFE. WITHOUT FAMILY, WISH STT VY notions In a gentleman's family; the man as coachman end gnrdener. the wife as enok. washer and ironer. esa give the nest city and conniir reference; ao obtectton to go la the country. Address M Tobln, box 908 Herald office. A SITUATION WANTED?AS COACHMAN; UNDER stands his business and the full management of hemes; has not been long In this country, no objection to the coun try: heat of reference eslo capability. Apply far twe days at 122*4 91 ay., between 14th and 16th sis. XXf ANTED?BY A GERMAN MAN (MARRTRD1, A TI situation as gardener, understands the care of green houses fruits and vegetables; no objection te take care of cattle; can bring first class city recommendations. Address Henry. New Utre.-ht Post office WANTED?A SITUATION. AS COACHMAN. BY A competent Protestant yeting man, who thoroughlr un derstands his business Tw# years' referenea from hie last piece. Can he seen at Louden'a harness store. 72 Bleecksr at. Inquire for Robert, ' : 5 y*|wye WANTKD-BY A RRSPRtTTABI.R YOUNG MAN. A situation as coachmen inn private family; has no eb Ceetlcn te goto the country and will give direct referenoe i) last employer. Letters addi wioh St., will be attended to. to laet employer. Letters addressed te R. G , ?7 Grace as, will be * * " WANTHD-A SITUATION All PRIYATH COAOHMAN; no on|e.-(iou to ee In the country Oan noma well re eemtnended Hall at I,guff Broadway. : ??1 HELP WA-ITEIV-WA^M' AT 489 BROADWAY. noon NO. S, THt*D FLOOR.? Wanted. this day, two bookkeeoere, aawman, valet, porter, coachmen, four copyists. Agents wanted for evert city in th'MUMIOWi article new and aale rapid; ooala 15 cents; a alia for Jb cents; exclusive territory cranlod to energetic mew, rights for aale. 28 Liberty at All desiring immediate employmemt; rir all departmenta of business, call <1 I'hamberh Dh atrable and permanent altuatloua open thla day. Agents wanted.?two reliable agbxtr wanted to canvass for a company from wh'ch from (IS to $36 per day can be made. The aole agenoy given to thoao employed. None but men with aatisfaetory referencea need apply. Inqnl.-e at the Commercial Fire Report! ug Company, 14 Park plaoe. A GENTS, AORNTH WANTED-TO SELL TWO STAPLE A artlclea need in every family, can make $5 to $10 a day. Call at SIS Fulton atreeu room No. ) AM EXPERIENCED CANVASSER FOR ADYERTI. alng on a popular weekly newspaper wanted; an aetire man ean clear 810 to $15 per day. Apply at tT N aaaau et., room No. 6. A BOOKKEEPER; ALBO TALBTTO OO TO EUROPE; two young men for Inauraucc oompany; men having referenoe suited Immediately. SIS Brotqjway, 100m 19. GBEMI8T.-THB SUBSCRIBER DESIRES TO 8ECCRB the services of a young man In a light manufacturing bualneta, altuated In Brooklyn, N. Y., one who can write a good builneee hand, anewer oorreepondente and who la aktl rul and oareful in laboratory operational the poaltlon la one ?f. trust and unexceptionable referenoea will be required. Address 0. T., bog 4,679 New York Poet office, with refer* expected^ Aef I"*1180**'0**' previoue oeoupation and salary Employment.?a oomprtbnt man can hate a permanent eltoatlon and good wages aa deliverer or country agent. Apply at? Bosk man at. third floor ?ffice bot wanted?one l'ttno in brook >>? preferred. Addreaa, elating wagee wauled, box 190 Uerald office. Paper?wanted, bt an importer, a man who understands the trade and la well acquainted with buyers. Addreaa H. bog 190 Herald ace. STATIONERY.?WAWTBD. A TOUNO MAN WELL experienced In the stationery trade to superintend the execution of orders. Addreaa, stating former employer, qualifications and salary expected, P. A. C. H., box 1,086 Poet offloe. WANTED-tN A WHOLESALE GROCERY STORE, A salesman who haa a alone by cash trad*. Thla ia a first rate opportunity for an A Mo. 1 man. Addreaa Grooer, box 159 Herald office. WANTKD-A YOUNG MAN OP GOOD CHARACTER, to obtain subscribers for the Riverside Magsstne, end London Soct?ty, and to take the agency for an ent'-ely new work just published. A permanent end lucrative situation Cuaranteed to a suitable person. Apnly from 9 to I o'clock > Uunl A Houghton, Publishers, 459 Broome St., N. Y. WANTED?A BOT, FAMILIAR WITH THB RTOCK broaerage business. Addreaa, stating age, referenoe and ealary expected, 0. k Co., Herald otCoe. 0' w ANTRD-A STOUT MAN FOR A BINDERY. W. WATERS k SON, 118 William St. WANTED-A YOUNO MAN TO ATTEND A GROCERY store. Apply et 245 7th sr., corner 38th at, for two days. WANTED?.! PrRST CLASS WAITER: NO OBJEC tioc to e colored man, but must hare first class refer encea Apply et 38 5th ev THE TRADES. AHORSESHOER WANTS EMPLOYMENT TO WORK at the fire or on the floor; Is e single man; the country preferred. Apply to John Williams, 655 7th a v. C1ARPKT UPT10L3TKRERS WANTED?AT 591 BROAD ) way. None but experienced band* need apply. COLOP MAKER OR DB3IONER WANTED?WHO IS voompetent to conduct a first class satinet print works; all.ooinraunicstioiie strictly confidential. Address James 0. Goodrich, Herald office. SUGAR MAYING TAUGHT AT 119 BAST HOUSTON v' afreet, enlrir.Je 6n Chryatie street, up stair*, room U; terms $6 for this month only; taught in a few day*. r JEWELLERS.?WANTED. BY AN ENGLISHMAN, 99 year* of age. a situation aa an enameller in tbe best atvle .or jewelry. Pour years' reference. Addreaa O. H. Rooke, 1.821 North 6th sL. Philadelphia. Pa. UkfAMTKO-k GOOD WORKMAN. WHO UNDER IV stands working on a wheeling machine; highest wagee will be psId. Apply at 91 and 98 East Slat et. TYTANTED?STRAW HAT RIEACHfR AND PRBSSBB If who can eommscnd soma trade, and Is competent to take entire charge of faotory. Addreaa T. H., boa 1.9i6 Peat office. TIT ANTED?A PHOTOGRAPHER AS ASSISTANT it operator, who oould print If required. One speaking German preferred. Call el 41 Newark av., Jersey City. WANTED- A GOOD WAGON WOODWOBKMAK. TO whom steady employment will be given. Inquire of John P. Jube 83 Bowery, or of James Colo, Fordham, West chester oounly, N.JY. WANTED?A GOOD BLACKSMITH ON HBAYY work: none others need apply. Also a helper. Apply at 87 Wooater at. ANTED?TWO GOOD PICTURE FRAME MAKBRS. Apply to 8. 8. Chase, 931 Broadway. w COAL, WOOD. AC. (TOAL 86 60; FLOUR 819-THB PEOPLE'S MUTUAL J Protective Coal and Flour Association are now deliver ing to members of the association first quality Coal at the above lew price. Office 908 Broadway, room No. A ASTROIiOOT. ACARD.-MADAMK ROSS, MEDICAL AND BUS dam Clairvoyant, has remored to 119 West Fifteenth atreot, near Slith Are qua, where she (hows the likeness and tell* ihe nam* of the ner*on you vrtU marry. Beware of Il literate pretender* who try to Imitate her. Lucky numbers A FACT-NO IMPOSITION.?ORE ATRST BUSINESS and Medloal Ctairroyaut known is Mr*. STARK, from Europe, boro with a natoral gift. $20,900 reward (or her equal. She auoceeds when all others fail. She oaiiaes epeedy marriage*, shows you correot likeness of future husband and telle hi* name. 31* Fourth avenue Gent* uot admitted, A clairvoyant who has no equal-and 110 000 reward Is offered to so/ person who can sur pas* her In giving correct statement* on all mater* of un Ll. tan.-e. On lo-?<-*, slrknen and business aha never fall*. ? lease call and teat her skill. N. It.?She does not pi eland to show future husband * likens**. ' I dice No. 15J East Thirty-third street, between Irvt -vjon an I Thl^d 'reti ie. Madame Walters, distinguished clairvoy ant. Visit her tor everything?sickness, Uusiuaas, theft, names, number*. pood luck. 341 Canal street. MADAM"'. DAT, OLAIRYOYANT.?VIMT HRR. STOR noss; absent friends; lucky numhars. M West Thirty alith street, near Seventh avenue Madame norma, natural clairvoyant, from Parts, sureessor to Madame Clara Antouia. Consulta tion of the Post, Present and Future. S3 East B'.aecker at. Madame rosa, great natural clairvot vnt, r-veals your whole Ufa. ? if!} e N> i Greene street, corner of CanaL Constiluiion $1 QQQ SEVENTH AVENUE. NBaR THIRTY-PHUT OOO slier t.?Mm* RAY. clairvoyant sol Asirol qui. Lucky nmnx'ia. Speedy Marriages Lad is. it cants; sen la, 60 cents. NED' A i. AT U WAV" Ri.F.T PL%CK ? A KKW DOORS WK-T from Broadway, Dr. POWELL cuve* to Iff hours. Con saltation free. A blessing TO LADIES.?A LADY WRITES ?por tuguose I'etnsl# Pills ralvred lue In one day, without Inconvenience, like msgte. Ptioe $1 Dr. A M. MAUKI CEAU. Odi.-e 138 Liberty street or sent by mail. AM MAIJRICEAU, M. n.. professor of midwifb > ry, thlr'v yea-*" practice, at IJ9 Llherty street. Guar antee eeruin relief to ladies from whatever cause A GREAT AND SURE REMEDY FOR LADIES -T'lE Poriu'UHse Female Pills always give Immediate relief; price $3 Bewsre of im.t-tors who copy my aUrertnemen's t> sell polaonotn ootnoound* ** "Female* PUla," and "Ei tracts." Dr. A. M. MAURICE A If. IJ9 Liberty sceet A DYICF. TO MARRIED LADIRS.-M ADAMK RF.S A. TRLI.'S Inf illhle French Female Pills; No. I. price tl, or No. i pries $6, which can never fall: aare and healthy. Office Oi West Thirty-fourth sireel, ne*r Slith avenue. Sent by uiafl. A1'hot M-W. Also soli at druggUt'a, 148 Greenwich street. A LL LOIR4 Nfti-.D SPECIAL MEDICaL OR j\ surgical treatment should oon?ul' CHARLES IjCTZI, M D. 9? Broadwav who he* had twenty rears' suc-e?s(u| prirtlce, and guarantee* Im mediate n?Itef in all east* with out pale or eipusure. ConstiluUon free. _ (CONSULT NIvER PAJLI.NO DR. Kr.NNEDY. MS RLM t atreet. Cures In the snortest possibls time Sufferers restored. Cure guaranteed /CONSULT NEVER JAILING DR KENNEDY, 196 Ef.M \ / atreet He cures certain diseases at once Sufferers from debility restored to permanent vigor. Cure guaran teed. Confidential consultations.-oil r cor BETT, member of W. Y. U. Medical College and R C. Surgeons, London, can be consulted as usnal on eeruin ills ia.es. office ? Centre street, neer Chambers. N. I?No fee ii nlass cured. T\R POWERS' ELIXIR, THE INTIOORATINO MF.Dl' J / elne long sought for: the enly remedy for nervousness, premature decay. Office It6 Elm street. COOPER, 16 OUANE BTRBKT, MAY BE CON suited on eerUIn diseases. Thirty-two years eiperlenci enables htm to make speedy cures or no charge made. K HUNTER CAR CURB WORST OASIS OF cIE tain diseases, without mercury. In short?r time than any ether physician, or uo pay taken. No. I Division street, si one 1S8*. DR. POWERS' COMPOUND AND PILLS CERTAIN cure; one trial sufficient. Purchase of Dr. POWERS. 196 Kim otreet. FOUND?THE LADIES' ORRAT BENEFACTOR, DR. poWRRS' Compound and PUla. Certain cure. Pur chase of Dr. POWEflB, 196 Elm steeat Ladies, if you require a reliable remedy to restore you, or valuable "eoofldannal medical ad vtoe," ooniull Dr. DURANT, No 7 Reach street. New York. I' ADIBS CAN ALWAYS RELY ON DR. POWERS' J French Periodical Compound and Pills. Offico 1* Im street. Madame restf.ll-profksbor of midwifrbt oyer thirty rears, guarantees immediate relief to every lady requiring medical or sural sal treatment from whatever cause. Office 64 West Thirty-fourth street, near Slith a*. Vf K*. DKCOLAM. MEDICAL AND BUSINESS CLAIB JtL royaot.?Peat. Present and Future foretold. 49 East Twenty-eighth Sir-set, corner Fourth avenue The aesnoee discontinued. PERSONA NEEDING CONFIDENTIAL MEDICAL treasmant should nonsuit Dr. HARRISON, 68 Slith ayenus; cm as with entire eatlcfaetioa. ConsultaUosi all hours. ______ rOUSANDS THAT HAVE BRBN OONSTORBRD Ir retrievably loat and hayoud reoovery have been speedily and effectually cured by Dr IJtWH' superior, unerring k made of treatmeut. Office No, f Beach atreet. v IAW AT AUCTIOIf, ITvCTi'011 SALE-SAMUEL WYNN, ACOTIOVRRE,'*" A HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, ? B08KW00x. PIANOFORTB, DRAWING ROOM FURNITURE OIL PAINT1N(s'? EMINENT ABTI8T8. ARTISTIC BRONZE STAT7ART, ROSEWOOD CHABBR FUHNIU!Rg Wax *tTT DIXINO ROOM FUBNITUR* 4T p'UBLIC AUCTION. On thle day (Thursday \ ?t II o'clock, at tb? elegant ma*, afon ?t West Sixteenth (t> ??t, between Fifth.and Sixth ava*> um. superb sets Purnrtirrr, covered French bvocatoi tniirrn roeeweod htageros, Secvewa'7 Bookcase, Book*. Cabinet* Encolgneurs, Centra TsbAea. Turkish Re-lining Chain, 1-cronges. Velvet Bnnsete C^arpeu. Pier, Mantel Mirror* OM Paintings. by ancient Mk< .modern artlita; Sevres, Ore* den China vases: flrnimtuM Laoe Curtains rosea oel Pianoforte, Muafc Stand, Meate A'ooka. Stool, Carer, Broaaa Clock, PUnres. Ei tendon Table. Sideboard, rubrand ildtt Glassware, French China Dinner Bed Tea Seta, She Mold Tb ble Cutlery, Silver Caatere, Spooma, Tnrerae, Salrera, fc) Table Linen, Chamber Furniture, Dree-in * Bureau*. Be4 steads, Arinoir-a Glace, Coremsdvw. Hair, Sprtr.j Mattmaa an. Sale peremptory. N. B.?Pardee purchasing at thm aaleean hem their gooda atorad till Me 71 If required. ?-? ? a? AUCTION NOTICB.-B. BOTH, AUCTIONEER.?AM extraordinary opportunity for botieakeaixua and MA trade. ?Over R18.000 worth of elegant and genteel Ho leefcep Furniture at pubUoauetlon, this (Thursday) afternoon, Pam 7. at IK o'clock, at the large raaidenee III Clinton pUe% Eighth street, near Sixth avenue, consisting of megnlBnaal rosewood Pianoforte, Stool and Cover, all modern tmprr menu full IK octave, richly carved lags and case; tt beautiful Parlor Suits, ooverad with the richest dreerlp' of Prenoh satin brocatel; Works of Art, Bronxea, Oil Pi toga by eminent artists; Velvet. Brussels and Ingram I pete; rosewood Etageres, style of Louts XIV.: solid (' walnut Extenelon Table, Buffet and Dining Chairs to *_ Oval and Pier Mirrors, black walnut Snlta, covered i helrrloth and green rope; black walnut and rosewood I eteads and Bureaus, Spring and Hair Mattresses, Sofas l Rockers. Vaaea. Glass, China and 8tlror Warn, Cutlery. N. B.?Reliable men in attendance to cart, pack sad ( goods for pn ebaaars at a raasenabte charge. Auction salb?saturdat, or horses. w tooMB, Llqnors, Cigars, Merehandlaa. Be., at U o'clock A. ??. at MS Canal at rent (Late salesman with K. H. Ludlow A On.) ?T THE ALL A BROS., this day (Thursday), Fob. ?, g?KJ. F. THEALL, AUCTIONEER, BALL A BROS., this day (Thursday] At 10X o'clock, at 83 Liberty street, (for aoeount of whuoa U may ooooerah 30casks FRENCH CHINA. I eask JAPAN WAITERS. 1 cask RNOl.ISH TABLE CUTLERY. 1 cask CHINA VASES. All slightly damaged by water at the late fire hi street. ALSO PART OF A MANUFACTURER'S Lot CASTERS, Anlahed and unfinished. Lot ICE PITCHERS, finished and unfinished. Catalogues and goods ready Wednesday morulas. BY HENRY H. LERDS A MINER, AUCTIONS Ml "LEEDS' ART GALLERIES," 817 and 819 Broadway, southwest corner of Twelfth On Wedneeday, 20th. Thursday, Zlat, and Friday, February at 7W o'clock each evening, ae above:? CONTRIBUTOR'S SALE OF FINE PAINTINGS, WA' COLORS, AC. WEDNESDAY EVENING?Exclusively for the Wl OP AMERICAN ARTISTS. THURSDAY EVENING?Pine Foreign Painting* FRIDAY EVENING?Water Colors. DrewlugaTAa. PARTICULARS HEREAFTER. D. DOUGLAS CAULKIN8, AUCTIONEER. AUCXION SALB OP LEAF AND MANUFA< TOBACCO AND CIGARS. BY D. DOUGLAS CAULKIN8 A CO.. at oar Balm 18 Dey street This day, Thursday, February T, 1 at 11 o'clook A. M. Exclusive Trade Sales of Leaf and Manufactured TMk and Cigars, every TUESDAY and FRIDAY. BY CATALOGUE F JB CASH. 600 Casaa Connecticut and State Seed Leaf Tube BOO. 1A Bales Havana Tobaooo. 60,000 Prime Harm* Cigar*. 30.000 Fine German Cigars. W\0U0 Extra Habsnas, La Conona de Rspana Otgav*. 600.000 Superior I 'omcattc Cigars. ? ' line of M A Urge line of Manufactured and Smoking Catalogue* ready. E H. LUDLOW A CO . AUCTIONEERS AND _ Estate Agents, established since 1986, offer for Houses, Stores, Lota. Country Seat* Give special eth to the Teasing of stores and dwellings, and to the sale < estate, stocks, ships and merehandlaa at anotlon. Tn trouble to purchasers a printed list of property, pnbll semi-weakly, w;ll be given to applloaaU at oar olBoo 1 Pine street. Ill D WARD 8CHBNCK. AUCTIONEER. 4 <J UNITED STATES MARSHAL'S BALM. BY ORDER UP ROBERT MURRAY, ESQ., U. B. ML ? PREPARED HUMAN HAIR. By BDWARD Si'HENCK, to-morrow (Friday). lllk>1_ at I! o'clock M.. at the salesroom No. 60 Liberty iM about 60 lbs. ehntoo prepared Human Heir, to low to AMI purchasers. ? Foreclosure bale of valuable corner i erty,?WILLIAM KBNNBLLY. Sheriff's Anotiont eetl at auction on Monday, February 11, 1667. at II o'c . the Exchange Salesroom. Ill Broadway, tba valuable? property known aa No*. 801, 303, 305 and A/7 First and 3S6 East Thirteenth street, ranted for KM I anottooeor's office, 14 Plna street. aeuipneelafr ZJGS& HENRY D. MINBR. AUCTIONEER. _ 8ALB OF HORSES. OARRIAOBS. WAOOBB, MU BT M!NER*A SOMBRYILLB, AT HORSR AUCTION MART. UNION SQUAB* t 63 BAST FOURTEENTH 8TRBBT. FRIDAY. FBB. 8, AT IS O'CLOdl. " . Fine Team. lon? UU? and mane. (Horee ud Mm). >1 6 yean old; Und in nil harneea and under saddle t <bW for/ fut A Coupe, In Oral rate order; built by Laanaoe, at t* eilr. Sat Doubt# Hantaan, In mad ardar. Ten other Horses. Ac., Ac. Particulars to-morrow. Regular Horaa Salea at our Auction Mart, Union Haas Stable*, every Tueadty and Friday throughout the rear. Messrs. MINER ** SOMBRYILLB offer nnau vantage# in location, aipariaaoa and buainaa* partiaa wishing to buy or daalrtug to aell I tor*#*, or anything pertaining to the homo baalnaaa Henry d. miner, auctionrbm salbsroob *7 NASSAU STREET, OPPOSITE THB POST OfffHK SALE OK A COLLECTION Of ANCIENT OIL TAlNTINOB "O PAY STORAOB AND CHARGES. BY MINEB A SOMBRYILLB, CUUR8DAY, FEBRUARY 7. AT 11 O'OLQQS. AT SALESROOM NO. 67 NASSAU STRBBB Henry o. :.yans, auotionbbr-will sBLLnii day, *t 3 o'clock, n rich assortment of Frnnob fllApn Bohemian Olaeaware, Parian marble French Clock*, An, W complete Importation of B. Behrl*ch. 466 Broadway. JOHN L. VANDKWATER, AUCTIONEER. 100 LIB ?treat?Friday, February 0. IIM, special and tory sale of blood, thoroughbred and uusoeUaneoua llnraea. Also Wagon*. Harness, Ac., without rem Tills sale will comprise tome rery auporior trotting am Horse*, top and no top Buggto*, now and aeoond nam' pee*. TOALPH HBGEMAN. e| FRIDAY, FEBRUARY & At 10 o'clock A. M.. at the centra! atlearooma, Willoi corner of Pearl street, Brooklyn. Rosewood, walnut and mahogany marble Inn Chamber and Dining RooinFurnltitre; Mirrors, ChlL ding. Oarpeta; 70 Hatr Pew Cushion*; large BronzeCI Hera for gai * walnut top Here ror gaa or kerosene; .Settees: larga Heater, nearly lop Couuiera; R.odgett A Sweet's Oven. An as 7 ueerk Y BOO ART, AUCTIONEER?SATURDAY, FBB. R A? *1 ? I0>i o'clock at the auction rooms, No. 1 North WE U rn street. Household Furniture, consisting of a Urge eM general assortment of Parlor. Bedroom aud Kitchen FurnA tum, ro owood Piano, church Cash ton a, Voire' Carpets, oib clotha, Ac, T BOG ART, A UCTIONEBR?THIS DAY. AT MM ?J ? o'clock it 3, Walker street, the entire genleW Hon aw held rurnlture of throe atoy h'Miaa. consisting of Parlac -um Sofa* Lounges, Pressing Bureaus WaabstaaAn Mmaae.s m l In* sin Carpet* Dining R.K>m TaMos, CUalto tmbogany Bedsteads, hair Mattraasea, Featiier Bema eddi.ig I ook ng glasses. Centre Table*. Crookary aed .o? ...-j.. ? Furnituna, Ac. >?aaa Ware. Clocks, Kitehea MARSHAL* 8AT.E?MYER FLSAH, AUCTIONEER ottme is; suntoii street. By rirtita of an exacitiiowl .*111 expose for sale at publlr rehdue, on fhur.day, Fubt C at l )li o'clock A. M., at the corner of avenue A and tOM street. Counter. Shelving, Gin I'lpe* Lrinor*. Ac. to. L RINDBBOPF. MarehaA PAWNBROKER'S BALE THIS DAT? HMK.t a flaw will sell at ."*? New Bowery at II o'clock, 4d>) lets of Mtrl an l Women's Clothing, and other se.s inabla Goods. By QHER1FFM -IALE OF MACHINERY, AC?ON I' ne* is* Febrmryfl at 10 o'clock A. M.. will he sold, at No* 17, 19 anl II North second street. Williamsburg, L ?, all the Machinery. Tools and Futures of the Holler Bbam f inner!* occupied by John Dolan A Co., together with MA Lot* and Bull ling. T.iare are three lo'.a on North Seeaad and one running through to North First street Tba ma-hlnwy la all drat ctm* iM hat been Utile used. It e? bra1' hi Qtje Djaymjre'j Taleat Boiler and Riveting M tehlam <Ui3 nellamiter Punch, one combined patent Punch aal Kbears, Roller*. Drill ng Machine*, Bellow*, An*:!*, Pram scr' Eip >nJars, Lathes and all the iluinge of * complete Roller Ann p. with Shafting and Belting complete; Honest Tin as, U?rue?s to, Platfirm Scales; also one l.tUigallM I) idle'* Still with Jacket, onal If* gallon Duffie's Still, wMB Jacket, and everything complete to begin srork with. (SHERIFF'S SaLC?RICHARD WALTERS, AIM tioneer will sell on Thnradar, at II o'clock, at fl Bene Broed'vay A bales of rune 1 Wool Floek. Willuw Dunham. Deputy. JOHN BELLY, SherME UHERIPri SALE?HOOP SKIKTA -EICHARD WAZ* O TERS. Auctioneer, will sell this day (Thursdays J W o'clock, at No 37 hast Broadway, a large ouaotily of Hjeg 8k11 ts JOHN BELLY, dbewiML J. t ossiLi.. Deputy. (SHERIFF'S HALE. O GROCERIES, HOKSB, WAOON AND HARNBSB. Rit Hard wali'rrh, accti??nebr, will aell on Friday, February A at 11 o cleek, el No. 8^ RaM Brosdwey. s large nnd general eloek of Orooerlea, o>)nalettaj of Flour Sugar, Teas, 'offees. Soap. Ofdiea. Htaren ?t*?I fresh aiwl regular st >ck; also I V -ihaiiS^ llorse. Wagon and Hsniaaa. JOHN ERLLY, shanm II. W. Mtamr^Deputy. O HE BIFF'S SALE.-RICH A*DT*ALTR AUCTIO? 0 eer. will sell this day (Thursday I, at II o clock, at Wm dW Broadway. St.* k; and Jj*1'1?* ale Vumn TahuTaSl Ingof fancy Bar and Bar Flrturwa A e l urn^ TableaMM 1 hairs, also Intareet NlIa*"! '/ Syir^ n9,,M JOHN Rlly! ShlrtiT J one Carrarr, Deputy. rTTtaM ABBOTT. AUCTIONEER?OFF I t7R It) VtoUism souara?-Mortgaga aala on this day at 11 sndulddma' Bore* us, Vofaet K1 :n'<M,I.rnr^n C"rP^J."w *SOMERLNd(5KB ^ Wagon and Uamem. "' AMornry for Mort^gto Wir I l aM ABBOTT, AUCTIONEER?OFFICE Mb Chatham eguara ealte on Friday. Sth '"itutJSf o'clock, the Stock and Futures of the Li't'ior Htore I'M Wesj Su . . ihird street near Eigbrh avenue. A lease stock eff Bou^JSaWhESU Gin, Brand,. Rum, aherry. Wine, Clgara. to _ gARlLB WAWTKLR. ARB LB MANTELS?THB BEST PLACE IN[THB 1st* to purchase Marbla maniela of the Uteei loetgna ?rr low Drirf?l? at A. EI.ABEll 3 Marble WorksT? Kaat VIghTeenth wreeA near Third a* ,Jt Y. Cut this oak Sarblbizbd slatr mantels-superior m sppearanne. mora dnrahia, half the prloe of rnarhtA T B STBWAKT. toe stith avonua, betwaan Thirty #fth aal Thtriyrirtt streets. ?WARBLE MANTELS M RIOCORO PRIOKS-A F1NM M selection oohaad atV KI.ABER'3 MenufacytrT, 1 Firwt avenue, naar Third atreet. New York. Call en4 tb