8 Şubat 1867 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

8 Şubat 1867 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. -r=^ : !??' WHOLR NO. 11.113. NEW YORK, FRIDAY. FEBRUARY 8. 186V PRICS FOUR CENTS. rMisunaiM A WEALTHY FAMII Y WiyiM YO A DOIT A CIIIi'd f 1*1111 Hi birth u(i lo vlchP e* month* old. Adams*, mating whom Uie child oaaecseeti. Mr*. Allen, etsliua A, Kjpriag street. * 1 WHi?AM. IS VTBIli THAT KNDH WELL; AND I /I aan truly **y that all baa ended well. Com* and *e? M* Write; OMBOA a HKaOTIFI'I. INFANT FOE ADOPTION?AT MAD AM K il Keif's, 1110 Laurea* street. BOWERY THEATRE, WEDNESDAY EVENING.?WILL tint lady la the box, who no kindly noticed the gentle man who a.imlrwd bar ao highly, and who loft before me performances wtfi-? over, oblige bin witb jui interview f A4Ar+M Chftrif* Preet-.n, hUiion D. BLLEW -ANXIETY RELIEVED. PB0P08BD AR rabgameet will suit. Write Prank if you fail. Hammond to pletchbr safely arrived. t'-aN at root office for letter givlmi my addrru. EIRMATION WANTED-OF MRS. EMILY (tAHa nL Any per-on knowing of her whereaboutn will address a note to Joseph iiarabrant, Id Bowery, PFORMATION IS SOLICITED TOUCHING THE whereabouts of Chronometer No. $29. Litherland. Derifle M Col. makers; property of the late George W. T! sUhet ffieeeased. Please addreae JeYery A Wueeln, Nu. AS Moot* street. ' ptPORMATION WANTED-OF DAVID CANTL1N, A' a nattv* of county Limerick, Ireland, by htsplster, Rbie Rath Oanlltn. When last heard from was in Bt. lands. Any tatormauon tie to hie whereabout* wll] be thankfully r~ ?rived. Addreae Elizabeth Can til n. t? Washington i treat, ?aw Turk. I MFORMATION WANTED?OP WARUARBT BRAN, mm. who left New York December 4, 1866; whon Ust beard from waa with her brother. Patrick Braanon, Win er, Hoott county. III. Any Information of hi r will he Tally reaeivedby her slater. Mary Rraunun. lu oarr of M'y ImRmTiNI Vj IIW NwWI i mrtl J gpi wiiuuiii sax uair <m Mr. J. Doyle, ITS Weei seventeenth street Mew York. Win obeeter, IU., and St Louie papers please e< py. VF MR. R. GREEN. OP WEST TWENTY -SIXTH STRF: ET, A. who advertised for Patrick O'Brien, will come lo the St. JMcbolas Hotel, he will find Mm. JP FELIX McSWBENBY, LATE PRIVATE CO. X, ATX . ty-ninth N. T. 8. N. O., will call on L. Browa A Ce., No. Fark-pieoe. he will hear of something to hi* advantage. r.TEB PARTIES WHO TOOK THE OVERCOAT flMu the restaurant oa Broadway on Wednesday after Wrlll return it, they will receive $39 and no guesMons TKNNIB MITCHELL.?SHALL RECOGNIZE TEE Ml ""eros* of erne-aids" If an opportunity la allowed ane. Rend your address. MTJBlilNO?SINCE JAR. S3. LAST SEER TR HART Jvt ford. Conn., Henry M. Taylor. 35 year* ef age, 6 feat .i Inches high, dark eyes, black mustache; supposed to be la boring under a temporary fit of Insanity. Any 1 nfornmtlon mill bo gratefully reeeived by addressing Francis Taylor, Booth Glastonbury. Conn. IBLO'B ?VELVET HAT. DID NOT ENOW YOU W ednebday. Paes same time to-day, or send addre GEO. HARRIS. STETSON.?SATURDAY. FEBRUARY Id; IMPOSSIBLE before. IRENE. W' M. CURTIS, UNITED STATES SHIPS ToW ? hatan, Octdrora and Supply, will l?arn something do his advantage by leaving hie address with W. E. Fritz, at Wsuwhante' Hotel. ILL TI1E~ LADY WHO! RODE UP TOWN OK Wednesday afternoon In a Twentv-third street stage, left It corner Fifth avenue, at 9 o'clock, send her ad. s to the gentleman who sat in the corner opposite! Ad Lucius, Herald odlee. N W MATRIMOIHI.. GENTLEMAN OF MEANS, RESIDING IN A PIS , taut city, and moving In drat circles there, is deairotia of omlng acquainted with a lady with view to matrimony |y diem V> earnest need address C? box 186 Herald office ALaPT OK REFINEMENT AND GOOD SOCIAL podlten desires to make the acquaintance of a < ihrle gaatteman of Hke qualifications, al.out fifty years of jar"1 a view to matrimony. Address J., box 46 eta LOUT AND FOCKU. IJIOtnro?J A N. ft A. FOR -CAPE, ON THE CORNER 'can for J? ?f avenue D Mid Sixth at reel, which the owes i ?isfeiOiWKSjRacisics^ss. ?*u r^HDRV?NRAK A WOOD PICE, IN TUB VIOW1TT ^^P?f ciMe Falls, a Htouk, Bottle, supponsd.to have ouee HBim **01(1rye." The owner can .have pwverlf by ap ? ^Hngto the "Emperor eg Austria," EFOW-ON WEDNESDAY ETKWINO, GOING flUUC xJ Thirtieth street and Mrti avenue to Dr.'AdAms' church, ftadtesnarvnue, a email leather Bag, containing filflfi la Mb and aim check for two hundred and thirty oddAoUnr*. wswi te the order of Mrs. Lewis. A liberal rows ril will he returntng the same to >7 West Thirtieth street. ABOUT TWO WF.ER8 AGO. A BLACK NRW |BMOog, 18 years old; answers to the name of ^?uue returning the same to 83 Fourth avenue reward. JAMBA R. COOKE, New York. GRNT1.RMAN WHO PICKED VP THE ^??btbook rasterday, about I F. M , at the corner ot B street and Broadway, win bo handsomely rewarded , r ltd return tot MB Ninth street. T ORT?A WALLET, CONTAINING BOMB JLKGAt P V XJ per* and letters of do use to any o is but ilio untie. WMA The Matter win confer a favor by addresalng John J.~Murphy, HherllPs afflee, City Hail, N. T. % OBT?A LAD Y~h I'OOKKTBOOK AND A LACK Xj Hnadfcernhlef, en Wednesday evening, lu going in a Fifth avenue alme. fr,ou Kudos ferry to I wcnirTourth NUiti, or through Twenty-third to Mndiaon avenue wid Twenty-fourth street t Hr A'iams" ehuruhi. or in a Madison nvwnneaUge to Tidry-Rftb streot. near Lexington avenue, ?r bi returning through Thirty-fifth street to Fifth avenue, ?eTssatv tiiito -trout. The finder, on returning them, dftber, te Ti West Forty-seventh street, will be inlt.hhr ?core _ THE FOLLOWING NOTES:? SavtKirt A Barron, Jan. 4, 1887, a met $!TC 37 F. Blaneliard A Bio.. Jan. 1. 1887, 80 days AMI so K. Blaneliard A Bro . Jan. 4. 1887. MO days S.ltV, (*, G. Handel A Co., Jan. 81,1887, 86 drvys ?8lr ?.# A Covetl's draft OH A. L. Kowe A Co.. . ft 1806. 90days ?80>! 00 ' Ca.Ao ft H. Hunter A Co.. Nov. ?. I Hod, 6 mO? U 000 Ot Griffith BOWS, Nov. 19. lctiti Ml .lays 17.MW 08 Griffith Bows. Nov. 19 1888. Mt> days 17,600 00 C. fitengle A Bon's tin*-1 on Mechanics' Hank, Newark- 886 38 Together with s small nmount of money which the young ens la welcome to if he will return the tup or* which at - of ?e value to any one hut the owners, ps>uient luring been TUGS. BOWF. A SONS.. 1-1 J ront street. MKUAHUS. ?rORTANT. FAROE REWARD OFFKRliP. A HKKAKH OF 25 J'KIt I'iiNT ? the Nmm iif all. and in proportion for ji?ri. TO 1IK(JKJ(Rk, HA.NKF.lln AND Dae A I.KRN M OOYKRMMKNT ANI) OTHK11 RBlfuRITIBS, Ibo followln< ftocuritiOH hare boon recently .at oiru. 'If ?red. atop thru. and notify John A- Kaun?d). duperui m Metropolitan roMOe, M Mulbrrtr timet, New Tnrh. I of unuiDer*, of lit) foiled HHbsn f>-9ir.iatj.,.n H,v,d- if ' tee vie, Int. rtu payable January .-ml Ju'.jr, of $l.<to .a lis xi 3,26: U> 5,23ft. 'llflluaiee. ?AI.*IC t? 24.307. imaueive. I JAMH n34 MP, lurjuaivo. SX'JSO to 2fi.;UA. Iiioln-trv. 26,37. to 26,364. llulMlw. 26.tiii7 to yt <MK. Imdml 26.404 to 311,413, ini-luaivn aB.tol.to2H.4IB, Itn-I nelve. 28, toft to 38,462, inclu-it e. j iklA ~ REWARD. DOST, IE TIIB NI5f<j)!H<.Rll<)OB I 9I t) of Thirty eighth atm.it and MKth a-eime ? ill " A ?at lu ferrter (??>?, ttwwi'r* to the n?mr nf "Imp;" bad black leather coiler. with ml ed-te. Anr ona returning ' bin to Ho. 18 Font Thirty-ninth timet, between BUdlwin una Fount, atenuea, trill recetoe the above reward. $10 ?2 REWARD Ft ?K TMH KKTl RE OK \ HFOTTKD Poo ah Dug lint On thr evening of Feb: eory 4; liaa ae hiwot tp?t ..It h.a hart, cri-WTi :o :ar name of apply attlio t tablet, .IB Aunty at rot. Krrr RRW \RI?. -TiOST, WRPMKMDAT KVEMNO, Hi glrlieth aireet, noar DIaiIi avenue. a small Ik-mcfe |. Had .ii t Inaihei collar '.tr- and in: . w?r? in umr nf Frhi.-e. toy on* mtnruleii inn. :11 ? time' win re-Tire th? nhorw reward, *ud no iu'<.uon? f)A REWARD W'l.l. WF KAIl) hv rilE FPU a)")' f acrlbnra ;o any )>e.?on glvfnd informal but thai will 1 to the reuocerr of i iarit.ini.i- , Mara, n ith long. I'M dt to*ne Will tall, about IK Imn.la long bod.' am.,II. clean l..t.i.?, 7 mart old. which traa stolen Irnm )' aft Jaftnotn, Febr ;ary g UC J. C. tr.K a CO.. rortJedrraa.ii, Honda. county, ?ww Tai k. *ior. k? ward ami n.> oiigsnnyii inked 91 to*J foa Uir tohr?ry at a told ha.,Mm, double tiua adeui a* nnd anchor IWiiptBUl W?U-h iet..,mrUed gtol. with pb?.'>g' <pi oi> '. nana" T. f. iV....*>.?, .N.. 12 K A RhaiiM E. .Wh.aa, ?<?* taJlon atimi, or I). 1 a it. bent run to Atinij RFWAHn.--HTOI.VN FROM *K. 0?<l. PAR ___ _ Wtoiia III I iintitf IIT Tiiiit Ttlrinanlli ilieni. mm Friday night. Feh. I, fame elesani Alfghuua. The one with white oaalre aad hear)' lenity BMilfTil lainW vrat m preaeni.a tie, to Mr. fatter*..i, ami ra? aaeh U highly valued by him. Tito al?ove reward will ne pa'd and tn mteatkma , ??arf niK. i - the re'arh nf thr three Afl. iant; or $IU9 will he g rot, to . eecurv the rift herein a|e/,-rll>e<t 2,r^| KKWA'P). -iSTOIifN, KKOtt TUB HI '1 ?ley dnire of .be ot>i.*rih*r ? *1 ,t*x> 1 S' Oospnv tod, he. Jt.WW, l?4 l?ai a. 4<>Hh P VAN IHIKNF, hot , Jeraay OHy I'Oea nlHt-. (APM4 IAJ. .AtrriCKH, U'HJf C>r)RKSI(J*Fi?, DfLr Al-rtlORiZHD RV T1IR V laoiel7-una (touuai'tee of :,1? Imnd land HubmiiTneCu I pa TeWi>eada Ihimpeny, wMdM la <-t?p .wriv. by the go, . Inoaent ?f in. Irtand nf ? tiha, w'll reoelro pr .p idtirm* e. InoMtnt of the I'land nf ?!i?ba, w<H reoelro pr ihMMM f? ton any re?r?iaelblr ptny lor ihe put. hate ol the wh'de ea t par- of i*r pmpet '., nej xialng to told ajninponir, and penjaet'.r ,ej .nglng to raid annpfttf, rih>tt> eouaorta tu r<at felogripoh.- loan eatAbUebcd freui laatoanah. <ia Ao Dealer Reye. "~ Irbnflritir ttie forrfolon Aa. Me . and l'.? deperidp", a* - .. _ firtmotaia ujo iiiidad-aul jci wl',1 ?aw>W#'fr*tie?rd to rm-rire an tiger for Ihe niaira wSidh baa ma bRpia fenwd aaaHwt aa-hmo II may onneem fca-Ahe Jeiae|.' (HateRind ><y the (toad.tnog the/dell war. ihajjuipowd ehetthi be arm d-trtag tlewer* iMrty day* (n A. Rene. 3?BW'l*tr few Tift Raw Font, J*t> 9i Vi?r. aFT?R ARK' All ej.TV MtiJf OF T1URTBFW TURROT 'ad br* ni ibe ?dt'i At* pie Ratlm-iti Poiapany wfll be imfd A Itodepoi, Mttt darerue >e ner 0i ?.,m-'n1rd atteat, tm Tit abdae. Ka^rMwr U, Anm 12 m 8 n'olm.;.. IIKNM e, MDoRK. 'a'i "tar.i yjtfcicRR'i.RKWa ? " a'iVtilK l?DI.CR?KFr TO IMF TRAjfrR-TvTlJIN . in ?. $10 $16. SRI. $a IU1.I ? V) I?u al half prtoe. eaiteaicl, nryi.ig ? nri.te ?roui In, If ?io> to. mi tbe l?T patty, AM Ml wnann. a, r*ryi,tg in fnoe 'roan In. to ?WD nttoMr -Mti. Mall ordera promptly at tended yiey (if tire Seat fo.h t'nlbb Vglentme Oam i\Jt W%ma e'eaeh WSTBtTTIOT. THOIMH-UH COURSE OK INSTRUCTION IN ArUbutebc. Bookkeeping, Penmanship aud Commer cial Cm r-'vi-ondence. time unlimited, for 136. at ItiW N. akN D'ft com utercial Academy, *0 Bowery, beiweeo I'rtnoe and Houston. Also Reading. Stalling. Composition. Oram mar, Asa, tauuht day and evening, tn private rooms, if desired. Ladies' department. At paine'8 colleger (established 1M?). ? Bowery and 340 Fulton street. Brooklyn; Honkkeeulug Writing. Arithmetic, Grammar. and all the eommeMa* ac complishment* taught in strictly private rooms. If desired. AYorVO LADY HI?IIII A SITUATION IV A FIRST class family, as governess for two or three small ohil dren; eaa in-urnet in muale. 116 West 34th M. YOUNG LADY. WHO HAS HAD A HAPPY BOMB, teaching the English branches anil tnuair, and taking entire charge of household matters, desires a re-e.if.genient in a family of high moral worth; can make a bonnet, cloak or ilreta, or a cake, plea and ielllea; referenea required and given. Address A. B. C., box 181 Herald office. A CCOI'MS. PENMANSHIP, BI'HINESt AFFAIRS. .A. Instruction (private If desired) ?t GOLDSMITH'S Commercial lustitute, 766 Broadway. Established 1*40. A LADY, WHO HAD HAD BXPRRIENCE IV TEACH tug Music, English, Drawing, also French, to begtnnera, would like to give lessons in one or mere Of those branches. In exchange for Board, or a furnished Room, without board. Ben reference given. Address M. P., Union square Post office. A* *?t?ROOKKKEPrVO, WRITING, ARITHMETIC, Latin. Greek and all the KngUsb branches. THOMP SON'S Business College, 149 Bowery. A diploma will be awarded to those who complete a fell cou-ie. Ladte*' apart ments seiiarata. Private instruction. Open from 9 A. M ntlhlP. * j BUSINESS WRITING REDrORD RBOM *15 TO ? Mr. DOLBKAR, I KM Broadway, by special request, will form cheap classes. He guarantees to rem?ve all stiffness, craretdng or trembling, end give an elegant business style. ? PapiU for this course mu?t enter immediately. WANTED-BT A YOUNG LADY, * POSITION AS soveniers to small s-hlldreu, or lady's companion; no i objection U> travel. Address E. 43., Ho (token Post office. ?1(V-BOVRD AND INSTRUCTION?TEN WEEKS, ip iU Ficelient school tut yonng t-eholer*. Piano, $10. Reters to city petrous. Address Abel Whttloek. Danbury, SPORTlSCk A LL KINDS HE DOG* AND BIRDS FOR SALE AT A B. DUVET'S, 3<3t! Canal Street near Church street. M-diones Tor oil diseases. Props rod Food for mocklug birds. CYHARI.K8 REICHE A BROTHER, 56 CHATHAM ) street, have inst received a lot of learned Bullfinches, together with u tsrge variety of German CanariW and other European Ringing Birds. F3RASCI8 BUTLER, NO. 8 PECK SLIP. HAS ALL the choice breeds of Dogs. Butler's Infallible Mans* Curw .ntl Flea Exterminator. 75 centa Butler's new wot* on the Dog, S3. Dogs traiued, boarded, Ae. Medicines for ajl diseasca JOHN GRAY. II ROOSEVELT STREET, HAS FUR sale handsome Newfoundland Dogs; Black and 1 an, Scotch and Skye Terriers, good Ratters: small Poodle Pops, one small Italian Greyhound Pup, s pair of Black and Tan Dog*. 7 lbs. tech. SCHOONER YACHT VESTA FOB PALE.?THE CRLE O brated new srhjoner yneht fesla. 901 tons, now In Eng land, one of Die yachts in the meat o> can race, will be sum St much lees than he* value, and delivered either in England or here; new in commission, and ready for the yachting carnival of 1PH7 In France. Apply at 16 Chambers street. 2.000 ST ABB OF ARMS. WITH BAYONETS COM piste. Springfield Musks'* and Rifles; all of which d?f AT v vr eivjm:. nutiuRUCivi ?? twists union, uu "t **???<? will be sold al * bar-* tn. Apply to H. DEVLIN, 417 Peart street, near Chatham street HOHIKS, CAM HI t?RS. AC. AREiflBTFR fiF HORSES AND CARRIAGES. AT private sale, D kept by MINER A SOMKRVILLE, at .17 Nassau street. All person* wishing to liny, sell or ex change H orser or Carriages, should have then property, or the articles desired registered as above. AUCTION 8 A LBS AT HORSE AUCTION MART. vwnghnnt vha Union square, everv Tnesday and Friday throughout ye-ir. and at. Hi Nassau street every Wednqadsy and Saigr day. Per auctioo head. A -THE P.AHT TROTTING HOR8B PUKK, 1VJ. . bands high, tune yeast utd. ? Varv etvilah and prompt driver. ge-it>e and hiM, a pertect roml-der, will irn: in !?:< DBWATiith? eft'' ludder as FkKDI-.WIfMhl aitcCoe rooms, 109 Liberty street. At M o'.dooS. I A ?A VI'IRV jmPMBKSB JET BLACK HORSE, 1?M ? A* hsuds, six vesciotA next wrap. will be told at sue- I Woo AMs Awe. ai. IBo'etoek. at 1<? l iberty strct. This borer I* JUtbinouahured, by Young Marrll . htof very superior style ?tisodon, can p ot now Better than B:G0, is very promising la and-w&l bo anIA without unserve to -.-lose an estate, and > at runted kind and sound. ?OHN L. VANDR WATER. Auctioneer, 100 Liberty st. s ?Ft IK AALB, AT VAHDEWATER'S AUCTION " ? 100 1,1'wetv street, thta day, at IS o'clock. hlood Bar Horse, 16V hande, eight veers old, sound and kind; bae b-jn driven on road for two rears and is nlwey* ready for d: !?lng, urt or sick or mmw and u*a trot in 9:60. will be sold without any reserve. U AT 17 CEDAK STREET?CARRIAGES AND HARNLsjH at harg-vins; all styles, qealltles and pi-tin*; .one light express Wagon, one second h?no Buggy. JOHN M. TUFTS, J?.. #7 Cedar street. A COUPE AND SIX SLAT URRMANTOWN RUCK A. w?T, Victoria Park J'hstetoti. Ruga let; a good second ?hand Top Bugav and Viotorl* Harness A' ; one single Nlrfgh. N. MOONK*. 91 Ijherty atree t. 4 -I'ARX, DOCTOR'S AND PONY PHAETONS, 1 , Coune and dsrsttnisvs ltitoksWHys. Buggies, lfai? nets, Ac.. 69 < ejar stteet eecond door In law Post office TAYLOR A HICKS a oonn second ha so coach, phaeton, hock J\ w?-1 Itopoi, "Woed. Top *ml Kip-ei-* Wajani; o?j{* one norm- Truck. nc<r xini^e H if nos? %'M. BUnkcU. "Ik *er tUeljlh* 8* n-ii*!,. at 37 Wnoaier street. A Sl'fjEKD'I# FRESH MI1.K COW FOR HALF. - .'\ Milt) AI'I mrn jmrflnT. To bo sold c map. Would ox ohanRO for o lower prii-fld Vow Apply at IBS Ram Twaij tl fib afoot. A TEAM t>F IMri'LED llltVV VERMONT MORI; AH A. Norms t ?a>r> Al 14 hand*. i?o lienl four m'no1 c? an.rraotoii vin..' aftrt otlr; uho.1 lu farm work; price tori low 4?8 Pearl a! cot. f[M>R R4I.E?A COMPLETE TURN-OUT. ? OXSfsTlN' 1 o* i pivlr o" aitI'.fli l>*y lamMt lioioa*. Voupo. tins Carti double arid *inylo Jl*rn<"?-, Kobe*. Blanket*. Whip* Rrl'i .t-. Jtr Apply ?i California stable*. Corty-atml olroot, no ;t jiiTtfl aveuiwn. IDOll HALE -A PAIR OF BLACK HOP.SKS. MKAKI.1 F It! h.Uidn lilv'b. lou(| toil*; perfectly nound au<i kln<> )i everyway; (?iliDtloikrm minute* tamt her; any old inn rot) drier tholiu A o ion Hncty and aot Of single n?ree?i Ap|)!y |o liKO. C. WOOJ),-6s and 79 Booth Sittb alroa', VVU Hi inalmrt. 1NOR MAI. F? A BP.OVrN DOUSE. ! sr', OLtl P lie 'a l.i b.iixl- liipth, oi?n yo-ira old, nound *m kind; 'in trot la three minute* and will do botm wlioi ti?l"?d. i >ne fine M id Wa^on, 13? lb* , boat city maker. am ouo d?t .av-oio'* Harpe**: aim ono ynx"r"? lup IVnK.m ?ni oue foci War in; in *oo>l ortlor. Irojuir? of MAIt'PfJ kiKIl), HI Fulton atliot Brooklyn. For saee-a valuable FAsri'AcEJt. isjahands warranted -umd and to go in 9 VI AI*o a Talari)) Mai l. Team tor a f-u-Ki-r nt auv ImhIiio-,-* A lao <mo lafb lloryr, I'lit. aor?'. noitoI; ???. AUo aaroral draught llnr?? for ?.?!?. ol AO Mow Chart hiw* ?tre?t. FtOR FALE?l Fr?c HAV HORSE, Id IJA.MOH Hk?H aiiMAIilo I'ot a rouic or conch: l? perfectly aound am Wind. Can Im ae,,n a1 No-N Ka?, TlilCy-ural alroci. Tjioh BALE?A CODFK 1IORSK, Ill MAUDS IIIOJI. I r .yflom old nip nluflo or ilonMo. g?nllo In harne**; aafli ehexp, nar.fr hrylUK ki< inoro ion I'm Mm Stablo, HO lied Th'r'y fiftl; atreet. (flOU BALK?A BIT FONV * VKABR OLD, SPIT A I njc ior <hl rror) : -warrauted wmn.i and klfld; artli b? aold 0he?t>. Ar-niy a' xiakte ISi Flr?i woiiihi House Alan hi hov.?a uood horse, hi hash* ltii.'h onl.ahle for any Kind of itork: alao a now toy liURHy onij Harnoao. i oonor Ft ft ii aromifl sail I'orty-fouott Hahskbs ?for SAUK, a met of Fir.PT ' Last alnclo H?cir? ooT-ro.l iruitiiitlng*. choap for oi?h. t'nt an or .ultima R. Hank*. SSI K*?t Thiriy-third ?imiM. TFWtrntn TO STOCK BRHROKKS.- I TROTTINC I M*r'i j>? rgmo on the pr -iuOc*), 7yoaia old; oaa !>"* 3;A?; bat Iwonliurt: or alow work. Can be aoon a III Saul Tillrly lift strcit. "1 IVKUV FT' Jtl.K FOB FALK.?ftONl. LEasR aMi li nhoayram: acO'ir.imoilAtbm for M) liotiu; ro-i*on foi eoil.a-t goim In; > other bu?inn?y. Addroat W t?i'on O. Mr bach, captain of okkman caVwLry and a iObnr ?1( thi c?r tral rqnllAtloii ot dtMigar' \tn-teji?' berg. wUlic. In nmplay a lew looira nf UR day III lrilala| ol horMW and e'lltis ritllne lon*o<ir Atldrea* Irlekol'i ahl rid ' No. 7* We ~ " * log aoHool, No. 71 w>*i Thirteenth uraot. Boat mferoiicee ii klilV AlK ttTABLK FOR F VLK.-73 WKFT KHIH U'Miitti ?'reel. Pi ice $1* riuiB ntuT MKiactifE in the n<uu<n for horskk 1 and '*lUe ix It- TOBIAS' I)orl>T.t:ondl?lon Pewlrra n*o.) and recommend.!-! oy the Aral horacnon In thie roun dry; only t'Sr per lm>. Itapnt jd CoriUndi atroet. csss ANTKO?*0 PI ItCH.ASF. A SECOND HAND CIR ' ular trjnt Conpe; y'?o ? nexlorn la till t larmoo, ir I order, fur aOot.L Adhii each. Aibirea* Cnrrhaner. hoi II Poet oillcc. WANI'P.D- V FAIR OP HORSM. Sl'ITABLK ?OR family n?e l? oarrlitfe and andi naddlit; moat bo lltxi and aoiind; *DMd not demec.i A.tilnae?, with prico, hot 21 Poat?:*V-o. MrjtETBD?HOR*E, WMOX AND HtltNESS; LICRI I' e*| rea? top wt..nn, ?'Utsb|? for scllrrrinr na.'kagat ntus' be fn food order. P 4 LORIMiAP.O, Id and lSt'Iumbor* alrotr. w AWTVTi-a TWO WHEELED BCflJNKSS <IIO; A (ood *lro'u artlole. \dir.m W., lli!> iVairon i-troat dlOfl -CMESTNI'T HDliSIi. 181L 10 VRAKS; 11 ?P,Vr,*? Horny 16U, fit f-tr:twT bnilicoi. $100; wtrrel Ufl 16V f' yam, rtyii?h %r0: ell *ound and kind 144 V Twoniy.elrth ?'re?R. fbr tfoee day* <ll -?aT. HpKSt:. BLOCKr V.lt)K, y TEARS, 16 iwLl'" . hnnda. fro i drlvAr, nf. fwr irn.k m asp oaa, war rap.edaoued nod kind. AIM .ia? lor 840 St vcolh ?t. *4 Vnilllld. JFAVRLRT. dtC. Of?5?2J:i5S,^l,'?w301'K-AA?ri> rktaiu-a. po"??*e? and *oio mannfaota rare. Jmdiea Watolww, with aw rot feiekel for llheneanoa, bo*i4ra n'mnt "i'JS'P *" ?"* Watehee, Franch Clock* Jaw ?try, Sllepr and Plat*d War*. ? RlHh mv-im, enrner of ^urt^nt ?#d IUi>.i?hih aromia. rov"*r ** Twantf.firth >mti BALKS AT AVCTIOW. Auction noticf. LARGE AND ATTRACTIVE SALES OF FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC nirmxBt*?OKr ,;OOI? THIS DAT AND TO-MORROW. FRIDAY, February*. and SATURDAY, Febrtmry 8. Fr day'* cdulogue daw ready, and eoutaius I11H and * tractive lines of CLOTHS AND OAB8IMEHK8, DONPgTICS, COTTON AND WOOLLEN HOSIERY, TAILORING LINBNS. RENTS CLOTHING AND FURNISHING QOODA ALSO DAMAGED GOODS (Sold for account of underwriters.) ft cttae*, 'JOo pieces. FOIL UK CUKA KK. I cases, ?11'W.a N ATA LIB (silk striked). S ea#?*. #0 pieces EMILIE, do. ] caser. 13u pieces, 1RMA, io. ? !'???, 13u pieces, ROYAL. do. fcaee, 2S pieces, NOTTINGHAM NETS caae SiptecM, NOTTINGHAM CURTAINS. I eases, 60 pieces, ?U Inch WHITE DAMASK. 3 balsa, 100 niece*. 30 inch CREAM CANVAS, Slightly damaged ou the voyage. S separate catalogue will be issued tor SATURDAY, FEB. ?. which will contain a general assortment of STAPLE AND FANCY DRY GOODS. Particular attention of buyei-a ia Invited to our sale of this day (Friday). WM. TOPPING t OO. Augltoueer* 133 Ohimih slroot* A UCTION NOTICE-BRNEBT BOTH. AUCTIONRER. J\ will sell At public auction ? . ?J0,fl$O Wdnh of Mv?niticent HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, BEAUTIFUL PARLOR FtyRNnTRT Work* of Art. Brbnies, Chlnu VMM hud ?0 PINK OIL PAINTINGS, BY KMISPTT This (Friday i tnornlug, February 6, at lib o'cl <ck?pre. eiaelv. at the four story Fcelunt\ec*e IIS Clinton plactg Right* aireet. between Filth aadBtith avenaea PARLOR AND DRAWING ROOM K[ RNITURB. Three beaiiillnl solid rosewood and black walnut Porter ftuita, covered In rich Frcurh satin brorntel and reps; Turkish Easy Chairs to match; roeevrood Contra and Pier Tables, Rtauerr*. Corner and Book Stands twenty-one day bronze Clod. Rich China and Parian V**ea, Parlor Orna vnonta. elegant Broeatei and Leee Ourtaina. a ftne eollectloo of Oil Pointing*. Engraving*. Mirrow, and Chandelier*. MAGNIFICENT RORjsWOOD PIANOFORTE, STOOL AND COVER. COST $7W>, an elegant instrument, round comers, tum -tifully oarved legs and rare, with all modern imurov<Mnenta, nver*trong basa. lull Iron frame. Kroneh ?.-duu, fuU'aooon octave; rosewood and mahogany Bed.-toads. Oaus, Waahatands, Sofas, Rockers, Mirrors Blocks, ToBlea. Bed Louagea, Spring and llair Ma'.tre**, tttukeu, Tea tables Eileaatou Table, Glaa*, China and Silver Ware, Ae Sole positive. Auction nottcp..?samuel wynh a co., auc tloueera. $20,000 worth of elegant Household Furni ture at public auction, on thui day, Friday, at the live fthry brown atone house No. 44 Weal Stzteenth Mr,i?t between Fifth and siit.li arenuts sale cuuraencihg Al Ilk o'clock. Two aets Parlor rurnitnre, oooerodin FFcnch brtx siol; rose wood F.tagerre. marble tops; Secretary Bookcase, Centre Tabloa, Cabinets, F.ucnlgneur*, Pier and Mantel Mirror*, Lace Curtains. Commodes. Turkish Easv Chairs. Br* tire Clock, Va*e?. Oil Painting*. by eminent Artists. Artistic Bronce statuary. Velvet and Brussels Csi-peid, Rug* magni ficent 7 octave rosewood Pianoforte. Nnsio Maud, otoel and Cover; Rook*, one suit Furniture, anvored green reps; Lounges, Hat Stand, tit-ilr Carpet, rosewood and walnut Dressing Bureau*, Bedstead*. Anv.dr- vGIkoA Hair. Boring Mattresses; Blanket*, ihneta, Shade*, Ettenslon TAble, Buffet, eiegant set* China, Crystal. GLsswarr, Silver Cas ters. Dinner and Tea Services. Salvers, Titraed*. Ac. N B.~ Competent perron* in attOodAuo* to paok OAd remove the go,id*. Sale peremptory. T MINER A HOMEKYILLE. HORSES AND CARRIAGE* AT AUCTION. B THIS WAY 'FRIDAY), AT 12 O'CLOCK. AT HOUSE AUCTION MART, ?? RANT KOI RTF F. NTH SlWRBT, ItXIOR SQUARE, AT W O'CLOCK TEAM HOP-HKF (horee ajtd mm*'), about IS* h'fJ" kind in ?11 litmesn, very fiat travel/cra, J and 8years old, ?o.ni unri'i saddle, free from Ml rioe. VF.KV KINK i'<W PK, city built to order, by kawrence. RUT DOUBLE HARNESS, An goodorder. SPLENDID DARK OKA* HoHBfc, lb high. ?re mn old, warranted sound, k?u In Ml harnoiie and ? ?*!?* ^dJ3ppLb"i1?AT hobs*, Id}; liwili Mgh. kind in all harnewi and nodet an (idle, geed under iadillo. 11 BLACK HORSE. 1# hunAe hUh. f old. kind in aU harnees, food trovrdliir audfree (rotovioe. TWO SEAT BOOKaWAT citv hi5l? nearly new. Very tine no ton Ruad Wagon, need but a few times. aSKllSSf 1. *fn?lr.n- Double n?rmw. -Blantoto ?otoe.de. . , ; Macular hnr?e snlerateur AnetJon Ma?,..Unt<sn Wade A*a ?toe, ererr Tu*?d.iy and Pi Iiln^tBroughdut W year. Ilnean. M1NSR A SOHKRvTlIK! offer nn.arpy^d ?f oaniaaea in location, eiprlenee end b^ineaa e?M?ty.?o partme wishing to b?y or desiring to dell Unraea, CvriaDW, or anything pertaining tethe botao boot ire?. ' ; ? _T at SALESROOM Jff WaaRATT BTNKI'T, PUR R?>RK*. BP.VF.RAli SETS HARNEiP. <0 STRAPS HKIXb, AC. Regular Bored Bale* at 87 Ndieau gtreet erery Wrdneedav 4ii(| Sxturdiv tl U o'clock. , , Me ere MlNKK A BOMKRVILLK offer nermrpaserd ad rantum. In I oration, experience aid himlns is capacity to wirUc* wishing to buy or deetrlng to eall Moreen, carried*, ?r ?ny( Mng pertaining to the-borer buaieoaa. ssaBMV8K?^^?ia?sa ???? WEDNESDAY im:NTN0--8*3ualrifty fdr the WORK Off AMERICAN AirriBTS. _ . _ . ,, THURSDAY K\KNIN<J-Pine P<re<?? *?>"?**? ERIDAY BVKMNli?Watcr<>?to-?. T>- <w1n??. Ar. FARTICaLAKB MKI??ArVrl.R. . - t 15 KKJ. P. TUBAL AI"OTl?>NKER. Jatte salesmen wl'l E. N L"dloW * t n. LA1U.K SALE t>? KRBNt 71 CHINA, (ellglitly damaged hclii^tojanee ?f Innuedi. Br THKAL A BROTHERS. oa Ralirdar. V1m1' ' A' HP ? o'clock, at theuoaleenP'in. t Liberty atreet. dloedo ww ready ? . INIIWARD SnrENUKAOCJIONKEIl r. UNITED aTArKB MAUSHAI. ? BALK. BY ORDER DP ROBERT MURRAY, RSQ., 17. S. M. B PREPARED HI KAN HAIR. Rr EDWARD IM'HKNUN. lhl? day ( Friday \ 8th Int. at 1? n (lock M., ?l the salesroom Nu. *1 laberty ?ir"f. about M I ha. choice prepaied Human Hair, in Ma to suit pureliiwr*. ___ ?, ? TNDWARD"VcilF.St'K. AUCTIONEER.- CNtTlTD ]ij sute? Mankal'a ?alr. By ordt: <?> Kodeft Muriey, "Sr'BDWD.MlHI XCK. on Sotu.d.y. *h '"??%?' " e'.oJek tl at the eilearo'icu, ihl I, her J 'Iroet. U.vJ Kmp. ? IO(ie?;'Flin;e ? Rlnga, tiold Be, a. Jloid - n Uh.. 1-ekeL J J);t pfTh' ^ ^ ^ ^ I ? - T7?OK saLF-BT HHKR1KF BALE. 0* TUEhDAT, r VVhruarr 12 at II o>lor*. el VEi ?' Broadway. onel?r|d copper Kicm-b Alw-tiol BtilL orituerduuin etcmplete; alaooue box of ready made clot nlny. ? HPVRY H. LEEDS. 4 lit "TIMBER. Hi ?l .-hltOLP FI'UX lll'Rk. HENRY II. EE CDS A MINKP.eriU anetlon. ?? totuntar Rebtuiirj Ka< c'eloek. ?t thoir-elr-Eeno. K?. * LM,In a.H<X.en? ?? norSEHol.D TORMITURK. irmatetlng of rosewood eod hla' -. nalnr.ARc ' repe, bU? walnut Mlneiwl <"???'.'nAU''C??v Bi?eh-i*ru. ai nrte. Eaar Chan*. hUrg walnut iHra??e*r hulta ANo ari?i-.il vary fine rweweod w JAelndeoua. Obapel

' Al.o"r.1O?0p"b "nwew.-M rare round eornor 5? Pitu(H mailt? by fluduwaj A ifr** H KMRY 0. MINER, AUCTIDv|a;B, OFFlCb ST M K\SfeAI? HIJtKKI, IMPORTANT BAER OP^^ on, rMSTIs.;!l hrlnic the entire Colle<doi. of Mi. A. Crdart. "* parta. wfco ie about returning lo Europe, and oommtaing all Hie ph uiro lai-.r ecu olbibltlon a' thr I?e-jy Oalteir The ealr will lake place on ewwaaium* THURSDAY AND FIUDA* BVBNINtlB. I I-BR I A BY Id AND 10, ?I our ^VrivEMLK ART OALLBRV Klftli arvrnia, aouthwfil ttrrntr ?c>?Ari*?iUi ty\\\ be tibibitloA on M??nday, lUn laaunu HFNRV D MIN'KR, Ari'TIOSKKR, .1' NASSAU BTREkV, opPMNtrK THR P-'St OIKK E, UAI.P. OP llOT'Sl HOlaD Ft RNirt BE, A' . MINER A SOMERVlLLK will aell at auction, a' tlielr Mtleatwom. *7 Ma.ctii *?re?l. ?n yvriiD.rdl 10}; o'clock, a l irue neacrunent .it "ooeeboH P'T it ure, Ua'wu iiljrl Alia BrddnrR, Mirror*. An. ALoaUlgeae lortmrtiii of fttlkc-? fomtttiw. , , -- H KNRT O. J.VANS, AITOTIONEBR-WILI. SELE THIS .. day. et ? o c lm k, a rlflh awertment of PretcU t.hina Mwheiman Hla??worr. Ftfhj m .rOle I rrnr.'Clo.'kA .*? , ue . onmlcic iiiiimrtaii iu of R. Babriaob, tw Bwiadway. TORN L VANDRWATKR. AIVTIONEKK. MM LIB ?J erir atreet?TliU day t Friday!, at iJ o c'oiA. HORSES. WAOtlNB. HARNI SS AND KOBRB A rrrr eupcrlo? Jet I lack llor/c. by young Mnrell. "?t <w tbornughhrcd Aiare; Ih'j lianda, rt yiMtio' " superior ?tyle and ao lon; can beat S:9U; aold te eioao t* late, and ie warrapurt kind end ?ounrt. Blood bay Horse, 1W, hand-. ?year* old. eoun.l. Hue drl rer. and uau tiwUn 5 .IM. perfertD genlle and kind. Tha oelehrated faaPtroDIn* bar llnr?e Duke 18', bMA, J win old, .ound and kind In all reap-eli? a "P't hst, an? gi.mey drirer, rrrj etyllah. baa trotted in 2;td. and will trot fn i to any day. n?*?r war aluk or lame, aelu tor want of nae. and without roacrrc. Al?o aeeeral other (Jealrable Hereea. Bete of dingle and double Hardoea, Kobe*, Afghan*, Hlenkete *^KJlT mjcjULAR BALK, FHIDAT. ?? JtOOAKT. AUCTIONKBB.--ftATi;BDAY, FEB. P, a| . ,U 1VM o'etouk. at the aiiotton nioaaa. No. 1 North Wit l"i?m atreet. Beueeiudd Fiirnltnre .joarlstlab of mahewanr > sofa? Ijoungea, Hurrana. Kitenaion rubles, Bnokc., >e. Red, ?trada. Maiimaaea, I'ewtter Bed* Brnaael*, Threc-oly *"? Ingrain Cnrpoia; Lot Mrooma, Bllltaril TaWcw. Blanket*, i,"lg.ua one trunk Cloihinp. two Bagatelle Tablea, Ac,. A?. Mm ?.MILLEN A JACItM, ACi'TItlNrEBM.?A LAl'.ON I nuaatltr of lduu?r\ assorted t'lgara, An,-; two Dirt i arts one Frtringr'nri and aercral Tine lTtp?"?; aJeoarhoh-e lot of PuraBrtrO', will bn aold.nt J1 o'clock, Haturday, Willi mit roaene. P^m AWNBItOb'EBB SALR Till# DAY. ?JA MKB AO A It ?l|l aell at W New Bowerr, at II rfeWa * god lot" ."f Man'a md Wotuen'a Ulothlng, and otber goeda. By order of p Biwan. 38 Meet Pniadwity. t!PP.IFk"S SALE.?BTCMARD WALTER* AUCTION aiv will aell on Baiurdav). at U o'clock, at Mo, ant uT/.otwav BbiHr and Elnnrea ef Llunor Store, oonMab fnaof fanry Bar an 1 Bar Fmure* Ale Fump, Tables and _I_, Tnterret in i-e*ac ef prwmlaea; also, immediate S'-S"1"'J"""""" ? Jons OAirtik*. Deiiuty. . S"" MP It IFF'* BALE?H ATA AND CAP* -BICHABII WALTER*. Auctioneer, will eellThl..Uy .Krtday), at II *k .t aociW. .tore 17 lUel Brejdway, a targe quantity nM. Atorlft BiUCH A* AC 2*QEKI7f'S 8ALH. RICHARD 8M"ranj. ^raui^o^sSSisx: wuf A* UtUMwe, Dsputjr. JOHN KELLY. 8H ^HBRIKP S St~ 5 QKOcra2D?%^ovArjrKm m nil mU on Pridey, February C? U o'clock. to r E?*t i iroadway, a larf* ,etyfek of t'rooeriea. *1*.:?Flour, Sugar, >aa, Coffer a, OatidiA RuaUnl, flUuxh, 8pu.es, Kruno and latlar. Alao faney/N7a and < offee Cuu*. j?g llaruea*. H. W. Mcara^ Deputy. J01IN KELLY, Hhertff. rRADR A'jCTIOIf raYes- BY ROBERT UAYDOCK g i HON, l'A Libert# atreoi. Tumd?y, February 11,'lM - "? pU!4burg Kliot Qlasx; Wedae*4ay leakages i5o*;on ana rsbr?ary JO, S6t) casks HavlUud's Kn ooh China, original I MCkatai; Thursday. February 21,681> Ml. hi- andcoin Bon Earthenware; W orate* sharp"''* beit Rockingham and iftww War*; 17 aaak* f.ngi'eh China Tea Sato and Tullet Rare, YKTLLLIAM WITfERH, AUCTIONEER. 8BLL8 TIIIH TV day, at 2 o'clock at 414 Canal street, Parlor Suite, Pier at 2 o'clock at 4M Canal street, Parlor Bulla, Pier aiaocce. Oil Palutinge and Kngrartngi, Centra, Dining and ???Me*. Citrtohis, Bookcxeeai Wardrobe*. black walnut. Tea Table*. Portable, BooicneaaiWardrobee, bleck walnut, mahoaooj and enamelled Suits, Ylalr Mattrea*ea, Blankets, hbeete. Spreads. Leuiwen: .Sofa Beds, Booking and other Dhalr*. Chlea, ulaa*. Silverware, Stone, Tin aud Woodw.ire. Tapeatry, Threw-pH, Stair and ether Carpet*. Oilcloth* sad Jor hetts'ekeeylnit; iteo lot of'fiuplly Oroccrle*; ill lug and other articles. A lload ffnuae. Puruitu e and other fllturea for sale; Ave yeeW not lu tlijuor diatrteL : ;1 | g?; ,, WHlLUAM ABBOTT, AUCTIONBKR?OTTTCE 171) H Chatham square, sella this day. at 10,',' o'clock, thu Stock and Flxtore* of tho llooor store 188 TVeto Thirty.third * tract, near Rtghlh gveoue. narrela of Bourbon end mber Whiskeys, Gin, Rraadv. Hunt, Port and Sherry Buret, Cigars, Ac. The Btote to let. VIVANCIAIt. UNITED HTATB8 TREARURT, FEB. 4, 1867. Schedules of <80) thlrt) or mora nevon-thirty coupon*, due February 16. UW7. will now be raeetved fur examination tea Treasury. H. B. VAN DYCK. Assistant Treasurer. jy.'NCAN, ONKRMaK k CO., BANKER* CORNER PINE AND NASSAU BTRET8. NEW YOKE, Inane Circular Notes and Letters of Credit for trareUera. available kg all the principal cities of the world. Mereantllg credits for war in Europe, China, An. Also mags tranafese at money t* California and Oregsm by telegraph. Interest allowed on deposits. FIOR SALK-NKW YORK CITV RAILROAD COM puny Blocks; id to 1 n?iu an,%e .Stock*. paying l'nun 1(1 to 20 per cent dividend. ALBERT II. NICOLAY, IS I'ioaqt F OK SALE-THIRD AVENUE RAILROAD COMPANY Block, paging large dividend)". ALBERT 11. NICOLAY, 43 Pine street. Fob 8 HALE?INTERNATIONAL PIRE INSURANCE tompany Stick ALBERT M. NICOLAY, No. <3 Pine etreoi E)R SALE?d C.tBINET OP CHOICE MINERALS. WRbracing a rare gnllectluB of Gold. Silver, Copper, d gnd other Spee(m*ns. which cannot be duplicated at any cote, and will be sold cheap Apply at No. 43 Pine at. litof BALE?FORTY SECOND STREET AND GRAND f tenet Kerry Kailcoad < lompany Stock, paying teg per cent. ALRBRT H. NICOLAY, te Pine .? treet VflBHISHIPPl CHteTllgL RAILROAD COMVANV.? Ill The coupon* on the second mortgage bonds ct the Mis tiaatepi Central Railroad Compa ny. due February I, 1867, vud payable in the nltv ?f New York, will be paid on oren tuoSatloti at the olline of the Rogers Loco mauve ana Mai oh tee Werfc*. 44 Bxobauge Ma VfONEY LOANED ON bond and mortuaok. ABB JO eliMite'and Mechaiiwa'note* diaoouuie 1. go. _Apply *37 Nassau street) oboe No. 30. B. B. LENT. VTATIONAL BANK. ON NORTH AMBIllCA, PKBR1ARY J\ 1, 18u7.^(Ubc* the ovi rdvafi on this hank by Meyer g Co., and the auddou resulting deatte of Ma Prosidcot, A UiijAHig.iseaialtigu.ni of iu? ronoitiou hag been ?"?' by a committee of the dlr?eturs. aud they report and authorlae vueoiluwraoi the Hank. 14 pnaHslt that the M Bmk k it i pcrfrctly eonn l and. pNteWuraut ridlUon. and Mot pnly 1* the capita' uiRfmialre!, but lAev-dn not hetteve thpt the los.eiauatsihed_wAl rodu.e the ?utptga of the Bank below line aunt of tikl.cv a. ? t T (THARIiKH m CONNOIteiT, Yloe PraalgenV ' .T. A. ReiUiet i v. I'whhr. VrORTtrVfetTEKK STATIC. IN Hanktna and CeUeetten Bro.. 48 I a fi?lle etreet, tlhtrsgo. im Special atteeuoa given to collection*. aSr in *nd with dooatnenw. Draw on ORRXKL. WINTHROP A GO., and WIN8LOW, LANIER Hdouse eg Gee. c. ReuU g Chirsgo. flk Special attenu'oe goo.. New. York, _ fJtUNTV KIMT DIVIDEND. WASHINGTON JhflURANCECOMPANY. NO. 172 BROADWAY. CO UN KB G> MAIDEN LANE. Caeh eapRal . $4t?),0W .teAom Fob. i, i?>; m,aoo Skw York, Feb. 6,1887. A DIVIDEND OF (Si FIVB PER CUNT Ms this d*y "ieciere.1 payable on demand, ta caah, to Rtoah holders. U? p?Tt1 , i?tr. Abo. on latere? PI?IH?ml of <?J MIA PER CI NT *m Out?ending Scrip, payDde April I, in rah, Abo, a Scrip Dividend of <!#? T1?N PER CENT mlum< ?>! Policies entltli ill the proflta for the year ending Slat Ian nary The Scrip will be envdy for delivery anil after the l*t of Apnl nut. The serai* OP ISGI will la 'relented on the FIRST OK APRIL NEXT, with Internal, after whnh data lutoreat thereon wllloeaer. OF.ORQE C. SATTERM E. rrealdrnt MEN RV WESTON, Vice Preaidaut. Wu. K. LOTOKOr, SeomUry. We. A. drorr, A?buntKccrrtary. U'Sft'N PACIFIC RAILWAY COMPANY, E. K? Philadelphia uflter, 4'Ji Wain ill a rent. I'Hii.Aprt rma, Jan. 9, 1B87. THE INTEREST IN <M)U? on the drat Wiiice bond" <>f the UNION PACIFIC KAIL WAV COMPANY, EASTERN DTYIMON, dtte February 1, will It paid cm ]jre-.--ni?tinn or the coop na at the hanking honae of Meaere. .lay Cooke .1 Co., Near 'iork, on and at ir that it da. WM. J. PALMER, Treasurer. Xt\ SHARES CI.EYE LAN D, PAINESVILI.E AND ? )" ' Aah'.ilrab Railroad at tck for?Ie. by J. 0. I'HllKB WOOD A BON, IS t.irbanfi place, N. V. JrlfJ OOft TO ''OAN ?IN THE CITS*. ON PfKST bond as I inortg igr. and In one or two a tma. Apply to Et'OK.NK CHKYALLIKK. at Cedar atioet. 4911 fllin TO LOAN ON FIRST jlOND AND WORT i?a?t'.1 ft Ft7 page on Crat el?e? rlty proncrty, lor tire yea re, at 7 per cent. Will loan in two amnio.a Ir deal re-1. ?fin eommbalotir nakn'f. Aptdicmt* mual atato loetiou of property- Adoreaa Ilorald ofhee. $?>A k nrtri OR WYNTBD-ON T1HKTEKW netr llnn .ea. wortlt SlttVM); If-tired for tSx.Ofttari! )e"??d fh? n leri.i of year* at Sllt.dai per antt'im; an give ?UafOHuiy evider.ee of value mid will give a til"red bonua. CHAa. P. OILMAN, 1111 II mail way. $7?> nrtll To LOAN ON IMPROVED REAL I a rW miate in thia ritr in any aiiro. W. H. WOOD, l? WaBotreet. 000 T? ''"V*N ON KOs" ANn city o JOHN P. CON KEY, G2 Wall atreet, room 12. o i "?n huh T" loan in m ms in si it. on ?T'l 'I' rltv or New Jeraey real ctate. Kfl per Cent of valuation. Scion 1 mortgage, hoyg'lt. <' P. WILLIS A CO., :n Pino aireet, baaement. Ci'.OIt (WWI Tn LOAN ON NEW YOMC CITY. I^?)U" "t Ft r New Aertey and Brooklyn Heal K? tr anon. HAS. F. OILMAN. 113 Broadway, room No. it I.Dt\ UPPICKN. VDYANCES MADE ON WATCHES. DIAMONDS, JEW airy, Dry Honda and Peraonal Property of every de ?eijptlon. J. A. JACKSON. Ill tiraud atreot. two dourewo ol Mroadw*,. T 77?MONEY 1,1 RURALLY AflVAN'tED ON Dl A eatato in thla etty or Ttruoklrn. Cage. In one or more amna. on real Itroot A MONDS. WATCHER JEWELRY, Ac.. OR THE SaNK BOI'OIIT AT TIIK RICHEST KATES ALSO Pawnbroker*' tickets notour for diamond* WATCHEH. JEWELRY, Au.. at 77 Blee. Wer atreet, up atVra. * T MB PEARL STREET. BETWEEN NEW BOWERY jY and Franklin aipiare, LEIIEKKK A CO.. advance Itb ?rallv at rcauoiiaMe le?naon all valuable property, Watf-h-a, Jewelry, Diamonds Ac , or puitsbaae. iT IF MAN'S,?Vt BROADWAY, CORN* It it OF BOND JY atreet, will be |>ald tne hiebeat |??*-A ior IHamomln, Wat'hea and Silver ware, or will advance on the above art Idea. _________ - A~ T*ll BKOADWAV.-I PAY THE HIGHEST PRICES for Dtam m la, W?whe?. Jewelry, Ae. or advance on the aaiue IS A AO'S. Diamond Broker. Oppotlte Wallaek'a theatre. Y'r 3P7 BROADWAY, NEAR TWENTIETH STREET. A room No A?The btgheat piVe* paid for DbmoD'Va, watelio*. Jteelry. old Hold and Silver; or ni. ney liberally ?dvanced on the?tne. Alan Paw a broken' Tickeia bought. Si. I N ioo AT Ml NASSAU BTKEF.T. ROOM NO, 3-TIIE HMH ,e priraa aie paid fur looee or eot D'aiuooda, Watohea end Jewrlrv, or advaaoea ra?l" on oonabi.metita. * A. MONIGMAN, Di .inon l Broker. AT NO 9 TWENTY THIRD STREET -PIPTH AYENUR Hoidi. the hlgbctt prlee paid for Diamond*, Wat bee, Ac.,?r eivaiicna made on the earn CIvOTHIM O. A"* Tod EAST TWELFTH STREET. NEAR BROADWAY- - CASHBP.KH paya the hlghaet Broadway price* fur Ud ea an/ keetltmen ? caat off Clothlue. Imdiea waiud upon by MrA Cuahbrrg. ^ ^ % T ADIER ANV OFNTLEMRN CAB OBTAIN THE ITT. MJ moat value for C?t Off Wenrlnf Abparel Furmileir, Carpeta, Ae.. m ?Wing en ev addreeatnn n. BOBEHTMAIa .188 Bowe^^^gSK D'?Al Joaea atraet. Lad ea allendtA 4?fnmrni. BBOAUWAY TIIKATRB. ADMISSION ? CBRW (Arw of Broadway *n? HiyNtf atreeg. Th? <1 rait -uTccl. atE!ttfi uiUm run of the great double 00 nu auor on" tSe w'iu'akIob.*^ en^nuul of tha win p*mn. Pie -?> -H8'u to be withdrawn 1u a f?? ??#*. to be wlihdrawnlua fnwLi Friday fiveuiag. The great BoubD wW} ionum.e?J*" Son* aSteffSM S=srS???^? given of the production. 1 or three nights only, by reqtrsi. ?? Ini-n PT y^TJ Boi office ooen from# ta5 o'clock dafly. .j,. To avoid the rush at the nflloe at the time of epeulng the doors, seats should Imjeetired ^nndeenee^ Hgnr/.' tkmpijE ok mystery, so# broapway. ituisiOKTST. T*?m-The new Illusions are performed entlrtly ?tn.otn '"tlKRAT 8UCCR8B OF W ^W PROORAWXB, "?11PROTK?rHUlr,m PROTKt'8. TUB BASKE& TBICf .??rwi"*i*?8l-Ia0*' ?*?SES ? w trj{lI,Y A LBOM'tttBHSTRBlH, 7* BBO.ABWAY. S^OAbKrI" "I McMffiSK* 1IKMON Deuce J. L t noosO RU*e. TbaoJpHuBON.l ? R K ,SITNAF'1I? .FK KRLtlKASTl, IP PI ,n?Ani.WA SSsr* it" Ni ' Prtuiniey'e. lc Crowded Nightly, cl .eysinlcirP C^ZjS^SSSaL^ Hall. 473 Broadway. v tJjuSiB"llSoBOj; I'BKfOWUNCK. CHARLEY Schoolboy's Prole. WIIJTES. OHARLF.Y Life on the MIsslMtppl. > r| 8. OITARUSY The Two JohMpna. WlirrK ?. CHAKLBT Odds and finds. Wllin.n. OH A KI R Y TUB Rt?ck Actors WIII r K ?. CHARLEY Bertrjd NewComicallae*. wH-TBS. CHARLEY New Ballets, New Overture#. * Hi TK 8. c HARLET ANOTHER ANOTHER t?rtr.?T meii-sun, JdrSunitnir jskjsk sass UAN FRANCISCO JUKHTREfaS, 18# The trouble commences at av KTbo^VaS 5???2S*fj&bXEKEF ban'kKoBwCO MINBTRfiLS. __ whose mooeenhteiM^ been eqoiUlsdbT ??**? *^sSSlSpe.w SST H,^n??? Bhmsffl dreo Ot Cypress impeachment 4?2T2i?Tha FhnWs o? ? Only repetition of (Wselni'e ^a?<l opera. In fo - wiiOTi? _, with Us former abs.d&ly asagstlBcent ewinblo oApt^ &??n try. the artistes, ehoet* nnd grsnd orobeetm presenting try. the artistes. rrnlKWAY H AW.-.TWKNTT-FOUKTH HUNUAY AO* 1 CURT.. Ni NDaYi Feb. 18. st8o'clock. p|f||l)l| P. H a rrlnoft - ???e * ? ?<? ,e?* ?????*??????*?? ??* !***?"' * Msda?> Pstwpn wiU sing "On *Ughtf from orn*' '"nnern 1^ W'-f" T "ff rlslonesllo oWJgalo) by Becb Oom3? ??aWJKuSs* wttVorgsh, ytolln And ptsm. SAW ?STTf Mins will pmy "Bsphsodf Hongrols ? by Msst. ? A Wiatasta ?tTBOrlee.*1 _ . . ? _ . ""fir (Nsrl F.emsTill'ptsy V *,Ml Tlekets #11 eentt Rosened ?eit? Wl ??ents eitra. Kor sale?t the tis >il places _ ^ _ B CNVAN TAHliKAPX?IiARORST PANORAMA IN A? tteworfd 1JNION MAI.U Bro.dw.y and Twenty, third i-ironi Maui every night at 1; eoramenOinr sii Admit sPm n eenis ". hildre " S? eenle. Mstl.we Vie Jews da, and Saturday, st li o'cloc*. . * TADDIN MA TIN EE BROADWAY TIIKATRF. A SotordAy. Knliriisry 9, st 14 u'eloek, Wmrell Si?irr?. l.ast benefit of Miss Sophie, FrIJr.y. Kebrnary n. IIISKAIi. a KINi: ASSORTMENT OK PIANOS TO MT OD A sold on Instalmeuts, at the manufactory. IM and W KaetTweuty-Arststn-cl. !? CliMMINfls. A SOPRANO SINOBR WISHES A SITUATION IN A A ehurcb. Moderate salary required. Addien .Soprano, bot 167 Herald office. 4 OKNTLEMAS DPS IRKS TUB HSR OF A 11ANO A Iroin etulii lo ten P. M.. for s- veral months. Mu-l lw In seen j I lucition; Iwilv.een Fourth and Fourteenth ?treets and Viurth aoo Seventh ayenues. Address, wlrt term-. Hamlet, leu 101 Herald offioe. . UKNTIiEMAN WII.L HIVK INSTRUCTION ON Till: /i I'uuin it pupils' re mlence for $10 per quarter Hes ?>! reftircnccs glren .Address, with rosldcuce. Teacher, b?? 113 Herald oCue. igA A s 1.a 1 IT WtLV O'VK omtrdctior; on TBI \ piftuiK ?t till pupil** roildene'% lw $18 ?t?* Bent if i+x<**n.n* 4*9* iddrfs*, with iwAt*ru#??*" ? n T,, *tHt'0i? t. A ? - ** Harp fob sai,k.-a double action *1ti*KD One ton i. In ?oodorder. al.o Mush Bo?, p?be m de rtio, AdtlrniA tv?i HI6 Pout office ^ ^ .. M A-MS a II AMI.IN. *ANUfACTURK*B <.*"*>> "r organs sslcsi rsu- .WS Rroa.lwsj, New I ork. whwe may be Oetnd ihn laig' I sseortinent of ">etn>rt> riRe f tins Wass In the ominlry. Prices, #,"6"r less to N.'tMea.si.^ YETAJfTF-D?Ajr Al.TO: MUST BR A JOOP RF.AT'FI: \V and welt aotpis'itted with the ?'sth<J '' | , W M1 >YKI'.ll. 117 East Thirty third *}vLli ? * Igton SIM) flnrU avenuws, frtitn 13 to#'? "? AI r ANTKP?s I NO l N' I t'lIAMllfKBAlD: AI.HO A W leader for a n;s,...n?ible '"^Ins wmpso,. Apply to DAVW A CO.. Theatrical Agents, s?7 nroanway. DAVIS A CO. sitt'RA NO AhP t'ONTt'-AI.TO SI NO EH. W ApXVm?Vta^ tl. j i SI,.WIN, 34d West lions um . Mlwi WM'-ANKOi. *. BKRRCH LO AOtNO *toT UtTKR. Wl.STLKV RICHARD'H. i.arcahtkk#, DAW". URKENKR 4. DOt'OAL *, Ao. Al,l- THB NKW/TTLRh ?'OR *AM! HY hOlllTI-K*. IIARTI-F.Y. I1RAIIAM A CO.. <? 19 Malrlan Una. .Now Yortt, Impiirliin of iuw* Daalfr* In M hind* of Arm* and .Can. a linn ntifon Cl K APR V?"W; ? , f Hand lorPilna LDt. VKRRTH A CAVWOon, Ponghkorpaln, N. Y / v tf> ARM*. PATNTINON. BCUIiPTUKKfl, CIlThsR L. " lllnf*. rt'h Oo?*umo*, Pipe*, goldatid Prarl Mllppar-, T.ir ban* or Aaiali-?plnndor. O-lftnolitlas appropriate fur Mo Klllo Patau, I o-turr .??*, Dramotiula, Hl?lorlr Artl-u. i<0i fourth avenuo. SOLID IMK PKNCIT-H?RILTK.R TIPS, RP.U. BLACK or hlwn, mallm! frea ovarrwliorfl on ro-^ipt of 9flh. aatth, ?>) P.OW All!) hWIFT, 1? Contra Mrraf. ....! W f ANTED TO RCY?A Hr.COND HAND RAFF. Me dium ilia. Apply at Tfl Oti.mn third floor. WANTED to I'VKCII AHE-AHoOT PIFTY 9MWND hand Hof.tr Ilia*. Atlriraa* W. Harkl-iJ, #C?mt andt -troot bwaiiiTHT. \MOBT WOND1.RFCL DJRCOVKKT.-TRI.TH RV < ?fueled without iwaln it#?t? vhih): fftfgliuri nfowtflbii*/ 1 \?I?ST WOfVVUt RrlTL IU8COVIIKT.?Twr. i n **- | ?neted without pnio (t*n ytar?): ?H|ln?l '^?unrnbiir# j ippU^tWa <H*r*o<taiat?tn), i*'*** **">? i UfTil $i j j, vilfLKKt'. W ur*nn m* Broad way. t '< 1 DELltill: i i LPRQ4 KM,". TKCTII PORlTlM"* j -\ nxirnr'o<l without pala with my n*w t>?tant at* halari n?t>*i *>io t??fnl known Chanp tmautlfnl U>?d **ta, ? "-t-t , rno*l (t|f T?ltll U-IOWO. t'tltl at Y Ah VLKt K '8, 175 Bittb arruua. A ROM. HIT OK TRUTH PUR M. WITH TH* PR1VT .A tafi Of trjiitf tham Ihrra mantha. T-oA.1 ?*tr?<4r<1 l ri'iiif ?KT ?Jr rvvnrvf n/n. nil" I?n ? " A taf? of try I Iff tham ihraa mantha. Truth #*?a?cta<l wFWir-paht AMERICAN 1KETH COMPa * *. ?l ?A?i Kourth "traaf ? a ? ?f Koorry T\R WHITR'H NEW AND IMPROVRD AHTiKIClAt? I" JWibiar Taath. wiparkw In haa?t?. dNfabllltr and u?a fuliiaaA to all nthare. Mboh- |d, f* oA l flA Taa>li MM anAuaairaaAod wHhaut (*!" 9t I* BMMma aimat. naa? Wooator ^ AntNEMEHTS. NliW YORK THBATHS. Manaikrf... Lewla Baker and HarK SmMK. iMsrrjVfi^ir last two niguy& of wv frww ipceUculir <f rmm^ of Um ? BIKli OF PARADIKR, wWR all ilab<?uillai Hceunry, Kuala, Cos Miner lYnu^.r uiatiuni. Ac. 8ATUKUAV. Feb. ?. ?t S P. My LAST BIRD or KvEADlSR MATTERS prhparalloii, (Re lauou drua* by Tom Taylo. i?ifj ^ _ TICKET OF LEAVB-MAX. whlrli win be priAac u wiu? en unprecedented cast or character* r. H. OOKWATH PARK THEATRE, MR041H I.TN. TIII8 EVE.MRU. THE ROSE OK AMIENS. TUB OCEAN YACHT RAOB < GOOD FOR NOTllINO. M"8 G RJFPIK A CHRIHTT'S KINSTREL8. X PIETH AVENUE OPERA ifhtTRR _ _ (Adjoining Klflh Aveuue Hotel), ft. w h. ORhViir.rr... managrr. coktincrd success. -CROWDED house*. ? DKUOHTED AfpiKNCK% Till* Palme Opera Houae ia Duriiliy throneed wUb <M Mile of .he city. * ORonnt: CHRIBTT ABt'nnee to deHgbt hta many admirer*. Vim appMr.iaic ol Mr. CUARI.ES BRNIMCT, B? CoKjrittao. ?1<1 wnekot the greatest tw>iig and Aataue man Join* Mr ItHCiK HHRBAriK. 1* new v GRiFriN A CHRIBTT jjll-sic. SINGING ANO DANCING. T?TbiePi4f??,s OPERA HOUSE-301 BOWKEY by critical ?**? PT?"rl of ilia men npolia crowded lUKbtlp Ainntiu thoa"11 delighted uudieocea. Heaxaikjoal Or4allx"ol'mu'for ihia evening are Abb great fu|{1 THr1MaLK URHIAHD OHIKP\ replete with aoe?,e5*> *!<? *???*?<? CHlBK, Ti )VT P \*tToR,IT4lFAlu* ud HT?c?. BTLLV 8BKPI,AKM^ 3<n'at DA^ E H AVViiEV, Tb" eDt^ tiiV}- JrWoM SaujoltJBue. _MgMneedw. Wedneadav^u?ttJjSy. K ?,?*** ODD PBIJiOWS HALL. \U(.UVK h\ ootSlBnoA with ^ tirouH of hftftniur ihm colobr* ?f m If A DAM I'/Pw."" Uouoa. Mr. HARRISON b*a? to ano.iun&'A. ONE GRAND COV on Ft day ?w<*ing. February 8, el 8 n>?L w t?S great artlate:? _ x' w * MADAM PARKPA, MR. S | MILLS. MR. CAUL ROSA, TICKETS, ONE DOLLAR. V ft?'** Rr.tirvrii ana'a .v.....y 9" 1'or m at the Drug Store, US Weehlugiea atrA n,^,^ ken. ?'? "* Soffit oS^":??K"i, ? "* gin,.,toys ^SgJS,0feB?8!ST ? Flmt and only pABKFA kaTIXM. With the Rowing Great Artlata." Mada? J-ARETa.^ celebrated Trtim Do?. **? w- <? 1uUti* raroTite American Taw* lift CARL ,, u. n W. COLBY, Atojmpanlet. I?oo? open At ONE DOLLAR ; and toll oruheatrm. m, >lr< TleMU tor a?Va at the Anad-my if *?*. TTAU1V flfFRRA.' dei$t *{^1$??, OlimtTTA ALT'*** A8 VloT.KTTA. , - , ?,, . ? i-Mmird Tertl'e 'avorlte opera of LA iwa *iIrA^lr'lh EetStowlo*eminent arttaleat? Uiee&hL !to?^OtUI)lTTA ALTIKIU In h?r nnwry^j r>^ "* ?VtSSSn "hetoff her AeMK hoTorenn Ameeleaa a??iewe ferrous I*riu? .-'^uwda" JKiTnr FOHTI'NA. lata of lbe RateinanTroupe e? room," h.< flret ?Tr"I^L ii'!rh^unrter the** raonel m/ a .jEffia ssSott & ^ "5S-ton.fi ? .,??>. cui ary "y^'Va^ ? *.< m .snaaun iio??ta oaa haj^oif* "?** 1o^h \aa Rroadwey, and at J. O. Uayuwur Atie. a, mm. w 9au etreet, corner?* rtua. _. . I Vtmiiv MaTTVKB BROADWAY TBI A febn.^? ?. M lii o^ loot wo-ai! iv-e. Cat bnoolit of bin Sopltla.J^rtdgf. re denary A _ . g"? ?<""'"*t'?"cI?T, IiTtn? Halt, oo SatJiday, Februarys. wm ? Mad.iutn UASKANU ? *of*a?Of ^:'"r. ' rWruoy "? - I orimnd wnil-l-renoWWi ' UiiKXK FAlll.' ^AlUl.tUe ml>WOHKf,oFARf. i .ml f. rv Ln artlHta-f .rmerljr the pHn.W! rone %-m V PRUBY " . 7.?.tv M trnn r I .bhoapway TiiCA-n.r.. w?5?&5SS^3^ ?rm. and ??JJ ? ? ,l)11'rJ?rer 0rTbe I leer in* lam View??thTlHwY"'. tlaeeutXf Anatomy ?1* Hroade*' <ipc'. i mm b A M. to III* f- - ? - * 7. Off jtRf-MiWAY.-HKLONO/BRJCII \}Z>) Of I'alti'.inra. Oven la'ly from ? A. M. Iinu mo MANAOY.R8.?A t'AXOI fO SC AMK; T?j? ' r ?>( pro.li ? in* thia brilliantly M,'*T""_'1'l!J|li w nt haa'lbla ohta.ne l f.o?. tu.- .n.l.. e:K..-<f: nolhrair1r.lv pU, r-.r aa>? cq^^.^,,7w"yoryo. yailag.'?y><w " ^ i?i \\iit'iiin a M tONIH' KM r d A andehear t warerooina, H foraalo and t" rai'U ?? 4 . aleoc??r aire-t. . .- ? ?... ... ???? -?"' miwPO^K of a firat thy ONK vri.dlllMI W ''p, v heaar by aMMaalap. A "" ? ? ?"?:}' "J;;* i'5? rU <*?*? . \?ltli I a"t?uUr?, M. M .r^" ** _ r? "?? ? ? ' - ??? - all VKM CH TAVF. ROHKWCHtCT C"r,Un,e^ fll^r.n' .ramr-, foor round eornar.; f?U uioa. IS Amity auree', aaar Broadway. / OIL t'"KeK "ort?^ ^n.!de^lmpr<'iTein?i.i? A '??,"Vwt IW ' r-M with twanty olhem and **ll, I. ,,Vet,t n. w Fiabcfortea, mannfr - y *!r m.-IMin Vi.1) A CO., ? Koorth ?'">?? I oof' ? v.VirKST SEVEN OilTAVE ROSKWIMtD flASO \f (U<r of , uiwrlor lone avl (lulah, for aale at aji baryah f,* ??*?. Call at m .irond atreet, near Bolt ?'-atie-tV t vKlVAt.f.ED FOR TONE AND *OCCn.AY P err mode-ate price a. A ltt '?^, l.1.? a" ii a It?iK 1 A m rf?h'o to rent A'm* mtea ?1ilS NiW A II Alti?K^ y.iOK. l?r renth atreet hetwrrn Broid?*j and P'"r .#i'ttw. I i I.-.- -- ? ? VilAMOFOUTR FOR BAf.t.-A Y'JL^A^^Sni^la 1. anof.irlr, v?lei)r*l, d 'n?br^i,rh'' SI''d a ,n,t u flartnonlum wlU be dla,meed of tor ?7A A pp. ?Itaiely at HPjji E^tt Twrointli tr-e?. ? ?\iy AKYK.Ii ?* HRO??vn " V!* '1 ,>'/ Sa'l,l7rcVe *? *? t ' iiMbtisy . ~'k JwioWnRTH 8 Pts\lN?i A. rU;.W!c^Be-eW: ? ????!'tree?!

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