28 Şubat 1867 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

28 Şubat 1867 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WllQlJB NO. 11,139. ^ NEW YORK, THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 28, 1867.-TRIPLE SHEET. PRICK FOUR CENTS. / e?.' wiluamsbco, it. i-tilu it a ? fiUu for jo?. TTRNHY NAt BHKR, JR.?WILL TOO rmi? PRO I' II a Hoe to It Norfolk strttt to I e*? oil on HTMt, to I tun <*n OR youT Just Twos Alexandria, La. PKTBR CON LIN TWFORMATION WANTED.?IF MU. BIAS WILL 1 aeed her address to W. B. N., mm of BormM e??e, she orb Imtu of her At. Loula relatives. TNFOR* ATI UN WANTED?OF PATRICK JL who Maty arrtred from Roaoeitoa. Queans find. AAtmi HI RuttMethtewi. MrRVOY, eouniT, Ire TM FORMATION WANTKD-OF MART WBXLAI. JL When tool hoard from *u Urlug In Breoklyo. If this snty. ?F John Do Cordv. If (hit moots his eye, bo to earnestly ?Wonted to return bom. whore the pool wtu bo rarftreui ?* fergotten. Bio eon Is at p raise Dt la the House of RofagrJ wbore bolsbelno treetod tol??itettoueiiosiiuor snafued! !? ? demp eeH, without o bod to ho on end furnished with nol nod IPWWPBHBHWMft to bto body. If ho ?Ml) to aoe his too ollre bo to entreated to rotors homo. ? Bon Fbabcisco, Job. ?, )M7. JAMB DE COKDY mfBM. MACD ASBMKN.?T<>CB OLD FRIEND, MRS JBQL Eddy, would like to ooo yon at ?M Broadway, in day tea; gel latter to M?y Thursday lata or Friday. QOBOOL GIRL.?WILL HMD A LETTER AT HfATlVN O D. from EUOKMf. rpo WM. WAVES. JR.. WHO LEFT LIVERPOOL X last May, perOlty of Mow York; last board frwm at fort SedaWMk. jAufan 14, 1MB If bo wlU eaU at Mr. J. O. Dole's oAoa, 16 Broodway. wffi hear nf something to hli *d rentage. Aoy one knowing Jtla whereabouts will kiodly I sending it to Mr. T. Aaxoa. Sit West street. WILLIAM.?THB FKRSOB WHO INQCIRRD FOR Mrs, Elevens .formerly Isabella 8ophia Williams) in Wast Tbtrtj-flrot street, wilt confer a favor by addiesafni; a note to station A for her. 3D ATEMCE r.UUL WBDWE8DAT, FEB. S7-THE tody si Ulna io corner of ear wbo gave seat to two gentle to?oprnor Canal street and Bowery will please send ad d?ss, In oanddenee, to Whiskers, Herald offlee. MATRIMONIAL,. A YOUNG OENTLKMAN, OF EMINENT STANDINlJ ud m???. deal?i to Boot with norne young, hand MM, educated lady, with a vtaw to matrimony. Adiirtv, appelating Interview, J. M. L? Herald o?ce. UMT AND FOUND. POUND?IN A TWENTY-THIRD STREET STACK. A P DUmoa _ _ Stud, ?plral back. Apply to Edgar 8. ABIeti, IS Coder xtreet. WOUND?ON WEDNESDAY. THE 3UTH INST.. A BHI U White and Black Dog, In No. 1*7 Bowery, corner of ?rend street, basement. JAOUND?ON SUNDAY AFTERNOON, IN AN EIGHTH 1 avenue ear, e Pocketbook containing a aum of money, wMeb the owner oen bare by proving property. M5 Seventh JjjNJUND-A SETTER DOG, WHICH THE OWNER CAN xsE* are by pioviug the properly and paying expenses. In - at Brooke Bros., corner ef Catharine and Cherry BD IN TWENTIETH STREET, A will be paid for Ha re TUEsBaT A l.ADT'S Mf$K fyifn HlBtOI j TIKBUAI, A ?i?UI I* 1. | 5 ?- -iwai OAT?A LABOR BLACK NEWFOUNDLAND DOG, with white breaat aud while alrtbp in face. A reward or wtM be paid ea returning hue to K. Alee, Bergen, N. J. T Oft?A MINK TIPPET, LEFT ON THE UAMIL li ferry boat Minligue, Wedaeadav turning lan aboard win be Row by oalitng at U Broad atreot, i HAMILTON ?able thud Y OAT?ON THURSDAY. IN THB TWENTIETH WARD. a Beak Book ef A A Blenkia. wrtb Fifth National plb tttledw will be auttably rewarded by (eat lag It at LABYY WA90O, OPEN FACE, INITIALS " " "' " ~ nine. 1m F.-L. taikod on book; onload no a family w wtBba Mknaltp rewarded on ?turning tanae to the , earn of P. Y. Bwaa, lit Parma at roe i. _ AY NOON. FEBRUARY 17. ON wtoa Duaae ailMt and the HoopMn!. a >g A eottabte reward writ be given by to A. Ktugalaad.careufYau Blank? itey a At'f. IDAY, At 4 O'CLOCK T. M., CORN HH aire?and Sieth ao?no, a email Black Wat: had ? arad collar. Being a little ehitd'a Mbetal reward wflt ha giv?. Apply ?t W W eat -A BANKER'S CASE, CONTAINING Ht'NOHY ? and a note of Thorn A Hoagtand, eadoi?d "for by Walorbury, gbaw A GO. Payment ef name hat ? aaidavMd they are of no vnbio to the finder. A re I efSiB will be paid far the prompt return of the prop, to Wolocbary, Shaw A On., at Walker street OUT?A PLAIN MOLD WATCH ON MONDAY EVEN hog. going from Eighth evenue and Twenty-fourth jt toVonlk avenue, then ib a Tenth avenue ear to Chris mr ferry, aero? the retry to Hoboken. through Hodaon OtlO Fifth. The tinder will pleats delivev the welch i MB West Twenty-fourth street, between Eighth an i area?a. and a suitable reward will bo given. WJJ* AYBD?FROM THE HOUSE ON MONDAY BYKK * & e "staBae* REWARJM. ? REWARD.? LOST. A BLACK AND TAN 1FRRIRK Dog; anewtre to the name ef Jack. The above re nin? paid to whoever returns him to 306 Fifth av. a. REWARD.?AT RAYED FROM *9 WILLIAM J (tieet, a black end <*i. Shtt, laine In the hind C>?rWf [on a bvaaa collar. Raturn her to tbe above ne^g?F?d Kw the reward. H. '^gttDNKR. REWARD.?I.08T, IN C*yflflT"KROM TUB COR HAT Af HOUAiOn Mf?. tfLata.n.1 ?? BleadVor all nnt I 1. "lirfkedouaai to Eleeeker atrnaU ? Under wlD rocei receive the above te lanee to OT West Houston vtract. fewL08T, ON TUESDAY AFrF.RNOON, or Dear Sixth areoua and Thirty eighth etreel. a V. The above reward will bo paid on lu >? u*. RBWARD.-A WIlIiE SPANIEL YITH w?-v 0>,rtV/hair, marked with blank on heart, tail and 0?tie Of high; aaowera to name af Billy. Tn* finder wilt veoelvo thakbore reward by laaviag him at 16 Weal I weiiiy - $10 REWARD.-RUN AWAY FROM TEE SBH ~ r. ah Italian Bay, aboul_M> year* old. r??l er ?rlber, ah Italian Bey, abonv iP year a uio. raw er .stoat hair, Dill face, rah- completion, darV eye.: dm rowad black velvet igeket, <larh cloth cap. light era] ?? wiiyt tie riall> : b?a b<-en away ab',ui ? leon'h. Tl.e a ?word will bo p?M to any one who wHI .nng hl-n Ui Ea onbaeplbar, or tbe r axgenagi will I* paid by giving *ni? latovmaWh. br addroaatng a aote. w lie re the ?iM boy n?i hfflnihr** "** tk" 'haofa lotetdeo, OIL'BrPI'KDl 8TKFANO will meelve the above ?weed aod na nueaMoue ?e?od ?tngtboea to H War?n tireet. E. CAI LPWKLL. SRWABB.?lOST, ON A SEVEXTU AYK nao oar, a doable ra?e,l Oald Watch, with Chain ? maker. John Mono-ia, Liverpool. No. 4* The YARD-LOST. ON EVEN I NO OF WTH , a gold busking eaoe Waloli. .lainoa Staddart. No. 07,M; obaln and loolmt attached. Thn wilt ? paid and no oiieatloiis aeked for the a Add reel fl. II O., Ho?Id ?gl?. J eioslag of the Mot tnet.. to the violnity ?f V?oy I note H-inUac till plot Watob, NoTl M*. T. r. Cooper . ?L mahnr. Whovvor aritl ?ftru the above wamh In agder IOD. ?. Pglge. at PelgO'e Hold, corner of Spring F?I J^vvS abail reeaive the above reward and an VP^etiAi. NOTiuliir A" PPOINTBBNT FOE WRAr POINT ACADEMY Meaen?d ippl> at M Broadway, room 10. /NONSIMNBH- PRR TRIPOLI AND JAVA ARE RK \J el?ted to - amove tnalr srdi, n-tw If log at ibetr riek or g? or etbor injury, on the Lanai J wharf, .loraey on*. K. Ct'NARD, No. 4 Bowling lireen. trailllrrs.-a younij uri;(W)i?* noil P. OAN nail Rui-opo with a parly to whon> nt&\l aav capacity; oouipcaaatle- ?. "f 2n? ^ OOdreea Henry Halite- ?? V ""Ondary G?euwtch at.. 12IARCY DEEM BgLLJe?Jl^dT REC8IVRD A LA ROE %f ANONfgt^TYR MBMBBEB OP PALESTINE I,ODOR, JM. N a Me. F. add A. ore he?ny eiimmoned ?o aliend AlTv ? ? -*?? lit h* h??M at tholr bm 11. 900 to b?W bilhMr b?U. W0 rgXag?, mi Thursday vv.?mk( Stlt M ETEOPOLITAE POLICE DISTRICT. PRECINCT No. M -New fork. Fehniary ?. ISS7. riwimov to tl.e Plreme.n'a Bell tbleevening, at the Arndeuiy ed by napnetton^^^ >t>4 |D,pscuw of Haeknay Coachee. L flornftr 01 i wm%o ?i>wb... ?f? I %r# fUeHOCK, p-aident. Jama Riuu y, Se- reiery. IW, txz CT - TTnUSr.irW.var MIP nanivcTioi. A HWW'H LADY. WELL ACQUAINTED IN THE ?2ratta?%'Vsrasi,s: ABB PARISIAN LAOT WOULD I I KB TO MAKK AN wmwnt far two kouit of iataure to tetch her n?. ?*? U.muofe la a prieata family or auhool to Now Turk or Brook I; a. Baatreferaweaa from Ira families where the U , *'"7 m'xlrraie. AMrem A T TOWN8KND S BUSINESS COLLBUB, MO BOWKKY Jwi.n^R^kvCT? lit 'ottrucfou I* ; garwaret^i#^"fe?is!3: ; xffmrmaatszsasEi Sftxtaa:A&^ssn to the beet .New York "urne oaSl^JFt?^"* " u#ad ffi'fffilii ht#dha# Lkiuj!*i?t a*JL? ?""**? 40,1 ^tuH'r LTT-lTz oaekkoepertto the efcemit poesthle ttmeu A LADY. JUST AKHIVBD FROM ENOLaMD WlRMki g*T**; ,h*r o"?rM of hf I}9* Mfb*qfrra?oh#? of Kngitab, Front*, ,,fVrwV h??'T,f "mean, wltli drawing' lit too day* J. K..'?o?*H*mW*5,U'r^ Addt*"* ?r DOOKKEF.PtNa " U PENMAN'S HI I' At GOI.DSM I ril'8 " ,AX.T> ?DBINK8I1 APKAIRR, Established mo. Priv^^uo Jo* ' Broadway. C) C-i!AJlSU's I'llIVATM ROOMS ~ ?(WKKPFPl2oC?w^Nw.IKSTRCC,T,?* I* nUUKKlihl INU \HI) BtHfN'KM APf 1IS1 *I? broadway:_,' I Fi t*T, lRH 8 LK^OAiA8ffH J!VA?PfNO SCHOOL. wash. 30 MrefftT i~* fir!*? l*ngti?m of the *chool. UfltiM V ul * round*. Circular??Brand**?, 18J. NRkau a <lt tig store; ,01. music alore; Ola. drug (tore. SPOKTIYO, I A ??2fm ,(P BXTRA LaKOK sihkrian BLOOD ,oui i? ' very handaone and well I rained: 10 CONSTANCE KRRSP. AST*!1 ?*?PKI-LBR YACHT FOR KALE-PIFTY. eight fret long, tea feet beam; about five mouth, old i't'rt. 1LS2, tSiWi "*? '?? ae^mmodaUon, % eight persons betiMcr the crew: U well found in everv r? specl Apply onboard at foot of East Tenth street. ^ A". WlVKY.?'^i?A?n,B,RDS P?R SAI.R AT MadieJam for all'dimmed p'ra^rad""^ ftr ?-jMtioi. istid to the Mt.nl lod ?ui5jJ _ MO William atreet, nea?New ClSibwe. F?!Uft4fc'nf0i STE** YACHTS, ONK N, T?r RubcJ^-d^tt lllfP , i?r P*rt't"'*r* add*. . j -.v.ueoown, N. j. vM'sra n.* ; Francis butler, no" a peon slip hasT~ * ' euolw breed, of liom. fmier" ItrfaljlWe jJ lwi aS* ? <w?Wa Bailer's new wl DOk. SH. Doge trained, boarded Ae. Meuletnee I ron.V CRAY, II ROOftKVSIJ. II ah I OR SALE PAIR , ?f haiidmme Newfoundland Does blifk .?d i.n fitodeom*.' Te' fter?i oaa email tlaek and.ua Dag, vary eLOOPOR MJHOONRR YACHT WANTED TO PUR. ! ^w*-Krom m to () ton*. Address, lUUnc &J1 rarfii-n Ikra aod prtce. a. ft W .atst. Ma,VvfLy r V **rtte"' Y*?JJ? WAKTBD-ABOCT FORTY FEET OR DbX iwlertmir* board: keel laafki?. i . .. ? ?*' lowest cash rrtee. ,f. Tbmtbboraa, M Ceder streetT). T. A bp mini; sTvlk of poyr. six rid^v,?H^?V.I)o* C"to' Batrrraehes. .' j* Pm' PouUb eU-eet, eoraer of Btaadway. A SPLENDID PAIR OF CtRKIAOB HORHR8 FOR ssssajss A BPCI8TKR OF IIORNBR AND OAWRMTICR Tt ',T HI}*?!R * WWBBVILLE. a' ? ffMiBU sneei. peiiMift* wmhint to buv Mil at ?* clkMbgn llorMt ot' CW HagtM. should )iivt < hitr' nroMrtv th! ahAKovo #lr V?**1*' <" *?i RAfewTi^iTr ?*' ? saiwsiJ - *? B. CRAY, 37 Wonster ?treat. ? ABBaVTIFCL FIVE YEA R OLD DARK BAY ^^.meeftUy ?Us.-k, lAlg hand*, and ran ehow three roiaiiw wUildOt trAiiilog, far sale very cheer, in coo??. ;ueu.? ot bla Mllo Jmnelrad; will be warrnutrd in Here uiher respeet. ApP'T?lYlr. Seldeu'e llvny stable. SO sod 82 Wert Tn entj fo?S> ftriet *?^yv it HEAMI Y ni llT TEAM OF BLACK CANADIAN SX Pen e?. Gye.ii old -.ioikI si,d gentle. ?ood work ma ***1 h^l^wo'il'l m ike a ? yrndht farm or i u k team: price BRI?:K STABLE TO LKT-M1 FOCRTM STRliKT Ap,iv to UORERr MAi.'i.At, Ifcada-atr a. I^OR :BAI.E-ONfc Or TI.K BEST MATCHED PAIR I ?f Car. lege liorses Id the conolry; blood bsya; no w hite; long ta.ia. i,Ia<-k polnta; re .en jrrr. ujd, ]gu hsnda "o4^ "Tlar'ijsf?s. t'hf.h.T. rw,: K,ce 9hw LTOR 8AI.P.?A BASHAW COLT, I IVE VKAIIR OLD. B I* ??" for "n? week si E. Luff's, Uarlnm Uue. LH*K BAI.R-4IR EXCUANCE FOE A TOP BIIUCY OR KjfS1!!* V' ? M*f?- e'ff'tt yeere old, sound and kind, rrlee fl.Mt In?iuira la lh? store, 731 Ssith avenue. K'nu IiA'w-~_- Y.0^"', horbb, Harnxab and 1 ft.orrry Wapn*. ai*v<\ at I t? spring kl*Mt F??,i*i''-TA PACl.NO PONY. SIX YEARS k e.il. Miiind rnd fcin.i. 1 ???,(??. e at 43 Cbarie* street. LVllR SAI.E-A POWRRKl'L PONY Bl ILT BLIND I irnim; alsnseyaral rltie tern. Hnysae; eiso nt>e els year old florae, gee. iu ronienveuee of a hurt. 80 New Chamheie t reel. Flo* SALE?TWO ptlNCOKD K\ !'KK8S WAOONS one .eonud hsnd Olg rnd ?ne Pony Phaeton. A unit at i*7 Wooeter street "" L"*0R SaI.R-A LOT OK riRHT OLABS HORSES J|!RT J? from die conolry. At for earth, trick*, eipresa or aav buatnes*. Wansiited sound sod kliiiL InnnIre at Ml Canal ?treat, oorna. of Warhlagiar FOB 8ALE?STlLISH SORRRI. HORSES, ? TEARS l?'a han.lr. far family use, $?*: two Torres. |?u anuud and hind. *46 to fit; new light Hemes, ygu. it) West Tweot..nlntl streal, two d.ye. ?DOR SALE cheap?a pink pair of black car -*. Hear Horeer. very at yhah. It hauda.t lii< hea high, kind and geatia. I rtjinrr at It Hald atreet. l(M)B SALK CHEAP?A CRAY HtlAsE. J6V HaVm P?*?!jXa^ a SACRIFICE?BAY house, is hands k alt teara old, ?mind, kind anil wltfcnut hteiaieb >1*8 bay Mar#, etfM .ear. oi.i ^ W. "e?eeih avenue. BSlf PBOPERTT AtWAfE SALE. v-.. ?H new and a?nonu baud Hstnrar, Saddle*, t.o) IS?R Brtdlar, Tlalirra, Wagon and Hurra Coyer#, I'aullus, Aarnlum, Bed Tlekr, arrtn Pegs, Tents, i'rn. Stuck, BUn. ketr, tub . y#ry low. OIBcera' Mf l?Jan daddla* . new , from $1* to *M. Plated BIlBridlee S3, Artillery Handles, good aa >*w, with Bridle, Bl*. _ PITKIN A CO. - ? 33f North rrou i ?< reel, rhiladelpble, Pe., aid No. (Park Pare, New York. Small orders by erp. eee C O. D STABLKB T<1 LET?TUfc PRIYATP STABLE (HI rear of 3* B*>ad vtirwt. emruiKw no Bleeder rtreat; also the Private S-*b|e jm East Thirty ?l?lh atreei J. c. bai'I F.Y, IS Filth atieel. THOROUOHBHEO MARE i KLNN1NO STOCK) wrnte.1, for breeding pumn.es, I* hande, broken to harneee, fair in.wlnj action authenu. ated pa<ligree India lunaable. Addre.. bog 4. KM Poat office. YyANTED-A PONY PHAETON At D HARNESS. *" Sreaa. staling prt.-e. 1*1 Broadway, room No. 8. AD WANIUD-yo PLRCMAHF. A ONE HORSE COVERED *",K,Pr5"* Wi'S?n *n<l Harnsea, In good order. Address, staling price, Wortman A Co.. southwest corner Thirteenth atreet end Broadway, ha.emeitt. W^JIYBD-A FA1HLY nOR.SK, SOl'ND AND OBN hi k- d ?!R2iirn**\*ild Hcrkaway Carriage. Mutt be ( heap. Addrom hok 2.884 P..M offlm. SI 00 W^',, SlXA OOOD SORRBI. HflBHF, NINE SASh, STbrtSy^ Utk- ApplT M 301 ..nu AUfCTCRB RY HON RICgARD O'HflRMAN, I N AniY y hnQplCtag of tbo New Tork Young Men * Human g'*^" Benosolent Assoelalton, at Cooper In.lHnte on ?,*rJh "? 1*7,'all oel?k, In eld of1 the Monument Fund Of th# association H. Rop.l.r, Soeretary. JOHN HAYES, Chairman tnvYaSa !? ?f **?lo S* had at the door on ovaning ?f lee Urn, and at the mrinefpui Caihoiie boohatoroa. 1 BsmlNay. IOPARTRBRIIHIP8. A party wanted?With tn.ouo. to purchase J\ the interest of-a retiring partner tn a good hunnwi. Address A. B., rare or Mr. E. Thomas, n Water street Dry goods -a obntlemar. thoroughly ex pertem ed, hating been In soma of the largest hou-e* In England and this country. Is desirous of meeting with one or more with capital, say $S-\0W. to commsnee a fleet clssa retail dry gooda store, or would wot ohio-i 10 --iigage as tn.uager sort Europeao buyer for eome Al bouse. Addrrae, until April 1. W. Q A.. Herald office. PARTNER WANTED-AN KNERGETIC MAN ft) loin the etihacrllier In a business tbst will pay $10.0*1 Cryear; irrist be well arqualn'ed In the oity and eprak irman flueutlv, only $100 capital required Address P. 11. M . Ileraltl office. Pm artner wanted-with rlmb to $2,000. in a maniirariuitng bnainesa alreaer e-taS~?hart, wmI". straw pawer. machinery, slock. or a staple trtnde secures by patent, (or which there is a large demuud ami good uroiuv Also a tew travelling saleemen wan leu Addi egg J 1) t>* The copartnership heretofore existing between Preseolt A De Neyellea la th.s dar dissolved by wntaelconsent. ^ CHARLES K prkmniTT. Dated Feb.usry 10 U# DANIEL UK SO V hl.i.KK. The business herrtofhre earned <ni by Hreseotl k De Novellas will be .-on'mited by the undermgned. Dated February X. 1807. CHARLES E. PHEBCOTT. TO BLACKSMITHS.?A PARTNER WANTED; ONE who la a capable or using charge of a juUnng business in all lis brauehr-t; a. Ural ''!??? workman, with good reler nice, but amall eapital is required. aa the prrseni proprieter baa three ahapa and cannot at lend to all. Apply to O GHKKN. near lli'utei ? I'nim bridge. t;reenp>uni N. h? A number or BiiMnev. and Grocery Wagons for aale, at t$2 Concord atreet, Btuoklyu. WANTED-AN ACTIVE, RE1.IAHI.R MAN. A8 PART iter la a light ca? fa manufacturing jibbing buaineas, well established. a monopoly; no humbug. Addreai W. II., box 100 Herat office. ?>r.nn -partner wanted, strawy max, in a qJtJUt/, clean, honorable a.d 1>I oft (able eatuolished manufacturing hiiaiuese. which will bear investigation. Ap ply al 1M Duane street, top floor. NOBl ROsn A CO. $7(TA ?A PERSON WITH THIS AMOUNT CAN I \iyj. buy one ball of a new buaineas, wanting funds. Address J. M. Hand, llcrald office. 47011 -PARTNER WANTED.-CHANCE SELDOM ?P I "Vi. offered. Only one-half raab; balanoe In Instal ment* from proflla of buaineas. Neat or references given. Address William*, herald office. 41 f\(\i\ RXTRORDINART opportunity ?r I ? " 'UU. I'm-making money. Partner wauled. In 1 he very best paying travelling business In America, yielding a laige dally im-omr Apply at 237 Hudson street. 49 OfWl WILL PURCHASE A BUSINESS RY pii.U'lU which any acttra bnaineaa man can realize $|ll.0U0 in three month*; It has cleared $2,001) the last month. Address Enterprise, tuition D. PARTNER WANTED-AN ENERGETIC man, with this amount, to take a half in terest In an eatabliahed. well paying soda water utault faclory. lor full particulars call on or addreas Advertiser. AO Bond street, stating where an Interview can be had. Nona but principals need apply. $2,000. nnn ,v rAsn w,L,j purchase a half pO.UUH interest In aa honorable and money making business, thoroughly established, where there Is no humbug nor ilootptfoa connected with the business; therefore no ageuU itdh humbug* need answer this. Any one mesnlag hiulitess wlilbTaggtiail or address WM. VAN WAOBXEN k CO.. 472 Sixth arenue. A thorough bueineae man re quired, and no other will be taken. SX aAa-PARTNER WOULD RE TAKEN IN iPO.UuU. manufacturing memo poly; prod's not lera than $00,omi par annum. This may seem fabulous, bnl In rc.Ligation wiU prove it strictly true. The Incoming Party win be secured twenty umaa (hi aina?int orfflTfltment. The above amount or Jy required for half in tercet, or will sen entirely out for $20,0$0. Apply Immediately to J. DAY*18, $42 West ftntaenlh street. .- nrui WANTED?A8 SPECIAL, IN A WELL E8 sJ.UUU tabttehed aad prod labia manufacturing busi ness; beet of cky refeiwneea given, l'laaaa addvesa, with real name, Maaafaotuva, hen n$ Herald offiee. tlA (UWI ?PARTNRR WAN CEO IN A LVCiU Jiv.Vll'/. Use hostages <>f a aaw motive power, au P*rl?r to etaem pewar; the ftiel Is derived-front, a raw aad tnci hausHMe aouare. lye ears seal laiarview It aad be ?hows and proved by the Uedntor that the Investment la *???}? and non-capital lata need not apply Address New Power, Harold affiee, appointing en laterrisw ItanBIt OPPORTIIX ITTR$. A GOOD CHANGE-A PARTY IN THE WBOLB84LK , PnhHabtag ef Cartes de Yleite of Cafchrttiet, desiring !?*?~?Blhabtml?eeg,aWm their ewura Ntook fTAOflO) 01 card Plctowa al * great bargain. AddrW Cetabvity. Ouio^. AN EXCELLENT OH AMUR 18 OFFERED TO FUR. chase an estnbltehed Brat daw cash Maunfastnriag Bus', nan. Apply at 10 Wall street, second floor, rear offi-?s, raawNo. S, or te U ALE. at the wa reroute $n Fatten sW?m, <y?. A GOOD CHANCE FOR A CAPITALIST.-A PBRBON wtlhgllMNO capital can procure part interest in a businaw that must lead 10 a fortune: parties ?an be either ailcnt or active. Apply at Business Agenov, 49.' Hroadwav. A party with giffiA Also one wl'h $1,000. A RARE BUSINESS t)PPORT?NITY.-AN OLD R8 laiillshad 11 At and Cap stoia to let and blook aud Fit turee lor aale. Rooms to live in. Apply on tns premise., US' Cathariae street All the southern rtatrs can bb bought cheap on tha beat eelliug puient in markel. $20,$$? can he made Room No. 9, No. f Pine street. T BAKE, BTOCK AND FIXTURES OF A BROADWAY XJ Store for sale. Stock rnnalata of l*a 1*.its ami Fam-v Goods. Business wall established; real low. Apply on the premises, Ml llroadwnv, near Sevcnieeulh eireel. west sine. Proprietor going Into the manufacturing l.ue>ne?.. QILF.ST PARTNER WANTED -WI Til $li,,0W, KV A O Northern man baviug a targe ev.tti'n and -ugar planta tion on tlie Red ilvar, in Tunisian?. It is a sure ami entirely safe business, and a party will itoui ie hi. merry |? cue) cur. 1 r ' -? ?-? WWu'ltv .lffered. Fur f?e? ??A-' . ?TfNHte * sineA"" ? .,?L-uu>>. Ill',mm 0 ?.,..u?s.. > -.-.v..II. 23 Chamber, eireel. TW O GARDENERS AND FLORISTS.?TO LEASE THE | Greenhouse and Business of the In'eGonge In* ,.m, at Greenwood Cemetery. For partienlais apply *1 crner ef Twentr-flflb street and Ktflh aveune, Brooh'vn. TO OA PITA LISTS.?FOR *ALF, AT DKNVTR GUT, Colorado, Drug Rstahilsbmer.t, doing a large ?..i pr-'liLa ble husire.w, wlinlesale and retail; e.vpif:.' required. gT. (VXi. Addie*s Druggirt, hot 04$ Pbst o!Ile<-, Fhltadeiphia. r NEWSPAPER PUBLIFIIBRS AND FDITORS.-AN unusual opportunity la prevented to a publisher or edi tor, desirous of sharing 'he management and owr> rahip of a prom'nent and popular newt|-A|>er. The ni wpe aoi'iha paper are aneh aa render an Inteievt eiceedlnglv desirable for a profeaeional jom nalial. or agnnilemsn lam'lisr with the liualnew drt.lie of publishing. The farm will be verv favorable to tha right party. Address opportunity, II. eld office. ILALUABI-K PATENT RIGHT TOR H A I K. V IMPROVED HANGING FOR OHM RKHOARDS. Add i .s .1 F. HallfWeaierly, K. I. 4?ri 1 will BUT a good cahh RUsiNrnq and ?g)? MI an Office, furp;ai>ed oniplele 2nd he ao'd Ihia day. Rent $10 per month. Gall ai Itsnedwav, rinm If MAY ?nn -TUB ACQUAINTANCE OF A t'KVir.E ip^.ill/U, man isucGieii tb> tn tats .11 Inlereai of $2-flf)d .11 a busman* ah ub a ill f iducu in a .bo uel.j enor mans proflts if tha op*ra:ton >ucceed<; large aasnnti are already Invested is tha lranu.*lno. For 'nil psrO-ols >a sd dressSpecu'artOD, hot 11$ Me-eld ng-e. 4<) AAA TO $$,090.?A CHANCE TO INVEST IK AN ?gJ'TLVr"*/ enlerp Ise that promise, lerge return*. $20,<m> already eioeiuled Apply at 2.4 fbli-d avenue, cor ner or Twenfy-third atraei. to P. Bolivar, Manager. 40 AAA ro gto.tino WANTED?T?i CARET 1 IN rilE ipO.UUV' Lumber and Manufaclur.na beat nana, or might sell a half Interest to the right man. Rest of security given Address Clark. l>oi 1,442 New Yuri I'oai nflke. (Win cash.-A WELL I.SrAHM.SHIll) CI OTIt ?p^l),v"" ' .lohhlng Bualnesa for - ale, with Stoc? ind Good Witt Partlea wishing lo alart 111'hi* hiancb of bn.l na a will fled a good chance far addrc.atng V u II.-. aid offiee. 51 i Nil 4 I,. A COMPETENT ALTO DKSIRK8 A FOSI 1'fON IS A S\ Prolesisni ehmch. Address or rail en I s , It haat Tbirteenlh atreei. ^ gentleman with an rxgei.i.fnt voice A .'baritone-desires an si.aagemam 10 sing in s rholr. Highest ."Nlerenreagtveu. Address R. 0.. Herald office. a I'OMrKTI^I PBRRON IH WANTED in LEAD THE JY mti-de In a BTOoklyu l.pisoopel church and train s rboir For t& purpose. ?rnl If sallvfaclnry. Ajs *>>,<r-roru,r T TV00P. VNVSR WHORE DIRECTION THE Mesare, Stelnway A Sonx', 71 xnd 7$ !??< Fcurieenln atreet. IjTIRRT G1.A8S PIANO, G?lfAll. ffOT ANl SlVi r Ing tnstmellnn at moderate prices. 242 West Twenty sixth atreet. between seventh and Eighth xrenuex. Call or eand for otrcalar. lesson a private. Mason a hamlin. manufacturers or cabinet Organs, salesrooms 6M Broadway. New York, where may be round tha largest assortment of Instruments of this ejatmln tha country. Prteea, $7$ or leas to gl,tk?earb^ _ PER QUARTER FOR PIANO LESSONS: KO rlaa*** at at other muefa-al academies. No. 137 West Eleventh atreet Pianists for parties. Offiee boure 10 till $ o'clock. $10 MINI ?LLAAM4MIR. / tonRTITTTTION WATBR IB A CERTAIN CURB FOR V diabetia and all diaaaaaa or the kidney*. Depot 4* Cliff street. H AMILTON A EIWPTON, MERCHANT TAILORS, NO. 1$S Rtraod (opposite Exeter Hell), iAindoa ?Gentle men visiting Knglaud and passing through London areln vlled to see the well selected stock of Clothe, Beavers. Wit tteyaand.Trottserlnge. of the very heat material; or, by for warding remittance with their measures, can have the goods sent by express company an usual. No. 10$ Strand, London. Restaurant.-wanted to purchase, a good Steam Carving Tabic any about It faat long; also a good eitra ilxetl Cooking Range f?r a raaianraat. Apply at ?W Broadway, in the basement. ci?Ana and tobacco. CIGARS, FROM $1$ UPWARDS -CASH ffidneentente, 0. ?Gesturing Cempwyi ff/irt nnn cigars, prom $ib up ?4 siTaal FINANCIAL UNITHD STATUS TKKASI'RY Schedule* of (30) thirty or mnr* 10-40 eoapon* da* Marchi I, IBW, will now b? received for ezemiuatlou at th* Lulled Ftalh* Troaatirv. * H. ft. TAX DYCK. AaalMaul lreavur'r A LBBKT H. NIOOLAY, A m fine aND ? kstabmshbd fifteen years Icauraooe, City Railroad, f.y,h?. Hank. Telawiaph. Riproaa aud Mining stuck* receive ?prx-lal atlcntloo and aoma on hand for win. paying from |* to ? par cam divi dend*, al lot* rata* for In i eat menu. OFrK'B OP MONTGOMERY AND EUFAl'LA KAIL road. Montgomery, A I. Pah. ?, lfig7_Th* ?eutf-,1r BMl lutffrjwi oa the 8 p**r cent bonis of ihu will Im rat's J# wroji^j ffasntr .*!ue to Ib* Chatham N'a poo*. Bga*. ,urt iorp*yma??. ? L. owns. Preatdant. ^^FFla^B^Or^FACIIMOMAlL, STEAMSHIP COMPANY, Nam York.Pab. m iec TNlHfY.ITFI'll DIVIDEND. Notlc* la hereby ftrcn that the Board or Director* haaa l*l*d a dividend of thro* '31 per rent out of tit* thia day datilatad net earning* ad the <iuarter ending .lattnara SI, TIM; imyahla at lb* office af the company Friday Marob l Tha nana for hooka wBJ he <lo##<l Thiuaday. leluuarv 21, bl 4 I*. M.. ami n opened Monday, March 4. at 10 A. M. By order of llie Hoard of Diidc'oi-i-. THKODOHE T. JOHNSON, Secretary. P knnsylvanta state loan. PROPOSALS POR A LOAN OP fBiOOO.rtl* An act to create a loan for the redemption of Ike over due bond* of the Oomuofiwaallti. Wbereaatheboudaof the Commonwealth and eeriain c*r< hoalaa of indoblrdur**. Hiiiountiu; to fiS.U0U,MM. ha to b*?n o?ar due and unpaid for aotne time fuiat;

war '" M Aad wheraaa It in dennvl.le that the wmt aboald b* paid hud withdrawn from the market; therrfu-'p Section I Be It enacted by the Senate and llonee of Rep roneniatlvea of the Commonwealth of I'ennaylraoia In Uen oral \aaemhly met, and li la hereby en.icted hv the authori ty of the aaote. That the Uorernnr Auditor Oenaral and state Treaamer be. and are hereby authorized .md ernpow eied to borrow on th* faith of tha Couimoiiwenllb. In auch amonnla and with aueb notice > not leu than forty dayai aa they may dean moat eipadlent for the intareu of the Stat*, twenty (bra* million* of dollar*, and iaaue certificate* of bran or bond* of the Common wealth for tho antne, homing interoaat a rale not eioeediug *U Mr centum net-annuta. pnyabla aemt-aonualiy on the lat of February and let of An giiaA in the eltv of Philadelphia; which ce.rtiti -alea of loan or bond* ahall no' be anbjeot to any laialiou whatever lor State, municipal or loo.il purpooe, and atnill be payable a? follow*, namely:?Five million* of dollar* payable at any time after fly* year* and within ten year*, eight million* of dollar* payable at anytlma after ten year* and ?ilhln fif teen rear*, and ton million* of dollar* at any time after fif teen yaar* and within twenty-Ave year*, aud ahall be algnod by the Governor and Stale Treaaurer and ?-.oiiuiaraif nod bv toe Auditor General, and reglatered lu the hook* of tbil Auditor Oenaral. and to be iranafnrable on the book* of tbe Commonwealth at <b* Parmer*' and Meeltanka' National Bank of Philadelphia; tha proceed* of the whole of which loan. Including premium*, Ac., received on the aamc, ahall be appMad to the pavment of the bond* and certificate-of indebted oca* of the Common wealth Sac. 2. Tha bida Tor the aatd loan ahal* be opened In the preaenre of the (lover nor, Auditor oenersl and State Ttea* urer, and awarded to thehgihrnt bidder; Provided. Tluti no ret UAeale hereby authorized to bo l*tucd -hall be negotiated for Ls** than it* par valua Sec. 3. Tbe bond* of the State and cortlf,ante* of lodebt odoaa*, now aver due. ahall be raeatvaol* In payment of the aald loaa, under audi regnlatlona a* the Governor, Auditor General mid Rtato Treaainer may prescribes and fcry bid. dor for tho loan now authorized W lgau?1, 'uaTi fa Th hi* bid whethei the name ia paj.nl* e\ab or lu the bond* ?r certificate* ol lodebtedueaa of the Cnmtunnwaaltb. Sec. 4. The tail (ru.teca, executor*, adu'rudratorv, ruar alana, agent* treaaurer*. committee* or other perton* hold ing iRlfidDffikpy rnpadtjr beudaiw ceri'Qcale* of tmlah'-d A?? Af the State, or money*, are hereby authorized to bid for the loaa herebf AulLortiad to be to/tidd. and to aurn-u der the t>ond( or crrilFeatee of loan b*M by them at the t1ioe of InaklBg biittb bhl, and lo iTcclve the bond* autbortacl to be leaned by tUi* act. Rrc. A. Any portoo or nervona Mmiding In the Itdnclai) oa par iiv ?tate?t In tlie fourth *c.-tion of thia who may desire to Inveat money In their band* for tha bei.ept, of the truat may, without aa order of court, lot oat th* same ia the bond* authorized to be tuned by this act. at a tr ie of premium act ?icaedln*_lwtHly per caoluoi. Sac. & That from and alloc the paaaagaof I hi* Act all the boads of this Commonwealth *bail be pakt at' la tho ordai of Sac. 7. fa at all loan* of tbla caimtnm wealth aat vet daa bo aioaffi* * com stria. mwDkilpvt or local tazaUor, aflar the Internal doe Pobruarv r.mi, ouo >bwu*aad eight buadrad aadaigty-aarao ahall J'**" been paid. Bar. ?. That all eatailaafpg law*. ?r parllona Uwueof In ?ooRiatent harOWfth, ai-e eOrahy reiioaled. JOHN P. III.ASS. t |imh?' of 'ha Haute of K*|a??eu.*l:*c* fa ?? Speaker of tho Senate. ATa.ed th* aaooaddag of FahtUMV, one 'houAard rnggt hundeod aad attlg-imvau. JOU>a W. 8PARY. la aoeordauoa with the nrovleioe* of I he above act of Aa ?*mblya*alrd gropoaala will he laeetfod at tha office of tha ? Bute Traaforar, lu tho el'j of llaiTlaburg PeunoyL aala. ontll IB o'clock M. of (be lat day of ApHI. A. 0. Wi7, lob* tadartod aa foUow*:?'"Propoaal* for Frnoaylvanla Siata I.oau, Traaaury Daiwitiuei.', Ilarrieburg, I'a.. rnlted Stale* of America, Bid* will be. ro-.eivad for Bii.iOSOUO, raiinbnriuiblo In five buraahle in fifteen yeai-a and patahle in (wcnty-ltv: year*. tbe . me of interea'.to lie either five ov kIi percenf|mrai<anni, which mutt be ezproltiy s-'u'cit in Hie bid; and the bid* nod advantage..?<> llir state w>P he ac?em*<l. Mo bid foe leu than par will lie eonamecod. I he bond* will be iwined to k'Mit* of fan aod k.u-h i.tchtr ?nm* aa uekired by Uie loaner*. tn he free from State, local tuurtc pal taxea 'the over doe bond* of il-e Commonwe.dth of Penii*yIra ni* will be mreLed at rar in payment of tbla loan; hot ldd dera omal *late wl-*ther ibay inteud to pay ?" ow*h or in the overdo* loan*afarotaid. No dtailif ton will I<r n.adc balweea hriiocn paying in eath or ever cue |??o?. ?lOHN W. UK A BY, ilatarn-n- ef rriui*ylvani*. JURN r. HAKTBANFP. A< .lifor Ueneral. t?. II. RBMBLK. ?Slate Treaaurer. N. F. -No it.wtpaper |.?huabi'ig 'k? almve, unlea* autho rized, will receive p?v. l,iiAN, UN kURTUllia, UIHIN U1YY J'T'.SFffRTT; wo.th uuubte i til" ml o? loni . fit'.' uUO. In turn* "t fil.COO .ml upwardi. Anply lo .1WKS I'lUiJti, 'J00 liu Kon al. WAMIJlt Ti? *>o JiliiTuu'ir, IMWi .<>.N ptowri cT wotib fill) (lit. **ld property located_ In Itit j. AtldriM Vo?:i?t' ^ ?Uon. Hyt?0g S20.000 !.l! h.'.eV' Is on:: 0'- *??)?? sr mnnppi* Va . kl},1 nwigagfr of ^ .1 . fSJS^fcww. .vowV2;u" n '*?*>? arte) IWkA M? Ll>AN-'?N H1 INII A\l> MOHTllAOi:. f jO.II'W II. Ml ') am.art. Wo t (ago ic&u. ted Appl; In FHAOHI'P.'M't FIELD L'edae *tr.;e'. moon ;t,OAK"IN H, w, r0 su,v- on: . . ,o*lt u, N' o Vo. k end New Jeraoy Ke.t |??t..ie. I' mpt a Irnficn. iill AM. S. 41)I,M AN, Hit Hroatin.y, r *im No f. TO LOAN ON KRAI. Elf AT It IN I HIS 17.5.000 ' W. H. W*H|D, *(> W?I| d.?v. ?;] 75.000 5o! retain tn Ibiarlfv or Broo TO loan on fond a>i' voar. a or morp ffinn* no real _ jfnbklT". _ JOIIN F. OONRKV. Sk Wail atieat, mom IS. $i*^50 000 r" inAN-'V NKW YOltK, K'l lOK 4fn aad J<-ra?.v. aav-n perecni; nut- In III". Nmni.'t Iiud'gevc* ? tel.*,!. THAVfn.LniVF' 1NFMFAN4IF l OJIFZHV. IS. WILLIS, ill I*'ncafeei. ?-I lift fkflll T" L'lAS?IN MBO'lKI.VX OR NEW Ip'lUU.'/iHj V? ??, in auaa* le ??>.,; Sened Wmi r.-aw* bnurh . Tuvaii* .' Inenraaee clamiiany. t\ E. WII.I.IS. 31 I'm* *irc? II llllil t'O LOAN ?1N SUMS llj SUIT. ON If.alt"*/ Mranlivu. Vrw York ?nd New Jer?ey eve. 1'iwaipl .?IU n' on. |;H.AS. I OILMAN, lis Frnadway, i,M,m No <1 M?Ah OPFH KS. Wt)NKT LIBERALLY ADVANOEO ON Dl \m T :;-MONKT LIBERALLY ADVANCED ON l?> \ MURDA WATCUM. 4KWBLBY. Ar, (lit TDK SAME BO0OIIT AT THE HIOHKS! RA IT'S, ALSO PAWSBROV IKS' 'I'lOBBrs BQUtlllT FOR DIAMONDS. W A TO U KM. JKtVLLRY. *'.,el77 Blocker elreet, up - air*. iTAN' Es NI ADP. ON Df'.MONDS, WATCHES. Sll. rerwara. Fn.-a, flee Furniture, i.'aoiata' Hale Bl.awiJA >r hougbt for aaak. Tarir.* aiodcnte. J. S OOIIKN, roadway, nearly op. oait* Aalnr place. AT nVMAN'S.OW BROADWAY, CORNER 4)F BOJTO alreal, will he paid ib* hlaUc*i pric* for Dlainouda, Wa'cbe* aad Silverware, or will adrroc* <>n tha abova article*. AH ?fili_Mt)NEY LIBKFALI.Y advakcku ON dia I . MONI1S, WATUUES. JEWKLftY. il'., OK THE BANK BOLOUXFOM CASH. N. B?I'AWNHROKElls TICKETS MOtTOHT FOl< DIAMONDS. WATCHBH. A' . hlf BROADWAY. ROOM NO. 4 (LEEDS' ART OAI. J.I1RY). \T tm BROA DWAY. NEAR TW' NTIKfH STREET, room No. 4. tbe hlftieei price# arc paid for Diamond*, fa tehee, .tewelrv, fir., or money advance I on the **nie. MARKS k A 4? DIAMONDS, silverware anil other valuable* hmlrhl, or advanoc* made on the t?rdf 1 jewelrv atom It Park cBW, 0?poeMr. A?'or Ho t**. ?aioHlbT CitirltA ? PEARL STRKKT, BBTWKKN r.r.W BOWBRY and KrankUn aquaro, LEDERER B rA).. adtanae Jtb ano rrauauii *<4<>ero, i.uv,'"-""- -c,.. ' at reawmabla term* on all valuable prupei'ty, Watch**, Iry, Diamond*, Be., or purohavo. OFFICE HOURS FROM 10 A M. T?? 4 P Mj? J. H. BARBIRORR BIB Broadway. ioomN?.R a DVABCES MADR ON WATCHES. DIAMONDS, JEW &JU- n. y&tM' itel S3K;"Kte?S of Broadway. )U CAN GET THE Awrwim 5?e:,x sa sus piainonda, Watchoe, lawahy, Praolou* Stonea and Rwae Inga. WILLIAM LBW1B, Hold and Sliver Aimyor. KOBBY ADVANCED ON DIAMONDS, WfiTTillBS. .es? atreet. room* No. I and 1, npatalra. A. C OAT.. WOOD, AC. A CHALDRON FOR ?OIR IN TT1R YARD, OR del varod immodlatal* to aojwmii i' how#** at p, NOW York Oaa Work*, Twaaty OreA AMt'tSBMBMTS. Broadway theatre. admission so cents. Corner of Broadway and Broome street. standing ROOM ONLY ot on early hour reader* It adrleabie that place* should be secured in adraooe. Til RKB HOURS OK Fl'N. wuh the world reuowued Corned lau# nod oriftnel Deliaee tor* of 'AVU!0 VANKEE LIFE, MR. AND MHS BARNEY WILLIAMS, wbeee engagement le limited to only f?nr weeks more. .a f, 'L?/V?M!,U AND 8ATLRUAY MATINEE, the delightful pieces <>r THE FAIRY CIRCLE, oe, COR OVAROLAN'S DREAM, TIlTcpfSiSM ok'Vhf. COUNTRY. Owing to the bnefne.es of sitgageni-nt. Mr end Mr*. Bar ney Wlllialu*' ptaoes will be produced In raptu succession, end annul be prolonged upon the bill* beyond euoouaee ment. Bn* ?gh-e open froui Hindo'clock. Seal- aociirstd all day* in adynuc*. MONDAY. MARCH S-MHANDY MAUUIRE eu? HOCR is Sktilul THURSDAY, MARCH 0-IKFLAND AS If WAS. OLYMPIC THKATHP. CONTINUED SUCCESS I UN ABA'IFD EN THI SlASMl Thy great toto!, wool end sensational dre<ne, Ike NTItKF.TK Of NEW YORK STREETS or NEW YORK KTMKEtS OF NEW YORK STRI-Kis OK NEW YORK Si'1| crowding <1.* hi>u*c to repletion mainly. ?RANt) MATI.VKI O.; SATURDAY. |)oon oiteu et l?U Adimsaton to V.itlnee, FIFTY CENTS. Pei inrwauue uomu.ciicn* et 1. German stadt theatre. a and <7 bowery. TO MORROW I FRIDAY i F.VKMNd, MARCH I. MR. BOO I Mil. DA WI SON AS URIEL ACOSTA. ? 11 Dr. Cerl t;utll.<nv's celebrated tragedy, URIEL ACOHTA. HAIH7/S TKMI'LE OF MYSTERY, Hu6 BROADWAY. Tickou, Adeems; reserved text-. SI. See's secured *il day* In udrsnco at the Hell, from 9 ilU 6. Unntiuued suoceeg end unbounded rnthn,'**m. censed bv ill# NEW PROGRAMME. WITHOUT APPARATUS, end the prate*! Spectacular Illusion nf tfcn iUt. PROTEUS, PROTEUS, PROTEUS, PROT15I S PROi l l'S, PROTEUS, WE ARK HERE. BI T NOT HERE. THKIRAKKKT TRICE, Growll, of Flower*. Moating Heed, and other wonder*, will beprodu'edliVRKY FY l\ I NO AT H. SATURDAY AT 3. WEDNESDAY JVVENri.K NIUHT. Cnlldien h*lf price. MR. AND MRS. BARNEY WILLIAMS' M ATfVKE. Oo Raturdujr, March >. Open* 12!*. Brain* I J. o'clock. FAIRY CIRCLE AND OC8TOM OF THE COUNTRY. HROADM AY THEATRE. Secure *eat* lu ndrenre. SAN FRANCISCO MI.NSTRBLS. 60S BROADWAY. The trouble ?;oiu>naore* el e quarter to H. THE C REM E UK LA ORE ME OF MINSTRELSY. BIRCH, W AM HOLD. BERNARD * BACKUS SAN FHA.NCISOO MINSTRELS, who** BU.-ce*i ha* neve.* been equalled by eny siutll tr urgan (ration In the world. New end rhterful Bur.csqtte* ryerjr week. Wambold'a new ?>ng, "Will You Com.! to Men! Me, Darling?'' Police Catm Scene*. Animate! Photographs H.mbrtuus' Ooe-e of Lac~r Beer. Neuey Pet. Shoataof luugh'erst the Shadow Pentomlme end Hie hereeiu.ug Blnofc Coot end Afrlceu Ballet Troupe. KX LY A LEON'S MINSTRELS. 7*1 BROADWAY, men D*nce.H:9i). D Dodging for a Wife. The only LEON O Keliifeoti. Rermouryali, Uitii,", new W3:!,e?. -?- 1* AIloiiHllui, I'rcrnieyi. City Heme. ALL CAN* T TTRar rtitH. FrJilo*. Ac. The Haunted Ihiuir. O A Dabgernug Dim". Clndrr-Lcoi. end R The <>'mid Apotheosis Madagascar Bullet O from BLACK CROOK Terminating Arony F nud t'KNDRII.LON. AND ? THBR DELIGHTFUL LUXURIES. CHAE1.1 A w HITB'8 TROUPE, 479 BROADWAY. BALDW..1, BALDWIN. BALDWI - BALDWIN, VHBt llEAT EAST INDIA JUGGLER. BACKWO'D I iMES, BACK WOOD ECHO BE. BLACK BLUVD " BLACK BLUNDERS. ?atlAmui ... BROADWAY BOYS. XML - V OK TUli BARONET. THE , OF TDK IIAK'INKY, t OMIC SINt.l .. . , DAN.' INti AND HALLKI'S. MAtlNK .> . .,.JIOAY AFTBBMOOM ATjiX, OTEINWA N K pi Mr.. O CARi. WOLF iOHNtg NINTH BKHTHQVRN MAT INK , ri:i4)AY, March 1. at? netouk. AttfcW'Miuer:, ii -I i*t but. one of the sertee, Mr. Wolf ?ohu will be are -led by the celebrated prjuin donne, Med auie HKKl l! .*. .Kill.\.\iiSEN. *o?l will plny the oe?enre?fd 1**1 SONATA*' HMUtuyeM, onus 111. neoraopeb et i:3 T II. T.ekets $1 eatch. Fyr **F* nt b'muwc.t * and ike p.-ap it rnuti store*. Riguor LOTH, the Ut . ni Tcuuy, will eppenr for Uie flrat tlmo *?u * id* return fttm Metioo end Ilatrnna ?? the l"Ct aurt leet Bee lio*et> M.il.jer M.ireh IE Madame parepa. Sunday concert. STEIN WAY HALL. XWENTT.SF.YENTU SUNDAY CON'IRRT, MARCH 3. Ent*re New Progreuiui" br the following g. eat ertirte:-* V ADAML PARE!'A. MISS MARIE GIl.Hlvltr, Pxuul-i <b?r tiret epit .reure in MK. ^TaKVI-,R')S A PR. O. W. COLRY, MR THRO THOMAS AND HIS PI f.L OtCHIMTRA. THIS ins, VIF fY OENi A. R*served Seat*, Fifty rent* ei'.ni. OTEINM'.AY HAL?.. ^ MONDAY EVENING, MAROU A 1817. Signer Lili II b"g* to eomuin, e hie FAHBIVELf. OUNCERT pretiau* to hi*departure lor Euiarpe, when the following artlkt* will Mile. Nnt'dl, Prune Doouu; Mr. Ed. Mellnnhaut r. Violinist; Mr. ?!. N. Patttaon. Finn 1st; The Arioo Society; Mr. Carl Amtehoi*; Mr. Carl Bergmann, to gether with full ore|i#*ir?. firkele $1; i e#en ?d urate M cent* extra. For sale at Beer A Selilrmer, ,01 H.oailnm , pond A CO., 047 H toed way; Hehuoertb A Co, Hft) Broadway, and Stein way Hall. T^JaDAMK PARKPA IN ORefORIO. MAVDET/S OMATWORK. "BAMSON.'t will be protlnaed on ll/BMDAV, March A AT SlFJNWAV hall, ^rl'h 'hf fotjowing *?? "*ot er,i*ts and chord* of 910 untie, tueuilo atol tntv Vu i*. MsDAAIK PARKPA. Prime DonnI _ ? MRS. EANSV RAYMOND HITTER, M?r*0 Soprano. MR. GKOROK SIMPSON, Te??r MR. .1. U. THOMAS, Be.stj. ? MR. K nONNEL7.7. IV".inlet. MIL U. W. COLBY. PiaM*t. AIR F. I. RPfTRIt Oond'tcler IHI. M'V. VCltK HARMONIC SOCIETY, TiMjrriit H with TIIK CKCILIAS CHOIR, Dr. Cwi'e.*, Clio,, Me A'*lt THRO. TIIOMA#' FULL UttCHKSTRA. L r II' Kit.SON Director ?||| KM* ONK DOLLAR. Resr.rred Srei* 80 ????at* rails. The ?*le "f ?I'l'b will cummerce 'hi* moruiujs et Rrcr A SahirmeHS, Vut Bio?d ur Pond A Co.'*, iiL BlSMmyl i R uliii-.u ? T ic.l ct .Ihi'c, I 111 Brued way, uiul -.Utlnwav Hall. 1 vv /ONDRRPtlL FU- aK OF NATUIIE?? THE WASH . / INi.'TON TWIN-.'* s r? *\l\e. hutma ? wo 1,,-ail*. m.,r arm*, and but cue l*wt? and one pa,r of h a*; alao the le ad ami nglit ?riW of I'rnb-t, Pie niui\l"r?r of tT,? Deering fami ly ; 'Ogciaer witu the lavgaia-ne- eolle-.tinn of abject* In t'*hy-iio'ogT. Amtimr. Patladogv an t Nat ,ml III*, u j ; all of which ue IlltnttlaieU daily by I ooto ee and Ma-wcup ?? v iewa, at Ih# New Y..r* Mu-rum of An Conn, 8:a Prm ,d way. Opei tram a A. M. iu Id P. M. NOW ON P.XRIHIflON, KOI lil tIMI.f.'S I i UK A f HISTORICAL PA ITCnN'i, I ItK Hi PIHM.JCAN COl ltr IS THII DAIS (if I.IN' ol.X. A w?,|ieuinii I.I llitatlantiHi'a "Kcp-ihlletu Our' la ihc lley-of tV**h>iigiun~ H.e two palii'mys lap '???illlug the two g, cm. ?pu ii-of l?e i'uiintr. a hl-i iry, "The Rerol-i lio.i ami the Rolielllnii.'' Tin* g'CAl hlaloi i al wwr* ha* ? 0 gag>:4 toe a. t.at in nearly '.woycAfa. ? toas.it I* t*W ?' the -*?: iltd Iiiauau.'. tmu, a>- l a Ilit-liJt l In gill In III* it',:*. antaeui itloc and i-> p.i e-it n rty-all* wr Ihc p.eaiutenl pe.S'tn-gi* of the time In re tun* |i|e**uig manner. Oj.en day i-rd ?yenlng ?i (he ImtlA uje #f An illerliy Haltr-rv ?. Kai P'Okdnay. fUllFATRICAL INSTRUCTION ?1 KN fit LADIES I and geiitiewten. Ail,lrr*? Darla A <' a, I heat, ical Agcni*. rt7 Htatedway. A lir*t rl**e hsll'i matter wanted, slwt ?et. er.ti young ladle*. TIIK BAM. HE A MOM. /'UlVIUU, D'OPKlA Af T.IK AClOI.Nl IV.O "T ii-kc*fti ?*|e Iteltt*' i ihe im,';** canaut gu Apply a' ItA MaUien lane, ihu-d do i . / 1 RAND OI'hNINO IT fir irt academy or sic?ti?j will take pi.acf i jo. iah, with ih# FIRE DKPAP.i MI'.SI HALL. Tiokel* rat' be procnred uf the uh -a or of *II? nuaiMr 01 Die nommlt'e* c. IIDDFHKY eUTNTMbR, Pre on,,. M B os.lway. .lastA F. \Yihn*v, st-oretary, ltd P" id s'letu. A. .1. Dmewtpti. Treasure , t\ai- *i *el. LUEEMKN'R RALT.-oPKMS.it MollT-M tDKMV r of Mm.!,.. An toapwrsinn aprcsr* to prayail <ba' the el* bn* of tie old Vhdtiittccr fn ltc|'urtnit-n on tnc pual;? listt nled tnt w iib glint departmenl. Ijl ? rdcr that the t"lbpc te*t rtghiir ii|,d*. LAB'1 tbcjj S'yjp tatn. v.c t>> bbeh Hu< fulloW'u* etlieetfr.iriit6ehiiii i.li* p..it oi tne tru-v'-e* m the tuad, medv foi the jeer ending IfeonaWfl'? Wcli*re en ih? pension li?t *t the nreaent nine a I*rger nuraltcr of widow* than al any preyfoi'* time, numbering about four hundred, whuj. with 'heir fanilll'*, loud ii) tijj? fuod a* to * source of relief in their time of need, .???! which w* are proud to say baa nerer failed t lit in- Some of our widow- are aged (two died ? the wraith of RgemeWl orer ? n rj or age, anil have reoalfhd aid froui thi* fund lor along lerw of years', ?nd no have many now over the axe of 7b yenra to whom the te lle! ffefirnd frotn tht* fund has been of greet **?lata-tce, and while we hare many tha are ?H?? bare slsomsar that aro younger who hay* famihea of young children around them. There have been mere widow* sdded to the pension list during the last four vcars than of any pieviou* period of rnme length of Dm*, a large number ma le *o by th*lr husbands' Lying down their lire* hi the defence of their omiBWy during the war lust etoted. We have also many old and disabled Hremea to whom also relief I* e* tea led, and we are no proepeot oi the demauda furieltef and aaslstanie being at'iok diminished for tomh ySaft to C?Hf?c* UMa rsfort was made, juanarv I, if teen widwwa here henw added Iu <lve pension lut. These pensioners i# e*lee $9h e year, and to tbswe who keep houee t,eo ions of *o*a each during Urn winter. Thi* ij the minimum amount glyen. If sh hiveaa or want overtake them the Donation " uiemtttse glee them a weekly or taonlfiy allowance, wWch to mneh mriakm than the pew?ton. 1 he trostoc- etpendHIn these deede oi chaHtyfor tho yesr IMS, $f$?0?d; for tRIfi, ggajN; for iM, $*.571 The re^ipis from the b*U leet ?Sr wireVSS We have no lear thai the sum to be de riveil Iht- year from ihe hatl will be at all diminished when t generou* public uudeistand the President of Board of Trullees. 3=~ IM.WINO ACADEMIRH. ADODWORTH a dakcino academy, , NO. ?1? FIFTH AVENUl. Far terms, Ac., scad lor a circular. TVIOARMtVB DANtlNtl ACADEMY. ? FIRTH U aeenue, c,,r?er of Fourteenth street -Open for the re lepllie ef F>ipue e? Tdeae*** and Ftodey*. Wedwerdaye h4 AMVSBMKBfTS. OOD'8 THEATRE COMKJUE. All Broadway, opp?*"* *'? Nlcholaa Hotel ADMI8dtO!f ...? * ENTS. Kaeerved itaU, orcoe*ira aud^baleony ohaiia extra. OK SATURDAY KVKNXNO. MARCH I, l?7. With ? full cutnpauy or rcnw.pm. .,..1LLET la addition to which engagement, hare been entrrtd into mill the nurvelloiia (Pr naaa"'. MR BAKNQU, RCNNBLLB 1MB Who ?ra the etn'iodlinent of GRACE. REFINEMENT and AdIL.ll Y. aud who hare inaugurated aM? Ptyle m animated physical pobiw. - and earned lor ihemaelve*. before the aewMO ?*" ?" Europe the Mile of __ MAHTl ltS OF CALISTHENICS, Developing la their Olaaelo UymtnMtla Rierdaaa an eeae, fimckn'ee and vimlike bearing wbloh have never toe*ep iiroachod by aoj acrobat, m the world. Perleel la rorm. beautiful in .guiw Y.^'aTW" Preaeut living jrtotarea.at ooee pie ulng. fpadnatmg aad a?. tomplUhed flao. with the Trainer aad Tutor, .uu.fw.pc uK? HUTCHINSON, VaIiVKLLOCS TROUlS'oP ACTINO DOOR. * wonderful exhibition of ennioe nugpolty Jf"l BHAimrt'ii anoo^ ili?: i ^oLks, fat ei<vUitu? to point of .main* dexterity and ?'?!? *?! feat* erer lone by .uumel" ,hewurai?^AT.oN or attractions never belnre equalled. . _. Don.-* otp-a at ML I*rfncmo..oe oommenoe at T\. W AM'ED?Kirat eiaaa laleut lu evera department. ApplJ te San tel t'olvllle, box oflke. between xtland U o cloea. NEW YORK THEATKR. Mauauo.a I.enl, Baker and Marh Smtllh Secontl we>'lt of the accoiuiitiabe.l artift LADY DUN. a lio ha* hero Mieeleil by _. _ I'RUVtHEI. AND FASHIONABLE AUDIENCES. Second week of tbo verv mweiaful burleaque of kENII.WORTH. I.ady DOS a? Y'e Rail of L*t.e?ter (niUh *ong?.) To be pro ;nded by iho admirable comedy of rHKPaETiy iioksf.brkakeb. HE).I,A St NNYKIDR, with llie ?ong* of -I I n* the merry ninablne," ead the * Horn of Oli-f'-I.ADY DON. * SATURDAY?Keinlworlli Matinee 1~U AND MBS BARNK.Y WILLIAMS' FIRST MATL NhE?At the BroAdwny Thd-itre ^turrtur. MitrjgJf. KAIRY riRCIeK AND < WHToM OK THK ^OCWTEY. M riMIEATRK FRANCA IP-COM RDIE. J Imiueuve ?uoce?? By genera, reipi eat, SATURDAY, Marr-hd, at preelnely. Third lenreseutuUoii of T.A KAMILI.R BKNOirON. (original of The Pant Kamliy), Un'.r.edv, ill live acta. by M Vletoileii Sardnp. Tit Wet olliee at H. Danlnnrille'i, 078 Broadway. Mrs f. b. conways park theatre, brook lyu. FEBRUARY P?, TliK NEW LEAH. Deborah Mr.. F. B. Conway. FRIDAY?BvneUl of M ? a. F. B. Conway. rnONY PASTOR'S OPRRA HOURB, ?' BOWER*. T PmRlvely Uat nlMhta of the .real drama, i PoaHlvet^ia N(,^ VOLUNTEER. OR THE LAST OP LIBBY PRISON. ">kit ,*?r ? dK'WTKK.VTv D?? we Doora opes at 7; cumnuaaoa ai? e'aloeh. - ' - B ROOETjTN ACADR-Y C^MHSia J BROKE . Orphemi aoPMiKS'rirm coMCRKy^rgR^Mf is Uouie; ?* Bey ^ s W Broederay. BUN VAN TABttU'X-ltEOKJr PAHOEAMA JW eh?ldi-e?, & rente. XeUcee weduee day autt Settrrday, ath oMoelc. - f^PVFNTH RE<?!Ml'eNT Q, BAND#?THE OOMPDl S men"* Cot.lei. lo C. S. CraftiUa. Baud MwUr. on Snlmday evrnlns Mat hi, at Seventh lleslmeiit Armorr. Tl- Vet* "? be bail fun' nonibft. * of the r*iuneo! cr IVorr s. luraftilhi. N". 1 Slan1 on slir i. , t CMND COM CRT IS GIVKR BY THE BPRlKa A a.r.iet Sabbath a boo! iu ?h- clur :hBprlng apeet, nay Var'ek. tVedii??tlaV and TlitU ley ovniilivi*, at ... o elot a. Dooi'i mif u t'.v. AdhiDcon "*? I'roeeeda for pur*ha*e of ? ORAND CONCERT WILL Hit <'{TEN THIS EVEN A leg at I he Bapl.at olinivtb eorner MadfKiO and neur aiivelP, by MUpea Marv laawl tin Hi the a hoet of rtrat c!a?K talent, rickete for aeie at tee door. - Dramario reading a.vd staob e^9?uti^^T One "Otirte o.1 privet* leepon# at pnpil. rvwidenee, term# ?10. adtireaa. -Utiof wbere an Uterrlew may be b?d, Pfof^JW Half. HewW . Cyrhat ejchibi ri'i\ ny painttkos , ,o l. ae^dallr JDjn, M m .0 P. M. .bPOwoed^.Mtt.eof yua? ,?,! one hundred SlW lUu ItiiU ?I*?"? work?- h> braled Ann. wan ^irBY^NKW^Rf "^OOMS. " ? No. 84h Bioadway, otueiai.e Wa> ach'a Theatre. tircuui BUILDING, M WEST TENTH S 1)1. HA \S Ual tutiutinn, a Beel paa.mg Ihe for.? bt ow .New Oile na. AdmuaKm free. rpilK Til I it D AN NI ?1. s G'MFD' CONCERT WIIJ BR I cl, -it ?, St. Ceter-' ? Lor. li. Barclay alreet, oe Sunday tvtii'lil, Wv,,.|. htir. M. fh-heta $1. , MAi"isf<"i:f ifaTl -ah. III.HRAKD WILL LKCTI'RH ( U,u, P V ? o ? . " Ud..-> only, and lo the even Imp I., remleineii nub Tbveo lecture* Will lie lliuatrate<l by i?'# i cUi? lirk?'-s to li"1 ^1^", - V.Tnot'PltAIrt " MASO' KRAI) E M GRAND wiardi gras 1"? K M.I. CKIM'LR FRANCA IS DK t.'O ARMOSIB, ^ Af IRVING HAI.L. IT'K'D'V. MARCH J, 1*7. Oi. tl l ien raiuul are b-Wnr nude by tb* eemwt ee m> .,..,,1., Salt a-t..'neva, n LI ORCIIBSTRA. I k, be o'.U' ? I of Mi-*Ar*. ? IrMH, Lvmg Hr'i; I.. c Kojpik-1 II annptree': A"?awto^Bt cedne mget, I d. a* uaiw, IS llo?prd nieet; *r?Jr" Kiwalni. HoUaapa V.i, .se nev Tweuty.KfitvPti ph ?n-t Broadweg . De lwoe bi>'?. Ken teedth etrtat and Hfth avenue, and the aaembera nf the poriety, - ?? "i^tn ttfr us^Vr ^iri?'hti j, I Hi- , mi.i ?eet f.c aM ftrei olaea Theatiwa,ceneert*. *e.. *n al'Veve hi obtained at ihe _____ theatre ticket orricR. lilt trn l 114 BROADWAY. PIANOPGRTEE . ,mv.:,in_7 O'TtVH PIANO. WmR_.?MWHP \ irii- r. i t b eliua maker, been umd 0"'f nr l .". iul'y w i ranted Kreefaoe Pjaeomi tnaiaa i-ii, i,o? in imt c. A. Mils ORB. *88 BroewWPy "? aril m i l CARVED ROSEWOOD PIANOFORTJL \ r.. rJ.iund ^'l^'jSLfTS .ml cect, if .,,ii ?bL week; dr?lclpap? ny maker. Ape DUI Tlilrtepnih atree' , , a WAGKtFICEVr SKVEN OCTAVE ROBRWOOD A. rultn.'.te .r.'.p-lu I1'..* ?n.| hnl?h..et^gr??t he^ [am l.tr< iah: fully warran'ed * all at l? Ovwnd ?lreeV !f,ir Moi*. M m riMA- a.MSO in KENT OF PIANOFORTES TO I.RT ,r!^^ig?u " "" ""."^^IN?.r T VAONIFRIENT PIANOFORTE FOR \ i i-A i ivfci vlmiA I'trfor BitH, fw 919; do. jrj^oe. ? a MAGNIFICENT ASSORTMENT DF T1FIR /'NIMTl \ hmi new and keooftd hand YDtBOi til the fn| for*aT'?i.dT.^'*L WILLIAM CANDI DUf WMnroom^ 4d Bleeekei Ml''*'' t ? A iiaoKtrlCBNT ItrHKWOOD PIANOFORTf FOM .ale- made order. oily maker, coal $??), for ?W. Par Suiip.' Elagere*. Mookea*e. PalntJpRi. Brorje^fcurehu*. Sedate* .;*; Wardiuliea. M at I may a .E ilenalon ftble.D ?* OL i hinw Ctlne*. Ml^rwart, Tmble t>tttl?fy. A WTWr. M Wtei btiwAfi Fifth Hhii AfAUM* __ GIaNO WAKTEIC-A SECONDHAND .EIANOFOR'J will find a riiau.mer. If lo |p?>d bos^'Cou. by addreea , f, elation D. Oue of A. H. Gale A Ce.'a make pre irred. VATERh ORAND SQUARE AND PFKTOHT FIAS'W, IV MelodeouA Cabinet Orpna. whotemlji and iwu.il, o is Lntw. *Facmr?and wareTooma 4B1 Ejidwajb wnw _pTj?i?u*r llEADY THIS DAT AND FOR **ta AT M,B " ' '* THE DMMO^ n"?^,kiv. ?,f,r^uARlia.?p?.?.T. I T*i?.a*oeiiio'HBtil Inn *y om?w, and art hy applb aUen to Ihe ^Xt%tw55Tei!l !.?" *?