28 Şubat 1867 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 9

28 Şubat 1867 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 9
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1S64 [ I R 181% ft 100 167% 161 150 169% 186% 187 168 190 180 261 222 786 231% 162 186 266 189 229 200 260 211 244 . 1866 ? ? 136% 144 % 135% 140% 125 136% 126 120% 125% 141% 137% 167% 147 166% 146% 162% 143% 147% 146% 164% 137% 149% 131% 141% Financial and commercial. WnnwiT, Feb. 27?8 P. M. The fold market bu been strong and excited to-day, mainly under the eCuru of a bull combination to ad Vsnoe it in anticipation of the President vetoing the KecooairucUon bill. It la generally believed tltat If be eigne it the breach between the Executive aad Congress will be narrowed and the Impeachment rendered less imminent, whereas if he vetoes it the contrary will be the uase and the impeachment will be almoet inevitable The opening price was 139 %, followed by an advance to 140%, the bigheat point of the day; but the supply was creator t! m the demand at this figure, and a gradual da line followed, the closing price at four P. E having been 139%. Subsequently on the street the ebeing quotation waa 136% a %. Loans were made wthoul interest aad at 1 a 2 per oeat for carrying. The mount ? of gold certificate* issued and redeemed and die re mainderfoutatanding are thus stated by the Siu Trea surer? 1btali**w4. Total redeemed. Omtgamdinp. *P* $271,420 $100 000 $102,420 100s 4,330,200 3,070,000 1,760,700 600'e 601,600 200,600 366,000 1,000's 22,077,000 18,703,000 3,881,000 O.OnOe 144,086.000 127.070,000 10,716,000 10,000'e 6,000,000 6,000,000 ? Total $173,028,120 $166,213,000 $22,807,120 The fluctuations of the market rrom the time of the auipensfon to the end of last year are thus shown:? 1802 I , Date. January.-par 109 134 February. 102% 101% 163 March. ...101% 102% 130 April 101% 102% 148 May 102% 104% 143% June 103% 100% 140% July 109 12b % 123% August...112% 116% 122% Sept 110% 124 127 October... 122 137 140% Nov 120 133% 143 Doc 130 134 147 1( January 197% February ,160% March 148% April 144' 61 ay 128% Juno 136% July 138 August. ...* 148% Soptember 142% October 144 Kovomlier 145% December 144% i The railway share market has boeu dull, but the gene ral tendonry appears to favor improvement, si though there is an absence of speculative spirit on either ths bull or the bear side. The supply of money Is abundant to the Stock Exchange at six per cent, with exceptions at seven on railway collaterals, and five on governments. The Treasury is disbursing lu payment for sevon-tbir tles. but the secret manner in which the fuudiog pre ' cose is couductod excitos suspicion, and the opinion is gaiuing ground in Wall street that sundry axes are being ground thereby both in and out of the Department That the market for government securities is being manipulated by toe agents of the Treasury Is beyond doubt, and this Is hardly creditable to the government. When tive-lwenties of the new lata* of 1806 have to 1? sold the brokers employed at fall rates of commis sion "bull'1 them, and tho Treasury at the same time asMisbt their endeavors by making money easy; but ? when ths Treasury draws its money in payment for these the broken concernod begin to "bear" seven < thirty notes, and the Treasury likewise assists thorn by locklag up us much currency aa 11 can. Seven-thirties 1 go dowu, therefore, just as flvc-tweotles went up, and ? the government brokers are enabled to do a handsome thing for themselves, if not for the government; . for with them self-preeorvatton is always the ? first law of nature, aad charity Invariably begins > at 'borne. The present secret system of cou ? vomica la a trick upon the public and dis creditable to tiro administration of the finnnoes. The dealers in government securities like it, without excep tion, because It gives them oemrniestous of % per cent for buying aad the same lor selling, and chances or speculating to advantage on tbeir own account, wbtch we may rest assured they promptly avail themselves ot; ? bat to the people at large it la a stumbling block aad n very heavy tax. W* therefore suggest to Congress the advisability of inquiring Into the present systom of con versions into the funded debt aad making provision for < the mil publicity of all snch transactions. At the tea o'olock open board the market was stag ? naat New York Central sold at 102%; Illinois Central, 110%; Michigan Southern, 72% (b.10); Northwestern, 36% (a.3); Atlantic Mall, 86; Pacific Mail, 131 a 131%. At the first regular board lb* speculative feeling was . sluggish, hot pries* were well sustained. Pacific Mail was stronger, and sold op to 133 on the call, the traasac ? ttonn covering 2,200 shares New York Central dosed % higher than at the same time yesterday, Northwestern ? preferred %, Fort Wayne %, Pacific Mail 4%, Atlantic Mail 1, Canton 1, Western Union Telegraph %. Govern ? meat securities wore steady, excepting Ira-twenties of 1303, which showed aa advance of %, and ten-forties an advasee of %. Tennessee sixes wen % lower, bat the . 1 new isnn* were % higher. Missouri sixes were % higher. At tho ode o'clock open board the railway share market was firm hot dull, aad New York Central seM at 103% fa 3); Erie. 66% ; Hudson. 137; Reading, 100%; Michigan Southern, 73%; Illinois Central, 118%; Cleveland and Pittsburg, 00%; Rock Island, 06%; Northwestern, 36% fall, do. preferred, 66% (b.3); Fort Wayne, 83% (a 10); Atlantic Malt. 84 a 84%. At the half-past two regular board the market waa ' a Hhode Armor. Erlo closed % higher than at the first rcgalar board, Hudson %, Northwestern preferred %, Fort Wsyne %, Ohio and Mississippi certificates %. Pacific Mail declined 2% per cent, helling at 130. Government ?ecurRiee were firm. Coupon sixes of 1331 were % higher, five-twenties of 1864 and 1866 %. Seven-thirty notes of the third series were % lower. Tennessee etieo mowed aa advance of %; new issue declined %. At the half-pest three open board the market was a fraoUen lower. New York Central Hold at 102% a 103; Ens, 66% (a.3); Badson, 138; Reading, 103%; Michigan ?feathera, 73; Rock Island, 06% a %; Northwestern, 86%; a* preferred, 05%: Fort Wayne, 04% (h. 3); Mil wankeeand St. p?0lr 66%; Western Union Telegraph. 43 During the rest of to* one moon prices were without materiel alteration, and at half.past live the market was barely steady at the following qno?*uoua:?New York Central,.103 a 103%; Erie, 66%; Reeding, 103% a 104; Michigan houtbern, 72 % a 73; Rock Island, 06% n %; Fort Wayne, 04% a %; North western, 35% a 36; do. prefenod, 66% a %; Pacific Mall, 130% a 131. Com pound interest notes wees quoted thus by the dealers:? June, 1864, 117%; July, 117; August, 116%; October, 116%; December, 114%; May, 1885, 112%; August, 111%; September, 110%; October, 110%. , The foreign exchange market continues firm aad the decline In cotton abroad operate! against exportation* of tbo staple. Bankers' bills on England at sixty days were quoted at the close at 108% a 106; at three days, 109 % ? 100%; commerce! bills, 107% a 106%; francs at sixty days, 6.15 a 5.21%; at three days, 6.13% a 6.16. 1 Bills 00 Berlin, 72 a 72%; en Bremen, 78% a T?;en Fraokfori, 41 a 41%; on Amsterdam, 41 n 41%; on Ham burg, 36% a %; on Antwerp, 6.19% a 6 10%. British consols and American securities were quoted 4hus in London on tho dates mentioned :? Feb. 90. FA. 26, FV>. 27. Consols 01 91 01 United Blaise 6-20's.. 74% 73% 73% Erie 37% 37% 86% Illinois Central....... 73 x d. 77% x d. 76% Mining Mocks were Irregular, and A the afternoon heavy. At the first board Consolidated Gregory Gold cloned 10c. higher than at the name time yesterday, selling at $16 10; Gold Hill 20c., selling at $3 06. Quartz Hill was te. lower, selling at $4 30. At the sec ond lioard Consolidated Grrgory Gold closed $2 10 lower then at the Dm board, soiling at $13; Quartz Hill 20a., selling at $4 10. Corydou sold at $16. The Commissioner of Savings Banks In Massachusetts has mide the following statement for the yean men tioned 1V0. of So. of Jm't of Am't to rnioft Frac. Hunk*. Drpnrtlnrr. DtpotiU. Drvontor. .1836 28 29,786 $4,374,678 $146 1846 33 62,993 10,680.033 109 7866 81 166.484 30,373,447 184 1366. 102 310,663 07,732,264 213 The number of depositon. amount of deposits, of pub lic loads loans, Ac., were:? 1866. 1883. Number of depositon 313,853 201,483 Amount of deposits $67,732,234 $60,938,482 Public fund* 26,113,702 22,067,718 Loans on Public Tunds 812,618 657,617 . Bank stock 10,58?^39 10,414,026 Low* on bank stock 282,186 230,400 Deposits ta banks, bearlag ??ursvt 1,664,362 702,923 Ral I bond bonds 427,673 ? Loafi* on railroad stock,... 140.123 128,776 Invested in real estate 477,699 448,130 4 Jioens on mortgage of real IA14U.8VO 1M4M? I860. 1864. loan* to counties and towns 6.0*0.110 5.618,838 Soaus on pergonal security. 8,027,88*2 6,081,343 Co?b on baud 1,333,618 646,353 Jverawe rale of ordinary divia uds for I860, |>er cent 6 26-100 4 75 100 Atnual expenses of lustl tu.ioas 219,257 203,318 The export* (exclusive of specie) from the port of Mow York to foreign porta(for the week end'ng February 24 and sines the commencement of the year, compare aa follow* with thoae for the corresponding period in 1985 and 1866 ? 1865. 1866. 1867. Ft* the week $5,163,466 $3,199,051 $4,017,029 Previously reported..32,204,167 32,028,187 23,430,428 8mc* January 1..$37,367,632 $35,227,238 $27,744,454 The foreign Imports nt New York compare a* follows 1864. 1866. 1867. Dry good* $1,128,584 $4,619,244 $2,357,312 Genera] merchandise 2,044,077 2,631,599 4,215,294 Total for the week. $3,172,661 $7,250,843 $0,572,606 Previously reported.. 13,861,853 89,878,303 30,664,938 Since January 1..$17,034,014 $47,129,146 $37,237,544 The oommeroe of New York from July 1 to date ef each of the years mentioned oompares as follow* 1864-64. 1865-66. 1866-67. Import*, mdae....$97,904,639 $189,213,354 $168,170,578 Exports, produce.. 161,524,422 142,105,374 109,351,849 Exports, specm... 24,740,021 16,414,023 21,279,592 The Chicago Clearing House statements for the under mentioned dated compare as follows:? frbruarg. Clearingr. Balancei. 18 $1,268 884 $218,074 1? 1,168,823 144,435 2 0 1,021.422 216,671 2 1 1,167,260 198.087 23 1,486.211 191,401 To tsl $8,112,072 $977,369 Inst week. $7,664,205 $1,177,233 Week ending Jan 26 8,413,365 1,066.304 Week ending Feb. 2 8,086,378 1.010,646 Week ending Feb. 9 8,506,080 931,781 The total value ef imports at Boston for the week end ing February 22 was $715,147, against $711,874 during the corresponding week In 1866 Total since January 1, this year, $5,619,732. The total value of foreign exports from Portland last week amounted to $182,390. The following is a detailed statement of the oondition of the Bank of France on February 14:? aasm-a. FVjnef. Cash in Paris and thp brunch banks 705,7.'t2,989 Bills due yesterday to bo paid to-day. !?<?,Kai Bills becoming due in ruris, of which tt2.WO.5S7 frauca are from branch baulc* . 885.895, l?l 9 Bills in the bran 'li banks 818.055,059 Advances on coin and Ingots 99,328,000 Do. In the branch banks 8.726,000 I)o. on French securities 13,614,600 Do. in the branch banks 7,357,400 Do. on railroad shares and bonds 37,372,800 Do. in the branch banks 25,901,350 Do. ou the credit ioncler bonds 725,100 Do. in the branch banks. 719,050 Do. to Mate by treaty, 1848 60,000,000 Rentes of the reserve fund 12,980,750 Rentes, disposable fund 30.027.237 Rentes immobilized (law of Juue, 18577!'.!! 100,000!000 Hotel and furniture of the banic and real property of branch banks 8,337,891 Expenses of administration 263,705 Sundries. 12,383,144 Total. 1,685,403.207 UABUTIM. Capital or tbe Bank 182.600,000 Reserve fund in money 4,000,000 Reserve in real property 22,105,750 Profits to be addod to capital (article 8 of laiv June 9, 1857) 7,044,776 Notes to bearer in circulation m Paris and the brancn bunks 1,037.704,825 Do. to order (rout bills) 13,520,112 Acoount current of Treasury creditor 142,705,868 Various accounts current 231,036.814 Do. branch bun kg 30.107.791 Dividends to bo paid 2,063.283 Discount, interest and expenses 3,577,079 Re-discounts of tbe last bolt' year 1,574.256 tundriea 7,163,160 Total. .1,686,403,207 Mia AT THE HEW T8M ST9C1 EXCIUME. WMewulaj, Ifob. 27 1 a,'iu a u 4JJ.0 t K d-s. '81. oou.. MOW 44 mi VS* SssEiSSSS KffiSKS:: it? 4508U u M (V. iSl' .S ,lud csnal... 147 15UK) ITS 6'a, 5-20r 'At n 1Uk? O" 84 40 Adatn?' Express.... ? 1WMOO do log a?...2* ^fiUU Tr'Mo'? 1? 'in'gk 180 & go BlW!! 86 isst???as-sat'Si^ '8 ST, inw 3000 iouo , .. w 1000 Missouri A's 96 mouteiiKa;;::18$ ISSo & 7ttO Ohio #'a '61.... m SOOErla KR 'Si MM No 6-s, ex oou 50 W0 do ' *V WtKCr>,.. 86X ??) Hudson i 'ojtw OhtoViils W'' JEf J? ""^ Rlrer RR.. i?p 4600 Hud Kivid s f M, 108 400 Ohiaago"'?* >000 Alii T H 2d m pre 5 iS * " W ^ CIKWcoa oonv bd 82 SO Chic A Rock i*u!?Y WO nhlAKkl 1st m ? lS* S^do^ orf Sn n m mi/ IS w i cWrb S? IttKO ClKIAPac RK 7*i ?* 1W M I'ODIMKRCLAL. REPORT. WsnsBSDir, Feb. 27-6 P. X. BntAMTTtrr*.?Receipts. 4.619 bbls. flour, 1.760 bags corn steal. 1,012 bushels wheat, 2,818 do. corn, 6,300 do. oats, and 6 no do. malt. 1 be naarket for Stale and Western flour was quite steady today; a fair demand prevailed and prices if anything had an upward tendency, though there was no quot able change. Tbe sales were about 7,600 bbU. at the append ' ed quotations. Southern flour was ateady, with a moderate demand. Tbe aalsa were 300 bbls. Rye flour was quiet but Arm Sales were made of 290 bbls. at from $7 a $8. Corn tn',1 was In fairly active demand at tull prices. We note sales of 1,000 hbls., including Brandywlne, at 86 46 a 66 90, and Baltimore at %i >6. We quote:? Siinernno .tnd Western $8 75 a 10 00 Extra state 10 05 a 10 95 Cnoice State II 00 a 11 W Common to medium aura Western 10 06 a 10 90 Extra round hoop Ohio 10 80 a II 76 Western trade brands It 80 a 19 86 Coimnoo Southern vjihiii.u ......10 40 a 12 00 Patter aud extra d?- 12 10 a 18 80 Bye Soar (superfine) 7 66 a 8 60 Cera meal, Jersey 6 96 a 6 40 Corn mead. Brandywlne. 6 46 a 6 90 ?For wheal a mote active demand prevailed, and prices were a trifle In favor of I he seller. The IraohecUone com prise 30,000 bushels, at $3 67 a $2 60 for Bo. 2 Milwaukee and 9>ll for No. 8 Chicago; alee Including a considerable quantxtv of whito California on private teraaa. Cora was fatrlv active at an advance of la a 2c. per huabel; the sales were 61.W0 bushels (mostly for speculation) at 61 66 a 61 46 formtxad Western In store. 61 10M a 81 II for do ad oat, 81 IU for white Houthern and 81 0V for yellow Penliaylrn uia. Oat* were also fairly active at an advance of lc. a Jr., with tales of 60.0"mi bushels, at 8ilr. a 66c. for Western, the latter price for choice, ana 68c. a 70. for Stale. Rve waa quiet, but steady; sales were wade of 3,UU) bushels Western at 61 11 a $1 13w. Barley waa neglected and nominal. We note anion of H.OuO bushels Canada peas, in bond, on private terms. Cottok.?'There wax decidedly more activity In tbe market, the advance in tbe gold premium and the favorable advices from Liverpool combined having stimulated an active de mand, chiefs for export. An advance of fully lc. per lb. waa established, as indicated by tbe annexed quotations, at watch sales were made of 7,600balea. We quota ? Ordinary ... ' florid* " "J:; S ? ' *' o^midditog! ?{ six * ao* * 34 l^bcMolWiug i. ib. m?w Orleans cotton statement of u. 1895. 1AM Hole, A**. ST* ***. ^ September 1 ....' 89.471 1M,i SststsssssiteP"'* S:i5 Stock on^snd February 12,1867.!. M 136 llkL'"b.T.r^n^c'"Pto *l *?* Orleans since September 1, Sp*...r. ? a::::::::::::::::; H5 ?"-J ??! :::m i: .* 7.686 65 a? EE Nov. Ms H m ?:::.v;:::::::::::ii;nT jeu-yTiiw:::::::;::;^ S ttis g.!r.:::::::;::.iiw IB *?*>? 1 40.946 is: : '8' loXlirJ'0*>0* up to toe iatb 'luau'.'ta' ijff* 1885. 1AM 1 ??% .gS Toti AtnnHa 183,/HI? Tout wpoitT. -?a ?2S Si Annexed la the ^ZLS'XLi^ W ** Annexed la the dalanuah'statement:?' 1861-67. 1866-M. Stock on hand Sept I Received unco P?b. 14.''' Received pre r ion sly... I /*W. | load. | | Total. Kxported since Feb 14 Kxportod prevlouaty 6,718 fS 153,W7 281 128 6.771 3.734 0.1119 115 334 8,430 185 993 8.477 124.100 5,764 125,870 7a 5.'?7 108.412 8,I28j 131.294 6.014 118.419 The Auftmtaand Hamb,',,ititoLmlS foliof-10,7U Stock on hand September 1.18M Received alnoe ' ' ' Total Total exported.. Stock on hand February 18. bur The Maoo. stotemra7ta tfofo Ksaaayr^^1*^ ru Total. ^ "p^rts... ifg ftotkqoha^Fettra^r l^pr. UkWt The following Is the Seltna statement^ Slock on hand September 1. 1866 Received this week #7 019 Btcrived previously 27 977 Total am Total export* ' 3 978 S.ock on hand February IS. 1*07 the Meill Broa'. elltml *r g'\. a the following " 'l, ,u, reoatpto, export-, and stock of nottou at *11 P... , work Soar v sua F I' Put Weak. U Srnt Brdim Frww J?. ?tn. axporU ju:?1 ?look ?>r notlou a* .. ending the 16'h o< February, uowW^LThe ??1 last year and l^oMheW fire gu ?><*. Pu4 W "?*. WSJi * .>oou 3.000 1H8S-7 57.1MI l.WUTO 41?} J, I?. XbOO i*?s-? ::t: is?m*w ??uw * A '&-7 a^r 110.00) 2.6S8.U10 T1.U00 U 00? 16,000 r??gycUjKnrr 1?Jr ^ (M. flnhaia. 6 rows'. **?: ,\,7? sBU rtlO 696 U00 16*7 WW ououo ?.*? WW 1866-6 618.000 81.0U0 M.?09 mU0" W" Coma.?Rio rulod firm, though inlet, at previous v ?? No aalea of taporUa.' were "P^,*JHber,| offerings of cot Kkbiuht* were firmer under mot* line?" cot. cotton at atSSs, Olaa S00 Uarrea lard at SSa.. 400 tierces ~ - ?? ? \ . yoo do Gt^Sii riniinS dull and unchangwl W. quo.. *if?r--llantta remained dull and nominal at ll%fc, gold. ? Howl^-Tho 'domaud^waa ^rnodc rately actlre at former -J*.?*'.'.'"i". at85c a 70c., for new crop American. Molasses ?The market rulod quiet but steady at the quo tatmnanouced In our taat. We heard of no Important aalea. Sarai? Htosm. -The market for apirita turpentine ruled mote actlre hut at a alight conoeaaion la price*, the aalea comprising Tti bbla. In merchantable order *t71e.. and ?0 AnT in bond, at Mo. Roatua?Common waa a shade ea^er, wtVh hut little doing Other kinda were likewise dul. and uomlual. Tnc only aalea w. heard of were 790 bbto com yy^Taa SlU and 100 do. No. 1 at $6 7ft. Of pilch we 5X* iK ml^of 100 bbia. at MU. . iW9 U'Kor.M^H-lteo<<Tpta 117* bbla. pork. 510 do. beef. $619 pkgfcuT^ala, buis*: .,,d 404 k?s lard and 483 dremad boss. There waa but Utile xrtlrltv In the market lor po k. though higher price* were real lied, new ineaadoting arm at $80 93 for Western. The utles for Immediate delivery oomprlaed 9,800 bbla. at $30 87 a $31 for new mere. $??' Wa $30 IS tor old .lo? $10 76 ? $17 for prime and $19 * a $? for prime meaa; also for future deltvere MOO bbla. nee mesa for March and Apr.l at $20 87 a J&l buyer a op.Ion. Beef waa In fan demand and ateady . *alca 800 hble. at $17 a $20 for new extra meaa, and $13 a?lBI?r uew plain do. Of tierce beef aalea were made ol 400 tierces at $83 00 n 3.16 for lttdu meaa. and $29 a 232 for prjme do. Beef liatn* rilled a shsde firmer, with a fair demand. '* 300 bbU. at $81 a $36, ?'ui meats ruled steady: mlea JW uhrb. at lie a 13.',c. for liama, and 8^c. ial10c. for anoul dt-rm. Baron w*i- j?t**udv *nd flt*m; aalea 1,100 bosea at lie. a like, for hint rihi., d, il :?c. .112c. f,.r abort clear, and 10 a' ? a in>,o. for t'nmlerland cut. pressed hoga ruled lirm it Itl'.e a lie for '!ty. and !>v,c. * 10r. for Western, hard was 111 fair Ilemnnd aud tinner: ?ale* 1,200 obis, at 13S?; " i.? for tew. and 12. . a 12 \ thr old. Batter ami chaeac were at. adr at previous r rioes. , .. l'*Ti:ot.?ra.?Tlio demand for crude was light, and th m o-ke.' wut'-ued h -avr We Old? heard of the sale of 101 v.i. 1 j 3ii i.. 17 ?ip,tv ut is* _i? hiiireli re turned. Bon a c a b??ia, 40 to 47 ?r?vitv, at h^cl. rrturmd. Bonded cutlnued dull, bui prices were not easenlb Uv chaiik 1. a ilea were made of IrtJObbU. etandard "^e atae.. of ?rM. 300 bids, stand ird white realised 47.V A su'e was e'r^1 ? of 20 bids, teaiduum al $5. lis Philadelphia *.>le? weie made Of 500 bids, prune llrht straw to white at .ike., -.000 bhls. standard white, for March ?lfflc a28>4c., MW do. do., for April, at 29c., aud 510 do. do., tor May, at Sic., buyers op ll?KiO* waa dull, but flrmlv held at 10H,c. a lOJic. for Caro 22.000 lbs. at IMfealSt. duu'bnt steady In value We 2r & to ^^'$-2^aKK ?f ss quiet but Arm at $2 60, gold. M ^ Tsu ow rulod firm wuh a fair demand. Sale* I.O.ikkj lbs., "wutsxirr.-Receipts, 1,432 bbla. The market remained dull, and In the abaence of sales prices wero nonnual. TELEWUPHIC 1ABKET REPORTS. Puit.ADXi.PHia. Feb. 27. 1007. Tlie strck market la dull. Pennsylvania M" Cans I. 74; Philadelphia and Krie Kallroiul. 29k. Reading Kui.roed, 61%: Pennsylvania Railroad. Wk- hxrhangr on New Vork, psr. Gold cloaed al 40%. CofWiiqulet, middling iiulandtt. 91c.: mlddliug Ortoaoa* a6c. Flottr nat, wester^* ?{j (u Whciit lower; salei 3,(XjO bu?heU of California at ?3 25; $500 bushels PenuaylranU and |)el"w*r" *'? ?* ?*? Gornnuiet' aales 6.0UU buslicls yellow at99tv. for shipment. i!SW; sates 8.000 l^shels at 60c. Contraband whiskey unchanged. Sugar quiet at lOfia. Ostn-.oo, Peb. 27. 1007. Flour actiTO and unchanfed; it? for Ho 1 Nnrinc. $13 for red winter, $14 35 for while, ?*? Wheatqu'tetaud'no ^''o^qttletaf JllS'.M ^E::trSis.^%f?r f^re^ $??$? per ?>. Railroad frelglits-Plour, to Boa v?m$tl $38.; W Albany. 80c. Bg/rALO, Feb. 97. 1H07. Flour la quiet; ealee of $WhU., from No. 1 ?pb'Jf, tj $11 biL W beet Is fairly aofive, but eteady; "Ah" of oaks of No. 1 ChlcsgoatJUl 40: 12 cars Whig Canada at $2 OO a p and tere eM? ef JM Carmd. itt P 7S oareof tsuada sold it?Toi. tn store. a?d two' onrs <?o at $1P2M. in store. New mess pork Is quiet end unobaiigod. High vrlnea are dull and aomtualiy uuchsngod. l*?- Cihomhati. Feb. 17. 1807. Flour unchanged, with a moderato local demand at last quotations. Wheat lirm; $1 40 lor spring; n0 lug. Corn la In good demand at STe. for ear and Me. foe ahellcd la uew gunuiea. Oata In light supply but fairjie mand; 61c. for so. 1 lu elevator. Barley dull4>ut unchanged. Cotton firmer but nothiug doing; middling upland oaii be bought to aome extent at 38c.. but the large f"'ijianL r#?r?utB At Hew Oriean* mak? holder* foal more confidant. Whiskey firmer; holders are not willing to sell st lfic , and are asking 2*0.; 900 bbla. were sold at act Meaa work qatot, aud hmd at $dl 16; aalea of country at $20. Bulk meats Spmar - cltr held at 7%c. a 9kc loose, far shoulders and JSS Bi?on to la fair asmaud at^9%c. . like. . 19b. for ahouldore, aldre, UjET \ lie. ilhio ...il I.exs 17o. a l$c. ( lover seed $6 60. Timothy dull' $320 a $8 40. Plax In good demand; $2 30 a ^ 35 V-* ' change firm el per to .'ihper l.W buying, end oee-tenth pre mium selling. Gold l#)f Money market easier. Chiosoo. Feb. ft, 1307. Flour moderately actlre; aprtng ekirea. $4 JR ai^aaw^ In eood demand, and adranoad lc. a lkc., sales al $1 86k a 11 Stk for No. X Wheat quiet; $2 90 Tor wlntor. Corn ua SsttW and declined 4c. a 5%c.; sales at 7jc. a 77c? closing duU id 75kc. for No. 1. <>ata dull, and declined %c a 9-16c.. ..i^ nt ill o 42%c for No. 2; ol?siiig at 4^c k 41c. Pro visions firm and alredri viitoD* Itrrn una Rirnar, ZloLm m*LT*Z Z? I a rvi<*kiH<t ham*. 11?.; l*rd, 12o. Orta*?d hoo *t?anjr R' $8 10 a $6 iO. Live* hof* fairly actlr? at $$ S7>? a $7 06 Jar ? 1 _?4_A.a a^ nlsAiasefi MBAflUl, kAC?lDL* tO?d*y?3.fcX> Smmoi. Ilxht t^o^ cbotre am^tii itocHpS lo-^. ? bbU. Ilour*lU,0?rbuahela whret. *?? bnshcla e-.rn. 7,600 libih Hour lU.orxi huaneia wneai, - ???. Mi mU ShlpmrnU?4*(M> bMa. Qour% 7,000 bu?bela wheat, 1.000 buabela corn. MARRIAGES AND ^DEATHS. NmtM. BKVKMfT -Mrrnwmi ?On Tuesday, Fe&ruary 39. at the res deuce of the bride's parents, by the Rev. K. Van Aken, Mr. Eu Benroict to MIm Mattik K., youngest daughter of Henry & Mitchell, Esq.. of this city. Brows?Mmnux?On Wednewiay, November 29. ISM, at the residence of the bride's parents, by tbe Rev. R. C. Putney. Mr. John W. Brown to Miss Hknkiktta A., daughter of Henry a Mitchell, Keq., of tbla city. CsRnoix?HswKtNR?At Harlem, on Mondsy, February 35, by tbe Rev. R Magutra, lumct Carroll, of Harlem, to Viroinia L. Hawkins, of Oreenfleld H1U. Conn. , Dans? Dotumbtt.?On Monday evening. February 24, at the residence of the bride's mother, by the Rev. J. J. OorneiUe, Mr. Ciuauts K. Dans, of Port JeSeruon, L. L, to Mlae Emma Duiuhsbtt, or tbia city. Omrrrre?Smith.? At the residence of tbe bride, on Wednesday, February 37, by tbe Raw. David Shock, Mr. Wat P. Gmsrrra, of this dty, to Miss Lett?, daughter of Mrs. Mary Sanitta, of South Amboy, X. J. PI tuber* and Washington (Pa.) papers please copy. luiansaai? Datr.?On Tuesday erasing, February 39, at tbe hones of the bride's fatbcr, by tbe Key. Dr. Mont gomery, Mr. WtLuaat E. I.aimbslr to Miss Jocts Dalt, daughter ef Matthew Daly, Rsq., all or tbie dty. Ijimmsr?Van Dm*.?la Jersey City, on Toeeday, February 39. at the residence of the bride's parent*, by the Rev. Wbeelock H. Parmley, f harirs a Umbbby to Sarah M. Vas Diss, eldsst daughter of John Tan Disc No carta. Ro.-a?Car tell.?On Toeeday. February 29, at tha residence of tbe Rev. Dr. Stephen H. Tyng, of St. George'? church, Carl Rosa, of Hamburg, to Madams Pa ricta Caavau., of England. Minolais?Youno.?in this city, on Thursday, January 11, by the Rer. C. R. Puffls. D. D., William Sinclair, Jr , to Mias Carrie U. Too mi. No cards. Died. A* on aw a.?On Tusnday morning, Febrnray 39, of heart disease, J. C & Andrews, of Gosbon. Orange oounty, New York. Tbe friends of the family are Invited to attend the fa serai, this (Thursday) afternoon, at two o'clock, from hit late residence, Goshen. Trains leay# per Erie Rail way at tight aad ten o'clock A. M. Aanwonm?On Tuesday, February 39, Josrw Lea Am worth, of Bradford, Yorkshire, England, aged 33 year*. 11m funeral will take piece this (Thursday) afternoon, at one o'eleck, from hts late residence, 340 Seventh are* nun Hie remains will be taken to Keet Morrison I a for Interment. English papers please copy. Boom.?On Tuesday, February 39, Charlur A. Boon, aged 90 years Tbe retatirss and friends of the family, also the mem bers ef New York Lodge Not 830 F. and A. M, Manhat tan Chanter No. 184 R. A. M., and the members of Olive Branch utdg* Na 31 I. 0. O. F., are renpeclfully re quested to attend the fhneral, from 8t Lake's church, Hudson street, opposite Oroee, this (Thursday) afternoon, at half-past one o'clock. Strmom.?The brethren of New York Lodge, No. 330, F. and A. M., are hereby summoned to meet nt their rooms (Corinthian), Odd Fellows' Hall, to-day (Thursday) Kebnisry 38, at twelve o'clock, noon, to pay tbe last tribute of respect to our late brother Cbariee A. Booth. A. Dw-uoro, Secretary. JAMF.8 R. RL8EY, M. Baoww.? Os Wednesday morning, February 37, Tiro was Brown, In the 83d year of his age. The relatives aad friends, and those of hie sons, Thomas ?., Augustus L. and Charles ic. Brown, are in vited to attend tbe funeral, from tha residence of bis son, Thomas ?. Brown, 11V West Forty-eigbth street, on Friday afternoon, at two o'clock. Ci.nyrland.?On Toeeday, February 99, Mart On tol-db, only daughter of William H. aad Charlotte H. ClovelsBd. aged 7 months and 19 day*. The relatives and friends of the family are respectfully Invited to attend tbe funeral, from the residence ef her parents, No. 317 West Tenth street, one door from the corner of Bleccker street, this (Thursday) moraing, at eleven o'clock. Tbe rema ns will he taken to Tarrrtown, Weaichestcr county, for tatermsnt Cr*LST. ?cn Wednesday morning, February IT, Mart Ei.Lin. only child of Peter end Rose Ann Curtsy, aged 9 months. Funeral from tbe residence of her percale, center ef Eleventh avenue and Forty-third etreet, this (ThurodMl afternoon, at two o'rieek. Oovairr ? At Jericho, L 1., on Tuesday, February 39, Mart, wife of A. D. Covert, aged 37 yearn. the relatirsa an# Maada ef the family are respect fnlly Invited to attend the fun eral, from ber lata ro*i den<e, ou Friday tnoruiug, at half-paat leu o'clock. Ukaut.?On Wednesday, February 27, Mary Dsary, In the 72d year of her aire. The roiativee and friends or the family, and those of her son-in-law, Junius McC'ulIough, are respectfully In vito* to attend the funeral, from her late residence, No. Mb I'earl .street, on Friday afternoon, at two o'clock. l)Bkt,A.v ? On Tuesday, February 36, Mar.arm, the beioied wife of Daniel Deegon, in the 36th year of her age. The relatives and friends of the family are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, this (Thursday) alwrnoon, at two o'clock, from hor late residence, corner of Boeruin and Bergen streets Brooklyn. Uodulax.?In Brooklyn, N. Y.. on Wednesday, Feb ruary 27, Joint Douulam. late of Whithorn, Scotland, in the 35th year of his age. The funeral services wilt be held at the residence of his unci#, WiUiam Anderson, No. ?20 Kaymund street, Brooklyn, on Friday afternoon, at two o'clock. Glasgow papers please copy. Dears a.?At bar late residence, in the town of Flush - ing, L. L, ob Monday, February 25, Ida, relict of Jacob M. Duryea. The relatives and friends of the family are respectfully Invited to attend the (uderal, on Friday afternoon, at obb o'clock, from her late residence. Carriages will be ia waiting at the Jamaica depot on the arrival of tbo Long Island Railroad train leaving James slip at nine o'clock, and Banter's Poiul at half-past nine o'clock, on Friday mora Ing. Dyk. ? Maruabst. wife of the late Clarkson Dye and eldest daughter of Tm. and Elisabeth McLean, departed this life on Tuesday. February 26. aged 50 years. Funeral at Bedford street Methodist Episcopal church, this (Thursday) afternoon, at two o'clock. Faci.rxi*.?On Tuesday, February 26, Edward Faulk joir, in the 2&tb year of his age. Friends and acquaintances are respectfully invited to attend tho funeral, from tho residence of his mother, 176 Thompson street, this (Thursday) afternoon, at half past one o'clock. <1 Adas.? (in Wednesday, February 27, Florrncb, youngest child of Captain E. Y. and Ross A. Ouger, aged 4 months sad 7 days. The relatives and friends are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, on this (Thursday) afternoon, at four o'clock, from 125 York street, Jersey City, N. J. (jIllott, ?On Saturday, February 23, Samuel Gillott. The relatives and fricnd3 of the family and the mem bers of clloutia Lodge. 108, F. and A. M., are respectfully invited to attend tbe funeral, on Friday afternoon, at two o'clock, from the residence of his sisters, 29 Lewis street Godini.?In Brooklyn, on Tuesday, February 26, of membranous croup, Hklkx Louiax, only child of Frank and Helen 8. (iodine, aged 6 mouths and 21 dnyg. l'he relative* and friends of the family, anil of her grundpnre its, Francis Uortine and Jesse C omith, are !>- peclfully invited to attend the funeral, from 113 Willow street, Brooklyn, this (Thursday) afternoon, at two o'clock. Graham.?On Wednesday, February 27, Alicr Gra ham, daughter of Owen ami Margaret Graham. The friends of the family are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, from 23 West Thirteenth slreot, this day (lnursday). Hallauam?On Tiiesdnv, February 26, Mart Asm Hai i AtiAii. wile of John Hallahan, aged 39 years and 21 dai s. The funeral will lake place from Calvary chapel (Epis copalian), East Twenty-third street, this (Thursday) after noon, nt half-post one o'clock precisely. Residence 311 East Twenty-fourth el reel. The members of KuyRtone Lodge. No. 235, F and A. M , und Empire Lodge, No. 1, A. 1' A., are respecilully requested to attend. llKi.KKNi'nTKK?On Wednesday, February 27, Gonrtutr Hm rKNRiiTitit, after a severe illness. The members of the American Musical Fund Society and tho members of I>odworth's Band are respectfully muted to a'trod tho luneral, on Fr day afternoon, at half past one o'clock, from 422 Broome stre -t. Howkil.? Suddenly, on Tneeday, February 26, at Mamaroneck, Alida I'at.mkr How all, second daughter or Cecelia A. Howell and tho lalo Kphrulra H. Howell. The funeral services will take place from the residonco of her grandfather, Thomas Palmer, at Mamaroneck, on Friday afternoon, st one o'clock. The relatives and friends of the family aro invited to attend, (ferriages will l>o at tho depot to meet tbe balf-past eleven A. M. Now Haven cars from Twenty-seventh street. Humphry*.?fin Monday, February 25, at Washington, D. C., William Hun rears, aged 40 years. Tlie re atii es and friends of tho family are respect fully invited to attend the funeral, from his brother's (Archibald Humphry* ) resideuce, 308 Cumberland street, Brooklyn, this (Inursday) aftoruooo, at three o'clock. Law tureen.?On Tuesday, February 20, Annib Hob, daughter of Cyrus J and Emily A. Lawrence, and granddaughter of Richard M. Hoe, aged 1 year, 11 months and 6 days. Funeral servles at the rosldancs of her parents, 66 East 125th street, this .Thursday) altnrnoon, at half-post tlves and fra one o'clock. The relatives and frtouds of the family aro invited to attend, without further notice. LvnwiTB.?On Tuesday, February 26, FrascuJ. Law-, with, aged 36 year* The relatives and (heads or the family aro respectfully, Invited to alUad the funcial, from his late rsudeuoe, No 109 Hamilton street. Brooklyn, this (Thursday) tuoro tug, at ten o'clock. ^ _ Hart lord (Cono.) papers pleat* Copy L Luus.?AF Kingston, New York, on. Spunky. Feb nary 23, afl?r a short illness, Rev. John Lii-l i., D. D.. pastor of the Presbyterian chuich of that place, aged 54 years MaiAiAS.?On Tuesday, February 26. Roes, relict of Patrick Meehan, in the H4th year of her age. Hor relatives aud friends, together with those of her sons, John, James, Peter, and of her sons-io-law, Charles Campbell and Owen McGovern, are respectfully invited to attend tho funorsl. from her Into residence. No. 06 East Forty-ninth street, this (Thursday) moruiug, at too o'clock, to tb* Church of St. Dosiloco, whore o requiem mass will be offered for tho ropooo of her soul, thenoo to Calvary Cemetery DuWln sad Loagfoid (Ireland) papers plan as oogy^^_ Miller.? At East Moncbiw, Long Island, on ^ Fehruary 25, urori.k Millsr, formerly ot Jersey Otty, ia the 45th year of his age. M'txa*.? On Wednesday, February 27, Pants Millsr, la the 46th year of bis age. The relatives and friends or* respectfully invited to at tend the funeral, from his late residence, No. 750 Eighth aveaue, on Friday afternoon, at one o'clock. Mishit.?At tbe residence of her aoa-la law. John L. Dyke, No. 273 Bridge street, Brooklyn, Maroabbt, wire of Daniel Murphy. Her remains will be taken to St. James' cathedral, Jay street, this (Thursday) afternoon, at two o'alock. The relatives and friends are rtapeclfully invited to attend. McNtn.Tr?On Monday, February 25, Gbobob P. Mc Noltv, of consumption, tu tbe 30th year of his ago Hie friends and acquaintances, and those of bis brother-m-law, Robert J. Johnston, are respectfully In vited to attend the fuucrnl. from ble late resideooe, 100 Lexington aveaue, thia iThureday) afternoon, at three o'clock. Tbe remains will he deposited la tx-coad Street Cemetery. Tbe members of Continental Lodge No. 287, F and A. M , arc hereby summoned to meet at the lodge room, 504 Broadway, this (Thursday), February 28, at half-past one o'clock, afternoon, for the purpose of attending tbe funeral of oar brother, George P. McNulty. By order of Jail B. SatTU, 8ec WM. a BENNETT, W. U. Naotjr.?On Wednesday morning, February 27, Mas oarkt, wife of Patrick Nagle, formerly of Mallow, county Cork, Ireland. Tbe relatives and friends of tbe family aro requested to attend tbe funeral, from her late residence, No. 240 Water street, Brooklyn, on Friday afternoon, nt two o'clock, to Calvary cemetery. I'ia* os.?On Wednesday, February 27, Euw*m> Pbb sos, attorney and counsellor at law, in tbe 52d year of hi* age. Relatives and friends of tbe family, members of the bar and of the Order of F. sad A. Haaoaa are invited to attend the funeral, from hi* late residonce, 105 West Thirtieth street, on Friday afternboa, at two o'clock. IIkb.?On Tuesday aigut, February 14, after a abort Illness tu'AKBTH Piaa, aged 76 years and 11 daya The fiieada and relatives, and also those of ber son, P. Lu< as, aud daughter, K. Brnoker, aro nspeetfoily in vited to attend th? funeral, from tbe residence of ber son. No 326 East Twcniy-fourth street, this (Thursday! afternoon, at one o'clock. Itsywolw. ?At St. Augustine, Fin., on Tuesday, Feb ruary 10, Sajmjbl W. Km Isolds, of Lrvlngton, N. Y., aged 47 years Notice of funeral hereafter. Ktas.?On Wednesday, February 27, Frahcm Rtar, a native of county Longford, Ireland, aged 00 yean. His friends aad those of his sons, Bernard C.. Francis P. and Pater J. Ryan, aad his stepson, Jamas Mssterson; also his sons-in-law, Nicholas Landers aad Thomas McGmrk. are respectfully Invited to attend the funeral, on Friday afternoon, at half-past one o'clock, from his lato residence. 52 Jarass street Iianbury (Conn.) papers please copy. SrsAR.? At Elizabeth, N. J., on Tuesday morning, February 26, of Inflammatory rheumatism, Natkaihrl T. SntAB, in tbe 41st year of bis age. The rotative* and friends of tba family ore respectfully Invited to attend tbo funeral, from tbe First Prssbyto riaa church, Elisabeth, this (Thursday) aAeraooa, at one o'clock. Boston papers please copy. Swart.?On Tneeday, February 26, Romnrr Gambui Swart, youngest son or William D. and Mariana* Swart, aged 2 years, 10 months aad 0 days. Happy art thou In the heavens above, where thy spirit, so chaste, now la dwelling: A blissful abode, both of Jay and of love, Where the praises of God thou art telling. Relatives sad friends of tbo family an invited to at tend tbe funeral, from the residence of his patents, la Siaty-sooond street, between Second and Third arena an, this ( Thursday), st twslvo o'alock. Thomas.?In Elisabeth, N. JL Richard Wad? Trokajl son of William W. aad E. 1L Thomas, aged 6 years and 3 mouths. The relatives sad friends of tha family are invited to attend the funeral, from St. John's oburcb, Elisabeth, on Friday afternoon, at three o'clock. Tract ?On Wednesday, February 17, Michasl, the beloved husband of Ellen Tracy, or the parish of Calar, county Limerick, Ireland, la the 40th ysar of his age The relatives and (Heads of Um (Smily are respect fully invited to aueod tho funeral, from bis late resi dence, 213 Hester street, on Friday afternoon, at half pa*t two o'clock. Waltos.?At Mission Valley, Tana, on Friday, Jan nary 26, Mart A. Wai.tox, widow of Jame* K. f. Wal ton and daughter if the late WUItamt Bailenltue, of New York city. Philadelphia paper* please oofy. Watt?On W-dneH<lay, February IT, Antiafn Watt, In the 77tn year or his ago. The relative* and friends of tha fkmlly are Invited to attend tbe funeral, from his late aesideaea, 136th street and Seventh avenue, on bntwdny, at tweivs o'clock. WxRivn.?On Tuesday, khbraary 23 Harkl, infant daughter of George Dudley and Lydla C. Waring, aged 6 wreka. The relative* and friends of tho family ore Invited to alteod the funeral, from tbe rmtdenos of ber grand father, Edward Van Rahst, Esq., 131 East Sixteenth street, tbls((Thursday) afternoon, st one o'clock. Wsaets. ?Ob Monday, Fehruary 25, Jtmnuxis wife of Christopher Y. Wampie, Jr., In tho 30th year of her age. The fnserai will take place from hor late residence, 100 Wast Twenty-eighth street, this (Thursday) afternoon, at one o'clock. The rotative* end friend* are In v Ilea to FOR l&LI. A OIIIUT BARGAIN -FOR 8ALB-LKASES. STOCK. Flxtur*? %ad Puruitur* of llot?l near Hudeon Uiver Kttilro id depot, duiug a large Uueineea; loug lea*e *n4 ",ow !?u{ Also l^aue* au?t Klituree of House* and Store* <m i <? aVniue' ?u>uU? fur luiy buAiue?i, LaZj^o 11*1, C*? end ri?r Store In C\?nAl ?treet. netr BruadwAjr; Liquor, Gro cery. iHy Good*, Miiltnerv. H x>t, Shoo and Fancy stores. salo??us Hotel# auti Hakeric*. ^pitudlU location*. L. pKVO. fUal K tale ?n<l store Ageui, SH Eighth avenue, formerly fun Ninth avenue. * COAL YAK I) FOR SALE OR E XC H A *C. BFO ^ A Improved i roperty, situated in WIUu'nibiirA lu ? * location. an l duiiu a Hue buslaewu wUh e?eW^ <"? plcte Address Cj?1 Dealer. boxlll 'A UUamsburg Post A LEASE FOR sale OF A FIRST CLASS STORE? SuUabla for any kind of business, la one of the beat buxintu* atreei* lu tho city. Apply at U Cathariue strict, corner of Madiaon. A SAMPLE ROOM FOR SALE OR TO LET?IN A 1Y good location on Broadway; In good order. Inuuiro at 1U New street, baaemeut. A REGULAR PHYSICIAN DESIROUS OF SUCCEED, in, to au established drat class Now York ottf prao tlce Ik offered au uuusual opportunity. Apply 10 Mr. STRICKLAND. 240 Broadway, baaemeut. A -DRUG BUSINESS FOR SALE. OF TWENTY ? years' standing; la oaa of the principal cities of the West; location Brat cluaa and business facilities uu.urp.n~. ed. capital opportiiulty for a wholaaala trade. Inquire of UfcRRIT NORTON, 11 Ann street. A GENTEEL MANUFACTURING BUSINESS FOR tale, with conveniences, well established: good cus tomers; ;iaya largely, sold cheap; owner eugaged ?n other buiu^w" ?"'b:A. ROBIN SON, 86 N aasau street. A -FOR SALE, A LARGE SODA WATER MANU, . factory, down town Restaurants, Liquor and Lunrh Rooms, Billiard Saloon* Bowling Saloons, Grocery cures, Meat Markets Hal aud Cap Store, old astabllaLed Dry Goods Store, Hotels. MITCHELL'S Store Agency, 77 Cedar street. A BAKERY FOR SALE IN BROOKLYN AT A 1IAK gaiu, Cigar Mores, Confection err on Third avauue, corusr Liquor Stores, old established Laundry business. MITCHELL'S Store Agency, 77 Cedar street A FIRST CLASS HOTEL FOR SALE ON BROADWAY? all modern improvements; also a finely located Hotel down town, und one do., European plan. ROBINSON, 85 G. A. ROBINSON, 85 Nassau street. A WEEKLY NEWSPAPER IN THE CITY FOR HALE vrry proiuiviie and prosperous. A decided chance tor the right man. Address Bargain, Herald office. A -LARGE AND SMALL SIZE SAFES FOR 8ALK . cheap: also one standing (double! Desk, Fairbanks' Scale and office Railing, at 28 Liberty street. A SALOON ON BROADWAY, 25 BY W FERT; FIX tuna, two Biltlnnl Tables, Ac.. will be sold cheap. Call to day, between 11 and5o'clock. Inquire atfldi Broadway. A SPLENDID CHANCE?HOOD LOCATION.-THE J\ old established Millinery, Hoop Skirt and Corset Store, 240 Eighth avenue, three doors from Twenty-third street; house aud store to lot: stiver., natures uid good will lor sale cheap. Inquire of Mrs. SCOTT, In the store. Good reasons given ir suiting out. A WELL LOCATE!) GROCERY STORK FOR SALE, wku Fixtures and Apartments to live In; will be sold cheap, on account oi aluknuas Call for one day nl 422 K hi 13th st., between uv. A and 1st av. Barber shop, corner broad street and ex. changa plaoe, with two yeara lease, to let. Immediate possession. Kent $'JOO. 11. C. DEXTER, No. 9 Broad street. Butter stoke fob sale.-apply for two days at "67 Klghth avenue. Butcher shop for sale?pavonia market, job Pnvonta avenue, near Ornve Htreet, Jersey City. Distillery for sale-in complete running order. Apply to J. ANTHONY 121 East Twetity-llfih Htreet, before 10 A. M., or after 4 P. M DKUQ STORE FOB SALE-RARE CHANCE; ONE OF the beat locations In New York, without exception. Ad dress Medicos. Stilton G. Drug store for sale in brooklyn-loca Hon one of the heat In the city end doing a line busi ness. Apply to MITCHELL A SWAINS, 78 Cedar street, room 15. 13 LEG A NT FURNITURE FOR A RANKING RQOM FOR 2 ante, with Herring's burglar and llraproof sale*. Ap ply at 18 Nassau street. FOR 8ALB-A BUTTER STORE IN BROOKLYN; ES In III Died over eleven years. Apply to BARTLE A NIMONKON. 228 Washington street Now York. For sale-lease, stock, fixtures and good will <>f an old established Millinery Store; one of the uiosi des.rsble locations for a brat class trade ut the city. Inquire st K40 Sixth avenue. fOR HALE?THE 8TOOK. FIXTURES, GOOD, WILL. Ae., of a first dims Drug Store, near the FTftlf Avenue Hole!. Apply to BOMBS MORGAN. Me. 2 Pine street. m ... SALE?TllK LEASE. GOOD WILL, 8T0CK AND Fixtures of a nr*l eu&? Grocery Store, pn one of the ? la st nvenuesju the dty^ ^ imw jWng a flrst class family and cash trade. Apply io K ZITTEL, corner of Thirtieth etroet rad Second avenue. . .? EMIr Ia'LS-JPBR LEASE AND FIXTURES OF A r atore in Brooklyn, suitable for Dry Goods, Gentlemen's Funiishiiig or Clothing Store. Apply on the promisee, *17 Court "trrel, near Douglas. For hale-a drbirable business, consist lng of Stock. Fixtures, Good WIU and Lease of Store. Apply for two d?ys In Inurnment 255 and 257 Centre street LiHlR BALK-A FIRST CLABS BAKERY. APPLY AT D ISC aud 157 Ceuli c street. HOlt HALR-A SPLKNDID GRAIN DISTILLERY. IN I jwrfect running order, oooaietlng of Bnglee, Boiler and all other Apparatus, la connection with rectifying facilities The whole must bo sold this week. Address M. Piitnal, Herald office. No agatita wanted; only partloa with ready OS ah. F OR SALR-FOUR TEARS' LEA HE. AND STOCK OF ?Hat store No 1 New Chambers street, comer of Chat -I Us n stieel apjily oa premlaea, or to JOHN CROSBY, 71 Chat For salb-a first class restaurant and Bar. with Lease, the house suitable for a small hotel or boarding, near a railroad depot and opposite two bell rooms. App y at 728 sixth avenue. LX>r bale-lease and fixtures of a store, V now occupied as a bat atore on the bo?t bun1 oca, avenue in the city, with or without slock. Inquire of F. CORUITT A CO.. 436 Broome street. For hale-a oroobrt store, in a oood loca tlou. with Stock and Fixtures, Horse end Wagon, Ac. Price $8,0(10. Apply at 726 Third avenue. 3UR SALE?A HANDSOME SHOWCASE, AT $71 Broadway FfOlt SALE-A SODA WATER APPARATUS?WANTED to nurobaae, also new styie of Fountain: Oee'a appa ratus pi.iferred. Address Druggist, oorecr of Downing and VaiicIt Ms L'OK HALE-AH KSTARLIS1IBD WHOLESALE A Liquor business, with steady custom. .Stock on hand about $i &VU to tl WI. Reason the owner going to Europe. Address M. B., Herald office. FfOR SALE ?SIX SECOND HAND SAFES FOR SALE cheap, at No. 8 Cortlandl street TpOR SALE-WARRANTED. SCALES FOR STORKS, A mai iceta, factories. Ac. Also 2 200 pounds Platform Hoale an 1 several small second hand Scales. D. YOUNG, 18 Cortlaudt street, below Greenwich L"<OR RALB-A RPI.KNDID MACHINE, FOR HODA P water and ehampsge, with Table. Appy at room 1A No. 7? Naaaaa street. N. t FOR KALR-TnB FIXTURKS of A FIRST GLASS OF Hoe, on llro.'tdwaj. near Wall street, consisting of w >od andgla.i Partitions, black wahiut Desks, Kailing, Ac. Ad dress 8 R , box 28ft Poet o.llce. jlOR SALB-A SAILORS' BOARDING HOUAP, 106W 1 Cherry street. New York. FOR KALE?T1IR LEASE AND FIXTURES OF STOKE una Dwelling on the best blook up town; rent vrrj low. suitable tor nay business. Apply on the pietnlae*. 771 Third avenue FTOR BALK?TilK STOCK. FIXTURES AND GOOD 1 will of a neat fancy Store, including three Room* beck. ?W Greenwich street. pOB SALE?A LIQUOR STORE. WITH SAMPLE "oom. tn Canal ntreet. near Broadway: reason for ..ell . Ing. the proprietor la In other business. Inquire of M K Bt, KKE. ?9 Liberty etreet. L'OK SALE CIIBAP-A DISTILLERY. IN GOOD RUN. r mug order. Inquire la store SI Peml street. F rOR SALE AT A BAROAIN-OOOD LOCATION IN Brooklyn, I^- ise and small stock of Staph* and Fancy Dry Goods. Addjees Business, bo* 114 Herald oOce GROCERY STORE -FOB BALE. A TWO YEARS' Lease and Good WIU (with Stock sad Ptsturea If re quired) of a Oret class corner Grocery Store, with the reet if a four story House, fit for a respectable family, situated on one of tl*e most respectable avenues, and established over ten rears Satisfactory reasons given for selling. Addreaa Q. 8..' Herald oflko. flROCKRY STORE AND STOCK FOB SALE?IN THE room No K /^.BOifKRY STORE FOB SALB?IN A TIBET CLASS ar IS Cedar street, ream IA T EASE OFBTOBB ON BROADWAY FOB SALE? .Li with ir without Stock and manree. In close a buainem. Inquire at I.UN Brand way, batwaan 1 and I a'eioak P. M. MANUFACTORY FOB SALB.-BA0M WILL FI'B chsea the entire Interest tn Unas, manhlnerv, stock sad futures of a mnau factory of a staple oommodlty; profits un usually large. For information aidrsm Advertiser, Herald aBee. .; ?< ^pAPKR BOX FACTORY FOR SALE-MACHINERY X new and oomptsts. 17g Stand street, ascend floor SANS A TEAR BOOT.-FIFTEEN TONS OF SASSAFRAS Ron* for sale. Apply te JAMBA MULLiOAN, Madlsea street, opposite the depot, Fhuhlng. L. L SCALES?SAFES.?HOWE'S STANDARD SCALES. ALL varieties, warranted In glee entire mttsfacuoe. Old scales taken tn part papmanl far new. U saoond hand me i _ _ PRANK B. HOWS S BROTHER, IN Broadway. TUB NATIONAL RESTAURANT, 114 NASSAU STBKBT, asUMiahad two. detng a good business, mnst be sol A as the proprietor to engaged in ether I tdinii Apply at the saloon. BOOKS, 4 SILVER WATCHES AND A YALCA Ma Patent Blgt t for S* CaU immediately an owner, U. L. BYKN, M Cedar street, room* Nee. ? and 7. 500 flfACHIXRRT. fOR SALE?AT A GREATBARGAIN. MONT BR BE moved, a 40 horse Kagine and Bottor, as aaod as new. and oue ten horse MeEBNllR, M Part street. For sale?a screw cutting enqinb lathe, it inch awing. *lgh? fnn4 MR l? um two month.. t?. aalre ?t Man batten Brass and Msnnfaatartwe fimnei. Tweoi v.ss.aatk street and First nttBRN MACHINERY. l>OBTABLE AND STATIONARY SIIUM RNOUIM I AND BOILERS AND CIHUULaI RlLuC Tl.? lui.l a?M modt roniDleti' 111 UitC. The bcrt and most complete m use Circular -ml on application, WOOD A MANN STEAM ENGINE rfi\crAMy Uli a. N. V., and MS Maiden lane New Y wk THE M^ST IMPROVED CALIPOR.V't STAMP MILL* And Mi ilng Maiiunery. Engines, Breaker*, I on ?Mr?. tore, Ac. Models and dra? lug* nan >m Man at MOUKY A SPKKKt'S, Mining Engineers, H6 Lioerty at.c.-t TURBINE WaTKR WHEELS ?TUB PLACK Jo It r the niost rouoinic.il, reliable and powerful I tirhlnan. now eiteiiauely oaed, l? at MS Liberty str. et, New York, where an assortment ran be aeea. OEOBt-K TALLUOf WANTKD-.l FOOT LATHE <MBW OB SECOND TV hand >, for turning wood, to turn front 'JO to !M Inches In diameter. Addrrss Immediately, stating price and where to l>e area, Moiitross, Lent A Co., PeckakiQ, It. T. DRY GOODS. A GREAT BUSH AT BOTH NTORKS Aucuoa room, our headquarters, Two atorea enable u, n> buy big lots cheap, and to I both .uppliait with b.trga'na. IMMENSE LOTS f DRESS GOODS, BSc. IMMENSE LOTS, S7i,'e. and Ma. AUCTION MUSLINS, lOr. lfee , l?c. aod JBc BEST 4 ? WAM.sUTTAII.Ma. ALSO IMMENSE LOTS ALPACAS, TABLE LINENS. EMPRESS CLOTHS. Ac.. Ac., troin auction, AT NEARLY HALT PRICE. POSTER BROTHERS, UU Eighth avenue, near Eighteenth street. and POSTER BROTHERS, 271 Bleacher street. An rtentno dress just prom Paris to bs diapoard of at a reduced price at Mua ULKNNON'B. 708 Broadway. A T TILMAN'S, 712 BROADWAY?JUST RECEIVED front Pan*. a great variety of HEADDRESSES la the Laal atyle. Also an assortment of KID GLOVES, drat qual ity. L. TILMAN, 712 Broadway. N. B ? A great allowance to dealer, in artificial Sowers, Be. GAKPKTS.-D. KELLY A COt HAVE JUST Ol'BNBD a new and choirs selection of Carpets. Oilcloths aaA Mattings at greatly reduced prices. Corner Tweuty-dftM street and Htith avenue. H ATS AND CAPS CHEAP A* 287 Canal street. LOIskau's patent noop skirt holdku. No mure accidents from hoop sk'rts. No more ridiculous situations lar ladies No more springs showing below lb i BslmoraL No more tangled springs. No more lump skirl inrniug every which way With the LOISKAU'S HOOP 8XIKT HOLDER, Ahaolute iminovsblhtv. astety, ease and elegance Sold at retail in all fancy and dry goods stores. Wholesale dealers, EM LOINKAU A CO., M Bros oadway. New York. Wanted?Agents for the country. MATTRESSES. BEDDINO, COMFORTABLES "f 0VWT *"?" and quality. SPRING BED", MATTRESSES IN MOSS. UA.IR, STRAW, SEA (tKASS AND UUHK. BLANKETS iu common, medium. One and superfine qualities. An In. rnen*o aPtok ut greatly reduce I price i. ULD AND TABLE LINEN, NAPKINS ? _ DOYLIES, TOWELLING AND TOWELS. ?TTON SHEETING AND SHIRTING '. JV,w *; AsES on hnnd and made to order. Marseilles and alhamrka spreads, EMBROIDERED TABLE AND I'lANO COVERS IRON PU K.N ITU RE. IRON BEDSTEADS. CRIBS, CRADLES, IIAT AND UMBRELLA STANDS. BRACKETS, Ae. PIANO AND STORE STOOLS. Everything necessary to supply Institution*. hoarding house*. hotels and private families can here be found, and always at the lowest marUct price* Plcaae call and eiamlne Stock and price* ALL GOODS WARRANTED AS HBPRESENTBD. _ _ WM GARDNER, *44 Can at atreeL MME DEMOKRST'S GRAND OPENING OP THE NEW Spring Ka*hlnn* for Ladle*' and Children'* IirouM, Includlug *u the be*t styles for ladle*' ehort dreane*, aleeree, waist,. jackets, cloalcs. Ac.. Ac. We propone lo offer at o?r Spring Opening the iim.t brilliant display of rieir design* orer prc .cnted Monday, March A. 472 Broadway WANTED TO BUY-A HOUSE IN EXCHANdl FOB a eery bandaoine lot of black ChanliUy Laee, anA part In money. Addree* boi 1,332 Ne?r York Poet oUiie. aizixinkuy. Milliners, attention?opening for th* season nf Pattern Bonnet*. Bonnet Frame* and Straw Goods Oil Wednesday and Thuraday. Pel). 37 and 28 I AST at ASIIMUN, I'UAZEK A rfl'UKHOHY'S, 381 Canal atreet near Lauren*. OPRrNG MILLINERY?OPEN IIYM A TKIHDOKFBRE, O 31 and 11X Ulrulon atreet. will open on Thursday, tba 38th Inat., a new and aeleot Mock of pattern Sonnet* and llata, imported and own manufacture, togothor with a law Block of all kltida of Millinery Good*, wbieli we a*er to tS trade at extraordinarily low prleea. A call 1* aottoited. OPENIIYM A TRIBDOKPRK8, 21 Tud DlVu^n et. A T LEABtIso PER CENT MORE THaM ANY UTOVB 2^-9%??t DVCA*' e?ar* AT TBS ORIGINAL M. BARKS', 98 SIXTH A YEN BE. UAm and gentlemen caa receive w par cent mora than MJ other dealer In the city for their CuaLoff Clothlim. Carpet*. Furniture. Jewelry. Pure, Ac. I'lease bo Mai enough to can at or addreaa the number a* above. Lad lea walled upon by Bra. Mark*, in and out of the ctty. /N ENTLEMEN H A VINO ~A N Y~C AST OFF CLOTHljfo U to dtapoje of can ret a fair price by calling on or a* Chatham KIKEPATBIOK. ttft Pearl atreet. aear BILLIARDS, AC. "DILLIARD TABLE WANTED.?ONE SECOND MI EEL ?f ?"''ble or slat* bed, mail bo In flmt rate order. wUk everything oompl-te. Addreaa, statiag the lowest cash WhwtySvTntb frST"' Joua* *** jr0* "ale-thrrb billiard table* almom* r now. 3 four and 1 ata pocket Apply at H Park row. rillJREK BILLIARD TABLES KOR SALE FOB $w? l^now rented far $3(1 par month. Addroaa P. g O . Hen3 ULIOIOVS nrOTlOHE. A "SHPaLSSFS."0*??8 'RATKR fob OOI.L8GBE ''"fTS!!!! ??? ?'<doek,_ la the ontk Dutch church, corner of Filth avonue and Twimiv-flrm atieot Addressee are expected front Kev Dm. "Trlna.S Ganae and Roger* and Frofeaaor Then. W. Dwight. of a* Columbia College Law Sehool. ?? SPANISH-AM ERIC AN CHURCH.?THE CUB BOH or Santiago celebrate* divlue aervtce la Spanish. la Trtaatr chapel. In Twentr tlfth atreet. near Broadway, on tantw ^riUOO,M*' "A' ? TJ?? R*P- M- O Riley, from MaotlZZ i.hilo, will D V. I preach ueat Suoday All who sneak Spanish are cordially united to attend these aai Cuss. Ana DENTISTRY. AT 191 SIXTH AVENUE?OAN BE HAD A PERM A. neut eei of Gum Tenth for $18; a temporary eel. H: tenth Oiled with gold, $1. Tenth citrarted without pain. ' u A MET OF TEETH"!N THRKE TO FIVE"HOUME? A splendid aeta. 8*. $W. $1A. 820 Beautiful Gam sat* with I lumper* In Oil out the cheek* and restore youthful aaMarauoe. Teeth extracted without ??? M?P*?r ? W1? Onde Gas No charge for eatracuug when Teeth are a. an ted. at VAN VLEUK'H, 17A Birth aveoue. MetUfactlea guaranteed SET* OF TBBTB, restore uataiat ertractiog wMh ORaUTTFUL CONTINUOUS GUM SE1 IJ oa vulcanite ba?e, with ['lumpsra to fulaooa of face. $8. $16 and $? Paluleaa gaa 1M Grand atreet. / iolton~i)kntal assotrttion~6 itigiti ated fal V "aaaathei Ir uae of nitron* otide gaa, administer it la the moatapprorpd method, do nothing but KiWact Teeth, andmruiulydolt without palu. no IS,000 patieota ttfv See their Banes at the olllee. It Goo per Fnatftute. fMtPjWPLAimc AND PURR GOLD FILLINGS FOB " " roetormg teeth In every alage of deoay to their wMad ?|S, be*"ty end eeaodoea*. without pain. DUcovarofa nxuiia, m East Fourteenth atreet tt.DX) veettmaamla VVATCIIMM. JEWELRY, At! " ' ( )?P$28r?#K1?'a^5ou^S A,,,> RETAIL?A." J. f A.N. ^'.'5. * paienteoa and sole maaufaota ' ? ? wltheocret Loeket for llkeueaaes. rrt"eh tl08to J? . A- frankfield too. JOB Mirth avenue, oorner of Fourteenth atreet, audit* Eighth hTFfi 11 ah c/mnar >.f Tw? I .i_>i. ? * corner of Twenty-airth aireet VI/" A TCIIBS?SUITABLE FOR SPECULATIVE PUB VT poaea and gift enterprise*. Gold, Silver and Plated Case* for Aiurtdcaa WaU'hea- Ele-lro Plate Jewelry, Obalua, Ac Send tor prloe Uet to LIONEL JACOBS, iff Broadway MARBLE MANTELS. Marble mantels at reduced prices -afinm selection oo baud el S. KLABhR'S uianuraotory, 88 First aveoue, near Thud street. Now York. OaU and Marble mantels?tiib bem* place in tmm city to purabaae Marble mautela of the latest ?*r~ga? at very low prices is at A. KLABKit'S Marble WorkaTMt J-aal Elgulmnth street, near TTilid *v . N Y. Cat this oat. f/ARELEI/.KD BLA*E~Man iiljt-ML'rKKIOE28 iU aapaoraore, more durable, haK the prloe of laarhltL T. B. MTEWkKT. dM ?Uth avenue, between Thirty Bfth aaife TWrty -alxU a tree la, KXPRKEEKE. AH ?BURNHAM'S furniture k X PREkh. u* wmot ?. Elovanih Street, near Sixth avenue Furniture storedi money advanced oa fnrniiare. farnlture moved, etty ei ennotry. fhraituie paokod and shipped. j ARMY AND ?AVY^CJLAIMIM. A**JLA!!5 9J?I CLAIMB?ADDITIONAL BOUI aoar read? for peymoat. Soldlera, bring in yoar MKi'vfW tmi 0,1 ,00<1 b?*Ima. GEORGE ? KLVTtfy Amy ui4 Niry Banker, prlnclnflJ r | ?* 2ftS*dLnier bratieh '-flies IB ] Is AT* FOR CLAIIiriOATION. A UCTION NOTICE. ^ AM. FIRST RKOCLAR BPRINO MALE ssvlssr "? wn URRW tJHKn IN fWoiNAL rA;ka8bK'i "cm'dIn*'" "?" ?**** aad Boyg* Oaton frim hath I'e and i'a aad Hoys' ... . r* PART hats. in lbghobnS ? . - Mlease' and Children's IIATN eod OAP1 ia v% Owy, embracing the aeveltfoa ef the saaaoo. AUO 10$ naaae STOCK GOODS, to ha sold without reaarra .The apeotel attention of bayera la partleulaiiy lavhed to this aadoTaa It will Ineluds now ahdahlir* novelties. rLET?TRRER BOO KB. ON TlfN 9EOOND FLOOB. ?V KIM Sheet With ge* -nd -vater, ?8 IrM rate ordpr, ^o^mall cktldraa p?? naaatnq ImmodHlMB.

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