9 Mart 1867 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

9 Mart 1867 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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THE NEW YORK HER A LIX mjHnui? A <a?f?5 1WS?* jttwitt a OB OERABDUS W^I Person knowing tt. address of either %r>U be eultably rewarded bj seudlu* u W. & K , Herald a ?ALL B1G11T. LOOK FOB FilED NEXT WEEK. ___ 8NOWUKOrv SLaCE CBOOB. | *17. WILL FIND A LETTbA A n. 15 D, as requested. No antwer yet. reply, Address B. Q. T., box 3l> Herald oBioe. * TJLACK BYES?WILL THE LADY THAT BTivs i u fesawaar fe&s B&SSi! ^ ?""?i u l*Uifi of imf ortanoe await him. 1HFORMATION WANTEB-OF CATHARINE AND ihJ^hZST^n^n^^S^ CorkS, Ir?U.n d; ?! V*- Any Information tb*lraH?x,t ICaUi and Kllen O'Nail. Tblnye^hth strew. Peun.yl IFWn?Y?.00,?fBLXl "ROT"BB OF MABTBN AND ""7. tJ^-TMie-ly, wrllt eall at 100 Prospect street. Brook fi^^rner. *Mihlaf W felted vantage. Inquire of K?-'-V * fr,2ON?8 MINSTRELS. THUKSDAT EVKN Ing.?Will the lady who ut at the and of the row and FW"*mircj iha gentleman with ttra note In hi* hand, tead ?raddrewi to Marshall J. Williams, box S.447 Post office. M"? B.. OF BBOOM8 8TBBET, WILL FIND A latter for bar at station A.. Spring street. 8. L- C. VriSS FBABCIS COSTIKLOW.?PLEASR CALL AT JXL law uUoa* of Fine M Morgan, 14 and 16 Wall street. Thirty fifth street.-lizzie, tour note was received. Baud Mr. LI a rr Lou your full addre?s. llOMT ASiP FQDKD. DOO FOUND AT SAND'S POINT, L. I A FtJLL blooded Black and Tan Terrier Dog, ?moll yellow ehoU *?" Apply to John Davenport, 10* Wall street. LOBT-ON WEDNESDAY, MABCII 6, A GOLD LOPR. ?ini i. A.f c,harTh- KOi ty-serenth mreet or w^tlnc from (hence through Lexington and Fourth avenues j? 8 Amity The Under will be suitably rewarded by {saving It at the above nuuihar. It is highly valued an cou. Vlafaig thetialr of a deceased brother. OBT-A MEMORANDUM BOOK, WITH A H. LOW. i ery marked on ooter. The Under, hy returning it to to Slote, IB) Fulton street. New York, will l?e rewarded. T,0"-8*? *?V NO. 39 W, HERRING FA TENT. U^..n . ..v ?iU rf?ilT* tha Jfrntltude of the loser by R^tll. i '$? of Herr1"*' Farrell a Sherman, corner ?roadway and Murray streets. LOST-ON FRIDAY, MARCH 8, OOfNU FBOM FOBTY. ***?nd ?t'wst, down Ll?hth avenue to Thlrtv neomd "5? "l?"* O?P*>. The finder will be liberally re. warded by br.ng'ng It to 87 Weat Forty, fourth street. L?*T?A BILL BOOK. WITH CHECKS AND BILLS. Proper reward to the Under. - HOTOPP, ?63 Canal street L??*?* fBALL DOO; WHITE OR CREAM COLOB: ??n? nnlr, ears not otit. Mack nose, named Oscar U ?^ard for Its recovery. 806 Broadway, room 2L L?nT^"0N TP1!:9DAY. MABCH 5, A ROLL OF BANK 1ft ?a#- The "ud'-r will be liberally jjjjardedoB tearing the money at the Times publication S^JVr?0* 3* ?A8T FOUBTH 8TBEET. > _ ?>"*..and J?n pop. with the name " AIHe " en t hl? eollar. The Cndei will be very handeomely ro V??Ud by returning It to Ale*. Eagleson/at <?* abore^ad JBUBWARPW. ?*^ABD. f?0.?LOST, A BLACK AND MuTrLHT with leiiwer collar and look. The reward will be D/tid' ? triugmg her to 1(18 Allen street. OEO NEYLR fFIHE P0S8E8HOB OF LADT'R WATCH, WITH CHAT. S3t?B H", 15 ABOUT 10 O'CLOCK. IN TEL not JT?? A f?"7 (?uppoaed No. 6S), a Oold ISTo^gtoe0^ rSt'oaSP1' 10 J By"> ? ^ifeiTrVo1,."'. ioojs?; 2y,:sv ?"r SPECIAL NOTICES. W&'lLw a?5it.*bitS^%,nl-th* ^rd Half SstSS^SS?^?ssswsavarss ' M*rasva? Saeretary. '"Menl 1M ARMS-AND MUST BE SUPPORTED - SKff1???."'y or are respectfully IJ ?IM4 U attest Km meat speaker* will address the meetta* JOHN F, JIKjLOY, Centre. N"5JLO^H?nKlf90J.H?E* RKLIEF A8BOCI Xn ailoo.?Tka New'York ladles' Banthera Belief Aiao 5m2w la jewlTlng aitt distributing oontrl. StLfaaX ^ -Sff- ?*?rt?g people. Donations of mo ^ ureaody ^Uoited. I he fnnrte the deetilata neighborhood A 17. "T 7, uirumra 01 iue _ - _ ^tt^?nfe^S5o3ra#u,,ro*r,rttUy -tocud ??Tr 'tepot forreadvlng dry goods, clothing. Ac., Is at No. ft. hlsSKkF^1 ieopendaHy. from 9 o'olock A. j ^^?U.?.n-'Tlr?'T*d VABTHUB LMART, Treasurer, n 1. TOILItARD, CUTLBB, 163 SIXTH AVE n?hnilnnM^a iL**!*>"r"?^kh,t ln oon*ei>ienoe of "TJ'.yjPm.0"'y **.<* *??. they will hare to take off Kyt?nih5fM?S.^ ^rlag 6efore April 1. After that gaagi NBWELL'S MEAT MAB ttro large 8ta.-r? weighing ,c" of the American ?rood tbe "JfnX*X*?n or The a?m"m I following resoluilon. paaeed by the dob isssa 'Safes **<n*.*P*r*y^??>"? them, and without ^?isssi'a'a'jsiErffis'.rcsj rv.??!R.ss.^rj.r *>ARI8 EXPOSITION.?UMTED STATES PABBPORfB X ImihkI jo cltlxani about to trarcl abroad, bj A. C. WITLLMAyH, United BtateaVaaepon Agent, 41 Ciwibw HIFORNIA, rKB Jl.?NOTICE.? to motif J their frienda and the ey art sot and nsrar have bono ' with ?he houae of Hi-lo, ?? ?r rooMatM ? J A Co., oorner of Jeooh a ad Frankfort atreeta, Now jltr. Thla aMlae la pubbalied not with a rte littogorln aay manner Injuring the hniiit of H?ln A Co., kitl aiaapty ta correct alaoi Hn Iut, <11 Battery KrtM. oncepUoo. HIilN A ] ?RAT. WKfli MOTHER* OF THR CADETS OF TUB NBW X Itrt State Volunteer InaUtiti* awl the public generally, in hereby notified thai the troupe will travel and gtta eihV tssJiv 8P ?inMl tho let of May, when the aehool will he r*. s. ? W g aow^ar W'CTfc. pMneh Oloaa, AN OWNER, BT TBK PROPERTY CLBRK. ^ alberry (treat, for one keg of White Lead or ?PAPEXI. J?E NEW TORE ERA. _ _ jt x .. ? jj^Eofene P. Loearldga, ? pounf and talented author, an J!*' reridca, a young and tal THB PATH Of FIREt I lOO TRL'R TO BE N """""iNTENSE INTEREST i ato?T TALK t la aeuolaaion. and will be euro to A SENSATION. The arena* are laM In FIFTH ANBNCB, South Carolina and CANADA, of the qaual track hi which ee many writ mt th? Sendee tkU iwQegn^eiory^ tba BHA ra and Dramatic ictal and Comnwrrlal D? and Pemlcal Oeaato, Sla " - "tortala, sport . will be aeon tag DBOaV NO Md local etreulaUop ?aw* Ae#ote by Seal aiding IM NR ? Spruce Hreet, a. o. pa of, fubtyher, 4 IX KINDS or DOGS and birds for sale at A B. DOVBY'8, ato Canal street. near Chun k .trset. SwliciBM (or all disease*. JTaparwi Food for nMaktng bird*. fRANOIS BUTLER, NO. 8 PECK SUP. HAS ALL TllR choice breeds of Dojf^ Butler'* Infallible Mange Cure ud Dti Exterminator, 71 ceeU. Butler'* new work on ih? D<>g. 93. Dogs trained, boarded, ko. Medici ue* lor all li*OB BALE?small BLACK AND TAN, SCOTCH I and Skjre Terrier*: on* Black and Tan Doc, 7 pound*, keel fur Mock purposes; pair of Newfoundland I>og*. ^J(3HN ubay, U Koowvelt.ireet. FOR sale?a cbntrb board yacht, w feet lank, with cabin; price >900; a too a Sailboat 14 feel long; prion $u0. Additat or call on C. W. l'LYER, 117 Broad way, N. Y. ONE pair OF ROK DEKR8, PHEASANTS, SWANS, Egvpn in Geeac, Mandarin Duck*, Crown Craiiea. Piping Ballflaehes. German and Belgian CanirUs. Ac., at CHAtf BEICHB * BROTHERS' Bird Store, 63 Chatham, Dear Chamber* atreet. IQnn STAND OK ARMS, WITH BAYONETS COM ?ZUU pl. te, Sprinzfleld pattern; al*o SW Sword* and Cutlasses, at' of which will be *old cheap. Apply to HENRY DEVLIN, 477 Pearl *treet. HOR9ES, CARRIAGES, AC, Abeoister OF HORSES ^ND~ CARRIAGES. AT private sale, la kept by MINER M somkrville, at 97 Naaaau street. AU person* wishing to buy, *ell or ex change Horse* or Carriage*. abould have (heir property, or the articles desired regivtered a* abore. AUCTION HALRS AT HOR'<E auction MART, Union aquare every Tueaday and Friday throughout the year, and at 37 Naasau atreet erery Wednesday aud Satur day. See auction head. A% THOROUGHBRED SADDLE HORSE. 7 YEARS old, 1SSC hand*, warranted aound; throe driving lior?ea; new top wapons, turn over seat. Phaeton, Harness. Fifth arenue. Forty-fourth street. A ?FOR SALE, ONE GRAY MARE, 15 HANDS 111011. 7 year* old: alto one brown Horae, 15t? band* hi^h. 7 year* old, both perfectly aound and kind and In gn >d condi tion. Sold for want of tiae. Apply at 410 West Forty-fourth atreet from 11 to 1 o'clock. A JURE CHANCE FOR horsemen.?A HAMBLE tonian Stallion Celt for aale. Will be two years old next Mav. and ia a* handsome ? colt a* can be raised In Orange eonnty. He is about IS hands high, color bright bsy, and I* broken to harness. Ill* dura 1* a fine bred Morgan. Apply Immediately to TUOS. P. PITT3, J. 8. E US ALL, or W. W. WARDEN, Uoshen. N. Y. A GOOD ASSORTMENT OF carriages. HARNESS, Saddles, Bridles, Blnnketa, Ac., at almost any price, be fore May 1, at TAYLOR'S Carriage and Harneaa Wareroomi, to Cedar street. A NUMBER OF SECOND HAND carriages? Mude by beat city makers, causistlne of Barouches, Phaetons. Wagons, Ac. Also a fine Phaeton and Top Wagon, made by Brewster A Co., of Hroome atreet, for sale at the Church building, corner of Crosby and Grand (treets. ATHOROUOHBRED TROTTINO BLACK MARE. SIX teen hands, eight years old, a little *oro forward; valuable to a farmer. Also a very handsome light top bust. ne*a Wapon, Pony and Harness; ail cheap. 408 Pearl street, Brewster wagon for sale ?a full eliptio spring, no top Wagon, in first rate order, a* good aa new, made by Brewster A Co.. of Broome street, for (ale oheap. Apply at 87 West 'Thirty-first street, before twelve o'clock, until sold. English hansom cab?with harness com plete, ju*t Imported, for aale at the Chureh building, corner of Crosby and Grand streets. B10R SALE-HORSE, TRUCK AND HARNESS. ALL in perfect order, with good boot and *hoe work; satis factory reason on interview shown for selling. Address M. A. B., box 308 Herald office. For sale-a platform spring truck, in good order, with pole and sraft*. Inquire at MARLOW k canfield'S, corner of Fran kiln street and Oreenpolnt avenue, Oreenpolnt. FOR SALE-A FIRST CLASS MODERN BUILT Stable, In Forty-third street, between Fifth and Sixth ?venues; room for eoachmao; immediate polsesslon. 8. F. IRliiLAND. atl Broadway. OR SALE-A SECOND HAND SHIFTING TOP BUG gy, in excellent order. Apply at K and 98 Amity street. JOHN FERRIS. F FOB 8ALE?A PAIR OF CHESTNUT MARES, 15V hands high. 7 year* old, sound and kind in all har neaa. To be seen at GEORGE MURRAY'S liable*, IB Bast ii4?*niK ?tra?t t For balk?a handsome black horse, hbavt hum and tail, UM band* high, kind la single Mid dou ble harness, perfectly sound; aotd at a great ssrrlAoe, at tha owner la coins ?o Europe. Inquire far ?M week-at Ma 7 We?t Thirtieth street. For balk?a handsomb top wagon. nearly new. WUl be eold ebeap. Apply at 48 and 10 Meoroe street. POR BALB?TWO HOUSES AND ONE TRUCK, with privileges of the work on pier. Mfeeaa Carman, pier 88 Eaat River. y POR sale?YOUNG HORSE AND HARNESS. IN quire at Coal oAo^ ?*) New Chambers air net, New York. TOOR HALE?A NEW LIQFIT waoon AND SINGLE r aet of Harness. k watts earner ? of Hameaa. Will be sold cheap. Apply at PA AR ITS' bakery, N avenue D, or PaAB'S livery stable, Fourth (treet aad avenue 0. p?R BALE?8TEED?A CLOSELY MATCHED PAIB of sorrel "star" Horace, over ItW hands, 7 year* old; flan trot when in condition In 1^0; will be eold for SlAW, as the owner wishes to get a larger pair for a heavy carriage. Can be eeen at private stable 16 Weat Eighteenth street. TOR BALE?AvDAklK BRO'WN HORSE, BBVEN TEAKS X1 old. sound and kind, suitable for ooupe or oarriage. a prompt, styiiah driver. Apply at 144 Eaat Sixteenth street, near Third avenue. , Foe hale?aa bupbbiob work horrks peom the oountry, from 6 to 0 years old. Prices from $100 to $380. No. 8 Laurens St. TJ10R SALE?A TEAM OP SORREL HORSRS. ? AMD 8 r Tears, $W; one team of hlacks $380; one large Mare, with foal, 8198; ons Ponv Mare, >81; ati -valuable for farm ers or any business. 80 New Chambers street. TOST ARRIVED AND FOB SALE-THE LARGEST *1 and beet selected lot of SI lloraes le the cltv Of New Sork. of gentlemen's coach and driving Horses, from 18 to hand* high, one very fine IftK bay Horse. In this lot are 18doaeiy matched p^ira of Bays, Browns and Rlaoke. Ocnttemen wanting horses will please give na an early ervll, when every attention will be ahown them. FITCH k CO M AN, 184 hast Twenty- fourth street, near Third avenue. LITERY STABLE FOR SALE AT A SACRIFICE. ^(Eleven years eatablished; stock and lease complete. Terms made easy, doing into other business In the country the reason for selling. Inquire at U Baal Twelfth "treet. D. MULGRBW. SECOND nAND CARRIAGES, IN GOOD CONDITION, and Horses, well united for livery stable work, will be sold at a aac.-liloe at 8M Tblrd avenue. ? FARMBRS.?FOR SALE, A BROWN MARE. FIVE I years old and about 18 hands high: will soon have a coll Apply at 908 Seventh avenue, between la and 4 o'clock V. M. The owner of thb bat tbam advertised in Thursday's paper la In the city, and may be ?ean by ad dressing W. P. llalsey, box 2U0 Herald olBce. Prior 82,<W r LET?THE PRIVATE STABLE OB RAST TniBTY sixth street, recently built, with all modern improve its. J. C. BAILEY, 10 Fifth street. AQH ?GRAY HORSE, BIGHT TEARS OLD. SOUND ifttlU. and kind. 18hands, brown. It hands, $88. (ray, lame from kick, 878; mast bo sold. 887 Seventh avenue. Aon/! rot A LIGHT COtTPE; $80 FOE A LIGHT V6W" Rorkawav, with pole and shafts: $100 apiece for two Trotting Wagons'; 88ft for'llght Buslnaaa Wagon: fBSfor nearly new light Butcher's Cart; 812 80 for light Harness. Call at Hovejrs itsble, Seventeenth street, near First av. 407 c ?SPLENDID TOP BUGOY (COST |4S0), AND wd I w. covered Harness. Trotting Wagon, by Dusanbnry, 8140; splendid Hquare Box Wagon, used once, f 180; three Bockaways.gHlaile 449 Seventh avenue. LOAM OPFICEB.^ T 77?MONET liberally ADVANCED ON~DIA MONO*. WATCHES, JBWBLRY. Ac, OR THE 8 A MR BOUGHT AT TIIB HIGH K.ST BATES. ALSO PAWNBROKERS' TICKETS BOUGHT FOE diamonds, WATCHES,JEWELRY, Be., at 77 Bleecker street, up stairs. AT 888 PEARL STREET. BFTWEBN NBW BOWBBT and Franklin sqnare, LEDERRR A CO., adv?n~e lib erally at reasonable term* on all valuable property, Watches, Jewelry, Diamonds, Be, or pnrshass ADVA ROES MADE ON watches. DIAMONDS. JBW elry. Dry Ooods and Personal Property of every ds? srsiption. J. A. JACKSON, lit Uraod street, two 4oorswset ef Broadway. Advances made ob diamonds, watches, sil verwnre, Fnrs, A no Furniture, Camels' Hxlr Shawls, Be., or bought for cash. Terms moderate. J. 8. COHEN, 73ft Broadway, nearly opposite As tor place. AT Ml broadway-I PAY THE HIG1IBST PRICES for Diamonds, Watches, Jewelry, Be., or advanos 00 the same. ISAACS, Diamond Broker, Opposite Wailaok's theatre. AT 907 BROADWAY. NEAB TWENTIETH STRRRT, A room No. 4, the highest prices are paid for Diamonds Watches, Jewelry, Be. Also money advanced. MARKS B CO., Dlaasond Brokers. AT NO. 8 TWENTY-THIRD STEEBT?FIFTH AVB nue Hotel, the highest price paid for diamonds, watch aa, ke~, or advaneea wade en the same. * A T 8I7.-MONEY LIREBALLT ADVANCED ON D1A A M<>NDS, WATOHBS. JEWELBT. AC., OB THB BAMK BOUGHT FOB CASH, AT 817 BROADWAY, ROOM BO. Z LEEDS' AET aAl2jttY7 Ml'RICAL, AT TOR NaHONAL CONSERVATORY OF MUSIC, 11CLa?K AVENUE, LESSONS, PRIVATE Oli /1UITAR, PIANO, VIOLIN, 8 \JT Twenty-sixth street, between avenues. call or send for a circular. ^ eases. Terms favorable to all. SINGING.?S43 WEST 1 Seventh and Eighth ?Private lessons. No ?^.irK'AistfiSr "j-~ ? copartnerships. A tradesman, having THE beqcired ma (V chine* for the manufactniing of tin 'ware, deatr** a lurtner with aome means, or would snperintend a uiiiuuf att ar y. atmiesa box 180 Poet office, ntirwalfc, Conn. A PARTNER WANTED?in A UOHT, PROFITABLE, CX om established bns!nea?; li a food opening to sntiafac. lory person. About i1.20j can obtain one-halt the business, for particulars inquire of or addreaa la mediately Reliable, Herald office.. oopartnrr8iiip.?o. W. joslyn HAS THIS DAY u associated with him aa partner Mr. John V. Bostwlek, Mid will continue the Banking and Stock Commission Buat. nea* at No. M broad street, under the orta name o< o. W. lo?lyii A Co. Niw yoit, March 4,1867. I! AW PARTNERSHIP.?WANTED, A OENTI.eman, J wetl up In practlee, to join advertuar in an ofllee. in Ihla city or Brooklyn. Address law Partner, box 213 Her ald oilioe. Notice.?tiie copartnership heretofore existing under the atyle anil name of McMuhon a Hill, at 100 hue atreet. dealers in paper stock, has this dny been dissolved by mutual oonsent. Edward mc.V.thon will still continue in the business. EDWARD mcmauom. PETER HILL. i New York, March 1,1*67. PARTNER WANTED?SILENT OR ACTIVE?witfl 910,000. in a pletsant business, paying SO per oent; money secured !n rood coantry real estate. a'id rem Farmer a., Herald office, a tailing when and where an Inter* view can be had. N "PARTNER WANTED?witn $2,000 OR $3,000 CASH; a one who la acquainted with the grocery or market buai nca* preferred. Adlres<, atating where au interview can be had, 8. 0. Graves, Herald office. PARTNER WANTRD?in A FIRST CLASS MONEY malting saloon, long established and in full pay iur or der. For particul irs Inquire thl? day only at .8 and HO Broadway, room 30, between the hour* of 10 A. M. and 2 p. ?7 The kirm ofousack a Bartholomew, foot of kighth street, Kant river, hat ihla day dissolved, ana the business will hereafter be carried on by M. F. Cuaaek. M. F. CU8ACK. L. b. BARTHOLOMEW. WANTEn-A PARTNER, WITH A SMALL CAPITAL, " to join the advertiser in a real rata to business already established. Address C. P., room 18, 17 Nassau atreet. <??"1 nnn ?barb CrfANOB?PARTNBR WANTRD, ?)pa.v/uv/. aa cashier in the very beat paying exhibition In America; performing to crowded house*; association drat class. Inquire immediately at 287 Hudson atreet. (j?q nnft ?wanted-a sobrk, INDUSTRIOUS. ?jpo.u V/vj. Intelligent Partner, with an eq'ial amount of $3,000 cash, to carry on a highly respectable and remunera tive cash business, the profits of which will satisfy any honest man. For honesty, Integrity, sobriety and Itidu*. tri ms habits eau refer to a large number of the most re spectable people in this cltv; r-jferonws will also be re quired. Apply to H. c. o.. 24!i West Thirteenth street, nnnto ?7>noo--A PARTY, of experience. flpu.uuu with tho above nmount, desires to enter as partner in some respectable, legitimate buaineaa. where his aaalm and services will secure a fair remuneration; is a *ood accountant; would prefer that department; can furnish double the amount above stated in twelve months. Nona but thoae meaning business need address 8. B., box 6,728 Now York Post office. Ql7 ?fla ?a PARTY, WITH THIS AMOUNT, CAN ?p i .ulnl. purchase the Interest of a retiring partner in a well established Manufacturing Buaineaa. baiea wholesale to first class houses in principal cities. Profits very good. Will bear investigation. Apply to J. M. MOODY A CO., 48 Pine street. *qa nnn to $m.om.?a BABE oppobtdntty tpou,UUU of either general or speolal partnership now offers to a gentleman with this amount,, in a respect able, well established New York dry goods commission house. Address Dry Goods, Herald office. bviinei8 opportusITIE8. a watcnmakeb. OP SOME EXPERIENCE. agt'D 40. Miigle, jrould either purchase or enter Into partner ship :n same well established business; i* a good salesman; * ;loan to some good house, ong>od security, ^s.003 or ?Sefe a ceasa - br w' ? eSBKh??^ gg^feasgag =Tir,1tf..M11' M~" ?"?' r-ss^titwlis $4,000; i|?, twenty-nlna. Addrsaa w. a. ?-. """" " . t^RT-the OLD ESTABLISHED preml?e*. piCIUiw* 1 1 touted. *UertUer ha. a Urge connection. Addre? W. E, Herald office. Iqaa _a PRINTER WAKTED, wnp CW 1TO* ISSS^spfiiK'-r i&isrw! ~ ? ?dilri?? Nt*>i Herald office. _ "" " kelihiopi igw??. E3^?ffi4S5E^S Terrible creak." ?? ?im?.nwu?assssfH'i??ra ?rr'.s??tSrs' tn tb? erenlng. clortne Lecture to Young Men. . pHRISTIA* OHU^L T^TT-BmHTH Brewer, p??tor. /"1ENTBAI. PRBBBYTEBIAN CtlURCTI, J^*J|'!2,JiY SseSiggsSt&i and had It thorotlghly J*P w?r(.), m ,nd continue there open It f?r worship to*niorrc Dedicatory ?ertnon ht until the election of a ne e joM.'and preach SNWkV sS"- WATr. M. A oordlal In wgei r. ?? T.uttoo extended to *11. n"i?p? i?^?pHr^^0?aTOS?2 v 105^ A. M. ina /? ? ? between Fortv-flrft tod '2Fk*Ui o. ru?g. d. ir. rector, will preach. , ? l-BF.E ?C?rlI SZ^Sff?SXSS'lfSiK. S Lr^rcwstw: 4^s*'h' ?? all free, at noon at 'Si o'clock. Hun.lay ethool at 1 Tr all ,.H^,.AJSm>i?wF? "he church corner Second arenue end Eleventh etrfi , ??? S^SfSSKS&sE^ Kafe A W'1"' -nto* W,1! C?mtn40C# it7M o'clock. - i^?wvnf)(RVT -tur sermoh advertised W P?C^^w??iEs!s!FS':'t.?5aS'? March 10. t?y the B?r ? jn. F.Morgan,^" ^ wllI be th* ^'A .. liCaf.nrtr'-l llfareh 17, In the Church of the f|Xch^-0-^?-n?^t,V,^?^o^rn.^r of Twentieth .treet Mgpgg&m morning and ereulug. Beata free. _ , . &? ?T?:t.,|i n pRirft D D.t WILL PBKACH TO Rf o'CloelL j w RHACKBIiFORO WlLti OFFICIATE FOR ^wiSwW as K.Di4i"-st?i rerelty. KE& B^Sws mutee. i~?t mpnEN'8 EPISCOPAL CHURCH.?REV. DR. R pSIf Rector will hold dlrlne aerrlne at the church on S~.J?^^o^datre?L between Fifth and Slith areflue?. to It 10^A M and 7? P.M. In the evening wlftj&h ^ ??t of a oourae of nrraoo. f fonng men. mHR first OF A 8P.RIE8 OF 8RRMOES APPRO T nrtau to the eneaon wui be delivered in the Church of the Enunciation, 110 Weet Fourteenth ?tr<-et,.)u IhseTee n? ef the first Render In.LenLby the |Rer. John Hurray g&TKg service at 7H pA. T1IR RRT. DR. TYKO. rector OF ST. OEOROE'B rhuroh. win preach Ate third termon In the ?ra l?e. urt The rhv. a. a tihtoh, d. D., rector of st. Mark'a church, win preach In St. Barnaiaa chapel, Mul t^rrrVtreev near Bleeoker, on Wednemla, evening, March la, ai 7M o'elecfc. rnn HTRRBT raptist OHHBOH, REAR SEVERTH tn MwUf eteotofi PTOAW1AL. AUtBBT H. NtUOLAY, STOCK BROKER AMD AUCTIONEER, No. 48 PINE 8TR KT. ESTABLISHED FIFTEEN YEARS. Insurance, City Railroad. Gas I.lght, Bank, Telegraph, Express, Manufacturing and Mining Stocks receive ?t><vvla! attention, and some on band for sale. paying from lu to iW per cent aivideuda, at low rate* for Investments. A LIMITED AMOUNT OP MORRIS AND E?SEX Railroad Company tlr t mortgage seven per cant lion 1", SO yean to run. Interval pajabli May and November, for ?ale by VE RMILYE 4JJO., 44 Wall atreet. C1ITUSNS' SAVINGS BANK. J Southwest corner of Bqjvrry and Canal street. Cpar cent interest, free from tax. ns from $6 to $M<N received. Money deposited now will bear iniere.it from April 1, pay able In J uly. Money to loan at seven percent, in large or small amounts, on first dut Property, In iliia city. KINO A CO., No. 9 Twenty third street. Fifth Avenue lintel. Money to loan on bond and wortoaoe, in tuua to suit. Wauled?a small House, well located, for cash. BRAD HURST A F1EI.II, 00 Cedar street. PENNSYLVANIA STATE LOAN. PROPOSALS FOR A Loan OF $23,000,000. An act to create a loan for the redemption of the overdue bonds of the Commonwealth. Whereas the bonds of the Commonwealth and certntn eer liflcates of Indebtedness, amounting to $J).000,lKM, have been overdue anil uuaid for some time past; Aud whereas it is desirable that the same should bo paid and withdrawn trom the market; therefore, * Section 1. Be It enacted by the Senate and House of re presentatives of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in Gen eral Assembly met, and it la hereby enacted by the authority of the same, Thai the Governor, Auditor General and Stale Treasurer be, and are hereby authorised and empowered to borrow on the faith of the Commonwealth. In sucn amounts and with such nolle?, (no! less than forty daysS as they may deem most expedient for the interest of the State, twen ty-three millions of dollars, and is<uo certiorates of loan or bomla oft he Commonwealth for the same, bearing Interest at a rate not exceeding six per can mm per annum, payal le semi annually, on the 1st of February and 1st of August, in the city of Philadelphia; whleh certificates of loan or bonds ?hall not be subject to any taxr.tlon whatever for State, municipal or local purposes, and ahull be payable as Col lows, namely:?Five millions of dollars payable at any litre after Qvr years and within ten years; eight n^i'.lions or dollars payable at any time after ten years and within lif teen J ears, and ten millions of dollars at anytime after flf teen years and within twenly-tlve years, and shall lie signed by tha Governor and Slate neasurer, and oonnterstgoea by tne Auditor General, and registered in the books of the Auditor Ueneral, and to be transferable on the books of the Commonwealth at the Farmers' and Mechanic' Nsllonul Bank of Philadelphia: the proceeds of tha whole of which loan, including uremiunw, Ac., received on the same, shall be applied to tuo payment of the bonds and certificates of Indebtedness of the Cotmuonwea'tb. Sec. 9. The bids for the said loan shall be opened In the presence of the Governor, Auditor General and State Tinas urcr, and awarded to the huthest bidder; Provided, That no certificate hereby authorized to lie Issued shall be negotiated for less than Its par value. Sec. 8. The bonds of the State and certificates of Indebted ness, now over duo. shall be receivable iu pawnent of the ?aid loan, under such regulations as the GoVerner, Auditor General and State Treasurer may prescribe; and overv bid der rot the loan now authorised to be issued shall state In bis bid whether the same la p tyable In cash or in the bonds or certificates of Indebtedness of the Commonwealth. S?c. 4. That all trustees, executors, administrators, guar dlans, agents, treasurers, committees or other persons hold ing In a fiduciary capacity bonds or eertillcntes of indebted, ness of the State, or moneys, are hereby authorized to bid for the loan hereby authorized to bo issued, and to surren der the bonds or certificates of loan held by them at the time of making such bid. and to receive the bonds authorised to a*fk Anj"pcr?on or person* standing In the fiduciary capacity slatedln tbe fourth iMtlon of this act who may denire to invest money in their hands for the of tne trust may. without au order of court, invest the same In the Jci to be issued by ?hl. act, at a rate of pre raium not exceeding twenty per oentum. ... fc 8r.c. H That from and jifter the lwsiape of thlejWt bondi of thU Commonwealth abaft be paid ofi in tbe order ^%?loan.of this Commonwealth not ?hall be exempt from Stale, municipal or b*?l uuatton after the Interest due February drat, one thousand eight hn^' Kit LVjOTnVu JV1 or# portions thereof, Incon elatont Uer.wltb, are hereby p GLASS, Bweaker of the IIouho of Representative*. L. W. HALL, Hjwnker of the Senate. Approved the second day of February. ws thousand eight hundred and sixty seven. JOUm W. UhAK*. In accordance with the provisions of tfle above act of As ?ombly seait.l prap"sais will be received at the office of the State Treasurer. >o the City of IlarrUburg, until 111 o'dorlt M. of the 1st d?y of April, A. D., 1W?, to bo nnilorsod as follows:?" Proposals for Pennsylvania Btnte Loan, Treasury Department, Uarrlsburg, 1'a.. t nlted States ? BUU Sin* retired for A ?ears and parable In ten years; ib.OUO.OW) Mmtmrsabl* *? ten years and payable In fifteen yea*s, and $W,P00.000, reirn. bursabls in fifteen years and payable In twenty Ore y*ars, tbe rate of interest to I# cither live or six per oenL pir an num. which ranit bi up cltlr staled in th? bid,and Ibf Mat m<?t t&n?g5S to the /ute will be ?ccepU-d. No bid for less than par will be considered. The bonds will be Hsned In .urns of $W :md such hlghnr snms as desired by the 1 turners, to be free from Hate, local and municipal UThe orer doe'fcond* of the ffc rrmoaweslth of PennyWa niiL will be recHf&d at pwr in pft|INni of thl* taan; but bid ' SSTri i Jl taund to pay in oath or in tbe "X' d^s'mctfon will be made between bidders paying ln eash or overdue loans. J()HS w. OE ARYi _ covernorof t*rnn?y*vsma. JOUN K. 1IAKTRANIT, Auditor lieneral. W. H. KEMWJI. State Treasurer. K H -Ne newspaper publishing the above, unless autho rigid, wiC reeelre pay. CTOOKHOLiVkHS KOR tMOO ?AOH.; 'tS*!!; t> tal and at least *? per cent proOt^fiUly^ured^ry reai >o. ? Wall street, between i and ? r. M. $~ O/l /tna TO IX)AM?OJC BOND AND MORTOAflB 20.000 of rtty prorerty ln'.ne or mo? sum., jo su t; no commissions. Apply to CUABLRS CBilKfi'i Broadway. . <*00 K Ann TO LOAN ON BONO AMD MOBT $325,000 gage. In one er more sums, on real eawte, hi Ihlscit^or ^J^fgjgy M wall street room 12. IKSTRyCTfOW. instruction. No cl<ui8*? , ? ~T vmtvn WIDOW WOULD LIKE TO BNOAUB AR 4 TOUSO LADY, WHOSE ATTAIN^ NTS. FATROI^ iiPWiisP u?h literature music. Box 20 union nww -r?tfv'tocno ladies will be BKCKIV-ED AT A- 'V^h^ea^^^^" uTJo m fetfU. latin. **"?g?* wuhm Kl"w5fc#S X! ?. SC'ilKltMKKU f/it.v, 4K Broome street. New York. ?? " $ 1 ^mftn s n *N ormal ^booi ofJ-.ri,? -h-ort'. Tuluon warranted In three mouthe. tl Bond 'treet. _ fma>. KSSSSHi except Monday. fSSfflSSSS .ti.:.' tT.y T?ABIS KinlBITION.-A FRENCH 5?i2inl StVSfSUV*? field St., Mobofcsn. N. J- ? WAVStt i? rraS S^S^'d^ M^S. Vsrd. bo. Ill Ssrald oSee. ? ' ' CWlTHIIVe^ , ... "T*^r in TV\TLFTIt RTHKKT. NEAR BROADWAY?? AS2 fe.?.ws-afsa ?pon by Mre. Oashberg. , ? A* SMffllSlffifr511? ss.-vrss w"x Tweetv-flrst street THll? agSnt \*l ?eve?7h -venae. dr?ti?tht. ^ Vt^MmTAvillU* r.AK IB HAD A PREMA AMl'SEMKIVTg. ijkoadwav theatre admissiok w cents. ?IJ" <'orner of Hroa ! way and Broome *treet. The Word-Renowned Comedian* ami Original Dellueatore or the Irish Hut and the Yankw Girl, MR. AND MRS. BARNEY WILLIAMS, fulfilling the moat brlllwiut engagement ever performed by tiiwe great KrtUtH m anv city, have kimllr con*eiUed 10 givo 1WO PERFORMANCES I'll 18 DAY, Saturday, March 9, 1867. MATINFE. Opens 12M. Begin* 1!*. Over at 4 I'. M Alluding a in 1le time to me?t all su burban train*. FA IKY CIRCLE. Mr. and Mr*. WILLIAMS, In their original character*, lor the lam tinio, the HOUGH DIAMOND. EVEN I NO. Oifn?7. Begin* "*?. Or it at 11 P. M., when carriage* may be In attendance THREE HOI KS OF FUN. THE OBBAT BKNIPIT BILL. ireland AH IT WAS. ROUGH DIAMOND. HAPPY MAN. MONDAY, March 11. an Eutirc New Entertainment, SHANDY MAGl'JRE And An HOUR IN SEVILLE. 8TANDINO ROOM ONLY, at 8 o'clock, render* it advUa ble that partic* ?hou1d MCure their place* In advauco. Bo* office open for that purpose from 8 to 8 o'cloolt. HARTX'S TEMPLE OK MYSTERY, 806 broadway. Ticket*. Atlcenta; riMrvtd neat*, $1. Heat* necured ill day* ill advance at the Hull, from 9 till 9. Continued luccea* ami unbounded enthu?l**m, e?u*ed by tho NEW PROGRAMME, WITHOUT APPARATUS, and the ereatc*t Spectacular Illusion of the day. PROTEUS, PROTEUS, PROTEUS, PROTEUS. PROTEUS, PROTBUB, WE ARE 1IERE, BUT NOT HERE, THE BASKET TRICK. Growth of Flowers, Floating Head, and other wonder*, will be produced EVERY EVENING AT 8. SA ru RDAY AT A WEDNESDAY juvenilE NK111T. Children half price. OVERMAN HTADTTHEATRE, 45 AND 47 BOWERY. JT Tbia (.Saturday) evenlntt. March 9. kill. HOOUMIL dawisom As FRANCIS DE MOUK In 8ch!ller'? five act Tragcdv, - die rauber." (the ROBBERS.) Kelly a leon'S minstrels, 720 Broadway. the WALLACES OF MINSTRELSY. Brook * Brigade. L L L Belisnrlo. Bl,tck Crook. E E E Demon Dane*. Clnderlroo. O O O Flower Dance. M.iila?vi-oar I<?E?<t?N?O?E?L Water Nymiih*. Ballet Troupe. O O O Naughty Girl*. Stop ih.it E E E Combination Laughing. I, L L Bnrle*f|u<i*. Tui* delightful performance I* witne??ed nightly by Til.. BEAUTY and FASHION OF THE CITY. HAKLEY WHITE'S TROUPE, 472 BROADWAY. ANOTHER splendid BILL FOR THE LADIES AT the GREAT MATINEE TO day. the GKEAT MATINEE TO DAY. the GREAT MATINEE TO DAY. the GREAT MATINEE TO-day. the GREAT MATINEE TO-DAY. HINDOO SPORTS. HINDOO SPORTS boarding SCHOOL. HOARDING sril iOL. PROMISING YOUTH PROMISING \oi TH. INSIDE and OUTSIDE. INSIDE and outside. CAM ELI AS B ALLET, C AMELIAS BALLET. THE jealous WIFE. Till'. JEALOUS WIFE. BROADWAY BOYS. BROADWAY HOYS. COMMENCING AT 2l<. COMMENCING Al^i. c San yRANcisco minsthri.s?hkhauwai. The Trouble commence* at quarterU? ?J?M. THE r.KKMIi OK LA. OREME UP M'5iS.T?irF;Ju^ birch. wambold. hbrnard a baokuu' HAN FRANCISCO MI NITRICLS, who-e sui-coxs hu* never lieen equaled by any ?dmllar orient, nlion Id the world New and cheerful Burlesques every week. Hilton Head liu'ltute. Norma ami (iroayv. Allan fferoai Game, or the Keuo hharpw. I will Mary Hor bo Early | fn the Morning. Shout* of I .uuhter at the Bbadow Punto mime, and the scroumiug lilac* Cook and Alrlcun Ballot | Troupe. . j S^IpHltHARMON.C SOCIETY OF NEW YORK. OHCHK8TUA.iL PIECKS?Symphony No. 2, Beethoven; Tajtto, by Liazt, and Overture, Magic Mute. Mozart. 8OI.0 PERFORMERS?Signer Lotii, Tenor, and Mr. ^Sslrtra'HckcU^or tale at the u?ual places Doors open at 7; to commence at 8 o'clock. PUBLIC RKHEARSAL NO. 12, Saturday. March ?, at 10 o'drt A. , Admission 80 cent*. L. SPIER, , Secrets ry. STEINTWENTYIKIORTH SUNDAY CONCERT, SUNDAY. MARCH 10. L. F. HARRISON. Director. Positively ?,2^Pa^eTa^ CODC,rl, ?f wbe will .in, 3.^.1^ , with Trumpet Obllgalo by Mr. WETS; ?'IA ! Ilenr the Gentle Lark," with Flute Obligate by Mr. EBENi ? Gounod'? "Ave Marie. with PlanA, Mr. MILLS ^Viojin, Mr. ROSA; Organ, Mr. 8. B. MILLS' PUateL Mr. Carl ROSA. vlollnlnt. Mr. O. W. COLBY, Aei-ompenht Mr. THEO. THOMAS, Conductor, and hl? CELEBRATED ORCHESTRA. Ticket* 80 cent". Re*er?ed beat* Mi cents eitra. For Bale tbla rr mlng at the iiau-tl place*. STEIN WAY'S ROOMS. HKVRRINI AMD PEASE'S FIFTH AND LAST MORNING COJ?CK?* on wb,Ch jfe r'e, 701 Broadway. /JRAND BSNItFIT CONCERT TJ STEIN WAY HALL, WRD^MDAr urBIMBO. *?rchJ3 Mrtdair.r l'AREPA KOHA, Prima Donna. *MrWE.'MOLl>;VUaUBR, Vlollotot. Mi,cVW,vtt Mr S H MIlAA. Plan let . Mr. O W. COLBY. Aooorapenlst, MM FULL ORCHESTRA _ lW. Ticket*. 91; Reserved seat*.?? cente ?**'*? Tor **'* music More* and Ktelnwi.y Hall. HANDEL'S ORAND ORATORIO OF fBlXWAY HALL. FRIDAY EVENING. MARCH 16. "*F. HAKRISON, Director Foeiuvely the M^Ta^K pThOSA0/ ^ISaVE^YMoM? Mw^praM. MAUAJia OBuR(jB SIMPSON, Tenor. MR. J. R THOMAS, Ba*?n. MR E. J. CONNELLY. Onanist. MR O. W. COLBY. PlaolM. THM KPWYORR HAKMONfr SOCIETY .nd THEO. THOMAS INOREA^KD ORCHESTRA. A ftchlroier'e.701 B^adWati IVmd i co'. S? Aridw.,; Hull,nan'. uckct oBC, ill Broadway, and at ?telnw*y Halt TBVtVfl HALL. NEW YORK. FEBRUARY 1S87.? hope will tult your com eu ienee. Nkw Yon*. February, SB, 18W. V" l f H aiwhow:?t)ear Steiv-l haf? the ??? .'ppUJiaiTon^of'^helr k.mln^. and I beg k>?7 to tU my "neare/h^. K^RRT^jitVoN? PAbrOK'x (yralloaea. ?1 Bewery. M~~ATINEE AT WOOD'S COMiqUP.-ADMIMIOB 26 on into BCILDINO?H WEST TEN'Tn 8TREKT. Sw."irfn? llaa?' "Kwr^ot a Heet Paeeing ti e Fr?rte Below New orleena ~ . l_ . JJ8 SRHSSSir. M?L?WW...,. The Racalioui dea Arabee of Delaiigrenier, J6 RueRfche lien, Panii. (i.rrna the rofvt cliRoatirr (unl tvyieeah.t breakfail r.ir delicate persona, children and ??onr?Tn?c?nt?. It 1? the >i.lT aliment approved by the norrM^Aaaden^ of Medicine t>f Vrnnc^aealitst the yellow and typhue fejrera. ? . MVr U hVd Of rOrr|KH\ KRKREH, rhj.mUK !forth WlUiAm ?treejk end of JOnlf DV^Okh ? V/nM>? ?qtmre. yew York. - "?B,o?v?W'l.VSKT.i"oSC?4'7' RAC DK COLOGNE (pr?paratl?? ey^OtoM.) PU ARIS-L'OFFICR INTERNATlORAl^ TI BBVYR I ZA?u?L,iBg asSa ?.t?oliahed tklrty.?Mlbt years, uaderlahe tp rep sargagy cs ESEmSJS Acenta C<inmt?alnn Traualt Ageete and Wloe Mervuanta Krery Information ?? P^"? ?lTS,Warii a^^iTdis^n?WValkU HQ.OK furnished Ute United Slat* oovsraioeat. We offer for eel* on fjeorabie . br? nonets. l,o? UnitedBtalee Rifles<steel bereel; with More y 8,080 United Stalea RIM Mn?kets. lK.DOO Uolted State* Army orCtTtlryJSerolreirfc ?g arms to breeeb-Udie^u^^ g ,0WHfXn, B. T. ? AlWrSJBMEVTS. _ \rE\V YORK THEATRE. l\ tn L?wi* Raker and Mark Smith. i'uMiUvfly la?t night of LAi?V DON PERSEUS jLND ANDROMEDA; ami NTVR POINTS OFTITB LAW. LADY don *< PEBSECS and MRS. gXriijL manliited by MR. MAKK SMITIf and MR. J.I.VMS BAKER, and their tinapmoachublo ' COMEDY and Ht'RLESQrE COMPANY, flu MOND AY will be plured a C i nety wntteu e*pre?ly for LADY DoN, entitled BKOTUBR BOB, together with the great burleitoue of COIXIIBS BAWN. WOOD'S THEATRE ("OMIQUK JtdmUnion BO cent*. If 614 Bmi.lway, opiioiitc sr. Sfchol-i* iIntel. LAST APPEARANCE OF THE URAND COMIC COMBINATION. MATIMRB, EVBNINO. opt.tie I3'?. b^rinalSi- open* 7, be^ioa 7^. MR B RINNPLLS AKD HIS TWO SO.SH. PROFESSOR hutchinson AVD acting DO?3. MR. CHAS. ACSTIN IN HI- ZOUAVK l>!UI.l,. COMEDY, PANTOMIME and MINSTRELSY. MONDAY evr nlng, March 11, Th? beautiful ai't li I'll ml rooall-t atiil r >tnmedie:)<>?, M las FANNY MORGAN PlIEU'S. will appear Biipi-iled by a full dramatic company. ^JltS K. B. ovmn FAKK THEATRE, BROOK HAtSIcDAT, March 0, inoomab and harold HAWK. fpOEATRK F:?ANCAW. COMEDY, i untiarnUi'led uccesa of the French Comet! v. SATURDAY liVEMNC, MARCH ?, AT FlttXISBLY, for the tilth an<t podtivxly last lime. LA KAMILLB Hi NOITON. (Or filial of t\'i> " Faat Family" imm formed at Wa'.laek'a). Convdy lu live aci? by M.\ Ictotion Sardou. Ticket oflllcc at#78 Broadway at II. DaICDON VlI.I.Ef. Brooklyn academy ok music. Monday, march u. L. F. HARRISON" Director. Orsnu petfo:mancooJ t! mil ?!> Oratorio of bamhcTn, and ponltlrely laal appnarnnug In o-atorlo In Brooklyn of MADAME PARiPA ROSA Tho Oritorio will be performed with the ean.e j.o.rerfu) array of t-vlfiit an in New York. Mim C. V Ill.K'tllNOS, Contralto, Mr. OBO. SIMPSON, Tenor. Mr. .1 R. THOMAS, B?hm?. Mr. DlETZ. Trumpet. Sololxt Mr. I!. J. CONMBLLY, rianlst. .Mr. <?. W-COIiBY, Planet. Mr. F. L, BITTER, Conductors THE NEW YORK harmonic SOCIETY, Anleied by members of T1IE CROILIAN CHOIR AND FLU, ORCHESTRA. TJCKItrs ONB D'lLLAR. RESERVE!! HV. ATS PIETY CENTS EXTRA. Can now be obtained at the Academy of Music, Brooklyn. Griffin a chihsty's FIFTH AYHNUR OPERA HCUKR MINSTRELS. O W. H. U BIFFIN ... Manage-. The greatest micee* nvr achieved. LRA.ND SPECTACULAR RURLBSQUB, THK BLACK CROOK, every night unttl further notice. n? eng .^emenl ol' Mr. <<tto Burbauk, who will positively appear uu Thursday, March 7. TONY PASTOR'S OPERA HOI HE 901 BOWKRY 1 GRAND FAMILY MAIhEE. orano family matinee. this ACTtfRNoOS AT 2? O'clock. this AFTERNOON AT 2>? O'CLOCK. Posltlvelv la^t pert ortnu nee of tho arrai Irish dr..ma THE 11 ILLS OK KitRRY. HILLS OK Kf.'tRT. THE HILLS OF KERRY. HILLS OK KERRY. llltiitnllnj In glowing colors the FCNIAN STRlUOLK FOIt LIBERTY noW ooeurriog in Ireland. TONY PASTOR and iruupe in a grand Ollt>. HOOLEY'S OPERA HOUSE, BROOKLYN.?TUB Uniii-e that Jack Built. Burlesque Black Crook an l Ballet Troupe. Flint appearance in America of the rreat English artist* Mr. A. Batnford and Mr. 1. H. Hartley. Bur le*i|iie Pare|ia Concert, Hamlet the I'ainty. Two I'ompeys, Ac. liraiid Matinee Saturday, March 9, at o'clock. IINYAH TAB LEA l.'X.?LARGEST PANORAMA IN B the world. Sixty magnificent scenes, illustrating "Buu yuu's 1'llnrim'n Piogri hs." Union Hull, Broailwil^ and Twentv-tfilrd street. Open every night at 7; commencing at Admission M eenta; children U> cents. Matinee Wed nesday and Saturday, at 3 o'e!ock. ROUT. J. (HI..EN'WOOD. Manager and Proprietor. The great historical painting. "THE REPUBLICAN COURT" IN THE DAYS OF LINCOLN. GIVING 70 OR *0 FINE PORTRAITS OF THE MOST PROMINENT PERSONS OF THE PERIOD. BY P. F. ROfUEIlMEL. NOW ON EXHIBITION, PAY AND EVENING, INSTITUTE OK ART (D1.RBY GALLERY), 835 BROADWAY. WONDBRF0L FREAK OP NATURE-'THE WASH INGTON TWINS," born alive, having two head*, four arm*, and but one body end one pair of leg*; also the head and right arm of Probst, the muro"r?r of the Deering fami ly; together with the magnificent collection of objects irv Physio'ogy, Anatomy. l'athologr and Natural History; all of which are illustrated dally by Lactnrea and Mtcoaoortp Views, at the New York Muneom of Anatomy, #18 - ? ^ ? A M 1.1 t? jj. IRELAND'S STRUGGLB FOR FREEDOM RE PRE, ?en ted In the great Irish drama THE BILLS Ul KERRY, at TOBY PASTOR'S Opera House, 101Bowery. F AMILY MATINEE AT WOOD'S OOM1QDE, 614 Broadwav. Saturday, Match 9, at IK o'clock, i Grand Comic Entertainment. Adml?ton 3B oents. SHUNDAY EVENING CONCERTS.?CENTRAL HALL, ? 87 and 90 Kietrj. Fred. Eeitiel (leeiter of tho Alien Society) dfrectof. Orchestra composed of member* of Phil t?on* "'.".tl-icgT. The performance cendets of eholeo aeleo ^Rl and oratorio music. Admission I* cents; *?s^ . tO eenta. KUSTKR AORUBB, Propria to.a. TniEATRB TICKET OFriOB. ? Reaerred Reaie for all flrat olasa **? lalni Ooooerta. Ball*, Aa, onn always lie obtained it the THEATRE TICKET OFrtCH. HI and 114 Broadway. TMHB OREF.N ABOVE THE redT-labt KB PRISE V. ? taUon of the great In?h drama on the preeeat lUuid* In Ireland. THE II ILLS OF KERRY, at TOKYPASTOlHi OFERA HOUSE. 201 Bowery, THIS AFTERNOON AMD BVEKIWB. TJANJO. JIG DANCING, CLOG AND IRISH JIG HAMJ? J3 lag taught by John Bogan. Ul Eaat Houston MntL Term* fs per course. Ban joe at all price* from $1 upwarda. MUSaSTER fcOKER WlLlT REOPEN"tS i" CO ?CHBT HALL, Phlladelphln. with two Grand CoocortA Man. dny and Tue*day neit. Addreae t*B Pacific (tract, Brook, Kn. N. Y. riiL^ ATRB Fit ASCAIS.?FRENCH THEATRE TO UT, 1 for evening* and matinee*, for oporaa. dransaa. con cert*, lecture*. Ac., Aa Apply to Mona. DR1VBT, oflloe of French theatre. PIANOFOWIBM. AT LOW PRICES?FIRST CLASS PIANOS, ORGANS and Melodeona to rent or cell for oaah, on instalment*, by 8. T. GORDON, 70a Broadway. A MAGNIFICENT ASSORTMENT OF THE FINEST and cheapest new and sMpnd h ind PHnos la the citr. for nale and to let at WM. CANDIUUb' wurtroom, M Blerckor street. A SEVEN OCTAVE DOUBLE ROUND. SECON0 hand Ch kike ring Piano, in good order, for ??>*&; also aevernl other* Uieap, on account of removiJ. Apply at 7i EldrMge <treel. A MAGNIFICENT PIAVOFOBTR FOR 8AI.R FOR ?/7t; eo*l $690: a beuuUful Parlo* Salt In Freneb aallm brocatcl tor$IM; ??*?-? one do. for $71; alao a lot or Parlor and Bedroom Furniture, at a jreat incrlflee for oaab. Inquire at 11# Woet Eighth (treat, near slcth avetine. A SWEET TONED. MODERN ROSEWOOD ?H O^TTAVH J\ Piano for ?ale; priee, Including (tool and cover, $100. Apply at WD Oreenwioli street. A LADY WILL DISPOSE OP A MAOXtPICBST ROSE wmhl (eren ortave I'laaoforte at tnuch lew* tban coat, in conaenuenco of the family breaking up housekeeping. Apply at 110 Wayne dreet, Jerney City. A MAGNIFICENT FIRST CLASS ROSEWOOD PIANO, forte for ule?Mrnle order, cjiy maker*; co*t SflOO, fof R Parlor ?ulUS F.U :erea, Bo ikrac. Pain'lug*, Bronte*, *u(. I< d* ead(. Wnrdrobee, Buff. t. EitenMon Table, Buffet, China (?!??*, Stiver Ware. A e*criQc(. H Weat Six* teenth (treet, near Sixth avenue, A LADY WILL THSPOSE OF A MAONIFICENT rooewood seven oetave Klanoforte and Stool; original price MM. for lee* than half price; over*tnmg ba*a, beat dty makers; aeailv new. Call at H ThUd Mreet. ~PARGAINS. ?SPLBNDIP ROSEWOOD 7 OCTATjj, en ?66?V for ?*?, good a* new; ?H iwwood, ?lfl(i; aereral other firvt ela*? second liand 4'lanorortae very cheap; aim aaeiirtni' ut new i lanofortw, l*M than wholeeale j>rii-?a to cloee a consignment. McIiONALD A CO., 10 Fourth svetine, oppoaite Cooper Institute. For sale-a very kligant prANOFORT*. or toct*T??, aim'?! **f"0d as new. Inquire at lAand 1*7 Bowery, second floor. T1TATEBR' 0RAND IQUARB AND UPRIGHT PIANON, VV Neieiie ina, <'*hlpet ttwan* wboleeeie ajd retail, to let, and rent apWled if porcfiaeert. Monthly Jwymenfc n* relied. Secon.l hand Pwuos at bajplna PKnee from VO t? UK New 7 oetave l lano* for $77.1 and upward*. Old piano, t-.ken In e?ehange. Cask paid for eeoond band Dleno*. Factory and war* reotue Ul Broadway. N. Y. planus. ?? / HOHAtlk WATKRS. TH RIALLIKAIIO n i ^ /HCBMAl^ LfgPBRKBAWB, PRE ANNUAL ORAND MASQUBRADB BALL or THE GERMAN HEfTRRKB AN?., .?m Tickets f 18 eeeh, r^,?Korg one gentleman and two ladle*. Cen be bad of member* of the ?t<wi?y oalv?rli . Fred. Kapp. No. ? Wall street; Rug. BclHn, M Kithsnre | lane; F. W. Heyne. M Bearer (treat, O. UMaodorfor. IT Chathsm street; ?. G. Onntber, Ml Broadway: M. Gnabof, I# PI*1' (treat; W*. Stain way, 71 Bast Fouttaenth street; tJeorge Nembaob, Ml Klgiah stM*t; J. Wlndmuller, corner Enar Gracae, Fourth t mans, No. ? Hanover street t Wm. Baemef*. ? plaM, and otbera. By ocder o^f Ue Commutes hietepaeat HS TbM (eenoa^w^a liS^AlfSrTlfe teK? Tsi^ draasaik. pa By and Grau's

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