22 Mart 1867 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

22 Mart 1867 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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.TJfXfffl UIMT-.TMI .S? HOflAM .YAflffli! .fU/KMR JHOT WUH 1 A WHOLE NO. 11,161. - : .1 NEW YORK, FRIDAY, MARCH 22, 1807.-TRIPLE SHEET. .... PRICE FOUR CENTS. 11 "? ' ? = - T_! ! : 1 PBRSORAIm T> ROAD WAT THEATRB - WEDNENDAT RIGHT. D Onmmi* chair*. Blue bonnet; brews (us; WhMa r*Uq shawl. U MMUkm ml pliable. will the lady arsuub^geallemaawbo admired her an latarvlew T Address T>LKBCKKR STREET ADD PULTON FERRY OARS? D Wednesday afteraeoe. Will tha lady la UaaC who steed next le gentleman aad leengniaed hiae afterwards en Broadway, pinnae thtnu Charlie Denies, has MB Poet aOae. New lark, staling when aad whan as Islerrlew way hebadt INFORMATION WANTED?OP THK WHEREABOUT* 1 of lehs Collins, ef Aahfort, Iomossm oounty, I re load. table sister Men. Pleaee add raee cere ef Mrs J. T. MOM, White Plain*, Weeteheeter county. N. T. TP THB LADT WHO HAD A *H MOTH CHANGED AT A Park A Tllfprd'e, Sixth avenue, corner Ninth street, en Cat Tweed* y afternoon, will eell at the asms place ehe will reeWre the moecy loot at that time. CMRR W. L. IB IN NBW TORE SHE WILL HEAR ef somathmg 10 her advantage by addressing W. R, eld ofllec, for two days JAMIE a RING'S BOMB DESIRE IN PORN ATI ON eoeeermog John and William Bath, rope maker*, who see fees* B* eland about the year 1BU, aad wtoas laateeard free* reeldad in Brooklyn. IfT ROY.?RETURN TO TOUR MUBIO LESSONS ON Jo. Tseaday* and Prtdaya TU. A*. EU. SHYBRCOAT.-THB gentleman who tooe a ? aatall Overcoat Iron the ooiamlllee room of the Knight* ^Bt Patrick. Aatnr Houee, lut Monday eventam will places ret urn it te George Maedoaa, Herald oMe*, and Mantra hie own large one. mWKMTY-THIRD STREET STAGE?THURSDAY MORN A lng. WlU tha lady in black dreae, holding In her band the Herald and Times, communicate with the gentleman that stepped the stage for her ei Pulton * treat I Address Ad ??guili office. WHILL THE LADT SITTING IV THE CORNER OP A ? Third avenue ear on Wednesday evening, and who left nt Party-eighth street, grant en Interview with the gentle ntaa standing at tha door, by addreaalng Prank Hems stn RenDI TX7AJUL BTRBET. GREEN POINT CARS, WKDNH8DAT Tf afternoon at SffiO, If agreeable may addreee Wlllard, SPECIAL NOTICES. AHLL PERSON8 ARE HEREBY NOTIFIED NOT TO ^B truat anybody borruwlngany thing on mr acoounLH PHILIP RrrZHEIMER, MS Pearl Itl^B s Mbwtown.-to the taxable inhabitants op the town of Newtown.?Tax tor the above town ean be paM at the office of G. G. ANDliEW*. No. 9 Chamber* ?heel, on Saturday, 23d, and Saturday, 80th of March, from IB A M. lo 4 P. M. M. DELAHUNTY, Collector. AN PRANCI8C0. CALIFORNIA FEB. ft.-WOTICE.? ' The nnderalgned beg to notify their friend* and the public generally that they ere not and never have been btereaied la or connected with the honae of Hole, Raekell A Co., corner of Jacob and Frankfort streets New York city. This nolle* is published not with e view of discrediting or in any manner Injuring the house of Hern Racket A Co., but simply to correct miaeeaoeuUon. HBIN A BRAT. Joan Bmit, IM Battery attest. Eft MEW TORE LADIES' BOUTHERN RELIEF AS sedation beg to acknowledge the following donations:? seds previously acknowledged through Rev. Tel fair Hodgson, 8a Mary's Church, Kay port, N. J. (f?j,Rod Bank and Mlddletown, N. J. (*1<) Add 00 Hen.' Aaron V an de r pool.*.'. *.*."... *."..".".00 00 nomas C. Dursat 100 00 ?ev. 8. T. Dunham and friends 100 00 Mrs. James Plnchol IS 00 bn D.Jones SO 00 J. TUden M0 U0 T.E 10 00 While. 8 ? Blnklain MOO __ Krennohaar If M MlaeBtaklaln S8 rreaauds of private musieal and theatrioal entertain .V. 1.000 00 . .81.171 M tHomm ARTHUR LEARY,'Treasurer. H, 1881. IJX> TUB EDITOR OF THB HERALD, il ? I of the whole affair, nor doe* Mr. Rothebild. X WtU yea please eorreot aa advertisement whleh appear ed Ik Banday'a Herald, March 17, 1&37. purporting tbai we ?are. eeld ew Wanes. to ltoth?hlhl t HUla. We kaow IfalLSH A o nbilTH ABRAHAM ROTU8HILD. UNT AMD FOOMO. VOHlH>-OR TBI 1FTH IMS*, A FLOAT. THH OWE. JF at eon bore the aaae by proving property ead peytaf ?POOM, er U will be sold to pay ihTtome. t MICHAEL MABL. Sowmd aydkne aed MSN ffirooi. *f BFT-OM HAMILTOM AVKXUE PERRT BOAT, BB XJ twoen nine and ten o'clock. Thursday morning, a Par eel oealahilng See shoes. Ample reward open delivery to jmrthoeeyd A Co., 1 Cedar atrial ' T OST?FIVE WEEKS AOO. A POCKBTBOOK. COB JJ mining aaveral promi?aory note, and other papers. Abo a aOrer Watch. A liberal reward srtl be paid on Itar ^Ibeo with Charles Brown, Honae of Commons, % West Manatee street. T oar?Olf MOKDAT BV8KIRO, THB 1STH IH8TAHT. JJ en Third avecue ear. a gold buutlug ease Watch. David Tayter, London, maker; No. ml. The Under or poeeemor of Ma name. by leaving it at lM William street or 111 East T&m foorta street will bo reward* to the foB valua of the watch, and no T OFT?ON WEDNESDAY BYE NINO, IV OB COMIHO ?J ont the Now York theatre, and. going down Broadway to Ifce B meeker ? tract oars, a lady's patent lever gold Watch. The finder win resolve o liberal reward by leaving word at Mo hex oAsa of the theatre where it oao be found, and all street will bo rewarded loan amount equal questions asked. T Off?ON TCB8DAT MOBNINO, ON THB WAT Jj from Thtrty-fonrtk street ferrv to TneuMelli sis'est, a nam ef Money. The finder will be liberally unaided by rw tneniag It to iJ7 and US Roosevelt street. ? ' * ? T OdT?IN THB COMPTROLLER'S OFFICE. OK Jj Wednesday morning. March *>, a One Hundred Dollar ?11L The gentleman who found It, and who In known In Me Comptroller's office, and was seen by two gentlemen te ytafc the Mil up will Mease return the aane te W. O. Me. lnaephy, Americen Express Company, 111 Broad we J, or totheDeputy Comptroller, and receive e tellable reward and Manes of the owner. HKWAHD9. #C REWARD.?LOST, OH AFTERNOON OF ART March, a white Poodle Slat, named Pin key. Heturn her te IT Heat Fifteenth street, end get |A Ne queaUoae $5 tn hind leg. Resnm to to Baei Twelfth strut. ' f5 Vtrrter; aaswerete the name ef " Olp." A rewasd wElhe pntd fer hie return. M C REWARD.?LOST IK A THIRD ATBHUB CAR, fO en the toth lost,, a pair ef gold mounted ipealadia In n leather eaee. Pleaee eaU er noflfy at 104 Marray eC Ml ft REWARD.?LOdT, A SMALL OPBRA OLASS, AT flu the Aaedemy of Moam on Monday night. The Seder w? reeetve the above reward by ratoralag n to the Fifth ArenneHetei J. BMBBWOOP. ?Or REWARD.?LOST, OH TUESDAY LAST. Df taahed three eharma, one a iseemetlra the Seder wlB re eetve the above reward by sending the leet setlolee te the eSteeef the fientoy Mweary, UStuhoe etrnet, E. T. SUt ?LOST, OH MONDAY, NTH IE8T? OH FIFTH fOU, avenue, bstwsin Btahth and Fourteenth streets, ar at Papain ten's, a Mdya Oeid Watah. enamMlid seen set te Staimte The above reward will be paid tadar by laav lag same with A O. SaMer, IS dlnten place, ten REWARD WILL BB FAID OH THE RBTURE f')U of a barrel of Need, leal la Oorllanlt street, If re id to SI Cortlandt street, and ne questions asked, or ? it by erpteee, O. O. P. Ml AA REWARD.?I WILL OITB THB ABOYB BB. 11UU ward to any parson that will give lafbrmattoa of the parson or person I that Make late the grocery store as Oraanwleh aveone, on Wednesday morn lag, March SO, and Mote therefrom 7 firkins Beuar and *M chaste of Tern er fer IhoreooTory ef the fioOjfl JAMES OOWLOE. nntA -TRRRF.NCB O'NBIL HAYIEO MTBTB S?)UU. teiioualy disappeared an Frtdey night, the 1st of March; when last seen he wee en Hamilton avenue, and ran sea existing for the belief that he has been foully dealt with, the aum of ?ano will be given fer the dlaeovery of hie body If dead, or hta whereabout. If allva. and If he has died from notaries MOO additional will be paid for Information whleh win lead le the dneetfan and conviction af the perpetrators nf the nek Bush reward will he paid M SSSOetumbla Brooklyn. tunable street. FCRNITCHB. AS FIRST CLASS COMPLETE OUTFIT IE FUBNI ture Mattrvaaas and John Plakhnrdt'a premium Par* lor Bedstead, warranted the best le nee. Factory and eelee room, 1S7 Bleeckar street, earner ef SuMvan. A MAONIFICRET ASSORTMENT OF ROUSBHOLD A Ftirnlture for sale-Tartar Hulls, Ktageraa, Palming*, Bronxes, Pianoforte, Chamber and Dining Furniture, China, Olavaw.tra, Hilvvrwarv, at half original onel at lbs Sva story brown atone hours 44 West sixteenth street, near Sixth av. A MAGNIFICENT PIANOFORTE FOR SALE FOR A $775. Cost $M0. A beautiful Parlor Sell, tn Fran oh aaun bmcetel, for SSOO; eoat BN75. One do. for $100. Also n lot of Parlor and Bedroom Furniture at a great saeriSee for cash. Inquire at IIS West Eighth street, near Sixth nv. t'UHKKEEPERS OR PERSONS GOING TO HOURB kevpfng will be supplied and oen pay by weekly or meethly paymenie (er Carpets, Oilcloths, Furniture of everv description, Bed ling, Parlor and Bedroom 8ulle, An., hknuaLL A SCOTT'S, corner of Canal and Hudson rRENT.-A (t&HTLKMAE, HAVING A LOT OF FUR-, nllnre, Parlor, Bedding and Kitchen Olenitis. would let the same fer a fair oonaila ration and Beard for himself ??{Fi lea raeneaubte patty- Addreee S., Hew York Poet M^MNDS OK DOOS A WD BIRDS row 8ALRAT ^?oVET'H, HO (hMl stnat aoy Church <wa ?par a teM nwNl *mA far toggUkf m ssusHsua s? tt V&SZgS: Aidr*m c' TY7ANTKD-A CABIN TACHT Of FROM ITOBTONS. TV State particulars aa to build, rigglo& capacity end MHcash price, and where to bo seen. Address J. Y. C., ^?iS Foot oMoa, how York. HOKMlt, CAMUAOBgryr^B A T10 COLOCRTHIS DAY, ' A laitoulof 12 o'clock 00 heretofore, at Horse A notion Mart, Union square, aoaee valuable Stoek at amHm, bp H MI NEB A SOMERV1LLR. M Seo Auction hood. AMY MINER a SOMEKVILLR'B HOBEB AUCTION ? Mart, this da/ AT IS O'CLOCK. Valuable and deatraWe Blooded Stock at aoatk^^^H aojl so topRoad Waguno, Clooo Couch, AnTST^^^H A TWO WHEEL DOO CART TOR SAL^YHR^ A lev; city make, end in very floe order, ao it boo booo ran onto a abort tuna. Apply at R. M. STIVER'S, M Baal Thirly-flrtt street. AM BEAUTIFUL BAY PONY YOB RALE?TRAINED ? to thooaddle; will bo aotd reaooaably, ao tko QWM^M Jgl "I to Europe. Appl^^^tob^^wn^o^i^aty^^B owner la itreklk A COUPE AS OOOD A8 NEW, FOB SALE CHEAP, A by J. M. Ql'IMBT A CO., Wk Broad (treat, Newark, A SECOND HARD COACH, VICTORIA, WE8TUBB8 A tor. Coupe, Roofcaway and Waooao; aloo 100 Oarrfio; Baraoaa SO per cent looo than Broadway etoroo. HAM'S, 10 Baot roarth torsot, ooraor Bi tadtoap. | 1147 CEDAR KTRKBT?CARRIAGES AND HARNESS. A A large (lock of food week lor sale, very low, to make room for spring stock; one oMond hand Coapo Roekaway, I ^ | A ?THE LARGEST STOCK W TEE CITT OF CAR? A . riaoea. Top and No Top Wagons, Kockawaya, 1 Oorawa. tow* Rockaway. 1 oloae Coaches, S Express Wagons Doctors Phaetons, two digs; Depot Wagona; 100 oeU of (Ingle end double Harneaa.or allkinds; Blankets; Hallert, Whip*. Ac.: 1 due Brown Mare. 1 Bay Horse. 1 Sorrel Com also several other Horses, at 1.M0 Broadway, near Porty-flrat torsto. a Ami aoction-bt miner a somkbville, on m l IBoston, seven I very atyllih Hall In 2:41 to a wagon, and Is of great endurance, and war- I ?H day, March 22, at 10 o'olock, the Boston, seven years old about 15 very atyllih In all harness; a good fall In 2:41 to a wagon, and la of grliWWHflHi^SBWHI^" ranted to trot sixieen miles amain the hour. The owner knows ef no lault or unsoundness; sold with a very elegant, I elty ntadesslncle seat Road Wagon, plaao body; a superior faat trotting Horse high, pony made: pole horae; trotted last endurance, and war the hour. The owner a very elegant, bodv, a superior leetof light Harneaa, made by Kenney; neither bee been lused but four times; Blankets, Whip, Lap Blaakat; all to be sold to highest bidder without reserve, as the owner has no use lor them. A chanoe seldom offered. I AM PRIVATE STABLE TO LET-STALLS FOB POUR ? horses and carnage room, with all modern improve ments, at 280 West Twenty-first street Apply at M Hud son street. AMT THE REQUEST OP a LA ROB NUMBER OP the business community, we have dunged the hour ef commencing the aulas at our bona suction mart la Uniea sgoere to 10 o'clock A. M., laattsd ad 11 o'ctank, ao hereto fore Sua auction head. A -J NO, L. YABDBWATBR. AUCTIONEER, Ml A, Liborty street Special attention lo sailed to toy oata or valuable Hon as, Vmmu. Ac., tkio day, at 11 e'aloefc; sold to ctoao an aetata. Pariltvalara at sale. AM TEAM OP BOBS KB, THOROUGHLY BROUN IN I single or do able ksrasto; SMR Aim Canadian Pony, six years old, aoaadaad Uad; Bitot la aloaa an aetata, to gnlto ed Mike. MM Wast Thtoty-aigth attest A PBBD WAOOB FOB SALE?NEARLY A Igqist A Saljo's stables, 100 taatb atraat A RXY HARNESS, TENTS, WAOON, HORSE OOYBRS, A Amboleaeee, MoCtoUaa Saddles. AfHRsey ImiR Mult Utolavs. Maraam, Amy Cltofltag. liliiigliidMig W. A. CARTER, ? Cortlaadt i 11ARRIAORS.?FOB ? AUL M DAMAORD, SBYRRAL V/ seoood head Carriage*. 900 now Oerrlagae, all styles; 1,000 sals Harneaa. Cash advanced oa earnages toft for auto. bEmmwl*"*0' wtnr?m*m *?*?*' | E^M SALE?a BEAUTIFUL PAIR OB OOUPH Horses, 7 and ? years old; rieh dark bay. about MM ^?a high. Can bo ebon at 1* Wool tod street Will be TpOR SALE?CARTMAN'B BUSINESS DOWN TOWN, r together wlta Hones, Carts, Trucks and everythiag ns aaaoary to do a Una business. The bnafuaas to At assay years' tending, and will bo sold cheap, an the ovanar la nim to the country. goatb WlUinm street PRO. /NfWHtS. I SALE?A BEAUTTPTL PAIR OP HATCHED ? bay Horses; ftva yaare cM.M bands high, warranted sound and kind. Apply at IMPeurtll stretaT near Ntotk HK EMOR SALB-A BOSTON CHAISE ANp HARNE*K,M ? comnlauerdar, at Lenox's stables, Klghiy-Ofth str^H ^Bween second and Third avenues. |^P fDOE BALK?A TO UNO TROTTINO HORSE, TUT r fast kind and poitMly anund. Apply at At WaSatoaat irt her fo. sale for the beet rrtur. Apply et W< JAN BROS., 01 New afreet, where the mere eea he i Beer offloe, np attire. I,X)R SALE?10 FIRST CLAM HORSES, JVtT 1 1 the country, St fer cnrUL truck*, express or ear Beea; warranted eound and klad. Inquire at Ml Canal I of Washington. 8ALK?CtlHAP HORSE. TRCCK AND WORK. CX)R SALE?CHEAP HORSE. TRCOK AND WORK, r Alee Stable Room for eifht horses and wagons, oa ground Soar, to kt. Inquire of C. w. KluD, W Maedou?Bl ground at reel, up ataliu. DSOMR SORREL HOUSE, 10 t years old: also a light Wafen and dMsrfcsaasa IJtOR SALE?A OOOD WORK SOMR, 1? UM HANDS RMH La- I CtOR 8ALB OHKAT?A OOOD OOCFB ROCKAWAT, f Witt pole and .hafts, to pood ordarthe owner having no use for It. Inquire et TaHersen% Sixth avenue, een? Fortieth street. TjtOR BALR CHRAJT?A ORAT HORSR, IS HARDS Half of a stable to lit?tor thrrr mors sod sarrtagsaatMlaetltotyelathstreet "PHOTOGRAPHIC VIRW WAGON WAKTEO.-ALSO A QTARLR TO LET?FIBAPROOf BRICK, j BO. ? RAFT JftjggjgjgJPWt i'MRf WILL RR SOLD THIS DAT, AT TANDBWATBR'S a taction, lee Liberty street, el IS H.. the Horaee advert teed In yeeaerdey's Hersld. eeosteting of the beauti ful bar Trot tine Horn* by MeabrtnoFUoA warranted to bent S IR end sound net kind; eke Sen Ian naae^tnd'atylla^^.u^dtndtold! "VSbeaeM 1 TV" ART ED?A GOOD TRUCK HORSR, MCI TT sound end ehsap. faquirs at 119 Rest Tt street, litwien Sessndend Thirdeves ess. ST RB (910 -* RAROE1H?> FINE SBIFTIBO TOF VZ<t\J. Buggy; latest style, bos' etty maker: eoet SMS. and fire cover, coat HV need very UtUa. Private stables. W Seventh avenua. DRT GOODS, T. .T. ? " ana axanune ear rannar etrlss ef Robes Bsbrtetk, Prtoeoaa. Salttne, Imps ratr tee Beaquas, Ac. Dress ui cloak making. cotUng and Buln| attended promptly. Taylor ?ystent taught fJK) FAM1LIR8 VISITIBQ TUB PARM REPOSITION. CASnMEREH AND LACRS. COMPAONIB DBS I ROBS, ? RUB RICHELIEU. SI capital that they will Ond at their eeUMlshmeot the largest and richest assortment of CAMHMKRRft AND LACKS IN THK WORLD, nt prices that will sustain every and ? >i ?t prices that will sustain every and any compniison. The rabriquee of the eompea ?' I ? - mT ?7 lack District or r* they are In every LAOB DlRTRIC BrIoICM, end In nil ef the SHAWL . INDIA, enable them to tad at the pries ef MA NUFacTV r rtzji-xs: designs exclusively tl in lie esteMlbhmeul. N. R?Tho propria! . y j^-^ ptupletem petsd ?? In taewyperttte * ocno* SALRH or UOHUMtD FURNITURE. H A HENRY H LEEDS * MINER wlD glre ibelr personal atteatloa. aa mil far the past twsaiy yuan, (a galea a# Household Furniture at the residences of jmruea removing or breaking ub houaekaantag, en tba meet favorable terms. of Broad may. ? STORAGE ^ sales at their ?peats as and of Furniture la our lofts caa be had aa fever ?^?CTIOM NOTICE.?R. T. HAEBLL, AUCTIONS! ^?1 FRIDAY. MARCH 21 at 10k o'etaefc. at our salesroom * Cortland! street. daaaa Table Halve* sad Forks, ^HmaKtoMB rttkd Inlnt ^^^^^?totaa Scissors. Shears, Raaora, be. FORTY Bfi^b^aus0' B*M,JlMk? AMERICAN, FRENCH AND GERMAN ? AND rANCT OOOD8, I ?'irtaknak?aadbdaatoablaaaaartmaal la lots ta suit Catalogues oa morniag of sale. | bJLSjJtfgftABaML A fCTION NOTICE.?ERNEST ROTH, AUCTIONEER, | $IA,60o'wo^^ u^rUfloeai?UOC9BHOLD FURNITURE, _ BEAUTIFUL PARLOR FURNITURE, M FINB*OI^Al5T?itOf?^EMlf?ENT A^Oifs. eS5. ir?rm^w3.C NIMhlli street, between Fifth and Sixth avenues. PARLOR AND DRAWING ROOM FURNITURB Three beautiful solid rosewood and bhtok walnut Parior Butts, ooeered In rich Frsnah satis brooatel sad rep*, Turk ish Easy Chairs to match| russwaod Centra aad Pier Tables, Etageres, Corner sad Rank Steads, twenty-one day bsaoaa Clock, Hob China aad Parish Vases, Parlor Ornaments, elegant Bracelet and Laos OertaJos, a Baa collection of OU Paintings. Engravings, MfaTora and Chandeliers. maoniVIcbSt rosbwood PIANOFORTE, btool AND COVER, COST ?N0. an elegaat instrument, round aontera. beautifully snrrad legaand case, with all mudara Improvements, overstrung aH full Iron frame, Pranab artloo, full aeren octare; rose ?H and mahogany Badstasds, Bureaus, Wash stead a, Sofas, Rockers, Mirrors, Clocks Tables, Bad Lounges, | taring and Hair Mattresses. Blankets, Taa Tables, Extension Table. Glass, Chios aad Silverware. Sale positive. ^ OCTIOM NOTICE. I THORITE b DECAMP, Auettoosera, No. ? Leonard street, will offer this day a large and attractive line of foreign and dames lie Hosiery, Gloves and Corsets, fancy aad staple Ulotns, Csssltnerea, gents' Furnlahiog Goods, Dry Goods, Clc be., In variety. Sale to co in mi i to oommance at 10 o'clock. Attention of buyers Invited. A F. OOXWAY* CO, AUCTIONEERS. A. MAGNIFICENT HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE AT PUBLIC AUCTION. Boeewood Pianoforte, Drawing Boon Pnrnltora, On Painting* and many rare and eo*Ur Work* of All On thla day (Friday), at the Ira atary brown atone hot M Went Sixtaoath atraot, betwaaa Fifth and Sixth aranu . aate cnmmannlng at 11 o'clodk, auperb aata Drawing Boom Furaltura oovarad French brooatel of the richeat daecrtoUoa; Btagerea, giia itary, Bookman. Ml volumea ahotoa Book*, Valrat. Bniaatla Carpet*. Plar. Mantol Mirror*, Lao* Cur tain*. artistic Broaaa statuary, OU Paiatlaga by *mlnenl artiste, Sarraa and Dra*dea China Tama and ornamente. Bncolgaeura. Cablaete. Bola do Bona. Chandallara, Braaaa Cloak, Tnrkiah Chain, naawaod aevaa Man Pianoforte, a auperb hutrumaat; Maai* Stead, Stool and Corar.ru**mad and walnut Bnraana, Plato, Olaao, Wardrobe. Badataada, Oaiamiln, Hair. SprtM MaMnaaaa. China, Toilet Sou, Bx mMtoo^Table^BoNai atagaat oato ChtaOUaoa, BHnrwan l&WWprz*. **?, WIMa}h'ara'of *111"la*arloairFya^^^ioij*kand Hagllah Tb ho aotd by HE VET H. LEEDS A MINES, at thatr gellerlea, 817 and Stt Broadway. At half peat aaroa o'clock, y thaaranlaga at Wednoeday, March St, and Tharaday, fcT m"t STOCE O?'THE MAI80N DO EBB, ^^t Fourteenth etreet, Union aquara, lE^7E!,r"" ?MM axjnadT ^.^a boom,,of tie moat n The PRESERVES, FBV ITS AND TabtaM without roam 8T01 TIT JUNES * ?UWEBTILLB. AT IS O?CLO0E THIS 1/ DAT (PRIDAT). MARCH O?HOBShS, CAR. RIA GEE Li OB T WAOONB. AO. AT HOU AUCTIOM raotod perfeaUy aoaad; hhad m aO baraom tad aadar oa* *WFCTaaKr?StW2Br&?, rantod naal, Mad la aE baraam aal aadar aaddta; Troara atdj fasem pi aad Hanoi Mm; a mhaabla nalmih trtaku mm imi A RARE $smbsmtr FAlSTINOSr fy tumlniltf 1 DT THE ALL A BROS., AUCTIONEERS. "if~Kiliw2i" ISTTE-Wa SfSLfStt grain Oarpote. AIM aboat ISO Volnmaa Boolia, among wblob ara a aoaaoMo aet of Saott'a Work*, ha loa roiuaaoa, aad aoreral old and ran Book*. Oatnloguaa morning of *ala. BT % C. HOUGHTON, AUCTIONEER. HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE. REBWRTKE A BBBO will aeB tklo day (Friday) at SI Cadar etreet, at 11 O'claah, aa aaaortmenlef Household Far. nltore, aooaMla* of Parlor, Dining room aad Chambar Sulla, hair aad other Mattraaaaa. Bed.llng, China aad Olaaawaro, Window flhadaa and Ornament*; being a lana aad rarlad ?took, worthy tha mention of housekeepers. rt.AJ*u> ? nAounnn. auviivnaaita?em hkoao way. will aall at etietton on Saturday, at II o'olnek, IIrat a Cabinet Furnltara. aonalatlng of Parlor, Chamber, U. 7, Dinlax and Reception Room Suite, Aa, all made far jPTLANDT B WALPBOM. AUCTIOREBBS-AM SROAIV eu?i brary. Dining aa alty retail trade. CHAS. HOHLENBBRO. AUOTIONBBE, SELLS THtS day, at IS odork, at 1ST Haatar atreol all the Farnltaro and Flxtaraa of a well fitted uf Beetaarent; BagataUa, oia tra Tabia, Counters. Mirror*. Aa nale poelilr* Edward schenor, auction bee! ASmIONBE'S bale of RLROANT furniture, Continuatloa ??la on Friday, tha M, br EDWARD

SCHEHQE. at hia aalaarnm. su UberW etrant. fJUJBI AT ADCTWH, I H WV^'V>W>,vV ^vVvr.wwWWSAA<y jpOKTT-UMSB AUCTION HAUL ...mJB^AS*jmI Th# Dataware, Mwum ik Wwtere kUtiewH Om peoy will ?m by Mmere. JOHN H. DBAI'HH A OU.. aim 5K':,s&^'Ltl^As?8;ti5 A prl] |H7 I TON* ptiiklt In ntmH thndayed eel* eud the UIum within tan days * JpT/y^RIHBIW. frwHiA I ^ I Btouk of genteel Bo?mbold rant- I *0. 8 Murray Ureal, at 10U o'clock. al AHUIj; made work, nawroa for ooo-1 Parlor Bulla of various styles. I Chamber Sulla, Library and I Lounges, Kaay C ha Ira, be. ^^^^KctokHM kla paraooal attaaUoo to aalaa I ^^^^^MMtha residences of owner* or at kla aataa I ^ I TTRNRT D. MINER, AUCTIONEER.?8 ALBS ROOM IT XX Nsaaea street, opposite the Pool oHeo. MINER A HOMEKVlLLE will .ell al auction, Tuesday and W ed neaday, March 18 and 17, at lhair salesroom 87 Namau iirML LA BOB AMD IMPORTANT HA LB OF STATUARY, OAR. KARA MARHLR riUURKH AMD OROUPH, VaSEH. FLORENTINE MOSAIC TABLES, be., be., comprising the ??eat and moat art!alio collection aver Mitred at anaMoo In this country, reoentiy Imported by the well known botiM of 1 P. TAnoond h Co., of Horenee, (Mailed advertisement of which wUl appearIn Knnday'a paper*. Wlil ho ea exhibition i Monday marring, fifith loot/ SHRNRT D. MIME*. AUCTIONEER.-SALESROOM ? 87 Naaaau street, opposite too roet Office. Heaaam MINBR A HOlliRVILLB wlb, aa far a anaahor of year* past. give their personal attention to aalea of House hold Furniture at the reetdenoea of families decllulng hsuae heaping, and at tbelr ealamanm. Ml Manetii atreet. UtNBY D. MINER. AUCTIONEER. I I Saleareom 87 Nanaeu atreet opposite the Poet oSee. HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE?BS walnut and oak Osaka. S eases of Mtatloeary and PaacyOoode, this day. Maieh tL at 1% o'clock, at MIMRR b HOMKRVILLM'H . alow com W Nassau street. TT MOROBNROTH b CO., ADOTIONBKRH -HRNKT U. PKLTMan aeda this day, at tou e'eteok, at 436 Wash tagton streak, tha antira Furniture, Htoek and Fixtures of tho wait-known t marl nan ale hawse. wttk e ralnaUe Lease, Sale positive. TT C. MOROBNROTH b CO., AUCTIONEERS.-HBN H. RT PKLTMAN .ells this day at II o'clock at No. ? Rite street, the ee&ire Puraiture of a family. Hale Id Iota. On Monday, ttth, throe four story Hoaaea, well furnished. "JOHN L. YANDE WATER, AUCTIOSERR-10B LIB. W erty atreet This day, at IS o'clock, regular tale of Horaea, Wagons and Harness. A beautiful dark bay Horas, III high, 7 yaars old; warranted gonad and kind, and to boat llS any day, douMa or aingla; sired by Mambrino Pilot out of mare liypar. Thla horse abows flea breeding and ennnot be exoelled for atyla and beautv; a splendid aad dlar. Superior Kentucky brad Chestnut Horse, US blgh, 8 year* old, aooadand kind; of magnificent atyla and action, vary rangy and One; suitable for ooupe. family or gentle man's road home; ean Irarel fifteen miles an hour. The above horaea are sold to close an aetata, by order of the ape. etal collector. Also several other valuable Horaea English Dog Cart Pkeaton, city make, in good order; now and sec ond band Harness, Broadway make. Bps Mil attention glren a sales of Household Furniture. J ?ABBE M. MILLER, AUCTIONEER BT AARON | I CLAPLIN b CO., 88 aad 17 Vaeey street aucUon aalea of Boots aad Shoe, every Friday at I0M o'oioek A. M. Wa abali sail, on Friday, March B, mO to ?M lota of strictly first elaae city made goods, comprising axainaively Ladles', Miss aad Children's work m elf Its various atylae. Catalogues ready aad goods open for lr ipwlloa aa Thursday, I T BOOART, AUCTIONEER.?fiATURDAT, MARCH I J . a. at tow a'etock, at the auction reoau R? I North WUUem street. mortgage eels; the affects of a Billiard! a^H^teteg of two marble bad Billiard Tables, ttd fialeoa. eoaaiatlmr or two marble bod BUliard Tables. 88 Chains I fitovaa. black walnut Tables, Cloak. Refrigerator, o Attorney for Mortgagee. Attorney wrMartffiwaa | fo. 1 North ^^^^^?af Parlor, M| DOUOHTT. AUCTIONEER. WILL BELL ON SAT urday, March M, at MM a'aUek. at ml two am If Naa PBAWVHOKiri BAUL-YMIfi DAT JAMBS A CAR Ir.oNX -zztr&kr rj a-a-^s RS, * OO.. AUOTIORB1 Will Mil lit* day, at 1* SsMnosg ParierBult to OlEKirri 8ALB.?RICH ARD WALTERS, AUCTION. D Mr, wlB Mil this day. at 10* o'ataoA, at 16 Murray Mi mi, ? laraa quantity of Trimmings, Cigars, Toys, Soap, Fancy n&?ic:vu"ulr john^7m?t. ?WIS. TTNITBB ST A TBS OF COLOMBIA. PUBLIC A POTIOR BALB OF VACANT QOVBBRMBRT T?AMISS ?M?11 Hunrt MM. I B?jttsg Id aeeardasM wllB *? prhiUge apemS to Us Be^** hy ertleto it of Us Coorealloa fur Itie ggtabllahMenlaf Us resume Railroad, regarding the w>eeMq>lad toads to ha eat sS for UsOoraramstit, W las bssa determined to asD the Mid laada at Publie AueUop; Mseagimtto pantos wlahlagl to ptuahaso Us MEM ara barsby torlled to forward tWr to*. wdmM to a sealed sorstosa. and aMwasl to Mia respectively bp Us a ?u? bar* t, 4 sad 8. aad aaoh Satis > Thp wfl* of trslm^o.4Malatoaabost.?? I.* tooJ?MM Tbs aaoosd 1st of itset Ro. aosstatosaWS..... AHBasm ?B S2r2 $&>&nSs^::: 9=? iPiKuHloo if' ti. iiwiiU' 'U Mm.' tit:'? *** L Tha arM lot of trait R?. ?, BMOSS oUar raaant laods, Mm I bat warn the traeta n timbered! and 4, edjtsdgwl to the com I ?9ha<Srat lot of traot Bo. I, sMsag atW reaaat lea^^d bsk^A^asSsssss^B llatoto; UssssssdtoLasisssriW sail l?s?r, Itosb^^M I tract Ifa. A belonging to tha osaipasy, sad Us Jtaa^H I 'tkasMMU MS >| pistol! at Us MtoteuM rats of ft MsMS wfll bs snaldarad sbHm assSMfsMM By s ro^H TZ&StZ CRm ami Treasury ef UsUatss. .,|J Faj Mast of too amooma of U# highest btdseSMptod Moat ba made la aaabM Id sotMSf Us new issue artUto Us term ?hail fesfalt the anas deposited, aad Us Isada shall revert MTto ^MDOMUa lnatadsUstSS periSh* I.p.MMdM ft* T*AlTispoaHa meda by blddara wh?M bids ara setasMftod jwS^5?5^aa.yjgvg; hlfba "highest Mda offered shall Sat bs oonatdarad as danalSiaQ aeMptoil iinlB applets! *T ihaaaawttra aaiharl "^niaasettoa tola than (MSitsaBM at tha ttaaaahara dsato aatad? whoa Tarsal Mda wttl siso ha rsMirad??nd tarsal, aataattotsso'etodt F. M. of thaaaaaaday. Tha saasattra aalborliMa wtll subsequently oosaldar tha afhra raaatood. id adjudge tha laoda to MS of Uo high sat blddara aa may ba deemedmoot aaltaMa. Tha Mia aluUl ba attandsd tyki Attorney Oeneral of tha ?SL WITTBRS, AUCTTORBBR, BBLLS THIS DAT, att o'otosk, at tM Oanal at rant, all the geatssl Parlor, ?W.Dtalad Room and Rltehan Fnreitur* of a torso house: 4 second hard Carpets, 100 Bedsteads and Mst trasses, Spreads, Llnan Abasia, RUnketa. Hofa Bess, Lounges, Booking and other Chairs, Bookcases, Mirrors; also a large lot or goods, been an Storage one year aad up ward; also a great quantity of other goods Packing and skipping. HO saaohd hand Carpets. ' MLLIARDI, AC. A FIRB STOCB OP FIRST CLASS billiard tablrr, A with H harp's aowly In ran tad palant Cushions. CalVet the aaanufs' tory, 4S Maroor street. Alas aoma g?o I aeeoud hand Tables et a tow cash prion. OILLIARDS.?FOR "AUB, 1WO ROB 1? WOOD FOUR. t> pccket Tehlee, nearlA saw. W 111 he soid cheap. Corner af llbty-fourto street end Rlnth srenne. POOR POOKBT BILLIARD TAB I SB. to BIBB, I* perfect arder tor esda. Apptf at IB Parh. tow. AUTPfWWTB. I - '* < WOADWAfraBATIUI ADMISSION ? OBNTS. JO Coraar of Broadway ud Broetna atmek. _ _ . GRAND GALA NHMff. Oa* BaaeAl Of. to* Jtutly highly xwpllthad Mff. BARNEY WILLIAM* T011 (FRIDAY) EVENING, MARCH M, MM, th* MUawtog mwH cnUrtaJacaeat wtlI to ontoi Tto ?rto aomle Drim of . BOB It TO GOOD LUCK. Paddy O'BatorTy, wfih tto eoaga af "Tat M alley" u4 "II toa*4*th*a*".?. 7T. Mr. Bar?y William* ft to fallowed by tto roaring piece at YANEBV courtship. Ow Jemima, with Yankee aoog, "Polly, Wea't Bee T*y Ma, 0,'and Yank? real, "Arta? Traveller" Mrs. Bar?y William* fteoaolud* wtthtto?r*amiaj|Fa?**f tba IRISH LIonT^ Tim Moat*. wttB Mag. .Mr. Bar?v William* Mm. Ptwgig ...Mra. Bar?y WUllema Thla (real *U will to rag?led oo Saturday evening. Box oflloe open from ? to* o'clock, when, for tto r*B a* - ?-- ?'' be aeaurad. ,OCK, yyooi _ U of ALL HALLOW KVB ai LATEST FROM WBW TORE. JD'8 THEATRE. POPULAR PRIORS. 614 Broadway, oppeell* 81 BleboUa Hotel. Admit* on, with aeata, 26 oante, aOeentaeod Maapia. The greet moral drama of UNCLE TOM'S CABIN, wMh a full cut of oh.iructer*. THIS WnBKOKLT. Every evening, WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY MATT* NEK, at IX o'clock for famlllea. UNCKE TOM'S CABIB haa tea* wltaeaaed by exceeding thirty mllllona of paraona, ?d ?UU continue* la the zenith of Ita popularity. YETOOD'S THEATKR, TV 614 Broadw?. qpponii* 8t. Nichol? Hatch MONDAY EVENING. MARCH 25, 1H87, Pint appearaaoe in New York of the talented artialz, MR. AND MRS. P. M. ? BATES, anpported by A oompany of aterbog ability, when will bo produced Mr. J. Schouborg'a entirely original and aenxaUon al plAy. entitled _ _ . OSCAR. THR HALF BLOOD. German btadt thkatrb, 46 and 47 bowbry. TkOa(Friday) evening, March 23 will bepreeented DIE 8IUMMK YON PflRnCI (MAHANlbLLO), Grand Opera In five act*, by Auber. Madam* Rotter u...., Ptiaeau Elvira HMfie. Frencheltl. P*ti#H* immer u Maean telle roecbal u Prtnoe Alphon** armee u Ptatro ARTS TEMPLE OP MYSTERY, TO# BROADWAY. IINO AT 8; SATURDAY AT i TTAUT! Hla& VERY BYRHINO ??????? RKKW WKKK8 OK THE PRESENT SEASON. THE ploatino hbad. LAST WEEK OP LAST WEEK OP THE GROWTH OP PLOWER& CHANGE OP PROGRAMME. FIRST TIME OP THE FAMOUS AUTOMATON L'KSCAMOTEOR, aadhla FAIRY 81NOINO BIRD. Hoke la 60c.; Reoerved Seat* SI. P?r aal* at th* HaR. Chlckerlnv'a Piano la u*ed at these aeancev WRDNEBDAY, JUVENILE NIUHT-Chlldren half price. CHARLEY WHITR'8 TROUPB. At Bryant'a Mechanic*' Hall, 41X Breed way. ANOTHER ELEGANT MILL TRI8 WEEK. Pantomime. SCHOOL BOYS' FROLIC. Pantomime. Pantomime. SCHOOL BOYS' FROLIC. Pantomime. Pantomime. SCHOOL BOYS' FROLIC, Pantomime. LAST WEEK OP SILAS BALDWIN. Second tone thla eeaaon of Charley White'* original aketch, STREETS OP NEW YORK. STREETS OP NEW YORE. STREETS DP MEW YORK. STREETS OP NEW YORK. SAN FRANCISCO MINSTRELS, 886 Broadway. THR TROUBLE COMMENCES AT QUARTER TO (L THE CREME DE LA CREMB OF MINSTRELSY. BIRCH, WAMBOLD. BERNARD AND BACKUS. RAN FRANCISCO MINSTRELS, whoa* auooeae hu never been equalled by any ?tmllar organization In the world. New end cheerful bnrtoaqu? every week. The Two Bar numa of Conn?tlcut, our Family Sociable. Gambrinue Opera. Bhouta of laughter at the Shadow Pantomime, end the ecreamtag Black Cook end African Ballet Troupe. Grand March ef the Spirit Harare of tto 4 meana. TTRLLY A LEON'S MINSTRELS, TV BROADWAY. Bmitoth eight of tto PATTI Stop That Langhtng n?ppraachabi* bar- A oaly T U?to Sim-par?n, learn* acaa? ef T LEON T MlaeS?ie Brewn; tto Black Crook. T areata*agreeI A The Triple Clog. MACBBTR 1 I I furore In to* P Mr. CAWDOR MACBETH 11 I Ardlttt Waltaee. I Mr. G LAM IS MACBmYH 11 N aad appeera la B Tto Witeh?. PATTI IN PARIS. I A ENDING AGONY. gTBINWAT HALl^SATUBDAY last On SATURDAY EVBNINO, Moroh M, At*, wk? IW folivine works will bo psrfoi inod:? Two Batrtoetoa to too fitot "?mmuMt1 ..Bohabort to, to ? nOoor. Op. 1L miwwk?t i iIvvva <^| Mr. BMIL GUYOM. *Mr.J M a'rOO(DU9CkNIT*, THE CMOSIt'iMCliitW, _ MRNDMLSSGHN UNION, " Under the direction of Mr. W. BKROK, AND GRAND ORCHESTRA OP EIGHTY PERFORMERS. Conductor THBO. THOMAS BftROR. rr PEKPOF Tie koto, SI M took. No win obornt for rsosirsd swu. Boou ooa now bo ooeurod ot Boor A Sohlnner'o atasto start, PR Broodwoy; Mohuboth A Co.'i mile atom, Ml SsnSSuSwiU1 -*,M QTBOHPAT HAiL. O MTU ORAJ|DJM7y9AY CONCERT, AanVaiuMD scjroA h. 9. HARRISON, DIEBCTOB. PMW oppooroDoo otibooooooooru ot ? MtoS EOSjllBSTUART, Soprano. ?mm* '"SMtRIS OILBBRT, PUnloC or 8TRIEI, Mr. CART. EC Mr. TBBODC^OM^w^iotor, ond bU , Ttcfcoto K Boosrrod onou 10 son to astro. STEIN WAY H ALU?OR AND CONCERT FOB THE Booodl or Uttlo PLOEEKCB REYNOLDS. Hondo? oooolos, unft flr. The following ortlsto horo klodl* vol an loo rod:?Mm* Motto Storting, Contralto: H If nor Rot Baritone; jr. J. A. Dawson, Pianist; Mr. S. r. Worn Otgonlot; Mr. J. P. Morgan, Orgoulat. TiekoU $1. O BY HOUR'S COSTUME DEPOT. Ui CANAL STREET. 0 ooor Boworr; tho richest oad moot rorlod oooonmoot of jsaag ?-< Lb orbat historical paintinJ L REPUBLICAN COURT IN THE DA^HHI M BXHIBITSON DAY AND RVkNINO, ART can court In the days or lincouc. TCTB TdRRBVA(OALLBr/). CM BROADWAY. IBBATRB TICEBT OPPICR. Rooorrod toots for oB BrotoUos Ihootroo, ssoisrls, bolls, ' - omen, , U Nos. US sod lid 1 NUIIOAIo Ob airs, ot moderate tola/too. Addrtoo W. X., Harold afltoo. OIYM INSTRUCTION A YOUNG LADY OP BDUCATION AND RSftN*> ffiA? rona last will oivi lissom on ns Ptos* at tit par qoonor, In odrooao ot bar own or ' rooidooooo; thorough InttruoUoo wtl bo gaaraotood. of arenas giro*. A|*ir ot OH tlxtb orsono, ooor For. trooc a LADY, RBN1DINO IN TOREYILLM, WOULD LIEB A to obtain o Cow mora pupllo for tbo Ptonoforto, oKbor at bar own rootdowoo'or tut of Iko punts; particular otton ??? boglfor^ Apply ot drreMTWooTanU ^^Pw vfoBPn 1 oj^^Hsi sBpPWI^^Nwyi^Wi o A LADY WILL (UYB PIANO LBSSONS AT PUPIL'S A rooMOMO mIMo go trior; roforonaoo ontieopttooablo. AAtrooo Plate Toother, Itolotd) Boot Thirty^hGd^broot. A FIRST CLAM TENOR IS OPBN POB AN BNOAOR. stoat on or bates Mop 1, to Brooklyn or Now York; would bonmmBSm t quartet obov. Addiooo Tooor, bos WQ ilmk iAh, Ma. oiannbth, professor pub the last SOPBANO AND ALTO WANTBD-POB A owoooo church; most horo full, rtob ond f rsteot, oadoompeiaat to pto# pnlssMf ibiipally 1X7ANTED?A TENOR, IN AN BPISOOPAL CHURCH; YY _ totory moderate. toqalro of Mi Boworr, b stir son ? tod 11 aTSu osd I oad t P. M. HILLINBEY. E jmBBPflPBB PARIS STTLRR, FRINGES, A torso assortment of oil tho loloot netoMso to ?or own importotloo, Jnst reoe.rod^ AJ WROLBSALB ONLY. I^ADAMR HARRfS WILL OPBN AT ?0. f EEEVOORT IYI otooo. Tooth t tree t. on Monday. Moreh It. hor trjt I ot MvUtlorw of Hrplnq Hnnsntt, as alto tho lotoot Mylas of Orwsstoking, foTwU* botoeh tbo aoUollo Uo poiroosg# of hor oootoinoro. wop oad Ml Rlith oroitoo. Thorottoy oad rrtdoy, Mat tad S3d. I.lborol dlsoonix to totrobooto. __________ ^^^^iNvujavn. yi ^^^?BKNcrrr ltd LAST MOUTH GREAT DOM OB, IS QUBEME, COLLEEN BAWM, LADJDOM Mg,*ark Smith SB T. Mr.TAvrls Baksr u Waytand Smith. .?_" * ' w jbwlb D?u?a as Treslllieti and Kyrto Dshr W. WmrMl as Tmn aad Dhuw Mm>. i ?u Mrs. Gome real M Amy ltob?ert.and HlrtWM Ortgaa. Marts Wtlktna aa Mm. Cregaa. Mist KeUiee OoU aa Sir Waiter iUleigb aad Ams OM* roRMI*NO*lTHB *BB85T* BCRUCSqUM OOMPAET U AMKRICa. MOBDAY, BENEFIT OF MRS. OOMBBEAL NMEW YORK THE I FIRST BENEFIT OF MRS. W. OOMKRSAL. mobdat, march m, lata, ... _ THE LITTLB TRKAHURK. POOaHONTAE. Bo* iheet now open. rpiIBATRB FRAVOAIS.-COMF.OT. A Saturday Evening. March 3, 1SS7, ?tB o'clock. La Supplier d'un Homnie. comedy la three acta L'amour d'un Chaprller, vaudeville in on# not. TWAet office at II. DarJonriUa'a. <78 Bn > Broadway. 0LVMFIC THEATRE. m [ ? FRIDAY RYBNINO, March SI, BENEFIT OF MR. 8. 9. CAMPBELL. Only Uaiaof Hotow a churning upara, MAKTUa, j> preaenting Mlaa CAROMNB BIflUtMcS, to BRLttA ' HARKWON HEOLIN. Mr. CAMPBELL. Mr. CAMXLK. M% J. C. P BAKES and ouly apnrurance of I ha _ BlUitpTfflWdLISJI OPERA, A Company In tlila deKgltfol production. * "i OPERATIC MATIi GHAND OPERATIC M ATINEE TUiMUKEOW. | at ona o'ol?elt. The Doctor of alcantaea. Admtaalon la matinee. 75 cent* to AU seats. Mb extra, * - ItaeBa /jam rffiEEPVIrtE laula In a.launna oltarge far i Toaaorro rrmrfn for reset-ring sea's In edrance. nltht. PEA DIAVOLO. riiurriM AOBuisivB i / It K.INSTRBLS. /v Futh AnunjOpMa Mourn, No* 3 and<What Ta intj ffimll - ?<*?*>'?? '? ? street. ? ?? I at* - O. W. H. ORIFTIM....1,, ..Ma THIS IS THfe FAMILY RESORT. In noptaoe of amnaemant In New York da eu<* peels of I laughter prxtr from ttw many hearts of tha nudtenenkj- a I rimiy Cartaly, Otto Rdi-ba^k. g T^Bnyea and B. Haghma rriOMT PASTOR'S OPBRA UOt'RB-M BOWERY. M A 1 OBAMD ATTRACTION. ' > A ? At the request of many nromiaaat mtlteaa, ? MR BAH CO A. YE R AND MR. DICK HOLLYWOOD ? MR. BAM OOLYEB ARB MR. DICK BOLLYWOOD SB, Kiss lsjypai^..'ora,tii?8S?stt oou ntar. In addition to which will be presented " THE OKEA1 EST LOCAL DRAMA OF TOB DAY, THE WOK KINO OlKLS OP NBW YORK. nightly raoaleed with ihouU of apuUuse and laaahtmt TONY PASTOR AMB TROUPE In a apian did Otte. MATINEES on W stain toy ami Watarday ai ?K e'eionh. gUNYAN TABLEAUX.?LAROHSf PANORAMA.IN ? tha world. Sixty magnificent aocnas. Illustrating "Run- . , tan * Pilgrim's Pi ogres*. ? Uuion IUO, Broadway audi Twenty-third atreet Open evtry night at 71 aoiiim nffiag at / 8. Admission AS ennta; children S enate. Matinee Wadr naaday and Saturday, at S o'oloek. KOHT. J. ORhEMWOOD. Ml aiiigm and Praprlnfr. HOOLKY'K OI'KKA HOUSE, BROOKLYN.?TNI E " BLACK MAM ^^^?an up agar, the milliners. Ola Bull in a Tight. Plaoe, Tha nippy Old Wamaa. Tha |mmhmmmMi|MMr, The Act ire Boy, Phabaanna Brian, Unwelcome Viaitor, the Aeilra Boy, rhebaann* Brian, Othello; Wake Up, WIBlam lleury; Red Hat. By MoBL gtn. Hugliea. Read, Haruandea, OaUina, Qaaaa, LearlU, rrtHiB eveninO, march n, 1 TUB FIRST OF A SBRINR OF ORAND MASONIC OOKCBRIW la aid of tha HALL AND A8TLOM POND, will take place at BTBINWAY HAUL MB& MAEIB ABBOTf, Ropra MIS8 MaT'mk jTg^OTPKEEJIia, 1 jBPt&tL^wT M O ROAN, MR J Tlckata OMR DOLLAR, anUtBog i tha grand dtadSbnUoa of_ Ttakata for ante at tWBiaadway. aedat tha doaoaaOM erenlng of thaooooart. Daote epea at ?*, eeaeert emameaeee at I, with the magnlhaant lartiiMn ? Aaalamr. Pathology aad Vataanal I lUuatratad dally hy Lactams aad ^^HPBBba Maw Turk Muaaum af Anatomy, way.. Open from I A. H. to MP. 3. PIAROPURTBt. AH Ft MB ASSORTMENT OF PIANO FORT8S TO LM? ? and told ta Instalments, at tha minsftaMF MS aad MB Bast Tweaty-Omt street. L P. CUMMlNtfE. Keefir'ataeet ** **CANDiDCJE' wami'saam.# At tU aad MB Broadway, aornar Taanty-Emt atreet. AM JOOm Orlw , JfR> A Bf UUw (m W wOwIw M ?. AH lady OOBMffi TO BCROPII WISRMB TO BUPOM | of an alamtst Ptaao, whiah has baas ta uaa batata montha for SflO. Including Cover tod >leaL Apply ta Da MAlKM. 43 Weet Twaaiy-fnurtb ilrMt. far eoe ewt A MAGNIFICENT PIANOFORTE F| A BB7B, ooat BMP; alao a Parlor -<iiit, I far BIOS, Also the Furniture al a parlor at ata bargalu. Ia?atm at IU Weat Elpbthi A" MAORI fx OCX? SBvtMUCTSJW Waooforte for m!?, mv(?t or ier, oily i ??Who; ent MUt for (Ml ll*e I'arWr A ' r o^?* MUM SHiOTI a ? ThirAWrodi" "?w" BWMJrrof - Cluuytter ?4 IHolop TwimMmw. , . 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