20 Mart 1873 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

20 Mart 1873 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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P TH WHOLE JSTO. 13,3tt0. DIRECTORY FOR ADYERTISER8. AMUSEMENTS?Lightii P.w;x?Fourth, fifth and sixth column*. ASTRO LOU Y?'Twelfth Pack?Sixth column. MILLIARDS?Kii.uni Pack?Fourth column. BfiAK1IICIts WANTED?Nucru Pack?Fhth column. BOARD AND LODGING WANTED?Ninto l'AOB-Slxth column. _ ? BROOKLYN REAL ESTATE FOR SALE-Siccoxn PaoI!t.econU and third column*. _ , BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES?Fikst rABK-Flfth col una. , BUSINESS NOTICES?Seventh Pag*?Sixth column. CITY REAL ESTATE FOR SALE?8xc0nd Pack?Mrst and second columns. _ _ . CLERKS AND SALESMEN?Twelfth Pack?Second and tlilni columns. . , CLOTH I NO?TwKLPrn Pack?Sixth column. COACIIMEN ANDHARDKNEKS?Twelfth Pack? Third, Ion rill uud fifth rolnmns. COASTWISE STEAMSHIPS? Fifth Pack?Fifth and sixth columns. | copartnerships?Fourth Pack?Fifth coin mil. country 81 )ARf>?Ninth Pack?Sixth column. Dancing academies?eighth Pack?Fifth column. dry hoods?first Pagk?Sixth column. i j dwelling houses to let, FURNISIIED and UNfurnished?nlkth Page?Second, third and i fourth columns. EUROPEAN STEAMSHIPS?Fifth Pack?Fifth column. EUROPE?Fimi Pauf?sixth column. FINANCIAI^-Focrth Pagk?Fifth column. FINE ARTS?First Page?Sixth column. FOR SALE?Eighth Page?Second and third colnmns. FURNISHED ROOMS AND APARTMENTS TO LET? Ninth Pagk?Fourth column. FURNITURE?Skcond 1'aok?Sixth column. FRENCH ADVERTISEMENTS?Twelfth Paof?Sixth column. HELP WANTED?FEMALES?Twelfth Pack?First and second columns. I1EI.P WANTKD-MALES?Twelfth PACK-Flfth column. HORSES, CARRIAGES, AC.?First PAQB-Third, fourth and tilth columns. HOTBLR?Ninth I'auk?Sixth column. HOUSES, ROOMS, AC., WANTED?NINTH PAOK-Sixth column. INSTRUCTION?First Pace?Sixth column. JERSEY CITY. IICBOKKN. HUDSON CITY AND RERGEN REAL ESTATE FOR SALE?SKCOND PACK? Third column. LECTURE SEASON?Eighth Pack?Filth column. LEGAL NOTICES? Fifth Pack?Sixth column. LOAN OFFICES?Fifth Pagk?Sixth column. LOST AND FOUND? First Pauk?Fir.itcolumn. MACHINERY?Eiciith Pagk?Third column. MARBLE MANTELS?Eighth Page?Fourth column. MATRIMONIAL?Ninth Pagk?Sixth column. MEDICAL?Skcond Pagk?Sixth column. MILLINERY AND DRESSMAKING?First Page?Sixth MISCELLANEOUS ADVERTISEMENTS?Tenth Pack? Sixth column. MISCELLANEOUS?Fiitii Paob?Sixth column. MI'SICAL-Eigutu Pagk?Fifth column. fEW PUBLICATIONS?Sevknth Paob?Sixth column. BRSONAL?First Pauk?First column. IANOFORTES?TwKi.rni Page?Sixth column. POST OFFICE NOTICE?First Pagk?Sixth column. PROPOSALS?EicnTH Paob?Fourth column. ? _ I'ROFESSIONAL SITUATIONS WANTED?FEMALES? Twelfth Pagk?First column. PROPERTY OUT OF THE CITY FOR RALE OR TO PENT?Skcond Pack?Third, fourth and fifth colreal"estate to EXCHANGE-Skcond Pack?Firth and sixth columns. SCAIj ItMAin HAIIlAlf?9H?AI> [lb>?CIAUI VWUUlh KWaRDS? First I'auk?riret anil second columns. SALES AT AUCTION?Eighth Pack?First and second columns. SITUATIONS WANTED?FEMALES?Eletoktu Pack? First, second, third, fourth, fifth and sixth columns, and Twelfth J'agk?First column. SITUATIONS WANTED?MALES-Twrlfth Pack?Second column. SPECIAL NOTICES?First Pace?Second and tliird column*. SPORTING? BIRDS, DOGS, AC.?First Pad*?Third column. THE TRADES?Twelfth Pace?Fifth und sixth columns. TIIK TURK?First Page?Third column. TO LET FOR BUSINESS PURPOSES-NIHTH Pace? First and second columns. TRAVELLERS' OUIDK?Firm Page?Fourth column. UNFURNISHED ROOMS AND APARTMENTS TO LET? 1 Niktii Pack?Fourth and filth columns. WANTED TO PUROHASK-Fimi Paok-KIxHi column. WESTCHESTER COUNTY PROPERTY FOR BALK OR TO LET?Sr.ooND I'acf.?Third column. YACHTS, STEAMBOATS, AC.?First Paob?Sixth coluidd. BKRALD BRAN'Cn OFFICE-UPTOW1I, Advertisements for tlie new york herald RECEIVED AT TIJE BRANCH OFFICE, ^ " l^CCBROADWAY, ' *a WEST SIDE, BETWEEN THIRTY-FIRST AND THIRTY. SECOND STREETS. advertisements are received from 8 a. m. till ip. m. on week days (sundays, 2 till 9 p. *.), at office rates. no extra charoe of ANY kind. PARIS AGENCY OF TIIE NEW YORK HERALD. j^jtssrs. krkmer a co., american register, have been appointed paris agents for tiie new york herald. they will supply dealers with copies of the herald, and also single numbers of this paper to parties requiring them. PERSONAL. Annie, from thirty-first street?meet mr at the Prize Masquerade Ball to-nlubt, Columbia Garden, Greenwich uvenue, corner Weat Twelfth street. Broadway, fourteenth street to twkntyflttli street, Wednesday, 6 P. M.?The young lady Who wan Id company with niiudle-ngcd lady will <lo a great favor ii she will send address to the young gentleman that was with the old gentleman aud lett at Twentyfilth street, down to Sixth avenue; passed the door fig lady was going !n house. Will be on Broadway Thursday, troin 4 to ft P. M.. Fourteenth to Twenty-fifth street, lfpleiisant; i( not. first pleasant day. Address GAY DIi BEAVER, Herald Uptown Branch ofllcc. Broadway, twelfth street to twextyfourth street.?If agreeable address gentleman wljh spectacles, W. S., Herald Uptown Branch ofllcc. IjTRANCIS TORRANCE, HAIRCLOTH MANUFAC1 lueturcr, and his brother Hitch, iron moulder, would greatly oh litre by wntina to JOHN TORRANCE, 12 Ps torgo n street, Rotten row, Glasgow, Scotland. IF MRS. ETTA nUGHES WILL LEAVE HER ADdress she will hear of something to her advantage. Address box S24 Grand Central Hotel. IK THIS SHOULD MEET TnE EYE OF JOHN COX Shaw, formerly of Bristol, England, he Is requested to communicate with OSBORNE PATCH, Liverpool. Nova Scotia. INFORMATION WANTED?OF JANE HARDY, WHO formerly redded on Htalrn Island, n native of Glasgow, Sco'land. Please to come immediately to 407 West Twenty-seventh street. JOHN BitAN'DO, FORMERLY rtREMAN ON 8TEAMship Lailono, will find it to his advantage to call on Mr. O'tlARA, of the firm ol Staler A O'Haru, steam engine and boiler builders, 239 West street, New Yorh. LILLTE CANDOR-LETTER IN POST OFFICE FOR yom GIFT. MISS KATY DECKING?I HAVE JUST ARRIVED. Send your address Immediately to IZZY, box 107 Herald office. gWEET FIGARO, REMEMBER?ONE MORE TURN. rriO KATE?I WISH WE WERE GOOD FRIENDS J again. You arc treatlug me cruelly. TnE PERSONS HAVING IN CHARGE THE CTIA8E estate, recently decided In the English Courts, will please address W. D. W., box 1,907 New \ ork Peat olllec. The package that was sent directed to Vie, 117 West Eighteenth street, can be left at 122 West Thirty-first street. WILLIAM RIDGWAY, SON OF JAMES RIDGWAY, formerly nf Ken!,m. Staffordshire. England visas blower, who wont to the United stiitcs about lorty years go, and resided In Jersey City (or his heirs, if dcadi.inav learn something advantageous by writing to THOMAS SaBQtl,98 Chatham street, Uatiley, MnHMHrC, Blf, IH, MINNIE L?L*W, FORMERLY OF WEST ?> Fifteenth street, please send her present address to the "CAPTAIN f" Klie knows who. 1 REWARD FOR THE INFORMATION TO FIND ?P^?/ tho restilenre of Toskn Sclileslucor; born in furegedln, Hunitary. Address his brother, LAtSOS, care of I-. Base h, It?9 Cast Rroudwuy, New York. California newspapers please copy. ' LOST AMD FOl ,\i?. IJOUSD-A M M OF MONET, WHICH THE OWNER 1 can htive by Identifvin t the same. JAMES McLAl'O KCAN, 201 and ICS Broadway. T OST?TUESDAY NIQHT. CORNER BROOMR AND Hudson streets, n Spit* Dog. right fore footsore, finder will be liberally rewarded on roturnlng him to 115 Vark'k street. LOFT-ON MONDAY, IN SEVENTH AVENl'E, BROADway or Sixth avenue. Forty-tlitrd street to ForlvK'venth street, a Marten Bos. Sultuble reward paid lor its retnrn to <87 Seventh avenue. IOST-ON MONDAY, BETWEEN THIRTY-SECOND J and 1 litrtv-fourth atrcets, on Broadway or Sixth avenue, it gold chased Bracelet. The tinder, on returning the same to 2d Vest Thirty-third aired, will receive a suitable reward. T (1ST?ON TUESDAY, AN ETRUSCAN fiOI.D EARlj ring Drop, doited witb rubles. A liberal reward will be paid lit 140 Chambers Oreet. LOST?TUESDAY F.VKNINO. IN THE GRAND OPERA House, a pearl Opt ra Class; full value paid If returned to it W eat Nine fro nib street. T OST OR STOLEN?ON SIXTH AVENUE. BETWEEN lJ Forty-ninth end fiftieth streets, Wednesday morning. a Scotch Terrier, with red collar; answers to the name of "Ch'efc." A suitable reward paid and no queations asked by returning htm to No. 0 West Ftltieth *t. The party who took my pocketbook tuepdny night, at 10,'i, on tho Fourth avenue car will pita.* return paper* through Post office box 1,1 St. ).] ,J* ~ HEWAKD8. <t?r REWARD WILL BE PAID TO ANY PERSON Ct) returning a Mack nnd tan Terrier lost Hum house ill East Fifteenth street, on Saturday afternoon, March p. Had uo a black luUuu- <^nar. with kllv v piale E NE NEW ?*... REWARD*, d?-|fl REWARD.?LOST, A PACKAGE, CONTAINING ?IU noire and account.* of no uw to uuv person hut trie owner. Tbe shove reword wiJl be paid lor their return to Id New Chambers street. SHKPAKD, nOLCOMB A COOK. d?CA REWARD.?THE ABOVE REWARD WILL BR paid (or the recovery of tbe Silver Fork*, Spoons, I .adit's, ltlnrs, Ac., marked "L." stolen trout tho resldcnce No. A West Fiftieth street, on Eaturduy last. Inquire at 520 Broadway. (JjCA ?STOLEN FROM THE SUBSCRIBERS, NEAR qptytf, the cornrrof White and Elm streets. this mornine, about 9:.'t0o'clock, a black Horse, with white stur on forehead; horse was attached to a business wa-.'on containing about 1,00.1 lbs. liar solder, stumped * Bruce A Cook .wagon painted dark green, wheels yellow; flrm name ou waaon sides. LOCKE A Mt'NROE, _ March 19, lt*7!L 1,299 Broadway. d> 7 ,ir ?LOST. ON KUNDAV MORNING, A TURQUOISE <P I ?J. and diamond Earring. Tlie above reward will bo paid on application to Mrs. LAWRENCE, 202 East Fifteenth street. tfcK K4\i\ REWARD.?STOLEN, FROM THE J ALLS City Tobacco bunk in Louisville, ?v., me folio wine Securities. vU :? I Louisville, Clnti and Lexington Railroad First Mortgage i?!,(*?) Rood. No. 322. 10 Louisville and Portland Canal Bonds ($1,000 eacb), No*. 782 to 741 Inclusive, maturing In 1876. II Jrflcrsonvllle, Madison and Indianapolis Sccoud Mortgage (1,UK) Bonds, No. 1020, No. 1004, 1021, 1073, 10113, 1976, 1033, 1977, 1340, 1979, 830. The above reward will be paid for the recovery of the 22 bonds, or $230 for racli bond. The public is' hereby cautioned against buying anv ol the above securities. 8MALLS A BACON, 11^ Front etroet_ I O.ST.-$80 REWARD AND NO QUESTIONS ASK KD J lor the return of Coral Set, stolon on Monday. 17th Inst, ftom East Fifty-sixth street Address L. TKNNIiY, 7V White street, " SPECiAl, NOTICES. A?"MOONKY'B DETECTIVE AGENCY, 1C3 BROAD way."?We Oder our service* to the puiilic in the above specially and refer, among others, to H. B. ClafUn A Co., 110 Church street, us to our ability and integrity. JAMKS MOONEY, Superintendent. A?THE AMERICAN REGISTER. . The most widely circulated of the American Journals published In Europe. A capital medium for American advertisers addressing themselves to European patronage. Indispensable to nil persons visiting Great Britain and the European Continent. Subscription* and advertisements for the AMERICAN REGISTER will be received at the office ot the New York Herald, New York. A?DO YOU WANT ANY OF THESE . GIFTS f One Orand Gift, Cash $100,000 One Grand Gilt. Cash 30,0.*) One Grand Gift, Cash 26.000 One Grand Cash Gift 20.000 Cue Grand Cash Gift 10,000 One Grand Cash Gift 6.000 24 Cash Gilt* of $1,010 each 24,009 SO Cash Gifts of 800 each 26,000 80 Cash Gilts of 400 each 32,000 100 Cash Gifts of 3 Orach 90,000 180 Cash Gifts of 200 each 90,ii09 Oft) Cash Gift* ol 100 each 69 000 9,000 Cash Gilts of 10 each 90,000 Total, $10,000 Gifts, all Cash $300,000 If so. secure tickets at the earliest possible moment to the Third Grand Gift Concert, which is to be given b}- authority of a special act of the Legislature, lor benefit of the Public Library of Kentuckv. at I.ibrarv Hall. Ixtuis vlUfi, Ky., on Tuesday, April 8, 1873. Do not wait n single (lay. At the previous concerts thousands of dollars had tone returned to patrons who desired to participate in the drawing, but negleotod the natter until sale* were closed. Tho inll ten thonsand gifts will all bo distributed, and gifts parable In currency, without any discounts being deducted. Only 100,000 tickets will bo imued, making one in ten that insure to draw. Order Klercn Tickets for $100, and get your money back, at least. Hon. ExGovernor Thomas E. Bramlotte. or Kentucky, has charge of the business of the Concert on behalf ol' the Library Trustees, by whom agencies for the sale of tickets have been established throughout the country, the principal one of which is the New York oltlco. Tickets, l'ke green bucks, arc good to the holder. Buyers do not necessarily have to be present at the drawing, us an official list is furnished each one. and gitts due tickelholders at n distance caa be collected through any Bunk lur Express Company tho same ns a dratt or check is collected. Order quick. Send money by Post office Order, Draft, Kcgtstcred Lettor or Express, prepared. Tickets, $10; Halve.--, 53; Quarters, $2 30. For tickets, full programme, Information and all particulars. apply to the General Agency Supply. UlokAS R. HAYS A CO., 600 Broudway. New York. Branch Agents at IS Broad street (basement office), and also at 173 Fifth avenue. ?A.-OMAHA LEGAL GIFT DISTRIBUTION, IN AID OF NEBRASKA STATE ASYLUM. Grand ConorrI find Legal Distribution of the following amount in Oa-'li Prizes:? 1280,8091 Positively March 81,1S73. 9230,909. One Grand Cash Prize $79,000 One. Grand Cash Prize 28,000 One Grand Cash Prize 15,000 One Grand Cash Prize 10,000 One Cash Prize 8,GO) One Cnsh Prize 4,000 One Cash Prize 8,000 One Cash Prize 3,00.) One Cash Prize 2,CO) One Cash Prize 2.0>0 One Cash Prize 2,000 One ("ash Prize 2,000 One Cnsh Prize 1,000 One Cash Prize 1,000 8,409 Cnsli Gift* in all. Official lists of the winning numbers will be scut to each ticket-holder immediately alter the drawing. Tickets $1 each; six for $5; 1.'. lor $10. For sale at P. C. DEVLIN'S, Stationer, 81 Nassau street. But few tickets rcmaiu on hand. Those wishing to purchase would do well to do so at once. A?HAVANA LOTTERY.?PRIZF.8 CASHED AND . information furnished. Circulars free. JOSEPH BATES .1 CO., 71 Brondwuy, room 31, first floor. A?HAVANA LOTTERY OF CU11A, MARCH 10.? Prizes cashed and information furnished. JOSEPH RATES, Broker, HNi Broadway, room 4. A DARIUS (PRICES REDUCED), SOLE AGENT OF Royal Havana Lottery, 585 Broadway: box 4,809 Post olhcc, New York. Dealers supplied. Circulars mailed ft-ce. C1AUTION.-TI1E PUBLIC IS CAUTIONED AGAINST J negotiating a Droit, drawn by National Provincial Bank of England, Newcastle-:>n-Tvnc, upon National Provincial Bank, London, dated February 12, 1873, No. 489, In favor of John Granger, for ?80 sterling, the same having been lost in transmission by mall. Address box z,??/ rost nmco. Department of taxes and assessments. 32 cniubrns Srni:Kr, New York, Jan. 0, P<73. Notice if hereby given thai the Assessment Rolls of the Real hioI Personal Estate of the city nnd county or New York for the rear 1873 will l.e open for inspection nnd revision on and after Monday, January 18,1873, and will remain open until the 30th day ot' April, 1873. Inclusive, for the correction of errors nnd the equalization of the assessments ol the aforesaid real and personal estate. All persons believing themselves aggrieved must make application to the Commissioners during the period shore mentioned, In order to obtain the roller provided by law. By order ct the Board. B. I*. BABOOCK, Secretary. Gravel Attn broken stonk ok every descrtftion, suitable tor public roads and concrete work, for sale low for cash, or will exchange. Address CONTRACTOR, box 144 Herald office. Havana lottkry.-okrman state lotteries. Send lor circulars. kl'IILMANN a co., Bunkers, 85 Nassau street; box 8,588 Post office. Notice.?opium habit; three years' search tor n remedy ; the result a complete succors; solid I6c. for 411 page Pamphlet, giving full particulars. Address Drs. OKME8 A KKLl.OOtl, Jamestown, N. Y. Official drawing* kentucky state lotteries. ekntucbt- kitiia class no. 231? march 14. 1873. 47, 37, SP. 4, 70, 73. 44 , 31, 10. 2, f, 28. 12, 27. Kcprvcav?class no. 232?march 10, 1S73. 6, 7, II, 24. 53. 1. 73. 63, 18, 40. 43, 19. BIMMONR A CO., Managers, Covington. Kr. shfi.at collfoe?extp.a class no. 131 ?march 19, 1873. 38, 81, 71, 25, 41, 32, 7i, 73, in, 09, 83 43, 53. fni.I.tr collrgk? class NO. 132?starch 19. 1373. 48, 82, 23, in. 39, 11, 60, SB, 12, 22, 5.3, 17. tMlTII 4 C(>? Managers, Covington. Ky. _ <r. cLUTB, Broker, 2f0 Broadway. Post office box 4.9fi9. Public notice is nereby given that the Bindings. Part* of Building*. Fenco, Ac., to he removed In consequence of (he widening and straightening of Prondwav, between Thlrty-sccoud and Fittr-ulnth streets. w ill >?e sold at public miction on Thnrsdav, the 27th day of March, 1S7S. at to o'clock A. M. The rale will take place on tlie around, commencing with the premises known as No. S65Bixth avcntie, between Thirtv-tnird mul Thirty-fourth streets. Catalogues may be obtained of WILLIAM KKNNKLI.T, Auctioneer, office Ka 4 Pine stret-t, or of the undersigned. GEORGE M. VAN N'OKT, Commissioner of Hulillc Works. Dkcartxint or PtTit.rc Works, March 14, 1S73. Royal iiavana lottert.-pfizer cashed ;or. iters filed; infonnution lr.rr.ifhod, highest rates raid lor .Spanish Hank Rills. Ac TATLOK a CO.. Bankers, lb W all street. New \ ork. Royal Havana lottery.?the next extraordlnarv Drawing will take ptsce on the ?d of April, 1A7S. J It. MARTINEZ A CO., Bankers, IU Wall street Post office box 4,8afi, New York. Royal raxon government lottery at leipsic, Germany; P5.UOO tlcketi; 47,!fM prlei s; Brunswick Government Lottery; Hamburg City Government Lottciyi Royal Havana Lotterv. Prize-cashed and Information gfven. Till.ODOR ERCHOCH, 110 Nassau street; box 6,'JSO Pout otnee. STORAGE AND PAKE KEEPIXO FOR Fl'RKITCRB. Raggogu and other Property, In separate, closed compartments. always accc.s?iblc ; Roods raised on elf vntors nod received In Interior court of warehouses, avoiding all street risks. H. G. HAKGER, Eighth avenue, Thirty-third to Thirty-fourth street TO WHOM IT may CONCERN.?NOTICE IK HEREBY given that the uudernotcd certificates of Krlo Railway common stock?vix.6i.lKi, to L P. Morton Born-; A Co., 10 shaies of $10" each. Issued March '27, ISO*- 177 xvt to Jonathan D. Cope man, 10 shares of $10.) each; 107,3H0 to same, 10 shares of $100 each, issued February 1. lift#? have been lost or destroyed, and that the undersigned will apply In due course to tlie Eric Railway Company for new certificate* iu lieu thereof. All persons are cautioned against negotiating the said ceriihrstes, as their transfer has been stopped. WM. BUTLEK Dl'NCAN, Noes 9 and II Na.ssu street, New York. TO MANUFACTURERS.?THB CITY OF FORT 8COTT. Kansas, offers fVi.OUO In aid of manufactories of the following kind Colton Goods, Woollen Goods and Agricultural Implements; abundance ol good coal mined close to the rity. Parties wishing information will correspond with Urn uud?riign?4> kAl&Ett. Uu Clerk. W YO - -* YORK, THURSDAY, MAE I BPKCIAL. NOTICKS. I TO MALTSTERS.?THE ADVERTISER 18 WILLING TO purchase or rent a Malt House, either In the States or Canada. Address, stating location, sine, capacity per month and full partirnlars, MALT HOUSE, lleraid uBlce. \f\fi (\f\fl CASH GIFTS.?KENTUCKY LIBRARY IprJWl/.UUU Gilt Concert. Drawing positively April 8. W hole Ticket*, $10: Hall' Tickets, 55: Quarter Tickets, 52 SO For tickets and descriptive circulars apply to P. O. llKVLIN, Stationer, 31 Nassau street (opposite Post oltlcc), New York. ^ ? r-\c\ la T1S1WV Tttll.v IN THE I.Klltr.. ?pOot/.Oo?/ izcJ Kentucky lottery. Royal Havana ami Kentucky Circular* free. "12}? cents commission allowed." Address HALEY A CO. (ofllcc established 30 years), 174 Broadway. tiPOKTINli-DOUS, BIRDS, AC. A?FOB HALE, ALL KINDS OF FANCY DOCS. . Birds, Ac.; Medicine* for nil diseases. Prepared Food tor mocking; bird*, at B. U. DOVKY'S. No. 3 Greene street, near Canal. TnK FIltST OF THE "HOMF. AND HOME" MATCH between I. A. Faine and R W. Tinker will be shot at Dexter'* Union Course, L. I? on Saturday, 22o. Match SO bird* each, 9300; Straps; 25 yards; English rules. THE "TURK. TO LET?FROM APRIL 1, 1873, FLEETWOOD PARK Club House; unto house, bars under grand stand, and hitching privilege of ground*. Apply at the pnrk, or 112 Wall street. w. If. VAN COTT, Superintendent. HOK>E*, CARRIAGES. AG. J^ T. DEMAREHT A CO., 628 BROADWAY. We oiler a large and elegant assortment of line Carriages, of our own manufacture, comprising our popular six-seat family Roekuways, 12stylcs; Lnnduuicts. 6styles; Lundnus, Brett*, Phaetons, Coupe Kockaways, light mid new styl os; beautiful new styles T Carts and turnout seats; work first class; prices very reasonable. Second hand Tilbury, top Buggy. Phaeton und llockaway. A -NEW AND SECOND HAND CLARENCES, . Coaches, Victorias, Coupes, ltocknways. Park, Extension Ion, Basket and Pony Phaetons from $I2D up; Top and Road Wagons (Brewster and other makers), Express ami J agger Wagons, Sulkies and Skeletons; Harness of ail kinds, Binukota, Ac., cheaper than any place in New York. WILLIAM H. GRAY, 20 and 22 Wooster street. A PAIR OF MAHOGANY BAY HORSES FOR SALE? 16 hands high, 6 and 7 years old; warranted sound; united alike; sold for want ol use. Private stabif, 135 vl'cst Thirty-eighth street. A FEW FULL-BLOODED AI.DERNEY AND ATRshire Cow* for *ale;ulso two Ayrshire Bulls. Inquire of WILLIAM WATSON. 99 Franklin street. A?CARRIAGES OF ALL KINDS, ROflKAWAYS, ? Baggies, Phaetons, Depot, Express and Business Wagon*. Westchester*. one Carryall, both new and second hand, at 141 Weat Broadway, nearGanal street. A?FOB SALE, FOUR CANADIAN DRAUGHT . Horses, ranging in age from 6 to 7 years, in height from 17 to 18 hands. Apply at stables 189South Fifth avenue, between Grand and Broome streets. A LOT OF TOP BUGGIES, ROAD WAGONS. Express, Grocery and light business Wagons, second hand covered two-sent Depot Wagon*. 348 West Twentyseventh street, between Eighth and Ninth avenues. ^ THE "BREWSTER WAQON." A in all weights, fur pleasure driving or speeding, exquisitel} finished, and embracing in tln'lr construction the various improvements introduced by us during the past 15years, making thorn the Standard for Quality throughout the United States. These wagons urc exclusively the production of onr well-known Broome street laetory, and ure offered In stock in all respects equsl in quality to those built to the order of the most valued customer, and at prices uniform to all. In order that we may not be confounded with a .loint stock company of carriage dcalsrs who have adopted a flrin name similar to our own, and impudently claim the reputation we havo made for the ''Brewster wagon," we beg the public will remember that our only tvarcrooms are at the corner of Filth avenne and Fourteenth street, and our only Factory on Broome street BREWBTEU A CO., of Broome street. Arch, johnston, auctioneer, late JOHNSTON a VAN TA88ELL, Office and salesroom 37 Nassau street, opposite the Post office. HORSE AUCTION BRANCH 19. 21, 23 AND 25 EAST THIRTEENTH STREET, BETWEEN UNIVERSITY PEACE AND FIFTH AVENUE. A card. THE FIRM OF JOHNSTON A VAN TASbliGJ., tlAVirn* been dissolved by mutual consent, Mr. Johnston continues the business at the old stand, 37 Nassau street, opposite the Post office. THE HORSE AUCTION BRANCH OF THE HOUSE IS now conducted at the spacious premises, SI, 2S. 25 end 27 Hast Thirteenth street, between Vltth avenue and Univer Rity place, end hit* no connection with the other stand latch occupied l>v the firm of Johnston A Van T?s;cl1. LlbERAL ADV ANCES MADE ON CONSIGNMENTS. Allen b. miner, auctioneers. New York Sales and Carriage Repository. REGULAR AUCTION SALES DAY THURSDAY OF F.ACIt WEEK. At the spacious and central strides and wnrorooms, 317. N'"J and 341 Fourth avenue, southeast corner Twenty-fifth street. Horses, Carriages, Harness, Blankets, Ac , taken on sale nnd storage; the satne sold at auction and private sale. Large and first class stock ot above articles always on hand at private sale ; horses left ou sale will receive good care. LIBERAL ADVANCES MADE on consignments. Entries for unction or private sale can he made at Repository as above or at office of auctioneers, US Chambers street; RICHARD MrCl'LLOUGM, Proprietor. Albert b. waldron, auctioneer. Salesrooms 10R Liberty and 111 Cedar street By D. W. I VMS. T1HS AY, Mareb 20,1H73, at 12 o'clock. D. W. IVES will sell Uiis day to the highest bidder for cosh, 15 head Road and Work Horses, Vehicles, Harness, Whips, Robes, Ac. Warrantees extend 24 hours. IJcsci lotion* at sale. At private pale, at ARCH. JOHNSTON'S new Mart. 19 to 25 East Thirteenth street near University place, at prices below zero, to cover Advances. Five basket no top Pony Phuctons, Ten top Buggies, Three Business wagons. Ten ton Pony Phactous: best build. Take the Broadway and University place cars and call and sec. Prices absolutely lower than anv other place in the citv. A?ELEGANT LANDAU, ONE CLARENCE, ONE Phaeton, one slxce-it Rookaway; also ono two wheel Dog Cart, tun and no top Buggy IVtun!)?. Apply to M. CUKLKY, lOtl, III and lis East Thirteenth street, near Fourth aronuo. A LARGE LOT OF TOP AND NO TOP WAGONS, Sulkier, Ooeehes, Landau, otto tine Cash Wagon; iioi- (ind second Imud, cheap. c. II. KAINoft i CO., 202 Groono street. Attue horse and carriage auction mart of WILLIAM VAN TAftHELL (successor to Johnston & Van Tassell) at the old stand, lid, 112 and lit East Thirteenth street, near Fourtli avenue, REGULAR SALES OF HORSES AND CARRIAGES WILL BE HELD EVERY TUESDAY AND FRIDAY, at 12 o'clock. GENTLEMEN WISHING II) PURCHASE. OR THOsE having Horses or Carriage* to sell, w 111 find this house perfectly reliable, as this tniHliicsa will be conducted on the same straightforward principles which have governed it In the poet. We give the purchaser of every horse that Is warranted sound from 2t to ts hour- for trlah Horses and Carriages nlwaysou hand at private sale. LIBERAL ADVANCES MADE ON UONMlOWMBKM. A HANDSOME BLACK IloRSE, STANDS 15-3, SUITAhle tor a orivate family or doctor; will ^tand without tying; Is pcrlnctly gentle : can be seen nt SIMPSON'S stnble. I.'s) East Thirty-ninth street, or call at 32 Itcude street, N. Y. 8PeT:Talty.-70 top and road bi'ggTks; ? four-seated Carriages; latest styles. Also l'onv Plinelons, cheapest In city, at DAY Jt HONS' Factory, 146 and ltd Eldrtdge street Ah. flandrau, Nos. 7 and 13 East Eighteenth street, between Broadway and Fitth avenue. makes spoclaltv ot second hand Brewster (ot Broome street) tigc.ns, both top and no top. A KMT WAGONS, TABU CARTS. BI.ANK KTS, TENTS, McClellnn Saddles, Vitlc Collar.., Harness, Canvas, Rubber Wat rproof. Wagon, Truck. HorCovers, v.' A CARTER, 53 < ortt widt street. near Greenwich. A -25 head horses, just arrived from in dian.i, lor sale at New York Sale* mid storage Repository, 31/ to 341 rourlli aveuiio. LOT~oF HOUSES FRESH FROM THE COUNTRY .old or exchanged tor Homes of less value: suitable lor all kinds of business. Inquire ot Ml Canal street. ARM < LAM HOOKS HAND CLARENCE, BET. cll*d Klaus, brown cloth lining, equal to now; very light; also ?1 second hand Carriages, at 468 and 400 Third avenue. A BARGAIN.-A VERT 8TVLISH GELDING, 1.3.3; sound, kind; seven rears old ; cost $900 Inst Fall; will sell for sum, as the owner leaves the city In a lew days. Inquire tor WALKER, 1.399 Broadway. A HANDSOME BAY MARK, SOUND AND RIND, 7 years old, U}i hands, for family or bualnesa purposes. Apply nt M Charles street. A-scperb landaulkt, pole and shafts, Hum's make. ro?t $1.71*1. for $1,100, used twice; mi olid hand and damaged Carnages nt great bargains HAM'S, Broadwnv and Fourth street. Alight victoria phaeton, two top bugglcs, one Doctor's Phaeton. wrlth Ifnrncss, for sale, or will let them by the month. Apply at 1.403 Broadway, near Thirty-ninth street. A DOCTOR'S PHAKTON FOR SALE?HAS BEEN used only six time.-; cost $300, will lie so'd for $211. Cun be seen at 148 East Thirty-niuth street, or call at 33 Keadc street. A PLATFORM SPRING EXPRESS WAGON, $8(1: NO top square box Wagon, good as new, $I2A; will exchange for light Truck. Apply at 331 Thirty-fourth street, betwen Second and Third avenues. A PONY BUILT, 13'i B ANDS, STEEL GRAY HORSE, G years old, sound and kind ; will stand without I fling: suitable for anv business: will lie sold reasonably; [ hNo Wagon and llitrne-s; price $30. 231 Elizabeth street /3ARRIAGES?SLIGHTY DAMAGED: GREAT BAR" ! galna; Carriages, new ami second hand, of every description, at low prices; now ia the time to purchase before trade commences. MAN U FACT lit UK S' UNION (w8 Broad iva.?. RK H ICH 20, 1873?TRIPLE SHI HORSES, CARH1AUKS, diC. T)Y ALLEN B. MINER A BROTHER. b al u u iv .11.. TIlIS PAY (THURSDAY). MARCH 30. AT OUR NEW HORSE AUCTION' MART, SOUTHEAST CORNER OK FOURTH AVENUE AND TWENTY-FIFTH STREET. GENTS' PRIVATE ESTABLISHMENT. Bat Mure, 15!j hands high, 9 yarn old; warranted sound; free and sty Huh driver; raised in Vermont; iu possession ol'private owner for the past two years. Light Road w agon, built to order by Brewster A Co., of Broome street; iu Sue condition. Set ot single covered mounted Harness, in good order. Lap Robes, Blankets, Ac. Hay Horse, Id hands high, 7 years old; black points; warranted sound and kind: a very f ree and stylish driver. Coupe, built by Brewster to order; green cloth lined, in good order, having la-en but little used ; cost $1,200. Set Coupe Harness, silver mounted ; in excellent order. Team brown Horses is? hands high, 7 and 9 vears old; sound and kind In all liHruess; tree and pleasant drivers. Six-seat Kockawny, cloth trimmed ; lu good order; city built. Set double Harness, gold plated. Jump-tout Wagon, le utile r ion; built toordcrbv Stivers; nearly new and Tit first rate order. Top Wugon, side bar, built by Duubam A Woostcr; in good order. First class new Express Wagon. Top Wagon, city omit; but Utile used. Also a number ol new and second hand Harness, Saddles, Blankets, Robes, Ac. / 1arriageh. ?great inducements now orv (ered In-fore Spring trade opens; the finest selection ever offered; purchasers should call and examine without delay; groat bargains. manufacturers' union, 638 Broadway. piIKAP IIOKSKS FOR CITY OR FARM USE.-ONE \ ' line Gray for express or carriage; one fine, chunk; Ironi $fi0 up. 18;i Sou tit Fifth avenue, near (fraud street. / 1ARRIAUES.?IMMENSE STOCK CARRIAGES, NEW \J and second bund, at very lowest prices for rash or approved paper; the largest and most general assortment ever offered. MANUFACTURERS' UNION, 638 Broadway. /TOUPK, IN GOOD ORDER. FOR SALE, $50; 1IANDV i some Top Wagon. $200; white tlorse, suited tor country, $50. Apply at Ml Walker street, near Broadway. /mntiTim SADDLE HORSE Tl'RK FOR SALE? \J Ray, 15.3, 7 >eurs old, highly bred, sound, kind, gentle, single loots, canters nnd trots; cost the owner $1,000 In Kentucky ; will give good trial. Apply to A. K. WILLIAMS. Fleetwood Stables, luf> West Fortieth street. /30RHKTT A CO.. 121 AND 12.1 WEST TWENTY FIFTH \J street, offer the fnllowing second hand Carriages:? One Laudoii. good as new; one Clarence, in good order, and several top and o|?sn Wagons. DOCTOR'S PIIAETON AND HARNESS; A BEAUTIful city built Carriage; harness and phneton are new; cost nearlv $500, will sell for $3-K); a tiargaln. IIOVEY'fl stable, Ut East Sixteenth street DOCTOR'S FIRST CLASS TURNOUT FOR SALE.? Black Mare, 15.2 hands, 8 years, sound, kind and extra traveller; leather top Phaeton and Harness; both equal to new, and city maker; bargain for cash. No. 223 West Fortieth street Elegant mail phaeton. English pattern, on eight springs, top on hind seat, but little used, liuilt by Wood Bros., at auction, FRIDAY, March2U, by WILLIAM VAN T ASH ELL, Auctioneer, at Auction Mart, 110, 112, 114 Ka?t Thirteenth street, near Fourth avenue, where It can be seen until time of sale. I rink imported carriage or coupe mark 1 tor sale?Bay, 16 bands, young and sound, black points, very stylish, good traveller; will bo sold for hall her value, as mate has died. Apply at 105 West Fortieth st. For sale?an extra fink light double iiarness; Wood A Gibson's make; has had very little use for nine months, and in perfect order; also single Harness of same make and in same order. To be seen at 183 Columbia Heights, Brooklyn. FOR SALE-BAY TRUCK HORSE, 16}, HANDS HIGH and seven years old; pony built; warranted sound, and for draught lias no superior: must be sold cheap, ns owner nas no work; ran be seen at loot ot Wall street, coffee ftaud, or 53 South street. Inquire for POWERS. FOR SALE?A HANDSOME BAY DORSE, SUITABLE for coupe, over 16 hands high. Can ho seen at table, 15 East Fltty-elghth street, after 10 o'clock. FOR HALE-A BEAUTIFUL GOLDEN SORREL Pony, lianrts high, flowing mane nnd tail; is sound arid kind In every particular; can trot in 3X minutes: has boon driven by a lady lor the past year; also three-quarter seat road Wagon. It' desired; built by Mia A Son. BKAMAN'S Stable, 121 West Eighteenth 8t For sale-a brf.tt carriage, six skat, made by Lawrence ; in good order; with linen slip; price $.100. Apply at TKANliY'S stables, 37 West Forty-fourth street FOR SALE?A LANDAU, NEARLY NEW: SOLD for want of use. t an lie seen at stable. No. 5 East Twentieth street. FOR SALE?TiMiKE PONY BUILT MARKS, 15U hands. 6 and 7 years: lit lor any work ; jiricos $13S and $115; also one good work Pouy, price SSo. All sold for want of use at I3fi i'erry street In the rear. For rale?a bay horse iw hands high, six years old; it a good, stylish driver, and warranted sound and kind in alt harness; sold tor want of use. Call at 32a West Sixteenth street. ________ For hale?a bright bay horse, i.=?u hands; sound, kind and gentle; U years old; also first enisw single-seat Road Wagon. Apply to W. F. SMITH, l<W South street IjlOR SALE?A HANDSOME HORSE, ABOUT 15^ ' hands high, sound and kind : wilh a light top Wagon and Harness, In good coudltlou; sold cheap. At 234 East Twenty-fourth street Fior sale?a very handsome double harnees, by Murv, of London, never used. Private stable 47 En si Thirty.! bird strvl. TJTOR BAT.E-A FAMILY TURNOUT, IN PERFECT I? order, hay team, 10 hands high, elegant drivers, good style and excellent roadsters, (i nnd 7 years old, warranted sound and kind; % Clarence, by good city maker, used one year; Harness new, used oue month; as the owner lias no use will sell all lor $1,800?about halt wliutil cost. Addrtss TAYLOR, box 12it station A. For hale?five young Canadian horses, just from the country, heavy blocks, IS hands high, sound nnd kind; one lor $7S, suitable for light work. 204 West Sixteenth Street, near Seventh avenue. TflOR SALE?KINE SPAN BLACK CARRIAGE r Horses, aged 7 and 8 this Ppring; height 15.3 hands; will tic sold cheap. Address box l.tki-j l*n-t oilice. For pale?'cannot hk outktyled in the Slate), a beuutnul Team of (lark chestnut Sorrels, 15k Imtnls, long tails, high knee action; are young, sound and kind, without blcinl.-b. Address A., G16 Bedlord avenue, Brooklyn. For sale?a pair of coupe horpep, isu, 7 and 8 years old: very stylish and kind: also a French Coupe Can he seen at 1J0 West Eighteenth street. Inquire at 51 Pine street. P. DELAI' IKLD. For sale?a pair of roadstf.rp, dap.k bays, no white, 15 hands high, C and 7 years old: Irol in 3:10; have never been trained: took premium at Somerset.county fair as roadsters; very handsome slid warranted sound and kind; Abdullah stock; and one pair of coach Horses, 14 hands, ft years old, hues; warranted sound and kind. Address ABRAHAM 8. BEKKMAX, South Branch, Somerset county, N. J. For sale cheap?brewer's truck and harno-s. Apply to J. F. PHI LI. 1 PS, M.5 William street. For pale cheap?a good work horse, bay, lft}.. hands, 7 years old. Can he seen at McEvren A Martin's livery stable-, tat West Twentieth street / 1 ENTLKM AN'P TURNOUT FOR 'PALE-BAY HAMU bletoiiian TToriie, lft>i hands, 7 years old, sound and kind, ea-y driver, very stylish, trots in 7:4ft; Silvers top Wagon, side bar, polo lind shafts; Ptillincs Harness; must he sold Immediately; will sell separate or together. Apply at Fleetwood statues, 105 West Fortieth street. Horses taken to board, drive and break, with good care, bv JOHN If. TWKDDLB, llont- j eoniery, Orange county, N. Y. References?Jainos B. Brewster A Co., New Yol k city. Harness for the 7 rack, road, coach, coupe, Park, pleasure nnd business use; also lor ploughing, tanning, teaming, trucking, carting, expressing, contractors, ralIroad\ Ac.; also Saddles, Bridles and llorsu <!. M. M08EM*N A BRO., Harness Manufacturers, warerooms 114 Chambers at. HARNESS.?TWO FINE. NEW SINGLE UOHTIIAR. ues* for sale cheap, and a light double Darrens, inude with Mgffett's best leather; 140 West Thirty-third atrcrt. second floor. HARNK88.?THE CHEAPEST HARNESS 8TORK IN New York.?(lood double Truck Harness, #80; good single Buggy Harness, band made, $?4; a good Stable Blanket. $2 00; the largest ussortnicnt of t'nrt Harness In the city, picu-c call and examine for yourselres. H. S. OSBORNE, I'arness Warerooins. 4:i Murray sL HEARSE FOR HALE?AT S40 WEST PORTY-HiiCOND street. 1WILL BELL AN ENOLI8U PHAETON, AS GOOD as new, for $4t4), as 1 liavo no use for it. Address PHAETON, Herald office. JUST ARRIVED THIS MORNING-'29 GOOD WORK Horses, from 0 to 8 years old; suitable lor nil purposes: to be sold cheap. Apply at 175 Mercer street, near Biceckcr street. J' VST FROM THE COUNTRY?PAIR CANADIAN Horses. 1W hands; also splendid bay coupe carriage Horse; splendid action; A, 0years; sound, kind, true. 373 West Forty-eighth street, near Ninth avenue. JUST ARRIVED FROM SOUTHERN INDIANA?A lot ol superior Horses; among them are elegant, very stylish and well-matched teams of bay and black Horses; first class coupe, road and work Horses; all young, well broken and warranted sound, kind and true. These horses were selected with great care, and are one of the finest lots brought to this market this seusun. Can be seen an I are for sale ut auction mart of WILLIAM VAN TAH8KLL (successor to John-out A Van TassclIX 110,112, 114 East Thirteenth street. H. C. ELLIOTT. MULKS.-JU8T ARRIVED PROM KENTUCKY AND for sale. II head ol large broken Mules, from & to 8 years old; several pair weighing 2,800. T. E. A J. W. MORRIS, Peace street, New Brunswick. M, J. VTOVELTY CARRIAGE. i.1 Cradle and Carriage combined. Price #18; old style #9. L. P. T1BHALH, 512 Broadway, opposite RyMlcaolaa Hotel. PRIVATE STABLE ?TIIE OWNER AND OCCUPANT of ii flrwtrlm* nrlv.ifn Kfutaln <>n U'iw( Tlnrt.v.<4AP<>n<l street, having more room than wanted, would take a pair of Horse* and Carriages on I t May Address ii. K. W? Herald office. Stable for sale?thirty-sixth street, near Broadway, 36x70il00; elegantly lilted up lor private use; Sl-VM); terms easy; cheap. D. I). ORRKLL, Ml Broadway. Saddle mare for balk.?a thoroughbred Kentucky saddle Mare , ha* all the gaits under saddle and well broken to harness; can tie driven liy a lady. I MAim.N h RA> D 8 Stables. 03d and WO SavvUlii av. ERAI SET. HORSES, CARRIAGES, AC. ^ ^ gORATUUEB AND SORBS ON H0R8E8. Kennedy's Scrofula Ointment In* ?ure cure for the worst cases of kratchet, cracked heel* and grease in horses. Sold by JOHN F. HENRY, No. 8 College idaco, and druggist* generally. Price $1 a bottle. Manufactured by DONALD KENNEDY, Roxbury, Mass. WTAUONB CII BAP.?TWO GROCERY, TWO EX'? pre**, one Platform Soring, one lluker's. one Plumber's, one Milk, one Delivery Wagon, one Coupe, one Top Boggy, at 2iW Spring street, corner Clarke. A V'ANTED?A STYLISH CHKSTNCT OR BROWN "? Horse. IS'i hands; must be perfectly sound, free from vice, good traveller, suited to coupe use and accustomed to double harness. Any person willing to give a 42 Writ Fifty-filth street, from 8 to hi A. M. WANTED-A SECOND HAND T CART AND A PONY Phaeton with rumble seat; must bo now, In pood running order and ut vrry low price. Addre**, giving lull particulars, T CART, Herald Uptown Branch office. WANTED-A DARK-BAY HORSB FUEL IS* HANDS, not over seven yearn old, lound, kind and perfectly pen tie: no iiuller; tree from tricks, and show tnreo minutes or to tier , n lair trial required; none other need apply. Addrct* \V. If. T., Iiox 1,488 I'ost office. WANTED?IN EXCHANGE FOR Hi1 HI'ItBAN PROP orty, free uod dear, 2 Park Ptiuetons ami a Doctor's Phaeton; would take second hand, If but little used. Apply at 2,132 Third avenue, in the office, TV" ANTED?SADDLE MARE, UNBROKEN TO 1IARY ? ness, hay, runner, young, sound, about $3U0. For sale, team bay trotting Mares; young, gentle, Ac.; 15 hands; $2,00). Address E. BAYARD SMITH, station E. TI,7"ANTED?TO 1IIRK TWO STALLS AND ROOM FOR VV carriage and wagon, in private stable, between Fourteenth and Twenty eighth streets and Fourth and Seventh avenues. Address box 2,581 Post office. E HORSES FOR SALE.?FIT FOR ALL PURPOSES, el trnek or farming; warranted sound and kind. 2U Wooster street, between Hleeeker and Amitv. djsjftn -FOR SALE, A DARK BAY HORSE, 15!< POs.ll/. hands high, u year < old; perfectly sound ana kind. Call at private stable, 150 West Thirty-first street. The evening THB EVENING TELEGRAM EVENING TELEGRAM EVENING TELEGRAM EVENING GATHERS TELEGRAM EVENING TELEGRAM EVENING ALL THE TELEGRAM EVENING TELEGRAM EVENING NEWS TELEGRAM EVENING TELEGRAM JSVF.NINO TELEGRAM EVENING TELEGRAM EVENING TELEGRAM FROM ALL FROM ALL FROM ALL FROM ALL FROM ALL PARTS OF THE WORLD, PARTS OF THE WORLD, parts of the world, PARTS OF TEli WORLD, parts of the world, and scatters it all over tne city. i and scatters it all over the city. and scatters it all over the city. and scatters it all over the city. and scatters it all over the city. HUtflNKSE OPHOKTU N IT I KM. Auction.?partner wanted, to start in the action business (farniturc, Ac.); one who understands the business; capital no object. Address B. ?., box 105 nerald ofllcc. man" with "small capital to invest in manufacturing business; large profits and lots of ! money to be made. 40 Fulton stroei, room 2, after li o'clock. A?CAPITAL SECURED FOR INCORPORATED companies, manufacturers, merchants; persons desiring Investments informed desirable opportunities. References? Presidents Merchants', Fourth National, Mercantile Banks. CHARLES C. DAIILUREN A CO., 112 Broadway. LITERARY, INDEPENDENT AND MI8CE Llancoux journal, established In the city of New York nearly ton years, wilt be sold at n fair price; a good opJtortunity tor any person desiring to embark In pleasant ournallxm. Earnest Inquirers will be furnished with particulars by sending lull address to PUBLISHER, box 214 Herald office. ATHOROUUH BUSINESS MAN, WITH FIRST CLASS connections and some capital, is desirous of llnalng profitable occupation and investment Address C. II. D., I Ilerald otiice. a v pc rT?i tgii t?n Avn immiIi'tt i nr .* unwi vi/mc A* for Immediate sale for $1,000; a vaYuable "Agency I Included; owner ifolng abroad. Apply at 70 Murray strcat, up stair-". Additional capital, wanted-for the ooi,d Plating Sign Company; 100,000 square fret to make at enormous profits-, $39,000 guaranteed In nine months; cash required, $.'1,000. Address SIGNS, Herald ofllcc. A?additional capital procured for mer. chants, manufacturers and others; persons with capital seeking business advised of approved opportunities. References?O. i. n. Kalirlskie, Esq., Cashier People's Rank, and houses for whom wc havn sticeessfiilly negotiated. griggs, oarleton a co., Financial and Businera Agents, Oil Broadway. PA RTV wTxir A BO uf $1(1.0(0 CAPITAL IB WANTED as partner In a successful manufacturing bustiics. It will bo roqurod that lie reside at the factory, which Is well located within one hundred miles ot tills city. A practical knowledge of machinery Is desirable, hut not absolutely necessary, as a thoroughly competent foreman is In charge. Man of laniily preferred, and best reference must be furnished. To the right party an unusually favorable opportunity will bo presented. Address MANUFACTURER. box 120 Herald orticc. Drug store for 8aiVe-in Brooklyn, well located, doing a fair business, which can be made better. Apply to ne1dlingkr brothers, 100 Wllllnrt street I mnR RAI.E?I'ATKXT RIGHT FOR UNITED STATES I r for s.nall article lor farmers. 17 Cedar ct, room 11. FOR SALE?ONE-HALF INTEREST IN THE WELL known Itestuuran and Billiard Saloon (Oyster Ilavi, 737 Broadwny, corner Eighth street; reason for selling too much business for ono mail to ullend to. Apply after 3 1'. M. IjtOll SALE?A "BOARDING HOLSK, WELL PUR. ' ntailed and in a good location for business; reason for selling, 111 health of proprietress. Apply ut Banking Uousc, 327 West street. For salk-thk lease, oood war, and machlncry ot a manufacturing httslnos In this cltv. In successful operation, the gross profits exceeding $2H,U')<> per year and Increasing; will he sold low tor ensh. or good Improved real estate In this city will he entertained at cash valuation. Principals only address excelsior, box 170 Herald office. For sale-a lager beer and liquor saloon, doing a good business. In a fine location in Jersey City; rent ouly $5.1 per month for whole house; price $300. Call at coat yard, 207 East Eourtcc nth street. /GROCERY STORE?ONE OF THE BEST STANDS IN \T the city; will be sold at a Imrgalii to a prompt buyer. Apply oil the premises, 277 Third arcnttn. artnkr wanted?WrTlfjftOO, in A LIGHT CASH manufacturing business, to take charge of the financial part of the business. Inquire at 140 Elm street, near Grand. T-A PARTNER IN A MAXCFACT1 'RING RUHtNESS . wanle d, with $10,(4)0, to take a retiring interest; artiele manufactured will command the approval of any business man. Apply to GRIGGS, CAKLKTON A CO., Its Broadway. TIT ANTED?A SPECIAL PARTNER, WITH $30,00?,IN V> an old established manufacturing business, for the purpose of extending the same; best references given and required. Address FACTORY, Herald office. YirANTED-A PARTNER, WITn $10,000 CAPITAL, TO f t cuter in partnership with two practical men of large and thorough experience In the merchant tailoring business; both parties have been connected with tho largest house tn the cltv for the past twelve years, and have an extensive and first class trad" with capital; one a cutter ot first clnss abilities, trade, capital, Ac.; the other u salesman, having had the entire control of the business lor the past lire years, with capital, Ac. Ad illBUSINESS, t?u\ Herald otncc. TITANTKD?A N ACT IVE, INTKL1.IOENTMAN TO IXYY vcsltgatn a bu-mess, with n view of investing a moderate capital in a monopoly. Apply at room ft, .'wn Broadway. W.rANTKD-AN ACTIVE BUSINESS MAX, WITH YY ?2,000. to buy half Interest In a brut rla?* Rruadw nv rcalHiirant and wine room of a partner ongagod mother bu-iiiiess. <*. a. WELLS, 2>)l liroudwuy, room 2. YVfAXTKD?BV A (1KKMAK, WHO THOROUGHLY YY under elands the business, one or more parties to establish n first class Hiding Acndeiny and Training, Boarding. Sale and Exchange Stable. Capital required $lft,nOO. Address TRAIXBB, Herald Brooklyn Branch office. _ _ A-n A cot NTV MIR THE PATENT GOLD I'LATKI) ?P?JU Sign; can double your money In three duvs; no inore hard time* for energetic men. Apply at Ml# Broadway, room 17. Wn.L PURCHASE HALF INTEREST IN tpOvflf Mineral Water Business; ronte established; profits 100 per cent; can be thoroughly investigated. Call to day. CUARLBS MOORKhT, M Sixth avenue. iomf-A GOOD BUSINESS CllAXCR,?FOR BALI, ifCHU. a Fruit, Cigar and Soda Fountain store, having a continued lean, corner ot Grove and South Third street*, Jersey City. $1 WANTED?AND THE SERVICES OK AN If active man. In a genteel badness, In place of a person retiring; good staple mid capital guaranteed. Address RARE OPPORTUNITY, Herald Uptown BraneK odtce. -EXCELLENT BUSINESS OPPORTUNIVAdJUtL tv.?'Wanted, a young man, with the above i amount ot eashi to take one-half Interest in a first clasa. ! [densant and profitable business: references given and rcI quired. MOODY A iM? KT llroudway. fi?r: HAH -PARTNER WANTKI)?TO TAKE TIIE })?).\/V/Yf. plan of a retiring partner In a well established and substantial cash manufacturing business. Address A. C. A CO., ho* l?4 Herald oftlcc._ _ A/wi CASH?WITH COMPETENT FINANCIER O.Wv and office manager, will secure a sure husIncsM conneetl< n for sure success in staple mauutacturo ; three years cstuolished. ' _ HAB1N, 1*2 Fujton street <SH* fMlA -WANTED, A PARTNER TO TAKE JpO.l/'Mf. charge of financial affair* of an old established staple business; will tiav 7ft per cent profit on cnnltal invested. Address BUSINKMS, box 147 Herald office. (fc.J- AAA ?FIRST CLASS RESTAURANT FOR flPa&U.vM/U. sale, down town; fl'.two cash down, $10,000 oil Chattel mortgage, one, two and three years. I BLUfi k CO- 4B BruAu itfeet. ,D. PRICE FOUR CENTs! OHY OOOD%. At kinzrvh. 7?/ and 7M (fraud Opening of Spring flood*, Broadway, March 19 and ax corner of French and BngH?h Nin,h 8t,e*t Bonnet* and Bound opening llat?, fitae French at 1115 . new store* r lowcra, rich Ribbons, , _ .. , New Importations Laces and Embroideries. or Bprtng Goods, Hashes and Ties, at popular Millinery floods, prices, French Fancy floods and at Kinzey'a. Bonnet Hilks, WILLIAM KINZRY, Broadway, corner of Ninth street. Attractions increase at amities pattern Bazaar, 014 Broadway. Superb Costumes I Enchanting Novelties! Patterns now ready. Cloth model with each pattern. Come early In tho day. A. Bl'RDBTTl# SMITH, 914 P,road way, near Twentieth street. New York, HAIR! HAIR! HAIR! The largest stock ol Unman Hair floods in the city at SHAW'S, 352 Bowery, between Fourth and Great Jones street*, and M3 Sixth avenue, between Twenty-second und Tweur ty ihird streets, OP stairs. SIIAW'S t'utent Hair Switches; cun he combed and brushed, ft each. Human Hair, cheapest and tiest in the market. Short llalr Switches. $2 each and upwards. French Switches, fl. Curls, f I and upwards. Latest styles always on hand. rpOYS, ac. BAItY CARRIAGES. Largest depot in the ritv. All the new improved styles now for sale at factory pricks. > 705 Broad wav, near Ninth street. I'KKHK. A. O. sellWAllZ. <f> ??_ 1 I MI f,LI VP; II V A\U DUMBUKIHeT^ Vt MAISON WALTON, S62 BROADWAY, ABOVE Union square. ?Importer of Paris Bonnets and Eng. lish Round Hats from the leading houses; also Bridal Wreaths and Veils. AT fl. W. BASSFORD'S, 711 BROADWAY?SPRINQ oncaiuu of Paris Flowers on Wednesday and Thur* day, March 19 and 20. AN ASSORTMENT OF PAI'f.R PATTERN BONNETS anil round Hats. V. L. KINO, 479 Broadway, between flraml uml Broomo streets. Bird skins-a handsome and varied lot of beautiful Bird Skins Just received from South Amer I in 111 street, up stair.'. P E MATHERS A CO., 891 BROADWAY, CORNER Nineteenth street, will have their opening of m! choirc selection of French Bonnets and English round Huts, on Wednesday and l'hursdaav, March 19 and 90. fe. MATHERS A CO.. 891 Broadway. CI RAND EXPOSITION r OK BPRINOSTYEER, AT MME. DEMOREST'8 ElC> P0R1UM OK FASHIONS, 8J8 BUOADWAY, AND At ALL THE BRANCHES. ~ LORD A TAYLOR. DRESSMAKING DEPARTMENT. The change made in the inuuasement of our dremmnakx lug department Is working admirably. Economy in every detail in rigidly enforced and is giving universal satisfaction. Willi the largo resources at our command we are enabled to purchase largely, thereby scouring advantages not to be obtained by small dealers, and, conse? quentTy, can give better garments at unapproachably moderate charges. With the linest Parisian modistes and the best lucilltles we guarantee perfect satisfaction to all our putron'. f)ut-of-town customers desiring perfect fitting garments can have their wants supplied by" tending us any of their walRts, together with dimensions of skirt Orders by mail promptly attended to and sent C. O. D. to any part of the country. MILLINERY OPENING. M. T. HioaiHa, long established far first cluss Millinery, will exhibit on Thursday, at their new store, 52 West Fourteenth street, French novolties in Rennets and Round Hats, trimmed and uutrlinmed. The trade supplied _______ at a liberal discount MMKS. PORTER A DOANE. An mnnde elegant. Importers French Round Hats and Bonnets. 949 Broadway, and 179 Flith avenue. A r R.< R. A. HASTINGS WILL OPEN AN EI.ROANTI JV1 assortment of imported Bonnets and Round Hats on Thursday, March 30.1WH, Ifi East Fifteenth itrect, between Union squure and Fifth avenue. MME. ROULLIER AUGIER 1,252 BROADWAY. BEtween Tlilrty-flrst and Thirty-second street".?Kgbea and Corsets; styles elegant and prices moderate. Mrs. e. oallaoher wile open on tiiursda*^ March 3d, with a large assortment of Spring an<f summer Bonnets, Round Tlats, Ac.; Millinery In all lUtf bra at-lies; at 321 Sixth u venae. N. B?Pattern Bonnets Ton the trade. I Mrs. n. s. jones, too bkoadway, Brooklyn, hl; D., will open on Thursday, March 30, Spring unit Summer styles of Millinery. Round Hats and Bonnets. On THURSDAY, marctt 20, MRS. j. j. TRUMBULL 370 Bowery, near Fourth avenue, will have her1 Spring opening of French Bonnets and English KountJ. i/ats. ' OPENING OF MILLINERY THIS DAY?FIRST Spring opening of Bonnets. Hats, and Flowers; etegant display till" dnv. HINNS' Millinery, 647 Broadwayt below Grand Central Hotel. Save this ' OPENING.?ON WEDNESDAY AND THURSDAY; March 1? and 2>i, I will exhibit all the latest novelties In Pattern Bounds and Rouud Hat*. The trade Invited. J. THOMPSON, (successor to R. Thompson 4 Oo.). 557 Broadway/ 0PENI.NO, MILLINERY. O. S. WEST, &Vi Fulton street. Brooklyn, will open on Thursday and Friday, March 30 and 21, an eli guilt assortment of French Bonnets and Hats PARIS MILLINERY.?MME. F. WEINBERGER, NO * Union square, will bo prepared, on Wednesday and Thursday, March ID and 20, to show elegant and exclusive styles oi Bonnets and Round (lata, selected (rum the leading Paris houses. YACHTS, STEAMBOATS, AtC. FOU P.ALE-TIIE A. M. BUM, SLOOP YAi'IlT, ?(' feet long; to be seen Toot of Franklin street, Greenpoint. For rale?the fast racing yacht meteor* length, 24 feet 6 Inches. Address F. B. L., box 6,4V Pout otnco. New York. i For hack cheap?a first class baruK: dimensions. feet lonjrtli, 19 fnctbouin and 9 feetfi hold; In perteet order. Apply to BUI-MAN A BROWN, Newborn. IjlOR SALE CHEAP?TIIRRK FIRST CLASS SLO'iP' 1 Yachts, trom 34 to 4) loot long; five open Y?:titr, Irom 2U to 39 leet; xl?o a Steam Yacht, A3 fool ionir. U feci beam ; engine 10 horse power. FRANK BATES. . loot et Thirty-seventh street, South Brooklyn. SCHOONER Fl'LTON, CARRYINO CAPACITY MB tons, lying at Perry street. North River, will be soldi at auction, Wednesday atternoon, 3 o'clock, March 2d. WANTED TO PURCHASE?A STEAM YACHT. GJVB description, price, speed. Ac. Address GEOiiGg BROWN. Post OlHce box 2,969, New York city. ~\trANTED?A SThAM YACHT IN GOOD CONDITIONp TV furnished urclerred. Address, iriving price, age, dimensions. Ac., J. U. SM ITU. Clinton Lluu.se, 2Jo Fulton street, Brooklyn. INSTRUCTION. rjJ A T PAISE'S BUSINESS COLLEGER, BROADWAT, Jx. iuuetion Sixth avenue; downtown, tU Bowery? Bookkeeping, arithmetic, tilirner mathematics, grammar, srcllinir, taught, day and evening; ladies quaiiOeu as bookkeepers and cashiers. . A YOUNG LADY wishes A PLACE AS GOYKRNBRM In a private family: was educated In Paris and Germany and is a good musician; highest references Aildress D.. box 112 Herald Uptown Branch offlce. ArmMnoira comma, w foctra Ataawtf opposite Cooper Institute.? Bookkeeping, Writing? Arlllimetic and Languages Kay and evening. l.adloe' department?Telegraphy taught practically, with instrumenu. Demand lor op. ru'or,. CHiLLEGIATK ami i.oMMKItl'l VI. INS.1TITK, > NEW HAVEN, CONN. I Preparatory to Coiie^a, t!i? Helent'flc School* or Buttl nes-Siimmef ir?.?1ori li' Kiri" Ajn'D S. l*7A . _ ON THE 1ST OF MAV THE FORT WASIHNOfOli French Institute for Young Gentlemen will bo removed to tho .-parlous prenilaci of I. P. Martin, Em, 171st street and Mngshridge road. V. PRF.VOST, *uceoaaor to LeaplnaaM A PrtfMl'J \IrANTED-A FRW LADIES OR OENTLKMKN DB-* *? airing to loin a select cla** for the exclusive ntudy ot tho German language at the country home or a tierman proletsor ot language*, graduate of Heidelberg, after a new and very ?ueoe??iul ?v*fiu of inatriietton\ German (Uanorer'an pronunciation) constantly spoken: course twenty weeks; family refined; house and table first class; unexeeptiouable retereiice< given mill required. Apply by letter. HUBERT P MAIN, 425 Broome atreet. New York. ' FINK ARTS. Art matters. Auction of tho remaining Picture*. Be., of the 1n*t Palette Exhibition, on Thursday and Friday. March M and II, at 7:30 o'clock P. M.. In soMKKt iLi.K'm iiaL LKRY, 82 Filth avenue, corner Fourteenth street Ao? miaalon free. POST OFFK K MtTH K. PORT OFPICK NOTICE. The Mail* tor Europe dorlng the week ending Raturday, March 23, 1873. will clow at till* office on Wednesday, at 6 A. M.; on Thursday. ? 11 * A. ."S'1 1,0 Htttur" dajr.aiiajidll A M. P. u JUNES. Poalmaattr.

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