23 Mart 1873 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

23 Mart 1873 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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TH WHOLE NO. 13,363. B1UC TO XT FOB ADVERTISERS. ? amphkmf.nts?Koubtii Faux?Second, third, fourth fit Hi and sixth columns. A8TROLOU V?Second Pauk?Sixth column. BALL SEASON?Fourth Pauk?Sixth column. MILLIARDS? Siitkknth Pauk?Sixth column. HOARDERS WANTED?Skuond Pauk?Third, fourth and nith columns. BOARD AND LODGING WANTKD-Secobd Pack-Fifth and sixth columns. BROOKLYN BOARD?Second Pace?Sixth column. BROOKLYN REAL KSTAIE FOR hale?Tiiirtkkntii Pauk? Fifth and sixth columns, and Fourtkenth Pauk?First column. . BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES?Sktknth Page?Fifth and sixth columns. _ BUSINESS NOTICES? Ninth Page?Sixth column. CITY REAL ESTATE FOR sale-thiktkkath Pace? First, second, third, tourlh and tirth coluiniis. CLERKS AND SALESMEN?Tuibb Page?Fifth and sixth columns. CLOTiiinO?Foubtu Page?First column. COACHMEN AND GARDENERS?Third Pace?Sixth COASTWfSE STEAMSHIPS?Sixteenth Pace?Third colCOPARTNERSHIPS?Skvknth Pack?First colusin. COUNTRY BOARD?Skcoed Pace?Sixth column. DANCING ACADEMIES?FOURTH Pagk-Sixth column. DBY GOODS?First Pack?Second, third, fourth, tilth End sixth columns, and Skconu Pauk?First aud second columns. DWELLING HOUSES TO LET, FURNISHED AND UNFURNISHED?Tenth Page?Third, fourth, fifth and sixth columns, and Eleventh Page? First column. EUROPEAN STEAMSHIPS?Sixteenth PAGS-Second and third columns. EUROPE?Sixtkkntii Paok?Third column. EXCHANGE?Skvknth Pagk?Sixth column. EYES AND FIAHS?Fiftkknth Pauk?Fourth column. EXCURSIONS?Sixteenth Page?Third column. FINANCIAL?Seventh Page?Find column. FINK ARTS?Seventh I'agk?Fourth column. FOR SALE?Eleventh Park?Fourth and fifth column*. FURNISHED ROOMS AND APARTMENTS To LET? Eleventh Pagk?First and second columns. FURNITURE?Sixteenth Page?Pint and second columns. FRENCH ADVERTISEMENTS? Fourth Pagk?Firit column. HELP wanted?FEMALES-Thibd Pagk?Third and fourth columns. HELP WANTED?MALES?Third Pagk?Sixth column, ami Fourth Page? First column. HORSES, CARRIAGES, AC.?Sixteenth Pagk?Fourth, hit a and sixth columns. HOTELS?Second Page?Sixth column. HOUSES, ROOMS, AC., WANTED?Fifteenth Page? Third and fourth columns. INSTRUCTION?Seventh Page?Third column. JERSEY CITY, HOBOKEN, HUDSON CITY AND BKRBEN REAL ESTATE FOR {jALE-FouRTKKNTU Pagk?Second and third columns.% LECTURE SEASON?Fourth Page?Third column. LOAN OFFICES?Eleventh Page?Sixth column. LOST AND FOUND?First Page?Second column. MACHINERY?Eleventh Page?Fifth and sixth columns. SARBLK MANTELS?Seven Page?Sixth column. ATRIMOMAL?Seventh Page?Sixth column. EDICAL?Fouktii Page?Second column. MILLINERY AND DRESSMAKING?Skcond Page?SecJilfiCEl?LAn"EoW ..ADVERTISEMENTS ? Twelfth *- Page?Sixth column. MISCELLANEOUS?Sixteenth Pack?Sixth column. MUSICAL?Eleventh Page?Sixth column. NEW PUBLICATIONS?Ninth Page?Sixth column. KEWSPAPERS?Seventh Page?Sixth column. rKKAWnAi;?riKST nuh?rii^vauu orvuim cujumun. flAWOFOgTZS, OKUANS, AC.?Fourth I*aub?Second PttQK^smWTr^ffftlTIOii^yA^JgO^SMALESTniRD Page?Third column. *? "< v PROPERTY OUT OF TUE CITY FOR SALE OR TO RENT?Fourteenth Page?Third, fourth, fifth aid sixth columns, and Fifteenth Pace?First column. REAL ESTATE to EXCHANUE?Fifteenth Pack? First and .second columns. REAL ESTATE WANTED?Fifteenth Pace?Third coljrinn. ? KELlC^lTS NOTICES?Sktxnth fiCE?Sixth column. KKWARi. 8?First Pace?Second csluffilr ":J&SALEs AT .WPTION?Fifteenth Pace?Fifth and sixth columns, ihld Sixteenth Pace?First column. SITUATIONS WANTED?FEMALES?Third Pace?First, second and third columns. SITUATIONS WANTED?MALES?Third Pace?Fourth and flrthepjumas. SPECIAL ji0TICK3?Setehth Pace?Fourth column. bportind-pous^ BIRDS, AC.?tjmEKWXH pace? Fourth column. *1?? iTORAOK?9ixtekntn Pace?Third column.- v THE TRADES?Fourtu Page?First column. ~V FUK TURF?Siitkknth Pa?:?Fourth column. ? TO let FOR business PURPOSES?:enth Pace?" First, second and third columns. TSAYEi.L -.RS' UUIDE?Sixteenth Pace?Third column UNFURNISHED LOOMS AND APARTMENTS TO LET? hi.r.t jitii Pagu?Second, third and lourth columns. WANTr.i) TO PURCHASE?Sbvenxm Pace?Sixth col-. WBSTCUESTEIWWtTNTY PROPERTY FOR SXT.E OR ' ' TO LET? i ouniLENTii PAiiit?First aa^secouJ columns. - -jat-ABJ'ti?-# WINES, LIQUORS, AO.?SKVENTn Paor? Fourth colninu. yaci1ts, steamboats, ao.-Skcond paub-secund column. hkftali) branch ufkick?i ptown. j^dvertisements for the new york. herald received at the branch office, 1,266 broadway, west side, between thirty first and thirtysecond streets. advertisements are received prom 8 a. m. tile ip. m. on week days (sundays, 2 till 9 P. *.), at office rates. no extra charge of any kind. paris agehvcy of the new york herald. ^|essrs. kbemer a co., american register, have been appointed paris agents for the new york herald. thkt will supply dealmrs with copibs of tlik herald, and also uncle nl'mrers op this paper to parties requiring them. _ PERSONAL. Amy-could not come, will meet you at \l.. it.lt 1 ||,,11 ir.,l?ai/l?. ihn WUt. OKOftUE. (1afe BRUNSWICK. 6 P. M.?TWO LADIES J coming out; ouc tall. the other short. Please address a. UARMUKK, Union League Clab. Dark lady, sixth avenue oar. b::to saturday: gave seat, receiretl thanks, lelt at Fiftieth street, raised hat?Am very anxious. If agreeable address ROBERT K., Herald Uptown Branch office. Eugene .tones, formerly of 21 west twentythlrd srrect. ami Oharles Degay, 74 University place, trill hear from an old Iriend by sending address to box Ma Herald office. Em, w. or l. u. s. will immediately address K. U? box & station K. Fourth avenue oar-lady with sealskin coat, do. mull', Friday noon, will please send address ta light rnmph-xioticd gentleman on iter left hand side who got in at City Rail and lelt at Eighth street Address OKRMAN, box ail Herald office. For adoption.?healthy and reliable parties want a female child (a blonde), from II to years old ; pa ties having a child answering this description will pleuse answer through personals. Gems?i will give $5,000, and no questions asked. Address as before, H. D. g., box 113 Herald office. GYPHV?THE DOCTOR IS KtJRIOCS OVER THE revelations vnu tnade with the "Bewitched Cross." Will be up on Sunday night with the "Silent Fortune lieller." _ GAKRJCK WILL 8F.E TOC AT CENTRAL PARK Garden Tuesday evening; latt ball of the I'erlehole without fail. SINCERE. HADLET-WILL COME OVER MONDAY. M. JENNA. HEINE'S ROOK OF SONG8, LYRIC XIIL WALTER KENT. Herald I'ptown Branch office. 1 ADHERE TO "ORAHAMITE SYSTEM." A QUF8tion, If you will hear, speak expre-??lvely. March 17, April 10. ST. C. INFORMATION WANTED?OF MISS MARY REVNolda who came to America Irom Treel House, county Loiisford; when last heard from was In Bushwick. Long island. N. B.?Any information will be meet hankfully received. Address Miss A. REYNOLDS, No. BUrove terrace, Jersey City, N. J. rPORMATION WANTED?OP MICHAEL E, CONDON, plumber by trade, who left New Haven, Conn., May 1A 1871, and has not since been heard from. Any knowledge of his whereabout# will he thankfully received by hb brother, DENNIS TOBIN, lea y0/k street. Now Bnyen, Conn. rPORMATION WANTED-OP MAOOIE BRENNAN, aged about 19 or "J) years, daughter of Thomas Brtnnan and Bridget Cody, a native of Clumanto, county Kilkenny, Ireland. Any iniorinatlon will lie thankfully received hy her sister BESSIE, at Mrs. Jacobs', 3M West Pilly second street. r ?? * "? vAwuut/ vAnu nan n c n. Jl of Breslau. Prussia. would communicate with f>. A F. UHLMANN, f>9 Hro&d street, New York, he will hear aomethiafr to his advaataue. Any person knowing of hi* whereabouts will oblige by communicating as above. 1 "IW CASK OF NEED WITH NELLIE, FRIEND O. OR J. J. W. W., call withont tall Immediately on mv New Fork friends. Pay no attention to appearances. Communicate with them without reserve. Write me. iOHN BRANDO, FORMERLY FIREMAN ON STEAMahlp Ladono, will And it to his advantage to call on . O'HAKA, of the Arm of Slater A O'Hara, steam engine and boiler builders, 238 West street. New Yerk. JOHN SCHERF.-IP JOHN 8CIIRRF (PROPERTY broker In Haltlmore in 1857) is in New York, please Irave address at Herald office. MI8SINO?SINCE MONDAY, THE 3D IN8T., PATRICK Kelly, of 351 East Seventeenth street; black whiskers and dark brown hair; 5 teet 9 inches in height; had on a Scotch cap, black overcoat, brown. mUed pants, with black stripe; gold watch nnd chain. Anv information of him will be thnnkiully received by his wife, 351 Bast Seventeenth street ELLEN KKLLY. MRS. ROUW, FROM SAVANNAH, WILL PLEASE meet me ut the Swedish Kvungelical Lutheran . rhureh of Oustavus and Adoiphu*. Twenty-second street I and third avenue, on Sunday, at II o'clock A. M. A. W. OYBRHOLM MADAMB?"HAIR tilt NO IIAIR." i MEAN You. my Kate, with "AitoiUh cum." [E NE ~ NE\ PKKHOIV AL. N ODER.?INFORMATION WANTKD OK AUGUST Nouer iSwiss). Address Mrs. URUMLKY (Mary Creamer), 87 Jaekaon street. Western papers please copy. STOCK BROKER-CALL AT MOONRY'S DETECTIVE Aflbucy, 182 Broadway. 1'hcy li?ve good news (or^you. The pkrson who wrote the will of cathkrlne M. Harron, wife of Francis m. Karron, dated February 19. 11-01, alter tier death, please communicate; all criminal action is outlawed. A. J. HOULKH, Attorney for Heirs, 37 Park row. WILLIAM RIDOWAY, HON OK JAMKH R1DOWAY, formerly of Kenton, Staffordshire, England, glass blower, who went to the United stutes about forty years ago, and resided in Jersey City (or bis heirs, it dead),may learn something advaDtaiteous by writing to THOMAS GKKOt;,38Cbathuin street, llanley, Staffordshire, Eng. WILL MRS. MONROE, OK WAVERLKY PLACE, send her exact address to No. 123, or to K., boa KB Herald Uptown Branch office? WANTED?THE ADDRESS OK A HOME OR ASYLUM for an epileptic patient Address PATIENT, box 113 Herald Uptown Branch office. liirp i Jin if r i'linui TjHiUND-MARCJI 18, A POOKETBOOK. THE OWNER I? cun have the same by Droving property and paying expenses. Call at HALTER'S. tlorlHt, under Wood'* Museum, Krouilway, near Thirtieth street. IOST?ON FRIDAY, THE 2IST INBT., A CROSS J Hreautpin. The tinder will be liberally rewarded by leaving it at No. 1 Ridge street. LOST-ON FRIDAY EVENING, IN THE NEIGHBORhood of Fourth avenue and 1 wentv-tourth street, u light lteed Cane. The tinder will be liberally rewarded on returning it to 319 West Fourteenth street IOST?ON 2UTH 1NHT., A $1,1100 BANK NOTE, IN J Wall street, lictwcen William and Broadway, or In Broadway, between Wall and Pine. A liberal reward paid tor ils recovery. Address V. D., Herald office. T08T-8ATURDAY AFTERNOON, IN EAST T1IIRTYJ fifth street, near Filth avenue, u large Pocketbook, containing two likenesses and some papers. The finder will l>e rewarded by leaving it at ill) East TwentY'flfth stI" OST-in sixtii avenue, near reservoirJ sipiare, on Saturday evening, by u girl In charge, u child's White Dross. Finder please leave it at 430 Seventh avenue, top floor, back rooms. REWAHU8. (frQ REWARD.?LOST. FRIDAY EVENING, AT JpO Acudemv of Music, small black Opera Glass; Lemalre, maker; white tape handle oil case. Please return to No. 6 Ea... Fourteenth street dh/T REWARD.?THE PARTIES WHO TOOK THE PtJ Dog irom 28 West Twenty-fourth street were nized. rue immediate return ot the uog will save them Bv-rious tfOilliir. - ? REWARD FOR A RED MOROCCO J?OCKETBOOK, ?P*J lest Friday, between Washington place and White street. Please return, as it was a gilt from a friend. 417 West Forty-fourth street. djiTS "reward to tue person wno was been ?]P-Ll' to pick up a Gold Bracelet at Niblo's, Thursday afternoon. have further trouble by returning it to 29 East Twenty-seventh street L. A. DAVIS dfclA REWARD?FOR A SMALL, DELICA'ffi BLACK ipJ.1/ and Tan Terrier; answering to the name of Felix, lost Friday morning, will be paid at M West Ttfsuty second street on his return. ' " dfcl A -LOST, A SMALL BLACK AND TAN IN ?lPi.U. or near Twenty-eighth street; answers to the name of Pet Tho ubove reward will be paid by leaving it ut 113 East Twenty-eighth street. rfci LOST. SATURDAY MORNINtl, A eilj small Terrier, brlndle color, red collar and bells: --thq name oi Dandy. Return to 13 East Forty-llrat street i?w???-*r>;a*s?* *9(1 REWARD-FOR T1IE RETURN OF BANK Book on the Nation il Exchange Bank oi New Y.irk, In aecoont with P. F. hiane, Agem, 02 Vesey street, New York. DRY GOODS. EEF.E H R RRR ~li~ CC H H ?' S8S8 E If II K R 11 C C H H " F E II H R K II C UN'S K H n K H J1 U JU 11 S Els uhhtl err ii c hquh shs e h ii r k ii c ii u 8 k h h ii b ii C h h 8 & HHRRIIOOHH 88 eeee h u r r n cc h m s.ss ^EIGHTH AVEMJE. NEAR TWENTY-FOURTH ST.^ our muslin uni)eroarment9 are wit tiing warm admiration tor the elegance of their styles, the iiuuiity oi their muterial and the superiority of their mnnuiaeiure. Our garments ure ma le of toe best standard muslins, on lock-stitch machines, and arc o.lcrbd at prices which will *:? ak (or themselves. Ladies' Chemist?. Corded bands, front and Sleeve-, at 73e. Tucked bo om, trimmed with ruffle, ar (Mr Linen bosom, rooked, trimmed witli needlework insertion and edge, at 91. Three-row cording on band, sleeves and front, trimmed with ruffle, atfl a5. Medallion iront of French tacking, trimmed with crochet lace, at 91 45. Tucked front and uack, coded baud, Iront and sleeves, at 91 SO. Drawers. , Six tueks. trimmed with tape edge or ruffle, at 60c. 'iurkish Drawers, cording and runic, at75c. 1 Six tucks, three-row curding, trimmed with raffle, at 85c. Tweclusters of flvo tucks each, needlework edge, at 91 15. Night D esses. Double yoke front and Lack, trimmed with lace or ru.lie, at 81 2.5. Heavily tucked yoke and sleeves, trimmed with embroidery, at $2. Heavily tucke.1 yoke front and back, trimmed with crochet lace, at 92 30. Skirts. Fine muslin Skirl, nine tueks and hroml hem, at 75c. two clusters ot five tucks each, trimmed with ruffle, at 91 25. Ton tucks, with seven Inch cambric flounce, at $1 70. Two alternate clusters of three tucks each, insertion of cambric putting, broad cambric ruffle. at 8- 41). Nino broad tucks, wide needlework edge, at. $2 85. We wotild direct particular attention to ottr unequalled assortment of ttuer I ndergurmeiits, all of which arc s;>eciullv adapted lor bridal trousseaux. A full assortment of linen and hand embroidered Undergarments. Our Infants' Wear Department is ailed with an extensive assortment of beautiful Goods at moderate prices Corsets and Patriots, Cheapest In the city. ^ OUR ELEGANT SUIT PABLORri"f on the second floor, are unusually brilliant with a lares variety ot Spring novelties, comprising the latest acrt most fashionable styles ot Spring ana Summer Suits, Cashmere Sacgues, Lacc Capes and Shawls, Ac., Ac. Mtien Suits, nicely trimmed, at $2 90, $3 50,9?, $5, 9626 and up to 935. Ladies' Wrappers, Sacqucs or "Oabriollc," of fine Merrimac Shirting, trltnined with ruffle or plaits, at $l 5'i. Ladles Wrappers, cut "Oabrieile," of fine Merrimac Shirting, bias flounce, trimmed with rufile, at $1 ?5 These Wrappers are warranted last colors and arc of superior make. Onr Millinery Department offers many attractions in new shades of Ribbons. Spring Flowers and Pompons and new styles ot straw lia'.s, Koehellc, Tyrone, Jewel, Ktval, Duuuflou, Zetland, I\irk, Tlinlla.Ac., Ac. Our Straw Tlats range from tide upwards. Real Laces and Dress Trimmings of onr owl Importation at the lowest prices. Buck Crepe Veils, one yard square, at 92 Large slae* at 92, 92 15, 92 20, 93 75, 95 40, 94 SO, 95.97 and upward. Kid Olovei 1,000 dozen French Kid Oloves, two-buttoned, at 85c. pair. Every pair warranted. ^ EMBROIDERIES. ^ Over liUJUO yards, warranted fast edge. in choicest pattern*, at 8c., 10c., Tic., 13c., 16c., 17c., 20c., 23c , 2jc. and up to 91 SO per yard. Special attention given to dressmakers' materials. Ladles are eordlatly invited to examine onr stock, "without reference to purchase. We are always pleased to show our gnods. EHRTCH'S TEMPLE OF FASTTION, 187 adn2SI Eighth avenue, near Twenty-fourth street P. s.?This it our only store. We have no branch, cither In or out of the city. EdKICH A CO. NOVELTY t A NOVELTY II at M ACT'S. Something New .itti/tVtC If iTVlfl The next time you are shopping at the store of R. H. MAC* CO. please ask to see The Picnic Department The Picnic Department The I'icnic Department Ton will there see something that will surprise and i please you, and you will only hare to Buy and Try in order to he completely satisfied as regards both quality and price. B. M. MACV A CO.. Fourteenth street and Blxtn avenue. UBT RECEIVED, *~* liBT RJ&CUIVBD, an etmnt stock of Llama Lace Uvods, Elegant designs in for Spring wear. _ , Bfcawte, Dolmans, Sacqnes, the most stylish shapes, i very low prices. 'j R- H. MAOY A CO., ' Fourteenth street and Sixth avenue. AT WHOLESALE' AND RKTATL-^FBO* AUCTION the Bankrupt Stock of a large wholesale houM, aa<{ will he sold at greatly reduced prices French Taper Hangings, Window Shades, English Carpeting*. Oilcloths, Mattings, Ac.; 50,1*10 rolls fine Cold Taper, Ate per roll; flno Taper, 12c, por roll: tine good Window Shades, *2 por nalr, nsuaily sold at *4 80; 50.001) yards thick oilcloth, 50c. per yard; also a large lot of English Carpeting, Ac., at low prices. Houses papered, decorated, kaltomlned and painted. (loo<l workmen sent to any part of the city or country. J. W. COATK8. 277 Undson street oonngtlp !W YC V YORK, SUNDAY, MAR( DRV OOODS. jj ALTMAN A CO., 331 and333 SIXTH avenue. trill offer for MONDAY, March 24, NEW SPRING DRESS SILKS and DRESS GOODS. Including SPECIAL BARGAINS In MOURNING GOODS, ELEGANT BLACK CASHMERES, 42 incbci wide, USc. EXTRA HNE da da da do., $110. The above In additien to a large stock of BLACK BOMBAZINES, BLACK CRETONNES, CRETE CLOTHS, BAKKTUKA CLOTHS, TAMISK CLOTH, ALL WOOL DELAINE, BLACK TOPLINKT, PINE BLACK MOHAIRS and BLACK ALPACAS. WILL BE OPKKRKD at EXTREMELY REDUCED PRICES. I ELEGANT BLACK UKOS GRAINED DRESS SILKS at $17j, 92, $2 30 and S3 per yard, all lully 23 per cent lew than real value. STRIPED SILKS at 94c. per yard. Will ulao open NEW SPRING STYLES of PARA80L8, 4> I TO WHICH WK INVITE I EXAMINATION. ? B. ALTMAN A CO., 331 and 333 Sixth avenue, between Twentieth and Twenty-brut street*. A- 1873. . SPRING. ^ ^ STERN BROTHERS, ^ i " '<&<* ?ce&-367 Sixth avenue, 387 Sixth avenue and Twenty-third street, lit) West Twenty-third street, are now Drenttrcd to offer n very large and well selected stock of FRENCH MILLINERY GOODS, suitable for the early Spring season, comprising tull hues of STEAW HATS AND BONNETS in all the new and desirable shapes. FRENCH FLOWERS, a very large assortment * RIBBONS in all the most desirable colors at EXCEEDINGLY ATTRACTIVE PRICES. We will display Monday and during the week an extensive assortment of LADIES' MANTLES, DOLMANS. CAPES. SACOUKS AND POLONAISES, made and trimmed In the latest styles, mostly our own importation, s.. which we will otl'er at a small ADVANCE ON COST. -PARASOLS we are now offering a large --JP. / assortment of ' ?. CLUB STICK AND TOURIST PARASOLS, In various colors und trimmings, at our WELL KNOWN LOW PRICES. LADIES' AND CHILDREN'S UNDERGARMENTS, we arc enabled to offer nn entirely new ami lre.?lr assortment, eomprirint! moat complete lined ol every nruele necessary to a LADY'S AND CHILD'S WARDROBE, GREATLY BELOW LAST SEASON'S PRICES. Especial attention Is directed to our stock of CHILDREN'S PIQUE DRESSES, SUITS, MANTLES AND CLOAKS, in every conceivable style. HAMBURG EDGINGS AND INSERTIONS VERY CHEAP. STERN BROTHERS, Sixth avenue and Twenty-third street AT MEARK8', Sixth avcane and Nineteenth street OPENING ON MONDAY. urest nargains in real i-aces una tinoroiocries. 5 JO places real Guipure Luce, all widths, fully 25 per cent under regular prices. Wide and rich patterns, 50c.. 05c., 75c., 88c. and 91. Hamburg Edgings and Inserting*, a large lot of fine goi ds, 10c.. 12c... 15c., 18c.. 20c. and 25c. a .vara, half price. Point and point applique Laces, Handkerchiefs, Barks ami Collars. Lace lies. Bows. Collars and Ruffling*. newest designs. Ladies'hemstitched linen Handkerchiefs, 25c., a great bargain. NOW OPENING. Dress Hoods, Mourning Goods and palleocs in choicest patterns. All the new colors lit palka, spot aad stripes. Striped Silks in great variety at very low prices. Exct llent quality of striped SUks, 7ne. and $1 a yard. Superior quality of black dress Silks, #1 50, 91 75 aud $2 a yard. Finest Lyons black Silk, $2 50,95 and 95 50. ion pieces colored Alpacas in new shades. 25c. 100 pieces Japanese uress Goods, 20c., 30c. and 38c. 150 pieces striped Japanese Silks, 50r., fine goods. Best brands black Alpaca. 25c., 30c., 35c., 40c. and 50o. NOW OPENING. Very large line of Housekeeping and Domestic Goods. Napkins, Towels, Diapers, Crushes, IjililU and Sheet* ing*. . Nottingham and real lace Cartains, fine Tidies and Piano Covers. All the leading makes of Muslins at wholesale prices. Bargains la Marseilles, doited Ewtas, check Naiusook, Ac. NOW OPENING. Fine French Flowers and Millinery CooJs, latest novelties. Newest shapes In Straw Goods. F'amcr, NOW OPENING. Hosiery, Gloves and undergarments in all the different makes adapted to the present season. 2tsi do/en Ladies' extra long English Stockings, 35c., well worth 65c one, two and three-button Kid Gloves, Spring sliades. IN Ol,'K LADIES' UNDERGARMENT DEPARTMENT, our customers ra> f.nd a larn" assortment of fluent goods in newest patternsut very low prices. Swiss Dresses and Over skirls, Uwu and Cambric Wrap- | pers. Children's lace Caps, embroidered Shawls and Merino Cloaks. I All the popular makes of French wore and handmade I Corset*. Hoopsklrts, Panniers, walking and trail Skirts. Now opening 2.U0U pairs oi tine French wove Corsets 60c., 76c., $1 and $1 26; half regular prices. RICHARD MEARER, corner Sixth avenue and Nineteenth street. A. ? SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT. NEW SPRING STYLES OF DKK88 GOODS. 1. ALTMAN k CO. WILL OPEN ou MONDAY morning, March 24, NEW SPRING STYLES of DRESS GOODS, COMPRISING TOE NEWEST and CHOICEST colors in CAMEL'S HAIR CLOTH, POPLIN B'ECKU, ' ALL WOOL POPLINBTTF.S, SILK PONGEES ' AND A VARIETY op OTIIKR CHOICE GOODS, which will be offered at EXTRAORDINARY BARGAINS. We respeetfnilv Invite the attention of ike pabllc and a call of examination. B. ALTMAN A CO., 381 and 333 Sixth avenue, between Twentieth and Twenty-first streets, T THE LATE H. ARMSTBONO'8, 140 and MS Sixth avenue, near Eleventh street. Positively the laet week of the great rale, ai the I to re la let for another bualneaa from tbe lit ot' ApriL Towela. Napkins, Linens will be sold at half price. Hosiery, Gloves, Underwear, at 30c. on the dollar. Laces. Embroideries, Ribbon* , at unheard of nrlaea. Trimmings, Buttons, Braids, Notions, ' Gents' Furnishing Hoods, Lacc and llm-n Handkerchiefs, Corsets, Ac. AU must be closed out ibis week. Don't target this is the last chance. I Special bargains this week , at ARMSTRONG'S. Sixth avenue, near Eleventh street A T MMK. collins' DRESSMAKING ESTABLISH. JV ment, 2# West Klcvcnth street, ladles can rely on Retting perfect fitting Dresses made, trimmed In latest Parisian style. Ladles invited to call. | At mmk badourkai; a co.-s, 12.1 fourth avk. nue, Designing, stamping, Braiding, Ktnbroiderlng is done in a superior inuniier and at popular prices. Stumping I'm tor 111 ior sale , Loco L leaning and Mending. L-Aba wasbing aqd iiuilr J IRK E !H 23, 1873.?QUADRUPLE ORV ftOOD*. p ALTMAN A CO., 331 and 333 SIXTH avenue, nill open on MONDAY, Morch 24, NEW SPRING STYLES OK COSTUMES una WALKING SUITS. MEW STYLES OF CASIIMEBE CLOAKS in Walking DOLMAN'S MANTLES, TALMAS and POLONAISES, all neatly and elegantly trimmed with rich passementeries, laces, fringes, Ac. LADIES' FINK CLOTH and CASHMERE DOUSE JACKETS. NEW STYLES of WORSTED, BATISTE. LINEN and LAWN WALKING and TRAVELLING SUITS. LADIES' FINE WI11TE LAWN MORNING ROBES. PRINTED MUSLIN, PERCALE and CAMBRIC HOUSE WRAPPERS. CHILDREN'S PIQUE amTMARSElLLES SUITS and DRESSES, Including.' an clettant stock of fine made up ! LADIES', MISSES' and INFANTS' UNDBRCLOTIIINO in LINEN, CAMIIRIC, PERCALE and Ml'SLIN. <P r? P T TO WHICH WE | INVITE EXAMINATION. <?>? ? B. AT.TMAN A CO., SSI and Ml Hixtli avenue, between Twentieth and Twenty drst streets. AT KINZEY'S New Stores, Removal 707 and 769 Broadway, from 661 to opening,' bargains In 707 and 709. ? ... every department 2,900 pairs Lupin's Kid Gloves, in evcrv shade nud every size; mode colors, operas, and black, worth 61. for 50c. niilr. Thousands of yards of j Hamburg l' doings and J Insertions, rotn :)c. yard uj> to jl. Very riclt goods. An entire invoice of tine French Embroidered Trimmings, with Real Lace Edges, worth COc. yard, we are ottering at 25c. y ard. Opening all the new styles in French, English and domestic Hounds. Round Hats and Frames in great variety, ut popular prices. The largest aud finest variety of flue French Flowers, Monturus, tiarlauds, Roses. Vines and all the Parisian Novelties to t>e found in the city. Bargains in Real filters, Point Threads, (impure, .spauish, Yak, Maltese, Finny, Valenciennes, French aad Portuguese Races, very low. Lace Shawls, Parasol Covers, Fanes, fichus. Veils, Barbcs, Sleeves. Ket?, Hmikerclilels, la great variety, ut Dopulitr prices. 1,500 do/en Ladies', Gentlemen's Misses' and Boys' Handkerchiefs, Tape .Borders, Hemstitch. Embroidered and Lace, at popular prices. Muslin Puffings, 5c. vard. Holdings, 'i'uckiugs.'l'ullliigs. bkirt trimmings, in every style. Auction lot of Swiss Jaconet. Nainsook, Hotted ?sac, Swiss Plaid, Tucked and Fancy .Muslins, trout 15c. yard up. The largest. assortnViU uf w Ladies'Underwear in the s city, front low price to flnest Goods: Chemises Drawers, hkirls, barque*, Night-dresses. Corsets, Hustles, Aprons, Ac., at very low prices. Look lit them. Opening nn entire new stock of Hosiery, in Undies', Misses', Gentlemen's and Roys'. In English, French and German Hosiery, Ladles' silk Clocked Balhrlggans, 36c. 1,00(1 dozens ladles' silk Ties, bcnrl* aud Bows in every vnriciy, snane* aim colors, 10c, 14c., 25c., avc.,fKlo., iWc., 61c., li.tr up. Groat, bargains hi Ribbons. No. 9 eros grain Ribbons, 2l)c. yard. No. 12 gros gram Ribbons, 2.V-. yard. So. IB gros grain Ribbons, sic. yard Itomnn Ribbons, 20c , 29c., 'Wc , ttie. Cord 'dgc Ribbons, tic., Sc., 10c., 12c., 15c, Sash Ribbons, S3e., 29c., 42c. v.ird. l'laid sash Ribbon , 68c . 9c.. <2c. Fancy sasl* J't'ibon 29c., 00e.. 75c , SJ. Roman saslt It,hie i:7.V. it ml $1. Fancy Marcclin* NHks, 25c. yird. Wide trimming Nlll;.?, .Vic. yar.l. 2,(XX) vnrds watered Silks, rmleudld Hoods in every color, world t- fld, for $1 yard. Fancy <lood<, Portrinntmaics, Fans,' Haas. Delta, Combs, Brushes. Silks, Cottons, Druids. Ornaments. Jewelry, Hwiss-eurvod Goods. Large variety; popular prices. 1,611 new style* Parasols, in ' ureal variety, at popular price*. william k1nzey. Broadway, corner Ninth street At the great bargain headquarters, 435 Grand street, ROUSS, HEM. A CO. will commence on Monday their great sale of damaged Goods from the lire in their Eighth avenue store. $50,DUO wprth of Goods, slightly damaged by water, will he offered at the unheard of price of ten cents on the dollar. We are positively determined to close the entire stock out in one week, commencing on Monday. The host brandsot Prints and French Cambrics Sc. and 10c All the leading mak-s of Ideaelied and brown Sheetings, in all width*, 10c. to Ukc. All styles of Dress Goods, Alpacas and Merino* at 12Jic. anblSc. Wc ha\c two case* WaniMitta Muslltt we will close out at 12l.,c., veryslightlr damaged. Trimmings, Ribbons, Hosiery, Glove* and em- million specialties saved from our Notion Department, we will almost five nwjiy. Tapestry Carpets. ZV\; bent Ingrain*, 8<>c. and 75c.; heavy floor Oilcloth*. 25c. An opportunity Ilka thi* occurs seldom, and all lovers of real bargains should not fail to count early. Our ilrst class stock of One Dress Goods was very slightly damaged, but we u re determined to close it all out In one week. All are invited to come. It will pay you. ROU88, BUM. A CO..43ft Grand st. A. C. W. FRENCH will open on |e _ MONDAY, March 24, K f new Spring ' ? z Styles of t? White and Colored 2 fihirta, 21 2 made to order. r First class work and fit. 5 > Call and sec samples ~ 2 ?t ? $36, $12 and $48 per do/en. z r Fine English O ? Umbrellas o tor ladies a ad gentlemen. O y I.tulles' French Jewelry, C Chatelaines, Belts, Ac. O A complete new stock of Men's Furnishing Good* per stcnmslii|i Cuba. C W KRENCn, Importer of Men's Furnishing Goods and fine French Jewalry, $$> Broadway, frflw street corner Jk -JUST lionm FROM AUCTION, 10,000 yards of (3 eases) Hamburg Edg'ugs, at half price, all fresh goods and uew patterns. KOCH'S, IS Carmine street, corner Hirer ker. ?A.?DAMAGED ON THE VOYAGE, loo pieces of line double width black Mohair Alpaca have just been received from auction by H. C. F. KOCH. 15 Carmine street, corner Bleecker, and will be offered lor sale ou ' MONDAY, March 24, at 25 ceats per yard, worth 35c. and 40c. per yard. Part of these goods have been very slightly wet, and others not Injured in the least, and in no case have they lost their original high lustre. j^RAND OPBNINU Kit POSITION. J. ROTHSCHILD, Importer, begs to Announce to the pnbllc that our grand Spring Opening will take place on Wednesday and Tharsday, March 26 and 27, both day and evening, when we will exhibit the moit recherche style* of Paris Bonnets and Round Hata, and of onr own manufactory; the choicest aelectionof French Millinery Goods, _ constating of the leading novel shapes in English and tancy straws, French Chins, Ac.. In Round Hats and Bonnets. Special grand display of an unriyalled fclection IB Paris Flowers. New styles in fancy and Ostrich Feathera Attractive assortment, in all the new shades, of Bonnet Ribbons and Bilks Crepes, Crepe de Chine. Gause, Laces, Ties, Sashes, Ac., In great variety. J. ROTHSCHILD, 68 West Fourteenth street, 277 Rue St Denis, near Sixth avenue. t'arls. _()PE NI N(f AT MMB. DUVAL'S , new Pattern and Dressmaking Show Rooms, 87* Broadway, third door above Eighteenth street The new and latest Kcdingote, elegant Princess Dress, for promenade and wedding, and Duchess flchu Overskirt AAT A.?INDIA CAMRL'R- ilAIR HHAWL8, NOW . open, among which aro some gems. i RlissBLL 33 Bast Twentieth street -MMK liUVAI. HAS REMOVED IIKR PATTERN . show rooms to 117b Broadway, thiol door above JRmi h taetilh. JUreaA. [era: SHEET. OAT OOOPA. At. stew art a co. . arc now exhlbitingextraordlnary attractions In plain satins, brocatels, tapestries. hll.k terries, embroidered lack curtains, ac. 5 FRAME ENGLISH aiiil AMERICAN BRUSSELS CARPETS, $1 76 per yard. ? English Tapestry Brussels, beat qualities, $1 25 per yard7 ROYAL WILTONS, 12 SO and $3 75 upwards. KHKNCU MOQUKTTE8. very handsome, >3 SO and $3. And they will offer on MONDAY. March 24, a large aaaortnient of FRENCH MooUKTTKS, ENGLISH WILTONS, VELVET and BRUSSELS CARPKT1NUS. The very latest and choicest novelties Juat received. RUGS, MATS, OILCLOTHS, AC. Alio YARD WIDE IRISH LINENS. 26c. per yard upward* Kino Damask Napkins, $1 per dozen upwards. DAMASK TOWELS, tine. >3 50 per dozen. An immense stock of UNBLEACHED and BLEACnKD DAMASK by the yard. LINEN SHEETINGS AND SU1RT1NUS, BLANKETS, FLANNELS ami a large assortment of DOMESTIC COTTONS, PRINTS, Ac. BROADWAY, FOURTH AVENUE, NINTH AND TENTH STREETS, T. STEWART A CO. will offer on MONDAY, March 24, AT PRICES 33'i PER CENT LESS THAN THE COST OF IMPORTATION, POINT GAZE FLOUNCES, BARBES, COLLARS, SETS Chantilly aud Point Applique Capes. Peleriuea, Sashes, Collars, Seta, Ac. POINT GAZE, CHANTILLY AND POINT APPLIQUE HANDKERCHIEFS, an immense stock ot i'uihmihu lacks, offering uii opportunity t? wtum the iiue.st and richest LACK GOODS imported, which uiuy uot occur for years to couie. Also PIQUE and MUSLIN EMBROIDERED DRESSES, SK1 UTS, Jackets, Underwear, Capes, Collars, Culls, Ac., lor Unties, misses and ehlldreu. EXTRAOKDl NAHV HAUUAINS In REAL INDIA CAMELS' HAIR SHAWLS. Elegantly made and very costly PARIS SILK DKKsSES. FULLY M PER CENT LESS THAN COST. Very lumd?omc BLACK and COLORED SILK DRESSES at the extremely low tlgure ot gaUeoch upwards. IMPORTED MOHAIR and POPLIN SUITS, entirely new, 912each upwards. Elegantly embroidered HACQIJES, POLONAISE, Ac., the latest novelties, at extremely low prices. A choice assortment of - -**m BOYS' READY MADE SPRING SUITS, Ac. BROADWAY, FOURTH AV.. NINTH AND TENTH STS. UPtUNG NOVELTIES. A. T. STEWART A CO. will offer on MONDAY uml Tuesday, March 24 and 25. 1(H) pieces 1IRIOIIT GRISAILLE SILKS, in designs uot hitherto shown, at $1 per yard. Also a fresh importation ot the Leading NOVELTIES in FANCY SILKS. The latest new coloring* In DRESS SILKS will bo offered, commencing at $2 per yard. VIGOGNE BEIZS and a variety of NOVEL TEXTURES In DRIfciS GOODS, just received, will be exhibited at exceedingly low prices and lu an Immense variety ot styles. Thev will muke their first display of BLACK litoN GRENADINES, botli plain and rich, satin striped, some very elegant, together witli all desirable fabric* tor MOURNING ATTIRE. RLACK ALPACAS, ot unusual good value, in every grade, troui 36c. per yard. RIBBONS. They will offer 100 cartons of elegant and costly plain, COLORED anil FANCY, PARIS quality, RIBBON:-. at 2N-., 30c., 46c. per yard, a large portion ol which are cheap i at 91. PALMETTO HATS, with the NEWEST SHAPES in lmSorted stru w ami tine chip, will Lie exhibited in the KiltON lJKPAKT.Me.NT, west section , an elegant assortment Of PARIS and NEW YORK. MALE HATS, BONNETS, FEATHERS, FLOWERS, Ac.; 100 dozen 'TWILL SILK NECKTIES, in iresh and new colors, at 45c. each, with a large line of SASH RIBBONS, at 7i. .. value (1 26. Extraordinary bargain*. DRESSMAKING DEPARTMENT. The attention of those who Arc desirous ot securing a Berfect fitting Dress, without alterations, is requested to lis extensive department, NOW UNDER SUPERIOR MANaOKMKNT. orders received tor MOURNING, as well as other descriptions ot COSTUMES, are executed with promptness, in ONE TO THREE DAYS' NOTICE. No disappointment. Charges extremely moderate. BROADWAY, FOURTH AVKNRE, NINTH AND TENTH STREETS. At JAMEs 'vFtfkfeTiVy a co.'s, broad way and Eleventh street, will open on MONDAY, March 24, 100 pieces Fancy Silks, black ground, with blue, brown, white and other colored stripes, in elaborate designs and fresh goods, 87>? cents per yard. 100 pieces dray Grounds, with wide stripe, $1 12'J. We solicit the special inspection ot our stock of Funey Silks, the designs, colors, Ac., being exclusively of our own production, consequently entirely different from what Is to be louud elsewhere. JAMES M l REEKY A CO., Broadway and Eleventh street. Real India Camel's Hair Shawls. Ladies are respectfully invited to examine our magnificent spring importation of Camel's Hair Shawls and Scarfs. These goods have been carefully selected wltfi a view to choice colorings and elegance *f design, and will be sold at extraordinarily low priufs. We will also exhibit a large assortment of Spring Otto mail, Plaid. Shetland and handsome Travelling i-DiiwU, at very attractive prices. AT JAMES M'CRKKKY 4 CO.'S, Broadway and Eie rentli street, will offer on MONDAY. March 24, in their 1.adie?' and Children's Furnishing Department, New styles III Ladies' Walking Suits. Children's Linen Dresses, handsomely brutded, from $1 SO to *2 60. Children's Plguc Dresses, braided and trimmed. Injauts' l*inoe Cloaks anil Walking Coats, lulunts' Luce Caps and Nursery Baskets Infants' Wardrobes, complete, consisting of Kobes, Dresaea. Slips, Skirts, Iturrnw Coats, embroidered flannel Skirts, Ac. A large assortment of Ladies' tine Underclothing always in stook or made to order. Ladies' Walking Suits. Evening Dresses, Ac., mado to order in the best stylo. Ladles' Cashmere Hncgues, Taliuus and Dolmans lust receivea! A"TJAMES M'CREFRY A^CO.'S, Broudwny and Eleventh street, oil MONDAY. Mitreii 24, will open in their Millinery Department New styles of Spring Hats for Lndles and Children, Paris pattern Hats and our own manufacture. JAMES M'CKEKKY A CO.'8, " Broadway and Eleventh street, will open on MONDAY, March 2t, a new importation of French fluiuure and Chantilly Thread Laces, black and colored kak Lncc, white and colored Cluny Laces and Insertions Point, Point Applique anil Valenciennes Laces, Thread. Uuiuure and Valenciennes Capes; Fichus, Barbes, Collars, Sleeves, llandkerrhiels, Ties, Ac., in all the new styles; also lluinburg embroidered Edgings and Insertions, Frcnc Ii embroidered Bauds, Linen Collars and ,Sleeves, Huntings, Platings, Ac. Also a large Stock of Parasols and son l.'inbrellas, in all the leading styles and colors. jy^ KKIMAN A CO., 25 talon square, between Fifteenth ah<1 Sixteenth streets Give doors above Tiffany uiid Co.'i) and 24 East Fifteenth street, will offer, Monday, March 24, extraordinary bargains In Silks, Dress Goods, Black and Mourning Goods, White Goods, Linen and Housekeeping Goods, rich Embroideries, Lares and Lace Goods, Ladies' and Gents' Furnishing Goods, L'nder Garments, Hosiery, Gloves, Linen t'ainbric Handkerchiefs, t'louks. shawls and suits and a 'ull line of Domestic Good* of every description. Gur twenty Ave years' successful experience In the Dry Goods business enables us to give entire satisfaction to the public In every respect. Our goods will be found to be of the best brands and qnullty and warranted genuine The public will find that wc are live and aetlve business men. and prompt, reliable, polite and attentive in our dealings. Spring Silks. Itte , $1, $1 12,Si, upward. Black Silks, >1, 91 10. 91 1?>. 91 24. to the very finest. I'onson, Bellon, Bonnet, facbniere and other brands at reduced prices. Dress floods, In new shades, 24c., 30c . 40c.. 50c , upward. Black and Mourning Dress Goods, 25c., upwurd. We call particular attention to our line ot Black Alpacas and Mohairs of the most celebrated brands, which we offer at greatly reduced prices. White Goods, 4x4 to 8x4 wide. Nainsook, 12}jc., 16c , 14isic.,2Ue . upward. Riahon lawn. 14c.. 18c.. 2llc . upward. victoria Lawn, 2u<:.. upward hwiss Mulls, 15c , 18c ,20c , 25c , upward. 6x4 French Nainsook, 35c.; value 65c. A lull line of new styles In White Plouet, very cheap. Linen I'arabrlos and White Linen Lawna, all prices, organdies, Tarletans, Cambrics, Jaconet* and Mulls at all prices. Linen and Housekeeping Linens, 4-4 to 12-4 wide, Irish,* German and Preach. 4-4 Irish Linens, 25c.. upward. 10-4 Linen sheetings, 85c., upward. A lot of Kitchen Towels. 5c. each I.lnen Handkerchiefs, 6c , upward. Fine Linen Hemstitched Hand kerchiefs, 12j4c., 15c , 28c , upward. Damask Napkins, $1 per dozen. Bleached Tablecloths, $1 25, fl 50, tl 75, $2, up. Fine Damask Towels, $2 60 per dooen, up. Buck Towels, 76c. per dozea, up. Nice Loom Daiuask, 46c , up. A full Mn? of I'll low Linen, 40. 4% 50 and 54 Inches wide. Piano and Table Covers. A line line of Embroideries Laces and Lstce floods Lace Shawls and Lace and (iuipure Jackets In new do (rig ii*. Furnishing floods and Hosiery, for ladles, gentlemen and children, ot the very best makes and brands at reduced prices. Corsets, Gloves, Kibbons and Fancy Uooda of every doscrlption at prices to suit. flhawla A fbll line of Camel's Hair, Purls. Lyons, Paisley Cashmere, Ottoman Htripas, Grendadine, Shetland and others _ Salts. We call special attention to our 8ulti of Paris and Berlin make. ? . .. . 1 sices. Lace Goods, Baits and t'ndergarments made up to order at the shortest notice. Hperial Bargains In 4-4 Printed IVrcalos, I2tjc.: value 18c. Mohair I'lalds, 15c.; value SOc. 3U0 pieces Japanese Poplin, 25c. 500 pieces Printed Linen (,'ambrlc, 20c. Great bargains in Knihroldenes. Great baigalns in L'ress Goods in all the new shades i N. B.-AM JJuWMUc-Uoods we retail at wholesale WiltfJ. LD. PRICE FIVE CENTS. OR*" ROODS. ^ ^ a (.'onkl1 no A oo.'s, -2V. 761 Broadway. , hetwecu Eighth and Ninth street*. On exhibition Monday, March 24, ls73, J*rw Oand* in all our department*, ut the lotlowing els truordinary low price.:? ... . . . Hillc Department. 28-lnch Lvon. black gros grain Silks at $1 20, $1 25, $1 SO, $1 7ft, Si Wand $2. 26-inch Lyon* black gros grain Silks, the celebrated make ol Bellou, $2, t2 25,$2(IU, $2 t>0, #2 76, $3, $.) 25 and 26-inch Lvon. black gro.graiu Silk, the celebrated make Ol Uulnet, $2, $225, $2 50, $2 60, 62 75, *1, $3 25 and $3 AO. 26-inch Lyons black gro. grain Silk, the celebrated make ot I'olison, $2, $2 26, $2 50, $2 GO, $2 75, $3, $3 25 and $3 50. 26-inch Lyon. black gro. grain silk, the celebrated make of Bonnet, $2, $2 25, $2 50, $2 GO. ?2 75, At. $3 25 and $3 60. We respectftitly call attention to the above Black Silks, us they are the heat value to be louud in tltlacliy. fancy silks. Lyon, all-boiled Orlaalle Striped Silk, 95c.; worth $1 25. Lyon, alio, olcd Black and White Striped Silks, $1; worth $1 40. Best <|tia!ity Lyon. Striped Silks, $1 25; worth $1 75. Best quality Japanese Striped silks, 45c., 50c. and 65c. a yard. Best quality Shaded Mikado Silks, 85c.: worth $1. Trimming silks, Lining Silks. Satins Ac. DKi'.ss ooous Department. Best Standard American Prints, 10c. a yard, upward. 5 caws yard wido French Percales, last colors, 18c. a yard. 3 cases yard-wide French Lawns, last colors. 20c. a yard. 2 cases striped Japanese Mohair, lor suits, 20c. a yard. 6 cases Imperial I unltns. Mohair Pontfesu. Brussels ft.irds. Japanese silk I'upfin* uud Baleruo Cloth, 25o. a yd. 8 casex Brocade Cliulll. Jacquurd I'opliit.s. Pulmero Cloth, Yokohama Mixtures, Grixalle Lustre, l'oplia Alpaca, iirieiitnl Poplin ami Balavia Cords, 3lo. a yd. 8 cases Crape de Chine, Mozumtdqucs, (Jros de Nolile, IVkm Tutt'ettas, Lustrina Cloth, P'ucoimc Mixtures, llrap de Lyon uud Poulard Imperial,37>4c. a yard. 1 case Poulard Lustre, new Sugo colors, lie. a yard. 17 cases Purisicntie Gold Medal Empress Cloth, nil wool Poplin, Pompadour Cretonne Cloth, Sultana Cloth, Germania Cloth, I'npehue Sutine, Eldorado Mixtures, Mieo Cloth, Oxlord Ml.xtarcs, Colorado Poplits, Norwich i'opllu, Manchester Poplin, Granttu Poplin, Marengo Suitings, Bristol Cloth uud Geneva Mohair. 80c. a yard. .leases silk anil woolPongee (from auction), 56o. a vnrd. 3 cases Camel's liuir Lustre, Mrusbu?; wool Popltus and Corona Suitings, d2>,e. a vnrd. 3 ^uses sublime uualltj silk and wool Poulard, silk and wool Ycip^iau Cloth uud silk and wool Pongees, 75c. a yard. 2 cases satin face C&rmel Cloth, entirely new colors, 75c. a yard. 2 cases silk and woolOros de Athens, best quality, 87}{c. a yard. 100 PIECES BEST LYONS SILK POPLINS IN ALLTUB NEW AND CHOICE SPUING COLORS, $1 A YARD; WORTH *1 81). MOl'RNrNG GOODS DEPARTMENT. This Dcpartraent is replete with all the new tobrica suitable lor Spring and summer wear. 1 ease ouvx ttrape cloth, 30c. a yard; worth *0c. 5 cases Yelour de Nice, Cobnrg Cloth, Puriimelta Cloth, Hnmbnziue Cloth and Crape Aruiulr. 37Kc. a yard. 3casosCrupe Cloth, 1M yards wide, only 37>ic. a yard, worth 50c. 6 cases Wool Poplin, Empress Cloth, Barathea Cloth, Cauton Cloth, Lima Cloth and Oros de Zurich, lie. a yard. 8 cases Pupeline Lame, Mignotte Crape, Biarritz Cloth, Oros de Naples Brussels Cords, Empress Cloth, Veloiir Imperatrice and Henrietta Cloth, 50c. a yard. 5 cases Cologiia Cloth, Ticonlc Cloth. I'arLslenne Cloth, Serge de Paris and Smyrna Cloth, 62){c. a yurd. 2 cases all wool Drup do France, yurd wide, 65c., worth ,35c. 10 cases Norway Crape Cloth, Crepe de France, Drap de Tours, Drip P'redonia, Colorado Cloth. Windsor Cloth, Sycamore Cloth, Crape Imperial, Brlliantine ana Oros de Lyon, 78c. a vard. 8 cases Slargrctta Cloth, Drap de Alma, Marquis Cloth, Dran de Lyon and Lustrina Cloth, ttf'ic. a yard. 8 cases silk warp Crctonc Cloth, TautIse Cloth. 1*? yards wide, Merinos, all wool Kpingllues and Velours, 91 a yard. 5 cases English Bombazines, French Rombazlncs. silk warp Henrietta Cloth, silk warp Tumise Cloth uud Summer Drap d'Kte, $1 25 a yard. BLACK CASHMERES! _ __ _ a cuses uupiu*, an wool canimure, yurus wine, irom One to superfine, wic. a vard. BLACK ALPAOASII The best value In black Alpacas in the city. BLACK CHAPES I BLACK CHAVES II English Trimming Crapes, cot bias, 75c. a yard. English Veil Crapes. In nil widths. LINEN AND HOUSEKEEPING GOODS. All standard makes of Shirtings and sheetings ut manulucturcrV prices. BOO dozen all linou Napkins. $1, $1 25, $1 50, $175 ami $2. SOU dozen all linen Napl.ius, extra law size, and double satin duinask. $2. ?2 25, $2 50, <2 75 and $.1. 1,000 dozen all linen Towels, 50c., 75c., 87kc., fl. $1 25, (114). >1 76, $2, $2 5b, $2 75, S3 and $3 50 u hull dozen. 1.090 dozen Doylies, 60c., 76c., 87 kc. unci $1 a dozen. list dozen Fruit Napkins, SI 20 a dozen. 500 all linen Damask Tray Clolhs, 36c., 50c., 60c. and 70r. 50 pieces brown Table Lliien, 45c., 50c., ti2c.. 75c. and 37k<?100 pieces White Table Damask, 59c., 75c., 87>?c., $1, SI 25 and SI 50. 400 white double Damask Table Cloths, size 8-4x10-4. 10J white double Duinask Table Cloths, size 8-4x10-4. 600 pieces ('rush, Uuckabuck and Damask Toweling, 12kc. a yard. 60 pieces 12-4 Linen Sheeting, extra (lno and heavy, 90c. a vard. 250 Pieces all linen llirdseyc Diaper, 20o. a yard, worth 500 pieces Birdseye Diaper, all linen, SI 50 a piece and upwards. 1,000 pieces Cotton Diaper, extra wide, $1 45 u piece. 10 cases 12-4 Crochet QiillbL $2. 15 cases 12-4 Marseilles ytiWu, from suction, S3 50. Embossed Table Covers, embroidered Tabic Caver > and colored Linen Table Covers, SI 60 and upwards. Fruit Cloths and Napkins to mutch. Embroidered Piano Covers, extra large, S9- . blankets. Comfortables, Flannels, Canton Flannels, Tickings, Doulins, Hickory Stripes, Ac., Ac., at very low prices. WHITE 0001)3 DEPARTMENT. 5 cases plain, plaid, checked and strlp"d Nainsooks, Jaeonrts urn! Cambrics, 20r. a yard and up. 5 eases Victoria Lawns, 29c. u yard, worth 90c. 5 cases Victoria Lawns, It* yards wide, 25c. a yard, worth, S6o. 150 pieces Figured Swiss, 15c. a yard, worth 30c. 150 pieces Dotted Swiss, 15c. a yard, worth 30c. 50 pieces Striped and Figured Swiss, 22c., worth 40c. 50ii pieces I'lnin Swiss Mull, I2kc. n yard and up. 50il pieces Plain Organdy, 25e. a yard and up. 6UU pieces Plain Organdy (2 yards wide), 45c. a yard. 160 pieces Tucked Nainsoox Skirting. 37 kc.. worth 75c. 250 places Tucked Nainsook lor waists. Sue. a yard. 103 pieces extra fine India Twill, 8Uc. a yard, worth 45c. 25d pieces Satin Figured Brilliant, 25c. a yard, worth 40c. 1ft) mIifph HiJimiw' Liiwn pifrii fine '/Ac. a vnril And nil. IV) dozen Putin Tucked Cambric Skirts, (t. 1,1)00 nieces Lining Book, 91 SO a piece. 000 pieces Grenadine Lining 15c. n yard. SOO pieces Skirt l'rotector, 8c. a yard. Cambrics, Paper Muslin. W'lgnn, Twill Jean, Silesia, Crinoliue, International Lining. Ac., Ac., ut less than nntnuiactiirers' prices. A liberal discount allowed to dressmakers and to the trade. LACE AND EMBROIDERY DEPARTMENT 11 Real Daces, In Thread, Guipure and Yak, trout auction, at less than cost of importation. Imitation I aces, in t rench Thread, Oulpnre, Yak and Val, from unction, at hall price. A complete assortment of made up Laces at popular prices. Real Thread Capes, Barbcs and Fichers, In great variety. Dress Buttons, Gimps, Fringes and Trimmings. Nutting limn l.ace Tidies, liitic. and up; Applique Dace Tidies, UJ*c and up; handmade Crochet Tidies, 50c. and up. Refilings, Puffings, Frilling* and Plaitlngs in endless variety. WHITE PIQUES AND MARSEILLES I I 10 cases white Piques and Marseilles from auction, the gr. atest bargains ever offered?l-t?c., ;We., 35c., 30c.. 36c. and 37}?e. a yard. HOSIERY DEPARTMENT. Ladies' Hosiery and Underwear. Children's Hosicrv and Underwear. Gent's llo.-icry and Underwear in endless variety at pop* ular price*. HANDKERCHIEF DEPARTMENT. Lndies' tape bordered Handkerchiefs, 10c. and up. Ladles' hemmed Handkerchiefs, all linen, Ladies' hem stitched Handkerchiefs, all liucn, superior qnalltc, 25e. Gent's pure linen Handkerchiefs, 20c. and up. CONKLING A CO., 763 II road way, between Eighth and Ninth streets. JOHN E. KaUGHKAN, formerly manager for J.AC, loli nston. W. H. CONKLINCI, formerly huyer (or J. A C. Johnston. GREAT SALE OK UKKSS GOUDtt At BRADBURY BROS., 312 and 3M Bowery. Superior quality Trench Berne, plain color* 28c. per yard. These poods cost the importer 45c , fold, and are the cheapest material ever offered in this market. 2* inch English Striped Poplins. 25c. All the new shades In Mohair Lustres, doable width, 31c. The best quality Mlk chain Japanese Bilks, 45c Beleno Poplins, cloth shades. 5UC. Superb quality Trench Diagonals, 62)j'c., all uew shades. Bilk and Wool Poplins. 62>,e. to 7:e.; superb quality, v'c. Black Alpacas. 2ht., 25c.. Sic. and up; unequalled In lustre and flnlsh Black Klirured Britannia Cloth, 2* inch, at 2Se Pontile wlilth f'onlln Alpacas, of very fine quality, 37,',o., aold recently at <V%c. All wool black striped Satlm i far Polonaise, .10 inches wide. Sue., opened br the Importers this season at 70c. gold. English and French Cashmeres. SOc. op. Crapes, Crape Veils, Ac., Ac. Mourning ordera completed in 24 hours and aatUl'actloai I guaranteed. Suite ready made and to order, unexceptionable as regards taste In trimming and quatlt? ot material and at prices infinitely less than those ordinarily asked tor flrst class work. Shawls lust from auction. Also Cloths, Linens. Ilostery, Otnves, Lacea Embroideries, Ac . Ac. We alsn ask the attention of housekeepers to our Dome*, tics purchased before the rise In price, which we are elllug at old pricea BRADBURY BROS.. 312 and 314 Bowery. one door bolow Bleecker street A" t MM IS J. I). LI VERSE'S, *41 sixth AVUNUE, 441*. between Twenty-sixth and Twenty-seventh streets,. Stamping and Embroidery Establishment children a pique Dresses, stamped and already made; French Linaerie and ladiei' Undergarment*; handsome Initials ami. Monograms embroidered to order; Laces cleaned and. mended equal to new. Attractions increase at smith s pattern. flaxar, (14 Broadway Superb Costumes Enchanting Novelties. Patterns now ready. Cloth model with euch pattern. Come earlv in the dav. _ A, . A BURDETTE SMITH, ?14 Broadway, near Twentieth <t AT V VIOOCROUX'S, 122 FOURTH AVENUE. Stamping, Embroidery, Lingerie estaMlshraent, ladles' and babies' Trnu seaiix; specialty ol 'n!''a,'"' ograms, lor handkerchief's, table and hcdeloths; the latgest stock of French Imported Embroider d Goods, Pique Cloth and DrcwKO. wholesale, tmrauce u( ba*| Twelfth street.

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