23 Mart 1873 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 4

23 Mart 1873 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 4
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4 HBLP W \RITKI?? J A few moke educated younu men want, i fd to learn the beat Shorihnnrt Writilis. practically ik d ranidiv. mkd take proBtabio situation" immediately. Write for circular. IKbTiTUTiJ OF 1'lioNooilAFUi, 7*4 Broadway A CLE It K TO CANVASS AND COLLECT IN THK city; one wllli iik 10 work and who can loan $1,000 cosh for eight nionthson Rood security .guaranteed salary, Jen per wick lor <iic years one ha vine acquaintance | among (Jcriuaiis prelcrrod. Address CAN\ASS, box 10i Herald oitice. _ \DVERTISKMENT CAN! ASSKRS WANTED?FOR A weekly new..paper. OS Nassau street, room 10. A EH ANTE TO LEARN TF.LRO A I IV MEN. women, boys and girli learn ami take poitlon-; demand greater than the supply. THOMI'.SOVS Collece, M ffti av.. opposite Cooper Institute. t 7?|>I W ANTED?IN TI1E ART DEPARTMENT OI' TOE I> Dally Orapliic. One who can draw jn efen I. / 1ANVASSE118 TO REM, OIIEAI' on I'AINTINfiS I ' and t hroinoa. Apply to I'M I INlttMEViiK A tiO.N, No. 8 Bowery; entrance ?)? Doycr at | u It RAND BOY WANTED?IN A WHOLESALE DRUG j j'j house. Apply at 21 Piatt xr. ? ll* aunam 01'1'ICK BOY WANVKD-O.NE WHO WRITER 4 J rapid, legible hand. Apply on Monday to A. B. VAN hllKHi', f'Js (ire. uwi.'fi .-trn l. KKRPFGTABLY PRESSED AGENTS CAN PORITIVEi lv niHk.o ironi $3 i" Shi per day; no sham or humbug. Convince vou bj addressing J. B. &, Brooklyn Uerald Itrnnch office. I~)E sTAl'RAN TS. BARROOMS. SALOONS, ATTF.NV tl.n 1?Wanted, strictly first class man to canva s ilie eitv for Ihi -ale of an article to above trades: univiruillv warned; references required. Apply Immediately at Farmers' Hotel, 10 Broadway. (JITIATION WANTED? by A YO0NG QSBVAN t; (with references here), just from England, as a tvatcliiiiaker; or willing to make himself generally useful in a Jewelry business. Address or apply to JOHN Wl 1.1.Ill ALT, 33 Myrtle av., Brooklyn. QOLDIEBfl, ATTENTION.?WANTED, I IBABLED SOLO dieTs to travel with au article to sell; good wages given and cxnotiscs paid : must he steady and sober. Aoply at HiU North Oxiord street, Brookl\n, L. I., from 4 to 61'. M. QTATfONBBY WANTED, A BOY "WHO HAS HAD ) ' some experience in the business. Address, with particulars, live, Be., J. M. h , 111 raid office. rilo PARBNT8 AMI OHAKDl AN8? WANTED. BOB I au i 11 esinblishod city surveyor's office, n respect ablo, well educatedyouth us pupil. Address hUKVElrOlt, Leruld office. ff illK REPUBLIC LIFE IN8URANCB COMPANY, 401 1 Broadway, want a few first class business men to act as solicitors in the metropolitan district. TirANTEn?AM EXPERIENCED WAITER. APPLY " in restaurant, 1,201 2d a v. IT7"ANTED?A BOY TO IUJN ERRANDS; ONE AOOUfl ? tomed to business stamps preferred. Call Monday foret on JOHN <1 UlltETl A t:o , 21)1 Broadwuy. MJANTED?IN AN AGRICULTURAL WAREHOUSE an.I seed store?A bov between Hand It! yearn of age residing with hi* |iarents. Address, in own hand* writing. B. A CO., box lr* i.ernld office. vy anted?a b?>y retwekn the auks oeijand M IS to attend an office. (tall before nine o'clock P. M. At 12s B lee eker at. 117 ANTED?A SMART AM E RIO AN BOY To MA KB VV llimsoll generally usctul. Apply to HODGES A PLAFLIN, 10 Bleecker at tyANTED?A BOY. II OK U YEARS OF AtiE. IV A VV tow boat office ; one residing wit h tils parents preferrcii. Apply atS.'l Si.uili St., alter HI A ,M. iy ANTED?A FIHST CLASS MAN, WHO TRAVELS VV with shoe findings, to sell shoo bone on h liberal sommUslon in tbe citv. Address (i. B., l ux 10H Herald office. WANTED?A PORT EH, IN A WOOD AND WARE VV establishment; one thoroughly laniiliur with tlw business and who speaks Clcrmnn preferred; beslreiersnc required. Apply at 22 I ulpm at.. New York. \yANTED-:.S ARTIST; ONE WHO THOROUGHLY VV unerstands coloring photographs In India iolt. oil or water eolors, and ts capable ot doing flrst class work. Addres TEN EYCii A CO., Auburn. N. Y. WANTED?A YOUNO MAN OF ROOD ADDRESS! strictly honest nnd sober, as barkeeper and assist nntelerk in a hotel; first class reference required. Address P. P. H., BnoU) n Bruneli Herald office. WANTED?TWEI,I' Til WARD N KWSOATIIK I'Bit "11 reporter tor llarleni Loeal; also Advertising agent who can influence theatres, dry poods dealers, isal estate agent*. W ALTER GIBSON, 2.2U.I III nv. 11TANTKD-A FIRST CLASS*PAPER BOX CUTTER; VV sleadv infi. Aitulv liv innil. stafinu where to be teen, to n M. KERR a CO ,'7:2 Broadway. 'UT'ANTED?A GENTLEMANLY, WIDE AWAlih ?t yoiiiiK man, wiili h large city acquaintance, In a fflrrchunt tailor's store on Broadway. Address EXPERT, I station A, Urn Mpriuk *t. fXTANTBD?TWO agents To BBLL an ARTICLE VV whieh arils at siitlit; rare rhaucv for live men. Call on PABBIjj'I .v CO., 5X1 Baal iTtli at. TI'AN'TI P?IN AN IMPORTING HOUSE, A SMART, VV Inteiliirent tr y, about 14 years of aire. Address, with reft cencea, 1. R. 00., Herald office. WANTED-IN AN AGRICULTURAL WAREHOUSE VV and eo.l store, 11 hoy between 14 uml 16 years ol nee, residing with his parents. Address B. A CO., box 158 Herald office. wanted? a young man in an auction and tv commission housu ; one wlio understands the furniture business also : satisfactory references required. Cull to-day or betore y o'clock Monday, ut 12U West 31 st. VITANTKD?A FEW* GOOD ROOK CANVASSERS TO t .sell the Statistical Antiunl for 1873, Just published; >i.'i to $.11 a day euti he made. Apply at 80 and itt Cedar St. 1JI/IIITESTONE.?W-ANTED. A COLORED EOT, WHO VV can eome well reeouitiieuded, lit to It yeitrs old. to lend door at l-'O Lexington uv., corner ut East -itli st. (J?s)r A DAT.?GREAT NATIONAL OIL OH ROM O, V-so "American Progress," jtist out: responsible stents, mule or leniale. can make "lint money" canvassing for It, fn connection with Crofutt's Western Wrorld. ISs Nassau st. THE TKAJMBE. ARE PBCTABLB ROT, RESIDING WITH ills parents, wishes to learn a trade; strong, active; short lime in the country. Address j. o. b., Herald Uptown Branch office. ARERPEOTABLE HIIY WISHES TO LBABN EOME good trade; honest and willing to work. Address t A. C. S., Herald Uptown Brunch office. AN OPERATOR AND A MECHANICAL DENTIST J\ wanted; ul-o two yonng nu n incl nod to learn deutlstrv. At PKETEKKK BROTHERS, 159 Bowery. JEWELLERS.?W ANTE I >, a FIRST class ETht s. ran locket maker. Apply at No. 1 Bond st.. room 7. STAMPERS ON LADIES' braided suits wanted. Apply at H. B. CLAFLIN A CO.'H Workrooms, 40 Leonard st Tiffany a co., as and 53 prince st.. want filagree workers, engravers and silversmith* TO TAILORS.?A FIRST CLASS DENTIST WILL Exchange Dentistry for Clothing. Address DOCTOR A. M II..mill 1~i.li,wo AriilU'h .,111,... To MUCH ANT TAir,"KS.-WANTED, A SITUATION, to cut, trim and make himself generally useful; a praeticul tailor. Address .1. it., station K. rro simrr makers ? a centlkman win, be 1 open tor an rwiaxe ntent, In April, as a tlrstolase custom shirt cutter. Add resit with real name, J. LYONS, lit Clinton place. New York. tlTANTKIl?BLACKSMITH AND Coll, MARK II IN ?? un iron pipe taetory. None but slcadv, tlrsl class men need apply at r>j.i West 45th st. TIT ANTED?e.OOD 1IORSESHOKRS APPLY AT ;?36 " West -81 h st.. Monday morning I rout S to III. Members of trailer unions need not apply. WANTED?A MUSI' CLASS CUSTOM CUTTER ON gentlemen's aarmenta. Address, with relereaces, STYLE, station I) """* ^ \\* ANTED-A MAN WHO THOROUtlllLY UNDER. ?T stands grinding paints and eompeti nt to take charge of a color mill in Western citv. Address, with reference, box 5,ki0 1'osiolllce, New York. \Ir ANTED?A PLAIN TV PC. AND VI ?TC COMPOS! tt tor to take charge nt a m uslcal niou'P.y. Address, with terms, Ac., COMPOSITOR, Herald Uptown Branch offlee. WAf!TEI>- A FIREMAN FOR SWORD SHOP; Ml'ST It understand perfectly the mannfaeture of awards, military ornaments, Ac., al?o designing, gilding, Ac. Addrcas, with reference, lock box O, Philadelphia. WANTED?IN A SALTPETRE REFINERY, A FIRST class workman, who thoroughly understands his business, to act as foreman: to the right kind nt a man a flood, permanent situation I* offered. Apply In per son, heiwi en the hours of 0 and 10 A. M., to WILLIAM M. 11A If IKSll A VV, chemist, .'.ft New street. New York. tiriviril-f T.TTHOflRAPItln PRINTER ACIIiS. y^ tomca to transferring; us the situation In permanent none hut a stead* hand need apply. Address personally at CLARK THREAD COMPANY'S WORKS, Newark, N. J. 0 (lOOD PRINTERS WANTED?AT 71 WENT 4STU ST., ? corner 6th a v. (II ti 8TR AV? KI8II STORE.?A HERMAN HOY, ltl yours old. would like to lonrn the plumbing trade ; a homo preferred to wages; can apeak Rood English. (Jail till engaged. FKICWK 31 \I>V EKTIMJ >IK\TH. 1JEN8IUN KRANCAISE.?UN JEUNE AMERIOAIN .1 desire trouver la pension (lain une famillc particulyr!'. V". V * trou vera It en socle to de Kranculs. Ecrirc u M WKLLK, Herald Uptown Branch olllce. ?. CLOTHING. AT II. ROSENTHAL'S, At! T1IIKD AVENUE, NEAR Nineteenth street, holies and gentlemen may obtain lull value ol east-oil Clothlug, Carpets, Ac., hv rulliug or addressing. Ladies attended to by Mrs. Rosenthal. AT B. MINT7/8, ?H R1XTH AVENUE.?WANTED, f7B.<XJ0 worth of ' a si off clothing. Carpets, Jewelry, lor the Western trade. Ladles and gents will lie astonished at the prices wo pay in cash| silk dresses, git) to $7D; coats, |3 to *30; pants, $2 to $10. A note by post punctually attended to by Mr. or Mrs. Mints, In and out 01 the city. AT J. ANHALT'S 17$ HEVENTII AVKNUF..-LAdies anil gentlemen con obtain full value lor cast-off Clothing, Carpets, Ac , by railing on or addressing; .don't la-humbugged by false pretenders. Ladies attended to by Mrs. AVIIALT. KARE CHANCE FOB READY MADE CLOT1IINO dealers.?A small and select stick of men's and children's Clothing will Ire disposed of at a s.urlikc. Apply at 263 Sixth nvenna. ft NEW TOR AlttCHEMKWTH BOOTH'S TUEATRK. BOUOIOAULT. Mr. lidwin Booth Proprietor and Manager HKOOND WF.l.K. Mr. DION BOtlGICAULT at ' MIKB O'DOWD of the CUddagh, a Ualway I'Ljhauleaman, In his new Comedy Drama, Ulustratiutf Irish lue, mnuuei a aud character, entitled /' paddv o'oown, ? or 'fum About Is Fair I'lay. FleganHy produced in every detail, with the following; ' efficient cast Percy Walsimrhain, a Past Mag in the Literary and Fastno table Circles of LenJon, -vt-.-.-j Mr Joseph Wheolock Tom flroeuoueh, hi? Friend, still Faster, Mr. Robert Patent .in Captain Forester Mr. (Jcorc Reeks Lord OsidOW I K.ghloiiahle Kii.uri I Mr M 1'ecker Colonel oolpoysi rungl, j Mr. II. Ityuar MJOHAKL ii IK1WII, a Rpttrect Pixhsalosman ot the tludiiuk'h, Oalway, now u Wealthy Kiiriner. Mr. DION HOIICIOAULT Rrldirct O'Dowd.liis Wife Miss Mary Well* Kitty, his daughter Miss Mary Voting hurke, a Comtcul Man Mr O. Itoseun Konisey Leake, u Hill Discounter Mr. Shell I arry t'halker, hi.-. man .7 Mr. .sol Ktnilli Wilcox, Sutler...-. Mr. II. IIorbii James, Footman Mr. K. Klbcrls Murly, u Farm Laborer Mr H. W. Olenn Post Office Clerk ... Mr. II. Wilson O'Sulltvau Mr. T. K. Ilrennan Porter Mr J. Tuvlor Mary Donovan, a Child Mis* Naylur Mrs. O'llrien Mr*. N. Naylur Lady Gwendoline, in love with Percy, Miss Bella Paleman Mrs. Dudley Fowler Miss Ellen Morant Counciluieit, Farmers,. Villagers, Ac., Iiy ladies and gcutlemen of the company. DADDY u'DOWD Matinee on Saturday at t. Seats secured a FORTNIGHT Il? ADVANCE at t!io| Theatre er at Ditaun A Oo.'s Musin Store, 711 Broadway. " rjiON V I'ASTOK'S (il'KllA HOUSE, 201 MOWKttY. GUH WILLIAMS, I DUTCH I IN 1IIS W?W DItAMA, aim WILLIAMS, I STAR Till'. DUTCH iiI'S WIL1,IAM.-,| COMlylfK, I ORGAN GRINDER. GEORGE K. MGORI'.ANI) KITTY II ENDK.RXON. GEORGE F. MoOlti: AND KITTY HENDERSON. BIT.LV OAKTKK. I TDK. BANJO I HILLY CARTER. HILLY CART KB. I MONARCH. | HII.LY CAIIT IK. SAID UK O'NKIL, TUP. UASniNO UANSRUSK. CONCHITA I.ON/.ATE, I MLLP. DP. OUANV1LLK, TIUHTItOPK ARTISTE. | THE FEMALE SAMSON. TONY PASTOR'S NEW SONGS. JOHN MULLIGAN. I EUGENE BLITZ. I ALL THE JOHN MULLIGAN. EUGENE BLITZ. | FAVORITES. mltted free on Friday evenings. J' n T II. LBtrrs i j. new york circus, MUSEUM, MENAGERIE, CARAVAN AND ZOOLOGICAL GARDEN, combining a treat Triple Circn.s Troupe, a superb array of Lie pi i a lit.-, Lions, Titers, Leopards, African Gazelles. Came Is, Tiopieal Birds, Monster Serpents, ? Itli Giants, Divans, Circassian Ladies, Bearded Enmities, Albinos, Living Skeletons, Snake Clinrmers, Glass Blowers, thirty of thu Smallest and Prettiest I'onics in the world. <&c., Ac., WILL OPEN AT I P. M., MONDAY, MAKCIl 31, on tile block bounded by MADISON AND FOURTH AVENUES, TWENTY-SIXTH AND TWENTY-SEVENTH STREETS. ENTRANCE ON FOURTH AVENUE Admission, fete.; children tinder nine years, dflo. Brooklyn academy of music. Mr. W. ,1. FLORENCE'S la-t appearance In Brooklyn prior to his departure for Europe. MONDAY. MARCH SI, TICK ET-OF-LE AVE MAN. BOB IIRIERI.Y W. J. FLORENCE TUESDAY, MARCH S.r> .tirsl, tune in Brouklvn), NO THOROUGHFARE. OHEXRF.IZER W. J. FLORENCE Box hook open. Tickets and seats eatt lie bod at lit Broadway. ABOUL-STIKRING SERMON TO-MGHT BY DR. LANUIS. Sec religious notices. Ladies wishing To perfect themselves in elocution or prepare for the stage can receive tho proper instruction from an experienced artist, on moderate terms, i>v addressing modulation, Herald Uptown Branch olllee. PIANOFORTES, ORGANS, ?( . A I HAINES BEOS'27 Union square, First class handsome new Pianofortes for sole on very reasonable ternm, and several used a little, very low tor rash. A T 101 FOURTH AVENUE?CHAMBERS, STK1NWAY, 1 v Bradbury and other rosewood seven octave I'lunos, Pennine bargains, $150, $200. $225, $275, t.'lU) upright anil square. CHAMBERS A SON. A T JOHN MAHON'8, 314 AND 816 EAST TIIIUTYil ninth street ?Oo<k1 seeond hand Pianos of different makers, to rent and sell uti instalments; new ones vt ry n asouable lor Cllh \ MAGNIFICENT FULL FINISHED PIANOFoRTKKvcry iinprovemo lit, cost $000, for $225; great sacrifice lor cash; warranted in pood order. J. HIHDI.K, la Wavorlcy place. near Broadway. A PARLOR (JEM?7L OCTAVE FOUR ROUND COR. nered rosewood P^unnlorie, curved legs and ease, all improvements, made tor present owner, cost $1,200, lor $800, including magnificent Stool, Cover, Ac. ; Parlor ii in I Hndroont Suits, Carpets, Mirrors, Ac.; Basement Slid Kitchen Ell nil I lire. Call at private house 120 West 23(1 street. Call to-iluy or Monday. A BEAUTIFUL IKON FRAME PIANO FORTH?$125; modern Improvements; fully guaranteed: maguitl1 cent Agraffe 7 octavo overstrung; immense sacriMre. QGLDSMITUS, No. 7 lllcccker street, near Bowery. VVERY SUPERIOR ROSEWOOD PIANOFORTE, 7'4 octave, carved legs, lull metallic plate, overstrung bass, tile nurture treble unit all the modem improvemenu, lor sale very low, at UATTERSON A COOK'S Storage Room*. 5H5 and 6M7 Sixth avenue. Storage taken on very reasoaiilile terms. Also furniture removed in city or country or packed and shipped. 695 and 597 Sixth avenue, corner of Thiriy-filHi slreeL A RARE CHANCE.?RICHLY CARVED ROSEWOOD 7L octave sweet, hrilliaut tonf.i. grand action overstrung bass, Patent ugralle. all improvements; cost to order. $l.3>00. (or $300; stool. Caver and Muclc Stand; clegapt Parlor and Chamber Suits, Library and Dining Furniture, Carpets, Bedding, Paintings, ornaments, Ac. Can be seen to-day or Monday at private residence 1:10 West 21.st st., near 7tli avenue. Cut this out. A MAGNIFICENT CARVED ROSEWOOD PIANOforte, seven octavo, overstrung, celebrated cltv maker, nearly new, cost $55U, for $229. Apply at 24:1 East Thirtieth street, between Second and Third avenues. American pianoforte company, 211 fourth avenue.?Pianos ol six first class makers for sale on easy instalments or cash, at a liberal discount, and lor hire. II. SCHRODER, President. A HANDSOME CARVED ROSEWOOD 7'4' OCTAVE Piano must be sold this week on account ol lamily leaving the State, price $200, at private residence, 456 West Thirty-fourth street. A LADY WILL SELL. LESS THAN $1(10, HANDsome Pianoforte, including Stool and Cover; modern style, round corners, sweet, powerlul tone. 28 Third street, between Bowery and Second avenue. Beautiful 7 octave rosewood'piano. $ky>; superb carved legs, overstrung bass, everv Improvement; Pianos, manufactory price; Instalments inken. R. CABLE, 107 West Twenty-third st, corner Sixth av. EATTIFULLY CARVED 7?? OCTAVE CHICKEKINO Piano cheap; best now Piano sold on instalments and rented, and rent allowed If purchased. BERRY a CO., 780 Broadway. IAOR 8ale.-A GOOD seven OCTAVE UPRIGHT Piano will bo sold lor (120. Apply lor * week ut3!S Spring street, near Greenwich street. J P. HALE'S NEW 7X OCTAVE PIANOFORTES arc the best and cheapest Pianos ever made. For sale by the thMtand at Ihlrty-llflh street and Tenth av. Musical boxes-ii c. lecoultre, manufac. turer, irom Genoa. Repairing warranted. 23 Fourth street, late No. 3 Wnverloy place. New styles improved five octave double reed Cabinet Organs, ready this month, at reduced prices?(111) and (123. THE MASON A HAMLIN CABINET ORGANS are admitted to be unrivalled. Their new styles are cheaper than au.v before ollorcd. Other styles (0 tn(r>>i and upwards. Organ* to rent with privilege of purchase, or sold on monthly payments. Illustrated catalogues tree. MASON A 1IA.MLIN ORGAN COMPANY. 35 Union square, New York. PIANOS to rent am) to sell-on IBMTALnieuts. WM. a. pond A co., M7 Broadway. PIANOS AND ORGANS.?GREAT BARGAINS: NEW and most beuutltul styles and perfect tones ever made, and hv best makers, at lower prices tor caAli, or monthly instalments, or lor rent, during tills month, at WATERS', *si Hroinlwav. than can lie. found elsewhere. PIANO WANTED. ?ANV ONI HAVING A FIRST class Piano in exchange lor plumber's Brass or Copper Goods, new, address EXCHANGE, Herald office, with lull particular*. HI..MOV.M?NEW AND SECOND HAND PIANOS. ll .111 styles, to rent and sold on instalments; on at in'duci iiirnin lor rash. UliARLkS .1. BhTTri, 7- llrnn tuny. corner Tenth next <" "rare cbtircb. rPI?r. DOANK PIANO?PUMTTON BUILDING, NINTH I street, between Second and Third avenues, llrst elas and wnitir,m sod by any; extraordinary low tor 0??h ; old I'innos taken In exchange. <S? 1 Or; CASH.?BEAUTIFUL ROSEWOOD PIANO; iT I t k?i>U tone, fall on Monday at 271 Weft Thirty ninth street. -1"1 NS" ''"It SALE, OCTAVE, FULL narntfe, tour rnuiul corner*; uixxt as now; warernol* price $850. Apply to K. W. bTItAnoN, 723 Six til avenue. ^EPICAL. \M MAURICRAU, M. D.-OFFICR 129 LIBERTY street, near Greenwich street. A -MMK MAXWKLL, PHYSICIAN RESIDENCE, J\ . 114 East Tenth street, near Third aTefttM A CARD.-DR. AND MRS. BOTT, ?l AMITY STREKT; hours, 9 A. II. Ull 9 P. M. J^R. FRANKLIN, 161 BLKEUKKB STHERT. JjR. SKLDKN. 67 AMITY STREET. DR. fi ARKISON (LATE OF BLKEUKKR STREET) moved to 71 Carmine at DR. AND MRS. WHITINO AND MMK. DUBOIS, 44 Oreat Jone* street, between Broadway and Bowery. DR. AND MMK. ORINDI.K. I'JO WEST TWENTYsliUi sttu-et, near sixth avenue. nR. KINO'S OFFICE. 14 AMITY STREKT, ONE bloek Weat of Broadway and Orand Central Hotel Vf ME. VAN BfHKIRK, PHYSICIAN, RRSIDE.NCB i'l 164 East 28th at., between Third and Lexington avt MMK IlpSPARD, PHYSICIAN?RESIDENCE 41 EAST Eighth street, near Fourth avenue. MMK. RK8TELL. NO. 1 EAST FIFTY SECOND street. Ajtenu. 152 urcoawich si and No. 7 Sixth av. K HERALD, SUNDAY, MJ AMllSHMElltS. UTOOD'K MUSEUM. JOH.MUBPHY. Vt one week op nKi.p. BVRNTNO AT 8. 1 AFTERNOON AT 8. ' first time LAST WEEK Oi the Irish ol the tieautilul Comedian, Mr BLONDES JOS. MUKI'IIY, in JON. MUKI'IIY. BURLESQUE. lu The performance* HKI.P, will commence with . II l I P, (tie Drama written specially of to display Mr SOLON SHI MULE, JOS MURPHY'S coneludinc wlt.li Irish, Ethloniau Urough't Hurlex|U6 and Dutch of Hpccialtie* BBNANI. DOMINIOK MURRAY in lila a rent local (Iranian, KINO KINO and OAMHI.KR'g CRIME, to crowded lioiisee, nt the ST. CHARLES THEATRE, Nl.W ORLEANS. QLYMPIO THEATRE. Mr. J. E HAYES Sole Leasee and Manager MONDAY EVENING, MARCH M, EVERY NIC 111 at 8 o'clock, WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY at A The ''American Orlmaldl," flEti 1,1 FOX, and his mlrth-iirovciklng Pantomime of IllIMl TY DUMFTY, Hip revival of which has met with a SUCCESS WIIICII HAS NKVKU HHBN EQUALLED in tlio annals of amusements. The Orandcet Corps of Specialty Artists ever a a*-mlilril in one entertainment. PT. BARNUM'8 . a UK AT TRAVRLLINO WORIiD'R PAIR, MUSEUM, MKNAOKKIK anrt HirrtlDROME WILL OrEN SATURDAY, MARCH M. at I o'clock I*. M., nt Hip AMERICAN INSTITUTE M'll.IMNO (Rink), corner ol Third avenue anrt sixty-third street, FOR TUN DAYS ONLY. One hundred thousand new and Interesting novelties, including all the moat ItARK and COSTLY wild animals, SKA LIONS, ami other murine monsters and thousands of rare birds; I'rolcssor Faher'e wonderful Talking Mnchine; (Hunts. Dwarfs, Fiji Cannibals, Albinos, the celebrated Aster Children, Ihe "What is iff" snil many other human phenomena anrt monstrosities. AI?o, National Portrait Oullcrv. Hall of Statuary anrt Fine Art, and stores of most curious and beautiful moving mechanical automatons, from I'nria and Oeneva. Trained elephants, ponies, hours, camels, monkeys anrt riding goats, grand double hippodrome, anrt three great circus troupes, giving two separate performances at the same time, in two separate circus rings, by the largest corps ol talented male ami female artists in the world, look out tor the (IRKAT THRKK MILK PROCKSSTON FRIDAY MORNINO and AFTERNOON .March 28 (route to be published next THURSDAY). Evcrvhodv within 21) miles of Now York ought to see It Doom open (roin I fill Sand 7 to 11 I* M. Doulilo Hippodrome performance* hr?ln at 2 unci R. Admission to all .Ml conts; children 25 cental alow reserved souls 2.r? cents extra. qteinway (ia ll. o TWO GRAND CONCERTS, MONDAY evening, March 24. Till/BSD AY EVENING, March 27. hampton colored students will sinR their oahin and old plantation sours. Entirely new proRrnnuno. Admission, Silo.; Reserved Seals. 75c. Obtainable at hall and Methodist Book Concern, 805 Broadway. ^TEINWAY HALL. BELLEW MATINEE. " lias the finest and most, powerful tones of Murdoch, Henry Ward Beeeher and Dr. Cliapin."?N. Y. Uurald. * ^mr j. M. hellkw.'f <?> <4> ON HIS RETURN FROM A KRII.LI ANT AND MOST SUCCESSFUL TOUR, WILL GIVE ONF. MATINEE KKADINO, WEDNESDAY, MARCH 215, AT 2 I*. M TICKETS (Including reserved se?t) ONE DOLLAR. Can lie obtained at ateinway Hall, Schirmer's, 701 and 114 Broadway Steinway hall. iikllkw MATINEE READING, WEDNESDAY, MARCH 215, MR. J. M. BELLEW'S PROGRAMME. hurt I. Tim Fire Worshippers (the Curse of the Traitor)?Tom Moore; tlic King of Brentford's Testament?Thackernv; the Slorv of tlio Faithful Soul?Adulaide Procter; Mr. Mantiliui (Nicholas Nicktcby)?Charles Dickons, l'art II. Marino Falcrio. Doge ol Venice?Lord Byron; (scene* oil the grand staircase, the execution ot the Doge): the Vulture lau ornithological aludy alter foe's Haven); the Glove and the Lions?ia-igh Hunt; the Chanty Dinner (bv special desire)?Mosely. Tickets, with seats, fl, at 114 Broadway, Schirmcr's and at the Hall. TB. LENT'S J. NEW YORK CIBCl'S, MUSEUM, MENAGERIE, CARAVAN AND ZOOLlItiiCAIi GARDEN, comhinltiK a Great Triple Circus Troupe, asutpcrb array ot Eietihants, Lions, Tigers, Leopards. AlrifHU Gazelles, Catnels. Tropical Birds, Monster erpents, with Giants, Dwarls, Circassian Ladies, Bearded Females, Albinos, Living Skeleton". Snake Charmers, Glass Blowers, thirty of the smallest, and prettiest I'onics in the world, Ac., Ac., WILL OPEN AT I I'. M., MONDAY, MARCH Si, on the block bounded hv MADISON AND FOURTH AVRNUES, TWENTY-SIXTH AND TWENTY-SEVENTH STREETS. M CMC?LAUGHTER. Dr. COLTON and the Till! SEVENTH REGIMENT BAND will give a GRAND COMBINATION ENTERTAINMENT OF MUSIC AND LAUGHING GAS, TUESDAY EVENING, MARCH 29. The entertainment will commence with A (IRANI) CONCERT By GRAFULLA'S CELEBRATED BAND, occupying 49 minutes. Alter which Dr. COLTON will administer the gas to TWELVE LADIES, and perhaps a few gentlemen. Tickets 29 cents. Doors open at 7; to commence at7*f o'clock. REPOSITORY OK WONDER, SCIENCE AND ART, 890 Broadway, near Fourteenth street. <fc <s> | CAUTION. M. HARTZ, the Illnsionlsl. has only one" store, I as above, and has NO CONN EC TION with parties trading on the name of Hart/., coupled with I another. $ Established in 1A>9. CONJURING TRICKS, SCIENTIFIC TOYS. Novelties for birthday presents mid home amusement that cannot he procured elsewhere in the United States. <$> Ilti'iiil the SPLENDID EDITORIAL In HARPER'S W K E K LY, iof March 22, describing some of these wonders. Send a stamp or call for the new price list. Evening parties attended with Magical Entertainment M. IIARTZ'S ONLY STOKE. * 850 Broadway, near Fourteenth street IMMENSE AND CONTINUED SUCCESS OF THE NEW Seusatmnal Illusion Tills' k'lf IMIfVV CTPTV MVCTt D V Invented bv T. W. Tohln. Em. This extraordinary eflcct hu been duly protected by law. I'laved to crowded houses at Philailelpbia and Boston and New York. PHILADELPHIA PRESS. "One of the most striking and mysterious feats ever attempted. The weird Illusion is drawing very large audiences."?Age. "An extraordinary sensation."?Evening Herald. "Professor Tobin's great illusion of Frankenstein has hern witnessed with wonder by immense audiences."? Evening Telegraph. BOSTON PRESS. "The Boston public have been permitted to witness many good optical Illusions, but never one bettor than that entitled the'Frankenstein Mystery.' If any one detected the method by which It was done he must have had the eyes o! Argus."?Herald. . "The intermezzo brought the long lonkcd-for 'Frankenstein Mystery.' This ccrtaiulv Is the most wonderful and Interesting piece of illusion that has ever been brought forward."?Evening Traveller "One of the must successiul stage illusions ever presented."?Times. "The chlel attraction, the Frankenstein Mystery, is wonde rful."?Evening tla/.eite. * It created profound astonishment"?Olobe. "The Frankenstein Mvstcrj appeared to be the leading sensation."?Evening Express. TIVOLI GARDEN EIGHTH STREET, BETWEEN Second and Third avenues. PAl'L FALK, Proprietor. EBEN'S ORAM) POI'l LAR CONCERTS, by an orchestra of thirty solo performers, takes place this ami every evening at 8 o'clock. Lovers ot good music are solicited to come and hear this EXCELLENT HANI). FELIX I. KBEN, Musical Director 7TII RKOIMKNT BAND ?DR COLTON, MUSIC AND I Laughing Gas, Cooper Institute, Tuesday evening, March dfi. Tickets ttcents. (NARD.?NATIONAL AMERICAN UNIVERSITY OF J Music and other Liberal Arts?First and only musical Institution in America chartered bv sueclai act of Lsgislaluru. Office 98 Clinton plat c / MIOICE NKW MUSIC.?TIIREF. ELEGANT8ONO8 BY V 1 Hanks, "Ah ! One by One," "Mamma's Too Anxious," "Would Love Outlast the Hose's bloom?" each Hfc.; "Lord's Prayer," fiOo.: "My Mother's Song," (Tatnaro), We.; "Dreaming at olden Days" (Harrison). 35c.; "Waiting at the liale" (Herge), 35c. ; "Still to Memory Lear" (IPAlbertle), 40c. ; fiftieth edition of "Roses Underneath the Snow" (Hanks), 38c ; new and elegant edition of "Longing" (Wlllard), fide.; "Irving lialop" (Ludke), 40c.; "Oriental March" (Merge), 50c. LoUls itKHUB. 30 East Fourteenth street 1v?OU MO AD WAT, uOO between Thirty-third ami Thirty-fourth streets. PROF. EI1KNNK LAMBERT, will give a FREE LEC IT RK ON FRENCH as above. Mniidny, March 24, at a P. M. All who intend visiting France should at tend Professor Etlcnne Lambert's lecture on French at 1.2H8 Broadway, Mondav night. Simply mastering a tew practical idiouia. Indispensable in travelling ami daily Intercourse, will prove the means ot trebling their cujuyuieut, while materially reducing their expenses. Children's class, Monday at 3:15. TIIK LECTURE BEA80W. LECTURE, HY WENDELL PHILLIPS, Esq.. on Daniel O'Connell, at Cooper Institute, on Monday evening. March 24, at 3 o'clock. Tickets 50 cents. ________ l/REF- LECTURE?TO LADIES EXCLUSIVELY. ON J* "The Diseases of Women," by Mrs. II. B. O'LKAKY, M. D., editor of the popular health Journal, The Physlelan, on Monday. March 24, 3 P. M . at her rooms. No. 4 West Twenty-eighth street, hctweea Fifth avenue and Broadway. No postponement on account of the weather. The subject will be fully Illustrated by means ol a very extensive collection ol models, manikins, Ac., which she selected with great care, regardless of expense, expressly for this purpose while in Europe. Till PERSECUTED, LIVE ORATOR, DR. LAKD14, to-night bee religious notices YRCH 23; 1873.?QUADRUP [ AOTITSKBIKIVTS. NIBLO'S GARDEN. NIHLO'H GAUD EN POSITIVELY LAST SIX NIGIITg POSITIVELY LAST H!X NIGHTS POSITIVELY LAST SIX NlUIiTS Of THE MOST GORGEOUS AND MAGNIFICENT Sl'ECTAOLE EVER TROMIOKD ON ANY ST A G K IN TDK WORLD. LKO AND I/OTi(8, leo and lctoh, lko and lotos, WITH ITS GIIAND COM BlNATION OP SCENERY. COSTUMES, MUSIC, VOOALISM. bALLKT"-, PANORAMA, varieties, transformations. last week op tdk child violinist. last week ok the sw1 h wabbllr last week op the trained DOGS. last wkkk op THE SEJUIUST FAMILY. last WEEK OP Tlili GRAND BALLET. LAST WEEK OP THE SUPERB SCENERY. LAST WEEK OP K. D. DAVIKS, premier ventriloquist op the world. on saturday next, march 29, positively last matin ee?lko and lotos. positively 1,a t matinee-leo and lotos. monday evening, March 31, a realistic picture of Life on the Plains, in which the principal characters will l>u as um'd hv the renewed trappers and scoute, Hon. W K. cody, heller known as buffalo hill: Mr. j. bsomohundbo, famous as texas jack; the popular author, f. /.. Q judson (ned buntlinr), Mini the peerless Danacuae, Mile, morlaqchi. jjnion square theatre. Proprietor . Mr. sheridan shook Manager Mr. a. M. palmer Begin* at A Saturday Matliiec at I JO. Carriage* may be ordered at 10 JO. EVERY NIGHT UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE the sparkling Comedy-Drama by Mr. Louis Leroy, entitled COUSIN JACK. Characters by Miss EMIlT~MESTAYER, Miss JENNIE LEF, Miss MAItY GrIsWOLD, and COUSIN JACK. Messrs. D. U. HARKINS, V, F. MACK AY, EDWARD LAMB, GEORGE PARKES, COUSIN JACK ] and others. MONDAY EVENING. APRIL At, It Appearance of Miss agniss etiiel in FROU-FROU. Box ofllco open every day from ft A. M to 5 P. M. Bowkry theatre. WM. 11. KRELIOH Manager MONDAY, March 2t, 1H7.1, and during the woek, A NEW SENSATION. First production of an entirely original romantic nautical drama, entitled JACK IIARKAWAY: OB, AFLOAT AM) ASHORE. Now scenery anil magnificent effects anil the most thrilling tableaux ever witnessed will bo presented in this drama, with a powerlul cast of characters. MB. HERNANDEZ FOSTER Is engaged and will perform a peculiar characterization, written expressly lor him. Preceded each evening by a roaring eommedietia. Immense novelties in preparation. A HAD LOT Is in course of construction for early representation. (TOK?ATHENEl'M, ilOo Broadway, opposite Metropolitan Hotel. R. W. BUTLER Manager THE MOST BRILLIANT ATTRACTION THIS WEEK EVER OFFERED AT THIS ESTABLISHMENT. BEAUTIFUL BURLESQUE AND URAND OLIO COMPANY. The Queens of Burlesone, the WORRELL SISTERS, SOPHIE, IRENE AND JENNIE, trill appear in the charming burlesque of TixionT AND IMMENSKBURLKStJUE COMPANY. Engagement extraordinary of the woudcrlul LA MARKOES. IVAN, RIAZAN, and VORONETZ. Those startling acts have never before been equalled. Reappearance oi Miss IIELENK SMITH, the Empress of Song and Dance. Miss CELIA BERTRAM. GEORGE ATKINS, the Famous Burlesque Actor. LUKE SCHOOLCRAFT. THE REYNOLD BROTHERS, E. M. HALL, OKO. II. COKS, LANO 8CHWICARDI, Ac.. * ami REGULAR ATHKNKUM COMPANY, in a BRILLIANT and VARIED BILL EVERY EVENING. Doors open at 7. Curtain rises at 8 o'clock. Box office open dotiv. Seats secured in advance. MATINEE EVERY WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY. NOTICE.?The most startling novelties ready. BRYANT'S OPERA HOUSE, * 231) STREET, between 6th and 7t!i avenues near Booth's Thoutra. EVERY EVENING AT 8. SATURDAY MATINEE AT 2. BRYANT'S MINSTRELS. UNCLE EPH'S DREAM BRYANT'S MINSTRELS. UNCLE EPH'S DREAM BRYANT'S MINSTRELS. UNCLE EPH'S DREAM BRYANT'S MINSTRELS. UNCLE EI'll'S DREAM BKYANT'8 MINSTRELS. UNCLE EPH'S DREAM BRYANT'S MINSTRELS. UNCLE EPH'S DREAM BRYANT'S MINSTRELS. Characters by Dan Bryant, Dave Reed, McAnrtrows, Nelne Seymour, Stanwood, Morrlssy, Emerson, Hroekway, Ac. Family Ma'lnee Saturday at 2. Seats secured. Monday next. Muster BARNEY, Comedian. rpERBACE GARDEN THEATRE. SUNDAY EVENING, MARCH 23, GRAND CONCERT hy the UNRIVALLED NINTH REGIMENT BAND, assfstod by Mine. MAMA 8ALVOTTI, the celebrated Soprano; Mr. WILLIAM MACDONALD, the favorite English Tenor: IIKRlt CARL WALTER, the renowned Pianist, and Mr. CHA8. E. PRATT, Accompanist. D. L. DOWNING .Musical Director PROGRAMME. 1. Overture, "Egmont" 'Beethoven 2. "Loreley," paraphrase (first time, tor Military Band) Nusviulra 3. Waltz, "New Wien" Strauss 4 Grand l'ot Pourrl Reminiscences ot Meyerbeer Arranged by Godfrey. 5. Rotnanza, from "Martha'' Flotow Mr William Macdotiald. 6. Cavatina, from "Nabuco" Veral Mme. Maria Salvottl. 7. Piano Solo, Polonaise in K flat, op. 22 Chopin Herr Carl Walter. 8. Duetto "Una Notte a Vonczia" Lucantoni Mme. Salvottl and Mr. Macilonald. D. Overture. "Sicilian Vespers" Verdi II). Traumeri (first time, by Military Band) Schumann 11. Scherzo, "Cuckoo, Quail and Nightingale".. .Schmidt 12. March. "Tannhauser" Wagner Balcony, 50c. : parquet, 25c. Concert at 3. qtllEO. THOMAS' SYMPHONY CONCERTS, 1 AT HTKINWAY HALL. SATURDAY EVENING, MARCH 29, FIFTH GRAND SYMPHONY CONCERT, PROGRAMME. SYMPHONY No. 3. op. KM, "Im Walile" Raff CONCERTO, tor piano, violin and violoncello, op. Art, Beethoven Mi's ANNA MEHLTO, Messrs. B. MSTEMANN.C. II EMM ANN and ORCHESTRA. OVERTI'RK. "Gennvcva" Schumann SYMPHONIC POKM. "Hamlet". Liszt SYMPHONIE DRAMATIQl'E, "Kctfneo ot Juliet" (second part) Berlioz Admission to Floor and First Balcony, $1 SO. Admisalon to Second Balcony, $1. Reserved Seats, SOc. extra. The sale of Reserved Scats and Tickets will eommence Ihii mopnliic At. (I Schirmor'a 7l)1 iiroiiilwiiv 114 Rroml. way and at the box otlicu of stcinway Hall. STKINWAY HALL?RICHARD WAONEIL THEODORE THOMAS and his UNRIVALLED ORCHESTRA. The public is respectfully Informed that THE NEW VoftR WAGNER UNION will give their FIRST GRAND CONCERT on FRIDAY EVENING, March 28, when the programme will contain a number of the most popular as well an the latent orchestral works of RICHARD WAGNER, the reformer and meat prominent Musician of the day. Programme. OVERTURE?"Der Fllegeade Hollander." VOR8PIKL?"Lohcngren." * FINE FA I ST OUVKRTURE. SYMPHONY?"Erolc.a," Beethoven. SCENES lYotn "Die Watkure." The vocal part by Mr. CARL RF.MMERTZ. KAISER MARSCH. Admission tickets to floor and flrst balcony, $1 SO. Admission tickets to second balcony. $1. Reserved scats, 50c. extra. The sale or reserved seats will commence on Moartay morning at Carl Hcuser'a (successor to Jul. Sehubcrth A Co.), 820 Broadway ; G. Schlrmcr's, 701 Broadway; 114 Broadway, and at the hoxottloe of Htelnway Hall. Admission tickets can he had at all the principal music stores and piano wareroom*. Doors open at 7f?; to commence at 8 o'clock. NEW YORK Ml SKI M OF AN ATOMV, 818 BR') VI). wav, between Houston and Bloeeker streets.?Every one should visit this wonderful Museum: It is full of everything people should sec and understand. Lectures daily on 'The Philosophy of Marriage." Those parties unable to attend tlK'se important lectures can have them forwarded, post l>eo, mi receipt ot 25 cents, hv addressing SECRETARY NEW YORK MUSEUM OF ANATOMY, 618 oroaflwar, jpw lora. MH. FAVAROER'S FRENCH READINGS BEGIN Tuesday evening, March 29, In the Lecture Room of Rev Dr. Crosby'a church. Subscription to three evening Seaaces or to lour afternoon Seances $9- single tickets, fl 90; procureil belori-liaml ut Mr. CHKISTRRN'S, 77 ntversitv place, and by mall of Mr. FAVARGER, No. 8 East Ninth afreet. VEff YORK CONSERVATORY OF MUSIC, ?1 No. 5 East Fourteenth street, next to Delmonico's. BROOKLYN BRANCH, 102, 101 nud 106 Court street, near state. SUBSCRIPTION BOOKS OPEN DAY AND EVENING. The Conservatory remains open the entire year. BELLRWI BEtiLEW I HELLF.W I ACADEMY OFMCSIC, FRIDAY EVENING, March 28. J. M BKLLEW will aive for the first time in America OLIVER Gf)LDSMITH, trelnnd's "Poet of Nalare," with readings from Ooldstnlth, poetry and pro.se. Tickets $1, 75c. aDd 50c., at Schirtner's and 111 Broadway. / 1ARD?PIANO, ORGAN, GUITAR, SINGING.?MIHS \J WATSON gives private leisoas, dn v and evening, at her residence. ;i2 Clinton place (Eighth street). Instrument* furnished for daily practice. TO MAN AG E RS.?A FIRST CLASS VAUDEVILLE Theatre, In an adjoining city, population $?X),IX)0, will he leased or run on shares with a responsible manager. For particular* address EDITOR OF THE CRITIC, 22 Ann atmt, New York. To-night go and near rev dr. landis at the Atheneum. See religious notices. MDSICIANS-GO TO ?i HLRKCKKK STREET AND buy Vocal and Instrumental Music at one cent per sheet among which -ara Victoria Polka, Emma anil Pretty Eye* Schottlsch. Banjo -just issued, booan s banjo manual, the most simple, complete and only method of the kind ever published, enabling the most unmusical person to play tunes at sight; hound In cloth, price $9 Call ami see It N. H ? Instruction given In Banjo, Song and Dance, Jig and Clog Dancing Pupils fitted for the stage by JOHN J. BOG AN, 100 East Houston atreet, near Howe ry A -NATIONAL CONSERVATORY OF MUSIC. , A SELECT SCHOOL tor all branches of music. ? ? < uiuu square (.Broadway), uck sUeul. , LB SHEET.: - ^ AWCSKWTBWTI^ rpiiKATlfK 0OM1QUE. #14 BROADWAY. MB. JOH1J MART Holr Lessee auJ Proprietor nnnnnnn H m BROADWAY ??^BROADWAY. TOR I THE PEOPLE'S I PEOPLE'S PLAY I PLAY HODWt I lloUsR. EVERYTHING new for the WHBK coMMKNClMi MONDAY. MARCH M, 1873. First nights of John K. Poole's now lndmn Drams, founded on events now transpiring at the "Lavu Beds,'1 entitled CAPTAIN JACK; '? : CAPTAIN JACK; OR, THE MODOC WAR. OR, THE MODOC WAR. Engaged expressly tor the character 01 tho lllu INDIAN-CAPTAIN JACK. BIO INDIAN-CAPTAIN JACK, the very talented American Actor. MR. VOt. H. WHA1-LKV, MR. WM. U. WII ALLEY, MR. WM. U. WIIALLEY, MR. WM. 11. WIIALLKY, as the BIO INDIAN, CAPTAIN JACK, the Modnc Chief. The very taluntcJ actress, i ' MIS* l-.MMA WILLMor, MISS EMMA WILLMOT, eugaged expressly lor the Indian drama and to enact the chnructer ol NAIIMFTA?CAITAIN JACK'S WIFE. The entire company in the Drmna, and A NEW OU) OK FUN. Please think, rutlcrt uud wonder. A IIIIANU OLIO OF FUN CONSISTING OF?, oo DIFFERENT ACTS AM) SKETCHES. AND A NKW INDIAN DRAMA, WITH NEW SCENERY, EKKEOTS AN!) A POWERFUL CAST. MOTS. ADMISSION. MOTS. WOTS. ADMISSION. MOTS. OUR COMPANY OK STARS CONSISTINO OK TlIK BEST IN THE WORM), THE FOLLOWING ARTISTS CAN BE SEEN ONLY AT TDK "PEOPLE'S PLAY HOUSE." O?O O?O O?O O?<) O?O O?O O?O AIA AHA ATA n AIA lit O?O 0?O O?O O?O o?o o?o o?o n n n nn m O?O n . o-o n o-o n TUEATRE COMIQCE, 514 BROADWAY. READ THE NAMES OK TT1K STAR COMPANY. MISS EMMA WILLMOT. MISS JENNIE 11 IT" III liS, MISS ADA WRAY, MISS LILI.IE IIALL, MISS CARRIE HAINES, i MISS KANNY LUCILK. MISS ADA GREENFIELD, MISS NELLIE SANDKOKD, MISS KITTY TIL8TON, MISS KITTY O'NKIL, I MR. WM. II. Wl! ALLEY, mu. j, n. nuuniiKi'ii, MR. JOHN WlLl), Mr. JOHN HART, MR. LAKKIK TOOLKT, MR. PETB CANNON, MR. JOHN WILLIAMS, MR. JOHN QUEEN, MR. WM. WEST, MR. E. D. GOODING. MR. JOHN WILD, MR. JOHN WILD. Mil. LARRIE TOOLEY, MR. LARRIK TOOLEY, MR. LARllIE TOOLEY. MR LARRIK TOOLEY, MR. PETE CANNON. MR. PETS CANNON. FIRST WEEK OF THE FAVORITE SERIO-COMIC VOCALIST. MISS LILLIK IIALL. MISS LILLIK HALL. MISS LIU IE IIALL. t SECOND WEEK OF THE (I RE AT COMEDIAN, MR. J II. BUDWORTH. MR. J. H. BUDWORTH. MR. JOHN HART. MR. JOHN QUEEN. MR. JOHN HART. MR. JOHN QUEEN. ? MR. WILLIAM WEST. MR. WILLIAM YVKST. MR. JOHN WILLIAMS, MR. I'ETK CANNON. MR. JOHN WILLIAMS. Mil PETE CANNON. MR. JOHN WILD MR. JOHN WILD MR. J. U. BUDWOIITII MR. L. TOOLY MR. J. H. BUDWORTH MR. L. TOOLY MR. E. D. GOODINO MR. J. A. GRAVER Reserved coats f I. Family circle Reserved seats $1 26 cents. YOU CAN MAKE No MISTAKE, THIS WONDERFUL PERFORMANCE CAN BE SEEN ONLY AT THE U H BROADWAY. The com nan v for the week cominencinu March 21:? O- O ^ MISS EMMA WILL MOT. ^ ^ MISS JENNIE IIUOHES. ^ ^ MISS LILLIE HALL ^ I MISS ADA WRAY! | ^ MISS KITTY O'NEIL. ^ ^ MISS CARRIE HAINES. ^ ^ MISS F-ANNIK LUCIE. ^ ^ MISS ADA GREENFIELD. ^ I wk-j nitt.t.tv iiviiiiin i 6 6 ^ MISS KITTV TILSON. ^ Reappearance of the favorite Comedian, Mr. JOHN WILD, Mr. JOHN WILD. Mr. J. F. CROSSEN, Mr. R. U. HALL, Mr. (1. L. STOUTK, Mr. J. A. GRAVER, Mr. J. BRADLEY, Ac. MAKE NO MISTAKE MAKE NO MISTAKE EVERYTHING NEW NOTHING STALE/ FLAT or : UNPROFITABLE AT THE O?O O?O O-O O?O O-O O?O O-O |TJ llll | e i | a i | t j ik | i k | O?O O?O O-O O?<) O?O O-O O?O o?O O-O O-O O-O O?O O?o o?o n nn n n I,H o-o n O-O .,U> o?o n THEATRE COMIQUF. 514 BROADWAY. 514 BROADWAY 514 BROADWAY 514 BROADWAY OPPOSITE THE ST. NICHOLAS OPPOSITE THE ST. NICHOLAS ST. NICHOLAS HOTEL. 50 DIFFERENT ACTS AND SKETCHES AND. TIIE new DRAMA. ENTITLED CAPTAIN JACK; OR, TIIE MODOC WAR. CAPTAIN JACK; OK. THE MODOC WAR. CAPTAIN JACK; OR, THE MODOC WAR. CAPTAIN JACK Mr. WM. H. W1IALLEY ii a l?T a ? a- till/ 'ft It? Umt/YlT I'VITITP CAPTAIN JACK Mr. WM. h/WhALLIY Robert Falrchlld, a settler ...Mr. J. F. Crowen Whiskey Dave, a half breed Mr. B. I) flooding Orf/on Jim, a depraved white Mr. 0. L. Stout Obadiah Choker, a Peace CoinminMoner. ..Mr. John Mart Jacob Krout, his servant. Mr. l.arry Toolev Zip (sometimes called Mffger Zip) Mr. John Wild Sol Whipple, a "hotel" keeper Mr. J. A. tlraver Poker Bill, a loose character Mr. Robert Hall Mahega, a Modoc Indian Mr. W. West Sehonnea, a Modoc Indian - Mr. J. Queen ilulutoe, a Modoc Indian Mr. J Bradley Ta-mo-na ..... ......Mr. A. Wright Welnh, a young Modoe Mlsa Nellie Snntord N'ahmeta, wife of Captain Jack Miss Kmma Willmot iiisa.-ji;-"'"K"? first appearance of the great Protean Star, Miss ELLA WE8NKR; Miss RliU WKSNKR; also R M. CARROL and SONS. Reappearance ot the People's Favorites, IIARRIOAN and HART. And a New Local Sensation Urania, TITE CONVICT'S REVENUE: OR, LIKli IN THE 8TATB PRISON. The Drama and the above named Artistes appear MONDAY, March SL MATINERI EVERY MATINEE WEUNESDAT MATINEE and MATINEE SATURDAY. MATINEE The MATINEE Entire MATINEE Evening Programtnn MATINEE wUl MATINEE b? Performed MATINEE MATIN KK MATINKKH MATINEE WKDNRSDAY * MATINEE and MATINEE SATURDAY. T ?? i AWTSKWEim. Proprietor and Mnnarrr Mr. fiKSTEB ffALLAOC HKVKNTII WKI'K. MK. KOTIIKItN in liii h;> 1 eri lill imticrHuuitlion of . . I'AViXI OAKHICK. 1 tii? charming play u NIUIITLY UIVKN ... ^ with the iiio.it gratifying aucoyaa, u ** of acting and ui * on irciie. Mr. ? THRBN. Mr. John OHLuKICV. Mr. J. B. i'OIJC. ? .V^'r! A V I, Mr- w > l.i.'IN A ltl?, Mr. 14. JL ! ,L.LA?ND' ,,Mr'. BUWIN. Mini. K A Til I'iKf N K KOI.I'.U.S. MlW. PONISI mid Mr.'. JOHN SKKTON. Notwithstanding the extr.i aec(iiin.i,.,iHii,.r... nmvilml the demand for seats two week* in ad vance if i!o urgtnt thai EARLY APPLICATION 18 Ktronitlv rfciimui-ii led. BOX OFFICE OCRS (INK MONDI IN ADVANCE. OA VII) OA It KICK FVKRY NIGHT AND SATO HI) A \ MATINEE AT lt< 1\ M Carriages u>a.v he nrd red at 10:15. rrTIl AVENUE THEATRE. (HKOINS AT H.) O ajr AUOUSTIN DALY Sole I?w and Manager < THE TWO FAVORITES OF THE SEASON. Mr. DALY Iicks to announce a continuance of U4 week's programme lor a lew weeks looker. The reproduction of NEW YEAR'S EVE litis been so happily and emphatically welcomed, and the pcrlorinances of ALIXL are still so largely alteiided, that the novelties prepared lor the current week will he deterred, while the abovu plays receive their FINAL REPRESENTATIONS. MONDAY, WEDNESDAY and FRIDAY evrninRs.March 21, M aud 28 (for the LAST TIMES), the great emotional Play* Character* by Miss CLARA MORRIS, Mi*? FANNY MOKANT, Miss LINDA DIKTZ, Misa itvp NELLIE MORTIMER, Miss ROsA ST. C'LAIK, Mr. OKORUE CLARKE, Mr. CHARLES FISHER, Mr. JAMES LEWIS. Mr. LOUIS JAMES aud Mr. J. A. MACK AY. 1 ii'r.oimi, luunavm ami .iaiduiiai evenings, March 25, 27 and 29, will hi- acted (tor the LAST TIMES} tin! brilliant Londoa comedy of (diameter* bv Miss l'ANNY DAVENPORT. Miss CLARA MORRIS, Mrs. (1. H. GILBERT. ' NKW Miss NELLIE MORTIMER, Mr. UKOKOll YEAR'S CLARKE. Mr. W. DAVIUUK, Mr. C. II. ROOKEVE. VVDLL, .Mr. li. T. RINGGOLD, Mr. D. WUITI NO, Mr. OWEN KAWOEiT, Mr. K. M. CHAPMAN. SATURDAY, March 29, LAST MATINEE OK NKW YEAR'S EVE. at ball' past one o'clock. IN PREPARATION, for immediate reprodaction, the very famuli* original DRAM A ol StrCIE'l Y, played by litis CuinpHiiy during the luat scasou for over two hundred limes, entitled DIVORCE 1 To be given with EVERY ECKNK NEW, and its ORB AT ORIGINAL (IAST. Mr. DALY also begs to announce for early nrodnction the second of the series of Kl!K<G'EAN SENSATIONS, ol which ALIKE was the first, lor which ho has made special contracts directly wilh the authors. The now play IS a comedy of SINGULAR EMOTIONAL POWER, liv liie author of Eeali, the K.irsakent (1 RAND OPERA HO USB, T Twenty-third street, corner ot Eltfhth avenne. Curtain rises at K o'clock. Carriages may lie ordered tor WJ4. Sole Lessee and Munagcr Mr. AUQUST1N DALtt 1 SECOND WEEK of UNCLE SAM, Sardou's . Prohibited Comedy on American Society, received every evening with roars of laughter by magnificent audience*! 1 Tlie Marquis Robert do Roelicmoro Mr. Henry CriHp M. Krauois llriot Mr. Julian Cross Mr SAMUEL TaPI'LEHOT, called "Uncle Sam" Mr. JOHN BROUGHAM Ulysses Tup pie hot Mr. J. G. Pcakes BeiHainin Tupplobof Mr. J. II. Burnett Luuncclot Elliott, Esq.. a Journalist...Mr. George Devcra Colonel Nathaniel Klibburty Mr. W. J. Lemoyne Fairfax.. Mr. Martin Golden Gyp Direson Mr. J. W. Jennings Rev. Jedcdluh Buxton, a "Perfectionist"..Mr. J. A. Meade Top, hell bov, Kilth Avenue Hotel Mr. E. chapman Robinson Ms fc' P Pot..hints MUs SARAH TAPPLKBOT Mrs. JOHN W(IOI) Mlsg Angela Tii|>pio'<ot Miss Bella Golden Oruce Fllhburty, a m.i-riod Ruttcrily Miss Mary Gary Miss Betsy, a mieic ..aelicr Miss Ella Dicta Mum. Bellamy, a rurisienne Miss A. Dcian J THE MAGNIFICENT REALISMS IN SCENERY AND COSTUME inclnde A HUDSON RIVER STEAMER SAILING INTO Tffll AUDITORIUM. A Fashionable "German" on Fifth avonoe. A Promenade on the Beach at Long Branch. A Torchlight Procession in a Fifth avenue Parlor. MATINEE SATURDAY OF UNCLE SAM. Academy of music.?Italian opera. MONDAY EVENING, MARCH 24, AT 8 P. M, BENEFIT OF PAULINE LUCCA, and positively her Inst appearance in New York. CHILD OF THE REGIMENT. PAULINE LUCCA a* MARIS djiring the niu>ic lesson Mme. LUCCA will Introduce "DAS VKTLCHEN" (in German), Mozart, nnd "HOME, SWEET HOME" (in English). TUESDAY EVENING, MARCH 25, A.T 8 I*. M., CLOSE OF THE SEASON, BENEFIT OF CLARA LOUISE KELLOGG. I FirstAppearunco of Signor VERATI, first tenor front the Taro Theatre, Havana. MARTHA. / Benora S ANZ, Signor J AMET and othera ' rickets and seats for sale at 114 and 701 Broadway, and at the Academy of Music. TVJRS. F. B. CQNWAY'S BROOKLYN THEATRE. 1V1 ^ THIS EVENING MR. LESTER WALLACE. ^ ROSE DALE. SUPPORTED BY MISS F.FFIE GERMON, MR. WALTER LENNOX AND COMPAtffr. STKINWAY- II ALL. RUBINSTEIN?THOMAt. T1IE GREATEST CONCERT COMBINATION ON RECORD, COMPRISING THE RUBINSTEIN and THEODORE TnOMAS' CONCERT COMPANIES, will give THREE GRAND CONCERTS On MONDAY KVKNINU, March 31, Tuesday evening, April 1, and Thursday evening, April SL AND A OR AND COMBINATION MATIN KB on WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON, Aprils. Final Joint appearance of ANTON RCBINSTKIN. . HENRI WIENIAW-Kt, I THEODORE THOMArt AND HI8 UNRIVALLED ORCHESTRA. Orf MONDAY EVENING, March 31, will he produced, lor the first time in its entirety and under the personal direction of the composer, RCBINSTEIN'S OCEAN SYMPHONY. Conductor ANTON RUBIN8TKIM To the Evening Concerts?Reserved Heats $2 and 931 Admission tickets 91 AO and $1. Matinee Reserved Seats 92. The sale will commence on Wednesday morning, March 26, at 7111 and 114 Broadway, and at the box office of Steinway Hall, where programmes of all the Concerts can ha obtained. STEINWAY 1IALL. THE OCEAN SYMPHONY. Since Mr. RUBENSTEIN'S advent in America % great number of requests have been received that hie great Orchestral Symphony, THE OCEAN, he performed under his personal direction. It is, therefore, with satisfaction that the management announce for MONDAY EVENING, MARCH 31, the first performance in New Vork of RUBENSTEIN'S OCEAN SYMPHONY, under the personal direction and couductorship of th* composer, ANTON RUBINSTEIN. * 7TH REGIMENT BAND.?DR. COLTON, MUSIC AND Laughing Gas, Cooper Institute, Tuesday evening, March 2d. Tickets 2.1 cents. PAUL FALK'S TIVOLI GARDEN, 18 and 20 St. Mark's place. T?l..h<h ...I .,*,il Tliirit avnntii.. Thin evening, nt 8 o'clock. grand sacred Cntieort. Grand Orchestra nt 25 of the heat musicians. Conductor FELIX J. EBEX New.programme. Admission J.'i cents. Banjo, guitar and all styles of dancing for the variety stage taughi in a single quarter hy I'rofessor DOBSON, lit Fourth avenue. Banjos at all prices. FENOINO AND BOXING ACADEMY, IS CLINTON place, ncsr Broadway.?Boxing taught in one month. A flue nasortmont of Poncing Apparatus ami Hexing v Gloves on lisnd and lor sale. Colonel MONSTERY. /^ ARD.-WATSON'S PRIVATE MUSICAL ACADEMY, VI Clinton place (Eighth street).?'Teachers ot recognized abllitv only employed ; all IcssotTs strictly private; established I KM; terms moderate Circulars mailed free. V?BTOPOLITAN THEATRICAL AND SHOW PRINTING ESTABLISHMENT, riER ald~b7tildinc, BF.OADWAY A.NI> 'ANN STREET. A LARGE ASSORTMENT OF THBATBICAT* MINSTREL AND A RUTTY CUTS CONSTANTLY OS HAND. THE AOL SB A HON- ~ 1RVTNO HALL. I Second Season.?WEDNESDAY EVENING. March 2?L 1*73, SECOND GRAND HALL 01 the HOHOKRN mas. ylKRADK CLUB. Tickets, adnilttlnu ucatleman and lady, $.v lor sale at the principal hotels and ll? Broadway. PANdND ACAPjKMUM. A?DODWOBTII'S CLASSES FOR DANCING, AT 21J , nidi avenue, now open tor the reception oi pupil*. Send tor circular . AT MR TRENOR'S ACADEMY OK DANCING. LYRIC HALL, 723 Sixth avenue (Reservoirso;iaro). PUPILS can commence at any time, attend at thoir Convenience, and I,EARN ANY I'AltlTCCLAR DA.NCK A J. BA USE'S DANCING ACADEMIES.-CLASSES , at Masonic null. 114 and IP) hast Thirteenth streat. and 1M 19" List Kitty lonrth street SWIKEK at. Brcvoort llall, Monday, March 24. PRIVATE LESSONS at any hoar, day or evening. Cllti l LARSat Private Academy, 21'.!* East Eleventh *A ?* Ballet dancers instruction ior sinolk .anu.c,lLor?* ,0J ",0 lAiiKlit by Pallet. 1^ waiter di mar, .4 West Fourth street, near Broadway.a Terms B3 per week. 1 Ballet* aster dumar's dancing academy, n west Fourth street near Rroadway.?Day and evenin* classes; six Dances taught perfectly In ui privata lessons. All dances in una Quarter.

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