24 Mart 1873 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 4

24 Mart 1873 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 4
Metin içeriği (otomatik olarak oluşturulmuştur)

4 (Wore tnts wu none. At two o'clock It wm an. nouaoed that the Republic wm constitnteo, and in the manner here named. Pijruera*. the new Ptm'dent, aroM and briefly accepted the office. The new MtnUHerff passed to their bench amid a scene or renewed cheering, and the Cortes adjourned, Iter having been in session iorty-eight hoars. The .crowd had not perceptibly diminished when the Members passed oat on the Cnlle San Qoronimo, and as one alter another who had been prominent In the rep abllcun movement came into the open air lotui cheers arose, whleli were repeated again and again. Madrid bad little rest that night, and the morning arose upon au excited, agitated, expectaut capital. amadel's tasks ki.ight. The night of labor In the Cortex had been a night ?f anxiety in the palace. The committee from the forte* called a*d read the eloquent address of Caatelar. The King listened and said nothing, and quietly bade adieu to the commit tee. He whs known to be much pleased with the address. His queen was juat over the perils ol maternity?his babe being only a iew days' old. It was a long journey t o the frontier. an* she was still delicate in health, so it wus resolved she should remain at the Italian Legation until completely restored. The King could not go North, as the Carlisu had cut the railroad, nor 10 Barcelona, as it was disturbed. .so he would go to Portugal, where his sister reigned. Hut lie would he in do hurry. He would leure iue palace lor the Italian Legal ion and await his wile's recovery. Hut the Queen was in a nervous mood. Her mind answered the body's condition. She had been unhappy in Spain. Carlota of Mexico aud Marie Antoinette and other depressing memories were ever present, and they came vividly with every answer from the Cortes and the uneasy feclilng in the city. She would go at onee. The King cousen ted. A special tram was arranged to start betore dawn. The morning came and the Queen was ca rrlcd on a stretcher to the carriage and thence to the car. There was little ceremony in this departure. But lew of the members of the Cortes were present?none of the tyluisters. The hour was bo early, and they bad been in session until two In ,the morning. The guard presented anus, the band played the royal hymn, and in the darkness, as yet unbroken by the early dawn, the Kiag drove rapidly to the station. A few ol his conrt were there, some military attaches, and a number of cttlzeus who had been patronised by the Court. The farewells were brief and the train hurried away. In the shadows ceiild be seen the Oiuroh of St. Atocha, looking cold and mournful lu the Winter morning air. lu Its vaults lay Prim, who died to make a king out of this prince who was now dying from the capital of Spain. Prim in bis grave, Amadeus a fugitive, his Queen dccing at the risk < her own llie aud that of her new-horn child?this is all that <-amc of the mounting ambition that fouud a crown at its bidding. When the sun arose Hud it was known the King luitl leit?that he had really fled, and under such peculiar circumstances?the high Castiltau pride of .Madrid was wounded. "Why was he m such a harry," was said, "and the baby only two weeks old 1 It must live, and no one would have harmed a hair of his head." Hut., when even as brave a prince as Amadous had a wile brooding over Marie Antoinette and Carlota of Mexico, can we wonder that k e would be anxious 10 leave the capital of a Spanish republic as speedily as possible* KITKOPK FROWNS ON Til K NEW RRPCRUG. So the now Republic was born amid the happiest auspices. No disturbance, no trouble, not the first sign of a barricade. Peace in every province, every form of law observed. This was no gathering of "gentlemen from the pavement," as Hismarck called Camhetta and his 4th of September arrangement. Not by any means. There had not been a shadow of illegality. The King left the throne of his own accord. No one had forced him?especially no republican. Ills radical Ministry had been supported by the repnblicans. All the great powers of the State iiad united to proclaim the Republic. .Surely never nation came into being with sunnier skies, and the leaders were happy. What would the world lay* That was the question. In an Instant news came that the United States would give It the hand of peace and recognition. This was done, in manner and form as have been written 'to yon. Honors only shown to kiups were paid to the American Minister when he executed the orders of the President, and when Casfelar announced next day that the Great ltcpnblic, discovered by Columbus and founded by Washington, had recoguized Spain and invoked the blessings of the God of Golumbus and Washington upon the friendship of the two countries the < 01 ten arose and gave sheer upon cheer of satisfaction. But no word came from other countries. It was soon felt that the nations of Europe were not lriendly to the new commonwealth. The London papers received it in a wild way. the Tints# even sayuig, when it beard that such men as (Jasielar were in power, that of course this was a pavement gathering and would snly last until a battery of artillery could be brought up. Then came stories about Cinseret and the Communists hurrying nere? gravely printed and discussed in respectable London Journals. The legations were unhappy and critical. Severe fault was round with the American Minister, lie had meddled too much in local politics. His interference in the crisis was undlgniiied and undiplomatic. If Serrano came to power he would be "put, into a first class ear and sent over the irontier. The American recognition was a most unseemly event. What business had She American Minister to keep open house and instruct the new republicans in their duties f it was opposed to all American traditions. Did not Washington say no "interlersnce in foreign afiairs" and no "entangling alliances*" And here was a Minister who was in every republican caucus, who was sn active partisan, and before the King's throne was cold be was fonnd hurrying down to recognize the new government by telegraph By telegraph! Was ever a more unseemlv transaction known in diplomatic history r More than all, the British fleel came into Lisbon. Its business was to see that the Peninsula was quiet; that British Interests were protected. Madrid grew nervous, and In an notir it wan known that the American Minister had sent lor the American fleet to come to Barcelona. The republicans rejoiced; but the diplomatists found cause for offence in this. Here waa more interference. This Yankee Minister not only had republican caucuses at hia honse. and not only recognized the Republic by telegraph, but here he waa bringing n fleet to give it moral etrength. If only one good outbreak would take place, so that these Ministers could cry "Commune t" and terrify calm minds with the spectre of a red democracy, then their course would be easy. But Spain kept profoundly at peace; ana England, which welcomed laiuls i'bilippe when ho name over the blood* barricades, and which hastened to recognize Napoleon when he came red(landed from the massacres of the roup dh'tat, has tood silent, sullen and uairiendly before this Republic, whose buitner, as 1 have said, is "unstained by a single crime, unspotted with a single drop of human blood." CAST ma's qcbtion. "What do these kings want ?" said Castclar, the other day, discussing this coldness of the monarchical representatives towards the new Republic. "What do they want ? Wnat more could they have f What else remains to be done r What other forms are to be accomplished r If this Is not legal what is law r If this is not peaceful what is peace ? We did not oppose the King. We did not put a thorn in his crown. We did not send htm away. We did not ask him to lohve. We obeyed him m bis power. We honored him in his abdication. We said farewell with all grace ana courtesy and kindness. It ia not onr fault that these kings have failed to rule 8pain. It is not onr fault that they have gone Into esile. We did not conspire against Isabella; It was the monarchists. JR e did uot conspire against Amadens: It was the Monarchists. Who wishes disorder in the North' The friends of Don Carlos, a prince. Who threatens disorder heref The friends of Don Aiplionso, a prince. Is Spain disturbed it Is because of the kings and princes. Where Is there h republican In arms V Who has heard a republican Are a gun id angerT What more de these kings want t They cry order I peace I security ' Industry! lawt protection. The Republic brings order, commands peace, makes Madrid as secure hs Loudon, encourages industry in every section, ^nd means to develop it by removing oppressive restrictions?oomes into life by the solemn and Stately lorms or law, and gives as its flrst act protection to every Spaniard, no matter what hiB political convictions mav be. What more can they want f What more can they have??' It is palninl to hear such questions?te tie unable to answer them. The objection to this Republic is simply because it Is a republic. First in this attitude is England? English Influence here is the strongest enemy of the new Republic?and I aui very sure that if the subtle opinion of England, that noble sentiment Which honors and loves liberty and progress, were to see with true eyes what Is as piaiu as the sun, there would be mischief between Mr. Gladstone and the commons. RUMORS ABOUT TH* AMBR1CAN MINISTER. What la the result T America to-day has a Strength in this peninsula greater, morally, than that ol all the European powers combined. The ill-temper abown towards oor Legation by other (diplomatists and tha slave party indicates this. The reactionary element here does not dissemble its anger. "American influence'' is Umcry of the (lave traders and tkelxJOUU.-J** Uu NEW YO Miuta, qmwii Mcktea vm denounced m am elaborate speech. In a club house a prominent Spaniard oloaed an excited sneeoh by declaring that oar Minuter aaaulrt be taken irom the Legation and dragged through the streets. Caricatures or the most offensive character are sold as broadsides. Anonymous letters directing him to leave Madrid are sent iu the post. 'I'he ladles resolved to cut Ills parties, and so it was suddenly unserved that none oj the reactionist families wore presentRut the parties were larger, as all the lilierals mail* a ii.iint <> etimuur. The journals openly charge nun with buyiug the Ministers. To ouc he pit id $60,000, to another a much larger sum. lie bullies to-day tod bribes to-morrow. He bullies to have a republic; he bribes to buy Cuba to force eraauclpatioa. "We have nothing against the American Minister personally," said an eminent man the other day; "but if the King had called us to his councils we should have ordered lilni out or the country." To crown all, an explanation is freely git eu to credulous minds that the Americana mean lu kelp in the accession of Portugal; that sick lea, having a Spanish lady for a wife, would assume Spanish citizenship and become a candidate tor the Presidency of the Iberian Republic. A THKKATKNINO CLOUD. These were mitior troubles, however, grave as they were. A mors serious difficulty menaced the new commonwealth. The republicans in the hour of their triumph magnanimously offered the Presidency of the Cortes to Martoa and retained four monarchists in the Cabinet. The Secretary of the Treasury and of War were monarchists. It was found there was no harmony in the union. The nation was dissatisfied, the republicans especially; those who bad labored and hoped and waited and prayed; who had known stripes, and blows, and exile, and imprisonment and contumely; those who had been the apostles of the faith when there were no disciples, and whose nalrs were gray with disappointment and anticipation, became impatient. "Why," they asked, "is Cordova iu the War Office and why keep Kcliegeray in the Treasury? Are there no true republicans in Spain that the army should be under the command of a minister of Amadous' and the Treasury In unsafe hands?" And so the murmurs arose, and it was soon seen that the republlchbh of the nation meant to have no leaders but those who were tried in the faith. T11K KKI'UBLICANH DISHHAKTKNKD. Then, Indeed, it seemed dark to those who wished well for Spain. The cloud came up black aud threatening. All kind ol rumors were in the air. The city which had Been Amadeus go and the Hepublic come without an emotion became nervous. Prudent men sent their families away. One Minister had announced a partv. He cancelled the invitations on account of "the state of affairs." I had occasion to go as far as the Plaza San Domingo witli a Jjondon correspondent. It was about niue in the evening. "You surely are not going out?" said a friend. "Why not?" was the question. "Why, it is not safe l" But we went. Everything was quiet. And as we returned through the quaint, narrow streets no one was seen but the watehmen, carrying lanterns on a pole, mousing along, like Dogberry in Shakspeare. aud sucing that all was well. The night continued electric. We walked to the Cortes. The session was on. There was a oommonplace bill under discussion. But no one listened, for all inlnds were with the Cortes of the two parties who were in consaltation in private chambers. The caJHn were crammed to suffocation. I sat down in a group of persons well known to me. "We shall have flghti iug before morning," said one. "Oh I there will be J no homicides," said another; "to-morrow's the I carnival." "Don't be too sure of that." said a I tmrd, "the worst revolution I ever saw began in ; the carnival." "Bat," I said, "have you any idea I of the arift of sentiment, or what is probable ?" I "Ideal" said one who had been for twenty-five years in Spanish affairs, and was a leading man In , Congress; "there con be no ldoa! Madrid | is a city of surprises. We only live from hour I to hour. This is a crisis, and there Is one remedy?the retirement of the radieals. We do not i want monarchists to nurse the new Republic." ; "But if they don't retire," I said, "lor they have the Cortes with them." "The Cortes belongs to yesterday; this is to-day. Yesterday we were I democratic monarchists; to-day republicans. The ' country has taken that step; if the Cortes has I fi?#l t.Al? nolll A ml mv fvintiH kaIIo<1 liia | lorter around his throat and slowly walked away , with a serious, grieving face. the thiuu day, ok the day of despair. The morning came, and the day showed no brightness. There had been consultations all nlglit. The 1 radicals would not yield. They hud the Cortes. I Why should they have a minority In power who wotdd do them no good? Behind them whs the I Congress and all the elements of reaction; I before them came the rolling wave. Among those who sent their families away in an ostentatious manner was .Serrano. In the meantime the government had taken all precautions. I went to the telegraph otllce to send you a despatch. The office is in one of the corridors of the Interior Department?a large, gloomy, stone building, with cloisters and court yards that might have served for the inquisition. Outside all was quiet enough?a few Idlers staring at a placard, la the courtyard were two companies ol soldiers standing at reHt in double line. There were soli dier.i at every window. Patrols of cavalry rode up ; and down the streets. A company of cavalry anrl reunited the palace of the Cortes. The carnival i Tailed. 1 went to the Prado to see the maskers. [ There were a few who hud come out to disport I themselves and a number of carriages, but although they gamboled and capered It was not In a hearty fashion, and men said the carnival was dead. the panic in madrid. And so all day we waited. I went to the Legation on a matter of business. The Minister was there. During these times he kept the Legation opeu day and night. My bnsiness could wait, and 1 was teld that it had better wail, as In a crisis like this the Minister's attention might be summoned at any time. I went to the certes. The same crowd ofgloomv, muttering men, resolved to have the Republic and no suspected statesman commanding the money and soldiers of .Spain. 1 returned to the hotel Just about Ave, and went out on the balcony that commanded a view of the public square. All of a Hodden a cry was heard. A rush of people came ponrlng down the Alcala?men on horseback riding furiously rrom the Parade; carriages, with ladies driving home in a gallop?men and women, In swift flight going up oue street and down another, a spectacle of the utmost panic, In which thousands swept through the open square like Bheep pursued by wolves. I thought the fighting had begun, and wsnt to an adjoining room to snmmon a cotleague of the Hkrai.o to come, and come swiftly, that we might see the event and note it down. When we returned the panic was over. The square was cleared. There had been a rush and no mere. I looked at my watch and saw that only five minutes had passed. We went Into the street to make Inquiry. We learned that a company of dragooaa came to the Cortes to relieve the ene on guard. Beiorc tbey rode off they drew their sabres and moved along on a trot, ijome timid people near, seeing the sabres drawn, suddenly cried out. "Save yourselves! they are going te charge I" and in a minute the word spread and magnified, and all Madrid was In a panic. This incident took place a half mile from where I saw what 1 have told you, i aud Mends said that one or two miles distant the 1 same scene was witnessed. I mention the fact to I show you bow feverish and electric tbe city was, and bow tbe slightest misadventure might have i turned it Into a citv el mourninflr and death. "How I does it look now ; ' 1 said to one who was carefully | studying the phenomena. "In tiro hours we shall either have civil war or stupid, dull inaction." That evening the radical Ministers resigned, and there was a harmonious republican Cabinet. And the cloud paused away. LIOUT AND LAND AT LAST. 80 ended the third day, and the work was done. The Republic was launched. They were days of labor. The first was when Flgueras compelled the I Cortes to hold permanent sessions. That opened I the battle. The second was when the Republic ; was lormally voted. That was victory. The third was when the monarchists were driven irom the ! Cabinet. That was securing the fruits of the victory. The last day was the darkest and most, dangerous day of all. When it passed and public opinion compelled the surrender of the Cabinet ' men saw that the Kcpublie had its chance of success. A HKKKY DAY IN MADRID. Aud now that the history of this event has been ' told, you may naturally ask, What of the future T Is a republic possible In Spain r la this Republic ' probable t All is bright and clear enough now. I 1 write this on a warm, sunny day?one of those ' days that Winter gives you in Spain. Beneath my i window are voices of merry men and women? , music and singing and load, cheerful clatter. This ; , is the season of foliv and indulgence of soak There, , . winding around ths fountains in the open square, stroll a band or students, decked in gaudy costumes , of red and green, with taaeelied caps braided witn sliver. They are playing gnitars, and ao they go they crave largesse for the poor, and will fling you their caps to the uppermost balcony with unerring aim. 1 What sweet, winuing music It is 1 just the air lor the summer night under my lady's chamber win- : dow; and how uertly theytonsh tne strings as they , merrily caper along! And now come a group of lads and maidens 01 the poorer close, who form a circle aud dance a serious, slow measnre, with castanets and much winding in and ont. to the music 1 or a violin played by one whflse ince is darkened 1 with charcoal. Another group is dancing i around an open barouche in whicn there [ are two maaks?one as the Ace of Diamonds, the other Mephistopneies. And ' carriages roll along to the musical concert, and . crowds make their way, overflowing the sidewalks j ami running in the streets, eager for the bull light, j To-day there will be a special bull fight, six bulls to be slain; to-night a famous masked ban. Don't you see bow merry we are, bow light-hearted, how resolute in our pleaaures, and how glad to take advantage ol this shining sunt "The people are restive,"said a minister to Napoleon. "Put a new soat of gilding on the dome of the Invalldes. That will keep Paris amused for a month." And after the stress of this exacting week we have the hull tight for Sunday's recreation, which was certainty a wise move on the part of tue government. WHAT OK TUB KITL'HK ? Truly we are cheerful enough, let the future be as it may. And when 1 came to discuss the question which naturally arises st the edge of so long a narrative, so much remains to be said?so many questions to be considered?that I must give it another letter. This in concluding, however. These men of Spain have done a noble work. They nave done It well. Nor Is it a spasmodic effort. The Republic comes as naturally, as inevitably, and by the operation of those wise, bidden, enerrlng laws which govern States as well as men ana flowers and trees, as the flower follows the bud and the fruit the flower. It will be with the Spanish people to say whether the fruit will be really sweet aud life-giving, or like that of those fabled a mi MigmuieUMk consolidated bonds, 58 s 66; do. do., defcrre* crip, 14 a 15; Georgia sixes. TO a 78; do. sevens 88 a 00; North Carolina, ex coupon, a 32; do. ti N^rth Carolina Railroad, 60 a 62; do. fund Ing, 1886, 20 a 24; do. do., 1688, 18 i 22; do., now, 17 a 18; do., special tax, 14 a 15; Mil sourl sixes, 05 a 05>,; do. Hannibal and At. Joseph 91 a Ol1,; Lomsiaaa sixes, 45 a 50; Alabama fives 55 a 80; do. sights, 80 a 85; Booth Carolina sixes 30 a 40; do., new, January and July, 18 a 20; do do., April and October, 20 a 22; Arkansas sixes funded, 40 a 43; Mootbo and Ohio Raiiroai sterling, 90 a 03; do., Interest eights, 87 a 00; MU slsslppl Central Railroad first mortgage sevens, 0 a 95; do. second mortgage eights, 87 a 90; New Oi leans and Jackson first mortgage, 02 a 94; do. set WjJtowiW iBdUtefltfttj RK HERALD, MONDAY, HNiMM AND COMMERCIAL ?+?? The Dulness in Wall Street and the Cau?ea of It, PERSONNEL OF SPECULATION. TU? Gourde of Hto?U?, Or old . anil Money. Lease of the Harlem Bailroad to the How i oik uentrai ana rroposea jjoanung of the Capital of Panama. SATURDAY'S BANE STATEMENT Wai.L .STRUCT, t Sunday. March 23, 1870.1 The week has t>een a dull one In Wall street, much to the disappointment of the brokers, who have been rauaacking their memory for a parallel case of inactivity at this season or the year. Id explanation we have, first, the protracted scarcity of money; and, second, the occupation of business men with their legitimate concerns. It if just the season when merchants are engaged to the extent of all their time, and speculation is a luxury which requires leisure for Its Indulgence. Whatever may be the inference?and the matter is oapable both of intelligent defence and of censorious condemnation? the ranks of the Wall street spectators are re cnilted more and more every year lrom tux MKUOANTII.il CLASS KM. It would startle many a staid, old-fashioned mcr chant to learn how many of onr merchants make ventures in wall street nowadays. They are noi there all the time, be It understood; they devoti themselves during their busy season to their own business with slavish energy and perseverance. But In the months of dulncss?the "off" seasons oi trade, so to speak?they scan the stock list, read the money article, and make ventures here and there in amounts varying from the conventional one hundred shares tip to a thousand or Beveral thousand shares. It Is the absence of this element Just now which contributes not a little to the * DULNK8M OF TUB STOCK MAKKKT. It Is evident that a similar explanation will account for the lack of interest on the part of the great mass of out-of-town operators. When money is so scarce and tUe interest account tends to cat up the profits of a venture the outsiders are loth to come in. Again, money has been and Is worth so much all over the country this Winter and Spring that rich men prefer the certainty of the high return of Interest to the chances of Wall street. It is only when capital Is a drug at two or three per cent for its use on call that It is tempted Into stock operations. Hence It Is that wc find a "plentiful lack" of the "out-of-town orders," which have usually burdened the telegraph wires and mails at this seasou in previous yours. It Is not Impossible that TOE SPRING RISE may yet prove a reality and a successful eventuality to the patient "bulla" of Wall street. As we already know, the movements of trade and money are all a month to two months behindhand. The merchants are beginning only now to experience the activity In trade which should be at its height. A few weeks hence Wall street may have Its turn. It seems more likely, however, that the fever ol speculation will be deterred until nearer the summet? As may be fancied from these comments upon the stock market, the fluctuations ol the week have been of Important extent outside of two or three specialties. In general terms the market was weak, and prices declined np to #bout Thurs day, when TltK CURBS NT. CHANGED and the lost ground was nearly regained by Saturday night. About the widest fluctuation was in Harlem, which, after an advance to 139)4, on the impression that the capital would be increased and the road leased at 8 per cent to the New York Central, fell back to 130 on the discovery that the road would be leased at its present capital only, but would rctaiu independent control of the horsecar lines in Fourth and Madison avenues?an elastic source of revenue?which, by judicious management, ought to add enough to the rental guaranteed by the New York Central to make the road pay its stockholders not less than 10 a 12 pet cent. At the close on Saturday a report prevailed that THE PANAMA DIRECTORS contemplaied doubling the capital by the award ol a scrip dividend to present stockholders, and expected to pay 8 per cent dividends in lutnre on the enlarged capital. The course of the stock, however, had been at variance with this idea, as its price declined during the week from 122 to 112? in fact, to 109)4 * dividend. In the gold market the premium recovered to 15\ on the lighter ex. ports and the heavier imports of the week, the movement being assisted by the action of the Treasury in issuing about two millions of the socalled reserve of greenbacks. Money loaned at MO and interest and down to 3 a 4 per cent, the relaxation being quite encouraging on the last two days of the week. LATRST PRICES OP GOVERNMENTS. The following were the closing quotations Saturday evening for government bonds:?United states currency sixes, 113*4 a 114; do. do., 1881, registered, 117 a 11714; do- do. do., coupon, no a 119*4; do. live-twenties, registered, May and November, 110 a 110*?; do. do., 1862, coupon, do., lie a 110*4; do. do., 1804, do. do., 116 a 110)4; do. do., 1806, do. do., 117 a 117)4; do. do., 1807, registered, January and July, 116 a lift)*; do. do., 1806, coupon, do., 116 a 116'4; do. do., 1807, do. do., 117 a 117)4; do. do., 1808, do. do., 116*4 a 110)4: do. ten-forties, registered. 110)4 * 111; do. do., coupon. Ill a 111)4 do. lives of 1881, registered, U3\ a 114; do. do. do., coupon, 113)4 a 114. COURSE OF THE GOLD MARKET. The extreme fluctuations daily lu the price ol gold daring the week were as follows:? IhaheM. Lowest. Monday 116)* Hi Tuesday ll.V, 115 V, Wednesday 115 11 ."> Thursday ll-V\ 115), Friday 116>, n.v, Saturday 115<? 1164 The last sales of gold Saturday were at 115 S, and UR quotatlou closed at 115H a US?f. SOPTHKHN 8BCrRITIBS. The Southern State bonds were more active dnr ing the week and the market Irregular. The Ten' nesaees, after a steady advance to 80, declined qatte suddenly to 82 on the discovery that the Legislature in enacting the Funding Mil had Itm ited the rate of taxation to a figure Incapable o providing revenue enough to pay the Interest. Or the other hand It was stated In explanation tha the valuation of property had been raised nearly i hundred per cent, ao that the revenue would prov< surtlcleat. A strong demand for THK M1S80I-RI SIXKS and a rise to oa>* a 86'^ are attributed to a belle that the State will pay her Interest in coin beiors another year gees by. The following were tin closing quotations'Tennessee, ex coupon, 62 i 82 \ ; <lo., new, 82 a 82V, Virginia, ex coupon, 4< Ait: do., registered stock, old. 30 k."?' iln aimi MARCH U. 1873?TRIPLE SHEET. Railroad first mortgage, 85 a 87; do. second mort- ?. Lool* straight extra gage, 77 a soj.Greenville and Columbia Railroad, ?. uSuly guaranteed fey Honth Carolina, 54 a 40; Macon and California Brunswick Railroad, gnaran*ced by Georgia, 03 a southern No.i! 05; Memphis city sixes, 58 a 40; Savannah city SlnlfiJJ'" *Bp*r'lnc | sevens, 85 a 84, Hew Orloaua sevens, 58 a 03. southern family TIIB BANK HTATHMKNT. Sill] Jg~?The weekly statement of the aaaociated banks is torn mrai, Brandy wine ....! lavorable in so far that it shows that they have cIioriofT. crossed the line of legal resorve and now hold ope- Lwh?a??i?' ' cte aud greenback* to the extent of more than koc , $i &>1wa?urefused/'wfiii! twenty-live per oent of their HaMlit.ee. It will be j? 71, ..'^"^rTnTin store1 remembered that the-national banks kept above and *i .*6 lor interior Genesee. the line all along during the past month, but all ^er^'^cW,e0rre iKh the ItankM, .State aud national, aro now fortified in afloat; J7c. loruew white We. reserve to the extent required by the National K^uiornwhhe,*mftSe.1? * Uaukiug lawa. At least they are so tn the average. w,'r<' V'lth lair ingui .... grogate 16.60U bushels, all in ca A few institutions may continue to tall behind, but u)c. afloat tor heavy State,47c, theoe latter are, of course,'the exception. The 'bZZ change in actual reserve la very alight, ouly a hun- ift,ooo bushels at il ls' for we drcd thousand dollars or so of aim m^wnd^"*' "** du" a gain, Painonrs.?Room being acari but a contraction of nearly three millions in loans ^ti'on^'buVr'aieawe^rt^y has enabled the banks to mark off a million and a lhe chartering Una, although t _ . , ,. . vessels lor the petroleum Ir half of deposits, so that the gain in uet reserve wero without noticeable ci amounts to nearly half a million dollars. The S^To BrU^by^sUSihfi statement compares with its predecessor *f last cheese at 55*. ;-2bo bbis. flour a weolr as miinura - 5e.; 6 tons leather ut 7Uh. ; and weea as IOIIOWS. ,K, ?t SM. per aiandard bus March 15. March 22. bv steam, 1,600 hales of c Loans. $278,038,000 $275,108,000 To Gibraltar, 50 liluU. t ' Specie 16.946,700 17,472,300 petroleum. to Uciioa, M ' 1M'W6?? I&V&Z OT ?The changes being in detuil an follows:? to'aibralul-Ptor^?ord M'and Decrease in loans $2,829,800 ?? refined da at 35c. and ? Increase in suede 625,000 toh porto and prlvilcao Adri Increase in circulation 3,200 f f? J?" Decrease in deposits 1,471,900 we^ian b^rk hinceTo^rmiati i Decrease in legal tenders 411,300 do. ?t 7a.3d.'; a Norwegian ha an analysis with 2,500 bbls. rellned uo. at li * " w . ? outward bound), from Cadiz b i of these flgnres shows that the banks now bold salt on private terms; atr ai , $217,226 in excess of the reserve required by law, "BrinSt'bar^ of SstonTregl a gain for the w eek of $481,476. l'ho following com- and two porta in Java with oil pariaon hIiowh the variations in detail from the pre- "Volambl^tSc inquiry was Vious week: suiting In much business, trai ? _ . ? M jubbing lots of domestic, uggr< March 15. March 22. Changes. Orleans, at fram 69c. a 75c. W Specie $16,946,700 $17,472,300 Inc. $526,600 Legal tenders. 33,715,600 33,304,200 Dec.' 411,200 Cuba, centrifugal and mixed. ? Cuba, cluyed , Tot. reserve $55,662,200 $55,776,600 Inc. $114,300 cute' muscovado' grocery'''' Circulation... 27,010,400 27,613,600 Inc. 3,200 I'orfo llicT : .Z: 1 Deposits 196,096,400 194,923,600 Dec. 1,471,900 Kngltsh Islands ) ?_?? ?? New Orleans Total Ua- Naval Storks.?For spirits Wlltles...$223,705,800 $222,237,100 Dec. $1,468,700 ?riv oV'76bbigUit aS?"1late , 36 per cent.. 66.W6.450 65,569,275 - Lore offering at thtt' 'pr?co I Deficiency... 264,260 ? ? Kosin was considerably flrni i Kxcess over strained quoted at the close legal r'srve ? 217,225 Inc. 481,476 J??n. ??d $3 40 a M 45for go< STOCKS ON SATURDAY. terd'aj 3,000 b?ls.'sold "at $"\(? The following table shows the highest and lowest was easier; loo bbls. of Wiln prices of the principal stocks during the dayPK-rnoLBtm.?The market tor trinhuat nominal. Quoted at 19%c. 'or v. v?.i, Crude in bulk was very firm, New York Central 101% loo % supply of truuaportation. Lot Krie 65 '4 63% at '.l%c Sales 2,000 bbls. for A] Lake Shore 94 93% quiet but steady at25%o. a 26c Wabash 73 72 % and nominal at about 12c. tor Northwestern (No transactions) n^ttQuotod?onofe Northwestern preferred 88% 88% city, $2 Su a $2 25. The I'hlini Rock Island 115% 114% dull aud prices nominal. Ret St. Paul 56% 56% Provisions.?Receipts?Porl St. Paul preferred 75% 76% packages; lard, 1,636 bbls. ant Ohio and Mississippi 45% 46% *'^utTnestaffs' OTlPdo ? lai Union Pacific. 34% 34% C., C. and I. 0 39% 38% steady?500 bbls. sold tor June Western Union Telegraph 87% 87% city prime mess on private t? Pacific Mail 55% 63% $lb, cash.. Bacon was also gul ... . .. * .. , , . 60 boxes city long clear at 8%o The following were the quotations at three o'clock 8%c. Dressed hogs firmer ; cl P. M., when the Hoard adjourned: $12 tor new main W mem! Western Union. 87%'a 87% Northwost'n pf. 88% a 88% Jo. extra do., Obis.; $21|a $22 I Panama 111% a 112 N J Central 103% a 103% and $23 a $25 for do. India do k N.Rxpress.... 74 a 74% Rock Island 114% a 115 about 150 packages within thi Pacific Mall.... 55,% a 55% St Paul 5C% a 5674 quiet and unchaugcd; quote N Y Central...101% a 101% St Paul pref.... 75% a 75% J30a$33 tor Western. Cut ir Erie 05% a 65% Wabash 72% a 72% the market continued firm. f Harlem 132% a 133% Ohio k Miss 45% a 45% 6%e.. 500 pickled hams on p Lake Shore 93% a 93% Boston, 11* K.. 4% a 4% salted hams, 10 lbs. average, c Union Pacific.. 34% a 34% U, c A 1 C 39 a 39% loose bellies, 10 lbs. average, oi Northwestern..? a 81 hams, 11 lbs. average, at 11%< In Philadelphia Reading was steady and quiet at xe'fwtw'flriiT11 HalesiUo Uere 115%. 250 da, for March, at 8 7-16c.; 1 ??? Rick was In moderately fair COMMERCIAL REPORT. To"- toarobnaat;'*c'a83 Suoar.?The market for raw * underwent no material cha: . Cotton Firmer?Receipts at the Porta h'lds. ottalr Cuba, at 8%c.: _ ? . .... . . 8%c.; 320 boxes low grad f 7,838 Boles?Flour Quiet?Wheat and boxes clayed, at 9kc. Corn Firmer?Pro-visions Quiet?tiro- ?e"'*"d? i eerie* Quiet?Petroleum Dull?Spirit* tt'oail' fair," sic? a 8KcE;"goc Turpentine Lower-Reel n Firmer'Whiskey Firmer. hlids. aud boxes, 7c. a 8c.; m< M . . n ? Boxes, Dutch standard. No*. 7 ; Saturday, March 22?fl P. M. 12,8*c. a l^c.; do., is to is. Thera was an Increasing movement in general {%? 'R^co-Reflnlni trade circles during the whole of last week, super- HXe.j grocery, fair to choice' Induced, In part, by a concession on the part of ^"''fp'to iffinc.0 n%Xc Mi , sellers, which enabled buyers to make better bar- superior, 7?c. a 8X0. 1 gains than they had previously been enabled to do. aOc.f^'nd y.Itoi lbs! tair'at 8! > Hut this was not always the case, as some comrnod- Tallow?steady and more ' , _ . .. . ..... , choice, ats ls-lfc., and 85,0001 I lties appreciated under the increased activity, and whis*by.?Receipts, 417 bbli were higher ut the close of the week than they had {Jjj^ T#bt?i> arket Y"u ste*(ljr , previously been for some time. This was notice- ' ably the case with broadstuffs, which were held DOMESTIC , tlrm on Saturday at extreme llgures. Cot- ( 1 ton, after having experienced a radical decline, . Cotton quiet; good ordinary , . ' ... . _ * bales. Exports?To Great I 1 was mere steady at the close of the week, though sains. too. stock, 84,81/7. ; ??<-' was but moderate. Flour ruled quiet, CoMon B#od 1 but steady, all through the week. Wheat was la dtnary, it>V-; low middiini limited demand all tnrangh the week, but there evening I was little more lnqalry iron the 'slilppere on Tharsday, Friday and Saturday, under which Gottonflrm; m.idd 1 In**, 18X ; . _ A , gross. oil. tsAporte ooimtwla prices advanced 3 to 6 cents per bushel, and tbo 38,911. r market closed lira on Saturday at the advance. cotton Arm: middling., 18? The stock la reduced to a very small figure, while Exports to Great Britain, C-v the receipts have been very small, so that there is _ ^ 1 .... . ..... . ... ... .. Tobacco firm for desirable a little prohablllty of any augmentation nntll the Wilsixg ; opening of the canal. The corn market ruled Uall Spirit* turpentine quiet, at' . all through the week, but there was a little lm- ^$3?^ d,Vnd $4 fo?y< provement in tone on Saturday. The stock is am- firm at $2 79. ^ pit, bat prices are so low that the resumption of p]?ur steady. 8aies 1,300 " , canal navlgatio* is not regarded as likely to aireet for" 0'ubie**ex tra.W'wbeat*ic , the market to any appreciable extent; still the fo- Sains of Western ateor. -, suu tu re price of eorn, as of other commodities, is, of nn course, entirely problematical. Oats were firm unchanged; shorts $21, shipsr during the last part of the week and closed firm. Jen. Railroad treights-Floui ' Whiskey declined considerably during the first part of the Bseton, 72c.; to New York, 62< 1 week, but closed with a firmer tone en Saturday. The movement in provision* has been lair, though pork and Floor unchanged ; nearly a lard were scarcely so buoyant or firm at the close of the terms Wheal steady; sales week as during the earlier part. There was an increas- cash : f 1 ?S a $1 2b \4, seller tog movement m the hardware, drv goods and other de- No. 3 Spring. si <77X a $1 IT partments of wade, not specifically noted, bat the lists of Corn steady at 31 He. for No. ! , quotations showed little or no change for the April; .IS'.e.. seller May; re 1 better. The freight aud chartering business ua- unchanged; sales of No. 2 at derwent but little change. Grain freights were for rejected. Rye firm and sc comparatively cheap, owing to the small offerings, Barley active and higher, nt Tonnage was scarce ail through the week, and the ship- 66c. for No. X Pork quiet at I plug business continued to thrive in all Its branches, seller April; $14 79, seller A rates continuing high, with a good inouiry for vessels. cash; $8. seller May. Meats u Groceries have been quiet all through the week, cofiee, key firm and in fair demand in particular, having been dull, and on Saturday closed bids. Hour, 28,(100 bushels whes weak. Fewoleum has ruled firm for all grades; still the , oats, 1.000 do. rye and 9,1)00do demand has been very light, and prices to a great exteut bbls. Hour. 12.IK4) bushels whei were nominal. Naval stores have fluctuated consider- . oats and 16,000 do. barley, ably during the week, and closed to-day decidedly lower , m for spirits, while the market for rosin was a trifle be tter. Cosraa.?The market continued duU and weak, pending KIN AM the receipt of the Rio telegram. We heard ol a sale of ??? 1,700 bags Rio, ftrictly good to prime, at 18Xc. A UGl'ST BKl>MONT A CO., ' a IS,V-. and 329 bags ex Ontario at 1BV- iV Rankers, 19and 1 quote Rio?Ordinary cargoes, 16Xc- a ldl$c.; latr car- issue Travellers' Credits, avi goes, 17c. a 17SC-; good cargoes. 17\c. a 18c.; prime car- world, through the Soes, ih'ac, a 18>-c.; extreme range lor Iota, IflSc- a 18V- Messrs. DK R( ava?Government bags, 20c. a 21c.; do. grass mats. 2uc. . a 23c.; Singapore. 16.Sc. u|17>,c.; Ceylon, 17V- * 18,Sc.; and their correspondents. I Maracatbo, Ibc. a 19c.; Laguayr*. 18 Sc. a 20c.; Jamaica, Also Commercial Credits i I7V- a I8V-'? 3t> Domingo. 16c. a !6Sc.; Porto Ktco, 19c. California. Europe anil iiavai a 20c.; Custa Rica. 18c. a Jl>c.; Mexican. 19c. a lie.; Ma nils, ITSc. a IbSc-; Angostura, 17,V- * l?Hc. ; Savanilla, a ?laPSLBY A BAZLEY, 17X1' ai?Hc-; Curacoa, I7V- a lBSc.,gold, per lb , 60a A. STOCK PRIVILEGES 90 days' credit. CIRCULAR, WITH PRACTIC CoTros?There wa? afatr movement tn cotton for ex- REFERENCES; CIRCULAR 1 port, and the market ruled firmer, the subjoined quota- DRESS; NO RISK BEYoND i I tiuni showing an advance of Sc. per lb. for all grades, at i I which improvement the market closed steady. For future A treason able ratks i delivery the market was decidedly firmer, under a fair XV Endowment Insurance 1 demand. We sum up thua - Mortgages; Insurances ol all 1 Tu-Uay. Lart Krrmxg fvso(. companies. J^J. harri Export.. 1.269 260 1.319 A NY active MEMBER Ol < ousuinplion. 7$ 29 1UJ J\ Exchange, wbo has an I Total fctraSia,"'" 2,i?. B'i?] sssts sssmsr ' Total, V.aoo bile>C,ia,%5" " 1,9 Hfc.i 3? at A -MONEY To LOAN of SL,8'?Si!r*Bll?M 11 I?r W A'Jf *ewYork. Brooklyn yinocV^t' iSc'Si^f '? * ??*" HAtiI,V8 4 ??aine. n * ' K'.fv?i ?:????sr?: i a J ?iW-i?i.fc-.{VKrr* ???.M,?A~ai; mkmitom ? ,,co"i; i I Z^P'IZ A,auZ?- * ? <*>??* Trim. ALLOW INTEREST ON 51 Ooud ordinary.... mi" {*?? !?', 14?, _ _ ' f'r'c'ordinary 17'! jft }?V 1?<" BATE ?K FOl'R per CKNI 1 |5* W B g \fiNT-pRini4N>?? WW 1 qu?w?yn?un(:;;arts?PS?2???*0". ^ _ i a,,si kv ? ba/, kv ? Flo ila< . ? fr?4? above or below **", VCONKY TO LOAN-ON I 4,*W bu?h?U fcraBm,l.|)'*"rioar' ',330 bbla wheat m , n<l V w*Lk rl"? I IE **? an'ii^ bi"VSJ| ' ^ B'^KS' id ~ *- A.i ?ia Wki. ,{'K ' ""uo.; ana tor ? ?? 1 - ? iuo XTOTICC. porn. 115 -W do.. corn meal. 4.110 bbla. and .\J7U b?wia; Officii, null, lj8,UW) bushel*. barley, 1,030 do.j rye MO do- The . interest due Aarll 1 no I flour marUPt ruled quiet but steady tfho sale* lncndln? Tbe in r t PrK R , all kind*. ..qgr.gate about 8.S.XI bble. at price, within the torn*. *ew Yorlt and Krl. R * range ?f the appended quotations. Corn meal waa gulet oflke or tiun.an, Piierman * t. and unchanged We quote;? ? ? ? --- * OU a 6 80 TTNION DIMS BAVINUS B ; ?"?"n5r.?.wt* 724 a 7 78 U .W and .W Canal atr iih iJte ? I..??8* 8 a 8k* per cent Interest paid. I- u.>.V?Hin? w t . 0 00 a *. 80 bear mtereat from April 1. Hu|^ti? W< ?tera 0 ? a 7 80 Aaaeta, ten mllllananine hoi 2 1?a ?. a.n?do.,sr., BOO^iuk,,,,, I EE* ?5 &&??r^5ST4'-.8 ? J * WAE!!MS J < SOB a 8BP MNANdUU SOOftUB - ?? - ? , 10 ua u oo rusr publuubu. I y oo io ob el :i SO a M 4 26 a 5 JO 411 INTAMIABLK BOOK 6 00 a ? M) . 7 a a ? so 10 00 a 13 oo !?<?* 3 SO a S IS 3 (iu a 3 us 3 66 a S 7S MKBCUANTH \NI) BANKKIM 4 00 r. O. h 3 till a 3 60 |? 50 I. o. h. TUB I trotiK lor lair No- 7 Bilwau is uriiui* was lii-ld nTUQ It ? 0.000 bushel*, nl $1 Si for HTA.TIsTICA.I- # ; $1 96 lor ordinary white Corn Waa tlrnirr. but nol bushels at 63c-., lor weevil ANNUM. ited, In atore; 66e. lor do.. item, afloat; 6r>t,r. lor new w yellow do.; 7Se. a 76c. lor containing full tabulated roporla oi the tfading branches eraey new, on pier, data ?? rv for mixed ; the ."ales an ir lota, at 44>ic. on track, of Commerce and rinitnco lor the year 187*, eaiuMrea a 4S&. for new Wealern eateru white; c-hotee old, y ruled llrni, wilh aalea of with preceding yearn the i?ri nUUoinh-iii? rvproduiaal ' atcru nail $1 :W lor prune 1 nominal. at 88c. for t'au Irom the annual tables published in the New Yark ce bv veaxela on the berth ahed" in the wa.r ot tram There was less Uoiug iu UAI1.V ilill.l.KTIN. the iiKiuiry lor suituhle adu continued lair, itatea ninar. The cnitazeiuenu The moat complete record oi ouiuiemul ami tinannlai 800 bbia. roain, on private > I 4X1 boxes baron, SOa,, I .MX) .. 13a. 3d.; 1110 blila. rosin at atatiaiica by aail, SS,3(X) buahel* craln ?? bel. also to Liverpool, ? otton at ftd. a 7-ltal ran tie had at obarco and 7,1X10 eases J hbda. tallow and 76 NKW YOKK HAIL* lUil.liKTrN OK MOB, to term*. The Cbarlcra l(X) ton. re a inter, licDcc to 3D and ? Cl-dar atroet general cargo ou private / o London direct with 2.U90 t'rioo, in flexible cloth oover.s ft id.; au lUiiau briu, hence Price, in cloth boards ? Mediterranean with 7,M ? - ? ?? r gratuity, excluding Span- Anr /infl Trt LOAN-OS CITY RKAL KSTATK. atjc, at 42c.; a Norwegian ou store uiui Tenement Property, er > German Baltic with t,DUO will buv First ami Second Mortgages. , according lo porta; a Nor- W p. a k. h.v lU'LKS, 56 Wall Htroot. idt with 3,500 bbls. relined rk.bonoe to Copenhagen dt.i r/\ n/m TO I .OAS?ON NHW YORK, BROOK ,4" 'J? !,']),('",w #1?)U?Ut lU. lyn mid Sew Jerae.v property, in sumo 0 New York with 1,980 tons to suit. First. Sccoiid anil ijcusehold Mortgages enahed. nerican hark, or 6H1 tons A ,\|. JOHNSON, IliO Broadway, room X taves at previous rales, unil ? ? atcr. hence to Cape Town ill (i ^ Hi 10 r" CO AS ON REAL KBTATK lit 1 in canes and merchandise 'PX" !?/ *"/ I his city or Brooklyn; $5.lW0 and upwards second Mortgages negotiated. Apply to JOHN r. moderate, but without re- CONRKY, 102 Broadway. room J. inactions being confined to ? ??? ?q?? :ul'out " b,ds *ew OOPAHTMMltsHKM. lTtfafiJc T ours F- BCPARQUiST AND P. I'LUOT liAVK TIIW _la? 28c a He day tormed a partnership under tlio flriu name uf ?a? 2<le a Vk- L. Duparqnel A Eluut, ill the luaiiuiacture ot Ranges, Ao^ ? _ sic 118c' in continuntieu of the late lirin oi P.. Moneuse t L. Ua30c. a 50c. S5c'.h55c.' ^1Ue', at " *"d * W,"",ter *trSet'Jn,ii??%?,,Sw' -a- 25c. a 45c.' York- a si nor g ?a- 55c. a76e. ,ar, FLUOT. of turpentine the market Bated March A). 187J easier. Sales were made rpHK FIRM OP K. MOSKUSE A L. DUPAUQUKT HAM r 50 bhls. sold at 55c., with X this day been dissolved by mutual consont. The , without finding buyers. affairs of the firm will he closed by K. T. Moissen, at hut a ^flcniaiia; ot)lcc,291 Rroadrmy, who f&lone is authorized to ntfu ttkm a #3 40 lor com- partnerMhip name 111 li?|(inl tiion ol its a flairs >d. The .sales include AO K. MONKUMK A DUrARQUBT. and'V:r Dated lington sold (to arrive) at _LJ, refined continued dull and ^HE WAoHLtfGlON MARKET JOB, spot or balance of month. ? owing to the insufficient , ?... . ?. . __ ... ,. ? _ s on the spot were Quoted BIO to Plnee the Market in the ilaads prliat??i. Cases ronJai,lc? of * monopoly. Who Bitty Charge What . Naphtha was neglected __ ' ... ./ _ _ Western and 13c. tor city. They Choose for Stalls So hong mm 'roads aV$2 10,?and#aV Oil They p?? the ciXT Seven Per Cent ilelphla market remained the Appraised Valuation. !,n|ai bbiifcaj^neutaf^692 The following letter and bill expose what took* 1 tierces and 200 kegs. And very much like a gigantic job to place the tenants 3,ft6o bhls.; beel, 249 pack- . ? .. . ,, , , . . , , d! 13,669 bbls. and tierces Washington Market under the heels or a rapu. at^l6Saij0and,iai?Sbblsbof clou8 rinB caIlea the Washington Market Company, inns; also 112 h'bls. mess at the names of the corporators of which are not tUiet anil -unchanged. Sales vnlircd in the hill _ ., and 100 boxes short rib at vtu?ea m lnc DU1 ? ty at7'gc. a 7^c. and West- STATE OF NkW VoRK, ASSEMBLY Clt.VMBKtt, h liet, but steudy at ?10 it Albany, March 21, 1873. f' fordo urlme mess tierces' T? THK Edit0B TnE HBUALD:? tierces ihc sa'les were 1 herewith send yon a copy oi a bill introduced in i range.' Beef hams were the Assembly providing lor the leasing of a largo (l at $si) a $si for Texas and amount Or city property, known as West Washingleats were leas active, but ton and Washtngtou Market, to a company oallink themselves the Washlngten Market Compaay. in privam ter'nuf; lo!oouM)s! Thl8 biil- ?? 8ee. provides for ii private terms; i,oougreen commission to value the said lauds, and upoa b. ; 50 boxes rib beiliev, at their valuation this company is to pay seven per irate demand, bui the mar- cent and taxes. The Commissioners are to leas* e$ o th.? d?ck- at 8 ; the property to this company lor the term of tweor 'demand and hteadv sa^i ^S-one years, with two renewals, making a lease ol ic and aw bagi ft'ang^oS sixty-three years. This lease, you will observes, is to be at the option or this market company fbr continued quiet, but prices thirty days. No other person or company is alM?! The sales were;?178 lowed to come in competition for this lease. The . rwk. A a2Ti? 1.^9' 1*, valuation of this valuable piece of property Is to be Refined wa* in fair left entirely In the hanaa of the Cemmisslonera. eg we quote-Cuba? Now, sir, will the property owners ef the city el in, 7c. a v/tv.; fair to New York allow this gigantic speculation to be aod to prime, sh|C. a si4c.; complished without a protest r The only proper nxeiVt"V k~9*ir"- mol~s^eZ auu nmj w un|>uow ui nuo iu>iui jo upu? ?j stado 4c ? 6Vc iTavnna? is to p$t tt up at public anctinn to ttie tugiiest re>to 9, Yfcc. a *Wc ; da. 10 to sponsible bidder, who will erect a suitable buildia* 9?jc. a u^c.; do., 16'to 18, tliereon, after advertising a sufficient length of ?c. ll'ic.i white, io?,'c. a time for such purpose. Please give this a place la common to prime, 7mc. a your paper and oblige jrours resuecWutlv, 8Xc-?W<c. Brazil?Dutch J r ' ? * will uu vummit ;c. Java?Dutch standard. 1LL1AM VOORHIH. tnlla?Superior and extra AM Act to authorize the leasing ot certain real estate be* longing to the corporation of the city of New York. :h sales of 25 tierces prime, The people of the State of hew York, represented bo ?c. a S%c. Senate and Assombly, do enact as follow* i active; sale* 100 hhda. Section 1.?The Board ol Commissioners of the Sinking h*. prime, atS^c. a 8Jfc. Kurul of the City of New York are hereby authorized a ad )., and for the week, 8,980 directed, within six months utter the passage ot Una act, bat less active. Sales, 250 to louse tor the term of twenty-one years, with covenants for two renewals, the lands and tenements, the property - of the corporation ot Uie city ol New York, hounded on Mm MARXET8. north by Vesev street, on the oust by Washington street, ad the south by Fulton street aud on the west by West street, M.?lh.? Iim known us Washington Murkct, and also the landaaa* / 16Wr Net receintK 1117 tenements bounded on the cast by West street, on the rltaiii ?? Cf^te^lie ia norUi by Vesey street pier, on the south by Dey street irttaiu, ww, coastwise, 44. pier, ana on the west by the oatsidc pier line, aseetnb u?_h f> iBTs lished by the Dock Commissioners of the City of New nNhntrv oAndT.r Vork, aud known as West Washington Market, reserving ra t7Vr - miffdiinvs l**?' ani1 excepting therefrom piers aT and 21 and the bulk iz* 8 ail K?nnTt?^ouitwi?>' head between said piers as now used and occupied umlog k ii? HtSir aikrla leases (Yom the corporation ol New York, and all right od ' ' took. 212,2U. ingress and egress to and from said piers and bulkhead Mosilr, March 22, 1873. as the same now exists, c. Net receipts, 640 bales; Sko. 2.?A board of three appraisers shall b? mae, 528. gales, 5U0. 8t?ck, pointed within thirty days after the passage of this act in the manner hereinafter provided, whose duty Savankab, March 22, 1873. it shall be to ascertain and appraise the '?c. Net receipts, 944 bales. value of the property hereinbefore mentioned. Males, 790. mock, 49,343. They shall be citixen* ot the State of New York and rest, .orisvillk. March 22 1871 dents and freeholders within said city, and shall be ae* na itlesSales 1132 h'hds. qualnted with the value of real estate within Mid cits uaiiuei. Males im nnas. ^nd experienced in the purchase and sale thereof. auS itok, N. C., March ?, 1873. shall not have any interest, direct or indirect, except aa 30c. Rosin firm. 92 80 for citizens and taxpayers'of said city, in the purchase, Mia X crude turpentine steady, or valuation oi said property, or any part thereof. tllow dip and virgin. T ar fore entering upon their duties they shall in dae foraa. ? ? ? , before one of the Justices ol the Supreme Court of thld raoo, N. Y., March 22, 1573. state, take and subscribe an obligation In writfhg, under "S: 'If?* oath or afflrmatioa. to the effect that they will well ui 50 for white Winter, 111 faithfully perform the duties imposed upon them by thia * ?u? .. wl* f' act to the best of their sblllty. They shall tie paJd ft* i,58c. Oats heldI at 42c. lor their services the sum of $500 each, to be paid by Um i the market. iKirnraeal, lessees of said property on delivery to them of the leaaa 2 peTi.fiT^' '?ii herein provided lor. uffs $22, middling* $23 per sec. 3.?The said Board of Appraisers shall be appointed r to Philadelphia, flue.; to as follows:?The said Bos nl orCoinmlsaianers of the Btnk; to Albany, 54c. ing Fund shall In writing nominate two; the trustees or Chicago, March 22, 1873. directors of the Washington Market Company shall tm ill the sales were on private writing nommute ene ; and when the said nominaliooa of No. 2 Spring at$l 19'L are complete the said Board of Appraisers shall be deemed April; $1 24jk. seller May; appointed, and they shall thereupon take the obligation 7*i; rejected, 93Wc. a (M'.'c. hereinbefore mentioned and proceed in the performance ! mixed, cash ; 31 Jic., seller of their duties, in case any oae of the persons so apjectcd, 28l?c. a 28Wc. Oat* pointed shall decline to serve or a vacancy shall occur IB 26>2c. for fYesh; 2Sc. a 24c. said Board the place thus vacant shall be rilled in thw arce at 64c. a 66c. to^in. 2. same manner as the appraiser whose place Is vacant wan 77c. a 81c. for No. rrall; first appointed, id weak, at $14 40, cash or Ski . 4.?The said Board ofaporaiserssball, within thirty lay. Lard steady at $7 8.1, days after their appointment, inukc and flic, in the ofllcn uiet and unchanged, Wilis- I of the Register ot the city and county of New York, their I nt SO^c. Receipts?13,0(10 report In writing, subscribed by them mid verified torn it, 74,000 do. corn, 35,000 do. I proper farm by theis oaths or affirmations, and duly ac. barley. shipments?lO.nilu knowledged before an officer authorized to take acit, 14,000 do. corn, 49.0UU do. | knowleilgment* of deeds, wherein they shall state aa follows , I 1. The valuation as thev have ascertained and appraised the same of all the estate, right, title and interPlAIs. est which the corporation ot the city of New York has in _ | the real estate known as Washington Market hereinbefore described, exclusive of the streets, sad taken tall Nassau street, nether as a whole and not in separate parcels, siiuble In all parts ot the 2. The valuation as ihey have ascrtained and appraised the same ol all the estate, right, title ami )TH8CI1ILD Interest which the Corporation of the city ot New York - has in the real estate known as West Washington Market, i hereinbefore described, exclusive of the streets, ana ind transfers of money on 1 taken together as a whole and not In separate parcel*^ la, and also exclusive af such portions as are reserved an? excepted in the first section of tins act. 47 KX< UANOE PLACE.- See. 5.?Upon the tiling of the Mid report It shall become ?"ti , v *..? , itsvn iv i >.. S..I. nrtrk? ..1,1 rnmmlsilnnsri ol the Sinking Fund. AL ILLUSTRATIONS AND 1 and they are hereby directed and required^ to Ui??e thw MAILKD TO ANY AD- I said two pie.es ol property " "1n* 'ota^1,??521 ,umoc AMOUNT INVESTED. I term or terms aloreeaid " "J.J"' ""''JkIv navmeiuw rental. payable to toem In quarterly or naontniy payments .-MONEY ON LIKE AND I m ey may determine, which shall be equal ta 'oltclrs; also on Bonds and ^.ren per cent upon the valuation thereoi kinds effected with best *> ascertained, appraised and reported by th* CII <fc CO., IIP Broadway. appraisers, and the lessees thereoi shall pay all ?r. .nit assessment* Imposed thereon, sutpecr, howV THE NEW YORK STOCK he coition "hat the same shall be used lor marestablished business and Is -n(i whenever it shall cease to he used lor re I partner with a view to JL.-ViVpurposes Iho lease shall terminate, and subject facilities, can make an ad- J?tha further condition that the lessees thereof shall, la gentleman who bat had within three years, erect upon the said premises perrience and can furnish both m?nent structures and fireproof buildings suitable and O. T. R., Herald office. nroner for market purposes, subject to the apj unvn ivn anumtOK nroval of the said Commissioners of the Sinking an?! New PriScT. f und, and the said lease snail centals and he snhject t5 IfooniM Hroadwav the further condition that ihe lessees therein named . WOOD, Jr.. 150 Broadway, wlthtn ?Be year after the date thereof, commcnm _____ the construction of said buildings, and expend thereoas IROAD STREET. the sum of $100,000. ,1(1 Brokers. Sue.Wtthin six months nextprcccdlnethe time whom vilcge* each of the renewals provided for in said teasels relouhie Privileges on all ac- quired to be made a new appraisal of the said property,, will find this a safe method : exclusive ot the buildings thereon erected, shall be mado circulars, with references, | w> ihe manner herelnheiore provided for malting thw lwst appraisal thereof, and the annual rent for the ro? ...?ivriirt newod term next thereaiter followieg, shall be a sane kERS, W WALlv -t i e,jUa| ui seven per cent upon the valuation as aecer? m serf ittrs TO taiined and determined by such appraisal, subfecttm SAME r.*c.i taxes and assessments as atoresald. - ,?n mvitv A\n rinc. 7.?The said Commissioners of the Sinking Fund ORATBlt ha shall execute. In proper lorm, and deliver to the icsaeew 72 ? nstixrvs at the ol said property a lease thereof, in aoordauce with thw II.Y BAI.AM as AI provisions of this act, and containing covenants suitable 7" and proper for carrying the same >ato effect And tha r' rent ol said property, when received by said CominisITIATKD BY Us FOR ONE ' sinners shall be applied by them to the credit ol tb* netted six to eight per cent i Sinking Fond of tlie city ol New York. lor lift shares. ?l or HO days. Sue. 8.?The said Commissioners ol the Sinking Fund rokers, 47 Excti.inge place. shall give the Washington Market l oronany the first op??? 1 tion, opportunity or privilege to lease the said property, vvu- v/iPL' arook'I.VN nr-.m Ihe term, ami ?i:hiert to the conditions aforesaid. Property ; Klrst and Second and shall not offer to lease the same to any other person or company until after thirty days' notice in writing the Liberty street, basement. said Washington Market Company shall neglect or refuaa to take such lease 8cc. 9.?The said lease shall also contain covenants and F.am Raii.wat Coar aut, > bn subiert to tha conditions that nt the expiration or other March IH. Itt7i f or sooner termination ot said lease, the city ol New York xt, on the fourth mortgage shall purchase the structurca and buildings atlroad, will be paid at the which nave been erected upon said premises tlnrCo., II Nassau stieet. ing the continuance ol said lease, and shall pay tha . NHKA KM AN, Treasurer. lessees named in said lease, their heirs, executors, aoc ~ censors or assigns the then ralue thereol. which value ANK, shall be ascertained by arbitrators by the said city and eet. corner LaighL the said lessees, their heirs, executors, successor* or Money deposited now will assigns, mutually chosen, or by three Commissioner* appointed for that purpose by the Supreme Court ot tha ndred and eighty-seven tboo- Bute of New York, and thenceforward the title ta tha sb, Trench and Oerman. same (hall become and lie vested in the city at New ?1 York. _ K?GOOD CITY SECOND/ Sao. 10.?Thia act shall take effect immediately, and all lonable discount. OddlMflS former act# and part# of acta inconaisUat with the agar dim 9*9% Me favehT oveaied.

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