26 Mart 1873 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

26 Mart 1873 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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TE WHOLE NO. 13,3(56. DIRECTORY FOR ADVERTISERS. AMUSEMENTS?EionTn Pace-Fourth, fifth and sixth columns. ASTROLOGY?KictiTn Pace?Third column. BILLIARDS?Fifth Pack?Sixth column. BOARDERS WANTKD-Nixth Pace?Fourth column. BOARD AND LODOINO WANTED?Nihth Pao?? Fourth and filth columns. BROOKLYN REAL ESTATE FOR SALE?Sbcosd Pack?Second column. , BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES?Fib3t Pace?Fifth col bbs with copies of the herald, and also sincle numbers of this paper to partibs requiring them. V PERSONAL. CHARLES T. DUNHAM, SON OF O. W. DUNHAM, IN IS30 and lor years after a merchant In Ulceboro, Liberty county. Ga.. lias not been heard from since August, 1863; then wrote that he was in the employ of one of Ills lather's former friends In New York city. Reliable information as to his whereabouts or fato will bo liberally paid tor. Address box 2S Post oftico, Darien, Ga Donat BRUNO. AN italian flute plater, Ictt New York a month ago; his brother, Koch Bruno, oi 20 Marlon street, wishes to know In what town lie Is now residing. Fiuaro-i\ll linger. "YOU BET." George?call up; everything is settled. ASTORIA. Imperial and royal austro-hungarian consulute Genera', 33 Broadway, New York. special notice. JOSEF K 1,1 ENEBURGER. A Rabbi, naliye of Dohris in Bohemia, is hereby urgently Invited to present hiiu-elf at once at the ottleo bl the Aititro-Hungarian Consulate General, in order that lnat'eraof the utmost importance may bo communicated to him. Any information or clew as to his whereabout* would lie thankfully received. II. O. FRITSCH, Imperial and Royal Vice Consul. II" MRS. M. MORONI1, FORMERLY OF CALIFORNIA, will answer this through the Personals of the Herald, and give her address, she will hoar ot an old neiiuaintance and friend. SAN FRANCISCO. JOS1E?MEET ME AT THE PRIZE MASQUERADE hall, Columbia Garden, Greenwich avenue, corner West Twellth street, to morrow owning. WILLIAM. JENNIE?I WILL SEE YOU TO-NIGHT AT THE MASK ball at Irving Hall. TOP. "T ONDON"?COME HOME; AFFAIRS WILL SUREIJ ly be arranged. M. MISSING-THOMAS II AN HRA II AN, AGE!) EIGHT years, since Saturday evening last. Any information of liim will ho thankfully received bv his parents, South Bergen, New Jersey. Bergen Point Plank ltoad. M yates f.nnirr?this day. at 3 p. m., purs . sell's bakery. 21st side. your admirer. MATIIILDK?WEDNESDAY, I9TH INST., RRoAD. way, I tlth avenue, Tenth street, hack to Twentythird and Eighth avenue. Could not keep engagement on Sunday; arrived oue hour behind fixed time; please exeu-e and meet me nt same place Friday n?xt ut eight o'clock P. M. Answer either through Personals or address tetter, with incident1, to avoid mistake, J K., Herald Uptown Branch olhec. ^VTKTflE"?IM.KA-G'. SEMI AHDUECS M FRANK; i.i lie wishes to eoiv.muuieale, "Vf It. ' WOULD INFORM "WELL WISHER" THAT it ti; 1 whole w. rl 1 combined ei um not "coRvlnoe" lier that T. II. is "an unworthy oh'eet,''and would a 1vtse "Well Wi-her"' In futura to devour her "sour minding iter own btt-dness, and no! try to enter an 1'dan where ?>ie was uot allowed a "paw." - PICTt'RK?WILL WAIT TilIH MORNING AT HOME till yon como PAT. The yoi'ng lady who stood in doorway yhsterilay, nlHiut ID ii'. loek A SI., on east ride ol lirnnd* way, ,iu?t aliovc Dttane iitivet, and wlio recognized a voting gentleman on Dunne .(n et crostlng, will she kindiv lav ir him by appointing an in'ervlcw ni th" ladv was hioch admired? Address ADMlRKit. through Ifrrald Personals, giving number ol llic Broad-.ray store to avoid any mistake. rpO KATK-THP. ONLY KATE I KNOW-I MEAN J vou. Ilnw long, o Lord! how long must I await torgivehessf ' Not my will, but thine he done." O take tne Sack, If only on piuhatlon, and I so, oar eternal fidelity. IV \shingtoN-TUIS DAY (WEDNESDAY) AFTERW noon. "I. o. Y. LOOT AND PDl'KD. ASI'M or MONEY, ROLLED IN PAPER, LOST March M, on Broadway, below Chambers street, Jll reward wtll be paid. Addresi IN'yl'IRUK, Oyster Bay, Lonrr Island. DOO LOST?PROM THE CORNER OF BOND STREET and tin- Bowery, early 011 Tue-dey morning, a Bla I; and Tan l*o', slim built and clipped ears; answers loth' na.no ot "Dot." A reward <>1 $1'w id be given to any p r-oii who will leave him si :us Bowery. rtidMl? tiN MONDAY, 2IT1I INST.. IN A TWENTY. F (l.lrd street stage, n ladv's Portoinonae. The owner c.111 have the saluo by calling on \VM. 11 UKOWt.lt, tlorlst, 9.3 Broadway. T.,')t'ND?ON PATI'RDAY, THE T.'l) INST.. IN WASHJ; Ington Market, a I'ockethook, containing a small ?um of money. The owner can have It by applying at 71 v en Washington Mirkct. IOST-ON SIN DAY MORNING, ON LONG ISLAND J Ha Iroart train, a small, enamelled leather Wallet. The finder I* welcome to retain Hie small sum ot money ?.attained therein If lie will return the pockclbovk and pj| ers to .1. V A.N St'llAll'K, l.T Broad Lost?on thcrhday evening last, retcrnIng from La Favorite Sociable, In West Forty-mvontli Street to East Twenty-stventh street, a Coral .Medallion * R.a i.'i.in More than its eatue will hn t.ai l li.r it. ..mm ai iii v*?t ! ? iv-?cvenrb street BUSINESS NOTICES?8ktknth Park?Sixth column. CITY REAL ESTATE FOR SALE-Second I auk?First and second columns. . , CLERKS AND SALESMEN?TtrKLrrn Pace?Flr>t and second columns. CLOTHING?Firm Pack?Sixth column. COACIIMEN and oakdkners?Twelfth Paoe?Second and third columns. COASTWISE BTEAM SHIl'S?Ninth PACe-Slxth coluidp. COPARTNERSHIPS?Firrn Pack?Fifth column. COUNTRY BOARD?Ninth Pack?FHUt column. DANCING ACADEMIES?twklmi Pack?Sixth column. DENTISTRY?Ninth Pack?Sixth column. > DRY GOODS?First Pack?Sixth column. ' DWELLING HOUSES TO LET. FURNISHED AND UNFURNISHED?Ninth Pack?Second and Third columns. | _ EUROPEAN STEAMSHIPS?Ninth Pack?Fifth and x. sixth columns. EUROPE?8bcond4,age?Sixth column. BYES AND EARS? Finn Pace?Sixth column. i FINANCIAL?Kuril Pack?Fifth column. FOR SALE?Second Pack?Filth and sixth columns. FURNISHED ROOMS AND APARTMENTS TO LETNinth Pack?Third column. FURNITURE?'Twelfth Pack?Fourth column. FRENCH ADVERTISEMENTS?TwKLrru Pack?Fourth column. _ , HELP WANTED?FEMALES?Eleventh Pace?Sixth column, and Twxi.rrii Pack?First column. HELP WANTED?MALES?Twelfth Pack?Third colHORSEs"' CARRIAGES, AC.-FiaiT PACK-Third and ^^^Jburlh.columna. _ , iiu i c.i.rr??mNTii niiK-r mil commit. MOUSES, ROOMS, AC. WANTED-First Tags?Fifth and sixth,columns. INSTRUCTION?Finn Pagf?Sixth column. JERSEY CITY, HOBOKEN, HUDSON CITY AND BEItQKN REAL ESTATE FOR SALE-Ssoond Pack? Third column. LEGAL NOTICES?Sncoxn Pace?Sixth column. LOAN OFFICES?Finn Pack?Sixtli column. LOST AND FOUND?First 1'agb?First and second columns. MACHINERY?Second Pace?Sixth column. MARIiLE MANTELS?Kigutii Pack?Third column. MEDICAL?Eighth Page?Fifth column. MILLINERY AND DRESSMAKINO?Frnst PACE-Sixtli column. MISCELLANEOUS ADVERTISEMENTS?Tenth PagbSixth column. MUSICAL?Eighth Page?'Third column. NEW PURLCIATIONS-Skventh Pace?Sixth column. PERSONAL?First Page?First column. PIANOFORTES, ORGANS, AC.?Eighth Pace?Fourth a column. ^ POST OFFICE NOTICE?Fib3t Pace?Second column. PROPOSALS?1Twelfth Pack?Fourth, filth and sixth columns. PROFESSIONAL SITUATIONS WANTED-FEMALESElkventii Page?Sixth column. PROPERTY OUT OF THE CITY FOR SALE OR TO RENT?Second Page?Third and fourth columns. REAL ESTATE TO EXCHANGE?Second PAUK-Fourth and tilth column*. REAL ESTATE WANTED-Sccond pace-Fifth column. REWARDS?First Page?Second column. SALES AT AUCTION?Eighth Page?First, second and third columns. SITUATIONS WANTED?FEMALES?EtKCBNTn PageFlrst, second, third, fourth, flith and sixth columns. SITUATIONS WANTED?MALES?TwnLrra Page?First column. SPECIAL NOTICES?First Pack?Second column. BPORTIxa? DOGS, BIRDS, AC,?First Page?Third column. THE TRADES?Twelfth Page?Fourth column. THE TURF? First Page?Third column. TO LET FOR BUSINESS PURFOSES-NiNTlt PaGSFirst and second columns. TRAVELLERS' GUIDE?Ninth Page?Sixth column. UNFURNISHED ROOMS AND APARTMENTS TO LET?Ninth Page?'Third and fourth columns. WANTED TO PURCHASE-EioiiTn Page?Third column. WESTCHESTER COUNTY PROPERTY FOR SALE OR TO LET?Second Page?Second and third columns. YACHTS, STEAMBOATS, AC.?First Pace?Fourth column. herald branch office-uptown. Advertisements for the new yore herald RECEIVED AT THB BRANCH OFFICE, 1,1ft BROADWAY, WEST SIDE, BETWEEN THIRTY-FIRST AND THIRTYSECOND STREETS. ADVERTISEMENTS ARE RECEIVED FROM 8 A. M. TILL I P. M. ON WEEK DAYS (SUNDAYS. 2 TILL 9 P. ?.), AT OFFICE RATES. NO EXTRA CUAROB OF "any kind. PARIS AGENCY OF THE NEW YORK ^ HERALD. Messrs. kbemer V co.~ American register, VE BEEN APPOINTED PARIS AOENTS FOR THE NEW YORK HERALD. TIIET WILL SUPPLY DEAL thropy Is tlio grandest suceo.'s of the age anil worthy the , patronage of all patriotic frioncu ot the Republic who do aire to sec the great Southwest benefited bv tho host Library ever opened, all of whose privileges are absolutely tree to every citizen of every state. Villi details of the , method of drawing gifts and paying them can be learned from the large circular, which Is free to all. Buyers do , not necessarily have to bo present at the drawing, as an , official list is furnished each one, and gilts due ticket- , holders at a distance can be collected through anv bank or express company, the same as a droit or check. Ol der quick. Bend money by Post office order, draft, registered letter or express, prepaid. i Tickets, $10; halves, $5; quarters. $2 50. For tickets, lull programme, Information and all par- i ticulars, apply to the General Agency Supply. THOS. II. HAtS A CO., , 600 Broadway. Netv York. Branch Agents at 13 Broad street (basement office), and alsoal 17.1 Urtlt avenue. A -OFFICE of TDK KENTCCKY i.ibr Ary gift Concert for sale of Tickets, by J. T. EDGE, 18 Broad street, New York. Any pun i iikm an having fkom $ivrio to $20.oco, who would like lo take a trip to Europe and make expenses and probably a (civ thousand dollars besides, bv purchasing diamonds there, can have a competent judge accompany him. Anply to JOB. K. ISAACS, 87 ' East Thirteenth street Best references given. Ai'idlic library Of kenvcc'k v ; $1(10,000 for $111; di-triiuition of gifts will take place April 8; Whole Tickets, $10; liaises. $5: Quarters, est. , Joseph BATES, 196Broadway,room4 , A -HAVANA LOTTKKY.?PRIZES CASUKD AND 1 ialormaiion famished. Circulars tree. JO;El'II BATES A co., ?! Broadway, ruom 31 ilrst Hour. BULL'S HEAD BANK.?THE SlOi K HOLDERS' meeting will he held thW day. 26th instant, at .3 o'clock P. .Yi., at the Ashland House, Fourth avenue, between Twonty-thlrd and Twoniv-fcurtli street*. O. \V. MI I.LETT, Cashier. pOLD AND SILVER AND ARTICLES CONTAINING \ 1 Gold lioitght at market price. Polishing, 1'lillter and Plio'ogrnph Papers htiriicd and smelted, by REFINE)'. SCT1 \wEE, 25 John street. /T RAVEL AND BROKEN STONE OF EVERYDESCRIP\T t.on, suitable for public road and concrete work, for sale low for ea-h. or will exchange. Address CONTRACTOR. box ill Ilerald office. 1 H avana lottery.-german state lotteries. send lor circulars. Kl'HLMANN A co., Hunkers, 85 Na-suu street; box $,66$ Posl Office. ' HS. IIANZJGKRS NEW PATENT FLY AND MOS quito Destroyer anil Bitot, Indian Insect Powder a ad Invincible Magnetic Paste for the destruction of all kinds ot vermin. ti Wbltt rtmt, eonxr Broadway. i OFFICIAL DRAWING* KENTUCKY STATE LOTTERIES. Kt.n'UCKr- rztua CLASS no, 241? KAltCN 25, 1373. 35, at. 76, 16, 28, 14. 58. 12, 7l>, 57, 72, 67, 5. ' lUMCCCI-CLASS no. 2(2?MATCH 26, 1878. 51, CJ, 55. 7il, 21 H. 21, 23, 53, 74 72, P.I, 32, 10. 1 SIMMONS A CO., Managers,Covington. Kv. SHU.I.T C(>I I.MlK?NXTt'A MASS NO. HI?MARCH 2s, 1(573. it), I. 42, til. .V.I, 15, 21. 23, 14, 51, 3 , 22. 37. FtiNttr rcuiFGN?ti.?st. no. U-'?M.tncti 26, 187$. M, 25, 41, 29, II, 4t, 4, 7. 12. 37, 76. It. 46. 16. SMITH A CO.. Managers, Covington. Kv. 1 _ , _ , J. CLUTE, Broker, S06 Broadway. | Post office box 1.969. J Pi ril,It' NOTICE IB HEREBY GIVEN THAT THE Huttings, Farts of Buildings. Fences, Ac., to tic removed in ceuaequcnce ?f the widening ami straightening ; of Broadway, l.ctween Thirty-second and Fifty-ninth street', will be sold at public'auction on Thursday the 27th day cf March, 1873, at 10 o'clock A.M. 'Hie sole will take place on the ground, commencing with the premises ' kr.own as No. 565 Sixth avenue, between Thirtv-tliinl and | Thirty-fourth streets. Catalogues may be obtained of r [E NE NEW LOST AND FOVXD. LOST?A LADY'S WATERPROOF CLOAK: BY Mistake put in carriage numbered 7i> at Academy of Music Monday night. On roturniug it to 10 We it Fortyninth atrcet reward will l>e paid. LOST-ON MONDAY EVENING, AT THE ACA.D1QVT ot Music, a blue satin pearl-handled Kan. with gnw chain attached. The finder will be lmndsomelv reward" d by returning it to the harnesa atore, ill Chambers street HKWARlxa. ~ d|?,~ REWARD.?LOST, A WHITE FULL TERRIER ?JP? J Dog, with a black spot around his eve. Answers 1 io the name of Rowdy. The above reward will be paid i on his return to No. 6 North Washington square. REWARD.?LOST. A PLAIN OOLD RING, IN ') vicinity of Herald Building; "Kffle, Iront Ilarrv," I engraved Inside. Reward will be paid at 7# Bieecker street, Jewelry store. 1 (Kr REWARD.?LOST, FROM FRONT OF NO. 5 DRY ?3>?J street, a three-whorl Hand Cart, nearlv new, Decatur A Cose, makers. The above reward will be paid and no questions asked to any person returning the same to A. W. LADD, No. 5 Day street, room 7. q?r REWARD.-LEFT IN A HACKNEY COACH, ON 1 tJIrJ Monday evening, trom Fifth Avenue Theatre to Fortieth street, a pair of seal akin Gloves. The driver will obtain the above rewardby leaving them at 97 Park HTVUHF. dt>1 ft REWARD.?LOST, OX THE 23TU INST., A ?JV1?J lad) 'st'uli! hunting case Watch, with tho owner's name engraved on the cuse. MARY J. JJRBRN, 247 East Fiftieth street , d?QK REWARD ?IF THE PARTY WnO RETAINED , lPOtJ >10 extra change out hi'$100 note from a stranger > on tho evening of Wednesday, 5th ult., In n Broadway concert saloon, will return the name, less the above reward, she (a blonde) will save her?clt the trouble of a legal investigation. a3 she is known. Address until Saturday W. Z. WALKER, box 4,520 Post office. dSjTA REWARD WILL RE PAID, AND NO QUE.?- , qVJU tions asked, for the roturn cf tho toi'owing artl- ] clcs, stolen from tho Westminster Ho'el on Sunday, Ifitli , instiiutt'no set plain Gold sleeve Links four Amethvst ; Studs, three Coral Studs, three Coral Muds set tu gold, i three Hair Studs, three plain (Sold Studs, three shell | Studs, one plain Oold Scarf Pin, one Opal Scarf Pin, ono i Silver Cigar Case, with crest and Inscription. <t>;rA REWARD?WITHOUT ASKINU QUESTIONS, ! for anybody who returns the Set and small Box ot Jewelry stolen or lost at 321 East Nineteenth street. Reward.?if tiik woman who picked up a Dockethook in Thlrly-fonrtb street on Monday atternoon will return the gold to 997 Sixth a venue, first flat, she may keep the hank hills and save herself trouble, as she was seen and recognized. TlT-ilii THE PERSON WnO FOUND IN ST. 8TEVV phon's church, or bel ween it and 225 East Thirtysecond street, a Purse, containing money and some keepsakes, return It to above address, keeping the money ? SPBCIAJj lOIICEB. , A?THE AMERICAN REGISTER, The most widely circulated of the American lournnls published in Europe. A capital medium for American . advertisers addressing themselves to Europcnn patronage. Indispensable to all persons vislling Great Britain and the European Continent. . Siihscriptlonsand advertisements for the AMERICAN REGISTER will he received at the office ot the New York Herald, New York. ( ALL THOSE HAVING CLAIMS OX TIIF. FIRM OF ' Helnrich Meyer A Lokse niU3t send them within threo rtavs (o the Furniture Store, (156 Eleventh avenue, the undcrslgnod having bought the interest of Mr. Hollerith Meyer. JACOll WEISS. , F. LOKSE. 1 A -HERALD BRANCH OFFICE, BROOKLYN, ccruc ol Fulton avenue end Boermn street. Open from s a. M. to!' 1\ M. ; On Sunday Irom X to 9 P. M. a PARIES (PRICES REDUCED), SOLE AGENT OF J\ . Royal Havana Lottery, 5S5 Broadway; box 4,909 Pr ,t office, New York. Dealer* supplied. Circulars mailed r -e. ?WHICH GIFT WILL SUIT four Read tho list carefully and select. Your ticket may draw any of them. One grand gitt, cash $100,000 One grand gilt, cash 50,000 One grand gift, cash 25,000 ( One grand cash gift 20,000 One grand cash gift 10,000 One grand cash gift 6,0iX) 24 cash gilts of $1,00# each 24,000 50 cash gifts of 500 each 25.000 80cash gifts of 400cach....: 32,uoo J 100 cash gifts of S()0 each 50,000 150cash gifts of 2U0each 30.000 690 cash gins of 100 each 69,000 9,000 c ash gifts of 10 each 90,000 Total. 10,000 Gifts, all Cash $500,000 All the above to be distributed by lot among tlcketlioldcrs to tho Third Grand Gift Concert tor benefit of Public Library of Kentucky, at Library Hail, Louisville, Kv., positively April 8, 1873. This Concert is by authority ot a special law, and is under direction of Hon. Ex-Uovcrnor Thomas F. Rramlette. of Kv. Tills noble nhilnn. i \>illi aai KfcWhi-i-i, Atirttonrcr, office No. 4 Pine ? i street, or of the undersigned. ' GF.OFOE M. VAN XORT, Commissioner of Public \Vorks. PKPARTMFM OP PffRLIC WottK.". March 14, W7J. j DOTAL HAVANA I OTTER V.?PRlZKff ('ASH I I > -.??Rli ders filled: information Irrntshed; liit-'lictt rates i old lor fbanish Ennk Rill?, Ac. T A YI.OR A CO.. honkers. !( Wall street. New York. UOYAL HAVANA LOTTERY.?THE NEXT EXTRAOR- 1 dimrv Drawing will take nloce 011 the Kd of April, 1*73. J. I'. MARTIN t' Z A CO.. Bonkers, 10 Wall street. Post office box 4.0"-6, New York. TJOYAL SAXON GOVERNMENT LOTTERY AT LEIP- \ JV *!e, Germanv: 9A.nn1) tickets: 47,f>00 prizes; Prune- < wick Government Lot'erv ; Hamburg City Oovcrnmcnt n Lottery: Royal Havana Lottery. Frixee cashed and in- / formation given. 1 Hl.niiOll/..M llot'JI, H 118 Nassau street; box O.nfoPost office. it ",0(1 non ? *?n orrw -ken i ucky ubr iry o ,i.i 1; V QUI Concert. Drawing positively April ; ??./! ,!' rickets, $ni; Han Tickets, $8; (Junrtcr tickets, , f ,'e, ir,>l a".( descriptive circulars npply to P. . New Yorli 0ner' Na,aau street (opposite Boat office), < ! it^on 000 CA8H GIFTS; |MO,OUO FOR . J ,i, , "ckets lor sate Public Library of Kentucky until April 1; drawing tbc Sit,. office open j from 8 A. M. to 9 P. M. W. L, DAVIS, Agent 173 Fifth avenue, between kid and 23<l street*. j ,S PrAWN DAILY fN THE LEGALtPUOc.oOi' Led Kentucky laitterv. Royai Havana mid Kentucky circulars iron; 12k; cenls commission atlowed. Address BALKY A CO. (office established 30 ! yearn, 174 Broadway. 1 post orac? itonci. POST OFFICE NOTICE. ~~~~ 1 The mails for Europe during the week ending Saturday, March 29, liffSjWlll close at this office on Wcdticaday at it noon, on Thursday at 11 A M., and on satur, day at li)a A. M, f. U. JONES. Postuiater. j W YC YORK, WEDNESDAY, MA SPORTING?DOGS, BIRDS, dtC. A?FOR SALE, AU. KINDS OK FANCY DOGS, Bird*. Ac.; Medicine* for all diseases, Prepared rwA lor fockinu blrdajt B. G. DOVKY'8. No. 8 Greene street, i?T Can A T r^O* HALE?THE SMALLEST BLACK AND TAN A* Slut in the city, just imported. To be seen at JAMES YOUNG'S. 39 Centre street. THE TY'RFT THE UNDERSIGNED UE8l'Et!TKl'LLY STATES TO his friends that he hn* declined to train American lilrl this season or any other last trotters, his time hciiiK occupied in the vale of gentlemen's fine and speedy roan Dorses at Winfleld's stables, 110 at III West Fiftieth street. HKNRY^CAAKYU TO LF.T?FROM APRIL 1, 1878, FLEETWOOD PARK. Club House. Gate House, Bars under itrand stand and Hitching Privilege of around*. Apply at the park, or 112 Wall slreet. W. II. VAN COTT, superintendent. HOUSES, CAHUIAGKN. AC. A COUPE HARNESS FOR SALE-MOUNTED IN brass, in perfect order, and made by Hart, of Loailon. Apply at 127 West Fiftieth street. AT BARKER A CHASE'S CITY AUCTION MART AND NEW YORK TATTKR8ALL8, corner of Broadway and Thirty-ninth street, MAJOR ('HAS. W. BARKER, AUCTIONEER. Jlcsulur sales of Horses, Carriages, Ac., EVERY WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY. Twenty four hours allowed for trial on every horse sold under warrantee. This Is the only Mart In the State having the proper facilities for showing horses on sale. viz.A large Drir ng Ring, entirely under cover. CATALOGUE OF SALE THIS DAY AT 12 O'CLOCK, commencing with A CAR I.OAI) OK HIGll-KKKD TROTTERS, ROADSTERS AND FAMILY HORSES, just arrived from Monroe county, and comprising inc of the most elegant and nicely matched pair of fast lay Horses ever ottered at public sale, both Hired by GentmI Wndsworth, out of a Harkaway mare, IfcJi high, Suntl * years old; are elegant and extra gamy drivers; are warranted to trot in 2:30 together, and were never handled for speed; are gaited aud act alike, and arc warranted pound and kind. Handsome and very closely matched ralr of dappled gray Geldings, full brothers, both sirod by Pilot, 15^ nigh, G and 7 years old have great stylo and appearance; elegant drivers; trot in .'i1, ; (lowing manes and talis, and \j-iirrutiled sound and kind. Tlic celebrated roan trolling gelding Spangle, Hired by John J. Crittenden, out of an Arabian mare, in'., high, G years old; an extra tine, free driver; in condition can trot in 2 3.1; is wai ranted to trot in 2:43 to-day, and ia warranted sound and kind. The fast liny gelding John C., sired Henry Clay, 15 high, 7 years old; extra Hue driver; has had no handling and Is warranted to trot in 2:10, and is warranted sound and kind. Tiie fast young sorrel trotting Mare Llliie, sired hy Eureka. 15L high. 5 years old ; elegant driver; warranted to trot lu 2:50, ana warranted sound anil kind. Fast brown trotting Mare, St. Lawrence stock, 15V high, 7 years old; handy driver; warranted to trot in lw; great roadster, ltd warranted sound and liind. Fine brown trotting Mure. 15'a high, 7 years o'd; fine, stylish driver; wai ranted to trot in 3 minutes, and warranted sound an3 kind. Extra flue brown family Horse. 16V high. G years old: prompt aud entity driver; can trot in 3Ji utid warranted round anil kind. Elegant and extra stylish hay family or road Gelding, I'atclien stock, lfi'i high, G years old ; great style and action; chii trot in 8 minutes; elegant lamily horse, and warranted sound and kind. The fast brown trotting Gelding Frank, sired bv Royal fleorgc, 15,ij high, 0 years old; lias had no handling and Is w arranted to trot In 2:30; elegant driver, and warranted sound and kind. The tine, gamy bav trotting Holding Harry, sired by Henry Clay, Wi high, 6 years old; tine, stylish driver; wan anted to trot iu 3 minutes, and warranted sound and kind. Elegant and extra combined ehostnut sorrel saddle and harness Gelding, Kentucky tired; 16 high, 7 years ohl; decant driver, fitic under saddle; warranted to trot In t minutes: has size and stylo enough for coupe, and is warranted sound and kind. Handsome brown trotting Colt, 15?.( high, S years old; iplendid driver; warranted to trot in 2w0, and is warranted sound and kind. Handsome nnd extra combined sorrel saddle and harness Mare. 13 high, 7 years old; an extra tine and stvlish Irivcr; sharp traveller; elegant uuder saddle, and warranted sound and kind. Elegant Phaeton Establishment, comprising a beautiful Iron-gray tliorongbred Horse, 155^ high, 6 years old; an rlegnnt and extra stylish driver; great roadster, lively itepner ami warranted sound and kind; also Top l'ony Phaeton, Harness, Ac. Fast bay Mare, 15VJ high, 8 years old; fine, handydriver; trots close to3minutes, and warranted sound aud kind; ilso Depot Wagon, llarnoss, Ac. Sold to pay a debt. Large, powerful boy draught Horse, 1G high, 5.years lid ; weighs shout 1.3C0 lbs. ; flac driver; great worker; warranted kind and true. Eight, top and no top Road Wagons. Four top and no top Express Wagons New and second hand Harness. Horse Clothing, Sadlles, Rridlcs, Lap llohos, Whips, Halters, Ac. Ah,o several other Tlorscs. Full description at sale. Pales never postponed on account of weather. A T VAN TASSELI.'S AUCTION MART, A. 110,112 and lit East Thirteenth street, between Third and Fourth avenues, fen very superior Work and Fmnlly Horses Just from Itentucay. iu which are two very fine teams and eight luperlor single drivers. Top and No Top Pony rhactons, top Doctor's Wagon, Uniting top Wagons, different styles; all the latest style l"op and No Top Basket Phaeton*, Harness, Kockawuys, tc? Ac. ^ THE "BREWSTEit WAGON." A in all weights, for ploasure driving or speeding, exquisitely finished, tnd embracing in their construction the various itn[irnvomeuts introduced by as during the past 13years, making them . . _ the Standard for Quality throughout the United States. These wagons arc exclusively the production of our well-known Broome street factory, and are offered In stock in nil respects equal iu quality to those built to the ardcr of the most valued customer, and at prices uniform to all. In order that we mny not he confounded with a joint stock company ot carriage dealers who have adopted a nrin name similar to our own, nun nnpuufuuy ciann me reputation we have made for llic "Brewster War on," we bee the public will remember that eur only wareroonis are at the corner of Fifth nvenne and Fourteenth street, and our only Factory on Kroonte street BREWSTER A CO., of Broome street. A BREWSTER WAGONS, A. with vertical steel plates. Every purchaser should sec this great luiprnvemcut. Unequalicd in lightness, with grcntly increased strength. Sec certificate from General McClcllan. Nkw You*. June 1, 1871. Gvxti.fvfk?I have carefully examined vour uutent rertic.il steel plale axle. I flint that the addition of the vertical plate renders the axle about two and a halt (214) limes as still as it would he without it. Very respectfully, OKORGK B. McOLKLLAN. Warerooms Fifth avenue, corner Twenty scvculli street. Factorr US East Twenty-filth street. J. M. BREWSTER A CO. Established ISJ3. Albert b. waldron, auctioneer. i!;.' l'. w. ives. Salesroom? 108 Liberty and 111 Cedar streets. Horses. Wugoosand Harness. On Till R8DAY, at 12 o'clock, large sale ot Road and Work Horses, Ac. Parties wNhlng to semi stock lor this sale must send Inscriptions thisday for catalogue. AT PRIVATE SA I.E. CHEAP? Fav Mare. V>% hands high. 5 years old ; warranted vnind niid kind: free and stylish driver. Road Wacon. by Brewster. Harness, in good order, by Oihson. Lao Robes, Blankets. Whip. Ac. AT NEW YORK SALES AND STORAGE REPOSITORY, Fourth avenue, corner Twenty-fifth street. A VERY LIGHT CURTAIN COACH, NEARLY NEW, j\ mid 2Top Wagons, liy Brewster: 10 Top and Open Road Wagons, l>.v On sen berry. Waterman, Dubols.Corbitt, tc. ;1 second linnd Clarence; I light Coupe: Rockawavs; I Victoria ; I Doctor Phaeton, liy Kimtiall; top and open Ponv and Park and extension top Phaetons :2 Sulkies, hv husonibcrry A Van Dusen; top and open Express Wagons; liogle and double Harness, BloriUels, Ac. Al?o one skcle;on in good order. WM. II, GRAY, 20 ant'. 22 Woostcr street \ E*rR SALE. A VERY BEAUTIFUL AND STYLISH i\ , pair gray Mures, lull sisters, Minimis high, young, ound and kind ; would rake. In exchange, a single Horse. [H hands high, that can trot imblo ot three minutes, or a lair of llorfcs of same description ami pay difference in :usll. Address JOSEPH HALSTEAI), Rye, N. Y. At 68 liberty street, near nassau, l ight Wagons and Harness, arefully selected from the best builders, closing out at i great sacrifice for c??h. re Liberty street, near Nassau. A MORGAN SADDLE PONY FOR SALE.?WAR/V. ranted sound and kind ; 6 years old; can he ridden iy a child. Apply at ELY'S Express, 208 East Twcnlydghtli street. _____ t C itI \\li\l I KTC Li NOW-' I'll A ETON-t, ,\. Boggle .depot Wagons, all of the latest styles, N er cent less lhan Fiflh avenue, or Broadway stores. HAM, P) East Fourth street. A LOT OF TOP BUGGIES, ROAD WAGONS, /V. Express, Grocery and light Hu.?lnrs< Wagons, rceind hftuil covered Inu-frnt Depot Wagons. ttld West fweB y-seventh street, between Eighth Anil Ninth nvennoi. A -FOR 8A LB CHEAP, A HAHBLSTOKIAW MARS: . enn trot in 2:40; sound mil kind: I Park Phnoton, vitli extension top. pots- and shafts: I light open Trotting Vagon ami one 'lop Wagon, sol of Double Haines-1, I set it Single Harness, pair Kersey Blunkcts, 1 Robe, 2 Whips; i|sn lot ol Stable IttenMls. Itif|iilro of VVAHHIXGTnN IIjKXANDKK, stands 7. x. f and lOCroton Market, Fortyiccond street, t>e:iveen Fourth nod Lexington avenues. A GREAT BARGAIN.?FOR SALE, A COMPLETE Turnout, by a gentleman leaving for Europe?twe ,av Horses. IB'hands high, sound and kind, excellent rotters, Cund 9 years old ;n Isindanlet, nearh new, with loubie Harness, Blanket*. Ac. Inquire at Brlggs' stable, ororr Seventh aicnue anil Forty-second street. Ask tor Michel, I be coachman. VFAKM WAGON AND CAttTK-4 EXPRESS, 9 Bu-lne?s Wagons ;* Depot, 3 Jaser Whtgons; IS Top ?nd open Phaeton*; ft Rockawav*-, IGig; I Brett; 25 Top in.i Open Wagons, at J. If. JENKINS'S, l,4:!u Broadway, near roily-first street A BAY HORSE FOR SALK-1IV HANDS HIGH, \ ? ..,..-...1.1. Win,I nod Iroe In all lis m|.? Ir.w nn.l ityllsh 'driver and good worker j warranted." lii) Attoraey street. A SPLENDID BAY QORBB, 88YKN YEARH OLD) iraod for saddle, light waaon or truck; ffmllc as a smb. Inoaira its Cedar street, Brooklyn K. D., IS blocks roin end ofDcKalb avenue Kailroad route. A LOT OF HORHK8 FRKRII FROM TIIK COUNTRY sold or exchanged for Horse* of less value; suitable 9i all kiuds <jt btuioesr. loublrt at Ml Ctoal ttreeb IRK I .RCH 26, 1873.?TRIPLE i IIOKSKS, CAUR1AGEK, AC. A vmS?T Ofc.VSS SET OK SILVER l'LATED T V dem Harness; best city make ; nearly now. Can I seen at harness storo l.sho Broadway. A?FOB BALK, THE PROPERTY OP A PARMK a span of chunky built Worsen; color brown hi bar ; 6 years old ; weight 2.400; they are lit for any kit of business or carting; ta be xold together or separat thev are warranted sound and kind, either in single i double harness. Inquire at Beck Hotel, corner oT Li erty and Washington streets. A GENTLEMAN WISHES TO BELL OUT H Entire Establishment, consisting of a fine nair carriage llor.-.cs, kind and gentle; suitable for family us n lull sine Clarence, made by one of the nest makers, splendid condition; a lour seat Phaeton, mudc by Wo< Brothers, almost new; together w lib a silver mounti double Harness; any ol the above may be sold sepnratel Apply at the private stable. 241 East Twentieth street. Bay saddle horse for hale?very htylisi lung mane and tall; warranted sound nnd kin Apply on Thursday, March 27. at Itidiug School, corner Twenty-sixth streot and Sixth avenue. CARRIAGES.?A LOT OF SECOND HAND TO Wagous. light Road Wagons, Doctors' Wagons, Pert Dog Cart, six-sent Korkuwav, Ac., at R. M. STIVER I U.inill AA?..OV Hi I HO l.'au? A-.? ? C1ARRIAGEB.?70 TOP AND KOAD BUGGIES; ALS ) four-seated Carriages, flno Barouche, pony Uhaetnn Intent styles: cheapest in city, at DAV ? SON'S Factor 146 end l4ti Ehlrldge street. /1AKRIAGKS?Sl.IOUTI.Y DAMAGED; GREAT RAI V i (tains; Carriage*, new and second hand, of every d scription, at low prices; now is the time to purchase b tore trade continences. MANUFACTURERS'UNION, 6 Broadway. C1ARHIAOK WANTED-A CABRIOLET IN GOO J order, light, ttiat will carry tour persona, top c hack seat, set iow, fenders on side and of Rood inanutu ture; any one having such to dispose of will tlnd a em customer by addresslnit \V. K. PERKINS, 123 Hudson si For sale?at William h. rose's. 21 eas Twcllth strict, n splendid Coune ; very cuciip. For sale-basuaw road make, is hani high; will suit any one who wants agoodaultna warrauied. Hear of 207 Wooslcr street I rum sale-pair bright bay carriag Horses, lull 16 hands; perfectly matched; vet styliish, and warranted sound and gentle : only sold ti want of use. To be seen at prlvato stable No. 7 Ea Nineteenth street. For sai.e-a stylish okay pony, with gk< eery Wagon and Harness; gold for want of use. 4 West Thirty-first street. FOR SALE?29 HORSES; GOOD, STOl'T.IVORKIN horses, in healthy condition, for sale at Weohawkc Cattle Yards. Inquire for SCOTT a JONES. FOIt SALE?A SIDE BAR HALF SPRING TO Buggy, limit by R. M. Stivers A Co., but little usee price Will. Inquire at KHBITT'S stables, corner Seveut avenue anil Twcnty-serond street. For sale-one hay horse, io hands iiiui weighs 1,200; warranted sound and ktnd; sold, I owner has lio use for him. Inquire at lugcr beer sitlooi 220 Eighth avenue. 1,10R SALE?A VERY STYLISH BLACK HORSE, 1 years old, 16 hands high; is warranted sound nti kind in all harness nnd fr.-c Irom vice ; will make a lit carriage or road hone; any kind ot trial given; hi good speed. Call at .UN West twenty-sixth st., in store. I/IOR SALE-TWO HORSES. 0 AND 7 YEARS OL1 ' one tit fov cart or truck, the other a grocery or c I rcss. Call nt 526 Kn-t Fourteenth street. For sale-a pair of young black horse, vory stylish, sou id nn.f good steppers: also T Cn (Brewster, Broome street), doulilc Harness, Ac. Apply No. 5 East Thirtieth St., botore A. M. or atler 5 P. I For sale-bay horse 17>? hands, fit fo truck or earl; one bay Horse, 16 hands; flno drive sound and kind; 0 years old. 249 West Twenty-eight atreet. For sale cheap-one coupe and haknes trimmed in kid, made by one of the best city maker ot atablo, 1S4 West Forty-ninth street For sale or exchange-20 fine youn Horses, just fl'om Indiana, 14 to 17 hands high. S to years old; ail sound and kind. Inquire at 120 Norfol street. To be seen until sold. For sale or to rknt-stablk 12s west eigi teenth street, between Sixth and Feventh avenue 21 h.v 92. two stories; terms easy. Apply to Mr. IiALI 1.17 .Madison avenue, al 9 A. M. or R P. M. Horses for all purposes-fine trcc Horse, $163; stylish gray, for express or carriage hnr Mitre, $63; brown Horse, $65; gray Horse, $70. It South Fifth avenue, near Grand stroot. Horses takkn to board, drivk and breai with good care, by john h. twkddle, Mon Joinery, Orange county, N. Y. References?James 1 rewstcr A Co., New York city. Harness for the i rack, koad, coach, coupi Park pleasure and business use; also for ploughln farming, teaming, trucking, carting, expressing, co tractors, railroads, Ac.; also Baddies, Bridles and Hon Equipments of every description. A kingdom for a liors C'. M. MOBSMAN A HRO., Harness Manufacturers, ware roams 114 Chambers st. Harness.?the cheapest harness stork i New York ; good double Truck Harness, $30; got single Buggv Harness, hand-made, $22; a good ritah Blanket, $'2 51; the largest assortment of Cart Harness I the cltv. Please call and examine for yourselves. E. k OSBORNE. Harness Warerooms, 4.1 Murray st. JUST FROM THE COUNTRY?THREE GOOD UPPE Canada Horses, cheap; 14k to 16 hands, A and years; sound, kind, true. Top Express Wagon, Harnes 373 west Forty cightn street, near ninin avenue. MULES FOB SALE.?THE PREMIUM MULES O Bourbon county. Ky.: the larKost, finest ami rooi Iiamlsoine pair of Mules lit this country; weigh 2.8 pounds; also have constantly cn hand a great variety < Work Mules, fancy pairs, and animals lor mines, car aud nil service. K. H. BISHOP'S SONS, corner Grand and Bishop streets, Jersey Clly, N. J. VTOVELTV CARRIAGE, li Cradle and carriage combined. Price $18; old style $9. L. P. TIBBALS. 312 Broadway, opposite St. N'lcli.dux Hotel. VTINK IIORBES FOR SALE?FIT FOR FARMING O 1\ grocery purposes or truck; warranted sound at: kind; must be void. Inquire at 211 Wooster struct, b tween Blueckcr and Amity. OWNER GOINO ABROAD.?FOR SALE, A ORGS matched family Tenm, snine step and good trotter 6 ana 8 years old tills i-'nrlng; in splendid condition, wltl out a iuult; also a light Barouche Carriage (Colling axle), made to order by Brewster, ol Broome slrei nearly new and In perfect order; nlso Coupe, made t Lawrence, nearly new; also 2 sets Double Harness. Fi information address 0A RWOOO, box 713 l'osl officii. PRIVATE STABLE.?THE OCCUPANT OF THE FIRiclass private stable No. 7 East Twenty-eighth *ir<-( having more room than he needs, will let three Stal and Carriage Room from (he 1st day ot May. SECOND H AND C VIt 1(1 AGES ?TWO CoUPES. SI seat Roekaway, light Victoria, Pony Wagon, sever Roe!.nways, Top and open Buggies, two l?og (.'arts, Cou! Bockawnv; extensive assortment Spring stvies new Ca riages at low prlecs. MANUFACTURERS' UNION, ATS Broadway. gTA BEE TO LET. 208 East Fortieth street. For hale-a valuable, stylish bay horsi 10 hands high, 7 years old ; can trot in 3 tninulcs si has never been trained ; Is suitable for coupe and (ami use; warranted sound and kind. Inquire ut 15 and Hast Twenty eighth street. VIrANTED?A SECOND HAND T CART AND A PON v? Phaeton with rumble sent; must ho nearly new. I food running order and at vi rv low prleo. Adilress. gi ng fu I particulars, T C'AIlT, Herald Uptown Branc otllee. dbl CA -PONY BUILT HAY HORSE, 8 YEARS, 15 ?]pJL?)('. hands; stylish Horse, 5 years. 10 hands; vei cheap; must sell; no humbug. Call and see at 418 fclghl avenue, corner or Thirty-Ural street. <?t99v ?A BARGAIN.?HORSE, EXPRESS WAGO V ?? *' and Harness; the horse Is sound, kind :ui true, an extra good worker and suitable lor any Imsines Call lor three days at 201 West Twenty-flftli street, net i ighth a venae. daf'AA FOR A BEAUTIFUL PAIR OF HAY M 1RE fPtJ'lw ahoiil 15 hands, light made and very stylist pi rlcctly sound and gentle, but very quick motion. A ply to A. W. ItlKEK, VVestfleld, N. J., or at No. 5Pii direct, New York. 1 SETS HARNESS, OF KVEPY DKM.'IIIPTIO.' At" M " I at msnufrctiiior's t rices. JACOBOWSKY, IIILHOliN A ( >, 111 Chambers St. More news. more new ORE NEWS, MORE NEW MORE NEWS. MORE NEW; MOKE NEWS. MORE NKWI MORE NEWS. MORE NEW THE EVENING TELEGRAM THE EVENING TELEGRAM THE EVENING TELEGRAM THE EVENING TELEGRAM Tl.K H\ i.NING Tel LEG It A M ALWAYS AHEAD. ALWAYS AnEAl ALWAYS AHEAD. ALWAYS AIIEAI ALWAYS AHEAD. ALWAYS AIIEAI ALWAYS AHEAD. ALWAYS AIIEAI ALWAYS A UK A It. ALWAYS AIIKAI YACHTS, STBASIBOATSt AC. fOU KALE?SIDE-WHEEL PA?SENOER AN C Kreluht Steamboats, Htenm Yachts, North Rivt Mantes; Tugboats, 12 to 22-lnoh cylinder; Klenin ('am Barges, new Hull for lH-inrh Tug, Hailing Vessels, Cam it. - OKOBOg r. PLYMKR, m; Booth street. fOR SALE?YACHT?THE WELL KNOWN 8LOO I" yacht Dolphin, late the property of John Kc Itim, Est;.; fitted at great cxpcn?e ; 32 fact over alt; bean Id foot; littht draught; the moat perfictlv equipped an tilted sloop yacht In the country; wealherly and inert ?c boat. Address It. INtiKAIIAM, 44('onrt street, Brooklyi f OR RAMt-A OAR 111 si,oop YACHT i Is ABOUT < C feet In length over all; is sound, Inst and in goc order; iron work Is all galvanized, Hitd deck irhnmim arc ot mahogany; alcera with a wheel, for further pu tictilars address w. L. SWAN, ;tl Pino street. IrioK HADE CI1KAP?A FIRST CLASS IIAUOI ' dimensions, 90 feet lenirih. 19 feetbeain and H loo hold: In perfect order. Apply to BULMAN A BROW! New burg. SCHOONP.B PULTON?CABHYINO CAPACITY II ton*, will be sold at auction at I'erry street, Nort Kivrr. on Wednesday, March 20, at 3 P. M. SCHOONER Pl'LTON?CAIlRYINll CAPACITY P tons, will be sold at auction at Perry street, Norl River, (hi* Wednesday, March M, at 3 P. M. "IIVANTF.D TO PURCHASE?HALF A DOZEN OL yY Canal Boats, suitable for bulkhead purpose*. A< dress, slslinit dnnenslous. price and full oartleulars. S. ti.. box USD Post olMca. IERAI SHEET, BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES. , S- A -CAPITAL SECURED FOR INUORPORATBfM'OM. je il panic*, merchants, manufacturers. Person* desirtng investments informed of desirable opportunities. VI ? Western County Bonds for sale; interest uid principal . R guaranteed. References?Presidents Merchants', Fourth "" id National and Mercantile Banks. ?' id _ CHAR, O. DAHLGREN A CO., 112 and 114 Broadway. 12? -)r A GENTLEMAN, WHO HAS THE CKSOW HOW" \\ b- x\ but no capital, is willing to sell the secret ol' menu- .'' factoring an article for which there is an immenso de- !fi\ ? inaiid, with the side right ot manufacturing for America, IS for $2,5X1, gold ; a capital ot a like amount will reall/e an fir! of income ol 120,1100 a vcar. Address O. M., drawer 133 TI p; Post office, Montreal, Canada. V\ in _________________ ' T ad A YOl'NO MAN, WITU EXPERIENCE IN TnK 'd il. commission business, with some money, would like WCI y. to make a connection with some old-established house in __ the produce commission business; unexceptionable ref- \\ 7" f tence given ; can influence front $41),000 to $00,000 in " ij, trade^ Address A., box 674 Post office. of AN INTEREST IN A SPLENDID PA VINO BUBI- ~ A tiess, doing a strictly cash trade: established many \\' ? years; protlls lurge; terms reasonable. Will bear the .i' P closest investigation. LLOYD, 29 i roadway. '."f, ,v :? Add S' AN OPPORTUNITY FOR ONE OR TWO GENTLE- rTj a A men wishing to go In the curling business. Full VV ~ particulars by addressing .ItillNSON, Herald office. s*j(l ?: A GETLEM.VN OR LADY, HAVING A CASH CAPI- * jr, A. tal of $600, con purchase an Interest in an excellent office husineig. Object to s< sure faithful services. N. S. VV ~ PROTECTIVE ASSOCIATION, 294 Broadway. F',* e- AN INCOME OF ABOUT $10,000 A YEAR TO HE J * J- xY disposed of to any gentleman giving prompt services x S3 onfl investing $3,001) In a desirable and old-established business of high repute. Address GOOD INCOME, Herald \V ~ Uptown brunch office. uTrl) >n ^ -ADDITIONAL CAPITAL PROCURED ,^'j d? for merchants, manufacturers and other*. Mining Proper- ^T. ? ties, Ac., negotiated. Portion* with capital seeking bust- \\ ~ ne.ss advised of approved opportunbos. References? T Diekitisoii, Hurlbut A Co., Hats and Caps, 471)Broome J* J, street; I.ouderliuck, Gilbert A Co., Hardware, 23 Park yk, row and our numerous clients city and elsewhere. Hilf: IS GRIGGS, CAKLKTON A.CO., ... 1; Financial and Business Agents, 93 Broadtvay._ yy A TTF.NTION.?GOOD BUSINESS ON EIGHTH AVE- JiJ E lY nue, Brewster Muggy, fast Mare and Harness; also L*? '.V a lot ol Diamonds, tor sale cheap or exchange tor Rohl if ir Estate. Apply to JOHN Ml'DGETT, 105 Broadway, st biucinent. room No. 3. y\ _ uicinr.ij.i urruKivAii i.?rnis aim l.miseiII, J* who has a business fully dcvelopod and capable or - great extension with corresponding profit, wishes the co- 1r , operation of one or two energetic men of (rood character; _ Fotno eapital Indispensable, which will ho nmplv secured. Z. G Address, with relerence, HOBART, care ol A Eddy .t V in Co., No. 1 I'ark place. ~t< OREWEItY FOR SAI.K Oil .V PARTNER WANTED- 111 I 1) Capacity 00 barrels: is rnnninir now; doinarn Rood ? 1; ImsinoM'; terms easy; (rood reason tor n changn. For par- < :h tieulars and terms address BREW ERA', Herald office. f ! ' * strc r /AflAL Oil,.-$2,000 WILL SECURE ONE-THIRD IN?. \J terest In the munuthctnring of benzole and other is products of coal tar; rent free ; orders ahead; stock on il, hand; eapital secured on real estate. Address ROOFING WORKS, box 170 Herald Uptown Branch ohhaj. . 0 TjtHTARIjISHED Hl.'TCHKR'S SlIOI' AND DWI-H.MKO id 10 (Wagon and Fixtures if desired) far sale or to let at " ic Tremonf. near depot: $3j per month. Apply to GEO. * is W. HOJKR, 97 Dnano street. " "|7"OR SALE?A HALF-INTEREST IN AN OI.D-KSTAB* \\ >; r lir.hed, cenliallv located manufactory In this city- ni' x- For a gentleman with capital, who desires a profltablo investment, or for one who wishes to place a son in a IV" ~ lucrative business, with a sure thing for a fortune, this is *; a rare opportunity. None lint principals dealt with. Ad- LI"' rt dress LAURENS, Heralil office. ?^ d. \fANUFACTURING BUSINESS.-PARTNER. WITH - lvl from $H,0U0 to $5,000, wanted; house well estah- Vl R lished, and selling to dealers only: pood margin for JVI r; profit; a young man who ran take short trips preferred, alio til Apply to GRIGGS, CARLETON A CO., 93 Broadway. stri - (it f - "PARTNERSHIP.?$10,000 TO $30,000.-A MERCHANT, S, L married, well connected In New York an.l with first fPl s, class rcfnronco, good bookkeeper and master of the Eng. 1 lish, Spanish anil German languages, wishes to enter, at pro ~ a moderate salary, a wholesale or manuiucliirlng bust- Icei G ness in Now York, in which lie can invest the above >7 amount, after mutual acquaintance and confidence has ?? ik been established ; not so much profit, but safe investment ~, desired. Address BUSINESS, Herald office. ______ I- PARTNER WANTKD.-I WANT AN ACTIVE PART- A s. JT nor, with $14,000, In a woll established retail dry /* ,: Li, goods bitsinesa; am selling about $100,000 yearly for cash, ?. v but lack capital to carry stock and discount bills. Ad- rw, - dress THOUSAND, Herald office. ~. | 11 ; PARTNER WANTED-TO TAKR CHARGE OF THE i.T i9 IT Inside duties of an established monthly periodical V*.' ' and hook publishing business; mnst bo able to invest jj from $10,001) to $15,0(1): ample reference ulvon and re- -? r i, quired, Address PUBLISHER. Herald office. j. rro printers, painters, varnishers, furnil ture Manufacturers.?For sale, at 342 Stanton street, - 10,000 pouuds of the best Wiping Rags ever offered lor E, sale in this city : they are of every kind of fabric?cotton, _ , g. wool, linen, silk, velvet?hclng the stock of a retired IV.1 a- pawnbroker; for sale in lots to stilt purchasers Also one se largo Copper Boiler, new, 1.400 gallons: 8tlv<irpln< .d 1 ; e. Glass Showcases, Bar and A!o Pumps, Fancy Gaums, }? Bar Fixtures In great vnrloty, Engravings, Oil Paint- f.''J lugs, Steam Pntnps, Force, Rotary, Hhip ana a great va- "ttl - rietv of Pumps; large lot of Hardware and Machinery, .V Anvils, Vises, Lathes; large lot of Books and Stationery) \'1 Ml to be sold cheap, as owner Is going out of business. j^'1 ,U 11 rANTED? A PARTNER, WITH $3,000. TO ATTEND fi to the sales of an old established patent paint, the tur ' advertiser having charge of tho manufacturing: sales _ _ - sure and profits large. Address R. s. T., box 103 Herald lyl R office. ?* ?, q ??? - . .. i !.. i ..il-, nets S. WrANTED?AN ACTIVE PARTNER. WITH $1,500 ^t!l Vf cash, to join the advertiser in n legitimate liuMoeH Already established and paying well. Address K. M. D.# I y ? Herald office. XI dhO ADD -A PARTY WITH THIS AMOUNT WISH >f JPai.UvUi ing to Invest in a splendid manufacturing /-vl ts business, under a new improvement, can employ liiiusetf I 1* and have an Interest in the same. Address L. C., Herald Vx office. *. ~ JT . r\l lkt'7 I II II I *" I-WI,?iMiAim.-'ir.iJ in tp^.UUU invest in mi old established, reliable Man- ,. . iifncturing Rusincss, nndrr lil>er:iI conditions. Trill ad- ~!!i dress real name to MANUFACTURER, station l>. _ , R nod ~A RARE OPPORTUNITY TO ENGAGE f id qpUtUUI*. in a mo.-t profitable and influential tmsi 4,111 ness, wltli little nutiuv nnd no risks; flno chance tor a young 11.an. Addroc- VIDKX, II" raid olliee. J'-18 dtm nnn -partnrr wanted. in i. a let k, rs m a; JSJUtUvU. creasing slate manufacturing business; J,mP li- furilitieaextensive; orders four months ahead; profits a'1-" s* OJ per cent guaranteed; capital secured on real estate. t, W. E. l'AKIHU A CO., ltO Broadway, g1 <r (fro - IWUl ?\ GENTLEMAN III- BUSINESS iPs-i'J.'/l M' ability with this amount can lia\o - amide security and a situation In au old, paying city IT business. References exchanged. Address ESX.VU t, L1SIIED, Herald office. la . BOPMB, BOOMS, ?C., WAMTBD. In this C'lt.y anil Hrooklyn. A ROOM WITHOUT HOARD WANTED BY A LADY ? r. JY tciK-bcr in a (too l location between Fourteenth and A Tliirilctli streets, west side; highest reference. Addrtsi, *ri till 27th. QUIETUDE, station E. j0,' A gentleman and wife de-hre to take ""'i charge of a house for the Summer or longer; highest . references given. Address RESPONSIBLE, Herald A c at at B A LADY DESIRES TO MEET A PARTY HAVING A _ ly J\. (ioii'i iii u first class location, parllally furnished, . 17 who would remain and board for the whole or part or A' Hie ri nt, with privilege of taking one or two others; ref ? - eronccs given and required. Addrass BUSINESS, box y in herald uptown Brnneli tmt< v- A FAMILY OF FOUR ADULTS WISH PART OF A ^ :h JY hon;o. seven rooms, in good order, bet woo n Ti?en- ly tieth and Sixtieth streets, Third and Eighth avenues. f.r. - Addres?, with particulars, 0. E. K., box l'J7 Uera'.d Up- J.w % town Branch office. :h A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE WISH TO TAKE "P* JY charge of a House, furnished, I or six mouths or - longer; best city re lore nee. Address II. M. O., Herald N Uptown Branch office. A SECOND FLOOR AND PART OF THIRD WANTED? ... ?r JY By a small lamily of adults, lor housekeeping; rent n ' not lo exceed $Vt per month. Address, staling terms and - location, HUdlNKsS, Herald office.' T?, pi i j A SMALL PRIVATE FAMILY WANT A FURNISHED I>. iv House for lite Funimor months only; rent not over v',J, io >200por month ; Hie house tnus' he tnlly antl elegantly furnished, with all the tnedcrn Improvements. fall on _ ? or address N, VILAH, Fifth Avenue Hotel. **. b yv "LTRNrSIlKD ROOM FOR G5NTLEMAN AND WIFE? I" Kotow Fourteenth street; west side preferred , must - bo flr>t class. Reftuencfi exchainted. A<lilre*?, naming S. tonm, Af ABTMKHT8. box 8.481 Pott o?ce. = J.* TTOUsK WANTF.D?t NFFRSISIIEI), fil'ITA BI.F. FOR H. II hoarders, where tlie owner or present occupant A ,-t. would flay in part payment for rent; location not In-low /V Fourteenth street and between Third uud ,-lxth avenues. Wa Address K., box WA'5 l'o?t office. 1 it X\f ANTKD?BY A TAMILY OF ADULTS, A FAROE A Tv Home, unfurnished, or partially mo, where the T? J. rent would be taken In board, with the privilege oi tak buy >. lint other select boarders; unexceptionable references '<>? ). Riven. Address Mrs. MtCKuWN, station I), amX "tJTANTKD?BETWEEN t; nr itrn, MADISON AND A' _ TV Sixth avenues, troin Twentieth to SIxtr-nlnth it street, Apartments far housekeeping, containing sis or on t seven rooms, wiih all modern Improvement*, from pari r, April 15, for three adults, with a small American family. stri< J' Address ATTORNEY, box 171 Ueruld I'ptowa Brandt a a1 11 117"ANTKD?TIIRKH OR KOt'R INFIRMSIIKD Ac., _ M Kooium '.or tiou-fkcrphitf; with privnta family pre* p tarred. AUrircj*, ?iath:if taniM, A. H., fx>x 'J07 ilvraM iri I ?nit:e _ M ') W'antkd- nv pkivht: ami-ric\x family or V-'t ' ty adult*. u.wcr Half of a llou-o, about S rooms, In good order, wllli i' ih, water and lutli: (food location and ' Willi American people: rent noi over <>W per moiiili 'ill Addreis, Willi particulars, I'RIVATF, box 17-J Herald *'' 12 oltlce. Jew d an-l [? I1TANTKD?BY A FAMIf.Y OI-' ADI'I.TS, PART Of A r- it Mouse altuated bolwecn Canal and Tvvcllth streets 1 /a and west o: Broadway; rent not to exceed >90U. Add reus, ^J-t I - with particular*, J. >V. K., 711 Sixth avenue. ,,n I V |1TANTE0?FROM MAV 1, IN PRIVATE IJOUNK BV " "" I, 11 gentleman and wife, nice Second Floor, tliroa an room-, between SI.Mh ami Ninth avenues, Tweiitielli and |)C Kartyflltli idroets, rent not exceeding $Zb per month. Jew M Address C. A. c , Jersey City. 0tnc h WA!TID~IT TWO 01 UMAX [.AMIRS, A SMALL /11 it Floor or two nice nnturnished Rooms, with wafer, ? gaa and elonete; location between Kighth and Twentieth i>i?i ,b Htrrcta, near Sixth avunna; rent not to exceed AD per mil montli. Address, with lull particulars, H I.. P., Herald - ofltee. 1 ( U VifllMI A PRIVATE HOK.-R, A BKCOND M i it Floor for housekeeping; family eon.Lsla 01 gettUe- w?i man wit? and child. AddrcK M. U , Uerald oJBce- , jD. PRICE FOUR CENTS. " iOUSKg, R DOOMS, AC., W4HTBD. In this City and Brooklyn, rAVTRD-FrRMSIIED OR UNFURNISHED St^(iL? ' . .on first floor, suitable for a physician's < Alice, Jm.Ji " aW'1 and betweeu Fourth and Fichus ^rtli "treet "? p?YStCU.V. No. 361 West Thlrtr'rA,vI D.?LN. A, l*?'VATE FAMILT. A SUIT OT Ar. ri>tT!??.?i"1 r1 TP* 'uniishcd or unflim lilted, w??m.a,i*i" Ul!1 av- >mu>< and Tenth ani raid offloe A(>drca, with full particular*. BROW*. rANTED?TIIR CHAROE OF A I.KN'TliGMAN'l residence diiriiut the absence of the family In the inner; first class reference*. Aa.lreaa, with full narliars, CIlAUtlE, llerald offlce. ' u" pir rANTED?FOR THREE ADULTS, TWO N1CRL* furnished Rooms. iu a first class house and locality r a Rood restaurant; private faintly preferred, sans ROOMS, 18.1 Spring street. rANTED?BV A SMALL FAMILV OF ADULTS, A House, Ailly or partially furnished, where a part wf rent will be taken in hoard; possession 1st of April. Irons K. N., Herald Uptown Branch olllce. 'ANTED-A SMALL. NICELY FURNISHED nOUBB. between Fortieth street anil Central Park (west 1 preferred*, for six months or a year. Addro?, . W., Herald Uptown Branch offlce. ""ANTED?UNFURNISHED, IN PRIVATE HOUSIL by a small American family of adults, a See mis >r and two Rooms on third; Imnroremcnts; Rood it ion; reference. Address 0., 215 West Twenty-tourtli ot, Doscrilie apartments. "ANTED?A NICE COTTAGE OR SMALL HOUSE I* ?:ood order, near Central Park preferred or subitgh ground , healthful location; rent i- > to $01 Iress, diving full particular!), COTTAGE IIOUSK. aid offieo. "ANTED?TWO LARGE ROOMS ON SECOND OB third floor in n private house and good location, tivp or six months, to store Hue furniture. Address, It price and particulars, F. D., Herahl Uptown Branch :e. "ANTED TO KENT?A llttill STOOP HOUSE, WITH nil improvements, between Fortieth and Sixty-fifth :ots aud Second and Lexington avenues; price not to eed $1,400; now house preferred. Address S. C., Jdg ad way. "ANTED TO RENT FROM MAY 1 FOR ONE YEAR? High stoop House, fully furnished (not partially)* gentleman, wife and adult daughter, between Thirh ami Forty-seventh streets and Sixtli and Mndiao* nues; sU'o terms; satisfactory references give*. Ir-ss Ti. \. PELTO.Y, 25 West Twenty-third slrcot. or THREE rooms WANTED?1st APRIL; eithkb unfurnished or furnished, for gentleman, wife nod int; must have gas and water. Address, stating terms., ETA. Herald office. SMALL HOUSES WANTED FOR FIRST Ol.ASE tenants; location from Fifteenth to Forty-third cti; rout from fUuTU) to i'l.OQd. 4, C. LOOM IS a CO., 1,234 Broadway. In (lie Country. RESPONSIBLE PARTY WANTS, AT A MODEL. ate rent, homo, furnished or unfurnished, withlo* mites of the Harlem or Hudson River Railroad, near Hinge or town where there nro good schools. Addrc.su, h mil particulars, HARLEM, Herald office. " ANTED?TO RENT, WITH PRIVILEGE OF BHT. ing on lerms which must be easy and moderate,* n. small Country Scat with a few acres of ground; It st bo located within an hour of down town, New k, with frequent late and early trains. Answer, losing lime table, box ACH3 Post office, Now York. DRY GOODS. "ME. A. DUVAL, . Importer of Parts Patterns, lias opened hor new w rooms, 873 Broadway, third door above Eighteenth et. and resumed her dress and cloak making. Perfect mil moderate prices. French Corsets. IE ONLY WAY TO MAKE A DYED DRESS LOOK well is to have It stumped by the new patent French cess, in any color or design required; colors guarahr I indestructible. M. BONO RAND A CO., 1,193 Broadway. MILLINERY ARID DRESSMAKW^ ?MAISON WALTON, 892 BROADWAY, A BOTE . Union square, will open on Wednesday, March ?K lolce and elegant assortment of Paris Bonnets, Bag* Round Hats, from all the leading houses, lOROE 8LOANE, BROADWAY AND TENTS street, will open on Wednesday and Thursday, Mareh aud 27th, trimmed and untrlinincd Bonnets and llsh i Millinery aud Fancy Goods. ?? ' , m MRS. PORTER A OOANE, Au Monde Elegant Importers French Round Hats and Bonnets. 919 Broadway and 179 Fifth avenue. ME. A. MICHEL, FORMERLY WITH MARIE OA, loupcau. 123 Sixth avenue, New York, has returned n l'nrts by Uie Silesia with a most exquisite assortit of Bonnut* and Round Dat s, selected by herself 1* the leading houses la Paris. Brown's English Kouag a. MB. HENRiETTE BUHLMEYER, FORMERLT or No. 5 Great Jones street, will open oa Wednesday, oh 2ft. at 15 East Ninth street, the newest and mot itigue styles of Rennets and Round Hats, all selected iier from tlio first houses In Paris. ADA ME K. WINTER, 27 EAST FOURTEENTH streot?Will open tier importation of French Bo*; and Roitud Hats on Wednesday and Thursday, the and 27th Instant. ENINO ON WEDNESDAY AND THURSDAY-* choice and etegaut assortment of Pattern Hon no* ltouud Hots. Mrs. G. W. ALLEN, 4gt, Division street. 't.MNU UN VtliUNCNIMI H.MJ 1UI IIMMIHI choice and elegant assortment of Pattern Bonneta Round Hats. It KID'S Millinery, 3fil Canal street. 'E.MNG OF LADIES' DRESS CAPS AND NOR. maiiilv Capos for children, at Mrs. MYERS', No.B mi HMW, west side. IRIS MILLINERY.-MMK. FERBKRO, NO. 7 WEST Thirtieth street. New and elegant stylos of Booiiota Runnd llats. Flowers. Veils, Ac. IBIS MILLINERY. me. OAL0CPEAU, SI East Tenth street, will open hoe ortntion of Paris Millinery for Spring on Wednea, '.'Oth iust. RINO OPENINO Of French Bonnets and Round ITats, Millinery Goods, Infanta' and Children's Furnishing, Wednesday and Thursday, March 7(1 and 27. EDWARD A. MORRISON, ft!7 and *.'9 Broadway, near Thirteenth afront INSTIH l TION. T THOMPSON'S COLLEGE, 20 F< lURTII AVK.NtJR, opposite Cooper Institute.? Boole keeping, Wrtttofc li.melie ami Languages Doe and evening. Lad to? .ortuient?Telegraphy tnuy'it practically, with lustraits. Demand for operators. COMPETENT LADY TEACHER WANTED?TO IX. Klrurt a young lady in piino and singing. Addrcat lint all particulars, LOCKWOOD, Herald Uptown ticii olltce. N ACCOMPLISHED LADY EDUCATED IN LO*. don, would Instruct a tiny pupils, at their resldcnaoL InglUh. French, Herman, Music, lira wins and Paints ; first class references. Address, with full particular*. JKLO, Herald office. .'SINESS WRITING, BOOKKEEPING, A RITHinetie, Ac., for gentlemen, ladles and boys.?DOL\ It's Commercial College, H7H itroad way. corner of hteenth street, t.s open day and evening; pupils can e a fieneral or special course oi private lessons; stiff, i, e r.ii up I iiij or trembling entirely removed aud an rant business hand Riven. Ladies, learn tne English id. ILLEOIATE AND COMMERCIAL INS,'ITUTR. NEW HAVEN. CONN. eparatory to College, the Scientific Schools or BustsSummer session begins April A, H7.t. IIVATI Pl'PILS WANTED.?STUDENTS TIIO*. oiifdily proparod for college, or instructed in the imon lireneliei, by a irni.lua'.e ami late prim ipal of v York Seminary. Addrusa REX, box Kid Herald 'ANTED?A RESIDENT MALE TEACHER FOR TUB EiiRli.li branches, Latin and mathematical one wing French and German preierred; refercncea rated. Apply after 12 o'clock, at 33 East fl-'d at LOAN OFFICII?. T 77 RLBKCKRB STREET, NEAR BROAJDWdT, tiff stairr.?IliRhcat rash advances on Hiamundn Iches, Jewelry, Pianos, Ac., or houRht, Pawnbrokers' kcta botwhtj st 77 Bleacher street. r -SO NASSAU STREET. BETWEEN Ft'l.T.iN An? John streets, NEWMAN LEOPOLD continues the in/, selling or advancing 011 Diamonds, Watchea, eirv, Pianos, Merchandise and Life Pulicle for aay )uni. r WOLF BROTHERS', +.W BROADWAY, HKTWRBX Nineteenth and Twentieth street".?Money loaned Vatehes, Diamonds. Jewelry, Silverware, Silks, and lloul.trly Pianos. Private parlors for ladies; huiiaom . tly coiifldenttal. r ltd MAN'S, 710 BROADWAY?LIBERAL UX von es made on Diainon Is and Watches. Silverware, or will pay the highest market price lor tbo smne. dnky i.oanrd on diamond.*, \v \toiir*. Jewelry an<l Merchandise of every if'MrrlDtuxi. USTAIjrtH'S l.o ui Oflijce, 11 anil 17 Abiiudnn s.juarei, till uremic, near lilrccker street Storage taken. . KAS8AU STREET, OPPOSITE POST OmCE1 l.iber.il advance* made on Diamond*, ivhIcikml rlrv and all kind* of Merchandise. The same bought sold. Boom I. DAYMAN I.kopobb. ,?) SIXTH avkm'k. BETWEEN twrnty I'DI RTII 'O and Twenty-Ill til street*.?l iberal vlvanees mode linniutid*. Watches. Jewelry and ail kind* oi "nodi, ? bought at IU11 Value. I,. BCRNAKD. - BROADWAY, CORNER AMIT1 STRBBE? b j Money liberally advaoeodon Diamond*, Watcher clry and all Merchandise, at the eld ; .nabllwod U?ee e. Same bought and sold. m rosknhkwb ?> nroadway, oi.prnr kstam.isiied ami O moat responsible office.?Money advanced an nond.i, Watches, Jewotry. Lecea, Ac; JWM '''jightat value. Al_^_ "KRT*__ >f?7 broad wav. ovkr herald BR.1N0E iO I omco, room B.-Perlor* for ladle*, brunch 1M Ion atreet Brooklyn. Money loaned on bi*noll\ <hc?, Jewelrr. *c. h? douw BROS,

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