26 Mart 1873 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 2

26 Mart 1873 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 2
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2 CTTT MBAI? ESTATI FOn SAI.K. East MUe. A?w. TT. 11AYFS A PONS, PI CFPAR STREET, OF. i? r lor suit the following "plrvatc Dwelling* #t terms to suit Prospect place, 8 story brown stone $1J.W10 Forty-ninth street, 3 story brown stone 16,000 Kington avenue, 9story hrown stone 29,000 Fifty-third street, 4 story'brown stone St,000 Fifth avenue, 4 story brown stone 76,000 Also many others fer sate an<l exchange, varying in prices trwn fl6,uut) to $a0HOtia Call on us lor pei tuitr, see the houses and then make us an olfcr. A -A.-A.-A.-A LARGE DESIRABLE HOUSE ON . Lexington avenue, nenr Thirtieth street, lor $26,000; also a flue House on last 1 hirty-thlrd street, lor $17.0(0; n prominent corner on Lexington avenue, for $30,000, and a ere at many other* at all price* K I'KhJLi-.NHIt U A Co.. QUO and 938 Third avenue. A-A-A-A FIRST CLASS FOUR STORY IIIOH . stoop brown stone Home, west side ol Madison avenue, N) feet south of Seventy-lourth street; three doors in bard wood, the parlor floor in cuhinet work by Rot tier A Mvmus; mantel mirrors 22x.V<xU8; also a lour story Ohio st ni high stoop House. Xi Bast Sixtv-tburth street; parlor and basement in hardwood, baek parlor and hall v elnscoted with marble; will be sold at very low prices, or will exchange tor lots. Both house* open fbrlnsper. t.on. Impute lor particulars ut ow uer, A. lxLABEK, 134 Fast Eighteenth atreet. \T A BARGAIN UNTIE APRIL 1-FOtTB STORY brown stone House and lot in East 1'ortvnlnth street, between Filth anil Madison avenues, 17x30x100; all modern conveniences; well painted an I trescoed and in excellent coiulltioli- Carpets, Mirrors, Sale, bronze Fixtures, Ac., ran be purchased with house. Proposals to rent to small family entertained it not sold. Apply for terms ot saic to the owner, JAMLs C. SPENCER, 297 .Broadway. A FOUR STORY BROWN STONE HOUSE FOR _ Y sale in Thirty-eighth street, near Park avenue; com l'Jtlt Oiutri .VA1UAIW, w i inn v , .1 uu^uin. HUBERT T. MEEK.S, BU Cedar street. A FIRST CLASS FOUR STORY HIGH STOOP JV brown stone House, 26xG6xlU0, on Fifty-second street, n few doors west of Fifth avenue, will lie sold, with or without the defiant Furniture, for less tliau its ?ulue, and on ea*v terius U npolled for ut once. Apply to ISAAC HOMO, 111 Broadway, rooms G and U, basement. A BEAUTIFUL MEDIUM SIZED HOUSE FOR SALE; jY on wide street near Filth avenue, Central Park; is well built, tastefully arranged, in excellent order and in tlie finest location ; can be purchased very reasonably. Apply to K. II. LUDLOW A Co., No. 3 Fine street. A MURRAY HILL CORNER HOUSE, FOUR STORY brown stone, 19leetfront; nil improvements; nt a sacrifice ; $27,SOU. HATCH A VAN DO KEN, tilO Sixth avenue. t MAGNIFICENT FIVE STORY BROWN STONE 7t French Flat, Lexinstlon avenue, renting for $3,uun. price $20,500; a tliree story liigh stoop brow n stone, 20.v5J il.O, best purt Second avenue. $14,600. THOMAS U. HUJEK, <130 Third avenue. I.30R SALE?FIRST CLASS TENEMENT, WITIl AI.L Improvements, and two story rear Building, 210 Fast Seventy-fourth street. Inquire of o. WESTENr. J[>OR SALE?A TENEMENT HOUSE. FOUR STORY and basement, 26x80; rear bouse 26x5>; lot 25x144; must be sold. Call on the owner, 411 Eust Twelith street. TitOR SALE:?ON FIFTH AVENUE, BETWEEN r Kighty-tllth and Eighty-sixth streets, lacing Central Park, a splendid brown stone Hou e, with or withont E'urntture ; will be sold at a great bargain, if applied for at otiee, us the family are going abroad; terms very easy; if not sold this week will re leased tor a term of years. For permits, Ac., apply to JESSUP, 268 Broadway. For sale?100x100 feet, nortuwrst corner Third avenue and Nlnctv-flrst street; also 60x102, on Eighty-fifth street, near Second avenue. G. QUACKENHUstf, 37 Nassau street, room 10. T.10R SALE?IN TflE ELEVENTH WARD AND OTHER X parts ol the cily, desirable Property, at low prices. W. W. LYON, 78 avenue H. TTIOR SALE?THREE HANDSOMELY FINISHED X small four story brown stone Houses on Sixty-flrst street, between Fitlli and Madison avenues (finest locality in the city); all improvements; cabinet work, plate glass, walnut stairs, Ae.; price $23.( 00 each. Can be seen at all times. D. A J. JARD1NE, Architects, 1,267 Broadway. "LtUR SALE-AT A GREAT BARGAIN. A SMALL BUT 1' exquisite House, situated on Seventy third street, between Filth and Madison avenues; it is tritnmed In cabinet work of the finest description, and is complete in every rosta c;t a perfect gem; must be told, and la ottered at much less than its value. ( oliXlsil .V I'ONcnuM, ITS Broadway. 1,'iiR SALE?A .11 YEARS* LEASE, IN T1IK I neighborhood of Walker street and Broadway, bringing in a rental of over $11,090 per annum; price $40,000; ! one-half cash, one-onarter mortgage 3 years, one-quarler i mortgage 5 years. Address box 5,-tiO Boat office. I,X)It SALE?SEVERAL NEW AND ELEGANT REST idences, of medium and extra size, on Flftn avenue, between Fortv-seeonl and Fifty-ninth streets; also fronting the Central l'ark. For particulars apply to E. U. LL'L>LOW A CO.. Ne. 3 Vine street. FrtOR sale-very reasonably, a first class lour storv brown stone House, on Lexington avenne. near Tliirty-li'lih street, of full width and depth; frescoed iiiitt lTi perfect order. E. H. LPDLOW A CO., No. 3 rine street. TT'OR SALE?A BARGAIN, flOUSE, 240 EAST FIFTYJT first street, near Second avenue, three story brown stone trout, 20x45x190; all improvements; furnace and aiemer; pas fixtures, shades and oilcloths; possession at .nee. Apply on premhes, or of owner, 143 East Fortv1.:lit street. | LXlR BALE?THREE STORY HIOH STOOP BRICK House on Fortieth street, west ot Secaud avenue; will be sold verv cheap: $9,000; also to let, a numbci of private llonses, $800, $900. $1,000, $1,200, $1,300. II. f MELROSE, 613 third avenue. "LTOR SALE REASON1BLY-A NEW FIRST CLASS .r brown stone Dwelling, between Madison and Filth nvenues, near Central l'ark. E. LAl'TERBACH, 200 Broadway. Ji^OR SALE AT A BARGAIN?THE ELEGANT FOCR .r story brown stone House on the north side of Seventv-lonrtb street, third bouse west of Madison avenue; size 2!)x60, lot 102; finished in hardwood in the most superb manner. Party will he on the premises to show tlio taint, every afternoon, irom 1 to 5 o'clock. 1/OR SALE AT A LOW FIGl'RE?THE TWO HOUSES r and Lots 129 and 131 Clinton place. Eighth street; lull lots, with substantial SJj story buildings thereon; the property is now paying a good interest, which mav be tniiaiderably Increased by alterations easily made, tn luire in the office, 127 Clinton place. TTARLEM.-FOR SALE. A FIRST CLASS BROWN .1 1 stone, in a very fine location, near boats and cars; i .1 the Carpets throughout the house, which ore nearly Jitw, go with the house ; price, $11,000; terms easy. H. B. KEN YON, Third avenue, corner 121st street. ") I" ARLEM.?FOR SAT E. FTRST CLASS THREE STORY J l and basement brown stone House, 11x40x100; price pow; terms ea.-y. Call at 14ft East 127th street. TPHREE STORY HIGH STOOP BROWN STONE J Houses, 20x55x103. in perfect order, with all the modtrn Improvements. Apple on tho | remises 121 East l-'url.v-sixih street, near Lexington avenue. rpo GROCERS.?POlt SALE OH Bit CHANGE. FOUR t story ami Basement corner Hon e, 2.\fixfUxl06.6; 1 rice $23,000. Apply corner of Eighty-second street and 3'lrst avenue. Ppo BUILDERS.?ONE OF THE FINEST CORNER ilinn nvt-iKii', i.( io\v r-ixiv inirii strei t. lor rale, cheap; also a number of other "Iota in vicinity, with builders' Loans. K. ZITTKL, l,U2t) Tlilrd avenue. \l'ESTElTLYCOKNirRH OF MADISON AVENUE A ND ?* Sovcnty-lourth and Scvcnty-flfih streets lots each 16x103 teet; houses first elites in every respect; price .moderate: terms easy. Applv on premises. r ril AVENUE F.XTItA SIZE HOUSES FOR SALE.? ' Corner .tilth street. 2'ixsOxlW; near 41th street. ;tOxt*ix Jib. newly erected; t^tli street. i.\uxGSxl(X); corner 4bth street, 2Sx70xint); 49th siriet, 27x9i\lt*i, frescoed; Ad street, 12x'J6x 120 and stable; ISM street, ZTxSSxiUd, froutJ.g l'urk. \. K. STF.YF.SSQN. Jr., 11 Pine street r.TU AYFNCH? PITuf RESIDENCE, CHARMING PO ' sltlon, extraordinarily well plauiied; very reason* l.tile price aud terms to 'insure speedv i-ale. Y. K. .sTEX EN SON, Jr., 11 I'lne ?trert, nnd 226 Fifth avenne. > >!>' STRKE I, itl.lWKEX MADISON AND SIXTH ?>'J avenues tsnd corner).?Full sized Residences, i > i wly erected with jrent care, embodying all the mo?t kpiirnvcd ami modern appllancea andjtlanned with ?Kill. for sale to close i -t.ite V K. STEVENSON, Jr., 11 3'itic street; branch < Olee 226 Fifth avenue. Mb I r. -THREE STORY HALF HIuH 0TOOF ?], 11 /.?M ftlu ii k mid Irnme Cottage Iloii?e, on Thirty.third street, mm third avenue; in pertect order; a Srent bargain. A. l.ooMls a Co., 1,264 Broadway. itiOO -ON Lexington avenue, near ?!?* ' " '" ' I 1 ft"' third street, three story Inch stoop blown stone ll< n-< (,,r *nl<-at a I arsaln, onenav t< ruis A. C. DOOM IS A CO., 1,264 Broadway. cjh nnn -A FINK F,irR pTORV men stoop VOOiUWD, brown stone House; 2uxW>\IU0; tine trdcr. Forty sixth street, n< nr Fiitli cm nu<. W. P HKYMoi'R, lit Broadway. West Side. \ BARaATN.?A THREE STORY HIGH STOOP j\ I rlek I! use. in.pxanxltw.tt; location Al, Forty eighth eri et, between fclxth and Seventh avenues; price only j >.*"11. J. K. PADMER, 923 Sixth avenue. \ FIRST CLASS FOt'lt STORY HRIdVV STONE House for sale, near Fifth avenue. In Fifty.recond itieet, between Fifth and Sixth avenue*; 2ftx65xldl); will 11 sold cheap and on very easy term*. i. s. SHEPHERD, 141 Rroadway. \ cot FI.K OF NEW AND ELEGANT FIRST CLASS ..A blah stoop brown stone Houses and Lots on Filtyr ion.1 street, between Fifth m.d sixth avenues, ;.X' ox :u 1. built liv John C. Donne11 v ; nrlee reasonable: U ring easy. 11 (J lit. V BKIM ,t KISSA.V, No. 6 Pine street. \ MI I Y STKKKT. NEAR MKRCF.lt HTRKKT.-A THREE JV story mill aitir brick Mouse ami lot; price low: 1' >ins i a-v; size liui.LY llltUS. A KISsAM, No. 0 I In* street. A ?FOR BALK?SIXTH AVJiNI'K, FOUR IIOUSKS J > and Stores, above Forty-second street, JuxfiO. sepatateh or together. V) dose e-'.ate; sixty per ceut call reUo.ni on niortKH e (or n term ot rears. .IA.MI.S it. w vikkLow, wtl Sixth avenue. \ MAGNIFICENT PI.OT OF GROUND (21*1 FEET ~J\ I rout m Washington Heights, having the tinest Views that can lie tool on Manhattan Island, ihe natural (opourApliv ot ii ( ground pro-eiiilnvntly udapltng il lorn g< utleuian ? villa residence. _V. K KTHVENSON ,Tr,, 11 Pine street. *| J ROADWAY.--TUP". ENTIRE BLOCK BOUNDED J > by Broadway, hi Tenth avenue. Forty-seventh street and Forty-eighth street. The attcnttoti ot eupitalists Is tailed to this blo? k: il lormg the Junction ot Broadway las widened) with Seventh avenue, and Is one of the loost valuable buslin e- sites In this city. #0111 C. (IB VFF, M nroadway. }^OR SALE-TWO KLKOANT BROWN SToNE Houses in Kgrty-flilh street, between Broadway and kightii avenue. F. s. UOLIH-.N .? CO., s?j7 Mxthav. 1/OR BALK?nOUSB AND THRE1 LOT! IN FTFTT 1 filth street, between Fifth and sixth av? uuet. Ap. jply to the owner, 68 West FL'ty-tltth street T't n BALE?AT GEE A ELY H9UCBD FKil .< F Several elegant four story high stoop stune front Louses; also several medium and low-priced Houses; la si streets in Twenty ? cond ward. IAMK8 PRICE, 200 UuJsoti street, HEW TOI r crrr ?eal bmhta por uu. Wrat 8M?. For pale?three first class mon stoop brown stone Houses and Lots, on West Fifty-second street, between Filth and Sixth avenues, itoxt&xlUO, two of them having elegant two story extensions extending "4 feet in depth; replete with every modern convenlenco; built bv John c. Donnelly. UolLv itwus. A Kiss Ail, No. 6 Pine street. For sat e?the cheapest housb in new york, on Twenty-sacond street, close to Sixth avenue, a large lour storv hlnh stoop House, 2S feet wide, 55 leet deep all way up; all modern conveniences; in llrst rate order; price only g-3,000. , P <j ?I{ wARua, 69 West Twenty thjrd street OR RALE-A FIRST CI ASS ITIOH STOOP BROWN stone House, on West Forty eighth street, near Filth avenue (College lease). Apply at 36 West Forty-eighth si rent J EASE FOR BALE.?THREE LOTS AND BPILDINO j in Twenty-eighth street, between Tenth and Eleventh avenues, with (S3 years' Lease. Inquire at 311 Twentyeighth street, In the same block. JOHN JORDAN. 110 CAPITALISTS AND BUILDERS.?FOR SALE, three full Lots, 75x100x1(1, with two idee Cottagcsand two tenement Houses, on West thirty-fourth street; rented, $2,0W); also, Kitty-seventh street, four vuluable I-ots, 80x100x5, next to the Bank, Third avenue. Inquire of (he owner, TOM EASAY, 530 West Forty-fourth street "irERY OHEAP-A FIVE STORY NEW DOUFLE V Tenement House, built very substantially; no dark rooms rents for $3,130; lertn* easv. WALiEK W. MUNTAiil'E, Eighth u venue uud Twenty-first struct OfATir STREET, NEAR FT FT H /. VENUE.?COMFORTOi/ able und choicely located Dwelling, 21.6x65 feet; let 100 feet; a bargain at \'. K. STEVENSON, Jr., 11 Fine street; branch olttce 22(1 Fi.lh avenue. A QTII STREET, WITHIN UO "T!T WEST OF FT FTII n~0 avcone ? Full size, est, i d> en. substantially boilt and recently frescoed four story liigli stoop stone Residence for sale; liberal terms. V. K. STEVENSON, Jr., 11 Fine street ami "2d Fifth av. (J? I TWA EACH?TWO TWO STORY CELLAR AND wtuU attie 11 rooms each frame House* to let "ti 143d street, near Eighth avenue. Inquire of E. M. I EELH E1.M lilt, grocer, corner Forty-eighth street and Seventh avenue. 1 rtllH WILL BUY FOUR STORY BROWN P 1t".?JUU stone House 203 West Twenty-second street; easv payments; all improvements. J. II. WEHB, owner, 13 Chatham street. <tOn BARGAIN.?THREE STORY HIGH Pju.oUu stoop brown stone House, 20x50, lot 100, In Forly-sixtli street, uear Sixth avenue. Apply at 20 West Forty-third street. Brokers need not apply. finn STORY net SE, ov TWENTY. P_IvM/, first street, near Eighth avenue; good location; liousc 17.8x45 feet, with all conveniences; a oargalu. A. C. LOOM IS A CO., 1,254 Broadway. AOK nnn WILL BUY FIRST CLASS BROWN 'pitltU'JU stono House, Korly-seventh street, near Filth avenue; $70,000, Filth nvenue, furnished Uouse; other Houses cheap. PAUL P. TODD, 55 Liberty bti'cct dNort nnn WILL PUBCHASF, A HANDSOME ipOv.v/UU brown stone Residence, on Thirty-eighth strtet, near Seventh avenue: house 22.4x55 feet, lot 92 feet. A. C. LOOMIS A CO., 1,251 Broadwuy. (jh07 enn ?THIRTY-FIFTH STREET, BE?IpO I .UUU. twecn Fifth and Sixth aveuues.?Par tially furnished lour story English basement House; prieo without furniture, $35,1X10. A. C. LOOMIS A CO., 1,254 Broad way. Mlteellaneont, CTASH WANTED.?ANY PERSON HAVING $7,500 TO J Invest can buy Drown stone Dwelling, fine location, $2,500 umlcr value; possession. FRANCIS CRASVl'ORD 119 Broadway. or 966 Third avenue. 1TTOR BALE?A VERY VALUABLE PIECE OF PROP' crty on Union square; possession May I. For price, loeation, Ac., apply to or address O. II. COLLIN, 269 Pearl street or 121 East Fitty-lliTh street Houses for sale in all desirable looaHons uptown ; prices and terms to suit For reliable Information and permits please call at our c fflce. WM. ELLIOTT A CO., 1,491 Broadway, near Forty-flfth street. TF YOU DON'T BELIEVE IT, CALL AND SEE TWO 1 three story and basement brown stone high stoop Dwellings, each 18 feet front and bplow Filticth street, which we will sell for $10,600 a piece. lloWtiLL A ill Ksr, 921 Third aver.U". Mortgages on city real estate purchased at moderate rates: money to invest on Improved Propertv, in this city or Brooklyn. GEORGE B. WALTON, 21 Park row. room 50. PUT YOUR MONEY WHERE YOU WONT LOSE It, in some llrst class nvenuc Store Property, in fine French Flats, or wcll-rcntsd Tenements, we can viler you at paying prices. HOWELL A HURST, 921 Third avenue. BROOKLYN PROPERTY FOR SALE AND TO LET. I JERALD branch OFFICE?BROOKLYN. 4u \ u*u i inc.'i e.i> i n run hi mu iiau tumv u dnntiu RECEIVED AT OUR BRANCH OFFICE, IN THE LONG ISLAND HAVINGS BANK BUILDING, CORNER OF FULTON AV. AND BOERUM ST. OFFICE OPEN FROM ?"A. M. TILL 0 P. M. ON SUNDAY FROM 3 TO 9 P. M. CARRIERS AND ATIKNTS' DEPARTMENT NO. 7 FRONT STREET. BROOKLYN. A LARGE FOUR STORY BUILDING, 50X80 ; 50 rooms; tot J00 feet front on two avenues; junction of four railroads; $30,000; cost $50,000. 8. COCKCKuFT, No 5), Pine street, room 9,_ A BARGAIN?A NEW THREE STORY BRICK HOUSE, 20x38x108, with every Improvement; first class neighborhood. Apply at tlio otllce of the late A. J. Walker, 112 John street. New York, from 12 to 2 o'clock. ATnRRE STORY ANI) BASEMENT IllUn STOOP Philadelphia brick llonse, 22x45; marble trimmings and gas fixtures throughout; 98 Bergen street, near Smith ; for sale ; price Slo.tmO; terms easv. HEN.J BALDWIN, P9 Fulton street. Brooklyn. \ THREE STORY HIGH STOOP nOUSE, CONTAINing 12 rooms, with all the modern improvement.", in a good locality, fully luralshcd ; rent $125 per month. Inquire at 261 Baltic street, Brooklyn. A STORE AND BUILDING, CORNER MYRTLE AVE nuc and Gold street, to let or leaso ; three stories; 25x100; splendid location for furniture, grocery or shoe business. Apply to It. HUME, on premises. FOR HALE?Til REM LOTS ON BRIDGE 8TREET. two blocks from the ferry; No. 31 has frame House on the rcur; 33 lias brick Store on the front; 35 has brick Store ou trout, in rear good stables U7 stalls). TjtOR sale-moderate priced, well built L Brooklyn Houses, with all the modern improvement", in good neighborhood; terms easy. CHARLES K. white, H50Broadway, tjior sale-on green. near clinton avenue, U Brooklyn, a first class brown stone House, on easy term* D. H. stone, 192 Broadway, n. Y, I A OR SALE?IN BROOKLYN, AT $8,0P0, A THREE story brick llou.?c; lot 2.'>\1C0; the. store good lor a wh lesale bu iness. 942 Atlantic avenue. I71 OR SALE?CHEAP, A THREE STORY AND BASE, nn nt brick House, with all improvements, in South Brooklyn, near Hamilton ferry. Apply to Titos. CUMMINS, 12 Centre street. Sew York. Fhlk sale cheap?a desirable plot, for manufacturers or builders, corner of Bridge and Plymouth streets, 100 by 107)3, two blocks from ferry. Apply to THOMAS KEI.f.EY, f.j Jay street, Brooklyn. T?OR SALE IN BROOKLYN, NEAR PROSPECT 1 Park?A first c'nss brown stone corner House, thri e stnrv and baaetm nt, with all modern improvements; house 2ASt by 48; ground ti'.1,' by lostj; will be sold cheap on verv easy terms. Apply at 17 and 19 Atlantic avenue, near South ferry. ITtOR SALE NEAR PROSPECT PARK. No. flfi PROS, peel place?A three story and basement double frame House, StJjxflH; ground, 82) .xlSl; a due place for a gentleman owning horses n tin re is plenty ol room for a stable. Apply to F. D. MORRIS, No. 31 DeKalb avenue, Brooklyn. E3ACTORY FOR BALS?WITH STEAM (SB HORSE I power); three stories; each floor 25 hv 35; containing two baud sawtwo up and down aws, otic circular saw. Wagon; < vcrytliiDR in first class order. Inquire at <tic corner ul .Mi nerole uiid l.conaul streets. Williamsburg. M. \\ II Ml.Mir. pAPin rRANBTT,?OHOICB LOTS, SXM PUT, JI under close restriction*, in n tlr?t (In** neighborhood, near Prospect I'erk mid the line of ih? proposed rapid Iran-It gteani road, tor sale nt f.'O 'und upward ; n sole nil id opportunity for Invi atmerit or speculation. Apply ut tin otllce ol tho late A. J, Walker, 112 John street, New York, from 12 to 2 o'clock. rpo LET?A THREE STORY AND RASEMENT HRICK I Home, near the ferries; nil the nonlern Improvenirnts; n vflj papered and kalsoiniucd, rent only $io0 pi r annum. J. ELLIOTT, 42 Broadway, Wllliamsbnrff. 'I'D LET ?EE It N18IIE P, I'HREE 8TORY AND BASEI ment hrlck House, all Improvement*. five minutes' oak in in lerrl. *. in Brooklyn; rent ?;) | er month. 212 Broadway, New York, room 6. rpo LKT-FI RNIRHKD, THREE SToltY AND BARB* I mi i t hivh sii o; Moux all Improveiiient*, tlve niinuli ' walk Ooni terries, in Brooklyn; rent low. Apply ut212 Broadway, New York, room 6. mo l.l l BROOKLYN, TEN MIN riTS' WALK PBDB 1 Fulton or W all street lerrh s, a genteel four st(,rv atone front Enttllsh haseinent llnuae, with modern itnprovementa; rent $l,20t>. ,t. k. CORNELL. 44 Court st. WEHTCHKRTEIt (OINTY PHOPEUTY l-'Ol! f)A?B OH TO RENT. i T YONKERS?FOR SALE, tiN W Alt HE RTON AVEj\ nue, a good House, 12 rooms, modern Improvement*; tlve eltv lots: stable; cheap; only ?Ui,uOO. Apply to J AM ES "YOUMANB, Agent, Vonker*. AT Y< IN K EPS, .'.II MINI I US FKO M I i Hi I V 1 . i.', 11 depot.?For sale, a first elan* R< aidenee, containing 20 rooms. with crerv modern improvement; one acre sir firound, beautifully laid out In fawn and garden, first chi?a stable and carriage house; will exchange for New ? York or Brooklyn House. T. 8. HllKi llEKI>, 181 Broadwav. A FINE I'l.OT (IF LOTS, 100 FEET FROM T1IE HOt'TIL J i crn Boulevard, Westchester county, con ho purChased for *2,2W?. 1'OTTEK HKOTI1ER8, No. 4 Warren street. Branch office, Fordham. \ HANPBOME COCRTRT PLACE CIT TUB DUIWON ,'Y Mlvor. ai flearhorongh, ono mile below Rmr Htng; large dotildc brick house, 8tixS2; siohle, gatehouse and oilier outbuildings; 10 or XI acres; vlcv s very tine ; terms casv A|.I It to KUWAKD AUHTRK, tV PcA'1 Street, or to lii'BKKT II. IK '()H.M AN, CI ' cdar street. CtOR sAI.TI?AT FORT WASH I NUT' N. ON KINtiS1 bridge Road (Broadway Boulevard), a new Mnnsard j roof double frame House, tilled in with brick, containing . twelve room*, together with eight I.otaor Lund; tlio bouse has all improvt mcnta. such as hot and cold water, range, stationary tubs, furnace, bells, gas fixtures, dumb I ?al;er, Ac.; marble mantel and grate in each room; will I be sold to a prompt purchaser considerably under Its I value. Address M. ?. 11., Ikrald vUlesa IK HERALD, "WEDNESDA I BROOKLYN PROPERTY FOR SALE A1VP TO IET. FOR RF.ffT?A TWO 8TORY FRAME HOUSE; 0000 attic and basement i 12 rooms; fully furnished or unfurnished; is situated near the depot at Hrotixvillc, on the Harlem Railroad; immediate oceupauey can be nud. A S. KF.LLOtitl, No. 8 Pine street (room 27), New York. POHTCHKSTER AND HARLEM RIVER It All. road?Ready middle of April; connecting with steamboats, 3-'> minutes to Fulton street; secure homes ul once; Lands by the acre; houses and plots soon to become city lota by annexation. OLIVER BRYAN, Resident Wextclujjer, 115^Jroadwny. RYE NECK.-A rLACE FOR SALE: COT^IOEI House: barn, grapery, Ac.; in good order, with lour MfM tor $'i,U00. or nine acres lor $12,500; everything in working order; norsej, cows, farming utensils, Ac.; one mile frbtn Mamuroueck or three-ouarters ol u milo from Harrison depot New Haven Railroad. Apply to T. 8? SIUiPUBBD, 181 Broadway, or I). A. tiRANT, 873 Broadway. JEli.SK Y CITY, IIOIIOKEN, IlI'DSON CITY AN1> UKUCiliN HEAL ESTATE. To Let or Lease. Mahittve shop room, with power, to rent? At Jersey City, near terry, in buildings formerly Jersey Oily Locomotive Works. Apply to W. BAILEY. I,AMI A CO., 54 Cllir street, New York, or W. C. BAYTON, at works. _ TO LET?FOR $50 PER MONTH, OR FOR HALE FOR $500 cash and balance in easy monthly instalments, charming French House on Bergen Heights, seven minutes front Liberty street fcrrv. 11 rooms, p.11 improvements. Apply to A. M. CAI'KN, 361 Broadway. PROPERTY OUT OF TIIE CITY FOll SALTS OR TO RETT. AX, i. v? aii i ino r a n xi p.?ri'n Mi,r,, iv, ranur.nn, gardeners and tnnn laborers from the old country, pood Farm Lands (virpin noil) ut $25 per acre, on mx years'credit The soil is h pooil productive loam, near the great markets of New York and Philadelphia, by railroad, where from 20 to 4" acres constitute a pood farm when partly planted to fruit. Prom thin locality a creator quantity and variety of fruit U tent to market than from anv other place of equal area In the United Stales. It Is in the midst oi a thriving community, with pood roads, stores, schools and manufactories. Female members of families and others can procure work at straw scwinp, shoe work, hnitou makinp, clothinp work ami other branches. ,Manv Ftipllsh, Irish and Scotch farmers have settled and are prosperous. Numbers of pardeners from the vicinity of New York are locating, us in th.s section farming pays far bettor than in the West. Papers containing full information will be sent free of charge. Address CHARLES K. LAND1S, Proprietor, Vinolaud, N. J A?MIDI,AND RAIl,ROAD, NEW JERSEY.?I AM making a specialty of Properly on the line of this new rdad; within one nour of New York; the land Is mountainous, jiertoetty healthy and tree from mosquitoes; I have a large number of Farms, convenient to depot, anil gentlemen's Residences, with a few Lots of Ground. T. S. KHEPIIKRD, 181 Broadway. A CHEAP RENT, $7S0-FURNI8I1ED HOUSE. 14 rooms, imorovements, In Bridgeport, Conn., suitable for boarding house; possession April 1. Call on the owner, 723 Sixth avenue. A PARTY. HAVING A FARM OF 1<? ACRES. WELL watered, In pood tillable order, suitable for stock or dairy purposes, and on which thero Is nn undeveloped new mine, would like to lease it for a term of years. The house and oulbuildinps are large and in pood order; within 5(1 miles of New York, on Kilo Railway: one mile from depot; neiphborhood vory healthy; fruit abundant. Address J. F. U. box 148 Herald Uptown Branch ofllce. At oreenwich, conn.?a laroe furnished House, grounds and outbuildings to rent for the Summer; $200 tier month. Inquire of S. HOWLAND, Greenwich, or Rev. K. tf. DK HASS, 145 East Fllty-second street, New York. A COUNTRY PLACE FOR SALE?AT NYACK, ON the Hudson; six across; SUO grape vines, 400 fruit trees, asparagus and small fruits in great variety and abundance; home 13 rooms, two cellars, water In: linrn, chicken house, grapery, Ae.; unobstructed water tront; views and climate unsurpassed. Address, for one week, O. O. P., box 200 lleruld olllcc. AREAUTIFUf, SUMMER RESIDENCE AT OAK Hill, CatskiU Station, on Hudson River, well furnished; has a line garden and grounds, good outbuildiliga and splendid view of river and surroitudiug country; will he rented low to a good tenant. Apply to J. ROMAINE BROWN, 1,280 Broadway. A GENTLEMAN'S RESIDENCE FOR SALE OR TO let. furnished ; 18rooms; ull improvements; billiard room, bowling alley, stables: splendid view: unexceptionable location; St. Mark's place. New Brighton, Staten Island. W. A. COLLINS, 28 Pine street A SPLENDID FARM OF 13(1 ACRES AT l'F.EKHkill for sale chenp; also one of 65 acres at Greenwich, Conn., at a great sacrifice. M ITCHELL'S, 77 Cedar st A GREAT BARGAIN?TN SIX MILE RUN VILLAGE, nine acres of splendid Land, well fruited, goou buildings, superior location ; choice; only $5,000. J. S. FERGUSON, 33 Nassau street, room 6. A BEAUTIFUL FARM OF 75 ACRES, ONE MILE (Foin station, on New York Central Railroad; nice buildings; fine location, near Syracuse; prict $2,750; terms easy. Call at 248 East Tliirtieih street. AT NEW BRIGHTON, STATEN ISLAND?TO RENT, several brick Villas, furnished and unfurnished; J as, hot and cold water; modem improvements; gardens, awn. shade trees; stables; 35 minutes of Wall street; locution unsurpassed. E. DUNCAN BNIFFEN, 130 Broadway. All OTEL, FURNISH ED, TO LEtTfOR SALE or exeliunpe. near New York city. 8. C. SMITH, owner, FrankJort House, 202 William street. A T k'AUTnOfiDT T rtVfl TOT A VTT Af\ 1ITT UJ TTTJflXf JV New York.?Brick House, 24x30, grounds 100x100, fronting on waters 01 the bay; fruit, Ac.; rent $260 per year; also one furnished. Address 1*. Y. H. STANTON, 20.') Montague street, Brooklyn, L. ]. BEROKN COUNTY. N. J.?NICE FARM OF 37 ACRES, near depot, with basket factory aud all outbuildings. to rent on very rensouable terms. ANDREW POWELL, 165 Broadway, basement /COUNTRY RESIDENCE TO LET OR LEASE AT Summit, N. J.? A furnished house of 13 rooms, with nil modern conveniences; handsome Grounds, including about lu acres, garden, stable (with four stalls) and large carriage house and coachman's house, with three rooms; icehouse filled; half a mile front depot. Apply to Mr. T. R. VAN NEST, 45 Beekmun street, New York. OCXS IN NEWARK, N. J., PASSAIC RIVER, To sell or let ill plots for malt houses, factories, lumber or stone yards. Apply to GEORGE W. 1JOJER, 97 Duane street. New York. ENGLEWOOD AND PALISADES.?CHOICE PROPERties for sale or rent. Furnished Mouses for Summer. CHARLES 1>. KKI.Ltmw, No.T Cine street. Iji LIZA BETH PORT, N. J., VICINITY OF SINGER MA!i chine Works.?A handsome Cottage, with two Lots, for sale; house contains 7 rooms, water, gas; opposite City Park ; will sell very low. Address PRINCIPAL, box 150 Herald office. _ TTFASTER. FRITZ A CO., REAL ESTATE BROKERS, T No. 1 l'ark place, New York.?Dealers In cltv and New Jersey Property on lino of Erie Railway; Passaic City Property a specialty; Houses, l ots and Farms for sa'o or exchange; also Houses to rent, furnished and unfurnished. Farm to let?on statfn island, near kailroad ; 20 acres; house and barn; rent $"60; possession given Immediately. Address B. F. MORRIS, Stapleton", Stolen Island, N. V. FARM FOR PALE-IS ACRES; 35 CLEARED; GOOD bouse, barn, outhouses; near town, school, churches, Ac,pri 0 $1,600; terms easy. Apply at 319 First av, T/RiK SALE?KUENcIl RQOF HOUSE IN NEWARK, F N. J.. .'1 blocks from depot: 11 rooms, gas. water marIdo mantels, high ceilings, nlenly corniced, good neighborhood. price $4,600; terms easy. Apply to A. D.CAMPKKLL. 741 Broad street, Newark, N. J., or B. BEDELL, 21 Maiden lane, New York. TTMiR SAI.F.-AT RICHMOND H1I.L, ON BOUTHSIDE r Railroad, lone Island, only . 0 minutes from the terrv, several new and elegant Dwellings. Apply to J. W. FIELDER, 231 Broadway, room 13. TI^OR SALE-FARM OF 28 ACRES, WESTCHESTER, I tlrst station above White Plains, near village i f Kcnsico; good buildings; plenty ot fruit; price $9,600, stock included. Inquire at TUt KER'S, No. 3 Barclay st. TTIOR SALE?METl'CHEN, N. J.?GOOD HOUSE, 12 r rooni?; 7 aeres; all kinds fruit: stable. Full description sent on application. A l. SCOTT, .15 Walker street. T/tOR SAEF-A THREE STORY DWELLING. ON ONE r of the best streets in singling; has all modern improvements. Al?o a Farm on Croien Lake, under good cultivation; 20 minutes' drive trom railroad station. RE EI) A HOYT. 229 Broadway, New York; HOWLAND A BRANDItl Ttl, Sing Sing. 1740R SALE?Itol'SK AND THREE ACRES LAND; plenty fruit; splendid location: neardeiot, II. (!. HE RING, Hillsdale, N. J. T,MIR"SAT,K?STAVFt?RD, CoNN.,'THE RESIDENCE I of the late Gen. Vinton, situated about three-quarters of u mile Irani the railroad station; three acres of ground, laid out with iruit, shade and ornamental trees; also hot and cold grapery aud grt enhou. > : excellent kitchen garden. The house I* commodious and convenient, containing fhrnace, ga.?. hot und cold water, hathro m, Ac.; also billiard room. The outbuildings consist of stable, carriage and gardener'* house. The Furniture will be sold with the house if desired. Immediate possession may he had. Inquire oi JOSEPH LFF, Executor, 41)'' Broadway, i>. ii. Aif.Mii.ii, .w. i'i:ui uvcnuc, or t>. m AiLi/iMi, at lie pot, Stamford, OMWi rOR SALE?A BARGAIN, OR TO I.F.T, AT EAHT I" Newark, N. J., near depot. Ootliic Cottage, 9 ronina; price $>,4M II. M. CON HIT, lity Rant Twrlilh street. IAOR HALE?STAMFORD. CuNN., THE RESIDENCE (it the lute Gen. Vinton, nit tinted about threeiuarters ot a mile Hum the ral road station; three neres ol ground, Ini<t oet with Iruit, ihnile ami ornamental trees; also hot a nil ( oh I ura |ery anil grei ulo n -e , ex, elk lit kitehen war don. '1 he hou.se is eommodti na nml convenient, containing furnace, ir.tv. lint and cold wati r. hnthri otn, Ac.; also Millard room. The outbuilding* consist of stable, carriage and gnrdenet'a house The turnitiirc will lie fold with the house It desired. Ilium illale possess a may ho had Inquire of JOSM'H I,EE, bxeciltor, It'.Hl Mroudway, I). II. ARNOLD, SS2 Tlflh avenue, or (I. sI'AlLDINli, at depot, Stainlonl, Conn. Tjt()R SALE?FINE BUILDING LOT, ?Xim, SITUATED I' In the heat part of Went Flushing, clow to the railway station; prlco Apply to .Mr. liAltVEV, 713 Broadway. I/OR SALE?AT DARIF.N, COW A CHARMING I plaee of about three acres; excellent house; good burn and outbuildings; fruit garden; short dL-tauce troiu the Sound; good llfhlnr, boating and bathing. JAM Kit J'KICK, AH) liu.ls. II street, n i i | ; \ n|| COl Mi, PV., A FtHB HTOCKI I itriti ot 30J nirce, l.Vi under cultivation, near Mllford; price $?.5- 0. .ti.HN ,-imv \n r, :. - , ; VLB AKD RBHT?COl'RTBl KAT8, I VRM I and Village Property in and around long Mranch, on North and South Shrewsburv river*; also oil lines ot the two railroads uow being constructed. W. A. KKKSC'H, Red nan*, N. J. tTOTKL AND MINERAL UIMUNtJ I'h I I ItTY AT A II burgnln ? Clrc ulnr. with analysis and lull particuInra. ot MiIjY a Oil . No. i I ink line. _____ HOTP.L Kill HA DR.?TUB AMRLIA JTOTBt* AMELIA Court I!eii*e, Virtrlnln. S" mile* trcm lllehmond, on Klrhtnotid an l IhuiTilie Itailruad. rontalnimt rt* rooms, with nrh k stores oti street, and l?n aero* ot hand, adjoining depot and Court House. Apply to A. V. St oTT, Amelia Court 11 ou?e, Virginia, or 8. it. BC1I1BFFBLIN, I6fcast Twenty-sikth street, New York. ______ Hotel at samana. Te let, an nntlirnlshed Tlotet on favorable tcring. AJdrtsi b.A i,0CT fott cAha, Now Yitfk. T, MARCH 26, 1873?TRU PROPBRTY ovrr BP THE CITY VDR SALB OR TO RENT, Hotel to let?furniture (nearly nkwl Horses, Carriages, Harness, Ac., for mile; It is a first class Hummer and Winter hotel; now open; verv pleasantly situated; a short distance from New York; It la complete in all Ita appointments. In the beat of order and ready tor the reception of guests for the cumtug season; to purties desiring a business of this ktud it Is u flrst rate openintt; terms easy and price reasonable. For further purticulurs address box 105 llerald olllee. NYACK ON THE HUDSON.?TO LET OR FOR BALE, a new French roof iIS rooms), all modern Improve. Ajnenta, rent $1,000 ;n Ootliic house, rent 9*00, furnished, ' ($1,21.0; a Cottage (7 rooms), rent $400,furnished law. K. U. WESTON, Rockland Savins Bank, hyuoi. * OKANliE, n. j, AND VICINTTY (specialty).? Ore at variety of Properly to rent, furnished ami unfurnished, sell and exohanre. Call for catalogues. I. II. GERRY, 3) Nassau street, corner Liberty. QUMM1T. N. J., MORRIS AND ESSEX RAILROAD, O one hour from New York?An acre and one quarter; SO fruit trees, pood well, now Iront fence; delightfully situated; no lever or ague; $701 cush. Address 0. W. CALLAWAY, 240 Pearl street. TO LET?A DESIRABLE STONE DWELLING, FRAME Outbuildings and Tenant Hon <e; large Plot of Ornnnd; situated on Little Clove road, "Lord property." Statcn Island: rent $1.000. J. V. DAVENPORT, Newark, N. J. TO LET?AT BLOOM FIELD, HOUSE OF 10 ROOMS; corner lot 170x180: ftill of frnlt tree* and shrubbery; none finor In Hlnomtlcld; horse cars to Newark ateorner; f> minutes front depot; rent #400. Address tor interview J. R. F., box 103 llerald oillce. TO I.RT?AT RED BANK, N. J., A COUNTRY SEAT on the Shrewsbury River; 22 rooms; 4 minutes I mm m tlrr,,, .1 /tn?. 1* . Q mln,il..u ?l....... I , Dished; splendid drives in nil direction*. Address'o. O. AM.E.N, fted Bank. N. J. rpo I.KT?AT GARDEN CITY, HEMPSTEAD, L. I., J. several FIRST C1.AHS HOUSES; 8(1 trains per day, via C'cntrul Railroad. Long Island and South Side roads; time,one hour. For particulars Inquire of ALEX. T. STEWART'S AGENT, Broadway nud Chambers street, between 12 uud S P. M. rro r.ET?AT ASH FORD, NEARDOBBB' FERRY, ONE 1 mile from Hudson River Railroad dciot and .one hour ITom Grand Central depot, this city, a nice Country Seat; ample grounds, title old shade trees, with exquisite river and luudscape views; rent $1,000. D. O. BRADLEY, 30 Broad street, room 42. rpo LET?FURNISHED AND UNFURNISHED COT1 tagos on line ot Northern Railroad of New Jersey; rent $2,600 to $300 per annum. Wll.SON A CLaKK, 111 Broadway, basement, room C. rpo LET?TO A SMAM, FAMILY, A GOOD ROOMY 1 House, well furnished, with beautiful surroundings and a until Farm ol very One land, all beautiiully located, a few miles front New York; all the rent taken in board by a very naull family ; posst ssiott immediately. Address B. C., bux 5,059 New York Post office, tor three days. TO LET?A FINE HOUSE, W1T1I GROUNDS, FRUITS, vegetable garden, Stable, chickens; every convenience ; 20 minutes front ferries; r< nt taken for board; no boarding hou.-e. Apply ti* WAHHBuUUNE, 172 Waterst. TO LEASE?ON THE 1ST OF APRIL, AT SUMMIT, N. J., on Morris and Essex Railroad, 21 miles from New York, n first duai House with 22 rooms, suitable for a boarding hou.so. Address Dr. J. D. ROSE, Summit, N. J. TO LEASE?BELMONT HALL. 65 ROOMS, FURNISHED or unfurnished, Richmond Terrace, New Brighton, Stntcn Island; 3 minutes front landing; really a desirable place. W. A. COLLINS, 2H Pine street. TO RENT?FULLY FURNISHED, AT MORRI8TOWN, with gas, water and other mproveinents. n large. elegant Country Seat, 10 acres $8,500 5 acres, large new House, Stable, Ac 2,<V*) 4 acres, fine House, Ac 2,000 12 acres, good Buildings, Shade, Ac 1,800 2 acres, handsome place I.n.O 3 acres, good Buildings, Ac 1,200 R. EDDY A CO., No. 1 Park place. rpO RENT?FURNISH ED, AT GREENWICH, CONN., A i desirable Dwelling (12 rooms), Stable, Ac.; 10 minutes' walk front depot. _____ H. HUDSON HOLLY, III Broadway. rpo RENT?AT HOHOltUS, A FARM HOUSE. WITH J. fine new Barn and lour acres Laud; easy walking distance lront depot; rent $IC0. RIKER, HESSE ft CO., No. 5 Pine street. TO CAPITALISTS.?2,500 ACRES SPLENDID CANNEL Coal Lund, near the Missouri River, In Citllawav county, Missouri, formerly owned and worked by the Callaway Mining and Manufacturing Company. All these lunds were bought in small tracts after examination by experienced mineralogists. The coal is superior to Pittsburg coal. A roadbed already graded from coal fields to the river. Further information can be had by addressing JAMES C. REN8HAW, Fulton, Mo. (Si t KAft ?SPLENDID STOCK AND GRAIN FARM, hP'T.tJ'M/. about 50 miles in New Jerscv; 30 In meadow, 35in rye; good buildings, large orchard; must sell. Owner at Hurley's, 12 Centre street. CM *nn ?DESIRABLE COTTAGE (THREE MINtlPXiyUU. utes' walk), West Brighton Landing, 8 rooms; plenty fruit, flowers and shade; suitable tor a gentleman moderate means ; terms easy. DARRIN, 60 Broad. <3> C enn -EASY PAYMENTS, A GOTHIC HOUSE, ID? hard wood finish ; garden, high ground; two minutes front depot; 40 minutes from City Hall. J. FISHER SATTERT1IWAITE, 10 rtne street. <s?7 nnn WILL BUY A FINE< modern, FIRST <P I .UU17 class House, new, three stcrv and basement; splendid parlors; terms easy; 10 blocks from Thirty-fourth street terries. Apply nt Eleventh street and Jackson avenue, near Hunter's Point. <&7 nnn ?nandsome residencw, on staten ?P I .UUU. Island, IB rooms, carriage house, shade and fruit; water front; fine buttling; one of the most desirable residences; splendid view; terms accommodating. darrin, 80 Broad street. tj>7 /tnn -FURNISHED COMPLETE AND WELL. ip(iUl/U. new House, 8 rooms; splendid neighborhood ; near depot. For further particulars address FEUD1NAND FISH, box 555 Post office, Plainlield, N. J. &Q -MUST BE SOLD, 10 ACRES, NEAR BY, ijPO.tJVv'. in fruit and shrubbery, two Dwellings, Store, old Stand, Barn ; less than the value of the buildings. BUFUS K. McilARO, 77 Cedar street REAL ESTATE TO EXCHAXOE. A FIRST CLASS FOl K STORY BROWN STONE J\ House on Madison avenue,one block from the Park; will take In exchange n small House, Mortgages or Factory Property In or near Centre street. WM. (JEE, owner, corner Elm and Franklin streets. A SPLENDID HOUSE, 12 ROOMS, ALL IMPROVEments; villa lot and stable, eitv of Rahwav, N. J., to exchange tor merchandise or goou business. Address BIN DON, He raid office. Any suburban lot company or owner of farm, suitable for dividing up, willing to exchange an Interest therein tor brick block of Brooklyn Stores, nubile hall above, worth $:<0.fi(Ki, equity $211,1)00, and perhaps other Real Estate or Mortgages, can arrange with a builder who has erected 800 houses and sold over 8,000 lots in twenty-two years, who possesses means for rapidly Improving wherever he is largely Interested. Address Mr. DAY, 881 Third avenue, Brooklyn. A -$5,000-FOR SAI.E, EXCHANGE OR LEASE, A . beautiful Anglo-Norman hriek Cottage, with suitaide outbuildings; every verb-tv of fruit; about one acre laud; in a flourishing village 30 miles in New Jcr.-ov. HATCH A VAN DOREN, 610 Fixlli avenue. t SMALL HOUSE IN THIS CITY, IN GOOD LOCAj\. tiun. not to cost over $8,000, tor 37 acres choice Property, in Farmlngdalc, L I., 22 miles from New York, 10 minutes Irom Long Island Railroad depot, and within 5 minutes of the new depot on Stewart's Railroad; the land will bo put in nt Its cash value, and the dlll'crem e it nnv) pnid in cash. Apply to T. R. WERE, No. 4 Pine street, rooms 18, 19 and 20. A POUR STORY BROWN STONE HOUSE, TWO J\ l locks from Prospect Park, to exchange tor n Country Scat near the ci'y. A. BLOMQYtST, 180 Nassau street. Business wanted.-the advertiser will exchange improved or unimproved Real Estate, eight miles irom New York, for a good paying bu-lness; hotel or restaurant preferred. Address BUSINESS, box In) Herald I'ldnwn Branch oftlce. CULL OR ENCLOSE STAMP FOR PRICE LIST OF / Farms and country Property for sale and exc hange. JOHN EWl N, 30 Nas-.au street. I RIGHT THOUSAND acres of TIM BEN LAND, IN j Emanuel and Tatnnl counties, Georgia, to exchange for good Mortgages, productive Properly or cash. Apply to r ITOHKTT, 61 Nassau gtroct. IjIXCHANGE, UNENCUMBERED, 100 ACRE FARM, 'J Slock, Ac., for (rood Business, or Brooklyn or sul>iirl>iiii Froporty. Owners liuiuirc nt 73 licckuian street, third floor, from is to 4. 1J1XCHANOB FOR A STOCK OF GOODS?A TINE 'J Fruit Farm at Tout's River; good buildings; 34 l ots in Railway, tvcdl located; 2S0 Lots i n Morris and Lmix Railroad; 13 Lots in M en Mount Verim i. J. s. FERGUSON, 89 Nassau street, room C. LMNE RESIDENCE TO LET OR FOB BXCHAN I1 Fiirnl?hed in the In n nun tier, nt Clifton, staten Island, 10 mluntes trom the lior-e ears; house very large and ceinmodioiis, with every modern convenient except gu.?: hillinrd rouin, Ac.; grounds 13 acres, in pool order; stables horses, carriages;'cows and poultry; truit of every variety, grci nlioiis', grapery, Ac.; bathhouse' and fine ontlilntf; lienutitul view and perfectly health}-. Address box 4,368 New York l'ost ollice. IAOR BALE <)R EXCHANOE?A VILLA ON WASHINGI' ton Heights, nine rooms, lot 26x3(W; overlooks tlio Hudson-.near the depot. GKURG1-. ('(IDLING A SON, 111 or 1,"72 Broadway. LMIK RALE?VERY LOW, OR EXCHANOE FOR UP L town Lots, a fine tour story high sloop House, Seventyfi ttrih street, near Mndlson avenue; one three story, Seventy-ninth street, near Third avenue; one lour story, Hickman place; all perfect gems. s. KLABER, Owner,23S West Fllty-flrst street. LUiR RALE OR EXCHANGE-ONE OF THE FINEST P Country Residences on Rtntcn Island, near Chiton; line large mulish n.alln.odi rn improvements,outbuihllngs complete; about '( > acres of land, under high slate of cultivation ; abundance ol choice trulls and well shaded; tine view- of New York eltv and Bay; everything in most complete oracr; luliy lurnished or unfurnished. R. IRELAND, Jul Broadway. X* Residence on Stnten Island, convenient ot access; 1.1 acres ot land; large house, with 20 rooms, gas, water anil all Improvement!)i stabler, carriage house, icehouse, hothouse, graperies, Ac. The place commands a splendid view ot the outer hay; Is well Irulted ; tine lawns, laid out with lores! trees, evergreens and ornamental shrui's. Will sell cheap or exchange lor Improved 1'roper'y in New York or Hrooklvn, and pay some cnsli if necessary. c'orkish a ui'mhlon, 17# Broadway. "ttOR SALE OR RXCHANOE-A VERY VALUABLE X and desirable Farm of2ti0 acres, located in the wellknown wheat and corn grow ing portion of Northern Indiana, Elkhart county, and only one mile from th# flourishing city of Elkhart, where there is always a cash market for all the products ot that section of the country; its) acres under good cultivation and 80 acres of timber, principally oak; good house and outbuildings anil abundance ot fruit; w ill be sold much less than Its value or exchanged for city Property. _ CORNISH a l UNHDON, 17# Broadway. LIOR KXCIIANOE?HOUSE 54 WILLOW STREET, r Brooklyn Heights; handsome frame house, MUM In with hrlck ; IJ rooms; ull improvements; live minutes from I-niton and Wall street ferries; lot 2^1,x 102; price $1(1,000; would lake in part payment a small House not more than 15,000. in Mau n Island, New Jersey or Long ?xlaiv? FRliJiKR'rg VKPPtL. 6#lMJuuiUl Stmt, 1<E SHEETV ' f 1KAL F.HTATE TO EXCItAf?3B. ijk)r sale?ok exchange fou a handsome JP Residence at Tarrytown, Irvington or vicinity, part or all of nine handsome new stone Iront Houses, 20*-lux 100, three stories, high 6toop. bauement and sub-collar: all improve menu; delightful y located m ar Prospect Park and rapidly improving in value; will trade part lor Lots or deairablc Country Property Uree. II. L KfDER.JfflPtnc street. For sale or excuanoe?a skuo little Place of tour acres, three miles 1'rom Dunellen, N. J.; goon house of 9 rooms, barn and outhouses cider house, wiili 0 press ".engine and boiler and Mill houses, all In good order; the grounds covered with iruit tree". Addross GEORGE F. JUNE, 79 Nassau sirecl. Now York. xiluk BALE OR exctianoe?a OOOD FARM OF X. .quaeres; good house and hams. plenty of fruit, nil MMW Complete; near depot;! hour ami 21) minutes Wljjhw Wk; free and clear. Apply to II. Al. JOHNHroudway, room 8. TAOR SALE OR EXCHANGE?PARTIES HAVING X1 City or Country Property to sell or exchange ph ase call or send particulars to S. 11. Bl'KK. ISO Hroadway. For kai.K OB exchange-v LAMB farm in this Mate, also Lot* and sotne good Second Mortgages, also Western Land*. w ill truilo for IIoiim- in New York, or Hrooklyn, or part Merchandise. Address L. M., ill East lPWh str. et, Harlem For hale ? ? t xenange for house or i.oth? A New Vork larni; flue land. OX)acres; good largo hoiife. I>arn oirhurd, mill -iri iini, ,te.; healthy country; $1(1.100 onlv. WHITNEY, 111 Fulton street, Brooklyn, room No. .1 For hai.k or exchange?an elegant corw try Residence, 40x70; l ot, BOx.00, with every modern Improvement and in perfect order, ni Stamford, Conn. HATCH A VAN DORKN, 010 Sixth avenue. IilOR SALE OR EXCHANGE?AT DORBS' FERRV, ON 1 the Hudson, a charming Country Residence; in perfect order and cverv conyenienee; two a< res laud. ? HATCll A VAN doken, f?lo sixth avenue. S1IAOT SIDE, N. J.?SALE, EXCHANGE OR TO rent. Douse, stable, 10 lots ^ ground; river view; |u ivc, n iu, 9-u>u. n. 11. i^i iii,iiu a t ir., No. 3 Pino street and 28 East Seventeenth street. rro EXCTTANOE FOR MERCHANDISE? A FINK 1 Tract ot 320 acres of Land, situate in Plumb Creek Valley, tour miles northwest of West Point, county seat of Cuming county, Nebraska, to exchange for Cloniing, Furnishing floods, Moots nnd Shoes of la rue size or Groceries. Apmv to HOWLAND A BRANDKETH, Ileal Estate Agents, Sing Sing. N. Y. To exchange?brooklyn mouse. VALUR gil.OUO, for House and small Plot within ouo hour of city, about same value. C. C. WAY LAND A AYMAR, 1(13 Fulton street, N. Y. TO EXCHANGE FOR GOOD FIRST OR BECOND Mortgages?A Plot ol Lots on Seventy-fifth street, near Second avenue. Apply to O. K SHEARER, 434 Broouie st TO LEASE OB FOR SALE-OR WOULD EXCHANGE for city Property, several valuable blue stone quarry Lots in Sullivan countv. 1!AJ miles Irotn New *tork, situated within ,4 miles or Debiwnre and Hudson t'anal. Owner can be teen at 680 West Forty-sixth sit act on the 20th and 27th Instant. Post office address S. G. TUTUILL, Pond Eddy, Sullivan county, N. Y. WANTED?UNENCUMBERED VACANT LOTS IN Brooklyn, Williamsburg or Greenpoint, for two story and basement high stoop Philadelphia tront House, all modern Improvements, Brooklyn. Address OWNER, box 151 Herald Uptown Branch office, New York. kfin building lots and nice house, barn, Ac., to exchange for a Business, Murchandiso or Vessels. LEWIS, Northport, L. i. At 207 Front street Tuesday, from 9 to 12. QN EVERY NEWS STAND IN THE CITY, TWO CENTS A COrY. sent all over the country, FIFTY CENTS A MONTH. THE EVENING TELEGRAM. HEAL ESTATE WANTED. Farm wanted?a first class grazing farm, within two hours of New York; any good, reliable enterprising person with some cash capital or a goo i fartn may obtain an interest In a verv profitable and ltuu portunt cusb business upon favorable terms. Address, with full particulars, w. E., box 141 Herald Uptown Branch office. House wanted, on west side-a three or tour Story house, in good location, lor which a portion in Merchandise will bo received. Address, wilh particulars, HOUSE, box 191 Herald office. WANTED?TO SELL OR EXCHANGE FOR MER chaiulise, 2,0(10 acres choice Texas Land, adloining the Texas Pacific Railroad in Van Zandt county,'Texas. Titles perfect In every respect. For particulars address C. C. IIEAKNU, box 188 Galveston (Texns) Post office. TIT"ANTED?A MODERATE-SIZED DWELLING, IN A T? good location. In this eltv or Brooklyn, valued from $15,000 to $25,000, in exchange tor large House, Barn, two acres ol Land, in Mctuchen, N. J. Apply to owner, 91 Seventh avenue. WANTED?ON THE MIDLAND RAILROAD, A GOOD and well located Farm to improve; accessible to depot and cheap. Address MIDLAND, Herald office, with price and description. T1TANTED-A HOME ON THE MONTCLAIR OR MID?T land Railroad : modern house -, one to five acres: price $5,(103 to $10,000 cash. Address HOME, Herald office, with price and particulars. TIT ANTED?A HOCSE, NOT TO COST OVEE $20,000; Tr 20 feet front, three storiea, with modern improvements; nhovc Forty-second street, between Lexington and Eighth avenues. Address STACY MONROE, Herald ollice. TyfANTED TO PURCHASE-HOUSES CHEAP FOB ?? cash, west of Third avenuo; owners oniy noticed. Address HOCSE, box 779 Post office. WANTED TO PURCHASE?A SMALL HOUSE, BEtween Fifteenth and Fiftieth streets and Second and Fil th avenues. Must be in flrst class order, in a choice location and contain all modern improvements. Will pnv all cash. Address L. P., 180 Duane street. FOR SALE. A FIRST CLASS CORNER GROCERY STORE FOR J\. sale cheap?Horse and wagon; in a good location In Brooklyn; doing good business; rent low. Apply to TilOs."GAFFNEY, Auctioneer, No. 6 Centre street, A WELL LOCATED SAMPLE ROOM FOR SALE cheap?Down town, doing a flrst class business. Apply to THOB. OAFFNEY, Auctioneer, No. 6 Centre st. A STATIONERY, BOOK AND TOY STORE AND Newspaper Route ; large stock, low rent; cheap for cn-h. 7SH Third avenue, between Forty-eighth aud Fortyninth streets. Auocot iron roi sai.e-on west street, in die First " aid. on account of the death of the owner, who has kept the store for 14years; lea-e of house 4 years from May next, leaving store rent free. For ihrtfior particulars inquire of B. Nl TZlloltN, administrator, 17 Coentle* slip, corner Front street. A BARGAIN.?A PRINTING OFFICE, LONG ESTABltslicd, with a fair business, with three Cylinders | and two small Presses, for sale at any reasonable price. Good reasons given for selling. Apply at once at id I Spruce street "T" -STOOK ANI> FIXTURES OF A FANCY AND NOJ.\. turn store, beet loco'loii on Third avenue, will be soD 1 at a great sacrifice. A good chance lor alive man. Address, for four days. Iliird avenue. New York. t rare chance.?the stuck, fixtures and ./V Lease of the best located Grocery on Staten Island. Apply to SIDNEY Bl'l.CROFT, New Brighton, S. I., or tu w. i\ R<it) d E, 336 Greenwich street, New York. A FIRST CLASS BOOT AND 8HOB STORE FOR J\ sale?Located leading thoroughfare: price. $i>niKi; cash business $40,000 ,\car Particulars 23 Chambers Street, OEOKGE W. hlMEKtd Store Agency. A WELL KNOWN, EXTENSIVELY PATRONIZED Oyster and Chop House lor sale?splendid location; I lease; "low rent; extraordinary chance. Particulars 23 I Chambers street, GEORGE IV. SIMEKS'Store Agency. T NO. 1 CORNER GROCERY STORK FOB SALE? ' l\ excellent locntion ; extensively patronized; entcr1 prising pnrtv chanco make money. Particulars 23 Chambers street, OEOROB W SIMKKS* Store Agency. 4 HARNESS AND SADDLERY STORE FOR SALE? i J\. Located near city ; established 7 years; splendid opportunity enterprising parties; bargain. Particulars 23 Chambers street, GEORGE \V Sl.MEHS' Store Agency. "t book AND stationery stork, 90 TBAH8 l..--.' ^ l lamiMicii, kih j ii iiM ) iti ui sum ui u uurguiu. up ply at 150 l bird avenue. 4 CHANCE TO BUY THE ERASE AND GOODWILL JY ofaflrit ela^s Coal Yard, with or without stock. Apply at yard, Ml East Sixteenth street. i CORNER GROCERY. DOING A OOOD BVSINI88 jY and long established, on one of the best avenues; cheap rents will be sold cheap, the owner having other I u iness. Inquire ut OEOKOK. between the hours of 1 and 2, at 325 East Third street, top tlour, front, New York. ~Y lTiCNTlON.-l lilt SAI K, T1IK HI ST OYSTER AND JY chop House, with Bar, In the city; has only to he seen and location taken Into consideration to he appreciated; will ho sold cheap immediately. Turtles with money meaning business may address OYSTER HOUSE, Li i X I Up lleraht office. 4 CORNER DRUG STORE FOR HALF, CHEAP? JY Doing a good ready money trade, with house ntInched. Auplv to Messrs .MckEdSON A 10 "BH1NS, Fulton street, New York. 4 ?FOR sAl.E, A NBAT CIGAR 8T0RB, WITH LO< J\? cation for a sample room, and apartments for living. good trade: populous ncighhoihood. ELOYD, 29 Broadway. I 4 DOWNTOWN LIQUOR STORK FOB SALE CHEAP? I J\ Alto I.lqtior Stop Sample Room:', Chan Douses, ! Hotels. Restaurants, Oyster saloons, Cigar Stores, at grout bargains. MITCHELL'S Store Agency. 77 Cedar streot. 4 ?for BALK, A I IVE DRUG store. for WOO; J\, also first class corner Drug Stores, Bakeries, Confectioneries, llgtit Manufacturing Business, flat Stores. Mill ill,: i. stoie tec in ,v. 77 iVitnr strei t. A COUNTRY GROCERY stork, grand bt -in J\ location, for sale.?Also Butter ami Fruit Stands, Meat Markets, stationery stores. Wholesale Soda Water Business. Mi lCHELL's Btore Ageney,77 Codnr st. 4 GOOD RESTAURANT AND BAR DOWN TOWN? Jv First class tradei also Grocery Store, Boarding House, Ac.; cash customers and partners procured: no Commission in advance. WARNER ,t CO., No. ;> Dry ,! A -CHEAP downtown wini and ale fault /V. for sale. Apply at george L All ILL S, 61 Beaver street, from 11 to :t o clock. ACfOAR STAND FOR HALF.?IN ONE OF THE BEST hotels of the city; most satisfactory reasons for wiling; price 8i,iflA?. GKo. C. SOKKN, 173 Fifth av. Bar counter, with all thb fixtures, oyster Counter and large Cooking Range tor sale cheap if applied lor at once to jos. A. flynn, 833 Broadway. / HI \I, \ n 1> I; MHI.lt YARD; NO ( (IM 1'F.T I I'D1 N : \J rare chance to obtain a lucrative* business; lor sale or exchange; satisfactory reason- tor the change. J. Henry Johnson, 9s Broad way, room liloR SALE-at a sacrifice, an old estabI liahed corner Grocery Btore, doing a largo buelness, with Stock, Fixtures, Horses, Wagons and Lease: must tie sold by April 1. Impure at 771 i oiirt ?i . Brooklyn. Fadr SALE-first CLASS steam laundry, cheap. For particulars iugulro of JOHN I1LI* 1 PELD. 470 Eighth uveuuu* t ? ?? ??r FOR SALE. 17K>R HALE?A DOWN TOWN SAMPLE ROOM, DOINrt i rood cash buatnera; will be sold cheap lor cash, lb? owner having other business to attend to. Apply oil tln? premises, liawiilium street. Tj^OR SALK?$7!WV?A FORTUNE FOR A LIVE MAN?, I The beat paying branch ni the bakin* business; nu eomjietitlon. Address, lor one week. RitoTUEK JOliNAT1JAN, Herald ofBce. FOR SALE?ANDERSEN'S CIGAR 8LORE; STOCK and fixture* and leaae. Southeast corner Kilty, ninth street, Third avenue. ,i TTIOR SALE?AT 2H9 MOTT STREET. ONE OF TUB r lu st paying distillery Liquor Stores in New York, | averaging $40 per day. * I IVOR HAIF ?A NIC? I.V IIITRI) I'l' I'D ! A R f'TOH F. 1 Apply in tlm store. it-' avenue A, between Tenth ami j Eleventh street*. I3GR SALE-LARGE HLACK WALNUT SHOWCASE; 1 one una Her one, suitable lor any holiness; easily moved. SAWYER, 74 Fulton street. >por sa1.k-a i it/1 '< >!t store. with stock and ' Fixtures. Apartments to live mand four years'Lease. Call lor two days at 221 Elisabeth street. IJIOR SALE?STOCK AND LEASE OK A LARGE LTV", ery Stable, well established, Joins' a tine liosinesa; near Broadway. II INK A PELL. For sale?the old-established oyster and Chop House 18 Third avenue. Inquire tor one week in the .-uloou. For sale?a store and fixtures in a good husincfs neighborhood, suitable lor distillery ul lager beer suloon. 228 West Twenty -seventh street. For sale cheap-first class printing Ofllee. Presses, Type, Fixtures, Ae.. Ae., with gooit will, good lease, Ae., in large and flourishing printing establishment (book, lob and newspaper); owner going to Europe; one of the best locations and oldest stands in thin eit.v ; can do tuiy kind and quantity of work; terms easy. Address D. T., box 1,454 1'o.stolllcc. For sale cheap?milk route -, six to seven rails ner day; owner has other business. Apply at 1,819 Third avenue, In saloon. FOR RALE CIIEAP?A FIRST CLASS CORNER Liquor Store in the Eighth ward; three years' loose oi whole house ; store nearly rent free. Apply at 56 Warren street, restaurant. TiMSH AND OYSTER MARKET FOR SALE-AT HALF I Its value; splendid opportunity; good trade ; no opposition. Apply at 982 sixth avenue. /N ROPERY^ FRUIT AND VARIETY STORE FOR IT sale?flood location up town, doing good-business; tf not sold privately will be fold on Thursday at auction. Apply to TIIOS. QAFFNKY, auctioneer, No. 6 Centre st. HOTEL AND dining ROOMS FOR sale?the best location in the city of Brooklyn; will be sold cheap lor cash; 24 rooms, let every night; brings In $3,000 per year; rent $3,290. e. JACKSON, 293 Broadway, rooms 14 and 19, New York. HARDWARE STORE FOR BALE?PROPERTY FOR sale or to lease. Call at 63 Union place, Greenpoint, Brooklyn, E. D. House finishing business, lono established, lor sale or exchange lor Real Esate. A. BLOMQVIST, 180 Nassau street. 1AUNDRY FOR SALE?NO COMPETITION; MAJ chinery complete ; building 26x40; two story; large lot; in a city ; price $4,01)0; terms easy. J. HENRY JOHNSON. 99 Broadway. Machine shop-must be sold this weekj ha* one Lathe, 24-inch swing, 15 feet long; one Lathe, 16-inch swing, 6 feet long; Upright Drill. Orindstone, Vices, Taps and Dies. Ac.; $830 will buy. For permits apply to WILSON A KOAKE, 282 and 284 Water st. RA RE B a Rfl A IN. ?$230~ WILL BUY a portab le Photograph and Ferrotype Uallerycompleto, with Instruments; must be sold bv April 10. For particulars in lull address, by mail, S. W. HIGGINB, Yaphuuk, l. L, Suffolk county, N. Y. ' QAFES.?$1,600 HERRING SAFE FOR $9110 CASH; 0 two medium and one smail sale, Herring, Marvin A Wild's make. L1LLIE SAFE COMPANY, 81 Maiden lane, near Gold street Safes!?six second hand safes for sale; very cheap for cash (Herring's, Wilder's and Lillie'a make) at 72 Maiden lauc. 8. G. QUIRK. TO PLATE PRINTERS?A COMPLETE OFFICE"!AND everything In perfect order; terms low to suit; established twenty years. 31 Cortlandt street. rro MANUFACTURING JEWELLERS.?FOR SALE OR J. to let, a small Factory, with tools, dop safe, Ac., Ac., or exchange. E. AYERS, 102 Nassau street. rftO LITHOGRAPHERS, PBINTEus TNOOLOKS, AC.?' A 38 g.inc Plates, faced itive of them English), 18x13, $33 the lot; small lot of Chromo Paper, Pattern Blocks, Chases, Ac., all cheap. u. ve. Duui nc.nnc>Aut ? liiiftrir ?in.Tb Tobacco shapes for sale cheap?300 assort cd sizes, nearly new. Can be seen by applying to T F. NUMAN, 367 Jay street, Brooklyn. 2 NEW WILDER SAFES FOR SALE, AT HALF cost, at JOSEPH SOLOMON'S auction rooms, 134 Fulton street . <j1-| rrt -AN OYSTER house, DOINO a business t!p.L?.)l/. ol $150 a week, snd small rent. Owner cannot attend to two businesses. Apply at Uic plumber shop, 100 Prince street. .M.ytnnviclt v7 ~ A specialty-horizontal enoines-we have on band 7x10. 8x12, 9x12, 10x16, 11x18,12x24, 13x30, 14x24, 14x30, 15x86, 16x36, 18x24. Samples can be seen at 38 Cortlaudt street; second hand Engines taken In ex. Change. WH1TEHILL, SMITH A Co., Mannlacturers, Newburg, N. Y. AT WILSON A ROAKE'S, WATER AND DOVER streets, large stock of new and second hand Engines and Boilers, from 2 to 70 liarse; Pumps, Shafting, Pulleys, Ac. NOINB AND BOILER FOR SALE?A 12-HORSE power Engine and 20-horse power horizontal tubnlai* Boiler, in first class condition. Can be seen working at 288 Warren street, between Court and Smith street*^ Brooklyn. . F~ () if SALE CHEAP-ONE OF WOODWARD'S TW(J horse power Engines, where It can be seen now it work, at 529 Broadway, in the Prescott House barbeg shop. FOR SALE?AT A BARGAIN?19 HAND LOOMS, witit Harness; also 14 Power Looms, with Reeds and Harness. Inquire at 50 Lispenard street, up stairs, or of CHARLES MORGAN, South street, opposite Pierce avenue, Hudson City, where the looms can be seen. IjlOR SALE-TWO HORIZONTAL TUBULAR BOILERS, i 1 t> n et diameter, MJ4 laet long, ssxt.'i inch tubes. CHARLES COLLINS, 68.John street, Hrookiyn. M" ACHINERY?1 6 ROLL ROOGERS' 4 SIDE Planers, tongue and groove ;1 24-iuch Sohcnck Sur-. facer, 1 Ruggers' 3 side Moulder, 300 Moulding Knives, Wright Olg Saw, 1 reslitting Saw. 4 Saw Tables, Steam Engine and Boiler, Shifting. Pulleys and Hangers, at Ctt.NKLING'S Pinning Mill, Pnasalc, or at DAVIS' Machinery Yard, 124 Hudson street, Jersey City. TWO HORIZONTAL TUBULAR BOILER* 5X16. 84 3-inch tubes; now ill use. Inquire of D. ALSENGEK, 41 Gold street , Tobacco machinery for sale-consisting oi Buckeye and Itodgers' Cutting Machines, Screw Press, Belting. Pulleys, Driers, Moulds and Forinp, and other articles used in the business; will be seld together or separately. Inquire at the Empire City Tobacco Works, 432 East Tenth street. VtTANTED?AN UI'RIGI 1T STEAM ENGINE. 20X 24, OR TT 3i Inch stroke, for driving a train of rolls; a good second hand one will do. Address J. T. WILDER, St. Nicholas Hotel, allthis week. TANTED?AN AMATEUR'S FOOT LATHE, FULL geared. Slate condition and lowest cash price. Address ('. 1? N., box 3,436 Post ullloc. TAT ANTED AT ON U E?TWO 1U0 HORSE POWER \\ Boilers, tubular, return or locomotive. Address or call on P. B. VKILLER, 101 Wall street. LEGAL NOTICES. ~~ cvpreme court. if In the matter of the application of tbo Department of Public Parks, lor and tn behalf of the Mayor, Aldermen and communally ot tho city ol' New York, relative tu the Opening of Klngshridgo Road, northwardly Iroin the southerly lino of 156th afreet to the llarlein River, as laid out by the Commissioners of the Central Purk, in the city of New York. We, the undersigned Commissioners of Estimate and Assessment in the above entitled matter, hereby give notice to the owner or owners, occupant or occupants of all houses and lots ami improved or unimproved lands infected thereby, and to all others whom it muy concern, to wit I I.?That wo have completed our estimate and assess' mailt, and that all per-nns Interested In these proeerd: lugs or in any ofthe lands Affected thereby, and who may ' be opposed to the ?nmo, do present their obtectlons In ! writing, duly verified, to the undersigned Commissioners, I at our office, 180 Broadway (room 15), In the said rlty, on I or before lite 23d duv ol April, 1873. and that we, the said Commissioners, will hear parties so objecting within tlie : ten week-days next alter (he said 23d day of April, 187.1, and for that "purpose will be in Attendance at our salt! olfice on each of said ten days, at II o'clock A. M. II.?That the abstract ot the said estimate ami assessment. together with our maps, and also all the affidavits, estimates and other documents which were used bv us In making our report, have been deposited In tlio office of the Department of Public Works, In (lie city of New York, I there to remain until the Olh day of May, 1873. III.?That the limit* emnraiea i?v inc n-nsment eroresaid nrc as follows, to wit:?All those certain lols, pieces . or parcels of land contained, lying and being within tho following boundsor limits. Hint is to sayCommencing at the potnUormea by the intersection ot the northerly line or side of 145th street w.lh tho westerly line or side of the Eighth avenue: running thence northerly along tho westerly line or side of the said Eighth avenue to tho high water mark of the Harlem River; thence along tho said high water mark of the Harlem River as It winds and tnrns to tho Hudson River: thence southwardly along the easterly gido of the Hudson River, at high water mark as said river winds and turns, to the southerly line or side o; 155th street; thence easterly along the ?ald southerly line or sldo ot 155th street to tho easterly side of the Boulevard; thence southerly along tho said easterly stile of said Boulevard to the northerly I line or side of 145th street, and easterly along the said northerly line or side of 145th street to the point or placo of beginning. . IV.?That our report herein will be presented to the sttprcme Court of the Slate ot New YorK, nt a special term thereof, to lie held in the New Court Housei at the city Hall, in tlm city of New York, on the With day ot May, IHot, at tin- opening of the Court on that day, and that then and there, or as soon there alter as counsel cau ho in aril thereon, a motluu will he made that uio said report be continued. HENRY PARSONS', _ ) ? WILLIAM J. PARSONS,Commission! rs. JOHN T. Mi I JO WAN, ) New York, Mareli 19, 1S73. _ El'RHPRi TJNGLIHH NIRSERY AM> PLANT hARM-HPECIAX,Pj |y out to meet American demand. T1IOM \S I THORNTON, Heatherslde Nurseries, Bagshot, Surrey, England, devotes special attention to Trees and Plants I (especially Fruit Stocks) suitable for the supply of American orders. The Heatherslde Nurseries occupy 501} I ai res, ol which 150 acres are covered with Coniters, orna! mental Trees and Rhrulis, Eruit and Forest trees, Rhododendrons, Koscs. Ac, These are grown In peaty loam, on elevated table-land, and are hence peculiarly adapted to stand long voyages. Priced catalogues and iill tniormatlnn furnished on application. Orders to he accompanied by u remittance on London; and T. TllOHMiiN, on his cart, refers purchasers, as to his trustworiIllness, to Messrs. w. H. Power A Co., 2d William street, New York, from whom priced catalogues may be obtained. Swiss and pnited covrierb' society.? cop. rlers may he secured on nrrival hv families visiting Europe, on writing the Hu retnry, 6ti Mount street, <iro?- '* viiior-uuarv. Lvnuou, England,

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