8 Nisan 1873 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

8 Nisan 1873 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. NEW YORK, TUESDAY, APRIL 8, 1873.? QUADRUPLE SHEET. DIRECTORY FOR ADVERTISERS. AMUSEMENTS? Fourth Paur? Fourth, fifth and \Jxth co+omns. ABTKt > Luu V-Fourth Pack? Sixth column. BILLIARDB? Third Pack? Sixth colauin. BOARDKRs WANTKl'? Fouktii PAOR-Flrst column. BOARD AND LODGING WANTED? Fourth Paur Fint and second columns. ? BROOKLYN REAL ESTATB FOB 8ALB ? 8roo*D Pagr? Second and thisd columns. BD8INK88 OPPORTUNlTIES-FouRTRHRTH Paor- First column. . . BBSLNKSS NOTICES- Numi PACR-Bixth column. 4IGAR8 AND TOBACCO-Fourtrentb PiUJS-Ftrbt col omURBAL ESTATB FOB 8 ALB ? Srcord PACR-First and aecoud columns. _ ?LERKS AND SALESMEW-Fiwhrhth Pack- Fifth and sixth columns. OLOYHING? Third Paor? Sixth column. ?UAOHMRN AND QARDBNEB8? Firr?r!*TH Pacr? Sixth column, and Sixtrrnth Paor? First and second columns. ?? OOABTWI8E STEAMERS? Third Pacr? Fifth and sixth columns. COPARTNERSHIPS? Elrtrhth Pact*- Fifth column. CORPORATION NOTICEB-8ixtrknth l'ACR-Sixth col umn. COUNTRY BOARD? Fourth Paor? Second column. DANCING ACADEMIES ? Fourth Pauk? Sixth column. BBY OOODK? First Pagr- Sixth column. DWELLING HOUSES TO LET, FUKNISHKD AND UN FURNISHED ? Tbird Paor? Second and third columns. BUROPKAN STEAMSHIPS? Third Paor? Fifth column. BUROPK? Fourteenth Paor? First column. FINANCIAL-Elrtrntu Paor? Fifth column. V1NB ARTh ? Second Pack? Filth column. MR 8ALB? Fourth Paor? Second and third columns. FURNISH KD ROOMS AND APAItTMENTS TO LET? Third Paor? Third and tourth columns. FVRNITURE ? Second Paor? sixth column. FRENCH ADVERTISEMENTS ? Sixteenth PACR-Thlrd column. WKI.P WANTED- FEMALES? FimRim PABR-Fourth and filth columns. . . HBLP WANTED? MALES? Sixtrrnth PAUR-Second col umn. .. HORSES, CARRIAGES, AC.-First Paoh? Third, fourth, filth aud sixth columns. HOTELS? Fourth Paor ? Second column. _ .. HODSES. ROOMS, AC., WANTED? Second PAOR? 81xth column. .. ? INSTRUCTION? Sixteenth PAOE? 8lxth oJ)lumn. JERSEY CITY, UOBOKKN. HUDSON OIT* AND BE R QEN REAL ESTATE FOB SALE ? SrooMO Pace? Third column. _ , LEGAL NOTICES ? First Paor? Sixth column. LOAN OFFICES? Fourth PAOR-Third column. LOST AND FOUND? First Paor? First and second col umns. ? MACHINERY? Fourth Paor?' Third column. MAhULK MANTELS? Fourth Page? Fifth column. MEDICAL? Fourteenth Pace? First column. MILLINERY AND DRESSMAKING? First Racr? Sixth column. MI8CELLAN KOUS ADVERTISEMENTS? TRrth Pace? jk Sixth column. _ MBcbllaNEOUS? Fotncrn Paor- Fourth column. MUSICAL? Fourth Paor? Fifth column. MEW PUBLICATIONS? Nirth Paor? Sixth column. PERSONAL ? First 1'aur? First colu mn. PIANOFORTES, ORGANS, AC.? Fourth Pack? Fourth column. PROFESSIONAL SITUATIONS WANTED-PEMALES? PirrEKMTii Paoe? Fourth column. PBOPERTY OUT OF THE CITY FOR SALE OR TO RENT ? Becond Paor? Third, fourth and fifth col umns. HEAL ESTATE TO EXCHANGE? Srcoitd PAOR-Fiflh column. BBAL ESTATE WANTED? Second Paor? Fifth column. REWARDS? First Parr? Second column. BALES AT AUCTION? Sixtkknth PAOR-Third, fourth, fifth and sixth column*. SITU A T 1 ON S WANTED ? Ft MA LES? Fourtrkhth P actr? Second, third, fourth, Jll th and sixth columns, and FimcKNTH Paor? First, second, tbird and fourth columns. SITUATIONS WANTED? MALES? Fiftrrnth Pace? Fifth column. SPECIAL NOTICES? First Paor? Second and third columns. SPORTING? DOGS, BIRDS, AC.? Fibs* Pack? Third column. STORAGE? Fourth Pace? Third column. 8UMMEK REsORTS? Fourth Pace? Second column. THB TRADES? Sixteenth Paor? Second an., third col umns. THE TURF? First Pace? Third column. TO LET FOR BUSINESS PURPOSES? Third Pack? First and second columns. TRAVELLERS' GUIDE? Third PAOR-Plxth column. UNFURNISHED ROOMS AND APARTMENTS TO LET? Third Pauk? Fourth and fifth columns. WANTED TO PURCHASE? Fourteenth Page? First col umn. WB8TC11 ESTER COUNTY PROPERTY FOB SALE OB TO L11T? Second Pack? Third column. YACHTS, STEAMBOATS, AO.? First PACR-Slxth col umn. II KHALI) 1IHAKCH OPFIfK-liPTOWB. ADVERTISEMENTS FOR THE NEW YORK HERALD RECEIVED AT THE BRANCH OFFICE, 1,365 BROADWAY. WEST SIDE, BETWEEN THIRTY-FIRST AND THIRTY SECOND STREETS. ADVERTISEMENTS ARE RECEIVED FROM 8 A. M. FILL 9 P. M. ON WEEK DAYS (8UNDAY8, S TILL 9 P. M.), AT OFFICE RATES. NO EXTRA CHARGE OF ANY KIND. PARIS AGENCY OF THE NEW YORK ?- HEHJLLD. _ jj^ESSRS. KREMKR k CO.. AMERICAN REGISTER, HAVE BEEN APPOINTED PARIS AGENTS FOR THE NEW YORK HERALD. THEY WILL SUPPLY DEAL ERS WITH COPIES OP THE HERALD, AND ALSO SINGLE NUMBERS OP THIS PAPER TO PARTIES KEQUIRINO THEM. PERSONAL.. A HINT. ? ORALINE! ORALINE 1 t OF COURSE T AM a favorite. Annie c.? your friend mtm" would like to hear from you. Add rent JIM SMITH, box 142 Her ald Uptown Branch office. A LL RIGHT. For adoption-a beautiful golden hatred orphan child four years old ; all claims given up by law. Address L. A. T., Box 473 Now York Pott office. HEPWORTH'S church.? will the lady with young man. who noticed gentleman In church, and who walked behind her to Grand Central Depot, where ?he took downtown car, address, in confidence, A. B., box 137 Herald office 1 _ Information wanted-of rate klwood. When last heard from was living In New York. Any (?formation concerning her will be thankfully received kv her nrnther, MICHAEL ELWOOD, Huntington, L. I. Philadelphia paper* please copy. JW. STAN SELL, OR STENSELL, OF ARKANSAS, . has an important telegram at oar office. OTTENHEIMKR, ROTHSCu fLI) A CO., :S72 Broadway. J ROBINSON'? WHO WON LAST MIGHT IN YOUR . game, Ave against one? N?V-WAS IT INDEED YOU I SAW AT restaurant window and almost at "onr" table as I crossed the street Sunday, at 2 P. M., or did my eyes de ceive inef I have looked, oh, how long, lor that promised letter. Write me now if ever, to the old address, If not forgotten, or consult Directory. "Tbou art so near and yet so far.'! , ?. ARTHA KELLER.? YOUR PARENTS WILL FOR give everything If you return before holidays. M Mrs. barber. dressmaker? please call at 123 West Thirty-first street, ami tblke, ANNIE HARRINGTON. Notioe.-any friends or acquaintance of David D., son of Garrett W. Itardenhrook, who want to hear from him, can do so by writing to him at feis residence ?n \ place ot business, 304 Francisco street. North Reach, Sail Francisco, Cal. New York papers please copy. SUNDAY NIGHT.? WOULD BE OLAD TO MAKE THE acquaintance ol lady sitting next to me. aad then in Madison avonue car; got out at Twenty-slxtn street with lady and gentleman. Sand address to HANOVER, ller ald Uptown Branch office. THE PERSON WHO WROTE TO ME, YESTERDAY, A letter signed "A Friend" would greatly oblige ine by calling at my business place. K2tt Broadway. P. a. DCCH OCHOI S. rE PARTY WHO WROTE LETTER TO M. R., WIL llam street, regarding a certain person In their em ploy, will please communicate in strict confidence. LOST AM> FODII0, liHH'ND ? ON SIXTH AVENUE, SATURDAY, A POCK F etbook. Apply to JOSEPH LARttoQUE, tft William street _ _ tilOUND? A SATCHEL, LAST WEEK. OWNER CAN 1 have It hv describing It and paying expenses. Call at 301 Kifth street, Jersey City. LOST-AH SUPPOSED ON WASHINGTON PLACE, between Broadway and Washington square, a pair ?f Maid spectacles. The finder will receive a liberal reward on returning them to the office of llotuer Morgan, No. I Pine street Naw York, April 7, 187:t. LOST-ON SATURDAY AFTERNOON, APRIL ft, A Russia leather Pocketbook. containing a snrti <?t money, in going from Miller A Co.'s shoe store. I n ion ?quure, to Johnson, Burns A Co.. f ourteenth street, to Broadway and Madison avenue stage to Harlem Railroad depot. A liberal reward will be psld by returning the same to M. T. HAKI), 44 Bee.kinan street. Lost between the metropolitan hotel and the statcn Island Ferry Hou'<e, aOenooae Gold Croaa. The finder wilt be suitably rewarded by leaving it at Metropolitan Hotel. _________________ Lost? on Monday, 7th inst., bank book ok A. Schenrke In account with tiermanta Bauk. The finder, on returning same to Hank, 188 Rowery, or to A. SCHENCKE, No. 9 Oliver street, will be suitably re warded. TOST-ON SATI RDAY, A ROMAN MOSAIC BREAST J pin, nearly square; Mick ground, doce* drinking. A suitable reward may be obtained by leaving It at rtH.ui Broadway. Lost -on Monday, april 7. a po( ketbook, containing between $10 and $11 and pxi>ert of no value except to owner. The finder will be rewarded by EVkcrv"* Ml"" 10 M Wo,t Thirty-eighth streot, in T OST-ON MONDAY, A POCKETBOOK, WITH AD MJ dress No. ft West Ninth street. Any one returning *||? aaiue a ill receive more than the in one v it contains liOHT AWP rOCTP. LOHT-mOM MADWION AVBNUB AND FORTY flrat street on Monday morning, April 7. a natal! blank and white Spaniel, not young. A suitable reward will be flven for biu return to 289 Madison avenue. $3 RK W AllOW. REWARD.? LOST. ON SATURDAY, BLUB OAR ter, gold clasp*. Betorn to 282 West Forty-third st d bC REWARD. -LOST, ON SATURDAY. ON BROAB ftl way, between Twenty-seventh and Twentv-elghth streets, a fold oblong Shawl Pin. The finder will r?o?l? the above reward by returning it to 178 Madison aveau*. AC REWARD.? LOST, ON SUNDAY MORNINO, qV* a large Water Spaniel; color, brown ; answers to the name of Dash. The persnn returning him to Mo Went Nineteenth street will receive the above reward. *1A REWARD. -LOST, MONDAY APraRNOON, V IU 8 o'clock, a young Parrot, "fb1 jE!; low spot on the head. Return to 10# West Thlrty nrst street and receive the above reward. $35 2"'" WILL PUU8B RE. from the lidTin ThS.^52 to^ ,Mt ^rldaylsorniS ??ny thank. /?omth,oKn belo? aSSSSiTf Arn REWARD.? IP THE THIBVEH WHO STOLE ?P? )') a gentleman's Watch (with name carved on back) on a urand street car, Batprday.nlgBl win w torn same, the above reward will be pnid and no qoes tlom asked. Address O. L., Box 8,888 Post office, stating where money shall be deposited. The pindbr op a lady's stem winding Watch, with a /brtolse shell Chain attached, will bo liberally rewarded by leaving it at the St James Hotel. ^^^?gPECIAL ROTICEB^^^^H Ami, persons are hereby forbidden to pur- I chase or negotiate any of the following described Se curities, the saute having been stolen irom Chevalier Dn Bois do Bianco, of Brussels, Belgium, and the transfer I and payment thereof having bean slopped 102 shares of the "Societe anon y me des Hauts*Foun>esux et Laminolra Montigny Snr Sambre"? Nos. UK, 106, 108 to 110, 901 to 906, i 1,031, 1,033. 1,067, 1,480 to 1,483, 1,619 to 1,638. 1.9J8 to 2,000, 2 209 2,210, 2,224) 2,226 to 2,^1, 2.238, 2.260, 2.281, M04, 2,417, 2,428, 2,484. 2,473, 2.820. 2,663, 3.015, 3,016, 3,112, 3,177 to 3,180, 3,182 to 3.1&4. 3,188. 4,088 to 4.074, 4,88ft, 4,378, 4.660, 4,884, 8,074, 6,078, 8,091 to 8,094, 6,278 to 6,291 ; eight shares "Banque de Belgique" ? Nob. 177 to 180J6JI 79, 16,189, 16,812, 16,813. CHARLES MALI, Belgian Consnl. Nnw Yon*, April 5, 1873. A ?HERALD BRANCH OFFICE, BROOKLYN, > corner of Fulton avenue and Boerum street - Open from 8 A. M. to 9 P. M. On Sunday from 3 to 9 P. M. All officers, sailors and soldiers wound ed, raptured or injured, Are entitled to pension. Apply to Or. K. B. JACKSON, late Snrgeon United States Navy, No. 4 New Chambers street, ASPECIALTY.-FRENCH TABLE D'HOTE AT 6 P. M., at Mme. FIJUX'S, 17 East Ninth street (former ly 10 Waverley place) -.also breakfast and dinner at 910 per week. A? FURNITURE FAMILIES MOVED IN CITY OR ? country ; Furniture, Pianofortes, Ac., packed and shipped ; storage for turnltnre, Ac. O. AT. BURN HAN, 115 West Eleventh street, near Sixth avenue. A? HAVANA LOTTERY.? PRIZES CASHED AND . Information furnishod. Circulars free. JOSEPH BATES A CO., 71 Broadway, room 31, first floor. A? HAVANA LOTTERY DRAWINUS ON FILE.? . April 22 the extraordinary Havana. JOSEPH BATES, Broker, 196 Broadway, room 4. (1 ACTION. ? WE ARE ADVISED BY COUNSEL TtlAT ) Shawls marked "Imperial Ottoman' Reversible," manufactured by* E. White A Co., of Philadelphia, and sold in the New York market by Graeffe A Shaw are In fringements of enr letters patent, dated February 11, 1873, and numbered 6,388 and 6,408. We shall tlieretore liolu all persons liable In damages for the sale of those shawls. TnoMAB DOLAN A CO. Great sale of . Diamonds, Watches and line Jewelry. As I am abont retiring f>om the jewelrv business I offer my large stock of Goods, for the next IS days, to the public and trudo generally below cost. JOHN CHAM BERLIN, 718 iiroaaway, under New fork Hotel. HANKINSON'S STEAM CARPET CLEANING Works, 16 East Twenty-seventh street, between Fifth anil .Madison avenues. New York.? No connectlou whatever with any other house. The original HANK1N SON, and the only one of that name established in this business in 1861. Havana lottery.-bxtraordinary drawing 22d April, German State Lotteries. Circulars mailed free. KUHLMANN A CO., Bankers, 88 Nassau street ; box 3,888 Post olllce. IN THE MATTER OF THE ESTATE OF BOWLES Bras. A Co.. In bankruptcy. ?The list of creditors filed in said case being Incomplete, all creditors who liave not been represented in Court are requested to communi cate immediately with the assignee in Boston, and state their address and the nature and amount of their claims, In order that, the full amount ol Indebtedness may be as certained as early as possible. HENRY J. STEVENS, Assignee, 19 Court street, Boston. New York creditors can learn the necessary facts by applying to HANFOnit. ROBINSON A WOODRUFF, tJourisellors-at-Law. 102 Broadway, New York. Kentucky state lotteries.? $1,000,000 is drawn dally ; IU i per cent commission allowed. For Informatian apply to B. NATHAN, No. 4 Oilsey Building, Cortlandt street; Taranch office, 612 Broadway. Notice i Kentucky Library Gift Concert Drawing to-day, April 8. P. C. Devlin, the Ktatloaer. 31 Nassau street (opposite Post Office), has a few tickets (all lucky ones) which he will furnish his customers at par? $10 for whole tickets; $8 for half tickets, and $2 80 for quarter tickets. Remem ber, this is the last and only chance to buy. 0 MAHA LECAL GIFT ENTERPRISE. May 20, 1873. $230,508 In cash gifts. 8,468 cash gifts. $78,000 the first gift Tickets $1 each. For sale, up to May 1, at P. C. DEV LIN'S, 31 Nassau street. 0 FPICLAL DRAWINGS KENTUCKY STATE LOTTERIES. KKVTCCKV- KXTRA CLASS !?a 288? APEII. 7, 1873. 72, 67, 62, 6. 60. 67. 4, 38, 8. 68. 27, 10. xrimicxv? class no. 264? AruiL 7, 1873. 62, 71, 70, 31, II, 86, 19, 63, 68, 78, 48, 82, 35. SIMMONS A CO., Managers, Covington, Ky. COLLKGK? KXTRA CLASH NO. 16.'!? AI-KI I. 7, 1K7.V (SKltt pUBMC LIBRARY OK KENTUCKY. TRUSTERS. K. T. DURRETT. President. BASIL W. DUKE, Vice President. JOHN K. CAIN, Hccrelary. W. B HOKK, HENRY WATTERSO.N, II. W. HRUCB, Dr. C. GRAHAM, W. N. IIALDKMaN, oeo. p. doekn. Farmer* and Drover*' Bank, 01 Louisville, Treasurer. THIRD GRAND QIFT CONCERT. COMPLKTE - BUCCBS8 ASSURED. Only WiluTK required to make a clean sale of all the tickets. No time to lose. TUc HALF MILLION dollars nil In bank ready to pay Rift* In full Onto of Concert and Dntrlbutlon of (Jilts definitely Axed tor JULY 8TH, 1K73. Governor Bramlette, of Kentucky, sent the following dcsnatch yesterday afternoon to the New York Agency or Public Library *1 Kentucky : Louisvim.k, Kr., April 7. 1875. Thos. H. Hath .tCo., New York Agent* Public Library of Kentucky Gift Concert, fi09 Broadway:? A sufficient number of tickets having been sold In guar antee a lull drawing at the Third Orand (Jilt Concert, Uie management have placed Five Hundred Thousand Dollar* with the Treasurer in Bank topaytho gilt* In full: aad In order to giro opportunity to sell the limited number of ticket* remaining on hand tor benefit of the Public Library, have deferred the day of Concert and Drawing until July 8iU, 1873. TITftR E. BRAMLKTTE, Agent Trustees Public Library of Kentucky. Everything!* now certain, and there should l>e no delay in securing tickets, hi what remain unsold will doubtlox* lie closed out verj easily, the *ule* of this Concert having been comparatively far in excess of tliove at cither of the previous Concerts. This Is the LIST OF GIFTS: one Orsnd (lift, cash...... $100, non One Grand (lift, ca*h 80,0(10 One Grand ? lift, cash 2R.D00 One Orand < ash Olft 2O.UU0 One Orand Cash (lilt 10,000 one Orand Cash Olft 5,000 24 Cash OHts ot $1,000 each 24,000 110 Cash Oifu of 500 each 25,000 80 Cash Oins of ?wicacb 32,0(10 loo Cash (lifts of 300 each .10.000 Ifln Cash OlfTsof 200 each .10,000 Bco Cash Olft* of 100 each 5?,nw 9,000 cash (lifts of 10 each 00.001) Total, lo.onooin*. all cash $.4x1.1100 Th? whole nndi rfaklng is under authority ??f a special a< t III the Legislature, and Hon. H-OoWIWf Thomas K. Bramlette, ot Kentucky, lias charge of the business of the Concert for (roster*. 100,000 tickets? 10.000 gifts? chances one In ten. New York sales are made a spaclal deposit with the Fourth National Bank of New York. Buyer* do not necessarily have to be present at the drawing, as an official list Is furnished each one. and gifts due ticket-holders at a distance can be collected through any bank or cypres* company the same a* a draft or check is collected. Send money bv Poat office order, draft, registered letter or express, prepaid. Ticket*. $10; Halves. $fl; (Quarter*. $2 !V>. For tickets, lull nrnvratnme. information and all par. tlcnlar* apply lo tho (ienersl Agency Supply. THOx. II. HAYS A CO.. SOW Broadway, New York. 1)(iT A I. MAXOR GOYRRNMBRT LOTTERY vt LBTP |i sle, (lertnany ; Wl.oon ticket*; 47,,riOO prizes; Brunswick Oovernment l<otterys Hamburg Cltjr Oovernnwut let ter* ; ttoval Havana 1/tttery. Prl/e* cashed and informa tion given. THBOOOK XBCItOCH, 116 N??*an streei j box #,una FogtoJIcO. Royal Havana lottkky.? thf. nkxt kxtkaok dinarv Drawing will lake place on the 22d of April, PCS. .1. B. MAHTINK7. A CO., Hankers, 10 Wall stroot. Post ohtcc bos 4,6tt>. New York. THE DEPOSITORS IN TIIK BULLS HKAD BANK will please send in their Pass Hooks at once, to have Ihcir acconnU written up. A. S. CAMERON, Prciidcnl RPKCIAL HOTICBg. QTAMMERINa.-HKW TOM STAMMERING INHTl A tute. established 1>M; Professors Mann ami CoWin, Manager* lu7 West Twenty-third street Applicant* al io we/ three days' Instruction to satlsf? UicmMW**; no pay far board or services until eared. Band for pros pectus. rpHR FIFTH AMD LAST DiAWlSG OF THK 1 83d Royal Baton Lottery at Leipsie, Germany, will eommenrf April 16 and close May 3. There wUl be drawn M^OO prise* out of 81,000 tickets, 10 t -"l Prise of lHO.flOO Frosslan thalers, 1 Frlae of 10U.D08 Prussian thalers, 1 Frlae of 80,0)0 PruasUn thalera, 1 Frlae of 80,000 Praaelan thaler*. 1 Prise of 40,000 Prussian thalers, 1 Prise ol 90, WO Prussian thalera, 1 Frlae of 20,000 Prussian thalera. Prises of 10,000 Prussian thalers, Prises of 6.COO Prussian thalera, _l Prlaea of 8,000 Prussian thalers, 400 Prizes of 1,U00 Prussian thalers, and others. Prl?. CMh4d MCHOOH. 118 Nassau street Post office toifMO. ArQQ CQQ IS DRAWN DAILY IN THB LEGAL VuOw.wOm lsed Kentucky Lottery ; Royal Havana and Kentucky ctrcnlars free ; l'J% cents commission al lowed. Address HALEY A CO. (oMcu established 30 years), 174 Brood war. 1 I 5 8PORTIS O? DOUM, HI ItUM, AC. A? FOR BALE, ALL KIN OH OF FANCY DOGS, ? Birds, Ac.; Medicines tor all diseases, Prepared Food for mocking birds, at B. U. DOVKV8. No. a Greene street, near CanaL A GOOD SECOND HAND ENGLISH GUN, WITH ? Cane, all complete, will be (told cheap. Can be seen at SMITH A SQUIRES', 80 and fi 2 Chatham street. Francis butler, no. s peck slip, has all the choice breeds of Dors for sale and stock. BUT LER'S Infallible Mange Cure and Flea Exterminator. 78c.; BUTLER'S now work. $2. Dogs boarded and trained. Medicines tor all diseases. For bale-thoroughly broken setter dogs, warranted to point, back and retrieve; handsome; fair trial in field ; Newfoundland Pups, Black and Tans, Scotch and Skye Terriers; Watch Dogs on trial, Kat Dogs on trlaL 11. GARDNER, 111 South Fifth avenue, corner Prince street JTHK TURF. ~ HALL'S HALF MILE DRIVING PARK, ON CONEY island road, for sale, on easy terms. Inquire of R. W. ADAMS A CO., 118 Wall street. * National association for tiik promotion of the Interests ot the American Trotting Turf. Sec retary's office. Providence, R. I., April 2, 1H73. A special meeting of the Board ol Appeals will be held at the Everett House, New York city, on Friday, April 11, 1873, at 9 o'clock A, M. By order ol the President. D. F. LONGHTREET, Secretary. N. B.? Parties having aay business or communication on which the aotlon ol the Board fv desired at this meet ing will please address the undersigned Immediately at Providence. D. F. LONOSTREKT, Secretary. TO LET? FLEETWOOD PARK CLUB HOUSE AND hitching privilege of grounds. Apply at the park or 112 Wall street W. H. VANCOTT, Superintendent. llORSKS, CARRIAGES, AC. _ A SPECIAL AND ATTRACTIVE SALE BY PUBLIC uuction ottast and elegant road and family Horses, Carriages, Harness, Robes. Ac., on Tuesday, This day. April ft, at 10% o'clock sharp, at private stable No. 51 Kant 3ftl Ht, between Madison and 4th a vs. Being the property ot W. 8. lloyt, Esq., who Is about to leave the city to he absent for a protracted time, and is forced to close blrentire and splendid stock of Blooded Horses out Ht public, hale. They consist of some ot the tlncst to be found and nre worthy the nttcution of parties looking for something One and reliable. High bred and extra Mylisli bay coupe Horse, lf>** hands, 7 years old ; one of the most powerful and active animals ever driven in the city ; is well broken to all har ness; can be driven to locomotive without lenr ; Is a rapid traveller; has uny amount of endurance, and for family use is unsurpassed ; he Is warranted good and true and perfectly tree troni spot or blemish. Fast and beautiful bay Mare, 1B\ hands and 7 yoars old. bred and raised in Kentucky and sired by Alex ander's Abdullah, dam nearly thoroughbred ; is one of the most genteel and pcrloct gentleman's roadsters In the city ; is sensible and well behaved, can be driven by any one. and can beat 2:45 to road wagon and was never trained ; she Is good In company, does not tret or pull, and with one season's training will trot in 2:35; war ranted sound and kind. Also the well known and celebrated brown trotting Marc, Kitty Cloud, S years old. sired by MnJor Wintleld, dam Star; pedigree guaranteed. This mare was never trained but seven weeks when coming 6 years old, and Showed 2 :99 driven bv Isaac Wood ruff, was then taken home and has since been used oil road ; she can speed a 2 :30 gait and trot a tull uilic and repeat in 2:38; she is very valaablc tor track purpose and Is a perfect roadster; warranted sound and kind. Also'a tine Kentucky bred family Horse, dark brown, 15^ hands, 0 years old, sale for a lady to ride or drive, stands without tving, Is afraid of nothing and la a No. 1 family horse ; warranted sound and kind. Also, high bred and stylish black saddle and driving Horse, 15?* hands, 8 years old, long flowing main ana tall, with nigh knee action; attracts much attention wherever he appears; can be driven In all harness and lias all gaits to saddle, and is warranted sound and kind. Also, one of the finest pony phaeton Mares in the city, 15 hands high, 0 years old; is n perfect model ot grace and beauty ; has been ridden and driven by Indies and children and has no superior in style and action; war ranted sound and kind. Also, Phaeton and Harness Robes, Ac., belonging to her. Tnis is one of the finest and safest children s turnouts In the city. Also, elegant four-wheel Dogcart, pole and shafts, nearly new; light trotting Wagon, by Brewster, of Broome street ; top Wagon, by Stivers: two sets single Harness; one set of gold mounted coupe Harness; one double do. - Robe*. Blankets. Sheets, Ac. Sale positive, without regards to weather. Particulars at sale. JOHN L. VaNDEWATKR, Auctioneer. A RECEIVER'S SALE. IMPORTANT AND PEREMPTORY SALE BY AUCTION ON TUESDAY (THIS DAY). APRIL 8. AT STABLE 100 WEST 331 ? ST.. NEAR 6TH AV., AT 10 O'CLOCK SHARP. RY ORDER OF EDWARD M. PRICE. Receiver of all the elegant Stock of a prominent absconding defaulter. JOHN D. HAMLIN, AUCTIONEER. Team of stvllsh and rich jet black coach, road or family Horses, about 16 high, A years old, Kentucky brod, finely muted ; in appearance, style, action and gait have few superiors for stvle and fine appearance In this city; finely broken to all harness; fear no locomotive: arc sate, prompt and high steppers; will travel In four min utes, und are warranted sound and kind and without vice, trick, fault or blemish ; arc hardy and rugged, und fit for Immediate and every-day nse. Superb and rich dark dapple-grey norse, 7 years old, 16 nign; ha* few superiors lor grace, style, and tine noble qualities: feurs nothing, and can lie drive u to locomotive with perfect confidence und safety by a ladv ,? Is sensible, honest handsome, and highly bred; will trot in 3:10 oil road, mid will stand without tying; warranted sennd and kind ; a noble match or coupe horse, and for lamlly use his handsome appearance and fine qualities render him the best in the state. Handsome aud hign-bred bay saddle or ladys' driving Horse, 15 high, 7 years old; has all gaits ? to saddle ; finely broken to all harness; ha* been driven bv ladies to pony phaeton, on park at watering places, and to saddle ; is handsome, stylish, and attractive ; fust traveller, and warranted sound and kind: is u perfect pet; together with pouv phaeton and harness. Alsethe handsomest and finest stvled dark chestnut thoroughbred Gelding in the State, 15j? high, G years old ; sired by Frank Boston, dam by Commodore ; was raised in Kentucky and bronght here one year ago as a prem ium saddle horse; with nse he showed a fine trotting gait, and bis owner was advised to break hliu to harness and drive him on road, which he consequently did lu?t September; alter ahout six weeds' driving he was driven a lull mile on Fleetwood track in 2:.M, and was rapidly improving thereafter, until the horse disease became epidemic last. October, when he was taken from the road, and has liecn used but little since except to sleigh ; he is finely broken to all hurness, fears nothing, can be driven by any ordinary driver, requires nocheek or martingale, will trot five miles In 18 minutes to road wagon now and a single mile in 3:80, and is warranted sound, kind and perfect. Thlfiif the finest natural styled trotting horse for any gentleman's private use ever driven, and with proper handling will beat 2:36 before Fall. Also a famous and well known road Trotter, bav, 15W high, 9 years old this spring: has record of 2:33; can beat 2 :40 now ; is elegant and strli?h drivel-, handsome in ap pearance and tound, with exception of being slightly sore in fore feet when trotted to hatter; cannot be per ceived when driven and docs not injure him tor speeding In the leant Also one side bar shifting top Wagon, by Stivers; one open Wagon, by Dubois; top Wagon, by Dusenbnry; one elegant fop Pony Phaeton; double and single Har ness, Hlankets, Ac. N. B,? Gentlemen wishing bargains should call and ex amine the stock mid they will sec that It is no Interior lot ef sale horses and new common country wagons, be longing to the auctioneer and represented as belonging to private gentlemen. ? * This sale l? positive and nnre?erre l to highest bidder, without restrlcUuiii> or limits, and a full and responsible warranty given. Bale pofttyvq, rata or shine. At BARKER AND CHASE'S CITY AUCTION MART AND NEW YORK TATTER. BAl.L'H, Corner of Broadwav nwl Tlilrty-nlntti Mreet, MAJOR C. W. BARKER. AtWTIONKKK. RKOn.AR 8A1.ES OK HORSES, CARUIAOES, AC ,, KVBRY WEDNESDAY AND HATI'BD * Y, Oentlrmen'* private <-*laT>TKhmen?* JUpuaoJ <>r at'pub; Ik- or piivate Mile to the bent advantage, and a general a?orttnent of Hor*e*. Carriage*, llarnc^ and everything in the horMt lino, to ?ult the nerds of all clMrni'of pur chaser*, eonatantly on hand. A LA ROE DRIVTNO RTNfJ In the Mart for ihnwing horse* on Mia. Twenty-four hour* allowed for trial on every hor*e *old under warranty. Carriage* taken on storage. Superior n tabling lor l?ors?-?i nn *ale. Outside sale* iiollrltcd and promptly attended *xk Liberal advance* made on everything In the hor*e line. A RCH. JOHNSTON'S NEW MART, A I#. M. 23 and 2.1 EAST THIRTEENTH STRERf, between I nlvcrslty place and filth avenue. THIS DAY, AT 12 O'CLOCK. Three fine road Horse*. Five excellent tamily Hor*e*. Stiver* road Was; on. nearly new. Stiver* skeleton Wagon. little u*ed. IJght Barouche. Brewster, gm*l order. Landanlet. Stiver*, In fair order. four wheel Dor Cnrt, nearly new. He? e.atalogue above At sh liberty street? a few top wahons. Pod v Phaeton*, Depot Wagon*. Ac., slightly *oll''d, at great bargain*, to clout out, our repository having removed to our new and cnpaelon* warcroom*. No. M Cortland! dtroet, where we are now receiving one of the Urgent, finest and cheapest a**ortment* of Light carriage* and Tlarnet* ever offered in till* market. ARCH. JOHNSTON, No. HCortlnndt. near Broadway. A RCH. JOHNSTON, A CCTIi INEEK, WILL SKI. I, V A brown Mare, about Itv hand* htoh (the property of Slla* Wright, ol Hnbokeo, N J.i, at. pnblie anetlon. at the Mart 19 to 2ft Kant Tblrteentli itrent, I rldar. April 11. at I2o'clook, ror account of whom it may roncern, to pa? elUUfi * and kr. ii A BEAUTIFUL BRETT, MAI1E BY BRKWHTKR, OK . Fifth avenue, lor sale very low; nlao double *et of llarae** and a very excellent carriage llor*e, at 210 Wet I'ortv I1r*t atrcrt Inquire for MACKIN or JOHN kkkky. owner koIdb abroad by end oi tliia runutti. HOE8BS, CARRIAOER, AC. ATTKNTION 18 CALLED TO THR HALK OF FINE AND GENUINE TROTTING HORSES TO-MORROW (WEDNESDAY). APRIL ?, AT 10U o'otocr, AT RTABLH NO. S NKILSOM PLACE, BETWEEN WAVKRLEY AND CLINTON PLACES, ONE BLOCK WK8T OF BROADWAY, REMOVED TIlKRK FOR CONVENIENCE OP HALE PROM THR HTABLE OK JOHN H. ROPER, EriQ., By JAM KS JENKINB, Auctioneer, Including an elegant, handsome, fine, geuteel and clone matched team or young mahogany bay trotting Mares; ?re full sisters, 6 and 6 yearn old this Spring ; were Hired by Ethan Allen ; they have tine symmetry, style and gait, and are, without exception, the closest mated team In ap pearance, style and gait to be found; have fine disposi tions; have neither vice nor trick: fear nothing ; are per fect pets; are all day roadsters and can trot together now better than 2 A) ana promise to trot mnch raster with a little handling; they are well broken to all harness; good under saddle, aad are warranted sound, kind and true in every particular ; can t? driven by a lady, and will make an Al gentleman's family or road team. A very last Bay Welding, 15% hands high, and 9 yean old ; sired by Cossiua M. Clay, daiu thoroughbred. He has fine full man* and tail, fine head, long neck, and can pull a road wagon any day In 2 :40. lie Is fine, easy and prompt driver, afraid of nothing, and one of the best horses that goes the road ; he Is honest and well liehaved In company, and as a gentleman's roadster is unsurpassed ; he is warranted sound, kind and true in every respect. Rich .handsome blooded and genteel BaV Gelding, 15% hands nigh, 7 years old this spring, sired oy Iron Duke, he by old Hambletonian, dam by Bellfounder; he Is finely built, with tine, heavy mane and tail ; can show a 2 -35 gait oa road, and he is as flue gmted as any young trotter that goes the load ; he Is warranted sound aad kind. Also the fast and handsome bay mare Lydta; she U 15k hauds high, 9 years old ; was raised hy Mr. Demarest, of Rockland county; she was sired by Kysdrk'sHamlilctn nian, dam three-quarter thoroughbred mnr<%she can go to track and show 2 :$J ; she is a very resolute driver and warranted sound and kind. Also 1 Coupe, 1 Park Phaeton, 1 Top Wagon. 1 light top Trotting Wagon, 1 C spring Pony Phaeton? wltn top; single and double Harness, Blankets, Holies. Whips, Ac. The whole eoui prising as tine stock as was ever offered at public, auction, being all first rluss and reliable, and fully as represented. Each purchaser will have ample time allowed liitn on each horse for trial and examina tion. Gentlcmeu can have the opportunity of seeing them and having them examined at all times at stable, as above, prior to sale. N. B.? Sale positive, rain or shine. AT AUCTION THIH DAY BY WILLIAM VAN TaSSELL, AUCTIONEER, (.SUCCESSOR TO JOHNSTON A VAN TA88ELL), HORSE AND CARRIAGE AUCTION MART, 112 AND lit EAST THIRTEENTH ST., NEAR 4TH AV. REOULAR BALER OF llORRER AND. CARRIAGES EVERY TUESDAY AND FRIDAY. Twenty-four to forty-eight hours given purchasers to test warrantees. CATALOGUE OF THIS DAY'S (TUESDAY'S) SALE, AT 12 O'CLOCK. GENTLEMAN'S PRIVATE ESTABLISHMENT ELE gaut team black Horses, 16'4 hands high, 7 and 8 yours old, kind and true in all harness, free from vice or trick, jet black, without a white hair, closely matched, well bred, very stylish and handsome and one of the finest teams ever offered at public sale in this city and war ranted sound -.also set tine gold mounted Harness, and TEA CART, BUT LITTLE USED, BUILT BY Brewster A Co., of Filth avenuo. BAY TROTTING HORSE, SIRED BY RYRDYK'8 Hambletonian. dam a thorough-bred mare, Is I6'i hands high, 8 years old; kind und true In all harness; free from vice or trick ; a superior roadster: wasdriven last Kail with mate repeatedly Inside 2 :40, and Is warranted to trot in 2 :.r>0 or no Bale ; liu Is a line, stylish driver uud fears nothing. WELL BRED AND VERY STYLISn TEAM CUE8T nnt Horses, ifi.'a hands high, 7 and 8 years old; kind and true in all harness: free irotn vice, trick or fault; good travellers: are In every particular u most perfect anu re liable lamlly team, and sold lor no iautt whatever; are in every way reliable, sound, kind and true ; also set Har ness and CLARENCE. IN GOOD ORDER. 80RKEL TROTTING MARE, BRED IN GRF.ENR county, New York; sired by Bashaw stallion Young Jack son, he by Andrew Jackson, of Jamaica, L. I. ; dam Ara bian, one of those presented to the late Hon. W. It. Seward ; she is 8 years old, 16 hands high; kind and true In all harness; trotted when four years old in 2 :M> on a trial; has never beeu trained for speed; is warranted to trot in three minutes and warcautcd sound. TOP SIDE SPRING WAGON? CITY MAKE. BAY HORSE, 15 \ HANDS, ? YEARS OLD; KIND and true in all harness; free from vice; a good travel ler ; a safe family animal and a good worker; to close the estate of the late Joseph Potter. CLARENCE, LINED WITH KINE BLUE CLOTH; IN good order; built by McNauchtA Smith ; cost $2,700. SIX SEAT ROCKAWAY, IN GOOD ORDER, BUILT hy Miner A Stevens, cost $900; two acta double Harness, made by Wood OUisoii. By order of POTTER BROS., No. 4 Warren street TEAM BROWN WORK nORSEN. 16 HANDS HIGH, 8 and / years old; kind and true in all harness; free from vice ; a first class iruck team : sold to closc a mortgage. PONY ESTABLISHMENT.? BROWN PONY, 14 hands high, 9 years old; kind and true in all harness; free from vice ; good traveller ; perfectly sale for ladles or children, and warranted sound. Also set Harness and TOP PHAETON, IN PERFECT ORDER, BUILT BY Day A Hon. IMPORTED MILK WHITE HAYTTEN PONY "AL boat" silver mane and tall, 14 hands high, 6 years old; kind under the saddle and has great power of end iiranre ; was used last Summer by a lady, and Is one of the best saddle ponies in tho country, and warranted perfectly son ltd. SORREL PONY, 14 HANDS HIGH, 8 YEARS OLD, kind and true in all harness, free from vice, a free and stylish driver anil good roadster. CHESTNUT HORSE, 15% HANDS, 8 YEARS OLD, kind and true in all harness, free from vice, trick or fault; perfectly safe for a lady to drive und can trot in tbree minutes. TWO FOUR SEAT PARK PHAETONS. GRAY HORSE. 16 HANDS, (I YEARS OLD, KTND AND trne In all harness, free from vice ; a fast traveller; fears nothing; a free and stylish driver and warranted sound. SORREL HORSE, IC HANDS, 6 YEARS OLD, KIND and true in all harness free from vice ; an extra tine Draught llorw and warranted sound. BLACK HORSE, 14 HANDS HIGH, 6 YEARR OLD; kind and true in all harness; tree from vice or trlok ; fust traveller ; a free and stylish driver and warranted sound ; also set Harness and top Wagon. BAY MARK, 1S\ HANDS IHOn, 8 YEARR OLD; kind and true in all harness; free from vice ; an excellent coupe mare and warranted sound. TWELVE OTHER HORSES. FULL DESCRIPTION time of sale. TWENTY TOP AND NO TOP PHAETONS AND WT#o' AND FOUR WHEELED DOG CARTS. FOUR AND SIX SEAT ROCKAWAYS. CLARENCES, COACHES AND BAROUCHES; DOU ble and single Harness, Robes, Ac. Weather never interferes with our sales. Auction house of arch joiinhton (Late Johnston A Van Tosscll), OFFICE AND SALESROOM, OLD STAND, 37 Nassau street, opposite ttao Pout office. THF. nORSE AUCTION BRANCH OF THE HOUSE IS REMOVED TO THE SPACIOUS PREMISES, 19, 21, 23 and 25 EAST THIRTEENTH STREET, between Filth avenne and Unlveridty place. The business will he conducted on precisely the same strict and honorable principles which have iilwaj s char acterized the d'alings of our house and won tin- respect and confidence of the business community as well as the nubile at large. KBUULAR 8AI.ES EVERT TUESDAY AND FRIDAY throughout the year. CATALOGUE OF THIS DAY'S SALE. 12 O'CLOCK. SPLENDID BL AC'K M ARK. LONO FLOWING MANE and tall, if*1, hands high, 8 vears old ; w ns raised by Mr. Hdckmau, ol Orange county. N. Y, and traiaed by Carl Hurr; has trotted in 2 :4II and can make .1 minutes any time; a splendid roadster and it warranted sound, kind and true; together with city made Harness and Skeleton Wagon, made by Stivers to order. COUPE HOftSE, 18 II ANDH, 6 YEARS; KIND AND true in all harness ; free from vice ; very stylish and very fast, ; all day traveller; warranted sound. Set Coupe Harness. LAN DAI' LET RY STIVERS, IN OOOD ORDER. SORREL HORSE, I5? HANDS. ? YEARS OLD; KIND and (rue in all harness; free from vice; very stylish; war ranted wind. TOP WAGON, BY CORBKTT * CO., IN FIRST RATE "'dARK CHESTNUT HORSE 1 ti% nANSS, 8 YEARS, kind and true in all harness ; splendid roadster, without trick or vice, and sold for accoantol whom It may concern to close a litigation. SPLKN DID TROTTING COLT, SORREL. 14 HANDS, 4 years, sired by Bonner's Major Wlnfleld, dam Engineer, by imported Messcner; has travelled In StflO, and can do better; kind and true in all harnoss; freu from viee and a verv ftyllsh driver. DAftK KAY HORSE, 16^ HANDS. 9 YEARS; KIND and true In all harness, and an excellent worker. lirtlOlIT BAY VERY FINK HENRY CLAY HORSE, OUT of Morgan mare; kind and true in all harness; a lady of child caa drive him ; Id hands high, 8 years olu, splendid lanilly <>r road horse, and warranted sound. PONY ESTABLISHMENT.? GRAY .HORSE, 14K hands. 8 years; kind and true in all harness; perfectly gentle lor ladies and children: very sty lUh ; warranted sound ; set Harness and top Poll v Phaeton. TUP PONY PHAETON, WITfl RUMBLE. SBVKN OTHER HORSES. DESCRIPTIONS AT TIME of sale. DERBY DOO CART, BY WOOD BROS., NEARLY new. STIVERS ROAD WAGON, TO ORDER, NEARLY "LIGHT BAROUCHE, OOOD ORDER, BY BREWSTER. TWO DEPOT WAOONS. ONE EXPRESS AND ONE BUSINESS WAGON. TWO OIOsK t:UAC'fTE5, TWO ADDLES AND BRIDLES; FINE MAKE; GOOD qr>? "feather never interferes with our sales. i LLEN B. MINER, AUCTIONEER. j\ Salesrooms 95 Chambers street. HORSE AUCTION MART AT NEW YORK RALES AND STORAGE REPOSITORY, FOURTH AVENUE, CORNER TWENTY FIFTH STREET. Carriages anil Horses always on hand at private sale. Rii'llARD Met; UI.LOUGH, Proprietor. ALLEN B. MINER A lllto.. Auctioneers. Sales of Horses, Carriages, Ac., Thursday of each week. Entries of articles for auctioe can be made at repository as above or salesrooms of auctioneers. * -IT HEAD OF GOOD WORK AND BUSINEM A., Horses, lust arrived from the West, to Ik1 sold at private sale. Inquire at the stable corner New Church and Cedar streets. A BROOME STREF.T BREWSTER HALF TOP FOUR seal I'hacton and Top Wagon, I light custom Coach, I six seal Phaeton. 1 Cabriolet, I Victoria, 3 extension top Phaetons, #0 top and open pony Phaetons, of all styles; 20 new and second hand Rockaways, 13 top and open Road, by the bcsteltv makers; Sulkies and Sketetonsi by Ouseuhury. Prav. Ae. ; I Depot Wagon, top and open Ex press Wagons. I second hand Clarence ; Harness. Blankets, kolas. Ac. WII.I.IAM II. QUAY. 20 and Si Woosterstreet. \ _BRKWSTF.il iBROOMK STREET) LIGHT SQUARE ? box trotting Wagon for sale. In perfect order. Private stable, 10 East Twenty-seventh street. \ HOIISK, FOUR YEAR* OLD. IRON-SEAT, SOUND and kind, good lady's driver.? Will exchange for Fur altar*. H. c. smith, 2ir_> wiuum it.. Frauktort Hone*. A IiOT OF TOP BUGGIES, ROAD WAGONS, KX. 1\ press, Grocery and light Business Wagons, tor sale cheap. .*48 West Twcfnty.se vent h street, between Eighth and Ninth avennes. A BREWSTER BRETT OR BAROUCHE FOR HALE; iV also a gray Messenger Mare; Depot Wagon and Harness cheap. Apply at 22 East Slxty-amth street. AT PRIVATE SALE-STYLISH, WEtleMATCIlED pair oi Horses ; sound. gr n:le In al! harness; suit able tor carriage or roail ; < an trot >harp; height about 14>,. Addrcw s , box 8,24 ? Foil HORSBS. t'ARRIAGBH, AC. <_ T. DKMARBBT A OO., CB BROADWAY. Wc offer a large and elegant aaaortment of One Carriage* of oar own manufacture, nompriaing our popular six seat family Roukaways, 12 style* ; Coupe Rockaways, H atylea; Landaus, 5 styles; Coupes, 8 styles; elegant LandauleM, 6 iimi and atylea; beautiful new atyle T Carta and Turn out Heat*. Work first clang In eTery respect Prices reasonable ami popular with buyer*. One hundred Pony Phaeton* at very low price*. A FINE YOUNG BAY HORSE, 16 HANDS HIGH, good stvle. fnr doctor or coupe ; no better. Apply at private stable 57 West Korty-tourtU afreet, Ahorse por sai-e (Chebtnud-stylish, sound, kind and tree from bad habit*; price $?>). Til. OUNSEL, IS Second avcuae. At factory ? 75 Top buggies ?, ALSO barouche, Rockaways, Victorias, Phaetons, latest styles ; cheap est In elty. Near Orand street and Bowery, 14ti and 148 Kid ridge street. DAY A HON. A LARGE ASSORTMENT NEW AND SECOND HAND Carriage*, all stvles; family Rockaways, top and open Busgles, Pony Phaetons, at greatly reduced price*. WITTVS. Fultou and Nevins streets, Brooklyn. A GOOD WORKING HORSE FOR SALR-AT 669 Washington street. New York. A BAY PONY, PHAETON AND HARNESS? HAH been used by a lady and children; also top Wngon, road Wagon and doable Harness: separate ft wanted. Atcorner of Thirty -eighth street and Heventh avenue. A -EIGHT HORSES FOR SALE, FIT FOR ALL ? purpose*; warranted sound and kind; at low prices. 87 and 89 Woostei street. Must be sold. a A LOT OF HORSES FrtESII FROM THE COUNTRY sold or exchanged for Horse* of less value ; suitable lor all kladsot business. Inquire at Ml Canal street. A-LANDAULKTS, COUPES, CLARENCES, LADIES' . Phaeton*, Depot Wagons.? I sell 211 per cent less than Filth avenue or Broadway stores; style and work manship unequalled. BAM, 10 East Fourth otreet A -A LARGE LOT OF CARRIAGES OF ALL ? kinds; Kockways, Buggle*, Phaeton*. Depot, Ex press and Business Wagon* made In our own factory, 141 West Broadway, near Caual street. Bargains in harness, saddles, bridles, Whin*. Ac. ; selling off before moving. EDGARS. NICHOLS, U) College place, n$ar comer ot Murray atreef. BAROUCHE FOR RALE-A PRIVATE C SPRING Barouche, batlt by I<o*a A William*, good as new ; ha* been used only a tew times. Can be aeon at 14 For syth street, N. Y. _ (THE AP HORSES, FOR FARM OR CITY USE.? J Stylish gray Gelding, $179; brown. gray, $tH>; nay, $70 ; several to exchange. 189 South Fifth avenue, near Grand street (1ARRI AGES ? SLIGHTLY DAMAGED; GREAT BAP. > gains; Carriages, new and second hand, of every de acrlplion, at low prices ; now Is the time to purchase, be fore tradu commence*. MANUFACTURERS* UNION, 638 Broadway. ClOACH, WAGON AND TRUCK FOR SALE? AT ltt J Broome street, between 1'ltt and Wlllett D ON'T FAIL TO ATTEND THE GREAT SALE OP KINK HORSES AND CARRIAGES BY AUCTION, this day, at 12 o'clock, at the HORSE AND CARRIAGE AUCTION MART OF WILLIAM VAN TASHELL, 110, 112 and 114 East Thirteenth street, near Fourth avenue. TWO OF THE FINEST CARRIAGE TEAMS EVER offered at public sain in this city. TE\M OF JET BLACKS, WITHOUT A WHITE HAIR. 1C!-, hands, 7 and 8 year*; very stylish and handsome and warranted *ound. TbAM OF CHESTNUT SORRELS, 16){ nANDS, 7 AND 8 years; very stylish and spirited drivers, but perfectly gentle and in every way reliable. TWO TROTTING I HORSES ; BOTH WARRANTED TO beat S minute*. TEA CART, BUT LITTLE USED, BUILT BY BREW ater A Co. TWKNTY-FIVE HEAD EXTRA FINE ROAD AND Work Horses. HOUR ELEGANT PONIES FOR LADIES' OR CHIL dren's use. See catalogue above. Depot wagons and kockawavh, in large variety of sti les, for one am! two hone*-, also a lurgn assortment ot Pony Phactous, top aud upon, with aim without rumbles, BRADLEY, PRAT A CO., 6C8 Broadway. DO NOT FAIL TO ATTEND THE SALE THIS DAY, at 12 o'clock, at ARCIT. JOHNSTON'S now Mart (branch of 37 Nassuu street), 19, 21,21 and. 2ft East Thir teenth street, near University place; you can rely upon anything you buy being exactly aa represented. hoe catalogue abort*. flOR HALE.? A GENTLEMAN TRAVELLING IN EU rouo wishes to sell a pair of bright bay KENTUCKY HORSES, 16 hands high, 6 years old, warranted sound and 'kind every way; harness will be sold it wanted. ('au lte seen in-day from 10 A. M. Ull 1 P. M., at 128 West Fourteenth street. IflOR HALE? A HANDSOME PAIR OF BAY HORSES, 1 7 and 8 years old: 16.3 high; warranted perfectly Hound and kind in single or double harness una without fault.. Also Clarence, In good order; I'urk Phaeton, Har ness, Klankets, Ac. Can bo secu at stable No. IS West Thirteenth street. For sale cii/:\p-sbvkral noRSEH and Wairons. suitable for any purpose, at the new City Hall Livery and Boarding Stable, 337 Adams street, Brooklyn CHURCHILL C. SMITH. IjlOR SALE? OENTLKM EN'S ROAD TEAM: PAST ' young mares; trot together in three minutes; kind and gentle, single or double; sound, with light Wagon, Doc cart, Harness. Ac. ; will sell them together or separately : will exchange for city Real Estate. Particulars at .Iks Broadway, room 4, from 9 A. M. to 5 P. M. FOR SALE? A TEAM OK HORSES, GENTLE AND sound, 16.2 high ; good roadsters and very stylish; have bceu driven by tne owner's wite, and will travel to gether in three minutes, Address, for further particu lars, K. A. DONALDSON, .'18 Dey street. New York. E30R SALE-PRICE $1110, A COVERED EXPRESS Wagon, Horse and Harness. Apply to J. B. HEN DRICKSON, 210 and 212 East Fiftieth street IjlOR BALE? A PRIVATE ESTABLISHMENT; DUBOIS ' road Wagon, Gibson Harness and dark bay Mare Apply to MITCllfcLL A NKW HOLD, 4!) Exchange place IjlOR SALE? A GOOD SADDLE OR ROAD ITORSE, 1 for half his value. ln<ialie 136 East Twenty sixth street. BIOR SALE? TWO OR THREE WORK HORSES; WILL 1 he sold cheap. Also a small Horse, used to light wagoti, fit lor butcher. grocer or any light work. Apply at coal office, Thirty -sixth street, aaat of Fifth avenue. I10R SALE? A THOROUGH BRED MARE, 16k HANDS high, sound, kind In all harness; can trot in 3 min utes. and cau be driven by a lady. Apply at 276 Spring street for three days. {jlOR SALE? A BLACK HORSE, SIX YEARS OLD, 16 ' hands high; will suit a carriage or coupe ; Is suitable for any kind of business; la very stylish and good speed and free Irom all vice; is perfectly soiitul and kind In all harness. Call at 348 West Twenty-sixth street. In store. II^OR SA LE ? IN CONSEQUENT h OK BEING fN FOAL, 1 a splendid Mare, 16, S hands; warranted ; price tIMi, half her value. One Canadian, $66. Apply at 77 Cham bers street. FOR SALE? A BAY KENTUCKY HORSE, SIXTEEN hands high, very ftylish, aud fine action; cost 91,000; will sacrifice for 9260. on account of owuer going to Europe. A pplyjM 242 Greene street IjlOR SALE? A KINK, STYLISH KIVR YEAR OLD 1 black Maro, 10 hands high, without blemish, steps well, warranted kind and very gentle, by a physician having two. 266 West TUIrty-fourtn street. BIOR SALE? A BLACK nORSE, 9 YEARS, 16K HANDS, suitable for any business; price 9160; also a Pony, ?J years, 14 hands, m e driver; both sold for want ol us*. 'X Hetliuiic street, near Washington. IflOR SALE? A ROCKAWAY, SUITABLE FOB ONB ' or two horses, but little used, with pole and shalts; bought from Wood Bros. Can lie seen at McDonald's sta bles, 146 East Fortv -first street, near Lexington avenue. FOR SALE-CANADIAN Pony. l?t< HANDS; war ranted sound ; suitable for grocery or light express; heavy built: price tin). Can be seen at M Greenwich street, near Houston htreet BIOR SALE? A GOOD WORK UORSE, FOR 939. AP 1 ply at feed store, 370 II udson street. FOR SALE-A STYLISH DARK BAY PONY; WAR rauteil sound and kind. Sold for the want of use. Apply at 620 Pearl street, near Centre street FlOR SALE? FOR WANT OF USE, DARK BAY MARK, 1 1AW hands, 7 years, good bottom : ? warranted perfectly sonnti and kind. Also light, box Top Wagon, Harness, sheets, Blanket*, Ac. ; complete outfit l'rice 9<UU Ad dress J. M. L., box 5,228 Post office^ _ IftOR SAlitf-AN ELBGANT IMPORTED FRENCH " Phaeton, but little used ; lust the thing for Newport or Central Park ; suitable for a lady or gentleman's driving. To be seen at private stable 1,363 Broadway. CpOR HALE-BREWSTER A CO., OF BROOM K r street, Wagon, wltli pole ami shafts -.nearly new, in perfect order. Can be seen at 128 West Thirty-second st. FlOR SALE? RFLENDID CANADIAN PONY, SOUND, kind and flrtie, 6 years old, suitable for lady or gen tleman to rlfto or drive; top Express Wagon. Harness, cheap. No 373 West Forty-eighth street, near Ninth av. flOR SAIiR ? ONE HOUSE AND Top WAGON, WITH 1 pole. Inquire at llellows ' livery stable, corner ot Wince and Crosby streets.^ I NOR SALE ONE LIGHT ONE -HORSE TRUCK, ONE " Express Wagon, one RnteherCart Inquire at south west comer of i-eroy and Greenwich Htreet*, J10B SALE AT A BARGAIN? AN OLD ESTABLISHED ?lown town Trucking Business. Inquire of REEVES A LliSK',243 Kultoii row. West Washington Market lilOR SALE CI1KAF ? STOCK OF A CONTRACTOR RE P tired trom businesa, consisting of ?"arta. Harness, Feed and Furniture Truck, variety ot Tools, Ao. JAM En MULRY, IW East Eleventh ?treet _ blO* SALE CnEAF? A CANADIAN PONY. INQUIRE at HBCollover street, South Brooklyn. LL KR FRKRM.VN. HANDSOME BAY HORSE, 1.1^ HANDS? CAN SHOW j :V> ; three-quarter seat piano body Wagon and light Harness, nearly new, for sale cheap, separately or to gether. Aildr 'ss H ARKIsON, Herald ..(Hoe. * Harnehh.-the largest stock of single and doanlo Harness and Horse eiiuiuments, at most rea sonable price*, at the manufacturers' depot. .lACOROWSKY, Hll.HOKN A Co., Ill Chambers street. Horses taken to board, drive and break, with ko<mI rare, bv JOHN II TWKDDI.E, Mont , gnMtrv, Orange reuntv, N. Y. Kctfrcric' s-.lamcs B. , Hi i water * Co., New fori citj. IIORMKS, OARRUGER, M. Kentucky saddle hushes fob sale? at ta West Fortieth street; two b?ys of fine ilu, elegant style and action, perfect ta all gaits, sound, and also drive lu anv Urn-nut*, both been ridden by ladies; two hay*, one 16.3 hands, one want 16 hands, gaited to walk, trot and canter, drive in any harness, unliable for npn tlemon; one a weight carrier; the<e Horse* are extra in blood and <|uality, having lieen thoroughly handled to Bsrfe ot them as noddle horse* for thin market Call for r. RAILEY. T IUHf WAGONS, TUB ACKNOWLEDGED STANDARD FOR QUALITY, FOR PLEASUBE DRIVING OR SPEEDING, fit ALL STYLES AND WEIGHTS, AT THE OLD PLACB, VA AND 137 CUBYSTIE STREET, NEW YORK. Am u ai w pjtANK DUBRNBURY, successor to Dnaeubury k Van Dusen MANPFAOTPBEBfl' UNION REPOSITORY. KM Broadwuy.? Carriages Harnett*, Urgent assortment ever- ottered, at most reasonable prices. All styles of Ktfmily Carriages and Light Wagons new and second hand. MANUFACTUBEBS' ONION, 838 Breulway JJOADSTERS, PAIR BRIGHT BAY. l'ARK PHAETON, seats four. PONY PHAETON, seats for four, besides rumble tor servant ; both by Lawrence, to order. Top Wagon, by Dusonbery A Vandurer. Depot Kockaway, Single and Double Harness ; all la best order. At private stable. No. S West Twenty-second street SEVEN YOUNG CANADIAN HORSES? JUST Alt-, rivod, IK to lft1 ; hands, all sound, well made and suits able tor any business; sold cheap. Inquire at 204 Went Sixteenth street, near Seventh avenue. SECOND HAND BUGGIES, VICTORIA, TWO DOCI Carts, two Coupes Pony Wagon. Coupe Rockaway, six-seat Rockaway, Depot Wagon and several light Bock, aw Ays great variety I'ony Phaetons. Road Wagons and other new Spring style Carriages. MANUFACTURERS' UNION, 6SH Broadway. STABLE To LET-ONE HALF OF FIRST CLASH 8TA ble, 23x90, In Forty-fourth street, near Fifth avenue s rent 9700. CHARLES W. WARD, 79 Cedar street Trottini; make at auction this day by WILLIAM VAN TA SHELL, AUCTIONEER. at his mart 110, 1 12 and 114 East Thirteenth .street, Sorrel Mare, raised in Greene county. New Ynrk ; sired by the Bashaw stallion Young Jackson, he by Andrew Jackson, of Jamaica, L. I.: dam an Arabian mare thai was presented to the late Hon. W. U. He ward ; she Is 19 hands high, 8 years old, kind and true In every wav: trotted a mile When 4 years old In 2:M, and Is worranUMl to trot in 3 minutes any day, and warranted sound; alsu Set Harness and SIDE BAR TOP WACOM. * rpo LET-TWO PINE STABLES, UP TOWN 5 ONB, X flvo open and two box stalls; one, lour open stalls) ample carriage and coachmen's rooms. WILLIAM Bis LIO'l'T A C(>? l,4tfl Broadway, near Forty-fifth street. TO LET? FROM 1ST OF MAY, TWO PRIVATE STA. bits. Inquire ef WILLIAM H. HAN KIN SON, 111 East Twenty -seventh street WA.NTED? A COMPLETE TURNOUT, CONSlSTTNd of a speedy and stylish pair ot Horses, set ot Han nest, shitting top Wagon, 01- a light lamily Carriage, fot which a good bond and mortgage for $1,200, having less than one year to run, will be given, anil balance In cash. Address for one week C. B. T., box 187 Herald otflce. .TXT ANTED? A BVY LORSE OR MARE. 15 TO, li'4 VV high ; must be stylish, sound, kind and free from bad habits. Address, giving the lullest particulars as t<i the unimal and price, \ A.., Herald office. WANTED? A FIRST CLASS TEAM OF ROAD Horses, 18^ to 16 hands, good color and lively step pers, tor which a lair but not a lancy price will be paid. Address, with lull particulars as to age, color, speed, price, Ac., S., box 6,703 Post office, New York. WANTED? A GOOD ROAD HORSE, l&H HAND* hluh, that will trot in 'Ml or (better. Address, with full particulars. CASH, box 183 Ilerald office. WANTED? A GOOD BREWSTER OR DUSENBORS Wauon. Address, with description and lowesteash price, S. C. W., box 198 Herald office. WANTED? A NEW EXPRESS WAGON, WITH TOP, capable of carrying 15,00; also Horse and Harness. Address S., bex 160 Uptown Branch Herald office. WANTED-A LIGHT SIDE BAR HALF SPRINO TOP Bugsry, Broome street Brewster or Stivers' make, nearly new. Address, staling weight, color, price and when built, W. It. 8., box 17H ilerald office. 2 LARGE HORSES, ONE NEW DOUBLE AND Hlngle Truck, with Harness. for sale cheap. Inquire at IMrt Washington struct, New York. 8 HEAD OK YOUNG, 80 UND IIOBSES FOB BALK cheap.? Just Iruni the West; lit lor all purpose* Ap ply at 366 Went Twenty-second street, corner of Eighth avenue. * <l;OnA FOB A KINK BREWHTl#l TOP BUQOt ; A ?a5UU Depot Wagon, $80; Park Phaeton, $100: Road Wagon, by Silvern, $150; double Harness, $411; open Buggy, nearly new, $100: other .styles at bargains, at 1,103 Broad way, near Thirty -ninth street. dt>QS|Sl FOR A GOOD COACH AND BET OF ?p ? < ' ' " ' uioun'i-d Harness, all in good order; this is a baivaio. Inquire until Hold at 'JOS Lewi* street. (jtQQ.rr? TEAM BLACK HORSE*. 8 YEARS, l? hands, sound aud kind; bay, 7 yearn, IB1',' hands, $ I -IA : musueil . closing business. 1 18 Eighth ave nue, corner Thirty-first street POR HALE, TWO MARES, CHUNKY BUILT, ?P? J | ? t ISJi hands high, 7 and 8 years old, suitable for cart or truck or express or gr>>cer; warranted sound and kind ; will be sold separate, inquire at 288 West Teutb street, near Washington. OK Y uuon?. HAIR! HAIR! HAIR! The largest stock of Unman Hair Goods in the city at SHAW'S, , 382 Bowery, between Keurth and Oreat Jones streets, and Sffl Sixth a von tie, between Twenty-second aud Twenty third streets, up stairs. SIIAW'S Patent Hair Switches, can he eoiubed ami brushed, $1 each. ilnniun Hair, cheapost ami bent la the market. Short Hair Switches, $-' each aud upwards. French Switches, $9. < 'tirls, $1 and upward*. Latest styles always on hand. SPECIAL NOTICE. The great itlbhon sale f R. II. MAOY A CO. will continue all this week. R. n. MACY k CO., Fourteenth street and Sixth avenue. MIIsLINKRY AM) DltKKHNAKIKH. "YJRS. J. E. EDWARDS A UO., PARISIAN MODES ami Millinery, 3'J9 sixth avenue, upstairs, between Twen tieth and Twenty-(lr?t streets. New York, respectfully inform their former customers and the public generally that they are. prepared to make up Ladles' Suits In all tho latest styles and Millinery in all Its branches; all order* promptly executed; perfect tits guaranteed ; lartiet.' own Xl ute rials made an ; first class dressmakers and operator* i*nt out to families; work done in the neatest manner at shortest notice; in all cases we guarantee satisfaction. LRGAIi SiOTK KS. OVPRKME COURT. 0 In the matter of the application of the Den.irtn-.enl of Public Parks, for and in behalf of the Mayor, Aider meu and commonalty ot the city of New York, rclatlvu to the * Opening of Klngvbrldge Road. northwardly from tho southerly line of l.wth street to the Harlem River, as laid out by the Commissioners ot the Central Park. In the city o( New York. We, the unUcrslguod Commissioners of Estimate and Assessment in the above entitled matter, hereby give notice lo the owner or owners, occupant or occupants of all houses and lots and improved or unimproved land* affected thereby, and to ali others whom It may concern, to wit;? I.? That we have completed oar estimate and assess ment, and that all persons Interested In these proceed ings or iu any of die lands affected thereby, and who may beot>posed to the same, do present their obwetiona In writing, duly verified, to the undersigned Commissioners* at our office, l.W Broadway (room IS), In the said city, on or before the 23d day of \pril, 187.1, ami that we, tile said Commissioners, will hear parties so objecting within the ten week-days next atter Hie <ul I i3d day of April, IW.t, and for that purpose will be in attendance at our said officc on each ot said ten daya, at II o'clock A. M. II.? That the abstract of tne said estimate and assess ment, together with our maps, ami also all the affidavits, estimates and other documents which were used by ns in making our report, have been deposited in the oBce of the Department of Public Works, In the citv of New YorlL there to remain until tHv 9Ui dur uf May. 1873. TTT.? Tnal tne lTmlti embraced by tho assessment afore said are as follows, to wit: ? All those certain lota, piece* or parcels ot land contained, lying and being within the following boundaor limits, that is to say :? Commencing at the point formed by the Intersection of the uortherly line or side of 145th street with the westerly line or side of the Eighth avenue; running thence northerly alomr the westerly lino or side of the said Eighth avenue to the hlirh water mark of the Harlem River ; thenc.e along the said high water mark of the llariem River as It wind* and turns to the Hudson River; thence southwardly along the easterly sido of the Hudson River, at high water mark as said river wind* and turn% lo. the southerly line or side ot iMth street; thence easterly along the said southerly line or aide of IMth street to tho easterly side of the Boulevard; thence southerly along the sata easterly side of said Boulevard to the northerly Hue or side or l*:>th street, ami easterly along the said northerly line or side of USth street to the point or plac? bf beginning. . _ IV.? That oar report herein will be presented fo the su preme Court of the State of Now York, at a special term thereof, to be held in the Now Court House at the City Hall, in the city of New Vork, on the auth day of May, 1H/3, at the opening of the Court on that day, and that then and there, or as soon thereafter as counsel caa be heard thereon, a motion will be made that the said report be coeflrme't. HENRY PARSONS, ) WILLIAM J. PA RSON8, > Commissioners. JOHN r. MnOOWAN, > Nr.w Yohx. March IK WW. YACHTS, MTK V M HOATS, Ac< . I > \ R: I K FOB SALE.-- A ciOOD SOUND BAKUK . H'A 1 > feet long. 30 feet be am. t?', feet hold; suitable for hay. Ice or general freight; also two Canal Boat*. For par ticulars inquire of S. f. SHERWOOD, Atlantic Doek,. Brooklyn. I/OR SALE- A NEW PROPELLER STEAM YACHT. P with double engine, surface condenser, Ac. ; owner in Europe. Adaress for particular* F. W. P., box M Fust office. |||[ haiUR SALE? THE SI.OOV YACHT ADDIB, IN COM plete order. Aildrr <?< box 1,147 Post office. HE CELEBRATED (MIMA WOOD OIL FOB IF AM ? and bright work, tor sale in quantities to suit pur | liters. V II I L A N D BR ll? ED, 23 O Id slip. T

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