8 Nisan 1873 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 2

8 Nisan 1873 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 2
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A CTTY nML FSTATE FOR SAI.F. (rutnl. OM FIFTH AVENUE, SECOND ABOVE . Eighty-fifth street, lacing Central Park, first cla-w liniwn stone cabinet finish House ; will be sold at great bark-am it applied lor atoicc, a# faintly are going abroad ; term# very easy ; l? not sold rjuieklv will |.e let??ed (or n-rin oi year# fermlta, Ac JKSSUP, 238 Bread wajr._ AN IMMEDIATE FRBSSINO NEED FOR THE l\ money is causing the owner tq*ell the bent built lour slory ZD-foot House, near Madisou fcvenue and Sixti eth street ; a derided bargain will l>e given ; see this at once. kkanci.s Crawford, MnM A? THE FOUR ELEGANT HIGH STOOP BROWN . stones. four stories. basement and sub-cellar, south east corner Madison avenue and 8Utv -seventh street, re plete with lin prove ments: first class finish itud new: will be sold at a bargain and Immediate possession. Apply oil S remises week day*, Iroui 8 to 10 A. M. and from 3 to 5 P. i. No agents. GOOD THKBE STORY HIGH STOOP HOUBE, west of Third avenue, near the I'nrk, lit $1,480; also two Cettagea, west side $u>i0 each. ___ Kl. RN Elf A ni l K, 1,073 Third avenue. All ANDSOME FOUR STORY HROWN STONE, HARD wood titiUh, Ac., Forty-eighth street between Fifth sad Sixth avenues; Columbia College leasehold, 22.Hxtflx 100; price $30,0i0. 8. B. QUO DALE, No. 8, West Twenty third street, Fitth Avenue Hotel. A PERFECT OEM.? FOUR STORY BROWN STONE J\ high stoop House, Just east ol Firth avenue, in Forty ninth street: hard wood; putin complete order; solit on reasonable terms If applied lor promptly. OGDEN A t'LARK, Broadway, corner of Seventeenth street. A LOT? 28X1T! FRET, WITH TWO STORY COTTAGB J\ on rear, for $7.3*0, north side of Scventv-sevcntb street, m ar Fourth avenue ;u bargain; terms very easy. S. KIU'ATRICK, 1.U09 Third avenue. A must SUBSTANTIAL. ELEGANTLY FINISHED, well plauned, unusually deep, choicely io< a ted, Fifth avenue, near Forty-third struct, 28 teet front, complete gentleman's Dwelling; good light mid air: lot 28x123 feet; lor Mile at a lair price, with or without the first class Furniture; coach house and stable; owner going to Europe V. K. STEVENSON, Jr., 11 Finn street. A ?THE FOUR ELEGANT BIOH KTtfop BBOWN J\.* stones, lour story basement itud sub-cellar, south east corner of Mudlson it v< title and Sixty-seventh street, replete with improvements, first class finish and new, will be sold at a bargain and immedlnte possession, or will exchange. Apply on premises, week days, trom M to 10 A. >1. und from . to 5'P. M. No agents. rflBOtCB DWELLINGS NEAR FIFTH AVENUE. $73,000? Thirty-fourth street, 24x61.6x98.9 feet. $.10,000? Thirty-fltfli street, 30x43x100 feet $42,800? Thirty-eighth street, 21x80x100 feet. $.18,000? Thirty-nlufh street, 20.Cxf.ftx 100 feet. $32,800? Forty-second street, 22x53x10,) feet. $53,500? Forty-sixth street, 21.5x00x100 feet. V. K. STEVENSON, Jr.. 11 I'lne street. /1LOSE TO FIFTH AVENUE-WEST FORTY-EIGUTII \ > street, a very line, most substantially built tour story high stoop brown stone Residence, full "size, extra deep, ami appointments and fittings on the most complote and recherche style; prlcc low. V. K. STEVENSON. Jr.. 11 Pine street. For rale? house 53 west fifty-third street, between Filth and tfixth avenues; rosewood parlors, Ac . Apply on premises, or to owner, 318 West Forty -sixth street. EM)B SALE ? A NEW FOUR STORY BROWN STONE r House, 21x58, furnished or unliirnished, on Fiftieth ?treet, between Fifth and Sixth avenues, north ride. Ad dress L. A. W., box 2,024 New York Post office. FOR SALE? REASONABLY, FOUR STORY BROWN stone llou'c. Seventy-fourth street, between Madison and Filth avenues: first class 111 all respects, Inquire ol RDWARD LAUTERBACn, 200 Broadway. FOR SALE? AN ELIGIBLE LOT ON NINETIETH street, about 100 feet east of Fourth avenue, 25x100; price $6,000. Inquire of HOMF.K MORGAN, No. 2 Pine st. IpOR SALE ? 16 FAST F< ? R TV -SEVENTH STREET? ' Four story brown stone front, high stoop, all modern improvements; between Madison and Flttn avenues; leaae 60 years. Inquire on the premises. FOB SALE- nANDSOME MARBLE FRONT HOUSE three stories. Fifty-fourth street, near Broadway. 18.9 xSSxlOO; price low; terms easy. Apply u> WILLIAM A. WHEELER, 115 Broadway, room 29. * R SALE? ONE OF THE BEST HOUSES IN NEW York for the price, on Lexington avenue, only $33,000. HY LA Nl>, 342 i n-t Nineteenth street. fjH>B SALE OR TO LET-THREE HANDSOME SM \LL" ' four story brown stone Houses, on Sixty -tlrst street, between Fifth and Madison avenues, nearl'ark entrance ; open every day. I). A J. JaRDINE, Architects, 1,269 Broadway. T OTS ON SEVENTV-N I VTII STREET, BETWEEN 1 J Madison and Fourth avenue#.? Five full Lots on this wide street, excavated und ready ior building, for sale, by OGDEN A CLARK, Broadwuy, corner of Seventeenth street. ONLY $10,000 FOR ONE OV THOSE FIRST CLASS famished three-story and basement French roof frame Houses, on the north side ol' 132<l street, between Kiftb and Sixth avenues; sire, 18x45: lot. halt' a block : II rooms, all the very latest improvement*. For penults apply to owner. 37 1'ark row. room 4 A AX96? WEST SIDE OF MADISON AVISNI E, BE tween Eighty- third and Eighty-fourth streets, cheap for cash, or exchange for Improved Property. Particulars with S. K1LFAI RICE, Third avcuue, corner of Sixtieth street. d*l Q l)r,|i WILL SECURE A BARGAIN.? BROWN ?PlO.iJOO stone House, near l<exingtoh avenue; 2il loot Brown htone, $14,500. Several others at great sacri fice* LIONEL FROEHLK-H, Third avenue, corner FitttaUi street. F?v $ 50 000 ?*L,Y? IF TAKEN TO-DAY, FOR ONE ol the marnltlcent 25-loot 4 store brown stoue House 4 on Seventy fourth street, between Madison and Filth venues; terms untisiiallv l.beral; $36,000 may remaiu ou mortgage. Apply at 37 l'urk run , room 4. Eaut Sltlr. A? FOR KALE, RIGHT FOUR STORY BROWN . st<?ic high stoop lIooNf, oil southeast corutr of Lexington avenue mid Seventy first street; one corner Holue, 2UX-V); five Houses adioiuidg, on Lexington ave nue. finch 16\5(), and two Houses on Seventy-first afreet, adloinlng, each L3x6.r>; terms to suit. -Apply on premises. A NICK SMALL HOUSE KOR SALE.? ALL IM provements; possession immediately ; price low; I XI East Twenty seventh street, near l-exineton avenue. Apply to SALMON A McLELLAND, Sit hast Seventeenth street. A $i.2?ii) house to let? :wi east forty-first street (Cutting's UU1), three story high stoop stone tront ; all improvements. Call 011 the n* ner, 723 Sixth avenue. 4 not STOAT BRICK Mot si:, B EAST BROAD i\ way? Good Business location ; Rutgers' lease; cheap lor cash. W. H. FALCONER, 1(10 Fourth avenue, near Twelfth afreet A -THAT LAROE FOUR STORY HOUSE ANT) LOT JV. 62 East Fifty -third street, elaborately finished in ahinet work, will be sold at a great saeritlic tor cash It applied tor nt once. Office 991) sixth avenue. A -TO PARTIES WISHING TO LIVE NEAR THE . Park, two magnificent stone fronts and three lfl.8 teet fronts, or will exchange for Properly hi low Twentj - thirJ street that would bear alteration. BURNETT A BUCK. 1,075 Third avenue. \ CHARMING LOCATION.? A BEAUTIFUL FOUR story blah stoop brown stone House in East Flftletn -treet, near Beekmun place; finished In hard wood ; a rare bargain at $24,000. A. L. WILLIAMS A CO., 128 Broadway. 4 FINE TENEMENT IN SEVENTY FOURTH XTItEFT, J\ near Third avenue, will be exchanged for a three story House lower down, or other city Propertv. O'BRIEN, S2V_i'ast Twenty Flxt b street. A -A. -CHEAP.? THAT BEAU flf II. IHRBB sT< i n Y ? high stoop Dwelling, with all improvement* nnd elegant chandeliers, 21ft East Seventy-sixth street. Lo< k at it and then apply for terms to S. FHFt DEN RICH 1 i:a. ViK and !AN Thlru a\cnue, or to the owner, V, ?SPIES, HU2 Sixth avenue. \ THREE STORY RMS STOOP BOCOL Willi basement and under-cellar. every modern improve ment, at Zt7 East Thirty filth street; 10 rooms; in perfect order. A. TURNbULL, lni Y\est Forty -flint ft. A FIVE STORY BROWN STONE FRENCH FLAT ON Lexlugton avenue, u??r the Park; gOxMxiV); lx rooms: bath, kitchen, Ac., on each floor; walls and ceil ings frescoed; renting lor over $J,(?u-. lor ale In fee for $38,000; terms easy. .THOMAS G. UOJEI:, 938 Third avenue. tj^OR SALE? ON EAST SEVENTH STREET, A 1 WO 1 storv attic and basement lloose I!' tee! front; price very low'; Hn ner cent enn remain on mortgage. Apply to I). S. DODD, 212 Seventh street, alter 5 o'clock in the evening. CI on SALE-A FOUR STORY BROWN HTONP. HIGH r stoop House, in good order, situated on East Seven teenth street, opposite stuvvesant square. For farther information SSiW* box H7D Post office. For sale? brick house on iisth street, $7,500, $l,l**i eash ; Lot on 108th street, $2,400; terms to stilt; Plot# ot Lota on First avenue and l(8d, 104th, HMtli and )C7th streets, for foundry of business puapoees; term?tu suit. BOYD A CHASE, own T<, 107th street anil 1st a?. F^or sale? a three story and basement House in Mangin street, near Delancev, $s,i<id; three story and basement store m Columbia street. nearl)e lanrey tor $11,000; five story double Tenement House In West rentli street for $.'<4 IXM; brings $1,700 real. Imiuir ?? of JACOB FROM MB, Iteul Estate Broker, yt>5 Eaet leuih street LjlOR SALE? THB HOUSE AND LOT (2n BY 73 PHET), A and Furniture, Curpets and Gas Fixtures, 141 Es?t Nineteenth street, near Irving tilfleei the house Is In rtr-t rate order, having been painted, papered and luinlshid very lateiv. Inquire on the premises. I^OR SALE, 161 EAST REVF.M Y HRl-T STREET.? r Three story high stoop brown stoii" House; painted and furnished throughout; terms eusi. T. 8. 1'oWi.RS. Na sl, Pine street FOB HALE-THREE STORY HIGH stoop PP...VCN ?tone House, 20x60, In good order, 1U East Fiitv ninth itreeL luqulre of the owner, on the premises. IjlOJt SALB -TWO LOTS ON 188T1I BTRBET. NORTH 1 New York. Apply to *. UBTl'Y, 2S4 West Thirte-flftli ?treet. IBM KALE? A FIRST CLASS BROWN HTOKR ' House, on East Twenty sixth street, going at the low figure of $23,000. Goaud ask about It ol K N lu HI, .127 Kourtb avenue. I^or sal* or to let brown stone house im 1 East Forty-sixth street, furnished. J. M. W< It EHSON, 91 Fulton Street. L'oR MAI E OK TO RENT? A THREE STORY II. S. B. r a House, 1:1 rooms, all improvements. inquire of he owner, on premises, 1,109 Second avenue. HOUHE POR SALE.? A THREE STORY HIGH atuop ttame Bouse, on 1 11th street, south side, be tween Third and Fourth avenues ; bouse has ail mtHlern improvements ; hot and cold water, bath, range, heater, got and flxturei; the above house was built 4 vears ago. <nd la in perfect order ; alxe, IH feet front bv Se fleet deep; lot InxlOd; will be sold cheap ; onlr fS,U00 <*asli wanted ; balance on bond and mortgage for further information address I.I KE, box 1.W9 Post office HABLP.M.-BliEGANT THREB STORY HIGH HTOOP brlek House, all improvements, a sacrifice, $10,000; bandsoine brown stone Dwelling, near cars and boat, worth $U'.#0". lor $K.?W:ea?v uaiinenis. BENJ BBOWBRA CO.. U40 Third ?ve?S, . CTTT RKAL K STATU FOR MLR. BhI Hide. HARLEM. -FOR SALE, FIRST CLASS THRER 8TOBY aud basement brown stone llon?, 18x49x100; prlco low; terms easy. Call at 146 East 12/th street IT IS NO WONDER MKN SAY PROPERTY 18 GOING down.? For Ml"1, a four story House on Twentieth street, 90x40 (Vet, only at $8,900; $1,000 ruk. 11 YLAND, 342 Kaat Nineteenth street._ MC RIIAY BILL, THIBTY-FIFTH STREET. NEAR Park avenue.? A ve.r.v desirable, well planned lonr story brown stone Hnuw, in complete repair aud fres coed 18.9x60, I mi 100 f'-et: will be sold at a very reason abb price. V. K. STEVENSON, Jr., 11 line street and 22ti Fifth avenue. \f EMBERS OF OONOREOATION AN8HI CHESKD iVl moving up town and wishing residence near the new temple wilt find bargain in lint clans brown Htone House, Sixty- third street; price $14, M)0: only $.',900 cash. L JAt!OHS, 918 Third avenue. Third avenue property for sale-a full Lot, with a three story llou.se; plate glass front; 2.207 'ihird avennc, near liiith street Inquire ol JAM KH Nf.IL, Third avenue, corner 111th street Third avenue property for sale-on tuk north west corner of Ninety-first street lUOxlOO teet, also 30x102 Icet on Kighty-Alth street O. J. TURNKU, S7 Nassau street. _ O 4 9 EAST NINETEENTH STREET? FOR HALE, on Thirty-third etreet, near Second aveuue, a tour story brown stone Houte; 88 doep; lot I'M; only $1 2,0f?; lio use offering any less; MM Houses and Lot* lor sale In New York HYLVNI), 312 East Nineteenth street <fc4> &AA CAS,? WILL mnr A THREE STOI.'Y ?TP^i.t H/U hlgn stoop brown stone House. all modern improvements, Sixty third street, near Lexington ave nue. If not sold by April 19 will itu withdrawn. iintNK BURNETT Jt BUCK. J, 117ft rhird aveuue. v?? | A AAA ?FOR SALE, THREE STORY HIGH ?PAT". VMM/, stoop brown stone ; all improvements, painted and frescoed ; good order. Apply to owner, on premises, 242 East Fiftieth street. Writ hide. A BULKHEAD AND WATER RIGHT, WITn ONE hall Block, ttiKhl.ri, lor sale or to loose tor a term of years, running from Thirteenth avenue to West street K. L. i i?. i lie its II AM, wxMIudson street A? FOR SAl.K AT AUCTION. SIXTH AVENUE ? 8torc Property, uear Forty-ninth street; rare op portunity. By A. H. MIILLER, on Thursday, April 10, at Merchants' Exchange, 111 Broadway. A NINTH WARD CORNER FOR SALE? M JANE street;' lot 2ftxft2 hrick nu tiding, 28 *.'18 ; possession May 1. E. L. & B. T HL'BNHAM, 609 IIMbOO ?Weet A DESIRABLE RESIDENCE WITH GROUNDS AND u\. stable to lei? Two miles above Central Park, be tween lira nil Boulevard and Hudson River; perfectly healthy; house twelve rooms, all modern improve ment. furnished $2,2tW; unfurnished $1,800. Apply at Sale Deposit Company, i U) Broadway. A CHOICE PLOT OF NINE LOTS IN 1WTII STREET, north side, between Seventh and Eighth avenues, cheap; excellent grade : no rooks, no encumbrance ; terms easy. Address MILKS 1. ANSON, Woodsldc, New ark, N.J. ' ___ FOB SALE-TWO BUILDING LOTS, SOUTH SIDE of Filty-sixlh street west of Niuth avenue, for sale on casv terms; all assessments paid. Apply to J. C. LEVI, No. 7 Warren street For sale ?a plot ok ground, on grkbns street ou the west side, between llroomc and Spring streets, on which the Methodist Episcopal church and parsonage now stand, being 100 leet Miuare. Apply to JOHN M. CLAWSO.N, 1MB Spring street E-IOR 8ALE-IN WEST FORTY- FOURTH STREET, tlrsl class three story and basement high stoop brown stone front Houses, 2-th to 293,20x80 and 18.9x5(1; price $17, OtK) uiiil $16, ikhi. Inquire on the premises, or of JAMES BLACKHVRBT, 229 West Forty.aightM ,-treet T.10R SALE? HALF BLOCK (COMPRISING 10 LOTS), r fronting on Washington, West aud Hubert streets, together with 100 feet valuable bulkhead; this is the largest plot to be hud In lower part of city ; terms easy. Address JAM Eh PRICK, Agent, 200 II udson street For sale-thk first class brown STONE House, 220 West Fitty-eighth street, between Broad way and Seventh avenue. Apply to owner, next door, or 181 West Twentv-aighth street For SALB? A FOUR 8TOBX HIGH STOOP BROWN alone House on Filty-scventh street, between Eighth and Ninth avenurs. sum 20x60x90; this house has just been thoroughly overhauled; cabinet milkers, carpen ters, plasterers and painters have made it as nearly per fect us possible; three floors ill hard woods; basement aud vestibule painted In oil; double floors in parlors; third and fourth floors in colors; heated by Huwlov's best furuace ; tiptop order Irom cellar to roof; very line prospective value ; riohlv worth $10,000; a prompt buyer ran dictate price and terms; must be seen to l.e appre ciated. SAMUEL KILPATRICK. h 1,000 Third avenue, corner ol Sixtieth street TJIOR SALE? A GREAT BARGAIN; THREE STOBY _F brown stone high stoop House, in West Forty-sixth ? street, near sinth avenue; also one in Fifty-seventh st net. Apply at 26 West Forty-third street. Brokers neod not apply. LIOK SALE OK TO LET? 22!) WEST FIFTY PIB8T F street, brown stoue Dwelling; 32/ Fourth avenue. Store and Uwejiing. Apply to WM. KNIGHT, 231 West Hltv-flrst street. 1" OTS ON 103D AND 104TI1 STREETS. BETWEEN J Ninth and Tenth avenue, tor sale uneasy terms. Ap ply to J. W OQATES, tXJ Hudson street rnwo LOTS NORTH SIDE 13SD STREET, WEST OK X Seventh avenue. Particulars at 319 Broadway, rcoiu 4. Aoe AAA? WORTH $80, 000L? MAGNIFICENT RBSI. iPUo.vUU denefs ill Kitty -sixth .street, near Firth avenue; also Houses at panic prices on all the avenues Mud desirable streets. PAGE A McCAKFKRTY, Fittli .ivenue, corner Fifty-second street Mlsrellanrotis. A PBIL.-MY PRINTED LIST IS NOW RKADY. AP J\ ph at ofllce, or will be malted t> upplicaut-s. SAMUEL KILPATRICK, 1,009 Third a v., corner AKh st. RUOOKLIN PBOPB&TY FOR SAI.K AKD TO IjKT. TTESAIJ) BRANCH OFFICE? BROOKLYN. ADVERTISEMENTS FOR THE NEW YORK HERALD RECEIVED AT OUR BRANCH OFFICE, IN THE LONG ISLAND SAVINGS B VNK BUILDING, CORNER OF FULTON AV. AND BOERUM ST. OFFICE OPEN FROM 8~ A. M. TILL P P. M. ON SUNDAY FROM 3 TO 9 P. M. CARRIERS AND AGENTS' DEPARTMENT NO. 7 FRONT STRKIX BROOKLYN. A BROWN STONE FRONT HOUSE. FIRST CLASS lv in every respect; butttby days' w ork : splendid lo cation, within tliree block-, of t lie main entrance to the ? Park ; will be sold cheap If applied lor at once, us the owner Is about retiring from business. Inquire of JOHN I DONOVAN, 64 st Mark.* avenue. Brooklyn. BROOKLYN.? FOB SALE OK TO LET, A BRICK ! House, lo room* und sub-cellar, with improvements, in Veranda place, nt ar lleury street aud near South I ferry. Will seil lor lei at $w*>. 1JKKORE YOU BUY DON'T FAIL TO EXAMINE THE , J remaining two <tl the blork nt ten elegant brown stone Houses, on Macon street, bet ween Marcy and Tompkins > avenues: these are not speculation houses, but were | built by day's work by the owner of the block as pattern ; houses, ana. In point of flniih, location and desfeti, are unriir|.KS.-' d ; price so low a~ to astonish vou ; ti rms to suit. Apply on premises to E. Dt'NN, or B.H. NICHOLS (owner). No. 9 Pine atreet, N. Y. Bargain-close to bridge, and prospect streets, two story brick basement trame House, II rooms, Jil.OuO; WllloUghhy street, lliree storv brick House, II vo ,ms all Improvements, ?ti.rJ*); Wa hiiitrton street, flr-it dais brick House, all Improvements, $12,000. W. P. t!OOK, .:u Washington street Brooklyn. / lORNER STORE AND OTHER STORE PROPERTY " on Court street.? Double House, 2ftx50x'J7. on Hands street ; Rood place (or carman or party owning horse*. c. DONNELLON, 116 I'acitfc street, Briviklvn, i T^OR SALE-TWO PHILADELPHIA FRONT THRF.K i I storie suit basement brick Houses, 29x90x99.9 < ach; I situated i>a ruth svi nue, South Brooklyu. near Ninth street; the stores anil dwellings are well rented and is ilrst class property for invesUnont. Apply to E. J. THYLBR, 4Su Fifth avenue FIOR SALE? NEAR PROSPKCT PARK. 66 PROSPECT place, a fine three story and basement double frame House and Oarden ; hoase modern improve ments '.ground 62,^x131; choice fruit, Ac.; HOO feet from grand entrance to the Park ; surroundings, first cl.iss hou>rs. Apply lo F. 1). NORRIS, 31 DeKalk avenue, 1 Brooklyn. MM SALE? IN BROOKLVN, A FANCY AND VA " rletv . Store, with two room s rent very low; a* good "land (or dressmaklnif and utidi-rgnrtiicnts; established ; twelve year*. Iinjulre at '.Si York streeL / s KK AT BAROAIN.? ONLY $7,000 FOR A FINK "T flrstclass House, now; three story and basement; ! splendid parlors, marble mantels, un*. water, heater, | range. Ac ; terms tasy.goisl nelglittorhnod ; leu blocks ; from Thirty-fourth street terry. Apply Kb venUi street ' and JsckMin avenue, mst out of lluuter's Point I ONE I jO FT? LIGHTED ON THREE SIDES, 24XtH\ ' with or without power ; two minutes irmn Fulton ' lerry Inquire ou the prcui.ses, 13 Vine street. Brooklyn. JAMKS ItADLKY. mo LET-IN WILLIAMSHlTB(i, THB THREE STOKY I brick Hou.-e ll9Soutii Utth street, near Fourth street; rent $7110 Apply 10 WILLI * M IM'UilKK ili WM?t?r Street, New York, between 111 snd 4 o'clock. TO LKT--TBE FOUR STORY BROWN STONE IIOVSE. 1 completely and elegantly furnished, 46 South Oxford street, Brooklvn . finest neighborhood In the clt\ ; 20 minutes troin Fulton ferry and 19 D?m Prospect Park. AddrcKS J. C, box 3,046 New York Postoftlee. rpo LET? A FRAME HOUSE, IN GOOD CONDITION. 1 on Gates avenue, between Bedford nail Nostrsnd avenues; rent cheap. Inquire of W. H. NICHOLS, Bsekman street, room I. rpo LET? A FIRST CLASS PRIVATE HOUSE, CON I taiaing 17 rooms and all modern improvements, on Beekinan terrsee. having a view over the East River su perior to tlisl of Beoklvn Htights. Inquire soa'Jieast. corner of Fiftieth street and it. kbiii rpti l.ET-ON DOWNING STRI.KT. BROOKLYN, NEAR I V niton areuue cars, two brown stone throe story Hon?es, with all improvements ; rents $1,000 and $1,10(1 Apply to P.. H. BaBCOCK, 219 Montague street on ACRES OF GARDEN LAND AND MEADOW TO let on Johason street, nea r Flushing avenue ; bath (nil und picnic ground THOMAS A. DICVYK, 82 Calyer street, Greenpolnt. (t/l 7(W\ -NINETEENTH WARD, BROOKLVN, veryclnap, three story brick, t roocas, with modern improveineuts; terms to suit pulWhaser. App^y te w*. O. SUMNER, bi Broadway, Brooklyn, A|\A WILL BUY CHEAP THREE STORY brick Douse ; modern improvement* ; eight blo< ks to ferries; 12 rooms; halt cash. o. V. IIOLCQMB, 87 Broadway, Brooklyn, B. D. W; I\IU\ WILL BUY FIRST CLASS BRICK l.'ltrW House; 10 rofitns; Improvements, near terries , term* easy ; location Nineteenth ward. O. V. IIO LOO MB. 87 Ureadway. Brooklyn. E. D. BROOKLYN PROPERTY FOR SALE ttt: AITO TO LET. r|\A WILL BUY NEW BRICK HOUSB; 15 room*. Improvements ; near ferries; de able location; a good investment. O. V. IIOLCOM It, 87 Broadway, Brooklyn. E. D. fl -A. three story II hum, IS room*, in perfbet order. water, ens, Ac.., lot IVslOO, in nne neighborhood, oioye to boats and can. can bo purchased at once tor $7,260; term* to WENTCIIKtHTER COUNTY PROPERTY FOR J* A 1,1s OU TO KKNT._ A? TWO PLOTS OF LOTS IN MORRIS ANI A, FROM ? lootoiao lota in each plot, lor sale at a bargain ; very easy term*. H. I'. DE GRAAF. Bowery National Bank. _ A? TO LET ? IB MORRI8ANIA, VERY LOW TO A ? first class tenant, one stone Mansion, fine Grounds, one Gothic House and Carriage House; alio one Store and Daguurrean Room. ? ? H. P. Oh. GRAAP, Bowery National Bank. AB ELEGANT RESIDENCE FOR SALE, RENT OR exchange, ?n Hudson; in acres: choice improve ments and location : $10,000; below real value. W POOLET, 220 Fifth >v>nne. BARGAIN IB NORTH NEW YORK? FINE tin gas, Ac. ault ?*'0 ITER ~ tliofUHBS; No. 4 Warren street; branch office, (Kordhani. A NUMBER OK FINE FARMS NEAR SING HINU, with and without river views: $100 to $1,000 per MM, lloWUNI) A BliANDKE'i'll. Sing Sing. AB ELEGANTLY FlIKNISHKD NEW COBNTRY Residence, in the highest, healthiest part of lower Westchester, is lor sale or to let cheap, as the owner has moved from the State; all improvements, including stable; easy terms: no better chance lor a bargain. A. M. SOTELDO. Jr., 61 Chambers street. /1HEAP BUILDING PLOTS FOR BALE? AT WOOD* lawn Height*, Woodlawn, about two mile* frond up. per Dart ol city, at Klugslirldgc. ? Plot No. 106, about 4 City lots, $930; No. 197, $900: No. 19*. $860; No. 109, $800; also entire Blocks and Halt Blocks. At Fordham, tine Plot, 7 lots, high ground, close to depot, $8,789; Plot, 8 lota, 8 fronts, $4,600. At Tremont, Plot, 8 lota, highest ground, burn, lruit and shade, $3,5i>0. Term* to suit on all. POTTER BROTHERS, No. 4 Warren street; branch office, Fordham. 17?OR SALE AT TARRYTOWN? OR WOULD EX ' change for property in this city, a, pleasant two storv French roof House. I;i rooms ;ga# and water; situated on Broad t|nr; good view ol the HuUaon; lot about 00x200; with stable, carringe house, Ac. M. M. MILDEBERQEK, 80 Carmine street. IioifSAi.K- AB BLKOANT PLACE AT RYE, WEaT. Chester county; over 100 acres, with extensive im provements: 8 minutes' walk firom depot. Address box 6,190 Post office. For sale or to let? double cupola house, tilled In with brick : 8 lots: 10 minutes from Tremont (Westchester) depot; cheap and easy terms. Apply at 814 fourth avenue. EIOR RENT, LEASE OR SALE? AT 8PUYTEN Doyvll. near station, House, Barn, drapery. Con servatory , Laundry. Ac., one acre of <iround, stocked with all kinds of choice fruits and berries, strawberry and sspamguif beds, large croquet ground. Ac. Call on or address OWNER, ltft) Broadway, room 23. rnARRYTOWN.? TO LET, A BICE PLACE OF 2 L acres; house, 18 rooms; fruit abundant; tine river view ; carriage house, Ac. : rent $1,000. JOHN WEBBER, 3tt (Irand street, corner Bowery. TO LET-AT YONEBR8, FURNISHED HOVBE, CON tainlim 14 rooms, gas ;ind water; stabling. kitchen garden, truit in abundance, shade, flue river view, con venient to steamboat and cars; $2,000 per annum. Cull on or address OWNER, 121 Front street, room 5, irom 10 to II A. M. TO RENT? THE RESIDENCE OF TnK SUBSCRIBER, at Now Roc hell?, completely fttruished, Including garden, lawns, orchard, stable, 'carriage house, Ac. ; all In fine order; situation high ; perfectly healthy ; near the Sound and one mile from depot. Apply to S. F. COW DREY, ?7 Wall street. ? TO RENT, AT EIBQSBRIDOR? A CHARMING COUN try Sent, consisting ot a handsome house, unfurnished, containing all city conveniences; two porters' lodges, stable, ana 30 acres of land ; a short walk Iroin station OGDeB a CLARK, Broadway, corner of Seventeenth st TONKERS? A NEW, CONVENIENT two story French roof House ; well situated on high ground ; Pi minutes from depot; rent low to a good tenant. Apply at the new brick store, opposite Mr Duff's residence. Ash Imrtoti avenue. dtQAA FOR LARGE FURNISHED HOUSE AND ?POUU three acres: location pleasant and health v; stable, frnlt, Ac. ; 60 minutes from city. Address W. ! DEEKE, .leronic, Westchester county, N. Y. AAA WILL BUY A CORNER STORE AND ! flplJ.UlM.r Dwelling at Sing sing, one minute from depot; good location; terms easy. Apply to JOHN II YAMS, Sing Slug. JERSEY CITY, HOBOKEN, HUDSON CITY I ANI? BEROEN REAL ESTATE. Cor ?utc. A CHANCE IS NOW OFFERED TO A PARTY OF | moderate means to secure a cheap and desirable House m a beautilul location in Jersey City, 16 minutes' ride by horse ears or 6 minutes by steam cars from the terry ; price $6,9H0, on easy terms it sold before May 1. For particulars apply at 191 Pearl street. New York. IMtSAIiB ok TO LET? THE HOBOKEN MOULDING Mills; two buildings, three stories, with tour lots ; 80 horse Engine and Boiler, suitable for manufacturing. Apply to JOHN CURTIN, 308 West street, or at 24 .Newark street, lloboken. To Let or L>ci?ae. ? JERSEY PITY.? AS ELEGANT NEW STORR TO lot. in Puvonia avenue, on one of the best corner* In Jersey City : ears passing l>y ltlrom all direction*. Also a Store, ravonia avenue, und Floors to let. inquiro lit 177 Pavonla avenue. PROPERTY OUT OK THE CITY FOR NA1.E OR TO RENT. IIAKGAIN.? KINK RKSIIIENCE I.N BOONTON ; plent.i uics from depot ; price Apply to owner, P. W. A Park; half acre ground ; plenty fruit trees; Ave min utes from ilenotj price $4,7i)0. HAMMOND, Hoontnii, New Jersey. A FACTORY WITH MACHINERY AND TWO DWELL j'V Ings, near this city, lor sale. Apply at SMITH'S Kruit Store, 189 llroadway. AT 0* ANFORD, N. J.? FOR SALE OR TO LET, TWO first clam House*. 12 rooms In each; oloiets iu each ; nil the modern improvements; good eellar; grounds nicely l:iid out; sluide and irult; all in Rood order; lour minutes' walk from the depot ?f the Central Railroad of New Jersey ; time from Now York, 50 iniuulc*. Owner, X CAU ILL, Cranford, N. J. A HOTEL FOR SALE? FAIRFIELD HOUSE, FAIR J\ field, Conn., to clone the estate of the late I.ewis F. Cleveland ; furnished complete. inquire ol W. W. STE PHENSON, M7 Broadway, room 12, New Yerk. A BEAUTIFUL FARM OF 80 ACRES, KNOWN AS the Kaislej' Farm, situated in the town of New Ko chelle, on Weyman's avenue, wltblli 15 minutes' walk from depot ; house, l>arn and plenty of tmlt. with good Miring water. Will he sold at public auction, on tho premise*, on Friday, April 25, 1873, ut 'J o'clock P. M. terms of sale? lo per cent on day of sale ; So per cent in So day*, when deed will tie delivered ; balance offiO per cent can remain on mortgage ut 7 per cent, pavnhle eeml-an uually. For particular* apply to J. A r. FkaRSaLL, Ifig Front street. New York, or J. P. ROBINSON, Auctioneer, New Rochelle. t T SARATOGA.? FOE SALE OR TO LET, TO PARTY i'V purchasing Fnrnlture, first class family Hotel, near Clarendon, 26 Bedrooms; terms easy. J. C. LEVI, No. Y Warren street. AT KIDOBWOOD? FOR SALE OR TO I.F.T, A NEW J\ Uouie, containing 8 rooms, and about three-quarters oi an acre of Land, on the Erie Road, one hour's rule trom New York and three minutes1 walk from statlou ; rent 93S0; Inquire of C. 8HVART, Rldgewood, N.J. A T NEW BRIGHTON, 1.1., ON THE TERRACR AMD vicinity, several really desirable Houses; all im provements; rent $600 to $2,600 a year; furnished, tWto $.'(50 a month ; some with billiard rooms and extensive grounds. W. A. COLLINS, 2X I'ine street. \T TERY REASONABLE BENT? SIXTY MINl'TEH TO City Hall, nice place; garden, plenty 01' (Vult, shade; gu*; uear depots; best location in Flushing. WALKER, 112 HroiiilvMiy, room 2. AM AN l' FACTl' RlNi i PROPERTY FOR HAl.K, lease or exchange ; good buildings, steam and water power, uear N?W York. Agent* paid ci.muusMons; full particulars. WARNER A ?'?>., No. ." i?ev street. 1 ? RLT/, \ HKTII I'ORT, N. J., VACINITY OF SINGER J\ ? Miichiue Works; a handsome Cottage, with two Lot*, (or sale ; house contains 7 rooms, water and gas; op posite Jack-on I'ark, the proposed site tor the erection of the State I'anltol buildings and grounds; wlllscllvery low. Adilresq OWN KR, box 150 Herald olllce. A r NEW BRIGHTON, 8TATEN ISLAND.? TO RENT, JY several brick Villas, turnlshed and unfurnished ; ga>, hot and cold water ; modern Improvements; gardens, lawn, shade trees, stable!; U5 minutes of Wail street; location unsurpassed. E. DCNCANJiNIFFEM.J.TOBroadway^ AT THE SEASIDE- COTTAGES TO LET AT FAR Korku way, L. I Rrut from $100 to $.wu. Apply to E. J. IIKALY, 1.1 Nassau street, room 21. A LARGE, WILL PUBLISHED MANSION TO LET? J\ contain in/ 10 large rooms besides basement, with every model ii convenience; gas, water, stanle and gard. ti of rt acres; on a commanding eminence, a few minutes' wslk floin ehnroh and shool, and two depots to New York, distance forty minute*. Apply to o. of. WITT BRO. ? CO., or on tin premises at Hellvlllc, New Jersey, of W. H. BERG I 'ELS. Relit A T BAHWAY, N. J.? FOB SALE, TO LET OB EX- j J\ change (possession Immediately), a good Mouse, 10 [ rooms ; large, lot; live minutes trom depot. Call on tlio i owner this da> at the ofllce of Muri us ll. Lalag, M Lib- > erty street. A NICE COTTAGE. WITH ABOUT HALF AN ACRE . of Ground, for sale, in the village ol M.iinaroiieck., I Doming on the water; seven minutes Ifom depot; plenty 1 ot fruit; buildings in good order, Apply to ageut, at depot A? Ti> RENT, FULLY FURNISHED. ON CASH. ETON ; ? llill, ne.ir West Brighton laiidiug, fctatcn Island, a , commodious Residence, with stable and extensive Grounds; tin- house Isreadv for Immediate occupation, and is provided with batli, water closets, stationary tubs and all conveniences; stage passes the door; rent low. Apply to JOHN Mi D?NaL1>, No. H Battery place. 4 DELIGHTFUL PLACE ON STATEN ISLAND A. less than hour trom city; hon e, stables. | Ac.: three acres of land; only and terms easy, i Don't miss Uils chance to got a bargain. W. O. KNIGHT, M7 Fourth avenue. A PINK VIRGINIA BMMAD OF 'iHi ACBB8 PGR J\. Sale.? Extra large in perfect order, farm house, and outbuildings; d^^Mule and fruit, pleasant location ; oniv three mllt^^Bn thriving village and depot Fnce, TerBTfsy; title perfect: pos*es ilou immediate. liefer ? Hew York city gentlemen who have visited It. no agent*. Address, IlKTRKAT, Blacks and Whites, Nottoway Co., Va. t V ELEGANT COUNTRY BOUjl B IN MOBBlfr /V town, N. J.? Three story. 40 hy Si, with extenpion, two bHV v* indows and all Improvements; garden hand somely laid out; a large variety of fruit; high ground; the most desirable part on the place; most luxuriously furnished, for sale with or without Furniture. A. BLOMyVHsT. IN) Nassau street. A FIRST CLASS STORE, 3SXM, STONE FRONT, FULL sine plate glass windows; oil Main street, Hacken sank ? location central : suitable lor any tir-t cla-s business; rent low to the right party. Apply to EDWIN t KO'l'l' 661 Eighth aveou* property out op tub citt for HA1K OR TO RJMT. Bargains ih private and tbnemrnt houses, r urum, Lota and l'lota, Factories, Coal Yards Liaaor Storea, Groceries, Ac., are now offered) Mortgagee bought and Mold. LOUIS BKEB, I8 Centre str?ef. (lOUNTBY KKHIDKNOK ? ONB HOUR FROM NEW J York; splcudld ground*; fruit, shade, Ac. ; buildings in trood condition ; cheap ; terms to auit Apply to owner, SO Broad street, room M. /COUNTRY RESIDENCES TO RENT FOB SEASON OB V ) year at Plaintteld, Scotch PUuua, Orange, Montclair, Bloom field and at other desirable locations in New Jer sey ; also at Yonkera, Singling. Meunt Kisco, Mount Ver non, New Roehelle, Rye.Tortcheeter and Stamford; sev eral with water fronts; nice }:?^*"5?^^Broiu^nylr' /10UNTBY BRATS, FARMS AND COTTAQBS FOB yj sale, exchange and to let, one hour's time in New Jersey ; some furnished. Printed description. B. M. MABON, No. 1 Chambers street pOUNTRT SEAT FABM? DUNE LLEN, CENTRAL ' J Railroad, New Jersey, 75 mluutes trom Liberty stroet; inndorn buildings, orchards, meadow, woods; beautiful, healthy location for building sites. Photograph with owner, uortliwost corner third avenue and lluh street. STEVENS, Agent, Dunellen. Farms for 8alb.-m acres, onb hour kbom city, price ? 1,000; 87 acroe, Stock, Crops, Ac., $8,500; 120 acres, fine dairy (arm, $14,000; 200 acres, good Im provements, $25,000. Also great varloif In Orange, Rock land, Westchester and Dutchees counties and the bent seo tions of New Jersey, from 20 to 500 acre*; several to ex ehangc. 8. IRELAND, M Broadway. __ JfOR SALE-ONE OK THE FINEST COUNTBY HOMES on the banks of the nudson, near Tlvoli, N. Y. ; the ver and Catsklll Mountain views Irom this place are unequalled ; 8'J acres of improved Land, upon which are natlv woods, a mansion bouse (new) of stone and brick, with French root, 52x00; also large Cottage, 14 rooms; coach Iioumo and stables, barns, sheds, machine and car penter shops: icehouse tilled ; all new, aewly painted and in perfect order; new private dock;3,U00 fruit trees of bearing age; property well underdralned ; tine wells of water; no fever and ague here ; eight or ten trains each war daily; churches aud schools near; Stock and Im plements sold If desired. Address C., box No. 9 Tlvoli Post office, N. Y. _____ FOR SALE ? $3,500? A FARM OK 31 ACRES, WITH house and barn, In Somerset county, New Jersey : two miles from Bound Brook depot Apply to Miss A. DEN NES8ET, 193 Monroe street. frescoed: bathroom an<T water closet lUrnace, Icehouse (tilled), carriage houso, fine lawn to the water front, flowers, shrubs and shade trees; bathing, boating, fish ing ; six trains each way. Apply to A. J. DELATOUR, Douglaston station, Flushing ana North Side Railroad; JOHN C. BAILEY, 50 East Fourth street or CHABLES W. ROGERS, No. 9 Pine street For bale? plaintield, n. j.-eleoant house, replete with every convenience: most thoroughly built; located In the choicest part ol the town. C. C. WAYLAND A LYMER, 163 Fulton street N. T. FOR SALE? a BEAUTIFUL SUMMER AND WINTER Residence at Westport on New York and New Haven Railroad ; French cottage, with 1^ aeres of ground, laid out in lawn and garden; flowers ready for Spring plant ing; house furnished completely with fnrnltnro made to order by best city makers; glass, linen and evcrythl complete lor occupation; place very healthy and pr: very low. Apply t? JOHN M. 1'INKNEV, 79 Cedar stru or Sturtevnnt House. FOR SALE ? $500 DOWN AND BALANCE IN MONTH ly payments, to suit tho purchaser? An elegant Resi dence, lot 25xl50i one block trom depot, on finest avenue in Woodside, 3 miles from city by two railroads ; fare 8 cents (including ferriage by commuting) ; house nearly new. two story and French roofjli rooms, built by (lay's work und pretty as a picture. This is n chance seldom offered. You ean have n home for the money you now pay tor rent. Call between tf and 11 at store 439 Third avenue. Lots lor sale on $10 payments. For sale? on the north Shrewsbury and near Port Washington, 10 acres of the hand somest Building site* In Monmouth county; adloining this there are 15 Acres more, wiih two good houses on, with carriage houses and othor outntllces, which would be sold at the same time. Apply to F. FARLEY, 80 Nas sau street. B'OR SALK-AT MORRISTOWN, N. J., AT A BARGAIN, i a very desirably located Country Seat; good house. It rooms, hath, hot and cold water, with three or twenty acres; u nit and shade trees, ice house, Ac., Ac., with Fur niture and llorsos, Curriuges, Ac., Ac., if desired. a EDDY A CO.. No. 1 Park place. Ir?OR BALE? AN ELEGANT RESIDENCE FOR SUM. 1 uier or Winter, situated on high ground, on one of the finest avenues in Flushiug, L. I., consisting of 4 acres; itirni*Iied or uniurnlshed ; 10 minutes' walk trom depot; 42 trains daily. Apply at Globe Fire Insurance Company, 176 Broadway. IiOR SALE -AT ROSLYN, L. L, 18 MILES FROM New York, a Cottuge, containing six rooms and good cellar ; fruit and shade trees; good bathing, Ashing. Ac. ; gaining; several trains and steamboats daily; ten min lltes' walk from dock or *tation; prieo $2,000. Inquire of DENIS POW K US, 2,021 Third avenue, Harlem. FOR SALE-BAY snORE, LONG ISLAND. FARM OF 2.'> acres; new House and Burn; will he sold cheap: also Lot* 50x1 SU, and Villa Plots; unsurpassed gunning and llrhlng. sailing and bathing. Particulars ot maps. JOHN H. BRADY, 58 Third u venue. For sale or to let-at grand view, on the Hudson, near the depot, two Cottages, eight rooms each; modern improvements, with river fronts ; garden, fruit and shade. For further narticulars and photo graphs apply to W. 11. DUCKWORTH, 325 Washington street New York. IjlOR SALE OR TO LET-ELEGANT RESIDENCE, 1 furnished If desired, fronting the May, Staten Island ; flue bathing, splendid view; $12,000: terms easy; rent $1,500. DARR1N, 60 Broad. FOR SALE OR TO LET? A VERY DESIRABI.K. Countrv Seat at New Roehelle ; beautifully situated on Ising Island Sound: three acres, carriage house, stable*, Ac.; terms tosult Apply to Yv. II. LE COUNT. House and store to let? one hour from -the city by New Jersey Rallroud: the best business location in Main street Railway; iust vacated : gas and ?tore fixtures included ; will lie rented to a responsible party Inquire of M. J. FMITH, 140 Alain street. Rah way, N. J. MORRISTOWN.? SPLENDID MANSION, SIX ACRES, well improved; icehouse, stables, beat, conserva tory; main avenue; 10 minutes from depot; will ex change for Brooklyn Property. J. D. CONDICT, JW Broadway. MILLBI'BN ROCK.? FOR SALE, a DESIRABLE Tract of 50 acres, near depot, at Millburu, N. J., Inter sected by two railroad". O. H. PIERSON, No. 5 Pine tt. NTACK-ON-TnB.llUDSON.-TO LET OR FOB SALE, a new French root. 15 rooms, all modern improve ments, rent $1,000; a Gothic House, rent $800; furnished, $1,200; a Cottage, 7 rooms, rent $*00; furnished, $500. E. B. WESTON, Mansflcld avenue station, NyaeB. VTEWARK.? A HANDSOME MANSARD ROOKED 1.1 House. in Newark street, near Snssex avenne; house completed last tall and never occupied ; 15 rooms, all Im provements; high ground, shady street, large yard, fruit, Ac. ; accessable to all depota. Apply to D.W. Hl.'YLAK, 77 Amity street, WW York. Newark.? to let, two brick and brown stone Houses; medium size ; every eify convenience ; first class in everj respect; wide, concrete sidewalk; handsome shade trees in trout; on one ot the best, ave nues In the city, near railway station : rent moderate. See photograph and plans at office ot GEORGE R. HILL, No. 5!j PlM street. ORANGE, N. J., AT MONTROSE STATION? NEW complete Houses, superbly located ; 13 rooms; every possible improvement, tlO.utl); rent $1 ,000. F. m. ST ALLKNBCHT, owner, 37 Nassau street 0 ORANGE. N. J. -$430 RENT-NEAT COTTAGE House, good neighborhood, near depot; eight rooms, modern conveniences. HAMILTON A WALLIS, No. tf Nassau street, corner of Fine, and opposite depot, Orange. ORANGE, N. J.-KOR SALE, BLEOANT COTTAGE, fourteen rooms; land 200x400 feet : healthy and de sirable: $7, MM. Cottage, eight rooms, 100x375 teet, $4,800; depot l't miles. J. II. H., 2rt Murray street. RANGE COUNTY-DAIRY, STOCK OR GRAIN Karm lor sale, or exchange for City or Suburban Property, four hour* from New York, per Erie Railroad. Particulars apply to P. B. KNAP P. 362 Hudson street OLIVER BRYAN. REAL ESTATE AND AUCTIONEER, 115 Broadway, offers for sale Country Cottages, in Lower Westchester and Jersey; also City Mouses and West Side Lots. Money to loan on Mortgage. PRIVATE RESIDENCE FOR RENT? LARGE PRT vate Residence, situated on Sunswlck terrace, Asto ria, overlooking East River, comprising two acres of ground, In perfect order ; garden ; grc.ennouso, stocked with rare plants: hot and cold graperies in lull bearing; choice varietie of fruit frees; ice house, all filled; salt water bath house ; stables for four horses, carriage house, Ac.: house completely furnished and In thorough order. Wil I be let to a desirable tenant for one or more vears. HOMER MORGAN. No. 2 Pine'street. nOCKAWAY FOR SALE-IN GOOD CONDITION; scats tor four; sold cheap for want of use. Inquire at 218 Bleccker street DARK CHANGE.? A CHOICE FARM OF 57 ACRES, XV In Bucks county (the garden of Pennsylvania) lor sale a bargain. Lund is smooth, clean and rich as a gar den -.good, substantial buildings; nice stone dwelling, splendid barn, wagon house, granary, poultry house, pig Herv. Ac. : nice brook, splcnuid water, handsome orchard, choice fruit, only !? uilfe froin village, dally mall, 2 miles trom large town, S8 miles from Philadelphia and 3)4 hours Irom New York; milk and 12 passenger trains dally to Philadelphia. Price, Including all the crops and imme diate possession, etily $* 500. Terms. $2,Mi0eash; balance very cssv. Address GEORGE L. WALKER, Kichlutid Centre, Rucks county. Pa. RARR CHANCE.-FOR SALE, AT WESTPORT, Conn., fine House (11 rooms), H acres of Und, choice fruit good water; splendidly located. A. pu.me it, 240 Canal street. CPLENDID FARM OF 105 AC K US, JUST BF.YOMI) O New Brunswick ; new house, farm house, barn ajid outbuildings . 2.*i0 neach trees and other Iruit; every thing is ia excellent condition: considered the healthiest W-t ot the State ; price, including stock, tools, Ac., only .??*>: bargain for some one. W. o. KNIGHT. 327 Fourth avenue rro LET- FURNISHED. AT WIIITE8TONB, U L, A 1 handsome double House, French roof, 14 rooms, with all the modern improvements ; stable, carriage hou?c and hennery: one acre ot land In garden and lawn: situated ou high and very healthy ground -.ele gant river ami Saund view ; ten minutes' walk to boat or ears: 42 traltis daily ; about :I0 minutes from Thirty lourth street terry. For further particulars apply to JOSEPH U. TITl's, Greenwich lusurance Company, 155 Broad way. rno LET? Ft RNISli E1>, COUNTRY SKAT, DKLIGIIT J fully located, at Callfleton Height*. S. I . ; dnelliug, carriage house aail grounds: view unsurpassed ; posses sion May I : ri-nt ?l..vni per aiiuuiu. Permits of A. ./ot IN NF.AY.Al Lispenard street. TO LIT? AT NKW BBIGHTo.v. s 1. a LABOR House, -table and grounds; three minute- trom I landing; rent $1,4X1. Apply to TAYLOR A STEARNS, I No. IH Pine etreet TIO LET? A TILLAGE RBSIDBNCBt A PERFECT gem ; only W minutes' ride from Liberty street, by I Central Railroad ot New Jersey, halt acre, barns, shade. 1 fruit and lawn ; nine rooms, Improvements and In first I etu.ss neighborhood ; 5 minutes trom station at Cranford, I N.J. Inquire on the premises. GEO. O. TOTTEN. mo LET? FURNISHED HOUSE ON SEASHORE, I south side Staten Island; stable; icehouse ; garden. 1 with fruit in abundance; rent $HXi per annum: possca i slou at any Uuiu. Ajiplr t? A. Jut ltNEAV,5l L^prnard ?t T? T PaOPKATY OUT OF THK CITY VOB MALE OK TO RIGHT* LET, ATVLU8HINO? FIRST CLASS FURNISHED ? Residence, complete, with ca|ilial surroundings; IS rooms; km; furnace; ail conveniences; near dup*t; spar ions ground*. JAMES B. PA MO N 8, 34 Pine street_ O LKT-AT BLAUVELTVILLB. ROCKLAND COUNTY, _ N. if., one twair from New York city? One large Farm Homes price $mi\ one Cottage Hon*', price $300: one larj^e House, price $4UU. Apply to or address JOHN W. rpo LET-ONE MILK PltOM DEPOT, AT SOUTH NOB J. walk, Conn., a handsomely furnished House of IB rooms, suited to winter or Hummer ; 56 ai res; gardener's cottage, greenhouse, stables, barns, fruit of all kinds; time, labours front New York; will be let fur one or mora years on low terms to a responsible tenant Ad dreas, for terms and photographs, M. C. P., box 166 Post office, Yonkers. mo LET? AT WHITE STONE, L. L, A LARGE HOUSE A for summer boarders, situated upon the shore of Long island Hound; large stables and beautiftil trrounda; upon tne same grounds a Cottage of nine rooms; alto Bear the shore two nearljr new Houses of 11 rooms each, to rent Address B.D. TUOKrfR, 44 Cliff street, New York. TO LET AND POR SALE? FURNISHED AND UHFUR nlshed Country Seats, farms and Cottages, on all parts of Staton Island. PARKIN, 50 Broad. TO LET OR LEASE? A PARM OP 23 ACRES, IN BER gen county. N. J., so tulles' ride from New York, near Passaic, handy toother railroads; large howe, barn and other outbulldlugs, fruit and berries; a tine stream of waterrnnnini through the place ; rent moderate. Apply to Mrs, fc. KINOSLAND, ?W Pearl street. Brooklyn. TO LEASE? BBIjMO NT HALL, FURNISHED OR UN turnlshed, 63 rooms, on the terrace, New Brighton, S. L ; kept seven years by late occupant W. A. COLLINS, 28 Pipe street TO RENT? A BEAUTIFULLY FURNISHED COTTAGE, flue grounds, fruit in abundance, splendid water; within SO minutes of Or and Central depot and Ave min utes from depot to house. For particulars address Herald office. TO RENT-A FURNISHED COTTAGE, 11 ROOM8, barn, good garden, with fruit and shrubbery ; also several desirable Cottages for sale cheap at Kutherfurd Park. BLAKESTON, HOFFMAN A WILLIAMSON, 318 Pulton street, rooms 4 and S. TO RENT? FURNISHED, AT KNGLBWOOD. CON venientto two. stations, adonble stone House, with mod ern improvements; barn and live acres ofland ; grounds have abundance or fruit and shade trees ; tine vegetable garden, Ac. Address box 3,770 New York Post office. ?nnn CASH WILL BUY A HOUSE AT FAR ?vrUU Rocka way. 21x28 feet ana extension, with a quarter acre of ground, near Uie beach and two depots. Inquire of (J. C. NORTON, 8ft i'enn street, Brook lyn. E. D. J ? FARM ; 18 ACRES; NEW HOUSE, BARN 'fOitluU. crib, fruit; near shore and railroad; must be sold . LEWIS, North port, L. I. ; at 207 Front street, New York, Tuesday, B to lit. dM nnn ?desirable cottage (thrf.e min tPTtOUU, utes' walk), West Brighton I.andirg, 8 rooms ; plenty fruit flowers and shade ; suitable for a gentleman moderate means; terms easy. DA REIN, BO Broad. <li7 nnn ?handsome residence, staten ?tP I .UUU. Island, 12 rooms: carriage house; shade, trult; waterfront; fine bathing; one ot roe most desira ble residences; splendid view; terms accommodating. PARKIN, SO Broad. 10 HAH acres in NEBRASKA for sale-in lU.Ul'U one tract, in Butler county; well selected for a colony; on the route from Lincoln to Columbus; taxes paid and title undoubted. Apply to OWNER, lock box 41 Post office, Philadelphia. dlQQ Ann IN PIRBT class lots? unincum ipZii7.Uuu bered. In Elizabeth, N. J., to exchange for first class Uptown Property. 0. T. WARREN, 169 Broadway, room 11. KEAL ESTATE TO EXCIIAK <? K. A? TO PARTIES WISHING TO LIVE NEAR THE . Park, two magnificent stone fronts, and throe 16.8 feet fronts, or will exchange for Property below Twenty third street that would bear alteration. BURNETT A BUCK. 1,075 Third avonne._ A -A.? I WANT A THREE OK FOUR STORY HOUSE . near Lexington avenue, for which 1 will give two biown stone houses in Brooklyn and cash. ^ H. P. DE GKAAF, Bowery Natloaal Bank. A FOUR STORY STORE. BRICK HOUSE AND LOT and a three story Prcncli roof frame House and Lot, In Brooklyn, to exchange tor city Property. Apply to JACOB ROSBNSTEIN, 184 Forsyth .street. A PARM OF 67 ACRES AT FARMINGDALE, L. I., to exchange lor New York or Hrooklyn Property. T. OLIVER CARTER, No. 4 fine street roomlO. A COUPLE SPLENDID BROOKLYN HOUSES; ALSO stock ot ,500 worth of Goods and two handsome Photograph Cars to exchange lor improved Property in Brooklyn. Call at 112 John street. GK1N A GKuROK. A FINE PROPERTY THAT WILL BEAR INVEST1 gation to exchange for a Country Place, freo of .encumbrance ; real value $0,010 to $16,U(iO, anil some cash, for ui|Uitv. in two line brown stone fronts und large frame; room for two mora. OWNER, on premises, 220 East Eighty-sixth street Wide street A PRETTY PLACE, 4>? ACRES ? TO LET. FOR SALE or exchange, on turnpike, between Mumarance and Rye; situated between Dr. Jay's, and Henry Brevort'a. Apply on the premises, to K. L. SHAW, a8 West Forty sixth street Rent $700. A RARE CHANCE TO SECURE A PAYING Busi ness.? I offer in exchange for Real Estate a Confec tionery and Tee Cream Saloon, 10 years established ; also the Furniture of the fainllv and a handsome Horse and Carriage. Apply to Mr. MUDGETT, 166 Broadway, rear basement I EXCHANGE? UNENCUMBERED 100 ACRE FARM. i J stock, Ac., cither tor good IjuhIii or Brooklyn or suburban lniu.se. Owners inquire at 73 Beekiuan street, third tloor, from 18 to *. IlXCUfNiiK OR FOR SALE ? LIME PROPERTY, J all In complete working order, lor Real Estate or Merchandise. W. II. HKi:t;VM\N. No. HJohu lit, room 7. J10R EXCEANGE-DE81RABLE BUILDING LOTS, free and vicar, near depot of Long Island Railroad, for $1,21*), diamond jewelry. Address TRADE, box Id* llerald office. blOR SALE? FREE OK ENCUMBRANCE, OR TO EX change for Improved Property the same, or very lkhtly encumbered, 10 Lots, corner of Rutgers and Put nam avenues; three Lot* on Van Ruren street and Marcy u venue. Call at 9K9 1'ultou avenue. Brooklyn. For halb or exchange-house and lot,~in East New York, new. all improvements, equity $1,200; for Butter or (iroceries. Call at butter depot, 171 Bridge street, Brooklyn. TjIOR SALE EXOflANOE OR TO LET-A FIRST P class new House, IS rooms, with eight Lots, ut Mount Hope, Westchester county, Ave minute.* from Tremont station, H. R. K. Apply to JOHN D. OTT1WELL, 190 Third avenue. For sale or exchange-one of the finest country residences on Htaten Island, near Clifton, largo Mansion, all modern Improvements, outbuildings complete, about twenty acres of Land nnder hluli state of cultivation, abundance of choice fruits and well shaded ; fine view of New York cltv and bay ; everything in complete order; tully furnished or unfurnished. 8. IRKL-VNU, 201 Broadway. FlOR BALE, EXCHANGE OR RENT?THE THREE story, basement and sab-cellar House 21* Stockton street, Brooklyn, near Throop avenue ; 'JtKtOxluO; bath room, Ac. Apply to LOUIS 1IEER, Is Centre street, New York. IilOR SALE, RENT OR EXCHANGE FOR HOUSE IN ' New York or Brooklyn ? Country Seat, stable. Ac.. 2fi acres, shade and fruit trees, at Tenany, N. .1., one hour from city Hall, luguire of HENRY StANTON, No. 4 Warren street OWNER GOING TO EUROPE? WILi, SELL AT A bargain or exchange a four sturr high stoop brown stone House and Lot, thoroughly woll and newlv built, cabinet liaisli ; all improvements, with latest designs of carpets, chandeliers, mirrors, cornice and curtains: north side of Forty-seventh street, between Filth and Madison avenues. Address or apply at No- 8 Fine street, room 24. between 12 and & o'clock P. M, OFFERS FOR ONE WEBK? A THREE STORY brown stone House, flne locality, near Pro?pect Park, in exchange for a moderate si/.e House in this city. Apply to I). OA KRISjsKN, 597 Sixth avenue. IIO EXCHANGE. FOB SALE OR TO LET-A HOUSE and Lot in East Orange, for cltv or village unen cumbered Lots. Direct to J. s., Englewood, N. .1. TWO SMALL FRAME HOUSES AMD LOTS, EACH 25x100. lightly encumbered, to exchange for Harlem or Yorkvlllc J'roperty, by J. ROSEN, STEIN, IS* Forsyth street. 1 HIRES FULL LOTS ON EIGHTH AVBNUE, RELOW tlic Park, to exchange for improxtd city Property. T. OLIVER CARTER, No. 4 Pine street, room 10. WUMMO gSLL OR EXCHANGE POR Mill chutulise. 2,000 acres choice Texas Land, adjoining the Texas Pacific Railroad iu Vun Zandt county, Texas. Titles perfect in every respect. For particulars address c. c. hkahnk. box lu Ualveston (Texas) Post oflice. Vtr ANTED? HOUSE AND SOME LAND, WITHIN vv thirty minutes of New York, worth $10,000 or less. In exchange tor good House in this city. DOTY A BKUN DAGB, '..'3 Union square. EEAIj K-tTATK \V V\TK!>. k SMALL HOUSE WANTED? IN GOOD NEIGHBOR -il hood, central or west, for which a moderate sum will be paid. Address A. W., 3?1 East Sixty. second st A FIRST CLASS HOUSE AND LOT BETWEEN Fourth and sixth avenues and Forty -second and Sixtieth streets; priee not over $40,0(0. Address, Riving all particulars. KNIGHT, 3/7 Fourth avenue. Hoots wanted? between thibty-fourth and Forty-second streets aud Sixth and Park ave nues; must fie first class, not less than 25 feet from aud low for cash. Address, with price aud location, SHER MAN, Herald offlre. TO INVESTORS IN REAL ESTATE SKCURIIIRS j and trustees.? I nave Tor sale $100,000 First Mortgage 1 Real Estate Bonds, interest and principal guaranteed and pavahle in New York hv a first class trust com pun v. These bonds are offered at par and accrued Interest, and will hear the strictest investigation. Circulars mi. I speci men bond forwarded by mail. WILLIS A. BARNES, 11 Wall street. New York. WANTED-REAL ESTATE; ANY RESPONSIBLE, first class builder can get control to build over lw house? in Brooklyn, with a laan; parties not responsible need uot answer. Apply flroin 12 to I P. M. to J \S. A. PISIIBR, 231 Broadway, rooms 1.1 aad 14, New York. WANTED -AT ELIZABETH, NEWARK. ORANGE, P assali or Rulherturd Park, a Residence, furnish ed, from $10,001) to $15,000, In exchange for lirooklyn Property. JACOB RUSENHTKIN, 134 Forsvth street. WANTED? DESIRABLE LOTS FOR INVESTMENT, TT for which a liberal price will be paid : also a four storv brown stone (full size* House Owners send lull particulars to JACOB V. D. WYCKoFF, 04 and r>6 Broad way. ni(E ARTS. ~ Mr. t. c. karrer, who fob rwo years past has been painting In Ragtaad, Scotland, Hwlt/er land, Flanders, Vsnlce, has sent home a large representa tion, In oil and water colors, of his recent work, which will be on exhibition at Mr. Schenck's ciallery. 00 Liberty street, (luring Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, April 14. IS, HI, and will be sold at sain* place on Thursday, lTth, ?ud rrtuar. nth lasts. A1 (IOVHB8, ROOMS, Cr., WAJITRH. In (Uf Citjr and Brooklyn. A K AMKBIOAK LADY OF THE HIOHEST RESPECT. A ability, best references, and lillly competeut In every department of housekeeping, de-tire* to take a first class lurnished or partly turnisued House (lor aduita only), with the best care of premises, at a lair rent; be tween Twentieth and Thirty-fourth street* mid fourth and Sixth auenues preferred. Address Miss CROSBY, JH Madison avenue. A family oonro to eubope. who may wihh a careful tenant to take care of their hoaw and furni ture (one willing to pay a smell rent), will And one with a small tamlly and no children bv addressing A. B. w , Horaid office. Must not be more than At minute*' walk from A*tor place. Beat reference given. A? WANTED, UNFURNISHED, IN A PBIVATK . house, by an American tamlly. Parlor Floor with basement* an 1 three Rooms on aecond or third floor, with improvement* and in good neighborhood. Addrese, with terms, Ac.. J. M. W., box U6 Herald office. A SINGLE LADY (FRENCH TEAOHER) IS DESIR ou* of finding Part of a floor, unturnlsheil. In a re spectable house, between Eighth and Twentieth streets and Fourth and Sixth avenues: rent not to exceed $26 per month. Address M. 0., care ot F. W. ChrLsterin. foreign bookstore, 77 University place. ARBSrECTABLE MAN AND WIFE DESIBB TO take charge of a gentleman's residence during his ah srnce ; first class city reference. Call on or address, far one week, Mr*. FoRAN, 144 Kast 43d st, top floor, front. A PROTESTANT ENGLISHMAN AND WIFE WI8H to take chargo ot a gentleman's residence for th? Summer: unexceptionable references. Cell tor two days at 204 West 27th st A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE, WITHOUT CHILDREN, would take the beat care ot the house and fUrnitare of a family going out of town for the Hummer, and ar? willing to pay a small rent; best references given. Ad dress M. W7, box 11/2 ilerald Uptown Branch office. A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE DESIRE SEVERAL* f urnished Room*, on a first or second floor, in a strictly *private family; location not higher than Eigh teenth street; best references given and required. Ad dress A. U. W., box 127 Herald Uptown Branch office. N ELDERLY GENTLEMAN AND HIS WIFE WI:<rt permanently a second or third floor front Room, furnished, without board; must be in a good neighbor hood, below Twentieth street; rent not to exceed $7 per week. Address, with complete particulars, GOOD FAT, box G4 station D. Desk boom wanted? between fulton an? Wall streets; state terms, Ac. Address ACCOUNT ANT, Herald office. House wanted in the ninth wabd.? a small family of adults desire to rent a medium sized Dwelling, containing all modern Improvement* and in m quiet neighborhood ; house to be In good order and rent moderate. Address SCHOLI., 13 Chambers street ROOM8?FURNISnED OR UNFBRNI9IIBD, SUITA Me for a dentist in good practice, In a private street, near Broadway, and uetween Twenty-third and Thirty fourth street*. Address DENTIST, Herald Uptown Branch office. WANTED? IN BROOKLYN, A SECOND FLOOR, with water and gas, near the City Hall ; private family preferred ; rent not to exceed $25. Address B. D. W? Herald office. ? WANTED? BY AN AMEB1CAN FAMILY OF f*>UR adults, a Second Floor and part of Third in private house in good neighborhood. Address, with particulars, W. L. S., box 213 Herald office. WANTED? IMMEDIATELY, A WHOLE FLOOR, furnished? that Is, parlor, bedroom, bathroom and water closet? as near Twenty-ttrst street and Fifth ave nue as possible. Address J. F. L., Union Club, corner Fifth avenue and Twenty-first street WANTED? FOR HOUSEKEEPING. SIX OR SEVEN Rooms, in a private house, on first or second floor, between Second and Seventh avenues and Fourteenth and Thirtieth streets, by a small American family, with Americans; rent about 9900. Address J. ,206 East Fif teenth street WANTED? TENEMENT PROPERTY, ON LEASE OF three to five years. Apply to J. FROMME, 306 East Tenth street. WANTED? LOWER PART OF PRIVATE HOUSE, six rooms, for three adults; Sixth to Ninth avenue, and not above Fortieth street; references given. Address WM. LEWIS, 215 East Thirty-ninth street. WANTED? FOUR TO SIX ROOMS, NEAR SIXTH avenue, for a smnll family ; rent moderate to * re sponsible tenant. Address, with particulars, G. L. T.. 308 West Thirtieth street WANTBD-A PARLOR FLOOR, HANDSOMELY FUR nishod, between Broadway and Sixth avenue and Fourteenth and Thirty-fourth streets, for first class dress making. by a French lady of refinement Pleaae address F., box 1,664 Post office. WANTED-BY A HIGLY BESPECTABLE AND RE spensible private faraltr, three story high stoop Hou.?,e In good order; all modern improvements, good location, from Fourth to Ninth avenue, from Twenty eighth to Fifty-first street; rent Irom $1,500 to $1,600. Ad dress, with fall particulars, L. H., Herald office. WANTED? BY TWO ADULTS, MOTHER AND SOW (English), two or three Rooms, anturnlshed, tor light housekeeping; location Ninth avenue to Second avenue, First to Forty -second street ; rent $26 per Month; would prefer to live with a small American family of adults; tirst cla.is references. Add res* J. F. T, box li(2 Herald office. WANTED? A HOUSE, 8UITABLE FOR TWO OR more families, or two Floor* ot six rooms each, with improvements, between Second and Sixtieth streets and Madison and First avenues; rent must be moderate. Address ATHENEUM.595 Broadway. WANTED? AN UNFURNISHED ROOM IN A PRI T V \ ate family, without board, as the advertiser is ab sent during the day. Address, stating rent, S. M., Herald Uptown Branch office. _ _ ANTED? A "FLAT OR FLOOR, WITH MODERN improvements, by a small tamlly without children : rent not over $<0 per month. Address M. DYMOCK. 547 Fourth avenue. WANTED IMMEDIATELY? A HANDSOMELY FUR f ? nished Boom, without board, for gentleman and wife, between Tenth and Eighteenth streets and Broad way nod Fifth aveuue. Address S. T., Hid H road way. WANTED TO BENT? A GROCERY STORE IK A good locality: will purchase Stock if desired ; per son* answering will state price of rent, amoant of .nock aild locality. Address U.. 229 West Forty third street Ill the Country. pOTTAOB WANTED? WITH fN AN HOUR OF WAIT. V / street, for about $W a year ; high, health/ .filiation. Address L., 76 Wall street, room 51. WANTED? FOR SUMMER BOARDERS, A CO*, fortably furnished House, with Improvements anit Ample grounds ; location must he near a depot ortxiat and easily accessible to city. Address MARCUS, Herald Brooklyn Hranch office. WANTED? HOUSE In COUNTRY, FURNISHED OK unfurnished; village preferred, within three-quar ter* of an hour of citv. Address, with terms, DEI.LEVEK, 3(12 Broadway, New York. . FVRNlTtRB. All the first class furniture, made under the supervistoii of J. F. C. Plckhardt, and bought bv John Herrlich A Co., 880 and 882 Broadway, will be solil in a few days at public auction. Due notice will be givcu iu the Herald. Dealers and housekeepers, call ami see. M. REIN EE, W. VOLKE, per JOHN HEBBLICH A CO. A LARGE ASSORTMENT OF CARPETS, FURNf ture aad Keddiuf at Uwest cash prices, br weekly instalments, at O'FARRKLL'8 Warehouse. 411) Eighth av enue, between Thirtieth and Thirty-flm streets. AT KENDALL'S OLD STAND ? FURNITURE, OAR pets and Bedding cheap for cash or by weekly au<t luontnly payments. C. E. CANNON, 2U9 and 111 Uudaou street, corner Canal. A RARE CHANCE FOR CASH? AT PRIVATE EESI deiwe 124 West 26th st. ; Parlor Stilts, $75; rep Suits. $30; Bedroom Suits, $.5, and 300 lots for lesa than half cost. Parties commencing housekeeping will do well to call. A_A.-A.-AT 130 WEST TWENTY -THIRD STREET. - ? A private ffcniily decllnlmr housekeeping and not wishing to nave a public auction will sell all their ele gant Household Goods, In lots, to caan purchasers:? Two magnificent satin brocstal Parlor Suits, cost 9LW0] for $230; one for tl-.\ rep Suits, $40 to $75; Bedroom. >25 up wards; (100 yards Carpet, less than half oost; Pianoforte, cost I'J.ki. tor 9290; other articles too numerous to inon tlou. Call before purchasing elsewhere, at private house U0 WestCd st, nearjtli av. E. OAT. AT A OBEAT SACRIFICE IF CALL THIS DAY, AT private residence 113 West Eighth street (Ullntoa place), between Fifth and Sixth avunnes.? Magnificent latest style Parlor Suit. nearly new, cost $575, for $175; one do. lor $150: brocatel and rep Suits, $75 and $60; rose wood and walnnt Chamber Suits, 935 up ; velvet Brussels Carpet* 50r. up ; Pianoforte, Paintings, Mirrors, Curtains. Buffet, Extension Table, Silverware, Ac., for any reason able oner. Call before purchasing elsewhere. Cat till* out. MAGNIFICENT ASSORTMENT OK HOUSEHOLD Furniture for sale? At a sacrifice ; superb drawing room Suits, covered silk brocade, cost $550, for $300 ; do., $150; do., $40; Pianoforte, Paintings, Bronzes. Mirrors, Ciocas, rosewood, walnut Chamber Furniture Mattresses. Extension Table, Sideboard, Silverware, Linen, Glass ware, Chinaware, Cutlery; property family leaving city; % West 15th St., near 5th av. A -NOTICE.? TO THOSE DESIRING TO PUBCHAHK ? Household Furniture a rare chance Oi offered at private residence 210 West list street, near 7th avenno. Private family leaving the city will sell all their ele gant Household Furniture at quarter original cost, in part or whole, to suit purchaser, rich Parlor suits in satin and brocalel, co?t $6jo, for $175; do. $125, rep Suits $10 to $tfi. umitnifici nt rosewood 714 octave Pianoforte: cost $1,050, for $27 A; Stool, Cover and Music Stand; Library and Dining Furniture, rosewood and walnnt Chamber Suits, handsome Bronzes and Oil Paintings. Carpets, Bed ding, Ornaments, Ac. Can be seen this day or Wednesday at 210 West 21st street. Call and examine. CIARI'KTS," ) Furniture, Bed*. Bedding, Ac. Payments taken by the week or month. Terms easy. KF.LLY A CO., corner of Twenty-flflh street and Sixth avenue. /KHiO SECOND HAND AND MICFIT CARPETS A VT specialty. All sizes English Brussels and Ingrain for sale cheap at 112 Fulton street, corner of Dutch. Entrance in Dutch street (lEORGE A. CLARKE'S Jf popular system of payments for Furniture, Carpi u, Ac. _ 717? Broadway -747 HOUSEKEEPERS GIVING UP HOC 91 KEEPING and wishing to dispose of their Furniture for cash or stored and loans obtained, apply to JAMES CAGNEY, Auctioneer, Real Kstate and Loan Broker, Ml Hudson street, who will be found as true as steel. M ONTHI.Y OR WKEKI-Y PAYMENTS.? CARPET* ilture, Bedding. Ac. _ . DEALT A CUNNINGHAM, 384 and 386 1 nlro avenue, near i weniy -oigntiutra it. Prices lower man any other hoase n the city. PRIVATE PARTIES DESIRING TO DISPOSE OF their Furniture can meet with a cosh purchaser liy addresin* K *?? hox 180 Post oflce. WEEKLY AND MONTHLY PAYMENTS FOR FUR nlture. Carpets and Bedding, at K. M. COWPER TH WAIT A CO.'S, 15ft and t07 CbtUaot (treat. Aa laaeuie stock and law prioeo.

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