9 Nisan 1873 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 2

9 Nisan 1873 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 2
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CITY REAL ESTATE FOB SALF. Ceatral. ABE WN STOVE FRONT HOUSE, FIRST CLASS in every respect; built by days' work ; splendid lo cation, wtuun three bloc ks of the main entrance to the Park ; will lie sold che-ip If applied lor at once, as the owner is about retiring Iroin business. inquire of JOHN DONOVAN. 54 St. Murks avenue, Brooklyn. A FOUR STORY BROWN STONE HIGH STOOP House, 25 by fio feet, lot 98.9, for sale, in Twenty-third street, one block from Madison square, for $35,000; terms easy : immediate possession. Apply to fc. H. LUDLOW 4 t'O., No. 3 Pine street. A? 74TII STREET, FIFTH HOUSE WEST OF MAPI . son avenue, near Central Park, lour ftory liiwh stoop, unusually well oullt, cabinet tlnlsli, brown stone Residence tor suit low ; easy terms. V. K. STEVENSON, Jr., II Pine street, an.l --?> l-'iflh u venue. A FIFTH AYBNUE BROWN STONE HIGH STOOP Hon*, near I'-Hh street, tor sale, or will exchange tor a first cla>s Residence between Madison and sixth avenues, below Slxtv-flith street. A. 1." WILLIAMS A CO., 123 Broadway. AVF.KY FINE FOUR STORY HIGH STOOP IIOI SR for sale, n H ve nty-four'h street, near Madison ave nue; to be sold ut a birgaln. Als.i one three story, in Sevens ninth street, near Third avenue. I ' ii i \u tiki. I) owner. ,Tj:i Liehth avenue A Hi street, near Third avenue. FRAMKFIKLD, owner, :i-'i I:iclitli avenue ON FII I'M AVENUE, SECOND ABOVE Eiffhtv-tlith street, facing Central Purk. first elas-t brown stone cabinet finish House; will be wild at great bargain It applied t> >r Ht mice, ns family n it going abroad ; f?rms very easy v it not sold quickly will lie leaned for .ertn of years I Ynaiic. Ac. .1 KSsl I*, 2i.> I; road way. An elegant new first class four story hkih stoop brown stone House an I Lot, on Kirt j -second street, near Filth avenne, 25 net front, lull depth ; price reasonable : also a l'2 f'not fruut House of ?,ini|iur style ad lolliing. HOLLY UKUS. A KISMaM, No. 0 Pine street. A? MERRY HILL HOUSE, $2fi,0n0; PERFECT ? order; four story; 20 loot front; mantle mirrors butler's ban try, Ac. ; terms easy. THOMAS ,1. TH NK1N At CO., 554 Third avenue. A BARGAIN-TWO LOTS ON SOUTH SIDE OF Ninety -first street, near Madison avenue, for sale. Apply to IvM. II. KAYNOR, No. 5J.J Pine struct. A FIITH AVENUE RESIDENCE? CHARMING POSI tionj well planned: frescoed ; reasonable price to Insure speedy sale ; near Forty-ninth street. V. K. STE VENSON, Jr.. II Pine street aMl ?!t> Fifth avenue. A? FIFTH AVENUE LOTS, BELOW FIFTY-NINTH . street; several very choice and beautifully situated Build inn Lots; low prices Tor cash; also Stable Lots on cross street*. V. K. stevenson. Jr.. 11 Pino street. A MOST SUBSTANTIAL, ELEGANTLY FINISHED, well planned, unasuullv deep, choicely located, Fifth avenue, near Forty-third street, 118 leet 'front, complete gentleman's Dwelling; good light and air; lot 28x12.1 loot; for sale at a lair price, with or without the tirst class Furniture; coach house and stable; owner poind to Europe. V. If. STEVENSON, Jr., 11 Pine street. A BARGAIN. -FOR SALE, AN ELEGANT FOUR story brown stone House, frescoed throughout, hi Forty-sixth street, near Fifth avenue. Apply to P. H. GRADY, 827 Sixth avenue. BKOWN STONE HOUSE, .14 EAST THIRTY-SECOND street, four stories, high stoop and finished attick, near Madison avenue, for sale or to rent; furnished or untarnished. Inquire ot the owner on the premises. IpOR SALE? 16 EAST FORTY-SEVENTH STREET? Four story brown stone front, high stoop, all modern Improvements; between Madison and Kilt tn avenues; lease 60 years. Inquire on the premises. For SALE-LOT IN EIGHTY-FIFTH STREET, NEAR Madison avenue. Ajiplv to 11. W. ALLEN, 102 Broad way^ IjlOR SALE? A PLOT OF GROUND ON Til I RTIKTII street, near Sixth a\etiuc, suitable for a large build ing lor manufacturing purposes, Ac. A. C. LOOM 1 8 A t'O.. 1,264 Broadway. BpOR SALE? EIGHT FULL LOTS OF GROUND NEAR Broadway, suitable for a church or any public build ing. A. 0. LOOMIS A CO., 1,251 Broadway. POR BALE? HOUSE 380 LEXINGTON AVENUE: FOUR story, high sloop and basement; brown stone; price 914,900; cheapest house in New York. LEWIS M. NORWOOD, No. 9 Murray street IjlOR SALE? A FIRST CLASS FOUR STORY 1IIOH stoop brown stone House on West Forty,eighth street, uenr Filth aranne; college lease. Apply at :S5 West Forty -eighth street. JENOX HILL? AT AUCTION. BY MULLER, WIL J KINS A CO., this day, the elegant four story brown atone House fl> last Sixiv-nintti Street ; 26x60 ; lotlut)5. Madison avenue.? for sale, furnished, the four story his h stoop. strictly tlr-t class House .'<21 Madison avenue ; finished in hard wood bv Marcot; -old cheap; terms easy. Apply to WILLIAM KENNELLY, No. 4 Pi lie sirecf. ONLY S1S.460 FOR ONE OF THOSE FIRST CLASS finished three story and basement French roof frame Houses, on tho norih side of 132d street, between Fifth and Sixth avenues; size 18.0x45; lot hall a block ; II room", all the very latest improveuieuts. For permits apply to owner, 87 Park row, room 4. djoa Ann ? 0N THIRTY SECOND STREET, NEAR ?POlf .IHMf, Madison avenue, four story high sloop brown stone House tor sale, at a bargain. A. C. LOOUIS A CO., I,1M Broadway. 4>Oil AAA WILL BUY A FIRST CLASS BROWN ipOtti'lHU stone, Forty-seventh street, near Sixth avenue; $Jo,om, Twenty -second street, brown stone; (16,000, SoTCnty-ebflith street other Houses cheap. PAUL P. TODD, 55 Liberty street d?00 AGO WILL BUY THAT SUBSTANTIAL wOii.OvO four story brown stone House on Madi son avenue, near Eighty-fourth street, six* 20x5.F>x80, tin Ubed in hardwood ; terms easy. F. /A (TEL, 1,026 Third avenue. 4t/i 7 HOO ? ov SIXTY-SECOND STREET, NEAR ?f'rr i iHUU, Madl-on avenue, one of the tiest built Houses in the city, uml the location cannot be surpassed ; lor sale at a bargain. A. C. LooMIS A Ct3., 1.254 Broadway. /\/L A/W) FIFTH AVENUE. OPPOSITE ?Plwv.OvU, Central Park, a splendid tour story brown stone House lor sale; finished in rich cabinet work on three stories; house .5x70 feet, wiili an extension of 20x17 feet ; a first cltss honse In all respects. For lull particulars end permits to view the premises apply to A. C. LOOMIS It CO., 1,254 Broadway. Ea*t biilr. A? FOR HALE, EIGHT FOUR STnKY BROWN ? atone high stoop Houses, on southeast corner ef Lexington avenue mid Seventy -first street; one corner 1 1 oils'*, 20x5U: five Houses, ail niuulv, on Lexington ave nue, each 16xfto, and two Houses ou Seventy- that street, 1 adioining, each 13x35; term* to suit. Apply on premiss. ?; A FOl' R STORY BRICK HOUSE, 29 F.A-iT BROAD way? Good bttsiHHlocitlun; Rutgers' lease; cheap lor cosh.' W. H. FALCONER, 100 Fourilt avenue, near I welftli street I A -THA I LARUE FOUR STORY HOUSE AXIJ LOT . 12 East Fifty-third mrect, elaborately finished in cabinet work, will be -o il at a great sacrifice lor tush it' t applied lor nt nnec. Office 9W sixth avenue. i A? A? CHEAP.? THAT BEAUTIFUL THBB* STORY . high stoop Dwelling, wj'h nil improvement* and elegant chnndeiiers, 216 Kits! Seventy-sixth street. Look nt il and i lie n apply (or tcriusto 8. l'KI. I DI.NRIcil * CO., SHW and BH Third avenue, or to me owner, V. ' SPIES. 802 Sixll^ avenue. ] A SMALL, CONVENIENT HOC M IN EAST FORTY - ninth street, near Third avenue, lor sale at a bur pain; modern improvements and good location. Ad dress box fi.070 Post ..lib e lor particulars A REAL BARGAIN. ? Til E FnI'R STORY IIIOH stoop brown atone llou e 22:1 Fast Forty-eighth atreet; price $14,000; termsensv; splendid order; unex ceptionable neighborhood. Apply on premises or to L. MENDKLSON, 70 Nassau street. A8PI.KMHI) CHANCE? FOR S*LE, A FOUR story and Store, corner on First t'enue, nearly new and paving 1.1 percent; very little cash wunted; sizo ?>.6xi>5;' don't nils- this chance. THOMAS McOl'IRE, l,14fl Second avenue. A BARGAIN.? FOR HALE OR TO LT'ASE, 6(3 AND (*17 First avenue, stores and Tenements, (he best on east siclt , near Thirty-fourth street. Owner on premises each day In in in \ M to 12 M. A I, A HOE FOUR STORY FRENCH FLAT HOUSE, below the Park, near Fifth avenue, .lOxlW, will be ?old at a great bargain lor cash also 62 Bast Fifty-third street. Ofltee 9W sixth avenue. A VALUABLE BUSINESS CORNER IN HARLEM, on I loth street loo toot street) and Second avenue ; If sold this week will sell verv cheap. B. ItROWB 4I0O,, ".?40 Third avenue, or CRANUAI.L, 569 Third arentic. East eioii vekntii street. 2a.? f.akt thirty third street. 2.M ; Lexington avenue. I.H. Apply u> A. Tl'SKA loiriMrl, tu Otial street. For sale a tuhbe story and ba-e.ment Hoiimp, neariy new ; 12 rooms; all improvement* ; 442 East Seventy ninth street , lai fool street ; Belgian pave ment: near First avenue; price $6, UK); terms easy. In quire next door, 4ki. f,ViR SALE? I'll II. 4DELPII I X Bltl'K FRONT F House. .110 Kant Porty-Uiird street ; will he sold cheap ; but little monev wanled. H. U BI'I.KI.ET 136 Itroadwav. corner Cedar street 1/OR HALE? ON EAST SEVENTH STREET. A TWO -T storv Mttlc an I basement House ; 19 (eet front ; price very low . nt per cent ciiurctnain on mortgage. Apply to l> 8. iiODD, Seventh Hi eet,?ftcr 5 o'clock in the eTea lac. Mem hi its oi- congregation abshi chesed moving ni> to*n ami wishing residence near the new temple Hill find Inn gain iu first <? lass brown stone liouae, Sixty third street , pric e $14,800; onlv $2,500 oa?h. _____________ I.. .' a 1 obS, 919 Tln'rd nveinia. SPLENDID BROWN STONE BOUIE, OB LEXINGTON avenue; benutitully frescoed; elegant chandelier# ; 111 good Older throughout; < heap to a prompt bllver. J- HA it I'E i',. -m,2 1 hud avenue. TO BUILDERS. ? THREE PLOTS, RTPI: FOR IM provement, with liberal loan $Wi,non to invest in Becoud Mortgages. P auk a Mi-cafferty, Filth avenue, corner FIHv. second street <felJ (WW)-*'"11 SA,K' lmu '- SToltY HIGH ?P J stoop brown stone ; all improvements, painted and frescoed ; good order. Apply to owner on premises, 24* East Fiftieth street. Meal Slilr. ABCLKHEAD AND WATER RIC.IfT, WITH ONE ball Block, 400x81.6, for sale or to lense tor a term of years, running troni Thirteenth tlvetiiie to West street. (? 1, A B. T. BURN II AM, 6'H> Hudson street. A -FOR SAI4J AT AUCTION. SIXTH AVENI'E | ? Store 1'ronertv, near Forty-ninth street; rare op portunity. By A. II. MULLRR. on fhursday, April 10, at Merchants' Exchange, 111 Broadwav. A THREE STORY BRICK PRIVATE DWELLING and Lot, on Thirteenth street, near Eighth aven?e, for sale cheap; price $11 *00. HOLLY BROTHER* A KISSAM. No ? Pine s reef, I to 4 P. M A ?CENTRAL PARK LOTS.-TW11 Ft LL LOIN, HE . tween Ccn ral Park au4 Grutid tfouUvsrd, for MB JIM; atreets sewered ' THOM. J. Dl'NKIN * CO., M Third avenue. T FIBB~ BO AD HOUSE FOB HA I.E.? Til K OLD A established and well known Rock Cottage, tOrooms and fit"' barroom , well luruikbed . good sheds and every a< com initiation lor a first class Ihum- Inquiro ou the . premises Boulevard I1WO1 and 1 <9tli aLreate. / riTTT RBAL KMT AT I". FOJ JAtK. WnI SMr. For rale? at ?? west forty nonni street, .1 two story and attic trame House, with a two story brick Workshop on rear, with it six yo?rs' lea?. Inquire oti premises or at 779 Eighth a venue T. WRloHT. JiK)R SALE -A PLOT OK 0 ROUND, ON GREENE 1 street, on the we?t side, between Hroonie ami Spring streets. on which the Methodist Episcopal church end pnrtonMr now stand, being 100 feet sijuure. Apply to JOHN if. CLAWSON. 186 Spring street. FOR SAI-E-A FINE PIECE OF PROPERTY, OV Wert Broadway ; or win exchange for Erst city Mortgage Address M S. lM B|fAM OttJce. F-'Olt SALE-S8 WF.ST FIFTIETH STREET A FIR NT class new Hou?e, College lease, IMxtiOxlOO; orice $3G,0IW. P. IlMiKADY, Ht7 Sixth avenue. For sale? in west twelfth street, ntnth ward, a three story and basement brick Dwelling, with improvements; price $9,500. Apply to JOHN st ICW A KT, iW9 We it ^orty -third street. IflOR KALE? IN WRST THIRTEENTH STREET, near Eighth avetiue, a Rem of a three story and basement hriok Dwelling House: prlc ? #11,UU0; very little rash required. Apply to JOHN STEWART, 260 West i'.irty-third street. , IpoK SALE-TWO FUIiL LOTS, CORNER OF NINTH avenue, near Eighty-third street, at a bargain. A. 0. LOOM IS A OO., 1,2ft! Broadway. IpOIt SALE? IN WEST FORTY-FOURTH STREET, first clan# three story and basement hicf? stoop brown stone tront Houses, 245 to 253,20x50 nnd 1X9x50; price $17, 1*10 nnd $16, 001). Inquire on tile premises, or of JAMES BLACK HURST, 225 West Forty. eighth street. For sale-five four story brown stonf high stoop Houses, in Fortv-ttilh street, between Broadway and Eighth avenue. 200 feet west of Broadway ; also three three story brown stono high stoop Houses, 180 feet west of Eighth avenue. In Forty-tilth street, with re newai* 6n yoars. Astor lease. Inquire on tho premises, or at 243 Wost Forty -flftii street. For sale-three story hioh stoop brown stone Ho iiw on West Forty-fourth street, near Broad way, on Astor lease ; nearlv 60 years to run ; first rate lo cation , price $M,0t0; this is a cheap house. WILLIAM A E. A. C1UIIKSHANK, corner Broadwuv and Forty-iourth street._ If?OR SALE? 16 i'ULL LOTS, ON THE WEST SIDE OF ' the eltv, suitable for a large machine shop, toundry, Ac., or tenement houses. A. LOOMIS A CO., 1.254 Broadway. L"M)K SALE? TH E FIRST CLASS BROWN STONE P House, 23) West Fifty -eighth street, between Broad way and Seventh avenue. Apply to owner, next door, or 151 Wost Twentv-elgiith street. cm SALE? FOUR full lots, near the ORAND Boulevard, a bargain. a. o. 7,oomis a co., i,:m Broadway. I*OR SALE OR TO LET? 329 WEST FIFTY-FIRST " street, brown stone Dwelling . 327 Fourth avenue, Store and levelling. Apply to WM. KNIGHT, 231 West Fifty-first street For sale or to rent? at a bargain, a full sized brown stone high stoop House, 9 story, an Twenty-first street, near Seventh avenue; all modern conveniences; lot full depth ; price $19, (TO nr rent $ I, HBO. JAMES H. EPWAEWf, t$ W#st Twenty third street^ IF YOU WANT TO PUT YOUR MONEY WIlEltF, IT will grow tast Imv those three full Lots on wesl side ot Third avenue, 75 teet south of H>sth street ; price $28, ('(10. F. Zl I TEL, 1,026 Third avenue. SPLENDID BARGAIN.? FULL FRONT RESIDENCE, on Madison avenue, to close an estate; also Houses on all the avenues and nest streets. Prices from $15,000 to $20d,tlll0. PA(1K A MoCAFFERTY, Fiftli avenuo, corner Fi I ty -second street. F QTH WARD.? FOR SALE, THE ELEGANT IIIO H O sloop brown stone (rout House 54 Perry street; frescoed from basement up; every improvement. M inreli nncous. A? FOR HALE. FOl'R FIRST CLASS FOUR STORY ? high *toop alone Iron ts. College lease, 22x60, 20x60 and lfixt>5 bv half block. Apply to VV'M. 0. LESoThR, 47 West Forty -ninth street. BARGAINS IN PMVATJt AND TENHMENT HOrSF.S, Farms. Lots and Plots, Factories, Coal Yard*. Liuuor stores, Groceries, Ac., are now offered; Mortgages bought and sold. Lolls UKKli, IS Icntie .street. IlOR SALK OR lO l.KT-lloUSK AND STABLE COIt iter Second avenue and Twelfth street; can be altered so as to bring a verv larga income. Cottages at Ilarletn. J. H. JEN :NKINS, 71 Broadway, room ti9. XTEW TENEMENT HOUSES? IN GOOD RENTING jLM localities; will pay l.r> per cent, interest. Dwelling Houses trom $10, DIM upwards. W. J. llAKl'Elt. d62 Third avenue, near Plttv-iecuiid street UUUOKLYJI PROPERTY FOR SALE AM) TO LET. HBIUiB BRANCH OFFICE? BROOKLYN. ADVERTISEMENTS FOR THE NEW YORK HERALD RECEIVED AT OUR BRANCH OFFICE, IN THE LONG ISLAND SAVINGS BANK BUILDING, CORNER OF FULTON AY. AND BOERl'M ST. OFFICE OPEN FROM * A. M. TILL 9 P. M. ON SUNDAY FROM 3 TO 9 P. M. CARRIERS AND AGENTS' DEPARTMENT NO. 7 FRONT STRKKT, BROOKLYN. A BARGAIN? A NEW THREE STORY BRICK nouse, 20x38x106, with every Improvement: first class neighborhood Applv at the office of the late A. J. Walk, r, 112 John street, New York, front 12 to 2 o'clock. A BARGAIN TO A PROMPT PURCHASER AND ON easy terms.? Five tour story Stores on Fifth avenue, near Ninth street, Brooklyn; in most complete order and well rented; each house hamll improvements, inproi H. B. gardnei:, 71 Cedar street A BARGAIN. -A TWO STORY AND BRICK BASE J \ ment Irame House, II rooms; will let at $.r>U) a vear; situated close to Bridge and Prospect streets; price *t,000. W. COOK, 2S6 Washington street, Brooklyn. A ment and brown stone House, Sackctt street, near Court, Brooklyn; price $11, Ot'O. william s. OATBT, 84 Bleecker street /iORNER FOUR STORY BRICK, WITH STABLE, \J flue store, large show windows; will sell cheap or lease tor 3 or 5 years. Corner Classon avenue ami Dean street. Owner, 216 West Fiftieth street. flOBVKK STORE AND pTHBR STORE PROPERTY *J on Court street; double House, 25x50x97, on Sands street; good place lor a carman or a party owning horses. C. DONNKLLON, 116 Pteih street. Ti^OR SALE? NEAR PROSPECT l'AKK 6fi t'ROSl'KCT J1 place, a fine throe story and basement double It-nine House and Garden; house W#xS8; modern improve ments; ground 62^x131 ; choice fruit, Ac.-. xou feet from grand eutrance to tho Park; surround nit.-, first class nouses. Apply to F. D. NORRIS, 31 licKulfe avenue, Brooklyn IflOR S \LK? A TWO STORY AND BASEMENT FRAME Cottage, containing II rooms, water and (ran. In quire on premises, 218 Clermont avenue, Brooklyn. 1J10R SALE? AN ELEGANT THREE STORY FRAME corner House on DeKalb avenue, Brooklyn, With very good liquor business and boarding house in the same ; established five years and always paid well; owner will still cheap for cash or lease as lie liasgot other business to attend to. Apply to KiCllAUD .v. AHX, 13 Willonghby street, Brooklyn. I/IO* SALE? ON THU H RIGHTS, WITHIN A FEW F minutes' wnlk of Wull street and South terries, the three story high stoop basement and sub-cellar brick House 52 Sidney place, between State aad Joraleinon stro 'ts; in good order. Applv at oftiee ol the late A. J. WaLK KK, 112 John street, between 12 and ?-'o'clock P. M. TjlOR SALE? A THREE STORY BASEMENT AND HUB. 1 cellar new Hi. use on Marev avenue; all improve ments. Apply at hardware store, comer Myrtle ami Marry avenues, Brooklyn. For sale? cheapest house in brooklyn-a three story high stoop basement and sub-cellar House ; all Improvements; in per'eet order ; five nunut<-4 from Fallon ferry ; price $T0b\ rented for next year at owner leaving the cafcr; part may remain on mort gage. Address EUREKA, Herald office. For 8 ALB cheap-a dksirable plot for manufacturers or builders, corner of Bridge and Plymouth streets, 100x107k, two blocks from lerrv, or will he dit ided If desired. Apply to THOMAS KELLY, W Jay street, Brooklyn. For sale or to let, purmshed or unfur. lushed? A fine House on Washington avenue, Brook lyn ; (list class neighborhood; all improvements; terms easy. Address L. s., Jr , box 4jB4 New York Post office. tVBMA f BARGAIN -ONLY ?7.fM*> FOR A KINK VT first class House, new; three story and basement; si.leiidld parlors, marble mantels, gas, writer, heater, range. Ac. - terms easy ; good neighborhood ; ten blocks from Thirty-fourth street ferry. Applv Eh' venth street and Jackson avenue, just out of Hunter's Point pREENPOINT.-HOUSB AND STABLE TO LET; vT two story and ba?emcnt home, containing eight rooms ond Improvements ; If rgc garden ; two story stable rear of lot; rent $&?). Inquire on nremises. <185 Leonard afreet; or of C s , 22 Wa-ren street. New York. Rapid transit.-ciioice lots. 23xi06 feet, under close restrictions, ia a first class neighbor hood, nenr Prospect Park. Brooklyn, anil the line of the )iropo*<ul Rapid Transit si. uin road, for sale ai $500 and Upwards: a splendid Opportunity tor investment or spec ulation. Apply at the offlce of the late A. J. WALKhlt, 112 John street. New York, from 12 to 2 o'clock. Tue residence and orouhds of the late non Martin Kiilbflelseh, situated 011 Bushwick avenue, Brooklyn, E. D., are tor sale at a reasonable price and on easy terms. The mansion, built in the very best insnner. is one of the largest and moat commodious in the city of Brooklyn. It contains 3M ro > ins, aad is replete with every comiort and convenience. The grounds comprise about 20 Iota, which are tastefully laid out ami filled with the choicest irutt ahrubbery. The stables are of the best character. The whole Is ad mirably adapted for a public institution or gentleman's residence. For particulars apP'J 10 ? JERK. JOHNSON, Jr., 21 Park row, New York. fTO LET? A CHOICE FRENCH ROOF HOUSE ON 1 Washington avenue, Brooklyn, throe stories, 12 rooms, modern iniproveaieiita; rent $700. JoVl N P. ELLIS. 37 Park row, room 3 If. riV) LF.T? VERY COMFORTABLE? RENT $28 PER 1 month-Seven handsome Reoma ; gas. water, bath ; cars pasx. 10 minutes from Grand street or Peck alip terry. Apply at 529 Grand stree t Williamsburg, in drug su?re. TO LET-IN WILLI AMSBUBtt, A FINK STORE, 20 feet front, on a gooii business street; splendid chance for a good grocery or lancy goods store; rent only $20 to the right one. FRANCIS E ROGERS, 480 Grand street, Williamsburg. LET? BROOKLYN HEIGHTS? BROWN STONE Houso 173 Rcmscn street, near City Hull; all im provements. Apply to THOMAS H. BErDELL, SUA East 118th street. T?. TO LET-A FRAMB HOUSE, IN GOOD CONDITION, on Gates avenue, between Bedford and Nostrsnd avenges; rant cheap. Inquire of W. k. NICHOLS, 7 Bcckuaan street ruetu 9. BROOKLYN PROTSBTY COR BALK. " ~ . AND TO LET. 1 TO RENT? THE "NEW BROWN STONE nOUSS, furnished, au9 Claremont avenue, Brooklyn, located between two car route* from Fultom lerry. Apply to K W. WOODS, m Pulton street. OA ACRES OP GARDEN LAND AND MEADOW TO ?d\J let on Johason street, near Flushing avenue i 1?? th ing anil picnic ground. THOMAS A. DEVYR, 82 Calyer street, Oreenpoint. <]fe70ft RENT? MCE THREE STORY HIGH STOOP ?H* I IMF hrick Heme ; all improvements; neighborhood P:ood; SO minutes by Ureen avenue, SO minutes by Frank iu avenue cars to all ferries. K)'LAN? A WHITING, No. 5 Bcekman street. flt/4 7HH ? N1XETEENTH WAKD, BROOKLYN, ?JP i"? I Uu. very cheap, three atory brick, W room*, with modern improvement*; terms to suit purchaser. Apply to WW. O. SUM NEK, 81 Broadway, Brooklyn, E. D. WESTCHESTER COTOTT PROPERTY FOIt WALE OB TO RENT. An elegantly fthnihiif.d new COUNTRY Residence, in the highest, healthiest part oi lower Westchester, in for sale or to let cheap, as the owner bus moved from the State; all improvements, ii eluding stable ; easy terms; no better chuuuo lor a bargain. A. M. ttoTELDO, Jr., ftl Chambers street._ A HANDSOME COUNTRY PLACE ON TIIE HUDSON River, at Scarborough, one mile below Sing S.ug ; Inrge double brick house, 80x82; stable, gatehouse and other outbuildings; JO or 80 acres ; vIcwr very fine ; terras easy. Apiilv to EDWARD AUSTEN, IW7 l'earl street, or to ROBERT H. BOORMAN, 81 Cedar street. AT YON KERS.? LARGE NUMBER OK HOUSE8 TO let, furnished or unturmshed. season or year ; also a number ol places tor sale or exchange. JAMES YOUMANS, Agent, Yonkers. AT YONKER8-A SNUG COTTAGE. CONTAINING 8 rooms and cellar ; two full Lots; on an improved ave nue ; six minutes' walk from depot ; walks (lagged ; water iu house: shade trees, fruit, Ac. ; price $I,j00, part cash. Owner at fM5 Eighth avenue. AT YONKERS, THIRTY MINUTKS FROM FORTY second street? For sale, a first class Residence, con taining 'A> rooms, with evory modern improvement; ono acre of i.'round. boautllully laid out in lawn ami garden ; first class stable and carriage house ; will exohange tor New York or Brooklyn House. T. S. H HEP HERD, 181 Broadway. ATTUCKaHOE, HARLEM RAILROAD, 15 MILES lrom Forty -necoiid street? \ House, containing 11 rooms, with liaff an acre of Land, ncur depot, to rent; abundance ot fruit. Inquire of JAMES DUSBNBKRRY, Tackahoe, or ot KRAUSli NICKEL PLATING COMPANV, 88 Jofin street. A SPLENDID NEW COITAGE? EIGHT ROOMS, TWO city Lots, baru. grape arbor, vounp fruit trees, pleiitv of water. 30 minutes from Grand Central depot: |irico t.i.m. Address WILLIAM WIIITF, Mount Vernon. N. > . At tremont, :io minutes from grand CRN tral depot, nn olegant Cottage ; half acre of ground, fruit uud torest trees, barn, Ac. ; rent $6(10 a year. D. O. HltAULKV, 30 Kroad street, room 12 A? FOR SALE, AT SCARBOROUGH, A LARGE ? double House, wiili about 6 acres ol ground, one mile from Sing sing depot and one mile from Scar borough ; location verv healthy: spring water brought into kitchen; fruit ol all kinds; lee pond ; good outbuild ings; will bo sold on easy terms and very low price. T. S. SHEPHERD, 1S1 Broadway. A -FOR SALE. CHEAPEST FARM IN WESTCHES ? ter county, rO acres, within a few minutes' walk of live depot, New Haven Railroad ; can be bought at great bargain. T. s. shepherd, 181 Broadway. A HOUSE TO LET? 137TH BTREET. NEAR THE Southern Boulevard ; 1# room*; all improvements: furnished ; carriage house; garden, choice truits; twelve minutes from Harlem Bridge. A. DK LEYhR, Owner. For sale? a handsome residence in mount Vernon, five minutes from depot of New Haven Railroad; built by present occupant; has gai, water, stationary wash tubs of slate, elevated oven range, speuking'tuhes, burglur alarm, and all modern conven iences; lias tonrleen rooms and sixteen p&utries; two stories, with Mansard roof and ce|lar; house .'iS-xlC icet; lot 0(1x100 leet; cominutallou $70 per annum. For photo graph and pla in call at II) Gold street. For sale-tn mount vkrnon, 30 minutes from New York, very desirable Houses, with largo gardens tilled with fruit ; prices 9:1,700, if!, 500, $7,000, $8,000, eaton A CO., 191 Broadway. IAKE SHORE FARM, NEARLY 300 ACRES? mOTT, J rolling land, drained byCroton; no finer Inland views; high gjute of cultivatloa ; springs and brooks: 150 acres mown with machine; plenty fruit; large, now house; nesr throe railroads; no healthier place in the world ; owners being old will sell; terms easy; might ex change lor City or Morrlsanin Property. For particulars apply at if Broadway, office No. l, from li) to 3 o'clock. Mount kisco, Westchester county.? de lightfhlly situated, near depot, 13 acres, gooil house, 12 rooms; barn, large orchard, small fruits, fish pond; everything nice; easy terms; price $10,001). Dr. BYRN, 80 Cedar stroet, room 6. <Stf.no ? TO LKT' AT ONCE, A PRETTY COTTAGE; ?TPUl/U. large gardon; all kinds ot fruit and shade trees; 12 minutes from depot ; two miles beyond ILirlcut Bridge. Apply at 807 West Forty-fifth street. (JhQAft FOR LARGE FURNISHED HOUSE AND ?!PO\/v" three acres; location pleasant and healiliv; stable, fruit, Ac. ; CO minutes from city. Address \V. DEERE, Jerome, Westchester county, N. V. <lt!Q nnn F0B A BEAUTIFUL residence at ip.lO.lMfU Mount Vernon, on the New Haven Rail road, thirteen miles, or thirty-five minutes from cltv. This elegant house has eleven rooms, with gns and ele gant fixtures all through, hot and cold water, nice bath room. finished in walnut and ash; all the halls, the din ing room and kitchen floors are walnut and ash ; lurnacc bests all through; first class elevated oven range, wash tubs, large store room ; has about half an acre ot land, very handsomely luid out: easy leu minutes' walk from the depot; l!a? sidewalk all the way; the view ot the Souad is superb; tho placo is healthy beyond any ques tion, having been occupied by one of our firm tor tw? vears; he will give any one all tho important facts abont It. The place is now offered at less than its value, hut it must lie sold within thirty days- Some one will get a beautiful hotue at a bargain. Terms very easy. RIKER, HESSE A Co.. No. 8 Pine street. JKHSF.Y CITY, KIOBOKEN, HUDSON CITY AND IIMtOKN UK A I- KHTATE. - ? ? ? - ? ? ~ ? ?? ? - ? - + . - ? - l For Kate. A CHANCE IS NOW OFFERED TO A PARTT OF mod Tata mean* to secure it cheap and dnirable Hou.sc in a lit>atiiiiul location in Jersey City, 15 minutes' ride by horse oars or ft minutes by steam curs troin the terry; price $5,500, nn easy terms it sold before Muv I. For particular* 11 ]i|> ly at ^i Pcurl street. New York. BARGAIN -THREE STORY HIGH STOOP HOUSE, on Jersey City Heights; fine view; near homo cui.s and only llltccn minutes' walk from lioliokcn I'crrv. H. PATTRKRG, 299>? Broadway. A TWO STORY AND BA8BM I NT FRAME HOUSE J\ on Wfttton atreet, Jersey Citv; water, gns, Ac.; ?MOO. WILLIAM S. GAVEY. M Blcecker street. I SOB SALE OR TO LET-NEAR COURT HOUSE, A French roof llousc; modern improvements; twenty minutes tYoin ferries. ANDREW McLEAN, Jersey City Heights, opposite J|pi office. To Let or Lean*. A LARGE DOUBLE HOUSE, PARTIALLY FUR nished, at Bergen Point, N. .1. : twenty-five rooms; l>c<i utii ii 11 v located; boating, bathing and tlwhuior : near depot and steamboat; rent very reasonable ; also fur nished cottage ot ten rootus; $b<j per month. Inquire at i;>4 West i euth street. JERSEY CITY.? AN ELEGANT NEW STORE TO let, id I'avonia avenue, on one of the besteorners In Jersey City ; ears mi-Miiii by it from all direction* Also u Store, Ih< i'avonia avenue, und i' loors to let. Inquire ut 177 Pavonia avenue. Machine shop room, with power, to rext? at Jersey City, near terry, in hnlldlnn formerly | Jersey City Locomotive Works Apply to W. BAILEY. LA No A CO., M Cliff street, New York; or W. C. DAY TON. at work*. mo LET? NEAR MARION STATION, JERSEY CfTY, X !#> minutes from toot of Cortlandt or Desbrosse 1 Mreet, New York, a two and a bait story House, on three ; lots ot ground ; 12 rooms, with all modern improvement*; , rent $5U): also an elegant Cottage and garden, 8 rooms, hot and eolil water and range In kitchen : rent $510. Ap ply to .1 am K.s R. DEV, flt> Cortlandt street, or THOMAS aLDRIDUK, near Court House, Jersey City. ] rno LET-IN LAFAYETTE, JERSEY CITY, ONE TWO X story French roof and extension, and one two story shingle ro?l and extension tranic Dwelling; each 10 ! footts, bath, laundry, cellar and two lo's of ground ; din ! hint oil bloik from horse cars and fixe minute* from New Jersey Central Railroad depot; minutes from 1 iberty street; $7W) cacb WOODWARD ,t SHERWOOD 15 Montgomery street, Jersey City, N. J., one block from terry. PKOPKUTY OVT OK THE CITY FOB HAL.K OH TO RENT. Abargain.-fink RESIDENCE in BOONTON I'ark ; half acre ground . plenty irult tree* ; five min ute* fl-oin depot; priee $4,71*1 Apply to owner, P. W. II VV MON D. BoobImi, New Jersey A FACTORY WITH MACHINERY AND TWO DWELL tng?, aear this city, lor sale. Apply at SMITH'S I Kruit Store, IfV Broadway. At ridoewood-for rale or to let. a new I ltou?e. eontnining 8 room*, and about three-quarters ! i ot an acre of Land, on the Erie itoad, one hour's rule j from New York and three minutes' walk frem Ktntloii ; , rent $330t Inquire of C. kiioaut, Knigewood, If. J, ALh ?EMSAHETIII'ORT, N. J? \ M flCITT OFOTKOEE . Machine Works; a handsome Cottage, with two j I Lot*, lor sale; bouse contalus 7 rooms, water and gas ; op posite Jackson I'ark. the proposed site for the erection of the State Canltol buildings ami grounds; will sell very j l?w. Address OWN Ml, box IftD kieralil office. A mm T THE SEASIDE? ( '< >TTA< ? En To LKT Ai FA R lloekaway, L. I Rent Irom $100 to $*K). Apply to E. J. HEALY, I > Kn*sau street, room 31. A^m LARGE. WELL PVEEIBHED MANSION TO LET? containing 10 large room* beside* basement, with | every modern convenience; ?:a?, water, stable ami garden of 0 acres; on a commanding eminence, a tew i minutes' walk fiom church and *? hoof, and two denots to New York, disiance torty minutes. Apply to G. DL WITT Blto. k CU? or on the pretnise*at llc.liville, New Jersey, of W H. HKRGFELS. Rent AmBNELKi } ANT Ct ? r N'TR Y ItESIDRNCK in MORRIS town, N J.? Three story, 40 by 32, with extension, two bay window* and all improvements; garden hand somely laid out ; a large variety of truit ; bluh ground; the most desirable part on the place; imat luxuriously furnished; for sale with or without Furniture. A BLOMgvisT, 1. 0 Nassau ?freet An elegant ekkidenck and poi r l<it-;. with the use of eight adjoining lot*; grapevine* and Irult trees; all in good older, on I, yon* street, Pntewon, N.J. W 1 1. MAM H. OAVET, M Bleecker street, \ COUNTRY RESIDENCE ON OUTSKIRTS OF J\ village for sale or exchange f,,f city or Brooklyn Property. Addroas JAM KM T. CRARY, No. * Cortlandt Street. A FIRST (TLABS HTORE, 3SXM, HTOIfB FRONT, FULL sire plate glass windows; on Main street, Hacken sack : location central ; suitable tor any first ciaaa business ; rent low to the right party. Apply to EDWIN CROTHER, 651 Eighth avenue. A FARM OF 75 ACRES, Ml ACKER CLEARED. A House and Ram, Ac., for sale; two miles east or Montlcello, Sullivan county, N. T, i price $8,000 ; 4ft Acres, two miles south of Newbui*, orange county; house, barn irult, Ac. I.LAKT. BURNHAM. too H ad ion strceU PflflPBBTX BIT OF THE CITY FOR SAUt OR TO REIT. A? l.ONO 1?mil COTTAOE8 Tft RETT? FUR . nished. Printed catalogues.wlth lull descriptions and special survey malis, to be hud at our office. F. O. A I). BROWN, UO flroiulway, turner ol Wall street, ??"' Branch efflce, opposite the depot, Long Branch. A -TO LET. A NUMBER OF COUNTRY REST . denoes on line of New Haven Railroad: three with water fronts, wilbiu om- hour of New York. T. 8. SHEPHERD, 181 Broadway. A NUMBER OP VI N E FARMS NKAR SING SING, with and without river views; $100 to $1,000 per acre. HOW LAND A BRANDBETH, Wing Sif ? _ A HOTEL FOR BALK? NKAR NEW YORK; COST $2. >0,000; will exchange for Brooklyn or New lork Property. S. C. SMITH, owner, *02 William street, Frankfort House. A PRETTY PI, ACE, ACitES-TO LET. FOR SALE jv or exchange, on turnpike, between Mamarsnce and Rye : situated between Dr. Jay's and Henry Breynrt's. Apply on tb?> premise^ to R. L. SUaW, 38 West loity nlxlh street. Rem $760. A^FOR SALE, A COUNTRY RESIDENCE, ONE . hour from cltv by New York and New Haven Rail road, Irontiug on Island Hound; good bouse. 14 rooius; modern Improvements; 10 acres ot Land, triilt, flowers. Ac. ; hath'ng, boatnir and fishing ; will be sold very cheap. Apply to T. S. BHEI'HEkD, 181 Broadway. A GOOD HOUSE AND STABLE ? ONE TO FIVE acres of land, with fruit, ulea>-autly located on New Jersey Central Railroad, lor sale cheap : term* easy. J. C. FREEMAN, 103 Broadway. At kktpobt, k j.-to let or for sale, a Residence, 12 rooms, cellar; three minutes from landing, ort Main stre, t; choice fruits; shade and orna mental trees; everything attractive. For particulars call oil W. E. WALLINO, 2lt> w ashiuuton street. New York. KICK. SNUG FARM IN 8TAMFORD, CONN.? Thirty aorei: an abundance ol iruit, crapes, Ac. ; , mt stream on the place ; convenient to New York. Price $3,000; terms easy. Address PERRY BARKER, 4S Court) and avenue, Melrose, Westchester county, N. Y. AT KIVER4IDE. ON THE SOUND? ATTRACTIVE shore front Jtosidcnce, 11 rooms, modern Improve ments; one acre ; healthy ; netr depot ; $9,000 ; others. Ad dresg J. W. ATWATER, Riverside station. Conn. AT DOBBS' KERRY, ONE MILE FROM HUDSON River and one hour from Grand Central depot, this city, u nloe Country Seat; ample grounds, tine old shade trees, with exquisite rlvor and landscupe views; rent 81,000. i?. O. BRADLEY, 30 Broad street, room 42. A ?TO LEASE, BIX YEARS, LONO ISLAND FARM, XI.. 10n acres, 17 miles, near depot; rent, first year, #350. For sale, new Cottage, 8 rooms new barn, >4 acre, $3,600; Cottage ami barn, \% acre<, $2,600; new Cottage, 7 rooms, 1-S uere, $2,400; 8 choice lot", $tl?each. SAMUEL W RIGHT, executor. 165 Broadway, room 6, 12 to 2 P. M. AMHERST, MA88.? Fancy FARM, FINELY TM proved, 20 to 120 acres; superbly loea'ed; ovorlonks colleges, Mounts Tom and lloiyoke and Connecticut Val ley ; Its schools, society, health and scenery offer rare at tractions to those retiring from business, seeking Summer homes or wishing (o oducnte children ; price low to close estute; will exchange for city House. For details ad dress C. D. KELLOGG, Executor, No. 4 Pino street, New York. A NUMBER OF NICELY LOCATED VII, LA PLOTS nad Building Lots at Bayslde, L. L, 30 minutes from City Hall. WILLIAM 3. GAVE*, S4 Blcecker street. A tftu A 100-ACHE FARM, NEAR PLAINFlELD. N. J., free of encumbrance, with money, will be ex changed for Brooklyn Property notheavilv mortgaged. MARCU8 H. LAINO, 66 Liberty street A HUDSON R1VKR PROPERTY FOR HALE? 113 Acres, with extensive river front and most sightly point, ooinmuuding n view of over fliteen miles; the above will be sold very cheap and on easy terms of pay ment. Particulars of C. 8. PECK A CO., 181 Fifth av. AT FANWOOD. N. J., CENTRAL RAILROAD. ONE hour from city, five Aero?, fruit grove, large house, bam, Ac., healthy location, suited for summer hoarders, to exchange for City Property. OWNER, 618 Sixth av. BLOOMFIELD, N. J.? FURNISHED HOUSE TO RENT from Mav 1, tor six months; three minutes from depot; $75 per mouth. Apply to J. B. SWORD, 835 Broad way. ? pOUNTRY PLACE AND FURNISHED HOUSE TO \ 1 let, for the Summer, er for sale, on the Hudson, 15 minutes north of Newhurg; railroads and steamboats; very cotniortable residence; situation unsurpassed for hcaithtulncss, charming scenery and desirable neigh bors; stable, vegetables and fruits. Address, tor particu lars or to appoint visit, box 6H8 Post office, Nowburg, N. Y. CIOUNTRY RESIDENCES TO RENT FOR SEASON OR ) year at Plnintteld, Scotch Plains, Orange, Montclair, Kloomfleld and ut other desirable locations in New Jer sey ; also at Yonkers, sing sing. Mount Klsco, Mount Ver min, New Roohelle, Rye, Portehester and Stamtord ; sev eral with water fronts ; nice Col tages to f .VH) yearly. 8. IRELAND. 201 Broadway. pOUNTRY SEAT, 13 ROOMS, $0,000, OR RKNT $i>00: \ J broad verandas; stationary tubs; unusual local coBveniences ; acre garden; convenient to depot Central Railroad of Ne w Jersey, orchard ami grass it wanted. Address box 14, Sotnervllle, N. J. / HI KAPEST COUNTRY RESIDENCE IN MARKET? One hour from New York. 10 acres, flue buildings, splendid grounds, trui', shade and ornamental trues. Ap ply to RKED k IIOVT. 22'J B roadway, room 19. Docks and wharves, nf.wark, n. j., FRONT ing on Passaic River (Morris Canal, rear), tor malt houses, factories, mills, lumber and coal depot*. Apply at 07 Duaue str-et. G. W. IIOJKK. I7INOLEWOOD AND PALISADES. ? CHOICE PROPER !i ties lor sale or rent. Furnished Houses for Summer. CHARLES D. KELLOGG, No. 4 Pine street. 171 NO LEWOOD ? ENGLEWOOI) ? KNCLEWOOD. ? !i Houses for sale at bargains; Houses to let for the Summer or year, ftirnislied and unfurnished ; several flno Places to exchange for ( ity Property. KKLLV brothers, 205 Broadway. INARMS FOB SAI.E.? 25 ACRES, ONE HOUR FROM city, prlfie $1,000; 87 acrcs, Stock, Crops, Ac., $H, ,r>0U ; 120 acres, fine dairy lorm, ?l4,0oo : 200 acres, Rood Im provements. $2fS,(*W. Also great variety hi Orange, Rock land, Westchester and Dutchess counties and the host sec tions of New Jersey, from 20 to SOO acres; several toex chnnge. s. IRELAND, 201 Broadway. T7"ARM FOR SALE-45 ACRKS, 35 CLEARED; r splendid bouse, barn and outhouses', near Utica; scliools and churches close by: sold a? a saurltlec ; price $1,000. Apply to owner, $19 First avenue. I1AH.MS FOR HAI.E? WORTH FROM $10 TO $60 PER acre; also Saw Mills, Grist Mills and Water Power. Call on or address KiLfs L. HUTCHINSON A CO., East Stroudsburg, Monroe county. Pa. IjlOB SAIiE. ? $800 WILL BUY SEVEN ACRES, HOUSE F anil barn, two miles below Milford, Fa.; tine place for a Hammer home; wood fishing and cunning; tine drive*; good stream on the line; title pertsci. Call on or IdBltH J. B. DA nLKT, 3 i2 Greenwich atri ot, New York. TPOR -ALE? ON THE NORTH SHREWSBURY J1 anil near Fort Washington, 10 acres of the hand somest Budding httes in Monmouth county : adjoining Ibis there are is Acres more, with I wo good houses on. with earring? Houses and other outnftlces. which would lie fold at tliu same time. Apply to F. FARLEY, 80 Nas sau street. FIOR SALE? BAY SIIORK, LONO ISLAND, FARM OF 25 acres; new House and Barn; will be sold cheap: also I<ots 50x1. VI, and Villa Plots; unsurpassed gunuitig and fishing, sailing and bathing. Particular* ot maps. JOHN H. BRADY, M Third avenue. T^OR SALE. Large and valuable Chestnut street Property, Philadel phia. The subscriber offers tor sale the large and valuable Property known us "The Masonic Hall," north side Chest nut street, between Seventh and Eighth streets. Lot 101 feet cn Chestnut and 17S feet deep to Javne street. For price and terms apply to HORACE FRlTZ, 71!' Walnut street, Philadelphia. IjlOR SALE? LOTS 137,175. 211 AND 289 WOODSIDR, ' N. Y. ; all choice lots; only part cash. Applvattlio ofllcc of the Brother Jonathan, 48 Hcekman street. F- i6r s aLe? valuable ?propkrty in new Canaan, Opnn., known as the Olmafead Place, 100 acres of rid e land; large house, 12 rooms, two barns, two carriage houses, wood and wa>b houses, licnnerv, Ac. ; 700 lect above sea level, commanding extensive view# of the Sound from Orecnwli h to Bridgeport, Irfmg Island, Ac. : two hours from Forty-second street by New York and Sew Haven and Sew Canaan Railroads; price S1(S, 000; terms easy. Apply to HOMER MORGAN, No. 2 Pine street. For half -cheap, a fixe country residence at Haeketts town, N.J,: 25 acres; right In town; very healthy ana a fine location ; house and barns good ; tlcnU of trtilt anil good watur: terms easy. Apply to [. M." JOHNSON, AW Broadway. For sai.e-in orange, n. j., hophe and (?rounds, with furniture all complete, $;.t,oo>); liouso has gas, water, Ac ; 5 minutes from dopot : would take a iu.nse in New York city, north, $15,000 to $3), 0ft). Address W. C., Herald office. IjlOB sale at a faroain? io acrf country 1 seat in New Jersey; water front; good buildings; all kinds fruit : near depot. 11. PATT.1ERO, 29P'? Brotdwar, np stairs. flOK SALE CHK A P ? ON ACCOMMODATING TERM the splendid Residence and Estate of Sold on Hall (750 acres); bait war between Norfolk and Richmond, on ?lames River, near landing. Apply to 1KA W. GKiit.oRY, 90 Uroad way. f|H>B S VLK OR TO LET-A GOOD HOUSE (12 ROOMS) 1 and or acres of Land, in Washington Valley, N.J. Inquire of NOAH vv. PIKE, corner of Front, and cherrv el recta, riiilntield, N, J., or of F. h. BLACKWELL, 247 ! Uroad way, New ^ork. L'OR SALE OR TO LET AT GRAND VIKW, ON THE i r Hudson, near the depot, two Oottages, eight rooms > each; modern improvements, with river trnnt< : garden, fruit and shade. For further naviculars and photo graphs apply to W. II. DUCKWOBI'll, 325 Washington i street. New York. JIOR RALE OR TO LET? ELEGANT RESIDENCE, furnished if desired, fronting the Bay, Staten Island ; fine bathing, splendid view; $12,000; tenns easy: rent $1,000. DARIUN, 50 Broad. IjlOB SALE OB TO LRT-AT GBEENVILLE, B. J., OH 1 the line ol New Jersey Central Railroad, a House, containing 11 rooms, near depot; rent $550. Apply to CHARLKg fyoVBKElt. IjlOB SALE OR TO LET-TWO HOUSKP, FRENCH r style, one furnished : periect gems; replete with all modern conveniences ; If rooms; 40 minutes from City Hal); 5 minutes trom boa' and ears; location unsur passed; hifh ground. Apply to Mr. ALLKN, HW Broadway. ( l|10k SALkTaLSO TO BENT? A NUMBER OF V E R Y F choice Residences at Wcstwood, on lino of llackun sack extension Railroad; bargains in each particular. WII.SON A OLABK, III Broadway. basement, room C. JV)R SALE OB LEASE FOR A TERM OF YEARS-A brick and stone Mansion, 84x127 leet, near the city; suitable for hotel, Institution or gentle man's residence. A. II. RATHBONK, 1711 Broadway. pU'RNISHBD HOUSE TO BENT IN NFWaRK, N. J ? J? The owner, going abroad, will rent, tor 18 months, a nellghtlul Residence, with 10 rooms and all mode re Im provements, completely furnished, situated on the finest street tn the cltv, wltn splendid prospect; also stable, carriage house, hen bon?e, garden. Ac ; rent $2,**l per annnm; Horse, Carriage, Cow, Ac., can be purchased low. Apply to H. W. BALDWIN. IH0 Broadway, New York, or S. P. LATH ROP, 767 Broad street. Newark, N.J. House to rent and furnitubh for bale Honse consists of 9 rooms, all modern Improvements gas, water, heater and range; Furniture new, only nsed one month ; will be sold at a great snerlfloe ; location un exceptlonabt*; only SO minutes irom New York, 8 min utes trom depot; rent low. For (nil particulars address II. 11, D., Herald office. PKOFERTT Ol'T OF THK CITT FOR HAX.K OR TO RKBT. I" TTOMHSTEAD TO LRAHE FOR THE SEASON OB XI for one year. at South Norwalk, Conn.? To lease, possession on or before the (at ol May if desired, the full slzed commodious two story frame Mouse, with ham and other outbuildings. all in One order: location one of the pleat* ntest on the line ol the New York anil New Haven Railroad, Overlooking the Sound, river and harbor and wlttiin five minutes ol the depot; house well furnished, and baa gas, furnace, range, with hot and cold water and laundry ; ground*) contain about %\i, acres, with large garden, about 100 iruit trees in lull bearing and a variety of small fruits. A faintly Horse, Rookaway, Wagon, Cart iind a well stocked Henuery will be let wltn the premises. For lurther particulars Inquire of A. G. NCTTI. G, 42? Broadway, New York, or ot th? owner, L. II. MOORE, on ii1? Pfetn"e?. at South Norwalk, Conn. Home and lot for rent? situated at bound Brook. New Jersey, on Central Railroad. New Jer sey; twelve tralnsduil v each way to and from Hew York; large lawn and bnautiAil shade : fruit of nil kinds; Are h milk and butter on the farm ; within Ave minutes <kf sta S??T /Sl^S,0.' B-.r- UTTJsCL, at Bound Brook, or II. BLACKWELL, at 113 Broadway, room 84. B. F. LITTELL. Madison? ss acres-, beautifully located for building sites; fine forest shade: high location; one mile from depot; will he sold cheap; no encum brance. J. D. CONDICT, 89 Broadway. Morristown.? farm house, furnished or unfurnished, to let; carriage and stable room; large and small fruits spare Miring wafer; miles of depot. Address box 495 Post office, Morristown, N. J. Morristown.? to rent, fAr summer season, large modern Ma??ion; 15 rooms; every conven ience; two ucres; fine garden; use of horse and cow. J. t?. OoNDICT, 98 Broadway. MONSEY, ROCKLAND COUNTY. NEW YORK, HOUSE 12 rooms, burn, 7 acres, abundance of fruit, fine scenery ; price $?1,UX>. Will exchange for city property or mortgages. A(1 dross box J,0fi4, New York Post office. MILLBURN ROCK.? FOR SAI.E, A DE8IRABLE Tract of 60 acres, near depot, at Millburn, N. J., inter sected by two railroads. (I. II. I'IKKHuN. No. ft linn St. NTAOK, ON THE HUDSON? TO LB* OR FOR SAI.E, a new French roof, Alteon rooms; nil modern im Rrovomei.ts; rent $1,1100; a Gothic Ilonse, rent $800; irnishod if desired; a Cottage, seven rooms, rent $360; furnished $860. K. B. WESTON, Mansfield avenue station, Nyaok. NEWARK.-A HAND BOMB MANSARD ROOFED House. In Newark street, near Sussex avenue ; house completed last fall and never occupied ; 15 rooms, all Im provement! : high ground, shady street, large yard, fruit, Ac. ; accessable to all depots. Apply to D. W. HUYLAK, 77 Amity street, New York. Newark.? to let or for sale, a first class medium sized Philadelphia brick House, complete in every particular; wide concrete sidewalks; hand some shade trees In front; near railway Btntlon, in the most plia-ant and healthy part of the city; rent moder ate. Sec photograph and pluus at No Pine street, room 11. ,, Neat eight room nousE, with bay window, marble mantel, wat?r, Ac., with one acre o.J land, $l,ftl)0; with 16 acres, $4,000; with lt>7 acrcs. $16.700 ; plenty of choice fruits; high ground; magnificent views; nailing; 22 miles in New Jersey. E. BOOKHOUT, i)8 Liberty street. New York. ORANdE, N. J., AT MONTROSE STATION-NEW complete Houses, superbly located ; 13 rooms; every possible improvement. $10,000; rent $1,000. F. b. HTALLV NECHT, owner, 37 Nassau street ORANGE, N. .1.? $450 RENT? NEAT COTTAGE House, good neighborhood, near depot; eiirht rooms, modern conveniences. HAMILTON A WALLIS, No. ? Nassau street, corner of Pine, and opposite depot, Orange. ORANGE, N. J.? FOR SALE, ELEGANT COTTAGE, fourteen rooms; land 200x400 feet; healthy and de sirable; $7,500. Cottage, eight rooms, 100x375 leet, $4,800; depot 1% mile*. J. II. B., 20 Murray street ORANGE COUNTY-DAIRY, STOCK OR GRAIN Farm lor sale, or exchange for City or Suburban Property, four hours from New York, per Erie Railroad. Particulars apply to P. B. KNAPP, 362 Hudson street ORANG1", N. J. ? FOR SAI.E, SEVEN FINE RESI. deuces, oil ornu.e Mountain; neighborhood first class; prices $3,000 to $10,000. iS. F. SMALL, 111 Liberty street ORANGE.? FURNISHED COTTAGE HOUSE, TEN rooms; wtthln five minutes' walk of brick church depot; rent $1,000; large garden; plenty of fruit. S. M. LONii, adjoining Brick Church Station. OBANGE AND VICINITY. ?RESIDENCES RANGING IN price from $1,000 to $5ii,imio for sale and exchange; houses furnished and untarnished to rent Apply to S. D. CONUIT, Washington place, near Wrick Church Station, Orange, N. J. ORANGE.? TO LET OR LE A?E? OLD-FASHIONED House. 11 rooms, buy window, piazzas; 16 acres; barn, lawn, plenty shade and fruit trees, apple orchard; possession immediately; rent $06 >. MINE, 557 Sixth avenue. PLAlNFIELa? RAPID TRANSIT BY NEW JERSEY Central ; two elegant Houses, modern Improvements, and other Property, near depot, for sale and to let by a resident of this healthy and growing eitv. P. P. VAN ZANDT, 81 Cedar street, room 2. PROPERTY ON LINE OF NORTHERN RAILROAD OF New Jersey, to Spring Valley1** specialty.? For sale or exchange ; fine bargain. To let, finely turnlshed and un furnished Residences on line of same road. " WILSON A CLARK, 111 Broadway, basement, room C. Rare chance.? a. cnoicE farm op 57 acres, In Buck* county (the gimlen of Pennsylvania) tor sale a bargain. Land is smooth, clean and rich an a gar den ; good, substantial buildings; nice (tone dwelling, splendid barn, wagon house, granary, poultry house, pig gery, Ac. ; nice brook, splendid water, handsome orchard, choice Iruit, only V, mile from village, daily mail, 2 miles from large town, .18 miles from Philadelphia and tyi hours from New York; milk and 12 passenger trains (fully to P uitadclphla, 1'rice, including all the crops and imme diate posseMon, snly $6,600. Terms. %z, sou cash ; balance very easy. Address UKOROE L. WALKER, Uicliland Centre, Bucks county. Pa. QTATEV ISLAND HOUSES TO LET? FURNISHED P and untiirnislicd ; two tor boarders. Night boats to and l'roin city. Call and examine my list. HITCHCOCK, 52 Broadway, room 31. SOUTH ORANGE, N. J.? FOR SALE, AN ATTRAC tive new House, with 10 rooms, five minutes Irom the depot; view unsurpassed', sure to please. JT F. flCHENOB, 68 West Broadway. TO RE GIVEN AWAY? FARM, 30 ACRES, 1 MILE from Railway deVot; 6 acres wood, balance under good cultivation and in grass; some fruit; $6,000, cheap. 11. L. BUi.KLKY, lac Broadway, corner Cedar st TO LET? AT RAVENSWOOD, L. I., THREE DE nirublc Houses, 8 to 12 rooms: pleasantly located ; ample grounds and of easy access: rents $400 to 9M0. Apply to. I. II. II' P KINS, 258 Broadway, room 12, from 11 to i, or ul Ravcnswood. rpo LET-AT HACKKNSACK. N. J., ?NICE HOUSE, 10 i. rooms; beaut ii nil v loeutca; six acres; abunduacc of fruit; large barn ; rent $60). It U L A N D ft Wll 1TINO, No. 5 Beckman street. TO LET? IN BLOOMFIBLO, OLD-KSTABLI8HF.D Corner Grocery and Meat shop, together or separate, with Barn and Stable; rent $400. Address J. R. F., box 163 Herald otticc. TO LET-IN ORANGE, N. J? FOR JUNE, JULY AND August, a completely ttarnWhed Residence, with gas, hot and cold waler, bathroom, 4c.; two acres of lawn: good vegetable garden, stable and a milch cow -Is situ ated In the most desirable portion ot Orange, within three minutes' walk of a depot: commands a fine view ot ul lnouulalns, Ac. ; terms $300 per month. Address W., Ilerald olllco. TO LET? TWO VERY PRETTY COTTAGES, EACH containing S rooms; one with a stable; beautifully situated on the banks of the Passaic Klver, only lour min utes' walk from the depot and tiilrtv minutes from New York. Apply lo FEASTER, No. 1 Park place. rpo LET-AT RrtF.NTWOOD, L. I., 42 MILES FROM J city, a furnished Cottage and Harden ; within five minutes' walk ot .station, inquire or address ti. T., 28 Clinton street, Brooklyn. mo LET AND FOR S A LE? FURNISHED AND UNFUR X ni hed Country Seats, Furms and Cottages, on all parts of Suiten Island. DARRIN, nO Broad. rpo LEASE? BELMONT HALL, FURNISHED OR UN. X furnished, 6> rooms, on the terrace. New Brighton, 8. I. ; kept seven years by late occupant. W. A. COLLINS, 18 Pine street TO RENT-A FURNISHED COTTAGE, 11 ROOMS, barn, good garden, with trult and shrubbery ; also several desirable Cottages tor sale cheap at Kutlicrtard l'ark. BLAKESTON, HOFFMAN A WILLIAMSON, 218 Fulton street, rooms 4 and 8. rpo RENT-FURNISHED, A BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY I Seat, at Scar-dale, Westchester county; the house contains all modern improvements and billiard room : 13 rooms and servants' rooms; large attic ; 26 acres ot land laid out In lawn ; fruit and vetatftble and flower gardens; pa.-lure ; all the necessary outhouses of a first class place. 5 he owner Is desirous of securing a good tenant. Apply to E. II. Ll'DLOW A CO., No. 3 Piue street, or 36 East Seventeenth street. rpWO FARMS TO LET? IN NEW JERSEY; ONE 60 1 aeres and one 21 acres; cheap to good parlies. For particulars apply to b. M. MASON, No. 1 Chamber.-* st. The modoos want the lava beds? who wants my Asparagus Bed with seven acresf All fruits| lawn : good bou e, twelve rooms; stable, Ac. ; one hour troiu city. Particulars from owner. A. L. SCOTT, M Walker street. Tract of seaside real estate at Martha's I Vlnevarrt lor sale.? An undivided Half Interest In a tract ot liie most desirable Land for Summer cottages at Manila's Vineyard. It contains about 160 acres, already plotted, many oi the lots sotal and cottages being erected thereon. For boauty of seaside scenery, pure air, fish ing and bathing facilities unsurpassed. Tho other half of the property ts owned by a gentleman of means, who will act In concert with any reliable purchaser. Would excitative for available city Property. For particulars, turms, Ac., cat I on or address S. It IIIMON I). ,M Ccdn r st. -TO T'KT< "EAR PATERSON, FARM OF 16 ?OWo. acres, all under cultivation ; goo. I buildings ami surroundings. J. o. IloYT A SON, 171 Broadway. dbQ/UkCASH (BALANCE, $1,400, ON I1A8V TERMS) VOUIF will buy a neat, eight-roomofl House, fwo lots, garden. Ac.; one hour by South Side Railroad of l.ong Islaad, three inlnuies ot depot.; six trains; healthv; schools and churches. Address M. A. R., box 211 Herald office dkl AAA CASH WILL HI V A HOUSE AT FAR Rock nwav. 21x2* feet ;?nq extension, with a i|iiarter acre of ground, near the beach und two depots. Inquire ol G. C. NORTON, 86 Pcnn street, Brook lyn, E D. <i>] FU\f\ ? saw mill and 250 acres of land ?5" !-?' for sale ; splendid wafer power ; machinery all new; turbine wheels, tour saws, iron shafting, pul leys, Ac.; a great bargain If applied tor imm? dlately ; terms easy; only $1,600 cash required : n fortune to a businessman Apply to K. et. BLOOM NIL U, btrouds burg, Monro< county, Pa. S\ ?DESIRABLE COTTAGE (THREE MIN TiOwU. uinV walk), Went Brighton Landing, 8 rooms; plenty Iruit, flowers and shade; suitable lor a gentleman inoderate means; terms easy. DARRIN, 80 Broad. (fc L WILL PURCHASE A NEW JERSEY 100 v'nt'WII acre Farm. *1 In grass, S3 iln rye, 16 miles from Freehold and Trenton. _ . D. F. CURLKY, 12 Centre street. New Yorfc. 4l7 (WWi ? HANDSOMB RKSIDENCB, STATE N W I .vUU. Island. 12 rooms: carriage house; shMle, fruit; waterfront; fine bathing; one ot the most desira ble resldcucca; ipicodld vrtwj toxm^accjgim^^tinf^ PROPERTY OtTT OF THB CITY FOB SAI/B AMP TO RBMT. 2K. nnn ACRES IN KANSAS FOR SALE-IK tract* to suit : will be sold lor cash or part cash down, or exchanne I for merchandise. For parti culars address LAND OWNER, Herald office. REAL H STATES TO H1CHAMSE. AVour btorV" brick house on thirty eighth street, well rented, will be cold cheap; ftmt s'orv brick House on Fortieth street, rented In floor*. five story double brick House on Thirty-sixth street will exchange ; four s'orv brick lleueeaou 117lh street will exchange for Hrooklvn Property. H. F. MELROSE, 513 Third avenue. A? FIVE NEW BROWN STONE HOUSES ON MUR. . ray Hill, Irom $23,ouo to R8LOOU, exchange lor up town Lots. THoMAo J. DUNK1N A Co.. 5i<4 iliirdav. AT HEMPSTEAD, L. I., ADJOININO STEWART'S improvement. ?To let. sale or exchange, House. 8 rooms, 8 acres, burn; possession immediately; plenty liuit; ono ml e Irom depot; rent $300. HARVEY DAY I ON, Dentjst, RHEighth avenue. A CHANCE FOR AN ENTERPRISING MAN THAT oilers but once in ? lifetime.? on account of ill health 1 will sell or exchange, lor a snug House ill the city (will add ca^li if necessary), my established Real Estate and Insurance Huslness, with tavorable lease. Ad'lresu. with full particulars, MORRIS, box Is*) Herald office. None others will receive notice. Exchange for sloop or schooner-farm, mo acres, in Middlesex county. New Jersey: land umler good cultivation; large appls orchard; 200 pear trees an other fruits in abundance. Call at once. H. L. BULKLK Y, 134 iiroadway, corner Cedar street. For sale or exchange? one of the finest country residences on stateu Island, noar Clifton, large Mansion, all modern improvements, outbuilding* complete, about twenty acres of Land under high stain of cultivation, abundance of choice fruits and w*ll shaded Mine view of New York cltv and bay ; everything in complete order ; tally furnished or unfurnished. S. IR" LAND, 201 Broadway. For sale or exchange? at flushing, at tractive Residence, with every convenience of first class citv hooves: IS rooms, carriage house, hennery; four acres, splendidly fruited and Improved ; near depot; un common bargain. JAM Ktf B. PA RSON8, H4 Pine street. For sale? or exchange for cash value, 10 Lots on the northwest corner of Eleventh avenne and Eighteenth street, Windsor Terrace, Brooklyn, thrca blocks from the grand entrance to Prospect Park ; rapid transit will make this property valuable; also for sale low, three story and basement Philadelphia brick House, 19 Canton street ; price $4,S00: rents for $t) .Oner annum. Apply by letter or In person to It. MULLIN, No. 8 Canton street, between Park and Flushing avenues, Brooklyn, from 6:30 to 9 P. M. For sale or exchange-am elegant coun try Residence, replete with all modern improve ments, and live acres ; tine location; 20 miles in New Jer sey ; $30, OOii. Apply to owner, 429 West Sixteenth street. For sale or exchange? a country prop crt.v and Cash for City Property; will put in $10,000 to $15,0(j0 forjgood property. PAUL P. TODD, 66 Liberty street^ Eor sale, exchange or to let? a suburban Resilience; containing 12 rooms and good cellar; water in house, Ac. ; three acres of Land ; burn ; carriage bouse and trult: beautiful location atul views; $500 per year. DEMAREST A WIIITLOCK, 1? Park place. New Yerk. 8. D. GOULD, owner, Paterson, N. J. For sale, rent or exchange for house in New York or Brooklyn ? Country Sent, stable. Ac., 2U acres, shade and fruit trees, at TcnaHy, N. ,f., one hour from City Hull. Inguiro of HENRY STANTON, No. 4 Warren street SUPERIOR COTTON, SUOAR, ORANGE AND TIMBER Lands for sale or exchange ; some tracts yielding large incomes; charming climate, and all unencumbered. J. E. BROOME A CO., 10 Wall street TO EXCHANGE?1 THREE STORY BROWN STONE House, In elegant neighborhood, Brooklyn, for Dwel ling in the country, worth $10,000 to $15,000. C. C. WAYLAN1) A AYM AR, 103 Fulton St., New York. WANTED? TO SELL OR EXCHANOE FOR MER chandise, 2,000 acres choice Texas Land, adjoining the Texas Pacific Railroad in Van Zanrtt county, Texas. Titles perfect In every respect. For particulars address C. C. HEARNE, box 158 Galveston (Texas) Post office. Quarry.? wanted, for immediate develop mcnt, Slate or Building Stone, near New York. Ad. uress, with full particulars, lor teu days, W. WORTS, Brooklyn, Kings county, N. Y. WANTED? REAL ESTATE; ANY RESPONSIBLE, first class builder can get control to build over Ku houses in Brooklyn, with a loan; parties not responsible need not answer. Apply from 12 to 1 P. M. to J AS. A. FISHER, 231 Broadway, rooms 13 and 14, New York. WANTED? A MEDIUM SIZE DWELLING. LOCATED between Second and Eighth avenues, in exchange for a first class unencumbered Farm, near the city. EUGENE CHEVALLIER. 61 Liberty street, basement WANTED-A LOT, WITH AN OLD BUILDING QR Stuble upon It; or a vacant lot, within a circuit of half a mile from Graud street and Bowery. Apply at 229 Grand street. WANTED? GOOD BROWN STONE HOUSE BELOW Seventieth strcct^Fou'rth to Eighth avenue, not over $25,000, for Immediate cash buyer. PAUL P. TODD, 66 Liberty street. HOUftK*, KOOIIIK, ACT., WA.WTEO. In this Cltjr and Brooklyn. A FAMILY OOJNO TO EUROPE WHO MAT WISH A eirtftd tenant to take care of their hoase and furni ture (oik- willing to pay a small rent), will tlnil ono with a small family and no children by addressing A. H. W., llerald oillce. Must not be more than 20 wiuutea' walk from A. -,t or place. Be*t reference given. A GENTLEMAN, WIFE AND LITTLE BOY WANT ? Room and Bedroom or one larse Room, furnished. Address, ttaitUK price, with lull particular*, D. B., box 6,173 Post offl-e. ____ A FURNISHED OR UNFURNISHED HOUSE WANT ed? Suitable to lot nut in furnished room*. Agents and owners send full description to K., bo* 11# Herald Uptown Branch office. A PHYSICIAN WANTS ONE OR TWO ROOMS, NEAR Sixth avenue, between Fourteenth and Twenty-third streets, or in the avcnu>! ; second Moor unobjectionable ; terms moderate. Address Dr. LI8TON, 104 Sixth avenuo. House wanted in the ninth ward.? a small i family of adults desire to rent a medium sized Dwelling, containing all modern improvements and in n quiet neighborhood ; house to be in good order and rent moderate. Address SCHOLL, 13 Chambers street. Part of a house wanted-by a quiet family of thre.e middle aged people; below Kl ft v ninth street and west of Filth avenue. Address B. G.. box 1 68 Herald office. WANTED-IMMEDIATELY, a WnoLE floor, furnished? that Is. parlor, bedroom, bathroom ana water closet? as near Twenly-lirst street and Fifth ave nue as possible. Address J. F. L.. Union Club, corner ? Filth avenue and Twenty-first street. Wanted-by an amkrican family, a small Hi use; rent about $l,3iX); or the Second and Third or part of Third Floor; rent about friOO: good location, from Eighth to Fiftieth st roet.iiSeeond to Seventh avenue. Address <>. O., Herald office. WANTED-BY GENTLEMAN AND WIFE, A FLOOR of three or four rooms, unfurnished, in privato house ; parlor or second floor ; between Fortieth and Fif tieth streets, Third and Seventh avenues; rcicreuces; Call on or address <). W. W., 140 East Fiftieth street. WANTED-FOR LIGHT HOUSEKEEPING, PLEAS ant, permanent and reasonable Rooms, between Third and Sixth avenues and Fourteenth and Twenty fifth streets. Address CHANDLER, 625 Broadway. TXTAMTED? A SECOND FLOOR, UNFURNISHED, f T modern Improvements, with a private family, be tween Fourteenth street aud Fifty-fourth street; prlco must be moderate. Address LEX, box IV4 Herald office. WANTED? BY AN AMERICAN FAMILY, POUR neatly furnished Rooms, with all the convenience* for houMkeepiny ; location central. Address, with par ticulars aud lowest terms, CLERK, box 140 Herald office. WANTKD? BY THREE ADULTS, AN UNFURNISHED Second Floor. In a private family, with modern im provements and in good location ; rent $26 per luoa'.h. Address F. V. N., No. 6 Liberty place. T*7" ANTED? BY A WIDOW AND HER SON, THREE OR tt four Rooms, on second or third door ; rent not to exceed $25 per month ; location Eighth and Lexington avenues. Thirtieth and F 'iity-iifih streets. Address X. C.. box 5.2tif> Post oillce. "|Jlr ANTED? BY A GENTLEMAN, ROOM OR ROOMS, TT In a house where there will be no restrictions in regard to receiving company. Address, with lull par- . ' ticulars, PERMANENT, Herald offlee. WANTED? IN A PRIVATE HOUSE, FROM APRIL 20, . a large Room on the. second or third floor, whero a gentleman can iml his library lor the Summer, between Filth and Eighth avenues and Fortieth and Fifty-fifth streets; onlvcaip"t required. Kefcroncus exchanged. ' Address M. L. T., station H. 1 WANTKD? TO RENT, A FULLY FURNISHED HOUSE < where the owner would take part of rent in board ; locality Im twecn Twenty-fifth and (?orty-flith streets. Sixth and Fourth avenues. Address REFERENCE, Herald Up town Hrafleh offlee, 1.26ft Broadway. ? j WANTED? POR A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE, A > V well furnished Bedroom, without board, in a cen tral location. Address, stating terms, 8. II. d., Iiuf a Id Uptown Branch oillce. WANTED? TO RENT, BY A RESPONSIBLE PARTY. tt Part of House or Second Floor, with Improvement, between Second and Seventh avenues; family small; best references. Ad Iress, with lull particulars, Mrs. Weber, 102 Waverlev place. WANTED-A PLEASANT UNFURNISHED ROOM, with Bedroom or large closets or storeroom, lor nti American lamllv of two, in genteel and respectable house and neighborhood only; terms moderate; a dry basement wtll do. Address J. S. L., Ucrald Uptown >jl Branch office. WANTED? A GENTLEMAN, UPTOWN, NEAR ! Broadway or Fifth avenue, tor the Summer months one or two Rooms, with bathroom attached : substantial furniture required. Addre.-a PARIS, box 1M Herald Uptown Branch odlce. ?,rANTED-BY A SMALL FAMILY OF ADULTS, A TT small House or Purl of a House (partially furnished preferred), in a good neighborhood ; rem from $.-ti)0to 91,100 Address D. M., lleral.i I ptown Branch office. WANTED- BY GENTLEMAN AND LADY, TURKF. , | or four Rooms for light housekeeping; east side, L below Fortieth street; no questions a Sled except for rent; rent frotn 120 to >2ft : nn tenement house. Address A REHPEC TABLR, Herald 1 ptown Branch ofllee. " 9 WANTED TO RENT? BY A PRIVATE FAMILY, A I] well furnitbed three irtory House, from June 1( to be located in a respectable neighborhood, between Four teenth and Thirtieth streets sad Eightn and Third av*. i rent not over $2, sou a year. Stale term* and location, ad drawing s. A., Herald offlee. I In the Country. TirANTED-W BKROEN ? POINT, 'TEAR THE BAY ?T or fiver, furnished Rooms for three gentlemen Address box .l.eot Post ofllee. New York.

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