9 Nisan 1873 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 4

9 Nisan 1873 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 4
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w BOARDHRB WANTKB. 1 DZTAV ROW OB "lM BLBEOKKB STBEET .1 Reoraa, with Board, for famlltei or single persona, ??* io lit per wwt ; single, 96 to $f<. N? moving. 1? A LARGE BOOM, NEATLY FIFNISHED, FOB ? two gentlemen s alio several small Booms, with or without Hoard, ut 162 Second avenue. House and loca tion first data. Terms reasonable. 1 LARUE, HANDSOMELY PUBNISHBD HALL BOOM, with closet connecting. to let, wltli Hoard, at 217 West Fourteenth street; house and location unusually desira ble ; re ft- retices. O LARGE CONNECTING ROOMS ON SECOND & floor, with Board, hot and cold water, lor a family or party of gentlemen. l.V Macdougal street. 2 ROOMS. UNFURNISHED, ON THE SECOND FLOOR, also other Rooms, furnished or unfurnished, at mod erate prices, with Hoard ; plenty of closet room ; no mov ing. ii\ Wr.it Fourteenth street () BLOCKS FROM BROADV AY.-TO LET, A SI IT St of elegantly furnished Booms, on fln.t and second floors, for families or gentlemen, with first class French table. 25 Waverley place. BEAST THIRTT-FOI'RTII STREET ? ROOMS, WITH Hoar.l ; most desirable locality In the city tor com fort and convenience. __ A EAST TWBNTY-N'INTH STREET. BETWEEN Fifth and Madison avenues.? Second Flow and Kecep lion Room. with private table, it' desired ; will be *acat ed noon ; deairahfe f<?r first c lans ph.? -it tan. f! BAST THIRTIETH STREET. - HANDSOMELY ?J furnished Rooms, communieating, ta reru, wttii or without Hoard, lor gentlemen or couple* without cull Uren ; moderate terms if taken lor the Huiniuer. CTH ATESI E, 221. OPPOSITE CAFE BRUNSWICK - O Elegant Suit ot Apartments, with private table ; also other Room- and a desirable Room ior a physician. f"TH AV |M. ?HANDSOMBLY PUBNISHBD APART O ments, with" Board, will be vacant Mav 1; Summer prices: also trout Room for single gentleman. Ref erence. _________________ /TTH aYKNUE, 34.1. ? HANDSOME SECOND FLOOR, ? ' tosether or separately, to rent, with Board, besides large and small Room*; reasonable prices. 7F.AST FORTY-SIXTH STREET. ? DESIRABLE Rooms on parlor or third floor to let, with unexcep tionable Board ; references exchanged. MTH STREET, .110 WERT.? HANDSOMELY FUR. nislied Rooms to lot with Hoard, to gentlemen and their wives or single gentlemen ; no moving in May. MTU STREET. WEST. 281.? NEATLY FURNISHED Rooms, suitable lor families or pnrtles of gentle men, at moderate prices. Table unexceptionable ; pri vate it desired. I/tTII STBEET, S65 WEST.? A LARGE FRONT AND ? I back Room on the third floor, comfortably fur nished, will t>e rented together or taparnlely, with Board ; terms moderate. IO AND 20 EAST TWENTY-EIonTn STREET.? LO Large. pleasant Rooms to let for the Summer, with good Board. References. "|Q WEST TWENTY-FIRST STREET.? WITH BOARD, J_t7 two Gwinx, second floor, suitable for family or parly ot gentlemen ; also single Rooms. No moving. 4. -A PRIVATE FAMILY OWNING HOUSE WILL 5p?- lU. let, with superior table and attendance, a large, handsome sunny Room on second floor, to two gentlemen ?r gontloman and wile; unexceptionable references axchangod. 244 West Twenty-flllth street. 91 WAVERLEY PLACE, NEAR BROADWAY.? Largo, cheerful front Room, with alcove and closets; also single Bourns, second and third floors; good table 5 house well established. OQ CLINTON PLACE.? FIRST CLASS BOOMS, double and single, with or without Board; first class references required. 2;- WAVERLEY PLACE, NEAR B BO AD W AY. ?TO ? J let, a suit of elegantly furnished Rooms on first and so-ond floor for families or gentlemen ; first class (Trench table. (fl?0;T TO $30 A WEEK.? A GENTLEMAN WISHING to fluil Hoard tor hisAvife only, near Central l'ark and tint class accommodation'), where there are bo other boarders, can address, for three days, PLEAS ANT IM.ME, Herald Uptown Hrnnch office. 9/7 WAVERLEY PLACE.? HANDSOME FURNISHED tu 4 liooins. with Board ; house and location first class. 97 WEST THIRTY EIGHTH STREET? BACK PAR St I ior, second and third floor Rooms, singly or en suite, with Board; no moving; references. QQTIf STREET. 89 AND 41. WEST ? HANDSOMELY ?' furnished Rooms on second, third and fourth Boors, with Hoard. Table first class. Q/ 1 EAST THIRTY-FIFTH STREET.? HANDSOME O' ' parlor Bedroom to let, with Board ; alro third story back K00111, about the lust week in April; references. OO WEST THIRTY-THIRD STREET.? RICHLY FUR OO nisbed Seaond Floor, with or without private table 1 *lso hall Boom; liberal concession made for y carl v ar rangement or till Fall ; references exchanged. Q??TH STREET.? AN ELEGANT SUIT OK ROOMS, Ou handsomely furnished, to rent, with Hoard, from May 1. 2U Madison avuiiue, corner of Thirty-slxtn at. Q?? BAST FOBTY-NINTH STREET, ONE DOOR FROM eJU Madison avenue.? Handsomely furnished llooms ?>n second and fourth floors to let, with first class Board ; references required. >)/' WEPT TWENTY SEVENTH STREET? HA IX RED OU room (<? rent to single gentlemen, with first class Board. References exchanged. O/ ? WEST TWENTY SEVENTH 8TREET.? HALL Oil ltociii to let, with Hoard; house first class; table Board given. ?)( k RA8T TWEX.FTn STREET, BETWEEN UNTVER Oy aity place au.t Broadway.? A nicety furnished trout Room, southern exposure, to let, with Roanl. to a gentleman mill wife or two single gentlemen. Apply for two day*. ?JQ WEST TWENTY-SIXTH STREET.? ELEGANT 0?7 front Parlor and Bedroom, second floor; also fourth floor and single Rooms; location and neighborhood un cki eptloiiable ; table excellent ; prices moderate. T STREET, 139 WEST.? PLEASANT THIRD *"iry Room ; also handsome Extension to let. with Hid Hoard; moderate rates for Summer; no moving; 41 A i) EAST NINETEENTH STREET.? WELT. FUR I _i ni-hed Rooms, with Board; terms reasonable; ref erence* e ichtnged, 40l> STREET, WEST. lit. BLOCK FROM RBOID ?) \vi; .?Desirable Roi m> on first ami second floors; double and simile Rooms for gentlemeu, with Board ; un exceptionable references exchanged. 4r WEST TWENTY-NINTH STREET-HAND ? ) m.hicIv furnished Parlor Floor to rent to gentle mart atid ? ite ; private table it desired. Also third story back Boom. (Tf| WEST TWENTY-Fol RTII STREET, NEAR FIFTH UU avenue.? A pleasant Room, on second floor, nicely furnished ; table excellent : pri< e moderate. r?) CLINTON PLACE, NEAIi FIFTH AVF.NTF.-SEO tlij otid and Third Floors, handsomely furnished, with or without Hoard, to parties of gentlemen. r a WEST TW ENTY SIXTH STREET, BETWEEN ? J'"t Broadway and sixth avenue.? Double and single Rooms ; also elegant Parlor and Reception Room: day hoarder* taken; no moving in May; references ex changed. CO CLl NTON~ PLACE, OPPOSITE BREVOf ' RT ? JO House? Handsomely furnished Rooms, with lint cI.vm Board; also largo unfurnished Rooms. IRVING PLACE, GRAMERCY PAR K.? THIRD fh or front Room and dressing Room. hand?omciv furnished: large closets; house and table first class; special inducement- 'o permanent parti< n 7 MORTON STREET. WESI' OF IICK.sON STREET. ? 4 I To let, two single nicely furnished Rooms, with or Without Breakfast and Tea. References. "|fU| WEST THIRTY-SECOND STREET, NEAR IU'? Broadway.? To let, with Board, one or two large Rooms, contiecling ; hot nnd cold water; only a few hoardt rsj references enchanted. l||a W I SI- TWENTY -EIGHTH STREET? 17\ ROE JsF.7 i r?.nt Room on thinl f!o<>r. pleasantly furnished, to let, with good Board; suitable lor two or three gentle men : no moving. 1 4)(l 'VEST TWENTY-SECOND STREET.? A NICELY furnished hull I'.oo. ii to let with first class Board, t ? single gentleman; reference exchanged. lOJk WEST TH iRTY-FOr I! I'll STREET, NEAR 1?"' Rroadwa.v and Sixth avenue ? Handsomely fur atahed <ront Room on third floor, with first class Board; aixihail Rooms; reference. |OJ LEXINGTON \ V EN l" E, BETWEEN TWI.VIY lOi eighth and Tweaty-nlnth strci t-.? Three storv tront Room and hull Room on :amc floor to let, with Board ; references. Iff LEXINGTON AVENUE, NEAR TWENTY Ifx ninth street.? Well furnished Rooms; nil conven iences; with or without Board, to gentleman nnd wile or tingle person. 1,-/1 EAST SEVENTY-FIRST STREET, NEAR CRN trs l Park, in a private tamilv? A nicely lurnKlied Re. .m to let, with Board, to one or two ladles ; terms very moderate. Apply alter 12 o'clock. References. |/? I WI ST TWENTY-SECOND STREET.? DESiRA. 1'lH tile and well furnished Rooms, with or without private tuble, for tamilies or a party of gentlemen ; no InoMiik' i i . May; reioreiiees exchange*. EAST ELEVENTH STREET, SECOND HOUSE from Third hmmhic ? Nicely furnished Bedrooms and Hal' Room, with or without Hoard , also large fur ? nlshed Parlor, to gentleman uudwife; Board lor lady only OOO WEST FORTY-THIRD STREET.? TO LET. with or without Board, a large tYont Room ; also ? Reception Room; location hall a block from Broad way; references given and required. OQQ East thirtieth street ?in a private Zift y famUv, pleasaat Rooms and Board lor married aonple or single persons; price, reasonable. O ctC WEST THIRTY-EIGHTH STREET.? ASM A Lie 7?M rel?1 ? Suil Rooms oa the second floor, wltli Board, U> gentlemun aud wile or single irontii. men ; references exchanged. *)!ZJ WEST THIRTY-EIGHTH STREET.? TO LIT j&f-M with Board, a front Room, suitable for gentle man and wife or single gentleman; no moving in m>v yoferences required. Of??^WB8T TniRTY-NINTH STREET.? A OENTLE AivJO"man caa be accommodated with a well fur nished Room, with or without hoard. Call or address for two days. QOC WEST FOURTEENTH STREET.? A LARGE O^iU secend story front Room, with ample closets, to let. with Board. QAZ WEST FOURTEENTH STREET.? HANDSOME. ?ri?J ly furnldhcd Rooms, en suite nnd sinffle, with flitt class Board. References exchanged. 4 HO WEST TWENTY-THIRD STREET.? WILL BE lUU vacant on April ?, f irst and Second Floors; oartiescoing to Europe , will be ht in suits or otherwise, With superior Board or ?neaceptlouable private table ?A LADT WOULD LIKB To MEET WITH A PARTY A who Would advance her a sum of inouey, in return Ibr which she offers first class Board with borne com lortf; unexceplionable references. Address A. B. c? I itsMi Wadowu Branch offlce. ?UAKHlCiMI WilTBD. ALL PERSONS DESIRING FURNISHED ROOMS, with or without Board, can obtain full particular* ot Arst class houses at office or W. J COLES, l,J#7 Broad way. ANOEI.L'S TURKISH AND ELKCTRIC BATHS, 61 Lexington avenue.? Kiting lor gentlemen or faml i Ilea, transient or permanent, Willi or i? itliout meals ; pri vate table If desired. Baths op?u all nip lit APRIVATR JEWISH FAMILY WILL LET A HAND somely flirnlshed second Morjr front Uoom, with al I covc and pood Board. Apply at SO'* Weat Forty-fifth I street, near Broadway. Board and rooms may be obtained in a email private family for oae or two (AmiHe* or gen tlemen, at 51 West rwelith street, i'|i moderate term*. FTR.Msiikd ROOMS? AT W AVK.RI.E Y HOl'HE, 7.9 Broadway ; Ji a day; *1 to $7 a week ; family Rooms SI. (Hi and $2 a dav ; $7 to 515 a week, wtlh or without board. _ V^O. 89 IRVINO PLACE, NORTHWEST COINBI Eighteenth street.? Nicely lurnishcd Rooms to let, with Board. Not "hard to find a good boarding place" for ii reasonable price.? Largo front second floor Room, brown stone house, newly and elegantly fur nished ; all conveniences; superior Board ; host references, i 1.11 Enst Twenty -seventh stroet, between Fourth and Loxington avenues. five minutes of Broadway and Filth Avenue Dotcl. PARTIES LOOKING FOR ROOMS AND BOARD CAN make most satisfactory arrangements with a lady, who has a house in Forty-seventh street, near Fifth avenuu ; nighest reference given. Address W. H. H.. bos 1*6 Herald Uptown Branch office. TWO OR THREE PERSONS, WITH GOOD REFER, cncea, wishing Ktipcrlor Board and a quiet home, can find some very handsome second floor Rooms in a high stoop brown stone house, having all improvements and furnished entirely new and elegantly, within five min utes' walk ot' Filth Avenue Hotel and Broadway; St." i>er weok. Address box 144 Herald Uptown Branch office TO LET? A NICELY FURNISHED ROOM TO A. BIN gle man ; fair rout, with breakfast if wanted. 812 bast Fifty-third street. " BOARD AND LODGING WANTED. A YOUNG GENTLEMAN WISHES BOARD IN A RE spectable family where there are few or no other boarders-, location central ; reference. Address, stating terms, A. M., bo* 288 l'ost office. A LADY, PROFESSIONAL, WISHES A WELL FUR. nished Room, with Board, In a small private tara ily; quiet and neatness Indispensable; terms must be moderuto ; references exchanged. Address box 4,131 Post office. Now York. A PARTY OF FOUR ADULTS. BREAKING CP housekeeping, desire Board about May I or earlier, ill some private family of refinement; would liko two or three large Rooms or' uu entire floor. Please address with terms and full particular*, HILWAY, Herald office. A GENTLEMAN AND WIFF. DESIRE BOARD IN a private family, on west side ; a large alcove or two Rooms, furnished, on second floor; private lal.le pre ferred. References exchanged. Address, stating terms and locnllou, CASH, Herald office. GENTLEMAN AND BIS DAUGHTER WANT Board and a Second Floor of three rooms besides bathroom, in a small family of ndnlts; they have furni ture; location between Twenty-filth and Fortieth streets and Fourth and Seventh avenues. Address box 1,885 Post office. ___ A LARGE ROOM. PARTLY FURNISHED, WITn Board for two sisters; terms $13 for the summer; Bermanent If suited; west side preferred. Address 8., ox 4,781 P. O. A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE WISH A CHEERFUL, comfortablv furnished Itooai, with good Board for lady only ; term's $20 per week. Address B. M., box 121 Ilurald office. AGRNTLEMAN, WIFE AND CHILD, 17 MONTHS old, desire good plain Hoard abovo Fourteenth street, ill a respectable family; will furnish their own rooms except carpets. Terms about $70 a mouth. Address A. R. II., Herald Uptown Branch office. BOARD WANTED ? A SINGLE GENTLEMAN WOULD like a Room, with breakfast or breakfast and din ner, In a strictly private family, not above Fortieth street; terms not to excced $12. Address L. W., Herald office. BOARD WANTED? BY A OR NTLBMAN AND WIFE, In a private family ; a Parlor ami Bedroom or large Room with alcove ; price not te exceed $25 per week ; be tween Fourth and Sixth avenues. Highest relerence. Address DRAKE, Herald Uptown Branch office. Board wanted. -two yocno "gentlemen de sire a nicely furnished Room with first iln*.i Board, between Tenth unil Twenty-flith streets, Third end Eighth avenues; terms not to exceed $7 por week each ; norina m ill 11 suited Address (1EO. and GEO., Huralit office. ClARD WANTED-BY A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE, in a Hinall, plain, private family, within fifteen minutes' walk of Bleecker street and Broad w a;. ; dinner at noon or live P. M. Address H., 60S Broadway. OARD WANTED ?A RES t'Et'l AUI.E YOI^NG gentleman wishes to obtain Board ill a private faniiiv, or where there are few Other hoarder*. ? hero he can have a pleasant and permanent home, between Twelfth and Twenty -fifth street* and Seventh and Sec ond avenue*. Address with forms, which must l>e reasonable. S. A. U.. 2US hast fourteenth .street. N. Y. Y TWcPyOI NO LADIES OK RES P EC 1 \BI I.ITY, somewhere between Kiftii and sixth avenues and Eighth and Tenth streets inclusive ; terms not to exceed $6 each. Address T. V., slntiou D TWO UNFURNISHED ROOMS. Wt Til OOOli Hll VRp' wanted by a gentleman: third or fourth floor pre ferred; term- not to exceed $21) per week. Address L. W., box 139 Hern Id office. ?nrAN I' ED?' TWO ROOMS. WITH BOARD FOR AN 11 elderly lady and s.in; terms not to exceed $12 per week for the two. Address J. THOMPSON, Herald l p elderly lady and (on; tonus not t.j> exceed $12 for the two. ? town Brand) office. ANTED FOB THE Sl'MMER? A PLEASANT, w nicely furni-hed single front Room, with Board, on or near Fifth or Madison avenue, and hetw een Twenty third and Sixtieth street*: state full particulars; no pro fessional boarding house keepers need aaswer. Address C. .f. O.. box l<52 Heral. 1 office. \y tNTED? A SECOND FLOOR, Ft'R.VISHED, WITH if private table, on Fifth avenue, between Thirtieth and Fiftieth streets. Address, with IU11 particulars F. R.,hox 119 Herald t'ptown Branch office. TpANTED? iHiOD BOARD, Willi PLE ASA NT IS' 11 furnished Room on second floor, for man and wife. Address 75 East Ftttv-second street, w ith all particulars. HOTELS. Hotel st germain, fifth avem e, twenty second street and Broadway.? Elegant Suit* and single Rooms now vacant: tabl" d'hote or European plan; most central location^ rooms all tr.uit, 1IBBY HOTRL, 56 WARREN STREET, ONE BLOC Iv J from City Hail.? Room* 00 cts. a day; 9-' to $3 a week ; fetnllv si and |LB> wyiXio $10 a week. VEW ENGLAND HOTEL. So BOWERY, CORNER OF is Bavard Mreet.? 200 light Rooms, neatly ttirnlshed ; 50c. or 0 V. per night; 90 to ft per week. For geiltle men only. OATM \N HOUSE, SI BOWRBY, CORNER BAYABD street.? Rooms en suite or singly, with or without Board. Booms flt)c., tic., |1 per night, SrCRTEYANT BOUSE, BBOADWAY. TWENTY eighth and fwentv-ninth s'rect*. New York, Ameri can plan, 54 a day.? This hotel has elevators, all modern Improvements; situated in the great hotel centre. lewts k gko. s. LB LAND, Proprietors. Table d? iiote. -dinner served 5 to * p. m., at Robinson House; restaurant open from ti A. M. till 9 P. M. ; Sixteenth street, third door * e u of I nlon square ; richly furnished rooms for families and gentlemen ; prices moderate. 0 COt NTH Y IIOAIU). A PRIVATE FAMILY IN CONNECTICI'T, WITHIN Jl\. thre? hours' ride by rail or boat, and s minutes front the depot, would tak" a few boarders for the Summer; house and table first class; large, pleasant Rooms; a tt tie view of the water; beautiful drives and every home comfort. Address C. C.H., ho\ 1.0M Bridgeport. 'Conn. Board for families or adults in \ BEAUTT ful farm residence, easy of access, can be obtained on moderate terms. Call on MOODY A CO., 183 Broad way 1HEAP BOARDING.? MORHISANIA, CONVENIENT floor, or single Room, with good Board, in a private, family. Anpty to Mr*. FIKMIN, 114 East Thirtieth street, New York, er to Mrs. EDWARDS, Washington avenue, Bear depot M.irrianiu. ' CIOUNTRY BOARD WANTED? FROM MAY 1, BY A J family of tour persons. one hour's distance from New York. Address, witb terms, which must be mode rate. box 5,26ft Post office. New York. CIOUNTRY BOARD WANTED IN NEW JERSEY -TWO / youiw gentlemen desire Board during the Summer months In pleasant locality ; distance not exceeding 20 miles, within ea*v access ol city. Please address, stating term* and full particular.*, G. w.. box 119 Herald office SUMMER BOARD WANTED?BY A MIDDLE AGED lady, in a good Isrinhouse iti healthy neighborhood, within one hour ol the city by railway. Address, with full particular- aud terms, Mrs. JANE ANDERSON, rare Herald office. Three handsomely furnished rooms, with excellent Board, on a farm in New Jersey within one hour trom New York. Address or call ai 244 W est Thirty-eighth street. \trANTED? BY A GENTLEMAN, WITH WIFE. CHILD, 11 and nurse. Country Board within ..ne hour's ride of New ^ ork, from mld<Me ol Mav until October* answers must Hate exact location, price, Ac. Addrc?s W. o. R.. box 2,494 Post office. New fork. NCM.MKR BBROETI. (10ZZENS' J WEST POINT HOTEL will open on or about the flrst dav of .tune. Three Pot tages to let. with Board In hotel. Special terms offered to Darties taking board for the reason. For particular* ad dress EDWARD < oZZENS. West Point. N Y. MANSION HOI RE, LARCHMONT MANOR IP MILES on New Haven Railroad : sea bathing, boating, bil liards, bowling alley; largo airy room* . lawn and shade; accommodation for horses. Apply at 33 Fifth avenue WM SHAW. RIVEB8IDE HOTEL, CA RMANSt'ILLB, FOOT (>T ISL'd street, North Blver, has been thoroughly refitted and newly furnished. Will be open for the reception of quests on or about the 1st of May. Applications lor rooms received at the hotel by the undersign, d. S. F. PAULL, G. DUNCALF. ^ MARBLE MANTELN. _ AKLABEB, STEAM MA RULE AND M Weill, SIZING ? Works, 134 and l'W Bast Eighteenth street.? Marble and Marblelxed Mantel*, Tiling. Marble I'ountnr*, Mouu inent*. at price* that deo competition. Marblo Turning for the trade. AN ASSORTMENT OK MANTELS, UNSURPASSED .JJ it,u.,y,?C.1dV'*11 *1"' guality of workmanship mate H ork ol ail kind* n specialty .. PENBHYl SLATE COMPANY, _ ' ""rt'i avenue and fuvnnteentli street, I'mnn square. STEWART'S SLATE MANTELS.? ETC H AND ELE gant designs ; Slate Works of every desarintion ? Mir. Wood M.nteh. T R stkwaVtT V.?? & and 222 Wiut fwenty-third street, near Seventh avenue . N. V SKLARER t t o MaRIII.E AND MAKBI.K . Islug Works, 2*1 West Fim fir* street iK>twc'en uroailwavand Eighth avenue -Marble marhleired Ran tela, Monuments, U"sitotoQ?t. lar*- select*., m at verv ?0W PfMe. 1 verv BUSINESS OPPORTVH HUI A? CAPITAL SECURED FOR INCORPORATED ? companies, merchant!. manufacturer*; persona de siring investment)! informed desirable opportunities. Reference*? Presidents Merchants' Konrtb National, Mer cantile Bank*. CHARLES G DAIILGRKN k CO., Ill Broad way. ADVERTISERS WILL INVEST FROM $1,100 TO $60,009 in any w oil-paying business of Merlins character. ELLIS A CO., 48 Broad street. A GENTLEMAN WITH $2,800, AND POSSESSING good education and character, can *ecure a *??11 Interest In an office of seven years' standin-', coi lee ting government claims: oliul'enge strictest investiga Hon; first das* references given anu required. Address COLUMBUS. Herald office. A SPECIAL PARTNER, WITH CAPITAL, WANTED? In an old established New York patent medicine house, to allend to the sale of a preparation meeting with great favor; the very best city references given and required. Address PATENT MEDICINE, bo* US Herald office. A HALF INTEREST IN A FINE CORNER LIQUOR store for sale, the owner having iwo; can't attend to It; rare chance. MITCHELL'S Store Agency, 77 CeiJar street A MANUFACTURERS HAVING A CONCERN IN which more than $60,0'j0 U profitably Invested in realty ; no encumbrance nor debts. Bales tor the manu facture engaged to first class downtown houses; will secure and pay $12,50J per annnm for two years, and ini tiate a young niau in a long established safe and profit able business for the usu of $50,000, two years, the ?mount to enter Into the security. None but principals. The highest grade references given and required. Address SKILLED, box 2,463 New York Post office. J ^ -ADDITIONAL CAPITAL PROCURED for merchants, manufacturers and' others; mining prop erty, Ao., negotiated; persons with capital, seeking busi ness. advised of approved opportunities. References? ,1. II. Crane, Esq., President Manhattan Brass Co. ; J. B. Spelman A Hons, fancy goods, S8# Broadway ; othor lead ing houses, anil our numerous clients, city and elsewhere. GRIGGS. CARLETON A CO., financial and Business Agents, !?J Broad way. AN ESTABLISHED CniLDREN'rf SHOE MANUFAC* tn ring business requires an increase of capital; a splendid chance for an active man; plenty of orders on hand. Call at the tactory, 70 East Bi oadway. ANY PARTY HAVING A CAPITAL FROM $7,000 TO to $i0.00o can hear of a good .Investment In an old established business of many years' standing, the present proprietor having an opportunity to increase It with largor capital. For particulars mid r ess G. I., Herald Up town Branch office, 1,205 Broadway. T GENTLEMAN POSSESSING $%>.00? WOULD IN JY vest iu sonic good paying business, or would ioln others In starting some new enterprise. Address, with purticulors, FITCH, lio? ix? llorald office. Business opportunity.? t he advertiser, who has a business fully developed and capable ot groat extension with corresponding proflt, wishes the co operation of one or two energetic inen of good character; some capital Indispensable, which will be amply secured. Address, with relerenco, HoBAR'l1, care of 8. EdJy A Cq? No. 1 I'ark place. /"I LOTH IE RS. ?AT VALUATION, THE LEASE, FIX I J lures, Ac., of one of the best ami largest trades in the cllv ; old and well established ; in lull working operation. Address X. Z., Herald Uptown Branch office. For sale? just out? a novel/ty ,ani? utility; need only to be seen to be appreciated ; two millions wanted. NATIONAL MANUFACTURING CO., 11 Dey st TitO It SALE? AN OLD~ ESTABLISHED BITTER COR! JP dial and Syrup Business, with good routes in Now YorK, Brooklyn ami Williamsburg. Address CASH, Her ald office. _____ For hale? state and COUNTY rights of an Invention of beauty utid uso for church, dwelling and office; property in town or country taken inpay ment. Apply at 79 Nassau street, room 10. Ir?OR SALE CHEAP? A NEW PATENT FOR FASTEN 1 ing windows. Call on or address G. E. FARMER, patentee, 4S and 00 East Twenty-sixth street, New York. I -COPPERAS WORKS FOR SALE, CAPABLE OF I. be ins run at a net proflt of $200 a week; buildings, tanks, tools and everything necessary for the business. Refer to the best mills In the country, regular customers. Apply to GRIGGS, CARLETON A CO., 08 Broadway. Negotiation for copartnership desired? With a gentleman speakim; and writing Fngli-h, German and French correctly, in a productive, sale lite rary enterprise; determined energy, honesty, gentle manly address essentials Address A, Herald office. vfo BOY'S PLAY, Bl r WORK IN BRUSH MANlT JN facturihg, and selling $10,000 to $20.ih)0 net income; H years established; substantial tiling; $5,000 for half in terest. NABIN, IK2 Fulton street. PARTNER WANTED? WITH $:i,00i>, I.N COUNTRY Hotel business; good the whole year: no risk in the Inve stment. Address COUNTRY HOTEL, Wall inglord, Conn. PUM'NKR WANTED?LADY OH OENTLEMAN, INA legitimate and profitable business; goods staple aii(l In great demand ; a strictly first eiu?s opening for reliable parties ; capital $301. W Fulton street, room S, from 10 to 2. PHYSICIANS.? A YOUNG BNQLIBH MAN AMD OBAD nate of this city Is desirous of assisting or associat ing with a physician of liberal views, requiring assist ance. Address M. I)., I ,W5 Broadway. THE MObT~N OYE L a NO PBACTidAL INVENTION of tbs ago ; Indispensable In every store, dwelling, or manufactory ; $3,000 will insure an interest in it. !M3 Broadway, room 0. TO C API TALI8TS.? 9LS0(f wTll" BUY A HALF RIGHT i. in Lottcra Patent of two chemical compounds in which there Is a fortune. Cull on or address O. BACK. KTT, 174 Waverlev place. lliO "inn -1 WII.Ii HE LI i TWO PATENT Rights In each State for $2,fst>l; cures Piles and Dyspepsia. Send for circular to DR. I.. UEINS, Brunswick, Us. AHA CASH AND CREDIT WILT. PURCHASE interest in established business, with all capital required ; now netting ^I'V**) per year. Address BUILDINGS, Herald oftlce. d? " AAA ?WANTED, A PABTNHB WITH A BOOT $5,0110. to enuagc In tin- Orocery and Pro vision trad'-. *s miles from V-w York, on the Hudson. Address THOMAS BIRDSAI.L, :H>ft Tenth avenue, city. Ar f\A/i WILL BUY HALF INTBRBST rN A i|lt),\rHU business paving $t'*> profit every week; resi eetiiide, high toned and influential : trial given before requiring full Investment. Address AUXILIARY, Her aid office. <S!l' AAA ? 1 BPBOIAL PABTNEB WANTED, WITH above amount, in a ilrst class manulac turlng business; will bear the closest investigation. Ad drc- 8TERLINO, ller.ild oftlce. CORPORATION NOTICE. Bureau of collec tion and ysslssmbnts, ? Boom 10. t'trr Hall, > New Vokx, March .11, 1*73. ' Property holders are hereby notified that the billowing rev ised anil corrected Rolls of Assessments for the im provements therein severally set forth have been re ceived at the Department of Public Works and trans mitted to this Bureau tor collection, viz. :? [hit<" of ConHra'Mtinu. Till ii. March ft. 1373? Paving Delance.v s'lvet, Iiet vecn Bowery ami Kast River. March?, 187S? Paving South Hr.-et, between Montgomery and t'orlears streets. March 6. 18T3? Paving Mai-doimal street, between Spring anil highth streets. March 0, 1*73 ? Paving Thirteenth street, between First avenue and Kast River. March 8, 1373? Pa vlng Kitty-second street, between Eighth and Ninth avenues. March 8, 1373? Paving Astor place, between Broadway and Fourth avenue. March C, 1*73? Paving Willett street, between Grand and Rivington streets. March 6. 1873? Paving Bayard street, between Baxtor street Biid 15 v" cry. March 8. 1373? Paving tlroom ? strcot, between Broadway and Centre street. ? March 6, 1373? Fifty -fifth street, s.-tting curb and gutter, Ac,, between Seventh avenue an I Broad way. March 8, 1873? Fitty -fourth street, setting curb and gutter, Ac., between Tenth and Eleventh avenues. March 6, 1873? Fiftieth street, letting curb and gutter, 4c., between Ninth ami Tenth avenues. March#, 1873? Tenth strcot. tlagglug, between avenue D nnd Kas! River. March H 1373? Eleventh avenue, fasgini, between Fiflv fourth and Fitly-tirth streets. March 0, 1373? Twenty -recoil.! street, regulating, Ac., be tween Eleventh avenue und North River. March G, 1373? Seventy -second street, regulating, Ac., be tween Eighth avenue and Hudson River. March 0, 1373? Fifty -sixth and Fifty . seventh streets, un derg round drains between i itth and Madl son avenues. March 8, 1373? Fitly-sevcnth and Fifty.eightli streets un derground drains between Filth and Madi son avenue-. March 6. 1371? Ninety-first and Ninety-third street, un dergroiinil drains between Second and Third avenues. March 6, 1373 ? V venue D. sewer between Thirteenth and Fourteenth streets and in Thirteenth stre?t. March A, 1373?' Washington street, sewer between Charles and Perry streets March 8, 1373? Water street, sewer between Moore street and t'oenties -Up March 0, 1373? Front street sewer between Montgomery nnd flonvcrneiir streets I March 6, 1373? Fourth avenue, sewer between lf*th and 115th streets. i March 8, 1*73? limh street, sewer extension to the nar icin Itiver. March 8, 1873? Park place and Greenwich street, basin, northeast corner. March 8, l-3ri ? Park place, and Oreennich , street, basin, southeast corner. March 6. 1373? Einhtv second street and l^-xlngton ?ve nue, basin, norltieast corner. March 6. 1373? Eighty -fourth street and l.exington ave nue, basin, southwest corner. March 8, 1*73? Highly fourth Mroet *tid Lexington ave nue, basin, northwest corner March 8, 1373? Eightieth street and Lexington avenue, basin, northwest corner. March 8, 1.373? Eighty -sixth street nnd Islington avenue, basin, southwest corner. March 8, 1*73? Twenty -seventh street ami highth avenue, basin, southeast corner March 8, D73? Thlrt) -fourth street and Eighth avenue, basin, southeast corner. March fl. 1873? Twentieth street and avenue A, basin, southeast corner. March 8, L*73? Oouverneur slip and South street, basin, northeast corner. March 8, 1173? Oouverneur slip and South street, basin, northwest corner. March 0. 1*7J? 8ev< nty-sevcuth street and Lexington avenue, basin, northwest i nrner. March 8, 1373? Seventy-fourth street and Lexington ?ve nue, basin, southwest corn< r. March 8, 137*~Montgomery and South streets, basin, northeast corner. March 0, 1373? Seventy-eighth *r<et and Islington ave nue, basin, northwest corner March 8, 1873? Seventy ninth street and Lexington ave inie, basin, northwest eorner. March 8, 1*73? Eighty seventh street and Islington ave nue. basin, northwest corner March 8, 1373? Eighty-fifth street and l.exington avenue, basin, southwest coiner. February 12, 187*? 108th and 107th streets, opening be tween Fifth avenan and East River. October 7, 1872? l?*Hh street, opening between Fourth and Fifth avenues and Third avenue and Harlem River. October 7, 1873? littd street, opening between Filth ave nue and llartem River. March 10, 1873? 1.13th street, opening betweea Eighth avenue and Harlem River March *), 1873? 152d street, opening between Ninth ave nue and Hudson River. All payments made at this office within sixty davs from tht* date are by law exempt from the charge lor Interest at 7 per cent, which runs from the several dates of con firmation. The t'ollector'i office ig open daily from OA M. to 3 P.M. JOHN A. KHNNKDY, Collector of Assessment*. AMV8KDKKNT8. BOOTH'S thkatbe. boucic.vult Edwin Booth, Proprietor ami Manager FOURTH WKKKr 2?D to tee J8TH . perl'erinanoe of MR. BOUCICAULT In the New Drama In S acta. entitled DADDY O'DOWD. To (ho world-umbui play*. "THE OOLLEEN BAWN,'1 "ARKAH NA POOUE" and "KERRY," Mr. Roucicault lifts now added a fourth picture of Irish Ll/e and hcenery, destined. like those admirable nieces, to endrelc the world wlih dellghtnii entertainment. EVERT NIGHT and EVERY SATURDAY AFTERNOON at J. Scats may bo centred TWKLVB DlVS In advance at the Theatre, or at Diuou 4 Oo's Music Store, 711 Broadway. w OOD'S MUSEUM. HIT ART ROBSON. POSITIVELY THIS WEEK ONLY. EVENING AT 8 IMMENSE SUCCESS of the Inimitable Actor. Mr STUART ItOBSON, a* Policeman A1 1UHI)6, In his new Drama, LAW IN NEW YORK. AFTERNOON AT 2, The young and boauittXil Artiste, Miss MINNIE F08TER, in tier Protean Drama ol the MAD CAP. full of Interest. u N ION SQUARE THEATRE. Proprietor Mr. SHERIDAN 8IIOOK Manager Mr. A. M. PALMER Begins at 8. Saturday Matinee at 1 :30. Carriages may he ordered at 11. MIPAWBER. GENUINE IIIT. THE PRESS UN ANIMOUS IN ITS J'R/ISE MICAWBER AND COUSIN JACK. EVERY NIGHT THIS WEEK. i MR. ROWE AS MICAWBER. MR. MACKAY AS URIAH HEAP. MR. BURROUGHS AS DAVID COPPER FIELD. MR. EDWARDS AS W1CKFIELD. MR LAMB \S TR ADDLES. MISS MESTAYER AS BETSY TROT WOOD. MIBS FOWLER AS AONF.S. MISS LAURENS AS MRS. M1CAW HER. COUSIN JACK, WITH ITS GREAT ORIGINAL OAST. SATURDAY. FIRST AND ONLY MICAWBER MATINEE. MONDAY EVENING NEXT, MISS AGNES ETHEL IN FROU-FROU. SECURE YOUR SIEATS IN ADVANCE. ST. JAMES' THEATRE. IRELAND. EASTER MONDAY. APRIL 1?. FRANK MACEVOY'S NEW HIBERNICON; OR. IRELAND IN AMERICA. Pronounced by the press the most amusing and popular entertainment ot the day, combining IRISH COMEDY, IRISH SCENERY, SONGS, DANCES, WIT AND HUMOR in one performance. Popular prices? Orchestra, 75o. ; Dress Circle, BOo. ; Family Circle, 35c Tony pastor s opera house. 201 bowery. GREAT SUCCESS OF THE NEW STARS. CHARLEY WHITE, BILLY PASTOR, BILLY BARRY, IIERR WILLIO, CI1AS. MCMILLAN, Miss OELIA IFERD, Misa FANNY FORDHAM, TURNER AND LESTER. GEO. MOORE, HARRY HART. AI.L THE POPULAR FAVORITES THIS EVENING. Tho new and exciting Local Drama, entitled, LIGHTS AND SHADES OF CITY LIKE. MATINEES TUESDAY AND SATURDAY. Ladies admitted free on Friday evenings. V? PSADMODIST, 1773. 1 YE OLD FOLKS' CONCERTS. Certain of ye Goode Old ANTHEMS, FUGUES AND OTHER SF.TTB PIECES WILL BE PLAYED AND SUNG BY A GREATS COMPANY OF FIFTY, at EAST SIDE HALL, Eighty -sixth street and Third a*., on THURSDAY EVENING, April 10, 1873. Ye first song shall be at eight o'elocke. Benefit Cornell .Mission, Seventy -sixth street. Tickets, 80c. Seats not reserved. PIANOFORTES, ORGANS. AC. AT HAINES BROS.' 27 Union square, Pirst claM handsome neiv Pianofortes for sale on very reasonable terms, and several tired a little, very low for cash. AN ELEGANT PIANO? ONLY $100; 8TEINWAY Pianoforte, 7 octavo, carved legs, overstrung bass, every improvement, si-eat sacrifice tor cash. J. BIDDLE. IS Waverley place, near Broadway. AT MANUFACTURER'S WAREROOMS, PRIOR TO removal, magnificent new first class agraffe 7'.' oc tavo rosewood, overstrung, Iron tVame Pianofortes, #200; Stool and Cover; carved logs, Ac. ; latest Improvements: Hilly guaranteed. GOLDSMITH'S, No. 7 Bleecker street, near Bowery. AM AO M FICE N T Vi OCTAVE ROSEWOOD PIANO . forie for sale ? Round corners, celebrated maker, used five month*, for $'270; also Parlor Suits, Paintings, Bronze*. Mirror*, Chamber, Dining Furniture. silver ware, Glass, Chinaware; sacrifice; property family leav ing ciiy. atf West 15th st , near 5th av. A FAMILY OTU.luED TO MOVE WILL SELL A splendid, first class rosewood Pianoforte, modern improvements, agraffe attachment, Ac., far half price. S'JO West Tweiity-ttlth street.. An eleoant seven OCTAVE rosewood piano. forte for sale cheap, at BATTERSON'S Furniture Storage establishment, G9t> Sixth aveane, near fortieth street; round corners, carved legs, overstrung bass, rich tone, cltv makers, nearly new; will be sold at a bargain for cash. Avery superior pianoforte, made by llallett. On vis A Co , for sale. Can bo seen at JAMES UKA HAM'S, 190 Third avenue. A HANDSOME ROSEWOOD 6>? OCTAVE PIANO, with carved leia, for dale chcap, at 370 West Thirty tilth street. A LADY WILL SELL A HANDSOME ROSEWOOD lull iron frame Pianoforte, celebrated mnkers, cost $4tl0; will sell for $100. Including Stool; sweet and power fulloac. 2H Third street. A^m BEAUTIFUL BOSEWOOD 7M-OCTAVB PIANO torte, richly carved, embracing all modern Improve ment*, maker'*' guarantee, cost $97.">, for 9110; Stool, Cover and Music CaMnet: also entire elegant Household Furniture; family lonving the cltv. Call at j.rivate resi dence 210 West 21st street, near 7th avenue. Cut this out. A^m PRIVATE FAMILY, LEAVING FOR EUROPE, will sell this dav, for cash, brilliant toned 71., octave rosewood Pianoforte, used since May, cost $l,i>00, for $:uki stool, Cover and Cabinet, costing $100. included : also Parlor and Cbainb -r Suits leas than half cost. Cali at private residence ISO West 23d st.. near tta av. B ^BARGAINS -A LA ROE ASSORTMENT OF NEW AND second band 1 'iano 'ortes, Stolnway and Weber scales: a sacrifice; boxed for shipment; rosewood Piano only $90 PEEK A SON. 127 Bleecker street. Best ok pianos and organs for rent or sale on Instalments, cheap A beaiiiiiul new Piano, $260. r. S. BERRY A CO., 780 Broadway. J EDWARD. 1 NEWMAN. *7 THIRD AVENUE CORNER li ot Twelfth street, will sell a few rcullv first class 7>< sctave Pianos at very low prices. Call, examlue and satisfy yourself T7 LEO A NT ROSEWOOD PIANOFORTE. CHICKERINO Pi make, $100; great bargain; superb overstrung basR and carved legs instrument, at great sacrifice: 7 octave. JAMr.S GOBDON, 19rt Bleecker street, near Macdougal. IjMRSr CLASS pianos RETAILED AT WHOLESALE ' prices, direct from factory. Send for circular. 79 Barrow street, near Hudson ctreot. For sale-a bacon a raven pianoforte, in I perfect condition and tone. May be had low by ap plying soon at 225 East Twelith street, any day after 5 P. M IjViR SALE AT A GREAT SACRIFICE? A SMALL Pipe, organ, four registers, octave of pedals. Apply to SHIsRWIN A HERBERT, 23 Union square. fl OLD MEDAL PATENT TILTON GUITAR. FULLY warranted; also I'.itont Violia Chin Rest; Ole Bull Violin String?, old Violin", Ac. Musical Agency, 92 Clinton place Circulars mailed tree J mi r. HAI.E'8 NEW 7h OCTAVE PIANOFORTES ? are the best and cheapest Pianos ever made. For sale by the thousand at Thirty-filth street and Tenth av. "VKW STYLES FIVE OCTAVE DOUBLE REED ii Cabinet Organs, readv ibis inonih, at REDUCED PRICES; $110 and $1*5 each. Fifty other sfvles, $55 to $500 and upward each The MAKON A IIAMl.IN Organ Company now offer, at their new warcrooms. 25 Union square, tnc largest assortment of the best instruments of this class In the world, at prices which are rendered possible only by their unenual'ed facilities for manuiac turc Organs rented with privilege of purchase tor qnar.erly or monthly payments. ORGAN.? ELEOANT CABINET ORGAN FOR SALE at'a fat-riflce . cash wanted; eight stops, with vox celeste; celebrated city maker. 112 West reventeeuth st. PIANOS AND ORGANS -GREAT BARGAINS, NKW and most beautiful styles and perfect tone* over made, and by best makers, at lower prices for cash, or monthly Instalments, or for rent, during this month, at WATERS', 4H1 Broad w a v. than can be found elsewhere. PIANOS TO RENT AND TO SELL? ON INSTAL ments \VM A POND A CO.. M7 ltrondwav. PIANOS AND ORGANS To RENT AND SOLD ON Instalments, groat bargains for cash. CIlAS J BEITS, 7NS Broauwav, coraer Tenth street, next daor to Grace church. PIANOS (BEAUTIFUL WEBER INCLUDBDl, CHEAP as the cheapest, good a* the best, for rent or sale; rent allowed purchaser; at MEltRELL'S, No. 8 Union square, I lis Fourth avenue PIANOS SECOND HAND, OF \ARIO! S MAKERS, in thorough order, for sale at low prices: also Pianos to rent and on Instalment*, by CHICKERLN'u A SONS, 11 East Fourteenth street, between Broadway and Filth avenue. THE MOST RELIABLE, BEST FINISHED AND rlcnent toned Pianoforte manufactured, with new mctaiie agraffe, from 1 22ft up; seven octave, nearly new, lor *156. CO OPERATIVE PIANO MAKERS, 110 Bleecker St. E ARE SELLING THE FINEST 7U' _OCfAVE W Pianos for less money than other houses : Bradbury, $250; little used ; Pianos to rent. _ DECKER A BKnTH I'. RS,56 Bleecker street. d>()AO FOR A HANDSOME ROSEWOOD SEVEN t octave Piano, with carved legs and aiodcrn Improvements, good as new , a splendid bargain; at 425 West Twenty-eighth street, near Ninth avenue. DUX1IHTKY. A 34 EEAUTlrUL hpt dentist baITZZ ? "^fcbe r 2*1' >iair i AMPSEHBNTi. rpBBATRB OOMIQU8. 1 514 BROADWAT. Mr. JOSH HART Lessee and Proprietor GRAND FAMILY MATINEE MATINEE I at ty. o'clock. I MATINEE MATINEE at ?2 o'clock. MATINEE MATINEE I at o'clock. I MATINEE All the mammoth troupe ihl* Afternoon in ? new Md varied pr or rani me CHAS. AND CARRIE AUSTIN . in their terrific Baronet Combat AT MATINEE. R. M. CARROLL AND SONS In new Act*. Dance*. 4c., AT MATINEE. IIARRIGAN AND HART In their Original Acta.' MATINEE | ??.*.?. I MATINEE MATINEE! F' i, I MATINEE MATINEE I at i* o clock. I MATINEE JOHN WILD. JOHN IIAKT, JOHN QUEEN, WM. WEST, MISS JENNIE HUGHES, AT MATINEE TO-DAY. ? MISS KITTY O'NEIL. MISS CARRIE HAINS, MISS FANNY LUCELLE, MISS IDA GREENFIELD, iu their new and original QUADRUPLE SONO AND DANCB AT MATINKE TO-DAY. MATINEE WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY. OLYMPIC THEATRE. J. E. HAYES Lessoc and Manager MONDAY EVENING, APRIL 7. EVERY NIGHT AT 8 O'CLOCK, aud WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY AT 2. Last two weeks ol the fourth edition or 0. L. VOX'S HUMPTY Dt'MPTY, in which the ACCREDITED APOSTLE OF FUN hits achieved a degree of success that hat norer been cnanilod in the annul* of amuKcmcut* lu America. The thronged audience* that nightly assemble at this elegant theatre, anil who, oy their lavish applause, and hearty laughter, attest their appreciation and enjoyment Of the admirable entertainment presented by the iuuny Fox and his fiklthtul followers, afford undeniable evidenco of the undiminished popularity ot the "Amcric.in Or' mnlili" and his unrlvailoa corps of specialty artists. The most attractive performance In the city. MATINEES WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY. fl RAND OPERA HOUSE, vX Tweaty-third street, corner of Eighth avenue. Mr. AUGl'STIN DALY Solo Lessee and Mauagor, 1. AST FIVE PERFORMANCES OF UNCLE SAM; OK. THE FLIRTATION, SARDOU'S PROHIBITED COMEDY ON AMERICAN SOCIETY. LAST NIGHTS OF MRS. JOHN WOOD. LAST NIGHTS OF MR. JOHN BROUGHAM. LAST NIGHTS of this brilliant cast :-Mr. HEN'rY CRISP, Mr. W. J. LEMOYNE, Mr. J. W. JENNINGS, Mr. E. F. KETCHUM, Mr. J, E. PEAK EH, Mr. M. GOLDEN, Miss ANNIE DELAND, Miss MARY CARY Mis* ELLA DIETZ, LA8T MATINEE NEXT SATURDAY, at 1 H *?#? EA8TER MONDAY NIGHT, April 14, special roal. istic revival of the world-iamou* I.ocul Drama, UNDER THE GASLIGHT, SEATS CAN NOW BE SECURED. TH AVENUE THEATRE. (CURTAIN RISES AT 8.) 1 Sole Leasee and Manager Mr. AUGUSTIN DALY THIS (WEDNESDAY) EVENING, April 9, and On FRI DAY and SATURDAY EVENINGS, will be acted lor the first time at this theatre the favorite Comedy, by DION BOUCICAULT, Esq., entitled OLD HEADS AND YOUNG HEARTS. Characters by Miss Fanny Davenport, Linda Diet*, Mrs. Gilbert, Messrs. G. II. Griffiths, tioorge Clarke, Louis James, James I.ewls, G. F. Derore, D. Whiting, Ringgold, Mackev, Carroll and Beekinan. A The brilliant London Comedy, NEW YEAR'S EVE, will be given for the LAST' TIME on THURSDAY EVEN ING and at the FAREWELL MATINEE on SATURDAY. An extraordinary programme for Easter Monday. TUESDAY NIGHT, APRIL lft, First time hero of Mr. AUOISTIN DALY'S FAMOUS DRAMA OF SOCIETY, DIVORCE! Seats for the opening night now renily. 5 GERMANIA THEATRE, Fourteenth street, near Third arenas. AD. NEUENDORl'F Director WEDNESDAY, April 9, BENEFIT OF MORITZ WOLKENSTEIN. DIE LIEDEZ DES Ml'SlKANTEN, Comedy, in five acts, by Knclsel. Box office open dally from 9 till 4 o'clock. KQK? ATHENEUM, OOO Broadway, opposite Metropolitan Hotel. R. W. BUTLER...., Manager A Brilliant and Select Hill of Novelties. SCREAMS OF LAUGHTER AND DELIGHT. TWO GRAND PERFORMANCES TO-DAY, AFTERNOON AND EVENING. ATHENEUM. ATHENE I'M. ATHENEUM. ATHENEUM. MATINEE. MATINEE. MATINEE. MATINEE. Graud Burlesque, entitled THE BRIOAND CHIEF. MATINEE. MATINEE. MATINEE. MATINEE. Miss LISA WEBER, THE QUEEN OP BURLESQUE, together with a splendid BURLESQUE COMPANY. THE LES MARKOES, the wonder of the world, and the ?reat French Troupe, THE ZIG-ZAOS. LUKE SCHOOLCRAFT, THE KINQ OF COMEDIANS. GEORGE ATKINS, REYNOLD BROTHERS, AND REGULAR ATHENEUM COMPANY. Afternoon, doors open at 1 ; evening at 7 o'clock. Box office open daily. Seats secured in advance. PT. RARNUM'S OREAT TRAVELLING WORLD'S . I' AIR, MENAGERIE, MUSEUM AND HIPPO DROME. LAST FOUR DATS AT THE AMERICAN INSIITUTE BUILDING (Rink), corner of Third nvcnuc auil Sixty-third street. NO ABATRMKNT IN THE CROWDS who dock in thousands at every entertainment to see the LARGEST AND BEST SHOW IN THE WORLD, patronized alike by the v ELITE OF THE CITY, the artisan, the tradesman. the mechanic and tlio laborer. Tlio success that lins thus Car attended the Initial per formances of thia MASTODON OF SHOWS has no parnllel (in point ot numbers) in the annals of amusement in this country. MORE SEATS ERECTED. Notwithstanding Mr. Rnrnmn supposed ho had pro vided sufficient seat* for all in tho spacious Rink, ho has found it necessary, In the last two days to add 2.r>00 chut?, making the Rink now capable or venting double the number of people of any place of amusement In this C0U",rLAROEST MENAGERIE IN THE WORLD. LARGEST TRAVEELING MUSEUM IN THE WORLD. LARGEST AND BEST CIRCUS IN TI1E WORLD. Two distinct performances in two separate rings, bolh In full view of the audience, at tliu stiniu time. Mr. llarnum would advise Indies and children to attend the nfternoon periormances, and thus avoid the crowd. Doors open trom 1 to 5 una 7 to 10 1*. M. Double Hippodrome periormances begin at 2 and 8. Admission to all, 60 cents ; children under nine, lb cents ; a few reserved seats, 26 cent* extra. FREE ADMISSION TO ALL who purchase the "LIFE OF P. T. BAR SUM," written by himself, a book of 800 pages, illustrated, i'riee reduced from $3 50 to $1 60. "trOKES FAMILY.? RETURN TO AMERICA. \ ANNOUNCEMENT EXTRAORDINARY. Messrs. SHOOK ft l'ALMElt, of tho Union Squaro Theatre, have the honor to announce that they have ar ranged with Messrs. .larrett ft Palmer for tho appearance ot the wonderful YOKES FAMILY, AT NIBLO'S GARDEN, FOR A BRIEF SEASON OF TWO WEEKS, . commencing on MONDAY EVENING, APRIL 14, on which occaslop Him- w in yp^iar jn t>n? of their cele hrat< (Tspee nftles. ThU engagement ot the YOKES FAMILY is neceinarllv' limited to TWO WEEKS as they havo to leave New York on the 27th of April to meet engagements long since mode In other cities. Mull comp.mv from the UNION SQUARE THEATRE wffl appear with the VOKFS FAMILY. Sale* of seats will begin on Wednesday tnornlng, at 0 o'clock, at the Box oilier, Niblo's Harden. \ VARIETIES THEATRE OF NEW ORLEANS TO rent.? Proposals will be received until the 1st day of June next for the rent ol the Varieties Theatre, com mencing with the next season. The theatre is complete in all its appointments of wardrobe, scenery, properties, Ac. Address E. MONEY, President La Variete Associa tion, New Orleans. STEINWAY HALL. MISS ANNA MEHLIG'fl MATINEE RECITALS, SATURDAY, April 12, i 2 in P \r WEDNESDAY, April 16, i 2J0 P,M" Tickets admitting to both recitals $2 (10 Single tickets 1 no Can be had at Steinway's warcroom.i, the principal music storcs.?iid the Theatre Ticket Office, 114 Broadway. OTEfNWAY IIALL^SATURDAY. APR! L 10 O Positively LAST MATINEE of the GREATEST CONCERT COMBINATION ON RECORD, comprising RUBINSTEIN, WIENIAWSKI, THOMAS' ORCHESTRA. M R. GEOROE VANDENHOFF ... will read THUPSDAY AND FRIDAY EVENINGS at the BROOKLYN LYCEUM. tlARD? PIANO, ORGAN, GUITAR, SINGING. ? MISS ) WATSON gives private lessons, dav and evenincr, at her residence. <? Cllaton place (Eighth street). Instru nients turnislied for dally practice. IjtXRRCISE. in: M, Tit. AMUSE M E N T. ? J O H N W OOD'S U Gymnasium, Twenty-eighth street, near Fifth ave nue. Sunerior facilities for perfect pnysleat develop ment, Turkish Bath. ftc. Open day and evening. SON OS OF SCOTLAND? IK NATIONAL AIRS; price $1. BOOSE Y ft CO., S2 East Fourteenth street MI'MIC All. A TENOR, WHO IS A GOOD READER AND HAS a compass of two octaves, C to < \ desires a situation In some church choir In New York city or one of the ad joining towns. Address T. O. D., care Jones A Sibley. No. 6 South Fifth street, St. Louis. Mo. llctersto Mr. W. A. Pond, New York. A GENTLEMAN WILL GIVE INSTRUCTION ON the Pianoforte at pupils' residences tor f 10 per quar ter ; bei* of references given. Address, with residence, TEACHER, box 120 Herald Uptown Branch office, 1,266 Rroadway. A SOPRANO, HAVING LED CHOIRS, A THOROUGH musician (willing for a test trial), will engago her services for a church In New York or vicinity. Address MARY, 410 East Fifty-second street. A FIRST CLASS TENOR DESIRES AN EN'JAOE ment In a quartet choir ; would sing on trial next Sunday (Easter.) Address D. B. H., station F. A POSITION AS ORGANIST WANTED? IN NEW York or Brooklyn, by a professional musician. Call on or address ORGAN 1ST. 240 East Thirty-first street A RATA PARAVALM, TENOR SINGER, PROM Italian Opera, leiehcs Piano and Singing at 117 West Twenty-soventh street, near Sixth aveaua; terms moderate. (1 UITAR, SINGING, OROAN, PIANO, VIOLIN. HAR T mony? Private lessons only. M Clinton place (Eighth street). Established 1861. Circular and "Stud^nta' Jour nal' nailed free. J. JAY WATSON, Musical Director. Musicians. -only one cent per sheet for beaatliv.l Songs and Pieces, as an extraordinary In dnceinent to close out my large stack before the 1st slay. Every tl worth you l.iiv I make you a present af 36 sheets. No trash. Pianos cheap; Fixtures for sala. JAMES O'WEll.L. ?> Blocker stmt. CJOPRANO WANTED? PERFECT READER AND voice ; others uc rd aut aoolr. Address box IM 4'oat otllcu AHV SBMBBTTS. IITALLACK'8. ?? Proprietor and Manager ..Mr. LESTER WALLA OK NINTH week. or Mr. SOTHERN In his extraordinary impersonation* Of Bvril) GARKICK and LORD DUNDREARY, __ which will be i> resented THIS AMD EVERY BYENINO The r?llAwi"JiRDAY *ATINKE AT I *> P If. URN Mr jSL' w?" appear:? Mr. SOTH. B I S m Oh m/ r 1 n tint I1 & * Mr ' B POLK, Mr. Mr HOl' r iJin ? RO&KMr- BOOWNK, Mr. LEONARD, M Uj K ATH B Itt XE %??g^&,aK25' Mine. PON 181, Mrs. JOHN 8BPTOM COCIHLAN, Curtain riws lit 8 nrl MO*Tn IN ADVANCB. deredatiol? precisely, and carriages may bear VTIBLO'S OARDBN. NIBLO'S GARDEN i> TWO PERFORMANCES TO-DAY. A ITER NOON AT 2. EVENING AT 8. LAST W?KK OK THE SCOl'TS OF THE PRA1RI8, Introducing the ORIGINAL WESTERN HEROES, BUFFALO BILL, TEXAS JACK, NED BUNTLINB. ^ TWBNTT INDIAN WARRIORS. THE SCOUTS OF TUB PRAIRIE. THE SCOOTS OK THE PRAIIUE. Buffalo Bill, by the original horo Hon. W. F. Cody Texan Jack, by the original hero J. B. Omohundro Cale Durg Ned Buutllne Dove Eye Mile. MorlaecUi ACT 1.? The Trappor and the Scouts. Tho Renegade's Camp? Peril of Hazel Bye. Ned Buutiine's Temperance Lecture. Cale Durtr at the Torture Post. ACT I ? Texas Jack anil his Lasso. Tho Death of Cale Durg. The Trapper's Last shot. ACT S.? Th? Scout's Oath of Veutceaaeo. The Scalp Dance? The Knife Fight. The Prairie on Fire. Tho Performance commences with tho roaring Farce, A KISS IN THE DARK. MATINEES WEDNESDAYS AND SATURDAYS AT ?. Monday evening, Aorll 14, first appearanoe this season and ilrst time at this theatre ot tho celobrated YOKES FAMILY. whose engagement is positively limited to two woafca. NIBLO'S GARDEN. WEDNESDAY. MATINBHL THE SCOUTS OP THB PRAIRIE, with the original heroes, BUFFALO BILL. TEXAS JACK and NED HUM LINE and the BAND OF PAWNEES. TO DAY (WEDNESDAY) AT 2 O'CLOCK. NIBLO'S GARDEN. MATINEE. THE ORIGINAL BUFFALO BILL. AT NIBLO'S, TO-DAY, AT 2 O'CLOCK. VTIBLO'S GARDEN. MATINEE. JN THE ORIGINAL TEXAS JACK, AT NIBLO'S, TO-DAY, AT 2 OOLOCK. IBLO'ti GARDEN. MATINE8, THE FAMOUS NED BUNTLINB, AT NIBLO'S, TO-DAY, AT ? O'CLOCK. VTIBLO'S GARDEN. ,, j> MONDAY EYENING, April 14.1(79. FOR TWO WE SKS ONLY, _ tho popular, brilliant and versatilo YOKES FAMILY. Box sheet now open. N NIBLO'S OARDEN. BENEFIT. SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT. On FRIDAY EYENING, April 11. JOINT BENEFIT JOINT BENEFIT BUFFALO BILL and TEXAS JACK. LAST NIGHT BUT ONE ot the SCOUTS OF THE PRAIRIES. Bowery theatre. wm. B. fkeligh Manager MONDAY, APRIL 7. 1873, AND DURING THE WEEK. THE GREAT ORIGINAL PRIZE MILITARY DRAMA, entitled THE REBEL'S LAST SHOT^B, THE GUNMAKBR'S in 5 acts and 13 tableaux, written by Charles Foster, tho popular dramatic author, ami dedicated to TI1E GRAND ARMY OF THB REPUBLIC, replote with startling tableaux, terrific situations, battle scenes, skirmishes, Ac. This immense Drama Is founded on incidents of actual occurrcncc that never have been written or acted, and presented for the first time to the patrons of this theatre. Note.? The peculiar characteristic tableaux at the finale suggest the audience remalnlug seated until the fall of the curtaiu. LOVERS IN A CORNER wlllprecede the drama. Mr. E. tT STETSON will shortly appear in the FASTEST BOY OF NEW YORK, written by TONY PA.vroR aud T. L. DONNELLY. Charles Foster's drama of A HAD LOT is In course of construction. QTF.INWAY HALL. FESTIVAL WEEK. lO The public Is respeetfallv Informed that a FESTIVAL WEEK OK GRAND ORATORIOS AND CONCERTS will be given on a scnlc of COMPLETENESS AND GRANDEUR never before attempted in New York, under the direction of TIlBODQttiS THOMAS. commencing TUESDAY KVENINO, APRIL M, 1373. FIRST ORATORIO NlOHT. MENDELSSOHN'? ELI.) A II! ELIJAH I WEDNESDAY, April 23. second and last Oratorio ulfht, Selection?, from Handel's I ISRAEL IN EOYPT, and the entire or Mendelssohn's IIYMN OF PRAISE (LOBGESANGt. The following distinguished Artists will appear >? Mrs. J. HOUSTON WEST, l - Mis. IT. M. SMITH, t SnP?no? Mils ANNIE LOUISE CARY, Contralto. Mr. NELSON VARLRY, Tenor (his first appearance in New York). Mr. MYRON W. WHITNEY, Han. Mr. J. F. RUDOLPHSON, Baryton*. The celebrated and entire HANDEL AND HAYDN SOCIETY FROM BOSTON. numbering 1 FIVE HUNDRED (MO) VOICES. Conductor Mr. CARLZERRAHW Organist Mr. B. J. LAN (A Will appear, together with THEODORE THOMAS' UNRIVALLED ORCHESTRA* largely increased on this occasion. Thursday, April U, attho BROOKLYN ACADEMY, ONLY ORAUD FESTIVAL ORATORIO. Conductor ol' the Oratorios Mr. CARL ZERRABH. TWO GRAND CONCERTS will be Riven on FRID.vY EVENING. April 25 anil SATURDAY AFTERNOON, April t6. ' Arrangements liavo been concluded for the appcnrAnea at the so concert* of Mr. ANTON RUBEN3TEIN and Mr. HENRI WIESUWSKT on SAICKuai fiVPTTWa, Anrt! 28, THEODORE THOMAS' Sixth and last SYMPHONY CONCERT, when will be performed BEETHOVEN'S CHORAL or NINTH SYMPHONY. Last appearance In New York of the HANDEL AND HAYDN SOCIETY, and of all tlic distinguished SoloUU, Reserved seats, $5 and ft, according to location. Reserved scat- in Second Balconv, tt. Orders for seats irom persons residing cut of the city wHI be attended to by addressing Cashier, box office, at Stein way llall. The sale of reserved seats will commence on Monday morning at Schlrmer's, 70t Broadway, at 1M Broadway ami at the box office oi Steinway llall. Mrs. f. b. conway'S Brooklyn theatre. EVERY EVENING, SEA OF ICE. Mr. Frank Roche, Mrs. F. B. Conway, Mr. Walter Lennox* SATURDAY-ORE At BILL. BRYANT'S OPERA HOUSE. TWENTY-IHIBD s? ' 2SL?SI*utt' *?' cnue.i, near Booth'i incdtro. cry E sutunlH* Matineo at 2. ? BK * bill of the season. IMMENSE SUCCESS OF MASTER HARNEY, the Champion Dancer and favorite Dialect Actor. BRYANTS MINSTRELS' j SHOO FLY. I SHOO riil. BRYANT'S MINSTRELS' | SHOO FLY. SHOO FLYl THE' CALICO HOP. COLTON'S LAUGHING OAS. Dan Bryant, Seymour, Reed. Stanwood. MorrUy, Emer. son, Ac. Matiaee Saturday at 2. Sean secured. ACADEMY.-FARF.WKLL OF MLLE. AIMRE. ? THE QUEEN OF OPERA BOUFFE. AND THE NEW PARISIAN TROUPfe. Two nights only and a matinee. Thursday, April li LES iIRANDE Dt'CHESSE. Fridav, April IH, LA CENT VIKRGES. SATURDAY, at I o'clock, LA PKRICHOLB. The sale of seats commences on Monday. Association hall matinees. SATURDAY. APRIL 12, 2 P. M., A Lceture on "Indoor*." by GRACE GREENWOOD, with a concert bv the Imperial Rrsdan Quartet of French Horn Blower- from Duty's Fifth Avenue Theatre. Tickets, with feats, 50c., at Pcnirmer's and the hall. LB. LENT'S NEW YORK CIRCUS, . Ml'SKtM, MENAGERIE, C A It A VAN AND ZOOLOGICAL GARDEN. t THE GREAT AMUSEMENT TRIUMPH OF W7S, I WILL REMAIN IN NEW YORK, AT FOURTH AVENl'K AND TWKNTY-SIXT^H STREET, FOR THIS WEEK ONLY. MATINEES EVERY AFTERNOON. EXHIBITIONS EVERY NIGHT. Doors open at 1 and 7. Arenlc Performances at 2 and ft, One Fifty Cent Ticket admit* to all the Show* Children (under nine years) 21 cents. NEW YORK MUSBUM OF ANATOMY. 611 BROAD* wav. between Houston and Bleecker streets.? Every one should visit the wonderful Museum; it Is full of everything people should see and understand. Leoturea daily on 'The Philosophy of Marriage." Those parties unable to attend these important lectures can have them forwarded j>pst free, on receipt of H cents, by addressing SECRETARY NEW YORK MUSEUM OF. AN ATOMY, 61# Broadway, New York. ? Y. M" C" ** TALE GLEE CLUB. The onlr appearance this season In New York, at 7 v ASSOCIATION HALL, THURSDAY KVENINO, April 10. GLEES, COLLEGE SONGS, Ac. Admission, 75 cents. Reserved Seats, 25#ents extra; at 8chlrmer's, 701 Broadway, and at the llall. NRW STRAUSS WALTZES.? "II YPOTHESBN, " "DOC trlncn," "Fuslonen." "High Lift," "Academic," each 7ft cents; "Just Jolly," "Clear tha Track," "U? Lively," Galop* 55 rents each. FftkUKlUCR. BLl'MB. 27 Union square, Broadway. ETROPOLITAN _ THEATRICAL AND SHOW PRINTING ESTABLISHMENT. HERALD BUILDING, BROADWAY AND ANN STREET. a large assortment op theatrical, MINSTREL AND VARIETY CUTS CONSTANT!* ON HAND. M1 .?AN(1IN0_ACADKMI k*. CAUSE'S DANCING ACADEVina *

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