12 Nisan 1873 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

12 Nisan 1873 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 13,383. NEW YORK, SATl'KDAY, APRIL 12, I873.-TRIPLE SHEET. "" " PRICE FOmTcENTS. IMREfTORI FOB ADVERTISERS. AMUSEMENTS? Ninth Pick? Fourth. Fiftk and Sixth columns. _ _ .. ASTROLOGY? V.Ltwxrn Pack? Flxth colnmn. B1LM ABBS? First Page? Sixth column BOAKDERS WANTED? ScfOKB Pagf? Sixth column. BO A K D AND LODGING WANTED? Second PaOk? Sixth column. BROOKLYN BO AliD? Second Pack? Sixth column. BROOKLYN KPIAL ESTATE FOR SALE? SECOND Vaox? Flnt ai..] socon i column*. BUSINESS pPPOHTUNrriES-TwxifTH Pacs? Sixth column. BUSINESS NOTICES'? Seventh Pace? Fifth column. Cl<> A 1W AND ToBAOCO? Second Pace? Fifth column. CITY KBAL ESTATE FOB SALE-SkcONO I'AUE-First column. CLKUKS AND SALESMEN? Elktcnth Paci- -Third col umn. CLOTHING ? Twelfth Page? Sixth column. COACHMEN AND (i A KDENE RS? hi.i.vENra PaGC? 1 hint and loiirlh column*. COM- AND WOOD? Ninth Paths? Fourth column. COASTWISE STK vMSU IPS? Eleventh Page-FUHi and Ri\ti> ClitlllilllH. gOPAUTNEKshil'S? Ninth Page? First colntnn. OUNTRY BOARD? Second Park? Sixth column. BENTISTRY ? Ninth Pagi;? Fourth column. RY OOODft? First Pack? Fourth column. DWELLING HOUSES TO LET. FURNISHED AND UN FURNISHED? 1 Twllftu Pack? Second and third cotmuna. European 8TEam8uips-Eleve.\th PAuu-.utk coi nran. EUROl'K ? Twi.i.pth Pack? sixth column. FINANCIAL? Ninth Paux? First column PUl HALE? Fiil<t Pagh? fifth column. Fl'ltMSUKD ROOMS AM) APARTMENT TO LET? T'VEtPra Paok? Third column. PURNITURK? Eleventh Paci;? Sixth column. FRENCH ADVERTISEMENTS? Elsvknth Pack? Fourth oelinnn. HELP WANTED-FEMALES? Eleventh Pack? Second column. UELP WANTED? MALES? Eleventh Pack? Fourth col umn. HORSKS, CARRIAGES. A*'.? Fiust Pace? Second, third and lour tli columns. HOTELS ? Skcond Page? Sixth c- liititit. HOUSES, ROOMS, AC., WANIED? Ninth Page? Fourth column. INSTRUCTION? KmsT Pack? Fourth column. , lEUSi'.i CITY, HOBOKEN, HUDSON CITY AND HfttGIN REAL ESTATE FOR SALE? SECOND Pa^m? Second and third column*. 6E0AL NO TIOES? First Page? fourth column. SOAN OFFICES? Sr.coM> Pack? Filth colnmn. OsT AN D FOUND? I'ik-t Paci:? Fli nt column. AOH1NBSY? First Paoi -Fifth column. MARBLE MANTELS? Ninth Fag*? Third column. MATRIMONIAL? Bmomi Paok? flxtn column. MKDKJAL-Ei v.tintii PAOE-Fourth column. MISCELLANEOUS ADMiRTISEMEN Ts~ Tknth Pacs? SI tih column. _ MUBHIAL? Ninth Pack? lhlrd oolumn. M W PUBLIC '.TIONS? Skvkntii Pa<.:i? Sixth column. rRRBONAL? First Paoi ?First column. IANOFORTKH, ORGANS, Ac.? Ninth Pack? Third col POST '"VVlCE NOTICE? Firm Page? Sixth column. PROFESSIONAL SITUATIONS WANTED?FEMALES ? Ki.kcknth Pahk ? Second column. PROPERTY OU1 OK THE CITi FOR SALE OR TO RENT? Second Pack? Third, fourth and fifth col REALEaTATE TO EXCHANGE? 5?C0!fD Page? Fifth column. ? REAL ESTATE WANTED? Second Pagi:? Fifth column. BELii.lOUH NOTICES- I ik?i Paue? Sixth column. REWARDS? First Pack? First column. BALES AT AUCTION? T\n ,.rTii Fags? Fourth, fifth and Klith colmum>. _ _ SITUATIONS WANTED? FEMALES? EtKVKMn Pack? Fir?t and tecond columns. SITUATIONS WANTED? MALES? Eleventh Page? Second and third columns. SPECIAL NOTICES? FiRst Page? Firit nnd second col it inns. SPORTING? DOGS. BIRDS, AC.? First Pagi;? Second column. STALLIONS? F msT 1'age? Second column. HUMMER RESORTS? Sv:cO>o Pack? Sixth column. THE TRADES ? Eleven th Pack? Fourth column. THE TURF? First Pack? Sccond column. ro LET FOR BUSINESS PURPOSES? TWELFTH CAGE? First And kccond columns. (TRAVELLERS' GU I I)B? Eleventh Pagr? Sixth column. UNFURNISHED ROOMS AND APARTMENTS TO LET? Twelfth Pacl? Third column. WANTED TO PURCHASE? Ninth Page? Fifth column. WESTCHESTER COUNTY PROPERTY FOR SALE OR TO LET? Second Pace? Second column. rACHTS, KTE VMBOATS. AC.? First Pagi -Sixth col umn. HFBA1.D lift A Kill OFFICK-l'PTOWS. Advertisements for the new york uep.ald RECEIVED AT TnF. BRANCH OFFICE, 1,260 BROADWAY. tfBST BIDE, BETWEEN TU"?Y-FIBcy A vlt Tam%. second steert& ADVERTISEMENTS A UK RECEIVED FllOM 8 A. M. (TILL 9 P. M. ON WEEK DAYS (SUNDAYS, 2 TILL 9 P. H.>. AT OFFICE RATES. NO EXTRA CHARGE OF ANY KIND. PAltM AGENCY OF THE NEW YORK HERAX.9. ^ESSRS. KREMER A CO., AMERICAN RBGISTBR, HAVE IiEEN APPOINTED PARIS AGENTS FOR THE HEW YORK HERALD. THEY WILL SUPPLY DEAL ERS WITH COPIES OF THE HERALD, AND ALSO SINGLE NUMBERS OF~THrS PAPER TO PARTIES REQfJIRINO T1IEM. G PEUSUNAli. LLE!f-MEET ME AT THK CLUB ON SATl'RDAY, i at G P.M. ALLEN. -' ??*? -WRITS- ME AT tA'CE, CAN ARRANGE L. *11. MART. ntAtrriPui boy ha#y>or adoption at i Mme. DESPARD'S. East Twenty-eighth street. ?WAS fO DISAPPOINTED IN NOT .SEEING* YO~tr7 N. INFORMATION WANTED? OP WILLIAM SAKFORD, J. who arrived In New York from Wilkesburre, Pa., last Friday Address lit* wife, ELLEN NAFFORD, rare ot Robert Hannah, South Water street. Newtourg. IfruiutATiOir wa ntki>-of ~ g arre tt~ (Totter, wli& it aui.posod It. have arrived in New York laii Wednesday trom Woodbrldite. Address or call on MARY AN N (!i ,TTF.R, 313 East Twon ij -flltli street. TNrORMATION WANTED? OF JAMES WEMTB9 JL (?o!orcd'i meat cook at Coagress flail, Sheldon, Vfc, (o 1*7J. Call At 71 1 Broadway. 5 IN FORM ATION WANT B I >-< IKU;K E~.~Mi fiTT WH EN 1.^*1 heard of, in March, 1871, wasia New York. Anv Information ol hi" wlie readouts wnl be thankfully re el r ire il b> hi* cousin, BRIDGET FITZPATRICK, at 456 W? t ?? Ixtoenth street. Ohio papers please ropy. JOBIE? ARGYLE MATINEE. REMEMBER TIIK AP )> lintincnt, tills' aneruof>ii. oil baleonv. Don't forget. LEROY. L-TWENTT-SECOND STREET. AT In 30 TO.iiaY, . 1 2 1 1 1 . Important. _ HALE COLI'MBIA. MR!-. BARKER, 1 ? B B ?S M.\ K E R. ? HAVE LOST YOL'R address. Please cu II at 133 West Thirtr-tlrst street, Mldohllge, ANNIE HARRINGTON. MR DIETZ, WHO. IN IMS. WAS EMPLOYED IN No. r> Bowling (ireen, will please call on W. M. WERMhRSKlRrn. 37 Nassau street. S~ ARAH MAHOOD, SPINSTER, Wlio" FORMEBLY iiu-d at Llsdonan, In ilic county ol Cavan. Ireland, who ouiiKrati'd to Amoriea in the year IW1. and after wards lli I'd In New York, find i < a daughter "t James Ma hood, la'r <?' Lisdonao, atori s.ild, larmcr. now deceased. Is reoue jteq to take uo'Jec tha' there Is a suit now de E tiding in the Court oi' Probate, in Ireland, for the pur se of proving In s?lc mn form ot law the la twill and stanient of her lather, the said James Mahood, <ie ecs .(id, and that if she will cotnmualcau' with the under Signed she will tie informed what her rights are. It' she (dioiild think It. for lt*r inierc :t tr. interfere In th.e it. after. Dated thi < *.?th day or Atiril. 187H. HENRY M. COLLYEB, Altiraev and Counsellor at Law, 27 Chatham street. New cork. 80 ,-20 TO-DAY, AS I LE VVE TOWN MONDAY NIGHT: you will find a letter Tuesday explaining. 40. UiM AM? Kl IISP. f^OUND ? CORNER FIFTIETH STREET AND F1IT11 avej-ue, a fc.teep, which owner can have by proving ft,r,>R*ryr and i>a\iiiR expenses. Inquire of JOHN ?PORK. 774 Second avenue. L?*T.-LKrT IN FOURTH AVENUE CAB, CORNER i * . lJ,"#0,*eoiuii str. ct, on Thursday afternoon, a ?-air of Men g Hhw-#. The finder will bo rewarded by leaving thcinut 10 i.cxitigtou avenoo. L?lT7iw.I,n ,iST'AV IL?"1? f OBIT SIX Til STREET and fifth avenue . a B.ni v and Tan Terrier, ha-i nrown paw- and a brow ., Spot over each eve ? w ,,re a r-d collar and answers to the name of Grp. A suitable re ward f>r his return t<> 19 East Forty-sixth street. IOST? GOLD LOCKET: Mi i.VOt .RAM H. ( p '. aon J Toward and no questions a-k'-l. H. c. potter, 41 Worth street. ' IT CIS I ?I N TIIK VH iMIV or SfKWARi-S RETAIL U store, a heavy R'-id lt,nu. mounted wlih hair with nitials H.C.I..: valued as an heirloom: ample reward Apply to l?r. W. FREEMAN, West Thirty-sixth street. Q'ilil.RN? KRO.M DEMAUEST, N. J., GRAY ROAN O Horse, about Li hind high lon't t/?il. Imj.srfeet ntgh front hoof, sprting tti kliees: Mipposrd to he in lloboken or erosred Han lav street i'crrj Any iniarmaiion re Kardlnar same wilf I e suittlbly rewarded by applying at 60 V. A^cr street, ' ew York. rjiCE-D\f kvpning, april" io, lost a package J. ol Money ($467j betwi en the hours ol fi and f o'clock . ?Too rewan; will ho paid bv HARRY KNIGHTS. 'J!.'! West Twenty loiirtli stre.-t. IIUVV AUI19. 4>,"r -L03T, APRIL 19, A LADY'S BOA, IN CMOK ??). square, t inder will n eeire the aboTe reward on delivery ol proierty t.. M F. Dol'UKKTY, 100 Auiity Mreet. Ain Ki.'.VARIl.? LOST, a. LARGE. YftUNO POINT ?P I ' ? er Do;,' twhlic and liver color, with yellow spots over eves: tall cnt)j abu- e ren ,ir<l will be Riven oil dc Ilvcrln . I, .i.i to WAITER, .vov.-ns BuiMing, I II til avenue nnd Twenty-scvonth street. Ct<)ry REWARD WII .t, BE PAID THE FKBSOlt ' who found r.'.uek an I A?n Dog oi>l"'Slle houce ?t: I' ti.t liiirteenlh street, au l who shall n Itirn saino thereto. 1(1 REWARD? LOST, BETWEEN" Till ItTIETH ?P < ' r stroet a : , .1 tiio A-t ,r House, via Ninth avenue car , or p(,r < monnaie, w tl, over >?"!; finder enn have lialt or if l.c will return the papers to the A-lor House ?thee no inostlon* wilt be :i?kcd. SPi;( I A i ? RUTICK9. A -HAVANA LOTTI.RY DRAWINGS 0\ FII.F. j\ , A | ? .1 Tt | he c*tr?' i ,nary Havana JOSEPH BV'to. Ui 'i.cr. i.i linxtdwar, roota t KPEC1AI. WOTICKS. A-TUK iVIUCAH REGISTER, ? The most widely circulated of tlie American Journals published In Europe A capital medium for American advertisers addressing themselves t<? European patronages Indispensable to all persons visiting Great Britain aad the European Continent. Subscriptions and advertisements for the AMERICAN REUlSTEK will be received and single copies of the paper ma?" le obtained at the office of the New York. Herald. New York. ?HERALD BRAN'Cn OFFICE, BROOKLYN, . corner of Pulton avenue and Boerum street Open Iroin h A. M. to 9 P. M. On Sunday trom S to 9 P. M. ADARIB^s (PRICES RKDUCEO), SOLE AGENT OK ? Royal Havana l.ottiry, 583 Broadway ; box 1,909 Post office. New York. Dealers supplied. Circulars mailed tree. \ -HAVANA LOTTERY.? PRIZES CASHED AND j\> information furnished. Circulars free. JOSEPH BATES A CO.. 71 Broadway, room 81. first floor. DP.. FILLETTE. MEDICAL ELECTRICIAN, REMOV ed to SSI Fifth avenuo, one door below 1 hirt> -fourth street. Itefer* to leading physicians hi tnii city. IT* I, Ell ANT ECONOMY IN ALL BUILDING.? SPECIAL Hi trill new modelling old houses for stores. sou Li brary of ALEX J DAVIS. New york l ul\er>lty. r?OU> AVD BU.VBB AND ARTICLES CONTAINING It cold bought at market prices; Polishing, Filter aim Phstogropli Papers hnrnol aud smelted by KeOucr SCH.UVEI,, 25 lolm street. Havana lottery.- extraordinary drawing 22d April, German State Lotteries. circulars mailed free. IU'HLMANN A CO., Banker?, SS Nassau street ; box 8,8? rwi office. . HS. ItA EE'S NEW PATENT FLY AN O MOS . (julto Destroyer aud Shot, Indian Insect Powder and Invincible Magnetic Taste for tho destruction of all kinds ot vermin. 72 White street, corner Broadway. IN THE MATTER OF T1IE ESTATE OF BOWLES Bros. A Co., itl bankruptcy.? The list of creditors tiled In ?aid case belnj incomplete', ail crodirors v. ho have not been represented In Court are rei|ttc.<tcd to communi cate immediately with the a.ssfgat-e in llostun, aud slate their address and the nature and amount of their claims, la order that the tull amount oi Indebtedness may lie as certained as early as possible. HENRY J. STEVE WS. Assignee, 19 Court street. Boston. New York creditors can learn the ueccssarv facts bv applying to SAN FOR It, ROBINSON A WobDRLFF, ConaselTor.M-at-l.aw. 102 Broadway. New York. VTAXARETH HALL REUNION SOCIETY.? THE COM i_> mittee of Arraugemonts for the Reunion, to be held jiexl June, will meet at the Astor House on Thursday, April 17. i? 10 o'clock A. M. OFFICIAL DRAWINGS KENTUCKY STATE LOTTERIES. IKSTIXKV- riTHi CLASS NO. 271? APBU. II, 11*73. 23, 48, CJ, 5S, 21, OS, 20. 47 , 39, 66. 57, 78. BKKTroar? class no. 272? aprii. II, 1678. 77, <U 24. ft. 56, 62, 86, 52, 21, 22. IW, 8. SIMMONS A CO.. Managers. Covington, Ky. ?BUST COLLrOK? EXTRA CLASS NO. 171? APRIL 11, 1873. 40, 73, 33, SB, 12, 52, 14, 72, 5, 66, 30, 42. fllKLf>V < Of f F.GV? CLASS XO. 172? APRII. tl, 1873. 05, 31, 40. 4fl. 32, 2. 74. M. W. 10. 77, 16. SMITH A CO.. Managers, Covington, Ky. _ J. CLL'TE, Broker, '.O&Broadway. Post office box 4.969. R OYAL HAVANA LOTTERY. -THF. P.XTRAORDI nary Drawing will take place the 22d of April. Deal ers supplied. Prices reduced considerably. 8. SE RP A , 73 Wall street. ROYAL HAVANA LOTTERY.? THE NEXT EXTRAOR dinarv Drawing wili take place on the 2id of April. 1*78. J. B.' MARTINEZ A CO., Baukers, 10 Wall street. Post office box 4,085, New York. _ TIIE PUBLIC ARE CAUTIONED AGAINST NEGO tiating Bonds No. 2,744 to 2,718, both inclusive, for $1,(".:0 earn, of the convertible loan or I9i<2 ot the Central Railroad Company of New Jersey, registered in name of John Matthews, thev having betu fraudulently obtained, but without power of transfer. Any power ol attorney authorizing tlmir transfer is a forgery, and will not be recognized at the office of the company. THE FIFTH AND LAST DRAWINO OF THE 83d Royal Saxon Lottery at Leipsle, Germany, Will commence April 15 and close May 3. There will be drawji 34,500 pr;?c- aut of 82,000 tickets, to wit;? _ 1 Prize jfiio.OOO Prussian tfcalcra, ? rrlze of UK).1) U0 Prussian tlialors, 1 Prize ol 8P,P*) Prussian thaler*. . 1 Prize of StMXX) Prussian tlialors. 1 Prize of 40.ft)0 Prussian tlialors. 1 Prize ol 30,0*) Prussian tlialers, 1 Prize of ?1,000 Prussian thalers, 8 Prizes of 10,000 Prussian tlmlcrs, 20 Prizes of 8,000 Prussian thalers, 40 Prizes of 2,000 Prussian thalcrs, ?S0 Prizes of 1,000 Prussian dialers, and othcri. Prizes cashed and information given. TUBODOR ZSCHOCH, 116 Nassau street Poet office box 0*0. DRAWN DAILY IN THE LEOAL $589,589 & vaua and Kentucr circulars tree; 1J!-, cents commission allowed. Address BALE V A CO. (office established 30 years', 174 Broadway. SMRTISiVJOOGS, HI K D4, Ac, -A. Birds, 'Med,icln^I^orS?l|0^.4KA"Vr\ DOOS. 1*00(1 for mocking birds ?t m !? t v^(?' Prepared street, near Canal ' flt B" Do* tv * No. jGroeno THE TIRE. Fleetwood park.?' the cli b house and res. taurant arc new open, under the supervision of Wil liam 11. Van Cott. The track Is also in good order, and inaii\ fast trotters are being worked on it daily. E STALLIOSS. i'DWARD EVERETT, for 1873. Mr. Bonner's horse Edward Everett (formerly Major Winfleld' will stand at my place, the Lagrange Parin. ! near Goshen, in Orange county, bc-viuolng uu the 1st of April, 1873. Terms without any exception, $2<*f. payable Invariably before service. $100 of which will be returned if the imire does not prove with foal. Edward Everett was sired by Kysdvk's Hainbletontan, dam bv imported Margrave. Edward Everett is the sire of Mr. Bonner's horse Joe Elliott, who last Summer trotted a mile at Mystic Park In i jfiU. vljlch Is the fastest mile ever trotted by any horse of any- &14, either in public or private. Edward Everett Is also the stre of Commodore Vanderbllt's great horse Mountain Bor, who died last November during the epizootic. The following extract lrom an interview be tween the Commodore aud a reporter will show what the Commodore thinks of the stock Reporter? What is Mountain Boy's record ? Mr. Vandcrbilt? liis liest time was 2:20. Four years ago he was mulched In Boston against Lady Thornc. The bev beat her six races out of eleven, the Jlires best straight boats being inside of 2:21. But lie was not in condition then, and ought not to have been put on the course on account-ot hu coma. He has made u quarter mil" in thirty -one seconds. That is the fastest time ever made. The Commodore during the same Interview said He was the best horse I ever sa?v. ami I think so yet. He never went on the course In proper condition? was never thoroughly trained. I liouglit film when lie was six years old and have owned him six year-'. 11c had Jits? reached the riuht age, was without t'ault or blemish, reliable In every way, and could, after training, have beaten any horse in the world (Slowly, ana with em phasis)? He was the fastest horse in thr world. Mr. Bonmer does not agree with the Commodore that Moiinlaiti Bov was the fastest horse in the world ; but It Is undoubtedly true that he was the fastest horse the Commodore ever owned ; so it will be scon that Mr. Ban ner's fastest horse, Joe F.diott, who trolled In 2 and Commodore > andcrbill'* tautest horse. Mountain Boy, were both sired by Edward Everett, lie is also the sire 0! Judge Fullerton, who has trotted in 2 :2I%. and who beat Gazelle last Fall in a fourth beat; ol the stratton Ally, that was sold recently tor$4,000; of the Middlotown colt, of tho Kilpa' rick mare, the Mar-hall colt, the Mc Grn th colt, the Packer colt, Mr. Low * colt and many more. 1 1' ill keep all brotKl mares at *8 per month for grass and $1 a bushel tor any gram which the owners request to have fed to them. All aoctdents and escapes nt the risl; of the owner. All letters respiting this horse must be addressed to the subscriber, at (iosbea, ornnge county, N. Y. WM. II. KEBTC'H. A. IIOKSfts, CAR1UA&KS. dcC. ?BREWSTER. OF TWENTY-FIFTH STREET Ware rooms, Fifth avennc, corner Twonty-sorcnlli street. Sole makers ol Brewster Wagons, with the Vertical Steel Plate*. The maximum "I strength. the minimum of weight, oh vl.itlng all spread ol the axle, a prevailing source of an nor uncr to those tMng r< a<l wagons. tii kiitOH the additional strength ami security which this grc at im| rovement give* to our wagons, an experience ot . tWr'v.four year* "nable* u-i to challenge comparison either In ouitlliy or flnit-h. 8eo certillcote from General MrClellan Nsw York, Jane 1, 1871. OrsTLEMEX . _ ? J have carefully examined v. >ttf Patent Vortical Steel Plate Axle 1 Arid that tilt addition ol the Vertical Kioto rentiers the axle nb< u*wo ami a half (Jt?> limes as at lit us Itwouldjbe without it Y'%TO?M-CLELLAX. AN E LEO ANT TEAM OF OOOD-STZED BLOODED Horses tor sale ; warranto ! kind, sound and supe rior rondsters: for (food reasons will he sold cheap. Ad dress llOTSPt It, Herald office. A LDERNEYS FOR SALE.? COWS, HEIFERS AND J\ Calves. Apply to JOHN VAN ANTWKBP, Throg'f Neck. Westchester county, N. V., orutf'.' Rcadr street. AN OLD RSTAHLTBHED EXPRESS BUSINESS FOR xi. Mle? Four Ilorse?. four Wagons, In good order. In quire ol KELLY \ UOODNOITOII, reed store. Thir.l ave nuu, liutwcon 125th and 120th street*. * Handsome pair OA RBI AOS HORSES, BLACK t J\ al-o n pair of Bays, suitable for coupe ?v road. Can he soon in private slatde 36 Lexington avenue. AT PRIVATE STABLE, 1U EAST THIRTY-NINTH ' l\. street, for sole cheap, gentleihan tfoin'4 to Europe, irray coupe Horre, ?? years old, ISk hand J liiiifl ; warrant ed sound. Can he soon frem !l till 2 o'clock. A SPLENDID general TRUCE, OOOD HORSE, Harness, Ac., will lie sold at nuctlpti thlsdayatll o'clock, at :;48 Hudson streor, hy J. W. CAMI'HKLl , .1 auctioneer, wltlPut res.rvc. Parties wan. ins good rig specially invited. AT MANUFACTURERS' UNION? ORK AT SALES | A every (I&V : the lamest assortment of Carriages ever I oilered la New \ork i sere cm second hand taken In ex change. M aMIFACt URER3' UNION CARRIVUS ! v. a RE ROOMS, RH Broadway. ! A T FACTORT-^5T<?P liUOOIES; ALSO BaROUCIIS, 7\ Bockawavt, Victoria'?, Phaeton*, latest stylo- , ch< ip. est incite. .".ear Orand stwat ?? w-J Bowery, Itti and l?8 ' fcldridge street, ' a v .? MOV IIORSU8. CARRIAGES, AC. AT BARKER A CHASE'li _ f\ CITY AUCTION MART AND NEW YORK TATTER. salls, , .. . , corner of Broadway a n#" $ ? MAJOR Oil AS. W. BARK KB, AUCTIONEER RecuUr Mtlviof Uqvwil ( urrliffii*, ?t.i EVlfilY WEDNESDAY AND SATCRD A Y. 24 hours allowed lor trial ori every horse soli! under warranto*!. The onlv a fiction mart in thu State ha\ lag the proper facilities tor showing horses on sale, viz.. a largo driving "^TALohVl! (?F SALE THIS DAY AT 13 O'CLOCK. Elegant and very handsome strawberry road, coupe or family Horse, bred In Kentucky; is 1?? hands high. 6 years old. extra style, action and appearau- o ; can trot lu u an elegant driver, afraid of nothing, without faults, and warranted sound and kind; sold to close an C#Fnin'ilv Establishment, comprising an extra tine pair of stylish Bay hidings, IB high, 8 and 9 years old; very fn'oinpt and pleasant drivers ; great roadsters . can trot n 3 :10 toge.tber; are waited and act ullke; tear nothing, arc a perlect family team, and are warranted sound aud kind ; also l'ark Phaeton, Harness, Ac. ; sold for want of use. Cine gray business Horse, 15*s high, 8 year* old, blockr built, free and easy driver, siiatp roadster, perfectly gentln uud warranted kind and sound, except slightly over at the knoo. Fa.-t black trotting Mara, Abdullah store, IiV. high, 9 years old, extra flue, free driver ; has trotted better than 2:A0. and is warranted to trot in three minutes to day or no sale ; is afraid of nothing aud is warranted .found and kind. Eight top and no lop Road Wagons; best city builders. One Depot Wagon, built by Bell. Three top aud no top Express Wagons. One two-horse Farm Wagon , good order. New and second hand Hurneas, 11' rso Clothing. Sad dles, Billies. Whips, Haliars, Ac One Basket 1'haeton, new. Also several other Horses. Full description at sale. Sales never postponed on account of weather. Allen m. miser, auctioneer. SALESROOMS % CHAMBERS STREET. IIORsK AUCTION MART AT SEW YORK S VLRS AND STORAGE REPOSITORY, FOURTH AYENl'E, CORNER TWENTY FIFTH STREET. CARRIAGES AND HORSED ALWAYS ON HAND AT 1'KI V ATE sale. RICHARD MetTI LOl'UH, PROPRIETOR. ALLEN K. MINER A BUO., AUCTIONEERS. #ale- of Horses, Carriages, Ac .Thursday of each weak. Entries of articles lor auction can be made at repository la above, or salesrooms ot auctioneers. ^ THE "BREWSTKB WAGON." A in allweightf, for pleasure driving or speeding, exoui.fltclj finished. nnd embracing in tbclr construction the various im provements introduced by us during the pa-t 15year.s, liuiUing theus _ ' ,, the standard for Quality' throughout the United Slates. These wagons are exclusively Uie prod action of our well-known Broome street factory, and are offered In steel, in nil respects equal in (juiility to those built to Uio order ot th? most valued customer, and at prices uniform to all. In order that we may not be confounded with a joint rtcck company ot carriage dealers who have adopted a firm name similar to our own, and impudent!} claim Uie reputation we have made (or the "hrewster Wagon,'' we beg the public will remenater tbat our ouly nnierooais are at the <(.i ner of Fifth avenue and Fourteenth street. and our onl} Factory on Brocne street. BllEWSTBK A CO., oi Broom" street. AT PRIVATE SALE. AT ARCH. JOHNSTON'S NEW HOUSE AND CARRIAGE MART. 19, 21, 23 A N D 23 EAST THIRTEENTH STREET, between University tdace and Filth rm??u?. A PAIR OF TROTTING HORSES, 4 and year# old. brother aud sister, sired by I'ATRH'K HENRY out ol ROANOKE mare; ir?H Hands high; well mated; very stylish notion aud can trot together in 2; 30; warranted sound, without blemish No top road WAGON. with polo and shafts, built by CORBETT A CO. LANDAULKT, BY STIVERS ? ROAD WAGON BY STIVE its. DERBY DOG CART. WOOD BROTHER*; ncr.rly new. TOP WAGON, WITH POLE AND SHAIT*, CITY MADE. VERY LIGHT BAROUCHE, BY BREWVTER. PONY I'll AETON's? Top aim no tup Pony Phaetons, basket and panel ; 20 top Buggies, K?jkaw?>", Express and Depot Wagons. Prices 25 per cent lower than at any other place iu the city. Call anil examine. A? 8 CORTLANDT STREET, NEAR BROADWAY ^ ? Downtown Carriage and Harness war erw Elegant assortment ot first class ' v ? bt our usual popular prices ^ in?. joHNjroS. A L.VROE A Mi ATTRACTIVE SALE RY PUBLIC J\ auction, on FRIDAY, April 18, at 10 A. M., at the slo;t Harm farraerly owned bv Colon* 1 .1. P. B. Df dge. onptaiU; Hyde Turk, on the Hudson River, including nil the flr?l oIaS? rnf,fl >nd business Horses, stallions, brood Mares, FllliPP, o?rri*gi??, farming Wagons, Carts and many Farming Utensils, O ven, Hogs, Calves, Hulls, -'hlckens, Ac., of which the follow ing is a brief schedule 16 fine road carriage and buslues* Horses. Including 2 "Jiowfti ai:u ? Jujjofc; * Barouche. 1 Victoria, l Depot Wagou, I Dog Cart, 1 top Buitgy. 1 square hoxJaggcr. 1 Trotting Wagon, 1 Sulav 1 cutter. '1 Furtii Wagons, 8 Carts, I Sleigh, 1 pair Hobs X sets single Harness, 2 do. Carriage, 3 gen L's Saddles, with Bridles; 1 lady's do., " bovs' no., with Bridles; 3 sets worn Harness. 1 Aldorney Bull, 7 Cows, & Calves, 1 yoke Oxen, 2 Mowing Machines, 2 Fanning Mills. 1 Cider' Pre?-, Cutting Boxes, Forks, Rakes, llocs, Shovels, Ac. ; 1 cultivator, (i Lursc Plows, 2 Small do., ' 2 Harrows, X Corn Mill, 1 do. SheUv/. 9 Ifog,;. 4 I'igs. lot Chickens, Ox Yokes,- Cii.iins and nian>s useful Tools ot all kinds not mentioned, a catalogue of which will |.^ lurnislii d at the sale. This propertv will be sold to tlift highest bidder, without postponement, rain or shine. Full pedlgrae* fftven of the stock (which Is of the highest class) on day of sale. Also a lease of the McLochlaud Farm, coalmining 190 acres, for one year. Also a lease of 114 acres of Land, being that portion of the Stewart ond McLochland farms lylny easterly of the Kingston poft road. Br order of dlARLEP H. tRI'AX, Attorney, sc.. No. 7 Murray street. New York. APAIII of WKLLMATCHKD BOMBS, about 1S.2, 7 years, warranted sound and kind In all har ness and under saddle, will be sold low, I. .({ether or sinilv, bv a gentleman leaving the eitv. t an" ue si eu during tho forenoon at Anderfou's stables, 112 West Fiftieth street. ARr.IVF.D- O. B. LE KEF, WITH 10 HEAD OT FAST and st\ lish driving Horses, at NEW YORK SALES AND STORAGE REPOSITORY. FOl'RTff AVENl'E, CORNER TWENTY-FIFTH STREET A? FOR SALE, A SORRF.L PACING M \RK, 15.3, 5 ? yonrs old, perfectly green; can pace In J ;4n to top wagon or no" saier sound, kind and gentle io single or double harness. II ?. LEY'S stables, 127 and 129 East Fif ty -third street. A? 20 TOP SECOND HAND WAGON'S, TEN OPEN . Real Wagon', by city makers, at low prices; Rock awavs and Depot Ma Hon i, 10 Express Wagons 1 top do., Abbott A Downing make, good as new; Harness, iilan kets, Ac. EMPIRE CITY REPOSITORY, 20 and 22 Wooster st. LARGE" "ASSORTMENT NEW AND SECOND hand Carriages, all -tries family Rockawuys. top and open Buggies, pony Phaetons at greatly reduced prlcec. WITtY's, Fulton and Nevins streets, Brooklyn. Acentleman going to EUROPE wants to sell his Horses; 10 hands, only six years old. stylish blacks, long tails, sound and kind in every wnv -. also, a Brewster Landau and Harness. 12^ West Thirty llrst street, or G. W. COlISToCK, firand Hotel. c A -FOIt SALE.?' THROUGH A DEATH IX THE FAM .. II v, I Horse. fi years old : is very fast ; warranted sound and kind in single or double harness, and quiet tor a lady to r'de or drive. Inquire at 11 Llspenard street. AN ELEOANT SPAN OF IB-HAND BAY CARRIAGE Horses; (art and sound; without blemish ; also handsome Mare, tor laity driving ; top Buggy, Ac. Apply at 27 West Twenty-sixth strsnt. A -FOB SALE (THE PROPERTY OK A GfiVi'LE ? Din from the country), two Horses. 5 and 6 year* old; colors, dark brown and dark sorrel; they arc good family ho rites; good for any kind ot business; they are stylish ami very One drhers; they stand 16.2 anil 15.3 hands in height; the* are warranted . sound and kind, either In single or double harness; fearless of locomotive: they are to be sold reasonably, as the owner is uoing West. Iniulre ot the Hostler at livery stable 22 Amity st. A? KOR SALE? FROM 'i HE COUNTRY, ONE LARGE . Work Horse. 0 years old. warranted sound and kind ; ho It a go *1 worker either in single or double har ness; also one bay Mare, 8 rears old ; she is vorv last Hnd ? stylish driver, and is sold for no fault, the owne r hav ing no further w?s, for her. In?ji'ire at No. I' Llspenard st. 1ARRI AGES? SLIGHTLY DAMAGED: ORE AT BAR J gains j'Carringoa, ncu aad second haad, of every de seiiotion, at low price- , now Is the time to purchase, be fore trade commences. M AN U 1 ACT IT P. E Ktv UNION, M8 Broadway. ___ ? Elegant side fpbinu wagon, built ?* liusenbttrr A Van Duzer. SIX HEAT ROCKAWAV, IN GOOD ORDER. HT'TLT bv Miner A Stevens. TWO BAROUCHES, IN GOOD ORDEB, BUM BY Lawrence. Cabriolet, with pole and shaiti, cit> niako. ?tump Seat Wa'-'oli. top Oil llind -eat Fifty top and no top Ponv l'liaetoa? Elegant four seat Hockawaj ? Twenty Basket Phaetons. Express and Depot Wagons. Huston ( i. ?ise, nearly new. Two wliei led Dog Cart, in pood order. Double ai d -ingle set* Harness. at price* to suit the time-. AT THE HORSE AND ? AitRIACE MART OF WILM \M VAN TASSKLI.. the old st^nd, 110, 11> and 114 Last Thirteenth street. Family carriages? immen.se stock of f.vkry style : several second hand and slightly -oiled, for sale at bargains. Harness of all kinds. NEW YORK SAME'S AND STORAOK DEPOSITORY, Font Til A V., CORNER TWKSTY-FIFTH ST. FAMILY C \RRI \GES- IMMENSE STOCK OK E\ KRY I1 style; several second band end -llghtlv soiled, for sale at bargains. Now is the time to purchase, before trade commences. MANCFAfTITBBRg' UNION, 6:i? Broadway. EtOR SALE? A FINE PONY. HARNESS AND PHAE ton ; very de-iruble ; $880. Livery stable, 172 Met WMi lV'OR SALE AT A BARGAIN? A LAN DA I 'LET, r nearly new ; Sleigh. doul l? Harness, Covers. Coach innn's Co:itf, 4c. Call tor Mlt'HELE, at Brlum stable. Seventh avenue, corner of Forty-second street. ROB SAI.F-A r PRIVATE STABLE 1.1.1 WEST i'lilR J ty-olghth street a pair of very stylish and baud aomTHdood bav Hors^a, ail black points, w and 7 years F ty -eighth street, a pair of very stylish and baud Hdood bav Morses. a;i Idack points, k and 7 rears old, lf> hands high, perfectly soun.i .ml gentle, both goo<l In coupe. Call at stable or on T. P. KLDBIDGK.MO Broadway. F'OR SALE? A GRAY PONY, SOUND AND A GOOD worker, for one bfowu ttoi- 1/1 hands; a nice, gamy and lively driver, ninl stoft, 870 Hwdsgw ,tre ;. FOR SAI.B? A SORREL MARK, 7 YEARS OLD, L" abr . i;t l">'? bands high, -onnd and kind, single and double; s id for want nl jsv. At>t>!j it No. !? East Nine t?. tuh street, A. N, HANKINSoS. F HORSES, CARRIAGES, AC. II^OR SAI.E? A GOOD SADDLE OR ROAD HORSE, for half bis value. In.ialic 135 East Twenty sixth street. OR SALE-A FIRST CLASS HORSE AND GRO eery Wagon. Inquire at 349 Madison street. FOR SALE? A GOOD CANADIAN POKY. CURAT; warranted sound and kind. Apply to T. O'SULLI van. 185 Ttath avenue. For sale? a gentleman's elegant driving Phaeton, for two horses, In superb order, cost $1,800; also an elegant Barouche ; both will be sold very cheap, owner being in Et'rope. Apply at stable. No. 3 East Eigh teenth street before in A. M. and after 1 P. M. F'OU SALE-A LOT OP GOOD WORK HORSKS JC3T from the country, suitable for nil purposes, to be sold cheap. Apply at 176 Mercer -treet, neur Bleeckcr. B MA SALE? DOUBLE DOG CART, BY LAWRENCE; leather top extension Buggy, by Wood, uud double .and single Humes'): all In flue order. Merchant stables, Twenty-ninth street, Just west of Broadway. For sale? three horses, tit for ORO eerie*, tannins or truck purposes ; prices from $79 to $190; warranted sound uud kind. S7 and 89 Wooster street, between Broome and Spring. ? For sale-a nxi YOUNU PAJB ok mares, 15% bands ; very stylish and good steppers. Apply at No. S Thirtieth street. _____________ For sale-a three-quarter size nonsR, pony build; kind In all harness; used to light wagon; suitable for butcher, grocer or family driving in the country Apply la coal ottico, Thirty sixth street, east of First avenue For sale cheap- a first class family Horse, eight year* old ; a light Coupe Rockaway. by Wood Brothers: a II:; lit Top Wagon, by Dusenbury ; also n.vrnes*. at FARNtiWOlllH'S -table, Fifty-fourth .street and Broadway. BiH>R SALE-ONE OF THE FINEST SORREL HORSES in New York, l:>\ hands high, 8 year* old; can trot In S :j5; warranted sound ami kind. Also a very hand some bay Horse, 15% bands high ; t> years old ; sound and kind. Nos. Hand 6 West Thirteenth streut. For 8ALB CHEAP-STOCK of a CONTRAOrOR RE tired trom business, consisting of Carts, Ham:'<s. Feed and Furniture Truc k, variety of Tools, Ac. JAMES MULRY.aw East Eleventh -tieet. For sale, cheap? a furniture truck, ap ply at 10 Ninth areune. For sale cheap-a hai.f-top FOUR-BEAT Pheaton, made by Brewster A <'o. (of Broome Street) ; also, a Ii?-!it double and single Harness, made by Lowdon. Apply at private stable 3(1 East Fortieth street. GB. LE REU ARRIVED WITH 10 HEAD OF FAST . nnd stylish Driving Horses at NEW YORK SALES AND STORAGE REPOSITORY. FOURTH AV., CORNER TWENTY FIFTH ST. Horses, irucks and harness.-one and two hone Lumber Trucks tor sale, cheap, at 130 Lewis street Harness? saddlery,? the largest variety of Hnrse Furnishing lioods ot all descriptions of any house in New York. 0. M. MOSEMAN A HltO., Manufacturers ; warehouse, 114 Chambers street. HARNESS.-THK CHEAPEST HARNESS STORE IN Now Yerk ; good double Truck Harness, $30; good single Buggy Harness, hand inado, $17; a good Stahlo Blanket, $2 50; the largest assortment of Cart Harness iu the city. Please call and examine for yourselves. FISHER A OSBORNE, 43 Murray street. New York. ARNESS ? I HAVE A LARGE STOCK OF HAR ness, all kinds and styles, of my own make, which I nfler at extremely low prices; also Riding Saddles and Bridles, Whips, Spurs. Halters, Blankets, Sheet", Lap Robes, and everything In the horse line, cheap for cash. E. UAKTLETT, 62 Warren street, oerner College place. Harness.- the LARGEST stock of single and and double first class Harness in tho city, slightly soiled, 10 to 15 per cent below cost, to cl09c out consign ment. NEW YORK SALES AND STORAGE REP^TnDV FOURTH AVENUE, ( 'GRNERTWENT' ? ~ ^il STREET H H0? TAK,hS ? BO. gomery, Orun'ye, JOHN H*'^^ 2*$**. Browser A ^ wnt,^ ny. Refer^^i,,^^ 1 T HAVE ONE OF THE BEST PAYING LIVERY AND Boarding Stables in the city, 33 stall.*, first class cus tom ; also I one new brick" Stnhlc, 90 stall*, with 40 boarders since February 1, 5 years' loaee, elthar of vvtilch I will sell at a low figure, snd payment made easy, as I cannot attend to both. Apply at 158 and 100 East Twenty seventh street. IMPORTANT TO FARMERS.? FOR SALE, A VALU able Maro. in pole, $190; half value; one Canadian Horse. $65; bo:h sound and kind. 77 New Chambers st. IIOHT SIDE BAR TOP AND OPEN BUGG1B8-A A large lot, just lliiished, equal to anv manufactured, at $110? below usual prices; several second hand Buggies. MANUFACTURERS' UNJON, 038 Broadway. / \NE HAY MARE, JUST FROM THE COUNTRY, 6 W years old, 16 hands high; ? fine worker and slylish dri\?r; will lie sold cheap. Inquire at BEDELL k EARL'S stabics, I'.'l Clinton place. QfALLlOK FOR 8ALE? A NICE. THOROUGHBRED O brown, 15'. hands ; sound and kind; elegant saddle horse ; cost $1,600; price $500; and one Trotter, time 2:38, price $.W0. 16<i Crosby street. DOD A WATER WAOON FOR SALE CHEAP.? GOOD k5 as new: or will exchange for lighter one; would air" make first cla.;s welss beer wagon. Can be seen until sold at James J KILLEN'S, soda water manufacturer, J81 and 383 Second street I LEtf-A LARGE STABLE, WITn STALLS FOR 20 _ horses ; aled .* Urge Ground Floor 30 by SO feet, suit able lor tilacksmlth or liter's skop. Apply on prem iss to W. J. k C. C. ALEXANDER. *6 Wooster street. To l.P.T-A PRIVATE STABLE, COMPLETE, 20t West Eighteenth street. Inquire at w Maiden lane. TO LET? PRIVATE STABLE ON RROADWaV, NEAR Thirty-eighth street, four stallB and carriage room; also coachman's Room. Apply at l,:$?2 Broadway. TTM, J. VAN DUS8B (LATE OF THE firm OF DU f ? sen bury A Van Duser) would beg leave to apprise his irlends and the public that he has opened a Light Carriage Manufactury at 1,615 Broadway, one door he low Forty -seventh street, and is now prepared to take orders for the coming season. Repairing promptly at tended t>. First class work only. ANTED? A HORSE. SUITABLE FOR A LADY TO IT ride nnd drive. Address P. II. J., box Ifl'J Herald ofilee. stating price, color, size, age, gait.- and where to bo seen. I\'ANTED? TO BUY FOR CASH, TWO SINGLE CON ?T cord Express Wagons; must bo In good order. No. 4 East Houston street. WANTED? A STIVERS OR BREWSTER \ SEAT, ?T side bar, top I!oad Wagon, little used; weight not exceeding l.ti |i,s Address, stating price, K., 163 East Sixty-first street. < 7r ? CHESTNUT SORREL HORSE, S YEARS 1 4?). old, 16 hands; sound, kind, without trick or vice ; verv gentle ; also black at same price ; must sell. 216 West Thirty-first street. ____________ (BREWSTER) TOP <UGGY: $.'V) DEPOT Wagon : $1'*' open Buggy ; double llarneas.$iO; Dog Cart, $139; all city ma le en I in lino order. At 110. Broadway, near Thirty -ninth street. DRY GOOD*. ill SHAW'S, t Bowery, between Fourth anil 'treat Jones streets, ana : Sixth avenue, between Twenty-second aud Twenty. HAIR! HAIR! HAIK ! flic largest stock ol Human Hair Qosds in the ?|y lit SHAW'S. ssi r 3631 third <tr<*efs. tin stair*. KHAVV'8 Patent llnlr Switches. ? ran be combed an'l brushed, J1 earh. Unman Hair, cheapest ami best In Jhe market. Short Hair Switches, earli und upwards. French switches, 8?. CarL?, $1 an?l upward'". Latest styles always on hand. I.EOAL NOTICES. CITREME COl'BT. k? In the matter of the application of tho Department of Public Parks, tor and in behali of tlie Mayor, Alder men and commonalty of the city of New York, relative to the Opening of Klngsbrldge Road, northwardly from the southerly line of lsStli street to the Harlem Itiver, as laid out by the (Commissioners of th< Central Park, In the city Ot New York. We, the undersigned Commissioners ot Estimate and Assessment in the aboro entitled matter, hereby ?lve nmlce In the owner or owners, occupant or occupants of all bouses anil lots and Improved or unimproved lauds affected thereby, and to all others whom It may eoncorn, to wit I. ? I hat we have completed our estimate and assess ment, and that all persons Interested in these proceed ings or In any ot the lands affected thereto , and who may t>e opposed to the same, do present their ob|octions la writing, duly verified, to the undersigned Commissioners, st our office, 180 Broadway (room IA, In the said city, on or before the 23d .lav of April, 18TB. and tbst wr the s ii.| ?OinmlssloWrs, will bear parlies so obiei iiiu wit'tin :he ten week (lays next alter the said 11 1 (lay ol Aprn. UTS, grid for that purpose will be in attendance at uar said ofilre on each of -aid ten days, at II o'clock * M II.? That the ahstractof the said estimate and a?*-"w ment, together with our inaps, and also all the affidavits, estimates and other documents which were used by us in m.iKJng onr report, have been deposited in the office of (lie Department or Public W o^k?, In tin- ett.V ot New Vork, there to remain until the 6th day ot .May, 1X73. III ?That the UmiU embraced by the assessment afore 401,1 arc as follows, to wit All those certain lota, pieces or parcels ot land contained, lying and being within the following bonndsor limits, that is to My:? Commencing at the point formed b\ the intersection of the northerly lim or side of 145th street with the westerly lino or slue of the Eighth avenue ; running thence northerly atona the westerly line or side of the said Kmbtli avenue to the IiIkIi water mark ot the Harlem iUver. thence along th?i said high water mark of the Harlem River as it winds mid turns to the Hudson Itiver ; thence southwardly Along the easterly side of the Hudson River, at liitfh wafer mark ns said river winds ami turns, to the southerly line or side oi 184th street, thenCe easterly aloiiu the snld southerly line iy side ot I.Vdli street to the eis-trrly side of the Boulevard; tlienco southerly slong the .uiit easterly side of said Koulevard to the northerly line or side of 145th street, and easterly along the salit northerly hue or side of Mith street to tlw point or place ol beginning. IV That our report herein will be presented to the Hu preme Court or the siute of New York, at a special term thereof, to DC held In the New Court Honse at the <'ity Hull, in Hi" city of New York, on the 2t>t)i day of Mav. |s;<. hi the opening of the Conrt on that day, ami that then and then . or as soon thereafter as counsel can bo ji, ird thereon, a motion will fee made that the said report be confirmed. HENRY PARSONS, ) WILLIAM J. PARSONS, f Commissioners. JOHN T. McUOWAN, ) Srw Yon*. March 19. 1*71. JWWTRCCTIOji. UdOKKEKPINO A NO BI'Sl.NKSS A I' FA IKS. J) C C MARSH'S ho.iun. ne Broadway. Those who wish to tske lessons in the above should bear In mind that 'tis no small privilege to he able to study nnder tlie instruction i t an author whose works on bo. k k' pin: are knovn and popnlsr In most II not allot the t mereUM eoinmimit'i s ol the l uited suit*-* and sJoUtil AijtiTlct. apiMv (or circulars KOR 8ALR. A LARUE SHOW CASK-10 FRIT BV 10 FEET SUIT iv able lor a hatter or milliner; ai?o a handsome Counter. Apply at Hip American Stores, 189 Sixth av. A RARE CHANCE? TO BUY THK LEASE, GOOD will, Carta, to., ot an old established Coal Yard. AppljMit yard, Ml East Sixteenth street, near avenue A. A FIRST RATE^CriANCE FOR A DOCTOR OR druggist? For sale, stock and Fixtures ol a Drng g??re. in * thickly populated neighborhood ; store estab lished tire years and is now offered for sale in conse quence ol the death of the proprietor; can be had a bar* gain. Apply at m Vjirket street, Paterson, N. J. A RARE CHANCB.-THR STOCK AND FIXTURES or n Toy and Candy Depot, including a nice Soda Apparata* and Ice Cream Garden ; good reasons tor sell lag. J. STILWKLL, SSI Oram! street, Williamsburg. A FIRST CLASS CORNER LIQUOR KTOttF. FOB sale, with or without Block ; in a good location; doing good business-, rent low. Apply to T1IOA GAFF NICY, Auctioneer, No. 6 Centre street A FIRST CLASS BOOT AND SHOE STORK FOR s?!o; best business location; does a tine order busi ness; Mtnblishe, I 20 years. Particulars ol MITCHELL'S store Age no jr. 77 Cedar street. A PHYSICIAN'S PRACTICE FOIt SALF..? ADDRESS J. T. FRITTS, M. D., White House station, New Jir ? y. A FINK CORNER LIQUOR STORE FOR SALE-AT a low price; best'businesa location: also downtown Sample Rooms, l.unch Kouins, Chop Houses, Oyster Sa loons. MITCHELL. Store Agency, 77 Cedar street. A SPLENDID RESTAURANT FOR SALS? RARE | A chain o; also Mineral nml Soilu Water Mantnac tories. Bakeries, Confectioneries, Gontlemen'j Furnish ing Goods Stores, a first class Hal Store, Drug Stores. I Ml i ell ELL, Store Agency, 77 Cedar street. I \ WELL FURNISHED BOARDING HOU8B AND J\ Hole! ill a populous neighborhood ; rent from rooms more than pays all the expenses; net profits Jl'M) monthly | prtee only $2,000. LLOYD, 29 Broad way. Arabs chance.? for sale, one of the old> est and finest fitted up Barroom aud Billiard Rooms iu New York. luquirc on the premises, 407 Grand street, corner of OHntoa. A LOOK ISC GLASS AND PICTURR STORE FOR salo? Prlco $800. MO Grand rttwt An established, desirable restaurant and Dining Saloon, doing irood business, on best part Thlhl avenue, tills day at bargain, or on Monday at auc tion. CAMl'BEl.L A CO.. Auctioneers, 848 Hudson St. BU8INH88*0HANCE.? GROCERY, WINE, LIQUOR. Fruit and Vegetable Stand, with stock, Fixtures and Lease: low rent; apartments for family; cash trade m tablishcd; proprietor has to go West. Apply for one woek at 49 terry street, southeast corner of Onion, New ark, N. J. _ PEED STORE, WITH LEASE AND GOOD WILL, FOR sale; established 15 years; or will take partner. 140 East Forty-first street. . For sale-a dental OPJflOV in BROOKLYN, situated on the most premint-m thoroughfare ; estab lished five years. Address B. W. SMITH, lii Greete ave nue, Brooklyn. For salk cheap, for cash-first class .small Grocery, 229 Bridge street, Brooklyn. Ex amine store and call on Colouel WM. P. ROOMS, W5 Greenwich street FOR SALE? AN OLD-ESTABLISHED I'ORK 8TORB, Inquire of T. GAFFNEY, ofllcc No. 6 Centre street. For rale-j. l. motts 120 gallon %rnace and Cauldron, nearly n?W, Ojtu snen at 70 New Chambers street. * .tWJMfcnWi pao-x FIRST CLASS CORNER ivn ? - ",l one ot the leading avenues In Bro#k ? C1.P-- - ear*' lease from Ut of May. Apply In store ? .ry street. Now York. _ For sale-business, stock and fixtures of a well fitted up Liquor Store, dolnjf good business; reason for sellir:; sickness of owner, who * ill give loaso to the right party. Apply on promises. M. LYNCH, 918 Pacific street, uejr Washington avenue, Brooklyn. For sale-a prominent third avenue fam il v Liquor Store, with three years' l*ase ; also a Cir cular front Coupe. Horse and Harness, in perfect ordor; will bo said very cheap, as the owner has other business to attend to. Call at PATRICK KENNEY'S. 888 Secoul EOR 8ALE-AT 299 MOTT STREET, ONE OF THE best paying Liquor Stores la New York, averaging per day. FOR SALE-A FIRST CLAS* LIQUOR BUSrNRSS; des'rable location; must be sold In a few days; cheap for cash. 6S Woodhull street. South Brooklyn. FOR SALE? DRUG STORE ; AN old ESTABLISHED corner Drag Store up town; good locality; doing good business; satisfactory reasons for selling. Apply to or address HALLE IT, SEAVRIt A BURBANK, ^Cham bers street. For hale? wink, lager brer and liquor Store, with Lease ; sale of five barrel* ale weekly; also n good family liquor trade. Inquire at Id I'orueilu street, between sixth avenuei noil Bleeekor street. For sale-lease, good will, trucks, 40., ok the old established wholesale nnfl retail Flour and Feed Store, 806 First avenue, uoar Thirty-fourth street. For sale? first class liquor store and Dining Saloon, one block from Thirty-fourth street ferry, Hunter's Point. Inquire of W. J. LYMAN, 27 Sixth avenue, for two daj's. For bale-in a large, growing place. within 40 miles nt New Vork, an old established and verr profitable Hardware, Stove, Tinware and House furnlwhiri'/ Goods Store; stork about $12,001; no rink for purchasers; business cash; terms easy; perfectly satis factory rea-ons for selling. Address, for one week, C. A. H., box 153 Herald ofllce. IflOR SALE-THE GOOD WILL OF A PAYING BUSI ness of IS years' standing. Address BREMEN, Her ald office. ' ,, TRON SAFE AND D'' SKS? ALMOST NEW, FOR *ALE 1 cheap, at ISO Lewis street. PHOTOGRAPHIC VAN.-A PHOTOGRAPHIC VAN for one horse wanted ; must be in good order. Ad dress. with terms, stating where it can be seen, box l.filS Post ofllce. Safes, all sizes and makers, cheap for cash. Dry tilled Safes ure fireproof until testod bv fire. O. C. QUIRK'S Safe Marl, 81 Maiden lane, near Gold street. Trees, trees,? a large i.ot of maples and American Elms for sale, at G. W. Jl'DD'S, 14ti West street. TirATCIl AND JEWELRY STORE FOR SALE ? ES TT tublisho I IW; located In im interior etty of Penn sylvania, population JO.OJO; growing rapldl\ and a rail way centre; n chance seldom found. For particulars address 1390, box 227 Herald office. (Hi! rnn ? manufacturing business, estab ip i .t)UU? Il?'\ed three years, trade 917,000 a year and Lnvreaalw. praiiu W pgLceu'. ca.pre^asuitoaK!-. faro In direct vicinity of hotels, railroad and steamboat depots; a knowledge of the business not necessary; will be sold on easy terms; part cash, part note. Gallon E. DAUPUINOT, :!9 Park row, room 11. A MAC IIINKKY. MES' PORTABLE, YALE VERTICAL, SLIDE AND etit-ofl horizontal, hoisting and pumping Engine*, nil sizes; also Boilers on hand; improved Haw and uralti MilN, (iear's Variety and oilier Wood working Machines; 12x18, 20x42, 11x34 and Boiler anil three-horse portable; Ktna seroud hand Engines cheap. EDWARD P. HA?SON, Cortlandt )t., New York. ATWOHORSE BAXTER ENGINE, NEARLY NEW; also a large assortment ot Engines, Boiler*., I'umps, i'ul lc\? and miscellaneous Machinery, at WILBOtf A ROA&E'H, Water nud Dover streets. A -FOB SALE, EIGHt HORSE POWER ENGINE. ? Can be aeon running at i;-0 and UU Worth street. BLACKSMITH TOOLS-ANVILS, VICES, TONGS, Swedges, namtners. Bellow.". Portable Forges. Drills, Horse, Mulu Shoes, Shoeing Tools, Grindatone*. Lathes, Toecaiks, Steel. W. A. CARTER, 92 Cortlandt street, near Greenwich street. IjlOR BALE? ENGINES, BOlI.ERS, SHAFTING, PUL 1 lev-, Millstones, Tun**. 1'ipiiiK. steam Pumps. Hoist lug Engines, Saw Tables, Planers, Ac. Address BENJ A MIN FOX. 514 and 516 West Thirty-fourth street. FlOR BALE? vBR AIDING AND CORD MACHINES, from 8 to 72 carriers, by T. LES< 11 HORN A CO., 93 Lupenard street. ^ FVJR SALE? 200 FEET OF FOI'R-INCH SHAFTING, with tiatuers and couplings, all Complete. Inquire at the ofllce of TODD A RAFFERTY, 10 Barclay street. FOR BALE? ONEINOERBOLL COTTON PRESS ; TWO Bogardua' mills and one Bturtevant Blower ; nil in srood order. Inquire of NEW YotlK oil. COMPANY, l<V5 Maiden lane, I JOB SALE-ONE PORTABLE ENGINE, to HORSE; two of 10; stationary, one ot 19; two ol 80; two of 4(1 hor.-e power ; I wo Hoisting Engines: one Boiler, 6; one, 15; one, 20hor?e, upright; one IS anil one 301iono Loco* motive ; aUo Tubular and Flue Boilers. JOHN Mci.EAN, Third and Grand sts., Hoboken, N. J. PRESSES, PRESSKS, PXSSB8S? A SPECIALTY AT II. HOMKK'S, 54 Eait Broadway. A uerai variety ot new and second hand Tools always on liand. Jobbing punctually attended to, PLASEll FOR SALE CI1EAP-IM GOOD RUNNING order; I aniels' No. 5- 19 feet long, ?'? inches wide. Inquire at No. 5 Bedford street. PORTABLE ENGINE AND BOILER, SEOOBB HAND, 13-horso power 5 In flr.-t class order, anil ol our own 030 NATIONAL IRON WORKS, New Brunswick, N.J. RUE'S INJECTOR PKED9 * BOILER WIT^WATl'R Without U'lng ffltmp or heater ; No. 1, ten herse. *??. W. II. JOHNSON, .v>lii Agent, sS John street. nnvo RETURN TUBULAR BOILERS, B'.Xlt) FBP.T, I so 3 Inch tubes, wi'h nil fixtures good as new, lor hitle cheap; alio a L?xf2 hngine. F joiis Carroll. 915 fmowt TTTANTKD? A TUBULAR BOILER; MUST BK BK >V tween .10 and <0 Inches In diameter andnotorer4 feetlii-li- Address J. M., li ck box I) Post office, Brooklyn. ir'ANTKD? A SECOND HAND MIMING MACHINE. Vt Address, with di scrlptl- n, C. E. SNEIDKlt, Si Sharo street, Baltimore, Md. 1/k HORSE ENGINE AND BOILKB, ALL COMPLETE, 1 ' " g">d miinlii,: , pier, i. ri<j<- B !?> > . also Kinlilag " ood jliKluuerv, sUcgp. A;i>Iy -a 1 LlHTCOtU D> ? niCLIGIOt/* NOnCM. A GRAND VOOAL AND INSTRUMENTAL i70?fIK?i wilt bo given In the Church of the Holy Innoceat^ Broadway and Thirty-seventh struct, on Easier evening. April 13, nn.1er the direction of Dr. Pcrabeau. the iintuS 1st, assisted hy Proles, or Meyer and the Amateur Plitt, harmonic Orchestra of Ken- York, consisting of 35 lustra menu. APOLLO HALL, BROADWAV AND TWENTY-BIGHT* street? lhe children's Lyceum nuet at 10 A. H,, Conference at 2,'-. 1*. M Proftnor ri. U. KriUoo lccturM at 7Ji P. M. BLEECIER STREET MISSION, 280 WEST BLET-, enth street, four doors east ol Blieeker.? Bplscopat services, with .sermon by the chaplain, J. Belln Zaval.aft Mi A. M. Seats free. T) APTIST CII17RCH. FirTY-TIIIiiD STREET AN? J) Seventh a veil no.? The pastor preaches at morning service anil Ito v. Dr. Wesicott In the evening, follow** by ordlnnuce ot baptism. Bishop snow will preach rs tiir unitkb slty, Washington Kuuare, on Sunday. at 3 P. M. Seal* free. Subject? "How Thai Good Time is Coming." nARMUM'S LIGHTNING CALCULATOR. PROP. W. S. Hutrhings, will preach at Ulnss Hall, Thirty lourth street, near Third avenue, at 10:30 A. M aud 7 :H P. M. p<)OPER INSTITUTE.? KEV. HENRY MORGAN. ?T " > rosiest ot his uudleneo last Sunday, and lor those detained by storm, will repeat his grauntc discourse M "Odd Ministers. Pulpit Eccentrics, What tl.e Pulpit Is and Is Not" Text, v speckled bird," Jeremiah xli.. & Sunday at 3. ( MIKIST PROTESTANT EPISCOPAL CHURCH. Corner Filth a von no and Thirty fifth street liov. Hugh Mill* r Thompson, n. D., Hector. Easter Sunday Her vices. Mil 4c ill service hj gallery and chancel cliotrs, 7 A. It Holy communion, n A. M. Morning prayer, holy communion and sormoli hy the the rector, lpi. A, M. ; evening prayer and sermon by t h? rector, P M. do., do., 7.1-, P. M. At the S>4 P. M. service the seats arc all free. Both tha. gallery ii i id chancel choirs (lilt} voices In All) will taW part in a. I the services. pHURCH OP Ot'R SAVIOUR.? RET. J. M. IM'LLM AN V wilt preach suiuJmi morning at the rooms of tlM You ug Men's t'niversallst Association, 1.2HS Broadway, and evening at Lyric Hall, sixth avenue, below Forty second street. Evening mibicct? "Reward and Punish Wit," piMBCH OK ST. MARY TUE VIRGIN. WEST FORTY* ^ fifth street. ncsr Mrgiidu a v. This Raster Even, T A. 1L holy communion i V A. M., morning prayer; 8 P M., firsl vespers of Easter Day. piH'RCR OP THH MESSIAH, I'AllK AVENUE AN* V Thlrty-loiirth street.? l aster service ami sermon bj| the pastor, Rev. Henry Pastor, 11 A. M. Children's ser vice, with distribution of gifK 3 P. M. Service of ?oiijL with Master music, evening. Seats free afternoon aail eveuiug. PSUROH or THE PCRITANS.-RRV. DR. CIIEE VER> \J will preach .-'a' hatli evening at 7S. In the Chapel of the Sew York University, on Washington snuare. Subject or discourse? " Tho Record of the Walk to Banna us." piirncil OK THE DISCIPLES (R'OV. GEORGE H \J Hcpwortb, Pastor), corner of Madison avenue aa4 Korty -filth siruet.? The sale and rental 6f Pows wilt takA place In tin- church, oil Monday ?"".dlng, Apr.l II, At 1 o'cloek The building "?e open lor inspection and the selection ot.p?r"; ou Thursday. Krliloy and Saturdar ol thU vrotk ttiternoon and evening. ?*iUrRCB OF CHRIST, WEST TWENrY-EIOHTBI street, ne.Ar Broadway. ? Rev. W. C. 'Davisoa. tlia pastor, will preach at iOSi A. M. and 8 P. M, All are c?r? dtally invited. /1ALVART BAPTIST CHURCH -REV. A. B. BABLK, \.i Evangelist, will preach to-morrow at 10>^, 3 and 7)<i during the' waoi, 3 and 7V All are invited. Dedication week at bsekman hill metiio. dist Enis<'0|>al church, East Fiftieth street, betwaaa First and seeoun avenue*.? Kastcr Habbuth service? Morning alio1-, o'clock ; sermoil by Rev. Thoa. Ouard, of Baltimore, to be followed with dedication service by BUhop E. H. Jano?, D. j Miioruuvf'Ji 3 o'clock, wr moil by Rev. B. .1. Ife?, D. D., of Aunttan, N. Y. ; even ing, at 7 o'clr.c't. sermon by 111- hop K. n. ruster, U. D.i Monday evening, lecture by Rev. Tlv- in as Onard. Sub ject? "Meinorios of Methodism and their Lessons." Tick eta, 50c. : reserved seats, tt. TueMl.iy evening tho ladle* will hold a reunion tea meeting. Addresses hy Rev. Thoni$'< Hoard and lormor pastor ol the church. Slnglnf by lEiiArleT Oloo Club. Ticket", 78c., Including refresh. in en Is Wednesday evening a general Love Feast. AU these services will be held in the nudicnco room at ttm mU0*m-u ?ii frimnfi* of tliM ?<? **7 now timuM, ?ii?u w.. cer* dlally Invited to bo pre-seut. 1 FASTER SBC VICES IN sr. JOHN'S CHAPBU J Tarlok -tree t, ld:S<) A. M., sermon by Rev. Wui H. Cooke: .1:30. chlldruns (e?ti>al, and H P. M, sermon by Rev. Alvali Wlswall. Son's flee. Ii^REE CHURCH OF THE HOLY SKPULCHKB, SET. enty-fourth street, east of Fourth avenue? Rev. im Tattle Smith, rector. h;i.-t? r Services, Sunday, at 10>j A. M. ; Sunday school Festival at 3)^ P. M. T Monthly concert _ue,-. dr. batcuelde* Missionary from Trulla, and Rev. J. F. Fl-ler eni others, will addreso the Morning Star Sunday Sclia2 bnndaj at o'clock P. M. Public Invited. toB BSBYTfiRl A N MEMORIAL CRUROH, MADISON X nveuue, corner Filty-thlrd utreot? Rev. Charles S. Robinson, D.D., pastor. Service* at 11 A. M. and TW I*. M. Sunday school at V'i A. M. IJEV. DR. DOW LI Ml PREACHES IN PLYMOUTH LY Baptist church, Fifij -first utreet. between Ninth anA Tenth avenues. Sunday, at lUJa A. M., and Rev. Dr. Ult lettc, evening, at 7\. RBV. WAYLA.ND HOYT, PASTOR, WILL PREACH Id the Tabernacle, Second iivutiuu ami Tenilu Sunday, at 10}i A. M., and In Stelnway Hull at7\ All nre cordially invited. sti usL 4 P. * Rev. halsey w. knapp will preach in tub Lulght street Baptist Minimi tomorrow at IDK A. M. ami 7hi P. M. Seats free. Stinday-scli<>ol 1 P. M. | > E V. J. K. M'CLBI.LAND, LATK Of CHICAOO AN? JV recently appointed pastor of St. Luke's M. E. church. Forty-first street, near sixth avenue, will preach en .>un day, at in1., A. M. and 7), P. M. The putdic invited and always welcome. Rev. vrkdkriok evans will preach in ths Central Baptist church. West Forty-second ?treet. morning and eveiiiug, and In Welsh at t o'clock, at th* Congreg.it.il. naliit cliurc i , East Elevcutli street Rl ssrtv (IKK I K t 'IMPEL, Ml .-'ECOXD .WEVl'H. arar Flllietb street? Divine ?ervlce In the I n.'lish langusgo every sunda> , at 11 o'elock. AU cordially in vited. SEP.VICRS AT I0!i AN'I> TO-MORROW AT TUB old Forsyth ? rcet M. E. church. Preaching b/ the pastor, Rev. J. NY Uarnhurt. Strangers made wel come. CT. PAUL'S REFORMED Cni.'RCH,? SERVICES A? O Rulgc s Chapel, Sunday morning, at 10\? o'clock and at llariard Rooms lorty-iecond street, coriifr Sijth avenue, in the aiternoon, at 3'a o'clock. Preaching bjf Bev. A. Ji Lyman, of Miliord, Conn. QT. THOMAS' CHURCH, PirrH AVENUE, CORNER 75 riny-tniM atrcet? Rev. Dr. Morgan, rector! Easte; Sundae, Sunrise service 7 o'clock ; L tanr, ?ernt >u, and 11 ol v Conimunioti at KM; o'clock. Children's festival at I P. M. Jl'Nl)At KVKMXU J<ECICJl4-S'lv.,.,TRI(\TH 7 stroot Bar>t1*i church, near si*tn avenue? "The Jew ish Tabernacle Illustrated," by paitor Robert Caoitroa. s THE FIRST ANNCAL SERVICE OF THE (il'ILDS Of Trinity purisli will lie held in St. John's cbapcL Varick street. on Tliur* lay evening, April 17, at it o'clock. Sermon by the rector the Rov. Morgan In*. l>. D. Mujiq by the lill2Jrj gf Trinity parish. * THIRTY-FOURTH STREET RKFORVED CHIT ROH, _ Rov. Ii-aac Riley pastor. -Divine service tn thi? church ;o-m"rro?v, i.tth ln?t., lit 10,1* A. M. and 7^ P M. In the evening tin- pastor w ilt preach the fourth sermon In the aeriea on "Einwn." 1I-KST.MI.VSTEK PRESBk'TERIAN CHCBCH, WEST TT Twiii'y-second striiut, between Sixth and Seventh avenues.? Rev. J. K. Demurest preaches SuMiath m<>ra iiiK and evening, at lot, and 7>?. strangers welcome. "tTHT MEN DON'T M MtRY."? REV. HENRY MOB ?> gau. of Boaton, will aolve the mystery on Monday evening, ut "?oventli PrHsbyterinn church, corner Broome Hud King*' streets, in aid of Eastern Branch Young Mea'f Christian Association. Your last chanc-e. Tickets *4c. POUT OFF ICR .NOTICE. POST OFFICE NOTICE. -Trig MAIL? P"p KUROP* duriiu the week ending Saturday April 1A I'-T.t, will close at this office on Wednesday at 13 M. ; oa Thursday at 4 1'. M., and on b-'atuvday at 11 A. M T L. JtM'C-1. Postmaster, f ~ YAt llTH, STEAMBOATS Boat bmlders of new yimik and vicisirf Hill please send tholr addren to T. K., Herald office^ for un>. week. BIcTr SALE- A NEW PRnPBLLEIt STEAM YACHt wnh double engine, surface condenser. Ac.; owner in Europe. A<ldre*n lor parth ulars F. W. P., bo* MS Fort office. ___ nioR SALE ClfEAP-A THOROCiiH Bl'ILT FAST r -aiiiriK' sloop Yacht, 40 feet long, is ie, i s?i.to,it Berth*. l'? years old. sails, to., In perfect order. Apply to ih ? o?ut A II I Hi, 281 Canal street. PsoR HALE, VBKY LOW? STEAMBOAT KKNt" I?land ; is abort 160 feet la length ; draws Sleetof water; 3J? ? torn i wan lined lust on Chcs.mna'tc Bay route. Add rew vv. h. ii vRRlsoN, loo We-t Fourteenth street. 1 II E I . I < CLlB, \MUTEII.VLL.-SAIL AND MKTALLIO ' Lifeboats on hand and built to order. .To* and <73 >uth street aud 114th struct, Uarlem lUrcr. STEPHEN ROBERT!*. WO BOVT W ANTED TO ITRrnA.SB, A TOW BOVT. Atl.lrt-- V, T. .t CO., tlerald offlee. rpilE CELEB RAT Etf CHINA WOOD Oil. FOR SPARS 1 and bright Work. for >ale in Quantities to suit pur chasers. FHII.\SDBlt It i . ED, 23 Ola slip. \\rANTEi? TO CHARTER FOR THE MONTHS OF " .lulv and August a Sloop Ya lit, with ac-ninr.iada ti< n?for Ii or i5per*ons Address, stating full particular* SECRHTARY H. Y.O., ilolyokc. Maw. BILLMRM yr A NDARD AMERICAN mLI.URD TAB1.E4 . and the I'helaii A Collcnder CoiiiPin..tien ? usli Ions, manufactured and for sa.e only by the Inventor aril patentee, H W COUl.ENDER. succtLsur to i'helau ? Colli ii Icr. 738 Broadway, New \ork. UMRfcT CLASS 5X10 BJVJLLED BICXIAItB ? failles at ; first cl#->s ol .tin SxlO Tables at t-UV UKuUiIe K PHEI.AN, .No. 7 is.itelav street. NrEW 4Xlo HI I.I.I V ru> r Alt LI'S. COMPLETE, FOR***. Nonpareil and Uevel TaU)<'< In groat varii.t j , sc ou? hand Tables made < rvt new, complete, $W to HA YA>AL 1 auUCvnLte itcteUk

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