13 Nisan 1873 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

13 Nisan 1873 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 13.384. NEW YORK, SUNDAY, APRIL 13, 1873? QUADRUPLE SHEET. PRICE FIVE CENTS. IklftEiCTOftV FOB ADVEItT!8UL8? AJIIIBBMKNTH? Tkntii Pack? Fir*f,N?>rofMl, third, fourth, fifth ami Mixt li columns, ami Ulkvsmtm I '41m- First column. BBTROLOGY? Elkvknth Paok? Sixth column. BALL SEASON? Hi xth Pack? Fourth rolumn. BILLI ARDS? Skvi.ntii Pauk? Sixth rolumn BOARDERS W ANTEIi? Sbtknth Pa?u?? First, sccond and third columns. BOARD AND LODGING WANTFD? Nkvb?th Pagb Tlurd sod fourth column-*. BROOKLYN BOARD? Skvk.nth Pack? Fourth column. BROOKLYN RKAL KHTATK FOR HALK-Tuiutbkwtb Pack? Fourth and tilth columns. BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES- Ewvurrn Paub- Fifth aad sixth columns. .BWINESB NOTICES? Wiwtb PA?w-Piftb ??1 sixth col nm ii?. _ ClflARH AND TOBACCO? Siatwtn tii PAO?-MfHi col amn. ?JTY RKAL ESTATE FOR HALE? TntRTBBimi Paob Flrst, second, third and fourth column* CLERKS AND SALESM KN-Thiho Paub? Filth column. CLOTHING? Elktknth Pack? Sixth column, COACHMEN AND GARDENERS? Tuird Pach- Filth and Hi xth culu iiiiik. COAL AND WOOD? Sixth Pack? Fourth column COASTWISE STEAMSHIPS? Skund I'aob- Sixth col umn. COPARTNERSHIPS? Rixtii Pack? Fourth column. COUNTRY BOARD Skvknth I'AUB-Fittli column DANCING ACADEMIES- Sixth Pamb? !? ourtli column. BF.NTIHTRY? Elkvknth Paok? Sixth columa BRY (IOODS? Fikmt Paub? Second, third; fourth, fifth and sixth columns, and Hkoond Pack? Firat, bct'ouil und third columns. DWELLING HOUSES TO LET, FURNISHED AND UN FURNISHED? Futbknth Paob? Third, fourth, fifth and sixli* columns, and Sixtkkntii Pack? First col ?inn. EUROPEAN STEAMSHIPS? Hkconp Paub- Fifth and sixth columiiH. EUROPE ? First Pauk? First column. * MXCURSIONS? Hbcond Park ? Sixth column. FINANCIAL? Sixth Paok? Third 11111I iourth columns. FINE ARTS? Sixth Pauk? Fifth column. FOR SA LE? Elkvknth I* a ok ? Fourth and 1'thcoliniin''. FURNISH Kl) ROOMS AND APARTM ENTS TO Lfcl Sixtkknth Paok? First aad second columns rURNITURE-SicvKNTii PA?iie- Fifth and sixth columns. FRENCH ADVERTISEMENTS? Foobtu Pack? first B? LP? WANTED? FEMALES? Tiiibd Pacf? Third and fourth columns. _ _ 0. .. , . BELP WANTED? MALES? Tnmn Pacb? Sixth column MORSES, CARRIAGES. AC.? Hlbvknth PAUK? Fiml, sccond und (hlril columns. MOTELS? Skvk?.th Pao?- Fourth column. MOUSES. ROOMS, AC., WAN 1 KD? Sixth Paub? Sixth column. ? INSTRUCTION ? Sixth Paoic? Fifth column. JERSEY CITY, IIOBOKKN, HUDSON CITY AND BBR GEN REAL ESTATE FOB HALE? Tin htkk nth Paw? Sixth column, and Fouutk**? 1'aub? First column. . _ liKOTUitE SEASON? Sixth Pack? Fourth column. I#C) VN OFFICES? Sixticknth Paub? Fourth column. LOST AND FOUND-Sixth Paok? Fourth column. MACHINERY? Elkvknth Pack? Filth column taARBLE MANTELS? Elkvknth Paok? Sixth column. MATRIMONlAlz? Sixth Paok -Fifth column. MEDICAL? Fourth Pauk? Sixth column. MILLINERY AND DRESSMAKING ? SbconI) Paub? Third ami iourth columns. MISCELLANEOUS ADVERTISEMENTS - Twki.it4 Paok ? Sixth column. MISCELLANEOUS? Sixth Paok? Filth column. MUSICAL? Fourtkkntu Paok? Sixth column. NEW PUBLICATIONS? Ninth Paok? Sixth colninn. PERSO N A L ? l-'i bst Paok? First coluiur*. PIANOFORTES, ORGANS, AC.? Foobth Paos? Sixth column. PROPOSALS ? Rixtkkntii Paok ? Fifth and sixth columns. PROFESSIONAL SITUATIONS WANTED-FEMALEK Thikd Paok? Sccond und third columns. PROPERTY OUT OF TIIE CITY FOR SALE OR TO RENT ? Foiirthkntii Pace? First, second, third, Iourth and fifth columns. REAL ESTATE To EXCH ANtiE? Focrtkkntii Pack? Fifth and sixth columns. REAL ESTATE WAiNTED? Fooutkkntii Pack? Sixth column. RELIGIOUS NOTICES? Sixth Pack? Fifth column. REWARDS? Sixth Pack? Fourth column. BALES AT AUCTION? Fourth Paok? First, sccond, third, fourth, llllh anil ?lxth columns. SITUATIONS WANTED? FEMALES? Third Pack? Fir*t and sccond columns. SITUATIONS WANTED? MALES? Titian Pack? Fourth and filth columns. SPECIAL NOTICES? Skcond Pack? Fourth and flftli columns. SPORTING? DOGS. BIRDS, AC ? Elkvknth Pack? First column. STORAGE? Elkvknth Paok? Sixth column. HUMMER. RESORTS? Skvkntii I'ack? Filth column. THE TRADES? Thiuii Pack ? Sixth column, and Fourth Paok? First column. THE TURF? Elkvknth Paok? First column. TO LET FOR BUSINESS PURPOSES? Firri' KNTll Pack? First, second and third columns. TRAVELLERS' GUIDE? Skiond Pace? Sixth column. UNFURNISHED ROOMS AND APARTMENTS TO LET? Siitkknth Paok? Sccond, third and fourth columns. WANTED TO PURC1I ARE ? Sixth Pack? Fourth column. WATCHES, JEWELRY, AC ? Rixtkknth Pack? Filth col umn. WESTCHESTER COUNTY PROPERTY FOR SALE OR TO LET?1 Tin rtkknth Pack? Filth and sixth col umn)'. YACBTS. STEAMBOATS, AC ? Srconp Pack? Sixth col umn. HKKAIil) BRANCH UKFlrE-VPTOWN, J^DVKRTISEMENTS FOR THE NEW YORK HERALD HKCEIVED AT THK BRANCH OFFICE, 1,306 BROADWAY. WEST SIDE, BETWEEN THIRTY FIRST AND THIRTY HECOND STREETS. ADVERTISEMENTS ARK RECEIVED PROM 8 A. M. riLL 'J P. M. ON WEEK DAYS (SUNDAYS, 2 TILL 9 P. *.), AT OPFICE RATES. NO EXTRA CHARGE OK ANY KIND. PARIS AGENCY OK THK MOW YORK HERALD. jyjESHRS. KREMER A CO., AMERICAN REGISTER, HAVE BEEN APPOINTED PARIS AGENTS FOR THE HEW YORK HERALD. THEY WILL SUPPLY DEAL ERS WITH COPIES OF THE nERALD, AND ALSO MNGLE NUMBERS OF~THIS PAPER TO PARTIES REQUIRING THEM. PERSONAL. Any one knowing the whereabouts of Leon Haas will confer a fuvor upon him by address ing L JOHNSON, box A,(WI Post office. A -THK LADIES WHO CALLED AT MY OFFICE . on Thursday, Friday and Sat urdav last for tlieir diamonds and je weir) can obtain the ?ami' bv railing any day thin week, between the hours of 9 A. M. uii<1 ti I. M , on .IAS. P. MATTHEWS, (jU7 Broadway, corner Fourth street A BOYLE BAL MASQUE TO-MORROW EVENING ? Jessie will meet von sure II o'clock sharp. LEXINGTON AVENUE. Black ryb? friday evening, ">? p. m.. in Broadwa\ ear gentleman opening window. Please Mate w here 1 can meet you, and address BARONET, Herald office. Broadway, twentieth street, and lord a Tavlor's, Friday, 11:80 A. M.? Will the lady In eom pany witli two others, who noticed the. gent in light wagon, semi her address? Please give color ol her dress to avoid mistaken Address RIDING DOWN BROAD WAY. box I0S Herald Uptown Branch office. in? I AMOND PIN? WHEN AND WHERE CAN I SEE nf BREAD CRUMBS. I?\'A LAMBERT- WUY DID YOU NOT MEET MB V Friday evening/ SENATOR. FJ VA? MONDAY AT 1 O'CLOCK. J UNCLE Tom T,tANNY P?*K TELL Ml Will I'.K I CAN SEE YOU. C "Bend note to CHARLIE JAV, Sinclair House, Broad way and Eighth street. (GERTIE? SEND VOI R PRESEN T ADDRESS To M. T L. W . lli-rald I'ptown Branch office. INFORMATION WASTED? OF ANN DUO AN. OF THE I county KilMiire. Ireland who arrived in the steamship C 1 1 y ol New York ou tile J.MIi ol Ma v. Is'i9 Address her triesd, CATHARINE ROGERS, 33 Montgomery street, New York. TOSIR MI DDI. .' -.TON-DON T DISAPPOINT ME MON day for the Amerlciis Ball, Philadelphia. MAJOR. Kate l. station p.? shall black eyes and glonry laiihtm In not see you any more? Address SILENCE, box 120 Herald Uptown Brunch ?ltli:e. II/.ZIP. AND M.? COME BACK FOR QOD'S SAKE J Father will not be harsh, SInTF.RS. COMMUNICATION AWAITINO Til Eft address; f " K\er yours Rs SMITH-CALL FOR THE Bo\ original address; gilt, kindred spirit. Ac.; see 8oth reply. " M JIOILIE. DARI lNfi? REMEMBER TIIK GRAND IN II tenia tloiml Bull Tuesday night. Second avenue and irst street. Wear the latnily diamonds. BANKER. ^ \NE HUNDRED DOLLA RS RECEIVED AND IS DULY ? " appreciated. J. A. B. fJEDMAN? REMEMBER THE CONCERT AND HOP t Belielil of Ihe Atlantic Mltlertrs at the Apollo Rooms. YWiltainshurg. PROPHET. rrHK LADY Til \T TOOK rill <11. K I" M B BELLA, I throHgl) mistake, at Barnitm's. ? ,n Friday In t, will plMat return It to 38 East TwenH ???? itli ilrrel F. WAGNER. 17NCI.E SAM MATINEE SECOND SEAT FROM OR chestra ; light bn.e hat; curls. An unnoticed acl tnirer would lie verv uiail to lime her rend address, If Mgreealilp. to BLUE IIAT, Herald office. Ur ANTI D- A RESPONSIBLE PARTY TO ADOPT A healthy lemnle babe oi three weeks; best ol refer ences given a* t?. respectability .>f parentage ; full sur render given Address, for one week.ll A. S , Herald titnee. w XI ? Id 5\ "er'v*?R.? -" ,W"" MKT A OhNTLEMAN IN BOW \ 1 I rr a?t week, former \ from MhI in,..r,. ,i? erf etnViil Vi, " ,nJ'l"''r'V Irotll Kal I more, -end ihe lr' Herald to r II.. box IM lirr rsxr^lLI Mlts FRANK ELI. IS, or SARATOGA SEND 111 r Add ,' - Mr': ?oi Mr'"!? ? D??" II. ol Ph.lade" Nwn lh*"'" office^ nULUh l Herald Up El K4IPK. l/KANCI - ?< IAK Kl I'/. ? GRA N 1> HOTEL L'ANdLF . ?* V"' ' r",ul,i bilNkrd leomi. Foreign ^ OK V UWODN. AT KJN/.KY S OPBKIIfQ ON MONDAY, t\ *oiuc ol the greatest harKauis of the Season froui last week's Auction Kales Alsolroni importers. KIUHON DEPARTMENT Finny Ribbons, 3c.. 6c.. ?C., Sc., 10c. yar< Watered Kilihons, 10c., 1244c., I.V., 18c . up Roman Kibbons, I8c. , JOc.. 29c . 3ie., 4'Jc (iroKiuiu Ribbons, all colors, No. ?, 20c. UroKrain Ribbons, nil colors. No. 12. 25c Urogram Ribbons, all color*, Ni <0, :ilc Wide Sash Ribbons. 31<;, to 3?v. }?nl. All Hiik WftUrru fy?>. V k Watered Plaid Hash, 76c. uow All sjrlk Roman Hash, 78 1. up. Extra Rich Fancy Sash, $1 yard Jtxtra Kich Fancy uiiU Plain Hasbcf, ttpemni: on Monday ?J?' iuii downs silk imported Ties ami Scarfs, to be nolo at less than fltty cent; ?,n the ilollar. must be sold before the end ol the week. 29c for all sllK Windsor Tic? 26c. lor heavy twilled id Ik 'lies. 26c, lor rich wide silk Tien 26c. lor changeable silk Tiea 28c. for extra wiile frin||ed Tics, J6c. lor rich brocade 1^-. nch rfu rtelM1>|0f. toMe Double laced Koinau Tiei-6c. up. Kxtra rich corded stlk Ties 39c. Mich embroidered Tics 44c. up. silk Heart*, nix inches wide, 3?e. All the new styles in Tieiu PAKA8OL DEPARTMENT All the new sty leu in Parasol*. All the new shades in Paranoic. Imported Parasols and Uinlirrlliis. Kino Parasol* at less prices tliau anywhere else in the city. Silk Parasols irom 6Bc. to $16. ^ STRAW GOODS DEPARTMENT. V , Over eighty dlfl^ rent styles and slmpes in straw lluls ami Bonnets ill ?t raw chip Neapolitan, Leghorn, Swish, French, English and Italian braids. also a tine assortment of Imported Hats and Bonnets. ^ FLOWER DEPARTMENT. ? The largest assortment ot tine French Flowers to be found in the city. On Monday wi shall open over 60(1 boxes of French Flowers, which we shall offer -A 10c., 26c., 39c., 60c. and 7Ih spra^ worth double. TRIMMING DEPARTMK NT. All tin- now similes in Fringes, rich hemic, 1 fringes, imported rich Pasmenterle Trimmings. Kich Headed (limps, $1 Ml piece up. Sill, Trimmings truin 25c. piece up. Auction lot ol Silk Fringes, ,VJ< do^cn up. ^i.ack dkpa ktm knt.T Real Oulpnre Laces, 15c , 2.1c , .Tic. ,39c. Wider and richer, 49c., Ii6c., i>2c up. Yak I-.nc.es, 40c., 50c.. ?8c.,79f. up. French llulpurcs, all silk. He. to NIC. Colored Trimming Laces, 10c. yard up. Duchess Laces 16c , 2ik-., 26c., 31c. up. Pusher Lace Barbcs, 59e., <6c., 75c. up. Lace shawls auil Sacks. Lico Parasol Covers very low. Lace Canes and Coifl'u res. Thread and Point Barbcs. Extra Hue Shetlaud Veil", 25c. Trimming Lares in Point .Thread, Uuipurc, Duchcss, Maltese, Yak, Cluny, Applique, Valenciennes, very U.w. Valenciennes l.aeos Iroin 19e. dozen up. Crochet Edgings and Laces, 12c dozen lip. Black Silk Laces, 26c. dozen up. KM B R< MDKRY 1>K I" A HTM K N T Hamburg Edgings, ;ic., 5c., 6c., He., IUc., 12.', c. Wider work, 16c., 18c . 20c . 15c., Sic., 38c. up. Hamburg Insertions, tic. , He., 10c., 12'. c., 15c. yard. Wider work, $0., 22c.. 25c., ?Sc., Sic. Hamburg*. verv flue, trimmed with real Italian Laces, 25c. yard. Embroidered l'iiiuc Flouncing, 25c.. 31c. Extra Rich atfitk ., worth SI. fine llamlwork Hands at 2 c Very pretty Muslin Edgings. Emroldered, 12 yards in a piece, lor 29c piece. Rich ?iuipure Hands at He. Valenciennes Lace Ruffliugs Hie- yard up. Extra tine Imported Tuckiugs, 10c. yard. Skirt Kuttl ?UK'-. 10c., 15c., 18c., 25c. yard. White Pique Trimmings, 10c. piece up. Linen Collars, tine. 6c., Sc., 10c. up. Lace and Organdie Ties, 21k1. up. Valenciennes Lace Collars, 15c. , 21 N1.. J5c., 31c. up. Applique Lace Tidies. 26c.. Sic., .18c. up. Nottingham Lacs I'idies, 15c., 2l<e , 2 h . , 31c. Pique .Mails, I ringed , at iu< Lot ot Real Lact Collars, 50c. up. Lawn Puttings at 5c. yard. I WHITE UOODs DF.PARTMENT. I-ol nl Itguifd Swisses, 15c. yard. !? xira Una dotted Swisses, 25c. vard. flue India Jaconets, 21c. varrt H Iiit4> Diinilx, 25c., .'lie., &V. \ard. Kxlra satin striped Piques, 25c. yard Fine printed Linen a, Sic yard. Victoria Lawns, 1'4 yards wide; verv Hue. worth 40c.. selling at 25c. Extra line tucked and Enilirolderert Nainsooks at 50c. yard. Extra title Nainsooks, tiuelv tucked In clusters, 3lc.. :???.. 40c. Thandker(;iiik:k depaktmen On Monday we are opening i several cases ol very fine Hemstitch Handkerchiefs in I Tucks, corded, plain and embroidered, I in both (.'cuts' and ladies1, that will be about hall price. Uents' all linen Hemstitch, 24c to 73c. (?ents' all linen Hemmed, lie. to 50c. Ladies' all linen Hemstitch, I2'..c. to 47c. Extra ft in embroidered, 26c. toil 25. Worked Initials, 12), c. toflfle. Extrn tine worked, all linen, 60c. I Bo.vs' all linen hemmed, 12? jc. Boys' printed borders, hemmed, 6c. Applique lace corners, 20c Extra tine primes! borders. 8c Mourning linen Ilandkerclnels, :5c. up. Lace Handkert hide Jih\ to [OLOVE DEPART Ml M f Auction lot Kid Gloves, S9c. pair. Auction lot two buttons. 49c. pair. Kx'ra lot French Kids 50c. pair. Extra lot two button Kid- ?>!*?. pair. Extra lot three button Knl-, 96c. pair. I.upin's Kids, every size. 50e. pair. ^HOSIERY UK l*A RTM E N T <$> Silk clocked Ralhrtegans, ">? pair up. Extra length Halhriggans, the. ReRiilar made Hose, ?c. pair up. Misses' lanc.v Hosiery, new styles. English Half Hose. ISe , 20c. up English ami French Hosiery cheap. TI'.NUERWKAR DEPARTMENT. | Tncki d. ruffled, embroidered, puffed nnd extra fine Drawers. 47c. to $ 4 <n> pair. Tucked. enibrolilered, ruffled, puffed and lace trimmed Chemises. H9c. to $7 9o. Tucked. ruillcd. embi oidered nnd richly trimmed Sk'rle, 74. to $f. Dressing Pacques, Sle to S3. Tucked, embroidered, ruiMed. lace trimmed Night. Dresses, W'.i . to S!' 75. Plain and fancy Aprons, 33< up. We are opening new goods iu this department evfn <1 A> . ??l genuine French Cortille Cur se'*. flm ly made, hi SI M French woven Corsets, 60c. up. French embroidered < orsets, $1 49 Hoop Skirls. Hustles. Pads. Ilutitier Bustles, Pads, Aprons, Ac. J JEWELRY DEPARTMENT.*'] Oxldi/e.d Jewelry, Oruameiits, slides. Buttons, Lockets. Buckles. Hets. Ac. Real Whitby Jet earrings. 2.V. pair. line case real French Hracelets. 2flc. All tlic novelties received bv every steamer direct Ironi Europi l.ocki ts, i h?in?, Necklaces, Esr rings. Sleeve Mnt?n>. seis Ear Screws, Pins, Ai , in j.ilt, coraline, shell, ivorv. .let. oxidized, steel coral and la lie y !? renrh Combina tions in every Imaginable xarletv and style. liiltnnll silk Fans, 98c up Fine Vienna carved Kan, 15c. Vienna silk Fans, 19c. All the new styles ill Belts, .'tic up. Leather Kelts, with Bags, 7.V. up. Russia and lancy Bags, W. to Sin. T FAWCT DK Uric variety of Bromre Parian Ooods mid Bouquet Holders, Fine Perfumeries and soaps. Writing l>c?k?, Work Hoxe?. Ac. Vasts, collet Sets, Bohemian Ooot ?. Klnc Porcelain Paintings, very low | SWISS DEPARTMENT. T ?'arved Swi?s floods In great variety, Picture Frames, Wall Pocket*, Book Racks, llat Racks. Towel Racks, Match Boxes, Paper Holders. Kasels, Corner and other Brackets, Boui|iiet Holders, Mirrors, Ac., st verv low price" VARIETY DEPARTMENT Fancy Baskets of every description Work Baskets, Toiler Baskets, hair Pin Baskets. Nnr?ery and Scrap Basket', with other st\ le?. In low regular prices. Fancy leather Dusters, 2v. up. Coinlissnil Hrushesol every description. 4iilt Pfiotograph Frames, 60c up. Siik velvet Frames, 75c. to S4. Verv rich velvet nod gilt. !*c. up. Kuncy Photograph Frames. I0< up. Swiss carved Frames, I9c up. Oxidized and bronze Frames. 2.V. up. T NfiTIPM Okpahtmevl f Silks. Cottons. Threads. Bindings, Tapes, Needles, Pins, Blinds, Ar. You can liuv splendid 201* yard Cotton, .'le. ; best 100 \ aril Ma. bine Silks. *<? : a paper of Pins, ?< ! , l?>st Needles, 6c. paper ; alpaca <-Klrt Braids, 6c ; working Cottons, 2c. ; Elastics, 7e. paii , Ac. We shsll open in a few days a Urge Bankrupt Stock Irom Baltimore A stock of very due floods which we nhull close out at sboiit fifty cents on Hie dollar, a ? hmice seldom offered Another lot of lining Kilks, 24 r yard ; bonnet Silk, in all good tolors. tlic. yard ; rich watered silks, all perfect, SI yard . Ooislsat wholesale, less limn lubbers' prices. WILLIAM KT.NZKV, 7f.7 AND 760 UHOAHViA). CONNER OF NINTH ST. DRY eOODS. B. ALTMAN * ??1LL 0,.BNi MONDAY, APRIL 14, wltl* an elegant awortmfnt of KI01I C08TUMEB and DRESSES , for tyt nine and street vrm. WALKING and TRAVELLING SUITS, CLOAKS. MANTLES. AC., AT EXTRAORDINARY BARGAINS, and arc now prepared to oxecutc any orders for the above at bl>t>rt uoike, at VERT LOW PRICES. B ALTMAN AND DO. OFFER. ON MONDAY, . AHftlL 14, BLACK BILK WALKING 81! ITS at $N>, $fiO and $73. COLORED BILK WALKING SUITS at $30, $00 and $73. COLORED MOHAIR WALKING and TRAVELLING SUITS at $20, $2.'., $20 au<i $36. catriiinerc and Drap d'Eto riouks at $7 SO, $9, $10, $12, $15, $18 and $26. g ALTMAN k CO. OPEN ON MONDAY, Al'KIL 14, 2JJIU0 riECEH LADIES' and MISSES' FINE UNDER CLOTHING, AT ttXTRAORDlNAKY BARGAINS, LADIES' FINE LINEN. CAMBRIC and WAM8UTTA Ml'SI. IN CHEMISES, MUHT ROBES, SKIRTS, DRAWERS, CORBET COVERS, TOILET SACQES, Ac , Ac. A 1?0 LADIES' FINE LAWN and SWISS MORNING ROBES, STRIPED and FIGURED CAMBRIC and PERCALE W RAPPERB. CHILDREN'S N EW MYIE ORGANDIE and LAOH BONNETS . and CAPS. CHILDREN'S SWISS and NAV1NSOOK DRESSES. PIQUE and MARSEILLES DRESSES and SUITS, and COMPLETE OUTFIT of CHILDREN'S UNDER* JLOTHING MANUFACTURED OK WAMSUTTA muslin, at VERY LOW PRICES. ALTMAN A Oa OFFER ONE CASE Oust received) of TINE IMPORTED CORSETS, worm from ONE 10 THREE DOLLARS, at 8fic., $1 and $1 2ft pair. VINE IIOUSEKEEPINO O?)00? , LINEN TOWELS r napkins, bed QUILTn and line L.ACB CURTAINS" hi EXTRAORDINARY BARGAINS. B. ALTM AN A CO.- ^ ^ BUG. .v^ne.^^ At mkakkk'. Sixth avenue and Nineteenth street. We will on Monday ope? the largest anil most select stock ol lire kb Hoods ol every quality nml stvle ever exhibited on sixth avenue, at remarkably low prices. We have all the new shades ill Cashmere?, Serges, Poplins, Alpacas and Moliairs, at llie following low rates:? Twilled Serges, in all the new shade-, Mr Finest twilled Serges and Cashmeres, choicest colors, 6fV. to 90c. Silk and Wool Pongees. 66c.. "Sc. and 8tk\, 1??o Very line shades Mohair Foulards, Mk' , .Vic. and ftk*. Crepe de Chine and Camel's Hair Cloth. 55c. mid B.V, Brocaded SIIk Serges tor polonaise, N.V-. ; very line Striped 1/lsle Thread and pineapple l.ustres, 20c., 25c., 30e. Japanese l'oplins and Mohuirs, in greut variety, 25c., SUc., 88c., 44c. and 5l)c. Best brands lilark Alpacas. 2#c., SOc., 38c.. 4ilc. and 50c., wiili a lull line of Mourning Goods at low prices. Striped Silk Grenadines, black ground, 25c. Iron (Ireuadlnes, best goods, 44c , 50c. . 56c. and title. I, mm pieces ('ulieocs, choicest putterns and last colors, l2>ic. W e are also offering * a lull line ol lllaek Silks in all grudes ot the iiiosi popular makers. Fine black Taflct.i Silks. *1. $1 15. $1 25 and 91 W. Very superior Taffeta anil tiros (Irani Silks $15)1,(175, , (2, $2 2a autl $2 5(1, 25 per cent under Broad way , price*. Talleta and Turquoise Silks in new shades. Real Thri-ad, Minna and Lace Shawls, Sacquei and Pai d Covert. Spring Shawls, ottoman stripes, $2 7,'>.$.'t 25, f.'l Wto (5. Cashmere Sacques. Talmas and Dolmans. troin medium to fine, embroidered anil lace trimmed. Cashmere Talma- and Dolman-. $12. SI4, $!(?, $18 and $20. Suit Department. with show and dressing room attached, in separate part , ot the store. Having recently lUted up and opened thl* suit rootn, we I are prepared to otter special Inducements to pur- i chasers, a? it is our desire to make it the most j popular department of the establishment. \\ e are now opening Ladies'. Misses' and Children'* Suits, in every style. Ladies ' Imported Berlin Suits, elaborately trimmed, ail colors, $2>. $22. $25. $.'*u, $*17, $45 and $51' Ladies' Lawn. Iiineii ami Batiste Suits, all styles. Law n and Linen Miits. $4. $.'>. $7, $s, $". $ll?anil $12. LudlrM' Linen ami Batiste Suit-, stvlislily trimmed, j heaiitltul designs, plain and embroidered. $l.'t to $2il Children's braided Linen and Pique Suits, $1 75 to $2 511. : Children's Normandy Caps, real ami Italian lace 1 Merino Cloaks, richly trimmed with -ilk and satin IntautH' Baskets, embroidered Blankets, Bootees ami I mlcrclothing and Corsets. We would ask our customers to carefully Inspect our I stock in this depHrtincnt be lore purchasing. We nave j added largely to our loriner a-sortmeni and can now ofTer line- ol the finest goods manufactured, many slyles of which we have exclusive control. Night downs in all <i tin lit i< - ot muslin and cambric. Chemises and Draw. rs. trimmed all styles, lace em broiderv and putting in muslin. linen and cambric. Toilet Sacques In muslin, linen and i anihric, trimmed with lace embroidery and puffing. Under skirt-, W alking Skirts, Trail .>kirts and Pillow Shams. Our assortment ot French wove and hand made Corsets is unequalled, having every style in lavor. We si ll un embroidered French wove Corset, of which we have sole control, at $1 2.?. acknowledged to lie the cheape-t corset in the market, worth $2 25. A large lot of French wove Corset", 5tk-. r Milliner.^ Goods. i Now opening a very lar e and elegant assi rtuienl ol trimmed Konna Hat- art ! Bonnets, Imported and ol our ow li tnnnuiacturc. Fine French Flowers and Millinery of every description. Straw, Chip and l.c.li rn Hats and Frame*; u 1 1 the new shape". Eiegantiv trimmed Hats, of superior style and finish, $w to $i:., , -attie a- sold un Broadway. $18 lo $<U Parasols and juiii Umordlas. Now opening all the New Style*. Tourist. 1 ronienade, (Tub, in different qualities. ! aun and Rain Umbrella", large assortment. Now opening in our Lace Department j Real Yak Laces, black and colored, all widths. 1 Kcttl Point, Thread. (Jnlpiire and Valent lennes. Also lines of colored Laces, to trim Spring suits, French. Italian and Blonde", all width" lluinluru Kin broideries at very low prices Lace Ties, collars. Sleevi *. How-, Fic'iu*. Handkerchiefs. Ruffling", Platings, in new styles. Opening on Monday . Housekeeping Goods and Domestic GO'wl" of evcrv style. Nankins, Towels, Linen", Piano Covers and I Tablecloths. Nottingham ami real La-c Curtains mid I Tidies, Tarlatans. Organdies. * wis* .laconet and .Nainsook Muslin*, at lowest prices.. Now opening laitest styles of Dress trimmings and Fringes, Pa-M inenteric Gimps, Loon-, Buttons and Braids, Sa?h dihlions, Homnii 1 lev Windsor lies and Rows. tiro- grum Bonnet Ribbon*, in all the tic* colors. Now opening Balbriggan. English and Herman FLuiery, in extra lengths. lor ladies and children. Merino Undergarment*, adapted to the present season. One. two and three button Kid tiioves, in Sprint; "hades. lOUdozon extra long Fngii-h stocking". .'Vie . worth Mc Ladies about to make .-spring purchuses are respectfully | invited to call an l examine our Immense assortment. We will afTotd evcrv opportunity lor a careful inspection of our goods without being Importuned to buy. All goods marked in plain figures in.l strictly one price throughout the entire establishment. Rl? II \RD MR ARES, Corner Sixth avenue arid Nineteenth stri ct i A Nn this WEEK'S 8PECULTY a I rHBORBAT Bargain Ilea Iqiiartcr*, 4^5 Grand street, will be Dress Goods and Silks. We w ill open to-mormw Mon- , dayi pieces best make a apanese and India Silks, in i all tiie stylish spring shades, at 17e peryard. other : houses are culling these same good heap al 75c. and $1 Forty-flve pieces of heavy mack Gro*gruln,$l ;,H4 pieces Bonnets A I'onson's celebrated makes, at $1 50 to $1 75 ' The well known Raven brand Black Alpaca." at 2.V One , i hsc Sable brund black pure Mohair, ''7c. At the above 1 prices these goods will not Inst long ana customers | lire specially invited to cull early in the week. Lonsdale , Ballon and all the standard brands ot 4 4 bleach and i brown Muslin". 12c. Yard wide French Percales, l.v. 1 TI.e most complete stock of Table Damasks, Towels. Nap kins ami Housekeeping Goods in the cltv. The Notion and Embroidery Department.? Complete Hose, Sc.; Plus, lo. ; Fiowert, lc? ; Kid Gloves, 25c.; Linen Handker chiefs. ;ic. oil cloths and Camels at fabulous prices. , Yard w iilt Cotiai/e and lietnp carpets 20r. and 28c. i Ingrain, 50e. Crossley's Fnglish Brussels, $1 25. A first rate floor oil cloth for 37c. An opportunity like this occurs seldom customers w ill do well to call early : at these unheard ot figures wc will make short work ol what is left of the stock at the (treat Bargain Headquarters, 435 Grand street . ROI'88, BULL t CO. i r SMB. J, D. LIVF.RRK'H, 441 SIXTH AYEN I F. 441, < i between Twrnty-slxtli and Twenty-seventh streets, stamping and Embroidery Establishment -Children's piqne Dresses, stamped and already made; French Lin gerie and Ladies' Undergarments; handsome Initials and Monograms embroidered to order; La tea cleaned and made equal to new. 1 wenTf* f f! * R'">m s,' H7n *NI). DRB88 Porfed Coriit^ at pfe'? /? A? A- A. -INDIA CAMKL8' HAIR HIIAWLN AND ? Si arfs. Nothing like them III the trade. J. BUncKLL, XI East Tweatietli street. 15* - ? \\w*. DKV GOODS. B. ALTMAN A CO. WILL ?FEN ON MONDAY, APRIL H, ?II the NEW COLORS ami HIIADKH of DKESS SILKS, ill PLAIN COLOKS uud FANCY STRIPES, at 96c , $], |1 26 PER YARD. LY0N8 BLACK DREW SII.KS, SI 26, ?) tiC $1 75, %i per yaril. B. ALTMAN A CO. * FIVE CASES NEW DRESS HOODS, 38c , 37c., <0c., <2c., 46c., 47c. PER YARD. EXTRA FINE FRENCH t ASH M KRE8, 95c and >1 10 PKR YAK I) EXTRA BARGAINS and NEW GOODS OFFERED in tin* Department. BLACK IRON GRENADINES AND MOURNING GOODS A SPECIALTY. B. *""a!iea?'li.a?? ...OB ??"5S! ?haw,.r. l'ARAHOt. C0VERS.(FIC11UBS. BAMB1SB TRIMMING LACES, ill thread oITjpjtrh. print anil POINT AVPLIQVK^RliN^H hashes and .... bonnet ribbons. CLOAK ANnBHES^OHNAML^^r^^ CObORH. at ' 7?k- and ?8c. per yard. OONTAI LD'S BEST BLACK B. AN A CO. OFFER ON MONDAY, APRIL M, tbe latest styles PARASOLS. Over 200 various styles of PARASOLS, all Of the NEWEST DESIGNS AND COLORS, will be exhibited, COMPRISING THE LARGEST ASSORTMENT IN TIIE CITY, at the LOWEST PRICKS ALTMAN A CO. OKKHR . " One case PARIS ami VIENN A NOVELTIES. OXYDIZKD HILVEK AND GILT GOODS 111 I M M h N 8 E VARIETIES. Will open on MONDAY, April 14, tbe NEWEST DESIGNS In OXYD1ZED BELT, SlIAWL, HAT, DRESS AND CLOAK ORNAMKNTS. OXYDIZKD PARASOL and I MHUELLA CHATELAINES. 26 dozen OXYDIZED SILVER SLEEVE BUTTONS, MJr. pair. Lar^e assortment of JAPANESE SETS, OAKNET JEWELRY, Kl'KHEK ftKTS, REAL WHITBY JET itud PEARL tlOODH. LARGE ASSORTMENT ol JAPANESE SETS, SlIAWL PINS and SLEEVE Bt'TTONS. NEW RURRER SETS, COMPRISING HRoOi'll, eardrops ami bracelets $i JAPANESE SETS at 91 FULL LINE OK BLACK GARNET JEWELRY, comprising NECKLACES, EARDROPS, BROOCHES. HAIRPINS. VEILPIN8, HAT and DRESS ORNAMENTS. HANDSOME EARDROPS, i?c. anil $1. Fine JET, PEARL and t'OKAL S< REW EAR KNOHS. NEW LINE of PINE PAINTED FANS and PEARL, ITORV, Nil KLL. KIJHSI A LEATHER. BLACK and (JILT FANS. Sll I. I. Is, rRIANON FAN." rl,e laroe SARATOGA ?ANSW ^ Neve Pattern* of SPANISH > OMBS^ 8HBU ) ull.T ?ml JET. FINE Rl'SFIA LEATHER B trimming. All the above lor iiung 11 very elegant collection ol NOVELTIES, TO WHICH WE DIRECT ESPECIAL ATTENTION B. ALTMAN A CO., SImUi ii venue, near Twenty lirat street. A NEW STORE-NEW GOODS. V REIMAN A CO., late of New Orleans, 25 I'nlon wiiiare and 25 Eaiit Fifteenth street, will display ou Monday, the 14th illst., and during the week, in their extensive Silk Department, new Spring Silk* in ull the popular shades, at 75c., f*k ., Si.V. iiiiU upward*. 1 raw Poult de Sole, in all new shades, at 95c., worth $1 380. If ases Muk id o Silks, 4.r>r and upwards Black Mlk- in the celebrated makes of Ponson. Bellon, Teillard, Bonnet and Jauberl, at prices defying compe tition Blue* liro? de Ithine. Wx\, worth $1 IS. Kin i- k ( iru.s drain, SI ami upward*. ({old rolor Hilks in all the new shade*, $1 2ft, $1 40 $1 SO, $1 7.V t2 i!5 and upward-. Silk ('hallie* m newshailes, HJ',e , worth $1. Camel'* llalr Cloth* in all ninnies, 4Sc. upward*, thousands of pieces Sprlnif I'oplinette* I2,ljc. upward". Lace shawl", Jacket* and Saeuue* Irom $ht upw ard. Camel* Hair Shawl* at u really reduced jirlce*, owing to the latene** of the season. M. REIMAN A CO. ^ NEW STORE-NEW OOODS. VI REIMAN A CO., late of New Orleans, 25 I'nioii *<|uare and "J5 East Fifteenth street, will ? x liilii! on Monday, 14th inst., anil during the week, a large line of Berlin and Pari* Costumes of the latent style*, from 912 and upward*. Latest nov? Itie* in Plain, Braided and Embroidered Linen sult>?. . , A lame assortment of link t'achmerc < ape* and Dol mans at reduced price*. i arnel'* balr Overdresses and Polonaises, braided and embroidered. fperml inducement* will lie offered in our extensive line of imported and Dome-tie I'nderwear An inspection ?l this department is respectfully to licited. M. RI. I VI AN A CO ? NEW STOKE? NEW GOODS. >1. REIMAN A i <>., late of New Orlean*. will offer on Monday, April 14, and ourlng ihe week, House Furnishing ooiais, at extremely low pin es. Towels at 5e. and !*? w i Bleached Table Damask, 60c. BK rahle Na| kill*, 91 per uogeli. Linen MainasK Dovlies.Hn . per dozen. splendid line ol Damask Towels, ti 75 per dozen and up? ard. White Marseille* yuilt*. 91 and upward. Colored Lunch Cloths uud Napkins, in all color* and Sl/.e*. Id 4 Linen Sheeting. ?V., worth 91 10. <5 inch Pillow i use Linen, ?.v., worth SOc. !A inch Pillow rase l.lnen, 7Se? worth 91. Fine 4-4 Irish Linen, 25c.. worth 3sc. Full line of Richardson * 4-4 Linens In all numbers. W bite Plriue, from ilUe. upward. White Nainsook, UK''., ISe., lac. und 20c. per yard. White Swiss, 20c and upward. Our lint* of Suit-- and I'nderwear i* complete. l.aiiles' fine Imported Milts from 91- upward. VNEW STORE? NEW OOODS. M It KIM AN A CO. (lafe of New Orleans) will f'ffer on Monday. April 14 and during the week, Kid Gloves, at 80c. a tiair and upwards. I, allies' Hem-stitched Handkerchief*, 91 50 per dozen and upward*. Gents' Handkerchiefs. 92 50 per dozen and upwards. Embroideries, 10 cents per yard und upwards. Jet Jewelry in great variety. Kuflle*, Plaited Sets. Ladles' Windaor and Grenadine Ties in all (hades and ?t vie*. Yak Laces, all colors. BiifTCInny Lace. 10,001 dozen French, Engli*h and German Hosiery. Ladies' full, Regular, Extra Long Hoae, 9>'> 75 per do*. Ladles' Halhrigan Hose, 9^ half doxen. Smyth's Real Eiilbrituan Hose and Half Hose. Men's Superfine llali llo*e, 91 So halt dosen I.ailies' and Mlsneii' Strijied How, In great variety. Ladies' Merino Vest*, 56c. and upwards. Misses Merino Vest*, 4fic. and upwards. M. REIMAN A CO. A. -KID GLOVES. Just opened, A new lot, superior quality, one-button at 5Se. pair, two-button at 7fte. pair, ?t HARRIS BROTHERS. H77 Hreadway, between Eighteenth and Nineteenth stseet* Ar DKY ?001?S. HVKHN BROTH BBS, SIXTH AVENUE SIXTH AVENUE and and TTVENTY THIRD HTHKKT, TWENTY rUlRU STREET M>7 SIXTH AVKNIIE 3f7 J10 WKfT TWBNTY THIRD, 1 10 tra now oftenlng tot Spring unusually luigf and attractive line* ol good', In tb?sijr totIouh Departments, to winch wo beg to call the attention of the poMic, feeling convinced tltHt our assortments and low prices cannot fail to lnter?*t customers in want of goods' this M'KWIU. Rspecial attention la directed to our magnificent as sortment of PARIS AND BERLIN PAHSKMKNTKRIES TRIMMINGS, BLACK anil COLOKEI) FRINGES and GIMPS, TAISSELfi. OWN AMU NTS and LOOPS, comprising many new and novel desigus, exclusively our own importaiiiinH and designs, which wo uro sell VKKVATTK/rtlTJVE PRICES A large assortment of t>x i i>iki<:i> CLOAK and DRESS BUTTONS, Oxidized DRKSS and BONNET ORNAMENTS, Oxidized CHATELAINES, CLASrS and PINS. ODR STOCK OF REAL AND IMITATION LACKS is replete with a splendid assortment of BLACK VAK LACKS, from 2lkv a yard up. COLORED VAK LACKS in all the new shades, REAL GUIPURE LACliS, REAL THREAD LACKS, HEAL AND ITALIAN VALKNCIENNEH LACKS', FRENCH AN D SPANISH BLONDE LACIiS, BUFF AND WI11TB RKAL CLUNY LACKS, ALI. OF WHICH WK ARE BELLI N ? I AT EVEN LESS THAN OUR USUALLY LOW PRICES. In PARASOLS nnd SUN UMBRELLAS we are PARASOLS daily SUN UMBRELLAS receiving tho PARASOLS newest and SUN UMBRELLAS nioHt novel styles PARASOLS In SUN UMBRELLAS CLUB STICK PARASOLS anil SUN UMBRELLAS TOURIST, PARASOLS which, witli our SI'N UMBRELLAS I resent lu rue PARASOLS assortment, will SUN UMBRELLAS l>e i ? ii 1 1 1 I superior PARASOLS in style and SUN UMBRELLAS lower in prices than PARASOLS any other house. SUN UMBRELLAS PARASOLS SUN UMBRELLAS PARASOLS III SUN UMBRELLAS MILLINERY HOODS MILLINERY GOODS MILLINERY GOODS we are displaying a very large assortment of ail the lcuiling new aiiil desirable shapes in FRENCH AND ENGLISH CHIP AND STRAW ROUND MATS AND BONNETS. an immense variety of FRENCH FLOWERS AND FEATHERS, which we are selling greatly licluw the uruui ex;r?\a uunt prices charged !>v milllnerv houses. COMPLETE LINKS OF BONNET AN J) SASI1 RIBBONS, OHO S UKAIN IU It HONS IN No* 5, 7, 9, 12, IC. comprising an Immense assortment ol all I he new shades una color*, at GREAT BARGAINS. SASH TTThBONN. 6W inch ull tilk Sash Ribbons. in ail Colors. at ,Sc. yard. 7 Inch all vllk watered Sa(?h Ribbons at 91 yard. Elegant plaid Sash Ribbons. very choice designs, 68c. yard. Another lot of HEAVY SILK WINDSOR 1 IRS, lull witllh ami all colors, .IN'. Crepe de cheuc Tie* and Scaris. ? Large assortment ol UROS GRAIN AND TAFFETA TRI M M IN(, SILKS, comprising a lull line of all the leading and popular shades now in demand, from $1 4h upward. We continue to receive every wceek new novelties DOLMANS, MANTLES, sAcyiiEs and capes of Cashmere ami Drupcte, handsome l> trimmed with rich jiassscineiiieries trimming. Yak and til her Laces. varying in price from $!l upwaids, STKRN BROTHERS SIXTH AVENIB AND TWENTY HIIRO STREET continue to I AY ESPECIAL ATTENTION In tfMsIr bRMrHMIt Of LADIES', CHILDREN'S A Nil IN KAN 18' UNDER OARMENTH. OCR FA' MIX II IKS KIK MANUFACTURING THF. SAME ENABLE I K TO OFFER BETTER INDUCEMENTS TO CUSTOMERS THAN ANY OTHER BOUSB. I'fiin! only the Iw'frt of material* iiml moat popular iiia> hiii"s, linlii H run a|wayt Telv oh the quality of our Ifoodl. we have always on hand an elegant ASSORTMENT PROM THE CHKA I'KST TO FINEST GOODS IMPORTED OP Mi; UT ROBES. CHEMISES. DRAW ERS, TRAIN AND WALKING SKIRTS, CORSET COVERS. DK ESS I N 'i S M^I'ES, MORNING ROBES, WRAPPERS. *?' , *C., with ii i m it \ other article* ncecMiarv 10 a COMPLETE WARDROBE. " Our CHILDREN'S AND INFANTS' DEPARTMENT Is repleU: with every article nettgrury lor eutir4 DITTFITS. A LARGE AND CHOICE SELECTION OP LADIES" GENTS' AND CHILDREN'S HOSIER*, LADIES', BALHRII1GAN HOSIERY, LADIES' STRIPED HOSIERY, IN ALL QUALITIES AND STYLES. CHILDREN S HOSIERY InCottoa, Ralt>riKV*n and Striped, AT VERY CLOSE PRICES. An Inspection of this Department la earnestly Miliclted. LACE GOODS. We are constantly manufacturing an<| reri ivlng the newest, neat, novel dentgna In CAPES, Fit ill hS, TESTS, MOWS. JABOTH, SWISS TIRM, Ac., Ac., including ?tylea not to be found eluewhere. An immenaa aaaortmeni oi Huchlnga and Ruffling* alwaya on hami. ' STRRN BROTHERS, Sixth Avenue and Twenty-third Street DRY OOOD6. A.' FFKE H H RKB H WJ }J {J uHHSu ^ K H U K R II < C H ? ? , K H H R R II O H H H K H H R R II 0 5....U k?? KB HUH H RRR {} C HHH|I s ? K " H R R U O H It ? 5 II II R R I" <! ? ? " o ? K H H R R II C C II II " sS KEBE II II R ? II OC U H -t ? ^ K 1 4 H IT 11 A V UN UK, N KAK MWKNTY K? >U R HI ^ Will ?? un Monday a very rich (election ol new Spring stylo* in 8TRAW HATS. Pint black Straw lint#, at 65<-. 7l?c., 83c. anil upwards t? Fine white Milan chip and Fancy Braid Hats, in all the Intent styles, at #6c. Iip to$2 2.V Hchool Hath, f<ir Misses, hHIIc. Boys' hats, I'ully trimmed. at Mc. Fine French Flowers. Montures. Wreaths, I'oinpr u?. A 1^1 rit?n, in ail tliu latest anil most dexlratdc styles. at very reasonable prices. . Fine Sprays, Wreaths or Mniitiiru* branched to ordel. In any style, in a lew momenta. Millinery Laces, Dotted ami Spanish Not*, Brussels Net# ami Veilings, ol every descripyon. Just opened n new line of ^ WASH AN It BONNKT Kill HONS, J at extremely moderate prices. Black tiros Grain Ribbon, Si. 12, warrauted nil silk, at 30c. Bent (full 7-inch) M Rihbon, all colors, at 90c., war ranted all silk mid best goods imported. t:oiored tiros Grain Sasli Kitilxin, warrauted all silk, at tl per yard Black watered Sush IMhhons, Dill 7 lnrhcx wide, war runted all Milk, at $1 per yaril. New styles block l'laid Sash Ribbons, at 60c. per yard. A new line ot tine .let and Pearl Millinery ornament* and Bunds, Juki received We would call special intention to our elegant <J> M I l.l.l N K It Y SHOW ttUOMri. on the second tloor. Our assortment comprises over Two Thousand Trimmed Bonnets and Hound Hats, made of (Incut material!) and in the most tnshlouiihle styles, which we ure ollcring at less tliuu halt' the Broad way prices. Every Hat marked in plain figures. S8S H 8 S XS8 Our new line ot Bluck Press Silks are giving universal Satisfaction, and we earnestly advise our iiutroiis to examine our Gooda and Prices lie tore purchasing. Seavy Black Silks, lull 24 inches wide, at f I 26. cavy Black Silk, lull 24 inches wide, worth $2. Kxtra heavy Black Silks at $J. worth lull $2 4tr Kxtra tine quality Silks at fJ 75 and $3 0U, fully 26 pet cent under regular prices. Black Dress Silks are an entirely now article with us, and we are selling the sair.e witl^t very small profit, as It is our aim to make the Silk Department one of the leading features ot our establishment. Colored Trimming Satins, every shade, at $1 IS per yard. Black Turquoise Silks at fl. $1 2t) and (I SO per yard. yy vy aa kk kk yy yy a a \a kk kk YY YY AA AA KK KK YY YY AA AA KK KK Y V YY A AAA A A A A- KKKKK Y YY AA A V KK KK YY A A A A KK KK YY AA AA KK KK YY AA AA KK KK Laces at less than cost of importation. We have cleared out tlio entire stock of Real Yak I.n< es of a large importer at a great sacrifice and now otter the same at lully W-., per cent under the gold cost of impor tation. Black Yuk Laces, fully \\ inches wide, at 37' . Black Yak Laces, lully 2 inches wide, at 60c Blank Yak Laces, fully 2\ inches wide, at 60c. Wider goods proportionally cheap. Our real Guipure and Thread Laces arc all our nitn direct importation, and our unusually moderate prices are tou well knowu to need advertisement. Full assortment ot Point anil I'nlnt Applioue Lace*. real and Italian Va lenciennes Laces, real Lace Barbcs, Handkerchiefs, I'ar asol 1 'overs. Ac , Ac. Silk Fringes and <!imps )? great variety, in special inducements. Black Silk Fringes, beaded and plain, at 25c., 30c., 30r., 40c., 50c. aud upwards. Colored Silk Fringes in all the new shade*, with but ton* to match, at extremely low prices. KMBROinhKIES AT BARGAINS. <>ur stock ill Hamburg Edgings and Insertions corn prises over 1110,000 yards, ami our prices speak lor Uleui llrt intxirK Edgings at He., 10c.. 13c., 19c., 23c., 28c. per yard ami upwards All warranted fast edge*. 1,000 \ arils Hamburg Edgings at Ilk:.; worth Iftc. 1,1100 yards Hamburg Edgings at 13c. ; worth lHc. IdO.OOO yards Hamburg Editings nt 20c. und 26c.; worth lully 28e. and 31c. ? all and examine our assortment. T WHITE GOODS DEPARTMENT. f ?S> <?> We have iu?t opened our new White floods, and will offer them in prn l it which will guarantee their speedy ?ale. 100 pieces Victoria Lawn at 15c. and lfte. per yard ; worth 20c, and 2ic. IK) pieces Victoria l.iiwnut 20c, ; worth 2.1c. SO pieces extra tine V ictoria l.a wn at 28c. , worth 3Ac. Piquets, (iKckeil and striped Nainsooks, Jaconets, Tuck itilis Towellings, Ac., at prices less ihun ever be tore offered. DIIKSH-UNINOS, retailed at wholesale piece prices. .Dressmaker* liberally dealt with. Full lines of Kid Gloves, made-tip l.aoe Hoods, Parasol*, Hosiery, Handkerchiefs, Ac. EE BE H M RRR II 00 n II S8d ' K II H K R II I) c II II H H K II II R R 11 (' II II S K II II K R II C II II H KB nilUH RRR II O llllll II 88* E II II R R II O II It 8 E II H R R II (' II H H k ii ii k r ii r r ii h p h EKEE II II K R II CC U II 8S* certainly lead the city In LADIES' MUSI. IN I V DKRGARMBNTS. We have devoted the past Winter to the manufacture o? our Ladies' snd Children's I'nd.rwcar ami uuaranb ? our carments to lie superior to any ill the city lu Beauty of finish, Qualltv of Muslins, and Excellence of Manufacture. A Skirt trimmed with two clusters of five tuck* each, and orre of six tucks, making sixteen tuck* !? all, of good muslin, well made, at 94c. Special attention given to Kridal Trousseaux. SSS C I' II TTTTTTT SH8 S 8 IT l : 1 1 T M 8 M U r II T H s IT IT H T 8 SKS u i; II T 8SR s u if ii t a s u r ii t s 8 8 IT TJ II T 8 8 8S8 VVV II T S88 Our Pnlt Parlor* on the second flour offer a hrliilan* display ot Ladles' and Children's Stilt* ( 'loaks and faix* of Silk Cashmere and Dran d'Ete, Brix.bc, ? ?lid Indian Tissue Shawls. Ac . Ac. Beautiful assortment vf imported Berlin Suit*, t>om $14 upwards. Ladies' Linen Suits, at $2 25, 92 50. $2 75. $3, tip to ? l Black Alpaca Suits, from upwards. Delaine snd calico Wrappers, lawn, calico and ernnlu !i? Waists, Nottingham >ett Curtains, Ac , ut special induce ments. We cordially Invite ladies to visit our establishment and t? examine our goods and prices. No one urged to buy. All goods marked in plain figures. BHEIOHr TEMPLE OK FA8UI0*, 2P7 and 2HJ Eighth avenue, near Twenty fourth street

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