13 Nisan 1873 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 2

13 Nisan 1873 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 2
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DRY GOODS. ^ T. STEWART A CO.. Will open on MONDAY, April 14, UNUSlTAli BARGAINS in nil qualities of PLAIN, BLACK AND FANCY SILK8, CRT RAIT, 1,1 TAFFETAS STRIPES, K7WC. This season's COLORED STRIPES A NO CHECKS. 91; Vklue, 9 1 Si). An Immense stock of now and choice style* of FANCY SILKS at 91 25 ami SI SOper yard. ALL llELOW THEIR PRESENT CAt-H IN LYONS. BLACK FAILLE SILKS $1 75, 92 and $2 50 per yard, of unusnaily good value ; the richer qualities from $3 to 99. i'LAIN COLORED SILKS atoxceptionally low prices. DRESS GOODS In many new fabric*, adapted to the highest tastes, and now first exhibited, viz.. GAZE ALOES KABYLE, for polonaise and saequesen suites; Nld D'Abellle, Indou CathmerM, Oluoey Dun telle, Sheer. Eerue Batistes plain, spotted, Ac., and tliey will also offer a large and fresh assortment of their POPULAR DRESh UOODS from 25c. per yard; special bargain*. MOITRN1NO GOODS Un every Yequisite, at popular prices. ' An attractive line of LARGE MESH SILK and WOOL URENADIN I S, atflOc.. worth 7Sc ? New styles of FANCY BROC1IE HKRNANI and ALL SILK GRENADINES, English Bombasines and Henrerta Cloths, Australian Crept*, black and white Cambrics ?ipl Lawns, Ac. The very he*! valtio in ALPACAS, LUSTRES and BKILLIANTENES, from 35c. per yard upwards. A large stock of ladies', misses' and children's SPRING SUITS, in every fabric, color, style and < iinality. A fresh Importation ot FlitiihV, SQUARE and PLAIN CENTRE REAL INDIA CAMEL'S IIA1U SHAWLS. Broche, lout and square Shawls, fully 26 per cent below regular rate*. New designs and colors in OTTOMAN STRIPES, SHAWLS AND SCARFS, from $1 upwards. BLACK EMBROIDERED CASHMERE SHAWLS, from $13 upwards. FRENCH MILLINERY, Bonnets, Hats. Caps, Feathers, Flower*; Ac. They nave thoroughly reasserted iucir JOB RIBBON IMPORTATION, and will continue t(? Oiler colored linos QRAIN No. 4 width at 10c. per yard. No. fl width, i No. 12, ) No. 6 width, S 15c, No. 16, > 25c. No. 7 width, ) " No. 22, ) SASH RIBBONS, six Inches wide. 75c. ; worth $1. The MARSEILLES SASH. aad Other NOVELTIES lu GARNITURE SASHES. .0 PARASOLS In black, white and all colore, with and without linings, fringed and unfrlnged, with shell, pearl, Malacca, bam boo and ebony handles; plain, crooked, club or tourul. CENTS' FURNISHING OOODS, Scarfs, Ties, Bows, llandkcrchicis. An. TO CLOSE A JOB LOT OF MEN'S SUMMER HATS, at 75c. each, a special attraction. ? LACE GOODS. 800 Llama Points. $5 upward. 500 Llama Sacqnes. $12 upward. BLACK AND COLORED YAK LACES. Trimming Laces at a REDUCTION OF 53 S; i'ER CENT. A visit of inspection 1* requested. BROADWAY, 4TH AVENUE, 9Tn AND I0TIT STREETS . A HjFAMBS M'OBKBBY A CO.'B, Broadway and Eleventl) street. Onr plain colored Silk department is now complete in Dress Goods from $2 2 J upward. The largest and most choice assortment of goods ever exhibited by the trade. I'rlces very moderate. Trimming Silks in all the shades ol brown, gray, purple, Ac., to match the uew colors in dress goods, *1 DO. Fancy Silks 1 Fancy Silks! Stripes in the new colors, $1 37*j and $1 50. Black and White and Grisaille Stripes, $1 25, recently Sold lor 91 75. Black ground, colored Stripes, fC^c. Gray and black Stripes, S7Hc. AT JAMES M'CREERY A CO.'s7 Broadway and Eleventh street Black Silks! A good reliable Black Silk, $2. The "sublime" Satin Finish. $2 25. Bonnet's Cachemire. $2. Rellon, Gourd, ami all the other approved makes, at prices that cannot be excelled elsewhere for cheapness. J^T JAMES M'CREERY A 00. '8, Broadway anil Eleventh street Will offer on Monday, April 14, In tlieir ladles' and children's Furnishing Department, Ladies' black and colored Silk Suits, made in the latest styles, axil at popular prices. A large stock of Berlin Suits, just opened. Ladies' Linen und Batiste Suits. Pique and white Lawn Suits, handsomely made with insertion and braided. Children's braided Pique Dresses, from 92 up. Children's braided Linen Dresses, ftotn 91 SO up. Ladies' Trousseaux and intants' Wardrobes always in sto<;k ready for immediate use. Ladles' Cashmere Sacques, Talmas and Dolmans. In our Dressmaking Department we are prepared to make Walking Suitaand Dresses in fhe latest styles and at short notice. The styles and fitting unsurpassed. Ladies are respectfully invited to call and examine. j^T JAMES M'CREERY A CO.'S, Broadway and Eleventh street. Would cull particular attention to tholr Millinery una Straw Goods Department which will be constantly supplied with the latest styles. A and cannot be surpassed by any in the city. JAMES M'CREERY A CO.'S, Broadway and Eleventh street. Llama Lace Shawls and Sucqucs a specialty. We will open on Monday, April 14. the finest assortment of Llama Ldice Shawls and Sacnue# ever offered tor sale in this city. Ladles are in vlted to examine before purchasing else where, as ne have marked them ut extraordinarily low prices. R EAL INDIA CAMEL'S 11. MR SHAWLS. JAMES McCREERY A CO., Broadway und Eleventh street, are offering a lull line ot open centre, red and black Stella and Calcutta India -hawls. of the very best workmanship, at a great reduction in prices. T JAMES M'CREERY A CO.'S, L , Broadway and Eleventh street. Have just received a lull stock of Cartwright A Warner's celebrated Merino Cndergarments, lor Spring and Summer wear, at very low priccs. Ladies' and Children's Fancy Cotton llose in great variety. English, French and German Cotton Hose and Halt Hose at old pricos. Great bargains in English silk i mbrellas. Reduced from 9s, anil 910 to 9* cacti. Gentlemen's Dress Shirts In stock and to order. Also novelties in Neck Wear. Sole Agents in the l.'nlted states tor the sale of the celebrated original Jouvin Kid Glove. A large stock lust received, in all the new Spring and Summer shades, from one to six buttons. A. D. 1873. n. O'NEILL * oo will open on MONDAY, March 31, a full line of new Spring Millinery Goods. Latest novelties In French and English Chip and Milan Bound Hats and Bonnets. 700 eaten Milan Round Hats, flrotn f?.V. to $2 50. SO caws Milan Bonnet*, from $1 to $3. All ul the latest and most desirable shape*. Ribbons. Oro? Grain sash millions. Watered Sash Bibbona, Block and Fancy Plaid Sash Ribbons. 100 cartons (iron Grain Sash Ribbon*, (1 a yard, war ranted all silk. ai carious -1-inch Watered Sash Ribbons, (1 36; Worth $2 90. #0 cartons of 7 lnoh Black Plaid, H.V. yard. 80cartont7-lnch Plain Sa*h Ribbons, 96c. ; warranted all silk. ?11 the new Spring Shades In Bonnet Ribbons. French Flower*. Botes, Bose Vines, Montlers, Garlands. 40 cases new Flowers all of the latest Parisian Novelties. Laces. Black Thread, Guipure, Valenciennes, Veils, Dotted Wets, M alines, Spanish Laces Illations. Embroideries Made H|> Lace Good*. Children's Lace Caps, in all the newest styles. Ladies' Ties, in endless variety. l,?fl dozen 41 . inch Windsor l ies. 4oc. Crape de Chine Tie*. Fancy Ties. Ladies, tro to O'NEILL'S f.ir Millinery Goods. All goods marked in plain iIkucus. * N. B.? Reduction to tljc trade. H. O'N'FTLT, A CO., 327 and 329 Sixth avenue and t wentieth street. j^itMSTKUMJ CO., CM bUth a VP sue, between Thirty seventh and Thirty eighth streets, "ON Tlifc WRONG SIDE." A large assortment of II AMU LRU KM BROIDERIES, EDGINUS, INSRRTINOS. BANDS. Fkjuo and Marseilles Brsids, Gimps arid Trimmlnns, Bullies, I n fs, Tuc ks and WOVKLTIKH Small Wares, Trimmings, Dress Linings. WHITE GOODS, Linens, Handkerchiefs, Laces. HOCSEKEEPINO GOODS, Towel*, lowclling, fault- Dumusk. REMNANTS ok'^Wne LINENS. A special Job lot, consisting o! THREE Tliol HAND TABDS, more or lens, of FINE FRONTING AND BODY LINENS and Linen Lawns, IN SHORT LENGTHS, at SOc. on the dollar. AT SMITH'S PATTERN BAZAAB, 914 BROADWAY, J\ near Twentieth Miwt, the latest Imported styles; lieautiiul changes for Spring and Hummer; elegant toi lets; patterns, With cloth model*, now ready; patterns fitted to the form warranted perfect; magic costume In ifjaMauiade uu 1* the feature for auimuor. Ceiug early.. R. DRY OMinx. 0. MAOV^kCO ?4 ? ? ??? ?*** ? ***??????*? " H ?????* - ? u a n v *# t maot ? . % 4 0 0. ? ? * *? * * ? # ?? * <v ? ? ? ? ?? ? ? H H MAOY A 00. are still cantiuuiflM their unprecedented sato 01 IMPORTED RIBBONS At A (1RI5AT SACRIFICE I A GREAT SAUUIPHJE I All desirable ftliade* atuPwidllut, at prices lower tlian ever betor* made by any house lor UiU qualltr ot good*. R. H. MAOY A CO <1 phi re to announce lo their friend* and the public iliat all Ilia numerous <iepartmcutM throughout their EXTENSIVE ESTABLISHMENT aro now fully sonplied with desirable good* lor the Sprini: season, and they bog to call attention to the fallowing specialties LLAMA LACE SHAWLS, SAOQIXES and DOLMANS, in desirable grade* and patterns. children's carriages, elegantly lined aud decorated. FRENCH FLO WE Its AND FEATHERS. Ostrich Tip Spray*, Wreaths, Ac. ? NOVELS AND MAGAZINES on sale assoon a* published. SILVER I'LATEO WARE, Ice Pitchcra, Cad torn, Fruit stands. REASTTORE AND CORDED PIQUES, Organdies and Lavrus, lor Summer Suits. TRAVELLING BAOS, Porte tnonna tea, Ac., lu Itu.wia aud i'iaia Leather. CHILDREN'S ROMAN SASnES, ?In lovely Spring shades. FINE TABLE SAUCES, Imported Pickle*, Jams, Jellies and Crackers. VELOCIPEDES, Go-Carts, Tops, Marbles, Hoops, Toys and Dolls. PARASOLS, in all styles; also Sun aud Kain Umbrellas. OUR NF.W KID GLOVE, In desirable colors, to match. CHILDREN'S NORMANDY CAPS at lower prices khan any other house. OXYDIZED OltNAMENTS, Buckles, Veil Pius, Clasps ami Buttons. MARIE ANTOINETTES AND FICIft'S, Vests and Jabots, ot lace and crepe. FRTNfiEn VEILS ANI) VEILINGS, In drab, crepe ami grenadine. 8INMNO CANARIES, Bird Cages, Bird Seed ami Gravel Paper. STRAW BONNETS AND HATS. Also, Clilp, llalr, Palmetto and Ltuen Braid. FINE TOILET SOAPS, ' Perfumery, Sponges, Cosmetics, IJatli Cloves, 4c. LADIES' NECKTIES. The finest assortment we have ever displayed, at prices that cannot tail fc> suit. ?>DA WATER, with cream, and the best syrups. R II. MAC V A CO., Fourteenth street ami Sixth avenue. WALLER 4 M'SOIU.KY S, 245 GRAND STREET, near Bowery.? 1873? Spring? 1873.? Grand opening. The latest styles aud all the novelties in ladles' Suits, Dresses, Sacqat s, Talmas, Ac., 4c., made of all the fashionable materials In the best manner and style at astonishingly low prices. Dressing rooms and every facility for fitting. Grand npcnlng of Spring Dress (loods. Five cases of Lustres and three cases of corded Poplins, in all the new shades and double w ulths, at 29c. per yard. Eleven cases Berlin Plaids, elegant design*, very wide, at 31c. per yard; 100 pieces of Japanese Stripes at 21c. per yard ; over 5,ouo pieces of Hrilliantine, Poplin, Cretonne, Ruhalx, Balerno and Sateen Suitings, In all the new colors and tintsvnt from 3ne. to 50c. per yard, and upward. Japanese Silks? Immense stock, all the latest styles, colors and designs In Japanese Silks at a great reduction in prices. Mourning Goods? A full stock at popular prices. Black Alpacas, from auction, at great bargains. Black Silks ? Splendid stock of black Silk.', of the best makes, at $1, $1 25. $1 50, $1 75 ami $2, and upward, the greatest bargains ever offered ; also striped and colored Silks, hi 91, 91 25,91 60 and upward. Shawls? Latest style * in Spring shawls and mourning Shawls ut lowest prices. Cloths, Casslmeres, White tjoods, Hosiery. Domestics, full stock oi housekeeping Drv Goods, 4c., A< ., ut wholesale prices. strictly one price. All Is marked in plain figures. W \LLER 4 MrSORLEY, 245 (iratid street, near Bowery, A." C. w. FRENCH will open on MONDAY new Spring Styles of White and Colored Shirts, made to order. First class work and fit. Call and see samples ut 9!W, 912 and $tJ per dozen. Fine English ImbrelUs tor ladle- and gentleman. Ladies' French Jewelry, Chatelaines, Belts, 4c. A complete new stock of Men's Furnishing ciolids per steamship Culia. C. W. FRENCH, Importer of Men's Furnishing Goods and fine French Jewelry, fsi'J Broadway. Prince street corner. Y GRAND DISPLAY. EXTRA* l Kill NARY BARGAINS IN BLACK SILKS. |S7\ 8PKINM IMPORTATION. l!<73. CHARLES HEARD 4 CO., 301 ORAND STREET, will offer to-aiorrow. April 14, lf>5 uiUlitional pieces mipe ri'ironalltv Black SILKS; new goods, ot receut Impor tation. am) much below regular prices. Klch Black Orosde Rhine. , y?e , 91. $1 10, ft 20 Extra rich Gros d? Rhine .91 :#?, fl Extra rich Gros de Rhine . ..T.. 91 .??. 9 j <0. ?[ 50. tj Rich Black Drap <le Lyon ?1. | W. f f Rich Biack Drap de France 91 W. * 20. | ? Rich Black Gros t rain *1. | 10, 9 20, | _? Still richer tiros ?'rain 91 ?0, fl .fl. 91 ?>. 91 ? Extra super Gros Grain |2. ?2 i>, 92 40, ?2 .*> Salin flsish Gros Oram 25. 9? 50. 92 75, 9.* Also a large addition to their line ot Spring and Summer Check ami Striped nlLKS, troin UP. I" riends, cus tomers A7~ THE POPULAR CARPET STORE, li.'i BOWERY, NEAR GRAND STREET. 5>xi ploei .? Check Matting, lust landed, 2Se. per yard. 100 pieces Tapestry ItrusHcl* Carpet, $1 28 P*r yard. Ingrains. fiUe. per yard. The beat 75 cent Ingrains In the city. The stock is replete with all the new and choice styles Of the season. AT V. VKiOUROUI'S, lit FOCRTI1 AVK.M'R.? Stamping, Embroidery, Llhgeriu F.stsbllshment. Ladles' and Babies' Troii?"Aii?. sj Initials, Monograms, tor bandkc; ? I i 1 T? ?; ,1 cloth embroidered to orm r. The irirt ?m ki.. . ;? t. ?> ? .? broidcred goods Pique Mali t >r<- ? ' u<, Jm.. ? Wholesale cuvaucu Oy utwi mciiU. wi '? J DRY GOODS. A TIGHT MONEY MARKBT and haok wara Spring have caused great depression in Spring Dry Goods. WiUi ready casli we have secured some ok Ira bantam*. One lot of Japanese Stripes, 16c., lorinerly 2fie. New cloth shades llRhk AInacas, I formerly 3to. Ultra quality Berlin Co run. 31c., formerly 40c. Superb Mohair Poplin*. 80c., tormerly 2,000 yards bent Print*, Sc., formerly ! 12>?c. Also bariraini In Ottoman Shawls, Llnon Damasks, Tow els, Marseilles Quilts, Muslins, Prints, Qtughaius, Tick*. A 0-, at WILLIAM LAMBERT A 00 >S, 523 Greenwich street, near Spring. ^ ?343 ? UNION BAZAAR? 343. 343 Sixth avenue. 313 Just received, another lot of those SO-bone Bmboro Cor sets, at 21 BO, worth $2. Also a splendid line of ladios' Underwear, at unusually low prices. Parasols a specially, at tully ton |w>r vent lower tliau elsewhere. All tho novel ties of the season constantly added to our Millinery De partment. Union Bazaar, 343tiix.lli avenue. J. MA (IN OS. BARRETTS. I'ALMBR A IIRAL, DYEING AND cleansing establishment, 191 lirand street. Brunch otllccs#-6l9 Fulton street, Brooklyn , 451 Broad street, Ntwan. / lOMPAONIB DES INDKH, V ) Parts. MM VERDE DBLTSLB KKERES, of the Oompsgnie des fudes, respectfully address themselves to ladies of America contemplating a voyage to Europe, inviting their Utteutiou to their prod motions of Laces and Oashmerc Shawls, exhibited at their warehouses, 80 Rue Richelieu, Paris, and No. 1 Hue de la Regence, Brnxellns. Thnse who call, cither from interest ami curiosity or fur the purpo.se of buying, will meet with equal courtesy As this house pays no couimlssiuji* under any ct roum.stanr.es to agents, the direct purohaser obtains nil the advantages. All goods marked in plain (Inures. Prices invariable. English spoken all over tho house. Kabriqucs de Dentelles, I Fabrlqnes de Cashmere d 0 Kayeux, 14 Hue Royale. . lodes, Alencon, 2D Kuede Ijonnrel. | Ca.shmrre, Uniritzur. C^ABPBTS? 400 PIECES JUST BBOBIVBD. JOHN ) drossier A Sons' English, Brussels, Tapestry Car pets, tor cash, $1 a $1 35. J W. PI MICK, 268 and 870 Canal street Dresden, qermany.? to families wiio. dur. ing their travels in (leruiany, puss through the city oi Dresden, we rccoinmcnd our magnificent stock of black and tirsy fast eolnrod Dress Goods in Silks, Wool lens and Cottons, and also our elegant and tasteful stock of ready-made Die, sacs at low prleos. HBYDER A PAUL LOWE, Dresden, Heetrasse, Kitul'haus. DYEING AND OLBANING IN ALL ITS BRANCHED? Coats, Pants, Vests. Shawls, Dresses, Velvets, Cur tains, Laces, Gloves, Feathers, Ac.; will call for and deliver goods to any part of New York and Brooklyn. Send orders by mail lu ItAUltETTS, PALMER A HhAL, 101 Graud street FDE PERCEVAL, ? 730 Broadway, opponite Astnr p'.aee. lnlanU' Cloaks, Coats and (Japes, Dresses, Sacques, Ac. Infants' Wardrobes, irom $(16 up. Ladies' Outfits. Bridal Srts, Ac. Monograms and Initials embroidered to order. Laces cleaned and mended equal toaew. J Stamping and Stamped Goods. J TRENCH STAMPING PATTERNS, BRAIDING, EM broidery, Vuilting -Mme. LEON COUDRIBR, ?? Broadway, New York. Ladles desiring oither Stamping, Braiding or Embroidering are Invited to examine the workol Mme. Ooudrier, done by French artistes. Latest l'aris styles stamping I'atterns for sale. Elegancies in Braid and Embroidery always on hand. Contructs taken by the year in any nuantiues tor Stamping, Braiding, Embroidering and Quilting, or either of them. The atten tion ol the trade invited. Send for circulars. Agents wanted in each city. Grenadines, Grenadines, Grenadines, warranted pure silk and wool, two yards wide, $1 20, j> I 35, Si 50, ?i 7&, and #2 50. Black Silks, Blank Silks, Black Silks, SI 25, $1 59, f I 7\ ?2, $2 25, $2 50, t- 7& an l Good bargains. Canticle stripe Silks, <1 25, worth $1 63. Alpacas, Alpacas, Alpacas, 40c. and 50c., worth 50c. anl 65c. JACKSON'S. corner Broadway and Waverley place. H air < 1 1 L SIIAW, 352 Bowery, between fourth and Great Jones streets, over dry goods store. The largest stock id Human Hair Goods in the. eity. Import and manutketure their own goods, and retail them at wholesale prices. Price List. Short Hair Switches, and upward; finest quality liair Switches, solid, not dyed, IH inches long, 4 ounces weight $5 Do., 22 inches long. 4 oiiikos weight. ti Do. , 20 inches long, ? ounces weight 8 Do., 32 inches long, 4 ounces weight 10 Loan single Curls, naturally curly? 22-Inch, $2; 24-inch, 22 ?f; 2C inch, $1. Fllsettes, 25;. per yard. Thread Switches, Site. each. Shaw's patent Hair Switches, can tie combed and brushed, *1 each. 1'ateiit Issued October 29, 1869; re issued June 24, I s ;o. Can lie seen at .S.ri2 Bowery. Notice.? Any unprincipled person infringing on this patent, or counterfeiting these goods, will lie dealt with according to law. Branch Store, 303 Sixth avenue, between Twenty-second and Twenty third streets. Ladies' own Hair made over in latest styles. Combings inade up st tiOe. per ounce. Goods >ent ('. 0. I), by express, charges prepaid, on re ceipt ot color, anjt money in registered letters or Post ortiec order. N. B? Through the Immense Increase of business, we will remove to tne more comniodioUl building 3t>4 Bowery, corner Four h street, alter litot May, 1873. HA ltltIS BROS. KID GLOVES A SPECIALTY. .lust opened, a lot of the newest and latest shades in olio, two and three button. Harris' seamless Ki 1 O loves, for ladles, gentlemen, misses and children. Superior in quality to those of any other make. S77 Broadway, between Eighteenth and Nineteenth streets. I i >1 \ i N ,t I'D KID GLOVES, MA ISDN VIOLET PER ?l fumery.? A* assortment ot the genuine articles al ways on hand at II. GRoDEE.t Co'S, lateE. Hrue, &i East Twelfth street, west ot Broadway. 1 K COMPAGNIE LYONA1SE, MALE ARTISTES IN J dressmaking, cutters and designers, from Paris, are prepared to execute orders lor dressmaking in all Its branches. For elegance In designs, pcriect fitting and superior workmanship we shaLl excell. N. H,? Mourning orders finished promptly. If required orders taken at ladies' own residence Ladies titled hy ourselves or by a lady. IM East Thirtieth street, between Lexington and Thlru avenue*. VTOVBLTIB8 IN PIQUE DRESS TRIMMINGS, a.1 Embroidered Flounces, Ru filings and Insertions, scotch W ork, very hanusome and durable. Children's embroidered Pluue >uiN and Aprons ottered at half the cost ot home manufacture. Spring styles of the Lady of Lome l'anieraud the celebrated Colby I'anier skirts. J. S. COLHY. Importer, S2 East Fourteenth street, west of union square. I) COLB, H4J6 BBOADWAT. L . Ureal sacrifice. Large Stock of staph' Dry floods. Must be sold before May. Store Fixtures for sale. !>III,I.I\KK V A \ 1) DUKsSMAIvIJICJ. AT MRS. It. A. HASTINGS, 16 EAST Fl FTEENTII street? Bonnets and round Hats from the leading houses in Parts; al*oa choice selection of Flowers. A -LADIES* DRESS CAPS, CHILDREN'S NOR j\. nianily Caps and Human Hair tioods, at Mrs. MEYER'S, No. 3 Union square, west side. A) MME I'"l I. INS DRESS M MCI NO ESTABLISH ment, 28 West Eleventh street, ladles can relv on getting perfect fitting Ureases, made and trimmed lii lat est Parisian style. Ladies Invited to call REMOVAL.? BROWN'S LONDON ROUND HATS. B. Brown (sister of W. C. Brown, New Homl street, London), has now some new and elegant stvles in lin ported Hals. KM Broaaway, ytweeu thirteenth and Fourteenth streets. k T M \DAME DELL WS. ELEVE DE LA MAISON J\. Roger, de Paris, received from Paris new Patterns for Costumes, at moderate prices. 1,271 Broadway. ^ 1 M. OLNEY, IMPORTER OF FRENCH MILLINERY, has elegant novelties In Spring and Summer Ronnets and Hats ot her own selection, from \ irot, Keboux, Perrier, Palm atol other leading Parisian houses. a English and French straw and chip Hats , all the laU"t styles. Rich French Flowers, Ac. 30 East Fourteenth street, near Union square. Dressmakers and seamstresses. Mrs. J. E. EDWAKlis A CO., fa>hionah'e dress makers anil milliners, :u? 6th avenue, between Twentieth and Twenty Urst streets, up stair*.? Ladle*' ureases and Suits made in all tho latest styles and at moderate prices. First class dressmakers and operators sent to families. All work guaranteed. ] ESTABLISHED 1S0O. h A Specialty, The Parisian Flower Company are receiving weekly the laU'st novelties lu Flowers, Feathers. Bridal Sets, Veils and Illusions, Wreathe*. Parurei and Fine Millinery Ooods, Specialty in Filling and Rearranging Vases and Baskets. Floral Dress Trlmtn ngs for Wedding and Evening parties to order. 24 East Fourteenth street, four doors west of University place, New York r j. LOEWENSTEIN, Proprietor. No 9 Hue de Clerq. farls. MME. NATALIE TILMAN A CO., , 12 East sixteenth street between Union sguare and Filth AvcfiftP, will open Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Htfi. 15th and lath, a choice assortment of Imported Bonnets, Round Hats, I lowers, Feathers, Bridal Wreath* aud Veil*. N. R.? Dresses and Suit* made to order. _ MME. BERTHOB? MODES, BONNETS AND 1IATS. <fl Rue Neuvs lies Petita-Chauip, first Uoor, near the Rue de la Pais, Paris. Maison Walton, *u broadwav above union square, Importer of Paris Bonnets and English H ? ind list* fr m > the loadltli/ houses, Also ? ChtiK'* gl Hum Wrvalh??ad Vitus. WmifBHT ATTP DRRSSMAKnO. \f MB. A. MIOHBL. FORMERLY WITH MABIR 0?lop??u, CO Sixth avenue, New York, ban re turned iroin lorn per atotim*ii> Mlosia. with a moat elegant awortment of Bonnets, Round flat*, oarefutly seieoiod by bonieir in all Mm leading houses of Paris: also Brown's Kngllah Round I lata MRU. J. K. EDWARD8 A CO., PARISIAN MODES an I Millinery, 329 Sixth avenue, between Twentieth mii 1 1 wenty first sireets (up stalra). All work done la Uie very laUia. stylus and guarantied. MME. ADOLPHUH A 00., LATR 8UPERINTKNDBNTS 01 Lord * Taylor's d res-making. have cotnmcnced tjuuinc-w at 40 East Twentieth street, where they arc pre pared with their Spring styles; ladies' own material* made up al resjonaltle charge*. _______ OPENING. ?Ml A) A 111 A HltASSI NUTOM, 16 Hixth avenue, will open Monday and during the week great barRains In MIIIiik ry Goods, comprising Straw HoAneui and i Hound llats, iroin 4ks. up to the unesfrgoods imported Ribbons, Krench Flowers, A'.. all the Istcg: novelties ol the seasou, at prices which defy competition on the avenue. R Remember Hie No.? 4ft sixth avenue. 0B88 and HliUim. l.ord A Taylor knowing Uiat * cause of (Treat complaint at the pros, nt tlino In the extent to which extravagance in ladies' wearing apparel is carried, and being coii vinoed that retrenchment is possible. have no ariougod their DRRSSMAKINO DEPARTMRNT, under the management or an experienced French modiste, tliat economy In materials and trimmings Is particularly ami carefully studied in all ibt dotuils. 'l'bey are now uiuklng Drosses and suits at a cost much lets than tliat ol iho Imported garments; while lor appear ance. style and (It, ttioy are in every wav equal to t lie finest l'sri-ian maniilacuire. Their dressmaking houditir is a itcrfSot hljou, and will amply repay auy lady for Uic trouble taken to vist it. In MILLINERY the display is vory flue, as it cm braces choice selection* or novelties in llats, llonneta and Howci-h, from Urn leading Parisian manufacturers. Also, Chip Halo, *Sir.?w Uats and Bonnets. Also, a largo line of KLOVYKRS, FEATHERS, SIR AYS, AO., which, for dolicaUi beauty and stylish appearance, oro uot surpassed auy house in the couutry. LOU.lt A TAYLOR, Broadway and Twentieth street. ST. TAYLOR. Hlfl BROADWAY, IMPORTER OP . Fashions.? Elegant Costumes and choice designs; "Arcadian" Basque and "Lotus" Jaeke.t the latest spe cialties. H. T Taylor's system of Oarment Cutting taught at the only establishment, 810 Broadway. ST. TAYLOR'S ORIGINAL DRESSMAKING AND ? Pattern Rooms, No. 6 Clinton place.? Dinner and Kvening Toilets, Promenade and Travelling Suits, novel ties iu I trusses tor the watering planes, made to order, on short uotlce ; moderate prices. Material I uruished it de sired. _____ SPECIAL NOTICE. ? MMK. LUMLEY BEOS TO IN. form her lady patrons and others of her ramoval to 111) West Twenty third street, near Sixth avenue, where, with her greatly increased facilities for carrying on the Dressmaking business, she will be enabled, at the shortest notice and very lowest prices, to execute all orders with promptness. Mine. Lumley takes this opportunity of thanking her many customers lur past favors, ana as sures them that tor economy in material and latost nov elties she cannot be surpassed. A SPECIAL NOTICES. ? GUARANTEED. The whole $500, 01 ft} GIFT MONEY, which is all up in bank, pledged to pay in full (he Ten Thousand Cash (litis which are to ho distributed by lot among the ticket-holders to the THIRD GRAND GIFT CONCERT to he held for the benefit of the Public Library of Ken tucky, at Library Hall, Louisville, Ky., on TUESDAY, JULY 8. 1871 The following is the certificate of the Treasurer :? OrriCK or Faumkbs and Dkovkks' Bank, ? Lotnsvi u.k, Ky., April 7, li?7.'i. 1 This Is to certify tliat there is in the Farmers; and Drov ers' Bank, to the credit of tue third Grand Hilt Concert for the benefit of the Public Library of Kentucky, 'five Hundred Thousand Dollars, which has been set apart by the Managers to pay the gilts in full, an<l will lie held by the bank and paid out lor tills purpose, and this purpose only. (Signed) B S. V BBC If, Cashier. By the terms of the charter the money must be held intact, and cannot he used for speculation or any purpose whatever except to pay the gifts. The time for the?concort that was set for April 8 has been extended as ubove, in order to secure n full sale of the whole 100,000 tickets, and thus prevent tb<- necessity ol any pre rata scaling uown of gilts, as was the case at the previous concerts. As Indicated, there Is only a lim ited number of tickets left, which will be furnished to those who first apply. On the 8tli^iay of July, and no oilier, the following gilts will be distributed its aunouueed, via. One Grand Gill, cash $100,000 one Grand Gilt, cash 50,000 One Grand (Jilt, cash 25,000 one Grand Cash Gift 20,000 one Orand Cash Gilt 10, coo One Grand I'usli Gilt ...a 5,000 24 Cash Gilts of $1,000 each 24,000 50 Cash Gifts of 500 each 25,000 80 Cash Gifts of 40!) each 32,000 100 Cash Gifts of 30U each. . 30,000 150 Cash Gifts or 900 each 30,000 090 Cash Gilts of 100 each 59,000 9,000 Cash Gifts of 10 each 90.000 Total, 10,000 Gifts, all cash $500,000 Tirkets, ill); halves, $5; quarters, $2 50. This whole undertaking is under authority of a special act of the Legislature, and lion. ex-Governor Thomas K. llramlette, ol Keutucky, has charge of the business of the Concert tor Trustees. 100,000 tickets? 10,000 gifts chances one In ten. New York sales are made a special deposit with the Fourth National Bank of New York. Orders should be sent in immediately, as from present Indications a rapid sulc of all the remaining tickets will be made. For tickets, lull programme, Information and all par ticulars apply to tlie General Agency Supply. THOMAS 11. HAYS A CO., fi09 Broadway, New York. A ?SPECIAL NOTICE. Jv. Having been abroad from the city, in consequence of the di -honesty of my clerk, 1 would inform the public Hint most ol the loan collaterals have been recovered and tliat in any case 1 hold myself responsible and will settle all loaus to the per feet sa'isfaction of my custom ers. JAMES P. MATTHEWS, Loan Otbce, 697 Broadway, corner Fourth street. A ? HERALD BRANCH OFFICE, BROOKLYN, corner of Fulton avenue and Koertim street open from H A. M. to 9 P. M. tin Suudav from 3 to 9 P. M. i I.I, OFFICERS, SAILORS AND SOLDIERS WOl'ND J\ ml, ruptured or injured, are entilled to pension. Apply t<> I ?r. K. B. JACKSON, late Surgeon United States N:nr, No. 4 New Chamber* street, * I)A R IKS (PRICKS REDUCED), 80LE AGF.NT OP _/Y. Royal Havana Lottery, 586 llmtilwiv ?; box l.mw Post otlice, New York. Dealers supplied. Circulars mailed tree A LADY, WHO WISHES TO OO TO EUROPE OR South America, would like to incot with a party with name Intention. Address Mrs. J. BACHELOR, Herald Uptown Brunch office, 1,265 Broadway. A? BEBT PLACE IN THE CITY TO (JET ANY FIRST . class Sewing Machine; work Riven out at excellent prices to pay lor the same; all eunied over a small In stalment wn liay in cash ; wc have customer* tlmt have paid tor machines in less than three months in work at our prices ; get a machine and you can have all the work you can do. A lew elegant machines will lie disposed ot this Week very cheap lor cash; guaranteed In every par ticular. BLAKE, BUCKWALTKR A CO., 115 4i li av., comer of 12tli si, and 101 Bleecker St., near Broadway. ?HAVANA LOTTERY DRAWINGS ON FILE.? ? April ? tho extraordinary Havana. JOSEPH BATES. Broker, 1W! Broadway, room 4. A -HAVANA LOTTERY.? PRIZES CASHED AND . information furnished. Circulars tree. JOSEPH MATES A CO.. "I Broadway, room 31, first tloor. Dlt. FILLETTE. MEDICAL ELBCTRIC1AN. REMOV ed to 3M Filth avenue, one door below Thirty-fourth street. Refers to leading physicians in this city. I3UBEKA STEAM MACIIIME CARVING COMPANY, J BO, 62, 64 and 66 Cannon .street. Rosewood, walnut, oak and ash Ornaments, Busts of all prominent men, Ac. Figure car>ing a specialty. AVANA L< iTTE KY.? EXTRA! IRDINARY DBA WING ?2d April, (lerman State Lotteries. circulars mailed free. KI'IILMANN A CO., Bankers, 85 Nassau street ; box 3,585 Post office. * HS DANZIGBR'8 NEW- PATENT FLY AND MOS ? qtilto Destrover and Shot, Indian Insect Powder and Invincible Magnetic Paste for the destruction of all kinds ot vermin. 72 White street, corner Broadway. HANKINSOW'B 8TEAM CARPET CLEANING Works, 15 East Twenty- seventh street, between Filth snd Madison avenues, New York.? No connection whatever with any other house. The original HANKIN' SON, and the only one of that name established In tbis business in 1851. _____ IN THE MATTER OF THE ESTATE OK BOWLES Hrss. A Co., in bankruptcy? The list of creditors filed In sai4 case being incomplete, all creditors who have not been represented In Court are requested to communi cate immediately with the assignee in Boston, and state their address and the nature and amount of their claims, in order that the lull amount oi indebtedness may be as certained us early as possible. HENRY J. STEVENS, Assignee, 19 Court street, Boston. New York creditors can learn the necessarv fncts bv ftpplTing to SAN FORD. BOBINSON A WOODRUFF, Coiu?sellor>-at-Law. litt Broadw ay. New York. Notice.? accounts collected in and orr of the citv ; also letting of houses ; particular attention given to the collecting of rent* and physicians' bills. WARKKN S. WILKEY, No. 5 Ileckman street, room 21. OFFICIAL DRAWING* KENTUCKY STATE LOTTERIES. KRNTCCKT- -EXTRA CLASS .NO. 273? APmi. 12, 1873. 63, 46, N), 80, 48, 36. 25, 17. 27, 57. 2N. 12. ?K*TlTnr? CI ASS NO. 274? APRIL 12, Kk73. 7, 60, 28, 27 , 23, 57 , 45. 31, 11, 9, 74. 53, 47, 19. 81MMON8 A CO., Managers, Covington, Ky. inr.l.BT COI.LIbK? PXTRA CLAfSNO. 17:1 ? APRIL 12, 1M73, M. 72, 18, 35, 8, 61. 73, 13, 68, 32, 50. ?J. Ml t LBV I llfUUI- CLASS NO. 174? APRIL 12, 1873. 29, 78. 31, 34, 73, 24, :15. HI, fin, 43, 15. 40, 45, 37. SMITH A CO., M;inni*er?, Covington. Ky. J. cLl "rti, Broker, ?C6 Broad way. Post office box 4,969. Royal Havana lottery. -the extraordi narv Drawing will take place ine 22d of April. Deal ers supplied. Prices reduced considerably. S._NERI?A, 73 Wall street. Royal Havana lottery. -the next kxtraor dlnnry Drawing will fake place on the 23d of April. 1S73. J. B. MARTINEZ A CO., Bankers, 10 Wall street. IJost office box 4,685, New York. STAMMERING INSTITUTE (ESTABLISHED 1870), Professors Mann and Calvin, managers, 107 West Twcnt> third street.? Seven days' Instruction allowed to applicants to satisfy themselves ; no pay for board or services until cured. Send for prospectus. Strangers and others MQUIftUfO the BBS vices of a responsible andj-apnlile lawyer, who re quires no fees In advance, cau Uiul one by addressing H. A. C., bo* 2,37? I'ost office. ___________________ 1HIE PUBLIC ARK CAUTIONED AGAINHT NEGO tlating Bonds No. 2,744 Ui 2,758, both Inclusive, lor fl.lilO each, of the couvcitible loan ol IINO ol the Central Railroad CsinpajiT of New Jersey, registered in name of Jobn MatthewsTthey having been Iraudnlently obtained, but without power of transfer. Any power of attorney authorizing their transfer Is a forgery, and will not be., recognised at the office ol the company. E8T INDIA BAY RUM FOR 8 A1?R.? RECEIVING (Ine 8t Thomas Bay Bum In return Tor gooila Shipped via sell cheap ; unaiitttles tn suit; bonded or (} <( p?uj- .' ?U UAJtL VjS . gPHCTAli mri niEW. ^ Th iT^n^ii^ANiD last drawing tfr thh KM Koval Saxon Lottery at Lolpslc, Germany, will Commence April 10 and close May 3 .. . . There will l>o dravvu M.M) (>ruc? out of 32,000 tickets, to wit:? 1 Prise of 160,000 Prussian ttialers, I Priae of lOO.JUO Prussian Uialortt, 1 Prise ol 80,00 Prussian (balers, 1 Prise ol 60,0(10 Prussian thaler*. 1 Prize of 40,(100 Prussian thaler*, 1 Priae ot SP.O'iO Prussian lhalers, 1 Pi toe of 20,001 Prussian thalers, 3 Prises of 10,000 Prussian thaler*, 20 Prize* ot A, (DO Prussian thalers, 40 Prizes of 2,000 Prussian thalers, 450 Prizes of 1,000 Pru?ian thaler*, ami others frizes c&iJiod and information given. __ THKtfDOK MOHOOH, _ US Nassau street Port office bo* 0,080. ZERO, ZERO, ZERO, ZERO, ZERO, ZERO , ZERO ??r?i Eerii Hero, Zero, Zero, Zoro Kelr iterator. isxoclalor Building. 224 Went Twenty-thlrd street. N. V. CASH OIITB.? KENTUCKY LIBRARY u- ?ri , i- P.W* Ooaoert Drawing positively July i., ?^rhoJe 1icketa' ?'0; Hall Tickets, $r>; Quarter rickets, H descriptive circulars apply to P. A, ? J ?? , Uoner' 31 street (opposite Post oflico), New York. r TUB LKOAL Royal Havana ? . - ? . commission aU lowcil. Address BALKY & 00. (office established S? years), 174 Uroadway. r?UJK KVIiNINU TELEGRAM THB BVENI NO TELEGRAM THE BVKNI NO TBLEUBAM TH K BVENING TELEGRAM CONTAINS ALL TI1B NEWS EVERT EVENING. CONTAINS ALL THK NEWS EVERY EVKNIWG. OOWTAIfCS ALL THB NKWH EVERY EVENING. CONTAINS ALL TnB NEWS EVERY EVENING. $500 .000 J8 DRAWN DAILY IN JO'7.?)Ot/ ized Kentucky Ix>ttery ; ] and Kentucky circulars free , ll% cents ci c HUHOPEAW STEAMHHIPH. 1UNARD LINE. The Hritlsh and North Amcrlcin' Royal Mail Steamships, between Alllni New York and Liverpool, calling at Cork llarbor. Krom New York. ?RUSSIA... ..Wort., April 18 CALABRIA.. .Sat, April 19 ?JAVA Wed.. April 23 PARTHIA Sat., April s ?CUBA Wed., April SO ?SCOTIA Wed., May T ABYSSYNtA . . .Sat. May 10 ALGERIA.... Wed.. May It BATAVIA Sat., May 17 and every following Wednesday and Saturday Irom New York. Stcainara marked thus * do not carry steerage passengers. Rates of Passage? Cabin, $*>, $100 and $130, gold, ac cording to accommodation. Tickets to Parib, $15, gold, additional. Return tickets on favorablo terms. Steer age, $90, currency. Steerage tickets from Liverpool and Quecnstown, and ail parts of Europe, at lowest rates. Kor freight and cabin passage apply at the company's office. No. 4 Bowling Green ; ror steerage passage, at 111 Broadway. Trinity Building. CHARLES O. FRANCKLYTf, Agent. Or to P. H. DtlVERNBT. corner of Clark and Randolph streets, Chicago. IU. VTORTH GERMAN LLOYD STEAMSHIP COMPANY?' 1.1 For Southampton and Bremon. The .steamship BREMEN, Captain H, Schtilenbnrg, will sail on Wednesday, April 16, at 3 P. M.. from Bremen pier, foot of Third stroct. Hoboken, to be lollowed tiy Steamship MAIN, Captain K. Von Oterendorp, on .Saturday. April 19. RATES OK PASSAGE TO LONDON, HAVRE AND RKKMKN, payable in gold, or Its equivalent in currency. First Cabin $120 Second Cabin 72 Steerage 30 For freight or passage apply to OELRICIIS A CO.. Agents. No. 2 Bowling tlreen. w HITF, STAH LINE KOR QUEEN8T0WN AND LIVERPOOL, CARRYING THK UNITED STATES MAIL New and lull-powered steamships. Sailing from New York on Saturdays, from Liverpool on Thursdays, calling at Cork llarnor oach way ADRIATIC Saturday, April 19, at 10:30 A. M. BALTIC Saturday, April 2(i, at 3 P. M. CELTIC Saturday, May 3, at 10 JO A. M. OCKANIC Saturday, May 10, at, 10:30 A. M. ?From the White Stardock, Pavonia ferry, Jersey City. Passenger accommodations tor all classes unrivalled, conibiniiu' safety, speed and comfort Saloons, staterooms, smoking room and bathrooms In midship section, where least motion is telt Surgeons and Stewardess accompany the steamer Rates? Saloon, $100, gold ; steerage, $'5'> in currency. Those wishing to send tor friends in the old country can now obtain steerage prepaid certificates, $32, cur rency. Passengers booked to or flrom all parts ol America to Paris, Hamburg, Norway, Sweden, India. Australia, China, Ac. Drafts from ?1 upwards. For Inspection of plans and other information apply at the company's offlco, 19 Uroadway, New York. Bills of lading issued to <'<uitlneiu.il ports. J. 11. SPARES, Agent INMAN LINE. Kor Queenstown and Liverpool. Royal Mail steamers are appointed to sail as tollows : CITY OF WASHINGTON Thursday, April 17,9 A. M. CITY OK ANTWERP Saturday, April 19, 9 A. M. CITY OF LIMERICK Thursday, April 24, 2 P. M. CITY OK LONDON Saturday. April 26,2 P. M. CITY OF NEW YORK Thursday, Vay 1,9 A. M. CITY OF PARIS Saturday. May 3. 11 A. M. and each succeeding Saturday and Thursday, irom pier 15, North River. * RATES OF PASSAOE. Cabin. $85 nnd $100, gold, according to accommodation. Round trip tickets -st low rates. Steerage.? To Liverpool, yueen>--town, Glasgow, Lon donderry, London, Bristol or Cardiff, J ti). Prepaid certi ficates, $32, currency. Passengers also forwarded to Havre, Hamburg, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Paris, at reduccd rates. Dratts issued at lowest rates. Kor cabin passage and general business apply at the Company's office, 16 Broadway. ? Kor steerage" passage, 33 Broadway. JOHN U. DALE, Agent, or to O'DONNELL A FAULK, 402 Chestnut street, Philadelphia. M. S. CKKAGIl, 102 State street, Boston. F. C. BROWN, 86 South Market street, Chlrseo. WM INMAN, Liverpool, and No. 9 Hue scribe, Paris. National line of steamers. Weekly to Quecnstown and Liverpool ; fortnightly to Ixmdon direct, TO QUEENSTOWN AND LIVERPOOL, from piers 44 and 47 North River. FRANCE, Thomson Monday, April 14, at 3 P. M. SPAIN, Grace Saturday April 19, hi in A. M. ITALY, Grigs Saturday, April26, at 3 P. M. GREECE, Thomas Saturday, May 3, at 10 A M. FOR LONDON DIRECT. DENMARK, Sumner Thursday, May 1, at 9 A. M. THESE STEAMSHIPS ARK T11E LA H(? EST IN THE TRADE. Cabin passage, $90 and $H0, currency. Steerage. $29, currency. Prepaid steerage tickets truin Liverpool, Quecnstown, Londonderry, Glasgow. Cardiff, Bristol or London, CHEAPER than by any other link. For further information apply at the company'* office, 69 Broadway. F. W. J. HURST, Manager. UNITED STA ES MAIL LINE.? STEAM TO QUEENS town and Liverpool. Sailing every Wednesday. IDAHO, Morgan A'pril 16, a IS P. M. MINNESOTA, Freeman April J3, at 2% P. M. From pier 46 North River. Cabin passage, $8ogold ; steerage, $90 currency. Prepaid tickets, $33 currency. Passengers bunked to and Itom Paris. Hamburg, Nor way and Sweden, Ac. Drat to on Ireland, England, France and Germany at lowest rates Apply to WILLIAMS k QUION, 29 Broadway. Anchor line. STEAM TO LIVERPOOL DIRECT. The magnificent steamer TKIN'ACKIA ?alls from pier 30 North River, on Friilay. April in, at noon. Cabins. $6.*i and $7S, currency. Intermediate, $:?; Steerage. $30. HENDERSON BROTHERS, Agents, No. 7 Bowling Green. 0 NLY DIRECT LINE TO FRANCE. THE GENERAL TRANSATLANTIC COMPANY'S MAIL STEAMSHIPS BETWEEN NEW YORK AND HAVRE, CALLING AT BREST. The splendid vessels on this favorite route for the Con tinent will sail from pier No. 60 North River, as lol lows VILLE Dl* HAVRE, Surmont Saturday. April 19 PEREIRE, Daure Saturday, Mayl WASHINGTON, Roussan Saturday, May 17 ST. LAURENT, Lemarie Saturday, May 31 PRICE OF PASSAGE I.nTjOLD Including wine) TO BREST OR HAVRE, First Cabin, $126; Second Cabin. $7.5. * Excursion Tickets at reduced rates. These steamers do not carry steerage passengers. American travellers going to or returniiiK trom the Continent t>f Europe, by taking this line, avoid both transit by English rallwav anil the discomforts of cross ing the Channel, besides saving time, trouble and ex pense. GEORGE M ACKENZIE, Acent. 5* Broadway. rpiIE IIAMBl RG-AMERICAlf PACKET COMPANY'S 1 iron mail steamship^ SILESIA, Captain C. Ilehich. will sail on Thnrsday, April 17, at 2 P. M., tor Hamburg. taking passengers from New York to Plymouth, London, Cherbourg and Hamburg. First Cabin. $120, Second Cabin, $72. Steerage, $30, payable in United States gold. KUNIIARDT A CO., 0. B. RICHARD A HOAS, General Agents General Passenger Agents, 61 Broadway, New York. til Broadway, New York. The FRISlA will sail April 24. The SAXONIA, as extra steamer direct, April 19. CIOOK'8 EUROPEAN TOURS? OVER ONE THOU8 ! and in number, at reductions trom 10 to 48 per cent below ordinary lares, by all lines of steamers. ToYlenna, eighty seven routes; to Italy, seventy-two routes. Cir cular tickets for Ireland, Scotland, Switzerland, the Khlne, Ac., by all routes trom London. Tickets issued and berths on steamers secured. COOK. SON A JENKINS, 262 Broadway, New York. "Cook's Excursionist" for April, giving fares, expenses, Ac., lor all tours now readv price 10c. New york to Cardiff. Bristol. London, ac._ The new steamship PEMBROKE, ( aptain II. C. Wll? Ham*, being default d till Monday, Mth inst., has room lor a few more passengers. First cabin, $76 and $W currency. Second cabin, $68 currency. Steerage, $30 currency. Apply tc the agents, ARCHIBALD BAXTER A CO., 17 Broadway. Ci BEAT WESTERN STEAMSHIP LINE. J NEW YORK TO BRISTOL (ENGLAND) DIRECT,. Taking goods and passengers for Lomfun, Cardiff, New port, Gloucester and all ports in the Bristol Channel. The steamers of this lite will sail from Pier IS, East River, aslollows:? ARRAOON. Western . . Saturday, Mav 17 GREAT WESTERN to follow. New steamer now building. Cabin passage, $70, currency. Steerage, $:*>, current'}. Parties wishing to send (or their friends can obtain prepaitl certificates. Drafts tor CI and upwards. Fur freight or passage applv to E E. MORGAN'S SONS, 70 South street, Nej* York. / 1ABLR PASSENGER TELBORA MS.? FOR $2 A PAS \J senger can send from London, Liverpool, Bremen, Hamburg or Havre notice of his arrival and condition to any two addresses in New York. Ticket* for sale at steamship office*, by agents on the ships, and by J? J., KIKRNAN ,t CO., <5 Wall street T> KM ITTANCES TO ENGLAND AND IRELAND.? JV Drafts for ?1 and upwards and Passage Tickets, by steamship and sailing packet. Issued at the lowest r*W$ bj A. ;? ETTROPTSATI ^8TE A MHIITPW. gTATB LINK STEAMSHIP COMPANY? S NEW YORK AND GLASGOW, TIA LONDON DBBBT.. These delimit new Clyde built steamers will Mall froia. State Line pier, Martin stores, Brooklyn, N V., for Oias? gow, via London Jerry, as lon'ows ? PENNSYLVANIA. . . .2 600 ton*. Wednesday, May I GKdROl A. ?... .2,500 ton* Wednesday, June VIBOI NIA 2,6110 uiu h Wed nesday , J une U And every alternate Wednesday thereafter, taking pas sengers at through rates to all parts of l>r>'at Britain aud Ireland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Germany Drafts tor ti and upward*. Vol freight or pasaage ftppl v to AUSTIN, BALDWIN A 00., Agents, 72 Broadway. Steerage passage ofBce 46 Broadway. UNITBD ST1TKS PASSPORT BUREAU ? OFFICIAL Passports of the Department of 8tato Issued hy A (I. WILLI! AliTll, United States Court House, 41 Chamber* at GAZE'S EUROPEAN and oriental tours. liaee'a Tickets by short sea routes trom England, (lazes Hotel Coupons lor select hotels in Europe, Ac. Gaze's Tourists booked by any Atlantic steamship*. Gaze's American ottlce^NoJ^Bowling Ureen, New York. PASSPORTS.? AMERICAN CITIZENS CAN OBTAIN PnssporU on application to THOMAS SADI.hR, Counsellor at Law, Notary Public and Couunissouer, No. H Broad street, New York. IjlUROPEAN TBATBLLERB WILL KIND TRUNK* !i tor state rooms and Continental travel, Chulrs and Hugs tor ttio steamers, Ac., at JOHN CATTNACH'8, T8I Broadway, near Astor place (removed troui curu'jr Broadway and Wall street). C'.JAHT WIHli HTKAiMSIl I PH. PACIFIC MAIL STEAMSHIP COMPANY'S Linn to CALIFORNIA, JAl'AN AND ClIINA, via Panama, carrying mails, passengers aud i re In lit to Ar-pinwnll, Panama, Santa Martha, Ureytowu and Pacific. coast of Mexico, Central America, Peru and Chile. t April 19, 1873? Steamer OCEAN QUERN, Captain Sea. bury, will toa-vepier 42 North River, at 12 o'clock noon, lor Aspln wall direct, connecting at Panama with the steamer MONTANA, Captain Nolan, touching at Aca Sulco, Man/.anillo, Muzatlan, and also connecting tor all entral American and South Pacific porta. Departure* of lutii and 20th of each month connect with the com pany's steamer touching at San Bum to, Tonata. Saliua Ortiz and Port Angel. Steamer CHINA will leave San Francisco April IS, 1BT1, tor Japan and Oftina. For rates of passage, freight and all further information apply at company's office on the pier, foot of Canal street F. R. BABY. Agent C COLUMBIAN MAIL STEAM PACKET LINE, FOB ) Matunzas and Havana, carrying the United State* mail.? The first class side wheel steamship SANTIAOO I>E CUBA. Captain J. W. Reynolds, will sail from pier No. 4 North River on Tuesday, April 11, at 3 P. M. For freight or passage apply to 0. L. QUILLEAUME A CO., Agents, 14 Broadway. UNITED STATES AND BRAZIL MAIL STEAMSHIP Company. The elegant *crew steamship MERRIMACK, 2,(0)0 tonl burden. Captain W, Weir, will sail for St Thomas, Para, Pernambuoo, Bahla and Riode Janeiro, on Wednesday, April 23, at 3 o'clock P. M., trom pier 43 North River. for freighter pannage apply to ' W. R. GARRISON, Agont, ? No. 6 Bow:lng Green. UNITED STATES MAIL TO HAVANA AND MEXICO. HAVANA, PBOORESO AND VERA CRUZ. New York and Mexican Mail Steamship Lino, leaving plor No. 3 North River, at 3 P. M. EVERY THURSDAY. CITY OF HAVANA (Havana only) April If CITY OF MERIDA (Havana only) April 24 CLEOPATRA (Havana and Mexico) May I CITY OF HAVANA (Havana only) May! CITY OK MERIDA (Havana only) May 11 For freight or passage apply to F. ALEXANDRE A SONS, S3 Broadway. SAMANA.? FOR PUEItTA PLATA, SAMANA AND ST. Domingo City. The United States mall steamship TYBKK, Captain K. A. Delancy, ivill leave pier No. 4 North River on Thursday, April 17, at 3 P. M. Bills of ex change on Pnerta Plata, Samana and St Domiugo City, in sums to suit purchasers, for sale. For freight or passage BROTHERS A CO., 29 Broadway. VTEW YORK AND BERMUDA STEAMSHIP LINE. For Hamilton and St George, Bermuda, > arryinif the United stales Mail, aud sailing from plerSf North River, as follows:? Sidewheel steamship HATTKRAS, Captain Lawrence, Wednesday. April ? B, at 3 o'clock P. M. Siil* wlinul steumshin ALBUM ARLE, Captain Read, Thursday. April 24, at * o'clock P. M. For trcight or passage, having elegant accnmmoda* Hons, apply to LUNT BROTHERS, 28 South street. Texas line of oalveston steamers, touch tug at Kev West, carrying the United States mail. The steamer CITY OF SAN ANTONIO, Captain Pen nington, is now receiving freight at pier 20 East River, and will sail Saturday, April 10. Through bills of lading given to Houston, either bytha G. 11. and 11. R. It. or by the Houston Direct Navigstion Company, and to all points on the iialveston, Houston and Henderson and It. B. and C. Railroad. No chargc for torwarding in New York. For freight or passage apply to C. H. MALLORY A CO.. 153 Maiden Ian#, or W. P. CLYDE, 11J Wall street. jyEW YORK AND HAVANA DIRECT MAIL LIMB. These first class steamships will sail every Tuesday att P. M., from pior 13 North Rivur (foot of Cedar street), for Havnna direct, as follows:? Steamship CRESCENT CITS' Tuesday, April IS Steamship WILMINGTON Tuesday, April 22 Sti ainsliip MOKIti) CASTLE Tuesday, April 29 For freight or passage (having magnificent accommoda tions) apply to WILLIAM P. CLYDE A CO.. 119 Wall struot D. M'KELLER, Agent in Havana. UOR NEW ORLEANS DIRECT. -THE STEAMER UEN F ERA L SEDUWICK, Captain Evans will leave pier 21 East River. April ? , at I P. M. Freight received dally. Through rates given to Ualveston, Indianola, Rockport or Aranzas wharf, Brazos, Santiago and St. Louis. Cabin passage, $00; steerage, $2.1. For freight or passage apply to r. II MALLORY A CO., 153 Mallcn lane. IriOR NEW ORLEANS DIRECT. The Cromwell Steamship Lino. The steamship GEORGE CROMWELL, Captain Samuel L. Clap p. will leave pier No. 9 North River, oil Saturday, April Is', at .'1 P. M. freights received dally. Through rates mven to Galveston, Indianola. Rockiortor Arauxas wharf, Brazos, Santiago an<l St. Louis. Cahin passage, $50; ste o rago, $2ft. For freight or pa? saire apply til CLARK A SEAM AN, Sfi West street. nillt NEW ORLEANS DIRECT, r MERCHANTS' STEAMSHIP LINE, from pier No. ft North River, at 3 o'clock P. M. EMILY B. SOU I) Ell, on Saturday April IS. Freight received dailv. Through rates giren for 8t Louis. Vlcksburg, Mobile. Oalvesten anil Indianola. For freight or passage (having superior accommoda tions! apply I < . FREDERIC MAKER, ft) Broadway. I ''OR NORFOLK. CITY POINT AND RICHMOND.? The Old Dominion Steamship Company will despatch from pier 37, North River, their elegant steamship ISAAC HELL, Blakeman, for Norfolk, City Point and Richmond, on Saturday. April 12, uiving through bills of lading to all points South and Southwest. Through passenger tickets Issued to all points. Accommodations unequalled. Ap ply at pier 37 or at the general office, 187 Greenwich street, corner of Dey. TllAVELLERS^ UUIDK I^ALL RIVER LINE FOR BOSTON. via Newport and Fall River. The world-renowned steamers BRISTOL and PROVT. DKNCE leave pier 28 North River, foot of Murray street, dully (Sundays excepted). A. P. BACON, Superintendent PENNSYLVANIA RAILROAD. Trains leave New York, from foot of Dcsbrosses anil Cortlandt streets, as follows:? Express ior llarrlsburt', Pittsburg, the West and South with Pullman Palace f urs attached, at 9:30 A. M. : 5. ) and 8 SO P. M. Sunday, ft. 7 and 8 JO P. M, For Baltimore. Washington and the 8outh at 9 A. M.;f and 9 P M. Sunday. 9 P. M. Express tor Philadelphia, 8, 9, 9:30 A. M. ; 12:30, 1, 4,5,1 8 -.30. 9 P. M. anil 12 night Sunday, 8, 8 :3P and 9 P. M. For Philadelphia, via Kemliigton, at / A M. and 2 P. H Emigrant and second class, 7 :l "> P. M. For Newark at 6, fi:30, 7, 7:10.8:11), 9, 10, 11, 11:40 A M? 12, 1.2,2 :3<), 3, 3:20, 3:10, 4:10, 4:3), 9:10, 5:20, 5:30, S:S0l 6,6:10,6:30,7.7:30,8:10.9, 111, ll:;k), 12 I'. M. Sunday, ft :2dL 6, 8. 10.9 P. M. t t For Elizabeth, fi, fi JO, 7, 7 :40, 8, ?:V), 9, 10, 11, 11 :40 A. M? 12 M., I2:ft), I, 2, 2 : 10, 3, 3 :*j, 3 :4*>, 4, 4 :H\ 4:9). 5:20, 5:.'?|L 5 :.*), fi. li :10, 6 :ft', 7 -JO, s :1^ in, 1 1 :30, 12 P. M. Sunday, 5 -.3D. 6 and 8:10 P. M. ^ For Rabway. fl, fi :30, 7. H :io. 9 :30 an* 10 A. M.. 12 M., 1, 2, 2 :30, 3, 3 :2H, 3 -.40, 4:111,4 -A ). .? :?), ft :30, ft :90, fi, ii :30. 7 :3U, 8 :IUL 10 P. M., and 12 night. Sunday, 5:20 and fi P. M. For Woodbrldge and Perth Vmboy, (i and ID A. M.,2 3 :40, 4 :30 and 5 :."MI P. M. For New Brunswick, 7. 10 A. M., 12 M., 1,2. X 4:10,5:211 6, 9 P. M. and 12 night. Sunday, fi and 9 P. M. For East Millstone, 7 A. M , 12 noon, 4 :li) and 5:J0 P M. For Lambertville and Flemlngton, 9 A. M and 2 P. M. For Phillpsburg and Belviilere, 2an4 4 P. M. Accommodation for Bordentown, Burlington and Cam den, 7 and 9 A. M., 12:^0, 2, 3, 3:40, 4 and t5 P. M. For Freehold, 7, 8 A. M., 2 and 4 P. M. For Jameshurg, Pemberton, Camden, fi A. M., 3:40 P. M. Trains arrive us follows :? From Plttsbur*. fi :30 A M., 1:03 P. M? dally, 10:14 A. M. andfi:34 P. M., dally, exept Monday. From Washington and Baltimore, 6:40 A. M., 4 :ft4, 10 :12 P. M. Suiidav. 6:40 A. M. From Philadelphia, ft .21 , fi :fi0, 10:14, ll KH, 11 :M A. M., 2:14,3:31,6:)!, 8:13 P. .VL Sunday, 5:21, 6:3(1, 11 :<?4 M. Ticket offices, 52;, 435 271 and 944 Broadway, No. t Astor lli^<e and foot of Desbrosses and Cortlandt streets. Emigrant rieket office. No. 3 Battery place A. J. Cassatt, D. M. BOYD, Jr., General Manager. General Passetiger Agent EXCIKSI41NS. ... FIORSAN DIEGO, M A Y 7 , VIA SUSPENSION BRIDGE, Chicago, Salt Lake and San Francisco.? First class fare reduced for this occasion. For full particulars ad dress W. II. FRANCIS 187 Broadway, New York, anil 38 La Salic street. Chicago. __________ YACHTS, NTKAMBOATH, <kC'? _ * Boat builders of new york and vicinitt will please send their address to T. R., Herald office, for one week. __ I IOR SALE? THE CABIN YACHT GLANCE, SLOOI* rigged; hns good cabin accommodations ; Is fully found 111 sails, rlgglnw, cushions, Ac. ; will be sold furnish ed- steers with a wheel; is finished in black walnut and mahogany ; Iron work all galvnni/eil For further par ticulars call on or addre?s W. L. SWAN, 31 Pine street. IIIOR SALK-A NEW CABIN YACHT, 3ft FEET LONG. Apply to W. P. SEABUHY, UMcnpoint ferry, mi of Tenth street, New Torlt BQ) SALE? THE CAT BOAT EMM A, 17 FEET LONG ; r fast atnl comfortable, with everything complete. Can be seen at the old Novelty Iron Works, Twelfth siroet, between avenues C and D. IIOR SALE? THE 1II LL OF A NEW, BEATTIFl I.I.Y modelled centreboard Yacht with spars and largo cabin; light draught : 37 teet on the water line and 47 on deck. Can be seen at the Old Novelty Ironworks, Twelfth street between avenues C and D. New York. /loop CLINKER BUILT ROW BOATS WANTED.?' I'll K \.T addressof previous offers mislaid. Apply iwrih at Blooming Grove Park, I7fi Broadway. CJHBLL CLUB, WHITEHALL -SAIL AND METALLIC O Lifeboats on hand and built to order. 368 anil 373 South strout and 114th street, Harlem River, s ___ STEPHEN ROBERTS. _ TUO BOAT. -WANTED TO PURCHAS?. AJTOW BOAI^ Address YVT. A Cy^Hurald.offioa

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