13 Nisan 1873 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 3

13 Nisan 1873 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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SmXATlOWS WAITTKn-PTMALKB. Cook*. Ac. /?O east iom bt-a first class colored OiJ woman as cook or chamtmruuHd and wwitrcm. QO VARICK ST.? ah PLAIN COOK. OOOD WASHER and ironer, In city or country ; bent reference. IRA Q SO AV.? TWO SISTERS (PROTESTANTS) ; 1 ?i/ttO one to cook, waili and iron ; tbe other to do npatai ri< wor k. 1A/J r 2D AT.? TWO YOCNO GIRLS TO DO THE ? work of a small private faintly between tbem , one to <!o the cooking, and in an excellent washer and ironer: the other would do chamhcrwork and wait i>K, and help with washing ; best city relercnce. Call lor two days. AN AMERICAN PROTESTANT WOMAN WANTS A situation as head cook or housekeeper; cannot be mrpasM"l In French, Spairsh, Herman and all the new ?tyies of cooking; is capable of taking charge and doing the marketing of any first clasn place ; city refereuce from the ttrsl families. Address s. E., Ileralu office. A FAMILY, LEAVING FOR EUROI'E, WISH TO J\ obtain situations lor a cook and waitress, who can be recommended, luiiuire la the alicrnoouut 31U Mailt ?on av. ? Experienced woman wants cookino by the day, week or month; hotel, cloln restaurant, ?r Urst class hoarding house ; good re re re nee s Addrc?s A. K., Uptown Advertisement ollice, M'a Went X.'d st. 12 Chambermaid*, &c. WEST 3STH ST.? A YOCNO OIRL AS CHAMBER m#d and waitress in a private tainily. JQA WEST 2HTII ST.? TWO SISTERS. ONE AS TuU chambermaid and waitress; the other to assist with children and do plain sewing ; good nierence Irotu last employer*. Call ou Monday. 997 WEST 33D ST.? A RESPECTABLE TODM girl as chainbermaid and to d< sewing or assi-t with washing ; excellent refereuce Iroui last employer Vail Monday. 49 ?1 reft KK KIJ raoi 223 Drefumnkcru and Seamstresses. 3 PACIFIC PLACE, 29TI1 ST., BETWEEN 6TU AND 7th uvs.? An experienced French dressmaker ; under Knits cutting and trimming in ail Us brunches; wtiuid i' to uk out by the day or week In futilities; will take work home ; terras $2 a day ; first claw relerence. Ad dress Mine. RAM U. Q<1 WKST 9TII ST., IN THE BASEMENT.? AN EX Ou perienccd French dressmaker, perfect cutter and litter, wishes a lew more engagements by the ??y or week ; good reference. Call on or address Mile. r.. cou turiere fruncuise, lor one week. McDOUGAL ST. ? A FIRST CLASS DRESSMAKER wishes a lew more engagements by uie uuy.ucsi ?I reference ; call or address. rvINO ST.? A DRESSMAKER WISHES SOME more engagements iu private^ families or nt her ?WI1 home ; will make up suits In first class style ' k5 up; is a first class cutter and fitter; best city rcferenco. Address. On EAST 86TB ST.? A YOUNO LADY, WHO IS A Ol first class operator on Wheeler A Wilson's sewing machines, desires to make a lew more engagements by the Uav or week ; no objection to go to the country; has her own sewing machine, and understands all kinds o( anally sewing. Cull or address. Mla? ANDERSON. 1 tiZ WEST 32D ST.? A LADY OF EXPEBIBNCE IN X"'?) dressmaking to make or turn dresses quite rea sonably; o?other articles; best relerence given. I/O) WB8T 48TII BT.-AN EXPERIENCED DRES8 lOO maki r, a perfect fitter, will make engagements to go out by the day; a style given to the simplest gar ment. King janitor's bell. __ Oi|| S6TH ST., CORNER 3D AY.-AS DRESSMAKER jCj\' 1 and seamstress by the month ; understands cut ting and fitting ; has a Wheeler A Wilson's machine ; city ?r country. Call or address. ni 9 EAST -JOT 1 1 ST.? A YOUNG LADY WANTS A jLjI* j lew more engagements by the day or week; un derstands cutting and lilting ladies' garments; operates ?n Wheeler <t Wilson's sewing machine; is also a stylish trimmer; city relerence. Call on or address DREsS UAKER. WEST 17TH ST.? A (1ERMAN G1UL AS SEAM ? stress in a private fuiully. 997 BAST 31ST ST.? A FIRST CLASS FITTER ZiLi I would wait on ladies at their house, and tako work home to finish ; or go out h.y the day to cut and fit. Call en or address DBBBbMAJCBB. . <) TO WEST 37TH ST. -A HTYLISTI DRESSMAKER, jjtjr J first class cutter and fitter, to go out by the day ; Wheeler A Wilson's machine ; good reiercncos. Call on or address M. K. Ol C EAST 59TII ST., NEAR 2D AV., SECOND Oil) floor.? By a first-class operator on Wheeler A Wilson's machine in dressmaking establishment A Oft EAST 18TH ST.? A COMPETENT DUESSMA ^ kcr, who thoroughly understands cutting and titling, to go out by the day. Call or address. 7C1 6TH AV.? A COMPETENT SEAMSTRESS J ui wishes a few engagements by the day or week; can cut and fit; references. QQO 3D AV., FIRST FLOOR.? A FIRST CLASS OOi dressmaker, a pcrlect fitter and stylish trimmer, wishes to work for a few more lamllics by the ds\, or will lake work home ; can furnish her own Wheeler A Wilson's machine; best reference. Call ou or address Mrs. WILLIAMS. A FIRST CLASS DRESSMAKER, WHO GOES Ol'T by the day, wishes a few more customers; cuts, fits and trims In latest Parisian style. A (.dress DRE.SS MAKhit, box liftl Herald office. PROTESTANT WOMAN AS EXPERIENCED SEAM stress: understands c itting und flttinu ladies' and children's dresses; wislie>/to go out by the day or week ; cun furnish a Wheeler < Wilson machine if required, city reference. Call for .wo davs or address H. M. B., box 126 Herald Uptown ly-anch office. A FIRST CLASS D K ESS MAKER WOULD OO OUT by the day to flriit class families; price$3aduy. Address C., Herald Uji^owii H ranch otllce. A YOUNO LADV., A COMPETENT DRESSMAKER, desires a few engagements by the day ; best refer encea. Address S., It?ix 164 Herald office. WANTED? BY A DRESSMAKER OF LONG EX Pi: rience, a few more engagements by the day In pri vate families. A Id re -s EXPEHIE.NCii. bo* 111 Herald Uptown Branchy otitic. Ge iicral Honsework, &'(. ' A KIJOPER rente I C-] EAST ffcTH ST? AN AMERICAN WIDOW LADV -1 * ' 1 would /like a house to take charge ot ; or as bousc keeper. Ca"f 0r address. M I JLBERRY ST., BETWEEN SPRINt; A*l? Pjince, first floor.? A respectable woman to do nouscwoi/k in a small private family ; good relerence. Call lor Jftro days. _ >/ Vest 10TH st., near htdson st -as housekeeper for an elderly gentleman or wid Call all the week. 94q EAST MTR ST.? A RESPECTABLE YOUNG ?' person, v ho has acted a? hotisekeer, would be YUjilne to accept a similar situation ; good relerence. Tdresa L. M. lOft EAST HTM ST.? AN AMERICAN LADY WII1I jOv' out encumbrance, a* housekeeper and com, un ion; no ob lections to travelling. Call Monday and Ines* klay. Mrs. liKO\VNK| AN AMERICAN LADY, 2f> YEARS OF AGE, OF Ex perience, ns housekeeper; I nest and active; coun try prelerred : dishonorable parties w Uibe unnoticed. Ad dress Miss L., Herald 1 ptown Branch oilice. A LADY Wis 1 1 Es A SITUATION AS n< TSEKEEPER; in widower's family preferred: no objection to chil dren: best relerence. Address Mrs. J. W'ADsWoRlH, licrnld Uptown Brunch office. Horfse keepers, iVc. n HUDSON ST.? AN AMERICAN WIDOW LADY of experience und practicability In first clans hotels and private lumiltes. as housekeeper; is systematic und 01 domestic tas.e>; capable of filling any post Ion ot trust ami is not alraiil 01 work; understand* all kinds of fam ily sewing ; best reference. Address. lor ouc week, Mrs. E. PERCY. A ?? WEST SBTfl ST.? HOUSEKEEPER'S POSITION, by 11 lady thoroughly coinp" ? t> would prefer a hotel eit'uulioli , can larnish highest ri er nces. Addre-s K. K. _ P. A EAST I2T1I it.-A LADY A ;? ' S'.KEI ? )^t in a widower's family prefer best reft Address for one week E. WHIPPLE. 1 Ryj ~<TH AV.? A POSITION V. a' i'i.D, BY AN lot American lady of business 1 s, ,-uce, excellent manager of servants, ,ic. ; hotel or r ?: 1 nee; neat, sys tematic ; can take entire charge oi a / email's home ; satisfactory rcicrenccs exchanged. 1 .1.. on Monday ?nd Tuesday. ___ OOO WEST SSD ST.? A WIDOW LADY AS HOU8E keeper, in the city or cotwtr; . would give her services lor board for lierscll atiT two Miutlg children ; unexceptionable reference, Call on or .1 biress Mrs. M. east 2srn st.? a respectable woman as u't'J housekeeper; has long expenenc and is most trustworthy ; best re 1 ere nces. Mrs. HAK1A. O | (\ 4TII AV.? A MIDDLE AGED ENOLI8H WOMAN ^*xvr 41s housekeeper or companion: ?ble sick nurpe ; tully competent ; would travel with an Inva.id ; is never sea sick ; w> aid take charge ol a young 1 11:11 v. rtf.l WEST 4.vni ST.? AN AMERICAN WOMAN AS w?)l assistant housekeeper or to .i> - charge ot linen riHims in a hotel or an institution. CiUtoB, or address, Monday, M. M. 1W17 WEST 4TII ST., NEAR BAN ,<7? A GKRmTS ^1' I widow lady, w ith enciimbriin is housekeeper iu the country or to assist the lady ol th' liotun. Mrs. BROWN. ?Jrtl BAST 31ST ST.? A woman H'ofLD LIKE TO take care of n gentleman s 1.' i.leneeforthe unm iner; best cltv relerence. Address Mii. >UL.. and I will call lor 1111 interview. o.l'i" WEST :t!?[H ST.? AN ^ vTehTcaN WOMAN AS I housekeeper to a widower, or Invalid lady who , cannot (upei intend her own ho'ise, ir where mere are orphan children to cure lor, wwr,; 1 lake charge 01 r gentleman's bouse In his absence ub. " 1 1 >r remaining) cun liiriush responsible reiefcsi 1. 1 a.; iroin 8 to 11 A. M. or address. ?)0?1 W est" I2TII ST.-aJ~1Io I SK IvTi PiTS IN A lninll> of respectubiiltj rei. rc.i.: * e uihaaged. Address or < all. ?)?;(? fiTIl AV., TWO P\IR s FAt Its. /.?? K ROOM ? A young widow lad* as l.ou- widower 4 iu mil y prelerred. Ci.l, fioiu 1. uuui 7, on iiOl'HE KEEPKK. ?)?) | ?TII a'v.-AN AMERICA*" WIDOW,; *OED S2, ? >?> r aa housekeeper in a plain Amenc.ni fainllV; or > Otlld lake the entire ch;i r e oj a iiriiisliea iiouse dnr.ng the ismiiy's nb-<nce in the country . g r*I -try reference. ? all ou Monday or address Hot -I. <\ EE i'ER. o?H east 4 I II ST.? A IIOESEKEE Kit WOULD s'i'F like 10 take charge oi a hotis for the Summer ?nonUiaor li nger; tie-t ? ity references. Call ou or ad dress HOUS1.K1.hPhR. ?TI! AV.I* THE STORE.? A RESPECTABLE woman to take charge of .1 nii inan'n house lor the Hummer inoinhs ; be-t city reference. Call or ad 4rrsa. A 9.1 WEST .41RT ST . HKCOND I'l.OOR, FRONT I ? ' I ro^m.? An \ioericiin woman as hm<ekeeper ; a V 111 ?ir n 1111111 - ureiei red. l uit be m en Moiuluy and Aucs lay. r MTXJATIOJre WAlTTBiP-KKMAlJCM. MtoNkwixn die. ^07 4TH AV-AN INTRLLIOEWT AND REPINED t ?) I American lady desires a position as housekeeper in a Oral clam hotel or private family ; bwt totul large ?? jierhmce. Add reus Mrs- PaLM KR._ A LADY DESIRES A POSITION AS HOU8EKKRPRR in a widower's family, wanes not so much an ob ject as a good home. Address, for tikree days, O. W., Brooklyn Branch Herald office. AN AMERICAN LADY op refinement, middle ag*d, wishes to engage as housekeeper f?r a widow er's family , where the can have a pleasant home Ad dress, (or ten days, Mrs. K. Lis WITT, Herald Uptown ?ranch office, l,M Broadway. A middle aoed lady op capability and refinement desires the supervision of a widower's family (kind to children), or as companion to a Unfv , highest testimonials. Address M. IIEWLE I T, ibi Orange st., Hosevillc. N. J. Can he seen hv appointment at Young Ladles' Christian Association, M Irving place. New York. A CAPABLE, RELIABLE MIDDLE AOED LADY AS housekeeper for a widower , competent to Instruct voting children 111 any branch Address II. II. A,, bo* lU Herald lTptown Brar.cb office . 1,263 Broadway. AYOUNO WIDOW LADY. WITH I' NEXCEPTH )N able references, as housekeeper and governess in a small family ; city or country , or would take charge of the musical 1 duration of child ion. loth vocal and inyin1 mental; two years' reference from lost family. Address TEACHER, cure of Mrs. H Bitter, i: Ml East 33.1 st A WIDOW, WHO IS THOROUGHLY COMPETENT, would like a position as housekeeper, or to ttko the charge of a house for u family or party of gentle fiu'ii , host reft ri'iiccH. Address !><>* 3 , 3* >. > I A HOUSEKEEPER'S POSITION WANTED ADDRESS HOUSEKEEPER, Herald Uptown Branch office. liAiindresies, dtf. 11<) WEST 2#TH ST, SECOND PLOOR.-WASIIINO 11 w done for families und gentlemen on ri usoiiablc term*. Apply to Mrs. LOMAX. 1 rQ WEST 2ft TH ST.? AN EXPERIENCED WOMAN LtJO to do washing and ironing at her own house, understand* fluting and all kinds of family washing. tjio WEST XfiTH sr., TOP KUIUK. ? A FRENCH ijiO woman would like washing to do at home, fine or plainclothes, Ly the piece or dozen. Call for two days. OQ1 EAST MTH ST., TWO PAIRS OP STAIRS, BACK 1 ZOl room.? A good laundress wishes some washing at her home; understands flitting. Call nil the week. 2?> pr WEST 46TII ST - A HERMAN FIRST CLASS O tJ laundress desires work by tho day or to take 1 1> ' flue washing. Good reference. OQO WEST 29TH ST.-A RESPECTABLE COLORED woman desires the washing of tlrst class gentle men or families; best reference. Cull on or address Mrs. ? FREEMAN. A no BAST ICTH ST.? A WIDOW WISHES TO GET i x lj O washing to do at her own house or to go out to do by the day, or would like to get a lew offices to cleiiu ; k best city references. Calloti or address J. M. ^ ? 11 WEST 89TH 'ST., BETWEEN 10TH AND 11TH tlT"! avs.? A respectahle English woman wishes In dies', gentlemen's or families' washing, or would go out by the day ; understands her business ; good reference. Mrs REYNOLDS. 1 /']Q 8TH AV., SECOND FLOOR, FRONT ROOMS ? I) LO Washing, Ironing and fluting done in the best manner bv Mrs. STRING. 1 20 AV.? A COMPETENT GIRL AS FIRST l.UUo class laundress; thoroughly efficient In every respect; first class reference. Irr/rn 3D av.. Between 87th and mth sts.. .?>?)? 7 third floor. ? First class laundress wishes to ! take in family or gentlemen's washing. QTUYVESANT LAUNDRY, 143 STII ST., NEAR iTll kJ av.? All kinds of work splendidly done; cuffs and collars a specially; lace curtains, liuting, Ac. Goods col lected and delivered promptly. Nil ran. Me. 1 Ai) DOUGLASS ST., BROOKLYN.? AN ELDERLY I T^?i Protestant woman us lndv's monthly nurse or to take care of an invalid; no objection to travel ; compe tent aud reliable. Address E. L. G? stating terms. 20O WEST .MI) ST.-A MONTHLY NURSE CAN OO take another engagement; references to physi cians and tlrst class families. I WEST :tlST ST., PRESENT EMPLOYER'S.? ? JO"X A young girl to travel with a family either as nurse or to wait on ladies; is accustomeil to the care of children ; speaks pure German and English, is inlelli- 1 gent and would be tound a useful person in many ways. Call on Monday afternoon from :i to r> o'clock. A FAMILY RETURNING TO EUROPE WISH TO tlnd a good situation tor their French nurse, under standing but very little English, to take care ol one or two small children and assist in sewing. Address 41 West ftlst st. A RESPECTABLE YOUNO GIRL AS NURSE FOR one or two children or to wait on a lady, with u family going to Europe ihi.s Spring ; excellent city refer ence from hernresent employer. Address, for one week, B. TRAVELLER, Herald Uptown Branch office. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG MARRIED WOMAN, HAV ing a child two weeks old, w ants a situation as wet nurse. Ailuress, tor one week, A. C. M.. Herald office. AYOI'KG GIRL, 17, AS CHILD'S NURSE OR TO <lo up stairs work in a private family; has never lived out before. Address NURSE,- Herald Uptown Branch office. Miscellaneous. nWF.ST 4CTH ST.? A LADY OF REFINEMENT AND Who Is HtBiltari to Dm <int i?- s. iu a iir-ii class fam ily, n> attendant upon an invalid or aged lady. or totakc charge aw matron ol one or two motherless children; good references. _ _ ? ?1 Q HItUf ST., BID iOKIiVN.? A POSITION AS J.?' matron in a medical institute or housekeeper in u gentleman's lamily. Mrs. .1 AM Ks. nf| C) XAID601T A v.? as EDUCATED TODHO French lady, having great experience in travell ing, wishes to engage with a family to go lo Europe; willing to make hersell useful. Address GoVl'.KNKSS oro WEST MTU ST.? AN EX PERIENCED GOVER ?)> )i) ne?8. accustomed to lull charge ot educating ami training children : understand!' English and French tbor nughly ; news by hand and machine : excellent city refer ence*. A SMALL HERMAN FAMILY WOULD LIKE To take charge ol a house. Inquire at 442 West 2*tli st, In the rear. Mrs. KEEINE. ANY ONE WISH I NO to LEAVE their BOUSE during the Summer In charge oi a suitable ami re sponsible person, please address S. \V., station C Avery respectable yoino hirl desires a situation with a lamily travelling in Europe or this country as lady's tnaid or child's nurse : is an excellent seamstress; can cut and fit perfectly. Address M. S., Uik 1,07.1 Post otHce, A LADY OF the HI0BE8T RESPECTABILITY DE sires the position to take thorough charge of a gen tleman's large establishment- unexceptionable reter cnees. Address I.. A., care ot Mr. .fames Donahue, super intendent f ree Labor Bureau, New York. A COMPETENT AND EXPERIENCED YOl\(j WO. man wishes to travel with a lady during the Sum mer nioaths; salary no object whatever. Address S. A. \V . Post office, Baltimore, Md. 4 SOUTH GERMAN LADY, 8 YBAES OF AOS, A lately landed,, desires a position us nursery gov crness to children Irotn .1 to t< years and teach them in the llrst principle elements, also the ruitlmenis ol music : or as companion to an elderly lady ; no objection to go in the country tor the Summer. Address F. L, box 22 Herald ottice. \S COMPANION OK GOVERN ESS TO YOt'SO OR married ladies; conntlT, seashtn or travelling abroad, b> a highly educated lady, re lined, pleasing man ners. Address TACT, Herald Uptown Branch office. Uy ANTED?BY A YOl NO LADY OF EDUCATION, ?V the position of companion to a lady going abroad: no remuneration etpcc'o'd ; best re ten rice given and re quired. Address FLORENCE WILFER, Herald office. Intelligence Officen. rj f* :',D ST.? A MONTHLY NITR8E CAN RE KNO AOF.D I ?) imini dialcly ; satisfactory references Address Mrs. HARPER. PROFKSSIO.NALMTl ATIO.V.I IVAM'EH? KEMVi.K!*. AN EDl'CATED LADY, ACCUSTOM ED TO TEACII ing an 1 speaking fluently French, Herman and Eng lish, desires a situation as governess; salirv no obiecf; highest references. Address F. care ol Si rs. U-ntioti, 372 wth St., between avs. C an<l L). \Yot NH LADY WISHES TO OBTAIN A POSITION in some lamily, where she could Insiruct the tumor nicmuers in the English branches and mu-i ? nt a verv nioderale salary; ple. sant home in the < ouutrv pre ferred; highest reference. Address EDUCATION, Brook lyn Post ottice, for one week. \ HIGHLY EDUCATED LADY DBSIRf - a POSI J\ tion a< governess, or the care ol iiioth'Tles* chil dren ; would act as corresponding clerk or private sec re fnrv; refers only to persons of the highest re?peei?bilitjr ami principles of nrst class school*. Addri >s, lor one week, o. y. R.. box i:<2 Ilcr tld I'ptown Branch office. \I.ADY OF F.Di;i ATION AND H 10 II EST TEST I mutual* as governess or companion; is thoroughly qualiticd lor anv position <-l trust. Address PHIl.Oi-o I'llY, box I4?i Hera fit I'ptowti ('ranch uffiee, A HOST I.N HLKSIl-K.-A RAIllhK "EI.DI.rI.Y young lady," who is sUr|. util, suffocated sub merged, swamped, uvcrrun with friends, triumph atid applAase, an I wno HW'r yd ever found anything in lite difficult to obtain, except tiioiiev. is lust now ready l<j~ivork very hard for some tor. In the t'teitui state, of her finance*, butter would be jarrrflei| an almost un usil able luxury She Will ' ? rite a letter, a story, a poem or a play ; a romflrice, a political speei li or a sermon. Stic writes oiju and the other with equal ess.', having already done all ot those, it is not in the power ot anybody to .issl-t iior, to ben. lit her or to raise her up. except through hit tug her services, buying her bcokt or paying her for her correspond enee ami ni teuton; lor she bat Earned away the laurels that women strive tor. until custom has madV ner ?h><iuiu all but the cotniorh ol IKo? -*<?i!ie butter, sottic ton o, coal, some hou.se rent. Excepting such as these, she po.se.ses to-day, or has ; o.s, d. all that this world has to offer, even to a happv heart whose enp i- so lull it is all rutininc d < wn the sides. The < oiiiinuatioti o' this interesting i?i story may tie loiind? not In the New York U d -cr? 1)111 Issued Irom Post office box 79 station |?, at SI a head for each exchange ? I letters. A six paged primed sketch ot her Imttorless life in a garret, written bv her m li, will be directed nn l mailed bv her owa hand (in re ceipt of 1(S cents; while to lormer pupils and all old patrons assuring her of their Ideality the same insipid pa.es will ne lorwarib d on receipt ?t irt cents. An inter y.?*teu one will jiloano nddivss th ?* writer, author, editor. i> ub Usher and proprietor of the aforesaid ti\ uai/csas Mis. MKRt KNAKY, box 7? station D. 11 Parfcsua \ YOUNO LADY, HERETOFORE OCCl'PYINO A .'\ high position In private circles. Is now compelled, through reverse of Circumstances, to obtain a compc tcuey ; would be pleased to accent a portion in some family where she could instruct the lutilor members In the English brunches and music ; salarv not so much an obreet as a pleasant, refined home and occupation ? pref erence given to the country , highest references. Ad dress MUSIC, Brooklyn Post office, for one week. i YOI NH LADY, WHO UNDERSTANDS COLOR! NO :\ pictures thoroughly, wants a post Hmi in a studio or I holograph galicry, or some work to do at home. Ad ->s? Mis* M akik J., box itiU Herald office. PROFESSIONAL SITUATIONS WANTED? FEMALES. A LADY OF BXPEEIENOB WOOLD LI KB TO MAKK son* permanent business engagement bv May I ; la Iuaiiflod to take lull charge. Address KNEROY.box 18/ lerald Uptown Branch office. _ A LADY SKILLED IN TEACUINO OIYBS PBIVATB Instruction, at her residence or the pupil'*. In tho English branches, especially grammar and wnung, to young ladies and ladies of neglected education! to Ger man and French ladies ?be teaches English. Call on TKAOH KR, morning*, 13? Wert Twentieth street, between Sixth aud He venth avenue*. Ayouno lady, a graduate of the normal College, wishes to obtain a poiltlon a* visiting or resident governe**; a family going to (he country pre ferred ; highest references given and required. Address Miss NOKRIE, Herald office. Ayouno lady, already in europk, wishes to Join a lady or family in the Spring as travelling companion, in exchange tor expense* ; refined, well in formed, genteel address, musical, merry disposition, good financier, reader, amanuensis, understanding Ger. inan prices and language. Rcterencc* exchanged. Inter view with friends by addressing U. H. U., box 2,TM) l'o*t office. New York. AYOUNO PARISIAN LADY, RECENTLY ARRIVED a* travelling companion in a widower's lamlly Ad dress, for the week, PA RIS1N A, lleriiid Uptown Hraach office. Ayouno Parisian girl wishes to find a family to go to Europe with as lady's maid or com panion ; very highly recommended. Address box Illl llcrald Uptown Branch office. AYOUNO Lady. PARISIAN, HIGHLY EDUCATED, Witli beat reference*, teaching French -literature in this city, is desirous of accompanying a family to Europe or to the country as teacher or interpreter. Address MADEMOISELLE, cure Mim Du Vcrnet, 102 West 29th Ht PRIVATE LESSONS IN ENGLISH GIVEN BY A LADY, accomplished and successful. Reading, spelling, writing and .speaking correctly a specialty. Ladies of neglected education please call at JtiS sixth avenue. HELP WANTED-FEMALE8. A? .CUTTER AND FITTER WANTED.?.* FIRST ? elans dressmaker wanted, to take charge ot a dress making establishment In a large eltv In the West; those ' having the requisite qualifications Will be liberallv dealt i with. Address, with reference, W. J., Inix 101 Herald ol | 522: A-E. RIDLEY A SON. A FEW FIRST CLASS ? milliners. Applv immediately on the second floor I 3UU, ail, Jll'? Orn lid St.", 62 to 70 Allen ft ? 4 MIDDLE AGED WOMAN WANTED TO KEEP XV house for a gentleman and wife, one who can work on a sewing machine preferred ; best references required. Apply before ii <? clock, at 142 East 38th st. Mrs. STONE. A -WANTED? TWENTY FIRST CLASS OPERATORS ? on Wheeler \ Wilson's machine; also, ten good dressmakers and fitly operators to take work hoine; highest prices paid Apply, with references, anil sample of work, pi DUFF, MALOOMSON A CO.. 'AVI Canal street ? WORK GIVEN OUT AT ADVANt ED PRICES TO . pay tor tlrst class sewing machines by instalments. [ I). F. POND A CO., ware rooms 142 East Eighth strei t, near Bowery and 21 Astor place. Notice.? This concesu does not pull' itself, but refers with satisfaction to all par tie-. who have bad machine* of us for the last years. 1 4 -FIRST CLASS HANDS ON WHITE WORK AND J\ . ladies' undergarments. 17 Brevoort place, or 4t | East lilt h st. A -FIRST CLASS SEWIN'O MACHINES SOLD AT . $1 25 a week. Teachers sent to the house tree. Work furnished at excellent prices. TOOTllAKER'S, &4H 3d av. j A? WORK GIVEN OUT TO PAY FOR FIRST CLASS ? Sewing Machines. BLAKE, BUCKWaLTER A CO., 11;> 4th av., corner ot 12th st., and lul Blteckcr st? ucur I Broadway. A NUMBER OF FIRST CLASS DRESSMAKERS wanted? For waists and Polonaise. Apply to M. A. CONNELLY, No. 7 Ea>t I6tli st, basement, door, before 10 A. M. ARTIFICIAL FLOW K IIS - TWO FIRST CLASS DE signers and b ranchers wanted. Apply to M. P. H1GOINS, 52 West 14tli sL 4 YOUNG MOTHER AND CHILD AND TWO BEAD - V titui girls to sit lor a painting ; $1 toffta jttttng. Apply Monday, from 11 till 2. at Mi 6th av. ARTIST. | An experienced milliner and trimmer ! wanted. Call on or address Miss E. .1. DE.MaRE.nT, j 1!H Newark av., Jersey City. A SALESLADY WANTED- FOR THE SUIT AND cloak department, at A. FIELDS', corner Grand and Clirystie sis. A FIRST CLASS SALESLADY WANTED IMMKDl A ately. ? Apply Monday tu C. M. OLN?Y, :>0 East Utli litrrcl. A FEW GOOD DRESSM AKER8 WANTED; ALSO wpwuttcw at as KmBtti St. A? WANTED, A RESPECTABLE YOUNG LADY, OF ? iiood address, to work at u I ight business. Apply nt (17 Readest., third lloor. AT IS EAST SEVENTEENTH STREET.-W A NTED One first clans operator on Wheeler A Wilson's ma chine; also dressmakers ; none hut perfectly capable in cii apply. Call at 8 A.M. A CHANCE TO LEARN TELE FRAP HY.? MEN, women, tioys and mrls learn and take positions; demand greater 'than the supply. THOMPSON'S College, 2U4lh av , opposite Cooper Institute. WORK GIVEN Ol'T TO PAY FOB NEW . Wheeler A Wilson, Weed and 'American Sewing Machines on instalments; instruction tree. 16 Clinton place. Eighth street, west of Broadway. OOK SEWERS AND FOLDERS WANTED? AT GEO. F. NESB1TT A CO. '8. B /lOOK AND LAUNDRESS? BOTH PROTESTANTS, IN \< "a private German IMnily in orange, N. J. ; refer enced rennired. Apply at 168 Fulton St., up stairs. COOK WANTED? A FIRST CLASS COOK; NONE other uecd apply; colored preferred. JAMES R. COLLINS, 35 William st /1LOAK AND SLIT MAKERS WANTED? FIRST \J class hands, at A. FIELD'S, corner Grand and Chrystic sts. ^ /COMPANION - A LADY WISHES TO MBBT WITH A \ 1 tamilv going to Europe who would require her si r vices; she is most willing to render herself useful in unv way. Address M M., Herald Uptown Branch office. /"101'PLE OF FIRST CLASS TRIMMERS? ALSO A \ few apprentices, who are wood sewers and capable ot learning In three month*. 71 West't-th st.. earner of tith av. Mine. ARN'Ol'X. DRESSMAKING.? WANTED?GIRLS TO WORK AT dressmaking who are good sewers. Apply imine. (Lately to the Excelsior Dre*?iuakiug Establishment, 'J.<7 tith av., tietween Vltl and 54th sts. D RESSMAKERS WANTED? AT 53 EAST 29TH ST. Dressmakers wanted? at james m cheery a Ca's, Broad ? av and Uth st. ; entrance to the work room in llth st. Dressmakers wanted.? skveraloood dress. makers and two apprentices at Mute. RAPP'S, 38 West Twenty-third street. DRESSMAKERS WANTED.? SEVERAL FIRST 1'I.ass waist makers and an apprentice girl. at Mr- WEB- I STER'S, 10f* East 2Wh st. RFSSM AKERS WANTED AT MME. COOLER S, 8X4!, Broadway, near 19th ?>(. ; come ready tor work. DRESSMAKERS WANTED? TO MAKE BUTTON | holes and trim waists: also to make trimmin, and platting. Only those capable need apply to Mine A O. RUSSELL, 35 East 20th st. Dressmakers wanted? a \va;st finisher and button -hole maker: operator on Howe's ma chine preicrred : also good sewers as apprentices; one to do light honsrwork '193 tith av ERRAND GIRL WANTED? A 1 til EAST 21ST ST. D EXPERIENCED LACE HANDS WANTED? TO WORK on children's lace caps, at the Union Bn/.aar, :H.i 6th a> EXPERIENCED SALESWOMEN IN THE -TP.AW J j good* and ribbon departments. Apply, with city reterence, to M. I". HIGGINS, j2 West 14th st. EIRST CLASSOPEHATOR8 WANTED ON WHEELER ! 1 A Wil .oti's machine for dressmaking. an.t oil \V lllco\ A Glbb's and G rover A Baker's for fine white work; t also hsnds for flm' white work Only tltos.- accustomed to tine work need apply at Mme. Do I glass', 13 East 17th it E1KST (LASS DRESSMAKERS WANTED? FOR " shirts and w lists. Only those acenstonied to th< verv t est work nee. I apply at Mme. DOUGLAS*', l.i last 1 7 1 1 ? -t. ? EIEST class milliners and ti:immei;s r wanted at Ihi" sth av. , , (1 IKLS WANTED IMMEDIATELY- AT S. T. TAY \T I. 'ICs, S I Broadway; a boy. who writes a good plain hand, may also upply, to assist in addressing wrappers, /Toon OPEP.AfoRsTtN SEW IN^MACIIINO ALSO "I ral firs' i ass -nit hands; steady employment and good waxes to strictly flr?t class hands; none others need apply, BODGE KM A ORK. |s;tsf|| ax I ROTHSCHILDS 'J ? wants i'> first class salesladies tor the different departments in millinery Ko"ds ; al-o i few thorough e\MTienci d' salesladies ot good address for tni millinery show room. M illiners nml trimmers * wanted. who are acenstonied to first class citv work; ^ from ?1"? to $2S a week will lie paid and t steady employment given to the ri;ht parties. 58 West M'?fi St., rear litl^ I I ADY AIJENTH WANTED EVERYW ' .^TRA- ' I I ordltnrv Inducements ofTeretl s.V.J'-ihArc wanted 1 lor Hall s Journal ol HraUji ; prospectus, tree Address H. \y. WAtM)N x co |.ub. Il-hers. 4U Broadway^ ^ 1 AOIt.S? WORK F C R. HI'. HE I) at IIoME TO PAY FOR I Ji first class *<.w>tif^p?afhinc?, on easy liiontnly insul- i 'l.'r",1";. lr"' NEW YORK MACHINE* I s rl I ( HI.V. ( tiM I ANY 16 Cllntou place (sth st), west of Broadway.. Milliners; wanted.? a fTooo milliner to go . s short d ista nee iii the eountrv, near Long Branch. Appl.> Monday, trmn l.':.t()A. M . at BAMBERG, HILL A CO s, |7."i Broad why. Milliner wanted? must i;e a good trim Iiicr. Apply to Mrs. M IDG LEY, (is Prince st. N'URSE WANTED? KOR A CHILD THREE MONTHS old ; best referencovr^ciulred. 39 East 22d st. N'URSE WANTED? ,A THOROUGHLY COEPETENT German, sw-r*>?. or Welsh nurse, to take enttro cliirce ot an inf.irr, Sine monthsold. Call Monday and Tuesday, troni li at AA East Uth st. Operators ,-wantbd? ^ on grovf.ii a baker's and Whe >|pr a Wileon's machines for ladies' suits. R. IIAYWABu, 322 Canal st. U ALE 8 1 /piKS WANTED? EXPERIENCED IN THE ? D'1." itery ana parasol business. Apply for two days at W7i. *t. T H' i ADVERTISER WILL PAT A LIBERAL PRICE ?< a lady that will come to her house to teach her *,r aw sewing or bonnet and hat frame making, ror par 1 itulars call at ^21 6th av., tint Moor, back room. HIS LP WiNTKO-PBHAIiES. WANTKO? A FIRST CLASH DRESSMAKER COR A private dressmaking establishment ; six good wm.it ttlmmers and six good skirt hands; also tour good bailors for cutter. ? Apply at No. 8 East IHth gl WANTED-HKVERAL GOOD MILLINERS, MUST understand their boslncM perfectly; noon other need apply CalHatter 10 P.M., at NATALIE TILMaN A CO.'S, 12 East 16th st WANTED? OPERATORS ON WHEELER AND WIL son's machines, and finishers on ladle's suihs. fid Leonard street, tlurd floor. WANTED-AN EXPERIENCED CUTTER OK LADIES' undcrwc&r. wholesale and order work ; muxt un derstand her business thoroughly. Address iiUiilNESS, station D. WANTED? TWO BISTERS (PROTESTANTS), TO DO I the work of yiuali family. Call at 183 East 71st st. WANTED? A NEAT, TIDY OIRL, 13 OR 14 YEARS of age one who can take cau of a baby. 477 West ?-d st WBNTED? A FIRST CLASS MILLINER AND TRIM nier, al.-o apprentices. Apply at D'ARCY'S Milli rier?, Wii .a hv "IITANTRD ? EXPERIENCED KALES LADIES IN THE it inilllDury department at ALUfcltT RICH'S, 303 6th avenue. TITANTKO-A FIRST CLASS MILLINER AND TRIM H mer . also a saleslady, to assist in the show room; one accustomed to the sale of bonnets preferred. Apply t.. Miles. LYONS A MOl NTJOY, ? I'nlon square. ?jUTAHTEI>? TWO F1EST CLASS ROUND II AT TRIM tt mers; also two bonnet trimmers; situations perma nent Johnson. BURNS Hi CO., 31 ami :i6 East lltii st, Union square. WANTED-FIRST CIASS OPERATORS ON Wheeler A Wilson's machines; girls accustomed to work on ladies' underclothing and suits. D. O'HU LLlv AN A CO., 900 Rrnadway. \tT ANTED? A CLEAN LITTLE OIRL TO MIND TV children ami limke herself use till; good wages. Apply at 244 East 4t>th st. WANTED? A FEW GOOD MILLINERS; APPREN lu es taken to le.irn. at 90 3d a v T|r ANTED? TWO GIRLS; ONE TO COOK, WASH vV and Irani the other tor ohamberwork and watting . German girls preferred; re tare Dees required. 2s Last 2.'d st. WANTED? A FIRST CLASS MILLINER FOR A country town; permanent employment nnd a com fortable home. Apply lit HAM BE ltd, HILL 4 CO, '8, 175. Hroadwa.v, Monday morning, at It) o'clock. TV- ANTED? A IIOl'SEKEEPER FOR A WIDOWER'S vt family; a parson of some musical qualifications* speaking Parisian French tluently ami who is willing to travel; an am. n!>li> disposition a prerequisite. Address, stating terms and qualifications, VIATOR, box 191 Herald otllce. TIT ANTED ? A N A PIMtENTICE ; ALSO SEVERAL m first class dressmakers; only those accustomed to the tiuest work need apply ut batieuient, 10!l West -?4t li st. Mme. DBEVBT \\J ANTED? FIRM CLASS SHIRT BOSOM MAKERS tt on tlnest custom worn. MICI1AELIS A KASKEL, f>S3 Broadway. Wl ANTED? EXPERIENCED OPERATORS ON WHKE m ler 1 Wilson's m u lilne, on ladles' tine suits ; good hands can make from $1.' to $2J per week, with steady i work all the year round. INDESTRUCTIBLE RUFFLECO , UM and 280 Catplst. VIT ANTED? KIV K LADIES AS t.ENI.KAL AGENTS; A it rare chance for ladies to make men's wages. Call at 7N8 Broadway, room 10. Also a partner in an estab- j Halted business. TXT" ANTED? A tailoress -ONE who UNDER- I it stands cutting and making hoys' clothes. Apply, lor three da>s, at '.o renn st, Brooklyn, K. D. 1X7ANTED-TWO FIRST CLASS BONNET AND ROUND TT hat trimmers; liberal salary and permanent en gagement LOUISA KLYNN, 5lo. S Brevoort place. WANTED? TWO GERMAN GIRLS; ONE AS COOK | i| and washer; the oilier as waitress and to assist 1 with washing ; best city reference required. 251 West 23d st ? W ANTED EXPERIENCED HANDS FOR DBB88- I it making. 1,207 Broadway. "IXT ANTED SIX FIRST CLASS SALESWOMEN FOR ii our ribbou, lace mil hat departments. JOHNSON, Ul'RNS A CO., 34 and 30 East 14th st., Union square. TIT ANTED ? A GOOD DRESSMAKER; MIST BE COM Tl petent on Wheeler A Wilson's machine. Apply to j Mme. CLARKE, 278 4tll av. , \1' ANTED- EXPERIENCED PLAIN AND FANCY IT straw sewers. IIODGES A CLAFLIN, 40 Bleecker st, ANTED? BY A SINGLE GENTLEMAN. A IIOUSE II keeper hv the 1st ol Mav; a respectable and Indns trioiis Indy i Protestant, Christian,) preferred. Address , e. Dm Herald office. . W* ANTED ? 12 FIRST CLASS DRESSMAKERS AND ] it finishers by the piece and by the week; only first hands need apply at Mine MaTHILDE DE CORDOBA'S, ' 251 4th av. WANTED-A FIRST CLASS OPERATOR ON C, ROVER yj A Haki r s machine ; one whn makes buttonholes an<l understands dressmaking ; also several tlrst class trimmers and plain sewers. Apply at :tt East llith st, between University place and Broadway. ?firANTED-A YOUNO I,AI?Y TO TAKE OHAROB OP ?? a small set el book*, and whose time will be re quired iroin 9 A. M. until HIV M.; salary, $s per week. Address C. M. C.,bo\ 198 Herald olflce. WANTED? A OERMAN GIRL POR GENERAL homework In n private lainily; must l>e a geml conk and firm class washer and ironer. Apply between ID ami 12 on Monday, at 151 West Ii6th st WTAKTED? APPRENTICE CIRLS FOR DRESSMAK yy In?, at Mm e. L. V ALDENBLRU'S, 05 West 31st at, northeast corner 9th av. anted-hair and pametia sewers on bloek, QEO. MARVIN, 97 6th av. Yl'ANTED? IN A PRIVATE BOARD1NO HOUSE. A yy eook. a waitress and u laundress; city reierenvc required. N7 Went lltli st. "ANTKD-IMI'RoVERS AT DHESSM AKINO ; ALSO an errand Kirl. at I,HW Broadway. r ANTED? 20 FIRST CLASS MILLINERS, AT 13 Division st. w '"ANTED? EXPERIENCED HANDS IN SHIRT making. Notu other need apply at 490 Itrooine st " ANTED? DllESSM VKERS, AT 02 WEST iOTII ST. Tl r A N T E D? E X I' E III E N C E D S A LE SW O M E N FOR " parasols, millinery and children's suits. Apply to RICHARD MKAItKs, corner 6lh av. and 19th st. U' ANTED- A FIRST CLASS SALESWOMAN IN A trm.tnlng and fancy goods store. Inquire ot 11. DANZK1KR A SON. 1,2.'M Broadway, corner ol .'fist st. \v ANTED? A OOOt> COOK, TO ASSIST IN WASH intr and ironing, in a small private family. Apply lit 49We?t&5th st. rAN TED? PRESSfiKS ON PAMELIA IIATS. UEOROK MARVIN, 97 ?th av. 11 ' ANTED? SIX SMART (URLS, IMPROVERS. TO ?? learn dressmaking. Apply to Mme ADOLPI1CSA CO., 411 I ast 2Dth St. ? II" ANTED ? A NO. 1 SALESLADIES. THOROI'OHLY yy understanding millinery in ail its branches; none other" need apply. SLOANE A It RASJsIN'tiTON, 265 6th av. 11." ANTED? AT MADAM+; B. TOU.I AS', 4ft!>', BTH AV., yy next to the corner ol 2*th st., II rut class dressmaker* lor waists anil skirts, an operator on Wilson's machine; also apprentices. A| r A NTKD ? TWO EXPERIENCED SALESWOMEN f I tor ladles' suit" ; also a first cI*sk saleswoman lor the lace departliicuts. Apply to RICHARD MEARES A < <>., flth nv. anil UHh st. II' ANTED.? AN AMERICAN LADY AND DACOIITER desire the charge ot a house during the absence of the family either in Europe or the conntry ; highest ret rrences given. Call or address P. K E., 203 East With st. \lrANT?l>? A SMART, INTELLIGENT OIRL; ONE 11 who has been employed in a lain v store. Apply alter I p. M? with city reference, to NATALIE TILMAN A CO , 12 East 16th st. \i INTED? FIRST CLASS FINISHERS TO WORK ON yy organdie and lawn suits; also a (rood lace cap maker. D. O'SL'LLIVAN A CO.. 'J0U Broadway. 11" AN'! ED? A SMART (!IRL TO Rl'N ERRANDS AND \y make herself general!* useful. Apply after 10 P. M. with dt) reference, to NATALIE I'lLMAN k CO., 12 East Pith *t 0 ' anted? First class hands "on children s4 lace caiis. to work in the hoii<e. i.oKi) A TAYLOR, Broadway anil 2*nh "t. II 'ANTED? A GOOD DRESSMAKER AND SEAM V> stress. Apply at 1,493 Broadway, above 45tli st., first tlnnr. 11* AN r-D-\ good CHAMBERMAID, TO ASSIST yy with fine washing in a small lamlly ; good wages. Inquire at I2i West 4sih st. UrANTED? THREE EXPERIENCED SALESWOMEN, lor rllihons, laces and straw goods. Applv to CEN TRAL ARCADE, M2 Third avenue. cornerThlrtr sixth st. \Y I |U tiTIl AV. ? WANTED, 10 DRESSMAKERS j ALSO l||' an operator on U heeler A Wilsons uiuchiuc. CaH beiore 9 or after SIT UATION fi W \ NTED-MA LEN. \N AHljF AiC, SORER FIREMAN, WHO IS NOT atr.'ili) 0* work, want* employment. Call at Mr. Sf* Watchmaker, HO Catharine st. TmAN WANTS A SITUATION AS GROOM; NO OB UX lection to the country ; pood city references. Call 011 fir address M. M., 212 East 47th at., livery stable, 4 M \ N WANTS WORK AT $6, AT ANYTHING. AD J\ ,1 r. -? I M. H.. Herald office. * RESPECTABLE COLORED BOY WISHES A SIT J\ .nation to take care o! one horse or to assist In wait ing ; v oil 1 ity reference. Apply at 117 We?t52d st. ? N EXPERIENCED AND INTELLIGENT YOUTH ,'\ desires a position as barkeeper; will Inrnlsh tlr?t ciass dt* references; Is sirlrtlv temperate and will made liinisi ll usetul. Address, for three days, L. U. D., Herald oftlee. A Yol "Vi i M AN (MARRIED) WISHES A SITUATION J\ as porier in a wholesale house; would make him self generally use tat ; speaks German and English. Ad dress W. HEItlFELDE It, 29 Perry st ? RESPF.CTABLB BOY OK M, WILLING To WORK, J\ uoOd rctereiice, wauts to learn a trade ; stone cutting or piano trade prxerred. Call on or address JOHN WELSH, 527 East 12th st ATOl'SO MAN WANTS A SITUATION AS OROOM; has no objection to the country, call on or address for two dara T. K. t It! East 43d st. ________________ ATOCNG MAN, LATELY PROM ENGLAND, WISHES a situation as porter or any similar occupation; good i hariuitrr Address W. H.. KB Forsyth st A RESPECTABLE COLORRD MAN WISHES A SIT ttation as nurse or wait npon a pentlemaa. nr will travel Apply at 146 Thompson st.. between Houston and . l'rince sta. SITUATIONS WANTKD-.fltAl.Kg. A SHORTHAND WRITRB AND EXCELLENT PEN man, desires an engagement part oi each day with noma gentleman who is burdened with a large c?.rre snondenec or cxceiuivc writing. Address LNbTU'L'TK OK PHONOGRAPH Y, 7 1* Broadway. A GENTLEMAN RECENTLY IN THE WHOLESALE drug business in tills city, and who haa an exteniive acquaintance. would like to connect himself with a first clan* house where hi* remuneration wo lid be in propor tion to services rendered. Addreiw R. S. B. C., Lux 131 Herald office. AHIOHLY RECOMMENDED FRENCH GENTLE man would like to go abroad as courier; he speaks and writes fluently French, English, German aud Italian. Address T. BUgknh, mo Kant itthst. ATOUNG MAN AND IIIS WIFE WOULD LIKR TO take charge of a gentleman's residence during the fiimlly's absence for the Summer months, first class ref erence*. Address U. M., care of M. W. Byrnes, 180 Gra mcrcy Park. A SITUATION WANTED? BY A FRENCH COOK an<l paHtryinan. in a private family ; understands English ; nest reference ; In eity ; dining and parties to order at home; moderate pricc. Mft Bleveker St., top Boor. Address. (COURIER AND TRAVELLING SERVANT ? K PEAKS J four languages; respectable, careful and of good ap pearance : best referent#. Apply to J. M., bakery, 55 Greenwich st I'UKTECTIVK ?A RESPECTABLE YOVNG MAN IK 1" open to accept a slfuafloti an detective ; first class references; no objection to travel. Address box 173 Herald office. KANDOLPH'S NATIONAL SCHOOL OK TKI.EGRA i phy, 13'J Hh st.? The best nnd most practical in tile status Recommended by telegraphers. Cull and see for yonrselvea before going elsewhere. TO GO TO EUROPE? A YOUNG MAN, A BOUT 24 year* of ago. wishes to find n situation as cicerone, or otherwise, with uiiik p.rtles intend Invto spend the season in Europe ; speaks English. Kronen and Italian. Kor particulars inquire lor J. Debeauvois, No. 2 Howard street. 'PO HOTEL AND LIQUOR DEALERS.? A FIRST J class bartender, 24 years of age, will be open for an engagement next wee* ; good reference. Call on or address w. G., 41ft Greenwich st. WANTED-BY A FIRST CLASS MALE COOK, A situation. Address X., box 124 Herald office. \tT ANTED? BY A YOUNG MAN, 19 YEARS OLD, A TT chance to learn some good wholesale business; is strong and not afraid of work; stead v employment, with a elm nee to learn, desired moro than salary; will work lor the Interest oPand try to please whoever will employ him: writes pretty well and is familiar with figures; can tiling first class racommcndations. Ad 'truss WHOLE. SALE, 154 East ftOth st. TIT ANTED? BY TWO YOUNG MEN, WHO HAVE " had several vcars' business experience and who expect to spend the Summer in travelling, the agency of several good selling articles, or will sell goods on coin mission ; good city reference given. Address E. and F., Herald office. WANTED? BY A PROTESTANT YOUNG MAN, A ?V situation on a farm ; understands the care of horses, cattle, Ac. best reference from last employer. Address J. C , care of ltobert Wilson, 10 Broad st. CIjEH K S AVI) SALKSMKIV. ACCOl NTS? EIGHT LANGUAGES; ARREARS WIUT ten up : hooka devised to meet special require ments; hooks opened, kept, examined or balanced. JAMES COX, 47 Wall street, third floor. A MAN OF TEN YEARS' EXPERIENCE IN THE ..Y tea and general grocery business Is open to an en gagement ; Is a good bookkeeper and tally competent to take charge ; city or country; reference. Addrcwt TEAS, box 1 3ft Brooklyn Branch Herald office. A YOUNG MAN. THOROUGHLY INDUSTRIOUS, and acquainted with the English nnd American carpet tr/ide, wants a situation as salesman, in town or country. Address, for six days, INTEREST, Herald Up town Branch office. \ N HONEST ANI) ACTIVE YOl'NO MAN WANTS A ..'1 situation as correspondent or assistant bookkeeper; speaks and writes English ami German; small salary expected ; No. I references. Address T. K., box 139 Her ald office. \ N HONEST MAN AS CASHIER IN A MEAT AND Jx. provision store; three rooms If desired, with good salary ; $500 cash required. Apply oil Monday at 294 Broadway, room 10. A YOUNG MAN, TWENTY-FIVE YEARS OLD, HAV Ing nine years' experience in the wholesale mer cantile business in New York city, desires a situation as shipping clerk In a mercantile house, or clerk In a bank or Insurance office .salary to start on. at least 9I.0I10; can furnish the very bested reference, or give security if de jired. Address, for one week, J. S., Brooklyn, L. I. A YOUNG MAN OF 2?; DESIRES AN OFFICE Posi tion ; is a practical bookkeeper and a competent cor respondent: is familiar with office duties aud general business requirements; can give first class references and. If ncceasarv. can give bonds for a position of trust. Address J., box YC7 Post office, I'lalntleld, N.J. Accounts? eight languages: arrears writ feti np; hooks devised to meet special requirements ; books opened, kept, examined or balanced. JAMES COX, 47 Wall street, third floor. A FIRST CLASS SALESMAN WANTED? IN THE cloak, suit and shawl department, at A FIELD'S, j corner Grand and Chrystlc sts. __________ A smart, active ami experienced delivery clerk wan teil, at 11. AM M AN A CO. '8, IVll and (Ml av. UOYS1 SUIT SALESMAN WANTED.? MUST THOR niighly understand Ills business. Address, with hill particulars. Including salary expected, BOYS' Kl'ITS, Herald Uptown Branch office. Bookkeeper and correspondent wanted? Immediately, at l3\Gruud st ; none but tlioi-e fully competent need apply. First class saleslady wanted-at the mUUaeiy eitabii*hinent Nos. S and .*>H MtMm at OIL SALESMAN WANTED? HAVING A TRADE IN New York city among parties dealing In and using lubricating nils. Address by letter Dr. J. E. D? Wist st., stating try whom previously employed, with lull parti culars. Salesmen wanted? well acquainted in the millinery and tancy retuil business. Apply lor two | day* at 2"-7 Grand st. ! SALESMAN WANTED? HAVING SOME TRADE IN O machine twim and sewing >-ilk. Address, stating j particular*. M. B. P., Herald office. I SALESMAN WANTED? BY A WHOLESALE BOOT ? ' ami shoe house, for the Southern trade ; an pxperl ' cnced man. that can influence a I a rue business. Please : address W. B. K , box 2.<NI0 Post office. STATION EkS, ATTENTlONi-A YOUNO MAN, HAV 1 k' Ing a number ol year*' experience, would like a situ ation a* travelling salesman with some responsible firm; l has Mi extended acquaintance with the leading station ers or the country, and commands a tlrst clam trade . ex pectations moderate. Address A. C. B., box 131 Herald office. rilllK ALDINE.-A GENTLEMAN POSSESSING AN I 1 ca.?v address, (food education and aoine tact Is re quired oil the stalf ot the above work ? nolle but men of ; energy, who c an tie well endorsed by responsible parties will lie treated witji. Apply, until Wednesday next, be tween Hi >i ml 12, at &H Maiden lane. U '"ANTED? A FEW GOOD SALESMEN AT 740 HTH av. ; libernl inducements. Apply early. WANTED? A YOUNO MAV, NOT OVER 2'1, WIH) understands read r-inadr clothing lor men and boys. Addri'ss, with references, CLOTH INO, station A. ' \\7 ANTED -SITUATION IN LABORATORY OK CHEM v? leal manufactory by a boy of 20: would not obiect 1 to situation in drug business where chance lor Improve ment in chemistry would be had; has 2^ years' expe rienre In drmfs and I lj in laboratory; moderate sulary. Address PERSEVERANCE, Herald office. \I ' A NTED? A FIRST CLASH MAN FOR THE SUIT >V department for u retail house ; none bnt an Al man need apply. Address at once, with reference* lent, II. Z. P., box lfil Herald Uptown Branch office. WANTED? TWO YOUNO MEN AS PARCEL CLERKS" must have knowledge and experience ill doing up parcels. Applv lietwcen V ami 10 A. M. al KINZtY'a, Broadway and 9th st. WANTED- A COMPETENT BOOKKEEPER IN A ti stock broker's office. Answer, stating salary re quired, how Inn/ with last cmplovers and full reference. Address, for two days. D. E. P., Herald office. \lr ANTED? A SITUATION IN ANY OFFICE, BY A V? young man ; correspondence In Englith and Ger man; has aoinc know ledge of bookkeeping ; first class references; Would commence on small wane* Address i j. J., oox 193 Htyald office. Wanted? a you.vo man acquainted with : ft the retail dry goods business * J.J MOSER A co., 238 Court st., Brooklyn. ' AIT ANTED? IN A HARDWARE AND HOUSE FUKNISiT . vV ing store, not far from the city, an active man as salesman and to make himself generally useful. The | situation will be permanent Pi a suitable person; salary i per annum, with a prospect ot Increase. Address, . for three duy*, with reference*. J. W. 11. G. P. II., Herald I office. ' WANTED? TWO HRST CLASS GERMAN DRY GOODS \\ salesmen ; must spe;ik English fluently ; steady em plnvmitil ; references required. Apply to LOUIS APT, I lsiiliwen *t., Willlam*buru._ I IlfANTED? FIRST CLASS DRY GOODS SALESMAN. I h 1 HORTON A CO. '8, Fulton av., near | Smith St., Brooklyn. ? ?? ?? . ! ll'ANTFD? A PERSON 'In TAKE CHARGE OF THE jj stationery , Ac. department in music store, 178 I nth av. WANTKIf-A SALESMAN. WHO IS WELL AC qualTited with the jobbing millinery trade, to sell nn commission in the country. Addres* A. L., Herald ?office. ? ljU* ANTED? A SITUATION AS BOOKKEEPER, A> | ?' sistant bookkeeper, or In any capacity whotc mi 1 dustry and Integrity would obtain advancement. Ad I dress .f. C., Herald office. COACHMHrfV A \ l> U tRUHMCKK. IQn WERT ISTH st.? as coachman OB OROOJf, I JO'" by a single man ; cltv or country; lour years' ! good reference, ('all or addres*. A COACHMAN'S SITUATION WANTED? BY A MAR rled man, English ; two years' city reference from last employer Inotiire for R a., at Brewster * carriage repository, corner 1 4th st. and flth ar. _____ A COLORED MAN' WISHES A SITUATION Tn A private familv a* coachman ; understand* the care of horses thoroughly, coach or road horse* ; no objection to the country or to work in a store ?. can give good refer ence from last place 114 Wick street W. A. MOORIf, A SITUATION" WANTED-?Y A COMPETENT coachman and gardener ; first class reference trom last employer as to character and ability. Addres* CAM BI-.I.U oox bfl Herald office. A SINGLE YOUNG SCOTCHMAN WANTS A SITUAs lion as coachman ; no objection to the eountrv. Call on or address B., at Stilling* sadltry ?torc, 144 4th av lor three flays. A COACHMAN'S SITUATION WANTED? BY A Protestant married man, without encumbrance ; wife a* cook; would go to the country. AddreuJ. W., 19 West 28th it ; food reference. A SINGLE YOUNG MAN WANTS A SITUATION AS coachman and gardener ; Is a good groom ; can milk and make himself generally useful, best reference. \d dren, iur two d av*. T. B., Iltrald Uptown Branch uffice w coAcniinsiijunj oahoicmrrr. A SITUATION WANTKD ? MV A SMART YOUMO Englishman, ?? groom, colt breaker or coachman; understands the veterinary, and cannot be beat iu hand ling 1'ouiik hor*ns; be?t reference. Address <"< > t , r BREAKER. Herald pmeo. A FIRST CLASS COACHMAN (MARRIED) WANTS A good situation; thoroughly understand* tin* care of horses, would like a permanent place and prefers the country ; best reference* given, tailor address !A Lcx Ingtmi av. ftOACIlM AN'S SITUATION WANTED - II V A SINOLM \J man'; in trustworthy in every respect; ha* first class reference*. Call on >r address U. W., 11 i.ast *tlih ?t, private stable, for two day* nOACHMANH SI1 CATION W IM'I'li- HY A MAR \ riea man, who thoroughly utulci>binrN hi*- bufilnc^; can show Ilrst clan* city reference . h 14 lived ten year* hi last place, leaving on account of lit* pro mi: employer a., Ing to Europe t all on ..r address M. .V. at Gibson s harness store, 7'J.t Broadway, near lOtli st. SITUATION WANTED-A8 COACHMAN UV A C? Frcuchin.in. who 1* thoroughly eoinpi t -nt ? a go. d carefal driver, city urc<iuntry , b*<t ciiy .-. 1. renca O V.,' 17 I X\T ANTHiJ? HY A YOUNU OEKMAN, A Sill ATION IT as gardener ; kA*I recommendations 1 a;| on >t address tiOHDON BROS., ill Broad st WANTKD? A SITUATION, BY A FIRsT CI, VSS M AN, aa groom or general man: is a good driver and not afraid to work; no objection to city or <:ounir> . i* strictly wilier; good reference. Add re** McM., No. '. Kusi ittu -t. ~\\f ANTED ? A BIT0ATION HY A KIRS'I CLASS 11 %egclahle gardener; a willing worker ? n tak? care ot horses and drive ; *trlctly temperate ; wp-ll iccoin mended. AddfMt P., box M0 Hertld oil WANTKD? A SITUATION AS COACHMAN AND groom by a married inati without eneumnrnnec ; will Ik- |..und . apahle ; first class city reference Can ho seen lor three day a at U. M. Slivers' Uarrluge Fuctory, East 31 at at. WANTKD MAN ANI) WIFE, BOTH KXOI.I.4H; the man to assist in gardening, driving h:i.I taking care ol horses, Ac.; the woiuaii to attend to gcie r:il limine work: must be active and generally efficient. AU dress S., I'oat olllce box ikU42, or call at 12J llroa I st., lor two day*, between It) anil 12 o'clock. TJJTANTED? BY A YOUNG ENGLIdHM VN, A KITUA 11 tion as ilrsl elan* coacliman ; willing to in 1 kc liiin Nelf useful ; best city reference. Apply to JESSE DAW, #H.'t Broadway. "A NTKD? A SITUATION AH COACHMAN, BY \ single young man; understands his business; re fers to preaeut employer. Call on or address .1 .. M KS, at Mr. Ferguson'*, 1U West ifitli *t. ___ ^ , HBU WAWTBP? II ALUS. A T. STEWART A CO. WANT several well oducated, intelligent lads to act lis cm-T? boy*, who wllrhe promoted when competeni. Applv at manager'!) desk, uo later than 'J A. M , Broadway mid 10th st. AN IRISHMAN, POSSESSING THESE .QUALITIES, can get a good literary position? temperance, gen eral education mid journalistic training ; 110 other* will be noticed. Address, tor one day only, JOUHNALieT, Herald office. AN ABLE AND NOBKIt Fl It F. MAN THAT IS NOT afraid Of Work, wants employment. Call at Mr. SI MoNs', watehinukcr, SO Cutliurine st. \ GENTLEMAN OP GOOD ADDRESS, EDI CATION and Influence may fin I pleasant and profitable ? ciipatlou at the American College of Heraldry and Genealogical Registry, 67 University place. AN EXPERIENCED DRIVER POE THE TRUCKIf <1 business? A temperate m.iM with fan 1 an secnrltv. ? ? work on shares with the owner. Address ltl'slisl. box 6M Herald olllce. . , A CHANCE TO LEARN TELEGRAPHY.? MKN, women, boys and girl* learn and fake positions; demand greater than the supply. THOMPSON'S College, 'Jo 4tb av., opposite Cooper Institute. A CARVER WANTED? IN A Dl NINO sM,M.\'; one who understands hi* business and cull coiue well recommended. Apply at (J7S Broadway. A CENTS WANTKD EVERYWHERE.? N UV INVE> tion, sells at sight ; agents making ?.'>o weekly ; stead v emnlovmcnt guaranteed. Call at or address CONNht T lCI I NOV KLl'V WORKS, 509 Broadway. CHEMIST.? WANTED, FOR VBOI'T ONE IKAIt, \ chcmlst, thoroughly competent to a/i.ilvze guano, to ?0 to islands ol 1'acitlc Ocean; wages moiler ite. \d res*, for one week, stating iiiiaiillcalioiis anil terms, WILLIAMS, HAVEN A CO., New London, Conn. Errand boy wanted? for a dressmakinc r - tabllshmuDt; best reference reoulrcd. M. A. CONNELLY, No. 7 East liith *t. ONE HUNDRED LABORERS WANTED-ON Til.,' lower section of Ocean I'arkway, Brooklyn Apply on the grounds, near Hall's Trotting (.'outm', early on Monday morning. SCRIMSHAW PAVEMENT COMPANY. Rubber hands wanted? cutters and ho k makers will And constant employment at Rood wtircv. Apply to OUTTA I'ERCIIA AND RUBBER MAM F,-C IVmaker* will find constant employment at good wi; Inply to OUTTA I'ERCIIA ANI) li TIIHiNO COMPANY. MO West 26th st TWO SMART BOYS WANTED-TO LEA UN 'I'll B show card business; wage*$l 50 a W"ek tor the first three months. Apply to J. KEARNEY, 272 'anal st. WANTED? MEN WHO WRITE VERY PLAINLY, TO assist In the preparation of Trow's New York City Directory. Address, in writing of applicant, st.itliig ref erences, R. B. 1IALLOCK.&2 Orceue *t. Application* In person not attended to. TI* ANTED ? AN EXPERIENCED BARK I. PER, t? speaking tlerman. French and English : good refer encn reijuirutl. Apply to P. ARNAULT, Wine Merchant, 25 Woofter at. WANTED? TWO OOOD ERRAND BOY.-:. APPLY between ? and 10 A. M., to WM. KINZKY, 7?7 and 7fi# Broadway. TJITANTED ? A YOUNG MAN ACQUAINTED WITH TT the merchant tuilors and clothiers of the city, in sell trimmings. S. WOOLP A CO.. 1?> Church s(. WANTED? A FIRST CLASS CANVASSER TO So licit ad vertisemejits, on a salary or commission Call at room 2:i. .14 Park row, between the hour* of 12 and t P. M . for three days. WANTED-A FEW ACTIVE, ENERGETIC MEN AS canvaMser* tor the Improved singer sewing ma chine. Apply at ?H2 8th av. ANTED? IN THE COUNTRY, A MAN AND UIM | wife. No. 5 East Sd st. ?fir ANTED? A MAN FOR ALL WORK IN A HARD f 1 ware store; one that can bring good reference; an experienced porter prelerred. Apply immediately, at 53 Dey st. "tlTANTFD? A OOOD MAN TO DRIVE A FURNITURE 11 trin k; one that understands loading ; Oeiinan pre ferred ; at BATIEliSON A COOK'S storage, CiM tith av,, corner S6th st, * ' '? ANTED -BOY FOR A BM.I.IARD ROOM, ABOUT 17 Apply at S?3 Broadway, basiMnent w w TV ?HTANTKD? A YOUNG MAN IN A LITHOGRAPHIC ff establishment who writes a good hand; one wln? has b??n in the lithographic or printing business pre ferred. Address LITHO, box IT2 Herald office. I, I ' ANTED- A WAITER TOR A DININO AND I' K ?? cream saloon who understands hit tiu.si newx ; Ui a good. steady riuiii this in a pernmii.nl situation Address J. REDCLIrEKK, 400 < 'hapt-l st., New Haven, Conn. WTANTED? PLAIN AND RAPID COPYISTS, PAID BY VV page or week Address, stating terms. COPYIST, box 177 Herald Uptown Brunch otbee. YI'ANTKD - A YOUTH, WRITINO A GOOD HAND, vt and lamiliar with ofllce duties. Address W. A K., 262 South st. YITANTED? A STRONG, ACTIVE YOUTH FOR J AND ?T tor's work; must live with employer: references re quired. Apply to janitor, 25 Broad at., between It) and 2 o'clock, tins day. f A I T K 118 WANTED? AT THE CASINO, CENTRAL ' Park, for Sunday. April 13. _____ (}C SMART SEWING MACHINE CANVASSERS _ ? ) w.inted? Live men easily make $10 a day. ;I0 Vesejr si., room II. 1 1 in BROADWAY^WANTED~, THREE GENTLE*. J ? I 't ? " men ot good address, accustomed to selling on eoinmlssloti ; also a inan to travel and appoint intents; un usual iudqeements oOered. P. A. PECK HAM. THE TUAUHK. ANY PAINTER CAN BECOME AN EXPERT GRA1NKR with a little instruction or description ot our proce?* whereby perfect Imitations of wood can he made morn rapidly "than by any other method. Call and see practi cal operations or send for sample. CROSS A B.vsTiNK, 12S West Broadway. A CIVIL ENGINEER AND DRAUGHTSMAN, Of tlvc years' experience on railroads and other pub lic works, wishes employment. In or near New York, tor a couple ot months. Address C. E., Herald office, ^ A BOY AGED 17, WISHES TO LEARN FRESCO l J\. painting or some othor trade or business Address HONESTY, Herald office. A YOUNG MAN, LATELY LANDED, 17 YEARS ; A old, wishes to learn some trade. Call, lor one week, at 3X1 East 36th St. A RESPECTABLE BOY OP 18 WISHES To LEAKS \ a food trade, honest md willing to work: good ref I eren." Address or apply to ALEXANDER LESTER, I 4S3 West 13th si A FIRST CLASS PRESSMAN WANTED FOR NIGIIV TV work ; must be used to cut work, ana in everyway competent, sober and reliable Address, with lull name, referent* and salary expected, box 2,787 Pont office. BLOCK CUTTERS WANTED? AT HOWELL A Hourks' I'.tpvr Hangings Factory, 23d and Sausoiu st*., Philadelphia. 1AHD ENGRAVER WANTED ? STEADY SITUATION. R. SNKIDKR, M John ?L / CARPENTERS OR BUILDKKS.-A YOU NO MAN " would like to b arn either of the above trades , ha* some knowledge aid n full set ot tools, and l? .-uixloiis ti? be a first class mechanic. Address D. 224 West 37th St., blOUR FIRST CLASS CARPENTERS, WITH GOOD kitsol tools, wanted to work 10 hours; flood wage* raid non-society men Address box 2,^13 Post office, New York, giving residence. _ INDIA RUBBER HOSE MAKERS AND ?UTTEitS I wanted liniiii-diatelv Good 'n*?,"3"?vil2l?X2?,?V ' 1 .v" PBRCHA AND RUBBER M VN L t At ,1 URINO COM PANY. S90 West 3th St. 1 UMBER -SITUATION WANTED IN A LUMBER Ot.' j yellow pine timber yard, understands rnnnim.' >< saw mill; ha- been 11 years wiilj present employer 1 would have no objections t.> going South. Address, tor" one iw?'k M M aKK, West Side Adverilseuient olllce, i c West s(. SITI'ATION W\NTED? ON A GENTLEMAN'S PLACE, bv a man who is a good carpenter and can do paint ing and uiake himself generally useful; best relerence it required Can t>e seen lor a tew days at plumber's shop, corner of 126th ?t and siii av. rpo PRINTERS.? A BOY (ID WISHES TO LEARN I job printing ; served thre i /ears at type settiatf. job printing , served three vears at ty| lress APPRENTICE, bo* 1*1 Herald office. ) HATTERS.? WANTED, T*o OR 1 iner body niakers^at 330 Wallabout TO HATTERS.? WANTED. TWO OR THREE GOSSA? un r Imdv tuskers^ at 330 Wailsbout st. inear Ma rc i av.. Brooklyn. * ".A. Uuoi'tit A

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