13 Nisan 1873 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 4

13 Nisan 1873 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 4
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TIT ANTED? III AN UMBRELLA HOUSE. A YODNQ Tr man to aiaUt in cutting. Apply to A bTEWAltT,' BLACK A OO..SS8 Broadway . tit-anted? a situation, by anenoinker, ONE ? ' who is able and willing to make himself genur&lly oaaftil. Address T. J. L., l,liS2d a*. WANTED-A MAN THAT UNDEBSTANDS MEASUIt iilg and catting bordered earpetn; boiic other need apply. SHEPPAltD KNAI'I', IKS and 1*3 6th a*. WANTED? AT Sfil WEST 12TM , ST., -MONDAY MORN Ing, a strong Amcrirnn bnv to learn tu^iuctiuig fcnd steam filling; good ref.-r?nce repaired. WANTED-A KIK8T CI-ASS DESIGNER AND COP per plate engraver ; permanent situation. Addrea*, with HainpleB, W. II HoSKlNS, JL3 Arch ?t Ma'Lila delphla. ' _ WANTED? A FIRST CI, ASS CYLINDER PRESSMAN j one used to cut work Apply to E. 8. DODUh A CO , it Warren gt _ WANTED-A FIRST CI, ASS MAN. WHO UNDEK standa Kroni h dy 'in? anl scouring thoroughly, to act as foreman. Address A. K., euru J. Butterwoilll, Harriers' Department, Post office. _ WANTED? A YOUNG MAN TO ASSIST AT STEAM table In ik rihitiiif saloon Call to-day at 4HH Canal .-t. "TP-ANTBD? AT MORA'S PORTRAIT (1 AlXEBY, 707"' YT Broadway, a first dusi negative retoueher. . ANTED? A MAN TO REPAIR FCBNITUBBi steady work. W. A LAMBER80N, Flushing. Eong Island. N. Y. ( w FltGWt'H AI>V HKTISKMl^Tg. 1yL j Deux personnes desire** voyager aveo ' uno lainllle etee rendre uUletelleii parlent pluatenrs luiigurs S'adreaer cheat Nnr Colin, 13S rue Amity, Uc 10 lieures a mldi, pendant ileui lours. 1 UNE INSTITl'TRICK AM8RICAINE DESIRE LOITER, ' dam uno famine franraiae on idle poiirra c onverser, une chambre garnie au dcusieme euge inerond floor), avoc ou sans la table, entre lo* rue Boad est Tingt-trolsle. me et la Dcuxieme et la SUletne avenue l.iiuc u Mr. T 14. PERKINS, 76 Ncuvleme rue Est. SALKS AT AUCTION. TfiS2Sr ir ML'I.LER, AUCTIONEER. " V S3 desirable laota, situate on the Oraud Boulevard, 134 th street, to be sold at auction, ?y order of Aivln uiggias, on TUESDAY, April IN at 12 o'clock. at the Exchange Salesroom,* 111 Broadway, by ADRIAN n. MUT.LEH, P. R WILKDIS A CO., Auctioneers. These lot* are on high ground, go?d soil and have a commanding river view. Terms liberal. Maps at office of Auctioneer, No. 7 Pirn- street. ^DRIAh H. MULLER, AUCTIONEER. Valuable Lot* en SHERMAN AND NAEGLE AVE ? ? ? ? /JURS, F.lwood and 211tli ^streets, being part of the DYCK MAN ESTATE. ADRIAN n. MULLER P It. WILKIN'S & CO., #111 sell at auction, on ^ WEDNESDAY, April 16, at 12 o'clock, at the Exchuuge Salesroom, 111 Broadway, New York, 64 LOTS ON THE ABOVE MENTIONED AVENUES AND STREETS. These lot* are on the line of Improvement!, a short ills hi 1 1 co south or the new parade ground, and can lie reached In 47 minutes, fourteen times a daj , by lilt- Ele vated and Hudson itirer Kullroad, termsITiheral. Maps at office of Auctioneer, No. 7 I'ine street. ADRIAN H. MULLER, AUCTIONEER? AUCTION sale of valuable Propertv on Klin and 1 26th streets. ADRIAN M. MI LLER. I'. K. W1LKINS A CO. will se'l at auction. on Wednesday, Aiiril lti, ut 12 o'clock, lit the ExchaiiKc Salesroom, 111 Broadway Elm street? The two Lota, with brick and trutne Buildings theron, situate on the cast side of Elm street, between Worth and Leonard streets, and known as Nos 57 and Si). 126th Street? The three story frame House and Lot situate ou tin* sou th side of 12lith street, 1 15 feet east of Fourth ave nue ; the house Is about 45 leet deep, coutain* 13 rooms, lias water and gas, and Is in good order. Adrian h. muller, auctioneer.? auction sale of 128 Lots Dwelling and Bar::, near Judge Smith's Central Avenue Hotel, uu Tuesday, April 15, at I 1 o'clock, at tin; Exchange. Ill Broadway. Maps ready J at the auctioneer's office, No. 7 l'iue street. Auction sale of VALUABLE IMPROVED PROPERTY ON SECOND AVENUE, I ORNEK OK EK.IITIETU STREET. JOSEPH McGUIRE vrill sell at miction on THURSDAY, April 17, 1873, at 12 o'clock noon, at the Exchange salesroom, 111 Mroadway, the two tour story ana cellar t<rick Houses, with Stores. 1,54.1 and 1,545 Second avenue, northwest corner oi' Eightieth street. Also, The three story and cellar brick front House, with Store, 224 East Eightieth street, near Third avenue. Maps at the auctioneer's office, 87 Cedar street. Auction notice. Special sale of Soft Hats, Panama Hats nnd Men's, Women's and Children's straw imods SOU cases, in t till as<orim< nt. MONDAY, April II. at II o'clock. WM. TOPPING A CO., Auctioneers, IXi Church street. RT NOTICE. PAINTINGS. WATER COLORS. Engravings and Etchings sold bj order ot the executor nt the estate of the lat< E. L. ' or lies. New York; also, hv order of R. t>. Baldwin, Trustee, Baltimore; together witli a few choice Paintings Just receivc l from Europe, counting of examples by turner, David Cox, Frith, Uuido Bach. Rankley, Ac., Ac. The whole now on ' xhii itloti tree, d.iv and evening, at Leavitt Art Rooms. ><17 Broadway. and to be sold tiy auction on the evenings ot Thursday. Friday and Saturday. April 17, IS and 19, ut ~\i o'clock, ai the ? Clinton Hall Sale Rooms. y. The Messrs. I.F.AVITT, Auctioneers. Art auction. Executors' Sale. ROBERT SOMERYILLE, Auctioneer, S3 Filth avenue, will sell on TUESDAY EVENING, APRIL 15, ut the Rockwood Gallery, 845 Broadway, tlic Water Color and Pencil sketches, Ac , of the lute J. F. KEN SETT, including a number ot important on Paintings ot Mr. Louis Lang Now on exhibition at m'j Broadway ______ AUCTIO#, WEDNESDAY, April 10. at 7>* P M.. 60 Union place, corner Seventeenth street and Fourth av. We invt)e public attention to the exhibition ot the ex quisite Works of Art m marble (pronounced the ilne-t by tlie art critics ever brought to tins country), belonging to Muie. DE II. HAZARD. ?rusting to their merit to secure a good attendance on the evening ot sale. Also Mine Hazard's Jewelry. Laces, Furs Antiquities, Articles ot Vertu trotn the Tuileries and French Empress, to be sold without reservi . The Furniture will lie sold at P. M. ROBERT BOMERVILLK, Auctioneer, 82 Mtth avenue. ART AND FURNITURE AUCTION. . ROBERT somkrvillE, Auctioneer. < ittice Fifth avenue. ROBERT SOMERVILI.K will sell b> auction, on Tues day, April 15, at ill's o'clock, all the city ant Hsusehold Furniture and Oil Paintings contained in the private residence 211 Last Eleventh street, viz. ?Rich earved rosewood Parlor Suits in broi ati I and plush, rosewood Etagere. rosewood 7 octave Piano (Lltidenian matter*. Brocatel and Lace Curtain*. Pier and Mantel Mirrors Velvet and Body Brussels Carpels rosewood and black walnut Hed Room Hulls. Curled Hair Matressc? l eather Beds, black walnut Anionr-a-Glass. Llbrarj Suits in reps. Bookcases, Tables, LoWges. Dining Room in reps, Buffets, Extension Tables, Hhairs, Cnina, Cut oia^s sii ver Ware. Envravings, Cattage suits, Ac A RT AUCTION TUESDAY, April 15. St 7\. P. M? Rockwood Gallery. -*45 Broadway. ROBERT SOM EK VILLI, Auctioneer, A 82 Filth avenue. ??Ill sell the Water Color Pencil sketches, A< , of the l?te J. K Kensett; also a number of finished Pictures, by Louis Lang. RT AUCTION. TIEsDAY APP.1L 15, AT 12 M . AT 214 I AS I EI.E\ i , M il STREET (private Dwelling), a collection of FIVE OIL PAINT INGS AND EN' ? K A \'I Mis, PROOF AND LINE? to gether with nil the ELEGANT FURNITURE contained therein, Including the CELEBRATED PAINTING OK MAUD MULLER, B* CONSTANT MEYKK ROBERT SOMERVILLE. k RT A. ' Tl" V J\. SOMERVILLE GALLERY, FlPli avenue nnd Fourteenth -? r.-> t SUPERB COLLECTION of the Very finest class ot FOREIGN OIL PAINTISos belonging to Charles F. Ila/eltinc, of New Yolk anil Pliiladelptila, probably the most elegant off ere I in America this season. To be sol" on the EVENINGS of the 21st, 22d and 23d of APRIL. EXHIBITION NOW opKS, FREE, Dav and Evening ROBEK'f BOMKKVILLE, Auctloni er, B- Fifth avenue. Auction notice.? large salk ok elegant and costly llousebald Furniture. Monday, April 14, at l(Bi o'clock positively and without reserve. ROREKi (,'. CASHIN. Auctioneer. Bale postponed Saturday on account of storm Those desiring to | ? u r< base Household Furniture would do well to attend tint sule Particulars ot wim h < aji lie seen In Monduy's Herald. N. U -Sale postivc, ivgardiees of weather. ADCTION NOTICE!? RICH A l! D WALTERS, AUC tloneer, salesroom 27 Eaat Broadway, will give his persona) attention to sales ot Household Furniture st thn residence of parties de lining housekeeping, or can be removed to his spacious silooutn for convenience of sale ; Stores of 'ill kind- i otises. Ac j storage for Dn nlftire, Ac. ; 20 veara' exviriints , pruuijit returns ; mou< rata. r gX Tiit ft w imcinw. 'Nl^^BLeKOKBRreOK A CO.. AUOTIONBBBB. IX* - Hup rune Court Hale ia 1'artitlou, 'Under direction of A. A. lUidtUdd, Ketbroe TUESDAY, April 1 A, at 12 noon. . , OWUBNWrOH 8TBHBT-S story high stoop sad base ment brick Ifoun and Lot, No. 18, near Battery place. WASHINGTON STBKB I ?3 stsry brick Uouje, No. 1?. in rear of the above i each lot 2<i*K block. FECK BLIP AND SOU TB STItKKT-Briejs n<?"? """J store, 45 Peck slip, northwest corner ot SouUi street, 23x35 6. ; 60 per cent on mortgage. A .! BLBRCKBB, HON A 00.. AUCTIONEERS. JA . Valuable Ub avenue Property, iiear Union square. THURSDAY, April 17. at 12 noon. 4TH AVENUE? The well buUt 4 Htory brick English li&semen I House and I.ot in fec.2til 4th av., east aide, third Souse below Slat at. ; lot 23*90, house 46 leetdecp ; has all the modern conveniences. TiUo perfect Term* most hlieral. Maps at 77 Cedar st A J. BLBKCKKR, SON A CO., AUCTIONEERS. THURSDAY, April 17, at 12 noon. WASHINGTON STREET- The 2 Lot* and Building* S75 ami 377 Washington at.. southeast corner of Beach at., each 25x70, near the Old Dominion Steamship Company'a pier and in the rear ?I the United States bonded waro house on Ureenwich and Beach sts. Terms liberal, A HLBKCKBR, HON A CO., A UCTION MEM i\ ? Superior brown atone House on West Eighteenth st THURSDAY, April 17. at U noon, four story high stoop brown stone House aud Lot, 87 West Eighteenth street, lie I ween Filth nod Sixth nvenuea; bouse 25x75, all the way up ; In perfect ordor, and replete vritn all modern convcnieucuu; GOncr ooutou morUiaKO. Maps at 77 Cedar street. A J. ULEECKKR. HON A 00., AUCTIONEERS. ? . THURSDAY, April 17, at 12 noon, two stofy brick Houses and Lota f?7 and 59 Thompson street, between llroouie and Spring, lil.HUlUU. Map* at 77 Cedar atroet A J. BLEECKER. SON A CO., AUCTIONEERS. ? Supreme Court Hale In Partition under direction ol 1*. T. JtiiKgioa, rofercu, Kin DA V, April 18, ?t W noon. THIPD AVKNUK? I'VieS 4-story hric.k Houses and Lot* (90, 99) and 9M ;ul ay., northwest corner 5JL)i st, 60.1 on Jd uv. by CO leet#n tlio street. FIFTY NINTH STREET? The 4 story briok Brewery and Buildings in rear ; the ground isMl.ll mint by 100. AVKNUK A? S story brown atone Tenement IBS and 188 av. A, southeast corner 12th st., 51 !)x9j .0. AVKNUK B? ' The brick House unit Lot 151 av B, cast Sitle, between 0th and lOUl sts. Hale absolute For particulars apply to ADOLF Li-.Y1N0ER,2G1 Broad way; maps 77 Oclw at A J. BLBBOCBB, SON A CO. WILL HELL AT ? auction, on Tuesday, April 22. at 12 M., at the Ex change Halesrooin, 111 Broadway :? Four lieautitul Cottages and Land attached, at Buther t'urd Park, N. J., situated on Lake, Livingston and Stuy vesant avenues; these cottagea were buflt by Mr. K. T. Christian.*)* of the best materials and with great care; they are tilled In with brick, Itave line (pilars and attics ami are replete with modern comtorta; well supplied with water; rooms handsomely arranged as parlors aud bedrooms, with abundance of closets, inarbiu mantels, Ac , Ac. Further particulars and mapa at 77 Cedar street ADRIAN II MUM, Kit, AUCTION EBB. Valuable Lota on Sherman and NaetrTo aYenues, Klwood aud 21 ltli streeta, being parted liw llyckuian ustate. ADRIAN H. MULL Kit, P R. WILRINfl * CO., will sell at auction, on Wednesday. April 16, at 12 o'clock, in Uie Exchange salesroom, 111 Broadway. New York:? Sherman avenue? Four Plota, south aide of Sherman avenue, commencing 500 leet eastot Klwood street, each < ou'aining 7 city lota anil one lot on street. Niegle avc n ve ? Two Plots, north side of Naegle avenue, immediately In the rear of the Sherman avenue plots, each containing 7 city lots and one lot on street. Klwood street? Two Lota, east side ol' Klwood street, 200 leet north ol Naegle avenue. Two hundred and eleventh street? Four Lots, sonth side of 211th street, commencing 100 leet west ol Ninth av nue, each 26xW.lt These Lota are on the line of Improvements, a short distance south ol' the new parade grouud, and eau lie reached in forty seven minutes, Iburtuen limes u day, by the Elevated aim Hudson River Railroad. Arch joiinston. aucioneer, ottlec and salesroom, '<7 Nassau street, opposite the Post office. Horso Auction Branch, 19, .21, ?J aud*25 Kust Thirteenth street. AICCH. .lOUNHTON will sell at auction this week as follows:? MONDAY? Household Kurnituro, at 2U West Twenty second street. TUESDAY? Household Furniture, at stores 37 Nassau anil 5S Liberty street TUESDAY ? Horses and Carriages, at M to 2ft East Thir teenth street. WEDNESDAY? Household Furniture, al 3IV4 West Thlrtv first street. WEDNESDAY? Household Furniture, at IS Barrow street WEDNESDAY? Fine Oil Tainting*, at store 37 Nassau street THURSDAY? Fine Oil Paintings, at store 37 Nassau street. THURSDAY? Household Furniture, at IL' schemerhorn strei t, Brooklyn FRIDAY? llorses and .Carriages, at 19 to 23 Fast Thir teenth street. FRIDAY? Household Furniture, at 37 Nn.-sati street SATURDAY ? Household Furniture, at store 58 Liberty street \ BOH. JOHNSTON, AUCTIONEER. J\ office iiNd salesroom 37 Nassau street, Hor.-e auction brunch 19. 21, 22uud 25 l-.u^t Thirteenth st UKXTKKL HOUSEHOLD FU K.N Il'U BL, ROSE WOOD P I A N OFQ RTK, MIRRORS, CARPETS, Ac., AT ACCTION. ARCH. JOHNSTON will sell', at uucllon, ou Moaday, April It, ut loV, o'clock, at 253 WEST iWliNI'Y SECOND STREET. NBA B EIUI1TH avenue, all the Furniture contained in >aid bouse, viz., carved rosewood Parlor Suit, in green and gold satin, Kecetitioii Chairs. Kta^eres, ,*r.-, curved walnut aaii mahogany Dining Room and Chamber Furniture, curled tiuir Jii a ureases,, leather Beds and Pillows and Bedding; oil I'alntints and Engravings; Brussels an l lnsraln Car pets and Oilcloths ; also rosewood 1'ianotarte, \\ i 11 1 i\in Itull A Son maker; Piano Stool anil Music Etagcres, Mir rors, Ac., together with the Kitchen Furniture, with which the sale will commence. Catalogues now ready ut the ottlce ot the auctioneer. t RCH. JOHNSTON. AUCTIONEER. Office and salesroom 37 Nassau street, opposite the Post office. Horse Auitlon Branch. 19. 21, 2.1 and 25 East Thirteenth street, near Fifth avenue. Ocntoel Household Furniture, Carpets, Ac. ARt'll JOHNSTON will sell ut auction, on Wednesday. April lti, .it 10li o'clock, at 15 Harrow street, between Bleeckcr and Fourth streets. Walnut anil mahogany Parlor anil Bedroom Furniture, tine Feather Beds, rlllows aud Bedding, tbree-plv Ingrain Carpets, Oilcloths, Kitchen Furuituie, Chlnu, ,sil\er Plati-d and Class Ware. A RCII J0AN8TON, AUCTIONEER, -V office and salesroom 37 Nassau street, opposite the Post office Horse auction Branch, ly, 21, 23 and 2.r> Eust Thirteenth slreet, near Filth avi nue. IIANllSdMK HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, Oil. PAINTINOS. CAItPTTS, Ac. ARi'H .JOHNSON will sell at auction, on WEDNESDAY, April Its, at WU o'clock. a* the private residence 364 West Thirfy first street, be tweeu liightli anil Ninth avenues, all the furniture contained in said house, being in part elegant carved rosewood fiirior Suits, in crimson, satin: Reception f hairs and Etageres, Centre Tables, carved solid oak Dining Room ainf Library Furniture, Tables, Chairs, Secretarv, Bookcase, Lounges. carved rosewood n ltd walnut Bedroom Furniture, Bedstead, Dressing Bu reau, Washstand, toilet Crockery, French, china and (lass Ware; all the royal, Wilton, velvet and Brussels Carpet* and oilcloths, Ac. Also Fine Oil I'aintnik's. by Patell, Wallborgh, Ilolackcr, Thompson, Van Uulgemle, Conrndl, Wahll, Ac. Catalogues at the auctioneer's ottice. . A RCU JOHNSTON, AUCTIONEER. | JV Office and salesroom, M Nassau street, opposite the I'ost office* l JJorse Auction Branch, 19, 21, SS and 25 East Thirteenth street, between I tltli a venae and I Diversity place. I ELEUA.NT SECOND 11 AN D HOUSEHOLD FWlNI I'l'RB. ARCH JOHNSTON will sell on Tuesday, at 10S o'clock, a' th ? salesrooms, >7 Nassau street and 5* Liberty stri ct. a tine assortment of Household Furniture, elegant Turk : i-h Parlor Suits, drab ami crimson satin ; It nil Hat Racks, | Etageres, suit crimson striped reps, nutlet*, Bedroom Suits, line Brussels Carpets, Dressing Bureaus, elegant t Wardrobe, Easy Chairs, Curtains, Dressing Tables, h.v i tension Tables, Dining Room Chairs. Retrigeialors. Crockery, ulass and China, Kitchen Ware, Ac. i 1 AUCTION? BY WM. VAN ""TASSEL L, A I t' J\ tloueer: ? Monday, April 14? Club House, 24 West Twentv-eighth street. Tuesday, \pril 1.1 ? Horses and Carriages, 110, 112 and lit East rturU'i nth street Wednesday, April 16? Private stable, 107 East Forty first street. Thursday, April 17? Livery stable, 182 and 184 Suffolk Street. Friday. April IS? Horses and Carriages, no, 112 and 114 K.ast Thirteenth street ??aturday, April lu? Furniture, at East Twenty-seventh street Monday. April 21? Elegant Furniture, corner Thirty* second street and Madison avcaue. Parties declining housekeeping and wishing to engage ' davs tor sale will please engage them at once, a- I have oulj a lew daysdisciK'airc it lor the month ot April. W M VAN TASsELL, Auctioneer (Successor to Johnston A Van Tnsarll , office lit), 1 1 j ami lit East Thirteenth street I A UCTION NOTICE. 1 J\ l> W. IVES will give his personal attention to the I salt s nt Furniture ut residences of partiesdei lining house keeping, or goods can be removed to ln? Liberty street; 1 terms reasonable ; best reference. Auction sale utturui uir<-. Ac on Wednesday, at sulcsroom*. Particulars to-morrow. VUCTION HALF. OF APPLE AND PEA It TREES. Grapevines, Currant. ( loose be ry. Raspberry and Blackberry Bushes, Arbor Vita- and a large nssornhent of ornamental and Flowering Shrubs, on Tuesday, April I ... at II A. M., at lrt l>e\ street. William KLLIoTT. Auctioneer. A iT-KN, DOOLEY A HENRlglES WILL SKI. L AT JY auction, on Tuesday, April 15, IH7S, at ISo'clock noon, at the Exchange salesrooms. I II Broad <sa\ . the I tour story high stoop liMclliug Mouse and Lot 3d West I Thirty-third street, between Fifth avenue. Broadway nnd SiMlr ax * nut sis* U I house 21. 1 \ , x .J, auoui , lot 21 1 kx!W 9. Also. , at the same time and pl.t 1. the three storv high stoop in-own stont front House and Lot l>s> Es?t Twenty-sixth street, between Lexington and Fourth avenues, i-Ue of liou-e .Dx 50, lot 20.VJS 'J. Also, at the same time and place, the three story hiirh ?tnop brown stone tront House and Lot 1 12 Fast > i xt> tilth street bay windows; parlors have just been palnic'.i and I rescued ; size of house 20x50, lot 20x100.6. For maps and particulars apply at the office of the Auctioneers, Ut) Broadway, or ut the brunch office, l,26u Broadway. I i ?WILLIAM TRIHT BAILKY AIVTIONELK. A, By V. K. STEVENSON, Jr.. ?"ill sell at Exchange Salesroom, 111 Broadway. Monday, APRIL 2I. 1*7-1, nt 12 O'clock, ' the vers desirable well planned lour story brown stone ' Dwelling 106 East Thirty filth street, north side, second door east of l'ark avenue, on Murray ! liiil . location unexceptional ; fitted with every optiven tence, in complete repair and frescoed: size of house ls?by a'. out ft) feet, lot one-halt the block; terms easy M^tjis at Auctioneer s office, II Pine at. and 22"* Fifth nv. I \ -WM TRIST HAl LEY, AUCTIONEER. I B\ V K. STEVENSON, Jr., vllf ?- l <mi TUESDAY. April 15, , , at 10H o'clock A. M., tht win 1c of the 1 iirultu re, itnoks and EiTccts at ..... '' '"st Ninth street Offices II Pin.' street ami rti i Filth avenue A CALDWBLL, AUCTION EP.lt, iV. Salesroom, 7K Nassau street. Established IH40. gives hla personal attention to the sales of Household Furniture at the residences ot families breaking up or at his spacion sWvsruoui u ftttfiY* Luxl; uppksaUyB i? *' ^usutMMry. ? ' i BA1.K8 AT AVCTION. A LLFN B. MINER AUOTIQNBBrT ~>~~ /? salesrooms 83 Chambers ana 77 Readn street Horse Aucliou Mart, 3.(7, J ? and 341 FoarUi avenue, corner Twonty-Alth street MONDAY, APRIL It. _ *t lOK o'olock, at private residence. 1JTWE8T FORTY THIRD STREET, BETWEEN BROAD WAY AND WIXTH AVENUE, ? . . MORTGAGEE'S HA LB. Genteel Household Furniture, Carpets, Ae.. all of which are in very Hue order, having been but lit tic used, comprising English Brussels Carpeti, nearly new; blaek walnut, gilt traced i'arlor liuit, in blue, walnut Centre and Sido Table*, Etagere, Hue lino ana mezzo tint Engravings, Turkish Chairs. black walnu1 Bedroom Builj complete, bent hair Mattresses and Pillows, Bod Linen, Blankets, Ac., In variuty, Lounges, to'iet Crock ery. walnut Extension Tuples, Bullet and Chair*, damask Tablecloth*. Napkin* and To well; China, Glass and Hilver plated Ware,, Ac., Iiall and stair Carpets, Hat Stand. Kitchen Utensils, Ac. ; also Lindenian ft Sou* rosewood Piano, Iu good order. By order Otto Young, Mortgsgoe TUESDAY, APRIL ?. at 1D>< o'clock, at private residence IOhWEHT FORTY-THIRD STREET. RETWEKH BROAD WAY ANI> SIXTH AVENUE, GENTEEL HOUSEHOLD I'll RNITU It K, MIRltORH, CARPETS, AO., IN GOOD ORDER. comprising Brussels, three-ply and ingrain Carpet* (nearly now) ; black walnut I'arlor Suit*, in rep* and liair cloth: lino walnut Bedsteads, Dressing Bureaus, Ac.; marble top Tables, Mattresses, foather Bolsters and 1*11 Iowh, Dining Room I'ur in t uro, French China, Glass aud Silver plated Ware, Sllvcrplated Cutlery, Ao. WEDNESDAY, Al'RIL 10. at lOW o'clock. at private residence .147 W IiH'r I'll IRTI KTH STREET, BETWEEN EIGHTH AND NINTH AVENUES, EXECUTORS' SALE Oentecl Household Kurnlture, Mirrors, Carpets, on Paintings, valuable private Library, Ate. , Ac. Particulars In time. By order of Messrs. W. S. JarvlsA W. U. Gillette, Executors estate W. H Campbell, deceased. WEDNESDAY AND THURSDAY. APRIL 17 AND IS, at 10W o'olock, at the Libhy House NOS. 386, 38H, 390, M AND 394 FOURTH AVENUE, CORNER TWENTY-SEVENTH HTRKET, THE ENTIRE CONTENTS OK THE ABOVE ft HOUSES, comprising velvet, Brussels and Ingrain Carpets; Pier and Mantel Mirrors, rosewood Piano, blaek walnut Suits in Itrocatel and reps, Centre and Side 'I'uhles.'Lace Cur tains and Cornices, Etagere, clocks and Mantel orna ments, blaek walnut and mahogany Bedstead*, Bureaus, Wardrobes, Withstands, Lounges and Chairs, Mirrors; hair, Excelsior and straw Mattresses; Feather Beds, Bol sters and Pillows; Toilet Crockery, Window Shades. Cur tains, about a*) pairs each Blankets, shoots. Pillow and Bolster Cases, lowels, Ac. ; UinniK Tables, large assort ment Crockery for Dinner, Breakfast and Tea Ser vice; Sllverpluted Ware in great variety, Glassware, Cutlery, Cash Counter, Barroom and Lunchroom Fix tures, marble top Counters, Bar Settees, Chairs, Stoves, Bar Show Bottles, Glasses, Ac. Also A flno stock of Liquors, comprising Brandies, WliUkeys, Gins, Rum, Sherries, Ports. Ac. Kitchen and Laundry? Largo size Monetise Range, In perfect order, with all the appurtenances complete; Hteain Tables and Heaters, law assortment ol Copper Ware, comprising Urns, Saucepans, Omelette and Jelly Dishes, Kettles, Ac.; Tin mid Iron Ware iu variety; Man gle, Ironiim Stove and Tables, and, in tact, everything belonging to a well-ordered hotel kitchen and laundry ; also Has fixtures throughout the house, Steam Ueaters aud Pipes, Ac., Ao. THURSDAY, APRIL 17, at ld'j o'clock, at the residence 60 EaST NINTH STREET, BETWEEN BROADWAY AND UNIVERSITY PLACE, (lenteol Hou.sliold Furniture, Mirrors, Carpets, Pianos, Ac., Ac. Particulars in time. KB IDAY. APRIL 18, ?t loy o'clock, at. '12 West Fifteenth street, all the Furniture of the first class hoarding house located a.< above, comprising Carpets, Mirrors, rosewood and black walnut Parlor, Bedroom and Dining Furniture. Fur Hi ulars in Uuie. FRIDAY, APRIL 18, at it)' j o'clock, at our salesrooms, 95 Church anil 77 Iteudo street, handsome Household Furniture, Pier and Mantel Mirrors, Carpets tn variety, Ac., Ac. Details in future advertise ments. Al?o, at 1 o'clock P. M., to pay charges and advances, for whom it may concern, 70 great gross patent Pant But tons and 230 great gross patent Shoe Buttons. \ LLEN It. MINER AUCTIONEER. UY Salesrooms lift ( hambers and 77 Rcade streets By ALLEN B MINER A BROTHER, FRIDAY, 25th. ami SATURDAY. 2otU of April, ut 10 U o'clock, at the Worth House, JUNCTION OF BROADWAY FIFTH AVENUE AND Twenty tilth street? Handsome Household Furniture, Mirrors, Curtains, Carpets, Ac., Ac., all ol which were made to order ami iu tine condition. Particulars here after. A M. CRISTALAK. AUCTIONEER. A> Genteel llou-ehoUl Furniture, Pianoforte, Carpets. Ac. On MONDAY', April 14, at 10% o'clock, the entire contents oi hrowu stone house tfto Henry street, near Rutgers street, as follows:? Carved and nlft Parlor ami Bedroom Suits. Inlaid Cabinets, imported Musical, Chair, Centre and Extension Tables, Carpet*, Mirrors, Pianoforte, Phclau A Cullender Billiard Table. Clocks. Brontes. Oil Paintings, China, Gloss and PlatiM Ware; Sealskin Sack, Mum and Cap an i Camel's Hair Shawl: also, ut I o'clock, two Horse*. lfi hands high, 7 aud 8 years old; sound and kind, LU'ht VYa^en, Harness, Robes, Saddle and Bridle, Ac. Catalogue* at silo. Dealers and housekeepers specially in . lied, as there is no reserve, owner uoinx to Europe. t M. CRISTAIjAR, AUCTIONEER. u\. Oentecl Household Furniture, rosewood Pianotorte, Moiiuet and Velvet Carpet*, rare oil Paintings. Bronzes, Ac., Ac., 4 to be sold on Wednesday , April lfi, at 10% o'clock, at 12s Seventh avenue, between Thirty-eighth and Thirty -nin III streets, comprising in part :? Parlors contain rosewood ' and satin Parlor Suits. Moi|uet Carpels, gilt Clocks ami bronze Cabinets, Etaticr?s, Barmore Pianofbrtc, Lace Cur ains and Mirrors, o>l Pointings Bedrooms contain very rich Chumbor Suits, Bedsteads, Bureaus, Com mode*, Washslnnds, Hair Mattresses, Lounges. Lace Cur tains Dining room? China aud Glass Waie, Silver Plate, Extension Table. Chairs. Library contains green rep Fmt, Bookcase, Card Table, Lambrequins and Curtains. Dealers and public Invited. By a. W. DAUCHY. AUCTIONEER. DAUCHY A JOHNSON will sell nn Wednesday. April 16, at their salesrooms, 484 unit 4Sfi t'unal street, ut 2 o'clock, 200 Carpets from tlic Filth Avenue Hotel. consisting Oi Royal Wilton. Axinlll titer, Morguet, Velvet, Body Brussels and Tapestry Car pets, Ru&?, Mats, Ac., In tine order. Sale peremptory. BY WM. VAN TAS8KLL, AUCTIONEER, office 110. 112 ami 114 Kast Thirteenth street, near Fourth avenue. The well Known Club House. 24 Went Twenty -eighth street, near Broad war, on MONDAY, April 14, at 12 o'clock, Consisting ot Faro Talile, Bed and Black fable, fttll set ut keno Apparatus, Balls. Wheels,. Cards, Ac. ; about 2.1**) ivory Checks, Deal and Cue Boxes, about luO black walnut, oak Oinlng and Sitting Room cane-seat Chairs; In black walnut Extension Tultles. round Card Table, covered with billiard cloth; very elcLunt Brussels far pet, marble top black walnut sideboard, bronze Chande liers and Fixtures, Crockery and <ila-.s Ware, Ac., 4c. ; Llllle's Combination Sale; being the cutiru content* ot a first class sporting and club house. Sold to close a mortgage. Catalogues now reudy at office of the auctioneer. By campbeli. a co.. auctioneers. Office 34S Hudson street 'live personal attention to auction sales of Household Furniture at private residences; ten years' experience in the auction furniture branch enables them to uuarautce lull value ; charges moderate ; returns day of sale. By f. colton, auctioneer. On TUF.SDAY. April la, at lo^ o'clock, at the private residence ;ji West Thirty-tirat street, near Eighth avnue, the entire Household Furniture. carpets. ,tc. Rich rosewood Parlor Suits in hrocatel. clegs nt French plate pier Mirror, Velvet Carpets, rosewood, black wal nut and mahogany Bedroom Milts; best hair Mattresses, Bedding. China, Class and Kitchen Ware Ac. Catalogues at .he house morning ol'Mlu, and at the salesroom 53 East Thirteenth street. on THURSDAY, April 17, af 10^ o'clock, at the private resident'* H4 West Fortv third street, superb Household Kurnlture, 8 te In way 7\ octave Piano forte, Mirrots, Ac. Superb Drawing Room Furniture, en suite; one superb French walnut Chamber Milt, cost $i.5U0; elegant Li brary Suit, Wing Bookcases, Ac.; Carpets, best Mat tresses and Bedding. Particulars in time. On MONDAY, Anril 21, at li)lj o'clock, at the corner ot Broadway and rwvuty -tilth street, entrance on West Twenty tilth "street, the entire rich Furniture of forty parlors nuil.hedrooms: \ civet and Brussels Carpets in good order, best curled hair Mattresses, Bedding, French plate pier and mantel Mirrors, Ac., Ac. Particulars in time. (CORPORATION 8 ALB OF REAL ESTATES J and Leases of Ferry rranehises. Pnhllc notice is hereby given that the Commissioners Of the Sinking Fund of the cltv ot New York will open tor sale lit public auction, on Tuesday, April 21), 1873, at noon, at the Exchange .Salesroom, Ill Rroadwav, In the <? it v ot New York, the following real estates belonging to the" Corporal ibn of the cltv ot New York ? Premises known as 161) Wooster strc t. Premises known as V>2 West Thirty tilth street. Premises known as M Spring street. Premises known as 4 9 Leonard street Building and l.and on the east side of avenue C, be tween Sixteenth and Seventeenth structs, known as the Eighteenth War.l ITirket Full warrantee deeds will be given to all purchasers. ?Hhographlc maps of the above real r- ates may be ob tained hi the Comptroller's office on and alter the lDth of April next. Also Sealed Bids will tie received, to le public lv opened at the Comptroller's office on April 29. I*7:i, at :t o'clock P M., for Lease* for a term ol 10 years, iroui May 1, 1*7:1, of the following terries and terry franchises ? Ferry now established from foot ot Houston street, Ea?t Ulvur, New York, to the foot of lirand street, Brook Is n. K. l>. terr* low established from foot of i irnml street. New York, to toot ot orand street, Brooklvn, K It Ferry now established irom fool of Ninety-second street. East River, to Astoria, Long Island. Lease of ferry franchise, now established trmn foot of Barclay street. North Boer, to llo!,ok> n, N ,). Lease of ferry franchise, now established trom foot of Deslirosses street, North River, to foot of llarsiinus street, N. .1. lite leases tn be made to cinfnrm to the requirement ot laws relative to terries, and such regulations, ordi nances or bylaw s as are now or hereafter inay Irom time to time be made or passed by the C.iiuuiou* Ceuncll or State legislature. Bids to be addressed to the undersigned And endorsed "Bids for Ferry Franchises." The right to re ect anv hid. if deemed t? lie to the in terest oi the city ot New York, is reserved l?y the Com missioners of the Sinking Fund. ANDREW 11. GREEN, Comptroller. Coarrooi.tra's Orrica, Nfw cocntv Court II ocs ?. March 27. Ifft. COLE A MI'RPHY, AUCTIONEERS Executors' sale ofSOl Vacant i/ots, situated in the Eighteenth, Nineteenth and rweuty-flrit w irds of tlic cltv ol Brookh n nn I the village ot F.ast New York, on TUESDAY, Atiril I.V ltri, at 12 o'clock. M., at their salesroom, JOT Fulton street, Brooklyn, by order of the executors of the lato Charles Ooodwin. The lots are well located, and the sale being absolute offers great Inducements to purchasers, whether fer im provement or investment sixty per cent can remain on bond and mortgage. /IoLE A MURPHY, AUCTIONEERS,? ACOTION 8ALK \j of 2i) Lots, east side of Reed avenue, between -Van Buren and Uruene avenues, above the grade and beauti fully situated ; sale poeltlvu.on Thursday the 17th, at 12 M., at their salesr lorn* VW Fulton street, Brooklyn. /1AMPBELL A CO., AL'CTIONKKRS. SF.LL ON MON \ ) day Restaurant and liming Saloon. 151 bird avenue; Furniture, Fixtures, other coulctiU, FuU pftfUcuUn tfi Monday'! Ucrald. < JSAI-HS^AT UOTlOff. | JKNBY BUKBTH, AUCTIONBBB. SALBBBOOM8 It OOKTLANDT ATBBBT BULLETIN Of BALKS FOB APRIL:? OK MONDAY, APBfL II, AT 10 O'CLOCK, AT 40 WEST FOURTBBHTH ST BEST, GENTE11L IIOUSBUOLD FURNITURE, PIANO. AC., comprising rosewood au<l walnut Parlor Salts, One velvet And Brussels Carpets, Chlckerlng A Hon* Plana, walnut arid Cottage Chamber Suits, Bedt, Bedding, Mat trasses, Sofa and Lounge Bods, Curtains, Ublna and Glassware, Ac., Ac. Catalogues at pale | TBVfT B. 11 riM's, AOOTIOBBBB. ON TUESDAY, APRIL 15. AT 10 O'OLOOK. AT 22 WEST FOHTV TUIBD 8TUEET, NEAB FIFTH AVBNUB, BICH AND ELBOANT HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, STEINWAY A HONS PABLOB ORAND PIANO; CPBIOUT PIANO, BY OTTO BOU8, OK HAMBURG; VALDABLB OIL PAINtTnoS, CLOCKS, BRONZES, Krcu PIER AN!) MANTEL MIUKORS, IMPORTED MOQUBT AnTTi7rU8HBL9 CARPETS, AC. This furniture was all made to order, rogardlass of ex pense. tu I is nearly new PARLOUS CONTAIN richly Inlaid ebony, gilt and bronzo-inounted Parlor Hot in crimson gftin, with Window Curtains to match ; ele gant French plate Pier and Mantel Mirror*, valuablo Oil Paintings by Ostade, Palamedes, Murillo, Chamber*, of London , Oeorge Arrafietd, of Loudon ; Church, E. Cray, Frorlch and ether eminent artist*-, French Moquet, Car* pets, Steinway A Bon's 7 octave parlor grand Piano, rlCb Paris Clocks, Bronzes, Statuary, Vases, OrnameBU, rt>?? wood Etageres, Inlaid Tables, ebony Pedestals, Easlea, Flower Stands, Turkish Crinoline Suit In drab and blue silk reps, rich Luce Curtains, Music Stand, Ac. CHAMBERS "CONTAIN massive solid rosewood Chamber Suits, English Bru.-wel* Carpets, finest quality Beds, Beddiug, Oair and Spriug Mattresses, Turkish Chairs ttud Loungoa, Mirrors, Taint- J ings, Engravings, fine walnut Chamber Suits, Wardrobes, Chiffoniers, reps and Laco Curtains, Ac., Ac LlBRARY CONTAINS Bookcases, Library Tables, rosewood Side and Work Ta bles, Chairs, Upright Piano, by Bors, ot Hamburg; Cur* tains, Cornices, Pictures, Ac., Ao. IN DINING ROOM WILL BE POUND Solid walnut Dining Suit, in loathor; tine walnut Buf fet, Extension Dining Table, English Brussels Carpets, rich China Cut Glass and Silver Ware, Cutlery, Clocks, Pictures, Ac. ; together with a very fine and full assort ment of choice Kitchen and Cookiug UtensiU, with which the sale will commence. The houso will be open for inspection on Monday, by permit only, which may be bad, together with cata logues, at the office of the Auctioneer, 16 Cortland t street. JJENRY 15. HERTS, AUCTIONEER. ON WEDNESDAY, APRIL 16, AT 10 O'CLOCK, AT 207 EAST SEV KMUENTli STREET, GENTEEL HOUSEHOlTTkURNITURE, PIANO, Ac. Full details in to-morrow's Herald. JTKNRY a. HERTS, AUCTIONEER. ON THURSDAY, FRIDAY AND SATURDAY. APRIL 17, 18 AND 19. AT 10 O'CLOCK, SPECIAL PEREMPTORY SALE OP WATCHES, JEWELRY, DIAMONDS, AC. ALSO, ELEGANT STOKE FIXTURES, SAFES, AC. 1) Y OKDKR OK MR. JOHN CHAMBERLIN, AT HIS STORI~l5 BROADWAY, UNDER THE NEW YORK HOTEL comprising hit entire stock, valued at over f 50,000, which will be sold without any reserve, on account of retiring from business. Full details in time. TTENRY B. HERTS, AUCTIONEER. ON MONDAY, APRIL 21, AT 10 O'CLOCK, AT 118 EAST SIXTY FIRST STREET, HANDSOME FUBNITUBR MlgROBS, PIANO, AC. TTENRY H. HERTS, AUCTIONEER. ON TUESDAY, APRIL 12, AT 10 O'CLOCK, AT 104 WEST FORTY-SECOND STREET. HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, PAINTINGS, PIANO. AC. JJENRY B. HERTS, AUCTIONEER. ON WEDNESDAY, APRIL 23. AT 10 O'CLOCK, AT 368 WEST TWENTY -THIRD STREET, ELEGANT HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, MIRRORS, AC. TJENRY B. HERTS, AUCTIONEER. ON THURSDAY, APRIL 24, AT 10 O'CLOCK, AT 56 WEST FORTY-FIFTH STREET, HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, PIANO, CARPETS, AC. ALSO, SAME DAY AND HOUR, AT 1,527 BROADWAY, N E.vR FORTY-SEVENTH ST., GENTF.F.L HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE. J?ENKY B. HERTS, AUCTIONEER. ON FRIDAY, APRIL 25, AT 10 O'CLOCK, AT 169 WEST FORTY SEVENTH STREET, HANDSOME FURNITURk7~PIANO, MIRRORS, AC. ALSO, SAME DAY AND HOUR. AT 55 GRAND STKKET, JERSEY CITY, HANDSOME FURNITUReT" PIANO, HARMONIUM, AC. JJKNKY B. HERTS, AUCTIONEER. ON SATURDAY, APRIL 26, AT 10 O'CLOCK, AT 35 WEST EIGHTEENTH STREET, HOUSEHOLD FURNITUReTcARPETS, MIRRORS, AC. MONDAY, APRIL 28, AT TEN O'CLOCK, AT NO. 9 EAST T1UKTY FIRST STREET, RICH AND ELEGANT HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, ELEGANT CABINETS, INLA I D TABLE, MIRRORd, Ac. Full details In due time. ALSO, 8AME DAY AND HOUR, AT NO. 255 EAST SIXTY-FIRST STREET, GENTEEL HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, CARPETS, Ac. IJENRY B. HERTS, AUCTIONEER TUESDAY, APRIL 29. AT 10 O'CLOrK, AT NO. 260 WEST FORTIETH STREET, GENTEEL FURNITURE, PIANO, CARPETS, Ac. # ALSO, SAME DAY AND HOUR, AT NO. 313 WEST FIFTIETH STREET, HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE. CARPETS, MIRRORS, Ac. Ful! details of these anJ other sales will appear in due season. Please cut out this column tor reference. SPECIAL NOTICE EXTRA. Parties desiring the personal attention of Mr. Herts to their sales will please give early notice to enable him to select a desirable day. In soliciting the patronaue ot those desiring to dispose of their cfTicts at auction, Mr Herts would say that he can with much pleasure reler to over Are hundred former putrons as to his ability, attention and prompti tude. The great secret of his success, and which enables him to commauil the largest attendance at his sales ami thus s*cure the greatest competition, is his well known rule that TIIE HIGHEST BIDDER SHALL BE THE PURCHASER. Consequently, parties desiring to buy at Ills sales need not fear that the goods they want will be knocked down to any one in collusion with the auctioneer, to be after ward* resold at weekly sales In the auction room, as practised by other disreputable parties. We bold no reg ular sales of second hand Furniture at store during tho year, and only work for the interest of nur employer*. Purchasers can depend on getting tho goods, provided they are the highest bidders. Our terms for selling are ten per cent commission, ail expenses of catalogues and advertising to be paid by the sellers, and w? ask no patronage of those who desire to make any other terms T TENBY B, HERTS, AUCTIONEER ' JLi v tiAlouwjiw t4CucU?mU #UocV " HLBI _AT A0OTIOW. DM SEAMAN. AUCTIONEER.? HAN HSOMR . Hotupbold Furniture at auction, Tuesday, April U, at 10H o'clock, at private residence IBS West Twelfth street? Black walnut t'arlor. Dining and Bedroom Suits, in bttie cloth .and crimson reps; Buffet, Extension Table, mirror back -Hat Htaud, Pier Mirror, Lounges, Brussels and Iograii*4/*ri>et* Ohiuaware, Ac. Catalogue* at 14 Pine street DAUOHY A /OHNSON? BY WILLIAM H. OTTKY. Auctioneer- Will m-.II on Tuesday. April 15, at 10}$ o'olock, at 14H Wa^rerley place, near Sixth avenue. the Furniture ot a 4 ?W>ry II on.*', constating of Parlor, Bed room and Kltchenjfurnlture, Brussels and Ingrain Car no t*. Feather Bed a, Pi I Iowa, Mheets. spreads. MaUremes, Bedsteads. Bureaus, Wasbstands, Isiok ing Glasses, Toilet Set, Tahiti* Chairs, I'm kit Stoves, tilaao aud Crockery War?, Ice Box. Ac. DANIP.I, A. MATHEWS, AUCTIONEER, GIVES PER. -oiial attention to BALES OK FURNITURE AT PBI VATR RESIDENCES, or, it preferred, at aaiesroom, 722 Broadway, opposite New York HoteL EjWWAKD PRTTINOBR, AUCTIONEER, SELLS TUK8 J day, at U o'clock, contents ot Billiard Rooms HI Sixth avenue, consisting of Pbelan's Tallies complete, elegant Bar, Mirrors, splendid Oil Paintings, Tables, < hairs, Carpets, Oilcloths, Ac. Farticulars day of sale. F^OR SALK-AT PUBLIC AUCTION, ON WEDNESDAY, April in, at 12 o'clock, u> close a copartnership, a very tine rsrin, containing 122 acres, with line ImllJings, known as the o'Kielly farm, within two miles of Midiile town, Orange couuty, P(. K. Trains leave foot ot' Chain tiers street / 1 BOKHK W STETSON, AUCTIONEER.? BY IIOKK tT MAN, OOBUBN 4 CO., General Auctioneers and Brokers in Ue.il Estate. Enure charge taken of property and reins collected. Office tiiu Sixth avenue. Very favor able arrangements are offered for selling Household Fur nltu re at auction at private residence, or at their ware rooms, 022 Sixth avenue. All sales are conducted under the pcaonal supervision of one ot the tlrm und satisfac tion la guaranteed. HOFFMAN, OOBUBN ADO. Office, 002 Stxlli avenue; Exchange salesroom, ill Broad way, auction wardrooms, 622 sixth avenue. _______ / 1 KB. AT SI'KCULATION FOB MARKET <1 A ItDKNKKS, VJ speculators. Investors or homestead associations at a positive cash auction sale to tie tuaile bv JEKE JOHN SON, Jr., al 12 o'clock, ofi Tuesday, April 22, at Exchange Salesrooms. Ill Broadway, New York, ot the Farm ol Or. Samuel S. Kuypers, deceased, situated at Jamaica, l.ong Island, en the corner of Van Wyck anil Liberty avenues, almost directly opposite the Jamaica Lot Association B rounds and nearly adjoining Taliourd Lawn, clow to erlin depot and the proposed junction ot the New Bay Kidge Railroad with the South Side Katlrnad, and but a short distance from two depots in Jamaica. The farm will be sold in ulota ot lour acres. On one of the plots thero is a good bouse and outbuildings. The sale will lie Sosttive t?y order of heirs. Ten per cent on day of sale, alance 30 days. Maps at 21 Park row. New York. IS. WEINBKROER, AUCTIONEER, SELLS, TWBS . day, April 15, at 10 % o'clock, at 15)4 Bowery, for account of whom it does concern, 1 walnut frame French plate Mirror and Base; I elegant bluo silk rep Suit; 1 lirocutel reception Chair; 1 unfinished Suit; also about 10 rolls of new English body Brussels Carput ; tapestry, In grain and hemp Carpet; about 25 pieces of Oilclot.fi and Matting; velvet and tapestry rugs, and a great variety ot general Merchandise, Ac. JOHN HERRLICH A CO.. SUCCESSORS TO J, K. C. l'ickhardt. Furniture and Decorations, Hrttl and SS2 Broadway and 169 Bloecker street. New York, invite their friends and tne public ti> an auction sale of first class Furniture, finished and unfinished; nil the furni ture made of the very best material aud seasoned woods under the supervision of J. F. C. Pickhardt, and a stock well worthy of attention. Some of the goods are now on exhibition in our small warerooms, SSO and *82 Broad way, where we can show only a small portion of tlicm. The sales will be regular every Thursday ol every week .until everything is sold, commencing April 17 next JOHN IIEKKL1CU A CO. MAT. HEINORS. WM VOLKE J. &? J OH R I'll SCIIONUOOD A CO., AUCTIONEERS, WILL soli Monday, April 14. at 142 Must Fiftieth street, be tween Lexington una Third avenues, ut I0>i o'clock A. M., tlu> Furniture of a private family, consisting ot Brussels and Ingrain Carpets, Oilcloths, Wardrobes, walnnt Hod steads, marble top Tables, Extension Tables, Mirrors, black Hair Sot, Ilalr Mattresses, FeatherBeds, Pillows, Bolgters, Blankets, guilts. China Sets, Dishes, Cooking Utensils, in lot* to suit speculators or tmyers. J P. TRAVHR, AUCTIONEER.? BY J. S. KNIOHT A . CO., 1S8 Greenwich street, corner Oey Monday, April 14, 10i? o'clock, special sale of Hardware, Cutlery, House Furnishing Goods, l'lated Ware and Fancy (iooils; at 12 o'clock 6 nood work and carriage Horses, one Grocer's \V aeon, t light Buggies, 4 sets Harness, double set nl Truck Harness, Ac. K. B. HENRY, Salesman. TP. TRAVER, AUCTIONEER. ? Mortgage sale on MONDAY, April 14, 1873. Elegant Furniture of private residence, I:t2 West Twenty sixth street. at 11)^ o'clock. Elegant pier and mantel Mirrors, hroeatel and lace Curtains and Cornices, best Knglish body Hrus seis Carpet* throughout the house. Centre Tables, splendid flocks and Mantel ornaments, elegant gold inlaid I'arlor Suits in silk brocatel, made to order by best cit.v maker; ehoice oil Paintings, Chromoa and engravings; solid walnut marble top Chamber Suits, best curled liair and other Mattresses, Fine feather Pillows and Bolsters, Toi let Sets, yiiilts, Sheets, Blanket*, Spreads, Hat Racks, Oilcloths, I'arlor ami other stoves, Extension and other Tallies, Dining and other Chairs. Sideboard, Silver Plate. China, Crockery and ulasswure, table Cutlery, Kitchen Kurniture, Refrigerators, Ac., Ac. Hy or lor of Mortgagee. TRAVER, AUCTIONEER? WILL SELL ON dnesday, April 28, on premises northwest corner ot sixth avenue and Thirty-second street, fixtures and Furniture of Bar and Restaurant: elegant tour-pull Kng llsh Beer Pump, tine liquor Counters, Bar Fixtures, sti ver plated Cigar Case, solid walnut fables and Chairs, tine Sates, Copper Boilers, Ranges, lour splendid oatside Lamps and I'ost, largo assortment ot choice Liquors, Ac. Can be seen any time previous to sale. Full particulars of above iitiil othet sales In time. N. B.? Personal atten tion to sales at residences and at salesroom, 59 tircut Jor.es street. Charges moderate. Returns day ot sale J ACOB BOGART, AUCTIONEER, SALESROOMS NO. 1 North William street, corner of Kranklort. ? Per sonal attention paid to the sales of Household Furniture of families declining housekeeping at their residences; also at the auction rooms. WEDNESDAY, April 16, at 11 o'clork, at the auction rooms, a general assortment ot Household Furniture, James m. ford, general auctioneer, -re lurns thanks to his mnuv patrons for past lavors, and begs leave to iufortn those requiring his services tliat he is prepared to gi\e his personal and taithlul attention to all buslnsss entrusted to his care. Having had thirty - tlve years' practical experience In the Auction and Furni ture Business in all its its details, feels ronfldent ot giving entire satisfaction. Males for this week? '1 uesday, a large quantity of Furniture, at the commodious salesroom W>7 Bowery; on Wednesday, at lo)?, 240 East Thirty-eighth street. Furniture, Pianos. Ac.: on Thursday, at 2, the Kur niture of a four story house, at .'167 Bowery ; on Friday, 173 Eust Eighty-second street, Kurniture, Ae. JAMB8 OAONEY, AUCTIONEER, REAL ESTATE and Loan Broker. ,VH Hudson street, will give per sonal attention to the sale of Furniture at private res idences, hotels, stores, stocks. Ac.: 23 years' experience in the auction branch of my business; prompt, reliable returns; moderate charges. For loaning seu Financial column. IEWIS K. WOOD, AUCTIONEER AND DEALER IN J New Jersey Heal Estate. Jersey City Business Property at Auction LEWIS E. WOOL) will -ell on Monilay. April 14, 1873. at 1 o'clock P. M., the %a1uable Business Properly situated on Newark avenue, above Grove street, Nos. 140, 14.' and 144; this property is situated on the principal business thoroughfare ol Jersey ? 'itv, and offers a rare chance tor speculators ami those wanting a business site. For particulars apply tu the auctioneer, 79 Montgomery street, Jersey City. Morris wilkins, auctioneer. Executrix's Sale of Property 181 and 188 Hudson st E. H. LL'fi LOW A CO. will sell at auction on TUESDAY, April 15, 187:1, at 12 o'clock, at the Exchange salesroom, 111 Broadway (Trin ity Building), New York, sale bv order of the executrix of VS illiaiu James Hogg*. deceased Hudson street? \ aluahlc Lot, with two storv and attic brick Dwelling, known as No 184, Jnx30.6teet. aiid exten sion; contains water, wtas, 11 rooms, Ac. Lot 20x64 teet. Hudson street? Valuable Lot, with two story and attic brick Dwelling, No. 188, 51x30.1) feet; contains gas, water, 10 rooms. Lot'AixM south side and 70 teet north side. In fee simple. Terms at sale. Maps. ,Vc., at the office ol the Auctioneers, No. a Pine street. New York M orris wilkins, auctioneer. Peremptory sale in partition, by order of the Court of Common Pleas. Eleven Lots on Madison avenue, Eighty-flltli and Eighty-sixth streets. E. H. LI'DLoW A CO. will soli at auction, on Wednes day, April 16, 1*73, at 12 o'clock, at the Exchange Sales room, 111 Broadway, Now York (sale under the direction ot Henry Morrison, Esq , Referee) Madison avenue, southwest corner nf Eighty-sixth street? Kiirht Lots, ha\ ing a frontage of 102.2 feotoii Madi son avenue and ly5 feet on Eighty-sixth street. Madison avenue, southeast corner of Eighty-sixth street? Plot ot (frouud. 36 feet 8 inches hy 102 feet 2 inches. East Eighty tilth street? Two Lots, north side, 14ft feet west of Madison avenue, rear ot Eighty. sixth street lots, each 25x102 foot 2 Inches Two- thirds of the purchase money may remain on mort gago. FRANKLIN BROWN, Attorney. M Liberty ft, N. Y. Maps. Ac., at the otllce of the auctioneers. No. A Piue Street, New York. ORRIS WILKINS. AlTTIONKEH. M Desirable Property on West Tenth street, near Orcen wicli a* enue, at auction. E (I. LI'DLOW ,t CO. will sell at auction on WEDNESDAY, April 16, 1873. at 13 o'clock. at the Exchange Salesroom, III Broadway West lentil street? 1 he valuable Plot of Ground, with buildings thereon, known a- Nos. 134 and 136 West Tenth street, 30.2 feet front, 12.10 feet rear, by average depth of ys teet buildings consist ot tw ? story, attic and casement brick dwelling. ir>x3A teet. and two story brick stable, 14.11x28 lent; $ll), i**) rati remain on bond and mortgage. Mi ller s. w ilk en* will sell at ai crf>N at Salesroom 111 Broadway. April 17, the tine Fac tory Property ">42 to Mil West Thirty-third street ; build - Ing. 75x100: three story ; good 60 horse-power Engine anil Boiler, Elevator, Ac. PAWNBROKER'S SALE ?MONDAY. JAMBS AGAR, Auctioneer, will . -ell. at W New Bowery, 400 lots of mens and women's Clothing, Sheets, Sprcfds, fable Linen, Ai Hy order of. I. Bliimauer, 172 Canal street PAWNBROKER'S SALR-WATCHRS AND JEWEL ry._ JAMES AGAR Auctioneer, will Mil, at 59 Now Bowery, on Tuesday, at 11 o'clock, 500 lots ot (lold and Silver Watches, Gold and Diamond Jewelry, Chains, I'ins, Earrings, Bracelets. Oneia Glasses, Guns, Pistols, Silverware, Musical and Mathematical Instruments, Fancy Goods. Bv order A. ,?. Jackson yu Prince street. PAWNBROKER'S SALE ? WEDN KSDAY, JAMES I AGAR, Auctioneer, will sell, at 09 New Bowery, .'<? I lots ot Silk and other Dresses, Crape ami Lace Shawls, remnant* of Silk and Alpaoca, Underclothes, Sheets, Spreads, Table Linen; also ro, its. Pantaloons and Vests. By order ot A. B. Barnard, Third avenue. PAWNBROKER'S SALE.? THURSDAY, .1 \M KS AGAR, 2. Auctioneer, will sell, at 59 New Bnwerv, UK) lotsof Men's and Women's Wearing Apparel. Sheets, Spreads, ruble Linen. By order of John Martin, rU Mul berry street PAWNBROKER'S KALE. ? FRIDAY. JAMES AGAR, .1 Auctioneer, will sell, tit .'>9 New Bowery, a large as sortment of Men's anil Women's seasonable clothing. Shoots, Spreads, Table Linen, Carpets, Beds, Pillows. By order of Mrs. S. Fnllsn, West Thirty-ninth street PAWNBROKER'S SALE? ON TUESDAY, APRIL 15, at SAM FORREST'S 19 Bowory, a large assortment of unredeemed Pledges, consisting lit ladies' and gentle men's Wearing Apparel, Dresses, Shawls, Remnants. Un derclothing, Boots, I'unts and vests, anil various other articles ton numerous to mention. By order ot W. Cook, 21 Amity street PAWNBROKER'S SALE -SAM. FOREST, AUCTION cer, will sell, Wmlnesda> next, at 17 Bowery, WO lots men's and Woman's seasonable Clothing, Bedding atid Other Goods. Order Franel" 1 Hy, Front st., Brooklyn. tPAWv!'.'? ? ?(.l \M FOREST, AUCTION i -r, vi: T i , j, . ? ut i; :t -.ycry, 500 lota men' . and wo: ?? * >c <;.vWU<? U;??* Goods, Ac. OiUct iiV Luilj. Uit J ff. '? SAMB8 AT 4CPnrtC-v_v^ PAWHBBOIKBS* H ALBS.? BY BIOHABI* FIBIitt UberMTs snd Oenersl Auctioneer. \ Salesroom 111 Bowery. 000 Lots watches and Jewelry. - ? WBDNR8DAY, April 16, br order M. Mchrbs<\ k ?u? K Kreel, 6*0 I<ots Watches and Jewelry. THI7RHIM V. April 17, hy order Sunptton..Ureeu ? * 500 Lot* Men's and Women's Clothing. 0?.. FRIDAY, April IK, l?y order Henry M Alt-en* ?. Ml) i.olh Men'* and Women's Clothing RIGHAKI) WALTKBK, AUCTIONBaR. SALKSJt OO* 27 Eaat Hroail way? Uoun huWl Ftirnlture~Witt Monday, at low o'clock, at lu Attorney struct, a first ? dass assortment ot Parlor, Hed room ;i nd Kitchen Kurnitua ?? vis , one elegant rosewood ?er>:ii octave Pianola* ?> Freucti Plate Pier Mirror*, l,ace Curtains, Tete-a Tete A Solas, Chair*, marble top Tabu-*, Bookcase*. Wanlrota* V black walnut Bedsteads, Tables, Bureau*, Wa*l>at?s<4? . Mattresses, Bedding, BruaaeLs Carpets, Stoves, ("rockery, ? Ac. Sale positive WILLIAM KKNNRLLY, AUCTIONS KB? WILL SKLfc lit auotiouon Tuesday. April 15, 1x73, at u: o'clo k, at the Kxohange Salesroom, lit Broadway Madison avenue.? Four l*>t>s situated on the souilieast Corner Madison avt*tiue and street, opposite Mount Morris square, IftOxlOO.IL Fourth avenue.? Kour Lota, situated on the sontliwcat corner of Kourth avenue and 134th street, H9xlUU.ll. 124th street? Kour tliree story high stoop brown stone Houses, adjoining tliesabovo lots, between Kuu. ih and Madison avenues, splendid location. Li4l.li street.?' Tuts three story brown ntone House 217 Kast 124tii street, between Second and Third avenues. 1 mill street. ? rine Lot, .south .-ode, ZZi feet west ul ave nue A ; lot '<25x101) 11. 113th street (south side).? Two Lots, 2% feet eajt of First avenue, 50x100.11. ? Thirty toiirtli street.?1 The tlr-t class brown stone H tus? 476 West Thirty-fourth street, between Ninth and TcnUt avenues. tirand flirclo and Central Park Property# Fifty-eighth street ? 1 he two first class brown ston* House* 3lH and 320 West Kilty. eighth street, near the Orantl Circle, Boulevard and Central Park Highly -eighth street? The two two story frame llmisr? and Lots on tlic south side of Kighty eighth stieot, HL5 leetcastot' Kourth avenue, lots -6 fix 100.8. Thirty Ullli street.? The brick Stable, south .side of ThJr? ty-flith street I'M teet west of Kirst avenue; lot 2AX10U. Maiu at Auctioneer's ottlce. No. 4 fine street On WEDNESDAY, April 1#, at 12 o'clock M , at tho Exchange Salesroom, 111 Itrostf way (hv order of the undersigned trustees of Walter Rochets Eighth avenuo (northeast corner of Kitty-fifth street).? Four live story brown stone Houses, with Stores, 'JIM, 'JJ3, 9 M and 9S6 EUhth avenue; good hutldings; hnu location. Kilty-tttth street? Kour story Krencti roof brown stone, 157 West Kitty-tltth street. In the rear of the above Sixty-eighth street.? The undivided Half Intercut of seven Lots and l'art ol Lot north side Sixty-eighth ?trect> UN) teet west of Ninth avenue ; each lot 23x1011.4. 100th street.? Full Lot south side ol 100th street, 'JUOfeet east ol Tenth avenue. Mulberry struct, No. 27? House and I*>t, 28x74 Mott street? tW, 70, 72 and 74 Mott street, Houses not Lo'.s , each lot 25x94. Baxter street ? No 121. front and rear Houses Maps und particulars at Auctioneer's otllco, No. 4 Pin* Street. JKKKM1AII OIUNLAN, J JaMES LYNCH. > Trustees. JOHN E. BEVELIN, ) WILIJAM ABBOTT, AUCTIONF.KK, AH I1ERBTO lorc, gives his personal attention to sains of House hold Furniture at t*ie residences of m ille.s declining housekeeping, or at Ills spacious Hale -rooms, al.Kl Ni'\r Bowery, near Chatham square. WILLIAM ABBOTT, AUCTIONKKK Otllce 50 New Bowery. Valuable Tenement Property in the seventh Ward On Wednesday, April 10, at 12 noon, at the Merchants' Rx change, 111 Broadway, four Tenement Houses and t/?tn. 098 and 0lJH>^ Water street, front and rear ; on front mm three story brick building and .store, including alleyway together with three story Iraine turnse. IDxIi*: on rear two lour story brick houses, 25x28*3, each, with yard, 43x36 leet. Maps and particulars at .10 New Bowery. A PIANOFORTKS, OQOAirB, ?&?. f HAINES BROS.' 27 Union square, Plrst class handsome new Plaoofurtu for sale on very reasonable terms, and several used a little, very low for cash. AT MANUFACTURER'S WAREROOM8, PRIOR TO removal, magnlficeet new tlrst class agraffe 7k jm> tave rosewood, overstrung, Iron frame Pianofortes, )H0; Stool and Cover; curved leas, Ac.; latest improvements , fully guaranteed. GOLDSMI i'll'S, No. 7 Bleecker street, near Bowery A YOUNG MAN. A PIANO SALESMAN. WILL UIVK an elegant now l'lauo, 7H octave, of tlrst class make, manufacturer's price $80t), lor $ 17.1, and will take Board in tlrst class family for payment. Address PIANO, Herald Uptown Branch oflice. A ROSKWOOD IMANoroKTK FOR SALE? 7-OCTATB, Jx overstrung bass and all the modern improvements: at BATTHKSON A COOK'S furniture Storage, WIS and IV/t Sixth avenue, corner Thirty -fifth street; cost $530 ?uii will tie sold tor $225. A MAGNIFICENT 7l, ROSEWOOD PIANOFORTE J\. for sale ?Made order, city maker, fully guaranteed, used ft months, cost $900, lor $275 ; Parlor Suits, Ktagures, Chamber, billing Furniture ; can ne seen this day ; a sac rltlcc ; property tainily leaving city. JO West l.r>tb sL, near 5th a v. V MAGNIFICENT SEVEN OCTAVE ROSKWOOD Pianotortc, cost $ 110, will be sidd tor $27.1, at B/iT TKRSON'S Furniture Storage Warehouses. 081 and 0911 S xth avenue, near fortieth street; contain* all improve incuts and very little used ; has packing box. A -$275.? THE CELEBRATED OIRARO PIANOS, Weber scale, 7 octave, all Improvements, and fully warranted lor five years. Broadway and Ninth street. Also lor sale cheap, a beautitul little Organ. t PI EST CLASS 7-OCTAVB ALBKRT WEBFR j\ Piano; all moilern iin.iroveinents, perfect order, tor $27.1, cost $025. Address BARGAIN, box 102 Herald Uptown Branch office. A BEAUTI I'UL PARLOR COMPANION, RICHLY j\ carved, i*o -e wood, tour round, 7,l?-octave Pianoforte! also one magnificent square 7-o -tave, both embracing all modern improvements; maker's' guaranties; also entira elegant Household Furniture. "* n 1 1 be seen this day or Moii. lay at 210 West Twi nty-tlrsl street, near Seventh av. A YOUNG AMATEUR VIOLINIST, HAVING NO J\ further use for his instrument, case, Ac., will dispose lit it very reasonably. Address VIOLIN, box 111 Ilorald Uptown Branch ottlce. A LADY WILL SKLL AN ELEGANT PAHLOIt J\. grand Stelnway Pianoforte, carved legs and case, mod'Tii improvements, cost $l.t?ifl, foV less than hall, in cluding stool. 28 Third street, near Brpadway. i T 120 WEST 230 8T., PRIVATE RKSIDKNCE? . V Superb 7'4 octave four round cornered rosewood Pianolorte tor sale, made to order, ti I'st Fourteenth street makers, used s months, cost $9,101 for $300; StooL Cover and Music Cabinet; can be seen th.Xs day (Sunday) or Monday. ,' ? \ BERRY'S, HALLET, DAVIS 4 CO.'S \vNI> OTHER Pianos and organs tor rent or sale on ^instalments, cheap. Second hand Pianos low. V BERRY A CO., 7891 I roadway. THIRST CLASS 7 AND 7<4 OCTAVE PI \NOsVat uk r duoed prices, $275 and upwards ; fully guaranteed ; second hand Pianos, celebrated makers, $70, $i\J'. $15?, $175 and $200. Pianos taken in exchange. Pianos tY> rent, t ne live octave Organ, with 10 feet pedal, $100. F. LUDKb, 45 Second i "I/1KST CLASS PIANOS RETAILED at WHOLES Alb I prices, direct troin factory. Seud lor circular. |M Barrow street, near Hudson street TpOB SALE? A FIRST CLASS WEBBS PIANO; 7' r octaves; (our round corners. To be seen at 231 Eaa | 119th street. No dealers. TP HALE'S NEW 7'i OCTAVE PIAN0F0RTB8 ? are the best and cheapest Pianos ever made. Por sale bv the thousand at Thirty tilth street and Tenth av. NrKW STYLES FIVK OCTaVB DOUBLB HKKO ''atiinet organs, ready ;his month, at REDUCED PRICKS ; $110 and $125 each. Fifty other styles, $5ft to $500 and upward- each. The MASON A IIaMLIN Organ Company now oflcr, at their new- ^warerooms, 25 Union square, the largest assortment of the best instruments o! this ciass' in the world, at prices which are rendered possible only by their unequalled facilities tor inanutuc lure Organs rented with privilege of purchase loi quarterly or monthly payments. "Vr K W, FIRST CLASS SQUARE AND UPRIGHT 1> Piano* for rent? Beat allowed as purchase money ; 20 Wost Fourth street, one block from Broadwa). PIANOS (BEAUTIFUL WEBER INCLUDED), CHEAP as the cheapest, goon as the best, for rent or sale; rent allowed purchaser; at MER HELL'S, No. 8 In ion square, ltk> Fourth avenue. |>1 ANOS ? MANUFACTURERS' PRICES, ?$250 7li I Octave, Carved Rosewood, patent. Agraffe Treble; all Improvements; lully warranted ; installments taken, $12 mon^ly. K. t ahLE, 107 West Twenty-third st, cor. Sixth ave. PIANOS SECOND HAND, Of VARIOUS MAKERS, in thorough order, tor ?ale at low prices; also l'lanos to rent and on instalment", by CHICKKRING A SONS, II hast Fourteenth street, between Broadway and Fitth avenue. | pIANOS AND ORGANS.? GREAT BARGAINS, NKW i I and most heautifuL styles and perfect tones ever J made, ami by best makfrs, at lower prices tor cash, or i monthly instalments, or lor rent. during this uionth, at | WATKRS'. 4S1 Broadway, than ean be lound elsewhere. PIANO WANTF.H? STOItKD FREE OF CHARGE, AND Money loaned on it ; or would buy a ('bickering or I Steinway < Vi octave at a sacrifice, lor cash. Mr. VINCENT. 812 Broadway. ? ! CU'.COND HANI) PIANOS FOR $100. $71, $.10. $20; Cabinet organ, $IU). At DALV'S music store, 179 | Eighth avenue. i 1 n/1 SECOND HAND PIANOS. IN PERFECT ORDER. I lU" 'or .ale by WILLIAM A. 1'O.ND A CO., MT I Broadway. C:l<Wl 1 VSII ? FtiE NKW SEVEN (X'l AVE PIANOS, OI'MF Stenwav, ('bickering and other makers, al ? tiarnains. pianos to rent or on Instalments. ,1. lllDULE. 13 WaTerley place, near Broadw .y. A. 1HBDICAL, M ftAUBIOBAO, M. D. -OFFICE LSI LIBEUTV street, near Greenwich street. A TTKNTION ? DR. AND M ME SKLDEN, 07 AMITY s'reet, near Filth avenue. Call or write \ - MME. MAXWELL, PHYSICIAN RESIDENCE, Ill East Tenth street, near I bird avenue, ADVICE FREE.? DR. AND MRS. BOTT, S3 AMITY A street llnijrs!) A. M. to 9 P M. Dlt. AND MltS. WHITING AND M M K DUftOtft. I? Great Jones street, between Broadway and Bowery. DR. AND MMK. ORINDLK, PHYSICIANS OFFICE, 120 West Twenty-slxUi street, near sixth avenue. DR KING'S OLD ESTABLISHED OFFICE, 14 AMITY street, near Broadway ami Grand Central Hotel DR. HARRISON.? MOVED TO 71 CARMINE STREET Office open ail hour*. DR AND MMK DESl'AKO. PHYSICIANS. - Resi dence 41 East Twenty-eighth street, near P mrth av. MMK. RKSTELL. N< 1 I l-.A-'l l il-l'V SECONDS1 lllf A?ents. I5J Greenwich street and No. 7 sixth ar

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