14 Nisan 1873 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

14 Nisan 1873 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 13,385] NEW YORK, MONDAY, APRIL 14, 1873.-TRIPLE SHEET. PRICE^POUR CENTs] DIRECTOR! FOR ADVERTISERS. AMUSEMENTS? Nikth Page? Third, fourth, fifth h!)d eixtn columns. ASTBOMIOY? swoko Page? Sixth column. BIL1.1 A HDS ? Twelfth Page? Third column. BOARDKltS WANTED? 1*1 EST Pace? Fourth and fifth column*. BOARD AND LODGING WANTED-PiR?r PAGE-Flfth column. BROOKLYN REAL ESTATE FOR SALE-Sf, ovo Page? Second column. BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES ? Eigbtb PAGE-Fourth column. BUSINESS NOTICES? Setxttb Pace? Sixth column CIGARS AM) TOBACCO ? Sf coHP Pagh? Sixth column. CITY REAL ESTATE f OH SAI.K--icO.-D PAGE? Flr?t column. CLERKS AND SALESMEN? Twli.cth PAG?-Flr?t col nmn. CLOTH I NO? Tw Ktrrn Pag?? Third coltim*. COACHMEN AND GARDENERS ? Twelfth Page? First and second column*. COAL AND WtiOB? S*roM> Pag* ? Sixth column. COASTWISE STEAMSHIPS? Strw?n PA?.K-Slxth col umn, COPARTNERSHIPS? Eighth Park? Fourth oolamn. COUNTRY BOARD~Fir.it Pagf? Pitth column. DANCING ACADEMIEh-Nisth Pack? TMnt column. DB NTISTR Y ? Tw f.lftw Pa(;k ? Sixth column. DRY GOODS? Fi?ht Pagk? ?lxth column. DWELLING HOUSES TO LET. Fl'RMSHED AND UN FURNISHED? Twelfth Page? Fourth and With col uinns. FVROPEAN HTEAMSIiyS-SFCOND PAGii-Fiith and sixth c?lumn?. FINANCIAL? hlGnTB PAUt?'Hiird and fourth columut;. VINE ARTS? First PACE-Slxth column. FOR SALE? Skoohp Page- Fourth and tilth column*. FURNISHED ROOMS AND APARTMENTS 10 LKT? Twelfth Page? Filth and sixth columns. FURNITURE ? First Page-FHIIi column. FRENCH ADVERTISEMENTS? Twklftii Pace? Third column. HELP WANTED? FEMALES? Er.KvcKTir- Page? Sixth column, and Twelfth Page? First column. HELP WANTED? MALES? Twelfth Page? Second col nmn. HORSES, CARRIAGES. AC.-Fihst PAGi:-S?cotid, third and fourth columns. H0TKL1? First Pagb? Fifth column. HOUSES. ROOMS, AC., WAXTED-Tweltth PAGE? Mxtll column. INSTRI'C riON? First Pai:k? Fifth column. JERSEY CITY, HOBOKEN. HUDSON CITY AND BER GEN REAL ESTATE POH 8 ALE ? B ECON ? PAGU? Second column. LEO AL NOTICES? Nistu Page? Sccond column. LOAN OFFICES? Twelfth Page? Third column. LOST A NI? FOOSB ? Fikst Page? Flrat column. MA'1UNEKY-S| C0M> Page? Filth column. MARBLE M ANTiiLS ? Ninth Page? Sccond column. < MEDICAL? Twelftb Page? Third column. MILLINERY AND DRESSMAKING? First Pace? Sixth column. _ _ MISCELLANEOUS ADVERTTSEMENTS-Tkjite Page? Sixth column. MISCELLANEOUS? Twbi.fth Page? Sixth column. MUSICAL N/.mh Page? Fourth column NEW PUBLICATIONS ? "-etebth Pagi? Sixth column. PERSONAL? First Pagk? First column. PIANOFORTES, O ROANS, Ninth Page? Third col PRO SESSIONAL SITUATIONS WANTED-FEMALES? Elkvi-ntu Pagk? Sixth column. PROPERTY OUT OF THE CITY FOR SALE OR TO RENT? SncoND Page? Second, third and fourth column. REAL ESTATE TO EXCHANGE? Si cckd Page? Fourth column. REWARDS? Finn. Page? First column. SALKS AT At'CHON? Eighth Page? filth and eixtli columns, ami Nimb Page? First and. sccond columns. SITUATIONS WANTED? FEMALES ? Eleventh Pagb? First, second, third, fourth, fifth and sixth columns. SITUATIONS WANTED? MALES ? Twni r?n PAta? First column. SPECIAL NOTICES? First Page? First and sccond columns. SP0RT1 NO ? DOGS, BIRDS. AC.? Fihst Page? Sccond oolamn. STORAOK? Eic.mth Page? Fourth coiumn. SUMMER RESORTS? Fii.?t Page? Filth column. THE TRADES? TwEt.rru Pag?>? Second and third col tyuns. THE TIKI'? 1'iest Page? Second eolnmn. TO LKT FOR 1U Si NESS PURPOSES- Tw ri rin P>*J?? l'our:!i column. TRAVELLERS' 01 IDE? Se.'Ovd Pagb? Sixth colums. UNFURNISHED ROOMS AND APARTMENTS TO LET?1 Twelfth Pack? Sixth column. WESTCHESTER COUNTY PROPERTY ROR SALE UK TO I.KT- Second Paoe? Sccond column. HEBALD BKAIH^H OgiriCK? UPTOWH. ADVERTISEMENTS FOR THE NEW YORK HERALD RECEIVED AT THE BRANCH OFFICE, ' 1.26S BROADWAY. WEST SIDE, BETWEEN THIRTY-FIRST AND THIRTY. SECOND STREETS. ADVERTISEMENTS ARB RECEIVED FROM 8 A. M. TILL 9 P. M. ON WEEK DAYS ^SUNDAYS. 2 TILL 9 P. M.), AT OFFICE RATES. NO EXTRA CHARGE OF ANY RIND. PARIS AGKNCY OP THE NEW YORK HERALD. J?SESRS. KRRMER A CO., AMERICAN REGISTER, DAVE BEEN APPOINTED PARIS AGENTS FOR THE NEW YORK HERALD. THEY WILL SUPPLY DEAL ERS WITH COPIES OF THE HERALD, AND ALSO SINGLE NUMBERS OF~TiMB PAPER TO PARTIES REQUIRING THEM. ~ B PBRRONAL. ANY INFORMATION OF DANIEL O'FARRELL, brother to William and John O'Farrell, of Glcntfarra Lismoro, county Wateriord, Ireland, will he thankfully received by his nephew, JAMES O'FARRELL* care Mr*, Thomas Doherty, Z<8 First a venae. A ROUT FIVE O'CLOCK, EAffTER SUNDAY, THE lady in brown drew, at, window of sccond story, plaj in;; T. itn tas- ei of window shade. The (.vntleman nearly opposite, who shook the. Herald at her. on treats her ?ci|u lintance. Will she please addre** HeRALD, Herald I plow a Branch office, Broadway! ERTHA? AM MUCH DISAPPOINTED AT NOT hcariug flrom you. O. C. 1KF0RMATI0N W IXTSD- OF MAHY COTTER. WHO I left Woodhrlduo, N. J., on Tuesday last oil Iho 7 o'clock A. M. train. She ? a? see her Lushand atCort landt street ferry. INFORMATION WANTED? OF MRS. JANE BOND, late of Pri.irKatc Preston, Lancunshlrc, Kncland. Apply at room 44, Freesc's Hotel, opposite Astor House. J A. B. CAN SAVE HIMSHLF AND M).MPANION ? trnuhic hy nt.urniiiK half the monev urc lin y are known; direction s given l>v addreasinf.; <i B. M., Herald I UCILLE ? ARRIVED IN TOWN SUNDAY. llEET. J if agreeable, at the Bal Masque, A ckj lo llooms. to night. geohue. I? C? R.? OOMMUNICATIOW AWAITING THEE; J oriKinal addro^; ijiit, kindred spirit, Ac. : see 3iith No. ; reply. Ever yours, C. ISS CLARA TILTON? 8END YOUR ADDRESS TO M<1 Broadway. A. It. ? E.-IF POSSIBLE SEE ME THIS EVENING, at 8. SPUDS. .M M LOST AM< Kl I. IV D. I OUT? ON SATURDAY, ABQVT TWO V. M., A J Pocket Book. I'niuaiiiint; >?f J In money, a note >>< 1 1.0W mid one oi ami ?omo other papers. lor w lilcli a "tillable reward will Le pivon l<y leaving It at the office ot the Irvitur Hotuo, Broadway MM IMlIU street. IO.'T? ON HOOD K HID AY, TN THE OUC'RCli OK J the Transt1i;nr.i Ion, In Twenty -ninth street, a Fur Collar. A libem! re wurd will h? siven to the finder at the office of the Hotel Rrumwlck. KiaVAIllH. A t REWARD.? LO AT. ON I, AST KR1DAY, APPILI1, | ?(??J ft larjjc Mark Uu-tlnu Bloodhound, koo? bv the name of Lion. The above reward will b? paid by hrliiy inff him to mi I'liut'iam street, bftvment. 4 fcf ? LOHT, irHL 10. A LAIVS BOA, IV I'NIOS j square. Under will receive the above reward oil delivery ol' the property to M. P. D0U6ERTY, 1(W Amity I street. d>9,- RRW ARO ? AND NO <jrF.HTTON8 A8KKD, FOR Jr*-" the return of the Local I'm ers contained In the Ov^rcoAtfnlwn from !!I5 UVst Foiirirrntli street. Anrll 12 THOMAS H. Tl.'NISON, Oroccry Store, m Thlr<i avenue, corner of Twentieth street. flPBClAI* IV OTIC Kg, American oeoora phiua i, soi ikty -on tiiks day, April i:>, 1OT, at 8 o'clock I'. M.. the reoui'ar monthly mectlnx will l?c held at the hall of the New Yorlt Historical N'oclcty, c/>ni' r Sc-ond avenue and Eleventh street. jMnjor Oeneriil John Uibbon. I). S. A., will r<'ud a j>aperon the Wonders of the Yellow Ht.>n?-. Illustrated t,v stereo -cop I. ? view*. Dr. K K. MTRAZMOlt Y, Recording Secretary. A ? UKIULD BRANCH OKKirK, It ROOK I,VN, 4li corner of Knlton aveann aa<l Hoeriini street. Open irom H A. M. to 5 IV M. On Sunday from :1 to ill'. M. V "d'aRIEH (TRICKS HMiI TKni, HIILK AIl KSTO |"' il ? Royal Havana lottery, iTi Kr.adv.'ay ; box 4 9U9 Post office. New York. Dealers uipplicd. Circular* m<ukd t Itee. ' A -HAVANA LOTTERY TTraWIN08_0N Kl LE ? April 22 the extraordinary Hnvana. JOSEPH BATEH, Broker, 1W BroudwaT. 4. -HAVANA KmKRY.-l'HiZES ' CASHED *NI> ? Int'rniation furnished. Circulars tree. JOSEPH BATE8 A CO.. 71 Itroadway, room .'il, flist door. OLD AND SILVER AM) ARTICLES CONTAINING T gold bought at market price*; Poitshlncr, Kilter aim Phott?urai>h Papers bnrnel and smelted by Kertner SOtAWEL, 28 John street. Havana LurTKRY.-kxTRAoiuMN art drawino 32d April. Herman Stat*! Irfitlcrie- circulars mailed ftee. Kl'liLMANN A CO., Hankers, K< Nitsiau street; bo* 3.8BS Post office. TJAivflJ>80NIJ STKAM CARPET CLEANING XI Works, Id East Twenty-seventh street, between Fifth and Madison avonc, New York.? No connection ?whatever with any other house. The orltfiaal IIANKI.V. WON, and the only one of that nauic estsMidied In tkil i twill** in I?Mi_ 1FN THE MATTER OP THE HHTATE OP WOWI.Efl ! | Bros. A Co.. tn hnnkmptey ? 1 he Hat of creditors filed n sato e??? b?liur in-tuiipisti-, mi creditor* who have not lieen represented in i.'onrt are requested to Communi cate immediately with the aw>lgaee in Barton, and state their add/en and the nature and amount ot th?ir claims, l> onier that the mil amount ol Indebtedness may he a? eertained as enriv aa possible. * II kN'KY .?. HTEVKNn AsfiWnee, Court street, Boston. New York '/editors > au leorn the nec??ofiry facts liy apply lii? to HAN FORD. ROB1NHO* A W OVDB '? I'K t*"uiacil)r! ?'-' ,n? Brca.lwp.r, Jittv Yorit. N SPECIAL NOTICKS. ME^HFS' EARLS' PARAXON SHIRTS. ma (if to -.rder and warranted tc fit. Kent by express, U. O. D , to an; purl of the country, at the following prices :? 6 Shirts, Musonvillc muslin and fine linen 112 00 GHhi>-ts, Wanisuttn mu-iin and very line linen 13 M) 6 Shirts, New York Mills and host linen li U0 Buys' Shirt* ready nixde and to order. Fancy shiriuvH lu great variety. Direction* fcr measure mciit sent on application. RICHARD MEABES, Gentlemen's Furnishing doods, Sl.-.th avenue and Nineteenth street. New York," AZABKTH HALL REUNION SOCIETY. -THE COM* _ mittec of Arrangements for the Reunion, to be held next June, will meet at the Astor House on Thursday, April 17, at 10 o'clock A M. OFFICIAL DRAW IK 06 KENTUCKY STATE LOTTT.BIES. SKMKKT- HtltA (LAfS SO. 273? M*IL 12, leTS OS, 46, Ml, SO, ??, 36, .'6, 17. 27, 57, 2S. 12. KUKItfR*? flASS no. 274? a Wit 12, IMS. 7, 60, 28, 27. 23, 67. 4fi, St, 11. ?. M. ,8S' 47 v.19' SIMMONS 4 CO., Managers, Covinaten.Ky. linn collide? axnu tuitm 173? amuil, Jwa. 63. 72, IS, M, H, til, 73, 13, 6f?, 32, BO. AO. titiLST fOLi?UK? flif? *0. H4? AFMI. 12. lf7S. 29, 78. 31, 34. 71, 21, 36, HI, ?>. 4?, 18, 411, tX 37. SMITH A CO.. Managers, Covington. Ky. J. CLUTE, Broker, 2M Broadway. Post ofllee box 4,?lti. _ Royal Havana lottery. -tiie extraordi nary Drawing will Like place ttie 22<l of April. Deal ers supplied. Price* reduced considerably, ' ^ 8. SER1'A,73 Wall street. OYAL HAVANA LOTTERY.? THE NEXT BXTRAOR ditmrv Drawing will take place on Urn 22d of April. IS73. .I.B.MARTINEZ t CO., Bankers, 10 VN all street. Port olBce box 4, CSS, New York. (JTAMMERINO INSTITUTE (ESTABLISHED 1870), ! O Professor* Maun and Calvin. managers, 107 West | Twenty -third street.? Seven rtavV ins; me lion allowed to applicants to satisfy themselves; no pay for board or services until cured. Send lor prospectus. ? STAMMERING.? PR. WHITES UNITED STATES stammcrlnj Institute, 102 East Twentv-si.xth street.? Best reierencos ; to convince patients* will (five one week's trial; no pay for board or treatment until cured. Send tor circular or call and investigate. rpuE PUBLIC AGE CAUTIONED AGAINST NEGO 1 Hating Honda No. 2,714 to 2,788, both inclusive, for $1,(KX) each, of the convertible loan of l!*i2 ..t the Central Railroad Company of New Jersev, registered In mime of John Matthe ws, they having been fraudulently obtained, but without power of transfer. Any power ot attorney authorizing: their transfer is a forgery, and wili not be recognized at the office of the company. fllHE FIFTIETH ANNIVERSARY OF HIE NEW YORK 1 Asylum for Lying-in Women will be held on Wed nesday, April 16, at 85 Marlon street, at 12 o'etoek noon. Patrons and Iriends oi the institution arc invited to attend. t^nQU KQQ IS DRAWN* DAILY IN THE LEGAL )Otj i zeil Kentucky Lottery; Royal Havana and Kentucky circulars ilree: 1-"; cents commission al lowed. Address BALEY A CO. (ofllce established 30 years), 174 Broadway. MFOIITI-VO? BOOK, BIRDS, Ait . A -FOR HALE, ALL KINDS OF l'ANCY DOGS, ? Birds, .tc. ; Medicines for all diseases, Prepared Food tor mn"king birds, at B. O. DOVEY'B. No. 3 Greene street, near Canal. RUSSIAN BLOODHOUND FOR SALE.? APPLY to P. FRAMBACll, 28 West Houston street. THE 'A'lilF. rro LET? FLE ETWOOD PARK CLUB HOUSE AND i hitching privilege of grounds. Apply at the park or 112 Wall street W. u. VANCOTT, Superintendent. A HORSES, CAKKIAGKS, *t . AT AUCTION, BY WILLIAM VAN TASSELL, AUCTIONEER (SUCCESSOR TO JOHNSTON A VAN TASSLLL), Horse and Carriage Auction Mart, 110, 117, lit East Thirteenth street. IMPORTANT SALE Of AN ELEGANT PRIVATE ESTABLISHMENT. BY WILLIAM VAN TASSELL. WEDNESDAY, APRIL 16, AT 10 O'CLOCK, at the PRIVATE STABLES 107 EAST FORTY-FIRST STREET, between Third and Fourth avenues. TEAM.? CROSS MATCHED TEAM, GRAY HORSE AND bav Mare, IS.Vi hands high, <i and 7 year* old; kind and true in all harness; free from vice, trick or laultisuirrior roadsters: trot In three minutes to gether; very stylish and handsome, and warranted wuml. kind ftn?t true. HARNESS.? TWO SETS DOUBLE AND ONE SET SIN glo Harness, nearly new, made bv Campbell. LINDA ULKTTE.-ELE'OA NT LANDAULETTE, NEAR ly new. built bv Demarest A Co. VICTORIA. -VIC TOBIA, I'SED BIT A FEW TIMES, built by Ha in. .* ROAD WA?ON.-R<MD WAGON. IN PERFECT ORDER, with pole and slmix. SLEIGH.? LIGHT SLEIGH. WITH POLE AND SHAFTS. ROBES.? BLACK HEAR AND WHITE WOLF ROBES, Blankets, Lap Robes, Bridles, stable Itensils Ac., being the entire contents ot a first el?*s private stable. Wili be on exhibition at the stable until time, of sale. AUCTION HOUSE OF ARCH. JOHNSTON (Late Johnston A Van TiuikcII). OFFICE AND SALESROOM, OLD NT AND, 37 Nassau street, opposite the Post office. THE HORSE AUCTION BRANCH Or TIIE HOUSE IS REMOVED TO THE SPACIOUS PREMISES. 1(1, 21,23 aud 25 KAST THIRTEENTH STREET, between Filth avenue and University place. The business will be conduct* d on precisely the same strict and honorable principles which have always char acterized the dealings nt our bouse and won the respect, and confidence ot the business community as well as tno public at large. REGULAR BALER EVERY TUESDAY AND FRIDAY throughout tltc year. Entries for sale* may tic inade a* usual either ot *ur down town hous", S7 Nassau street, >r at the Mart, I?, 21. 2d and 2.1 East Thirteenth street LIBERAL ADVANCES, AS USUAL, MADE ON CON SlONMBNTS. \T AUCTION-ON THURSDAY. APRIL 17, 1*T3, THE ENTIRE CONTENT* <>F LIVERY STABLE NO. 1MAND 1M SUFFOLK STREET, at lHja o'clock. Ten fTortes, for coaeb ami single driving; 2 g'.nss front Coaches, 1 clow) panel Coaclt, 2 Barouches, 1 Doctors Wagon, 7 lour seat Wagons, some w Ith poles and shafts; 14 Top Wagons, 20 hets of single and dool.te Harness. Full particulars under tills head on Wednesday morn ing, catalogues n?w ready at livery stable and at auc tioneer's oihee, 110 East i lilrtcenlh street. WM. VAN TASSEL!.. Auctioneer, racccsaor to Jwhnston k Van Tas-ell. AN EXECUTOR'S SALE. R*. PUBLIC AUCTION, ? ON Tl'FSDAY , APRIL 1ft, AT 10',, O'CLOCK. AT SI ABLE CORNER BROADWAY AND FORH THIRD STREET, including a very flne and last bay Horse, li^ hands high, 7 years old this Spring, was sired by Ericsson dain l>> L'XingtoO ; he bona of the fine?t trotters in the State : lie has frequently shown a mile from 2:42 to 2:41, and -has trotted a ball mile in 1:18; he Is ftnc and last, and ??r ranted sound and kind. Also the last and handsome vottnu trotting mare Flora. 15!.; hiinds high. S years old: was sirerl bv Alexander's Abdullah, dam a thoroughbred mare; she is us flri." a saddle mare as can be produced and can alwavs trot in 2:15 in harness; she is warranted sound and kind. The very fast ami hnndsomc trotting hor<e Dixie, IS1* !iaud<hign. 0 vcurs old; was sired by Casaiita M. Clav. dam thoroughbred and ral ed hv James R. I.nihrop, of Wood lord comity, Kentucky, and purchasul there bv present owner: lie Is as fine gaiUd a trotter ascanbe toe n on road or track: has flnu action, good disposition and ''an always l?cut 2:;!5, aol warranted sound and kind. AJso a flm> H?iiible;onian Marc. I&\ bsnds high H j ears old; can trot in 2 JO. and warranted sound and kind. Also fine light Wagons, Pony Phaeton, single and double Harness, One Dress aud stable Blankets. Robes, HALE POSITIVE. RAIN OR SHINE, WITHOUT LIMIT RESTRICTION OR RESERVE. By or?er of GEO. RUPPERT. Exei ut.?r A TIIE "BREW STEK WAGON." ? A in all weights, for pleasure driving or speeding, exquisitely finished. and embracing in their construction ibe various im provements Introduced by us during the |a?t 15 Tears, making them the Standard for Quality 41. r< ughoutthe United States. These wagons are exclusively the production of our well-known Broome -treet factory, ami are offered in sto' k in all r.-si eets ei|ual in quality to those built to the i>rd(T of the most valued customer.' utid at prices uniform to nil. In ord?r that we may not be confounded w I tli a loint stock cotnpsriy of carriage dealers who have adopted a f<rni name similar to eur own, and impudently claim the reputation we have n a<ie. lor the "Brewster ? agon," we Leg the public will renieiut.cr that our only ?nrerc?.'m? arc at the comer of Fifth avenue and Fourteenth street, and our only Factory on Broome ?treet. BREWSTER A CO., ? at Broome sweet. A ?FOR SALE AT \ BARGAIN.? A GENTLEMAN .iV. will sell his trotting Horse, young Ethan Allen, d years old. 16,'* hands high: can trot in 2 :4ft, single or double, with city made Road Wagon and Harness: also a Basket l'baetn'l ; oil as good as new; sickness the cause ot selling; will lie sold separate or together. Can be icen at 1 iii'Wer t Thirty ninth street, near Seventh a> enuc. Call for three days. \LDERNKY8 FOR SALE ? COWS, HEIFERS AND Calves. Apply to JOHN VAN ANTWERP. flirog's Neek, Wcstclieitcr county, N. Y., or at f9 Readc street A -FAMILY CARRIAGES.? IMMENSE STOCK OP ? every style rarkand Pony Phaetons, l>?.pet, Ex press and Business Wagofis. Harness and Whips, cheapest place in city, nt 141 West Broadway, near Canal street A? JO TOP SECOND HAND WAGONS, TEN OPEN Noa.l Wagons, by clfv makers, at low prices: Rock Awavs and Depot Wagons, 10 Exprcs Wagon?, 1 top do., Abbott A Downing make, good as new; Harness, Blan kets, Ac. sulkeys Skeletons bv rafrey, Prer A ?'o EMPIRE CITY REPOSITORY, 20 and C Woost ulster ?t. A N OLD feSTAHLIRIIED EXPRESS BUSINESS FOR UY sale- -Pnnr I Horary, tour Wagons, in good order. In quire ot KELLY A OOODNpUOH, reed store, Third ave nue. between 124th and 126th streets. A -BLOW MME (GOLDEN SORREL), MAYDAY J\ . pwi". ??? 1? hands, 9 years old. sound and kind, for sale; owner going to Europe. Apply at Williams' stable, Seventeenth street, near Irving place. ? A LOT OK TOP BUGGIES ROAD WAGONS, EX ores*, Grocery and light Business Wagons, also a second hand top ituggy. 340 West 27th tree t, between Eighth and Ninth avcnues; A LOT 0? HORSES, FilESH FROM THE COUNTRY, aold or e*ehanfe<! f<0rW?#i'?4S ct 1?m value : suitable for ail kinds of business. Inquire at JJ4I Canal street. A~l-rOR SAIJI.? THROUGH A DEATH IN THE FAM ? lly. 1 Horse, ? years old , Is vi ry last ; warranted sonnd sml kind in single or double harness, and quiet for a lady to ri4? ?r drive, inuuui at 11 Usi^nard (ireet HORSES, CAUUIAGKS, AC. A~TllE SPECIAL ATTENTION 01 OENTLEMEN IN . SEARCH OK REALLY FINE AND RELIABLE ' MOUSES Id PA RTICU LA R l.V CALLFI) TO A HALE BY i AUCTION. ON TUESDAY APRIL l.\ A r STABLE 100 W BUT THIRTY THIRD STREET, NEAR B1XT11 AVE j NL E' AT 10H PROMPT, of All the elegant and fine tnrr.ouiot the Hon. James M. stryker, who sails tor Europe this week, and has All his tine itiK'k removed from tilt fine country residence in Westchester county to the Above itable for convenience of sale. Consisting of an elegant rich and high-breed team of blood bav Gelding*, half-brothers, about I64 liwh. 6 und 7 years old this Spring : they were both raised Iu Orange county, by Henry E. Hul>e;the one was aired by Maior Wintleld and his mate by Volunteer; their dam was by American Star and know* as the (laloway Mare; they are extra c'osely matched, with fine, even impo sition, and act and drive like one horse to gether; have flowing manes and 1 Alia, all black points w 1th strong, mc-cuiar limbs and tect, fine long ncck and cheerful and pleasant cou nte nances ; they are prompt and game, although Bale tor the most timid to drive; they lear no locomotivc. bell earls, or Any thing ?lse, and are rich, attractive and graceful when moving: the.v were driven a trial when purchased on Middletown Course In 8:0M, without any previous train ing or preparation, and have greutlv improved 111 speed ?lri'-e ; tliey are finely broken, cither single or double, and, In tart, are unsurpassed tor gviicrAl, road r r lamily use, mid havo substance and sly ie onoueh tor tlrst class coach team: are warranted sound and kind. Also one ol the noblest and line large dupp> gray o .lipe. family or match Her is in the city, lii hands hlsrh, 7 years old ; has one oi the finest long snow white manes | And tails ever seen, und Is a- flne it styled and propor 1 turned horse as the moat fastidious could wish ; ho has fine, noble qualities; Is brave und tearlosa, with supei^ and lott.v at t on, anil one ot the richest and most attrar ttve homes when driven or um!er saddle in park or roud ; Is hiK'h Ki ntucky bred ; will travel in H'i reinutes, and Is warranted gentle and bale, without vice, trick, rank or blemish ; sound. Also extra handsome lady's or gentleman's saddle or driving llorse, 15 high, 7 years old ; has been u*cd by ladies to raddle and driven to pony phaeton; is band some, amiable and a mst traveller, with flne style- a perfect pet and picture; warranted sound and kind; to gether with elegant top C spring Pony Phaeton, nearly new. Also the celebrated, handsome and fast, young bav trolling Mare, WAM8UTTA MAID, ISJj high, 7 years I old thic< Kprluvr, sired by Ethan Alien, <lam by Jujilier; was raised liy Duviil Pratt, near Hnttleborouuli, Vt., it nd, when 4\earsold. sold to Maior Langrton, ot Boston, upon showing 2:48; was atttr.vards trained one seuson on Mystic track by J. Uou'en. and could always show trials from 2:S4 to 2:36: was purchased irem Mr. Langdon by present owner, about one year ugo, and has never been on track since, but used exclusively tor private road driving ; she wits noted 111 Boston us one of the fastest i road trotters there anil bus seldom ever been beaten tiere ; 1 she can ko to i rack now, with a few days' preparation, and boat 2 ::ift to wagon; Is extra, Hue, fr?e, easy and I pleasant driver; makes no mistakes; pure gutted, pleasant | and sure in cotnpnny, and warranted sound and kind. | This miiro is valuable tor truck purposes, having no I public record, and lor gentleman's private road use lias i nosuperlnr. Also a line and valuable yotHig brown Horse, Ifi.V high, I 5 years old ; elegant driver ; sale and tine. Particulars at I sale. I Also one elegant 4 wheeled Hoe Cart, by Brewster; , one shitting top Wagon, by Stivers; two Dusenliury : Wagons; one top Pony Phaeton, single And double lliir ? ness, by Dunsc'tnih i two wolf Robes, two elegant lap ! Robe.', Blankets, Sheet', Ac.. Ac. I The whole comprising the finest collection of choice and genuine stock offered at auction this season, and i gentlemen wishing to purchase should call r.nd examine it. as all will be tully warranted and sold peremptorily to I highest bidder, without reservation or limits. JOHN D. HAMLIN, Auctioneer. | Htock on exhibition now. Arch, johnston, auctioneer, hab received instructions from the owner, who is going Abroad. I to dispose of the following mentioned property, without i reserve, hi AUCTION, AT II IS MART. 19, 21, 1*3 and 28 I East Thirteenth street, near University place, on 'lues day, April l.V at 12 o'clock Team of dark brown car riage Horses, ? yours old, lt> hands high ; kind and true ; excellent road Hers, and warranted sound ; together with set ol double coach Harness, made by Wooa Gibsou A Co. : also set of coupe Harness, by Wood Gibson A Co. ; | I.'ntikev Turnout, beautiful black, 10 httnOi high, 6 years ! old ; kind and true every way ; J aggi r Wagon. Harness, Saddle, Bridle, Ac.-, grny Morse, 7 years-old. 16 hands; kind in Ail harness; very sly llsh ; can tret in 3 minutes sure, and warranted sound. AT THE HORSE AMI t'ARRIAOF A POTION MART jfl. OP WILLIAM VAN TASSKLL, (SUCCESSOR TO JOIINKToN A VAN T A SHELL), at the old bland, 110, 112 and 114 East Thirteenth street, near Fourth tiver.no. REGULAR HALEH OP HORSES AND CARRIAGES WILL BE HELD EVERY Tl ESOAY AND FRIDAY, at 12 o'clock. GENTLEMEN WISHING TO PURCHASE, OR THOSE havum Horse' or Carriages to sell, will Und thin house i perfectly reliable, as this business will be conducted on ; the same straightforward principles which have governed it iH the past. We gl\e the purchaser of every horse thut fs warranted sound from 24 to 4 H hours for trial. Horses and Carriages ulwuvs on hand at pvi?ate sale. LIBERAL ADVANCES MADE UN CONSIG * M EN Ts? AT OUR FACTORY. 1,404 BROADWAY, ABOVE THIR t.v-uinili street, Are second hand Carriages, as fol lorn s : ? Light Rarooche, Round front Coupe, Brougham, Cabriolet, pole and shade; one top Rood Wagon. BRADLEY, PRAY A C?r Lun Broadway. Allen b. miner, aucttonefr. SALESROOMS M CIIAMHKRH f-'TRFF.T. HOUSE AUCTION M ART AT NEW YORK 8 ALES AND STORAGE REPOSITORY. PGCRTII AVENUE, CORNER TWENTY FIFTH STREET CARRIAGES AND HOUSES ALVTAYH ON HAND AT PRIVATE SALE. RICHARD McOtTI. LOUGH, PROPRIETOR. .ALLEN B. WINER A BRO.. AUCTIONEERS. f'ale- of Horses, Carriages, Ac .Thursday of each week. Entries of articles lor auction <>un be made at repository us above ; or salerooms ot auctioneers. V I.BERT B. WALDRON, AUCTIONEER. Salesrooms K'8 Liberty and SX Church street. D. W. IVES will sell, this day, at 12 o'clock, a black Horse, Hi bands high, true, kind ami gentle; sold last Hummer lor $*<10 and lias trotted in 2 :(i2 on Suffolk track ; also other Horses, Wugors and Harness. Particulars lime ..I sale. Warrivib-e extends M hours. A -8 CORTLANDT STREET, NKAR BROADWAY. | -i\? Downtown <!arriage and llnrncAs w?reroouis. Elegant as-ortment ol first class work at our usual popular price*. It will puv you to call befor?; you purchase. Our ?istMbllshment is second to noi c. ARi'H. JOHNSTON, No. H Cortlandt street. \? T.ANDAl'LETS, LANDAUS. C<H PES, LADIES . Phaetons. Depot W aeons: ffTCAt Tirielt of season able Carriages: will malie prices to suit purchasers; ? several second hand Carriages. HAM, 10 East Fourth street. AHCrERlOR STALLION (TORONTO CHIEF AND Tippo ?ito' k) for sale or exchange ;?!no eome trotting | HorKi, well suited for gentlemen h use or (rack pur Eoses : also Accommodations tov roful horses with wry ??t ot i arc anil attention, at2iy tod iiii We?t Forty sixth j street. ! ? ?FOR SALE? FROM I HE COUNTRY, ONE LA ROE Work Horn, " year* oM, warranted sound and kind ; he is a go -d worker either in single or double har ness; also one bay Mure, 6 rears old; she in vrrvinstsnd a stylish driver, and Is sola for no fault, the owner hav ing no further use lor her. Inquire at No l? Lispenard si. i BARGAIN -GOOD HAY 1IORKE, HAND8 .ix high. 8 years old, three-quarter Truck, with racks ( in good order ami set ol Harness, for fiiJO; gold t<? pay expenses. iiWEaet Forty-second street TnY GENTLEMAN HAVING A LAN DAI/, CLARENCE A or Westchester Rockaway and a good, sound. I stylish Carriage Team (bays pre(erred), that he will sell i low tor cash, tnay hear of a purchaser by Addressing u? | below; carriage must bo city built ami iri i'..,od order; dealers need not answer; Addre^D. I'. E , box li.tfjrt Post office. _________ I A ?FOR HALS, THE PROPKRTY OF A GENTLEMAN A. from the country, two Horses, ft and (J years old, colors dark brown and dark sorrel ; they are uood lanillv horses; good lor any kind of business; they are stylish and very lost; they stand 16.2 and 15.3 hands in height; they are warranted found and kind, either in single or double harness, fearless ot locomotive ; thev aro to lie sold reasonably, as the owner is jre'pg West Inquire of tlif hostier at livery stable, ?J Amity street. AVALt'AHLK HORSE FOR HALE? BLACK, SIX years, 16 bands; can step In three minutes or 15 | miles an hour; very sty libit and gamy. Wnverley House. 757 Broadway. (iXltRI AGE8- SLIGHTLY DAMAGED-" GREAT BAH. . ' gains; Carriages, new and second hand, of every de i scrlption, at low prices; now l> Uie time t < > purchase, be I lore trade commences. M ANl'FACTCRER.v UNION, 638 j Broadway. IpLKGANf FOUR IN-HAND HR*G, ENGLISH PAT J tern, ncariy new, built to oruer for Mr. La'vrence Jerome by W-?od Rr??. At auction Tuesday, April 1.1, liy WILITAM VAN TASK ELL, at Auction Mart. 110. 112 114 East Thirtecir.li street. FAMII.V CARRIAGES? IMMENSE 8TOCK OF EVERY style ; several second hand and slightly foiled, for I sale at bargains. Harness of all kinds. NEW YORK SALES Avl' bTORAGE RF POSTTORY, FOt'KTH AV., CORNER TW K NTY-FI PTU ST. ljMNE TEAM THOROUGHBRED BAY TROTTERS. F brother and sister, sired by I'atriv k Henry, out of Roanoke mare ; 4 and 5 year* old. 18'., bands high ^le u-ant, pure (.'alt and very stylish action; thoroughly broken) very gentle disposition: ha' e never been trained for speed, but can trot together in three minutci-. war ranted sound and without blemish. To lie seen ami tried at AR'- U, JOHNSTON'S mart, 19, II, 23 and J5 East Thir tec nth street near University place. This is an extra flue team, and aro not held at fancy figures. The owner must realize. if not Sold at prl\ate sale before Tuesday, at 12 o'clock, they will then be -old at auction at the mart as above, without any limit or reservation whatever. TVvYr SALE?A STRONG "bay- ilORHE. ABOUT 16 P hamls liiwh. found, ann kind In all harness; can be useil tor business on. I carriage. Also a gray Mare, uiiotit IS hands high, for fumilv use. Also a Hm.iues* Wagon, four months old. and Top Bu?gy. Inquire at the office of the Arlington House, between 3nnd 6 in t' e afternoon, FHIR SALE-A PUR OF DARK BAY HORNER 15.2 high: warranted sound ; uncommonly sMish drivers; < in trot in 8:30; are accustomed to be driven by a lady; they are al?o good saddle horses, call apon R. U. DONALDSON, :? D. y street IjlOR SALE-A TORBE-QUARTBR SIJKIIORSE, PONY 1 build; kind in ull names* t used to light wagon; suitable lor but. her grocer or family driving in the coun try. Apply in coal office, Thirty-sixth street east of Flrat tifnae. FOR HAI.E- A BROWN BORSE, 16 HANDS: POUND and li ind : 8 ; ears old ; salable for truck or eart : also 788 Eighth avenue, between Forty-Mvenlh and Forty exjre?s Wairon and Harness. GARRISON'S stable Rlvhtli streef. LIOR SALE? A BAY MARE, 1< HANDS HIGH, r warranted sound, and suitable for any heavy work, 7 J '-ar?; to he seen ut 591 Greenwich street, near Houston. FOR 8 ALE ? A VERY STYLISH SPAN OF BLACK Horse*. 8 and- 7 year* this Sprltu; 15S' bauds; kind and true la all ways; terma reasonable. as owuer ia about to travel. Addree* bo* l.fltW Tost office. pOR HALE? A IIAND80MB CLARENCE. lib ED r >with blue cbitb ; French plato t roni j'riMis light; also one fop Wa*on, nearly flew, will be sold cheap. Apply at il'MRU c arrtac* factor? 2M8 Mtrm rtreti MORSES, CARRIAGES, SC. IflOK SALE- A LOT OF u:>0l> WORK HORSES, JUST arrived trom the country, suitable for all purposes ; to be Hold cheap. Apply w t 76 Mercer street, near Sleecker rtrci. For salk? a vine, stylish five ykarold black Mitre, 14 hands high : without tilonili=h; war ranted kindau 1 (ten tie; steps well; price $300. 236 West Thirty-fourth street For sale? four young horses, kit for any work. To be (.ten at til Division street. FOR SALE? 29 NEW AND SECOND HAND EXPRESS, grocery ami business Wagon* i also ono new top Buggy : rou?t be sold on account of alteration*, at great bargain-*, at 360 ltroonie street. New York. II?OR SALE- TWO Il< IRSBS ; *125 ONE CARRIAGE :tm Truck Horse ; $lik> dapple gray Horse; sound, kind aad true. Inquire at UH Bleecker street, in oyster house. IpOR KALE RAY HORSE, 15. S, 8 YEARS OLD; KI\I> iu all hurness; ta>t traveller. la be seen at EB BiT't 's, . aventh avenue and Twenty second stroet For SALE cbeaP? a first class family Horse, eight years old : a light Coupe Rockaway, by Wood drainers; it Huh t Top w agon, by Duscnbury ; ulio Harness, at PARNSWOtt'l ITS stable, Filty-loitrtll street and Broamvay. HA RNESH? S \ DDLERY.? THE LARGEST VARIETY ot Horse Furnishing tSooiM ul all descriptions ot any house in New York. C. M. MOSKMAN A BllO? HnflwtBi r-i; wiwhouw, ll4Chan>b?rs street. Harness. -thk cheapest harness store in New York; good double Truck Harness, $30; good sinirle Buggy Harness, hand made, $17; a good Maldo Blanket, $2 SO; the largest assortment of < 'art Harness in the city. Please call and examine for yourselves. PISHER A OSBORNE, Ct Murray street, New York. HARNF.ss.-THK LARGEST STOCK OP SINGLE AND and double first class Harness In the city, slightly Milled, 10 to 15 per ccnt below cost, to close oirt consign ment. NEW YORK SAI.ES AND STORAGE REPOSITORY. FOURTH AVENUE, CORNER TWENTY-FIFTH STItKET Harness for sale CHEAP? a handsome, light single liuggv Harness, made ut lu st material and workmanship: will trade lor a sewing Machine. I2d First avenue, top floor. HAL? OF SMALL STABLE TO BE LET? TWO stalls, carriage house and room for man; location near Twenty-thirtf street and Fourth avenue ; $9C0_per annum, incltidlug feed. Address S., box 2.548 Post office. IMPORTANT TO FARM KRS.-FOR SALB-A VALU A ble Mare in foal; $150, hall her value; one Canadian Horse, little soar forew ard, $65. 77 New Chambers street. Mfl.ES.-100 HEAD OF SUPERIOR BROKEN Mules, of all grades und iltas, some of the largest and finest in this country, for sale by E. B. BISHOP'S SONS, corner tlrand and Bishop streets, .lersey City, N. J. MANUFACTURERS' UNION REPOSITORY, 638 Bread way.? Carriages, Harness, largest assortment ever oftercd, at most reasonable prices, All styles of Fam ily Carriages snd Light Wagons, new and reeend hand. MANUFAt;TU REltrf' UNION, 6.18 Broadway. Milch cow for sale? a fine milker, and warranted. Apply at private stable, 126 Went sev enteenth street. QTAELE TO LET-IN GOOD ORDER; EIGHT O stalls; gas, water, Sc. 21 Tlilril street, near Howory. Q TABLES TO I.KT-ON EAST NINTH STREET, NF.AK 0 Fourth avenue. ,1. C. BAII.KY, 80 Fast Fourth street, near Bowery. rpo IiKT? FROM 1ST OF MAY, TWO PRIVATE STA 1 bles. Inquire ot WILLIAM H. HANK1NSON, 15 East. Twenty-seventh street riH) LET-TWO PINE STABLES I PTOWN; ONE FINE J ojien and two box stalls; one four open stalls; car riage room and coachmen's upurtmonts. WILLIAM ELLIOTT A CO., 1,491 Broadway, neiir Forty-flfth street. WANTED? A PAIR EXTRA FINE OABSIAOB Horses, about 16>? lssn<ts high, for private use ; must lie tree and stylish driver and will match in even par ticular; price moderate. Address or call on F. P. Earlc's Hotel, lor two days. WANTED? A HORSE. PROM 15 TO 15V HANDS, suitable for ? lady to rale or drive; must be young, handsome an'l perfectly gentle. Address, giving t nil de scriptlon and lowest price, box 6,7U4 Post oflloe. PER 8BT.? FORTY SETS OF S1LVERPLATED, ban I made, express Harness; also three neu Express Wagons, il-5 each; also Second Hits, llead t'liecks. Boots, Blanket!, Robes. 141 East Sixteenth *(? mK? DARK SORREL flORSB, 8 YRARS, H *) hand-., pony made, for express, grocer or truck ; hound and kind; must sell; closing partnership. 4is Eighth avenue, corner Thirty- 0r?t street. SQAil ? I'OR SALE. A STABLE (FIVE STALLS) ?pOU' i. snd Wagon (loom, or would make tea stalls; wautd suit tor blacksmith or feed store; gas and water; two fears' lease ; rent $^50 a year. 356 West. Forty -first street. /??)Q BROADWAY. -CARRIAGES. HARNESS, CAB UOO napes, new and second liana, most complete as sortment e> t offered, comprising every description of Family Can lages and I ight WHgons, ut popular priccs. MANU PACTURERS' UNION, tjJH Broadway. Qftl GREENWICH STEEBT. -ALL DESCRIPTIONS 0l*L of Hcrses for cale eheap, from a last and fancy Road Horse to the heavy I, BOO poun.l Draught Horse; two or three reams of good, large, young, sound Horses to be sold lielow cost to make room. Ice men, uoiv is your time to buy cheap ; call early and get .fotir choice. 5 BOA 11 DKI1S WtN'l'KDi IUtfKIR.VBLE ROuM, APRIL |i AND OTHER lit rn? Rooms, May I, ti li t, ? itli Hoard, at 334 East Twelfth street; house and surrounding exceptionally good. 1DEPAU Row, OB 186 BLBBCKBB BTBBBT. - Room*. with Hoard, for families or single persons, at $M to $16; Kiniflo $6 to $'^ per week, No BOTlSg. QI) STORY BACK ROOM, TO GENTLEMAN AND ? > wife, $18 per week, with jrood Hoant, or three gcntlr men. $21 ; also, on the l?t of May, second story buck RoOM, $3J. 1S? WiiTerlcy place. Til AtENUR (NO. 7?.? HANDSOMELY FURNISHED Rooms, with Board; references, rTll AVENUE, 291. ONE BUTT of HANDSOMELY ?) Mirnlsbcd Apartments, with Hoard ; uUu front Room, for single gentleman ; Summer prices. Helen nets. TO $io PEE WERE, $1 80 PEE DAT- -PLEASANT ?pi) Rooms with excellent Hoard for families and sin gle, at 174, 170 and 17H Hlecckcr street, six blocks west of Broadway. d??? TO $10 PER WEEK.? GENTLEMEN OR GEN ?P") tlemnn and wife ran obtain pleasant 'lunuif, with Hum (I. at JO West Washington place. Bleectter street an I Sixth avenue ears near by. in WAVEBLEY PLACE (THE mm BOUSE IN I U i lie city .? Handsome front Rooms. $13, *1". (D and $.5 for mo perrons- with Board; 'I able Board, In ml Vall'M. 1 1TH STBEET, 310 WSST.?BABDBOMRliY PUB I'x niched Rooms to let, with Board, to gentlemen and tbelr wives or single HBtlWIMI ; no mn\ leg in Maj . Iff WEST POBTY-THTRD STREET, NEAB I'IFTII i ) av nuo. ? Desirable Apartments for one family ; also Room* lor single gentlemen, with first clas.-, Hoard ; refer ences exehaii'.vd. ttO CLINTON PLACB.? FIRST CLASS FC EN IMBED ' Rooms, w itli or w ltboiit Board ; first i lu-- reference rei|iiir? d. <i(t WEST FIFTEENTH STREET, NEAR PIFTU avenue.? Elegaut Rooms oil si i-ond floor, en suite or separately, ?ilh Board; Iioum- first class; newly fur utflied. Reference rcnutred.. QQ WF8T TWENTV SIXTH STREET. ELEOANT ? i?7 1'arlorsHnd Bedrooms on second floor ; abo single Rooms on all floors; excellent table ; prices moderate. 10 WEST SIXTEENTH STRKET.? ROOMS, Board, from April '.'1 ; references. 99 | 1 EAST NINETEENTH STREET.? ROOMS TO LET, 'ti with Board j well furnished ; .suitable for gentle man and wife; n single Room for young g> ntlcinan. a ?)I) STREET, WEST, 244, BALP UOOI FROM I O Broaiwav.? Delightful location for Summer ; i!e siriible family Rooms on first and secoml Moors; ball and doolde Rooms for gentlemen; unexceptionable ref erences. 4/? SOUTH WASHINGTON SQUARE. -To LET, 'Jr'J Willi Hoard, large ?nd pli .nam Rooms tor gentle man and wile or two or three single gentlemen. JQ WEST FIFTEENTH BTBBBT, BETWEEN HPTM iO and Sixth avenues.? An entire Second Floor of handsome Rooms, with Hoard ; al-o, one on the fourth floor lor one or two gentlemen; liberal arrangements made with permanent panles. ? Efl CLINTOB PLACE, NEAB FIFTB A VENUE. -SEC i)^j ood and Tliir.i Floors, handsomely furnished, with or without Heard, to parties ol gentlemen. CLINTON PLACE.? BOOBS, WITH FlBBT CLAM Board. Reference* exchanged. MWKsT FORTY-SECOND BTBBBT? TO RENT, with Board, de.strabl<! Booms, to genlleiueii and wives or -ingle gentlemen; reference, 1 /\Q E*ST NINETEENTH STREET.? VERT I)E. i Vf<" slrable Itooui to let, to physician or dentist, with Board, If desired; also suit ot' Rooms lor Bummer boarders; reference exchanged. m{ EAST FIFTV FOURTH STREET,? A FEW RE ) t-pectub'e young men can be accommodated with g.-x.J Hoard aud very desirable Rooms; bath and gas; netghliorliood first elans. 1,1 | EAST TWENTY SEVENTH STREET. -To LET, ? r with Board, a I'arlor Floor; also one or two single Rooms. It) | EAST TWENTY FOURTH STREET, NEVR I jj't Kourth avenue.? To let, nltb Board, a Suit of Rooms ;alfO single Rooms; house first class; ow nrd by occupant ; references. 1QQ BACBOUOAL STREET, NEAR FOURTH? lOU $6 to $x per week ; Rooms, with Board, on first and second floors; families acooinmo Jated equally low; hot sa 1 cold water in rooms. 1 r O BEST ELEVENTH STREET,? HANDSOMELY furnished Rooms to let, with lloard, to gentleman and WW Of single |MMIBSIl; no moving in May. nor, WI'.ST TWENTY-THIRD STREET.? TO LET, jjit'l bandaomelr furnished Second Floor, con?l*tinK of two large rooms and one small one, with or with out Board. 256 WEST THIRTY NINTH STREET? TO LET. haiidsomc'r turulslnd Rooms, with Board. House hat. all modern Improvements, A pleasant front Parlor, suitable for two gentlemen. Ao moving tn May. A STRICTLY PRIVATE FAMILY WOt LD LIKE TO rent their ThlrSI Floor, with nari, III Madisofi ave One. near Tblrtv Mrst street. A4dresa, wl'Jl fWl name, i riiivXLK. UUM I'ltntn Hraoen ?-Olgc. IUMKOKRH WANTKD. \ private family of three ADULTS W1L.L J\ let, together with unexceptionable Board, their wc oud story front alcove Room ; nicely furnished: refer ences exchanged. Apply at 128 West Forty seventh st. A HANDSOMELY FURBISHED PARLOR SUIT TO r\. l,t* without board, in r private family; no moving in May ; references exchanged. Applv nt 58 Lexington av., corner 2Mb *t BOAH1) AMD l.ODOlMU WASTED. A GENTLEMAN and WIFE DESIBB BOARD witti n prlvat6 family, with hut lew boarders, above Fortieth street, between Lexington and Sixth avenue#; will partially lurnlsh room ; term!) not to exceed $22 per week. Address L. W. S,, box t'-'4 Herald office. AV'l'M; MAN. A PIANO SALESMAN, WILL iiIVK mi elegant new Piano, octavo, of rtrst class make, manufacturer's price ?$600, tor ItTS and will take Ko:ir<] tn first class laniily tor payment. Addregs I'lANO, Herald Uptown Branch office. B" OA RD WANTED F ?H I !i: NTf.KM A S, WIFE, cl'lil.D anil nurse; pri\ at ? table, or where there are no other hoarders ; ternn- n t to exceed $40 per week; refer ence given and required. Address If. H. H., Herald I'p town Branch office. MOAUD WANTED? 1M A PRIVATE FAMILY OF RE .!> flnement, l.y a young lawyer; the beat reference* given. Address, ?ta? int? lull particulars. L. J. B , lleralil office. flOARlTw ANTED? WITH A PRIVATE FAMILY, BY .1) a gentleman and wife ; a Room and Bathroom con necting; vicinity ef Second avenue, below Eighteenth street, desired. Address, w itli full particulars, A. <). 8., 200 Canal mtt Boabd wantbd? for rvouNo okntlbm'an in ii respectable private family, convenient to the tjity. Address 1. t'. I. . box l"t I'cruld office. TIT A NTED?B Y" a' UKNTLEMAN. WIFE, BAHV AND ?? nurse, Roard in a private family or w here there are few boarders, in a healthy location, convenient to anil within an hour's rid? of the eltv. Address, slating terms, Mrs. J. E. FOWLER, S4? West Fort. vlKtli street. ? \\T ANTED- 1>Y A WIDOW LADY. TWO I'NVrR il nUhcd iront Itooin.i and closets, with Breakfast, second or third floor, between Sixth and i.e)>lii?t.in avo liues niitl Fourteenth and Thirty fourth streets; terms must be moderate; references given. Address S., box 1,049 Post office. ty ANTED- FROM MAY I, BY* A CENTLEMAN, WIFE " and daughter, handsomely furnished Front Room and II till Bedroom, with Hoard tor (he Summer; location between Fourth and Slxtli avenu-s . term-inot to exceed $IOeach per week. Address, with particulars, SOUTH ERN, b?x 111 Herald oilier. HOTELS. A XOELL'B TURKISH AND ELECTRIC BATHS, ill j V Lexington avenue.? Rooms for gentlemen or tuml lles, transient or permanent, with or wlthont meals ; pri vate table If desired. I'.allis open all night. I IBRY HOTEL, SG WARREN STREET, ONE BLOCK J from City Hall. ? Rooms. Hi cent- a da* , $2 to $8 a week ; family Rooms, $1 to $1 Alia day, $t to $lii a week. N"BW ENGLAND HOTEL, 80 BOWEBY, OORNBB OF Bayard street. ? 20R light Rooms neatly lurnishcd; 80c. or lioc. per night; $2 Ml to $4 per week. For Kcutle nieu only. QTURTBVANT BOU8E, BROADWAY. TWENTY k? eighth and Twentr-ulnth streets, Now York, Anseri enn plan, $4 a day.? This hotel Ims elevators, all modern improvements; situated in the great hotel centre. LEWIS A OEO. 8. I. ELAND, Proprietors. WATER LEY HOUSE. 759 BROADWAY.? BOARD, f- i.l a di?\ , filfl t.. $l!i it week; Iloom.., without board. 7.V. and $l's day , $4 to $7 a week ; family Rooms. $1 AO and $2 a day, $7 and $15 a week, COUNTRY BOARD. I lOl'NTRY HOARD WANTED? NEAR HAllLEM RAIL V road, within 10 miles of Orand Central depot, bv a young gentleman, with an American private family, where there are but few or no other boarders; unexcep tionable references. Address MERCANTILE, box 1?2 Htrald offl. e, i LVMEI.LENT COUNTBT BOARD. -GLEN i <>\ E. TEN n minutes from depot; tc.-ins moderate. Address FA It M HOUSE, Post office, Glen Cove. / 1 OOD, SUBSTANTIAL COUNTRY BOA RD WANTED? IT From May 1 to October I, within HI miles of New York city, for gentleman and lady, w ith three young children and nurse; style objectionable; frcsn air and lrr?h milk and evciy thing in that line indispensable. Address, with terms, box IMI Herald ofllee. ])BB80N8 OB FAMILIES can BE ACCOMMODATES with Hoard for the Summer at Montgomery, Orange count* ; references exchanged. Address WM. TOPPING, Montgomery, Orange county. Sl.'M.MKK RESORTS. AT MARK'S HOTEL-NEW BRIGHTON, STATES il Island.? Thin favorite resort, with Its beautiful Hroitnds and Cottages attached, is uow beiug put. in thor ough ordar for the coming Season, and will open on or about the first ot May. For terms and allier Inlormatlvn apply at t.ne Hotel, o/ address O. 1?K CAMf. Proprietor. VALI8AD1 B MOUNTAIN HOUSE will be opened on or about the 1st of May. F..rtenns, Ac., address COZZBNS A Ml RBAY, Englawoo?, N. J. CT. JAMES HOTEL, MARION, N. J.-EIOHT i; minutes from Jersey City ferry, Cortlandt or Deg hrosfs streets; Pennsylvania Ruilroad; beautiful loca tion ; first clns.1 table, elegantly furnished Rooms, en suite or singly: all modern Improvements; boating, driving, good stabling, Ac. rpiiE PARK lit u se, SUMMIT, N. J., will open 1. lAtli Mav as a first class family Hotel. Choice Itooms may iiow be reenred. Pure mountain air. beau tiful scenery, one hour's rlilo Irom New York. Cottages to let and tor sale. J. Ill ERA. INNTRIK TION. AT THOMPSON'S COLLEGE, 20 FOURTH AVU.N'L'E, opposite Cooper Institute? Bookkeeping, Writing, Arithmetic and Languages. Day and evening. Ladles' department? Telegraph} taught practically with Instru ment!). Demand for operators. U' ANTED- A FEW LADIES OR " U IS NTLE MEN DE tt siring to loin a s<d ct class for the exclusive study ol tin: Herman language atthe country lioine ofaOermau professor ot languages, graduate of Heidelberg, alitor it ncv. and very successful svstem ol ins' ruction; Herman (Hanoverian pronunciation) cmdantly spoken; course twenty weeks; family refined : house uml table flrst class; unexceptionable reference* given and required. Apply, by letter, to Post office bo* 1,?W, Sural oga Springs, N. S . Fl'li.\lTURE. A ?A.? A.? A.? A.? A. t\ . A Bargain, liiil day, for cash.? Private family leav ing for Europe will sell all their Household Furniture, in lots to suit? superb lilne satin. Inlaid and glided frames Parlor Suits, cost $70<* for $3)ii; one for $?ii). eost$4ixi; brccatel Suit, $l?i; rep Bulls, 7 piecon, $60; velvet and Brussels and ingrain Carpet; 14 Bedroom Suits, $4 i up wards; hrilliant toned octave rosewood Pianoforte, cost, $9U0, for $J00; hair unci spring Beds and Bedding, Extension Tahle, Buffet, Chair*. Mirrors, Chandeliers, Bronzes. ? ill Paintings, Easy Chairs, Lounue*. Besement and Kitchen Furniture, In lots, less than naif cost. < *al > this day, private house 1 20 West 2,ld st., betwei n flth and 7tli avs. N. B.? floods can remain In house until 1st ol Mu.y free of charge. AT A OR HAT SACRIFICE IF CALL THIS D\Y, AT J\ private residence 113 West Eighth street (Ciintou uluce), between Filth ami sixth avenues. ? Magnlfict nt latest style I'urlor Suit, nearly new, cost $373, fir $173; one do. foi^tO1): brocatel ami rep Suits, $7.1 and $A0; rose wood ana walnut Chamber Suits, $-15 up; velvet Brussels Onrpets, 50e. up ; Pianoforte, Paintings, Mirrors, Curtains, Biuret, Extension Tahle, Silverware, Ae., for anv reason able offer. Call bolorj purchasing elsewhere. 'Cut this out. 4 LABOR ASSORTMENT OF CARPETS, FI'ltNl l\ ture and Bedding at lowest cash prices by weekly instalments, at O'FA KltEI.L'S Warehouse, 4in I'.i.-hth av enue, between Thirtieth and Thirty llrst streets. AT BENDALL'S OLD STAN D? Fl'RNlTl RL CAIt nets and Bedding, clicup for cash, or b\ v. f ly and monthly payments. c. F? imnmin, 209 anl 211 Hudson street, cor tier Canal. VMAONINCENT ASSORTMENT HOUSEHOLD Furniture fur sale ata sacrifice; superb Drawing Room suits, covered silk brocade, cost $880, tor $2W; do., ! $180 ; do . $40; Paintings, Bronzes, Cariiets, Mirrors, rose- ! wood, walnut Chamber Furniture; Mattres-es, Exten- I si on Table, Sideboard. Silverware, Linen. Olas?\varc, I Cutlery ; property family leaving city. M West 18th St., near Mil IT. AQBAMCE SELDOM MET W1 rH? PARLOR I8WS 978; rep Suits, $38; Beilroom Suits, $28, and S0O lots for l?>s than halt cost. At private residence I'.'l West 2tith street MOGIATTOR lUILOISOi CORN BR OF TWENTY thlrd street and Fourth avenue,?1 Two delightfully cool connecting Rooms to rent for the Summer, fur nished, suitable for one or two gentlemen. Apply at room ll), In the evening. ?PRIVATE SALE- TAPESTRY I Alli'Kl'S, *11 K JY> tains, cornices, Furniture, Crockcry and fllassw.ue. 2U6 East 112th street llarlem. A CHANCE FOR HOrSEKERPRRsT? PRIVATE FAM lly will dispose ol their elegant Household Furiilture at a sacrifice, part or whole, to suit purchaser; Parlor Suits, in satin and hroeatel ; Chamber Suits in reps, mag nificent rosewood 7'* octave four roand Pianoforte ; ?i?.i, one i > rand Square 7 octave; i li umber mid Dining Furni ture. Paintings. Ornament', A''. Call at private resi dence, 210 West Twenty first street, mar Scv. nlh ?v /I A R PETS, V Furniture, Beds, Redding, Ac. Piiyments taken by the week or m^ntli. Terms easy. KELLY .1 CO , corner ol Twenty-fifth street and sixth avenue F~^l BNHUKE, CARPETS, BOOKS, PA M PHI. I TS VMD Libraries bought for cash, at No. 4 Unlversin tdece. between Cliutnn place and Washington >quare. 30,'sXJ volumes of Books for sale. ! /Vooi> SECOND HAN U AND MISFIT CARPETS (A vr specialty); all sizes; English, Brussels I and Ingrain for r'sle clifup at 112 Fulton corncf of I>utcii. fcn trance on Dntcti street M t TfTill i.y OR WEEKLY PAYMENT.-'.? CAUPKH Furniture, Boddin^^^ ^ ^ ci nntnoham, 3st and #"1 1 niro avenue, near i wonty>ei<ntai;ri :U Priees lower tnanany i.tnertijuso n the city. P* "R1V A l K PA RTI ES OKfllRlNO T<l DISPOSE OF tjieir h iirniturn citi meet with a cash purchaser by adorrsing ft If. F-. boxWf Post office. ? IJBCRFTARY AND SOFA BEDS. ?THE LAROEST O variety ot snv house In the United States, Payne's Patents. Depot 4f) Bleecker street. OTORAOB AND SAFE KEEFINU FOR FURNtTDRE, O Beg gage, Ooods and Wares of all descriptions. In separate closed compartments, always accessible ; gi>ods rsi-ed -m elevaturs; these are the ohlest and most exten sive * arehouses In America. R. O. IIAKOER, Klfhthavci .from Ihlnv third to Thirty-fourth street". WREKLV *VD MONTH I. Y PAYMENTS F?)R Fl'R nil are. Carpets ami Bedding at B. M <'OWPEK THWaIT ,4 CO. 'S. m and H7 Ckatltain llltrl AU latcnec *tock prie?^ DRV (1MODS. At kinzeys. Prices way iiowit on now rif h Thousands of yards of Gros Grain plain anil fancy Ribbons at 6c., 8c. , 10r\, 15c., ls<\, 22c., 29c., 31c., 38c. up. Sash Rlbhons, 31c.. Sim. ,49c., 99e.,75c. uu. Alt the new styles in Plow* ri. All the new styles in llatc. All the new style* in I'araioll. All the stvles in Millinery Goods Wc are rolling Windsor Tics. 25c. Rich silk brocade Ties, 29c. Rich crape Dechlne lies, 25c. Rich changeable silk Ties, 2V. All the new sha-les lit I'liiigei All the now styles In Gimps. Passonienterla Trimmings very low Bernl (limps am! Kriigeg low. Bargains In Luces. Yak Laces, .'ilc. yard lip. Heal Guipures, 19e. yard up. 'Duchess, Vulencicnnes, Point and French Laccs way under value. Lace Slmwls, Sac.ines, <*p?s. Veils, Barbes, Nets and ian.;y Lace Sleeve*, Ruthin*?, Collars Handkerchief^, all very low Hamburg Kdgings, Sc., Sc., He., 8c., 10c., 12', e., 1 5c , inc., 20c.,23c., 31c.. 38c. yard tip. Hamburg insertions, 3e., Sc. , 8c., llfc.. 12'jC., 19c., !?<!., 2"c., 22c., 25c., 31c.. S8c. up. Large lot ? ?> fancy Vnslims in Swiss Jaconets, Nainsooks, Piques, .tc., in stripe, dots, figures, plaltls embroidered, Ac.. from 13c. yard op ? letoria Lawn I'lirtltiK-i. 9?r. yard. Fine woven Tiich.injj, lie. yard, Fine I'Iiiim Trim minus, 25c. pieuo. 1 atioj Huntings, 6c. , 10c., 18c. yard up. 2,Snn dozens ladles' and jrenk Handkerchiefs. III plain hcuutitch. embroidered, tucked and corded, from 12V. up, less than gold col* Auction lot of lining Silks. 25c. yard. Rich watered Silk*, SI yard. Rich corded Silks, 7 e. yard up. All colors Honnct Miks, 62e. up. Largest assortment of ladlei.' Underwear in the city, from ehonpeat to finest i<o?ds. A I no Corsets, skirts, Bustles, Pad*, Ac. Enclisb, French ::nd Gcriunn Hosiery in great variety. Milk clocked Balbrtggan Hose, Site. up. Regular made Ho?<\ 29c. pair up 20, (MO pairn Lupin's Kid liloves, uOe. Two-button Kid Uloves, 41>c. , 'ilV Three button Kid Gloves, !<Jc. unction lota of Kid Gloves, 3?c Photograph Frames. in gilt, velvet, curved, oxyabca, Ac., 10e. to $!). Silk Kftlis, 19c. to $25. Russia i'ortemonnales and Bags. Ml the new ktvles Of Jewelry Fancy Jewelry at half gold cost. Real Whitby jet Eaniigs. 25c. pair. Genuine French gilt Bracelets, sflc. Fancy Raskei* of every btyio, Swiss Curved Goods in greatest variety, very low, New department Bron/e Goods. WILUAM KISZEV, 707 and 769 Broadway, corner Ninth street, New Vork. AT Til It GREAT EAST HIDE ESTABLISHMENT r. RIDLEY A SON, 309 Grand street. Special offering in nil our RETAIL DEPARTMENTS. STRAW GOODS. Round Tliits and Bonnets in French Chip, Belgian and Puris Split straw s, English Dunslablcs and every other deslrabl* briil.l, comprising nbous 3,300 eases of new Spring Styles, to select from ; low to finest grade-. Prices down. Inspect our Trimmed Hats and Bonnets. RIBBONS. Giro* drain Ribbons, at 8c.,I0c., l.V. anil 25c. The very finest 'piiiliiy of Paris Ribbons, at halt former prices. Tartan Sash P.lhb.tns, U0c. pel' yard. Block Plaids, large isrlety.oSc. and tioo. per yard. 7 Inch lafl'eUi Ribbons, utrfic. per yard. Silks. Hntins and Turquoises, at 74c., SI umi $1 .">0 \ artl up. 151) cartons nc v, French Flow era. REAL LACES. Black Thread, Point Applique, G nlpurcs, \ alenciennet. Also Barbes. Parasol rovers, I'aris Embroideries, Ac., cheap. PARASOLS, All the NeW -Uvles. .Vs-? 79c", *1, $ 1 25, $1 M ftp ; liu?0 with club handles and attachments, from iJ W up. Examine. Dress Trimmings, Bilk Fringes anil P&i-ctncntrie Gimps Two VI oofs Oiled with V.incy Goods, Willow warn. ?"arv#fl (lotHl?. Jewelr>j Silverware, t'utiery, 1 catber Goodx, Ini'nnU' Carriages, Ac. Exaudno our Curiosity F -oni. Gemieroen's Piii'Nisliing Goods and Hoslerj cii?!fp. KID GLOVES. .lust arrived, New Spring f-hmies, at tv. 2 Buttons, 7;)C., it, $1 2"'n;id $1 50 per fiilr. 9 VI dozen (letitleroun's, $1, $1 25 and $1 .'ijper pair. Our own Importation* and manufacture. EDWARD RIDLEY A SON, KM, .'ill ?;id 8ll>j Grand street: iji 04, tin, ?'?) unit 70 Allen street, _ filth block east from the Bowery. A ? A,? A.? INDIA CAMELR* IIAIK KHAH'M AND HuurfS. Nothing life them in the trade. J. HI nHKLL, Ea?t Twentieth i-treef, t T SMITH'S PATTERN BAZAAR, 0M BROADWAY, J\ near Twentieth aire* t, the imported -stylea: beiintliul change* for Spring an i Summer; elegant tol Ictij patterns, with ? loth models, now ready; pattern* f'ttedfo the form warranted p.*rt>:ct; magic co?tume in linen made up is tU" tcaturc lor hummer. Come early. (1 ARPET8? .>ll) PlEr KM .11 ST RECEIVED. JOHN J Crossley A Sons' Knfllili, Brunei", Tnp>'stry 1 ar pet*, tor cash. $1 a ?l 2.*i. J. ff. DIMK'K, !!?$ and ?70 1 'anal street. THREAT SALE OK DRY OOODsT * T II is a well kno>vu fact throuxhout tile trad* U>at ih* whole-tile dry (f.ji da liiidiioiMi I, us never been so bnd an a' tlM prcxent time mid t'le prnall demand for goods In tin country ha* compelled the importers t.> look almost exclusively I'm- a market fur their goods in this ? Ity, tin conscqncnce Is a greater depression in pr c?>a than hm occurred since the great panic of ITj7. No merchant wbo kM Imported his goods or )?. unlit ?i.e-k even one mouth i-lnce can, II la** t??-ll? at cost price, begin to com pure, with those who are now n\ jiIIiu then selves ol tin opportunity of pnrolia.ting at the present peremptory aio'llon sales. >te-?r.s. BR ADBt'RY BROS. have, dnriny the past week made a ><pecia!ity .d' goods bought ..?? nbove Tliey are >.fl?eriag tliem at a small advance upon oost, anil, as a natural consequence, their prices cuunotho com noted with. In many Inatano-;* ladle* hsi\c c* pressed ? doubt of th< perfnetness of the goeiK w hen the.v saw pre cisoly the same quality ot Japanese Bilks at a. atlei seeing thein elsewhere at 7.V., but every article is war ranted as represented oi the mofn\ reftonded. special Indie cmciits will lie ofT-red this week In Dr' ?- and Sui Materials, Silks, Shawls, Suit i, CUth.s, Linen* *i;d house . keeping Goods, in nil of which a comparto-ii as regard price nod quality will ill moasfrate Hie corr- tticss of on rcpre 'enlanom BRADBI ftV BROS., 312 and 8M Bowerv, Seeul.-I door b' low lllreii,er street. rjlO MILLINERS ANU COINTRY STOREKEEPER* At E. RIDI-EY .t SON'S ~ WHOLESALE DEPART MENT silk.. Ribbon*, Lace , ('lowers and straw Goods, cheap, t'nl'. KII> GLOVE& MONO'! RAM AND EDWARD. New .spring shinies, by various strainer*. Office In rtnelman'* bnildlux, ;i? BROADWAY, lor the e., nve n lance of buyers. Our ?is?ek iii (iraml street comprises ovei twenty llioo ?.iiul do/en. Acknowledged to he the best Ion prleod Kid cloves in America. EDWARD RIDLKY X SON. .'ill and .Hi'-: flrund stmt| <12, (!?. ''iti, 'M and 70 Alle.l (tree t, llftli block ca?t troui tU* Bowery. DeshroM 's street ears, from comerof H' nadway aad I'Srand street, bring you to th'* door in four minutes. nn*~i WOAPWAT. ITS. I ( ? ? BE1CNKTT WILLIAMS ofl'ers extraordinary hiir.-.iiiis In black '?ujpura and Thread J.ue s: Ecru, Clunv and colored \ak Laees. Spanish and French Blonde-, real Point and Vjjlenci cniies Otllari, s..|w, .lahotit, ' apes, Bartie*. ('o.fture*. Vcil?, Ac. ; I0.W vard* Hamburg EtlBings anil liincrtlons , Passenientrrles, Ornaii-euta and Iioop*', Llama Lace Shawls and HacqBei. All the 4bovo are i'/ oer ccnt below regular priee*. milu*khV AMI DHKHSMAKISW. ??S* ?LA DIRS' DItESH t'Al'S, CIIILDIIEN'S XOR "?i>b am" M KYI: it's, So. t I'nlon square, west 'ide A. inand.f t'ab.- and lltiinaii Hair Uood-', at Mr*. u OHKfl AND MILLINERY. i.onl * Taylor Unowltirf that a '-anse ot ,/rcAt eomplahH at tne present time lathe extent to wlllcn ??xtravagan .'C in ladies' wearing nppur> I is carried, and being con vineed tliat retreuchincnt is poaatblo, have ??) ..rraog'- i their DREBSMAKISO DEPARTMENT, under the inanaseiiient of an etperlenced French iMaUipti', Unit economy ill materials and tHmiruiKa Is particularly and caretullv studied in all Its detail*. They are tin* niaklnx Drosses end Suits at a coat much iesa than that of the lmport?d (?sriiients; w Idle for appear Htiec, stylo and fit, they ar? In every way ciinal t<> the finest Parisian manufacture. Their dre?smak lug boudoir i t a perfect bljoa, and wi'l nmply rci?ay any lady far the trouble taken to % lat it. In MILLINERY the OI-plaT Is verr fine, as it "mbraee.s ohoiee selection* of novelties In Hats, Bonnet* and Flowers, from the leading 1'arialan manufat iorers. Also, Clip I lata, Straw Ilata and Bonneta, AI.m>. a larao llneof KLOWKR8, KRATII KRS, SPRAYS, which, for delicate ??? autv and i-t> '! sii ^ppcaranee. ar? not surpassed by any house iu the TAVL))R> Broadway and Twentieth street. KINK AUTH. ART NOTICE. ,f c fARRER who for <wo years past lias beon painting in rnglaaJ, Se.ttlnnd. Bwitri riand, Flanders, Venice, ha* sent hoUlv ? large represeutatii'* in Oil and Water ( alors i ol his reeent works, whi h \?ill be on e&hlbltloa at ! Mr. SCHKNt'K'Stlallerv, wi Liberty stree^ during Mondav, Tuesday ard Wednesday, Anrtl M 16. and Will be sold at the ,-aine Oil Tbursdar. l?u>. ?*??' I nrldov. lath mst.

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